Ancient Patriarchs



Also Sem. Literal meanings are named or renown (father of the Semitic races – Shemites). The sons of Shem were:

(1) Elam “eternity” (sons were Shushan, Machul and Harmon) – (Elamites, Persians);

(2) Asshur “a step” or “strong” (sons were Mirus and Mokil) – (Assyrians/Northern Iraqis);

(3) Arphaxad “I shall fail” (sons were Shelach, Anar and Ashcol) – (Chaldeans/Southern Iraqis, Hebrews/Israelis/Jews1, Arabians/Bedouins, Moabites/Jordanians/Palestinians, and related groups);

(4) Lud “strife” (sons were Pethor and Bizayon) – (Ludim, Lubim, Ludians, Ludu, Lydians, Chubs, other related groups in Asia Minor and North Africa);

(5) Aram “exalted” (sons were Uz, Chul, Gather and Mash) – (Aramaeans/Syrians, Lebanese, other related groups), and remnant groups throughout Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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American Communist Group Antifa Supported by Jesuit Order and Radical Islamists, are Seeking to Shut Down Donald Trump Supporters and American Conservatives with Violence

Reptilian Dimension

The attack against Western nations (that have traditionally been Protestant) is being co-ordinated from a number of angles. However in each Western country, the attacks seem to be following the same blue print. There is a soft communist revolution occurring within the education and political systems of these Western countries, and the Universities and Colleges (predominantly controlled by the Jesuit Order) have become Marxist/Communist fortresses and propaganda centers.

These colleges are ruled by: anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-Protestant, anti-Christian, pro communist, pro-Marxist: professors, administrators and leaders. Parents who send their children to college are unknowingly sending their children; to be indoctrinated into an aggressive communist movement designed to destroy their own country. Those indoctrinated into the communist fold are taught to hate their Western home country and to overthrow it. In many cases they are also paid to participate in violent riots (soft communist revolution). In the UK these violent communist groups…

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If Trump Does THIS, It’s GAME OVER! And he probably will.

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

SGT Report — April 19, 2017. It is about time to not be so naive and gullible anymore and believe every wind of doctrine, and every wind of politics that gets blown around our ears to make us BELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEVE AGAIN in the Matrix. That Matrix we ought to already know to the core even if only going by GOD”s Word that compares it to a dungheap, and realise that if anyone gets in power at all that he was meant to be there, Not by God as so many naive Evangelical Zionist Christians and Youtube preachers claim and tout, but by the Luciferians. There IS no more democracy. There IS no more free and fair elections.

There are very few Children of God left among the principalities and rulers in high places. Even Tulsi Gabbard, a pro Syrian democrat is still compromised, so are Rand Paul and Kucinic, some of…

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