The Place of Peace Be Still

Mystic Mama Storm

Freedom surrounds me from every place I look. There are places where I glance and see your glory open to the whole world. Yet, inside our hearts, we struggle to see the freedom that has come to set us free. Surrounded by doubt, sorrow, anger, fear, and shame, we fold into our boxes and frames. We try to get the status we need for people to see. We hope that if we move softly, we could actually look free. But deep inside there is a part of us that is crying for a place to be seen. Not wanting to reveal the darkness that is yet to be seen. So we fold into our bubbles. All safe and warm. While outside the world see us as a place where mercy is just a score.

Jesus, take this broken heart and open me up. I no longer can hide these wounds…

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Effect of Liberation of Mosul Iraq on Syria – Interview

Paradise Post - Starry News From Taiwan

A lot has been said about the liberation of Mosul, but few questions remain unaddressed: how the Iraqi Army crushed the “Frankenstein” ISIS that many media outlets said is unbeatable. And what are the potential repercussions of Mosul war on the Syrian scene? Syriana Analysis addresses these questions and more in an exclusive interview with Ali Musawi, a war correspondent in Iraq. MUST WATCH:

Liberation of Homs and Reconstruction

Bolivian Filmmaker Carla Ortiz presents Julia Palace Restaurant in Homs. In June 2012, Ortiz walked in the same palace through rubble, pain, and hope! Today she is heart torn of happiness to see a rebuilt miracle made with love, strength, and dignity.

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Jesus is the Prince of Peace! – Only through Him can we have peace!


Jesus People-17

Regardless of this strife-torn World & all of it’s confusion, the Lord says, “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee,” & “perfect love casts out all fear.” (Isa. 26:3; 1Jn.4:18) even if there’s war & turmoil & confusion & chaos on the outside, you can have peace on the inside, in your own heart through the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ!

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Dreaming of Roots and War

Mystic Mama Storm

Sunday night I was up throughout the night writing dreams and visions I had through the night. I believe these dreams tie together and have a message from Papa we can all learn from:


I had one first with my daughter where I was walking the streets of American and every property to the left and right was a war zone of a different nation. I saw there flags and they were Thailand, Ireland, China, Germany. I saw these nations fighting against each other. If one would step in another’s property it looked like a civil war. Yet when they were on the streets and sidewalks of America they treated each other like friends yet you could see the violence in there eyes. Some would start singing there nations song and another group would sing there’s trying to out-sing each other’s song.

I then had another…

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Remains of thousands of giants found in Channel Islands off coast of California between 1919-1928?

Ancient Patriarchs

By Staff Writer – Intellihub

Remains of an ancient race of giants were reportedly uncovered on Catalina Island in the early 1900’s

CHANNEL ISLANDS — Between the years of 1919 and 1928, archeologist Ralph Glidden claims to have discovered the ancient remains of a race of giants which may have inhabited islands off of the coast of California.

The giants were reported to be between 7 and 9 feet tall and were excavated from over 800 grave sites. They were said to have 6 fingers.

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Wikileaks & Assange: Made by the NSA, Produced by the Globalists

Paradise Post - Starry News From Taiwan

In conspiracy circles Wikileaks generates much excitement. But not at Richplanet. Whenever you hear the words “Assange” or “Wikileaks” in relation to some new “leak”, there are the questions you ought to be asking yourself : What is the ulterior motive for this leak and am I being taken for a ride here? In today’s programme, for the first time anywhere I reveal just how much of a handled entity Julian Assange is. Assange is not an independent activist, but is chauffeured around by establishment handlers. He is not a wanted criminal, he is not being given asylum, he is not a whistleblower, he is not an advocate of freedom of information. He is an intelligence created tool being used to front one of the biggest psy-ops currently in operation on this planet. Wikileaks is funded and supported by globalists who are using it for a number of agendas. 4…

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