Christian Zionism: The Scofield Bible LIE That Led US Evangelicals To War & Ruin!

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Before the foul Scofield bible, Christians in the USA all opposed the Zionist takeover of Palestine, declaring it to be an act of great evil. So the backers of Zionism themselves dug the grave of their nation by many expensive wars that got them deep into debt with the International Bankers, and in trouble with the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ, who said, “IF my kingdom were of this world, THEN would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews, but NOW it is not from hence!” But American Christians think the Pharisees are God’s chosen people, for some foul un-Scriptural reason. So now they are the USI, the United States of Israel! And therefore will join in the judgments of God on their warmongering together with their Mother of Harlots.


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The Kingdom of God is marinating inside of us. It is changing our levels of tenderness. The primary Kingdom Scripture is “I am IN You, You are in Me:”

“That they all may be ONE, as You, Father, are IN Me, and I IN You; that they also may be ONE IN Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be ONE just as We are ONE: I IN them, and You IN Me; that they may be MADE PERFECT IN ONE, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me” (John 17:21-23 NKJV).

We will die and get sick until we rightly discern the body. Luke 17:20-21 tells us that His Kingdom comes “without observation.” It is not something seen. It is…

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Valentine’s Day Sale of The Scarlet Virgins!


If you or someone you know would like a physical copy of my book, The Scarlet Virgins – When sex replaces salvation, I am going to run a Valentine’s Day sale on it where you can purchase from me directly (email me at Instead of $14.99 it will be $9.99!

From now until Valentine’s Day, it will be this price!  This is a great gift for you or a loved one impacted by shame-based teaching on sex.

The Scarlet Virgins

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The Hierarchy of The Illuminati

Reptilian Dimension

I have been investigating the Illuminati and New World Order for well over 15 years. Driven by personal curiosity and a deep desire to understand reality, I conducted a number of investigations into the Illuminati, including infiltrating the lower levels of the Illuminati. I have visited and investigated Illuminati headquarters sites and have: read, checked, investigated and researched every piece of information that has broken about the Illuminati; including the testimonies of alleged former members. I do believe I have more information about the Illuminati than most out there. I have never made any money out of my research and investigative work and am sharing this information for free, because I believe the truth should be freely available to all.

Who are The Illuminati?

The earliest identification of the Illuminati can be observed in Spain in the 1500’s. In the 1500’s in Spain, a man by the name of Ignatius…

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God’s Cannon or Loose Cannon? Which Are We? Any Hope?

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It has been said, “The creme de la creme of yesterday is the ‘sour cheese’ of tomorrow!”

What is a loose cannon? Here are some dictionary definitions I found:
“An unpredictable person or thing, liable to cause damage if not kept in check by others.” []
“a dangerously uncontrollable person or thing ” []
“a person whose actions are unpredictable and uncontrollable, and therefore a serious and unpredictable danger..” []
“a person whose reckless behavior endangers the efforts or welfare of others. ”

Picture an old fashioned frigate with cannon holes on the sides, the kind that the English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese used to fight each other during the age of exploration. A cannon inside, its muzzle poking out through the hole, gets lighted by its mate, it fires and gets propelled backwards at lightning speed with its attendant getting creamed against the opposite wall, where…

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The People Versus the Deep State: FBI working as a wing of the Democrats

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STARRY NEWS EDITOR comment: The BIGGEST collusion hardly anyone is talking about is not with Russia, but with ISRAEL!!! THAT’s the elephant in the living room. THAT’s what shows how brainwashed most Americans are! it is not the USA anymore – as they so love to chant – but USI! The Unites States of Israel!!!

By Jo Nova

Everyone is talking about The Nunes memo, possibly because the bigger implications of what it reveals — something like an attempted coup. Explosive. Corruption at the highest level.

Big Claims:

Bigger than Watergate. Tip of the Iceberg. More Memos to come.

This thread covers the most interesting things I’ve read. First up, some very provocative talk. Further down, elected Reps. speaking I presume in careful legally vetted words. Lastly, some Democrat replies.  In the middle, a diversion about the role of the media — also a…

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‘THE PASTOR’S PILLOW!’ – Are You Spreading Lies?

I’ve been lied about in court and elsewhere by so called missionaries to the point I don’t have time to count them anymore! As of today though, I have reported to the US Government the Family Children of God complacency towards Kaja Bashams kidnapping on the island of Taiwan and ignoring the abuse of Stephen Norbert Lee Meyer as being in the room when my daughter fractured her clavicle on the day she was supposed to be released to me on order by the Taiwanese Court! i didn’t come here to expose pedophile kidnappers but that’s exactly what this journey has turned into.

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Some people are like billy goats. Why? Because they go around “but-ing” everyone! They will say, “But,” every time they hear something that they don’t want to accept. Even when you tell them the TRUTH, they start to BUT, BUT, BUT!–just like a billy goat. “I like what you are doing, but…”, “He’s a nice man but…”, “Yes, I know you are right, but…” There once was a very “but-ing” woman who did not like what a certain Godly old pastor would say to her. One day the old man’s words were more than she could bear. It was the truth “BUT” it made her so angry that she really began to “butt”. She went everywhere telling lies and evil stories about him. She tried very hard to turn all of the people against him with her terrible talk and gossip. But the more she talked the sadder she became…

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