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Here are Some MO Letters on the topic of “The Word” to start you off!  This is one of the most vast topics of all, but for now, ‘less is more,’ so you can expect  a lot more to come! I am thinking of putting most devotional materials here, and maybe will even include ‘Oswald Chambers’ Bible Studies, and sermons, (NOTE:  THOSE WERE PLACED IN A SEPERATE PAGE, UNDERNEATH THIS COLUMN ABOVE.) as these are extremely fundamental and very faith-building!  God bless you!

One thing that helps me to read through so much material when I am tired or distracted is 1. Coffee and 2. Good background music!  may I recommend the channel on youtube “reborn galaxy” for some exciting, upbeat and relaxing beautiful compositions to accompany your Word Time!

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Word, The–New and Old

David Berg



(Compiled by Samson Warner & MO Ed. Dept.)


1. GOD WROTE THE 66 BOOKS OF THE BIBLE THROUGH ABOUT 40 MEN who were yielded to His Holy Spirit. As Peter said, “The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man; but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”

2. THE COUNTLESS FULFILLED PROPHECIES contained in its books are the greatest proof that the Bible is the Word of God.

3. SOME OUTSTANDING EXAMPLES OF FULFILLED PROPHECY are seen in the Old Testament predictions about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

4. THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 300, all written 4 to 5 centuries before His birth! Micah 5:2, Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6 foretold that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem of a virgin and was to be called ” the Prince of Peace” who had been in existence “from everlasting”. His betrayal by Judas is seen in Zechariah 11:12‚13 for “thirty pieces of silver”; crucifixion in Psalms 22:16,18—”pierced my hands and my feet” and resurrection in Psalms 16:10—”will not leave my soul in Hell.”

5. THESE PROPHECIES, OF COURSE, ARE MERELY A FEW of the literally thousands of fulfilled prophecies about empires‚ individuals and world events which the Biblical prophets have predicted with unerring accuracy and which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the Bible’s Divine Authorship.

6. AS JESUS SAID OF HIS OWN PROPHECIES, “These things have I spoken to you … before it come pass, that when it is come to pass, ye might believe.”


7. THE BIBLE IS GOD’S PLAN FOR ETERNAL LIFE: the solid genuine foundation of Truth on which we’re building whose Giver is God. It is the Bible that gives genuine and eternal immortality through the resurrection, to everlasting heavenly bliss with God. The Bible, the greatest book in the world, with the only Author in the world who can guarantee life and love and happiness and heaven forever.


9. “THE LAW OF HIS GOD IS IN HIS HEART; none of his steps shall slide.” If it isn’t in his heart his steps will slide and he’ll get off the right track.


10. TODAY, EVEN THOUGH MAN HAS THE BIBLE AND LOOKS AT IT, HE CAN’T SEE its true Plan and Foundation. He’s been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and false teachers, the wrong way they live and their dandy bad example, which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity.

11. As a result the true Plan and Foundation of God as outlined in the Bible has been almost totally buried under the rubble of Churchianity and the traditions of man in opposition to the knowledge of God.

12. JESUS SAID OF THE ORGANISED CHURCH of His day that, “They by their traditions have made the Law of God of none effect”! That wasn’t just back there either; that has happened today also.


13. THE BIBLE IS JUST AS NEW AND FRESH AND GOOD AS EVER to us if we can sweep away all this fabrication of man’s interpretations. If we sweep away all this churchy garbage and get back down and delve underneath to find the foundations, then we can see the Plan, how it was supposed to be.

14. BUT TO REDISCOVER THE TRUE FOUNDATION it takes an archaeologist who comes and clears away the rubble! He digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was. In this case, I am your archaeologist.

15. WITH EVERY LETTER I’M CLEARING AWAY THE CHURCH RUBBLE to try to uncover for you once again what the Bible really says and means what Jesus taught.

16. IT’S BEEN THERE ALL THE TIME and is as good as ever, but we can’t build on that Foundation again until we get rid of all the rubble of the Rabbis.

17. I WAS SO CRAZY ABOUT THE BIBLE when I was a young man that I said, “Everybody and every cult has always gone astray on somebody’s writings! God forbid that I should ever write a book!” I was fanatical about that right up to Huntington Beach.

18. BUT I FOUND THERE THAT THEY NEEDED SOMETHING to hold in their hands to help them grasp the truth that was in the Bible but they couldn’t understand.

19. SO I WROTE A LITTLE TWO PAGE LEAFLET with a map to try to summarise the whole Bible. When I felt a little tract was needed, I printed up solid Scripture because I was so afraid to put down any words of my own.

20. BUT GOD FINALLY HAD TO DO IT SUPERNATURALLY by almost forcing prophecy through me to give me the true living water for today. He almost forced me to write what needed to be written and to show me the Bible was not enough.

21. THIS WAS THE SAME THING GOD HAD TO DO WITH THE PROPHET JEREMIAH who said, “I will not make mention of Him, nor speak…in His name. But His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing (holding back the words) and I could not stay…Thou art stronger than I, and hast prevailed”.


22. IT’S A DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF CHURCH DEVILS TO CONFINE ALL THE TRUTH AND REVELATIONS OF GOD strictly to the Bible! True prophecy won’t teach anything contrary but it surely can fill in a log of gaps. Let me tell you there was a time when Moses’ and David’s writings and the Apostles and prophets writings were new scriptures

23. EVEN JESUS WAS ADDING TO THE ALREADY GIVEN AND ACCEPTED SCRIPTURES, and He told His followers‚ “I have yet many things to say unto you‚ but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, … the Spirit … will guide you into all Truth.”

24. SO IT’S LIKE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN ME is filling in some of the remaining details of Biblical Truth, because Jesus is still in the process of guiding us into all Truth; it didn’t stop with the Apostles!


25. IF YOU THINK YOU DON’T NEED THE WORD now that you have the Spirit‚ let me tell you, Jesus said, “My Words are Spirit and they are Life.” I didn’t find the truth until I began to heed His Spirit, but it was the Voice of His Spirit in His World! For “Thy Word is a lamp into my feet and a light unto my path.”

26. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE FAITH UNLESS YOU HAVE THE WORD, because your faith is something that is built by faithful study of God’s Word.

27. “FAITH COMETH BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THE WORD of God.” The main thing is to know the Word; that’s the contract and the Law. That’s why you can claim it and command the Lord to fulfil His promises.

28. YOU HAVE TO QUOTE THE TERMS OF THE CONTRACT (the Word) to the Contract Maker (God) and hold Him to it. Faith in the Word not only heals our souls, but also our bodies: “I am the Lord that healeth thee.” “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.” “He sent His Word, and healed them.” “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature.”

29. THE WORD IS OUR WEAPON AGAINST THE ENEMY and his strongholds on people’s minds and hearts. “For the weapons of our warfare (are spiritual), not carnal, (and) mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”

30. WE HAVE TO DESTROY THE GOD-DAMNED LIES BEHIND THE VISIBLE, EVIL SYSTEM! But you can’t do that with physical force—only by the Word of His Truth and the Power of His Spirit‚ hitting them where it really hurts—in their hearts and minds—with “the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God“, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God.” “We’ve declared war on Satan’s works and war on the old boy himself!

31. WHEN THE DEVIL TEMPTED JESUS AND LIED TO HIM HE JUST QUOTED THE SCRIPTURES:It is written!” The Devil is a liar and the father of it‚ and he knows it and he can’t take the Word! Resist the enemy and he’ll flee from you! He’ll turn tail and run.

32. TAKE UP THE WHITE-HOT SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE WORD of God, and cut the Devil to the heart! Lay it on him! Sock it to him! Drive him away! Tell him he has no part in you, and he’s got no business there!

33. THE WORD ALSO GIVES US EXAMPLES of how God has worked in the past. What is always the first thing you should think about when you begin to think and pray about God’s answer? Think about similar situations in the Word: What did they do then? We don’t throw away our Bibles just because most of it is history, or has been fulfilled.

34. WE STILL LEARN FROM THE PAST MISTAKES AND SUCCESSES. Also look back into your own history and the old MO letters, which, like the Bible will not be totally obsolete, because history repeats itself and I’m sure you can see the parallel.

35. “ALL THESE THINGS HAPPENED UNTO THEM FOR ENSAMPLES” and “were written for our learning.”


36. WE ARE GOING TO BE THE TEACHERS OF THE WORLD, as the prophet Daniel predicted, “They that understand … shall instruct many.”

37. THIS SHOULD CAUSE YOU TO STUDY AND MEMORISE, not only for your own sake and to be a better witness to many, but also to be able to teach them to teach others, to teach others, to teach others, to teach others‚ to teach others, to teach others.

38. NOW THERE’S PLENTY THAT’S GOOD FOR YOU TO STUDY AND MEMORISE of what the writers of the Bible have said, but much is old hat and out of date—except for what Jesus said.

39. EVEN SOME OF WHAT PAUL SAID SEEMS NO LONGER UP-TO-DATE because we’re not living in Paul’s day under those circumstances! Even he said of some of his commandments: this “speak I, not the Lord.”

40. SO, I WANT TO FRANKLY TELL YOU, YOU HAD BETTER READ WHAT GOD SAID TODAY in preference to what He said, 2‚000 or 4,000 years ago! Then when you’ve finished reading the latest MO Letters, you can go back to reading the Bible and the old MO Letters. “Therefore every scribe (like you) which is instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven … bringeth forth out of his treasure things new (the new MO Letters) and old (the old MO Letters and the Bible).”

41. HOWEVER, DON’T TAKE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO NEGLECT THE BIBLE, as “a false balance is abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.”

42. MO LETTERS ARE MY DAILY CLASS WITH YOU, and should occupy a specific hour and a half to two hours of your daily schedule without fail.

43. YOU’D BETTER READ AND STUDY THEM and share them or you, too, are going to miss the original pattern that God has given from the very beginning and fall by the way like the rest of the Jesus People. You’ll make mistakes, pull boners‚ blunders, and really blow it if you don’t stick to the plan God has given and follow the leadership He has anointed and appointed.

44. “BELIEVE IN THE LORD YOUR GOD so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper.”


45. IF YOU OBEY WHAT YOU KNOW GOD WANTS YOU TO DO, THEN HE WILL SHOW YOU MORE truth; and when you obey that, He’ll give you a little more, and step by step, as you follow Him, He shows you more and more. It’s like Solomon said, “The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”

46. THE TROUBLE WITH MOST CHRISTIANS IS THAT THEY STOPPED OBEYING the little truth they did have, and as a result God hasn’t been able to give them any more. But instead, as Paul said, “Because they received not the love of the truth … God (has given) them strong delusion”—the church system.

47. THE MINUTE WE BEGIN TO LISTEN to the Lord’s recorded, written Word, immediately we put ourselves in the position of being willing to listen, so then the Lord begins to speak and give us the Living Word.

48. JESUS SAID, “IF A MAN LOVE ME, HE WILL KEEP MY WORDS (written Words): and my Father will love him, and we (the living Word) will come unto him, and make our abode with him.”

49. A PRAYER: JESUS GIVE THEM FAITH TO BELIEVE THE WORDS Thou hast spoken! Jesus, give them the faith to drink and to eat of that which Thou hast given! And most of all, give them faith to give forth food to the Children of David, e’er they perish! Amen.

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Daily Might No.1

May 28, 2003

Daily Readings from the Letters of Moses David

(c) 1976 by The Children of God

[Note: DM 1 references added.]

DM1:92 APRIL 1

Thou shalt treasure the seeds in thy secret parts that they may bring forth fruit in thee from Me!

Isn’t it wonderful to have God’s Word for it, for our encouragement! I hope you are brainwashing yourselves with it constantly and absorbing it into the very fiber of your being, for it is His Word by His Spirit in His love that makes you strong! Please do not neglect it, for it is food for your soul and gives you strength for the battle! Even getting OUT the lit is not as important as getting INTO the lit yourself first! We need to get the Words IN as well as OUT! You’ll never have the spiritual strength and stamina nor even the spirit that will sustain your bodily strength … unless you yourself are drinking in the Word and being spiritually nourished and strengthened by it yourself first.

Even so with these epistles from me: if you are reading them, studying them, sharing them, praying over them and following the light of their truth, you will be melted together in His love, blended together in His truth, joined together as one body, fitly joined together according to His Word.

254:8 155:5 — 320:56 28:18

DM1:93 APRIL 2

He is bound by His Word.

All things change except for Jesus, “I am the Lord: I change not.” Except for His Word: “Forever, O Lord‚ Thy Word is settled in Heaven.” And except for the future—His promises to His children. These are just as definite and certain as … the law … of gravity. He hath never failed us in one of all His good promises! Even though we are faithless, yet He remaineth faithful, He cannot deny Himself, and He cannot break His Word. Remind Him of it, cling to His promises‚ memorize and quote them continually, and never doubt for a moment.

You have to quote the terms of the contract (the Bible) to the contract maker (God) and hold Him to it! The main thing is to know the Word; that’s the contract and the Law. That’s why you can claim it and command the Lord to fulfill His promises. “Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord, and see if I will not pour out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to hold it.” You’ve only got His Word for it—you’ve got to prove Him! You have to literally test it, you have to challenge God. The future is as bright as the promises of God!

87:17 6:7 — 250:44 — 87:5 — 4:15 — 87:17 116:20 — K:14 — M:38 — 33:11

DM1:94 APRIL 3

God only uses broken men and women—no others will do!

God has to break them, melt them‚ and mold them again in the hands of the Potter, to make them a better vessel … so they are willing to go anywhere, anytime, and do anything, for anybody and be nobody, to please Him‚ and help others! Why don’t we have more leaders? … God can’t break them fast enough! If you’re willing to be what God wants you to be, not what you are, but what God wants you to be, then He can mightily use you! By the time God’s ready to make you really great, He makes absolutely nothing out of you, so … it’s only Jesus! When He can get YOU out of the way, then HE has a chance! When you become nothing but a tool and a channel—nothing but a little diamond of dust—then God can really use you! He has to break you and humble you … so that Jesus can live and think and move in you! The heart of stone had to be broken before the water could flow out to refresh the people.

Unless you have been broken, humbled, humiliated, and come to the end of yourself and have nothing left but God, God will never be able to use you as greatly as He would like. Did God make a mistake?—Or is all this necessary to make us what we ought to be?

48:41 48:41 — 328:24 — 35:10 — 114:4 157:25 — 35:10

DM1:95 APRIL 4

We may lose a few battles, but we’re winning the war and the world will soon be ours for God and His Kingdom!

As in every war, there may be hazards and pitfalls and traps of the Enemy … but we are going to be the final and glorious victors. The Devil can never win. We are an unbeatable foe. The Enemy just can’t win for losing, and we just can’t lose for winning no matter how hard either of us try, because God is on OUR side! Nothing can stop God or His reign or all of His messengers‚ prophets and holy children who are here to stay forever!

Stand strong in the power of His Spirit, wielding accurately the Sword of His Spirit, which is the Word of God, mighty to the tearing down of strongholds. This is why the Children of God are so much stronger than the children of this world: You know the Word, and none can stand against It! You have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of Hell, Oplexicon and Satan himself! All the forces of both Heaven and Hell are in favor of David and his children!

We’re getting the victory all the time … we just have to keep fighting!

335A:25 155:8 — 64:10 — 242:8 — 317B:14,43 155:6 — 261:32 — 111:7 399:131,132

DM [not used in DM books]

The little people—the nobodies—the unheard-ofs—those behind the scenes…make it all possible and make it last.

The little jewels… and the little bearings…so unseen behind the works—behind the face, behind the scenes—and yet without them, the wheels could not turn. “I’m nobody!—Who are you?—Are you nobody too?” All the big somebodies wouldn’t be anybody if it weren’t for us nobodies!

Most of the greatest saints I know were little people who just did what they thought should be done—without you hearing about it or even knowing they were around! But they were always around when you needed them‚ always willing to see a need and respond. Thank God for dear faithful Abner, always trying to be where he could be the most helpful to us all. He only lived for one thing: Jesus—and to help others! But, come to think of it‚ that’s really the way God Himself is! He likes to remain unseen, known only by faith, but a very present help in trouble. So if you feel you are nothing, and you’re no good—then cheer up!—God can use you and has a special place for you in His Kingdom!

35:9 – 186A:3 – 237:15,16 – 123:1 – 72:3,11 – 84:11 – G:14

DM1:96 APRIL 5

“For they that partake of these things have strength that ye know not of!”

You cannot do the Master’s work without the Master’s power!—And to get it‚ you must spend time with the Master! We all need more quiet time alone with the Lord in rest and refilling, drinking at the living water of His Word and fellowshipping with Him in the communion of prayer and the sweet lovemaking of the Spirit! “Take time to be holy”—Wholly His and whole in body, mind and spirit! He can wipe away all your fears and tears with just one … little restful moment in the peace, that perfect peace He gives when your mind is stayed on Him.

Rest in the Lord! Patience takes faith. Getting quiet before the Lord shows you have faith that God is going to handle the situation. That sweet rest is a sign of real faith, which brings patience. Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee! Just roll it over on Jesus … His shoulders are broad enough to carry any load. It’s wonderful, it’s thrilling when you realize that YOU don’t have to do it!

191:13 169:3,4,7 — 191:30 11:12 — 74:20 — 98:5 — 33:18 — 4:63

DM1:97 APRIL 6

Praise, all ye His children! Praise the Lord for His promises unto His Servant David.

They are better than gold and better than silver, the words of love that I speak to thee through thy Father! For the Word‚ I have spoken it; and the Word, I have performed it; and the Word, I have fulfilled it; and I shall fulfill all the promises I have promised unto My servant David if thou shalt be faithful. Not one thing shall fail from all of the good promises that I have given unto My servant David! Not one word shall fail nor fall to the ground. For I am the Lord thy God‚ and true and faithful. Even so shall it be done unto thy servant David … and thou shalt share with him the Kingdom, and sit with him upon thrones judging all the tribes of Israel!

Take thy rest, because all … that I have promised shall be thine … according to the Word that I sware unto David. Be thou therefore encouraged and rest in the arms of David and all these things shall be brought to pass. Behold, I am Thy Father! I love My children!—And thou shalt rest in Me and all these things shall be fulfilled!

82:11 254:8 — 82:10,20 — 94:31 82:9 — 152:41

DM1:98 APRIL 7

Lord, inspire us to catch the vision of the great things You have in store for us because we are going to obey You.

The time is coming when we shall see Jesus face to face. The Sun is getting closer and closer and closer! It shines so brightly and so brilliantly we can hardly stand it! ‘Til we’re all suddenly…. All of a sudden … we’re like the Son! We’re like the light, and we live in it! We become one with it! We’re all part of the light … all part of the light! “Oh, what a day that shall be when thou shalt join with Me in My Kingdom to reign with Me forevermore. Thou shalt have such joy that thou hast never known and thou shalt see such glories that thou hast never seen, and thou shalt know that it has been worth it all.” It just takes one little glimpse of Jesus to make it worth it all! O God, my eyes to behold Thy glory and my heart to receive Thy beauty and my body to know Thy truth and my soul to feel Thy love forever and ever and ever!

“O Jesus‚ Jesus, Jesus, I want to go! But there are a whole lot of others we have to get first!

337B:56 45:24 — 70:23 — 399:30 — 191:31 — 395:46 72:10 — 75A:44,45

DM1:99 APRIL 8

The real believers get excited and praise the Lord!

When Jesus said, “Roll ye away the stone,” they said, “Wow! He’s going to do what we can’t do. He’s going to raise the dead! We believe it, so let’s get that stone out of the way quick! Let’s make a way for the Lord, He’s going to start working!” Praise is the voice of faith!

Don’t just stand there: do something—sing, shout, praise the Lord, quote scriptures! Hit him back—the Devil, that is! Keep your eyes upon the goal and the victory in your soul. Always shout, never doubt!

Be excited with delight and the strength of the Lord and the almighty irresistible power of our God Who is with you and in Whose strength you stand unshakable, “unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord and in the power of His might!”

It’s the fiery anointing that counts! If you’ll just get on fire for God, the world will come out to see you burn! Burn free, beloved, burn free! Let nothing quench His fire and nothing shall!

75A:70 4:97 — 114:3 33:26‚25 367:53 328:35,37 — O:10

DM1:100 APRIL 9

You’re the only face He’s got!

We’re showing God to the world! They don’t know what He’s like! The only way they’re going to know is by seeing God in YOU. People can only see God as we reflect Him. They can’t look at God, ’cause He’s too bright. People have got to see you, but they’ve got to see Jesus coming through you!

We have to show it in the flesh to illustrate it in the Spirit! The way to one’s spirit is in a sense through his body, and we must manifest or show the love physically, so that they will know that we love their spirit—that the Lord loves them! The Lord wants us to practice and demonstrate our love. I will show you my faith by my works. The works are the visible realm. The only love of God they can see is the love they see in you, and if you don’t show them the love they can see and feel, they’re going to have a hard time believing that there is someone up there whom they don’t know, and that He really loves them.

He has no hands but your hands and He has no lips but yours and He has no eyes but your eyes and no body but your own, for you are His Body, His Bride for whom He died that you might live and love others as He did … for you.

313:41 328:13 — 3:9 — 328:50 116:8 — 304:50 502:11

DM [not used in DM books]

Look! Behold the beauty of the Lord in the days of eternal sunshine…

… and the breath of everlasting spring and the glories of the flowers of life that shall be forever! Behold, the dawn cometh and the Son of righteousness ariseth and this shall be a new day, and His love shall drop down like rain upon the land and there shall spring forth life—and there shall be love and laughter and joy and peace for ever after! …Tomorrow…when He makes the world free! There’ll be no more crosses then, just flowers—no more graves, just the growing—no more death, only the living—no more dying, only the loving.—Tomorrow!—When the world is free of war and the poppies grow and live forever! We’re going on to the light of a brighter day…that peaceful happy sunny valley of His light and love!

Suddenly from the ashes…there grew up surely, beautifully and majestically, this beautiful pure white lily! Then there grew another one and another one! All the little plants in the garden were singing and even the grass was clapping its hands!—And the big old trees which were standing along the wall began nodding their heads in pleased approval, they were all so happy!

395:49 — 152:40 – 368:40 – 340:35, 36 – 290:44,45

DM1:101 APRIL 10

It’s free; it can only be received; but your works will show it!

Faith is a kind of drawing power! It is YOU drawing power from GOD! Faith is the hand of the Spirit which reaches out and receives. It is the part that YOU do—YOUR spiritual effort. Faith is something that is built by faithful study of God’s Word. Faith comes—it grows by hearing the Word of God. Faith is knowing! You’re positive. You’re certain. Faith KNOWS God will do it!—And He does! With faith, believing is seeing! Faith works on blind obedience. Those of faith resist the Enemy, and he flees from them.

If you have it, you won’t quit … you won’t doubt … you won’t fear … you won’t quail … you won’t retreat … you won’t surrender! Great faith still chooses God in spite of the other possibilities. Real faith endures the storm; real faith stands his ground when all else fails. Real faith never quits! Real faith will pay any price, suffer any sacrifice‚ die any death! Real faith can stand the test and go through the fire and still come out better than ever. Faith praises no matter what. Accepting faith through His Word is a work of God’s grace. So thank You Lord for faith, amen?

M:42 73:5,14 — M:9,15,52 — 313:11 — M:52 M:42‚19,56 — 313:33 — 258:95 — M:42 — 363:58

DM1:102 APRIL 11

Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity!

God loves to do things contrary to natural expectation, because that takes a miracle, and that shows it’s God, and not man! It takes an impossible situation for God to do a miracle! Like the three children of God who went into the fiery furnace in Daniel 3 … It looked like the end‚ because into the furnace they went, but because of their faith and obedience, God was with them there‚ too‚ and they came out without even the smell of smoke on them! Man says, “It’s impossible! Tie up in port!” God says, “Launch out into the deep!” Man says, “Look at the waves! Look at the wind!” God says, “Look at Me! With man it is impossible; with God, nothing shall be impossible!”

“Put thy hand in Mine, and trust Me, and believe Me for that which thy heart desirest!” When we obey the Lord‚ God will not fail us! He’ll stick out His Hands a little further and we’ll make the next trapeze!

Do you feel defeated and at wits’ end corner? Turn to God! Are you at the end of your rope?—Let go and let God!—Just can’t cope? Take God’s dope! Your extremity is God’s opportunity!

297:48 35:5 — 4:25 — 313:45 — M:27 215:69 — 332A:77 312:31

DM1:103 APRIL 12

Let’s keep the connection strong …

The power’s always on. The message is always there. God’s Spirit is like a broadcasting station broadcasting all the time. You must learn to contact His power through prayer, a spiritual seeking of contact with His Spirit through obedience to the laws of His Word. The hand of faith turns the knob which makes the contact and throws the switch which turns on what little power you have. The hand of hope tunes with expectancy, feeling for the frequency upon which God is broadcasting, and suddenly His great broadcasting station booms in with tremendous positive volume and power and certainty—and the messages come through loud and clear! If you’ve got an open channel and tune in, the Lord will fill you—your mind, your heart, your ears, your eyes!

Without vision the people perish. How do you lose the vision?—Somewhere there’s been a break in the contact with the Source of Power … direct personal contact, intimate contact with God, that direct personal hot line to God … and/or … God’s man. May God forbid that this should ever happen to any of us. Let’s keep the connection strong with His Word and His Spirit, His truth and His love‚ in humility and obedience.

9:22 73:14 — 306:50 — 78:13 — 73:16 242:10,11,12 — 9:22

DM1:104 APRIL 13

This world is not our home.

We’re Gospel Gypsies, having here no certain resting place! We are pilgrims and strangers here in many strange lands! We’re only here to sow the seed and reap the harvest and then be on our way! We’re just a passin’ through! We’re on our way somewhere! All God’s children of faith since the beginning of time have been looking for an unseen world, “a city which hath foundations,” eternal foundations, “whose Builder and Maker is God!”

“Lift up thine eyes and raise thine heart and cling to thy faith and thou shalt live forever with Me in My Father’s House in which there are many mansions. I shall be with thee always, world without end!” I’m going home to be with Jesus. I’m going home forever! You can only stay at His home forever. Heaven is my home! Earth is my footstool, a mere steppingstone to all the glories of God!

So don’t let all these NAGGING little details get your MINDS AND HEARTS OFF the end of the road! We’ll hit the road again and keep on rolling, and nothing can stop us till we’ve reached the End and that Heavenly City with its Space King Who makes it worth it all!

112:9 112:9 — 182:34 — 57:2 395:48 — 185 185:77 — 395:51 — 46:23 311B:18

DM1:105 APRIL 14

The family that prays together stays together!

Remember: One can chase a thousand, but TWO can put ten thousand to flight. “Where TWO or three are gathered together in My Name‚ there am I in the midst of them.” And, “That if any TWO of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.” So there is great power in united prayer together.

When you pray together as a group it is a time to unite your hearts together before the Lord. Getting our hearts together in unity shows that … we believe as one. Everybody has to be united and pulling together! The Lord said they had to ALL be there on Pentecost! There’s just something about unity! It’s like lovemaking: The more you pump together in the power of the Spirit‚ the more you are freed from the impotency and frigidity and deadness of darkness; and the final spurts of the Spirit in the power of the pillar make you one!—And this causes you to bear fruit: the children of light!

If you’ve missed a trip into the temple of His Spirit today in fellowship with all the other crystals, you really missed something!

155:81 325:18,19 74:13 — 337B:52 — 75A:70 — 214:18 191:15

DM [not used in DM books]

If you could only teach us this lesson of love!—It’s greater than faith: Our service is nothing without our love!

The most important job you have is listening to the king! God will not take second place, even to His service! Like…the little girl who took her fellowship time with her father to make him bedroom slippers for his birthday, and nearly broke his heart. God may appreciate the bedroom slippers you’re making for Him‚ but He’d rather have you! The Lord said, but one thing is needful: To sit at His feet and learn of Him the words He gives and pass them on to the world. Those who have chosen this good part, it shall never be taken away from them! Like Martha in that Scripture, too many of us have been cumbered with too much serving and not enough listening! We feel we must serve to exist‚ when we should live to listen!

They that follow Me and hear My voice and they that savor My fragrance and see the things which I show them, they are the children of David! They that love Me most‚ follow closest.

75:17 – 74:30‚36,33 – 207:28 – 191:13 – 116:6

DM1:106 APRIL 15

They that bear the cross shall wear the crown and Thou shalt be their reward.

The job God has given you to do for Him is your cross. The crown is your reward, given only to winners. Though many run the race, only a few can win the glory for the most excellent service to attain an imperishable crown and eternal rewards! The greatest crowns will … go to those who are the most … loyal, faithful and obedient.

The martyr expects and wants to die for the cause as a witness. He’ll pay any price‚ go any length, suffer any agony, make any sacrifice, “till death do us part” to obtain the crown. But some people weaken just before that final hour. They quit too soon. That was Esau’s sin—he gave up too easy. He despised his birthright and settled for something he could see and easily believe for, rather than something he couldn’t see and had to have great faith for.

He’s coming soon! Hang on! Don’t let someone else get your reward! Be faithful unto the End. If you will help win the battle, you’ll strengthen and help hold up others in the temple of His body—The True Church! He that endureth to the end—to him will I give a Crown of Life!

181:8 399:48 — 64:7 — 335C:34‚36,35 F:12 — M:39,21 78:46 — M:58

DM1:107 APRIL 16

Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

We know that God does not fail and will never let us down if we are trusting and obeying Him and operating according to His will and what He knows is best. If you obey what God wants you to do, then He will show you more truth … and step by step, as you follow Him, He shows you more and more. Your obedience in doing what God tells you to do shows your faith that God is going to do the rest, what you can’t do. You can’t obey without trusting and you can’t trust without obeying, it’s a two-way street. God likes the kind of faith that when there is a choice, when there is a decision, when there is an alternative, the great faith still chooses God in spite of the other possibilities. Faith and obedience come first, then God answers prayer.

That’s the walk of faith. No matter how dark the night, even if you can’t see ahead, just put your hand into the hand of God—”Put thy hand into the hand of God, and He shall be more to thee than a light and better than a known way!”

399:108 316B:3 — G:9 — 4:96 — 126:27 — M:19 — 313:7 399:18‚20

DM1:108 APRIL 17

Fill up your heart and you won’t have any trouble knowing what to say—or what to do.

Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Stop—and look—and listen—or you’ll get run over by all the cares of this life—instead of running over with His truth, His love, and His joy! Fill your mind and heart with positive, encouraging, strengthening and faith—building thoughts from His Word. Come from the very presence of God speaking as the oracles of God, from a full heart.

You’ve got to have it in before you can give it out! You gotta make a hole before you can fill it up! He likes to fill every place that’s made for Him—every place where you open up your heart, your spirit … His Spirit will flow in‚ in all his power! The Lord will fill you—your mind, your heart‚ your ears, your eyes!

For I am He that filleth all things, to pour out upon the thirsty ground, to beautify the lowly life, to heal the ragged wounds, to enlighten the darkened minds, to bring grace and beauty and wisdom. Without Me, ye can do nothing!

74:6 74:6 — 3:14 — 325:7 — 62:6 320:57 237:24 — 73:8,16 9:12

DM1:109 APRIL 18

Out of what seems like defeat come some of Thy greatest victories!

It’s a lie that Adam and Eve were closer to God when they were living in the Garden! They weren’t driven FROM the presence of the Lord, they were driven INTO the presence of God to know Him in a way they’d never known Him before! They were driven out of the GARDEN into a position where they had to get closer to the LORD. God’s way UP is DOWN,

Tho’ they stumble‚ they will not fall. (As though every stumble is a fall upward. We learn lessons from it.) Some of the most precious lessons you learn from the Lord come out of deep dark experiences. Tribulation worketh patience because it compels you to trust the Lord—to have faith in God for the outcome!

The bird whose pinion was once broken‚ by the grace of God will fly even higher than before‚ and the straying sheep whose leg had to be broken will have to remain in the Shepherd’s bosom so long he will never stray again! So who knows the will of God? All we can do is believe His promises and pray, and expect some kind of an answer. Sometimes these things happen to draw us much closer to the Lord, to keep us humble and more dependent on Him.

114:5 312:11 116:7 — 254:9 — 11:12 313C:10 — 87:8

DM1:110 APRIL 19

Help us to be willing to do anything to lead Thy people to victory!

We’re sure not saved by our works, but if we’re saved, we’ll sure work like everything to give it to others, and it’ll cost you everything! Everything that’s worth anything costs something. If something’s not worth dying for, it’s not worth living for.

The martyr expects and wants to die for the cause … He dies daily and loves it. He suffers and rejoices in it. He’ll … pay any price, go any length, suffer any agony‚ make any sacrifice, “till death do us part” to obtain the crown. As King David once said, “I will not give unto the Lord that which hath cost me nothing!” It doesn’t really count until it costs you something to give, and you give until it hurts, you are really sacrificing to give, and when you can say, “The love of Christ constraineth me!”—Jesus didn’t go halfway to the cross for you, or almost all the way, but He went ALL the way and gave ALL His life for you! How much are YOU willing to give for OTHERS?

180:49 176:42 254:11 143A:99 F:12 189:48 501:57

DM1:111 APRIL 20

Thank You, Lord, for forgiving us for all our sins and being such a loving Father!

“I have loved thee with an everlasting love that shall never be taken away from thee.” For though thy sins be as scarlet, they shall be as wool‚ and though they be red like crimson, they shall be white as snow! (The picture is of bloodstains in the snow—and on the wool of a little lamb there was a bloodstain. The Lord heals the wounds and makes white again. He sends fresh snow to cover the bloodstains on the ground and new wool to cover the scars. It is not that the wound was never there, but He helps and covers it.) “The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all our sins!” … purges us from all our iniquities. God sees nothing but the blood of Jesus Christ and the blood-washed soul. Thank You Lord that Your blood cleanses us from all sin. Past sin, Lord, sin now, and sin hereafter—ALL sin, by FAITH.

Your kisses, Jesus … kiss away their hurts and their diseases! Kiss them all away, Jesus! Cleanse and purify by the sweet pure water of Thy Word‚ delivered by the Rock, cleansed by the Word!

254:4 94:28 — 254:4 — 370:10 — 86:23 — 337B:31 370:6

DM1:112 APRIL 21

That Heavenly sound, can you hear it? Do you know what such ecstasy means?

Stop for a while … and hear their music!—Up There where all is perfection, perfect order and harmony and peace! It’s as though it were all in perfect beautiful total silence—but almost musical silence—everything in absolute harmony! Tune in, turn on, and receive His dropouts … His messages dropped out of the Heavens! The most beautiful music you’ve ever heard. You’ll dance to His tunes … and you’ll know you’re fulfilling His will—the purpose for which you were created. It just totally renews you … and gives you new vision, and fresh inspiration, new strength, rest and peace and joy!

Listen! You hear the music? Can you hear them? Singing and dancing, so pretty! The whole temple is dancing! The pillars are dancing, the people are dancing and singing. They clap their hands for joy! They shout to all the people and they sing unto God! In all my life there’s nothing so pretty! Everything jumps in tune‚ flows in rhythm! There’s a big shout of rejoicing … a really, really big praise meeting! Everybody’s happy, jumping up and down and dancing and whirling and singing and praising the Lord! What are they praising about? It’s finished! It’s all done, it’s the victory!

198:47 191:15 — 75A:5 — 78:12,14 — 191:10 369:10,12 — 15

DM1:113 APRIL 22

The Lord cautions us that we’re not to fear, constantly tells us not to fear but to have faith.

Fear is the opposite of faith just as murmuring is the opposite of praise! Fear murmurs no matter what happens. Faith praises no matter what happens! Fear is the opposite of faith, and without faith you can have no power. Almost the Devil’s total power is in fear.

But the moment the Lord’s children are tempted to fear‚ we immediately think of God and the fears vanish! Anything that is not of the Lord just vanishes! Let the light in!—And the darkness will flee of itself! He can wipe away all your fears and tears with just one little restful moment in the peace, that perfect peace He gives when your mind is stayed on Him and Him alone because you trust Him. Both love and faith cast out all fear. You don’t have to worry about the Enemy, or the Devil, or his power or anything else because he can’t touch us because we have and love the Lord. We don’t have to worry or fear Satan’s power because we are protected by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is far greater than the power of the Enemy.

341:25 258:90 — 203:18 271B:9 — 191:30 — 306:11 — 341:25,13

DM1:114 APRIL 23

Faithful little one! How great is thy reward in Heaven!

Some people … serve unselfishly, sacrificially, utterly giving themselves to the utmost and yet never getting the credit for it, and are virtually unknown! But God has a great big book and it’s known to HIM, and He’s writing it all down! And He’ll reward everyone according to his works. What a surprise we’re going to get when the Lord hands out the rewards—as to who was really greatest. Many of these little ones … are going to be so rewarded and shine so brightly with the purity of their humility. Most of your sufferings, your sacrifices, and your years of labor will never be appreciated in this life nor realized by others until the rewards are handed out in Heaven and the medals are pinned on at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and the cities are distributed in the Millennium.

The low places shall be exalted—he that is of a humble and contrite heart, in due time shall be highly exalted. Therefore “cast not away your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God‚ ye might receive the promise.”

94:3 123:5 — 75:22 — 31:23 6:8 — 87:16

DM1:115 APRIL 24

The course of nations shall rest in thy hands.

One by one the prophets of God have exploded throughout the ages! Some were heeded and others ignored, but the blessings and cursings of God hinged on the people’s reactions to them. HIS-STORY makes HISTORY! His Word and man’s reaction to it decide the course of world events. To some we are a cloud of refreshing and blessing; to others‚ a storm of destruction and cursing! We are ministering unto some, salvation, to others, damnation! “For thou art the peacemakers of the earth, and except they recognize Me as their King and their Prince of Peace, they shall have no peace!” Loss of faith by the people brings all this gloom and doom upon themselves for ignoring God and His warning words! Whether they will listen or not now, some day they’ll remember that we warned them of their fate.

We are the time-keepers of this world and all Thy operations are geared to us, Lord. So‚ Lord, in a way You’re really kind of waiting on us! So help us to do the job and get it done as soon as possible so You can wind things up.

128:43 69:18 — 269:34 — 264:78 — 128:13 310:23 — 79:5 186A:2 — 272:88

DM [not used in DM books]

You’re coming nearer to the Lord every minute.

Look up, for thy redemption draweth nigh that shall be forever and forever and forever and forever and forever. Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last! For this time is but for a moment. Boast not thyself of tomorrow! It may not only be later than you think, but you may be older than you think! You may die tomorrow! Your time may be at hand already. Time’s gonna grind to a halt soon while we enter the Eternal Now and leave the rest behind.

For the time is short, and David’s life shall be spent. For he poureth it forth without measure, even as I poured forth My life unto thee, and he withholdeth not that which I have given unto him. Why shouldest thou withhold it from them unto whom it is given? It should thrill you, encourage you, inspire you, and spur you to work…as you never have before, for you never will again! Are you going to pray like everything depended on prayer, and work like everything depended on work, and study like everything depended on studying…and teach like everything depended on teaching, and witness like everything depended on witnessing? Will He say to you‚ “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”? It won’t be long!

399:38 – 395:49 – 116:21 – 182:13,12 – 156:47 – 311B:17 – 215:75 – 156:46,47

DM1:116 APRIL 25

You are no fool to give a life you cannot keep for a love you will never lose!

The gift of God is eternal life, but it cost Jesus His to give it to you and it’ll probably cost you yours to live it! It costs us our life to mine the gold. We have to give our lives to Jesus to save them. We have to give our lives for Jesus to save them—”And from the ground there blossoms red‚ life that shall endless be!” From the blood of the martyrs and the blood of the witnesses there springs new life and new lives to live for God.

The bottle does not say unto its maker nor unto its drinker, It is enough! But the bottle gives and gives of its spirit until it’s gone! Oh, so few have so much love for the children of David to take half their life and give for those who never hear, like Pandita!

Are you a … martyr, looking for a way up? God’s way up is down!—Down to self—Up to the victory of the cross and death to self for others! What greater witness can you give than to both live and die for Jesus?

335A:27 176:41 — 324:27 — 368:38 215:17,115 F:12 — 312:30 — 313:57

DM1:117 APRIL 26

We are in a war of the worlds!

Ours is a war of the universe between the good spirits of Heaven and the evil spirits of Hell contending for our souls as well as our bodies, not only on this earth but also in the spirit world. Ours is a war of the spirit in faith and love to win the minds and hearts and spirits and save the souls as well as the bodies of men!

The most important battles and cataclysmic changes occur behind the scenes, in the spirit world. What’s happening on the surface is nothing but a little physical manifestation of the real action. Where the real action is is in the spirit world. They cannot destroy the LIE by destroying what the LIE has created, because the LIE is the spirit of Antichrist—a spiritual force of evil that is invisible, but which has created the visible evil System. We have to shoot down the LIE by God’s Spirit!

Love and salvation are God’s weapons to create life and save life. Destroy the lies with the flame of His mouth and the Words of His truth! You have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of Hell, Oplexicon and Satan himself!

335A:7,6 269:31 — 262:65 — 97:3 368:35 — 97:1 — 261:32


Daily Might No.2

May 28, 2003

Daily Readings from the Letters of Moses David


Take up that white–hot sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and cut the Devil to the heart!

It’s impossible to win a defensive warfare! To win a war you have to launch an attack — you have to go on the offensive! You have to be positive! The attacking initiative is what wins a war! — Let’s declare war on the Evil One! Let’s declare war on the Old Boy himself! Hit ‘im back — the Devil that is! Sock it to him with the Word! That’s the way Jesus did it! He just quoted scriptures: “It is written!” The Devil … can’t take the Word! — We’re wielding the most powerful weapons the world has ever known … love and the Spirit and the Word, and these three are one! — The ultimate weapon!

Stand strong in the power of His Spirit wielding accurately the Sword of His Spirit which is the Word of God, mighty to the tearing down of strongholds! — The Devil’s spiritual stronghold in the hearts of men! That’s our Battle! That’s our Revolution! And it’s one we can’t lose! We’re destined to win!

My God, give us fighters who like to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word … conquering heroes that like to live and fight and die for Jesus and their brethren and the truth!

33:26 — 171:16 — 242:8 — 168:13 — 33:26; 551:43,45,44 — 155:6 — 148:40,41 — 551:153


Thou shalt now be free from this former yoke of bondage and liberated to do My Will!

Just as God has His children, the Devil has his captives! — They are slaves of the chains of conformity forged by their own hands! — They are miserable, brokenhearted, wounded, bound, captives of their own passions and prisoners of their own shattered hopes and desires and limited human frailties. — The Lord has to break the chains. They can’t deliver themselves.

Forget not thy King, for He doth unlock thy bracelets and hath dropped the chains off thee. Forsake not His ways, for He hath the key, even the key of David! I have used the spirit of My David to unlock the prisons that have them bound. — We enter a new world of freedom from the shackles of the flesh, into the vast and boundless universe of the Spirit! We are free, free, free! Thank God! Hallelujah! — Free to do His Will‚ free to follow Him withersoever He leadeth‚ to abandon the boundaries of man for the boundless abundance of God! — “For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” — total and complete freedom from the bondage of the law into total and complete freedom of life and liberty through love!

David and his men are not bound‚ but free!

117A:22 — 341:6 — 225:4,5 — 502:17 — 370:30 — 212:68,66 — 46:22 — 302C:3 — 82:3


Give God all the credit all the time … and He will never fail!

God hath chosen the foolish things of the world … the weak things … that no flesh should glory in His presence. — That He might get all the glory! — God is the only One who can do it. Then He wants you to praise and thank Him and glorify Him because He did it. ‘Cause if you could do it, you could pat yourself on the back for it, and say, “Look how great we are!”

Don’t for one moment give yourself the credit for one little thing you’ve done! — One of the greatest dangers you have is to begin thinking it’s you! — “What hast thou that thou hast not received? Every good and perfect gift comes down from above.” — What makes you really great is the greatness God gives you — the Spirit‚ the inspiration! — Not by works that we have done, but by Thy mercy that all glory and praises be to Thy Name! — It is God that gives us the strength and God that has done it all! Give Him all the glory!

Give Him all the glory for anything good about you, and yourself all the blame for anything bad! That’s a pretty good rule‚ because it’s usually right! — Expect a miracle for the Glory of God!

4:30 — 35:9 — 4:28,29,13 — 328:30 — 49:7 — 328:8 — 81:18 — 83:46 — 49:7 — 87:8


This is why He put us here, this is what we’re here to learn:

How to make the right decisions through our personal contact with Him, our knowledge of His Word and His Will, and our love for Him and others! — Some of God’s future is set, but within the range of that future God has many options, some of which we can change by our decisions. — This is one of the mysteries of His Will and His Plan: that He hath bestowed upon each of us the immortal majesty of personal choice to do either good or evil.

Whatsoever you do in word or in deed‚ do all to the glory of God, and whatever glorifies God, that’s what’s right! Whatever’s best for God and His Family is what’s right! — Does it bring forth good fruit? Is it good for you, others and His Kingdom, and does it bring forth good fruit for all? — The rule of thumb is very simple…”Jesus and others, then you!”

God always chooses the best and what’s best for us‚ the unbeatable choice! When you have learned … to get His answer, you will have learned how to make decisions … and you will have become truly one of God’s leaders. “He gives the very best to them who leave the choices up to Him! ”

238:9 — 212:65 — 238:7 — 249:27; 302C:23 — 49:18 — 338:80 — 74:52


Get out of yourself and into others!

Love prefers the happiness of others to your own. — True happiness comes not in your personal pursuit for selfish pleasure and satisfaction, but in finding God and giving His life to others and bringing them happiness! Then happiness pursues and overtakes and overwhelms you personally without even seeking it for yourself! Look for someone to make them happy and then happiness will find you! — Get so busy trying to make somebody else happy you can’t help but be happy! — Show them … unselfish love and concern … and they’ll love you more than they ever loved anybody.

Let’s get positive! Let’s talk about the needs of others! — Help us, Lord, to quit thinking about ourselves … not to weep for ourselves but to weep for Thee and Thy work, Thy Children, and to get our eyes off ourselves!

The insane seldom think of others, they’re usually only thinking of themselves … and interested only in satisfying themselves. — How insane are you?

(JOY) — “Jesus and others, then you!

By the grace of God, we’re going to put Him and His Family first!

316B:71 — 151:52 — 250:42‚44 — 33:27 — 293:7 — 33:29 — 186:5,7 — 530:48,49 — 49:18 — 249:28


Get out of yourself and get in the Spirit!

When Peter started looking at himself — he started to sink!

If you’re down hearted and down cast, it’s because you’re looking down too much at the waves. — It’s ’cause you get your eyes on yourself instead of the Lord — introspection instead of Heaven-spection! — All the introspection, analyzing and agonizing are merely works of the flesh which will have to be repeated next week! — You gotta keep your eyes on Jesus, because there’s no other way to look but down and that’s the Pit — the dismal abyss of horrible nothingness. Hitch your wagon to His star and there’ll be no stopping you! Weigh down the wagon with all the rocks the Devil would like to pile on — and you’ll sink for sure! Just roll ’em overboard and let ’em fall behind and you go on with the Lord!

Help us, Lord, to quit thinking about ourselves, but to get our eyes on You. None of us can stand the sight of ourselves. We’re a mess and nothing without You, and only You can do it, if we just yield to You! — Let’s get positive! Let’s talk about the Word! — Let’s take a look at Jesus! Look and live! Life for a look!

49:26 — 20:3 — 191:27 — 33:3 — 25:1 — 33:11,20; 186:5 — 33:29 — 20:23


Look, and behold thou these days of Heaven upon earth and be thankful.

Even now, His invisible Heavenly Kingdom is already in operation and existence! It not only surrounds us, but it is within us. — Jesus Himself preached that the Kingdom of God was already at hand even in His day, and … taught that we were to seek it first, and pray that it should be on earth as it is in Heaven. — Those of you looking for the Kingdom of God on earth will only find it within your own hearts and fellowship of the saints, the children of God — Heaven on earth! — His Kingdom’s already here and you’re it! — It has already entered you, if you have Jesus and are filled with His Holy Spirit.

This is like a little bit of Heaven on earth, this sweet fellowship we have in love one for another right here. We are already enjoying a foretaste of Heaven on earth! We are living the way people are going to live, in love and sharing and sweetness and light and joy and praise and song and worship, during the Millennium. All this and Heaven too!

We have a Heaven on earth in our hearts, the Promised Land of His Kingdom within! Let’s spread its glories abroad in the hearts of all children of men!

395:43 — 57:3 — 193:24 — 46:17 — 185:15; 73A:13 — 399:61 — 148:35 — 189:7 — 46:21


Hitch your wagon to His star and there will be no stopping you!

Somebody … once said to an insignificant shoe clerk that he had led to the Lord, “Dwight L. Moody, there is no limit to what God can do with a man who is yielded and willing to do His Will!” Moody replied‚ “By the Grace of God … I am determined to be that man!” And he was! He became one of the world’s greatest evangelists, with tens of thousands of souls won for his crown. — You cannot stop the man of faith!

The Lord really leaves a lot up to us and our concern and prayer. — He gives us what we want and have faith for. — He’s more willing to give than we are to receive! — God has unlimited capacity to give, and what you get is only limited by your own capacity to receive. — There are an infinite variety of opportunities in God’s Work: It only remains for a man to find and make them work!

I’m shooting for the stars and I want to hit the heights! I want God to do with us the most He can possibly do! — What do you have a vision for? What do you yourself really expect God to do? What do you personally plan to do about it?

33:20 — 47:25 — M:57 — 302:1 — 238:1 — 87:16; 73:13 — 510:65 — 332A:76 — 182:1


The Shepherd must feed of the elements of the earth to be satisfied and to satisfy His flock!

When I was little, it seemed like God talked to me through everything; the sky and the clouds and the stars; the sun, grass‚ flowers and the trees! I wanted to know what it meant; and God always told me! — The Lord showed me so many spiritual truths about them … I listened to the still small voice of God. — Think how much God can show you from even a little beam of light, if you’re just simple and child-like enough to appreciate it — to look — and listen!

Think of the years Abraham spent out in the fields watching flocks. No wonder he heard from the Lord; he had time to listen. Where did John the Baptist show up from — the big city of Jerusalem? — No‚ he came out of the desert — out of the woods — out of the wilderness! So he’d have time to get away from the mob and hear the Lord! — On the mount alone you feel so close to the Lord!

What do you hear on the mountain? You hear things that are going to change the world. What do you hear in the stillness? Whispers that are going to change the course of history!

98:2 — 85:15 — 73:14 — 3:13 — 74:29,46 — B:3,16


The Lashes of Love!

Chastisements are part of God’s difficult compliments of His loving care and concern.

If there is a little sheep who is always straying away and being somewhat independent and rebellious, the shepherd often takes it and deliberately breaks one of its legs. Then he will have to give it extra care and carry it until the leg is healed. And after that, the lamb will never leave the shepherd’s side!

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all, because this is one thing that helps keep us so righteous: our many afflictions. — Sometimes these things happen to draw us closer to the Lord — to keep us humble and more dependent on Him. — But He says in Hebrews 12: “No chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous‚ but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” — Most of God’s merciful judgments … turn out to be blessings of chastisement to purge and purify His Children and bring a change for the better!

Whatever God does, He does it in love. He can give it or take it away, but whichever, He always does both in love. He never takes one thing away from you without giving you something better.

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God always begins at the top with a man, a voice‚ somebody He can work through, a messenger.

He’s always looking for a man to turn the hearts of the people … a man to call them back up onto the wall of His work. — Throughout all time‚ God has always required His People to follow and obey His chosen Mouthpiece, His Prophet, His man of God, His chosen Leader, Shepherd or King. — God has always had His men of power for the hour — His anointed one. Without them, God’s work can’t go on!

God has so seen fit and chosen for you a Voice and a Man through whom He speaks to give you the message which gives you the vision which creates the faith that gives you the courage … to take the initiative.

I didn’t choose to be your leader: God chose me! — I merely obeyed! I said, “Lord, I’ll follow — show me the way! — And He did‚ and it led straight into your hearts and you took me in! You opened your hearts and you took me in and received me as your Friend, and more, as your own beloved Father in the Lord, your Shepherd, whose voice you suddenly knew was yours, and followed, for it was the Lord’s voice through me! — They that love me most, follow closest!

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You can pioneer something new every day if you pray!

God’s law of progress is: If you don’t keep on getting more you’ll lose what you’ve got!

Have that driving motivation which makes you feel like you cannot stop, that you’ve got to keep on going even if it kills you! — Ask God for His Love! … That irresistible compassion which should motivate every child of God in everything they do. … “The Love of Christ constraineth us!” — Keep on doing more and more every day and progressing. Sit down at the end of the day and sum up and keep books with your soul and weigh up the accounts and say, “Now what did I do today that I won’t have to do tomorrow … what progress … what more have I done than the usual things? ”

You take care of what you have to take care of today, because He has given you the faith for today. — It’s today that you have to have faith for! — Let’s not worry about tomorrow, but let’s do what we can do today, right now, today! Because look what God’s going to do tomorrow! God’s going to do mighty miracles tomorrow! He’s going to do greater things than we ever imagined!

Today is the tomorrow we dreamed of yesterday!

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We know what is true or false by the standards of God’s Word.

The Word is our foundation, our guide, our standard, and the rod of measurement whereby we measure all things, even the words that God gives us today. It’s the Bureau of Standards by which we measure all truth and all error!

When you begin to think and pray about God’s answer … what is the first thing the Holy Spirit always reminds you of? He always reminds you to look back to His Word! — When I get a revelation, it comes like a quick flash — a picture or something, and then I have to confirm it and see if it fits and if there is a precedent where such a thing could have happened before. — Look for a similar situation in the Word, always look to the Word first. — Check it with the Word … measure it with the yardstick of the Scriptures … weigh it in the balances … check it out with the Department of Weights and Measures, the Bible. — God can use Scripture any way He wants … to apply it. — You have to balance Scripture with Scripture.

In God’s Word, you can find the answer to every question, every problem you will ever have in life. — There’s nothing like the Word!

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Heaven is not the end: It’s only the beginning!

In fact, according to the Bible, for us there isn’t going to be an End! — Eternity has no end! — We shall rule and reign with Him … eternally — “I shall be with thee always, world without end!”

We are going to cover the earth with Crystals of God’s Light as it slowly turns and enlightens the whole Universe with the Light of the Lord, until it enlightens even the Darkness! — We’ll circle the Globe in nothing flat and even visit other planets and stars and ride the whole range of the Universe — And it won’t take days or weeks or months or years, not even light years, but with the speed of thought! — God only knows how much more we’ll have to conquer after we’ve conquered the Earth and all the souls who have ever lived on it and all the problems! Who knows what other worlds we may have to conquer, what other universes we may yet have to learn to rule! — And we’ll enjoy every minute of it if we’re faithful servants!

… till death do ye part! No, not even then will we part! Then we will be truly united! — And we’ll shake up the whole Universe with the praises of God! — Like the angels, we’ll fight on!

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Prayer is powerful!

When we pray, things will happen and things will be different. God will answer prayer. You’ve got to get not only in prayer, but you’ve got to get in the Spirit. — When you’re strong in the Spirit, God will do anything for you! You’re one with Him, and when this happens, you can command Him to do anything! — If you are in tune‚ the Holy Spirit directs your prayer. If … the Holy Spirit is absolutely in control, then it’s automatically tuned in just right — power, beam‚ direction‚ everything — by the Lord’s own computer, and it can’t miss!

The whole structure of any house … rests on these two key pillars: the will of God and the will of man. As long as they coordinate and are in line with each other … it will stand firm. — We pray in the Spirit and our prayers have more effect because we pray by the Spirit Himself‚ by His power‚ which is exactly what God wants in His Will in His own Spirit … and God Himself gets the desired effect. — Delight yourself in the Lord and want to do His Will. When we do, it is His delight to also give us the desires of our own hearts, because He’s the One who puts them there when we’re pleasing Him!

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Please Him by praising Him!

God likes you to give Him a little honor. Praise is the voice of faith.

The Lord loves praise: the High and the Holy One dwelleth in the praises of His people. The fragrance of the Lord is in the perfume of the praises of His children. — As sweet smelling savor rise the prayers of the saints in the House of the Lord. He likes it. It’s beautiful! He likes to smell our prayers like the fragrance of flowers. He takes a deep breath. Jesus smells our prayers like we smell flowers. He inhales them all! He just breathes them right in — they’re like His breath! — “My soul hungereth after thee!” (Think of it! — God needs us!) — The Lord’s trying to show us what we could be and what we ought to be like, and how beautiful we are to Him, and how smoothly and beautifully He’d like to see us operate, with that perfume ascending, and perfect communication!

Lift thy hearts unto Him in praise, and thank the Lord! Kiss the Son’s mouth! Love Him with all thy heart! Love the words of His mouth unto thy utmost, even the Word that He hath sworn unto David!

Are you a hole full of praise? — Are you a bottle of sweet prayers to Jesus?

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The only way we are going to win this war is to fight it together!

Our spiritual Enemy is always looking for a weakness, a way to enter our defenses‚ and is casting fiery darts into the city of our fellowship trying to sow dissension, jealousy, covetousness, bickering and internal discord so we’ll get so busy fighting among ourselves we won’t even notice our walls of spiritual strength from the Lord are crumbling. — “Divide and conquer!” is the Devil’s own slogan!

Only in the folly of this world do men fight each other for fickle fame and fortune. — We love the Lord and we’re trying to work together for the best of His Kingdom. — Not in competition with each other, but yoked together in love‚ pulling the load together. — We are all in a Holy War together! — Let’s win it together so we can shout the victory together and greet God together in the end!

Only The Letters and the Lord can keep us unified and united in ideals, actions, spirit and goals! — Only the cool winds and rains of God’s purifying chastisements and the waters of His Word can smother the flames of disunity in His Love … so we can unite against the Foe, save His own and fill the Earth with God’s Light!

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Our job is to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel — to get the Message of Love across. That’s our job!

Our main motive should be to obey God and get the Message out, the Wonder Working Words to the waiting world! — Witnessing His Wonder Working Words is our major task! — We owe the Message of God and His life of Love to every man, but especially to them that will believe and receive it. — We’re more responsible to give them all God’s Message than we are to win them, for only His Spirit can win them.

Let’s roll that gold till we’ve “rolled gold” to all the world … and we will reap an eternal golden harvest from the gold that rolled!

I have this faith, beloved, that what we are doing is obeying God and His commandment: “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” and “forsake all” to do it, and God is going to bless us for it! — Going is not an option! — It’s a commandment! — By means of obedience … we are conquering the world with love and shall continue to do so till Jesus comes, according to His own promises!

This is The End! We’re their last chance, and we’d better make good what God has given! — This year the world!

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The music of the harp of David is going to bring the answer.

The Jesus Revolution was waged and souls won with our Music! — Our songs of the Revolution are the outcry of youth today! Our songs are like the key of love which unlocks hearts to find a responsive chord that longs to harmonize with you! — Music is the language of this generation and we speak it! — Our music is the miracle which attracts so many to our message about the Man. — Music to me is the miracle of this generation! It’s the magic that heals their souls and wounded spirits and proves our messiahship that we are their saviors! — The day of miracles is not past! Our God is still a God of miracles!

The new children sing a new song with a new hope in a new place! We shall sing our bright songs of the music that never dies but shall live in our hearts forever! They may live, too, if they will but listen and sing with us. — “How oft have I told thee that the harp of David shall touch the heartstrings of many with thy love — the love of the father for his children.”

Music is our message! Music is our ministry! It’ll live in their hearts forever — by His Spirit!

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Only God knows what He wants done, and only God can do it!

Only God is way out there in front and knows what’s going to happen and is able to lead you. — It’s His business, His program, and His plan. We’re His people, it’s His world, it’s His idea, and it’s gotta be His whole leading, His decision. — God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform — and sometimes we’re just swept along by His current!

Don’t try to reason around with your own understanding. — The worst thing in the world you can do is to keep on going when you don’t know what to do. That was Saul’s mistake. It absolutely lost him the Kingdom! Saul … tried to do things in his own strength, and he found he wasn’t strong enough! David learned you have to let God do everything — and wait for Him! — May we never make a move without hearing from God. Those who succeed are those who wait upon His Word, and those that fail are those who go ahead without it! — The greatest things we can teach our new disciples and children — and each new generation has to learn it for itself — is to follow God and hear from Him fresh everyday!

There’s no better way than God’s way: Hear ye Him!

4:41 — 261:39 — 4:45 — 68:15 — 4:45 — 74:18‚44 — 181:46 — 251:39 — 35:46


Love, Humility and Prayer solve all problems!

LOVE: God’s answer … has always been so simple, so childlike, so easy‚ that many could not even believe it! — That the Love of God and each other could solve all of our problems. — Love is not blind. — It has an extra spiritual eye which sees the good and possibilities that others cannot see. God’s Love is the answer to everything!

HUMILITY: The hardest words in the English language … are “I was wrong.” — If I had not come to the place where I was willing to admit I was wrong … and confess I needed help, that I needed an answer and solution to my problem, God would never have had the opportunity to do the miracle. That takes humility of the kind only God can give.

PRAYER: Take time to hear from God and He will take time to straighten out the problem. He can solve all your problems in one little glimpse! Everything God shows you always works out. — God will give you the spiritual solutions while alone with Him that will just make the mountains melt away!

We thank You, Jesus! You solve everything!

52:45 — 172:7 — 151:53‚55 — 86:2 — 297:47,50 — 74:52 — 191:30‚25 — 253:26 — 290:57


In this whole world there is not a more thrilling sight than to see a soul saved!

Jesus walked miles out of His way in the heat of the day to love and win one wicked woman at a well! — Though ninety-and-nine were in the fold‚ the Shepherd was not content until the last lost one was found and saved and rescued. — “One immortal soul is worth all my love — my body, my money, everything! I’d give her my life‚ you know? — If I could just win her to Jesus — and help her to know how much Jesus loves her!” — If only once in our life we are life and joy to someone, it’s worth it!

There was always a glorious presentation of gifts before the conquering king. We‚ God’s victorious army, will lay at His feet — the feet of the Conquering King — gifts that the Lord is most pleased with — the lives and hearts of men — the souls that we have recaptured from the Enemy. — You’re going to reap … eternal dividends in souls which are going to far surpass any sacrifice you could possibly make! — Souls you help win to the Lord … who will therefore be your friends forever in Heaven! — There’s only one thing from this life you can take with you — the souls you win to the Lord!

Souls, not diamonds, are forever!

7:12 — 154:35 — 335A:16 — 517:11 — 3:10; 83:34 — 332A:39,40 — Our Symbol:3,4 — 540:73


God’s delays are not denials!

God … answers prayer, but not always our way. — It takes Him time to make a baby, a flower, a tree, a sunset — or even a blade of grass. — You can’t rush God. You’ve got to wait till it’s God’s time — until you have learned the lesson God is trying to teach you‚ or the conditions are ready for the result that God wants to bring. — Like the man in the Bible who was blind from birth … who had had to be blind all his life, so that everybody would know it, and so that Jesus could come along some day and marvelously heal him, that God might be glorified. It may take years before you know why, but the time will come, and you’ll know God was right! — Give God a chance! Give Him time! Wait on the Lord!

The greatest darkness is just before dawn, the greatest desperation is just before Salvation! The greatest hopelessness attacks just before rescue! If you can hold on one more breath, one more step, one more hour, one more day, you can have glorious victory! — Never doubt for a moment that God is going to answer — and He will! He has to! He wants to! Trust Him! And thank Him for the answer — even if you don’t see it immediately! — You’ll be glad you trusted Him tomorrow!

58:35 — 364:18 — 11:1 — 302:35 — 87:10 — 56:3,4 — 48:23 — M:39 — 87:17 — 33:5


The Love Revolution has got to keep turning and changing and moving every minute with something new!

All things change, but they don’t change once and for all! You may be the same person basically, but you’ve got to keep moving to stay alive and get anywhere! It may be the same message, but it’s varied every day to suit the need and adapt to the situation … day by day and moment by moment to have RPM — movement! There must be this continual change; otherwise there would be stagnation.

Times and things and methods and we and God’s new plans and ways are constantly changing and revoluting like a wheel speeding toward the goal of the new and leaving the old far behind. It’s … the ever — revoluting revolution of God’s Kingdom with its same basic rim of certain limitations and rules supported by us, the spokes, firmly embedded in the central Hub of God Himself and eternally turning on the axis of His Will, geared to the power of His Spirit through the transmission of His Son!

Are you moving with the white-hot fires of the Spirit of God? Keep moving, turning, changing, and revoluting every single day! And you will if you pray and ask God what to do today! There’s plenty to keep us alive and moving until the Lord comes!

251:44 — 251:47 — 6:2 — 311B:11,12 — 6:11 — 316B:72 — 242:3


Faith praises no matter what happens!

Job … had obviously lived a Godly life for many years, but it took the implosion of the power of God from without to put the pressure on by means of the afflictions of the Devil, before the power that was within exploded into a mighty atomic chain reaction of some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible — the Song of Suffering which has echoed down through the ages to encourage countless millions with its reverberations of faith, patience and praise in the midst of adversity. — When everything goes wrong and seems contrary to the Word and the usual — only those with great faith can say with Job, “even though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” — Real gold — no matter how hot the fire or how long the fire, how hot the test or how long it lasts — will still come out gold — even finer gold!

God has a purpose in everything, even if it is only to force us to exercise our faith … and to demonstrate it for the encouragement of others … to inspire the faith of others and to encourage their trust in the Lord. How can we be more than conquerors? — By being good losers! — and even praising God in our affliction. — God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat, and He often brings them along the neglected path of praise! — Praise is the Voice of Faith!

258:95 — 69:4 — M:13 — 313:31 — 87:1,2; 83:15 — 114:5


You never lose by giving!

God doesn’t judge you by how much you give. He judges you by how much you’ve got left. — Hoarded gold, withheld gold will make you poor! “He that withholdeth it tendeth to poverty, but he that scattereth abroad it increaseth!” — The only way to keep the blessings flowing is to keep them pouring out as fast as you can!

The good Samaritan was really the Lord‚ and the innkeeper is His steward like you and me. And whatever we spend to rescue these people and save souls, He will more than repay! — Let go and let God give through you and you’ll soon find He’ll give you more through others!

With us, it’s not “your money or your life!” — but both! — everything you’ve got! That’s what God expects! That’s what He gave! And that’s what He expects of you and all of us! And for which He gives everything in return and a whole lot more! All this and Heaven too! 100–fold in this life and in the world to come‚ Life Eternal! You can’t outgive God! It’s impossible to make a sacrifice for Him! He’ll top it in return every time!

The richest people in the world in God’s Kingdom are going to be those who share the most‚ and He will heap on them more than they can hold!

540:35 — 313:34 — 333A:48,37,38 — 51:22 — 332A:; 51 — 540:35 — 189:7 — 211:58 —


Beloved‚ pray for His children!

You’d be surprised how much God depends on your prayers, how concerned you are and how interested you are. — The Lord leaves a lot up to us: If we stir ourselves then God will stir Himself. An awful lot depends on us, our faith and our prayers. — When we pray, things will happen and things will be different. God will answer prayer.

But there must be them which cry out unto Him in agony of supplication for those that are in need. The prophets of God must pray the word of the Lord for them which are in need. The children of God must agonize for His little ones! They must pray! They must pray … that God will save them — that Jesus will love and take to His bosom and forgive for their sins and have mercy on them and give them a new life, another chance.

I’ve wept for presidents, I’ve wept for kings‚ I’ve wept for this Family, I’ve wept for other people. — I shed my tears for them like Jesus shed His blood. I cry for them and Jesus sees my tears and helps them. My tears reach God’s ears in the big hall … in Heaven! Will you pray for all the souls? They need our prayers!

81:4 — 546:5 — 302:2 — 546:8 — 276:71 — 368:4 — 384:7 — 368:2,7,12


True repentance is not just being sorry:

It is “metanoia,” Greek for a complete change of mind and heart and direction — a whole new man — a new personality — a new creature in Christ Jesus — born again! Only God can do it, but we must be willing and yielded to Him and make the decision that we want to be delivered without reservations!

We must put forth the effort of a believing will. That spark of faith fans the flame. It’s like God blowing on the little ember and bringing it back to life again! It comes so much through hearing the Word! As you begin to obey and follow God‚ and confess your sins and obey and with your last breath praise the Lord, God begins to strengthen and do His part! If you cry unto the Lord in this time of trial, in this time of Gethsemane, followed by this crucifixion, God will answer, and it will result in glorious resurrection which can surpass all your wildest dreams and is mightier and greater than anything you ever thought of!

The divine supernatural miraculous infinite marvelous Love of God is love enough to forgive! For to forgive is love — divine Love! — You must ask for forgiveness, but you must not dwell on your remorse!

“As they went‚ God healed.” We’ve got to do the “wenting.”

71:43 — 71:44 — M:8 — 66:12,2l — 297:37; 531:3,1 — 18:6 — 4:116


What everybody needs is love:

Love they have never known before, true love, sincere love, genuine love, the truly great love of their life, the Love of all loves, of the Lover of all lovers, who alone can satisfy that deepest yearning of every human soul for total love and complete understanding — that deep hunger in the heart of Man for his Creator! — The heart of Man is the same the world over! His longings, loves, hunger for God and His Truth, for joy and happiness and peace of mind are God-created and the same in men the world over! — Man … will never be happy with a heavy heart, a troubled mind, a discouraged spirit and an unsaved soul. — The human soul … can never be completely satisfied with anything but utter union with the great and loving Spirit that created it. Flesh can satisfy flesh‚ but only Spirit can satisfy spirit. — Only Jesus, only Jesus‚ only He can satisfy.

Do you want the key to every heart? — Try love! — It never fails, because God is Love, and it’s impossible for Him to fail! “Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I have found thee! Ah‚ at last I’ve found the reason for it all! Ah‚ ’tis love and love alone the whole world yearns for!” Let’s win the world with His Love!

25:14 — 502:3 — 7:6 — 205:11 — 335A:13 — 502:7‚15 — 33:38 — 151:54,52,56


You can have peace in the midst of storm — calm in the eye of the hurricane.

A good building doesn’t get up and run away! It’s not blown away by the storm. It just sits tight until it blows over. — People who live within God’s Golden Gates of Faith can survive anything. — Is yours a strong clean house founded on the Rock Christ Jesus? If so, you have nothing to fear! None of these things can move you! — Trusting is a picture of complete rest, peace, and quiet of mind, heart and spirit. The secret of that calm and peace and rest and patience and faith is in resting in the Lord!

Those whose faith is only a proud pretense, will … leap off the boat when they think it’s about to sink! But the captives of faith would rather go down with the ship‚ if such be the Will of God, knowing God is able to raise it again, if need be! — That’s when your faith gets tested: In the midst of the storm! — Real faith endures the storm:

Face the storm unafraid and ride the wind and wave … bold and brave and unafraid, with faith without fear‚ knowing that God is with you and the storm cannot overcome you — knowing God will work it all out in the end because He always has and because He promised to!

74:23 — 11:8 — 313:37 — 367:51 — 74:21 — 98:4 — M:54,55 — 74:23 — M:56 — 367:39 — 33:4


If you’re Heavenly minded, you’ll get precious things out of those Heavenly mines!

The Lord puts them there, but we have to dig them out. He leaves some of the work up to you. — It is like God owns the safe, but He gives man the combination whereby, if he’ll put these numbers together by the hand of faith‚ he can unlock the treasures that the Lord has already stored there. — When the Lord gives you something in the Spirit, and definitely applies a certain verse or scripture to you, it’s . like a key that unlocks the door to the whole passage … the corridor that leads to other doors of other Scriptures, which He opens to your view through the eyes of the Spirit!

They are better than gold and better than silver, the Words of Love that I speak to thee through thy father!” — The Letters, along with the Bible, are … “treasures both new and old.” — It is His guiding Word to you to help you know what’s best. He likes you to seek it out and find it, so you yourself will know it’s right when you do it without a doubt! — Dig the Word!

There’s no end to God’s good gold! — The mine is full of it! — It’s there — but He’s waiting for you!

254:9 — 78:19 — 96:15 — 254:8 — 155:49 — 238:10 — 38:16 — 324:46 — G:25

Daily Might No.3

May 28, 2003

Daily Readings from the Letters of Moses David


You’ve got all the promises in the whole Bible on your side now!

God has made promises in His Word. When you pray‚ bring those promises with you to remind Him. When you remind God of His Word, it shows you have faith in it. It’s a positive declaration of your faith and your knowledge of the Word which pleases God.

Faith is a kind of drawing power! It’s kind of like a bank account: the money is there, and the Father has put it there in your name — in the Bank of Heaven, but you’ll never get it … unless you’re willing to go to the Bank and sign the check by faith, and draw on it! — You have to follow through and obey in whatever you put your faith in. If it’s the Lord, you quote and claim Scriptures just like Jesus did. You stand on the Word. — You must constantly put your faith in the Bible, in the Word, that it’s a promise. That is how faith is born!

He never fails in one of all His great promises — if we keep the conditions and obey and are faithful. “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s Word will never pass away!” — The whole world can fail, but God’s Word will never fail! — God’s Word goes on forever!

How much do you claim the promises?

551:21 — K:9 — 73:5 — M:7 — 527:5 — 130:14 — 527:46,45 — 62:8 — M:7


How wonderful are the ways of the Lord — but they’re not past finding out‚ if you ask Him!

The spirit world is much more real‚ more beautiful, and more lasting than the one which you can now see! “For eye hath not seen‚ and ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Him! But the Spirit hath revealed them unto us!” You personally can experience their thrilling and ecstatic joys right now‚ and even take a trip into that world with Jesus’ Holy Spirit as your Guide!

Do you really want to see those things? Well, you can see them if you’ll just believe! — Jesus speaks any time, any where, if you believe! — Any time you believe! — It’s easy to get things from the Lord. You just have to have faith. — With faith, believing is seeing! — Just stretch out your faith and look!

Why piddle around in puddles when there are oceans to swim in and all space to revel in? — Ask God to enlarge your vision — to show you how much more He has — beyond what you have ever seen, or felt, or heard, or known! — If you really believe and ask the Lord, and you want to see or hear, you won’t be disappointed! — He’ll always answer the hungry heart!

72:2 — 73A:12 — 75A:8 — 111:20 — 73:1 — 313:11 — 75A:23 — 46:22 — G:25 — 73:1 — 604:29


Our Salvation is only by grace, never by works.

We cannot save ourselves by our own works‚ your own goodness, even our own attempts to keep His laws and to love Him. We cannot be good enough, we cannot be perfect enough‚ to earn, merit or deserve the Heavenly perfection of His own Holy Salvation by His own Grace, Love and Mercy! — It is impossible for anyone to be saved without the miracle-working power of God!

Accepting Salvation through His Word is a work of God’s Grace. It’s free; it can only be received. It’s the gift of God — you can’t work for it. You can’t earn a gift or else it wouldn’t be a gift. — You haven’t got anybody’s righteousness except Christ’s, and He’s the only One that can give it to you!

God can’t help you save yourself, since He does not help those who think they can save themselves but only those who know they can’t. — God’s idea of goodness is Godliness — a sinner who knows he needs God and depends on Him for Salvation. — God’s idea of saintliness is not sinless perfection, self-righteousness. It’s a sinner saved by grace, a sinner who has no perfection, no righteousness of his own, but is totally dependent on the grace and the Love and the mercy of God by faith. Those are the only saints there are — there are no others!

25:2 — 172:12,13 — 203:25 — M:42 — 526:38 — 25:9 — 45:6 — 312:17 — 606:93


You can’t always win! … But witness!

You must needs be a witness, not a winner — but a witness! — Prophets of God, the Messengers of God, the Apostles of God, those sent with a message! — We owe the message of God and His life of love to every man … even though all will not listen nor respond nor be saved. — We’ll win very few compared to the millions to whom we’ll witness. Even God can’t win them all, but He wants to give them all a chance.

The prophets didn’t prophesy for audience reaction! They just spoke the words of God, come what may, live or die, sink or swim, rise or fall, and that was that‚ flat! — If you were to judge Jeremiah by his success, he was a flat failure … but he was faithful and delivered his soul! —

Speak the Truth! — Even if it kills! The results are God’s business! — As Kipling said‚ “If you can meet success and failure, and treat these two impostors the same … then you’ll be a man, my son!” — Simply because you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing the Will of God — that you were made for the job — that you can’t help it — you have to do it! He expects it of you! — “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Jesus didn’t say failure servant and He didn’t say successful servant, but He just said faithful servant!

154:29 — 153:18 — 672:20 — 335A:17 — 241:29 — 303A:69 — 69:16 — 678:55 — 31:24 — 662:48


He doesn’t fit second place!

Jesus comes first! The first commandment is to love God! “For I the Lord, thy God, am a jealous God, and I will have no other gods before Me.” — Anything you serve or work for more than God is putting other gods before Him, and He doesn’t like it! — If you put … desires of the flesh first above God and others and the needs of your spirit, then you’ll find that nothing ever satisfies, not even the most total indulgence in the flesh! — If you love the material world more than the spiritual, then it becomes a form of worship of the creation more than the Creator, and God and His spiritual world refuse to take second place. — God can’t protect you, prosper or bless you when you are out of His Will and running around outside of the Secret Place and from under His Shadow — His Wings — and His fortress of perfect fellowship with Him.

There are no exceptions to His admonition: “Set your affection on things Above, not on things on the earth!” — He still has the same old formula: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added unto you.”

Put business, God’s business, before pleasure! — You’ll never lose by seeking first the Kingdom!

49:18 — 142:33 — 250:42,39 — 143:34 — 46:27 — 313:8 — 52:21 — 109:21


… But love found a way!

If you’re too busy to heed the cry of those in need, you’re busier than God Himself! — You can’t just pass by the poor man on the road to Jericho! You take action like the Samaritan did! That’s the difference between pity and compassion: pity just feels sorry. Compassion does something about it! — The compassionate … put feet to their prayers and kind deeds to their words.

Remember, love never fails — because God is Love and it is impossible for Him to fail! This is the victory that overcometh the world‚ even our faith‚ but it is faith which worketh by love. Only God’s Love will make you strong enough — Christ in you‚ the hope of Glory! Then you can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth you! — His Spirit in us will cause us to do the humanly impossible.

Love is not blind‚ it has an extra spiritual eye which sees the good and possibilities that others cannot see! — Love has creative power, because God is Love and He is the creator! — And with His help our faith can also create!

Someone is passing under the window of your life right now! Has your love found a way to help them? Has His Love showed you how you can help them? He will if you want Him to, no matter what the conditions or your limitations!

51:20 — 155:76 — 66:30 — 631:104 — 25:1 — 151:54,50,54 — 172:12 — 151:53 — 271B:41 — 51:20


Never doubt for a moment!

The Devil was ordained to see if he could get you … to doubt God’s Word. — Doubts are the Devil’s thoughts and Satan’s words! When you’re doubting in your own mind, you’re thinking the Enemy’s thoughts! When you’re voicing your doubts to others, you’re spreading Satan’s propaganda! — That’s his kind of witnessing! It has just the opposite effect of witnessing the truth of God and the Word of God! — Doubts are monsters that devour and destroy! — Beware of the Enemy who goeth about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! Don’t you be his next meal!

The best cure for doubts is the Word! “Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God!” — If you are weak in faith it’s because you’re weak in the Word! — The answer’s always there if you’re willing to receive it. — His Word and the Letters will show you!

Get full of the Spirit and the Word! Let the Light in! — And the darkness will flee of itself! — “I believe” means “I drink in; I swallow.” It’s the Greek word “pisteuo” that’s used throughout the New Testament for “I believe; I drink in.” — Fill your mind and heart with positive, encouraging, strengthening, faith-building thoughts from His Word. Memorize Scriptures and resist the Devil!

87:17 — D:18 — 71:32 — 33:13 — 71:32 — 154:25 — 604:28 — 603:43 — 73:19 — 604:29 — 25:10,9 — 73:10 — 325:7,22


God’s only law is love!

The laws of Moses were too difficult to keep and couldn’t save us! — It’s the liberating law of love that gives life — not the enslaving “letter of the law that killeth.” — This is why Jesus had to come with the love and the mercy and the grace and forgiveness of God which we could accept freely without any works or any law except love!

Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is to love — to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind … and the second is like unto it,” it’s almost equal — almost the same, “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” — “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” “For all the law is fulfilled in one word‚ even this: thou shalt love.” — “No greater love hath any man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends!” This is love, real love, true love … supernatural Love, divine Love, God’s Love‚ more than human! — Against this pure Love, the unselfish sacrificial Love of God and your fellow man, there is no law!

Are you so ruled by His Love that He can liberate you from the rules? The answer is up to you!

592:30,32 — 302C:3 — 592:32 — 255:19 — 151:50 — 154:62 — 591:78 — 302C:7


The outlook may not always be easy, but the uplook is great!

You can’t just be God’s fair-weather friend! If you are only going to be willing to believe and obey the Lord as long as everything goes all right, you won’t be believing or obeying very much because … “Many are the afflictions of the righteous!” — When you hit bottom, that’s when you can start on your way up! — If you let God!

When things look darkest, don’t look down! — Look up! Start praising the Lord, and you will often praise your way right out of the pit into which the Devil is trying to cast you! — When the Devil tempts you to get down and discouraged — fight! Don’t even listen to him, much less surrender! — It all depends on which way you point your antenna. If you’re downhearted and cast down, it’s because … you’ve got your antenna pointed down towards Hell instead of up toward Heaven! — Doubt, fear, discouragement, and murmuring kill! But faith, trust‚ courage, and praising the Lord‚ maketh alive! — Look to Jesus and live!

Just open up your heart and let the sunshine in! — When you look up, the sky is the limit! — Up there the Sun is always shining! The light is always shining at the end of the tunnel, always!

191:2 — 313:13 — G:29 — 83:15 — 33:25 — 191:27 — 56:10 — D:21 — 73:1 — 191:2 — 579:77,88


Brainwashing is our business — not only brainwashing, but heartwashing, too!

You cannot change the world of man without changing his mind, and you cannot change his mind unless you change his heart, and you cannot change his heart without the inspiration of God’s Spirit. — We can only save the world by letting God destroy the evil in our own hearts. — God’s Kingdom of Heaven comes only through Spiritual change — in fact, total spiritual rebirth — a new man‚ a new heart — old things are passed away, all things become new.

Jesus takes us, dirty as we are with sin, and He washes away our sins with His blood — and washes our minds from … the evil mental conditioning of this world by the pure water of God’s Word. — “The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all our sins!” What a wonderful promise for all these poor people, dirtied and contaminated and infected and shamed and controlled by the System!

When you take a bath, you put on clean clothes. When you take a spiritual bath, you have a clean new heart and mind — with new good clean appetites for clean healthful things, a joyful re–Creation of a healthy fun-loving living with a good sound body, clean heart and pure mind.

Brainwashing should be everybody’s job!

154:30 — 335A:12 — 255:90 — 142:33 — 566:5 — 154:30 — 370:10,8 — 154:30 — 326A:22 — 154:30


We’re the impossible people of today!

God specializes in using little things, weak things, foolish things — those most likely not to succeed! Yet by the miraculous power and grace of God, they become shining lights to the children of men — rays of hope for despairing and desperate men! They are God’s only hope for those who feel lost and helpless!

God only makes great people out of little people — to show His greatness! — He has taken the weak things to confound the mighty, and the things which are not as though they were! He has made something out of nothing — you and me! — The Lord is our strength: our power is only in Him. — “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit!” “Not of works” but “by grace through faith.”

God can use anything if you let Him! — Even a fool like you! Dare to trust Him in spite of yourself and give Him all the glory! — If you can believe in God, everything is possible, because He makes everything out of nothing! We’re nothing, and we’re impossible except for God. He’s like the Circle around the nothing that makes it something! With God all around you‚ even your nothing can be something! — In fact, you can be almost anything!

88:39 — 23:10 — 47:51 — 35:9 — 171:50 — 83:52 — 171:50 — 73A:7 — 35:20 — 237:10


God’s Creation is the greatest proof of His existence!

As it is with the spiritual, so it is with the physical. — Nearly all of the natural things which the Lord has created, or man–made inventions that He has allowed man to discover, are visible illustrations of the unseen spiritual realities of the spirit world to help us to try to understand it and grasp its truth — so we can know God better and love Him more! — God’s whole creation is a work of art and continually portrays His message to all of us … pictures which tell the story, portraits which portray the truth! “For the invisible things of Him from the Creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse!” — Everything is an illustration of something, everything says something. — How marvelous are the ways of the Lord‚ yet how simple and childlike are His graphic little pictures which make them so clear to us and so easy to understand!

As Dr. Robert Millikan said‚ “Behind every watch there had to be a watchmaker, and so behind the intricate precision of this great Universe, there had to be a Divine Designer and Creator!”

204:10 — 302C:21 — 78:25 — 337:1 — 325A:24 — 11:3 — 311B:13 — 31:16


Think of it! — God needs us!

Light itself is invisible! What you see when you see the flame of a candle is not the fire itself, but the tiny little, glowing particles of dust in the air made white-hot by the heat. If the dust weren’t there, you couldn’t see the light; and if the light weren’t there, you couldn’t see the dust! It takes both!

You and God are using each other just like two people who love each other! It’s a two-way street. You’re both giving and receiving at the same time. — God needs us as tools for the job, or He could have done without us long ago and done the job all by Himself without any help from any of us!

We each are a part of God’s Plan, each is a thread in the tapestry, a cog in the machinery, a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of God’s great work of art, His Church, without any one of which‚ something would be missing! — Christ described us as His Body‚ the Church, with Himself as the Head. We cannot even say we have no need of one little member! We even need every fingernail, every cell as well as every organ and every limb, and we all need to work together for the glory of God!

We’re nothing, nobody! — But in God’s sight we’re everything!

254:23 — 3:9 — 341:3 — 189:6 — 37:17 — 263:76,77 — 125:27


As you pour out, He’ll pour in, and you can never outpour Him!

God has promised that, if we obey Him, and open the windows of our lives upon others, He “will open the windows of Heaven, and pour out such a blessing, there will not be room enough to hold it.” — “Give and it shall be given unto you.” That’s a law of God, more than the law of gravity! — If you will continue to overflow‚ God will continue to overflow upon you … and out of your innermost parts shall flow rivers of living water!

But if you don’t give‚ you’re not going to receive. — The only way you can stay fresh and full is to keep overflowing on others, as He pours in! — You have to be willing to take what He gives‚ and give it! — Like Mary’s alabaster box of sweet–smelling ointment couldn’t do any good until broken open to release the fragrance, so the words do no good unless our hearts are broken open with His Love to let the healing balm overflow on the wounded hearts of the world.

He has begun to pour! Where are we going to put it all? How are we going to pour out fast enough, so He can pour more in? — There’s always plenty more of Jesus! He never runs out!

33:3 — 51:20 — 579:57 — 51:22 — 579:58 — 51:19 — 73:19 — 133A:24 — 51:21 — 20:26


Love is a hole that needs to be filled plus something to fill it with! — Like you and me and Jesus!

So many people are always seeking genuine love, but seldom, if ever, finding it. — Only God and His eternal Love can ever fill that aching spiritual void of every man’s heart which He created for Himself alone! — You’ve got something they’ve been searching for all their lives and they need desperately!

You can always drop a little love into the hearts of those you pass by, even if only with a word, a smile, or a look of sympathy, and they will know that God has loved them that day! His Spirit will tell them so! — A little bit of love goes such a long way!

Drop that little seed of the truth of God’s Word into that empty hole of an empty heart, then cover it up with the loving warmth of God’s Love, and trust God’s Spirit, God’s great warm loving sunshine of His Love and the water of His Word to bring forth the miracle of new life! It may seem only a tiny little bud at first, just one insignificant little green shoot. What is that to the forest that’s needed? Well, it’s a beginning. It’s the beginning of the miracle of new life!

237:21 — 304:49 — 250:42 — 293:7 — 155:76 — 309:16 — 365:68,69,70


You do what you can‚ and God will do what you can’t!

Yes, God does help those who help themselves, but He also helps those who can’t help themselves! He helps you if you do your part and obey and help yourself as much as you can. Your obedience in doing what God tells you to do shows your faith that God is going to do the rest‚ what you can’t do.

The blessings don’t precede obedience! — He made the people roll the stone away. He made the man go wash in the Pool of Siloam. Then He did what they couldn’t do. With God’s children who know Him personally and know His Will and His Word, God expects them to touch Him personally. God requires them to make the decision of faith themselves! — We have to make the decision. He’ll do everything else for us — give us strength, power, wisdom, life, love. If you do your part, the Lord will do His, and inspire you with His Spirit so you can bear fruit.

Are you equal to the task? — No, but God is! — And He will help you if you try! — He’ll never fail! He’ll always do His part faster than you can do yours! “When He putteth forth His sheep, He goeth before them!” — He will lead, if you’ll follow. — He never fails if we obey!

4:94 — 4:93,94,96 — 313:8 — M:4,11 — 203:33‚19 — 315:35 — 47:24 — 51:54 — 129:29


“I‚ God, am at the controls.”

Nothing happens by accident! God has a purpose in everything. — All the powers that be are of God; whether a blessing or a curse, they are sent by God to do His Will and accomplish His purpose! — All are forces He has allowed to be set in motion, or has directly set in motion Himself. It’s all in His hands‚ and He’s in control.

Everything that is going to happen is under the control of God — perfect control! — Grandmother said it was as though she saw the Lord in a great control center from which everything was being controlled in heaven and on earth. — God’s behind-the-scene labors are almost totally invisible — the work of creation that produced the universe and keeps it running, His constant care for His creations from the realm of the Spirit. What’s happening on the surface is nothing but a little physical manifestation of the real action … in the spirit world and it is in full control. You don’t have to worry. Everything is under control.

If you keep your mind stayed on the Lord, you’ll have perfect peace. — Put it in the hands of the heavenly HQ to take care of as only He can! — There is nothing too small for the Lord or too hard for Him. Why do you worry? God is going to take care of every little detail!

115:11 — 87:1 — 69:21 — 272:87 — 75A:4 — 115:11 — 31:15 — 262:65 — 341:25 — 107:3 — 1:73


Thank You‚ Jesus! Lover of my soul! He’s the lover of my soul!

We are His Body, His Wife, His Lover, His Spiritual Sex Partner, in whom He revels with delight, and with whom we can experience orgasm after orgasm of spiritual ecstasy unending and eternal! — We can have instant, continual, endless, intercourse in the Spirit! — the blissful ecstasies of eternal love that shall never fade away! — the Love of all Loves‚ of the Lover of all Lovers, Who alone can satisfy that deepest yearning of every human soul for total love and complete understanding.

The Devil can’t get you back once you’re saved — you’re the Lord’s forever! — Stay close to Him and He’ll never fail you. He’ll never forsake you! He’ll never let you down! — How many times that verse encouraged me — me for whom I saw no hope, no value, no worth! How many times I clung to that word, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out!”

All things change, but Jesus never! — When everything else is passed away you’ll still have Jesus! When everything else is gone, there will still be Jesus! When all others forsake you there will still be Jesus! When you haven’t got anything left there will still be Jesus! When the world has nothing left you’ll still have Jesus!

395:46 — 73A:13 — 29:38 — 502:3 — 551:11 — 325:15 — 47:48 — 6:1 — 399:53,54


May we be servants of the flock, Lord‚ slaves of Thy children, in honor preferring one another.

Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant! — The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister — to be a servant! — Jesus refused the crown of Judea and the Jews. He refused to be the “King of the Jews.” He only wanted to be their Savior!

The literal meaning of the Greek word “servus,” translated in the Bible, was “slave.” So when the Lord’s talking about servants, He’s talking about slaves. We’re love slaves! — What is a mother but a slave to her child? What is a shepherd but a servant to his flock? The leader is servant to the follower! — The greatest Shepherds called their sheep to follow where they themselves were going. Share the load, bear the burdens, lift up the downtrodden, help the weak, wash their feet and lead by example! — You are our Servant, Lord‚ waiting upon us all. You are the greatest … of all Samples of Humility and Mercy!

Though Jesus was rich, yet He became poor, that ye‚ through His poverty, might become rich in Spirit and the Love of God! “Who … made Himself of no reputation and took upon Him the form of a servant.” — Jesus was willing to do it for you!

75:26 — 7:13 — 75:20 — 31:? — 606:65 — 75:26 — 156C:26,27 — 75:26 — 155:38 — 566:24


We are the living stones of His Kingdom and are being put into place!

God has been trying to build His Plan throughout the ages, but because of the sins of man He has had to allow the Enemy to frustrate or delay the building of His Temple — a brand new building of “new and living stones.” — We are both the tools and the stones. God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of digging and clearing away the rubble of centuries, all the false teaching and false systems, to uncover the basic Foundation and the real Plan. — Delusion must be destroyed to build a firm foundation of Truth! — First of all, we must build on the right Foundation — the Man Christ Jesus — the Cornerstone! Second, we must build the building He wants! — A building of young and living stones, made alive by His Spirit, founded on His Truth, and melted together in His Love!

Set … your affections on the things … which are Above, in the realms of the Spirit and the hearts of men — the Kingdom of God whose building are ye, living stones, living organisms in a spiritual house not made with hands‚ eternal in the heavens. — Living stones, living jewelry of God! It’s a crystal palace‚ built of you and me!

D:13 — 255:72 — 1:3 — 255:60,44 — 46:20 — 42:30,31 — 7:10 — 191:6


Heaven is watching!

We are surrounded by the angels of God, for the “Angel of the Lord encampeth around about them that fear Him.” — If you’re in the Lord, then He hallows you ’round about and gives His angels charge over you. — Thank God for His angels, who are watching over us continually, even your personal angel‚ whose job is you!

Thank You, Lord‚ for Thy Spirit, for all Thy ministering spirits‚ all Thy angels and all our fellow laborers and fellow servants who are in the spirit world helping us — the multitudes Thou hast given us at our disposal and our command. — “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses!” A cloud is composed of billions of tiny particles of moisture. Every little droplet, every little tiny particle of moisture is like a different spirit of those who are departed. Now they’re witnessing our activities. They’re watching — witnessing! This great cloud! — Imagine how they must jump up and down and shout when you do the right thing! Every time you win, every time you make a goal‚ every time you win a soul.

“Oh, behold how they watch with joy the words and the deeds of thy father and his children!” — Rejoice, and know that the Lord looks down with shining face!

100:19 — 1:9 — 341:35 — 56:14 — 606:8 — 680:70 — 107:52 — 621:9,7,8,10,11 — 153:12


The Lord hath brought you out that He might bring you in.

God’s plan for His church has always been “ecclesia” — the called-out ones. — God is in the business of breaking up selfish little private worldly families to make of their yielded broken pieces a larger unit — one Family! — “God setteth the solitary in families: He bringeth out those which were bound with chains.” What rightfully belonged to Him, He has taken back. We were captives of the Devil! Now God has recaptured us-we who were His children before the foundations of the world! — Before the earth was created … our names were written in the Book of Life! We were foreordained or predestined because of the choice God knew we were going to make‚ because we were the Children of Light … already children of God in God’s mind! — God created for His people a “people which were no people” … by the transforming power of the truth — children unto Abraham by faith — children of God by grace!

“Sanctified” means to be cleansed and separated and set aside for further use … whatever use He sees fit to make of you!

We belong to the greatest family in the world‚ the family of God’s Love. — Surely God must think you worthy to give you such a priceless privilege to be a member of His Family!

116:3 — C:40 — 249:9 — 83:23,34 — 307:47,48 — 171:50 — 566:1,7 — 551:23 — 238:12


Let go and let God!

Sometimes you don’t know what to believe: somebody says, “Hang on!” and somebody else says, “Let go!” If you put each in the right connotation, they’re both right! Let go of those damn doubts and fears and discouragements and devilish burdens put there by the Enemy and hang on to the Lord! Hang on to His Word and let Him hang on to you!

If the yoke gets too hard and the burden too heavy, it’s not His yoke nor His burden. He Himself will never suffer us to be tempted above that which we are able! — “Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee.” Let go and let God! Let Jesus do it! Maybe you’re trying too hard instead of letting God do it by His power, His Love, His grace, and His strength. Just let the Lord do it through you! Quit working so hard in your own strength! — “Not by (thy) might nor by (thy) power, but by My Spirit!” saith the Lord. — If we would just let the Lord do it, the Lord would do it!

You can’t get the victory! It’s impossible for you to get the victory! Only Christ can! — It’s wonderful, it’s thrilling when you realize that you don’t have to do it!

33:32,20,31 — 169:6 — 159:7,8 — 328:50 — 203:32 — 25:8 — 4:63


You can never be too bad for Jesus!

Did God make a mistake when he let David fall for Bathsheba? Did David really fall downward — or was this a fall upward? Sometimes God’s way up is down — usually‚ in fact! From that squeezing and twisting of David’s life came forth the sweet honey of the Psalms and the fragrance of his praises to the Lord for His Mercy! — His human failures‚ sins and shortcomings gave God a chance to get all the Glory!

Though King David’s was a great sin, his was also a great repentance, a great humbling and breaking; therefore there was also a great forgiveness for him, and a final exaltation even far above his former glory! — Because he loved the Lord and knew what he was and obtained mercy‚ God counted it unto righteousness and he was pure in heart. — Because he was forgiven so much he had a greater love for the Lord. — “To whom much hath been forgiven‚ the same loveth much.” David sinned a lot, but God called him a man after His own heart — He was after God’s heart!

God’s dandy bad examples offer hope for those who feel lost and hopeless! Like King David of old; how often we have clung to him for hope, saying, “If God could forgive him, surely He could forgive me!”

312:10 — 35:5 — 58:19 — 157:26 — B:21 — 583:90 — 312:9 — 47:51


We are God’s expendables! …

Created to wear out on the altar of sacrifice — made to wear out as His tools of design — to die, that they might live. For “no greater love hath any man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” — They said of Jesus: “He saved others, but Himself He could not save! “This is true: “Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit.” — Daily dying is the hardest kind because you do it a thousand times … dying a little each day! — We “die daily.” We can only offer you an invitation to come and die with us — to die to the flesh that ye may live in the Spirit!

Jesus bought and paid for us‚ we’re His property, we belong to Him now. He can do whatever He wants to with us. We’re His soldiers‚ He can send us into any battle He wants to. He’s the One that has to understand, … we just obey!

Let God use you to the limit! — Be “ready to go, ready to stay — ready your place to fill; ready for service, lowly or great — ready to do His Will!” — “Ready to fight — ready to die — for Fatherland!” “Here I stand by the grace of God! — I can do no other!” — I’m going to burn up fast and bright for Jesus!

31:24 — 302C:20 — 182:11 — 31:24 — 551:103,104 — 47:26 — 13:27 — F:12 — 215:115


Jesus is our Defense Attorney before God, our Judge, defending us from all the fiery darts of the Evil One, that Prosecuting Attorney, the Accuser of the Saints, Satan Himself.

The first purpose of the Devil is to condemn. — He’ll tempt you to sin, then accuse you for sinning. — The Devil is God’s prosecutor and quite frequently he condemns you for things you do, sometimes justly, sometimes unjustly. You’re not convicted of a sin until the Judge, God, has made a decision. But frequently the Enemy will come and accuse you of sins or accuse you of some things which aren’t even sins and condemn you for it. — He will accuse you to God and tell Him not to listen to you. He tries to make God stick to the letter of the law. — The legalists say that nothing can supersede the law — not even the love, mercy or the grace of God! This is the justice of the Devil, the righteousness of Satan! This is what he advocates all the time! “They have broken the law! — Judge them!”

If Jesus is in our hearts, He’s on our side, He’s our Intercessor, He’s our High Priest. He defends us, He intercedes for us and He begs God for mercy! — The Devil is the prosecuting attorney who is constantly reminding the Judge of the law. But the Judge will look at the grace and the sacrifice of our Defense Attorney!

73A:3 — K:16 — M:22 — 604:4 — K:16 — 531:7,6 — 583:54 — K:16


We must have a world vision of universal Salvation of all mankind.

The Salvation of man must be for all if it is for any and must include everyone if all are to be happy. — What Jesus said is still true, regardless of nationality, country, color or creed: “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me!” The heart of man is the same the world over, and … the same message, the same love, the same Salvation‚ the same Jesus and the same God work just as well in any language or in any land with any people! — Our vision has expanded beyond national boundaries of human origin to that of His worldwide universal church.

How … fair and just and righteous and merciful for God to save the lost of all generations and restore the lost of all ages in the final restitution of all things by God Himself in a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and throughout the Universe which will eventually right all wrongs and save all the lost who trust in Him‚ and restore the faithful of all generations in one great and final Kingdom of God of Heaven on Earth of those that trust in Him!

I’m looking forward to the day … when everybody or at least almost everybody will be saved — at least there won’t be many left in Hell if any, and I think that’s when God will be satisfied too!

335A:15 — 335A:16 — 208:11,12 — 46:21 — 255:93 — 242:17


God always takes care of His own!

He has promised that, if you’ll prove Him by trusting and obeying Him, He’ll pour out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to hold it! He says, “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!” “Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added!” If He has to drop the money out of Heaven to feed you He’ll do it, if you’ll obey Him and get out the message‚ the Word!

Where God guides, He provides! — With every need, God will supply! — God will feed you, protect you‚ clothe you and take care of you no matter what happens! — God cannot only do it, He wants to do it! He’s more willing to give than we are to receive! — There’s no limit to what God can supply, it’s better than a salary, and God knows exactly what you need!

“All things are yours in Christ Jesus!” — “According to His riches in Glory!” He’ll supply all your need! The key word is supply, not need! — God not only gives you everything you need, but even everything you want if you really please Him! — You’re His Children, and He’s your Father, and He’s bound to take care of you! He has never failed in one of His good promises!

616:69 — 211:64 — 672:14 — 175:54 — 55:46 — 103:37 — 87:16 — 51:71 — 211:53 — 332A:55 — 48:44


Be a sample, not a sermon!

Jesus not only preached His message‚ but He lived it. He was not only the Living Word, the Sermon, but He was also the Living Work, the Sample!

The greatest guide is the one that shows the way! — The greatest proof of the pudding is not the sermon‚ but the sample — to see the fruit. — There’s no better ad than a satisfied customer! We’re the most satisfied‚ happiest customers in the world, because we’ve all partaken of the best possible product! — Jesus!

In winning people, you have to inspire their faith in you, before they can believe God. You are their link with God. You are a priest of God to them and their mediator. — If in the faith of God you really love them‚ they cannot understand it or believe it unless you really show them by some visible tangible work that puts your words into action and puts your faith into effect and makes it fact and not fiction, a sample, not just a sermon. — People can only see God as we reflect Him. So, “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” — Show them His real Love and manifest it by genuine proving action!

The world knows enough Hell! Let’s show them a little more Heaven!

241:34 — 208:5 — 75:18 — J:63 — 104:22 — 66:12 — 502:22 — 3:9 — 304:49 — 159:22


Little is much if God is in it!

God doesn’t go very much for bigness after the manner of this world! He’s seldom for the strong but almost always for the weak!

If you’ve got God with you, you’re unbeatable, no matter how small you are! One man against the world, with God, is more than a match for the Devil! Like little David with Goliath: one little guerrilla defied a whole army; like Jonathan and his armor bearer — our Almighty God is not limited by many or by few!

“‘Despise not the day of small things” — even one talent, or five loaves and two fishes. A handful of meal, and a few drops of oil kept God’s prophet and his hostess and her son alive through three years of famine, when mixed with obedience. Even a little faith‚ no bigger than a grain of mustard seed can remove a mountain.

Don’t ever think because there is so much darkness that it’s no use to have just a little light, because even one candle can be seen a mile away when it’s dark!

God doesn’t have to have anything to begin on! He made the world out of nothing. — Pretty good old world‚ isn’t it? He hung it on nothing. — Hangs pretty good, doesn’t it? And He can make something out of nothing — even you, if you’ll listen, trust, and obey!

68:34 — 122:17 — 171:18,38,18 — 68:34 — 60:32,15 — 3:7 — 126:27


How wonderful He’s been to me!

Because I truly hungered and thirsted after righteousness‚ He filled me — and thrilled me — and has set me up upon a rock‚ that I shall not be moved, and has put a song in my heart, and praise on my lips, and shown me a wonderful, wonderful vision of His World, and His Plan, and His love!

How wonderful it is if you’re the Lord’s child! You see the good and you feel the good and you praise the Lord and are thankful. — We have got more to be happy about than anybody else in the World! We have the happy love of Jesus who takes all our burdens, carries all our cares, even lightens our sorrows; and even of our service to Him, He says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. — Thank God for the Family, thank God for the love, thank God for salvation, thank God for His protection‚ thank God for His provision, thank God for everything, whatever God sends or lets the Devil bring! “All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!” — We’ve got a lot to be thankful for, but we’ve still got a lot to do!

Having once met the Man who went about everywhere doing good … how could we ever live selfishly again? “Freely ye have received, also freely give” … and “unto whom much hath been given, of the same shall much be required”!

G:24 — 341:30 — 159:7 — 551:50 — 242:17 — 51:19

Word, The

David Berg

—How Not to Backslide!—By Father David DFO1089 15/10/81

1. HOW CAN THEY BECOME ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD? (Eph.4:18.) It’s the Word! When they neglect the Word, they neglect the Lord! How can you become alienated from the life of God? What’s the analysis of that Scripture? What’s the meaning? How can you become separated from the Lord? It’s when you become separated from the Word, because He is the Word. You become separated from the Word, you become separated from the Lord.

2. AND THEN AGAIN YOU BECOME DARKENED IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE YOU HAVE REJECTED THE WORD & you’ve become separated from the Word, & the Devil sends you lies in its place & you believe the lies instead of the Word. Then finally you just get so hard, terribly hard, till you’re just absolutely past feeling. “He that hardeneth his neck after being often reproved shall suddenly be destroyed.” (Pr.29:1.)

3. SO REALLY IT IS THE WORD & IT HAS TO DO WITH THE WORD‚ WHETHER YOU LIVE IN THE WORD OR NOT. This is what’s wrong with Christians, most Christians & the church Christians that you & I know. They never really read their Bibles daily or anything. They might have pulled a verse from the Promise Box or might have had a little tiny devotion or something‚ but hardly even that, most of them. They depended altogether on Sunday Church services to give them all the Word they needed for the week.

4. WELL‚ IT WAS WORD FOR THE WEAK, ALL RIGHT, & USUALLY PRETTY WEAK WORD! It certainly wasn’t enough to last’m all week, like expecting one meal to last you all week! They don’t treat their bodies like that, they feed them well three or four times a day, Americans do. It’s really when they get separated from the Word that they really go back, when they lose faith in the Word or separated from it, that’s when they become alienated from the life of God.

5. WHAT IS THE LIFE OF GOD? HE SAID, “THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU‚ THEY ARE SPIRIT & THEY ARE LIFE”! (Jn.6:63.) That’s the life of God, it’s His Word, that’s what gives us life & food & nourishment & strength & spiritual health. When they get cut off from the Word it’s like cutting off their food, stopping the flow of nourishment. A lot of these backsliders never matured, they were still babes, really, when they were under Jeth & Deborah’s ministry, they never got very deep.

6. JETH WAS MORE INTERESTED IN POPULARITY & POWER & MONEY & SO ON & NEVER REALLY NOURISHED THEM WITH THE WORD. He wasn’t a bit interested in the Word. The more he could keep them from the Word, the better he liked it, in fact, because that drew them away from him. Well, just like babes, they just starved them to death. They were separated from the milk, taken off the breast & it was malnutrition, they just sort of died of malnutrition of the Word.

7. I’M CONVINCED IT IS THE WORD! “In the beginning was the Word & the Word was God”—the Life of God! (Jn.1:1.) TYL! Hallelujah! That’s a good thought, that’s the whole idea. What does it mean by “the life of God”? “Alienated from the life of God”? What is the life of God? What is the life-giving flow that gives life from God?—It’s the Word! Jeth wasn’t interested in the Word & he didn’t even publish any more than he had to. God knows whether some of those people ever got all the Letters or not, who knows? Besides, they were too busy with music & making money & whatnot.

8. WHEN THEY NEGLECT THE WORD‚ THEY NEGLECT THE LIFE OF GOD, BECAUSE THAT IS THE LIFE, HE IS THE WORD & THE WORD IS LIFE! “I am the Way, the Truth & the Life!” (Jn.14:6.) “The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are Life!” (Jn.6:63.) I wonder how many Scriptures there are about life? That would be an interesting study, wouldn’t it? How many can you think of right now? What does it mean by “the life of God”? That’s the first step.

9. I WAS TRYING TO THINK, NOW WHAT’S THE FORMULA THEY FOLLOW that finally completely estranges them & makes them go in a complete hard unfeeling backsliding & become that hard as she did? And that verse came to me right away which of course we used in “Backsliders Beware” (No.1045), “darkened in their understanding‚ alienated from the life of God, past feeling”. (Eph.4:18, 19.) But what does that mean & how do they get started? What is “alienated from the life of God”? How do they get out of fellowship with the Lord? How do they become separated from His life?

10. IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE NOT SAVED, THEY STILL BELIEVE IN JESUS. I don’t know any of them that have gone back from the Lord as far as faith in Christ & His death on the cross & salvation for their sins etc., right? I think they still really believe. I don’t know that they’ve actually denied Jesus. They’ve stuck up for the Lord even though they themselves were backslidden, & even witnessed to friends that they knew needed the Lord. But they themselves had become separated from fellowship with the Lord. How? It’s the Word! They neglect the Word, they get away from the Word.

11. I WONDER HOW MANY MORE SCRIPTURES YOU CAN THINK OF WHICH RELATE THE WORD TO LIFE? (Maria: I am come that ye might have life.”) (Jn.10:10.) That’s a good one. The Word came that we might have life. How do we get the life? Through the Word—Jesus!—And His Word, both the Word of the past & the Word of the present. Life. I was just thinking of another one when you quoted that one, that links the Word & Life.

12. WELL, EVEN THAT ONE ABOUT “THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD”. (1Pe.2:2.) There’s a picture of a babe who must have the mother’s milk to live. Without the Word they will die spiritually. That would be an interesting study if somebody had time to find how many ways could you relate those two words in the Scripture & Scriptural meanings, how that the Word gives life. It says, “The entrance of Thy Word giveth light”‚ it certainly gives life too. (Ps.119:130.)

13. IT’S THE SEED WHICH BRINGS FORTH THE FRUIT OF A NEWBORN BABE IN CHRIST. We sow the Word, what do we reap? We reap souls, new children in the Lord. That sure is life, just like babies. The father sows the seed, the mother nourishes it & brings it to life. The seed is likened to the Word, the Word is likened to the seed. What does the seed do? It brings forth life. Right? (Maria: “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereto according to Thy Word.”) (Ps.119:9.) Amen. TYL! But I’m trying to relate particularly the Word & Life. How does the Scripture picture that the Word actually gives life?

14. THE WORD IS THE SEED & THE SEED IS THE WORD! “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground & die‚ it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (Jn.12:24.) In other words, it brings forth life. The seed, the Word, brings forth life. And if they become alienated from the Word they become alienated from life, spiritual life, from the Lord, because He is the Word. They become alienated from His life & His spiritual spark, you might say in a way, that which gives life. The Word is life.

15. THAT SCRIPTURE ALWAYS IMPRESSED ME: “THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU, THEY ARE SPIRIT & THEY ARE LIFE”! Think of that! They are Spirit & they are Life! They’re real things! They’re really something. They are Spirit & they are Life. These are things you can’t see, you can’t touch, but without them everything would be dead, totally dead. And without the Word, those people become completely dead, just dead, without life.

16. SCIENCE STILL DOESN’T UNDERSTAND LIFE. Five minutes after you’re dead you’re still all there physically, materially, everything’s there—but something’s gone that they can’t see or feel & which has no weight. They’ve weighed bodies right after they died to see if there was a difference in weight & all that kind of stuff, & it makes no difference in weight. There’s just some spark there‚ there’s some electricity there, there’s some life there, there’s some spirit there that is gone which gave that body life. The Spirit & the Life. And without the Word, which is the Spirit & the Life of Jesus, they’re without Him, without His fellowship, without the Word.

17. I’M CONVINCED IT’S BECAUSE THEY GET AWAY FROM THE WORD. If they live in the Word‚ I don’t think they’d ever get away, they couldn’t get away, because they’d get so full of the Word. That’s why our children are so spiritual, we just baptise them & fill them with the Word! My first family just lived in the Word, memorised the Word‚ & all the first disciples, that was our main thing was memorisation & study of the Word, just get full of the Word so you can’t get away from it. Because “the Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are life.”

18. JESUS IS THE WORD, HE IS THE SPIRIT & THE LIFE‚ & YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DOSE OF HIM EVERYDAY, really, & have a good feeding & feasting & drinking. Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, you have to eat of the Word‚ drink of the Word to have spiritual strength. And I think that’s how they get so alienated from the life of God they neglect the Word, they get away from the Word. “Without me ye are nothing.” (Jn.15:5.) They get away from the Lord. They don’t lose their salvation but they “follow afar off” like Peter (Mt.26:58), to the point where they could even deny Him, like Peter.

19. I THINK THAT’S THE SECRET. I’ve been trying to think, what starts these people on the road back? What is it that causes them to cool off? “The love of many waxes cold”, the fire dies, the flame dies down, they cool off, they turn cold. What feeds the fire? What feeds the flame? It’s the fuel. And what’s the fuel? It’s the Word, right? Its the Word that feeds the candle, that feeds the fire! It’s the fuel, the life that’s in that fuel, whether it be candle wax or gasoline or oil or whatever it is, even electricity, it’s that fuel that fires the flame.

20. AND WHEN THEY RUN OUT OF FUEL, LIKE THE FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS RAN OUT OF OIL, THE FIRE GOES OUT, the light goes out‚ & they wind up in darkness, alienated from the life of God, the fuel, the Word‚ the Spirit. “Alienated from the life of God.” What is the life of God?—The Word, the Spirit, the Life. Alienated from it they become dark, darkened in their understanding. The fuel runs out because they haven’t fed the fire with the Word, which is Jesus, Spirit‚ Life, all of these things are the Word.

21. AND THE WORD IS ALL OF THESE THINGS: THE WORD IS JESUS, THE WORD IS GOD, THE WORD IS SPIRIT, THE WORD IS LIFE! And without Jesus you’re without God, you’re without Spirit, you’re without Life, you’re dead! The flame goes out, just like when it runs out of oil or fuel. The fire goes out, there’s no heat, grows cold, past feeling. Dark, cold. See? I mean, it’s an invariable pattern. But it all sort of sums the whole thing up in one little formula. “Alienated from the life of God.” What does alienated mean? Separated.

22. THEY BECOME LIKE AN ALIEN TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD‚ they’re a foreigner‚ they’re a stranger. They’re still a member of the Kingdom, they’re still a child of God, they’re still a son of God, but they’re a Prodigal Son in a very far country & a stranger to their own family, their own home‚ their own country, the Kingdom of God. They become alienated from the Family, right?

23. I WAS REALLY THINKING, WHAT COULD CAUSE A GIRL LIKE THAT & PEOPLE LIKE AMMINIDAB & SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE, SO MANY OF THEM TO BACKSLIDE?—Particularly in Jethro & Deborah & Rachel’s areas. How come they so easily backslid & got away? See, they had their eyes on people. They had their eyes on the system. They had their eyes on the Chain. They had their eyes on the method‚ you might say, communal living, all that big Blob fellowship & the togetherness & the system & the method & the way of living & that sort of thing instead of their eyes on Jesus & the Word & on the Word of God & even His mouthpiece.

24. THAT’S THE SECRET! THAT’S REALLY THE SECRET! I’ve been sitting here really wondering how can they do it? How can they get so far away, so cold, so dark, so hard, so past feeling? I mean, this is brought out in “Backsliders Beware”‚ but I dont know if we really got the answer right there, but it just came to me so strong. That Scripture came back to me first: “Darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God, past feeling.” How do they get separated from God? How do they get alienated from God & from His life? How could they become strangers, aliens to His life & even His way of living?

25. AND IT’S SO CLEAR, THE FIRST STEP CAME: WELL, THEY BECOME DARKENED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING. And the only way you can get darkened in your understanding is by resisting the Spirit‚ rejecting the Word & being filled with the lies of the Devil! Because they had no love of the Truth & they rejected the Word of God, the Lord sent them strong delusion that they might be damned‚ judged. (2Th.2:10-12.) Even killed! In a lot of cases the backsliders are killed, it gets them out of the way.

26. I’M SORRY, BUT I’VE GOT TO KEEP DRINKING MY COFFEE OTHERWISE I GET EMPTY! That’s a good illustration! I don’t eat much all day, this is my first meal of the day, & if I don’t drink my nourishment in the morning I hardly have strength to carry on for the day. With all the work I do, it lasts me anywhere from six to eight hours, one big cup of coffee. Because of the milk in it & the honey in it & the egg in it, it’s a nourishing meal that gives me life & strength. It’s my nourishment, my food.

27. FOOD FOR THE SOUL IS IMPORTANT TOO & YOU’VE GOT TO FEED IT OR YOUR SOUL IS GOING TO DIE! Your spirit, even your physical life will die without it. You have got to keep feeding yourself spiritually, or be fed spiritually like a baby. A lot of people never grow up spiritually, they stay babes because they weren’t really fed. Jeth & Deb weren’t interested in feeding’m, all they were interested in was what kind of Letters made good money‚ what could be put on the street to raise money, raise funds. They just worked them to death where they had no time for the Word. Or they worked them to death on the music, everyone was just interested in the music.

28. THEY WANTED POPULARITY & FAME! They wanted the accolade of the System. They wanted to be big & famous & get on the radio & TV & albums. Oh my, how they used to thrill over it if they got the slightest little bit of recognition from the System! They really went in for it & God gave it to them. That’s what they wanted, that’s what He gave to them, but He sent leanness to their souls. “He gave them the desire of their hearts but He sent leanness to their souls.” (Ps.106:15.) Because they neglected the Word. They neglected the Word & they really neglected the Lord.

29. AND HOW SAD IT MAKES ME FEEL WHEN PEOPLE NEGLECT THE WORD, the way Jeth & Deb used to do‚ how they were reluctant to even read the Letters to the Camp at TSC. One Letter was so hot that Jeth delayed it for two weeks after he got it! I wrote & wanted to know what was the reaction etc., & he hadn’t even read it to them yet! He said, “Dad, I thought it was a bit too strong for them”, blah blah blah blah! “Listen‚” I said‚ “you go ahead & read it or else!” And from then on I always sent a couple other copies to a couple other people there to make sure that they all got it & he didn’t hide the light under a bushel & hide the Word & try to withhold it from the people.

30. HE NEVER LIKED THE WORD, HE NEVER DID, NEVER! HE ALWAYS DREADED THE LETTERS. His interest was not the Letters, his main interest was as Judas, he held the bag, the money, & power & popularity were next. That’s the only reason he ever stuck with his job, because it was a job in which he had position & he had money, & was a king & a leader. But he didn’t like the Prophet & he didn’t like what he prophesied & he didn’t like the Word.

31. HE WASN’T A BIT INTERESTED IN GIVING THE WORD TO THE PEOPLE‚ so in areas where he predominated & he ruled & where he really ran things & his influence was supreme, the more he could get’m away from the Prophet & the Word, the better he liked it. He never pushed either me or the Word, all he pushed was his system & the way of life. But you can’t have that way of life & living without the Life that makes it live. You just can’t do it‚ that’s all!

32. YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE THE LIFE OR THE WAY OF LIFE WILL DIE! You’ve got to have the Life to live or there’s no such way of living, & look how they died out. See? He didn’t found’m on the Word. He didn’t really nourish them with the Word. Deborah was a lot more interested in teaching her stuff about childcare & baby birth & pregnant mothers & all that kind of stuff than she really was in the Word.

33. AND THEN THE CRUNCH CAME & THE GOING GOT ROUGH & THEIR SYSTEM FOLDED & COLLAPSED & the Chain-Saul was done away with—like Israel of old when Saul got killed & Israel seemed to be defeated completely—which God had to do to get Saul & his crowd out of the way. He said, “Every man to his tents, O Israel!”—& they all went home, they all backslid. They didn’t fight anymore, there was no more army, no more nothing! The kingdom just totally disintegrated & the Enemy won, they deserted just because they lost that battle.

34. AND THE REASON THEY LOST THAT BATTLE WAS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WAIT FOR THE WORD! They didn’t wait for the Prophet of God & get the Word of God to go out & fight. They tried to fight in their own strength without the Lord, without the Prophet & without the Word of God!—And without His blessings, without Him making the offering & the sacrifice & showing His blessing & His approval.

35. SAUL WENT AHEAD IN HIS OWN STRENGTH JUST LIKE JETH DID SO MUCH & RACHEL TOO. He thought he could go ahead, he was a king & he was big & strong, head & shoulders above his brethren, he could go ahead & fight it without God, without the Word, without the blessing of God. Well, he tried to get the blessing of God, he went ahead & sacrificed and made the offering himself on the altar and asked God to bless‚ he went through the motions, but it was lifeless‚ there was nothing there.

36. WITHOUT THE PROPHET OF GOD THERE WAS NO WORD, THERE WAS NO GOD, THERE WAS NO LIFE‚ THERE WAS NO FIRE, THERE WAS NOTHING!—And they went out & tried to fight the battle against the Enemy & fell flat on their faces! Saul & all of his sons were killed & decapitated & humiliated & the army was totally defeated & deserted & every man went home to his tent. They all backslid, the whole army!—To clear out the rubbish & the rubble & the chaff that had been trained under Saul & who were like Saul, not really looking to the Lord & the Prophet & His Word, but depending on their own strength like Saul did, trying to do it in his own strength.

37. IT WAS SO RIDICULOUS, SO FOOLISH, HE WAS DOOMED TO DEFEAT! He couldn’t have done anything else, he was programmed for defeat. Because the minute you neglect the Lord & His Word & the Words of His Prophet, you are programmed to self-destruct! You’re geared for it, keyed to it‚ wired for it, it becomes automatic. Doomsday was bound to come, & it came! And the only way that God could revive the nation was to raise up David, the little lad who became a warrior‚ strong leader in the Kingdom‚ rival to the king himself.

38. BUT THE DIFFERENCE WAS, DAVID HAD THE WORD, HE REALLY LOVED THE LORD! He stuck close to the Spirit of God & the love of the Spirit & had the Word of God, he was a prophet of God. David was first & foremost & above all a Prophet of God who received marvellous beautiful prophecies from the Lord. I mean, the whole Book of Psalms is virtually all prophecy.

39. DAVID IN A SENSE BECAME THE WORD FOR THE NATION. The nation was virtually dead when David came along, Saul had killed it by separating it from the Word, from the Prophet of God, from Samuel, from David. Saul cut off all his possible avenues of escape, all of his possible helpers who could have possibly revived him, so finally God just had to cut him off, like we had to cut Jethro off, & Rachel.

40. WHEN THEY REFUSE TO OBEY THE PROPHET, REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THE WORD, REFUSE REALLY TO FOLLOW THE LORD & THE FAMILY, GOD HAS TO CUT’M OFF‚ TOTALLY EXCOMMUNICATE’M! In some cases He took their lives like He did Saul’s, completely‚ just cut’m off! Got the old weeds out of the way & cleared away the ruble & all their followers & all their admirers & worshippers & hangers-on. I’ll bet if you’d trace it back you’d find out most of those people who backslid were in their area, trained under them, influenced by them. There were so many people, almost everybody, all the leadership.

41. I WAS OUT OF DIRECT CONTACT WITH THEM, ALL I WAS GIVING WAS THE WORD, BUT THE PEOPLE NEGLECTED THE WORD & FOLLOWED THEM. They followed the people they could see, the example they saw before them. They followed them & their word instead of the Word of God. So when they collapsed & their word ceased, their followers collapsed & failed & fell & were defeated & went home, backslid. All because they hadn’t grounded them in the Word most of all. The only ones who survived were really a lot of little people who nobody ever heard of before, who were smothered & squelched & beat down by those Saulites because they weren’t worshippers of them.

42. THEY WERE LOYAL ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THE PROPHET OF GOD & TO STUDY HIS WORD & LIVE IN THE LETTERS, & as far as the Saulites were concerned, anybody like that was a traitor to them, that’s the way Jethro considered them, Anybody who loved Dad & followed the Prophet & put more stock in his Word than anybody else were not loyal to Jethro or Deborah or Rachel, & they considered them traitors! I mean, they really pushed’m around‚ shoved’m down, beat’m down & threw’m out!—Just like Saul did to followers of David.

43. DAVID COLLECTED HIS ARMY FROM THE OUTCASTS OF SAUL!—The people that Saul kicked out because they loved David or were loyal to David‚ to follow the Lord. Saul got rid of all the good people, all the spiritual people, all the lovers of the Lord & the believers in David‚ the followers of David & in his word, he threw’m out as traitors! Subversives! And so they collected out in the wilderness in the Cave of Adullam & became like outcasts.

44. WE WERE ANATHEMA TO THE REST OF THE LEADERSHIP FOR AWHILE, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE LOWERED THE BOOM ON’M WITH THE RNR & we really sliced up the Chain, destroyed it. They had nothing then to lean on, nothing more to depend on or hang onto because they didn’t have those Chain-Saul leaders anymore to depend on, because they got offended‚ most of them, & went back‚ right? The ones that Deborah & Jeth & Rachel had trained, when we just abolished all the leadership, they felt like they were fired & thrown out‚ 300 of’m! And so a lot of’m just quit & went home, we didn’t keep an awful lot of them, just like Saul’s army.

45. JUST LIKE WHEN DAVID CAME BACK, HE HAD TO HAVE A REAL HOUSE CLEANING OF THE BENJAMITES & GET RID OF A LOT OF’M. If they wouldn’t declare their loyalty to him & join his army, they were cut off! And it all happened because of their failure to give pre-eminence to the Word & to put it first, & that loyalty to the Lord was loyalty to David His King, His Prophet & His Word. And when they didn’t teach’m that—but that the Kingdom was some kind of an association or a way of living, some kind of a communal system only under their leadership—they had nothing. They didn’t have the strength, the life‚ the power, the light, the Spirit, nothing to keep’m going or alive or strong enough to defeat the Enemy without the Word. So that’s how it happened.

46. I’LL TELL YOU, IT’S DANGEROUS TO NEGLECT THE WORD! The minute you start crowding the Word out of your lives, you are getting too busy! Or you lose confidence in the Word because of your own double-mindedness & double–heartedness because it offends you & you don’t like it, or something we say, or FFing, or whatever. Boy, that was the acid test was the FFing, that really divided the men from the boys & the girls from the women!

47. GOD GIVES TESTS LIKE THAT! Remember the test He gave Abraham? He gave His Word to Abraham, go sacrifice Isaac. Boy, was that a test! He was the promised seed, the promised son, the miracle son. God wanted to see if he’d still believe Him, put His Word above his son, even above the fulfilment of the Word‚ put the Word even above the effects of the Word.

48. SOME PEOPLE JUST WORSHIP THE EFFECTS OF THE WORD: “Oh, look at all these people! Look at all this Family! Look at all this wonderful communal living! Look at all this way of life! Look at these wonderful kids!” This is the way Jethro used to do. He’d say, “You shouldn’t have so much publicity about Dad & his Letters‚ why don’t we say more about what the kids are & what they do” etc. He actually said it! “We need to publish more about the kids & what they’re doing.” Well, maybe we do, but what he meant was he really wanted to get rid of the Letters & get rid of Dad & dump the old dummy & extol the army instead & just the players & the effects of the Word, the fruit of the Word.

49. YOU CAN’T EVEN PUT THE FRUIT OF THE WORD ABOVE THE WORD ITSELF. Without the seed there never would have been new life, there never would have been fruit. Without the sap the tree dies. I mean, there it is again, over & over again, the Word, the Word, the Word, the Word! “Without Me ye are nothing”, Jesus said, & He was the Word. Without the Word there’s nothing. Without the Word there is no Spirit‚ no life, no power, no light, no heat, no warmth, no fruit, no nothing!—And they’re totally defeated at the first attack of the Enemy just like Saul was. (See “The Tree”—No.319)

50. THE ONLY ONES WHO SURVIVED WERE OUTCASTS OUT IN THE WILDERNESS IN THE CAVE OF ADULLAM WITH DAVID, & God knows they were few & far between in those days! I mean, our population took a nosedive, our finances took a nosedive, our Homes took a nosedive, our backsliders took a nosedive back home & it looked like we were almost going to crash! We had to cut our budget, remember? Slice everywhere & cut off everybody we could do without. It looked like we were defeated. Who were we? Some of’m hardly ever even heard about us! Some of them lived weeks in our Colonies & our Homes & never even knew I existed, never heard about us. Hardly ever read a Letter.

51. WHAT WERE THEY LIVING ON? THEY WERE LIVING ON THE EFFECTS OF THE WORD, fruit of the Word‚ the effect of the Word, of the System it had created, of the fruit it had, the people & the way of living & life & all of this sort of thing‚ the fellowship & all these big Blobs they had & all. Oh my, they loved that fellowship, but it dies without the Word. There’s nothing cohesive to hold it together without the Word.

52. WHEN THE WORD WAS GONE, WHEN SAMUEL THE PROPHET WAS GONE‚ THE ARMY WAS DEFEATED, the nation fell apart, & the only ones who survived were David & his little band out in the Cave of Adullam in the wilderness.—And they had years of work ahead to try to make a come-back & get the country together again & re–establish the true leadership & the true king, David. The Lord had to cut off Saul, kill him & his sons & his followers & purge the whole nation of the whole Chain of Saul & get rid of them all, all those that wouldn’t follow David. And David had to actually go into the land of the enemies for awhile‚ a couple of years, before he made a comeback & finally came back & tried to pick up the pieces—just like we did, exactly!

53. WE JUST BLEW THE THING APART WITH THE RNR! IT WAS A TIME OF TESTING, OF SIFTING, DIVIDING THE MEN FROM THE BOYS! In other words, who’s going to follow me & who’s going to follow them? That was the thing. And their followers, because the leadership then failed, they failed‚ & they went back, backslid & fell away. Fell away. “There shall come a falling away first.” (2Th.2:3.) Because “the love of many waxes cold.” (Mt.24:12.) Why? Because they don’t love the right thing or the right one, they didn’t really love the Word.

54. THEY WEREN’T REALLY FOLLOWERS OF THE LORD, THEY WERE FOLLOWERS OF MEN & WOMEN, Rachel & Deb & Jethro & some of them. And they weren’t following God & His Word‚ which in this case was me, David in the Cave of Adullam. And we just went down to where we just had a little band in the Cave of Adullam virtually in the wilderness when all that high-powered high-pressured leadership was swept away with the broom of the RNR. I mean, our whole leadership structure was swept away, it just collapsed!

55. I SAID, “FROM NOW ON YOU’RE GOING TO FOLLOW ME & THE LETTERS & NOBODY ELSE! There’s going to be no other leadership!”—And we went that way for 3-1/2 years. That’s what it took to purge them & purify us and sweep out the old Chain–Saul leadership & all those who preferred to follow somebody else instead of me & the Letters, & all those that were trained by them.

56. SO IT ALL BOILS DOWN AGAIN TO THE WORD EVERY TIME. Why do they backslide? Why do they become darkened in their understanding? Alienated from the life of God? Past feeling? How did it all get started, as I was thinking about this girl this morning who used to be so prominent under the Chain & was so glorified, evidently by them‚ & her songs & her singing & her performances & she was a great thing, aggrandised & promoted & glorified, & apparently that’s what she wanted. But she obviously didn’t know me very well, & apparently when the Chain collapsed, she was swept away with them & their leadership, the Benjamites‚ the Saulites.

57. GOD HAD TO GET RID OF THOSE WHO DEPENDED ON THE ARM OF FLESH & ON THEIR KIND OF LEADERSHIP, THEIR WORDLESS LEADERSHIP. He had to get rid of them‚ it was just rubbish in the way, He had to clear it away like the father in the story of “Alice & the Magic Garden”. (No.290.) I’ll tell you, that dream has tremendous meaning the more you think about it! The father had to come & clear away the weeds & the rubbish & all that false leadership & leadership that wasn’t depending on the Lord & His Words & following us & the Letters. He had to sweep them all away, burn’m out so the new young leaders could arise like the beautiful lilies!

58. OH, I WISH I COULD HAVE PICTURED THAT SOME WAY THEY COULD REALLY SEE IT! I hope they did! I hope the Lord livened their imagination, inspired it to see it as I saw it‚ those beautiful pure young lilies coming up in the garden & out of the ashes of the old. And we never dreamed that that was also a picture of what happened later in the RNR. That’s really what happened! And look how Deborah has been bewitched & bedeviled & enchanted by the Evil Magician till she’s totally separated from us & Word! But she doesn’t even feel it, she doesn’t even miss it, because she never had a love for it in the first place. She never respected me to begin with.

59. SO YOU JUST WONDER HOW THEY COULD POSSIBLY GO BACK? How they could possibly have failed & gone back? Because they weren’t really followers of the Word, they didn’t build their house on the Word, they had the wrong foundation. In fact, they didn’t have a foundation, just sand. The Saul leadership was like sand. And when the storm came it fell because it wasn’t built on the Rock. And who’s the Rock?—Jesus! And what is He?—The Word! PTL! He’s the Word, & if they don’t follow the Word they’ve got no foundation. And His Prophet is the conveyer of the Word & speaker of the Word, therefore if they don’t follow the Prophet they’re not following the Word. If they’re not following the Word, they’re not following God, therefore they don’t have a foundation, because Jesus is the Word. They’re not on the Rock so they fall.

60. I’LL BET YOU’LL FIND EVERY ONE OF THOSE BACKSLIDERS WERE WEAK IN THE WORD, DIDN’T REALLY LIVE IN THE WORD. And I’ll bet you’ll find every single one of our strongest leaders today are those who really live in the Word & know the Word & know the Letters, like Apollos & so many others, so strong‚ because they really have faith in the Word & live in the Word! Therefore they have faith in the Word-giver, the Worder, & they follow, & they obey! TYL! But I’ll bet you’ll find every single one of the backsliders were weak in the Word, didn’t really love the Word, therefore they didn’t love the Worder, the Prophet.

61. IF THEY’RE NOT FOLLOWERS OF THE WORD, THEY CAN’T BE FOLLOWERS OF THE PROPHET, & if they’re not followers of God’s Prophet, they’re not followers of God!—They may be saved but they’re not following. I bet you’d find by their own confession, every one of them‚ they weren’t living in the Word everyday, really studying the Word, following the Word, obeying the Word‚ having faith in the Word, doing what the Word says. Because the ones that tried to got put down & put out by the Saulites & considered heretics & traitors & everything else because they didn’t follow their word instead of my Word!

62. I’LL BET YOU EVERY ONE OF THOSE BACKSLIDERS WERE WEAK IN THE WORD OR HAD LITTLE OR NO WORD, were not really steeped in the Word, not filled with the Word, not really students of the Word or really living in the Word. But the ones who did & were survived & they’re still with us today! TYL! It seems like they were few & far between in leadership‚ & we still have a hard time finding enough of’m.

63. SO THAT’S THE SECRET—THE WORD!—THE SECRET OF POWER & VICTORY & OVERCOMING & FRUITFULNESS & FIRE & LIFE & WARMTH & LIGHT & LEADERSHIP, EVERYTHING, IS THE WORD!—And the lack of it is the secret of backsliding & failure & coldness & darkness & weakness & dying spiritually without the Word. Because they’ve never had it emphasised & never really put it foremost. It was not pre-eminent in the Saul system, in Deb & Jethro & Rachel’s system. They didn’t really love & worship the Word.

64. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH WORSHIPPING THE WORD, THE WORD IS JESUS! The Word is God! The Word is Life! They’re His Words, they’re not my Words. I’m just a channel, a mouthpiece God uses to speak’m. I’m so surprised when I hear some of the things I said, so I know they’re not mine, the Lord said’m! I’m amazed at some of these things, listening to Daily Might tapes. They’re thrilling, they’re marvellous, they’re exciting, they’re supernatural, inspiring! They’re terrific! They give life, Spirit, inspiration! And I can hardly believe they ever came through me or my mouth! I just don’t even remember a lot of it‚ so I know it was the Lord.

65. THE WORD IS THE LORD, THE LORD IS THE WORD, SO THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH WORSHIPPING THE WORD or loving the Word & living in the Word, because Jesus is the Word. He said‚ “The Words that I speak unto you‚ they are Spirit & they are Life.” (Jn.6:63.) “I am the Way, the Truth”—there’s the Word again—”& the Life.” (Jn.14:6.) Jesus is the Word, & the Word is Jesus‚ & if you don’t keep feeding on it & absorbing His life—”Eat of Me”, as He said, “drink of My blood & eat of My flesh” (Jn.6:53-58.)—you’ll never survive spiritually. You will backslide like the rest of them.

66. SO THERE IT IS, THAT’S THE SECRET OF WHY THEY BACKSLID. They got away from the Word first of all, & when they got away from the Word they became darkened in their understanding‚ & then they became alienated from the life of God, which is the Word, because they rejected the Word. That’s the equivalent to rejecting the Word, if you don’t love it, then you don’t like it & you don’t believe in it. Like we used to say, you believe the Bible as much as you read it. You believe the Letters as much as you read them & live in them & practice them & obey them, because it’s the Word of God. And they didn’t.

67. SO THEY GOT WEAK SPIRITUALLY, THEY LOST THE LIFE OF GOD, THE LIFE-GIVING FLOW. They didn’t drink it, eat it, live in it, be strengthened by it‚ & so they became dark in their understanding, they couldn’t even understand anymore. Think of that! Isn’t that pitiful? Couldn’t even understand anymore! And filled with the Word & Gods Truth, or youre going to be filed with the lies of the Devil. You’ve got to have one or the other. You’re either going to be filled with the lies of the Devil & darkness!

68. AND THEY FINALLY JUST GREW SO COLD THEY BECAME PAST FEELING, THEY DIDN’T EVEN FEEL IT ANYMORE! Their consciences were hardened & their hearts were hardened. Oh, it’s a dangerous place to be! Because “he that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed & that without remedy!” (Pr.29:1.) Because God cannot tolerate those people to even live! Think of it! Because they’re too bad a testimony & have too bad an influence.

69. THEY ARE ALMOST A WITNESS AGAINST HIM BY THEIR LIVES‚ EVEN IF THEY CLAIM TO BELIEVE IN HIM. If they’re not following His Word & obeying His Word, no matter how much they claim that they remember it, “Be ye not only hearers of the Word but doers also”! (Ja.1:22.) They’ve got to not only read it & hear it & say amen‚ but they’ve got to obey it! They’ve got to do it to prove their allegiance & their loyalty & their faith in it & their belief in it & their fidelity to it. They have got to do it!

70. “BE YE NOT ONLY HEARERS OF THE WORD BUT DOERS ALSO“, otherwise you’re like the man who built his house on the sand, & when the tough times come it will be destroyed. And when the winds of adversity blew, the RNR hit’m, if they weren’t loyal to just God & His Word & His Prophet, they fell. They built their foundation on the sand, they had no foundation on the Rock of His Word & they fell. It’s sad, it’s pitiful!

71. SOME OF THEM PROBABLY WILL HEAR THIS & THINK, “WELL, IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT JUST A LITTLE THING LIKE NEGLECTING THE WORD COULD CAUSE SUCH A THING. “See, they count that as a little thing: “Oh well, it’s not too important if I don’t read the Bible or if I don’t read the Letters. It’s not important as long as I follow the crowd & go along with everything, as long as I get out & litness. Even if I don’t read it myself, at least I give them to others.”—Oh no, that’ll not spare you!—Only the Word!

72. SO THAT’S THE SECRET!—IT’S THE SECRET OF VICTORY OR DEFEAT! Its the secret of success or failure! It all depends on how they treat the Word & how they live in it & live on it or try to go without it, that’s the secret. And I’ll bet you anything that every one of these backsliders would testify that their failure & their defeat & their fall was neglect of the Word, lack of confidence in the Word, doubt about the Word, disobedience to the Word, forsaking the Word, & finally they forsook all.

73. BACKSLIDERS FORSAKE-ALL TOO, THEY FORSAKE THE WORD, THE LORD, THE LIFE, THE LIGHT‚ THE PROPHET, THE FAMILY & they backslide & go back & forsake it all, forsake the house of the Father, forsake it all! They forsake it all in the wrong direction just as much as they had once forsaken all to follow the Lord. They desert the plow on the field & they look back & they’re totally defeated‚ they go back & forsake it all. They go back to the slimepit & the hogpen & the vomit & the filth, the mud & the mire of the System. They forsake all the Lord had to give’m & all that we had given them, they forsake it all & go back to the beggarly filthy elements of this World.

74. THEY BECOME BEGGARS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD! They become poverty-stricken spiritually & totally out of it. And it’s so hard for them to get back, it’s really hard! It’s much harder than the first time. And they’ve gotten themselves so involved & entrenched in the System & in bondage to the System that it’s almost impossible to break loose. And having once had a taste of all these things, as it says in Hebrews‚ it seems almost impossible that they should even repent, some of them, having once rejected it—had it, but turned against it & rejected it—it’s even harder for them to come back the second time. (He.6:4-6.)

75. LORD HELP US, & LORD HELP THEM, IN JESUS’ NAME! Help those poor backsliders, Lord‚ it’s so hard for them. They’re so weak because they’re so weak in the Word, they haven’t really been really strengthened by the Word & really indoctrinated with the Word & filled with the Word, baptised with the Word. They haven’t lived on the Word, drunk the Word, feasted on the Word‚ lived in the Word. The Word has not been their life & strength & health as it was to king David, as he talks so much about the Word. That’s where he got his strength & his life & his wisdom & his power & his victory.

76. THEY WERE ALWAYS WEAK IN THE MOST IMPORTANT AREA OF THEIR WHOLE CHRISTIAN LIFE, THEY NEGLECTED THE WORD! This is what’s wrong with the church, Lord, they’ve neglected the Word. They’re starved for the Word. They get a few little crumbs on Sunday & starve the rest of the week. The church & Christians have gotten weaker & weaker until they’re defeated by the World, grown weaker & weaker all the time, putting their money into bags that have holes inm (Hag.1:6), & their crops into the barns that are worth nothing, because they have neglected the Life, the light, the strength, the power, the only hope of victory, & that’s Thy Word!

77. JESUS, HELP OUR PEOPLE, HELP OUR FAMILY, HELP OUR CHILDREN, LORD, EVEN HELP OUR BACKSLIDERS SOMEHOW TO GET BACK TO THE WORD! You sometimes let them go back to the pit, Lord, back to the slimepit & the hogpen & the wallow in the mire & the vomit just to sicken them to see that that is not where it’s at. There may be a lot of things about the Family they didn’t like‚ but it’s certainly not as bad as that, at least the Family is better than that. So that anything would taste good after that, & they realise that they’ve really gotten out of Thy will & away from Thee & out of fellowship, alienated from Thy life, darkened in their minds‚ so hardened in their hearts. O Jesus, help them, Lord, help them in Jesus’ name!

78. WE FEEL LIKE THIS IS THEIR LAST CHANCE, YOU’RE GIVING THEM LIKE A LAST CALL‚ A FINAL CALL, particularly those old backsliders there in the U.S.A. especially. There are backsliders all over the World, Lord, Europe, North America, South America, there are so many who followed the people & the leadership of Saul instead of the Words of David. There’s so many, Lord, & we feel like You’re certainly giving them their last chance, especially those in Europe & North America which are going to be destroyed one of these days soon!

79. YOU’RE BEGGING THEM TO COME BACK! “BEHOLD, I AM MARRIED TO THE BACKSLIDER”! (Jer.3:14.) “He that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out.” (Jn.6:37.) You plead with them, beg them! You wept over Jerusalem. You said, “How often would I have gathered thee as a hen doth gather her chicks‚ but ye would not!” (Mt.23:37.) You wept over Jerusalem knowing how she was going to be destroyed in just a few years, her whole population decimated, crucified‚ as You were. So that their end was worse than the beginning.

80. O JESUS, HAVE MERCY ON THOSE BACKSLIDERS! You are having mercy now with this very message that we’re giving, pleading with them to come back to Thee, to Thy Word‚ even Thy Prophet & Thy Family. Help them, Lord, in Jesus’ name to hear & to believe‚ to hear & to do. Not just hear & say, “Yes, we hear it, I like the Letters, I like Dad‚ but now I am back & I’m too busy.” Lord God! Shake’m up! Wakem up! Jolt them out of their lethargy & their blindness & the entrancement of the System, hypnotised zombies by the Devil because they’ve lost the light of Thy Word! In Jesus name, somehow get through to them & help them to repent & turn. “Turn, O ye backsliding Israel”, the prophet said, “O ye backsliding daughter!” He begged & begged Israel to repent for years, tried to get her to come back to You before You finally had to destroy her, destroy Jerusalem.

81. LORD GOD, HELP THEM SOMEHOW TO COME BACK TO THEE, TO TURN & REPENT‚ HAVE A METANOIA, CHANGE OF MIND, & REALLY COME BACK! This time‚ Lord, knowing that there’s no place else to go. “Thou alone hast the Words of Eternal Life!” (Jn.6:68.) To whom shall they go? They found out there’s nobody else to go to, nothing else to go to but to come back to You & Your Family, Your Word & Your Worder, in Jesus’ name. Bring them back, Lord‚ in Jesus’ name, have mercy! Have mercy & bring them back to Thy Word, in Jesus’ name, amen.—Are you coming NOW? Tomorrow will be too late! GHU!

Quality Word Time, Part 1

Karen Zerby

—How to get it and how to keep it!

By Maria ML #3549 [Link 3] 6/05

Dearest Family,

1. In this Letter I’m going to share excerpts of messages with tips and counsel about how to maintain the most important part of our lives, and grow in it—our relationship with our Husband, Jesus, and specifically our time spent in His Word. Unfortunately, it’s also the part of our life that the Enemy fights the most, and, I would venture to say, that we most often fall short in. The Devil targets our Word time because he knows that if he can get us disconnected from our source of spiritual strength‚ we’ll soon die spiritually and will no longer be a threat to him and his kingdom.

2. In this Letter, and others that follow in this series, I’ll share with you excerpts of prophecies that a number of you received at the Family Feast 2003*, after reading “What Is Jesus Worth to You?” (ML #3433, GN 1016). If you haven’t studied that Letter lately, you would probably find it helpful to do so soon. It is a very convicting message from the Lord, and makes abundantly clear what the Lord expects of us in regards to our time with Him. You’re guaranteed to feel motivated and convicted after reading it! (Note to Active members: If you haven’t yet had the chance to read this New Wine Letter, please ask your Home to share it with you!)

* The Family “Feast” is a time of spiritual retreat. Each year, Family Homes around the world take three days for prayer, united reading, prophecy, and discussion as a Home, centered around a theme or topic that is presented in new Letters specifically designated for the Feast.

3. I’m not going to repeat everything the Lord said in that message to us, because you can go back and reread it‚ and it’s just as good and applicable today as it was when He initially gave it. If you’ve been feeling as if you’re slipping in your commitment to your Word time, or that your spiritual life needs a boost, “What is Jesus Worth to You?” has the answers you need!

4. This Letter will now focus on tips and counsel regarding how to make the Word revolution a reality in your life—and the real challenge: how to keep it alive‚ consistent, and maintain that quality time!

5. The Enemy will never give up fighting this aspect of our lives. He will always be trying to distract us, disturb our time with the Lord‚ convince us that other things are more important, and somehow keep us from connecting with Jesus and taking the time we need to be spiritually strengthened. So because the spiritual battle is constant and you have to face it every single day, I don’t believe we can be reminded too often of how important it is that we fight for that time.

6. Don’t let the continual battle to get your Word time discourage you. If anything, knowing how viciously the Devil fights it should underline its importance, and make you realize how high the stakes really are. If he’s trying so hard to keep you from it, it stands to reason that the battle for your Word time is a pretty important one that you can’t afford to lose. Winning or losing this one battle determines the outcome of practically all other battles too. It’s a deal breaker!

7. (Jesus:) Faithful, consistent, quality time with Me is the key to everything else in life. It’s the key to productivity. It’s the key to wisdom. It’s the key to having your works remain, rather than being destroyed by the first opposing storm (Mat.7:24-27). It’s the key to My blessing. It’s the key to leading a balanced life. It’s the key to happiness. It’s the key to loving and fruitful relationships with co-workers or loved ones. It’s the key to everything good!

8. It’s a law of the spirit that when you put Me in first place, everything else falls into line. It’s a promise I’ve given over and over to My children throughout history: “They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing,” and, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you” (Psa.34:10; Mat.6:33).

9. If you haven’t yet made quality time with Me a habit in your life, start today! Make a commitment. Make it sacred. Set aside the time and follow through at all costs.

10. If you have made it a habit, then drink deeply from My Words now and let them encourage you that by putting Me first each day, you’re doing the most important thing. Let the ideas and counsel I share with you here add spice and flavor to your already tasty and wonderful life.

11. You never lose by giving Me your best, My loves. Your Word time is the tithe of your time to Me, and just as tithing your money brings financial blessings because it’s a principle of the spirit, so tithing your time by setting time aside daily for Me and My Word brings down My blessings on your entire life.

12. My Word cannot be overrated. It is THE secret! (End of message.)

13. (Maria: ) The messages that follow were all received by individuals as personal counsel from the Lord to them. Some specifics that the Lord gave someone else might not totally apply to you, but I think you’ll find a lot of helpful tips in these messages that you can apply to your own situation and benefit from.

14. Over 100 Family members sent me their personal prophecies on this topic, and there are excerpts from many of them in this Letter‚ and the Letters that follow in the series. Many of the practical ideas and tips the Lord gave, He repeated over and over to many different people, but I’m just including one or two mentions of each concept here.

15. I pray this counsel from the Lord is a blessing to you, and gives you the encouragement and motivation you need to make your time with Him the most important item on your to-do list, the most unbreakable appointment you keep, an inviolable part of your day.

16. If you struggle with getting your Word time even after reading all these great tips, don’t get discouraged. That’s to be expected. Keep fighting for it! Ask the Lord what will work for you, and then do it. Claim the keys of spiritual hunger, faithfulness, consistency, obedience, and keep following through.

17. Keep rebuking Obstacon and proceeding forward in obedience, and he will be powerless against you. One day at a time‚ you will be spiritually strengthened, and one day at a time, the Enemy will be defeated!

With much love, Mama

Who is Obstacon?

18. Obstacon is the demon who obstructs God’s children from absorbing and living His Words. His name is derived from the word “obstacle.” He’s a master of obstacles‚ and will use anything and everything to deny the truth and oppose and stand in the way of your personal progress. His main skill lies in using good intentions and works to keep us from doing the Lord’s best, and in using devices and obstacles to keep us from absorbing and applying the Word. He is a master at mixing up priorities and is quick to change tactics when one isn’t working well.

(Jesus:) [Obstacon] is cunning, wise, and crafty. He is clever, sly as a fox, devious and misleading. There are many sides to his nature. [He] puts mountains before you that must be hurdled, [and] he is also out to stop you through more refined and subtle means. He is suave. He uses his many charms to obstruct your way, and he is clever and sharp as a fox.

Beware of his strategies, for they are many. He offers that which is pleasing to the eye, appealing and logical to the carnal mind, satisfying to the heart of flesh. He seeks to seduce you with good things, good intentions, offers that are attractive, that look good; yet though good they may be, they are not the best. He tempts with good things, but not the best things, for they keep you from absorbing and applying My Words.


(Jesus:) The archenemy of Obstacon is the Word. It is his defeat, his nemesis. He fights it, but he knows that he is no match for it.

In claiming the power of the keys to defeat Obstacon, you must wield them through your obedience to My Word. That is a condition to their use.

The greatest thing you can do if you wish to defeat him is to call on the keys for strength to obey and persevere. Claim the keys against distractions and claim them against Obstacon, and then proceed with determined obedience—read, absorb, and live My Words. As you fight to do that, you are fighting Obstacon, and he is defeated through your obedience. He will try to dissuade you, distract you, and deter you, but as you persevere and obey, he meets sure defeat. (ML #3434:35-36, 50-52)

Live in the Word

(All of the following excerpts of counsel are from Jesus and were received in answer to the question, “How can I live more in the Word? Please give me practical suggestions and tips that You know will work for me.”)

Stay within the magnetic force field of the spirit

19. You must set safeguards in place so that you can easily and clearly see your bounds. Outside this charmed place of obedience, the magnetic forces of the Enemy have a stronger pull, so I don’t want you to walk too close to your boundaries, staying right at the edge of your Word meadow, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

20. That’s why you need safeguards—like a strong, bright fence around your meadow. I’m not asking you to put safeguards in place because I want to keep you captive, or to restrict you, or because I don’t trust that you can’t stay here without the fence, but it’s to make it more difficult for the Evil One to trick you into overstepping your boundaries by accident or out of forgetfulness.

21. Here is what you can make this fence out of—the sturdy boards that you can use:

22. * Sheer determination that no matter what, you will get your Word time each and every day. Missing it is not an option.

23. * Letting go of the way you think your days should go and instead looking to Me with an open heart, asking what I want done every day.

24. * Fighting against getting distracted and pulled into other things of lesser importance, or those that I show you that you don’t need to get involved in.

25. * Humility to ask for help when you need it so that you can get your Word, while someone else helps with your children or a job for a while.

26. * Agreement with your husband [or wife] regarding how you will help each other and check on each other.

27. * Humility to receive advice and act on it. For example, stop doing something you’re really into when you’re supposed to be having Word time when someone mentions it.

28. * Opening your life to work more closely with others instead of feeling so self-sufficient.

29. * Forgoing other plans or activities at the end of the day if you haven’t had your Word yet.

30. These will be a good start for you, and I will continue to give you more ideas and solutions as you go. But please, My love, ask for My help and answers whenever you get stuck. Whenever you hit a bump or fall in a ditch, instead of struggling by yourself, call on Me and your spirit helpers. I will never fail to show you the answer‚ and the answers will make it possible for you to stick to your commitment. That’s what it takes to make this a lasting change—continually calling out for My help, asking for My specific and personal instructions, and then just doing it! Just do it!

There will be exceptions to your regular Word time schedule, but I would like the exceptions to be so rare that you seek Me in prophecy each time you have to make an exception‚ and ask Me specifically how you’re going to make it work to have good Word time later.

Take from the world to give to the Lord

31. To live more in the Word means to live less in the things of the world; it means to take time from the world to give to the Word; it means that the time in the world or worldly input will decrease and the time in the Word will increase.

32. Picture a small glass cylinder shaped like a “U” with colored liquid in it. On one side is written “world,” and on the other side‚ “Word.” To have more time in the Word means simply that the liquid will have to move off the world part toward the Word part. You must seek Me and ask Me to help you to evaluate your level of Word versus your level of world. Ask Me what you can do to improve and increase your Word level.

33. To live this Word revolution requires a complete change of mindset. Your Word time is building up your love relationship with Me, loving Me and desiring Me more than anything else. Other things will have their place too and will come in time, but I and My Word come first.

34. A desire to know and understand the workings of the spirit world is more important than understanding the world and its ways. The world and all that is therein is only temporal, but the spirit world is where you’ll live your real life (2 Corinthians 4:18).

A personal audience with the King of kings

35. There is something wrong if you’re just reading the Word but not getting fed and inspired and turned on about it. And the problem is not with My Words—it lies with you and with the amount of effort that you put into receiving My Words and really “studying to show yourself approved unto God” (2 Timothy 2:15).

36. I ask you, if I were here in the room‚ telling you these things face to face, in a personal audience with you‚ would you treat Me with the same indifference, boredom, or familiarity that you are tempted to when reading My written Words? Well‚ you should look at it that way—that every time you read My Words, or hear from Me in prophecy, it’s the same as a personal audience with Me, the King of all kings, and I am presenting you with special Words of wisdom, My counsel, instruction, guidance—words that you need desperately in order to do the job that I have asked you to do. Although I love you as a Husband and a Lover, a Friend and your Comforter, I am also your King, the King of the Universe, and it hurts and saddens Me when you don’t treat My Words with the respect, admiration‚ attention‚ and reverence due Me.

37. You can picture this in your mind’s eye the next time you have your Word time or prayer time, and that will help to convict you every time that you start spacing out or not really tuning in and getting all that you should from it.

38. And, really, that’s what your Word time is—it’s a personal audience with Me in which I pour out My Words and instruction to you and I expect you to act upon them and obey them. I don’t give it just for the sake of giving it, but I give it because I know that you need it and that your life, your happiness, your success and progress in your life, your ministry, your everything depends on it!

“Make no exceptions!”

39. You cannot depend solely on united Word times for your feeding. You must have time alone with Me. Sometimes your united devotions‚ combined with your personal time of hearing from Me, may be sufficient; at other times you may need more personal time with Me. Go into this Word revolution with the goal of spending intimate time alone with Me every day—time in the Word and hearing from Me.

40. Don’t go for the minimum, but go for the maximum! I’ve been showing you in recent months how you can get more Word into your life by listening to the Word while you’re doing other activities. That cannot be considered your only Word time, as it’s not pure quality time, but you certainly shouldn’t stop doing it. Make it a personal goal to use all the spare minutes possible within a day to take in some type of spiritual feeding.

41. You’ve had a real struggle making a habit of taking time to hear from Me personally every day. You’ve tried various methods and schedules, and while some things have worked for a while, nothing has “stuck.” It’s not bad to change methods from time to time, depending on various circumstances such as your health, your workload, the weather, etc. But if something’s not working, what you need to do is pray right away about how to fix it, and not just give up and think, “Oh, well, it’s not working, too bad.”

42. You can’t let things slide, not even for a day. If this Word revolution is going to be real to you, it has to be the most important thing to you, always and every day, with no exceptions. One little exception leads to another. Remember that, and make it a personal motto to “make no exceptions!” Even if you’re traveling, extremely busy‚ sick‚ or whatever the case may be, you can always find a way to have quality time with Me. Make no exceptions.

43. I want you to be fanatical about this! Make your time with Me your primary passion in life. Your time with Me is the proof of your dedication to Me and to being My disciple. I am your God and I will have no other gods before Me. When you make exceptions, you’re saying that something else is more important than Me, and you’re giving something else first place. That is nothing less than spiritual idolatry. From this time on, that’s not acceptable to Me. It must stop.

44. I would naturally prefer that you spend time with Me because you really want to‚ because you hunger for it and desire it—and sometimes you will, and the more you make a habit of it, the more frequently that feeling of hunger and desire will occur. But you can’t be led by your feelings, and you won’t always have those feelings, even if you’ve made it a very good habit. So in times when you don’t have the feelings of desire or need, I’d rather you do it even out of fear or duty than that you not do it at all.

45. I want your love, and I would rather that you are motivated to obey out of love. But even when you don’t feel that motivation, I still want your time and your heart and your focus, and as long as you’re giving Me that, I don’t care so much how you “feel” about it.

46. If you’re inspired about it and looking forward to it, if you’re hungry for it and feel the need for it, that’s great! But if you sometimes do it simply because you know that there will be consequences if you don’t—or even if at times you do it dispassionately, or even somewhat begrudgingly out of a sense of duty—no matter what the case‚ no matter how you feel, I want you to do it. Just do it! Do it every day. Make no exceptions. Obey My commandment.

This Word revolution is in preparation for My full possession* and taking on My mind. This Word revolution is the predecessor to truly tapping into the fullness of the power of the keys. It doesn’t get much more important than this. Seeing that‚ understanding the full meaning and importance of this, knowing just how critical it is to make Word-based mindsets into long-lasting habits adds a great deal of impetus to the vision. (*See pages 10-11 of Link issue 2, as well as the New Wine Letters “Full Possession,” ML #3376 and “The Gift of Heavenly Thought Power,” ML #3377.)

Take time to recall

47. When you start your daily reading, take a moment to think about what you read yesterday. Right now, if I were to ask you what you had read over the past three or four days, it might be hard for you to remember. It’s good that you read what you did in those Word times, and My Word never returns void and always has an effect. But you should also seek to make that effect as long lasting as possible.

48. By taking a moment to think of what you read the day before, to at least go over the theme of that Letter in your mind for a moment, or some of the main points‚ you plant it deeper in your heart and mind and make it more a part of you. You’ll remember it longer and will be more likely to take action on it‚ to be a doer of the Word and not just a forgetful hearer (James 1:22-25).

49. Also, when you’re finished with your Word time in the morning, take a few moments to think about what you’ve just read. This embeds it deeper in your spirit and being and helps you to put it into practice. Review the main points for a moment, to ensure that they didn’t go in one ear and quickly out the other. Repetition is the law of memory, and you will remember these principles better this way.

50. Ask yourself how you plan to practice what you’ve just read—not just in the future or as a good thing to implement someday, when it’s convenient, but this very day—today!

51. Is there some area of your life where you’ve been lacking a little conviction or haven’t been fully obedient? Change it today! Do it now! Just do it, and you’ll get the most wonderful feeling of spiritual satisfaction, even if it is tough at first! That’s part of My reward to you for obedience.

Quality, not quantity

52. As you read, make more of an effort to concentrate on what’s being said. When you come across something that speaks to your heart or really hits you, take time to meditate on it and absorb what it’s saying as fully as possible. Don’t be so concerned with getting through a lot of material, or a certain amount of material‚ but be concerned with getting the point and rereading parts when it’s necessary so you more fully catch it. Call on the keys of concentration and understanding. “Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of My mouth” (Proverbs 4:5). For, “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding” (Proverbs 3:13).

Love for the Word comes by living in the Word. The more you live it, the more you’ll love it.

I always have something special for you!

53. When you’re having Word time in a group setting and you’re reading something that you might not have chosen for yourself at that time, you must make a greater effort to be fed from it. Harness your mind and thoughts by telling yourself that there is something in that Word which you need for that day, or something that will be very important to you in the days to come. Listen carefully to find it. Consider it a treasure hunt, a search for something essential in that Letter that I want to use to speak to you about.

54. Bring your notebook with you to write it down when you hear it‚ when you realize that quote is a memorable one, when the voice of My Word speaks to you. I always feed and satisfy the hungry soul. Even if you later lose that little notebook‚ or it gets filled up and put away, just the fact that you’re writing down these things impresses them upon your mind and spirit. They will stick with you longer and have more of an effect on you.

55. Remember too that it’s important that you meditate on My Word. After you take in food, it has to digest to do you any good; otherwise it just passes right through you. So spend time digesting My Words each day, thinking on them, meditating on them.

Word revolution = quality, meditation, application

56. It’s difficult for you to follow through on the commissions and direction I give you in personal prophecy, many of which have to do with obedience to the Word. One reason is that you often feel overwhelmed by the messages, partly because they’re so detailed. You like to receive the full counsel. You like details. You’re more motivated by specific instruction rather than the generalities that you feel you already know‚ and that’s good. You have the faith to receive details, which is also helpful.

57. But the downside to this is that the more detailed the message, the more overwhelmed you feel, and the more impossible it seems to put into practice. You’re looking at it like‚ “If I can’t do all of it, and right now, then I might as well not do any of it.” You feel you lack time, and so you just end up saying, “I can’t do it. It’s not the priority, so I’ll have to come back to it later.” Then, with time, it seems that these messages of personal instruction stack one on top of the other, until you lose all hope that you can go back and catch up.

58. The problem is not with the detailed messages, or that you desire to receive all the details from Me. That’s a good thing; it’s a strength to be able to receive the specifics. But then, once you receive the message, you need to go back over it and ask Me where to start, and be willing to start with just one small thing, one small step of obedience. Otherwise, the details overwhelm you, and in the end you wind up putting it all on the shelf and not doing any of it.

59. Unless you can get over this attitude and forsake it—that it’s a waste of time for you to get this instruction and that it won’t make any difference because you won’t do it—then you’ll lack faith. And instead of your time with Me being a wonderful time of revelation and breakthrough, leading to great spiritual progress and happiness, you’ll encounter defeat and discouragement.

60. I have faith that you can be obedient and follow through. I know you want to change; you want to be all that you can be, and to have the power that’s promised you in the Word. I know you want to be among the miracle workers, and you will be. I know the choices you will make and are making‚ and I promise you that your faith and determination will not fail. You will have what it takes to obey, and through obedience you will reap the rewards of greater gifts, a clearer connection with and knowledge of your spirit helpers, and tremendous progress in being fully possessed by Me and taking on heavenly thought power.

61. Here is the key that will help to propel you forward and free you from the “it’s no use” mentality: When it comes to follow-through, the key is to have general guidelines and reminders. Your mind is such that you can’t absorb all the details. You can when you’re studying and reviewing them, but there is too much to retain in such detail, and therefore you become overwhelmed. You know you’re missing so much, and then you feel you might miss something important, and that leads to procrastination. You feel you have to “wait” until you can do it perfectly, or understand it thoroughly, and not miss anything. But that isn’t effective, as it causes delay; and the greater the delay, the more daunting the challenge or task.

62. So My suggestion to you, My love, is to keep it simple, keep it general, and have your obedience goals listed in a much simpler format. Trust Me that you’ll remember where you’re headed, that all the Word that’s so deeply and richly stored in your heart, mind‚ and spirit, will come to the fore and lead you as you move forward, taking steps in the general goals, even if you don’t have time or energy to review and get it perfect.

63. I’ll give you an example: You want to work with your spirit helpers, but you feel you have to understand all about them so you can pick just the right one for the right occasion. This leads you to feel you have to review the Word on all the helpers, understand their jurisdiction, and then you’ll be ready. Well‚ obviously, until you feel “ready,” what happens is that you resist doing what you can, even something simple, general or repetitive. You’re complicating yourself right out of instant obedience!

64. Instead, start with one spirit helper. Pick one that can help you, and learn about him or her, and call on them throughout the day when I remind you about it. It’s very simple. It’s a small step, and that’s humbling for you. But it’s small steps in the right direction that keep you moving forward.

65. Take a hint from Mama. She starts small, and then dives right into obedience. She memorizes one key promise, for example, and then quotes it, even repeatedly‚ if need be. To be obedient to My commission to claim the keys and memorize the key promises, you don’t have to do it so perfectly or be so “advanced” and thorough and detailed. That can serve as a deterrent.

66. Go for simplicity. Let the motto “just do it” be yours. When it comes to obedience and implementing My Word, just do something, anything, no matter how it doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark or how simple it might seem. Doing something, however simple, is much better than delaying until you feel you can get it together to “do it right.” Doing it at all is doing it right.

67. The Word revolution is about quality Word time‚ meditation, and application. Application is another word for obedience. Obedience is your greatest protection against Obstacon’s attacks. As long as you’re obeying, he will be defeated, but if you’re not obeying, while he might be shooed away for a while, he’ll keep coming back, in another costume, with another approach. So obedience is crucial.

68. Pick one thing, and do that; then pick another one thing, and do that. Little by little, you will build new habits. But if you try to do too much, you’ll give up. Don’t focus on the details and the overall picture, which is huge, but take one step at a time. That’s easy, that’s doable, and that will lead to faith, encouragement, and lasting progress.

Your Word time schedule can’t be just for when you’re feeling great and things are going well, because then the Enemy will do his darnedest to make sure that things don’t go well so that he can keep you from your Word and time with Me. You need to prove to him that you’re going to get your time with Me no matter what he tries to do to hinder you, and then he’ll give up.

Tips for getting the most out of your time in the Word

69. * Pray that your outlook on the Word changes, that you truly realize its importance and that you value it more highly. Pray for a hunger and desperation for the Word. Pray for a greater interest in the Word and My counsel and viewpoints.

70. * Remind yourself constantly that the Word is what the Family is all about. It’s not about your job, your service, or your ministry, but the Word. If your Word times aren’t good, then everything else will be amiss. If you’re not happy with your Word times‚ then you need to ask yourself why and change something. Continually go back to the Word.

71. * Hold yourself accountable to get quality time in the Word daily. Don’t let a day go by in which you don’t get quality Word time. Bump other things off your to-do list when necessary. Always take your Word time.

72. * Plan and prepare your Word time more. Make a list of the many things that you’re going to read, and work through that list.

73. * Make a file on your computer or keep a notebook where you can accumulate key quotes that speak to you, and share them with others. This will keep the Word flowing through your mind.

74. * Don’t let Word that “jumps out at you” die the death when you turn the page. Make note of it, mark it as a point to ask Me about, and highlight it and reread it. Rereading highlights is a key that many people overlook, because they feel that if they’ve just finished reading something, they’ve gotten the point; whereas rereading crystallizes the point and helps you to absorb it better. The first time you’re just assimilating the concept, whereas the second time it can sink in much more. Help Me out by rereading your highlights.

75. * Take more time to pray and connect with Me before you begin reading. Memorize some of your favorite key promises on connecting with Me and the Word. Claim them every time before you start having Word time. If you find your thoughts wandering or losing focus, stop and claim the keys again. Pray. Don’t let your Word time lose quality. Your time is valuable. You need to be fed during your Word time‚ and My Word deserves the respect of your full attention. (For some excellent verses on reading and absorbing the Word, see the “Memory Book 2000” section on the Word.)

76. * Enact safeguards that will check and convict you when you slip. Have someone that you’re responsible to tell if you’ve shirked on your Word time, or if you didn’t get quality Word time. Don’t just let it slide by. Pray and ask for My forgiveness‚ so that there is some accountability. Hear from Me about it. Let Me correct you and motivate you to do better.

It’s the difference between life and death

77. The fight to maintain your Word habits will not be easy. It will require perseverance, courage, and desperation as never before. And yet your very life depends on it. You cannot survive as you have been. Spiritual death will come quickly and unexpectedly if you choose to remain in the easygoing state. That’s how desperate it is.

78. You must fight the battle unswervingly. You must never give in. There can be no excuses, for no matter how valid they seem‚ excuses cannot make up for the fact that your spiritual life is in danger if you do not maintain good Word habits. A desperate man cornered by enemies does not make excuses. He rises and does battle with every means at his disposal. So must it be for you.

Wanting to avoid something unpleasant is an even stronger motivator than wanting a benefit, at least for you. So pray that you can start to desire the Word, not just for the good things it brings you, but because it will save you from the negative things. Pray that the consequences of the lack of the Word will become real to you.

Fill your “blank spots” with My Spirit

79. Put on a Word tape or praise songs while you get dressed in the morning or are doing things around the room. While this doesn’t fall under the classification of “quality Word time‚” it certainly primes the spiritual pump and gets your spirit receptive, creating a vacuum in the spirit. Fill these moments with Me in some form—whether by listening to the Word, or listening to spirit-filled songs that lift and inspire your spirit.

80. Listening to My Word or Spirit-filled music while doing something else is not quality Word time, but it is nonetheless giving your spirit good input. It’s slowly but surely creating in your spirit more of a desire for Me, more proclivity toward Me and the things of the spirit. It’s good, edifying, and uplifting “building” time. It’s not laying solid bricks—the ballast of My Word through uninterrupted quality time—but it’s like the mortar you lay between the bricks that works toward building a more solid, spiritual‚ and Word-based you.

Setting a regular time helps

81. Your exercise time occupies a choice spot in your day, and it hasn’t budged from that spot for years. And because of your regularity, your body has adapted to it, and it is now prepared for exercise at those times. The few times you’ve moved it or had to do it some other time, you either felt wrong, you were too tired, or it just didn’t work out. That’s an example of an established habit, something that is a cornerstone in your schedule; other things flow around it, not it around other things.

82. Word time, like exercise, will yield the best results if done in one chunk at a consistent time every day, not interrupted and not moving all over the map. I want you to give Me that time when I can really speak to you and know that that time will be fully Mine. I don’t want it squeezed in little by little here and there. As it stands now, sometimes it’s in the morning with a little bit after lunch, sometimes it’s all after lunch‚ and sometimes it’s in no place in particular. On weekends it’s not even scheduled, and it’s just another piece in the puzzle that is scheduled in on the fly and so often doesn’t happen. That’s not good enough for this Word revolution. You need to add your Word time as a permanent block of time in your schedule, something that cannot be touched.

“Claim the keys for your Word time. Their power brings My Word into focus more clearly and causes you to have new understanding.”

“The keys are the secret to being fed by the Word. Tapping into the keys puts you on Heaven’s channel.”

[To be continued.]

Quality Word Time, Part 2

Karen Zerby

By Maria ML #3563 9/05

Dearest Family,

1. I love you so much, and Peter and I pray for you daily, for the supply of your needs‚ for your encouragement and strength and health and protection‚ and that you will grow closer every day to the source of everything good in our lives and existence—our wonderful Husband, Jesus.

2. This is the second Letter in the series on quality Word time. The fact that the Letters on this topic are short and have been spaced a few months apart has hopefully given you a good opportunity to apply the Word and work to make quality Word time a habit before this next batch of counsel on the topic has come along. So in order to make this Word revolution a reality in your life—or keep it alive and fresh—make time to study the answers, solutions, and ideas the Lord gives in this Letter. Pray and ask Him which ones will work best in your life, and then start implementing them right away!

3. These first excerpts of counsel were given in answer to the question, “Do I have my priorities straight in putting first the things that are most important, or can I stand to improve in this area?” That’s a good question to ask the Lord frequently, so after reading His counsel here, you might want to ask Him if He has anything specific to tell you along these lines.

(Note: The messages that follow are from Jesus unless otherwise indicated.)

My Word is more important than My work

4. It is My Word that is most important, not My work. My work is very important, yes, but it is My Word that I have exalted even above My Name. It is My Word that shall never pass away. It is My Word of which I spoke when I said every jot and tittle of it will be fulfilled. I am My Word‚ and My Word will endure forever, and its presence in you is vitally important if you are to do My work as you desire (Psalms 138:2; Matthew 24:35; 5:18; John 1:14).

5. So make this daily time in My Word a sacred and holy matter which even My work cannot interfere with. Tell yourself that you must have it if you are to do My work properly, and then be faithful to take it without fail. Consider it part of your work if you must. Put it on your to-do list; consider it a project with a deadline that must be met on a daily basis.

Balancing Word time with other daily necessities

6. Things are different for you since having three children, but you have kept doing things the same way, without making the needed adjustments in order to have at least the minimum of quality Word and time with Me. It was much easier for you to get it when you had only one child. Your workload has increased greatly since then‚ yet you haven’t made any adjustments. You somehow hoped that it could still work the same way it worked before, but it can’t.

7. I have blessed you with your children, and I will also bless you for laying down your life and time to raise them in My nurture and admonition. Each new baby brings a big change into your life, and with each big change you should be asking Me about it and reevaluating your schedule, your way of operating, your ministries, the way you spend your time.

8. You’ve been so preoccupied with all that needs to be done by a busy mother, thinking that because you are the mother, you have to manage, and the main chunk of the load rests on your shoulders, so you’d better go to it and do it. You’ve kept on going like this even when it didn’t work out for you to have solid, feeding Word time for long periods of time, thinking that was just a part of the sacrifice of motherhood.

9. It’s true that there are some sacrifices that having children brings, but you must remember, My love, that you are a disciple above all, even above being a mother or a wife. That’s where your priorities are off. You’ve been trying so hard to fulfill all the duties and requirements of a good mother and wife that you’ve neglected the main requirement of a disciple—your time with the Master!

10. It’s not that I don’t want you to get all these other things done. It’s not that I want your room to be messy and disorganized, your laundry not washed‚ and your children not taken care of. But I want you to trust Me enough to put My Word first and these other things second. Trust Me that you will be able to get the other things done even more efficiently, that you will be more inspired about those tedious jobs that you have to do every single day, if you are getting your quality time with Me. All you have to do is ask Me how to fit everything into your day, starting with your Word time. Once you’ve had your Word time or have scheduled it, you can schedule all the other things.

11. It can’t continue as it has been, My love. Something’s gotta give! Sometimes it can be your husband that’s doing the giving, sometimes you have to give and reschedule something, but your Word time can’t keep giving! When you allow your Word time to be crowded out, it’s like exchanging your gold for some plastic trinkets—the little daily jobs and cares of life. Put your Word time first. Be most faithful with that, and then with all the other little things. Everything works better that way!

Taking time to connect with Me will save time in the long run

12. There are many things that waste your time throughout the day. Much of the time you’re thinking about and being burdened with things that you shouldn’t be burdened with. You take upon yourself cares and worries that I would not have you carry. These waste your time. They cause you to put emphasis and priority on things that you shouldn’t have to be spending time on. And the only reason you have these cares and these worries and these burdens is because you’re not spending the necessary time with Me.

13. I want to deliver you from the worries and fears that waste your time. Our time together will be a time of confidence‚ love, reassurance, and learning. In these times you’ll learn that My love for you does not fail. You’ll learn that My love for you can teach you and help you to grow. You’ll also learn that My love can guide you through and around the obstacles in your day. I can show you and teach you the difference between the burdens that you do not need to carry and those which you must deal with. And with that clarity and confidence, you can go through your day much better.

14. When you don’t have a clear and defined confidence and faith in My love for you and in what I want you to do, your day is wasted because you get tossed about by anything and everything that comes along. You often let yourself get carried away with new ideas or thoughts and seeing where they can lead. These thoughts and ideas are not bad, but they need to be prayed over more, and you must find the strength of will to place them where they belong and deal with them in their time.

15. The most important thing you can do is to get your time with Me first thing in the morning, in the early hours, if possible. Once you’ve done that, everything else will fall into place and be clearer. When your burdens have been lifted and your cares have been cast upon Me, your vision will be clearer and you will know where to direct your attention‚ your time, and your energies.

16. Through this time of our communion‚ first thing every day, you’ll also grow in faith and in strength. You’ll have greater willpower. You’ll have greater conviction to deal with things according to their priorities rather than according to your desires. It all comes back to our time together first thing in the morning. Once this is in place and in order, all the rest will fall into place and be clear.

Getting in the gear of putting Jesus first

17. Your evening activities have mainly been centered around satisfying your need for fun and relaxation. I understand your needs and don’t have a problem with you having fun and relaxing. But when it hinders your time with Me, which it has been, then it’s not good; you’ve gotten things out of balance. You’ve put the cart before the horse.

18. You’ll soon find out that by putting My Word and your times in the morning with Me first, your priorities will change and you’ll have a better balance. You’ll be getting your kicks from Me by putting Me first, looking to Me in the morning to be your main event of the day, rather than putting so much importance on your evening or “fun” activities for your relaxation.

19. Once that switch happens, all other things will fall into place. You’ll start to feel more satisfied in life because you’re putting Me first instead of yourself, and then I will start to satisfy these needs and desires of your flesh as well. But by trying to satisfy your flesh—or the needs of your spirit by relying on the things of the flesh—you miss the mark.

20. I want to rearrange your life now to where you fill your needs by seeking Me first. Once you learn to fill this hole with Me, then you’ll see that everything else will fall into place. If you can simply accomplish the feat of putting Me first, that will be half the battle won, and will shift your priorities into the proper gear.

21. It’s just like riding your bicycle—when you ride over different terrain, whether it’s flat‚ steep, or rugged terrain, you have to shift into the proper gear in order to get the most output from your input, and also to make sure you can keep going and that the gears match the energy output you are able to supply.

22. In like manner, you now have to shift into the major gear for this ride into the Endtime, and that gear is putting Me first. Shift into that gear and all other things will fall into place: Your personal life, your work life and time and accomplishments‚ your times of relaxation and recreation—absolutely everything else will fall into place. Once you’ve shifted into that gear—that is, of putting Me first—then I will begin to show you the other little gears and how to shift them depending on how your day is going‚ your week, your month, your personal life, your work life, everything.

23. These other gears are your work time, your intercessory prayer time, your personal time‚ all the other things you need to do in your life. I will show you when to shift into these gears and how long to stay in them. But you see, these little gears must all be coordinated within the one big gear of putting Me first. I am the first gear that you must shift into. Once you have successfully shifted into that gear each day, I will show you how and when to shift into the other gears.

A down-to-earth application of “make it sacred”

24. What tempts you most and most often pulls you away from your time with Me is other people—specifically your close friends and those you are emotionally attached to. It’s not wrong to be close to people and have friendships, but you have to watch out about letting them and their desires or needs, or your desire to be with them, encroach on what should be our sacred time.

25. As you establish the habit of making your Word time sacred and set regular times to hear from Me personally, it will become pretty obvious what times you shouldn’t be “hanging out” or chatting, or when enough is enough. You’ll find it necessary sometimes to say, “Sorry, I can’t stop and talk right now‚” or “I can’t stay long‚” or “I can’t go watch that movie with you, or at least not at that time.” If appropriate, tell your friends and co-workers about your plan of when you’ll be having your time with Me and the things that I’ve asked of you, and explain from the start that while you love them as much as ever, sometimes you’ll just have to come around less often, or say no to something fun, or tear yourself away in order to make sure you’ve had your Word time. The goal is not to have less fellowship and fun but to have more time in the Word, and sometimes you will have to sacrifice your time with others in order to do that.

26. You and others need to learn more about respecting others’ Word time, as well as protecting your own time with Me. Those who are taking Word time should make it easy for others to be good and not distract or interrupt them. You can possibly do this by putting a “Quiet Time” sign on the door of your room or on the floor outside your room so that others won’t bother you unnecessarily. Or, if that’s not appropriate in your situation, I can give you other ideas of how you can have undisturbed time with Me. You need to protect your time with Me, and learn to not worry that you’re going to offend someone if you say you can’t talk with them right now, nor be sensitive or bugged if someone can’t talk to you right away. That’s the real‚ down-to-earth meaning of making Word time sacred and making it a priority. It means making it time that won’t be disrupted.

Grab those special opportunities to learn of Me

27. Be instant to obey in regards to your time with Me‚ hearing from Me, and reading My Word (2 Timothy 4:2). Delayed obedience hinders you from receiving My blessings. If you put off what I have asked of you, or a special moment with Me that I want to give, the moment is then past and that blessing, that treasure, is often missed altogether. There are other opportunities—I always bring them again—but that surprise is gone, for the moment has been missed. So be instant to receive My surprises.

28. Sometimes just as I offer you something new, you turn away‚ thinking that this is not the time and this is not on the schedule‚ so it must wait till later. Then later you’re too tired, or your mind is on something else, or you’re already weighed down by other things because you missed that precise moment of My love.

29. So learn to be an instant lover—a lover who responds instantly to My love and yields to My gifts and surprises. For if you only enter into our love relationship when it is perfectly scheduled, I won’t be able to interject things when you need them. You’ll still receive My help and power, but not at the exact moments when I wanted to give them, and in the perfect ways that I would and could have given them to you.

Balancing your time between fellowship with others, and time with Me

30. It’s all about having a balance. If you just do what you feel like doing, you’ll never get around to doing the things that need to be done but that maybe aren’t as pleasant or as relaxing. This is a spiritual war and you have to learn to fight, and you won’t learn that by looking for the easy road.

31. You must each decide what you are willing to forsake in order to accomplish the goal that I have set before you. What are you willing to forsake in order to do My highest will? Will you only do the minimum, or will you strive to do more?

32. My blessings are measured out in proportion to what you give to Me. If you give 100 percent, then I in turn will give you 100 percent. If you give Me less, then you can expect to receive less as well.

33. You would have an effective safeguard if you made it a habit to not take time to personally relax or fellowship with others until you’ve had your Word and prayer time for the day—which preferably you will have taken in the morning. But if you haven’t, then you should take it when you come back from work.

34. When you come back from work, leave the cares and worries at the door and don’t bring them into our bed of love. If there are concerns on your heart or things that you need answers to, then bring them to Me so that I can clear your heart and mind in order for you to be able to be fed from My Word.

35. Many times you bring the cares of your day with you, and they are prominent in your mind and weigh heavily on your heart, and you let them remain there on your mind. If you are to be fed from My words, then you must let go of those thoughts and worries, which sometimes will mean stopping your Word time for a few minutes in order to pour out your heart to Me in prayer and ask Me to take care of them. For you to try and carry them and sort them out in your own wisdom is pointless‚ for it takes not only the time that I could be speaking to you and giving you the answers, but it also takes away from the peace that only I can give.

Filling up the “reserves” regularly

36. I want you to pray about your rest days, My love. Stand up for your convictions and stand by what I’ve shown you, even if it means having to turn down someone’s invitation or not do this or not be involved in that. While it’s good to be involved with others, to not isolate yourself, and to be a friend and companion to others‚ that time on your rest day for extra infilling and deep feeding from Me is a very priceless and special gift. This is a very special opportunity to have even more of Me.

37. Don’t merely be swept along with the flow of others or the desire of others to be on the go and out and about everywhere. Even though I realize you’re trying to be sociable and friendly in doing this, if you allow yourself to consistently be swept along with others’ plans without first coming to Me, in the end your spirit and walk with Me will be found wanting. Not wanting in the sense of starving—as you’ll be taking daily quality time with Me throughout the week—but wanting in the sense that your spirit won’t be “fat and flourishing” (Psalm 92:13-14) and full of My Spirit and energy to meet any demand or situation that may come along.

38. If you’re faithful to tank up on your day off, then you’ll have those “reserves‚” which come from those special deep and long feeding times that rest days can afford you.

“Good” is often the enemy of “best”

39. The primary distraction in your life, which often keeps you from My Word‚ is being a “Martha” in the sense of cleaning up, being distracted by the kids, or carrying the burdens of others or the Home on your shoulders. These are the things Obstacon can easily use to distract you from getting quality Word time. He tempts you with thoughts like: Put the dishes away before the kitchen ends up a mess, Go see if the towels need changing, See if the kids are doing what they should be doing‚ Think about this person who is having a battle and how you can help them, etc. These are just some of the tactics that Obstacon uses to get you to not fully focus on My Word and drink it in.

40. Before starting your Word time, ask Me if there is anything that you need to take care of—with the emphasis on the word need. Ask Me if there is anything that you’ve overlooked that will come up in the middle of your time with Me. Also at this time give Me all your burdens, cares‚ worries, concerns, etc. Pray for those who are on your heart, but then leave it all on My shoulders to take care of. This should be a daily habit before you start your Word time or time with Me.

41. Having done these things, you are then ready to absorb, apply, study, and receive from the Word what I want you to. It’s important that you start off in this way, because then if Obstacon tries to distract you, you have the faith that you have asked Me ahead of time if there is anything important to do before reading, and you’ve committed your burdens to Me, so there is nothing at all for you to do except rebuke Obstacon and continue on with reading My Word.

(Note: For information on Obstacon, see Link, issue 3, page 11.)

Prime time

42. It’s difficult for you to set everything else aside and be deeply fed from the Word, focusing all your attention on Me‚ at the end of the day. You’re too spent, too tired, and your body isn’t physically able to give Me your 100 percent. Taking time with Me at the end of the day is like giving Me the leftovers. By the end of the day you’re tired and can’t concentrate or suck enough to receive from Me. Maybe some people can, but you can’t.

43. Of course, you can be fed somewhat from the Word that you read at night, and it is relaxing and gets you in the spirit and cleanses you from the cares of the day, so it has its place too. But it’s not your prime time to be deeply fed, to really study My Word. When your work in the morning pushes aside your time with Me, and you hope to retrieve it in the evening, it just doesn’t work. It’s not practical, and it’s not the time when you are the freshest‚ most alert, and most able to receive from Me.

44. I want your prime time. I deserve your prime time. I deserve the very best you can give Me. That’s what I desire of you each and every day without fail.

Setting Safeguards

(The following excerpts of counsel were given in answer to the question, “What safeguards can I put in place for myself that will help me not to neglect the time I need to read, study, memorize, and apply the Word in my life?”)

Make it a habit!

45. One of the best safeguards is building a habit. That’s why I’m pushing for you to get your Word time first thing in the day, at a set time, all the time. I want to help you to form a habit. When you’re doing it at all sorts of times and places, there’s not enough consistency for you to build a firm habit; therefore it becomes easier to skip this time.

46. What safeguards do you have to make sure you brush your teeth? None. You don’t have a chart that says, “Did you brush your teeth today?” with little checkboxes. You don’t have someone coming by each day to ask you if you’ve brushed your teeth. You only have the force of habit that you’ve developed by doing something in the same way‚ in a recognizable pattern, time after time. And you have come to depend on it so that if you ever forget, that dirty feeling in your mouth lets you know that you forgot to brush.

47. The more consistent you are, the more glaring will be the times when you miss it. That’s how you form a habit, and that’s how to get in a positive groove that doesn’t even require safeguards, because it becomes a part of you—just like brushing your teeth.

Just do it!

48. The best and in fact the only truly lasting motivation will come from determination and conviction to obey My Spirit, to just do it. Other safeguards can help, and they can certainly make it easier for you, but you shouldn’t count on them entirely. Because when all is said and done, you’re accountable to Me‚ and only I know how it’s really going. If you fear Me and respect Me enough, you’ll take the necessary Word time and make it quality, because you know that’s the only way to get My blessings in your life.

49. Some type of buddy system could also be helpful. This is something you can pray about. You may want to seek someone out personally to be your buddy, at least for a month or so while you’re establishing better habits. You could set up some simple check-and–balance method between yourselves to touch base every day somehow‚ or check each other’s charts‚ and affirm that you took the time with Me that you needed to. And if one of you is tempted with feeling that, “Well, today I just can’t do it, I don’t have time,” the other can help to encourage or correct you.

50. If you have a buddy like this‚ it would be good to share with them the messages you’ve received from Me about your personal Word revolution, so that they know what the standard is that I have laid out for you and can help monitor you specifically—and vice versa. It would also be fun to pass on to each other little quotes and jewels that you find in your Word time.

It helps to be accountable to someone

51. Being accountable to someone for getting up and getting your time with Me in the morning is important. If you feel that someone is going to check up on you, then you will be much more faithful to follow through and you will be more accountable to make sure you wake up and take that time with Me. And if for some reason you don’t or you can’t, then you will be responsible to explain why, and to account for when you did have your Word time.

52. Also, getting a buddy who checks up on you regarding your time of intercessory prayer will help you to be faithful to get it done on a daily basis.

53. The safeguards that will be best for you are the ones where you need to feel accountable to someone.

Put it on your to-do list

54. The safeguard that will probably work best for you is if you include your Word time, your prayer vigil time, and praise times on your daily to-do list, and then are faithful to go down your to-do list every evening before bed and make sure that none of your times with Me were missed. If they did somehow get missed, then you should try to make it up then and there before bed. Or if that’s not possible, then get up and do it early the next morning. Most of the time this won’t be necessary, because your priorities will be straight, but it’s a good safeguard.

Don’t allow yourself to make exceptions

55. If you’re going to make it a habit, you have to be faithful every single day and you can’t allow yourself exceptions. You have to be strict; otherwise you’ll slide and lose your conditioning.

56. It’s like when you run. It takes you months of conditioning and running at least a few times a week in order to get up to the point where you can run 10 or more kilometers without any trouble. But it only takes a week of not running to lose half of that conditioning—and in a month you’re pretty much back to square one, right where you were before you started.

57. So be aware that if you want to make progress, it’s going to cost you something. It’s going to take work, and you can’t let up. But when it’s a habit, it’ll be worth it, and your life will be changed forever.

[In several boxes throughout:]

I like how you like to get things done, and your accomplishment orientation is a talent I endowed you with, but I’d like you to let Me change your focus so that your primary focus is on accomplishing your Word time and quality time with Me.

You are so approachable that sometimes others don’t respect your time in the Word. For the most part it’s very good that people feel that you can be approached and talked to; but on the other hand, it’s not good when people become familiar with you to the point that they don’t respect your time in the Word.

I know how much you love to do physical work. You enjoy being a “hands-on” type of person as well, and this is not bad. People respect you for this, and it can be a very good quality and good sample. But your tendency to sometimes be drawn away from your time with Me is not good. You must resist the urge you get to do physical work on the things that you enjoy at the expense of your time with Me.

When the birds of distraction start flying over your head, rebuke Obstacon and his flock in the power of the keys, so that you can be freed to focus on My Word, for it is the most important thing you have to do. Everything else will wait and can wait, but My spiritual power and strength and life and faith being poured on you each and every day cannot wait.

Anything that would take the place of a good solid daily feeding in My Word should not be allowed in your life.

As My disciple‚ one who has given your life to Me, you are responsible to give Me the time that I have asked for. When you choose not to, you are going your own way in disobedience, thinking that you can do it on your own, that you can make it on your own, that you’re above the need for My power and strength. I know you don’t consciously think that, but your actions speak louder than your words, feelings, or thoughts. What you do shows your choices, so be sure you make the right choices. Get in My Word. Take the time. Make it your priority.

Quality Word Time, Part 3

Karen Zerby

By Maria ML #3568 11/05

My dear Family‚

1. You’re each so precious to me! Here’s a big hug and kiss for each of you! Quality Word‚ what a subject! As I said in the first Letter in this series, working to build a consistently strong Word life is a life–long effort. We’ll probably always have some fine–tuning and tweaking to do, not to mention stirring ourselves up, in order to keep the Word alive and fresh.

2. But in all our trying, it pays to remember what our goal is. Every time we get in the Word and sit at Jesus’ feet to learn of Him, our objective should be to know Him better, to understand His ways, and connect with His Spirit. It’s about full possession and living and breathing the Word (see Link 2, ML #3546:38-39). And the master plan behind it all is that we will become disciples‚ witnessers, soul winners, and miracle workers who shine brightly with His light both now and in the days to come.

3. How much of His light and power we have stored in our hearts directly affects how bright our lights will shine in this world’s darkest hour, and how much He will be able to use us to reap the harvest in those exciting days. Isn’t that an inspiring prospect? I pray it helps motivate you to keep striving for the very best in your Word times.

Love and prayers in our loving Word-giver,

4. P.S.: These messages from the Lord were received as personal answers by some of you, when asking Him how you can do better in the area of getting quality Word time every day. So there is a lot of variety in the answers and not every answer will apply to you. But as you study and meditate on the Lord’s counsel here, I believe you will find portions that work for you, and that might be just the help you need if you feel that your Word time is lacking, or encouragement to continue keeping your Word habits strong if you’re presently already doing well in this area of your life.

Practical Tips!

(Excerpts of counsel received in answer to the question: “Please tell me how I can make my times with You and in the Word better quality time. What concrete steps can I take to ensure that I’m applying and absorbing the Word?” Note: All of the text from this point on, unless otherwise noted, was given by Jesus in prophecy.)

Pray and take the time to connect

5. One of the best ways to get the most out of your Word time is to start it with prayer. Prayer before Word time is like foreplay before lovemaking. It can put you in a more receptive mood and spirit than if you’d just picked up the Word and started reading.

6. It’s the same with hearing from Me. You’ll be much more receptive if, before you start, you take a few moments to get quiet, to empty your heart in prayer, and then get ready for Me to speak. The same things you do to get in the mood for hearing from Me in prophecy will also work before hearing from Me through My written Word. These things can include prayer, praise, singing or listening to a song about loving Me, etc. These help to put your heart and spirit in a quiet and receptive mood so that you’re ready to receive from Me whatever I desire to give you.

7. While it’s good to take Word time whether you feel like it or not, the way to get the most out of it is to make a personal connection with Me before you even get started. As David said about prayer: “You’ve got to get not only in prayer, but you’ve got to get in the spirit.” The same holds true for My Word. You can’t just get in the Word—you have to get in the spirit first for that Word to do the good it needs to, for it to be quality feeding, and for you to get out of it all that I have for you.

8. So take some time to get in the spirit first, whether by listening to a song, praising Me, singing in tongues, hearing from Me before you start‚ speaking words of love to Me, or whatever it takes. Then, once that connection is made, once that conduit is open, you will be ready to receive all that I have for you.

9. It has become a neglected art in your personal life to pray before your Word time. There are so many good prayers in the Bible about the Word, the classic being, “Open Thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of Thy law” (Psalm 119:18).

10. The Word is spirit. The natural man can’t just sit down and start reading and expect it to fully become a part of him. It’s a transformation that needs to take place in the spirit. So you need to make sure to open all times of reading with good prayer. It needs to be a quality prayer if you want to have quality time in the Word. It needs to be heartfelt, truly expressing your desire for key power to assist you as you read, so that you will understand the Word, that it will come alive to you, that it will become a part of you.

11. Without the spirit they’re just dead words on a page. But with the spirit, they are Me—they are the embodiment of My very Person. That’s the object of the opening prayer—to help those words become more than ink on a page, more than little toner spots on paper; to help them transform into the spirit and life of the God of the Universe!

12. (Question: ) In this prophecy, You said “Without the spirit they’re just dead words on a page.” You have always encouraged us to read the Word even if we didn’t feel like it or didn’t seem to be getting anything out of it‚ because the Word never returns void. How does this statement fit in with what You’ve said in the past?

13. (Jesus:) It’s true that the Word never returns void. If you read it and it comes in contact with your spirit, it will affect you for good in some way. My point in this passage is that if, for whatever reason, you’re not absorbing those words, if you’re not fully taking them in, then you won’t get much out of them. I’m not contradicting all that I’ve said about the Word affecting you even if you’re force-feeding. I’m making a different point—that if you don’t prime the pump and try to focus and absorb, it will not be quality Word time, and you’ll get little from that time.

* * *

14. Never start your Word time without a desperate cleansing prayer‚ rebuking Obstacon and Pan and the other demons that fight the Word. Then make it a goal for yourself to never go through a session of reading the Word without pulling out at least one exceptional quote that speaks to you personally. This makes you search and dig through what you read and makes you question if what you are reading is really feeding for you. It also prevents you from just reading the Word with your mind or your eyes, while your spirit is gone somewhere else and not getting fed.

Pan is the arch demon whose aim is to gain control over the mind. He is the enemy of faith, one who actively seeks to cloud the mind, to bring up doubts, questions, analyzing, distortion, complexity, confusion, anything that would stand in the way of simply taking in the Lord’s Words in childlike faith and belief.

15. One other thing you should do when you take your Word time is take any questions that you have to Me right then and there. Divide your daily hour and a half of Word time so you get an hour of Word and a half-hour of prophecy time. That is My personalized plan for you.

* * *

16. (Mama:) As I was working on this Letter‚ someone in WS sent me the following prayer list that the Lord gave her to use in her prayers before her Word time. She had asked the Lord for a written prayer, but He explained that He didn’t want her to use a written prayer and thus pray the same prayer each morning, as it would become repetitious. He instead gave her a list of points to include in her prayer, so that each day she would stir herself up to pray for these things in her own words. Here’s the list the Lord gave:

Word time prayer list

1) Begin with words of love and praise to Me.

2) Rebuke the influence of Pan and his implets. Bind the power of Obstacon, Apotheon, Arakan, Lethargy, Oplexicon, and all of the other demons of Hell that fight your Word time.

3) Call on the power of the keys of imprisonment to keep the Enemy from disturbing your time with Me.

4) Call on Styrian‚ Arcos, Lucerne, Michael and the Chiefs [and the Lord named two of her personal spirit helpers here as well], to help you in tuning in to your Word time and fighting against the Enemy and his demons who will try to distract you from your time with Me.

5) Tell Me how much you want to receive and be fed by My Word.

6) Tell Me that you need these words more than anything else.

7) Ask Me to keep distractions and detours away from your Word time, so that you can stay in the temple for your full time of Word and thus receive a complete filling from Me.

8) Close your eyes again and just focus on My Word, how you’re entering into the temple in spirit and how much you need My Words.

9) Claim key promises on Word time.

10) Praise Me for the gift of My Words, the spirit helpers I have given to aid you‚ and the chance to sit at My feet and learn of Me.

11) Claim a few key promises for your time of hearing from Me and praising Me.

Apotheon: Demon who, as the Lord has said, “goes about the earth to and fro amongst the children of men weakening and undermining faith, courage‚ and hope; seeking always to press down, to push down, to oppress, to cover the eyes of those who would turn them upward toward Me where there is light, hope, and growth, and where there is always forward movement” (ML #3400:178).

Arakan: Chief demon of confusion and depression. Confuses, fights concentration and focus, and then brings on discouragement and depression as a result.

Lethargy: A demonic spirit who lulls people to sleep.

Oplexicon: A demonic entangler who opposes the answers of God and denies the truth.

Styrian: A good spirit who is the opposite of Lethargy‚ and when she fights him, he vaporizes. She is a whirlwind of positive spiritual activity.

Arcos (Arcothon): A conduit of the power of God, who teaches us the art of spiritual warfare and to be conduits of the power of God.

Lucerne: A light bearer with great love, mercy and purity—the Lord’s counterpart to the darkness of Satan’s depression. Helps us to rise above depression and helps us discern our thoughts—the right and wrong paths our minds should and shouldn’t follow.

Michael (archangel) and the Chiefs: Michael and a special band of angels: Senior officers of the Heavenly Angelic Forces‚ “the highest in rank when it comes to casting down the devils that fight the Words of the Lord” (ML #3443:82).

Keys of imprisonment: The Lord gave us the key promise: “As you call on the keys of imprisonment, I will lock the doors and bind the power of Obstacon and all those who obstruct the flow of My Word in your hearts, minds, and spirits. The keys of the Kingdom bind all the power of the Evil One.” He then explained: “When I ask you to call on the keys of imprisonment, this has a dual meaning. Some of these lesser demons can indeed be cast out and bound elsewhere, whether it be in the depths of the sea or the heart of the earth, where many are prisoners already. For others, when you use the keys of imprisonment, you lock the doors around yourself or around others, so that demons cannot enter to harass you and hinder your work. In a manner of speaking‚ you imprison yourself in a force field which is impenetrable to the attacks of these evil ones, or erect an invisible wall in front of them when they would come toward you. It is much like you act out in your box skits, where the unwary person bumps into an invisible wall when he goes the wrong way. Thus it is with unwary demons who would come your way when you are protected by these keys—they run smack into an invisible wall, or a very visible fireball‚ if need be!” (ML #3434:16).

“The temple”: Father David wrote about a vision he had of a spiritual “temple” which represents a place of communion with the Lord. “I see a vision of a group of people under a dome in a big central room. They’re all looking up, like they expect something. … They’re bathed in a beautiful golden glow from above, and they take deep breaths of the heavenly air that descends on them. It’s the Lord’s temple. We wouldn’t worry and fret so if we spent more time with the Lord, looking up through that starry dome, breathing that heavenly air, and hearing that beautiful music. We’d find peace and rest for our soul. It would totally renew us and refresh us and give us new vision and fresh inspiration, new strength‚ rest and peace and joy” (excerpt from “Temple Time,” in God Online, a Mountain Streams book; ML #191, Vol.2 or DB5).

Studying and absorbing the Word: Quality time

17. It’s true that just taking in the Word will make a major difference in your life—but once it’s in, what are you going to do with it? Making quote collections from it is important, because you need to keep reminding yourself of the important principles and rereading significant sections so that they are drilled into your mind. Some quotes you will memorize, but whether you do or not, reading them over and over [or listening to them on audio or via MP3 files] will gradually make them a part of you.

18. It’s a principle of My Word and My Spirit that as you fill your heart and mind with it, My Word will begin to make a difference in your life. It is not a work of the flesh. You cannot do it on your own, so let My Word do it for you and to you. You just take it in, drink it in, absorb it.

19. As you read and reread certain quotes, take time to ask Me why this quote is significant to you, and how I want you to apply it in your life. In every quote I bring to your attention, there is something I want to speak to you about. There is some way you can and must act on it. Sometimes I can tell you with just a word or two, or sometimes even by reminding you of something that you read in My Word before, a verse, or a song that shows you how to incorporate the principle you’re reading about into your life. Sometimes it will be a little longer message that you need to write or type out to remember. As you associate the different quotes and points you read with the personal message I give you about it through prophecy, the Word will stick more in your mind and in your heart. It will begin to affect your soulitude,* and you will see a change in your life.

20. Take time after you read something to go through the quotes you have marked and turn your heart and thoughts to Me so that I can tell you what it means for you personally.


(Dad: ) Learn to focus your thoughts, focus your prayers, focus your spirit‚ focus your mind, focus your soul, focus your whole “soulitude”! What is soulitude? That’s soul plus attitude—your whole being—your soulitude! Focus it on the Lord‚ focus it on the power, and then shoot that prayer beam with pinpoint accuracy and blast the Devil to bits, blast the sickness to bits, blast the Enemy to bits, blast the problem or the obstacle to bits! (ML #3433:396).

* * *

21. You wonder why you feel uninspired sometimes, or a little listless, or even bored with your work? It comes from shallow swimming in the Word. It comes from not diving deep into My Word and spending more time there. You need to become not just a deep swimmer‚ but a deep-sea diver in terms of time spent in My Word.

22. Seek Me more fervently for what I want you to do each day. Delve deep into the Word and think of it as not just Word time, but your calling, your responsibility to know the Word, to be filled with the Word‚ to be an expert in the Word. The more you get into it, the easier it will be. The more you study, the more you will desire to study, and the more you will retain and absorb.

* * *

23. The key to anything being quality time is to ensure that there’s nothing else standing in the way of your focus or concentration. There are many things that come into play when the Enemy is vying for that special time we have together.

24. Almost anything can pull you away from My Word—not because you don’t want to have Word time‚ but because you’re so used to having two, three, or more things going at once, that sitting still and quiet gets on your nerves a bit. It almost makes you feel jittery‚ as if you need to be doing at least one other thing. You feel like time is slipping by and it’s almost an addiction, like needing a smoke, to be doing something else at the same time.

25. You need to get prayer against this, because this is one of the Enemy’s main inroads to dilute the quality of your Word time. You know this is a problem, but it’s so hard to do something about it. You feel like it’s redeeming the time to do more than one thing at a time‚ and usually it is, but not in this case. You’ll just have to believe Me on this one.

26. Look at it this way: Even though you may be getting more physical things done and taking care of other little things at the same time, if your attention is partially distracted by those things, you won’t be meeting the full requirement of having focused, quality Word time; you won’t be getting what you need to out of the Word. Therefore that time is not all that it could be, and could even be considered a waste of time. You need to let those other little things go and learn to focus fully on the Word if you want to truly redeem the time. That will be your sacrifice—sitting still, being quiet, and studying.

27. Study will really help you. It will be a key. As you listen to the Word, if you have a copy to read with, and you can mark or follow along, then you won’t feel like you’re wasting time or that your mind or body or hands are so idle that you’re practically driven to do something else‚ to get up and walk around, and to engage in another activity. Study will help you to focus more, and it will also keep away this temptation of multitasking.

28. The Enemy will fight you hard in this area, and a safeguard for you would be to have Word times with others so that you can’t revert to this bad habit—at least until your personal Word time habits are solid and well established.

* * *

29. You’ve got to let your Word time be more than a mental process of reading. It has to be more than taking in information. It has to speak to you like the whispers of a lover—words that you cherish, that you remember, that you dream about, that you repeat to yourself over and over, that you let become a part of you and that take on a life of their own inside of you. That is how I want you to be with My Words. I want them to be a part of you—not filed away in your mind, nor even only accepted and believed. I want them to touch you, to move you, to stir you to action, to fill you, to lift you to new heights!

30. Pray for an insatiable hunger for the Word. I don’t want you to just be faithful to read it, or even to give it the allotted time; I want you to crave it. I want you to feel it in the depths of your soul. I want the Word to be such a part of you that you miss it if you don’t get it, that you feel the loss.

31. My Word is Me, and I want to be so much a part of you that you can’t wait until the next time you can be with Me. I would so love it if you treated My Word, and thus Me‚ as you do the one you love—giving Me your 100 percent focus; being willing to drop anything when I call; anticipating your time with the Word; putting your mind, body, and soul into your time; making sure that nothing will distract you during your important time with Me and My Word; thinking about it long after it’s over; letting a part of your mind be consecrated to it—always on call‚ always thinking about ways you can make your time in My Word more quality.

* * *

32. Rebuke Obstacon through the power of the keys when you take this needed time with Me. If he can’t get you not to take Word time, he’ll try to make your Word time of lesser quality and make you space out and not receive My seeds fully. So, fight to make it fruitful!

33. Use your marker as you read. Write down or copy quotes that speak to you. Do a variety of things in order not to get bored or fall asleep. Memorize quotes that stick out. Review key promises as you go, wherever they fit in. When you read something that applies, stop and pray for any changes you need to make, or for others in the Family. Flush out those lungs and sing a song of praise to Me! Sing a fighting song and defeat the Enemy and all his demons! Speak in tongues! Call on the spirit helpers helping you! Rebuke the Devil and all the demons!

34. You don’t have to sit absolutely still for an hour and read word after word—you can intersperse any of these things, and more. When I speak to you about something you’re reading, write it down or type it up in order not to lose it. I might have a personalized message on a certain subject that I and My helpers are trying to get across to you.

35. Be open as you take time with Me. This is time to be moved by My Spirit and to make sure that this time is making a difference in your life. I am a living God and a moving God! I want to live and move and work in your life. I want you to make a difference in the world today!

36. Seek Me after you read something to see if you really got the point—My point. I don’t want you to sit and read something just for the sake of reading. I want it to cause a change in your life. Ask Me how you can go out and live it and practice it. Ask Me what I am expecting you to do about what you read. After you read anything, you have a responsibility. You are accountable to make those words a part of your life and a part of you. Open your channel to Me and let Me speak any words that I have for you.

* * *

37. Start every day off right, loving Me‚ praising Me, feasting on My Word‚ and letting Me speak to you. This will put you solidly on My channel so that you can hear from Me and soak up My Spirit all day long, in everything you do. If you can just get on My channel and stay there, all your time will be quality time with Me. Of course, you can’t spend all your day with your head in the clouds, so to speak, but the more you practice getting in tune with Me in the morning, the closer you will be to Me all day long, and the easier it will be for you to reconnect with Me after being called back “into the wings*” to attend to earthly matters.

*Note: “The wings” are symbolic of our service to the Lord, in contrast to being “in the temple,” as David explained in the Letter “Temple Time”: “People are rushing around out in the wings, like they’re busy in the service of the King; but the people here under the central dome just stand there quietly and look up, bathed in that beautiful, beautiful golden glow from Above, taking big deep breaths of that Heavenly air that comes down the pipe. … You just cannot go on if you only hurry around all the time in the wings and you never step into the rotunda and look up through the dome, spending quiet time, seeing Heavenly visions and breathing Heavenly air and hearing Heavenly music and voices! It just totally renews you and completely refreshes you and gives you new vision and fresh inspiration, new strength, rest and peace and joy!” (ML #191:7,10, Vol.2).

38. When it comes to getting in My Word, it’s true that nothing succeeds like success. When you get fired up about something in the Word, it catapults you into My Spirit and snowballs, until everything you read comes alive to you by My Spirit. But it takes effort to strike the first spark or get the snowball started. Too often you don’t get much out of the Word you read because you don’t get turned on by it, and the reason you don’t get turned on by it is because you aren’t desperate enough or you give up too soon. It takes work. As My Apostle Paul said, you must labor to enter into My rest (Hebrews 4:11).

* * *

39. I love to answer your questions. And it is a thrill and a delight to Me to see all the beautiful questions you have, and the way you want to do My will, because you believe in Me and you know that I have the solution for everything.

40. But at the same time, you need to come to Me for simple worship and love. You need to sit at My feet and learn whatever I want you to. You need to let Me speak and instruct you about the things that I know you need, not just those things that you want the answers for.

41. I love you and I can help you, My dear one, but you must let Me have more control, more space, more of a place in your heart and mind, so that you are not just bringing Me the questions you have and expecting Me to answer them. I want to answer your questions, but this is not the first thing I want from you. First and foremost I want your love, and to connect with you in spirit as lovers do. Those times when we just sit and love one another are so sweet, so beautiful, so refreshing and so life–giving, so precious. They will take away the care and the worry that bothers you at times.

42. I also want to be able to speak freely to you on topics that I know you need; to jump out from a passage you read, or something you think of, and come through with a special message. You’ll gain much from letting Me speak to you through more than just the questions you have for Me.

Prepared meals: The secret to good nutrition

43. There is a big difference between eating a quick meal because your stomach knows that it is time to eat and you grab the few things that you find to eat quickly, or being conscious that your body needs good nourishment.—That you need a certain amount of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and starches, and work accordingly to prepare a good balanced diet every day. I have created your body to have certain needs, and except for rare or unavoidable situations, it is your duty while on earth to supply the right quantity and quality of food that your body needs.

44. The same applies to your spiritual feeding. Are you going to read quick little passages here and there just because you have to fulfill a time mandate of reading My Word? Or are you going to pray, to ask Me what you need every day to feed your spiritual body? Ask Me what topic or type of Word will give you what you need for the day.

45. Take the time to pray and to plan your diet as you would with natural physical food. I am your Chef and you can order whatever you like, but you need to take the time to read the menu and study the different dishes. Don’t go running into a “fast food restaurant,” grabbing the first things that happen to be on your desk and skimming through them because you have to fulfill your Word quota for the day. Take the time to read, and to absorb what you’re reading. Take time to reread a passage. Take notes. Underline a certain paragraph that speaks to you. Pray about the assignments that I give you through My Word‚ or that are mentioned in the Letters. Keep a pen and a paper nearby to jot down any comments or ideas or studies to do afterwards. Then go over these notes later and see how you can do some of these extra studies.

* * *

46. You are going to have to take the time to hear from Me as to what to read and study, and to prepare your Word ahead of time. Perhaps you can make Saturdays or Sundays the day you prepare your Word projects for the week ahead. In fact‚ you could have several projects lined up, and some ready at all times, so you are not caught without something ready to read. This could be your worst enemy in trying to make this Word revolution a reality: being unprepared or having nothing on hand to study.

47. Next, make yourself some sort of daily chart or checklist—a chart where you can check off whether you got your time in or not. You could list the name of the Word you read, the date‚ and the time you spent in study. The same could be true of your prayer and prophecy time‚ and your prayer vigil. If you make a chart, then you will see for sure how well you’re doing and you will avoid that situation of “thinking” you got your time in, when you really didn’t.

48. Pray before you begin each study session for wisdom, insight, anointing, and understanding of the Word that you will read. Don’t just dive in, but take some time to prime the pump and prepare for what you are about to receive.

* * *

49. For regular Word time, the key is schedules. For quality time, the key is menus. The idea behind menus is that you take time to make sure that you prepare a balanced Word meal for yourself. Think about when you are hungry. That shouldn’t be hard—you’re hungry right now. Why is that? It’s because this morning you didn’t have a menu; you didn’t have something that you knew you were going to prepare and eat. So you went the other route—the opposite of menus—we’ll call it scavenging. You went scavenging. You opened the fridge, kinda looked around‚ ate a little of this, a little of that, drank some water, etc. In the end you came away not entirely full or satisfied.

50. The same thing happens with the Word. You can either prepare Word menus as I will show you how to do, or you can scavenge for Word. “Scavenging” means to not come with any set plan, but to try to make up a plan on the spot. This wastes valuable Word time, and generally you end up with less of a good meal than if you had followed a menu. Sometimes you do well‚ just as sometimes you strike it rich in the fridge and score some real tasty leftover and have all you wanted. But you can’t depend on that.

51. You have to create balanced Word meals. I want you to start scheduling not only the time for Word, but also for what you will do during that Word time. Cooks don’t just plan “chicken” for dinner, but also plan how they will cook the chicken, so they can prepare accordingly and gather any other ingredients that they will need. I’ve given you the elements for what constitutes a balanced Word diet, and you have to arrange them in ways that look attractive and edible to you.

52. A good Word meal should include:

1) Prayer for your Word time.
2) Reading My Word.
3) Memorization.
4) Praise/time loving Me.
5) Hearing from Me in prophecy.

53. A proper Word menu will say, for example, that for the first ten minutes you’re going to have memory and review. Then you’ll have praise time, and you’ll actually have a plan to follow—that you’re going to play a song or you’re going to say words of love and praise to Me. It could even specify whether you’ll come up with your own or use a book.

54. Then for hearing from Me you need to know what question you’ll hear from Me about, or if you’re just generally asking Me for My thoughts about the day. That’s fine too; you just need to know what you’re listening for.

55. Most important is the main course—the Word you’re going to read. This needs to be planned. You need to have a project you’re working on and you have to plan ahead, so that if you finish one thing, you have something else to go on to.

56. I want you to actually make a little form for yourself, a little Word menu that you fill in every day with what you’re planning to do the following day. You can experiment with the best time to get your Word menu done, as it may vary from day to day.

57. The more detailed your plan, the more effective your Word time will be. This may seem silly to you, or you may think you’re going overboard, but you have to remember how highly I value this time. Your Word time is so important to Me, and it’s so important to your growth‚ that there is almost nothing you could do that I would look upon as going overboard. The better you have planned it, the more smoothly it will flow, and the more you will get out of it.

58. Remember to consult Me when making your menus, to ask Me what I would like you to read, what I would like you to hear from Me on, and how I would like to be praised.

59. The more things are scheduled, the less anything is left up to last-minute planning, the less opportunity the enemies of My Word have to use circumstances and blank spaces to waste your time, to snatch away your concentration‚ or to fill you with boredom.

* * *

60. Pray about and plan your Word reading and feeding schedule. Prepare a packet of Letters or a directory of MP3s or files ahead of time so you have easy access to good feeding reading for Word time, as well as any other time you find you have a few free moments. Do not, however, over-manage your time with Me. [Note: In this case MP3s refers to audio files of Letters read aloud, or Letters converted to audio using a computer text-to-speech program. Text files you want to listen to can be converted to MP3 format fairly quickly and easily by using computer programs such as TextAloud and others.]

61. In this quality time with Me, I am not looking for you to crank up an MP3 file to maximum speed and pop it into your ears and not let Me get a word in edgewise. When we go over My Word, I want you to do it together with Me, discussing it, praying about it, applying it, meditating on it, and asking Me to explain it. I need spirit-touching time with you so that I can mold you into the extension of Me and My love that you need to be.

62. I want secret time in the inner chambers with you, communing heart to heart with you, so that I can begin to soften those places that are getting hard and inflexible, so that I can knead those knots of tension out of your spiritual life and give you great peace and confidence. I need time alone with you away from regulations, schedules, duties and distractions. I need quality conference time with you each day.

[The following list, in point form, is a compilation of specific tips from several different personal prophecies:]

63. * Have Word handy to read beside your bed on the subject of praise and prayer. This helps you in the morning when you open your eyes to have praise on your lips. At night when you are tired and ready to fall asleep‚ it allows your last breath to be a praise to Me as you read something about the importance of praise and prayer. You can continue to read on these two topics as much as you want, because you can never thank or praise Me too much! And you can never pray too much.

64. * Make sure you come “armed” for your Word time. This means arming yourself with a good solid opening prayer before you begin reading, asking Me to help you to fully focus on Me and My Word‚ putting on My Mind‚ and then claiming a key promise specifically for good, solid, feeding, quality–filled Word time. Also come armed with your tools: a paper copy* of what you’re reading‚ as well as a highlighter for marking key points or passages‚ and a pen for jotting down notes, points, or questions that come to mind while you’re reading.

65. *Note: As the Lord brought out in the Letter “What is Jesus Worth to You,”* (ML #3549), He wants us to learn to study His Word, to become students of the Word. So whether reading the Word on paper and bringing a notebook and pen and highlighter is what works for you, or you use your computer or a PDA (having closed down e-mail and instant messaging programs and anything else that might distract you), and copy quotes into your quote file, highlighting in the Word file, and making notes of questions you want to ask the Lord, the point is to learn to study and absorb the Word. (*Note to Active members: If you haven’t yet had the chance to read this New Wine Letter‚ please ask your Home to share it with you! Note to Homes: You can find the New Wine versions of many MLs at this link on the MO site:

66. * Bringing your own spirit into subjection is a key. Learning to control your spirit and your wandering thoughts is something that I can help you do, if you specifically ask Me to. Then specifically pray against your absorption-opposer in the spirit—Obstacon—or any other minions of the Enemy who would fight your absorption of the Word or being fully fed in the best possible way each time you sit down to have Word time.

67. * Forget about how much you’re reading. It’s not a race to see how much you can read or how quickly you can read. Don’t gauge yourself in this manner or compare with others and how much they’re able to read in the same span of time. The first key is quality, not quantity. And the second key is applying what you read. Again, it’s not how much you read, or even how much Word you know, or how much Word you’ve memorized.—It’s how much you’re applying to yourself and living what you do know. Always remember that. It’s better to read a little, while really studying the words and gleaning from each sentence and passage what I want to give you, and being changed by them, than to read pages and pages and retain only a small fraction and apply even less.

68. * Have the material you want to read and study printed, or on your PDA, or (in the case of audio files of Word) loaded on your MP3 player, in advance of the next day’s Word time.

69. * Keep an ongoing list of Letters you’d like to read and study when you have time.

70. * After you read a Letter, make a list of a few phrases that summarize that Letter—the main “to dos” from the Letter, simply put. Keep those phrases in a place where you will see them often for that day or for the next few days.

71. * You need a spirit of quietness before Me—a spirit of reverence and getting quiet before your Maker. You need to be able to put aside the world, the day, and your own thoughts and mindsets, and have a spirit of calm—not the speedy‚ tense, and uptight spirit that you so often have. You need to pray for a spirit of peace first of all before you begin your time with Me.

72. * When listening to an audio file of a Letter, always follow along on paper. This will keep your mind present and not wandering and missing parts. If you miss something, go back and reread it to make sure you’re getting everything.

73. * Have good prayer for receptivity every time you begin to read the Word. Ask Me to slow you down, to help you to stop, look, and listen to My Words. And ask Me regularly how something applies to you. When something speaks to you, stop and copy that quote and get My counsel on it right on the spot. Don’t save it for later, because “later” doesn’t often come. Do it right away and see how you can implement that counsel that day. By putting the Word into action immediately, it will become a bigger part of your life and begin to dictate your actions.

74. * Writing down or typing quotes helps to reinforce the best parts of the Word, and also creates a mini-condo*, a sort of “greatest hits” collection for your easy and fast reference later. If you’re reading on your computer, keep a file open that you can pop the good quotes into. Stopping to pull quotes also helps you to break up the straight reading, so you can resist the tendency to lose your focus and concentration during Word time, while you let your mind wander. You have to stay on your toes to pick out the quotes. (*condo: condensed version of a Letter).

75. * Ask questions. Having questions about the Word isn’t something that you encounter very often. You find the Word pretty clear and you don’t generally have questions about it. But if you’re looking at it not from the standpoint of things you don’t understand, but things that you would like to delve deeper into, you could probably come up with some good questions to write down to ask the Lord about later. It would be good for you to try to come up with things that you’d like to delve further into. It’s not doubting; it’s good for you, because it will help to stir up your spiritual curiosity. Try to be like Mama, who always wants to see all sides, get the full picture, and is always there to say, “Can You tell us more about that‚ Jesus?” I’d like to nurture that same spiritual curiosity in you.

76. * Take notes. I’d like you to jot down notes and things that come to mind while you’re reading—things like other Letters that the Word reminds you of, specific situations where this could have come in handy, specific times you’ve made mistakes along these lines, things to discuss with your wife [or husband], things that you could do in the Home to enact this Letter, etc. You’re pretty used to just reading straight through, but I want you to develop these ways of taking the Word to the next level.

77. * You should pray a cleansing prayer before you sit down to read My Word. Ask Me to cleanse your mind of any and all thoughts of business, any worries, to-dos, nagging fears or condemnation laid there by the Enemy. Like a sponge, if you are so full of everything else, you won’t be able to absorb what I have for you. So as you pray and as you commit these things to Me, I will squeeze you out and help you to be an empty sponge‚ open and receptive to soak up My Word.

78. * Add some spice by reading different things, such as doing Word studies on a certain topic. Read up on the Endtime. Occasionally have a “Childcare Word time,” where you read about children, childcare, and parenting. Add a few pages of From Jesus with Love or To Jesus with Love. Read a chapter from the Bible. Review some memory verses and chapters. Learn a few key quotes. Too often the problem with “boring” or “dead” Word times is that they are unplanned, and you just grab the first thing you find, which‚ though it may be very good, and feeding and inspiring, may not be the key for the day. So seek Me about what to read if you don’t have something that you are working through. And even if you do, get My confirmation on what would be good for that particular day.

79. * There are times when you’ll read My Word and it won’t feel so inspiring or “wow.” That’s natural, because the Enemy tries all kinds of things to pull you away from My Word and make you feel that it’s a waste of time and isn’t doing any good anyway.

80. When you feel dry or uninspired, that’s not a sign that you should stop reading, by any means. Stop and take some time praising Me, loving Me, singing to Me, rebuking the Enemy, and then get right back into the Word.

81. It’s your perseverance and focus and obedience that I bless and reward, not whether you “feel” inspired about it. So don’t let dry feelings stop you. Pause for a praise break, change positions, ask Me if there’s anything you can do to liven things up, and then get right back in there and finish your Word time. It will feed and strengthen your spirit whether you feel a whole lot different or not.

82. * Start putting together more Word compilations. This serves the purpose of keeping you more alert and causing you to really study and mine for the jewels; and it’s also a blessing to you later, when you don’t have something in mind to read that day, or when you really need some power quotes on a certain topic. It can be difficult to do a full study on a specific issue that you’re battling with—though sometimes that is important. But doing a study during “peacetime” is terrific preparation for that battle later. And if you study some area in which you’re really going through it, and that you’ll likely have to fight again, then that study will come in handy many times over. Last but not least, you can also use your compilations to benefit others in different ways—whether using them for devotions or passing them on to others personally.

83. * Make a to-do list from each Letter you read. You should make a point of having at least one question that you ask Me regarding each Letter that you read. Often the question can be: “How should I be putting this into action and applying it in my life?” You read the Word, you know you need the Word, you love the Word, and you have a hunger for it. But you are weak when it comes to applying the Word. This is where Obstacon fights you the most‚ through trying to delay your application of the Word. So this is where you need to fight the most. Fight to apply the Word, to do what it tells you to do. This is how making a to–do list from it will help you.

84. * Keep an ongoing list of to–dos from the Word. Starting a general “spiritual life to-do list” based on the Word you read, and that you maintain and check regularly, will be helpful.

85. * Make it a habit to determine that before you put down what you are reading‚ you will commit to some sort of action, in big or small ways.

86. * Regularly share what the Word is doing for you, or things that stand out to you from the Word, with someone else. Make it a particular point to do this with your friends that you’re closest to, to keep the spiritual aspect strong in your relationship.

87. * If you’re feeling drab when reading the Word, or you’re having a hard time concentrating, stop and see what I want you to do to have the best and most feeding time.

88. * Start a personal “From Jesus with Love” compilation of key quotes from your personal prophecies.

89. * Set aside one day of your personal Word time per week to dedicate to reviewing your personal prophecies.

90. * Do Word studies that are a follow-up to a recent Letter or that strengthen its message.

91. * Your time of hearing from Me will be much more consistent if you keep a daily prophecy log. I’ve told you to do this before, but it’s been hard for you to pull it off, and you’ve felt that it’s just too much to do a big prophecy each and every day. Maybe the trouble is that you’ve been setting your standard too high; you feel that you have to get several paragraphs and that it has to be very deep and heavy. It doesn’t. It can be very short. It can just be one paragraph if that’s all you get. It can be very simple. The point is to do it and be consistent. In time you will see that you’re getting fed by these daily times with Me, and that the messages are really helpful.

92. * Something that you need to make a habit of doing with each Letter that you read is to formulate at least one question to ask Me in regards to that Letter. You can do it during your Word time, after your reading time, or add it to your list to do the following day. You can’t leave the Word-related prophecy questions waiting for long, though, or you will be tempted not to do them at all. You must make a habit of asking Me how you can apply the Word that you read. Even if you think there’s nothing that can be applied from what you read‚ I want you to come to Me and ask Me if I have anything to say to you on that topic.

93. * One of the reasons you have difficulty deciding on what to read is that you have the mindset that you always have to be reading on subjects along the lines of your weak areas or self-improvement. But that’s not the case. There are hundreds of subjects to read up on in My Word, and all of them can and will strengthen you in some way. In fact, if you only concentrate on certain subjects in My Word and never on other topics, you can lose the overall vision of what you are in the Family for. You can do studies on the Endtime‚ Heaven, witnessing, children, young people, or a host of other subjects covered in the Letters. You can also do studies on spiritual matters such as prayer, the Word, hearing from Me, the keys‚ etc., along with subjects like humility and pride, honesty, and so many more.

94. There is a lot of variety in My Word and you need to partake of it all. Even if you think you are strong in a certain area, reading My Word on that subject and really studying it can always bring new areas to light that you can learn and grow in, or at the very least inspire you and encourage you to keep going strong in that area of your life.

95. * Meditating* is something that you don’t do much of. You would like to, but it takes so much to wind down and to let your mind meditate and be that thoughtful and quiet that it just doesn’t happen often. My hope is that as you quiet your spirit first thing in the morning, you’ll be in a more meditative state. *(“Meditation is emptying yourself of everything—any thoughts—and letting Me fill you. It’s harnessing your mind and giving it to Me, and allowing Me the freedom to connect with you in whatever way I want to” [ML #3554:166].)

96. Reflecting on My Word is also beneficial. You should start by pausing every little while to reflect on what you’ve just read for two or three minutes, to type out little phrases, to copy out key quotes, to do something tangible that will help you to grasp and absorb what you’ve just read, to review. You’re too used to lapsing into your work thoughts and the biz of the day. But having a few things to do or to compile will help you to get into a reflective frame of mind without letting your mind wander.

97. Try to take some time for both reflection and meditation** at the beginning, during, or at the end of your personal Word time each day. Meditation is beneficial and renewing to your spirit, and reflection will be a tremendous help to you in feeling the effects of the Word, and being reminded of it throughout the day‚ so that you can live the Word more and put it into practice in your daily life. (** “Reflection is not the same as meditation. In other words, if you’re reflecting on something, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re meditating. But the two do go together quite nicely‚ and it’s pretty easy to do both in the same setting. Both are spiritually healthy and good for you. Reflection, especially when you’re reflecting on something that you’ve read in the Word, is extremely beneficial. So take the time for both in your personal time with Me as often as you can” [ML #3554:180].)

98. * You must be an empty vessel if I am to be able to fill you. Even if you’re only half full of yourself, that will dilute the Word that you receive and cause it to only have a partial effect. My Word must take root within your heart and soul, and then it must be given time to grow. If you take off from your Word time as soon as you’re done, without taking time to reflect on what you’ve just read, and you start to think about work or whatever comes to mind, it will be as if you hadn’t read anything.

99. For My Word to stay within your heart‚ it must be meditated on, so you need to allow time for this in your schedule as well. Just as nothing can be enjoyed in a hurry, and you have to take time to savor and enjoy what you have just experienced, so it is with My Word. You must take the time to let it become a part of you. You will feel the change in your day as you allow My Word to wash you clean of the spirit of haste and replace it with a spirit of peace and faith.

Quality Word Time, Part 4

Karen Zerby

By Maria ML #3582 1/06 AM

My dear loves,

1. This is the fourth Letter in this series on Quality Word Time, and like the ones before, it contains excerpts of prophecies received by some of you in answer to different questions related to the Word revolution and making it a reality in your life.

2. This Letter focuses on how to keep up your momentum in having a Word revolution, memorization‚ combating familiarity with the Word‚ and other miscellaneous topics. I think that you, dear Active members, will find most of this counsel very helpful. If you are new to reading the Word, you might not yet have problems with familiarity with the Word‚ but you can be sure that it’s a tactic the Enemy will try to use in your life in the future. So store this counsel in your heart for when you need it. I love you, and I hope this helps cement the Word yet more firmly into your life and habits.

Much love, Mama

In It for the Long Haul!

Excerpts of counsel from the Lord given in answer to the question: “Jesus, do You have any counsel and instruction for me on how I can keep the momentum and not lose steam with the Word revolution?”

Note: You’ll notice that Jesus suggests rereading or reviewing the Letter “What Is Jesus Worth to You?” (ML #3433) in two different prophecies. (A New Wine version of this Letter is also available.) These were received by two different people‚ completely independent of each other, and this tip was also mentioned in several other messages which we didn’t have space to include. So it’s a suggestion that the Lord considers fairly helpful and relevant, since He gave it to so many people.

Claim the keys

3. It must be a work of My Spirit. It must be My doing, My power through the keys. When you’re feeling tired, or when important things that you have to do are filling your mind or distracting you from your times with Me, the best way to keep up the momentum is to claim the keys. The keys are important and play a major role in quality Word time becoming a long-term reality in your life. Claim the power of the keys to help you to keep My Word first in importance in your life and not falter in your commitments in any way.

4. You need to feel compelled to obey not only the practical aspects and the requirements that I have put before you that will make it possible for you to have quality Word time, but you also need to feel compelled to be putting the spirit of the revolution into practice in your life—that spirit of wanting to be closer to Me, of wanting to put Me first, of wanting Me and the things of My Spirit above anything else in your life.

5. When you feel your desire for the Word dragging or sagging‚ come back to the Letter “What Is Jesus Worth to You?” and be filled with the vision again. Highlight or write down the parts of the Letter that have the most to do with why I am asking this Word revolution of you and review them again any time you feel weary, or when your commitments are starting to fizzle out.

A way of life

6. Putting the Word first isn’t a temporary effort; it’s a way of life. Look at it that way from the beginning. You are establishing habits and methods that you are going to follow for the rest of your life. It’s like healthy eating or weight watching. You‚ and others who are somewhat on the heavy side, realize that for the rest of your life you are going to have to make an effort to eat more healthily than others might, to balance your meals. You realize that you’ll always have to watch it with sweets and minimize them, etc. It’s just a fact that you have to accept, deal with, and work into the fabric of your life. It’s not something that you do for a while and then quit. You can’t.

7. Something that you will need to do is come back to Me from time to time for an evaluation of how you’re doing in your Word-time habits, so that I can speak to you about areas you’re slacking off in, give you new ideas to revitalize your Word time, show you what type of studies you need to work on next, etc. You might not always follow a particular plan to the T, and mid-month or mid-week I will often bring something to your mind to read up on that wasn’t in the plan. But it’s still always good to have a more long-term plan.

8. The easiest way for you to remember to do this praying and planning of your Word times and be faithful with it would be to plan on doing it on the first of every month. Build that into your overall schedule. You usually do some general planning regarding your work at the start of each month anyway—rearranging and prioritizing your to-do list, clearing out and organizing files, etc. So make praying and hearing from Me in prophecy about your Word time part of your monthly planning and organization. Sometimes you might have specific questions, other times you might just leave yourself open to whatever I have to say. But set aside that time specifically for Word-time evaluation and planning.

Chart your progress

9. Plan a day‚ maybe the last day of the month, when you reassess your progress and check yourself on how you’re doing, what progress you’ve made during the month‚ and where you need improvement.

10. Just like an athlete would do when preparing for the Olympics: He must be in perfect shape, and he won’t be if he doesn’t practice beforehand and work on his weak areas to perfect his condition. All parts of his body must work in harmony and be in good shape, and this often requires months of training. Often he has to stop and evaluate his progress, to see how he can do better and how to prepare to be the winner. He has to keep taking note of his progress and at the same time keep looking ahead to the goal of being the winner and getting the gold medal.

11. So do the same with your training—keep a chart and record your daily accomplishments and progress, and once a month study these charts. See how you have been doing and where you can do better. This will help you to keep up your momentum and to make progress. Reviewing the main points of the Letter “What Is Jesus Worth to You?” frequently will help you to keep the vision and goal in your mind.

12. Training for the Olympics often means lonely preparation, with little recognition or encouragement. Only the best receive some glory, while all the others remain unknown, and few know the hardship and all that they had to give up just to run the race. But you are not alone; all your brothers and sisters around you are also training and running and are ready to help each other. And when the race is won, there will be a gold medal for each one who persevered and kept running.

13. You’ll all be winners in this race! So keep persevering and giving your all to be part of this great race. Many are called, but so few are willing to go through all the training and spiritual exercise that is needed to stay strong. For those who endure, it will be worth it all.

An idea a day

14. Ask Me daily for ideas that you can implement that will make your time in the Word interesting and exciting for you. This is a Word revolution! The Word has to revolute you and it should make you want to keep moving ahead and getting more of it. It’s living water. If it starts growing stagnant in your life, ask Me to stir it up and make it come alive for you.

15. Share with others what you’re reading and let the fire that I am lighting within you burn in others too. When you do, others will also share with you what they’re reading and absorbing, and it will make you want to partake of what they’re reading as well.

Flexibility keeps things fresh

16. A key will be to realize that the objective is to spend precious quality moments with Me—not to just spend X time every day in the Word. I have led you to apply tight scheduling to easily enable you to get this time, and that’s a good start, but the idea is not to become a slave to your schedule. The ideal is to become addicted to getting a good dose of Me, so that even if you’re not able to get it during your preferred time, you will still seek it out and go after it.

17. You have to want that time with Me; you have to crave it! I want you to try your hardest to build a good habit of spending time with Me at a regular time every day; but in the event that it isn’t quality time, I want your spirit to still reach for Me, to be motivated to make it up later. And I want you to be prepared to move anything and everything else in your schedule around so that it can happen.

18. Your Word time needs to be regular, but not routine. When something is routine, it gives Obstacon an opening to sow his seeds of boredom. My Word in itself will never become boring, but to your human eyes it can be made to appear boring through the machinations of Obstacon. (Note: For information on Obstacon, see Link, issue 3, page 11.) Therefore you must not give him an opening by allowing your time in My Word to become routine. You must look at your own human responses for the indication that your Word time might be getting a little stale and maybe it’s time to shake things up. Then you have to have the energy and the drive to come to Me about it‚ and not just ignore it.

Each time you finish a Word project that I’ve told you to do, when you ask Me about the new one, ask Me if there’s anything you should be doing or not doing to help bring your Word times more to life. That way I can continue to shepherd you in this area and keep you on track in the little ways.

Memory Power!

Excerpts of counsel from the Lord given in answer to the question: “How can I be more faithful to memorize and review the Word?”

Bite-size memory work

19. Set aside five to ten minutes at the end of your Word time to commit to memory another Bible verse, key quote‚ Word quote, or some inspiring thought from My Word. Start with something short. The problem is that you get so inspired about these things that you want to jump off the deep end and set large goals for yourself, and then you don’t meet them and you slide to doing nothing.

20. It would be better for you to take a single item to memorize and have it on a card to keep with you all day, and work on it throughout the day until you’re sure you’ve got it. Perhaps you could consider putting such cards into a box once you have memorized them so that you can review them and use them on your prayer vigils or walks. You will see that by memorizing even a single verse or quote a day‚ this box will grow, as will your capacity to memorize, and your confidence as well. Don’t try to develop too elaborate a scheme for your memory and review. Keep it simple.

Memorization is a part of taking in the Word

21. Memorization and review is an important part of absorbing the Word. It helps to take a key paragraph‚ verse, or key promise and “chew on it,” so you get all the juices from it and let it dissolve and absorb well into your spiritual body. You need to make this time available‚ as you have done with your Word time, and schedule it so that it’s a part of your Word for the day. It is a very important complement to reading the Word. It’s part of absorbing the Word.

Keep your memory sharp

22. Memorization is a weapon that needs to be kept sharp. I know you sometimes wonder how you’re going to be able to remember all the Word that has been hidden in your heart, if you end up in jail because of your faith or in some situation without the written Word at your disposal. But although you have turned your back on memorizing all these years, it has not turned its back on you. True‚ it is a muscle that is very weak now from lack of use and must be built up slowly to get back to the strength it used to have. It has atrophied, but it is not useless. It can be improved.

23. You simply need to obey and get back in the groove of memorizing. As you practice, it will become easier. The more you memorize, the easier it will get‚ till you will be able to easily commit things to memory. It will never be as easy as it was when you were a child and teen. But take heart; you can memorize, and I can help you to memorize and become full of My Word. You must study up on memorization. Read about it. Become envisioned. Study practical ways that you can memorize more easily.

Tips for memorization

24. > Keep a record of the verses or promises you’ve memorized, even if handwritten in a little notebook.

25. > Pick short verses or promises.

26. > Try to memorize a few each week.

27. > Memorize while you exercise.

28. > Memorize with your mate or a partner.

29. > While praying, use the verses or promises that you have memorized, even if repetitive.

30. > Choose a promise from each category.

31. > Receive personal key promises from Me whenever needed.

Why memorize the Word

32. You’ve let Obstacon tell you that you don’t really need to memorize anymore, that prophecy is enough, and that memorizing is just a lot of work and takes a lot of time—time that you don’t really have anymore. He tells you that memorizing was great when you were young, when you had a lot of time, but now that you are older it’s just not something you can be expected to do. Once in a while you wish that you were still memorizing and reviewing, but most of the time you haven’t really thought that it was necessary or the best use of your time. Well, it is. It’s very important.

33. You have the gift of prophecy, which is My fresh, living Word, and that is of vital importance to your life. However, in order for your channel to stay clear and for you to receive true messages from Me, you need My written Word to give you that foundation of faith and to keep it strong. Memorizing is a great help in that respect. Hiding the Word in your heart gives you instant access to My faith-building Word, and keeps the lines of communication with Me strong and true.

34. When at home you have the Word to go to and it’s freely available, but there are other times when it’s not and you need a boost of faith to hear from Me—not to speak of the darker days to come, when your life and the lives of those you love will depend on your connection with Me, and thus in part on the Word you have stored in your heart.

Keeping the Relationship Alive!

Excerpts of counsel from the Lord given in answer to the question: “How can I combat familiarity with the Word and my time with You?”


35. (Dad: ) Familiarity is something the Enemy often tempts you with in your Word time and connection with the Lord. You must fight with all your might against the tactics the Enemy uses to try to keep you from taking in and absorbing the Word. If he can’t stop you from taking time in the Word, he tries to negate the time you do take by distracting you, or hitting you with familiarity in things such as making you believe you’ve read something before, and therefore it’s a waste of time to read it again. But the Word is always new and priceless, like jewels and diamonds that never lose their sparkle and shine.

36. There is so much in the Word that you can read over and over again, and every time you will find new truths. It’s like a deep ocean: Just as one person could never hope to explore all of the ocean, so you will never have explored all of the Word. There will always be new little truths for you, as well as massive breakthroughs and discoveries‚ as you diligently and in all faith dive into the waters of the Word.


37. The cure for familiarity is intimacy. Spend intimate time with Me and you will be so in love with Me, so full of My Spirit, and so in tune with Me, that everything you read in the Word will be fresh and alive and speak to you. All the practical suggestions of how you can jump-start your spirit are good, but nothing will do that quicker than taking a moment to praise and love Me intimately.


38. Familiarity is a danger in any long-term relationship‚ and that includes ours. When someone is so loving and good to you, it’s easy to eventually start taking them for granted and not give them the respect and thanks they deserve. You forget just how much they love and help you.

39. You must continually stir up your remembrance of My care and love for you. You must continually remind yourself of all that I have done and continue to do for you. You must remember continually that it has been My words to you that have given you the power to fight the Enemy, resulting in many wonderful victories. That I have been the One, through My Word and personal words to you, Who has helped you to stay inspired and fervent to win souls and help others. That the peace and contentment in your life comes only from dwelling with Me—in prayer, Word, and communion—in our bed of love.


40. If you feel familiar with the Word, change your tactics. Read something new. Read in a new location. Read with someone else. Do a study on a topic of interest. Receive something new in prophecy. Visualize Me speaking to you, sitting right next to you, holding you‚ and speaking in your ear.

41. Another key to combating familiarity with the Word is to make it more a part of your everyday life and interactions with others. This helps it to come more alive. Speak about it more; include it more in your activities and times of fellowship.

When you don’t take time for Me

42. When you come to Me‚ enter into My presence in humility. Sit at My feet and listen to Me. Ask Me to keep you desperate and absorbing the truth that I have for you.

43. I want to show you a picture story‚ My love. It’s a simple picture story, but a very important one. Each picture represents a day in your life for Me. In each picture you’re sitting at My feet and I am handing you these beautiful gifts and treasures and you’re overjoyed‚ happy and smiling. Each day there are new and precious gifts, jewels you haven’t received before, more beautiful than ever. These are the days when you take time with Me and receive all that I have for you that day.

44. But then there are some other pictures, where I am just about to hand you some gorgeous gifts‚ but you slip quickly out of My presence and walk away to the cares of this life. You leave Me standing with the gifts that I have for you in My hands, looking at you longingly and calling your name, but you’re already absorbed in the business of the day and you can’t hear My voice anymore. Those are the days when you cut your time short with Me, and those gifts are left undiscovered and unused. These are the things that you are missing when you don’t take the time with Me that’s needed.

45. Will you please let Me give you the gifts that I wish to give you daily? These gifts have power and love and will help you to make it through the day. They are precious jewels that are alive, not just pretty to look at. They will become a part of you and start shining through you in the most beautiful colors and light. They will invigorate you and help you to get your job done better.

What you reverence

46. Anything that takes you from Me and keeps you from living and breathing My Word is an idol. It’s an idol because whatever you give your time to is what you value most. It is what you worship, in a sense. I’m giving you this strong and clear illustration because you need to see just how much I disapprove of being taken advantage of. You are the one who has the power to ensure that we have our time together. Short of afflicting you and laying you up in bed, there isn’t that much I can do to ensure that you take your time with Me daily.

47. So considering all of Me that I have given you, and the numerous blessings I pour out to you, when you cut or skip your time with Me, or settle for less than high-quality Word time and communion with Me, you are taking advantage of My generosity‚ of My good nature, of My blessings, and this upsets Me.

48. It seems like an easy choice to make, to put Me first—the One Who you love most and Who you are living for—but that is precisely the difficulty. Because it is such a familiar topic for My children, it’s too easily brushed aside. “Sure, we’ll do it. Word time? No problem!” But taking time for Me first is not a brand-new topic, so you don’t give it the time, thought, prayer‚ and attention it needs. Reminders are seen as nags, a repetition of what you’ve heard many times. But that’s where the Devil has you over a barrel. You have to change your viewpoint and mindset entirely about the words “the Word.”

49. You need to ask Me and call on the keys to give you a deep and unswerving reverence for the Word. You should jump up when you hear “the Word.” You should focus. You should put aside anything else and give Me your full attention. It shouldn’t be so familiar to you, because no matter how long you have known Me through My Word‚ I can still more than adequately surprise you. There’s always something new that I have to tell you.

50. Don’t become familiar with Me. If you allow yourself to become familiar with Me and My Word, you will be in for a surprise, because the consequences will come quickly and they will be costly.

51. I don’t like to threaten My children; I much prefer that they obey Me out of love. But in this case, since I alone fully know how crucial it is that My children and Endtime Family establish consistent and strong Word habits, and I also know the repercussions of not doing so, I give you this warning to help you to move in the right direction. I give you a stiff warning now so that you won’t have to suffer the consequences later. At least that is My hope.

Get into the Word before you get into your day

52. Many times in your life you feel dry spells where you hardly remember the Word that you’ve read and you just hope that it’s tucked away somewhere in your mind. Those feelings should stir you up to ask Me why, and what you can do about it. Many times the reason for this is that you come to your Word time with your day already planned, and with all of its cares on your mind as well. I want you to bring nothing with you when you come to Word time.

53. You can’t focus well on two things at the same time. So you’re really just wasting your time, because you can’t concentrate on My Word when you’re thinking about work. You must ask Me to help you to set aside all the worries of the day or the things that you think you have to do, and do the one thing that is needful: to spend time with Me. It’s easier said than done, you think, but I tell you that I can rewire your mindset to where you’re not worried about your day, but are entrusting it to My capable hands.

Too much meat?

54. You have good intentions and you want to try to really dig into the Word, but sometimes you can start to become harder on yourself than I would even be on you, and your mind starts rejecting any options for reading besides only the real meat of the Word. (See Hebrews 5:12-14.) The meat of the Word is excellent for you, and I hope that it will make up the core of your Word diet. But if that is all you ever partake of, boredom and familiarity will begin to set in.

55. You should make it a habit to ask Me about what to read, and whether the ideas you get are My will for you and what I know you need at the time. If you always make the call yourself, your choices will begin to tend more and more toward the very serious and sober, because you feel that’s what you should be doing, or that those things are the only meat of the Word. But that is not always the case, or it may not be My will. I wish for you to have good variety, and sometimes the light, happy, and easy reading is exactly what is needed to spice up your meal.

A different way to read

56. Sometimes you feel like there’s a roadblock when you’re reading a Letter for the eighth or ninth time. You practically have it memorized. When that happens and it’s a real fight to get something out of it‚ try something new. Try taking one key paragraph or a quote that’s always spoken to you‚ and turn it into a question. Ask Me, “Have I really put this into effect in my life? Have I used this counsel to the full?” It could help you in your personal Word time to be able to stop and ask Me, “What have I done with this Word?”

57. You can keep a Word–time personal prophecy log, where you write down the questions that come to mind as you read a Letter, and then you can take time either at the end of Word time or some other time to get answers for these questions. I guarantee that it will help your Word time to come alive. It will bring out the Word in living color and in all dimensions of your life‚ because you’ll be seeing how it applies to you personally, and how you should be putting it into action.

Old Word, new Word

58. (Dad:) New things can be discovered, and not only discovered but implemented with greater fervor and enthusiasm. Take the MO Letter “Stop! … Look! … Listen!” (ML #74)—sure it’s an oldie, but how many of you can say you’re living it to the full in your daily lives? How many of you are praying before each thing you do and really asking the Lord about decisions you make? I’m sure you’re doing your best, but my point is that you’ll never reach a point where the Word is of no use to you. It’s never true that some Word has become old hat and is not worth reading and studying anymore.

59. Look at the scriptures that were written 2,000 years ago and are still changing lives today. Has 1 Corinthians 13 grown out of style, to where it’s not applicable anymore or not able to convict you? I certainly hope not. These things will never grow old, and if you close yourself off to being fed by them, then that’s your mistake and problem—not the Word’s!

Commit your Word time to Me and get My guidance

60. Come to Me at the start of the week and ask: “Lord, what do You want from me and my personal Word times this coming week?” I will tell you what areas to work on and what studies to do, or I may show you to continue on with what you’re already working through. But you don’t know what will really hit the spot for you that week unless you ask Me.

61. Monday morning is a good time to recommit yourself to rising each day and taking that time with Me. It’s a good time to get My keynote for your week. It’s a good time to set your heart right with Me, to tell Me how much you love Me and how much you need My help to have quality Word time that week.

62. Making a habit of committing yourself and your Word times to Me at the beginning of each week will help you to stay on top of your time with Me, to keep up the momentum, and to do all you can to allow Me full sway over your Word times. If I am at the helm of your vessel and guiding you, then you know that I am leading you to what will be the calmest waters, the safest and most sure route to good, quality times with Me.

63. If you fail, if you sleep through your alarm, if you lose the desire or your physical weaknesses get the best of you, then you need to come to Me right away‚ seek My forgiveness and help, and get back up and try again. Please don’t let one mistake lead to many more. One compromise will lead to more. One skipping of your weekly rededication to Me will lead to another, and another, if you don’t get back on the wall right away through bringing your mistake before Me and asking Me for My help to combat the temptation to allow it to lead to more.

64. It’s so easy to feel that once you’ve blown your Word diet, then you’ll just slack off for the rest of the week and pick up again next Monday, but you can’t do that. You need to pick yourself up right away and come to Me in humility, admitting your mistake and asking Me for help and strength to get back up and keep going. I will not beat you over the head‚ I won’t be angry at you, but I will, in love and patience, tell you how you can guard against this next time and go on.

Simple Word time activities to try

65. Some things you can do to contribute to the Word flowing more in your Home, and having the spirit flow more freely, especially in the evenings, are:

66. > Invite people to your room, and ask them to bring a few short quotes to share, some things that have spoken to them specifically from some of their latest times in My Word.

67. > Have a little inspiration. Ask everyone to come, bringing one song to play or sing, or even a request.

68. > Let others know that you’re going to be reading and discussing such-and–such a Letter at such-and-such a time, and that anyone is welcome to join you.

69. > Have a little memory and/or review time‚ even just half an hour, when people can come and quote the things they’ve been working on memorizing, and/or you could all memorize something together.

70. > Ask those who want to, to bring a short excerpt of a personal prophecy to share.

71. > Print or photocopy some Letter excerpts or quotes and pass them around. Each person who picks one can read it, explain what significance it has to them or what it means to them, or talk about something related to that Word.

72. > Invite people for a little bit of praise time. Use interesting and unique ways to praise and love Me.

73. > Invite anyone who wants to, to come to an impromptu prayer vigil in your room.

74. > Choose a topic and ask people to bring a quote or verse or key promise to share on it‚ whatever it may be.

75. If there were more of this type of unity-engendering, Word-uplifting, spirit-filled activities happening in your Home, My Spirit would be flowing so much more freely, sparking and invigorating each person.

(Note: Some of these ideas will be more feasible than others in your situation, since these are geared mainly toward those who live communally with other Family members.—If you don’t live together with others, perhaps you could join in with a nearby Home in some such activities, or organize them at your house and invite others. Pray and ask the Lord how you can apply this counsel in your situation. He can also give you other ideas that are more feasible for you.)

Normal vs. “heavy” prophecies

76. Not every time you sit down to hear from Me is going to be exactly what you think. You just have to believe that when you sit down to hear from Me, no matter what you receive, what you hear is from Me. Sometimes it will be of a heavier nature (more revelatory or deep), but other times it will be just My voice of comfort and assurance. It’s the same with your wife, isn’t it? You don’t have heavy or deep conversations every time you sit down to talk, do you? No. Some of your conversations are just normal conversations where you touch base with one another and chit-chat. I know what you need, and when I know it’s the right time, I will give you exactly what is needed.

77. Just because you’re not getting something “heavy” right now‚ don’t worry. You can’t depend on how you feel. Just receive by faith what you are getting and know that it’s from Me. Each and every time you sit down to hear from Me, no matter what you receive, it’s strengthening you and preparing you for the future. So don’t give up and don’t judge our times of communication by what you feel you should or shouldn’t be receiving. Everything comes from My hand when you ask Me to speak. Okay? I love you and enjoy our times together.

“If you know these things…”

78. When you’re not applying the Word fully, then you get discouraged. “If you know these things, happy are you if you do them” (John 13:17). Likewise, if you know these things and don’t do them, sad are you, and so the Word becomes a trial to study, because as you do, it tells you those things that you are not doing.

Benefits of the Word are eternal

79. Keep the vision for the spiritual, My dear bride. Your work on Earth is but for a moment when compared to the infinite span of eternity. In Heaven your work for Me will go on, yes, but your time on Earth is more than just a time of working for Me in the physical. It’s also a great opportunity to grow in the spiritual, a chance for accelerated learning and lessons which you would not have been able to learn as well in Heaven. It is an advanced course under field conditions, a special opportunity for you.

80. So take full advantage of your time on Earth—not just in helping to reach lost souls through your work‚ but in growing into the person you will need to be for eternity. You do this by drawing near to Me through My Word; through letting Me dwell in you so that you dwell in Me; through times of intimate communion with Me; through using the keys and letting their power—My power—become part of you.

81. Don’t just try to be the best or most efficient you can be physically, in your ministry and service for Me, but be the best you can be spiritually as well. Seek excellence in the spirit, keeping the vision for the eternal things which are to come, and which surround you even now. If you can cultivate this vision for the eternal and the everlasting, realizing that your efforts now in the spiritual have consequences or rewards forever, then this will help greatly to overcome complacency, lethargy and familiarity, and will give you terrific victories.

There is more for those who want it

82. Your love for Me will be manifested in your desire to seek Me deeply through My Word. I want to bless you even more. I want My Word to dwell in you more richly. You can become much richer than you already are by receiving My New Wine. Get ambitious! Ask, pursue, linger with Me and never tire, but earnestly and desperately desire My Word. Go after it with all you’ve got!

83. Your love for My Word will help you to know Me in depth and in all the secret ways which you haven’t explored yet. There is much for you to discover. You have yet to discover all these riches. You have married a rich Husband! As you continue in My Words you will be rich and know the truth, and the truth will set you free from the earthly limitations that try to hold you down.

84. The Enemy uses those limitations to hold you back and to keep you from partaking more fully of the richness and the freedom that My Word gives. This richness is faith! And faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Faith will also give you the trust to know‚ beyond the shadow of a doubt, that all things that you go through are but a moment in time—a testing ground as well as a steppingstone to greater heights, greater love and fruitfulness for Me and others. Rejoice in that, because you will go from strength to strength. When everything else and everyone is gone, My Word still abides, for it’s the only truth and the only reality.