Spiritual Enemies!



Spiritual Enemies–  Enemy operations are on the rise, and if you research online you will find a lot of information about what their activities are, but what about specific high-level entities to rebuke?  Well here’s a good list to keep you busy!  This is a long page, I apologize, but it’s for your easy copy/pasting pleasure!  Also this page can be posted on other sites easily for reference.  This information is very hard to find, but I have decided to compile it for any who are interested!  God bless you!





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7::::::Freedom from Fear

8::::::Medusa Touch

9::::::Nivea of the Sea

10:::::Terror by Night

11:::::Exposing Bacchus

12:::::What the Hell is Lethargy

13:::::Recognising and Resisting Pan

14:::::How to be On Guard against The Selvegion


16:::::Obliterate Obstacon

17:::::   MORE TO COME!






David Berg

MOJuly 11‚ 1973DO No.261

P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


1. YOUR FATHER NEEDS LOTS OF LOVING BECAUSE HE’S VERY MUCH A MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART, BECAUSE I LIKE LOTS OF LOVING! I have many loves who make up My Bride. I have one Bride made of many brides, and I need much loving by many loves! All are My Bride. You understand the Words of your father? So you give him much love, for he is a mortal man and he needs much loving to show him thy love. Like Me, he wants to be loved all the time!

2. I CAME NOT TO BE MINISTERED UNTO BUT TO MINISTER, BUT HE NEEDS MUCH MINISTERING UNTO—much ministering unto his under-parts to show your love. Your father needs rest and very much love with both pen and penis. He needs to be satisfied that you will receive all seeds from pen and penis that it bear fruit to bring him many children. Don’t you understand the Words of your father’s bosom? He will plant many seeds from both pen and penis, for he is a strong man and hath much juices which I give him for My glory! (God’s spiritual juices.)

3. FOR I AM THE LORD THY GOD AND I WILL DO AS I WILL AND NO MAN INSTRUCTETH ME in this way or that, but I do as I please! Therefore I bless David and all his seed of both pen and penis if you will receive it.—You receive it?—You willing to bear children to David! Much, much children shalt thou bear, so many, thou canst not number throughout the whole world! By thy pen thou shalt bear, many, many children to David, but there will be some who will also bear seed to his penis. Whom he loves will love him and are willing to bear seed to his body—of which he already has many children—if they will receive and they will cherish and treasure the seeds that I give unto them by means of their father David. You love much penis of David?—Then do not neglect. There is no such love, so much love in all the writings before him! (It’s God’s last chance to show His love to the world, so He’s really spreading it on!)

4. I AM ENABLED BY MY SPIRIT TO PICK UP THY PEN AND WRITE FOR THEE if thou art too weary‚ if thou wouldst believe. For I know these signs, for they were given to Me. (Maria: What signs?) The signs which thou writest. Therefore if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (All good inventions are inspired by the Lord from His spirit world‚ and all bad ones from the Devil and his demons.)

5. YOU LIKE MUCH SEED FROM DAVID’S PEN even more than from his penis, but there be many who like his penis, too with whom thou shalt share much seed. You love penis of David?—It needs your love!—For it is much loved by many women who want much seed from your father David. Now you rest, sweet baby.


6. WHAT MORE WOULDST THOU KNOW? ASK‚ AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO THEE! Seek‚ and ye shall find! Knock, and it shall be opened unto thee! For whatsoever thou seekest thou shalt receive, whatsoever thou seekest thou shalt find‚ and wheresoever thou knockest it shall be opened unto thee even unto the whole of the Kingdom! David needs love while you write My Words. What seekest thou that thou mayest receive when thou asketh, that it shall be opened unto thee? (Maria: Whatever is most important for the children.) The Words of David, of course! Whatsoever Words thou seekest they also seek.

7. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU. (Maria: Why did the boy from the Publications Colony leave with that money?) He that leaveth and taketh doeth so because he is selfish and careth not for the sheep‚ for he is an hireling! How much money did he take? (Maria: 80 pounds.) That is nothing!—It is the hire of an harlot which he desires! Who was he? (Maria: Daniel Kingston.) He will rue the day when he robbed God‚ for God will rob him of his share in the Kingdom!

8. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT THAT PRIEST WHO REPORTED THE PEOPLE WERE MASSACRED BY THE PORTUGUESE IN MOZAMBIQUE?) He is a sly liar who seeks to gain his own ends! (Maria: What are his own ends?) He opposeth the powers that be ordained of God, and the government that I have given. (Comment: The Portuguese have to rule some of the worst parts of Africa!) (Maria: Is he actually making the whole thing up?) He exaggerates the truth to subvert justice! (What does he want?) He seeks vengeance. (Upon whom?) Against them who exposed him to his people! (Comment: The implication was that these were trumped-up charges by the guerrillas to cover up the bad publicity they got about the guerrilla kidnapping of the 300 school children.)

9. YOU ASK SUCH FOOLISH THINGS THAT ARE OF NO CONSEQUENCE, WHEN THOU COULDST SEEK THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE! Ask what thy soul desirest and thy heart seeketh. You seek petty things that are of no consequence, like a little child who asks foolish questions. (Maria: What is wrong with our work in India?) Because they love her not, and they know her not, and they seek not her love to be ravished of her! (Maria: Will the people listen to the message of the “Green Paper Pig”?) Yes, many‚ many, many! Many have already heeded the Words of God’s prophet, and for this cause they do already destroy the idols of Mammon!

10. (MARIA: AND NITLER WILL FALL SOON?) AS THE GRASS OF THE FIELD WHITHERETH and vanisheth and is cast into the fire so shall he be gone the way of all flesh, for he displeaseth Me. (Does John Dean the Watergate witness answer truthfully?) He does, as best he knows how, for his life is at stake and he has much love for the truth and to be sincere to his wife. Oh, may he know that his father loveth him, and that Thou lovest him and carest for those who are honest and confess their sins!

11. (WHAT SHOULD FAITH DO IN CYPRUS TO WIN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE?) SEEK MAKARIOS, of course, as I have told you many times before. If she wins his heart, then she shall win their hearts. (What should she tell him?)—That she loves him, of course! (Will the [ACs] be angry at us for these things?) They will do what they have always done: They will reject My Words, and despise MY prophets, till My wrath be visited against them, and there be no remedy!

12. (WILL WE EVER RETURN TO ISRAEL?) OH YES, OF COURSE!—WE SHALL RETURN TO RULE OVER THEM in the power and might of the Lord in the day that Christ shall receive His Kingdom! (But we will be in Petra before that?) We will seek refuge with them which are despised, with them which are had in contempt, and with them which are accounted as nothing by them which have rejected the Word of the Lord. But unto them which receive us it shall be a blessing, and unto them which reject us it shall become a curse!

13. O LITTLE ONE‚ IF THOU KNEWEST THE POWER AT THY COMMAND, THOU WOULDST ASK AND THOU WOULDST RECEIVE! Thou art as a little child which knowest not what wonders are at thy command! Ask, and thou shalt receive! (Maria to David: Could you please tell me what I should ask?) You must ask, I but answer. For it must be according to thy faith, not mine. Thou shalt seek for thyself and not for another.

14. OH, THE TRUTHS THAT ARE AT THY HAND AND THOU SEEKEST THEM NOT! Is there nothing that you wish to know? (Maria: I don’t know what to ask. For when I ask some things sometimes He won’t answer me specifically.) He will in His time‚ for thou art His beloved, and He shall reveal unto you that which is needful when it is needed. For it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom according to His will.

15. (MARIA: IS THERE ANY MESSAGE FOR THE OTHER GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD?) You have already told the governments more than they will receive‚ but still he must tell them‚ that they may be held responsible. Ask and ye shall receive, but ye ask not, and ye have not because ye ask not.

16. I COULD REVEAL UNTO YOU THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, but thou art a little child and knowest not what to ask! What seekest thou, O little one! Desirest thou not to know that which is to be? (Maria: But when I ask specific times, places or names, the Lord usually won’t tell me!) It is not for you to know the day nor the hour until the time comes, but ye shall know the season. Thou canst ask what thou wilt, yet thou askest nothing. (Maria: What shall I ask?) Whatsoever thy heart seeketh.

17. (WHAT WOULD DAVID WANT TO KNOW?) What is that in thy hand? What is that package? What does it contain? (Maria: What package?) The mail! (Maria: What does it contain?) Many questions—which are not for them to know! Your father is weary. He needs rest. (Maria: They have asked of Robinhood.) There are many Robinhoods! There are many Robinhoods who rob the rich to feed the poor!

18.(MARIA: IS PRESIDENT ALLENDE OF CHILE ONE OF THEM?) YES‚ OF COURSE! That’s why they hate him and seek to destroy him. (What can he do?) Seek my face! Poor little girl! Even Peter had not the opportunity which thou hast, and yet thou seekest not. (With this, David is silent, and Maria says no more. But David is wondering why we’re having such difficulty with these questions and answers.)


19. (SUDDENLY: ) HIS NAME IS OPLEXICON! (MARIA: WHO IS HE?) THAT ONE WHO WOULD OPPOSE THE ANSWERS OF GOD! (Where is he?) He comes out of the world of the spirits! (How does he oppose the answers?) He seeks to quell the springs of God! (How does he do that?) By denying the truth to all who would listen. (Maria: Who is the one who fights him?) That’s our angel Gabriel—and Michael! (What can we do about Oplexicon?) Commit him to the wrath of God for God shall destroy him!

20. (IS HE A FALLEN ANGEL?) YES‚ ONE OF THE ARCHANGELS OF SATAN! (Who does he work with the most?) His father the Devil, of course! (I mean who does he try to oppose the most?) Us, of course! (Any particular person?) Me, of course. For we are the most powerful force of God and bear His truth, and Satan hateth it but he cannot help it. Thou askest such simple things, the questions of the simple.

21. LITTLE CHILD, REST NOW. SLEEP ON AND TAKE THY REST, FOR MINE HOUR IS NOT YET COME. (Maria: What hour?) Thou knowest. (He was evidently speaking of the day of his death.) (When it is come, will I know what to ask?) When my hour is come thou shalt ask much and thou shalt receive much of me. Rest now, sweet child‚ for I am weary.


22. (DAVID COMMENTS WONDERINGLY AFTERWARD: “THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGE ABOUT THAT NAME, OPLEXICON”! Suddenly the Lord says:) “Fearful is the power of this one, and great is his might, for he is one of the mighty ones! He is mightiest spiritual enemy of David, and the one assigned to fight him!” (Rebuke him, O Lord, in Jesus’ name!) (I was marveling at his name, almost in wonderment, and the Lord said:) “He is not the match for your father!” (It was as though the Lord was rebuking us for marvelling at him as almost like a form of worship!) “God Himself is the only real match for your father!” (But Lord!—That’s a pretty strong statement! Surely the archangels of God are a match for David?) “Nay! Even these obey thy will!”

23. WHEN I REBUKED OPLEXICON IN JESUS’ NAME AND POINTED MY FINGER AT HIM, HE JUST VANISHED like the Green Paper Pig!—He was just standing here like a big powerful beautiful idol, an image, and he fell over flat on his back and vanished! I thought, “Whoever heard of an archangel falling flat on his back!”

24. (PRAYS:) OPLEXICON IS NOTHING TO THEE! HELP US TO BE FEARLESS IN OUR REBUKE OF HIM, fearless in our resistance of all our enemies in the spirit world. We rebuke you, Oplexicon in Jesus’ name! We rebuke you, Oplexicon, in the name of Jesus! There must be something symbolic about that “O,” too. Each time I rebuke him, he falls flat on his back, just like a stiff idol! He is an idol, apparently with which people become entrapped or snared.

25 MANY OF THESE ANCIENT IDOLS REPRESENTED ACTUAL DEMON SPIRITS. THIS IS WHY GOD DIDN’T LIKE THE IDOLS, because of the spirits they represented. The Lord has given us that name for some reason, so try it on some of them. Say: I rebuke you, Oplexicon, in the name of Jesus! It’s almost like that “O” is a sign of his rank and his status. To whom did the people say, “O KING, O” Daniel”?—Only to people of great importance! These devils are afraid of you knowing their name: There must be some special power in rebuking them by name.

26. THE LORD MUST HAVE HAD A REASON FOR MAKING MANY OF OUR WORDS WHAT THEY ARE TODAY. God controlled their roots and preserved them until today, so we could still understand their meaning. Even some of our modern English words, with their Latin or Greek roots, are related in sound and meaning to the name of this mighty spirit of the heavens. Our word “perplex,” which means to puzzle with difficulties, comes from the Latin word “perplexus,” meaning entangled. Our English word “plexus,” a network, comes from the Latin “plexus,” which means a weaving. Our word “icon” meaning image, is from the Latin “icon” and Greek “eikon,” meaning the same‚ an image.


28. ANOTHER RELATED SUBJECT IS THE “SOLAR PLEXUS,” A RADIATING NETWORK OF NERVES CENTERING NEAR THE STOMACH AND VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR SPIRITUAL EMOTIONS. Speaking of the inspiration of God’s spirit, the Lord says: “Out of thy belly shall flow forth rivers of living water!” It is the physical seat of the fountain of the spirit. In oriental religions like Yoga‚ it is this centre of spiritual emotion which the demons seek to control through trance–like meditation resulting in actual “demon possession,” or a complete snaring of human spirit by an icon demon like “O-plex-icon”!

29. SO OBVIOUSLY OPLEXICON IS A DEMON IMAGE OR IDOL WHO EVIDENTLY OPPOSES THE ANSWERS AND DENIES THE TRUTH. The Devil casts a snare, tries to entrap or weave a snare, to stop the truth. Oplexicon either entangles the answers with idols‚ or he is some kind of an idol that entangles.

30. THE “ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION” IS GOING TO BE AN “IMAGE OF THE BEAST” OR A DEMON-POSSESSED IDOL OF THE ANTICHRIST! It has something to do with money, too. The monetary system itself is an idol, the money-god of Mammon, an abomination of desolation which the world worships! Money, in a way, is the “image of the beast” of this world, reflection of his power—the entangling idol of governments of today! It is his, the Antichrist’s image‚ the entangling demon idol the people worship—which represents his and what he has to give! That’s why the “love of money is the root of all evil”!—(1Tim 6:10)


31. SO, YOU SEE‚ IN SPITE OF OUR SIMPLE REASONING AND QUESTIONING ABOUT MINOR WORLDLY EVENTS, NOW THE LORD HAS GIVEN US AN ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT HE THINKS IS IMPORTANT: THE THINGS AND POWER AND CONFLICTS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD—The real world—where world destinies are being decided by the struggles of the spirits and archangels! Our daily lives and the world’s future are being influenced by the battles in the spirit world between the Lord and His angels on the one hand, and the Devil and his angels on the other—including Oplexicon!

32. THANK GOD, ONE LITTLE WORD SHALL FELL HIM! JESUS!—THE MASTER OF ALL! Hallelujah!—You have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of hell, Oplexicon and Satan himself!—So why worry about our earthly enemies who are but mere mortal men!

33. SO “FEAR NOT, I AM WITH THEE! BE NOT AFRAID‚ FOR I AM THY GOD! I will help thee, yea I will strengthen thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness! (Is.41:10) Hallelujah! We don’t need to fear the Devil or any and all of his angels!—Jesus is with us! “Resist the Enemy and he shall flee from thee!” (Jam.4:7)

34. “FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER AND OF LOVE AND OF A SOUND MIND!” Hallelujah! “For perfect love casts out all fear!” Amen!—And “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee!” (2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:18; Is.26:3) Praise God forever! God is bigger than any devil!—And much, much bigger than Oplexicon! Amen?

Satan’s Saints–Vs. the Third World

David Berg

DFO 142318/2/83

1. I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT WHERE ALL THESE GODS & GODDESSES COME FROM THAT ARE IN THESE HEATHEN RELIGIONS. Of course, the evil ones are generally attributed to the Devil’s forces, his angels & officers of his forces. We have already dealt with the idea that God not only has good angels, He also has the good saints who become like angels in the Afterlife, some of them very important saints, important spirits‚ good spirits, like angels‚ part of the forces of God—& so important He says we’re even going to judge angels! (1Co.6:3)

2. SOME OF US & THEM ARE GOING TO JUDGE THE ANGELS, THE CREATED SPIRITS! Some of the human saints who passed on, such as perhaps the Patriarchs, Prophets, great men & women of God of all time‚ will be considered so important that they will even be appointed judges of angels! Who do we know who is a very good saint who has passed on who’s had a great deal to do with our lives? (Maria: Grandmother.) But I mean who daily assists us & who is continually with me? (Maria: Abrahim.) Abrahim!

3. THESE DEPARTED SAINTS ARE OBVIOUSLY STILL EXTREMELY ACTIVE AGENTS OR ANGELS OF GOD, MESSENGERS, AGENTS. For example, wouldn’t you call Abrahim one of the officers of God’s forces?—An apparently very powerful spirit in God’s pantheon of great spirits, His gods, good gods. Angels were frequently called gods‚ & the angels, in other words, are the Lord’s good gods, the lesser gods. They were considered gods!

4. (MARIA: THAT REMINDS ME, THE LORD NAMED THE SEVEN ANGELS AROUND YOUR BED one time as being Moses, Abraham, Abrahim, Adam, Noah‚ David & Daniel, remember?) No‚ where’s that? (Maria: It’s already published in “Singapore Sailor!”) (No.1262:33) And isn’t Michael our Archangel? (Maria: He’s like the boss of’m all, I guess!) Yes, he’s an Archangel. Archangels‚ of course, sound more like they were the original created angels who were in existence before man.

5. IF SOME OF GOD’S SAINTS ARE NOW EVEN GREATER THAN THE ANGELS OF GOD, who are sometimes referred to in the Scripture as gods, then couldn’t some of the Devil’s forces & his leading demons & leading devil gods be some of his departed evil human spirits who have gone on into the other World & are still working & fighting on his side?—If God’s good saints have become angels of God, even greater than angels, in other words, lesser gods of God—why can’t the Devil’s evil saints become part of his evil spirits?

6. OBVIOUSLY THROUGHOUT ALL HEATHEN PAGANISM & IDOLATRY, ETC., THE DEVIL’S DEMONS & DEVILS HAD NAMES, & SATAN HAS HIS ARCHANGELS & GREAT ANGELS & GENERALS & CAPTAINS & LEADERS OF HIS FORCES. Therefore couldn’t some of these so–called gods be some of these departed saints of the Devil, evil spirits working for the Devil in the other World just like good spirits working for God?

7. AND THE STRANGE THING ABOUT IT IS that I have found a number of names of people who lived & were in the Bible & ancient history, whose names very closely resemble the names of heathen gods & demon gods & evil gods, who possibly are those same outstanding evil people in the Old Testament who have gone on into the other World & become very likely demon gods or evil angels of Satan! It stands to reason, I mean it’s perfectly logical!

8. IF THE DEPARTED SAINTS OF GOD BECOME LIKE ARCHANGELS, EVEN GREATER THAN ANGELS, greater powers, with greater power & leaders of forces, such as Abrahim—in a sense he’s sort of a leader of our forces, our leading guiding angel—then why couldn’t some of the departed saints of the Devil & chief opponents of Christ & anti-Christs of this human race have gone on to the other World & become chief officers, agents‚ emissaries, messengers & forces of Satan?

9. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS!—A lot of these little ridiculous annoying pestering mischievous spirits, & the similarity between the names of some of the famous people in the Old Testament who it sounds like may have given their names to some of the heathen gods of later date. I mean, that would just explain a lot of things!

10. FOR EXAMPLE, WHEN GABRIEL WRESTLED WITH THE PRINCE OF PERSIA, that’s been taken to mean‚ of course, that the Prince of Persia was one of the Devil’s angels, the spiritual ruler of Persia. Who knows but that perhaps he was a former king of Persia on the Devil’s side, who after being so loyal to the Devil in this life, was made a prince over Persia in the Afterlife? Why not? (Dan.10:13)

11. SEE, THE DEVIL & ALL HIS ANGELS HAVE NOT YET BEEN JUDGED. They have not even yet been cast out of Heavenly places to the Earth as they will be at the time of the Antichrist & the Abomination of Desolation & the Image set up at the beginning of the Tribulation. It is only at that time, according to Revelation, that the Devil & his angels are cast out of Heaven to the Earth & he’s very angry! (Re.12:9,12) This is when he possesses the Antichrist & pursues & persecutes the Church, because they are not cast out until then. This is only one step in their demotion. Earth is their last step or stepping-stone before they’re also cast into Hell, into bondage, like Satan in the heart of the Earth for a thousand years.

12. SO THAT IF EVEN THE ANGELS OF SATAN & PERHAPS SOME OF HIS DEPARTED EVIL CHARACTERS WHO LIVED FOR HIM FAITHFULLY & LOYALLY, liked the Devil, & helped to create Hell on Earth in this life, if the time of their final judgement & their final fate has not yet come‚ why could they not continue to serve him in the Afterlife? As the evil spirits said to Jesus, “Art Thou come to torment us before the time?” (Mt.8:29)—What time?—The coming time when they will be judged & damned & punished!—The Great White Throne Judgement! (Rev.20:11-15)

13. NOW WHEN DOES THAT TIME BEGIN? Jesus came & was casting out demons in this time‚ the era in which we are living now, the Last Days. Well, there’s not any particular period during these Last Days that the Bible speaks of at all as having become a time of the judgement of the evil spirits or devils or demons or even Satan himself. This is all left to the time of the coming of Christ, & then the return in the Battle of Armageddon at which time Satan’s forces are completely vanquished & Satan is imprisoned in the heart of the Earth. And not until the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog are all the wicked & evil raised to the judgement.

14. SO IF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF THE WICKED DOES NOT COME UNTIL AFTER THE MILLENNIUM & THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, then could it be that some are allowed to remain as the Devil’s angels, agents, & serve him in the Afterlife, just like Abrahim & many other saints of God are serving God in the Afterlife right now already? (Maria: They’ve got to have something to do, some work.) That would certainly explain a lot of things, including ghosts that do evil!

15. THERE ARE GOOD GHOSTS & BAD GHOSTS, as everybody knows, or should know. There are ghosts who do good & ghosts who do evil. The Bible confirms that certainly there are good spirits of departed humans who are still busy working for the Lord. Why then couldn’t there be evil spirits of departed humans still working for the Devil on the other side, since the time of their judgement will not come until after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog & the Great White Throne Judgement?

16. IN OTHER WORDS, IF GOD HAS HIS HONOURED SAINTS & POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCES CONSISTING OF SAINTS, DEPARTED HUMANS, ON THE OTHER SIDE‚ WHY NOT ALSO THE DEVIL? Why could he not also be allowed to receive into his kingdom, the Dark Kingdom, his departed faithful & loyal evil to serve him there until the final day of judgement? Although some may be cast immediately into judgement or flames or suffering now, who knows but what perhaps God has allowed others to serve the Devil just like the Saints are serving the Lord right now?

17. —WHICH WOULD ALSO ACCOUNT FOR THE SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE NAMES of some of the famous evil characters of history & the names of some of these old mythological gods. Some of that history about their shenanigans & all their tricks & capers were perhaps while they were still humans, & others after they became evil spirits in the Afterlife.

18. IN OTHER WORDS, SATAN HAS HIS SAINTS TOO!—SATAN’S SAINTS!—That would be a good title for this! Satan’s Saints, his separated set apart ones.—Saint meaning separated, set apart. Of course‚ in our context it means holy, made pure, set apart. Well, they are wholly devoted to the Devil, purely his & set apart for his use!

19. IN THE STUDY OF MYTHOLOGY & THESE PANTHEONS OF THE VARIOUS GODS OF THE ANCIENTS, Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc., some of these names have a very striking resemblance to historical characters of ancient history. Perhaps they passed on to the Netherworld where they became saints of the Devil!

20. THIS WOULD REALLY BEGIN TO EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE DEVIL’S KINGDOM & HOW IT’S ORGANISED & how he operates & how he uses perhaps even some of the agents he had on this Earth in human form after they have departed into the next World. It might be a bit too optimistic to believe that every single evil-doer & every one of the wicked go immediately into the flames of Hell! Maybe they do, but maybe they go in & out‚ who knows, & continue to perform Satan’s dirtywork loyally & faithfully on Earth as they have when they were alive in human form.

21. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN THE EVIL GHOSTS—of which we know there are many in operation—people who obviously lived in this life but came back as evil spirits, but not the original angels of Satan. In other words, God has His angels & departed saints, why not the Devil? We know the Devil has his angels, why not also his departed saints still serving him until the day of judgement. Because Satan is not finally cast into the Lake of Fire until the Great White Throne Judgement.

22. HEY! THIS WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN WHY THE WICKED ARE NOT JUDGED, ALL OF THEM, UNTIL THE FINAL SECOND RESURRECTION after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog at the Great White Throne Judgement! Why would God wait so long unless they were also filling their cup of iniquity in the Hereafter right now, continuing to do evil in the next World & serving Satan there?

23. IN THE 20TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, Verse 10, He says that after the Battle of Gog & Magog, “the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire & brimstone where the Beast & the False Prophet are.” The Beast & the False Prophet were cast immediately into the Lake of Fire after the Tribulation, Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon (Rev.19:20)—which shows that some are cast immediately into the Lake of Fire. Some are so bad, their judgement won’t even wait. God’s Word says of some humans‚ some men, their judgements go before them, but others, their judgements follow after. (1Ti.5:24) God waits.

24. SOME ARE ALREADY SO EVIL THAT THEIR JUDGEMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN SETTLED AHEAD OF TIME, & THE MINUTE THEY DIE, THEY GO TO HELL FOR SOME REASON! With others it’s almost as though they’re put on probation for a period in the Afterlife until the final Judgement of all the wicked at the Great White Judgement Throne. Perhaps God puts them on probation to see what they will do in the Afterlife, if they’re going to repent when they see that there is such a life, as obviously some of the spirits in prison must have done after Jesus went down & preached to them in Hell. (Mt.12:40; 1Pe.3:19; 4:6; Eph.4:9) So there must be some period of probation & a so-called second chance for those who will receive it then.

25. BUT THERE WILL BE OTHER STUBBORN REBELLIOUS STILL UNREPENTANT SPIRITS WHO WILL CONTINUE TO SERVE THE DEVIL‚ & they won’t finally get theirs until all of their cup of iniquity is full, which will not be until the end of the Millennium. Because look at all those wicked people at the end of the Millennium that follow Satan! (Rev.20:8) So a lot of them are not judged until then.

26. SOME ARE JUST IMMEDIATELY JUDGED‚ like the Beast & the False Prophet were here in the 19th Chapter of Revelation, 20th verse, after the Battle of Armageddon. “And the Beast was taken”—the Antichrist—”& with him the False Prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the Mark of the Beast, & them that worshipped his Image. These both were cast alive into a Lake of Fire burning with brimstone.”

27. IT SOUNDS LIKE THE BEAST—THE ANTICHRIST—& THE FALSE PROPHET, ARE GOING TO BE CAST IMMEDIATELY INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE AT THAT TIME, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon. It says, “And them that worshipped his Image.” If you put that sentence together: “The Beast, the False Prophet & them that received the Mark of the Beast & them that worshipped his Image.” He says, “these both.” Does He mean by that only the Antichrist & the False Prophet? Or doesn’t it sound more like those & all those who followed them & took the Mark & worshipped the Beast are all going to be cast into the Lake of Fire at that time? You can’t quite tell, you’d have to go perhaps back into the original there. But that’s what it sounds like, “these both” or “these all.” I’ll have to look up that word & see. “The remnant”—the rest—”were slain with the sword of Him that sat upon the horse.” It may mean just the Beast & the False Prophet are cast into Hell at that time, & his followers were slain with the sword.

28. SINCE GOD’S SAINTS, GOD’S CHILDREN, WERE ALL GONE—in fact they were gone & come back in the Battle of Armageddon as a part of the conquering host—& if the Antichrist & the False Prophet were cast into Hell at that time, as is quite evident, & those who worshipped the Beast, took his Mark & worshipped his Image, if it means they were also cast into Hell at that time, who was left? I mean, if everybody on Earth were either slain or cast into Hell at that time‚ there wouldn’t be anybody left in the Millennium for us to rule & reign over! And there would be no evil or wicked to rebel at the end of the Millennium, to join the forces of Satan in trying to attack the Kingdom of God!

29. SO AGAIN THIS CONFIRMS WHAT I HAVE SAID about the difference between the Saints of God—& in this case the Saints of the Devil who are already his confirmed possessions, his forces—& a group somewhere in-between. If the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who received the Mark of the Beast & worshipped His Image are all cast in the Lake of Fire at that time, if that’s what that means—whereas we, on the other hand, are part of the conquering forces, they are the vanquished forces—then who is the remnant that’s slain with the sword of Him that sat upon the white horse? And who survived all of that, including the Battle of Armageddon in order for us to rule over them in the Millennium? Because there was no resurrection & there is no resurrection of the wicked or those unsaved until after the Millennium‚ after the Battle of Gog & Magog at the Great White Throne of Judgement. They’re not even raised until then.

30. SO IT SOUNDS LIKE THERE IS A GROUP OF PEOPLE SOMEWHERE IN-BETWEEN that God has not immediately destroyed & cast into Hell like the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who accepted his Mark & worshipped his Image, & those who were slain in the battle. It sounds like there must have been another group, there had to be another group upon whom God had mercy & in a sense put on probation—just as modern judges do in this life. If the criminal’s offence was not serious enough to warrant actual imprisonment, he will often receive a suspended sentence & be put on probation, his final fate being dependent upon his behaviour & his actions during the probationary period.

31. SO IN A SENSE, THEN, THERE IS THIS THIRD IN-BETWEEN GROUP WHO ARE NEITHER SAINTS OF GOD NOR COMPLETE DEVILS OF THE DEVIL, even like the spirits Jesus preached to in prison for whom there was apparently a second chance, another hope, another opportunity, they were not going to be held there forever.—Or else why would He have preached to them? It sounds as though there is—like I have often theorised, you might say, or often advocated—a third sort of in-between probationary group, sinners with suspended sentences put on probation for the duration of the Millennium.

32. ALL THE SAVED ARE NOW HEAVENLY BEINGS who have already received their Heavenly bodies, been resurrected at the Coming of Christ, gone to Heaven for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb‚ returned as a part of the Army of God to fight the Battle of Armageddon, destroyed the forces of Satan & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & those who received the Mark of the Beast & worshipped his Image.

33. SO IF SATAN IS BOUND‚ the Antichrist, False Prophet & all the worshippers of the Antichrist are cast immediately into Hell, who is it who is going to live in the Millennium & be ruled over by us with a rod of iron?—Some of whom, it says in various prophecies, will sometimes rebel & God will send judgements upon them, fire from Heaven or withhold the rain. And finally‚ some of them actually rebel at the end of the Millennium & join the forces of Satan in the Battle of Gog & Magog & are then destroyed.

34. THEN OBVIOUSLY SOME OF THE UNSAVED HAVE GOT TO SURVIVE THE TRIBULATION, WRATH OF GOD, BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & LIVE ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM UNDER OUR RULE! I’ve said this before, right? Some people have to do that. Well, now if the Devil is bound during that period‚ & the Antichrist, False Prophet & his followers are slain & cast into Hell with him, who are these people? There must be some people during the Tribulation, who although they are not saved—perhaps like the Jews, Muslims & other sincere religionists—have a certain amount of conviction or who do worship God in some way, who just flatly refuse to worship the Beast & his Image & accept his Mark! It sounds like there will be other people besides us, the true Christians, the Saved—a third factor, a third element, neither the saved nor the wicked, so to speak.—Neither God’s Saints nor the Devil’s saints, but a third in–between group who though not saved, still God does not feel deserve immediate punishment of Hell, because they too resisted the Antichrist.

35. THAT WOULD ACCOUNT FOR A LOT OF THESE WARS & REBELLIONS HE HAS! (Dan.11) They too rebelled & refused to accept his Mark, they also refused to worship the Image, even though unsaved! Even though not Christians! (Maria: Do you think they’d have enough conviction & guts to do that when they don’t have the Lord?) Honey, you ought to know the Jews‚ how stubborn they are! … But some of these religionists are very sincere people, although not yet saved or Christians.

36. LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD! Look at the billions of Buddhists & Confucianists & Taoists & Shintoists & Brahmins & Hindus & Muslims! Look at how straight the Muslims are on so much of their doctrine, how sincere! In other words let’s call them sincere religionists who worship the unknown God, so to speak, those whom Jesus said don’t deserve to be beaten with many stripes because they knew not their Master’s will.—Not the ones who even though they knew their Master’s will did things that were worthy of stripes, Jesus Himself said they’d be beaten with many stripes. (Lk.12:47,48)

37. THIS IS ALL A PART OF THE SAME DOCTRINE OF A PROBATIONARY PERIOD FOR THE IN-BETWEEN GROUP‚ WHO ARE NEITHER TOO GOOD OR TOO BAD. They are neither saved born-again Christians, nor the damned very evil wicked‚ those who actually fought God & rebelled against God, & though they knew God, they hated Him! What about all the millions in-between, again, as I say, who never heard the Gospel‚ who never had a chance to be saved? (Maria: But isn’t he going to deceive’m unless they have something already in their religion or they’re warned in some way by some supernatural means that the Antichrist isn’t the person that they thought?) I think we’re warning them right now, we’re telling them!

38. WE ARE WARNING PEOPLE NOW OF COMING EVENTS IN THIS BOOK WE’RE ABOUT TO WRITE & IN WHICH WE’LL COMPILE SCRIPTURES & QUOTES, & there will be many people, I believe, who are going to read it! Some, perhaps very few, will believe it & receive it & be saved & accept Jesus as well & serve the Lord. I think there will be others who will think about it & wonder if it’s true, the undecided‚ so to speak, so that when they see it happening, they’re going to believe it! They will receive it & know we were right, but maybe then they still won’t make up their minds or believe it enough to actually accept Christ during the Tribulation.

39. I THINK LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COME TO THE LORD DURING THE TRIBULATION! They’re going to be driven to a decision! They are going to have to make their decision one way or the other! They’re either going to have to receive the Mark of the Beast & worship his Image, or their lives are in danger of being slain. And of all the people that he obviously does not persuade to worship him & his Image & take his Mark, some, according to several passages in the Bible, he actually wages wars with, whole nations of them, it’s very plain! Who’s he waging these carnal, physical, military wars with?—Us? Don’t be ridiculous! We saved Christians are not going to be waging military weaponry war with the Antichrist forces!

40. THIS WOULD ALSO CONFIRM WHAT I’VE SAID ABOUT UNSAVED CHRISTIANS, REMEMBER? I think we shocked them with a Letter on that not long ago, didn’t we? (See “Mrs. Jesus!” No.1328.) Think about all those church people that you & I now have doubted as to whether they ever actually were saved or not. Well, that’s going to drive them to a decision in those days, right? And maybe if they still don’t get saved‚ maybe they will at least have enough conviction & faith that they will resist the Mark of the Beast for fear of actual damnation.

41. APPARENTLY THERE ARE WHOLE NATIONS OF THEM, whole armies of them that I can hardly believe are us or our kind of Christians. They might be Church Christians. They could be whole nations who profess to be Christian, like the U.S.A., but actually are not even saved. They could be the hypocrites & the self-righteous who profess to worship God & who profess to believe, but they’re only professors & not possessors of Jesus Christ! They are believers in a sense‚ but they are not receivers. They believed all these things & yet they never knew how or refused to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

42. LOOK AT ALL THE CATHOLICS! You find Catholics amongst the easiest to lead into Salvation, the easiest to receive Jesus. They find out that all they have to do is make it definite & ask Jesus to come into their heart & believe the promise, then if they do that they are saved now, here, & will never be lost‚ never be damned, forever! But look at all the Catholics who never have gotten that word, who are simple believers in God & the Bible & Christ & the Devil & all the rest who do the best they know how.

43. HERE’S ANOTHER SCRIPTURE: GOD SAYS THAT THOSE, WHO‚ IF EVEN THOUGH WITHOUT THE LAW, without the Word, without the knowledge of their Master’s Will, did those things which were according to the law‚ will be judged without the law. In other words, they’re not going to be judged by the law or according to the law, but God is going to judge them according to what they did‚ according to what they knew or didn’t know. (Rom.2:12-16)

44. SO HERE AGAIN IN THE TRIBULATION, & HERE AGAIN SURVIVING ARMAGEDDON & the immediate destruction of the Antichrist & his forces & all the people who followed him, there has to be a group who didn’t & who refused, finally refused to worship him & accept his Mark or worship his Image & against whom he fought carnal wars. I mean, such Scriptures are scattered all through the Bible in Daniel & other places. (Dan.9:28; 11:44)

45. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE, THE SINCERE JEWS, THE LITTLE LOWLY JEW WHO BELIEVES IN GOD & reads the Bible yet never really accepted Jesus & is not saved, I think some of them are going to recognise the Antichrist & refuse to follow him & worship him! From what I can see now, the leaders of Jewry are like the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests & the hypocrites & the self-righteous of Jesus’ day who actually saw Him‚ heard Him‚ knew Him &, in a sense, still refused Him! “Who did always resist the Holy Ghost” & who heard the Truth & yet rejected it! There’s that group, He says, that because they refused to believe the truth, God will send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie & that they might be damned! (2Th.2:10-12) There are your followers of the Antichrist!

46. BUT HOW ABOUT THOSE WHO NEVER HEARD THE TRUTH OR NEVER COMPREHENDED THE TRUTH‚ who never really got the Gospel, who never really had a chance to be told how to be saved?—Of whom there are millions!—Whole nations! And I can prove it, because we rule in the Millennium over whole nations of people who obviously are not saved & not amongst the ruling saints, the saved of today, & the ruling saints of tomorrow. (Re.21:24,26; 22:2)

47. IT IS JUST AS OBVIOUS THAT THERE ARE THOSE WHO WHOLEHEARTEDLY FOLLOW THE DEVIL, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Beast & his Image & accept his Mark & are his & his own all the way, who are damned to Hell & cast in the Lake of Fire along with the False Prophet & the Antichrist immediately after the end of the Battle of Armageddon! Well‚ if that includes all the followers of the Beast & those who worship his Image & accepted his Mark, if that means everybody but the Saved are going to be all killed & all cast into Hell right at the end of the Battle of Armageddon, just before the Millennium, then who the Hell are we going to reign over?—Hell?

48. WHO ARE THESE LIVING PEOPLE WHO FORM WHOLE NATIONS DURING THE MILLENNIUM over whom we, the saved born-again Christian Saints of God are going to be the rulers & rule them with a rod of iron? And why is it necessary to rule with a rod of iron if all the wicked are already cast into Hell? If everybody else on Earth except the saved born-again Christians, saints of God, who really have Jesus in their hearts, are going to be slaughtered after the Lord raptures His saints & punishes all those people left behind on Earth with the Wrath of God, who will be left?

49. IT SAYS THAT SOME OF THEM WON’T REPENT—BUT, MAYBE DURING THAT PERIOD SOME WILL REPENT! Maybe there are people who‚ although they were not saved, they rejected the Antichrist‚ refused his Image & his Mark because they knew it was wrong & evil according to their own faith & what little knowledge they had of God & their religion.

50. LOOK AT THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS who I don’t believe are going to receive & follow the Antichrist, certainly not all of them. They know too much truth, they’ll recognise the man is evil. What about the hundreds of millions of Catholics who are not saved but believe in God & Jesus & the Bible but have never really actually received Him into their hearts to become actual living saints of God?

51. WHAT ABOUT THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF EASTERN RELIGIONS, & perhaps even the lowly common poor Jews who are sincere in their religion but were taught not to receive Jesus, will they not recognise the Antichrist as an evil man? And the Jews especially hate images‚ idolatry, & so do the Muslims! Oh, that’s one of the main parts of the religion of the Muslims‚ is an absolute abhorrence of idolatry! They abhor images! The first thing they did when they conquered Catholic Christendom was to destroy all the images in the churches! Think of that! Do you think all those hundreds of millions of Muslims are going to fall down & worship that Image of the Beast?

52. DO YOU THINK THAT ALL THOSE SINCERE LOWLY COMMON EVERYDAY JEWS WHO ARE TRULY SINCERE IN THEIR WORSHIP OF GOD THE BEST THEY KNOW HOW—although they’ve been taught by their … leaders & elders not to believe in Jesus all their lives & been led astray by them—do you think they’re going to fall down & worship that idol & this Antichrist? Do you think all the Jews in the World are going to follow the Antichrist? All the Muslims? All the Buddhists? All the various Oriental religions, many of whom have a sort of sincere faith in some kind of God, but they don’t know Him, & some who may have heard of Christ but don’t know enough to receive Him, & many of whom have never even heard of Jesus! Are they all going to accept the Antichrist & his Mark & worship his Image?

53. WELL, IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE IT’S IMPOSSIBLE, THEY CAN’T! Otherwise there would be nobody left in the Millennium! If you include in the followers of the Antichrist & those who accept his Mark & worship his Image the whole World population who are not actually saved born-again Christians, then the entire World’s population will be wiped out at the end of the Wrath of God in the Battle of Armageddon & there won’t be anybody left on Earth at all! (Maria: That wouldn’t make much sense!) There would be nobody left!

54. BUT IT’S SO OBVIOUS FROM WHAT I CAN SEE IN THE SCRIPTURES—& I’VE CONTENDED THIS FOR YEARS—THAT THERE IS AN IN-BETWEEN GROUP OF THE UNDECIDED‚ those who have never had the Light, those who have never heard of Jesus or didn’t know how to believe in Him & receive Him for genuine salvation. There will be those who even during the Tribulation, because of their own personal religion & religious convictions & their own faith & their own concept of goodness & badness, good & evil‚ righteousness & wickedness, will recognise that the Antichrist is evil, a Devil-man! And certainly when he insists on branding them as one of his & that they fall down & worship his Image, this idol of his, they will know then that he is not of God‚ any kind of God except the Devil!

55. THEREFORE THERE WILL BE LITERALLY MILLIONS ON EARTH WHO WILL REJECT THE MARK OF THE BEAST & refuse to fall down & worship his Image, & who will even as nations rebel against him & fight him—which accounts for all those wars there at the end in Chapter 11 of Daniel, that he fights during the Tribulation, & the tremendous opposition which he meets when he insists on placing the Abomination of Desolation in front of the Temple in the Holy Place, the Holy Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, & tries to make everybody receive his brand & tries to kill everybody who won’t. He’s obviously not completely successful & not everybody is going to do it!

56. THERE’S ANOTHER POINT ABOUT THE BRIDE! Thank God all these Scriptures come to mind! What wilderness is capable of hiding the Church as in the 12th chapter of Revelation? Where is the Church going to hide during the Tribulation? If everybody else on Earth is going to receive the Mark of the Beast, who is going to hide the Church? Where is this wilderness?—Out in some desert someplace? You couldn’t be more conspicuous! In some forest someplace? Well, maybe. (Maria: So among all these other people, huh?)

57. APPARENTLY, JUST LIKE TODAY, WE HAVE MANY FRIENDS & FISH & KINGS & QUEENS‚ many of whom perhaps have not yet really received Jesus, & yet they like us, maybe even love us. In a sense they’re received Him in receiving us, & are for us & not against us. And yet they’re not one of us, in a sense, & they’re not fully following the Lord. We have a lot of outside friends, people even in government & power & rich people who do not consider themselves members of our Family, & perhaps some of whom are not even saved in the way we are.

58. WHERE IS THE CHURCH GOING TO HIDE DURING THE TRIBULATION BUT AMONGST THOSE WHO WILL PROTECT THEM & KEEP THEM! Just like the Jews hid in the homes of their friends in Europe during the … holocaust of Hitler, even though those friends were Gentiles, Goyim, who were not even Jews‚ not of their religion!—But neither were they of the religion of Hitler! They didn’t receive his swastika, they were not Nazis‚ they were not members of the SS, but neither were they Jews. And neither were many of them Christians.

59. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY WERE ON NEITHER SIDE FULLY, BUT NEVERTHELESS THEY WERE GOOD TO THOSE WHO WERE BEING PERSECUTED & THEY HID THEM, sheltered them & protected them during the time when they were being persecuted. That would explain where the Church is going to hide. We will have friends in & out of the System. There will be those, even whole nations, who are going to reject the Antichrist & his Mark & worshipping his Image.

60. LOTS OF PEOPLE‚ ALTHOUGH NOT ACTUALLY SAVED AS WE ARE, STILL BELIEVE IN GOD, THE BIBLE‚ JESUS & MARY. And if the Antichrist came along today & insisted that they fall down & worship an Image or an idol of him, I believe that lots of those, even though unsaved, would recognise that this was evil & would refuse to do it, according to their own religion. Catholics, Muslims & even some Jews, as well as adherents of many other religions of the World would recognise that this man is evil, & certainly the worship of his idol is evil & idolatry.

61. AND TO RECEIVE HIS MARK & BE BRANDED AS ONE OF HIS OWN SUBJECTS & FAITHFUL LOYAL FOLLOWERS, THEY WOULD FLATLY REFUSE TO DO IT, even at pain of death, feeling that it was wrong according to their religion‚ their convictions‚ their personal faith in whatever God they worship. If they worship God in some way, they would refuse to fall down & worship that idol or receive that evil Mark.—Though not saved! How about that?

62. IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION IT MAKES IT VERY CLEAR THAT THE ELECT, the select few, this special select class of people who are really saved & marked for salvation, branded & sealed for salvation‚ are very few in number, in a sense, compared to the vast millions of the Earth’s population! And yet although millions will believe in the Antichrist & follow him—& in one place it says “all the World followed the Beast” (Rev.13:3)—well, they may all be deceived by him for awhile until the middle of his reign & the beginning of the Tribulation.

63. OBVIOUSLY THE WHOLE WORLD AT FIRST THINKS HE’S GREAT & FOLLOWS HIM—EXCEPT WE WHO REALLY KNOW—UNTIL THAT TIME COMES. And he doesn’t have those wars & troubles until he sets up an idol of himself in the Holy Place & he sits in the Temple of God saying that he is God, “fall down & worship me & my idol & accept my brand or you’re going to be killed!” (2Th.2:4)

64. AT THAT POINT, OBVIOUSLY, MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL REJECT THE MARK‚ REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM & HIS IMAGE & WILL REBEL against his Satanic kingdom, & he has nothing but wars from then on according to the Bible. Wars with whom?—A little pitiful handful of persecuted Christian cultists who are even hated & persecuted by the established churches themselves? I would say we’re hated even by established unsaved churches. Who’s he going to have wars with?

65. I THINK HE’S GOING TO HAVE WARS THEN WITH UNSAVED CHRISTENDOM, UNSAVED JEWS, UNSAVED MUSLIMS who are going to be loyal to their faith & they are going to be anti-Antichrist & anti-Image & anti-Mark of the Beast & fight rather than submit to such idolatry & man-worship & branding! In other words, an in-between group who are neither the saints of God nor the saints of the Devil! Millions! Hundreds of millions in-between, people with whom he’s going to fight wars because they rebel against him. It’s there clearly in the Bible, read it! (Maria: That’ll also explain how people will be able to exist independently of the Antichrist, because if they’re in large groups they can fight the opposing forces.) Whole nations! Obviously!

66. IT’S VERY PLAIN IN THE 11TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL & THE CHAPTERS IN EZEKIEL & OTHER PLACES THERE THAT HE FIGHTS WARS! Who’s he fighting wars with? (Maria: I always wondered that!) We certainly don’t take up arms against him! Our weapons are not carnal, but strong spiritual weapons to the tearing down of strongholds! (2Co.10:4) But there will be people who fight him & take up arms against him, whole nations, & it even names some of the nations who are going to be with him & the nations that are going to be against him, against the Antichrist! Names them in Daniel, Ezekiel & other places! (Ezek.38:5-6‚13; Dan.11:30,43)

67. SO THERE HAS TO BE AN IN-BETWEEN GROUP! But this is what the church, especially the Evangelical Fundamentalist church & the so-called saved Christians, just flatly refuse to believe, that there’s anything in-between! As far as they’re concerned‚ there are only two classes of people in the World, & that’s the saved & the damned, the good & the wicked, there’s nothing in-between. All the churches have promoted that idea‚ including the Catholics, although there is a little bit of theory & doctrine in the Catholic religion which proves that they don’t consider everybody is quite as bad as everybody else, & that’s the doctrine of Purgatory, Limbo & that sort of thing. In other words, that some people are going to have a chance to get out of Purgatory. The word Purgatory itself implying being “purged” or “cleansed” of evil, & eventually saved or spared.

68. SO THE CHURCH HAS PROMOTED—ESPECIALLY THE EVANGELICAL FUNDAMENTALIST FULL GOSPEL CHURCHES—THIS RADICAL EXTREME VIEW that there is only the Saved & only the Wicked, & that everybody in the World is going to worship the Beast & accept his Mark except the real saved Christians! If that’s true, then there won’t be anybody left on Earth in the Millennium for us to rule over‚ if everybody on Earth follows the Beast & they’re all destroyed in the Battle of Armageddon! I believe that it’s quite clear from this that there are going to be hundreds of millions of people & whole nations who will rebel & fight against the Antichrist & fight against receiving his Mark or worshipping his Image. And those people will no doubt protect us & help us to survive as well, in those nations.

69. THOSE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, believers in God & Christ & the Bible—even though not saved, even though not having received Jesus personally & having that saving faith & knowing they’re really saved—when the day comes they are not going to worship that Devil-man‚ the Antichrist‚ nor his Image, nor accept his Mark! They’re going to know it’s evil.

70. ONE OF OUR JOBS RIGHT NOW IS TO LET ALL THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN, WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS, SO THEY’LL RECOGNISE IT WHEN IT COMES, & they won’t be a part of it, & they’ll refuse to fall down & worship the Antichrist! Even though they don’t accept everything we have to say now‚ even though they may not even receive Jesus now & become saved, when that time comes they’ll recognise this man as being evil & they’ll have enough religious conviction & enough faith in God & Christ & the Bible to refuse & reject the Antichrist & his Image & his Mark & the works, & even to rise up in war against him! Even whole nations rebel against him—which obviously they do in these passages here where the Antichrist fights his wars, & even fights a war down to Israel itself & invades Israel & takes over!

71. WHO’S HE FIGHTING? Only the Children of God?—The Family of Love? Conducting whole invasions & wars against us?—No! He’s fighting some other forces that are refusing to receive him & refusing to bow to him & refusing to yield to him & his will & his Mark. He fights these other forces & invades some of the countries & leaves other countries alone. Some are with him & some are not with him. Who’s he fighting?—Us? A little band of insignificant minuscule infinitesimal Christians & missionaries? Don’t be ridiculous! We don’t resort to weapons of war & the creation of whole armies armed with weapons of war to fight military battles! Ridiculous! We won’t be those whole nations who are rising up in military warfare against him, rebelling against him. But we may be hiding out in those countries somewhere!

72. SO I’M CONVINCED THAT THERE IS THAT THIRD GROUP. WE COULD CALL IT THE THIRD WORLD, IN A SENSE, GOD’S THIRD WORLD!—God’s third category, neither the saved nor the utterly wicked. Neither the saints of God nor the saints of the Devil‚ but an in-between group of perhaps even the vast majority of the World’s population, who though they have not accepted Jesus, they’re not going to accept the Antichrist either! Because they have a certain faith or religion in God or something that gives them some kind of conviction that they should not follow this evil man nor accept his Mark nor worship his image. Get it? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Do you believe it? (Maria: Amen, I do! It’s wonderful!)

73. OTHERWISE‚ WHO IS GOING TO SURVIVE THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? Who is going to live on into the Millennium‚ whole nations of millions of people over whom we’re going to rule? If the whole World accepts the Antichrist & his Mark & worships his Image & therefore they’re all slain & wiped out in the Battle of Armageddon & there’s nobody left on Earth, who are we going to rule over in the Millennium? There it is!

74. IN A SENSE, THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO BE A SIFTING PERIOD‚ the dividing of the sheep from the goats‚ the tares from the wheat. Like He says, you have to wait till the end until they grow up, the tares & wheat, before you can reap’m as you see which is which! (Mt.13:30) And the Tribulation will certainly be a dividing factor to show up who’s for & who’s against. And although there will be millions who will not be actual Christians, they will be against the Antichrist.

75. THEREFORE THE TRIBULATION IS LIKE A SIFTER AT THE END TO SEE WHO GOD IS GOING TO BLESS. He says, “Blessed are they which endure to such & such a day,” etc. (Da.12:12), those whom God blesses with survival of those three great sifters: The Tribulation‚ followed by the Wrath of God‚ followed by the Battle of Armageddon. Apparently there are going to be hundreds of millions of them who are going to survive all three! Who would God bless with such survival but those who did refuse to fall down & worship the Beast & his Image & receive his Mark?

76. THE FORCES OF THE ANTICHRIST ARE GOING TO BE MANY & POWERFUL & GREAT, but I don’t think they’re going to be, in a sense, the actual majority of the World’s population! But whether you think it’s a majority or a minority who are going to survive, there are going to be enough of them that they’re going to form whole nations of the World over whom we are going to rule! What else could God bless them with for their refusal to worship the Image, their rejection of the Mark of the Beast & their rejection of the Antichrist, than for God to give them another chance, to spare them through the Tribulation, through the Wrath of God & through the Battle of Armageddon to survive on into the Millennium & there be given another chance, a probationary period‚ so to speak.

77. AND THEN THERE IS A FINAL SIFTING & DIVIDING OF THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS AFTER THAT PROBATIONARY PERIOD, IN THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG in which Satan comes back & deceives those whom he can, & their forces surround the forces of the Kingdom of God on Earth, the forces of the Millennium. Is he going to deceive everybody on Earth but us who are already saved? Then what’s the point of the Millennium? What’s the point of the Battle of Gog & Magog? What’s the point of binding the Devil for awhile & then releasing him at the end, except for another final sifting of those people who’ve been on probation? They were not cast into the prison, they were not cast into Hell, the Lake of Fire, along with the Antichrist & his False Prophet & his forces, there were hundreds of millions who refused & rejected him & stood true to their religious convictions‚ whatever they be, & their concept of God, whatever that may be.

78. AND THEREFORE BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE STAND OF THE RIGHTEOUS & THE GOOD & did that which was right even without the law & without the knowledge of the Truth & without the knowledge of God‚ the true God, & without having received Jesus‚ they will be judged without the law & they will be chastised with very few stripes & given a suspended sentence, in a sense, & put on probation during the Millennium to see how they behave, & are given that chance then, a second chance to be saved‚ or in a sense, maybe a third chance—or their first chance?

79. THE TRIBULATION WILL BE ONE CHANCE‚ IN A WAY, & THEN THE MILLENNIUM, & THEN AGAIN TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHO’S WHO, AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM COMES THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG! He lets the Devil come back again to find out who will still follow him, & there will apparently be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, who will still be deceived! Even though they have seen the glory of God & His Kingdom & Jesus & us‚ the Saints & the Angels, & we’ve been ruling the Earth in righteousness, they will still believe the Devil & be deceived by him!

80. JUST AS ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN & AS PEOPLE WILL BE DECEIVED BY THE ANTICHRIST‚ ETC., there will be those on probation during the Millennium who will then violate the parole at the end of the Millennium & be deceived by the Devil when he’s released & follow him into battle against the Kingdom of God, & that’ll be the final sifting!

81. THEY’RE GOING TO BE WIPED OUT IN THE FIRE OF GOD that’s going to wipe out the whole Earth, & then there’s going to be this final Judgement after that. That’s why there is this final White Throne Judgement of all those who were not saved & not in the First Resurrection when Jesus came at the end of the Tribulation. At the end of the Millennium, the Battle of Gog & Magog‚ there’s the Second Resurrection—of those who died since. But then He makes another judgement between them, those who are written in the Book of Life, & those who aren’t. So there you are. There are some people who in a sense, are going to be saved—although not like us—but at the end of the Millennium, at the end of the Battle of Gog & Magog & at the final White Throne Judgement of God!

82. IT’S RIGHT HERE IN THE 20TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, VERSE 7 & 8: “SATAN SHALL BE LOOSED OUT OF HIS PRISON & shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the Earth.” There’s still nations, millions of people still living on the Earth over whom we’re ruling & reigning in the Kingdom of God! “To gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.” That means the whole two armies combined, hundreds of millions still living. Hundreds of millions as the sand of the sea are still living at the end of the Millennium, involved in the two sides, the two armed camps & forces, those on the side of God & those on the side of the Devil, who finally make the final division between the good & the bad.

83. VERSE 9: “AND THEY WENT UP ON THE BREADTH OF THE EARTH, & COMPASSED THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS ABOUT, & THE BELOVED CITY.” What city? Well, the only city then that could be called “the beloved city” is Earthly Jerusalem in which Jesus is supposed to take over & reign as the King of the Earth from Jerusalem during the Millennium. So they try to actually surround the forces of God & His Saints & Angels & all! Imagine! But fire comes down from God out of Heaven & devours them. Devours whom? Certainly not the Kingdom of God & the Saints of God, but the forces of the Enemy, & all those people, those living human beings that the Devil has persuaded to follow him! “And the Devil that deceived them was cast into the Lake of Fire & brimstone”—at last he reaches his punishment—”where the Beast & the False Prophet are”—already—”and shall be tormented day & night for ever & ever!” (Rev.20:10)

84. “AND I SAW A GREAT WHITE THRONE, & HIM THAT SAT ON IT, FROM WHOSE FACE THE EARTH & THE HEAVEN FLED AWAY; & THERE WAS FOUND NO PLACE FOR THEM.” Here’s the Great White Throne Judgement! “And I saw the dead‚ small & great, stand before God; & the books were opened.” Why a judgement? The Saved are already long gone, they were resurrected & raptured at the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the Tribulation! Then why is there to be any difference between these who are in the Second Resurrection, & why does there have to be a judgement, & why do books have to be opened to judge between them? Well, there must be some good & some bad!

85. “AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED, & another book was opened, which is the Book of Life: & the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” God is making a difference & distinction between them. “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; & Death & Hell delivered up the dead which were in them.”

86. AHA! SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY GONE TO THEIR PUNISHMENT, & yet some people are still lying around in the bottom of the sea & other places as ghosts & spirits! Maybe it’s true that they have to stick around near the dead body somewhere, that’s their punishment, at least their temporary probation, in a sense. But some were not actually in Death & Hell yet, think of that! Some people have already gone to Hell, others have not! Even the departed spirits have not‚ not all of them. “And they were judged every man according to their works.”—God is going to make a difference & judge everybody justly & righteously & mercifully according to their works.

87. “AND DEATH & HELL WERE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE. THIS IS THE SECOND DEATH.” The people apparently already in Death & Hell who have already been suffering their punishment because they were so bad & so wicked—including the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all the Marked forces of the Beast, those already in Hell‚ in other words—are going to be cast back into Hell! They’re judged at the White Throne Judgement & chucked back into Hell again! Along with who else? “Whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.” In other words, there’s going to be another dividing in the last Great White Throne Judgement between the sheep & the goats, those who deserve to go to Hell & those who don’t!

88. ALL RIGHT, WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO DON’T?—THOSE WHO ARE FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE? The Saints are not at this Judgement‚ the Saved are not at this Judgement, they’ve already been raptured! They went to the Wedding of the Lamb, they came back in the conquering forces of Armageddon‚ they ruled the Earth for the whole Millennium, they won the Battle of Gog & Magog when their enemies were all wiped out, they’re already enjoying their salvation! So who are this other group who are neither already saved, nor already cast into Hell? Where are they going to go? Where is there going to be a place for them?

89. WELL, AS I SAW IN MY DREAM OF “SPACE CITY” (NO.75A), WHO ELSE COULD BE OUTSIDE THE CITY & NOT ALLOWED IN? What other nations of the Earth would be populating the face of the New Earth than these souls who were judged at the Great White Throne Judgement & not considered bad enough to go to Hell & not saved enough to go to Heaven, but good enough to populate the New Earth!

90. I SUPPOSE I’VE SAID SOME OF THAT BEFORE, BUT THAT CAME UP AGAIN WITH THE IDEA THAT THERE’S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SAINTS OF GOD & THE SAINTS OF THE DEVIL! That if there are already good excellent spirits of God who are serving the Lord on the other side—like Abrahim & many others there’s evidence of & who have re-appeared in the Bible—then apparently there are going to be also forces of Satan who are partly composed of the departed saints of the Devil who are his own, “of their father the Devil,” as Jesus said to [those] Jews that crucified Him. (Jn.8:44) Their father is not God, their father’s the Devil!

91. BUT APPARENTLY THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T KNOW & NEVER HEARD, WHO DIDN’T REALLY HAVE A FAIR CHANCE & WHO WERE CAUGHT BETWEEN. And if it was anybody’s fault that they never heard & didn’t have a chance, it was ours, because the Church never reached them! They never heard the Gospel because nobody ever preached it to them personally & told them how to get saved! But God’s going to give’m another chance during the Millennium, another chance at the Battle of Gog & Magog, & in a sense, another chance on the New Earth outside the Heavenly City.

92. PERHAPS THEY WILL NOT BE SAVED IN THE SAME SENSE WE ARE, THE UPPER CLASS OF THE FIRST SAVED SAINTS OF GOD, the Saved who will walk the streets of the Golden City & who will be the only ones allowed in to live there, but will be the nations outside upon whom God has had mercy because they are people who survived the various tests & the suspended sentences & probationary periods which follow the present age, & who at the Great White Throne Judgement are not considered worthy of Hell when judged‚ neither worthy of Heaven, the Heavenly City, but worthy to be spared & inhabit the New Earth!—And unto whom we will still be ministering the Leaves of the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations! (Rev.22:2)

93. SO EVEN THE NEW EARTH IS, IN A SENSE, GOING TO BE A PROBATIONARY PERIOD IN WHICH THOSE WHO ACCEPT THE HEALING ARE GOING TO BE HEALED! Maybe all of them, I don’t know! Maybe that’s still another dividing of the sheep from the goats to see who will accept it!—Or maybe they will all be saved & healed! We’re not told anything about anything that happens from there on, that’s as far as the Lord’s revealing to us now.

94. SO IT’S QUITE OBVIOUS NOT EVERYBODY’S SAVED & GOING TO RULE THE MILLENNIUM OR INHABIT THE HEAVENLY CITY‚ but it’s also obvious to me that not everybody is going to be damned to Hell or destroyed in the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon as followers of the Antichrist!—Nor sent to Hell in the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog as followers of the Devil in person!

95. BUT THERE WILL BE THOSE WHO WILL BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY, having come into faith & belief & loyalty to God & who will be considered a part of the Camp of the Saints at the Battle of Gog & Magog, the nations & the forces who are loyal to us & the Lord who will follow us & literally do battle with Satan & his forces—the renegades, the reprobates, those who, after a thousand years of the righteous reign of Jesus Christ & His Saints & the Kingdom of God on Earth‚ will still rebel, be deceived by Satan & follow him into the Battle of Gog & Magog & then be destroyed by fire from God!

96. THEN ALL THE UNSAVED ARE RAISED IN THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT & FINALLY JUDGED, apparently between the good & the bad, those who deserve life on the New Earth & those who deserve death in Hell, the final sifting! Those who, in a sense, are the Saints of God who inhabit the Holy City, & then those who have received His righteous reign & followed Him & us right on through to the New Earth. The rest then are followers of Satan, the Antichrist, his Image & idolatry, Mark of the Beast & all those who followed both the Antichrist in the Tribulation & the Devil in Gog & Magog & are going to be cast into Death & Hell, the Lake of Fire, where Satan is then, along with the Antichrist, the False Prophet & all those who followed the Beast & worshipped his Image & accepted his Mark!

97. IN OTHER WORDS, ALL OF THE WORST‚ THEIR LEADERSHIP, ARE GOING TO BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE, FLAMES OF HELL! Whereas all the best true Saints of God are going to inhabit the Holy City, & those who were not bad enough to go to Hell & yet not good enough, saved enough to go to Heaven, will be outside on the New Earth! That’s the difference! Praise God! Maybe I gave you that talk before. (Maria: Not all of it!) Well anyhow‚ it’s getting clearer all the time, praise God! TYJ! GBAKY‚ in Jesus’ name, amen!—Which will you be?

Satan–King of Empires

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO 9619 August 1980

1. THERE’S AN AMAZING DESCRIPTION OF SATAN IN THE 28TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL WHERE HE’S CALLED THE PRINCE OF TYRUS. Tyre itself was the ancient capital of Tyre & Sidon, or Phoenicia, today Lebanon. I was just checking on the story of John Todd where he says it’s a perfect description of Satan, & it certainly sounds like it‚ the “anointed cherub,” etc. (See “Illuminati, No.948.)

2. THE DESCRIPTION OF SATAN ENDS ON THE 19TH VERSE, & BEGINNING THE 20TH VERSE THE PROPHET BEGINS TO HAVE A MESSAGE FOR SIDON—Zidon—spelled with a “Z” here, but still the third most important city of Lebanon. In all these cities there’s been constant civil war between different factions & shooting in the streets, a fulfilment of what the Lord says:

3. “FOR I WILL SEND INTO HER PESTILENCE, & BLOOD INTO HER STREETS; & the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword upon her on every side.” (Ez.28:23.)—Because they were so wicked. Sidon was a sister city of Tyre, & if there was ever a picture of Lebanon today, that’s it!

4. WHY WOULD THE LORD CALL THE DEVIL THE PRINCE OF TYRE UNLESS THE DEVIL HIMSELF LOVED TYRE & RULED OVER TYRE AS ITS KING? It must have been that the King of Tyre was actually Satan-possessed by the Devil himself, & it was a very wicked city & spread its iniquity all over the whole World. Tyre was the World’s greatest trading capital in its day, capital of Phoenicia, & the Phoenicians were great traders & sailors & sailed all over the World.

5. AND TYRE WAS THE CITY WHICH THERE WAS SUCH AN AMAZING PROPHECY FULFILLED ABOUT. The Lord said He would cause her to be destroyed & she’d be scraped as bare as a rock‚ & her ruins, timbers & stones would be cast in the midst of the sea, & they would later become a place & for the spreading of nets of fisherman. (Ezek.26.) And not long after the prophecy, Nebuchadnezzar came along on his way to Jerusalem & totally destroyed the city of Tyre.

6. IT HAD BEEN A VERY RICH CITY, ONE OF THE RICHEST IN THE WORLD‚ a merchant trading city, commercial center of the Phoenicians. But apparently they had refused to pay him taxes or something so he destroyed them. They rebelled against him & he completely destroyed the city which stood on a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. But these sea-faring people, the rich of Tyre & its government & so on, had gotten warning he was coming & had fled to an island that was just a half-mile offshore.

7. THERE THEY LATER BUILT A COMPLETELY NEW CITY OF TYRE‚ WHICH IS THE MODERN CITY OF TYRE TODAY‚ the one that’s still in existence. (Maria: There’s never been one built on the original site?) No, it was never rebuilt. The Lord said “thou shalt be built no more” & so on. (Ez.26:14,21.) I don’t have time to go into that right now, but it’s in one of our Bible Prophecy classes, “Fulfilled Prophecy in Palestine.” We ought to get those out again, amazing fulfilments of prophecy in Palestine.

8. SO HUNDREDS OF YEARS LATER, I THINK IT WAS SOMETHING LIKE 250 YEARS LATER, ALEXANDER THE GREAT CAME ALONG on one of his great expeditions to conquer the World & the Mideast, & he came opposite the new City of Tyre which was now virtually an impregnable fortress built on this big island offshore. Nebuchadnezzar had given up because he didn’t have any boats or navy or anything to get out there. Besides, he was more interested in getting on to Jerusalem, which we know the story of. He had destroyed the old City of Tyre & then gone on & destroyed Jerusalem too.

9. SO ALEXANDER CAME ALONG & SAW THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW CITY SITTING OUT THERE ON THE ISLAND with all its riches & gold & silver & jewels & so on, World-famous for being so rich. He didn’t have much of a navy either & nearly all of his conquests were land conquests. It wasn’t till later the Greeks & Romans developed navies & fought naval battles.

10. ANYHOW‚ ALEXANDER DID A VERY SMART THING, HE TOOK THE RUBBLE OF THE ANCIENT CITY OF TYRE—all the old ruins, blocks, rocks & timbers—& he scraped them right into the sea so that he made the ancient site of Tyre as bare as the top of a rock, just exactly like the prophecy predicted. He scraped all the ruins into the sea & built a causeway from the old coast site half a mile out to the new island & conquered it!

11. SO THAT THE MODERN CITY OF TYRE TODAY, WHICH WAS ONCE AN ISLAND, IS STILL IN EXISTENCE & IS STILL CONNECTED TO THE MAINLAND BY THIS CAUSEWAY built by Alexander the Great, & upon which the fishermen spread their nets to this very day for drying & mending & so on. And that’s the story of Tyre: Fulfilled prophecy!

12. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL AT ONE TIME HAD BECOME THE ACTUAL KING OF TYRE, because it was considered the richest most extravagant city in the World. He apparently made it his World capital, sort of like the Antichrist is going to do some day. Because this description in the 28th chapter of Ezekiel mentioned by John Todd as a picture of the Devil‚ goes far beyond what any normal human King of Tyre could have been.

13. IT SPEAKS OF HIM HAVING BEEN IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, THE ANOINTED CHERUB, NEXT TO GOD HIMSELF‚ & all this sort of thing. So the Devil must have once ruled Tyre in its glory when it flourished, just like he’s going to rule Jerusalem some day. He’s probably ruled quite a few cities like that, who knows? He could be ruling New York right now, & some of those places. (Maria: He’s not doing a very good job of it!)—Ha! He’s destroying it!

14. HE ALWAYS RUINS THE CITY IN THE END BECAUSE GOD ALWAYS DEFEATS HIM & always destroys whatever city he has ruled, & he says so in this 28th Chapter. The Lord through the mouth of Ezekiel is prophesying his destruction. (Maria: And John Todd says that the 28th Chapter of Ezekiel describes Lucifer being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body.)

15. THE BEST WAY TO KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT IS TO READ THE CHAPTER, & that particular part simply says this: “Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom & perfect in beauty. Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, diamond‚ beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle & gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets“—that’s a musical instrument—”& of thy pipes“—that’s a musical instrument—”was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created.”

16. BOY, THAT REMINDS ME OF THAT PICTURE OF A MOSQUITO’S FOOT! Did you see what that thing looked like? Something like that must have been what the Devil looked like! “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; & I have set thee so. Thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up & down in the midst of the stones of fire.”

17. THIS COULD HAVE ONLY BEEN SAID OF THE DEVIL BECAUSE NO HUMAN KING COULD HAVE DONE THESE THINGS OR BEEN THIS! “Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, & thou hast sinned.” It reminds you of the description of Babylon in Revelation, “sinned through the multitude of riches & merchandise” & so on. (Rev.18.)

18. SEE, THIS IS WHAT HAS SPREAD THE ABOMINATION OF AMERICANISM ALL OVER THE WORLD, the horrors of her music & her clothes & her perverted sex & all the rest, just like America! “Therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: & I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire. Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness & I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”

19. “THOU HAST DEFILED THY SANCTUARIES”—HERE’S YOUR WITCH COVENS—BY THE MULTITUDE OF THINE INIQUITIES, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, & I will bring thee to ashes upon the Earth in the sight of all them that behold thee. All they that know thee among the people”—all that know thee, like the witches—”shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, & never shalt thou be any more.” (Ez.28:11–19.)

20. IT SOUNDS LIKE HE WAS REALLY SOME CREATURE! You can hardly imagine what he looked like, but I’ve always pictured him as being somebody handsome. Apparently he was like a king bedecked with precious stones & gold & built-in musical instruments. (Maria: John Todd says‚ “It’s true, as a person who has seen him, it’s true!”)

21. HE WAS ALSO KING OF BABYLON IN THE DAYS OF HER GLORY, so apparently Satan has completely possessed these World-famous kings of these World-famous Empires. This must have been a practice of his all down through the ages, that he headed every great World Empire. Because here it is in two specific instances in the Bible: He’s called the King of Babylon in Isaiah 14 & the King of Tyre in Ezekiel 28.

22. HE WAS KING OF BABYLON IN ITS HEYDAY, & KING OF TYRE IN ITS HEYDAY‚ but every time, he brings about the final destruction of these cities in a total curse from God upon these cities. Now if that theory is true—& it certainly sounds like these chapters make it pretty clear—he must have possessed one of the kings of Babylon‚ probably the last one, Belshazzar, the son* of Nebuchadnezzar. [*Note: “Belshazzar’s called his son, but he was literally his grandson. You’re my son & you’re my sons & daughters, even though some of you are grandsons & great grandsons, depending on which generation you got born again. So Belshazzar was actually Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson” (ML #2177:2)]

23. NEBUCHADNEZZAR WAS CONVERTED, BUT HIS [GRAND]SON BELSHAZZAR WAS THE LAST KING WHEN BABYLON WAS DESTROYED. Obviously the Devil tried to possess Nebuchadnezzar & caused his downfall for 7 years; but because he had acknowledged Daniel & God & his belief in them & repented of his iniquity & came back to the Lord, the Lord restored him. (Daniel 4.)

24. LET’S SEE HOW THAT WORKS: BABYLON WAS ONE OF THE FIRST GREAT WORLD EMPIRES, & the King of Babylon of course would naturally have been possessed of the Devil if the Devil was trying to run the World‚ which he always has been.

25. ASSYRIA WAS BEFORE BABYLON, THE FAMOUS WORLD CAPITAL OF NINEVAH with its giant walls where chariots could ride two or three abreast‚ & the famous Hanging Gardens of Nineveh. Certainly that would have been a very coveted capital for the Devil, so Shalmaneser & some of those famous kings of Nineveh must have been possessed of the Devil.

26. THEN LATER CAME BABYLON & ITS KINGS, & IT BECAME THE WORLD EMPIRE AFTER GOD DESTROYED NINEVAH. In every one of these World Empires, apparently one or more of its kings were possessed of Satan himself in his effort to rule the World, but every time God destroyed his Empire & its capital city & its kings. Then he’d go right on to another Empire & build a new one‚ as he did Babylon.

27. AND THEN CAME MEDO-PERSIA. It had one very good king, Cyrus, but it had some bad kings too. So apparently the Devil set up a new kingdom then of Medo-Persia‚ & they also, by the way, made Babylon their capital.

28. EGYPT WAS THE FIRST WORLD EMPIRE OR GREAT WORLD POWER, & it was certainly ruled by the Devil & his demons & their demonic religion, & no doubt Pharaoh was the Devil incarnate! Naturally he would possess the most prominent & powerful enemy of God, as he did in that day against Moses.

29. AND AFTERWARD CAME ASSYRIA. Apparently the Devil built a new Empire with Nineveh as its capital, which God later destroyed for its iniquity. So apparently—I’m saying this as a theory, I’ve never heard this before—the Devil moved on to Babylon then & built a new Empire & a new gorgeous capital city. I never ever heard this before, but why not?

30. I WAS A BIT SCEPTICAL ABOUT WHAT JOHN TODD SAID BECAUSE I’D NEVER HEARD THAT SAID BEFORE, that this was a description of Satan in Ezekiel 28. Most Bible teachers seem to think it’s a rather exalted or exaggerated description of the King of Tyre. But God similarly describes the King of Babylon as Satan, & he describes the King of Tyre as Satan.

31. TYRE WAS THE HEAD OF THE GREAT PHOENICIAN EMPIRE & IT DIDN’T SEEM TO RANK IN THE VISIONS OF THE PROPHETS as having a place in Daniel’s Image or Beasts or Revelation, to rank as one of the major ones. It was sort of between major Empires, between Egypt & Assyria.

32. THE LONGEST OF ALL SPACES BETWEEN THE WORLD EMPIRES WAS BETWEEN EGYPT & ASSYRIA, but for some reason God doesn’t include Tyre & Phoenicia as being one of the greatest ones. But apparently in the interim, in that gap between the great Egyptian Empire & the great Assyrian Empire, the Phoenicians were the greatest most important people on Earth at that time, great World traders, & their capital was Tyre.

33. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL MOVED ON AFTER PHAROAH WAS DESTROYED‚ & HE SET UP HIS CAPITAL IN TYRE & BECAME THE KING OF TYRE. And then when God saw to it that Tyre was destroyed, he moved on to Assyria—Nineveh—another great capital city. That sounds perfectly logical to me that the Devil of course would have possessed the greatest rulers of their day who ruled the greatest World Empires, if he could‚ & apparently he did quite a few!

34. NINEVAH WAS THE CAPITAL OF ASSYRIA, & THEN WHEN IT WAS DESTROYED HE MOVED ON & BECAME KING OF BABYLON. In one place in Ezekiel he’s called the King of Tyre, & in Isaiah 14 he’s called the King of Babylon. So why shouldn’t he have been the king of every one of those great World Empires, or at least one of their Kings‚ whichever one he could possess? (Maria: What was the next one then?)

35. AFTER BABYLON, THEN CAME MEDO-PERSIA. IT WAS A DUAL KINGDOM, & CYRUS & DARIUS WERE THE KINGS. And later on the husband of Esther was the king.—He married Esther‚ took her as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom when he divorced Vashti—Ahasueras, or Xerxes. Aha! Xerxes! Well, he nearly wiped out the Jews, God’s people of the day, at the instigation of Haman, remember? What he did later I don’t remember, but the Devil was certainly in control at first, until Esther came along & rescued them—which was not necessarily to his credit, it was God’s doing.

36. BUT THEN LATER, AGAIN BABYLON WAS WIPED OUT & THE MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE WAS DESTROYED BY ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Alexander was definitely born under certain supernatural miraculous signs. He murdered his own father to get the kingdom & he swept over the World in the World’s most rapid conquest. In only ten years he conquered all the known World‚ almost miraculously & supernaturally‚ so he must have had supernatural spiritual assistance. It was absolutely miraculous the way he became the conqueror of the World in only ten years at only 30!

37. SO THE WORLD CAPITAL BECAME ATHENS, GREECE, & HE WAS ITS KING, & I COULD CERTAINLY BELIEVE THAT ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS DEVIL-POSSESSED! But every time, God used them nevertheless, just like He used the Devil from the very beginning. He used the Devil in the Garden of Eden, allowed the Devil to do these things. And every time he got too far & went too far, then He’d destroy him again. And every one of these great World Empires & their capitals & their kings were destroyed.

38. SO QUITE OBVIOUSLY THEN HE MUST HAVE MOVED ON TO ROME & BECOME THE CAESARS OF ROME FOR THE NEXT THOUSAND YEARS! I’m just saying that if this theory could be true, he would have also possessed the Caesars of Rome then, that’s all. (Maria: Resulting in what?) In Rome becoming a World power & ruling the whole Earth! And then the Roman Empire was broken up & there was no great World Political Empire, except the Roman Catholic Church.

39. WELL‚ IT ALWAYS WENT TO HIS HEAD IN THE LONG RUN. When he became the ruler of the Earth & the most powerful king on Earth & the most powerful Empire & the most powerful city, it seemed to always go to his head & he’d go too far. God would allow him to rule the Earth, just like the Lord’s going to allow the Antichrist to rule the Earth, but then he always goes too far. This idea just suddenly came into my mind that I’d never even thought of before! I thought when John Todd mentioned this Biblical reference that he was referring to the passage in Isaiah 14.

40. SATAN, THE KING OF THE EMPIRES OF THE EARTH, KING OF WORLD EMPIRES, THAT WOULD BE A GOOD TITLE, because he seems to have always possessed the major kings or Pharaohs or Caesars of the World’s greatest Empires. He helped to make them great & powerful & build huge grand capitals of which he gloried in being king; but then always spread his pride & iniquity & failed to give God the glory, just like Nebuchadnezzar did.

41. BUT BECAUSE OF NEBUCHADNEZZAR’S FAITH IN DANIEL‚ & THEREFORE IN GOD, GOD LET HIM REPENT & SAVED HIM. Nebuchadnezzar died in glory, as still King of Babylon, & did not live to see its destruction. God spared him because he repented, he apparently got rid of the Devil. But under the great king that followed Nebuchadnezzar—Belshazzar his [grand]son—Babylon fell to the Medo–Persians.

42. WELL‚ I’M KIND OF WANDERING IN MY THOUGHTS BECAUSE THIS THOUGHT JUST STRUCK ME WHEN I READ THIS, & I wanted to read this chapter in Ezekiel 28 to see if it was true‚ & certainly is true. It definitely is a description of Satan, it could not be a description of anybody else. No human king could possibly have fulfilled this description that he was on the mount of God & he was in the Garden of Eden, the anointed cherub, which means an angel, & all this.

43. SO APPARENTLY THE DEVIL HAS BEEN POSSESSING THE GREATEST KINGS OF THE EARTH DOWN THROUGH THE AGES, some more than others. (Maria: Well‚ how was his possessing the Caesars of Rome manifested?) By persecution. Just like God uses the Devil, He created him for that purpose no doubt, as His enemy & the enemy of His people, to try them & test them.

44. IF THERE HADN’T BEEN AN OPPONENT, AN OPPOSING SIDE, GOD’S PEOPLE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TRIED & TESTED & given any opposition to have any kind of a battle to have to call on God to help them‚ & it’s in this that God gets the glory. He allows Satan to lead the opposition & to try & test & persecute His people, but then they call on God & God always gets the victory & always defeats the Devil & always destroys his kingdom & his power & his empire & his capital & his kings, every single time! Every one of those great World Empires persecuted the people of God.

45. WHEN THE CAESARS OF ROME CAME ALONG‚ one after the other, there were ten great persecutions of Christians under the Roman Empire during that thousand years—which began shortly before Christ was born, only 44 B.C. Christ was born in 4 B.C., which means the Roman Empire was born, you might say‚ just exactly 40 years before Jesus was born—& that’s a very Biblical number God uses a lot.

46. GOD ALLOWED THE CAESARS TO ARISE & RULE THE WORLD TO BRING, ACTUALLY, PEACE ON EARTH! At the time of Jesus’ birth there was peace on Earth because one World power ruled the whole World & there were no wars & no battles. Rome ruled the world & there was no opposing power. This is why sometimes Rome is used as a type of the Antichrist Kingdom, because it will be the World government & there will be no opposing power, therefore no wars, until later.

47. BUT EVERY TIME, GOD ALLOWS THESE POWERS TO ARISE FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES. Rome established peace on Earth so that Jesus could be born at a time of peace, & the Gospel of the Kingdom could be spread abroad throughout the peace of the Roman Empire. He allowed Alexander & the Greeks to encourage the very beautiful‚ very expressive Greek language in which the New Testament was written, & their interest in religion & the supernatural & in philosophy & beauty & art.

48. GOD ALLOWED IT BECAUSE IT FACILITATED THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL UNDER THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. They could all speak the same language. Everybody spoke Greek & Latin during the days of the Early Church, & a lot of them spoke Hebrew too, as well as their local language. So the Greek language & interest in philosophy & religion & the supernatural helped to spread the Gospel, & they spread it mostly in Greek.

49. THE ROMAN LANGUAGE, LATIN, WAS THE LANGUAGE OF THE GOVERNMENT & THE LAW & POLITICS, and the Roman Empire enforced peace on Earth so that the Disciples, as Roman citizens some of them, could travel very easily from country to country with no passports‚ no visas‚ no problems. They were Roman citizens & they could travel all over the World without any governmental problems at all, & in a time of peace when it was very easy to do so.

50. SO BOTH THE GREEK & ROMAN EMPIRES ACTUALLY FACILITATED THE SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL IN THE LONG RUN, SO GOD ALLOWED THEM. But then the Devil would always go too far. Obviously God, in a way, used the Devil to inspire Alexander the great to conquer the World so quickly & spread the Greek language all over the World & its interest in the supernatural & religion & philosophy & so on, which later helped the spread of Christianity.

51. AND OBVIOUSLY HE THEN ALLOWED THE ROMAN EMPIRE TO OVERCOME THE GREEKS to spread a Worldwide strong government that kept the peace. He just as good as said that the Roman Empire was of Him, officers of the law & so on. (Romans 13.) In fact he indicated by that that every great World power is of Him, is His creation, even if He allows the Devil to be its creator or king, see? Isn’t that something! I never ever thought of that before until this thought came from reading these two passages!

52. THE DEVIL OBVIOUSLY WAS KING OF TYRE DURING THE HEYDAY OF THE PHOENICIANS‘ great merchant fleets & great merchant empire. Perhaps because it wasn’t as strong politically—it was more or less commercial—it didn’t actually rule the World. But in a way it influenced the whole World through its commerce & its riches & its wickedness. Then the Lord destroyed it.

53. WELL, IF THE DEVIL WAS AT ONE TIME KING OF TYRE‚ & THEN ANOTHER TIME KING OF BABYLON, the capital of the great World Empire of Babylonia, then it stands to reason logically that he must have been the king of each of these great World Empires‚ or possessed their kings & ruled them & lived in splendour & grandeur in their great lavish capital cities!

54. HE’S ALWAYS WANTED TO RULE THE WORLD, & HE’S GOING TO GET HIS FINAL CHANCE IN THE ANTICHRIST when he will really rule the whole World & with tremendous power! So he moved on to the Romans, but when they began to persecute the Christians too much, God destroyed Rome.

55. SINCE ROME THERE’S REALLY BEEN NO GREAT GRAND WORLD EMPIRE, UNTIL THE LATER SMALLER EMPIRES like the Spanish Empire, Portuguese Empire, Italian Empire, British Empire—but they were all small & never really ruled all the World. They were constantly in conflict with each other, & not one of them was a World government like these previous ones.

56. BUT THE ONE WHICH DID RULE THE WORLD FOR NEARLY A THOUSAND YEARS AFTER THE FALL OF ROME WAS, GUESS WHAT?—THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!—And you know how they persecuted the Christians, Protestants & so on from even the earliest days. So apparently he moved on into the Roman Catholic Church as its Popes. And any study of the Papacy will convince you that plenty of those Popes were possessed of the Devil & certainly not the Lord, the way they tortured Christians & massacred them‚ literally by the millions—killed about a million Christians in Bavaria alone!

57. SO WHEN THEY GOT TOO BAD, THE LORD SAW TO IT THAT THE POWER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS DESTROYED BY THE REFORMATION under Martin Luther & some of the great Reformers. It’s still a great power, but it doesn’t rule the World like it once did under the Popes in its heyday. So‚ what nation began about then? What Continent was discovered just before the Reformation & began to grow? (Maria: The Reformation started in the 1500s.)

58. WHEN WAS AMERICA DISCOVERED?—”1492 COLUMBUS SAILED THE OCEAN BLUE!”—Right at the end of the 1400s, beginning of the 1500s, America was discovered, then came the Reformation. Then came the colonisation of America with eventually New York as its head, almost always as its head.

59. THE U.S. THEN SUPERCEDED ALL THOSE FORMER EMPIRES, fought & won battles with them—with the British, the Spanish, the French & so on—& America literally became the ruling power of the World! And certainly New York City is its capital, actually, & the wickedest city on Earth just about‚ & I’m sure Satan must rule it in some way!

60. I DON’T DOUBT THAT HE POSSESSED SOME OF THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, some of them certainly acted like it!—And some were Freemasons, which John Todd claims is definitely a branch of Witchcraft with its ceremonies exactly like witchery in their churches or covens. The U.S. has really persecuted the poor & the Christians like they persecuted us!

61. AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE NEXT PRESIDENT MIGHT VERY EASILY BE REAGAN, WHO IS ONE OF OUR BITTEREST ENEMIES & who persecuted the hippies & persecuted the Children of God & used Ted Patrick to do it!—He conducted a virtual torturous Inquisition called Deprogramming to destroy their faith or destroy them, or get them out of fellowship with us.

62. SO RONALD REAGAN WAS CERTAINLY DEMONIC & OBVIOUSLY AN ENEMY OF THE FAITH & BACKED THE FORCES OF SATAN, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going to be maybe the next President!—And I wouldn’t be surprised if he were‚ that he’d certainly follow the Devil! Of course as far as one dream I had about “Carter in Disneyland” (No.910), it seemed like maybe Carter was going to get it anyhow, I don’t know. We’ll see in the few remaining months coming. (—And now you know! GHU!)

63. IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW CARTER’S POLITICAL FORTUNES ARE SO LOW & HIS POPULARITY IS SO LOW—the lowest of any poll on any president since the existence of polls in the last 40 years—he may not even get the nomination by the Democratic Convention! (Maria: But like we heard on the radio last night, they have something that politicians call “October Shock”, it comes right before the election, & which the opposition fears.)

64. HEY, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT COULD BE?—THAT MAY BE WHEN HE ISSUES HIS 3-DAY ULTIMATUM! (See No.913.) If Carter gets desperate enough, I wouldn’t be surprised! He knows that the fact he hasn’t delivered those hostages is counted against him almost worse then anything else, so he could do something like that just three days before election day, you know?

65. (MARIA: BECAUSE THE COMMENTATOR LAST NIGHT SAID THAT THE OPPOSITION ALWAYS FEARS THAT, they fear anything, any big news event whether good or bad…) Could suddenly sway the people! (Maria: Because if it’s good‚ then everybody rallies around the President, & if it’s bad then they…) They then all rally around him too to stand by him. So it always favours the incumbent president, the one who is president.

66. ANY KIND OF A BIG EVENT IN WORLD POLITICS OR NATIONAL POLITICS OR ANY GREAT EMERGENCY that occurs in October just before the election‚ influences the election, they were saying, in the favour of the incumbent president, the one that’s already president. (Maria: So either something he does or something precipitated somewhere else in the World.)

67. WELL, HE CLAIMS TO BE A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN, BUT I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW HE COULD POSSIBLY BE! I think John Todd’s answer to that was pretty good, “By their fruits ye shall know them”—& he certainly has not had many good fruits! He really has made a mess of things. So if he hasn’t been possessed of the Devil, he certainly has been fought by the Devil & confused by the Devil & led astray by the Devil & really made a mess!

68. SO THEN‚ OF COURSE, THE RISING RED WORLD POWER TODAY IS OPENLY ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI–RELIGIOUS & ANTI-GOD! The rising Red Empire is officially against God, Christ & religion. … So it only takes finally their full control to bring about the rise of the Antichrist who is already in existence today according to some prophets, & is preparing to be revealed when the time comes. (Maria: John Todd says that too, that they found a man.) Yes!

69. BUT THEY’RE WAITING TO REVEAL HIM, & THE BIBLE EVEN SAYS “WHEN HE SHALL BE REVEALED.” (2Thes.2.) It’s going to be something rather sudden, when you suddenly reveal something. Either the World’s going to suddenly wake up to who it is, or he’s going to suddenly step on the World scene in some dramatic way to solve some great problem like the Mideast question or Jerusalem or the oil, etc.

70. HE’S APPARENTLY GOING TO COME VERY SUDDENLY TO THE FORE‚ VERY SUDDENLY REVEALED—in which again he’s imitating Christ—Christ’s Second Coming when He’s going to be suddenly revealed in the sky. That would certainly follow consistently his record of trying to imitate Christ & the Millennium with his false messiahship & his false millennium. So apparently he’s going to have a sudden revelation.

71. WELL, THIS IS ACCORDING TO THE WARNING PROPHECY, THAT THE GREAT CONFUSION IS GOING TO COME VERY SUDDENLY. There’s a lot of confusion now, but not near as great as it’s going to be then. He’s going to cause the confusion & then take advantage of it & take over & solve it‚ just like he afflicts a lot of people & then through false religions he heals them by removing his affliction.

72. SO HE CAUSES THE WORLD’S GREAT CONFUSION—HE’S THE AUTHOR OF IT THAT PROPHECY SAYS, HE CAUSES IT—but then he apparently solves it & rules the World. So once again it will be the Devil incarnate, the Devil in person, the Devil in the body of a man, this time ruling the entire World as the Antichrist. So that certainly sounds like a very logical sequence of events.

73. I’VE NEVER HEARD THAT THEORY ADVANCED BEFORE; MAYBE IT WAS A REVELATION! I got it when I was sitting here reading that passage, & then I turned to Isaiah & read that. I thought, “Well, that’s strange, the Devil in one place is described as the King of Tyre, & here in another he’s described as the King of Babylon‚ how could he be both? And why was he symbolised this way, as king of two of the World’s great capital cities & Empires? ”

74. BABYLON WAS A POLITICAL EMPIRE, TYRE WAS A COMMERCIAL EMPIRE. That’s an interesting point, because America is really a commercial empire, she’s not ruled the World politically, but commercially.—The American Dollar, right? So it kind of could be symbolic that the Antichrist Kingdom is going to be a combination of both. Communism is a strictly political empire, not commercial, it’s even anti-capitalism.


76. SO THAT’S A NEW THEORY‚ A REVELATION! I never ever even thought of that before until I got curious about that passage & read it. Then I went back to Isaiah 14, & they’re both very accurate exact descriptions of the Devil, Satan. Obviously it could only be Satan, yet one is King of Tyre & one is King of Babylon.

77. SO IF THE DEVIL WAS THE KING OF TWO GREAT WORLD EMPIRES, ONE COMMERCIAL & ONE POLITICAL, why couldn’t he also have been king of all the other great World Empires? Every one of them was anti-God & anti-Christ, from Egypt to the end!—All except the time of Nebuchadnezzar‚ & that’s why God symbolised him as gold, & amongst the beasts as a lion, the king of all beasts.

78. SO HE WAS APPARENTLY THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS THE CLOSEST TO GOD’S HEART, in a way, but even he fell when he got lifted up in pride. So why couldn’t the Devil have been also King of Egypt at Memphis, their great capital on the Nile with those immense monuments, pyramids‚ Sphinx & all the rest?

79. HE’S SPOKEN OF IN THE BIBLE VERY EXPLICITLY IN EZEKIEL 28 AS THE KING OF TYRE which was a great commercial empire run by the Phoenicians, between Egypt & Assyria, both geographically & chronologically.—So why couldn’t he also have been King of Assyria at the grand capital of Nineveh with its giant walls?

80. AND WHY COULDN’T HE HAVE ALSO BEEN POSSESSING THE KINGS OF BABYLON‚ the great World capital of the Babylonian Empire?—And then kings of Medo-Persia, at least one of their kings, perhaps Xerxes, who was probably the most famous one.—And then King of Greece! Alexander was certainly spiritually possessed in some way, who miraculously conquered the World!—And then the Caesars of Rome: Most of them certainly were as anti-Christ as they could be!

81. SO THE DEVIL WENT FROM ONE KINGDOM TO THE OTHER TO POSSESS ITS KING & ITS CAPITALS & ITS EMPIRES in an attempt to continue to rule the World. Every time God would destroy one‚ he’d go to the next one & start over, or continue. (Maria: Do you think maybe he flits around to great anti-Christ men like Hitler & Napoleon?)

82. I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED THAT HE’D POSSESS SOME OF THE WORLD’S GREAT CONQUERORS & GREAT WORLD LEADERS. Of course, why not? He wants to rule the World, why shouldn’t he?—And not one of them was ever a great Christian. There were no truly great World leaders who were Christians.

83. THOSE WHO WANT TO RULE THIS WORLD ARE NOT CHRISTIAN; THEY’RE USUALLY ANTI-CHRIST & they do it cruelly with slaughter & armies & murder & by any means possible. How anybody could be in the dirty business of American politics & be a Christian, I don’t understand! It’s hard to believe.

84. SO THEREFORE WHY COULDN’T THE DEVIL HAVE MOVED ON THEN TO ATHENS UNDER ALEXANDER THE GREAT, & then to Rome under the Caesars‚ & then the Popes of the Catholic Church‚ & then the beginning of what has come the closest to being the next great World Empire—Babylon the Great, America, its final Empire before the Antichrist Kingdom. (See “America the Whore,” ML#216.)

85. AND CERTAINLY THE BIBLE DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE THE DEVIL IN PERSON, the Devil in the flesh, to rule the World’s last great World Government or kingdom. So apparently the Devil has been the king of all these great World Empires & their capitals, possessing their kings & running their governments, & always every one of them persecuted God’s people, every single one!

86. THERE HASN’T BEEN A SINGLE GREAT WORLD EMPIRE THAT HAS NOT PERSECUTED THE PEOPLE OF GOD! So obviously these World Empires were ruled by the Devil who persecuted God’s Kingdom & God’s people right to the very end, from Pharaoh to the Antichrist! So that is a new thought, I don’t know why I never thought of it before!

87. THERE IT IS PLAIN AS DAY RIGHT IN THE BIBLE! It specifically mentions the King of Tyre & the King of Babylon in a description which could only fit the Devil himself. So certainly that is an interesting thought, to say the least. I believe I could go through the Bible & history & prove it‚ as I have just now very briefly in a kind of a wandering confused way, sad to say, thinking aloud.

88. YOU GO BACK & STUDY HISTORY & BIBLE HISTORY & SEE IF NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE EMPIRES PERSECUTED GOD’S PEOPLE! Very few of them were good to them. Nebuchadnezzar was temporarily, Cyrus was temporarily, Xerxes was temporarily. Each time‚ God saved His people by getting somebody in next to the king & turning his heart toward His people to save them.

89. HE HAD TO DO THAT OR THEY WOULD HAVE CRUSHED HIS PEOPLE LONG AGO & WIPED’M OUT! But it didn’t necessarily always change the king’s heart, & frequently the king later was destroyed, the kings were not necessarily converted like Nebuchadnezzar. But it wasn’t Nebuchadnezzar who was destroyed, it was his [grand]son in the capital at that time of destruction.

90. BUST MOST OF THE TIME, PUT IT THAT WAY, THESE WORLD EMPIRES & THEIR KINGS—from the Pharaohs to the Caesars to the Antichrist—persecuted God’s people & were wicked & violent & devilish & undoubtedly ruled by the Devil trying to rule the World in opposition to the Kingdom of God. So just study history & the Bible & see! Certainly God’s Word is very explicit in those two passages.

91. TYRE WAS THE WORLD’S GREATEST COMMERCIAL EMPIRE AT THAT TIME, great sailing fleets of commercial ships & sailors‚ great seafaring nation who traded as far away as Tarshish—Britain—& many other places. In fact, I think I read something in the paper the other day that they have discovered evidence in America that the Phoenicians had been there also, sailed that far away clear across the ocean, across two seas!

92. IN THE DAYS WHEN I WANTED TO WAIT UNTIL I COULD DO THINGS PERFECTLY, I NEVER DID ANYTHING because I could never do anything perfect. Now we just roll on & dish it out as it comes, confusing or not‚ I just give it out! We just give it out for what it’s worth. You can take it or leave it, that’s just the way it cooked. And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it. But I’m sure God gave it.

93. “SATAN KING OF EMPIRES‚” CERTAINLY IS‚ I THINK, A PROVEN THEORY. It’s very logical & consistent, that he has been the king of every World Empire. He’s been the ruler of all the World’s capitals, & his Kingdom is always opposed to the Kingdom of Christ.—WHO RULES YOU?

94. MAYBE THAT’S WHY I GOT SO SICK LAST NIGHT & all this morning: The Enemy knew I was going to get a revelation today, & he was trying to kill me off before I could give it! But there it is, in spite of the Devil! He doesn’t rule me! TTL!—Jesus is my King of kings!—Who’s yours?

Illuminati & Witchcraft, The

David Berg

[Followed by: M/M’s COMMENTS ON JOHN TODDDO 948August 1980]

—By John Todd—Ex-Grand Druid Witch, now converted Christian.

—Lectures given at a Bible Baptist church, Elkton, Md., USA, Fall 1978.

(These taped lectures were transcribed by Miriam of Andrew in the U.S. just as they were given there. We cannot confirm their authenticity nor accuracy as to the circumstances nor names described, but they are close enough to some truths we already know & have proclaimed for years to be very convincing!—See for yourself!—D.)

ONE THING I’D LIKE TO SAY BEFORE I GET STARTED, it never seems to fail that when I’m done a few of my brothers & sisters in the Lord have fear in their hearts. There is no reason to have fear in your heart. It seems like every time we talk about the Enemy, Christians become afraid rather than stirred up & fighting mad! So I just ask that if you have this fear in your hearts when this is over, that you just simply get in your prayer chamber or up front or someplace alone with the Lord & discuss the matter with Him.

THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF WHEN IT COMES TO THE DEVIL; HE WAS DEFEATED 2,000 YEARS AGO! And that’s why I’m here; he was defeated 2,000 years ago! I think the thing that made me the most mad when I got saved was that I’d served somebody since I was a child, for over 20 years, that was defeated over 2,000 years ago! And I guess the only reason why I served him was that I didn’t realize who he was until I got saved, it took that enlightenment.

AS BROTHER BERRY PREACHED THIS MORNING ON THE DEVIL BLINDING GOD’S PEOPLE’S EYES & THE WORLD’S EYES‚ take it for a fact, he can do it! For some 20 years I served him as a priest & as a high priest, & later as a Grand Druid & had many thousands of people serving him under me, & never once did I even realize who I was serving.

THERE WERE MANY THINGS THAT I LEARNED IN WITCHCRAFT, I’m not going to tell you what they were‚ but there were many things that I learned & many things that I taught as a standard teaching in Witchcraft. As you go through apprenticeship or as you go through what we call the “Outer Court,” you are told to do things & you don’t ask why you do them. If you do ask why do them, they tell you that you’re being naughty & that you shouldn’t ask, mainly because they don’t know!

I NEVER DID KNOW WHY I WAS DOING THE THINGS I WAS DOING OR WHY I WAS TEACHING THE THINGS I WAS TEACHING. They worked‚ so we did them. After I got saved, it took salvation for me to find out why they worked. And I guess after knowing that, there is no way you can go back to what you came out of. Very quickly tonight—well, I can’t be really quickly, but I’ll try—I want to give my testimony, & then I want to turn it over for questions & answers.

I’VE LEARNED THE HARD WAY‚ AFTER FIVE YEARS‚ & IT’S NORMAL FOR ME TO SAY THE THINGS THAT I SAY, but it’s astounding for you to listen to them. And I realize that when the meetings are over that many things I say are strange to Christians. Most of you grew up in Christian homes, or even if you were in the World, you were not very close to what I was into, so when I say things‚ to me they are everyday things.

I GUESS THAT’S WHY WE HAVE SUCH A SUCCESSFUL MINISTRY WITH THE PEOPLE IN DRUGS & THE PEOPLE IN THE OCCULT, because they tried to tell Christians for years the things they’d been into & the things they’ve experienced, & they look at them like they’re crazy. Then I come along & I say, “Oh! Oh, sure I’ll listen to you, I’ve been there!” I know the same things, & I’ll sit there & I’ll listen & they find it very outstanding that I believe in them, because I’ve experienced them too.

SO I DON’T GASP AT SOMEBODY WHEN THEY TELL ME THEY’VE SEEN DEMONS or floated things through the air or received answers on Ouija boards or made people do their own will by spells‚ because I was there & I know it’s so, but at the same time I know how weak it is compared to what I have now.

WE WENT TO ST. PAUL WHEN THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE THEIR CONVENTION THIS YEAR, which they called off. They’re having it right now in Washington‚ D.C., this is the last night of it, & it was in all the front pages of the newspapers down there. Christians throughout the United States say, “You don’t really expect us to believe that witches are that organized!”—No, they’ve just got Senators & Congressmen & top witches down there all in one convention, they’re not organized, not at all!

BUT ANYWAY‚ WE WERE THERE, & MANY WITCHES CAME UP TO ME & ASKED ME WHY I WOULD BECOME A CHRISTIAN. See, witches have the opinion that Christians are either the most evil thing that ever lived or they’re the most foolish people that ever lived. They wanted to know why I would become a Christian. I said, “Because I’m more powerful now than I was when I was a witch!”—That’s not the real reason, but I said it in words they would understand. And they couldn’t grasp that. I know how they feel.

WHEN I WAS IN WITCHCRAFT I NEVER CONSIDERED CHRISTIANITY UNTIL THE NIGHT I GOT SAVED. I never once considered it was an answer, I never considered that Jesus was an answer & thought that the things in the Christian church were foolish‚ at the least, & dangerous at the most—& I guess they are dangerous to Witchcraft. But to explain what I’m talking about very quickly:

I COME FROM A FAMILY CALLED THE COLLINS. Some of them on this side of the Atlantic Ocean from England have changed their name to Todd back prior to the Civil War. That’s not to say that all Collins are Todds or the family that I came from, but this family brought Witchcraft to the United States.

I WAS IN PHILADELPHIA THE OTHER NIGHT & I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT, but after I left there the newspaper decided that their greatest campaign would be against me, & many things I said in my testimony they said they checked out & weren’t so. It’s funny, we checked them out & they still were so!—Like many things that I’ll mention tonight.

WE EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO SAY THAT WITCHCRAFT STARTED OUTSIDE OF SALEM, MASSACHUSETTS, & EVEN NAMED THE BAY THAT THE WITCHES LANDED AT that they named after the head witch, my ancestor, Frances Collins, & the newspaper said that place didn’t exist. It exists. We looked at the map & it was still there! We don’t quite understand quite what they were up to, but I guess they confused enough people to disregard it. We were wondering when people were going to get around to this, but anyway, I came from the Collins Family.

LET ME QUICKLY REMIND YOU‚ NO WITCHES WERE EXECUTED IN SALEM. There will be a book coming out shortly on this from Chick Publications. Except for one prostitute, everybody executed in Salem were Christians, & they were tried & convicted by a jury & by a pastor who was not a pastor but a slave trader hired by the Collins. The church was built by the Collins & the jury were all members of the Collins’ church. Needles to say, they weren’t Christians, they were Witches. We went back there & researched it!

BUT TO GO ON QUICKLY SO I DON’T CONFUSE YOU TOO MUCH … OF COURSE I’VE ALREADY DESTROYED YOUR HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY LESSON, I have a habit of doing that. I’ll destroy more than that before the night’s over! But when I was a youngster I started practising Witchcraft. I cast my first spell when I was eight, & I started studying for the Priesthood when I was 13. I was asked to join the Outer Court of the coven there in Columbus, Ohio, where I grew up, & at 14 I was initiated.

I WOULD LIKE TO ADD THIS BEFORE I GO ON, WHEN THE SERVICE IS OVER I WOULD BE GLAD TO TALK WITH ANY MASONS PRESENT‚ & I will compare my initiation to Witchcraft word for word, action for action‚ with yours. They are identical without change, & I’ll be glad to discuss the matter with you.

AFTER THAT AT 18 I WAS INITIATED A HIGH PRIEST. This made me the ruling pastor, more or less. You see in Witchcraft, church is a little different‚ only the ministers meet, & they meet once a month. The congregation doesn’t even know who is in it. They only go to their particular priest & ask for a favor, they never come together. But at 18 I was made the High Priest.

THAT MADE ME DRAFT-EXEMPT FROM THE U.S. ARMY OR FROM THE U.S. MILITARY SERVICE, because all of the denominations or Brotherhoods of Witchcraft are Federally recognized tax deductible churches & therefore their ministers do not have to serve! I stayed 4-D status, but a lot of us at that time thought it was important to get Witchcraft started at the different military bases‚ so we enlisted anyway, & that was in 1968.

WHEN I WAS DISCHARGED IN 1970 THERE WAS A COVEN IN EVERY MILITARY BASE IN THE UNITED STATES & EUROPE IN ALL FOUR BRANCHES OF THE SERVICE! So it grows very quickly. But I served Vietnam, flew back & re-enlisted for six years & served 30 days of my six-year term, went to Germany for that time. And up until this time I thought Witchcraft was just like being a Baptist or being a Catholic, it was a religion. I didn’t realize there was anything to it except Witchcraft‚ & this is where most Witches are at. In fact at this time I believed in a godhead system of gods & goddesses & believed in it very devoutly, I’d been raised in it all my life. I believed in the psychic powers & that’s all I believed in.

SO WHILE I WAS IN GERMANY ONE NIGHT, AFTER TAKING SOME DRUGS & DOING A LOT OF DRINKING, I GOT IN A SHOOT-OUT in the middle of downtown Stuttgart with an officer, & the officer got killed. Now the Army has a strict no-no about shooting officers, they don’t like it, so they placed me in solitary confinement‚ & there I am, waiting for Leavenworth more or less.

WE’D ALREADY OFFERED A PLEA TO THE JUDGE THAT WE WOULD PLEAD GUILTY IF HE WOULD GIVE ME 30 YEARS & CALL IT QUITS, & he tore it up & laughed at us. So I was pretty sure what was in for me, & I just sat there. And eventually through a riot that had happened at the stockade just a few days prior & a man being placed in solitary confinement with me & then released from the stockade, I got word back to the U.S. by phone of the predicament I was in.

I HAD BEEN IN GERMANY SUCH A LITTLE TIME THAT I HADN’T HAD TIME TO START A COVEN IN STUTTGART‚ & I had no way of getting the word out. So the man placed a phone call to Los Angeles, collect, to my foster mother & told the predicament I was in. I had told him to tell her to cast a spell on the jury so they’d think I was a real nice person, & that’s all I thought they would do. I’d seen spells like this work many times—I’ve seen them work recently many times in courts—but I was not expecting what took place!

ABOUT THREE DAYS AFTER THE MAN MADE THE PHONE CALL, MY CELL DOOR OPENED & THERE STOOD A SENATOR & A U.S. CONGRESSMAN, a couple of Generals & an Honorable Discharge. The Honorable Discharge gave no reason as to why I was being discharged; I just had an Honorable Discharge like I’d served all my time. I had all my time & rank & grade‚ even my top-secret security clearance.

I WAS TOLD THAT MY COURT-MARTIAL RECORDS HAD BEEN DESTROYED & that my military file would be placed with a top-secret security clerk so nobody could get into it, & that was the end of it. The Senator & the Congressman left, I went to Ft. Dix & drew the rest of my papers & stuff, & headed for Columbus, Ohio‚ scratching my head the whole time wondering what type of spell was so good that it had Senators & Congressmen doing its bidding!

I STILL DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON‚ SO I ARRIVED IN OHIO & I AGAIN BEGAN ASKING QUESTIONS THE DAY I ARRIVED THERE. I was told they had been expecting me & here was an envelope with a one-way first-class ticket to Kennedy Airport in New York City, $2‚000 for spending money, & I was to get on the next flight & they would make a phone call & tell them I was coming. That was fine except I wanted to know who “them” were. They said I would find out when I arrived, so I got on the plane, took off, landed at the airport & sure enough, somebody was waiting to meet me.

A PERSON WHOSE BOOKS I HAD READ & WHO I HAD THOUGHT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST WIZARDS, MALE WITCHES, THAT HAD EVER LIVED, & I felt very privileged that I could be staying with him learning more about Witchcraft from him. Now I gave his name—which I’m going to give a minute—in Philadelphia last Sunday night. I even gave his job at the time that I was staying with him, except the newspapers called the university that he was supposed to be working for & the university denied he’d ever been there.

IT’S FUNNY, I EVEN SAT IN HIS CLASSES AT THE UNIVERSITY. They have a way of covering things up. He has his own college now for Witches, & his name is Dr. Raymond Buckland, & at that time he was head of the Anthropology Department at Columbia University‚ although Columbia University likes to say that he never existed now.

BUT I LEARNED WITH HIM FOR AWHILE, LEARNED A LITTLE MORE IN MARYLAND, WENT TO CALIFORNIA & STUDIED SOME MORE. During this process I began to learn what most Witches don’t know, & that is that the gods they’ve been worshipping don’t exist, that they’re imitated by what we call “familiar spirits” or spirit guides, demons—witches don’t call them demons, they like to call them spirit guides—& that there is only one god & his name is Lucifer.

NOW THIS WAS A SHOCKING THING TO ME SINCE I WAS RAISED TO BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL DIDN’T EXIST. You see witches aren’t Satanists, they don’t believe in Satan, & I was quickly explained to that Lucifer was a good god & not an evil god, & that Jesus was the imitator. So I learned, & I learned many things, both of Witchcraft, & I also learned why the Senators & Politicians were there!

THEY WERE THERE BECAUSE WE WERE THE RELIGION OF A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION CALLED THE ILLUMINATI‚ & I was told all about the Illuminati & its history. I was schooled in the things that it had done, & the things that it was going to do, & the things that I was going to do. And before I go on, I want to show you a few things that will help explain. (Charts:)

THIS THING YOU SEE UP HERE IS ON THE BACK OF YOUR ONE-DOLLAR BILL, & WHAT IT IS IS THE SEAL OF THE ILLUMINATI. America tells us it’s the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, the only problem is that the United States has never sealed one document with it, ever, & never intends to! It was in existence before the United States was in existence, & I invite you, if you know your Latin, to look at your one-dollar bills later‚ & down at the bottom you will see some Latin.

IT SAYS: “THIS NEW ORDER THAT BEGAN 1776″—THAT MEANS NOT THE 4th OF JULY, BUT MAY 1st, 1776, THE CREATION DAY OF THE ILLUMINATI. It consists of three pyramids in a sphinx, which I’ll go through very quickly. We’ve put a few blocks up here, but there are hundreds of blocks in each pyramid. This is the political organisation. This is the middle pyramid. This is some of the political & police organisations that they use, & we’ve put up ones that mainly concern the United States.

ON THE TOP OF EACH PYRAMID YOU WILL SEE A CAPSTONE WITH AN EYE IN IT. The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god & their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid. (See above photo.)

THE TOP BLOCK IS WHAT I WAS INITIATED INTO, THE COUNCIL OF 13 CALLED THE GRAND DRUID COUNCIL. They only take orders from the Rothschilds & nobody else. They’re their private priesthood. The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World. The Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World—there are 500, actually, some of the richest people & conglomerates in the World—it’s their real power as I’ll show you in a minute.

I DON’T THINK YOU CAN SEE MUCH OF THE WRITING ON THIS, BUT THIS IS THE ORGANISATION OF WITCHCRAFT. The Golden Dawn is the 4th block up there, & it’s the Rothschild’s private coven. The Aquarian Arts Festival is the organization that ties all of the Occult Brotherhoods together in St. Paul, The Witches Church of America I was a member of. The Church of All Worlds is located in St. Louis. These are denominations like Northern Baptist, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, etc.

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD OF AMERICA‚ SCIENTOLOGY, UNITY, is the main platform for Witches to be speakers at towards what they consider to be Christian people. The Church of Wicca is another denomination; it’s in Greenfield‚ North Carolina.

THE AQUARIAN ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE* IS AN ORGANIZATION THAT WAS FORMED BY ONE OF THE GRAND DRUIDS, ISAAC BONOVITZ, & the American Civil Liberties Union. Its purpose is to pass laws & to sue Christian churches in Federal court for defaming Witches & the Occult, & they have been winning millions of dollars in the Federal courts. (*Militant Jews who fight anti-Semitism.)

THE PROCESS CHURCH OF FINAL JUDGMENT IS A CHURCH WHICH CHARLES MANSON BELONGED TO; I was also a member of it. They believe in human sacrifice & they believe that the only answer to Christianity is to bomb the churches & execute the Christians.

THE GARNARIAN BROTHERHOOD IS THE TRADITIONAL WITCHCRAFT IN ENGLAND. The Order of the Rose Cross—another word for it is Rosicrucians—they are a sacrifice order. And the Holy Order of the Garter is another traditional English Witchcraft group. (Points:)

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SYMBOL: THIS IS THE POWER OF THE ILLUMINATI. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from. You will notice the head of it is the Rothschild Family & the Council of 500. Under that, the Rockefellers, Duponts, Kennedys, Onasises & other families. Queen Juliana is also on the Council of 500.

OVER IN THE CENTER IS ITS HEART, THE BANK OF ENGLAND, THE BANK OF FRANCE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. Most people feel the Federal Reserve Act is a government organization. It is not! It has nothing to do with the Government of the United States; it is a stockholder company owned by individuals. Much of the stock is owned by non-Americans.

MANY BANKS & FAMOUS CORPORATIONS ARE OWNED OR CONTROLLED BY THE ILLUMINATI. We tell Christians across the U.S. that housewives & husbands cannot shop any day or any week without buying from a company that the Illuminati owns‚ it is impossible.

ABOUT 12 YEARS AGO, PHILLIP ROTHSCHILD ORDERED ONE OF HIS MISTRESSES TO WRITE AN 1100–PAGE BOOK that would describe to all witches how they would take control of the World through the Illuminati: It’s called Atlas Shrugs. One of the things in it is happening on the front pages of the newspapers across the United States right now. In fact she spent a third of the book describing how they would raise the oil prices & then later destroy the oil fields & then they would also completely shut down the coal. That was written 12 years ago.

IT ALSO DESCRIBED HOW THEY WOULD BLOW UP GRAIN MILLS‚ how they would derail trains. Their sole purpose is to bankrupt their own companies & destroy their own companies until they destroyed the currency of the whole World, & still be so financially strong they would withstand it!

NOW TO GO BACK TO MY OWN TESTIMONY WHILE EVERYBODY GETS A BREATH! I know you thought you were going to hear a lot about spell-casting or spooky ghosts, but I surprised you, I’ve got something more spooky to tell you! Anyway, as I learned all this, I was taken up to Colorado Springs, outside of NORAD Center about a mile in the same location, & placed through an initiation for the Council of 13, & then I moved to San Antonio where I lived until I was saved & ruled a 13-state area that I had from there.

WHEN I WAS SAVED I HAD 5000 COVENS, IN OTHER WORDS, CHURCHES, TOTALLING 65,000 PRIESTS & PRIESTESSES. That’s just the ministers, not the congregation‚ so it is quite large. This State wasn’t one of them, this is run by Mrs. Buckland, but Ohio was one of them, so it’s close enough. I lived there until I was saved on Labor Day of 1972. And what led to my salvation was this:

THE GRAND DRUIDS MEET EIGHT TIMES A YEAR ON THE WITCHES’ SABBATH AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN THE WORLD. I hosted the last meeting that I attended, it was held in San Antonio at the Casino Building. A courier from the London Embassy, a member of our State Department, brought a sealed courier pouch—so Immigration couldn’t touch it—to the meeting & left it. It had never been opened from the time it had been sealed at the London Embassy.

DR. BUCKLAND CUT THE SEAL ON IT & TOOK OUT SIX LETTERS THAT WERE SEALED WITH THIS ILLUMINATI CREST. The first four were just business, money that we were to pay here & there & so on. Actually, the Grand Druid Council is nothing but glorified bankers, they write millions of dollars worth of checks to people in political & religious fields every month. But the last two letters led me to want to get out.

I HAD, AS A CHILD, ACCIDENTALLY ATTENDED A FEW SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES because I had nothing better to do‚ & during those classes I heard about the Book of Revelation & a few things in it—which was very strange, being back in the early ’60s to hear anything like this, at least in the particular kind of church I was going to which was kind of liberal. So I had a little background of what the Christians felt was in their Bible. I thought it was foolish, but I had a little background.

NOW EVEN THOUGH I WAS A PART OF SETTING UP A WORLD GOVERNMENT, I ALWAYS KIND OF SNICKERED THAT THAT WAS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN, that we were serious‚ that it was kind of a little game we were playing. As long as the Rothschilds had all of the money to spend on our plans, we went ahead & spent the money. So I never took it seriously until we opened the last two letters.

NOW IN THE FIRST LETTER THAT WE OPENED OF THOSE LAST TWO, WAS A CHART, & IN THAT CHART IT LISTED AN EIGHT–YEAR PLAN FOR WORLD TAKE-OVER ENDING IN THE DECEMBER MONTH OF 1980. Since I have gotten out, I have not seen one thing fail or be delayed on that time chart. I’m not saying that it won’t be delayed, but it’s going to take a lot of Christians doing a lot of serious praying which I haven’t seen yet. Next‚ the last letter we opened contained—now I’ll have to quote it & then I’ll have to explain, it, since witches say English but they say words that may not mean anything to you—it said:

WE HAVE FOUND A MAN WHOM WE BELIEVE TO BE THE SON OF LUCIFER. We believe that through his works & our backing he can become ruler of this world, stop all wars, & bring peace, finally, to this war-stricken World.” Now that literally meant that we had found a person so fantastically-powered that he could convince people he was their only salvation. Now that literally meant in Christian terms, he was demon-possessed like nobody had ever seen! (Ed: The Antichrist, 1Jn.2:18; Rev.13.)

AFTER READING THAT ON AUGUST 1, 1972, I DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO LOOK ELSEWHERE TO GET OUT. Now this hadn’t been a new idea, before I was made a Grand Druid I had thought about getting out.—So had a young actress in California that was ordered executed & left hanging with her throat cut by one foot—which is one of the tarot cards—to tell all witches that she had betrayed witchcraft & this was her death. And after seeing this & what happened to Sharon Tate, I decided I’d stay in. But now I wanted out. I didn’t know how to get out & I didn’t consider Christianity at all a way out, but I wanted to get out.

SO A MONTH ROLLED AROUND & I GOT DEEPER INVOLVED IN DRUGS. In fact, the night I was saved I weighed 149 pounds because I was doing $150 a day worth of methedrine speed—mainlining it—what the street people call “crystal.” So I was literally in a paranoid mess anyway because of this drug, & all these plans hadn’t made me any more restful.

SO ONE SATURDAY AFTERNOON A BAPTIST PREACHER CAME ACROSS ME IN ONE OF OUR OCCULT STORES. He was there because overnight, just about, he had come to realize that Witchcraft was real, when he had always considered it a fable about witches flying on broomsticks with warts on their noses & pointed hats. The way he’d found it was he’d found his daughter an initiated priestess of a Witchcraft coven! He’d caught her casting spells in her bedroom one night.

SO IT BECAME VERY REAL TO HIM‚ & AFTER MUCH PRAYER & FASTING, HE DECIDED TO TRACK DOWN A FEW WITCHES & see if he couldn’t witness to them. He wasn’t getting through to his daughter so he though he’d go to the head of it & if they got saved, maybe his daughter would get saved. So he found me in one of our occult stores called “The Spanish Bazaar” there in San Antonio & started to witness to me.

HE KNEW WHO I WAS BECAUSE I WAS GOING BY MY WITCHCRAFT NAME, LANCE, & just about everybody in town had seen me on television or read about me in the newspapers about Witchcraft. So he started witnessing to me & I told him in certain profanities that I didn’t care for it & that I would like him to leave. So when this failed he decided that he wasn’t going to get past the demons that were in me, so he started ordering the demons to be quiet. Then he proceeded to pray for me whether I liked it or not, & the prayer went something like this:

I DEMAND THAT SATAN STOP GIVING YOU HIS BENEFITS, INCLUDING DRUGS, I ORDER THAT TO BE SO IN THE NAME OF JESUS! And I command Satan to stop communicating with you supernaturally & I break your power of Witchcraft till you come face–to–face with the Gospel, & then I command your mind to be set free so that you can perceive the Gospel & make you own mind up.”—Now this was necessary in my condition because I didn’t have my own mind. And then he left.

I THOUGHT HE WAS CRAZY‚ SO I WENT UPSTAIRS & DID SOME MORE DRUGS because I couldn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling, & that was not too well at that moment. So that night, I didn’t have anything to worry about, I did all my drugs up because I was expecting a very large shipment of drugs to come across at Laredo‚ Mexico.—Except something happened that had never happened before: The drugs got busted! The wrong guard that was not on our salary was on the border that night, & they even brought the wrong car across that had the wrong license number.

EVERYTHING THAT COULD HAVE GONE WRONG, WENT WRONG, & THE SHIPMENT WAS BUSTED & I WAS WITHOUT DRUGS. So when I found out about it, I made a few phone calls around different areas in the U.S. trying to find some drugs that could get to me very quickly. Most people had already used theirs up or were at the end of it, & I was told that I’d have some Tuesday morning—& that’s a long time to wait for an addict as bad as I was!

SO ABOUT MONDAY NIGHT, LABOR DAY NIGHT, AS I WAS GOING THROUGH EXTREME PROPORTIONATE WITHDRAWAL, I got in my car & started to drive it out of the parking lot & almost drove it in the river! So I left it there & I went for a walk. I walked about four or five blocks & I came upon a movie theater. Now it was just an everyday movie theater—it’s still there to this day—shows just regular pictures, not anything to do with the Christian Church, so I thought I was pretty safe. I paid my money & went in, sat down three rows back & wanted to get right into the movie.

AND THE MOVIE WAS CALLED “THE CROSS & THE SWITCHBLADE.” Now that my seem funny to you, it was not funny to me at the time. So I sat there trying to make wisecracks at the movie all night & became interested in Nicky Cruz. See, you think with one mind—I think with the same mind with now as a Christian—but as a witch I thought with a different mind: Dave Wilkerson was the enemy & Nicky Cruz was the hero.

SO I SAT DOWN THERE & I THOUGHT, THIS GUY’S PRETTY GOOD, THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM, maybe he’ll convert the preacher over … & then he got saved! Now that term meant nothing to us‚ but when he changed from the old Nicky Cruz to the new Nicky Cruz, that meant something, that was impossible!

THE CORNERSTONE OR THE WHOLE FLOOR OF WITCHCRAFT is that you cannot cast a spell, you cannot mix a potion, you cannot do a rite without a firm knowledge of astrology. It is the base for all practices in Witchcraft‚ & one of its teachings is that you are born a set personality & there is nothing you can do to change from that set personality, & mine was pretty raunchy as it was. (See No.107.)

SO IF NICKY CRUZ CHANGED, THIS WAS A MIRACLE THAT WAS NOT UNDERSTANDABLE TO ANY WITCH. So going out of there I was in a very confused state of mind, not realizing much of what had happened even to the point that I forgot I was even going through withdrawal. And as I walked out the door a young man walked up to me, handed me this tract & said, “Here, this is for you”—& turned around & walked off! Didn’t give anybody else a tract, just left, & the tract was called “Bewitched,” it was on Witchcraft. (See Nos. 290, 291‚ 666.)

NOW, I WAS RAISED IN A SUPERNATURAL WORLD. All our lives we had spent listening to spirit guides, & since that preacher had prayed for me, my spirit guides had not said a word to me. I was in a vacuum, much described like this: Have you ever gone through a trial where you pray & pray & you feel like you’re not getting through? Well, this was the way I felt, & nothing was coming through. I was in a vacuum.

AFTER 14 YEARS OF DEPENDING UPON THESE SPIRITS TO TELL ME EVERYTHING TO DO, NOBODY WAS TELLING ME ANYTHING—because this preacher had taken authority over them & had ordered them to be quiet. And as I was reading this booklet I had sense enough to know that something was trying to get to me, something was trying to get through, but none of my spirit guides would be giving me books on Witchcraft that was telling me the Devil was behind it!

SO I THREW THE BOOK AWAY & WAS IN A BIGGER STATE OF CONFUSION THAN I’D EVER BEEN. I walked back to where my apartment was in the Casino Building, & it consists of several nightclubs back there‚ & I walked into one, the Club Aquarius. I walked to the back of the club & sat down in the office back there by myself & tried to think things out.

I SPENT SEVERAL HOURS TRYING TO THINK OF A CHRISTIAN CHURCH THAT I COULD GO TO & ASK QUESTIONS OF THAT WE DIDN’T OWN THE MINISTER OF. Now, that may seem kind of strange to you‚ but as an ex-Grand Druid it’s not strange at all. Much that you see in churches that you just think is liberalism, is pay-offism. I’ll go over that more simply: They’ve taken the money & rejected the Lord!

IT’S KIND OF HARD FOR A MINISTER THAT’S NOT SOLD OUT TO GOD TO TURN DOWN HALF-A-MILLION DOLLARS if it’s laid down as a bribe, & they can get even higher. In fact, one church I know of got eight million dollars in two years, & another one got ten million dollars in one year! So‚ they can receive some money.

ANYWAY, I DIDN’T HAVE A MEMBERSHIP LIST WITH ME SO I DIDN’T KNOW WHO WE OWNED & WHO WE DIDN’T, & I was afraid to call the wrong pastor because that could get me killed. So I sat there thinking a little bit & I remembered that the night before, one of our witches that was a prostitute in a downtown area had come screaming into the nightclub the night before about the coffee house called the Greengate Club.

STRANGE PLACE … IT USED TO BE A BURLESQUE PLACE ABOUT THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO THAT‚ & THIS MINISTER CAME IN & PREACHED AN UNINVITED REVIVAL. The revival took about 15 minutes & 20-some people got saved, including the dancers, bartenders, the band, people in the congregation & the husband & wife that owned the place.

SO WHEN THEY GOT SAVED THEY DECIDED TO TURN IT OVER TO A BAPTIST CHURCH that they were going to—the Baptist Church that was praying & fasting for me! Now don’t confuse Jack Taylor with the Pastor that came in, he was from another church. But he couldn’t get his church to pray & fast for witches since his church thought he was crazy when he said “witch.” So he called up Castle Hills, which was well-known for working in the power of God, & they asked some people to pray & fast & they got about 500 people to pray & fast over that weekend that I’d get saved!—And I firmly believe that had a lot to do with it.

SO, SHE HAD TOLD ME ABOUT THIS PLACE & SHE HAD WANTED US TO BURN IT DOWN, BUY IT OUT OR SOMETHING, BECAUSE IT WAS RUINING HER BUSINESS. I mean‚ here’s a prostitute propositioning a soldier, & here’s somebody over here preaching the Word of God to him! It doesn’t work. So she was very upset, & I decided I would go look this place up. So I walked on over by the bus station & went in. It was about two in the morning & the place was supposed to close at midnight.

NOW I FIRMLY BELIEVE TO THIS DAY THAT GOD BREAKS COKE FOUNTAINS, because when I came in there the manager had stayed to fix the Coke fountain as it had broken down just as he was ready to close. So I walked in & he started witnessing to me, & it was fine for about, oh, 45 minutes to an hour, & I brought up Witchcraft. So‚ in a white, kind of ghostly-like face, he called the Pastor & said, “I’ve got this witch down here!”

AND THE PASTOR SAID, “WELL, WE’VE BEEN PRAYING & FASTING THAT HE’D GET THERE‚ GO AHEAD & WITNESS TO HIM. We’ll just call everybody up & start praying!” So they started praying & he started witnessing to me more, & started showing me things in the Bible, started praying for me. Pretty soon he was praying, & I was praying & the Lord was saving me!—And I’ve never forgotten it.

YOU SEE, I WAS BORN IN A WITCHCRAFT FAMILY WHERE I INHERITED EVERYTHING MY PARENTS HAD. In other words, I inherited their demons, or ones just like the ones they had. So I was never free from the time the doctor spanked me on the bottom in the delivery room until that night of ’72. And you may have felt great when you got saved, but I don’t think you felt as great as I felt when I got saved! We may argue that point.

BUT FOR THE FIRST TIME, I COULD THINK FOR MYSELF WITHOUT THIS HEAVY, LIKE COTTON IN MY HEAD, is about the only way you could describe it. And my feeling was that if they killed me going out of that place‚ then I would die happy!—And I walked out, not really thinking about any danger. The next night I was back & saying, “You know, I would like to live long enough to enjoy this!”

THE REASON FOR THAT IS THAT YOU DON’T LEAVE WITCHCRAFT ONCE YOU’RE INITIATED—ONCE YOU’RE IN, YOU’RE IN! To prove this point, there have been since my salvation about 500 people saved out of Witchcraft—that’s not very many when you know how many millions are in—& 50 them have been killed in five years! My life is in danger all the time, my wife’s & myself, & all the people that have come out.

THEY START AT $10,000 BOUNTIES & WORK UP TO SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND, but it’s not just witches. I have a few contacts still back in the Illuminati that will do me favors every once in awhile; they don’t understand why I would want to be a Christian, but they don’t think I’m all that bad. Well‚ I had them run a computer check through one of the computers they have in New York that the occult owns to keep tabs on everybody.

I WANTED TO CHECK OUT A FEW OF THE CHRISTIAN MINISTERS THAT I MIGHT KNOW THAT HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEM‚ & Brother Berry’s name came up & they’ve got $10,000 on that man’s head. Jack Chick of Chick Publications‚ Dr. Van Impe, Joe Boyd, Dan Hartree, my pastor Roland Rasmussen & many others, to go on & on. The witches have felt these men are such a danger to them that they have decided that they are better dead than alive & are willing to spend millions of dollars to make sure it happens.

SO IT IS A WARFARE, & IT GOES ON‚ & IT’S GETTING WORSE & WORSE, & we had to pray much before we came out to the East Coast. Everybody said I was crazy when I moved to L.A. to minister to the people out there, but they don’t know the East Coast! It’s been an experience, & we ask that you pray for us as we go around ministering.

MY WIFE IS USUALLY WITH ME ON THE ROAD, but she had to go back to Los Angeles on an emergency, & we ask that you pray for her while she’s on the road. I think what I’ll do now is simply open it for your questions & I hope that I have the answers. If you have a question, just raise your hand. Let’s see if we can do this without turning the lights out. Yeah‚ we can, praise the Lord! (Shows:)

THESE ARE TYPES OF JEWELRY THAT WERE CREATED BY DEMONIC INSTRUCTION TO VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Christians are astonished when I tell them that the greatest Wizard that ever lived, male witch, was King Solomon. When he backslid he really backslid! And as great as his writings were in our Bible, they were as great in the Witchcraft bible! The very initiation rites & how to prepare Witchcraft bibles, how to conjure demons up, everything‚ even how to commit human sacrifice are writings that he created.

AND BEFORE I TELL YOU WHAT THEY MEAN I WANT TO SAY THIS: IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY THIS JEWELRY, except for the Ankh outside of a witchcraft store until a few years ago. They were hand-made by silversmiths belonging to the priesthood & sold only to initiated witches in occult stores. Since then, the Illuminati have decided that one of the greatest tricks they could play on the Christians was to put this jewelry around their necks & on their hands.

THE REASON IS, THIS STUFF ATTRACTS DEMONS‚ THEY CLING AROUND WHERE IT’S AT. Now, if you’re shocked to see the Star of David up there, that’s because it’s just recently been called the Star of David. For thousands of years it was called the Hexagram or the Crest of Solomon.

NOW WHEN A WITCH WANTS TO PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT, SHE’LL GET IN A PENTAGRAM, that’s the five-pointed star in the circle, their strongest form of protection. Then they will lay this six-pointed star, or hexagram—which means “to hex” or to cast black magic or to put a spell on somebody—they’ll put it in a circle on the floor & this will cause the demons to appear at their instruction.

IT IS THE MOST EVIL OF SIGNS IN WITCHCRAFT. I know I may not be getting through to you what I’m trying to get through, but it’s dangerous to have it. The pentagram, the pinnacle with the one point up, means Witchcraft; two points up means demon-worship or Satanism.

IT IS INTERESTING TO NOTE THAT THE EASTERN STAR SYMBOL IS A TWO POINTS UP, FIVE–POINTED STAR. This symbolizes the goat head, which Satanists believe is representative of the Devil, & they use this goat head & worship it like they are worshipping the Devil.

THE ANKH MEANS THAT YOU DESPISE VIRGINITY, believe in fertility rites, practice fertility rites & worship the sun god Ra. The sun god Ra is the Egyptian name for Lucifer.

THE PEACE SYMBOL UP THERE IS NOT THE PEACE SYMBOL. I didn’t have to do the initiation that contained the broken cross because I was born into Witchcraft & it wasn’t necessary, & people who have no Christian background do not have to do it. But if a person raised in a Christian church—whether they were Christian or not—wants to join Witchcraft, they would have to take a ceramic cross & turn it upside-down & break the cross bars down, symbolising their rejection of Calvary & the Christian Church.

THIS IS SAID TO BRING YOU PEACE OF MIND WHILE YOU PRACTISE WITCHCRAFT, that’s where it got the word “Peace Symbol” from. We called it the Peace Symbol for the last 20 years, they’ve called it the Broken Cross for the last several hundred. Now which are you going to believe?

AFTER THAT YOU HAVE WHAT IS CALLED THE UNICORN’S HORN, OR THE ITALIAN HORN IS WHAT THEY ARE CALLING IT NOW SO THEY CAN SELL IT. Literally, the translation is: “You trust the Devil for your finance.” If you don’t trust the Devil for your finance, don’t wear it. I can guarantee it has just the opposite reaction in a Christian’s life. The last symbol is the symbol that initiated priests & priestesses, coven members, wear to show they have been initiated.

NOW CHRISTIANS ASK ME‚ “WHAT’S THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH?—WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT!” This morning we cast demons out of a young man who got delivered from this who had his initiation scar on his wrist who was a counselor & a member of Word of Life Ministries, the Word of Life Christian Club Ministries. They are everywhere‚ people!

THE YOUNG LADY WHO TOOK MY PLACE GREW UP‚ WAS RAISED & WAS A MEMBER OF THOMAS ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH in Lynchburg, Virginia, Jerry Falwell’s church. Jerry doesn’t know it, but that’s where she grew up & was raised, & she now sits on the Council of 13. So, they are everywhere. Next question? (Question inaudible on tape.) Well, the Bilderbergers are in the 500. I didn’t know you would know that term, so I didn’t use it.

(QUESTION ABOUT TRILATERAL COUNCIL.) I’m sure you couldn’t see the pyramid‚ but it was on the pyramid. The Trilateral Council is the Inner Council of the CFR, Council of Foreign Relations, which is the American name for the Illuminati. They are not there without full knowledge & they are handpicked by David Rockefeller, the leader of the Illuminati in the United States. OK? (Inaudible question.) I don’t know. I wasn’t over that state.

LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION, IS IT A UNITED METHODIST CHURCH? Well, that’s because the United Methodist Church has accepted the Omega Brotherhood, an organization started in Phoenix by United Methodist members who believe seances are Christian practice‚ & it is now accepted in the United Methodist Church. So he can be that & not be kicked out.

(QUESTION: WOULD YOU BRIEFLY OUTLINE THE STEPS REMAINING IN THE WORLD TAKEOVER PLAN BETWEEN NOW & 1980?) If the Pastor has no objections, OK. The reason I ask this is that it can be pretty frightening & pretty unbelievable. I like to leave that to the last question so they’ll believe everything else I have to say before I say this! They usually reject everything after that because they’re sitting around in shock!

WHAT REMAINS IS THIS, THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF A TRIAL-&-ERROR RIGHT NOW, & THEY TEST THINGS. Last year they tested what it would be like to be without fuel to heat your homes. This year they are going to see if they can’t starve you, absolutely shut all electricity off in the East Coast. Now the timetable in the book Atlas Shrugs ended with this: “When the lights of New York City go out for the last time, we will have the World!”

NOW, THAT MEANT THAT TOWARDS THE END THEY ARE GOING TO CUT THE CITIES OFF COMPLETELY. There’ll be a Teamsters strike, nothing will move for months, I mean nothing will move. These strikes will be more violent than the coal miners’ strikes are right now, & the coal miners will strike again.

THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF DESTROYING ALL STORED FOOD & FARMLAND IN THE FARMER’S STRIKE so that we will be without any food in the cities or in the country or anywhere except what is in the Federal storehouses. The air controllers will strike & nothing will fly over the skies of the U.S. except military flights. The longshoremen will strike & nothing will come off the boats, & the train engineers will strike & nothing will move. In other words, nothing is going to move at all.

NOW IF YOU LIVE IN A LARGE CITY‚ HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET YOUR FOOD if they don’t bring it to you? Everything will be paralyzed, nothing will move. At the same time there will be riot & revolution within the United States, in fact the whole World will be in it.

IT SEEMS STRANGE, & CHRISTIANS CANNOT GRASP THAT A MASS MURDERER LIKE CHARLES MANSON WILL BE RELEASED FROM PRISON. You should have heard the vote when he was up for release a month ago. He was kept there by two votes. Two votes kept him from leaving prison. Now, they didn’t want him out, & let me explain something, he did not go there because the jury found him guilty.

THEY COULD NOT HAVE SENT HIM TO PRISON IF THE ILLUMINATI DID NOT WANT HIM TO GO. He went there for a reason, & we have talked to prison officials across the U.S. & people belonging to the motorcycle clubs & so on, & we have received the same answer: He has them united.

THERE IS A MASS ARMY WITHIN EVERY PRISON FROM COAST TO COAST. They have been promised weapons, military weapons. To verify this‚ the U.S. Army has said, & so has the Marine Corps, that in the last five years they have lost many of their small arms weapons to theft in the United States. That includes hand-held ground-to-air, heat–seeking missiles that can take a DC-10 out of the sky at 40,000 feet. One of the largest storehouses is in Baltimore & the second largest is in Philadelphia for these weapons, so they are very close to you.

HE HAS BEEN GATHERING AN ARMY, & OUTSIDE OF PRISON IT AMOUNTS TO OVER 100,000 PROFESSIONALLY-TRAINED MILITARY PEOPLE. They have been hiring ex-Green Berets, Rangers, Navy‚ to train them in camps—one is down in West Virginia to give you an example—to train them in special forces tactics. Every one of them is as trained as a Green Beret, & that is very well-trained! Manson will be released either next year or the following year, they haven’t decided yet.

I’LL TELL YOU THIS, THE ONE THING THAT WILL HOLD THEIR PLAN UP IS IF THEY DON’T GET THE GUN LAW PASSED. These people will refuse to go out & cause havoc if people will be shooting back at them‚ so they have been promised that all the guns will be confiscated before they make their move. Now, they have been promised they will get this country, what they don’t know is they have been set up.

THEY HAVE BEEN SET UP JUST SO THEY WILL KILL A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF PEOPLE: The figure at the present is that in the first year, one million people will be butchered. I use that term because that is about how to describe what will happen, & I will leave it to your imagination & your prayer life as to who is scheduled to be killed.

THIS IS JUST SO THAT THEY CAN GET THE NATIONAL GUARD CALLED OUT. They recently passed a law that gives the President the right to suspend the Constitution & Congress & call Martial Law & call out the military. Now that would seem too harsh to us right now, but what happens when millions of people are getting shot at & killed?—Then they will be calling for it to happen! That’s some of the stuff that’s coming about. Some of it is legislation that is being passed right now.

HOUSE BILL 41 WENT THROUGH THE HOUSE & IS BEFORE THE SENATE RIGHT NOW. If it passes‚ it will pull much of the Federal tax deduction status of many of the Christian churches, & the ones that keep it, the people who give to them, their names will be printed with their addresses, their phone numbers & their work addresses of every giver in every Post Office in the United States. It’s called House Bill 41. This will give those radicals your dwelling address & where you work so that they can come & look you up!

ANOTHER ONE WAS THE MARTIAL LAW ACT, WHICH HAS BEEN PASSED, & THE ANTI–HOARDING ACT. It is the one thing they fear. See, the whole thing is, if you can be independent of Federal help, their plan won’t work. You must be dependent on the Federal Government for every bite of food, every light bulb in your house & every warmth that you feel coming through your homes. You must be dependent upon them.

NOW THE ANTI-HOARDING ACT FORBIDS YOU TO STORE OVER ONE-MONTH’S FOOD SUPPLY, to store medical supplies or fuel supplies over a month at a time. There is a reason for it—their reason. The last one is called the Genocide Act, some of you may have heard of it. They defeated it eight years ago but now it looks like it is going to get passed, it’s before the Senate now.

IT CAN PUT YOU IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR CONVERTING SOMEBODY FROM THE FAITH THAT THEY WERE BORN INTO BY THEIR PARENTS. In other words, if you convert & Catholic, a Jew or a witch, & their parents press charges, you an go to Federal Penitentiary for it, & it’s getting ready to pass now. (Inaudible question.) Well‚ you’re talking to an ex-Illuminatist who knows that there is no such thing.

ANYBODY COMING OUT OF THE ILLUMINATI CAN TELL YOU THAT THE COMMUNIST PARTY IS RUN BY ILLUMINATISTS, NOT COMMUNISTS. History will show it, that sometime back in 1776, Adrian Pike—then the head of the Illuminati, also head of the Masons at the time—said that they needed to create a political party that would frighten the World & keep it fighting each other until they could bring peace to the World—& then Karl Marx showed up. Now if you go to the British Museum, you can find two checks for several thousand pounds made out to Karl Marx, signed by Nathan Rothschild. OK?!

AND I CAN GO INTO MUCH HISTORY ABOUT THE COMMUNIST PARTY, HOW LENIN & TROTSKY BOTH STAYED AT THE KRUPP MANSION IN NEW YORK, financed by Rockefeller & Krupp & Swifts & others: How they put four million dollars worth of Jacob Swift’s gold to finance the revolution, sailed from New York Harbor where their ship was confiscated by the British Government as it tried to run a blockade during WWI.—How Woodrow Wilson called & ordered their release so America wouldn’t go into the War, & how they were sent on their way. There’s much history about it.

(QUESTION: WHAT DOES WITCHCRAFT HAVE TO DO WITH THE MASONS?) Well, other than the 33 highest Masons who are on the Council of 33, most Masons do not realize that they have taken the same rites that makes a person & witch. They have taken the same rites to become a Mason, except that we cut our wrists & they don’t cut their wrists‚ that’s the only differences!

IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME. I could lay a drawing of our temple down, your temple is laid out the same. I can describe our Witchcraft rites, yours are exactly the same. We’ve been doing it for 8000 years—what’s your excuse? (Question about the organizations involved.)

LET ME READ OFF THE ORGANIZATIONS REAL QUICK: B’nai B’rith; American Civil Liberties Union; the Scottish Rites—by the way, Witchcraft is supposed to be the old religion of Scotland; the New York Rites; the Jaycees; & I want to explain about the Junior Chamber of Commerce. We in the Illuminati needed a group to fund & to finance the training of the radical groups that would be used later—the Jr. Chamber of Commerce was the group chosen to do the funding. The Masonic Lodges‚ both the White & the Blue; the Knights of Columbus; the Knights of Philistivis & the Oddfellows.

NOW, I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THESE LODGES: THAT MEANS ITS LEADERS USE THESE ORGANIZATIONS FOR THEIR PURPOSES, that does not mean that the members of those organizations know what’s going on. Clear back after our Revolutionary War—you can find this in the Adams Chronicles—John Adams wrote George Washington asking him to beware of Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton & their misuse of the Masonic Lodges which Washington was a member of, & this is a direct quote: “Because they were using it for Illuminati purposes & the worship of Lucifer.”

NOW I HAVE IN MY CAR PHOTOSTATIC COPIES OF BOOKS HANDED ONLY TO CHOSEN ONES IN THE 32nd—that means just the ones they’ve handpicked out of the 32nd Level & the 33rd Level—describing the initiation of the 33rd Level Masons, also describing what they thought of Jesus—believe me, it’s not polite!—& who the true God is.

THEY CONSIDER JESUS TO BE THE IMPERSONATOR & the true god is Lucifer, & that’s in black-&–white out of Masonic books. Now I’ve got them in my car, & if it gets into a debate after the service, I can go get’m & let you read’m out of your own books! Next question?

(QUESTION: BEFORE I WAS SAVED I HAD A DECK OF TAROT CARDS, & right after James Bond came out I got rid of them because I started feeling I was getting answers & some of those answers were taking place & I was scared.) Oh, I’m sure. You got your answers from demons. (Q: Yeah, that’s what scared me.) If you had read the 18th Chapter of Deuteronomy, you wouldn’t have done it. You could have been stoned to death in the Old Testament for it.

(Q: ARE THE CARDS SET UP A CERTAIN WAY? Does it mean something the way the cards are set up?) Every drawing means something, & the demons control how they fall & use’m. But they can only be 90% accurate. Nothing in Witchcraft is ever 100% accurate. OK, next?

(QUESTION: WHAT ARE THE ILLUMINATI PLANS FOR ISRAEL?) THEY WILL USE ISRAEL TO GAIN CONTROL OF THE WORLD. All nations except the United States will go after Israel just before they take over the World, it’s called World War III, & Jimmy Carter with the U.S. Government will step in & save Israel. (Dad: Already happening!) Right now‚ Carter is losing popularity. Don’t let that deceive you, give him a year, he’ll be a god to many people. OK?

THAT’S ALL I CAN TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, IF I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING I’D LOSE YOU. Just hang in there. I said what I’ve said tonight five years ago & people were ready to lynch me; now they’re listening to me because they can see it in the newspaper‚ OK? (Question: What can we as Christians do?) Pray!

I’LL TELL YOU THIS, THE ONLY THING THE ILLUMINATI FEAR‚ AS I SAID, IS AN INDEPENDENT PERSON who can live, eat, sleep‚ stay warm & defend themselves separate from Federal help. You see, they tried twice before; they have never been this organized, OK? They’ve tried twice before in 200 years to rule the World & came very close. Once during Napoleon & once during WWI, they came extremely close to gaining the World both times. Now let’s pray that the Lord messes up their plans one more time. I haven’t seen it happen yet, but I’d like to see it happen!

(QUESTION ABOUT A COVEN IN PENNSYLVANIA SOMEWHERE.) I’m not familiar with the town. I wasn’t over Pennsylvania, so I don’t know. If you were invited to a coven down there, there’s one down there. (Q: Are you sure?) Yeah. They don’t invite you to covens unless there was one down there.

NOW I’VE GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU; HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING WITH THE OUIJA BOARD AT SEANCES? (Q: Oh no, I’m scared of Ouija boards!) Well, I can only tell you they wouldn’t have invited you down there unless you had been doing something of the occult, & I’ll let it go at that.

(QUESTION: IS ROCK MUSIC AN OUTGROWTH OF WITCHCRAFT?)—YOU CAN’T PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT WITHOUT IT! Now when I was in there, I was president of the largest booking agency—they’ve had to change their name since then because of the publicity I’ve been giving them—but at the time they were called Zodiac Productions. I knew most of the rock groups in the united States—I still do. Some of my closest friends are like David Crosby from Crosby, Stills‚ Nash & Young, & Graham Nash & others that are around there, & I still talk to many of them.

MOST OF THE ROCK GROUPS ARE MEMBERS OF A WITCHCRAFT CHURCH. That doesn’t mean they’ve been initiated, it means that’s their religion, & when they do a song they’ll ask the witch coven or the temple to cast a spell over that song so that it will become a hit & sell. Now what takes place when a witch casts a spell is they order a lot of demos to do things. They don’t know that’s what they do, but that’s in essence what happens.

NOW THAT MEANS WHEN YOU GO BUY AN ALBUM & YOU TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU, IT’S LIKE BUYING A BOX OF CRACKER JACKS: YOU GET A FREE SURPRISE—IT’S CALLED A DEMON! It goes along with the record. Now much of the music is written in witch language by witches. Elton John has made the statement that he has never written a song or sung a song that was not written in witch language, example: “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” is 100% witch language.

THAT’S WHY MANY SONGS, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. That’s why many people who listen to them don’t understand until they get high on drugs & then all of a sudden the meanings start coming to them. Many songs have been written in witch language such as the whole album by Carole King called “Tapestry.”

THE BOOK OF PROPHECY TO WITCHES IS THE DOUBLE WHITE ALBUM THAT THE BEATLES PRODUCED containing the song “Helter Skelter.” Every song in it is prophecy. Oh, let’s see… “Horse with No Name”, “One Tin Soldier”, I could list thousands of songs that were written this way. They definitely have demonic influence behind them.

PARENTS, I WANT TO SAY THIS TO YOU, HAVE YOU NOTICED THE INCREASE OF REBELLION IN TEENAGERS IN THE HOME? The reason is, it’s your fault.—You let them listen to it. It stirs up rebellion. It’s not the words in the song, it’s the music. Witches know it, they hit certain chords on purpose. As many people that have once been in hypnosis, like Dr. Berry when he was younger was involved in hypnosis can tell you. (See “Musical Key,” No.326.)

THE MUSIC IS HYPNOTIC. IT STIRS UP A WAR-LIKE NATURE IN THE YOUNG PEOPLE. Now they’re going to “boo” me when this is over‚ but it’s still the truth anyway. Now if you want to have them stay the way they are & you want to baby ’em, because you’re afraid they might get mad at you & run away from home or something, you go ahead & let them keep on playing it because they’re going to do it anyway.

OR YOU GO HOME & YOU BREAK THE RECORDS & YOU BURN THE COVERS! Now, when witches get saved‚ nobody tells them to get out of rock music. When they hand their Witchcraft items over to be burned—you notice I said burned, not just thrown in the trashcan, it’s Scriptural—they hand their records over too, because they’ve lived a in a World of the supernatural & they know the supernatural is tied in with music.

NOW, THE MOST PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF LUCIFER THAT EVER EXISTED IS IN THE 28TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL on the King of Tyrus. It describes Lucifer being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body. It’s true, as a person who has seen him, it’s true. He thinks he’s a god & therefore he must have music because gods must have music. (See also Isa.14:4–21.)

NOW YOU CAN GO AHEAD & LET HIS MUSIC BE PLAYED IN YOUR HOME IF YOU CHOOSE, OR YOU CAN BECOME A STRONGER CHRISTIAN & GET RID OF IT! You’re the parents, the parents are the ones. The kids are not going to answer for it. (Inaudible question.) No, it would become an effect. It’s strange because they wouldn’t have gotten attacked without Christian help.

SEE, WITCHCRAFT NEVER SACRIFICES ANYTHING THAT THEY DON’T GAIN 10,000 MORE‚ & when they lost the battle on purpose in court with the Moonies, that set the stage for the Genocide Act. While we were yelling, “Yeah, get them out of those false cults & rehabilitate them!” we were setting the stage for our own downfall. You don’t give up freedom to a certain group without losing it yourself. They’ve always set it up this way, & I’m always surprised at how easy Christians fall into it. (Ed: Amen!)

(QUESTION: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY?) How do I feel about them? Did you see that pyramid? I’m against any organization whose leaders are 33rd Level Masons‚ & their leader is a 33rd Level Mason. Now, he’s taken off his Masonic ring in the last couple of years, but he is still a 33rd Level Mason. You cannot hit the Illuminati & be part of it.

THE ILLUMINATI KNOWS THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THEM‚ people found out about them without my help. Brother Berry knew about them before I came along. So we find out about them, & the best thing they can do is call your attention towards something else & say that’s that. So they have reflected the attention on Zionism & have said that’s where it’s at. The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren’t Jews. Their founders were Jews by birth, but not by religion. …

BUT MOST OF ITS LEADERS, EXCEPT FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS, ARE GAELIC: SCOTCH OR FRENCH GAELIC. It’s got nothing to do with Jews. My family & most of the people serving on the Grand Druid, their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome & Greece & England, to the original priesthood. Some go back as far as Egypt & Babylon. It’s got nothing to do with the Jews. …

SO I DON’T LIKE THEM. I DON’T LIKE ANYBODY THAT’S A HATE GROUP FOR ONE THING‚ & I’ve heard too much hate doctrine about the Birch Society. See, I’m not choosy about who I hit!—Ha! (Inaudible question.) Did everybody understand what he was saying?

A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN IN THE OCCULT & BEEN SAVED, ARE THEY MORE TROUBLED BY DEMONS THAN A PERSON WHO HAS NEVER BEEN THERE?—Yes, if they haven’t been through a deliverance. But at the same time, they are a bigger weapon against the Devil. You can’t trick a witch with false doctrine, they’ve heard them all. You can’t pass off a phony Christian on a witch, & you can’t pass a witch off on them that’s a Christian.—They’ve been there, they know what to spot.

THAT’S WHY I LOOK AT A PERSON’S EYES WHEN I TALK TO THEM. If that person has demonic influence in their life, I want to know about it‚ I want to know who I’m talking to & who I’m not talking to. And when you’ve lived in a supernatural world & you have dealt with demons like witches have, it’s no different when you spot them in a person who’s professing to be a Christian who isn’t living the life.

SO THEY ARE A STRONGER WEAPON AGAINST THE DEVIL, BECAUSE THEY SERVED HIM. See, as close as we are to Jesus now, as loving & compassionate as the relationship we have with Him now, that’s how we felt about the Devil, whether we knew he was the Devil or not. And so when you are that close to something, you know about it.

IF YOU BACKSLIDE YOU STILL KNOW ABOUT CHRISTIANITY, SO A BACKSLIDDEN SAVED WITCH KNOWS ABOUT WITCHCRAFT—IT’S THE SAME THING. But they do have problems, & needless to say, the Devil doesn’t like it‚ so we’re hit a little harder than maybe somebody else might be. But at the same time, we grow faster & stronger because of it. (Inaudible question.)

YES, WE ARE STARTING A RETREAT. As I told you, many people have been killed that have come out of it. It has gotten so that witches aren’t trusting to come out of it now. Very few are coming out because of the fear, & there is no place for them to go. I mean, when you ask a Christian‚ “Will you let this witch come into your home so they’ll have a place to stay?”—& all of a sudden you visualize people throwing grenades through your window & shooting up your house, you change your mind!—Because that’s probably what will happen.

SO‚ WE HAVE DECIDED TO BUILD A RETREAT SOMEWHERE IN THE WILDERNESS COUNTRY somewhere on the West Coast—I’m not going to say where—an armed retreat where these people can be safe till they grow, & then they can either leave the retreat or they can stay. And it will serve a double purpose—I don’t want to go into—later for Christians. But right now, that’s its purpose, & we’re believing that it will get built. We need $50,000, & in the month-&-a-half since we have been trying to raise the money, my pastor’s received $25.

SO, YOU SEE, IT’S KIND OF HARD TO CONVINCE CHRISTIANS THAT A PLACE LIKE THIS IS NEEDED when they can go home to their safe house every night, not realizing that for a witch to become saved or a witch to leave Witchcraft, their life is in extreme danger & they probably will be killed. It’s easy to feel safe when you’re safe. I guess that’s why I feel it, because I’m in danger all the time, so I know how they feel. And I’ve had many a close friend that have become Christians & then been killed, so we are trying to build such a retreat.

(QUESTION: CAN A PERSON BE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A DEMON & PROFESS TO BE A CHRISTIAN & NOT KNOW IT?) Oh, I really don’t think … yeah, I guess you can. I have to look at it from your point of view. A woman that was a Christian was at Brother Berry’s church this morning & we put her through a deliverance. In other words, we cast the demons out of her.

SHE WAS NOT POSSESSED—A CHRISTIAN CANNOT BE POSSESSED, I WANT TO MAKE THAT CLEAR—but she had demonic spiritual influences. She had tried to take her life, she was going into fits of depression to where her prayer life could not conquer them. She hadn’t in 18 months felt the joy that she felt this morning when it was over. When you can no longer crucify the flesh‚ & it goes beyond just crucifying the flesh, then it’s time you cast out the demon. (Q: This is done by prayer?) That’s how it’s done.

IT’S DONE THROUGH PRAYER & THE BLOOD & THE NAME OF JESUS. I don’t pray to it, I just tell the devil to get out! Actually, it is very well noted‚ you can do it for yourself if you have the faith. Actually, they are the ones that are doing it anyway; we just have to say a prayer of rejection & we just take authority over them, but they could do the same thing if they believed it.

(QUESTION: IS TEX WATSON, THE FELLOW WHO KILLED SHARON TATE, BORN AGAIN?) That’s what he says, yeah. (Q: And he is in prison now. Will he be released & is he a witch?) But you’ve got to understand something, if Tex a was born–again Christian he would tell all. There’s been several people who are supposed to be born again of that group & they have not told anything. If they were born again, they’d be telling all, & they’re not. That’s why I don’t believe it. You can believe it if you choose, but I don’t‚ because I know Manson, he’s an old buddy of mine.

I KNOW WHAT WENT ON & IT WASN’T A MASS KILLING‚ IT WAS A CONTRACT KILLING. Even the police who tried them knew that, but they didn’t want to press it in the trial because they didn’t think they could get a conviction if they pressed a conspiracy theory behind it. And I talked with the police officers behind it. No, I don’t believe it. If Tex was born again & he was in prison, they’d be trying to kill him for one thing.

MANSON RUNS THE PRISONS, NOTHING GOES ON IN THERE THAT HE DOESN’T GIVE THE ORDERS TO, & that’s from the very security guards that work there. Well, I don’t accept it, I’m sorry, but I came out of that world & I realize … let me give you this: (See “Carter the Poor Example‚” No.909.)

THEY RECENTLY ASKED ANITA BRYANT WHETHER JIMMY CARTER WAS A CHRISTIAN OR NOT, & this was her answer. I’ll use this as an example, & I loved what her answer was. Christians are so gullible & I really appreciate Anita for this, she said, “You’re not a Christian because you say you’re born again‚ you’re a Christian if you have the fruit of the Spirit—does he?” That’s the whole question. If the fruit’s there, they’re Christians. If it’s not there, you’re going to grow up thorns & not apples, OK? That’s all I can tell you. Yes?

(QUESTION REGARDING ROCK MUSIC IN THE CHURCH:) YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT JESUS ROCK. I mentioned a church earlier that we spent 8 million dollars in two years to build in Costa Mesa‚ California. They started Jesus Rock music. The reason for the 8 million dollars was to put rock music in churches that did not allow rock music. It’s not what’s sung on the tune, it’s the music.

(QUESTION: CAN A PERSON BE A MEMBER OF A FUNDAMENTAL CHURCH & ACTUALLY BE A WITCH & NOT A CHRISTIAN?) ABSOLUTELY! They’ve spent millions of dollars putting “plants” in Fundamental churches around the United States. They train them in Christian beliefs. The newest form of blasphemy by a witch towards the Christian God is to sit there & praise the Lord & act like a Christian, laughing the whole time. Absolutely.

THAT’S WHAT REGINA, THE GIRL THAT TOOK MY PLACE DID. Her main thrust was to keep an eye on Jerry Falwell’s church while she was Witch Queen of Virginia, & she was so good at it they made her a Grand Druid when I resigned. So there’s a lot of it. In fact the church that reached me had four High Priestesses attending the church‚ & had it in a mess until they started finding out what was going on & took a hand & corrected the matter.

THEY HAVE TRIED RECENTLY TO GET WITCHCRAFT‚ THAT’S MAINLY THE OUIJA BOARD & SEANCES, IN MANY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOLS. Because 95% of the people inducted into witchcraft in the last couple of years were inducted by their junior high & high school teachers in the public school system, by teachers that were scholarshipped & funded & put through college, that were coven members just so they could spread witchcraft. And so through many liberal practices at schools, they’ve been using Christian schools‚ so now they are trying to get in the Christian schools. OK?

(QUESTION ABOUT POLITICS.) I DON’T KNOW, I DON’T KEEP TABS ON THAT. The only thing I know about politics is what was happening when I got in, & I try to stay away from politics. I was very politically–minded when I was a witch. I try to stay very Christian-minded & you can’t do both. I’ll take this one & then I’m going to close. Yes?

(QUESTION: WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT DEMONS BEING AROUND WITCHCRAFT BOOKS; WHY DO YOU CARRY YOUR BOOKS?) What books? (Q: About the Masonic Temple.) Oh, those books aren’t the same books. The two books that I have—& I don’t have any with me tonight—one is written by Charles Finney who was saved out of the Masons, & another one was the first man executed by the Illuminati for betraying them, Captain Morgan. And this is the reason I carry those two books, because they expose. But I don’t believe that a Christian can have books written by witches in their libraries & get away with it, & I don’t own any. I burned all mine when I got saved. (End of lecture.)

(The following is a lecture given a different night: )

WE HAD TO REALLY PRAY BEFORE WE COULD MAKE IT TO THE SERVICE TONIGHT, my wife & myself. We’ve been battling the flu & coughs. We’ve been pushing & we’ve opened ourselves up & weakened our bodies down.

LITERALLY WHAT I’M GOING TO DO IS TEACH OUT OF A BOOK THAT WE JUST DID FOR CHICK PUBLICATIONS about a month ago which should be seen in your Christian bookstores in about six months. It took 6 or 8 months to do the artwork on it, a book that we could write in about two days, & it’s called The Angel of Light.

AND WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO IS TAKE THE DEVIL’S SPIRITUAL KINGDOM & HIS PHYSICAL KINGDOM. The reason I want to do it this way is many people, many political organizations, conservative political organizations specifically, find the Illuminati in their journeys. I mean it’s kinda’ hard if you’re going to fool around with politics & history not to see the conspiracy. But they look at this little thing over here, & they see a war is happening‚ or they look over here at this little political movement & they miss the whole picture because they look at it from the outside.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO LOOK AT THE ILLUMINATI FROM THE OUTSIDE UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND ITS STRUCTURE. Physical minds & computers cannot come up with the Conspiracy as powerful & as direct, as workable, that has hundreds of different little conspiracies off of it, that do not know that it’s all one big Conspiracy.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS WITHOUT A SUPERNATURAL DIRECTION. We have a supernatural direction in the Christian Church‚ that’s how come the Christian Church grew, we have the Holy Spirit leading us. Well, they have the Prince & Power of the Air. They have Lucifer leading them, & this is something I want to go into.

I WANT TO DESCRIBE HIM & GO INTO HIM IN THE WORD & MY EXPERIENCES‚ & then we’re going to go into his physical kingdom, the Illuminati. If you have paper & pencil with you tonight, I recommend that you get it out, because I doubt that you’re going to hear the things that you’re going to hear here tonight quite like you’re going to hear them tonight!

WHILE YOU’RE DOING THAT, I’D LIKE TO ASK THAT YOU TURN TO EZEKIEL THE 28TH CHAPTER STARTING IN VERSE 11, & we’re going to read about 19 Scriptures here tonight in this Chapter. The 28th Chapter of Ezekiel is a prophecy given by Ezekiel who received it of the Lord. The Lord commanded him to give it. He was prophesying unto Satan himself. The prophet of the Lord stood there & prophesied unto Satan.

WE HAVE A CONFUSING PICTURE BECAUSE OF MANY PAINTINGS & MANY SUNDAY SCHOOL STORIES, that are based on tradition about the Devil’s fall, & when we got into The Angel of Light we realized how many traditions we were going to shatter. But we had come to a conclusion before we wrote it that unless it said it in the Word—& no reading in between the lines, please—unless it said it directly in the Word we weren’t’ going to put it down. We were going to put it down in the Word. And then I stood over here & said, well that’s exactly the way it was in the occult.—And we matched the two of them up & they matched perfectly.

SO WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE YOU THROUGH ANY TRADITIONS TONIGHT, so if you have a lot of Baptist traditions you’re going to get a lot of it shattered tonight between this chapter & the 24th chapter of Matthew, & you’re going to walk out of here either a changed person or ready to lynch the pastor & myself! But let’s take this tonight & I want the young people to pay attention to this.

THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF LUCIFER & when you’re gone & if you’re still listening to the garbage that you call music today, you need to get re-saved. Because this is the Scripture for it, read with me: “Moreover the Word of the Lord came unto me‚ saying…” Now I want to say something here about this chapter.

HE’S PROPHESYING TO THE PRINCE OF TYRUS, & many people believe that this was … I can’t think of this name now‚ but anyway‚ the ruler of Babylon. And if you’ll get in Isaiah where it talks about Lucifer the fallen star, before he started prophesying to Lucifer, Isaiah was prophesying to the same ruler. (Isa.14:4.)

THE REASON FOR THIS IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF THE ILLUMINATI—& the Illuminati didn’t even exist in its organized form at that time—it’s because there was a ruler, a prince. A power was a ruler, & then there was the king over that prince, so it was the power behind that Earthly ruler. (See “Satan, King of Empires!” ML #961, Vol.8.)

AND THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE AREN’T LOOKING TODAY & ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO EPHESIANS 6:12 TODAY. They’re not looking at things with a supernatural stance behind the physical. While Walter Cronkite or somebody else gets on television & says this is happening‚ you ought to get down on your knees & say, “Lord, what’s really happening?”—because it’s not the way they’re telling it! “Son of man, take up a lamentation upon the King of Tyrus‚ & say unto him, Thus saith the Lord God; Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, & perfect in beauty.”

THE FIRST THING WE WANT TO POINT OUT ABOUT LUCIFER IS, WHEN HE WAS CREATED HE WAS THE COMPLETE SUM OF ALL BEAUTY & WISDOM. You see, God wasn’t created, but never had a created creature ever been created with such beauty & such wisdom, & that was Lucifer, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God, every precious stone was thy covering”—& it lists the stones & gold. And on down it lists, “The workmanship of thy tabrets & of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”—He was created with musical instruments imbedded in his body, that’s how he was created!

YOU SEE‚ LUCIFER IS TRYING TO BE A GOD IN THIS PROPHECY, & we’ll go on in it. He’s trying to be a god, he’s trying to be as great as God. He’s trying to build a kingdom in the sides of the mountain of the North & so on, & it’s a description of God’s Kingdom. He knows that music was created for God‚ dance was created for God. He knows that if he is going to be a god he is going to have to have music.

YOU CAN’T BE A GOD WITHOUT MUSICAL WORSHIP, SO HE HAS CREATED HIS OWN MUSIC. It’s not just Rock, I get sick of people saying just Rock. I’m down on all music except the music that is created for the Lord. The reason I’m particularly down on Country & Western, & if you ever listen to it‚ it’s worse that Rock! It’s more about lust, it’s more about drinking, it’s more about fighting than any other thing, & recently it’s even begun to be about witchcraft.

SEE, WITCHES DON’T SAY “WITCHCRAFT” & THEY DON’T SAY “WITCHES,” THEY SAY “PRACTICERS” or something like this, & they say “the force,” for those who’ve been to “Star Wars.” They say “the force,” so they describe him as “the force.” Now Tom C. Hall has come out with a song called, “The Force,” & the music is the background music for witchcraft ceremonies‚ it’s his music to the words of that song.

AND IN “STAR WARS”—WHICH IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT WITCHCRAFT HAS EVER DONE TO SPREAD ITS DOCTRINE—in “Star Wars” & in this song they say‚ “And may the force be with you till we’re apart.” This is almost identical to what witches say when they greet & part, so it’s not by accident, People, nothing is by accident anymore. If I can get anything across to you tonight, you’re going to walk out of here saying there’s nothing that happens by accident.

THOU ART THE ANOINTED CHERUB THAT COVERETH”—HE COVERED GOD’S THRONE, he was the chosen cherub. Now one of the traditions about Lucifer is that he was one of three archangels. Quickly, can anybody find a Scripture for that in the Bible?—It doesn’t exist! That’s a tradition. That’s the problem, you’ve got too many traditions! He was a cherub‚ he wasn’t an archangel, there’s a difference. The Jews go in much more deeply than we do on angels, they still believe in the angels instead of believing in the Holy Spirit.

BUT I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL’S KINGDOM SUPERNATURALLY IS SET UP TO COUNTERFEIT GOD’S, & HE HAS SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES. He has set his spiritual kingdom up identical with God’s Kingdom & there are seven—he wasn’t one of them. A third of the angels rebelled with him, yes, that’s in Revelation that happens, but that doesn’t mean he was one of the three archangels. That’s just our way of thinking. (Rev.12:3,4.)

THE CHOSEN CHERUB‚ “THE ANOINTED CHERUB THAT COVERETH; & I have set thee so; thou wast upon the holy mountain of God: thou hast walked up & down in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created till iniquity was found in thee.” He was perfect till then. “By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, & thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God.”

NOW WHAT IS THE LORD SAYING HERE? “I WILL CAST THEE OUT.” If you think that Lucifer is locked out of Heaven, I suggest you go back & read the first Chapter of Job all over again, & then go read Revelation. Revelation isn’t a history book, it’s a prophecy book‚ & in there we find he’ll get cast out. The Devil’s walking here, this is his domain. He’s our accuser, that’s what Satan means, “accuser.” He stands before the Throne of God constantly accusing us. I’ll let you study this later, because I want to go on, but on & on it describes him.

THE MAIN THING I WANT TO POINT OUT IS HOW HE LOOKS. So in the sketch we drew for the artists for The Angel of Light, we drew him as the covering angel before God’s Throne, covered with jewels. And when God’s light shone through him it was like a prism‚ it changed the colors to where they come out, & colors are extremely important to the Devil. Everything he does is in colors, without them, nothing happens. It’s like Jeane Dixon sees blue serpents‚ & we’re going to go into that tonight.

ANYWAY, EARLIER TODAY I WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN I’VE SEEN LUCIFER. I don’t know why it’s so astounding to Christians that somebody should see the Devil, but I suggest this to you: fight him really hard & I can guarantee he’ll show up in your life. He’ll pay you a visit & say hi!—No, I’m serious, I really am, it’s not a joke. If you start fighting the Devil, if he doesn’t show up—which is doubtful that he would—he will send somebody to imitate him & pay you a visit.

THE PASTOR & HIS WIFE WERE TELLING ME TONIGHT OF A VISIT THAT THEY’VE HAD. Will you confirm this visit, Pastor? Absolutely! It was a very spooky one‚ wasn’t it, Sister? But because they did not fear, he had to leave. Now I want to say something to you very quickly while we’re on the supernatural part of the Devil. The Devil can only interfere in a Christian’s life through several things, he can only come in your home for this reason:

IF YOU FEAR HIM HE CAN COME IN BECAUSE YOU HAVE WORSHIPPED HIM, SO DON’T FEAR HIM! If you own something that belongs to him, such as the jewelry we described in Sunday School this morning; or such as books on the occult, or books on astrology which is the occult; or such as writings that are supposed to be best sellers, but come on people, they’re loaded with stuff that Larry Flynt would love to put in his magazine!—Best sellers that are just descriptions for pornography books so Doubleday can make an extra buck!

AND THEN THERE ARE OTHER THINGS SUCH AS THINGS OR BELONGINGS THAT ACTUALITY WERE CREATED BY THE DEVIL SUCH AS ROCK MUSIC. Now I want to specify this, I am down on this because I am an ex-witch. Without it witches don’t function. I dropped this out of my testimony this morning‚ I should have given it. One of the things that I was supposed to be was the head of this Brenner Enterprises in Texas which explains to the IRS why I was making all this money.

IT WAS A LOT OF MONEY & ONE OF THE COMPANIES I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE OWNED WAS CALLED ZODIAC PRODUCTIONS.—The name gives it away. It was a booking agency in Texas; it’s changed its name, but it’s still the largest booking agency in the U.S. for Rock groups. It was the group that was originally responsible for bringing the Beatles to the U.S. I got to meet most of the groups.

THE BEATLES WERE ALREADY APART WHEN I WAS THERE, BUT I GOT TO MEET SEVERAL OF THEM OFF & ON‚ & I met almost all of the groups that were in existence then, & a lot that are in existence now. I only found about this many (holds up a few fingers) that weren’t occultists, that didn’t confess when they were alone that their music came from “supernatural forces” as they would put it.

SO I WANT TO TELL THE TEENAGERS & THE PARENTS SOMETHING REAL QUICK BEFORE I GO ON: When witches do a book, they do a spell over the manuscript & they command demons which are under their authority to enter every manuscript that comes off the press, every copy of that book. So when you buy that book you get a little free gift, like when you open a little Cracker Jacks box & there’s a little trinket in there. Well, you get a free demon, free of charge.

WELL, MOST OF THE ROCK GROUPS DO THE SAME THING, & I know, I’ve talked to one just recently—David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young that used to exist & is getting back together—& he told me this is why his records & others’ records zoomed to the charts. Many people tell me they do this so their records will be best sellers‚ & you get free of charge your own private demon.

SO PARENTS, IF YOU’RE COMPROMIZING WITH YOUR KIDS to keep them from running away from home, you are responsible for that article in the home because you’re the head of the house. (Audience: Amen, preach it, Brother!) Now this is an ex–witch talkin’ who knows about demons, so you better pay attention!!

MAYBE THAT’S WHY YOUR FINANCES ARE MESSED UP! Maybe that’s why your kids & you are sick once in a while & you shouldn’t be. The preacher asked me how much credit do I give the Devil for sickness? I said, “All of it, lock, stock & barrel!” Now let’s go on or I’ll be on that all night.

ANYWAY‚ I WANT TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING REAL QUICK: THERE ARE SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES IN THE DEVIL’S KINGDOM. The way it’s set up, there’s Satan & then there’s Beelzebub. I know a lot of Christians thought that was another title for Satan, but that’s his prince. That would have been his position to God, that would have been his chosen angel. Under that are the seven principalities, & under the principalities are the powers, & under the powers, billions of demons. I just praise the Lord that the pit’s locked & that most of them are there. But there’s still millions running around.

BUT ANYWAYS, THE SEVEN PRINCIPALITIES ARE AS FOLLOWS: REGE, WHICH IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF THE OCCULT & many things that are under the occult. And this is for the young people; witches know the difference between witchcraft & Sorcery. That’s why I don’t like the modern translations of the Bible, because they list witchcraft as Sorcery.

SORCERY IS THE USE OF CERTAIN DRUGS THAT ARE ACTUALLY OCCULT DRUGS. There’s a difference. Timothy Leary, when he wrote his book on LSD said, “You’re not hallucinating when you take acid. Acid is blocking the physical senses out so that you can see a supernatural World!”—And since God doesn’t use LSD, that only leaves one supernatural World left! And most people that have been on LSD for a long time will tell you‚ “I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw that!”

NOW THIS IS WHY WE ASK MANY PEOPLE IF THEY’VE BEEN IN THE OCCULT & IF THEY’VE SAID NO, THEN WE’LL STOP & SAY, “BUT YOU’VE BEEN ON ACID‚ or you’ve been on coke, or you’ve been on a strong form of hashish of or you’ve been on speed!”—Something that’s classified as a hallucinogenic. That’s a sorcery drug. The word “sorcery” comes from the word that we receive “pharmacist” from meaning the dispenser of drugs. In this case, sorcery means the use of drugs for occult purposes. Now there’s other things that are in this, of course, there’s witchcraft & all this.

THE NEXT ONE IS LAZERS. I was going to put all of this on the board but I decided to go through it real quick so I can use the board for other things. Lazers is sexual lust, & that says it right there. You want to know all the things that are under Rege?—Everything that’s in the 18th Chapter of Deuteronomy is under Rege.

ONE THING I USUALLY WARN CHRISTIANS ABOUT IS THIS CUTE LITTLE GAME GOING AROUND the Christian church that when a woman is pregnant with a child, somebody will get a button or a ring or a medallion of some type & swing it over their hand & say, “Let’s see if you’re going to have a girl or a boy.”—That’s called divination, fortune telling.

IF THAT WOMAN OR MAN THAT WAS DOING THAT CUTE LITTLE TRICK, THAT OLD WIVES TALE, were caught doing that in Israel, they’d take her out & stone him or her to death‚ & the person that was allowing it to be done! Today we’re under grace, praise the Lord for that, or I wouldn’t be here, but I’m telling you it’s that serious! We could go into the demonic reasons for it, but you might gain troubles from it by allowing it to happen.

NEXT AFTER LAZERS, AFTER LUST, IS BACCHUS. I don’t have the spelling on it, good luck. I’m sorry I didn’t put everything on the board but I left my notes back in Ohio. Bacchus was even an old Roman god. A couple other of these principalities had gods named after them in different pagan countries during pagan times.

BACCHUS WAS THE ROMAN GOD OF WINE, IS PRETTY CLOSE TO WHAT HE WAS, & HE IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF ADDICTION. Now I’ve seen many people who shouldn’t be doing deliverance because they don’t know what they’re doing‚ calling demons of nicotine out, demons of alcoholism, & the demon’s standing there laughing at them because there’s no such creature!

BUT THERE IS A DEMON OF ADDICTION, & THE REASON I SPECIFY THIS IS THAT HE DOESN’T CARE WHAT YOU FEED HIM‚ just as long as you’re addicted to it. That can be food & caffeine as well as alcohol, cigarettes & drugs. Now food & caffeine are not bad except when you’ve got to have it & you use it as a solution to your problems.

TAKE FOR EXAMPLE A WOMAN IN A LIBERAL CHURCH, SHE HAD PROBLEMS & SHE DOESN’T GO TO THE LORD, SHE’LL GO TO HER LIQUOR CABINET & her pack of Marlboros—as she’s hooked on both—or taking her prescribed barbiturates from the doctor. Now over in the Fundamental church this isn’t allowed, except maybe the prescribed prescription from the doctor. And she’ll go where? Does anybody know?

IF SHE HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS, WHERE DOES SHE RUN TO IF SHE DOESN’T RUN TO THE LORD? What does she do if she gets nervous?—She eats! How many people get up in the morning & have got to have … now I’m talking about having a cup of coffee to pop the ol’ peepers up, “I gotta have my cup of coffee!—I’m gonna die if I don’t have my cup of coffee!” Come on‚ you’ve seen it!! An 8-pack of Pepsi in three hours, 16 cans of Dr. Pepper a day! Come on!

YOU TALK ABOUT ALCOHOLICS, WE’VE GOT SOME CAFFEINE ADDICTS AROUND HERE! There’s a difference between drinking it because you like it, & don’t kid me!! It’s like the guy putting the cigarette down & saying, “Oh well, I could quit any time, I just like to do it.” “Yeah, I could quit drinking 26 cups of coffee a day, but I just enjoy coffee!”—Then go to Sanka!—If you can stand the withdrawals! Come on, you know what I mean! It’s the same demon! He does not care.

TO GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE, I MENTIONED TEEN CHALLENGE TODAY. Teen Challenge will not accept anybody from the occult because they don’t cast out demons & they can’t handle them.—That’s why they don’t get much success with drugs anymore because since Dave Wilkerson got rid of exorcism, Teen Challenge dropped out of it, they don’t do deliverance. So therefore the people come in, they get them off of cigarettes, they get them off of drugs, but they come out weighing 200 or 300 pounds & 26 cups of coffee a day & they’ve got the same demons!

THEY’RE FEEDING THE SAME DEMONS BUT THEY’RE GIVING THEM A NEW DIET! Can somebody tell me, amen? You understand what I’m trying to say? Oh, you understand? OK! Next after that is Pan. If you know Shakespeare, Pan says, “What fools these mortals be”—it kind of gives him away.

PAN IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF THE MIND. THIS IS THE DEVIL’S FAVOURITE PLAYGROUND. When you say sanctify the spirit, soul & body, this is the soul, the mind. Now‚ to give you an example, we run into Pan more than any other demon. Now we don’t use names, but I’m giving you the names anyway, we just use categories in deliverance.

WE RUN INTO HIM BECAUSE OF THE DEMON OF REJECTION THAT HE IS OVER. And this is the base for everybody that has sexual problems, & the base where everybody has drug problems, & the base for everybody that has occult problems. Because they pick this demon up when they’re a child‚ sometimes before they’re even born, & they carry this thing that opens them up to other demons, trying to feed & fulfil the demon that’s driving them from within. If you’ve ever seen a person with the spirit of rejection you’ll know what I mean.

AND HE’S ALSO OVER NEURALGIA, DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, SCHIZOPHRENIA, PARANOIA, ALL THE MENTAL ILLNESSES. This is why people with rejection problems have deep depression‚ they try & kill themselves, they’re nervous all the time, they all tie together‚ people! The next one after it is Set, & this will answer the Pastor’s question he had about sickness.

SET IS THE PRINCIPALITY OF DEATH. He was the Egyptian god of the underworld, the same thing. Set is over all sicknesses, in fact there’re 39 major illnesses—that’s what the physicians say today—& the occult credits him with 39 powers, 39 little sub–groups. And it’s interesting that it’s believed that Christ took 39 stripes for our healing. (Ed: Amen!)

HOW MANY HAVE I GOT NOW? FIVE? I KNOW WHAT THE 7TH IS BUT I WANT TO LEAVE IT TILL THE 7TH. Okay, I’ve got Lazers, Rege, Bacchus, Set, Pan. I can’t think of what the other one is. I’m trying to think of the category that’s missing. Sheila, help! We don’t have our notes with us! I’m gonna skip it, I’ll come back to it.

THE SEVENTH ONE DOES NOT HAVE A NAME BECAUSE WITCHES DON’T USE IT. You see, witches will call these others up & will send them out or have them command demons to go out. They don’t use this one. They call it a Christian principality. Remember I said earlier this morning there’s no such thing as an undedicated witch; I had to get saved before I found undedicated people in religion! Now this is the reason why:

IT’S CALLED THE PRINCIPALITY OF CONTENTMENT. You come to church, you might even come to Sunday nights‚ & if you’re good you might even show up at prayer meeting on Wednesday‚ but that’s if you have a few problems during the week & you need a religious fix. Come on, People, this is the reason. This is why churches don’t grow‚ they don’t have bus programs, they don’t grow, they don’t go out & canvas.

THAT’S WHY WHEN YOU COME TOGETHER FOR A WITNESSING NIGHT, YOU MIGHT GET 8 PEOPLE OUT OF 300 TO SHOW UP, because of this. I’ve walked into churches like that Calvary Chapel down in Costa Mesa with 3,000 young people.—You come back three months later & you’ve got 3,000 different young people! That’s because they either backslid or went to a Bible–believing church so they could grow!

YOU CAN FEEL THE POWER, THE PRINCIPALITY IN THE AIR OF CONTENTMENT. When you walk through the door‚ you can suffocate!—That is if you came out of what I came out of & you know what they feel like. Anyway, I’m still trying to think of the last one. Oh boy, I’ll probably remember it when the service is over. OK, let’s go on to the physical kingdom.

OH, SOMEBODY ASKED ME EARLIER TODAY WHEN I WAS IN SUNDAY SCHOOL DESCRIBING LUCIFER—he must not want this to come out—about when he appeared. He did appear physical, & this might shock a few people. I’ve seen him sit down at tables at meals. I’ve seen him even have sexual relationships with women at witchcraft meetings‚ at higher meetings. In fact, the girl that took my place whose witch name is Regina, it means “the bride of Lucifer.” Now the witches believe it too!

HE APPEARED ABOUT SEVEN FEET TALL, USUALLY CLOTHED IN DEEP PURPLE.—Sometimes clothed in red, sometimes clothed in gold—purple & gold. The only time I’ve seen him clothed in anything else was about six hours after I got saved. He showed up as Satan—that was a shock—& he was clothed in black‚ but he still appeared the same. About seven feet tall, & I’d have to say not just handsome, but beautiful.

JET BLACK HAIR, SNOW WHITE SKIN, & THE COLOUR OF HIS EYES, INSTEAD OF BLUE, BROWN OR WHATEVER, WERE A DEEP VIOLET‚ almost deep purple. And when you looked in them, it was like looking down into the Grand Canyon. It’s just bottomless, this power! And believe me, if he ever appeared to you, you’d know you were in his presence.

NOW I WANT TO GO ON TO THE PHYSICAL KINGDOM, THE ILLUMINATI. For those of you who were maybe not around this morning, the Illuminati means “The Light Bearers.” Call it Great Conspiracy, call it what it’s called today‚ “Moriah,” which means “The Conquering Wind”; call it the CFR, which is its political name to this country; call it anything you want to call it‚ it’s still the Illuminati, & I want to give some quick history about the Illuminati here. (Ed: Mt. Moriah‚ Jewish Temple, location of the AC Image!)

ITS OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY IS MAY 1, 1776—RECOGNIZE THE YEAR, PEOPLE? That’s its official birthday. It existed about five to six years before, but that’s it official birthdate. May 1st you have, the Communists have it, but all these countries that have ties with the Illuminati, May 1st is the most holiest day because it is Beltane to the witches, & Beltane is New Years Day, & all things begin on Beltane.

IT’S THE DAY THAT LUCIFER COMES BACK FROM THE UNDERWORLD & DWELLS IN THE SKIES ABOVE, ACCORDING TO THE WITCHES. Now I don’t believe that doctrine now‚ but that’s the doctrine we believed then. They spent between Halloween & Beltane under the Earth & came back in the summer months. That’s how come the seasons change & all that good stuff. In other words, witchcraft is paganism.. All the witches call themselves pagans because they believe in the old pagan religions, which means “pre-Christian religion”.

NOW, THIS IS THE STRUCTURE. The reason I’ve left the other blocks out, there’s actually three pyramids, each one bigger than the next, but this is on all of them, the Capstone. Now I want to explain the Illuminati with these pyramids so there’s so confusion.

THE FIRST PYRAMID IS “ORGANIZATION‚” not financial, not political, Organization. You’ll find the Masons here, that’s one of the originals. You’ll find the Grand Lodges of the Orient, which is where the Illuminati started. You’ll find the Scottish Rites, the York Rites‚ the Oddfellows, the Jaycees—any organization that is secret, that has an inner group besides the outer group, you will find there, as long as it’s not directly occultism.

THE NATURES ARE IN DOCTRINE, & MOST MEMBERS DON’T KNOW THAT THE WITCHES BELIEVE & DO THE SAME THINGS THAT THEY DO. In fact, I think the Masons would be shocked to look at a drawing, a blueprint of the Golden Dawn Temple—which is the Rothschild’s private coven in London—& see that all Mason’s temples are based upon that blueprint. They would be shocked to read that the Rothschilds do the same rites that the Masons do. You might tell a few Masons that, I may have just told a few of them that!

UP HERE YOU’LL ALSO FIND B’NAI B’RITH‚ A VERY VERY POWERFUL ILLUMINATI ORGANISATION. They couldn’t be doing what they’re doing today without B’nai B’rith. You’ll find the American Civil Liberties Union, you’ll also find a new one that was created off of it by the man that is actually the brains of the Illuminati today, Isaac Bonovitz. (Ed: B’nai B’rith: Jewish laymen’s organization. Encarta 98 says that it is the world’s largest Jewish organization, has a membership of about 500,000 in 51 countries.)

WHAT MR. BONOVITZ CREATED IS CALLED THE AQUARIAN ANTI–DEFAMATION LEAGUE. You may not feel it much out on the East Coast yet, but out on the West Coast the Christians have already felt it. It’s won Federal suit after Federal suit of any Christian church touching witchcraft, of any Christian church taking the occult on.—And that’s exactly what it is, it’s the anti-defamation league to the Occult. (Ed: The Anti-Defamation League is a militant Jewish organization which also attacks anyone who criticizes the Jews or Israel, accusing them of “anti-Semitism.”)

AT THE TOP OF EVERY PYRAMID YOU WILL FIND 500—THE 500 IS THE WORLD BANKING SYSTEM. It’s a counsel of the 500 richest people in the World, & it’s been in existence for hundreds of years. Some of the people on it today are David Rockefeller‚ Nelson Rockefeller‚ Phillip & Edward Rothschild—in fact all the Rothschilds; Queen Juliana & her husband. All the delegates from the Arab countries that own all your oil that doesn’t exist … Hmmmm.

THE NEXT IS THE COUNCIL OF 33, THE 33 HIGHEST MASONS IN THE WORLD. After that is the Council of 13‚ the Grand Druid Council, this is what I sat on. After that there’s a Capstone, the Rothschild’s Tribunal—Edward, Phillip & Richard are the ones that are sitting up on the Rothschild’s Tribunal now. It’s believed that Richard is the third one, in other words‚ we aren’t sure who the third one is. In it is the leader of the Illuminati: the all-seeing eye, Lucifer!

NOW HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN NOTICING THE NEWS LATELY & they’ll be talking about the stock market or the deflation of the dollar or something‚ & they’ll show this pyramid & capstone from the back of the dollar bill? Have you been noticing the eye on it lately? The whole thing will be green & they’ll make the eye blue with a big glare coming out of it, & the eye’s twice as big as it normally is!

BECAUSE THE T.V. USES WITCHCRAFT SYMBOLS. Now see, you don’t know witch language. They have their own witch language, symbols that you see everyday throughout the World that witches understand. They put these symbols on their store names. They create their store names, because the witch language & witch symbols are for witches who are going by there. witches know who owns them, they know the Illuminati owns them.

I GUARANTEE, PEOPLE, THAT YOU PROBABLY SHOP WITH SATAN. You probably shop at ten stores including the gas situation, grocery store, department store & so on‚ & nine of them probably belong to the Illuminati. To give you an example, Federal Department Stores is the biggest department store chain in the World. One of their leading members, Lazarus, is the biggest stockholder. They own Gold Circle‚ they own K-Mart which is Kresge’s, they own Lazarus, they own Federal Department Stores, I know a bunch of them in Baltimore‚ I forget all of them.

THEY OWN THEM THROUGHOUT THE U.S. I think Penny’s is about the only one that they don’t own. Sears belongs to the Illuminati, Montgomery Wards belongs to Mobile Oil which belongs to the Illuminati. There isn’t one oil company that you can buy your gasoline at today that’s not owned 100% by Illuminati stockholders. Shell was the last to go when they went down. Interesting that that’s one of the things that’s bringing us to our knees.

NOW I WANT TO GIVE SOME THINGS THAT ARE GONNA HAPPEN. I invite you to go home & research the 24th Chapter of Matthew if you are of the opinion that you are going to be raptured out of here without anything at all happening to you. Pastor, for their benefit, do you agree with this? (Pastor: Yes, I believe that a lot’s going to happen before it.) It’s going to get a lot worse.

NOW I WANT TO SAY THAT I BELIEVE IN THE RAPTURE & I BELIEVE IN THE TRIBULATION & I believe that hundreds of thousands of Christians are going to die within a few years.—Because they didn’t read the Word of God which warned us in advance that it was going to be the way it is going to be, & they listened to preachers that told them & patted them on the back. Are you familiar with Jeremiah?—If not, I invite you to read it.

JEREMIAH STOOD UP AS A PROPHET OF GOD & WARNED THE CITY TIME & TIME AGAIN UNTIL DESTRUCTION WAS UPON THEM, & they threw him in a pit because the rest of the prophets of the temple stood up & said‚ “No‚ it’s all going to be all right. It ain’t gonna come because God’s gonna save us!”—But God didn’t say it. He said‚ “I’m gonna tear this city apart!”

NOW IN THE 24TH CHAPTER OF MATTHEW HE SAID THAT THE TIME WAS COMING—NOW THIS IS JESUS’ OWN WORDS—the time was coming that would be so bad that you wouldn’t be able to stop & go back in your house & pick up a coat! He even said pray that when you run—that’s exactly what it said, flee, run as fast as you can, flee—& pray that it doesn’t happen in the Wintertime. Wow, would people run, & what did I say, I’d be spinnin’ my tracks!

EUROPE HAS ALREADY BEEN PREPARED FOR THIS FOR YEARS, & across the U.S. people are waking up that are Christians & are preparing for a space of time. I believe it’s going to be kind of short because it’s gonna be so bad that it couldn’t be long, nobody would live if it was long. It’s gonna be short but to the point.

NOW A PLAN OF WORLD RULE WILL NEVER TAKE EFFECT IF YOU ARE INDEPENDENT OF THAT WORLD RULE. The only reason that the “mark of the beast”—that’s what many Christians call it, or a tag of being one of the group that’s buying & selling & so on—the only reason that would work is if you had to buy. If you don’t have to buy, what good will it do you?

EVERYTHING SINCE JIMMY CARTER GOT IN THAT HE HAS DONE HAS BEEN TO SET IT UP SO YOU WILL NOT BE INDEPENDENT OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT or any government that will exist later. You must function within them for every bite of food & every drop of gasoline‚ is the major plan. And that’s why—it’s what’s hit them back—it hasn’t come into effect yet. In fact the Gun Law, which was one of the most important steps, was to have been in a year ago. That’s the only measure that they’re behind on.

I MET A MAN FROM THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) that without them being Christians I sure can appreciate some of the things they’ve done that I’ve seen from behind the scenes. Martin Iegues was Jimmy Carter’s campaign manager who is the head of the National Gun Control Center in Atlanta, Georgia‚ which is the organization whose purpose it is to take every hand gun, every rifle, every shotgun out of every home in the U.S.

NOW THIS MAY NOT SEEM VERY IMPORTANT, & I AM AMAZED AT HOW MANY CHRISTIANS SEEM TO THINK THAT BEING A CHRISTIAN MEANS THAT YOU SHOULD BE AGAINST GUNS. How many of you think that, seriously?—That if you’re a Christian you should be against guns, that guns are evil? I’ve got news for you: the Illuminati is so scared of every private-owned gun that it’s unbelievable! It’s the only threat to them.

THE ONLY THREAT TO THEM RIGHT NOW OF THEIR PLANS IS YOUR PRIVATELY-OWNED GUNS. Now I asked the Pastor if I could just throw in these things, & I have, & I’m going to give them to you, & if you were afraid this morning‚ I pray that you won’t get afraid now! Lord help them.

THAT TIMETABLE THAT I SAW SAID WHEN CHARLES MANSON IS RELEASED THAT WITHIN SIX MONTHS OF HIS RELEASE THEY WERE TO START “HELTER SKELTER.” I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna get back on rock music now. The Beatles are classified in the occult world as the four major prophets. That’s right, there’s more to the Beatles than meets the eye. Their White Double Album … now this’ll mean nothing to a lot of you, & a lot to the young people. Their White Double Album is considered to be the Book of Revelation to witches. That’s right. That & a book called Atlas Shrugs.

NOW IN IT IS A SONG CALLED “HELTER SKELTER.” You should listen to that song, I used to have a lot of drug friends get together & say, “I wonder what that means?”—Witches knew what it meant‚ it was part of witch language. It meant a time when the pit would be opened & the demons would be set free & the World would become insane in less than a 24-hour period & they’d be killing everybody—their next door neighbors, their kids, their wife, everything! The World would just completely go mass insane overnight.

NOW MANSON IS NOT JUST A MASS MURDERER THAT GOT SENT TO JAIL. Take my word for it, if you don’t take anything else, please take my word for it. Manson would have never gone to jail had he not been told that that was where he was supposed to go. If the Illuminati would’ve wanted to keep him out‚ he would’ve never gone to jail. They need him, so they let him get convicted.

MANSON WENT TO JAIL BECAUSE IN THE SEVEN YEARS THAT HE’S BEEN IN HE HAS ORGANIZED FROM HIS JAIL CELL EVERY PRISON ACROSS THE U.S. Now we’ve talked to prison officials, & prisoners walk around in prisons saluting each other & say, “Helter Skelter’s our salvation! Pray Helter Skelter will come! Helter Skelter will release us!” They’re waiting for a time when the World will go completely insane & they’ll flood out of the prisons & they firmly believe—it’s not going to happen but they firmly believe it—that they will take over this country.

NOW, FROM TALKING TO BIKERS—BIKERS MEANING PEOPLE THAT BELONG TO ILLEGAL MOTORCYCLE CLUBS LIKE THE HELLS ANGELS, the Outlaws, the Pagans & so on—they have stopped fighting amongst themselves, people. They have stopped killing each other anymore. You could get in a Bike War & 200 people could lay dead in the street in no time at all. You never heard about it because they got rid of all the bodies & got rid of all the guns & so on. But Bike Wars went on like this all the time out in the country.

THEY STOPPED FIGHTING, THEY DON’T BLOW UP EACH OTHER’S CLUB HOUSES ANYMORE, they don’t shoot each other’s wives & this type of thing, they’ve quit fighting. They’ve won, they’re brothers for the first time‚ & their leader is Manson. He did this to the Hells Angels when he was in prison there, that’s why he’s still there. He’ll be out.

THEY HAVEN’T LET HIM OUT YET BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT READY FOR HIM. The moment they get the gun controls measures down & another law called the Anti–Hoarding act, which will be coming up next year which will say you’ll go to Federal Penitentiary if you stockpile food, if you stockpile ammunition & guns, if you stockpile medical supplies, if you stockpile gasoline‚ you’re gonna go to jail if they find out about it.

YOU SEE THE FARMER’S STRIKE & THESE ACCIDENTAL GRAIN FIRES THAT WE’VE BEEN HAVING LATELY? People, come on, four of them?! There was one I heard on the news last night driving into Des Moines, several of the largest grain dealers around up in smoke! If you want to believe that‚ you go ahead & believe it, I believe it’s set. They’re cutting the food down.

YOU DON’T FEEL IT YET, BUT WAIT TILL YOU GO TO THE STORE & TRY & BUY A HEAD OF LETTUCE & THERE’S NO LETTUCE. That farmer’s strike is really good for the farmers & I’m glad the farmers want to get some more money, but the Illuminati always uses people‚ & the people who started that farmer’s strike were the closest friends of Jimmy Carter in Georgia. His own sister is one of the leaders of it, not Ruth, the other one.

IT’S SO YOU WILL HAVE TO DEPEND UPON THE GOVERNMENT’S SURPLUS FOOD TO EAT, & you’re not going to get it without a Government Card. We’ll talk about that cared in a minute, in fact we’ll talk about it now. Anybody here recently within the last three years been in Europe, travelling through the Holy Land or anything, anybody? Shucks. This is the reason I asked you that.

HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TEN TOES OF DANIEL, THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE? The iron was still there, it was only mixed with clay. Now, when the Common Market was first formed there were ten, & Norway dropped out. The reason, Norway was not part of the original Roman Empire, & God’s Word said it had to be part. About three months ago Greece said, “We will join you!”—they were the missing country.

NOW WHEN YOU GO OVER THERE & YOU BUY SOMETHING‚ LIKE SHOES MADE IN ITALY OR CLOTHING THAT’S MADE BY THE EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET, there’s a good 85% chance that you’ll see this emblem on it. Anybody know what it is?—666, called the three-tailed comet. Now this same mark appears in more places. If you look back‚ when Richard Nixon was in, our country decided it was going to buy a lot of World currency to be distributed in 1980 or thereabouts.

SINCE THEN THEY’VE DECIDED IT’S BETTER TO GO TO A CREDIT CARD. In other words, paperless money & so on, where you never handle the money. But when it was bought, this was on all the World common currency. Besides that, Jimmy Carter has decided that every red-blooded American who is really a red–blooded American, & I’m blood red, I’m an American, will own a security card to prove they’re an honest American.

NOW, HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN IN A NEW DEPARTMENT STORE & HAVE SEEN THE FANCY CASH REGISTERS THAT ARE ACTUALLY COMPUTER BANKS? There’s a slot that they run cards through. They’ve even done it with the phones now where you can call by running a card through, a credit card. The reason is that you’re going to have to have this magnetic security card, & this is on it. It’s on it, People, pay attention, it’s on it! If you get Revelations, you get the meaning.

YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO BUY‚ you’re not going to pay another payment on your home, on your car, you’re not going to get any gasoline in your car, you’re not going to get the Pampers for your baby, you’re not going to get any bread & milk & hamburger at the store, you’re not going to run down to Ponderosa or whatever they’ve got on the East Coast & buy a steak. It’s gonna cease!

AND THE U.S. HAS GOT A BAD PROBLEM, IT’S CALLED “THE CORNER STORE COMPLEX.” You know, at 10 o’clock at night you run down to the corner store & pick up a 6-pack of Pepsi—I hope it’s Pepsi & not Coors! Come on, when there’s the least little thing that we want, we run down & get it. What happens when you’re not allowed to buy gasoline but you’ve got this card?—You say‚ “Well‚ I’ll take the card, but when they tell me I have to have a tattoo, I’ll quit it.” Huh!

IF YOU TAKE THE CARD, YOU’VE DONE TAKEN IT! That’s all you need. People, pay attention to me! This card is scheduled to come out in a year–&-a-half, & the computer bank is already set for it in Dallas.

THE NICKNAME OF THE TALKING COMPUTER IN DALLAS IS NICKNAMED AFTER ITS BROTHER COMPUTER IN AMSTERDAM, “THE BEAST.” We talked to member of the National Guard in California & they’ve changed their patch. He told me that in less than a year, Carter will have every National Guard in every State wearing this patch, & they’re all hooked into the security computer called “the Beast.” We’re being set up.

NOW WHEN MANSON GETS OUT & “HELTER SKELTER” STARTS‚ IN THE FIRST YEAR, ONE MILLIONS U.S. CITIZENS ARE MARKED FOR DEATH. Now my question is, are you going to be one of them? Are you going to stay around & be one of them? I’m not going to be one of them. I’ve been running around for five years with people shooting at me, I’ve become an expert at it! Now listen to me, I’ve told your Pastor what to do‚ Pastor Berry, Dr. Rasmussen & others across the country, this isn’t just John Todd, I’m doing something about it. Joe Boyd has been doing something about it for 20 years.

WHAT YOU BETTER START DOING ABOUT IT, PEOPLE‚ IS YOU BETTER START PUTTING A LITTLE FOOD BACK FOR YOUR FAMILY. I invite you to do a little experiment. Go home tonight & tomorrow get out a paper & pencil, housewives, & take all the food out of your refrigerator & your freezer & your cabinets & add it up in meals. I don’t mean survival meals, I mean meals that you can work off for every member of your family.

FIND OUT HOW MUCH FOOD, IF YOU COULDN’T GET ANY TOMORROW, YOU WOULD HAVE IN YOUR HOME. Well‚ you’re going to get a little bit of a warning because the Illuminati is going to try something. They’re gonna try several little practices first. There’s a huge Teamster’s strike coming that’s going to cut the food going into the cities. I don’t mean a strike that’s going to last a few days, I mean nothing is going to move!

NOTHING IS GOING TO MOVE, THE RAILWAYS ARE GOING TO GO ON STRIKE AT THE SAME TIME & SO ARE SPECIFIC AIRLINES. The Longshoremen are going to go on strike so nothing comes off the ships. In others words, nothing is going to move. Now you ought to go off to your grocery store, because if this happens, how soon would you die on your feet? Most cities will tell you within two weeks everybody would be starving. That’s all the food there is in their storehouses.

THERE WAS A BOOK RELEASED 12 YEARS AGO CALLED ATLAS SHRUGS. It was a novel, supposedly, written by one of Phillip Rothschild’s girlfriends at his instructions. It is a coded book for witches that tells how they are to gain control of the World. In this book there is sort of a parable about New York City, New York City is more or less the World.

THEY CLOSE BY SAYING, “WE HAVE WON WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT IN NEW YORK CITY!”—& I don’t mean the power failure, people, either. They’ll shut down all the trucks leaving, all the ships coming in, they’ll shut all the planes coming down. When everything was shut down‚ then the lights went out for good.

WHEN THE BOOK WAS DONE, THE READER OF THE BOOK TAKES HIS HAND & LIFTS IT UP & DRAWS THE DOLLAR SIGN IN THE AIR. I’m going to draw this familiar sign of the dollar. It’s a witchcraft symbol that means “to control & to scourge.” It’s 8,000 years old, people, & it was never of the dollar sign until we thought it was the dollar sign. Isaac Bonovitz says that “through this symbol we will now rule & control the World.” & the book ends.

NOW IN THE BOOK‚ ALL THE WAY THROUGH, BUSINESSMEN THAT BELONG TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS PURPOSELY BANKRUPT OR DESTROY THEIR BUSINESSES so there aren’t any businesses, & they drive the others out of business. And all the way through they use the battle plan called “the presence from below & the presence from above.” Anybody that’s studied Communism knows the same plan. That means the Devil must destroy all the regulations‚ & the bankers do it this way, & guess who’s in the middle, people?—Us! That’s what’s coming.

NOW I’M GOING TO TURN IT OVER FOR QUESTIONS & ANSWERS, & I hope you’ve got a few. If I’ve got them I’ll give you the answers. But if I don’t have them, I may not give you the answer you want but I’ll give you the facts. So if you have a question, you better ask it.

(QUESTION: ARE THERE ANY CHRISTIAN BOOKS THAT ARE FACTUAL ON WITCHCRAFT?) I’m sorry to say there are no Christian books that are factual on witchcraft, except The Broken Cross & The Angel of Light. There are no others. The reason I’ve never written a book is because all the major Christian companies wanted to rewrite the book, & it would end up 50% untrue.

THAT’S WHAT MIKE WARSEE SAID, HE SAID HE DIDN’T WRITE HIS OWN BOOK, LOGOS WROTE IT FOR HIM. He said, “Now John, you know it didn’t happen that way.” I said‚ “Well why did you put your name to it then?” Well, there’s no books on it. The only books that I’ve seen are witch books, & if you buy them, you’re in trouble!

(End of tapes.)


August 6, 1980

Miriam’s footnote to the above John Todd Lectures:

Dearest Dad & Maria & Peter,

In answer to some of your questions, these particular tapes were a recording of a lecture John Todd gave in Elkton, Maryland at a Bible Baptist Church of which a Pastor Berry is the Minister. From recent information we just received from Chick Publications‚ this meeting evidently took place in the Fall of 1978.

I have received some letters of backing for John Todd & his information sent to me from Chick Publications, & also 3 copies of his booklets. The one he mentioned in his talk, Angel of Light, is included.

I made a call to Chick Publications & talked with Mr. Chick’s personal secretary asking for more information about J.T. She told me that J.T. had to quit his ministry due to the controversy surrounding his testimony & a lack of support. Therefore as of the first of the year, J.T. was forced to quit & get a job to support his family. That was all she knew.

I then called Pastor Berry—I talked with his secretary as he was out of town, but she told me that he has been pretty rejected by the churches. However, even though J.T. is rejected by many, Pastor Berry is still close to him & talks with him frequently.

It has also caused a complete split in Berry’s church, but evidently Berry is a pretty independent guy & chooses to believe much of what J.T. has to say. The secretary then told me that evidently because of J.T.’s exposure of the Illuminati, the Illuminati has been forced to change a few plans in order to make J.T. sound like a liar, but Pastor Berry still believes him.

Much much love & many prayers,

—Your Miriam.


Curtis Dall’s letter to Jack Chick: Re John Todd.





PHONE: 202–LIBERTY 6-5611


P.O. BOX 45302



May 15, 1979

Mr. Jack Chick‚ President

Chick Publications

P. O. Box 662

Chino, California 91710

Dear Mr. Chick,

You may recognize my name as being a friend of John Todd, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Elkton, Maryland, last fall. I talked with him for several hours, and later appeared on the platform with Pastor Berry, John Todd, and Nord Davis. (I spoke on inflation.)

Being reasonably well informed on the powers which are at work to influence our domestic and foreign policies, for their objectives,—having been with LIBERTY LOBBY for over 19 years, on Capitol Hill—I am greatly shocked by the ineptitude and downright ignorance of many alleged Christian leaders in this country, in observing how they “pick on” John Todd, instead of trying to steer him constructively, in the religious field. Most of these preachers haven’t the faintest idea of the contribution John Todd has made to his fellow Americans by revealing the secret power structure of the Rothschild Complex, namely the Rothschilds who look to Lucifer for guidance, the Illuminati, and the Committee of thirty–three 33rd degree Masons. Their group is called The Rothschild Tribunal!

Most any High School student can grasp the fact that the power of the Occult, or witchcraft, plus the powers of Evil (The Illuminati) exert a most powerful influence upon our economic and political policies, here on capitol Hill, which is a matter in which I am particularly interested.

Mr. Chick‚ I have been receiving many letters, from all over the country, requesting my opinion in respect to John Todd. To repeat, I greatly respect the value of John’s emergence from a life in “Dope” and “Witchcraft,” to become a Christian,—which takes some doing!

Obviously‚ his powerful enemies are leaving no stone unturned to silence him, which regrettably might well be expected! This is a very complicated subject, one easy for some to distort, and so, to save time, I am enclosing for your information‚ a copy of a letter which I wrote to an old friend of mine in Ohio, which you can use in any manner that you see fit. I am sending a copy of this letter to you to my fine patriotic friend, Pastor Berry, in Elkton.

With best wishes, I remain


Curtis B. Dall

Board Chairman

P.S. My feelings expressed herein are purely personal‚ and have nothing to do with LIBERTY LOBBY or its Spotlight newspaper!—CBD.


Curtis Dall’s June 8, 1979 Letter to Jack Chick: Re John Todd.


Mayfair Towers No. 910

5375 Duke Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22304

Mr. Jack T. Chick, President

Chick Publications, Inc.

P.O. Box 662

Chino, California 91710

June 8, 1979

Dear Mr. Chick,

Thank you for your letter of May 24th, which was most interesting! It was particularly enlightening to me because I am not familiar with what you referred to as “Christian Politics.” I would like to learn more about it! However‚ I am reasonably familiar with what could be described as “Secular Politics,” and the manipulations of Global or “International” Money via large Central Bank Systems—Credit Monopoly! My reply, herein, to you, represents my own Personal Feelings,—no one else’s!

As I see it, in order to grasp the full picture, to be fair to John Todd, one must consider both areas and not just bear down on John Todd in the Religious Area alone. Quite obviously, the resentful leaders of the powerful Rothschild Tribunal,—along with the servile “Hatchet Men” and their connections, are well aware that in the Christian Religious area, the majority of its Ministers, Pastors, Priests—you name it—have been heavily indoctrinated and are woefully uniformed, misinformed, or bribed!

It is the Secular Area that has aroused my interest in John Todd and his revelations! Of course, it is to be regretted if Todd has made some rash or incorrect statements in some of his religious meeting talks, for whatever reason, as claimed by some. That is too bad, but it is quite obvious to me that Todd needed added help and guidance in that particular area. In view of his struggle with witchcraft‚ dope, etc., is it surprising that he may be, at times, somewhat erratic?

What appears to have happened is that he created powerful, unrelenting enemies when he defected from “The Royal Family”—”The Grand Druid Council of 13”! It would be very dangerous for them, from a publicity standpoint‚ to openly defend the reasons and facts which led to Todd’s defection! It would draw marked attention to the reported Luciferian factor involved, concerning the Rothschild leaders themselves‚ to the Druid Council, to the Illuminati, and to the Committee of thirty-three men, all of whom are 33rd degree Masons! Reportedly that secret information has always been very closely guarded, and if widely released, would be avidly seized upon by a disturbed Public, particularly the Christian Public, here & abroad!

So, it appears that the enemies of John Todd have marshaled all the powerful “tools”, both animate and inanimate, that they have at their disposal to attack John and to neutralize or destroy him in order to protect themselves and their image,—certainly not to advance Christianity! Perish the thought!

History’s pages are full of the struggle between those who fight for Human Progress‚ on the one hand‚ against the combined Forces of the Material World its Trappings, and on the other hand‚ the Forces of Darkness, actually Satanic or Luciferian. Hence, is not that powerful Force which now confronts John Todd well concealed behind the shrill voices of some “wrist-twisted,” faintly Christian Dupes? So it appears!

Some day, I would like to meet the ex-Jesuit friend that you mentioned, and have a real chat with him! He sounds so well informed!

Should your affairs bring you to the Washington area, one of these days‚ let me know in advance. I will then try to get that fine Christian Patriot, Pastor Berry, to join us at the Army and Navy Club, for luncheon. In concluding, may I compliment you on your strong stand in opposing and fighting the apparently concentrated Forces of Darkness, in this connection!

With best wishes to you‚ I remain


Curtis B. Dall

P.S. Enclosed are two of my recent “Hot Line” messages which I think you will appreciate!


Curtis Dall’s letter to an old friend: Re John Todd.

Mayfair Towers, No. 910

5375 Duke Street

Alexandria, Virginia 22304

April 30, 1979

Dear ________,

At a recent luncheon at the Army and Navy Club, to which I invited two distinguished Americans‚ your name was mentioned by one of them coupled with mine, about John Todd! In effect, it was quoting you, that “Curtis Dall is one of Todd’s great admirers”!

I do not recall ever discussing Todd and his various cassettes with you. Am I right? Hence, it is apparent to me that some people are using you as a “dupe” to spread some distorted information about me. Therefore, I am sending you this letter to set you straight, as we are old friends and can be quite frank with one another!

My observations here are personal ones, and have no connection whatsoever with LIBERTY LOBBY! This whole matter is a complicated one and forces me to write in much detail. It is‚ however, a very important matter as some aspects are extremely valuable to Americans, in revealing some of the factors which are working to tear down our Constitutional Republic!

In a fight for survival‚ it is most important to keep well posted as to who The Enemy is, and where his Forces are deployed! In that respect, I feel that some of Todd’s statements were most revealing!

I will attempt to give you some broad background as to why I became interested in John Todd. The next time you come to Washington, I can further “fill you in”, should you so desire!

I first became aware of John Todd when a friend of mine loaned me one of his cassettes to play. I listened to it and became interested, particularly in the area of what John said about The Illuminati, Lucifer, The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, and 33rd degree Masons, etc. I decided to check further! I arranged to call upon a fine, one-minded Baptist Pastor, named Tom Berry, in Elkton, Maryland‚ who I was told was well informed about John Todd.

On my own time‚ and at my own expense, I went to see Pastor Berry‚ for an extended talk. It was most interesting. While there, I was invited to appear in a One Day Seminar with Pastor Berry, John Todd, and Nord Davis. My subject was “Inflation and our Predatory, Debt Finance, Federal Reserve Banking System”. On the evening before the Seminar, I motored to Elkton, and talked with Pastor Berry and John Todd for about two hours‚ in the Pastors Study. I asked Todd twenty-one questions (prepared in advance) and he answered them all without any hesitation. Based upon his statements, it was obvious that the Luciferian, Illuminati, Rothschild, Rockefeller, International Banking Complex casts a “long shadow” over the Halls of Congress‚ and influences or intimidates numerous of our Legislators there, to the great detriment of the American People. (This, to me, was very disturbing, as well as well as revealing!)

Imagine my surprise when I returned to Washington, several days later, to find to letter to me from our friend, Bob Jones. In it‚ he referred to John Todd as a “Religious Con Man of the worst sort … and unmitigated liar and a complete phony.” The letter went on to refer to a similar type of opinion about Todd coming from the John Birch Society, and Bob also referred to Pastor Berry in a most uncomplimentary manner! This was surprising to me as Pastor Berry is a graduate of Bob Jones University.

Frankly, I was quite taken aback by Bob’s letter and its tone, in general! So, I proceeded to do some more checking, and then replied to Bob’s letter of Oct. 20th, on December 15, 1978. To save time, I am enclosing a copy of it for you.

Since last fall‚ I have listened to more of Todd’s cassettes, & also listened to cassettes by other pastors, denouncing Todd. This is my current reaction to it:

Anyone who has lived the abnormal‚ traumatic life that John Todd has,—deep in witchcraft, dope, philandering, etc., is bound to be somewhat unbalanced in certain areas, and highly emotional! However, when Todd came “out” of witchcraft, and became a Christian, I would think that anyone who is even purporting to be a Christian Leader would have tried to protect and guide John in the Religious Area to help him avoid making inaccurate statements!

I break down his comments into two general areas,—The Secular and The Religious. In this instance, I am not particularly interested in the Religious Areas! I am very interested in his comments in the Secular Area! I am certainly no Theologian,—just a disturbed Christian, but an active Fighter on the Front Line against the Antichrist, and the one World, Atheistic‚ Bolshevik Dictatorship which now confronts us! I want no part of it for my Faith, my Family‚ my Country. No part of it!! It hate Deception!

At this point‚ I wish to say that I reject, and certainly do not condone any lies or inaccurate or damaging statements that hurt innocent parties! But, whether the Rockefellers have given money‚ or lent “Art” to Bob Jones University, or whether there are lots of Masons on its Governing Board, or just a few‚ is of but slight interest to me; likewise, I am but slightly interested, also, as to whether Bob Welch, the mysterious Leaders of the John Birch Society (in whom I no longer have any confidence, because of his manifest duplicity towards me, a former enthusiastic member) is a 33rd degree Mason or a 3rd degree Mason. I would think that simple denials would be adequate in place of so much souped–up, indignant Thunder! Recall, from Shakespeare, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

I would be very interested to hear if any of Todd’s critics could present valid evidence (not hearsay) that:

(1) John Todd was not born “Collins” and hence was not a member of Witchcraft’s “Royal Family”.

(2) That John Todd was never a member of “The Grand Druid Council of 13”.

(3) That John Todd never attended a meeting of that Council.

(4) That no U.S. Senator or U.S. Congressman (whose names I have) appeared before his cell door‚ in the Mannheim Stockade, in Germany, along with two high–ranking U.S. Army Generals, when he was ordered to come out, with arrangements made for him to be released & allowed to return to the U.S.A.

(5) That the very powerful “Rothschild Tribunal,” as Todd described it to a number of people, does not consist of:

(a) Lucifer, at the top.

(b) The Rothschilds & their Global International Banking associates and connections.

(c) The Illuminati.

(d) A Global Committee of Thirty-three 33rd degree Masons.

These five facts, as I heard them from Todd, repeated several times, I consider very important! What say you?

I am aware of the usual technique employed by the Enemy in retaliation in respect to something or somebody who has exposed some of their secret operations! John Todd‚ apparently‚ has done so‚ and the defection of a member of “The Royal Family” of Luciferian Witchcraft certainly must be highly embarrassing to its Top Leaders! Hence, very strong measures could be expected to be implemented against Todd to deny certain of his statements, which is easy, or, to get others to malign him on various nitty-gritty matters, in an effort to destroy his credibility on all matters! It is quite doubtful if those “top leaders” would dare risk an exposure of size by a challenge in the Secular Area and hence, the Religious Area is the one in which they would prefer to operate, along with plenty of money, artfully supplied to grease-the-wheels‚ and to line-up designated “Hatchet Men,” hither and yon! Keep this well in mind! Apparently, they feel that Todd must be thoroughly discredited‚ silenced, or even assassinated!

So, I say to you, if one wishes to be fair, this matter must be carefully evaluated. I would not like to see John Todd’s valuable revelations in certain areas neatly “side-tracked” or submerged, by some well-funded dupes of “The Other Side”, even if Todd’s safari into the area of Theology and Religion has not been exactly as it should be!

One Pastor, Dr. Roland Rasmussen, has made a cassette, which I have, and which he calls “The Final Verdict on Todd”! That title, on the face of it, is ridiculous because that pastor, apparently‚ possesses merely a “worm’s-eye view” of a very complicated subject! I recognize the constructive factors here, and minimize the destructive factors which may have shown up. I greatly admire John’s struggle to “come-out” from “Dope” and “Witchcraft” which takes some doing, but my position in regards to the “nitty-gritty” areas is a balanced one! I trust this is clear to you, and to anyone who may read this letter! Hope to see you here‚ again, before long! Kindest regards.

Faithfully yours,

Curtis B. Dall



1. (MARIA: JOHN TODD SAID, “I SAID WHAT I’VE SAID TONIGHT FIVE YEARS AGO & PEOPLE WERE READY TO LYNCH ME; now they’re listening to me because they can see it in the newspaper!”—Just like they do us!) Well, there’s still plenty of people who won’t believe him, just like a few of our own staff at first! Well, they may have thought that I’m their prophet & I ought to know all these things, & if I haven’t told’m about it, why then they wouldn’t necessarily believe it. But I’ve never gotten into that stuff & I don’t really care to. (Maria: No‚ you can’t do everything.)

2. I KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT IT, & MY MOTHER HAD SOME EXPERIENCE ALONG THAT LINE. She didn’t really want to fight the [ACs], but she did. They forced her to. And she definitely didn’t want to get into witchcraft & demonology & that kind of stuff, we saw too much evil come from it & not enough good; trying to fight the Devil on his own terms & going out of your way to stir up trouble you don’t need. (Maria: Yes, leave it to John Todd!—He’s the person for it!)

3. THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE HIM! HE KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT & HE CAN SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE & FACTS & HE KNOWS, so he’s the right kind to fight it & he’s got the inspiration to fight it. He hates it enough to fight it. (Maria: It’s like the Lord doesn’t make one person do everything.) Everybody has their ministry. (Maria: Well, it must be his ministry!) It says, “Let every man abide in the calling wherein he is called.” (1Cor.7:20.) Not everybody is going to have every ministry. (Maria: and it says that all members of the body are needed.)

4. IT OBVIOUSLY WAS OUR MINISTRY TO REAP THE HARVEST OF THE YOUTH REVOLUTION IN THE ’60s & ’70s when we were trying to reach the hippies, which we did, thank the Lord!—And we reached quite a harvest of real genuine Lord-lovers that really were all–out, forsook all, went into all the World to preach the Gospel, & the whole World’s heard about us! So we did our job, thank You Lord, & are still doing what we can.

5. LIKE EVERY PROPHET OF GOD, THE LORD ALWAYS ASKED HIM TO GO TO HIS PEOPLE FIRST, whether they be Jews or Christians or whatever. God always wanted to give them their chance first, but they always rejected & always became the bitterest enemies & always persecuted the Prophet & the Truth afterwards. So the churches are about the last place he could have gone to expect to be believed!—They’re about the most unbelieving of all! After all, the World believes more in the Devil than the Church!

6. FIRST OF ALL, MANY BAPTISTS ARE THE PHARISEES OF THE PHARISEES! My Mother used to say that she thought they were harder to get saved than the Catholics, because they’re so know–it-all. They think they’ve got it all & you can’t tell ’em anything! “Once saved, always saved, eternal security & that’s that!”—Born again & that’s all they need. As far as they’re concerned they don’t need anything else.

7. THEY FIGHT PENTECOST, FIGHT THE BAPTISM‚ FIGHT HEALING, FIGHT SPIRIT LIFE & anything else that’s not strictly Baptist!—So they’re a tough bunch! But thank God they preach Salvation. They’re strong on Salvation, really being born again, & that’s as far as most go. They’re like little babies that just get born & never grow any further. It seems they just never grow spiritually or much more. Of course I’m talking about the majority, that’s not the exceptional ones who get into Pentecost or deeper life later—like John Todd & this church!

8. SO IT’S NO WONDER THAT TODD LOCKED HORNS WITH SOME OF THEM! He got saved by that Baptist preacher in a Baptist Church & got started with them, & that was a pretty tough start. Because the things of the Spirit are anathema to most of them, & they don’t like to even hear about them & they fight them. Most’re against healing‚ tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit & all those things.

9. THEY THINK THEY GOT EVERYTHING THERE IS TO GET WHEN THEY WALKED DOWN THE AISLE & TOOK THE PREACHER’S HAND!—And I guess they did get all they were gonna get anyhow. But for poor John Todd to get involved with them, that was a tough nut to crack! It’s no wonder they rejected him, because most don’t like anything that’s that deeply spiritual.

10. AFTER ALL, HIS TEACHING IS VERY DEEPLY SPIRITUAL in the realm of evil spirits & demons & devils & witches & witchcraft, & it’s a miracle that the Baptists are even spiritual enough to believe in the Devil! But of course most wouldn’t admit that the Devil was active in demons & evil spirits & demon possession today. So he was off to a pretty tough start‚ but I guess the Lord allowed it to try to crack in & give His people a chance first to hear.

11. IT’S JUST LIKE THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES, THEY REJECTED HIM JUST LIKE THEY REJECTED JESUS. It’s like they’re saying, “Who is he to tell us anything when we know it all?” Just like the Scribes & the Pharisees treated Jesus: “Who is this young upstart, son of a carpenter, to tell us anything when He’s never even been to the Sanhedrin or the Rabbinical school & He doesn’t have our stamp of approval!—Who does He think He is telling us anything when we know it all?”—That’s the typical attitude of the Church, so it’s no wonder they rejected him.

12. —AND THAT FIGURES THAT HE WAS REJECTED BY BOB JONES!—Bob Jones is an ultra ultra Baptist, he’s even too Baptist for the Baptists! He practically hates everybody but himself & his own graduates, & if his graduates turn on him, he hates them too!

13. HE WAS ONE OF THE BITTEREST ENEMIES OF BILLY GRAHAM & FOUGHT HIM TOOTH & TOENAIL! He called him a fraud, a phony, a religious racketeer & a con-man—all those names he’s calling John Todd! So John Todd is in pretty good company along with Billy Graham!

14. I DON’T AGREE WITH BILLY GRAHAM ON EVERYTHING, BUT I REALLY CONSIDER HIM ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING EVANGELISTS & PROPHETS OF HIS DAY FOR THE LORD to win souls & people to Christ; & I believe he was a great reaper of the world during its last days before this coming war. He was a great reaper in mass evangelism, & God has mightily used him.

15. I BELIEVE HE WAS ABSOLUTELY INSPIRED OF GOD & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT & ON FIRE, & I ADMIRE BILLY GRAHAM GREATLY! But then he got in some of the wrong company, like dear Nixon & a few of those, & he began to compromise for power & popularity, which in a way killed his ministry & his spirit. He went through some pretty bad experiences, broken down in health & everything else‚ but he did his bit & he was a great man.

16. BOB JONES HATED FRED JORDAN TOO; Fred Jordan was one of the worst of the worst to him! Well, Fred wasn’t perfect, but at least he preached the Gospel & he was getting souls saved & reaching the World with the Gospel, at least America. But if Bob Jones attacked John Todd, John Todd is in very good company along with Billy Graham, Fred Jordan & us, whom he also attacked bitterly.

17. THESE GUYS FIRING CASSETTES BACK & FORTH AT EACH OTHER REMINDS ME OF THE OLD WORLD WAR I WARFARE firing shells back & forth at each other. In fact, this is what the containers were called—the caissons—the shell carriers that contained the explosives. They fired them out of large guns & hit each other, & they exploded when they hit. So here are these guys, these preachers‚ firing these cassettes at each other!

18. ANY SANE SYSTEMITE, EVEN A SYSTEMITE FRIEND OF OURS, IN TRYING TO EXPLAIN US TO OTHERS like Roy Wallis does, would probably call us a bit unbalanced & highly emotional too, but nevertheless they do a lot of good!

19. OH, NOW I GET IT!—ROCKEFELLER! No wonder the Baptists would have turned on John Todd when Rockefeller tipped’m off! He was one of the big supporters of Bob Jones University! He also built the World’s largest Baptist church, the huge Baptist Cathedral there in New York, of which he was the leading member!

20. THE ROCKEFELLER FAMILY WERE LEADING BAPTISTS! (Maria: Oh, so they bought all the Baptists out too!) Well, they obviously bought some of them out! (Maria: Wowie!) I believe old John D. himself was a sincere Christian, I met him. He’s the one that really started the family from poor boy on up & became the leader of Standard Oil, one of the richest men in the World!

21. JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER HAD THREE SONS—DAVID, NELSON & JOHN D. JR. Which one is he accusing of being a witch? (Maria: David, I think.) John D. Jr. is the oldest, then Nelson & then David. David was Governor of Arkansas; Nelson, Governor of New York; & I don’t know what John D. Jr. was, he was governor of Standard Oil.

22. BUT THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY THE BAPTISTS WOULD TURN ON TODD‚ because the Rockefellers are supposed leading Baptists & built that huge monstrous multi-million-dollar Baptist church! I think it’s called National Baptist Church or something like that, where they had the statue of Darwin as one of the great men of the World in their church, can you imagine?!—We visited there & I can remember seeing it! Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick was Pastor.

23. DR. FOSDICK WHO USED TO PREACH THERE WAS A RANK MODERNIST WHO COULD HAVE BEEN THE DEVIL HIMSELF PREACHING! (Maria: Well, that confirms what Todd says about the Rockefellers!) He preached the most rank unbelieving modernism, he didn’t believe anything! He simply preached Christ as a teacher & philosopher & all that sort of thing.

24. (MARIA: THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT JOHN TODD SAID THEY WERE DOING, BUYING THEM OUT!) That figures, that figures! Oh, I’ve got to remember the name of that church too! I can see it yet on that big huge boulevard North of New York City. It was a gorgeous place, right on the Hudson River, like a park!—Beautiful!

25. OOOOH! WOW! HOW THE CONSERVATIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS HATED THAT GUY, BECAUSE HE PREACHED JUST LIKE THE DEVIL! He was one of the outstanding leaders of the modernistic unbelieving totally liberal Christians of the United States. He was one of the top leaders, for example, of what was first called the Federal Council of Churches, & then the National Council of Churches‚ cold formal unbelievers!

26. THEY FINALLY HAD TO CHANGE THE NAME TO THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES because it raised such a stink under each different name. They had to keep changing the name because it stunk so! They were involved in all kinds of the worst kind of activities, literally virtually promoting atheism & evolution with a statute of Darwin right in his church! (Maria: It sounds exactly like what John Todd’s talking about!)

27. HE WAS ONE OF THE LEADING ORGANIZERS OF THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES—ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS OF THE COMMUNISTS. The World Council of Churches supports guerrillas in Africa & donates actual cash to buy ’em guns to shoot people‚ to shoot real Christian believers! The World Council of Churches—ugh!—It’s like the Sanhedrin of the Devil! Oh, I can believe that!

28. I CAN BELIEVE THAT WITCHCRAFT & THE WITCHES CONTROL THAT OUTFIT, BECAUSE THEY’VE ACTED LIKE IT FOR YEARS! Doctor Fosdick was the pastor of that church. He was very very famous on radio for years & was probably the most famous Protestant radio preacher. Father what’s-his–name was the famous Catholic radio preacher, & this guy was the most famous modernistic Protestant radio preacher on the air.

29. BUT I CAN BELIEVE IT, CONSIDERING WHAT KIND OF A CHURCH THAT WAS, about as ungodly & as atheistic & modernistic as you can possibly find any kind of a church! And that guy, he was brilliant, a brilliant orator, & pastored that big huge monstrous Baptist cathedral. I think they even called it the Baptist Cathedral, something like that, right there on the North side of New York on the Hudson River.

30. IT WAS MOST FAMOUS AS ROCKEFELLER’S CHURCH, THE MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR CHURCH THAT THE ROCKEFELLERS HAD BUILT!—And he put this modernistic atheistic unbelieving devil in as pastor, with a statue of Darwin in the church! We had heard about that for years‚ although I had never seen it, but I could believe it from hearing him preach on the radio.

31. SO I TOOK THE KIDS WHEN THEY WERE SMALL, & WE DROVE OUT THERE; I think we even had the Cruiser at that time. We drove out there & looked at it, & sure enough, there was the statute of Darwin! Can you imagine? The author of atheism, Hell itself, right in that church! That is the church built by the Rockefellers & pastored by this outstanding unbelieving Godless modernist!

32. SO IF THERE WAS EVER A CHURCH OF THE DEVIL UNDER THE GUISE OF SHEEP’S CLOTHING, THAT WAS IT! That was it! I can believe it! No wonder the Baptists have got it in for Todd. And when I heard him talking against the Rockefellers I thought, uh oh, he’d better watch out! Money talks & money has power, he is going to get it! They will get at him somehow, & they will certainly not take that lying down!—Obviously they didn’t.

33. KILLING HIM WAS TOO GOOD FOR HIM, THEY HAD TO BESMIRCH HIM‚ DISGRACE HIM, EMBARRASS HIM, BELITTLE HIM, DEBUNK HIM & DISCREDIT HIM! That was the smartest thing they could do was try to make a fool out of him so nobody would believe anything he said.—Maybe picked a few things he said where he exaggerated or made a mistake or misquoted.

34. I’VE DONE THAT, I’VE CALLED IT SUMMER EQUINOX WHEN I MEANT TO SAY SOLSTICE. (Maria: You’ve exaggerated things, like maybe you said hundred when there were only fifty or something.) Well now, I wouldn’t admit to exaggeration, Honey! I just speak rather emphatically & enthusiastically! (Maria: That’s the point!)

35. BUT YOU KNOW GOOD & WELL I ALWAYS TRY TO BE TRUTHFUL! If I make a mistake, it could happen to be on the up side rather than the down side. If I’m going to make an estimate of a crowd I’m going to do it evangelistically speaking. Rather than be negative, why not be positive? If you’re going to do any guessing‚ well, make it a good guess while you’re at it! (Maria: Exactly!) But I usually say “it’s my opinion” or “about” or something.

36. (MARIA: YES, IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS, YOU TELL THE TRUTH!) If I know the exact figures I give them‚ & if I don’t know the exact figures I estimate them.—And if I’m estimating, I might as well estimate it good while I’m at it! (Maria: Why not? Of course! It’s anybody’s guess!) OK, Honey, put me in a class with John Todd, that’s OK.

37. WITH SUCH A TREMENDOUS MESSAGE WITH SUCH TREMENDOUS IMPACT, HE WAS BOUND TO HAVE STIRRED UP A HORNET’S NEST OF ENEMIES!—Not only in the political & economic field, but the religious field. So he shouldn’t be surprised that his revelations really stirred up a storm! Of course he probably thought that if these Christians were like Jesus, they were going to believe him.

38. HE WAS PROBABLY ALMOST CHILDLIKE IN HIS NAIVETY TO BELIEVE THEY WERE GOING TO RECEIVE IT & BE HIS FRIENDS, & he was probably astounded to find out they wouldn’t even believe him!—Not only that but reject him & even persecute him for telling them the truth! (Maria: It’s a wonder he hasn’t backslidden!) Well‚ let’s certainly hope he doesn’t. I’m sure the Devil’s trying to break him.

39. NATURALLY THESE GUILTY PARTIES, THESE DRUIDS & WITCHES & LEADERS OF THE FINANCIAL/POLITICAL WORLD, ARE NOT GOING TO GO ON RECORD TRYING TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, nor trying to explain the Illuminati or the 33rd Degree Masons or the Council of Druids & so on; because they want the World to think these things don’t even exist!

40. SO THEY JUST POOH-POOH THE WHOLE THING & SAY LIKE THE ENCYCLOPEDIA SAYS: SPURIOUS‚ NON-EXISTENT & A FRAUD! The [ACs] don’t even want it discussed as though there were anything to it at all. So they apparently bore down on other areas on Todd. (Maria: But he was trying to tell them & they didn’t accept it.)

41. WELL, AS USUAL GOD’S PEOPLE SELDOM EVER ACCEPT THE VOICE OF HIS PROPHETS. God in His mercy gives them the message & the warning first so they’ll be held accountable, but then they always reject it. It’s just invariable throughout history.

42. ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BIBLE THE PEOPLE OF GOD REJECTED THE VOICE OF GOD & THE PROPHET OF GOD!—They usually killed them in the long run & went their own stubborn willful wicked way until God destroyed them, which is exactly what’s happening in America. Here he’s another prophet of God to try to wake’m up & shake’m up & warn’m of what’s happening in the World, but they don’t even believe him, therefore don’t receive it.

43. THEY REJECT HIM & HIS MESSAGE & PERSECUTE HIM & TRY TO DISCREDIT HIM because they don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to hear it: “Go away! Leave me alone! My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!”—That’s typical of Christians & Jews. Oh, Lord help us! Thank God for the Family of Love!—The Children of Love!

44. I LIKE THAT NAME, CHILDREN OF LOVE‚ IT’S A COMBINATION OF OUR TWO NAMES—Children of God & Family of Love. Children has a good taste & Love has a good taste—Children of Love! I think that’s a very good name. We heard that first on MWM, didn’t we? Somebody was using that name? (Maria: I think you got it from the Lord, “This is the voice of the Children of Love!”)—I did? Really? I forgot that! PTL! Hallelujah! “MWM is the voice of the Children of Love!” Well, God’s given us a new name, PG! TYL! The Children of Love! It’s got a little bit of both names.

45. OK, SO THERE’S NO WONDER‚ HE CERTAINLY MUST HAVE EXPECTED IT! He was expecting assassination & he was getting the word out as fast as he could! But in a way he suffered even worse by being humiliated, discredited, called a fraud & a con-man & a fake & a phony & being disgraced. Some people would rather die or commit suicide than be disgraced. They consider it even worse than death!

46. AND HERE HE TRIED TO GIVE THE MESSAGE; BUT THAT’S WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO EVERY PROPHET. That’s what the so-called people of God have always done to every prophet, the false people of God, like [some of] the Jews & some churches, etc. So I’m sure he must have expected it, although he might have been surprised from what quarter it came!—From the ones that he expected to be his friends & receive him!

47. JUST LIKE PROPHETS OF OLD WERE AMAZED THAT GOD’S OWN CHILDREN DIDN’T RECEIVE THE MESSAGE!—Supposed children‚ His Own people, the Jews, & later the Christians. Just like the Jews rejected the Prophets of the Bible, today the Christians & the churches have rejected God’s modern prophets, time after time, including me & dear John Todd.

48. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY‚ “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL & YOU’LL STIR UP THE DEVIL,” & she never liked to get into that sort of thing. The Devil really doesn’t like to be exposed, & he really stirs up trouble if you start exposing him. Well, we’ve exposed a lot of his chicanery already‚ & look at the trouble we stirred up!—First of all with the churches, & then the [ACs] & God only knows who else!

49. (MARIA: WE COULD HAVE GOTTEN THIS TWO YEARS AGO WHEN HE MADE THE THING, BUT WE DIDN’T. IT’S ALMOST LIKE NOW’S ITS TIME.) Maybe he needs the encouragement now, & it’s time for the message to get out more now; because it will get out further through us than anybody. We may not look like much or be much, but we sure get around‚ & our message really gets out to millions! (Maria: Top people, too!)—Not just the churches & not the politicians, but to the whole World! PTL!

50. IN CLOSING I WOULD SAY IT SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISING THAT ANY MODERN PROPHET OF GOD WOULD GET PERSECUTION & REJECTION, particularly by the unbelieving churches & disobedient churches; disobedient people of God who don’t want to listen, who don’t want to hear‚ who are deaf, dumb & blind!—Deaf to the truth, blind to the facts & dumb to preaching the Gospel in all the World!

51. THEY DON’T WANT TO WAKE UP, THEY DON’T WANT TO SEE IT, THEY DON’T WANT TO DO IT, SO THEREFORE THEY’VE GOT TO REJECT IT!—And in rejecting the Message they have to reject the Prophet, & worse yet, they have to try to discredit him to prove that what he said wasn’t true‚ so they can get if off their conscience! So I’m sure that will relieve quite a few Christians to hear their smears now‚ that John Todd was a fraud, because they probably were pretty shook up & and quite a bit concerned!

52. I WONDER WHAT’S HAPPENED TO THE POOR GUY NOW, POOR FELLOW! I hope he manages to survive‚ God willing. They obviously didn’t kill him because that would have proved that what he said was right, but that’s what he was expecting. I’m sure they’ll try to keep him discredited & shut up as much as they can; & of course by smearing him & getting him kicked out of the churches & discrediting him, in a way they’ve shut him up & he’s lost his voice.

53. BUT WHAT HE SAID IS CLOSE ENOUGH TO WHAT I’VE ALWAYS HEARD EVEN SINCE A CHILD ABOUT SOME OF THESE THINGS, that I’m inclined to believe that what he has to say is true.—Particularly the way things turned out, him being black-balled & black-listed by the churches & the church people.

54. THEY ARE ALSO SOME OF OUR BIGGEST ENEMIES & BRAND US AS A FRAUD & A FAKE & A PHONY & A CON–MAN & a religious racketeer & a false prophet & all the other names they’ve been calling him! So he shouldn’t feel too bad, because they called Billy Graham, Fred Jordan & a few other men of God the same thing—who are men of God in spite of their mistakes‚ as I’m a man of God in spite of mine!

55. I STILL THINK IT’S WORTH GIVING HIM A VOICE BACK AGAIN & GET HIS MESSAGE OUT, & maybe that will encourage him to know that somebody still believes him & is sending the Message on. We don’t have to say that we believe it, we can just put it in the Magazine & let the people take it for what it’s worth, take it or leave it! They don’t have to believe it, they don’t have to believe me, but they’d better!

56. (MARIA: IT’S LIKE YOU GET THE WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT ON IT TOO, THAT IT’S THE TRUTH!)—YES, I CERTAINLY DID! All the way through it sounded good to me! It sounded just like what we’ve been preaching, & just corroborated a lot of what we’ve been preaching & what I’ve heard in the past & known for years but have never come out & openly preached because it’s really almost too dangerous!

57. YOU’RE ATTACKING THE DEVIL’S OWN TERRITORY & HE DOESN’T LIKE IT! But we’ve done that already anyhow, so what’s the difference? (Maria: There’s no turning back‚ because the [ACs] have it in for you forever anyway; they won’t relent even if you stop talking about’m altogether!) No, they’ll never let you go, no matter what.

58. LOOK AT THESE NAZIS THAT GOT A LITTLE BIT INVOLVED DURING THE WAR as mere petty officers obeying orders & so on, & then after the war was over they completely reformed & quit it & went thousands of miles away & started a whole new life. But the Jews never left them alone, they hounded them to the very end!

59. 30, 40, 50 YEARS LATER THEY’RE STILL OUT TO GET’M‚ EVEN IF THEY’VE REPENTED & CHANGED & have never done another wrong thing for the last 40 or 50 years, they’re out to get’m! They never forgive them. I had to laugh at what that one Jewish woman said, “Well yes, forgive, but never forget!” Well, that isn’t forgiveness.

60. YOU CAN’T SAY YOU FORGIVE & NEVER FORGET, IT MEANS YOU’RE STILL HOLDING IT AGAINST THEM. That’s typical of [some people]. So I’m not exactly expecting [religious people] to forgive me for the things I’ve said; they’ll always be out to get me if they can. (Maria: So we might as well keep saying it! Ha! It’s not going to make any difference!)

61. WE’VE ALREADY SAID IT, SO WE MIGHT AS WELL TELL THEM THE REST OF THE FACTS & GIVE THEM JOHN TODD’S MESSAGE, GOD WILLING. Amen, I think it’s worth publishing, for what it’s worth‚ & I think it’s worth quite a bit! It corroborates & fills in the details & the facts of what I’ve always known & believed & heard ever since I was a kid through several great men of God who were exposing them in those days even when I was a child, like Winrod, Gerald L.K. Smith, Henry Ford & a few others.

62. (MARIA: THE ONLY ONES I THINK JOHN TODD DIDN’T ACCUSE IS THE [ACs]. Maybe he didn’t even realize or he would have come out against them, because he blasted everything else.) Who knows? He might have just been smart enough not to mention [them], knowing how powerful they are. After all, if he was that smart & he was that high a Druid & all the rest, he must know how smart they are & how organized they are. If you say one word against them, then you’ve really had it, they really sock it to you!


64. LOOK HOW BILLY GRAHAM & ALL THAT BUNCH OF CONSERVATIVES CAME OUT WITH THAT BIG FULL-PAGE AD IN THE NEW YORK TIMES or some paper during the days when they were having a big controversy over whether to recognize the PLO! I’ve forgotten exactly what was the occasion, remember! Anyhow, they came out in favor of Israel, siding with them in the controversy & blah blah! Boy oh boy!

65. IT’S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE HOW THE CHRISTIANS HAVE BEEN DUPED BY THE [ACs] into … promoting … Israel & all the rest. You talk about clever, they are clever!—And the Christians are dumb! So it all figures, & I think we should publish it. PTL!

(Amen!—Are you glad we did?—D)

Alexander, the Evil Magician

David Berg

—MOFebruary 7, 1978 DO 666

More Questions and Answers!—A Midnight Revelation!

1. They must spend more time with their Father, for they have not much time left with David.

2. THE WAR IS ON—IT NEVER STOPPED!—Just in the minds and imaginations of foolish men! Sadat knew it, but he wanted to give Israel a chance to expose herself, and she did, and now she is guilty before the whole world. Who’s that? Who’s that?—Schmidt! Didn’t you hear him! (Maria: No.) He talked with a German accent! (Maria: Who is Schmidt?) (The Chancellor of Germany is Helmut Schmidt! What he has to do with the war, I don’t know!)

3. (FOR EMANUEL PROVISIONER AND HANNAH CHARITY:) Give them seven kisses from your father David, I love them so! (About Yugoslavia and Albania:) Even if you can’t litness there, you can witness and FF. (Maria: Then we were talking about the Visiting Servants for each country, and David said:)

4. THESE ARE THE ONES THAT PLEASE YOUR FATHER DAVID SO—THOSE WHO COME FROM THE PEOPLE. We need a Turkish person for Turkey as Visiting Servant, or somebody that speaks Turkish. I am going to give you a lot of information tonight, because we need it. If you give me a bit of grease for my throat.

5. ABRAHIM IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A LOT OF INFORMATION, because he has been going around to see. It’s okay: Jared—isn’t that his name, in Cairo? (Maria: It’s like he’s okay for Cairo, and we don’t need anybody else there.)

6. ABRAHIM CAN TRAVEL VERY FAST!—Don’t you remember? (Maria: But he’s not allowed to leave you.) Well, when I’m sleeping. If you give me enough wine, he can go out and investigate for me, and I don’t have to go. (Sneezed time after time!) Atushka! Atushka! Please get me some more wine before I die! Please, quick!

7. SEVEN SNEEZES AND I’M A GONER! (Maria: You’ve done that before when nothing else got you any wine, so you started sneezing. I think it’s a trick of Abrahim.) Hurry! I’ve got to have some wine! (Maria: I think that’s a trick of Abrahim!) No, he’s not even here. He’s out visiting.—He’s a Visiting Servant.

8. GOD FAVORS THE TURKS MORE THAN THE GREEKS. He has big sympathy for the Turks more than the Greeks. The Greeks are famous for homosexuality. All over the world it’s known as “the Greek way”—from the rear.

9. (ABOUT LEBANON:) THEY KICKED US OUT, but they deserve a little more of the mercy of the Lord. They had lots of trouble after they kicked us out. I think maybe it was even the Christians who kicked us out‚ because we were friends of Godahfi. (Maria: Then we were trying to figure out somebody who would be good for the Mideast, and David said:)

10. WHO KNOWS THE MIDEAST BETTER THAN ROSE? Where is she? (Maria: She’s in Italy. Hosanna just came from being with her there.) Bless her heart! (Maria: Yes‚ they know the Mideast pretty well.) (Then we were talking about Amasa, and David said:)

11. YOU KNOW WHY AMASA BACKSLID?—THE JEWS SCARED HIM TO DEATH IN ISRAEL! … There’s nothing they hate worse than what they call an apostate Jew, a Jew who has forsaken his religion. That’s the biggest testimony against them. Don’t you think it’s kind of silly to send Hosanna to the Orient when he knows the Mideast?

12. IT’S A VERY BIG LOAD, BUT THEY’RE NOT DOING IT. (Maria: We were talking about the Pacific being such a huge responsibility‚ but David said:) The Mideast is a very big load too, but they’re not doing it.

13. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CARACAS?—THAT THEY EVEN BURNED THE FF LETTERS! (Maria: Who burned them?) Those people. Maybe it was because they were afraid to get caught with some like they did in Mexico, also because they didn’t want to obey them, of course.

14. (MARIA: AND THEN ABOUT EGYPT:) We have to have very good people there—it’s a very important country. They are very good people. (Maria: Probably referring to Jared and Lucy.)

15. WHO DO WE HAVE IN IRAN AND IRAQ, very important countries—also Pakistan? Where are Samson and Ara? (Maria: I think they’re still in Africa.) They are much more needed other places, like in India. You know, the Indians are great tea-drinkers, but the Prime Minister likes to drink tee-tee! (He drinks a glass of his own urine every morning!) (Maria: I thought you were going to say something really profound!)

16. MAYBE HOSANNA SHOULD GO BACK TO THE MIDEAST. We have to go over the whole world, while your Father’s in the Spirit, to see if we’ve got it straight. I think they will do. (Maria: Who?) They! (Maria: I kept saying, “Who?” and he kept saying‚ “They!”)

17. ANDREW AND MIRIAM IN THE U.S. They’re very good for the U.S. (Maria: Why do they deserve it?) That’s what they need, that’s why! Praise the Lord for a little guidance! (Faithy and others both thought that of anybody in the States, they would make the best Visiting Servants‚ Andrew and Miriam.)

18. WE NEED TO SEND SOMEBODY QUICK TO SOUTH AMERICA to take those people away! (Maria: To where?) Well‚ Keda said she would take them. (Maria: What will we do with Isaiah?) That depends on what Rachel sees when she goes. Probably send him outside the gate. (Maria: Which gate?)

19. OF THE EVIL MAGICIAN, the one that sowed bad seed, remember? … (Maria: It shows it’s a spirit‚ a spiritual thing. It wasn’t just Ed, because that letter referred to Ed.) (See “Alice” and “Bewitched,” Nos. 290 and 291, given just a year apart and only 1 year and 3 months before “Cesspool“! “Bewitched” was given the very month they met—January 1974!) He’s sowed bad seed and bewitched Deb, and we need to get rid of him, outside the gate. (Maria: Outside the Family?) Maybe.—Depends on how he takes it.

20. HE’S VERY EVIL, VERY VERY EVIL, AND HE FIGHTS YOUR FATHER! (Maria: Fights you?) Yes, very much. (Maria: Does he know it? Does he realize it?) He is deceived. He is controlled. He is controlled by evil forces and deceived and deluded strongly because he rejected the truth. Very strong delusion. He deceived Deborah, too‚ with strong delusion. (Maria: And all the kids there, huh?) Yes, yes, yes. This is strong, strong delusion, from the pit!—Very strong delusion, and he himself is deluded. He himself is totally deluded with strong delusion from the pit, because he rejected the truth. (Maria: What is his name?)

21. ALEXANDER, THE FOUL ALEXANDER THE DECEIVER! Alexander the deceiver! May God damn him and give him what he deserves! He led so many astray. God damn him! Deb would even be better with Jeth and her children than with this bewitcher! This man hath bewitched her, and he re-interprets my Letters. He contradicts them and he defies them, and I want to get rid of him!

22. I’M SICK OF HIM! MAY GOD DAMN HIM FOR LEADING SO MANY PEOPLE ASTRAY! My last impression is the same as the first. There is no difference. He is very evil. Very contrary, and very bad. Maybe it will wake him up from this spell of the Enemy, but we have to get rid of him, because he is very evil, very bad!—In Jesus’ name, amen.

23. (MARIA: HE CONTROLS DEBORAH?) She doesn’t know it, and he doesn’t know it, but he does. She is totally deceived. My God, what evil rises from this man who is not even a man but part woman! God damn him in his perfidy, in his deceit, in his contrariness and unbelief!—In Jesus’ name, amen.—God have mercy!

24. (MARIA: DEBORAH IS STILL DEFENDING THAT NAME, ALEXANDER, saying it is one of her favorite names‚ because she says it means protector and defender of the faith.) What faith? God damn him and rid us of him!

25. IF YOU WANT MORE, YOU HAVE TO PLY ME WITH WINE to grease my spirit—if you want more. (Maria: What spirit does Isaiah have?) (Then he wouldn’t tell me anything more. He said: If you want more, you must ply me with wine to give you the answers. If you don’t give me any more wine, you don’t get any more answers. If you ply me with wine, then I give you more answers.)

26. WITH A LITTLE MORE, I HAVE ONE MORE SHELF OF GOODIES! (Merlin the Magician‚ it seems!) Why would you deny me? Why don’t we go to sleep, because you won’t write any more, because you won’t give me any more wine to ply my spirit.

27. WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO PLY ME? I could give you so much more! (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in my whole life, “ply”!—It’s an old English word!) I could give you so much more information‚ and tell you so much of what is going on, if you’ll just ply me a little bit. (Maria: Dear Abrahim really likes his wine! So I finally gave him some more wine, then he started answering me:

28. (MARIA: WHAT SPIRIT DOES ALEXANDER HAVE?) The spirit of Alexander! Alexander El Menos! Alexander the Least.—A devil! Not Alexander the Great—Alexander the Great was inspired by God! Alexander El Menos was inspired by the Devil to defeat the purposes of God!

29. THE LOOK OF HIS FACE IS LIKE THAT WITCH IN “BEWITCHED”! (See No.291‚ Jan.’74, when they met!) (Maria: That’s what the Lord said, that Deb was “Bewitched”!) Part woman! He is possessed with a female spirit, with a witch! Alexander the Great was inspired by God to accomplish the purposes of God!

30. THIS ALEXANDER IS A RIDICULOUS LITTLE IMP who tries to defeat the purposes of God! I’m sick of him, very sick of him. I want to get him off our back, and send him away somewhere. He insults the presence of David, and defies the presence of God, and is in contempt of the Holy Spirit of God!

31. ALEXANDER EL MENOS!—THE LEAST OF ALL THE ALEXANDERS! Alexander El Menos! (Maria: What about Deborah?) We’ll have to take her out and give her retraining. (Maria: Will it help?) Well, we’ll try. (Speaks in tongues.) Why don’t you understand my language?—I speak to you for many years! (Maria: David was talking in tongues, stopping to interpret some, but not all, of the things he said.)


Ashraf–The Viking Demon God


DFO 1403France, 22/11/80

—And a Lesson in Disobedience!

1. WELL, THIS DREAM WAS JUST SO UTTERLY CLEAR! I mean it was, I guess I was really arguing with the Lord that I couldn’t forget anything, but He kept telling me I would forget it. And I guess He deliberately made me forget it just as a punishment, a lesson. I thought‚ well, I might forget a few little details or something but I’ll certainly never forget that name! So I kept spelling it over & over & I kept visualising it, you know, looking at it. It was so clear! Just so clear‚ & all this I remember very well.

2. SO THE LORD MUST HAVE JUST TOUCHED SOME LITTLE BUTTON THAT JUST ERASED IT, JUST DELIBERATELY ERASED IT BECAUSE OF DISOBEDIENCE! It was a lesson on faith & disobedience, I wouldn’t believe what the Lord was telling me‚ or whoever it was. Of course it was all the Lord, probably Abrahim, saying that I must record it right then, & must wake up & find the tape recorder or wake you. But that’s the last thing I wanted to do‚ because you were so sick, & so I argued,

3. “NO, NO, I COULDN’T POSSIBLY FORGET IT! LOOK, I CAN SEE THE WORD, I CAN SPELL IT OUT! I’ll never forget it, impossible!” I figured, you know, whenever I get those key words‚ then I always can recall the dream if I have the key word that unlocks the door that opens up the picture, & I just couldn’t believe I could forget it! So I didn’t obey because I didn’t believe, see, a lesson on faith, it’s a lesson in unbelief, because I wouldn’t believe that I could forget.

4. THE LORD WAS TELLING ME, “YOU’RE GOING TO FORGET”—probably because He was going to make me forget it because I wouldn’t obey! Therefore I didn’t obey & I didn’t get a tape recorder & I didn’t tell it right then. If I’d told it right then, I could have recalled, I’m sure, a lot of other things the Lord would have helped me recall, all the other things about the revelation.

5. IT WAS REALLY MORE LIKE A REVELATION THAN A DREAM, I mean it was like it was actually happening, you know, & I was discussing it with the Lord & He was telling me these things just like He was narrating the whole thing about this name & what it would do, what kind of a devil-god it had been down through history & its relationships & historical influence & methods in the various cultures etc.

6. IT WAS JUST LIKE A HISTORY OF THIS GOD, AMAZING THINGS‚ IT WAS ALL SO CLEAR! I thought, “Oh, I can never forget that!” Which shows it was just like a miracle that He made me forget it deliberately because I was disobedient, He wouldn’t let me remember it, especially that name! I mean that was so clear I couldn’t possibly, normally naturally‚ have possibly forgotten that word! But He deliberately made me forget it as a punishment for not obeying, for not making the little sacrifice to wake up & get a tape recorder even if it woke you up.

7. THAT WORD WAS AS CLEAR AS IT COULD BE! I could see it, I could spell it, I could hear it! It was just plain as day, a simple little word, a short word certainly not more than one or two syllables, & it began with “A”. But all of a sudden the next morning when I woke up, sure enough, I had not only forgotten all the other details but I had even forgotten the word! I could just hardly believe it when I woke up, I was so astounded & so disgusted & mad at myself & so ashamed at myself too for not obeying! Because I knew it was definitely the Lord, that He was literally deliberately making me forget it to spank me for not obeying, because it was so obvious, I mean it was so simple!

8. WELL, HE LET ME REMEMBER THAT MUCH ANYHOW, so it must be He let me remember that much as a punishment I guess‚ as a spanking, so I’d remember how I disobeyed & how I wouldn’t believe Him! (Maria: At least also to tell us that at least you got the revelation.) And it’s just enough of a clue, yes, enough of a clue, yes!

9. WELL, THAT WAS OF COURSE A BIG ANSWER TO PRAYER, my trouble the night before was not because of the way I was feeling or that I was too hungry or anything, it was just the Devil that had attacked me! So that was a great answer to prayer & a relief! But then I could have gotten all that interesting story & details about that horrible god!

10. (MARIA: DO YOU KNOW ANY REASON WHY IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A VIKING GOD & NOT THE SPHINX?) I don’t know, except that it was like it was reminding me of a lot of other things, that it was related to the Sphinx & it had something to do with the Sphinx, & it was from that far back, even in Egypt. Now I don’t think they even told us that on the Viking series about that god. It was shown as a snake in my dream or revelation.

11. (MARIA: AND IN YOUR DREAM IT WAS LIKE A SNAKE SITTING WITH ITS BACK TO YOU, SITTING ON ITS TAIL?) Yes‚ sitting on its tail‚ just like its tail was upturned in the back, almost like a little fat lizard, but nevertheless a snake sitting on its tail‚ facing away from me a little bit to the right.(Maria: Like he was afraid to look at you?) Yes! Yes, just like he was afraid to look me in the eye but taunting me, deliberately taunting me to see this, to look at his back, an ugly little thing!

12. BUT THEN I REMEMBER SEEING IT CLEARLY, AS WELL AS THOSE EARLIEST GODS OF THE VIKINGS, those ugly little idols! Remember those little seated idols‚ remember? Remember those little ugly-looking idols, some of them? It’s one of the early ones if not the first, maybe it was the very first, the first one. It was all about their gods & spirits & names of the gods that they worshipped & all, it was sort of a history of their religion.

13. ASHARAF OR ASHRAF‚ I KNOW I REMEMBERED THAT NAME ALSO WHEN I SAW THE PICTURE, I remembered having heard that name before, you know? I mean when I saw the movie, at that time I remembered having heard that particular name of that god before, but I’d never heard it that way as being one of the gods of the Vikings, I think I must have heard it as being one of the gods of the Egyptians. (Maria: Oh, so it had the same name?) But then in my dream or revelation it was just as clear as anything that it was this particular god, it was like I saw the movie again, like I was seeing a picture of it again, the little god, the stupid little idol‚ which of course is only a representation of the actual demon-god or spirit–god behind the idol.

14. THAT’S WHY GOD HATES THEM, because it’s not that the idols are anything, but because it’s a manifestation or representation of that demon, see‚ that they fall down & worship & fear, that they literally draw a picture of it or make an idol of it & then worship it! That’s what the Lord doesn’t like about idolatry I’m sure, that they visualise it & make pictures & statues & idols of those demons so they can worship them! That’s what must make the Lord so angry!

15. AND HE WAS EXPLAINING TO ME ALL ABOUT HOW IT WAS THIS PARTICULAR GOD & BY THAT PARTICULAR NAME, & it’s just like He was telling me his whole history‚ like seeing a movie or a video or something. And it was so simple with such a simple little name, I didn’t dream I’d ever be able to forget it! So it had to be an act of God that I forgot it, He deliberately just erased it! He just let me remember enough just to tantalise me & tease me & teach me a lesson for not obeying, because I didn’t think it was possible that I could forget.

16. IN OTHER WORDS, THE LORD TOLD ME, IN A SENSE, THAT THE IMPOSSIBLE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, but I wouldn’t believe it, that I could possibly forget it! I would have had to go by pure faith to obey‚ because I didn’t believe I could forget it‚ it wasn’t natural for me to forget it, it wasn’t normal, it was so clear & so plain! But He let me forget it, I mean He deliberately apparently erased it from my mind so I can’t remember it, except for just that much, just to tease & tantalise & punish me & spank me for forgetting, for not obeying, He deliberately made me forget it.

17. BUT I’M SURE HE’S LEFT THAT MUCH OF A CLUE SO THAT WE CAN FIND OUT, He’s that merciful, thank the Lord, that now, after He made it real easy for us in the revelations that now He’s going to make it hard for us to find out, now we’re really going to have to work for it. It was pure grace before, it’s a pure gift from God, because I wanted to know what caused me to be sick‚ but I had no idea it was spiritual. I was going to sleep that night thinking about it, asking the Lord, “Now what could I have done‚ what was it, was it the position I was sitting in?” You know, all kinds of natural things, never dreaming really that it was an absolute direct diabolical spiritual attack, purely spiritual, & had nothing to do with the physical‚ what I ate or my position or my condition or time of day or anything, but that it was just a direct spiritual attack of the Devil or one of his devils!

18. IT WAS SUCH A REVELATION TO FIND OUT THAT THAT’S WHAT IT WAS, I WAS SO AMAZED & I WAS SO THRILLED & EXCITED TO KNOW, that I could just hardly wait to tell you! But you had been so sick I just didn’t want to wake you up, yet it kept coming, “She’d be thrilled!” Well, I knew you would of course‚ but at the same time I knew you had to have your sleep.(Maria: Oh Honey, I could have gotten it later.) I was just thrilled to pieces that I had gotten it‚ it was so thrilling, exciting, all these side lines & relationships & associations & history of this thing & history of all that, & I thought of course that, because of that key word, I couldn’t possibly forget the name, I’d remember all the rest.

19. BUT THE LORD, IT’S JUST LIKE HE WIPED IT OFF THE SLATE, JUST WIPED IT OFF THE BLACKBOARD & JUST LEFT ONE LETTER & just the idea, the general idea so I’d remember that I’d had it, that He gave it to me‚ but I wouldn’t obey, I wouldn’t put it down & I wouldn’t make the sacrifice to believe it or obey it or do it then. He has His times‚ He just apparently knew that that was the best time to do it‚ in the still of the middle of the night when it was still fresh.

20. IT WAS A TEST OF FAITH, IT WAS A TEST OF OBEDIENCE & I FLUNKED IT, I PLUMB FLUNKED IT! I wouldn’t believe that I could possibly forget that‚ I just wouldn’t believe when He said, “You could forget it!”—”Oh no, no‚ I’ll remember the name, I couldn’t forget that name, it’s as plain as day!” (Maria: It’s a good lesson for all of us!) I mean I looked at it, I photographed it in my memory, I spelled it over & over again. “Now Lord, I can’t forget it! Don’t worry, I’m not going to forget it.” But the Lord was trying to get me to believe what He said & obey it‚ & then teach me a lesson. Boy, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again! He’s taught us a few lessons like that before, where we didn’t obey right then & record it right then & we forgot a lot of it, or He had to remind us later. Really. He did.

21. SO THAT, ALTHOUGH HE IS PUNISHING US RIGHT NOW FOR NOT OBEYING, I KNOW HE IS GOING TO HELP US EITHER REMEMBER IT OR DISCOVER IT OR FIND IT AGAIN‚ JUST SO WE’LL KNOW. But now we’ve got to do it the hard way, through just natural research & history & combing through the books & the encyclopedias & stuff like that instead of getting it the easy way from the Lord. (Maria: Yes, & in the right perspective.)

22. HE WAS EXPLAINING ALL ABOUT HOW THIS DEMON HAS OPERATED & HOW IT RELATED SOMEHOW WITH THE SPHINX! (Maria: This was when you were asking the Lord about that stomach trouble?) I was asking the Lord what caused that acute indigestion that I had last night, it just hit me suddenly without any explanation whatsoever for no reason at all! I was just eating a little crisp piece of chicken at the beginning of the meal & it went down just like a knife, real slowly for a long time & very very painfully, almost causing me to throw up. It was the most severe pain I’ve had since I don’t know when! I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

23. SO IN THE NIGHT I WAS PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT‚ APPARENTLY ASKING THE LORD WHAT CAUSED IT, & SUDDENLY TO MY SURPRISE HE GIVES ME THE NAME OF THIS DEVIL-GOD! Funny part about it is, it’s such a simple name that I thought I couldn’t possibly forget it, & it kept being repeated & repeated & repeated, & He went on & on in a narration explaining all of his operations & that he was one of the gods of the Vikings & he was one of their idols, & He kept telling me I’d better get up & find a tape recorder. I certainly wasn’t going to wake you, as sick as you’ve been, I was not going to wake you up. This voice just went on & on narrating the whole thing, about how it was responsible for this & that, & had come to me for this & that, & I thought how amazing, how wonderful‚ that’s just marvellous! I thought I couldn’t possibly forget it, that key word, that I’ll never forget it. I went over & over it again, it began with an “A”.

24. (MARIA: DO YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING ELSE?) Honey, I’m trying to remember‚ I thought I couldn’t possibly forget. It kept coming to me, “You’ve got to record this or you’ll forget it.” I thought‚ “No, Lord, I couldn’t forget it, that one word‚ that’s such a shock, that one word is so shocking & amazing, that that power could have caused that terrible indigestion! It couldn’t be, I couldn’t forget, this one word will be the key word that will open it up & remind me of everything.” But it kept coming to me‚ “You’re going to forget it.” And I kept arguing, “No, no, I couldn’t possibly forget it, it’s impossible for me to forget that word!” But I woke up this morning & I had completely forgotten it!—Besides all the commentary about it!

25. I MEAN IT JUST WENT ON LIKE A NEWSREEL, it just went on & on, the whole thing, just like it was something on playback, some recording, all about this particular power & what his powers were & his job & his operations & methods, but it was just like the Lord wiped it all out because I hadn’t recorded it!

26. I MEAN IT WAS SO IMPRESSIVE, A SHORT NAME, I CAN SEE THE IDOL YET, one of those little short stubby ugly-looking idols like we saw in the video about the Norseman Vikings, & oh‚ I couldn’t possibly forget it because the name was repeated so many times, & I went over the spelling & everything. I thought, “I’ll spell it & I’ll think about it & I’ll repeat it & then I can’t possibly forget it.” But it kept coming to me just like a warning, just as clear as anything the voice kept warning me, “You’re going to forget it if you don’t put it down now, you’re going to forget it.” I just couldn’t believe I was going to forget it, it seemed impossible‚ & I woke up this morning & I had completely forgotten it, besides all the commentary!

27. ALL THAT I CAN REMEMBER IS THAT I HAD THE REVELATION & GOT THIS ANSWER, THIS WORD, THIS NAME, & I was having all this commentary about it. I guess the Lord just punished me that way & just made me remember that I didn’t get it, that I didn’t obey Him & put it down, so I forgot. That’s just tragic! That was really some revelation! It was so logical & reasonable & it just went on & on all about this devil-god & what he does, what he did & what he’s responsible for & what his methods & operations are, how he was manifested in this & that, & the history‚ & I mean it was a whole big long thing!—And the name was repeated over & over again! I thought, “I’ll never forget the name!”

28. (MARIA: YOU SAY IT STARTED WITH “A”?) I know it started with “A”, it was a short name too, like two syllables. Oh, if that isn’t something, I’m such a poor untrustworthy channel! How the Lord ever uses me at all I don’t know! Here I ask Him for the answer & He gives it to me, a big long answer all about it with the name, & I don’t write it down or record it, I wake up & forget it! I just kept going over & over & over it again & again, & I thought, “Now I’m going to go over this so I can’t possibly forget it,” & I’d go over & over it in my mind so it was recorded in my mind so I couldn’t possibly forget it, & it’s gone!

29. ALL I CAN REMEMBER IS THE GENERAL PRINCIPLE. I asked the Lord & He gave me its name & explained all about this deity & all about his powers, & how he’s operated down through the centuries & history & everything else, that he is the one that attacked me! It was actually an attack of the Devil! (Maria: Yes‚ it was quite amazing! I was praying for you & I felt led to really rebuke the Enemy‚ rebuke the Devil! Because there was no real natural cause at all.) I mean I’ve eaten all kinds of things harder & rougher & more difficult to digest & everything. (Maria: Yes. And then I was thinking about it later, how some time when you’re in the Spirit I should ask the Lord about that & what it is & what causes it.)

30. WELL, HE GAVE THE ANSWER, HE GAVE THE ANSWER AS CLEAR AS CAN BE, THIS NAME & the power & a commentary all about who this god was & what he does & what he did & how he operated‚ & it was all so amazing, it was enlightening & so logical & reasonable & such a revelation! I just thought, “That’s wonderful, that’s amazing, that’s marvellous!” I was just wondering at the whole thing, it was so clear, & to have it all along with his name, & I thought, “I couldn’t possibly forget it!” I thought, “Now the name‚ I can’t forget the name, therefore if I remember the name it will bring all this back to me.” And so when I didn’t get up & record it, it must have all been taken away, & I went back to sleep! It was all so clear & so amazing, I thought, how wonderful, how amazing, how true!

31. THE FUNNY THING ABOUT IT, IT WAS RELATED TO THE SPHINX! It’s just like some sphincter muscle down there in that tube just closed up like that & wouldn’t let the food pass through‚ just like strangulation! (Maria: Oh, remember what you thought, remember you got something about that one time in regard to David wetting the bed!) (“The Talisman!” No. 1369)

32. THERE WAS THIS SHORT SNAKE ABOUT 18 INCHES HIGH SITTING ON ITS TAIL! I mean this revelation, this narration was marvellous! He went through the whole history of this god, this demon-god, & all the way from the time of the Egyptians on down to the Vikings & everything, & all its whole history & how it has affected this & that & the other, & the Lord just as plain as anything said, “This is the thing that attacked you last night!” (Maria: What do we do about it?)

33. I MEAN YOU JUST NEVER, SHOULD NEVER HAVE AN UNGUARDED MOMENT! Another thing, I don’t think we prayed before we ate last night. It was before prayer‚ I was dishing up the food, & then we usually hold hands & pray when we’re ready to eat, but as I was dishing up the food some of these little crumbs & crusty pieces were falling down & I didn’t want to lose them, you know me, I’m always picking up the crumbs, I don’t want to waste anything‚ so I began popping them in my mouth.

34. I GUESS IT WAS SOME KIND OF A DEMON OF GLUTTONY OR SOMETHING! (Maria: Oh, Honey! You’re not gluttonous!) Well, it was almost that, it was so delicious, I was lusting for food, a real lust‚ I was so hungry! (Maria: You were hungry!) Honey, don’t apologise for me! Because it was bad, I didn’t pray, I didn’t really pray, I don’t think I prayed at all! So the Lord let that happen, let him attack me as a punishment for not praying & realising that we have to depend on the Lord all the time for everything, we can’t stop praying for one minute!

35. WE’VE GOT TO PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING & STAY IN THE SPIRIT, & really, we’re fighting a spiritual battle, a warfare in the Spirit! I’ll never forget how Grandmother said there was a terrible battle being waged in the Spirit, with great noise & clashing of arms & shouts & screams & everything else in the Spirit world against us & what we’re doing for the Lord! The Devil is really mad! I think he was trying to kill me last night, but see, the Lord won’t let him touch us unless we get out of the Spirit, & then He lets those sheepdogs (devils) sock it to us & cause us pain & make us pray & get back in the Spirit!

36. (MARIA: BUT WHEN IT HAPPENS THE ONLY THING WE CAN DO IS REBUKE HIM & REALLY PRAY‚ HUH?) Yes, that’s what we should have done‚ & the Lord was giving us his name.(Maria: I did pray‚ but I didn’t have his name.) See it’s important to have the name, it really is important to have the name. (Maria: I really was rebuking the Devil & I felt led to do that, but…) I mean it was so clear in the night, that whole long narration about his history ever since the time of Egypt, it related somehow to the Sphinx, I think it had something to do with that strangulation. (Maria: What strangulation?)

37. THE SPHINX WAS A DEMON-GODDESS OF STRANGULATION, SHE STRANGLED HER ENEMIES. (Maria: Oh, I didn’t know that!) Honey, you’ve forgotten it all, it was all in “The Talisman”! (Maria: No!—Of strangulation?) Yes. That’s where the sphincter muscles got their name. (Maria: I remember you talking about that.) Sphincter muscle, to strangle. She strangled her victims. It’s as though she’s the same god, was the same, only lately it had a different name, sometimes represented by this little squat ugly idol. I could see those idols again & I thought‚ “That’s so simple, I mean we saw all that on television, it’s all about the Vikings, it’s one of their gods‚ & I couldn’t possibly forget that!” The Lord just let me remember enough to tantalise me & teach me a lesson for not doing it.

38. I MEAN IT WAS SUCH AN INTERESTING STORY! The voice went & on & on explaining to me all about it. Oh, I don’t think I’ll ever get that back, I think that’s my punishment! (Maria: Oh, Honey.) But I really do believe the Lord will give me the name, I believe they can dig out the name somehow‚ I believe the Lord will give me the name. It wasn’t Astarte.—It wasn’t that long ago, that was a Greek goddess. It was like Ashraf, (or Asharaf?) it was a simple little typical Nordic or Anglo-Saxon word, they used such simple little short words.

39. (MARIA: HOW MUCH OF MAN’S HISTORICAL COMMENTARY OR RECORD ON THOSE GODS DO YOU THINK IS CORRECT?) Well, I mean the fact that they had them & dig out the idols & all that stuff, it’s obvious that they were. But the Lord knows more about them & how they operate in the spirit, & that was the amazing thing about the whole thing, the explanation of it all, this god & its history, its manifestations & methods & how it related to different things in history & things that happened‚ & explaining. I had asked the Lord what gave me that horrible indigestion last night, & out of the clear blue sky in the night the Lord gave me the answer, something I hadn’t even expected at all, that it was directly caused by this demon-god that grabbed ahold of my esophagus & tried to strangle me, & I forgot the name!

40. THE LORD LET ME FORGET THE WHOLE THING EXCEPT THAT I HAD IT, that’s all that I could remember is that I’d had it. I’m like Nebuchadnezzar, he had the dream, he knew he had it & he knew it was important‚ but he couldn’t for the life of him remember it! (Maria: Thank the Lord you can at least remember the general idea!) But I often remember names that way. I remember the first letter.—I know the first letter began with an “A”. It was a little short word like Ashraf (or Asharaf?) or anyhow it was short.

Who Is Ashraf?

David Berg

—What’s in a Name?—The Ashraf Search!DFO 140518/2/83

1. THIS IS FEBRUARY 18, 1983, OUR BIRTHDAY! TYJ! PTL! And this is a tape on some researching we did on the name of the god or goddess “Ashraf” or “Asharaf” or “Ashteroth” or “Ashtoreth”. There are several different forms of this name which appear frequently in the Bible & in secular literature & mythology & ancient pagan & heathen religions. It seems to be a very popular name & popular god or goddess‚ & comes in both forms‚ male & female, masculine & feminine forms of the name, as it was apparently sometimes considered male‚ sometimes female & sometimes a pair by one or the same or even different names.

2. THIS IS A SORT OF AN APPENDIX TO THE REVELATION WHICH WE HAD ON THIS GODDESS, who we thought at the time was either a god or goddess, but definitely related to the Sphinx, as we were shown, the revelation which we had way back in November 1980 about “Ashraf, the Viking Demon God!” (See No.1403.), at which time it was shown us that he or she or they were related to the Sphinx of Egypt in one of her earlier forms & on which we had an extensive revelation, with the Lord giving us the name of the demon who was attacking us with these strange strictures, constrictions or strangulations of the esophagus.

3. WHEN WE ASKED THE LORD TO REVEAL TO US WHAT THE TROUBLE WAS, WE HAD THE SURPRISING ANSWER THAT IT WAS AN ATTACK OF THE DEVIL, had no natural causes‚ but was an attack of this god or goddess related to the Sphinx upon whom we’ve already had a revelation in “The Talisman” (No.1369), after whom the sphincter muscles of the body are named, meaning a tightening or a strangulation. Sphincter muscles are those which close orifices of the body, various bodily openings, & are named after the Sphinx because she was supposed to be the goddess who strangled her victims.

4. THE SPHINX IS THE FAMOUS EGYPTIAN GODDESS OF WHOM THERE IS A GIGANTIC STATUE IN EGYPT & which we have discussed before in “The Talisman”, her spirit having been brought to us from Egypt via elsewhere by a small picture from someone who didn’t like us (Deb) & eventually caused a major defection in our ranks (Tim)! If you have read “The Talisman” you will understand what we’re talking about, & if you’ve not, you’d better read it. And if you have read the preceding revelation on Ashraf‚ you will also understand what we’re driving at, & if not you’d better read it first, both “The Talisman” & the “Ashraf Revelation”.

5. BECAUSE I WOULD NOT GET UP & RECORD THE DREAM OR THE REVELATION AT THAT TIME in the middle of the night when Maria was sick, for fear of disturbing her, & because I was just too plain lazy & disobedient, the Lord warned me that I was going to forget it, even though at the time I remembered the name of the god or goddess very clearly & could even see it & spell it, almost smell it! But we refused to believe the Lord’s warning, we couldn’t believe we could possibly ever forget it or forget the accompanying long running commentary which the Lord gave us describing this god & goddess’ personality & origin‚ name & methods & machinations throughout the centuries from the earliest days of Egypt until the present.

6. I’D ASKED THE LORD WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME WHEN I WAS IN PAIN WITH THIS STOPPAGE at the bottom of my esophagus leading into the stomach, for no apparent reason, no physical reason, when I was in perfectly good health otherwise, & I’d tried to figure out all kinds of causes but could find no natural causes which really explained it. But when I got desperate in prayer & asked the Lord what caused it, He told me very clearly in this revelation, the preceding revelation on Ashraf‚ that it was a demon spirit, a god or goddess of Hell who was attacking us to try to choke off our food‚ our nourishment.

7. WHEN YOU READ THE NEXT REVELATION, “GOD KNOWS WHEN”, NO.1407, following this research we’re giving you on this god or goddess of the underworld, you will know why. These preceding revelations are only telling you about who & how, but the next revelation, “God Knows When”, is regarding why this happened & what it signified‚ & that’s another story.

8. RIGHT NOW WE’RE FULFILLING THE PREMONITION that if we didn’t write down what the Lord was giving us at the time, He was going to let us forget it & barely remember the name, & even had a difficulty getting that back, first only remembering it began with “A”, then remembering somewhat of what it was about, this goddess & long commentary that the Lord was giving me about her, sometimes a him, sometimes a her! They seem to be either bisexual or male or female or both sometimes in the underworld, a little bit like they are on Earth sometimes.

9. THE LORD WARNED US THEN that because we wouldn’t get up & record it when He was giving it to us the easy way by revelation, we were going to later have to dig it out the hard way‚ to get all the information we could possibly get from man’s records, & that not as accurate or as thorough as what God gave us! We were going to have to dig it out by hard difficult research & investigation from man’s records of history the hard way. So here it is! “Who is Ashraf?” PTL!

10. WE’VE BEEN INVESTIGATING NOW FOR SOME YEARS THIS SUBJECT & THIS PERSONAGE OF THIS EVIL ANGEL OR DEMON GOD & GODDESS & had others try to gather all the information on it that they possibly could, & we ourselves have gathered quite a bit of information from various reference works, encyclopedias, concordances, Bible dictionaries, etc., until we’ve put together quite an array of interesting facts regarding her, or theories, or myths & legends & stories told about her from the ancient past. So we are going to try to describe her according to man’s records & histories & reference works, having had to get it out the hard way, as God forewarned us, for disobeying & not recording what He told us about her at the time.

11. SO HERE WE GO, GOD HELPING US, TO GIVE YOU THE PICTURE & help you to get a glimpse of the netherworld‚ the underworld, the World of evil spirits, in which case the Lord told us that it was very important to know her name, & later showed us it was very important that we have the name in order to rebuke her & cast her out & cause her to depart from us‚ & release her stranglehold on our esophagus & deliver us, which story you will hear in “God Knows When!” PTL! We did finally get the victory over her & got rid of her, but not until after she had caused us about 4 years of trouble with these occasional attacks of closure of the esophagus‚ so that I was unable to swallow my food or it was unable to pass all the way into my stomach on a few occasions.

12. THEREFORE IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT WE KNOW HER NAME & SOMETHING ABOUT HER, IN ORDER THAT WE MIGHT CONFRONT HER BY NAME, WHICH IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO EXORCISE ANY EVIL SPIRIT: CALL THEM BY NAME & REBUKE THEM BY NAME, CAST THEM OUT BY NAME, RESIST THEM BY NAME! Thank God, I don’t believe I was by any means possessed of this evil spirit, because possession implies complete control Thank the Lord she at no time ever had control, but was only able to attack me in one organ of my body, & was only occasionally able to inflict pain & suffering & difficulty, & even then only rarely, TTL!

13. BUT THE LORD FINALLY REMINDED ME, WHEN I ASKED THE LORD WHY IT HAD GONE ON SO LONG, usually every few weeks or months I’d have another attack of this during some meal in which some bite would not pass from my food tube, the esophagus or gullet, on into my stomach, & I would have to throw up in order to dislodge it, & then rest awhile before resuming eating. When I was desperate to find out why this had gone on so long & what it was, the Lord reminded me that I had never yet gotten out the Letter “The Talisman”, perhaps because it was so long‚ a 44-page Letter, which I think you’ll find either in this GN or the next, because we’re trying to keep all of these together.

14. “THE TALISMAN” WAS THE FIRST REVELATION WHICH WE HAD ALONG THIS LINE FOUR YEARS AGO about this, & Ashraf seems to be the same goddess, variously called by various names, related to or identical with the Sphinx, with whom we had experience to begin with way back in the beginning of 1979, just before the defection of one of our chief leaders, Timothy Concerned, from our personal staff of our Family in France.

15. THIS EVIL SPIRIT HAD BEEN CAUSING DAVIDITO A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE through, in this case, not a tightening but a relaxation of his sphincter muscles for his urination, causing him to wet the bed frequently, al most every night & sometimes at naptime too! So when we were praying in France at the time as to just what was causing it, the Lord revealed to us that it was this demon goddess which had hitchhiked on The Talisman into our house from elsewhere, in fact from someone who was apparently already a bitter enemy, Tim’s wife Deborah, & had come into our home by means of a package containing this picture of his little daughter Maeve, which had such a strange influence over Davidito, causing him to wet the bed every night!

16. WHEN WE FINALLY CONFRONTED THE FAMILY & TIM with what the Lord revealed to us about this picture, we bade Tim to get rid of it‚ that it was a Talisman being used of the Enemy to convey an evil spirit into our midst that was afflicting Davidito, Tim left us within a few days & eventually left the Family, defected completely with his family!

17. JUST A FEW DAYS AFTER THAT I ALSO WAS SUDDENLY ATTACKED WITH THE FIRST ATTACK of this strangulation of the lower esophagus, the food tube opening in the stomach, for apparently no reason at all! I’d been eating very bland creamed tuna that night while talking to Peter Amsterdam, our new business manager replacing Tim, in my first conference with him. The Enemy attacked for no physical reason, no reason we could possibly understand!

18. LATER THE LORD SHOWED US IT WAS A DIRECT ATTACK FROM THE ENEMY, THE DEVIL‚ BY ONE OF HIS ARCHDEMONS, A FAMOUS GODDESS OF OLD, THE SPHINX GODDESS, after whom those sphincter muscles are named, which contract & close body openings or relax & open these openings. In this case she was contracting the opening at the bottom of my esophagus & closing it to the point that I could not get the food down. Sometimes it would happen at the beginning of a meal, sometimes in the middle or almost at the end of a meal, just suddenly for no apparent reason, suddenly a muscular spasm would occur there which constricted, bound tightly, or virtually strangled the bottom end of the esophagus so that the bite just taken would not go all the way down.

19. USUALLY BY DESPERATE PRAYER ON THE SPOT BY MARIA & THE FAMILY I WOULD BE RELIEVED ALMOST INSTANTLY‚ sometimes within a few minutes, other times I would have to go & actually throw up the bite in order to get rid of it or for her to let go her hold & I be relieved. Sometimes it was at very embarrassing times & somewhat humiliating. It certainly helped keep me humble when it happened sometimes right before the Family while we were eating together!

20. SO I HAD BEEN PLAGUED BY THIS THING OFF & ON EVERY FEW WEEKS OR MONTHS, usually coming suddenly by surprise when I least expected it & was unaware‚ really, of what was happening, unprepared perhaps for it, because I didn’t really know the nature of the attack or the attacker. It is important in some cases, particularly when you’re dealing with evil spirits & demon powers, to know their name. Sometimes in the Bible Jesus Himself asked the name of the demon who inhabited a demoniac, & in this case they even said their name was Legion, because they were many! (Lk.8:26-39) When He was about to cast them out of the man, they asked the Lord’s permission to go into a nearby herd of pigs, & 2,000 pigs were possessed by these thousands of demons‚ who promptly caused the pigs to run down a hill & off the cliff into the sea & all be destroyed—which got Jesus in a little trouble with the local owners in the land of the Gadarenes!

21. SO WHEN YOU’RE DEALING WITH DEMONOLOGY & DEMONS & EXORCISM OR THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY, IT’S VERY IMPORTANT SOMETIMES TO KNOW ITS NAME, if possible. Find out or determine the name of the demon who is attacking‚ & then command them by name with authority in the name of Jesus Christ, & they have to obey! The demons are subject unto us. (Mt.10:1; Mk.3:15; 16:17; Lk.9:1; 10:17-19) Evil spirits can be cast out by us & rebuked by us or driven away by us if they are causing an attack.

22. I’M QUITE SURE I WAS NOT POSSESSED BY THIS DEMON BECAUSE THE ATTACKS ONLY OCCURRED VERY RARELY FROM THE OUTSIDE, not within my own spirit or mind, but just attacking an organ of my body, as Satan sometimes will do & can do to afflict you & cause you trouble.

23. JOB & PAUL & MANY OTHER GREAT HEROES OF THE BIBLE SUFFERED SUCH ATTACKS. Job was tested by the Enemy with the permission of God (Job 1:6-12) & Paul had a “thorn in the flesh”, an evil spirit‚ “a messenger of Satan”, that afflicted him, but did not possess him, but which he apparently couldn’t even get rid of because, as he described it, he thought perhaps it was to keep him humble because he’d had such great revelations & experiences with the Lord! (2Cor.12:7; 1Sam.18:10)

24. SO THIS ATTACKER KEPT ANNOYING ME OFF & ON FOR ABOUT FOUR YEARS FROM THAT TIME WHEN SHE FIRST CAME UNDER THE NAME OF THE SPHINX, & which we ferretted out in a revelation from the Lord at that time, finding out who she was, & rebuked her power over Davidito, not realising she was going to attack me next!

25. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU’RE EXORCISING OR REBUKING EVIL SPIRITS THAT YOU COMMAND THEM NOT ONLY BY NAME & TO GET OUT, BUT TO GET AWAY from where you are, out of also the house‚ & even name some other place to which they should go! And in the revelation to follow, by which I was finally delivered, this is exactly what I finally did with this demon attacker, & you’ll find it inspiring & encouraging that the Lord has finally only recently delivered us because of the power He has given us over evil spirits! TYJ!

26. “ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME in Heaven & in Earth,” Jesus said, (Mt.28:18) & we have Jesus, so we have His power, so that even the evil spirits & demons are subject unto us, as the Apostles soon discovered after they started following Christ! (Mt.10:1, Lk.9:1, 10:17-19, Acts 8:7)

27. BUT NOW THIS PARTICULAR LETTER IS DEALING WITH HER IDENTITY, which the Lord had revealed to us in the other revelation, her first identity in “The Talisman”‚ as the Sphinx Goddess of Egypt, & then in one almost two years later near the end of 1980. Tim left us in March of ’79 & this revelation on Ashraf came in November of 1980, nearly two years later, when we got desperate & asked the Lord what was causing this trouble!

28. AND YET THIS TROUBLE CONTINUED FOR ANOTHER TWO YEARS BECAUSE WE DID NOT TAKE A DEFINITE STAND & REBUKE THIS DEMON BY NAME in the laying on of hands right on the spot‚ rebuking her by name & telling her exactly what to do & where to go, as you’ll find out in the next revelation, “God Knows When!” So that not until just recently did we really get rid of her & were delivered from this affliction & healed! In fact, not until as we asked the Lord why hadn’t we been healed & why it seemed we couldn’t get rid of it, that the Lord reminded us that we had never published “The Talisman”!

29. THE LORD IS VERY CONCERNED THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THESE THINGS & THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM & that you be enlightened on these subjects in order that you can face down the Devil & his demons & resist them & cast them out & rebuke them & drive them away & get rid of their annoyances & pestering & afflictions! For nearly four years we failed to get out that long lost Letter because it was so long, because it took us so long to deal with the subject of The Talisman, describing what Animism is & trying to explain the whole subject in order to deal with the specific instance of it in “The Talisman”.

30. SO FOR FOUR LONG YEARS “THE TALISMAN” REMAINED UNPUBLISHED & YOU DID NOT GET THE MESSAGE & you did not receive the explanation of how these things work & how these forces & powers & evil spirits operate, & perhaps some of you have had such problems.—Especially now that you’re going to Southern mission fields where they’re rife & plentiful & very common & very powerful‚ because not many people know how to deal with them.

31. IN FACT‚ IN THE SOUTHERN FIELDS THEY’RE EVEN WORSHIPPED & VENERATED & SACRIFICED TO & WHOLE RELIGIONS ARE BUILT UPON SOME OF THESE EVIL GODS & GODDESSES of the demon World, the Devil’s own officers & leaders & angels & Archangels, as the Lord revealed to us today also & as you will read in another revelation called “Satan’s Saints!” (No.1243)

32. EVEN AS GOD HAS HIS SAINTS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD who are as powerful or even more powerful than angels, like our own personal guardian guide & angel Abrahim, & our Seven Guardian Angels & our Archangel Michael who oversees them & takes care of us, so the Devil also has his evil spirits, not only his evil angels created in the beginning, those who fell with him & who are still operating in the Spirit World, called in the Bible sometimes the Heavenlies, or Heavenly places, (Jn.3:12; 1Cor.15:48; Eph.1:20; 3:10) meaning the spiritual sphere, the 5th Dimension, not always up in the Heaven of God, but who still even as late as Job & the present have access to afflict the Saints & accuse them before God!

33. THE DEVIL IS STILL THE ACCUSER OF THE SAINTS & AFFLICTS GOD’S PEOPLE, (Rev.12:10, 1Pet.5:8-9) & has not yet been completely cast out of the Heavens & down to the Earth, & will not be until the beginning of the Tribulation when the Antichrist becomes Satan-possessed when Satan falls to the Earth & wreaks havoc, “knowing his time is short”, in the only three–&–a-half years left of the Tribulation! (Rev.12:10-12,17)

34. SO THE “DEVIL SAINTS” & ANGELS ARE STILL BUSY, STILL OPERATING, & as the little boy said to the unbelievers‚ “Well, if there’s no Devil, then who’s carrying on his business?” Well, there’s a Devil, all right, & he’s got plenty of angels & Archangels to carry on his dirty work, & he also has some “saints”—not exactly saints in our way of thinking, but those devoted, you might say, sanctified to his pure evil & loyalty to obey Satan rather than God, departed human spirits who serve only Satan! But that’s another story. In fact, in that revelation, “Satan’s Saints!” I show how that some of these departed human spirits have been so loyal to the Enemy, so wicked, so vile, so evil, so horrible, that they become some of his chief agents & officers in his kingdom of the underworld, the netherworld of the spirit in which he is still allowed to operate until the End!—Remember Mr. Coosa? (No.262)

35. WE ARE ALSO CONVINCED THROUGH OUR RESEARCH THAT MANY OF THE FAMOUS WICKED ONES OF HISTORY, WICKED HUMAN BEINGS, HORRIBLY CRUEL MONSTERS‚ ALMOST INHUMAN MONSTERS OF HISTORY, HAVE GONE ON TO THE NETHERWORLD, & although some are already cast into Hell, others are allowed to continue to serve Satan to fill up their cup of iniquity until the End! But that’s another story, you can read that in “Satan’s Saints!”—Don’t miss it! Get that TRF & exact address in now!

36. SO, WHAT ABOUT ASHRAF? Who is she, who was she, & does or did she really exist? Well, she really exists, I know that, because the Lord showed me that in the revelation on her that you should have just read, “The Talisman” & “Ashraf”. Now this one is the research on the historical Ashraf which the Lord made us do, or we had to do, because we refused to obey the Lord that night & record everything that He showed us & told us, or even the name, & He made us even forget it for awhile except He left us some little clues & we finally got the name back, thank the Lord, & that was our only key by which we could pursue this investigation & research work regarding who she is & who she was & where she’s been & what’s the nature of her evil ministry & activities.

37. SO HERE IS WHAT WE HAVE DISCOVERED, & we felt it would be of interest to you‚ as it’s confirmed by history & the various legends of mythology that she’s a famous goddess of the past who was definitely related to the Sphinx, if not only the Sphinx herself!

38. WELL, PTL! BUT YOU SAY‚ “WHY GET INTO ALL THIS STUFF ABOUT DEMONS & the Devil & Hell & all his dirtywork?” Well, we must not be ignorant of his devices (2Cor.2:11) & we must be able to know how to handle him & his demon powers & how to protect ourselves from them & how to rebuke & get rid of them when necessary in their attacks, & to understand how Satan’s World operates.

39. SATAN’S POWERS ARE VERY REAL, & YET NOT TO BE FEARED, MUCH LESS WORSHIPPED, BUT TO BE RESISTED & REBUKED & EXORCISED & GOTTEN RID OF & REPROVED & CAST OUT & SENT AWAY‚ so that they won’t bother us‚ once you have learned whatever lesson God is allowing them to teach you by affliction. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all,” thank the Lord. King David said, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept Thy word.” (Ps.34:19; 119:67)

40. SO I WAS BEING AFFLICTED BY THIS DEVIL FOR ABOUT FOUR YEARS, WHICH HAD FIRST COME WITH THE TALISMAN in the form & nature & name of the Sphinx, & it had bothered me off & on for quite awhile. Finally it was getting a little worse, it seemed, after four years of this off-&-on come again, on again, off again, shenanigan, until I finally really got desperate & asked God why, & He told me I must publish “The Talisman!”—then He would show me!

41. SO AS SOON AS I FINISHED EDITING “THE TALISMAN” & SENT IT IN, IMMEDIATELY THE LORD THEN ANSWERED MY DESPERATE PRAYER & showed me what I must do next & how to do it, & that is the story which I have told separately in another revelation, “God Knows When!”, regarding why & how by the laying on of hands & the resisting of evil & Satanic powers by calling them by name & casting them out or rebuking them & driving them away, sending them away to a specific place or a new carrier, praise God!

42. SO ALL OF THIS IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THE ENEMY WORKS SO YOU’LL KNOW HOW TO DEFEAT HIM, & to know the formula that God has made very clear in His Word, how to handle the attacks of the Enemy, how to resist Satan so he’ll flee from you‚ how to lift up the standard of the Holy Spirit against him. “When the Enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!” (Isa.59:19)—You must know what the standard is & how to use it, the Word of God!

43. IT IS ALSO DEFINITELY HELPFUL, AS ANY EXPERIENCED EXORCIST WILL TELL YOU‚ TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE DEMON, devil or evil spirit with whom you’re dealing. Because if you speak to them by name & then rebuke or resist or cast them out in the name of Jesus, that is so specific it is a power that God has given to you & me through Christ that they cannot resist & they cannot disobey, but they must be subject unto you & they must obey when you call them by name & tell them exactly what to do!—To get their hell out of here!—And tell’m where to go! Hal!

44. SO THIS IS WHY THE LORD KNEW IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR ME TO KNOW THE NAME OF THIS SHE-DEVIL! I hope it’s the last explanation along this line I ever have to go through, after being afflicted four years by her off-&-on, not all the time but just occasionally, but very annoyingly, sometimes painfully, sometimes almost to the point of discouragement & depression, thinking that surely the next time was maybe going to be my last time & my last bite & I might never be able to swallow again, & eventually would surely die of starvation!

45. BOY, HOW THE DEVIL LIES TO YOU, HOW HE TRIES TO GET YOU DOWN, HOW HE TRIES TO DISCOURAGE YOU & DEPRESS YOU & CAUSE YOU TO GIVE UP & QUIT! Like King David said when downhearted: “Someday I shall surely die at the hand of Saul!” (1Sam.27:1) So it was right after one of these attacks of discouragement & depression because of an attack by this evil spirit on my esophagus that I finally got so desperate in prayer with God that I asked not only for deliverance, but “Lord, why haven’t You delivered me?” And He showed me that I had not published “The Talisman”! I had not revealed to you some of these things regarding the workings of the Enemy so that you would be able to deal with them & handle them yourself & obtain release & relief & deliverance in some of your cases‚ to know what’s the best method to use & how to handle it.

46. ALTHOUGH I’VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU SUCH LETTERS AS “EXORCISM” ETC., WE’RE DEALING NOW WITH A SPECIFIC CASE of a personal affliction & how it came in “The Talisman”, who it was, & how it afflicted first Davidito, then me, & how long it lasted because I disobeyed the Lord in not quickly publishing “The Talisman!”, so that you might understand what was happening or what had happened or what might even be happening in your own home in some cases, & now know how to handle it!

47. AND THEN EVEN WHEN I GOT DESPERATE & HE FINALLY TOLD ME AGAIN WHO SHE WAS UNDER ANOTHER NAME, ASHRAF, still the same Sphinx goddess but now hiding under another name (—a skunk by another name still stinks just as bad!—)‚ I was not appreciative enough to get up in the middle of the night two years after she first afflicted me & record what God showed me in giving me her other name so I could call her by both names! And I finally resisted her & rebuked her & cast her out & commanded her by name to go away & told her where to go!

48. SO I HAD NEITHER PUBLISHED “THE TALISMAN”, NOR HAD I PURSUED THE INVESTIGATION WHICH THE LORD INDICATED WOULD NOW BE NECESSARY TO FIND OUT THE IDENTITY OF THIS OTHER NAME, ASHRAF, for what apparently, according to the Lord, is the same goddess as the Sphinx, as was so often true in the various heathen & pagan religions of the various pantheons of gods & goddesses. They often had the same gods or goddesses, but by different names in different cultures & in different languages in different countries. This is so true in so many of the cases.

49. FOR EXAMPLE, THE FAMOUS SUPREME GOD OF THE GREEKS IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY IS CALLED ZEUS, WHEREAS THE SAME GOD LIVING IN THE SAME PLACE ETC., ON MT. OLYMPUS, WAS CALLED BY THE ROMANS, JUPITER! And like the Greeks called the messenger god Hermes, the Romans called him Mercury. The Greek goddess of love was Aphrodite, but called Venus by the Romans. The Goddess of sex & fertility was called Astarte by the Greeks & Romans, but Ashtoreth by the Phoenicians & Ishtar by the Assyrians & Babylonians—etc.‚ etc.

50. SO MANY OF THESE SAME GODS HAD VARIOUS NAMES IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES according to the culture in which they appeared in the pantheons of the deities worshipped by these various heathen nations. So you will find the same god or goddess appearing first under one name & then again in another culture under another name & later elsewhere with still another name etc. But at the same time all are one & the same god or goddess‚ only by another name in another language, time or place.

51. SOMETIMES THEY WOULD SOUND MUCH THE SAME, you could tell just by hearing or observation or looking at the word that it was the same word but in a slightly variable form, as is true in the case of this goddess’ name which God revealed to me in the revelation two years ago, “Ashraf”. (No.1403)

52. SO, I HAD NOT BEEN DELIVERED BECAUSE I HAD FAILED TO PUBLISH THE FIRST REVELATION ON THE SPHINX, “THE TALISMAN!”, & ALSO THE NEXT REVELATION ON “ASHRAF”! So twice now He’d revealed to me the cause of the affliction. God reveals things to you for a reason. I had not only not taken advantage of this important knowledge God had given to use in my own case, but I had failed the Lord in one case by not publishing the revelation, & in another by not even receiving the revelation & recording it‚ much less publishing it!

53. NOW I’M ALMOST ASHAMED TO PUBLISH IT BECAUSE I HAD TO CONFESS THAT I HAD NOT HONOURED IT AT THE TIME & refused to take the time in the middle of the night to record it, so the Lord allowed me in the morning to completely forget it & only to remember that I had had it & to vaguely remember the name‚ that it began with “A”! Until finally now I am revealing to you that revelation also, as well as publishing “The Talisman!”, TTL! Finally, eventually the Lord showed me why—not only who & how, but why & when!

54. AND SO THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES IS ON THIS GODDESS OF THE SPHINX, ASHRAF OR ASHARAF OR ASHARAH OR ASHTORETH OR ASHERET OR THE VARIOUS FORMS OF HER NAME, who she was, how she came, how she operated, why she was allowed to remain, because of various disobediences, some by others & some by me; & then finally how we got the victory only just recently within the past few days by finally obeying the Lord & publishing all of these Letters & this particular series of revelations on this demon goddess of the Devil’s World, & by taking specific action by name & by physical action & spiritual authority to rebuke her by name & resist her, cast her out & send her away, even specifying where she should go!

55. WE HAVE NOT HAD THIS AFFLICTION SINCE THEN, THANK THE LORD! Our stomach has been feeling much better, we’ve had no difficulty swallowing & we apparently have been completely healed! TYJ! But often healing is a blessing & a reward contingent on obedience‚ so I’m now feverishly desperately trying to get out all these Letters to you as fast as I can to make sure she doesn’t come back again! I don’t want the Lord to allow her to afflict me again for my disobediences & my lack of appreciation of His revelations & my lack of faith, being unbelieving & not revealing these things to you & hardly believing some of them myself! But now that I have attacked the whole problem & her, believed & obeyed & am publishing this series of Letters on demons & this particular demon & my experience with her, the Lord is delivering me, thank the Lord! PTL!

56. WHO IS SHE UNDER THIS OTHER NAME OF ASHRAF? Well, as you have already read in “Ashraf!”, she has been in existence since the early days of Egypt‚ first as the Sphinx & then on through the Assyrian & Babylonian cultures under various other names which we’ll give you in a moment, & right on clear down to the Viking culture, in which she still existed as one of their gods, in that culture taking on the masculine form of the name & the male identity. Some of these gods & goddesses are not only transvestites, but are transsexual, apparently, & are known by various masculine & feminine names & some times even seem to change sex! So as you learned in “Ashraf”, she or he became one of the major gods of the Vikings as well.

57. THINK HOW MANY CENTURIES, MILLENNIUMS, THAT THE WORK OF SOME OF THESE EVIL SPIRITS & DEMON POWERS HAVE SPANNED, from the early days of Egypt clear down to fairly recent times of ancient history in the days of the Vikings‚ & now right down to my own personal experience with her in the recent days of Today!

58. SO THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW, THAT YOU MIGHT DEAL WITH THEM EFFECTIVELY & POWERFULLY, & TO KNOW WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE IN THE LORD & WHAT YOUR AUTHORITY IS & HOW TO HANDLE THESE MATTERS & HOW TO REBUKE THEM BY NAME BY KNOWING WHO THEY ARE! The Lord warned us, although He had given us the name & described her machinations & evil devices & activities down through the ages from the beginning to the time of the Vikings & on, He had allowed me to forget the whole thing because I failed to record it that night! So that He then indicated that now we would have to find it out for ourselves by hard work & study & research, which I can confess because it’s taken many more hours & days & even years of study that He has given us as a punishment & chastisement for our unbelief & disobedience in these first cases!

59. BUT NOW THROUGH THIS WE HAVE DISCOVERED SOME VERY INTERESTING THINGS REGARDING THE NETHERWORLD OF SATAN & his activities & his gods & goddesses, his evil demon gods & powers & how they are related to each other, & in many cases one & the same down through the ages in different cultures & places & languages. So praise the Lord, I’m going to try to maybe sum up a few of these things for you‚ read them to you out of the various reference works in which they’re located, thereby hoping to give you a little glimpse of their activities.

60. WELL, ONE OF OUR FIRST RESEARCHERS FOUND A NUMBER OF INTERESTING FACTS regarding the first name that was given clear back in “The Talisman” four years ago, the Sphinx! Oddly enough, although nearly all the other gods of the Egyptians had either animal form or sometimes human form with animal heads, the Sphinx was peculiar to the Egyptian pantheon of gods in that she & she alone had the body of a beast, or at least partly so‚ & in some cases she’s shown with female breasts with the body of a lion, but the head of a woman!

61. NOW THIS IS VERY INTERESTINGLY SIGNIFICANT IN RELATION TO PROPHETIC BIBLE INTERPRETATION, because throughout the Bible normally the beasts in symbolic use represent powers‚ governments, kings, nations, empires, kingdoms, etc. Whereas human figures appearing in such symbolic prophecies or revelations usually denote spiritual powers, demon power or angelic powers‚ definitely the powers of angels or demons rather than just the governments of man, representing the powers of Hell & the spirit powers rather than just man power!

62. SO SHE WAS VERY INTERESTING IN THAT‚ OF ALL THE EGYPTIAN GODS, SHE ALONE HAD THE BODY OF AN ANIMAL BUT THE HEAD OF A HUMAN—IN HER CASE THE HEAD OF A WOMAN, FEMALE! And in some of the idols & statues & representations of her she also has even female breasts, bosoms appearing right in front! Having, in other words, not only the head, but the bust of a woman, definitely a female deity or goddess! And she was apparently great enough & powerful enough to have the largest image on Earth made of her of any god or goddess of all the Egyptians!

63. THE GREAT PYRAMIDS WERE GIGANTIC & SIGNIFICANT APPARENTLY, IN BEING SYMBOLIC, PERHAPS, OF THE COMING CITY OF GOD, THE HEAVENLY CITY, THE NEW JERUSALEM, THAT GREAT PYRAMID SPACE CITY that’s on its way‚ coming down one of these days for us to inhabit‚ prophetic of the future. But none of their idols or gods or goddesses or images were given the distinction of having the very largest one made except the Sphinx herself, which was carved out of solid rock in the Egyptian desert, solid natural rock near the pyramid of Cofre.

64. HER HEAD IS 66 FEET HIGH, THE BODY 187 FEET LONG, all carved out of one piece of rock except for the paws, & carved & built about 2600 B.C. So she’s been around a long time, probably long before that, & may have been one of the Devil’s original angels. She is also said to be related to the god Horus. We find one of the Viking gods later is also identified with Horus, & she’s also identified with the sun & worship of the sun, the sun god Ra‚ in some cases symbolising the Pharaohs of Egypt.

65. THIS SPHINX-TYPE OF IMAGE WAS EXTREMELY COMMON & POPULAR APPARENTLY THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARLY EASTERN CULTURES & EMPIRES, & this type of idol or image or god or goddess is found throughout the ancient Middle East & Greece & Ethiopia & Egypt, sometimes with wings, sometimes with the head of a woman, sometimes the head & breasts of a woman, sometimes the head of a man, & usually the body of a lion.

66. SHE WAS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE EVIL DESTRUCTIVE AGENTS OF THE GODS & A DESTROYER of those with whom she didn’t get along or didn’t like, & according to legendary mythology she liked to pop the question to some of her victims & ask them a riddle, & if they couldn’t answer it then she would strangle them to death!—Which is why she became known as the strangler & why the strangling sphincter muscles of the sphincter openings, orifices in the human body & animal bodies, are named after her! Sphincter muscles are named after the Sphinx!

67. ACCORDING TO GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Oedipus answered one of her riddles & he was spared, & she supposedly committed suicide because he had conquered her, so he then became the king & liberator of Thebes in the ancient Greek mythology, so that he was supposed to have conquered her. Well, she apparently, like the Phoenix, rises again!

68. YOU DON’T CONQUER OR DESTROY SPIRITUAL AGENTS & DEMON POWERS THROUGH ANY NATURAL DEATH OR NATURAL CAUSES! They are greater & more powerful than that, immortal in a way in that they are not mortal & they cannot or do not die as we do. But they are assigned to perdition & damnation & Hell & hellfire in both past times, present &/or the future, such as the Devil & his angels & the Antichrist & his followers (Rev.19:20; 20:10). But otherwise mortal death has no permanent effect on them.—So although it is said in Greek Mythology that she threw herself from a rock & perished & Oedipus vanquished her, she musta fooled’m, because nevertheless she has risen again‚ that’s for sure! Because she’s been around a long time since then & is still operating! Only, thank God, she’s no longer here bothering me!

69. SPHINXES WERE ALSO FOUND IN THE ANCIENT ASSYRIAN & MANOAN, ROMAN & MAYAN CULTURES, & the original name‚ as we’ve already told you, means “to draw tight” or “to bind” or “contract” or “strangle”. And this was the problem I was having with her!—She was tightening my sphincter muscles at the lower end of my esophagus & strangling me, shutting off my food! The Lord has showed us since then in another revelation which you are going to read, the one “God Knows When”, why it happened & what it was a picture of & a revelation of, & what we must pray against continually:

70. THE ENEMY IS ALWAYS TRYING TO STRANGLE & CUT OFF THE SPIRITUAL FOOD OF THE BODY WHICH COMES FROM THE HEAD‚ but very seldom succeeds, thank the Lord, but sometimes does. So we must try to avoid it, pray against it, that the Lord will not shut off your spiritual food tube or allow it to be shut off‚ & will rebuke & bind & resist & liberate & free & deliver us from these binding influences & strangling powers who try to cut off the food which He puts in my mouth for you! But that’s another story! Read “God Knows When!” So much for the research work done by our dear James Penn & various other sources.

71. THEN WE ALSO HAVE SOME VERY INTERESTING RESEARCH DONE YEARS AGO WHEN THE SECOND REVELATION CAME, the one about Ashraf & the Viking gods! This was done by our dear researcher Thaddeus while still in London‚ just a few days after I had the Ashraf Revelation. Here he tells us that although in the revelation this god or goddess appeared by another name, it was still related to the Sphinx. The name began with “A”, which was my first clue to who she was, & finally the Lord brought back, even during this revelation, the name as best as I could hear it & repronounce it or spell it, as Ashraf or Asharaf or Ashteroth etc.

72. SOME OF THESE NAMES VARY GREATLY FROM LANGUAGE TO LANGUAGE & CULTURE TO CULTURE, & some of you translators realise the difficulties in translating & transliteration from one language to another of the very same word, which entails many difficulties. But she had something to do with the Viking gods in that “Ashraf” revelation, & one of the names used by them was Aesir, which is closely related to Asher & Ashraf etc., earlier gods of the ancients, & was the name of one of the two main tribes of the gods of the Vikings.

73. THE PRINCIPAL GOD OF THE VIKINGS, OF COURSE, WAS THE EVIL WODEN, after whom our day Wednesday is named! That’s why it has such a peculiar spelling, Wednesday—Woden’s Day! Woden is spelled normally in our English language as W-O-D-E-N, sometimes spelled W–O–T-A-N, & sometimes the Germanic, Scandinavian & Nordic languages leave the “W” off because it’s implied or assumed, & they just call him Odin without the “W”.

74. HE WAS THE GOD OF WAR & EVIL, WHEREAS THOR WAS THEIR GOOD GOD! We told you before that the Vikings had temples in which they had an altar at one end to the good god & the other end to the bad god!—One an altar to God, & the other an altar to the Devil! They wanted to please both of them so they wouldn’t have any trouble!—Ha! But it didn’t seem to do them much good, because they still had lots of trouble & caused a lot of trouble!

75. THERE’RE SOME VERY INTERESTING SIMILAR WORDS BEGINNING WITH “A”: “Asir” is the name of their tribe & also their home or the place of these gods. The very word Aesir itself in Hebrew means bound‚ or those which are bound, a prisoner, to bind or tighten or hold, or hold prisoner, or a prison. So they are bound in a prison? And also the names of the heathen gods which followed in Assyria & other of the most ancient cultures were very similar—Asher, Asharaf, Asherta, Ashteroth, Ashir, Asshur etc.—very similar ones.

76. ONE WORD FOR ASHTEROTH OR ASHIR IS FREQUENTLY TRANSLATED “GROVE” IN THE BIBLE, in the Old Testament when it speaks of “cut down the groves” (Jud.6:25; 1Ki.15:13; 2Ki.23:15) etc. Actually they were groves dedicated to this goddess & symbolised by trees! So this could have been the origin of ancient Druidism practised by the Celts in which they worshipped the spirits that dwelt in trees! She was sometimes symbolised by a tree or groves of trees where her worshippers gathered to sacrifice at her altar & to honour her & worship her, which was very much against the Bible & against the Lord & which God severely condemned. So she was also the Tree Goddess or a goddess or spirit supposedly inhabiting trees, which the Druids worshipped!

77. SO IF FROM THIS HEBREW WORD ASIR‚ & in some cases spelled Asar, & with various variations, Asher, Ashera etc.‚ we got Ashraf, it could have been Ashrath or Ashteroth! Ashur is also sometimes spelled Ashar or Ashur or Assur or Asherah or Ashir, & Ashtaroth or Asharoth & Asharet without the “t”. Here we find that this word in Hebrew also means bound or those bound or imprisoned, & this was very close to the name of the tribe of the Viking gods & perhaps even close to symbolising their home of prisoners bound, because of course the powers of Satan & his angels are somewhat bound already by the Lord‚ as they are only allowed to operate within certain limitations & restrictions & boundaries.

78. THIS VIKING GOD ODIN OR WODEN, as he’s variously called, was a god of war & strife & the principal ruler of the gods, probably in this case he was the Devil that they were worshipping! Woden is said to have come, by the way, from Eastern countries, & is somehow linked to the Sphinx. Also others of their gods seemed to be linked to the Egyptian god Atum, also celebrating the Sphinx as the mother of man.

79. WHEREAS THOR SEEMED TO BE THE GOOD GOD THAT RULED THE SKY & THE THUNDER & the storms & the rain & the weather & gave the fruits of the Earth & protected the World against these other primeval powers of chaos & giants & evil demon gods. From him we get our Thursday or Thor’s Day! Could Thor possibly be their name of God handed down over generations & still worshipped in the form of Thor, but having originally meant the true God, the great God, our God? They seem to be very similar.

80. AND THIS GOD THOR IS VERY INTERESTING IN THAT HE ALSO HAD A SON NAMED MAGNI (Jesus?) who married a giantess (the Church?), a female counterpart, who was also supposed to possess part of Thor’s hammer (God’s power), with which, as you recall‚ he hammered out the thunder etc. from the heavens!

81. THE VIKINGS ALSO HAD ANOTHER GOD WHO WAS A WORLDWIDE SERPENT (the Devil?) curled around the Earth & beneath the sea‚ named Miogarosormr, who is supposed to break loose at an event they call Ragnarok (Battle of Gog & Magog?), a final battle between good & evil at the End of the World when the evil gods are let loose, including Woden, & some of the gods are killed!

82. AFTER THAT BATTLE THE EARTH IS TO BE RECREATED (New Earth?), according to this Viking mythology, & some of the gods too will also be recreated & live again, perhaps forever! Does that sound familiar? A final battle at the end of the World like Gog & Magog, at the end of the Millennium, in which this god under the sea & wrapped about the Earth is released to do battle with good‚ this evil god, battles the good gods & is killed or destroyed! Satan is then cast, as you know, into the Lake of Fire! The good god‚ Thor, & his son Magni, survives along with his mother, a giantess, who could in this case be compared to the Church—she’s certainly a giantess in the Spirit, & possesses part of Thor’s power! We know that all power is given unto God’s Son Jesus, according to the Scripture‚ & we have Him with His power! PTL! Thor, Magni & Mother then become rulers of the recreated Earth, as we someday shall with Jesus! Hal!

83. SOME OF THOSE VIKING GODS SOUND VERY SIMILAR TO PARALLELS IN OUR OWN CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY, such as Thor being similar to God, & his son Magni to Jesus, & the mother, Thor’s giant wife, similar to the Church, & the prediction or the prophecies of the end of the World at Ragnarok, the final Battle of Gog & Magog in which Woden, the evil Satan, is released to fight the forces of good & is finally defeated & destroyed, whereas others are recreated or resurrected or perpetuated forever! Wow! How’s that!

84. THERE’S A LITTLE MORE ON THE SPHINX. The Sphinx, as I said, had various forms, & sometimes various identities & various names for various functions, so that they were actually few in number over all, but expressed in different forms & ways & functions. The Sphinx is supposed to be a trinity of three Egyptian gods: Harmakhis, the god of the rising sun; Khepri, the sacred scarab, or the bug god; & Atum, the god-king, supposed to be the father of the human race, symbolised also by the sun & a symbol of resurrection.

85. IT’S STRANGE THAT THIS SPHINX SHOULD BE IN NOT ONLY FEMALE FORM & SOMETIMES REPRESENTED AS MALE, BUT ALSO TRINITARIAN FORM! This is almost symbolic or similar to the trinity of the Devil himself, as I’ve some times mentioned before, Satan being in the trinity of Satan‚ the Devil’s trinity, the opposite of God; the Antichrist being the opposite of Jesus; & the False Prophet of the Antichrist being the opposite of the Holy Spirit. And sure enough in this Sphinx we have this Trinity represented by these three gods, the sun-god, the bug-god, & the king-god, & surely the Antichrist is going to be a king of the World at the End of the World!

86. SOME OF THESE VIKING GODS WERE SAID IN THE ANCIENT WRITINGS TO HAVE COME FROM THE EAST, like Osiris & Isis—Osiris the powerful sun-god or god of the spirit world‚ & his wife Isis‚ the goddess of Love! So much for what some of our dear researchers discovered, these gods & goddesses which I thought might be of interest to you. We ourselves have found even some other interesting parallels or similar names.

87. IN THIS ASHRAF REVELATION MARIA CAUGHT THE SOUND OF THE NAME OF THIS GOD OR GODDESS TO SOUND LIKE ASHRAF, or in another place Asharaf, so we find that one of the most ancient gods of the ancient World was a feminine goddess named Asherah! That’s mighty close to Asharaf, & I could have even been saying Asherah with a hard aspirate on the final “h” as it is in Hebrew, sounding like an “f”‚ sounding like Asharaf, which is the way Maria spelled it one time, & then Ashraf another time in her notes or records.

88. WELL, THIS GODDESS IS ALSO FOUND IN THE NAME ASHARATH, THAT COULD HAVE SOUNDED ALSO LIKE ASHRAF, also known as the lady Asharet, the lady or mistress of the gods & the mother of 70 of them! My God!—Thank God she’s not my God!—She has spawned 70 other demons, perhaps as bad or worse than her self! She’s also known as the Lady of the Sea as well as a solar divinity. As we said, she’s symbolised often by a tree or a grove of trees where they worshipped her. And this name also possibly has the same identity as Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility & a companion of Baal!

89. YOU REMEMBER HOW THE LORD & THE PROPHETS HATED THE DISGUSTING BAAL WORSHIP OF THOSE ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS! (Jud.6:25; 1Ki.18:40; 2Ki.11:18; Zeph.1:4) And you recall that in the Bible during some of the periods of their backsliding‚ the Israeli women even wove hangings for Asherah right in the temple when she was worshipped there in the Temple of God!—Until Josiah drove them out & destroyed & burned them! (2Ki.23:7) She was at one time even worshipped in the Jewish Temple, think of that!—Asherah, which I am convinced is the historical name of the one we got in this revelation on Ashraf, which sounds like Asherah or Asharoth or Ashteroth, it is so similar, I’m convinced it’s the same!

90. WE ALSO FIND, BY THE WAY, THAT THE GREEK OR ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GOD HORUS, GOD OF DARKNESS, WAS ALSO RELATED TO ASHUR & was one of her alternate names, perhaps her male counterpart‚ the god of darkness, Horus, whom‚ as I recall, is represented usually by a dog’s head or a jackal’s head—a man with the head of a jackal or a dog—& is known as the god of darkness to the Egyptians. Remember how Pharaoh prayed to him in “The Ten Commandments”?

91. THESE GODS & GODDESSES WERE WORSHIPPED IN THE DAYS OF THE ISRAELITES by the Philistines & various other cultures & civilisations that lived about them & of whom God warned them, who sometimes corrupted & contaminated them with their evil gods & their evil worship of idols, evil religions of the Devil! This Asharoth was seemingly a female companion of Baal, & also Astarte appears to be related if not identical with her, & sometimes the name is spelled Ashtarah.

92. ASHTARAH WAS THE GODDESS OF THE PHOENICIANS & CANAANITES, COUNTERPART OF THE GREEK & ROMAN GODDESS ASTARTE & THE ASSYRIAN & BABYLONIAN ISHTAR. She was the goddess of sexual love, fertility & prostitution, often practised as a religious rite in her worship—something they accuse us of sometimes! Sometimes she was also known as a goddess of War, a war goddess, in the Assyrian & Babylonian cultures.

93. HER WORSHIP WAS ESTABLISHED THROUGHOUT MOST OF THESE ANCIENT CULTURES & EMPIRES, & WAS CONSIDERED AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD & TO HIS PEOPLE‚ having sometimes corrupted them & led them astray, even to the point that Solomon in his last days supported the worship of this goddess Ashraf or Asharoth or Asherah, as she’s variously called, goddess of fertility & sex. (1Ki.11:5) Well, I’m sure some of our enemies would probably say we must worship her because we sure are strong on sex & fertility! Some of you have been very fertile & had lots of beautiful children, God bless you! But we didn’t have’m for the glory of Asharoth or Ashraf or Ashera or Asheret, whoever she is, whatever her name was!

94. THE ONE I GOT IN THE REVELATION FROM THE LORD WAS ASHRAF! So I prefer to call her by that name. The others I think are contortions or twistings or variations of the same name. We surely have not advocated love or sex or children in the name of this demon goddess! She was also, by the way, the god Asshur or Ashur‚ spelled variously, who was the god of the Assyrians, Assyria being named after him or her, Asshur being the first part of the name Asshuria, & now changed to Assyria in our present translations. It was of course a very heathen god which the Bible didn’t like!

95. GET THE RELATION IN THE SOUNDING OF THESE NAMES: ASHIR, ASHUR, ASHERAH, ASHERETH, ASHAROTH, ASHTORETH & ASSHURIA & ASSYRIA etc.—all very closely linked & related as you can hear & see from these various names & meanings. They’re found in most encyclopedias, variously named as Asherah in one encyclopedia‚ which could easily sound like Ashraf if the final “h” given the hard gutteral aspirate of the Hebrew Asharoth, or Asheroth, or Ashtaroth, who was the same as the goddess Astarte or Asherah‚ all of whom I’m convinced are one & the same goddess & the Sphinx by another name, one & the same goddess, all of them, Ashraf being the same goddess as the Sphinx but by another name.

96. IT WAS ASHRAF OR ASHARAF, AS WE RECEIVED IT IN OUR REVELATION FROM THE LORD IN 1980‚ WHOM THE LORD AT THAT TIME IDENTIFIED AS THE ONE WHO WAS CAUSING ME THE ESOPHAGUS TROUBLE, even as he identified the Sphinx two years before as the one who was causing Davidito trouble, & who later almost immediately caused me trouble by her sphincter action on my esophagus. Now in these final days four years later she’s again reminded to me by the Lord as being the one, regardless of the name, whether Sphinx or Ashraf or Ashera or Ashteroth or Astarte or whoever, she’s one & the same evil spirit‚ evil goddess, demon goddess worshipped by the ancient World for thousands of years & still alive in the Spirit World, & even causing physical problems in the physical world with her attack on my esophagus & her choking off of the food to my stomach.

97. BUT THANK GOD NOW, BECAUSE OF OUR OBEDIENCE, BELIEF & FAITH IN these revelations & my obedience in now passing them on to you & my specific direct action in having believed & obeyed, now having the faith to take specific action against her to call her by name & to resist & rebuke her & cast her out & send her away, through all of this I have finally been delivered from her power, thank the Lord! Obviously she was one of the most powerful gods of the Egyptians, this strangler goddess, & later one of the most powerful gods of many other cultures in various names & variations of the name, even down through the days of the Vikings until now! So that she’s been around quite awhile causing a lot of trouble to a lot of people, I’m sure, other places & other times down through the ages & still around today‚ but thank God no longer around me or in our house or near us.

98. I CONSIGNED HER TO A LIZARD IN THE NEARBY VACANT LOT & commanded her to depart from me & go there & inhabit him instead‚ these ugly demonic-looking lizards they have here in the Tropics anyhow, it seems like they are almost the Devil’s demons themselves & certainly are the Devil’s pests, & that’s a good place for her & about the kind of place where she belongs! This could then be the fulfilment of the way that I saw her pictured in the end of the Ashraf dream or revelation, like a snake or serpent or a lizard sitting up, like some lizards do, on its tail‚ symbolising with her back to me that she was fleeing or turning her back on me, & that I had finally in this final day consigned her to this evil-looking serpent or lizard, reptile, out here in the lot!

99. MAY GOD HELP US NEVER TO BE BOTHERED WITH HER AGAIN, AS I FORBADE HER TO COME NEAR US ANYMORE! I told her to not only release her hold on my esophagus, but to flee into the lot & inhabit that lizard instead. So there you have the reptile sitting on its tail! She’s out there sitting on her tail now in the form of a reptile, thank God!—Good riddance of horrible rubbish! And since then I have been much better & not had that stomach trouble, PTL! Which reminds me that it’s time for me to eat my lunch, I have fasted & prayed to give you this final revelation & the result of our investigation & research work in ancient history to identify this goddess & to confirm her existence historically even in ancient times.

100. I BELIEVE WE HAVE PRETTY WELL PRESENTED OUR CASE & I TRUST YOU ARE CONVINCED. You don’t have to believe it, but I believe it, & I trust that you at least have enough faith in what God has shown me that you believe what I have told you. You don’t have to believe what man has recorded & what man has said in the various historical versions of the various myths of her activities in the past, along with her various names, but they certainly are similar, if not almost identical to the name that God gave me in the 1980 revelation of Ashraf, & I believe it! I believe that Ashraf is the Sphinx of our “Talisman” revelation of 1979, as well as the Asharoth or Ashtereth of the ancient civilisations of the very ancient past, clear back to the Sphinx!

101. SO THERE YOU ARE! THAT’S WHO SHE IS! She has existed through aeons of time & ages of cultures & survived many pantheons of various gods & goddesses of various empires & civilisations from the ancient days of Egypt to the Vikings & down to the present‚ but I trust we have gotten rid of her for ever & that she will never return again to our household or to annoy me anymore, thank God! In Jesus’ name we pray & claim the victory, & therefore again by faith I’m going to eat some solid food for the first time today, at 3:30 in the afternoon, although I woke a little after 6 this morning & had my usual cup of coffee at 7.

102. I HAVE DELAYED GIVING YOU THIS FINAL DESCRIPTION UNTIL NOW because I’ve found often when dealing with the Devil, “this kind cometh not out save through fasting & prayer”. So I’ll tell you, while talking about the Devil & his business, “speak of the Devil”, & sometimes he tries to put in his appearance! So I have fasted & prayed in order to give you this final message on this demon goddess & her identity, because it just seems one has more power in the spirit when fasting & praying, due to one’s complete devotion & concentration on the subject & on the Lord & on His will & His work‚ uninterrupted by food or taking time to eat.

103. BUT NOW THAT I’VE FINISHED MY JOB & TOLD YOU, YOU’RE WITHOUT EXCUSE! You now know all about it & her & how she works, so I hope you pray to keep her away from your house‚ that she doesn’t bother you! And therefore having believed the Lord now, at long last, & having obeyed the Lord in revealing all of these various revelations about her from “The Talisman!” to “Ashraf!” to the present, I am going to stop & be treated to a good meal which I am expecting to be able to swallow without hindrance, without a problem, since I’ve gotten rid of her, & consigned her to the dustbin of the reptile world far away in the lot, praise God! Where she goes from there, that’s up to her‚ but she’s forbidden to come back here or anywhere near our property! TYL!

104. SO‚ OUT OF SEEMING DEFEAT CAME A VERY GREAT VICTORY & A LOT OF LESSONS FOR YOU IN A WHOLE SERIES OF LETTERS that will probably take up a whole couple of GNs & perhaps teach you things you really need to know in order to know how to deal with similar cases that you may frequently run into—I hope not in your own family by any means—but most certainly in this demon-filled Eastern Oriental World so full of heathen & pagans & fiendish devilish demonic religions, Satanic gods & goddesses of all kinds & idolatry!

105. MAY MY EXPERIENCE & THESE STORIES & THESE REVELATIONS GIVE YOU THE FAITH TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER THROUGH JESUS TO DEAL WITH ANY SUCH CASE, & YOU CAN COMMAND THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TO DEPART & leave the place & leave the person or leave the property! Be sure you remember to tell them to do that, you don’t want them just hopping over from one onto the other in your own house, or the dog or the cat, as some times they will do, & cause the cat or the dog to have a fit, or somebody else to have a fit!

106. SO BE SURE IF THE LORD REVEALS TO YOU THEIR NAME, CALL THEM BY NAME & GIVE THEM SPECIFIC COMMANDMENT TO COME OUT & DEPART & TELL’M WHERE TO GO, so that they will be sure to go & leave your house & your property & go someplace else! If then someone else who doesn’t have the Lord is foolish enough to let them in, that’s their problem‚ but at least you have gotten rid of the pest!

107. APPARENTLY IT IS NOT YET TIME FOR THEIR FINAL TORMENT until perhaps after the Great White Throne Judgement of God, after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog described in the 20th Chapter of Revelation. Even as one of the demons said to Jesus‚ when He came to cast him out, “Art Thou come to torment us before the time?” (Mt.8:29) What time? Well, apparently that time will not come until the End when their demon power & their demonic operations & their devilish & Satanic lives are destroyed & cast into final judgement & punishment & destruction in the Lake of Fire or Hell as long as God sees fit. PTL! So that’s the story of the Sphinx & Ashraf, & I trust it’ll be a help to you. TYL! TYJ! PTL!

108. ALTHOUGH SOME MAY ATTRIBUTE ALL OF THESE THINGS TO NATURAL CAUSES & natural means & physical factors, I know God has shown me‚ told me, revealed to me, demonstrated to me their spiritual character & nature & power & identity & workings & devices. Thank God for even being so good to me as to give me her name or names, that I might rebuke her by name & cast her out, resist, reject her & send her away so she’ll trouble me no more! TYL! Hallelujah!

109. THERE’S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! There’s great power in the Spirit of God, & the Lord loves you & He wants to deliver you, & if your affliction is of the Enemy‚ if it is a messenger of Satan as was Paul’s, you can pray & ask God to deliver you from that devil or demon or evil spirit, in the Name of Jesus to depart, & they have to obey you!—Unless, like Paul, God has to leave you with such an affliction or messenger of Satan to buffet you to keep you humble. Thank God, I believe the Lord has helped me get rid of mine!—And I hope you can now with this knowledge & the power of this knowledge we have given you in this series of revelations on demons & their demonic power & effects & how to handle them & how to get rid of them, that you will be able to get rid of yours if you’ve been troubled with one. Praise God!

110. WE HAD A LITTLE PROBLEM WITH ONE BEFORE‚ REMEMBER, FROM AUSTRALIA—HONG KONG GOOLAGONG!—Perish him & his name! (No.980) We had to specifically command him by name to depart & to go somewhere else, & the Lord answered by forcing him to go & he had to obey & he left, thank the Lord! Now we have commanded the Sphinx, Asharaf or Ashraf‚ this demonic deity to depart also & bother us no more, & she has gone & we feel fine, I’m hungry, I’m going to eat some good solid food‚ thank the Lord, & I know the Lord is going to help me be completely free from that affliction, God willing‚ from now on, as long as I stay close to Him in His protection & faith & obedience to His will, & I hope you will too, in Jesus’ name, amen!

111. GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE & DILIGENCE & HARD WORK & FAITH & OBEDIENCE! May you never have any problems like this! As long as you’re faithful & obedient, you’re not apt to. Mine came as a result of a lack of faith & a disobedience. So watch out, don’t let it happen to you! Otherwise, if you’re unfaithful & disobedient, the boogey-man’s going to get you if you don’t watch out! So be watchful & prayerful, faithful & obedient & he can’t touch you‚ or she can’t touch you either, in Jesus’ name, amen!

112. P.S. HERE’S A NOTE I JUST RECEIVED FROM ONE OF OUR RESEARCHERS WHO CONTACTED A LOCAL DOCTOR & through asking questions found out that there are sphincter muscles located in the esophagus which have to do with swallowing & have been known to cause problems with swallowing! Now you can say that it was these involuntary sphincter muscles that just happened to get a little screwed up & cause the problem if you want to, but the very fact that these sphincter muscles are there & named after the Sphinx is just another confirmation to me that God’s revelations are true & that she was activating some of the muscles named after her to give me my trouble & problem!

113. BUT NOW THAT WE HAVE GOTTEN RID OF HER, I’M SURE THAT GOD’S GOD-CREATED SPHINCTER MUSCLES ARE GOING TO OPERATE PROPERLY now & not choke me, but help me to swallow.—Not strangle me & shut off my food, but help me to swallow it & enjoy it & digest it so I can have the strength to serve the Lord & you, praise God‚ as I pass the food on to you! God puts it in my mouth, I believe it & swallow it & He causes His means to transport it on to the rest of the body to nourish & strengthen & feed you! So pray the Lord will protect it & protect all the organs of our spiritual body, me & you, so that this process of receiving food & swallowing it & passing it on to you‚ the rest of the body, will not be interfered with or stopped in any way, but the Lord will have His way & help get out the Word, in Jesus’ name, amen! PTL! GBY all! I love you! Bye-bye!

Freedom from Fear

David Berg

—By Father David Tenerife, 14 April 1975 DO947

—God’s Answer to a Case of Demonic Oppression!

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! THE LORD CERTAINLY DID ANSWER QUICKLY, DIDN’T HE? Even though I didn’t know just what effect those tapes might have on you down there, I felt so constrained yesterday, & the day before too, that I just didn’t see how I could send you away without delivering my soul & really socking it to you & telling you what I really thought & what the Lord laid on my heart that I felt was God’s answer.

2. I FELT SO SORRY FOR YOU, I KEPT PRAYING EARNESTLY WHAT TO DO, & the Lord led me to make those tapes for you—that little talk in which I really told you like it is, what was the trouble. I didn’t really feel it was fair to you, Gen, or any of you, if I didn’t really unburden my heart & tell you really what I thought & what the Lord had showed us.

3. I FELT IT WAS A LITTLE UNFAIR TO JUST SEND YOU AWAY WITHOUT ONE LAST CHANCE TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT & GET STRAIGHTENED OUT. For awhile there I just was so sick of the whole affair & the whole problem & all the trouble it’s caused—stoppage of all the work, & agony & anguish of all of us—that I just wanted to dump the whole works & send you all back & forget it!

4. BUT THAT WASN’T REALLY FACING THE PROBLEM & FACING THE ENEMY & REALLY GOING TO THE ATTACK, to be sure that we had it all out in the open & were really laying all our cards on the table; opening our hearts to you & letting you know what we really thought & how we really felt & what God had said, & giving you one more chance to really repent before sending you away—& I’m so thankful I did!

5. SOME WERE AFRAID THAT WE WOULD CAUSE SOME KIND OF AN EXPLOSION IF WE HAD SUCH A CONFRONTATION, if I really called a spade a spade & told it like it is & really told you off!—Told you the whole story & the whole truth & exactly what God said‚ that it might really make the Devil so mad it might make things worse! But it’s sort of like the New Revolution—we’ve had one here‚ haven’t we?

6. WHEN GOD SPEAKS, WE HAVE TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE WHETHER PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT, whether it sounds good or not, whether they’re going to obey or not, we have to sock it to them! That’s my duty as God’s mouthpiece. And we have to let the chips fall where they may, whether it makes us or breaks us. It’s not our business to question God as to what the effect may be of His Message.

7. IT’S LIKE WITNESSING—& IT IS WITNESSING—BECAUSE WITNESSING IS MERELY DELIVERING GOD’S MESSAGE. What the people do about it is between them & God. It is our responsibility to give you the message, & then what you do about it is your full responsibility. When we have “warned the wicked of their wicked way”, we have delivered our souls. (Ez.3:19.)

8. TO DELIVER THEIR SOULS THEY MUST THEN BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD, receive it‚ acknowledge that it’s true, confess their sins & show real contrition & genuine signs of humility, breaking & repentance.—Or‚ harden their hearts against it, refuse to believe it, refuse to acknowledge or confess that it’s true & reject it, thus damning themselves.

9. BUT WHAT YOU DO WITH GOD’S MESSAGE IS YOUR BUSINESS, IT’S MY BUSINESS TO GIVE IT TO YOU. Your reaction is your own business, between you & God. And I’m so thankful that I listened to the voice of God in His mercy & felt the strong constraint of the Holy Spirit. I really truly believe “the love of Christ constraineth me” (2Cor.5:14.) to give you what I thought was true & what I felt was fair, because it really was your last chance.

10. I’M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, I WAS DETERMINED TO SHIP YOU OFF ON THAT BOAT TODAY if there hadn’t been a real breaking & a real repentance & some manifestation that you were genuinely sorry‚ & with good Godly grief & genuine Godly sorrow. And the Lord laid it on my heart to give you one last chance in full view of all the facts & all that God had said & all the Lord had shown us‚ where the sins really lay on the part of you, all of us in fact.

11. I WAS MAKING MY OWN CONFESSION TOO, HOW I FAILED TO HEED THE CHECKS OF THE LORD & I failed to supervise you more closely while we were so busy up here, God forgive me! So we were all to blame, & I’m so thankful that we have received His Word & His Message & His rebuke, because He tells us that we’re to be thankful when we’re chastened of the Lord.

12. I GOT THE VERSE FOR YOU THIS MORNING IN HEBREWS 12 in which He also says that we’re not to forget the exhortation which speaketh unto us as children. He says, “My son‚ despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him: For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth‚ & scourgeth every son whom He receiveth”. (Heb.12:5,6.)

13. I TELL YOU, WHEN I WAS GIVING YOU THAT SPANKING ON TAPE IT HURT ME, IT REALLY HURT! It’s not easy for a father to give chastening, to give a spanking. It hurt me as much as it did you, maybe more, & I was really in agony over it. I even listened to those tapes over again to make sure all I said was true & I had said the right things & in the right way & not been too hard on you or said too much, more than you could bear‚ or spanked you too hard or too long; that I had been sure to give you the full story & the full counsel‚ the whole counsel of God.

14. THEN I SOCKED IT TO YOU, BECAUSE I KNEW IT WAS RIGHT, & I’M SO GLAD NOW THAT I DID! Because He says, “If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons, for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers”—all of us His children—”then are ye bastards & not sons”.

15. IF GOD DOESN’T SPANK US ONCE IN AWHILE FOR OUR MISDEEDS & OUR MISTAKES & OUR SINS, He wouldn’t be a very good Father, would He?—Neither would I.—And it would show that He didn’t really love us if He didn’t correct us, wouldn’t it? Well, I want you to know that I really love you & that’s why—though it was very hard for me to do—I made those tapes with that scolding & spanking. Because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have cared for you; you would have been bastards to me & not sons.

16. BUT I BELIEVE BOTH THE LORD & I PROVED THAT WE’RE GOOD FATHERS, THAT WE LOVE YOU, BY SPANKING YOU SO HARD. Because I thank God that it has had good results, from what I hear of your reactions. “We’ve had fathers of our flesh which corrected us & we gave them reverence, shall we got much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, & live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but He chastens us for our profit that we might be partakers of His holiness.”

17. WHAT IS HIS HOLINESS?—HIS KOSHERNESS! To be kosher, believe it or not, is to be clean, to be pure, to be righteous. In other words, through it He cleanses us, He purges us from the sins & impurities in our own hearts that cause all the trouble, & we’re made clean, thank God! “Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous‚ but grievous.”—I’ll tell you, it was sure hard on me!

18. I THINK I COULD HONESTLY SAY, AS THE SAYING GOES, “THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT DOES YOU!”—It literally made me sick! As Maria knows, I’ve been down sick with this whole affair. But I’ll tell you‚ after giving you that lecture yesterday—that real scolding & hard spanking—you’d be amazed at how relieved I was! I thought, “Well, Lord, I don’t know what effect it’s going to have, it may have a terrible effect, it may have the wrong effect or it might do some good, but at least I’ve delivered my soul & I have told them what I think‚ & that’s that!”

19. AND YOU KNOW, IT’S A WONDERFUL THING WHEN YOU OBEY THE LORD, because I was tremendously relieved after making you those tapes & listening to them again to be sure they were right. I was so relieved, believe it or not‚ so delivered, I felt myself completely delivered of the burden, like I had “cast my burden upon the Lord & He was sustaining me.” (Ps.55:22.)

20. I HAD DELIVERED MY SOUL TO YOU‚ & THAT HAD RELIEVED ME OF MY RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE I HAD GIVEN YOU THE MESSAGE.—And I’m so thankful I did because it really did relieve me. It literally relieved me both spiritually & physically, & I felt so good afterwards & so relieved. Although it was going to be somewhat agony down there to go through it, I had done my part & I was finished. I had obeyed the Lord & delivered the Message‚ & the rest was up to you.

21. I FELT SO GOOD & SO RELIEVED, SO RELAXED, I CAME IN HERE & LAY DOWN. I was so delivered myself that I actually was able to cast the whole burden upon the Lord & make love, praise God? Maria & I had a real good little recreational session, which showed I had delivered my soul & I was through with it.

22. I WAS OVER WITH IT & I COULD HEAVE A SIGH OF RELIEF & RELAX & enjoy a little recreation & then a good long nap—two solid hours of good sound sleep—the best sleep I’ve had in I don’t know when! I woke greatly refreshed, still greatly relieved & encouraged knowing that whatever was happening, that God was doing it & God had to do it & the rest was up to Him, I’d done all I could. And I am so thankful!

23. FROM WHAT I HEAR OF THESE REACTIONS ON TAPE THAT YOU HAVE SENT BACK TO ME, OBVIOUSLY GOD DID DO THE JOB! When I did my part, God did the rest & you did yours. In fact, I was really going ahead pretty much by faith when I sent you the last minute reprieve last night, because we asked Faith to call us on the telephone after the session & let us know how you had reacted & what progress, if any‚ had been made.

24. SHE GAVE ME THAT GOOD REPORT THAT THERE HAD BEEN REALLY A GENUINE BREAKING ON THE PART OF ALL OF YOU‚ a genuine Godly sorrow, genuine confession & a seemingly genuine repentance.—Although she did not take the next step that I had really hoped that she would, to speak personally by name to that devil & command him to depart from you & the house & this island.—For which I felt, when I heard your session, that you were really ready for & she perhaps missed God’s opportune moment. I know that Lydia felt that that was the time.

25. POOR FAITH WAS SO EXHAUSTED & SO WEARY & LOW IN SPIRIT, perhaps she just didn’t feel that she had the strength to fight the Devil last night as she had the night before. And perhaps that’s for a reason, maybe that’s because God wanted me to tell you this that I’m giving you now.

26. BECAUSE I FELT THAT YOU DID REALLY BREAK, FROM WHAT I HEARD, & REALLY REPENTED. Even before I heard your tapes, when she called me I already had made up my mind that if there was any sign at all that you were really sorry & it was a real genuine breaking & weeping before God & asking God for forgiveness, that I was going to forgive you—I’m sure God would—& I was going to cancel your sudden departure which I felt would almost under the circumstances be cruel.

27. I FELT THAT GOD WOULD HAVE ME EXTEND MERCY. And when someone else warned me, “Well, then you’re going to have the problem & no help here to help you with it,” I got the Scripture: “I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy!” (Ex.33:19; Ro.9:15.)

28. I SAID‚ “I FEEL LIKE EXTENDING MERCY & I’M GOING TO FORGIVE THEM & GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE”—AND SO I DID. I said‚ “Faithy, you tell them that they won’t have to go tomorrow, they can stay on probation providing we’ll see how much their repentance really is efficacious & how much it really is genuine by bringing forth fruits meet for repentance in the days ahead.”

29. YOU ARE STILL TO PREPARE TO DEPART AT SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE, get your babies’ passports & be ready to go—more ready than you were this time—just in case you don’t really bring forth fruits meet for repentance. But nevertheless, we’re now going to give you another chance to do better this time & to really genuinely show us that you really mean business, praise God? God bless you!

30. SO HE SAYS, “NOW NO CHASTENING FOR THE PRESENT SEEMETH TO BE JOYOUS BUT GRIEVOUS, nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” “Unto them which are exercised thereby”—really changed by it—it really does a work in you‚ thank God. “Peaceable fruit of righteousness,” the correction, turning to righteousness.

31. HE SAYS, “WHEREFORE LIFT UP THE HANDS WHICH HANG DOWN.”—Isn’t that a picture of dejection though?—”And the feeble knees.”—Weak in the knees, isn’t that a picture of discouragement?—”And make straight paths for your feet.”—In other words, determined to stay in the right way from now on. “Lest that which is lame”—you have really been crippled down there, haven’t you?—”Be turned out of the way”—that means discouraged. We don’t want you to be discouraged. “But let it rather be healed,” amen? Praise God? (Heb.12:5-13.)

32. ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL? THANK YOU JESUS! THE LORD WANTED YOU TO BE HEALED! He didn’t want you to leave here in defeat & total lack of victory & absolute incurable lameness forever; but He wanted you to get the victory‚ & to really get the victory all the way, right here!—Not depart in defeat, but to win the battle!

33. SO THIS MORNING AFTER I HEARD YOUR SWEET & HUMBLE CONFESSIONS & REAL BREAKING BEFORE THE LORD—genuine Godly sorrow & what sounded like real repentance to me—I asked the Lord for a Scripture for you, Gen‚ & all of you.—Especially for you, because it seemed to me we weren’t quite through, Faithy hadn’t really quite finished the job.

34. SHE DID HER PART AS FAR AS SHE FELT SHE COULD GO, BUT SHE REALLY PERHAPS MISSED AN IDEAL OPPORTUNITY to take command of the situation right then & rebuke the Enemy. So as I was praying about it I got this beautiful Scripture, & I believe it’s right for you, Gen, from the 2nd Chapter of Hebrews—about your problem & who he is, why you’ve been plagued with it so long, & what I think God expects us to do about it right now to get complete deliverance‚ to be totally free of it & to really claim this Scripture!

35. IT’S HEBREWS THE 2ND CHAPTER, 13TH, 14TH & 15TH VERSES. This is the particular Scripture, Genesis, which the Lord gave me this morning when I was praying for you & asking God if you had really completely been delivered & wondering if we’d done enough, if we had gone all the way.

36. I WAS FEELING A LITTLE BIT DISAPPOINTED THAT FAITH HAD NOT REALLY TAKEN HOLD AT THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU WERE SO BROKEN & SO HUMBLED & confessing & crying out to God for help & the most cooperative, to ask God to deliver you. So I asked the Lord, “Well now Lord, again, who is this devil that’s plaguing her & giving her & the child so much trouble?”

37. AND SURE ENOUGH THE LORD GAVE THIS SCRIPTURE WHICH CORROBORATES WHAT FAITHY & DEAR LYDIA ALREADY GOT when they were led in the Spirit to rebuke the Devourer. And who is the Devourer, anyhow?—It’s the Devil, isn’t it? God calls him the Devourer who “goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” (1Pe.5:8.) Also you yourself, Gen, as I heard & had heard before, had had a great fear of death & feared the Death Angel.

38. WELL, THE DEATH ANGEL IS THE DEVIL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. The Devil himself is in charge of death, as you’re going to see in this Scripture we’re about to read to you.—And fear of him‚ I want to warn you‚ is akin to worship.

39. JUST AS THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM, FEAR OF SATAN IS REALLY THE BEGINNING OF DEATH! Fearing God is a form of worshipping God. To be afraid of God & to fear Him is really to give Him the respect that He should have, as we gave to our own fleshly fathers—as I gave to mine anyhow.

40. I FEARED MY FATHER, BECAUSE WHEN I DIDN’T DO THE RIGHT THING I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO REALLY SOCK IT TO ME, & I had a healthy respect for him! I not only loved him & the way he was loving with me most of the time, but if I did something wrong I knew that he was going to really let me have it! So I had a healthy respect for him, I was afraid of him.

41. I FEARED HIM AS WELL AS LOVED HIM, IN THE SAME WAY THAT WE MUST FEAR GOD AS WELL AS LOVE HIM. But this kind of fear is a form of worship, believe it or not. You perhaps didn’t know that, but I’m telling you now. Therefore to fear the Enemy, to fear Satan, to fear the Devil is giving him just the kind of worship that he wants. It is really worshipping the Devil!

42. NOW PERHAPS YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT, & PERHAPS YOU DIDN’T REALISE WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO WHEN YOU WERE GETTING INTO THAT SATANISM & the Satanic Bible & all that sort of thing. But just as we through reading God’s Word learn to fear Him & love & worship Him, you were literally learning through studying the Devil’s word to fear & worship him & be afraid of him—a form of worship.

43. SO YOU MUST REBUKE THAT FEAR JUST AS JESUS DID WHEN THE DEVIL TRIED TO GET HIM TO WORSHIP HIM ON THE MOUNT OF TEMPTATION. When the Devil tried to say, “Fall down & worship me & I’ll give you all these kingdoms of the World”—which were his to give because God has given the Earth into his hands, so to speak, for awhile—what did Jesus say?

44. JESUS RESISTED THE TEMPTATION & IN LUKE 4 & ALSO MATTHEW 4, HE SAID, “GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! For it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God & Him only shalt thou serve!” And as I got the Scripture a moment ago—the word that came to me must probably also be implied in the original:

45. “THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE LORD THY GOD & HIM ONLY SHALT THOU FEAR!” You’re only to fear God! “This,” the wise man Solomon said, “is the whole duty of man, to fear God”—only God—”& keep His commandments”! (Ecc.12:13.) Jesus said the greatest of all commandments was to love God, & the second to love one another, thy neighbour as thyself. (Mt.22:37-39.)

46. WELL, A PART OF OUR LOVE FOR GOD HAS TO BE A HEALTHY RESPECT & FEAR OF HIM, & when we are sinful or have done something wrong, to really be afraid of God.—But you’re not to be afraid of the Devil ever! “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, & Him only shalt thou serve!” (Mt.4:10.) God’s Word says that “fear hath torment”. (1John 4:18.)

47. WE ARE THEREFORE NOT TO “FEAR THEM WHICH CAN KILL THE BODY BUT AFTER THAT HAVE NO MORE THAT THEY CAN DO, but rather fear Him“—God—”Who can cast both body & soul into Hell!” (Lk.12:4,5.) We’re not to fear him, Satan‚ who only has the power of death over the body, but we’re to fear Him, God, Who has the power of death over the soul—if we are not saved & do not love Him & worship Him as we should!

48. SO FEAR OF THE ENEMY IS NOT OF GOD, “FOR PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR‚ for fear hath torment”. (1John 4:18.) “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear!” This fear you have, Genesis, is not of God. “God Himself hath not given us a spirit of fear”, God’s Word says, “but of love & of power & of a sound mind”! (2Tim.1:7.)

49. AND “THOU SHALT KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE.” (Isa.26:3.) The writer here is talking to God Himself, & says, “God, You’ll keep him”—you Genesis—”in perfect peace, whose mind”—your mind, Genesis—”is stayed on Thee”—on God—”because he trusteth in Thee”—because Genesis trusteth in Thee.

50. NOW THIS WAS ONE OF THE TERRIBLE PROBLEMS OF AT LEAST TWO GIRLS I KNOW OF THAT I’VE DEALT WITH PERSONALLY & who were marvellously delivered, & I think I have told you about them before. The one was many years ago in Pennsylvania who had been in bed for eight years & had gotten so thin—skin stretched over her bones like a skeleton—she wasn’t able to even eat any more, & had gotten now to where she could hardly even drink water.

51. AND GOD SHOWED US THAT HER TROUBLE WAS THIS VERY THING, IT WAS FEAR. Doctors couldn’t even find another thing wrong with her. They examined her, tried everything, every test, & said, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with her‚ we don’t know what’s the matter with her!” Well‚ God’s the greatest Doctor! He’s the Great Physician that can heal all our diseases‚ amen?—And forgive all of our sins. (Ps.103:3.)

52. AND JUST BEFORE WE WENT TO PRAY FOR HER WE GOT THIS VERY SCRIPTURE THAT I’M READING TO YOU FROM HEBREWS 2! When I went to pray for her, suddenly the Holy Spirit of God came down on me in such an anointing of power that I laid hands on her head & I rebuked the Devil & I spoke personally to this fiend of fear! I rebuked him & cast him out in the Name of Jesus & told him to depart from her & from that house!

53. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BECAUSE OF OUR FAITH IN GOD’S WORD & THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT & HIS POWER IN THAT PRAYER, SHE WAS INSTANTLY DELIVERED! She rose that day & walked for the first time in years! She had been so long in bed her feet were shaped like hands. They had been under the weight of the covers for so long, she hadn’t even been on them. She hadn’t eaten any solid food for a long time & had gotten to where she could hardly even hold water in her stomach.

54. BUT THANK GOD, THAT DAY THE LIFE ANGEL—JESUS CHRIST, GOD’S OWN SON—CAME INTO THAT ROOM & REBUKED THE ENEMY & delivered her from that horrible spirit of fear which had all her life kept her subject to bondage because of her fear of death! (He.2:15.) The only other time I can remember right now that we have had such a remarkable experience was with Leila, or Ruth, Ben’s wife.

55. SHE HAD LOST HER MIND FOR SOMETIME AFTER AN OVERDOSE OF LSD, & FOR THREE MONTHS WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT. By the time they brought her to us she was still having blackouts & going spaced-out every now & then‚ her mind would just go totally blank. She would be talking to you & suddenly just stop right in the middle of a sentence & just go totally blank, her eyes wide with fear like I’ve seen yours in pictures.

56. SHE WAS JUST SCAREY-EYED WITH FEAR, ABSOLUTELY SPACED OUT WITH FEAR! So that day they brought her to me, God led me to make everybody else leave the Cruiser, & I stood up in front of Leila & took her in my arms. I kissed her & I loved her & I petted her & stroked her, showing with physical love a physical manifestation of God’s Love.

57. —SOMETHING THAT COULD GET THROUGH TO HER BODY‚ IF NOT EVEN TO HER MIND, BUT THROUGH HER BODY TO HER MIND; & through her mind to her spirit that somebody loved her—God loved her! And I kept quoting these Scriptures & I kept saying, “Jesus loves you‚ Leila! Jesus loves you! I love you!” Perhaps you’ve heard me tell this story before, seems I have not long ago.

58. I KEPT QUOTING SCRIPTURES TO HER BECAUSE I FELT SHE HAD THIS SAME SPIRIT OF FEAR, I said, “God has not given us a spirit of fear—it’s not of God—but He has given us a spirit of power & of love & of a sound mind!—For perfect love casts out all fear!” If you know that you love God & that He loves you, you know that He’s going to take care of you; you know that everything is all right because God loves you. So why should you be afraid?—There’s no reason to fear.

59. IF YOU HAVE PERFECT LOVE FOR GOD & YOU KNOW HE HAS SUCH PERFECT LOVE FOR YOU, HIS PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL THIS FEAR. For fear is not of God, fear hath torment, this kind of fear of the Enemy.—Fear of death, fear of the Death Angel. All of that is of the Devil, & it’s like worshipping the Devil to have such fear.

60. SO I KEPT TELLING DEAR LEILA, “WELL, YOU MUST NOT FEAR, YOU MUST NOT BE AFRAID! You must just rest in the Lord & have faith & confidence in Him, trust Him. Perfect love casts out all fear! God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & of love & of a sound mind! Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee! I love you! Jesus loves you! God loves you!”

61. I WISH I COULD HEAR YOU SAY THE NAME OF JESUS IN YOUR PRAYERS‚ GENESIS. You’re constantly saying, “Lord Father God,” but Jesus Himself says—& all the way through the New Testament & all the way through the Book of Acts—it says that the way they got answers to prayer & the way they performed miracles was through the Name of Jesus!

62. YOU MUST PRAY TO JESUS OR TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS, & you must pray in the Name of Jesus & constantly use the name of Jesus. The Devil hates the Name of Jesus. He’s not even afraid of the name “Lord Father God” because you could say Lord Father God & be praying to the Devil, did you know that?

63. BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS THE LORD & THE FATHER & THE GOD OF THIS WORLD & OF HIS DEVIL’S CHILDREN! So the expression “Lord Father God” does not express specifically who you’re praying to. The lord father god of the World is Satan, so which lord father god are you praying to? The only way God’s going to know, & we’re going to know, is that you pray constantly to Jesus & in the Name of Jesus!

64. IF YOU’VE HEARD ME PRAY AT ALL, I’M ALWAYS TALKING TO JESUS & PRAYING TO JESUS. I’m always praying in Jesus’ Name & asking Jesus, because there’s tremendous power in the Name of Jesus! Now there can be or there may not be power in the name “Lord Father God” because we don’t know who you’re talking about‚ it could be the Devil!

65. BUT YOU MUST SAY JESUS! CONSTANTLY SAY, “JESUS HELP ME! JESUS REBUKE SATAN! I rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! Get thee behind me, Satan, in the Name of Jesus!” Constantly say Jesus, you must do that! You must learn to say the name Jesus much more than I heard in your prayer. You did say His Name a little, but you must learn to use it more, all of you!

66. “LORD FATHER GOD” DOES NOT TELL US WHAT GOD YOU’RE PRAYING TO! Satan is the lord & the father & the god of this World, so let the old boy know who you’re praying to!—Not to him, but to Jesus & His Father God‚ to the Lord Jesus Christ & His Father God. So use that Name Jesus more.

67. I’VE GOT MOST OF THE VICTORIES I EVER GOT THROUGH USING THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST‚ not just God‚ Father & so on. That’s all very well & good, but nobody knows really who you’re talking to until you say Jesus. That’s why Jesus was sent! That’s why He gave His Name, & there are all kinds of scriptures throughout the Bible—especially the New Testament—on using the Name of Jesus. You must use the Name of Jesus! (Jn.14:13; Ac.3:6‚16; 4:12; Eph.1:21; Col.3:17; Ph.2:9-10, etc.!)

68. YOU’RE TO PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU’RE TO ASK IN THE NAME OF JESUS, YOU’RE TO CLAIM VICTORIES IN THE NAME OF JESUS & you’re to rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus! All through the Book of Acts it was through the Name of Jesus & the power of His Name that many mighty works & mighty miracles were performed. So let’s get out of that habit that you have of saying nothing but “Lord Father God” & start saying, “Jesus, Jesus help me!”—Because the Devil hates that expression & that word Jesus. Say Jesus Christ!

69. SO WHEN I WAS PRAYING FOR YOU THIS MORNING, HONEY, THIS IS THE SCRIPTURE I GOT, & it reminded me of that girl back in Pennsylvania. She was instantly healed, by the way, & we saw her just a few weeks later & she was well & strong. And a few more weeks, she had gained 40 pounds & was absolutely beautiful! Charming!

70. SHE ENTERTAINED US IN HER HOME AS A LOVELY HOSTESS: PERFECTLY NORMAL, WELL, FULLY RESTORED, good appetite, sexual appetite; had a new boyfriend & was perfectly normal & totally healed & in wonderful condition!—And she loved us & helped to support us for many years, believe it or not! She sent us $5 every month for many, many years after that. I think I was just in my early 20’s when we prayed for her. Her name was Helen Jones.

71. SO GOD TOTALLY DELIVERED HER WHEN I REBUKED THE ENEMY IN JESUS’ NAME & told that spirit of fear to depart from her & never to come back again!—Because that’s all it was‚ it was a demon of fear! Well, you have told us, Honey‚ that the thing which has been plaguing you has been a spirit of fear, that you have been afraid of death & you fear the Death Angel, for a long time apparently.

72. NOW I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT FEAR: AS I THINK I’VE TOLD YOU BEFORE, FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH, the exact opposite of faith. That kind of fear—fear of the Enemy, fear of the Devil, fear of death, fear of the Death Angel—this is the total opposite of faith! That’s the kind of fear that will destroy you & kill you if you continually are afraid like that & continually harbour this fear.

73. IT’S NOT ONLY DAMAGING & DISASTROUS TO YOU & WILL WEAR YOU DOWN & WEAR YOU OUT & give you a nervous breakdown & drive you out of your mind & even kill you if you keep letting that fear torment you, as you have apparently in the past; but believe it or not, that kind of fear & that spirit of fear is extremely contagious just like a disease!

74. OTHERS WHO LIVE WITH YOU, PEOPLE WHOM YOU TOUCH, ARE APT TO BE AFFLICTED WITH THAT SAME HORRIBLE FEAR—just like little Jonathan, your own son, & the other children that you’ve taken care of. You were so full of fear, that spirit of fear yourself—that fear of the Death Angel, that fear of death—that those little children, believe it or not, felt that same fear & became so frightened that they too partook of that fear, believe it or not!

75. THEY TOO BECAME AFRAID BECAUSE THEY FELT THE FEAR FROM YOU! They felt your horrible deadly fear‚ that horrible spirit of fear that you’ve had, & they caught it, believe it or not! It’s just as possible to catch things in the Spirit as it is in the physical‚ in fact even more so. It’s even more dangerous & easier to catch if you’re not inoculated with the Spirit of God & if you have no resistance against these spiritual diseases.

76. A SPIRIT OF FEAR IS ONE OF THE MOST CONTAGIOUS OF ALL SPIRITUAL DISEASES! What do we call it when we’re insulated against a disease? What is the expression? Inoculation is man’s way of doing it, to give you a little touch of it so it builds up your resistance. You are immune, that’s the word I was seeking for, immune to a certain disease because you’ve either had it or you’ve had a little touch of it through inoculation & your body has built up resistance against it so that you can no longer catch it.

77. WELL, THIS SAME PRINCIPLE IS ALSO TRUE IN THE SPIRITUAL: all of us are sinners, in the past all of us have had a touch of the spiritual disease of fear, or fear of Satan, fear of death, naked horrible fear of the Devil himself & the Death Angel. All of us have been afraid at some time of the Enemy.

78. WELL, THE ONLY CURE IS TO CALL ON JESUS, CALL ON THE SPIRIT OF GOD! Call on the Lord & ask Him to deliver you!—To be thoroughly inoculated by the Spirit of God so that you have built up a genuine spiritual resistance to this fear so that you can’t catch it anymore.

79. BUT APPARENTLY SOME OF THOSE LITTLE CHILDREN YOU WERE DEALING WITH DIDN’T HAVE IT, & obviously poor little Jonathan, your own son, has not had this inoculation of the Spirit of God & has caught this spirit of fear from you by your own fearfulness. Every doctor even will tell you this‚ that children feel your emotions & are upset, even by mother’s milk who is under emotional strain. They can sense your feelings & your fears & it upsets them‚ as I told you in this other tape.

80. YOUR CHILDREN ARE LIKE A REFLECTION OF YOU. They reflect your good points, but they also reflect your vices & they certainly reflect you fears—they feel & sense your fears. This is why all family counsellors say, don’t discuss family problems before children, because it’s apt to cause them to be afraid & fearful & upset them & to fret.

81. WELL, YOU’RE NO LITTLE CHILD‚ HONEY! YOU’RE A WOMAN NOW & HAVE A FAMILY, a husband & a little boy, & you’ve got to face these facts. You’ve got to face your fears, as I wrote in a Letter a long time ago. (See No.171.) There’s no use beating around the bush anymore, there’s no use trying to deny that it’s there.

82. BUT HERE IS THE ANSWER IN HEBREWS 2: “I WILL PUT MY TRUST IN HIM.”—IN WHOM?—IN GOD! “Behold, I & the children which God hath given me.”—You can say I & the child, Jonathan, that God has given me. Tell the Devil that‚ say: “Be gone Devil, get thee behind me Satan! I’m putting my trust in God, in Jesus, I & the children, my child also that God hath given me!”

83. AND THIS GOES ON; THE IDEA BEING THAT HE, JESUS, THROUGH DEATH MIGHT DESTROY HIM THAT HATH THE POWER OF DEATH, THAT IS THE DEVIL. Now who is this Death Angel? It tells you right here that it is the Devil. So, if you’re afraid of the Death Angel, dear Genesis, Honey, it means you’re afraid of the Devil, & that is a terrible thing to be! You’re not to be afraid of the Devil; you’re to pin your faith in God & to fear God & not to fear Satan!

84. BUT HE SAYS HERE‚ A PROMISE FOR YOU, HE SAYS: “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” So God is able to deliver you‚ who through fear of death were all your lifetime subject to such terrible bondage of fear! Do you believe that?—That through the Name of Jesus, God is able to deliver you? Well, we’re going to claim it right now.

85. ARE YOU WILLING TO CLAIM IT RIGHT NOW & ASK IN JESUS’ NAME TO BE TOTALLY DELIVERED FROM THIS SPIRIT OF FEAR? Now Lord, we rebuke Satan right now in the Name of Jesus Christ! God damn you, you spirit of fear! God damn you, you Devil of Death! We rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ! Depart from this woman & leave this house, & leave this Island & never come back again!

86. IN THE NAME OF JESUS WE CLAIM IT ACCORDING TO THE WORD OF GOD IN JESUS’ NAME, FOR JESUS’ SAKE!—And for this poor dear child of God’s sake, in Jesus’ Name! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Say, “Thank You Jesus”, Genesis! Say, “Thank You Jesus!” Say “Thank You Jesus!” Say “Help me, Jesus! Thank You Jesus!” Say “Thank Your Jesus!” Just keep saying, “Thank You Jesus! I believe You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! I believe Your Word, Jesus! I resist you, Satan, in Jesus’ Name!”

87. DON’T LET HIM COME BACK ANY MORE, GENESIS! Keep saying, “I resist you‚ Satan‚ in Jesus’ Name!” God’s Word says, “Resist the Enemy & he will flee from you!” (Ja.4:7.) Do you believe that? Resist the Enemy! You have power over the Devil, you can order the Devil what to do. You can tell him to get the hell out of here! Say “I resist you, Satan, in Jesus’ Name! I resist you‚ Devil, in Jesus Name! I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus’ Name.”—Now just tell him off!

88. THE DEMONS & THE EVIL SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US; THEY HAVE NO FREE WILL OF THEIR OWN. They cannot do as they please. They have to do what we tell them to do in Jesus’ Name‚ & to get the hell out of here—& I mean it! Now you folks just help Gen there & lay hands on her & ask God to totally deliver her & protect her from ever letting that damned Devil of Death ever come around & put fear in her heart again! Claim it, Genesis, in Jesus’ Name!

89. WHEN I WAS ASKING GOD WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION‚ I FINALLY GOT THE SCRIPTURE, “HE SENT HIS WORD & HEALED THEM!” (Ps.107:20.) Everybody else seemed to fail me, I’ve sent more people down there to pray over you & command that Devil to leave & not one has ever done it yet!—So the Lord laid on my heart this morning when He gave me this Scripture to make this tape & tell you yourself like I, was there in person.—Amen!—In Jesus’ name!—You too can have “Freedom from Fear!” in Jesus!—Ask Him to free you now from the fears of the Enemy‚ in Jesus’ name!—Amen! GBAKYIJN!—Amen.

Medusa Touch

David Berg

—By Father David.DFO9559 January 1979

—A Movie Review about a man whose curses came true!—Are Curses & Disasters Always Wrong?

1. I WANTED TO GET THE REACTION OF THOSE OF YOU WHO WERE WITH US TONIGHT while you’re still in the spirit of it & it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve found it’s always easier to do these things while it’s still fresh! Like with my dreams, if I wait too long, then they’re gone & I’ve forgotten the details! I’m just curious to know what your reactions were & what impressed you the most tonight. (Alfred: It was such a heavy thing the way everybody started laughing as they were walking out‚ just kind of laughing it off!)

2. I THINK THE MOST SHOCKING THING ABOUT THAT WHOLE MOVIE WAS THE AUDIENCE REACTION, that they were so flippant & foolish—virtually sneering & making fun of it & thought it was a big joke! One of these days God will have the last laugh! I think that audience tonight almost proved why God has to send disasters. When I looked at that bunch & heard them laugh & snicker & ridicule‚ I thought, “What these people need is a good disaster!”

3. IF ANY BUNCH NEEDED A DISASTER, THAT BUNCH NEEDED ONE! They made me furious!—And Abrahim was just absolutely disgusted! I didn’t get any message or anything, I didn’t hardly dare! Well, I’m glad to hear you say that, because I believe it shows you’re in the Spirit & your spirit was grieved at their behaviour, that they were taking the whole thing so flippantly & lightly‚ sneering‚ ridiculing, laughing & making fun of it!

4. NOW OF COURSE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE A HABIT OF LAUGHING OFF FEAR. They’re afraid to face things & they don’t dare take it seriously. They’re afraid to take it soberly so they laugh it off. So it could be some of those people were laughing instead of crying. I think Americans particularly have a tendency to do that rather than face the facts—to act just silly & flippant & brush it aside because they don’t want to think seriously about it.

5. WELL THE MAIN QUESTION I WANTED TO ASK YOU WAS WHAT WAS THE THING THAT IMPRESSED YOU MOST or shocked you most, & I’m pleased to see that you got the same thing—the attitude & behaviour of the audience was the most shocking thing about the whole film! Many of those things moved too fast; they must think that a lot of people wouldn’t be interested in the soberness or the dialogue or the documentation. Some of those quotes & things that he wrote in his journal were extremely important & meaningful.

6. WHAT WAS YOUR NEXT GREATEST IMPRESSION? Don’t worry about agreeing with mine, that’s not important, just what impressed you most about the movie? (Path: I was surprised at the doctor’s reaction to the whole thing, how she didn’t really try to hit his problem head–on.)

7. ISN’T THIS TYPICAL OF HOW MODERN SCIENCE TREATS THE SUBJECT OF THE SUPERNATURAL with unbelief & scepticism? But the fact that she admitted to belief at the end, that was quite an admission, & it was quite an admission even in the movie. (Alfred: All he could really do was evil‚ he couldn’t do any good, he got his power from the Devil instead of seeking the Lord. It showed that if you’re into the Enemy, then all you can do is just destructive things.)

8. WELL, HERE LIES A VERY GREAT QUESTION OF WHAT IS GOOD & WHAT IS EVIL? The World is constantly judging God, & you’ll find in most accounts of disasters & catastrophes they say, “Why did God allow this thing? Why did God allow all these innocent lives to be destroyed!”—especially the Jews are great at this. But the question that came to me, & the question I want to ask you: Why did they call it “The Medusa Touch” & who was Medusa?

9. PROBABLY THE MOST COMMON PHRASE YOU HEAR IN NEWS ARTICLES IS “SO MANY INNOCENT LIVES WERE LOST.” Let me ask you, as far as adults are concerned, who is innocent? Maria & I have noticed in reading the accounts of various disasters, particularly plane disasters, that often the only survivors are children! Time & time again you see this happening, in disaster after disaster‚ only some child or some children live through it, sometimes without a scratch. See on the surface, Alfred, that is what a lot of people probably thought, & what in some ways it seemed like, & what she & the inspector were trying to stop.

10. THE BIG QUESTION THAT COMES UP IS, WHAT IS EVIL? What type of things did he attack? What kind of people did he attack? What kind of things or institutions did he want to destroy? What was your impression of his nurse? She was a witch! Was her destruction therefore necessarily evil? What was your impression of his parents? Sickening! No love! No real concern or understanding or anything, totally selfish, right?

11. THERE’S AN UNDERLYING PREACHMENT & MORAL TO CERTAIN MOVIES, they have some kind of a message, & you really have to think deeply about them. If you’re just judging on the surface‚ I don’t think you are going to get the point. Did you catch some of the things that he said when he was about to destroy the space mission on which they had spent 3 billion dollars & the whole World was enthralled & absorbed & thrilled & totally occupied with it.—What did he say? See, unless you’re listening & you’re really trying to grasp the meaning you’ll miss the point. What did he say?:

12. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING & STARVING & NOBODY CARED! They’re all busy watching a 3 billion dollar ridiculous futile, wasteful, scientific toy experiment—useless! Spending 3 billion dollars on a thing like that when people were dying of starvation! I felt like that about the space shot.

13. DIDN’T I HAVE A DREAM ABOUT THE SPACE SHOT, that some were going to die or something? Remember? A long time ago when that was all going on. I have a vague vague memory of that. I said it’s all gone too smoothly, too easily, then right after that, three men were incinerated in the nose cone in just a practice test on the ground! The whole thing went up in smoke & never even took off the ground—it wasn’t supposed to.

14. WHAT DID YOU THINK OF HIS LEGAL DEFENSE OF THE BOY WHO CRITICISED THE WAR MUSEUM? I think that was one of the most powerful scenes in the whole movie! (Path: He said at the very end that he took the judgments of God into his own hands.) (Sara: He said he was doing God’s dirty work for Him.) Well, doesn’t God have instruments of judgment? Wasn’t Hitler an instrument of God’s judgment?—& the Devil?

15. A LOT OF THESE SO-CALLED EVIL MEN HAVE BEEN JUST EXACTLY WHAT THE PEOPLE DESERVED & NEEDED. … (Maria: He called himself & the others who helped to bring on these things “children of the Devil.”) Wasn’t that the whole question, really, that he was being plagued by this terrible guilt complex & afraid that he was doing evil? Isn’t this the problem that troubled him all the way through? That although he had these strong convictions on these subjects‚ it seemed like he almost felt that his judgments were too severe, & in a way he was right.

16. BUT ISN’T THAT THE WAY A LOT OF PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT GOD? “God, You may be right, but Your punishment was too severe! That nation had been a wicked nation, but why did You have to kill millions of them, or hundreds of thousands in an earthquake?” The basic question that comes up & is going to come up in a lot of people’s minds from a picture like that, or should if they’re sober & serious thinkers at all‚ it’s an age-old question that has plagued philosophers & theologians & mankind for ages, those who are not very convinced or firm believers.

17. IT’S THE OLD QUESTION OF WHAT IS RIGHT & WHAT IS WRONG! The whole World is judging God everyday, & he said something about that. The whole World in every disaster that happens are judging God, & most of them are saying God shouldn’t have done it, it was too much, too severe‚ why did God allow such a thing to happen?

18. ONE THING WE CANNOT DENY IS THAT’S AN APPARENT FACT‚ THERE ARE SUCH DISASTERS & CATASTROPHIES, & those things do happen! Could God prevent them? Do you believe that an almighty all-powerful omniscient omnipresent God could prevent them? Let’s not even blame Him for causing them, just for the matter of the question at the moment, let’s say, “Well, I couldn’t believe, that God could cause things like that!” Well‚ if you believe in God at all, that there is a God & He is all-powerful, if He didn’t cause it‚ couldn’t He have prevented it? Then comes up the age-old question again, why did He allow it?

19. THE WHOLE THING COMES DOWN TO THE BASIC QUESTION OF WHAT IS EVIL? And the old theological question that the World always asks the preachers, why does God allow evil in the World? I think we’re probably going to be a little surprised one of these days when we get on the other side, at the difference between our standards & God’s standards:—What God considers evil & what the Devil has taught the World to call evil‚ which is almost always a reflection on God. Almost always it’s something that he wants to reflect on God & as a condemnation of the justice of God.—He’s pointing an accusing finger at the Love of God to try to prove that God is neither just nor loving nor merciful—that’s the Devil’s whole idea!

20. THAT PICTURE HAS A LOT DEEPER MEANING THAN JUST MEETS THE EYE OR IS ON THE SURFACE! Another question, what about that Headmaster of the school? Didn’t you feel like he got what he deserved? Of course four of the boys died with him, but who knows what they may have deserved? Well, you certainly had the feeling that the Headmaster deserved it, as cruel & unmerciful & horrible as he was! I mean he was an actual torturer, sending that little boy out in the rain & the cold to pick up exactly so many leaves.

21. AND WHAT ABOUT THE CHURCH PEOPLE? I think you’ll find someplace in my writings—especially in my older writings a long ways back—that I have said that I thought the whole World would be much better off if there wasn’t one single church building on Earth‚ & I felt like destroying them myself sometimes!

22. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE GO TO CHURCHES LIKE THAT? I think the guy who produced that movie did an amazing job of trying to bring out certain things.—The rich & powerful, the hypocritical, all these big shots were going to this big church service, the Queen & all the rest! What do you think God thinks about that? Are they there to worship God? Many people go to church to show off their nice clothes & see what somebody else is wearing & put on a front or hear the latest gossip!

23. MANY OF THEM ARE SUCH A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES, not all, but I’d say many of them, especially a church like that! Look at the Pastor, he wouldn’t even believe it when he was warned! It showed he did not even believe his own faith or his own sermons, the way be acted. He sneered at the simple believing policeman who believed that there was the supernatural.

24. THE POLICEMAN WAS ALMOST PREACHING HIS SERMONS AT HIM, “What’s the matter, don’t you believe in the Devil? Don’t you believe in the supernatural?” and the Pastor practically sneered & laughed in his face! In other words, he was as good as telling him that he didn’t believe in what he preached as much as this simple policeman was believing!

25. THE WAY THE WORLD USUALLY IS ABOUT DISASTER: IF YOU PREDICT IT THEY WON’T BELIEVE IT UNTIL IT HAPPENS, & then it’s too late! Jesus said, “For in the days that were before the flood, they were eating & drinking, marrying & giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the Ark, & knew not until the flood came & took them all away!” (Mt.24:37-39.) What did He mean they “knew not”? Noah had been telling them for 120 years! What it really means is they wouldn’t believe him! He told them there was going to be a judgment of God & rain & a flood; he was building a boat, that was a sermon enough! Did they believe it? They laughed him to scorn! “Knew not until the flood came!”

26. THEY WON’T BELIEVE IT UNTIL IT HAPPENS, & THEN IT’S TOO LATE! Haven’t I said something about that? No matter how many times you warn some people, they want to wait & see if it happens before they believe you. Of course, then they will believe when it happens‚ but that’s too late because it will sweep them away!

27. WHAT ABOUT THE PLANE CRASH?—What he said about the planes & the noise of the planes roaring overhead. He said they were nearly driving him crazy & he couldn’t think! And of course they cause pollution & all kinds of things. Who is the author of today’s speed? I think I’ve made that very clear‚ the Devil himself is the author of speed, although sometimes we get the benefit of it, we rode home in a car tonight.—If you live in this era in which everybody’s travelling that way, you almost have to. We ride on trains, we ride on airplanes, I mean we couldn’t have very well walked to the movie. Nevertheless that ride is very dangerous.

28. WE RISKED OUR LIVES TO RIDE IN THAT CAR TO GO TO THAT MOVIE, it could have killed us! People risk their lives to be in a hurry to ride airplanes, depending on little mechanical contraptions to get them there in a hurry. I don’t find anywhere in experience or in God’s Word, or very few times where God is ever in a hurry or is ever for speed. You just read it & see! Even in His judgments He waits very patiently & you wonder how He could wait so long before He judges countries like America. When you think of the havoc that America has wrought & the millions she has slaughtered, including innocent children & babies‚ & the suffering she has caused, you wonder how God could even wait as long as He does! You’d think God would be in a bigger hurry in that case, whereas He’s not even in that big a hurry.

29. I’VE SAID THERE’S ONLY ONE TIME WHEN GOD MOVES FAST & THAT’S USUALLY WHEN HE’S ANGRY! He’s very patient‚ He waits a long time, but then He usually moves fast when He decides to lower the boom, He lowers it real fast & drastically! When the star said something about, “Aren’t we all children of the Devil?”, there was something else he said in there which gave me the impression that he was trying to convey the idea that none of these people who were suffering from these catastrophes were innocent. In other words he was saying we’re all guilty, we all deserve it.

30. NOW, THINK BACK & IN NEARLY ALL OF THE CASES OF THE DISASTERS THAT HE SUPPOSEDLY BROUGHT ABOUT, would you say in at least most of them you could understand why? Would you say that in most of them you could almost say that it was perhaps justifiable or that the people deserved it? You could almost go to the point of saying that in most of the cases he was, what would you say‚ right? Now we’re not to take laws normally in our own hands nor judgments in our own hands, God does it; but it was quite obvious that this was no power of man, right? It was a power beyond him. Then what power was it? I think I’ve said this before:

31. WHO IS GOD’S EXECUTIONER? (Family: The Devil.) Who is His Death Angel? (The Devil.) In a sense, yes. Who is His Prosecuting Attorney? Who is His Prosecutor? (The Devil.) If you’ve read the Letters you ought to know these answers. I’ve talked about how God’s the Judge & the Devil’s the Prosecutor & Jesus is the Defender & we are the sinner or the criminal. So are you getting the point?

32. WE HAVE HEARD GOOD SINCERE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE, EVEN EVANGELICALS & PENTECOSTALS‚ TEACH THAT GOD DIDN’T MAKE THE DEVIL. Beloved, that is Taoism! That’s teaching the eternal coexistence of two independent gods, one good & one evil, & therefore God is not the Master of Creation nor the Master of the Universe, there is another master who is independent of Him & with whom He is struggling & fighting. He may be struggling & fighting, but it’s not because that god is totally independent & not under His control! To prove it the disciples said that even the demons were subject unto them. (Luke 10:17.)

33. JESUS SAID, “ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME IN HEAVEN & EARTH!” (Mt.28:18.) If God is God & He’s all-powerful & the Eternal & the Creator & “all things were made by Him‚ & without Him was not any thing made that was made,” what about the Devil? (John 1:3.) You mean God made the Devil? How many times have I told you, the Devil is working for the Lord! He does His dirty work for Him! Didn’t the star say something about, “I’m doing God’s dirty work”?

34. ARE THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD RIGHTEOUS OR NOT? Let’s say if the disasters in the film tonight actually happened, were they right or wrong? Should they have happened or not? This is the subtle thing that the film is really driving at which I think is going to escape most people. (Sara: I thought that it sort of hinted at that when the school burned & the woman doctor said, “What about the four little boys?” and he said, “That’s why I’m here today!”) That bothered him, the death of the teacher didn’t bother him, but the children dying bothered him.

35. (SARA: HE KNEW THE TEACHER DESERVED IT because he willed it on him‚ but he didn’t understand if it was God’s will or the Devil’s will that the little boys would die. Then he said, “I don’t believe in the Devil anymore than I believe in God,” but then he sort of left it open like he didn’t know what he believed anymore.) Well, that’s not saying you don’t believe, I could say that too: I don’t believe in the Devil anymore than I believe in God! (Sara: That’s exactly what he said!) Well, neither do I! I believe in the Devil just as much as I believe in God, because I believe they both exist!

36. SO HE WASN’T DENYING FAITH, in fact his whole approach was that he was convinced that there was something that was causing all this through him. I began to wonder if the film was trying to even insinuate that he was like the Devil in person—he had scrapbooks full of the disasters—that he was like Satan on Earth, or at least a man certainly possessed by Satan. But honestly now, thinking it all over & thinking about him, do you feel any sympathy for him? Do you feel that he was usually right & the judgments were usually just or justifiable, as horrible as they may seem?

37. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANE? You & I know what most Worldly people are like, I’ve heard of a lot of planes going down, there are lots of crashes & disasters. I figure that if there were any saints on board, well, they went to be with the Lord, & probably the vast majority of them got just what they deserved!—They were not God’s children & they were not believers & they were scorners & unbelievers who have probably rejected Christ many times & finally went to meet their judgment!—Whatever judgment that may be, I believe that it is also going to be just & justifiable.

38. THAT AUDIENCE WAS SO INSIPID & SO SICKENING, THEY MADE ME WANT TO PUKE!—The things they laughed at! They laughed at the people who were getting slaughtered by the collapse of that chapel where the priest got hit by the masonry & were being slaughtered, they clapped & laughed & thought it was great. They really rejoiced—if it was evil they were rejoicing in evil! (Dora: Another thing which also struck me was about his child, he loved his child so much!) (Maria: It showed his good side that he wanted a child.) Well‚ that’s another thing‚ what about her? Did you gather that she got what was coming to her?

39. HE SPOKE LIKE A PROPHET, with the justice & the reasoning & the justification of a prophet! In a lot of those cases he sounded like a preacher, he was preaching! That’s why they didn’t like him, because he always told the truth. Alfred & Sara have children, do you ever have to punish them? How does it make you feel when you have to punish them? Do you enjoy it? I had to punish my children, & sometimes I had to run off & cry afterward I felt so bad! But was it necessary?

40. IS IT NECESSARY TO SOMETIMES CHASTISE, to chasten, to child train & maybe even give a little corporal whack occasionally if nothing else works? Isn’t this what the Bible exhorts, that you need sometimes even to use the rod to teach a child, to drive the foolishness out of his heart? (Prov.22:15.) There were sure a lot of hearts there tonight that had a lot of foolishness that sure need the rod, & I have an idea they’re going to get it before long!

41. IS THE ROD WRONG? Do you enjoy using it? Can’t a parent really say that sometimes, that it hurts me as much?—Sometimes it hurts you more! I’d say it usually hurts you more than it does the child, to punish. I wanted to ask you some of these things while they’re still on your mind, while you’re still in the spirit of the thing, & see if you really got the point of the picture. To me that picture was a preachment! He in that picture, whether he was portraying a devil or a demon or whatever, he was like a prophet of God!

42. THAT FILM IS LIKE A WARNING TO THE WORLD WITH ILLUSTRATIONS & EXAMPLES OF THE JUDGMENTS THAT IT DESERVES, & the judgments that people deserve! He just happened to be an instrument able to hand them out. What prophet enjoys predicting doom? Jeremiah the weeping prophet probably predicted more doom than any other prophet‚ but then he sat down & wept about it! He didn’t like it, he didn’t want to, he said he wished he’d never been born! “Cursed be the day wherein I was born!” (Jer.20:14.)

43. IS THE JOB OF THE PROPHET AN EASY JOB?—To tell the people the truth, to warn them of the judgments of God‚ to even predict the judgments of God!—And in this case to be the actual instrument to bring about the judgments of God! That’s a little bit different slant than a lot of people are going to have about that movie! It’s like Abrahim said at the end when I saw it the first time,

44. “WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE who think they can fight these things with mortal means!” He was furious at the people in the movie who were approaching these things from the material standpoint. Even if he was the Devil in person, he was wreaking the judgments of God! So who are we, in other words, with mortal means, to try to fight the judgments of God?

45. WHO ARE WE, EVEN AS WEAK MORTALS, TO QUESTION THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD? (Path: His scrapbook full of all the disasters made you think that maybe he caused all these things that had been happening.) Of course that was the idea I think they meant to convey. It was almost as though he didn’t know for sure, but he was afraid maybe he was responsible. But the fact is, if they happened—& according to the movie they did—then they happened & God allowed them. Therefore they were with the permission of God & therefore, if you don’t want to say that God caused them to happen, God let them happen. Was He right or wrong? Hmm?

46. WHO WAS THE MEDUSA AND WHAT DID SHE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS WHOLE THING AT ALL? It was pretty difficult to grasp that. It came out in the early part when they were commenting on this piece of art. (Path: He said that she was a Greek Goddess & whoever looked into her eyes was turned to stone.) It also mentioned the fact that she was created to fight against certain other gods. I don’t know Greek mythology that well & the whole story.

47. I THINK THEY WERE TRYING TO CONVEY THAT SHE WAS CREATED BY THE POWERS OF EVIL, she certainly didn’t look very good, did she? And all you read about Medusa & that I’ve heard was that she seemed to be about as evil as anything, or as evil as she was good! She was created, it seems, like an evil force to try to combat the will of the gods. And as I looked I began to realise who she was in the movie! Who was she? (Dora: The doctor woman!)

48. THE WOMAN OF WISDOM, THE GODDESS OF WISDOM! Wasn’t that what Medusa was? Medusa was the goddess of wisdom, remember? (Maria: I think it said that in the movie.) She, the goddess of wisdom‚ with all man’s wisdom, was trying to fight what really amounted to the will of God!—And trying to destroy the instrument of God, in a sense the prophet of God!

49. AREN’T THERE PEOPLE WHO THINK WE’RE EVIL? Aren’t there people who think that if they would kill us they’d be doing God service? Aren’t there people who think that if they could destroy us the World would be better off? Are they right or are they wrong? (Family: Wrong!) To the World they may look very right & they may have some very good reason. It looked like she had every right to try to destroy & kill him! But I think the last scene brought out the fact that this power was beyond any human control!—And that’s what we got of course from Abrahim that night!

50. ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO LAUGH AT OUR PROPHECIES? Are there people who scorn & sneer & make fun of our predictions & rejoice when they think they don’t happen? Were there people there tonight making fun?—Sneering, scorning, ridiculing, laughing? I think that picture is a message‚ & I think that it was intended to be a message & a warning, & he was intended to be like a prophet!—Whether of God or the Devil, nevertheless a prophet!

51. IN ALL THESE CASES IT WAS ALMOST LIKE GOD WAS STARING THEM IN THE FACE & they had finally come face to face with their Creator & their Judge! Who was the judge in all those cases? Who was the real judge? (God!)—Through this man. We are the prophets of God‚ & maybe this will stretch your faith a little further:

52. THE PROPHETS OF GOD NOT ONLY WARNED THE PEOPLE & PREDICTED THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD, sometimes they even brought about the judgments of God! Can you think of any instances in the Bible where the prophets called down fire out of Heaven & themselves pronounced & brought about the judgments of God? There are quite a few times in the Bible where the prophets not only predicted & warned, but then by their faith & at their command, God sent the judgment! Has that ever happened with us?

53. CAN YOU THINK OF ANY OF OUR PRAYERS GOD HAS ANSWERED? I can think of several in which I got inspired to prophesy against people or nations & prayed fervently & God stepped in & judged, & did it! Doesn’t God answer our prayers? Does He promise that you can pray & if you have the faith you can even move mountains? Certainly in special instances you can call down the judgments of God. You can not only predict the doom, warn of the doom by the Word of God, but literally by your own faith in God bring about the doom. Is that possible or not, hmm?

54. SO IF HE FELT THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE WERE DESERVING OF IT, were worthy of it, which he certainly did obviously—he predicted the destruction of their temple & he as good as said they were worthy of it—then apparently his power or faith or whatever it was brought it about! After it’s happened‚ does it ever trouble the prophet? Read your Bible. Lots of times in the Bible the prophet grieved over it after it happened. Moses grieved over the judgments of God. Even Elijah & Elisha grieved & Jeremiah grieved over what God was going to do to the people; although he’d said it all the time, he wept over it.

55. BELOVED, THIS GENERATION IS WITHOUT EXCUSE, God is trying to warn them every way He can! That film is a powerful—what the movie trade calls—preachment! And I mean it had quite a few sermons in it, right? An anti-war blast, an anti-church blast & even a blast against this atomic age!—The next target was going to be the atomic nuclear plant. I mean man is playing with fire! (Dora: Like the part where he said‚ “Aren’t we all children of the Devil? We have the sun, but we use the powers of the sun to do evil!”)

56. HE WAS IDENTIFYING HIMSELF WITH MANKIND IN GENERAL & saying he too was guilty. We’re all guilty‚ aren’t we? Aren’t we all sinners? If it weren’t for the Lord, wouldn’t we all be children of the Devil?—If we hadn’t found the Lord, or the Lord hadn’t found us‚ right? He did in this case like prophets often do‚ they often identified themselves with the people. Moses even said, “If You’re going to destroy them, destroy me too!” Jeremiah pled with the Lord because he was one of the people & he considered them his people. If God was going to judge his people, & he was going to have to suffer with them, which he did.

57. THE MORE YOU THINK ABOUT IT, THE MORE YOU THINK WHAT AN AMAZING MESSAGE IT IS!—How powerful, & yet in a way so deep that only, I think you might say, the wise will understand! Only those who know the Lord & know God’s ways & His judgments & how the Lord works‚ & who have faith in His righteousness & His Justice & in His love & His mercy are going to understand what that picture’s all about! That picture was a blast at the very people who were guffawing & laughing & ridiculing & scorning. It was like they were laughing at the Prophet of God!

58. IS THE PROPHET’S TASK USUALLY A LONELY ONE? Most prophets were pretty lonely men! When it comes to the crunch‚ you often have to stand alone. Maybe that’s why I value your fellowship so much, I love to come down here & be with you & fellowship with you & visit with you, because in many ways we are very much alone. There is a place where even Maria can’t go with me, & she knows when I’m in that place. In a way she’s there, but in a way she’s only hearing what’s happening & getting it second hand. But I’m the one who’s really in it & experiencing it without her. In most of my dreams & visions she’s almost never there‚ I’m almost always alone.

59. THE JOB OF THE PROPHET OF GOD IS A VERY LONELY JOB, between him & the Lord. He acts like the high priest of God for the people, he bears the message of God, but he gets it alone from God & then he passes it on to the people. Was this man a lonely man?—A pitifully lonely man! (Dora: Who was the man who he talked to in the park?) I had a very strange feeling about that when it happened. It seemed to have nothing to do with the story whatsoever, & it shows only the man’s back.

60. I HAD A STRANGE FEELING THAT HE WAS TALKING WITH A GUIDING SPIRIT! I would like to see it over again because there are several things that go by so fast! It was a long picture at that, & they run it through so fast you don’t catch it! But I had a definite feeling like that person was his helper!

61. IN MANY OF THESE DISASTER STORIES, CERTAIN OF THE SURVIVORS FOUND THEMSELVES OUT OF THE CRASH—out of the car, out of the plane or somewhere clear out to one side & had no idea how they got there‚ & they were spared. There was one story in this “Life After Life” where the car doors were even locked & yet his body was found outside the crash! (Path: At first he was saying, “Did I cause it?”—But at the end when he was with her he just came out & said, “I did do it!”—Almost like he was trying to blast through to her. Was that what he was doing?)

62. I THINK HE WAS CONVINCED & HE WAS TRYING TO CONVINCE HER, but it seemed he was still not quite able to understand it or reason it out or why, why‚ why! “Why do I do this & what is wrong with me?” It was sort of like not knowing whether he was right or wrong.—Why does it always have to be destructive? Are not some of the angels of God angels of judgment? God spoke of an angel in the days of Egypt as the Death Angel. Man has his executioners whose job is destruction‚ so God must have some agents or angels—we certainly know the Devil is—whose job is to bring about judgment, destruction, disaster‚ catastrophe, like executioners.—Something causes disasters!

63. I DON’T BELIEVE IN THESE THEORIES OF “NATURAL” DISASTERS, that they’re just caused by normal means, blah blah! They happen too often in just the right places at the right times to the right people! You take just before the San Francisco earthquake, my mother said that was one of the wickedest places in the World, & the part worst hit was what was called the Barbary Coast which was a cesspool of iniquity! So every time I hear of a disaster or a catastrophe of any kid I think, “Well Lord, You know why You let it happen!” If thousands of people die, they must have been ripe for judgment somehow.

64. THEY ASKED JESUS THIS QUESTION ONCE, they asked Him if those people on whom the Tower of Siloam fell were all wicked. Do you remember what Jesus said? He really didn’t even answer them! He said something about that their time had come. (Lk.13:4,5.) He looked at His accusers who were the Scribes & the Pharisees who were trying to trip Him up with this question & said, “Your time is always ready!” In other words‚ “You’re due to go any time!” because of their wickedness. So thank God, our time has not yet come. He let us make a safe trip to the movie & back!

65. I FELT LIKE IT WAS NECESSARY TO SEE IT & UNDERSTAND IT, & I BELIEVE IT IS REALLY A MESSAGE FROM GOD FOR US! I would like to know more about it, if it was a book & who the author was & maybe we can find out more about it! After I saw “Solaris” I got the book & read it, because there was so much in it, & I wanted to see if I got what the author was trying to say. Well, let’s keep our eyes open for it! Bless your hearts, I didn’t mean to keep you so long, but I wanted to ask you a few of those questions‚ because in a way it troubled me. (Path: I thought that was really heavy when he went to the palmist!) I had an experience almost like that!

66. MARIA CAN REMEMBER WHEN MADAME M TOOK MY HAND SHE JERKED BACK LIKE SHE HAD AN ELECTRIC SHOCK! She said, “You’ve got more power than Merlin the Magician!” And then she went on & on & on & on about all those things about the books, “Oh the volumes I see, volumes & volumes!” Oh me! There were a lot of things in that I still don’t understand. Well, it hasn’t all happened yet, so I don’t even understand some of it! But apparently that really scared that guy‚ who said, “There’s been a great tragedy in your life!”

67. I THINK THE MESSAGE OF THE WHOLE PICTURE WAS THAT HE WAS LIKE THE DEATH ANGEL OR A PROPHET OF GOD! He was definitely a prophet against the evils of this World, right? In all of his judgments he was judging & prophesying against the evils of Humanity, wasn’t he?—Time & again! And even though he didn’t say much in his boyhood, it was obviously evil that he was condemning.

68. HE WAS OFTEN TROUBLED, AS PROPHETS ARE! Sometimes some things I’ve gotten have actually scared me & worried me & I wondered if I was getting it from the right source, believe it or not, & I’ve told you about some of these experiences. Well, does that help you understand it a little better? What do you think the superficial shallow unbelieving unthinking unwise World is going to think about it? What judgments do you think they’re going to pass on that film?—That he was some kind of a monster, demon-possessed, evil! (Alfred: That he was some cultist!) (Path: An ism!) Yes, an awful Guru!

69. HE HAD AT LEAST TWO OR THREE FOLLOWERS anyhow who believed in him! Ha! Some of them thought he was such a monster they tried to kill him before he did any more damage, but it was obvious they couldn’t stop the relentless power behind him. They may kill us‚ but they’ll never stop the Power that’s in us & behind us—it’s going to get them one of these days! So, praise the Lord!

70. I THINK IT WAS A REAL PREACHMENT TO THE THINKING PERSON & the person who understands at all & has any faith in justice & the righteousness of God!—They’re going to sympathise with the fellow. I think that court scene was one place where the audience really got the point & almost cheered. That showed there was a lot of anti-war sentiment there, that’s one thing the youth of America are strong on, & the youth of Britain too, anti-war sentiment, so they cheered him for that!—They liked that message! But I doubt if they’ll even understand some of those other messages.

71. I THINK HE WAS EVEN BLASTING AIRPLANES AS BEING EVIL, & in a way they are! They do a lot of evil, kill a lot of people, poison the atmosphere & they’re bringing the World too close together. If it were not for the airplane & aerodynamics, there could be no missile war, there could be no atomic war‚ because they’d have no means of delivery! It’s the airplane & missiles that are going to make the atomic war possible.

72. IN A SENSE, ALL OF THE THINGS THAT HE JUDGED & DESTROYED REALLY WERE BASICALLY EVIL. It’s obvious that airplanes are not of God! And even automobiles are not of God. God in His mercy lets us use them sometimes, & in His permissive will, but in all the things that I’ve had about the future, there aren’t going to be any airplanes or automobiles around! We’re going to go back to the same kind of transportation God created to begin with‚ nothing but animals & foot & cart & buggy & carriage & that sort of thing. Think of that! That’s kind of hard to believe, isn’t it, but it’s true!

73. HE SAID “NOTHING SHALL HURT NOR DESTROY IN ALL MY HOLY KINGDOM!” (Isa.11:9.) Well, that certainly rules out all the automobiles & the airplanes & the missiles & war & everything else man has made that have turned Earth into Hell! Man has turned a paradise into Hell on Earth with his inventions which are polluting, destroying & annihilating mankind himself!

74. SO AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, THE PICTURE’S A BLAST AT THE EVILS OF THE WORLD‚ & he was like a prophet of God, used as God’s instrument to try to destroy them! He had this power, but that even troubled him because he didn’t understand it.—And that’s often true about prophets & the things that happen. Ask Maria—we’ve had a lot of funny little things happen—sometimes not so funny—that in a sense we willed to happen, & some of them happened real quick! We ought to have kept a record of all those little things that happened.

75. I TOLD GOD TO RAIN FIRE DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN ON THOSE PEOPLE IN SICILY for what they did to Timothy there in Catania & judge that town, & we hadn’t been gone two weeks when Mt. Etna exploded in a serious eruption that was really shaking them up! And Mexico City that imprisoned our kids had a huge earthquake!

76. SO THE PROPHETS OF GOD CAN BE INSTRUMENTS OF DESTRUCTION, & have been all through history! God doesn’t always do it right away, & He does as much as He thinks they need or deserve. It may not always be as much as we’d like to sock it to them‚ but He does answer prayer! It’s amazing the things He’s done!

77. AMEN, LORD, HELP THIS TO HELP US TO UNDERSTAND OUR OWN MINISTRY BETTER‚ that it’s not always easy. Even for all of us as a Family it’s a lonely job. Even as a Family we’re alone & greatly separated from the rest of the World; they don’t even understand us & even hate us & want to kill us.

78. SOMETIMES, LORD, WE DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND OURSELVES & OUR MINISTRY & ITS SERIOUSNESS & ITS GREATNESS!—Not only to receive Thy Word & pass it on to others, to warn & to predict & to give them Thy warnings & predictions, but sometimes, Lord, to even pray to bring about some of these things on those we know deserve them & to beg for Thy righteous judgments, & that sometimes You answer our prayers & You do it! We thank You for it!

79. SOMETIMES IT HAS EVEN TROUBLED US, LORD, afterward, & we have wondered if we prayed too much or too little or whatever. Some of the answers have sometimes even bothered us & troubled our own spirits, as even some of Thy prophets of old. Sometimes it worried them about what happened as a result of their own prayers‚ the destruction of the peoples & their enemies.

80. THANK YOU LORD FOR HELPING US SEE THE MESSAGE IN THIS FILM FOR US & to sober us & make us realise how important our mission is & our message & our office as Thy Prophets of warning the people & blasting the evils of the System, & even helping to bring about its destruction. Give us a good night’s rest, safekeeping & rest these tired bodies‚ Lord, who’ve sacrificed this extra time to think on these things, in Jesus’ name, amen. TYL. PTL! Let’s go to bed, shall we?

81. I TELL YOU‚ I COULD HAVE REALLY GOTTEN IN THE SPIRIT SEVERAL TIMES on that thing tonight, & I knew the spirit of the prophet had to be subject to the prophet & I had to keep, as they say, at a low profile! I have a bad enough profile as it is! So you see, Alfred‚ the quick surface judgment is not always the right one, because it wasn’t necessarily all evil, & he wasn’t necessarily all evil.

82. AND YET THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO MISJUDGE IT & think that it was nothing but evil & he was evil & some evil power that they should have destroyed—just as they think of the prophets of God usually as being evil powers which should be destroyed. They kill them, they always kill them. Why else would they kill them unless they think they’re evil & should be destroyed? They plotted to kill Jeremiah lots of times. Plotted to kill Paul. Plotted to kill Jesus!

83. THEY TRIED TO KILL EVERY PROPHET OF GOD because they thought they were evil! They didn’t realise how evil they themselves were! They thought they were right & even doing God service. So, PTL, that helps us remember the Scripture to never answer a matter before you really think & pray on it & understand it, or you might misjudge it. (Pr.18:13.)

84. THEY REALLY LAUGHED THAT ONE OFF & REALLY RIDICULED IT & MADE FUN OF IT, just like they do the prophets of God, & just like they do the warnings, predictions, messages & even the judgments of God! So that’s a pretty shocking interpretation & I doubt if very many people can get that interpretation!—Do you?

Nivea of the Sea

David Berg

—Another of God’s Mysteries!DFO 104915/9/81

—God Loves a Mystery!—Don’t You?

—By Father David

1. AMEN! PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! I GOT IT! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! I was just thinking about this weird dream I had this morning sitting here wondering what possible meaning could it possibly have. It was just a total mystery to me. I think God likes mysteries, He sure has a lot of’m! I think He enjoys us trying to figure’m out like a puzzle or like a detective story, & He kind of gets pleasure out of sort of leading us on & giving us clues & cues just like playing a game‚ the same way we do with our own children sometimes.

2. MARIA LOVES TO PLAY A LITTLE GAME WITH TECHI: HIDING THE PAPER CLIPS! She scatters paper clips around different places in the room, & them we play “Hot & Cold.” Did you ever play “Hot & Cold”? If she’s getting near where one is hidden, we say, “You’re getting warm!” And if she gets real near we say, “You’re getting hot!” And if she’s practically right on top of it or maybe even lays her hand right down on where it is & doesn’t see it, we say, “Oh, you’re burning up! You’re getting burnt!”

3. IF SHE WANDERS IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AWAY FORM WHERE THE PAPER CLIPS ARE, then we say, “No, you’re cooling’ off. You’re getting cold.” And if she gets further & further we say, “Oh, you’re just freezing! You’re absolutely freezing!”—She’s getting so far away from where the paper clips are hidden. She really enjoys that little game, she gets a big kick out of it! Her eyes open wide & she smiles & she creeps along & almost tiptoes this way or that & loves to have us mystify her this way, & I think God does the same thing in a way!

4. AND THEN OF COURSE THERE IS A SPECIAL INCENTIVE TO FINDING THE PAPER CLIPS, because for every paper clip she finds she gets a peanut, & sometimes she gets as many as 15-20 or more peanuts for finding so many paper clips! The minute she finds one she comes running & puts it in Mama’s hand, or puts it on Daddy’s little table, & she’s so proud as her little stack grows & she’s got more & more paper clips piled up until she’s just about got’m all! The whole mystery is solved & she’s proud of herself that she found so many paper clips!

5. —SORT OF LIKE WE DO WITH GOD’S LITTLE MYSTERIES! He lays down a mystifying puzzle before us, then He keeps giving us cues and clues to what the solution is & how to solve it & where to find it, etc.‚ little by little sometimes‚ & we get so proud of ourselves & He gets proud of us too when the little pile of findings & solutions begins to grow & the jigsaw puzzle picture begins to fill out & we begin to solve it & understand it.

6. SO OFTEN IT’S THAT WAY, HE DOES IT LITTLE BY LITTLE. I think in almost most of my dreams that I’ve told you about, I didn’t get the interpretation of some of these really queer, weird, crazy dreams until I had the faith to begin to tell you. Right? And then as I would relate it, the Lord would give it to me what it meant.

7. MY DREAMS HAVE COME THIS WAY & I would wake up in the morning & not have the faintest idea what this strange dream meant! But then as I exercised my faith & believed it & acted on my faith enough to have the courage to tell you & relate it to you, then the Lord would reward my faith & believed it & acted on my faith enough to have the courage to tell you & relate it to you‚ then the Lord would reward my faith by giving me the answers!

8. JUST LIKE TECHI DOES IN FINDING HER PAPER CLIPS, the more she finds & the more she goes the right directions & she’s approaching her findings & her solutions‚ & the more answers she both have a lot of fun playing that game of “Hot or Cold,” of hiding things & searching for them. It’s fun for both the parents & the children. You know those Easter Egg hunts & those scavenger hunts & all those hunting games that we used to play? Even “hide-&-go-seek,” that’s the basic principle of the mystery of where they are.

9. YOU THEN THERE USED TO BE A GAME CALLED “I SPY,” I’ve forgotten how that went. But I think you’d pick out something in the room that you were thinking about‚ & then you’d ask the kids to guess what it was & give them different clues. And whoever thought they’d guessed it would look at something or say, “I spy” and they’d name it, & then you’d tell them whether it was the right thing or not until they finally hit it. Then they got to be “it” & decide on something & have everybody else guess it.

10. YOU KNOW‚ THE LORD REALLY LOVES TO PLAY GAMES WITH US‚ BELIEVE IT OR NOT, just like we parents like to play games with out children, & the children love it too. I get a real bang out of it! I get a real challenge out of some of these dreams. I wake up & I know I got it from the Lord & I know it’s very important & very impressive & still vivid in my mind‚ but it can be just as weird as this dream this morning with the most peculiar, strange, almost impossible happenings & seem to have absolutely no sense or meaning whatsoever until the Lord begins to give me little clues & little cues & little hints. PTL!

11. SO THE LORD LOVES A MYSTERY!—AND I LOVE A MYSTERY! I BET YOU LOVE A MYSTERY TOO! Mystery stories are some of the most popular stories in the World, even the Bible is full of mysteries & conundrums & in a sense guessing games. They called it riddles when I was a kid. I wonder what ever happened to the old riddles?—There used to be lots of little riddles that you told & got people to guess what it meant. I don’t know, maybe kids just aren’t that smart any more today, or maybe the parents aren’t that smart & they don’t want any of those old-fashioned guessing games & riddles, conundrums as they’re sometimes called.

12. BUT EVEN IN THESE LAST DAYS, MAN’S LOVE OF MYSTERIES HAS NOT ABATED, although they’ve gotten up into Outer Space now & space stories & science fiction stories & all kinds of weird mysteries completely out of reality, some of them almost as crazy as some of my dreams! But anyway, I love a mystery, & God loves a mystery!

13. I THINK HE REALLY LIKES TO ALMOST TEASE US WITH THESE MYSTERIES SOMETIMES, because it really makes us pray, for one thing, to find the solution, to find the answer, to find the amazing interpretation sometimes of these very weird, strange, almost crazy dreams & puzzles that He sets out before us.

14. HE DOES THAT EVEN SOMETIMES IN TRYING TO FIND HIS WILL. He lets us think it’s a lot of things & try a lot of things & have a lot of opinions. My mother used to take a piece of paper & draw a line down the middle when she was trying to decide on maybe a couple of different things, which one she was supposed to do, or something that she was thinking about doing. Column one would be “for” & column two would be “against,” & she’d put down all the things in favor of doing that thing & all the things against it; all the things that were good about that choice & all the things that were bad, the alternatives.

15. GOD SETS CHOICES BEFORE US LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME! That’s almost the name of the game, this whole game of life is Choices, constant choices. We have to make decisions‚ really thousands of them every day, tiny little decisions of every kind of what we’re going to do & what we’re going to write or what we’re going to see.

16. WE HAVE TO MAKE DECISIONS TO DO ALMOST EVERY LITTLE TINY THING OF THE DAY, except that we get into making the same kind of decisions so much about our daily habits that they just become a habit. We get in a sort of a rut & therefore we don’t any longer have to make so many decisions. As my father–in-law used to say when he was exasperated by how we never knew what we were going to do next & we seemed to have a rather disorderly schedule as far he was concerned.

17. HE SAID, “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY! You have to make so many decisions every day about what you’re going to do. All these years I’ve done the same thing every day‚ got dressed‚ ate breakfast the same time‚ ate the same kind of breakfast, went off to work at the same job for nearly 50 years. I couldn’t live my whole day through without hardly having to make one single decision because I do exactly the same thing every day!”—What a monotonous humdrum life! When he told me that‚ that really didn’t turn me on a bit, because I really like the excitement of variety‚ even the mystery & uncertainty & excitement!

18. PEOPLE EVEN LOVE SUSPENSE and go to see suspense movies & thrillers. They’ve got movies classified as suspense, thrillers, mysteries, romance, etc.‚ & it seems to me that variety is really the spice of life!—And that means having a variety of choices, a variety of answers, a variety of alternatives as to what you want to do or what God wants you to do, or what God even suggests that you do.

19. HE DOESN’T ALWAYS DEMAND THAT YOU DO A CERTAIN SPECIFIC THING, He usually gives you, believe it or not, a range of choices between certain frequencies, like you have a range of choice of wave lengths on your radio that you can choose what station you want to listen to, between certain limitations of the frequencies of your particular radio or your waveband.

20. YOU’VE GOT A LOT OF CHOICES IN-BETWEEN. You can’t go any lower than a certain spot on your radio & you can’t go any higher. He sets limitations on your choices at both ends, both directions, high or low, or left or right, or up or down or whatever. But within this range He gives you a variety of choices that He will allow you to make yourself.

21. I THINK I ILLUSTRATED IT TO YOU ONE TIME LIKE A TUNNEL. You were allowed to find your way through the tunnel any way you wish, but you should be making progress & not going backward. The tunnel restricts you, limits your side-to-side wanderings, & it always leads the right direction, it always has a goal, there’s light at the other end of the tunnel.

22. IT’S SIMILAR TO HOW THE EUROPE MONETARY SYSTEM IS GOVERNED. Since they have allowed their currencies to float in Europe in relation to each other & in their exchange values, the EEC, the European Economic Community—or the Common Market as it’s commonly called—allows their currencies to float within a certain range in relation to each other.

23. SOME CALL IT THE TUNNEL, OTHERS CALL IT THE SNAKE GOING THROUGH THE TUNNEL. The snake can wiggle back and forth from side to side of the tunnel, but it still can’t go any further than that either right or left, & to make may progress it has to go ahead. So they have likened their currency arrangement in Europe to a snake. Well, it certainly is governed by the Serpent, that’s for sure!

24. BUT ANYHOW, THE LORD REALLY DOES LIKE A MYSTERY, & people like mysteries, & I like a mystery, you like a mystery, don’t you? Now let’s be honest! We’re excited by guessing games & mysteries & puzzles, riddles, conundrums. Nearly all games have a certain element of that in it, or unexpected chance.

25. GAMBLING GAMES ARE REALLY MYSTERIES, THEY’RE REALLY GUESSING GAMES. You don’t know how it’s going to come out, you don’t know how the dice are going to fall‚ you don’t know where the little ball’s going to land on the roulette wheel‚ you don’t know where that Wheel of Fortune is going to stop when you’re playing around with your kids at the local fair or the carnival & you pay your 25 cents to let the wheel roll & you wonder where it’s going to stop, & if it stops on the right number you get a prize!

26. AND WE LIKE SURPRISES, ESPECIALLY PLEASANT SURPRISES! Children get all excited about surprises‚ don’t they? They love to have a surprise. I’ll never forget we were giving a surprise to the children one time & Techi was the last to come in. She said‚ “Where’s my surprise? Where’s my surprise?”— She wanted a surprise too!

27. SURPRISE IS LIKE A PRIZE RIGHT? Part of the surprise is the prize‚ but it’s gotta be a sur-prise in order to really appreciate the prize! You have gotta sometimes find it, hunt for it, search for it, have a hunting game, hide–&-go-seek, you’ve got to really really seek for it. “Ah,” you say, “the Lord doesn’t do things like that!” I can even give you a Scripture for it: “Seek & ye shall find‚ knock & it shall be opened unto you, ask & ye shall receive!” (Mt.7:7).

28. THE LORD LIKES HUNTING GAMES, HE LIKES SEEKING GAMES, GUESSING GAMES, MYSTERIES! He likes you to have to hunt for it, to which one’s going to open; & when one opens, He likes for you to have to ask for it. Because this is all exercising your faith in Him & His Word & His divine guidance & magnanimity, His parental love. It shows you trust in Him when you obey Him, even if you don’t know what’s at end of the road.

29. IT SHOWS YOU HAVE FAITH IN HIM WORD IF HE TELLS YOU TO DO A CERTAIN THING: “Now go that direction, now you’re getting warm, now you’re getting warmer, you’re getting hot, you’re getting so close, oh, you’re almost burning, you’re so close!” He gives you cues & clues that way, & if you start going the wrong direction, let me tell you‚ He very very soon warns you that you’re cooling off or you’re growing colder.

30. HE SAYS, “THE LOVE OF MANY SHALL WAX COLD” (Mt.24:12.), so pretty soon you’re freezing like “The Frozen Book Dream” (No.383) & you’ve gotten so slow & sluggish & cool & cold until you’re absolutely frozen stiff & good for nothing! You’ve gone the wrong direction, far away from Him, far away from your goal, far away from the prize, the surprise, & you’ve lost it entirely until you have just been gone away so long, backslidden so long, so cold & frozen that you’re stiff you can’t even move any more!

31. YOU CAN’T EVEN LOOK ANY MORE, you can’t even search any more, you don’t even move any more! You’re stuck in a rut, the roots are grown down, you’re frozen like a block of ice into the System & you’re as dead as the ice itself! You’re cold, frozen, no feeling. You know, when you’re frozen—one of your limbs or fingers or something is frozen—it has absolutely no feeling whatsoever, & the Lord even has a verse about that.

32. HE SAYS THAT AS WE BACKSLIDE & GET AWAY FROM THE LORD THAT WE BECOME “ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD.” What are the three things? Alienated from the life of God, darkened in our understanding, until we’re past feeling (Eph.4:18,19). Think of that! You drift away from the Lord, alienated from the life of God, darkened in your understanding. Because you’ve resisted the truth, resisted His will, resisted obedience, you’ve drifted further & further away from the Lord, alienated from the life of God.

33. UNTIL HAVING RESISTED THE TRUTH SO LONG YOU BECOME DARKENED IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING—You can’t see the light, you can’t understand any more what’s going on!—Because you resisted the truth there’s nothing left for you but a lie, darkness! Until finally the worst & the last stage of all, you’re so cold & so frozen that you can’t even feel any more—past feeling! That’s what’s happened to some of you folks, & that really is, in a way, what this dream is all about.

34. THE LORD, IN TRYING TO SHOW YOU HIS WILL, ALMOST ALWAYS GIVES YOU THE STARTING CLUE. It’s like some of those little games you play‚ those pathway games like Monopoly & some of the games we put into the Kidz Mag, the maze games, etc. You throw the dice or you spin the needle, it lands on a certain number‚ you go so many hops & when you get there it tells you what to do. Or maybe you draw a card & it tells you what to do next.

35. NEARLY ALL GAMES HAVE AN ELEMENT OF MYSTERY‚ OR THEY WOULDN’T BE ANY FUN, RIGHT? What if when you played “hide-&-go-seek” you already knew where everybody was hiding?—That wouldn’t be any fun, would it? What if you knew ahead of time exactly how things were going to come out on the game board?—There wouldn’t be any mystery to it, would there? There wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t any mystery to it & it you didn’t have to search for it & look for it & work for it & play for it & try to find it & try to win.

36. IF MOM PUT THE PAPER CLIPS OUT RIGHT IN SUCH OBVIOUS PLACES that Techi didn’t even have to look for’m, she wouldn’t get near as big a kick out of playing the game‚ they’d be too easy to find. A game’s got to be a little bit difficult & it’s got to have some guessing & some element of the unknown, the mysterious‚ the puzzle, the riddle, the conundrum. It’s got to have those unknown factors of the mathematical problem. To me, a mathematical problem is a real challenge, you’re seeking for the answer! This is true of all mathematics, all mathematics is composed of problems & answers & ways of finding the answers.

37. ALL OF LIFE IS THAT WAY, THAT’S WHY GOD PUT US HERE!—To make decisions & choices & search for the right thing & try to find the right direction‚ try to follow Him & His leading in the right paths to His goal‚ & this causes us to seek Him more in prayer, to ask Him for the answers. It makes us more dependent on Him as our Parent to try to find the right way & to get the right answers & go the right direction, make the right choice, to land in His only right will.

38. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY, “DON’T TALK ABOUT GOD’S BEST & HIS SECOND BEST & SO ON. As far as the will of God is concerned‚ there’s only one best, that’s His best, His first best, His first choice! And if you take second choice, so-called His second best, it’s nor really His second best, it’s your best, not His!—Because it’s not His highest & best will & the thing He wants you to do the most!”—And even this dream illustrates that very thing too.

39. A LOT OF YOU ARE GETTING AWAY WITH WHAT YOU CALL GOD’S SECOND BEST. You know it’s not the highest & best that He called you to on the mission field, to preach the Gospel in all the World to every creature, because you weren’t willing to pay the price.

40. YOU WEREN’T WILLING TO REALLY WORK FOR IT & SEARCH FOR IT & seek it & find it & get the answers & really depend on God by faith & follow Him closely & live by faith & seek God with all your heart & mind & soul constantly in order to get the answers & get support & get fruit & win souls & really witness!

41. YOU JUST KIND OF DRIFTED AWAY FROM THE LORD. You thought it was a little too hard work to pray, it was too difficult to keep asking God for answers & for things, so you just sort of drifted away. You quit asking, you lost interest in the answers, didn’t even want the answers.

42. YOU’D JUST RATHER GIVE YOUR OWN ANSWERS & GO HOME & TAKE AN EASY RUT JOB, dead-end job like my father-in-law, where you could just live the same way every day over & over, day after day—the same schedule, the same old job, the same old things. Your could go through it by habit almost in your sleep without even thinking, not having to seek God for answers, not having to depend by faith on His Word, not having to really search & seek & knock & ask & play God’s guessing game & solve His mysteries & find the answers to His riddles.

43. YOU LOST INTEREST IN THE GAME. You’re tired of playing games. You’re tired of playing God’s game. You’re tired of working for it and having to pray for it and trust God and to have faith for it and search for it & seek & find & knock & ask & really go after it! You’ve lost sight of the goal‚ you’ve lost even a desire for the goal. You’re not even interested in the answer any more, you don’t even want to solve the mystery.

44. YOU’RE TIRED OF MYSTERIES, YOU’RE TIRED OF PUZZLES‚ YOU’RE TIRED OF PLAYING GAMES WITH GOD & you’re tired of seeking the Lord in prayer, desperate prayer, & trusting His Word in desperate faith & walking on by faith, just putting your foot out because God says so, taking a step forward, and even if you don’t see anything to step on or stand on, just trusting God to stick the ground right under your foot by the time it lands!

45. YOU’VE GOTTEN TIRED OF THIS GAME GOD PLAYS WITH US that He enjoys & that we enjoy who love the exciting‚ the suspense, the thriller, the mystery, the surprises‚ the variety & the thrill of living by faith, the excitement of the challenge of stepping out on nothing by faith & letting God just put something there for you to stand on by the time your foot hits the ground! Praise God! I love it!—Don’t you? It’s thrilling!—It’s exciting!—It gives zest to life!—Sparkle!

46. I KNOW IT’S HARD SOMETIMES, & SOMETIMES I ALMOST GET FED UP & I wish the Lord wouldn’t be so mysterious & I wish He’d make things a little plainer & give me an answer‚ But almost every major decision we have ever made, God originally made it a mystery, & we really had to search for it. We really had to search for it. We really had to knock on some doors until the right one opened and ask some folks until we got the right answers, until we found the fight place & the right place to go‚ the right place to land.

47. WE’VE JUST SENT A COUPLE OF OUR BOYS OUT SEARCHING FOR A NEW PLACE FOR US TO LAND, A NEW AREA. It was a mystery! It was exciting! They went out like Abraham‚ not knowing whither they went hardly; in fact, the place they finally landed wasn’t even the place we sent them to, wasn’t even the place we thought we were going to go to! But when they found the place, they just had the witness of the Spirit that that was it, & when they told us about it we were all excited because they had found it! “I found it! I found it!”

48. JUST LIKE DEAR OLD ARCHIMEDES WHO DISCOVERED THE PRINCIPLE OF FLOTATION. He was in the bathtub one day, I think it was, when he discovered the principle of flotation. If you know anything about physics, the weight of the amount of water displaced by a certain object floating in the water like a boat, etc., was equal to the weight of that object itself. The weight of the amount of water displaced by the object floating, is equal to the weight of the object, & if the weight of the object is more than the weight of the water displaced, it will sink.

49. ANYTHING THAT FLOATS SINKS IN A LITTLE BIT, RIGHT? Even you! But if you’re too heavy for the amount of water you’re displacing, you’ll sink to the bottom. Fat, you know‚ oil, is lighter than water, did you know that? And if you’re pretty fat you’ll float! Like that little fat woman, Mrs. Five-by-five, that I baptized in my little swimming pool in Arizona behind my little church I built that time! The water was only five feet deep where I was going to baptize her, but that was about as tall as she was, & she was almost that broad too!

50. AS I LED HER OUT TOWARD THE LITTLE DEEPER HOLE where I usually stood people to baptise’m, all of a sudden she began to chuckle & said rather excitedly, “I’m floating! I’m floating! My feet aren’t touching the bottom!” She got a little scared. She was so fat that as I walked her out to the hole she began to float!—And I had a hard time pushing her under when I baptised her, she was so buoyant! Maybe she thought it was some kind of miracle on the day of her baptism!

51. WELL, ARCHIMEDES JUMPED OUT OF THE BATHTUB, AS I RECALL THE STORY, STARK NAKED, & went running down the hall screaming, “Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!” which means, “I’ve found it! I’ve found it! I’ve found it!” in Greek. He was all excited because he’d found the solution to this great problem about boats floating. And believe it or not, guess who have been almost the most successful ship line owners & shipping magnates for hundreds of years ever since?—It’s been the Greeks! Even now when other shipping companies are going broke & losing business, they’re still sailing!

52. THE U.S. IS PRACTICALLY GOING OUT OF THE PASSENGER CRUISE BUSINESS & big ocean liners like they used to have, & so are most of the European nations. All the big rich countries that used to have big rich boats, like the QE2, etc., they say they’re losing money. The Isle de France lost money so they finally sold it to the Norwegians who are such good shipping people that they renamed it the Norway, didn’t they?—And it’s running cruises down into the Caribbean‚ etc., all the way from Scandinavia!—

53. THAT’S SOMETHING FOR YOU GUYS TO THINK ABOUT UP THERE‚ BY THE WAY! You want to get to the Caribbean? Well, there are Scandinavian cruise ships that still sail from Scandinavia & stop by Britain, too, & pick up passengers‚ & France & pick up passengers at Cherbourg, & go on down & cruise the Caribbean (the Navarino of Greece). Some of them cruise the Mediterranean too.

54. SO DEAR ARCHIMEDES SHOUTED “EUREKA!” HE HAD FOUND THE PRINCIPLE OF FLOTATION & water displacement which is very important to ship-building‚ to know that the weight of your ship is not going to be more than the weight of the water displaced or it’ll sink. The weight of the ship has got to be less than the amount of water displaced. So the Greeks have been great ship–builders & ship-owners & ship line operators ever since.

55. AND JUST RECENTLY MWM HAD AN HMS MWM DAY ON BOARD A GREEK PASSENGER OCEAN LINER cruise ship in the Mediterranean‚ operated by the Greek line Epirotika, & on the very same ship that Maria & I went all the way from Italy to Israel upon, on a six-day Mediterranean cruise‚ the Hermes, believe it or not!

56. AND JUST RECENTLY WE FOUND OUT THAT THERE’S A GREEK COMPANY STILL OPERATING TWO OLD SCANDINAVIAN SWEDISH VESSELS that used to make the trip across the ocean between Stockholm & New York, the Kungsholm & the Gripsholm. I don’t know what’s happened to the Kungsholm, but the Gripsholm is still making cruises. By the way, whether you want to go to South Africa or South America or the Caribbean or wherever, that old Gripsholm that used to take my rich aunt, my father’s sister, all the way from New York to Stockholm every Summer for her Summer vacation, is still sailing! Only it’s under a new name now, I’ve forgotten what it is. It operates all the way from Southampton, goes clear down to South Africa‚ & then it goes across to South America & up the coast to the Caribbean, I believe it is, & then it goes back again.

57. THEY’RE VERY EXPENSIVE CRUISES, OF COURSE, because you spend weeks & weeks on them, full room & board, luxury travel, three or four square meals a day & all kinds of free entertainment. They have swimming pools, night clubs, dancing, music, all kinds of pastimes, card games, tennis, squash or whatever, all kinds of things that they give you to entertain you & amuse you; staterooms like hotel rooms. like hotel rooms, & every possible sort of luxury & comfort you can possibly imagine to make your long voyage very happy & restful on your long vacation.

58. WELL, IMAGINE THAT, THE GREEKS ARE STILL OPERATING SUCCESSFULLY MANY CRUISE SHIPS & ocean liners, whereas nearly everybody else has given up on them. The airplane’s practically taken over the tourist traffic, but the Greeks still manage to make it successful, God bless those Greeks! And maybe it all started with a monumental momentous discovery by Archimedes when he shouted, “Eureka! I found it!” Hallelujah! TYJ!

59. ISN’T THAT THE FUN OF THE GAME, WHEN YOU FINALLY WIN? Isn’t that the fun when you finally find the answer, you got the solution to the mystery? Isn’t it exciting when you’re watching a mystery movie & you’re wondering who the criminal is, who’s the guilty one? They’ve got all these people sitting in the parlour & one of them has got to be the criminal or all these are on board a ship or on a train or in a hotel or on a plane.

60. I LOVE THESE GROUP MYSTERIES where they’re all riding on a boat or a plane or a train or in a hotel, the same hotel lobby or something, or all in the same house. You know somebody there has got to be guilty, & you’re just so excited trying to figure out who it is! Every now & then just for relaxation & recreation, Maria & I just lie in bed & watch a mystery movie.

61. SHE LOVES MYSTERIES & I DO TOO! They’re exciting! Challenging! They stimulate your intellect, they stimulate your curiosity, they stimulate you! They pep you up & get your blood circulating, your heart beating rapidly & excited, & they get you going! A lot of people really need something to get’m going, let me tell you!—Some kind of stimulus, some kind of excitement, some kind of a challenge‚ some kind of a mystery, some kind of a puzzle, riddle or problem.

62. SO GOD HAS JUST FILLED LIFE FULL OF PUZZLES & PROBLEMS & MYSTERIES & excitement & suspense & challenge & puzzles & all these mysteries to challenge our intellect, challenge our spirituality, challenge our faith, challenge our trust in the Lord, to challenge our spiritual fiber & our spiritual muscle & to get us going to want to find out the answer!

63. IF YOU’RE PAST THAT STAGE & YOU’RE SO DEAD & DULL & COLD & FROZEN that you don’t even care to find the answer any more‚ you don’t even like challenges, you don’t like mysteries, you don’t like puzzles‚ you don’t like playing games any more, you don’t like God’s little mysteries‚ you don’t like having to pray so hard to find the answer, you don’t like having to just step out by faith on almost nothing trusting God to give you the answer, you just don’t like seeking & knocking & asking any more & you’ve given up, well, you’re as good as dead!

64. YOU’RE ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD, you are darkened in your understanding, & you’re past feeling—or you’re coming dangerously close to being past feeling where you don’t even feel like it any more. You don’t even feel the presence of God any more, you don’t even hear the voice of His Spirit any more. You’ve lost the light in your life & your life has become dead & dark & cold, & you’ve become so frozen cold that you’ve lost even feeling, you don’t even feel it any more—past feeling!

65. HOW HORRIBLE‚ HOW TERRIBLE TO GET SO COLD & SO FROZEN THAT YOU’RE PAST FEELING! I frozen my two heels when I was in the army standing out in the snow for four hours, I froze both Achilles tendons & I was almost crippled up for awhile. I knew my feet were getting cold‚ but when those heels began to get where they were even past feeling, I knew I was in a dangerous condition!

66. AND LET ME TELL YOU, FOLKS‚ IF YOU’VE GOTTEN SO FROZEN YOU’RE EVEN PAST FEELING, YOU’RE IN A VERY DANGEROUS CONDITION!—When you don’t even feel like it any more, you’re not even challenged by the mysteries of God any more, you’re not even trying to find His will anymore, you don’t even have the feeling to want to find His will any more.—You’re past feeling, you’re dead, you’re just like the churches that have gone to sleep & left their engines running—only sometimes I wonder if the engines are even running!

67. LIKE THE LITTLE GIRL SAID ABOUT THE KITTY WHEN IT WENT TO SLEEP & she heard it purring, “Oh Mommy, the kitty’s gone to sleep & left its engine running!” You know how a cat will do when you pet it & it closes its eyes & kind of goes to sleep & it’s purring away? Well, that’s like a lot of you Christians, a lot of you folks our there that have gone back home & taken jobs in the System, sent your kids to the godless schools.

68. YOU’VE JUST FROZEN RIGHT BACK INTO THE SYSTEM, ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD, darkened in your understanding, past feeling‚ & you’ve gone to sleep & your engine is just even barely running. You’re in a rut, you’re frozen. You went back to where you don’t even have to think any more, you don’t have to pray any more, you don’t have to make decisions any more, you don’t have to have any more mysteries. You know exactly what you’re going to do every day, you think, & you have the same old job, the same old schedule.

69. YOU LIVE IN THE SAME OLD RUT EVERY DAY—get the kids up for school in the morning, send them off to school, get yourself off to your job, work all day, come home tired, switch on the TV‚ have your beer, have your smoke, sit there stupefied, numb, dead‚ frozen, hypnotized, past feeling, & finally fall into bed exhausted! And what have you accomplished?—Nothing but earning a living, nothing but existing‚ nothing but just surviving—& if you stay where some of you are in the cold North, when the war comes you’re not going to survive!

70. BUT RIGHT NOW YOU THINK‚ “WELL‚ I’M AT LEAST ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING, I’m surviving‚ I’m supporting my wife & children, I’ve got a nice home & a car & a TV & a video & a good job, good income & we’re making it. Even though we did leave the plow behind in the foreign field‚ the mission field, God is good to us, God is merciful & He’s allowing us to do His second best. We witness a little bit on weekends, we go out sometimes in the evening with the kids & sing on the corner, pass out lit. We do a little here & there.

71. “WE COULDN’T QUITE MAKE IT ON THE MISSION FIELD, WE COULDN’T DO GOD’S BEST‚ but we’ve come home & we’re getting by & we’re managing to get along, & we’re doing a little bit for the Lord. We’re not completely gone, we’re not completely backslidden, we still belong to the Family, we still tithe, we still witness a little, we still tithe a little bit, we still sing together a little bit, the children sing now & then, here & there for friends & family & relatives, etc., but it was just too tough on the mission fields.

72. “IT WAS TOO MANY MYSTERIES, TOO MANY RIDDLES, TOO MANY PUZZLES, TOO MANY PROBLEMS, TOO MUCH PRAYER, too much faith & trust, we just didn’t have it!—Too much uncertainty, we just decided we just had to come home, we just couldn’t make it. It was too absolutely mystifying, too many problems, too many riddles, too many questions, too many mysteries, too hard to find the answers, too hard to get support; we just gave up & quit & left, came home where we can just live by habit in a rut & do the same thing every day & not have to worry about accomplishing very much for the Lord, & just manage to exist & survive.”

73. LET ME TELL YOU, IF YOU’VE GOTTEN THAT FAR OFF, YOU ARE REALLY IN BAD SHAPE!—Like a lot of you still left there in the cold frozen North or in the States or in Europe. For awhile you said you were going to go back & you were going to get a job & you were going to make some money so you’d have enough money to go the field, to go South, but you just got stuck in a rut & you drifted further & further from the Lord, alienated from the life of God, darkened in your understanding—you couldn’t even think clearly any more, couldn’t even see the will of God clearly any more—& finally past feeling, you didn’t even feel like it any more!

74. YOU’RE SATISFIED WITH YOUR RUT, YOU’RE SATISFIED WITH YOUR STICK-IN-THE-MUD JOB. You’re content just to sit down stupefied in front of your TV & relax a little bit after a long hard day’s work in which you didn’t have to think but just do the same old thing over & over again all day long. You didn’t have to pray, you didn’t have to think, you didn’t have to find any answers, you didn’t have to solve any problems, you just went through the thing like a zombie.

75. YOU COULD ALMOST DO THE JOB IN YOUR SLEEP because you’ve done it so many times over & over & over again, the same old thing, day in & day out‚ week in‚ week out, month in‚ month out‚ & pretty soon it became year in & year out & you finally didn’t even realise that you were really stuck & you didn’t even seem to have any desire to go any more.

76. YOU NO LONGER HAD ANY IDEA THAT YOU WERE SAVING UP MONEY TO GO TO THE MISSION FIELD—about all you’d been able to save up was debts & more & more debts & credit card debts & payment debts on houses & cars & lands & utilities & video & colour TV & all the rest‚ & you’re so deep in debt now that you can’t even see any way out, & you’re stuck with it!

77. YOU’RE CHAINED TO IT, YOU’RE TIED TO IT, YOU’RE IN BONDAGE‚ YOU’RE A SLAVE OF IT. Like the old song Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing, wasn’t?

“Sixteen tons & what do you get?

Another day older & deeper in debt!

St. Peter‚ don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go,

I owe my soul to the company store!”

So that’s the way you’ve gotten. You’ve gotten back there & wanted so many things & comforts & luxuries that you’re so deep in debt with payments & credit cards that it doesn’t look like you’ll ever get out of the hole!

78. YOU’LL NEVER GET OUT OF DEBT, YOU’LL NEVER GET EVERYTHING PAID OFF, much less save any money to go to the mission field! You are really stuck! The Devil’s really got you bound, chained in a pit, the slime pit of the System! You’ve gone back to your vomit & your wallowing in the mire, & you’re almost a hopeless case! May God have mercy on you & show you what’s wrong with you!

79. MY OH MY, HERE I WAS JUST GOING TO TELL YOU A LITTLE MYSTERY God gave me this morning & I got into all that! But I’m just trying to prove to you that God loves a mystery, just like you love to play games with your children & they love to play games with you. A child who’s really got some umph & get up & go & some drive will love to play the games with you, & he loves the challenge & the problem & the search & the find & all the rest, the excitement, the suspense, the mystery of it all!

80. IT’S FUN! AND APPARENTLY GOD THINKS IT’S FUN! And when we play games with our children like that, we think it’s fun. We have fun with them‚ they have fun with us! God has fun with us, we have fun with Him in playing this great Game of Life with all of its mysteries & challenges & clues & cues & different cards & different rolls of the dice or whatever it may be. There’s one thing you’re not doing—you’re not gambling or taking any chance if you trust the Lord. If you’re following Him.

81. HE’LL GIVE YOU CLUES & CUES TO LEAD YOU ON STEP BY STEP, but just like on that pathway game, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you next till you land on the next stop, so how can you plan ahead? How can you know everything that’s going to happen unless you take that throw & you make that move to the next space on the board, & then it tells you what to do. And that’s exactly the way god plays His game too.

82. HE’S NOT GOING TO TELL YOU ALL THE HOPS YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE & all the jumps you’re going to make & all the spots & spaces you’re going to land on ahead of time. He makes you just find His will, cast the lot, cast the dice, & find our how many moves He wants you to make next, how far He wants you to move next to that next space. If up comes number 7, well, you count seven spaces & you land on number 7, & there on number 7 it tells you what to do next, or tells you to draw a card that tells you what to do next. And God works the same way, believe it or not.

83. HE LIKES YOU TO PLAY THIS GAME BECAUSE HE LIKES YOU TO EXERCISE YOUR FAITH. He likes you to go ahead in what some people call “blind” faith—actually it’s seeing faith, in a sense, because you’re seeing God! You may not see the answer, you may not know the solution, you may not even know the place He’s leading to or what you’re going to find, but what did Moses do? He like Abraham went out not knowing whither he went but trusting God to fulfill His promises.

84. MOSES WENT OUT REALLY IN A WAY NOT KNOWING WHERE HE WENT. It says that he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of seeing—pleasures of the season—yes‚ the seeing‚ that’s for sure!—You only see for a season sometimes, & seeing is not enough. It says because he had respect unto the recompense of the reward, as seeing Him which is invisible. (He.11:25–27.)

85. WE HAVE TO TRUST GOD EVEN THOUGH WE CAN’T SEE HIM. We have to go ahead & follow Him even though we can’t see Him or exactly where He’s leading. We just have to go along following His little mysteries & His little hints & His little cues & clues that He drops along the trail & that He leaves behind, like Pocahontas left little pieces of her dress along the trail so that John Smith could find her & recapture her & marry her to John Rolfe.

86. THE LITTLE INDIAN PRINCESS, JUST A YOUNG TEENAGE GIRL, MARRIED THIS FAMOUS MAN JOHN ROLFE, one of the pioneers of Jamestown, I think it was‚ & she became his wife & a princess of Jamestown instead of just princess of the Indian tribe. She became the wife of a famous man & went down in history.

87. WELL‚ WHEN SHE WAS BEING KIDNAPPED BY HER TRIBE & taken away because for some reason they didn’t want her to marry that stranger, in order for the British under John Smith to find her, she tore off little tiny bits of her dress as she went along‚ leaving little scraps behind on the pathway so they could trace her. And sure enough, they traced those little scraps of cloth, & as they found each one they knew it would lead to another one & they knew they were going the right direction & they finally found Pocahontas!

88. THEY RECAPTURED HER & MADE A GOOD DEAL WITH THE CHIEF, her father, & convinced him that John’s intentions were good, that he meant to marry her & not just use her, & that he meant to really take care of her & that he really loved her & wanted to make her his wife, & as I recall the story, they then relented & let them have Pocahontas & let the little Indian princess get married. But it was a mystery for awhile, he had a hard time finding her.

89. WELL, GOD SORT OF LIKES THOSE MYSTERIES, He really likes you to sort of really trust Him by faith. You know, the world’s motto is: “Seeing is believing!” If I see it‚ then I’ll believe it.” Well, that’s not God’s motto, the motto of God’s Word is “Believing is seeing!” If you’ll just believe & trust God’s Word & trust Him & obey Him & do what He tells you to do, go South, not even knowing maybe where you’re going to land, God will give you the answers. You will eventually see what you’re supposed to do & where you’re supposed to go & how to do it. I found that so many times.

90. OUR BOYS JUST TOLD US SO THRILLED LAST NIGHT, that they found just what they feel is the right place & it sounded good to us & we said‚ “Go ahead. Praise God!” However, when we sent them off we didn’t know really where they were going, & we didn’t even except then to land in the city they finally landed in or find a place where they finally found one. We were aimed at a totally different city.

91. SO GOD LOVES A MYSTERY! AND I LOVE A MYSTERY! DON’T LOVE A MYSTERY? What’s the matter with you that you’re such a freak & such a deadpan & such a dummy & a zombie & a deadbeat that you’re not even excited about mysteries or conundrums or problems or puzzles or playing games with the excitement, the suspense & the thrills of finding solutions & answers!

92. IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR SCIENTISTS LIKE DEAR ARCHIMEDES, we might never have known how to float ships & the Greeks how to run shipping lines. But he found a solution: “Eureka! I found it!” He was all excited because he’d been looking for the solution to this problem for a long time & he suddenly discovered it sitting in the bathtub! I don’t know whether he was playing with his toys or what, like our kids do!

93. BUT ANYWAY, “WHAT ABOUT THAT DREAM, DAD? What’s that crazy dream you had? You got off to preaching us a sermon!” Sometimes I think the Lord deliberately gives me some strange peculiar dream that I do not understand & it’s absolutely weird & I cannot savvy it at all, just to get me started talking to tell you the dream so He can give me the interpretation. And sometimes it seems like the interpretation hardly has anything to do with the dream or the lesson that God makes me give you in this course of telling you the dream & interpretation. But in this cases it is very applicable & very real & has a definite genuine connection meaning.

94. I’VE ALREADY HAD A LETTER ON “GOD’S LITTLE MYSTERIES,” maybe this is “God Loves a Mystery” or “I love a Mystery,” or, maybe we’ll just name it after what the sign was in the dream—”Nivea of the Sea!” It’s about a sea goddess named Nivea, Nivea of the Sea, & it’s one of the most peculiar strange odd dreams I ever did have!

95. SOMETIMES I HAVE TO SEARCH ALONG CLUE BY CLUE, cue by cue, hint by hint, warm, warmer, hot, or cooler, cold, colder, & so on, until I finally find it. Or sometimes, like He did today when I was asking the Lord, “What in the World does this mean? I can’t tell head nor tail of this dream what it means, Lord?” Suddenly just like I’m in a dark place He just like turns on a big flood light & illuminates the whole scene!

96. WELL, PTL! HERE WE ARE ON SIDE 2 OF THIS TAPE ON “I LOVE A MYSTERY” & “God Loves a Mystery,” & we’re playing His mysterious game of faith & trust & obedience, play by play, card by card, roll by roll, jump by jump, we’re playing God’s game of little mysteries. Well, I’d better tell you the dream before tell you the dream before I get to preaching again.—Ha!

97. I DON’T KNOW THAT I CAN REMEMBER EVERY DETAIL because it seemed like it was a little longer, but certain parts have sort of faded out & now it’s been so long, I’ve been preaching at you so long, & it was this morning & now it’s nearly noon. But there are parts of it that were so vivid & so dramatic & emphatic that I couldn’t possibly forget’m, & I guess those are the parts the Lord wants me to remember to tell you & to inspire this little message that God’s already given you. PTL!

98. WELL, FIRST OF ALL, IT WAS AT NIGHT, IT WAS DARK; in a sense, I was in the dark. We were at a sort of a junk yard full of old building material & old stuff from old wrecked buildings & wrecked places, & the funny part about it was there was an old TSC sign standing there‚ & then there was an old Huntington Beach sign standing there. I thought‚ “Boy oh boy, how did these signs all get in this one place?”

99. THEN I WENT OVER & LOOKED AT THEM & DECIDED TO PICK OUT THE ONE THAT SAID “HUNTINGTON BEACH,” because we needed some kind of a sign or a name for the place we were living‚ out on a kind of a farm out in the country. I thought, “Well, TSC, we’ve had that. Huntington Beach, that’s got good memories & that’s good old happy days of yore, let’s take the nice Huntington Beach sign!”—In fact, it seemed to be in better shape. “We’ll take that out to our farm & stick that up as the name of our place—Huntington Beach!”

100. NOW IN THE REVELATION I JUST RECEIVED A FEW MINUTES AGO, the Lord showed me that this is exactly what some of you people are doing in going back to the States & back to Europe & back to home again‚ you’re going back to he old things‚ you’re going back to the old ways, you’re trying to revive old memories & old ways of doing things & old contacts‚ old friends, you’re really going backward!

101. INSTEAD OF LEAVING THOSE BEGGARLY ELEMENTS OF BEGINNINGS FAR BEHIND & forgetting the past‚ pressing forward to the things that are before & the high calling of the Lord in Christ Jesus & His highest & best on the mission field, you have gone back to some of those old basics like our old bases, TSC & Huntington Beach, & you’ve gone back to the old rut, the old way.

102. YOU PICKED UP A FEW THINGS OUT OF THE OLD JUNK YARD OF THE PAST & you’ve tried to set’m up again & revive old memories & old ways & old things & old friends & old places‚ & you’re really living in the past. I mean, you’ve really gone backwards in time!

103. IT WAS LIKE WE WERE TRYING TO REVIVE THIS BY-GONE DAY & REVIVE OLD TSC—it was sort of like TSC where we put up this sign “Huntington Beach,” certainly a strange combination! Well, the Lord likes peculiar strange weird combinations, particularly when they’re symbolic to represent things, & all of that definitely represents trying to revive the past, going back to the past.

104. MANY OF OUR OLD FAMILY BACKSLIDERS DIDN’T LIKE THE NEW WINE, they didn’t like the new news, they didn’t like the new ways, they didn’t like the new organization, they didn’t like the new leadership, they were still part of the old Chain-Saul’s old chain, & they liked it that way. And each time we had another revolution we left them further behind until finally they’re out of it altogether!—Because they thought we should have kept things the way they were & the old leaders, etc.

105. THE RNR REALLY SHOOK A LOT OF THEM OUT OF OUT HAIR, & if that didn’t do it‚ some revolutions we’ve had since then have! But they’re way back there in time‚ they’re way back there like Deb & Jeth & them still trying to revive the old things, the old ways & really making a mess of things. Poor Mom, she’s still trying to revive the churchy ways, & Deb & Jeth‚ some of the old Chain-Saul school ways, etc.

106. OH, BY THE WAY, WE PUT UP THE “HUNTINGTON BEACH” SIGN ON THE TSC RANCH. We used to always have to have a sign to direct people from the main highway, U.S. 80, out there at Thurber, or not far from Mingus & Strawn, 25 miles to the North of Stephenville in Central Texas, & about 70 miles West of Ft. Worth. That’s where TSC was—out in the middle of nowhere!—Like you now!

107. WE USED TO HAVE A SIGN OUT ON THE HIGHWAY‚ & sometimes dear old Ho would take his bus out there with his orchestra on top & they would play away to attention with a big sign on the side of his bus: “THIS WAY TO TSC! FREE ROOM & BOARD FOR HIPPIES” & whatnot, to attract attention there to get them to come out & hear the Gospel & join us, become new disciples. And boy, we got lots of them! The place boomed from the 125 that first landed there to over 300 before they left!

108. SO WE PUT UP THIS SIGN ON THIS NEW TSC. It seemed to be awfully dark, everything was dark & at night, isn’t that strange‚ because it was like it was in the dark‚ in the darkness of the past‚ trying to revive the past. Forget the things of the past!—Press forward toward the future God’s Word says. Seek the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Praise God? Forget the things of the past! It’s gone forever!—You’ll never revive it!

109. I GOT SO CONVICTED ABOUT THAT ONCE! I had all my photo books of all the memories of the past, the things that I used to do, & I so treasured those photo books of the past & all those old photos, that God, on two different occasions, two different floods, had to completely ruin them to where I could hardly salvage a thing! He wanted me to forget the past! Live today! And don’t worry about the future either‚ but press forward toward whatever direction God’s leading.

110. WELL, IN THIS DREAM, INSTEAD OF ATTRACTING NEW DISCIPLES, do you know what it attracted?—Robbers! There were some kind of though bums or something, young hooligans walking down the highway & they saw our sign & they came threateningly to our door as though they wanted to rob us, so that we had to pick up our guns to warn’m away & shoo’m off!

111. THAT’S ABOUT THE SHAPE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE IN THERE IN YOUR RUT JOBS, dead-end jobs what you’ve gotten into in the States & Europe & whatnot, & North America, Canada even. You’re trying to revive the past, & instead of attracting new disciples, all you’re attracting is robbers & thieves & criminals & attackers & enemies! All you’re doing is letting them know where you are at so they can attack you!

112. A LOT OF YOU FOLKS HAVE GONE BACK HOME & DISCOVERED THAT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE DEVIL WANTED that’s exactly what your enemies wanted! Your folks or parents or relatives immediately called the deprogrammers & kidnapped you & put you through torment & torture & the third degree & the inquisition, or took away your children.

113. OR YOUR WIFE OR YOUR HUSBAND LEFT YOU & STOLE THE KIDS & YOU LOST EVERYTHING, including getting a judgment against you for alimony & child support, so that you were not even able to get a passport to leave the country! You couldn’t even get away, you’re not allowed to leave the State. You were commanded by Court Order to stay there & not leave the state without permission, you’re on probation of some kind.

114. INSTEAD OF ATTRACTING NEW DISCIPLES & BEARING GOOD FRUIT your going back & your trying to revive the past has borne very bad fruit, & your advertisement of your return & your presence back home again has only notified your enemies to attack you & only caused you trouble, nothing but trouble!

115. WELL NOW, THE NEXT SCENE, I WAS IN THIS SORT OF A PRETTY SPANISH COURTYARD, PATIO THEY CALL IT. Some of the hotels even, the great haciendas & villas in the Spanish & Spanish-American, Latin American areas, they’re built around beautiful huge gardens called patios or courtyards, full of flowers & beautiful plants, etc.—Very pleasant, very pretty, very cool in the hot nights with openings, breezeways, so the breeze would blow through.

116. THE HOUSE SURROUNDS IT SO THEY CAN SIT OUT IN SAFETY AND COMFORT IN THE PATIO & still in privacy from your neighbors & even in safety & security from your enemies‚ & yet be able to sit outdoors but surrounded by the house.—Very convenient type of construction that’s very popular amongst the Spanish & Spanish Americans in particular.

117. IT WAS ALMOST SORT OF LIKE IN A WAY SOME OF YOU HAVE GOTTEN SORT OF SETTLED DOWN, & maybe some of you have sort of gotten settled down even on the field, because it was quite obviously a sort of a Spanish–American, Latin-American house. Maybe you got to the field, but maybe you settled down on the field in some kind of a job at some kind of a good income & you’re not a missionary, you’re just a mover, that’s all. You didn’t go to the field & become a missionary‚ you just moved to a foreign country, that’s all.

118. WELL‚ AS WE WERE SITTING THERE‚ THERE WERE SEVERAL OF US—there were quite a few of you‚ too, by the way, you backsliders & you sticks-in-the-mud that have gotten settled down‚ whether it’s at home or on the foreign field—& suddenly two or three very beautiful native girls ran playfully through the patio topless, very exciting & stimulating, almost like they were deliberately trying to sort of flirt with us & tease us to follow, & I had my eyes especially on one of them.

119. SO, LEAVE IT TO ME, I JUMPED UP & RAN AFTER THE NATIVE GIRLS, especially this one with cute little bare bosoms hanging out who’d smiled at me so sweetly & was very coyly, shyly trying to entice me to follow her, obviously. I ran through one of the doors that led off the patio into this bedroom, but she wasn’t there. Obviously I hoped to catch her in the bedroom, but she hadn’t bedded. So I quickly ran on through the bedroom out the door that ran into the hallway in the house looking for her, searching for her, & finally ran out of the house looking all around trying to find her.

120. SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN ENTICED TO THE MISSION FIELD by some beautiful sexy appealing enticing goddess of that field who wants you to come & follow her & to help her people‚ & you have actually made that step & you have tried to follow to the field & you have gotten there, but you’ve gotten settled down, & she’s still trying to entice you out into the field away from the patio & the house, to get out in the field & preach the Gospel to all her country, all her people, every creature!

121.—TO GET OUT OF YOUR RUT, GET OUT OF YOUR SETTLED DOWN BASE & GET OUT IN THE FIELD the hungry parts of the country that have really not been already soaked & saturated & over-worked with the Gospel & with out lit & with our people, etc. There’s a real danger of that happening in some places in South America, Central America & Mexico particularly which is easy to get to where a lot of you are piling up to where you bump into each other on every street corner litnessing! So she was trying to entice me out of the house & somewhere outdoors into the field.

122. SO GUESS WHERE I NEXT FOUND MYSELF, OF ALL THE FUNNY THINGS?—I found myself in this trailer, in the water! Now, a lot of you folks have finally broken loose enough to go mobile, & you got yourselves a mobile outfit, camper, trailer, truck, whatever, & you’ve broken away at least that much & you’ve at least gone mobile.

123. BUT YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THAT TRAILER OR THAT CAMPER STILL SORT OF DROWNING IN THE SEA, or at sea as to what you’re supposed to do or where you’re still supposed to go where you should minister, and in a sense your trying to revive the old, the old past. You’re trying to live like Mom & Dad did with their little flock when they were here 15, 20 years ago—many years ago!

124. THIS IS THE WAY THEY LIVED HERE IN THE STATES‚ this is the way they lived on the road‚ this is the way they did it—& it’s still a symbol of trying to revive the past & what we used to do in the old days when the U.S. still hadn’t heard out message & we were just beginning to shout it from the housetops & beginning to litness.

125. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, THAT DAY IS GONE! It’s past! So many of you have gone back there & tried to revive the old Mom & Dad Mobile Ministry & the old church Invasion Ministry—which has had its day! I’ll admit‚ God will still use it, God will still use you—if that’s the best He can get you to do—& He’ll still perhaps help you get started that way to break you & shake you loose from that house & that job & to invade the churches to help get your support.

126. BUT DON’T DROWN IN IT! DON’T GET STUCK IN IT!—Because we were drowning in this trailer, literally you might say drowning! The trailer was absolutely full of water right to the ceiling‚ or almost to the ceiling, maybe we went up & had an inch or two at the top to gasp a little breath of the reviving Spirit of God & then had to hold our breath underwater while we were swimming around in this water & trying to get out‚ looking out the window. But it seemed like we were locked in, we just couldn’t get out!

127. HAVE YOU GOTTEN INTO A MOBILE MINISTRY THAT INSTEAD OF LEADING YOU TO THE FIELD HAS JUST GOTTEN YOU LOCKED IN to where you can’t get & you’re stuck with your trailer, you’re stuck with your trailer, you’re stuck with your mobile outfit? Instead of becoming a freedom & freeing you to go to the field‚ your camper has become a prison & you’re drowning in the Mobile Ministry & you’re locked in & you just can’t seem to get out to the field.

128. WELL‚ WE WERE DESPERATE & IT SEEMED LIKE THE WATER WAS RISING HIGHER ALL THE TIME. Suddenly we saw a little group of native kids passing by this kind of rectangular back end of the trailer, you know how they have sometimes a big window. And here we were swimming around trying to survive & keep from drowning inside this trailer & we saw these native kids laughing & playing as they walked down the road a few yards away from our caravan window.

129. I SAID, “QUICK! WE’VE GOT TO GET THEIR ATTENTION SOMEHOW!” And I looked around & I saw this sign that said in big bold letters at the top: “NIVEA.” And then in little slightly smaller letters like a subtitle it said, “Of the sea.” “NIVEA of the Sea!” And I grabbed the sign & stuck it in the window facing the little kids & banged real hard on the window, knocked real hard on the window trying to attract their attention.

130. SUDDENLY THEY SAW US & THEY RAN OVER TO THE WINDOW HAPPY & EXCITED & they were saying, “Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! There’s Grandpa!” We were knocking & trying to yell at them through the window & the water, but you can’t talk underwater, really, & it’s almost impossible for anybody to hear you. If you ever did any underwater swimming, you try to yell in somebody’s ear & it’s very difficult to hear each other underwater. Well, we were banging on the window‚ excited, trying to tell’m, “Open the door! Unlock the door so we can get out!” And they got the idea & said, “Yes, yes! Quick! Go get somebody to help Grandpa to get out, to help’m get out!”

131. OF COURSE, I WAS HAVING TO HAVE THE DREAM FOR YOUR SAKE, undoubtedly, because I don’t think I’m stuck in any trailer or any situation, we move nearly every three to six months & we stay on the field! But I’m sure I had the dream for your sake because it’s the shape you’ve gotten into. Because that’s the meaning I got, the revelation the Lord gave me. So the little kids were all excited & happy they’d found us there, & they real quick ran to get help!—And I woke up, just like that!

132. AND WHAT A MISSION FIELD THE LITTLE NATIVE KIDS ARE, EVEN CHILDREN IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY, in the home countries & the great rich Northern continents, even the little children are a mission field! You need to get out of your rut & out of being so stuck in the old ways of doing things that you need to really try to search out a mission field. Even if you’re still stuck in the home country, children are a mission field.

133. I CONSIDER CHILD EVANGELISM A VERY WORTHWHILE MISSION FIELD—even if it’s in your native country—because the children are a completely brand new fresh mission field full of native children, many of whom have never really heard the Gospel, never been really shown who Jesus is & how to get saved. Even though their parents may be church people & all the rest, just like some of your parents were, they never really led you to churches that could lead you to Christ, & they never old you to Christ‚ & they never preached you the Gospel, & you never knew what it was to be saved or to know Jesus or His love or to take Jesus into your heart until we along.

134. SO I CONSIDER THAT THE LITTLE CHILDREN‚ THE CHILDREN OF EVEN YOUR NATIVE LANDS, your homelands, are a mission field in themselves. So if you’re stuck there & you can’t get out any other way, get out & preach to the children, “Open the Door for the Children!” God bless Aaron, Peter, Kerry & their little puppet team there in Australia who made all that beautiful scenery & those cute little puppets. The video they made of their puppet shows just fascinated our children, they loved it!

135. THESE PUPPET SHOWS ARE A MARVELOUS WAY OF REACHING LITTLE CHILDREN! It’s a marvelous door opener to get into places & put on your program in hospitals, institutions, orphanages, schools & places where little children are. It’s a good door opener‚ a foot in the door, kind of a wedge to get your way in order to entertain the children. The authorities will usually let you in & they will even encourage you, even sometimes pay you some places to come in & put on puppet shows! So you really do have a marvelous opportunity there with these puppet shows.

136. I’LL SAY THIS FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT‚ I consider that even in a home field the children are a fresh raw mission field.—Of course‚ not nearly as good as the native children of the foreign fields who really are in ignorance & darkness & need your light, along with their parents, but at least it’s better than the old Gospel-hardened, Gospel-saturated older generation who have heard it so much & are so hardened to it doesn’t even make a dent in their insulated devilish armor of indifference & unconcern & rejection!

137. THE LITTLE CHILDREN STILL NEED JESUS, PRAISE GOD, & little children are still a fresh new beautiful native mission field! Little children are still a marvelous place for child evangelism, felt–o-grams, puppeteers, puppet shows, skits, video shows, all kinds of ways of attracting little children—showing them movies or stunts or clowns or anything to attract little children, to get their attention.

138. AND THEIR ATTENTION ISN’T ALWAYS EASY TO HOLD because they like excitement, they like action‚ they like movement, they like something different—& how much we ought to be like little children, huh? Some of you have really grown to be old stick-in-the-mud old fogies, old hardened older generation that likes to just settle down.

139. KIDS LOVE TO MOVE! THEY LOVE ACTION! THEY LOVE CHANGE! THEY LOVE TRAVEL! Don’t ever say it’s too hard on kids, that’s a lie! What you’re trying to do is use the kids for your excuse because it’s too hard on you! I remember all my young days I loved to travel! I loved it every time we made a new move & made a new change to new places and new faces, new experiences, new exciting adventures, & we kids loved it!

140. WE LOVED IT EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT HURRICANE, wading around in the water on the floor! Anything new, different, exciting‚ challenging, a new mystery, a new friends, new experiences, new playground, new swimming spot, new friends, new languages even—kids pick’m up quicker than their parents!

141. I TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW MY WIFE EVE’S SISTER & BROTHER-IN-LAW WENT TO BRAZIL & lived in Sao Paulo for two years learning the language, & they hadn’t been there two months & their little kids playing out with the neighbor kids had already learned it so that when they went to the store downtown shopping they had to take the children along to be their interpreters! And they hadn’t even cracked a book, all they had done was mingle with the people!

142. DON’T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT WHETHER YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE OR NOT. Let me tell you, when you get there & you’ve got to talk it as we have in many a country, you’ll learn it! Ho even picked up Arabic … & picked up several different languages of the different countries that we’ve had to move to.

143. SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHETHER YOU’RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE OR NOT, “Oh, I can’t learn a language, I’ve gotten too old, blah, blah, blah!” Well, let me tell you, I’m older than you are & I’ve learned several languages, at least enough to get by in town & on the streets or the restaurants, & you can do it too! (Read the new Letter, “Found Girl & Languages!”)

144. I USED TO SIT FOR HOURS & WITNESS EVEN IN SPANISH, my little childish present-tense Spanish, to learned doctors of the law & important businessmen & government officials down there in Tenerife & Madrid & places like that, talk away & witness to them about the Lord in my little childish infantile present–tense first-grade Spanish!—And you can do it! You’ll learn it; don’t worry. If you have to go there, you’ll learn it.

145. JUST THINK, IT ONLY TOOK YOUR LITTLE CHILD TWO YEARS TO LEARN YOUR LANGUAGE‚ how about that?—And he never cracked a book‚ he never cracked a thing but a smile! And he had to learn it from scratch without even having anything to go by except you & your words & your motions & the meaning of your actions & the things you pointed to & you repeated the word‚ you said the thing, & your little one–year-old child learned it!

146. AND THAT’S THE WAY YOU LEARNED YOUR LANGUAGE‚ FROM SCRATCH! You learned a whole language in only two years! As they say, it only takes you two years to learn to talk & the rest of your life to keep your mouth shut! Well, praise God! You’ll learn the language, don’t worry about it.

147. BUT IF YOU KEEP STICKING IN THAT OLD MINISTRY THAT YOU’VE GOTTEN STUCK IN, even if you’re mobile, you’re going to drown, suffocate in the stuffy old ways of the old things & old methods & in old fields unless you get inspired at least by the children to get out in some child evangelism & neighborhood felt–o-graph stories or videographs or puppet shows or clown stunts or whatever it may be.

148. MAY GOD HELP YOU TO WAKE UP & TO GET OUT, & in this case it was, “Children open the door for me & let me out of this place!”—I was drowning in this trailer! Now whoever heard such a crazy dream as that, drowning in a trailer full of water & having to stick up a sign in the window, “Nivea of the Sea!” Well, that was the last thing, I couldn’t imagine what in the World that was the last thing‚ I couldn’t imagine what in the World that meant!

149. BUT IT CAME TO ME AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING, THIS IS SOME KIND OF A HINDERING SPIRIT that is trying to drown us & suffocate us & choke us & quench our spirit, quench our fire, quench our ministry, lock us in & bind us in some old kind of plan & program, even mobility, even still on the road in our home country, trying to preach the Gospel, this is some hindering spirit, Nivea of the Sea!

150. AND THEN IT CAME TO ME THAT ANOTHER THING THAT’S HINDERED A LOT OF YOU PEOPLE FROM GOING IS THAT OCEAN! That sea between you & the foreign field has really been a hindering spirit, a real seemingly insurmountable obstacle! You just couldn’t figure out how to get across it. You’re at sea as far as finding a solution for your fare to get across the ocean, across the sea—& you’ve got to go overseas to most mission fields from the home countries whether they be North America or Europe, you have to cross the sea—the Caribbean or the Atlantic or the Pacific or the Mediterranean or whatever.

151. SO NIVEA OF THE SEA HAS REALLY HINDERED YOU! That evil goddess of the sea has really scared you out & bound you & nearly drowned you, & has been not just your Nivea but your Nemesis * which you just couldn’t seem to conquer. The sea has held you back, the sea has gotten you down, the sea had almost drowned you, suffocated you & hindered your ministry‚ hindered you from getting to the field. (* Goddess avenger of violations of sacred law!)

152. SO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS PRAY DESPERATELY! Put up a sign, “Nivea of the Sea is keeping me from going! Help!” Bang on the window! Knock on the windows of Heaven! Bang & pray & yell & ask God & His precious little angels & spirits of Heaven to help you get out of that mess & not be blocked or hindered by the sea or the evil hindering spirits or Niveas of the Sea, but to ask for help!

153. IF YOU JUST CAN’T SEEM TO MAKE IT YOURSELF & YOU CAN’T GET OUT, you’re locked in, you’re drowning, pray desperately! Put up a sign! Knock, bang away, yell, pray‚ ask for help—& advertise‚ as Maria says. Do something! Try to get out. Ask for help! Pray! Put an ad in the Want Ads of the Magazine for a place to go, somebody to help you. Some people have even been putting want ads in the newspaper, the local papers, & have gotten floods of response, people wanting to help an independent poor missionary trying to get to the field! Hallelujah! GB’m!

154. SO BANG AWAY! YELL LOUD! KNOCK ON THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN! Knock on the windows of the world! Knock on the windows of opportunity! Knock on the windows of rescue & help for the cute happy little native children outside that want to help you & love you, & those still young in spirit & those still childlike in their fresh attitude toward new things & toward you, who can go running for help & get help to try to get you out.

155. SO THERE YOU ARE! THERE IS THAT DREAM‚ “NIVEA OF THE SEA!” Don’t let that evil hindering goddess of the sea prevent you from getting to your field. Call for help! Knock & it will be opened unto you! Seek & ye shall find! Ask & ye shall receive! You’re just not trying hard enough! You’ve just sort of given up & you’ve just settled down & you’ve just sunk beneath the surface.

156. YOU’RE DROWNING, SUFFOCATING UNDER YOUR HINDERING WATERS & HINDERING SPIRITS & you’re letting them have the victory over you. You’re letting the Devil win, you’re surrendering‚ you’re giving up, you’re quitting! My God‚ don’t do that or you sure will sink into a sea of despair never to come up again!

157. TRY TO GET OUT! ASK! KNOCK! SEEK! FIND!—Beg the Lord for help & I know He’ll help you! I just know God will help you! You just haven’t gotten desperate enough. “In the day that you call unto Me with a whole heart I will answer thee!” “Call upon me & I will answer thee and shew thee great and mighty things!” (Jer.29:13; 33:3). You haven’t gotten desperate enough, you haven’t cried with a whole heart, you haven’t really begged God to get you out of it. You haven’t wanted to get out of it bad enough.

158. BUT NOW MAYBE IF YOU SEE THAT YOU’RE REALLY DROWNING, really drifting so far away, alienated from the life of God & getting dark in your understanding where you can’t even understand the Letters any more because you resisted the truth so long & the Devil’s filling your mind & heart with lies & the lies of enemies‚ until you’re almost past feeling!

159. WAKE UP! QUICK! HURRY!—BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP or you become totally hypnotized, totally unconscious & you just can’t even feel any more, can’t see any more, don’t know any more, & you’re as good as dead, dying & almost dead in the land of the millions who, though now living, are already dead! God help you!

160. GOD HELP & FREE YOU, LIBERATE YOU, FROM THESE HINDERING SPIRITS OF THE OLD WAYS OF DOING THINGS, the old ministries, the old past‚ trying to revive old dead horses & vehicles & ministries & places & friends when you need to break out! And if you can’t get out by yourself, for God’s sake, bang away & yell loud & ask for help!

161. I’M SURE THE LORD WILL SEND YOU SOME KIND OF HELP TO FREE YOU & LIBERATE YOU to where you can get out in the fresh wide open freedom of the open spaces with lots of fresh air and sunshine and good exercise on a nice fresh field, good spiritual exercise with deep breaths of fresh air of His Spirit and the heartwarming work and witnessing and litnessing and following that beautiful, lovely, sexy, topless goddess of some new native country that is trying to entice you to come love her and woo and win her and enjoy her to the end, till Jesus comes! PTL? Amen! GBY!

162. WELL, THAT IS THE DREAM & THAT IS THE MEANING THEREOF, as Daniel said, “Behold, the Lord hath given the King a dream that has been revealing your present situation, & the past as well as the future!” So may the Lord bless & keep you & help you to get out of it & get going & on your way & liberate you & free you from these old traps of these old ways & the old places & the old faces & the old friends & the old jobs & the old System & all the traps of the Devil!

163. THAT TRAILER FULL OF WATER WAS A REAL TRAP, IT WAS A DEATH TRAP!—And we were almost gone! You’d better get out quick before it’s too late. And if you can’t get out on your own, then cry for help! Ask somebody else to help you get out & I know God will answer, in Jesus’ name. Amen! PTL! GBY all, we love you, and we hope to see you someday, somewhere down south and hear you’ve already arrived where God wants you to be.

164. “FORGET THE THINGS THAT ARE BEHIND‚ press forward to the things that are before, & seek the high calling of God that is in Christ Jesus!” (Ph.3:13,14). Don’t settle for anything less than the best! Don’t sink down in despair! Don’t drown in your sorrows! Try to get out! Make an effort! Ask for help & I know God will answer—& others will answer too. Amen?

165. PTL‚ FAMILY? YOU’LL HELP’M, WON’T YOU? GBY! I know you will try to help these who want to really get out & get to their field, or back to the field again, or to a new field‚ in Jesus’ name! GBY! Even if it’s only the child evangelism field of your home country, that’s a real field!—If you can’t get out!—Or,

166. MAY GOD HELP YOU TO REALLY DO YOUR BEST WITH THEM BEFORE YOU GO‚ deliver your soul, wash your hands of their blood, so you’ll know you gave them God’s warning message & you gave the children Jesus. Even if they all perish in the flood with their parents who won’t let them go‚ at least you did your part‚ you delivered your soul before you left. You did like dear Aaron, Peter & Kerry with their little puppet team down there in Australia.

167. GOD HAS GIVEN AARON SUCH A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY THERE, a place to work & make the puppets & a school room & the use of their video equipment & all the materials & helpers & Peter Puppet & all the rest, such a good team & such a good artist, Kerry, who does the artwork. We were just amazed at the excellency of your puppet show!

168. I ADVISED AARON, WELL, IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA RIGHT NOW, USE IT! Don’t give up & think you’ve got to leave it all behind. I don’t think God would have given you all that equipment if He didn’t intend for you to use it there while you can. “Open the Door for the Children”; that’s your theme message, it’s the title over your door!

169. IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF YOUR FIELD AT THE MOMENT, THEN USE THAT TOOL & make us more of those puppet videos for the Family, so the Family will know how to do it & it will entertain & instruct & inspire our own children as well as many other children around the World where they can use those puppet videos. They’re a real tool, a real witnessing tool!

170. FOR ANYBODY WHO’S GOT A VIDEO, YOU CAN MAKE PUPPET VIDEOS LIKE YOU DID FOR US, which they could use to witness to children at home or neighbor’s children or in the park or in the trailer park or wherever it may be. That’s a real tool for witnessing, not just only you own puppet show wherever you are, but to make puppet videos for the rest of the Family & the whole World!

171. SO DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T DROWN IN YOUR SORROWS! MAKE AN ADVANTAGE OUT OF YOUR HANDICAP! Build a bridge out of your broken dreams & set those ships asail again, even if they are all tattered & worn, and try to see if you can put them to use. Don’t knock it, use it! And maybe the Lord will even let that be the channel‚ that in some way trying to reach those native children of even your own homeland, they will come to your rescue, even they, & help you get out of your mess & get to your field! Amen? GBY all!

172. MARIA’S MADE A GOOD SUGGESTION: IF YOU’RE ALREADY OUT & YOU MADE IT THROUGH THE TUNNEL & you’re out on higher ground enjoying your new field, don’t forget to tell us how you did it! Don’t forget to write your testimony of what a wonderful victory & miracle it was how you managed to break loose & break out of that drowning situation in which you were drowning & suffocation & sinking, & how you called for help & how God answered & how He made a way‚ how you got your fare.

173. WRITE A STORY ABOUT IT, HOW YOU FOUND OUT WHERE THE LORD WANTED YOU TO GO & how you managed to muster up home support & all the rest—to encourage others, your brethren who are stuck back in that old field of old methods & old ways & drowning in their present ministries. Encourage them, pray for them, inspire them, tell them how you did it! Tell them how God did it for you, & I know the Lord will help them if you will pray for them.

174. BE LIKE THE LITTLE NATIVE CHILDREN THAT RAN TO OUR ASSISTANCE & WENT TO GET HELP to unlock the door to help us get out. Maybe if you will really pray & ask God to help’m, the Lord will give you an idea how to help them, or get help to unlock that door to set them free to chase that beautiful native maiden, goddess of their chosen land, the one that God has chosen for them. She sure looked chosen for me, & I chose her, & I chased after her!

175. MAY GOD HELP YOU TO CATCH HER & FIND HER & LOVE HER & FUCK HER & BEAR FRUIT as children in the Kingdom of God for Jesus, in Jesus’ name! Amen! GBY all & help you to make it! PTL!—Amen?

176. P.S.: (WHAT A MIRACLE! I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT “NEMESES” MEANT! But we just looked it up as we re-read this Letter, & guess what!: The encyclopedia says she was the Greek Goddess of vengeance for violations of sacred law! You’ve disobeyed God‚ so He’s let her torment you for your sin! She’s your Nivea!—You’d better obey & escape before she drowns you!)

Terror by Night

David Berg

—Psalm 91:5.—The Enemy’s Terrorism!—By Father DavidDO857January 1980

1. (MARIA: THIS IS JANUARY 10TH, & DURING THE NIGHT, Well, actually about 8 o’clock in the morning, I woke up to hear David whispering something, & as I listened closely, he was whispering the 23rd Psalm in the darkness!

2. (SO I TURNED OVER & CUDDLED UP TO HIM & put my hand on him‚ as I realised he was going through a tremendous battle! I was really thankful that I had waked, for he said:)

3. I’VE BEEN HAVING SUCH BATTLES ALL NIGHT LONG! I don’t understand it. I’m fine during the day, & I don’t have these battles then at all. But the Devil just terrifies me sometimes at night—And I’m getting worse, not better. (Maria: How are you getting worse?) These cramps in my chest!: I have them so much now, & I was having these dreams all night about being out of my body & looking down on all our activities. (Maria: So I quoted him the verse:

4. (“FEAR THOU NOT, FOR I AM WITH THEE: Be not dismayed, for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee‚ yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.”) (Isa.41:10.) That’s my verse!—That’s the main verse my Mother got for me!

5. BUT HOW CAN I HAVE THE GIFT OF FAITH WHEN MY MAIN BATTLE IS FEAR IN THE NIGHT? Sometimes I’m so terrified I could sit up & scream, but I don’t want to wake everybody up! But when you wake up & pray for me, I just stop worrying & cast my burden on you & the Lord, & then we go to sleep. If you’re holding the lifeline, then I won’t die—at least not right now.—And then it’s safe for me to go to sleep. (Maria: Then I quoted him:

6. (“ONE CAN CHASE A THOUSAND, BUT TWO CAN PUT TEN THOUSAND TO FLIGHT!” [Deut.32:30]) I don’t know why it is, but as soon as you wake up I get real sleepy & not worried anymore. I guess the Devil flees when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees!—That’d make a good song! (Maria: Well, I am certainly weak, that’s for sure!) When you’re weak, then you’re strong, for His strength is made perfect in your weakness. (2Cor.12:9,10.) So when I’m weak, then you’re strong.

7. WHEN THE ENEMY COMES IN LIKE A FLOOD (Isa.59:19)‚ it seems I have to have you to raise up the standard against him for me. I pray, I quote Scriptures, I sometimes fight all night, but I seldom get the victory until you wake up.—Why can’t I do it alone? I cannot make it alone!

8. HERE I’M SUPPOSED TO BE A PROPHET & STRONG‚ BUT I’M SO WEAK! It was like a big stone was crushing me, but the minute you woke up, it all fled! When you wake up & start praying for me, the darkness flees! Why won’t it go when I pray? I never can relax like this until you wake up.

9. IT’S LIKE A PILOT AT THE SHIP’S WHEEL FIGHTING THE STORM ALL NIGHT! But when you wake up I can just give it over to you & go to sleep!—Why is that? I ought to be able to be great & strong & be able to fight my battles all alone. I even thought about calling some of the other girls to pray for me, but I didn’t want to wake them up—or wake you up.—And then I heard Techi stir & cry in her sleep.

10. I THINK TECHI REALLY WAKES UP & PRAYS FOR ME LOTS OF TIMES when she cries in the night. She knows that I’m going through battles. Isn’t that strange? It seems like my darkest hour is just before dawn! I have my biggest battles then. I can hardly wait for the daybreak. There must be something in that—like the vampires & witches: They like darkness because their deeds are evil!

11. I HAVE SUCH BATTLES IN THE DARKNESS but as soon as I see the light coming through the shutters, I get real sleepy & go to sleep—especially if you’re praying for me. It’s amazing! I can just heave great sighs of relief. Until then, sometimes it just seems like I’m tied in knots—my insides, my mind, my body, everything—just seems tied in knots.

12. BUT THE MINUTE YOU WAKE UP‚ I KNOW EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT because I know the Lord always answers your prayers. Why aren’t my prayers enough? Why do I have to have you? You’re only weak in the daytime when I’m strong.

13. SOMETIMES I WISH SHE WOULD SINK HER TEETH INTO MY NECK! It felt so good, & then I just sort of passed out. I felt in a way that she loved me. What was the name of that?—”Close Encounters!” (See No.710.) It was almost like a love affair, almost like sex, when she sank her teeth into the back of my neck! It felt so good!

14. MAYBE SOMEHOW THE LORD WILL SOMETIMES EVEN MAKE OUR ENEMIES BE A COMFORT! Even if they kill you, they’re doing His will! She put me out of my fear & misery, like an inoculation or injection of a sedative. At first I was so frightened, I was running desperately trying to get away. But she was superhuman & supernaturally fast, like Superwoman! It was like she loved me & wanted me & got me, & then sank her teeth into my neck, & it felt so good, that I just relaxed & went to sleep, & I didn’t worry anymore.—I just woke up!

15. MAYBE IT MEANS THAT EVEN IF YOUR ENEMIES KILL YOU‚ IT’S THE LORD’S WAY OF PUTTING YOU OUT OF YOUR MISERY! The Lord engineers everything: Your worries, your troubles, your frights, your fears, your enemies—even your death! Then you wake up with the Lord! When I’m having these terrifying dreams & fears & battles‚ if your hand touches me, wherever it is—on my head, my neck‚ my arm, my penie, anywhere—if your hand is just on me, then everything is OK & I’m not worried anymore.-Otherwise, it’s a battle!

16. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, BUT I REALLY FIGHT TO STAY ALIVE IN THE NIGHT! The demons of Hell try to kill me, & they try to kill me with fear! I really feel like I’m dying, like I’m going to die! I thought at least I’ll quote Scripture‚ & I was quoting the 23rd Psalm when you woke up. But I was having a problem getting those last verses. I was getting it mixed up with another one, Psalm 27:4‚ that I got at my Mother’s death:

17. “ONE THING HAVE I DESIRED OF THE LORD, THAT WILL I SEEK AFTER; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, & to inquire in His temple. For in time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion: in the secret of His tabernacle shall He hide me; He shall set me up upon a rock.” (Ps.27:4 & 5)

18. I THOUGHT AT THE END OF THE PSALM I’D JUST DIE & GO TO BE WITH THE LORD. I just felt like I couldn’t fight anymore, that I’d just die with that verse, but all of a sudden you woke up out of a sound sleep & held onto me!—You caught me! I was so tried I couldn’t fight anymore, & I thought with this last verse I was going to die & go to be with the Lord.

19. I THOUGHT, “I’M GOING NOW, & I WANT TO DIE SAYING THE 23RD PSALM.” But I had a real battle over the end. I think the Lord stopped me so I didn’t die because I figured‚ “Now when I’m finished with this 23rd Psalm, then I’ll go.” But I kept getting the verses mixed up: “For Thy rod & Thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me”—”For whom shall I fear, the Lord is with me! Of whom shall I be afraid?” A mixture of the 23rd Psalm & the 27th Psalm!

20. I WAS TRYING TO GET THE LAST VERSES SO I COULD DIE. I figured it was just too much for me. I couldn’t stand any more, & I was trying to find the last verse: “This one thing have I desired of the Lord.”—But that’s not the 23rd Psalm! I was getting my Psalms all mixed up, Honey!

21. I WAS TRYING & TRYING TO GET THAT LAST VERSE, OF THE 23RD, SO I COULD DIE, BUT I NEVER FOUND IT! “This one thing have I desired of the Lord, that I shall dwell in His courts. …”—But that’s not the 23rd Psalm! There was something missing, so I thought, “Well, I’ll just end it anyhow!” & I began to quote it: “And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever,” & I was just going to die, when suddenly you woke up real quick & turned over & laid hands on me!—You caught me!

22. AHH!—NOW IT COMES!: “SURELY GOODNESS & MERCY SHALL FOLLOW ME all the days of my life: & I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!” Ah, that’s the verse I couldn’t remember! The Devil really didn’t want me to remember that part of the verse!: “Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life“—while I’m alive! I guess the Lord also was probably stalling me off until He could wake you up! I couldn’t remember that part between‚ so I couldn’t get to the last part, so I couldn’t die!

23. I THOUGHT‚ WHEN I FINISH THAT LAST VERSE, THEN I’LL DIE. But instead, other verses kept coming to me, like: “For though an host shall encamp against me, my heart shall not feat: Though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.” (Ps.27:3.) Thank God for the Scriptures! They kept coming to me just like somebody was quoting them to me! But I knew I was missing something. I could not for the life of me remember that last verse of the 23rd Psalm! “Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: & I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Ps.23:6)

24. I BET THE DEVIL HATES THAT VERSE! It’s about life & death. “Surely goodness & mercy shall follow me all the days of my life“—that’s about life! And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!”—That’s death!—Or life after death‚ the other life, the next life! PTL! Hallelujah!

25. BUT SOMETIMES I ALMOST GO CRAZY IN THE NIGHT, I GET SO TERRIFIED & SO PARANOID! My God‚ how the Devil attacks me! But the minute you wake up, I feel so relieved I go to sleep. I feel like I don’t have to worry anymore.—You can take over. If I wasn’t telling you about it now‚ I’d be asleep already.

26. IT DOESN’T REALLY SEEM TO MATTER HOW MUCH I PRAY & cry to the Lord & agonise & fight & battle, or even try to drink to drown my fears. I can’t seem to get the victory alone. I’m such a poor, weak prophet, it seems impossible. I never can get the victory until you wake up & put your hand on me & pray for me.

27. WHEN I’M WEAK, THEN YOU’RE STRONG, FOR YOUR STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN MY WEAKNESS! (2Cor.12:9,10.) There was something about fear … some verses about, “I will not be afraid, I will not fear”—some of those verses like that. But I couldn’t finish the Psalm. I had to somehow get that other verse in order to finish it, & I couldn’t. Boy, the Devil doesn’t like that verse, because I could not seem to find “goodness & mercy!”—All I could find was evil & cruelty & fear & fright!

28. IT’S LIKE TERROR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!—Terror in the night! It’s horrible! It’s the strangest thing—the minute you’re awake, all those forces run—They flee! How come you’re stronger than me? The minute you wake up & touch me, they all flee.

29. THEY’RE MORE AFRAID OF YOU THAN THEY ARE OF ME! How come they get me down, but not you? They’re all gone when you wake up, like a bubble or balloon that bursts—like you stick a pin in’m & they deflate! How come I can’t do that? Sometimes I stay awake nearly all night‚ then you touch me like a fairy with a fairy wand, & it all disappears!—They all flee! With me,

30. “THE ENEMY COMES IN LIKE A FLOOD‚” but then you wake up, the minute you touch me, the Spirit of God raises a standard against him, & they all run! Isn’t that odd? I don’t understand that, or why I can’t get rid of them until you wake up.—It must be my weakness, huh?

31. I’M SUPPOSED TO HAVE THE GIFT OF FAITH. But since faith is my strength, fear must be my weakness. Faith is my greatest strength, & fear my greatest weakness. Isn’t that terrible? That’s awful!—To think I’m so weak that I have to have you touch me to make them flee! That seems to show you have more faith than I do, & more power! I’m just a weak little tiny prophet.

32. YOU’RE MY GREAT BIG & STRONG BRUNHELD NOW!—My funny little Brunheld! Rachel deserted me! Now you have her mantle & her sword & shield & spear, her armour. She was so beautiful, glorious & mighty! But she just took it all off & threw it away, & ran off after a delusion!

33. HOW COULD SHE HAVE BEEN SO EASILY DELUDED?—By selfishness, evil desires, covetousness & riches & lack of love for the poor! Isn’t that a shame? Isn’t that terrible? She abandoned all of that, her armour & everything, & ran off & deserted me! (See Letters 336C & 763.)

34. YOU MAKE A CUTE LITTLE BRUNHELD‚ SO CUTE! HALLELUJAH!—The pen is mightier than the sword!—Your pen is mightier than her sword! Honey you don’t know how good it is to have you awake beside me! Now I can rest. Now you can fight.—But you don’t even have to fight!—All you have to do is wake up & put your hand on me & pray, & then they all run!

35. THE DEMONS MUST KNOW THAT’S MY WEAKNESS. They really prey on me. My God, what horrors & nightmares I have! I felt sure I was going to die—till you came. I thought, “At least I’m going to die with the 23rd Psalm on my breath,” but I couldn’t remember the last verses.

36. I COULDN’T FIND, “SURELY GOODNESS & MERCY.”—The Devil really fought that one! It seems like he would have liked to have had me find it & remember it, so I could find it & die. Maybe the Lord fought him! Maybe that verse was just too much for him.—He couldn’t stand it.

37. “SURELY GOODNESS & MERCY SHALL FOLLOW ME all the days of my life!” How much goodness & mercy He shows us! I don’t know why I worry so much. Sometimes I think I can’t worry anymore about it—I just have to let you guys worry. It’s too hard for me. I don’t know if I can stand such a life much more. I hope so.

38. IT’S LIKE THE DEMONS FLEE WITH THE LIGHT—LIKE DRACULA & THE VAMPIRES! That’s a very significant story—it makes it very clear that Christ’s Cross is the only answer! When you’re awake, all those demons depart & they stop persecuting me.

39. (MARIA: “TWO CAN PUT TEN THOUSAND TO FLIGHT!”) There must be ten thousand of them!—Because I can’t get rid of them by myself. But when you wake up, everything is all right. The minute you touch me, they all run.—So you’re stronger than me.

40. YOU WERE ALWAYS THE STRONGEST.—You started it all! You were the strongest from the beginning. You prayed & talked in tongues, & all I did was interpret. You did it all—& the Lord—& I was just a poor weak old decrepit instrument. Now I can go to sleep without fear‚ when I know you & the Lord are in control.

41. IT’S SO WONDERFUL! NOW I HAVE TO ENJOY THE VICTORY FOR A LITTLE WHILE, & this wonderful‚ wonderful feeling of rest & peace! It’s all over the minute you wake up & touch me & pray for me.—Then I don’t worry anymore. I’m not afraid now, & I’m not dying anymore.—Why is that?

42. (MARIA: MOSES HAD TO HAVE SOMEBODY HOLD UP HIS HANDS, TOO.) (Ex.17:12.)—Right, Honey! That’s a good illustration!—Even Moses couldn’t hold up his hands by himself! Even Moses was weak & had to have help! That’s me!—

43. I FOUGHT ALL NIGHT, BUT I COULDN’T GET THE VICTORY ALONE! I figured if I couldn’t get the victory, I might as well go.—And I was almost gone when you woke up just like an electric shock & touched me & prayed for me & saved me.

44. I’M SO WEAK, SO TERRIBLE!—I JUST CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT YOU. I battled all night long, but I couldn’t get the victory until you came & helped me, & then everything went the other way. Thank You Jesus!—In Jesus’ name.

45. “SEE ME, FEEL ME, TOUCH ME, HEAL ME!”—That’s your song, Honey, remember?—Written for you about me! (See No.561:38,39.) That’s about Maria, & that’s what happens.—You see? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!—I’m so weak! I can’t live without you.

46. I’M LIKE A VAMPIRE!: I HAVE TO SUCK ON YOUR STRENGTH TO LIVE! You give me life & breath & strength‚ & keep me from dying.—As long as you hold onto me, I can’t go. If you hold onto me, I’ll stay, God willing.

47. IT’S THE ENEMY’S TERRORISM!—The Devil uses terrorism, too: The whole idea in the world is for the Devil to frighten people into letting him have his way! (—Have you let him scare you out of God’s will?)

48. JAN 11TH: TODAY I WAS WONDERING JUST WHAT TO CALL THESE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY I sometimes suffer in the night, & I was trying to find a title for this experience, when suddenly the words came to me!:

49. “TERROR BY NIGHT!”—And I thought “That sounds familiar‚ like a Scripture!”—And immediately it came to me!:—The 91st Psalm!—The “Protection Psalm!”—So I turned to it, & there it was!—The 5th Verse!”

50. “THOU SHALT NOT BE AFRAID FOR THE TERROR BY NIGHT!” Hallelujah! PTL! We don’t have to be afraid of it, if we’ll just claim these wonderful promises of the 91st Psalm & the 23rd & 27th Psalms I kept getting in my battle! Read them! Claim them! Fight the Enemy with the Word—Like Jesus did during His temptation!! (Mt.4:1-11.)

51. SO EVERY NIGHT SINCE THEN, MARIA’S BEEN READING ME TO SLEEP WITH THESE SCRIPTURES & the local family’s been praying desperately that I could sleep without these attacks of the Enemy, & I’ve been sleeping peacefully & soundly all night long‚ & feeling so much better in the days too! Praise God! It works!—The wonderful Word works!—And prayers of helpers too!—Try’m!—GBAKY!—In Jesus’ name, Amen! (I now keep a light on too! Ha!)

Exposing Bacchus!

Karen Zerby

Post-it GN #4

By MariaMaria #614 CM/FM 3402 2/02

Fill the “emptiness” with Jesus

Don’t give in

Don’t give him an inch

Hobbies that cause you to miss the mark

Tear yourself away at all costs

Online distractions

Defeating the spider at the center of the web

Contentment with the “little things”

Choose to remove the distraction

Addiction to the arm of the flesh

Little seeds of comparison

The safe zone: complete trust

Hang on tenaciously

Free-time activities—ask Me

Spend more time on the things of the spirit

Finding your strength in Me

Seek the highlands of My Spirit

Be more giving and unselfish

The point: to be a happy, vibrant disciple

From crutches to wings, with the power of the keys

Be Jesus-dependent

You must be willing to let others help you

The keys loose the bonds

Dieting and keeping extremes in check

Recovering from the grip of Bacchus addiction to an eating disorder

The keys will set you free

Dear Family,

1. Following are messages received by some of your mates in WS units and on the field in answer to the question in the “Conviction versus Compromise” GN which asked, “In what ways has Bacchus influenced my habits, desires and way of life?” Because each person was asking the Lord specifically how they could recognize and be free of Bacchus’ influence, these messages go from one problem to another and cover many different aspects of life‚ and can seem a little overwhelming. But we’re publishing them all in one place with the prayer that this exposé of Bacchus and the various ways he tries to distract and hinder us will help you learn to recognize him more clearly. Lord bless and keep us all close to Him, and free of the influence of these demons! [Note: The messages which follow are all from the Lord, so in most cases we’ve omitted the words “Jesus speaking” for the sake of readability.]

Fill the “Emptiness” with Jesus!

2. (Jesus speaking:) What has Bacchus done? He has played upon the pleasures of the flesh‚ enlarging them in your mind so that you accord them more importance than they deserve. I want you to enjoy the pleasures of life, and I understand that many of these pleasures are physical pleasures.

3. I have nothing against the flesh or the pleasures of the flesh. I created them. Yet I created them that through them I might be glorified and appreciated.

4. Bacchus seeks to twist this and use these pleasures to lure you away from Me. He causes you to mentally separate these things of the flesh from My love and care for you. When you enjoy a fun movie or a good drink‚ I would like you to think of Me and feel My love for you through it. He causes these things to be channeled in a different way, however‚ so that when you feel like you want to “get away” from things of the Spirit or be “bad,” you go to these things. He perverts it in your mind, so that it actually becomes wrong, a sin.

5. It is not a sin in itself, but it is a sin when it pulls you away from Me, or becomes more important to you than Me. Bacchus tries to make you continually want more and more, so that you are never satisfied with a little.

6. He takes away your appreciation for moderation and simplicity and makes you want to take in excess. He wants you to feel like a little of something isn’t enough—you have to have more. That’s how he weaves his web of addiction. He starts off with something that is fine and good in its place, but makes you want more and more of it, and makes you think you actually need it to be happy. It’s to your advantage to recognize his attempts now, before you develop addictions. If you feed your flesh too much of what it wants‚ you do develop addiction.

7. You think your self–control is strong, and it is, and you are careful. But an addiction creeps up on you even if you carefully control it, because “just a little more” grows, grows, and keeps growing. That is the sad truth. That is how Bacchus has found his way into too many lives.

8. You have seen and heard of the sad results, and you would never willingly become addicted to any “substance”—but no one wills themselves to become an addict. It’s a gradual process‚ where little by little you want more, then more, then more, and then you get to a point where you can’t stop.

9. Bacchus also plays a part in eating disorders, along with others of his kind. These evil spirits cause people to become hooked on a lifestyle of not eating. Whether they cause excess intake or excess lack of intake, their goal is the same—to destroy, to kill.

10. These demons are strong and they are powerful, but they are no match for the power of My Spirit within you. I have exposed them; their ugliness is now plain to you and to all, and their influence is already lessened by this exposure. Through the power of prayer, through the power of the keys, through the power of yieldedness, I will root out every hold they have had on your heart and life. You will be free, swept clean.

11. Remember‚ though, that you must fill up this “emptiness” that they will leave behind. You can’t just leave your heart, mind, or body empty. You have to fill it up instead with that which is truth, light, and purity.

12. You have to take in more of Me and of My input to refresh your life, or else you will feel the lack of these things you have held within you. Thus you will desire to be filled with something “new,” with something “exciting,” and the natural force of the carnal mind will lead you where you would not choose to go. Therefore remember, just as important—if not more so—than what you kick out of your life and time is what you replace it with.

Don’t Give In!

13. Bacchus has been trying as hard as he can to pull you away from Me. He is trying to separate us, come between our love‚ and tear down the progress you’ve made in your relationship and communion with Me. He tells you that I don’t love you and that it’s no use to hear from Me because of what happened in that [personal] relationship that was special to you. Therefore he tells you that you cannot derive happiness from Me alone‚ but that you must search elsewhere for your happiness.

14. Bacchus has not yet achieved the goal of making you addicted to something that is not of Me, but he is trying to make you look elsewhere for your joy. He will try as hard as he can to make you desire something other than My love and what I have to offer you. He’s trying as hard as he can to take hold of your life. And if you don’t raise a standard, little by little he will gain control in your life. Little by little his hold on you will become stronger and he will succeed in making you desire that which is not of Me, and cause you to have addictions which you cannot control.

Don’t Give Him an Inch

15. Bacchus uses fun things‚ innocent things at times‚ to get you hooked and wasting your time. This is his evil, sinister method, for he tries to ensnare and entrap you by telling you that a little here and a little there is not so bad.

16. But then when you fall for the first compromise‚ it’s hard to pull out of it and it becomes a fixation or habit that you have to keep up. So beware of Bacchus and his ways. Watch out for him and don’t give him an inch, or he’ll take a mile!

Hobbies That Cause You to Miss the Mark

17. It is Bacchus who fuels your interest in the things of this world, whatever those things may be. In your case‚ it is your hobby of flying [with a flight simulation program], and getting into the whole world of flight and flight simulation, which has become more like an addiction. It has taken you over, captured your imagination and fascination, and pulled your mind away from hungering and thirsting after My truth and the fascinating realities and revelations of My Spirit.

18. Oh, you still hear them‚ but do you really pay attention? Do they really interest you? Or have they paled in comparison to your newfound fascination with this knowledge of the world? It did not start like this, but Bacchus will use whatever he can to divert your attention from the things that are truly important.

19. It is innocent enough on its own, but when it begins to absorb your interest and especially your time more than the things of My Spirit and the everyday realities of the spiritual warfare against this world that I have called you to be engaged in, then you have become a casualty of that warfare.

20. But now I give you power, through the power of the keys‚ to overcome these attacks and to stand against these influences. I give you power to deny yourself once again and take up your cross daily, to reject this world and its pleasures of sin—those sins being anything that causes you to miss the mark of My highest calling in your spiritual life and walk with Me, and in your day-to-day service for Me—that you might find again the purpose for which I have called you, to press forward as striving for the recompense of that unseen reward, to make your calling and election sure, and to overcome these devices of the Evil One.

Tear Yourself Away at All Costs!

21. Bacchus has preyed upon you via your mind by giving you a hankering and a desire for the knowledge of man and his great accomplishments. Even beyond the influence of Pan, who seeks to implant the desire for more knowledge, Bacchus has worked to create an addiction to this knowledge of man and worship of intellectuality. Yes, it’s shocking when you look at it this way‚ but it’s the truth.

22. You are addicted to the heady input you get. You don’t seek to minimize this in your life—but you must. You must be aware of how this takes a hold on you and pushes you down under its grasp. It’s almost as if you’re trying to fight for Me and make progress in your life, but you constantly slip away for a drug that deteriorates your fighting ability. It hinders you and comes directly from the one that you’re trying to fight.

23. You battle and wonder why you are weary. You feel groggy and are not able to parry with the Enemy and his blows because of this drug that sedates you and pushes you down. You don’t see the connection‚ and so you continue to return for more fixes.

24. My love, you cannot continue like this! It just won’t work. You must tear yourself away at all costs. It is difficult for you because it’s all so accessible. But I will tell you truthfully what will happen to you if you don’t stop: Your life for Me will not survive. You will become totally dead and lifeless—a complete nothing, without joy or a reason to live.

25. Your sedation will become so that you will eventually be unable to fight the Enemy at all, and he will overcome you. He will drag you back to his pit, yet another of his prey. You will be going about his business instead of Mine. Is that what you want? Is that what you want to become? I know you don’t.

26. So wake up and see this for what it is. Remove this from your life. It hinders you greatly. I need you as one of Mine. Will you forsake this for Me?

27. (Mama:) Many of our folks in WS have to use the Internet in their work for research and information, not to mention updating and maintaining all our web sites, but it’s also a temptation to get tripped off, and it’s something that the Lord brings up repeatedly in these messages. It’s so important to pray before you go online, even if it’s for work purposes, as there is so much information out there—and such a great percentage of it is unclean and ungodly and a negative influence. It’s an important tool that we can’t do without if we’re going to accomplish the job in the easiest, fastest, and most efficient manner‚ but it’s also one of Bacchus’s great lairs in which he will try to ensnare you, as the Lord brings out in the following two messages.

Online Distractions

28. Bacchus causes you to get your eyes on the things of this world, and your attention and focus away from the things of the Spirit and from doing My will.

29. You can see where time spent online easily falls under this category. Since you work at your computer‚ this is where most of your distractions come from, and what Bacchus uses to sap not only your time, but your energy and spiritual reserves. Taking in this worldly input—no matter of what sort or nature it is, how seemingly innocent, or even if merely technical—still affects you and fills your mind with the thoughts and principles of this world.

30. This, working together with the influence of Pan keeping you from getting the Word and the spiritual input you would need to counteract this, has weakened you spiritually, and weakened your conviction to put a stop to these things. You don’t even see a need to put a stop to them, because you’ve become blinded to how they’re affecting you.

31. And so these two demons carry on, silently and stealthily sapping your strength and curbing your usefulness, and in essence defeating you by keeping you from becoming all that I need you to be, accomplishing all that I need you to accomplish, and reaching all those I need you to reach through your witness and your work.

Defeating the Spider
At the Center of the Web

32. I know Bacchus, and I hate him. I hate him for the evil that he does to My brides, which I take very personally. When he gets his tentacles of addiction around My chosen children, My brides, he gives them things which slowly but surely replace Me in their lives. For this reason I hate him severely, and when My day comes, I will destroy him with all other works of the Enemy. I will beat him down with great wrath and furious anger!

33. But until that day, you must fight against him. For you face choices and must make decisions every day‚ whether to accept him and his addictions and counterfeits, or to obey and accept Me, your Husband.

34. It deeply hurts Me when I lose you, even a part of you, to this demon. It’s a slap in My face when you choose a worldly habit, addiction‚ or desire over Me and the things that I have offered you. It’s as though I have given you great treasures and spent My time and money to buy precious things for you, but you instead run off with another to enjoy their trinkets. You spurn and scorn the things that I have worked so hard to bring to you.

35. All the ungodly influences that you have such trouble overcoming are the trinkets of Bacchus. Those are the traps and nets he spreads before your feet, hoping to pull you off of My path. And in some of these he has succeeded. His greatest success in your life has been the Internet. Cunningly disguised, he is the spider at the center of “the web.” It is he who spins the traps to make it all look so enticing‚ and he has trapped you.

36. The Internet is an area of your life that you seemingly cannot control. Even when I chide, preach, and cajole, you still disobey. You feel a compulsion pulling you toward certain things and places. You’ve made very tough habits out of your online use, and it’s getting harder and harder to break them.

37. It’s because, like a spider, Bacchus doesn’t like to give up his prey once he has you ensnared. Truly, if you were alone in this fight, you would never escape from his grasp, because he is stronger than you.

38. Remember that, if you’re ever trying to break a habit in your own strength: He is an arch-demon and you are but a puny human. Without the powers that I have given you, he will beat you every time. But greater am I in you than Pan or Bacchus or any other puny demons! I will beat them down every time, and you can beat them down with the power of the keys and the new weapons.

39. The new weapons are strong and they are powerful‚ and when you have used these against Bacchus, he has had to relinquish control in your life. But when you have let your guard back down, he has come back to claim territory again. But now I will tell you how you can have a final victory against this one:

  1. As any general will tell you, the primary requisite for waging war is to know your enemy. Before you had only vague ideas, but now you know your opposing force by name. It is Bacchus, the fat prince of addiction. I have revealed him to you, and now you can call him out by name, and cause him to kneel and cower at the mention of My Name and with the blinding light of the keys of the Kingdom.
  2. This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. You have allowed him many entrances into your life and his hold is deep, but not too deep to be rooted out. If you can be delivered from that trap, you will be so much happier and more productive and more useful for Me. So fast and pray and cast out this demon in My Name.
  3. Every demon has his nemesis which will cause his downfall. The nemesis of Pan is the Word, the Scriptures, the New Wine‚ anything that builds faith. The written Word will send Pan screaming! The nemesis of Bacchus is loving Me intimately and calling Me to your side as your Husband. When you do that, you show Bacchus that his addictions and trinkets are nothing in your life because I, as your Husband, satisfy all your needs for pleasure.

40. (Question:) Lord, it does say Bacchus will kneel and cower at the mention of Your Name, much like Dad once said that Your Name would fell all the demons of Hell‚ and Satan himself. Can You please explain more about how these other points fit in to this?

41. (Jesus speaking:) All the forces of evil have to kneel and cower at My Name, for I defeated them forever on the cross. But in fighting and defeating these specific devils on a long–term basis, you often need more than My Name, for you need to be strengthened in order to prevent further attacks and the weakening of your defenses. You must be militant and go on the offensive.

42. So I have given some tips to make you more effective in your fight against them—not just to get rid of them, but to strengthen you and prevent the door being left open for them to return. In fighting Pan, when you strengthen yourself in My Word, you prevent him being able to enter easily. In fighting Bacchus, when you draw closer to Me, the things of the world do not hold as much importance or appeal, so you are also strengthened.

43. Full victory goes far beyond defeating them once—which can be done by simply saying My Name and claiming the power I have given you. If you want to go beyond that, use those tips and you will find great success. These guidelines are their nemesis, for not only do you defeat them once, but you are strengthened so that you are no longer easy prey in the future. (End of message from Jesus)

44. So when tempted by Bacchus or when you feel his tentacles reaching for you, that is the time to call on Me as your Husband—not just your Lord, King or Protector, but specifically as your Husband. This shows that you are Mine and that you derive your pleasures from My hand, not the counterfeits of Bacchus.

45. Bacchus is a pretty easy one to spot, because his attacks are more obvious and less subtle than the other demons. This is typified in his shape as well. He appears fat‚ yet strong. This is symbolic of his attacks. He does not use subtle means to enter in, because he knows and trusts in his strength. He need not sneak in secretly as Pan might, but he strides up boldly and grabs you. He trusts in his mighty arms and great bulk to hold you in his grasp.

46. But even though he is strong, he is nothing compared to My angels, and even less when compared to Me! When you ask Me to save you from his grasp, I get to release a little bit of the pent-up anger I have toward him as I beat him down, cast him away from you‚ and kick him back into the darkness to sulk and nurse his wounds and plan his next attack.

47. One last thing about fighting this enemy is that he is a coward. To those who put up no fight against him, he gets very bold and very pushy. But once you start to fight him in the power of the keys and resist him repeatedly in obedience to what I’ve shown you, his attacks become less frequent, his onslaughts less difficult‚ and he starts contemplating looking for easier targets. This doesn’t happen right away, but after several consecutive defeats. Those in the world have a much greater struggle once they are in his grasp, for they don’t know how to rebuke him by name, and they don’t have the power of the keys and all the spiritual weaponry at their command. But they too can be set free by calling on Me and repeatedly resisting his attacks and his grip.

48. So it is with habits and addictions: If you keep at it, soon their power lessens. Everyone knows that—that’s how you break habits. And it is so because of the lazy, cowardly nature of their master. Bacchus is a coward, so defeat him several good times in a row, and he’ll start thinking twice about coming around.

49. He is strong‚ so never attempt to fight him without calling on Me as your Husband to save you, and calling on the keys of the Kingdom. But once you have those powers on your side, nothing the prince of addiction has in his arsenal will move you or shake you or reclaim you to his side!

Contentment with the “Little Things”

50. It’s hard for you to be content with the little things and the little pleasures. You get addicted to almost anything very easily. Fortunately for your sake, you haven’t come in contact with anything extremely harmful to become addicted to. But you do have this weakness of becoming somewhat addicted to things very easily, or feeling dependent on any particular thing at times in your life. So rebuke Bacchus and ask Me to deliver you from the need to be addicted to one thing or another.

51. Ask Me to help you enjoy and appreciate the small things and the small blessings in every area of your life. I will help you fight Bacchus as you learn thankfulness and find the gift of contentment that I have for you. Just keep your will on My side.

Choose to Remove the Distraction

52. Bacchus has sought to entangle you in his tentacles through computer games. So what you do now is up to you, My love. If you want to preempt any attack he might make in the future, you could choose to remove this distraction from your life completely.

53. There are plenty of other things that you could do that are more worthwhile and that engender more unity and love. You could do things with others, fellowshipping, and loving them instead. Or you could spend time with Me, really swimming deeply in My Word.

54. I will not tell you that you must forsake computer games completely, but I think that’s probably what you’ll choose to do, since I know you want to do your very best for Me and stay clean and unpolluted from the world, worldly addictions, or possible worldly addictions.

Addiction to the Arm of the Flesh

55. Bacchus seeks to overthrow you through addiction to the arm of the flesh and carnal works. It’s the addiction to drive yourself, to get that rush that comes from pushing yourself hard in work and life, from getting a lot accomplished, from doing things in your own strength.

56. So many people struggle with hearing from Me and letting go and letting God because Bacchus seeks to give them a physical thrill and sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. He magnifies the natural sense of satisfaction for those that he is trying to overthrow, to separate them from Me, to cause them to lean to their own arm of the flesh, and to lose dependence and faith in Me.

57. You have been faithful to hear from Me, to bring things to Me, so his power has been kept at bay and thwarted. However, you must realize that he seeks this area of your life, to keep you pushing in the flesh and for physical accomplishment, and because that is your natural tendency, you must fight to keep your guard high in this area. You must ask Me for My help and praise Me for helping you to accomplish your work‚ in order to keep him from entering your life in this way.

Little Seeds of Comparison

58. Bacchus is always ready to lend his “help,” to give you some of his desires and a little of his way of life. It looks good‚ all sugarcoated, but beneath all this is a deadly poison that will kill you.

59. He has gotten you to be comfortable with things, and given you the desire for more things that you think you “need.” He comes in very slyly, offering a little here and a little there, sowing his seeds, while unbeknownst to you, you are watering them. It’s like “Alice in the Magic Garden.”

60. Everything is fine until you start listening to his little doubts and comparing with others: “Oh, look what they have!” “You’re not cool ’cause you don’t have such and such!” And he begins sowing his little seeds, his little inroads, so he can start bringing in the bigger things to cloud your vision.

61. It’s like he’s building a bridge straight into your mind. It starts off all so innocently with his little kite flying around to get your mind off of what’s really happening. He starts by flying his kite over to you so you can fly it a bit, and while you’re distracted with this little kite, he’s bringing in the bigger cables, and before you know it, he’s constructed a whole bridge! By the time you see the bridge it’s too late. You can’t just go and tell him, “Oh‚ the kite was fun‚ but I don’t like your bridge here!” He’ll just laugh and mock you and keep offering you his things, his little dainties. [See GT 2, page 1210, #38; also “Recognizing and Resisting Pan,” ML #3401:99-100.]

62. That’s why I’m giving you this time of more shepherding and correction, so you can get closer to Me and have a chance to start anew and leave the old behind—all the old habits, mindsets, and things of the past—and turn over a new leaf in your life. You have to put that all in the past and turn over a clean new page on which I will write the things I want.

The Safe Zone: Complete Trust

63. Bacchus has influenced your mind‚ making you feel and think that when there’s something that you crave, you’ll not be happy or feel complete unless you get it. But when you learn that I can override any thoughts, feelings, personal wishes‚ human cravings, and even natural needs when I need to, then this will be a good step in your learning to rise above.

64. Progress is when you completely trust that I will give you what you need. When there’s something I’m not giving you or that you intensely crave but which can’t be yours‚ but still you trust that I know what you need and you’re willing to go on without the fulfillment of that desire—this is a step to freedom.

65. You’ve got to form the mental habit of putting everything into the “trust” box, not holding so tightly onto things, but continuing to learn to just flow with what I bring—or what I take away, or don’t allow, or what doesn’t work out. As long as you form the habit in your mind that you’re not only willing to give up the bigger things that you want to hold on to, but also the smaller day-to-day things, and not let anything get that kind of hold on you, making you feel you’ve just “got to have it or else‚” then you’re in the safe zone.

Hang On Tenaciously!

66. Bacchus has influenced your life when you sought to fill your life, alleviate your boredom, or satisfy your desire for stimulation with the things of the world instead of the things of My choosing. When you felt empty but turned to something other than the Word, usually out of simple laziness‚ you can be sure Bacchus had a hand in it.

67. Use the power of the keys to defeat his influence in your life‚ for he enters in at weak moments, when you’re tired and weary of fighting. He lures you to fritter away your hours on useless entertainments that leave you emptier than when you began. Realize that whenever the Enemy is attacking you, his primary goal is to get between you and My Word‚ between you and Me. Being aware of this, you can tenaciously hold on to My Word and to Me, knowing that if he is so desperate to separate us, then I must be the most powerful thing in your life, and My Word the key to overcoming and to defeating the Enemy every time.

Free-Time Activities—Ask Me!

68. You need to pray and ask Me for My approval before beginning any free–time activity, to make sure that it’s not a waste of time or taking away from your connection with Me, Word time, and prayer vigil. Then you’ll be all right, and I will keep you from any harmful worldly influences.

Spend More Time on the Things of the Spirit!

69. You need to learn to draw more of your inspiration from the things of the Spirit! There are incredible treasures in My Word that will increase your vision and invigorate your life! Getting fed spiritually is not always fun and games, and can actually be hard work sometimes. I have made you in such a way that you have to put effort into leaning on the pleasures of the Spirit, and this is part of your training.

70. The best way to make the things of the Spirit more predominant in your life is just to do it. At first you may not feel the same level of adrenaline rush that you get from games, and you may not feel the same level of fun and laughter that you get from relaxing with friends, and you may not feel the same level of escape and mental stimulation that you feel from reading and studying worldly knowledge. But as you step out by faith and put the things of the Spirit more in the forefront, they will grow on you and you will begin to feel the happiness and peace that comes from a strong spiritual life.

71. Yes, the things of the Spirit do sometimes bring feelings of happiness and excitement, but you can’t rely on your feelings to help you decide whether or not to read the Word or have time with Me. Some people are able to almost automatically draw inspiration from the Spirit, but I have made you in such a way that you have to take quite a bit by faith and work harder. But don’t worry, the more you put into the Spirit‚ the more inspiration and even physical happiness you will begin to draw from your time with Me.

72. But even then‚ the area in which this evil and disgusting spirit has influenced you the most is by making you feel that your physical happiness is more important than your need to spend time with Me. You are, in a way, addicted to temporary enjoyment through entertainment, sex‚ mental stimulation, food, drink, and time with your friends. And while it might help you temporarily to cut out all of these forms of entertainment, for you that would be the easy way out.

73. Instead, I want you to just spend more time on the things of the Spirit, so that these other forms of entertainment and inspiration seem shallow and secondary to you. Let the light in, and the darkness and emptiness that Bacchus would try to inflict on you by causing you to lean on the pleasures of the flesh will simply disappear.

74. But you must realize that letting the light in does not happen automatically. Sometimes you have to work pretty hard at getting the door open so the light can shine into your heart and life. Then you may have to take it by faith that the end result will be more eternal happiness and fulfillment, and also much-needed spiritual strength.

Finding Your Strength in Me!

75. Bacchus has tried to influence you in a number of ways, to get you addicted to forms of entertainment and enjoyment. His main purpose in this is to cause you to depend on these joys and highs when you’re feeling low, rather than depending on Me and finding your strength and victory in Me.

76. He’s gotten into your life very subtly. When you’re feeling down or discouraged or just having a really rough day, he’ll try to convince you that you need something physical, some form of entertainment, some form of fun and games. He makes you focus on the physical and the addictions of the flesh rather than on the Spirit—Me.

77. It’s not that entertainment is wrong; it has its place and it’s very needed in the great scheme of things. But when you think of that as your primary happiness, it’s wrong. If you think of that as what you need to do when you’re a little discouraged or depressed, that’s wrong. If it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you want to pull out of the pit of discouragement or get the victory over something that’s bothering you, that’s wrong. That’s an addiction to the things of the flesh, and you’re leaning more on that than you are on Me and on My help from Heaven.

Seek the Highlands of My Spirit!

78. My son, the tentacles of addiction have been placed around you‚ seeking to entrap you and to snare your heart and mind. You ask how?—In your free time and in your times of relaxation, you seek to veg out and to just relax.

79. When you feel that hunger in spirit and you try to fill it with the pleasures of the flesh, be it relaxation through movies, games, sex, or any number of things to the neglect of your spiritual life, then this is an addiction.

80. When you play mindless games just to get away from thinking or from the things that are on your heart, this does not solve the problem, but in many cases makes things worse. You procrastinate and put off what you really need to do, and opt for something that helps you to relax and to not worry about your problems, only to be faced with them again later.

81. Take a look at the many battles that you face, or the areas that you need to work on‚ and ask yourself what progress you have made. Are you devoting as much time or more to working on these things and to calling on Me for My help, taking time in My Word and listening to My answers, as you do to relaxing? If every time a soldier was faced with a battle, he ran to find something enjoyable to do or something that distracted him from the battle at hand‚ how long do you think that soldier would last?

82. You must put in the time to fight the battles, to hear My Words‚ to find your enjoyment and pleasure in doing My will and in reading My Words. This is where true relaxation will come from, and this is where you will find the surcease that you seek from the battles that you face. Ignoring them will not make them go away but will only make them grow.

83. I’m not saying that you can’t relax and watch movies, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and your first reaction to battles or trials shouldn’t be to run to some form of “non–thinking” entertainment of the world. Your first reaction should be to come to Me, to receive My answers and solutions and counsel, and then at times I will tell you that it helps to do something to take your mind off of things. There is definitely a time and place for relaxation, and getting away from whatever is troubling you can help to put things back into perspective. But you have the habit of running away from your battles rather than sorting them out with Me, and that’s not right. If you don’t receive My solutions, you’re not fixing the problem—you’re just putting it off, and often weakening your spirit in the meantime.

84. If you seek to find happiness and enjoyment from what the System has to offer, you will only find the same hopelessness and emptiness that those in the System face. They only find relief from it once they are totally exhausted and literally collapse from the weight of it all, only to wake up to it the next morning and have to face it all over again.

85. I have given you the answers to all life’s problems. I have given you the victory. Now you must take hold of the power that I have given you and loose your mind and heart from the addiction of seeking the easy road and just sliding down the path of an easy life.

86. Lift the standard in your life and choose the high road instead of the low one. Do the things that will make you stronger, not weaker! You have to face the challenges and hit them head-on, not sidestep them, hoping they’ll go away.

87. Climb that mountain, ford that river, and reach for the high calling of being My called-out, sold–out, do-or–die disciple! This is the calling that I have placed before you—not the easy life in the lowlands of relaxation, and the mindlessness of an easy life where you never have to make a decision, and where your day is decided by your chains to a System life. Break free from those thoughts and desires and seek the highlands of My Spirit!

Be More Giving and Unselfish

88. Bacchus is not only the god of addiction, but also that of greed, gluttony, and selfishness. You may not have many compelling addictions, but you do tend to look out for yourself much more than for others. You are much more aware of your own needs and that of your immediate family than those of your brother and sister next door.

89. You need to keep this in check, for it is this selfishness that eats away at one of the fundamentals of My Family—and that is living together and having all things common. So I would that you swing more to the other direction of giving more and being more unselfish with either your time or your possessions, and in that way defeat the influence of Bacchus in your life.

The Point: To Be a Happy, Vibrant Disciple!

90. On the fast day, I was as a king who grants large requests to all petitioners on a special day of celebration. I gave you victory, and it’s up to you to stand on it, claim it, and believe it.

91. I’m referring to a lot of your victories‚ but specifically this problem of ungodly Internet use. It has plagued you for many years, and it may be hard to believe that I can relieve you of that problem overnight, but I did it. I have made you free! If you can believe it and claim it, you will be fully delivered. I have a point here, though, and it’s very important that you understand it clearly.

92. Just because you have been delivered does not, I repeat, does not mean that you won’t ever be tempted again‚ that you won’t ever feel the lusts and desires for your old habits. You will feel these temptations. So don’t be surprised or get discouraged or overwhelmed if your old habits and lusts come knocking on your door once again. Don’t fret or fade away or cast away your confidence. You will feel the desires well up again, but you must not give in. If your faith fail not, you can slam the door, and tell Bacchus to be gone!

93. But you must believe. You must know that he will use every trick in the book to make you think that you’re not delivered, that the circumstances must not have been right‚ that you’ve made mistakes and are no longer worthy of My protection or deliverance, and that you’re bound to fall. These thoughts, temptations‚ and doubts are the words of Bacchus.

94. He will come to your door to once again peddle his wares and addictions. But this time, he is on the outside. You and I have kicked him out, and though he can knock and knock and ring your doorbell like an annoying salesman, he does not have any entrance into your heart that you do not allow. So expect his attempts, but have the faith in Me to resist.

95. No weak, half-hearted attempts at resisting him will do‚ though. You will have to get desperate at the first sign of your old habits returning. When you feel the desire to go online and do what I have asked you to forsake, you need to get extremely desperate with Me.

96. Call on the keys, pray‚ get help, confess, get support, do whatever you have to do, but do not give in! If you give in, all will be lost. You will not be without hope, but you will have lost the progress made, and it will be very difficult to get back to the same level again.

97. Remember that you fasted and prayed; the whole Family prayed; the whole Home here prayed; you got united prayer—and all these things are powerful weapons. They really gave you a boost in the Spirit, and you made progress by leaps and bounds. So if you backslide, you’re going to need an equal or even greater boost of power to start moving forward again, and it will be harder to do so. That’s why it’s of dire importance that you meet any attempt, however small, with an overwhelming force of the new weapons.

98. If the Enemy comes at you with a baseball bat, meet him with a machine gun! If he comes with a sword or fiery dart, show up with a tank! If he comes with a gun‚ drop a firebomb on his head! Blast him, crush him, defy him, resist him‚ burn him, and give him no place! I’m not trying to encourage overreacting; I’m just saying that if you have these powerful weapons available to you, it makes sense to use them.

99. Don’t try to slip by with just a little prayer. Get all the help available to you! Use every weapon in My arsenal to make sure that you win! The Enemy doesn’t play fair, and you don’t have to either—use whatever tactics are necessary to defeat him! I’ve already given you every advantage and stacked the deck in your favor, so take that advantage and run with it.

100. It’s plain as day in My Word: “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” That doesn’t sound like a fair fight to Me, and it isn’t! I am greater, and you are greater if you have Me in you and the power of Heaven and the keys at your side. So there’s no reason or way that the Enemy can win unless you surrender!

101. Now, along with all that I’ve told you to do to keep the Enemy out and his demons at bay, there is also a lot you need to do to replace the holes left by the old compromises and addictions. We can’t leave you empty‚ swept and garnished, because nature abhors a vacuum and something is bound to fill that empty place. If it isn’t Me, it’s gonna be the Devil. He that is not for Me is against Me. So you can’t just concentrate only on holding on to the ground gained, but you must make more progress to replace the old habits.

102. You need to press forward in the good, spiritual input to replace the System stuff. You need to be faithful with Word time daily. Continuing with prophecy is another important step that should occur daily. There is always tons to ask Me about, and it’s only through asking that you can take your spiritual temperature and find out where you’re strong and where you’re getting weak.

103. One thing that really breaks his chains is having Me more in your life as your Husband and Lover. You need to be faithful to love Me intimately every day in some form or another. I am pleased with the time that you have tried to work into your schedule for this, but you need to make sure you get it in regularly and that you continue to progress in learning to love Me in new and deeper ways. It’s something you should bring before Me regularly. Come to Me and check in on our love times and ask if I want anything new or different or if I have any new ideas to implement.

104. The same goes for your prayer vigil times. They need to be done daily and with check-ins every now and then to ask Me how they’re going and if I need you to make any changes in your procedures.

105. Another great way to break bad habits is to concentrate on forming new ones. To form a greater habit of asking Me everything would go a long way in replacing some of the old bad habits that you’re trying to break. Instead of doing the things you don’t want to do, such as compulsively using the Internet, wouldn’t it be nicer to compulsively ask Me everything?

106. To be compulsively hearing from Me would do you so much good! Although it doesn’t directly affect your older bad habits, just the fact that you’re working hard to make new ones gives you strength against the old bad ones, and shows Me that you’re willing to make the effort. Then I feel more like making the effort for you and doing what you cannot do by delivering you from the bad ones.

107. One last thing you can do is to more fully immerse yourself in work. I know that the focus has been a lot on the spiritual lately, but that doesn’t mean that the work is any less important. There is no reason why you can’t marry the two and work on making physical and spiritual progress at the same time.

108. Ask Me about progress to make in your physical work. Ask me if I want you to work harder, or longer, or devote time to learning new things‚ or for whatever I have to say. There are work-related changes I want you to make to replace some of the time that was spent in bad habits before.

109. Then there is the obedience side of things, the daily putting into practice all the tips I’ve given, all the changes I’ve asked you to make and to be working hard on each and every day. There truly can be no standing still. Every day should be a little tough, a little bit of a struggle, a little bit of you stirring yourself up and not getting comfortable.

110. Don’t ever just lope through a day doing as you please. Every day you should be measuring your actions, asking yourself and Me if you’re living as a disciple would live, if you’re saying what a disciple would say, if you’re spending your free time as a disciple should, and if you’re working like a disciple should be working.

111. To facilitate this obedience to My Words, you need to be very familiar with My instructions to you. That means taking time to reread My counsel, and taking time to pull out quotes, make to-do lists‚ and get prophecies putting skin on those quotes and counsel.

112. Don’t approach these changes with a feeling of drudgery and like it’s crushing your fun. Remember that if you’re in My will‚ I give you plenty of fun and opportunities to really enjoy yourself. Within the tunnel of My will there is plenty to satisfy you, to make you happy, and you don’t need to feel bad about having it.

113. It’s like the Garden of Eden. There are many fruit trees that I am happy for you to eat from and enjoy, but you have to be obedient to Me and not eat of the ones which I forbid. Be thankful and count your blessings. If you’re full of praise to Me and enjoying all the trees you can have to the full‚ you’ll miss the forbidden trees less and in time forget them altogether.

114. So the point isn’t to be a miserable monk. The point is to be a happy‚ vibrant disciple who does what I say, and also has a lot of fun doing it. When you’re on My channel, when you’re in line with My will for you, almost everything seems fun. You can have such joy in living and such a bounce in your step.

115. It’s when you’re pulling against the reins and fighting My hand in your life that things seem dreary and boring and restrictive. If you accept the boundaries as being there for your own good and you touch not the unclean thing, then I will receive you and make you extremely happy in the process.

From Crutches to Wings,

With the Power of the Keys!

116. “Where is my crutch?” you ask. You never even saw it as a crutch until now that it’s gone. I asked you to forsake it, and you did. Thank you for forsaking it by faith. But now that it’s gone, you wonder how you will go on. It seems like such a big thing and so difficult to survive without.

117. My darling love‚ reach out to Me and I will give you butterfly wings! Leave the material things of this world behind and fly. Rise above these earthly addictions. They seem comfortable and so easy, but you must see that it is Bacchus who has ensnared you with his tentacles. The leash of this addiction was thin at first‚ and seemed light and inconsequential. But it grew to a heavy chain, and I seek to release you from it.

118. Now that I have opened your eyes and you have forsaken this crutch, you must keep your eyes on the victory in sight. I will carry you and help you to rise above. Call on the keys to deliver you. Call on the keys, and you will grow wings to fly above the things that are holding you back from full commitment, and that have caused you to compromise. Reach out and believe in My promises‚ and there will be no limit to the power that My keys will deliver right to your doorstep!

Be Jesus-Dependent!

119. Bacchus’s goal is to get you dependent on other things and on people, rather than on Me. Sometimes you get that burnt-out feeling and think you just have to get away and do something fun. This isn’t necessarily wrong or bad, but it shouldn’t be your first reaction in finding what the solution to the problem is.

120. I love to bless and give to you. I like to treat you and please you, because you please Me, but the danger is when your happiness revolves around and is contingent on these blessings rather than on Me. The danger lies in putting these things before Me, deriving more pleasure from them than from Me, and giving them more priority than they deserve. A false balance is an abomination unto Me, but a just balance is My delight.

121. I should always come first. If you find that you’re allowing something or someone too much space or priority in your heart‚ mind or life, you’d better watch out. That’s a fifth column in your heart. It’s a hole in the dike through which the Enemy can get in and sidetrack and defeat you. Your happiness should come from Me; it shouldn’t be contingent on anything else—not a person, place or thing.

122. You have the tendency to allow surrounding circumstances to affect and at times determine your happiness. This is sad. It’s sad not only because it hurts and saddens Me when I don’t have first place, but it’s also sad for you because you’ll never find true, lasting happiness in anything else but Me. Only I can truly satisfy you.

123. You’ll be met with disappointment and frustration time and again if you allow your happiness and well-being to be dependent on things or people, because all of those other things will fail at some time or another. If you’re double-hearted and double-minded, you’ll live in a constant state of indecision and you’ll be unstable in all your ways. But if your heart and life are fixed firmly on Me, then you’ll be able to stand strong; come what may‚ you’ll not falter.

124. I want you to lean wholly on Me and let Me hold you up. If you are to stand strong and firm through the storms of life and not be tossed about by every wind, I must be your foundation, your anchor. Your confidence must be placed in Me and Me alone. I alone can offer you the assurance that I will always be faithful to you and will never fail you.

125. My love and care for you is unending and eternal. It will never change; it will never fail. Put your confidence in Me. Give Me your all and I will give My all to you. I will keep you as the apple of Mine eye‚ for you are as a pearl of great price unto Me. I love you.

You Must Be Willing

To Let Others Help You

126. (Mama:) There are times when even our desire to do the right thing and our crying out to the Lord to help us are not enough in themselves. There are times when part of the spiritual healing process or the road to victory is admitting that you need the help of others‚ requesting safeguards‚ and then being willing to accept them.

127. (Jesus speaking:) I know your heart desires to be in the right spot. You love the Family and My work, and you want nothing more than to be sold out and committed. You want the victory. But sometimes the fight is long and hard, and victory does not come quickly even to those who want it most.

128. It is time for you to see the full picture. You are in need of help‚ of a support group‚ of great intervention in your life. This is what I am asking of you at this time. You must be willing to seek Me desperately, to lay aside all else to give Me full sway in your life, and to give Me the time that I need to work in your life and do the miracle that you need. This is what you have wanted, and I am answering your prayer.

129. But in order to receive the answer, you must be willing to let others help you, get involved in your life‚ and help you in these areas where you are not able to help yourself. Unless you are willing to do this, you will not make the progress you need to make.

The Keys Loose the Bonds!

130. (Mama:) In the following message, I think you’ll find the description of how the keys become a weapon to be very interesting. It was given some time before the Feast revelation “Keys Turned to Swords” was released.

131. (Jesus speaking: ) The opulence of the world today is blasphemous to Me, for it sings the praises of man and self rather than giving glory to Me. It is an insult to the greatest degree, for it rejects the simplicity of My Spirit and instead shrouds the spirit of man with decadence, selfish ways, vices, bad habits, and addictions to things that are not of Me.

132. The prevalence and gross increase of the power of Bacchus is written in the world at large on every corner‚ on the airwaves‚ on the TV, in the stores. There is hardly a place to be found in this world that escapes the tentacles of this evil, sly, and dominant demon of Satan. You can almost feel his spirit wherever you go. The suckers on his tentacles have stuck themselves on many spirits and lives, and yet so few realize that they are ensnarled and trapped by them.

133. It is like the picture of a fisherman on the rocks who has caught an octopus: If he is not learned or knowledgeable about catching an octopus, he will most likely carelessly attempt to pull it up as he would a fish. However, the octopus, knowing that he is caught, will sometimes try to attach himself to rocks and boulders with his suckers, because once he has securely attached his suckers to the rocks, it is nearly impossible to pull him off. It will then require the fisherman much more work than if he had been knowledgeable about the octopus and cautiously kept it at a distance from the rocks while he reeled it in.

134. Bacchus‚ with his tentacles of addiction, works much the same way as the octopus. He slaps his suckers here and there, knowing that once he has had the chance to get a sucker or several suckers on the spirit and life of a person, the removal of that grip is very difficult. And sadly‚ many deem it impossible and thus do not put forth the effort to fight the tenacious grip of the evils of addictions, habits, desires or vices that will result in spiritual imprisonment.

135. When you call on the power of the keys, Bacchus’s grasp on My children is instantly released; his tentacles and suckers hold no more power whatsoever. But like all attacks against the Evil One and his minions, it must begin with a choice and decision on your part that you will resist and reject the ties of addiction and bondage that hold you back from coming to know the freedom of My Spirit—a liberty that is unhindered by selfish addictions, or by the so-called unchangeable habits of your nature.

136. There is no such thing as an unchangeable habit of your nature, for with the spirit and power of the keys the tentacles of these habits are loosened. They lose their grasp. The keys bring freedom and liberty to your spirit.

137. The grip of addiction on your life was that of selfishness and self-centeredness. The tentacles wrapped around you and held you rigidly in place‚ manipulating your actions‚ your thoughts, and the words of your mouth. You were tangled in these tentacles and hindered by these suckers to the point that your spirit was tainted. How terribly sad it was to see this! I found it necessary to intervene.

138. The change that came about in your life is witness to the power of the keys. You called on them, you activated their power‚ you asked that they be the knife to cut the tentacles of addiction that held you in place. As you continued to call on the keys for this change in your life, I was able to perform My work in your life to the full, to loose you from the bonds of addiction, of self–glorification, of selfishness, of self-centeredness. With the power of the keys these tentacles were severed, and the remaining portions of the tentacles shriveled and fell off. The keys loosed the bonds of wickedness and they set you, then so oppressed, free.

139. (Vision:) I see a girl who has multiple octopus-like tentacles tangled around her. The suckers of those tentacles are tightly gripping her flesh. There are so many of them that sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they are not actually a part of her. Sadly, where there are not suckers and tentacles, there are the ugly markings where a sucker once was—that red and purplish, bruised look.

140. Suddenly she utters a plea for help. She is calling on the power of the keys to release her from the grip of these many tentacles of addiction. As she does so, an amazing sword-like weapon comes and begins to slice away at the tentacles. It’s hard to describe exactly what this weapon is like.

141. Because it is glowing and radiant‚ I would think of it as a sword‚ but the glow around it is in the shape of a very large, iridescent, golden key. I suppose this is depicting the power of the keys becoming the weapon used to cut away at the addictions and wiles of the Enemy.

142. In the next picture I see, as this key weapon cuts away at the tentacles, the part that is attached to something in the distance (which I have the feeling is Bacchus himself) retracts and vanishes, while the other part that was attached to the girl shrivels up and falls away, vanishing. This happens with each of the tentacles until none remain.

143. The girl is finally free, yet her body remains marked with ugly sucker marks. However, once the key weapon has finished slicing at the tentacles‚ it’s as though an invisible hand moves this giant radiant key over her body from head to toe. It never touches her, but the glow emanating from it makes the sucker marks vanish, till her skin is once again free of the sucker marks. Better yet‚ her whole being shines with the same glow and radiance as the key.

144. The key is then placed in her hands and a wave of light, power, fire, and absolute vibrancy washes over her.

145. (Jesus continues:) This is the type of transformation that the keys bring to your life, and this is the power with which they cut asunder the tentacles of addiction and then heal and make whole that which was marred. To begin with, you may not even know how to use the keys, but by simply calling on them, they are put into action by your faith. And as your faith in them grows, as you watch the transformation that takes place as you avail yourself of their power‚ that is when they are placed completely in your hands and you witness their light and power to the full. You are free and released from the grip of Bacchus.

146. (Vision continues:) There’s been a sort of cloud behind her throughout this vision. She doesn’t know what is behind there, and I’m getting the feeling that it is like the unseen veil of the spirit on both sides—the evil and the good.

147. After the initial removal of the tentacles, they didn’t seem to be showing up as much. But then they start slithering out once again. From the evil side of this spiritual veil, tentacles that are similar to the ones that were removed penetrate the cloud-like veil.

148. They try to once again get a grasp on her. It seems that their attempts at touching her or even of wrapping themselves around her are rather frequent and persistent. But every time one slithers in and begins to wrap itself around her‚ or even so much as touches her, she simply touches it with the key and it shrivels and retracts back into the cloud.

149. As she continues to use the key on the tentacles, their attempts to stick to her slowly become fewer. Though it seemed that she was standing there alone holding this key, which symbolized the specific key to counter addictions and keep them at bay, on the good side of this spiritual cloud a voice was instructing and warning her.

150. Whenever a tentacle showed itself from the other side, the voice would caution her and tell her exactly how to counter it. Sometimes it would tell her to strike it with the key. Other times it would tell her to stretch forth her hand with the key before the tentacle even came near and rebuke it with the power of the key. At other times the voice would tell her to hold the key to her breast tightly. When she did that‚ it was like a wave of power would shoot through her body, and the tentacles would not be able to attach themselves to her, and any which already had would pop off. (End of vision.)

151. (Jesus continues:) The fight will continue, for those tentacles will seek to attach themselves to you again, but you have the power of the keys now to resist them before they even come near. And better yet, I have specific instruction for you as to how you can prevent them from touching you‚ or loose them if they have been able to wrap themselves around you in any way.

152. All this power is found through the keys, and through listening to and following My specific words of instruction and guidance to you, through heeding My voice of caution and acting on what I tell you to do. In order to hear My instructions and cautions, you must be listening for them. As you do, the power becomes alive in your life, and the tentacles of Bacchus grow weaker and weaker.

Dieting and Keeping Extremes in Check

153. (Mama:) One of the manifestations of Bacchus’s influence is in extreme dieting and eating disorders. Both Pan and Bacchus play a role in creating false illusions in the minds of those who are suffering from these conditions. More extensive counsel and personal lessons on this topic are coming soon in a series of GNs especially about anorexia and eating disorders, exposing the way the Enemy is trying to destroy some of our young people through this disease. But in the meantime, here are excerpts of messages that deal with this aspect of Bacchus’s influence.

154. I urge those of you who are struggling with eating disorders to seek the Lord for His counsel on how you can be delivered. Ask Him to expose the devices of the Enemy in your life! The Enemy is out to kill you, or at the very least make you so miserable and wrapped up in yourself that you’re no good to the Lord or His service!

155. We love you and need each and every one of you, and can’t afford to lose even one of you to this horrible device of the Evil One! Please, folks! It’s not a game! Recognize the Enemy for who he is, and start fighting!

156. (Jesus speaking: ) The desire to run back to your crutch of dieting to make you feel better about yourself is one great way in which Bacchus works in your life. Pan gets it started by making you feel depressed‚ and then Bacchus calls you. He pulls you with his tentacles back into the muck and mire of dieting and the vicious cycle that it is. You have been cutting his tentacles, fighting and praying, and you must continue to do this.

157. But the true victory lies in overcoming the hold that Pan has on you, and then you will be able to stay away from Bacchus completely. Bacchus has strong power over you in the area of dieting, but only when you open the door to Pan, for Pan comes in first in your life. Then when you open the door to Pan, you start feeling the tentacles of Bacchus weaving their way around you. If you don’t fight them, you’re caught again. The longer he holds on, the stronger and thicker his tentacles grow‚ until you’re overpowered again.

158. You’ve come this far by faith—don’t let him in! Keep Pan at bay through prayer and the laying on of hands, and then you will find that full victory will come to you because of your faith and willingness to ask, seek, knock, and receive My healing power for you.

159. It is your natural inclination to take anything to an extreme, to hold on to the thing that you want and do it and do it and do it. This is also something that Bacchus uses in your life. It starts out as something that is part of your nature, which, when turned to good use, is a great tool in My hand, for you have spirit‚ fervor, and drive to do what you’re told or what you know I want you to do. You do it with your whole heart. But at the same time, when not turned to good use but when turned to self-destruction, it is a great hindrance in your life, and makes your walk with Me, your physical health, and your life a misery.

160. So you must always pray over each new decision that you make, to be sure that it is in line with My will, and that you will not take something too far, for extremes are your weakness. You do not know how to keep something in check. You saw this clearly in your anorexia: Once you decided to diet to an extreme, it took only a few short months and you were nearly dead.

161. You must be prayerful that you do not allow Bacchus to play upon this area of your life—of putting your full will and energy and time into any given thing—which I would like to use as a strength, but which he would use to destroy you. So keep your heart stayed on Me and check all of your actions, thoughts, and deeds by Me to make sure that you’re not taking anything too far to any extreme, and I will help you and keep your actions in check by speaking to you or making it impossible for you to be extreme in the wrong direction.

Recovering from the Grip of

Bacchus Addiction to an Eating Disorder

162. So far you have held on to some Huddersfield in your heart. You have not yielded fully, and thus you have not been able to grab onto and receive the full victory I had waiting for you. All My promises are not without conditions. Just as you want the full power of the keys to avail yourself of My full resources from the spirit world and to receive My full angelic force to help aid you in this battle, you must first make the step towards yielding and receiving. That is the condition of the power.

163. You have been plagued by these two impostors [Pan and Bacchus]. These two demons, though they come in sheep’s clothing, have been ravenous beasts, both on your spirit and your body. Your mind has been viciously attacked and filled with these two, and you let them in freely. You did not notice them at first, and therefore did not fight to get help and cleansing right away.

164. Your mind was clouded by the ways of the flesh and you entertained them, for they were deceiving. They didn’t seem so bad to you; at the time your convictions were weak.

165. And because you were weak in My Word, they took advantage and have done so for a long time now. Other little things allowed [this problem] to grow much bigger too, other influences or others’ views. Others’ ways have also added to this. But you failed to weigh them up right away and compare them with My Word‚ discerning right from wrong. You fed on each thought‚ each idea.

166. You drank in each doubt, and they eventually became a part of you. And so there is no question as to why it is now a much more difficult fight in the spirit. All these spirits you have let in now feel they have the right to be in you and a part of you, distorting your vision, confusing your mind.

167. Yes, even now at times you will feel like you want them to stay because it feels good to you. The Evil One works deceitfully and very cunningly; that is why you must be so on guard and aware of his tricks and evil plans. You have become so confused and don’t even know what to believe anymore.

168. You can’t see clearly what My standards in healthful living and keeping a healthful balanced diet are anymore, for you have been seeing as they see, how the world sees—things so distorted and contrary to how I have created and made life to be, and your bodies to be—a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto Me, your reasonable service. That is why you encounter periods when you don’t want to eat for fear you will gain weight. Then one moment later you can be stuffing yourself and feeling totally out of control.

169. You’re not your own, for these beasts have taken over parts of your life that have been off guard and full of pride‚ full of self, self-consciousness, self-mindedness, self–effort and selfishness.

170. You have to take what is My will by faith and by the faith and instruction and counsel of others for now. This is your complete healing and your complete surrender. Will you now yield and just let go? This is the total yielding that I have been talking about.

171. You must now fight to see as I see, and be willing to admit you need to gain weight and regain your strength by taking extra time to stop and rest, and also by receiving help from others. You have not been able to make it alone, because you have been holding on to trying to do it yourself.

172. You now need to humble yourself fully and keep your heart and mind cleared from the Enemy’s lies and distortions and take in what others tell you. Don’t even try to figure it out or reason it out, but take it by faith to be the truth and My sure word of instruction to you. This will be your complete healing.

173. My dear, follow these simple steps to recovery if you want the full healing and cleansing I am speaking to you of:

Feed from My Words whenever you feel a negative thought enter your mind.

Don’t just quote a little Scripture, but fight it with all you’ve got. You don’t want them sent to the end of the property, but you want them sent to the bottom of the ocean.

Go call on your support group to pray with you often, to help fight with you.

Each thought that comes, you must expose it and be honest about it, so that there is no room for it to come back. This will destroy it right then and there.

Plenty of thoughts will come, for the Enemy will be vicious and persistent, but it will be something different each time. This is why it’s so important that you trust My Words when I say that it’s a lying vanity. You have been unable to tell right from wrong because you have been confused, but I will speak to you on this.

Don’t start questioning it or figuring it out, but send it far away immediately.

This is the victory—if you can begin to see and realize when it’s a lie and it’s the Enemy coming in.

If it causes you to be unhappy and miserable, thinking about yourself‚ then you know it’s wrong and not of Me. If it feeds your pride‚ if it keeps you from yielding to the help and counsel and instruction of others, it is not of Me.

Read and soak yourself in My Words. Don’t ever feel condemned in doing this, for this will be your lifesaver. And whether you feel like it or not, whether you see the time for it or not‚ whether you understand it or not, you must do it.

Take times off for intercessory prayer—prayer for others and prayer when you cry out to Me with all your heart.

Spend sweet times in the bed of love with Me. I want to hear your heartcry, your deepest feelings, and desires. I do see them, but I want you to express them to Me in words—even the simplest words that you feel most comfortable with. For I see your sincerity‚ even though you feel you lack all the vocabulary you may need. Expressing it in words will use your mind, your heart, and your mouth, so the Enemy will have no room whatsoever.

Making time to relax with others, too, will keep your mind occupied and away from thinking of yourself. Though you may be tempted to see this as a waste of time, I say that it’s definitely worth it. It will show that you believe and trust in Me, in My power to take care of all the rest.

Of course you must confirm each plan with Me first, as you wouldn’t want it to be just an escape route or a distraction from My highest and best plan for you. But if you are faithful to yield to this, then I will bless you with happy times and happy occasions with others, spirit-filled experiences.

Your schedule may be quite messed up. Your highly organized ideals and plans will need to go. A patient in the hospital has no plan of their own. You will be told to go and rest and take some time off, when maybe you want to be working at your desk. You may want and fight to keep your mind busy at your computer, but I may ask you to forsake it for a little time. This, My dear, is yielding and doing the humble thing‚ that which I ask of you, for I know it will do you good.

174. If you are faithful to willingly let go of what you think may be better, I will grant you your heart’s desire in making happen what is the very best. I give the very best to those who leave the choices with Me, remember?

The Keys Will Set You Free!

175. (Mama:) Lastly, here’s some beautiful counsel from the Lord on overcoming. Sometimes it’s a long fight. Even after the Lord grants us deliverance‚ the Enemy still tries to come back in, and bad habits and mindsets are hard to break out of. But calling on the power of the keys of the Kingdom and not letting go of our wonderful Husband and His promises will guarantee victory! So keep hanging on!

176. (Jesus speaking:) Rebuke the Enemy when he comes in like a flood with all his lies and temptations to despair. Claim My power against Pan and Bacchus and all their wiles. Root them out by asking for prayer from your loved ones. Seek the reward that comes from that obedience—a total victory! You now have a greater and stronger weapon to fight these demons, as you can call them out by name, and through the power of the keys you have power to cast them out.

177. They will try to come back time and time again, but you will never need to fear them again as you keep fighting, as you keep slamming the door of your heart in their faces, as you keep up the standard of My Word by claiming My promises for you and letting that banner fly high above your camp. My Words will cut them to the heart. And even though they’ll try all the harder to get in for a time, as you keep fighting‚ as you keep asking for prayer, as you keep wielding the weapon of My Word and calling on the powerful key angels to help you, then you will find that the strength of these evil ones who seek to torment you will dissipate and you will have true freedom.

178. It takes relentless fighting for a time, but the reward is well worth it! Call on them! Ask for help! Plead with Me to deliver you. Don’t ever sin in ceasing to ask for prayer and to call out for help, and then you will always receive it. Ask, seek, and knock, and the power of Heaven will be unleashed on your behalf, and you will rise above. You will see that there truly are no impossibilities to Me.

179. You’ll understand that all power is given unto you for your obedience to call on the power of the keys, and nothing shall by any means harm you! I love you and have promised you full and lasting victory‚ so reach up and take it. It’s yours for the asking! I love you.

Love, Jesus

(End of file.)

What the Hell Is Lethargy?

Karen Zerby

Table of Contents

It’s hellish and wants to make your life hell too!

By MariaMaria #671 FD/MM/FM 3482 11/03

Dear Family,

1. Following is some helpful counsel from our Husband on the subject of recognizing and resisting the spirit of lethargy in our lives. It’s compiled from personal prophecies of your mates both in WS and on the field, mostly received around the time of the fast day following the “Conviction versus Compromise” series.

2. The spirit of lethargy continues to try to ensnare us. When the Lord‚ in the “Conviction vs. Compromise” series, first revealed to us that the spirit of lethargy was fighting us, He said that every Family member had been affected by it to some degree. That’s quite a warning and should help each of us to be on guard, knowing that the Enemy doesn’t give up easily and will continue to try to thwart our efforts and dampen our usefulness through the spirit of lethargy and all its manifestations. Lord help us and keep us free and pure!

3. Please ask our faithful Shepherd to speak to you after reading this GN about how you’re doing in staying free from the grasp of lethargy, and if there are any ways that it has reentered your life and Home. We now also have the help of Styrian (pronounced Sty-RE-an), who was revealed to us when Peter was in Brazil‚ making the videos for the brethren there. She is a powerful female spirit being who fights lethargy.

4. (Styrian:) I am akin to Ellya. I am sent to bring a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy and his ilk. I am filled with good ideas that bring forth spiritual progress and which are then manifested in not just spiritual growth, but physical fruit. I am sent to agitate the demon Lethargy to destruction! I cause positive spiritual activity. I am everything which is the opposite of Lethargy, and when I fight him, he vaporizes before me. I am filled with an all–consuming power of the Spirit of God, and the demon Lethargy has no escape when confronted by me. I whirl him up in my wind of action and throw him out. I bombard him with spiritual action and he vaporizes! I am Styrian, whirlwind of positive spiritual activity. (End of message.)

5. (Mama:) Don’t hesitate to call on her help in defeating this evil force that tries to stop your service for the Lord!

6. As you’ve probably already discovered from your own times of seeking the Lord and applying His Word, and as the Lord brings out in great detail in the messages in this GN, one of the main areas in which Lethargy fights us is our Word time and time with the Lord. Anything having to do with the spirit or spiritual progress, anything that requires effort, the spirit of lethargy will try to keep us from. This GN focuses on the spirit of lethargy, and most of the messages were received a few years ago when it was first revealed to us. But since then the Lord has also shown us more spiritual principalities that fight our Word time—like Apotheon, Obstacon, Arakan, etc.

7. The Lord has also given a lot more good instruction, tips and counsel for overcoming in this area in “What Is Jesus Worth to You” (ML #3433, GN 1016), that you can refer to and use in conjunction with this counsel about Lethargy. So when you pray against Lethargy and are faced with a spiritual battle to maintain your Word time and the things of the spirit, remember to pray against the others too, and get them all out of the way through calling on the keys and then proceeding in obedience!

With love and prayers in our awesome Deliverer,


The Nature of the Problem Keeps You from Noticing It

8. (Jesus:) Spiritual lethargy is something that creeps up on you. It envelops you comfortably in its lukewarm cloak, and then gradually begins cooling you off, step by step, degree by degree, so that you don’t even realize that you’re getting colder and colder.—Until finally you find yourself in a state of total spiritual frigidity, unable to move, unable to change, frozen and alienated from the path I would have you follow.

9. The very nature of this problem‚ of this attack, keeps you from taking note of it. It seems like a small thing, and there are so many other much more pressing matters to tend to, so you ignore it‚ thinking it’ll go away or be resolved in time. But it doesn’t just go away, because you’ve forgotten the law of spiritual progress:

10. If you don’t keep on getting‚ you’ll lose what you’ve got. If you don’t keep striving for victories‚ striving to move forward, striving to follow closely along the path that I’m leading, you begin to fall behind—and not only fall behind, but slide back. Those are the principles of spiritual physics at work‚ as sure and as definable as the rules of physics that govern your physical world. You ignore them at your own peril. (End of message from Jesus)

It’s humbling to let Me make a new creature out of you, to admit to yourself that what you were before and which was fine before is not what you need to be now—for the times have changed and the needs are greater and different.

Path of Backsliding Greased with Lethargy

11. (Jesus: ) You have long known that absorbing My Word is a life-and-death matter for your spirit. And yet you have allowed your conviction and your desperation for it to slacken, so that My Word and your time spent with Me has abated in importance in your life, while other things have gained preeminence in your heart—both your work and the desire to accomplish more‚ as well as your own personal little sidetracks and hobbies. These things have become more fascinating to you than the things of the spirit that you have known and grown up with all your life, and with which you have become familiar. [Note: As mentioned earlier, many of the messages in this Letter were received before “What Is Jesus Worth to You,” which placed a renewed emphasis on the Word for all of us.]

12. Familiarity breeds a lack of respect, which eventually leads to contempt. You don’t yet have contempt for My Word, but you also don’t respect it as you should, as is manifested by how you’ve let your heart hunger after other things. But this path, when followed to its extremity, leads to that contempt which has caused many to turn back from Me, to follow Me and My ways and My prophets no more.

13. This path is greased by the slime of lethargy, and a lack of movement to counter it, according to the laws of spiritual physics, ensures that you will follow it.

14. And though you have only seen the beginning of this backsliding path called lethargy, you have already noticed the many ways in which it has affected your life in causing you to be less desperate for Me, more confident in yourself, less inclined to ask Me everything, and more inclined to rely on your own arm of the flesh to get you through your work and your day.

15. You’re not alarmed when a day goes by without your having spent time in My Word or seeking My voice and counsel in prophecy. And then another day goes by, and another. You eke out a little time in the spirit each day with a little prayer here, a little devotions there, a quick praise time here, a few words of love to Me there, as if these could appease Me like sacrifices to some god, lest your conscience overtake you for forsaking Me fully.

16. In this compromise you grow comfortable. You feel you’re doing okay. You feel you’re keeping your spiritual head above water, at least.—Not realizing that while you’re treading water but not specifically going anywhere, the currents of human nature are pulling you toward the rocky shoals of ultimate defeat.

17. This is how you must see yourself, for only then will you be challenged to put forth the effort to begin fighting to once again reach the boat of My highest will that is about to pick up speed in heading toward the days of challenge to come. And believe Me‚ you want to be aboard My ship when the storms break, or you will be swept into the sea of confusion along with all the others whose eyes will be widened when all these things begin to come to pass. (End of message from Jesus)

You must work on overcoming lethargy in your personal study and feeding from the Word, and its application to your own life. Leave behind any feelings of pressure or of not having enough time. Being or feeling rushed can bring on lethargy in the spiritual life if it results in not putting My Words into effect.

Fight for Your Personal Time with Me

18. (Jesus: ) Lethargy is a strange and ominous creature. It seeks to creep into your midst unawares, often little by little, building up slowly and over a period of time.

19. Where your Enemy most seeks to derail you is regarding hearing from Me personally. You have made this a habit on a certain level. You’re in the habit of talking to Me often throughout the day as you go about your work, as you walk, as you ride in the car‚ as you shower, while exercising, while you’re doing things in the kitchen and so on. This is good and I’m pleased‚ for I love to commune with you in this way. I love to see you make strides to redeem the time.

20. However‚ though these times are important and needed and I am able to speak to you in a multitude of ways as you do two things at once‚ as you ask Me things when you’re on the go, this must not take the place of the other times when I want and need you to sit down, alone with Me, and hear from Me specifically and in detail regarding personal matters. You must not do one and leave the other undone, for in so doing you are forfeiting the chance to hear from Me more explicitly and thoroughly on matters I wish to speak to you about.

21. You must be more militant about having this vital time with Me each day, to sit down and receive My personal words for you. You must be more militant to receive the personal things I want to tell you‚ for in so doing, in taking proper care of your own walk with Me, you will be able to better serve others. It all works hand in hand.

22. I know your heart and that you desire to do that which pleases Me, but Lethargy seeks to trip you up by telling you that you don’t have enough time for personal time with Me. It will require a daily, consistent effort to make sure you have this time. You must fight for this time. You must make it a priority to seek enough of My answers and direction for you personally. You must take a militant stand, call on the keys, and create this habit without fail. Start today to have renewed commitment in this area. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by, and you will see definite positive results. (End of message from Jesus.)

Create a Vacuum for My Spirit

23. (Jesus:) Your main point of lethargy is a lack of applying the Word to your daily life. You’re inspired and enthused about your work for the most part, and about living, but you slack off when it comes to applying My spiritual principles of growth to your life as readily as you do the physical ones. It’s easier to apply things that you can touch, feel, and see, but the spiritual growth is what will really propel you forward.

24. Because you haven’t been faithful to apply the Word right away or as wholeheartedly as you could have, wrong attitudes have crept into your life—the feeling that you don’t have to apply things right away, that you can keep going as you are, that you’re doing pretty good, that you can be counted as an exception. This is unhealthy spiritually.

25. This is the danger of lethargythat when you’re doing fairly well, the Enemy tries to come in and pat you on the back and then keep you from advancing that last ten yards to the finish line. You’ve made great progress in so many areas of your spiritual life, but then you sometimes stop short of the total victory. You figure you’ve done pretty well, so you can lighten up a bit. However‚ it’s the last effort that wins the race and gains you the trophy.

26. Another wrong attitude that has entered your life is one of figuring out how you can get out of applying the Word to your life. You toss about a variety of excuses in applying the Word to yourself and just doing it—because you’re so busy‚ because you’ve already given so much‚ been through so much‚ etc. Look at the many FGAs who are getting older and have given 30 years already, and are still going strong! You’re just at the beginning of the race‚ but at times you’re already moaning and groaning. You need to buckle down and be more of a soldier. Take My Word at face value and just do it. Don’t make excuses that it won’t work for you or that it doesn’t apply. Just do it and see if it does work. It will.

27. You’ve avoided jumping with both feet right into the common pot of the overall Family in obedience to My Words. You want to obey, but the Enemy tempts you with selective obedience or specialized obedience. This is very dangerous, and it has kept you from making some progress that you otherwise could have made. So now’s the time to jump in with both feet, to count yourself one with the rest of the beautiful individuals who make up My Family, and see where the flow and rush of My Spirit will take all of you.

28. The Word is the best way to stay stirred up. But the only way it’s going to really and truly stir you up is if you use it and apply it and put it into practice in your life. Unless you’re making an effort to live it and have the desire to do so, it won’t have the complete impact on you that I want it to. The water of My Spirit rushes to the vacuum, to the void. So when you’re devoid of yourself‚ or at least longing to be filled with Me, then My Spirit rushes in in greater abundance. (End of message from Jesus)

Be on guard and aware and forewarned against the spirit of lethargy, for it attacks all My children—none are beyond being attacked in this way. If you will bind the forces of the Enemy and the spirit of lethargy with the power of the keys, it will have no hold over you. Call upon Me, seek Me, and I will do it!

Take a Lesson from the Queen

29. (Jesus:) Where you allow yourself to get lethargic and lazy in both the physical and the spiritual is more in your personal life—not so much the things related to your obvious sample to others or your work, but the private instances of obedience that only you know about, mainly related to your personal prophecies of instruction. If something slips in your personal life‚ you figure you’ll deal with it later, as it’s not really affecting others or that big a deal. There are various personal prophecies that you have received that you’re not faithful enough to obey.

30. There is a marked difference in the level of your obedience to the “official Word,” either in the GNs or from Mama, and your level of obedience to what you receive personally and privately from Me. You’ve been quite negligent in your follow-through to the instructions I’ve given you in many areas. You’ve been hungry enough to receive the instructions, but then you don’t follow up and obey. In that way you are a hearer of the Word, not a doer. This is lethargy.

31. This is a failure in your life brought about by that sleepy demon who has lulled you into a false sense of security, convincing you ever so subtly that you don’t have time, it’s not important, no one sees or knows so it’s not really hurting anyone, etc. But this is not true. It does hurt. It hurts your personal conviction and it takes away some of your power—the power that comes with obedience.

32. You see, the Enemy has not only lulled you into a false sense of security and spiritual sleep regarding obedience to the personal instruction you receive, but he’s also gone a step further and caused you to not desire to receive personal instruction. Subconsciously, knowing you don’t obey it and it doesn’t really change your life or make much difference to you, since you’re not doing it but just hearing it, you have adopted the attitude of, “Why bother? It doesn’t make any difference.” You don’t want to add to the guilt feelings you have of not obeying, not paying enough attention to what I say to you personally, so you don’t want to keep getting more and more instructions. That is all the result of lethargy. That is a picture of spiritual sleepiness, wanting things to remain the same, not taking the initiative, and lack of fear of Me.

33. Through this inroad you have not made the progress in some areas that I would have you make‚ because there have been many little disobediences, little ways of not hitting the mark, repeated occasions of ignoring My instruction. It’s not that you don’t believe or that you consciously reject the Word or rebel against it. See‚ that’s the danger of lethargy. It’s slow, subtle, and gradual. And eventually you lose the conviction, you forget about the message, and it’s something in the past, forgotten and useless.

34. As you well know, to receive My Word, My instruction for you, is just the first step. But you must also realize that you must accept the truth of what I say to the point that it motivates you to change. If you don’t obey what you receive, if you’re not a doer but are just a hearer, the instruction I give you is almost useless. In fact, you stand to lose some of My power and blessing in your life, because once you know‚ once I’ve entrusted you with My counsel and instruction, then I hold you responsible and you’re accountable; then if you don’t obey, I have to judge you accordingly. I bless in proportion to your obedience. So the more you know but don’t obey, the less I can give My full blessing.

35. My blessing appears in the different areas of your life in relation to your obedience. If you’re lethargic in personal matters, then that’s where you’ll see the lessening of My blessing, either in health, happiness, personal peace, or spiritual progress. For example, if you receive counsel about your health, diet, and exercise, but you don’t obey, then the lack of My blessing will appear there eventually. Or if you receive counsel about your marriage but you don’t obey, then you’ll feel a lack there. Or if you receive counsel about security, or how to be a blessing‚ or how to interact with others or live the Law of Love, but you don’t obey, there will be a lack. These lacks will affect your personal life, and sometimes the Home overall if your lack of obedience causes you to not interact with others as I would have you.

36. So the lethargy in your personal life is manifested in lack of obedience to the instructions I give you in personal prophecy, because you don’t think it’s as important and eventually you just forget. Then you don’t want more guilt feelings, so you slack off from asking Me the personal questions you should. So there is a lack of intimacy with Me in some areas of your life‚ where you don’t allow Me to possess you. Again, this isn’t necessarily from a lack of desire or an outright rejection or rebellion‚ but it’s that sleepy‚ lazy, dull spirit that comes from lethargy.

37. I want you to take a lesson from the queen. You know this is true. She reacts the same to all the instruction she receives from Me, whether it’s a so-called “small” thing about her personal life or a major thing affecting the whole Family. It’s because she isn’t lethargic; she sees all instruction from Me as the same. Obedience is obedience to her, and she wants to be in line with Me in every aspect of her life. She realizes that there is the possibility of growing dull to My voice or selective in her obedience if she’s not immediately obedient to everything I say. This attitude protects her from straying or weakening or missing My will. I know she will obey both the big and supposed little things. She is faithful in that which is least and that which is much.

38. I wish for you to take on more of her attitude of instant obedience—of being a doer, not just a hearer; not being a respecter of persons or having prejudices or attitudes that make you think it is so much more important to obey in one thing than the other. I want obedience across the board.

39. This is the main manifestation of lethargy in your life, My love. Please take this seriously‚ for now you are accountable for this truth. Now I must hold you responsible, for you know what I expect and the standard I wish you to attain to.

40. I want you to go back over your major personal prophecies, the ones that had landmark personal to-dos, and study them, pray further about them, print them out, and review them. Do anything and everything to obey in these areas. Now you are accountable, and if you wish to be a disciple in every way, then you must not separate your work and your personal life, as if one were so much more important than the other.

41. Your personal life is who you are and what you are becoming. Your personal life is your reflection of Me to others. So if you would “be Me” to others as I expect you to, as is your responsibility, then you must be a doer of all the Words, not just a hearer. (End of message from Jesus.)

Though it’s a part of your personality to [be a certain way], and it is an inborn part of your character that I’ve built into your life, you shouldn’t use it as an excuse, by saying, “This is the way I am‚ therefore it’s not necessary for me to change.”—Because it’s there as a challenge for you to change!

Put Me First

42. (Jesus: ) You’re lethargic in spirit because you don’t see the dire importance of a regular intake of good, feeding Word and daily times with Me. This is spiritual lethargy—to think that you can do without it, or to think that you will survive without it, or to not exert the spiritual energy necessary to make this a part of your daily life that you never miss. It should be as sacred as your sleep at night—if not more so. You can’t imagine a day that would go by without you taking at least a few hours of sleep at night; it’s an integral part of life. So it should be with your Word time and your time with Me. It should be automatic. It should be something that you should never go without.

43. I know that you have a lot of excuses why you think you don’t have time. You think that it’s okay if you skip your Word time every so often when you have other important things to do. You think that people will surely notice if you’re not getting your work done, but that they won’t really notice if you don’t take your time with Me. That’s true. Probably no one will know if you don’t take your time with Me—unless you continually neglect it and it shows in your spirit and the way you are. But though no one may notice when you slip in this area, which is spiritual lethargy, I see and I know.

44. You’ve got to drastically change your mindset. I know there’s a lot that needs to be done. I know the need even better than you do, because I am the Shepherd and I know My flock. But you must stop looking at things this way—thinking that these other things are more important than your spiritual life. I know you think that you’re thinking of yourself if you put your spiritual life before the needs of others, but that’s not right. You won’t be able to help others if you aren’t faithful to help yourself.

45. I want you to take a good‚ hard look at your life and make this mindset change. If you only have two hours of time where someone is helping take care of your young child so that you can do something else, I want you to spend that time with Me. I want you to take at least an hour every day of Word time, and also at least a short amount of personal P&P time, praise time, prayer time, and loving Me‚ to add up to the minimum of an hour and a half of quality time spent with Me. No matter what else you have to do, put your Word time first. If you have five hours free, use your time for the Word first, and put everything else second.

46. You think that because you have other people helping with the care of your child, that during those hours you should devote them solely to your work, because that’s why they’re helping you—so that you can get your work done. But I’m going to tell you to do things differently. You can’t get sufficient Word time or time with Me when you’re with your child‚ so you have to do it when others are taking him. Stop being so proud and thinking you have to produce a lot of work in order to make their time helping you worthwhile. You shouldn’t look at it that way. You should look at your spiritual life as being of vital importance, for it is. And when someone is taking your child, don’t automatically think you have to work; you should get Word time and time with Me first.

47. If all you ever get done some days is taking care of your little one, and time with Me‚ and time in My Word, then I’ll be happy. I know that some days it’s just not possible to get much computer work done, because you don’t always have a lot of time to work with. For example, when you’re cooking dinner, that takes part of your workday. But just because it takes up that time doesn’t mean you should neglect your time with Me. It should never be the first thing to go. It should always be top priority.

48. It’s spiritual lethargy to think that you can do without Me and your time in My arms. It’s being lazy in spirit to not want to stir yourself up as much as you should to get fed from My Word—and that’s something you need to change. Change your mindset and ideas about it‚ realizing that I want you to put it first and foremost in your life, and if you get nothing else done but spending your time with Me, then it’s worth it. Of course, you’ll find that you’ll probably end up getting more done‚ because that’s just the way it works in the spirit—I bless your obedience.

49. You’ve also been spiritually lazy in not wanting to receive My personal words in prophecy so regularly. You know that when I speak to you I often show you things you need to do or change or grow in. So you get lazy and don’t want to take that time. You know it’s not just time to listen to Me, but it’s also time to implement what I show you, and you get lazy and lethargic; you put it off.

50. You’ve also been lazy in your times of loving Me intimately. It’s so easy to get lazy in this area of your life, because it’s something you have to really work on and consciously do. Sure, you throw Me little love words here and there throughout the day, but I’m talking about real deep lovemaking in the spirit, real special times of intimacy. It takes work, it takes effort, and you usually shy away from the effort, which is laziness. But if you will make the effort, if you will take the time, the blessings in your life will be far weightier than anything you ever had to forsake to do it. (End of message from Jesus.)

You’re lethargic in spirit because you don’t see the dire importance of a regular intake of good, feeding Word and daily times with Me. This is spiritual lethargy—to think that you can do without it, or to think that you will survive without it, or to not exert the spiritual energy necessary to make this a part of your daily life that you never miss. It should be as sacred as your sleep at night—if not more so. You can’t imagine a day that would go by without you taking at least a few hours of sleep at night; it’s an integral part of life. So it should be with your Word time and your time with Me. It should be automatic. It should be something that you should never go without.

Shake Regularly!

51. (Jesus:) Whenever I shake you up or stir you up, you do better for a while, but you need to be stirred up regularly. That is the key, the primary anti-lethargy device—regular spiritual shakeups! You can either shake and stir yourself up, or you can wait for Me to do so. The first is, of course, preferable because it’s easier in a way. On the other hand, sometimes it’s not enough, and sometimes it’s only truly effective when I do something big in your life, something that you weren’t expecting‚ and thus I sort of “force” you to get stirred up.

52. Spiritual lethargy has a strong effect on your relationship with Me. Your hesitancy to fully embrace and use the new weapons is a direct outcropping of spiritual lethargy. Now you have a label to hang on it—spiritual lethargy. Now you understand it more clearly. It’s pride, too‚ for these dark spirits of pride and lethargy go together. It’s an attitude of, “I’m okay. I’ll do okay. I can do it myself. I don’t really need to do all this spiritual stuff. It’s kind of extra. I can get by without it. Or I can do a lot‚ but I don’t really have to go for all of it.”

53. Now that you’ve prayed and are praying specifically against this spirit of lethargy‚ you will be able to make more progress in these areas. If you will pray against and fight against the spirit of lethargy specifically, your progress will increase and speed up.

54. Spiritual lethargy holds you back from hearing from Me because you’re afraid of what I’m going to say, or because you know that doing what I ask you to do is going to be a lot of work. You do pray, you do hear from Me personally‚ and that causes you to think that what you’re doing is enough. But it’s not, because you “hold out” on Me in certain things. If there are things you really don’t want to ask Me about, or you’d rather leave alone because you don’t want to have to yield to something, or because it’s very sensitive for you‚ you keep wanting to brush it aside. You figure that if you’re hearing from Me about so many other things, then maybe you don’t need to dig into everything. But that is spiritual lethargy.

55. I don’t want you to just hear from Me about some things‚ but about everything—and especially about the areas that you hold back in, because often they’re what are most important. You try to cover them up by your “good works” of hearing from Me in so many other areas, but you know that’s not really good enough any more.

56. It’s true that hearing from Me and doing what I ask you to do, especially when it comes to very personal issues, does require some effort. It’s not easy. But it’s essential to your spiritual health and even life.

57. Lethargy is a slow killer. It eats away at you little by little until your spiritual life is gone. It doesn’t generally come in parading itself bold and daring, like big doubts or tremendous battles, but it slowly, drop by drop, drains the spiritual life from you. It is what causes you to pull away from the things of the spirit because they are “too hard” or require too much effort. It’s what causes you to not give the priority to your Word time that you should, or to hesitate to hear from Me about certain things‚ or even brush it off altogether. It’s what causes you to not feel you have to make the effort to “ask Me everything.” It’s what holds you back from diligently and faithfully fulfilling your role as a prayer warrior. It’s what holds you back from freely and passionately loving Me.

58. It’s what holds you back from being willing to pray a “whatever it takes” prayer. I want you to give yourself to Me in that way. You have done this at times, to some degree or another, but there are still things you hold on to, some consciously and some without realizing you’re doing so. So take that step, that step of full faith and yieldedness, that step of anti-lethargy. Show Me by your words and by your faith your willingness to resist and defeat spiritual lethargy in your life.

59. It’s all about commitment, really. If you are committed to doing certain things every day, whether you feel like it or not, it keeps you stirred up. You might think that forcing yourself to have Word time or P&P time every day, whether you feel like it or not, is more of a ritual and doesn’t really help combat spiritual lethargy if you’re not inspired about it. But being inspired by My Word and growing through My Word doesn’t really have much to do with feelings.

60. If you’re taking your time with Me every day, if you’re praying, reading, and hearing from Me, then you are on the attack against spiritual lethargy. You’re stirred up, because you’re obeying. You don’t have to feel “on fire” and be “thrilled” about everything you read to be fighting spiritual lethargy.

61. It’s true that when you’re a deadhead in devotions and the Word doesn’t inspire you or stir you up at all, then, yes, Word time in itself isn’t enough to fight lethargy. But on the other hand‚ don’t let the Enemy deceive you that if you’re not jumping up and down about your Word time you might as well not have it. If you’re reading it‚ if you’re absorbing it‚ and especially if you’re praying that you will stay stirred up every single time you sit down to read or hear from Me, then it will be so. (End of message from Jesus)

You do well when you really study over My Words in the GNs, read them with a passion and a mind to actually do them, because a lack of doing leads to lacks in many other areas.

Live with a Passion!

62. (Jesus:) You’ve let yourself become lax in that you know I’ll care for you. You trust in My love‚ and thus you can tend to ride along a bit, not really stirring yourself up to continue to pull down My power and My love through doing the things I’ve asked of you. You’ve resorted to coasting along, knowing that no matter what, I’ll keep working things out for your good. This is true to some degree, but there’s lots more that could and is meant to be yours if you’d reach out and really live those things that I show you.

63. In your work you tend to think that as long as there are others around who can help to safeguard and pick up the tab‚ you’ll be fine just doing the bit here and there that you can, without really thinking that you need to be just as stirred up. You can’t just let others bear the weight. They need you to be there all the way, really giving it all you’ve got. Seek Me for what your role and your place is to be, and then live it with a passion. I’ve got a great ministry for you if you’ll seize it, live it‚ and do your best.

64. Live each day like it’s your last, really giving it all you’ve got. You can do this by keeping ahead of things, planning things out, doing what you know you need to do to make your time quality time.

65. Make it a habit to always seek Me about what to do, when to do it‚ and to be looking beyond the “now.” You won’t always be doing what you’re doing now, but your following closely and doing the best you can helps to lay good foundations for what you will be doing in the future and for the way things go in others’ lives. Now will affect your future. Each decision, each bit of giving, everything that you pour out—it all has something to do with the way things will be and the fruitfulness of your life both later and even now.

66. The Enemy lies to you, telling you not to get so into things, because things may change. But that’s just the reverse of what I want to tell you. You never know what I may bring about tomorrow, but if you’re doing something now, it’s because I want you there, and I love to see you giving it your all. Then, when and if things change, it will positively affect your future and what you’ll be doing. (End of message from Jesus.)

Don’t neglect your times of prayer. I know it’s been hard to do it daily. This affects your life in many ways—and the lives of others. It takes effort, but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll regret each time that you could have prayed but didn’t take the time to. Things will not have been done, or goals not reached, or people not brought into My Kingdom because of it. So pray like it’s one of your key responsibilities.

Keys to Staying Stirred Up

67. (Jesus:) Have a list of the things that I want you to cover each day in your life and walk with Me. You need to keep committing your service to Me‚ asking Me for My power, really pulling down My power for what you have to do. It’s not enough to say a simple little prayer asking Me to help you as you go into what you need to do. Take the time to get from Heaven what I’d like to show you.

68. Not taking time to hear from Me on something is lethargy, when it’s something that you know you need to do, but you use the time otherwise.

69. You don’t have to put in extra long hours in your day to the point of burning out to be stirred up. Just using the time well‚ giving it your best shot, and doing with your time what you know and have confirmed with Me is what you are to do—is being stirred up and on the go.

70. If you’re finding that you haven’t the time to do things that you know you should be doing, there may be other reasons stopping you. But if in your heart you’re really trying to hear from Me and do what I say, and are seeking Me for My plan‚ then whatever happens or is able to get done is what I want to bring about. Then you don’t have to worry that it’s because you’re not fighting or working hard enough. Just continue to commit things to Me‚ and be willing to do whatever it takes to follow through.

71. Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of doing whatever needs to be done. Relying on whether you’re in the mood or the job interests you is not a good thing to fall back on. Just get My approval and be willing to get the direction from Me on it, and go for it. You’ll find things easier than you thought they’d be.

72. Keep focused on the way I’m leading you, knowing that I’m a moving God, always changing and making things happen—growing you‚ leading you, and helping things to come about in the Family at large. And do what you need to do in order to get with it‚ be a part of it, and be a blessing.

73. Call on the spirit helpers that I’ve given you to help you. That’s what they’re there for. Let them be a part of what you do. Don’t lean to the little bit of wisdom or experience that you may have. You need others. Ask for the help you need. (End of message from Jesus.)

Recognize the Thoughts that Keep You from My Best

74. (Jesus: ) Any time you don’t seek to do My best, or what you know would be what I want you to do, you can be sure that Lethargy is involved and having an influence.

75. I’ll give you some specific examples. Sometimes you need to start on a project that you feel is going to be difficult, but instead you spend the time doing less important things. Or you know you should have more personal Word time, but instead you choose to fellowship, or read something else, or fritter away the time in some other way. These are very obvious manifestations of the spirit of Lethargy.

76. Lethargy seeks to keep you from My best. It seeks to slow you down and sedate you in spirit so that it can take over your thoughts and actions and keep you from doing My highest will.

At times, although you do embrace the Words from My mouth, you can tend to do it with a sense of duty rather than with vigor and joy and getting with it in spirit, all the way. You don’t always see the importance of doing what I’m leading you to do in the Letters. It can seem just like work to you, more to do. But this is where your attitude needs to change. You need to be revoluted, knowing that all things are for a purpose and for your good, and indeed to make things happier, easier, and better for you all around in the end—not just to add to your already full schedule.

77. When you compromise, when you don’t stand up for what you know is right, it’s often because of Lethargy. When you don’t do what you know you should, and you choose to just go along with the flow of what’s happening because you don’t want to deal with the repercussions, that’s Lethargy. When you put off hearing from Me about something in your personal life, it’s often Lethargy; you don’t want to go to all the trouble.

78. The spirit of Lethargy works to figure out what excuses work best on you, and will then bring those thoughts to your mind at appropriate times. With you, the ones that work the best and that the spirit of Lethargy uses most often are:

79. —When you need to hear from Me about a personal matter: The spirit of Lethargy tells you‚ “There’s not much you can do right now anyway. You just need to ride out the storm; it will pass.” While that is true in a sense, when you don’t hear from Me about it, often the storm is much longer and more damaging to you personally, and you don’t benefit from it as you could if you heard from Me about it.

80. —Regarding your Word time: He tries to keep you from being organized about it and having a list of things to read. He tries to persuade you that you’ve read something recently, so why read it again. He tries to tell you that you’ve had a lot of Word time just in the course of your work, so you don’t really need to fight in the spirit to be filled during your personal Word time.

81. —When you’re not sure if you should watch a movie or not: He’ll try to make you feel like there’s nothing better to do.

82. —When you’re not sure about what to do: He’ll try to get you to just ask Me quickly, rather than taking the time to really stop, clear your channel, and hear from Me. He knows that there are times that it’s very important that you get the details, and if he can keep you from getting the full message, you’re not equipped to handle the situation as well, and often don’t make the best choices or judgment calls because you don’t have the full counsel from Me on the subject.

83. Now that you realize these are all lies from the spirit of Lethargy, they will stand out to you when you think these thoughts, and you’ll be able to realize that it’s not just your own mind or desires, but that your spiritual enemy is trying to influence you and keep you from My best. That’s not to say that all these things are wrong in every situation. But the key is in stirring yourself up in the spirit to seek Me, to hear from Me as to what is My best in any given situation, rather than going by your own feelings or desires.

84. You should know that the Enemy will continue to seek to influence you, especially in these Last Days. You won’t be able to trust your desires or what your flesh wants to do, because it will very often be influenced. But you will always be able to trust Me and My Words to you, as long as you are sincerely hungering and thirsting after My Spirit.

85. So the key is found in seeking Me and continuing to pray a “whatever it takes” prayer‚ that I will keep you open and desirous in spirit of My highest and best, so that I can continue to give you whatever it is you need. In yourself you are not strong enough to fight these powerful demons. But when you pray a “whatever it takes” prayer and really mean it‚ then it becomes My responsibility to keep you free and stirred up in spirit, and I will. (End of message from Jesus)

If you’re lethargic in these days that are coming and are almost upon you‚ you will not be able to make it. You will not be able to keep going, as much as you want to, for the spirit of Lethargy will take control of your life. You have the chance to rid yourself of this and start anew. Call upon My power to awaken that which has fallen asleep through lethargy. I can and will help you. If you cry out to Me in desperation, I will come through.

Make the Effort to Be Useful!

86. (Jesus:) Your spiritual lethargy comes in the form of a lack of will to change. You read My Word and you see what I’m asking the Family to do‚ and you want to be a part of it‚ but you lack the willpower to make the necessary changes that I call upon everyone to make. You fret that some of these things would be too difficult, and therefore you don’t strive to better yourself in these areas. This is the effect of the spirit of lethargy. As long as you allow yourself to listen to these lies, you will never be able to become all that I want you to be. You will limit yourself by your own negative thinking. The spirit of lethargy will stunt your growth.

87. This is something that you must not let happen. It’s easy to stop it. You must cry out to Me for My help, and then act upon your request and fight, with My strength, to be delivered. I will fight alongside you‚ but it’s up to you to take the initiative. You know of the power of the weapons that I’ve made available to you, but still you hesitate in your use of them.

88. You must cast off this spirit of lethargy now before it’s too late. Avail yourself of the keys to My Kingdom, start using your gift of prophecy more frequently, and use your prayer power to channel My power into helping needy situations. Stir yourself up in the spirit so that you see the need and then do something about it.

89. Don’t let yourself become useless due to a lack of effort to be useful. Your faith without works is dead. You must put forth the effort and put your faith into positive action. It’s going to take a constant struggle. You’re going to have to die daily to your self, your pride‚ and your own willfulness in order to accomplish what I need you to. Your adversary seeks to ensnare you in his web of laziness and lethargy. Don’t let yourself be overcome. You now have the warning, and it’s in your court to act on it. (End of message from Jesus.)

One area that needs your continued attention is the way you resign yourself to accept certain situations the way they are, instead of fighting to change them for the better. You sometimes give up in your “fight for the right,” so to speak, and this can be labeled lethargy; you call it being “weary in well doing.”


This can also be the work of Apotheon. Usually Lethargy comes in for the slow kill, and Apotheon is the one that sometimes just overwhelms you with the feeling of hopelessness, lack of strength or willpower, or desire to resign yourself or remain as you are. They work together, but those are some of their common characteristics, although they too adapt in order to best ensnare their victims. So be on guard and aware, and if you’re not sure if you’re being influenced by one of them, or who you should be praying against, ask Me. I love to reveal their dirty, evil deeds, I love to expose them and nullify their influence in your life. All you have to do is ask and I’ll turn the spiritual light on and show you!

Be My Love!

90. (Jesus:) Your lethargy is shown when you feel that you do enough‚ you read enough, you stir yourself up enough, and you’re doing just fine. Yes, sometimes you are doing fine, but is fine all you want to go for? Why not go for great, wonderful, awesome and out-of-this-world with Me? I want you to be so filled with Me and My Words all day long that you live Me, breathe Me‚ carry Me in your heart and mind, talk to Me, love Me‚ and be My love for others all day long. That’s what I want, and you’re still a far cry from that.

91. You let lethargy come in and it keeps you from trying to step out and love others. It makes you get bugged too easily and you feel like it’s your right because you’re just a little sensitive to people’s idiosyncrasies. But is that right? Is that living the Law of Love? Is that fighting with all you have within you? No! That is living like a Systemite who doesn’t really care about his or her fellow man. You don’t want to be that way, do you? You don’t want to be unloving. You don’t want to be someone who doesn’t have any friends because she doesn’t show herself friendly and loving‚ in season and out of season, right?

92. I want to give you love that covers all sins—that gives even when it doesn’t feel like it, that smiles through the many tears‚ that cares and loves and gives again. How can you get this love? How can you go through each day with My love bursting out of your heart‚ soul, mind, ears, eyes, hands and mouth?—By reading My Word. By being so full of Me that nothing else can come out‚ that nothing else can come through. Do you want to be this way? Will you take up this challenge in your life to love, to give, to care?

93. You think that showing love and affection is not such a big thing, that it’s just your character to be a little more on the reserved side. But that’s not right, and this is not how I intended for you to be. Ask Me to change your heart, to change your character, and I will help you.

94. Take up that torch; love the next person on your path by showing it. If you love Me, show it by loving the next person you pass in the hall. If you love Me, say a kind word to someone who looks down. If you love Me, get some words of love from Me for that one. If you love Me, do these things that I ask of you. Don’t wait another day!

95. (Channel prays:) Dearest Jesus, You told me that one of my biggest forms of spiritual lethargy is in the area of putting off sharing with others and loving others. What can I do about this? I know that I’m lazy and lethargic in spirit. I should be putting these things into practice, but it’s so hard because I usually have so much on my plate and am really busy, so it’s hard to try to slot in some dates, too. What should I do about this? I’m struggling with knowing what to do. Please help me, Jesus.

96. (Jesus:) Ask your mate for help. Ask him to help you with the humility to do this. Ask him if he would consider setting aside a time to pray about these things with you so that you’re in unity about what to do.

97. You need help. I see and you see that you can’t spur yourself on your own; you’ve been living in lethargy and complacency in this area for too long. So ask for help. Reach out, and you will receive My help and guidance.

98. You must first have a willing mind, and now you have taken the first step‚ which is the biggest, and that is to be willing, to yield to Me and what I’m trying to do in your life. (End of message from Jesus.)

NWOs are challenges, and challenges bring on changes, and changes build a new spirit and create in you a new heart and make of you a new person who can fill the need and be a greater blessing to Me, to My work, and to others.

Staying Free of Pollution

99. (Jesus:) Lethargy is like foul water over the ground of your heart. It will seep in and contaminate the soil of your heart and it will cause the fruitfulness in your life to decrease. It will pollute your fruit. If it continues for an extended period of time, the soul gets so sick that it finally dies or goes into a coma. In this state there is no fruit whatsoever.

100. You have to understand this, because the invasion of your heart by lethargy is not a sudden, one-time thing, but it is a long-term thing. It seeps in little by little and you don’t even realize it. It starts when you accept polluted waters running over you. These waters are delivered to you compliments of the Devil and his System.

101. He delivers the polluted, deadly waters of lethargy to you in many little ways. These polluted waters search for low spots in your life and for spots that are receptive to it. Then the water starts to move underground. You don’t realize what an effect it’s having in your life after a while, because the soil and the earth swallow the waters. But believe Me, it doesn’t mean that it disappears when it sinks out of your sight. The polluted waters and the pollution don’t disappear or vanish, but they go inside of your heart.

102. You have to be on the lookout and tasting the waters all the time. You have to fence your soil to make sure that no polluted waters come your way. You have to also constantly fill yourself with clean waters so that any pollution can be washed away.

103. Once your soil is saturated with good water, then whatever pollution may come your way only contaminates the surface, and it’s easy to see and to wash away. Because your heart is so full of the clean water, there’s no room for the polluted waters. In that case, the damage is much less. But when your heart lacks the water of the Word and is practically dry‚ the moment the polluted water comes in contact with it, the polluted waters go right in and seep into your heart. Lethargy then paves the way for sin‚ as it eliminates resistance to it.

104. This is the great risk and the great damage that lethargy does—it lowers and destroys your natural and supernatural resistance to sin. It makes you ignorant of the Devil’s devices and of his attacks. You stop realizing and reacting to his attacks and you become indifferent. The attacks of lethargy against your life and fighting against it is a continual process‚ but when you’re full of My Word and Spirit, it’s easier for you to remain unspotted by it.

105. Above all things, keep your heart pure, because from it comes life. Watch what goes into the soil of your heart‚ because if the waters are polluted, then your heart will stop producing life.

106. Watch the input in your heart. Be careful about the movies you watch and pray against bad influences, the newspapers you read‚ the conversations you have with peers and relations. Watch your thoughts and ask Me to constantly guard you. Pray without ceasing and be on guard.

107. You have to be constantly on guard. Just like when you’re driving a vehicle, you can’t take your eyes off the road for even one moment, but need to be watching and praying all the time. You can’t relax when you’re driving; it’s a constant state of vigilance and being on guard. If you can’t keep up with this state of vigilance, then you have to pull to the side of the road and rest. In the spirit it’s the same: When you’re getting input from the System and from the world, you have to be on guard constantly‚ keeping your eyes on what’s coming your way. (End of message from Jesus.)

Relaxation is something that everyone needs, but you can’t expect that you’re going to get stronger or find relief from the pressures of the battles at hand just by relaxing. You must first come to Me and ask Me to take you up in My arms and love you, and allow Me to relieve you of the battles and the trials that seek to drag you down. By doing this and using the keys to the Kingdom, you’ll find the strength you need to obey and to work the works that you need to work while it is yet day.

No Free Ride!

108. (Jesus: ) Just because as a Home you’re moving forward and are loving each other and working together in unity, it doesn’t guarantee that you as an individual are completely on board and making enough of an effort to stay close to Me.

109. You have to realize that you can’t ride on another’s coattails. I expect each person in the Family to make their own decision to be fully committed. It’s each individual’s responsibility to renew their daily commitment to Me.

110. It’s easy to get laid back in spirit, lackadaisical, comfortable with the lifestyle, but not actually have that burning desire yourself to serve Me and do your best to reach the lost. If you lay back and get comfortable, it’s true that the Enemy might not continue fighting you. That’s because you’ll have become a dead duck! He won’t be afraid of you.

111. But don’t worry, because I’ll help you up. I’ll help you by giving you a good kick in the butt to get you back in line. Even though that may not feel very good, you need it to get you back to fighting the Devil. When you fall asleep so deeply that even the Devil isn’t worrying about you anymore, that’s pretty serious, and it usually takes a pretty big wakeup call!

112. So don’t let yourself reach the point that I have to get really involved. Stay alive and awake spiritually by staying desperate with Me, by keeping our relationship hot and vibrant and fresh, by drinking in My Words daily and putting them into action in your life, by continually purging out the things of the world that you automatically absorb because it’s all around you.

113. Don’t give any place to the Devil. When your life is so full of Me and My Word, it fills your thoughts and heart and flows out of you. It fills your life with light, and leaves no room for the sleepy darkness. (End of message from Jesus)

Continue fighting against lethargy when it comes to your time with Me, and don’t allow this device of the Devil to rob you of the nourishment and strength that you need. Just as you’ve determined to use the keys in your life to help you face certain situations with positive faith, use the keys and call on their power during your times of lovemaking with Me so that you will receive the full benefit from our time together.

Keep It Hot!

114. (Jesus:) The Enemy fights your times with Me. He fights you being stirred up, desperate, and on the attack. He makes you feel tired and weary. He allows the problems to loom large above your head and causes you to feel that the weight is so heavy that you might as well just give up.

115. The last thing the Enemy wants you to do is to get stirred up and to fight in the spirit—and this is where Lethargy has affected you. Apotheon does his best to make you feel the weight of the problem and stay down. And Lethargy will try to convince you that there’s no need to stir yourself up about it. You need to fight more in the spirit! You need to get more stirred up, more militant, more desperate. You need to let Me stir your spirit within you. You need to pray more fervently, intercede for others more passionately, read the Word more diligently.

116. The Enemy can’t keep you from our times together, our times of lovemaking, for he knows how deeply you love Me, therefore he instead decides that the better way, and one that is more effective, is to just try to water down our times together by making them not as hot and passionate as I would desire them to be. He’s content, at least for the moment, if our times together are lukewarm. For although he knows he can’t stop you, he feels he can at least cause you to not access the full power and anointing that comes from our hot and passionate times of lovemaking and your times of calling out to Me with all your heart in desperation, asking Me to move and to work on your behalf.

117. So don’t allow your times with Me to be passive or lacking in passion and fire and heat. Rebuke the Enemy! Ask for prayer! Be militant in our times together. Fight the Enemy! Bind his forces before we even begin our times together, for if you will be militant in these times, My darling, you will see your whole life change.

118. As you fight the spirit of lethargy in your life and in our times together with the power of the keys, you will see the fruit that it will bear in all areas of your work and life for Me. Your relations with others will be deeper, sweeter, and more passionate; your work for Me will be more stimulating, more exciting; that weariness that you feel at times, especially when the battles come, will be taken from you, and it will be replaced with the desire to fight the attacks of the Enemy and make forward progress for the spreading of My Word and message into all the world. (End of message from Jesus.)

Moments of Power

119. (Jesus:) Procrastination in taking time with Me is something that is counted as being lethargic and lazy in spirit. You can be oh so busy working away physically and get a lot of things accomplished, but if you’re not pressing in in the spirit, then it doesn’t bear the fruit that it should.

120. Yes‚ I want more of you! I want you to stop and acknowledge Me in everything and press in in the spirit! As you do, I’ll light your fire and make you burn for Me. I’ll kill the spiritual lethargy with My spirit of life!

121. Spiritual lethargy can be like a disease. It’s not easily recognized. It creeps up on you slowly. Little by little, it eats away at you and causes you harm. The Enemy uses it greatly‚ for this is how he can hide his attacks. It’s not a big visible attack‚ but it’s done in secret—just a few minutes lost here and there. It’s all time wasted if it’s not counted toward spending time with Me.

122. The Enemy even makes you tired. At the end of the day he’ll tell you that you’re too tired to take time with Me‚ even a few moments before you go to bed. He tells you it’s okay to take it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and there are other things to take care of right away. He’ll tell you, “That’s okay, later is fine.” But, My love, those moments lost are moments of power that I can give you, strength-giving moments that will make a difference in your life.

123. When you fall into a rut of putting Me aside, and not putting Me first with your time and life, you run the risk more and more of becoming a System Christian and not a revolutionary Christian. I’m warning you that those moments that were lost and could have been spent with Me add up, and have a detrimental effect in the long run.

124. It takes an effort to stir yourself up. But when you do‚ the rewards are high, and you’ll never regret putting Me first in your life. You will wonder why you ever allowed yourself to lose any time spent with Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Real love is a relationship that grows, not only with people in the physical realm‚ but also with Me in spirit. Our love is there‚ and our love is growing, but like anything else, for love to grow it also needs investment. The more time you give it, the more you put into it, the more you give of yourself to it, the greater your love will grow and the stronger it will be.—And the more you will desire it and look forward to it.

Getting Back in the Saddle

125. (Jesus:) You’re lethargic spiritually in that having done your job for so long, you’ve lost the burning desire to reach every soul that you can, the motivation to keep going until all the world is reached. You’ve also let lethargy creep in by not applying this burning desire and motivation to your work and not doing all you can for the Family. You’ve become lazy and old. You wake up each morning not with the thought of, “Oh‚ what can I do today to reach the lost?” But more like, “Oh, no, I have all this work to do and I’ll never get caught up!”

126. It’s like your desire and motivation have been eroded by the natural tendencies of old age and human nature—to let things be as they are and to quit hacking away and gaining new ground. You’ve meandered “out to pasture” in spirit to a certain degree.

127. I don’t really fault you for this, for you’ve worked hard for years and years, and decades upon decade on end. And as I told you in the “Warhorse” prophecy, you’re just a little tired and have been in need of inspiration. (See ML #3361:199-217, GN 957.) You’ve also been going through great changes in your personal life, so I’ve made room for all of these changes and allowed you the latitude to roam a bit and to realign the direction you’re going for Me in your life. This includes the forsaking of your former mate and becoming a single, and not having a lot of physical fellowship and those things which you had in abundance the last four years or so. It has all been a big change for you.

128. But your spiritual lethargy has come in the form of losing the burden and desire to reach everyone you meet or to be a witness to them in some way of Me, and of not really bringing your commitment to excellence in your ministry to the level that it should be. However, the good news is that now you’re pointing in the right direction in both of these areas; you’re getting back in the saddle and you have the right motivation once again. You’ve worked through the heat of the day and have needed a break. But now the time has come to regain that burning desire to do all you can until the world is reached, and of following Me step by step in all that you do.

129. In a way, you’ve sort of let the Spirit drop on the ground as you’ve been interested in your own personal desires. It’s been a tough road, with Me trying to pull those desires out of you and getting you to pick up the Spirit once again. But you’re doing it, and I’m happy and proud of you! (End of message from Jesus.)

Fight Back!

130. (Jesus:) One way that this spiritual lethargy has manifested itself in you is through giving in to the Devil’s attacks and not really fighting back. When the Devil fights you, don’t just submit and get into yourself and get down and discouraged—you’ve gotta fight! I’ve spoken to you about this before, but it seems since then the Devil has been fighting you even harder and you’re still giving in to his attacks and not really fighting back.

131. A problem like this might not be that apparent, and you might think you’re just going through a hard time in your life and things are not going your way. But the truth of it is that the Devil is trying his hardest to get you to think that you’re miserable. He’s trying to throw doubts and all kinds of discouragement your way so that you’ll give up the fight and not grow up straight.

132. You need to realize you have this problem and fight it with all you’ve got. You’ve gotta really get desperate and seek Me about this, and not just continue getting into your problems. You’ve got to fight, even though you feel like it’s no use.

133. That is a major way that spiritual lethargy manifests itself in you. You’re too lazy and lethargic to go on the attack and hit that punk where it really hurts! I know that this is quite a challenge and it’s hard for you to fight the Devil when he throws this discouragement at you. But this is a goal that I’ve set before you, and a mountain that you must climb in order to continue to grow spiritually and turn into what I want you to be.

134. Do you accept this challenge? Are you willing to whack that punk with My Word, even when that’s the last thing you feel like doing? Are you willing to face this problem and get desperate with Me and ask Me for deliverance from this plague of discouragement? If you are, then you’ll continue to become what I want you to be, and you’ll ride into the Endtime, strong, without fear, and ready to fight the Devil! (End of message from Jesus)

Points to Concentrate on

135. (Dad: ) Here are the main ways lethargy is manifested in your life:

*Not stirring yourself up enough in the spirit and being desperate to get as much as you can from each of your times with the Lord.

*Not being diligent in applying the Word to your life as much as you should, and following through on the counsel you receive by making clear-cut goals for yourself in order to put it into practice in your life.

*Not being a “doer” of the Word.

*Not being faithful to keep the goals that you do have for yourself.

*Not being as diligent as you should be in going back over and studying the counsel you receive, seeing if you’ve made progress in each area, and making sure you haven’t missed anything.

*Not being as faithful to uphold others in your daily prayers, and not praying as desperately and fervently for others’ situations as you should be.

*Having more of a “defensive” attitude in your spiritual life, rather than an “offensive” one.

*Not calling on the power of the keys as much as you should, learning how to use them, and having faith for miracles.

*Not striving enough in spirit to get closer to the spirit world and to be heavenly minded and attuned to your spirit helpers.

*Not making enough of an effort to include the Lord in your activities or times with others.

*Not going out of your way enough to show an interest in others and to do the humble thing.

136. In saying all this, I don’t mean to imply that you haven’t made an effort in most, if not all, of these areas—because you have. I know that you’re extremely faithful to take time with the Lord every day‚ to sit at His feet and to listen and learn of Him. You’re faithful to love the Lord, to spend time with Him, and to obey His counsel—but you can do better, you can do more. Here are some ways how:

*Pray desperately before and after each of your Word times‚ calling on the power of the keys‚ asking the Lord to open your heart and mind, and to help you to suck. Pray that the Word will sink deep into your heart and mind; that it will grow in your life, change you, and bear fruit. Ask the Lord to open your eyes that you might behold wondrous things out of His Law.

*Lay everything else aside during your times with the Lord and give Him your full attention. If you find your mind wandering‚ stop right there and pray desperately, asking for help to tune in and to suck.

*Don’t just read, but study. Take note of and mark parts that especially speak to you. Then go back and review them at the end.

*Pray at the end of each Word time and ask the Lord if there’s anything more that He wants to show you.

*Follow through on the counsel given; make goals for yourself.

*Make having daily prayer vigil a habit in your life again.

*Ask the Lord regularly what progress you’re making in your spiritual life and what areas you need to progress in.

*Try to reach out more to people you don’t know so well. Make it a goal to go on a walk or spend time with at least one person a week that you don’t have a lot of contact with.

*Make it a goal to include the Lord in each of your dates with others.

*Be militant in spirit and determined to push ahead, not just to maintain.

137. Again, you don’t have to be worried about being perfect in each of these areas—just be desperate with the Lord to make progress‚ to be what He wants you to be, and to be vigilant in spirit.

138. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life” (Pro.4:23). Being diligent is the key. What does being diligent mean? It means to be faithful, to be careful, to be thorough, to be in tune. “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.” “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” (Pro.27:23; 22:29).

139. The Lord wants you to be one of the few “wise virgins.” He needs you to be diligent and faithful, always on the lookout, close to Him and the spirit world, and determined to follow closely. Be wise. Set your affection on things above, and not on things of this world. Be diligent in all things. Be on guard. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil‚ as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour; whom resist steadfast in the faith” (1Pet.5:8,9).

140. The things that are happening in the Family right now are a lot like what happened in Gideon’s day. The Lord is purging the Family, much like He did with Gideon’s army when He said to tell those who were afraid or half-hearted to go home. And now He is, or in some cases will be, putting you all through some further tests to see what you’re made of. Through the additional tests He’s seeing who’s vigilant, who will faithfully and carefully tend to the garden of their heart, who will be on guard at all times.

141. His disciples need to not only be willing to fight during wartime, but they need to show themselves wise by being vigilant and careful even when all seems well and at peace. This is almost more of a test and a challenge, and takes more willpower and self-discipline.

142. So be wise and take care that you have plenty of oil in your lamp at all times; don’t let your reserves get depleted. Don’t get sidetracked with a little here and a little there, but keep your eyes on the goal, on the future, on the Lord. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!

143. “They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever!” (Dan.12:3). Those that are wise will shine so brightly in the dark days ahead! But remember that many are called but few are chosen, because so few choose to follow. Many will lament, “If I only had! If I only had been wise! If I only had followed more closely. If I only had obeyed.” Don’t let those be your words! They won’t be as you diligently and faithfully obey and as you keep your priorities straight.

144. Only He can keep you faithful. All you have to do is listen carefully and follow. (End of message from Dad.)

You too easily let discouragement hold you back from making the progress you need, and this discouragement is a byproduct of impatience. You know what you need to learn. You want to learn it. You want to grow. You want to change. But when it doesn’t come instantly, when it doesn’t come overnight, when you see how much more you need to fight to work on‚ you first get impatient because you want it now‚ and the resultant discouragement only slows down your progress. It gets you on a reverse cycle, and if you’re not careful‚ that can bring you to a stop. Discouragement resulting from impatience concerning what you need to do and the changes you need to make hinders you from making those very changes.

Feel Alive!

145. (Jesus: ) You’re lethargic and lazy in taking hold of the new when I tell you to. You’re somewhat slow to grab ahold of and jump into the new revelations that I put forth. You look at things in the carnal and you feel overwhelmed‚ like there’s too much to do and too much work‚ therefore you don’t dig in as you should.

146. Yes, you do get on board with the new moves, but too slowly. I’m moving quickly these days and I need My elite troops to move fast with Me! You can’t be lagging a couple of steps behind, still trying to digest the last revelation when I’m revealing a new one! You need to get on the ball and do things now, today, and not procrastinate. It’s not that you don’t want to change or take ahold of the New Wine and the new things of the spirit, but you let that evil, sleepy spirit of lethargy tell you to wait for tomorrow.

147. You’re very lethargic in nature; it’s a besetting sin and it’s especially harmful in the realm of the spirit. You’re a procrastinator; you like to put things off, to wait until you “feel” like doing a certain thing, and you often let moves of the spirit pass you by. Then you’re left playing catch-up instead of getting on with the next thing I have for My Family.

148. Aren’t you tired of lagging behind? Wouldn’t you like to be right up there on the cutting edge? You can be! You can shake off the lethargic spirit and grab ahold of My radical and moving Spirit! You can shake off the slothfulness of sleep and procrastination by claiming My keys of fervency in spirit. Claim the keys of passion, fire, dedication‚ striving, winning, working—anything opposite of sleepiness and sloth and laziness!

149. The lethargy I speak of is manifested physically by being slow to hear from Me personally about the New Wine when it comes out. Only when you apply the Word to yourself by bringing it to Me in your P&P time can you truly be said to have grasped the revelation. When new GNs come out, especially revelations such as the “Keys of the Kingdom” or “Rising Above,” you should be right in there praying almost the day you read the Letter, or the very next if possible, about how it applies to you, and getting My practical tips on how to make it a reality in your life.

150. You do often do this for yourself, and you do apply yourself to the questions that are at the end of the GNs, but My point is that you wait too long. You put them off, you procrastinate, and then the moment has passed; that revelation has lost its focus and I’m asking you to focus on the next thing, and you’ve missed a major happening in spirit!

151. This is a direct result of the spirit of lethargy whispering softly in your ear, telling you that you have plenty of time, plenty of future days ahead to hear from Me, to make resolutions, to get the practical applications, to reread the crucial GNs and to put them into practice in your life. He told you this about the “Keys of the Kingdom” revelation. He knows that you wouldn’t believe outright doubts and detractions to the revelation, so he told you, and somewhat truthfully too, that the keys are here to stay, they are ever with you‚ and you have plenty of time to dig into them and figure out all the details, intricacies, and hidden truths.

152. So you put it off; you tickled your ears some days with Word times that were good but were not the best.—Good, but still not what you needed from the new, fresh, hot Wine of today. But it was easier; you don’t have to stir yourself up as much to get into the older revelations that you’ve already adjusted to and accepted. That’s not to say that the older Letters are any less feeding, but you must have both—the old and the new—if you’re going to stay current with the spirit today. And oftentimes it’s the New Wine that takes more effort in the spirit to absorb, because it contains new challenges, addresses today’s needs, and requires serious action.

153. So lethargy is sometimes manifested in not wanting to get into the New Wine, settling for older Word which is still just as good, but not as demanding of you spiritually at the moment. It’s like settling for progress you’ve already made rather than desiring to continue growing and progressing with My Spirit. So now, when you’ve seen everyone placing a lot of emphasis upon the keys and using them and harnessing the power, you think, “Wow, maybe it’s time I really get back into that and reread those GNs and study them!” But, lo, it’s almost too late. There are new moves of My Spirit, new pushes and areas to focus on as well, and you must turn your attention toward your spiritual growth.

154. As I told you long ago, there is always enough time in the day to accomplish all of My plans for you. There may not be enough time in the day for all your plans, however. Therefore it is imperative that you keep stirred up enough to ask Me what I want you to be spending your Word times on, what I want you to be memorizing and making the spiritual focus in your life. It will be tight; you’ll have to move fast and make use of all available time in order to digest the sheer volume of revelations that are being poured out to you. But it can be done! If you’ll not waste time, if you’ll get your directions from Me as to what areas of training you should focus on each day, you can make it. You’ll fit in all the new revelations according to My timetable and you’ll be primed and ready for each new one as it comes.

155. Then there will also be times when the Word slows down somewhat, when there isn’t as much coming out, and those times of respite I use for review and re-education. But even with those you should check with Me as to how to spend them and which things to review during the break between New Wine.

There is always enough time in the day to accomplish all of My plans for you.

156. Another area in which you battle lethargy is in your prayer life. I don’t have to say much about this because it’s very obvious to you. Every day when you set out to do your prayer vigil, you feel lethargy telling you to cut your time short or not take it at all. It’s tough work, it’s sometimes tedious and always tiring, but you have to fight anyway. You need to stay on guard and not let that sleepy spirit pull you down off the wall. Basically any area of your spiritual growth that is tough for you is probably tough because of spiritual lethargy. Some areas are affected by pride more than others, but a lot is just due to that spirit trying to dampen your enthusiasm, make you lose your focus, and lull you to sleep.

157. That’s why it’s tough work to love Me intimately. It’s not an activity that fits any particular notch in your schedule, which is why you have to go out of your way to make it happen and set aside time for it. But you very often don’t, and why is that? I’ll tell you why—it’s that spirit again. His potions and his lullabies and his bed sheets reach out to grab at you and make you sleepy, slothful, and long for slumber. (See ML #3361:98, GN 957.) His voice is manifested in the excuses that pop into your mind.

158. You know those, don’t you? Yes, of course you do. Everyone does. You get ideas in your head all of a sudden as to why you don’t have time‚ or why you have to go on to something else‚ or why it’s okay if you skip this or that, or why you did it yesterday and that should make it all right. All those excuses are the direct voice of that lethargic spirit whispering in your ear. That’s his voice.

159. True to form, I always speak first. My Spirit gives you the conviction to perform a certain act or deed‚ but then he takes his shot at you; he gets to come in and suggest logical excuses. But if you’ll notice‚ they all lead down the path of least resistance. They all include whys and wherefores for skipping something, cutting something short, or letting you off the hook altogether. Beware! Beware of the easy path. When an excuse comes to mind, weigh it carefully to see if it is My voice telling you of something truly more important, or if it just suggests an easier alternative with no sacrifice necessary.

160. I have said that if any man will come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily to follow Me. So you can figure from that that if you’re consistently getting excuses just popping into your head that excuse you from taking up your cross, that excuse you from sacrificing‚ and excuse you from the work I Myself have commissioned you do‚ it’s probably the voice of Satan and his demon of Lethargy. That’s when you have to resist it in My Name and call on the keys to bind that spirit and to unbind you from his grasp.

161. He may be powerful and he may have caught many Family members in his snare‚ but all the same rules still apply to that demon! He must bow his ugly head, as all the others must, at My Name and at your binding spells in the power of the keys. When you use your gold magic upon him, he must release you from his sleepy power and he must retreat and stop bothering you. You have all power to do this, and I suggest that you do it at every opportunity.

162. The road I offer is not as easy, but I never take away something from you without giving you something better. The rewards you will reap for choosing to suffer affliction in My Name rather than to be lulled into the sleepy beds of Satan will pay off in this life richly‚ and in the next life a hundredfold. It’s a can’t-lose deal! You just have to make the initial decision to bind the lethargic spirit, to reject the sleepy excuses, and instead to do the things that are tough, difficult, and hard. It will be worth it because your spirit will be invigorated and alive again! Isn’t that worth it? (End of message from Jesus.)

When an excuse comes to mind, weigh it carefully to see if it is My voice telling you of something truly more important, or if it just suggests an easier alternative with no sacrifice necessary.

Staying in Tune

163. (Jesus:) You’re still somewhat lethargic in asking Me everything and in your prayer life in general. It takes a real effort to remain on the attack in prayer, and you have much progress yet to make in this area. You need to keep putting forth more determination and work at forming better prayer habits. This is a long-term endeavor, but it reaps such tremendous rewards that it’s well worth all the effort involved. You know this, so it’s mainly a matter of doing it more consistently until it becomes a good habit and something you can’t do without.

164. The main negative consequence from this lack on your part has been that you spend more time on things because you forget to pray about them. I allow this to show you that you should have come to Me first and gotten My instructions and plan, or My solution. This would have saved you the time of having to find out “where it ain’t” before you eventually found My answer or My way. It would have been much more efficient to have come to Me in the first place so that you could have skipped the time wasted part.

165. Another area of the new moves of the spirit that you could take action in is having more faith for prophecy. It’s a constant fight to overcome the doubts of the Enemy, and you could do better in this area by staying on the attack. I know you do have faith in hearing from Me, and it’s easy to have faith when you see obvious fulfillments of things that I’ve told you, but the difficulty comes in when you find that things didn’t turn out exactly as you expected and you feel that you got it wrong. This is when the Enemy really tries to come on strong with his doubts and discouragement.

166. This is all a learning process, however, and you need to go more on the attack at these times and seek Me about your thoughts and any doubts you might have‚ and not hold back and wait and wonder about the situation and how things will turn out with time. These are the times I can strengthen you and help you make further progress. These are the times when you need to go to the Word more, and hear from Me more to find out what I can tell you about the situation.

167. As you do this‚ you’ll find that the Enemy will be forced to let up on his attacks because he’ll see that they’re not having his desired effect. As you resist the Enemy, he will flee from you. Again, this is one of those things that take some time and effort on your part. But if you promise to be faithful to come to Me, I promise that I will show you what you need to know in order for your faith to grow.

168. It’s all part of keeping your mind stayed on Me so that you’re not led astray. It also allows Me the opportunity to establish your thoughts, rather than you dwelling on your own misguided thoughts. There is a real war going on in the minds and hearts of men‚ as you know‚ so it would be good for you to take it more seriously and be sure you’re using My help to overcome any deceit of the Evil One who is constantly trying to lead you astray.

169. Staying more stirred up in the spirit takes an effort. You have to do your part to walk circumspectly and stay in tune with Me. My signal is always there, but if you don’t tune into it, it can’t do you any good. It’s your job to tune the receiver and keep it tuned in. You’ve got to stay on My channel and keep the static of the Enemy from interfering. This doesn’t happen automatically. You’ve got to take the controls and do it for yourself‚ but once you do, there’s so much there for you that you’ll want to stay on the channel and absorb My Spirit, and you won’t be satisfied unless you have it!

170. Then the important things in life will be in proper perspective and have the importance and priority they deserve. Your life will be truly exciting and you’ll be truly fulfilled and satisfied and be able to be more of a blessing and help to others. (End of message from Jesus)

You need to productively fill in the minutes, not just the hours. I know sometimes you don’t know what to do with five minutes here and there, as there’s not much that can be done in such a short time‚ but there are some things—and if you ask Me, I will show you.

Fight on Your Knees!

171. (Jesus:) One way you are weak and lethargic in spirit is in your prayer warfare. Pray and ask Me to help you when you feel tired and tempted to put it aside. You let the Enemy distract you and sidetrack you, so that after a while you don’t know what to concentrate your prayers on. Well, don’t try to aim at everything—just take one situation specifically and do all you can to fight for that. Then another day take on another one and commit a certain time in your day to fight for it.

172. All great battles are fought by My soldiers on their knees in prayer. The power of prayer is mightier than the clashing of swords! But it is an unknown war, only between you and a few others and My Father in Heaven. This stirring of yourself and of your time will help you defeat the spirit of lethargy. (End of message from Jesus)

Obedience = Conviction = Progress and Growth

173. (Jesus:) You tend to go through stages. When you’re faithful to do your daily P&Ps, get good, feeding Word time (not just read the new GNs, but also read and study Letters that will help you in your NWOs and weaknesses), and when you’re faithful with your prayer vigil times and praise times, then you’re more on the attack; you’re growing and progressing. However, when you fall down in any or all of these areas, then lethargy starts to seep in; you get weak, tired and lazy in the spirit because you’re not feeding your spirit the right foods. You lose your fear of Me.

174. It all comes down to forming good habits and being obedient. It’s very simple, really. If you asked anyone who is lazy or lethargic in spirit if they’ve developed good habits, if they’re being obedient in using all the new weapons, if they’re being faithful to hear from Me and study My Word, I bet you’d find they weren’t. “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Through obedience comes conviction, and through conviction comes progress and growth.

175. Your problem is that you haven’t formed good habits and you haven’t followed through on some of the things I’ve told you to do‚ ideas I’ve given you to help you be more faithful and diligent. Just as you’re trying to go on the attack and lose weight and have become more diligent in watching what you eat and exercising, so you must have that same determination and diligence to fight against a fat, lazy, slobby, lethargic spirit.

176. This is another way you can fight against lethargy—by challenging yourself and not being in such a rut. Look for new opportunities to give of yourself, or stretch your faith muscles, or make a sacrifice, and you will see how rewarding and inspiring and uplifting it will be. Challenge yourself! Keep stirred up! (End of message from Jesus.)

The “Diamonds of Dust” Secret to Staying Alive!

177. (Jesus: ) There are things that are a constant struggle: taking enough prayer time, enough Word time, enough time just listening to Me, being on-fire enough, stirred up enough, loving enough, and all the Christian virtues.

178. Throughout every Christian’s life, the way you practice these tenets of your faith is constantly under attack. The Enemy never gives up, he never tires‚ he’s constantly trying to wear you down and wear you out. And especially with long–term service, there are particular dangers and hazards, just as it says in the basic Letters, like “Diamonds of Dust.” You must stay in the light, My light, and sparkle your life out, and not gradually float into darkness and oblivion. That’s the secret right there—staying in the light.

179. What is staying in the light? It’s staying close to Me and spending time with Me listening and receiving fresh instruction every single day of your life. That’s what keeps you white–hot and inspired.

180. The danger with long–term service for many Christians is that their life goes into remote control—getting up and doing the same things every day out of habit and losing touch with Me. But if you hear from Me every day and put into practice My fresh daily instructions, then you’ll be connected, on-fire, following Me, burning with new life and desire‚ like the burning bush—it’s the same principle.

181. Just like David wrote in “Old Bottles,” the danger is in going to sleep and going through the motions. But if you’re tapped in, hearing from Me and following My instructions, believing Me, you’ll never fall asleep or get in a rut, because I’m always changing, moving, and electric. You can be in the same place and doing the same work, but it’s exciting and thrilling and it’s changing the world. Your outlook is alive, your attitudes are fresh and alive and filled with faith, and your spirit and heart are turned on because you’re tuned in to Me. It makes all the difference in the world. It makes the difference between a dead Christian and a live one.

182. For a Christian it’s not where you are or what your job is. You can burn out or become prey to lethargy or settling down or cooling off whether you’re on the frontlines as a witnesser or provisioner, or on the backlines as a pubs worker or editor, if you’re not connected and obeying. The secret is not where you are, but your relationship with Me. The important thing is your intimacy with Me. As long as you seek Me and obey, your heart will be continually cleansed and purged of wrong attitudes‚ dross, and the lethargy that the Enemy tries to get long-term Christians to succumb to.

183. Lethargy is one of the long-term weapons that the Enemy tries to use on Christians to wear them down and cool off their lifelong service for Me.—To get them to settle down, lose the urgency and the fire of their service, to become comfortable and laid-back. But My Spirit never grows old. Though your flesh may grow old, My Spirit never ages; it’s always the same. When you have My Spirit in you, then the things I inspire and empower you to do are as exciting and fresh and alive and electric as the day you got saved!

184. The secret is to stay plugged in and moving with the heat and fire of My Spirit! If you do, you will never cool off or give in or succumb to the hazards of long-term service, whether it’s lethargy or tiredness or burnout or cooling off. If you’re plugged in to Me, you’ll feel My current just the same as if you were to stick your finger into an electric socket! There’s no two ways about it. (End of message from Jesus.)

Become more familiar with each of the new weapons. Perfect your use of them. Develop them, little by little, day by day, more and more. Don’t try to go so fast that you bite off more than you can chew and only discourage yourself for falling short. Just faithfully work at it day by day by day, and as you do, you will grow stronger. You will progressively get to know each of these new weapons more thoroughly, more clearly, and feel more comfortable with them, feel more at ease using them and more full of faith in their power.

There Will Always Be Battles

185. (Jesus:) Your lethargy is manifested in that you don’t fight the Enemy as soon as you should. You’re easily duped by his lies, and sometimes you find yourself at the end of your rope before you recognize it’s the Enemy who has come in and tripped you up.

186. You need to ask Me to help you be more aware and on guard. It’s like a spiritual dullness to the fact that there are always going to be battles and tests, and you shouldn’t be surprised at that. You need to realize that you’re not the problem, but that you’re being attacked. See your opponent for what he is—a master of deceit and slyness—and know that you must be on guard and that you must gird up the loins of your mind. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Antidote to Lethargy!

187. (Jesus: ) Your basic nature is to be easygoing, laid-back, and accepting of things. This is the way I’ve made you, and it has its place and its time. However, because your nature is that way, it’s necessary for you to fight even harder in the spiritual realm so that you’ll continue to see things in the spirit and not be content or complacent with things that should not be so!

188. It’s good to have a forgiving spirit, to overlook the faults of your brothers, to accept those around you, to be loving and open to all. This is love. But when something goes against My Word, you should not let it pass, you should not be accepting, and you should not overlook it.

189. I’ve given you the Word and have blessed you abundantly with much Word, way above and beyond what most people in this world have, and I hold you accountable for that. You should always be openly standing up for Me‚ for My Word, and for what you know is right. If something is against My Word‚ then it should be openly and fervently resisted. You should openly speak out against it. You should not accept it in any form or fashion.

190. Yes, you have to be sweet and loving, but you can do that and still not be accepting of that which is not right. You can love those about you and at the same time lift up My Spirit and My truth!

191. Being laid-back and accepting of everything that comes your way is lethargy! There’s a big difference in being laid–back and accepting a situation that you know is not right, and accepting a situation because you love the people involved, but at the same time being desperate for the situation, being desperate to uphold My Word and My truth.

192. If you don’t speak up about your convictions when you need to, with love and prayerfulness and humility, but just try to “accept” whatever’s happening that’s against My Word, then you too are in the wrong. You know others have done something wrong and you know you were wrong not to mention it, and those thoughts will continue to nag at you. If you don’t deal with them in the way that I want you to and in the way that I show you at the time, those feelings will usually come out at a later time, but then they will not be of Me. They will be in the form of a critical spirit, negative thoughts about your mates, or some other attack of the Enemy on your spirit.

193. I bring along the situations and circumstances in your life, and I require that you deal with each one. If you are desperately seeking Me at every moment, and if you’re willing to take the initiative and do what I show you, then My perfect will is performed. But when you become lethargic in spirit, when you don’t heed My voice, when you don’t put into action that which I expect of you, then My perfect will is not performed and I cannot bless and prosper your every action. These inactions and missed opportunities for obedience build up and weigh your spirit down more and more, and after a while your spirit becomes totally numb to My voice.

194. So break out of the inaction and become activated! Yes‚ this is the day of action‚ and the cure for a lethargic spirit is to desperately seek Me each minute of each day about every circumstance that I put before you‚ and then to put into action all that I have shown you. Action in My Spirit is the antidote to lethargy! (End of message from Jesus.)

Need More Energy?

195. (Jesus:) Because you’re getting older, you’re feeling more tired than you used to. This is common, but you would feel more energetic if you would call down My power more and not get into the lethargic and “feeling tired” syndrome. You’ve allowed the Enemy to hinder you by this lethargy, but if you would call on Me and stir yourself up, you would find you have more energy and enthusiasm. Just because you’re almost in your mid-fifties doesn’t mean you need to go through your day like someone in their eighties!

196. Come to Me about some physical things you can do to give yourself more energy as well. For example, getting to bed earlier, eating foods that would give you energy‚ and exercising more. Don’t allow your tiredness to cause you to be lethargic in your work or play. You have a lot of energy left in you, and as you claim the power of the keys, I will energize you.

197. When you procrastinate you’re also being lethargic. This is another area where I can help you. Again, this has something to do with your physical strength, but as you come to Me I will help you accomplish more. Putting things off is not the solution. Coming to Me for the strength to tackle the job—especially when it’s not one of your favorites—is the answer. As you come to Me more about this, I will show you more how you can overcome the Enemy’s “sleepiness.” (End of message from Jesus.)

Probably one of the greatest and most important mindsets that My children need to fight against is the “it can’t be done” spirit. This wrong attitude is one of the manifestations of lethargy, and also the work of Apotheon. It must be combated by using the keys of the Kingdom to rise above this serious wrong attitude and to resist these spiritual entities that seek to make your work and life so much harder and more difficult than it has to be.

Life on Earth …

198. (Jesus:) Life for My children on Earth is a bit like living on a crowded street with thousands of people coming and going. Everywhere there are distractions and confusion, shops and vendors, and you’re looking for Me and trying to not get separated from Me in the crowd. It’s a daily battle to stay focused and not get tripped off or separated from Me with all that is going on.

199. You must make more of an effort to make good contact with Me each and every day. Don’t let the day slip by until you have sought Me out and found Me and touched Me and received My blessing and grace and words for the day. It’s so easy to get into doing a little here and there, and suddenly you realize that you haven’t stopped what you’re doing to find Me and make contact again. Strive harder to stay in touch by touching Me often throughout each day. (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay Free of the Enemy’s Hypnosis

200. (Jesus:) If a tree is to bear the fruit I intend it to bear, it must be pruned. The old branches must be removed so that the life-giving sap can be sent to the places where it will be most useful, where it will bring forth life and fruit. The dying branches must be removed or they will slowly steal the life and vitality from the tree.

201. It’s the same with spiritual lethargy. Unless it’s removed and purged from your heart, it will steal the spiritual nutrition found in My Word. My Words may flow, but unless that portion of your life and heart is ready to receive them and do them, it is of little purpose. My Words will have little effect, as the sap has little effect when it is sent to a dying branch.

202. The lethargy of spirit that has restricted you has been the lack of implementation of all that I have told you. When I’ve given you answers to your problems‚ you’ve hesitated at times to put them into effect‚ fearing that they would cost you too much or that it would be too difficult for you. The only way to keep that spirit from creeping up on you is to constantly receive the guidance I’ve given you and to obey all that I’ve told you to do, even if it seems difficult and a long-term process.

203. I’ve pruned your tree, removing the branches that were sucking My joy and My Spirit from you. But it doesn’t end there; the process continues. Your heart must be desperate and yearning for Me, for the need that I am trying to satisfy in you. The commitment of a heart does not end once you’ve said yes; it only then begins its life of service and dedication.

204. Having said yes to Me, you’ve given agreement to a continual process of change in your life; this you must accept. It is this continual changing process by which the spell of lethargy is broken. For indeed, that’s what it is—lethargy of spirit is a hypnosis of the Enemy that dulls your senses to the truth of My Word, to the implementation of My Word. It silences your resolve to stand up and be counted as one of My disciples, and this is why you must fight it.

205. Once you were trapped in this lair of the Enemy‚ this cushioned world of lethargy that hid the truth from you. But I have removed you from its clutches; I have stirred up the fires within you once again. I have made you aware of all that you were liable to lose should you entertain this spirit of lethargy any longer. And now that I have removed you from it, I ask that you continue to remain vigilant in your resolve to stay spiritually alert and ready for battle.

206. As a soldier in My army, it is a requirement that you don’t ever let your guard down. This doesn’t mean that you will not be attacked or hit, but it means that when those times come‚ you see them as a challenge to arms, a battle you’re called to fight for Me and for your place within My ranks. By committing to this and keeping a shield around your heart and spirit, and by believing and standing on My Word, you will find what you need for the battle against the Enemy of your heart and soul and mind.

207. You’re destined to win, because you’re on My side. But that victory is conditional on your determination to fight and remain alert against the sly spirit of lethargy and disbelief, for it’s a constant threat to My children. The Enemy will not be dissuaded from his war against you as an individual or as a Family, so neither must you be swayed from your conviction to fight and remain steadfast in your commitment to excellence—your dedication to My cause and the war that we are out to win. (End of message from Jesus)

Text box:

208. (Question:) In pruning, isn’t it normally the new branches that get cut off‚ the new sprouts that shoot out all over the place but which won’t bear fruit? Isn’t it more the new ones rather than the dying ones which steal the life and vitality from a tree?

209. (Jesus:) Did I not say that every branch that beareth not fruit is taken away? This is pruning‚ and it holds true in the physical as well as the spiritual, in trees as well as grapevines. There is also pruning of those branches which do bear fruit, that they may bear more fruit. Those which bear not are cut off and those which bear too little are cut back, to encourage further growth and more fruit. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

Priests and Priestesses

210. (Jesus:) You well know that without Me you won’t be able to do that which you’ve been called to do, for the work you have been chosen for is much greater than you are able to carry or bear on your own. I’ve called you to be a sample of My love, My light, and My power—not only to the world, but also to your fellow laborers.

211. These with whom you minister in the house of David have been called and chosen, each one by My hand, to be protectors of the flame. All of them, regardless of their talents or ministry, are called to be as priests in the temple of God, to minister before Me both day and night. They have been called to guard diligently the flame of David, the flame of Maria and Peter‚ and the flame of My Words. They have been called to guard the flame and fan it, that it might grow and spread and cover the face of the Earth with My light. For behold, darkness has covered the Earth, and gross darkness the people. The whole Earth is trapped in the morass of spiritual lethargy.

212. (Vision:) The world and all its people flashed before my eyes. Everyone was being slowly gobbled up by some kind of black, sticky, creeping goo. It was kind of like Dad’s vision of the cesspool. There were people swimming in this stuff, enjoying it at first, because evidently it felt good in some way. But after a while they gradually stopped swimming and it was almost like they were falling asleep. They just kind of lay there, numb and lifeless, and the goo started pulling them under, choking them and drowning them, like black, sticky quicksand. It swallowed them up one by one until the whole Earth was covered by this stuff. It was one big gooey globe—a black glob.

213. (Jesus continues:) The whole Earth is covered by darkness, but as I have said, the greater the darkness, the brighter the light. This is what I am calling My Family to do—to shine as pillars of light in the midst of the darkness, as lighthouses on the Endtime shores. The Evil One seeks with all his might to smother the flame of David, to put out the light, to lure even My chosen ones to the darkness. He tempts and he woos, like the sirens, with his sickeningly sweet worldly goo—the goods of the world‚ the black‚ sticky, smothering quicksand of the System, and many of My children have been lured into the murky waters and have attempted to swim in them.

214. I have now thrown out the lifeline of My Words to all My Family, young and old‚ strong and weak. It doesn’t matter what condition they’re now in, even if they feel that they’re too old, or too tired, or too compromised to struggle and to escape the sticky clutches of the Evil One’s gooey mess. All they have to do is grab hold of the lifeline and I will pull them out of the darkness.

215. My Words are as lifelines. The GNs are the lifeline to the Family, and the GP and Activated pubs are the lifelines to the world. I am calling on you‚ My beloved brides, to shake off your own lethargy in order to save My Family and the world. I call upon you to give it your all‚ for the night comes when you will not be able to do what you are now free to do.

216. (Vision continues: ) I saw another scene of the same picture‚ as we were throwing lifelines out into the globby quicksand. I couldn’t see anything but the lifelines at first. They were bright and shining, fluorescent against the black goo. Then I began to see a few hands grabbing hold of the lifelines and people were being pulled out of the mess. Then more and more, and more! Lots and lots of people were being saved and pulled out of the dark waters by grabbing hold of the lifelines, the Words. It was like they didn’t even have enough strength to try to save themselves from drowning, and the job was much too big for us to save them. But just by throwing out the lifelines, and them grabbing hold, they were being saved. The Family was being saved, and countless others all over the world were being saved. Thank You Jesus!

217. (Jesus continues:) Each lifeline is directly connected to Me, and it is the lifeline that keeps you out of the goo and suction of the world and the Enemy who would seek to pull you down. Sometimes you stand on a rock, but other times you must go out over the goo, simply connected to Me. But as long as you’re connected to Me, you’re safe. You’re above it. You can even walk on it when necessary. It’s the lifeline of My Word and your connection with Me that makes all the difference.

218. You who have dedicated yourselves to Me and joined the selected service of the priesthood must not allow yourselves to be lured by the murky waters‚ the entrapping pastimes and enticing goo of the world. For you have not just accepted a ministry, a career choice, or a job, but you have offered yourselves upon the altar of My sacrifice. You have given yourselves to Me, to do with as I may. You have promised to be My love slaves.

219. You who have sworn yourselves in humble service and fealty to Me and to My cause must stay clear of the darkness that is all around. You must not allow yourselves to be pulled into the hold of its lethargy and apathy. You must carry with you at all times the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, to cut yourselves free when the Enemy tempts you or one of your brethren with compromise.

220. (Vision:) I saw a picture of a town under siege, although it wasn’t obvious. The siege was more like an infiltration by the enemy. It was in olden times, and it was night. It seemed that the townsfolk knew that the enemy was outside the walls, because some were armed and were supposed to be keeping watch. But it seemed like the enemy had emissaries in the town, and they were distracting those on guard duty by getting them involved in different things. Some of the ones on guard duty were sitting down and leaning up against the walls of the city, fellowshipping and having a good time, forgetting that there was a risk of attack. Then suddenly these infiltrators pulled off their hoods and pulled out their knives to attack the guards and open the gates so that the enemy’s armies could enter and take over the town.

221. (Jesus continues:) I’m calling My Family to separate themselves from the darkness that is in the world. For what fellowship can light have with darkness? With these two there is no compromise or common ground, for they are at war. This is a time of war, a time of cosmic struggle—the war of the worlds! It is not a time to float around, attempting to swim in the murky waters. It’s a time to break loose and to run into the light!

222. You who I have made My darlings, My brides, My lovers, must love and cling to the light, and hate the darkness. It is not enough that you love the light. In order to stay free and strong, you must also hate the darkness. As it was said of Me, “Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God‚ hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows” (Psalm 45:7). If you would truly be happy, if you would truly be free, if you would have the oil of gladness above thy fellows, your peers, you must recognize the darkness when it tempts you, and not give it place; you must take up arms against its sticky, murky goo‚ and crush it.

223. This is what you are called to do‚ just as Gideon was called to do in his time, and as Joshua was called to do in his. Every man and woman of God has been just as weak and bungling as you. They were men of like passions‚ like weaknesses, like battles, and like mistakes. They were nothing but instruments in My hand‚ tools whom I had fitted for My purpose.

224. I have been working on you throughout your life‚ fitting you for the purpose that I have prepared you for. I have shaped you and broken you and reshaped you, over and over. I am fitting you for all that is in store for you. You need not fear at this time that you have become too weak, or too old, or too tired to be used by Me. You are but the tool; it is I Who am strong to wield it! The tool must only be willing to be used again and again‚ and broken and remade again and again. This you have been, and this you must continue to be.

225. Continue to give yourself to Me each day, humbly asking Me to have My way. As you do, I will not fail to keep you malleable and yielded‚ broken and weak. This is your desire, and this is My will. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of File

Recognizing and Resisting Pan!

Karen Zerby

Post-it GN #3

By MariaMaria #613 CM/FM 3401 2/02

Stay true

Stay on fire and alive for Me

Too much questioning and too little accepting

Pan seeks to get in during the interim

Pan’s enticement of knowledge

Seeing the true value in others

Don’t let doubts pass

Resenting correction

The spirit of contrariness

Open-mindedness—Pan’s old tune

Dad on open-mindedness

Relearn the art of fighting the Enemy

Knowledge from Heaven

Close your mind to Pan’s garbage

Pan minimizes the Word


Don’t let in the distortions


Negativity and depression

Victory over life–threatening depression

Bind Pan’s hopelessness through the keys

Unite your forces and fight


Stay free

Dwell in the shadow of My wings daily

Memorizing helps keep Pan out

Dearest Family,

1. I’m really proud of each of you who are hearing from the Lord and putting His counsel into action in your lives. I hope you’ve found the prayer and prophecy questions included in many of the recent GNs helpful. The Lord can give you so much specific personal shepherding if you ask Him. I realize that it’s a struggle to find time to fit it in, as we’re all very busy, and the Enemy fights hard to keep us from having the time to spend with our Husband and Shepherd. But it’s really worth it, and it is in fact pretty much the only way to know how to apply all that the Lord is pouring out and benefit from it to the extent necessary in your personal life.

2. In this GN I want to share with you some excerpts of the Lord’s answers to individuals when they asked Him about the influences of Pan and Bacchus in their life. (The messages in this GN are about how to recognize and resist the influences of Pan, and the ones in Post–it GN #4 are about how to recognize and fight Bacchus.) These are compiled from our WS Homes, as well as some that were sent to us from field Homes and other Service Homes.

3. The Lord said that we were set free from Pan and Bacchus and Selvegion and Lethargy when we unitedly asked Him for deliverance during the fast. However, He also said that we would need to continue to be on guard and learn more about how these evil beings found entrance to our lives and Homes, so that we can keep them from gaining entrance again. Specifically about the influence of Pan and Bacchus the Lord said, “Pan and Bacchus are a very real presence in the spirit world at this time. They are part of the Enemy’s increased attack. They have been granted greater power, and they are out to kill. My children of David are an especially prized target because of the great damage that they do to the kingdom of Satan and the souls that they steal from his grasp. So My children must be warned‚ they must be aware.”

4. Please ask the Lord to speak to your heart as you read His counsel and the exposé of how these demons operate and the ways they try to find entrance. After you’ve read the Lord’s counsel, please take time to ask Him to speak to you personally regarding what you need to be most aware of‚ or anything that you haven’t understood clearly that relates to your personal life.

5. The picture that most of these excerpts paint is not a pretty one. It’s an exposé. Please see it as such and be thankful for the Lord’s honest shepherding and how much He has revealed to us, so that we can be aware and on guard.

6. Precious Husband, open our hearts and minds right now to receive Your truth. We call on the power of the keys against Pan and anything he would do to try to prevent us from receiving Your Words of truth. We want to see these two minions of Satan through the eyes of the spirit, and become more aware of how they fight us and how we can be more effective in resisting them and staying free of their influence. Make us receptive and open to You and Your voice of conviction and wisdom. Help us to become wiser through Your Words and more aware of the Enemy’s devices‚ not only for our own sake, but for the sake of those who You want us to bring to You. Thank You, sweet Love.

Stay True!

7. (Jesus speaking:) The main area in which you’ve compromised is not only by not holding to My Words closely enough, but also through not rejecting and casting aside all that goes against My teachings, which is equally as important to Me. Have I not said, “Wherefore come out from among them‚ and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you”?

8. The Enemy is always looking for a way to get you to compromise in order to weaken you, your beliefs and convictions, with the goal to ultimately render you useless to Me. One of the tactics he’s using most these days is that of compromise in what you believe and accept, trying to trick you into thinking that you can believe and do My will and what I say, but at the same time rebel against being what he likes to call “narrow-minded,” and getting you to accept beliefs, doctrines or lifestyles that go against My Word—or at least not actively shunning and rejecting them.

9. The spirit of so-called “open-mindedness” and “anything goes” that is so prevalent in the world today is a ploy of the Enemy; it’s the spirit of compromise, the spirit of Pan. My Word is clear and remains true and the same: You cannot serve God and mammon. You cannot do both. You cannot please both Me and the world, for we are at great odds with each other.

10. Pan is viciously attacking you, My children. He seeks to blur the lines of good and evil, right and wrong, with his lies and half–truths; this is his mission. He is the spirit of confusion. He is a liar seeking to ensnare and trick you into accepting just about anything and everything, thus causing you to compromise.

11. You must be more vigilant‚ more on guard, more wary, faithfully measuring everything by the yardstick of My Word. You must walk more circumspectly. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

12. As time goes on I will be calling you, My bride‚ out more and more that you might be separate unto Me, clean and pure. I’m calling you out from the world. I’m requiring you to shun the things of the world‚ to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, to follow My example.

13. Was I accepted by the world? Was I politically correct? Did My sayings and teachings sit well with the world? Did everything I said make perfect sense to everyone? Was it all understood and accepted by others? Was I understood, respected, and loved by all? No! Did it matter? No! I had a job to do, I had the truth to give‚ and I was determined to give it no matter what. Many of My sayings were hard sayings that cut people to the heart‚ and many walked with Me no more because of them. I was despised, rejected‚ and hated of men, and so will you be.

14. As the days grow darker and iniquity abounds, you, My children, and the world will be increasingly unable to reconcile with each other. There will be no two ways about it. You have the light of truth‚ you know right from wrong, you have My commandments. Let not the Enemy confuse and deceive you into compromising.

15. You must be more vigilant and careful now. You must begin readying yourself now by holding to My Words of truth ever so closely and by guarding your heart and mind. You must be committed to believe and obey all that I have said, even if you don’t understand it all.

16. Stay true to My Words of truth and be committed to stand by and up for them no matter what. Even if you don’t understand everything, even if some things seem a bit extreme or even strange, you must be committed to follow Me where’er I lead. Your highest desire must be to please Me and to obey, even if you don’t understand it all, for understanding is the reward of obedience.

17. Hold to My Words of truth and be not deceived‚ but be prepared. And you will be if you are faithfully living in My Words, for then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free from the great confusion that is falling on all the world.

18. Stay dropped out. Stay vigilant in spirit. Be My dropped–out disciple, one who follows My teachings closely. Stay clean and pure through receiving, believing, and obeying My Word‚ and so shall you be prepared to do all that I would have you do.

19. In order to pass the big tests, you must first pass the little ones. In order to be able to stand strong for Me in the big things, you must first stand strong in the little ones. You are My bride, the bride of Christ; therefore be wise, be sober‚ be vigilant.

20. Keep yourself for Me alone. Stay true to Me in all things. Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Keep your heart with all diligence. Touch not the unclean thing, but rather refuse and reject it, and so will I receive you. I love you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay on Fire and Alive for Me!

21. (Jesus speaking:) You have let Pan deceive you into the age-old trap of worshiping the mind and logic. This is one thing that you really need to fight against, as cold, calculating logic so fights against the freedom and fire of My Spirit.

22. You recall stories and incidents where you feel wisdom and discretion and a little plain common sense were thrown to the wind due to overabundant enthusiasm, and yes, it is true that there were times when people acted unwisely because they were carried away with inspiration.

23. But don’t let that judgmental logic reason you into a total state of inactivity, which results in everything going to the opposite extreme. Sure, in retrospect there were things that could have been handled more wisely, but don’t let Pan come in and tell you that all fire is “out,” and that wise, logical conformity is “in.”

24. If the Family had started with that calm, cool, collected approach‚ it never would have gotten anywhere! It was that fire and do-or-die dedication that attracted people. It was that zeal that made the world stop and take notice! So don’t ever lose it or you’re done for. Don’t let Pan deceive you into thinking that cool‚ carnal reasoning is the way to go. Stay on fire and alive for Me! (End of message from Jesus.)

Too Much Questioning
And Too Little Accepting

25. (Jesus speaking: ) Too much questioning and too little accepting! Pray desperately every time you read, and rebuke this arch-demon that seeks to destroy your mind and your service for Me! Pray and call upon the power of the keys for faith, and that I will help you to believe My Word with all your heart. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan Seeks to Get in During the Interim

26. (Jesus speaking:) The influences of Pan in your life are apparent through the doubts and questions that you have made room for in your heart. Pan has stolen the childlike faith of many—including yours. Many years ago you made the decision to stop taking everything in My Word by childlike faith. You wanted to analyze things. You wanted to see some sort of proof. You knew that My Word is truth, but you wanted to be able to prove it to yourself and others.

27. This is not necessarily wrong. You have a curious mind, and you like to be full of faith for whatever you believe. If you go about getting this conviction by studying My Word and being filled up on the subject, asking others in faith how it has worked for them, that’s good.

28. But Pan seeks to get in during the interim—between the time that you start questioning and the time that you are able to seek Me about your questions, or ask your shepherds, or research My Word. He gets in during that period and sows confusion and mayhem. He poses further questions and tells you not to ask Me or your shepherds. He tries to make you feel that the doubts were always with you, until you forget what was a newly acquired mindset and what was originally placed there by Me through your parents and godly upbringing. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan’s Enticement of Knowledge

29. (Jesus speaking:) Pan and Bacchus, how have they influenced your life? The first things that come to your mind are such activities as reading novels‚ card playing, and drinking. The truth is that the influence of these demons is far more subtle and widespread, especially the influence of Pan, who is the more deceptive, for his evil deeds are coated with the “good intentions” of pride. The spirit of Satan is the spirit of pride itself, and these who are his minions seek to promote pride, and Pan has achieved this in the greatest way. He promotes self, self-importance‚ the bettering of one’s self, the glory of one’s own mind and ways.

30. He has sought to entice you with knowledge and higher learning, and in general encouraged an overall curiosity for all that might be new and interesting. He wants you to just take it all in‚ without discerning or carefully selecting. He wants you to think, “The more knowledge I have, the better.” For he knows that the more he can clutter your mind with his evil or even just useless information, the less you will fill your mind with that which is pure, that which is godly, that which strengthens you spiritually.

31. He causes you to be interested in that which is “spiritual,” yet which is not of My Spirit, and therefore which he knows is not going to strengthen you spiritually—but will instead confuse you or weaken you. He seeks to arouse an interest in other religions, in the dark side‚ the evil side, the witches and wizards who worship the spirits of the earth, and tempts you to look for the good in these. This has caused your convictions to be weakened, because you have allowed your mind to be “trained,” as it were‚ in looking for the good in other things besides the pure truth.

32. There is a point to understanding and having a basic knowledge about other forms of belief, so that if you are witnessing to someone with such a belief, you have some premise on which to relate to them. But other than that, there is no good purpose—just the evil purposes of confusion and cluttering your mind and heart with that which is false, leaving less room for the pure truth.

33. You have not thrown yourself into studying these other beliefs, but neither have you seen your curiosity and interest as dangerous. You just think of yourself as wanting to be informed and up on what’s going on in the world and being knowledgeable and understanding in these matters. But understanding or knowledge without purpose is dangerous. You should begin to question your desires and interests and curiosities more carefully. You should ask yourself, “Is looking this up or reading about this going to help me? Is it going to make me a stronger disciple or witness? Is it going to strengthen my convictions? Or is it going to bring in compromise or doubt?”

34. You think of yourself as being stronger than you are, and tend to think that just “surface knowledge” of something, without getting “into it,” is not harmful to you. Your problem is that you measure things not by My standard but by that of others. You also think to yourself, “Well, there are others who are into much worse things‚ so I’m doing okay.” That’s an off-center measuring stick, and one that I want you to stop using. (End of message from Jesus)

Seeing the True Value in Others

35. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has caused you to idolize knowledge and people who have a lot of knowledge. You have a much greater respect for those who are intellectual or educated than those who are simple. You admire the simplicity that you see in some, such as your king and queen, for example, but overall‚ when you look at a person in your Home or in the Family, you consider those who have been well educated or who are naturally intelligent or are intellectual as being on a higher level.

36. You desire to be thought of in this way too, and therefore strive to be knowledgeable about as much as possible, to be informed, to be “intellectual” in the sense of being questioning and cynical. One of the things that you look down on more than anything is someone who is too “simple,” who seems to be rather “dumb” or “slow,” or who is gullible or too much of a follower. You tend to disassociate from such people or at least look down on them.

37. This may not seem to be such a problem, but it is a warping of your mind that affects other areas of your life as well. It can affect your unity because you don’t want to work with or listen to someone who you consider isn’t smart or bright. It can affect your ability to work with or under others, or to be shepherded, if you’re just looking at someone in the flesh and not in the spirit. You can miss out on receiving helpful input or shepherding from someone because you see yourself as above them because you’re “smarter.”

38. Last but not least, it’s damaging to your own spiritual condition to look at people this way because it ministers to your pride. It’s a carnal mindset; it’s looking at people in the flesh rather than seeing things in the spirit.

39. Everyone has been given different gifts and abilities, and intelligence and the gift of knowledge is one of those abilities, but it is not an ability that is superior to others. When you realize this, you will see yourself and others in a different light than you have before. It will greatly change your mindset and enable you to be far more spiritually minded, as well as less likely to compare yourself with others, or compare others with others. It will make you less critical of others who you have looked down on, and will also make you more willing to assert your own gifts and talents in the presence of others who you have felt intimidated around.

40. Mental abilities and talents are just one part of a person’s makeup‚ and your views about people don’t need to be boxed in by that one aspect of life. It’s very limiting. It’s very confining. And it twists and warps so much.

41. This is one of the main influences of Pan that I would have you pray against, this measuring people by their intelligence and seeing that as superior to all other talents or attributes. Losing this very wrong mindset will change your life in many ways. It will help you to be more spiritually minded, more tolerant, more compassionate, and less desirous of worldly input overall. (End of message from Jesus)

Don’t Let Doubts Pass!

42. (Jesus speaking: ) Pan seeks entrance in your life through your mind to cause you to question and to doubt My simple truth. You have not been as faithful as you should in coming to Me whenever you have a question or whenever a doubt is placed in your mind; instead you have opted to just let it pass rather than going on the attack against such attacks.

43. You feel that it’s normal that you would face doubts at some time or that you would be hit with the filth and lies of the Enemy. Yet on your own you are not strong enough to fight off these doubts just by willing them away or by trying to stay strong and not letting them affect you. These doubts are real and they do have power to affect and to afflict you, yet I am greater and I will not allow you to be hurt by them as you come to Me to receive My cleansing Words.

44. You have been naïve in your thinking that these were just random attacks or just a scattershot attack, for it was an all-out attack on your soul by the arch-demon Pan. Wake up and see these attacks for what they are! They are the very attack and attempt of the Evil One to destroy your usefulness to Me and to stop your service to Me and the Family. It is not just a little freedom here or there or a little wanting to try this or that, but it is an all-out attack on your heart and mind to forsake your calling and to drop out of My Endtime army, to become a deserter!

45. I know you didn’t see things as such‚ but this is the end goal of Pan—to take you out of My service. This is why I have said that you must stay close to Me and to My Word or else you are doomed to defeat. However slowly it happens‚ this is the end result. It has happened even to the strongest top leaders when they lost their connection with Me and chose to follow their own arm of the flesh rather than stay desperate and dependent upon Me.

46. The secret is to stay desperate and nothing in your own sight, to constantly acknowledge your need for Me and your inability to do anything without Me. Don’t make a move without My guidance or counsel, and stay humble by confessing your need for Me and others. It is the road of humility that will keep you on the right path, close to Me and out of the clutches of the Evil One. (End of message from Jesus.)

Resenting Correction

47. (Jesus speaking:) Pan, as the demon that has dominion over the mind, can influence what you say and how you react to certain situations. For example‚ when you receive correction or something happens that makes you upset, Pan is the one that whispers in your ear to snap back with a nasty comment or to grow very angry.

48. He is the one that tells you to feel spite toward correction, to not receive it and to resent it. You must realize that it is the voice of Pan, and therefore the voice of the Devil. You must resist him. He has no power over those who openly claim My Word and command him to flee. He is puny. He only appears to make himself look big and powerful to those who yield to his mindsets.

49. But rebuke him and resist him! Call on the power of the keys to cast him back to where he came from! Pray desperately and ask Me to rid you of him completely and forever. Then you can begin to do better in those areas that Pan has inflicted damage upon. Remember, you have complete power over him through Me. (End of message from Jesus)

The Spirit of Contrariness

50. (Jesus speaking:) One of Pan’s avenues of entrance that works on you is the spirit of being contrary. You champion unpopular views, just to be contrary and “not the norm.” Some may say that being contrary and rebellious in those ways is just a simple trait of youth. But you must be aware that Pan is the enemy of youth, especially you of the children of David, and his netherworld power is enhanced when he fights against the young. He fights you hard and will use anything possible to turn you away from Me, and one of the ways he does this is through encouraging you to be contradictory and contrary about the standard and the things which are in My Word.

51. When you were younger, and even now to some extent, you let him in by speaking his thoughts and letting his contrary spirit make you say things that you didn’t even believe, simply to be contrary. You would make comments justifying bad movies, bad people, bad attitudes, bad thoughts, bad decisions, bad music, just because you wanted to be different. This is Pan’s hand in your life, that little rebellious feeling like you want to say something contrary, just to contradict. That’s him trying to use you as a tool of the Enemy’s thoughts and words. (End of message from Jesus.)

Open-mindedness—Pan’s Old Tune

52. (Jesus speaking: ) Pan has worked to try to get you to open your mind to him. You have listened to him as he has piped supposed sweet music to your ears, and you have opened your mind to him and have been afflicted with his “open-minded” trip. Oh, this is an old trip, for there are many examples in My Word of Pan playing the same tune to those who watched and beheld My servants following and speaking the things I gave.

53. It wasn’t very open-minded of Noah to build the biggest boat anyone had ever seen, on dry land, and not heed the cries of those about him that it was foolishness and folly, was it? It wasn’t very open-minded of Elijah to call down fire from Heaven to oppose the ideas of the priests of Baal, was it? It wasn’t open-minded of Elijah to tell Jezebel that she and her followers were doomed to years of famine and pestilence because they served a god other than Me.

54. This attack of Pan has been around for many years, and My prophets have had to defy him through the ages. He’s been piping the same tune for generations upon generations. He’s an old piper and his lies have been circulating for many a year. Why do you think he’s such a powerful demon? It’s because his methods have had success, and Satan keeps promoting him to where he now sits on his council and is a god of this world. The world worships him because they worship the mind of man. This is his domain‚ and while he dupes the world with his open-minded crap, he fills their open heads with his lies and garbage. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dad on Open-Mindedness!

55. (Dad speaking:) There is no such thing as open–mindedness when it comes to receiving or rejecting the truth! You either receive the truth of the Lord and reject the Devil’s lies; or conversely‚ you receive the Devil’s lies and reject the Lord’s truth. You cannot hold on to both because they are in continual conflict. Whatever the Lord says, the Devil must say otherwise. Whatever the Devil says, the Lord has already said the opposite. So you cannot serve two masters; either you will hold to the one and despise the other, or you will hate the one and love the other. There is no middle of the road!

56. This open-minded trash makes me furious! Oh, this makes me so angry I want to strangle the Devil! God damn Pride! God damn Pan! God damn Lucifer and his minions! I am worked up and angry about this! Why aren’t you? God help you to wake up and see the error of your ways!

57. The Family is duped by Satan’s chief imps, and he is laughing as he packs more shit into their heads! God have mercy on us! I want you to wake up! I want you to close your mind! Forget all this “free your mind” nonsense! It’s such rubbish, how can you believe it?

58. Where’s your do–or-die spirit? Where’s your all-or-nothing–at-all heart? Huh? The Lord made you a fighter! Why the hell are you in the shit pits of Satan mulling over and eating his garbage? The Lord has called you out of those cesspools, but you insist on swimming in them, thinking that just because you’re keeping your eyes and mouth shut that you’re safe.

59. God damn the idiocy of the Devil! He’s the biggest idiot! Do you know where that word comes from? It comes from being ignorant, and in his case, to become so diabolically ignorant he had to ignore the truth and foster lies in his own heart. Oh, God deliver us from these attacks of the Devil! (End of message from Dad.)

Relearn the Art of Fighting the Enemy!

60. (Jesus speaking:) You can fight Pan by rebuking him in the spirit and telling him that if necessary‚ you are willing to believe My Words even without fully understanding them. This is exactly the opposite of what Pan wants, and it frustrates him greatly! But as you rebuke him and as you take steps to resist the temptation to analyze and nitpick My Words, you can expect to be fought even harder! So don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to analyze even more, and are hit with doubts you never thought of! When it comes‚ instead of getting discouraged about it, realize that it’s an outside attack of the Enemy and that some good old-fashioned rebuking the Enemy will throw a serious monkey wrench into Pan’s plans!

61. You must relearn the art of fighting the Enemy! You must learn to rebuke him with indignation and in a very specific way! This is part of becoming revolutionary once again. The Enemy will fight you tooth and nail‚ because the last thing he wants is for you to be on fire for Me and on guard in the spirit. But that’s exactly what you need to do. So go for it with full force! (End of message from Jesus.)

When you lose the revolutionary spirit, you are open to the influence of the spirit of the modern world.

Knowledge from Heaven!

62. (Jesus speaking: ) You must stand strong and claim the Word and cling to it. Pan will try to get you to throw away your faith and your crown by letting in a host of other outside opinions. He will try to get you to accept that the System has a great deal to offer, that you must follow in some of their ways, that the Family is cutting itself off from success by being so closed. But that is not the case. I bring the Family to different points at different times, and if I show the Family to adopt a practice or method that has been in use by the System for some time, that does not mean that the Family should have adopted it long ago. You must just believe My Word and the prophets, that they are following My timetable, and that I know what is best.

63. This is the main battle that you must fight: To not let Pan into the corners of your mind with his subtle persuasion of being open-minded, of being apt to learn‚ of not being so sheltered and isolated, not so closed off. This is a deadly attack, and one which many young people are falling for. It is a hard one to resist, because the natural pride of man wants so much to be all-knowing‚ understanding, to not appear to be cloistered or secluded from knowledge, especially not to cut oneself off from it purposely.

64. But My way is the opposite. Seek to keep yourself pure in My sight, and all the goodly, godly riches and knowledge from Heaven will be opened unto you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Close Your Mind to Pan’s Garbage!

65. (Jesus speaking:) Open-mindedness is common to youth, especially some Family youth‚ and this is due to a direct assault of Pan. He tries to belittle the strong beliefs that come with discipleship and instead tries to get you to be worldly, open-minded‚ and tolerant of evil.

66. He likes to make you think that you’re being fair, just, willing to learn and not so brittle and stuck in a mindset, but really he cheats you because he doesn’t open your mind to everything, only that which he wants to allow. If he had his way he’d open your mind to the world and shut out the godly things of the spirit!

67. Look at that word‚ “open-mindedness.” It means your mind is open. And who controls the principality of the Devil’s attacks on the mind? Pan does. So nothing would please him better than an open mind—an open mind just ready and waiting to be filled by him. Ugh!

68. Resist him, steadfast in the faith! Close your mind to the Devil’s garbage and sink your mind into the waters of My Spirit! Don’t listen to Pan’s lies and confusions that tell you that you need to be open to various System opinions, thoughts, mindsets, and lifestyles. Don’t let him tell you that it’s uncool and conservative to be so “religious” and “closed-minded.” Thank God that you can be closed-minded to the wrong things! Close your mind to Pan and his deviltry, and open your mind to Me and My Heavenly wisdom, truths, and insights!

69. As with all of the Devil’s kingdom, Pan is, at best, a pretender. He knows this, and is inferior. At the heart of each demon is the knowledge that they are inferior to Me, to the real thing. Why else do you think he wishes to overcompensate by coming in such a fair form‚ bejeweled and gold-encrusted? He hopes to dazzle you so that you will not look closely to see that his wisdom is paltry sticks and mud compared to My treasure storehouses of truth. He is nothing, and I have much‚ much more to give you! A mind that is yielded to Me can be so much more powerful and enlightened than one that is yielded to Pan. So do not allow him entrance. Accept Me fully! (End of message from Jesus.)

Pan Minimizes the Word

70. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has tried to cause you to gloss over the importance of My Word in your life. He has sought to cloud your mind, to cause you to lose sight of the magnitude of My Words and their paramount importance in your life. He has not been able to cause you to outright doubt or analyze, but he has caused you to belittle My Word in your mind and to not give it the due respect and importance in your life that it deserves.

71. When you think that other things are more important than My Word or spending time with Me, this is Pan influencing you. He is playing with your mind, making you think that whatever else you think you need to do is more important than swimming in the waters of My Word. When you read something that should spur you into action to change, or motivate you to grow or progress, but then you don’t, or you minimize it, or you put it off, this is Pan influencing your mind. He twists and distorts the truth. He minimizes My Words and makes you think that you know better. This is one of his tricks to try to draw you away from Me and My Word. (End of message from Jesus.)


72. (Jesus speaking:) Pan has influenced your way of thinking in that you feel that you have to be brainy‚ you have to try to be and sound intelligent, and he seriously makes you compare your intellectual attributes with those around you. He makes you belittle the gifts I have given you. He makes you look at all that you don’t have and wish to have in the way of worldly knowledge, saying cool things and being in the “in” crowd.

73. When you boil it down, what it basically is, is compromise. It’s letting go of all that you have learned and all the standards that you have previously held, in order not to sound self-righteous or condescending. Of course‚ you shouldn’t be those things either, but there is a basic Family standard that you have to live up to if you want to be a Family member. You need to stop and ask yourself, “What is my standard? What is the standard in the Word that I want to live up to?” And then live by that, stick to it, and in a loving, non-self-righteous way try to help those who you live and fellowship with to do the same.

74. Don’t let Pan have control over you through his spirit of compromise, through his telling you that you won’t be cool or accepted, or through his power over the mind and his worship of the mind which makes you feel like everyone is so much more knowledgeable in the ways of the world than you. Fight him and rebuke him and seek to please Me, and I will take care of making you fit in and helping you to feel a part of things, and I will take care of all your needs. I am much better able to do that for you than Pan is‚ believe Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Don’t Let in the Distortions!

75. (Jesus speaking:) Pan can influence your life through movies‚ through fashion, and through thinking that these things matter. It’s nice to have fun clothing, to enjoy the movies‚ but the mindsets that come along with it, that “thin is beautiful, chunky or plump are ugly, and nothing else but thin will do” is certainly an attitude of the Enemy.

76. Don’t let Pan come in with his lies, deceit, and distortions of the truth and the way that you really are, which is beautiful in My sight, to make you think that you’re ugly, fat, and all his horrible lies that make you so sad and depressed, almost to the point of wishing to give up on life. (End of message from Jesus.)


77. (Jesus speaking:) It’s good that you’ve been bringing your mindset about children before Me, for this was one very big way in which Pan has influenced your life. He is against love‚ marriage‚ children, and all of these things, so of course he used his subtle means to cause you to have a very strong wrong attitude about such things.

78. Children are a gift from My hand, and as you do what I have shown you, as you step out to help care more for this little one in your Home and offer to take him for parent times or whatever, this will certainly help to change your mindset.

79. As you strive to not think badly or pity the parents because they have a child, this will also help. Pray for them‚ but they need no pity, for they have been blessed with a priceless possession—a child—and this is something that they are proud of. I have blessed them. I have given them a love gift like none other, and this is something to rejoice over.

80. So rejoice with them! Care for their child and love it as if it were your own, and then you will feel the parents’ love that they have for this child, and you will see that even if it gets sick‚ cries all night, or is naughty sometimes, it is still a gift of My love, and the joy and love far outweigh the pain and tiredness. (End of message from Jesus.)

Negativity and Depression

81. (Jesus speaking:) Now that Pan’s bluff has been called and his name revealed, cast him away by name by calling on the power of the keys of the Kingdom! Pan is the main demon who’s been attacking you for so long. Rebuke Pan by name, in My Name, and he will have to flee.

82. Pan has attacked you with strong negativity. This has been your long-standing NWO and it has almost snuffed out your light and your usefulness so many times. Lately you’ve gained major victories in this area‚ but you have many battles yet to fight.

83. Pan has been the author of the times in your life when you have been under the heavy cloud of depression. He’s found that this one has really worked with you. He’s taught you to love the comfort of self-pity and has fought hard to make you feel like I don’t love you.

84. Pan has taunted you by telling you that you’re a big rotten sinner and useless in My Kingdom. Though you have sinned and come short of My glory, you are a chosen instrument. It’s not because of your good works that I’ve chosen you‚ but because I love you and have ordained it that you will bring forth much fruit. But how can you do this if you don’t actively believe it? And so Pan makes you doubt your place in My heart and in My Kingdom.

85. Pan has tempted you with the wrong things and then has condemned you for thinking these thoughts. He’s brought a fierce, heavy battleground to your mind. It’s Pan that has pestered you much. Because Pan knows how much I love you and need you, he has actively set out to cloud your mind with the plague of analyzing and with distorted confusions that even you had no clue as to their origins. He’s attacked you time and again with doubts about My love for you, and that has put a strain on and at times rocked the very foundation of your faith and trust in Me.

86. Pan has tried to get you to hide from the water of My love for you by trying to get you to despise Me for the dark clouds in your life. These are the very clouds you have needed most, for they have carried the water to your cracked heart and have softened you. It’s My loving rain in your life that has kept you clean and soft and malleable. Pan hasn’t wanted you to recognize the water of My love from the rain clouds as the protection that they are. The clouds have shielded you from the hot sun that would parch your heart and harden it.

87. Pan has been the biggest thorn in the spirit in your life. The only way you can get rid of him is to defy him, resist him, rebuke him, refuse to listen to him‚ and quit fearing him! Through My Name you have power over Pan, and you can command him what to do. Pan can’t stand My Name, for there is such power in it. So when you rebuke him, do so in My Name. Like the Devil, Pan can’t win unless you surrender. (End of message from Jesus.)

Victory Over Life-Threatening Depression!

88. (Jesus speaking: ) Pan wants to depress you and make you sad, with his ultimate goal being to pervert you and turn you away from Me. His power gets stronger and stronger over you if you let him in for one moment, because once he can get his nose in, he starts taking hold and wraps his arms around you and starts squeezing harder and harder.

89. That’s why you find such difficulty in shaking the depression once it sets in. It’s not that you can’t fight. It’s not that you can’t wield the weapons. It’s just that he has been very strong in your life with depression and schizophrenia to where you almost are two people—the one that wants to rise above, and the one that is in the throes of severe, life-threatening depression.

90. You should specifically ask for prayer against the stronghold of depression that Pan has in your life, for it is serious, and if not kept in check, can ruin your life, cause you to die, or to wish you were dead. That is a horrible, horrible way to live. You want to be free‚ but the biggest blockade to your [spiritual progress] is this awful seed of depression that he has planted in your life. It must be rooted out through strong prayer, the laying on of hands, and a full and firm conviction in your heart to let it go.

91. Seek Me more about how you can fight it on a daily basis, for this is not just a simple negative-thinking problem—this is severe depression that you feel. You don’t want to speak doubts‚ lies, or attacks of the Enemy and thereby sound totally out of the spirit—plus, you know the answers that will be given to you, so you don’t usually tell the full extent of how bad you really feel sometimes. Having a stiff upper lip is good sometimes, but then at other times it can really keep you from availing yourself of the full power there is in united prayer together. So add this to your list of things to pray against and avail yourself more of the help that you need to overcome this. (End of message from Jesus.)

Bind Pan’s Hopelessness Through the Keys!

92. (Jesus speaking: ) Pan is an oppressor in your life. He is good at bringing a feeling of hopelessness. You’ve often found yourself feeling hopeless and wondering what you’re even trying for—that’s him.

93. It’s beyond discouragement—this hopelessness and confusion. It’s a full-throttle attack on your life to get you to give up. When he first began this oppression, it was minor, but slowly it gained more power over you, to where he could quickly throw a deep depression over you whenever he wanted to. This was in your mid-teens—a time when many people are most susceptible to Pan’s oppression via depression and confusion. Teens have very unstable emotions as it is, and are usually going through many difficult things during this period. For that reason, Pan attacks hard at this age. In the System he is able to lock many teens into his grasp. He turns many under his power toward drinking‚ drugs, anorexia, self-mutilation, and suicide. He tells them that that is the only way.

94. Much of his message comes through music—the music that softly and subtly says, “Life is not worth living. There is no God. There is no truth. Nothing is worth fighting for anymore. Don’t strive, just be.” It also comes in the music that is frantic, pushing rock, screaming and head beating. The message that kind of music brings is that of mass confusion, mental torture, schizophrenia, anarchy‚ and murder.

95. In recent years, Pan has not had as big a hold on your life as he did in your past teen years. You have learned to overcome and resist his cloak of depression. However, he is always still there—ready and waiting for a chance to get on your back. So you must beware. You have to be on guard and recognize these attacks as soon as they come so that you can fight them with My Word of truth. Give no place to the Devil. Resist the Devil and rebuke him and he will flee. The same goes for his arch–demons. Resist and rebuke them. Bind them through the keys, and they will have no power over you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Claim the power of the keys and in My Name Pan shall be no more in your life.

Unite Your Forces and Fight!

96. (Jesus speaking: ) Whereas the influence of Bacchus is often more outwardly visible and sometimes even blatant in its scope‚ the influence of Pan is much more subtle. He creeps into your mind softly so that you don’t even realize he’s there, and then he sets to work, again very gradually and subtly. He’ll plant a thought or two here or there—a question about something you read in the New Wine, a thought of, “I just don’t see how that would work for me” or anything he can think of to feed the “this doesn’t apply to me” attitude.

97. With your personal times of hearing from Me, he knows he can’t convince you that they don’t apply, so he tries to minimize their importance by lulling you into a sense of complacency that it’s really not that important to hear from Me all the time about every little thing‚ or even to come before Me first before you start your day.

98. Anything that keeps you from the Word and from seeking Me is the influence of Pan in your life. In that light, you see that he has influenced you more than you thought at first. But that is how he works—secretly, insidiously‚ subtly—where you start thinking it’s yourself and your own thoughts, when really it’s this spirit slowly working to tear down your spiritual defenses and bring about your ultimate defeat.

99. He often works hand in hand with Bacchus, who uses his allures‚ distractions, and tentacles of temptation to divert your attention from the spiritual infiltration of the Enemy in your life. It’s the old “Stand in the Gap” story, where he gets you so busy with other things that you neglect to see that the walls of your spiritual defenses are crumbling and being carried away brick by brick when you’re not looking.

100. Because the attack is two-fold—the distraction on one hand, and the tearing down of your defenses on the other—you must be aware of both and take steps to counter them at the same time. If you just go after the distractions but fail to rectify the fact that you are not getting the Word time and time with Me that you need, you will only win half a victory, and will soon find yourself in the same predicament again. If you strive to combat the lethargy that keeps you from hungering and thirsting after My Words, from stirring yourself up in spirit and depending wholly and utterly upon Me, but fail to resist the worldly influences and distractions that Bacchus will keep throwing at you, that victory will elude you.

101. The Enemy knows just as well as I do that in unity there is strength, and so his forces are united as well—united against you. You must unite against him. This requires not only your personal prayers and efforts to fight him‚ but the strength and force of your brethren in prayer, the power of My angels and helpers, and the guidance of My Word and your shepherds, to combat the Enemy’s concerted campaign to destroy your service for Me.

102. Half a victory will be no victory at all. Nothing short of right is right, and anything short of total victory is defeat waiting to happen unless you keep pressing on and keep fighting.

103. The Enemy has established strongholds in your soul and weakened you and your service for Me. But it is possible to evict him, to claim those places of compromise and turn them into bastions of strength for My cause. You have to rally your forces, focus your efforts, and go on the attack to dislodge him from every place in your heart that he has infiltrated, to uncover all his hidden bases, to clear away the landmines of fear and hesitation that have kept you from going in after him in full force.

104. Pan will not be easily evicted, but he is no match for My strength and My power, and the power I give you through the keys. Use the keys to let the light in‚ and his darkness will flee of itself. That light will be to fill yourself with the tenets and truths of My Word, to make them a part of your being; to appropriate to yourself the spiritual weapons of prayer‚ praise, hearing from Me and coming to love Me intimately‚ knowing that by using them you cut the Enemy to the heart; to give no place to the Evil One when he seeks to enter in with this little thought‚ or that little hesitation, or any distraction he would use to keep you from seeking Me in all things you intend to do.

105. Turn your eyes toward Me, toward the light of My crystal, and as you are drawn in closer by its power, those insignificant globs of darkness that seem as if they wield such a strong grip will loosen and fall away, and you will be wholly Mine once again, ready to fulfill the destiny and calling to which you were born‚ for which you were prepared from the foundation of this world. (End of message from Jesus.)


106. (Jesus speaking: ) Pan often influences you by making everything seem more complicated than it needs to be. He plays on the complexities of the mind and of human emotion, and uses this complexity to completely discourage you. You can attribute many of the sleepless nights throughout your life to his influence—his causing you to think a thing through a hundred times in a hundred ways until you feel completely at a loss and hopeless, or until you feel that you’ve figured everything out—as in, on your own, without Me.

107. He hinders you from asking Me everything because he’s convinced you that it’s often better to think it through yourself—or at least to think it through first before asking Me. He has wasted a lot of your time and mental energy through this—time that you could have devoted to hearing from Me‚ or doing your work for Me, or sleeping so that you’d have the energy the next day to get up and hear from Me and work for Me!

108. It’s time to regain control of the battlefield of your mind, through My power! It’s time to take it back completely. No more Huddersfields! You don’t want Pan to be able to say, “Well, Jesus, You own most of her mind, but a bit of it still belongs to me.” No‚ you want to kick him out and kick him out good! I want you to become a new person—a person who sees things simply, clearly, and as they truly are, whereas until now you’ve been someone who sees almost everything as complex, confused, muddled, and distorted.

109. That’s a bit of a shock, I know, to think that you’ve seen most things from a distorted perspective—but it’s true. Once you get over the initial shock of that and start praying about specific things in your life, looking at them from this perspective, everything will change. You’ll want the simplicity of My Spirit. You’ll realize that it’s “wise to be simple” and that if you didn’t spend so much time and energy hashing out this or that in your head, you’d get a lot more done and be a lot more effective—in your job and in your life overall.

110. Sometimes you spend so much time trying to figure out your life that you leave little time or mental ability to actually live it! You can make such an issue out of simple things that they lose their beauty. I want to give you back this gift you have lost—the gift of simplicity, of appreciating the beauty in the things that, though they may seem small, are real—far more real than the delusions which seem so grand but are based and founded on nothing. I want you to live more in the reality of what your life is‚ and dwell less in the realm of what “could be” or “might have been.”

111. You have tried and tried to let some of these things go—these thoughts or fantasies that you entertain of how things could have been different‚ or how they could become different—but you haven’t been able to let them go because you didn’t realize who was behind them. Now you do. You know his name. You know what he has done. You know how he has lied to you. Now you can resist him, rebuke him, cast him out through the power of the keys, and demand that he haunt you no more! (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay Free!

112. (Jesus speaking: ) I broke the hold of strong negativity and over–analyzing in your life, the power of Pan, and you are now free of his clutches. But you must fight to remain free, for his power reaches into the most obscure places‚ and unless you bathe all your mental wanderings in My Spirit, you will find him trying to seep back into your life. Pan cannot withstand the power of the Word‚ so your greatest protection against his insidious devices is to bathe yourself in the Word every single day. Drink it, shower in it, soak in it‚ and let it fill every part of your spirit, every day. (End of message from Jesus.)

Dwell in the Shadow of My Wings Daily!

113. (Jesus speaking:) They that dwell in the shadow of My wings have nothing to fear from these. Pan and Bacchus prey upon the straying ones. When you get weary and cease to fight, when you get bored and begin to roam outside My protection, then these are there to entice and suck you in.

114. Resist and rebuke them in My Name, and seek desperately to stay within My hallowed protection! As you daily call to Me, you will be more aware of their influence and know how to rid yourself of it. It is a greater problem when it goes on for months and years before you begin to realize what is going on, and then you have a big problem to deal with. Daily cleanse and shower yourself in the wonderful cleansing waters of My Words and hearing My voice. These things refresh and invigorate you‚ as well as cleanse you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Memorizing Helps Keep Pan out!

115. (Jesus speaking:) One thing that will really keep the Enemy out and keep you on guard is to memorize! If you’re memorizing, there is no place for Pan to come in with his playground equipment, no place for him to set up shop! (End of message from Jesus.)

(End of file.)

How to Be On Guard Against the Selvegion

Karen Zerby

Post-it GN #5

By MariaMaria #615 CM/FM 3403 2/02

Let Me rewrite history for you

Stay clean

Repair the wounds

Get those specific instructions

Getting rid of the old wax

Keep your garden pure

Delete the “lying vanity” files

Train to recognize the attacks of Selvegion

Stop the gossip

Dearest Family‚

1. We are so thankful to our wonderful Husband for His exposure of the Selvegion that were threatening to ruin us, and that He gave us an opportunity for deliverance. However, true to the Enemy’s nature, he doesn’t give up after a one-time defeat. The Lord has confirmed that the Selvegion are continuing to look for ways to reenter our midst. Following are just a few excerpts on how the Selvegion find entrance, and how to stay free of them, compiled from personal prophecies that you have sent in.

2. Like the other evil forces of the spirit world, the Selvegion look for a weak spot to enter. They study their prey; they watch you and wait for the time when you’re weak. So please be faithful to ask our Deliverer and great Shepherd for His personal counsel as to how you can best keep your guard up against them. Ask Him to expose any weak areas in your life so that you can work on fortifying them, before the Selvegion have a chance to reenter and do more damage. As you call on the power of the keys and sincerely request the Lord’s help to keep you on track and strong in spirit, He will.

3. God bless and keep us all united in Him. It’s the only way we’ll have His full blessings and be equipped to handle the days ahead.

With love and desperate prayers,


Let Me Rewrite History For You

4. (Jesus speaking:) Those horrible pests don’t wait for an open invitation. They are constantly pecking, biting, gnawing, and trying to find entrance. They live to pester My children, and they try to divide them and eat them up. So deliverance from them is not a one-time deal. It’s something that you have to be continually on guard against and praying against, and doing your part to keep your spiritual defenses strong.

5. The way they entered your life was through sensitivity. When you feel hurt by someone, you often brush it off, but don’t really forgive and forget. Then, the next time it comes up, it becomes a little bigger deal. With some of those that you’ve been living with for a long time and have quite a bit of history with‚ it’s become more serious, to the point where it doesn’t take much to make you feel sensitive‚ offended‚ unloved, or upset.

6. What you need to do is wipe the slate clean. With some of those that you have some “negative history” with, you’ve hurt them and they’ve hurt you, and even though things are pretty much okay most of the time, it doesn’t take much for you to feel hurt or sensitive or upset about things‚ if even a small misunderstanding or something happens between you. The solution is not to delve into the past and try to rehash things‚ but to simply apologize and start again. As you pray against the evil Selvegion‚ I will deliver you, the wounds will heal, and you will have a clean start.

7. It’s important to keep asking for My cleansing and not let things build up with anyone. I know that you feel it’s sometimes hard to avoid, because so much that happened in the past is often unclear or easy to misunderstand, and it’s even more painful to talk about it. So often everyone just tries to pretend that everything is okay. But that’s not the solution.

8. If it’s something that’s not possible to talk about and sort out, then at least you have to bring it to Me, get My Words on the subject, and then stand on those Words every time the Enemy brings the subject up or it’s brought to your mind for any reason. In so doing‚ you cleanse and renew your mind with My Words, constantly reminding yourself of what I’ve said, and you can actually “rewrite history” in your memories, choosing to instead remember things as I have said they were, rather than how you felt hurt or remembering it from your perspective, which is very often inaccurate.

9. As you hear from Me, let Me wash you clean. You can go on to have sweet, mature, unhindered friendships and working relationships if you will each let the past go and let Me give you a new start. Trust that your mates and co-workers want it also, proceed in faith‚ and watch Me do the miracle.

10. And from now on, don’t let things build up. If you feel awkward or hurt by someone, ask Me about it, and let Me help you see things as I see them. Then go on to remember them as I have told you they were, and it will keep this from happening again. (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay Clean!

11. (Jesus speaking:) The Selvegion have been trying to enter your life through the mind, through tempting you with critical thoughts of others. Overall, you aren’t so critical of people, and you understand that everyone has weaknesses and there are causes for these things, but in personal matters that have affected you, the Enemy has had more chance to get in. Since you’ve been so immersed in your personal situation, the Enemy has tried‚ and succeeded at times‚ in slipping in one of his imps, and then working to destroy you from the inside.

12. I’ve given you deliverance and you’ve cleared the Selvegion out of your life. But you must fight to remain clean by yielding to Me and resisting the Enemy’s lies and negative attitudes. Having a cleansing prayer will be a boost to you and a safeguard in this area. (End of message from Jesus)

Repair the Wounds

13. (Jesus speaking: ) Back in the days of your middle teens, you had a lot of problems with the so–called “generation gap.” It was you teens against the adults, and the conflicts and problems that arose in those times were the work of the Selvegion.

14. I bring this up to let you know that you have had them on you‚ you have heard their lies, you have had their attacks, and they have sunk their teeth into you. I am your Protector, and as you yielded certain parts of your heart to Me‚ I came in, and eventually I chased all of them out of your body and outside your protective shield. That meant that you were out of immediate danger—but there is still always the matter of the repair of your heart and insides of the damage that was done.

15. The Selvegion do not flee forever; they wait outside like lions around a campfire—testing, trying, poking, and prodding to see if your shield is down or is weakening. They can tell when it’s getting shaky. When you do things that damage your unity, such as gossip, or when you harbor unkind thoughts about your brethren, or when you’re negative or rebellious, they see the shield about you lose its power somewhat, and they make attacks against it.

16. With My help over the years, for the most part you have kept a positive, united spirit. Or in the times you didn’t, you at least wanted to try for that goal, and you haven’t been given over to disunity‚ bitterness, and infighting; thus, the Selvegion have not had a hold on you. Nevertheless, their influence is strong and you must see them for who they are. You must recognize the negative input of division and divisive thoughts and comments as their handiwork. You must connect the little twinges of negativity toward your brethren to the end result of the dead and dying corpses, the victims of the Selvegion. It’s all the same cancer—just in a more advanced state in the end.

17. When you lower your shield for one reason or another, or weaken it through unyieldedness, rebellion, disobedience or unprayerfulness, then you can undergo attacks by the Selvegion again. Even if one doesn’t latch onto you permanently, you can let one in for periods of time in which it begins, like a tick, to instantly burrow into your life and heart and begin to snack on your insides. It attacks love, compassion, pity, faith, unity, and every good thing. So even if you call on Me for deliverance, and dig it out and rid yourself of it afterwards and repair your shield, you’ll still have some internal damage, and this has happened.

18. The way such wounds are healed is through confession, apology, forgiveness, honesty, Word time‚ prayer, praise, and calling on the power of the keys. These things disinfect the cuts and they repair what was broken.

19. Your shield is powered by prayer, positiveness, faith, trust, unity, and large measures of love. It’s a love that you cannot possess on your own. It’s a love that comes from Me and that you must be filled with in order to keep your shield’s power at maximum. You get this love by spending time with Me, by reading My Word, by doing the things I ask, and by asking Me for it.

20. On your own, eventually your own love and tolerance will wear thin, and you’ll see problems rather than solutions; you’ll get on a negative train of thought and you’ll be open prey. You must ask Me for My supernatural love which sees beyond the day-to–day struggles of unity and into the hearts of those you need to love. That love is only of Me‚ and I am the only place to get it. (End of message from Jesus.)

If you listen to the Enemy’s lies and dwell on his negative thoughts, either about yourself‚ your situation‚ others you live with, your mate, or the work in general‚ the Selvegion have a crack or hole to enter your defenses. Fight to stay positive by letting the light of My Word and the truth of My message flood your heart and mind daily. That’s a must, or else your defenses will be down and you will get dangerously close to the point that the Enemy can strike you a deadly blow in an unguarded moment. So go on a proactive, offensive war by soaking in My Word and communing with Me daily.

Get Those Specific Instructions

21. (Jesus speaking: ) As each Family member seeks Me diligently, hears My voice, and heeds My directions, the unity will flow. I desire unity, and if you will listen, you will hear My Words that tell you the best things to do, the way to go. If you follow, there will be unity, for I have provided you with counsel that works.

22. The sound of the trumpet is clear! It’s clear in the Letters. It’s clear through My voice to this Endtime generation, Maria and Peter. It’s clear! If you will only heed that alone, there will be unity. If you will also hearken diligently to My voice of personal prophecy, you will find the path to unity even clearer. I will provide you with more details, and I will outline the how–tos to resolve your particular situation.

23. Each of you must seek Me for personal instructions, and My instructions will be clear. My guidance will show the way, and by following it, you will bear fruit. The difference which My Words make will be clear to see. The unfruitful and unprogressive areas will be further highlighted. The spotlight of truth will narrow down, and the reasons for the problems will be known.

24. My love and forgiveness that cover all sins and all transgressions will abound to degrees you never thought possible! I do not dwell on the past. I am dwelling on the future. Once you make the commitment to change, all My force of love and the full power of the keys goes to help you move forward—not to rub your nose in the past mistakes. But if you will not learn nor heed, then the mistakes and sins will remain a stench and it will be very clear who is moving forward and who is remaining in the stinky past. (End of message from Jesus.)

Getting Rid of the Old Wax

25. (Jesus speaking:) These little problems and personality clashes with others are like old candle wax. It hardens and doesn’t just go away. It sticks and blobs up and generally requires a knife to come along and scrape it off. But there is also another way. Bring out the light and fire of My Word and Spirit! This will melt away all of these differences that lead to disunity. Let My Word burn bright within you. Hold it up to the old, sticky, waxy blobs, and they’ll melt away.

26. All that come to Me I will deliver. As you call on the keys, as you claim the promises, it is done. But you have to daily raise the light of My Word to your life to see if they’re coming back or building up again. Keep the standard high. Keep the flame burning bright. Keep My Word and Spirit flowing freely in your daily life. (End of message from Jesus.)

The harboring of Selvegion results in bitterness, hatred, and jealousy—all of those untoward attitudes that eat away at your stomach and soul.

Keep Your Garden Pure

27. (Jesus speaking:) Diligently guard the garden of your heart, for the Enemy is always lurking and trying to enter your garden to sow his evil seeds—not only your garden, but that of all those around you. You must be on guard and on the attack and constantly calling on Me to keep your garden clean‚ constantly weeding your garden and calling on My help when you feel even the slightest twinges or feelings of the Enemy trying to enter through pride‚ jealousy, selfishness, or hurt feelings of any kind.

28. Stay desperate daily to keep a humble heart and spirit‚ and then My grace will be sufficient. Stay full of My Word and Spirit so there’s no room for the Enemy to get in, because your spiritual walls are up and strong to withstand the Enemy’s onslaughts. Neither give place to the Evil One through criticism or negativity of any kind‚ for this, and all points mentioned, are the ways of entrance for the evil Selvegion.

29. Stay strong and vigilant and on the attack! Don’t allow any chink in your armor, crack, or breach in your wall to open up. The best defense is an offense‚ an attack, and strong, powerful resistance to the Enemy’s evil tricks and devices and subtle attacks on the walled city of your heart and spirit. (End of message from Jesus)

Delete the “Lying Vanity” Files!

30. (Jesus speaking: ) The Enemy seeks to eat away at you. Everything that is good and right, he wishes to take and change with his poison and corruption.

31. I have shown you the evil Selvegion and you recognize them; you have seen the evil black elves that sit upon your shoulder and whisper to you. What you need to see now is that the words of their mouths are all lying vanities. They breathe out vile whispers, and these fly in through your ears and reach your heart very quickly. These words of lying vanity are carried on the breath of the Selvegion.

32. Just as I have said that My Words are life, so the words of the Enemy are death. They are like a virus on your computer, small and vile. They enter in through the ears and quickly contaminate and pollute the inner chambers of your being. Once they have entered in, it doesn’t take long for them to distort and alter the words that you hear, and your perception becomes tainted and corrupted.

33. When praying against the Selvegion you must also pray against the lying vanities that they have sown in your heart. For if you are not cleansed, you are left with a false perception of things. These evil lying vanities can attach themselves to the “files” of your heart and mind, and there they do their damage. While other areas of your heart and mind are not directly affected, the files that relate to these particular people or circumstances are altered and changed. The only cure is to delete these lying vanities, these corrupted files, through cleansing prayer and through My Word and hearing from Me in prophecy to set you straight. You must pray against these incoming lying vanities repeatedly‚ until every trace of the virus is cleansed and healed.

34. Your perception of certain situations has been altered and corrupted. Lying vanities have taken over. The problems that exist are real, but lying vanities have entered in and you perceive things to be extensions of the problem that are not so. You cannot give [those you are working with] the benefit of the doubt in this state, because from the moment you hear their words, they are twisted and distorted in your perception. It becomes unpleasant to even be near them because the lying vanities have corrupted your relationship and everything is tainted and strained.

35. These lying vanities can actually use your corrupted perception of someone or some situation to attack you seriously, even when no such intentions are present on the part of the other party. [Lying vanities] have taken hold of these things and turned them against you, all of their own accord, without even the need for further help from outside. You cannot receive from [those you are working with].

36. These lying vanities cause you to believe that every move of the other is an intentional strike against you, with the intent to do further damage, even when this is not in any way the intent of the other. They convince you that there is no love or positive motivation in the words and actions of the other. Your entire perception of the other is negative and corrupt. This can actually become your immediate response, and the voice of lying vanities can become very difficult to discern. (End of message from Jesus.)

You must be aware that the Selvegion are alive and around in the 2000s, and you must be prepared to fight them! Selvegion manifest themselves in over-concern about the faults and failings of others, especially how they relate to your own personal life, children, etc. It results in a hatred of others, forged by bitterness. This you must avoid like the plague when you see it.

Train to Recognize the Attacks of Selvegion

37. (Jesus speaking:) The Selvegion come into your mind and eat your heart out from the inside. They devour and destroy. They’ve been allowed entrance through your negative and critical thoughts. You let them in by allowing yourself the luxury of thinking that you’re justified in being bitter against someone for something they said or did. They’re empowered when you’re frustrated and you take it out on someone that you feel is the cause of your frustration—even if you don’t take it out on them in words‚ but you take it out on them in your thoughts. You rebut, retaliate, and carry on a little war with them in your heart and mind by thinking of all the things you could have said or should have said to make them see how frustrated you are.

38. You cannot allow this to carry on one moment more! Seek prayer. Ask those who you’ve had difficulty with if you can pray together for some kind of solution. The solution for you personally is to trust Me and to commit all your differences and disagreements to Me rather than letting them fester within yourself.

39. This is a prime example of what can happen when you’re not on guard. You must become trained to see these Selvegion. Even if you can’t see them with your naked eye‚ you can learn to be attuned to what they do so that you know when they’re around‚ and then you’ll know how to fight them.

40. Fight them with My Word! When you feel them coming close, when you feel anger or frustration welling up inside you, fight them by praying, by claiming My Words, and that will form a protective shield over you so that they will not be allowed entrance.

41. It’s sometimes hard to live communally‚ and you feel that you do enough, that you sacrifice enough‚ that you’re doing your best, and then it’s frustrating when something doesn’t go the way you’d like. But trust Me‚ and know that all things do work together for good—even for your good—if you trust Me.

42. In My Name you can cast out devils, so claim the power of the keys for today and fight the Selvegion with My Words! Call on My Name and they’ll run screaming and trembling! They won’t be allowed into your heart‚ mind, or spirit again if you learn how to fight them, if you learn how to use My Words against them.

43. Zap them with prayer, with My Name, and by claiming the promises of the keys, and they won’t be able to return! It’s going to take a fight. So pray and praise, claim My Words‚ and know that I wish for you to do all you can to be a blessing, even if you feel those you are blessing don’t deserve it.

44. This comes from pride—pride in thinking that you know best, that you’re right, that others are way too narrow-minded and need to be set straight. Did it ever occur to you that you might be the one at fault? Rebuke the Selvegion in My Name and you will have deliverance! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Selvegion know that they cannot stand when you call upon Me and upon the power of the keys. Call upon the keys and you shall have the victory!

Stop the Gossip!

45. (Mama:) Here’s a very good message that someone received when they asked the Lord the question, “What can I personally do to encourage greater unity in my Home?”

46. (Jesus speaking:) Well, for starters‚ there is one very simple thing: Stop the gossip now! Stop talking negatively about others behind their backs. Stop saying anything about anyone else that isn’t uplifting and that doesn’t inspire the person that you’re talking to to love the person that you’re discussing more.

47. I know that you don’t often maliciously malign someone, but there are times when you laugh with your friends about someone’s funny quirks, or you say they’re “weird” or many other various things. It gets ugly sometimes and it’s not a good spirit. Although it’s often in fun or in jest, it’s still a disuniting influence‚ and if you want to help encourage unity, you’re going to have to start being nicer, saying nice things‚ and doing nice things to back it up.

48. It’s not that you never do the opposite; I’d say you say nice things about people just as much, if not more, than you sometimes make negative comments. But all the same‚ the nice things you say don’t cancel out the negative words. Because of human nature, people often remember the bad‚ and, sad to say, negative words that paint a certain person in a bad light often linger in the memories of the hearer much longer than a compliment you give someone‚ or something uplifting or nice you’ve said.

49. The reason little comments can be so divisive is because they are a wedge that cuts into My Bride‚ My united Body, and subtly and slowly divides one from the other in terms of cliques or classes or whatever you want to call it.

50. You don’t usually talk badly about your good friends, do you? No, you don’t. So if you’re talking wrongly about someone else, that sends an indirect message to your spirit, and to whoever hears you, that that person is not your friend, is not in your close confidence, is not on your good side, and basically is not in unity with you.

51. That’s a very sad statement to make, because as I have said‚ I need My Body, My Bride, to be whole, with no schism among you. Those comments strike at the heart of that unity, and they need to stop. I know the question was what you can do, not what you should not do, but, really, stopping negative discussion about others is the biggest step you can take at this moment to bring up the level of unity in your Home.

52. Then there are all the regular things—the reaching out, the learning about others, the being more understanding and trying others’ hobbies, doing activities with them, and getting to know a broader range of people. The more people you know well, the easier it is to have a real bond of unity with them.

53. Something else you could do is to make sure you resolve any differences with people when they come up. Don’t wait until you’ve had a nasty scene or some disagreement. Even if it never comes to a head or any kind of confrontation, if someone gets under your skin, instead of letting it sit there, go to them and try to work it out. Actually, before you go to them, come to Me and ask Me for My advice on how to proceed and whether or not to discuss it with them.

54. Another point about the gossiping is that it’s always helped when you’ve told anyone that you’re close to that you don’t want to talk that way anymore, and that if they could help you not do it, you’d appreciate it. That would be a good thing to do again. Let your friends know—the people you discuss stuff with a lot, you know who they are—that you’re going to try to work on not talking negatively about certain ones, and that if you get on that topic, you’d appreciate their help in changing it. That sends a positive message that you want to repair the breaches in your unity, and it will get you reminders, and it will remind your friends not to do it either.

55. Everyone has some influence in some sphere or another, and you need to be aware of yours and make sure that you use it wisely. Your opinion counts to those people who care about you. Those who love you want to be in line with the things you like and dislike, and there are others who look up to you, or at least respect your opinion.

56. I tell you this not to make you proud, because this is a common situation, but to let you know that people are swayed by the things you say and do, and if you decide to make a positive move toward greater unity and acceptance of people that you haven’t previously made such an effort with‚ the effects will reach further than just you and that person or those people. Others will notice and will even make changes accordingly. (End of message from Jesus.)

(End of file.)



Peter’s Video to the Family in Brazil

By Peter A.CM/FM 3455 5/03


1. As we prepared the text of this transcript for you, dear Family‚ the Lord authorized a few minor wording changes for the sake of clarity and understanding, which He gave in prophecy.

2. Cover art: Boheme: He is a great one‚ possessing all that is fit and uncompromising. He is sent to help free us from the physical or fleshly crutches and excesses that Bacchus tempts us with.

Styrian: She is filled with an all-consuming power of the Spirit of God and is sent to bring a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy and his ilk.

Archer: He fights with white–hot arrows‚ which are filled with the Spirit of God that cut Baal to the heart! He is over many other “archer” angels whose expertise is to hit the demon Baal and his cohorts.

1. Note: In this GN‚ which is a transcript of Peter’s video to the Brazilian Family, a number of new demons and spirit helpers are revealed. It’s important to understand, however, that the explanations included here are just a small part of the big picture. Due to limited time‚ Peter had to pick and choose small portions of messages on many of these spirits—and for some of the good spirits on our side, which are included in the prayer of deliverance, there is hardly any explanation at all.

2. Many more prophecies of explanation and details on these spiritual entities have been received over the last few months, so there are a lot more pieces to the puzzle that Peter didn’t have time to read on the video. But, Lord willing, further down the line we hope to be able to publish more information on many of these spirit helpers and demons, which will fill in more of the details and paint a clearer picture—because many of these demons don’t just attack the Family in Brazil, and many of the spirit helpers are available to help all of us‚ thank the Lord!

3. (Peter prays:) Thank You, sweet Love! We love You so much! Precious Love, precious Jesus, we need You! We call unto You right now for Your help, Lord. I especially need Your help in reading. There will be a lot of reading of prophecy today, so please pour forth Your Spirit on me as I do. I claim Your key of fluency in reading. It’s not my strong point, and when there’s so much to read, I know that I’m going to have to completely depend on You.

4. I pray that You will help each one to really tune in to the things that You are going to tell us. There is a lot of information about the spirits, and about those who are fighting the brethren here, and who we will be praying against. So help each one to tune in, to listen, and to suck. Jesus, I pray that You will help them to absorb, to take in as much as possible as they hear Your Words. We claim Your keys for an open heart and a sucking spirit to receive Your precious Words, in Jesus’ name.

5. Today we’re going to have a prayer of deliverance; this will be a general prayer of deliverance. There will be the need for more specific personal prayer by each of you later down the road, but we feel that this is important to have at this point.

6. You’ve heard all of the problems. You’ve heard Mama’s video, the message the Lord gave about Brazil and the listing of the sins. Then we went through and tried to explain and expose all these problems and sins in a more detailed way; we got specific. Now we’re going to go into the prayer. But before we do, there are a number of prophecies I want to read to you that the Lord, Dad, and Ellya have given, which will be very helpful information in your praying.

7. When you pray, the more specific you are‚ the more specific an answer you usually get. So I want to read a number of prophecies to explain about these spirits that are fighting you, and then when we have prayer, it will be very specific; we’ll pray against these spirits.

8. You can jot down little notes, if you want to—about the different spirits that you want to fight against, because you know they’re affecting your life. You can study about the spirits and how they fight people, and you can get even more specific with the Lord in your own life. Hear from Him about exactly what spirits are bothering you and influencing you in your life.

9. So let’s start, shall we? Lord, please do help my reading. I claim Your keys for this; I ask that You shine through‚ that these will hear Your voice, in Jesus’ name.

Ellya’s Plea

10. Here is a message from Ellya. It starts with Jesus speaking, and then Ellya.

11. (Jesus speaking: ) Ellya has pled with Me for the Family in Brazil. She has wept, she has pled, she has stirred the wind and the air for them, and My heart has been moved by her intercession‚ but My children do not repent. I cannot bless disobedience. How can I grant mercy?

12. She prays for My children in Brazil, and she longs desperately for their repentance, for she too knows that I cannot grant mercy when there is such serious disobedience and division.

13. Now she turns again‚ one last time‚ to My children in Brazil‚ to plead with them directly. After this pleading, she will withdraw her arms of the wind and there will be a stillness, an eerie calm‚ if My children do not heed her calls. (End of message from Jesus.)

14. (Ellya speaking:) O children, children! Hear me, I beg! Long have I looked over your land and seen the spiritual struggle in your skies. What you do not see amidst all the beauty and the beaches and the fun-loving people that surround you, is the gross darkness and the evil creatures that war for your country. They war for the people of Brazil—they war for you. You are their intended prey. They try to capture you, to snare you, to sedate you. You are sleepy, you are unaware, you are lethargic, you are blinded.

15. I have pled your cause. I have begged for mercy. I have wept that you would be spared from that which will come upon you. But it is your choice. Your fate rests in your own hands. Our Lord and Lover waits on you, and your time is almost at hand. Your time is nearly at the doors, and lo, the Judge enters.

16. You must stir yourself up! You must wake! You must call on the keys. You must make things right within your house, within your city, within your work, within your country. The longer you bide your time and live in disunity and selfishness, the more judgment you are heaping on your own head. It will not escape you. You must turn from your inward focus and focus on your brothers and sisters, the lost, and the commission you have been given.

17. You have been given many chances. You have been shown much mercy. You have been given many messages from our Savior. All my words, all my wind, all my torrents of the air cannot move your hearts. Only your desire can effect change. Only your yieldedness to lay down your pride can reverse your present course. I beg you to consider. I beg you to heed my pleas.

18. I call out to your spirit, to the inner soul of each Family member in Brazil. I give you the choice—of spiritual freedom or bondage‚ joy or misery, life or death. Which will you choose? There is only one choice that will bring the good‚ and that choice is repentance, yieldedness, and change.

19. Our Lord has pled with you numerous times. He has poured out His heart and soul to you, and you have not heeded. Now I plead for you, because I see that He has left off pleading and is preparing His judgment. His judgment is true and just‚ and it is true that the allotted time for your repentance is over. Judgment is now deserved. Yet He has allowed me to come before you, to pour out my heart, my tears, my love.

20. I represent one last chance before our Lord closes the book and turns to you no more. I plead with you to turn away from your sins‚ so that your service to our Savior might be saved. If you will humble yourselves, repent, and receive His chastisement, you can be saved and redeemed for future service and usefulness.

21. It is the day of redemption, the day of repentance, the day of cleansing. Will you say yes? Or will you continue as you have been? Please, please make the right choice! (End of message from Ellya)

22. (Peter prays:) Thank You, Lord, for that message from Ellya. Help us to take heed, sweet Love—to really choose the right‚ to choose to repent, to choose to change. Thank You, sweet Jesus.

23. Beautiful, no?—A beautiful plea. Lord help us to heed it.

Millstone Time

24. In a prophecy the Lord gave a few months ago about the state of the work in Brazil—and‚ in particular, the gross disunity that has caused many of the Lord’s sheep to be stumbled—He said:

25. (Jesus speaking:) It is millstone time, and those who will not voluntarily humble themselves under My hand of correction and reproof will find themselves bowed down to the ground, never to rise again, with My millstone hung around their neck. Those who are hurting the work, other Family members, and My sheep—through their pride, disunity‚ division, and strong rebellion to My New Wine—will be judged both now and in the days to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

26. (Peter:) We asked the Lord, “What does millstone time mean?” That’s the kind of thing you have to understand: When there’s a prophecy or when you receive a personal prophecy, if there’s something you don’t understand, simply go back and ask the Lord. That’s how you get a more clear and complete picture and you get the full message. So we did. We asked, “What does millstone time mean?” And the Lord said:

27. (Jesus speaking:) I used the word “millstone” here to give you a visual picture—a painful one—of what will happen in the spirit to those who choose their own way. Those who will not humble themselves in My sight, but who instead choose to continue offending My little ones and My sheep, will find a spiritual millstone placed around their neck, which will pull them down, down, down‚ to their own ruin.

28. Some Family members in Brazil who have had much input and personal counseling‚ but who have refused to make the break with the old and who have continued to hold on to some bitterness and grudges, have been building their own millstones, bit by bit.

29. Others have also been building their millstones over the years‚ and now you see them stooped in spirit, their heads hanging, though they try to continue in their own strength. They try to draw from My strength, but something is holding them back. Something is hindering them. Something is keeping them from “getting it.” They could be powerhouses for Me and Me alone once again, as they have been in times past‚ but it’s that ever–growing millstone that gets in the way again. Their lives are collapsing; those they love are falling into ruin. Again, it’s the millstones—millstones of bitterness, millstones of pride‚ millstones of unyieldedness. They must be broken off. They must be cast down by the power of the keys. They must be voluntarily let go of, or else they will bring any bearer to full ruin.

30. There are many in Brazil who wear spiritual millstones around their necks‚ and you must call them to shed these millstones, to break them, to let them go. Then they will have to learn to stand up straight again in the spirit, to refocus their vision, and to renew their strength. To be salvaged, they must learn of this spiritual millstone and choose whether to rid themselves of it or not. If they do not choose to be delivered of it, then their end is sure.

31. There must be a complete deliverance and breakthrough in the spirit for lasting change to occur. Once the deliverance takes place, then progress can come in little steps. But there must be the deliverance. (End of message from Jesus)

32. (Peter:) The Lord said that many of you have built up millstones around your necks—millstones of pride, bitterness, unyieldedness, etc. He said that these millstones will bring you to ruin, and have brought some of you to ruin already. Some of you are no longer with us [in spirit]. You need to seek the Lord desperately, and you need to get delivered of these millstones if you hope to continue on for the Lord. The millstones of the Enemy are breakable through the power of the keys.

33. The picture is quite clear—this millstone dragging you, bending you over so that you can hardly stand up. And once you get rid of it through the power of the keys, you’re still stooped, and you have to learn how to stand up straight and set your vision right, and learn how to be strengthened from the Lord again. So be aware of that as you get delivered of these things. You will be delivered, but it will take some work on your part, some getting back in the Word to get refocused on the spirit and to get your spiritual strength back. Okay?

Deactivation (Neutralization)


34. I’m going to now read about some various spirits and demons that are attacking the Family, and the Family here in Brazil specifically.

35. In prophecy the Lord said that the Family in Brazil is under the very strong grip of Apotheon and Lethargy—these are sort of the standard spirits that fight the Family. He said that freeing the brethren in Brazil from the spirit of Lethargy and Apotheon should be a daily prayer request. Also, clearly the Selvegion are manifested in the ongoing division. But I’m not going to spend a lot of time on them. You have GN after GN of that information, and you should be praying against them as a daily prayer request, especially now.

36. I’m going to read to you about some other spirits. There are a number of visions‚ and some of these visions are not so pleasant. But I believe that even though some of these aren’t so pleasant, they will be helpful to wake you up and to jerk you up as to what’s going on in the spirit.—Because it’s the spiritual fight that’s the most important; it’s the war of the spirit that’s going on that some of you have really been deadened to.

37. So this will hopefully help you to see that this fight—this victory—is a matter of the spirit. It’s not just saying, “Okay, I’m not going to watch TV, and I’m not going to eat junk food, and we’re not going to have VS visits, and when that’s all through, I’m going to be okay and I’ll be a disciple.” That’s not the case. It’s a thing of the spirit. It’s choices of the spirit. It’s a fight in the spirit. These are the evil spiritual forces that fight against you‚ and we’ll be talking about the good spiritual forces that are warring on your behalf. That’s what is important. That’s what you need to focus on. Amen?

38. (Vision: ) I’m seeing these four gigantic forms of demons appear. They have their arms folded across their chests, and they almost look like huge genies, because the bottom part of them is merely a trail of smoke or haze and you can only see the top part of them.

39. They’re human in form—very muscular, and powerful looking. All four of them appear to be identical in form and size. They’re all black—all very muscular and handsome‚ but clearly very demonic. They’re in formation‚ and as I’m looking at them, they’re growing bigger and more massive by the second! They literally reek of pride! It’s sickening—really gross to see their display of demonic “prowess”!

40. They’re wearing armor of all sorts on different parts of their bodies‚ and I get the impression, by their armor and stance and build, that they’re very strong warring demons. On the parts of their bodies where there is no armor, their skin is covered with a thick, slick oil—like bodybuilders put on their bodies—so they sort of “shine.”

41. (Jesus speaking: ) These are the Enemy’s counterfeit of My four activation angels. These seek to deactivate the Family—and specifically My Brazilian Family—through whom great miracles could be wrought and great activation victories could be won! I say “could,” because these demons have arisen because of the sins of My Brazilian Family.

Text box:

42. (Jesus speaking:) The Enemy has seen the power of My activation angels, the four beings joined as one in spirit, and he has sought to make a team of his demons to match or mimic that strong four-fold cord. He has not matched his deactivation demons with the actual attributes of the activation angels—as in, one to counteract miracles‚ one to fight Mama and Peter specifically, and one to fight witnessing, etc. But he has made these demons, who bring with them heinous sins to harm My children, a four-fold cord—knowing that as a team, their power would be enhanced. But he cannot match My power, nor the power of My activation angels! (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

43. (Peter:) I’m going to say that again: “These demons have arisen because of the sins of My Brazilian Family.”

44. (Jesus continues:) Where My four golden activation angels can enable My Family to be wonderfully activated and skyrocket them into a glorious future of fruitfulness, these black demons seek to neutralize My Family—to deactivate them through their sins and through their waywardness.

45. They stand in arrogance and defiance of Me—these four demons of pride, disobedience, bitterness and division.

46. (Peter: ) “Pride‚ disobedience, bitterness and division.”

47. (Jesus continues: ) Each has surfaced and been given shape and form through these four specific and deadly sins within the ranks of My children. They run rampant‚ feeding off these sins—their warring spirits fueling and fanning the fires of division, criticalness, and rebellion against My Word and all that I want to perform with and through My children.

48. They have specifically been given power to plague and hinder My Brazilian Family because of My children’s disobedience. They are as the evil spirits that come in even greater numbers after prayer and deliverance unless My children stay cleansed, yielded‚ right with Me, and obedient.

49. Because My children have not obeyed‚ therefore My hand has not been able to stay these ones from entering the folds of My children.

50. (Peter: ) I’ll read that again: “Because My children have not obeyed, therefore My hand”—God’s hand—”has not been able to stay these ones from entering the folds of My children.”

51. (Jesus continues:) Because My Latin children have had warning after dire warning, and because they have still not heeded, therefore a greater oppression and hold—specifically through these four demons of neutralization—has come upon them! They seek to rob My Family of the fruit that is rightfully theirs if they would only obey Me and My Word. They seek to remove My Brazilian Family entirely as a threat to the Enemy’s kingdom and stronghold over lost souls within the Latin lands!

52. A great repentance is needed, a great cleansing and a great renewal.—And a continued great obedience is the condition to be cleansed of these four warring demons intent on taking out My Brazilian Family. (End of message from Jesus)

Text box.

53. (Jesus speaking:) The deactivation demons aren’t limited to the field of Brazil. They have arisen—which in essence means “they have been released”—because of the sins of the Family in Brazil. They opened the door wide to these four demons, and they have plagued this land. But they have also plagued others of My Family worldwide, and you can be sure they will continue to fight and plague whoever will allow them entrance.

54. The deactivation demons are not specifically confined to the land of Brazil. They will roam to other lands—and already have to some extent. Their power must be recognized, rebuked and destroyed. These four sins—pride, disobedience, division and bitterness—are not only confined to Brazil. My children worldwide must also open their eyes and take heed, lest these demons also gain a foothold in their lives, Homes, and fields—for in some cases, the demons have gained entrance. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

55. (Peter prays:) Thank You, Lord, for this truth and exposé of these demons. Help us to fight against them through the power of Your keys, and to have that great repentance and renewal, and the continued great obedience!

Refresher on

The Activation Angels

56. I want to talk about the activation angels now: The activation angels’ level of power is unprecedented and unchallenged, save by that of the archangels. There are four of them: The first angel is miracles. The second angel is to discern and reveal the Lord’s secrets, including events of the Endtime. The third angel is to discern and see deeply into people’s hearts and spirits, and to motivate the Family to witness. And the fourth is a personal activation angel for Mama and Peter. (See “What the Future Holds, Part 1,” ML #3349:8-30, GN 942.)

57. These angels that bring about miracles and discernment, revealing the Lord’s secrets, seeing deeply into people’s hearts, giving the desire to witness—are being neutralized by these demons of pride, disobedience, bitterness, and division. You need to fight against them! You need to do this to overcome, so that you can have the power of the activation angels.

Text box:

58. (Question:) Lord, do You have any specific names that these activation angels can be called? We’ve been calling them activation angel 1, 2‚ 3, etc., but since these four major demons have actual names‚ perhaps our activation angels have names too?

59. (Jesus: ) Here are the names:

Activation angel number 1:
Angel of Miracles.

Activation angel number 2:
Angel of Revelation.

Activation angel number 3:
Angel of Witnessing.

Activation angel number 4:
Angel of David’s Mantle.

(End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

The Demon of Pride

60. Here’s a prophecy regarding pride:

61. (Jesus speaking:) The demon of Pride himself is behind all the manifestations of pride. He has many underlings who work in specific areas of pride, such as the Selvegion‚ but all manifestations of pride come directly from this demon of Pride. Pride has sent many spirits to Brazil for centuries, and these spirits have done much damage through the carnal mind.

62. Brazilians are known for their belief in possession, and this has been an opening for dark spirits to enter and destroy. The carnal nature of Brazilians is proud. They’re proud of their ancestry, their religion, their music, and their culture. The Enemy has used this to send many spirits to minister to their already proud nature. He finds the person’s weakness, he discerns what spirit of pride will appeal to them the most, and then he sends that spirit to find entrance into their mind and heart. Because the Family in Brazil hasn’t stayed close to Me and My Word, it wasn’t very hard for Pride to enter in and gain a stronghold.

63. My children have ministered to many who have been possessed by dark spirits, and some Family members, in the course of this ministry and because of their pride, have opened the door for these spirits to oppress them. The spirit of Pride has weakened them, and they have opened the door for strong pride to come into their lives.

64. (Peter: ) That really hit me when I first read that. That’s something for those of you who have been in the ministry of deliverance, where you’ve had strong prayer for people, strong deliverances. The Lord is speaking to you here on this particular point.

65. I’ll read it again; it’s very, very important: “My children have ministered to many who have been possessed by dark spirits, and some Family members, in the course of this ministry and because of their pride, have opened the door for these spirits to oppress them. The spirit of Pride has weakened them, and they have opened the door for strong pride to come into their lives.”

66. So if you have been in this ministry and you have been praying over people for deliverance from spirits (and I know some of you have been successful in that; we’re not saying that that’s a wrong thing to do), what the Lord is saying is that through your own pride and through that ministry‚ you have opened yourself up to some of these spirits of pride.

67. If that’s the case—if you’ve been in that kind of ministry—then you need to pray and seek the Lord‚ and ask Him how this has affected you, and what spirits are oppressing you because of it.

68. (Jesus continues:) Rebuke the spirit of Pride and ask Me to break its power and grip on their minds and hearts. This is the main demon to rebuke and cast away, for as he falls, he will take all the underling demons of pride with him.

69. (Peter:) Throughout the messages Mama read on video‚ pride kept coming up. Pride, pride, pride—pride in this, pride in that. The Lord says here, “This is the main demon to rebuke and cast away, for as he falls, he will take all the underling demons of pride with him.”

70. (Jesus continues:) Pray against the demon of Pride first of all, and then name his underlings and command them to follow. These are the main strongholds where the demon of Pride lives and works. As these demons are cast out, and a force field of protection set up through the keys of imprisonment and containment, great victory will be won. As the Family yields and willingly lets go of the territory these demons have ruled, and receives My cleansing and spirit of humility to replace the old, much will change. All things will become new.

71. I will give the victory needed as you break the chains of Pride through your prayers, and as the Family embraces My Spirit of humility. (End of message from Jesus.)

A Graphic Vision of Pride

72. (Peter:) Here is another prophecy—little bits of prophecy and vision mixed together. This is one that is a little bit on the gory side, but it gives you a very clear picture of the problem and how these spirits are affecting you.

73. (Jesus speaking:) Right now there is a very heavy battle being waged for the souls of the Brazilian Family. There is a war, and legions are being sent into battle.

74. (Channel:) I saw a picture of warriors—male and female—all wearing silver helmets with white wings on either side of their helmets. There were hundreds—maybe thousands of them—all in rank, and marching with some sort of weapon in their hand. It looks like a golden staff with silver rings around it. At the top it’s a blade—ornate, but practical. It’s sort of like an axe‚ but with a much thinner blade. They’re all marching with these weapons held against their arm and shoulder.

75. (Jesus continues: ) These are the armies I send into war. These are they of My elite warriors, who have been commissioned into this great and mighty battle!

76. (Channel:) Now I’m seeing the enemy. They’re dark green and they look as if they’re all rotting; it’s like they’re mangled and messed up from some sort of disease. They’re very ugly. Some have their eyes missing‚ and their skin kind of hangs from their faces in various places; it’s really sickening and gross! They’re also standing in rank, and brandishing crude‚ spiky weapons—not swords, but maces and that sort of weaponry.

77. They all seem to have very large heads, and small and skinny arms and bodies. They have multiple piercings, almost as if they’re being held together with these piercings—very crude and gross. Most of them are drooling and stomping around and making a big ruckus. But it’s really strange that their heads are so big and their bodies are so small. It’s like they have this big, ugly head made almost to scare people, but their bodies are so small that they look like a caricature.

78. (Jesus continues: ) These are the foes that My legions face. If you compare the two‚ there is really no comparison‚ but the problem is that many hold on to these demons and claim them as their own, thus preventing My legions from cleansing the land. They cradle and cuddle these vile beasts, and stop My armies from defeating them.

79. (Channel:) I saw a girl cradling one of these ugly demons in her arms‚ turning away from the Lord, Who was pleading with her to open her eyes and see what a disgusting and filthy creature she was mothering! Now I see a scene of lots of people all doing the same thing—cradling these beasts and turning their backs to the Lord. Their feet are still facing the Lord, but they’re kind of twisted to the side as if shielding something from the sunlight.

80. (Jesus continues:) They shield their demons from the light of My Words by refusing to allow My Words to sink into their hearts. They turn their backs on Me by shielding these ones, and deep and dark rottenness has begun to spread into their lives.

81. (Channel:) I saw again the scene of the girl turning away from the Lord, and her arms were turning green with sores. Ugh, it’s so horrible, just sickening!—All these oozing and gooey, puss-covered sores. Yuck! And the demons are feeding on them.

82. (Jesus continues:) Do you see what has a hold on the Brazilian work? These are the spirits of pride—filthy and rotten—a vile contagion that seeks to rot and feed off of the rottenness of the flesh of My Brazilian brides. My wife has become a cradle for the beasts of corruption. The loving arms that once embraced Me have turned away from Me, and instead embrace the corrupt and decaying spirits of pride.

83. (Channel: ) I see this girl turn her head back toward the Lord—just her head—as if He’s called her name. She turns her head back to face the light, and suddenly realizes what a gross thing she has in her arms, and instantly drops it and runs toward Jesus. Before getting there, though, she either jumps or falls into a pool of water, and the reaction of the liquid is almost like acid. When she jumps into it I hear a hiss, as though it’s burning away the corruption (like hydrogen peroxide). The pool is bubbling, and Jesus reaches down to hold her hand as she is going through this. It’s a little painful. I see her flinch with the sting as these things are burned away by the cleansing solution. Jesus, what is this solution?

84. (Jesus continues: ) This solution is My Words and being willing to let them cut deep into your heart and clean out the sores, letting Me replenish your spirit that has been so affected by these demons.

85. (Channel: ) Now I see the girl stepping out of the water. Her arms have large wounds where the sores were, but they’re clean now, and they’re not infected. They’re just remnants of the infection that was once there. Then Jesus starts rubbing a cream on her arms. The cream fills the wounds and the flesh begins to regenerate, and her skin returns to normal again. She throws her arms around Jesus and they hug and kiss—so happy that they are together again. There are tears in the girl’s eyes—tears of joy and repentance—and she clings so tightly to Jesus.

86. He takes a light piece of satin cloth and wraps it around her and kisses her, and she holds the cloth tightly around her shoulders‚ her arms crossed over her chest, as if hugging this new garment. Then Jesus leads her to a large plush room where she sits down‚ contemplative and in deep thought. He leaves her there to go out and save another one.

87. It’s so sweet—just like Jesus, the Good Shepherd, going out and saving the one who is lost, and returning them to the fold. I see Him doing this over and over again in a collage of scenes before my eyes. It’s so encouraging after such an ugly vision. Thank You, Jesus!

88. The Lord says He’s going to have to show me just a little more—what is going to happen to those who refuse to give up this evil spirit of pride.

89. (Jesus continues:) Those who will not obey, those who will not hear My voice, will be as these:

90. (Channel: ) I see the same scene as I saw before of the people cradling the demons, but at their sides, people are growing bright and disappearing into light; these are the ones who are giving these things up and being transported out of this dark area. But those who remain begin to turn green, and their eyes become large and empty looking—wistful, listless, not there, like a dead person. Their skin begins to rot right on their bones and they fall into a gooey mess right on the ground, and the demon they were cradling turns into a large and ugly monster that eats them alive—just swallows them up.

91. (Jesus continues:) Sadly, there will be those who will not hear My call, who will not listen to My voice, and who will insist on keeping their pride. These will be consumed‚ devoured, and destroyed by it. It is a high and sad price to pay, but many will pay it, for they are unwilling to release and renounce that which is so dear to them.

92. (Channel:) Jesus, please show me what the legions You showed me earlier are going to be doing.

93. (Jesus continues: ) The legions I send into battle will be the mop-up crew. They will go in as soon as the person drops their pride. They will chase these evil demons down and cut them to bits and burn their bodies in a great heap.

94. (Channel:) I see the angels rushing in and hacking these demons to pieces. It’s like they need the full length of their weapons to keep them apart from their adversary—they don’t even want to get close to them. I see them cut the demons up and then scoop them onto a large pile and set fire to it. The fire burns outwards as if the ground is covered in gasoline, and it’s then for the first time that I see that the ground is cracked and dry, like a famine-stricken country. I see the fire sweep out, and in its wake, everything is green. It’s like the fire burns away the dryness, and it instantly turns into a meadow—lush, green, and fertile.

95. (Jesus continues:) This is the way I see the field of Brazil. It is dry, cracked, and parched for want of the truth. They have been watering their gardens—not with My living Words—but instead with the pollutants of the Enemy. They have corrupted the ground and caused the crops to die by not giving the meat of the Word to their friends. But if they will let Me first purge their lives of the sickness that has corrupted them, I will in turn cause the fields to spring back to life again. I will purge the ground and replant and renew, and the field will spring back to life in a day. It will be almost instant.

96. If they give up their pride, the fields will bring forth fruit instantly—immediately—and the Spirit will fall once more upon them. No longer will they be farmers of pride and discord, but of peace and gentleness, and they will bring forth the peaceable fruits of righteousness to them that are exercised thereby.

97. (Channel:) Now I see a beautiful Latin girl with a white gown of light covering her and blowing in the wind as she runs, a scarf trailing in her hand. She’s happy—it’s as if she’s been released and cleansed. I get the feeling that this is the spirit of Brazil. She looks very happy, beautifully radiant and free. She stops and looks at me, her deep brown eyes gazing into mine. I get closer until I can see into her eyes, and I see hundreds of Family members praising the Lord, leaping up and down for joy‚ as if they were finally free. She pulls away a bit and looks at me, as if to say, “You see why I’m happy?” Then she skips away, dancing and spinning in the breeze. The scene fades.

98. (Jesus continues: ) Brazil will be free—free from the oppression of pride and discord—free from those who have held onto their pride. The field will be freed, released, chains broken, wounds healed, and bodies and spirits alike cleansed and set free. My sweet Brazil will sing once more. She will be happy again. She will dance and be restored to her joy.

99. Sound the cries of victory‚ for today I have sent legions into the fray‚ and they will conquer. They will save the work, and they will come out victorious! Sound the march—to battle! (End of message from Jesus)

100. (Peter: ) Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! What a vision! Thank You‚ Lord! Whew! Boy! Very heavy!

101. A lot of you are cuddling and coddling and mothering those spirits—those demons of pride—turned with your back to the Lord. Your feet are still in the right direction, but you’re turned so that the light of the Word and the truth doesn’t get in and expose these evil, ugly, big-headed demons. You know, when people say you’re proud, they say you’re “big-headed.” You wonder why these evil demons had big heads? You’ve turned from the light and you’re coddling and mothering them.

102. Let them go! Turn to the light, and let them be exposed! Get rid of them! Go through the water! Yes, the water hurts a little. The water burns a little like acid—but you’ve got to go through that in order to get cleansed and healed. Oh, please don’t just decide you want to keep hanging on to those ugly, big-headed beasts! Let’m go, lest they in turn devour you.


103. Another spirit that the Lord said attacks here and has influence in this country and upon you is the spirit of Baal.

104. (Jesus speaking:) Baal is a god of the flesh like unto Pan and Bacchus, but each controls certain aspects of the flesh. Baal’s influence is manifested in both extremes—from sadistic and masochistic inflicting of pain on others or oneself, and deriving a perverted pleasure in doing so‚ to those who nail themselves to crosses and whip and beat themselves, thinking they are becoming holy through this. In his milder forms of influence it becomes a form of mental torture—of self-condemnation and belittling of others and yourself—as a form of goodness and righteousness.

105. All these forms of tormenting the flesh and mind, and attempting to derive pleasure through torment—whether physical, sexual, mental, emotional, or spiritual—spring from the influences of Baal and his minions.

106. Amongst My children in Brazil, Baal’s influence has been two-fold. For the most part, it is manifested in self-condemnation and the feeling that you need to suffer for your sins. Through this, Baal hopes to destroy many of the Brazilian Family through a sense of guilt and a feeling of the need to suffer and be cast aside for their failures. My children must wake up to the tactics of this evil one, for he strives against My Spirit of forgiveness; he hopes that in their hopelessness My children will be blinded to My love and desire to see them change and gain the victory, that they may go on to greater things.

107. There are also those who have been derailed from their calling in My service by the perversions of Baal in seeking pleasure in twisted ways. Yet, if they will repent of their ways and cling to Me, I will bring them through even as brands snatched from the burning. (End of message from Jesus.)

108. (Peter: ) If you’re feeling—either now, or in the past, or in the future—this self–condemnation of, “Oh, I’ve got to suffer for my sins…” that’s the influence of Baal. Just rebuke it! There’s no need to feel that way. Yes, you’re getting punished; that’s a fact. Take your punishment. The punishment is just to get you going in the right direction. The punishment is to get you back on track and to get you serious with the Lord‚ but it’s not so you’ll be going around condemned, like, “My gosh!—I should just cast myself off. I’m such a failure!” Sure you failed. Sure you made mistakes. Sure you sinned, but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure!

109. You’re not a failure if you go forward‚ if you take the punishment, and if you get back in the Word. If you fight for your discipleship, you’ll be one of the greatest successes there ever is‚ or will be! It’s like “The Benefits of Backsliding” (ML #312‚ Vol.3). You remember that Letter? Sometimes when you’re backslidden and you’ve sinned and you’re out of it and you go through these heavy lessons and you get chastised, that brings you closer to the Lord‚ not farther away. So don’t let Baal influence you in that way.

110. Now there’s another thing, which is very interesting, too. The Lord says, “There are those who have been derailed from their calling in My service by the perversions of Baal in seeking pleasure in twisted ways.” One of the things I didn’t talk about in the [sins] video was sexual perversions and sexual sins, of which there are many. And if you are finding pleasure in twisted ways, then you need to pray and ask the Lord to help you. You need to pray against the spirit of Baal, which influences you in that area. Okay?

111. In our prayer at the end we’ll cover all of this, as I said. We will be very specific in praying against these spirits, and I believe that will give a general cleansing. It will lessen their influence, and it will give you the opportunity then to really dig in and pray and seek the Lord about how these spirits are specifically bothering you. You’ll be able to pray specifically over each one in your individual prayer and really get delivered, so that the land of Brazil can once again blossom.


112. Another spirit that affects you here, as you all know‚ is that which arises from the worship of Mocumba.

113. (Dad speaking:) A huge number of Brazilians are heathen …

114. (Peter:) Now he’s not talking about you specifically in this, but the general population.

115. (Dad continues:) A huge number of Brazilians are heathen, worshipping all kinds of other gods and goddesses. There is a strong undercurrent of devils and demons and homosexuality and fiendish music. And some of these influences have become a part of the Brazilian make-up, of their psyche.

116. Though we released spirits like Mocumba through our prayers years ago, still she is worshipped in parts of Brazil as an evil goddess. In other parts of the country the people come across as being Catholic, but their Catholic statues and worship are only a cover for their other gods and goddesses. The mix is commonplace, accepted, and understood—that you can be Christian and still entertain or accept spiritism or voodoo in one form or another. It’s the darker side of Brazil. Unless the Family members in Brazil have forsaken all vestiges of their past lives, there may still be a lingering influence, and some remaining attraction to Brazil’s inherently hedonistic lifestyle hindering them from maturing in spirit.

117. Hedonism is a belief in the pursuit of pleasure or happiness, originally associated with the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who taught that pleasure was life’s goal. This is not to say pleasure isn’t compatible with God’s wishes for us to be happy. God wants us to be happy, but He wants our desire for happiness to motivate us to do good—not to independence, watered-down conviction, lackadaisicalness, or half-heartedness. (End of message from Dad)


118. (Peter:) Another spirit that is here:

119. (Jesus speaking: ) Candomble is a very real demonic spiritual entity, and one who has a very pervasive influence in Brazil. Many spirits follow behind her and serve under her skirts. Her hold and influence over the Brazilian mentality and way of being is deep-rooted and vast. She is from the heart of deepest‚ darkest Africa.

120. She is very real—her dominion and power being an accepted religion and belief system within Brazil. She has been responsible for watering down, diluting‚ and infecting My true Christian values and standards with outright Devil worship, and the occult workings of Satan. She is the spirit and essence of compromise and complacency which cloaks Brazil, but which is carefully shrouded in the open-mindedness, free thinking, revelry and dance that is extolled and worshipped in these lands.

121. Besides weakening My children’s convictions‚ her spirit of revelry and self-indulgence, of “mañana, mañana,” infects one’s vision‚ causing a laid-back spirit‚ a spirit of no absolutes—that everything is okay and will be okay. Her slogan is that there is no need to get stirred up, to strive for progress in your spiritual life and growth, to strive for obedience today—for there is always “mañana.”

122. Her many brightly colored layers of skirts and areas of influence cloak reality—causing My children’s vision to be blurred, out of focus‚ undefined, uninitiated, delayed, and very, very distracted.

123. Candomble’s power lies in her ability to beguile, to seduce the mind into complacency, to satisfy the flesh and personal pleasures over satisfying and pleasing Me most of all. She causes delay and tries to get My children distracted, with their eyes turned anywhere else but where they should be.

124. She is the weaver of spells, and causes those who fall under her bewitchment to get their eyes off of priorities—the most important things. She is a witch in the very real sense of the word.

125. She has beguiled and captured the hearts and spirits of many of My Latin brides. Through her seductions, she has enticed them away from obedience and following My Word and applying it in their lives, for she whispers that, “There is always another day. I know you are loath to forsake your personal roads of pleasure and entrapments of pride in favor of the Lord’s straight and very, very narrow way, so let us continue the Brazilian way!”

126. This is Candomble. This is the evil that stands in the way of My Brazilian brides becoming all that they could be and fulfilling their destiny! She must be actively rebuked in the power of the keys! (End of message from Jesus)

Candomble’s Counterpart:


127. (Dad speaking: ) The Lord has a counterpart in the spirit world to combat the spirit of Candomble. His name is Salvador and he has always stood against Candomble. He is a very powerful fighter, who knows his opponent well and is available to help those who need personal conviction and power to defeat Candomble’s influence and make needed changes in their lives. Wherever Candomble’s influence is, Salvador’s greater power is there as well. It all depends on who you choose to be on your side. (End of message from Dad)

128. (Channel: ) I’m seeing a beautiful man dressed like a conquistador! He’s very beautiful … glowing almost! His clothing is all white—everything he’s wearing—except for a few trimmings of gold here and there. Even his beard appears to be made of gold, if that’s possible. He really looks like an angelic hero of light sent to the rescue!

129. He has one arm raised as if rallying the forces to battle, and in his hand is a huge powerful golden sword, which is radiating powerful, beautiful beams of light. And he has the most winning smile—a radiant smile that seems to assure me that everything is going to be okay, that he—at the summons of our Husband and our prayers—has come to the rescue again against the evil Candomble! Thank You‚ Jesus!

130. (Jesus speaking:) This is My Salvador! He is gallant‚ brave and true, and a worthy opponent to the evil seductions of Candomble and her brood. He is the conqueror destined to specifically help you, My Latin Bride‚ in your fight against the seductions of Candomble. He is your “knight in shining armor” sent at My behest—your hero! He is here to conquer and to salvage—to rescue those caught within Candomble’s grip.

131. But remember, he only has the power to conquer and overcome Candomble and her influences if you call on him, if you desire light over darkness, and if you rise to the occasion and put forth the effort to fight. He’ll be there to help you in your fight against Candomble if you first put forth the will to fight. When you meet these requirements, then he steps into the fight in full force and conquers within the realm of the spirit!

132. He loves the fight! He lives to fight the Enemy, and he lives for you, My Latin Bride! He will instill in you the will to fight and the desire to get stirred up in passionate godly anger and fury against the Enemy’s influences and holds in your lives. He will bring back into your lives and spirits conviction and fervor and a desire to grow.

133. So call on his aid in conquering and defeating Candomble! I promise you that Salvador’s sword—when activated by your key-empowered prayers and sincere desire to be free of the grip of Candomble—will always cut through to her dark heart and drive her back. (End of message from Jesus.)

134. (Peter:) Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! What a message! Thank the Lord for Salvador. Call on him. Pray and do your part—the “if” parts. If you have the will to fight, if you have the desire to overcome, he’ll be there. Your activated prayers, your activated promises, your activated keys will help Salvador to defeat Candomble. Let’s get on it! Amen? Praise the Lord!

Vain and Mach

135. The next prophecy is also related to pride.

136. (Jesus speaking: ) These two demons, Vain and Mach [Macho or Machismo], strive to deceive both men and women. Vain instills the consciousness of what others might think and a fear of the opinions of others. Mach is a source of pride in oneself, power, and self-achievement.

137. To fight pride most effectively, you have to strike at the very source of the power. This is why you need to understand and know the names of the demons assigned to the task of empowering and using the tool of pride to provoke its many manifestations.

138. Mach is one of these. He is the source of the illusion of power through the mind and through self. He creates the illusion—for those who allow him—to persuade them that they are powerful in themselves. This illusion of power can be based in the mind and intellect, or through the physical prowess of the body.

139. It is through Mach and his many imps that do his bidding that Satan has launched a full attack in Brazil against My Family, sowing discord, contention, strife and division amongst the brethren, through their desire to feel more important, more fruitful, and more right than those around them.

140. There is also the subtle influence of Vain. Though seemingly unrelated to the main attack on My children, it is also a serious threat, and through it, many of the weaknesses of the churches are slowly gaining entrance and contributing to the bickering and strife. Through closer ties with the churches—which still hold great sway in these countries—and seeking to curry their favor, some have become weakened in their own convictions and have been influenced by the ways of My weak children.

141. It is a great temptation to feel inferior and like you should be doing what the churches do‚ so that you will be more “blessed.” But these false balances of judging how greatly you are being used or how fruitful your work is by how rich and increased with goods you are, and how popular you are, is a deadly trap which is slowly strangling the spirit and life from some. (End of message from Jesus.)

142. (Peter:) Very heavy! A lot of you have moved toward the churches; your main ministries are trying to sell the evangelicals our tools and things‚ which in itself isn’t bad. As I said to someone the other day, “Well, if the evangelicals will buy all our tools and give us money so that we can go reach the lost, so be it. Praise God!” But if that’s your only ministry‚ if that’s your main ministry, and if you’re kind of watering the message down and being afraid to say who you are and all the rest, then you’ve got some problems. And if you’re taking in any of their spirit and comparing yourself to them or judging yourself by them, you’re in trouble‚ and you’re being influenced by Mach and Vain.

Text box:

143. (Jesus speaking: ) You wonder how churchianity fits into all of this, and I will explain. It is when My children are proud, seeking for your accomplishments and deeds and ministries to be well thought of by others, that you allow in the influence of Vain. Wanting to be accepted by the mainstream and not wanting to rock the boat, to continue to be well-liked by others‚ is an influence of Vain—who always seeks to lift up the individual, to want his prey to look good in the eyes of others‚ for it feeds their pride. It is conceit.

144. Living and obeying My Words, and preaching My Word—the radical and unconventional, the full meat of the Word—is not a popular job. It doesn’t make you appear good in the eyes of the world. The churches are greatly influenced by Vain, because their works and even what the preachers teach are very tainted by Vain. Wanting to not rock the boat, wanting to be proud of accomplishments and large flocks, and withholding the full message in order to do so—all of this is part of Vain’s influence.

145. This is how he has gained entrance into My Family—through playing on your pride, playing on your desire to be accepted and to draw large crowds and flocks, which then causes you to soft-pedal the message and not give the full counsel of God. It’s excessive pride in desiring accomplishments, great flocks, and large numbers, and being willing to do whatever it takes for the image of success in the eyes of man rather than seeking success as I define it. (End of message from Jesus)

End of text box.


146. (Peter:) Now here’s a prophecy about a spirit that is hindering people in the realm of gossip—which, as you know, has been a major problem here.

147. (Jesus speaking:) Gossip is a two-edged sword. While it is straight from Hell and one of Satan’s most destructive weapons, yet it still has a lulling effect on those who are exposed to it repeatedly. They begin to see it as not so hurtful or really dangerous. They slowly become lulled to sleep till the other edge of this sword sweeps through and cuts their heart out. Few see what a deadly weapon gossip is, for it feeds pride and creates a false sense of superiority—both in those who spread it and those who listen to it and take it in.

148. Gossip has its deepest roots in pride and self-righteousness. It is as a bore worm, which bores through your flesh and then eats its victim from the inside out. Gossip is a manifestation of the Selvegion.

149. Gossip, though it is often carried through words whispered or spoken behind the backs of others, is in truth words spoken by Medusa, with her many serpents striking and slithering to strike as many as possible.

150. (Vision:) I saw a picture of what I presume is the spirit of Gossip. It was a creature or spirit, but seemed to be many spirits. Its lower part was made up of what looked like the tentacles of an octopus. There were more than I could count and they seemed to shoot out in all directions‚ like leafless, wiggling black vines. They would begin small, but they each seemed to have a purpose and a goal—a person that they were trying to ensnare.

151. One went toward this very sweet-looking girl. She seemed happy and good-spirited. It began to wrap itself gently around her feet. She didn’t seem to be aware of it at first, but when she noticed it, she just picked it up and began playing with it. It was evil and ugly, but apparently she was blind to its real appearance. She played around with it, as though fascinated by some sensations or sense of power it seemed to be giving her.

152. Gradually it was drawing her closer and closer toward the hideous creature, but she didn’t even see, as she was so mesmerized by this little vine. As it slowly drew her in, it gradually became thicker, and entwined around her until it had a solid grip that she couldn’t break away from. When she first realized what was happening, she began to struggle—not liking it anymore—but gradually she seemed to succumb to it, as she was pulled closer and closer to the creature.

153. All this was happening to many others as well.

154. Then I saw the full stature of the creature. Above the waist area—where all these black vine–type things were coming out—there was what looked like a body topped with the head of a very ugly and hideous woman. Her features were like a woman, but very exaggerated, with huge‚ blank white eyes and a mouth that looked gaping and black, almost like one of those African masks—very grotesque. Her head was covered with what looked like serpents, as though where each strand of hair should be, there was a serpent growing. She was cackling in glee as she dragged each of her victims closer, until the serpents on her head could reach them.

155. (Jesus continues: ) I wish to bring My children into the realm of the spirit for a glimpse of what they are playing with when they yield themselves to Medusa and become channels of gossip. In doing so, they allow the serpents of this evil one entrance into their own heart; and through the words they speak which infect others, they are spreading the kingdom of darkness rather than light.

156. The only way to be delivered, the only hope of rescue from the destructive serpents of this creature‚ is through desperation and humility. The only cure is to face the truth‚ admit your addiction, allow yourself to be exposed to My light, call out to the power and fire of My Spirit to burn away these serpents, and to seek the love and forgiveness of others to cleanse, heal, and restore. (End of message from Jesus.)

157. (Peter: ) You have to have desperation and humility. It’s the only way to be delivered—to face the truth, admit your addiction, allow yourself to be exposed by His light, call on the power and fire of the Lord’s Spirit to burn away the serpents, and seek the love and forgiveness of those that you’ve hurt. Amen? Will you do that?

Text box:

158. (Jesus speaking:) Medusa is a multi-faceted creature. I say “creature” because she is one of the lowest of the demons. She stoops to very low depths to hurt and harm My children. She is part of the “scum” of the demons. For though they are all scum and evil and lewd, if it were possible to put them in order from those who use the lowliest tactics, she would be one of those at the very bottom of the list.

159. Medusa uses her octopus-like tentacles to draw people into her—to tempt them and get them addicted to spreading news and gossip about others. Once in her grip, the deadly serpents, which are also a part of her, gain control of her victims.

160. It is a two-pronged attack. Medusa’s victims, those who either “innocently” spread news about others or who are outright addicted to gossip, end up being eaten alive. Those who have been gossiped about also end up being “eaten alive” by the words that have been unlovingly and falsely spoken against them. For words are real things. They can ring in your ears over the years‚ eating at you, killing you emotionally, spiritually, and affecting you physically.

161. So you see, gossip is a serious thing. Your words lift up or tear down. They can encourage and comfort or cause discouragement and pain. That is yet another reason I ask My children to put on My thoughts and My mind, that the words of their mouths and thoughts of their minds may minister grace unto those who are exercised thereby. (End of message from Jesus.)

End of text box.

Seduction and Obsession

162. Other spirits that the Lord wanted to cover are Seduction and Obsession.

163. (Jesus speaking:) Lust is one of those “uncomfortable” words. No one wants to talk about it, almost as if in not addressing or talking about it, it somehow makes it nonexistent. The truth is that lust is very alive in the world today. Lust is a spirit in itself, which is fueled by the rampant selfishness in the world and in men’s hearts. Lust’s motto is, “I love me, and I want you!” My motto is “I love you; how can I give to you?” There’s a big difference.

164. Many equate lust solely with strong sexual desires or feelings, but lust has more to do with the mind and falls squarely under Pan and Apotheon’s dominions, and brings forth the ugly offshoots of extreme jealousy, depression, and insanity. That’s where the twin sisters and sirens, Seduction and Obsession, dwell.

165. Seduction is a spirit of deception. It has to do with the mind and seducing the mind into obsession, submission, and a type of addiction. Many caught within the deceitful lures of these sirens do not perceive what has taken them over, but only sense the feelings and yield to them without question. Emotions that are beyond reason, beyond regard for others and which are obsessive are the doing of Seduction and Obsession.

Text box

obsession (noun): preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind; in psychiatry the uncontrollable persistence of an idea or emotion in the mind, sometimes associated with psychiatric disorder.

seduction (noun): leading astray of somebody: the act of persuading somebody to do something wrong; something that tempts, persuades, or attracts.

(definitions from Microsoft Encarta)

End of text box.

166. When anyone is primarily focused on themselves, then unfortunately it’s easy to be open game for these spirits of Seduction and Obsession. Their power and domain lie in self-satisfaction. They have many names and strongholds the world over, especially in Latin America and Africa, where to obsessively love someone to the point of insane jealousy and violence is often looked upon as loyalty and a sign of true love. Yet it’s the same spirit as the selfishness of many western cultures where the “take care of number one” attitude and mentality is promoted as an honorable quality.

167. The nemesis of these spirits and sirens gaining entrance into your mind and emotions is unselfishness and sacrificial giving—turning your thoughts toward others and toward Me and My love. Real love begins with an effort, because the mind must choose to turn from selfishness. The point is to try to live My Law of Love, which is not focusing on yourself and what you want. It’s taking others into consideration, and looking to Me and what I would have you do. (End of message from Jesus.)

168. (Peter:) Very, very enlightening!—A prophecy to really study over and to personally ask the Lord about.

“On the Rock” Vision

169. Here’s one other vision that I want to share with you.

170. (Vision:) There were many brethren in Brazil who were standing at first on a large, flat rock, but as time went on, more and more began putting one foot in the sand that was right next to the rock. It seemed as if the sand felt stronger and cooler, so many were standing with just one foot on the rock—like they didn’t want to completely leave the rock, but were enjoying the sand as well.

171. But then a small crack began to appear in the sand along the edge of the rock. It was very small at first, hardly noticeable. Many didn’t seem to even be aware of it. But as the crack kept growing, some were jumping back with both feet on to the rock‚ while others were deciding to jump completely off the rock onto the sand. And others—in fact most—seemed to be content to keep one foot on each.

172. As the crack opened into a small gap, some were getting worried, but they still kept trying to straddle it‚ with their feet on both sides. Then the gap began to open more rapidly, and all those with one foot on each side were being forced to either make a desperate jump for the rock or to try to step fully on the sand, or they were going to fall into the gap. Many were making it back onto the rock, but others were jumping onto the sand only to find it was no longer sand, but had turned to quicksand, and they were being sucked into it. It was a horrible sight.

173. But those who had jumped firmly onto the rock earlier were lying on the edge of the rock helping those who were trying to get back on the rock to climb up. It seemed that those who had jumped for the rock and were fighting to get back on it were making it—with the help of those brethren who were already firmly on the rock.

174. (Jesus speaking: ) I have called you out, and if you wish to be a part of My elite Endtime army, then your foundation must be solidly on Me. Your lives cannot be straddling the gulf between the rock of My Word‚ truth‚ and Spirit‚ and the sandy, waterlogged quicksand of the Enemy, or you will soon fall into the abyss that lies between and be lost.

175. The gap is widening by the day. You must choose this day whom you will serve. If Pride and his siblings be god to you, then serve him. If I, and My Words, be God to you, then serve Me. (End of message from Jesus)

176. (Peter:) Thank You, Jesus!—A very clear picture of where things stand today. My prayer is that you will jump to the rock. Even if you’ve been hanging out in the sand a lot, you can still make that jump, and your brethren who are firmly on the rock will help pull you up. Okay? Don’t fall into the abyss, and don’t get sucked in by the thought that the sand is okay, because as the Lord showed, it’s really quicksand that devours you.

Introduction to Prayer

177. I’d like to move on now to the prayer of deliverance. This prayer of deliverance is a beginning. It’s the first step to complete healing and restoration. It’s not all of the steps, but it’s the first step. We will pray specifically against all of these various demons—and pride, and all of the things listed in Mama’s video.

178. You’ll need specific prayer on some of these points personally‚ after you’ve had time to pray, to seek the Lord, and to ask Him how these spirits and problems have affected you. But right now we want to have this general prayer of deliverance so that people are delivered of these things to the point where they’re able to pray and hear from the Lord without these negative influence in their lives. Okay?

179. As Mama said about prophecy, the more specific you are in asking your questions, the better answers you get. It’s the same way with these kinds of prayers. There has been a lot said, a lot of spirits exposed, and we want to pray very specifically.

180. In the course of receiving all these prophecies and visions about these various bad spirits, we’ve also prayed and heard from the Lord about the good spirits who counteract them—the ones who fight them the most. Just from a lack of time, I haven’t been able to read you all of those messages. I’ve read you the negative side, but there’s a positive side too. You have spiritual help and spiritual entities who help you. So in the prayer we’ve incorporated the names of those and a little bit of what they do. Some time soon, God willing, we will put out GNs that explain more about them.

181. I’m going to read this; it’s a fairly long prayer, and I won’t be looking up much at the camera. I’m figuring that most of you will be praying along with me—as you should be—with your eyes closed, really crying out to the Lord in your heart, claiming the keys that I claim, the deliverance that I call on, rebuking the various evil spirits, and calling out for the help of the good spiritual entities who will help you. Okay?

182. Please pray along with me. Don’t let your mind wander or dawdle along in the spirit. This is a desperate situation! Your life is at stake! Many of you are standing with one foot on the rock and one foot on the sand‚ and that gap is really spreading! You need to make your stand, and this is the day!

183. Lord, please help me as we pray this prayer together. Please help each one to take it seriously, to take it to heart‚ to realize that their discipleship and their spiritual life is on the line, and that this is the first step of really moving forward—to discipleship, to full service, to a cleansing and healing of the spirit and of the soul. So please, please help them! And help me as I read‚ in Jesus’ name.

Written Prayer of Deliverance

184. (Prayer:) Jesus, darling Husband, You said that the prayer of faith shall save the sick‚ and if he has committed any sins‚ they shall be forgiven him. These come before You, dear Love, with desperation. I ask that You will heal their hearts and spirits‚ that You will forgive each one for their sins, and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

185. We know that if we want specific answers to our prayers‚ that our prayers need to be specific. I call on the power of the keys to be turned to swords to cut the Devil to the heart today—to root out, tear down, and destroy his stronghold in the lives of these, our loved ones, who are asking to be delivered from him and all his demons, and from all their sins that have separated them from You, Jesus.

186. I claim the keys promise that says: “Insert the keys into the lock of every chain that the Enemy has bound you with, and the keys that set you free will in turn bind the Enemy in My spiritual handcuffs of restraint, so that he will have no power over you.”

187. Lord, our all-powerful Husband and Deliverer, I call on Michael the Archangel who is among the mightiest, who helps and stands guard over us‚ and who commands great armies of angels to aid us.

188. I call on the keys of deliverance against the power of the demon of Pride. Dear Lord, please cause each person to be repulsed by the vile beasts of pride—the filthy, disgusting creatures that they’ve been cradling and mothering. In this moment, through the keys of discernment and power, help each Family member in Brazil to reject pride, to hate pride, to despise it, and despise every way that pride has been allowed into their lives.

189. I rebuke the spirit of Pride, and ask You to break its power and grip on the minds and hearts of the Family members in Brazil! Powerful Savior, cause this demon to fall, and to take all the underling demons of pride with him—the demons of Accomplishment, Flesh, Worldliness, Machoism, Carnality and Materialism.

190. I call on Tola and Tor, who are the embodiment of key power—the commanders of the power of the keys. No power of the Enemy can withstand these two. All opposing spiritual forces bow at their feet, for they carry the force of golden key power within them in all its force.

191. I rebuke and cast out the four major demons that have plagued the Family in Brazil: pride, disobedience, bitterness‚ and division. These demons have worked with their cohorts—the evil Selvegion‚ Pan, Bacchus, Obstacon, Lethargy, and Apotheon‚ who have been allowed to work in the hearts of these who have been blinded by their sins.

192. I ask that the activated angels would defeat these evil demons. Their level of power is unprecedented and unchallenged, save by that of the archangels.

193. Jesus, You said: “When you call on the keys of deliverance in desperation and humility‚ one breath of My Spirit will snuff out the Enemy’s flame of power and bring his works to naught in an instant.” We claim that key promise—we take it as our own.

194. I pray against Apotheon, who has a strong hold on the Brazilian brethren. Through the power of the keys I claim the help of Arcothon, the warrior angel designed to defeat Apotheon. He is a conduit of the power of God, and he teaches us the art of war. Please help the Family in Brazil to take hold of his power—to learn to fight‚ and to love to defeat the Enemy.

195. Dear Jesus, You also said that Lethargy has a strong hold on the Brazilian Family. We rebuke Lethargy‚ the evil spirit who has silenced the voice of conviction.

196. We call on Styrian [Sty-REE-an]‚ who is sent to bring a whirlwind of destruction to the demon Lethargy and his ilk. She is filled with good ideas that bring forth spiritual progress, which are manifested not just in spiritual growth, but in physical fruit. She is filled with an all-consuming power of the Spirit of God, and the demon Lethargy has no escape when confronted by her. She is a whirlwind of positive spiritual activity. So we call on Styrian to help us, in Jesus’ name.

197. I cast out the evil Selvegion who have gotten in—like a cancer—through bitterness and division, and eaten up the spiritual insides of many of our loved ones in Brazil. This is a life-and-death situation, Jesus. You are the Great Physician; You can remove the cancer and replace it with the cure—You, dear Lord.

198. I ask that You send the Salvay: spirit beings of salvation [as in deliverance from sins of division] who counter each seed of the evil Selvegion. Where there is bitterness, they bring kindness and consideration—the balm or “salve” of love that sees another as one of Your brides, who You love and who should be loved as You love them.

199. I pray against Pan as well, and against the addiction to System music that many have, which is one of the main influences of Pan.

200. Thank You‚ wonderful Savior, for the spirit helper Illuminus, who is an advocate of Your light to fight the darkness of Pan. Pan attacks the mind with his darkness—his lies, deceits, doubts, depression, discouragement, and all that opposes the light of Your Word. Illuminus’ power to defeat Pan is released and activated through prayer and a person’s choice to take in the Word.

201. So help us to choose to take in Your Word, so that You can release the power of Illuminus, Lord—because he can’t help us unless we make that choice. So please help us to do just that, Jesus.

202. I rebuke and cast out the demon Arakan—the chief demon of confusion and depression. He works with Pan in the realm of the mind.

203. Thank You, darling Lover, for the F.A.F. (Fairy Angel Fighters) who assist Illuminus in fighting Arakan. The buzzing of the wings of these fairies causes Arakan to be confused. Their whispers of truth and encouragement bring defeat to the depression of this demon.

204. In the power of the keys I bind Obstacon, who opposes our absorption of the Word. Jesus, we know these dear brethren can’t possibly grow and overcome these weak areas without the Word. That is the secret to their victories and success. We rebuke any way Obstacon would fight their Word time—their concentration and their being able to absorb and live the Word.

205. I call on Raphael, who is sent to assist in the healing of their spirits and to minister to them Your Word—true and unadulterated. He also assists Michael and Gabriel in destroying Oplexicon, who tries to stop the truth of My Word and deny it.

206. Dear Love, we ask for Your help to protect our intake of the Word and our feeding of others. Protect our hearts and minds and guard us from distractions and doubts. We need all this help, Jesus. Please help us! The Word is so, so important.

207. Through the power of the keys of deliverance I enlist the help of Boheme (Bo-HEEM) against Bacchus and all of the addictions the Family members in Brazil are fighting. Please free our loved ones from the physical or fleshly crutches and excesses that Bacchus tempts them with.

208. We ask You to use Boheme to cut the tentacles of Bacchus and his addictions. He is a great one, possessing all that is fit and uncompromising. So, help us, Jesus!

209. I rebuke the demon Baal‚ and command him to depart! In the power of the keys I forbid him from using his influence, which is manifested in both sadistic and masochistic extremes‚ inflicting pain on others or oneself, and deriving a perverted pleasure in doing so. I bind his power of being able to influence any of Your brides through condemnation and belittling of others or themselves, as if that were a form of goodness and righteousness. I command this spirit and his minions to depart through the power of the keys!

210. I call on Archer, who fights with white–hot arrows, which are filled with the Spirit of God that cut Baal to the heart! He is over many other “archer” angels whose expertise is to hit the demon Baal and his cohorts. We call on Archer and his helpers, Lord.

211. I call on the keys of imprisonment to rebuke the dark side of Brazil—its spiritism and voodoo—and I ask that You will cleanse any of Your Brazilian brides who may have any hangovers along these lines, either from their former religions or their culture.

212. Jesus, cast out Candomble, the evil witch that afflicts the people of Brazil through so-called freedom of thought and independence. These are spirits that carry the power of black magic among their followers in Brazil. Jesus‚ I call on the keys to free our brethren from their influence and to ask You to cut them loose from any chains of influence through which these spirits have them bound.

213. Dear Lord‚ our powerful Deliverer‚ I ask You to send Salvador on our behalf. He has always stood against Candomble. Please use him to strengthen the Family in Brazil, so that they will have the personal conviction and power to make the changes they need.

214. I command all these demons to depart‚ through the power of the keys! I rebuke and bind the power of Satan! All power is given unto us through the keys of the Kingdom to destroy the Evil One’s works. I claim the power of the keys that each one of Your brides here will be permanently released from the bondage of the Devil and his demons!

215. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus. Jesus, You are everything to us. You are our all in all. We don’t want anything that’s not of You. You said: “I have the biggest and strongest feet in the universe‚ and I will trample and squash every demon who rises against you, as you cry out to Me for deliverance in the power of the keys.” We desperately ask for that deliverance now, dear Lover.

216. I will specifically list the sins that the brethren in Brazil seek deliverance from:

217. * Pride that makes them think that they know better than You.

218. * Pride that prevents them from reaching out in love and from apologizing and taking the humble seat.

219. * Pride manifested in unyieldedness to each other; not wanting to yield to one another’s word or suggestion, feeling that theirs is better.

220. * Pride that makes them desire to have the glory or the credit for their ministries, their fruitfulness, and thus they don’t want to share it with others.

221. * Pride that holds them back from using the new weapons as You would have them.

222. * Pride in accomplishments; the amount of tools they get out, the souls they win, the receptivity they encounter.

223. * Pride manifested in clinging to their set way of doing things and not being willing to forsake the old and embrace the new.

224. * Pride manifested in both the cult of the personality and nationalism, which have brought about division, an abomination before You.

225. * Pride that has caused them to care more for strangers and their sheep than for their own brothers and sisters.

226. * Pride that has caused disputes over witnessing areas, contacts, provisioning, personnel, designated gifts, support from kings and supporters, the care of the children, the running of the Homes, disputing in city councils and with other Homes.

227. Forgive and cleanse each one from:

228. Not living Acts 2:44,45.

229. Gossiping: I rebuke and cast out the spirits of Vengeance and Medusa that promote and speak these words of poison. I rebuke and cast out the spirits of self-exaltation, pride, self-righteousness, jealousy‚ and self-importance that turn this horrible sin into an addiction that becomes as a devouring fire, which in the end devours not only those who have been spoken about, but those who have spread the gossip as well. I ask You to give each one a spirit of desperation, to give no place to this heinous sin, and that they will strive for the spirit of humility, that nothing they do will be done through strife or vainglory‚ but rather in lowliness of mind‚ each esteeming the other better than themselves.

230. I call on the keys and ask that You will free each one from disobedience to Your Word in not being their brother’s keeper, and not fully living the Law of Love and the One Wife vision.

231. I rebuke and cast out the spirit of macho pride from the men. I call on the keys that those who are afflicted with this macho pride will humble themselves and seek the womanly spiritual qualities of being Your bride: meekness, gentleness, showing themselves weak, and submission to You.

232. Many of the women of this field are proud and haughty‚ given over to mannishness, acting and desiring to be as men, refusing to submit in spirit according to Your Word. Cleanse them from the sin of pride and rebuke the spirit of mannishness.

233. I ask for a complete deliverance and cleansing of those who have sinned through sex with outsiders, sodomy‚ addiction to pornography, wrong sexual practices, and use of drugs.

234. Jesus, I call on the keys of honesty and humility, that those who have committed these sins will also confess them to their shepherds, so they can get the needed counseling and assistance to fight the Devil, and so that Your brides may be kept clean and protected from any of the Enemy’s diseases.

235. I call on the keys for deliverance from jealousy, selfishness, and self-centeredness, which have caused division and disunity.

236. Cleanse and deliver those who have condoned and promoted ungodly behavior in their overindulgence in the intake of System books, movies, and Internet use.

237. I rebuke the spirits of lukewarmness, independence‚ lethargy, apathy, defiance‚ and harshness, as well as angry and violent spirits.

238. Cast out the spirit of foolishness; wash each mind from shallow thoughts and attitudes.

239. I rebuke compromise in all forms, and also a lack of hunger and desperation for Your Word.

240. I pray against the spirits of churchianity and lukewarmness, which cause the Brazilian Family to compromise, to not be humble enough to teach Your radical doctrines—the full meat of the Word.

241. I rebuke familiarity both with Your Words and with each other.

242. Help these ones to see the seriousness of having stumbled their brothers and sisters, their children, and their sheep through their horrible sample of disobedience to Your Word.

243. Free them from being overly dependent on their earthly shepherds and leaders for counsel and instruction, and help them to go to You and Your Word.

244. Jesus, You said they have robbed You in their tithes and offerings, and they have been a poor testimony due to their lack of faith for You to supply through follow-up. They do not share their blessings of supply, nor desire to share the credit for what You have done through them. They have been deceived, thinking their own arm has saved them. Please cleanse them of their lack of faith for supply‚ from leaning on the arm of the flesh, and not sharing and giving to You what they owe You. Fill them with faith, and loving, sacrificial, giving spirits—no matter whether it’s goods, time, or funds—and help them to know that in doing so it is holy, acceptable unto You, and their reasonable service.

245. Dear Love, we pray for those who have either spoken against Your Word or passed it to former members. Each one who has passed on Your Word to ex-members needs to confess their sin. Convict them and help them never to do that again. Some sins affect the whole security of the work, and You expect us to confess to those who need to know. I pray that each one who has transgressed in this way will be faithful to do this.

246. I ask for a complete cleansing, a complete renewal, and a refilling of the Holy Spirit for each one. I call on the keys of obedience, submission, humility, and love to become activated in each heart.

247. I pray that the fire of Your Word will be rekindled and burn brightly, never to be dimmed by anyone or anything again.

248. I call on the spirit of metanoia to possess each one and work in their lives—the positive spirit of metanoia that brings a complete turnabout from going the wrong direction and puts them on the right path, going Your direction.

249. I call on the keys of change for a supernatural miracle! The keys can change anything in their hearts and minds. We know the keys will work as they call on them daily for their specific needs. Help each one to take hold of the power of the keys and use it.

250. I ask that You fill each one with faith to not only believe, but to act upon Your Word, what they know is truth‚ even if everything around them points to the opposite. The only true standard is Your Word. Help them to obey Your Word—not their feelings, not anything‚ only Your Words. It is Your Word that will see them through. Help each one to hunger after Your Word‚ memorize Your Word‚ review Your Word‚ cling to Your Word, and most of all, to obey Your Word‚ to be doers of Your Word.

251. I claim all these things as I call on the keys of the Kingdom. Nothing is impossible to those who call on the keys of the Kingdom. All power is given to them that are not yoked to the knowledge and wisdom of man, to carnal-mindedness, but who put on Your mind‚ who take You in and allow You full possession. Fully possess each one, Jesus.

252. I ask You to help each one to be freed from carnal-mindedness, from leaning to their own understanding. I ask that You give them Your spiritual insight, that they will always acknowledge You and walk the path You ask them to take.

253. We praise You, Jesus! We love You—Who hath delivered, Who doth deliver, and Who shall yet deliver! Hallelujah! We praise You, dear Jesus, our Lover and Husband.

254. Help each one here to be Your yielded bride who does Your bidding. Help the truth of Your Word to burn in their hearts. Help them to be ever mindful that they were bought with a price—by Your death on the cross for their sins—and they belong to You. I pray that each one will from this day forward glorify You in their body and in their spirit, which are Yours.

255. We claim the keys of strength‚ conviction, faith, and vision.

256. Help them to look upon each other as the Bride of