Spirit Trips!

Spirit Trips Letters:

Note: I will be compiling articles written on the subject of Spirit Trips (written by myself and anyone else I can find) on a page underneath this one.  Here are all the Spirit Trip Weapon Letters I could find in a few hours of digging on this one long scroll.  Print or copy to personal reading device for MAJOR MIND DOWNLOAD of spiritual substance, and see if the Lord doesn’t just start taking YOU on some of these!

1::::: ??????

2::::: Strange Truths, Halloween wheel

3::::: Temple Time

4::::: Space City

5::::: Ultimate Trip

6::::: Green Door

7::::: Time Travel

8:::::Spiritual Sex

9::::: Sexy Bride

10:::: King Peter Birthday

11:::: Heavenly Birthdays

12:::: Art of Dependence Spirit Trip

13:::: Faithful Servant

14:::: Rise Above

15:::: Castle of Meditation


17:::: Fast-day Miracles!


???????1. I WAS STANDING ON THE BIG WOODEN TERRACE OR PORCH OF A SWISS CHALET surrounded with beautiful mountains beside a gorgeous purple stream flowing down the mountain. I was dipping this beautiful purple water out of the stream. It was a royal purple colour and it was so pretty! I had on a long robe and looked like Merlin the Magician.

???????2. I WAS DIPPING OUT THE PURPLE WATER with this big ladle and pouring it into these little crystal-shaped molds in front of me. There was a whole row of these little crystal-shaped molds sitting on my work bench in front of me like little forms or cups.

???????3. I’D POUR IT INTO EACH CRYSTAL FORM and each one would then harden into a beautiful, beautiful purple crystal jewel! When I’d get one batch finished I’d pick them up and put them on the shelf. Then the kids were taking them off the shelf, the finished ones, and taking them away to other places and giving them to people.

???????4. THEY WERE SO PRETTY, each one was such a pretty, pretty purple precious stone! When each got all finished it cooled off and hardened into the shape of a lovely crystal. They were so pretty! I’d pick them up and I’d look at them, first this one and then that one, like I was seeing if each were finished, you know? Then I’d set each down real pleased on the shelf when it was all done, finished and crystallised.

???????5. (MARIA: WERE THEY HOT TO BEGIN WITH?) No, it didn’t seem like they were hot. (Maria: you said ” when it was cooled off”.) Well, I don’t know, that’s the sort of impression you had. But it was just when you took it out of the mountain stream and you put it into these little crystal-shaped forms, then it got hard. Maybe it was warm, I don’t know. It seemed more like the air hardened them or something, sort of like a diamond paste.

???????6. I JUST KEPT DIPPING out of the river, standing out on my platform amid these beautiful, beautiful mountains beside this real pretty stream, dipping and pouring its royal purple waters into these little crystal-shaped cups and the water just hardened into the shape of these beautiful crystals. I kept getting up when they were all finished and putting them on the shelf, and the kids kept coming and taking them off the shelf and kept taking them away and then I never saw them again.

???????7. AND OH, I WOULD GET SO UPSET BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T TAKE THEM AWAY FAST ENOUGH, because my shelves were getting so full I didn’t have any place to put the new ones! (Maria: You were doing them pretty fast then, huh?) Yeah, I hope that’s a good sign. Maybe I’m going to speed up a little bit.–Ha! Maybe I’m going to start getting them out faster than the kids can carry them away! (Maria: Looks like that’s what we’re doing now.) Sometimes I’ve sure been slow in getting the forms back to them, slow in putting them on the shelf. But lately I’ve been stacking them up on the shelf faster than they’re getting them back!

???????8. (MARIA: WAS THERE ANYTHING ELSE?) THAT’S ALL! They’re all a pretty royal purple colour. I don’t know why they’re all the same colour. (Maria: Because they’re royal!) They were like royal crystal jewels. It doesn’t take much sense to figure out what that meant. (Maria: It doesn’t? What do you mean?)

???????9. THE MOUNTAIN WAS THE KINGDOM OF GOD, I guess, or the Lord Himself. Out of the mountain flows the bright crystal stream of the beautiful royal purple waters of life, His words of life, right? All I do is stand there and dip it out and pour it into little tiny crystal Letter forms for the kids and sort of shape them so they can use them. Then I put them on the shelf when they’re finished and the kids come and get them and take them away and distribute them.

???????10. BUT THEY WEREN’T GOING FAST ENOUGH. I was making them faster than they were able to carry them away. That sure hasn’t always been true, but maybe that’s to encourage me. Sometimes I’ve been pretty slow. But in the dream I was really cooking! I’d line up about six or seven in a row, these little forms, and I’d fill each one just right with my big ladle–you know, one of those big round bowl-shaped ladles like they use in big kitchens–and I’d make sure they were filed up just right, each one a nice pretty jewel. And as soon as each one was hardened into shape, I’d pick up that batch and put them on the shelf, one by one.

???????11. MAYBE I’M GOING TO DO THEM IN BATCHES. (Maria: It seems like you are doing them in batches now.) It’s obvious that the little crystal-shaped jewels were the Letters. Doesn’t it sound like that’s what it means to you? (Maria: Yeah, you’re already doing them in batches!) Then I’d stick them on the shelf for the kids. They have to come and get them and take them away. But the shelf was getting so crowded I was so upset that I didn’t have anywhere to put my new ones.

???????12. SO PRETTY SOON WE’RE GOING TO BE GETTING OUT SOME NEW ONES AGAIN REAL FAST! (Maria: We are!) It’s taken so long for these last ones I don’t know what’s the matter. What’s taking them so long to get them finished? I was making them faster than they could take them away. I was like a kind of a crotchety old man, fussing and fuming that they weren’t carrying them off fast enough and I had no space to put them and I had to find a place to put them.

???????13. THE WATER WAS POURING DOWN AND MORE CRYSTALS COMING AND I WAS CONTINUALLY DIPPING UP MORE. (Maria: Thank You Lord, that’s beautiful!) Isn’t that pretty? It was so pretty! So pretty! (Maria: It would make a beautiful picture. Where were the shelves–beside you?) Well, I was standing on the big Chalet porch and the streams was on my right coming down from the mountains above, and I was dipping the purple water out of the crystal stream on my right. It was so pretty, all scintillating! The stream was all like–you know how a stream looks in the sunlight or in the starlight or moonlight, like it’s sparkling with diamonds and jewels!

???????14. THE STREAM SPARKLED AND I WAS DIPPING IT OUT with my ladle and filling each little crystal-shaped cup, filling each one just right, and then it hardened into a pretty jewel. As soon as I had about six or seven of them done I’d pick them up and put them on the shelf. (Maria: Where were the shelves?) Above my head on the left. (Maria: Attached to the platform?)

???????15. YOU KNOW HOW THOSE SWISS CHALETS ARE–they come out in front with a big, big grand porch in front of the chalet, you know?–And it had steps leading down to the mountain stream. The big chalet was behind on the left. The big porch was in front like this, and the stream was over here like this on my right, and my work bench was right in front of me. My back would be to the people looking at the picture. You’d be looking at me from behind while I’m dipping down with my right hand. The work bench was right here in front me.

???????16. (MARIA: DID YOU HAVE TO BEND DOWN TO DIP IT OUT?) Oh yes, of course! I had to reach way over the railing on the right side with my big long-handled ladle–you know those great big soup ladles that cooks use in big kitchens with a huge big bowl at the bottom as big as the palm of my hand, so each ladle full was always a whole bowl of soup?

???????17. MY LADLE HAD A BIG LONG HANDLE TO REACH WAY OVER THE SIDE AND DIP OUT THE WATER and bring it back and pour it into each little form–each scoop just filled up each crystal form each time. Then I’d go back over and scoop some more and come back and fill the next crystal. Then I’d go back over once again and reach over the side and scoop up some more purple water and come back and fill the next crystal, till I had about six or seven of them all filed up just right so they came right up to the top completely full.

???????18. BY THE TIME I HAD ABOUT SIX OR SEVEN OF THEM DONE they were all hardened into beautiful, beautiful solid purple crystals! They were all purple. Seems like they would have been prettier if they were all different colours, but they were all purple.–And now I’m hungry. (Maria: That’s the colour of royalty.) I know!

* * * * * * *

???????19. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! AT LAST YOUR OL’ COOK’S COOKIN’ AGAIN! We’ve stopped travelling for awhile and are feeling better and hope we won’t have to have anymore business meetings or blob-busting for awhile! So maybe we can really dish out the crystals now! Hallelujah!

???????20. ARE YOU READY TO SERVE ‘EM UP TO THE PEOPLE? Let’s get movin’ an’ servin’ an’ cookin’ so everybody’ll be well fed, amen? The Lord’s dishin’ it out faster’n I can scoop it up an’ form it for you!–An’ I’ll bet I can dish it up faster’n you can carry it away!

???????21. SO LET’S GET CRACKIN’ WIT DA CRYSTALS, AMEN? God bless you! I love you!–Look out!–Here comes another one! Hurry! Run!–Or we’ll never get ’em all out ‘fore Jesus comes!

Strange Truths

David Berg

—A Strange Dream!

—Are you afraid of life? Our truths are stranger than their fiction.

—MO July 23, 1975 GP—NO.360

1. I AND THE KIDS WERE WANDERING THROUGH A DESERT LOOKING FOR WATER when suddenly down this hill began to trickle a tiny little stream. I rushed over and tasted it and it was good, delicious, fresh, cold water and I was so happy about it because there were a lot of others wandering around out in the desert thirsty too.

2. SO I CALLED THEM TO COME THAT I’D FOUND WATER and they all ran over to the stream just thrilled! It was growing bigger all the time, more and more water‚ until it was becoming a real big stream of water, a whole river, a small river but with plenty of water for all!

3. EVERYBODY WAS SO HAPPY, so I said, “Let’s follow the stream to the Source!” So we all began the journey upstream, up the hill. When we got to the top of the hill we found this huge spring, big enough for everybody to swim in this delicious crystal clear pure water!

4. IT WAS FLOWING ABUNDANTLY! Everybody was so happy they were taking off their old clothes and diving in and swimming, washing and rejoicing like we used to do in our old ponds in Texas, only this was not muddy stagnant water but fresh flowing living clean pure crystal clear water—it was just beautiful! You could see the bottom, all kinds of precious stones on the bottom!

5. THE KIDS WERE DIVING IN THE WATER FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS GEMS and coming up with them‚ each one finding some new kind of gem and so happy, coming up to the surface holding their prize and yelling, “Look what we found!” They were like little kids finding new shells or rocks, only these were actual precious stones like rubies and diamonds and crystals and thing like that!

6. AS YOU WENT UP THE HILL up the road that followed stream, the stream and the spring were on the right side of the road. But on the left side was a big dark wall that ran around some private piece of property that obscured the view.

7. AT THE TOP OF THE HILL the road took a sharp left turn around the corner of this estate that was on the corner of this estate that was on the left and ran on down the hill in a new direction toward the left. Wow‚ isn’t that something! I wasn’t going to take the time to describe the exact locations of these things, but when I start to describe them they begin to take on real significance!

8. THE STREAM ORIGINATED AT THE BIG HUGE CRYSTAL FOUNTAIN at the top of the hill flowing down the right side of the road. But at the top of the hill where the road took a sharp turn to the left around the corner of this property‚ this big dark estate, we discovered to our surprise that the spring had another stream flowing from it down the other side of the hill in the other direction following the road that led to the left and flowing down its right side leading down the other side of the hill in a new direction and toward the left.

9. WE WERE ALL SO HAPPY TO FIND OUT THERE WAS SO MUCH WATER that was flowing down directions to the right and to the left. The kids all begin to play in the water having such a good time drinking it and swimming in it and washing in the big Spring and the streams.

10. WE ALSO FOUND THIS BIG OLD HOUSE on the left of the Spring on the right of the road just at this sharp turn in the road where the other stream flowed leftward along the road going down the hill in the new direction. We were so happy about it and we said,

11. “NOW WE CAN STAY HERE AND ENJOY THE SPRING like one great big happy Family!” There were a lot of us too. But I said, “You kids have got to be careful about playing in that road because this is a blind corner here at this sharp turn.” It was around the corner of the wall of this big old dark piece of property on the left that seemed very unfriendly and sort of foreboding, and because of it’s high wall it made this sharp turn in the road a blind turn so you couldn’t see around the corner if any cars were coming or anything.

12. IT’S A FUNNY THING: WE ALL SEEMED TO BE WALKING along the road, coming up the road moving rather, slowly except that we seemed to have a few animals—horses and wagons like the covered wagons of the pioneers. But we were all kind of loping along at a very easy pace like we were not in any huge hurry to get anywhere in particular except that we were enjoying this wonderful stream.

13. WHEN WE ARRIVED AT THE TOP of the hill at this Spring and natural thing to do to sort of settle down and enjoy the place there. But I kept warning the kids to stay out of the road because the Systemites’ cars were driving along the road every now and then speeding at breakneck speeds and they didn’t seem to care who was in their way.

14. THE SYSTEMITES WERE ALL TRAVELLING AT SUCH A SUCH A SPEED‚ travelling like mad, and when they’d come to this sharp turn where they couldn’t even see around the corner it didn’t seem to matter to them, they would screech around the turn cutting the corner still speeding like crazy even through they couldn’t see if there was another car coming in the other direction from the other side!

15. THESE SPEEDING CARS KEPT NARROWLY MISSING EACH OTHER and I was afraid they were going to have some terrible crash right out there in front of our house! But I was most of all afraid that the kids would be playing in the road and one of these cars would swerve around the curve real fast and our kids might get hurt.

16. SO I KEPT WARNING THE KIDS TO STAY OFF THE ROAD and not play in the road. It wasn’t any big super highway‚ it wasn’t even paved, it was more like our old country road in Texas, but in some ways that made it all the more dangerous because people weren’t expecting much traffic and everybody that drove along the road seemed to think they had the whole road to themselves and weren’t paying much attention to whether anybody else was using it.

17. SO I WAS VERY CONCERNED about these occasional cars that came speeding around that sharp turn that the kids might not see them or the cars might not see the kids around the corner and somebody might get hurt. It’s bad enough for these Systemites to be endangering each other with a possible head on collision, but I certainly didn’t want our kids to get hurt.

18. SO I WARNED THEM ALL TO STAY OFF THE ROAD and not play in the road but play in the streams and the spring and on the other side of the water from the road. So most of them seemed to be obeying me and I was keeping a sharp look out to make sure nobody strayed into the road‚ trying to keep them all out of the way of these Systemite cars.

19. ABOUT THAT TIME ALONG CAME THIS GREAT BIG BUSLOAD of about 100 kids that stopped at our house‚ and here was Ho bringing all these kids from back on the desert where we’d been to stop over at our house and enjoy our spring. It was like the time he want to Atlanta and brought the whole House of Judah to the ranch in Texas.

20. IT SEEMED LIKE THEY WERE ALL BRAND NEW CONVERTS or kids that were interested in our happy new place and way of life and all our water, and they had lots of interesting thrilling personal testimonies about how they found us and our water.

21. BUT I SAID, “HO THAT’S ALL VERY NICE, but these testimonies aren’t going to do the people who really need them any good, the people who need to hear them, unless you advertise them in the paper.”

22. SO HO AND I BEGAN WORKING ON THIS AD to put in the paper to invite people to come and hear the kids’ testimonies‚ and we began having quite a crowd. We were putting on skits and having music and shows and testimonies and a real big time and everybody seemed to be enjoying it. Lots of people were coming and listening and watching and enjoying it all with us, lots of friends and outsiders.

23. ALL OF A SUDDEN SOME OF THE KIDS CAME YELLING EXCITEDLY from the streams and the spring and said, “There are all kinds of funny little creatures in the water!” They said, “Look! Look at all these funny little things in the water!” And they showed me a cup of water and there were two tiny cute little seahorses in it, and another one showed me his cup and there was a cute tiny miniature octopus in it, and another showed me his cup of water and there were a couple of pretty little miniature shellfish in it!

24. THERE WAS A WHOLE VARIETY OF INTERESTING LITTLE NEW CREATURES IN THE WATER that we had never seen there before! Some of the kids were all excited about it and though they were interesting and funny and really fascinating! But some of the kids seemed to be a little bit worried about them‚ thinking maybe they were contaminating our water.

25. SOME OF THE VISITORS GOT REAL UPSET AND BEGAN TO LEAVE saying that the water was foul and wasn’t good anymore because it was full of these little animals. They sort of turned against us because of the change in the water. The water itself hadn’t really changed though—it was still crystal clear and pure and delicious, but it just had all these funny little strange things in it now that were new.

26. SO I GOT A LITTLE CONCERNED ABOUT IT myself and I said, “Where are they coming from?” And the kids said, “Well, we don’t know, they just seem to be everywhere, in the streams and in the spring.” But I said,

27. “WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?—They’ve got to be coming from somewhere! Are they getting into the water from the outside or are they actually coming up in the Spring from within the Spring itself?—I’m going to swim out into the Spring and see!”

28. SO I DOVE IN and swam out to the middle of the Spring where the water was bubbling up from deep down below, the Source of the water where it was actually gushing out of the Rock, and here were all these little living things tumbling right out with the water, right out of the Source, coming from the same place where the water was coming from!

29. I THOUGH, “WELL THIS SPRING MUST COME FROM SOME SORT OF UNDERGROUND SEA, some great Sea in which these little creatures live, and they’re just coming up with the water from the sea—they’re coming right from the same Sources as the water itself!” For some reason that seemed to satisfy me that they were all right‚ that they were clean creatures because they came from the same Sources as our water. So I remember thinking,

30. “WELL, OUR WATER IS FROM GOD‚ HE GAVE US THIS WATER, SO THE LITTLE CREATURES MUST BE FROM GOD TOO AND GOOD FOR US!” So I swam back and told the kids, “It’s all right they’re all coming from the same Source from which we get our water, so they must be all right. They must be clean and good for us, so don’t worry about them, they won’t hurt you.”

31. I SAID, “THE NEW CREATURES ARE ALL RIGHT: Like the waters quench our thirst, the new creatures are for our nourishment and food, so don’t worry about them—they’re good for us!”

32. BUT BY THIS TIME MOST OF THE VISITORS HAD LEFT, the crowd of Systemites, and only a few friends stayed. The Systemites seemed to think our water wasn’t any good and somehow that made us no good too‚ so they didn’t want to have anything more to do with us and they left.

33. SO I WENT BACK TO WORKING ON THE NEWSPAPER WITH HO. But as I stood in front of the house and I looked down the new stream that led to the left down the other side of the hill in a new direction along the road that wound down the hill along side of it toward the left along that big wall of that sort of Dark Kingdom that was beyond the wall, I said to some to some of the kids,

34. “SOME OF US OUGHT TO FOLLOW THIS NEW STREAM AND SEE WHERE IT GOES.” So some of them began packing their things and started out down the hill along the new stream to see where it led and to find out if there were other people down there too that were finding these new fresh waters. It was like I had the impression our kids were going to help other find the water—And that was the last I can remember.

35. WELL, IN SOME WAYS THE MEANING IS ALMOST OBVIOUS: We were all wandering around, lost sinners out in the Desert of Sin thirsty and hungry and lost. Most of us seemed to be alone‚ although there were a few little groups here and there together, but nobody seemed to have it very much together until we found this water flowing down from the top of the hill, which of course symbolises the Water of the Word, the Words of God, the Truth that satisfies our spiritual thirst.

36. SO WE FOLLOWED THE STREAM, in other words we followed the Words and God’s message and obeyed it, to the top of His hill or mountain, which symbolises His Kingdom. There we got it together in ever increasing numbers in His Kingdom, reveling in the waters of His Word and enjoying each other’s fellowship and inviting others to join us and advertising the good news that we had found water, good news that we had found water, good life–giving satisfying water‚ not only to drink but even enough to swim in and bathe in, waters to swim in and play in and enjoy as well as satisfying our needs.

37. OF COURSE PLAY AND PLEASURE ARE SOME OF OUR NEEDS, so we were all having a good time living beside it and enjoying the stream of water and the crystal spring of God’s Word with of its fresh new waters daily!

38. BUT WE WERE STILL LIVING DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO THE SYSTEM HIGHWAY with its system vehicles and their dangerous speeding, particularly at this sharp turn in the road, at the corner of the wall of the Dark Estate on the other side of the road.

39. TO ME THE ROAD WHERE THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WERE SPEEDING ALONG SYMBOLISES THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE SYSTEMITES who are rushing along the road of life not paying much attention to what’s on the sides of the road, neither us nor the Dark Estate either one.

40. THEY’RE JUST DOING THEIR OWN THING and not interested in our happy bright Kingdom of God on the right nor the Dark Kingdom of Satan on the left!

41. THEY JUST CRUISE ALONG INDIFFERENT TO EITHER AND FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER for road space, narrowly missing each other at the dangerous turns and surely headed for some crash that is bound to come, considering the speed at which they travel and how carelessly they drive and how selfishly they seem to pay no attention to the other drivers or pedestrians unless they get in their way.

42. THEN GET FURIOUS AT ANYBODY THAT IS IN THEIR WAY! They were endangering not only each other but us as well if we didn’t stay out of their way, which is certainly true of the System! As long as we leave them alone and stay out of their way they pretty much leave us alone and stay out of our way. But woe be unto you if you get in their way!

43. THEY WON’T HESITATE TO RUN YOU DOWN and are constantly crashing into each other in their selfish hasty driving! They drive like nothing matters but themselves and what they want to do‚ each of them and they don’t care about anybody else‚ much less the silly little pedestrian Children of God!

44. THEY’RE IN TOO BIG A HURRY TO EVEN NOTICE HOW HAPPY WE ARE and how much fun we’re having or to give it any more than a passing glance they whiz by! They’re entirely in too much of a hurry to stop and drink of the waters of the fresh streams of God’s Word. Although they’re hot and tired and thirsty from all their furious travelling, they still haven’t got time to stop and satisfy their thirst.—In fact they don’t even think it’s important.

45. ALL THEY THINK THAT’S IMPORTANT IS TO GET WHERE THEY WANT TO GO REAL FAST, and from all we can see, they’re headed real fast for nothing but destruction! Whereas the young people had apparently climbed out of their cars and were wandering around afoot and thirsty, which is a sign of their dropping out of the system and wandering off the road into the desert, signifying their slowing down and thinking and trying to analyse the situation and find the solution as youth have done these past few years in the hippie movement and so on, as well as various revolutions‚ trying to find the answers. Whereas the Systemites are too busy driving their cars to even know there’s any problem!

46. BUT THE KIDS HAVE DROPPED OUT AND ARE WANDERING AROUND IN NEW DESERTS knowing that there is something wrong‚ that they are thirsty and they need something and are looking and searching for it and finding it in the streams of God’s Wordsalvation and the water of the Word—which satisfies their thirsty hearts and minds.

47. THEY HAVE FOLLOWED THE STREAM IN OBEDIENCE TO ITS SOURCE AND FOUND GOD HIMSELF, the source of all life and living water and truth and love and joy and happiness and have come together in fellowship in Colonies around the world!

48. WHEN THE NEWSPAPERS AND MEDIA BEGAN TO ADVERTISE WHAT WAS HAPPENING to the kids, some of the Systemites came out to watch out of curiosity: “Behold what manner of men are these?” Some seemed to rejoice with us as our friends, others were just curious.

49. BUT A LOT OF THEM BEGAN TO LEAVE US WHEN THEY BEGAN TO SEE STRANGE NEW THINGS in the water, strange new truths God had put there for our added nourishment but which they couldn’t understand and didn’t like because they were contrary to their ideas of what the water ought to be like, so they left us.

50. BUT WE WENT ON ENJOYING EVEN MORE NOURISHMENT, new and interesting truths we’d never even had before that strengthened our souls with new life! We even began to follow the new streams that led from the Central Spring in a new direction into new lands of the left, although they bordered right along the Dark Kingdom of Satan himself and seemed to be dangerously close to his territory.

51. WE WERE STILL CONFIDENT THAT OUR INVINCIBLE STREAM COULD CONQUER ANYTHING in its path no matter where it led and flowed nor in what new lands, be they left or right.

52. THERE WOULD ALWAYS BE HUNGRY SOULS THIRSTY FOR OUR WATER, hungry for our nourishment, eager for our love and help and ready to plunge in and satisfy their hungry hearts and thirsty spirits and join us in the ever moving onward stream of God in the blessed fellowship of the faithful ones who follow Him and His everliving waters, ever fresh and new, full of interesting new and living creatures, new truths for our good to strengthen and enlighten us and brighten our eyes with new power, the invincible all-conquering forces of God!

53. THESE ARE HIS STREAMS OF LIVING WATER, ever fresh and new provided for our thirst and strength, the Words of God‚ the truths of His spirit and His spirit and world!

54. HAVE YOU FOUND THEM TO YOUR LIKING? DO THEY SATISFY YOUR SOUL, quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger and give you strength to carry on and enjoy the happy fellowship of others like you who have found the Truth and a happy new life in Jesus and the living waters of His Word and the fellowship of His children on the bright sunny mountaintop of the Kingdom of God‚ bathed in the crystal flow of His sparking waters?

55. OR DO YOU HAVE THE HARD, FAST-DRIVING SPIRIT OF THIS WORLD which hasn’t got time to even slow down long enough to take a look, much less time to stop and take a drink or visit our fellowship and watch our happy Colonies and see our satisfied souls!

56. OR PERHAPS YOU’RE ALREADY BEHIND THE DARK WALL A PRISONER of the horrible forbidden Kingdom of Satan, a dammed soul who cannot get out because you’ve already made your choice and have joined the Kingdom of the doomed and the dammed!

57. FOR GOD’S SAKE, GET OFF THE HIGHWAY OF LIFE WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE! Drop out of that driving spirit of the system while there is still time and you’re still free to make a choice and join our happy bands of roving cavaliers and troubadours following the Bright Streams of God’s life and truth and love in fellowship together!

58. COME NOW WHILE YOU CAN BEFORE YOU MEET SOME HEAD-ON CRASH at some unexpected sharp turn of your life and your fate is sealed for ever! While there’s life there’s hope! Come today and see for yourself, or write us now for more of these crystal waters of God’s Truth to help find your way to us and God!

59. DO IT NOW, DON’T DELAY!—TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE! We’re on our way to that Happy Land! Come join us now in our Holy Band! We’re gonna shake the Holy Man’s hand and rest in peace in Forever Land, even if some things we can’t understand, because this is what God has planned, and our House isn’t built on sand!—Come join our Gypsy Caravan!

60. AND WRITE US TODAY FOR THE EXCITING SEQUEL: “THE DARK KINGDOM!—Another Green Door?”—in which I visit the Dark Estate across the road and meet Mr. Coosa again! It’s a bomb!

Halloween Wheel, The

David Berg

MOHalloween, Oct. 31, 1975DFO—NO.363

YESTERDAY I WAS THINKING—sometimes we get a little discouraged—and I was thinking, I’m still having dreams but I don’t seem to be getting any messages lately—direct prophecies. I went to sleep thinking I’d really like to hear from the Lord, and got this, and I didn’t know a thing had happened! I went back to sleep at 7 a.m.—I’ll swear I went to sleep! I don’t remember a thing about it! I was as shocked as you will be when you hear it! I heard it for the first time when Maria read it back to me this morning! (MO seemed to waken in the night a bit discouraged about a couple who’d come to help us‚ saying drowsily:)

1. POOR KIDS! I’M SO SORRY FOR THEM. They’ll be so discouraged and disillusioned. Familiarity breeds contempt. (Maria: But she lived with us before and she loves you more than ever.) But he gets up early in the morning and he works hard, and I don’t think he likes winos.

2. WE’LL HAVE TO PUT THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. And he might be so jealous. He won’t like living with me. How I love them anyway even if they don’t like me. I’m so sorry, so sorry I can’t please them.

3. I HAVE TO LIVE HERE IN A SEPARATE HOUSE LIKE A LEPER so I don’t contaminate them ’cause I sleep late and I’m lazy and I don’t work hard. (Maria: Working in the Spirit is very hard!) But you can’t prove it and people don’t understand it.—’Cause I’m awake a whole lot.

4. I DON’T SLEEP VERY MUCH, so I don’t really sleep late, not even when I’m tired. I don’t sleep much. I’m so glad I slept from three to six. Now maybe I can sleep from eight to ten.

5. DID THEY BRING SOME SLEEP WITH THEM FOR ME? (Maria: I’m sure they must have.) Why haven’t they given it to me? Where is it?—Maybe on her bosom?—But he won’t like that unless you’re with him. How I love thee! I cannot count the ways I love you!

6. IT’S TOO MUCH FOR ME. I can’t do it. I can’t rule so many people. I don’t have enough wisdom. It’s hard for me. (Maria: Then let your mighty men help you.) Amen. Amen. If I could just see them and love them and kiss them.

7. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (Abrahim: The love of your father is so great. His body’s so weak but his love is so great.) I love you. I’m so glad I left the light on for you. (There’s no light on in the room!)

8. I THINK THEY HAD SOME SHAKEUPS IN SPAIN MAYBE. God bless Juan Carlos. Help him in Jesus’ Name to know what is best, in Jesus’ name. I love you. (We later learned King Juan Carlos had taken General Franco’s place that day, but we had not yet heard the news!)

9. WHERE DID MY WHEEL GO? (Maria: What wheel?) My wheel of fortune that I tell fortunes with! I can’t tell fortunes without my wheel! If people come I have to have it to tell their fortunes.

10. I HAVE TO HAVE MY WHEEL! (He’s now speaking to someone unseen:) You must not give it away!—How come you gave it away? It almost got lost and sank in the pool ’cause you didn’t give it to me! Why did you do that?

11. DO YOU SEE THEM?—THEY DON’T KILL ANY FLIES! The wheel! My wheel! (Maria: Is it supposed to kill flies?) Of course it kills flies! That’s silly question! They’re the children of Baalzebub, and it kills the flies when you let me have it.

12. HE’S THE LORD OF THE FLIES. When you give me back my wheel it kills them. Didn’t you know that? What did you expect it to do? (Maria: Does it do anything else?) Of course it does other things: It helps me to travel! What are you thinking about?

13. I DON’T LIKE THE WAY THEY KILL ME because I’m Lord of the flies. (Maria: you are?) But I didn’t do it!—I’m not! I told you I’m not but they think I am! Sometimes maybe the kids think I am. (Maria: No, they don’t!)

14. (MARIA: WHAT IS THE MAIN PURPOSE OF YOUR WHEEL?) You know what my wheel’s for! Why don’t you close your eyes and see it? It has little light…. (Here he murmurs something I can’t understand.) Turn out the light, Honey, so we can go to sleep. (The light isn’t even on in the room!) I have to keep it close to me so I can see what’s going on.

15. I HAVE FOUR DAUGHTERS who don’t have any religion. (See “The Goddesses”, Letter No.224.) You have to teach them. Do you have a tape recorder? (Maria: Yes, But I’m not using it right now.) Well‚ if you had a tape recorder you could understand me. You could play it faster so David could understand me.

16. HE’S SO BIG! HE REALLY IS A MONSTER! (Maria: Who is a monster?) I’m a monster! The kids don’t understand me ’cause we’re…. (He trails off again.) They think I’m bad and Baalzebub the Lord of the flies, but I’m not ’cause I don’t even like flies! I hate flies! You know that!

17 AND NOW I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP since we got rid of the flies.—Didn’t we? Please get rid of them! I just can’t stand any more flies! I don’t like ’em!

17. (Pause:) I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Good night, Sweetheart. Jesus said so: He knows every hair in your head and He knows how many there are‚ too. (Long pause:)

18. MAYBE SHE’D LIKE TO HAVE YOU COME OVER THERE and talk to her a little bit. (Maria: Who?) The lady who had that peculiar little boy in the restaurant. Why didn’t you talk to her? You have so much in common. (Maria: We do?) Yes, you both have foreign lovers!

19. (Long pause:) IS IT ALL RIGHT‚ CHILDREN? (Maria: Yes, it’s all right.)—You sure? (David sleeps.)


(This “wheel” message was so strange I asked the Children to help me interpret the various mysteries of the message.—This is what we came up with!) (Points out various mysteries of the message: )

20. “SHAKEUPS IN SPAIN”—Right in the middle of all this message with no connection with the rest of what’s being said—just boom!—like, “We pause in this program to give you a special news bulletin!”—Ha! The Lord has a sense of humour!

21. “FOUR DAUGHTERS”—Somebody was getting their appeal in. The first one I thought of when you read that was the Sea Goddess, one of our goddesses.

22. “TAPE RECORDER”—That reminds me a little bit of the movie‚ “The Ipcress File”—a spy movie. It was about this tape which had some information on it. They couldn’t figure out what it was until finally they speeded it up to a real high speed, something the tape recorders don’t even do.

23. IT WAS JUST A NORMAL TAPE of somebody talking‚ but when they speeded it up to this high-pitched whine it had a message on it at high speed which couldn’t be heard or noticed at normal speed. So I was wondering if that had anything to do with it.

24. MAYBE IF WE RECORD ALL THIS and then play it at high speed, then maybe we’ll get the message!—Ha! They’ve recorded those high-pitched squeaks of the porpoises and slowed them down and found they’re a language—actual words—dolphins talking!

25. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT IF THAT WAS THE GODDESS TALKING‚ because to most people she’d look like a monster! But she’s really beautiful.—She’s a fish!—And no beautiful mermaid either!—She’s not half woman and half fish—she’s all fish! Now that begins to make sense if you would put these words in her mouth!

26. I DIDN’T KNOW until I was reading an article about Brazil that the most popular religion of Latin America is the worship of a Sea Goddess! I never heard of a Sea Goddess! Have you ever heard of Sea Goddess? You always hear of King Neptune, the god of the sea, but I never heard of any Goddess of the sea.— But I learned from that article that one of the most important spirits they worship is a Sea Goddess, one of their highest ceremonies.

27. ALL THAT ORIGINATES SOMEWHERE in something. A lot of it is distorted and has become twisted like mythology, but I’m convinced that it had a basis in fact in the history of the spirit world. I know there’s a Sea Goddess because I’ve met her!

28. “THEY THINK I’M BAD and Baalzebub the Lord of the Flies”—Well, that’s what they said of Jesus‚ so that’s nothing unusual!

29. SOME OF THESE THINGS ARE VERY MYSTERIOUS and I have to spend a lot of time on them, thinking and praying. They’re just like mysteries, like conundrums, riddles, puzzles. Some things come to me very easily, but like some of the mysteries in the Bible, some of them come pretty hard.

30. THE LORD LOVES MYSTERIES‚ and this thing we got this morning is very mysterious!—I don’t understand it yet, but every time she reads it I get a little something else, a little something more.

31. I THINK THE LORD LIKES TO PUZZLE US SOMETIMES to make us really concentrate and try to think and figure things out. It makes us seek Him more and make a greater effort to get into the Spirit and try to get the answers. But some are really riddles! Some things I have gotten I didn’t get the answer to until much much, much later. (After the re-reading of the message again:)

32. LET’S SEE HOW WELL YOU LISTENED and how much you remember: What different things does my Wheel do for me?— “It kills flies”! In other words in fights the evil spirits. “It tells fortunes”. That means really reads the character like these readings I get. It transports me.—In the spirit I’m sure, of course. What else? It has or gives light apparently. I have to have it so I can see what’s going on.

33. FIVE THINGS IT DOES FOR ME. Now what My Wheel is, that’s the mystery! But the first thing that came to me—and I usually take the first thing that comes as it’s usually right—the first thing I thought of when I was wondering what this wheel was, immediately I saw a halo!

34. A HALO IS A ROUND RING OF LIGHT, and they used to put those over the heads of all the saints in the Catholic pictures and they still do, but there is such a thing! And the reason they did that is because they actually did sometimes see halos above their heads!

35. THE PROPHET EZEKIEL IN THE BIBLE SAW SEVERAL WHEELS and they had something to do with transportation and the presence and throne of God. And the description of those wheels, ringed around with glowing eyes and all that sort of thing, sounds like a space ship!—Sounds like somebody dreamed it up out of science fiction! Did you ever read that description in Ezekiel?

36. THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THIS MESSAGE IS I GOT NO VIDEO with it at all, so I don’t have anything to relate it to! I don’t know what the thing looked like. I never even knew it happened! Except as she read it to me the first time, I did get that halo, so the Wheel probably has something to do with the power of God. Well‚ praise God for the power of God, amen? God can do anything! Remember, I was murmuring about getting no message‚ only dreams. So God gave me a message without a picture, and it was more mysterious than ever!

37. “TELLS FORTUNES”—Well, I never knew I’d ever told any fortunes, but on some of those readings that start off very very mundane, prosaic and practical I usually get into the spirit on them and it goes beyond just the character reading into things that I see can or may happen to the person. May be that’s what you call telling fortunes.

38. PEOPLE OFTEN COME TO ME AND WANT TO KNOW THINGS and I have to pray and get something form the Lord on it. I guess that’s what you call telling fortunes. And of course the Lord has certainly given us quite a few prophetic dreams and things that were going to happen and have happened, so I guess that’s telling fortunes in a sense.

39. THIS IS GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR YOU to be with me as we try to get the answers.—What does it mean and what’s the message? Do you want to know? It fascinates me because I know it’s real and there’s nothing without significance or without meaning‚ never!

40. MAYBE THE LORD WILL GIVE IT TO YOU INSTEAD OF ME. It’s a very common thing with the Lord to give one person the message and the other person the interpretation—one person the prophecy and the other person the meaning. (Back to the first part of the message:)

41. “HE WON’T LIKE LIVING WITH ME.”—This obviously is me talking. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s in the spirit—it sounds a little bit out of the spirit! But you see, despite my inferiority complex and my discourage sometimes, the Lord always then comes through with something to encourage me.

42. DESPITE THAT I START OUT ON A VERY DISCOURAGED NOTE, then we get into something that’s very very deep that I don’t even understand. That’s the next thing that comes to me now, that because I was down and feeling bad, the Lord gave me the rest to encourage me and lift me up and let me know He’s still talking. So that makes sense.

43. “WORKING IN THE SPIRIT IS VERY HARD”—See‚ I was complaining that people can’t understand that I do work hard, even though it seems like I’m loafing most of the time and sleeping late and not doing very much.

44. “I DON’T SLEEP MUCH”—Maria knows I only get about four to six hours sleep a night. Well, I don’t need more‚ I don’t work hard physically, I don’t have any great physical exertion. The older you get the less you need sleep. That’s a well known fact, because you’re expending more mental energy than physical energy and you don’t need as much sleep.

45. “I’M SO GLAD I LEFT THE LIGHT ON FOR YOU.”—Now I’m beginning to cheer up and be thankful instead of doing so much murmuring and complaining. At least I’m thankful for my night in bed and I’m thankful that I love you and I’m thankful that I left the light on. So now apparently I’m getting my mind off my damn self and starting to pray for somebody else, and so I got something about Juan Carlos.

46. “JUAN CARLOS”—There was nothing about that in last night’s BBC news. It was today! It must have happened early this morning, maybe right when I was having this thing. She put down in her notes that when I finished it was 7:40 a.m. So time is important, Beloved. Always keep a record of the time, especially when you pray or something supernatural happens or you get something from the Lord that could be significant: The time may be significant.

47. “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”—That’s a familiar term!—Where have I heard that before? (In Paris it’s a big game on the streets.) So there it’s a gambling device. But this certainly is not a gambling device we’re talking about here! I think it’s a literary expression probably taken from that gambling device.

48. MY WHEEL OF FORTUNE.—Well it might be this angel or angelic presence, that’s my wheel of Fortune. He reveals fortunes and can even influence fortunes. It’s obviously some power of God of some kind, because of all the various uses.

49. “YOU MUST NOT GIVE IT AWAY”—Now, who could I be talking to now?—Surely not to you Honey! Who would be trying to get it away? What does that mean, “You took my wheel of fortune”? Now the thing that comes to me is that it could represent a spiritual struggle.

50. I’M STRUGGLING IN THE SPIRIT WITH SOMEONE who’s trying to take it away‚ just like the prophets of old had struggles with spirit beings. So it’s certainly not you, Honey, ’cause you’d be the be the last one to want to take it away! So I must be talking to some spiritual being.—No human being could take it away. Joel?—That’s a thought, too, but it’s more apt to be the Devil behind Joel!

51. SEE, A HALO IS LIKE A SPIRITUAL CROWN‚ it’s a source of your power like a halo antenna, and why the halo is above the head is apparently symbolic. I’m sure the manifestation of the light is more, you might say, a symbolism than a necessary realism. But the fact that it’s over your head shows it’s a crown of power, a crown of revelation‚ a crown of authority and your power that the Lord has given has given you, like your guardian angel.

52. THOSE FITS OF DISCOURAGEMENT AND DEPRESSION that I get, they’re not of the Lord!—They’re of the Enemy trying to take away my Wheel! That’s what that is! This is a spiritual battle going on. That makes sense!

53. I WAS DOWN IN THE DUMPS having a struggle, but this is just one of one of the Enemy’s ways to try to take away the Wheel. If you get discouraged and lose faith, then you can lose your ability to exercise your power—just the Devil trying to take away my Wheel! It finally shows up here with them trying to call me Baalzebub—in other words that I’m the Devil.

54. “IT ALMOST GOT LOST AND SANK IN THE POOL”—Down is always, of course, symbolic of the nether world‚ spiritual powers below‚ Hell, the Devil. In other words, the Enemy was trying to snatch the Crown of Power and cast it down. (Maybe it was manifested by your diary falling inn the water.) It was just like that thing jumped out of my pocket, like somebody literally threw it into the water!

55. A DIARY’S A VERY IMPORTANT LITTLE BOOK. That in a sense is not the Wheel itself, but it’s a record of the Wheel—the experiences we’ve had. I’m sure the Enemy would love to get rid of that record! But it floated right on the surface! It didn’t even sink. It so floated on the surface that the pages never even got wet!

56. SPEAKING OF RECORDS, do you know they taped the chatter of those dolphins? What they found out was they had to slow it way down and then discovered that there are distinct words and sounds that they’re talking to each other—an actual language with which they talk to each other! Isn’t that amazing?—And yet they think I’m crazy just because I hear the birds talking to each other!—Dolphins are even related to birds!

57. “IT KILLS FLIES”—The power that God has given is able to destroy the works of the Enemy. By God’s Word, His Truth, His revelation, He destroys the power of the Enemy—demon powers! (It must have been a pretty strong power to try to wrestle it away from you!) It must be that when I’m discouraged like that, the Enemy is actually allowed to temporarily try to snatch it away from me‚ because obviously I was looking for it to, try to get it back.

58. SEE, MURMURING, DOUBTS AND FEARS, THE VOICE OF DOUBT, THEY’RE NOT FAITH, and the Lord is very displeased. So thank You Lord for faith, Amen? That’s a pretty sad lesson in faith. You’re just sort of giving in to the Enemy when you do that, and when you do that he’s allowed to take it away from you temporarily until you get right with the Lord and start thanking the Lord and get back on the right track.—Then the power returns to exercise your gift by faith‚ to turn your Wheel!

59. “HE’S THE LORD OF THE FLIES”—It could be the very Lord of the Flies himself, Satan himself I’m wrestling with! He is called the “Hinderer”. He delays‚ bothers, annoys, obstructs and hinders.

60. “WHEN YOU GIVE ME BACK MY WHEEL IT KILLS THEM”—The power of God is able to destroy the works of the Enemy! Now it’s hard for me to believe the Enemy has power over the power of the Lord, although Daniel did talk about Michael wrestling with the demonic spirit—king of Persia. He was able to prevent Michael from reaching Daniel for three weeks, think of that!

61. BUT THE WAY I’M SAYING THIS HERE COULD ALSO BE THAT I’M TALKING TO THE LORD, that because of my discouragement and doubts the Lord takes it away, He temporarily lifts the gift and the anointing. It’s hard to believe that Satan could do it. But it’s a spiritual battle, that’s for sure! Maybe when we speak doubt and fear and murmur and complain He allows Satan to hinder us.—We know the Lord removed some of His blessings from Israel when they did it.

62. “IT HELPS ME TO TRAVEL”—An angel travels in a wheel, disc, halo, ring or “flying saucer” of light! God was travelling in a wheel when Ezekiel saw Him. Apparently it’s some form of power not only for other things but also for spiritual travel.—It enables me to travel in the Spirit.

63. “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY THEY KILL ME because I’m Lord of the flies”—In other words, they were accusing me of being the Lord of the Flies, but I’m not.—Like my enemies accuse me. It really does kill me!—It hurts me, this thing about Joel, when I think how I love Joel and Happy!—Those boys were very dear to me and close to me.—How they could turn on me, I just don’t understand! How could people like that turn on me?

64. IT HURTS ME, IT KILLS ME! I get pretty discouraged about that too. That’s why I need my Wheel. They think I am bad. Once they’ve rejected the truth‚ God says He sends them such strong delusion that they should believe a lie! Those people who backslide and go away from us and start calling me the Devil and a false prophet and everything else, I believe they apparently really finally believe it!

65. BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED THE TRUTH GOD LETS THEM BELIEVE THE LIE that they might be judged accordingly‚ “that they might be damned”. Damned doesn’t always necessarily mean sent to Hell. It’s many times the Greek word only for “judged or punished”. It’s not the word used for “chastened” like a Child of God, but it speaks of specific judgment or punishment for something. So people who do that are really going to be punished!

66. “IT HAS A LITTLE LIGHT”—I must have started to describe it to you‚ but the Lord must have blotted that out. A halo is a ring of light—all light. Maybe I was seeing light that you weren’t seeing.

67. “I HAVE TO KEEP IT CLOSE TO ME SO I CAN SEE WHAT’S GOING ON”—Well, without the gifts of the Lord I don’t know anything, so I’ve got to keep it close to me, that’s for sure, so I can see what’s going on! I have often spiritually felt trouble brewing in certain people in certain areas without really getting specific earthly information on it until afterward.

68. “FOUR DAUGHTERS”—When you first read it to me the first thing that came to me was that it was one of our goddesses speaking. I had a real spiritual twinge or thrill! She somehow saw I was in the Spirit in prayer and decided to put a word in for them, her appeal. She’s always appealing for her people every time she appears, pleading for her people.

69. (WHEN YOU MENTIONED “FOUR DAUGHTERS” I thought of Anders’ four girls—his two nieces and his two daughters.) I thought about that too! But it didn’t seem to me like they were that important. Maybe the Lord through that is trying to show us those people are pretty important. If they’re not, we sure have wasted a helluva lot of time on them!

70. MAYBE THE LORD’S TRYING TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE TALK tonight about exercising your spiritual gifts. If you don’t do it the Lord may make you!—Maybe the “Four Daughters” also could mean the goddess’ four remaining parts of her sunken island empire. “Daughters” in the Bible is also sometimes symbolic of countries.

71. “TAPE RECORDER”—I really feel guilty when I have two of something and somebody else doesn’t have any. We went to those dear people’s house and they had one little tiny cheap cassette player in the whole family of children and husbands, and wives and brothers and sisters and about six floors of the building! The whole apartment building had this one little tape recorder they were passing around from floor to floor!

72. THAT CAME ABOUT THE TAPE RECORDER right after the thing about the four daughters—that solves that problem! If that was the goddess who was talking about her daughters, it was she who was concerned about the tape recorder. “Do you have a tape recorder?”—Yes, we have one that I haven’t been willing to give them. I’ve wanted to give it to them, but I hesitated to give it to them because it’s a pretty expensive gift. But we’re not using it. What I get out of that is we could then give them tapes which could be a witness to them that they’d understand.

73. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PART, “SO DAVID COULD UNDERSTAND”? If I would give them the tape recorder they understand better and I would understand better. I would then be understanding her better and her love for them. We could have more of a witness and accomplish more with a tape recorder. They would understand us better and we would understand her concern for them more. That just makes me feel so good that I was right to give them that tape recorder!

74. WHO SAID, “HE’S SO BIG! HE REALLY IS A MONSTER!”?—If it was somebody else saying it then it’s understandable. This is like the voice of our accusers. It’s like I’m quoting them. They’re saying‚ “He’s so big, he’s a monster”. Then she says, “Who’s a monster?” And I answer, “I’m a monster!” In other words they’re talking about me. That makes sense. That’s what they accuse me of being—a monster for sure!

75. “I HATE FLIES”—Now you know how I feel about flies and why! They must in the eyes of the Lord, like a lot of creatures represent different things, they must represent or be like little demons. They’re the peskiest things! How like little demons flies are!—Maybe they are I’m sure they must be demon–possessed, that’s for sure!—They carry diseases!

76. NOW APPARENTLY I WAS PRAYING ABOUT DIFFERENT PEOPLE—or the Lord was‚ by the Spirit—that he’s concerned about. That dear woman in the cafe looked hungry. I think she really wanted you to talk to her. With a strange child like that I presume she would have appreciated a little love. She seemed to be very hungry for fellowship, very responsive when I talked to her, and I wanted you to talk to her.

77. MAY GOD HELP US always to be sensitive in the Spirit and do what He commands!—And may He forgive us for our doubts and murmurings, heinous sins before God!—And may I never complain of dreams again! I found the message could be much more difficult without the picture!

78. IT’S MUCH EASIER TO INTERPRET DREAMS than a mysterious message or revelation like this! So God forgive us for murmuring instead of being thankful for what He knows is best!

79. ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR HIS REVELATIONS in any form?—Then, “Him that hath a dream, let him tell it!” (Jer.23:28)—Don’t complain about it!—Be thankful God is speaking to you to help His people!—Amen? God bless you!

Temple Time

David Berg

—MODecember 1972GP No.191

P.O.Box 31, London WCZE 7KX England, or B.P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

1. I’M LOOKING UP THROUGH A BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN DOME that’s made in sections, like cut glass windows, very ornate, very beautiful, with a beautiful blue starry sky above—and I don’t even understand the significance of what I see! First there is this pipe-like tube leading upward, with these three glowing rods in it passing through the dome out into the night. And there’s another opening where there is some kind of smoke or something—I don’t know what it is—around on the sides of this opening coming out through little jets and pouring upward, and I don’t even know what it means.

2. YOU MIGHT SAY IT IS KIND OF LIKE A CAPITOL DOME, and this tube is like some kind of a chute, and I think it has to do with some kind of transportation: Maybe it means our communication with the Lord since it goes up into the sky. Maybe those jets are like incense in the temple, perfume‚ pouring out—maybe symbolic of our prayers to the Lord‚ our channel of communication, prayer.—And the view is upward: When you look up, the sky’s the limit! The outlook may not always be easy‚ but the uplook is great! Maybe that means our Capitol is going to get back in tune with a better uplook, more communication and prayer.

3. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL VIEW! All around the windows and dome are those crystals we saw before. Maybe the temple is symbolic of us, all of us. His spiritual building is what God is concerned about, and we together make up His temple, made of beautiful crystals! What makes you think God’s temple is being built out of bricks or concrete blocks or rocks—or ordinary stones? What kind of stones?—Precious stones! The Temple is being built out of those beautiful crystals: Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds‚ and gorgeous crystals!

4. THE DOME IS LIKE WINDOWS OVERHEAD, AND THE ONLY DIRECTION YOU CAN LOOK IS UP, and the architecture reminds me of India. A starry sky is even more beautiful at night than the glaring day—more like looking through into Heaven! The uplook is great, and the perfume is ascending‚ and all these jets must be prayer, and that tube must be communication, and those three rods—maybe they stand for Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I think the Lord’s trying to show us what we could be and what we ought to be like, and how beautiful we are to Him, and how smoothly and beautifully He’d like to see us operate, with that perfume ascending, and perfect communication!

5. WELL, OUR COMMUNICATIONS ARE LIMITED LIKE A TUBE NOW, we see through a glass darkly. Now we know in part, but then we shall know even as we are also known; and what direct communication we have with Heaven is still somewhat limited, like through a tube. Thank God for those little glimpses where He shoots down these little visions and puffs of supernatural air that can freak us out, kind of like smoking pot or something. God blows down a little of that Heavenly air through that tube, and we see visions and dream dreams and talk in tongues and prophesy—kind of like the old laughing gas! Or He can suck us right up through that tube for a little Heavenly visit and then shoot us right back down again!

6. IT ALL SORT OF SYMBOLIZES THE SPIRITUAL REALITIES: IT’S A CRYSTAL PALACE, BUILT OF YOU AND ME! Of course the light is really beautiful, all the crystals are scintillating‚ glowing, reflecting—beautiful, beautiful! Thank You Lord for those refreshing glimpses of Heavenly things, and how beautiful things can be, and how beautiful they are to You!

7. EVERYBODY IN THIS BIG CENTRAL ROOM UNDER THE DOME, THEY ARE ALL LOOKING UP like they expect something. People are rushing around out in the wings, like they’re busy in the service of the King; but the people here under the central dome just stand there quietly and look up, bathed in that beautiful, beautiful golden glow from Above, taking big deep breaths of that Heavenly air that comes down the pipe, getting a whiff of that fragrance now and then. Oh, Lord‚ for a breath of Thy Heavenly air to refresh us and clear our minds, and inspire our hearts and give us visions that thrill us, that set out heads awhirl for Thee, Jesus! Praise the Lord!

8. IT’S JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SO BUSY RUSHING AROUND GET TIRED, and they have to come in the middle room and look up and take a nice big breath and catch another vision and take another look and get filled up again. It’s His temple. Help us to be like that, Jesus, and to remember we can’t go on without the Heavenly Vision You give, a breath of Heavenly fresh air, the sound of that sweet music coming down the pipe! We just can’t go on without hearing Thy voice and breathing the fragrance of that wonderful incense and seeing the beautiful starry sky and getting inspired by the Upward look!

9. HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE TEMPLE TODAY? ARE YOU TAKING A LOOK UPWARD? Have you breathed deeply of that Heavenly elixir? Have you heard those beautiful notes of Heavenly music—marveled at God’s starry sky, His great creation, His universe, to know that all is well‚ and find rest and peace to your souls before you go back to work in the wings? Hallelujah! (Tongues) Thank you Jesus! “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered thee under My wings that thou mayest hear My voice and be comforted by My Words and breathe of My Spirit!”

10. I THINK THAT MEANS YOU WOULDN’T WORRY AND FRET SO AND BE SO UPSET IF YOU SPENT MORE TIME WITH THE LORD looking Up through that starry dome and breathing that Heavenly air and hearing that beautiful music! You’d find peace and rest unto your souls. Amen? You just cannot go on if you only hurry around all the time in the wings and you never step into the rotunda and look up through the dome, spending quiet time, seeing Heavenly visions and breathing Heavenly air and hearing Heavenly music and voices! It just totally renews you and completely refreshes you and gives you new vision and fresh inspiration, new strength, rest and peace and joy!

11. THE DAY IS COME AND NOW IS THAT YE SHALL WORSHIP NEITHER IN THIS MOUNTAIN NOR IN JERUSALEM, but they that worship the Father shall worship Him in spirit and in truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him! Have you been in that temple today in the spirit. Have you been in the temple today to hear His truth? Have you been in the temple today to see His vision in the sky above?

12. THANK YOU LORD!—SMELL THE FRAGRANCE OF THAT DELIGHTFUL INCENSE! (Breathes deeply)—like life! Have you been there to get a fresh breath of air from Heaven?—If you haven’t, you really missed something! You’re going to get awfully tired and weary and upset and fearful and doubting and discouraged and worried and flurried and hurried because you haven’t been renewed in the temple of His Spirit with the voice of His truth and the Heavenly vision‚ breathed that Heavenly air, enjoyed that delightful fragrance! (Tongues‚ laughs.) Praise You Lord!

13. “FOR THEY THAT PARTAKE OF THESE THINGS HAVE STRENGTH THAT YE KNOW NOT OF! They that follow Me and hear My voice, and they that savour My fragrance and see those things which I show them, they are the children of David!” Praise You Jesus! Amen?

14. YOU’LL GET OUT OF TOUCH IF YOU DON’T—OUT OF COMMUNICATION AND FELLOWSHIP, out of the victory. You’ll run out of strength and wisdom and love and patience, and pretty soon you’ll just plain run out, because you can’t take it any more! Because you’ve been too busy out in the wings, and you haven’t come into the temple to be refreshed and renewed and re-visioned. Praise God? Re-inspired!

15. ARE YOU TOO BUSY? Are you in too big a hurry? Is your work too important to stop for a few minutes of inspiration and refreshing from on High, spiritual renewal, physical rest‚ a little love feast with the Lord? If you’ve missed a trip into the temple of His Spirit today in fellowship with all the other crystals, you really missed something! You’ll not last long, you’re going to wear out. You’ll never make it if you don’t stop for a while under the dome and look up at His starry sky and the peace and tranquility and mighty moving of the spheres, and hear their music!—Up there where all is perfection, perfect order and harmony and peace!

16. LOOK AND LIVE! LOOK AND LIVE! STOP, LOOK, AND LIVE! Amen? Stop, look, listen, and live! Praise the Lord? How many times has the Lord told us this‚ that you can not live without it? You’d better take time for the temple, or you’re going to find out you’re running out of time!—Time for that wonderful rest in the temple! Have you had your temple time today?—Your quiet time in His temple?

17. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN A CHURCH BUILDING OR CATHEDRAL or some gorgeous material temple. All you have to do is get alone with the Lord and look up at all His beauties and breathe His Heavenly air and hear His Heavenly music and see His Heavenly visions! Ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost!—All these living stones! Hallelujah! That must be why those crystals, precious stones, act like they’re alive! They’re always turning, moving or rotating and their light is always fluctuating or scintillating like every crystal is alive! Living stones, living jewelry of God! Praise God? If you don’t move in here and get a little of His light, you’re not going to reflect much, or refract much, or catch more of it to pass on to others.

18. THAT’S ONE THING THAT COMES DOWN THAT SHAFT: HEAVENLY LIGHT TO FILL YOUR SOUL and set every crystal on fire with beautiful light! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! If you don’t catch the light, you’re not going to be able to pass it on to others, Can you see it? It’s so beautiful!—A temple made of moving, living, turning, brilliant stones! There’s no place on earth like that, except in the temple of His Spirit!

19. NOW THAT’S HOW THE LORD SEES IT AND HOW HE SEES YOU, BUT YOU’RE TOO BUSY to stop and give Him time. Look up and live! But you’re too busy to get refreshed and catch new visions and be restrengthened. Too busy to even stop and take a breath. How much time have you spent in the temple today? There doesn’t have to be any set time. You can look up through the dome any time of day, anywhere, wherever you are‚ whatever you’re doing. Just a few quiet moments with the Lord.

20. YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT VERY MUCH IN THE MIDST OF CONFUSION with other voices and clatter going on out in the wings. They are part of the temple and necessary to the service of the temple but you have to get quiet somewhere, sometime. I’ve found those hours in the morning when you can’t sleep are a wonderful time, and the view is so beautiful! The night is so quiet and so still. Praise the Lord! Don’t just lie there. Do something! Pray! Look and live! Look up! Make a temple of your heart. See what God can do in that beautiful realm of the Spirit!

21. THAT’S WHERE I STARTED GETTING THAT BEAUTIFUL VISION that solved all those problems and showed us what to do: In those early morning hours when I was praying and burdened about the situation I got the first half of “Alice and the Magic Garden” (ML #290). But then, just to show it doesn’t have to be in your regular prayer time or quiet time alone, later right during breakfast, or after breakfast‚ right in the middle of the busy scene, I asked God for the answer, and immediately I was in the temple again seeing the rest of the vision!—Any time, anywhere, you can come swiftly out of the wings and enter the temple in spirit and in truth!

22. SOMETIMES YOU WONDER WHAT IS THE TRUTH OUT THERE IN THE WINGS, you get so far out of touch, and you have to come back into the rotunda where you get your batteries recharged. Lord Jesus, give these dear ones rest. This is their rest day, their day off. Help them to spend some of it‚ and as often as they can, in Thy temple in that quiet place of rest before Thy throne. Thank you Jesus! Praise You Lord!

23. YOU CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT HIM, BELOVED. YOU’LL NEVER MAKE IT WITHOUT HIS POWER. A lot of these little tape recorders will run for a while on batteries, but how long will they run on batteries?—You’ll run for awhile, but then you’ll have to come back and get hooked up to the current again, or you’ll run slower and slower till you have nothing left and are just plumb flat!

24. IF YOU’D ONLY PUT THE LORD FIRST! I could have worried and fretted that whole day when I was so terribly worried about the situation. We could have argued ourselves blue in the face. But by getting desperate with the Lord in that little temple of prayer and taking a deep breath of that spiritual atmosphere, that flipped me out better than any drugs or dope ever could, and gave me visions of the Lord!—And in just one simple little vision in two parts, Part I—upstairs, and Part II—downstairs, I got the picture just like God saw it, simple enough for a little child to understand!

25. I’M NOT SO SMART! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING BUT WHAT GOD SHOWS ME, and I just pass it on to you. Everything God shows you always works out! Praise the Lord? Thank you Jesus for Thy temple, the temple of Thy Spirit, where we can have truth and rest unto our souls! Isn’t He wonderful? Then why don’t you spend more time with Him—alone with Him? If you love Him so much, why don’t you act like it?

26. WELL, YOU SAY, I’VE BEEN BUSY HERDING SHEEP‚ But how do you know how to herd them, or where to herd them, or anything about them unless you learn from the Chief Shepherd? How do you know where He’s leading unless you follow Him? He knows where the green pastures are, and where the mountain passes are, and where the cool waters flow! He knows where the falls are, where you’ll be safe and secure. He also knows the woods in which the wolves hide, and He knows the danger spots, and you’d better stay close to Him, for I’m telling you, you don’t know much at all! You’re going to be in trouble! All we have to do is follow—stick up your little antenna and get the signals and follow! Amen?

27. THAT’S WHAT THAT TUBE REMINDS ME OF: IT’S KIND OF LIKE AN ANTENNA on top of the dome, like a channel, God’s channel. Are you on God’s Channel, or are you so down-hearted that you keep looking down? If you’re down hearted and down cast, it’s because you’re looking down too much at the waves. You’ve got your antenna pointed down towards Hell instead of up toward Heaven—or outside at all the people and confusion and sheep, instead of toward the Chief Shepherd. Are the only signals you’re receiving just a bunch of confusion and babble, or have you got your antenna straight up toward the sky, toward Heaven, where you can’t get anything but the Lord?

28. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHICH WAY YOU POINT YOUR ANTENNA, or you’ll get the wrong station, or you won’t get the signals clear.—You’ll get nothing but confusion or static from the Devil. If you get your antenna straight up, you can’t even get these other channels!—All you’ll get is God’s channel.

29. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE, BUT I GUESS YOU’VE GOT TO LEAVE. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!—’Cause you do have your work in the wings. There is the service of the temple. It’s not a church service, but it’s downright hard work out in the wings‚ feeding and sacrificing and working, ministering to the multitudes. But you’ll never have the strength or the vision or the inspiration that you need to do it unless you come back in under the dome and look up in the spirit for His truth.

30. HE CAN SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS IN ONE LITTLE GLIMPSE! He can refresh your while spirit with one deep breath! He can clarify all your thoughts with just one sweet strain of Heavenly music! Hallelujah! And He can wipe away all your fears and tears with just one (breathes deeply) little restful moment in the peace, that perfect peace, He gives when your mind is stayed on Him and Him alone because you trust in Him. Amen? Praise the Lord? Thou shall keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee! Come to Me‚ all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest! Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me‚ for I am meek and lowly of heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls!

31. IT JUST TAKES ONE LITTLE GLIMPSE OF JESUS TO MAKE IT WORTH IT ALL! Praise God?—And to help you to be able to do it all. Is it worth the time it takes in the temple? Take time in the temple. Praise God? Amen?

32. PSALM 84:10: “FOR A DAY IN THY COURTS IS BETTER THAN A THOUSAND! I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

Psalm 23:6: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Revelation 3:12: “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the Name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, which is New Jerusalem‚ which cometh down out of Heaven from My God and I will write upon him My new Name.”

Revelation 5:8: “And when He had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.”

Hallelujah?—Love, —MO

Space City

David Berg

—MOJune, 1971NO.75A—GP

(Read Revelation Chapters 21-22 first.)

1. I HATE SOMETIMES TO DESCRIBE SOMETHINGS because they just don’t seem to make sense—but I see all these—like cubist art—like crystals—a combination of crystals—a pinkish-gold in colour, shining very brightly, especially at the center. If were an artist I could draw you a picture of them—like quarts—all fitting into each other like the parts of a Chinese puzzle—big, fairly large—like it’s in the center of a room—almost like something you’d see in a museum or science exhibit—like something you’d see in science fiction. It all seems to be standing like it’s balanced there—pivotal—and it revolves very slowly, and shines and scintillates—radiates—while it revolves—beautiful—just beautiful! Must be at least ten feet high, I’d say, and about four feet across at the widest point. It’s very irregular, of course. Sort of tapers off at the top and bottom—many pieces and blocks!

2. THE RECTANGULAR SHAPED CRYSTALS STICK OUT IN EVERY DIRECTION, all fitting precisely together in one gigantic mass. And each crystal itself is quite large—they look like they could be a foot by six inches rectangular—six inches deep. (Tongues) The room is very large and rather strange—like nothing I’ve seen on this earth—and as this thing revolves, this beautiful strange light emanates from this and lights the whole room—almost like a light show‚ that causes the light in the room to change and glow and change colours—blue and gold and red! Praise You, Jesus! (Tongues) I don’t know: Maybe it’s like one of those things Ezekiel saw, like eyes within and without, and light radiating‚ and colours like the rainbow—crystals.

3. AND I HAVE THE STRANGE IMPRESSION THAT THIS THING HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH US—like it’s so perfectly made; though it’s irregular, everything fits so beautiful and perfectly—it’s so beautiful—light and colours so beautiful—like it had something to do with us! Almost as though it has some influence on us. I don’t know what in the world that could be! (Tongues) I don’t know how the Lord runs the universe. He must have some way! Praise You, Jesus!

4. BUT I HAVE THE PECULIAR FEELING LIKE THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL SIGN—it’s so perfectly designed and everything fits in place, and everything is under control. Everything that’s going to happen is under the control of God—perfect control. (Tongues and weeping)

5. THE LORD IS SO GOOD! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! O‚ thank You, Lord! (Laughs) It’s so peaceful. It’s as though it were operating in perfectly beautiful total silence—but almost musical silence—everything in absolute harmony—everything absolutely beautiful—and the Lord just reminded me—the thing that touches my heart—you know when I was writing that last letter, I thought: I wonder how the Lord runs things—I wonder what His communication center is like—what His Control Center is like! I think Ezekiel got a glimpse of it—but you read the Scripture and you still can’t understand it—it’s so complicated! Thank You‚ Jesus! And the Prophet saw the Lord there, and there was some kind of crystal sea there—like a rainbow around him! These things were all visible by the Spirit. We were praying so earnestly, and I began to see it so plainly!

6. THERE’S DARKNESS THAT FIGHTS THAT LIGHT—darkness that actually fights those rays—but it just continues to rotate slowly, deliberately, calmly, as though it was at perfect ease—and nothing can stop it—absolutely invincible! It will go on no matter what! Everything is planned—everything is ordered—in decency and order! Everything is controlled—under perfect control—and nothing can happen without His orders—without His Will! He’s in control!—And it comes back to me what the Lord told us though Grandmother that time, in a place not far from here—that He is at the controls, and that these little nothings are mere puppets in His hands. How beautiful! How beautiful! Boy, I wish I could paint a picture of that!

7. (Pause) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord! IS SOMEBODY PASSING BETWEEN ME AND THE LIGHT HERE? Is anyone changing the lights here in any way? (Tongues) O Lord Jesus! (Shakes head) Lord, forgive me! Forgive me‚ Jesus! have so little faith!…….Ummmm Ummmm Ummmm (Tongues and shakes head) Lord, forgive me! I’m sorry, Lord Jesus! All things are possible to him that believeth!

8. O MY LORD, MY GOD! FORGIVE ME, JESUS! (Long pause) (Tongues) Did any of you see it at all! Anything at all? Did you see that red, red glow—that red light? (Tongues) I’m sorry, Lord Jesus! Forgive me, help me, forgive me for my lack of faith and my fears! Hallelujah! (Tongues) Praise You, Jesus! (Lightly puckers lips in a kiss to someone) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen! Be not faithless, but believing! What do you see? Did you see anything at all? Jesus‚ Jesus, Jesus! Blessed, precious Jesus! If thou canst be believe all things are possible to him that believeth! Do you really want to see those things? Well, you can see them if you’ll just believe!

9. (Cups hands around eyes and remains in this position) WOW! THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT—ALL GOLD AND YELLOW! It’s as though there are thousands of glass or crystal tubes—they come up from somewhere—like from the floor—and they bend outward in a big circle‚ and they shine with the most beautiful golden light. I don’t know how big they are or what to compare them to but from here I’d say they were, I guess, about six feet high. The circle must be at least twenty feet wide—and from where they bend outward and upward in a perfect circle and all the same angles they must be about four feet long from the bend to the end. They look like those quartz tubes that carry that laser beam—only it’s not red—but beautifully golden yellow. If it’s God’s Control Center, it sure is pretty! Maybe it’s all spiritual! Maybe it’s symbolic! But here, everything was in one perfect pattern—perfect circle—everything same height and exactly same angle—the shadows are kind of blue and purple! I don’t understand why there doesn’t seem to be anybody around…..

10. GOODNIGHT! GOODNIGHT! UMH! THE PEOPLE ARE SO SMALL I didn’t even see them! I take it all back! Those things are gigantic! Goodness Gracious!—Those things must be tall as a building! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Umm! Umm! Immense! I know there’s no room in this world that big!

11. I WONDER WHAT THE LORD MEANS BY MANSION AND CITY? Do you suppose there going to be buildings in it like this—so huge? I had to look way down to the floor. It was so far down it seemed dark down there. And at the base there are steps leading up to the dais, or platform‚ but it was so far down I thought the base was smooth! The people look just like little specks! It must be absolutely enormous! I never saw inside any building in this world so huge—a gigantic thing! The building—it seems like the walls are clear and like thick, thick, thick glass—thick, clear glass! It’s so strange—such a strange shape. The walls come up from way down there—it must be further than the Empire State Building—and they come up and curve inward, and then they come to like points in different angles, like a lot peaks—only everything is very symmetrical—absolutely perfect Everything is so symmetrical—so beautiful—perfectly clear building—not a flaw—just like it was molded into one big piece! That circle of those crystal rods must be acres!—Which shows you, if you can’t see something to compare it with, you have no idea or perspective at all—and I couldn’t see how huge it was until I looked down there and saw those people! There is just no building in the world that big! Those glass rods—each one of them must be as big around as 30 or 40 feet! If that person is anywhere near six feet high, the base of that rod has to be at least 30 or 40 feet thick! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

12. (Tongues) DOESN’T ANYBODY ELSE SEE IT? Can’t you see it? Are you trying? The Lord said you could see it if you try—if you have the faith and really want to see it! He told me I could even… That’s what I didn’t even have the faith for! He told me I could even project it for you. You’re not enough in the Spirit—somebody’s not enough in unity—not really concentrating. Somebody’s not really here in the Spirit—is somebody asleep? You have to be united in Spirit! You have to want to see it very, very badly—really want to see it—really believe! Somebody doesn’t really quite believe! Well, anyway‚ praise You‚ Lord! Those rods must be a thousand feet high, and they reach out in almost a canopy in every direction—and this building must be absolutely unbelievably large—almost like a gigantic temple or something. It comes up at curved, rounded points. I’d have to show it to you, or you’d have to tune in! And everything seems to operate in a kind of silent music—quiet music—beautiful—beautiful—just like the harmony of the spheres—the music of the stars! Thank You, Lord! Amen.

13. WOW! IF THE HEAVENLY CITY IS LIKE THAT, IT’S GONNA REALLY BE SOMETHING! It must be the most beautiful place there ever could possibly be! It would take a City almost fifteen hundred miles high to hold a building like this! And there are lots of buildings! I bet there were people at the bottom of that crystal! If that compares anything in size to that other, my measurements were wrong! Those crystals must have been hundreds of feet…I’m just to tired! (He is too tired to hold arms up any longer, and takes hands from eyes.) Seemed like everything else interfered, but when I put my hands up like this, I can see better. If I shut out all this other radiation I can see better. Like looking though a pair of binoculars. Did you know that you all glow with light—you all are light sources?—Even the walls? But I have to shut all that out to see! (Cups hands around eyes, but lets arms fall again) My arms are so tired! The Lord told me something else that if I had the faith for—but we’re so fearful—we’re so afraid! I think it would take an awful lot of faith. I know it would take a lot of strength apparently. It reminds me of what William Branham said one time: “I feel like I’ve been hanging on the top of a fence—peering over—and I’m just tired of holding on.” I’ve never seen anything like that in my whole life—nothing to even compare to it in my wildest imagination!

14. I’M SO TIRED! My arms…(Tries to lift arms) It’s so silly to worry! Just think, Abner is enjoying all that! Whew! Hallelujah! Us and our little mud-bound man never even dreamed of such things! I’m sorry, but I’m tired!

15. (Deborah is sitting over in the corner with her hands cupped over her eyes‚ also.)

16. WOW! IF THE LORD’S GOT ALL THAT FOR US‚ HE SURE ISN’T FOOLING AROUND! This little world is nothing for Him to control! I never dreamed of such a place—nobody could ever imagine such a place!—And those walls! Whew! Whew! Sheer, sheer walls—even sloped inward! That’s construction you couldn’t possibly have! It would cave in—almost like arches. So many, many peaks! The whole building at the base is just circular. The whole wall is like an arch. Each one is at a different angle. Each one ends at a different height—but they all are in a perfect pattern symmetry!

17. THAT OTHER BUILDING WAS DIFFERENT. It had sort of opaque walls, except for this one huge window, almost like a flat roof or ceiling. The roof was suspended—this crystal clear wall through which this light seemed to shine over on the right side—I guess that thing goes all the way around—all the way around—this huge window goes all the way around!

18. JESUS, JESUS, LORD JESUS! I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, but suddenly there is a big tree, and just like it’s being chopped at around the base—just like a woodsman fells a tree and chops all around the bottom (smiles slightly) till finally the tree kinda slides off the base and falls. (This comes here at this point, but doesn’t seem to have any relationship to the rest.)

19. (Pause) LORD, I DON’T THINK I CAN STAND ANOTHER ONE, Lord! Oh, give me strength, Lord! How beautiful! Must be a view over the tops of the buildings. There’s this great huge light blue transparent dome, and all these other domes—different sizes! Beautiful light! O Jesus! (Smiles) Doesn’t anybody else see it? Can’t you see it? Are you really trying?

20. WOW! WHAT SHAPES! There’s a building shaped like one of those Christmas bows all interleaved! If that isn’t something! They couldn’t build anything like that on earth. I don’t think it would stand up! They don’t have things at angles like that!—and some built like a flower—the walls overlap, joined together like the petals of a flower!

21. YOU JUST DON’T BELIEVE—IF YOU BELIEVED, YOU COULD SEE IT! O Jesus—it’s so beautiful! O thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! There’s one shaped like—the walls are red—not bright red—almost like that dark metallic red—all the building materials seem to be transparent or at least translucent. It’s really a beautiful red; it’s dark, but it’s not dark, `cause the light shines right through it—like ruby!—Like one great big ruby, and it bulges out all around! It’s round and bulges out‚ and then there are these great big arches, almost like it’s suspended from these arches—these arches go out first and then come in‚ and just go over part way, and then there’s a big hole in the roof completely open at the top! Hallelujah! Inside is all garden—such a beautiful‚ beautiful garden—beautiful gardens! Wow! The colours are so beautiful—so beautiful—unbelievable!

22. O Jesus—Lord‚ I’m so tired!

23. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD THOSE THINGS ARE! THEY’RE SO FUNNY, like a whole row of gigantic umbrellas—only the top of every one of them is shaped like a carnation—like a whole row of carnations—beautiful white stems! Praise You, Lord! They’re red and yellow, and even a little bit brown and pink! I wonder what they have those for—I wonder why they’d need them—`cause you wouldn’t need shade from the sunshine, since there’s not supposed to be any sunshine! Just everything is lighted—everything is light—beautiful—not too bright—but bright and light—seems like there’s light everywhere—doesn’t come from any particular source—it’s just everywhere! Praise You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! It reminds me a little of that feeling we had at the World’s Fair, that we were living in another world! But this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! Oh wow! All kinds of peculiar shapes! There’s one that comes up with straight…Oh, there’s no way to describe it—Why don’t you try to see it? The outer walls go in and out and come up to points and the roof is—well, there isn’t any roof—there’s just kind of a bowl shape! (Shakes head) O Jesus! Help them, Lord, to see! Oh, I’m tired, Lord!….Why don’t you just stretch out your faith and look? You’ve got too many other things on your mind!

24. IT JUST MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS NOTHING—so why should we worry about things down here when the Lord’s got things like that?

25. THE FUNNY THING—THOSE THINGS I SAW IN THE GARDEN THAT I THOUGHT WERE FOUNTAINS OF WATER, ARE ALL FOUNTAINS OF LIGHT! Now how could light do that?—Rise up just like a fountain, and fall back down!—Into this pool that’s all blue and starry and beautiful—but it’s not water—it’s like looking up at the sky and stars—just like the stars were shining in a bright, blue sky.

26. AND THAT BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL WALKWAY—JUST LIKE WALKING THROUGH SO MANY RINGS—each arch is a perfect circle, and the walkway goes right through it—way out of sight! Thank You, Jesus. Maybe it’s got something to do with transportation, ’cause when they get on the walkway it seems like they’re all floating along and nobody’s in a hurry—everybody’s happily taking it easy and smiling and talking to each other! Everybody’s graceful! (Smiles and shakes head) Unbelievably beautiful! O Lord, I don’t think I can stand it any more! In Jesus’ Name!

27. UMMM! SO DARK OUT THERE! The walls of the city are transparent—you can see through them! I never thought about that! The wall around the outside is transparent—beautiful layers of different colours that you can see through—and it’s so dark out there—some places it’s dark! Seems like outside‚ the world is still affected by night and day apparently, whereas the City itself never‚ never gets dark. The city just shines, from everywhere it seems! O Man, I couldn’t begin to describe everything!—I don’t even understand it—how could I describe it?

28. THINGS ARE MOVING—A BIG ROUND BALL with all those sort of fluted fins soaring along—blue and silver things! Wow! Reminds me of those crystal paintings—that painting Mother used to have that she said the guy made with music and colour and crystalisation—so beautiful! O Lord Jesus! I’m just so tired! I don’t see any gold bricks, but that pathway is sure beautiful—like all the rocks are diamonds and crystals and precious stones. All the rocks along the pathway are all beautiful stones, like diamonds and opals and rubies, and all different precious stones line the pathway like gravel! Beautiful, beautiful—and the flowers are so beautiful! Even the trees are different colours. I never saw trees like that before—different coloured trees! Can’t anybody see it all?

29. (Lifts himself up partially from the chair in which he is sitting, and peers over the arms of the chair.) Wow! Even when I’m up high like this I don’t get scared, `cause I don’t seem to be able to even fall.

30. WELL, THAT MUST BE THE HEAVENLY CITY! That’s all it could possibly be. Couldn’t even begin to have anything on earth like that! I don’t know why the Heavenly stairways are curved, but everybody seems to float up and down them. Thank You, Jesus….

31. THERE’S A MOUNTAIN, AND IT’S SO HUGE—that must be the top of the City! Hummm!—Everything up there is amber—beautiful, beautiful amber—everything shines! Must be something very, very important! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You‚ Lord!

32. O JESUS‚ MY FLESH IS WEAK! The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak! My flesh is weak, Lord. Well, it could be done, but I don’t think I have the faith to do it! What’s the name of that guy?—Tom what? Strange World of Tom….Somebody—the guy that could project…..Well, the Lord said if we had the faith to do it, we could too—put it right on tape! The flesh is so weak—it must take a lot of energy out of you—seems like you project almost at the same time you’re seeing it!

33. IF I JUST KEEP MY EYES SHUT, I CAN SEE MORE and go on a regular tour!

34. THAT’S ABSOLUTELY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I EVER SAW IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I never saw anything like it. That river is like a canal—with walks on both sides. If that isn’t a strange thing about those walks being different coloured!

35. DEBORAH: I SAW IT, DAD—I SAW IT! You were holding me by the hand, walking me down the path.

36. MO: I WAS WALKING DOWN THE PATH WITH SOMEBODY. I was so fascinated by those beautiful things!

37. Deborah: You kept saying: ” I always wanted to show you what the Bible story was like—I always wanted to show you!”

38. MO: I wanted so much for one of you to see what it was like!

39. Deborah: You were telling me, “Here’s the great Space City—and the pearls for the gates.”

40. MO: GOD IS IN SUCH PERFECT CONTROL. Anybody that could build a place like that…you don’t have to worry! This world is just ridiculous!—Just a cheap imitation compared to that! Just so beautiful! I never saw such bright green grass! Everything’s so beautiful!

41. YOU GUYS GO ON TO BED. I THINK I’LL STAY HERE A WHILE. Maybe the Lord will let me sleep here. Here nobody ever seems to get tired. They looked at me kind of funny because I want to lie down. The grass isn’t even cold or wet. It’s like a nice, soft warm carpet. I think I’ll just lay down here and go to sleep!

42. (After long pause) O.K.‚ Lord. Thank You, Jesus! I’m sorry! The Lord says if I go to sleep here I won’t come back!

43. DEBORAH: THERE’S A LION, and he comes over to you and starts licking you on your face to wake you up. And a little lamb comes over and sits down and the lion is smiling at you!

44. MO: THANK YOU, JESUS! IF YOU GO TO SLEEP HERE, YOU’LL WAKE UP FOREVER, but then you can’t go back! So I gotta wake up! It would be so easy! All I have to do is just go to sleep‚ and I can just be like all the rest of them! Praise You, Jesus! Thank you, Lord! I can’t go to sleep! There’s so much to do! We could all go to sleep and go right in. But there are a whole lot more who you’ve got to get first!

45. DEBORAH: I’M TAKING YOU BY THE HAND, and saying‚ “Come on, Daddy; there are a whole lot of others we have to get and bring back to see it!”

46. MO: (Tongues and weeping) FOR THEIR SAKES I MUST GO BACK. Help us, Lord, in Jesus’ Name! Thank You, Lord. Thank You‚ Jesus! Almost made it. Just a little bit more and I’d have gone to sleep! I’m so tired! Where are we going, Sweetheart Honey?

47. DEBORAH: WE’RE WALKING DOWN THE PATH THIS TIME. We’re coming down this hill all sparkling…

48. MO: Thank You, Jesus. (Cries and sighs) We see all these people we love, and that we know. Everybody’s waving goodbye.

49. DEBORAH: WE STILL HAVE TO GET MORE, and they’re happy we can go back!

50. MO: THEY’RE SO GLAD! LIKE HAVING TO LEAVE HOME AND GO TO WAR—but they’re not sad about it—Isn’t that something? Thank You, Lord! So glad, so happy—just like they’re cheering us! (Smiles happily) Like they cheer the soldiers and knights when they go out the gate.

51. (Wipes the tears from his eyes.) (Pause) It’s so dark out…Precious Jesus! Thank You, Jesus! Thy will be done, Lord! Help us, Lord!

52. BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! THAT WAS WORTH THE TRIP! What else did you see, Honey, while we were there? Praise the Lord!—I’m glad you were there!

53. Deborah: You were just leading me by the hand, taking me on a tour!

54. MO: I ALWAYS USED TO LEAD YOU CHILDREN BY THE HAND when we went places. Everybody wanted to hold Daddy’s hand—and we have so many to lead by the hand! Help us, Jesus! You’ll have to lead them, Lord!—My hands aren’t big enough! But help us, Lord! Help us, Lord, to lead them! Help us to show them how beautiful it is! That’s the most amazing sight I ever saw in my life—so many sizes and shapes, and designs—spirals and cones and spheres. Seemed like the Lord just put in every conceivable geometric form, and no two are alike.—So beautiful—and the materials are just unearthly—Heavenly! We’ve got to tell the kids how beautiful it is going to be—tell the kids so they’ll come! I never thought about Heaven being so beautiful! I never thought about that being one reason why you want to go there! (He laughs) Boy, tell you, if they get a glimpse of that, it would make anyone want to go there! It’s so beautiful I just can’t describe it!

55. OH‚ MY ARM GOT SO TIRED!—Maybe it was because I was holding your hand—I don’t know! Oh, we think we’ve got a little Heaven on Earth, but O man‚ we’ve got the same spirit—but we haven’t got those buildings, and those flowers, and those trees, and that grass and all! Oooh—I’m afraid to open my eyes! I’m afraid I’ll forget what it looks like!

56. DEBORAH: I KEPT SEEING THIS PICTURE OF ALL THESE PEOPLE STANDING OUTSIDE THE WALL OF THE CITY, and these great big pearls, and these people were looking over the wall, and they wanted to come in‚ but they couldn’t—and we kept telling them, “This is just for us!”—just for those who really love Jesus and want to be in His presence and only with Him,—and all those others won’t be able to be right in the light of His Glory. They’ll just be able to look in, because they haven’t been as faithful as they should have; and they won’t be able to be in the inside!

57. MO: SECOND-RATE CITIZENS! Isn’t that pitiful? Oh Jesus—so pitiful!

58. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! WE GOTTA GO BACK AND TELL THEM HOW PRETTY IT IS, so they’ll be sure and want to make it! New York City looks like a junk pile compared to that—like some little kids blocks! New York City is toys compared to that—like it’s a cheap little ridiculous imitation model!

59. THANK YOU‚ LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! I GUESS THE LORD JUST WANTED TO LET US KNOW HOW WONDERFUL THINGS ARE. It already exists! It’s already there!—So you won’t worry about these silly little things down here. It’s so ridiculous! They can’t take those things away from us no matter what they do; and the sooner they kill us, and the sooner we wear out and go to sleep, the quicker we get there! Praise the Lord! I sure had a hard time waking up. Honey, you must have been trying to wake me up `cause you kept pulling me!

60. DEBORAH: THE BIG LION CAME OVER AND KEPT LICKING YOU ON THE FACE, like it was trying to wake you up!

61. MO: SEEMED LIKE YOU KEPT PULLING ON ME. You wanted me to go. Like you used to do when you were little. “Daddy, we gotta go—we gotta go! Deborah was always so insistent, like we had to do what she wanted to! Isn’t that funny—she just didn’t want me to go to sleep there! Why didn’t you let me sleep there, Honey? I was so tired, Sweetheart! How could you be little again, Sweetheart? You got so upset, just like when you were little! She’d stomp her little foot and cry: “We gotta go—we gotta go!” She used to get so upset at me because I was so slow! I think if I hadn’t had help, I wouldn’t have made it! I would have gone to sleep right there! It was so nice and soft and I was so tired! They looked at me so funny‚ like they were amused because I wanted to sleep!

62. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR BRINGING ME BACK! But I don’t want to open my eyes, I’m sorry!

63. I SAW ABNER AND YOUR GRANDFATHER! Wow! Abner was real tall, looking over everybody’s head and telling us that we can’t all come and enjoy it right now—we can’t all come and give our lives for the cause right now!

64. YOU SURE MUST HAVE BEEN PULLING ON MY HAND, HONEY!—My arm was limp!… if Deborah wasn’t so damn stubborn—she always got her way!

65. I saw Grandfather standing by Abner!

66. I’M HUNGRY! WE’D HAVE HAD SOME NICE FRUIT IF WE HAD STAYED THERE! I didn’t get a bit hungry when I was up there but I sure did get tired! I guess I didn’t have the right kind of body! You just float—it’s really wonderful! Even when you’re walking, you’re kinda floating! It doesn’t seem like your feet hardly touch the ground! It must be like the moon walk—weightlessness!

67. THE LORD KEPT TELLING ME I COULD PROJECT THE PICTURE TO YOU IF I TRIED—but I think that would be too hard! Boy‚ that sure would have made some travel film! All the time I’d try to project there was a red light that would glow!

68. THOSE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE WALLS ARE WATCHING US NOW—and they’ll be watching us then! It was like those people knew Jesus, and they wanted to be inside with Him, but they weren’t faithful!

69. THAT MOUNTAIN—THE TOP OF THE CITY—I was afraid to go up there!

70. YOU MUST HAVE TO HAVE A LITTLE POWER TO DRAW IT IN YOURSELF. What has the most power? The broadcasting station! But the receiver has to have some power! A TV has as much as 300,000 watts of power—those VHF stations. A UHF station has as much sometimes as a million watts of power. You take one of those little transistor radios—has nine volts, and almost no amperage—so small that it’s just…it only has a fraction of watt—but it’s got to have some power‚ and it has to be tuned in and turned on! It’s as though the atmosphere has to be almost electrical! Everybody has to be united and pulling together! Really be turned on and tuned in! The Lord said they had to all be there on Pentecost! There’s just something about unity! The spirit is something that’s beyond our comprehension, but in a way almost electrical—some kind of energy. And you just gotta have some power and be turned on and tuned in to the right frequency. I felt like somebody there was just not turned on! It’s almost like being so excited about it that the Lord rewards you—it’s faith, apparently! The real believers get excited, and praise the Lord! You can tell when you turn the radio on—you can hear something—the power of the radio itself, and also the station! When you don’t even hear the hum, you know it’s dead it was just like there were shadows—time and again there were shadows!

71. TO MARIA: YOU WERE LIKE YOU WERE RIGHT THERE BY MY SIDE, and I was talking to you over my shoulder about everything!

72. HAVING TWO PEOPLE SEEING THE SAME REVELATION—it’s like you’re trying to get two radios tuned in together on the same frequency! The other voice has to really be in the Spirit, or it brings you down a little bit!

73. LATELY, SINCE WE’VE BEEN HAVING THOSE REVELATIONS ABOUT THE SPIRIT WORLD, I’ve really been wanting to know more—and He’s been showing us!

74. That other building that I was trying to describe was like a King’s crown!

75. IT WAS ONLY AT THE VERY END THAT I EVEN SAW THE PEOPLE CLOSE UP. I guess I just really saw the people I was looking for!

76. THAT’S WHAT THE DEVIL’S BEEN TRYING TO DO WITH THE FAIRS—IMITATE THE HEAVENLY CITY. They’re such a cheap imitation—like a little toy model of the real thing!

77. IF ONLY ONE PERSON IS OUT OF TUNE, IT SEEMS TO CREATE STATIC and a possible channel for the Enemy. And this creates interference! It’s almost like static on a radio!

78. I NEVER THOUGHT BEFORE OF HEAVEN AS BIG BUILDINGS. I used to imagine maybe like apartment houses—mansions were arranged as apartments! And I never realised there was so much colour! I thought it was all that crystal colour described in the Bible—and that is the predominant colour—but it’s just full of colour! It’s as though the light is that colour—a kind of a golden light—and it emanates from everywhere—nut is especially strong up there at the top—at that amber peak! Now that top was almost like a mountain valley—like it was surrounded with mountains, made or built! There was a beautiful artistry about the way these things were around an amphitheater. I had the feeling that that was where the Lord was. I don’t even know if I was allowed to go up there!

79. YOU KNOW, YOU GET SUCH A FEELING OF YOUR OWN IMPORTANCE. It was as though the Heavenly court was in session up there, and of course there were visitors in the city, but it wasn’t that important. But like they weren’t even conscious of my being a visitor! Some people say‚ Oh, I saw the Lord, and so and so and so! I don’t think I ever saw the Lord!

80. I WAS CONSCIOUS OF MY BODY EVERY NOW AND THEN, especially when you would speak or there was noise. It would detract…Apparently me sitting here in this hotel room—I was tired, and that affected me over there! My body had some kind of pull on my spirit.

81. I NEVER DREAMED IT WAS LIKE THAT—I’m so surprised! That time I saw the vision of Martha and the thrones, it was like a polished floor, and there was such a long line of thrones that disappeared in the distance, and I didn’t realise that buildings could be that big! Not like the skyscrapers we build at all, but all these gorgeous shapes—rounded and curved and even straight lines were beautiful!

82. ONLY TIME I SAW ABNER AND GRANDFATHER WAS WHEN WE WERE LEAVING, and they were waving goodbye. That’s the only time I remember hearing any sound from the people at all—when we were leaving and they actually cheered us. That’s the only time they even give us much notice at all—they were just casual and everybody was happy and friendly and smiling!

83. I DIDN’T EVEN SEE ANYBODY SHOWING ME AROUND, but I kind of felt somebody was there—sort of like to my left rear. I wasn’t even conscious of Deborah’s presence until she began to project or something.

84. TO MARIA: I KNEW YOU WERE THERE RIGHT BESIDE ME. but you weren’t seeing anything but me. And you were writing it all down!

85. It was as though Deborah were a little girl again—about 12 years old!

86. THOSE OLD WALLED CITIES—THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Apparently they are such a type‚ a foreshadowing of the Heavenly City. Those walls were like a couple hundred feet high! They must have been at least three times the height of the Old City in Famagusta‚ Cyprus. You had the feeling that they were for somewhat the same purpose—as a gulf or separation.

87. THE THREE THINGS THAT IMPRESSED ME THE MOST—the transparent walls; the beautiful varied colours; and the size of those buildings.

88. It was just like I was hanging way up in the air!

89. THE CITY WAS IN DIFFERENT LEVELS—maybe each level 100 miles—and almost like every level had its own sky!

Ultimate Trip, The

David Berg

—MO July, 1971 NO.80—GP

(Read Ezekiel 1st and 10th Chapters First.)

1. SEE SOME KIND OF A CAMERA OR EQUIPMENT—I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS. It’s as though I’m looking at the bottom of it, and it’s some kind of a plug or connection to which there is a wire attached, or a cable, which runs to something else—something which you screw in the bottom of this piece of equipment or electronic device. (Tongues.)

2. NOW WHEN YOU SCREW IN THE PLUG‚ AND IT IS ATTACHED, IT ACTIVATES THE CAMERA and it is full of life, but when you detach the source of power, the camera goes dead, and it is lifeless and useless. It’s as though all the power has been drained out of it through the plug‚ when it is detached. But when the cable is re-attached, the equipment comes to life again.

3. NOW WE’RE SPEEDING ON VERY RAPIDLY as though we’re flying, and the cable is attached to the piece of equipment, and still just in front of us. The cable seems to be attached to something we’re in, or riding in, or something. We are travelling so fast it seems like it is getting darker. It seems almost as though the stars‚ or some things that shine like stars, are flying past us—or we’re flying past them.

4. JESUS, GIVE ME THE WORDS, Lord. Put Thy Words in my mouth. Give Thy Moses Thy Words‚ Lord!

5. THEN THERE ARE THESE HUGE BIG THINGS ROTATING VERY RAPIDLY, almost like…Well, they’re not like anything I’ve ever heard described—but they’re kind of hollow on top, and the rotors move so fast they look like they’re solid—they’re more like a cone shape in this fairly substantial base—almost like an umbrella upside down.

6. THEN THERE’S THIS BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN CROWN. It’s more on the order of the Oriental crown, rather than the Western crown—curved and not spiked—curved and round like in spheres or arches‚ and there’s such light shining above it, radiating from the crown.

7. NOW THESE THINGS THAT WERE LIKE ROTORS OR WINGS, that were turning so rapidly that they looked almost solid—all of a sudden they slam shut in a direct upward position, just like in an umbrella, and they stop.

8. THERE IS THIS HOLE THROUGH LAYERS OF GLOBES—like crystal globes—tier upon tier, and as you look up through the hole, it’s like a passage-way going straight upward—all colours—almost like beautiful, beautiful bubbles—only they’re like crystal—they’re all together, like molecules; and this passageway goes through layers and layers of these crystals, straight up! Beautiful light! Such beautiful light—way up as far as I can see—like gold, and rainbows—really pretty…….Hallelujah!

9. AND NOW WE’RE OUT ON TOP—It’s almost like we’ve been going through an elevator shaft but no elevator—and the view is so beautiful—We’re so high! Just beautiful…..Jesus‚ Jesus, Jesus!…..

10. NOW WE’RE IN A LABYRINTH OF BEAUTIFUL PASSAGEWAYS! Beautiful passageways—like glass. They’re shaped like the way diamonds are cut, in sort of a hexagonal shape, and the material they’re made of sort of scintillates with colour, like diamonds!—What a long passageway! Whew! Thank You, Jesus! We travel really with amazing speed through the passageways. We don’t seem to be riding on anything. We just seem to shoot through it—like you’re almost sucked through it! Like those little things they have in the department store. You just kinda shoot through the tube! Praise You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!

11. NOW WE’RE OUT ON THE SURFACE—outdoors on the surface. We were way upon top—so high!—And now we’ve come down and out on the surface somehow!—It’s beautiful, too….Like a garden of Eden—trees‚ grass, flowers—beautiful golden sunlight! People strolling here and there, happy and laughing, smiling—seem to be very content. I never noticed before how they were clothed, but they don’t seem to be very heavily clothed. It reminds me of the gown I saw on Martha in my vision of her—filmy, clinging, floating, and beautifully draped, revealing the beauty of the human form‚ draped more for beauty than for concealment—thin, shimmering gowns, almost of light. It’s like light, yet it’s like some kind of material—like silver netting or mesh. They’re somewhat like those old Grecian—Roman gowns—very thin—very graceful—very beautiful. Everyone seems to be almost young—in their prime. The women are beautiful and the men are handsome, and they all look so happy!

12. THERE ARE STILL ANIMALS AND BIRDS PLAYING IN THE GARDEN—birds flying from tree to tree. Everything is happy. Birds don’t sing mournful songs, but happy songs. The animals are playful and happy.

13. SURE IS RESTFUL. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! (Tongues) (Breathes deeply many times) O Jesus! (Tongues) Maybe it’s the altitude. I’m so tired. Seems like I’m having a hard time getting my breath….

14. O SUN OF MY SOUL‚ SHINE UPON ME THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID! (Cries and Tongues) (It was like I needed the Light for Life).

15. I JUST WANT TO LIE DOWN. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Honey, you tell’em all about it. I’ve got to sleep for a little while—I’m so tired!

16. I DON’T SEE HOW THIS COULD BE HEAVEN, ‘CAUSE I’M CRYING. I’m so sorry for everybody down there with all their troubles. I must not be one of these people, I guess. Nobody else is sad but me! If I’m supposed to be here why am I not happy? Why do I feel so sorry for everybody else and all those people? Why can’t the Lord take that away? He promised there would be no crying, no sorrow‚ no pain‚ no death—that He would wipe away all tears! (Weeps & Tongues) (Grasps heart!) O Jesus, why can’t You take the pain and the sorrow and this crying and weeping away? Why can’t I forget them, and feel happy, like the others? Why can’t I just stay here, Lord? Why do I have to be sorry for them?

17. (WEEPS STRONGLY) WHY DO I STILL SUFFER, LORD? Why do I feel this body yet, Lord? Why am I still bound? Why can’t I be free? Why can’t I be set free and be happy there like them? Jesus…..Jesus…..Jesus…..O Jesus!

18. (Nods head) O.K., LORD. Thank You, Jesus. Amen! Forgive me, Jesus! I’m sorry, Lord! So that through the obedience of one, shall many be made righteous! Forgive me, Lord! I’m sorry, Lord Jesus!

19. AMEN‚ LORD! Thank You, Jesus! Amen….Amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (He laughs) What a laughing round about the Throne—singing and clapping and shouting for joy—making merry and music before Thy Throne…..And no one knows that song but they!….Lord, they’re my children, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! (Laughs with laughing tongues‚ snaps fingers, and moves as in dance) I wish I could dance like they dance! It’s worth it all to see that, Jesus!

20. IT’S REALLY TOO HIGH UP HERE. It really isn’t good for me. I can hardly breathe! They don’t seem to have any trouble, but I can hardly breathe!

21. HOW COME THE TEARS RUN IN MY EARS? Why should tears run in my ears? (Smiles) They wash out your eyes and your ears, so you can see better and hear better.

22. WOW!—WHAT A DANCE! Our kids are like a bunch of wild Indians, whoopin’ and a’ hollerin’. The Throne is like a big fire—like they’re dancing all around the fire—shouting and whooping and hollering, singing and making music!

23. AMEN, LORD! FOR THEM IT’S WORTH IT, LORD! For them it’s worth it all Lord!

24. O.K., Lord Jesus! O.K., Lord! Thank You, Lord Jesus!

25. O LORD, WHY CAN’T I JUST REST HERE! Please don’t hold onto me, please! You keep dragging me down. Why can’t you just let me rest here a little while? Honey, you keep pulling on me!

26. HOW MANY VEHICLES CAN YOU GET? (Was viewing some kind of Heavenly transportation.)


28. IT’S LIKE A BIG BUTTERFLY—big wings like a big butterfly. But they get narrower. Thank You, Jesus! It has to close its wings. We have to go through that hole first‚ to get outside!

29. WOW! WHAT A WORLD! Thank You, Jesus!

30. THOSE WINGS ARE GOING SO FAST YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE THEM NOW! Isn’t that amazing?—Like the Aurora Borealis! That is absolutely beautiful! Even the sky is beautiful here!—Like one big continual Aurora Borealis—like sunsets and sunrises all mixed up together! Hallelujah! Everything is so green! I thought those clouds were mountains, but I guess they’re clouds. They’re many different colours. Still little houses and cottages everywhere all over the green! Goodnight! Wow! Look! Look! Look!—Back at the City! Wow! O Man!—Did you ever see anything like that? It doesn’t even look real.—It’s so beautiful! Like one great big, almost like a cone, rising out of the earth.—It’s so high!

31. THE CLOUDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! They just drift by, like they’re for decorations!—And they rise up‚ up, up! I guess that’s what the kids would call, “really out of sight”, huh?

32. EVEN THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE MUST BE HAPPY to live in a world like that! You gotta be happy if you live in a place like that!

33. O.K. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Let’s go home!…..It’s amazing how the minute you leave that atmosphere, everything gets dark—black as night!

34. THE LORD SURE HAS SOME FUNNY CONTRAPTIONS! Why should I have to have a contraption? I don’t understand it. Is it because it’s me‚ that He has to have it for me—’cause I’m not built for it—for travelling in the Spirit? (Laughs and nods head) Amen. Thank You, Jesus! We’ll see You, Lord! If I go in spirit, I wouldn’t want to come back! (Exhales) Thank You, Jesus! You had to take my body, Lord, so they’d still have some hold on me. So I could still feel it!

35. NOW WHAT IS THAT BIG THING FOR? It doesn’t fold up—it rolls up! How about that? O.K.‚ thank You, Lord. Thank You‚ Jesus! (Waves goodbye) Thank You for the nice trip. Whew! Wow! Lord Jesus! Now that’s what I’d call the Ultimate Trip! That’s really far out!—Outta sight!

36. I DON’T UNDERSTAND ALL THOSE FUNNY CONTRAPTIONS THE LORD HAD! I thought it was all in the Spirit! It’s not like they’re material‚ but it’s not like they’re spiritual. They’re something, but they’re kinda intangible! It’s like those clothes they wear! It’s like everything up there is like it’s real, yet it’s not real!

37. I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT! WHILE I WAS THERE I DIDN’T NEED ANY VEHICLE. It just seems like you sort of shoot through those passageways with no elevator—but you’re the elevator! But when I had to leave, I had to go in something! I don’t understand that! That last one I came back in‚ rolled up its wings and then just disappeared! Is that some kind of conveyance to convey my spirit? But it was like I was there in body—I could feel you guys holding onto me. You were there, Honey! I could hear your pen scratching away all the time!

38. IF I’M LOSING MY MIND, IT SURE IS A HAPPY EXPERIENCE. If Heaven is like that, I’d just as soon go crazy‚ if that’s going crazy. That’s the Ultimate Trip!

39. I FELT MY BODY—I WAS SO TIRED. A body is really a drag! At least this kind of body. Lord, forgive me for complaining. I guess we have to get around in something—it’s a good vehicle for earth travel—but it sure is a drag! Seemed like all those other people—they were walking and floating at the same time—with no effort to it, but they did it with ease. There’s almost no gravity for them, but with me it seemed all gravity. I could hardly even breathe. Maybe the air was too pure to breathe!

40. WHY IN THE WORLD DID THE LORD GIVE ME A THING LIKE THIS AT A TIME LIKE THIS? It sure makes us all look pretty sick. Here you are griping about all of these little things! If you just hurry up and get the job done, you could have all this! The faster you burn out the quicker you go! I’m old and tired, and you wouldn’t even let me rest! Every time I get there, you won’t let me go!

41. I WAS HERE, AND YET I WAS THERE! Do you suppose He took the whole room?

Green Door

David Berg

—A Dream of a Polished Hell!—MO

August 29‚ 1973—NO.262—GP

Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England‚ or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France

1. I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW WE GOT DOWN THERE! IT REMINDS ME A LITTLE BIT OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND! You were kind of like Alice leading me along by the hand, but I can’t remember how we got in there. It was almost like we’d wandered in by accident and we weren’t supposed to be there. I think maybe we were out walking and found this passageway and I wanted to explore it.—You know me!

2. IT ALSO REMINDED ME A LITTLE BIT OF THAT “DRUGSTORE VISION,” BECAUSE IT WAS ALL UNDERGROUND with all these brightly lighted passageways. Only this time, instead of like caves or catacombs, it was almost like a hospital, because it had very nice polished floors, and we were wandering along hand-in-hand looking at things, trying to peek in the different rooms to see what was in them, like Alice in Wonderland. She did that, didn’t she?—Going along corridors and different rooms, peeking in? And in each room there were different people doing different things‚ all very busy.

3. BUT IT WAS SO UNLIKE MY OTHER DREAMS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD: IT SEEMED LIKE EVERYTHING EVERYBODY WAS DOING WAS TOTALLY FUTILE AND USELESS and just a waste of time! They were all very, very busy accomplishing nothing! The scientist was conducting endless experiments that never bore any results, and they were shooting rockets and more rockets into space that either never got off the ground or that never went anywhere! The soldier was on the battlefield and bombers were zooming overhead and shells screaming and landing all around him, and he just seemed to be going through the endless hell of war just like he had been on earth.

4. AND NITLER THE FUGITIVE POLITICIAN WAS RUNNING FROM THIS SCREAMING CROWD THAT WAS MAD FOR HIS BLOOD! Seemed like they wanted to mob him or lynch him‚ and he was running and running trying to hide. He finally found an empty room. Seemed like he was so exhausted he couldn’t run any more, and he just curled up on a bench like a little baby with his thumb in his mouth and tried to go to sleep.

5. WE PASSED BY ONE ROOM WHERE A SEAMSTRESS WAS SEWING AWAY, BUT NEVER GOT ANYTHING FINISHED. The seamstress was Gracie, and she was sewing on this jacket. She’d embroidered a name on the back of the jacket, and she turned the inside or seamy side up to show it to us. It’s funny, but she didn’t show us the nice back but the other side!—And it said “COOSA.” She said, “You see?—It’s my boss’s name!” And I thought, “That’s a funny name!—I must remember that—COOSA.” Now, come to think of it, it that was the inside of the jacket that would be backwards, I never thought of that!

6. EVERYTHING WAS NOT ONLY ENDLESS AND FRUITLESS AND FUTILE, BUT SORT OF BACKWARDS! I HAD A FEELING THINGS WERE EITHER INSIDE OUT OR UPSIDE DOWN!—SO PECULIAR! It was all like as though if you just turned your head at the right angle or moved around these people at a different angle, you’d sort of move out of their dimension and they’d all vanish like one of those three-dimensional postcard pictures!—You know:—If you tilt it a little bit one image vanishes and the other appears, if you tilt it just so. We would move or I moved around the end of the desk and looked at them edge on‚ and they just vanished!

7. AFTER GOING DOWN ALL THESE HALLS LOOKING AT ALL THESE ROOMS‚ ALL THESE PEOPLE SO BUSY DOING NOTHING, ACCOMPLISHING NOTHING, AND GETTING NOWHERE, uselessly, endlessly, fruitlessly‚ futilely working but getting nowhere, what else can I say? It’s like they’re all just going through the motions, an endless waste of time, all busy and working hard but accomplishing nothing!—And I had this terrible apprehensive feeling all the time: “How horrible! How terrifying!” It didn’t have at all the spirit of the catacombs, the caverns. It had an awful, foreboding spirit, terrible!

8. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, “WOW! THIS MUST BE HELL!” I thought, what could be worse than that for the wicked—an extension of life after death for the wicked would be just a hellish extension of the same meaningless, purposeless, fruitless existence, painful existence‚ sorrowful existence, sad existence! The longer they live the more useless they are and the more they keep doing the same things and getting nowhere and accomplishing nothing except going through all that agony and suffering and pain, just like on earth, but now without any end, without any hope of being able to die!—It was terrible! They’re still at it, the same things—working, but not really progressing—endless, endless labour, but all of no avail, fruitless, hopeless‚ useless!

9. EACH ONE WAS CONTINUING IN HIS OWN LITTLE PRIVATE HELL OF HIS FORMER EXISTENCE WITHOUT ANY RELIEF, no surcease, no hope of it ever ending, and yet absolutely all useless—just about like what the Systemites are doing here now! They get up‚ they go to work, they do the same things every day, they come home, they go to bed.—What do they accomplish? The world’s getting worse, people are getting worse, and they’re not making any progress!—What they’re doing is not profitable. It is not making any progress or getting anywhere.

10. I THOUGHT, WELL!—IF THIS IS HELL, I NEVER THOUGHT OF HELL BEING LIKE THIS! THIS IS ABOUT THE WORST POSSIBLE THING I CAN IMAGINE!—Not just burning up with literal flames, but constantly burning with that fruitless fire of endless, useless endeavour, ceaseless struggle, pointless pain, and seemingly endless sorrow and suffering! It was just like a continuation of the hell on earth—only it was Hell hereafter, and seemingly forever‚ with no escape and no way out!—Not even death!—The same old endless jobs‚ the same old endless treadmill, the same old endless, useless existence, never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything worthwhile, never really…never, never, never!

11. WE WERE JUST RUNNING UP AND DOWN THESE HALLS, AND IT WAS SO PITIFUL! IF THIS IS HELL, WOW, IT IS TERRIBLE! WHAT GREATER HELL COULD THERE BE than for the world, the sinners, the wicked, the evil to endeavour just to continue their same wicked, useless‚ evil‚ fruitless existence, and their same futile, worthless work forever!—To live the same lives they’ve been living, without ever any hope of it ending or ever being able to get out of it, and no hope of ever any change, just the same thing over and over and over again!


13. I TURNED TO YOU AND SAID, “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE FAST!—I DON’T WANT TO BE REGISTERED HERE!—I don’t want to stay here! I’m not staying! I’m going, leaving!” We started running and walking real fast down the hall‚ when suddenly we came to this big foyer, like a huge hotel lobby or hospital lobby with this big front desk like a hotel or hospital desk, or reception desk. Just then the little desk clerk saw us and said‚ Oh, there they go! There they go!”— And we began to run!—The desk clerk shouted, “Stop them! Stop them! They’re not registered! They’re not supposed to be here! Stop them!”

14. IT WASN’T AT ALL LIKE THE DREAM OF THE BRILLIANTLY LIGHTED CATACOMBS BELOW THE “DRUGSTORE” the time when I met Mother‚ where Mother led me, and where the walls were all glowing and everybody was so happy! Everybody was busy, but they were all naked and there was a totally different feeling there like they really were accomplishing something! It was very‚ very busy and exciting and thrilling because they were really doing something worthwhile, really accomplishing something!

15. BUT HERE IN THIS PLACE THEY WERE ALL SO HOPELESS AND USELESS!—THERE WAS TOTAL DESPAIR! NOTHING WOULD EVER CHANGE, nothing would ever be any different! It would always be the same monotony, the same grinding, grueling grind, the same old thing day in and day out, like there was no night and day, just all these endlessly lighted corridors and rooms! Even as we ran, and we ran outside for a while‚ even out there was nothing but battlefields and hellish wars and all kinds of funny mechanical noises like machinery and factories and industries and refineries and endless conveyor belts and assembly lines and that horrible acrid, burning sulfuric smell, those choking foul fumes!

16. IT’S FUNNY: PART OF THE TIME IT SEEMED LIKE THE HOSPITAL WAS ONE HUGE GIGANTIC SHIP, because I remember going out to the stern and looking out and it was all dark and night, and the huge ship was moving slowly down this big black river, a very ominous scary kind of river, deep dark water! I thought to myself at the time, “It looks like the River Styx‚ River of Death!” Along the sides here and there were ships that had already arrived and were anchored or moored. They were very, very ancient ships. Some looked like old Egyptian barges and old Roman galleys and Grecian vessels, very, very old and very ancient. I thought, “Wow! Those are thousands of years old! I wonder when they got here, I wonder when they moored here?—They must have come a long time ago to be so old! What a dark, terrifying, mysterious place! How frightening this place is, so dark!”

17. THE RIVER SEEMED TO MOVE ON RELENTLESSLY, SLOWLY. EVERYTHING KEPT MOVING AT A VERY SLOW PACE, BUT NO STOPPING. YOU NEVER STOPPED WORK, you never stopped fighting on the battlefield, you never stopped experimenting, you never stopped sewing, you never stopped writing. Whatever you were doing you just never stopped! You were just doing it all the time continuously, and yet never seemed to accomplish anything or get anywhere. I thought, “Wow! If this is Hell, it sure is some hell, because it’s like the wicked’s life on earth‚ just an extension of it!”

18. IT WAS JUST THE OPPOSITE OF THE, ECSTASIES OF LIFE IN HEAVEN FOR THE SAVED AND THE BLESSED! When I was in Space City and when I was underground in that catacombs, it was just like it was the extension of the present happy life we now have. We’re happy now in our work!—And though we’ll have work to do there, we’ll be even happier, with lots of mobility and accomplishment, achievement, progress, exciting, thrilling work, variety, travel, freedom‚ messenger work, all kinds of work, but thrilling, interesting, fascinating to us and service for the Lord, as we carry on the business of the Universe, travelling around from one planet to the other, one star to the other, one galaxy to the other!

19. IT’S JUST AS THOUGH HEAVEN, OR THE LIFE HEREAFTER FOR US, GOD’S CHILDREN, THE SAVED, IS AN EXTENSION OR AN AMPLIFICATION, A MULTIPLICATION OF THE JOY AND THE THRILLING, EXCITING LIVES WE NOW LEAD! It was just like our present happiness multiplied many times over! Heaven and Space City were all busy‚ but they were things we liked to do, we loved to do‚ enjoyed doing for the Lord, just like the things we do now. Do you understand what I mean? It’s like Heaven was a continuation of our present kind of life, only much much better, happier, and with manifold blessings, achievements and even more thrilling and exciting work!

20. BUT HELL IS THE EXTENSION, MULTIPLICATION, AMPLIFICATION‚ CONTINUATION, ENDLESS CONTINUATION OF THE SAME MONOTONOUS, HUMDRUM DRUDGERY AND AWFUL LIVES THAT THE WICKED PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LEAD EVEN NOW!—Useless existences, fruitless, absolutely purposeless existences—never getting anywhere, never accomplishing anything‚ never improving anything or making any progress or helping anybody—just totally useless, only endless, non-stop, even when you’re weary you couldn’t quit! Nitler ran and was running from the mob. He curled up in this little ball and tried to sleep in this corner, but he couldn’t sleep, and yet he never seemed to be able to get entirely away from them! It’s just like he was going to have to continue to live the hell he’s going through right now forever in the afterlife.

21. WOULDN’T THAT BE A HELL! GOODNIGHT, IT SEEMS TO ME LIKE LIVING IN SOME KIND OF A HOT PLACE WITH JUST LITERAL FLAMES WOULD BE ALMOST A REST AND A RELIEF CONSIDERING WHAT they were going through! Maybe flames are symbolic of the torture and endless torment of the damned. It’s just like endless dissatisfaction, endless unsatisfied desire, always going, never arriving‚ always working and never finishing, always desiring and never getting—it’s horrible!

22. SO YOU GRABBED ME BY THE HAND AND SAID‚ “WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!”—And we were running through the halls again. You said, “We’ve got to find how we got in here! We’ve got to find the way out like we came in!” I said, “I think it’s behind that desk, the main desk, because every time I go around the corner of that desk it all vanishes—all the people disappear. If I’m at a different angle of refraction I seem to slip out of their dimension and they just disappear.” So you grabbed me by the hand and pulled me round and we ran around the corner behind the main desk, and, sure enough, there was this doorway that said “Exit”!

23. WE WERE RUNNING LIKE MAD NOW, AND YOU JUST RAN AND RAN AND RAN! IT WAS A CORRIDOR, A SPIRAL CORRIDOR THAT LED DOWNWARD, and we ran down, down, down, down, around and round so many times I don’t know! It makes me dizzy even to think of it! Suddenly we came to the end, another door that said “Exit”‚ and we threw open the door and it was just a little short flight of steps, not more than maybe a dozen steps leading upward. it was like we were coming out of a basement, a little dark basement, out of the dark cellar of this old building.

24. WE CAME UP THIS LITTLE SHORT FLIGHT OF OLD‚ OLD BASEMENT STONE STEPS AND FOUND WE WERE COMING BACK UP TO THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH. I don’t understand that, because it seemed like where we were had been far underneath the surface of the Earth. Yet to get out we had to go down this long spiral corridor and out this little door and a simple short climb up and there we are, we’re on the Earth’s surface! It must be that down was up!—Oh, I don’t know where the spirit world is! It’s like another dimension somewhere!

25. AS WE CAME UP THIS LITTLE SHORT FLIGHT OF OLD STONE STEPS AND STEPPED OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, WE BOTH EXPERIENCED A PECULIAR FEELING like a thrilling sort of ripple that went through our whole bodies from head to toe, like we were miraculously transformed back into our earthly bodies! I remember that when we were in that hospital, or that polished hell or whatever it was, we were in what seemed like our bodies‚ and we walked and we ran‚ and yet it seemed like we could also fly part of the time.—Like it was spiritual, and yet partly physical, I don’t understand it. As we came up out of this little short cellar stairway of steps we both suddenly felt this little electrical wave or this magical ripple that transformed us, and we were back in our dimension!

26. I LOOKED AROUND AND THE LITTLE SHORT CELLAR STAIRWELL WE’D JUST COME UP WAS A VERY DARK HOLE, LIKE A DARK GREEN GRAVE about 3′ by 6′, all covered with evil-looking dark green weeds and vines. It was just about the size of a grave!—Exactly, just like a grave!—That cellar steps stairway hole made of old cold stones now was all covered with this thick mound of dark evil green weeds and vines, just the shape of a grave! I thought, “My, how like a grave that is‚ all covered with those evil dark green weeds and vines!”

27. IT REMINDED ME OF THAT OLD SONG, “THE GREEN DOOR”, that we used to sing about the “Green Door” or the green grave! Did you ever hear it? It was about this fellow who was wondering what was on the other side of the “Green Door,” the grave‚ and he thought he could hear music and so on.—And it turns out the “Green Door” was the grave! What he meant by the “Green Door” was this fellow’s way of expressing that the only way out or to the next life was through the grave! How true!—The “Green Door”!

28. THERE WAS A LITTLE WEIRD BUILDING OF WHICH THIS WAS THE BASEMENT DOOR. It was just a small old vine-covered stone building that looked like one of those old utility buildings in the cemetery where they keep the tools and the lawnmowers and stuff, or maybe a crypt or mausoleum where they bury bodies. It was an old stone building, very, very old, and I thought to myself, “It looks like one of those toilets in a British park.” From the outside it was all locked up like so many of them are. I don’t know what significance the building had, but it was very old.—And this basement, that we could come out of its basement, seemed to mean it was there to cover the entrance or something.

29. I LOOKED AROUND TO SEE WHERE WE WERE AND IT WAS JUST DUSK, GETTING DARK, and there was a house to our right and I heard voices. I listened very carefully. What a relief when I realised they were good British voices speaking English! I thought, “Oh, thank God! We’re back!” I looked up and noticed the road was kind of a country road, dirt road, and led up a hill ahead of us, through the trees, very dark, and there was another house on the right up there.

30. A CAR WITH HEADLIGHTS BLAZING SUDDENLY APPEARED OVER THE CREST OF THE HILL and was coming down the road towards us. I thought, “Uh oh! I wonder who that is!—Maybe they’re coming after us!” But the sports car coming down the street up ahead stopped at this house that was on the right‚ our right, his left. Then he turned off his lights‚ got out of his car and went into the house, and I thought, “Oh, thank God! It wasn’t somebody coming after us!” Then we held each other’s hands and started to walk slowly up the road which seemed to lead back toward friends and loved ones and civilisation, and I was so relieved that we were out, we’d found the way out! It was really something!

31. IF THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A VISION OF HELL IT SURE DID THE TRICK: I SURE DON’T WANT TO GO THERE!—IT WAS AWFUL! It was like everybody was being rewarded with exactly what they deserved, the same useless, fruitless, hopeless monotonous routine in Hell that they’re living right now on Earth, only under controlled conditions like a hospital!

32. THERE WERE THESE KEEPERS, THESE OVERSEERS.—OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT HIM!—After we came out of Mr. Coosa’s office without ever getting to see him, and we decided we were going to make a run for it and get out of there, about that time one of the keepers, a very handsome grey-haired gentleman (who later turned out to be Mr. Coosa himself) began following us down the hall. They all wore these tight-fitting tunics almost like a wetsuit or a ballet suit, skin-tight. Everybody wore these skin-tight things—the keepers—not the people.—The people seemed like they just wore the same old stuff.

33. THE KEEPERS WERE DEFINITELY DIFFERENT, SORT OF MAGICAL, and their skin-tight suits seemed to be something sort of…”magical” is the only word I can think of! They could fly in them and they were impervious to any injuries, just as though they were spirit beings. Only they looked just like people‚ just like us, and they were in charge of the “hospital”‚ apparently, and they seemed to be running the whole operation.

34. AS WE CAME OUT OF MR. COOSA’S OFFICE THIS MAN (WHO TURNED OUT TO BE COOSA) CALLED GRACIE TO FOLLOW HIM, to come to his rooms. It was as though she was his personal prostitute, just like she was his slave, and she had to do whatever he said and follow him to his rooms or apartment—all in the same huge hospital-like building. I yelled at her—I said, “Gracie, Gracie! You can’t go in there! Don’t do it!” Whereupon Mr. Coosa turned around and rebuked me and said, “You have no position here to tell anybody what to do!—You don’t even belong here now!”—And he began to chase me. He chased me down the hall until we got near the end of the hall where I grabbed this broomstick, a broom somebody had left sitting there, and I tried to hit him with it to drive him off.

35. SUDDENLY THE FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED! THIS SOUNDS SILLY, I KNOW! But he plucked three little hairs out of the back of his neck, and he kind of rolled them between his thumb and forefinger like that, sort of crushed them to a powder or a fine mist, and then he threw and blew this powder or mist in my face, and immediately I began to get dizzy and drowsy! That’s when you grabbed me by the hand and said‚ “We’ve got to get out of here! We’ve got to run! We’ve got to go!” That’s when we ran back, and I said‚ “I think the exit must be somewhere near the main desk, cause that’s where we came in.”

36. WHEN I WOKE UP BACK IN MY OWN BED I WAS STILL DIZZY—I’m still dizzy right now, it’s the funniest thing! It s just like he was telling me that I had no business there, that it was not my business nor my affair, I had no jurisdiction there and no right to tell him what to do because that was their domain, they were assigned to that work of taking care of all those inmates and we were interfering with their job and we were to get out. It was too late and there was no use, nothing we could do to help them and it was hopeless.

37. SO ANYHOW, THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER WE WERE BEING QUESTIONED BY THIS GROUP OF SCIENTISTS ON EARTH. They were asking us all about our experience, and how it happened‚ and how we got there, and so on. The main thing they seemed to be interested in was where this hole was that we had gone through, this grave‚ this stairway, cellar stairway like a grave, the “Green Door”, and what it was like, and had us describe it, and the end of this road, this graveyard and so on.

38. THE LAST THING I RECALLED, ONE OF THE SCIENTISTS SAID, “YOU KNOW, I WAS WORKING ON A PROJECT DURING THE WAR, on something to do with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and time lapse or time warp, sort of like a `deja vu’ thing, where two stratas of time had developed a crack and one sort of slipped a little over the other one.”

39. THE THEORY THAT HE HAD WAS THAT IF YOU COULD FIND SUCH A CRACK IN THE DIMENSION OF TIME, IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE TO SLIP OUT OF TIME AND OUT OF THIS DIMENSION INTO ANOTHER ONE. So he was saying, “Well, I think it’s possible. You could possibly have had such an experience, that you’ve managed to find the crack or the overlap,” he called it overlap, “this slippage which you found, that place where you got through into another world of time or space or timelessness or some other dimension.”

40. HE WAS SAYING, “IT’S POSSIBLE, I BELIEVE IT’S POSSIBLE‚ I WAS WORKING ON A PROJECT LIKE THAT! It’s theoretically possible. I thought I’d found such a spot, but I never could prove it. I was afraid to go in. But it’s possible that you found the spot.” He must have really found the place‚ or thought he found it, but was afraid to try it or go in. But anyhow, I remember the last thing he said was that he had found this was true and he believed it, and we had apparently found the way. That was it!—And I woke from the dream.

41. WHEN I WENT BACK TO SLEEP, THEN I HAD THAT OTHER FUNNY DREAM, LIKE WE WERE BACK ON THAT SAME HUGE SHIP and it was coming slowly up the same dark, dark river. We were trying to get off, and as it came close to this wharf I said, “I’d better jump first to see if we can make it, and then you jump and I’ll help you, catch you.” We had to jump off the high deck of the ship onto the wharf in the dark. I made it, but you missed it and fell in the water. I waited a moment ’cause I thought you’d come right up and I’d reach down and pull you out, but you didn’t come up! That’s when I jumped in after you and sank down, down‚ down in this dark cold deep dirty water! I’ll never forget what a nightmare that was! Finally I felt your tiny hand slip gently around my foot‚ and I was so relieved I’d found you!—And I woke up!

42. BUT TO GET BACK TO THE “GREEN DOOR” DREAM: THE LAST I SAW OF COOSA HE WAS SAYING: “THIS IS OUR JOB, this is our business, and it’s none of your business! You just get out of here!” He was somebody very, very important. I mean, he’s the only leader I’d met!—The other guy was just a desk clerk, and there were the people up and down the halls, but he was the only really important man that I met at all. She called him “The Boss!”—Coosa: That might make sense if it was actually a name. I was trying to figure out if it was the initials of something, or spelt something backwards—Asooc. But Gracie and his secretary both said, “Coosa.”

43. IN OTHER WORDS, IT WAS LIKE IF WE DIDN’T WANT TO REGISTER WE HAD NO BUSINESS BEING THERE! If we didn’t want to stay and register and enter in we couldn’t stay if we weren’t registered.—Like a hotel or a hospital with visitors. But we couldn’t tell them what to do or how to run their business, or in other words‚ how to run Hell!

44. (MARIA: YOU HAD IT ON YOUR MIND WHY THE FLOODS ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN MEXICO AND INDIA, and you said something about the floods and earthquakes. It had something to do with the dream.—What was it?) It was like that was all a part of their operation or something.—Like all the different things like disasters were their business. Now that makes sense!

45. THEN‚ WHAT WE SAW OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL‚ ALL THESE WARS AND ALL THIS MACHINERY‚ AND ALL THE EVIL SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTATION AND SO ON, THAT IS ALL THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS!—War and false science and evil inventions and automobiles, etc.! Outside there were nothing but endless factories and chemical plants and refineries and all this huge horrible mess It just cluttered up the landscape something awful!—Industries, pollution and all that kind of junk! It was horrible!

46. I MEAN, YOU TALK ABOUT MY IDEA OF HELL, ABOUT THE CLOSEST THING I CAN THINK OF ON EARTH THAT’S LIKE HELL IS THESE BIG CITIES LIKE NEW YORK! Outside down there it was about like New York—all these buildings and factories, battlefields, rocket launching pads, all these horrible creations of man, that’s what that was! Obviously, therefore, they must be the ingenious inspirations of the Devil, all of these things that the Devil has inspired man to create. It was kind of like that was his surface operation outside the hospital or this big building. That was his surface operation, and we were inspecting the underground operation.

47. (MARIA: YOU WANTED TO REMEMBER THE “DISCOMFORT THE SPIRITS SUFFERED THROUGH THE UNDERGROUND ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS upsetting the underground balance and causing the strata to shift, which caused the earthquakes.” How was that?) My impression was that man was tampering with the forces of darkness and upsetting the balances of God’s Creation, in that the storms and floods were related to the earthquakes and the underground explosions.—How about that! I remember dreaming something about that! It’s funny I couldn’t remember anything about it. It must be that I was still pretty much in the spirit.

48. (MARIA: THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS YOU MENTIONED THAT YOU CAN’T REMEMBER NOW.) I’m sorry I’m still kind of in the spirit or out of it or something! I’m still a little woozy! I hardly ever am dizzy, but after that powder he threw in my eyes it made me so dizzy that when I came through that ripple out of that cellar through that time warp or whatever it was, that kind of made me dizzy too! You sure got a crazy old prophet!

49. WELL IT MUST MEAN SOMETHING!—REMINDS ME A LITTLE BIT OF ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Coosa reminded me a little of that guy in charge of those zombies in “Night Slaves”! It also reminded me a little of that TV thing we saw about the people that after death, arrived in the “Garden of Eden,” as it was called. Each one had what he had always wanted, and what he’d always been doing, but they discovered they were all dead‚ and though they had their heart’s desire, now that’s all they’d ever get: There was never any hope of any change‚ no release, no change, always the same forever!—And this was hell on Earth! I meant it had an element of that a little bit. It shows you there’s some truth that God’s trying to get across in some of those things. I mean there’s a message! (Maria: And the movie, “Night Slaves,” where the people were temporarily transported to work all night under supernatural control.)

50. (MARIA: YOU SAID “ASSIGNMENTS”—THAT WAS A POINT YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU WANTED TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE “GREEN DOOR” DREAM: “Check in at the desk, and then assignments.”) Well, it was like checking into a hotel, hospital or school: You’re assigned your room and your job.—Or at a school you get your assignments.—Or, in the military, your orders. But we didn’t check in, we didn’t register, and that’s why they were after us. We had no business being there, we weren’t registered.—Thank God we weren’t registered! My Lord! What a hell of a place!

51. (MARIA: YOU ALREADY TOLD ME ABOUT THE CYPRUS SPIRITS AND THE BRITISH SPIRITS?) IT WAS THE CYPRUS SPIRITS THAT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT TRIP. They came in the Cyprus wine. It was the Cyprus spirits that had something to do with that trip—very, very ancient spirits, very old. Ol’ Makarios will sure be surprised to find out he’s not only bottling wine but spirits over there, and shipping them all over the world!—Ha! You know how loaded Cyprus is with spirits—I mean it’s got spirits thousands of years old there!—How’s that for “vintaged”—Ha?—Thousands of years of the dead, and great and famous, too!

52. THINK OF IT! (LAUGHS: ) ONE OF CYPRUS’ MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCTS. THE EXPORTATION OF SPIRITS all over the world!—Bottling wine and spirits together and shipping them all over the world!—How ’bout that! You know spirits require some kind of vehicle usually‚ it’s a strange thing, they seem to require a vehicle of some kind. I remember thinking of “I Dream of Jeannie”. You know, her living in the bottle Well, that’s an old belief of some kind that spirits sometimes lived in bottles, particularly liquor bottles. They were contained in the liquor. Isn’t that funny?

53. WELL, I GUESS THAT WOULD CERTAINLY MAKE A VERY GOOD VEHICLE WITH WHICH TO GET INTO PEOPLE! So dear ol’ Makarios is exporting wine and spirits, of which they’ve got plenty of both in Cyprus! That’s really a dilly! PTL! God bless you! I love you! Can you put up with your ol’ Crazy Crusader? Thank you! Maybe that’s why we had such a hard time getting the tops off the Cyprus bottles: They wanted to make sure those spirits were bottled in there tight! We couldn’t get the top off either one of those bottles! It was really funny!

54. (TO MARIA:) YOU DON’T REMEMBER HAVING ANY PECULIAR FEELINGS? WE WERE LIKE FOREIGN SPIRITS and not under control, like strangers wandering in, and they were concerned about us. We were not prisoners, but they were trying to capture us and control us and trying to guide us. They seemed to be actually afraid of us and concerned about our movements because we were questioning what was going on, trying to analyse it.

55. THERE WERE SO MANY CORRIDORS AND SO MANY ROOMS!—Then there was the great ship in the very dark river. I must remember how Maria led me and rescued me and led the way and brought me out, and the way she ran ahead and insisted that I had to follow.

56. THE ESCAPE DOOR WAS LIKE A GRAVE leading under the little building—same size and shape as a grave—and it came out from under that little building like a cellar door. It led under some kind of utility building or old closed burial crypt or something not used any more, part of a park or cemetery.—The door was all covered with vines and weeds and it was green. But when we looked back after leaving it was all dry and dead and very dark.

57. I KEPT THINKING, “I MUST REMEMBER THE LOCATION, exactly where it is and the angle from the end of the street and its exact position, so I won’t forget if we want to find it again.” It reminded me afterwards of Alice in Wonderland and the Rabbit hole.—There must be something very spiritual about that story!

58. I’VE THOUGHT OF THE DISCOMFORT THE SPIRITS MAY HAVE SUFFERED THROUGH THE UNDERGROUND ATOMIC EXPLOSIONS upsetting the underground balance causing the strata to shift, which caused the earthquakes. That’s their realm, you know. They’re confined there. My impression was that man was tampering with the forces of darkness and upsetting the balance of God’s Creation, and that the storms and floods were related to the earthquakes and the underground explosions.

59. I HAD A FEELING LIKE WE WERE ALWAYS ON THE RUN BECAUSE THEY WERE SEARCHING FOR US BECAUSE WE DIDN’T BELONG THERE, and when we went to sleep in that room they locked the door and were trying to decide what to do with us, but somehow we got out. They weren’t trying to hurt us, but always trying to corral us‚ as we had sort of upset things by coming down there‚ because we weren’t supposed to be there. We apparently didn’t belong there. It was almost like we were invaders. The impression was that we were finding out things we weren’t supposed to know or they didn’t want to be known, and they were afraid we were going to discover what was happening, and we would find out and tell.

60. I REMEMBER ALSO THINKING IT WAS A LITTLE LIKE DANTE’S “INFERNO” and his trip to the underground regions, but sort of a modern style version. I remember thinking it was funny that Dante saw Hell in the terms of his experience and his day and the things he could relate to‚ and what I was seeing was sort of a modern streamline version of my day! I remember thinking‚ “Do you suppose Hell has undergone any changes to sort of bring it up to date?”

61. I REMEMBER I WANTED TO STAY AND LOOK AROUND and investigate further, but you said we had to go quick before I went to sleep. Boy, we sure barreled out of there in a hurry! The powder that grey-haired keeper who was taking Gracie away threw in my eyes made me so sleepy! I began to get drowsy and you grabbed me by the hand and started running.

62. THE EXIT was right behind the desk and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t guarded, but nobody seemed to know it was there but us, or even be able to find it, but us. It was like it was hidden from them and we were the only ones who knew where it was. Can’t remember how we got in, but we must have come in the same way because it seemed to be the only entrance or exit and the reception desk seemed to control it.

63. THESE WERE DIFFERENT SPIRITS, MUCH MORE ANCIENT and more Egyptian and from Cyprus and they came in or with the Cyprus wine, but the British wine brings Old English British spirits. Cyprus wine brings ancient, very‚ very ancient Eastern Mediterranean spirits. This dream had something to do with them. I don’t know what.

64. THE DOOR WE FOUND WAS IN BRITAIN because I remember listening carefully to the voice of somebody in a house by the graveyard as we came out‚ and I was so relieved to find they had a British accent. But the underground seemed to go everywhere, and, although we made our entrance and exit in Britain, it was the power of the spirits of Cyprus that brought the dream. They’re the ones that engineered it and introduced us and seemed to be guiding us, and showing us.

65. HALLELUJAH! HE CANNOT FAIL, FOR THE SPIRIT WORLD IS WITH HIM! (MARIA: WHO ARE YOU SPEAKING OF?—DAVID?) NO, GADDAFI.—Otherwise he wouldn’t have a chance. It is all in the spirit world. Everything is going on in the spirit world. What’s happening on the surface is nothing but a little physical manifestation of the real action. Where the real action is is in the spirit world and it is in full control. You don’t have to worry. Everything’s under control.

66. I DIDN’T WANT TO COME BACK. EVEN HELL IS MORE INTERESTING THAN THIS WORLD, but you made me. I don’t know why you seemed to think we had to get out of there. We didn’t belong there. Anyway, they didn’t seem to want us there. It was almost like they were afraid we were going to tell what was going on.

67. WHAT A HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE CONCEPTION OF HELL!: IT WAS LIKE A MAGNIFIED EXTENSION OF THIS LIFE OF HELL ON EARTH! That’s the best explanation of Hell I ever heard! The prostitute continues to be a prostitute, but she is no longer under her own control and there is no escape. The soldier continues to relive his battlefield experiences and all of that hell! And the politician continues to suffer the agony of shame and scandal and reproach and disgrace, like Nitler, all alone, so tired, so weary, he has no rest, no peace!

68. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THERE WAS NO TRUTH THERE‚ because you didn’t know what to believe! You didn’t know what was fact and what was fancy, because when you got around to one side of the desk you’re behind some of those people. It’s like you got around to look at them edge on and they’d disappear!—Like Polaroid refraction. If you got around to a certain angle edge on, instead of head on or face on, it all disappeared‚ so you didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t.

69. AND THE SCIENTIST KEPT ON AT HIS ENDLESS, INTERMINABLE EXPERIMENTS, never satisfied, never finding any end. It was all a very nice well-organised place, but it was really hell! There was no end, no peace, no rest, and you didn’t know what was truth! Everybody just had to keep going.

70. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHO MR. COOSA WAS. It seemed like he was supposed to be like our counsellor or guide, the one in charge of us. When we went to his office, he wasn’t there. But then we went into another office, his secretary’s office. Gracie was one of his secretaries‚ and she showed us this material she’d been sewing on the sewing machine and his name was embroidered on it. When I looked at his name, I thought, “I must remember how to spell it!—It must have some significance.” Everybody has somebody in charge of them‚ and he was our counsellor or guide. Gracie had to do whatever they said. She couldn’t resist them—it was like she belonged there.

71. BUT WE SEEMED TO BE INDEPENDENT SPIRITS THEY COULDN’T CONTROL. We’d come, but we still had a will of our own and were able to make decisions and do as we pleased and to run and escape if we wanted to. (To Maria: ) You don’t remember a thing about the whole trip? (Maria remembers nothing.)—I thought you’d remember, because you were so strong!—You just refused to stay, you ran off and I was afraid I’d lose you and I had to run after you. You don’t remember when we came up through that green grave door that it was like a ripple that went over us all of a sudden? You don’t remember that transformation at all?

72. I REMEMBER THINKING IT WAS JUST LIKE THAT TIME I DIED, ONLY IT WAS IN REVERSE. I was in the spirit‚ and then when I came up through the door into human natural physical life in the material world, this funny ripple passed all through my body and all of a sudden I was in my body and lying here in my bed, just like I’d been dead or died again. All of a sudden I came back to life, like a resurrection.

73. THOSE MEDITERRANEAN SPIRITS ARE STRONG SPIRITS! They’re very interesting though—so old! They know so much! (Maria: And they came through your wine?) Yes. How about that?—Bottled Cyprus spirits imported from Cyprus! Seems like they have to have some kind of vehicle for some reason, like the swine in the Bible, or “I Dream of Jeannie’s” bottle, or Aladdin’s Lamp! They’re totally different from the British spirits. They have lots more flavour and they’re much stronger and much older, and they’re full of much, much more ancient wisdom and knowledge! They really know the score! These British spirits are almost like novices by comparison.

74. THE REAL CENTRE OF THINGS IS IN EGYPT. Seems like those spirits’ headquarters are in Egypt. Those Cyprus spirits know all about that. They understand Egypt. They know what’s going on. But you know what? They’re not under the total control of the Devil!—None of them are! He’s sort of the manager of his department, but they’re all under the control of the Lord, and they know it, and there is nothing they can do without the Lord permitting them! The Devil is under His control and all of the spirits are in the control of the Lord, and they have to do whatever He says!

75. THERE IS SOMETHING VERY BIG COMING UP THEY’RE ALL GETTING READY FOR. They’re all excited. Their attitude was, “Don’t you know what’s about to happen?—This is the big thing! This is really it!—The grand finale!”—They’re all excited! They know what’s going on. Something big is going on and about to happen in Egypt. (Could it be the Egyptian-Libyan merger scheduled for Sept.1st?) The spirit world is all excited about it!—But you jerked me by the hand and you ran out, and I didn’t even have a chance to find out what was happening!

76. I HAD TO CHASE AFTER YOU BECAUSE I WAS AFRAID YOU’D GET LOST, and I told you not to go out that door or we wouldn’t be able to get back in. I don’t know why you always want to get out and run and run and run and pull me to the door! I don’t think that’s very nice of you, Honey, to be so stubborn and insistent.—It was such an interesting place! I don’t know if I can find the door again. I don’t know if it is permitted.

77. NOW, WHO WANTS TO TAKE MORE TRIPS TO HELL!—Not very many people! Dante made the trip, but I don’t remember that he wanted to go back. Besides, the door is all overgrown and covered now by many strong powerful weeds like guarding spirits‚ and I don’t think we can go back.

78. THE SCIENTIST AT THE CONFERENCE SAID HE DISCOVERED THE DOOR DURING THE WAR in his experiments—that it had something to do with time and space and relativity. But he’d been afraid to tell anybody because he didn’t think they’d believe him—like he’d found this crack in Time. It’s like he had found something spiritual and was afraid of it! He was British and grey-haired, and when we came out and told our story, he confessed that he knew about the door because he’d found it during his experiments in the psychic or something, but he’d been afraid to go in.

79. BUT WE BOTH WENT IN AND CAME OUT AGAIN! He said it so scared him, that he didn’t pursue his experiments any further when the war was over, and his project was cancelled. But it was like he was confirming our story that it did exist and the door was there and it could be entered, and that time warp or overlap was like a crack where you could slip in between the worlds from one to the other.

80. IT’S SORT OF LIKE PASSING FROM THE FLESH TO THE SPIRIT‚ WHICH OF COURSE IS LIKE DEATH. It’s really very simple: Everybody does it when they die! The spirit world is so interesting! Even Hell is far more interesting than this life! I wanted to stay there a little longer and see what it was like, but you wouldn’t stay.—You tried to drag me out! But then you knew I would run after you, so you ran. You knew I would, didn’t you?—Of course! You knew I would be so afraid we’d get separated that I would run after you!

81. YOU HAVE THAT CONTROL OVER ME. I don’t know if that’s always good or not. Maybe it is, because Jesus put me here in your care. You knew I’d run after you.—You wouldn’t even hold my hand! You were out of sight on the spiral staircase, so I ran after you because I didn’t want to get separated from you, Honey. I didn’t want you to run out the door and leave me behind.

82. ALL OF A SUDDEN I WOKE UP AND I WAS HERE AND I COULD FEEL MY BODY AGAIN. It was really a terrible disappointment! It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gone to sleep. I would have been transported to wherever I belonged. But in the spirit I could have become a spirit if you’d let me go to sleep! I was learning so many interesting things about how God runs things and takes care of the departed spirits!

83. GRACIE WAS LIKE THIS GREY-HAIRED KEEPER’S PERSONAL PROSTITUTE‚ AND SHE LIVED IN HIS QUARTERS with her two children, and I was trying to get her out. But he wouldn’t let me take her away‚ and that’s when I picked up the broomstick and tried to hit him, and he threw that powder in my eyes and said, “Here!—This will take care of you!” And I began to get so sleepy and dizzy, and he just turned back and went calmly down the polished corridor to Gracie’s room, as though that was the end of me! That’s when you grabbed me by the hand and said, “We’ve got to go!” That little building was at the end of that long dark country street.

84. BUT I MUST CONFESS I THINK I WAS KIND OF GLAD TO BE BACK IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING! I remember thinking how I’d much, much rather die than go back to America, that horrible hell on earth!—Even Hell itself would be better! I must remember all those things!—The Statesman; the lovely country road; the Egyptian barges; the Chinese junk.—They looked like ceremonial barges, like the Egyptian ships they buried in the tombs with the Pharaohs.

85. —AND THERE WAS A LITTLE HIPPIE SLAVE GIRL standing on the back end of one of those boats turning this big wheel with a big handle that apparently made the boat go. She looked up so hopelessly and helplessly, like she was bound to that job forever! Maybe that round and round motion is symbolic of drugs. She was real ragged.


87. LATER WE WENT INTO THIS HUGE THEATRE. IT WAS A PART OF THE HOSPITAL BUILDING, LIKE AN AUDITORIUM, where all the people were gathering in compulsory attendance. It was there we saw Gracie and her children sitting over against the wall on the right, and we wondered what they were doing there.—That was the first time we saw her. So we went over and sat down beside them and started asking her questions. But she was afraid and said, “I can’t talk to you now,” and she got up quick and left.—Like she was afraid of getting caught talking to us. She grabbed her kids and ran out a side exit and we followed her, and I guess that’s how we found her in her little sewing room.

88. WHEN YOU WERE TRYING TO DRAG ME DOWN THAT SPIRAL STAIRCASE, I FLATLY REFUSED TO GO, BUT YOU’RE A REAL PSYCHOLOGIST!—I was too heavy and you couldn’t pull me, so you just let go of my hand and ran, because you knew good and well I’d run after you! I thought, “My Lord! I’ve got to run after her and take care of her!”—And so I did.—That’s how I followed you out the “Green Door”. You were running like Hell was after you!

89. THERE WAS THIS STRANGE EXTENSION OF EACH LIFE UNDER TOTAL CONTROL IN THAT POLISHED HELL! All the people were prisoners or inmates. After the dream I’m still very dizzy, the same sort of dizzy feeling I had when I would change the angle of my vision, if I would turn my head just so, I would go from one dimension into the other. (I’ve now been dizzy for seven days after the dream!—Reminds me of Daniel 8:27: “After the vision I fainted and was sick certain days”!)

90. WE SEEMED TO HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH MR. COOSA. Everything was compulsory. This grey-haired master was very distinguished looking, a very outstanding authoritative man with long wavy silvery-grey hair, and he looked terrific in that beautiful form-fitting sparkling silvery suit which completely enclosed his body except for his hands and head!—Kind of a shimmering, sparkling material, almost like some kind of soft woven metallic material. The suits had some kind of magical or mystically powerful quality to them: It seemed like they protected them and helped them to fly and everything. He looked like a distinguished English gentleman. His secretary and Gracie called him Coosa.

91. IT WAS IN THE BIG STATEROOM THAT WE FOUND NITLER ALL CURLED UP ON THE BENCH LIKE A BABY, sucking his thumb and whimpering. It reminded me of those dreams we had recently about him having some kind of breakdown and being in a monastery or mental hospital all alone!—Then we ran out of the building to where the war was going on‚ but it was horrible!—So we ran back into the building. But it seemed you couldn’t stay there without being registered.—Everybody had to have some kind of Registration.

92. (FIVE DAYS AFTER THE DREAM WHILE BEGINNING TO WORK ON THIS COPY FOR PUBLICATION DAVID WAS STILL WEAK AND SICK AND DIZZY. It struck me suddenly that the evil spirits were specifically trying to kill him off before he could tell what he had found out! When I mentioned this to him‚ he broke out in strong prophecy with interpretation:) “O God‚ Thou art our Help and our Strength! Thou art our strong Sword! Thou art our Shield and Buckler, the only defense of David, Thou art our strong Tower, Thou art our Fortress, and our Hiding Rock, our Refuge forever for Thy David! In Jesus’ Name!

93. “—I REBUKE YOU, OPLEXICON, IN THE NAME OF JESUS! WE RESIST YOU, SATAN, IN JESUS’ NAME! (MO: I have to pray it out loud.—By thy words shalt thou be justified, and by thy words shalt thou be condemned.) Resist them by the power of Thy Spirit through the words Thou hast given unto David! (Prophecy:) O God‚ why hast Thou revealed these mysteries, these awful mysteries—unto Thy servant David?—These terrifying mysteries!”

94. (LATER WHEN MO HEARD OF THE BRITISH SUBMARINE THAT SANK:) THEY WERE INVADING THE REALMS OF THE EVIL SPIRITS, and the spirits didn’t like it! They have powers there! It’s almost like the men went into the subterranean spirit world, and the spirits didn’t like it. Certain spirits seem confined to certain realms‚ like under the earth and sea, and that is their assigned domain and they control it and rule there, and they don’t like it being invaded or disturbed by man!—That’s why man has so much trouble down there. That whole operation was jinxed!

95. SO WATCH OUT, BELOVED, FOR THAT “GREEN DOOR”! It may lead to a realm where you don’t really belong and certainly would never want to be! So be sure you don’t register there! Have your name put in the Lamb’s Book of Life in Heaven so you’ll be sure you’ve got your reservation confirmed for one of those mansions in God’s golden Space City instead!—That’s the place you’ll be happy forever with Jesus!—If you love and receive and live for Him now‚ you can enjoy Him and Heaven forever!

96. THEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AFRAID WHEN IT COMES TIME TO ENTER THAT “GREEN DOOR”—you’ll know which direction you’re going!—Not down to a polished Hell, but up to a happy Heaven!—God bless you!—See you there!—Amen?

There’s a funny old song we used to sing called “The Green Door” by Marvin Moore and Bob Davie and sung by Frankie Vaughan on an old Philips label back in the fifties. It’s like the heartcry of a lost soul who doesn’t know where it leads:

MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin’.

Watchin’ till the morning comes creepin’.

Green Door, what’s that secret you’re keepin’?

THERE’S AN OLD piano and they play it hot behind the Green Door.

Don’t know what they’re doing but they laugh a lot behind the Green Door.

Wish they’d let me in so I could find out what’s behind the Green Door.


MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin’.

Watchin’ till the morning comes creepin’.

Green Door, what’s the secret you’re keepin’?

Green Door, what’s the secret you’re keepin’?

Green Door!

KNOCKED ONCE, tried to tell ’em I’d been there.

Door slammed, hospitality’s thin there,

Wonder just what’s goin’ on in there.

SAW AN EYEBALL peepin’ through the smoky cloud behind the Green Door.

When I said, “MO sent me,” someone laughed out loud behind the Green Door.

All I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the Green Door.

(Chorus: )

MIDNIGHT, one more night without sleepin’.

Watchin’ till the morning comes creepin’.

Green Door, what’s the secret you’re keepin’?

Green Door‚ what’s the secret you’re keepin’?

Green Door!

Is that final “Green Door” gonna lead you to the “happy crowd” that “laughs out loud” in some naked hippie heaven—or to the sad, endless agonies of a polished Systemite hell?—Are you ready for that Green Door?

Time Travel

David Berg

—You Can Do It Now!8/8/82DFO1278

1. I WAS JUST WAKING UP FROM MY NAP WHEN THAT QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED IN “ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS #1” (GN 1) CAME BACK TO ME: When we get to Heaven or in the Millennial Kingdom, will we be able to time-travel back into the past or forward into the future? Why I should have even thought of it again I don’t know, except it must’ve been the Holy Spirit!

2. BECAUSE I IMMEDIATELY GOT AN ANSWER THAT REALLY STRUCK ME, IT WAS SO IMPRESSIVE! It nearly woke me up because it was so sort of shocking, almost like I could hear with my ears in the spirit: “Well, of course! You can time-travel now!” And I can prove it to you!

3. CAN YOU REMEMBER WHEN I FIRST MET YOU? (Alf: Yes.) When I ask you that question what do you get? (Alf: I went back & thought of it.) You just thought of it, or did you see a picture? (Alf: I saw a picture.)

4. YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL RIGHT NOW IN YOUR MEMORY!—I believe that is how we’re going to time-travel! You time-travel in the spirit. I’m not so sure you’re going to be able to time-travel in the flesh, in the physical, maybe so in some ways, but not now.

5. THE LORD IS ABLE TO PROJECT US INTO THE FUTURE, as He did the time I saw Techi there & I heard her talk & everything, but I was in the spirit. And when I was sick that time I could feel her touch, but I was in the spirit. So in the spirit all things are possible & with God nothing shall be impossible‚ so obviously you can time-travel!

6. I TOLD THE BOY WHO ASKED THE QUESTION: “WHY SURE, OF COURSE WE CAN!” But the Lord must have wanted this added to the answer: You can do it now in the spirit—in memory, in dreams, in revelations, in visions! In the spirit you can already time-travel!

7. I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT TIME IN THE “GREEN SHIRT” DREAM (No.629) when I said, “What’s this?” I didn’t even mean what’s the date, that wasn’t the question. I just meant, “What does this mean?” But the angel apparently figured that was the answer that I needed & said: “This is 2125 A.D.!” I said, “Well, that’s impossible! That hasn’t even happened yet!” And he said, “Well, it has now!” It reminded me of Faithy’s answer to that [Muslim] when he said, “God never had any children!” “Well,” she said, “He has now!”—Ha!

8. YOU CAN TIME TRAVEL BACKWARD IN MEMORY ALREADY! Maybe I got that thought somehow during the “Green Shirt” & it didn’t really sink in till now. You time-travel in memory. You go back & you think of things. And what do you do? Are you just seeing words?—No, you’re seeing pictures!

9. THIS IS HOW I’M SURE THE RECORDING ANGEL MUST DO IT—the Being of Light or whoever it is, that first angel that everybody faces in all these death experiences—when he opens the Book of Life they travel back through all those scenes of their life in memory. I think it’s all recorded right in your head & all he has to do is activate it & it all just unreels like a movie right in your own head! That’s where the record is, right?

10. HOW COULD THE LORD EXPLAIN THAT IN AGES GONE BY, that it’s all recorded in your head & there was going to be a way to dump it out like a computer whenever He wanted it shown to you? So He just had to talk about the Book of Life in all these revelations & how nearly all these people see their whole past, review their whole life. Think of it!—It’s all in the Book!

11. SO YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL RIGHT NOW IN MEMORY! YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL IN THE SPIRIT! It’s easily mentally possible, & science doesn’t seem to consider that supernatural at all to be able to travel back in time in memory; they accept that, right? But they can’t believe that you can time-travel into the future! “No, no! There’s no such thing. Nobody knows the future‚ that’s impossible.”

12. WELL, IF IT WORKS ONE WAY, WHY CAN’T IT WORK THE OTHER WAY? (Maria: They did mention something on TV about that last night. They said‚ “You’d better be careful, under hypnosis you might even see your death!”) Yes, they did believe that & brought out that you may do that.

13. BUT GOD HAS SOMEHOW PUT A BARRIER THERE SO THAT YOU CAN’T JUST DO IT OF YOUR OWN VOLITION, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SPIRITUAL HELP TO SEE THE FUTURE. Every prophet of God who saw the future got it in a vision or with a spiritual guide who took him into the future, led him by the hand or in the spirit & took him through that hole “Halfway to Heaven” (No.1252) & showed him those scenes of the future!

14. GOD DOESN’T PERMIT OR TRUST JUST ANYBODY TO SEE THE FUTURE! Imagine if some of the Devil’s people could really see the future! That’s why I’m a little bit sceptical about some of these modern worldly prophets who’ve purported to have seen the future—unless they have a genuine good spirit from God & are predicting the same things we’re predicting.

15. THEY DON’T CALL THEM PROPHETS NOWADAYS, OF COURSE, THAT’S A BAD WORD! Ahem! That’s something religious. They call them clairvoyants‚ seers, psychics, mediums‚ telepathic experts & ESP people‚ anything to make it sound more scientific & according to man’s wisdom & knowledge. It’s got to be understandable by man. According to Science there’s no supernatural, no spiritual‚ no God, so it’s got to be something man is master of.

16. BUT ONLY GOD CAN SHOW YOU THE FUTURE! I don’t think you can give me an example in the whole Bible of where the Devil revealed the future to anybody that I can remember. When the Witch of Endor raised the spirit of Samuel, that was a prophet of God, prophesying by the wisdom & knowledge of God & the revelation of God what was going to happen to king Saul when he told him he & his three sons were going to die in the battle. Only God knew that & only God could reveal it. (1Sa.28:7-20.) He could let the Devil himself reveal it‚ I suppose, if He wanted to.

17. LIKE THE GIRL THAT FOLLOWED PAUL & SILAS AROUND WITH THE FAMILIAR SPIRIT. You notice it didn’t say an unclean spirit but it said a spirit of divination. (Acts 16:16.) The Old Testament was pretty hard on familiar spirits, maybe because in those days people didn’t have the Holy Spirit to be able to discern the difference between the good ones & the bad ones.

18. BUT NOW THAT WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD’S WORD EXHORTS US TO DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE & TRY THE SPIRITS. (1Jn.4:1.) If we’re not supposed to have anything to do with spirits at all, how are we going to try them, huh? And yet that’s what the churches teach today: “Oh spiritism! That’s of the Devil! It’s all of the Devil & it’s all demonic & it’s all devils & blah‚ blah, blah, blah, blah!” Well, then why did John caution us to try the spirits? What is the rest of that verse?

19. (SARA: “TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD.”) Whether, what? (Sara: Whether they are of God.) (James: They!) Good! You caught the point-they! The churches don’t tell you that it’s possible to have plural spirits in the good realm as well as in the unholy realm, & of course they immediately misinterpret that “they” means just devils; that all the other spirits besides the Holy Spirit are devils.

20. WELL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY THINK EVER HAPPENED TO ALL THE ANGELS OF GOD & ALL OF THE DEPARTED SPIRITS OF THE SAINTS! What in the World do they think happened to them anyhow? They say, “Oh well, of course they’re not allowed to have contact blah, blah!” Well, there’re plenty of examples right in the Bible where people who were not angels of God but were former prophets & men of God had contact with saints of God, right? So PTL! Hallelujah? (Family: Amen!) (1Sam.28:7-20; Dan.8:13-17)

21. SO THOSE ARE SOME THOUGHTS FOR YOU ON TIME-TRAVEL! Isn’t that a shocking thought to you? Your own memory proves that you can time-travel backwards, & the prophecies of God & the visions of the prophets of God prove you can time-travel into the future! Man can’t travel into the future except by spiritual help of God or His agencies, but everybody can time-travel into the past with the help of your own memory.

22. YOU CAN CONJURE UP PICTURES & SCENES OF THE PAST‚ & SOMETIMES WHEN YOU’RE DREAMING THEY’RE JUST AS REAL AS REAL LIFE! You go back to things that happened & you think you’re there again & it’s just as real as sitting here!—At least that’s the way it seems to you in the dream‚ right? And in dreams, boy, you sure travel! At least I sure travel in my dreams! Wow! I don’t know if anybody in this World ever had such funny dreams as I have! I mean, they’re amazing! I don’t even understand them myself sometimes!

23. CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING A DREAM LIKE “HALFWAY TO HEAVEN“? (No.1252.) I hadn’t the faintest idea what that meant when I was having the dream, & it was not until I was faithful & obeyed the Lord & began to relate the dream that the Lord revealed the meaning. After waking up I think back over it & ask the Lord to show me what it means & the Lord interprets it.

24. BUT SOMETIMES I’M ALMOST AFRAID TO EVEN TELL THE DREAM OR THINK ABOUT IT, IT SOUNDS SO CRAZY & RIDICULOUS & doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all! You know some of these dreams I’ve had! But if it’s of the Lord, He always brings out some lesson & meaning.

25. THIS LITTLE GAL TECHI TIME–TRAVELS! She came back in time from the age of five when I first met her‚ when I first really knew who she was. Because I think I had met her in dreams several times before: the baby in the bus in the “Registration” Dream (No.333C), & the little girl in the “Aura Jones” Dream (No.381), & in different ones people have pointed out in some of the old Letters where she was there & I wondered at the time who this little girl was.

26. I NEVER DID KNOW WHO SHE WAS OR WHAT SHE WAS FOR‚ SHE WAS JUST THERE! Must be one of my little guardian angels, GBH! How about that? She came back from somewhere around the age of nine when I was in Spain where I had that experience with the little girl calling to me from outside on the terrace through the window in Spanish. (See No.760.)

27. (TECHI: MOMMY CAME OUT ON THE BALCONY & SHE DIDN’T SEE ME!) Yes, you had vanished into thin air! That was a high balcony too & there was no way down! Ha! It was so real I was sure that the gardener’s little girl must be out there on the balcony & I wondered how in the World she knew my name!

28. SHE EVEN CALLED TO ME IN SPANISH: “BIENVENIDO, DAVID!” Now why the Lord had her speaking Spanish then, I don’t know, except I had just arrived in Spain & it was sort of a Spanish welcome! Ha! (Techi: I remember I patted you when you were sick.) Yes, when I was very sick you patted me later in Switzerland.

29. ISN’T THAT AMAZING HOW THE LORD HAS ALLOWED HER TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME FROM FUTURE AGES? Somewhere, some-place she’s already five, or was then. Somewhere, some–place she was already nine. Somewhere‚ someplace she is already a grown woman, a beautiful stewardess, & then she suddenly turned into a baby! She was a grown woman at first, a beautiful blonde girl in the “Registration” Dream.

30. ISN’T THE SPIRIT WONDERFUL? I mean, the Spirit World is just so exciting & thrilling when you think about all the things that are going to be possible & are possible already & already happening! Think of that! Isn’t that wonderful?

31. SO LOOK HOW FAR BACK SHE TRAVELLED IN TIME & was willing to come clear back & in a way have to live it now from the beginning! That shows a lot of love—love of the Lord & the love of that person as well, because it’s sort of voluntary thing of your own volition & you have a certain amount of choice about it.

32. I DON’T BELIEVE IN REINCARNATION THE SAME WAY THE BRAHMINS & BUDDHISTS & ORIENTAL RELIGIONS BELIEVE IN IT, but that developed out of the reality & out of the truth. Now they’ve got it into such a rigmarole it’s ridiculous: “Don’t kill that fly, it might be your genuine aunt! Don’t kill that fly, it might be your uncle! Don’t swat that mosquito, it might be your grandmother” & all that kind of ridiculous junk! Well, maybe so, I don’t know!—Ha! Well, I’ll wait & see‚ I haven’t had anything like that anyhow!—Ha! But with people, real people, it certainly happens. PTL?

33. HAVE YOU “TIME-TRAVELLED” LATELY?—C’mon! Take a trip in the spirit! It’s wonderful!—You can go anywhere with Jesus! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! GBY! ILY! IJNA!

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Spiritual Sex

David Berg

—By Father David Portugal DO1009 19 August 1977

(Early morning:)

1. HE COULDN’T POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT I WAS UP TO! (Maria: Well, God bless him for being so nice!) Well after all, he had the Queen of Love‚ why shouldn’t he be nice? Part time he had you, part time he had Sue & part time he had Alfred! (Spiritually.)—He had a lot of lovers!—And I had his wife! I had her in the palm of my hand! (Maria: And you were fucking away!) Oooh, I was fucking away in the Spirit & she knew it! She couldn’t take her eyes off me‚ I had her hypnotised! (Maria: Like “The Snake Charmer”!) (No.557.)

2. ISN’T IT AMAZING HOW THOSE SCORPIOS JUST CAN’T TAKE THEIR EYES OFF YOU? That’s why that girl Belen can’t look me in the eye, she’s afraid she’s going to fall in! When Belen looked me in the eyes, that was it! I mean our eyes just latched onto each other, & boom!—We fucked in the spirit! I had a spiritual orgasm, like I did with her last night!

3. SOME PEOPLE WOULD SAY WE COMMITTED SPIRITUAL ADULTERY, but how could it be adultery when she’s fucking God, you know?—When she’s making love to God through me! She’s just absolutely fascinated looking in my eyes! I loved her & I petted her with my spirit & she had a spiritual orgasm! She knew I was sowing seeds & she got embarrassed! Isn’t that something funny? It’s amazing, huh? TYJ! Hallelujah! That’s what made me go, you & her all together. (Maria: And it helped E. to know you were occupied.) Of course!

4. THAT’S WHY HE BRINGS THEM, HONEY, HE KNOWS HE BRINGS THEM TO THE FOUNTAIN, he wants them to drink!—Isn’t that beautiful? He says, “Hear ye him! Never a man spake like this man! Come! Hear him! This man is a Prophet of God!—He told me all things whatsoever I did! Come!” she must have had quite a following, Honey, all the men of Samaria came out to hear Him! (Maria: Almost like E. in reverse!) Yes, he’s got so many women! He’s got so many women! “Come, hear him!”

5. SHE CAME, SHE HEARD, SHE LOOKED‚ SHE SAW, & I CONQUERED! Whew! Honey, it was so sexy! There’s nothing like spiritual sex, it’s the most sexy of all! Hallelujah! She looked deep in my eyes & fell in & I was fucking away in the Spirit! She loved it! We really had a spiritual orgasm & she knew it! Hallelujah! TYL! She really loved it, Honey Baby!

6. THOSE SCORPIOS ARE SOMETHING, THEY ARE FIGHTING BUT FASCINATED BY MY EYES, you know?—Because they refuse to wrench their gaze away, they hang right on & they look me right in the eye & I fuck them in the Spirit & they really love it! Hallelujah? TYJ! ILY, Baby! Oooh, we had such a good time last night! She wanted to lay her head on my knee. She flung her head way back on my knee.

7. MY GOD! IT’S AMAZING WHAT THE SPIRIT CAN DO! Isn’t that something? It turns them all on physically & sexually where they want that too! So I just gave it to her & she loved it! TYL!—All in a nice little threesome all together.—I was goosing you & jacking me & fucking her! Ah, thank You Lord! Oh Baby, we’ve got to go to sleep now‚ OK? ILY! (Maria: And while you were fucking her, last night I was fucking E.!) Amen, in the spirit, & he knew it. He loved it, & you were fucking her husband too, & he liked it!

8. HE’S LIKE A LITTLE WEE TINY EENSY WEENSY TINY BABY, BUT HE FELT HIS MAMA’S LOVE! He felt it! He felt it, Honey Baby! (Maria: E. was glad that you were occupied, because then he doesn’t feel bad talking to me.) That just thrills him & satisfies him, & that’s why he brings them—all his old flames to mine!

9. HE GOES OUT & ROUNDS THEM UP! HE GOES OUT & BRINGS THEM IN! (Maria: Even though he almost felt like dying!) Even if he’s ready to die, he wants to bring them to me. He wants to bring them in from the fields of sin, bring the wandering ones to Jesus! (Maria: Why doesn’t he accept Jesus?) Well‚ Honey, it’s so hard for the Jews, I mean for generations they’ve been prejudiced against Him. But he’s doing it in the Spirit‚ Honey, he’s accepting the Lord in the Spirit.

10. WHEN THEY RECEIVE YOU, JESUS SAID, THEY RECEIVE ME! What do you mean he hasn’t accepted Jesus? Of course he’s accepted Jesus! He’s accepted me, so he’s accepted Jesus! He may not understand it but he did, he does! He does it by proxy, but he’s got to do it for himself, I know. The Lord is working with him, don’t worry.

11. HE’S RECEIVING JESUS BY PROXY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE’S RECEIVING ME, right? To him I’m like Jesus in the flesh, so he’s receiving me, amen? So don’t worry, it’ll come. (M: It will you think?) Yes, of course it will come. (Maria: That’s encouraging!) You know, Honey its already happened in the Spirit. He’s received me in the Spirit, so he’s received Jesus! It’s just like for every Jew, it’s very hard to confess Him because they receive a lot of approbation & persecution.

12. WHY DON’T WE GO TO SLEEP? I FUCKED ENOUGH‚ HONEY! (Maria: Do you think I have to make love to him, Honey‚ in the flesh?) Well, you might if he needs it sometime. I’m sure he’ll want to give me somebody in return. Thank You Lord! I think if it hadn’t have been so late & they weren’t all so tired, we would have done it, if we’d got the point. We will, some time. I’ll have to send you over to him & tell him you’re my gift of love! Amen, Honey Baby, I love you, let’s go to sleep.

13. …I GO AROUND FUCKING ALL THE WOMEN IN THE EYES & THEY LOVE IT!—IN THE SPIRIT! (Maria: You’re a spiritual fucker!) Jesus does! He made love with the woman taken in adultery. He made love to her with His eyes & she knew it, & she loved Him. She gladly would have laid down with His Body‚ she really loved Him‚ & she got satisfied in her soul & it was better, amen?—& all His other women!

14. LAST NIGHT SHE GOT SATISFIED IN HER SOUL, we had a spiritual orgasm & she exploded! She had to say, “Stop, stop, stop! It hurts!” & looked away, you know? You know what I mean? She had to wrench her gaze away & look away from me. It felt so good it hurt‚ you know what I mean? It’s just like sex, it’s so spiritual! Ha!

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Sexy Bride, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidDO101725 July 1975

(Tongues & Interpretation:)

1. HE POURS IT OUT EVEN WHEN HE CAN’T GET NEAR YOU HOPING YOU’LL GET SOME! Though it be lost in the streets, yet He keeps on pouring it! Even though some of it is wasted he keeps pouring it out because he loves you! Look with love on your father, pity your father, he loves you so much! Charm him with your love! Let him look upon your bosom to inspire him with bowels of compassion!

2. I WAS ONLY INTERESTED IN LOOKING AT YOU THIS TIME‚ THE BRIDE, the only one with love like the Lord’s Bride, & Abrahim kept saying, “Hear ye him! Hear ye him! Behold though ye pour it on the ground & it be lost in the streets & wasted, yet he pours it out for you in the hopes that you might receive it!” It is just like our literature on the street is wasted, & falls on stony ground sometimes.—Some of it falls on thorns & stones‚ but some on good rich soil which receives it & grows!

3.THE CHURCH ALWAYS USES THAT ONAN THING ABOUT GOD CURSING HIM BECAUSE HE LET IT FALL ON THE GROUND, but with Onan he deliberately withdrew it because he didn’t want it to bear fruit. (Gen.38:9,10.) They use that Scripture for masturbation also, they don’t even use it for withdrawal. Never once have I heard any Bible preacher or teacher condemn withdrawal which is to prevent conception, & that’s what the Lord didn’t like because Onan did it selfishly to prevent children so he didn’t have to share the inheritance with his brother’s wife!

4. WELL, THE LORD CASTS HIS SEED EVERYWHERE HOPING IT WILL FIND FERTILE GROUND, but He doesn’t deliberately withdraw it to prevent conception. The church wants all the works & all the fun & enjoyment & machinery, but they don’t want to bear children because it will take too much work, it’s a kind of a pretense they go through, a love-making pretense in church.

5. THEY GO THROUGH ALL THE MOTIONS & WORDS & WORKS, but they don’t really want it to bear fruit because that would mean they’d have to take care of them. I have been in churches where they actually resented new people! They liked their privacy & they didn’t want anybody intruding on their nice little closed fellowship.

6. THEY REALLY HAVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD IN THE CHURCH! They want just so many & no more, because it costs too much & they can’t afford it—they’d have to build new churches & new outposts & they wouldn’t know what to do with them all! They don’t want to have to pay to send them to the mission field, so they just keep it down. When I was a young man I was in a meeting where they were discussing the problem & they said,

7. “WE’VE GOT TOO MANY STUDENTS & TOO MANY SCHOOLS.—We’re producing too many graduates & the field is not able to absorb them all!” Can you imagine that? I’ll never forget that statement! I was so shocked I leaped to my feet & gave that Scripture, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few! Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers into His harvest!” (Mt.9:37,38.) But they say, “We can’t afford to send them!”

8. THEY SAY EXACTLY WHAT PLANNED PARENTHOOD SAYS: “We just can’t afford these new mouths & such big families, we just can’t afford to have more children!”—So they go just so far where they have the fun & the pleasure of just so much service, but when it comes to really exploding in a real witnessing explosion like the orgasm of sex, they just enjoy it to themselves & then suddenly they withdraw!

9. THEY DON’T WANT TO BEAR ANY MORE CHILDREN!—They might have to divvy up the inheritance with more offspring & there isn’t enough, they want more than their share & they want to keep it to themselves. So the church really does have birth control & planned parenthood to make sure they don’t have too many children because they’re so selfish! They don’t want to have to feed them all. They could send many more missionaries & win many more souls, but they don’t want to have to take care of them.

10. THEY PRETEND TO MAKE LOVE TO GOD & EACH OTHER & HAVE INTERCOURSE IN THE SPIRIT‚ but the minute there is any danger of it exploding into fruit-bearing seed bringing conception & new souls to the kingdom, they instantly withdraw & spill it on the ground! They say, “Now let’s not go too far with this, let’s not get emotional about this, let’s not start bringing in just anybody & everybody! Let’s not let these emissions start interfering with our church services, our wedding services‚ our ceremonies! After all, the ceremonies are more important than the emissions!”—The witnessing!

11. SO THE SEED THEY DO PRODUCE FALLS WASTED ON THE GROUND & LOST because it keeps falling on the same stony ground & same stony hearts that never produce anything but church fights & denominational loyalties, or shallow ground that doesn’t produce strong plants that will grow & mature, or in their own thorny hearts that are choked out with the pleasures & concerns of this World!

12. THEY DO THEIR BEST TO KEEP IT FROM FALLING ON FERTILE GROUND WHERE IT WILL PRODUCE FRUIT! How many of these church programs you hear on the radio are really aimed at the sinners? They’re aiming at each other & the same old crowd all the time! How many preachers design their program for the unsaved? They don’t bring any good ground in for the seed. They just want it for their own stony hearts & thorny ground.

13. THEY DON’T BRING THEM IN BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH THEM! They do not bring in the good ground to have the seed sown because they don’t want to be bothered, so they don’t mind how many times you let the seed fall on unfruitful ground & shallow thorny ground.—Just be sure you don’t let it fall on good ground where it might take root & conceive & grow & bring new souls into the Kingdom, because they don’t want to take care of them!

14. HOW MANY CHURCHES HAVE YOU BEEN IN LIKE THAT WHO ONLY PAY LIPSERVICE TO WITNESSING & missions & preaching the Gospel to every creature? They never brought anybody new in themselves. How many people in the churches you’ve been in ever really kept bringing in new people? In the average church of 100 people that I was never in there were only one or two real soul winners, & they were the only ones who ever brought anybody new in! The rest of them just sat there like the stony thorny shallow ground they were!

15. THE CHURCHES ARE JUST FULL OF STONY THORNY GROUND & they do not want that preacher’s plow to get into any new territory where it might bear fruit! They don’t want him taking on any new brides or new projects or new groups like us that might bear fruit. They want him to stick with their own little thorny shallow stony unfruitful womb! If there was ever a type of the stony thorny shallow ground it is the churches that bear no fruit!

16. IT IS ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW, some new movement, some new outpouring‚ some new move of the spirit, some new group that provides a new young fresh womb, strong & powerful & hungry to conceive & bear fruit, good ground! I’d say about 99% of that good ground is outside the churches, all those great new spiritual movements either began outside the church or were kicked out by the churches!

17. THEY GET THROWN OUT THE MINUTE IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE GOING TO CONCEIVE & BEAR FRUIT & suddenly the church withdraws from them! The church withdraws & would rather spill it on the ground than have anything to do with a new bride that will conceive & bear children that are going to cost them something!

18. IT COST US SOMETHING TO START THE NEW REVOLUTION in time & sacrifice & funds & personnel & manpower & man hours & money! It has really cost us something, but we’re beginning to get out into new fields & new fertile ground—good ground that will bear fruit instead of the same old blobby hard-hearted stony-hearted shallow thorny- hearted Colonies that no longer want to share, but say “we have enough”:

19. —A CHURCH THAT SAYS “IT IS ENOUGH, I DON’T WANT ANYMORE! I’ve had enough of the seed, I don’t want any more! Enough of the Word, I don’t want any more! Enough new disciples, I don’t want any more!” Isn’t that a fact? “We have enough disciples now, our Colonies are big enough, we don’t need to grow any more, our Family’s big enough, we can’t afford to feed any more!”

20. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE WORLD IS SAYING TODAY!—Whereas if they really shared as they ought to there would be plenty for all! If our Colonies really shared as they ought to, there would be plenty for all—plenty of manpower for the mission field, plenty of funds for pioneering. But no‚ some of them feel they have enough. They’ve got enough manpower for their little Colony & enough funds for their little operation & that’s all they need. Why worry about having any more children?

21. ONLY THIS TIME IT’S NOT ONAN WHO HAS WITHDRAWN, it’s not the bridegroom who has withdrawn & doesn’t want to sow the seed‚ it’s the bride herself who has withdrawn from him to keep from conceiving‚ to make sure she doesn’t have any more children to take care of. It’s the bride who has done the switch!

22. THE LORD IS STILL GIVING THE WORD & we’re still producing plenty of it, but it’s some Colonies who don’t think they need anymore. Some Colonies almost groan when they hear of some new Letters, “What now! What new thing is he going to spring on us next? What new emission that might cause us to have to conceive & bring forth new disciples & take care of them & share our funds & our personnel! Let’s withdraw quickly lest we conceive & bear fruit & have to share again!”

23. IT’S THE BRIDE HERSELF THIS TIME THAT HAS WITHDRAWN! The bridegroom is faithfully pumping away with ever new emissions, but the bride is reluctant to conceive & bear new children & care for them & share with them. Which kind of bride are you?

24. HAVE SOME OF YOU ALREADY BECOME THE OLD CHURCH, old churches, old bottles who no longer want to conceive any more children because you don’t want to have to take care of them or share with them, so you’ve now instituted planned parenthood & birth control to keep your population down within the barest minimum?

25. —OR ARE YOU THE LOVE-HUNGRY‚ SEX-HUNGRY, INTERCOURSE–MAD NYMPHOMANIAC NEW BRIDE who never gets enough & who always wants more? “Give me more, more, more!” Are you the kind that never gets enough Letters, you never get enough seed, you’re always crying for more & devouring it with everything you’ve got & always begging for more & always producing new children, new disciples, always conceiving & bearing new fruit & spilling over into new areas with your increasing family, sending your children into new fields & gaining new territory, increasing the size of your domains by your burgeoning population?

26. IT HAS BEEN THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD WITH EXPLODING POPULATIONS NEEDING MORE LIVING SPACE that have been the World’s conquerors needing more good ground for agriculture to feed their exploding populations, needing more new territories with new raw materials to produce the goods they need for their ever–expanding nations! These are the kind that conquer the World in the physical!

27. BUT THE ONES WHO SAY, “IT IS ENOUGH‚ we have enough, let’s sit down & enjoy what we’ve got, we don’t need anymore, we don’t want anymore, we don’t want to have to take care of anymore or share with anymore! We’ve arrived at our quota & we’ve just made it, just enough for ourselves, now let’s sit down & enjoy it & not work so hard & love so much & have so much spiritual intercourse & win so many souls, or we’ll have to take care of them & share with them! Stop! It is enough!”

28.—THOSE ARE THE NATIONS WHO DECLINE INTO IMPOTENT BARREN UNFRUITFUL DECADENCE & grow old & weak & corrupt & fall before the strong young never-satisfied never-have-enough new nations who want to win the World, who conquer‚ destroy & bury the old rotten corpses with stinking history!

29. THE GRAVE OF HISTORY REEKS WITH THE DECAYING BODIES OF THESE SLAIN OLD NATIONS, some of them didn’t even have to be destroyed, they just rotted themselves to death, stank themselves to death as Capitalism is doing today! Marx taught that Communism would not have to destroy Capitalism, but if they’d wait long enough the old system would destroy itself with its selfishness, corruption, introversion, inbreeding, impotence, intrigue & decay!

30. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE & THEY’LL STINK THEMSELVES TO DEATH THROUGH IMPOTENCY‚ old age, rust, so that the new living larva of the moths of new life will destroy them & give birth to new nations! Again we say there’s no such thing an standing still!—You’re either going forward, progressing, growing, winning new souls, pioneering new Colonies, conquering new fields‚ or you’re backsliding, slipping backwards, dying, already headed for weakness, unfruitfulness, corruption‚ decay & death & final collapse!

31. THE NEW YOUNG BOTTLES, THE NEW YOUNG BRIDES WHO ARE NEVER SATISFIED are going to overrun your fields with their new children‚ take over your territory with their own new Colonies, & you’re going to be long forgotten in the dead stinking sepulchers of the history of the inevitable fate of old bottles, old churches & old nations! Which are you?

32. THE PICTURE HERE IS OF THE BRIDEGROOM SEEKING NEW YOUNG FRUITFUL LIVING HEARTS FOR HIS SEED—good ground!—The old bride, old bottles, old church having withdrawn herself with her stony, shallow, thorny heart & barren womb to die & be buried & forgotten! Which are you? Which is your Colony? Are you going to fall by the wayside? Is His seed going to fall on the rocky, shallow, thorny ground of your cold & hardened heart & be wasted & lost?

33. OR ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR THE SEED & FOR MORE LOVING FELLOWSHIP, more redhot spiritual intercourse, more explosions in the Spirit, more orgasms of the soul‚ more agonising ecstasies that will bring fruitful conception & more souls into the Kingdom of God that will produce more pioneers conquering new fields! Which are you?

34. ARE YOU MARCHING ON WITH US TO WIN THE WORLD?—Or left behind dead & dying on old battlefields for the stripping of the slain by the vultures of the Enemy! Which are you? Which will it be for you & your Colony? We & God’s Kingdom are marching on!—Do you want to come with us, or shall we leave you behind? You alone can make the choice. What is your answer? GHU!

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King Peter’s Birthday Celebration!

May 5, 2003

By WS staff, Mama, and a host of Heavenly helpersCM/FM 3296 4/00

Dear Family,

1. We love you so! This GN contains a run­down on a very inspiring recent happening in our Home—the celebration of Peter’s birthday! Know­ing that you would also want to partake of this very special evening, I asked a couple of our SGAs to put together this account of the events that took place in honor of our dear King Peter! Enjoy!

Love in our precious Husband, Mama

2. Welcome, one and all‚ to a once-in-a-lifetime event—Peter’s birthday dinner 2000! This was the first time in 5 years that Peter had been home for this special day! Our ever-faithful and loving king had most often of late spent this date at a summit or some other meeting‚ and while always enjoyable and made very special by the dear Family around him, there’s surely something to be said for his being able to spend it with Mama! And that gave us all cause to celebrate along with them.

3. The Lord told us to honor our king by having a special dinner on the night of his birthday rather than combining it with others’ as we normally do for our sun sign birthday parties. While the food and drink and atmosphere were all delightful, the best part about this evening was that the Lord poured down lots of exciting new treats in the form of poetry, songs and more! Enjoy them with us in this special GN covering the night of April 22, 2000.

4. When the Lord or others refer to those who were physically present at this event as Peter’s “loves” or “mates,” it doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones. Those of you in our wonderful Family are also part of our greater marriage and very much our mates as well! We sure love and need you!

Behind the scenes beforehand

5. Three cheers for the cooks for all the work that they put into preparing a delicious lasagna meal—and for the homemade ice cream dessert.

6. Two of the girls transformed our dining room, creating an authentic Italian restaurant ambiance.

7. Our two coordinators/MCs helped each detail fall into place, before, during and after.

8. And thanks to everyone who contributed in any way, big or small, known or unknown, to make this evening special for our king—those who received prophecies, moved furniture, took photos, did the dishes‚ shopped for the food and drink, cleaned up the dining room afterwards, etc.

A toast

9. As we all sat down with a glass of wine, we were tantalized by three lovely topless waitress­es, who served us bread and salad before the main course. Once we were all settled, the following toast was made, given in prophecy beforehand by Jesus Himself, and followed by a toast from Mama to our wonderful Husband and King:

10. (Jesus:) This evening is a celebration and tribute to My king! As your Husband and Lover, I honor you, My king, My darling, My Peter, on this, the day of your birth!

11. As we join together in this toast of tribute, the eyes of these, your loves, bear witness to the great love and thankfulness each one carries in their hearts for you. So, this is a toast of love, a toast of honor, a toast of thankfulness for you, My servant King Peter—to you who have given your heart, your life, your all in loving service to Me, your queen, your kingdom, and to these, your loves!

12. With this toast I pour forth My Spirit, My love, My unity and My blessing in great richness and measure upon this evening and time of celebration together! Happy Birthday My love, My dear, My heart‚ My Peter! (End of message from Jesus)

13. (Mama:) I want to make a toast to Jesus, the One Who gives us wonderful and great love that we can’t even express in words. We love You and praise You, our adoring, sweet, sexy Husband. Thank You for dying for us and ­rising again and giving us Your Holy Spirit Who woos and loves us. Thank You for Your abundant love that You express to us in so many ways. Thank You for the Family and that we can be here with each other‚ and for allowing us to have this ­special evening. Thank You especially for ­Peter. Here’s to You, precious Jesus! And to you, ­Peter, Honey, happy happy birthday. I love you!

The appreciation sensation!

14. Over the previous week, each person at the dinner, which included our Home and a number of visitors from other Homes and offices, had taken a few moments to write something they especially appreciated about Peter, or to receive a little word from the Lord for him. These words of love and gratitude were read a few at a time throughout the meal.

n From the women:

15. What I appreciate about you … that’s a tall order to put down in one tiny paragraph. You’re so kingly and stately, there’s no doubting your anointing‚ yet you’re never sitting on a pedestal. That’s pretty special! Your humble ways serve as a constant sample to me. I appreciate the fact that even though you’re a “royal,” you’re so down-home and people don’t have to feel awkward around you. I admire so much your love for the Lord and your love for the Family—there’s nothing put on about it. You truly are so in love with the Family and desire to serve them.

16. You’re so tenderhearted and kind, and your chivalrous ways and gentlemanly manner put you in a class all your own. That’s pretty special to us girls‚ not to mention your tender touches, warm hugs, tantalizing kisses—and on top of that, you really know how to dance! Hmmmmm.

17. What I have always appreciated the most about you, from the moment I met you, is how you represent Jesus. I’ve always felt that if there was any one person on Earth that could remind me of Jesus the most, it’s you, Peter. When I look at you and think of you, I immediately think of Jesus! You are such a sample of the Lord, and being around you makes me also want to be more like Jesus.

18. At the same time you are so normal and natural—well, I guess that’s the way Jesus is! You make us feel very comfortable and it’s so easy to be around you. I still remember talking to you on the phone before I ever really met you‚ and I felt like I had known you for years as my best friend and that I could tell you anything and you would understand.

19. You are always so appreciative and positive and very encouraging! In so many ways you remind me of Dad, who was the same way. You have so many wonderful qualities‚ many of the same as Dad, and it’s so neat to see how the Lord has raised you up as our king. I just really, really love you!

20. I love you, my dear king! Thank you for bringing so much of Heaven down to our hearts when you love each of us, when you laugh with us‚ when you pray with us, when you seek God’s will with us so we can all learn His ways. Thank you, dear king, for being such a great lover to Jesus and such a great lover and husband to our dearest Mama. The two of you make such a greatly powerful team of His choice. No one and nothing can stand against the power of Heaven combined in the hearts of you both. And thank you, dear king, that though we are so small and you are so big, you always care for little us and you always see our needs through His big heart! I love you!

21. P.S. Here are a few words of appreciation that Jesus gave me for you:

22. (Jesus:) My king, My friend, My lover, happy birthday to you! Happiest birthday, My dear! I love you with My whole heart and I love you just the way you are. I love you when you run the races I have set before you. I love you when you speak My Words to others in full faith, with courage in your heart, knowing that it’s Me speaking through you; therefore the Words you speak are true. I love you also, My dearly beloved, when you are weary and in need of comfort and strength. Those moments of your human weaknesses always bring Heavenly strength into your heart and make you even more beautiful and a more useful vessel in My hands. I appreciate your sweet­ness and your simplicity toward Me‚ and your childlike faith in My care and in My love for you. I love you with an everlasting love and I will always be with you! (End of message from Jesus)

23. I’m very thankful the Lord chose you to be our king. I like your soft-spoken manner and sexy smile‚ your congeniality, wittiness, utter dedication to the Lord, and the spirit of love you exude.

24. I love your wonderful sense of humor. You always make us feel at ease in every situation. And sometimes you’ve had me laughing so much that my face hurt. You’re just a fun guy to be around, and a wonderful storyteller. I ­really enjoy it when you spend fellowship time with us just relaxing. It makes me feel good that you feel as comfortable around us as we do around you.

25. Also‚ you always make me feel welcome. Even though you’re a leader, you never interact with me condescendingly. Nor do I ever feel like I’m being watched or judged, and if you ever need to give me any correction, I never feel like you’re holding it against me later.

26. Plus you’re quite a hunk—one of those wonderful Taurus men that are so sensual!

27. Actually, I could go on and on and I’d be hard pressed to find anything I don’t like about you‚ Peter. Thank You Jesus for Peter!

28. Something I just love about you is the comfortable, warm and fuzzy, cozy feeling that I get whenever I’m around you. Your presence always puts me at ease and I never feel like I have to put on any kind of front or be anything but myself, or say anything except what comes naturally. Because of that, I feel that you know me like I really am—and that makes the fact that you love me even more outstanding and ­special!

29. What I appreciate most about you is your warm, fatherly manner. Your helpfulness, always wanting to do your best and sacrifice for the sake of the sheep. Your love and care for Mama. Your meekness‚ humbleness, and self-effacing manner, never lifting yourself up.

30. I want to tell you one of the little things that I appreciate about you, Peter. There are so many other things that I appreciate about you which are probably more important, but I wanted to say this one because it’s one of those little things that just makes life sweeter and more enjoyable. And that is that when you see us, you always find something to compli­ment. You don’t wait till we’re dressed up and have makeup on to tell us that we look nice, which makes me feel like you appreciate me, and not just the clothes that I’m wearing or the makeup I have on, ha. Or you’ll tell me that I smell nice, or feel nice, or even just that it’s so nice to see me. I always feel like you’re sincerely happy to see me, and you always have something sweet and encouraging to say.

31. Something that I deeply respect about you is your love for the Family. I feel comforted whenever I think about Mama and you leading the Family, because I know that you not only love the Lord tremendously and are willing to follow Him wherever, but also because I know that you sincerely love the Family and each Family member, and there’s no question in my mind that you’ll always put the Family first—the happiness of each Family member and their fruitfulness and effectiveness—above any other side benefit, or even above your own personal health or well-being.

32. Seeing you on trips reminds me of the verse about Jesus, “When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion upon them…” because even when you’re exhausted and it would really be better for you to rest, you’ll always opt to give whatever is needed—another talk-time, another date, even another meeting, if that’s what’s needed. I have a personal conviction that the Lord couldn’t have chosen anyone better to be our king—not simply because of your talents or abilities, although I’m sure those are needed as well—but because of your very great love for the Family and of course for the Lord, and your willingness to do whatever is needed to help them have what they need to get the job done.

33. My king, what a privilege to live so close to you! (And what a responsibility!) I want to thank you for your patience with me and for all the love I see in your eyes every time you talk to me.

34. Who has ever seen such a king? So humble, so sweet, so loving! I pray I’ll serve you to the best of my ability, redeeming my time, and getting on board with my whole heart!

35. I need to tell you that I love you‚ not just for being my king, but for being the sample to follow in your love for the lost, your love for our Family‚ and all the sacrifices you make day after day for them, for me, for Jesus! You kiss, you caress … you comfort when you are so tired and in need of comfort yourself. Thank you!

36. I am so blessed to be able to know you and be close to you, to see you and “breathe” your faithfulness, your love for the Lord, the sheep, and the Family. Lord help me to follow you more as you follow Jesus!

I appreciate:

37. Your drive and passion to follow Jesus 100%, and go to any length, depth or breadth to fulfill His will.

38. How you notice and show appreciation to us in your own home. It makes us feel a touch of Jesus’ love.

39. The way you enjoy sexy sex‚ and glorify and love the Lord in it, makes loving with you a wonderfully Heavenly experience.

What I appreciate about you:

40. Your puppy-dog eyes that whimper with others when they’re going through a trial.

41. After an orgasm, you always make sure I rest. Not that I need the rest so much, but it’s just so sweet.

42. For carrying the crown so bravely despite how heavy it is‚ and your love and devotion to Mama, and how you can be both king and servant at the same time.

43. There are so many things I love, appreciate and admire about you, Peter, but one of the things that stands out to me the most is how perfectly at ease I feel around you. You carry no obvious “leadership airs‚” and consequently I truly feel that I can just be myself and there are no conditions attached to your love and acceptance of me. Ever since I first met you, I’ve never felt that you were “sizing me up.” I just felt warmth, love and acceptance—such a reflection of the Lord’s love for us all!

44. I feel the Lord’s love so strongly when I’m around you. I feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired. The Lord has given you a special gift in being able to help explain things to people in a way that is easy for them to receive, and also encouraging them to be agreeable.

45. You’re never too busy to stop for a hug and a kiss, or a word of encouragement. You make everyone feel important, even the tiniest child.

46. I appreciate, too, how you are honest and shoot straight about things that aren’t right. You correct in love, knowing that it will help the other person. You uphold the Lord’s standard and obey what the Lord says. I admire that very much in you—the tremendous faith you manifest in the Lord, even when it’s contrary to what you would prefer in the natural.

47. The Lord knew just what He was doing when He chose you to be our king.

48. No matter what you’re doing‚ you always make me feel welcome. If you’re on your way to a meeting, you’ll give a smile or a hello, letting me know I’m special. The Lord has really anointed you to be the shepherd and king you are, but you also have a fun, personal way of connecting with people.

49. I appreciate looking at you. You’re manly and sexy.

50. Our king has so many of the qualities that you just love in a person: charm‚ wit, intelligence, a super enjoyable personality, sex appeal, understanding, compassion, good communication skills‚ openness and honesty, and so much more. He is also very well equipped for his calling due to his exceptional intellect and gift for recognizing and assessing problems, and being able to prayerfully find the Lord’s solutions. He’s a visionary‚ and he has a keen ability to see priorities. He’s not sensitive and is open-minded. He’s gifted with a kingly appearance; a warm, gentlemanly manner; and a wise speaking ability, all of which is perfect to represent the Family and our queen to outsiders. He’s a skilled writer, an exercised prophet, and a loving, caring shepherd.

51. All of this is wonderful! But the thing I love the most about Peter is his willingness to be humble and weak and use the new weapons. I’ve seen him eagerly embrace each new weapon as the Lord revealed its importance, and then work very hard to try to make the use of it a habit in his life. In spite of all the wonderful gifts and exceptional talents he has in the natural, our Peter is willing to be humble and show himself weak by constantly leaning on the Lord —not just in private‚ but publicly. He consistently shows his intimate relationship with the Lord through his words of praise in everyday life and in lovemaking, and he makes an obvious effort to ask the Lord everything. And if he forgets, he greatly appreciates it if you say, “Do you want us to ask the Lord about that?”

52. These qualities of weakness and dependence on the Lord and asking Him everything come more naturally for women, the Lord says. It’s not easy for a big, strong, gifted‚ experienced, brilliant man to be weak and dependent on the Lord. But our dear king has allowed the Lord to work in his heart and life so he is just that—humble, weak in himself and dependent on the Lord for every move, every decision, every letter written, every meeting chaired, every publication worked on, every bit of counsel given—everything! For this especially I greatly admire our king! His obvious need for the Lord and his constant desire to be humble and in tune with Him and listening to Him and seeking His answers in prophecy are the characteristics that stand out to me more vividly than anything else.

n From the men:

53. I greatly appreciate your smile and friendly greetings. You always make me feel like you’re happy to see me and that you like me. Either it just comes naturally to you to make people feel this way‚ or it’s something that you work at and make a determined effort to do. But whatever it is, it’s very special. It’s terrible to have the feeling that maybe your leader doesn’t like you‚ as it can really hurt your faith. So, to feel comfortable and confident that your king and top Family leader likes you and feels comfortable with you is a great blessing and gift from God.

54. Your Highness, I thank the Lord for your carrying the burdens of our Family! Your love has flooded us through your faith and obedience to the words of our Savior. It is by this example that I was brought to the sweet arms of my Husband. Because you accepted, I now also am called wife and partake of the wonderful times of love that only a loving Husband can provide. I love you, admire you‚ and honor you as my king. Happy Birthday!

55. I appreciate and admire the way you put everyone at ease around you. The Lord made that personality trait just right for your job. It’s just perfect to have a king who relates to us on our own level, and who doesn’t put on airs or come across as haughty in any way. You are a true “servant king” who reflects a sweet, humble spirit. It’s a very convicting sample that I greatly respect.

56. You truly are a rock to me‚ a reference point in my life, a solid, stabilizing influence for good, someone I can identify with who encourages me and helps me keep going.

57. Dear Peter, I don’t know what to say; to me you’ve been a bit of everything. Not only do I respect you as our king and the anointing the Lord gives you, but I also consider you a wonderful friend, boss, counselor, sample and shepherd. I’ve always felt very close to you and feel I can talk to you about anything. Thanks for being there for me. Just having you nearby and knowing that I can talk to you and can get your counsel and input and ideas is such a help. Thanks for everything. One more thing: Thanks for having faith in me; that has been a tremendous encouragement to me.

58. One of the things I appreciate the most about you is your faith in people, as well as your openness to their ideas and opinions about things. You’re a very good listener and a very good sample of not trying to push your program on others. You have a lot of genuine concern for people and their needs‚ and a real shepherd’s heart. When you have to correct, you do so very lovingly, but you do hit the point home. You have a real heart for the missionaries on the field, and I love your faith to accomplish what the Lord wants the Family to do, your trust in the Lord’s direction and supply, and your vision for getting it done.

59. The thing that I appreciate the most about you is the human touch you have with everyone. People can’t walk by without feeling touched by the Lord’s love through you. Whenever you see people, you always make them feel loved, needed, and no matter what their job or ministry, an essential part of the work. You’re always appreciative, encouraging, uplift­ing‚ and even when busy, you always greet us.

60. One of the things I most appreciate about you is that, though you have the anointing and gifts of our king, you don’t have the “I am a leader and don’t you forget it” spirit that many old-time leaders had. You’re sweet, ­human, normal, natural, loving, encouraging, funny, and a pleasure to be around and talk to‚ and you don’t put on airs or make me feel uncomfortable or inferior.

61. Here’s a little poem I started getting as I was praying about the things I appreciate about you:

Good King Peter sits on his throne, reading his papers and mail,

Day after day‚ pile after file, it lands on his desk without fail.

So much to do and so little time, yet still he tries to be

Loving and kind, patient with all‚ even with me.

No fancy palace has he, no banks overflowing with money,

Just a little apartment‚ and a nature so sweet and sunny.

He loves the Lord, the lost and the Family, and certainly his dear queen

And we on the staff love him too, and wish him the best year he’s ever seen.

Happy birthday wishes from us all, dear mate,

And may this new year be wonderful and great.

62. I asked the Lord to put into words what I appreciate about you and here’s what He said:

63. (Jesus: ) One thing you appreciate is that Peter is a colleague as well as king. He is approachable and ready to give you time when possible to discuss things. Also, he has a wonderful sense of humor. On the other hand, he is very serious about the job and his own limitations. He has demonstrated time after time that he relies on Me rather than on his own understanding. He is a pioneer but also a realist. He‚ along with Mama, has received a vision for the Family as to where it needs to go, and even though many of those goals are very long-range and seemingly pretty fantastic compared to where the Family is now, still he is faithfully working towards fulfilling that vision while at the same time exhibiting lots of patience, knowing that it will take time to accomplish those goals. (End of message from Jesus)

n From Jon-A (24):

64. Well, I love and appreciate a lot of things about my dad—most obviously that he and my mom got together and had me, which was a great day. At least I thought so.

65. Although throughout my life I didn’t live with you much, I never doubted your love for me. I knew you were always there somewhere, praying for me‚ and that you knew what was going on—at least somewhat.

66. Shortly before coming here, I was going through pretty major things in my life. I was making big decisions of whether I thought I could make it in WS, and for that matter if I could make it in the Family, period. Around this time I was able to see you, and to have you reassure me that no matter what decision I made you would still love me, made all the difference in the world. Although I knew you definitely had a preferable choice that you would have liked to see me make, you nonetheless just reassured me of your love.

67. You told me that many years ago when you were going through it‚ you had thought about leaving the Family. That was a shock to me. I had no idea. But you said one of the main things that kept you was knowing that if you left, all of us kids would have gone with you. And so for that reason I am very grateful you stayed and kept going, as otherwise I obviously wouldn’t be here in the Family today.

68. I’m thankful to have this opportunity to live with you, to do things that I’ve never been able to do with you before—to be able to see how you operate and the way you think about things. These are experiences I’ve never had, and it means a lot to me.

n From Bethy (27):

69. There are many things I love, appreciate and admire about my dad, and as most daughters, I believe he’s the greatest daddy in the world. However, the thing I appreciate the most about him is the sacrifice that he made in living apart from us children so many years ago when he joined Dad and Mama’s Home.

70. As a parent myself now, I can begin to under­stand how difficult it must have been for him to be away from his small children and to have been absent in their lives for so long. That difficult personal choice that my dad made has meant more to me than anything he’s ever said or done for me, as I know my life would have been very different otherwise. It’s because of his yieldedness and his prayers that we are what we are today.

71. Dad told me once that when faced with leaving us children, he told the Lord through his tears that he would do it, provided the Lord promised to take good care of us. The Lord has certainly fulfilled His end of the deal. You can’t imagine the sample it is to a child when you know your dad has forsaken that which is the most precious to him (you) in order to be what the Lord wanted him to be and do what the Lord wanted him to do.

72. From an early age, it instilled in me a deep respect and admiration for him as well as a desire to be like him in that respect. To know my father has based difficult choices on pleasing the Lord and doing His will, even to his own hurt‚ and then to experience firsthand the effects of the choices in my own life through the Lord’s care‚ blessing and provision, love and all the blessings I have had in my life, has made me want to be the same and do the same. His sample of yieldedness, sacrifice, and forsaking has given me the faith that I can make similar choices in my own life with the same results.

73. It has been my personal choices of yieldedness that have had the biggest effect in my own life, have made me the happiest and the most fruitful‚ and in large part I owe this to my dad and the sample he’s been to me.

74. In our childhood years, when we didn’t have much personal contact with him, he wrote us faithfully. His letters were always so faith-building and encouraging. I want to read you a short poem that he wrote to us in one of his letters when I was about 8‚ that I’ve kept with me all these years.

You sacrificed your mom and dad

To let them serve the King,

Because you’ve given unto Him,

Great blessings this will bring!

When you forsake these things to Him

He gives 100-fold,

In love and joy and happiness

More precious than pure gold!

I do not write you very oft

Though you’re always in my prayers.

I know that all is going well

You’re in His tender care!

And though we’re very far apart

O’er land and air and sea

You’ll always be my precious ones

For all eternity.

n From Sharon (25):

75. My dad has always had a big influence on my life. Although I haven’t lived with him much, I always knew that he loved me very much, and it is this love that has pulled me through so many tough times in my life. He has always been a real sample to me of being willing to give up anything or to go through anything for the Lord’s sake. I don’t usually see him very often, but the times that I do I feel really comfortable around him.

76. I know that he doesn’t have any big high expectations of how he wants me to be. He just loves me and cares about what I’m going through and the questions I have‚ and he is very understanding. I can really see the Lord’s anointing on him, and I can see that because of his yieldedness and humility, the Lord really uses him and blesses him. I was so happy a few years back when I heard about Mama’s and his love story, because he had given up so much that he loved for the Lord‚ and so the Lord blessed him for that sacrifice.

77. Dad, I want you to know that your love has helped me to make the decision to serve the Lord and to hang on no matter what. I also want to say that I think that you have been a really good dad. I know that you haven’t been with us much, but really you were there, and we always felt your love, prayers, understanding, and your care. So I know that you are the best dad we could ever have.

n From Mama:

78. My dearest sweetheart, I’m not a good poet, as you know, but if I were I’d tell you in a thousand different ways how much I love and appreciate you. If I could paint a word picture of Heidi and her big Peter and how she loves and adores him, that would be perfect. I’m tucked away in my cave almost every day, and you’re my big Peter who goes out and does all the hard work. You walk around the hillside herding the goats and sheep—well, not too many goats, thank the Lord—but anyway‚ you’re out taking care of the animals, tending to them, feeding them, carrying the stray ones back home. And when you come back to our little cave I’m always so happy to see you and so happy you didn’t have to be gone longer.

79. Sometimes you’re tired but you’re always so considerate of my desire to talk. It’s so sweet of you, it’s one of the things I really appreciate about my big Peter. I feel just like Heidi sitting on your lap and being so cared for and comforted in your big strong arms when you ask me, “Have we had enough talk time, Honey?” You’re so patient to hear all about my day in the cave sweeping the floor‚ gathering up all the peas that have fallen. I love the times we talk about our precious sheep and how you pray for each one, how you love each one so much and ask Jesus to take care of them, tend to their wounds and help them to grow.

80. I really appreciate how you know when it’s going to be winter and how much food we need to store for the sheep, how you prepare and make sure everything is taken care of. How you help me to prepare the vitamins and nutrients they’ll need to stay healthy. You try so hard to make sure I have lots of time to work on my work, that I’m not interrupted.

81. I love how you’re so careful in the morning not to wake me when I’m sleeping. You’re so careful not to rattle your papers or make any noise. Sometimes I peek and I see you tiptoeing around so you won’t wake me.

82. Sometimes when a big storm is brewing and we know we have to do something quick to protect the sheep, I love how you always trust that Jesus will show us what to do. We get quiet and listen, and Jesus always speaks through you and gives us His Words. I love how your voice becomes soft and low when Jesus is speaking through you.

83. I appreciate how you hold me in your big strong arms, how you keep me warm and protect me. How you’re always ready to help me, to bring me things and do things for me—like giving me your intercom from your desk when mine went on the blink. That was a big sacrifice, but you knew I needed it for my communication lifeline. I love how you so patiently explain difficult things to me so that I can under­stand—like how to phone home when we’re away! If it wasn’t for your help‚ Honey, I’d be much more challenged than I am right now, and I’d probably never be able to leave my cave! But you take me under your wing and so patiently teach me the little things that help me to survive out in the big world.

84. You’re just perfect for me in every way. If I could write a poem or a song to tell you how much I love and appreciate you‚ I’d make it the best poem or song ever written. If I could sing, I’d sing it to you with all my heart, Sweetheart, just as a little token of my love and appreciation to you on your birthday. But since I can’t sing very well‚ and I’m not a good poet, I’ll just pray that Jesus shows you how much love comes with these simple words from the bottom of my heart.

Kid power!

85. No birthday party is complete without the traditional “Happy Birthday” chorus, and darling Colette serenaded the king in her own special way.—Followed by an encore! In fact, she was so excited about her part in the program that she kept wanting to sing her song over and over again!

The unveiling!

86. After this, some of the staff brought in a large, beautiful drawing of a new spirit helper who had come to join us in honor of Peter’s birthday. (See cover.) Thanks, dear Tamar, for being a channel to portray this scene from the Heavenlies.

87. (Cyrene speaking: ) Behold, I am Cyrene! I come to serve and give tribute to your king! I come at My Love’s bidding and kneel before this, your king, in honor of his day of birth.

88. I come from the courts of My Lord and Master Lover, for He bids me love your king and lavish upon him great honor and great love and great joy and great pleasure of every kind!

89. Just as I served my earthly pharaoh and king in the courts of Egypt long ago, so do I come now to place honor where great honor is due—upon this, your king, whose greatness‚ riches and wisdom exceed even that of Solomon!

90. Your king’s wealth lies in his great love and devotion for our Master and King above all. His riches are all of Heaven, and its wealth of wisdom and jewels are opened unto him without measure! He has thousands upon thousands of loves and mates! All of Heaven honors him this day and I, Cyrene, come to honor you, King Peter!

91. From the riches of my King’s court let me shower upon you tonight great richness of joy and spirit! Let me lavish upon you the riches and delectable delights of my world! Let me kneel at your feet and kiss them in love and thankfulness for all you have given to our Master Lover and King and to your many, many loves across the span of the Earth! (End of mess­age from Cyrene.)

92. After reading this beautiful message from Cyrene‚ we went on to more poems, prophecies and songs in Peter’s honor, some of which were sent by members of WS who weren’t able to attend for one reason or another.

He’s a normal guy…

Let me tell you the tale of a king.

Whose palace is not the real thing.

For his humble dwelling‚

Is not worth me telling,

For it looks like just any old thing.

Are his beds covered with mink?

Does he have servants and 10 golden rings?

Well, just catch a view,

Of his old inside shoes,

And you might feel like donating.

So you wonder what food eats this king?

Well, few ever claim they have seen.

But rumors include,

That he eats common food,

And much less than you’d ever think.

In case you must contact this king,

You can call him by giving a ring.

But if the phone keeps on sounding,

Then a hammer’s likely pounding,

‘Cause he’s trying to fix up the sink.

That’s something you’ll learn ’bout the king:

He’ll be ’round for a while, you may think.

But at the drop of a hat,

You won’t know where he’s at‚

He could be in Bombay or Beijing.

But do not fear, for our dear king,

Is sure to come home, and is keen

To hear of your trial

And patiently smile,

With his arm your shoulder embracing.

Of course you can e-mail the king‚

If you have to ask him something.

And it’s sure to be seen‚

On his laptop screen,

It just might take a week of scrolling.

You can also write notes to the king,

But let me give you a warning.

If he writes you back,

You’ll need hardware to crack,

His cryptic handwriting.

What of a spouse for this king?

Has he taken a wife for a queen?

Well‚ I’ll have you know,

He’s found her, and whoa,

Does he love her like you’ve never seen!

I’ve heard he has fun with his queen.

Doing things like no other king.

As the legend goes,

He once hung from his nose,

Tissues rolled up like a string.

It’s hard to ignore that our king,

Has more work than you’ve ever seen.

But he’ll somehow remain

Amazingly sane—

Even after reading the Zine.

With so much going for the king,

You might look for a halo and wings.

But he’ll humbly confess,

He knows he’s a mess;

He’s had his fair share of humblings.

So let’s make a toast to our king,

God’s given him an anointing,

To lead the Family,

But I think we agree‚

A good friend is what we’ve also seen.

Happy Birthday, Peter!

The Battle of Clontarf!

By Paul T.

93. The following poem I got for Peter is a little serious, adventurous and mysterious. It came about last Sunday when I decided to take a hot bath on my birthday. I was thinking about writing a poem for Peter’s birthday. I began to see a vision of a great fountain of fresh water rising up in the middle of the sea, and I started to get a few lines about Peter in a kind of prophecy poem:

I beheld a mighty fountain

Rising from the sea.

Then I saw a man on the mountain

And head and shoulders stood he,

Above the crowd,

A pillar, a beacon, a shroud

To those who toil in many waters

Casting nets into the sea.

He was the king of God’s fishing fleet

And a fisherman was he‚

And the greatest catch he caught

Was the heart of sweet Marie.

His ancestors were sailors

Who roamed the Northern Seas

With Vikings, Celts and traders

And of worthy stock came he.

94. My reception broke up soon after that, plus the tape recorder stopped working, but that little word “Celts” got me interested enough to want to have a peek at Irish history to see if there was any record of things Peter’s relatives had done. And sure enough, I found some very interesting stuff. The life of one man in particular caught my attention. This fellow, likely a direct ancestor of Peter, was once the chieftain of Peter’s family clan—which meant that he was one of the lesser kings of Ireland at the time.

95. Now we get to the spooky part: This fellow died in battle almost 1,000 years ago tomorrow evening, April 23‚ 1014! His ultimate sacrifice for his nation not only helped deliver Christian Ireland from the Vikings but was marked by such an unusual miracle at his death that it frightened the enemy enough to help win the war. The poem I am about to read you is in remembrance of this king and great warrior of the faith whom our own King Peter is very likely a direct descendant of, and who very likely helps protect and help Peter from the spirit world.

Oh, my fellow kinsmen—

As we gather here this day,

To bless dear King Peter‚

There is something I must say.

A story true, I must tell you,

Of our king’s ancestral line‚

That you with me,

Might come to see,

How things long past,

May appear at last,

In the mettle of a man.

Things forgotten, things of old,

Like a rod of hyssop to purge the soul,

Sacrifice and secret things,

That weave within the tapestry of kings!

Modern days and modern ways‚

May hide great deeds gone by,

But if you look,

In an ancient book‚

You soon will find,

That our dear King Peter,

Comes from a noble line.

So sit back as I tell you this story,

Of a Celtic chief in all his glory;

And how this kind and Christian king,

Made the bells of Dublin ring.

A thousand years have come and gone,

Since that dreadful day‚

When King Tadhg of noble stock,

Drove the Viking hordes away!

(Tadhg: pronounced “Tog”)

April twenty-third it was,

The year one thousand ten and four,

When Viking hordes in dragon ships,

Came to conquer the Irish shore.

It was a dark day‚ a grim day.

On the day our dear lord died,

As two brave Christian clans;

Stood united side by side.

Tadhg the chieftain bowed his head,

And the clans began to pray,

“Lord of heaven and earth

Please fight for us this day!”

Then battle cries,

Filled Celtic skies,

The clash of ax and sword,

As courageous Christian clansmen,

Faced death and the Viking horde!

To this day,

His descendants say,

King Tadhg led them in the fray!

He battled by the river,

Till the water ran crimson red.

Half wolf‚ half hound,

He stood his ground,

Then weary, weak and wounded,

Surrounded, overwhelmed, he cried!

Gave his soul to God, and died!

But before the Viking horde,

Could seize upon the Celtic lord,

They were suddenly driven back‚

By a ferocious strange ­attack!

To the terror of his foes,

From the water arose‚

A creature whose eyes

As a fox were wise,

His strength as the mastodon.

Yet his form was fleet

As a hound with eagle’s feet,

That went in its course,

With mane of a horse,

And a tail like a lion’s roar.

And this fearsome thing,

Guarded the king,

Till the Vikings lost the war.

The bells of victory rang that day,

As the Viking forces sailed away.

And there beneath the golden shields

That overlook the bright green fields

In the Fort of Amlail they lay

King Tadhg and those that fell that day,

Or so the books have come to say.

And we of King Peter’s clan,

Shall remember this courageous man,

And no time soon will we forget,

That good King Tadhg and his wondrous pet,

Are very likely with us yet,

To guard our nation night and day,

And drive the hordes of Hell away,

Till the bells of Heaven ring someday,

And Death and Hell must sail away.

96. When Mama heard this poem prior to the party, she asked the Lord whether Tadhg was indeed with us and one of Peter’s spirit helpers, and here’s what He said:

97. (Jesus speaking:) Many are the helpers that I have given to My children of David. Many are the helpers that I give to My King Peter, for these are My gifts to the king. These are the honor guard of King Peter. These helpers are mighty ones whom I send to uphold the king’s arms in battle. I send them to King Peter’s aid to sustain him and help him fight the battles. They endue him with strength and honor and valor. They help to strengthen his resolve, to encourage his faith, to deliver to him sound wisdom, keen discernment and bravery and courage. These are the things that Tadhg seeks to deliver to King Peter.

98. According to the faith and acceptance of King Peter, let it be done. For should he accept My gift this day, then it is done. Tadhg will stand at the side of King Peter from this day forth, to help him fight and win the battles that lie ahead.

99. Tadhg has come before Me in the courts of Heaven‚ seeking My blessing. I have given him My benediction. I have anointed him with the holy oil of the elixir of Heaven. I send him now to come to the aid of Peter. This is My desire, and so it is the burning desire of Tadhg, for indeed your King Peter is his descendant. This is My will. This is My provision, for in this way I add to the helpers of the children of David. In this way, I provide wise counsel for the Family clan in the last days.

100. Therefore‚ let it be known, should King Peter accept, then it is done. King Tadhg is one of My many gifts to your king on this‚ the day of his birth.

101. As Abrahim assisted your Father David, so I send Tadhg to assist King Peter. He will join the band of helpers that help uphold the king’s arms in battle. Tadhg will help to guide Peter in this new era of action‚ for I do not leave him comfortless in these mighty days you now enter. In these Last Days, as the battle intensifies, I increase the helpers that surround My king. And I give King Peter this brave one. He is released to join you on this significant day‚ the day of the king’s birth.

102. Tadhg himself will speak to Peter. He will whisper in his ear; he will tell him more of the family history, of the battles and the victories. There is much he will have to tell in the days to come. He will impart great, great wisdom. He will deliver sound advice and wise counsel‚ bravery, fearlessness, and great, great courage. He will help him to lead My children in the new era of action. For these are great and mighty and terrible days you now embark on‚ and where I guide I provide. Many are the helpers of Peter and Maria and My children of the End. (End of message from Jesus.)

103. Upon hearing this message, Peter readily said‚ “I accept wholeheartedly!”

104. (Luke:) Several years ago I started receiving songs which‚ to say the least, were rather different. After questioning the Lord about this, He told me that I had a new spirit helper, a departed Irish folksinger also named Luke. The fact that we are both named Luke tends to get confusing at times. It seems that most of the songs this dear fellow has given are based on his experiences both in this life and the afterlife. This one is the latest and builds on some others received before. So to continue in the Celtic/Irish vein‚ here is an Irish style folk­song called the Sinners’ Arms.

The Sinners’ Arms

I have sung before

About our happy place

In that little corner of

The city you call Space.

It’s our little bit o’ Ireland

And all its Irish charms—

Our little pub in Heaven

That’s called the Sinners’ Arms.


‘Cause Heaven is full of sinners, and that’s the place for me.

I gotta admit

Won’t tire of it

For all eternity.

We are forever happy‚ we are forever free,

God made Heaven for sinners, and that’s
the place for me.

So here you’ll find us gathered,

The very best of mates.

We sing and laugh and joke,

All in the best of taste.

Everyone is welcome.

You’ll never come to harm.

You’ll have the very best of times

Here in the Sinners’ Arms.


‘Cause Heaven is full of sinners‚ and that’s the place for me.

I gotta admit

Won’t tire of it

For all eternity.

We are forever happy, we are forever free,

God made Heaven for sinners, and that’s
the place for me.

When I first came to Heaven

And Molly brought me here,

I couldn’t believe my eyes,

I couldn’t believe the beer.

Then Molly held me close

And kissed me long and hard.

I went to heaven all over again

Here in the Sinners’ Arms.


‘Cause Heaven is full of sinners, and that’s the place for me.

I gotta admit

Won’t tire of it

For all eternity.

We are forever happy, we are forever free,

God made Heaven for sinners, and that’s
the place for me.

I am so very happy

And that is really true.

I’m keeping myself busy

And Willie’s busy too.

If I failed to mention him‚

I knew you’d take alarm.

He still rises to the occasion

Here in the Sinners’ Arms.


‘Cause Heaven is full of sinners, and that’s the place for me.

I gotta admit

Won’t tire of it

For all eternity.

We are forever happy, we are forever free,

God made Heaven for sinners, and that’s
the place for me.

Peter and Heidi!

105. A cute little word picture of one aspect of our king’s life‚ hot off the griddle from Heaven’s press:

106. (Jesus speaking:) Heidi is content to stay in the cave counting peas, but Peter needs to go out, see the hills, the forest, and be out and about sometimes. He likes the cave, but he gets tired of it and needs to go out and see some daylight, and to check on the sheep and the goats‚ which he likes to do. But he even gets tired of checking on the sheep sometimes, though he likes that very much. He loves the sheep and the goats. But sometimes he needs to get away even from them—to get away from everything. Poor Peter, he’s not a handyman like his Father David. He’s different. Peter doesn’t mind looking around the property, fixing the fences and broken hinges and doing maintenance on the cave. He’s willing, but he’s just not inclined that way. He has different needs.

107. Peter needs work and he also needs play. He likes to go with his Heidi to town. The villagers are not as scared of Peter as they were of Snowman. They like Peter and they grew up with Peter, and they’re real happy he got to marry Heidi when the Snowman died. He was the shepherd boy around town. And they like Heidi too‚ because she’s so cute. Peter likes to go to town with Heidi and look all around—even look at the girls.

108. Peter likes looking at different things, going across the country and seeing the sights. These things are all very interesting to Peter. But he doesn’t like seeing them alone, although he would see them even if Heidi wanted to stay in the cave. But to see things alone is very empty and a little sad. He likes to share his interests and be with someone—but not just anybody. He wants to be with Heidi. It’s always special with Heidi.

109. It’s just not the same when Heidi isn’t there. It’s not as much fun without her. Peter likes to explain things to her and share his adventures and stories with her. He’s just a little boy and he gets so enthusiastic when he can share things with Heidi.

110. Peter needs to take time away from the cave and go out with Heidi. Poor Heidi, she likes to stay snug under her great big furs in the comfort of the cave. In a way, she does like to go out of the cave, but it’s hard work for her. She thinks about the peas and the time she’ll lose counting them. But Heidi is sweet. She loves her Peter and she wants him to be happy, so she puts her peas in a can and sometimes brings them with her and counts them when he’s not looking.

111. Peter is very happy when he gets to go out and see new things and do different things. Poor Peter can’t take too much talking, which Heidi likes to do. She can talk and talk and talk‚ but Peter likes her to get to the point. But they always make up and kiss and cuddle. Peter says he’s really sorry and feels very bad, and Heidi says, “No, no, no, it’s my fault.” And they both feel bad. They’re so cute.

112. So they come to an agreement: Peter listens to Heidi count peas, and then she goes out to play with Peter, and both are happy. They play on the mountain and fuck in the woods‚ go and visit the village and see the country. But Heidi always takes her can of peas, no matter what. Even if she can only count one or two of them, she’ll find a way. (End of message from Jesus)

Song and dance!

113. No party would be complete without a little singing and dancing. So next three of our musicians treated us to some beautiful renditions of “Yo Quiero Ser Un Mendigo‚” “El Elixir de Amor,” “One Touch of Love,” and “The King’s Proposal.”

114. Next up, five of our beautiful women “bared all”—well, most—as they glorified God and honored Peter in dance … presenting a topless hug and kiss from each of them for the king, and the queen sitting beside him.

Peter the Great!

By Paul T.

115. After Word time this morning I started to get a few lines to this lighter-hearted poem for Peter, so I sat down and started typing as fast as it came. So here is what I got, hot off the griddle, just as it came‚ kind of funny, kind of crazy. Very different from the other poem!

As hard as I try

Don’t know a nicer guy

Than that dear precious man

Who’s head of our clan—

Our own Peter the Great!

He’s a struggler, a juggler,

A lawyer, a dad.

He’s a striver, a driver,

He’s a prophet, not bad!

Not Dad! But not bad!

He’s a king, and lover‚

A friend, and a brother,

And I’ve heard it said,

Or maybe I read,

That a judge once called him a mother!

How sweet!

You see,

They love him in the street!

Oh, if all folks could just see!

He’s as normal as you!

He’s as normal as me!

He’s no problem at all!

He’s just a big cuddly doll!

Away with confusions,

Delusions, contusions!

Stop the horn tooting

And all the cult persecuting!

We’re Activate!

Not Heaven’s Gate!

Besides, who has the dough‚

For their own UFO?

Yet if their head’s into linking

And they really start thinking

Some ground

May be found,

To claim that we’re wacky

And all led by quacky!

I suppose they might have a fit,

If they read Heaven’s lit!

But so what?

So did King Tut!

And that national fraud

Thought he was God!

As for Peter

Well, I’m kind of glad he’s the greeter,

Our lawyer entreater,

Academic meeter.

And if he is flawed

I loudly applaud.

He’s not perfect‚ like me or you.

He can’t walk on water,

And with his grand–daughter

He hardly knows what to do!

But the difference, you see,

Is he’s determined as can be

To go from naught,

To the very top,

Of his class!

It’s so uncanny!

Just when you think he’s a granny

He steps on the gas,

He moves out to pass,

And without muss or fuss,

Leaves us all in the dust!

Then in a talk

He tells all the flock

How to harvest in style

As he says with a smile,

“Good night! This tree is so ripe

We just need to shake it,

Box up the fruit—and He’ll ACTIVATE it!”

Oh, man!

Ain’t Peter grand?

I just love the guy,

Cuz he’ll give it a try

Even if it’s missing a screw or two.

He just keeps believing

That God’s not deceiving

And will somehow pull us all through!

And when the till’s empty‚ with cash at an end‚

And God

Says something odd,

Like, “Okay, now spend!”

Some cover their head

And think we are dead‚

And we begin to wonder, too!

But he goes on the attack

As though we don’t lack,

Like we’re running a miracle zoo!

And when folks seem to crumble

The guy is so humble‚

With hat in hand,

He tours the land‚

Saying, “Please excuse me!

I love you! What can I do?”

And when folks grumble and gripe,

He goes to the fight, shakes their hand,

And sets up a lemonade stand!

As a prophet, he’s great

And we just can’t wait

To hear his next revelation

That Mama says is okay

And sends on its way

Wrapped in her sweet narration.

And everyone says so—

Peter’s the only guy we know

Who can break his own bottle

With his hand on his heart

And his foot on the throttle!

He’s a spiritual sensation!

And me–oh-my,

He’s a good-looking guy.

If good looks could kill,

We’d be burying them still,

Cuz our girls give a sigh

Just to see him walk by!

And I can’t say enough

About all the neat stuff

He does every day

To bring in the pay.

And he remembers to hug

Each one he meets on the way.

He gives more squeezes

Than a dog has fleases!

Yet his back is so bad

I just wish he had

A small ladder,

For short folk like me.

Sure would be gladder

To not squeeze his bladder

While hugging this sycamore tree.

But if you love lots of greetings

Stay on the path to his meetings

For he averages each day

Eight meetings I would say.

Not counting Sundays

Cuz those are his fun days

When he picks up a glass

And relaxes at last,

Then begins to mull over

What folks to have over.

Oh my,

Don’t you just love the guy?

So let’s all pray,

And shout hurray

For the king of our clan,

Peter the man—

For all seasons!

Do we need a king?

Yes—and thirteen thousand good reasons
we bring!

A word from the man himself

116. (Peter: ) I don’t have a prepared speech or anything, for which I’m sure you’re all glad! Ha! I want to thank everybody. This was very special. Everybody played a part, and it really means a lot.

117. As you know, the last four years I’ve been away on my birthday. It’s always been nice when I was away‚ and people were very sweet. Our mates on the field went out of their way to make my birthdays special, but of course I always miss Mama and home.

118. So thank you for all that you put into making this birthday so wonderful. This was very special, and I’m thankful for all that went into it. It’s very precious, and you’re all so sweet. Thanks for the songs and the dances and the poems and the food and the wine and the setup and everything.

119. Thank you also for the sweet things that you said that were read during dinner. That really touched me. It gives me a lot to try to achieve for next year! So much of it is like, “Is that you, John?” Next year you can write all the things you think I should improve in! Ha! I feel like I live in Heaven, and like tonight is a real touch of Heaven.

In closing

120. (Prayer by James:) Lord‚ each one of us here is so thankful for Peter. We’re thankful for Your love and Your Spirit in him. Your Spirit through him has touched each of our lives and is a big reason why we’re here today in service to You. Thank You for calling him. Thank You for giving him to us as our king, and giving him Your Words and making him our prophet too. Thank You for the anointing You give him.

121. We pray now that You would encourage his heart, continue to bless him‚ and pour Your Spirit upon him. We claim Your promise that this year will be his best year—where he’ll receive more of Your Words, Your Spirit, and Your seeds than ever before! Thank You for how You’ve led him and guided him, and how through the Words You’ve given him, You’ve led us all closer to You.

122. (Jesus speaking:) This marks the closing of one year and the beginning of the next! And this coming year‚ My king and love, I promise you a greater anointing of wisdom, a greater anointing of grace, a greater anointing of humility, and a greater anointing of love wherewith to rule and serve your kingdom and people.

123. This will be a golden year, a year of promise! Great delights of My Spirit await you, My king! For upon you‚ who have steadfastly set your love upon Me, shall I bestow the richness of My rewards! (End of message from Jesus)

Here are words of promise given for Peter on his birthday:


124. Here is My birthday and new year promise for you, My darling king: I will anoint you with the power of My Spirit for this year; you will begin to see the fulfillment of all that I have promised; you will have your heart’s desires; you will rejoice at seeing the changes made within the Family that will cause it to grow, be strengthened and be fruitful like never before. I will give you the patience and faith for the task ahead. I will give you strength and stamina, and I will help you to see how I see the matters at hand. I will help you, with the aid and counsel of others, to find the needed solutions, which will begin the ball rolling toward solving the problems.

125. This will be a watershed year, a time of change that will bring forth great progress and great fruit in time! Right now it’s like having a fertile plot of land that you know will bring forth great fruit, but first it needs to be tilled, fertilized, planted, watered and tended. Then much fruit will spring forth‚ and not just fruit in one season, but in season after season after season.

126. You must do the first part, but after the seed is sown there’s much less to do on your part, for the seeds germinate, grow, and bear fruit. After the hard work of plowing, fertilizing and preparing is done, the work that follows is reaping the harvest and managing the fruit. That’s still work; it’s just different, and is more rewarding. You go forth weeping‚ bearing precious seed, when you are preparing the ground. And in the time of harvest you return rejoicing, bearing your sheaves with you. So begin your labors in faith, knowing that the end result will be an abundantly fruitful Family!

127. I will give you health and strength through the year. Do not fret. Do your part; exercise, watch your eating, and I will do My part to keep you strong and healthy. I will give you grace and strength.

128. Draw nigh to Me throughout this year and I will be as one with you—pouring forth through you, giving you My seeds‚ My love, My wisdom. You will have a very blessed year. Not only will you have much work but also much pleasure in seeing things, doing things, and finding great satisfaction in all that is accomplished.

129. I will bless your year with your darling love, your queen, drawing you closer together and making you fruitful. For you two are as one guiding and shepherding My sheep‚ My flock‚ My warriors, My army, My saints. I will guide you as you lead them all to higher‚ more fruitful ground, green pastures, drinking from mountain streams, feeding of the dew of Heaven and the warm sunshine of My Spirit. So know that your year ahead is one of great blessing, great work and great reward! (End of message from Jesus.)

Heavenly Birthdays

Karen Zerby

Maria #441CM/FM 31936/98

Dear Family,

1. God bless you! I love you! It’s wonderful to be able to share our precious Husband’s love with you through His Words. It seems His treasure chest of Heaven is never empty, and He just keeps pouring down His loving Words of comfort, encouragement, instruction and guidance—all that we need! And I’m thrilled that He keeps making a way for us to get them out to you as fast as we can! We love passing on His Words to you in all forms, and we pray that they’re accomplishing His purpose in your life. Just when we wonder what else He’s planning on sending us through His Heavenly tube—or maybe better said, we’re not even wondering or expecting anything—He surprises us with something straight out of the blue—His beautiful blue Heaven! (See ML #1172:37, GN Book 8.)

2. This GN is full of His surprises and blessings, and Peter and I are very happy to share them with you! Two of them are Jesus’ birthday party messages to both Peter and me‚ and we’re happy that you can be a part of our little birthday celebrations in Heaven! That’s right, you’ll see as you read that Jesus and Dad and others in Heaven had a birthday celebration for Peter’s birthday, and they’re planning one for mine! Isn’t that sweet? The wonderful thing is‚ apparently they do it for everyone! Praise the Lord! So when your birthday comes up, if you ask, maybe they’ll tell you what’s happening in the Heavenlies to celebrate your birthday! Doesn’t that make birthdays even more special—to know that our loved ones in Heaven are thinking about us?

3. Even though by the time you read about Peter’s Heavenly birthday party, his earthly birthday will have already passed, I wanted to include the account of his Heavenly birthday party in this GN, along with how mine is going to be celebrated, so that you could enjoy reading about them both together.

4. I also wanted to share with you something very special and very beautiful which you will read at the end of the GN—something that happened to both Peter and me before we came to Earth! It’s about a conversation that each of us had with Jesus before He sent us to Earth on our earthly missions, and the things that He decided to share with us now from these conversations. Of course, neither of us remember having these conversations with Jesus, and it came as rather a revelation that these things happen in the spirit world! But it’s certainly a sweet touch of His love to us, and we wanted to share it with you, our precious loved ones. We pray it will be a blessing and inspiration to you, too.

5. As you read these conversations and the words that the Lord had to say to both Peter and me, please keep in mind that we are like you, creatures of like passions. We also have our trials, battles, faults and failings, and it’s very humbling to hear such beautiful words of appreciation from the Lord. But as He’s said before, He’s as a blind man that sees only the beauty in his bride, not all the faults and defects. And I’m sure He would have similar things to say about you, dear ones, who He loves equally as much. He loves you just as much as He loves me or Peter or anyone else! In fact, if you ask Him for a recounting of your own Heavenly conversation, I’m sure He’d be happy to oblige and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at all He [has] to say about you! I love you!

Text box:

(Jesus speaking:) “The day of your birth is a glorious day, and not one of My children’s birthdays go unnoticed. Everybody down there on Earth has somebody up Here who knows them personally and who often celebrates their birthday. Sometimes just a group of friends will get together and celebrate your birth. Maybe you don’t have any loved ones that have passed on to This Side yet‚ but you have your spirit helpers and friends that you knew before leaving Heaven for your mission on Earth. I know about each birthday party, and I rejoice on the day of your birth with all of the angels in Heaven.” (From “Happy Birthday,” Zine 19, page 20, which has more on birthdays in Heaven!)

Mama’s Birthday Party in Heaven—And on Earth!

6. (Jesus speaking:) We’re all going to gather in this big amphitheater, and as many of the hosts of Heaven who so desire are invited to come and celebrate the Queen of the End’s life and her birthday. In this huge, open-air amphitheater, there’s a huge screen, almost like the movie screens they have in the theaters on Earth, except much larger and much clearer. It’s picture perfect, and the surround-sound is just incredible! I’ve left the invitation open so that as many people can come as possible, whoever has the time and isn’t involved with other timely projects.

7. We’re going to watch clips of your life from your birth through your childhood, your teen years, your life with Dad, and your life with Peter. I’m even going to show the hosts of Heaven a sneak preview of some of the future events of your life, some of the mighty ways in which I’m going to be able to use you to get My message out to the world in the Last Days!

8. I’ve had one of the Heavenly movie producers compile some footage of your life, and he’s put together a real interesting movie, or documentary. There’ll be sound effects, mood music, and special effects. It’s going to be great fun! And the best thing about this movie/documentary that we’ll be watching is that it’s a true story! It’s the life story of My beloved queen—a celebration of your life!

9. There are seats all around the screen, almost like a huge sports stadium on Earth. There will be a special section of seats up in a balcony, between the two sides of seats‚ where some of your closest friends and loves will sit. I’ll be there, Dad will be there and your grandmother will be there‚ along with many of the Family members who have passed on to this side, sitting at My side at this special event.

10. Should I let you in on a secret? After we’ve finished watching your life‚ your friends and loved ones are going to lead everyone in a huge praise time, thanking Me for creating you! The reason I say this is a secret is because I’m not supposed to know. They’re trying their best to keep it a secret‚ but it’s pretty hard to hide something from Me, the God of the universe‚ ha! Well, they’re doing a pretty good job and are keeping a low profile, but I have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to do. But I’ve bound Myself as to the knowledge I presently have about the praise time, in honor of you, My love, because I want to be able to enjoy being somewhat surprised.

11. I know that most of My precious Family around the world are going to be celebrating your birthday in some form or another, so I’ve been planning a birthday party that they’ll be able to enjoy along with you, Me, and all the host of Heaven! The Family won’t be able to watch your life like we’re going to watch it up Here until they get to Heaven, but they can read this message about your birthday and can even dig into some of the old Letters and read what Dad had to say about you. Then they can join in on the Heavenly praise time and send up their love and thanks and appreciation for you‚ My dear queen.

12. I will make a special decree that all words‚ songs, and expressions of praise and thanks on this day of your birth should be translated into gifts and blessings for you, My beloved, and for your king—yes, even for the entire Family! For you are all interconnected and you all affect one another as you are joined arm in arm‚ hand in hand, and heart with heart. Every word that comes before My throne, every song that reaches My ears, every expression that is one of praise and thankfulness, will be turned into blessings of happiness, joy, health, protection, security, wisdom, anointing, and love for you, My king and queen, and for all of My Family.

13. I would that My Family join the host of Heaven as they sing their praises and give thanks to Me. After all, what is a birthday but a day of celebration? Your birthday is a day of celebration and thanks and praise to Me! For without Me, none of this—your life, your love, this great work of the Family—would be possible.

14. Your birthday is really a celebration of love—for that’s what your life is filled with! Your life is filled with Me, and I am Love. You live only to give love, to show love, to express love, to be love. I desire that on this day of your birth, each Home would take a few minutes to think on this love‚ reflect on this love, and receive some of this love from Me.

15. Each Home could just stop for a few moments after their praise and thanksgiving and ask for the special gift of love that I will give to every Home on this day. I wish to give a personal message of love to each individual Home on this day. So if they’ll come before Me and open their hearts and their channels, they’ll receive this token of My love.

16. The result of this step of faith will be a birthday present from Me to each of My children‚ but it will also be a birthday present from you to each of My children around the world. I know that you want nothing more than for your subjects to live in love and to learn more about My wonderful love. And My children‚ this will also be a birthday gift from you to My Queen Maria, for it will bring such joy to her heart to know that on this special day you took a moment in all of your celebrating to acknowledge Me and receive My seeds of love. And up in Heaven we’ll be rejoicing at the great outpouring of love that will overflow on this day.

17. Then, just like that, the whole amphitheater is going to be transformed into a huge, elegant ballroom! There will be floating crystal balls that are precisely crafted to refract the light and cast their rays upon the dance floor. There will be a lattice of all kinds of flowers hanging overhead, suspended in thin air. There’ll be a fountain in the middle of the room that will change colors every couple of seconds and give the air a sweet–smelling fragrance. All around the room will be elegant sofas to lie upon like they did in the olden days. And spread throughout will be every kind of snack, fruit, dessert or food that your heart could desire—each morsel fit for a king!—Fit for you‚ My queen!

18. At the same time our surroundings are transformed, each of those attending the ball will be fitted with new attire for the night. The style is Grecian. The ladies will wear those elegant, soft, flowing gowns, and the men will wear those long shirts like tunics with the slits up the side and a waist tie, or they may choose to just wear a loincloth. I’m going to wear a white loincloth with a touch of sparkling sky blue. You can come and join us too, My love! Anyone who wants to join in on this Heavenly party can come and join in on the fun. You can ask for your spirits to be joined with ours as you celebrate, or you can actually come on a little spirit trip and see and hear it with your spiritual eyes.

19. This day is a celebration of a love that will never end—My love for your queen, your queen’s love for you, My precious Family, and My love for each of My brides who daily strive to give My love to others. It’s a chain of love, and every link is needed. The love flows from Me to you‚ and from Me to the queen‚ and then to you. But it doesn’t stop there, and it shouldn’t stop there—it should go on and on and on!

20. Don’t quench the fire of love in your heart! On this day of celebration for your queen, celebrate love, for this is what she lives for. It is My love that constrains her to diligently labor in the mines of My Words day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, without complaint, without remorse, without thought of herself. All that she lives for is to love Me, to love you‚ My Family, and to love the lost world who have never before felt this great love that you sometimes take for granted.

21. At the end of every year you should look back and ask yourself, “Have I given my life for Jesus? Have I given my life for love? What have I done this last year that will last forever?” And each new year you should recommit yourself to giving your life to Me, to giving your life to love, for I am Love. I lived in love and died in love, so that you, My loves, might live and love forever! My Maria is leading the way, so keep in step with this love and don’t quench the flow.

22. Celebrate the birth of your queen; celebrate the gift of love! Praise and thank Me for all your many blessings! Your queen lays down her life for you every day and works like crazy to get out the Words that I’m pouring out in these Last Days. Her life is a life of sacrifice, yet she does it out of love for Me, love for you, and love for the lost. I honor My queen and I bestow upon her the gifts that she needs to enter another year for Me. Celebrate her birth and rejoice with Me and the hosts of Heaven on this special day—this day of My Maria’s creation! (End of message from Jesus.)

Peter’s Birthday Celebration in Heaven!

(Received while he was at the summit)

23. (Jesus speaking:) Happy birthday, Peter! Everyone Here sends their love and birthday wishes! We’re all having a great time thinking about you, talking about you, praying for you, and looking into this 3D TV and watching you. Right now you’re sleeping soundly, but even in your sleep you look so kingly, so royal, so handsome.

24. We’re all fighting with you, and we rejoice with you at the victories that have been won and eagerly anticipate the victories that are on the way! Speaking of victories, you’ve almost come to the end of another fruitful year in service to Me. Thank you, My son‚ for giving another year of your life to Me, and for being willing to give the next one as a token of your love and yieldedness to Me.

25. It’s a cause to celebrate‚ because every year is a big step! Every new year holds some wonderful promises and rewards and blessings for those who make it through. You’re always growing, you’re always learning‚ and each year you become a little wiser‚ a little more dependent on Me‚ a little more yielded, a little more loving, and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing what one man can do when he’s on My side, fighting with Me. It’s amazing what I can do with a man who is willing and yielded and desirous to love Me and to do My will. You are highly esteemed in My eyes, and I love to commend you and celebrate your life.

26. Would you like to know what your friends and loved ones in Heaven are going to be doing for your birthday? There’s gonna be quite a crowd of us, because you have so many people up Here that love you!

27. First of all‚ Dad’s invited us to his mansion. We’re going to gather around in his large living area and watch you on the 3D television. As we watch‚ we’re going to concentrate all of our prayers on you, and this will turn into power and victories for your day, victories in the meetings, victories for your health—many, many victories! Then we’re going to sing a special happy birthday song that Phoebe and I wrote especially for you. It’s called “On the Wings of the Spirit!” I hope you like the song. I’ve dedicated it to you, My love. The words go like this. I gave the melody to My channel, but she was a little too shy to sing it.

On the wings of the Spirit, My mercies fly,

To this one who’s yielded and still.

He loves Me and does not let one day go by‚

When he doesn’t fulfill what I will.

He’s gentle and loving,

Yet strong, warm and kind,

He never ceases in giving,

Then My mercies he finds.

He flew to Earth on the wings of My Spirit,

He rose above the earthly things that bind.

I can’t compare My love for this, My dearest,

For he taps into My Spirit, My heart, and My mind.

I know the burdens he bears are so great,

And his shoulders are not as strong as he’d like,

Yet through this weakness I create

A vessel that shines with My great might!

What more could I ask for in this, My king?

He’s My love, and to Me and to all those around,

He’s given his life, his love, everything!

In riches, in joy, and in love he’ll abound!

He flew to Earth on the wings of My Spirit,

He rose above the earthly things that bind.

I’ll never lose My love for this, My dearest,

For he’s a part of My Spirit, My heart, and My mind.

28. After having our little sing-along and prayer time for you, we’re going to pop down to the pool for a dip. It’s a huge pool with a fountain in the middle and a Jacuzzi on the side. We’re all going to drink some top-quality champagne and make a toast to you and your new year ahead! During this time everyone’s going to tell fun stories about you—especially Dad. We’re going to share about some of the cute things you’ve done, some of the funny things and some of the sweet things, as well as some of the inspiring things.

29. Then we’ll all be off to the Food Pavilion where one of our Heavenly cooks will have prepared a special birthday cake just for you! Of course, in Heaven we can just wave a wand and a cake will appear, but some of the cooking addicts like to actually experiment and do the cooking by hand. It’s kind of like their hobby‚ and they like to try different recipes.

30. This Heavenly cook who’s going to prepare your cake is named Angela. Dad often calls on her to make him special chocolate cakes. He loves her cooking and he loves her too. Dad specifically asked her to make one of her famous chocolate cakes for the celebration of your birthday. And I’ll tell you what‚ this cake is out of this world—literally! You’ve never tasted cake until you’ve tasted cake up Here! The cakes are so light and perfect and fluffy—they’re just fantastic!

31. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that we’re traveling around in one of those Heavenly gondolas! There are different ways to get around in the Heavenly City. You can fly, and that usually works well if you just have a couple of people together doing something. Or you can just imagine yourself in a certain part of the city and you’ll be there! Dad usually prefers the gondolas‚ especially when there’s a big group of us‚ because he likes to enjoy the scenery and slowly float to our destination. Neat, huh?

32. After eating your birthday cake, we’re going to do something really special in honor of you! We figured, “Well, Peter gives his whole life so that others will be happy. He serves the Family. Even though he’s a king‚ he’s really a servant and lives his life to serve others.” So we were trying to brainstorm what we could do that would be a tribute to you, that would really make you happy, that would be similar to what you do when you’re out, which is so much of the time—what you do every day, every week, every month, every year. And we came up with the idea of going out and doing visitation on the Earth, just like you do all the time! Wow‚ we’re thrilled about it!

33. All of us, including Dad and Me, are going to go down to Earth and visit the Family members who are sick, discouraged‚ or fighting super difficult battles. We’re going to try to lift them up and give them some healing, either physical or spiritual. We’re going to put on our capes and riding suits and hop on our horses. We’re going to take with us some of the leaves from the Tree of Life, and visit those who are in need of encouragement. We’re going to encourage those who are in need of restrengthening, or those who are feeling weak in body or spirit. We’re going to give our Family members a little touch of Heaven!

34. This is all in honor of you, because we know that that’s what most of your time consists of—visiting the tired and discouraged; going forth to encourage the needy; leaving your little heaven called home to go out and give your spiritual leaves from the Tree of Life‚ the leaves of healing, comfort, and encouragement. We’re going to take our horses and ride to the four corners of the Earth and pass out little bits of Heaven. It’s going to be so much fun, and we’re going to dedicate it to you.

35. Then before we go back up to Heaven, we’re going to come and be with you at the (structure workshop) meetings! We’re going to try to do all we can to make your day enjoyable. We’re going to be trying to whisper encouraging words to your heart—and hey, you might even hear or see one of us! There’ll be quite a few of us—at least 20 or 30—and we’re all going to be encouraging you, inspiring you, keeping away the spiritual pests, and giving you an extra force field of protection, love and inspiration on this special day—your birthday!

36. Most of your friends and loved ones will go back up to Heaven, but I’ll sleep with you all through the night. You can lie in My arms and feel Me close to you. I want to hold you and love you like no other can, and I want to fill every desire that’s within your heart. I know that you won’t be able to be with your loved one, and this could be cause for pain; but I want to wipe away that pain and hold you, love you, make love to you, and fill you up to overflowing with My love, care and presence! There’ll be fullness of joy and we’ll have sweet lovemaking together to celebrate the new year.

37. Mama’s gong to miss you a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind if on the night of your birthday I send Dad to be with her. He really wants to be with her and comfort her, and I’m sure you won’t mind. You’re so sweet and you only want to do the things that will make her happy. You’re such a wonderful couple and you both love Me more than anything else, and that’s why I can bless you so bountifully.

38. Your birthday is going to be quite a potpourri of events! All of us up in Heaven are going to be very busy, going here and there in Heaven, riding here and there on Earth, and then being with you and bringing lots of little bits of Heaven your way. Everyone’s so happy that they can be with you on this special day and reward you with these special spiritual gifts.

39. I’m so thankful that you love Me like you do, and this celebration of your birthday is really a celebration of your love, your yieldedness, your humility, your giving spirit, and your dependence on Me. Happy birthday, Peter! Long live love! Long live yieldedness! Long live humility! Long live your giving spirit! Long live your dependence on Me! Long live our love! (End of message from Jesus.)

Mama’s Birthday Prayer

40. (Prayer from Mama to Jesus, received in prophecy:) My sweet, passionate, adorable, unearthly Lover—I’m completely in love with You and I want to love You more and more! You’ve blessed me so richly, so fully, so completely, and have satisfied the deepest longings and yearnings of my heart. How could I ever ask for anything more than Your wonderful love that far surpasses my human understanding?

41. I know that I’m not worthy of Your love. I know that I’m just a beggar that You have exalted as Your queen. It’s nothing of me, Jesus; it’s all You. It’s all Your love, it’s all Your salvation, and it’s all because of Your beautiful, inspiring, refreshing, enlightening Words that You’re continuing to bestow upon each of us. Your Word and Your love are what give me the power to yield‚ to surrender‚ to be obedient, and to be a sexy bride and a helpful wife to You.

42. I can give no glory to myself and I can’t pat myself on the back, because I know that without You I can do nothing and would be nothing. I’m so thankful that You can use me as I am—with all of my weaknesses, with all of my problems‚ with all of my battles, with all of my physical afflictions. It’s a powerful testimony to all that You can take the weak things and make them strong through Your might and power and strength—just like You’ve done for me.

43. Jesus, You’ve brought me such a long way already. You’ve brought me through some pretty hot and heavy battles in this last year‚ but the key word here is through. You’ve brought me through the battles and they didn’t come to stay, they came to pass. You helped me to overcome each test and battle that came my way‚ and through the testings‚ You showed me Your love more fully and completely than ever before. I’ve learned to trust Your foresight more completely‚ and I’ve been able to trust in You more explicitly. You’ve done so many wonderful things in this last year, for which I’m so very thankful.

44. You’ve continued to pour forth Your Words in great abundance. The jewels from the Heavenly mines have been tumbling down upon us in full force—so much so that we aren’t able to get nearly as much out to the Family as we would like. We’ve been doing the best we can and we’ve been passing on a lot, but You still keep pouring out and pouring out! Our cups are full to overflowing with Your bountiful blessings and Your beautiful Words! There’ve been revelations about our spiritual walk with You, revelations about the future, revelations about Heaven, and much, much more. You spoil us with Your love!

45. You’ve done so much for me in this last year, but I don’t want to rest on my gains. I don’t want to rest on my victories or get complacent or feel that I’ve arrived. You’ve helped me to make so much progress in so many areas, but by no means have I reached perfection in my spiritual life and walk with You. I pray that You’ll help me to continue yielding, and to continue being open to everything that You have to say to Peter and me and to the Family.

46. I want to grow in love—love for You, love for Peter, and love for others. I know that Your love knows no boundaries nor days, but it’s always! It’s forever! Your love goes on and on and on. Please cover my new year with Your love and let Your love overflow the boundaries of my life so that this love can pour out upon others. There’s no end to Your love, and that’s why I want more of it—more of it to share with those around me, to share with the Family‚ and to give back to You, my dearest Lover.

47. I want our relationship to become stronger. I know that You’re doing Your part to draw closer to me, so I pray that I will fulfill my part of the deal and draw ever closer to You, my Husband. You make it so easy for me, but I don’t ever want to get so busy or think that I have too much to do, to the neglect of strengthening our relationship and growing closer to You, my sweet Jesus.

48. My Sweetheart, You’re so sexy, You’re so lovely, You’re so adorable, and You continually bestow Your love upon me in so many ways! You spoil me with Your gifts, with Your blessings, with Your Words, and with Your love. I feel like Your pampered lover. I pray that in this next year I will continue to give You what You need and what You desire. I want to be open and ready for You at all times. I want to be desirous of You at every moment of the day. If You desire to make love to me and fill me with Your seeds, then I want nothing to hold me back from receiving Your passionate love.

49. I love You and I want You, my precious Jesus! I’m looking forward to another year filled with happy, exciting, renewing times spent in the bed of love with You. These times in Your arms are by far my favorite times of the day, and I want to give You my best—the very best of my time, my energies, and my love.

50. And as I look ahead to another year in the service of You, my King, I feel the weight of the crown that You have placed upon my head. This symbol of honor and responsibility is weighty and cumbersome, but I know that Your hands uphold me. Thank You that You’ve given me my earthly king, my dearest earthly love, Peter, to help in bearing the responsibilities of the Kingdom. Please help us together to be a unified team for You, always leaning upon Your strength and never our own, always depending upon You and Your Word.

51. Help me to look to You and to live each and every day as if it were my last. Help us all to live each day as if it were our last. Help me to give my all at every moment of every day, of every week‚ of every month. You’ve said time and time again, and Dad has said time and time again‚ that time is ticking, the hourglass has been turned, and the day of our redemption draweth nigh. So please help me to love You as if everything depended on loving You. Please help me to yield to You as if everything depended on yielding to You. Please help me to serve You as if everything depended on serving You. Please help me to pass on Your Words as if everything depended on getting out the Word—because it does! You continually remind me, and all of us, that time is short—maybe shorter than we think—so help me to redeem the time in these evil days.

52. I recommit my life to You and I ask that You take my life in Your hands and do with it as You will. I’m just a beggar queen‚ my Lord, and I have no riches‚ lands, or earthly possessions to give You. If I were a shepherd, I’d give You a lamb. If I were a wise man, I’d give You some frankincense, myrrh, or gold. But I know what I’ll give You—I’ll give You my heart. Take me once again and use me as You will. You’ve given me so much more than I could ever deserve‚ and in return—although I know I could never repay You—I give You my heart, my life, my spirit‚ my body, my work, my everything.

53. Jesus, these are not just pretty words that I speak. These are not just vain commitments that I will forget about in a couple of days. These are not just words that I think will come before Your throne with sweet fragrances. This is my heartcry, this is my prayer, this is my commitment to You for the new year. By Your grace—and only with Your grace would this be possible—do I once again pledge to love and serve You and my wonderful Family. By Your love—for Your love is the only love that is unfailing—do I promise to once again do my best to live in love and serve in love. By the power of Your Spirit do I desire to once again yield my all to You in humility and meekness.

54. I delight to do Your will! For whom have I in Heaven but Thee, and whom have I upon Earth but Thee? My heart and my flesh fail, but You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever! (End of prayer.)

Peter’s Birthday Prayer

55. (Prayer from Peter to Jesus, received in prophecy:) Thank You Jesus for the power of prayer, for through the prayers of my Family and loved ones‚ I’ve been given great strength and anointing this past year. I could never have imagined doing so much, going to so many different places, meeting so many sweet Family members, or helping to get out so many pubs for the Family. Yet through the power of prayer, all of this was made possible.

56. Through the power of prayer You were able to give me the strength, the anointing, the endurance, the inspiration, and the love to fulfill all of these tasks and missions. I can of my own self do nothing, and I am nothing. I’m weak. I have a weak heart, a weak back‚ and other physical afflictions. Yet You’ve been with me each step of the way this last year, and have accomplished mighty things through someone so weak and nothing.

57. There’s a Name that I love to hear! There’s a Name that I love to praise! There’s a Name that I love to sing about! There’s a Name that brings such comfort to my heart. It’s Your Name, Jesus. Jesus, Yours is not only the sweetest Name I know, but You’re the dearest One to me! I’ve had many loves, but You’re my greatest Lover. You satisfy me completely and give me much more than I could ever wish for or desire.

58. In this last year You’ve been like a father to me, instructing me and teaching me in the way that I should go. You’ve lovingly guided me, just as an earthly father loves and guides his children in the ways of truth. You’re not harsh or unfeeling, but all that You’ve brought into my life this last year has been for a reason, because You were trying to teach me something, because You love me.

59. In this last year You’ve also been like a mother to me. You’ve comforted me in all my tribulations. You’ve been a cozy shoulder to cry on. You’ve understood all of my pains, worries, and fears. Not once have You looked down on me for my mistakes, but You’ve loved me anyway. Sometimes I feel like I’m someone that only a mother could love, and You love me just like a mother, with such unconditional love and care.

60. And most important, You’ve been a Lover to me. You’ve been the One that I can count on at any moment of the day. You’ve been the One Who has comforted me and satisfied me in my times of loneliness and heartache. You’ve been a sexy Lover, a dear Husband to me. You’re the dearest in Heaven and Earth to me! You satisfy me completely and fill every longing, every desire, every need—even my wishes and secret dreams. You’re my Lover of all lovers! You’re the Lover of my soul!

61. Jesus, You give me Your love in full measure. You pour forth Your anointing so abundantly upon me. You give me everything. So, my Husband‚ I desire to give You my all once again‚ in service to You, to Mama, and to this Kingdom of Love‚ the Family. I’ve been given a responsibility‚ the crown of a king; yet I’ve also been given the garment of a servant. You called me a servant king‚ Jesus, and that’s really what I am. I’m a servant—a servant to Your dear ones all around the world. Please help me to wear this garment of servitude with dignity, love, and diligence.

62. Help me never to look at the crown You’ve placed upon my head and get lifted up in pride‚ thinking that it’s by my own works that I’ve attained this position as Your king. How foolish I would be to ever think that it’s my own arm and strength that saves me and causes this work to prosper! Help me to continually praise You and thank You for esteeming me worthy of such an honor. Thank You for the privilege of being beside Your queen‚ Maria, and for the gift of playing this role of king in these Last Days. Help me to play the role with all of my heart.

63. My most ardent desire is that others will see You in me. Please take me out of the way and let Your Spirit shine through in full force. Nobody wants to see me and all of my faults and weaknesses; they want to see You—the only One Who makes any of us strong, loving, useful and wise. Lord, without You I wouldn’t even be worthy to be called Your servant. But with You, I can be Your servant king, living my whole life to serve You, my queen, and my Family. Please do all that’s needed to keep me dependent on You, and You alone.

64. In the Bible there were many men that You were able to use‚ but some only for a time because they thought themselves too wise and smart for You. As soon as that happened, You withdrew Your anointing, and then they fell flat on their faces and saw how nothing they really were. So Jesus, please help me to keep my eyes on You and continually receive Your strength and guidance in every decision, every pub, every trip, and everything that I do. Thank You that I can have this dependence on You, so that Your Spirit can live and work through me.

65. Sweet Lover, You know that I’ve prayed these prayers so many times before, but I want to keep renewing my commitments to You as a token to You of my complete trust and dependence on You, and as a reminder for me to keep progressing in these areas and not to get lazy or stop making progress. This day do I recommit my life to You—my all in all. My life is Yours to do with as You will. Please give me the grace to walk in step with You in the direction You’re leading in these Last Days. I’m as a blind man without You, Lord, and I can’t even take one step without You—that’s how desperately I need You. Help me to always continue needing You this desperately.

66. I don’t know what this new year is going to bring into my life, but I know that if I’m following You, then I don’t have anything to worry about. You’ve been with me and helped me through the ups and downs and trials and battles that have been a part of every year of my life, so I know that You’ll not fail me now. You’ll help me to make it through another year victoriously, just as You’ve helped me to make it through this last year. Thank You, my Love‚ for doing such wonderful miracles in my life.

67. I want to praise and thank You and give my life to You once again. I commit my life and heart into Your loving hands and ask that You lead and guide me like none other can. Thank You‚ my Dear, my Husband, my Lover, my sweet Jesus, for another year to love and serve You, my queen‚ and this wonderful Family. (End of prayer.)

Conversation the Lord Had with Mama Before Leaving Heaven!

68. (Jesus speaking: ) My darling Maria, My insatiable bride who is desirous of Me at all times, how I love you! You fill up My heart with a song! You make Me feel so good! You’re My faithful lover, and our love affair is one that will never end. It began long, long ago, before we had to part, before you had to don your earthly body and walk the road of mankind. Our love was from the beginning‚ and our love is a love that will never end. Our love is so rich‚ so full, so satisfying, and I delight in you! I delight in every part of you—your spirit‚ your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, and your love, because you are a part of Me.

69. Before you left the halls of Heaven‚ My love, we would spend hours talking—but these hours would fly by as moments in time! I could never seem to get enough of you, nor you of Me. We were like newlyweds who would make love many times a day, and every time we saw each other it was like an irresistible force drew us together and made us one.

70. I love you, Sweet Baby, and I have such precious memories of our times in the Heavenly realm. You would dance for Me, you would sing Me to sleep, you would look into My eyes with your sparkling sapphires, and we could almost see right through each other! Your kisses were so sweet, your touches so gentle, your love so satisfying.

71. You satisfied Me in such a wonderful way that I knew I couldn’t keep you to Myself. I knew that because of My great love for all of My children, especially those who didn’t know Me, I would one day have to give you up, in love, for their sakes and yours. I knew that our love was so great—we were tied with strong cords of love that could never be broken—that even if I did send you to Earth and you would no longer be able to see Me or feel Me or touch Me, that you would still be just as close, just as near and dear to Me.

72. I first presented this idea to you when we were walking through the palace gardens. I picked a white rose and I said, “My love, you are as a pure white fragrant rose, and I want to tell the whole world about you! I want all of My children on the Earth to be able to partake of your beauty, your purity, your strength, your fragrance, and your love! You are a delicate one, My love, but I want to send you as a magic rose that has power to touch and to heal and to bring life.”

73. You then reached over and picked a red rose from a bush directly behind you and said‚ “My dearest Lover, I will do as You bid because my love for You is as strong as the deep red of this rose. I know that I am nothing and am not worthy of what You are asking of me, just like the white rose has not a drop of red in its petals. Yet I will say yes, because I know that Your love is strong enough to pass through the realm of time and space. I know that we will be one, even though we will be apart.” You then gently placed the rose in My hand.

74. My lovely Maria, I still have that rose till this day, and it’s still just as perfect as the day that you picked it and placed it in the palm of My hand. I also still have the white rose; that’s a little piece of you‚ and it’s still just as pure and radiant as on that unforgettable day. When you return to My arms, I’ll present these roses to you and all those memories will come back. Everything will come back to you—all of our love, all the fun times we spent together. All of the love we shared will come flooding in upon you and fill you with happiness to overflowing. These are our roses of promise, our roses of love.

75. We walked and talked many times, My love, for I knew that My time with you was short. We took off on a trip. In My favorite yacht we sailed and spent our time as honeymooners, loving both day and night. I shared with you some secrets of your life on Earth, and showed you how you were so vital to My plan. My heart was aching during these last days with you by My side, for it was hard to let you go.

76. I made you promise that you would always strive to be as close to Me as possible and that you would never give up seeking Me. I made you promise that you would keep wanting Me‚ keep wanting to know all about Me‚ keep wanting to know more about the spirit world, keep getting to know Me better, and then pass this on to others. I then said that I would give you the gift of being inquisitive so that you would always want to know more about Me and draw closer to Me. I would give you the gift of being insatiable, so that you would never have enough of Me and would always want and desire more.

77. My darling, I wanted you to be a helpmeet to My beloved David, and so I asked you, “Will you be My love for him? Will you share his life, his dreams‚ his hopes, and together serve Me, your greatest Love?” You said that you would gladly be a help and strength to My beloved David. You figured that with My help you could be a good support, strength, and helpmeet. Then I said there’d come a time when you’d have to take the lead, to be a queen, My queen. I said you’d lead My people and would show them the way to Me.

78. I said, “I’m going to give you some weaknesses, My love. It hurts Me to have to do this‚ because I know that they’ll cause you some pain. Yet even though these weaknesses will cause you some trials and battles and heartaches, still I have weighed up the benefits and have deemed you worthy of these thorns in the flesh.

79. “I’m going to give you the gift of shyness‚ so that you’ll always receive your boosts and faith from Me. I’m going to give you the gift of forgetfulness, so that you’ll always lean on Me and not on your memory. I’m going to give you the gift—yes, the gift—of a weak body, so that I can show My power. I’ll cause your eyes to be closed in the physical so that you’ll see clearly in the spirit. I’ll give you weakness so that you’ll be strong. I’ll give you pain so that you’ll know joy unspeakable. I’ll give you hardships so that you’ll revel in My blessings.”

80. All of these things did I say to you that day, My love, as you lay in My arms. You didn’t say no. You didn’t ask why. You didn’t ask any questions at all. You said, “Sweetheart‚ I know You so deeply, so intimately, so personally, that I would never doubt Your love for me. I know that You love me more than even Your Own life, because You gave Your life for me. So I’m not going to balk or cry or even ask You why—I’m just going to trust. You’ve never failed when I’ve trusted You before, and even though it’s hard to see from here how such ‘gifts’ will make me what You want me to be, I’m not going to fear or question, I’m just going to yield.”

81. You didn’t shed a tear, but they were streaming down My face as I knew right then and there that you had yielded your all. I knew that since you had yielded right from the start, your whole life would be one of yieldedness. Yieldedness would be your greatest asset, your greatest quality, your greatest sample, and your greatest strength. I knew that no matter what I would send your way, and even if you couldn’t see Me or feel Me in a physical way while on Earth, you would still say yes to Me, because your love was so great.

82. Through the years I’ve seen this promise come to pass. You made a promise to Me—and that really is the essence of your life. Through your yielding I’ve been able to use you. Through your saying yes I’ve been able to exalt you. I know the hardships better than you do. I know your weaknesses and lacks better than you do. Yet despite these things, you yield your all. This is why I love you so!

83. Because of your yielding‚ because of your giving, because of your desire for Me‚ we’ve become one, we’ve become closer, and our love has grown. Our love right now is so strong that it’s even stronger than it was up in Heaven before you went to Earth. Sure, you did feel more ecstasies up Here—you could touch Me, feel Me, see Me‚ and love Me to the full—but you’ve now experienced another realm of My love. You understand and believe in My love now, even though it’s all by faith. This is perfect trust. This is perfect love. This is dedicated love. This is the deepest kind of love there is. When you can love Me so intimately in the spirit even though your spirit is encased in the flesh and your feet are on the ground, then this is miraculous! This is something that I highly honor!

84. Not only have you partaken of My Spirit and My love in this intimate way, but you’ve also passed this on to others. Oh, how I love you for it! Now I have many brides who know Me, who love Me, who make love to Me‚ and who receive My seeds. Oh, how I love this deeper love that we have now! When you get Home, our romance will climax like never before! Right now our spirits are joined together as never before. Because you can’t see Me or feel Me or touch Me, you connect with My Spirit in a much deeper way. I’m so thankful for this‚ and this is one of the reasons I wanted you to go to Earth—so that you would learn of this love.

85. I know that whatever I give to you, you’ll pass on to others. I know that I can entrust you with spiritual gifts and treasures‚ because you’ll care for them, treasure them‚ love them, and give them to those of My children who are hungering and thirsting after Me. You’re My love to the world. You’re My love to the Family. You’ve fulfilled the promise of the white rose, the promise of our love. With your magic power you have touched, healed, and brought to life many through your love for Me and your willingness to be what I want you to be.

86. Before you left Heaven, you were one of the keepers of My Words. You were one of the few that held the keys to the treasure vaults and treasure chests of Heaven. I sent that key with you—you have it to this day! You have the key to unlock the mysteries of the spirit world. You have the key to unlock the treasure chests of Heaven. This is an awesome privilege that I’ve given to you and to My children in these Last Days. I knew that there would be a famine in the land for My Words, so I sent you, My love, to be the keeper of the key and to unlock the treasures.

87. Never before in the history of the world has this key been endowed with such power! Never before have I unlocked the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven as I have in this day, because it was not yet My time. Never before have I given such authority to mankind. You are Maria of the End, the prophetess, the unlocker of the mysteries of Heaven, and the flow will never stop as long as you keep desiring Me, keep sucking My seeds and passing them on to My children.

88. What an awesome responsibility you hold in your tiny hands! What a special queen you are‚ and how I love you so! This world will never see another Maria. This world will never receive another such key to the vaults of Heaven. This world will never have another chance. You, My Family, are the last ones. You’re the final set, you’re the grand finale, and you hold the final keys! I have ordained this from the very beginning, My love, and you knew what was ahead.

89. You said, “What an awesome responsibility You’re entrusting into my hands. Jesus, are my tiny shoulders able to bear the weight? Shouldn’t You send another?” I said, “No, My love, your weakness is your strength, your fallibility is your victory, your desperation is your reward, and your love is what will draw you to Me. You won’t go wrong, you can’t go wrong, as long as you keep desperate, keep yielded, and keep pouring out as fast as I pour in.”

90. My sweet love, there is much to come‚ there is much yet to be fulfilled, there is so much up ahead, but I cannot reveal all of that to you. Suffice it to say that I prepared you before you went down to Earth, and in your heart there is peace that I have placed within you. You will draw closer to Me, you will continue to open the mysteries of Heaven, and you will continue to be My love to the world. You, and My precious children in the Family‚ are the last chance that I’ve got to bring in the sheep from the mountains, hills, and valleys before the storm comes. You are they upon whom the ends of the world are come!

91. Many will flock to you in the days to come because you hold the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven! You hold the keys to My Words‚ and all of those who have tapped into this same power will have strength that they know not of. Each of My children has the power to connect to this key that unlocks the treasures of Heaven, the jewels from Beyond‚ My Words and the wonderful mysteries of the Spirit. All they have to do is ask. All they have to do is suck and desire it, just like you suck and desire and love Me so intimately and so passionately.

92. And now‚ on a lighter note, when you finish your job on Earth and you come Home to be with Me, I’m going to spoil you with My love! I’m going to ravish you from head to toe! I’m going to love you like never before! Oh, I can’t wait! Aren’t our present times of lovemaking special? Well, I’ll tell you what, they’re not even a drop in the bucket compared to what I’m talking about here! I’m talking about stuff that’ll blow your mind and really send you to Heaven—in every sense of the word! Ha!

93. I’m going to have your favorite cheesecake prepared for you, and we’re going to really have a great time! And you know what? I’m going to dance for you! When you were up Here with Me, you used to dance for Me a lot, all the time, and I really loved it. I got so excited when I saw your sexy body‚ and you really loved Me in this way. Well, when you get Home, I’m going to do a sexy dance for you. I’ve been practicing, I have the song already picked out, and I can’t wait! You’re going to love it! You’re going to melt! And after I’ve treated you to some fun, you can do whatever your heart desires. I’ll be at your beck and call. I think I know what you’re going to do, though. You’re going to say, “Please speak to me, Jesus!” Ha! You can’t get enough, can you? And I can’t get enough of you, My darling sweetheart!

94. The day you left Home was filled with many emotions. I was sad to see you go, yet My heart swelled with admiration because, even though it was hard for you‚ you were so willing to leave Me and to be what I wanted you to be. There was great rejoicing in the halls of Heaven, because your going to Earth meant the beginning of the last period of time on Earth. Your going to Earth made the clocks start ticking, and the wheels of My judgments began to roll.

95. This life on Earth, as you know it, is coming to a close, and I’m so happy that I’ll soon be able to step in and rule the Earth the way I intended for it to be ruled. Your birth was a turning point, and after yours and the Family’s mission is complete‚ the world will never again be the same. Isn’t that something to look forward to? Yes, there’s so much to look forward to.

96. I look forward to Heaven on Earth, and I look forward to spending eternity with you, Sweet Baby. You’re better than a dream lover—you’re reality! I can’t wait to hold you in My arms once again and show you how much happiness each of your birthdays has brought to Me. At the end of each year I celebrate your life, but I also celebrate your life every day, every minute, and every second! Your whole life is a celebration—a celebration of love!

97. Thank you, My darling, for celebrating My love, giving My love, and being My love. You’re My magic rose that has the power to touch and to heal and to give life, through the power of My love. Happy birthday on your special day—and always! (End of message from Jesus.)

Conversation the Lord Had with Peter Before Leaving Heaven!

98. (Jesus speaking:) I talk to all of My children before they make their journey to Earth. I do My best to explain what their life will be like, and even give them choices as to what general direction their life will go in. I usually show them My plan and then leave the choices with them. I spell out the hardships they will endure on Earth, as well as the battles and struggles they’ll encounter, but I never fail to tell them of the rewards, of the purpose, and of the reasons why I feel such a way is best.

99. I’m usually able to help My children see that My way is best. And although they see the pain they will endure or the hardships they will face, they choose to go through that for Me, out of love for Me, and because they know that it will bring them the most happiness in the long run, and will make them more useful to Me in the future.

100. My precious son, I spent hours talking with you, for your mission was a weighty one. Your mission was of utmost importance because you were going to play a major role in the Last Days. Before I talked to you‚ you didn’t know that you were going to be living in the Last Days on Earth. You’d known that you’d be going to Earth fairly soon, but you didn’t know any of the details or what your mission would be. Then I summoned you and you arrived in My illustrious court!

101. You came before My throne and knelt low‚ for you knew that in receiving My mission for you, you would need to be humble‚ meek, and ready to do My slightest bidding. Your crown fell off your head and was cast at My feet, but I picked it up and motioned for you to rise. The crown which I placed upon your head was symbolic of your future mission, of which you felt unworthy. You did not cast it at My feet as a sign of unyieldedness or rejection of My will, but I allowed it to fall at My feet and I picked it up and helped you to rise as a symbol to you that I would always carry your crown for you and be your strength in this great mission.

102. It was My way of giving you comfort under the weight of your future calling, that I would always help you to bear your crown. I said, “Don’t despise your crown. For this is the crown of your future calling and ministry which you must fight for. I promise that as you fight and endure the attempts of the Enemy to try and take your crown, I will uphold you with My right hand.” We then sat side by side on the steps before My throne. We talked as friends and conversed about many things—mainly your earlier life on Earth, who your parents would be, who your brothers and sisters would be.

103. You had known your Father David while he was still in Heaven, and Maria, so I filled you in on what their missions were, as they would be directly affecting your life on Earth. I told you about how your Father David would go through many things and would have to wait for 49 years before he would arrive at the calling that I’d prepared for him. You then said, “What a great man of God, and what patience!” Yes, indeed, My David had the patience of Job. Because he held on through those many years, I saw that he was fit and had learned all that was needed in order to be a humble, desperate‚ vessel unto honor—a prophet and leader of all of My children everywhere who would accept and believe the Words which he spoke, those Words which would come from Heaven.

104. I then told you about how you would join this great missionary movement that would change the course of your whole life. You said, “My Lord, I’m thankful for this honor‚ to be even a small part of this wonderful work!”

105. I then showed you the one you would marry and the children you would have. I showed you the children that I had planned to give to you and Abi. But then I said, “When you get to Earth, you will not remember the lovely faces of your children. When you get to Earth you will not remember this conversation, and yet you will have to choose whether to receive these gifts, your children. It will be a yielding for you and will cause you to have a greater dependence on Me.”

106. I told you this because there have been others who have left Heaven, whom I showed their children to, but when they got to Earth they decided to take things into their own hands. They didn’t remember the plan that I’d showed them, and thus didn’t think they could handle all of the work and all of the responsibility. But you and your dear wife fulfilled My plan and received each of the gifts that I had to give you. Thank you‚ My son! You’ll be eternally grateful!

107. I then told you that you would be called to forsake the things you held dear to your heart—your wife and your children. At that point you said, “Please, Lord, isn’t that too much to ask of me? I can see and understand now why this forsaking will work out for the best in my life‚ but when I’m on Earth, will I be able to understand? Will I be able to make it?” I said, “No‚ My son; in truth, you may not understand. While on Earth, you may discover most of the reasons, but you may not fully understand until you get back Home.”

108. Your face then lit up as I told you of the next part of your journey of life, and how you would go to live and work with your Father David and Queen Maria. You had a very special relationship with Maria and David while in Heaven, and so were thrilled to have the opportunity to live and work with them and be close to them while on Earth. The first question you asked Me was, “Am I going to fall in love with her?” And I told you that, yes, you would fall in love with her, but that she would not fall in love with you.

109. I told you that My ministry and purpose for you would be as a helpmeet, a little person, a pillar that would support the house of God, a servant of the king and queen, a faithful squire and lover of the king and queen. You would go through great battles—perhaps some of the greatest in your life—battles with things like jealousy, covetousness and possessiveness. I said, “These lessons will not only be for you, but for others also. I will allow these times of despair in your life to bring you closer to Me, so that you will depend on Me and grow to love Me more—more than anything in Heaven or on Earth.”

110. You said, “But Lord, is this really necessary? You know that I love You more than anyone in Heaven and on Earth. Why is it necessary for me to go through such pain while on Earth?” My answer was, “I know that you are not questioning out of unyieldedness, My son, because I have placed these questions in your thoughts. I will allow you to experience these battles so that you will understand others and be a comforter to those who you will minister to on Earth—your brethren—who will go through the same things. My son‚ on Earth you don’t see things as clearly as you see them Here. On Earth you see through a glass darkly and only understand partly‚ whereas when you’re Here you’re face to face with the true reality, the reality of the spirit world—My reality. Though on Earth you won’t always be able to see or understand what I’m doing in your life, it is necessary, so that you will trust Me even though you’re walking on a tightrope with a blindfold on. It’s a lesson that you must learn—to walk by faith and not by sight, to love Me by faith and not by feelings.”

111. Then I asked you whether you were willing to endure these many battles in order to be a strength and support to the king and queen for 15 years. I asked whether you would endure being in love with Maria, and not receiving the same kind of emotional love in return. I knew this would be a hard choice for you, for you would be choosing to be a servant, a love slave, a beggar. You would be choosing to be as nothing.

112. There were a few minutes of silence, and then I saw your tears. “My son, these are tears which you now shed for those who I send you to minister unto, those who you will meet face to face and who will have questions and tears in their hearts and who will look to you for the answers and comfort of My Spirit. I will send My Spirit of comfort with you to wipe the tears from their eyes, for your heart has been broken for your brethren.” You didn’t even have to speak a word. As I looked into your eyes‚ I knew that you’d accepted My will and you were willing to go to any lengths‚ to any depths of despair‚ and do anything for Me out of pure love for Me. I put My arms around you and held you very close to Me. In My warm arms I comforted you, and I wiped away the tears that were flowing down your cheeks.

113. I said, “My son, this time of your life will be the making of a man. This time in your life will transform you from a set‚ hardened vessel, into one that I will be able to use for greater and bigger things. Because you are willing to be made nothing, I am in turn more than willing to make you into something—into a better vessel‚ into a king! After your days of preparation, I will place a crown upon your head and a ring upon your finger. When your Father David comes Home to Me to help run the Family from this side, I will exalt you and use you like never before.”

114. I didn’t have to tell you about leading the Family. I didn’t even have to tell you about how your relationship with Maria would blossom, because you already knew in your heart and you fell down on your knees and cried, “I’m not worthy of even the least of Your mercies!” Your crown fell from your head again. It was cast at My feet, and I picked it up and placed it upon your head. I would have told you more, but you already felt so unworthy, I didn’t want to make you feel any more unworthy, which is what would have happened if I had told you exactly how you would have been exalted and that you would be married to My Maria‚ David’s Maria.

115. As our time came to a close, I pulled out a bottle of choice wine from the vineyards of Heaven and we drank and made toasts to your life and mission on Earth. By this time, all tears were gone, and you had fully accepted all that I had for you. You said that you would do anything that I asked you out of love for Me, but you asked Me to pray for you that your faith would not fail, and that you would cherish the crown that I’d given you. I promised that I would.

116. This day with you is as clear in My mind as if it just happened today. I remember every intimate detail, and I love you for your willingness to say yes to the unusual and important mission that I placed upon your human shoulders. I’ve stayed true to My promise to you and continue to pray for you, that your faith will not fail, and that you will hold on to the glorious crown that I have given you.

117. I’m looking forward to the day when you will once more come before My Heavenly throne and cast your crown before My feet, so that I can pick it up, place it on your head, and say, “Well done! I honor you and love you for your love! You were humbled on Earth, and then I highly exalted you. You came humbly before My throne, and now I highly exalt you. Receive your rewards and let us toast once more to your life, your love, your yieldedness, and your humility, My faithful son!” Cheers! (End of message from Jesus.)

Predestination and Choice!

118. (Mama:) These Heavenly conversations came as a surprise and a revelation to Peter and me, as well as an inspiration. What wonders Heaven holds‚ and what marvels the Lord unfolds as we tap in to His treasures! These messages also brought up a few questions that some of you may wonder about too. For example: If Peter and I knew the Lord in Heaven and were ordained for our roles, did we need to get saved on Earth? Do any of us who are His children have any choice in the matter, or were we simply predestined for our roles and our salvation? And what about some of the great villains of history—were they destined and commissioned to do evil by the Lord?

119. This is a deep subject‚ and one that theologians have puzzled over for ages! When we asked the Lord‚ He gave us the following answers:

120. (Jesus speaking: ) That which is born of the flesh is flesh‚ and those who are born of the flesh must be born again of the Spirit to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. For when you pass through the veil of the flesh, along with it comes the majesty of choice.

121. You can liken this to those on Earth who are born in a foreign country‚ one which is not their father’s homeland. By birth, simply due to geographical location, they are often registered as one of that foreign land. By birth, when you take on the cloak of the flesh, you in a sense become a citizen of the world. And yet I offer you the choice, I give you the right to take on the citizenship of Heaven—that of your true and rightful Father. Yet the choice lies in your hands when you come of age—when you are given the choice of salvation. When the choice is put before you‚ you must choose.

122. You may not take on dual citizenship [that of Heaven and the Earth], for what man can serve two masters? Will you not hold to the one and despise the other, or love the one and hate the other? Therefore you must choose either to maintain the birthright of your Father or to deny what is rightfully yours when you come of age, in taking on the citizenship of that faraway land in which you were born in the flesh. Man must make the choice to renew his bonds and ties to his true motherland [Heaven] and receive the heritage of his fathers, or to reject that which is given him from his Father and choose a strange country [Earth].

123. I have given you the right to Heaven! This is your birthright, the country from which you are come. Yet when you are born of the flesh you must choose when you are of age, when you are made aware and given the choice of salvation. If you would maintain that which rightfully belongs to you‚ it is yours for the asking.

124. The power to follow one’s destiny lies within the choice of man. Those who I commission to go to Earth have the choice as to which way they will go—whether they will follow that which is good or follow the way of the flesh and reap corruption.

125. I do all things well and in decency and order. Every creation of My hand is ordained with a purpose. I have created every living soul with a perfect plan in mind. I have preordained for every human being a purpose, a plan, an appointment according to My will that is theirs for the choosing. Yet the choice lies within the power of the individual. He or she chooses whether to accept the appointment that I have ordained or to reject and to follow another way. The choice to accept or decline what I have set down aforetime belongs to man.

126. All are Mine in the beginning, for I am the Creator of all things, and without Me there was nothing made that is made. I do not commission that any would do evil, for it is not My will that any man would choose to follow in Lucifer’s way. Satan is the one who recruits defectors, who seeks to lure them to join his forces. It is not My will that any should perish. Those who choose to follow Satan’s way are those who willfully deny their own birthright. They forfeit their heritage of their own choosing; they forsake their appointment, their high calling, the plan that I would have otherwise given them.

127. In My all-seeing eye and in My infinite wisdom, I know from the beginning what road a man will take. I do not commission nor create any in the beginning with the purpose to do evil, for I hate evil and every wicked way. Yet I know the way that man will take. I know the end from the beginning and therefore I am able to use even the evil deeds of man to bring beauty for ashes, joy for sorrow, victory out of what seems like defeat, and to accomplish a greater purpose in the lives of those whom I know will choose My way.

128. These are very deep mysteries of My Spirit and the inner workings of My eternal now. I set your destiny in front of you before you depart Heaven, and in that sense you are predestined. But I do not set it before you in the sense of commanding you to perform what I have ordained. I set it before you and you may receive or reject it of your own free will.

129. Your preordained destiny is set before you. You may receive or reject it, or affect aspects of it by your choices. You may choose to obey Me or disobey Me, to receive reward or lack of reward, or even punishment. I lay the plan before you, and it is then up to your own free will to choose which way you will follow, which citizenship you will claim—whether you will fulfill your destiny or not. (End of message from Jesus.)

130. (Mama: ) Wow! Isn’t it amazing how the Lord has not revealed these things unto the wise and the prudent, but He reveals them to us when we ask Him! Thank You Jesus! You open the treasure vaults of Heaven to us and show us the deep mysteries of Your marvelous Spirit!

131. As you can see from what the Lord said above‚ when He predestined our lives He did so with a special purpose in mind for each of us. He has appointed every individual on Earth to fulfill a certain mission—one which He foreordained, but which we still have the free will to choose. The choice is left up to each of us as to whether or not we’ll go along with the plan the Lord ordained for our lives—to accept His appointment or not. Because He has given man a free will, we can choose to follow our destiny or to renounce our birthright.

132. So we have the right to Heavenly citizenship, as long as we choose it! I’m so glad all you dear ones have chosen it and are helping others to do the same‚ so we can all be reunited with our loving Shepherd and Husband in His time. What a day of rejoicing that will be! In the meantime, if you have any more questions about these deep matters of predestination, if you need to know‚ I’m sure the Lord will be glad to answer them for you as He did for us. Of course, there are some things we probably won’t be able to fully comprehend until we get to Heaven, when we’ll “know even as we are known.” I love you!

Art of Dependence, The—A Spirit Trip

Karen Zerby

GN 1191 FD/MM/FM / FEAST 2007

By Maria 3619 3/06

1. (Jesus:) I want you to come with Me. I know you have much to do and I can see that you’re wondering if you can possibly afford to take this time off with Me. Just trust Me. I could give you a long explanation of where we’re going, what we need to do, and how it’s all going to work, but if you just trust Me‚ that’ll take care of it all.

2. Very good. I can see you laying down your burdens. Let Me help you take that load off your back. Yes, that’s right, let Me lift it off your back. We’re going to leave that here for a while. In fact, we’re leaving this here permanently. When you return from where I’m taking you, you won’t need this anymore. Say goodbye to it. Say goodbye to the weight and press of the cares of this life—the troubles, the daily problems and challenges, the hurdles and obstacles that need to be overcome, your workload and the responsibilities and duties that are daily on your doorstep. So yes, that heavy burden that you’ve been carrying, we’re dropping it for good!

3. Okay, take My hand‚ close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Can you feel the heavenly elixir pouring over you? (Deep breaths in [pause], then out.) And again‚ breathe deeply, taking in the fragrance of My Spirit.

4. (Vision: ) I see Jesus and a beautiful girl. She’s wearing a light see-through top with flared sleeves‚ which flow in the breeze. Jesus is standing there beside her, holding her hand. He’s wearing a comfortable white shirt, and actually looks like a gypsy. Around His waist is a thick leather belt, and He’s wearing loose-fitting brown pants and black boots.

5. They’re standing before a door, and I see a purple sparkling mist begin to descend, almost as though there were a vent above them. At first it appears as a light mist, with little sparkles glistening within the cloud. Together they breathe in the mist, and as they do so, more begins to flow down upon them. I’m looking at their clasped hands, and I begin to see a glow forming between their fingers. The glow is getting brighter, creeping up their arms toward their shoulders. As this glow spreads over their bodies, the sparkles and mist swirl around them, covering them completely, filling them inside and out.

6. (Jesus:) Do you sense it? The earthly life is diminishing around us, and now with our eyes closed we can’t be distracted by anything in our surroundings. Just continue to take in this gentle mist, because it’s changing you and preparing you for this trip I want to take you on.

7. The sensations are rising within us and you begin to feel lighter with every breath. With each breath, you’re becoming increasingly detached from yourself and the world that surrounds you. I’m freeing you from your physical boundaries.

8. (Vision:) My attention is drawn to their feet. It appears as if they’re both standing in shallow, moving “waters” of some kind, which envelop their feet. It almost appears as a foot bath of sorts, except there is no encasement, no physical container. These “waters” don’t appear to need it. Now Jesus and the girl are starting to lift off the ground. They’re floating upwards. I see Jesus squeeze her hand affectionately and they are drawn effortlessly upwards, then disappear.

9. Jesus and His beautiful companion are now gone. The mist has gone, and everything is just as it was when we entered the scene. Now I’m noticing that the burden that was placed on the ground is glowing‚ surrounded by that same sparkling mist. It’s becoming lighter and lighter until it too begins to float above the ground. Then I see a hand appear, which reaches out and zaps the burden with a bolt of energy‚ and then it’s gone, vanished before my eyes.

10. (Jesus: ) Come, My love. This journey is one you don’t want to miss. Follow us into the spirit world, into the realm of eternal wonder and enjoyment.

11. Before us is a curtain of light; gently it blows in the wind as we watch it. A breeze flows out from the entrance—it’s a warm and sweet-smelling breeze of the spirit. It beckons to us. Can you feel it calling you? It’s as a chorus of a thousand voices, and yet those voices blend into one magnetic call and one alluring scent. You feel yourself surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, and their call to you is being carried on the breath of My Spirit. Are we ready? Are you ready to answer the call of My Spirit? When we pass through this curtain, all the cares of this life are left behind, as if they cease to even exist. Where we are going, nothing of Earth can be taken with you—your body is cleansed from any worries or concerns, and every burden on your heart is removed.

12. This is the dimension I call Heavenly Rest. On Earth you have rest and relaxation, but what you will experience now is unlike any form of earthly rest you’re familiar with. That’s because I have reserved the revelation of this layer of Heaven until now.

13. (Channel:) At this point, my mind and senses seem to be taken elsewhere in the spirit, but it happens so quickly—like a moment in time—almost like an “interlude” of sorts. I’m standing before steps—thin, shining, supernatural platforms or “layers”—which stretch farther than my eye can see. I feel a strong, almost overwhelming eagerness and desire to climb; it’s as if I’m being drawn upwards, because I know something wonderful awaits me with each step and level up. I step onto the first layer before me, and as quickly as I’d been taken to experience this, I’m back again; the interlude is over…

14. (Jesus: ) I’m opening the heavens to you one revelation at a time. Slowly I am introducing to you the wonders you will experience when you come home to Heaven. Some of these wonders are available to you now, and it is My pleasure to transport you to this realm of My majestic mansion.

15. As we are about to enter this curtain you suddenly feel heavy, so heavy that you nearly fall to the ground. You grab hold of Me and I quickly place My arm around your waist‚ drawing you back up to My side again. You’ve now discovered that there is a requirement for entering this realm—that is, complete dependence on Me. You can’t even take a step on your own, for within this curtain is a realm which can only be experienced when you are in My arms.

16. I pick you up in both arms and step forward. The curtain envelops us and draws us near to the entrance of this realm. I watch your face as your eyelids grow heavy, until sleep finally overtakes you as you lie in My embrace. That’s right, just rest; trust that My arms are strong enough to carry you and hold you up. That’s because you have to completely let go of your own strength, surrendering yourself to Me, choosing to only lean on the strength that I have for you.

17. I’m walking into a room with you in My arms. As we enter, you drowsily open your eyes. Before you are many pieces of exercise equipment—it appears to you like a weight room. You playfully squirm in My arms, wanting to quickly get over to one piece of equipment that interests you.

18. I can see you thinking, “Let me show You what I can do!” I knowingly shake My head. “My love, you can’t lift anything in this realm; you have no strength at all.” But I can see you don’t quite believe Me yet‚ so I’m going to place you on a bench on your back, then put your arms on the bars beside you so that you can try to lift something.

19. You press up with all your might, but nothing happens. Then you notice that the weights are gigantic!—Each one is taller than you and at least your width. I see the enthusiasm and faith visibly drain from your face as the reality sets in that there is no way that you can lift this in your own strength. It’s way beyond your ability. I sense your disappointment; you wanted so much to prove your strength to Me and show Me that you could do something for Me. You work hard, you give it all you’ve got, you strive to live the life of a professional disciple, you want to be efficient, together, strong … and you were all inspired to at least wholeheartedly try to lift the weights. Tracing your thoughts, I see your attempts are in part prompted by your feeling a little bad that you fell asleep on Me. “How could I have fallen asleep?!—Especially at a time like this?” you scold yourself. “I so want to be here for Him.” Your pride took a little scuffing when you fell asleep, and now you feel you need to do something to regain your “image.”

20. It’s okay, My dear. I know how you feel, but you don’t have to do anything for Me right now; rather I want to do something for you. Now, stay where you are—on the bench—in the same position on your back. Now, watch this. I walk over and slip Myself underneath you. How’s that for a cool maneuver? Then I place My hands over your hands, but not before I witness the wonder that lights up your face as you catch sight of the palms of My hands. “Oh!” you exclaim, as your fingers trace the inside of one of My palms. “I always wondered if Your hands still bore the marks of the nails, but instead of scars or holes from the nails, there’s an imprint of a beautiful key on each palm!” You smile as you conclude, “Of course, yes, of course‚ I should have known.”

21. Yes‚ My darling, just as I invited dear Thomas to put his fingers inside the wounds of My hands so that his doubts would be allayed, so I invite you to run your fingers over the imprint of the keys on each of My palms. You see, there is no need for you to see the nail imprints anymore, for you have accepted My forgiveness and salvation, and as My bride, you know of My deep, unconditional, intimate love for you. Instead of scars you will find the imprint of the keys on My hands, for they are the entrance whereby we become as one body.

22. I place My hands securely over yours. A beautiful glowing pulse begins to emanate from the palms of My hands—an energy that moves within Me—causing an aura of power to surround My hands. As My hands overlay yours, that power is translated first through your hands, then up your wrists until our entire arms begin to merge as one. I easily lift the weight and I show you how strong I am.

23. You let out a gasp of delight as you experience the rush of power flowing through your arms, and the amount of weight I’m lifting. How strong I am! Inside, your confidence begins to grow and you begin to press as hard as you can. I chuckle, and humoring you, I whisper in your ear, “Just relax, honey. Let Me do it. Remember how you couldn’t even lift it?” Then you remember that you’re not actually doing anything more than lying on My chest and letting Me lift the weight.

24. Okay, My love, let’s move on. Picking you up once again‚ I carry you over to the next bench. I lay you on the bench on your tummy this time, placing your hands into two grips below you. You hesitate for a second, then habit kicks in and you arch and lift your body upwards with all your might. You haven’t yet seen what you are lifting—nor its weight—but now I will open your eyes to see. Gently closing your eyelids, I kiss each of your eyes—first one‚ then the other. Now, open your eyes again‚ My love. Whoa! Below you, hanging from a chain attached to your hand grips, a gigantic piece of metal is suspended! It’s so heavy, in fact, that you jerk your hands out of the grips in fear that this weight will somehow pull your arms out of their sockets, or else pull you completely down from the bench to meet a nasty fate below.

25. Exhausted, you limply lie on the bench, struggling with the impossibility of the situation and your failure—again—to meet it. Gently, I lie on top of you‚ pressing My body against yours. There is no “weight” involved when I lie on top of you; you only feel the wonderful assurance and comfort of My presence—that intimate, sexy feel of the heat of My body meeting yours. I run My hands down both your arms and again our hands and arms merge. I direct your hands back to the grips and I take hold of them. This time I pull up with My superior strength, and the massive weight lifts up toward us with effortless ease. Each lift brings us closer together, pressing My spirit into yours, till soon we merge completely into each other, our movements becoming as one. There, just like that.

26. I get up and begin to walk around to the different equipment in the room. Immediately you sit up on the bench, and watch with anticipation. I’m about to show My prowess and skill, you can tell. You certainly don’t want to miss this! Thoughtfully, pausing at each piece of equipment, I make My decision on which one I’ll use. I begin to lift a bar which has two gigantic balls on either end. There’s no doubt in your mind that this is definitely the heaviest weight in the room! With perfect ease and poise, I twirl it around and throw it above My head. Check that out! Now I’m dancing around the room like a passionate lover in the throes of the tango‚ swinging his partner—this weighty bar—as though it were a parade baton. Being the king of dance and acrobatics that I am, I jump in the air, spin around, and land back on My feet‚ ending My performance with a ceremonious bow and playful wink in your direction.

27. The feeling you now have is one of exhilaration as you feel Me move about. You feel a pounding excitement and joy at My strength and the far-out maneuvers I can pull off with this heavy weight. At the same time, as you sit there watching Me, you receive a measure of strength and faith—as if some of My strength being displayed before you is being absorbed into your body.

28. Having finished with the weights, now I turn My attention toward a rock-climbing wall. I motion your way. “Are you game?” Revitalized from watching My dazzling weight performance, you eagerly join Me at the base of the wall. Steadying yourself, you place your hands on the first grips above you, but before placing your foot on the first foothold, you look up into My face. Ah, I love that look!—That look that says, “I need You, dear Love. I can’t do this without You! I need Your everlasting arms underneath me, dear Love. I can’t climb this wall without being one with You.” My heart warmed by your dependence, I step in front of you, then place My hands under yours, and we are one!—Ready to scale the wall.

29. You discover, to your encouragement, there are many handholds to grasp, and as we’re racing up this wall, you notice that it stretches farther than the eye can see. As you look down you see that around our waist is a belt which is attached to a long chain which has that same huge weight you tried to lift earlier attached to it. So we’re not done with the weights‚ you think to yourself. But the fact of the matter is that it really makes little difference whether there are weights attached to us or not, because we’re climbing this wall so fast and with so little effort that you wonder if it’s even possible.

30. Then you suddenly sense that we’re not alone. Yes‚ there are others—guides—those who seem proficient in the art of rock-climbing who are climbing beside us‚ offering their advice and help. With each handhold another one appears‚ offering help and counsel. They seem to know which handholds are the best to grab onto next. There is a definite best way to get to the top. You notice that I appear to know them well, judging by My running communication with them and the intimacy with which I talk to them.

31. Encouraged, enlightened and spurred on by these guides, we leap gracefully from one handhold to the next, all of which thrust us upwards and doing what you figure—and what all your natural senses tell you—is impossible. As we reach the top of the wall, we dive without hesitation off the top, the wind rushing through our hair as we race toward the ground beneath us.

32. As we approach ground level, I sense your worried expression, and in a playful tease, I laugh. You immediately join Me in laughter as the realization dawns on you that nothing can hurt us here. After all, I’m in perfect control and I know what I’m doing, so you relax again and just enjoy the thrill of the dive.

33. Then, as we’re about to hit ground level, I make a quick turn and we glide along above the ground so fast that what lies below us is merely a blur. It’s then that you begin to become aware of some sort of harness on your shoulders. I allow you to see that what is on your back is yet another weight, but this one is peculiarly heavy and seems to oppressively grab hold of every part of you. You start to feel yourself fainting in your mind. You feel yourself unraveling. You are almost certain that with this particular weight on top of us—even with Me supporting you—we’ll be plastered to the ground beneath us at any moment. You panic at the realization. “We’re going to crash and burn for sure!” you scream out, automatically attempting to throw your arms out to catch yourself. But I don’t let you. I immediately pull you into Myself, and you are enveloped in My strong arms. The panic of the moment is over. There is no cause for alarm. You relax, allowing My body to fully support yours. Again we laugh together as you realize how silly it is to think that your tiny weak arms could somehow save you. Heaving a sigh of relief, you surrender yourself to Me, placing your trust in Me fully.

34. Still in flight, another challenge awaits us. I tell you to reach out your hands and grab the two handles that are coming up ahead of us. You instinctively fling your arms out, then you retract them quickly‚ as you realize that at this speed there is no way you would survive grabbing ahold of a stationary object.—You alone, that is, not us merged as one. I smile. You’re getting the point.

35. Intently you fix your gaze on the glow of the keys emanating from My palms. You begin to move your arms inside of Mine and you reach out with My arms this time. We grab hold of the handles, which swings us upwards, and upwards, you know not where. Slowly we come to a stop. Our motion has ended; we have touched ground. You catch your breath.

36. “Now it’s time to start climbing again,” I tell you. You impulsively fling your arms out and grab hold of climbing bars which appear on either side of us. Instantly we begin to slide down rapidly, as you feel the weight on our backs pulling us straight down.

37. In your mind I hear you say, “Silly me!” as you retract your hands again and instead push My arms out to grab hold. My grip is firm, and instantly we stop falling and again begin climbing. As you gaze up, you see that we are climbing toward a bright light.

38. This is the next wonder I want to show you, My darling‚ but only I can take you there. You see, in your own strength you’d never make it. You have to use My strength to get there.

39. As we approach the light you begin to feel heat, such intense heat bearing down on you that you shrink from it and stop climbing. It begins to burn you and you’re afraid for your life. But then you realize that you’ve somehow moved outside of My body again, and you quickly retreat back inside Me.

40. “We can make it, My dear, don’t worry,” I beam into your mind. You beam back, “But it’s impossible! I’ll be burned alive!” We pause and once again burst into laughter at how silly that thought is. Then My thoughts meet yours‚ as I gesture upwards, “Shall we?” You relax again, letting yourself fall into My strength, as together we climb up onto a ledge above us. Before us is the same burning light—a light so bright it makes the sun look like a distant star in the sky at night.

41. I convey My thoughts to you: “Walk through it.” You instantly flash back‚ “What? Walk through it!? You’ve got to be kidding me!” You don’t even dare move; the heat is so intense that you’re a little hesitant to place any part of you outside of Me to even try. Scared‚ you opt for inactivity.

42. Again I relay to you, “Walk through it,” and you realize that you don’t have to come in contact with this heat at all; I seem to somehow be able to take it and it doesn’t bother Me in the least. You begin to push My leg out in front of us. My body is one with yours, and you begin to place one foot in front of the other hesitantly, almost as though testing each step forward. Will we make it? Will the next step forward be our last?

43. Gaining confidence with each successful step forward, you move us faster and faster till we’re running through the white–hot heat of the sun before us, without so much as getting a tan. We dive into the core of its heat and suddenly everything around us is calm and cool.—We’re at the center of a fiery energy, a power base, a supernatural vehicle.

44. The bright light remains, but we’re at this vehicle’s control station. I tell you to fly it, and you instinctively reach your hands out to grab the controls, when suddenly you feel intense heat and draw them back inside Me. Focusing once again on My hands—and the key power they possess—you press My hands out and we grab the controls. Good, I can see you’re getting the point.

45. You confidently place My hands on the controls, but in a hasty spirit, you jerk My hands and we begin to tumble down uncontrollably. Somehow‚ I’m not sure how‚ you think you know how to fly this heavenly craft which you’ve never seen before. Patiently I let you work us into a dizzy downspin and I let you keep trying‚ until finally you think to yourself, “What am I doing? I don’t have a clue how to fly this. Jesus, You’d better take over here.”

46. You pull back, allowing Me to take control of the levers in front of us. Instantly we level out and the ride becomes pleasant. Can you see how you thought you could do it? Even using My strength you still thought you could control My strength and do it on your own.

47. When push came to shove‚ though‚ you didn’t know what to do, and only complete surrender to Me regained control of our descent. Sometimes, My love, you may have My power and be doing things in My Spirit, but still think that you know how to do it. This is when you’ve got to link your brain to Mine and let Me take over if you want to use the power I’ve given you effectively.

48. This scene vanishes from us. We’re now standing atop a precipice. Before us is a ghastly, hideous beast snarling and rushing toward us, swinging a huge battle-axe in his hands. You panic. You’re terrified that you don’t know what to do and you’re going to be easy prey any moment.

49. Then reality kicks in, “Hey‚ wait a minute. I’m not alone. I’m inside Jesus and He must have an idea of what to do in this situation.” You calm down, letting Me sidestep the oncoming rush; the enemy falls off the edge into the abyss below us.

50. See how easy that was? We hardly had to do anything‚ and in fact you only had to look to Me and let Me size up the situation and take control fully. If you had yielded to your own mind, you probably would have started swinging My arms and trying to fight this battle without finding out how I wanted to fight this battle. But when you let Me take over completely, giving Me the freedom to do what I know is best in this particular battle, we didn’t even have to face this beast head-on. I had a better, wiser maneuver, and this attack just passed us by harmlessly.

51. Do you understand what I’m talking about here? In your service for Me sometimes you’re going to be faced with some pretty big monster problems, and they can be pretty scary, but if you let Me take control of the situation fully—and seek to put on My mind and My thoughts—you’ll see that only I know how to best handle a situation, which may even be contrary to your natural inclinations or leadings. Have you learned something today, My love?

52. Now, let’s separate again. You feel a little sad as you feel Me step outside of you. You’ve grown to love the strength and assurance and peace that comes with being one with Me. Sensing your feeling of loss, I take your hand, kissing it gently, and the scene around us begins to fade. I explain to you that we’re going back to the weight room, now that our little time together in field training has come to a close. Now it’s time to do a little practice repeat session back in the weight room.

53. The last words have barely left My lips before we are again back in the weight room side by side. This time, instead of taking a step forward, you take a step sideways and enter My body. Yes, My love, that’s right! You’ve got it! Don’t even try to enter a situation or tackle a problem on your own. When you allow Me to take the lead and you lean on My strength‚ you have no idea how happy this makes Me‚ because as you learn to do this in every situation you’re faced with, you’ll find that I always pull you through and do the needed miracles. It’s all about Me and My strength. You don’t have to feel up to the challenges or problems; all you have to do is jump into Me—your vehicle and key to success—and we take it from there.

54. Now that you’ve passed that test, we’ll go back even further: Let’s return to your real life now. We near the curtain again. You know that you don’t have the strength to pass through it, so you grab Me by the waist and slip into My side. You’ve got it! Together we walk through the curtain, and sure enough, you don’t feel a thing—no weight, no heaviness of spirit.

55. Wafting around us again is the fragrance of the mist. The sparkles dance around us. You close your eyes, savoring the moment. And then as you open your eyes again, you realize that you’re still inside Me, and instead of there being two of us, we are as one.

56. Looking around, you see that you’re definitely back in the familiar surroundings of real life, but you’re seeing things with new eyes—My eyes.

57. As we’re sitting in your room together‚ someone in the Home bursts through the door. “Come quick! Little Johnny has had an accident and it looks pretty bad!” You jump up, freezing in midair. “Wait,” your mind signals to you. “My Love is still sitting there‚ so there must be a reason why.—Better sit down again with Him.” You sit back down inside our union again, and you’re instantly rewarded with My peace. Now we get up together peacefully.—You’re one with Me and My mind again, trusting Me that I’m in control.

58. Finding Johnny, it appears that he’s broken his leg and his arm is pretty badly cut. You panic for a second—but only for a second—as you feel Me nudging you that, yes, I’ve got this one under control too. Your spirit yields to My peace, letting it overwhelm your own natural inclinations. In a spirit of faith and trust, you lay My hands on Johnny’s leg and arm and begin to pray for him desperately, claiming My key power in a spirit of praise and confidence in My ability to heal and restore.

59. You finish praying. Johnny has stopped crying, there isn’t so much as a scratch on his arm, and his leg has stopped swelling and is returning to normal! You are amazed for a moment—your natural senses awed in the presence of My supernatural intervention—then you break out in praise, because deep down inside your heart of hearts you knew I could do it and I did.

60. And that’s just the start! Next you find yourself out witnessing in a city which has had a recent spate of bad publicity. Someone approaches you, yelling in your ear for being “some weird sex cult of abusers.” You’re in the middle of winning a soul to Me and you know this to be a definite attack of the Enemy.

61. Without even thinking, you let Me speak through you, calling out, “By the power of the keys‚ I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” A silence falls over the person; they are suddenly unable to speak. Helplessly, their mouth hanging open, all they can do is stand there listening as you return to your witness. You ask the sheep if they’d like to receive Me, and you hear a voice beside you say meekly, “I’ll take Him too!”—Your adversary has been changed into a desperate and hungry sheep before your eyes. Pretty cool, huh?

62. Now, let’s leave the present and leap forward in time a bit—oh, you can’t do that? Well, guess Who can? Bingo! And so into the future we go!

63. “Boy, this city has gone to hell‚” you think to yourself as you look around. You discover you’re in the middle of an anti–Christian rally. But, wait!—They’re chanting against you!

64. One with Me, you focus on Me and My key power‚ lifting your voice in a spirit of praise. You instinctively avail yourself of the help of My Activation Angel of Witnessing. With the infusion of his discerning abilities and power, you are able to miraculously see right into the hearts and spirits of each one. The mob is possessed by the Devil and being driven by his evil spirits. Calmly, you pass right through the crowd, walking away untouched and unfazed by the encounter. You realize that I’ve blinded the frenzied crowd, making a way for you and those with you to escape.

65. Fast forward again! Time blurs past us, and now you find yourself in a military court. You catch the last words of the judgment: “I therefore condemn them to death; sentence to be carried out immediately. Guards, take them away!”

66. Ushered out by the guards and taken to the execution site, you feel My peace flood your soul, to the point that you don’t even notice the bullet that strikes you. Rising with Me in spirit‚ we separate‚ but only for a moment, just long enough for Me, as your Husband, to hold your face in My hands and say the words I long to say to each one of My darling loves: “Well done, My good and faithful bride, enter into the joy of your Husband and Lord.” That’s your cue again, and without a moment’s hesitation, you dive back into Me—into My full joy—and we walk through the heavenly gates as one, your mission on Earth completed, and your eternal safekeeping guaranteed.

67. The courtroom is stunned by your peaceful and praiseful exit, trusting Me in the face of death.How do they do that? Singing? Praising their God? There has to be something to this.” More souls are snatched from Satan’s control; the witness marches on until they, too, are called Home.

68. Leaping forward again, you find yourself on a horse, a beautiful white stallion with such power it sends shivers down your spine. But it’s not just you; you realize that you are part of a great army, the greatest army that ever was and ever will be—the army of Heaven! The awesomeness of what surrounds you and meets your eyes takes your breath away!—Such power, such majesty!

69. Then, like a single brilliant shining light, the sound of a majestic trumpet pierces the air, and you hear the one voice that you know so well and which never ceases to stir your heart: You hear Me call the sound to charge! Responding to My call, you instantly find yourself riding within Me, one with Me and My Spirit, dashing out of the clouds of Heaven, ready to retake the world for My Father forever! You have become so accustomed to doing everything in My strength and depending on Me that you wouldn’t even dream of taking part in this final moment in Earth’s history without Me. Possessed by Me and so used to My strength coursing through your veins, you have truly become part of Me, and together—as one—we descend to conquer the Earth.

70. This is what the future holds, and this is the future. This is why you must learn these things today, My love, for today is the day of salvation. Today is the day when dependence on Me has become a requirement because of what is coming. You must learn to truly lean on My strength in order to be able to not only face the future‚ but face today—the present. Again I say that you need to actively, practically and spiritually use all the new weapons I’ve given you. That means wielding the keys and allowing them to become part of you. It means putting on My mind and allowing My Spirit to become one with your mind. It means working with your spirit helpers and allowing them to help and guide you and become an integral part of your life. And it means actively engaging and driving back the Enemy with praise warfare.

71. These are the days which will decide your future, My love, for I am raising up My army of the End. I have revealed to you your destiny. Will you grab hold of that destiny with My strength and power and not your own? In your own strength you won’t make it, but I’ve shown you that by working in My strength and anointing you can and will!

72. My love, I have immensely enjoyed our time together. Haven’t you? Showing you this level and realm of Heavenly Rest was My pleasure. Having you inside of Me has thrilled me. In fact, there is no greater assurance of your love and need for Me than when you choose to become one with Me. After all, what greater compliment can a woman give a man than choosing to lose herself in her great desire and need to be with the man she loves? Letting Me possess you and do the work for you is something I look forward to! In fact, I want it to become a habit—an automatic reaction—to the point that you wouldn’t think of doing otherwise.

73. And so we return now to your dimension. But remember the things you have seen and heard, and always, in everything you do, depend entirely on My strength, for now you know its great value and potential power. As you return to your bodies—as the mist of Heaven recedes—you’ll find within you a new desire to spring forward into this era of dependence. In fact‚ you’ll find yourself wanting to leap into My arms and there abide. Let this special time we’ve had together inspire your spirit, your body, and your imagination. Let the knowledge of this power cause you to dive into Me and let Me do it through you.

74. I am with you always, My loves. And now through this gift of dependence begin the days of Me not only walking alongside you, not only carrying you, but the days of us walking as one, merged in heart, mind, and spirit.

Copyright © 2006  by The Family International

Art by Tamar

Faithful Servant’s Reward, A

Karen Zerby

A Spirit Trip

By Maria 3576 10/05

GN 1156 FD/MM/FM / FEAST 2006

This Letter is to be read privately during Family Feast 2006.

Dearest Family,

1. The Lord has promised, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard‚ neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him” (1Cor.2:9). So we know that He has some very wonderful things in store for us—beyond our imagination, dreams, or what we expect.

2. I’m going to share with you a spirit trip the Lord gave to one of our channels, where they watched as one of the Lord’s faithful servants came Home to be with Him.

3. I know this will be encouraging for those of you who have had loved ones pass on recently‚ and I pray that for all of you it will be encouraging to remember that regardless of how hard the trials and difficulties of Earth and the sacrifices you must make in your service to Him may be, He has a reward that will make it worth it all. He said one time, “When I pay you back to the point where you don’t feel that you’ve made a sacrifice, that’s where it has only reached one percent of your reward. My promise is to repay a hundredfold, so there’s much, much, much more yet to come! I love to spoil My brides, those who give Me everything” (ML #3379:218).

4. So while our human Earth languages and the limitations of words don’t really do justice to such an event as receiving your heavenly reward, and there are many things the Lord can’t reveal right now, here is a little peek that He has provided for our encouragement. He said recently that we should think more about our crowns of life, our reward that is coming, and that it would help to motivate us and give us the grace we’ll need for the battles and work to come.

5. Remember‚ each reward is different—tailored to the individual receiving it. Your Husband knows you better than anyone else ever could—after all, He created you—and He’s going to design, prepare, and give you what will mean the most to you personally. You can count on it!

With love in our Lover,

6. (Vision: ) I see a lone candle burning. The room is dark, and all that stands before me is a pillar with this candle upon it. The candle is about four inches wide. It has obviously been burning for some time, for it is well-nigh spent; the wick has burned low and is almost gone.

7. To the left there is a window, draped with white silk curtains, light and filmy. To the right two people are standing watching the flame. One is Jesus. The look on His face is worth a million depictions of Him. Such love I see in His eyes as He looks fondly at this candle. His expression is a mixture of pride and love. He’s so proud of this candle for burning for Him.

8. At His side is a lovely woman. Her hair is so blonde, it’s almost white. Her dress is light and flowing and falls loosely across her shoulders and has long flowing sleeves. She is leaning her head on Jesus’ shoulder. I get the feeling that this is a spirit helper or a guardian angel.

9. As the flame of the candle burns lower and lower, Jesus reaches down lovingly and places His hand around the flame of the candle. He withdraws His hand, and within His hand is the flame that once burned in the candle. The scene fades, the room grows black.

10. A life of service on this Earth has ended. Jesus was there to catch this faithful flame and see to it that although its wick and wax were spent, the flame did not falter. It burned stronger than ever in Jesus’ hand.

11. As a channel I am now transported to view this scene through the eyes of the one who has departed from this Earth. All that transpires below is described as experienced through his eyes.

(Scene opens:)

12. I feel gentle raindrops awaken me. It is dark all around me, dark and quiet. It feels like dawn or just before, very early in the morning. I feel as though I’m lying on the grass after a storm. The sun begins to rise and I find myself alone in this quiet place.

13. I become aware of someone standing next to me, to my right. I cannot see their form; all I see is a light. A bright yet soothing presence has joined me in this garden. I feel warmth and joy extending from this light which reaches out to me. As I take the brightly shining hand that is extended to me, I am raised to my feet.

14. Suddenly a thunderous explosion of magnificent music shatters the silence! It is so loud that I jump in surprise, but the hand holds me steady.

15. In front of me I see the fabric of this garden scene begin to tear, and light breaks through. It’s almost as though it’s a picture being torn from the center out. Light streams in and embraces me. The music is so sweeping and majestic and celebratory that I am overwhelmed by a feeling of completion and joy.

16. I look to the being beside me and I now see that it’s Jesus. Tears of joy run down His face as He is looking at me. He’s so proud of me. Oh, this moment is worth every bit of pain and suffering; in fact, I can think of nothing that wasn’t worth it.

17. My life flashes before my eyes, scrolling through my conscience like a film. I see every action ever done, everything that ever mattered to Jesus, everything that ever caused Him joy. There are also moments that make me cringe as I see those things I did selfishly for myself. But Jesus wipes them away and continues on with more that made Him happy.

18. The film ends, its completion leaving this one thought: “Well done, good and faithful servant. Just wait till I show you what I have in store for you!”

19. All the while the music has been so all-encompassing that I feel the rhythm in my body. But now the volume is even increased and I begin to feel it throughout my spirit. And yet it’s not the least bit painful to my ears or bothersome. Every cell within me begins to vibrate and sing along joyously‚ creating an incredible sensation of exhilaration.

20. I’ve been so distracted by this sensation that I didn’t notice the scene around me changing. As the feeling subsides somewhat‚ and I am able to focus on my surroundings again, I see that I’m at the end of a long catwalk, so to speak, which leads up to a great throne.

21. I know instantly Who is at the end of this walkway, and I begin to walk toward Him. On either side of the pathway there are friends‚ loved ones, and spirit helpers cheering me on. They’re all waving and reaching out to me and shouting in celebration.

22. Tears well up in my eyes and I begin to run forward. Time is suspended and I appear to be running in slow motion. As I pass each face, a picture is projected into my mind of how I know this person. The emotions I experience as each face enters my view are so diverse and intense that I cannot describe the plethora of feelings that come to me.

23. Some of those I see are those I led to the Lord during my time on Earth, and their gratitude is overwhelming. Another face, my proud father, brings tears to my eyes again. Another face, a joyous friend‚ happy to see me again. This goes on for what seems like an eternity, so many lives touched by my service on Earth.

24. As if this isn’t enough reward, I look up and I see Jesus running toward me. His arms are outstretched and on His face is the most joyous expression imaginable. As I am running toward Him, the faces around me fade out of my view. There’s nothing else for me at this moment.

25. Running toward me is my Husband, my King, my God, the most precious Person in the universe to me! Oh, how could I think of anything else? I know the crowd is still there, for I can hear their deafening cheers, but none of this matters. All that matters to me is diving into my Husband’s embrace.

26. Oh, the joy, the tremendous relief at finally being home. I feel like a raindrop falling into an ocean of sweet and refreshing water. I have been separated from home for so long. I am at last reunited! I am home in the ocean from whence I came, of which I am part, and from which I could never be severed completely.

27. Waves of emotion wash over me as I embrace and kiss my Husband. I feel His pride, and that is more than I can express in words—His supernatural pride in me, and His thankfulness and appreciation for my unworthy service. I drop to my knees before Him at first. But that’s not enough; I throw my arms out and lay prostrate before Him.

28. He lifts me into His arms, and says, “I know, I know.” We hug for what seems like an eternity, as He is kissing me all over my face, before the crowd of witnesses which has surrounded us. I feel as though my heart will explode with joy. Then Jesus looks up to His Father high above this scene, and whispers, “Thank You, Father, for bringing My beloved back to Me.”

29. Holding me at arm’s length‚ Jesus looks into my eyes and says:

30. My son, oh, My beloved son!

31. The tears run down His cheeks as He hugs me again before holding me out again.

32. (Jesus: ) My love, there is something I want to do for you.

33. Jesus slowly, eyes fixed upon mine, kneels down before me. How could my Husband kneel before me? I cry out‚ “Oh, Jesus‚ no, no, please. I do not deserve such an honor.” His eyes still fixed on mine, He says:

34. (Jesus: ) My dear one, you have lived for Me‚ given your life for Me. You have won many to Me. You have sacrificed for Me. Allow Me this one moment, for I cannot think of a better way to honor you. Accept this gift of My love, for I desperately desire to bestow it upon you.


35. (Channel prays: ) Jesus, I promised not to question what You were showing, but I want to make sure that I’m getting this right. Please confirm this to me.

36. (Jesus:) Yes, My love, what you have seen is correct. I may not kneel before each of My brides, for each is unique and each reward is likewise unique. But remember how I knelt before My disciples and washed their feet? This is the truth, and it is as you have seen it. [End of channel question]


37. I look around and I see that all present are kneeling as Jesus is, on one knee, before me. And in a moment I hear a thousand voices shouting within my heart. Their shouts tell of gratitude, love‚ and endearment. But the loudest voice of all is Jesus’! I hear Him proclaiming His love so loudly to me, thanking me for everything I’ve done for Him.

38. I am overcome by uncontrollable weeping. I fall to my knees before Jesus. Again, kneeling doesn’t express my feeling properly. Once more I throw myself to the ground before Him, weeping uncontrollably at such great rewards and honor.

39. I feel so unworthy, and yet for Jesus’ sake I receive this great honor and reward. Within my heart is such great pain at not having done more for Him. I feel such sorrow—sorrow like I have never felt in my life. The pain is so intense, for within me is a feeling that all that I did could never have been enough. I held back too much, I didn’t give as much as I should have.

40. I am not worthy of this reward, and the tears flow. I feel Jesus lifting me. He is kneeling on both knees now and lifts my head onto His knees. One hand is under my head, and with the other He wipes away my now abundant tears.

41. (Jesus: ) It matters not to Me what you did not do. Think no longer of these things, for all that matters to Me is what you did do, how you loved Me, how you obeyed Me, how you gave honor to My Name by loving others in My Name. Oh, My love, can’t you see how happy I am? I am overjoyed with tears of joy! You are home! How I have longed for this moment.

42. Nothing of the past matters now; all that matters is our joy and that you are home. All that matters is that I have you again. Oh‚ My love, so intense is the joy in My heart that I feel I most certainly must sing!

Where once a son so loved by Me, on a mission did go‚
To a far-off place, in a far-off land, My love to bestow.
Within My heart I knew he must go,
I waited for him here, and he was in My heart every moment.
Within Me now there sing oceans of melodies.
Nay, nevermore the beauty of the ocean might compare
To the love within My heart that for you I bare.

43. I am proud of you, My son! Well done, well done, My dear and faithful one. Enter into the joy of your Lord. For now there is a party to be had and a celebration to be thrown!

44. Jesus puts His arm around me and I put mine around Him, and we walk forward.

45. Again I find myself at the beginning of the walkway where I had been before, but this time all is silent. There stand on either side the throngs who only moments ago were shouting so loudly that the very halls of Heaven’s glory were shaken! It is a silence so complete that not even a bird would dare whisper a sound. Then Jesus shouts in proclamation:

46. Here stands before you My beloved, My faithful one, who has loved Me.—Whose eyes were dimmed by the confines of the world, yet still he loved Me, still he embraced Me, and still he believed in Me. Often was his torment, and frequent his grief.

47. He has shared in My sorrows, he has partaken of My burdens, he has embraced the pain I suffer for the lost. He has given his life in service to Me, to My Father, Mother, and to all of us, his brethren. He has known what it is to lose that which he loved, and he gladly gave up all that I asked of him so that he might maintain his closeness to our heavenly realm.

48. I would have each of you know of the joy I feel at his return. For though this journey has been long, hard, and trying, within his heart beats such a heart of love that it is a testimony to all creation. I honor you now‚ My dearest son. Come forward and receive your rewards.

49. He has known the sacrifices of My Name, and he has borne bravely the scorn and temptations of Satan. But I tell you now that he with determined face and glorious victory has defeated Satan once and for all, and has snatched his rightful victory from Satan’s teeth.

50. He was as a sharp dagger in My hand, thrusting and thrusting yet again, never tiring of the journey. Through his yielded heart he overcame Satan’s power over him, and he is forever, blessed forever, come eternity, eternally Mine!

51. I say to you, My love, and to all present here today as My witnesses, you have known the sacrifices of My service, and we will now show you the rewards of the same! Come forth!

52. At the end of this proclamation the hall again breaks into shouts of joy and revelry, each praising Jesus with hands raised, jumping up and down. I myself am driven forward by an uncontrollable desire to be close to my Savior, my eternal Love. I dive through the air because my feet are not swift enough.

53. I land before the throne on my knees, magically situated beneath my Savior’s outstretched hands. In His hands He bears a bright‚ shining glow—the glow of the saints. He opens His hands, as one would pour water from their hands; the glow pours out upon me and glistens through my being.

54. Until this moment I had not noticed the difference between my being and those around me. Up till now, although I was radiant and clean, others outshone me with their brilliance. But now the oil of the spirit was poured upon me, and I have been changed. Out of my hands and feet streams the same light that was poured upon me.

55. (Jesus: ) There. Now you have been cleansed of all that was of Earth, and all memories of Heaven have been restored to you.

56. Rushing back to my mind are thoughts and memories of past heavenly experiences, past friends in the heavenly realm. All these things come rushing back into my thoughts like a tidal wave. Now I remember, I remember it all! Without a second thought I lunge forward and wrap my arms around Jesus’ legs and begin kissing His feet.

57. He lifts me again and says: “I have more for you!”

58. I try to calm my spirit, but it is not till He touches my shoulder that I am able to focus once again. Next, He reveals another glowing object. This is a ring of light. It’s nothing like what I had pictured my crown of life to be. It moves, it is alive. How do I describe it?

59. It’s like many rings spinning, with sparkles rotating and orbiting the rings. It’s not a solid object, it’s not entirely light. The only thing I can compare it to is having the Milky Way in fast motion above my head. Every color imaginable sparkles and flashes through it. Colors I cannot even imagine or describe weave their way through.

60. This is my crown of life! Surely Savior, Husband, and Lover, I do not deserve such a beautiful gift, for I am not worthy. I throw myself before Him again and beg Him to please take this from me, for it is too great for me. Jesus gently lifts my crown and again places it upon my head and says:

61. “You are worthy, for I have deemed you worthy.”

62. I again throw myself at His feet. How can I dispute His will? A thousand words of thanks roll effortlessly off my tongue in praise. I cannot help but thank and praise Him forever. With a smile, Jesus picks up my crown at His feet and places it back on my head again. He looks at me patiently and we both laugh‚ our laughter mixed with tears, and with His kisses upon my forehead.

63. As though all of this were not enough, He lifts me to my feet. Raising me‚ He presents me to the throng. It seems they have not ceased shouting this entire time; it is a wonder they’re not hoarse. They break out in song, a special song, one that was sung at my creation.

64. This is the song of my being, the song that is all that I am. It expresses all that my heart so longs to express to Jesus. It is a song written only for me, and I alone possess it.

65. (Jesus:) Let Me explain this song. In fact, the word “song” is so erroneous it is practically sacrilegious to call such beauty by such a simple description. A symphony perhaps, a song never!

66. Every cell of My creation vibrates with a beautiful sound. On Earth you may identify something by its look or its touch or its dimensions. Here we identify something by all these things, as well as by the song it gives.

67. So it is that upon their creation, each of My creations has a song, the beautiful song of their existence. Every part of them sings, and together that creates an orchestral performance greater than all the music of Earth combined. Every tone, every touch, every sound making sweet love with those around it‚ culminating in a beautiful symphony—you!

68. Jesus again takes my hands in His.

69. (Jesus:) Come, My love, for there await you many pleasures in Heaven. All that I have is yours. All that I am I give to you freely at any time‚ all the time. I am yours, you are Mine, and all that is within My Kingdom is yours. Let Me start by taking you to your heavenly home.

70. My heart leaps inside me, not at the thought of a possession, but because this is yet another gift carefully crafted especially to satisfy my pleasure. But most of all, it is a gift to me from the One Who loves me more than any other ever could. I cannot wait. Let’s go!

71. Jesus turns to the crowd and says: Celebrate My beloved’s return, My friends! Enjoy yourselves to the full! We shall be but a moment, and then return to this place to revel with you, and give him a celebration worthy of such a loving, faithful friend.

72. The entire crowd lifts golden glasses to the Lord and shouts, “Amen!”

73. We are off, translated in a moment! But what is this? I am blind! I can only see two feet in front of me. Jesus explains:

74. (Jesus: ) It is a surprise, My friend.

75. Comforted, I am content with this limited vision, which is in an instant lifted, and before me shines the most beautiful building I have ever seen. By my estimation‚ this is the first building I have seen since I came here, but to me it is the most beautiful one in all of Heaven‚ because Jesus made it for me.

76. This is indeed a place “prepared,” as Jesus promised when He departed Earth. I look more closely and I cannot contain myself. Look, there is that favorite chair I had to forsake when we moved. And over there, oh‚ can it be? My absolute favorite sports equipment all laid out before me!

77. (Jesus:) The best part about this heavenly life is that none of the pleasures of Heaven ever fade, or grow dull or boring. You can feast upon as many of these pleasures as you like, and they never run out or decay. Another gift of My love to you.

78. I feel as if it will take me a lifetime to enter the doorway to this palace. Each step I take reveals another thing that I loved or enjoyed but had to at times forsake in order to put Jesus first, and with each new treasure I must return to Jesus to thank Him again and again.

79. Then I venture forth again, taking but two steps before seeing something else I loved. Again‚ I run back to Jesus and thank Him again and again. Finally He says:

80. “You know‚ I had better come with you; otherwise you’ll never make it to the front door.”

81. Laughing, we walk hand in hand toward the house—every step closer to the entrance increasing the excitement in my heart and the overwhelming joy and gratitude I feel toward Him.

82. We have reached the entrance. It is not what I expected, but it’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want a clunky old wooden door; neither did I want a highly polished golden gate. What I wanted was a waterfall to wash over me every time I walked in or out of my house, and that is exactly what I find here.

83. As I enter the waterfall, I, the channel, become separated from this dear one, of whose reward I have been able to partake. The scene fades and the words come to me: “Eye hath not seen, neither hath ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of men the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (End of vision.)

Art by Tamar

Rise Above!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #549 CM/FM 3317 10/00

Dear Family,

1. God bless you, my dear mates and ­co–workers in this great adventure of winning the world for Jesus! I love you so much and pray you’re having a wonderful time lying in our dear Husband’s arms and being fed from His words of inspiration and comfort. We are so very rich in the spirit! Just think, we’re privy to far-out revelations and insight that no other human beings have ever heard—not even the prophets and men and women of God who walked the Earth before us! What a special and privileged place we have! Not only are we part of a marvelous work for the Lord, but we also enjoy a rare and intimate relationship with our precious Savior and King that inspires Him to reveal His secrets to us.

2. Don’t you find it captivating when someone tells you something they’ve never told anyone else? Doesn’t that make you feel trusted and very close to that person? That show of confidence has a way of sparking a greater interest, doesn’t it? You listen with more intensity, trying to grasp and retain every detail.

3. Well, our loving Husband is about to let you in on one of His secrets! This next message is a glimpse into the past through which we can see how things really were for Him. The times when the Lord talks about His personal experiences are some of my favorite messages, because I know they’re signs of His trust and love for us. He hasn’t called us servants, but instead He calls us His friends; much more than that, He calls us His brides, His lovers, His wives. Because He wants to be close to us, He wants us to know how things were for Him in all aspects of His existence. He doesn’t just confine His lessons and testimonies to the present, to the things and ways of Heaven, but instead He humbles Himself and reveals to us the times He struggled. He allows us to see Him from the per­spective that He knows will help us the most. He trusts that we will retain our respect and reverence for Him as our King and Savior‚ while also learning to love and know Him as the One closest to us—our Husband, Lover, Shepherd and Best Friend.

4. But His reason for sharing these intimate secrets of His life isn’t just to draw us closer to Him, but also to give us more of what we need to fight the battles we face in our own lives. There’s a very specific purpose for His shar­ing His personal testimony with us. Besides wanting us to draw nearer to Him and wanting us to know that He is allowing us a very special place of intimacy with Him, He is also giving us knowledge and insight that will help us win the war. These things we hear in the quiet of His loving arms will lead us to victory! There is power in these words and there is potential for us to be greatly strengthened spiritually as we peek into His earthly life. Through His personal lessons, we’re seeing what gave our dear Love the power to do all that He did, including die for us. And if we meditate on these words and let them ­become a part of our being, they’ll empower us to do the same—to give our lives for those who need Jesus!

5. This message shows us that Jesus lived through His Own era of action. He can relate to our needs at this time, and He wants to show us how to learn the art of overcoming, so we too can be more than conquerors, as He was!

How Jesus Did It

6. (Jesus speaking:) I have shared deep things from My heart with you—things which I have not shared with others on Earth until now. I have opened My heart to you in these recent years through sharing some of My intimate experiences—things I experienced as a child growing up, on the eve of My ministry‚ during the height of My ministry‚ as well as at My death. I’ve shared with you some of the trials I was faced with as a man, and how I was greatly tested. Now I’d like to share with you a little more in depth about the secret to My victories, about what it was that helped Me rise above the trials and tests to stand triumphant.

7. The things I was faced with on Earth were daunting at times. The thought of facing the impossible while trapped in the confines of human flesh and seeing it through My human eyes rocked My faith sometimes, to say the least. The battles were sometimes fierce, the tests were frequent, the crowds and public opinion were taxing and demanded a great deal of Me. But though these tests gave Me a good shakeup‚ My faith did not fail. Do you know why? Let Me share with you My experience, that it may comfort your hearts.

8. I know the demands on you are great, and these will only grow greater in the days to come. You‚ My loves, will always be on stage, both before one another and before the world. This is a responsibility you must bear. I too was always on stage. Even when I managed to get time away from the crowds, I remained, to a degree, on stage before My disciples. Of course, it was different with My intimate twelve; in some ways I could be more relaxed with them. Yet even so, I was still responsible to teach and train them to live in love and righteousness. I was to be their keeper, as you are to be your brother’s keeper. I was responsible to pour into them, to minister to them, to teach and train them‚ to show them a large measure of love and patience.

9. A shepherd’s job is never done. A shepherd is always on call; he must always be there for the flock. This is also now the call of every Family member, for I call you all to be shepherds. Every one of you is a caretaker of another; you are to be your brother and sister’s keeper, as well as keepers of My flock. I call you to care for one another, as I have cared for you. This is an enormous responsibility.

10. The crown is never so heavy as it is to the one who wears it. It’s a heavy load to the wearer, though it may appear bright and light and beautiful to others. That same crown serves as a constant reminder of the great responsibility that rests on your shoulders. This is one reason why you must live in a state of constant vigilance, for there are many who look to you, just as there were many who looked to Me when I walked with My disciples.

11. I lived on Earth during pressing times in world history. The world needed a savior, and the time was right; things couldn’t continue as they had‚ business as usual—something had to give. The responsibility that rested on My shoulders to save mankind was great indeed. This duty was too great to muff or mess up. Too much was hinging on My human shoulders for Me to fail. Though I felt totally in­capable in the flesh, I knew I couldn’t give up or give in; I couldn’t throw in the towel and say, “I quit!” To accept defeat was not an option I could consider. How could I let you down? I simply could not fail.

12. This responsibility drove Me to such desperation that I determined to seek My ­Father, pleading for the solution—how was I to overcome? It was then that I vowed to learn the art of rising above. There had to be a way, otherwise My Father would never have allowed Me to be put in such a position. I was determined to find that way.

13. Right now you are in a position much like I was—the world today is in dire straits and it needs the Savior. The destiny of the world rested on My shoulders when I walked the Earth nearly 2‚000 years ago. Now the baton is passed to you, and this mammoth responsibility rests upon your shoulders. You‚ as My representatives, are destined to bring My saving Words to the world—to impart salvation to the world in the Time of the End.

14. The false Christ will soon appear. Even now he demonstrates his signs and wonders as people around the globe are taken with his illusions, such as his proposal that a global econ­omy will be the solution to their problems, or his illusion that modern technology, false ­science, and carnal wisdom will only be to the betterment of mankind. Though these things appear to do some good for a time, they are also the beginning of great sorrow and destruction. The world oohs and aahs in amazement at his evil ingenuity, at his trickery and his clever devices, as he manipulates presidents, kings‚ and nations, those who talk of peace and safety, but who have pride and war in their hearts. His manipulating wins the ignorant to his favor and puts things in place for his soon-coming rule. He is soon to be revealed in the flesh. When he is‚ you must continue leading the masses to Me, the true Christ, so that I can save them from the distress that will reach the four corners of the planet.

15. I know there are many sacrifices involved in the leadership that you, My Family, must bear. I know what it means to carry such a weight, to be shepherds, teachers, bellwethers, pillars in My Kingdom‚ those who bring salvation and truth to mankind. It’s a hefty responsibility. This is why I want to comfort your hearts; for though the cross you carry weighs heavy on your shoulders, I will make compensations available to you which will help you carry on to final triumph.

16. When I was faced with the impossible, with that which was too hard for Me in My human strength to bear, I was driven in desperation to look for a way to overcome. This is what led Me to learn the art of rising above. This was My salvation. I didn’t have to give in. I didn’t have to succumb to defeat. I didn’t have to bear unbearable burdens; all I had to do was rise above—up and over each and every obstacle.

17. I wasn’t looking for a way to shirk My responsibilities, but I did know that if I was going to fulfill My destiny, I had to find the way to rise above the things that tried to hinder Me, stop Me, or hold Me down. I knew that what was expected of Me was too difficult for My human hands, for My Own arm of flesh. Clearly, it was impossible for humankind. The tasks before Me were too difficult for Me, too much in every sense for My human frame to contend with. Realizing this‚ I got down to business with My Father.

Vision on the Hillside

18. We were alone, My Father and I, on a hillside, when an amazing event took place. I cried to Him, saying, “I cannot meet these expectations. My spirit is willing‚ but My flesh is too weak.” My Father then spoke to Me not only with words, but He showed Me a vision. He opened My spiritual eyes and revealed to Me how it would be possible for Me to rise above any and all impossible circumstances that would present themselves during My earthly life.

19. In the vision, I saw Myself in a number of different scenarios, each one an impossible situ­ation. In one scene I was confronted with 5,000 hungry men, not counting the women and children. In another scene, Mary and Martha clung to My side, pleading for their brother’s life. In another scene I was walking across an angry sea, the winds were blowing, the waves were surging, and there I stood afloat, standing on the water, calling Peter to come to My side. In another I saw before Me scores of blind, sick and dying of all ages; they were calling and reaching out to Me, begging to be made whole. And then I saw Myself hanging on a cross‚ My hands and feet pierced with nails and My side thrust through with a spear, a crown of thorns upon My head.

20. At first, being tempted to fear at the sight of this vision‚ I wanted to turn and run away. But in that moment, I felt My Father’s hand come down firmly on My shoulder as He said, “No, Son. Take a closer look.” As I did, I then witnessed the most amazing thing. In that moment, as each scene of the vision ran by Me again‚ I saw something more than My Own human self. This time, in each scene I saw the Spirit of My Father descend upon Me. My Father’s Spirit didn’t just surround Me, it didn’t just stand by Me, it came upon Me, into Me, in full force. We became one. We were one, and when this happened, I had power and strength beyond all human measure. When this happened, I saw Myself in the vision able to rise above each situation. I was rising above each set of imposs­ible circumstances to stand triumphant, to feed the hungry, to raise the dead, to walk on the water, to heal the sick, and to overcome death.

21. Finally I understood that this was going to be the key, the secret‚ the victory; this would bring triumph every time. This was how I would be able to rise above—by yielding My fleshly mind‚ heart, body and soul to fully receive My Father’s Spirit. By receiving His Heavenly Spirit‚ by allowing Him to rest fully on Me, to have full sway with Me—this is how I was able to rise above.

22. The key was in yielding, in believing, in receiving. For though I was a man of flesh, though My Own human spirit was willing‚ it was too weak—but the Spirit of My Father was not. My Father then reminded Me of the words that were given to the prophet Isaiah when he prophesied of the anointing I was to receive. The prophet said, “The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon Him.”

23. Then I understood how I was to rise above, for it would not be Me; that is‚ My flesh. It wouldn’t be through any talents or capabilities of the flesh that I possessed. It was to be in My receiving, in yielding completely to My ­Father, by letting go and letting His Spirit rest fully on Me, enter completely into Me, and work completely through Me. By becoming one with the Spirit of My Father, I could rise above every impossibility that would confront Me on Earth. It was when the Spirit of My Father came upon Me that I was given wisdom, knowledge‚ good counsel, under­standing, and righteous judgment. All I had to do was to fully receive Him, to yield to His Spirit that was always available to envelop Me fully and completely, and thus give Me extreme power.

24. When we became one, I then took on My Father’s divine nature. Becoming one with My Father, taking on His Own nature, gave Me the strength to rise above any difficulty I was presented with‚ because that’s when I could see things through the eyes of the spirit. That’s when I was able to see through My Father’s eyes. When I did, the things of the world grew dim, the unlimited possibilities of the spirit beamed through, and I saw that all things were possible when propelled by the power of Heaven!

25. All I had to do was become one with My Father and let His Spirit dwell fully in Me, that is, in My flesh, and thus I had His strength and power to pull Me through each difficult spot.

26. Through that little talk with My ­Father, and through the vision He opened to Me there on the hillside, I began to understand with My human mind what the art of rising above was all about. This is how I was to rise to triumph—by letting the Spirit of Almighty God dwell in Me, live in Me, move in Me, and lift Me above all obstacles. By becoming one with My Father, yielding completely to His Spirit, taking on His Own divine nature, I could overcome.

You Too Can Rise Above

27. What is greater than all the impossible circum­stances around you? God Almighty! This is how you too can rise above every seeming impossibility that presents itself to you ­today. Each of you who have received Me, and who have asked for My Spirit, carries with you a measure of My Spirit at all times. But when you’re in dire straits, when you’re faced with the imposs­ible in these days of action‚ you will need to let My Spirit come into you in full strength. If you are to rise above, you must let My Spirit rest in you, completely and without reservation. You must take on My divine nature.

28. This concept of receiving more of My Spirit may sound familiar to you. You know the principles of what I’m telling you, and you may think, “But, Lord, we have Your Spirit and have had it all along.” Yes, you have, as I too carried a good portion of My Father’s Spirit with Me. But when I was fully into My most demanding ministry, when I lived through My Own era of action, I learned I needed to fully yield to His Spirit if I was to rise above. I had to let the Spirit of My Father come into Me and fully dwell in Me.

29. You have received My Spirit‚ and you do make strides to let Me dwell in you more completely all the time. But believe Me‚ you haven’t fully understood or experi­enced the full extent of the matter—for now, in these days of action, you must receive more steadily, more readily‚ more completely. You’ve had glimpses; you’ve experienced it to a degree and you’re getting closer all the time. But I tell you, dear loves, that as you now continue in the era of action, you will need to receive My Spirit in you in a greater and more complete measure. As you yield more completely, as you receive My Spirit and let it fully rest upon you‚ as you truly “let go and let God,” as you allow Me to have free rein in your heart and mind and spirit, you will be able to rise above! This is the art of rising above—to truly let go and let Me have full sway in you! This is how you can overcome any problem, any difficulty, any impossibility!

30. I had to allow My Father to have full sway in My life. We had to be one; this was crucial to My survival. You must now do the same. I’ve been teaching you the importance of greater yieldedness and greater sensitivity to My Spirit, greater fine-tuning of your channels to be ready to receive My Words at all times, and this is what rising above is all about. The ability to rise above lies in fully receiving My Spirit in every fiber of your being; it’s about letting Me freely flow through you, completely and without reservation.

How to Cultivate

The Art of Rising Above

31. After My Father showed Me this vision on the hillside, I sought Him in the following days as to how I could cultivate the practice of rising above. I asked Him how I could let go of the flesh and let more of His Heavenly Spirit prevail in Me, enough so that I could truly take on His divine nature and rise above impossibilities. He was faithful to give Me the guidance I needed, and I want to pass this same guidance on to you.

32. As you go over these points, guard against thinking, “I already know this.” For though some of these points may seem familiar, I ask you to think in terms of action‚ in terms of being full-time doers, all-out practitioners, in order to form these good habits, fully embracing these principles, putting them into use in your lives. Think big. Think in terms of “all the way.” Think, “It’s gotta be all or nothing at all!” Be a practitioner. Follow these points, My loves. Put this wise counsel into motion in your lives, not only in theory but in genuine practice, and you too will rise triumphant every time:

How to rise above:

• Strive for a clean heart and right attitude at all times.

• Make the decision: Do you want to go under, or do you want to rise above?

• Know that you are weak in yourself and you can’t make it without My help. Rely completely on My mercy‚ recognizing and accepting that without Me you can do nothing.

• Shun all wrong or ungodly attitudes.

• See every obstacle as an opportunity to rise above and make progress.

• Reach up to Me; depend on Me, and Me alone. Tap into the faith that I’ve put within you.

• Let My Spirit fully rest upon you. This is more than allowing My Spirit to dwell alongside you. It’s more than receiving only a portion—it’s receiving My Spirit into every single fiber of your being. You do this by:

  1. Living in My Word. Counteract all negative input and vibes of the Devil that float around you with the antidote of My Word. Take this remedy as often as needed—read the Word, think about it, dwell on it‚ receive it fresh, then do it. Be doers of My Word and of the things I show you; take action.
  2. Continue asking Me everything. Don’t make a move without hearing from Me. Listen to My voice and live the truth I reveal to you. Do the things I tell you to do, doubting not. This will strengthen your faith and lift you above.
  3. Don’t give any place to the Devil in your heart or spirit. Reject his false ways and perverted attitudes by dwelling on that which is true, honest‚ just, pure, lovely, and of a good report.

• Let My divine nature rule within you by:

  1. Using your gift of humility and exercising your power of surrender. Yield to Me your mind, your heart, your thoughts, your life. Let go of yourself and hold on to Me, and only Me.
  2. Keep your intimate relationship with Me strong, for as you love Me intimately, you let My Spirit rest upon you; you become one with Me; you take on more of My nature, which is divine. When this happens, you will see things more in the spirit, which is reality, and less in the carnal, which is the façade that confronts man. Then I can lift you out of the earthly realm so that you can walk more in the Heavenly realm. We become one and you are able to rise above that of the Earth and instead walk more in the spirit.
  3. Live by My spiritual principles and let them go to work for you. If you live by My super­natural laws‚ you will be empowered to rise above the natural‚ you will walk in the supernatural‚ you will triumph!

33. The Spirit of My Father was My refuge, just as I will be your refuge. This will be your only recourse if you are to rise above what is to come in these Last Days. As My Father’s Spirit rested upon Me, My Spirit will rest upon you. I’ve been preparing you for these many years. Your destiny, like Mine, is to preach the Word of truth, to heal the brokenhearted, the sick, and those who are beaten down, to deliver those who are bound.

34. As you let go of yourselves and let My Spirit rest on you fully, you will find that My grace is sufficient. This is how you, like Me, will become more than conquerors. This is how you will stand steadfast and immovable. This is how none of the surrounding circumstances will be able to move you. This is how‚ though troubles surround you, you will not be distressed; though perplexities arise, you will not despair; though war rises around you, though famine and pestilence are rampant, it will not shake you; though your enemies seek you out to destroy you, they will stumble and fall—while you rise above! This is how you will overcome! (End of message from Jesus.)

35. (Mama: ) As we continue in the era of action, we need all the help we can get. The goals, needs and demands are much more than we’re able to bear on our own. The prospects of all there is to accomplish for the Lord are so awesome that it’s daunting if we look at things from the perspective of our human limitations. We can’t possibly do everything the Lord is asking of us—that is, not without the supernatural anoint­ing and power that He wants to give us. We can’t do it, but we can! What I mean is, we can’t do it in our measly puny human strength, but we can do it if we do as the Lord has instructed us and thereby receive the full anointing of power and strength of His Spirit.

36. If the Lord needed more of the Heavenly Spirit to rise above the difficulties, obstacles and circumstances during His Own era of action, how much more will we need the same! Yes, we do have His Spirit already. We are Spirit-filled Christians and most of us have been for years. But that’s not enough! We need more. As the Lord said, in these days of action we must receive the Spirit more fully‚ more steadily, more readily, and more completely.

37. We’re living in thrilling times, and they’ve only just begun! We will undoubtedly see miracles and fruit from our labors that will go far beyond our present expectations. In this era of action we’re standing on the verge of greater works and the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises to us. There is so much more to come. But we must be ready; we must be worthy of such honor. To be so, we must be obedient to the Lord’s admonitions and instruction.

38. I understand that you might feel that all that’s before us is too much to bear. Maybe you feel too tired, too burned out with missionary work, too discouraged with the problems around you. Well, Jesus felt the same. What He faced and what His Father asked of Him overwhelmed Him too. But He didn’t give up; He didn’t just float along or drift into the oblivion of discouragement‚ compromise or apathy. No, the opposition He encountered inspired Him to take a stand; He allowed all that He faced to spur Him to action, to motivate Him to find and grab ahold of what would help Him rise above! He said He was driven in desperation to look for a way to overcome, and that is what led Him to learn the art of rising above.

39. He has given each of us the keys to this art. We too can learn to rise above! But it will cost us something. Jesus allowed the Holy Spirit to rest fully upon Him. He yielded completely to His Father’s will, and He let the Spirit enter into Him completely. Of course, for this to happen He had to give up anything that was not part of His Father’s plan. He didn’t want to have anything in His life that would be a distraction or that would come between Him and His Father and His divine mission. All He wanted was to be fully and completely one with His Father and the Holy Spirit.

40. I’m sure Jesus was in desperate prayer and yielded all along, but what really motivated Him and gave Him that extra push to go all the way was when He saw all that was before Him and what would be expected of Him‚ and He realized He just couldn’t do it. It was too much for Him. He knew He was insufficient in Himself. He needed so much more than what He had within Himself at that time.

41. It was that feeling of inadequacy, need or weakness that spurred our wonderful Husband to reach out to the Father for the full anointing, the full infilling of the Spirit. He didn’t want to fail, so He was willing to do whatever it took.

42. That’s where the Lord wants each of us to be. He has done so much to show us the future, to reveal all that will soon be ours. He makes very specific promises to us as a Family, and explains clearly what He expects of us, because He wants to motivate us with the great things that He will accomplish through us. Those promises that we’ll grow as we feed the hungry and minister to the multitudes, becoming a church of believers with real spiritual and physical power and influence, are real! Jesus wants you to see that, He wants you to know the future—and the reason is not just to encourage you, but also to inspire you to do the same thing He did—to seek out the full anointing and empowerment of the Spirit so you can learn the art of overcoming and rise above any problem, difficulty, or imposs­ibility that you encounter!

43. All things are possible when propelled by the power of Heaven. Won’t you please pray desperately to take on the Lord’s nature, yield fully and without reservation to Him‚ and receive His anointing of full faith to learn the art of rising above? This is something He wants to give each of us, and this is what we need if we’re to do and be all that He asks of us!

44. This is only the beginning, dear loves! There is so much more to come. Don’t let the Enemy scare you with his visions of defeat and difficulty. See with the eyes of the spirit and let the Lord lift you to the Heavenlies. Behold all that He has for you, and let that drive you to His arms. Find His full anointing and power by obeying His Word, and together we will do miracles and be triumphant. Peter and I love you dearly and eternally.

Yours forever in our wonderful Husband,


Castle of Meditation!, The

Karen Zerby

A Spirit Trip

By Maria 3575 10/05

GN 1162 FD/MM/FM / Feast 2006

(Note: This GN can be read with your children, if you wish. It can either be read unitedly as a Home, or in smaller groups‚ or can be done as an activity for the children with the provision that adults can join in if they would like to. However you decide to do it‚ the person leading the meeting or group activity should read the full Letter ahead of time so that they can be prepared with the various snacks, activities, slip of paper and pencil or pen for each person, etc., which are a part of this spirit trip. The setup of the room should be comfortable, with nice ambient lighting. Have fun!)

Dearest Family,

1. Are you all having a restful time during this Feast? I pray you are, and that you’re enjoying all the wonderful treasures of the spirit that our dear Love has blessed us with.

2. He has another special gift for us—a spirit trip that we can all enjoy together! How are all you kids doing? Are you comfortable? I’m so glad you can be here with us for this one. It’s going to be fun!

3. To get ready for this spirit trip, we need to enter into the spirit. So let’s start with a few rousing songs and praises to Jesus‚ so that when He comes to take us into another dimension, we’ll be ready to go!

(Pause here and have some songs, get-out-of-yourself style, and some praises to Jesus. Keep singing and praising until you’re all united in the spirit and ready to take off on this trip!)

4. (Jesus: ) My wonderful Family‚ I love each of you so much and am so happy to be able to spend this time together with you. I want you to know that I’m going to be there with you in your Home for this little activity. Save Me a seat, because I’m really going to be there in spirit joining in on this!

5. This little heavenly spirit trip is just one of many billions of trips I have available. The options and opportunities for exploration here are endless, and whenever you want to go on a little heavenly expedition, just claim My keys of discovery and full possession and let Me whisk you away!

6. Not every step in each trip is a full, meat–of-the-Word experience. There might be light snacks here and there, some trail mix, a little berry-picking or even daisy-picking that gets a little off the subject, but it’s all for your enjoyment, pleasure, and edification, and the Word jewels are scattered throughout each trip, waiting for you to discover and collect them. So although mostly fun, there is something to be fed by and gained from each spirit trip.

7. So walk down this path now, My loves. Enjoy the journey and focus your mind’s eye on the descriptions, and you will be truly entering into My presence and experiencing these things in the spirit.

8. (Mama:) If you’d like to, close your eyes and listen as the channel describes what she saw, and you’ll be able to see the pictures too. That’s how it will probably be the most fun, is if you can see the pictures too—which you can, if you’ll close your eyes and listen carefully and ask Jesus to show them to you.

9. (Channel:) I close my eyes now, waiting for the trip to begin. I’m in a dark room. It’s empty except for a spinning, revolving door-like portal in the center. There are others in the room with me, and there are hushed whispers of excitement and discussion. It seems like people are deciding amongst themselves which spirit trip they’d like to go on, and I can feel the buzz of anticipation in the air. It’s like it’s Christmastime, and everyone can’t wait to get their turn to choose their adventure and enter their portal.

10. The revolving object reminds me somehow of a multi–tool knife, like those Swiss army knives with all the different options. As the object turns, silver blade-like mirrors open up outward from the bottom and then close again. In each silver mirror a different scene is visible‚ and along with the scene, you can also see yourself as you would be dressed in that scene. The mirrors open and shut very quickly, and at the same time other mirrors are simultaneously opening and shutting, while the entire portal is turning. There are endless mirrors—endless options. It seems like there wouldn’t be any time to get a good look at any scene, but somehow I do.

11. The revolving portal, while looking like a fantastic, complicated piece of machinery, somehow also seems alive. I notice it reads my thoughts, and now that it’s my turn to choose my adventure, it has narrowed down the choices to the ones that it knows I find most interesting. I only have five to choose from now. I’m still not sure what to pick.

12. I open my eyes for a moment and ask the Lord to show me which one is the right one, and the first thing I see is a little ornate wooden chest on my desk that I was given as a gift. It seems to belong perfectly in one of the scenes I was drawn to. I close my eyes again, and the portal stops spinning and pauses at the appropriate scene. I step in and enter.

13. I’m standing at the large gate of a giant castle. The wooden doors tower high above—they must be 20 feet high. There is a corded bell. I pull on it. It clangs, and I wait.

14. (Jesus: ) Welcome to the Castle of Meditation. It has high, thick walls that block out outside noise and distraction and allow you to quietly reflect, connect with Me, and find answers when you need them. It is here for you whenever you feel like entering into My presence. Feel free to roam the long‚ quiet halls, explore the rooms, and find secret doorways and passages where hidden treasures lie.

15. Let Me introduce you to Arnam. I’ve appointed him keeper of the castle. He’ll be your guide today.

16. (Channel:) An older man with white hair appears in a small sliding window opening in one of the giant doors. Only his face is visible through the opening, but he smiles and seems friendly. I wonder how he’s going to get the gate open. I’m sure he’s not weak, since he’s a spirit, but still my human perception wonders if he’s not too weak to open those giant doors.

17. He slides the window shut, and I hear a clanging of locks on the other side and creaking wood. Then a smaller door-within-a-door—which wasn’t visible before—opens on the left side of the giant gate. It’s just large enough for a person to get through crouched over. I bend down and go through. It’s a tight squeeze and a bit uncomfortable, but then I’m through and within the castle walls.

18. (Arnam:) The gates to the Castle of Meditation at first seem large and impenetrable. Sometimes you might not feel like taking the time to ring the bell to get through. The small opening represents how difficult it is to get started with your time with the Lord. The Enemy likes to make it seem very hard. You have to crouch down, humble yourself, and go through a tight space. But then once you’re through, a victory is won—you’ve entered the Lord’s presence. Welcome to the Castle of Meditation. Let me show you around.

19. (Channel: ) We walk through a beautiful courtyard. The ground is paved with large flat pieces of beige sandstone, seamlessly fitting together. I wonder aloud how so many pieces of various shapes and sizes could fit so well together, so that not even a stray weed can grow between two stones.

20. (Arnam:) Just like in your Homes and teams‚ when you pray, the Lord supplies the pieces that fit to make a perfect team. It was our job to ask Him where each one went and put the puzzle together. Of course, it wasn’t a seamless fit at first. There was some adjusting‚ a bit of chiseling in many cases. But with time and persistence‚ we’ve gotten a perfect fit.

21. (Channel:) We walk through the inside doors to enter the castle and shut them behind us, and I’m immediately struck by one thing—the quiet. There is a wonderful peace and silence in the halls. Arnam offers to take me and the other visitors first to the dining room, where there are refreshments waiting. The tables are laid with an assortment of dried and fresh fruits and nuts‚ and we sit down to enjoy them.

(Pause here to pass around a plate of some dried or sliced fruit and nuts.)

22. (Arnam:) First things first. You can’t very well enjoy the Castle of Meditation on an empty stomach. Well, sometime the Lord might ask you to postpone a meal for Word time’s sake. But usually it’s best to get physically comfortable to an extent in order to have quality time with Him. Of course, don’t get too comfortable…

23. (Channel:) Arnam notices some of us sitting in our plush, velvet-backed chairs resting our heads back and beginning to get sleepy. He quickly suggests that we all begin our tour of the castle.

(Pause, and have everyone trade seats to keep everyone awake.)

24. (Channel: ) The first stop is the giant throne room. It has long panels of polished wood lining the floor. On the walls are beautiful works of tapestry and art. The ceiling is high, and as I look up, I notice that the ceiling is made of rows of vaulted brick domes that reach up even higher, and all this with only a few beams of support. I wonder what the framework is behind the bricks that hold it all up, and how it was constructed in the first place.

25. Arnam explains to us that each brick first had to be cut into the right shape for them to fit properly, and then, instead of laying the bricks on the ceiling from the inside of the castle‚ the bricks were laid from the outside on top of a support frame which stood inside the castle. The bricks were laid tightly and the pressure of each one against the other helped give each dome its support. Then‚ once all the domes were complete and reinforcements were in the crucial places‚ the supports were removed, and the beautiful ceiling stood as it does now.

26. It seems a little backwards to me—the way the ceiling domes were built—but then I remember that sometimes the most beautiful of God’s creations are formed in unusual ways. Take a look at a butterfly and its cocoon, a rainbow breaking out after rain, a diamond born amidst the crushing press of stone, and even a loving and humble soul born through brokenness, adversity, and trial.

27. All throughout the throne room are little nooks and crannies, little places of refuge and retreat—a seat built into a sunny windowsill, a corner near the fireplace, a couch fitted into a niche in the wall. These are little spots of meditation where we can commune with the Lord. We each find the spot that appeals to us most, and take a minute to praise and spend time with the Lord.

(Pause for a minute of silent prayer and communion time with Jesus.)

28. Arnam takes us down the hall to visit the other rooms. There are many rooms, each one having its own appeal. Some are simple and sparsely furnished, but comfortable; others are plush and luxuriously outfitted. Some have large windows that were designed to spread light throughout the room; others are darker, and lit only with candlelight. In each place there are people having quiet time with Jesus in their hearts, resting and being strengthened by their communion with Him.

29. Next we are led to a large dressing room area. There are maids and menservants waiting to help us. We each stand behind a little cordoned-off partition that reaches to our necks, and our helpers open trunks and pull out new clothes for us to wear.

30. I’m not sure I want to change my clothes. And when I look at the others over the tops of the partitions, I see some of them aren’t either. But when I see that the new clothes seem so clean and much more comfortable, I yield, and my old dirty clothes just fall off. I raise my hands and the new clothes are slipped over my head and fall into place and fit me perfectly. I’m wearing a long dress, with a full skirt with a sash that ties at the waist in the back. It’s different than what I was wearing before—it’s plainer and simpler—but it’s much nicer and more comfortable.

31. (Jesus:) To enter into My presence you have to take off the garments of worldliness and pride and put on the garments of humility. This isn’t a physical change of clothing, of course; it’s a spiritual mindset you have to take on. Praise is the best way to humble yourself in order to get closer to Me. Lift up your hands together now and let Me hear your praises. As you do, I will slip the garments of humility over your heads, and your old garments of pride will come off and be whisked away.

(Pause for a minute to raise arms and praise the Lord.)

32. (Arnam:) Now you’re ready to explore this castle for yourself! There’s so much to be discovered—secret doors, peepholes and hidden rooms, rooms with spectacular views, but best of all, there is a particular place somewhere in this castle that is especially designed to be your spot to meditate and take time with the Lord. It’s perfectly made just for you, and it can be a treasure hunt to find it.

33. (Channel:) We all run off to find our meditation spots, and we have such fun walking through the huge castle and discovering new things. There are countless rooms—sitting areas, bedrooms, libraries, porches, and little cubbyholes everywhere.

34. I find my meditation spot quickly, and there’s no doubt in my mind it was created especially for me. It’s up a spiral staircase leading to a tower room. There are windows on all sides and I can see beautiful countryside far out in all directions. There is a rocking chair with a matching rocking ottoman, and it’s so comfortable. I spend most of the day there reading, meditating, and talking with the Lord‚ all the while enjoying His creation.

35. (Jesus:) I can help each of you to find special places where you can commune with Me, if you ask Me to show you. Often‚ though, the locations aren’t so special or convenient, and your only option will be your bedroom or a quiet spot you can find. In those cases, don’t worry or feel it’s not special. I love to spend time with you any time, any place. If you want, when beginning your Word times, ask Me to transport you in spirit to your special spot in the Castle of Meditation, and I will make your time of communion with Me even more restful, fulfilling, and strengthening.

36. (Channel:) It’s nearing the time to leave, and Arnam, our guide, has come to each of us in our respective spots and is offering us a refreshing snack—some crackers with cheese. As I’m eating some, he tells me to come downstairs—that he has something special to show us before we have to leave.

(Pass around a plate of toasted bread or crackers with cheese, or an acceptable local substitute.)

37. (Channel:) We’re all following Arnam down some candlelit stairs into the lower part of the castle. He tells us that many treasures are kept down here. Some would be considered earthly treasures, and some are just treasures to those who would find special value in certain objects. Everything, however—he relates—is a unique and rare item.

38. We’re standing in a wine cellar now. It’s cooler down here, and a little damp‚ but we don’t feel cold. The new clothes that we have on seem to heat us when we’re cold, or cool us when we’re feeling hot.

39. Arnam stops in a corner of the cellar, and pulls a bottle of wine out a little, and turns another bottle ninety degrees clockwise. I watch him‚ wondering what he’s doing, and then realize he’s opening a series of hidden latches that open a secret door. Finally, he scoots a crate of bottles over a few inches, and suddenly there’s a springing sound, and what looked like a wall lined with old crates begins to turn on hidden hinges and opens just wide enough for a person to get through. Through the opening I see stone steps that lead to a large chamber below.

40. In this chamber are countless chests of many varieties. Some are rustic and wooden, similar to the one on my desk; others are made of metal, wicker, or covered in beautiful fabric. Some are decorated with bronze rings and latches, and others are covered in jewels, intricate embroidery, or carvings. No two are the same, and each one is special in some way. They’re all beautiful.

41. We’re each drawn to our own chest, somehow knowing which one was meant for us. My chest has a rounded top, which is covered with a deep red velvet fabric, embroidered along the edge with golden silk thread. Arnam tells us to reach into our pockets—in which has been placed the key of faith. We have to have faith to insert and turn the key and open the lock to receive this gift that Jesus is giving us.

42. I reach into my pocket and pull out a small, simple key and put it into the lock. It turns easily, and I open the lid and look inside. Amidst soft folds of cream–colored satin lie a few simple objects. I see a silver slinky, a small blue flashlight, and a small, delicate ivy plant in a pot. Everyone has different things in their chests, but they are gifts to us—things that will help us during the times we spend with Jesus.

43. (Arnam: ) These are gifts for your use that will help you in your time of communion with the Lord. These objects are symbols, with each representing something you can focus your mind’s eye on when you need help in your Word, praise‚ prayer, or any other times you spend with the Lord. Remember them, and picture them in your mind, and they will help you to keep your focus during these times.

44. (Channel:) As I pick up the objects and examine them, Jesus tells me what each object represents. As I play with the slinky in my hand, He tells me that it’s to remind me of my connection with Him. I can be close or stretch way far away, but no matter what, I’ll still be His. When I let the slinky go back and forth between my hands, I notice that when the slinky stays in a tight coil, it moves quickly and easily, but when I let it get stretched out, it becomes more difficult to control and moves much more slowly. This means that if I stay close to Jesus all the time‚ it’ll be easier and quicker to do His will, and when I stray away, it becomes harder to operate.

45. The blue flashlight represents the storing of Word in my heart, and will help me in my memory and review. It reminds me that even when things get dark, I’ll have my own light to keep things bright, and I’ll be able to see my way through troubled times. If I’m faithful to hide the Word in my heart and review‚ I’ll keep those batteries charged, and my flashlight will never go out.

46. The ivy plant represents my gift of prophecy. Jesus tells me that it takes faithful care, watering, fertilizing, and maintaining to keep my gift of prophecy growing and alive. I need to follow the steps He’s given to make sure that I have a good, healthy plant. It’s not just a gift that’s given once and then it stays perfect forever. I have to water it through practicing, asking Him how to stretch and in what ways‚ and what Word fertilizer to give the plant so it stays green and growing.

47. (Jesus: ) I want each of you to close your eyes now and take a look inside your treasure chest. There are one or more gifts there for each of you that will act as symbols, painting a word picture—things that will help you, or remind you, or give you a boost in your times with Me. Later, you can each ask Me what these objects represent. I have something different for each of you—something personalized that will work just for you.

(Pause for a minute, to let the Lord show or speak to everyone what their gifts might be. Everyone can write down their gifts on a little piece of paper for their personal reference, to make it easy for them to remember to ask the Lord later.)

48. (Channel:) It’s time to go now. We each leave our gifts in our trunks. We can come back to the Castle of Meditation anytime we want and look inside our treasure chests. Arnam tells us that sometimes we’ll find new gifts in there from Jesus, with new word pictures that will help us. We can always come back to our chests when we need a boost in our times with the Lord. He has all the secrets of success to faithful, quality time with Him and His Word.

49. I say goodbye to Arnam and step back through the portal, and then I’m back in the dark room with the shining, spinning portal in front of me‚ watching others waiting for their turn to step through for a trip of their own. I can’t wait for next time‚ when I can come back for more.

50. (Jesus:) Come back any time for more spirit trips and peeks into the supernatural. I love to take you on adventures and give you a glimpse of Heaven and the spirit world. There are so many more sights and sounds waiting to be discovered. I’ll be your guide anytime. I love you!

51. (Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd, for those good lessons and pictures that we can remember to help us grow in our relationship with You. We love Your spirit trips and surprises, Jesus! Help us to be more faithful to come to You and get quiet and still enough to let You show us things. We want to learn all that we can and keep receiving from You as much as You want to give us!

52. Peter and I love you‚ our sweet Family! As you give each other hugs and kisses to close the meeting, give some of them as from us, because we wish we were there to hug and kiss each of you!

53. Sometime in the next few days, you could consider having a devotions where everyone shares portions of what they received from Jesus about what’s in their treasure chests. Or you could devote a dinner table conversation to it one night, or whatever would work best for you. The important thing is to do it, so that you can fully benefit from this little revelation of the spirit. If some of you kids want to send me what you get from Jesus about your gifts, I would love to read them! (Don’t forget to put a little about yourself, including your name and age, your parents’ names, and the Home and country you live in.)

54. I love you all so much. Have a good sleep and peaceful rest‚ in the power of the keys!

Love, Mama

Art by Tamar

Rising Above!

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #597 CM/FM 3379 11/01

How do the keys of the Kingdom and rising above work together?

You can, you can, you can

Start with the difficult, and the impossible will come

There are times when “reality” is not reality

Don’t limit Me

Keep things in perspective

Ignore the waves and look to Me

It all depends on how much of My Spirit you take in

Believe in Me

You can have total victory

Let Me do it through you

Look up

Nothing can stand in the way

The place where you end, I begin

Things that seem, don’t have to be

Elements of safety

Take that step for Me, and receive the full power

Letting go, and letting Me

Fulfill your destiny

The foundation is yieldedness

Step–by-step battle plans

Grace for the little things …

No matter what

Training on the obstacle course of life …

Putting skin on it

Rise above reality

Dearest Family,

1. Over this last year the Lord has poured out so much to us—so many new revelations, so much new information about the spirit world and about our future—and He’s given us several very import­ant new gifts. I’m concerned that we don’t let all these wonderful things the Lord has said pass without really understanding them or applying them. But there’s so much that in order to really grasp the full meaning of what He’s saying, in order to apply it to your life and Home and situation and benefit from it as much as He wants you to, you really have to make an effort to study the Word, to reread the GNs, to ask the Lord to help you apply them and ask Him what the first steps are for you to take.

2. That takes time. It takes putting everything else aside and concentrating on what the Lord wants to say to you. It takes making it a priority in your Home to live the Word. And if it isn’t hard enough just given the fact that each of our Homes is a very busy place and we all have more work to do than we’ll ever get done‚ some of which is always urgent and “emergency level,” the Enemy is also fighting very hard to keep you from grasping and absorbing all that the Lord has said. He will try all sorts of things to keep you from putting in the time to hear further from the Lord about it personally and really apply it and make use of it.

3. Unless we really pursue the things the Lord has said, ask Him further about them‚ and then take the steps to apply them, they won’t do us any good. I’ve assigned those in WS several questions on various prayer mornings, asking them to ask the Lord for His personal application to them. It has helped those in our Home and in the other units to stop and think about what the Lord has said in the GNs, and then ask Him questions about how that applies to them personally. When you ask the Lord to expound on the points He’s brought out in the GNs and help you apply them to your own life, it brings it home a lot more. I would highly recommend that you take time to do the same.

4. One prayer morning I asked everyone to ask the Lord, “What does rising above mean for me personally?” Besides giving lots of personal counsel to each person, telling them exactly how to apply it to their situations, relationships, work, lessons‚ etc., He also gave additional general insight into what it means to rise above and the spiritual principles involved. I’ve pulled excerpts from what the Lord gave to our WS members to share with you in these two GNs. [Note: This Letter is lengthy, so may be split between two GNs when printed.]

5. But don’t just take what the Lord has told our folks and let that be the end of your learning to use this wonderful gift of rising above! Take time to ask the Lord these questions yourself, and give Him a chance to “put skin on it” for you and apply it to your particular situation. Then do what the Lord says, and make this a strong point in your life!

6. These gifts that the Lord has given us are not solely to make us happy. He’s not just trying to spoil us, or give us tokens of His love. Although that’s part of it, He also knows that these gifts will be our tools of survival in the days to come, and that learning to use them is an essential part of our preparation so that we will be equipped to make it through the Tribulation and all that is going to befall this world in the days before He returns. The choice is with each of us how much we’ll exercise these gifts, take them seriously, and learn to use them before we really need them desperately! Lord help us not to be caught in the spirit of lethargy and let these priceless opportunities pass us by!

How Do the Keys of the Kingdom
And Rising Above Work Together?

7. To begin with, here is a very interesting message we received when we asked the Lord to explain how the keys of the Kingdom and rising above work together. The keys of the Kingdom are something that we’ve never had before—they are a new gift from the Lord‚ new power which is now available to us. The concept of rising above is more of a basic spiritual principle or concept that we’ve always heard or known about. But yet, because the Lord made it part of the Feast last year, we knew it must be very important for this particular time, or new in some way. So we asked the Lord to explain how the keys of the Kingdom and the concept of rising above work together, or what the connection is between the two.

8. (Jesus speaking:) When I opened My hand and gave you the keys to the Kingdom, I gave you a new gift. It is true that Christians throughout the ages have used the keys to some extent‚ but none have had the access, or the detailed information on how to use them, that I have given to you. They are the most recent “new weapon‚” as it were, given to you, the children of David, in the Last Days. These keys make the impossible become possible. These keys put the power of Heaven at your fingertips. These keys energize you with newfound power, the likes of which has not been available to you before.

9. These keys make it possible for all the promises of My Word to be fulfilled, as you are now better able to fulfill the conditions through the power of the keys. They also make it possible for you to follow all the instruction I have given in My Word, since the beginning. For are there not many things that you have tried and tried for years to attain to, and although you have made some progress, you have been discouraged that you could never completely move forward in or completely overcome? I know that many of you have struggled with such things. You have fought, you have moved forward, but you have not completely conquered.

10. You have always known in principle‚ through My Word and the voice of My Spirit, that all things were possible. You knew I was the God of all flesh and there was nothing too hard for Me. You knew that through Me you could “rise above” all things, though you did not necessarily use that exact term. You knew all these things in theory, and some of you practiced them, at least to some degree, or in some areas of your life. Now‚ though‚ I have put the full–fledged, awesome power of Heaven into your hands, so that every one of you who reaches out to claim and use the power of the keys will be given power to put every part of My Word into practice.

11. No longer are any of the promises in My Word out of your reach. All are within your grasp, for you have but to claim the power of the keys, and it will be done. It’s not that any of the promises were out of reach before in themselves‚ but often you lacked the faith to appropriate them, or you lacked the power to fulfill your part of the bargain—the condition necessary for the promise to be fulfilled. Now these things which were previously a great struggle, and at times even impossible, are possible to you through the power of the keys.

12. It was possible to “rise above” before—above your problems, above your battles, above physical hardships or any form of obstacles. Yet it was often a long-term battle to truly and completely overcome in any area. Now, I want to make it easier for you.

13. If you claim the power of the keys to help you rise above‚ it’s an unbeatable combination.

14. To truly learn the art of rising above, you must be empowered with the keys. I learned the art of rising above when I was there on Earth, with My first disciples, and I have imparted the basic truth of this principle to you throughout My Words. You have always known that the impossible is possible, that you need not be held down by things that seem to be; you have always known that all power was given unto Me in Heaven and Earth—and therefore was available to you in My name.

15. But with the keys, I am making this power more accessible, more apparent‚ more obvious, more down to earth, more real. With these keys you have gained access to spiritual understanding, treasures, riches, and secrets that were veiled or mysterious or vague before. Even the concept of “rising above” as given at the time of the Feast was somewhat vague. The concept of “using the keys” was also somewhat vague at the start. Yet now, as you are becoming more accustomed to using the keys, as you are growing in your knowledge and understanding of their use and power, you have gained and will yet gain greater insight to and understanding of the spirit world. Now you are ready to truly understand what rising above can mean.

16. It means complete overcoming‚ complete victory, complete freedom. It doesn’t mean just a sort of deliverance, a major change, or a huge step of progress, or a victory won over many years. It means complete transformation. It means leaving the weights and sins that so easily beset you behind once and for all. That is the complete fulfillment of rising above. That is the power given to you through the keys. If you are desperate for a change in your life, for more fruit in your witnessing ministry, or for a miracle of whatever kind, if you will call on the keys of the Kingdom to enable you to rise above, you will gain a victory the likes of which you have not known before.

17. The victories won through the keys of the Kingdom will be easier and quicker. This full and total victory is rising above in its complete form. It is only fully possible through the keys. Yes, you can “rise above” things to some extent without the keys of the Kingdom. If you are having battles or personal problems and you pray desperately‚ call out to Me, and determine to not let the struggle get you down or dissuade you from My service, you are “rising above” to some extent. There are various degrees to which you can do this, and many ways in which you can do this. You can “rise above” a problem without the keys and be an overcomer.

18. Yet if you want to make this “rising above” a permanent, complete, definite, entire solution, you need the power of the keys. That is what they are for. That is how they are meant to be used. They are meant to harness the spiritual forces of Heaven to fight with you and for you. They are given so that you might not only vaguely sense a form of victory, but so that you might know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are the possessor of victory.

19. The comparison to rising above with or without the keys can be thought of something like this: Rising above without the keys is like making a high jump over a hurdle. Rising above with the keys is like flying. Either way, you get over the obstacle, but one way takes a lot more effort than the other, and also doesn’t take you as high or as far. The other opens limitless possibilities, and happens with much greater ease. You can even get over several hurdles at once if you like!

20. Rising above is a matter of the spirit; it doesn’t mean self–effort and striving to overcome things in your own flesh. It means being fully yielded and surrendering yourself fully to the power of My Spirit. Only by doing this can you rise above. Yet even doing this much is so very difficult for so many. The yielding‚ the forsaking, the surrendering that I require for you to rise above‚ to truly gain victories, to overcome the impossible, takes many qualities that it is not in your human nature to possess—humility, yieldedness, faith, admitting you are nothing in yourself, believing that I am able. The power to rise above in itself is a miraculous thing‚ yet it is not at all “effortless.”

21. I have wanted you, My children, to learn through the struggle. I have held back from giving you certain truths or powers until I knew you were ready to receive them. I have always done this. I was not depriving you by doing this. Rather, I was fulfilling My promise that, “As your days‚ so shall your strength be.” As the days grow darker, more power is needed. As the pull of the world grows stronger, so do I strengthen My pull on your hearts. As your need for spiritual power becomes greater, so do I provide that power.

22. Now is the time for the power of the keys. All that I have taught you and shown you in My Word over the years can be completely fulfilled through the power of the keys. Because you have this power, you have no excuses left for not believing, doing, or living any of what I have shown you. You have no reason to hold back from doing anything that I ask of you. There is nothing to hold you back or weigh you down—nothing but lack of faith or unwillingness to yield. But once you take the simple steps of faith I have been showing you through My Word, once you determine that you want the power of the keys and you want to do whatever it takes to get that power, and you step out to receive it and use it, then I take over from there. Then I make the impossible reality. Then you don’t even need to “rise” above, because I will do the work of lifting you above. That’s how wonderfully I want to treat you! (End of message from Jesus)

23. (Mama:) As the Lord has shown us, the keys of the Kingdom are very powerful—and now we understand that they are what makes the concept of rising above a reality for us! We can claim the keys of the Kingdom to help us overcome whatever is standing in the way of our rising above‚ and through them have the power that is needed.

24. Here are excerpts of the messages that those in our Home and other units received when I asked them to ask the Lord, “What does ‘rising above’ mean for me personally?” When we were praying about publishing these messages for you, the Lord compared them to a treasure hunt. He said‚ “The keys of the Kingdom and the concept of rising above are reserved for those who study My Words and apply them. I will fill the hungry with good things, but they must have a vacuum. It’s almost like a secret treasure, which is reserved for those who will hunt, seek, find the clues, interpret them, search‚ keep searching and trying, and then will be blessed with the great reward of their faith. I make it a challenge for them to go through and pick out the key concepts, and then ask Me how to apply them to their lives. In this way, they will be fed more deeply and will receive the full benefit of My Words, and the increased power I want to give them!”

25. So as you go through these messages, mark the key parts. Really study‚ ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear all the wonders He has hidden within these Words! Go over them and pull the key quotes‚ put them up in places where you’ll see them and review them, commit some to memory, become experts on this subject, so that you can benefit from the full power He wants to give you!

You Can‚ You Can, You Can!

26. (Jesus speaking:) My love, with Me, your age doesn’t matter. With Me there is continual newness and expansion. With Me you can begin again and again and you can truly rise above! I know that when you take a look at your life and the way you are‚ the habits you’ve formed, your negative and bad reactions, the things about yourself and your actions you don’t like, you think, “What’s the use? I’m in a rut in certain personal habits. This is the way I’m always going to be. I can’t really rise above in all these little areas that have been part of me and my nature for so long.”

27. But this is where I have given you the power to overcome. Even if you couldn’t before, you now have the keys of the Kingdom, and there is nothing on Earth or in Hell that can withstand their power. You have access to that power at any time you need it. It’s part of My free gift to you‚ and you can claim it as yours. All it takes is your exercising more faith, My love.

28. I know that it’s harder for you and more of a test of your faith to believe Me for these little areas, habits, and less-than-trustful reactions in your life than the bigger areas. I have helped you in some major areas, but these little areas still loom in front of you—the areas in which you’re clearly not manifesting a spirit of faith, nor the spirit of rising above.

29. But now I challenge you to believe Me for these so–called smaller areas. I challenge you to call on the power of the keys for change in these parts of yourself and your nature that you don’t like, and which test your faith and belief in My promises; these habits and parts of your nature that cause you to be easily irritated and bugged over little things; that cause you to be easily on edge and stressed; that cause you to crumple under any sort of pressure. You hate these things about yourself and desperately want to change in these areas and be able to rise above these small things in life. But you seem to lack the faith that I can change you, that I can help you rise above your normal, inborn reactions. But remember, My love‚ whoever you are, whatever age you are, whatever you’ve been through, you can begin again, you can rise above.

30. I want to give you a personalized list of the enemies in your life that pull you down and hold you back from rising above. One by one‚ My love, I promise to help you cut down these enemies, if you’ll call on the power of the keys and give Me your faith and your willingness and desire to change and be made anew.

31. Enemy One: Complaining and negativity. Strive to adopt the attitude on every occasion and at every instance where you’re tested to “in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Put on the spirit of faith and trust, knowing that I have sent this situation or this little obstacle your way to see how you’re going to react. Think deeply about that, My love.

32. Make a list of any of your personal “situations.” Are you truly content in every one? If not, pray the spirit of contentment into every area of your life. This will make a huge difference in your level of faith, not to mention the facial expression of the new you!

33. Enemy Two: Criticalness. Fight the tendency within you to become complacent and settled down in spirit‚ the attitude of, “Well, I’m okay‚ but look at so-and-so.” Fight to only look at others with faith and through the eyes of My total and unconditional love. Beware of criticalness, even in small ways. Trust Me that I am working in the lives of each one in the way and timing I know to be best.

34. Enemy Three: Fight rigidity and dogmatism. As you grow older, it’s a natural tendency to start getting into ruts, whether they be in your behavior‚ reactions, personal habits, pet peeves and preferences, or even in the way you look at life and others. These are ruts that My children are often unwilling to climb out of, for they are perceived as being a part of you that I am unable to change‚ especially as you get older.

35. Enemy Four: The impulse to say, “I can’t!” and “It can’t be done!” You must resist the “it’s impossible” tendencies in your life. Remember that it’s Me working through you, and the power to change is nothing of yourself. All it requires is your giving yourself to Me and saying, “Jesus, I want to change, I need to change‚ and I’m willing to make the sacrifices involved in bringing that change to fruition.” When you say, “I can’t‚” it means that your thinking is centered on yourself and your circumstances rather than on Me. So you’re defeated before you even start. Exercise the weapon of faith against this enemy!

36. Enemy Five: The temptation to let down the standard, to seek the easy way out, the lazy way, to not challenge yourself and apply the Word to every facet of your life, desiring to continue to change. My weapon for this is living more in Me and My Word, to love Me with all of your heart and soul, and to ardently seek after those times together in our chamber of love. Seek at all times to love Me more and to be more like Me in all you say and do. I, your First Love, am the only antidote to resist spiritual degeneration in your life and give you back the glowing newness of a new spiritual babe, one who is so in love with her First Love and so desirous of becoming all that I want and know you can become.

37. Enemy Six: Dullness and pessimism. Are you no longer expecting miracles? Has it been a long time since you felt your heart leap with joy over some new truth—or since you did the unusual or offbeat thing, just out of sheer joy for Me and happiness at being one of My chosen few, one of My brides? If it has been a long time, then break out of your ruts and allow Me to surprise you, to thrill you, and to manifest My ability and power to regenerate and change you and give you even more zest and fervor for life and living than your earlier years! Strive to be an “up” person. Grab ahold of enthusiasm and optimism as opposed to your natural tendency to be a “realist” on all occasions.

38. Enthusiasm for life and all I’m doing comes from living more in Me. Enthusiasm is the rainbow atop faith’s sky; it puts a new positive light on things. So strive for the spirit of enthusiasm. That doesn’t mean you won’t stumble and fall sometimes‚ but even an enthusiast “falls forward.”

39. My resurrection life within you, and each one of My brides, is more actual energy than you’ve probably ever realized or utilized. You have the Spirit of My Father which raised Me from the dead dwelling within you, My love, and just as He raised Me from the dead, so can He quicken your earthen frames by His Spirit. That’s one of My wonderful truths and promises I’ve given to you, and this resurrection power that is within you through Me has given you the same power to rise above. Claim it as yours!

40. Enemy Seven: Looking back. My principle is always that the best wine is last, and with Me there is always newness, new growth, change, and new challenges. Forget those things that are behind (your habits and “natural” you), and reach forth unto those things that are before (the new “rising above” you). Expect miracles! Anticipate all that I’m going to do for and through you, because it has already been done. In the eternal now, this power to rise above yourself and your circumstances has already been given you; all it requires now is for you to reach out in full faith and claim it as yours. Have a large vision—not a narrow one—of all that I’m going to do through you!

41. Recognizing these personal enemies to your faith will put you on the road to truly rising above. Then you’ll be blessed in every sense of the word. You won’t be bothered or so easily irritated or stressed by external circumstances or little things that come up, by all the little nagging details of daily life that seek to pull you down so easily, for you will truly live in Me‚ drawing from Me, My internal reserves and springs of faith within you. The only qualification is your coming to Me, admitting you can’t do it yourself‚ and then waiting on Me as I pour into you and give you the power to rise above! (End of message from Jesus)

42. (Mama:) In order to benefit from this counsel fully, take some time to ask the Lord what your personal enemies are to rising above. Print out or write out that list and put it in a place where you’ll see it and review it often—in the bathroom‚ in the front page of your notebook, by your computer screen‚ by your bed, etc. Review it so often that you can’t forget it, and soon you’ll begin to recognize the opportunities to rise above and it will become a reality in your life!

Start with the Difficult,
And the Impossible Will Come!

43. (Jesus speaking:) “Rise above” means many things. It has some meanings now and some meanings for the future. Right now you look around you and you don’t see anything that seems so “impossible” that you would have to overcome. There are things that seem difficult or challenging, or like they need a lot of prayer, but you haven’t been one to have the attitude that something “can’t be done.” In your own life, there are things that you’d like to do but don’t because they seem too difficult or like too much work, but you don’t consider that you see them as “impossible.” So it’s been hard for you to really grasp this concept. You believe the principle that nothing is impossible, but you haven’t yet had to personally put it to the test. Well, don’t worry; your chance is coming.

44. The one thing you have thought about as “impossible” is when you think about the future. You think of the miracles that have been promised—miracles of healing‚ raising the dead, calling down plagues or fire on the Antichrist forces, etc. And while you believe in theory that it’s possible, it certainly does have the impossible feel to it—and you dread the day when you may be called on to perform such feats. You fear you won’t have the faith or the power. Well, the truth is that you won’t unless you practice now.

45. If “impossible” is too exaggerated a label for you to work with in daily life right now‚ let’s use “extremely unlikely” or “unrealistic” or “difficult.” There are things in your life or work that fit that label, aren’t there‚ and that could use some rising above?

46. The key here is to understand the principle of letting go—not letting go of the victory or of the person or situation you’re trying to help, but letting go of the instinct, born of pride, that you have to be the one to do something to change things. The key to rising above and proving that nothing is impossible is in coming to a realization that, yes, in the natural it is impossible. It can’t be done. It can’t change. There are insurmount­able obstacles, realistic, reasonable reasons why nothing should improve or change, and why things will always be the way they are. Yet, in spite of all that, there is hope and faith for change‚ because through Me you can rise above.

47. It’s really very simple, but you can make it very complicated by trying to reason it all out in your head and create a little one-two-three definition or formula of “what exactly is impossible” and “how exactly do you rise above?” There is a basic formula, but the exact details are different in every case.

48. In some cases, rising above means praying away the obstacle. In some cases it means working around it. In some cases it means going over it. But the heart and core of the principle is that the obstacle does not need to and should not stop you from doing what I put on your heart or show you needs to be done.

49. You can’t really do the impossible, but you can move My hands and heart to do the impossible. You can not only rise above things in your personal life, but you can have influence on many, many people and help them to rise above the obstacles in their lives through your prayers. They have to be wanting to rise above and desirous of fulfilling My will, but if they are, then your prayers have incredible power to enable them to do just that.

50. Likewise, a key to rising above in your own life is learning to depend more on prayer—learning to bring more to Me in prayer yourself, as well as availing yourself of the help and support of others. If you have work-related prayer requests, spread them far and wide and get as many people praying with you as possible. If it’s personal‚ pray about sharing it with your Home. If not, then at least share it with your shepherds. Bring things together before Me in prayer.

51. My love, ask Me to increase your faith. If you have faith, anything is possible. For even if I give you counsel and instruction that will help you, if you don’t have the faith that it can happen, then it will not happen‚ due to your lack of faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

There Are Times When “Reality”
Is Not Reality

52. (Jesus speaking:) You’re holding on too much to your own strength and abilities. You don’t think of yourself as being so great or so talented, and yet you limit Me and how I can work through you by not being more desperate‚ prayerful, and hearing from Me more in your work. If you would let go a bit more and lean on Me more, you would find that, number one‚ I could help you do better at the things you’re already good at; and number two, you could improve in many areas and become good at things you aren’t naturally so talented in.

53. Also, your mindsets about yourself and about others around you hinder you. You see yourself a certain way, and you’ve labeled others as being certain ways, and this hinders your faith. You have to be willing to let go of these labels and preconceived ideas and let Me help you truly believe that anything is possible and nothing is impossible, and anybody and anything can change. You don’t know the future. You don’t know what things will be like in your Home or work or personal life years from now. There’s something you do know from past experience, though, and that’s that things change. People change. Feelings change. Circumstances change. Anything can change! So have faith.

54. Sometimes your desire to want to be realistic, to not get your hopes up, to not have unrealistic or unrealized dreams, becomes a lack of faith. It’s good to be a realist to some degree, so that you don’t have these big unrealistic expectations of yourself‚ or others, or of life in general; yet on the other hand, too much realism leads to negativity, discouragement, and feelings of defeat‚ even depression.

55. Introspection and dwelling on your weaknesses could lead you to “realistically” conclude that you’re a hopeless wreck. “Sensibly” evaluating your gifts and talents could lead you to conclude that you’re doing a bad job, that you should be replaced by someone better. “Realistically” looking at your personal situation and love life, you could conclude that it’s better to never expect that anyone will love you and then you won’t be disappointed. But in doing that, you bring a cloud of despair over your soul. It’s good to be patient, but it’s not good to conclude that “it won’t happen; it’s impossible.” Lack of hope and faith dries up the soul and spirit. Hope in Me—your God, your rock‚ your salvation, your strength. For if you place your hope and faith in Me, I will honor your trust and will not disappoint it.

56. Believe in Me and in My power to answer your prayers—whether for your personal needs, the needs of your loved ones, or others in your Family around the world. Believe in Me and My power to supply, to heal, to deliver, to minister spiritually. Don’t let your prayers become an exercise in vain repetition because of your lack of faith. Don’t let situations that haven’t turned out as you expected cause you to lose faith in prayer, for prayer works, and I answer prayer. When you’ve prayed for something or someone and it appears those prayers weren’t answered, that’s either because you don’t understand the whole situation or because the one you were praying for made key decisions that changed the outcome.

57. Fight against the Enemy’s seeds of doubt that he tries to plant in your life to make you feel that because of the way so–and-so turned out, or the way such-and-such worked out, that I don’t have the power to change things, and that the things of My Spirit—prayer, My Word, and prophecy, and now the power of the keys of the Kingdom which I’ve placed at your disposal—are not all they’re cracked up to be. These means of power and overcoming are real and they do work‚ and the more you put them to use in your life‚ the greater your power to rise above will be. The more you let the Enemy weaken your faith in the new weapons, and thus in My ability and power overall, the more difficult it will become to defy the impossible and rise above.

58. Along with all the new weapons I’ve placed in your arsenal, I’ve placed the gift of greater faith in your heart—and in the heart of each of My Family. This gift is yours‚ given to you to cherish, to have and to hold. You must hold on to it at all costs, for the Enemy seeks to pull it from your hands. He seeks to belittle and minimize your faith through a little picking here and there, convincing you that there are too many holes and flaws in prophecy, in loving Me, in My Word‚ and in the doctrine. Hold on to your gift of greater faith. Pray for it to be increased. Pray for your spiritual defenses to be strengthened. Claim the power of the keys of the Kingdom!

59. You need to be strengthened in My Word and in faith. If you’re not, not only will you fail to fulfill what I will ask of you, but your own faith will be weakened and depleted because of the negativity, doubt, and skepticism you’ll be faced with. These are weaknesses that are especially damaging to you personally‚ because you like to be open minded, to give everything a fair hearing, to see things realistically. Yet there are times when the reality you see is not reality.

60. The only true reality lies in Me and My promises. I’m able to defy the laws of nature that I’ve put in place if I so desire. Don’t limit Me. Don’t let the Enemy’s doubts limit your faith. Fight militantly to hold on to your faith and to cherish and hone the weapons I’ve given you so that you may have the strength wherewith to fight the battle, to defy the impossible‚ to rise above. (End of message from Jesus.)

Don’t Limit Me!

61. (Jesus speaking:) When you become familiar with the way you perceive yourself to be, and you think certain things aren’t doable for you personally‚ this is the greatest hindrance to really pulling down My power for you. You tend to put yourself, with all your personal limitations, in a box, with a sign that reads, “I can do most things You ask of me, but some things just aren’t attainable. Note the ceiling on my box. Please don’t ask more of me than You can see I can do.” And then when it seems that I do ask something of you that in your mind or heart you seem to have resolved is beyond you, then you start to worry that I’m not looking out for your good or your welfare. You’ve put limits on what I can ask you to do, or what you’ve resolved you can or want to do.

62. I ask you, with the deepest love I can express, to let yourself break loose. Don’t look at the walls you’re encased in, thinking, “Thus far and no further—that’s all I really can do.” Break a hole in it and face the light in the sky above! That’s really where you can reach to, with Me and My power.

63. If you get offended because I ask certain difficult or near-impossible things, according to your perceptions, this greatly hinders Me being able to use you to your full potential. Reach for the stars and let nothing stop us! Situations—no matter what they are—will never be too hard for you. It’s like working with weights. When you first start and are rather weak, you may look at people using 10 or more pound weights and think that must be super hard. But as you see, if you work up to it, it’s no harder for them than it is for someone starting off with three pounds who’s not used to it.

64. Let Me bolster your faith and give you courage to reach what I know to be attainable‚ though it may seem so far for you to reach. I can give you the faith to face anything that you have to encounter, and the wherewithal to see it through. Medals will be yours for the encounters you will face, claim My help for, and live through.

65. Don’t shy away from hard things, but face them with a sense of joy, because you will get to know more how I can come through. Each hard thing that you face is or can be another opportunity to see a side of Me that you knew was there but haven’t yet seen in full action. Let Me show you amazing things, things out of this world‚ by going through with and tackling what I lead you in‚ or what is placed before you.

66. Men or women who wither in the face of that which they think is unattainable never get to see triumph. They may see it one day, through another who fought that battle they chose to pass up. But when one lets Me use them, and they see the victory before their own eyes, yet more strength is given to them. Faith in Me to see them through all impossibilities builds the muscles of the men and women of faith, and they will go on to see yet greater impossibilities conquered. Courage is a result of faith that one can do it, or is at least willing to try. And when it’s done, the faith grows yet more—and thus the willingness to conquer, in faith‚ greater foes. Such are My men and women of faith—going forth, with Me beside them‚ conquering and to conquer. (End of message from Jesus.)

Keep Things in Perspective

67. (Jesus speaking:) There are always weak areas of your life where I call upon you to be strong, that My strength may be made perfect through you. I understand these weaknesses, for I too felt them when I walked the Earth in My physical body. I know the human frame and its tendencies, and I understand the difficulties you face in looking at life ahead of you with all its uncertainties.

68. Living for Me and being true to the calling you’ve known since you were a child becomes an increasingly larger act of faith as time goes by‚ as things change around you—circumstances, people, the world.

69. And then there’s the Enemy, always walking about as a roaring lion, competing for your soul, broadcasting the sights and sounds of this carnal world and all its supposed pleasures and liberties in ever greater volume‚ hoping to lure you from the still, small voice that tells you that all these things will pass away, that there is a greater Kingdom and a higher calling to which you are born‚ and to which your soul belongs.

70. All these things serve to get your focus off what’s really happening behind the scenes in the true and all-powerful realm of the spirit. You start to forget what it’s all about, what you’re doing here, and what you joined the army for. You start thinking about civilian life with all its ease and benefits‚ where you’re not constantly jostled from your comfortable position to face and endure ever-increasing challenges and tests—battles that only get more difficult‚ more life–threatening, and longer and tougher to fight as time goes by.

71. You start to get your eyes on each individual difficulty, on each little test, on every trying circumstance, and you forget what you’re enduring these things for—because you want to be the best, because I’ve promised you the honor and glory of ultimate victory, because you know you have a real chance of getting that crown if you’ll just hold on and endure to the end.

72. But when you get your eyes off this vision‚ all you’re left with are the difficulties you face from day to day. You get your nose so close to that old grindstone that pretty soon that’s all that exists for you. You can’t see beyond the immediate circumstances. And then the Enemy comes along with some really tempting circumstance, some really nice, profitable, convenient offer, and you just can’t figure out why there’s that little nagging doubt in your heart that there must be something wrong with it.

73. There have been many who have fallen prey to this device and fallen into his snare. They allowed themselves to lose the vision, to forget what they were here for, and when the Enemy came strolling along‚ they fell into his lap like ripe apples, ready for the picking. They didn’t even realize that it was the Enemy who had been planning their defeat all along. They never saw it coming, and when all is said and done, they have a hard time seeing or realizing the great mistake they’ve made, the great rewards they’ve forsaken, the birthright they’ve sold for a mess of pottage.

74. So what does all this mean to you personally, and what do I mean by asking you and all My children to learn to rise above? It means I’m asking you to turn your eyes even more toward Me. It means I’m asking you to ask Me more about things that you see around you. It means I’m asking you to let go of your carnal viewpoints and percep­tions of what’s happening around you, and to learn to see everything happening around you as a result of the forces of the spiritual realm that are working either for or against you.

75. For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers‚ against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. And you cannot fight these battles—or ignore them—by choosing to simply live your life from day to day dictated by the circumstances around you. You must look beyond them, to see My hand working through them, or the Enemy’s hand behind them. You must discern which is which, and if it’s from My hand, how I would have you use or follow it; and if it’s from the Enemy, how to attack or counter it!

76. But you can’t do these things in the flesh. In order to continue‚ in order to keep up with this next grade, it becomes necessary to do away completely with the sight and understanding and comprehension of the flesh, and learn to rely utterly and completely on Me to guide and place your every step. This you do through learning to ask Me everything, to depend utterly on My Spirit‚ and to not make a move without first checking it with Me.

77. It’s like flying a plane at night into deep, thick clouds—you have no idea where you are or how you’re flying. And though it’s a temptation to look out your window and feel the reactions of your gut and try to guess where you’re going, what direction you’re facing, whether you’re going up or down, how close you are to the ground, what direction you can safely turn, or whether you should just keep going straight or try for an emergency landing—if you rely only on your instincts and your sight, you’re going to get yourself killed.

78. Instead, you have to force yourself to not look out the window, but rather to focus on the instruments and tune in to your radio. That’s how you’ll get accurate information. While you’ll feel as if you’re flying totally blind, in reality you’ll be flying safer, because the instruments and radio are a lot more accurate than your own finite perception and judgment of what you think you see around you.

79. I’ve given you the instruments and radio connection that you need to see you through. Now you need to learn to trust them, to look to them, to scan them at every moment for indications of trouble‚ and watch them for the confirmation that you’re still flying on course and heading in the direction I want you to go. (End of message from Jesus.)

Ignore the Waves and Look to Me!

80. (Jesus speaking: ) You must resist the tempta­tion to approach this vision of rising above in the mindset of the flesh—thinking of it as another push to help you get rid of this weakness or that tendency—or you will be disappointed, as you have been in the past when you sought to perfect yourself.

81. The very essence of rising above lies in letting go of the flesh so that My Spirit might dwell in you more richly. It lies in losing sight of the flesh, disregarding the flesh, like Peter upon the water. I didn’t ask him to manifest supernatural faith or ability in walking on the water. I simply asked him to ignore the water and to think on Me; to believe that he could come to Me‚ no matter what stood between us.

82. And for a brief instant, in a moment of belief and faith, he walked. But then when he turned his eyes back on his natural surroundings, when he began to consider what he was actually doing, when he saw the waves, he wavered, doubted, and the spell was broken—he was back to his carnal self.

83. With the vision of rising above‚ I am teaching you to walk on the water, like I taught Peter. But this time I’m helping you to keep trying over and over again until you get it right—because I know that one of these days soon you will have to start walking on water. And when that time comes, you’re going to have to be ready.

84. That’s what rising above is all about—about learning to follow Me blindly on faith alone, even when circumstances and everything around you seems to be going contrary to what I’m telling you.

85. For now‚ the Enemy is master of this physical world and its kingdoms, for they have been given over unto him. He also rules and governs the natural mind of man, the carnal conceptions. This is why the carnal mind is not just a little nuisance and minor inconvenience to God, but is at enmity with God. Through rising above, I’m helping you to focus your sights, your plans, your desires, your hunger, your love, your dreams, visions, and aspirations on My Kingdom—the Kingdom that is not of this world, the Kingdom of the unseen‚ of the eternal.

86. That’s what rising above means to you. It doesn’t mean trying hard to get the victory over this or that. Those are battles you’ll have to fight regardless, and have been fighting. But the promise of My anointing of rising above is all about learning to see things from a new perspective, from a Heavenly perspective, from My perspective. And this renewed vision, this renewed outlook, will not only yield to you the victories that you need and desire, but will spur you on, compelled by My love and the power of My Spirit to the greater works that await you in this era of action.

87. So how do you take full advantage of this promise, of this new anointing and gift I’m promising—the anointing and gift of rising above? You’ve already been given the tools—My Word, the gift of prophecy, learning to seek Me and ask Me about everything, the gift of praise and loving Me that draws you closer to My Kingdom and makes you more aware of My power and love for you, and the things I would do for you simply because you’re My bride—and now the keys of the Kingdom, which grant you access to a greater power than you have ever known. All these things together‚ used to a greater extent than you have been using them up till now, with greater desperation and greater dependency, will start you on the road of rising above and of discovering the new role I have for you in the era of action to come. For this is the victory that will overcome the world—even your faith! (End of message from Jesus.)

It All Depends on How Much
Of My Spirit You Take In

88. (Jesus speaking: ) The kinds of things that hinder you from rising above are the things that make you hunger after this world, or look at life from a carnal point of view. They are the things that put you in man’s realm of impossibilities, instead of My realm of no impossibilities. These things can be different for every person, and what affects one a great deal might not affect another at all.

89. It all depends on how much of My Spirit you’re taking in to counter the effects of the world’s input that is all around you. If you don’t take time in the Word, listening to Me in prophecy, pouring out your soul in supplication for the needs of others in prayer, praising Me for the good I bring into your life, thanking Me for My spirits who are constantly watching over you and ministering to you, and loving Me with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, then you will not be able to rise above. You can’t have one without the other, so the things that keep you from rising above are any things or activities that keep you from spending that much–needed time with Me and in My Spirit.

90. I’m asking you to live more in the realm of the spirit‚ to be more alert‚ more careful and prayerful, more aware of all that is happening around you—not merely in the physical world but in the spiritual world, where the greatest warfare of this day and age is taking place. Yes, you see famines and pestilences all around you. There are people enduring physical hardships and hunger because of the corruption of those who rule the world. But these struggles and battles are as nothing compared to the wars of the spirit that are being waged at this very moment for the hearts and souls of men, and the course of their future. It is these battles in which you play a key role, and in which the gift of rising above will count the most. And while the victories you win on this field will in turn provide you with the faith and direction to overcome and rise above the battles and difficulties of the physical realm, and usher you into the era of greater works and action, it is above all the battle of the spirit that must be fought and won first—as I had to first confront the Devil in the wilderness where I was tempted for forty days and forty nights before I could move on to the greater work of My public ministry.

91. This is the stage in which you now find yourself, and the stage in which mastering the art of rising above becomes crucial—which is why I present this gift and revelation to you at this time. Your part is to make use of it, to appropriate it to yourself, and to do everything you can to make this vision and truth a part of your life. (End of message from Jesus.)

Believe in Me!

92. (Jesus speaking:) My love‚ the main thing that is hindering you, that you need to stop doing, is worrying and fearing and doubting that you can rise above. That rather negative attitude that tries to hinder you from having full faith in the things I’ve promised you about this, is, of course‚ the work of the Enemy of your soul! You must rebuke him and this feeling that you personally will somehow not be able to attain to this rising above, especially in the future. This is exactly what the Devil wants you to feel, so you’ll give up trying, so you’ll see it as something that is out of reach for you. This is exactly what He tried to do with Me.

93. You must resist it and resist him with everything in you, My precious one! Go on the attack against him, and against this negative feeling. Believe what I’ve told you—that nothing is impossible for Me, and therefore‚ nothing is impossible for you, with Me in you! Nothing is impossible for you when you use the power I have given you through the keys of the Kingdom! (End of message from Jesus.)

You Can Have Total Victory!

94. (Jesus speaking:) Rising above means you can have total victory, happiness‚ and My spirit of joy and delight all the time. Sure, there will be times when you’re going through it or get bogged down with something‚ but at those times you can rise above. Anything that comes up in your work or your personal life is not too much for Me to handle. It’s not too hard for Me to help you to rise above it.

95. In other words, there is life and hope and love and joy available to you in any situation you find yourself in. There are no limits to the happiness you can have in life once you’ve learned to rise above.

96. Life is full of troubles, trials and problems. That’s the daily grind of life—the wearing and chipping and grinding and polishing that makes you the jewel you are, if you’re allowing Me to work in your life, and allowing Me to let circumstances and conditions fashion you into a better gem. All the nagging little details of life don’t have to get you down—they can thrust you into rising above and garnering all the joy and fulfillment out of life that you didn’t know was possible before.

97. Rising above and having the ability to do so at any time also means that you can leave off worry or fear, because there’s nothing that I cannot help you to rise above. You don’t have to be fearful or worried about what will happen, because you have My personal assurance that once you’ve learned the art of rising above, nothing will be so very difficult for you. You will have the extra special spiritual power and strength that rising above gives you, and nothing will be impossible to you.

98. Whether a small thing or a big thing, rising above gives you the equal chance to get over and above something without having to bear the weight. You can cast your cares on Me and trust Me to sustain you. You don’t have to worry so much about you having to do something, because I’m going to do it through you. I’m now going to help you to rise above through the power of the keys of the Kingdom. I’m going to live in you and through you by giving you this special, unique power.

99. It means that you now hold the power that enables you to defeat the Enemy in every way that he tries to discourage and hinder you. You don’t have to fear him and his attacks anymore, because the power of rising above is a greater power. It’s not a power that struggles and fights against the Enemy’s power; it simply rises above, it lifts you above, into a special im­penetrable protective field of My Spirit, into My Heavenly atmosphere. There’s nothing the Enemy can do about that. He can’t fight back, bring in reinforcements, or pull out a new weapon or tactic. All he can do is vainly struggle on while you have risen above and are out of reach of his attacks. So the power of rising above is much greater than conventional physical or spiritual warfare the Devil can hit you with, because it can’t be beat no matter what.

100. You have to realize the power that I’ve given in rising above. It’s not just a metaphor or a cool-sounding thing. It’s not just a spiritual symbolism. It’s a real and living power. Once you realize this, then you’ll have much more faith in every area of your life‚ because you’ll realize that you have not only a strong and powerful Lover and Husband to protect you, but an invincible, can’t-be-beat power of rising above at your disposal, anytime you need it. It will help you realize just how important you are‚ and how powerful you are through Me‚ because I’ve seen fit to give you this special gift.

101. So rejoice in it! Praise Me for it. Love Me for it. It’s your salvation and will help to make the way before you perfect, because as you stumble or fall or encounter difficulty, you can rise above on the wings of faith—the faith that I’ve given you this gift, and faith to call on the power of the keys to make it a reality in your life—and that all you have to do is appropriate it, and it’s yours! Let Me lift you to new heights, and help you through the difficulties of the present and the future. I will do it for you because I love you‚ because I adore you, because I care for you, because you’re Mine, and you’re special to Me. (End of message from Jesus)

Let Me Do It Through You!

102. (Jesus speaking:) Rise above by trusting Me. Rise above by being desperate. Rise above by letting Me do the work and not feeling like you have to do it all. That’s why I’m giving you these feelings of weakness and inadequacy, because I want you to rise above, to let it go‚ to let Me take hold of this very big job in front of you and do it the way I want to do it. I don’t want you doing it; I want to do it! So step back and let Me. Ask Me to do it through you, acknowledging that you can’t do it on your own, and I will help you and make it perfect.

103. You can take more time with Me, and that will help you to rise above. Pray more. Ask Me more things, little things throughout the day. Check in with Me and obey what I tell you. Don’t just go from one thing to the next because someone is asking for something or wants to talk about something; check with Me. Make sure you’re hitting the mark, and all that will contribute to greater power and ease when you need to rise above. (End of message from Jesus.)

Look Up!

104. (Jesus speaking: ) To picture the meaning of My promise of rising above, picture a light and wispy fairy who is almost transparent. If this delicate fairy were earthbound‚ she would be swept along in the muddy river that represents all the problems, complications, trials and trivialities of life. In that muddy river are all the negative words and uncomfortable situations, all the opportunities lost, all the regrets of the past. Swimming upstream is never easy, but for this fairy who’s been created with a special destiny, it would become well nigh impossible, for the river only seems to get thicker and muddier with each passing year.

105. But now the fairy can use her wings to rise up and above the river. There are still the same obstacles and complications of life, the upsets, the inconveniences‚ the annoyances, the personality clashes, but instead of swimming upstream through those things and letting them besmirch her‚ she is simply rising above them. She’s still going upstream in the same course, but I’ve shown her that there’s no need to immerse herself in the cares of this life or to let them slow her pace—or worse yet, pull her backward in the never-ending flow.

106. The fairy is like your spirit. My promise to you is that you can rise above the things that threaten to muddy your outlook on life. You can let each day’s trivial disappointments flow right under your feet as you flow effortlessly on to do My will. None of these things will move you, none will slow you, as you practice this art of rising above. Sometimes, if you keep your eyes downward at the contents of the river of your life‚ you can start to drift downward until your feet, then legs, then body are immersed in the river. But all it takes to be pulled back up is for you to look up again.

107. Look up to Me through seeking My voice in prophecy. Look up to Me by using the weapon of praise. Look up to Me by living the motto “Jesus, then Others, then You.” Then I promise that your spirit will begin to rise once again, until you’re gliding effortlessly up the river of your life, on to your destiny. (End of message from Jesus)

Nothing Can Stand in the Way!

108. (Jesus speaking:) When your goals and desires are in line with My will and My desires for you, there is nothing that can stand in the way of our reaching those goals together.

109. I’ve given you many promises to claim and to stand on. Each of these, My words of promise to you, have creative, overcoming power; they are strong and true. If I knew that it was really impossible for any one of these promises to be fulfilled in you, why would I have wasted My breath in making them in the first place? If the truth was that you’d never be able to completely overcome in the way that you’ve hoped and dreamed and longed for, then why would I do so much to give you the message that you can obtain these things, and even that I want you to obtain them, and expect you to. Would I ask you to do something that I knew was impossible for you to do? Would I place such a heavy burden on you?

110. My Word says to‚ “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil.2:5). Would I have put something like that in My Word if I didn’t expect you to actually be able to do it—to let My mind be in you?

111. While it’s true that I said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways” (Isa.55:8), I was speaking of the carnal man—not of you, someone who has been born of My Spirit and washed in My love. Through Me you have the power to leave behind the things of the carnal man. You’re Mine; I bought you and paid for you. And I have given you the keys of the Kingdom—access to unlimited power. Anything that is within My will, you can ask for and expect. And because of that it’s completely possible for you to be possessed by Me and My Spirit in such a way that you can truly rise above the limitations and the weaknesses of your flesh and of your personality and character. My promises aren’t just fanciful dreams and pie in the sky. They’re there for you to claim and appropriate so that by these you might partake of My divine nature (2Pet.1:4).

112. I don’t make unreasonable requests of My loved ones, or put upon them unreasonable expecta­tions. When I was walking on the water and I called Peter to step out of the boat and come to Me, I wasn’t asking him to do the impossible. With man, something like that would of course be impossible‚ but not with God. With God, anything is possible, and so is anything possible to him that believes.

113. I am speaking personally to you. All things are possible to you if you will believe. It is possible for you to overcome. If your will is in line with Mine, then you can have the assurance that whatever you want and ask for in My Name and with faith is yours.

114. When I was on the Earth, I was affected by the same limitations of weak human flesh as you are. Because of that, I know what you go through. I can understand your feelings‚ and even your doubts. But even though I had taken on the form of human clay, because I believed My Father’s Words, I was given the faith to follow His great commission for Me no matter what supposedly impossible situations it led Me into. I trusted that if I did My part, if I humbled Myself and obeyed, even unto death‚ He would take over where My human frame left off, and He would do the rest. He would do the miracles. Although at times My flesh couldn’t see it or feel it—especially during those agonizing hours on the cross—I believed My Father’s promises that He would help Me to overcome the limitations of mortal man and even raise Me from death, though it was something completely impossible for My human body to do.

115. Because of My love for My Father and My yieldedness to His will, I and My Father were one. Our desires were one and the same. Our hearts were one. Because I wanted to please Him and follow His calling for Me, even though it meant dying on the cross, He was able to give Me overcoming power and fill My human flesh with His Spirit, His power, and His supernatural anointing. And the same can be true for you. When you’re strong in My Spirit and your will is one with Mine, then you can command Me to do whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Place Where You End, I Begin!

116. (Jesus speaking:) As you’ve so recently seen, there is much in life that seems impossible, but with Me‚ all things do become possible. When you look at life or yourself with your own reasoning, you often only see problems and impossibilities, and that perplexes you. You fall down in despair, knowing that you can’t bear the weight of many difficulties, demands and responsibilities, or cope with the faults and failings that fill and surround you.

117. I’ve shown you the face of seeming impossi­bilities both within and without so that you could see My hand and power at work and believe, and so that you could be set free from trying so hard to overcome in your own strength. Your confidence in Me has been renewed, knowing that I really am your only salvation‚ your only hope, your only deliverer, that your salvation is only in Me.

118. Now, My love, as I lift you above the fog of the futility of trying in the flesh‚ above the fear and frustration, above all the lying vanities, and pull away the mask of impossibilities and show you that it’s only Me‚ you find great peace and confidence. You find hope where there was no hope. Your faith in Me has grown, even though your confidence in yourself has been shaken. You saw Me keep you and deliver you so miraculously that now you better understand that you can’t, but I can.

119. I want you to know that I desire and will do the impossible for you if you cease from your fretful, futile, and frantic struggle to keep yourself, to deliver yourself, to work out your own problems. I am the Lord that keepeth thee. I want you to put your life into My hands, to rest in Me, to learn to totally trust where you don’t understand‚ and to let Me lift you above every problem that comes your way; to get you so confident in Me that nothing will easily shake you.

120. No man can save himself, or add Me and My power and virtue to himself by the force of his own will and works. That’s the madness of self-righteous man. It’s only in failing, in falling, in being weak and in need, and in desperation calling out to Me to do for you what you know you can’t do for yourself that the miracle of deliverance from your problems by My great power can be performed.

121. You’ve seen that nothing but prayer can prevail in most situations. Your will, your charm, your goodness, your cleverness, your badness, your intimidations and all such tactics of the flesh fall short and leave you helpless. Only sincere, desperate, humble prayer moves My hand and gets things done when nothing else can. These are precious gifts from Me. Humility is a very precious gift, though humans don’t always see it that way at first.

122. As for the works of the flesh‚ how difficult it is to rescue a drowning man when he’s still frantically trying to save himself. His mind is full of fear and he’s a danger to all who come near to help him. Often I want to help you more in a situation, but I must wait until you stop struggling so hard. When you’re in a great battle with your fears and problems, you must learn to trust Me to save you and cease from your frantic efforts in the flesh so that I can speak to you, still your heart, and bring you out of many waters.

123. If you must fight, fight to be calm and have faith, to believe in Me. Then cast all your cares upon Me. Trust Me totally without reservation and learn to rest, having done all you can; for giving it all to Me is the best thing you can do.

124. When you feel your fears crushing you on all sides and there’s no apparent way to escape, call upon Me and let Me command the storm to cease and bring you up into My secret chamber where all is peace. In an instant I can lift you up and set you in a higher place in My Spirit, in My tower‚ upon My rock, My mountaintop, high above the cares of this world.

125. When you reach the perimeter of your ability as a man, when you fall defeated at the retaining wall of your own limitations and realize the impossibility of escaping what seems like the prison house of your own human frailty or ability, that’s when you come to really know your limits, and that with man it is impossible. But the place that seems to be the end of all that’s possible for you is not the end at all that’s actually possible! That’s really the place of great beginnings. That’s the border, the frontier, the great divide‚ the place where you end and I begin.

126. What may seem like a place of great defeat for you and your pride is not a place of total failure, complete loss, or of despair and utter hopeless­ness. Just the opposite is true, for just beyond that line that marks your limitation is the beginning of Me‚ an eternal sea of limitless power and possibility that is yours in Me.

127. So don’t be cast down and fall into despair at what seems totally impossible and hopeless to you. Simply know that you’ve finally reached the borders of My Kingdom where you end and My power and glory begins. You’ve come to the Holy Mountain, to the House of your God‚ to the doorstep of the King of kings. You have simply come Home to your Father’s House, and He Who has seen you coming from afar now runs to greet you with open arms and great joy and rejoicing, knowing that you’ve finally come to the end of yourself‚ and finding yourself unable, have turned from yourself and come Home at last to Him.

128. There He will lift you up into His arms and carry you into His realm, for in your own ability you are too weak to even walk there. There He will clothe you in wondrous robes and call for a feast, for that which was lost is found. Nothing in your hands you bring; simply to His love you cling. When you discover it truly is not in you, but is only in Him, then He can lift you up‚ if you let Him. You can’t rise above by your own will and works, but only through humble surrender and submission to Him.

129. A soul that has come to the end of itself, to the end of its human endurance and abilities, is actually a greater threat to Satan than a soul full of its own self–confidence. That’s why he attacks these broken and fallen ones with such fury and force, trying to cause them to totally despair of life and fall into great self-defeat and condemnation, feeling totally worthless. He doesn’t want them to see that they’ve come to that place of great power—that sacred place where they end and I begin. He doesn’t want them to discover what infinite power is there; that My Spirit is ready to rush in and fill them and give them more power than Satan ever had or could have—the pure power of My presence in them, lifting them up. What wars are fought at the border of My Kingdom to prevent those weary souls from calling out to Me and casting themselves upon Me that I might deliver them.

130. Why do you wonder at the mysterious ways of God? Why do you seem so surprised that out of seeming defeat I bring forth My greatest victories? Why are you so confounded that in the moment when you feel weakest, totally defeated, crushed, and unworthy to be called My son‚ you find yourself most blessed by Me? Have you not read? Have you not heard it said that God’s way up is down? That victory doesn’t go to the swift? That the last shall be first? That the greatest are those who are least in their own eyes, who esteem others greater and who make themselves the servant of all? Have you forgotten that the meek shall inherit the Earth? That the broken and humble sinner will enter in before those who are proud and righteous in their own eyes?

131. So I say, cease from your futile attempts to do what can only be done by Me. Don’t look into yourself for solutions, but rather step out of your world and into Mine. Come quickly into My courts with praise and thanksgiving. Lift up your eyes and look into Mine and find strength for the task, power for the hour, solutions to all impossibilities.

132. Rise up, sweet child, and sing‚

For the victory I will bring.

Like a rising tide within,

I wash you free from the bindings of sin.

Where once was naught but gloom and self-despair,

I plant a garden of faith, power‚ praise and prayer.

Though you have walked the valley of death and worldly care.

Wondrous lessons have you learned there:

That I love you,

That My Word is true,

That there is naught that your flesh can do.

Still‚ all things are possible in Me through you.

133. (My soul replies to God: )

You are become my hope,

My high tower,

My strength‚

My refuge,

The lifter up of my head,

The Source of all my power.

When I seem to fall and die,

From ashes I rise and fly.

With man such things can’t be done, dear Love,

But in You is the secret of rising above. (End of message from Jesus.)

Things That Seem‚ Don’t Have to Be!

134. (Jesus speaking:) Rising above means that things which seem they would be a certain way don’t have to be that way; you’re not held back or held down by physical circumstances; your surround­ings or even the situation you’re in doesn’t dictate your reactions, your victory, your fruit, your anointing‚ or your happiness. That is rising above.

135. Of course, there are rough moments. There are times when you’re affected by your circumstances, or you do feel the press or the strain of the situation that you’re in. That’s human and normal. But you always have the choice to rise above. You always have that option, because I’ve made it available to you and you have the power of the keys of the Kingdom. It’s always there for you. There’s never a time when you’re destined to be bound to the things of the flesh, because you now have the power to always overcome.

136. Yes, the flesh will sometimes affect you. There will be times that I’ll allow you to feel it more, to teach you lessons, to get you desperate, to help you sympathize with others. But you always have the choice to then rise above it, to call on the power of the keys, to claim My promises and not stay there surrounded in mind and spirit by the things of the world, but rather to look up and let the connection that we share pull you up.

137. You have to choose to look up to My face. You have to choose to take your eyes off of the circumstances and conditions, even though they might be demanding, depressing‚ worrisome, or are begging you to give them your attention. You have to choose to look past it all, up to Me. I always keep the space above you free and clear, so that you always have that option to look straight up and see Me clearly, without obstructions or distractions. When you do that, we share a powerful connection.

138. Your decision to look past it all, to look up to Me in faith, makes our connection strong. Even if you don’t feel the faith, your obedience to do so is a step of faith or a statement of faith, and then I am able to lift you up‚ to join your spirit with Mine so that you see things as I see them, feel things as I feel them, and in a greater way have My heart and My Spirit within you. This instantly gives you greater faith‚ greater anointing, a much broader perspective, and the peace and trust that you need. That is the process of rising above.

139. Hearing it like that, it’s really simple. You just have to choose to look past everything that’s threatening you on the sides, look up through the channel that I always keep free and clear between us, and then let Me pull you up and meld our hearts and thoughts so that you receive My Spirit and are then free of the things of the world. And if anything is threatening to hold you down or preventing you from looking up and seeing Me clearly, call on the keys and the power they hold for you, to give you the extra boost you need.

140. The fact of the matter is, if you could always see things like I see them, you’d never worry. You would never even have cause for concern. You would only joy in My perfect plan. You would rejoice at each new step that I bring into your path. You would rest securely in My care and foresight and protection. The way to keep that attitude of faith and realism—seeing things the way they truly are in the spirit—is to keep rising above.

141. There will always be things surrounding you that are difficult to bear. There will always be things that the Enemy tries to distract you with. There will always be things that I allow in order to keep you humble and desperate with Me. But those things are intended to help you rise above even more. You’re not to stay down in them, wallow in them, or be held down by them. You’re to rise above them! In so doing, you’ll find that you’re even stronger than before. (End of message from Jesus)

Elements of Safety

142. (Jesus speaking: ) Keep your eyes on the Lighthouse of My Word. My Word heals the heart‚ washes away fears, takes your eyes off yourself, and sets you free to serve Me. You must resist the temptation to look back at your old self—the fallen and feeble you. He is dead and gone, but you must live and journey on. Don’t take your eyes off Me for an instant, for the moment that you look down at yourself, Satan fires his deadly darts of fear, condemnation‚ dis­couragement and dismay to get you to panic.

143. Imagine that you were mountain climbing, trying to escape your enemy, and you fell into a place that seems impossible to be rescued from. You seem all alone and no one knows you’re there and that you need to be rescued. Then you pray, and I appear at the mouth of this cavelike crevice you’re in that opens out onto the side of a cliff. I’m dressed in mountain gear and assure you that I can help you get out, but you have to trust completely and step only where I tell you to step, not look down‚ and keep your eyes on Me.

144. You know that you can’t survive long where you are and decide to trust Me. So the rescue begins as I lead you out of the crevice right out onto the side of the mountain. I have you secured to Me with a rope that is fastened firmly to the rock face and to Me. I tell you where to step, where to put your feet. You trust Me and obey and begin to make progress.

145. Then you panic a bit as you glance down, and you get fearful of falling to your death. You begin to freeze up. You look to Me and listen to My voice speaking to you. Your faith returns and you continue on. Your enemy sees you escaping and tries to get you to fear, to not trust Me, to look down, to panic and try to turn back to the crevice where you seemed a little safer. But what you don’t know is that even if you do make a mistake and fall, you will not utterly be cast down, because My rope will hold you and I will pull you up again and help you keep going onward and upward to safety.

146. In this illustration you see all the elements you need for your safety. First of all, I am the One Who is rescuing you, so you must have faith in Me and trust Me with your life. Second, though the mountain face is frightening for you‚ and you would very likely die there, you know that I have you attached to Me with very strong, secure cords that will not fail even if you fail and fall. Third, you have My voice of prophecy and My Words to guide your steps. These you must listen to carefully, for they not only keep you calm‚ but they tell you exactly what moves to make next, where the footholds are, and where you can reach out to hang on. My Word and listening to My move-by–move instructions through prophecy are critical in helping you reach safety and escape the impossible situation or condition that the Devil wants you to think you’re in.

147. Finally, don’t give place to the Enemy, who wants you to not trust Me but to become full of fear, doubts, panic, and cause you to fall. You have to keep your eyes on Me and your ears on what I’m saying; not what he says to you or about you. He wants you to think you can’t make it, that it’s too hard, too tall, too impossible for you to do. That may be true; it may be impossible for you, but it’s not impossible for Me. I have put the keys to the Kingdom in your hand; their power waits to be activated at your call and vacuum‚ and within them is all the power of Heaven. I love you and will not let you fall to your death, but will bring you up and out of all those places the Devil would hold you down in.

148. So have faith, believe, trust and obey, and I will show you the way. Put your hand into My hand and step out into the impossible with Me. (End of message from Jesus)

Take That Step for Me,
And Receive the Full Power!

149. (Jesus speaking: ) It’s usually something specific to the situation that hinders you from rising above. There’s always some step that you have to take in order to be willing to look past the circumstances and receive My strength; to leave all the physical things behind and claim My power. Sometimes it’s just being willing to move forward. Sometimes it’s forsaking your fears or being willing to face them. Sometimes it’s being willing to be humbled and forsake your pride. Sometimes it’s being willing to obey something that I’m asking of you. Sometimes it’s remembering and having the faith to call on the keys for an out-and-out miracle.

150. Simple willingness is what I look for. I know you don’t have the strength in yourself‚ so I look for the willingness. When you’re willing, and you look up to Me, when you call on the keys‚ you receive your “rise above” power in full measure. You receive the strength to do whatever it is that I’m asking of you, or the strength to rise above whatever circumstances are threatening to undo you.

151. There’s always something that I ask of you, and in each case, finding out what it is that I’m asking of you, and then being willing to do it, is the key. It’s that looking up in faith, that decision that‚ “Yes, I want to rise above. I’m willing to do whatever it is. I want that power, that faith, that anointing, whatever it takes.” It takes leaving the old behind. That’s often a difficult decision, but it’s one that I greatly reward and honor. (End of message from Jesus)

Letting Go, and Letting Me!

152. (Jesus speaking:) Once, before you ever went to Earth, I walked with you in Heaven. We followed a flower-laden trail wending alongside a trickling stream. It was just you and Me in this garden; it was our moment to talk about your life on Earth and all that would be brought to the fore. We smiled together as we spoke; I held your hand‚ and you clung desperately to Mine. Though you smiled, there was an apprehension in your voice; you weren’t sure if you were prepared for this journey to Earth.

153. You turned to Me and asked, “Lord, will I be able to make it? It sounds beautiful, but so complex and difficult. Do I have it in me to persevere no matter what?” I smiled then, and I smile now again as I relate the answer to you once more: “Of yourself you don’t, but with Me you do.”

154. In your Heavenly state it was easy for you to understand the meaning of availing yourself of Me, for you and I had been as one, our hearts so securely entwined. I was your everything. The knowledge that I would be there for you no matter what; that I would be the strength you need; that it would be Me, and Me alone, Who would see you through the difficulties of life on Earth that you were about to face, gave you courage and a belief that despite the hardships, you would in truth not be moved from your steadfastness, regardless of what you faced.

155. That moment is now forgotten in your memory. What you know now is the reality of the struggles that each person must go through in life. The reassurance of My arms that you once knew seems as merely a concept that you desperately hope to embrace, but it seems so far away and distant. You are now living or have passed through the things I told you about in that walk through the garden we made—the very things that initially caused you to waver and fear that you could not make it.

156. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for you then, but I knew what you would need to pass through in your life in order to make you all that I needed you to be. I didn’t mark your way with unnecessary and cumbersome elements; instead I placed only what needed to be there—those things that would transform your heart and fill it with yieldedness and love for Me.

157. That “once” I spoke of‚ when I com­missioned you with all that you were to do and face in your time on Earth, still lies within you. Though forgotten to your consciousness, deep within your heart you can still feel the reassurance of My Words that renewed your faith in My ability to make you truly rise above the problems you were to face.

158. I do this with all My children. Before I send them on their way, I take the time to reassure their heart with the knowledge that for all the struggles they will find themselves in as they follow life’s path, there is more than a sufficient amount of My Spirit poured upon each individual to truly cause them to rise above.

159. But you forget so easily, and when you’re faced with the problems, you try to work them out in your own mind. The words I spoke to you‚ the guidelines I placed before you then are often dis­regarded now, and you lack the ability to conquer and rise above because you attempt it in the physical rather than tapping into the full resources that are at your disposal.

160. There are several reasons why you personally‚ as well as many others, struggle with this “rise above” concept. I will relate them to you so that you can endeavor to avail yourself fully of the power I’ve given you.

*The concept of rising above is impressive; it makes even the most complex of circumstances easier, and you wonder if you’re worthy of it.

*You want to understand exactly how it works. You feel you must fully grasp the intricacies of how it works in order for it to be effective in your life.

*And lastly, you find it hard to let go of it all and believe that rising above is a possibility for you. It almost seems fictitious, a paradox, or unreal.

161. Though these may appear to be valid con­siderations‚ in truth they are spiritual barricades that have stood defiantly against the wish of My Spirit. You’re a strong person; reliance on others is not your first inclination, and that mode of operation has been impressed on your spiritual attitudes as well. This is your main conflict to accepting this gift I bestowed upon you of rising above.

162. My love, countless times I have told you that on your own you are not capable of standing up to the winds of adversity that howl about you. You often question: “If I’m not supposed to, then why am I faced with them?” Your error lies there! I didn’t place them there requiring that you struggle‚ that with your face in the mud you attempt to persevere. Rather I asked you to acknowledge the raging tempest that you must traverse, and instead of attempting to do it on your own, to realize your own insufficiency and ask that I grant you the wings to rise above the storms and triumph.

163. So often you flounder in the churning currents and are thrashed by the breaking waves. In times past I threw out the lifeline to you, hoping to reel you in to safety, but instead you attempted to fight the storm and triumph on your own. After finding yourself submerged in the waters countless times, eventually you did learn to grab ahold of the lifeline, and it made all the difference in the world to you. Now I’m offering you a new means to see you through the storms. Will you accept it? Will you receive the gift I wish to send your way‚ that of rising above? Will you use the keys of the Kingdom that I have placed in your hands for this purpose? Or will you attempt once again to brave the waves on your own?

164. You’re not strong enough to conquer them on your own. You will falter. You’ll grow continually weaker under the thrashing waves. It doesn’t have to be so; all that it requires is that you not be deceived into thinking that you must do it on your own. I’m more than capable of picking you up out of the swirling tempest and placing you upon My rock. In the end, though, it’s up to you as to whether or not you will call out to Me and allow Me to rescue you.

165. I will do it if you will ask. The first step is yours to take, though. I can’t work the miracle‚ the downpouring of My Spirit to give you the grace for the difficulties, unless you desire it, unless you cry out to Me with desperation of heart and free yourself from the mindset that you must conquer on your own. The keys of the Kingdom are not activated until you call for them by name. If you do your part, I will reach through the tempest and save you from the water. I will hold you in My hand, and though still surrounded by the storm, I will keep you covered and protected and more than able to see the storm through.

166. Here are ways that you can learn to rise above in your life personally:

*When you start to feel the strain and stress of work or personal difficulties, stop. Don’t continue on as you were, trying to accomplish even though you know you don’t have it in you. Put it all aside for a time, even if it’s just for 15 minutes‚ and come to Me and be refilled with My Spirit.

*Don’t put unnecessary burdens on yourself by hashing things out in your mind or taking it on yourself to solve the problem through analyzing it. Bring it straight to Me, and there find the solution.

*Let go of your own ability and grab hold of Mine through bringing each problem to Me and asking Me for the solution.

167. Your main pitfall is when it comes to finding your strength in Me. You want to, because you hear that it’s what gives you the means to survive life’s hardships, but actually seeing it come about for you is something that remains hazy and unrealistic. Your mindset is the key here. You’ve grown accustomed to the way you perceive certain things, and to develop any other mind pattern just doesn’t come naturally. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. All things are possible, and if you’re willing, then I am more than able to demonstrate the working miracle of rising above in your life.

168. Your first step is to call out to Me earnestly, realizing your insufficiency, and instead relying on Me totally. This doesn’t mean that you will then turn around and attempt it on your own; it means that you will take note of your weakness without Me and then allow Me to pour down My Spirit so fully upon you that it will be My Spirit and power that will run through your veins—no longer you, just Me. Isn’t that what you always wanted? Well, it’s yours! (End of message from Jesus)

Fulfill Your Destiny!

169. (Jesus speaking: ) Rising above is the secret to success. It’s the difference between forging ahead or falling behind, between success or failure‚ victory or defeat!

170. For you personally, My love, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. To whom much is given, much is required‚ and this is what I require of you, My darling, that you master this art of rising above. You’ve been given much; if you know these things, then happiness, joy, satisfaction and fulfillment will only come as you step out and do the things which I’ve revealed to you.

171. Rising above through the power of the keys is your future; it’s to be your modus operandi. It’s how you’re to operate. It’s how to control your actions. It’s how you are to move and think—always in the “rise above” manner. It’s to be your mindset, your lifestyle. It’s to become part of you. The art of rising above is to be such an integral part of your life, it’s to be your modus vivendi—your way of life, your style of living at all times. It’s an offer you can’t refuse‚ My love. You are to be My living proof of one who can truly rise above.

172. I have chosen the foolish things of this Earth—those who are not wise on their own; those who are weak and frail, incapable in themselves, what the world would call ignorant, unlearned, almost nothing. Yet with Me in you, you are everything! You are My chosen vessel, one whom I’ve created‚ that My light and power and glory might shine through you for all to see.

173. You have nothing to fear at the awesome prospect of rising above difficulties and the impossible and all it entails, but you have only to lean on Me and call on the power of the keys. In reality‚ you don’t do the rising, I do. I am the One that lifts you above. I am the One that causes you to rise high above the impossible. All you have to do is yield to Me.

174. This is what rising above is to you, My love. This is what it means to you. It’s nothing of yourself. It’s yieldedness. It’s letting go of everything of your own, of everything of your flesh, of everything of your own feelings and emotions, and letting Me live and work and move freely in you. It’s letting Me have full sway in your life, in your heart, in your mind and thoughts, in your actions. It’s letting Me flow through you, freely and completely.

175. This is what it means to you: It means you must let go of everything that would hold you back. You must let go and let Me flow through you freely. Through the keys you have power to rise above anything and everything that would hold you down or make things difficult.

176. Rising above to you, dear love, means there’s no turning back, there’s no halfway, there’s no almost, there’s no “thus far and no further.” It means I want you; I must have you totally‚ completely, wholly, always. I want total control. I want your mind, your heart, your spirit, and your body to do with as I please. I want to be in you. I want free rein‚ no holds barred. I want you—every single fiber of your being.

177. What rising above means for you is yielded­ness. It means you yielding fully and com­pletely to My Spirit. It means you’re Mine to have and to do with as I please. It means My power and life and glory will be manifested through you. It means power and fire and life and love. It means satisfaction, joy and fulfillment, knowing you’re fulfilling your destiny. (End of message from Jesus)

The Foundation Is Yieldedness

178. (Jesus speaking: ) The primary action you need to take right now in order to advance in learning the art of rising above is to yield to Me in all the little things that come up throughout the day. There are many keys to learning to rise above, yet the foundation of each one is based in yieldedness. Yield to Me in all things, big and small, remembering if you don’t yield in the little things, you’ll never be able to yield in the bigger things.

179. There are many tips I have already given to you about rising above in My Word:

*Start with a clean heart.

*Make the decision you want to rise above.

*Know you’re weak and rely on My mercy.

*Shun all wrong and ungodly attitudes.

*Depend on Me.

*See every difficulty as an opportunity to rise above.

*Let My Spirit rest fully on you.

*Live in My Word.

*Be a doer of the things I say.

*Ask Me everything.

*Give no place to the Devil.

*Let My divine nature rule in you.

*Call on the power of the keys.

*All of these. Yet it all comes back to yieldedness. (End of message from Jesus.)

Step-by–step Battle Plans

180. (Jesus speaking:) I will give you specific guidelines and instruction on what hurdles you must cross on a day-by–day basis, for each day new things will present themselves and it will be necessary for you to rise above. I will give you ample practice on matters to rise above. Yet you must daily follow these two things:

  1. Start each day by coming to Me, and I will make it clear what you must focus on that day. If you will zero in on asking Me everything, you can’t go wrong, for as you ask Me everything, I will then be giving you step-by-step guidelines on what needs attention moment by moment.
  2. Yield every day to the things I show you. It all starts with yieldedness. It does no good to ask Me for guidance and then to let it lie. You must ask and act‚ receive from Me and then do.

181. Listen every day and then yield every day; don’t let one opportunity pass you by. When you don’t feel the strength or the power within you to yield, lean on Me, lean on your helpers, call on the keys, and receive the power that is within you. I want to help you rise above in many ways throughout the day‚ right now in your life. Listen daily and yield. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Focus on a “do it now revolution” in your life, and then all the other things will fall into place.

182. Don’t make a move without getting My direction, and then act on it. Yield to it each time. Come to Me in your next personal prayer time, and I will give you some tips and pointers on how to safeguard yourself in asking Me everything and in not making a move without My direction.

183. It’s not that if you miss once you’ll never again be able to rise above. But yielding is a prerequisite for being able to rise above at the time. That’s nothing new—it’s a principle of My Spirit that if you’re not yielded, you can’t claim the same power. The Enemy is the one who would try to convince you that if you can’t do it all the time‚ you shouldn’t ever do it. You just need to rebuke him, pray for the grace to yield at the moment, and then claim the rise-above power! It’s yours! It’s meant to make your life easier, not discourage you! I love you! (End of message from Jesus)

Grace for the Little Things …

184. (Jesus speaking:) Rising above doesn’t necessarily mean a visible rising, where others can see that you have great spiritual strength to overcome. Sometimes it’s an inner strength‚ peace‚ and grace that I give you. I give you the peace, wisdom, and faith to take the next steps. As decisions come before you, I speak to your heart and help you to make the right ones. As choices come before you, I point you in the right direction. (End of message from Jesus)

No Matter What!

185. (Jesus speaking:) Please don’t think negatively of yourself and think you’re not good enough, spiritual enough, strong enough, Word-filled enough, loving enough, to rise above. Because no matter what, remember it’s Me and My strength that will help you, and that I will give you the strength and the grace to carry on. So rest in My arms, My dear one, My little one. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. The Evil One will not have strength to bring you down, to prevent you from rising above. Because rising above is a work of My grace; you have only to let Me. Let Me give you the grace, the counsel‚ the wisdom, the love, the understanding that I have for you. Rest, My dear one; this gift is for you. Let Me love you and give it to you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Training on the Obstacle Course of Life …

186. (Jesus speaking: ) I’m giving you the power to rise above by faith from many of your personal weaknesses—negative thinking, sensitivity, and discouragement. It’s not My will that you have them. It’s the Enemy who holds you back and keeps you from having these victories in your life; My will is to have you rise above!

187. It’s like an obstacle course in physical training. The goal is not to prevent you from getting to the end by placing obstacles in your way, but the goal is to help you grow in strength with each obstacle so that you can easily breeze through the course eventually. The goal is that you get to the end and are a stronger person for it, full of more faith and confidence in what you can do and achieve. I can’t remove the obstacles and let you just stroll down to the end; you must fight to climb over or crawl through each and every one, and thus be strengthened and grow.

188. I’m telling you that you can do it! The obstacle course is not too difficult. You can’t sit down and cry that you can’t do it‚ nor can you avoid the course and expect to grow. I’m giving you the knowledge now that if you want to do it, you can do it. You can! And you must if you want to progress. Take each obstacle as it comes and pray for My guidance and direction on how and what you should do about it. Know that you can do it, that there is a way, and determine that you will do it.

189. I will never make it so difficult that you can’t do it, nor that you should get discouraged. If you fail and despair‚ know that despair and discouragement are not My will or plan, and fight to keep trying. It will happen.

190. You must rise above the “I can’t” cloud. “I can’t” is a dark cloud that keeps many people hiding indoors for fear of the rain and storm. It’s a cloud that tells you, “This is the end. You can’t go above, and there’s nothing beyond this.” But you just have to determine by faith, walk by faith, soar by faith into the dark cloud, seeing nothing, knowing that the answer is above and beyond the cloud. Once you break through, you’ll see the sun and know that it was possible, and then the next cloud will be easier to go through.

191. Keep going by faith. Your will and determination will play a major part in how quickly you progress. Determine and do. Know that it is possible. All things are possible, and you can do all things. No one achieves anything without effort and trying and pushing themselves beyond what they think they can do. No one wins by strolling along. No one wins the race by never training and never pushing their limits until their limits become the norm. And then they push for new limits! This is how champions are made. They are made—by hard work and pushing!

192. Pray for My direction as to which obstacle you should tackle first, and then go to work on it! Read, study, pray‚ get prayer, work on it. Each time you fail to get over an obstacle, stop and pray and ask for My counsel, as your Coach, on what you did wrong. I can tell you what you could do differently or how to proceed. One thing at a time. One obstacle at a time. Do it! (End of message from Jesus.)

Putting Skin on It

More practical applications of how to rise above
in specific areas

193. (Jesus speaking:) You can overcome negativity‚ missing other people too much‚ and extreme discouragement by rising above. In the course of your life, there will be many obstacles and difficulties to rise above, but for right now, today, all you need to think about is hurdling whatever obstacles are currently in the way‚ whether they be in the way of spending the time you need with Me, or in the way of being completely happy and fulfilled. These are the obstacles of:

  1. Laziness—which is the biggest hindrance to your time with Me, and also hinders asking Me everything;
  2. Extreme discouragement—which causes you to feel too bad for Me and My love, and makes you doubt your channel;
  3. Negativity—which is closely related to discourage­ment, because once you entertain a negative thought it doesn’t stop there, but goes on and on until you take a positive stand against it.

194. I know you’re aware of these things and you’re working on them. I’m enumerating them here so that you can have My specific promise to you that I will help you rise above each and every one of these obstacles, as you continue seeking Me about how to do that‚ and then following the counsel I give you.

195. You’ve made progress on the positive front, but I want to totally replace all the negativity with a beautiful gift of positiveness—the ability to see the good in any given situation. This will take time, but know that I have this in store for you. So when you get discouraged about it and feel you aren’t making any progress, just remember that anything wonderful can happen in that little margin of time when you don’t give up, and victory—meaning a complete and total metanoia in this area—will be yours.

196. As for missing people to the degree you do, I’m using this to help you pray more for others, both your immediate loved ones as well as the different prayer requests that are sent around. You have been praying more for people, and though you still have a long way to go in this area‚ you just have to keep trying. Turn all the hurt into blessings for others, and see if you won’t be blessed along the way.

197. And with the channel issue, know that you just have to keep at it. Keep filling your heart with My Words on the subject, and keep practicing at every opportunity. Strive to keep the right attitude toward it—one of thankfulness, awe and gratitude at this marvelous gift I’ve bestowed on all of My precious brides. Fight the temptation to see it as a scary or burdensome thing, for it is indeed your lifesaver, and will continue to be more and more as the days go by.

198. I will speak to you all you need to know, so please trust that I know what I’m doing‚ and that even though you don’t feel you have a good, reliable, exercised or clear channel, as long as you’re doing your part, I will speak to you, and it will be just what I want you to hear and when I want you to hear it. (End of message from Jesus)

199. (Jesus speaking:) For you, rising above starts with coming more fully to the realization of your own limits and of your own weakness. You’ve just begun to fully grasp what I meant by being weak. You’re just now starting to wake up to this point that was there all along. It’s all right if you were slow to understand; I had other things I was trying to do in your life. But now that it’s time for this lesson, I want you to get behind it all the way.

200. Even the way you personally interpreted this Letter (“Rise Above”) when it first came out was wrong in many ways. You got it right when you first read it, but because you didn’t reread it as I instructed the Family to do, you started missing the point somewhere along the line. You’ve taken only one aspect of rising above and thought that that one point covered the whole revelation, but it doesn’t.

201. You’ve interpreted rising above to just mean being quick to rebound from battles and difficulties, to be resilient and not let much get you down. While this is part of the revelation and while it is certainly a skill I have gifted you with, there is so much more to it. Please be open now to My counsel as I show you how you can understand the full scope of this revelation.

202. First of all, you should reread the Letter, highlighting parts, and pulling key quotes the way you do with other GNs. Next, you should especially zero in on the parts that deal with weakness, with being weak, and learning to let Me live in you. This has been a hard concept for you to grasp—that of where to draw the line between flesh and spirit; when to fight against the Devil, but when to not let it be your own strength. It’s a touchy line, a sensitive balance. Everyone to some extent uses the arm of the flesh more than they should, even if they think they’re fully surrendered to Me.

203. Until we get all together in Heaven and the spiritual becomes as real to you as the physical is now, it’s always going to be difficult to grasp how to try your best and yet make it My best, how to just relax and let Me do it without becoming lazy and lackadaisical. I’m glad that you’re rereading the “Weakness” series, and if you’ll reread the “Rise Above” Letter and look at it especially from that angle, you’ll grasp it all the more fully.

204. Now, how does this revelation apply to you? In what ways do you need to rise above? I’d say that there are more applications of this than you’re aware of. Let Me simply say that a hurdle doesn’t have to be a big one for you to have to rise above it. You can even leap the little ones faster if you have My strength beneath you, pushing you upwards.

205. Having My strength behind you is the most important application of this Letter for you. Learning to be weak in My hand is the most important thing you could learn from it. Because it’s when you stop trying that I can start doing‚ and that’s what needs to happen. But at the same time, I don’t want you to stop trying altogether so that you’re not asking Me to help you, and then you’re not strong through your weakness‚ but you’re just plain weak and helpless. That’s not the idea either. You need to continue to study and seek and search and mine for the hidden truths, and learn to grasp this sometimes tricky spiritual principle. (End of message from Jesus)

Rise Above Reality!

206. (Mama:) I’m sure that wondering whether you’ll be able to continue in your ministry for the long haul is a battle many of you face. The Enemy tries to discourage you or make you feel that you’re not really accomplishing much where you are‚ or convince you that if you just moved to greener pastures, things would be so much easier for you. Of course, there’s a time and place when the Lord might use the difficulties of your present situation to get you inspired about moving on. But more often than not, those feelings of dis­contentment or discouragement are likely from the Enemy, who is trying to take you away from your place of fruitful service and the Lord’s highest will for you. It’s very important to get the Lord’s mind on any feelings you’re having‚ and find out whether they’re something that He’s trying to get through to you about, or whether they’re an attack of the Enemy, or something that has come in through your unyieldedness‚ or whatever the case may be. Then you can focus your energy on doing whatever the Lord tells you is the solution, and rise above! Praise the Lord!

207. (Jesus speaking:) Everyone suffers battles and endures afflictions in order to do My will, and the battle that you are suffering in your present situation is a small sacrifice to pay for the great fruit which is borne when you are in My highest will, doing what I know will bear the greatest fruit. That is something that you often have to take by faith. The key is to first of all seek Me and receive My counsel as to whether or not you are in My will. Once you know that, realize that the Enemy will fight you with all the power he can muster‚ attempting to dissuade you, distract you, or get you to a place of lesser fruitfulness.

208. It’s these trials and tests of life that force you to rise above! If everything were easy, would you be forced to depend on My power to the same extent? Would you be as hungry for My answers? Would you be as willing to obey and do whatever it is that I ask of you?

209. Human nature is such that it tries to do things itself, until it comes to the end of its strength. I sometimes have to bring you to that point to force you into the position of desperation and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the victory, to bear the fruit, to pull through the situation. Once I get you to the point of desperation, when you know that you can’t make it on your own, you then become willing to receive My answers and solutions. My answers often involve personal change or sacrifice, and that is why sometimes I don’t give them to you until you’re very desperate—because up until that point, you would not be ready to receive them.

210. Sometimes I have to test you and see if you’re willing to keep going just for Me, so I take all the other props away. I test you to see if you’re here not for the obvious fruit that is being borne‚ not for the loved ones who surround you or for any reason other than the fact that I’ve asked you to be here in this spot, and I have a purpose and a plan in it all. Once I see that you’re willing to stick it out simply because I asked it of you, then you’ve passed the test and the victory can begin!

211. Please know that I understand in full the sacrifice that it is to live wholly for Me, and I appreciate it. I appreciate every day that you get up and do your work, even though there are other things that you feel might be more exciting, or even more useful.

212. I understand it all, My love, and I honor you and thank you for it. Please know that nothing escapes Me. Every little bit is seen and noticed, and every little tiny sacrifice will be repaid in full, one hundredfold. If you don’t see all the rewards and blessings now, that just means there’s all the more to come in the future. You have so much to look forward to because you’ve chosen My best above all your own desires, thoughts, or dreams.

213. It’s not My will for you to be sad. Even though there are sacrifices involved in living for Me, some of them very big and lasting and continual‚ it is My will for you to be happy. It is My desire to bless you, to reward you, to give you a taste even here and now of all that I have in store for you in the future as a reward for your faithfulness to Me. But you must be willing to receive those rewards. You must choose to look for them.

214. When you choose to see the good, to count your blessings, then the friendships I send your way‚ the opportunities, the little gifts of love I shower you with continually are very obvious to you. You see and feel My love through them, and they make your way light. But when you take your eyes off of those good things and you start concentrating on the sacrifices and the bumps in the road, things can start looking pretty negative. You can start feeling that maybe I don’t really love you so much after all‚ that maybe I’m more interested in breaking and crushing you than I am in rewarding you, and on and on the lies go. Everything starts appearing as a sacrifice or a punishment or a negative experience. You can start to look at your work like that too—the wonderful, fulfilling work that I’ve given you—as something to be dreaded or avoided. You can start to feel that it’s not possible for you to be happy or fulfilled doing it, and so the discontentment sets in, and you begin to look for greener pastures, not realizing that this is all an attack of the Enemy on your fruitfulness for Me.

215. You can start to resent the fact that you feel I’m not meeting your needs, or you look around and lose faith that I not only can meet them‚ but I want to, and I’m more than capable. In short, you lose faith in My ability to care for you. All of these thoughts give place to the lies of the Enemy, and your mindset slowly becomes more and more negative.

216. You must choose to believe My Words above what you see around you. You must decide that you’re going to base your thoughts not on what you feel, but on what I’ve told you. If you do this‚ you’ll see and feel the victory. You’ll be granted the power to rise above. You’ll find that there are no impossibilities for you.

217. All it takes is choosing to believe Me, and then taking the steps of obedience that I put before you. You’ll find that I’ll do the miracles, and I can actually transform things before your eyes to become as I have said they would be. This is the power to rise above. You can actually transform the situation around you by believing Me, by trusting and obeying Me, by choosing to believe My Word above what you see and feel around you. These are the facts. This is what you must now base your mindset and steps of obedience on.

218. If you ask Me to help you, and then fight to change your mindset, your life will not be all sadness or trying to maintain or forget about the sacrifices involved. I will engineer things so that you will be very happy, you will have your needs met, and I will even do extra things for you to reward you. You will forget about the sacrifices, because I will pay you back abundantly. And remember that when I pay you back to the point where you don’t feel that you’ve made a sacrifice, that’s where it has only reached one percent of your reward. My promise is to repay one hundred­fold, so there’s much, much, much more yet to come! I love to spoil My brides, those who give Me everything.

219. If you feel this attack of the Enemy on your life and fruitfulness, ask for united prayer. Pray against the mindset that you’ve built up over the months. Pray against letting the Enemy in in the future. Pray for the power to rise above. Pray against pride and jealousy. Pray against discontentment. Pray for the new and greater anointing that I want to give you. Learn to use the keys and harness their power for a change of mindset, a totally positive and praiseful mindset. And then watch Me do the miracle.

220. I will do it for you, and you will feel like a new creature. You’ll be happy. It will come easier to you. And you will experience the era of action and all that I want to do with you and through you! The best is yet to come‚ My loves. The best is yet to come! (End of message from Jesus.)

221. (Mama: ) As I was working on these GNs for you, one of our dear young staff members sent me a personal prophecy that she received after reading the “Conviction vs. Compromise” GNs, which I think many of you will be able to relate to and benefit from.

222. (Jesus speaking:) The call of My Spirit to you now is a call to recommit yourself to dis­cipleship. I see every detail of your life and heart, I know about it all, and I care a great deal. It all matters to Me, and I do want to give you answers—answers to each of the questions on your heart and mind. Yet I also want you to be aware that a large part of the problems and issues and battles you’re faced with will be solved through your simple rededication and re-evaluation of your life and heart as a disciple. Can’t you feel the change already? Since I’ve been speaking to your heart through these recent GNs, since I’ve personally called you to recommit yourself to the basics of discipleship, hasn’t some of the heaviness been lifted?

223. You see, when things are in proper perspective and you have your priorities in the right place, then everything about life somehow “falls into place,” at least somewhat. For a while now‚ little by little, you have let your perspective and priorities drift, and I haven’t been in first place in every area of your life. There are several ways in which you let Me get pushed out of that place, because you were focused more on yourself, on your own needs, on your own desires, goals, ambitions. It’s not that your hopes or expecta­tions or desires were so wrong or so unreasonable; the problem is just that you let yourself get focused more on yourself than on Me, and on your own little world than on the big picture.

224. Now I am calling you to more simplicity—the simplicity of forsaking all in your heart to follow Me fully; the simplicity of forsaking some of the trappings that have complicated and cluttered your life, the things you have let become too important to you. That’s the big picture when it comes to being My disciple. That’s the big goal, the focal point‚ the crux of it all. If that is straight and clear in your heart and mind, that you are above all things My disciple, My servant‚ My slave if you will‚ then you have the big picture as far as your life and service to Me. Then you can look at everything else in perspective and the “cares of life” are far less overwhelming.

225. Recommitting to discipleship is at the heart of rising above. You can only rise above the weights and drags and discouragements of life when your heart and mind and eyes are fixed on Me above all things. If I am anywhere less than first place in your life you can’t truly rise above, because there will always be something pulling you down, pulling you away from Me. But as you turn toward Me, toward My light, and open yourself up to Me, as you put Me in the true center of your life—and not only by mental acceptance‚ but by your words, your deeds, and the way you spend your time—then you are given the power to rise above‚ to be an overcomer.

226. You have the heart and spirit of an overcomer, My love. You have the power, through My power and because of your own dedication and the commitments you have made, even though long ago, which you have faithfully held to. But you are also easily distracted, and there are a multitude of things which pull your heart and mind away from focusing fully on Me.

227. What is the purpose of your life, your exist­ence? It’s to love Me, and to love and serve others. You have to keep that in the forefront of your thoughts and mind in all your decisions. Unfortunately you’ve let some of that selfish spirit of the world influence your mind and heart. Not to the degree that it has some, who have taken things so far as to want to leave the Family to get jobs and make money and buy houses and so forth, but in a subtler way, through a sort of “me first” and “look out for number one” attitude that has crept in. That attitude obviously stands directly in the way of putting Me first. It is what leads to most of your other problems or distractions. If yourself is first, then how can I be first? That’s the crux of that matter, and that’s what needs to change and is changing now in your life.

228. I’m calling you to leave your self and your own desires, as well as your own opinions‚ further behind. I’m calling you to be My slave, My robot‚ willing to do whatever I want, and to do it happily, rather than arguing and reasoning and negotiating all the time. I’m calling you to seek for the good of the Family, the good of the Kingdom, the good of lost souls, above your own good and your own satisfaction. I’m asking you to, within your Home here, let the needs of others and of the Home and work overall become more important to you.

229. Let Me open your eyes and expand your horizons. For both within the Home, and within your ministry‚ there is much more you could do and more ways in which you could serve more effectively, if only your mindset were different, if only you wouldn’t be so set in your mind as to what things you do or don’t do or can or can’t do.

230. You’ve been bound with chains forged by the Enemy—chains of lethargy, of apathy, of indiffer­ence, of selfishness, of carnal thinking, of nega­tivity, of hopelessness. There is so much to hope for and look forward to! The future is as bright as all My promises! There’s nothing that the Enemy or your enemies or anyone can do to thwart My plans and defeat My program. We will overcome! We will be victorious! You are on the winning team, and we are going to go places! It’s up to you, though, what kind of player you’ll be on the team—whether you’ll be a member who mostly sits on the sidelines and cheers and fills in for the other players every now and then; or whether you’ll be one of the star players, one who gets out there and runs and pushes for all you’re worth, and gives it your all! I’m not just talking about pushing in your work here, and I hope you understand that. Focusing too much on the work is another way that you can push Me aside from being in first place, and a very common mistake that is made. I’m talking about your overall life—about your work‚ your time with Me, your interactions with others—everything being filled with the zeal and dedication of being My disciple.

231. It’s the joy of salvation that you’ve been feeling the lack of, and I want to restore that to you now. There are other issues and problems in your life‚ but these will fall into place far more smoothly once you have that joy of your salvation once again coursing through your spiritual veins. It will bring you life, light and nourishment.

232. How do you get that? How do you feel that? Start by rededicating yourself to Me in spirit. Even now, this very minute‚ you can rededicate your heart and spirit to Me. You can place it all in My hands. You can determine and commit to giving Me first place. Start with your time. That’s what really counts. Whatever matters to you, you spend time on. Fight to take more time with Me, to take good quality feeding, refreshing‚ renewing time every single day reading My Words, hearing from Me, praising Me‚ loving Me, communing with Me in prayer. Do each of these things every day. Maybe sometimes you’ll take a half hour for each, maybe sometimes just a few minutes‚ but if you are striving to at least touch on each of these facets of your spiritual life, and seeking Me for how to make these times we have together really count, then I assure you that you will be so much better off. You will be happier, you will be more efficient and effective—and above all, you will be pleasing Me, you will be serving Me wholeheartedly as a true disciple, and thus your witness and power and effectiveness will be so much greater.

233. It’s not that you haven’t been a disciple all along, but I want you to now be a more active one, more forceful in spirit. It’s that forcefulness and determina­tion in spirit that will combat lethargy of spirit. Pray for that. Seek for that. It’s the keys of the Kingdom that will help bring about that assertiveness and vigor in your life.

234. I want you to determine and will to fight for changing things in your own life, and in turn in your Home and ministry, so as to suit them more to My design, to My plan, to My highest will. Be willing to be a fool for Me, to be a robot for Me‚ even if it makes you feel stupid or like you’re not yourself any more. You’ll be a better self, a self more filled with Me, and that’s what really matters. (End of message from Jesus.)

235. (Mama:) Dear loves, please take time to study this priceless counsel from the Lord. Reread the GNs and mark them. Pull quotes that speak to you personally. Make a list of questions to ask the Lord regarding how specific points apply to your life or situation. Don’t just read it once, be inspired by it temporarily‚ and then carry on business as usual. This counsel can change your life—it can help you be happier, more fulfilled, and more useful in your service to our loving Husband! Claim the power of the keys for help to change in the areas you need to change in, and for strength to rise above! I love you!

Love always in our Miracle Worker,


Quotes to put throughout this Letter:

Just because you get hit with discourage­ment, with fear, and with attacks, doesn’t mean that you’re hopeless. It just means that I’m giving you little training lessons that will help you to rise above. It’s as if you were playing a little game where some barrels or balls were rolling across the floor and you have to jump over them and you win points. The balls signify your battles; they come‚ and you can hop over them; and if you’re tired I can give you a hand. It doesn’t mean that you’re losing the game if the balls (or battles) roll across your floor‚ you just don’t have to let them knock you over—you can jump over them! That’s rising above! That’s not letting these things move you. It’s staying happy‚ cheerful, praiseful, and in a good state of mind if you just hop over them!

Listen to My words of faith and encouragement and allow them to rejuvenate your soul! Don’t believe My correction and then ignore My encourage­ment, for you need both to be able to rise above and to continue on. You must learn, and then you must accept My encouragement. Don’t just accept My correction but shun My love. You need both to be able to have the strength to carry on and to rise above all circum­stances‚ especially the discouragement.

You need to come to Me, find My answers, and then act upon them. That’s how you rise above, and that’s how I wish for you to be an overcomer‚ in this day of victory!

You look upon these days as days of trial, but instead they are days of victory as I bring you to points in your lives that make each of you face your weaknesses and rise above in victory. So I look upon these days as days of victory!

You need to step out by faith more with difficulties that frighten you. To do that, each time a situation comes up, ask Me how to handle it; ask Me for each step, and follow. As you follow those steps carefully and prayerfully‚ not avoiding the steps, but actually following, then you will rise to full victory—victory not only over the situation, but victory in this weak area of your life.

Let Me help you. Let Me make things easier for you. Take this gift that I’m offering you and use it to the full. Help Me to help you.

Be determined to perfect this art and fight to learn how. I will help you, but I can only do so much. I can give and I can help, but you must do your part if you’re going to take full advantage of all I have for you. The more you fight to rise above‚ the more you’ll see just how wonderful it really is, how much of a help it is, and how much you need it and literally can’t do without it.

Shame and condemnation is not of Me and is counterproductive. I want you to take all that you’ve learned and will learn about this new skill‚ and apply it to this area.

I want you to learn how to rise above the obstacle of thinking that My words of commenda­tion apply to everyone but you. I want you to get over the feeling that it may be okay for other people to just rest in My arms, safe in the knowledge that I know they’re trying their best, but you still have to prove something in your own strength. I want you to not be such a Cain, but have the humility and the faith to be an Abel.

You need to be humble enough to accept My forgiveness, mercy, and encouragement‚ even when we both know that you haven’t earned it, and have faith to believe that I mean what I say. When I say that there’s no need to feel like you’re falling short in a certain area, then that’s that. You don’t need to be telling yourself that that prophecy was just your own mind letting yourself off easy, and even when I’m encouraging you‚ that I don’t really mean it and that I still expect more from you than I’m letting on.

I want you to try hard in your life and to do your best, but I want your motivation to be one of love and of trying to always do more because you love Me—not because pervading everything you have this sneaky suspicion that you’re never quite there and that I’m harboring some hidden resentment against you. That’s not the case and will never be the case. It’s a silly, stupid trap of the Enemy‚ and one of his oldest ones at that.

One thing that you can learn is to enjoy the journey. Sometimes you’re so destination-focused that you can’t relax and enjoy the scenery. Learn the balance of enjoying what I’m doing with you, while at the same time staying focused on the goals I’ve given you.

The sky’s the limit, so don’t box Me in! Keep seeking Me out and let Me blow your wee finite mind with what I have up My sleeve. The way to rise above is to stay on the aircraft and see how high we can go.

For you, rising above would mean being more Heavenly minded and not so easily encumbered by the cares and trials of this life. You have a tendency to worry too much and to analyze things, when there’s actually no need to. Because you do this so often, your mind gets weary and you become weighed down‚ and it really gets to you. So your way of rising above would be to think more in the ways of the spirit, leaving the flesh behind and renewing your mind with My voice and My Words to you!

Rising above has many forms. To one it is to find happiness in a situation. To another, or at another time, it is to have the strength to cling to Me through the storm. To another it is to go through the storm‚ strapped to the wheel of the ship, thrilling at the waves and laughing at the sea’s vain attempts to overwhelm him because he has the confidence that I will see him through no matter what.

To another or at another time, to rise above is to go on to a new day, full of faith and carrying nothing of the past and its defeats and pain and sorrow. It’s letting Me wash them all away in the knowledge that whether you can see it now or understand it now or not, the past has truly worked together for good and can now be left behind as an old garment that has served its purpose and can be discarded. Rejoice for the blessing it was in its time, but let go of it to reach for the new garment that I hold out for you to take.

I want you to rise above the frustrations and feelings of hopelessness that try to drag you down. I want you to point your antenna straight up to Me, for it is then that all else fades into oblivion and there is only you and Me. It is only then that I can open your eyes to the new vision.

To rise above for you is to come before Me without any desire of your own. Hand Me everything. Sit down at My feet and wait on Me, gazing constantly into My face, waiting with expectancy till I show you what to do. You’ve tried to do this for short periods, but then you soon jump up, grab the problems, and run back out to try to fix them somehow. Just let go of them and trust Me that in My perfect time all will be as it should be. As you do this, I will be able to bring about the spiritual change in you that will make this your strong point. I will also be able to bring about the physical changes.

Rising above for you is to not allow your worries, fears and anxieties to overcome you, but rather to keep your heart and mind on Me. It means for you to be more Heavenly minded and not so earthly minded. It means you giving Me all the burdens of your heart and not trying to carry them. It means you looking to Me more for your peace and serenity. It means when you start to worry or fret, that you stop right then and take time with Me, giving Me your cares.

I love you so deeply that I want to take these burdens off of you and carry them for you. In rising above you are coming to Me and letting Me carry your burdens, and I’m giving you peace and tranquility, as well as love, understanding, wisdom, discernment‚ fortitude, strength and all that you need. That’s quite a tradeoff, isn’t it? So you see‚ it’s worth rising above!

Don’t try to do things in the arm of the flesh. You have a lot of energy and a lot of talents, but you’ll wear out real fast if you don’t take time to come to Me. This is all part of rising above—coming to Me more often.

In your love for others you get too involved in their lives so that you not only feel for them, but you take on their cares. I want you to pray for the situation and then let go of it. In doing that you are rising above.

You must first focus on not letting yourself get discouraged. This is the foundation on which you stand, and if it crumbles, which it often does, all else suffers. You cannot build on that. In this you need outside help and prayer. Ask your loved one, or someone close who will understand‚ to be on call, so that when you tell them you’re getting discouraged, they’ll come to your aid in prayer—not to discuss the object of your discouragement, for that’s not the issue; the discouragement itself is the issue. There will always be new issues that cause discouragement, but being able to rise above the discouragement and stand on solid ground in victory is the goal.

There’s never a need for discouragement; it never bears good fruit. So know right now that it’s not My will, and that discouragement itself is the obstacle that you need to overcome. Realize that you can do it. Discouragement is a dark, energy-draining force. It saps you completely and leads you to sin by murmuring and opening yourself to all kinds of unfruitful influences. It’s extremely bad and dangerous. I don’t want you to be discouraged, and you can pray your way to victory over it each and every time.

Feed your faith. Feed your spirit. Feed your heart and mind with positive‚ uplifting, encour­aging words of love and life. You need to spend more time letting things soak in.

I wish for you to soar, to rise and fly far above those things which seek to drag you down! Jump into My arms and let’s take flight! Let Me carry all the burdens‚ the worries about your children—those in the Family and those in the System. I want you to fly high above all these cares of life and put them all in My capable hands to take care of. In order to do this, you must be sure to commune with Me daily‚ that I might lift your spirit into the Heavenlies, so that you may partake of My Spirit, My calm, My peace. Then you will slowly‚ slowly rise, held in My arms and encompassed by My love. After your special times with Me‚ having imbibed Me and My love, you will go about your day with a peace that passes all understanding, which will keep your heart and mind close to Me. We will be this close—like two little lovebirds—happily singing together and cuddling all the day long.

What hinders you from being able to rise above? It’s simple, My love. The only thing that hinders you is that you don’t spend enough time with Me each day—real quality time in which you pour out your heart to Me in prayer, and listen for My answers on every topic that seeks to drag you down. You must give yourself to Me more wholeheartedly—your time, your attention, your love, your praise. I know you give a lot to Me already, but I desire even more from you, for I love you so and crave more of your love and attention. So will you do that for Me? I love you, My little lovebird.

By letting things pass that are not so important, you give Me the opportunity to help you to rise above the circumstances and to let Me work.

Rising above is scary, because it lifts you out of the realm of the natural and into the realm of the miraculous and supernatural. You can’t stand on the old ground of what you could do, or what others could do‚ but you rise above to stand only on thin air, or to rest in My arms as I lift you up out of the natural realm and carry you through the difficulty. This is rising above.

Strive to hold on to this state by yielding and calling to Me. It’s a state of beauty, and I love it when you’re like this, so fully Mine. Thank you, My love, for giving Me all. Continue in this way and I will continue to pour into you and fill you to overflowing‚ so that you never run dry of My love or My help in all that you do. You’ve found the secret of trust and it’s oiling your heart and your spirit. It’s helping you to continue to rise above.

This is a priceless gift that I’m giving you—something that you not only will need in the future, but that you need right now. This is a love gift from Me to you, and I’m so happy that I can now give it to you, because I know that as you learn this art, it’s going to do wonders for you. It’s going to be such a blessing in your life. It’s going to help make things easier for you, and I’m very happy about this because I love you and want to make things as easy for you as possible.

So take this gift of love from Me and work to perfect this art. The more you practice using it‚ the better you’ll become at it and the easier it will become for you to rise above, away from the worries, cares, and strains, and into My arms where you’ll find rest and strength to your soul.

I’m the Answer Man and I want to give you the answers and solutions to your questions and problems. It’s just a matter of calling Me. That’s not so hard‚ is it? I know‚ though, that when you’re busy and you get going with your day, it’s hard to see how you can find the time to stop and come to Me‚ to rise above. But, Honey, please believe Me when I say that I will not only give you peace‚ understanding, wisdom, and knowledge in how to sort these things out, but I will also give you the joy and the ideas you feel you so lack. So again you see the great benefits in coming to Me.

What My promise means to you is that whether you feel like you can cope with what’s going on around you or not, the answer is that you can. I’ve given you a way of escape so that you can rise above the trials and battles of life and become rejuvenated in the spirit with Me. This is a great tool and weapon for you to make use of. You may not be able to completely avoid the battles, but you receive a great advantage by being able to have this peace in the midst of storm. I am with you always, and no matter where you are or what’s happening to you‚ you’ll be able to remove yourself from the trials you face to be encouraged and strengthened by Me and refilled with My power.

(Dad speaking:) The Lord has given you the latest weapons and the tools to do the job, including the keys to the Kingdom, which will now help you to do what you could never do before! He’s given each Family member these priceless tools, these Endtime weapons. So you guys really, really have a lot to be thankful for. If you could just see it from up Here, how important and how powerful these gifts are, and their magnitude! These gifts can not only shake the whole Earth, but can shake the Heavens too! They can move the Heavens at your command. If you could just try to fathom the power, or the potential power, that the Lord has given you through them, it would really help to increase your faith in any given situation and to rest and trust in Him. “There’s nothing He won’t do for His children—the children of David!” You guys are special‚ and He’s given you these special weapons. Nobody else, nobody living, no other Christian group has what He’s given you!

So hold on to the keys the Lord has given you, and use and exercise them, and they’ll increase your faith like never before! They’ll draw you closer to our sweet Savior and Husband like never before. They’ll open your eyes to the workings of the spirit and His spirit world like never before. They’ll help you to rise above and overcome any circumstances or obstacles like never before. They’ll help you to love one another and to love His lost children like never before. They’ll help your unity and the unity in our Homes around the world like never before. In fact, they’ll solve all your problems‚ lift all your burdens, supply all your needs‚ and make you feel His Spirit in your life like never before! (End of message from Dad.)

Question: I know the keys are of the Lord, but when Dad says they’ll solve all our problems‚ lift all our burdens‚ and supply all our needs‚ I thought that was more of the Lord’s role as the creator of the keys. What’s the balance between honoring the keys and honoring the Lord?

(Jesus speaking:) As David said, the keys will increase your faith and draw you closer than ever to Me, your Lord and Savior. When you draw closer to Me, and when your faith is increased, you can’t help but praise Me and give Me the glory. The keys of the Kingdom make you more aware of the spirit world. They open a much more powerful connection to the power of Heaven.

I’m not worried about you beginning to worship the keys or give them too much credit, because they are Mine. They are a part of Me‚ a part of My Spirit, and you cannot use them if you are not one with Me and in My highest will. So you can focus on the keys all you want—they are the means to harnessing this great power I want to manifest through you. The power comes from Me, and will only be given to those who are intimate with Me and fully obeying Me, so there is no danger of becoming tripped off on their power. The minute you begin to lose focus of Who has made it possible‚ the power will wane. So no worries, My loves! Revel in the keys and the great power they give you; revel in My love for you in giving them to you! And never allow yourself to become distracted, for that is the day you will lose the power.

I don’t mind you calling on the keys, for they are directly connected to Me, and in calling on them in My name and giving them honor, you are calling on Me and My power. (End of message from Jesus)

(End of file.)

Story of Heaven’s Children, The

David Berg


1. I’m Grandfather, & I’m going to try to tell you a story about the future of our children! They say that the greatest fear is fear of the unknown, so I’m going to try to wipe away your fears & tears of the unknown future by telling you that it is not as unknown as you might think it to be!—Especially to us who know God’s Word, the Bible, & the clear description of the Future by His Prophets! (2Ti.1:7; Amos 3:7; Jn.15:15; 1Co.2:9-10)

2. The basic events, characters & conditions of the Future have already been clearly revealed in the Bible & by His Prophets, the foretellers of the future! (Eph.1:9; Isa.42:9; Num.12:6)

3. So this story is based on the facts that God has already revealed in His Word & the prophecies which have already been predicted.—Prophecies, some of which have already come to pass & been fulfilled‚ proving that God’s Word is true! Therefore we can just as surely expect the remaining prophecies of God’s Word about the Future, that they too will be completely fulfilled, just as those have been in the past! (2Chr.20:20b; Jn.16:4a; Isa.34:16; Isa.40:8; Ez.33:33.)

4. There are thousands of prophecies in the Bible which have already been fulfilled by past history, including prophecies about the history of nations, the rise & fall of empires, even the names of great kings & the amazing fulfilments of prophecies in the little land of Israel, particularly those concerning Jesus Christ, the Messiah‚ about Whom hundreds of prophecies in the ancient writings of the Prophets have all been fulfilled in His birth, life & death for you & me! (Isa.44:28; Dan.8:20-21; Isa.9:6; 11:1-5; 53:2-4.)

5. His was a life of love!—Born in love, living in love & dying in love for you & me, that we too might live in love for Him & others. (Jn.3:16; 1Jn.4:9-10; Eph.3:19; Rom.8:38-39; 1Jn.3:16.)

6. But His story does not end there, because He rose again!—And He made many other promises & predictions to His disciples before He finally ascended on high, caught up in the clouds in the air to depart to be with His Father God in Heaven!—And His precious Holy Spirit‚ the Mother of the Trinity! (Mt.28:1-7,18-20; Mk.16:16-18; Jn.11:25,26)

7. For before He went away, He promised His disciples, saying, “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am‚ there ye may be also!” For He said that: “In My Father’s house are many mansions‚ & if it were not so‚ I would have told you.” (Jn.14:2-3)

8. And that place that He is going to prepare for us, that paradise in Heaven, that Heavenly City is clearly & explicitly & specifically described in detail in His Holy Book, the Bible, in its last Book, the prophecies of the beloved disciple John, Saint John the Revelator. (Rev.21-22)

9. Dear John, who went there‚ saw it & described it exactly as being 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high!—The greatest, most enormous city every built & that could only have been built by God Himself with the help of His Son Jesus & the Mother Holy Spirit & all of His holy angels! Thank God!

10. It is surrounded by a beautiful over-200-foot-high wall composed of 12 layers of precious jewels & having 12 gates, each gate a single gigantic pearl!—And filled with beautiful parks & buildings & mansions for His beloved children who have loved Him & been saved through faith in His death for them on the cross!

11. And only they will be permitted to live within it, in its Heavenly beauty of gorgeous splendour & paradise!—Free forever from pain or sickness or death or evil, to live with Him & each other forever in Eternal happiness! (Rev.21:4; 22:5,14)

12. Only they can walk its crystal golden streets & enter its beautiful buildings & live in its gorgeous mansions, enjoying ecstatic pleasures of paradise forever! (Rev.21:24,27)

13. Each gate is guarded by a mighty angel, for outside, upon the surface of a new Earth without seas but watered by rivers & lakes, there are still nations with kings, populated by people who are not yet ready to enter that beautiful City. (Rev.21:24-26)

14. For they are not yet prepared for its purity & holiness, as they at first did not receive Jesus as their Saviour because they had never heard of Him. No Christian from the churches had ever come to them & told them of His Love & His wonderful free Salvation & this beautiful Heavenly City that they can see from afar! (Jn.1:12; 3:16-17; Act 4:12; 10:35; Rom.6:23; Heb.11:13‚16.)

15. They are the resurrected good of all ages who did not rise in the first resurrection at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the beautiful rapture of His saints, the Bride of Christ, after the terrible Tribulation! (1Th.4:16-17; Rev.20:4-5)

16. They are the unsaved dead of the first 6,000 years of World history who have been brought back to life & placed upon the Earth’s new paradisical surface because their names were found written in the Book of Life & therefore deserve their very first chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus & His Love & of the wonderful Love of God, His Father, Who created all things & made all things for our benefit & our pleasure to know & to love Him!

17. Here on the surface of the New Earth they are being prepared to be made more holy & pure by being saved & trained to know the Lord so that they also can enter that beautiful City of God! (Rev.21:25,27; 2Pe.3:9; 1Ti.2:4; Ph.2:10-11; Heb.13:14.)

18. Meanwhile they live in this paradisical New Earth with all of its unspoiled, recreated beauty like the Garden of Eden of old!—Perfect in every respect with no evil, no curse, no thorns‚ no evil varmints & poisonous serpents & insects & the horrors of the cursed Earth that had gone before! (Rev.22:3)

19. Here in this perfect environment they are receiving Jesus as their Saviour & finding Christ as the Son of God, the Lover of their souls, & preparing to enter that beautiful Heavenly City prepared for those that love Him! (Jn.14:3; 1Co.2:9-10)

20. But before they arrived in this beautiful paradise of God, several great periods of World history had passed by. There was the fall from grace of man & woman, Adam & Eve‚ in the Garden of Eden for disobedience in eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. (Gen.3; Ro.5:12-14)

21. Driven out then into a hostile World full of curses & a difficult environment, they now must eat of their bread in the sweat of their face, & work hard to earn a living, because they had lost the favour of the Lord through such awesome disobedience! Tempted by Satan, the King of Evil‚ they passed on to all mankind the vicious sin of unbelief & disobedience to God! (Gen.3:19; Heb.3:12,19; 10:35-39; Ro.5:12.)

22. Finally man became so evil that God decided that He must send a great flood of water upon the Earth to destroy them all! All, that is, except one man & his family alone. That man was Noah & his wife & his three sons & their three wives. Eight souls in all were all that were savedfrom that great Flood,in an ark which God told Noah how to build. (Gen.7; 1Pe.3:20)

23. After the Flood, over a year later, the ark landed upon the top of Mount Ararat on the border of Turkey & Russia. And as the Earth’s surface became dry enough to walk upon it, Noah & his family & all of the animals that they had saved left the ark & spread down the river Euphrates toward the Persian Gulf.

24. But they had not gone far nor lived long before people had become evil again, this time building a mighty tower which they thought was going to reach up to Heaven so that they would be like gods in their pride & their earthly might! But God was angry with them for it, & so He confused their tongues & their languages & divided them into all the various languages that are spoken upon the Earth today. So they could no longer communicate with one another nor understand each other to finish the tower.

25. So they left off building the tower of Babel & drifted on down the river Euphrates in their evil & their sin & their iniquity & began to spread out further across the surface of the Earth in all directions. (Gen.8,11:1–9)

26. The children of Noah’s son Japheth spread northward & westward into Europe & from there eventually to North America & South America. The children of Noah’s son Shem spread into the Mideast into the little land of Israel & also into North Africa as the Arabs & also eastward into the Orient, Asia & all the lands of the East. Whereas the sons of Ham‚ the black one, spread into Africa & populated that great continent with their black descendants.

27. And it seemed the more man multiplied & populated the Earth‚ the more wicked he became & the more evil, so thatthey even worshipped devil-gods & idols & images & practised horrible religious worship of these demons, even including human sacrifice & the sacrifice of their very own children to these demonic gods! (Lev.18:21; 2Ki.17:14-17; Jer.32:35; Ps.106:35-39.)

28. Finally God decided He had to do something about these horrible people, the descendants of the two perfect creatures that He had created in the beginning, led astray by the deceitfulness & the wickedness of the Devil! So He selected a people who would receive His Words & write the Bible—the Jews of Israel—& produce the Messiah, Jesus Christ! (Ro.3:1–2)

29. But then again even these chosen people, sons & daughters of Abraham the faithful, were led astray by Satan, inspired & Satanically-possessed to slaughter the Son of God, Who had been sent to them only to show them love & explain God to them! Their jealous, wicked, evil religious leaders had Him crucified‚ & tried to destroy His disciples! (Mt.27:17-25; Acts 8:1)

30. But God blessed Jesus’ Disciples & the Christians multiplied & spread throughout the Earth until their love had finally conquered the Roman Empire & Christianity became the official religion of the Western World! (Acts 8:4; 28:30-31)

31. But as the Christians became rich & powerful & corrupt, they too began to build temples to worship their God, like the templesof other gods, & developed a priesthood who also became evil & corrupt & forsook the way of Jesus & His Love & wrote their own laws & rules & traditions by which they lived & sinned & died! (Acts 7:48-50; 17:24-25; Mark 7:6–13)

32. Until the great church of this new religion became even more wicked than their forebears, & slaughtered & martyred & persecuted the true Christians, the genuine‚ living saved Children of God of their day! (Ro.2:28-29; Gal.3:26–29; 2Ti.3:12)

33. Finally, again God sent great men of God & the reformers such as Martin Luther to preach again the Truth throughout the World & reveal again the free gift of God’s Salvation by grace through faith, & that not of themselves but the gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast, but the free gift of Salvation paid for by Jesus Christ with His blood shed on the cross of Calvary! (Ro.10:9–10; Eph.2:8-9; 2Ti.1:9; Tit.3:5; Rev.3:20)

34. These new Protestant Christians, as they were called‚were also persecuted & slaughtered & martyred by this evilchurch, until there were so many millions of them that the church could no longer conquer them nor extinguish them‚ &the Protestants began to spread throughout the Roman Empire & throughout Europe & to North & South America & throughout all the known World, until there were true Christians in almost every land & many Christian missionaries going throughout all the World to heathen nations & nations that the church had failed to evangelise because of its wickedness!—Nations which had gotten into other evil religions & worship of devils & cruel religious practices!

35. But there these missionaries gained many converts to the true Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ, & won many of them with the Love of God into true faith in the true Messiah, the true Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ! (Jn.14:6; Acts 10:34–35)

36. However, it seemed that the wicked multiplied even more rapidly & spread into every nation on Earth & became the majority of the world’s population in the very last days!Finally Man becomes so wicked that only a few million true Christians are left on Earth & the vast majority of the Earth’s population is wicked & evil & as bad or worse than they were in the days just before the Great Flood destroyed the World’s first population!

37. Finally the wicked of the World even choose acompletely godless government, an anti-Christ government & an Antichrist dictator, a false Messiah who pretends to be their saviour but is Satan incarnate, the Devil in person! And he declares that he is God & that they must all worship him or die! (2Th.2:3-4)

38. He establishes a worldwide government & insists that there be no other religions but the worship of himself & his own image‚ which is set up by the rebuilt Jewish temple in Jerusalem wherein he is on a throne inside, claiming to be God!

39. The evil, wicked insane satanic tyrant then begins to persecute all who will not worship him & kill & slaughter & martyr them, fighting great wars against the religious nations who oppose him, & trying to conquer the entire World & slaughter all who will not follow him, bringing great Tribulation to the Earth! (Mt.24:15,21; Da.11:31-37; Rev.12:13-17, 13:6-7)

40. But God spares His Christian children throughout the Earth & gives them places of refuge & havens in the mountains & dens& caves of the Earth & in the nations which refuse to follow the Antichrist & who fight against him in the great wars of the Endtime! (Psa.91:1-2; Psa.46:1–2; Pr.14:26; Rev.12:6,14)

41. However, just after the Antichrist & his kings & forces of Europe destroy North America in a great nuclear war, there is such great darkness over all the Earth that it begins to freeze & it seems that everyone will die! (Rev.18:8,23; Isa.13:9-11)

42. But suddenly there appears in the Heavens the sign of the Son of Man, the Heavenly City of God‚ the beautiful golden pyramid-shaped City riding in a gorgeous crystal blue orb called the Crystal Sea! It is the City of the Great King, the King of kings, Jesus Christ, & He Himself appears in the sky in the clouds! And there is a great shout & the trump of God & the voice of the archangels calling the people of God to “Come up hither to your Heavenly reward to be with your King forever!”

43. And suddenly all those who had died as Christians rise from their graves with new Heavenly bodies & begin to fly skyward‚ followed by the living Christians who are instantly changed in the twinkling of an eye at that last trump & rise together with them to meet the Lord in the air & join Him in His Heavenly Feast, a Wedding Feast of the Bridegroom, Jesus with His Bride, the true Christians, the true Church of Jesus Christ from every faith all over the World! (Mt.24:29-31; 1Co.15:51-52; 1Th.4:16-17)

44. Andwhile they are feasting & rejoicing in their great salvation & receiving their rewards for faithfulness, having done their Master’s will, God is raining horrible judgements & His great wrath upon the wicked left behind on the face of the Earth in great scourges & great plagues & great judgements! So the wicked gnaw their tongues for pain & yet repent not of their evil deeds! (Rev.19:6-9; Rev.15-16; Isa.13:11-13)

45. So finally God mounts His children upon Heavenly white horses of great power & supernatural strength, & with this mighty army of Saints & angels they ride out of the Heavenly City through the skies to invade the Earth & destroy the evil empire of the Antichrist & all of his wicked followers in the Battle of Armageddon!—Until only the good & the religious who had resisted the Antichrist & resisted his Mark are left, even though they do not yet know Jesus nor have been saved in the time previous! Yet the Lord is going to give all these living their opportunity to hear the Gospel about Jesus & His Love & His Salvation! (Rev.19:11-21; 2Pe.3:9; 1Ti.2:4; Phil.2:10-11)

46. So He sends His angels & His Saints to rule over the Earth & clean up the mess that has been left behind by wicked Man, the evil pollution & all of the remnants of Man’s unrighteousness, to make it a New World, a cleansed Earth! It is the same Earth, but its surface purified & with the curse of God against evil lifted, & the Devil & his demons bound in Hell for a thousand years!—And the Earth is again restored to the beauty & perfection of the Garden of Eden!—And now without the curses & plagues which God had visited upon the wicked! (Rev.20:1–4)

47. And those still living are given a chance to receive Jesus‚ the King of kings, the King of the World in the Kingdom of God, & to love Him & follow Him & do His will! (Jn.6:39-40)

48. So for a Thousand Years the Earth is restored to its original beauty & purity & wonder & pleasure, so that all Mankind rejoices in the Kingdom of God on Earth ruled by its King of kings, Jesus Christ, & His Saints & angels! (Rev.2:26-27; Rev.5:10, 20:4)

49. And all men still living are given an opportunity to know & to love Him & to follow Him‚ & many multitudes of millions are saved & regenerated, made new, living wonderful lives of righteousness & unselfishness & love for one another! (2Co.5:17)

50. But even amongst these in this perfect World of perfect men & women & angels & the perfect King of kings, there are many who still have evil hearts & reject Him & resent Him & desire to go their own wilful wicked ways, as they had before! So that now‚ at the end of that Thousand Years of giving them an opportunity to be saved, many were still not regenerated & have rejected the Lord & resented His will! Until finally the Lord again decides to give Man his last chance! (Isa.26:10)

51. So He allows Satan to be loosed from the Pit of Hell & to come back with his evil angels to go out abroad through all the Earth & deceive as many men & nations as he possibly can until Satan gathers followers from all nations to follow after him in a great war against the Saints of God, the rulers of the Earth!

52. So that God again has to rescue His Saints from the Earth in another great Rapture of catching His Millennial children out of this Earth & lifting them on high to be with Him in that beautiful Heavenly City in that globe above! But this time He finishes off Satan & his wicked followers & demons once & for all & forever, & completely destroys the surface of the Earth & all of Satan’s evil rebels with a great flood of fire which completely burns up the entire surface of the Earth & its atmosphere, the polluted heavens & junk-filled space & all of the wicked who still remain! (Rev.20:7-10; 2Pe.3:10-13)

53. Then He renews the Earth & remakes it into a New Earth completely, more beautiful & more perfect than ever, with no more dangerous seas & no more foul weather & no more evil of any kind, an even more perfect paradise on Earth than it has ever been before! (Rev.21:1-5; Isa.60:19-22, 65:17-25)

54. And now that the surface of the Earth is purified & made perfect again, the Lord sees fit to permit His beautiful Heavenly City to descend from the Heavens & settle upon the Earth itself, so that His habitation could be with His beloved people on this New Earth in the New Jerusalem‚ the Heavenly City!—Their Home Forever! (Rev.21:2; Heb.12:22-23)

55. In the great White Throne Judgement of God, He has raised from the dead all of the other people of the Earth who have ever died, &, sending the wicked to Hell, He saves the righteous to live upon the surface of the Earth to learn about Him & His Love & His Son Jesus & His wonderful Salvation from sin that they too might be saved & join the already-saved Children of God who are living in the City! (Jn.10:16,27-29; Acts 3:21; 2Co.5:19; Eph.1:10; 2:7)

56. And so all the saved peoples of the Earth & Heaven live happily with the Lord & His angels in the beautiful Paradise of the New Earth & the City of God with Him forever in an Eternity of Love & Life Eternal! (Rev.22:3-5)

57. That is very briefly the story of God & the Earth & Man’s history & the Endtime of Man’s rule on Earth & the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the Thousand Years called the Millennium, & that final destruction of the surface of the Earth & its atmosphere & all its pollutions & all of its evil in a flood of fire, only to be remade anew for God & His children & their Heavenly City forever!

58. And as we have said before‚ these basic events & major periods of Earth’s history & Man’s activities upon it right through to the Heavenly City itself have all been vividly described by His Prophets throughout the entire Bible!

59. The horrible history of evil Man & the beautiful story of the sweet, good Children of God & their Heavenly ending are then really only beginning! These are generally the events & the circumstances & the characters of the history of this entire Earth & its peoples from Beginning to End!

60. However, many of the tiny details & actual experiences of His children during some of these periods have not been made completely clear. That has been left for us to find out‚ & some of these secrets have not yet been revealed, of the experiences that we are actually going to live through & feel & see & live in the wonderful World yet to come! (Deu.29:29; 1Co.13:12)

61. We have given you many beautiful pictures to illustrate these events & conditions & experiences, to try to help you see the realities of it all, & particularly the beauties of the Heavenly Earth & the Heavenly City & its people, & the stories of some of their lives & experiences through these times!

62. But we have yet to give you in the greatest of detail some of these stories & their experiences which God is revealing to us day-by–day, even now, as we face these events of the future.

63. Some of you have already read the stories of my own family & my children, which have already been written, such as “The Story of Our Children” & “Life with Grandpa” & similar accounts of our past history & lives on this Earth.

64. But now we feel that there is a real need to envision their lives in the Future yet to come as they grow older & as they live through this terrible period of Great Tribulation & the last death throes & agonies of Man’s wicked World, & then our wonderful rescue from it in the beautiful Second Coming of Jesus & the Rapture of His Saints! How will it really feel & what will it look like & how will it be when these things occur & we pass through them with our own children during these periods!?

65. We are now going to try to envision these events & experiences as relating to us & how we will live through them into the beautiful World of Tomorrow!

66. We’re going to skip over much of the worst part of the story of the Great Tribulation & how they survive it, because that story is being told in another fascinating account known as “Heaven’s Girl”! So if you want to read the details of the Great Tribulation & how God’s people survive it, you must surely read that beautiful story of that Heavenly Girl, which has been so thrillingly written by John Weaver & beautifully illustrated by Al Eastman! Be sure to read that story if you possibly can!

67. The continued story of our children & their life with Grandpa we hope to begin at the end of that horrible period of Great Tribulation, with their Rapture into the Heavens at the coming of the Lord! We’re going to try to help you really see & feel those experiences as they pass through these tremendous events of the Future! So God bless you & help you to understand & thrill to the wonders that are before us!

68. We hope that you’ll enjoy it & will be encouraged by it & thrilled & inspired with its beautiful story about these wonders to come! God bless you, & may you be one of these who will live such a life & experience such thrills in such a glorious & wonderful Future!—In Jesus’ name, amen.

Who Is Grandfather?

David Berg

—Heaven’s Children Chapter 2


1. We began the first volume of this story with the words, “I’m Grandfather”, as I’m the one who’s telling the story. But some of you who do not know me might say, “So, who is Grandfather?” So that’s the title of this chapter: “Who is Grandfather?”

2. Well, I come from a long line of Norsemen, Vikings, farmers‚ entertainers, acrobats, singers, a shoe cobbler & a railroad man on my father’s side. My father was born on a farm near Kalmar Castle in Smoland, Sweden, & emigrated with his father & mother & family to the United States about 1887 when he was only about four years old. They settled in a small town in the Midwest called Oakland, Nebraska.

3. As they were very poor‚ they had crossed the ocean for weeks in the bottom of the boat, a freighter, in what is now known as “steerage” under horrible conditions, packed in almost like sardines with many other poverty-stricken European immigrants of that day, with very little food & water, & terribly unsanitary conditions.

4. But they survived,thank God, & took a train from New York, third class in those days, packed in almost as badly as they had been in the boat, until finally they arrived at the home of my father’s older sister who had gone before them & settled there in Nebraska & who had invited them to come & join her, as she had a good job as a milliner‚ or a hat-maker, & was earning enough money that she had a place large enough for them all to live, which was very small in those days.

5. My father’s father, or my grandfather, whom we called “Far-far”‚ which is Swedish for “father’s father”, was a shoe cobbler, or a shoe–maker, making shoes to order by hand in his own little shop in their home.

6. It was a good trade & he managed to eke out a living for himself & his little family, together with the help of his daughter & some of the other older children, none of whom spoke English, so that at first they were very poor.

7. My father said that his first memories of family dinners were standing at the table because they could not afford chairs, & eating out of their only pot, their only dish set in the center of the table, eating out of it with their hands because they not only could not afford dishes, nor any morepots, but they could not afford utensils or silverware!

8. Because they were poor Swedish immigrants, not long from their Fatherland‚ & had settled in a small farming community of nearly all Swedes as well, they spoke entirely Swedish in the home & even about town. So my father did not learn much English until he was nearly twelve years of age when he went to work for the local colliery sorting coal after school. He also did not start attending school until that age.

9. But he rapidly learned English at both school & his work, as well as learning bookkeeping as he progressed, until finally he could find better jobs & the family began to prosper somewhat as all the children worked, including their father & mother.

10. His older sister, Ellen, my Aunt Ellen, did so well with her hats she finally had her own hat shop, a millinery store which she eventually sold & got enough money to move to Oakland,California, where she established another hat shop larger than before. She kept prospering & making money until she had a whole chain of hat shops both in Oakland & San Francisco, & became quite rich as a frugal investor & wise woman so that she eventually owned considerable real estate, both in San Francisco & Oakland, & that vicinity.

11. And as she prospered‚ she invited the rest of the family to move on to California with her & live with her there & get better jobs in the big cities. My father, Hjalmer, a good Swedish name, therefore obtained through my rich Aunt’s influence a very good job with the Southern Pacific Railroad as one of its well-paid bookkeepers‚ & he would spend his vacations as a brakeman on some of its freight trains throughout the West, just for excitement, travel & good vacation pay. And it was in the course of these travels that he met my mother.

12. On my mother’s side, I come from a long line of German-Jewish farmers who lived near Stuttgart, Germany, who had already become Christians as their family were Christians, converted Jews, & members of a Baptist sect known as “Dunkards”, later known in the United States as the Church of the Brethren, a church largely composed of converted Christian–Jews, mostly businessmen & prosperous farmers & therefore fairly rich.

13. This church now controls several outstanding Christian educational institutions in the United States of which you may have heard, such as Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, the Church of the Open Door & Los Angeles Bible Institute of Los Angeles, & the rich man’s Christian college, Westmont College of Montecito‚ near Santa Barbara, California, & some of these institutions enter into our story later on.

14. The three German-Jewish Christian farm boys from near Stuttgart—Adam, Ludwig & Jacob Brandt—finally decided to emigrate together to the United States in 1745, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat, finally arriving in Pennsylvania & settling near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on farms where they raised their families.

15. The one brother‚ Ludwig the First, was my great great great great grandfather. His son, Ludwig the Second moved to a farm near Somerset, Ohio where he fathered a third Ludwig whose son Isaac was my grandfather’s father, my great grandfather, Isaac Brandt.

16. There on Isaac’s farm near Somerset, Ohio, my grandfather, John Lincoln Brandt‚ was born in the year 1860, the year the American Civil War began. And as that war did not end until 1865, he still had childhood memories of that terrible conflict in which more Americans were killed than in any other war in the United States’ history!

17. He too was a farmer like his forefathers before him, but was determined to better himself by getting a little education, so he began to read & educate himself on his own & in some of the primitive country schools of the day.Until‚ when he finally graduated from the equivalent of today’s highschool at the age of 19, he became a school teacher.

18. But he was a very handsome & energetic young man & longed for excitement & adventure, so he soon joined a travelling troupe of actors, particularly portraying Shakespearian characters, as Shakespeare was still very popular in his day & especially his plays.

19. But one night, thoroughly frightened by a very close call he had in a sword duel with another actor who was drunk at the time, he sought out a minister who could tell him how to be saved, so that if this other drunken actor should prove to bring about his final fate, he would be ready to go to Heaven! Finally an old-fashioned Methodist minister got him down on his knees, praying a prayer of repentance & confession of faith in Jesus Christ‚ the Son of God, as his Lord & Saviour. (Ro.10:9-10)

20. So, since he always did whatever he did with his whole heart‚ he immediately determined to become a preacher of the Gospel! If it was good enough for him, it was good enough for everybody! So he immediately launched out upon a course of action & education which would put him into the Methodist ministry, & finally became a circuit-riding preacher with five different churches in the hills of West Virginia amongst the mountaineers‚ where my mother was born to a young actress whom my grandfather had married during his acting career, Nina Lee Marquis, a descendant of the Marquis of France & relatives of Robert E. Lee & Lighthorse Harry Lee on that side of the family, heroes of the Civil War on the side of the South.

21. As is obvious from my Grandfather’s middle name, Lincoln, his family were Northerners & in sympathy with the North during that War; but my grandmother‚ as is obvious from her middle name, her family were from the South & sympathisers with the South! So they did not always agree on politics, as my grandfather was a Northern gentleman & my grandmother a Southern lady‚ when gentlemen were still gentlemen & ladies real ladies!

22. So my mother, Nina Virginia Lee Brandt, grew up hearing both sides of the War, but as her mother was a sweet‚ loving, tender, gentle, graceful‚ beautiful Southern woman & my mother was born in the South, her sympathies were considerably heavily-weighted on the Southern side; & as she spent her childhoodin that small Southern town where she was born, White Sulphur Springs‚ West Virginia, a country farm town where her father rode to his churches by horseback through the dense woods of the steep mountains of southern West Virginia, she learned to know & understand the South & its Southerners.

23. And apparently as her own mother did not have sufficient breast-milk for her, it was the custom in those days to hire what was known as a “wet-nurse”, & so they hired a Black nanny to nurse my mother, so that she learned to love the Negroes as well‚ who were sweet, precious Christians in those days, not the wild savages many are today! So she loved both Whites & Blacks of the South, & in growing up myself I can remember that we nearly always had Negro maids & gardeners & helpers‚ as they were plentiful & wages were low.

24. As my grandfather Brandt had been quite an actor & now was just as dramatic in his preaching, he quickly worked his way up the ladder to better churches in more civilized parts of the Midwest, such as Indianapolis‚ my grandmother’s home town, & St. Louis,Missouri. There he began to become very rich through his wise investments in gambling on the stock market, until he finally had a stock ticker in his own office in the rear of his church to keep tabs on the stock market hour-by-hour!

25. So by this time he not only had the largest Christian Church in St. Louis, Missouri with congregations of 2‚000 every Sunday service, but he also began travelling, writing books & lectures on his travels around the World, until he had finally travelled three times around the World before he died, which was very rare in those days as most people did not even travel across the Ocean & barely from State to State in those early days!

26. But he had travelled extensively throughout Europe & the Mideast, particularly Egypt, & also the Orient, especially China‚ which was being evangelized by many Christian missionaries in those days of the late 1800’s, along with his wife, my grandmother, who in the course of their Chinese travels, learned Cantonese, the language of the rich & educated of Southern China. God later made her a missionary herself to the tens of thousands of Chinese in her own home city of St. Louis—poor Chinese who had come to the United States to make their fortune but had found that they could barely eke out a living as labourers.

27. In the course of his travels, my grandfather took a liking to Australia, & his last great pastorate was the largest Christian Church in Melbourne, where some of their children were born—the children of his second marriage.

28. My mother’s mother died during an accident in a minor operation when my mother was only 17 in 1903. So her rich father sent her abroad‚ which usually meant Europe in those days, to try to help her forget her bitterness over my grandmother’s death. There she toured Europe with her own high-society clique of young people, spending most of her days sleeping & all nights in the music halls of Paris or gambling in the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco on the French Riviera. Fortunately she was usually quite lucky & almost always won. But when she did lose, her father was rich enough to send her more money.

29. She finally returned to the United States where she began to want to feel useful & do something worthwhile, so shebecame General Winfield Scott’s secretary in his palatial home in Fort Worth, Texas—the Winfield Scott of Civil War fame, after which the Presidio of San Francisco was also named.

30. But there during a high-society weekend party of foolish pleasure she became fed-up & sick of the World & its frothiness & had almost decided to end it all with suicide when she remembered some words her father had often spoken, “If you must throw your life away, why not give it away?”

31. So she decided to go back to college & learn welfare work, “social service” as they called it, & eventually became National Field Secretary of the Florence Crittenden Homes for “fallen girls”, as they were known in that day‚ unwed mothers who had been cast out of their own homes by their own families & had no place to go but the streets & prostitution. Maybe that’s why I have such a burden for prostitutes & the men whom they serve!

32. Finding that she was as gifted in lecturing as her father, shewas sent on the road by Charles Crittenden himself to raise money for the building of these much-needed homes for girls, & raised literally millions of dollars for the construction of many of these homes throughout the West. She was in the process of dedicating her last Crittenden home after itwas built in Reno, Nevada, where she met my father in the course of his travels & eloped with him on one of his trains, cabling her father in China that she was now married to a handsome young Swedish singer who could perhaps sing for him at one of his coming evangelistic campaigns!

33. In that campaign in Aberdeen, South Dakota‚ under her father’s preaching, my father dedicated his life to the ministry of the Lord & the Gospel, to my mother’s shocked amazement & dismay!—Because in the course of her life & bitterness over her mother’s death she had become an atheist & unbeliever & could quote pages & pages of Voltaire & Ingersoll & the many famous atheists & Bible blasters of her day. Nevertheless, no argument that she could give would dissuade my stubborn, square-headed Swedish father. So she finally, reluctantly tagged along after him to Bible college in Des Moines, Iowa, where they had their first child, my older brother Hjalmer Junior.

34. But it was there in Des Moines, Iowa where she also had a terrible accident in which her back was broken & she was totally paralyzed from the waist down & partially paralysed on the left side, & finally almost totally paralyzed as the years went by, barely able to breathe, her lungs filled with tuberculosis after five years in bed & a wheelchair‚ her heart growing worse & worse day-by-day from the confinement & lack of exercise, her stomach salivated from her inability to eat proper food‚ being finally fed only liquids through a tube through a hole in her throat! Almost totally blind & dull of hearing from the strong medicines she had had to take & her hair all fallen out, she was eventually nothing but a skeleton with skin stretched over the bones, lying on rubber cushions, & weighing only 78 pounds! She said she looked more like a scarecrow than a human being!

35. My father, finally desperate for his wife & the mother of their now two children, my older brother & sister, cried out to God for mercy, & my mother was gloriously, marvellously saved! She became a believer in Jesus Christ, her Saviour, the Son of God, & was one week later miraculously, astonishingly raised from her deathbed to walk to my father’s church the very next morning‚ to stand in his pulpit & give her wonderful story of her marvellous Salvation & miraculous healing to his astounded parishioners!

36. This woman, whom they were all expecting to die at any moment, was suddenly as though she had been resurrected from the dead & was actually standing before them telling an almost incredible story! This occurred inUkiah, California, around 1918, where she was immediately invited to other local churches to tell that same wonderful story of God’s grace & God’s mercy upon the sin-sick, sick & dying!

37. Thus she was invited from Church to Church to tell that remarkable story, until she became much more popular as a speaker‚ & now a preacher of the Gospel, than even herhusband! But they soon found that this new doctrine of Faith Healing & Salvation by Grace was not very popular in their old formal modernistic churches of their own denomination! So they launched out into independent evangelistic work, & her popularity grew as a speaker & evangelist, as well as a faith–healer.

38. Following this exciting time of their pioneering, I was born on February the 18th, 1919 in Oakland, California in a tiny little four-room wooden cottage in the poor Melrose district during the great Spanish flu epidemic after World War 1, which slaughtered four million people throughout the World! Both my mother & I had it & it nearly killed us!—One of the first attacks of the King of Evil, Satan, upon our lives! But thanks to my mother’s faith & prayer & my father’s prayers‚ we survived it, thank the Lord!

39. Having lost his church & my mother being pregnant with me, they had had to leave the evangelistic field temporarily, so that he had gone back to work as a bookkeeper at Southern Pacific in San Francisco before I was born. During this time my rich Aunt Ellen helped them, very begrudgingly however, as she considered them as the scum of the Earth, Gospel gypsies, bums & beggars!—Because the established churches at that time did not recognize such fanaticism as healing & Salvation by Grace & evangelists in general! My Aunt was one of the leading charter members of a rich, huge Methodist Temple in Oakland, California & ashamed of her poor Gospel relatives. Nevertheless I had an opportunity there many times to visit & stay temporarily in her home, a beautiful place there in the rich suburb of Piedmont, Oakland, which by the way was then an all–White city of mostly Swedes, rather than an all-Black city as it is today.

40. There as a little child of only two or three, I can remember meeting my old Swedish grandfather, “Far–far”, my father’s father, who was now old & retired, living in a little cottage behind my rich aunt’s house, with his aged wife, my grandmother, “Far-mor” as we called her, which means “father’s mother”. I can remember them as a little tot speaking only in Swedish, of which I had been taught none, as my mother & father wanted us to grow up as English-speaking Americans. He would pat me on the head often with a sweet smile & affectionately remark, “Den lil’ pilton” while he was raking the leaves in the Fall & I was playing around his feet. I remember he must have been very patient with me as a toddler, trying to help him rake the leaves.

41. I can also remember Far-far & Far-mor standing at their little table in their tiny cottage singing Psalms & saying grace both before & after their meagre meals, to the wonder of this little tot who was fascinated by this old grey-bearded & grey-haired Swedish man & his aged grey-haired wife, my grandmother & grandfather, both Christians to the days they died. My grandmother died there in that same little cottage & later on my grandfather died in his little room, alone, at the back of my Aunt Ellen’s home. Both died at ripe old ages in their 80’s, having lived long‚ fruitful lives loving the Lord & bearing good children, who were also Christians, most of them learning to know Jesus before they also all passed away.

42. I also loved‚ as a little child of two or three, to go to the great Golden Gate Park in the city of San Francisco by ferryboat across the bay, & to visit its zoo & the playground with its kiddie–car train & all the things that little children love to do, as well as the great Cliff House on the ocean to watch the seals & hear the fascinating, mysterious music boxes in its music box museum, containing some of the earliest music recording machines that the World knew in that day, such as machines which contained whole orchestras of violins & various instruments & automatic player pianos & so on, the first music recording machines ever invented! As I had a strong mechanical bent like my father, I was almost hypnotised by these beautiful examples of mechanical genius which played such beautiful music of that day!

43. After I became old enough to travel, my parents, along with my older brother & sister, resumed their evangelistic tours‚ travelling several times across the great Western United States, its plains & deserts by Model-T Ford, mostly to Texas & Oklahoma, where my grandfather & his older children were pioneering new Christian churches in this pioneer land that had only been recently settled in the Oklahoma land rush, having formerly been an Indian reservation.

44. There my father & mother both pastored churches, as well as her father & his new wife & my mother’s younger brother & others of my grandfather’s tribe. And as my mother’s fame began to spread Eastward, she received invitations to hold meetings further East, as well as in the far North of Canada. And as a small child I learned to experience much travelling in many climates & many kinds of territory & many kinds of people throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico.

45. Finally when I was four years old, my father took a church in Virginia Highlands just outside of Washington D.C., & there I had my fifth birthday & many trips to the Smithsonian Institute, which fascinated me with its endless marvellous exhibits & historical collections‚ precious gems, stuffed wild animals & all kinds of things that a small boy would be interested in! So I received quite an education there in Washington D.C., viewing its giant national buildings & touring its Capitol Building, the White House & so on, all very very great wonders to this tiny tot!

46. Eventually my mother was called to hold a meeting in Miami, Florida, where she went with my father & her little family, the three of us children, down into the torrid heat of the Tropix from the far, frozen, cold North, & it was quite a change!

47. All of that is a long story, too long to review here, but if you wish to read it for yourself, you can find it written in several other books, particularly the various stories I’ve told of my life & the “Books of Remembrance”, which you may obtain from some Members of our Family for reading.

48. But there in Miami, Florida‚ occurred some great miracles of healing which catapulted Mother to immediate local fame & drew large crowds of thousands of people to her meetings! Until finally she felt compelled to build a very large church building, a rough wooden building very popular in those days, known as the “Gospel Tabernacle”, with a sawdust floor & rough wooden benches, plank benches. And there thousands of people came to her meetings as the building itself seated about 5,000 & was full almost every night, as evangelistic meetings were quite popular in those days as they included considerable musical entertainment & often illustrated sermons, Gospel plays, Bible dramas, stereoptican shows—that’s slide pictures—& many forms of very interesting Gospel entertainment before the days of television & radio & in the early days of motion pictures, often called “flicks” because they still flickered.

49. And there it was that I received much of my education, sitting or even sleeping on one of those benches almost nightly, hearing both my mother & father preach & many other great & famous Evangelists of North America.—And that was a considerable Bible & religious education for any young boy of my age!

50. There also I entered public school & my formal State education‚ when schools still read the Bible & prayed first thing every morning before class! And because I was the preacher’s kid, I was frequently chosen as the goat to read the Bible & lead in prayer, although I was actually a sheep, of course!

51. But there I also found out how cruel the World was & how violent & evil its children were already becoming!—Rough, tough bully-boys who pounded away on the preacher’s kid & started many fights with me in which I usually got beat up because I was a fighter & insisted on fighting back, although I was not as big as they were, but small, frail, delicate, skinny & mostly of a high mind & good intellect‚ rather than a brawny body!

52. So I learned to hate public school, but I loved my studies & the books that we read & I devoured literature of every kind, particularly historical fiction. Anything historical fascinated me, as I wanted to learn about all the people in the World & all the countries & all their histories, & I’m glad I did, because it has come in handy in the years that followed.

53. My teachers liked me & even loved me, & I loved some of the sweet little girls! But the bully-boys were my torture & torment almost continuously from first grade on through high school there in Miami, Florida. They cracked my skull, broke my arm & nose, etc.!

54. But there I spent my school days & my youth, growing up, attending school, attending my parents’ church & their meetings, hearing lots of preaching, lots of Bible & going on long extended 3-month vacations in the Summer with my parents on their evangelistic tours. But there also the Boom-times of the twenties ended with the Big Blow or the Great Hurricane of 1926 which virtually destroyed Miami & my mother’s tabernacle, followed soon after by the great financial Crash of ’29 & the Great Depression of the ’30’s!

55. And during all of these tragedies & catastrophes‚ my parents’ church gradually dwindled down to just a few hundred attendants & their ministry waned locally until finally their church was stolen from them by one of the heads of their denomination, a missionary group whom they had joined in their early days of evangelism, the Christian & Missionary Alliance. So that my mother & father were forced out with a few of their loyal followers into smaller buildings, even store buildings‚ to hold their services, until eventually the crowd dwindled to only a few score& then a few dozen, until at last, after years in Miami, from the time I was six until I was a teenager‚ their ministry there had dwindled down to almost nothing!—And they were using Miami merely as a home base for their evangelistic tours.

56. Therefore my father gave up & retired, to go back to live with his rich sister Ellen in California & wound up minding a butter-&-eggs store in Long Beach, all alone. So then my mother & I launched out into fulltime evangelistic work together in his absence, as I had grown to be a full-grown young teenager. I began driving her cars at the age of 16, & finally was out of highschool for at least a couple of years while I drove her about the country to her meetings & helped her in every way that I could in her wonderful soul-saving & healing ministry for as long as I could.

57. But it’s a long story, & I can’t give you all the details that I have told others, but you can ask them! But eventually I managed to finish highschool & enter college & marry & have four children & pastor a church of my own,which I built with my own hands in the middle of the Arizona desert out of mud—adobe blocks—and learned to live on my own, by faith, with my little family of six.

58. Pastoring a tiny church of only two dozen people didn’t satisfy, & as I was just a young preacher & this was my first pastorate, I didn’t satisfy them either!—And so we both made mistakes! One mistake, the most serious one that a Pastor can make‚ I found out, was telling the Truth & preaching to the people what they need! That is not popular & you cannot remain a Pastor that way for very long, so they soon got rid of me!

59. So I went back to college & nearly became a Communist, if they had not been so intolerant of religion, because I still knew Jesus was my Saviour, God was my Father & the Holy Spirit my Lover, & to preach the Gospel of His Love & Salvation to the World was my duty.

60. So eventually I went into Christian school-teaching & taught junior high students, 13 & 14 years of age‚ in a large Christian school in Los Angeles, California. And there I learned a lot about the youth of that day & their problems & what it took to interest them in studying anything at all! I had to be nearly as dramatic as my grandfather & I learned many ways to attract their attention & to get them interested in their studies, as well as telling them many stories. And I guess that’s where I first learned to be a storyteller, because that’s probably what I am more than anything else, a teller of tales, true tales, mostly my own tales, of experiences that I have personally had, or my parents or my forefathers & so on, as you can see.

61. But this became a great asset to me some years later, as after several years of resuming travels with my mother, together with my little family, & taking to trailer travel & camping out & so on in order to house such a large party—after these years of many more wonderful miraculous & supernatural & exciting experiences throughout the United States & the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada & so on, we finally arrived back in California, my little family & I, for Christmas in 1967.

62. The children were now not so little but grown teenagers, the oldest two married & soon to have children of their own. We were still in fulltime evangelistic work for the Lord by faith, travelling with first our little trailers & campers & finally with a large motor home, which we called the “Cruiser” & some called the “Ark”.

63. There we visited my dear mother‚ now in her 80’s & retired, in her tiny little 4-room cottage‚ if you include the kitchen & bathroom—one bedroom, one living-room–dining-room, a tiny little clapboard cottage on an alley behind another larger house that was occupied by someone else, strangers.

64. While visiting my mother, at her invitation, we became deeply interested in & involved with a new kind of people who were arising in California, young people who were called “hippies”! Most of them were wearing very funny, strange clothing, dating back more to the time of their forefathers or the Indians or savages than modern civilisation, & living much that way also part of the time‚ as many of these hippies were dealing in drugs & sex & even crime!

65. But my mother had a very great burden for these young people & insisted that we try to reach them with the Gospel.—So we did!—First of all through my children‚ who had now had much experience in street witnessing & park meetings & busking & distributing literature & singing in public, out on the streets & outside of the churches where we could reach the people who really needed the Gospel the most, especially the young people‚ through my own teenagers.

66. But that is the story I’ll have to tell you next time, God willing, in the next chapter, entitled, “Who, In Heaven’s Name‚ Are Heaven’s Children?”—Be sure to read it soon! God bless you! I love you!

Who Are Heaven’s Children?

David Berg

—Heaven’s Children Chapter 3

10/85 DFO 2102

1. WELL, HI THERE! HOW ARE YOU? THIS IS GRANDFATHER AGAIN! God bless you!—And who is Grandfather? Well, you’ll have to read the last chapter preceding this one to find out who I am! For in this chapter we want to answer the question‚ “Who are Heaven’s Children?”

2. WELL, TO MAKE A LONG STORY VERY SHORT, WE ARE!—And you are too, if you’re one of God’s children, one of His saved & wonderful Family of believers in His Son, our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. Then you are one of the Sons or Daughters of the God of Heaven & your Big Brother is Jesus & your Home is Heaven. Therefore you are already one of Heaven’s Children! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! God bless you! (Jn.1:12; Gal.3:26; 1Jn.3:1-2)

3. SO AS YOU SAW BY THE LAST CHAPTER‚ I TOO AM ONE OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN! Although I may not look like a little child, I too had to become as a little child in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. For Jesus said, “Ye must be born again” to enter into His Kingdom. That of course means to be born of His Spirit,the Mother of the Trinity, & to become a new creature in Christ Jesus, with old things passed away & all things become new.—A really truly wonderful new person with many of your old faults gone & your sins forgiven, & living an entirely new life for Jesus! So everyone who has received Jesus into their hearts is now a Child of Heaven!—One of Heaven’s Children! (Mt.18:2,3; Jn.3:3-8; 1Pe.1:23; 2Co.5:17; Jn.3:16)

4. AND NOT ONLY THAT‚ YOU ORIGINALLY CAME FROM HEAVEN! Your own personal spirit & personality were fashioned by the very hand of God Himself in that Heavenly Place, & then sent down here to be born of woman into this World on a special mission to show others His Love & tell them the good news of the Gospel of His wonderful Salvation from sin & how to receive Him as their Saviour & therefore be bound for Heaven forever! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Jn.17:3)

5. SO ALL OF US WHO LOVE THE LORD JESUS, GOD’S SON, ARE THEREFORE HEAVEN’S CHILDREN!—ARE YOU ONE? If you’re not sure, you can make sure right now by just praying a simple little childlike prayer: (Gal.3:26; 1Jn.5:11-13)

6. “LORD JESUS, I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD & THAT YOU DIED FOR ME. Please forgive me for all my sins. I now open the door of my heart & I ask You, Jesus, to please come in & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life! Help me to love You & to love others by telling them about You & Your Love. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

7. NOW IF YOU REALLY PRAYED THAT LITTLE PRAYER AS SINCERELY AS A LITTLE CHILD, JESUS HAS COME INTO YOUR HEART & YOUR LIFE FOREVER!—For He promised to do so! He said‚ “Behold, I stand at the door”, your heart’s door, “and knock. If any man will hear My voice & open the door, I will come in” & fellowship with him or her, thank the Lord! Isn’t that wonderful? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Mk.10:14; Rev.3:20)

8. IT’S SO WONDERFUL TO KNOW JESUS PERSONALLY‚ THE AUTHOR OF THAT WONDERFUL BOOK, THE BIBLE!—The very Son of God Himself & His precious Holy Spirit Mother! So now that you have received Him & learned of His wonderful Love & how much He loved you to save you by dying on the cross for your sins, why don’t you start telling others about Him & His Love & loving others for God’s sake? (Jn.1:1,14; Rom.5:8; 1Jn.3:16; Jn.12:26)

9. FOR TODAY, THAT IS HIS ONLY LAW—IT’S LOVE! To love God & to love others are the only laws that we have from Him today, because those were truly His first laws. Long before the laws of Moses, or the Ten Commandments, His greatest Law has always been to Love!—To love others & to love God Himself, Who gives you that love for them & wants you to love them, so that they too can be saved & know & love Him & work for Him to win many souls for His Kingdom, subjects of the Kingdom of God! (Mt.22:37-40)

10. THIS HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF THE GREAT KING OF KINGS IS SOON TO COVER THE WHOLE EARTH WHEN JESUS COMES AGAIN, BRINGING WITH HIM HIS GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, HEAVENLY CITY from outer space, which shall hover above the Earth for a thousand years after the World’s many great wars! It shall bring peace on Earth toward men of good will, but punishment for those who defy Him! (Rev.21)

11. THEN HE’S GOING TO MAKE THE WORLD OVER AGAIN into an entirely New Earth, with His New Heaven resting upon it & accessible to those who love Him! In fact, He said, “In My Father’s house are many mansions” for you, “If it were not so, I would have told you”. And He said, “Now I go to prepare a place for you, that there you may be with Me also”. (Rev.21:1-5; Jn.14: 2–3)

12. SO HE’S UP THERE RIGHT NOW WORKING TO PREPARE YOU A MANSION IN THAT GORGEOUS‚ GIGANTIC, HEAVENLY CITY 1500 miles square & 1500 miles high!—And only He knows how many millions of miles out it is into outer space, which is the only safe place to build such a City! (Rev.21:16; Amos 9:6)

13. SO, DO YOU HAVE A MANSION THERE? I HOPE SO!—AND IF YOU’RE ONE OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, YOU SURELY DO! You know you do because God has promised it to you,if you’ve received His Son Jesus & His Love into your heart & love others. (Jn.14:2; Rev.3:12)

14. SO IN THIS STORY WE’RE GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU A LITTLE MORE ABOUT HEAVEN & ITS CHILDREN in greater detail, both from the Bible & from the Words of His Prophets & their dreams & visions described therein in His wonderful Books where it has been pictured in the utmost detail! But more about that later, when we visit There, all right? (Isa.60; Joel 3:17-18)

15. YOU SAY, “OH, HOW ARE WE GOING TO VISIT THERE?”—Well‚ I’ve already told you! But in order to describe it in greater detail & with more realistic drama, we’re going to tell you the story of some particular Heaven’s Children!—My own children!

16. SO‚ WHO ARE MY CHILDREN? Well, some of you who read the last chapter know a little bit about them & how they grew up & what they did in trying to evangelise other children by travelling all over the United States with me, Grandfather, preaching the Gospel wherever we could find someone hungry for love & who needed Salvation.—On the streets, in the bars, nightclubs, parks, boulevards‚ everywhere outside the churches where the needy souls could be found. (Mk.16:15; Lk.14:23)

17. WE WERE NOT JUST SITTING IN THE BARN (LIKE THE CHURCHES!) PRAYING FOR THE CROP TO COME IN‚ but going out into the harvest fields so wide & white, where the real harvest is, but the labourers are so few! Real missionaries of the Gospel are so rare & always have been, it seems, while most of the church is sitting on comfortable pews in air-conditioned palaces, listening to entertaining music & little pious pulpit platitudes, but very little Bible & no conviction of real Salvation or any feeling of obligation to tell the World about God’s Love & how to be saved! (Mt.9:37-38)

18. SO AFTER ALL MY LIFE IN THE CHURCH & CHURCHES & CHRISTIAN COLLEGES‚ I FINALLY GOT FED UP WITH CHURCHIANITY & its stuffiness & boredom & dullness & deadness & lack of activity, with people who call themselves “Christians” but have no burden to obey Christ’s commandment of “Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature”! And then He said, “Lo I will be with you always.” But if you don’t go, is He still going to be with you? Well‚ not like He is with us who are Missionaries & go out to obey His commandment & are His emissaries, His ambassadors to the entire World on six continents & in nearly a hundred countries! (Mk.16:15; Mt.28:20; 1Jn.4:21; 2Co.5:20)

19. AT FIRST WE MINISTERED TO THE HIPPIES OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, in the richest County of the richest State of the richest Country in the whole World! We were called “Teens for Christ”. We had the Gospel Light Club for preaching the Gospel to the hippies, but later we were driven out of that city of Huntington Beach, California. So we started travelling in convoys & caravans throughout the entire United States, preaching the Gospel on the streets & in the parks, cafes, & wherever we could find anyone who would listen.—The hungry souls who needed relief from sin & guilt & their bad habits & even sickness‚ & needed to be saved to join the Citizens of God’s Kingdom as one of His Children!

20. IN THE COURSE OF THESE TRAVELS, WE RECEIVED A NICKNAME from one of the reporters who was covering one of our demonstrations & he called us the “Children of God“. Later we were called the “Family of Love” by others. And finally, I’m sure that today we will be called “Heaven’s Children” or “those Heaven people” or, if they like us, maybe “those Heavenly people”! (Rom.8:16)

21. BECAUSE OUR WELL-KNOWN BEAUTIFUL COLOUR POSTERS ARE ON THE STREETS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD‚ being sold to you & others, picturing God’s beautiful City & its inhabitants & all their glorious life in Paradise! Perhaps you’ve seen some of them. If not, you’re welcome to find one of us & buy some from us! We’d love for you to know how beautiful the City of God is & what a wonderful place you’re going to if you’re saved! (1Co.2:9-10)

22. I DON’T KNOW WHY THE CHURCHES NEVER TOLD US MUCH ABOUT HEAVEN, but even the few sermons I heard the preachers preach on Heaven, few of them even read us its exact description in the Bible where it is described in the utmost exquisite detail in the last two Chapters in the last Book of the Bible, called the Book of the Apocalypse or the Revelation!—The Revelation of Jesus Christ that God gave to His Son to reveal to His holy angels to show to John the Revelator, St. John the Divine, who wrote it all down in that Book, recording the sights & the sounds & the beauties that he saw while visiting Heaven! (Rev.1:1, 21-22)

23. WE, TOO, HAVE HAD SUCH SPIRIT TRIPS & SUCH DREAMS, SO WE’VE LEARNED MUCH MORE ABOUT THE CITY & we’ll be only too happy to tell you about it & show you the pictures of it, if you’ll just ask our Heaven’s Children for some of those pictures! (Acts 2:17)

24. SO WE ARE A FAMILY OF GOD’S LOVE, GOD’S CHILDREN, HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, a particular group of His children who believe in really loving the lost & winning souls for Jesus’ Kingdom, His coming Kingdom here on Earth as well as in the Heavenlies‚ with the Love of God.

25. WE ARE PARTICULARLY KNOWN FOR OUR LOVE & HAPPY SMILES & SHINING FACES & happy lives as we live together in Heavenly Homes right here on this Earth in Heaven-on-Earth right now! We are especially known to some as those Christians who will love you all the way in whatever way you need it! For the Bible says that if we see that you have need, that we’re to try to supply those needs, to show you the Love of God & how much He loves you, & that He is willing to let us be used of Him to show how much He loves you, whatever your need! (Jam.2:8‚15-17; 1Jn.3:16-18)

26. WE ARE THOSE HEAVENLY GIRLS & BOYS THAT YOU’VE SEEN WALKING THE STREETS DISTRIBUTING GOSPEL LITERATURE & selling these beautiful colour Posters of Heaven & the beautiful‚ gorgeous Gospel music tapes on every subject conceivable! We are Heaven’s Children & we hope you are too!

27. WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE THE WAY THAT GOD WANTED HIS CHILDREN TO BE—LOVING in every way & showing His Love to others in any way we can!—To show you how much God loves you‚ how much He has done for you, how Jesus, His Son, died for you so that God could forgive your sins—your sins, my sins—for that’s the only way we’re saved! Not through self-righteousness & hypocritical holier-than-thou piety, but through simple faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, & in His blood shed on the cross of Calvary for the sins of all Mankind. (Rom.3:23, 6:23; Tit.3:5; 2Pe.1:21)

28. AND YOU MAY RECEIVE HIS GIFT OF LOVE & FREE SALVATION BY SIMPLY BELIEVING & RECEIVING HIM INTO YOUR OWN HEART PERSONALLY & telling others of His love‚ confessing Him before others. We are Heaven’s Children, & you are too, if you are a Child of God & His Love!—For He is Love! (Rom.10:9–10; Mt.10:32; 1Jn.4:7-8)

29. WE BELIEVE IN HIS HOLY BOOK, THE BIBLE, written by His Prophets & disciples.—Every Word of it! We believe that it is all absolutely true!—Inspired by His precious Mother, the Holy Spirit, to tell you the Word about God’s Love & His wonderful Salvation from sin & His coming Kingdom of Heavenly peace on Earth! We are Heaven’s Children!—Are you? (2Ti.3:16)

30. WE LIVE HEAVENLY LIVES WITH JESUS & EACH OTHER IN HEAVENLY HOMES right now here on Earth, & we’re having a Heaven of a time loving others & telling them about God’s Love & showing them God’s Love in any way we can! Isn’t that beautiful? Aren’t we beautiful? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Lk.17:21)

31. I THINK WE’RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH! I don’t think the movie actors & actresses & the World’s beauties—I don’t think any of them have the beauty that we have, unless they, too, are Christians, God’s Heavenly Children! For it takes His inner beauty in your heart & your life & even in your body to make you shine & radiate the happiness & the peace & the joy & the Love & the beauty of Spirit that only He alone can give!—And that’s why so many remark about how beautiful we are! It’s just His beauty shining through us & shining upon you, hoping you might be attracted to His Light & His Love & His Liberty & His Life & His Salvation! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Rom.8:16; Mt.13:43; Jn.8:36)

32. SO, AFTER WE LEFT HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA IN 1969, WE CHILDREN OF GOD & FAMILY OF LOVE TRAVELLED ABOUT THE COUNTRY everywhere doing good & telling others about the Love of Jesus & His wonderful life, both here & in Heaven!—Until we finally came to rest & to catch our breath & gather more disciples on a beautiful ranch in Texas, called the “Texas Soul Clinic”, near the tiny little railroad town of Mingus, Texas, just off the great Interstate Highway 80, 40 miles West of Weatherford, Texas & 70 miles West of Fort Worth‚ Texas & 100 miles West of Dallas‚ Texas, now made World-famous through the TV series, “Dallas”.

33. BUT WE TOO WERE QUITE FAMOUS BY THAT TIME, as everywhere we went we had gathered disciples! We were only my little tiny family to begin with—my wife & I & four children, two boys & two girls. But as we travelled about & gained more disciples & added them to our own Family as our own children, Heaven’s Children, we grew & grew‚ until finally when we arrived in Texas there were over 150 of us! For as we travelled about, we gained more & more disciples who wanted to follow Jesus‚ just like they did in Jesus’ day! He just said simply to the fishermen of His day‚ “Come! Follow Me & I will make you fishers of men! From henceforth ye shall catch men“! And so that’s what we’ve been doing ever since, thank the Lord! (Mat.4:19–20; Lk.5:10)

34. THE SOULS OF MEN ARE FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY SEA FISH THOSE DISCIPLES HAD EVER CAUGHT! So they began following Jesus about & witnessing His Love & winning souls for Christ. Until finally He went away to Heaven to prepare a place for them & for us, called the Heavenly City, the City of God, the New Jerusalem, to which He’s going to take us when He comes back again soon! (Pr.14:25; Da.12:3; Acts 5:42; Jn.14:2-3)

35. SO ABOUT A YEAR AFTER WE LEFT CALIFORNIA, BY THE TIME WE GOT TO TEXAS, WE HAD ABOUT 150 IN OUR FAMILY OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, & after we had spent a few months there on that Ranch in Texas, we gained even hundreds more! Now people were coming to see us, instead of us going to see them! Hundreds of people sometimes would come every day to view these strange Christian hippies, these odd people who looked & dressed like American Indians‚ & they thought maybe we were as wild as Indians too! Some of them were quite surprised when they found out we were real, genuine Christians who really loved the Lord & who really loved them & wanted them saved!

36. SO EVERYONE WHO CAME GOT PREACHED TO & LOVED UP & SHOWN THE LOVE OF THE LORD!—Until either they got gloriously saved & joined us,or went away sad‚ like the rich young ruler who just could not give up all his riches & the things of this World, in the story that Jesus told about in the Bible. It’s so sad, when he could have been a ruler in Heaven in the Kingdom of God, for as God’s Word says, we shall reign with Him someday! We shall rule & reign here on the Earth, over the whole Earth, as His Kings & Queens & Princes & Priests of God in His mighty Kingdom of God!—The Kingdom of God that Christians pray for to come, as they pray every Lord’s Prayer: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!” And we give all the glory to Jesus, “for Thine be the Kingdom & the power & the glory for ever & ever!” In Jesus’ name, amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Mt.19:16-22; Rev.5:10; Mt.6:9-13)

37. I REALLY GET INSPIRED WHEN I START TALKING ABOUT JESUS & HIS LOVE & HIS WONDERFUL FAMILY OF THE CHILDREN OF HEAVEN!—The subjects of His great Kingdom of God, our own wonderful, wonderful Family of God!—Truly a Family of Love & lots of loving! (Ps.68:6; Mk.3:33-35: Ps.27:10)

38. SO WE BELIEVE IN HAVING CHILDREN! WE DON’T KILL OUR BABIES in horrible abortions or try to keep from conceiving those precious children by using drugs & pills & various contraptions of the Devil to try to stop the birth of God’s children! We believe in having those children for the glory of God & the Kingdom of God forever! Because such children are all that we will be able to take from this life with us to Heaven! (Rom.1:26)

39. NOTHING ELSE OF THIS LIFE, NONE OF YOUR POSSESSIONS, NONE OF YOUR THINGS, NONE OF YOUR RICHES NOR EVEN YOUR POVERTY WILL YOU BE ABLE TO TAKE TO THAT HEAVENLY CITY!—ONLY YOUR CHILDREN!—And the souls that we have won for the Lord & who have entered His Kingdom through being born again in a spiritual re-birth like little children, as Jesus said. (Mt.6:19-21; Jn.3:5)

40. ALL THESE WE CAN TAKE WITH US, OUR OWN CHILDREN & ALL OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD THAT WE WIN TO HIM & HIS LOVE & HIS KINGDOM! We shall all enjoy & take part in that Kingdom & revel in that Holy City & marvel at the beauties of God in that Heavenly Paradise! For there we shall all be Heaven’s Children, the Children of Heaven, the Children of God, the greatest Family of Love of all, of the greatest Love of all, the Love of God! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

41. I GET SO EXCITED ABOUT IT‚ I’VE JUST GOT TO SHOUT! I hope you’re full of such happiness & joy, just like we are! And if you’re one of us‚ you are! If you love Jesus as we do, you’re full of His joy & happiness & Heavenly life of His saved family, the Family of God! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Amen!

42. ARE YOU STILL WITH US?—IT’S A LONG STORY! IT TOOK THE BIBLE SOME 1200 PAGES TO TELL IT, & it’s taken me a lot more in the many many Letters I have written to my children, Heaven’s Children, & the many many books we have written & magazines & newspapers & all kinds of our publications!—The publications of our World Services publishing house. Because that’s what we’re trying to perform, services to the whole World, services of love, services of kind deeds, services of Salvation, saving the World from its sins & its horrible, terrible mess that it’s gotten itself into by running away from God & disobeying His teachings & defying His Love! (Rom.12:1; 2Co.5:15)

43. EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY IS BECAUSE MAN HAS LEFT GOD OUT OF HIS LIFE & LEFT LOVE OUT OF HIS LIFE! Men are selfish & people are Godless & fighting with each other & are about to destroy each other if the Lord doesn’t come back soon & save His Own from such a hectic, hellish horrible World that man has made of it! The beautiful Paradise of God that it once was in the days of Adam & Eve is no more! Now it’s more like Hell–on–Earth‚ an Earth which is about to blow itself up if God doesn’t stop it pretty soon! (2Ti.3:1-7,13; 2Th.1:6-8)

44. SO, WHO ARE HEAVEN’S CHILDREN?—WE ARE Heaven’s Heavenly Children, living Heavenly lives of Love in our Heavenly Homes right here On Earth right now!—And you can be one of us too! All you have to do is receive Jesus into your heart & want to serve Him with all your heart & all your mind & all your strength & all your life & forsake all for Jesus & come live with us! (Mt.22:37–40; Lk.14:33; 2Ti.1:9)

45. COME LIVE & LOVE & SAVE OTHERS SO THEY CAN BE HEAVEN’S CHILDREN ALSO & LIVE A HEAVENLY LIFE OF LOVE FOREVER!—In the Kingdom of God, both here on Earth & in Heaven! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! In Jesus’ name, amen! So come & join us & you’ll be happy forever too!

46. BUT IF YOU DON’T LIKE US, JOIN SOME OTHER CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OR CHRISTIAN CHURCH where people really love the Lord, of whom there are millions throughout the Earth in every Nation on the face of the Earth! We’re a big Family, Heaven’s Children! We belong to many different religious groups & denominations!—All the Children of God, Heaven’s Children!—Born again, saved believers in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, & His death on the cross for our sins! (Gal.3:27-28; Rev.7:9)

47. SO SURELY THERE’S SOME PLACE FOR YOU AMONGST HEAVEN’S MILLIONS OF CHILDREN HERE ON EARTH who will love you & help take care of you & help you to be a very Heavenly Child of God!—And help you to bring Heaven to others too!—In Jesus’ name, amen! Hallelujah!

48. WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO BE ONE OF US?—TO GO AROUND & LIVE SO HAPPY & MAKE EVERYBODY ELSE HAPPY!—Except the enemies of God & the enemies of the Kingdom of Christ, the anti-Christ people & those who hate the Truth & love evil! They’re the only ones that don’t understand what we’re talking about, & even if they do, they hate the Truth, they don’t want to yield to God & they don’t want to believe in Jesus! They want to live their lives independently & Godlessly & hellishly for the Devil! (Jam.4:4)

49. THEY EVEN WANT TO KILL US & PERSECUTE US & DRIVE US AWAY because they hate the Gospel, they hate the Truth, they hate Jesus, they hate God! It’s not that they don’t really believe in Him, they just absolutely hate Him because they are children of the Devil! Jesus said: “Ye are of your father the Devil!” (Jn.8:44; Jn.16:2; Jn.7:7)

50. SO THERE’S ANOTHER GROUP ON EARTH—GOD’S ENEMIES!—Sad to say, it’s much larger than ours! All the Christians put together only number a few million, we Christians. But there’s another group of whom Jesus said, “Wide is the gate & broad is the way”—Broadway—”that leadeth unto destruction, & many there be that go in thereat”—to Hell itself! But “straight is the Gate”—that means very narrow—”and narrow is the Way that leadeth unto Life Eternal, & few there be that find It”! Because Jesus is that Door, He is that Way, He is the Truth & the Life! As He told His Disciples: “I am the Way, the Truth & the Life, & no man cometh unto the Father but by Me!” (Mt.7:13-14; Jn.14:6)

51. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD & THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN, & if you don’t take His way you’ll go your own way & it’ll become the way of Satan himself, the King of Evil, the great Opponent of God & the Enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the Devil who inspired such enemies to slaughter Jesus with cruel crucifixion because Jesus was exposing them with the Truth & His life of Love & showing up their hypocrisy & their self-righteousness & their selfishness & cruelty to the people!—Jesus’ enemies were the religious leaders of His day, as they are also ours today! (Acts 4:12)

52. JESUS TRIED TO HELP THE POOR PEOPLE & HEAL THEM & FEED THEM & SAVE THEM & LOVE THEM! Even the drunks & the harlots & the publicans & sinners‚ He said, would enter in before these self-righteous hypocritical Scribes & Pharisees‚ the religious leaders of their day! So they killed Him, the Lord of Love, the King of kings, their own Messiah, their own anointed Saviour, their own King!—Or He would have been if they had received Him! For He said‚ “My Kingdom is not of this World. For if it were of this World, then would My servants fight!” To His disciples‚ Heaven’s Children, He said: “If ye were of this World, the World would love his own, but because ye are not of this World, therefor the World hateth you!” (Mt.21:31; Jn.18:36‚ 15:19)

53. FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT LIKE THE KINGDOMS OF THIS WORLD, BUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU, NOW! Someday it will rule the Earth, but now it is only in our hearts & our love for Him, which is conquering men’s hearts throughout the World for Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!

54. SO THE EARTH IS NOW RULED BY THE MANY MILLIONS OF HELL’S CHILDREN WHO HAVE TAKEN OVER THE EARTH & are now ruling it with the power of Satan, the Devil, that Great Serpent who caused Adam & Eve in the Garden to fall into sin by disobeying God & not believing His Word, so that all Mankind became sinners & evil!.—All but Heaven’s Children who love God! (Rev.12:9; 2Co.4:3,4; Rom.5:12,19-21; Eph.2:2)

55. SO SATAN HAS DECEIVED MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ON EARTH TODAY & has led them astray‚ out of the Will of God & against God & deceived them! Some are even saying there is no God, by the horrible‚ hellish, fiendish lie of Evolution! So that now they have taken God & the Bible out of their schools & Christ even out of Christmas, out of their governments & even out of some of their churches, where they merely preach social service & pious platitudes of the social gospel!—Modernists who no longer believe the Bible, who no longer believe in Jesus as the Son of God, nor in Salvation & its need by Mankind! (Ps.14:1)

56. THEY ARE WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, STANDING IN PULPITS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, TEACHING LIES & UNBELIEF, as many churches do! They are making merchandise of men’s souls & sending them straight to Hell & destruction through their lying doctrines & loveless lives & Christless bad news!—Not the Good News of the Gospel! (Mt.7:15, 15:8–9; 1Ti.4:1-2; 2Pe.2:3; Mat.23:13,15)

57. AS JESUS SAID, THEY’RE NOT THE CHILDREN OF GOD, THEY ARE THE SYNAGOGUES & CHURCHES OF SATAN! For they themselves, He said‚ are the children of the Devil, not God’s children! For they have rejected Him‚ defied Him, crucified Him, disobeyed Him & turned nearly all the Earth into Hell-on-Earth, about to blow itself up! (Mt.23:1-36; Rev.2:9; Jn.8:44; Mt.27:22-25)

58. THESE ARE THE RESULTS OF THE RULE OF SATAN ON EARTH & his kingdom here on Earth, now‚ in these awful times! All these horrors of today are the result of unbelief in God & His Son‚ Jesus Christ, & His Salvation on the cross & their rejection of His Love! Their anti-Christ evil has resulted in selfishness & cruelty & horrible wars & terrible hell-bombs! They make vile music, the sounds of Hell, ugly modern art, ugly fiendish weird movies & cartoons depicting devils & monsters & demons & giants & witches & the children of Hell itself! They have turned God’s paradise on Earth into the Devil’s own Hell! (Heb.3:12; Lk.12:45-46; 1Jn.3:10; Jude 10-20)

59. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PART OF IT! Jesus says, “Come out from among them & be ye separate & touch not the unclean thing! For what fellowship hath Christ with the Devil & the World! Come out of her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!” (2Co.6:14-18; Rev.18:4-5)

60. FOR SOON GOD IS GOING TO LET THEM PARTIALLY DESTROY THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH WITH THEIR HORRIBLE HELL-BOMBS, particularly North America & Europe! So get out of that Hellish North, that Hell that so-called civilization has made of that part of the Earth! Go South into the beautiful lands of the East & live with the simple natives of the poor Third World & her poor countries who need you & your help & your love! There you can live a simple life the way God intended for Man to live, apart from those Hellish cities that the great historian Toynbee called: “Cancers on the body politic”.—Cancerous sores on the poor bruised body of the Earth! (Rev.18:8‚21–24; Heb.13:14)

61. MOST OF THE CITIES OF THIS WORLD ARE CITIES OF SATAN HIMSELF, FULL OF INIQUITY & HELLISHNESS & HELL’S PEOPLE! Don’t be one of Hell’s children! Become one of Heaven’s Children! Don’t be one of Hell’s children bound for Hell itself, living Hell here & Hell hereafter! Be one of Heaven’s Children who live Heaven here & now & will have Heaven forever hereafter! Hallelujah! Thank God! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

62. WE CAN HAVE HEAVEN RIGHT NOW IN OUR HEARTS & IN OUR HOMES & in our lives & with His Children‚ & we can go out & show that Heaven to others who need His Love & want His Love & are hungry for Love!—And we can make them Heaven’s Children too!—The Children of Heaven, the Children of God & His Family of Love, His Kingdom of God on Earth! (Lk.9:2; Jn.20:21b; Mt.5:14–16)

63. IF YOU’RE A CHILD OF GOD, IF YOU’RE ONE OF HIS SHEEP, HIS SHEEP KNOW HIS VOICE! Jesus said they hear His Voice & they follow Him, & He said that a stranger they will not follow! If you’re one of God’s Children, you’re right now hearing His Voice, the Voice of His Mother of Love, Wife of the God of Love, His precious Holy Spirit, speaking to your heart, loving you, wooing you‚ trying to win you with Her Love! If you’re feeling that way & you feel that Love & that winful wooing of the Love of God through someone talking to you right now‚ as I am speaking to you right now, receive Him now! Love Him now, follow Him now & help others to love Him too & find the happiness that you will find if you forsake this World & its Hell-on-Earth & its lies & deceits of the Devil!—Along with its godless education & many godless churches & godless governments! (Jn.10:3-5)

64. TRUST IN JESUS NOW IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE! NOW IS THE DAY OF YOUR SALVATION! NOW YOU MUST FOLLOW HIM! This may be your last chance, your only opportunity! For opportunity often knocks but once! After all, you don’t deserve another chance, once you’ve heard of the true God & the true Love of His Son, Jesus, & His Mother Holy Spirit! Why should God give you a second chance or any more chances at all? Harden not your heart! Receive Jesus now! (Heb.3:7-13; Rev.3:20)

65. SOME OF YOU HAVE HAD MANY CHANCES & STILL REJECTED HIM & HARDENED YOUR HEART! And He says that if you reject Him you will become “darkened in your understanding, hardened in your hearts‚ alienated from the life of God & past feeling!” He also says that soon‚ if you have rejected Jesus, & you’ve refused the Truth of God, He says that He is going to send the Devil himself in the form of a man called the Antichrist to rule the Earth with all deceivableness of unrighteousness, working even mighty signs & wonders in the name of Satan & his Antichrist government!—And you will be bowing down to his Idol, worshipping the Devil himself! (Eph.4:18-20; 2Th.2:3-12; Rev.13:3-18)

66. AND GOD SAYS THAT THOSE WHO FOLLOW SATAN‚ this horrible Devil in the flesh‚ this Antichrist, the god of this World‚ they will be marked by this Beast, branded by the Devil as cattle for the slaughter of Hell!

“For the Devil is a rustler & many are his men

And they ride the plains of Earth, seeking the souls of men”

—you—for his kingdom of Hell! (Rev.13:16-18; 2Cor.2:11)

67. THE WICKED ARE THE MAJORITY ON EARTH‚ THEREFORE THE MAJORITY ARE ALWAYS WRONG! God’s Kingdom is not a democracy! It is an absolute dictatorship of God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, the King of kings & His angels & officers—we, who shall rule the Earth when Jesus comes!—We, who obey exactly what He tells us to do & do whatever He asks us to do as our Almighty Dictator, our Almighty God Himself, God omnipotent, omnipresent & omniscient!—The Creator of the World & the Universe, the Maker of it all & the Ruler of Heaven & His Children! (Rev.2:26-27)

68. BUT HE SAYS THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE OF THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL, who are not His Children, refuse His voice, resist the Truth, persecute His Children, even kill them & martyr them as they have for centuries! And since they have rejected the Truth & the love of the Truth‚ He says that He shall send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned who have not the love of the Truth! (Jn.8:44; 2Th.2:10–12)

69. SO THAT’S YOUR FATE, MY POOR FELLOW, MY POOR CHILD, MY POOR WOMAN, IF YOU’RE NOT GOD’S CHILD, HEAVEN’S CHILDREN! You’re not mine, you’re the Devil’s, if you believe his lies & you do not receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour & you do not get born again into the Kingdom of God, like a little child, receiving Him as your Father & Jesus as your elder Brother & the Holy Spirit as your spiritual Mother! He says then if you reject this Message of Love, His Gospel of Salvation, the Truth of God & His Love through His Son Jesus, He will then let you believe a lie & be damned! (Mt.12:30; Jn.3:3-8; Rev.21:8)

70. HE WILL EVEN SEND YOU STRONG DELUSION, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU DESERVE! You deserve damnation, you deserve Hell!—Hell-on-Earth & Hell hereafter! You deserve destruction, you’re not fit to live‚ if you reject the Love of God & His Son Jesus & His Mother Holy Spirit! (2Pe.2:12-19; Dan.12:2)

71. SO HE SHALL SEND YOU CHRIST-REJECTING UNBELIEVERS STRONG DELUSION THAT YOU MIGHT BELIEVE A LIE!—That you might be damned to Hell & lost & destroyed!—Unfit for the Kingdom of God‚ even unfit for this Earth! For God is going to wipe you all out in the Day of His Wrath with a flood of fire!—As He once wiped out evil, wicked, vicious Mankind in the days of Noah with a great flood of water! (2Pe.3:10-12; Gen.6-8)

72. IF YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE TRUTH OF GOD THAT WE PREACH to you, & that Christians everywhere should be preaching to you, that all Churches should preach—if you will not receive His Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Saviour in your own heart to live for Him daily & love Him always & love others with His Love, then you do not deserve to be saved! You deserve damnation! You deserve Hell! You deserve destruction!—And you’re going to get it very soon! (Jn.3:36)

73. FOR AS WE TOLD YOU IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THIS STORY, THAT IN THE TIME OF THIS GREAT SATANIC ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT‚ THE DEVIL WILL INSIST THAT ALL MEN WORSHIP HIM & declare that he is god, & make a great statue‚ an idol of himself that he will try to force everybody to worship! He will try to force all Mankind to take his brand in their hands or their heads to show that they belong to him! And he will persecute the Children of God & will try to massacre & martyr & slaughter the beautiful Children of Heaven with his cruelty & his godlessness & his satanic devilishness! (2Th.2:3-4; Rev.13:7-17)

74. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HELL IS LIKE, BEHOLD THESE SO–CALLED “MUSIC” VIDEOS, THE VERY SOUNDS OF HELL ITSELF that are everywhere today! Look at its performers‚ its so-called musicians—devils, demons, Satan’s own demon-possessed hellions!—That’s who they’re like & that’s what Man is becoming & that is how the World is going!—To Hell!—Hell on Earth & Hell hereafter!

75. DO YOU WANT TO HAVE TO REMAIN IN THIS HORRIBLE, HELLISH EARTH? God says that at the end of this period of Great Tribulation under the Antichrist, Jesus is going to come back & He’s going to appear in the clouds of the air with bright light like lightning shining entirely over all the Earth from the East to the West! And He’s going to send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, the Voice of God & a great shout to call His Own beloved Children of Heaven up to meet Him in the air! He promised it! And He says, “And so shall we ever be with the Lord! Comfort ye one another with these words.” (Mt.24:29-31; 1Th.4:16-18)

76. SOON, GOD IS GOING TO TAKE US, HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, OUT OF THIS HELLISH EARTH & TAKE US UP ON HIGH TO HIS HEAVEN ABOVE in that beautiful golden City in that gorgeous blue crystal global sea!—So we can get out of this Hell-on-Earth & away from our persecutors & their hellish torments & slaughter before God destroys this Earth, or partially destroys it, with His Own hellish judgements so that evil men will get the Hell that they deserve!—Antichrist men‚ Godless men, followers of the Devil will then get the kind of Hell-on-Earth that they deserve!

77. —UNTIL FINALLY WE CHRISTIANS COME BACK WITH JESUS IN THE GREAT BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & fight to defend those on Earth who defied the Antichrist & refused his Mark & refused to worship him as God, refused to worship his Satanic Image! So that these good people who defy the Antichrist—even though not yet Christians—will have a chance to find out about God & His Love & His Christ in the wonderful Kingdom of God on Earth, the Millennium, which will follow for a thousand years, a beautiful Paradise of peace & plenty for all, right here on this Earth!

78. THEN WILL THE AWFUL CURSES OF SIN BE REMOVED, & SATAN & ALL HIS DEVILS BOUND IN THE PIT OF HELL so that the Earth again will become our Paradise!—At least the part of it that hasn’t been destroyed! And we will live again as we did in the Garden of Eden, enjoying the fruits of God & the freedom of His Spirit & the wonderful Life of Love that Adam & Eve enjoyed in the Garden of Eden when they had fellowship with God & obeyed Him! That will be Heaven–on-Earth again, Paradise regained! (Rev.20: 1-4)

79. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT GREAT KINGDOM OF GOD on Earth, ruled by God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, the King of kings, & the Mother Holy Spirit & His mighty angels & His precious Children of Heaven?—We, the Children of God, Heaven’s Children in Heaven-on-Earth! (Rev.21:3-4)

80. DON’T YOU WANT TO JOIN US, BECOME ONE OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, with the Love of His Holy Mother of the Trinity of God through His Son Jesus Christ, Who suffered & died & gave His life & His Blood for your sins so that you could be saved by just believing & receiving Him? (Jn.3:16–17; Rom.5:8-9, 6:23)

81. FOR HE SAYS YOU ARE ONLY SAVED BY HIS GRACE: “For by grace are ye saved‚ through faith, & that not of yourselves!—It is the Gift of God!—Not of works, lest any man should boast!” “For all have sinned & come short of the glory of God!” “There is none righteous, no not one!”—Including you! But we can be saved & all of our sins forgiven through Jesus Christ His Son! Believe & receive Jesus now before it’s too late! (Eph.2:8-9;Rom.3:10,23)

82. SO, WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE ONE OF GOD’S SAVED HEAVEN’S CHILDREN?—WELL, YOU CAN!—RIGHT NOW!—All you have to do is just bow your head & pray this little prayer!

“Lord Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God & that You died for me! I now ask You to please forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done‚ & to come into my heart & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life!—In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Now you are truly one of Heaven’s Children, bound for Heaven to live with Jesus Forever! Praise God! Thank You Jesus!

We’ve A Story to Tell!

We’ve a story to tell to the nations,

That shall turn their hearts to the right!

—A story of Love and Mercy

A story of Peace and Light!

For the darkness shall turn to dawning‚

And the dawning to noonday bright!

For Christ’s great Kingdom shall come on Earth,

The Kingdom of Love & Light!

—New Jerusalem!—New Jerusalem! Hark how the Angels sing!

Hosanna in the Highest!—Hosanna to your King!

Hosanna in the Highest!—Sing Hosanna to your King!—Jesus!

—Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise God!—Now you’ll live Forever!—As one of Heaven’s Children!—And God will bless & keep you till Jesus Comes Again! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! God bless you! We love you!

Story by Father David, Art by Noel Lawrence, Al Eastman, Walter York‚ Bill Philips‚ Laban & Max Belmont. c 1985 by World Services, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

My Heaven’s Children

David Berg

—Heaven’s Children Chap. 4

DFO 210310/85

1. WELL, HERE’S GRANDFATHER AGAIN! THIS TIME I’M GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU THE STORY OF OUR VERY OWN BIG FAMILY OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN, & MY OWN CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN! Of course, you’re all my children if you love Jesus & are a part of this Family! But the ones I’m going to tell you about today, God willing, are my own personal little flesh-&-blood family‚ or families‚ & how they came to be what they are today. (Jn.1:12; Gal.3:26-28)

2. IN OUR FIRST CHAPTER OF “THE STORY OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN,” WE TOLD YOU THE STORY OF THE UNIVERSE, FROM BEGINNING TO END, from the Creation to the final Heaven itself, including soon-coming future events, to set the stage & the background for this marvelous‚ wonderful story of God’s Children throughout the World.

3. NEXT, IN CHAPTER TWO, since many of you may not know who Grandfather is, I thought I’d better tell you just who I am & where I came from, as well as where I’m going! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!

4. THEN, IN CHAPTER THREE‚ WE ANSWERED THE QUESTION, “WHO ARE HEAVEN’S CHILDREN?” Of course that answer was really fairly simple, because all of God’s children are Heaven’s Children!—Every one who loves the Lord & God’s Son, Jesus, & His Father, God, & His Mother Holy Spirit, all the saved born-again genuine believers & true Christians throughout all the Earth, of whom there are many millions! (Ro.8:14-17)

5. BUT THEN OF COURSE WE HAD TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE MANY MORE MILLIONS THERE ARE IN THE WORLD TODAY OF THE DEVIL’S CHILDREN! These are the Satanic forces of Antichrist that are working against the Kingdom of God throughout the World & trying to stifle it & end it with a final onslaught against people of faith & religion around the World through the Devil in person in the form of a World ruler, an Evil World King to come‚ known in the Bible as the Antichrist! This conflict is going on right now between those of faith, the Children of Love‚ God’s Children, & those of unbelief & hatred‚ the children of the Devil!

6. WE ARE WAGING A WAR OF LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS & contentment & Heaven-on-Earth against the enemies, those children of Satan who are full of hatred for God & His Son & His Children & His Kingdom & want to take the World over selfishly for themselves & destroy it!—And they almost will one of these days, as they’re fast taking over today. For “broad is the way & wide is the gate that leadeth unto destruction, & many there be that go in thereat! But straight is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth unto Life Eternal, & few there be that find it!” (Mt.7:13,14)

7. SO WE WHO LOVE THE LORD ARE MILLIONS, BUT IN THE MINORITY of the billions of today who do not know Him nor love Him nor follow Him. We seem to be fighting a losing battle against the Devil’s forces of Evil & his children throughout the World, but actually we’re winning!—We’re winning souls with God’s love every day—thousands of them! Thank the Lord! And many are learning to follow Jesus in nearly all the countries of the World on its six continents, for there are millions who still love Him & still want to serve Him by loving others & showing them God’s Love. (2Co.10:4-5; Rev.12:11)

8. SO I MUST TELL YOU HOW MY OWN PERSONAL FAMILY GOT STARTED AS WARRIORS IN THIS GREAT WAR OF GOOD AGAINST EVIL & LOVE AGAINST HATRED & against destruction & pollution & the wars of this World. I’ve already told you that I was the child of a mother who was a blatant atheist & hated God. But finally through an accident that nearly killed her, she found His Love & was gloriously saved through faith in Him & His Son Jesus, & one week later was miraculously, supernaturally raised from her deathbed to walk to her husband’s church the next morning & tell the story how God had marvelously & wonderfully both saved her soul & healed her body, to love & serve Him for the rest of her life! (Jer.1:10; 1Ti.6:12)

9. SO I WAS THE FIRST CHILD OF FAITH BORN TO HER AFTER THAT MARVELOUS & WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I grew up to love the Lord & could never even remember the time that I did not know Him & love Him as my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God! For years I traveled with my parents in evangelistic work, loving others & striving to win them to Jesus, so that they could go to Heaven too.

10. FINALLY WE BECAME VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE HIPPIES of California & tried to reach them with the Gospel of His love, & were extremely successful in so doing! For they were hungry souls, looking for Truth & seeking solutions & desperately in need of Salvation.

11. DRIVEN BY THE PERSECUTION OF UNGODLY SYSTEMITES‚ WE LEFT CALIFORNIA, FOLLOWED BY A MOTLEY BAND OF THESE STRANGE HIPPIES who now loved the Lord & wanted to follow Him & me wherever we went, & also to win others to Jesus with His Love. So with over 100 of these oddly-dressed & bewhiskered Hippies, we traveled all around the United States in a long convoy of about 35 to 40 cars, trucks, buses, caravans & trailers, & we were a sight to behold!

12. WE WOULD CAMP OUT WHEREVER WE COULD—behind truck stops, in county parks & campgrounds & sometimes right on the streets of the cities or in the parking lots of huge supermarkets, & we became a source of wonder & amazement to the Worldly Systemites around us! Usually we were treated with courtesy & respect as soon as they found out we were true Christians, really loved the Lord & were not going to do them or their System any harm, & were only loving them & trying to win their souls to Christ.

13. BUT SOMETIMES MISUNDERSTANDING PEOPLE, EVEN CHURCH PEOPLE, WOULD GET TERRIBLY UPSET & ALMOST VIOLENT & WANT US OUT of their towns! So we would have to move on, usually taking a few of their children with us‚ which didn’t make them any happier! Some even said that they would rather have their children back on drugs than to have our kind of religion! But actually it was just the same kind of religion that Jesus’ disciples had as they followed Him around as His motley, barefooted or be–sandaled crew in long robes & beards, demonstrating the Gospel. (Lk.9:2-5)

14. WE DIDN’T MIRACULOUSLY FEED THE THOUSANDS PHYSICALLY like He did, nor heal the hundreds by many miracles as our Lord did. But we did what He told us to do, & that was to “go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!”—And we’re still busy at it & we have won literally millions of souls to Jesus throughout the many years of our work for Him! (Mk.16:15)

15. PART OF OUR SENSATIONAL PRESENTATION WAS TO PUT ON BIG DEMONSTRATIONS AS SACKCLOTH-ROBED PROPHETS‚ carrying great staves & marching down the main streets of America’s greatest cities, & holding a warning watch in its Capitol building for many nights, & witnessing to hungry, interested young people wherever we went. For it was mostly the youth who were open & willing to receive & follow us & Jesus. (Eze.3:17-19)

16. MOST OF THEIR ELDERS WERE HARDENED‚ THEIR MINDS MADE UP, & they didn’t want to be confused with the facts: That we were only preaching the same Gospel of Love that Jesus & His disciples preached, & living by faith in the same way that they lived in their day, even looking a little bit like them, with our long hair, beards, robes & so on. (Lk.8:1; Heb.11:37-38)

17. AFTER A YEAR OF SUCH TRAVELS, WITH MANY MORE JOINING US NOW, we were weary & needed rest‚ so we came to find a haven at a large Ranch in Texas. There we drew our disciples aside, as Jesus did, & taught them awhile‚ as many more were added by the Lord to our church or congregation each day. Even as it was in the days of the Early Church that Jesus led, He was still leading us in the same way. (Mk.6:31; Acts 2:47; 5:14)

18. MY OWN TEENAGED CHILDREN HAD BEEN LARGELY INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS PHENOMENAL SUCCESS WITH THE HIPPIES because of their own youth & enthusiasm & unconventional approach, singing & playing guitars on the streets & shouting the message of Salvation, & decrying the sins of the System & sympathizing with its poor victims!—And they were largely the leaders & teachers of these Disciples of Christ whom we had gathered together on that Ranch in Texas.

19. SOON WE WERE 350 THERE ON THE TEXAS RANCH & beginning to be a bit too much for its owners‚ so we had to leave & scatter throughout the United States & Europe, which certainly proved to be the Will of God! Even as He scattered the Early Church out of Jerusalem & Antioch & to Europe as well, they went everywhere preaching the Gospel, & that’s exactly what we did too! (Ac.8:4)

20. SOON WE WERE 50 COLONIES, THEN 100, & THEN HUNDREDS!—UNTIL TODAY THERE ARE NEARLY 1,000 COMMUNES OR HOMES OF US, THROUGHOUT 100 COUNTRIES ON ALL SIX CONTINENTS of this World, preaching the Gospel of Jesus wherever we go, distributing that beautiful literature & those gorgeous full-colour Posters about Heaven, & wonderful Heavenly music on our Gospel music tapes!

21. IN 1970, MY WIFE & I WERE THE FIRST TO PIONEER EUROPE & THE MIDEAST‚ traveling first to Luxembourg, then to London, then all about Europe—to London, to Spain, to Vienna, to Italy, to Paris, to Venice & finally to Israel, where we had hoped to establish our own kibbutz in what we thought was the “Land of Promise,” thinking that the Jews were still God’s people.

22. ISRAEL WAS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY & WE ENJOYED OUR STAY THERE‚ as we kept busy writing Letters home to our Children.—And our “home” was now throughout the World, for we now had hundreds of Heaven’s Children‚ yea thousands! But it was there in Israel, seeing that land & its people firsthand, that we soon found out that he that is called a Jew is not always necessarily a Jew at heart! He’s not always truly a Child of God or His called & Chosen People in this day & age. For most of them were anti–Christ & hated Jesus & denied His Messiahship & only wanted to obliterate His memory‚ even changing the names of many of the towns & cities & places where the British Christians had so faithfully put up signs & markers to commemorate His presence there in the past. Most [Israelis] were mean & aggressive & antagonistic to the Message of Jesus. (Ro.2:28-29; 9:6-8)

23. WE HAVE HAD SOME OF [THEM] SPIT IN OUR FACES, CURSE THE NAME OF CHRIST & STRIKE THE BIBLE OUT OF OUR HANDS as we tried to tell them about the Love of their own Messiah, Jesus Christ‚ Whom they crucified! (Jn.8:47)

24. THE ONLY SWEET‚ HUMBLE CHRISTIANS THAT WE FOUND IN ISRAEL WERE THE PRECIOUS ARAB DISCIPLES who were living under pitiful, poverty-stricken conditions & persecution, as the few remaining Christians in Israel! We soon found that these were the only ones with whom we had true fellowship as fellow Christians & Disciples of Christ. We enjoyed their sweet, humble homes & ate in their lowly‚ inexpensive cafes & learned to know & love them dearly as the true, genuine followers of Jesus!—Still suffering persecution at the hands of their … tormentors, the children of the same [ones] who cried, “Crucify Him! His blood be upon us & our children!” (Mt.27:20-25)

25. SO FINALLY, DISILLUSIONED & DISAPPOINTED & DISCOURAGED, WE TURNED AWAY FROM WHAT WE HAD THOUGHT WAS OUR PROMISED LAND of Israel. We weren’t allowed to establish a Christian kibbutz there & had to flee to Cyprus to avoid their persecution!

26. BUT THANK GOD FOR THAT DISILLUSIONMENT & THAT REVELATION! For he that claims to be a Jew is not always a Jew at heart like the good Jews in the Bible, many of whom truly loved God & followed Jesus in Jerusalem, for the common people heard Him gladly. But just as today, their religious leaders hated Him & were jealous of Him & nagged Him & tormented Him & finally tortured Him & crucified Him‚ as His Own apostles wrote & described in the Books of the Gospels & the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament in the Bible. Read it for yourself, if you don’t believe it! (Mk.12:37b; Mt.27:1; Acts 3:13-15)

27. … They said, “We will not have this Man to rule over us!” Therefore Jesus says these former … children of His Kingdom are cast out now & no longer members of the Kingdom of God. …! (Lk.6:11; 19:14; Mt.8:11-12; Jn.8:39-44)


29. SO WE [LEFT] TO CYPRUS, TO THAT BEAUTIFUL CITY OF FAMAGUSTA, where we lived amongst the Greeks & the Turks & found that there, the opposite was true! The supposedly Christian Greeks were now persecuting & tormenting the Islamic Turks & there was intolerance everywhere! So finally the Turkish army had to invade the North of Cyprus to protect its Turkish citizens of that Island. This was the only solution to a very unhappy situation in which Turks & Greeks were killing each other & fighting & utterly divided! For “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” & the only way to solve that situation was for the Turkish army to come & protect the Turks there who were in the minority‚ only 20 percent of the people. The Turks had often been slaughtered & massacred by the supposedly Christian Greeks. So in this case our sympathies were entirely with the Turks, who were being severely persecuted by these so-called “Christian” Greeks. (Mt.12:25)

30. THERE, IN THAT BEAUTIFUL 1971 SPRINGTIME IN CYPRUS, WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS TO OUR FAMILY & tell them what we had found out about [in Israel]. … But we did find a few Greeks who seemed to be truly Christian at heart & hospitable‚ & we had many sweet times of fellowship there with them, as well as with the sincere & precious Turks of that time, & we were determined to come back some day to help them if we could, & we still hope to do so.

31. IT WAS THERE THAT WE HAD MANY AMAZING REVELATIONS, both about that place & about [Israel] & about God’s will & the future! We began to warn our own Children of God to beware of [those] who have now taken over the World!

32. FINALLY, WITH OUR THREE-MONTH VISA IN CYPRUS UP‚ WE SAILED AGAIN BACK TO ITALY‚ this time to Genova, where we took a train to Milan & then a through train all the way back to London, where we settled down for awhile in an old-fashioned boarding house run by a dear old Jewish woman who liked us & fed us well.

33. THERE WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS & GET REVELATIONS ABOUT OUR FAMILY & OUR FUTURE & the Lord worked marvellously, until finally we had to return to the United States to solve some of our own children’s problems in our former Home. My oldest daughter Deborah & her husband Jethro were causing trouble & I had to return home in order to try to settle their mess & the problems that they were causing amongst our New Children through jealousy & selfishness & domineering & failing to follow & obey the Letters that we had written them.

34. AFTER A YEAR THERE TRYING TO STRAIGHTEN THEM OUT & TO REORGANISE THINGS, WE HAD TO FLEE AGAIN TO LONDON, due to bad publicity & lies & persecution of our enemies, largely the religious leaders, the same kind that persecuted Jesus & His Disciples in their day! In London my Children had found a warm welcome & tremendous reception & had won hundreds of disciples to Christ & were popularized on radio & television & in the newspapers & grew in numbers & the grace of God! (Mt.10:23a)

35. FROM LONDON THEY HAD BRANCHED OUT TO THE CONTINENT, TO AMSTERDAM, PARIS, ROME & SO ON, spreading the message of God’s Love throughout Europe, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today & forever! He can still save even the lowest of sinners, the drunks & the harlots & the prostitutes & the publicans & sinners & even the Hippies & the drug-dealers & the criminals, whom the Lord gloriously saved & completely delivered from their bad habits & their evil lives & made them new Christian Saints for Jesus, fervently winning other young people to His cause! So we spread rapidly throughout Europe‚ completely across the Continent, until every major city had some of our Family.

36. MY WIFE & I REMAINED IN LONDON FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS, continuing to write the Letters which fed the Children & their sheep & instructed them how to live, how to love, how to work & how to win souls for Christ. And there, for the first time, these Letters which had always been personal & confidential to our Children & their leaders only‚ we began to distribute them on the streets to the general public, & they were a sensation & went like hotcakes!—Now vividly illustrated & artistically printed in great numbers! (Ps.68:11)

37. SO IN 1973 OUR LETTERS TO OUR CHILDREN WERE FIRST PUBLICLY DISTRIBUTED ON THE STREETS OF LONDON & THROUGHOUT THE WORLD to anyone who was interested, for whatever they were willing to pay, often given away completely free to those who could not afford to give anything. Although the Gospel is free, it does cost something to pipe it to you! So we did have to charge a little something or accept small gifts, at least, to help us pay for the enormous costs of the printing of these little pamphlets & leaflets & Gospel tracts.—And now Color Posters & Music Tapes! (1Co.9:11,14)

38. OUR GOSPEL ABSOLUTELY BEGAN TO FLOOD THE STREETS OF LONDON & EUROPE & OTHER CONTINENTS & MAJOR CITIES OF THE WORLD for those first few years, as our Children spread throughout its capitals & in major countries.

39. AFTER SATURATING BRITAIN WITH OUR GOSPEL & REAPING A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS THERE, THE ANTI–CHRIST ENEMY BEGAN TO RAISE HIS LIES & bad publicity & persecution against us, so that we ourselves, myself & my wife, fled alone to the Island of Tenerife in the Canaries of Franco Spain & settled in its city of Puerto de la Cruz. We stayed there in a small, modest apartment as we continued to write Letters to our Children.

40. BUT WE COULD NOT KEEP QUIET ABOUT THE LOVE OF JESUS! We continued to witness His Love & His Loving wherever we went & to whomever we were with, showing & manifesting & demonstrating His Love to them in every way & any way that they needed it. Until we & a few followers who began to follow us there began to be known as the “Family of Love,” their own name for us. Soon we became famous on that Island for such love & so much love & our beautiful Family who lived in Love & loved to live & loved to love! (Jn.15:12-13; Jas.2:15-17; 1Jn.3:16)

41. AS MY WIFE & I WERE BUSY DOING OFFICE WORK ALL DAY‚ with me dictating & her transcribing & us editing the Letters & sending them out for publishing, we were often weary of this confining desk work by the end of the day & felt the need of exercise in some way. So we would take long walks into the city & tour the nightclubs, dancing vigorously & enjoying the music & such happy times together. We made many friends amongst these businessmen & women & workers who came there also for recreation & for love.

42. MANY OF OUR FAMILY FOLLOWED US THERE, UNTIL WE HAD SEVERAL COLONIES ON THE ISLANDS, & we were showing such love to everybody that even the police who were sent to investigate us were won to the Lord & became enthusiastic admirers of my wonderful Family, & we had a wonderful time together! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Those were days of Heaven on Earth in that beautiful city on that beautiful Island in that lovely climate of Tenerife!—A true paradise on Earth!

43. BUT FINALLY, WHEN WE HAD AGAIN REAPED A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS WON FOR JESUS, we had become so famous we were on radio & television & in the newspapers almost daily! Tourists & reporters flocked to Tenerife all the way from Europe just to see us & to wonder at us & some to get acquainted with us, eager & hungry for the Truth & the Love of God through us! They were getting gloriously saved & wonderfully changed in their lives for Jesus!

44. BUT OF COURSE, AS ALWAYS HAPPENED WITH JESUS & HIS DISCIPLES, SOON THE RELIGIOUS SCRIBES & PHARISEES & HYPOCRITES OF RELIGION ROSE IN JEALOUSY & ENVY AGAINST US & thought that we were going to take over the whole Island, & we probably would have! They were losing their members to our Family, so that the Bishop of the Islands began to preach against us & warn about us & stir up the authorities against us! (Mk.15:10; Acts 13:45)

45. ACTUALLY THE COMMON PEOPLE HEARD US GLADLY, & THE AUTHORITIES EVEN LIKED US, & some of the leading men & businessmen of the city followed us & welcomed us & warmly received us every night! They would sit around us in the clubs & cafes listening to us telling them about the Love of Jesus. (Mk.12:37b)

46. BUT FINALLY, WHEN WARNINGS & POLICE INVESTIGATIONS & SO ON DID NOT DISCOURAGE US NOR DETER US, THE BISHOP STIRRED UP THE LOCAL JUDGE AGAINST US & had us put under investigation. He would have surely put us in jail for some pitiful little excuse or another if we had not [left] again, this time to Portugal, on that beautiful little subtropical Island of Madeira, another little Paradise-on-Earth! Having been brought up in the tropics of Miami‚ Florida, I always preferred the warmer climate & thrived there better than in the cold, snowy North. (2Ti.3:12)

47. THERE IN FUNCHAL‚ ONLY 200 MILES FROM OUR FAMILY IN TENERIFE, WE CONTINUED TO WRITE LETTERS TO GUIDE OUR HEAVEN’S CHILDREN & inspire them & to reveal God’s Truth to them, until one day we bumped into someone from Tenerife whom we feared would reveal our whereabouts & we fled again! This time we [stayed] in an old villa on the Estoril‚ the beautiful seacoast of Portugal, near Lisbon. There we … continued to write & publish the Good Tidings of the Gospel of Jesus’ Love.

48. AGAIN WE CIRCULATED AROUND IN THE NIGHTCLUBS of the area for nightly dancing, exercise & recreation & relief from our hard office work. There again‚ we were well received & warmly welcomed in some of the biggest nightclubs in the area, especially in the Casino of Estoril itself, where we became fast friends of its manager & made many more friends of its members.

49. WE WERE HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME DOING THE WORK OF THE LORD & WINNING HEARTS & SOULS FOR JESUS, until one night two German photographers showed up from that bitter Stern magazine of Germany & caught us unawares & began taking our pictures, which we have never allowed except for one or two times before, & found that was a serious mistake! It was very bad. … (Jn.8:59)

50. BUT SOME JUDAS HAD LEAKED OUR WHEREABOUTS TO THESE GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHERS who had come all the way from Germany to Portugal to take our pictures for their anti-Christ … Magazine run by [those] who hated us & had maligned us & lied about us already! So they got our pictures & they were soon published in their magazine & even later in a book that they wrote about us. So if you want to see what we used to look like, you can buy one of those books, but I’m certainly not going to tell you its name!

51. BUT THERE’S A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE IN THAT BOOK OF ME & MY WONDERFUL FAMILY, at least a couple dozen of them, first taken in Tenerife in one of the nightclubs or hotels there. The pictures that the German photographers took didn’t turn out very well because we were ducking their cameras. But as a result, … we knew that they were going to let the World know where we were! So, as we have many enemies, some of whom would even like to kill us they are so insane with hatred of us, God’s Children, we soon had to [leave] from there to Lisbon‚ & from there to Madrid!

52. SO IT WAS THERE IN A SMALL APARTMENT IN THE HEART OF MADRID THAT I FIRST MET TECHI! We had already had one child in Tenerife, our wonderful son David‚ whom we called Davidito, meaning “little David” in Spanish. He had flourished & we enjoyed his babyhood & were talking him with us wherever we went.

53. BUT NOW SUDDENLY & PROPHETICALLY ONE NIGHT IN MY SLEEP OR MY DREAMS OR IN VISION, THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL WALKED UP to the side of my bed & said, “I’m Techi! I’ve five years old! I’m Davidito’s little sister!”—And then she vanished! So in my amazement I told me wife, Maria, for she was not yet even pregnant! But it was still to be two more years before that child was born! What a miracle of the revelations of God!

54. FINALLY WE SETTLED DOWN IN A LOVELY SUBURB OF MADRID where we could get more sunshine & exercise that we sorely needed, in a swimming pool & tennis court of a beautiful villa there, & take long walks through its villages. In fact, we even enjoyed its country club where we would often eat a light lunch & enjoy the view of its beautiful golf course where the famous singer & crooner Bing Crosby used to play golf after his retirement from show business. And it was there after 18 holes, at a ripe old age in his 70s, right there on the gold course that he loved, that he died & went Home to be with Jesus, his Saviour, to enjoy pleasure & beauties better than any golf courses—in that Heavenly City! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (1Co.2:9)

55. BUT THERE AGAIN WE BEGAN TO BE KNOWN, … so that one Saturday night I had a dream like Joseph of old‚ in which the Lord wanted me that my enemies were looking for me, & to [leave] Spain immediately that next day! So we caught a train the very next day & fled back to Portugal again, this time staying in a small apartment while writing & praying about what to do next. There we continued to take long walks, but were afraid to go back to the nightclubs where we were so well known, lest once again we be discovered.

56. FINALLY WE WERE TOLD BY OUR FAMILY THAT THEY HAD RENTED A BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR US IN SWITZERLAND, to which we could now [move]. So again we traveled by train, this time across beautiful Portugal, gorgeous Spain, France & into the heart of Switzerland, where we found this Home, a large old mansion on the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful green farming valley, watered by a crystal stream! And so again we wrote & lived & loved in that beautiful, wonderful country of Switzerland in a Heavenly Home-on-Earth, surrounded by our precious & beautiful Family who cared for us tenderly & lovingly!

57. BUT SATAN‚ HAVING FOUND THAT HE COULD NOT KILL US NOR STOP US NOR DESTROY OUR GROWING WORK FOR THE LORD, TRIED THE SAME TACTICS THAT HE HAD ATTEMPTED ON THE EARLY CHURCH, TO DIVIDE our Family & thereby conquer it by having my willful, disobedient daughter Deborah along with her husband, turn against me & backslide, first to South America & then back to the United States! They are there to this very day, having written a lying, vicious book about us, all because she was jealous of power & wanted to run our Family herself & I would not let her because she was not worthy of it. She was not as spiritual nor deeply devoted nor as obedient nor as unselfish as some of our lowliest Family Members. She was … rebellious like her mother, my first wife, who had long ago left me, having loved this present World & the United States, rather than be a foreign missionary.

58. THEY HAD ALSO LED RACHEL ASTRAY‚ ONE OF OUR QUEENLY LEADERS, with their machinations & their lies & their rebellious, stubborn ways. So that she too deserted us & went her own way, & they took many backward with them into the pit of this World, along with their mother. (1Jn.2:19; 2Pe.2:20)

59. WE WERE ALSO HAVING FINANCIAL TROUBLES ALONG WITH THIS GREAT DIVISION, so that finally I became so distraught & so discouraged & disappointed about the members of my own Family turning against me, that I became very ill & nearly died there in that big house in Switzerland! But thanks to the Lord & the prayers of our faithful ones, God forgave me & miraculously raised me up & we went on the attack more than ever before! So that the literature poured out in greater volume than ever, & the souls came in more than ever & God blessed us more than ever before! Thank You Jesus!

60. BUT AGAIN‚ THE DEVIL RAISED UP BAD PUBLICITY & PERSECUTION against us, as we were winning so many young people to the Lord, away from the System & its abominable vice & criminal ways & vicious education & even anti-Christ parents! So once again bad publicity was flourishing nearby & we felt it wise to [move] again, this time to the tiny Island of Malta off the tip of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Once again we enjoyed the beautiful climate of the lovely subtropics in this fascinating, interesting historical old Island where St. Paul the Apostle once landed, shipwrecked & won its Governor to the Lord & saved its people! (Acts 28:1-10)

61. BUT MALTA’S PRESENT AUTHORITIES WERE NOT SO KIND TO US. As soon as they discovered us, they again persecuted us & caused us trouble, even casting into prison one of our own sweet, precious boys who was perfectly innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever! These vicious authorities insisted that we must be using drugs to so change these young people’s lives into whole new personalities‚ ignoring the fact that God’s Word itself says that, “Ye must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God” & to become “New creatures in Christ Jesus, the old man passed away, all things become new!”—Which is exactly what happens when you receive Jesus into your heart & your life! He changes your wicked ways into the ways of His Love & righteous living. So that some parents did not even recognize their children anymore as the same children, they were so changed by the Love of the Lord!

62. SO AGAIN WE HAD TO [MOVE], SAILING THIS TIME TO THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF CATANIA AT THE FOOT OF MOUNT AETNA IN SICILY, living in a small apartment there on its lovely seacoast with a few of our Family to care for us & help us in our work. For now we had to have more secretaries, more [helpers]‚ more businessmen & so on.

63. BUT THERE AGAIN WE WERE DISCOVERED & HAD TO [MOVE] BACK TO SWITZERLAND, WHERE WE STAYED FOR A LITTLE WHILE BEFORE WE DROVE TO FRANCE ON CHRISTMAS EVE OF 1978, with Maria now great with child, the promised Techi of the vision! They found us a house on the Riviera in beautiful Villafrance, France, close to Monte Carlo in Monaco. There we again thrived & prospered & lived & loved & enjoyed another happy Heavenly Home on Earth amongst our Heavenly Family in our beautiful lives for Jesus! Thank You Lord!

64. BUT THERE AGAIN, AFTER A DELIGHTFUL THREE MONTHS, A VERY CLOSE FAITHFUL WORKER LEFT US because he loved Queen Rachel more, & he backslid along with his family & went to join her in her backslidden condition. So that again we had to [leave]. …

65. THIS TIME WE [WENT] FURTHER DOWN THE RIVIERA COAST TO ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL SEACOAST CITY where we rented another beautiful home & worked & warred against Satan with God’s Words & Love & Life for Jesus!—Until another precious Staff Member left us to visit his family in Paris. Since we were not sure that he would come back again …, we again had to move, but not too far away. … (Happily, he soon returned more loyal than ever, & is one of our leading Artists to this day!) This time we took with us our newborn baby, Techi, a beautiful, happy‚ lively little girl who overjoyed our hearts with her wonderful ways!

66. AND SO WE [MOVED] FROM CITY TO CITY IN FRANCE as our enemies hounded us, always trying to find us & discover us & cause us trouble! For awhile we again traveled in cars & trailers or caravans like Gypsies‚ from camp-to-camp, until the Lord Himself warned us to [leave] that great & beautiful country of France because our enemies had taken control there, empowered by its new anti-Christ administration & government, & were searching for us, trying to persecute us. (Heb.11:13-14; 13:14)

67. SO ONCE AGAIN, GOD HAD WARNED US IN A DREAM TO [LEAVE] that country, this time the furthest we had ever [moved], seven thousand miles, flying all the way from Paris to South Africa & landing in its beautiful city of Capetown on its Southern tip! There we found another modest apartment on a beautiful beach overlooking the Southern seas, where the children could play on the sand.

68. AND THERE AGAIN WE WROTE PROLIFICALLY, INSTRUCTING OUR FAMILY & solving its problems & encouraging its Work & inspiring its spirit & feeding their Souls with the Word of God! We found South Africa beautiful‚ warm, friendly & the most Christian nation we had ever lived in, which is why the anti-Christ forces are attacking it so bitterly & trying to destroy it! This time … no one was bothering us or persecuting us or saying bad things about us …, so we merely left when our visas were up. (Jn.15:9)

69. WE WENT ONCE AGAIN TO PORTUGAL, returning to Europe to help our wonderful Family evacuate that great Continent as much as possible, to go South in a great exodus from both North America & Europe into safer countries & better climes with more receptive natives in South America & Asia & the Orient. God had warned us that is was no longer safe to live in the warring North with its nuclear missiles & its anti-Christ leaders!

70. WE EVACUATED MOST OF OUR WORLD SERVICES PERSONNEL & OUR PUBLISHING COLONIES FROM EUROPE, & our great music Colony of musicians, a colony that numbered over 100 in Greece at that time, led by my own youngest daughter, faithful Faithy. They’d produced volumes of gorgeous Gospel music for the thousands of radio stations around the World who use our programmes!

71. MEANWHILE MY ELDEST SON AARON, WHO HAD PIONEERED THIS WORK & led the Hippie work in Southern California & our caravan across the Nation & helped to pioneer Europe, had passed away on a mountain in Switzerland, having finished his task. He had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith & finished his course, & has gone to his glorious reward in that Heavenly City‚ & is watching over us & helping us as we continue the battle here on Earth! (2Ti.4:7-8; Heb.12:22-23)

72. MY YOUNGEST SON (OF MY FIRST WIFE) HAS ALSO CARRIED ON FAITHFULLY, never swerving from the course that the Lord has laid down for him to follow Jesus in his ministry of Love around the World. He & his large family of precious children—I think now nine in number—sing & play for the Lord & lead other teens to Christ as my first family of children did, carrying on the tradition of his father & even his father’s fathers, faithful to his Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, & His Message of Love & Salvation for the whole Earth—at least those who will receive Him.

73. THIS YOUNGEST SON, HO, HAS PIONEERED MANY LANDS with his precious family & is now busy pioneering a new one. He was the first to publish our first magazine, the New Nation News, & carry on our publishing in London while we were there & even after we were gone. He has continued to help with the publishing ever since, his staff working on some of our most important publications.

74. OUR DEAR FAITHFUL FAITHY HAS ALWAYS BEEN FAITHFUL & ALWAYS VERY CLOSE TO ME FROM HER CHILDHOOD! Defying her mother’s selfishness & her sister Deborah’s dandy bad example, she has been loyal throughout it all & followed me wherever I went, often preceding me & pioneering before me. She pioneered most of Europe & the Orient as well as South America & has always been her Daddy’s own girl, God bless her! I love her dearly for her great work & her loyal faithfulness to both me & our Family of God’s Children wherever she goes, always stirring hearts & inspiring & feeding & enthusing her followers, the followers of Jesus Christ! She is even now shepherding one of our largest fields.

75. MEANWHILE THE YOUNGER BROTHER & SISTERS OF MY SECOND FAMILY HAD BEEN TRAVELLING WITH ME & MY PRESENT WIFE, Maria, the one who helped me start this great Revolution for Jesus of the Children of God & the Family of Love & now Heaven’s Children! As I said, we had returned to Portugal to assist our Family & Staff Members in their evacuation of Europe to go South into both South America & the Orient.

76. SO, WITH OUR TASK FINISHED IN THE NORTH‚ WE TOO FOLLOWED THEM INTO THESE SOUTHERN LANDS of beautiful climates & wonderful people & precious, receptive hearts & souls, & we have learned to love them more than anywhere we have ever been! They have received us so hospitably with such warm welcomes & open‚ receptive minds & hearts that it has made us weep to see such precious love in the hearts of these simple people of the poor Southern Third World around the Earth! (Mt.5:3,5)

77. WHY DON’T YOU FOLLOW US TOO?—COME JOIN US! We’d love to have you! There’s plenty of room for everybody—scores of gorgeous countries with billions of beautiful people, all waiting to hear about the Love of Jesus through your love, until Jesus comes!—In Jesus’ name, amen.

Don’t miss the next exciting Chapter Five of “Heaven’s Children”!—”Heaven’s Children’s Life with Grandpa!” Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! God bless and keep you and make you a blessing too! We Love You!

Heaven’s Children’s Life with Grandpa

David Berg

—Heaven’s Children Chapter 5

DFO 2104 10/85

1. WELL, HI! THIS IS GRANDPA AGAIN & I’M CONTINUING THE STORY OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN! We began in the First Chapter by setting the stage for the story, which was all the way from the Creation of the Universe to Heaven! Then I told you who I am & who Heaven’s Children are, & in the last Chapter I told you a little more about my own personal children. And now I want to show you in this picture story a little about their life with Grandpa in our life & travels together!

2. THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE STORY IN THE LAST CHAPTER but this one is highly illustrated with actual artist’s drawings of the various characters in the play. You see, we first set the stage for the play & now we’re introducing the various characters, & now you’re going to see the action as it’s acted out by these artist’s drawings.

3. THESE ARE TAKEN FROM THE FAMOUS CHILDREN’S SERIES, “LIFE WITH GRANDPA”, but we’ve taken just those which have to do with us personally in our life & travels together‚ so that you can get a brief summary of the action of my Heaven’s Children living with me.—A picture story of their life with Grandpa‚ which I thought you’d find interesting in the way we’ve arranged it.

4. ACTUALLY THESE ARE TAKEN FROM THE GREATER SERIES OF FOUR COMPLETE BOOKS OF 1100-SOME PAGES, so if you want to read the rest, you’ll have to borrow one from some of our Family. This is just a quick resume of the highlights of Heaven’s Children’s Life with Grandpa, as illustrated by our precious artists.

5. FIRST I’LL INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR LITTLE PERSONAL FAMILY: There’s Sara & her husband Alf, both of them very good with children. Sara is one of their teachers & Alf is also one of their teachers & playmates as well as one of our business-men, & they also have three children‚ Davida, Mary Dear & Sammy.

6. ALSO MEET DORA, ANOTHER NURSE & TEACHER, AS WELL AS A FEW OF OUR BOYS, who come along to help us with our growing family as bodyguards & with the house & the yard & the business, as well as a secretary or two for our stories‚ & a few other helpers also.

7. SO NOW MEET THE CHARACTERS IN THIS PLAY OF LIFE of Heaven’s Children with Grandpa, & let’s continue to view some of the stories themselves. As Shakespeare said, “All the World’s a stage & we are playing on it” in this great drama of life!—You, too, are one of the players!—What part are you playing?

Heaven’s Children Prepare for Heaven

David Berg

—Heaven’s Children Chap.7

DFO 2106 10/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU! HERE’S GRANDPA AGAIN with thecontinuing story of “Heaven’s Children”! With this Chapter Seven we hope to prepare you for the Future! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!

2. SO FAR WE’VE TAKEN YOU ALL THE WAY FROM CREATION with a synopsis clear to Heaven in the First Chapter. Then we’ve introduced myself & the characters in this story, including my little personal family & their history‚ & we’ve told you who Heaven’s Children really are—all of God’s Children! (Gal.3:26)

3. BUT NOW WE’VE NARROWED IT DOWN IN OUR PERSONAL STORY TO JUST A FEW CHARACTERS in this great Drama of Life, & we wantto give you a little idea of what the Future is like! We’re going to enter our Spiritual Time Machine & travel into the Future, God willing!

4. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO TIME TRAVEL?—All you have to do is think back into your past life & experiences & envision those events, & the pictures come before your mind’s eye & they look almost as real as they did when they happened! Even so, we can travel also into the Future!

5. IF WE KNOW WHAT THE EVENTS ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE & what’s going to happen in the Future‚ all we need to do is place ourselves there as some of the characters & a few of the players on this great Stage of the Drama of Life & put yourself into those situations & imagine how you’d feel & how you’d react. Try to think about being there under those various conditions, & you can already envision yourself taking part in those dramatic, climactic events of the Future!

6. IT’S SORT OF LIKE HAVING A TIME MACHINE that you can enter & travel backward in memory or forward in imagination into the real events that are actually going to happen very soon!

7. GOING FORWARD IN TIME IS LIKE USING A SIMULATOR MACHINE. Simulators are used for training automobile drivers, airplane pilots, ship captains & astronauts & many other types of travellers & drivers & pilots,etc., so they’ll actually get the feel of what it’s like to really do those things under simulated conditions before they actually have to do it!

8. THE AUTOMOBILE DRIVER GETS INTO AN AUTO SIMULATOR & it looks exactly like the scenery that he can see through the windshield all around him & the highway is rolling toward him from ahead! He can actually steer his car to this side of the road or that, or pass other vehicles on the highway & feel like he is driving on a highway, when actually he is in only one little car interior which has all these feelings of sights & sounds & effects to simulate the realities‚ so he can get the feel of actually driving before he even steps foot inside a real automobile!

9. THE SCIENTISTS WHO CONSTRUCT THE SIMULATORS KNOW EXACTLY what you are going to see & what the conditions are going to be like. They can even make it feel like a bumpy road or a wavy sea, or the airsickness of the airplane or the thrill of a spaceflight & even its weightlessness! You see & hear & feel all these various sights & sounds & conditions that you would actually experience if you were actually driving or piloting or flying, etc.

10. YOU’RE EVEN ABLE TO GUIDE YOUR VEHICLE OR VESSEL OR SHIP according to the conditions that you see & feel around you. You learn how to avoid other cars & ships & planes & how to take the curves or the waves or the winds, how to drive or sail or fly safely, & how to get familiar with the actual conditions under which you’re going to have to drive or pilot your vessel or fly your plane or shoot off into space!

11. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THESE SIMULATORS OF COURSE IS TO PREPARE YOU FOR THESE CONDITIONS so that they simulate the actual sights, sounds & conditions that you’re going to encounter when you are really there driving that car or flying that plane or sailing that ship or navigating that rocket or spaceship, so that you’ll be thoroughly prepared for the eventual actual experience of undergoing those real experiences when it actually happens!

12. THAT’S WHY WE’D LIKE TO TAKE YOU NOW ON A TRIP INTO THE FUTURE so that you’ll be thoroughly prepared & familiar with all of the events & sights & sounds & experiences & conditions that some of you are actually going to go through in the very near Future! Lord willing, we’re going to roll through the scenes of this World in the very near Future under the conditions & circumstances & through the events that we do really know are actually going to happen because God has said so in His Holy Book, the Bible, & in the multitude of specific prophecies that He has already given regarding these coming events which are already casting their shadows before! (Isa.42:9)

13. THERE ARE ALREADY VERY MANY SIGNS OF THE TIMES all around us, as Jesus Himself said. He said, “There shall be wars & rumours of wars” & “Nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom”, & “There shall be famines & pestilences & earthquakes”, & “all these are the beginning of sorrows”! He said that there would be many false saviours & false prophets that shall arise & deceive many, & that iniquity should abound because the love of many has waxed cold. (Mat.24:3-12, 24)

14. ALL THESE CONDITIONS & EVENTS WE’RE ALREADY SEEING ALL AROUND US, AREN’T WE? The wickedness & the evilness of Mankind has become even worse than it was before the Flood, only this time God has promised that in the End He’s going to send a flood of fire to destroy them all & completely burn up the entire sur-face of the Earth & its atmosphere in order to recreate a new Earth & new Heavens wherein dwelleth nothing but righteousness! (Gen.6:5-6; Mat.24:37–39; 2Pe.3:10,12,13; Rev.20:9b, 21:1)

15. SO GOD’S JUDGEMENTS ARE GOING TO FALL ON THESE WICKED PEOPLE all around us because of their iniquity & their sinfulness & rebellion against God & defiance of His Will & unbelief in His Word! They’re already falling now upon many, so that curses are coming upon the wicked in droves‚ & the selfishness of the rich shall be recompensed & the poverty of the poor will be avenged! (Rev.6:15-17; Gal.6:7; Mat.5:5)

16. WE ARE NOW ENTERING THE LAST DAYS OF THIS WORLD’S HISTORY & its very Endtime, of which many climactic events are specifically described in the Bible, God’s Word, & by His many prophets. These Signs of our Times are already all around us‚ & these coming events are already casting their shadows before! Jesus Himself said that the very generation that sees these signs come to pass shall not pass away until all of these things shall be fulfilled!—All of these events of the End of the World, as far as many are concerned! (1Jn.2:18; Mat.24:3,34; Mat. 16:2,3)

17. THE NEXT GREAT EVENT IN WORLD HISTORY THAT WE ARE EXPECTING ALMOST MOMENTARILY IS THE WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC CRASH, worse than the Great Depression of the ’30s! The world has been living on borrowed time & money for many years now, with its debts & def-cits growing. Their budgets & loans have grown to become so colossal that they are now totally unpayable & their debtors are bankrupt!—Notonlyjust individuals or companies,butwhole countries—in fact the whole world! (Mat.24:7; Pro.11:4,28)

18. SO THE DAY OF RECKONING HAS GOT TO COME! The world cannot live beyond its income any more than you can personally, or sooner or later the time has got to come that you have to pay up or they’re going to confiscate your goods! They’ll take your house or car or furniture & perhaps even put you in jail for not paying your taxes, etc! (Rom.13:8)

19. EVEN SO, THE RICH OF THIS WORLD ARE SOON GOING TO BE FORECLOSING ON THE POOR, trying to take back their money. If they can’t get their money, they’re going to try to take their goods‚ their possessions & even their countries & put them in the jail of slavery to the rich! (Pro.22:7)

20. GOD, TOO, IS GOING TO TAKE A COLLECTION ONE OF THESE DAYS in the future for the world’s failure to pay Him back the respect & the love & consideration & worship that He deserves for all of the blessings that He has showered upon us!—The wonderful Creation that He has made & all the beauties & blessings & fruit of it, for which the world is no longer thanking Him. They’re no longer paying Him the thanks & the adoration that He deserves for having blessed them with it. Now they’re even denying that He even exists, or that He ever created the Earth! They’re believing the devilish‚ evil lies of the Devil such as Evil-ution‚ almost the most evil lie the Devil ever told, trying to push God out of the picture, out of the World, & they’d shove Him out of the sky if they could! (Psa.14:1)

21. BUT FIRST OF ALL, GOD IS GOING TO LET THEM SUFFER the consequences of their wickedness & their selfishness, their lack of love & their lack of respect for Him! He is soon going to let their financial house of cards collapse around their ears into an awful horrible depression & famine & great want in the very near Future—and it’s already beginning! (Gal.6:7; Mat.24:7)

22. THE DEBTORS CAN NO LONGER PAY THEIR DEBTS & the loaners can no longer collect them, so that the rich can no longer extort their exploitation from the poor! The whole world is going to be turned into a Babylon of confusion because of the collapse of its financial system!

23. THE RICH ARE TRYING TO COLLECT FROM THE POOR, BUT THE POOR CAN’T PAY! So the rich are passing laws to try to make the poor pay. But the poor can’t pay what they haven’t got, so they’re going to refuse to pay! So the rich are going to try to take them over‚ but the poor are going to refuse that slavery too! There is going to be great confusion & conflict & riots & civil war & wars between nations! (Pro.22:7,16)

24. THERE WILL BE FAMINE & STARVATION, until things get so bad that finally the nations are willing to get together & cooperate & agree to a solution, presented to them by a Superman, inspired by the Devil! He will be a world leader who’ll offer them clever answers & solutions to their problems. (Dan.9:27; Dan.8:23-25)

25. THIS SUPERMAN IS CALLED THE ANTICHRIST in the Bible because he is against all religions, particularly Christianity. He is also known as “the Beast”, because he is very cruel & very harsh‚ very violent in crushing his opposition! At first he will cunningly persuade the United Nations of the world to cooperate with his plan for solving the economic situation & preventing a nuclear war. He will also try to solve their religious differences by a cooperative agreement regarding the religious centers of the world such as Jerusalem. He will insist that they share these holy places, at which time the Jews of Israel will rebuild their ancient temple & resume sacrificial worship. (Rev.13; Dan.11:24; Dan.8:13-14)

26. BUT BECAUSE THE VARIOUS RELIGIONS STILL BICKER AMONGST THEMSELVES & FIGHT amongst themselves & even create wars amongst themselves, he finally decides the only solution is to abolish all religion except his own, & that is the worship of himself alone as the god of this Earth! He will personally occupy the temple which the Jews have rebuilt & sit in it, claiming that he’s god & demanding that all men everywhere worship him or his Image which he erects at that holy place!—An image like a giant robot that can speak & talk & command that everyone everywhere that refuses to worship him must be killed! 2Th.2:3-4;Rev.13:15)

27. HE ALSO INSISTS THAT EVERYONE MUST RECEIVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST in their foreheads or their hands, such as a credit number, perhaps on a computer chip inserted in their forehead or an identification number in their hand, which permits them to buy or sell & without which they cannot trade. This will occur at the end of the first three-and-a-half years, or the midpoint of this World Leader’s seven-year reign. During this time he establishes his power by craft & by war until he is firmly in control & has the power to demand these things. (Rev.13:16-17; Dan.8:25)

28. THE WORLD WILL WONDER & MARVEL AT HIS MIRACLES & HIS CRAFT & his cleverness & his Satanic wisdom, because he will be the Devil in the flesh, demon-possessed, Devil-possessed, Satan him–self, finally the king of the world & demanding worship as its god, as he’s always wanted! (Rev.13:8)

29. BUT THOUGH HE DEMANDS THAT ALL WHO REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM SHOULD BE KILLED & all who refuse to receive his Mark cannot buy or sell & should starve‚ he is unable to completely enforce his world-wide rule on everyone. Many rebel against him, even whole nations of those who are deeply religious & sincere worshippers of the true God & who reject Idolatry & refuse to bow down to him or his Image or take his Mark. He is almost continually fighting wars with these religious rebels until the very end of his reign. (rev.13:16,17; Dan.11:30, 40-44)

30. SOME ENTIRE RELIGIOUS NATIONS FIGHT HIM & REFUSE TO WORSHIP HIM‚ refuse to take his Mark, & refuse his Idolatry, particularly the true Christians, Orthodox Jews & fundamental Moslems‚ most of whom zealously reject idol-worship. They will rise up against him & refuse his government & reject his commands & finally realise as he reveals his evilness that he is not the Saviour of the world that he pretends to be, but is a curse & destroying it! He’s Satan himself in the flesh, possessing the body of this cruel dictator‚ the Beastly Antichrist!

31. THESE WARS WITH HIS RELIGIOUS ENEMIES THEREFORE CONTINUE to the very end of his reign, when he & his forces are destroyed by God Himself & all the forces of Heaven in the gigantic Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God that God is going to pour out upon the Beast & his followers to help to defend & protect those religionists who have rebelled against this Antichrist! (Rev.19:11-21; Rev.16)

32. BUT JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE THIS MIGHTY ENDTIME WAR‚ Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself suddenly appears in the sky & calls to His followers, those who love Him & believe & trust in Him & have worshipped Him & done His Will. For it says‚ “The Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel & with the trumpet of God! The dead in Christ”—all the Christians who have died throughout all ages—”shall rise first! Then we which are alive & remain”—all Chris-tians still living—”shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air!” (1Th.4:16-17; Dan.12:2)

33. —AND SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD!”—In our palaces in Heaven on high! There we will have a great Wedding Feast with Him, for it’s like a marriage‚ of Him the Bridegroom to us His Bride, & we will be rewarded for our works & deeds of goodness & righteousness & love that we have performed here on earth for His glory & the love of others! (Rev.19:7-9; 1Co.3:8)

34. THEN WE’LL JOIN HIM ON WHITE HORSES RIDING OUT OF THE SKY to invade the Earth, to crush the Antichrist & his forces & take vengeance upon our enemies who have persecuted us & tortured us & slain us in days gone by throughout all ages! (Rev.19:14-15)

35. WE WILL THEN HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE EARTH from all the wreckage of war. It says in the Bible that in Israel alone it will take seven months even to bury all the dead & seven years to destroy all the weapons of war!—Until we have cleaned up as much of the surface of the Earth as we can. I wouldn’t be surprised if much of the surface of those great Superpowers of the North will be so completely destroyed & filled with rubble & radioactivity that it will be virtually impossible to inhabit any further! The only mankind left alive will be mostly in the beautiful Southern countries of the Third World, where there has been little or no war! (Eze.39:12-4, 9)

36. THERE MAN WILL AGAIN LIVE AS HE DID IN THE BEGINNING in nations like the Garden of Eden, with the natives at peace with each other & no more wars! God Himself will rule the Earth with His Son,Jesus Christ, & His angels & His Children, those who truly love Him & love others & have tried to save them. It says‚ “We shall rule & reign with Him”—with Jesus—”for a Thousand Years” over this Earth‚ & “righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas!” (Isa.2:4; Rev.20:4-6; Isa.11:9)

37. THEN HEAVEN’S CHILDREN SHALL BE THE RULERS OF THIS EARTH, its judges & teachers, often even ruling with a rod of iron or with force against any who may rebel! Whole nations shall suffer the punishments of God if they rebel against His righteous rule! (Rev.5:10; Rev.19:15)

38. THEN GOD’S CHILDREN WILL DO THEIR BEST to teach God’s love to those who have survived the horrible holocaust of Armageddon! We will try to teach them the ways of the Lord, the Love of God & His Commandments of Love & win them to His loving ways. We’ll teach them to love each other & to love the Lord most of all‚ & save them from their sins. (Mat.24:13; Mic.4:1-2,5)

39. MANY OF THE GOOD RELIGIOUS PEOPLE OF THE EARTH WHO RESISTED THE ANTICHRIST & HIS SATANIC GOVERNMENT will then be given a chance to hear how to be saved from evil & from Satan & his demons, who have been cast into Hell! Many will learn for the first time Who God really is & that Jesus is His Son & the Saviour of the World! Many will receive Him‚ multitudes of millions who will then see His personal rule & reign on the Earth, along with His angels & His rulers,Heaven’s Children‚ who love them in obedience to His Kingdom. Many will be saved & join us in the beautiful Heavenly City floating in the sky‚ far above man’s capabilities to attack it!

40. UNTIL FINALLY AS A FINAL TEST OF THEIR LOYALTY, the separation of the sheep from the goats, the Lord Himself will allow Satan & His demons to again come out of Hell & to deceive the nations of the World who can be deceived, whoever has not believed or received Jesus as their Saviour & have not become loving & kind & helpful to others. They still have war in their hearts & are rebels in their minds & are ready to receive an evil World Leader again, this time Satan himself in person, to help them resist God & His Children & to try to overthrow God’s rule & reign on Earth! (Rev.20:7–8; Psa.2:1-5)

41. THE EARTHLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SAVED & TURNED TO THE LORD WILL THEN BE SURROUNDED BY THE EVIL FORCES OF THE DEVIL himself & his rebels, who will try to conquer them & overthrow their righteous rule & reign on Earth! So God will again have to remove His Children from this Earth while He destroys it with a flood of fire & completely burns up Satan & all his forces & followers & casts the Devil & his angels into Hell, where the Beast & his False Prophet & his Beastly followers already are! (Rev.20:9-10; 2Pe.3:10-13; Mal.4:1-3)

42. THEN GOD WILL RAISE THE REST OF THE DEAD—all those who were not raised in the First Resurrection of His Saints at the Rapture. He will raise the dead of all ages who were not saved, & assemble them before His Great White Throne Judgement in the sky! For the Earth itself has been completely burned up & the whole surface destroyed & its atmosphere has rolled away in a great explosion, the Flood of Fire that God has sent to destroy them, so that only its bare ball remains! (Rev.20:11-12)

43. GOD WILL THEN GATHER TOGETHER THE DEAD OF ALL AGES & of all places in the Earth, those who are not already saved & with Jesus in Heaven‚ even from the graves & the seas & the caves of the Earth! He will assemble them before His Great White Throne to judge them according to their works. And everyone who is not found written in His Book of Life will be cast into Hellfire, the Lake of Fire, & destroyed! But all those that are found in His Book of Life, those that deserved but never heard the Gospel & never heard about Jesus & didn’t know He was the Son of God, never had a chance to be saved, will be given an opportunity on the new recreated Earth, like the Garden of Eden! They will be allowed to live again on the New Earth outside of God’s Holy City of Heaven! They’ll receive Him as their Ruler, Jesus as their Saviour & be taught the ways of God & His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, by Heaven’s Children who know & love Him. (Rev.20:12-15; Jn.5:28-29)

44. THEN THAT GREAT HOLY SPACE CITY THAT JESUS WENT TO PREPARE FOR ALL OF US WHO LOVE HIM, CAN SAFELY DESCEND OUT OF THE SKY onto the Earth, as He has promised! For He said that He’s gone to prepare a place for us, that where He is, there we may be also. For in His Father’s house are many mansions, & that all should behold its glory, all they that dwell upon the Earth, as well as they that dwell in that City. The Lord Himself comes down again to live with man on this Earth!—This time righteous man, saved man, those who love the Lord. (Jn.14:2-3; Rev.21:1-3)

45. THIS MARVELLOUS CITY IS SPECIFICALLY DESCRIBED IN THE BIBLE—the largest City ever built, because it was built by God Himself! It will be 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, reaching far up into space & glowing with golden light from its crystal golden beauty & full of golden mansions for you & me! But it is surrounded by a very high wall with only pearly gates, to prevent the entry of any who should not enter therein, who are not yet ready to enter that Holy Place. The nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it! The kings of the Earth will bring their glory & honour into it! “And they shall bring the glory & the honour of the nations into it”! For there will still be nations & there will still be kings outside that great & holy City of God!—New nations, new kings on a New Earth with no more seas! (Rev.21:10-26)

46. NO ONE SHALL BE ALLOWED INTO THE CITY WHO IS NOT SAVED, who does not know the Lord, who has not received Him as their Saviour & has not yet learned His Holy ways & the ways of His Holy City, the New Jerusalem, the Space City of God come down to Earth! For there will still be many who will need His healing touch from the Leaves of Life which we shall carry to them from the Trees of Life which grow upon both sides of the River of Life which flows through the City of God & out into the World beyond! There will still be many who were raised from the dead in the Second Resurrection who, although found in the Book of Life, still need to learn God’s ways & about His Salvation through Jesus & His love & care for them. (Rev.21:27; 22:1-2)

47. THEN THESE ARE GIVEN THEIR FIRST CHANCE TO HEAR about the true God & His true Son & Saviour, Jesus Christ‚ & to know that He loves them & wants to save them, so that they can be made pure & holy by His righteousness & be able to enter into that huge walled City through those pearly gates & into the full delights of His Paradise! (2Co.5:19; Eph.1:10‚ 2:7)

48. HOWEVER, OUTSIDE ON THE NEW EARTH IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL, LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN! It will be Paradise again‚ with no more seas, but only rivers & lakes to water the land!—No more rain, no more storms, no more great catastrophes & cataclysms or dis–asters, but all beautiful & peaceful, the very Paradise of God that all men have always longed for! But only those who love Him shall attain entry to the City. But the people on the Earth out-side the City shall live again like Adam & Eve in the Garden, so that for the first time in Earth’s history, all men everywhere shall live in peace & love & life together with one another, & we shall live & love together forever! (Rev.21:1; Num.14:21)

49. WE SHALL STILL ENJOY THE SAME GOD-CREATED PLEASURES THAT GOD MADE IN THE BEGINNING & that Man enjoyed in the Garden of Eden, including love & sex & children & happiness & pleasures in the kind of paradise on Earth that God originally intended for Adam & Eve, but which they forsook because they disobeyed Him & fell from His grace & suffered sin & all its consequences & brought all this evil upon Mankind for these thousands of years! But in the New Heaven & the New Earth, Man will again enjoy the pleasures of Paradise, the joys & love & happiness that God originally intended for Man, but which Man himself forsook for sin. (Gen.2:8–9, 25; Rom.5:19)

50. HAVE YOU FORSAKEN GOD FOR SIN? Have you left the paradise of His Love & His Will for your own wicked ways & evil sins in rebellion against His Will & His Love? Have you defied Him & gone your own way & refused to believe in Him in your willfulness & unbelief, & believed the Satanic lies of the Devil & his deceitfulness of riches & diabolical iniquity, & are you suffering its consequences this very day? (Isa.59:2)

51. OR DO YOU SIMPLY NOT KNOW GOD NOR HIS TRUE SON JESUS CHRIST because no one has ever told you & you have never learned His Truth or been taught His Love & ways because no one ever explained them to you & you have not known how to receive Him or His Love or His Eternal Salvation?

52. PERHAPS YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN SEEKING FOR THESE ANSWERS TO THE PROBLEMS OF YOUR LIFE, the questions of why you’re here & where you’re going, & what for.—What should you be? What should you do? How should you live & where are you going? What about death & the hereafter?

53. THE LORD HAS THE ANSWER FOR ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS & problems & burdens of life! All you need to do is receive His Son, Jesus Christ, right now into your heart‚ & He will solve all of your problems & answer all your questions & destine you to live in His love with Him forever on that beautiful New Earth & in that Heavenly New City! (Jer.33:3)

54. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE SURE YOU’RE SAVED & GOING TO HEAVEN? Well‚ you can do it right now! All you have to do is simply pray this little prayer & ask Him into your heart right now! You don’t have to wait to find out if you’re going to make it or if you’re good enough—no one is good enough! No one is righteous enough! He says that “All have sinned & come short of the glory of God” & “There are none righteous, no not one!” “For by grace are ye saved through faith & that not that of yourselves, it is the gift of God!—Not of works, lest any man should boast!” (Rom.3:23, 10; Psa.14:1,2; Eph.2:8‚9)

55. YOUR SALVATION IS JUST PAID FOR BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST SHED FOR YOUR SINS ON THE CROSS OF CALVARY, & all you have to do is believe it & receive Him & repent of your sins & confess Him before others, & you can spend the rest of your life telling others about Jesus & His Love! (Heb.10:10; 1Pe.2:24)

56. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENJOY & JOIN THIS GREAT HAPPY FAMILY OF HEAVEN’S CHILDREN & LIVE FOREVER? Then bow your head right now & close your eyes to shut out the World around us, & ask Jesus to come into your heart as you pray this little prayer, okay?:

57. “DEAR JESUS, I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD & that You died for me. Please forgive me for all my sins. I now open the door of my heart & I ask You, dear Jesus, to please come in & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life! Help me to love You & to love others by telling them about You & Your Love.—In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” (Rev.3:20)

58. PRAISE THE LORD! DON’T YOU ALREADY FEEL BETTER? Didn’t that make you feel good?—To know that you have Jesus in your heart now & you are saved forever & you don’t ever have to worry about it again! You’re going to be happy & live in His Love, loving others in His great, beautiful, wonderful, happiest Fam-ily in this whole World, the Family of the Children of God, the Family of His Love, His own Heaven’s Children!—In Jesus’ name, Amen! God bless you all, & I do hope that you, too, have received Him personally as your Saviour & have joined this great worldwide Family of Love of millions of all Heaven’s Children who love Jesus, God’s Son, in Jesus’ name, amen! (Jn.6:37;10:28)

59. ALL RIGHT! PRAISE THE LORD! NOW THAT YOU’RE SAVED & KNOW YOU’RE BOUND FOR HEAVEN, WHY DON’T YOU COME HOME WITH US & live with us in our happy Heavenly Home? We have lots of loving brothers & sisters & mothers & fathers & children who will love you to life & will make you the happiest you have ever been in your whole life! You now have Heaven in your heart & can live a Heavenly life of Love in our Heavenly Home of Heaven’s Children!—Wouldn’t you like to come now?

Grandpa Goes to Heaven

David Berg

—A Glimpse of the Future—Heaven’s Children Chapter 6

DO 210610/85

1. NOW WE’RE GOING TO TAKE A HEAVENLY RIDE ON THAT HEAVENLY TIME BEAM in that Heaven-Travel Simulator as we fly through Time & Space into the wonderful worlds beyond!—Genuine space travel is finally a real reality!—But without the nuisance of all that equipment & spaceship, etc.‚ because we’re going to personally fly!—You & me together!

2. WE’LL RIDE RIGHT THROUGH THE SKIES WITHOUT ANY SPACESHIP, without any equipment! We’ll have nothing but our beautiful, glorified wonderful new bodies that have powers that you only dreamed of! We can sail through space like a bird & soar up to Heaven like an angel & leave this horrible old present-day Earth & all its horrors & terrors & dangers & fly right out of it up to meet Jesus! So, watch us, Folks! Here we go! (Phil.3:21)—ZOOOOOOM!—

3. WELL, HI THERE! GOD BLESS YOU! HERE’S GRANDPA IN MY LOUNGE COUCH IN OUR HEAVENLY MANSION IN THAT HEAVENLY CITY! While Heaven’s Girl, our Family, Maria & the children & our Staff are still back on Earth struggling with the Antichrist & his forces, meanwhile I have been sitting here reminiscing a little bit about the past! I’ve been shuttling back & forth between helping them in the spirit & taking time out between trips, resting here & getting my new orders from the Lord & preparing this place for their soon arrival here. It’s really lotsa fun!

4. AS YOU MUST KNOW BY THIS TIME, I GOT HERE SOMETIME BEFORE THEM, being quite an old man & up in years. So when things started getting a little bit too rough for me under the Antichrist & his Bestial World System, the Lord spared me from the worst & took me Home to be with Him, to live part time in my new Home on High! Praise the Lord! (ML#156)

5. AS YOU KNOW, WHEN WE DIED ON EARTH in those days‚ we were each taken up in a sort of individual rapture to be with the Lord, hovering around over our dead body for a short time to make sure that everything was going well & that everybody was okay & knew how to handle the situation. Then the Lord would shoot us off through that protective tube, as described in our famous Letter on “Life After Death!”—(ML #850) (Eph.2:5,6)

6. WHEN WE DIE, WE ARE IMMEDIATELY USHERED INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD & our new Spirit Bodies, & in that Spirit World around the Earth there can be even as great dangers as there are in the physical World from evil spirits & Satanic powers who would love to attack us finally on their own turf! (Eph.6:10-12)

7. THEREFORE THE LORD HAS TO SHOOT US THROUGH A PROTECTIVE TUNNEL INTO OUTER SPACE TO SPACE CITY so that we will be perfectly safe from all possible dangers & enemies in the Spirit World on our long trip to Heaven!—Abrahim‚ my longtime Spirit Helper Gypsy King, was there to accompany me, of course‚ & we were soon shooting through Space together, God bless him! Soon, thank the Lord, we began to see light at the end of that tunnel & suddenly burst forth into the glorious sunlight, the light of God’s Son, at the Heavenly Pearly Gate of His Heavenly City! (1Jn.1:5; Pro.4:18)

8. AS WE FLOATED DOWN TO A SOFT LANDING JUST OUTSIDE THAT GATE‚ you can imagine there was quite a crowd of relatives & old friends & new friends there to greet me, thank the Lord!—My Mother & Father & our dear old friend Dr. Koger, who was like a Father to me, & my Grandparents—both the Swedes & the Germans—and my brother & sister & other old friends & relatives who had long ago passed on to be with the Lord. So you can imagine how we kissed & embraced & shed a few tears of joy at this glorious grand reunion at last!

9. BUT RIGHT ALONGSIDE THEM, WAITING RESPECTFULLY for me to greet their elders, was a smaller group who really thrilled my heart the most! They were the intimate members of my own New Family! There was my own son Aaron, who had passed away some years ago on a mountain near Geneva, Switzerland, my eldest son & musician, whose music had helped pioneer our great new Family of Heaven’s Children! (ML #234)

10. AS WE HUGGED & KISSED each other tightly, he said, “Dad, I’m so glad you’re finally Here!Thank You, Jesus! You’re going to love it!” And I said, “Thanks, Son, it’s so good to see you again! God bless you! I’m sure glad you’re here to greet me!”

11. JUST THEN, OVER HIS SHOULDER‚ I CAUGHT SIGHT OF ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL COUPLE standing there waiting patiently & smiling at me. I said, “Abner!—Phoebe! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!—So glad you’re Here! God bless you! I can’t think of any others that have worked closely with us all these years & gone on to be with the Lord that I would want to see more!”

12. ABNER WAS OUR CHIEF OF SECURITY, working very closely with us back on the Ranch in Texas, but who had been killed in a motorcycle accident there, led astray by his cruel boss, Jethro. But he had been helping us ever since in the spirit in our worldwide work Here & there‚ wherever he was needed, to counsel & advise on security & other important Family matters as one of our most important Spirit Helpers. (ML#s 70,72)

13. —AND DEAR PHOEBE! SHE’S LOOKING MORE BEAUTIFUL & HEAVENLY & ANGELIC THAN EVER!—Absolutely gorgeous in her new see-through gown of light! So we rushed together & kissed & embraced & loved & wept tears of joy, having been reunited visibly again for the first time in years! Abner looked stronger & handsomer & taller than ever—a fitting General in this great Army, & Phoebe was absolutely glorious, so I immediately flipped over her!

14. ALTHOUGH I HAD NEVER MET HER IN THE FLESH‚ WE HAD BEEN VERY CLOSE IN SPIRIT in her work with our Music Department, both in Greece & Sri Lanka, before she went to be with the Lord a few years ago. Now I could begin to see why, with her standing there beside Abner—both such close, intimate Members & helpers & co-workers in our great Family of Heaven’s Children! What a comfort they had been to each other as they worked together for us, both in Heaven & on Earth, knowing me & my Family so well & understanding us more than any of our other relatives or loved ones except Aaron.

15. AARON OF COURSE HAD BEEN BUSY TAKING CARE OF OUR MUSIC UNITS‚ inspiring our musicians & composers & singers in their tremendous worldwide music ministry as their most important spirit helper. So he is gone to Earth most of the time taking care of that ministry. Abner now for many years had been busy most of the time on Earth, supervising Family security as one of its most important spirit helpers. (Heb.12:1a; 1:14)

16. BUT PHOEBE HAD ONLY RECENTLY JOINED THEM a few years ago, as she was one of the first refugees from the Sri Lankan Civil War!—The Lord chose to take her straight to Heaven, rather than being evacuated on that military plane with the rest of them! She had been one of our top secretaries of Music With Meaning, our music unit, as well as a singer & emcee for their television show & their radio recordings, with multitudes of video & audio tapes throughout the World!

17. SO I FELT THAT I KNEW HER VERY WELL as I have seen her so often on video & heard her sweet voice in many of our musical recordings. Although I had never actually met her in the flesh, she had waved goodbye to me in the Spirit World as she left this Earth on her departure to Heaven. Little did I dream at that time how close she was going to be to me Here, along with Abner‚ as I awaited the coming of the rest of my Family! How wise the Lord is in His ways & how wonderful is His foresight & prevision & provision for our every need!

18. ALTHOUGH MY OLDER RELATIVES & FRIENDS ARE ALL VERY DEAR TO ME, NONE ARE AS CLOSE AS THESE MEMBERS OF MY OWN PRECIOUS NEW FAMILY OF HEAVEN’S OWN CHILDREN!—Those who had worked so closely with me pioneering this great Revolution for Jesus from its very beginning so many years ago! Aaron of course had been with us as a child in our first little family of only six, & Abner had been with us from the very beginning of our growing, larger Family of God’s Children. And Phoebe had been very dear to me in Spirit for several years, as she helped supervise our great Musical Unit. (Mat.12:48-50)

19. SO WHO COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER CHOSEN TO MEET ME & GREET ME & TAKE CARE OF ME on my arrival here in this great Space City than these three of my own dearest & closest departed ones, who know me so well & so intimately & understand me & my new Family of Love better than any of the others‚ except those who are still back on Earth!

20. I HAD WATCHED PHOEBE SING & TALK & DANCE ON VIDEO FOR MANY YEARS, with all her charm & beauty & wonderful sweet personality. So I was more than thrilled to see her here‚ as she lovingly stretched out her arms to me & clasped me close in a warm embrace with warm tender kisses that gave me such thrills I was a bit surprised & almost embarrassed, as suddenly I realised that she & Abner had come to take care of me with others of our Family!

21. AARON WAS USUALLY TOO BUSY TAKING CARE OF THINGS ON EARTH, so he had only come back for this special celebration of my arrival in Heaven. But apparently Abner & Phoebe had been assigned to me as a top security job & precious loving responsibility for my care in Heaven until the others would later arrive. They were truly my own real Family intimates & the only logical ones with whom I would be comfortable & happy & well taken care of who are already Here.

22. HAVING SAFELY DELIVERED ME INTO THEIR KIND & LOVING HANDS, NOW ABRAHIM & AARON HAD TO HURRY BACK TO EARTH to help take care of Maria & the children in my absence‚ so we bade them a fond farewell as they regretfully departed, & I told them to give the Family my love & tell them how wonderful it is Here & I hope to see them soon!

23. SO THEN ABNER & PHOEBE USHERED ME THROUGH THE GATE & past the guardian Reception Angels over to the Directory Building where I received my own beautiful new name & identification crystal, which is like a magic wand, & my new halo or “crown of life” which gives me new supernatural Heavenly powers, enjoyed by all citizens here! After a short stroll along the Golden Boulevard of this gorgeous City, chatting all the way excitedly about old times & fresh news‚ they finally whisked me up & away, leading me by the hand as we flew up to my new Home in Heaven! (Rev.2:17‚10b)

24. AS WE DREW NEAR & SOFTLY LANDED ON ITS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN TERRACE, I instantly recognised it as the Mansion that I had actually designed before on Earth, as my ideal Home which I would like to have in Heaven! Now, here it was before me, just as I had designed it! The Lord had given me the desire of my heart, because I had delighted myself in Him! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Psa.21:2; Psa.37:4)

25. I UNDERSTAND THAT EVEN BUCKMINSTER FULLER, MY FAVOURITE ARCHITECT, HAD A HAND IN ITS PLANNING, as he also had gone on before us, the Lord needing him to help in the planning & designing & construction of this great Space City!—A genius of an architect & scientist with ideas far beyond his time! He had already designed pyramidically-shaped gigantic cities which could float through the air, but had never gotten to realise that dream there on Earth because of the foolishness of man & their lack of recognition of his gifted genius & talents. So God had called him up Here to help Him with the planning & construction of the greatest City of all, which is now floating here in space, just as he dreamed!—This giant pyramid-shaped Golden City, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, is floating up Here in its beautiful blue sphere, a protective forcefield called in the Bible the “Crystal Sea”! (Rev.21:16; Rev.4:6a)

26. AS ABNER, PHOEBE & I LANDED ON THE TERRACE & I marvelled at this beautiful Heavenly mansion that was evidently to be mine forever, suddenly a number of other happy faces rushed out of its portals to greet me & hug me & kiss me & love me, like I had known them all their lives! (John 14:2)

27. SO I SAID TO ABNER & PHOEBE, “YOU I KNOW, BUT WHO ARE THESE?” And they said, “Well, we needed more Staff members here to take care of you & your Home & in preparation for your other Family members coming‚ so we chose these Family members who had already come on before to be here to help you, even though you did not yet know them. They were saved & won to the Lord by our Family on Earth in the various nations there, mostly Latins & Orientals, because we know you have a special love for those people. So they volunteered to come here & take care of you & us & our Home until your regular Staff arrives!” So each one loved & hugged & kissed me just as fervently as those I already knew, as they knew me even better than I knew them, through my many Love Letters & writings on Earth!

28. SO WE ALL TROOPED INTO THE HOUSE TOGETHER, PRAISING THE LORD & thanking Jesus for His wonderful goodness & love & mercy, to have brought us thus far! We walked first into the spacious livingroom with its comfortable couches & its huge three–dimensional television globe in the center, which is far more than a television set, as they explained to me! It is also a communicator, a time machine‚ a transporter, a materialiser & a storer of the wealth of all Heaven’s information of history, science, news & everything we would want to know! We need only to think of what we want to see, & immediately it appears within that sphere, looking just as real as you & I!—And it is real!—The actual sights & sounds of those events & happenings of both the past & the present! If there’s someone we particularly want to see, we can even materialise them there, & they can step out of the globe & visit us!—Such as the famous Prophets & characters of the Bible with whom we’d like to talk & ask questions & discuss matters. It’s a marvellous communicator indeed! (Rev.10:6)

29. THEN WE PASSED THROUGH THE DININGROOM, large & comfortable & commodious for such a large Family as ours & those yet to come! From there we went to the kitchen, where they explained to me the miraculous way in which meals were prepared‚ as if by magic, by the mere waving of our crystal wands! Then they ushered me upstairs to our beautiful master bedroom! As I marvelled at its beauty & gorgeous view & beautiful furnishings‚ I looked at its king-sized bed & suddenly was hit with a wave of nostalgia & homesickness for Maria, suddenly realising that she was not here yet & it would be some time before she came!

30. AS THOUGH READING MY THOUGHTS‚ PHOEBE CAME TO ME & put her arms lovingly & tenderly around me & kissed me affectionately & said, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, I’m here & I’m going to take care of you, & I’ll do my best to take Maria’s place until she comes!” As I felt the warmth of her body next to mine, that soft, beautiful body that I had watched dance so many times on those gorgeous dance videos, I was swept with a wave of emotion which almost helped me forget that Maria was not here! So as Phoebe & I sank down onto the bed together, the others retired discreetly from the room!

31. OUR AURAS OF LIGHT SEEMED TO VANISH & WE HAD NO CLOTHES TO REMOVE! We could see our beautiful new Heavenly bodies in all their splendorous glory—with all the same original beauties that God had created, only now more glorified & perfect than ever! As Phoebe tenderly & affectionately embraced me & kissed me & caressed me, I suddenly really felt at Home here as never before! I thought, “Well‚ if Maria can’t be here yet, thank God for Phoebe!” She began to sing sweetly & softly some of her old lovesongs to me as she stroked me with her gentle fingers & excited me with such close loving tender warmth & affection! (Pro.5:19)

32. I HAD KNOWN THAT THERE WOULD BE SEX IN HEAVEN, but I had never dreamed that it was going to be as wonderful as this, as thrilling & exciting & rapturous & continuous!—No exhaustion, no tiring, no surfeiting, no impotence, no failures, no dissatisfactions! All was pure joy & love & endless fulfilment, hallelujah! Thank You‚ Jesus! Praise the Lord! (1Cor.2:9)

33. WE DIDN’T STOP BECAUSE WE WERE TIRED, but after some time Phoebe softly whispered that she would be back soon, but she had to go & tend to some domestic matters in preparation for our welcoming dinner. So, giving me a few more loving, affectionate kisses & caresses, she patted me & tenderly, kissed me goodbye for the moment & said she would be back as soon as she could.—Meanwhile she admonished Joy of India to watch over me.—Remember her?—The sweet Family girl who died of malaria about a year after Phoebe. Her mate Thomas had asked Jesus to send Phoebe for her! She has been here for some time & knows & loves me well from my Letters & had given her life for the Lord.—Now she is one of my Heavenly Helpers in my Mansion here! She too is so beautiful & wonderful & such a comfort.—”Thanks‚ Joy!” I said. (Rev.14:13)

34. I LAY BACK ON THE BED, FEELING LIKE I WAS IN A DREAM, that it all was almost too good to be true! I thought maybe I’d wake up & find that I’d been only dreaming or having another vision of Heaven! But I didn’t need to pinch myself, it was all really happening & I was really Here‚ as I could look all around & see it for myself, & I had certainly felt it in my time with Phoebe! It was beautiful, wonderful‚ marvellous, miraculous, supernatural, & yet all so natural in so many ways! It was so familiar to our former ways on Earth, yet its beauty now magnified & multiplied many times over in these Heavenly scenes & experiences! It was like all the beauties of God’s Creation combined, all together in one place & glorified many times over!—Truly Heavenly beyond our wildest dreams! (1Cor.13:12)

35. I EVEN FELL ASLEEP FOR A LITTLE WHILE!—Not that my body actually needed rest, because Here you’re never weary, you’re never tired, never weak‚ never sick. You’re superhumanly powerful & strong, healthy & beautiful! But it was as though my mind needed rest & a little respite from all these exciting events of the past few hours. So we can sleep if we so desire, need or wish‚ & I drifted off into a dreamland more Heavenly than ever before! (Rev.21:4)

36. IN MY DREAMS I FELT THE SOFT, CARESSING TOUCH OF PHOEBE’S HAND AGAIN & the luscious warmth of her sweet kiss on my mouth & the softness of her body against me once again, as she returned to make love to me again! But I soon realised by my reaction that I was not dreaming! She was back in bed with me again‚ lovingly whispering soft words of love & comfort & tender care, stroking, caressing, & exciting me, & beautifully making love to me once more, & my body quickly responded!—I was no longer old & tired & sometimes limp, as I had been in my old age in my latter years, but as young & vigorous & healthy & powerful & strong & hard as I had been in my youth—even more so—& there was no problem whatsoever, as Phoebe deftly manipulated me!

37. WE CAME TOGETHER AGAIN in those beautiful bodily movements of sexual embrace! Rhythmically undulating & whispering soft words of love to each other‚ we rapidly reached another tremendous climax, only waiting a few moments between before we went again & again & again, until we were both completely satisfied & fulfilled & knew that we were one forever—that she, too, was one of my lovers in Heaven, as she had always been in heart on Earth! (SoS.1:2; 4:10)

38. AS WE LAY THERE IN EACH OTHERS’ ARMS, we began to reminisce about the past & old times, happy times on Earth together in those glorious days when we were still preaching the Gospel & winning souls & joining Family members to our households!—Loving one another, living together in love in our beautiful Heaven-on-Earth Homes below! We discussed various Family Members that we knew, & past events, as well as present, together with the ominous news from Earth about the Antichrist’s latest oppressions.

39. BUT HERE WE HAD NO FEAR, NO WORRY about the outcome, we knew exactly what was happening & what was about to happen & the beautiful happy ending that was soon to come! We were only concerned about the activities & safety & welfare of our loved ones still on Earth, & it seemed our hearts were constantly lifted up in prayer for them as we prayed for their comfort & their safety & their guidance & their soon escape from his Bestial Empire!

40. OUR HEARTS SEEMED TO BE CONSTANTLY WITH THEM IN PRAYER & supplication with the Lord & His Kingdom for their protection & divine guidance & wisdom in all their activities. Our hearts seemed to go out to them & actually contact them in the spirit as we prayed for them & their well-being there. (1Th.5:17)

41. SO FINALLY AFTER HAVING SHARED SO MUCH FOR SOME TIME TOGETHER, PHOEBE & I AROSE to prepare ourselves for the Family dinner below, re–donning our lovely robes of light! Everything seemed so much alike & so similar to how things had been on Earth in our Heavenly Homes!—The same feelings, the same love, the same affection, the same joyful fellowship! All these wonderful feelings & emotions were all the same as ever—only more so! Even the physical feelings were the same, but greatly amplified.—The pleasures, the sensations, all of them! Those wonderful creations of God made for Adam & Eve in the Beginning were here again, completed in perfection in our final state in this Heavenly Home! (Rev.6:11a)

42. SO WHEN THE CALL TO DINNER CAME, WE JOINED THE FAMILY IN THE GRAND DININGROOM‚ with me sitting at the head of the table between Phoebe & Abner, & we gave thanks as we always have, singing our wonderful little dinner song, composed by my own father & sung & prayed by our Family ever since I was a child, which our now much greater Family has enjoyed for years! So it really felt homey & I really felt at Home—beautifully, wonderfully content & happy, even though still missing‚ of course, our other Family members who are still on Earth. (Psa.133:1)

43. THEN SOME OF OUR NEW GIRLS BROUGHT IN THESE HEAVENLY DELICACIES TO THE TABLE—truly celestial delights! Some were familiar natural foods & fruits that have grown ever since the Garden of Eden, others were new & novel & exciting, such a profuse variety! All had been prepared by the girls in the kitchen by the mere waving of their crystal wands, those magic wands which bear our new names & identification, as well as have supernatural, miraculous powers of creation‚ communication & even protection! (Rev.2:7,17)

44. ALTHOUGH WE DON’T HAVE TO EAT IN HEAVEN, WE STILL ENJOY IT OCCASIONALLY on special occasions, such as this welcome dinner. So we relished it with tremendous satisfaction & no indigestion! And as usual, after dinner I gave them a short talk, filling them in on the latest news from Earth, from where I had just come, & the latest events occurring there, & especially personal news about our own intimate Family, & they were all thrilled & delighted with this first-hand account by someone having come straight from Earth with the very latest first-hand news & eyewitness accounts of what was going on there!

45. MOST OF IT WAS GOOD NEWS, because God in His divine mercy was protecting our Family & keeping them—miraculously, supernaturally defending them & sending various Prophets & Prophetesses to lead & guide them, instruct them & even protect them by mighty miracles & powers, & by sending all kinds of woes & calamities & catastrophes upon their enemies & even various amazing monsters to attack their enemies & defend the Family from the Bestial Empire! So the World Dictator was having more trouble than we were, as God troubled him that tribulated us & gave him so many other things to worry about & to deal with & to war with that he had less time to attack us & focus his attention on our activities!

46. SO WE ARE STILL CARRYING ON, STILL PUBLISHING THE TRUTH, still distributing the Divine Words of God & His revelations & His guidance. And the Lord is still providing for us there—supernaturally, miraculously sometimes, as He did in the Bible, with manna from Heaven & food carried by birds & friends & loved ones & supporters & defenders, kings & queens & governors & even leaders of nations who are rebelling against the Antichrist & his awful dominion! In these rebel nations we are given shelter & protection in their wildernesses & refuge from the horrible storm of the Antichrist reign! (Rev.12:6,14)

47. GOD IS EVEN USING US TO HELP THESE REBEL NATIONS WHO DEFY THE BESTIAL KINGDOM of the Antichrist on Earth! We perform many mighty miracles & supernatural feats & we do exploits, which gives them great assistance in their war of defense against the Antichrist! We instruct many on what to do & what God knows is best to do, with His Godly wisdom & guidance & revelations & information, defeating the enemy at every turn & confounding his knavish tricks, confusing his politics & giving the anti-Antichrists’ forces victories over his armaments in many & various battles that he is waging with the nations who refuse to worship him & bow down to his Image or take his Mark! (Dan.11:32b,33a)

48. THE CHRISTIAN, JEWISH & MUSLIM NATIONS IN PARTICULAR REJECT HIS IDOLATRY & HIS SATANIC DOMINION! Many are still holding out against him, as God Himself defends them with many mighty signs & wonders & miracles! Our Family is still getting out the Word to those nations who are receiving it now with joy & thanksgiving as the only answer to their problems & the only salvation from their plight!

49. FINALLY‚ CLOSING OUR DINNER TALK WITH FERVENT PRAYER for our loved ones yet on Earth, for their safety & protection & prosperity & fruitfulness, to win as many souls as they possibly can before they have to leave, we then dismissed & assembled in the comfortable living room where we could lounge on those soft–as-ever couches & chairs, sitting on which is like floating on air‚ & we watched the latest news from both Heaven & Earth, on the three–dimensional communicator in the center of the room. The commentators & participants & events look just as real as though they are right there inside the globe! (Jam.5:16b)

50. EVENTUALLY, AGAIN WITH PRAYER FOR OUR EARTHLY LOVED ONES, WE RETIRED to our rooms for a time of love & rest of mind, & for some study & learning‚ as not all had to actually sleep. Phoebe & I had another glorious session together & talked & talked on into the night about the past, the present & the Future, planning what we are going to do to help our loved ones still on Earth. We can still communicate with them in the spirit & pass messages on to them, even sometimes we are allowed to go down & make personal appearances to them in the spirit in dreams & visions & personal apparitions! (Num.12:6)

51. SO IT’S NOT ALL JUST FUN & GAMES HERE IN HEAVEN, as we’re very busy working on your behalf down there below as well! We’re praying for you, sending you messages‚ answering your prayers, giving you guidance, instruction & leadings & even protection! But apparently I am now Here, at first at least, for a little rest & surcease from my labours on Earth. I’m being given time to get adjusted & oriented to this new Heavenly life & its new Heavenly ways.—And it’s quite a life to get adjusted to, considering all of its new & marvellous, supernatural & miraculous ways of living & working & experiencing & fellowshipping! Everything still is as wonderful as all of our delightful experiences & fellowship & love on Earth, as well as much more & much more magnified, multiplied, amplified! (Heb.4:9)

52. I JUST CAN’T EXPRESS IT ENOUGH, HOW WONDERFUL IT IS HERE! Praise God! And we’re praying & thanking God that you will be joining us Here soon as well, thank the Lord!

53. AND SO AGAIN‚ PHOEBE & I FELL ASLEEP in each other’s arms, drifting off into this Heavenly dreamland for a rest of our minds & thoughts before the next activities, when she & Abner have promised to take me on a tour of this beautiful New City! As we retired, we prayed a little prayer together for you, Maria, & the children & you folks back on Earth & fervently besought the Lord & His Angels to help guide & protect, keep & bless you & make you a blessing to as many as possible, before you too can join us!

54. THAT’S ONE PRIVILEGE YOU STILL HAVE ON EARTH WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE UP HERE YET, & that is the wonderful, glorious, thrilling experience of witnessing the Love of Jesus to others & winning their hearts to Christ for their Salvation to Heaven! We know it’s hard, it’s difficult‚ sometimes trying, with many tests & trials, but it’s wonderful! It’s the most wonderful work in the World, & we hope that you’re doing a good job of it‚ for you’ll be glad you did when you see all their millions of happy, shining faces here in Heaven‚ thanking you for loving them & wooing them & winning them to Jesus, to become members of His glorious Kingdom of Heaven! Hallelujah! Thank You‚ Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Are you doing your best?—I hope so! God bless & keep you! In Jesus’ name, amen!

Apartment House, The

David Berg

—Heavenly Communities—A Revelation—Heaven’s Children—Chapter 9DO 210711/85

(INTRODUCTION: This is a little discussion I had with Maria before I left, & I think you’ll find it very interesting & informative! It has a lot to do with the way Heaven is organized Up Here, & why we’re where we are!—God bless you!—Hope you’ll be one of us where we are!—Amen?)

1. I DON’T DOUBT THAT THE LORD WOULD LET THESE VARIOUS GROUPS HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE NOOKS OR CORNERS IN HEAVEN where they could fellowship together as they have on Earth because they’d feel very strange with us & we’d feel very strange with them. (Maria: Well‚ maybe we won’t when we get There.—Do you think?) It would take a lot to break down the differences between us. Some people are still going to be like babes. Don’t you remember? Some people are going to have to be totally re-educated way down in kindergarten. (Maria: But won’t they get re-educated in the Millennium?) (John 13:7; 1Cor.13:12)

2. WELL, THIS IS NOT THE MILLENNIUM, DEAR‚ THAT WE’RE DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW. THIS IS HEAVEN AS IT IS NOW. (Maria: Oh yes, that’s right. Oh, it’s before the Millennium.) The Millennium is when we are going to have time to re-educate them, but right now Heaven is pretty much just a reception centre & they’re just getting used to being in the City, & there is no place else but the City right now too, because it’s still out in space. Of course, the City itself is like a whole country, I mean as big as Europe or about half of the United States. So there is oodles of room for various colonies & communities. (Rev.21:16)

3. WELL‚ I WOULD SAY SINCE WE’RE GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF RE-EDUCATION, since we are the most enlightened group of all & since that Heavenly Fair corner is sort of our idea, I think our community should be in that corner, don’t you?—Or nearby so we can oversee it. We’ll probably be operating the Fair & staffing the buildings. Only we don’t have enough people Up There yet to do it. But I guess some of the most enlightened Saints of old maybe will be There to do it now. By this time they should have been sufficiently re-educated to man the works. (Maria: Maybe Abner & Phoebe are training some of the others.) Well, they would have had several years to do it. (2Tim.2:2; Mat.28:19)

Really beautiful, really beautiful! It’s really beautiful Up Here! Thank You Jesus!

4. I’VE GOT SOME MARVELLOUS NEW IDEAS, REVELATIONS! I think they’re really revelations of God’s organization of Heaven. My God, I’m so thankful I don’t have to live with those old people, you know, all those old Tabernacle Saints, churchy saints that my Mother preached to! I mean they all know me & I remember them. But for God’s sake, I don’t want to live with them, a bunch of old fogies, fuddy-duddies that belong to another era, another generation! I want to live with my young people, my youth, my life, my generation, my Revolution & all of our converts! Do you know there are millions of them?

5. GOD HAS TO RESERVE HOUSING FOR ALL OF US & ALL OF OUR CONVERTS & all those that know the Family & understand our way of life & doctrine. We’re a whole colony apart. We’re a whole entire group of millions who are different from the churches & the churchy Christians & the rest of those people in Heaven.—And they don’t even understand us‚ they still won’t understand us! I mean they’re like in kindergarten or first grade, whereas we’re sort of up near the top in the educational process. I mean we’re a whole people apart, a whole colony of a separate kind of distinctly different Christians! We’re up higher.

6. MY GOD! I DON’T WANT TO BE CLOSE TO THOSE PEOPLE! I was thinking about all the old Tabernacle Saints & churchy saints that I knew when I was a child & that knew my Mother & whom she preached to & got saved, & I really don’t want to have to live with them! My Lord! Those old fogies! They have so much to learn, so far to go! I don’t know if they’ll ever catch up with us! Thank God for my Family & my intimates & my revolutionaries!—Ten thousand times ten thousand & thousands of thousands! We’re a people apart! (1Cor.15:41b)

7. I MEAN THERE ARE REAL DIVISIONS IN HEAVEN‚ separations of classes & differences of advancement, & we just couldn’t stand to live with those old fogies! God’s gotta give them their own place, their own corner & we’re going to have ours, it’s really beautiful!

8. I ALWAYS WONDERED WHO THOSE NEIGHBOURS WERE ON EACH SIDE OF US. You know who they are? Who would you consider the closest people to us, the closest houses‚ the closest leaders? (Maria: You mean people who are not part of our Family, or those who are part of our personal Family?) My God, I wouldn’t live with anybody but our Family! How do we live now? Who are those closest in spirit to us? (Maria: Well, other Leadership Units.) Of course! Who are the top leadership second only to us right this minute? (Maria: Our Creations Units.) Yes, so they must be on one side of us, next door to us! Who else? Our other top Leadership should be next door on this side!—And then all the people in all the other Units & the Family right beneath us! We’re like the three penthouses on top of the apartment house & there are many many floors below us with all the Leadership Units & Family in this one great big apartment house, only every apartment is a mansion & has its own garden & yard!—Isn’t that amazing?—And they go right on down from up here clear down to there!

9. ALL THE LEADERSHIP UNITS & ALL OF THE RELATED FAMILY UNITS & ALL THE HOMES & all the converts & catacombers & supporters, helpers, kings & queens & fish & everything, they’re all right here!—I mean tens of thousands of them!—And you know who else is surrounding us?—All of our converts, millions of them!—And we are a whole entire city or community to ourselves! (Psa.133:1)

10. I REALLY DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THOSE OLD FOGIES, those old Tabernacle Saints & old people that my Mother converted. God bless them, they’re saved but I mean, my God‚ they’re so far behind us they don’t even know what the score is, so God has got to give them some other place! I don’t think I even want to live near them! We have a whole different culture, we have an entirely different kind of Saints who know me & love me & follow me & are free from all that God-damned churchianity! (Psa.62:12)

11. SO HERE WE ARE, WE’RE A WHOLE SECTION TO OURSELVES‚ BEAUTIFUL! There’s first of all us & our closest Units & those just beneath us, & then there’re all of our Units & all of the Family & all of our Homes & all of our TRFers & all of our real close disciples! They’re all right here beneath us‚ see, in this big column! We’re like in columns, in tiers like different floors of the apartment house. Every apartment is a mansion with its own gardens & we’re all together, all in this one big building all the way down to the bottom, to the lowliest Homes.—And then all around us, surrounding us are the Homes of all of our converts, millions, millions & millions all around us! We’re all one great big Family Fellowship whom only we can understand! (John 14:2)

12. AND THOSE OLD CHURCHY CHRISTIANS OF THE PAST, I MEAN THEY’RE GOING TO STAND AFAR OFF because they don’t even know what’s the score or what’s going on‚ you know what I mean? They’re saved, but they’re so far behind & below us, I don’t know if they’ll ever catch up! Anyhow, we’re having a wonderful time, a real ball!

13. (MARIA: WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT THOSE CLOSEST TO US, do you mean those who are in our present Units, or does it have more to do with who have been the most really dedicated to the Lord & really true disciples?) Aren’t they? (Maria: Well, not always‚ not necessarily, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.) Aren’t they who are our closest Units & our most familiars the closest followers of us & the Lord? (Maria: Well, many of them, certainly.) The closest to us & the most loyal? (Maria: Well, many, yes.) The ones we have worked the closest with & known the best! Aren’t we the tops right now? Aren’t they the tops right now? So what makes you think the situation would change in Heaven? (Maria: Well, I would say that there are some little people on the field that are probably more dedicated than some of the people in our top Leadership Units.) But they’re not so close to us & we don’t know them & they don’t really know us yet. (Jer.17:10; Heb.6:10)

14. I MEAN WE HAVE TO WORK WITHIN THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE THAT THE LORD HAS ALREADY CREATED. I mean who could be more dedicated than those with whom we are working the most closely now, who know & love us & would die for us! So who do you mean? What do you mean? I mean they may be more pure than we are! But I mean they still don’t know us. (Maria: Right, that’s true.)

15. UP ABOVE US ARE PROBABLY STACKED MANY MANY TIERS OF THE MORE DEDICATED, more sacrificial, more pure & more saintly Saints of the past in the Bible, right on up to the apex where the Lord is. There are many more above us. But we are we & there’s nobody else like us, so we have to stick together. I mean only our Family understand our Family & only our associates & converts understand us & love us like they do!

16. (MARIA: WE’VE ALWAYS SAID THAT WE’RE THE BEST, SO WHY AREN’T WE THE CLOSEST TO THE LORD?) Well, there is a certain amount of seniority. The Lord gives a certain priority to seniority, & like He said, “Because of the fathers,” their seniority of age & their priority in time, so they could be up there, that’s OK with me. All I want to be is with my own & those that I know & love me & have even died for me!—And around us 10,000, or maybe more than 10‚000, counting those who have been part of us even though somehow they left us, they know us & understand us & love us & they’re still the closest to us. And just outside of them are all of our converts‚ all the souls we won to Jesus! (Rom.13:7)

17. (MARIA: DID YOU SAY THE 10,000 THAT HAVE LEFT US?) No, the 10,000 who are now with us. But there could have been 10,000 more who have left us or went back, but still love us. (Maria: You mean they’re next & then all of our converts?) Yes‚ & then there are 10 million converts who love us & know us, only who are not part of the churches of those ancient congregations. They only know us & love us & understand us & have been won by us. (ML#167:22)

18. SO WE’RE AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY OF AT LEAST 10 MILLION PEOPLE that the Lord has got to allow to be close together & live close to each other & live in one great huge block of apartments in Heaven! That’s the way I see it just as clear as can be!—And we’re living here up on top of’m all! We’re like the penthouses on top of the apartment house. They want to all live with me & that’s as close as you can get, all living in the same apartment house, with our three penthouses on top & all of the rest of the apartment house below! We don’t even have to have elevators!—All they have to do is go out on their terrace & fly up to see us!

19. (MARIA: AND THEY CAN VISIT US WHENEVER THEY WANT?) No!—No‚ they can’t visit us whenever they want! They can visit us whenever they deserve to or whenever we want. I mean you can’t just have 10 million people coming every day! Every man in his time, in his own order, even the Bible says so. I mean the Lord will show us & help us figure it out. (1Tim.5:17; Ecc.3:1; 1Cor.3:8)

20. (MARIA: SO ALL OUR WORLDWIDE LEADERSHIP, THOSE WHO ARE PART OF OUR UNITS.) All of those will be close to us‚ directly beneath us in Heaven, & have direct immediate fellowship. They’re just like on the next floors below & they can visit us whenever they need to & according to God’s Will.

21. (MARIA: SO IT’S NOT A MATTER OF IF THEY DESERVE IT OR NOT, IT’S A MATTER IF THEY’RE IN THE ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE & THEY’VE LEARNED LEADERSHIP LESSONS.) Therefore they deserve it. (Maria: Well‚ what if they’ve been bad shepherds or not been the way they should?) Well, then they’ll be lower.—Those who deserve to be the closest to us, & those who don’t deserve to be so close will be a little further away‚ but we’ll still be all a part of the same structure & fellowship & Family, because only our Family can understand each other, & we have no fellowship, no understanding or communication hardly with those old fogey churchy Christians! May God deliver us from them! I don’t mind living in Heaven with them as long as I don’t have to live near them! (2Tim.2:20)

22. I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT ALL THOSE OLD TABERNACLE SAINTS I used to know when I was a little boy, all those old people who are going to be There to welcome me to Heaven‚ & that’s sweet & God bless them! But for God’s sake, deliver me from having to live with them! I mean I just couldn’t! They’re so far behind, they couldn’t possibly understand where we are at, & I don’t know if they could ever catch up! Maybe so, I hope so, but they certainly aren’t near where we are at now! I just want our top leadership together at the top of the building & then I want sub-leadership right under them, underneath us, & all the other loyal leaders & followers & Homes & TRFers who are part of our immediate Family of 10,000, & then surrounding us all of our loved ones & friends & converts & kings & queens & the 10 million people that we’ve won to the Lord!

23. I MEAN, WE’VE GOT TO BE AN ENTIRE WHOLE DIFFERENT COMMUNITY & unit to ourselves because nobody else could possibly understand us except us‚—and the Lord‚ of course, & the really knowledgeable Saints. Maybe the old Patriarchs & Prophets & some of them can understand us because they are so much like us. But they are way up there close to the Lord near the top. And I don’t think I deserve to be up so close to the top because I don’t think I’m pure enough, holy enough, righteous enough, saintly enough‚ but that’s OK. I’m satisfied with what I’ve got & where we are, & the Lord loves us & He likes what we’ve done & the 10 million souls we’ve saved!

24. (MARIA: WELL, IS IT A MATTER OF PURITY & RIGHTEOUSNESS BEING UP NEAR THE TOP?) I think so, in a way. I don’t think I’m pure & holy & righteous enough to be up there so close to the Lord. It almost terrifies me because I know I’m not! But anyhow‚ I’m happy with you & me & the way we are. I don’t think those top Saints could really exactly comprehend us. I don’t think they’re prepared for the shock of our kind of religion & saintliness. Ha! (Maria: Well, they’ve had quite a few years in Heaven already, don’t you think they should have learned something?) Amen‚ but I’m happy with you folks. I don’t think I’d be too happy too close to all those Old Testament Patriarchs & Prophets & their kind of religion. I think it’s a little too far beyond me. After all‚ there is such a thing as priority & seniority. The Bible recognises that, so let them stay up there, that’s OK with me. I’m perfectly happy down here with my own kind of Saints & religion, OK? I love you!

25. (MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THE RADICAL GROUPS IN HISTORY LIKE THE HUTTERITES & ANABAPTISTS, ETC.?) I think they’re all going to have their place. They’re all going to have their own fellowship where they’ll be the most comfortable, with their own kind & their own people who understand each other & who have lived their lives & their time together & they know each other & they’re close friends & Family. I think we are going to be one great huge Fellowship of different Fellowships who will want to live together & fellowship & love each other & be close together just like they were on Earth. They’ll be more comfortable with each other in Heaven‚ & we’ll have a wonderful love & fellowship together & have communication & fellowship. But everybody is most happy with their own kind, let’s face it. (1Cor.12:12-20)

26. I MEAN YOU CAN CALL IT RACIALISM IF YOU WANT TO, BUT I REALLY BELIEVE EVERYBODY IS HAPPIEST WITH THEIR OWN KIND who really know & understand each other & live together & work together & each one is a family. We’re a Family, they’re a family, there’re many families of many different kinds, yet we’re one great big Family Fellowship of all Christians of all ages, all the Saints. We’re all one great big Family. We love each other & we appreciate each other. But when we go home we really appreciate & enjoy being with our own kind who know & understand each other best, the intimate close-knit personal family. See? Do you understand?

27. MY GOD! I DON’T WANT TO LIVE WITH THE HUTTERITES & THE ANABAPTISTS & all these other people that I don’t know anything about & I never ever knew them & they never lived in my time. I love them & appreciate them & admire them for their marvellous strength & martyrdom & all the rest, but they’re strangers to me really, except in the Lord‚ & I love them because they love Jesus & we have the communion of mind & heart of being one in Christ. (John 11:52; 10:16)

28. BUT STILL, I WANT TO LIVE WITH MY OWN FAMILY whom I understand & who understand me & my own leaders & workers & co-workers that I’ve worked with for years & all of their people & staffs; & around us, completely surrounding us, all of our converts, those we won to the Lord. I mean they wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else. They want to be close to us, right? We won them to the Lord. They know us, they don’t know these other people. They don’t know Hutterites & Anabaptists & Methodists & Presbyterians & Baptists & all these other people, they don’t know them, they don’t even understand them. All they understand is us & our love & our kind of free religion, & they want to be close to us.

29. SO WE’RE GOING TO BE IN THIS BIG HOUSING BLOCK RIGHT HERE, SEE? Like a big apartment house, on which we have these three penthouses on top. (Maria: Just three penthouses on top?) Yes, who else? Who else deserves to be on top but us & our top leaders? Us in the mansion in the middle, & the others in the mansions on either side, & all the floors below like a great huge apartment house.—And then surrounding us are all these 10 million converts. See?

30. I THINK THAT’S BEAUTIFUL! I LIKE THAT! (Maria: Me, too!) Don’t you think that’s logical & sensible? That we’re all here together, our Family, our kind of family? I think the way we live would shock some of those old fogey Tabernacle Christians & my dear Mother’s converts etc! I mean they don’t even understand us or comprehend our hippie generation.—And they’ve got to get used to the idea, hear it like news from afar. But we understand & know each other & we understand how we live & our freedom & sexual freedom & glorious & wonderful Fellowship altogether! We’re a people apart! We’re in an “apart“ment house, in an “apart“ment house. See? We have to be, because nobody else is that close or can understand us, it will take them time.

31. SO THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS! I don’t want it to be any other way. I just want to be with you & I want them to be with me in our own apartment house community. I want our 10,000 present personal Family right here around us & beneath us & around us, & probably our old-timers & those who were once with us & are now glad to be back with us. (Maria: Even backsliders?) And those who were a part of the Family. And then around them all of our converts & all those who got saved through our witnessing, & babes & catacombers & all the people who know us & love us & only found the Lord through us. So there! I guess that’s the next Heaven’s Children chapter already written! Praise the Lord!

32. (MARIA: WHERE WOULD SOMEBODY LIKE ABRAHIM, FOR EXAMPLE, FEEL THE MOST COMFORTABLE?) Oh, Honey, he’s always with me right next to the top! But the thing about him is, he is so busy on Earth, he’s usually down there very very busy. (Maria: Still, even when we are in Heaven?—He is going to be on Earth very very busy?) I think he will have to be like Aaron: He’s got to help our people who are still on Earth. He can’t be loafing around Heaven! (Maria: Won’t you be doing the same thing though?) Yes, of course, but for God’s sake, aren’t you going to give me a little time to have a little rest Up There before I have to go back to work?

33. (MARIA: BUT ABRAHIM‚ FOR EXAMPLE, EVEN THOUGH HE CAME FROM A DIFFERENT GENERATION‚ HE WILL STILL FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH US?) Yes, of course, Honey‚ that doesn’t even need to be said! I mean he is one of us almost from the beginning, of course! (Maria: So some of these departed spirits that have come to help other generations, they fit better in the other generations at the end than they do in their own?) Yes, yes‚ of course! Honey, we have ours & they have theirs, & to each man his own. But some will feel more comfortable & familiar with their own familiars, & we will feel more comfortable & familiar with ours. I mean that’s logical, that’s sensible, I mean that’s obvious.

34. (MARIA: WELL, MAYBE THE OLD DAVID & MOSES, since they’re your helpers now, maybe they feel…) They might feel quite comfortable with us, but, Honey, they have seniority, they’re way up there near the top! I don’t know if I would feel too comfortable with them because they have precedence‚ seniority & they’re the top chronologically if nothing else. I’m perfectly happy here. I don’t know if I want them around all the time, because they outrank me & they have seniority, they probably outclass me. (Maria: Well, in chronological time, Abrahim would have come first too, but he is more with us now, so maybe it is the same with them, you know?)

35. YES‚ BUT IN SOME WAYS I DON’T KNOW THEM AS WELL. They help me but I think they can go back Up there because I think I’d be more comfortable with you. OK? (Maria: That’s fine with me!) OK? Because I’m not such a holy Saint as they were. (Maria: Honey‚ they were just weak humans like the rest of us.) Well, in some ways I’m even more unholy than they.

36. I’M PERFECTLY CONTENT, COMFORTABLE & SATISFIED WITH YOU, MY OWN FAMILY, my own children, my own disciples & my 10‚000 immediate family & my 10 million immediate converts. (Maria: Amen!) We understand each other, we’re a Family, we’ll still be a Family in Heaven. We’ll all be part of the great Family of billions, but we are our own Family. I think that’s the way it is going to be. The churchy people are going to be with the churchy people, & the Old Tabernacle people with the Old Tabernacle people, & my Mother’s own kind with her kind. But we are going to be Fellowships within Fellowships. We’ll understand each other & love each other & all of whom love each other & love the Lord, but they’re more comfortable within their own Families, their own Fellowships. (Maria: Your own Mother & Father will be with their converts?) With those old Saints & all those old people.

37. I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT HOW MANY OF THOSE OLD TABERNACLE SAINTS & ALL THOSE OLD PEOPLE I USED TO KNOW ARE GOING TO BE THERE, & I thought, “Oh my God! Thank God I don’t have to live with them!” My Mother & Father can shepherd them & take care of them. I mean they’re their fruits, they’re their Family, their products, their Fellowship, & they can have them, that’s fine, God bless them! But My Lord, I don’t want to have to live with them! They wouldn’t even begin to understand us & our freedom & our sexuality & all the rest. I mean it might take them a thousand years to learn! (Maria: It seems they’re going to have to learn it sooner or later.) Yes, but we’re the pioneers, we’re so far beyond them & above them when it comes to those things, I mean we are beyond their comprehension at first. It is going to take them years to understand & learn. (John 16:12)

38. (MARIA: MAYBE AFTER THE MILLENNIUM THINGS WILL CHANGE?) I think during the Millennium a lot of things are going to change! (Maria: But then maybe in Heaven things will be all melted into one, then maybe their situation will be different.) Well, right now in Heaven they’re still learning. Right now in Heaven it’s still like kindergarten for a lot of people. I mean a few of them have been There a few years, a few of them have been There a few hundred years. Some of them have been There a few thousand, but we’re all still learning. To each his own & his own kind.

39. (MARIA: WELL, SHOULDN’T THE ONES WHO HAVE BEEN THERE A FEW THOUSAND YEARS HAVE LEARNED ALREADY?) Yes, they’re probably going to teach us something! I mean we’ve got a few things to learn, but I still think that we’re the ultimate, the last, the best, I mean the refinement of all generations, the ultimate of all classes! I think we’re the real cream of the crop! So praise the Lord!

40. BUT I THINK EACH WILL FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE LIVING WITH THEIR OWN KIND, even some of their own generations, their own families. I think Heaven is a group of a lot of families & Fellowships of which we are one, because I think we are the ultimate & the last, & one of the most important, but who can say?—He that is hired first & goes in the heat of the day‚ or he that is hired last? They each got a penny, each had his place, each had his reward. (Mat.20:1-16) But each of us is a distinct Fellowship unto ourselves.

41. THAT’S THE WAY I SEE IT & THAT’S THE WAY I WANT IT, AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED. I wouldn’t feel comfortable living with those old churchy old fogies, even my Mother’s Tabernacle friends & those old-timers that I knew when I was a child. I mean we have very little in common now. They have too much to learn‚ we are so far ahead of them we’re almost out of sight!

42. SO I’M PERFECTLY HAPPY TO LIVE WITH YOU & OUR LEADERS & OUR UNITS & OUR FAMILIES & Homes & our 10,000 & then our 1,000 times 10,000 converts, they only understand us. That’s who I want to live with & that’s who I am going to live with, because we wouldn’t be comfortable with anybody else. And I think the same with them‚ they wouldn’t be comfortable with us, those old Tabernacle Saints & even those old Biblical Saints. I mean we’re so different & so far ahead of them we just have to be our own community. Don’t you understand? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

43. I MEAN THAT’S THE WAY IT’S GOTTA BE! So I guess now I have opened the 9th chapter of “Heaven’s Children,” huh? I wouldn’t be happy with anybody else but you & them & all of us together as a Family that I have shepherded. I have my sheep & they know my voice & they follow me‚ & a stranger they will not follow. They don’t even know those old churchy people & churchy preachers & shepherds of other sheep. They follow me, right? They know my voice & they follow me, & a stranger they will not follow. So we are of one great fold‚ one fold with one shepherd. That’s what the Bible says! So this is our fold, altogether about 10 million. We’ve got to figure out about how many houses that would take, OK?—And how big an apartment house on which we have these three penthouses of our top most close associates & the ones who work most closely with us. (John 10:27,4,5)

44. (MARIA: I GUESS ALL OUR TOP LEADERS WILL BE THERE‚ not necessarily all the people that have ever been in our Units, but the top leaders, right?) Yes, of course, those who deserve it. (Maria: The ones that really deserve it & have been faithful?) Yes‚ there are three top penthouses & therefore three columns of apartments that go all the way down to the bottom. And then around us are all these other converts, 10 million converts. See?

45. I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW MANY APARTMENTS THAT WILL TAKE & how many people that will be in this one big block of Heaven. It will be quite an apartment house, huh? We have to be a community unto ourselves, with the different churches & denominations within their own communities, they’re their own Fellowships & they only feel comfortable amongst themselves. They all love each other. But it’s just like you’re more comfortable at home, that’s all, with your own family. That’s just the way it is. Each one after his own kind.

46. YOU SEE, THOSE CHURCHY PEOPLE WOULD NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH US & we would not feel comfortable with them for at least a thousand years! I mean it will take a thousand years to help bring everybody up to date & blend us all together & help us understand each other. Meanwhile, each has got to be within their own Fellowships, & live & work & play within our own communities & Fellowships. I mean we will recognise them, they will recognise us, they will know they’re all saved & Saints & members of the Kingdom, lovers of the Lord, but we won’t feel quite at home with each other until we have probably lived & worked together for about a thousand years, because it will take awhile. Do you understand?

47. SO PRAISE THE LORD! THAT’S THAT! I WANT MINE WITH ME & THEY CAN HAVE THEIRS WITH THEM, OK? XXXXXXX! So what do you say we go to sleep now? We’ve got that all settled. The Communities of Heaven! That’s a good title for it, huh? The Communities of Heaven. And it’s composed of many many Communities & many many strata, many many levels, many many families all through History, the past many generations‚ present & us, the final generation, the last future, you know, Sweetheart? That’s the truth! I mean there is no other way, I mean there is no other way you could possibly figure it out because we just have to be to each his own, in our Communities, our own families, our own denominations.

48. HEAVEN IS A BIG VARIETY COMBO OF MANY MANY FAMILIES & FELLOWSHIPS & DENOMINATIONS & different kinds of Christians, but we’re all Christians. We all love Jesus, we’re all saved, but it is going to take a thousand years to sort of melt us together to help us understand each other. After all, there have been about 6,000 years of misunderstanding & in-fighting & separation & division, you know? So it is going to take at least a thousand years to sort of get us together & help us understand each other & love each other & work together & become one. Right? Well, I want the people we’re going to win on Earth yet, see?

49. THERE ARE VARIOUS LEVELS OF EDUCATION, INDOCTRINATION, my God, there are so many! Don’t you understand? We have so many people to teach & re-educate & rehabilitate! It’s really going to take a lot & a lot of time & a lot of patience & a lot of love to win them all over to our view of things, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Because we know we’re right! Right?

50. BUT IT WILL TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO CONVINCE THEM TO BE LIKE US, because I really think we’re the best & we’re the ones who are right, & they have to see things like we do even if it takes us a thousand years to get them converted to our ways & our concepts, our practices, our freedom!

51. BUT I THINK THEY’RE GOING TO LIKE IT.—Especially when they see some of my beautiful Heaven’s Girls & FFers! I think they’re going to win the men over real quick!—They’ll be lining up at our doors! (Maria: Maybe our men can win the women over real quick.) Yes! Yes, I think that is really going to help a lot. They’re going to be very thankful for us & our love & our sexuality. Really, I believe it!

52. I BELIEVE IT BECAUSE THEY NEED IT & THEY KNOW IT, THEY JUST DON’T LIKE TO ADMIT IT because they think it’s not sanctimonious & it’s not holy & pure & saintly. Whereas our kind of religion is the most holy pure & saintly there is because it’s not self-righteousness, it’s strictly the righteousness of God, the Salvation of Jesus, right? Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen! Oh, Honey, I think we’re going to have to go to sleep, in Jesus’ name.

53. (MARIA: WELL, I THINK THAT WAS PRETTY IMPORTANT‚ don’t you think?) Yes, very important.—To explain the categories of Heaven & the classifications & the priorities & seniorities. I think it is pretty important. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Otherwise we could never possibly ever get along with each other unless we first started living in Communities & Fellowships separately in a way, but together, but you know what I mean. As we each develop & gradually learn to know & love & appreciate each other & we finally begin to fuse together.

54. THEIR MEN ARE GOING TO LIKE OUR WOMEN & THEIR WOMEN ARE GOING TO LIKE OUR MEN, I agree! So there will be inter–fellowship & intercourse, interlinking & locking till we’re all one in Christ Jesus! In Jesus’ name, amen.

55. THAT’D BE A GOOD TITLE FOR IT!: “THE COMMUNITIES OF HEAVEN!” This can be one of our “Heaven’s Children” Chapters to explain the way we live & why we have to be together & why they have to be together, until we finally learn to understand each other, even if it takes a thousand years!—Do you?

Our Heavenly Community–“The Apartment” Continued

David Berg

—”Heaven’s Children!”—Chapter 10!DO 210811/85

1. WELL, HERE’S GRANDFATHER AGAIN, STILL UP IN HEAVEN, WORKING AS USUAL on my lounge couch where I do most of my paperwork, as I still have lots of it to do, as you can see! Dear Phoebe & India Joy are hovering around softly & quietly, trying not to disturb me as they go in & out to check on me & make sure that everything is all right. Abner is outside overseeing the house & security & the Staff.

2. THE MAJOR SECURITY HERE OF COURSE IS TO MAKE SURE I’M NOT DISTURBED or interrupted while I’m talking to you on our Heavenly communicator & sending this message down to you folks still on Earth for your encouragement & inspiration.

3. I’VE BEEN WORKING ON THE PLANS FOR OUR APARTMENT BLOCK OR APARTMENT HOUSE, or whatever you want to call it.—At least our section of Heavenly mansions Up Here. And I’ve come up with some amazing details & statistics on how to house our huge Family & our millions of converts in one small area of the Heavenly City!—About 10 million of us all together! And in trying to figure this out, I really launched into a major project‚ which is really developing into something fascinating!

4. YOU KNOW, WHILE I WAS YET ON EARTH I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW MANY PEOPLE THE HEAVENLY CITY COULD HOUSE ALTOGETHER, according to the room & the space, the number of mansions, averaging about 20 people to the mansion. That is what started us on the Posters, because I was drawing sketches & diagrams of the mansion itself & how it was placed on the inside walls of the City. It’s exactly the way Buckminster Fuller, the World-famed Geodesic Dome Architect‚ had planned his Heavenly City! At that time I came up with some amazing stats & conceptions of the Heavenly City & its Heavenly Mansions, which started the whole Poster series rolling!

5. NOW I’M FINDING OUT SOME VERY FASCINATING FACTS REGARDING THE SIZE & SPACE & numbers & distances & heights & groups & population, etc., here in our Heavenly Fair corner of the Heavenly City! It has again inspired me to draw sketches & diagrams in proportion to the actual sizes & numbers & locations of our group of mansions of our Family Community here in the Heavenly City.

6. SO, SINCE I FIRST GOT THE REVELATION ABOUT HEAVENLY COMMUNITIES IN HEAVEN & therefore the idea of the Apartment House (see “Heaven’s Children” Chapter 9), I’ve been thinking & meditating & musing & amusing on just how many mansions it would take to house those 10 million people, & what would be the best location & placement & arrangement of those mansions in order to keep us all together.—And I’ve really come up with some amazing facts! Thank the Lord! I’m sure He’s leading & guiding & inspiring me about it!

7. HE’S THE ONE WHO CAME UP HERE TO PREPARE A PLACE FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE, when He told us that in His Father’s house are many mansions.—And you have no idea how many there are! It is just almost absolutely beyond our comprehension! But on the other hand, you’ll also be amazed at how little space 10 million people need in this Fair corner of Heaven, our little corner which I have asked the Lord for, as you know‚ before. (John 14:2)

8. THERE ARE ABOUT 10,000 OF US REALLY IN THE FAMILY, plus a lot of Family friends & supporters & kings & queens & fish, etc., plus going on toward 10 million converts now, & there’ll surely be that many by the time the Lord comes. So I took that figure of about 10 million altogether of the Family & friends & converts as my starting point. Then I figured, “Now let’s see, how many mansions would it take to house 10 million people, with an average of about 20 to the mansion‚ including children & helpers‚ etc.?”

9. AND I WAS AMAZED TO DISCOVER THAT WE COULD WORK IT OUT TO ONLY ABOUT HALF–A-MILLION MANSIONS TO HOUSE 10 MILLION PEOPLE at about 20 to the mansion! How about that? So then I wondered how much space those half-a-million mansions would take, & it’s really amazing when you figure it out mathematically!

10. I USED AS AN AVERAGE CRITERION THE SIZE & SPACE OF MY HEAVENLY MANSION that I originally drew, which was on a 100-foot-square lot & four stories high, surrounded by its beautiful gardens! The first floor is occupied by the living room, dining room & kitchen. The second floor is three master bedrooms‚ the third floor staff bedrooms, & three children bedrooms on the fourth floor.

11. FIGURING EACH FLOOR ABOUT 10 FEET HIGH, THAT MAKES OUR MANSION ABOUT 40 FEET HIGH, & then giving it about 10 feet of airspace above, below the next tier of homes above us, that makes each tier about 50 feet high. In other words, about a 50 foot space between the lower tier & an upper tier, & that space would be about 100-feet square, about 33 meters wide & long. Then we have an exact measurement to build on to figure out how many mansions we’ll need & how much space they will occupy.

12. AS YOU KNOW, THE INSIDE OF THE CITY IS WHERE THESE MANSIONS ARE LOCATED, but not just on the floor of the City or in towering apartment buildings such as they have back on Earth, all of which are someday going to fall! The mansions of the Heavenly City literally climb the interior walls in decks or tiers, or like shelves attached to the inside wall of the City.—Shelf after shelf after shelf, tier after tier after tier!—That’s “tier,” by the way, no “tears,” t-e–a-r-s up in Heaven, only tiers of houses, t-i-e-r-s! (Rev.7:17b)

13. —AND THEY LITERALLY GO SKY-HIGH! They begin down about a half-a-mile from the garden floor of this beautiful City, or at about 2500 or 2600 feet‚ which is a little higher than that beautiful “Crystal Building” which is about 1,000 feet tall, as high as the Empire State Building! Since the mansions line the inside walls, with only neighbours to their right & left & no neighbours behind or in front of them, they have a beautiful unobstructed outside view & an inside view. The outside view is of the beautiful Heavens without, & someday it will be the New Earth‚ & an inside view of the beautiful gardens of Heaven itself, including our wonderful Heavenly Fair!

14. IN OTHER WORDS, EACH MANSION ONLY HAS APARTMENTS OR MANSIONS ON EITHER SIDE OF THEM & NOT IN FRONT OR BEHIND THEM. They have a clear view of everything to be seen from their lovely terraces! I’m hoping our artists will be able to draw you some conceptions of this mathematical plan, worked out in actual detail & proportion to give you a little picture of what they look like in this arrangement.

15. I’LL JUST TRY TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE IDEA of these shelves lining the inside walls of the City for miles & miles & miles, each shelf a different level as these mansions literally climb the walls of this beautiful, beautiful City! They are arranged in rows along the sides on these various levels. So taking each mansion to occupy that 100–foot-square, 50-foot-high block of space on the shelves, I’m trying to figure out how much space on those shelves or tiers a half-million mansions would occupy in this corner of the City. And I’ve come up with the following remarkable data!

16. FIRST OF ALL, I HAD TO DECIDE ON EXACTLY WHERE WE WOULD LIKE TO BE LOCATED.—Which mansions would I like for the Lord to reserve for us & our Family, friends & converts? And it came to me, where else but here in our corner of the Heavenly City Fair that we conceived some time ago for the education of our folks & our children, if not the entire population!

17. WHY SHOULDN’T OUR MANSIONS BE RIGHT HERE IN THE VICINITY OF THIS BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY FAIR!—In fact, hovering over it! Since this Fair is in this corner of the City‚ in figuring out the shape of our apartment block of mansions, I took as my starting point the very corner directly above the Fair‚ where you can see in one of our pictures of the Heavenly City my own mansion right at the very corner of the City above the Fair! It has a gorgeous view in all directions!

18. CORNER APARTMENTS & CORNER HOMES ARE ALWAYS CONSIDERED THE MOST DESIRABLE because of the double view, only mine has a triple view! You can see out into Heavenly spaces on the right & Heavenly spaces on the left of the City & then down on my beautiful Fair inside below! So beginning with my own apartment or mansion‚ the idea sort of grew from there.

19. BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS ANOTHER TRANSLATION OF THE GREEK WORD USED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT FOR “MANSION”? AN ALTERNATE TRANSLATION IS “APARTMENT”, believe it or not! Well, as you can see, these are some apartments! Actually each one is a large mansion about 40 feet wide, 70 feet long & 4 floors or 40 feet high, surrounded by a 100-foot square of gardens & a 50-foot–high airspace, open on both sides to the two neighbours.

20. IT’S ALSO OPEN AT THE REAR ONTO THE INTERIOR OF THE BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY CITY WITH A VIEW OF THE FAIR & THE CITY’S HEAVENLY GARDENS! But it’s closed on the sides towards the outside by the crystal golden wall of the City itself. This is for our own protection from any possible interference or attacks of the enemies in the Spirit World or out here in space. It is furthermore surrounded by the beautiful blue ball of the Crystal Sea, which surrounds the entire City itself—a powerful force-field to prevent any unauthorised access to this gorgeous City of God by any unwanted creatures, spirits, satellites or creations of Man or the Devil! So we’re very well protected here, both by the beautiful blue force-field sphere & the walls of the City itself. (Rev.4:6a)

21. SO AS YOU CAN SEE‚ SINCE WE’RE IN A CORNER, WE HAVE ON TWO SIDES OF OUR MANSION THE TWO WALLS OF THE CITY, on the other side, the open-side view of the City itself & its interior & our Fair & its gardens, & on either of the other two sides our two neighbours.—Actually five sides!—Here, I’ll have to draw you a sketch to see what I mean: [pic]—As you can see, we have an unusually big pentagon–shaped lot in the corner, about twice the size of the other normal square lots, since we always need lots of room & privacy!

22. BUT THE AMAZING THING I DID NOT REALISE‚ being that our mansion is right here in the very corner of the City so that we have the beginning of the sides of the City on each side of us—the two sides of the City—therefore our two neighbors are a little behind us on either side in a V-shape. And as I began to think of what would be the best location for the rest of our Family neighbours & friends & converts‚ it occurred to me that since our leadership mansions were to be right here in this corner & above all the rest of them, that of course, the ideal logical plan for the shape of our entire group of mansions is a “V,” with our house at the apex of the V & the other Homes running off to the right & to the left along both sides of the City in a V-shape!

23. SO THEN I BEGAN FIGURING ON HOW MUCH SPACE THIS WOULD TAKE in this corner of the City for these half–million mansions to house 10 million people, & how far out the walls of the City they would run & how high up the walls of the City they would go. Figuring that we would certainly not want to be too close to the Fair or interfering with it, we would begin with the first row or tier of mansions about half–a-mile or 2500 to 2600 feet off the City floor. This would make our first row a few hundred feet above the top of the Crystal Building‚ or the first & lowest floor of this huge apartment building about half-a-mile up from the ground!

24. BUT HOW HIGH WOULD THEY RUN, & HOW MANY TIERS WOULD IT TAKE, & how far would each arm or wing of this group of mansions extend out each wall of the City? So I simply took my little calculator & figured out the square root of half-a–million mansions & I was nearly dumbfounded when I found that it came out to a beautiful Heavenly number of, believe it or not, 707 mansions wide & 707 mansions high!—Thank of that!

25. FIGURE IT FOR YOURSELF, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT! A BEAUTIFUL, SCRIPTURAL NUMBER RELATED TO THE LORD, GOD’S OWN PERFECT NUMBER 7! In other words, this apartment block will have to be 707 mansions wide & 707 mansions high! Then furthermore‚ when I figured out just how far that would be, each mansion’s lot taking a 100-foot-wide space, I found that would be about 7 miles in each direction from the corner & 7 miles high! So what could be more Godly & Scriptural in number than that! It was just like a confirmation of the whole idea!

26. YES SIR, THIS V-SHAPED APARTMENT OR BLOCK OR MANSION GROUP WILL HAVE 707 FLOORS WITH 707 MANSIONS ON EACH FLOOR, with each floor extending out with its two wings 7 miles in each direction with about 353 mansions in each wing on each floor, plus each corner one, making a total of 707 mansions per Floor on 707 Floors! I guess that 7th one is right in the corner, to give an equal number of 353 on each wing of each floor! So that each wing of the V-shaped apartment block is about 7 miles long‚ & the entire block itself is about 7 miles high!

27. YOU SAY THAT SOUNDS PRETTY BIG & COLOSSAL, but when you think of the size of the City—1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high—it’s almost nothing! It’s a mere speck in one little corner, & yet enough to hold all of our 10 million people right above the Fair! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!—Where it’s easy to get at & of easy access.—And since we don’t need any elevators we can just fly around! We can jump off our terrace & sail down to the Fair, or leap from its floor & fly back up to our apartment or mansion. (Rev.21:16)

28. AND IT’S ONLY LOGICAL & REASONABLE THAT SINCE THE FAIR WAS OUR IDEA, WE SHOULD BE THE ONES TO STAFF IT & OPERATE IT & oversee it, having been taught by the Lord & His angels how it works. And of course they & His Heavenly Saints who are already here are the ones who are now having to oversee, staff & operate it until you get here.—My daughter Faith & son Ho will love that‚ since they always loved Fairs & helped run the Religion Center at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair all by themselves at the young ages of 14 & 16!—Ha!—With only a little help from me, Grandpa! (2Tim.2:2)

29. SO—YOU GOT IT? THAT’S THE WAY I SEE IT & that’s the way our artists are trying to picture it for you on our communicator so you can get a pretty good idea of what your Heavenly Home is going to look like in our Fair Corner & the relationship & arrangement of our other Homes in this same area. So I’ve been sitting here for some time now figuring these figures & drawing these sketches & plans & figuring out how we were going to fit in our little corner, as we had already envisioned in discussions on Earth below (see “Heaven’s Children” Chapter 9). So here it is! God bless you!—Hope you like it! This way we can all be together!

30. OF COURSE ALL OF THESE MANSIONS WERE ALREADY PRETTY WELL BUILT & LOCATED BEFORE by the Lord & His hosts as they prepared this City for us! They know how many it’s going to have to accommodate altogether, & He simply is reserving this block of our apartment mansions for us in His wonderful provision & prevision of the needs to come when you folks finally arrive here also! So we’re really busy getting this corner ready for you‚ with all of its mansions furnished comfortably with every convenience & beauty conceivable, so that all that will remain is for you to come & occupy them! God bless you! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!—Amen? (John 14:2,3)

31. SO HERE WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL MANSIONS ALREADY PREPARED for you & waiting simply for your occupancy to bring full life & activity to this wonderful corner of our marvellous City! (Rev.6:11)

32. SO COME ON! HURRY UP & GET THE JOB DONE DOWN THERE so the Lord can come & bring you Home! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It’s really beautiful beyond your wildest imaginations & your most beautiful dreams, but it’s still a lot just like I pictured it & just like we Postered it, so it’ll still be very familiar to you & you’ll recognise it all when you get Here! (1Cor.2:9,10)

33. WELL, LOVELY PHOEBE’S CALLING ME TO LUNCH AGAIN, & although we don’t really have to eat, we eat for the pure pleasure of it, these delightful delicacies of Heaven! Some of these luscious fruits that they prepare for us they tell me are from the Trees of Life that grow along the River of Life that flows through this beautiful City. These trees bear not only the Leaves of Life for the healing of the nations who’ll someday be outside when this City gets to Earth, but also they bear twelve different kinds of fruit every year, each month a different kind of fruit. So we really have a lot of variety Up Here to enjoy! (Rev.22:1,2; Eze.47:12)

34. AND IF THEY WANT A LITTLE REFRESHING OUTING, THEY CAN GO DOWN & PICK THE FRUIT directly off the Trees of Life themselves if they so desire. But if not, they can merely wave their magic crystal wands & the fruit appears on the plates! Our girls then arrange it in lovely patterns that are beautiful to see & bring it to our table for us to enjoy!

35. SO PHOEBE’S TELLING ME THAT THE FAMILY IS WAITING FOR ME AT THE TABLE, so I’ve got to fly! God bless you! I love you & can hardly wait until you get Here to enjoy all of this too! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! It’s all yours in Christ Jesus because of His love & His sacrifice for you, giving His life for your Salvation & spending these thousands of years Up Here preparing this gorgeous City for you to enjoy forever! (Rom.8:32)

36. SO PLEASE HURRY & GET THAT JOB DONE OF WINNING AS MANY SOULS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN so the Lord will know it’s time to call you Home! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! God bless & keep you all until Jesus comes to get you to bring you Home!—In Jesus’ name, amen!

37. BY THE WAY, DON’T MISS THAT HEAVENLY TOUR ABNER & PHOEBE PROMISED TO TAKE ME ON THROUGH THE CITY & ITS GLORIOUS FAIR, which I hope to tell you about in the next communication! Okay? So this is Grandpa signing off from the Heavenly City from Station HVN. And if you want to call me, my personal call letters are GPA! God bless you! So long until next time! I love you! Bye bye! In Jesus’ name‚ amen!

Grandpa Goes to the Fair

David Berg

—”Heaven’s Children”—Chapter 11DO 210911/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, CHILDREN! GOD BLESS YOU‚ ALL MY DEAR HEAVENLY FAMILY! I LOVE YOU! HERE’S GRANDPA AGAIN, TUNING IN to you on our Heavenly communicators, which are sometimes called prayer! We sure have been praying for you down there in your hard work of continuing to publish the good news & spread the good Word & save the good people, as well as the bad, by the message of Jesus’ Love & Salvation! Praise the Lord! (Isa.52:7)

2. BUT MEANWHILE I’M GETTING A LITTLE REST after my many years of hard service—really it was Heavenly service—& we lived Heavenly lives in Heavenly Homes with Heavenly people doing a Heavenly work, thank You Jesus! But I am a little relieved & enjoying my rest Up Here in my Heavenly Mansion with these Heavenly ones who are taking care of me, dear Abner & Phoebe & India Joy & others who have already gone on before you‚ like me. They’re helping me to get settled & adjusted & oriented to this beautiful Heavenly atmosphere & surroundings! (Rev.14:13)

3. WELL, THAT WAS CERTAINLY A DELICIOUS LUNCH of those delightful fruits of Paradise from the Trees of Life! This afternoon Abner & Phoebe have told me that they’re going to take me on a little tour of the City & particularly the Fairgrounds below us. (Rev.22:2; Eze.47:12)

4. I ALWAYS DID LOVE FAIRS, particularly World Fairs! When I was on Earth I attended three of the greatest World’s Fairs the World ever knew!—The great Chicago World’s Fair of 1936 & ’37 & the great New York World’s Fair of the 1940s & then an even greater New York World’s Fair of 1964 & ’65 in which we had our little Gospel exhibit, operated by our teenage children, reaching the World with God’s Love & advertising our television show, “Church in the Home”.

5. IN FACT, MY FAMILY’S EXPERIENCE WITH WORLD’S FAIRS GOES EVEN FURTHER BACK than that, because my Grandfather Brandt, my mother’s father, had a hotel in the famous St. Louis World’s Fair at about the turn of the Century.—And my daughter Faith had an exhibit at the Japan World’s Fair in 1985! So I & my family have been involved in World’s Fairs for nearly a Century! So maybe that’s one reason I always loved World’s Fairs, because they are so thrilling & exciting & educational & such a marvellous place to witness!

6. I EVEN SANG A SONG ABOUT JESUS TO AN AUDIENCE OF HUNDREDS AT THE 1940 WORLD’S FAIR IN NEW YORK, & I wisely picked a song that didn’t mention the Name of Jesus until the last word in the song! The song was, “I Know a Name!” I wonder if I can remember it now?:


I know a Name that is greater than them all!

I know a Name that can take away all sorrow‚

O wondrous Name when those tears of anguish fall!

I know a Name, a wonderful Name!

That wonderful Name is Jesus!”

—And they promptly cut me off when they heard the Name of Jesus, those damn [ACs] that were running the Fair! But Praise the Lord! I got the message across & actually I got applause from the crowd! (1Th.2:14b,15,16)

8. SO FAIRS ARE A WONDERFUL PLACE TO WITNESS! My daughter Faithy finished a tremendous witnessing & Postering drive at that last great World’s Fair in Japan—Expo ’85! We also had a big witnessing drive with my own mother & my children & some of their friends at the famous Montreal World’s Fair, I think it was in 1967. We witnessed, sang & testified in a small amphitheater there right on the Fairgrounds.—That is, until they found out who we were & I came along & blew them away with a blast from both barrels about the vices of the System & the churches & the hypocrisy of the churchy Christians!—Ha!

9. BUT OF COURSE THE LAST STRAW WAS WHEN ONE OF OUR MEMBERS WON THE DAUGHTER OF THE DIRECTOR TO THE LORD & she started to leave home & join the Family! That was too much for him! That was the end of our official witness at the Montreal World’s Fair! So my kids went over & worked for Billy Graham & his exhibit for awhile until he found out who we were! Ha! Then they simply infiltrated the Fair itself & went out amongst the publicans & the sinners & the drunks & the harlots & those who really needed Jesus! They quit trying to work with those ridiculous, hypocritical, spineless, powerless churchy Christians! And they reaped a real harvest there, God bless them! (Mk.2:16,17)

10. SO MY CHILDREN & I HAVE HAD LOTS OF EXPERIENCE AT FAIRS & they are a tremendous witnessing opportunity, so don’t miss one while you’re there! Get in there where the people are, where the crowds are, where the thousands are to whom you can witness & Poster & tapeness! The Lord will bless you for it & bless them with Salvation! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Luk.14:23)

11. THEN YOU CAN BRING THEM UP HERE & SHOW THEM THE FINAL GREATEST FAIR OF ALL, a really fair Fair where everything is fair & beautiful & wonderful & just & righteous & true!—No more of those lies of the exploits of man! This Fair manifests exploits of God & His true creations! This is the final Fair of all & fairest of all Fairs! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

12. I FIRST SAW THIS FAIR ON MY FIRST TRIP TO HEAVEN, & I marvelled & wondered at its colossal, gigantic & amazing buildings! At the time, I wondered what they were & what they were for, not really realising what I was seeing, except that it was beautiful & gorgeous & wonderful & amazing! But I remember at the time it did remind me of a World’s Fair with its multitudinous beautiful & unusual buildings & tremendous activity & its gorgeous parks & foliage & trees & lovely, delightful Heavenly people floating along with their toes barely touching the ground! Everybody was so happy, & even many animals were grazing about!

13. I REMEMBER THERE WAS A LION THERE LICKING MY FACE that woke me up when I was about to go to sleep There & stay There forever, & my daughter Deborah was tugging at my hand to bring me home. That would be just like her to bring me back to that awful Earth instead of letting me stay Here & enjoy the delights of Paradise forever! But I did have a job to finish down there on Earth, & so I guess that’s one time she was right, & at that time she was more-or-less a head of our organisation there & she did need a lot of help, that’s for sure! So I rather reluctantly returned with her to Earth. But I was never able to forget those marvels that I saw there in that beautiful corner of Heaven!

14. SO TODAY THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE ME ON A REFRESHER TOUR OF THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY! Hallelujah! And I’m going to see it better than I ever saw it before! For now down there on Earth you only see through a glass darkly, but one of these days soon, like me, you’re going to see it face-to-face! Hallelujah! So we donned our loveliest robes of light, together with Abner & Phoebe, my principal guides & caretakers in your absence‚ Maria & children‚ & here we go off to the Fair! (1Cor.13:12)

15. WOW! THIS FLYING IS REALLY SOMETHING! We just go out on our back terrace facing the interior of the City & we step lightly into the air & away we go, sailing at our choice of speed! In this case, slowly floating so we can enjoy the beautiful sights & sounds below in their fulness without haste or hurry.

16. SINCE ABNER & PHOEBE HAVE DECIDED THE BEST PLACE TO BEGIN was the most familiar territory which I had visited before‚ we float slowly & gracefully down together as we circle above the beautiful Fairgrounds below so we can take it all in in a beautiful bird’s-eye view & enjoy its gorgeous colours & amazing buildings to the full!

17. THEY’RE TAKING ME TO THE BUILDING I WANTED TO SEE AGAIN MOST OF ALL, that first colossal‚ astounding building of the giant Crystal which seems to empower this corner of the City, revolving slowly, soundlessly & beautifully on its invisible pivots as it scintillates the gorgeous sunlight of Heaven, the light of God’s Son, Jesus Christ Himself! For as you know, this City needs no sunlight or moonlight‚ no other light than God’s Own light Himself, which causes this City to shine like a star when viewed at a distance from out in space! (Isa.60:19–22)

18. WE’RE STILL OUT IN SPACE, AS YOU KNOW, IN THE BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL BLUE SPHERICAL SEA as we’re finishing our preparations for our trip to Earth to rescue you folks out of all that mess! Meanwhile they’re giving me a little time to rest & look over the City itself.

19. SO HOLDING PHOEBE’S HAND, WE FLOAT GENTLY DOWN TO THE GARDEN OF GOD BELOW, landing softly on the Boulevard of the River of Life near the Crystal Building itself. But to my surprise, they did not lead me into that building again, which I’d already seen from its top in a previous vision (see ML #75A). But instead we walked effortlessly in the opposite direction along the bank of the River of Life to the wharf for the riverboats, which‚ if you take your beautiful colour Poster of the Heavenly City, you’ll find in the immediate foreground where the River flows toward you. (Rev.22:1)

20. AND THERE, AT THE RIVER OF LIFE BOAT RIDES TERMINAL, instead of braving the crowds who were already here, many of whom already know of me & might have followed us about in curiosity & wonder & hampered our sightseeing, Abner & Phoebe & I climbed into one of these beautiful, lovely‚ Heavenly gondolas, supernaturally powered & directed by thought! We began to glide peacefully & quietly up the River of Life toward that gorgeous Crystal Building, the tallest & most beautiful in all of our Fairgrounds, with its giant Crystal rotating slowly & scintillating like a diamond!

21. ON BOTH SIDES OF US AS WE FLOAT ALONG ON THIS CRYSTAL CLEAR RIVER OF LIFE are the Trees of Life, some even growing in the middle of the River on tiny islands which separate the lanes of traffic as we move up the left side of the River, as boats & ships do, travelling to the left of each other with their opposite lane of traffic travelling on the right. Our lane of traffic was moving upward on the port side & the other lane of traffic was coming downward on our starboard side.

22. WE WERE GLIDING ALONG SO QUIETLY & so peacefully, so gently, so slowly so that we could easily absorb all the beauty & the glory of this marvellous City around us! Then I realised that we were not actually to visit the exhibits today, but to simply glide slowly past them & view them from afar in all their glorious wonder, to get a slow, easy ride to absorb them slowly one-by-one from a distance before we later actually visit them individually & see their exhibits.

23. AS WE LEAVE THE DOCK, ON OUR RIGHT YOU CAN SEE THAT TALL BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN GENEALOGY TOWER where you can trace your family back to its roots‚ clear back to Noah & Adam & Eve when you have time, where you can learn all about your ancestors in between! (Gen.5)

24. WE NEXT PASS UNDER THE BRIDGE of the Entrance Boulevard that leads directly from the gate through the Reception Center into the heart of the Fair, behind the Directory Building where you can find the names & addresses of all of your family & friends who have already arrived Here. So as we pass under the bridge of Reception Boulevard where it intersects the River of Life Boulevard, we then look up at the towering, monumental, colossal Crystal in the Crystal Building & are awed by its gigantic wonder & splendorous beauty!

25. HERE THE RIVER SLOWLY CURVES AROUND THE ATOMIC ENERGY BUILDING which demonstrates the power that God Himself created & with which He runs the Universe‚ with its many globes & exhibits. Everything between the buildings is like one great, beautiful Garden or Park, with thousands of people floating along its boulevards & visiting its buildings for their education & instruction & edification, to learn of the wonders of God’s Creation! (Mat.28:18; Job 36:22)

26. THEN WE PASS BEHIND THE AUDITORIUM BUILDING where there is seating for the audience to view the marvels of Astronomy in the huge Planetarium Building, the second largest building at the Fair. Here you’re not merely shown pinpoints of projected light on its dome, but where you can see an actual simulation or view of the Solar System & its Planets circling the Sun within its gigantic blue globe viewer! An angel is explaining the wonders of God’s creation of the Universe & its Heavenly bodies & how it all began & why God did it—for you & for me in His Love for us, to give us a Heavenly Home! (Gen.1:1)

27. TO THE RIGHT WE SEE THE TALL, BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL TOWER OF THE SONIC TEMPLE, the source of this beautiful Heavenly music which floats on the celestial breezes of this Heavenly Fair! We glide smoothly under another bridge following the North River of Life Boulevard on our left with the South River of Life Boulevard on the shore on our right. If you’ll look carefully, you there on Earth, at the beautiful plan of our Heavenly Fair in that gorgeous colour Poster we made for you, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about & follow our trip just like a tour through the Fair.

28. NOW WE CAN SEE IN THE DISTANCE THE BEAUTIFUL GLOWING HOUSE OF LIGHTS on our right as we move slowly up the River & we can hardly wait to see its Heavenly light shows in the future!

29. BUT ON THE LEFT LOOMS THE GORGEOUS, HEAVENLY CATHEDRAL OF LOVE which now captures our attention & fascinates our view! There are thousands pouring into its heart-shaped entrances to view the marvels of God’s most wonderful creation of all, a human being, a child‚ a baby! This is where you can watch the actual development of a pregnancy & a foetus within the mother’s tummy & an actual childbirth with a real mother having a baby at each performance! As well, there is an exhibit of sexual intercourse, the source of all pregnancies‚ with a closeup view of both the outside & inside of this amazing sexual mechanics while it is in action‚ & its climactic explosion in a beautiful, thrilling, marvellous orgasm of the couple demonstrating!

30. THERE’S NO SHAME OF SEX HERE IN HEAVEN! This is God’s City & God’s Own demonstration of God’s Own Creation that He made for us to enjoy & procreate, that we might replenish the Earth & have dominion over it & be fruitful & multiply—God’s very first commandment in the entire Bible, in the first chapter of its first Book! Here is His commandment for us to have sex & have children, citizens of the Kingdom of God forever!—Gen.1:28.

31. SO THERE’S NO EMBARRASSMENT, NO SHAME HERE ABOUT SEX‚ as it’s one of the most beautiful of all of God’s creations, made for us to enjoy & bring forth His children into His Kingdom! I just can hardly wait to see those beautiful realistic exhibitions!—Actual demonstrations of the marvellous powers of God’s sex & the creation of His children! But our boat is moving slowly on as we pass on the left the pyramid of Pyramid Power, one of the mysteries of the ages‚ where you can ascend to its apex & wait your turn to ride the Time Beam into what area of the past you wish to see.

32. BEYOND IT IS THE PRAYER TOWER, THE CENTER OF GOD’S COMMUNICATION SYSTEM HERE. Beside it is the Childcare Center with its nursery for children where you can leave your littlest ones while touring this great exhibition. On our right we’re passing the gorgeous lotus-shaped Biology Building where there are beautiful exhibitions of flowers & horticulture & the science of life, the real story of true life‚ not the lies of evolution!

33. FROM OUR BOAT HERE ON THE RIVER OF LIFE we can’t see the Food Museum just beyond the Biology Building, but I’ve been told it offers samples of cultural dishes of all nations of all ages that are fascinating & interesting to see & to taste! It includes the manna the Lord fed the Children of Israel in their wilderness wanderings, as well as samples of Heavenly food & the twelve fruits of the Trees of Life that we can see growing here along the River, each one a different fruit each month. (Rev.22:2)

34. BUT WE CAN SEE THE BEAUTIFUL, HUGE GIGANTIC CRYSTAL BALL 3-D TV COMMUNICATOR right here beside the River! It’s so gigantic it can be viewed by thousands surrounding it, watching its shows of various marvels & wonders of the Lord, including a view of Jesus Himself as He gives a word of welcome & love to the Fair visitors! I was so fascinated by this vision of Jesus in the Crystal Ball that I almost forgot to look at the beautiful Creations Building just beyond, where you can go to watch the actual Creation of the Universe & the Earth & all its wonders!

35. BEYOND THAT WE CAN SEE THE CRYSTAL TOWERS OF THE WORLD OF WATER & its marvellous hydrodynamic displays of water wonders, the most valuable commodity on Earth, outside of Life itself, which is why God symbolises Life with water, calling it the Water of Life, along with the Word of Life, the Water of the Word!—Water being such an essential element of Man’s life, existence & survival, & without which all life dies! (John 6:63; 4:14; 7:37,38)

36. OH, THERE’S A BUILDING YOU LADIES WOULD LOVE, THE CLOTHING BUILDING on our left, where there are samples of all the kinds of clothing of all nations of all cultures of all ages! You can even try them on yourself to see how you would look in them, a very interesting exhibit of the costumes of all cultures.

37. BEYOND THAT ON THE FRINGE OF THE FAIR IS THE UGLY LITTLE TEMPLE OF TEMPLISMS, a museum of false religions & defunct faiths that failed!—Forms of Godliness without the power thereof, as the Bible says. Religions that deceived the people by hypocritical leaders & led them astray, away from the Truth of God. What a horrible exhibit!—But a necessary one for your complete education & knowledge of not only the good things, but the bad & the cause of much of the World’s failure. (2Tim.3:5; Mat.23)

38. BUT IMMEDIATELY BESIDE & BETWEEN US IS THE PLAYFUL EXHIBIT OF MERLIN’S MAGIC HAT RIDES, where you children would really have a ball & lots of fun riding those flying saucers around & about the Magic Hat & over the Fair in groups, with a beautiful, exciting, thrilling view of the entire Fairgrounds, with a Tour Guide explaining it!

39. ON OUR RIGHT IS THE LOVELY BUILDING OF THE GARDENING & FLORAL DISPLAYS for you who love gardens & flowers. It has every conceivable variety of God’s marvellous beauties of Creation, those wonderful decorative flowers with which He has dressed up the Earth & decorated it beautifully for our pleasure!

40. AGAIN ON OUR LEFT NOW LOOMS ONE OF THE TALLEST BUILDINGS OF THE FAIR, THE CULTURAL TOWER, with its lofty rotating observatory at the very top! You can see through its crystal windows all the glories of this beautiful Celestial City in this corner‚ a lofty view of the entire Fair! There are no elevators‚ you just elevate yourself & float gently up to its top revolving observatory floor where you can also sit at a table right beside its crystal window & munch on delightful Heavenly delicacies for your refreshment & your enjoyment!

41. OH, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY BUILDINGS & DISPLAYS & EXHIBITS TO SEE that the Fair seems almost without end, as we glide gently up this beautiful River of Life! I can hardly wait to visit some of these gorgeous & fascinating exhibits myself in person when we return for a further observation of its wonders! Actually, it would take years to see them all & witness all their demonstrations & observe all of their exhibits & shows!

42. FOR THIS FAIR IS DESIGNED TO BE AN EDUCATION & an inspiration & edification for all of God’s children who are here, to learn the Truth about His marvellous Creations & His wonderful Worlds & the entire Universe! —Not the lies of Man & his deceitful false tales of ridiculous evolution & his wild stories about Creation being just an accidental “big bang” of the forces of the stars! (Col.2:6–8)

43. BUT HERE WE CAN KNOW THE REAL TRUTH about everything God has made from the very beginning of the Creation until this very Heavenly City itself & how it was constructed!—And that’s a story in itself! Wait’ll you hear it!—How the Lord built this City out here in space inside of this beautiful blue crystal sea sphere‚ for you & for me & our Future Forever! Some day it’s going to glide to the Earth, the beautiful‚ newly re-created‚ renovated Earth—the New Earth where we shall live together in this Heavenly City & on His New Earth forever! (Rev.21:1‚2)

44. BUT NOW WE’VE ALREADY HAD QUITE AN EYE-FILLING AFTERNOON TRIP up this beautiful, gorgeous crystal clear River of Life & its surrounding amazing marvels of the Heavenly Fair, so it’s time for us to be getting home for our Family dinner & fellowship! So Abner directs our beautiful little gondola by thought power over to one of the riverside docks & we there safely alight for our journey Home. We waft swiftly upwards through the sky to our lofty Mansion on high at the top of our huge mansion apartment complex being prepared for our Family, friends & converts Here in this, the most gorgeous City that we will ever know!

45. WE ALIGHT GENTLY AGAIN ON ITS BEAUTIFUL REAR TERRACE FACING THE CITY, & enter through the rear entrance into the living room‚ & Phoebe leads me gently by the hand upward into our master bedroom, where we remove our robes of light & sink lovingly into that beautiful bed together!—No more foot washing & leaving of shoes & clothing outside or in the outside closet, no more having to bathe in our pool to wash off the filth of the pits of the System, no more having to worry about bringing in vicious germs & poisons & diseases & filth from the System to the rest of the Family! (Isa.11:9)

46. FOR THERE IS NO POLLUTION HERE, no dirt, no filth, nothing unclean, for all is perfect & clean & unsoiled & unspoiled, uncontaminated by the filth & curses of the Earth! We are just as clean when we get Home as we were when we left, thank the Lord! Even the bed linen is perfectly pure & never needs changing, as it never gets soiled, as there is nothing unclean in Heaven!

47. SO PHOEBE & I ONCE AGAIN FALL INTO EACH OTHER’S ARMS, locked firmly in a beautiful, loving embrace … !—Thrilling! Exciting! Beyond all your wildest dreams! … Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! And again then we drift off into dreams, needing mental rest, if not physical, until Family dinnertime & fellowship.

48. SO I GUESS THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY of activities here in this beautiful, wonderful Home in Heaven, as we’re now called to dinner! God bless you all! I love you & we pray for you continually that the Lord will help you & bless you & continue to make you a blessing to countless numbers of souls who still need to know about Him & His Love & His Salvation, so that you can bring them together with you when you come to this Heavenly City at last! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus’ name, amen!

Moon, The–And the Hidden City

David Berg

—”Heaven’s Children!”—Chapter 12!DO 211011/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HALLELUJAH! HERE I AM AGAIN ON OUR HEAVENLY COMMUNICATOR contacting you with more information about Heaven, & I hope you’re enjoying it! I’ve been sitting here figuring & sketching & working away on my work in what I call my lounge couch‚ simply because that’s the formal worldly name of this type of seat, which is also called a chaise lounge, in which you half sit up & half lie down. Your body & head are sort of sitting up & your legs are sort of lying down. But maybe that name of it for me is a misnomer to say it’s a lounge, because I’m not lounging! I’m very busy here all the time working on communications for you & on figuring out some of these things, & the Lord is really giving me pictures & ideas & facts & figures to go along with it! Thank the Lord!

2. SO I HAVE BEEN DOING ANYTHING BUT LOUNGING & loafing & lazing around‚ except I have rested up quite a bit in my first few days Here, sort of like a rest up from a jet lag on Earth, only this was from a space lag from Earth to Heaven! And that was really some trip, I’ll tell ya’, shooting through that Heavenly tube into Outer Space! (Rev.14:13)

3. MAYBE FIRST OF ALL IT MIGHT INTEREST YOU TO GET A LITTLE PICTURE OF OUR LOCATION out Here, the location of our Heavenly City & its blue protective sphere floating out Here almost as big as the Moon & even now awaiting our trip to Earth! As you know, the City itself is 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, so that requires a sphere of about 2,000 miles in diameter in order to accommodate the entire City in its pyramid shape with its five separate corners within the sphere‚ the four corners of the four-square base of the City rise along its edges to the apex at the top. And the base, as you know, is 1500 miles by 1500 miles square, & the altitude of the apex is 1500 miles above the base. These exact dimensions are given right in the Bible in the 21st Chapter of Revelation! And from these then it is easy for any mathematician who knows his Geometry to figure out a few of the other dimensions. (Rev.21:16)

4. FOR EXAMPLE, THE LENGTH OF ONE EDGE FROM THE APEX TO ONE CORNER IS 1‚837 MILES! The distance from the apex to the middle of the base of one of the triangular sides is 1,677 miles. The distance from one corner of the base of the Pyramid to the opposite corner across the Pyramid’s floor, catty-corner as we say, is 2121 miles!

5. THEN AS I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE SIZE OF THE SPHERE which contains it, I had to make some rough geometric diagrams in order to measure it & I kept coming up with this figure of 2121 miles, that the sphere around it would have to be at least 2121 miles in diameter in order to contain this large pyramidical–shaped City!—These multiples of threes & sevens keep coming up!—Like 3 x 7 = 21!—God’s favourite numbers!

6. SO IN ORDER TO GET SOMETHING TO COMPARE IT WITH, with which we are familiar, I turned to my communicator to ascertain for sure the size of the Moon, because I knew from former calculations that this ball containing the City was close to the dimensions of the Moon. And to my amazement I discovered that the diameter of the Moon itself is just 2160 miles, only slightly larger than the sphere containing the Holy City!

7. SO I WAS PRAYING & ASKING THE LORD WHY SHOULD THESE TWO BALLS BE SO CLOSE to the exact same size, with the Moon only slightly larger?—And I think I received the most shocking revelation that I have ever received in almost my entire life!—And it is going to be something hard for you to believe! So I rapidly began looking up Scriptures to see if the Word confirms what I have just learned, & I ran across some of these beautiful Scriptures that firmly confirm this revelation & are so thrilling that I got so excited I nearly jumped off my chair!

8. HERE ARE A FEW OF THEM FOR YOU: PSALM 8:3-5: “When I consider Thy heavens‚ the work of Thy fingers, the Moon, the stars which Thou hast ordained.” Here He mentions the Moon first! Why first the Moon? Why not the Sun? He says, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him, & the son of man that Thou visitest him? For Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels & hast crowned him with glory & honour.” Why does He say “a little lower than the angels”? Has that to do with status? Or perhaps even distance?

9. THEN IN PSALM 72:7 IT IS SPEAKING OF THE COMING OF THE LORD & THE MILLENNIAL KINGDOM of Jesus Christ on the Earth. In this beautiful 7th verse of this 72nd Psalm—several beautiful 7’s, God’s number—He says, speaking of the Kingdom of Christ on Earth…let’s read the first part of the Psalm: “Give the king Thy judgements, O God, & Thy righteousness unto the King’s Son.” (Here’s God & His Son, Jesus.) “He shall judge Thy people with righteousness, & Thy poor with judgement. The mountains shall bring peace to the people‚ & the little hills, by righteousness. He shall judge the poor of the people, He shall save the children of the needy, He shall break in pieces the oppressor.” (Psa.72:1-4) This is a picture of the coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth just as clear as can be!

10. “THEY SHALL FEAR THEE AS LONG AS THE SUN & MOON ENDURE, THROUGHOUT ALL GENERATIONS!” (Psa.72:5) How long are they going to fear God?—As long as the Sun & here comes the Moon, “& Moon endure, throughout all generations!” In other words, man is going to fear God as long as the Sun & Moon endure. How long will that be? Well, man is going to fear God forever, so that means the Sun & the Moon are here to stay, to endure forever!

11. “HE SHALL COME DOWN LIKE RAIN UPON THE MOWN GRASS; AS SHOWERS THAT WATER THE EARTH. In His day shall the righteous flourish; & abundance of peace so long as the Moon endureth.” (Psa.72:6,7) Why again this emphasis on the Moon?—That “the righteous will flourish & there will be an abundance of peace as long as the Moon endureth!” Well, we know that certainly the righteous are going to flourish forever in that Heavenly City & there will be abundance of peace on Earth forever‚ according to the Word of God on the New Earth, the Heavenly Earth. But He says, “As long as the Moon endureth!” Why again the emphasis on the Moon?

12. AND THEN IN THE 89TH PSALM HE IS EVEN MORE SPECIFIC! In the 36th & 37th verses, speaking again—oh my, let’s not miss that 35th verse because that’s definitely for us!: “Once have I sworn by My holiness that I will not lie unto David.” Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Tongues) “I shall not reveal those things which are not true unto David, for I shall be honest & show thy father all things!” Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Thank You, Lord!

13. “HIS SEED SHALL ENDURE FOREVER‚ & HIS THRONE AS THE SUN BEFORE ME!” I’m even going to have a throne in Heaven, did you know that?—And you’re going to last forever if you’re my seed! “It shall be established forever as the Moon, & as a faithful witness in Heaven.” My throne shall be established in Heaven forever as the Moon! So the Moon is going to last forever!—Why the Moon?

14. AND “AS A FAITHFUL WITNESS IN HEAVEN.” Well, what’s a faithful witness?—My throne? Yes, but since He is likening it to the Moon, He is saying also that the Moon is a faithful witness! Now how can the Moon be a faithful witness? Well, the Lord has often likened us, His Church, His people‚ to His reflection, like the Moon is the reflection of the Sun. He is our Sun, we are His Moon, & He also calls us His Bride, the Bride of Christ. And we reflect His Light, His Love, His Word, His beauty & all that He is like. We are a reflection of it all‚ a reflection of the Lord. People look at us & see us shining & the brightness of our faces & our joy & our happiness, & they cannot understand it! We just tell them it’s the Lord, it’s Jesus! We’re merely reflecting His glory like the Moon reflects the Sun!

15. THEN AGAIN IN PSALM 104:19 HE SAYS, “HE APPOINTED THE MOON FOR SEASONS.” Now we know that the Moon has a great deal of influence upon the Earth, right? It affects the tides‚ the menstrual periods of women, & for years man has believed & the Ancients were convinced of & there have even been a few scientific examples of it, that the Moon has a definite effect upon our minds. Why? Why this importance of the Moon?

16. IN FACT, THE MOON IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE, as it was the sign for the times of the various important religious feasts of the Old Testament & it was the measurement of the years & the days of the month & was considered extremely significant in all of their religious activities, as the days of the feasts were determined by the various phases of the Moon. (Gen.1:14)

17. THEN IN THE SONG OF SOLOMON THERE IS A VERY STRANGE VERSE, for as you know, although it is a definite love poem to one of Solomon’s wives, particularly it is said to be about the Queen of Sheba‚ nevertheless, all theologians & ministers for ages have considered that it was also a significant poem, an allegory or like a parable. It was really the Lord speaking to His Bride, His Wife, whom He calls the Bride of Christ! In the 6th Chapter of the Song of Solomon, the 10th verse‚ He speaks of her as, “Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the Moon, clear as the Sun, & terrible as an army with banners?” Here again is a picture of the Bride of Christ likened to the Moon!

18. IN PSALM 81, THE PSALMIST ASSOCIATES THE BLOWING OF A GREAT TRUMPET TO THE NEW MOON, saying, “Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob! Take a psalm, & bring hither the timbrel, the pleasant harp with the psaltery. Blow up the trumpet in the New Moon, in the time appointed‚ on our solemn Feast Day.” (Psa.81:1-3) Now that sounds a lot like the coming of the Lord, doesn’t it? And the coming Wedding Feast with His Bride!

19. WHEN HE COMES AGAIN, IS HE NOT GOING TO HAVE THE TRUMPET BLOWN‚ THE LAST TRUMP? When He says that “We shall all be changed in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump”, when we will be raptured up to be with Him forever! (1Cor.15:52) And is it not by that Trump that He summons us on high to come to that great Wedding Feast of the Lamb, as it is called?—The Lamb, the Bridegroom with His Bride, the true Church‚ all true saved Christians of the World! (Rev.19:6-9; Isa.62:5b)

20. AND HERE AGAIN HE ASSOCIATES IT WITH THE MOON, THE NEW MOON! Remember now‚ the Moon being likened to the Bride of Christ & associated with the Bride of Christ, His truly saved Church. Then we turn over to Revelation & what does it say?

21. REVELATION 21: “AND I SAW A NEW HEAVEN & A NEW EARTH: for the first Heaven & the first Earth were passed away.” (Rev.21:1) The first atmospheric heavens had been burned away & the first surface of the Earth was also burned away, to cleanse it of Satan & evil man & all their pollution. And God has now in this passage created a New Earth, a new surface on this eternal ball, & a new beautiful atmospheric heavens that shall never pass away! (2Pe.3:10)

22. AND THEN HE SAYS‚ “AND I JOHN SAW THE HOLY CITY‚ NEW JERUSALEM, COMING DOWN FROM GOD OUT OF HEAVEN PREPARED AS A BRIDE adorned for her husband!” (Rev.21:2) John sees the Heavenly City coming down out of the heavens prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband. Now remember‚ this Bride has also been pictured as the Moon, the Lord being our Sun & we being His Moon, as a Bride reflecting His glory.—And now He pictures this Moon-Bride as a City!

23. SO HERE AGAIN WE HAVE A PICTURE OF THESE RELATED SUBJECTS of the Bride & the Holy City & the Moon! So I began thinking, “What does that mean, Lord? What are You trying to show me? What are You trying to tell me?” And I guess He was thinking how dumb can I be, for suddenly it dawned on me as I looked into my communicator that the Heavenly City is not nearly as far away as we have thought it to be all these years! It was far away‚ yes, once upon a time, but it has travelled a long way since then, & it is nearer than you think!

24. THEN SUDDENLY IT DAWNED ON ME that there is a reason why that beautiful blue crystal globe sea surrounding the Heavenly City is only slightly smaller than the Moon! For the Heavenly City is already here, beloved! As I saw so clearly in my communicator, it is already not far away, but it is hidden from the sight of man by the Moon!

25. “OH!”, YOU SAY. “YOU MEAN IT’S BEHIND THE MOON! Then why didn’t the Moon astronauts see it when they were around at the back side of the Moon?” Because‚ beloved, it is not behind the Moon, it is the Moon! It is within the Moon! That is why the Moon is only slightly larger than that beautiful globe which contains the City itself!

26. LOOK UP, BELOVED! That gorgeous beautiful orb there in the sky which God has compared to His Bride‚ & said will last as long as “my throne endures” & as long as the righteous endure & as long as His reign & rule over all the Universe endures, He says that Moon will last forever! And why?—Because that Moon is extremely important! It merely hides the Holy City from the view of Worldly man! (Psa.72:5; Psa.89:36,37)

27. AND WHY IS THE MOON ONLY SLIGHTLY LARGER THAN THE GLOBE CONTAINING THE HOLY CITY? Because God had to make the Moon big enough to hide the Heavenly City with that crust of rocks, its diameter being only about 40 miles wider than the blue crystal sea orb surrounding the City itself! So therefore that shell of Moon rocks must be only about 20 miles thick & merely a covering for the beautiful blue orb of the crystal sea which contains the City!

28. SO I QUESTIONED THE LORD: I said‚ “But Lord, what about this beautiful blue sky that we see above us here in the Holy City, or outside the Holy City, the blue sky which must be Your crystal blue forcefield protective orb surrounding the City? How come I see through that sky beyond & see the Sun & the stars?” And then it suddenly dawned on me we hadn’t seen the Moon, & it began to dawn on me that we are the Moon! This Holy City, this Bride of Christ‚ is within the Moon itself!

29. WE ARE HIS MOON & within it here ourselves, & we only see that blue orb outside as our sky, our blue sky, & because of our spiritual sight we can see completely through the rocky crust which surrounds & hides & protects us from evil man who has already walked upon our surface! Ha! If they’d only known what they were walking on & what was beneath their very feet! Their cavorting & jumping around on those rocks must have really given the inhabitants of this City a real laugh when they saw them up there! For it seems we can see through that rocky crust as clear as crystal out into the outer sky, the Sun & the stars & all the beauties of God’s firmament! Our sphere is only cloaked in those rocks that they discovered on the face of the Moon!

30. THE MOON’S SURFACE IS MERELY A DISGUISE, A CAMOUFLAGE TO HIDE US FROM THE EVIL GAZE OF EVIL MEN! For if they knew we were here, they would surely want to use their bombs to break that crust, to pierce through to discover the precious treasures within, all this gold & silver & diamonds & rubies & sapphires & the whole walls of the entire City made of crystal gold, & the great high 216-foot wall around it made of layers of diamonds & sapphires & rubies & precious gems! (Rev.21:17-21)

31. DON’T YOU THINK THAT MAN WOULD SURELY WANT TO TRY TO BORE THROUGH THE CRUST OF THE MOON‚ that 20–mile crust, in order to get at the treasures & riches within?—Not to speak of the Heavenly Paradise & all of its beauty! You know they surely would if they knew we were here! But God has marvellously & wonderfully in His great wisdom placed that rocky desolate-looking crust around us to protect us, both from their gaze & from their tampering!

32. SO THAT THE MOON ASTRONAUTS CAME BACK WITH THE REPORT THAT THERE WAS NOTHING SEEMINGLY PRECIOUS THERE BUT A BUNCH OF ROCKS! Although they were rather unusual rocks, they said, which seemed to reflect sunlight as the beads on a beaded screen reflect the projection of pictures from a projector, particularly & peculiarly, marvellously designed for light reflection! So this blinds their eyes & they cannot see further than that stony, beady, brightly reflecting crust of the Moon itself, which is actually only a hollow empty shell surrounding us!

33. IT’S SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO THE SHELL OF THE EARTH ITSELF, which too is also merely a hollow empty shell surrounding the Bottomless Pit & the Lake of Fire, & is four times as large in diameter as the Moon! No wonder!—There are so many more people going to Hell than to Heaven! There has to be a lot more room for them in the heart of the Earth! (Rev.21:8; 20:1-3)

34. I WAS FIGURING OUT JUST TODAY APPROXIMATELY HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE GO TO HELL THAN TO HEAVEN! If you just take the present population of the Earth itself at approximately 5 billion people, & you figure that the Christian population is officially tabbed at something around 1 billion of formal Christians‚ members of churches & members of so-called Christian nations, the Christian population of the Earth is roughly estimated at about 1 billion or 1/5th of the total.

35. BUT AS YOU KNOW, NOT NEARLY THAT MANY OF THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS ARE REALLY CHRISTIANS but only professing Christians or just those dubbed Christians because they belong to a Christian nation or so-called Christian churches! We know that they’re not all Christians because they’re not all saved! They may be nominal church Christians, called Christians, but the only true Christians are those who are truly genuinely saved by being born again by the Spirit of God, the Mother Holy Spirit, by the seed of Her Son, Jesus Christ, into the Holy Kingdom of God! (John 3:3‚5)

36. I THINK A VERY GENEROUS ESTIMATE, AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE, WOULD BE PERHAPS ONLY 10% OF THOSE NOMINALLY CALLED CHRISTIANS OF THE WORLD! Which means that of the 1 billion so-called Christians of this World, certainly not more than 100 million are actually saved Children of God, Heaven’s Children! So that would only be about 1 out of 50 of the World’s total population or only about 2% of the World’s population actually saved & really Christians & on their way to Heaven!

37. SO NO WONDER HEAVEN IS SO MUCH SMALLER THAN HELL, & HELL IS SO MUCH LARGER THAN HEAVEN! No wonder their Hell is so much larger than our Heaven, when you consider that about 98% of the World’s population are going to Hell! As Jesus Himself said, “For wide is the gate & broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction & many there be that go in thereat!” (Mat.7:13) But He said “Strait is the gate, & narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life eternal, & few there be that find it!” (Mat.7:14) So the vast majority of the World’s population is headed for Hell, whereas only a very small minority, a bare fraction‚ approximately only 2% of the World’s present-day population are actually bound for Heaven! But thank God, you & I are part of that 2%! Amen? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

38. WELL, THIS MARVELLOUS DISCOVERY OR REVELATION ABOUT THE MOON CAME THROUGH MY TRYING TO DESCRIBE TO YOU OUR SITUATION HERE IN HEAVEN & to tell you how beautiful it is & the marvellous view‚ etc! I realised I had some missing gaps in the picture & I didn’t quite understand the full import of our location. Although I had looked out through the blue sky of our blue globe above, I’d not realised I was looking through the, to us, clear-as-crystal surface of the Moon, sort of like a two-way mirror! We can see through it from this angle, but to you on Earth it is merely a reflective surface like a mirror! We can see out, but you can’t see in! Thank God for that! Otherwise, wicked man on Earth would be tampering with the Moon for sure!

39. BUT I’M SORRY YOU CAN’T SEE IN RIGHT NOW or you would see all the glory & Heavenly beauty of God’s great Heavenly City itself & us within! But praise God! In the Spirit, in your mind’s eye you can see in & see what is beneath the glorious lustrous pearly beauty of this lovely Moon up here, God’s symbol of His Bride & His Church reflecting the glory of His Son! (1Cor.2:9,10)

40. JUST SHUT YOUR EYES & DREAM YOUR WAY THROUGH THE SURFACE OF THE MOON into the interior of this beautiful orb within & our great pyramidical City of God! Or just go out & look at the Moon & dream your way through its surface & see inside this crystal ball, like the visions seen by the fortune tellers in their crystal balls! See visions within of the beauties of Heaven, the glories of God in His Heavenly City! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! What a wonderful revelation! (Acts 2:17; Num.12:6b)

41. SO, HEAVEN IS NOT AS FAR AWAY AS WE THOUGHT! How about that? It’s right up here hidden under the surface of the Moon! I know that is going to be hard for some of you to believe. It came as a shock to me & was hard for me to receive it at first! But the more I studied it & the more I measured & the more I looked into my communicator & the more the Lord revealed to me, I could see it just as clearly as could be! It’s so beautiful & so wonderful to realise that “Heaven is here, is here right now! Heaven is here, I’ll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & now!”—As the old song goes!—We’re so glad we’re so near you! But we’re also within your sight‚ right up here inside the Moon! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise God!

42. WELL‚ I SUPPOSE SOME OF YOU THINK, “DAD HAS FINALLY GONE OFF HIS ROCKER! It must have been that last sickness that caused it, & he’s finally lost his mind, he’s really gone wild, & now we won’t know what to expect!” Well, I must admit‚ this is the most shocking revelation I think I ever got! So there it is, Beloved!—And that is not what I expected to talk about at all! That is not the revelation I was going to give you about the organisation & ministries of Heaven, but I wanted to give you the setting first. So‚ since I wanted to know & I was praying the Lord would show me just where we are in Outer Space & what the view was like outside this globe, the Lord showed me, & what a shock!

43. THAT WAS ABOUT THE BIGGEST SHOCK I THINK I’VE ALMOST EVER HAD when it comes to surprises!—And the Lord is full of surprises! He loves mysteries! He loves conundrums & puzzles & problems that we have to figure out, because He loves for us to seek His help & ask for His solutions, & He is more than glad to give them if we’ll just look to Him & ask Him for the answers, which we couldn’t possibly know in many cases, certainly not in this one! (Amos 3:7; Mar.4:11a; Psa.25:14a; Jer.33:3.)

44. BUT THAT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, THRILLING DISCOVERY I THINK I’VE ALMOST EVER MADE!—That Heaven is here, is here right now, & you only need to look up here & see this Moon to see it! Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! It’s a two-way mirror! You can’t see in, but we can see out through its reflective surface, thank the Lord!

45. YOU’D BETTER THANK THE LORD IT IS HIDDEN FROM EVIL MAN, or he’d certainly be chunking away on its surface trying to dig through! Thank God‚ although Man came up here & paid it a personal visit, he only found out that, as far as he was concerned, it was worthless & the surface rocks were of no value! Well, it’s a good thing he didn’t see the rocks that are inside, all these beautiful jewels & acres of diamonds & gems & the biggest pearls ever seen!—Twelve Pearly Gates‚ each Gate a single pearl, gigantic, beautiful, lustrous Pearly Gates! And the acres of diamonds & rubies & sapphires & gems of all kinds which make up the walls around the City!—And the crystal golden walls of the City itself! Thank God wicked evil Earthly man cannot see this City, hidden so cleverly by the Lord by that thick crust of Moon rocks! Thank You, Jesus! Praise You Lord! (Rev.21:19-21)

46. BUT WE CAN SEE OUT! Hallelujah! We can see the beauties outside, the beauty of the Sun which shines upon you, & the beauty of the Earth, your Earth, which is like a large Moon to us at night! Actually, you know, I’ve only been here a couple of days & so I hadn’t spent much time looking outside, there was so much to see inside! So I hadn’t even noticed hardly what was going on outside in the sky above. One reason being, of course, that the base of the pyramid of our City is always turned towards the Earth.

47. NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT THE SAME SIDE OF THE MOON IS ALWAYS FOCUSED TOWARDS THE EARTH? You never see the back side, only the Moon astronauts who flew around the Moon saw the back of the dark side of the Moon! But the bright side that is towards you is always towards you, & the Moon never turns that face away from the Earth. Although the Earth rotates all of its faces towards the Moon, the bright side of the Moon that you always see is always facing the Earth & never in any other position throughout all ages!

48. SO THE BASE OF THE PYRAMID IS ALSO ALWAYS FACING THE EARTH, possibly for even greater protection from all of its evils & its dangers! So it will be ready & in position to land one of these days when God lets it slip right through that Moon coating & its protective ball to come down out of Heaven from God to land on the Earth, the New Earth after the Millennium with New Man! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Rev.21:2)

49. SO THERE IS A REAL REVELATION FOR YOU! Heaven is not so far away! Thank You Jesus! No wonder it doesn’t take us very long to get here when we shoot through those tubes or tunnels! No wonder you have such quick & ready communication between you & Heaven, between you & the Lord & His angels & all the Saintly spirits who are living here in Heaven!

50. YOUR MESSAGES TO US IN PRAYER TRAVEL FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT & WE GET THEM INSTANTLY! They are not delayed like radio waves & radio signals from man’s broadcasts on Earth to his astronauts & spacemen & space vehicles, satellites, etc.‚ in which there is always a short few seconds of delay as they bounce back & forth. But our communication with you is instantaneous! We can hear your prayers instantly when you really pray & get through to us, & you can get the answers immediately also, as we answer back & give you the answers! Praise God! Thank You‚ Jesus! (Isa.65:24)

51. WELL, I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ORGANISATION & MINISTRIES OF HEAVEN which the Lord has been revealing to me as well, but I kind of got off on the geometrics & the astrophysics of it all, & the astronomy of it, & that was really a shocker! But I’m not sorry, are you? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! We & Heaven are not far away, thank the Lord!

52. EVEN THOUGH THE MOON ASTRONAUTS, THE MOON WALKERS‚ HAVE BEEN HERE, THEY WERE ONLY ON THE OUTSIDE. The doors were locked, the gates were locked, in fact, the whole planet was closed to them! They could not possibly pierce its 20–mile crust! Man has never even pierced the Earth’s crust upon which he dwells, as deeply as that!

53. WELL, HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS! THAT WAS QUITE A REVELATION! QUITE A SHOCKER! Amen? Praise God! Thank You Jesus! God bless you! Well, you’re really getting some news from Heaven now, huh? But my tummy is telling me that it anticipates some of those delicious, delightful, celestial delicacies & they’re calling lunch, so I think I’m going to have to sign off for a few minutes while I tend to the Heavenly desires of my loved ones, God bless them! And then maybe we can get back to you with some of these fascinating & interesting points on the Organisation & the Ministries of Heaven!

54. GOD BLESS YOU! I LOVE YOU! And that’s why I’m trying to find out all these things for you, so it will encourage you & inspire you & thrill you & give you tremendous anticipation of the marvels & joys & wonders that await you here! They say that anticipation is 50% of the enjoyment. So you’re having half of the fun of it already just thinking about it & thrilling to it & imagining it & seeing it in the Spirit even before you get Here! Amen?

55. DOESN’T THIS INSPIRE YOU? Doesn’t it inspire you to want to come & bring as many souls with you as you possibly can? Amen! God bless you! Well, work hard & witness hard & win hard so that you can bring as many souls to Heaven to Jesus as you possibly can, to enjoy all of these wonders with you! Amen?—And the wonderful Love & fellowship with the Lord & His Saints forever in this marvellous, Heavenly, Golden City of God! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

56. LOOK UP! FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH! Amen! Next time you look up at that Moon, realise how close your redemption is, & it won’t be long now! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus’ name. Amen! (Luk.21:28)

More on the Moon

David Berg

—”Heaven’s Children!”—Chapter 13!DO 211111/85

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HERE’S GRANDPA AGAIN ON MY SIMULATED TRIP TO THE MOON, trying to give you an imaginative description of how I see things to be Up Here. This time I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the Moon itself.

2. HOWEVER‚ TO MY DISMAY, I FOUND OUT THAT THE INFORMATION WE LEARNED FROM SOURCES THERE ON EARTH VARIED A GREAT DEAL & the Earthly scientists’ figures regarding the Moon were at considerable variance with each other! So it seems that they don’t really know down there what these actual dimensions really are! Their guesstimates of the Moon’s distance from the Earth & its size & the height of its mountains & depths of its craters & widths of its seas are at a considerable variance with each other! So there’s no telling who’s right down there, when they’re so far off amongst themselves!

3. WE KNOW UP HERE THAT THE MOON IS A LOT BIGGER THAN THEY CLAIM DOWN THERE! Who knows?—Maybe it’s a lot closer to you too!—Like the stars which Earthmen estimate to be millions of light-years away from the Earth & the solar system, when we know that they actually are not that far at all!—In fact‚ they’re quite nearby!

4. SO HOW CAN WE TRUST ANY OF THEIR FIGURES when they’re so wrong about so many things‚ as we have found out now!—Just like they’re so wrong about Evolution & so wrong about Paleontology, the study of past history & ages from the fossils found on Earth. Both these so-called “sciences” are pure lies—I wouldn’t even honour them with the title fairy tales! There’s more truth to fairy tales than there is to some of Earth’s so-called “science”! It reminds me of what St. Paul said to Timothy about such lies of science & the false scientists of Earth:

5. “BEWARE OF THE PROFANE & VAIN BABBLINGS OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO-CALLED!” (1Tim.6:20) So, modern‚ wicked Man has profaned & desecrated the Truths of God!—In his vanity to proclaim himself such a supreme authority & to worship himself & his own knowledge, modern Man has become a fool!—And because he knows so little truth about God’s genuine creation‚ he keeps changing his data & his so-called “facts” & information & figures until you don’t know what to believe! About the only thing that you can count on to be true & reliable is the Word of God Himself! Man has changed his ideas & theories & statistics & figures for so many things over so many years, it’s hard for Earth people to know what to believe, or who’s right & who’s wrong!—And they’re probably all wrong! (Ecc.3:11b)

6. IF THEY CAN’T EVEN BE SURE ABOUT THE HEIGHT OF THEIR OWN MOUNTAINS there on Earth, & the amount of their own land surface, as compared to the seas‚ how can we be sure about their so-called knowledge of the Moon? Their estimates of the height of Mt. Everest, their tallest mountain, vary from 27,000 to 29,000 feet!—And their computations of the amount of the Earth’s surface covered by water vary from 4/5ths to 7/10ths! So if they can’t even agree on the dimensions of things right there on their own Earth, how in the World could we possibly trust them to give us accurate information on the dimensions of things Up Here on the Moon!

7. I’M EVEN BEGINNING TO WONDER IF MAN EVER ACTUALLY SET FOOT ON THE MOON, as they claim! Maybe the whole thing was a phoney fake that Man staged, like the famous movie “Capricorn One,” in which the government faked a supposed other-planet landing with television images & telemetric readings & radio messages, all staged on a desolate site out in the middle of the United States’ southwestern desert‚ where a motion picture production crew staged & produced the whole thing right there on Earth, when they were supposed to be landing on some other Planet! Maybe that lying government staged the Moon landings too, as faked-up phonies!

8. SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW? Well, God helping me, I’m going to find out as soon as I have time to use my Heavenly Communicator & get the accurate, honest-to-God facts about our Moon! Meanwhile, I’ll just have to give you what I can remember of the information that I learned while I was still on Earth, so at least you can get a little idea of what our Moon is like. Although, as we’ve already found out, I’d take some of these dimensions & descriptions with a grain of salt!

9. ABOUT ALL YOU FOLKS THERE ON EARTH CAN REALLY BE SURE OF IS THAT THERE IS A MOON & you can see it, & what you can see of it. You can see it does revolve around the Earth & reflects the light of the Sun in its various phases, etc. These are facts you can go out some night & see for yourself! But as far as some of these Earth-found figures about our Moon are concerned, about all we can say for them is that they may be somewhere close, but not necessarily exact.

10. BUT NEVERTHELESS, I’M GOING TO PASS THEM ON TO YOU AS I CAN REMEMBER THEM, as they’re all I have on hand at the moment. I hope they’ll give you a little idea of what our Moon is like & where it’s at & how it behaves.—Some of which you can see for yourselves by watching it! Let’s hope that at least some of these descriptions will be informative enough that you’ll know a little more about the Moon than you did before. Even though we can’t be sure about all these dimensions, except that we know it’s a little bit bigger than our Heavenly City & its protective globe.

11. SO HERE WE GO, & I’LL JUST TELL YOU AT LEAST WHAT THEY TAUGHT US about it on Earth, & hope that it’s close.—And who knows?—It may be much closer to you than you realise! God bless you!—I love you!

12. THE MOON HAS BEEN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO MAN throughout all history, since it regulates so much of his activity there on Earth, & times them, as well as giving signs about them. So I thought you’d be interested in some of these facts & figures about the Moon, since it has now become even more important to us, as the present Home of our beautiful Heavenly City!

13. SINCE OUR HOLY CITY IS STILL REALLY IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, it can pass through objects & melt right through the crust of the Moon into its interior just like we can pass through walls & locked doors ourselves in our spirit-bodies! So there it is, praise the Lord! Thank the Lord!—Safe & sound & not far away, & you can even view it from afar, at least its container‚ that beautiful Moon, well packaged & safely protected from all of its enemies! (2Cor.4:18)

14. SO‚ SINCE NOW WE ARE ALL SO INTERESTED IN THAT MOON more than ever before, & most of you never knew very much about it in the first place, I thought you’d be interested in some information I’ve gleaned from various sources about what we have learned about the Moon! I’ll just sort of summarize it for you, okay?

15. THE MOON IS THE EARTH’S CLOSEST NEIGHBOUR IN SPACE. Its beauty has inspired prophets, poets, painters & musicians! On some nights the Moon looks like a gleaming, silver globe—in fact it is a gleaming silver globe! On other nights it seems to be only a little sliver of light, a tiny thin crescent.

16. ACTUALLY THE MOON IS A HUGE BALL OF ROCK that travels around the Earth once every month. Its surface is a rather silent, barren place & has not likely changed very much in the many years since the Lord created it. There is no water on it to drink & no food to eat because it was not intended to be inhabited by Man on its surface. But God made it to light the night‚ as He says, & to be for signs & for seasons as well‚ &, as we now know, the Home of our beautiful Heavenly City! (Gen.1:14-18)

17. ON THE OUTSIDE IT ALSO HAS NO AIR TO BREATHE & because of its two–week-long days & two–week-long nights, its temperature goes from very very hot in the daytime to very very cold at night.—A very unpleasant place for Man on the outside, but we know its secret now, as the most pleasant place in all the Universe for Man on the inside!

18. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT 2‚163 MILES WIDE, but looks fairly small to you because they claim it is so far away, nearly a quarter of a million miles from the Earth! And it is much smaller than the Earth itself, since the gigantic planet of the Earth is about 8,000 miles in diameter & 25,000 miles in circumference, while the Moon is less than 3,000 miles in diameter & nearly 7,000 miles in circumference. So the Moon is only about one-third as wide as the Earth itself. And if you’d like to get a fairly good relationship between the size of the Moon & the Earth‚ hold up a tennis ball next to a basket ball, & you’ll get a pretty good idea.

19. THE MOON IS ALWAYS THE SAME SIZE, but when it’s either setting or rising near the horizon, it looks very much larger. Some scientists say this is an optical illusion caused by the magnification of the image of the Moon by the much heavier thickness of the atmosphere through which we view it at that angle near the horizon at moonrise.

20. THE SIDE OF THE MOON FACING YOU & WHICH IS VISIBLE TO YOU ON EARTH HAS BEEN MAPPED in great detail by Man for many years through telescopes & telescopic photography. Now Man is supposed to have visited its surface on one occasion, as well as getting even more detailed photos by satellites visiting the Moon.

21. SINCE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON HAD NEVER BEEN SEEN by Man before because it is always turned away from the Earth, Man got his first sight of that hidden side through pictures taken by a Russian satellite in 1959, named Lunik 3. So the Russians got to name the various mountains & seas & physical features of the back side of the Moon, since they were the first to photograph it. Its surface is covered with rocks & Moon-dust of a very high reflectivity. So the Moon is made perfectly as a reflector of the Sun to give us sunlight at night, reflected from the face of the Moon!

22. ALTHOUGH THE COLOUR OF THE MOON’S SURFACE IS A LIGHT BROWN, it actually looks very bright white & silvery to you on Earth because of the brilliance of the Sun’s reflection, although the scientists say that only seven percent of the actual sunlight reaching the face of the Moon is reflected.

23. THIS SORT OF REMINDS ME OF HOW WE ARE: We may be to ourselves & look to ourselves as an ugly brown & not very beautiful, but we look to others a brilliant bright white silver, even though we are only reflecting a very small part of the Lord’s light & beauty! So never underestimate how much of His Lovelight you yourself can reflect on others who have little or no light at all! (Mat.5:16)

24. SCIENTISTS TELL US THEY BELIEVE THAT THE CAUSE OF THE MANY STRANGE CRATERS & the pock-marked surface of the Moon has been a bombardment of its surface for ages by various meteors from Space. So the Devil has been angry at our beautiful satellite Home of Space City for eons, & has even bombarded it in the past in some ancient times by throwing rocks at it, trying to destroy it! But thank God that surface is so thick & so tough & such a wonderful protection for our Holy City that it has withstood the onslaughts of the Devil since the beginning of time!

25. THIS ALSO REMINDS ME OF HOW HE HAS TRIED TO STOP US & DESTROY US & PERSECUTE US, who are the Lord’s Bride, His Moon reflecting His glory, but Satan has never been able to either stop nor destroy God’s people in all of these thousands of years, thank the Lord! They only multiplied the more & won more & more souls to Jesus!

26. SO LIKE THE MOON, WITH THE LORD’S HELP WE HAVE WITHSTOOD THE BOMBARDMENTS OF THE ENEMY, & though we may be a bit pock-marked & cratered with a few scars of the battle‚ we’re still up there & fightin’ & glowing & shining with the glory of God’s Son! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!—And like the Moon, we never turn our face away from the Earth, but are constantly trying to love & win them with God’s Lovelight! (2Ti.3:12)—And we always face His Son!

27. THE MOON IS ALSO CONTINUALLY RUNNING AROUND THE EARTH LIKE WE DO‚ shining on every part of it from every side, & at a great speed too, about 2‚300 miles per hour!

28. BUT THE MOON ONLY REVOLVES ONCE EVERY MONTH ON ITS AXIS, so since the Moon’s circumference is nearly 7‚000 miles around‚ it is revolving at the equator at the rate of a little over 200 miles a day—that is, an Earth day—or about nine miles per hour‚ compared to the speed of the Earth’s equator of about 1‚000 miles an hour!

29. ITS MOUNTAINS ARE HIGHER THAN EARTH’S HIGHEST, MOUNT EVEREST, being over 30,000 feet or more high, compared to Everest’s 29‚000 feet. Its largest dry seas are the Sea of Showers, about 750 miles wide, & the Sea of Serenity, about 430 miles wide. Its largest crater, Baily, is about 183 miles wide.

30. THERE ARE MORE THAN 30,000 CRATERS ON THE SIDE OF THE MOON WHICH WE CAN SEE, & if these were made by meteors, it’s strange that there’s been no such change in its surface within the history of Man! Man has always been fascinated by the Moon, & it’s been the subject of a great deal of observation & charting & photographing & viewing, from Man’s earliest telescopes to the present.

31. ITS VAST DRY PLAINS, CALLED SEAS, cover large areas of its surface, & a 70-mile-long cliff called the Straight Wall, rises from the bottom of one of these seas, the Sea of Clouds, to nearly 32‚000 feet altitude! There are many other valleys & ridges across the Moon. There are also many light–coloured streaks crisscrossing the Moon’s surface which astronomers call “rays.” They form a sort of “splash effect” probably from its earliest formation.

32. THE MOON’S MOUNTAINS ARE EXTREMELY HIGH, comparatively speaking, when compared to the size of the Earth & its mountains. Since the Moon is only about one third as wide as the Earth & yet its mountains are nearly as high as the highest mountains on Earth, if the Moon were as large as the Earth, its mountains would be three times as high as those on Earth, or about 100‚000 feet tall! So its mountains would seem quite tall to you, if you were here on the exterior of the Moon.

33. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT YOU WOULD SEEM MUCH SHORTER TOO, due to the Moon’s very nearby horizon, only a third as far away as that on Earth! Standing at sea level on the Earth by the sea‚ you view the horizon about 20 miles away & you can watch ships come up from behind the horizon & also going the other way, sink down below it & out of sight, 20 miles away. But on the exterior of the Moon‚ to the viewer standing here, the Moon’s horizon would be only about seven miles away, so you can’t see very far on the outside of the Moon, only about seven miles around you in any direction‚ compared to the 20 miles on the Earth.

34. NOT ONLY THAT‚ YOU CAN JUMP MUCH HIGHER if you were here on the surface of our Moon, since gravity is only one-sixth of that on the Earth! So you would only weigh one-sixth of what you weigh right now, & you can jump six times as high as you can now on Earth!

35. NO WONDER WE HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH GRAVITY IN OUR HEAVENLY CITY, & our gravity within is even less than that without! It’s barely enough to keep our equilibrium while walking & to keep us from accidentally floating around when we don’t want to, & yet not enough to keep us from bounding into the sky when we so desire & fly away to the heights of this Eternal City! Our Moon’s surface is also extremely peaceful & has no weather, no wind, no rain, no storms—it is perfectly still because there is no air, no atmosphere outside.

36. AS GOD PUT THE MOON IN THE EARTH’S SKIES TO LIGHT THE NIGHT & FOR SIGNS & SEASONS, as He Himself says in the Book of Genesis, the Moon not only lights Earth’s nights to varying degrees according to its phases, but its face changes with the varying degrees of the reflection of the Sun, from a slim pointed crescent to a full circle. These are caused by the variations in the area of the Moon covered by sunlight as reflected toward the Earth, as the Moon journeys around the Earth. (Psa.104:19)

37. WHEN THE MOON IS BETWEEN THE EARTH & SUN, ITS DARK SIDE IS TURNED TOWARD THE EARTH & it is almost invisible, except for a faint light reflected on that dark side by the Earth itself, as the Earth becomes the Moon’s moon‚ but appears much much larger in the sky from the Moon, of course, than the Moon does from the Earth.

38. AS THE MOON REVOLVES AROUND THE EARTH FROM WEST TOWARD THE EAST with the Sun shining upon it, we can see more & more & more of it each night, until seven days after the New Moon, it looks like a half-circle with its west half beautifully lighted by the Sun! This is called the First Quarter, or as some people call it, a Half Moon. A week later, the entire face of the Moon is brilliantly lighted by the Sun & we know it as a Full Moon, which also actually marks the Second Quarter or end of the second week of the month, as it is two weeks after the New Moon, or the Dark Moon, each quarter being exactly one week long. So you can almost tell the days of the week by the size of the Moon’s lighted surface!

39. THEN AS THE MOON CONTINUES REVOLVING AROUND THE EARTH, seven days after the Full Moon you see another half-circle, this time the eastern half of the Moon is lighted. This is known as the Third Quarter, three weeks after the New Moon. Finally in its fourth phase, the Moon becomes very thin again & virtually disappears as it returns again to the phase of the New Moon, the Fourth Quarter at the end of the fourth week—almost entirely dark except for the reflection of the Sun’s light from the Earth.

40. THEN AFTER THAT MONTH OF FOUR PHASES OR FOUR WEEKS OF THE MOON’S CYCLE AROUND THE EARTH, the light of the Sun on the Moon’s surface is growing again, causing the Moon to look like it is growing in size, & that is called “waxing.” But as the light of the Moon dwindles, it is called “waning.”

41. THIS ALL HAS SOME VERY STRANGE EFFECTS UPON BOTH MEN & WOMEN & your climate, weather, the tides, the menstruation of women & the potency of men! During a waxing Moon, I wake up waxing almost every morning [feeling very potent]! But as it is waning, I’m not nearly so sexually potent. The Moon also controls women’s sexual activity, including their menstrual periods & the days of their fertility & infertility, when their eggs are ripe & when they are not ripe, or being shed in menstruation during their period.

42. SO OUR MOON HAS A GREAT DEAL OF EFFECT ON YOU FOLKS THERE ON EARTH & has had for generations, ever since the creation of Man & the Moon by the Lord! So it is very important & necessary to your very life & existence & activities there on the surface of the Earth.—Another beautiful part of God’s creation made for your benefit & enjoyment, in fact a real necessity, as it partially controls your various activities & moods & even emotions!

43. THE MOON IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ECLIPSES OF THE SUN, when the Sun & the Moon & the Earth are in a straight line, with the Moon between the Earth & Sun, temporarily blotting out the face of the Sun itself. When the Moon is so situated between the Earth & Sun, the sphere of the Moon exactly fits the size of the Sun behind it‚ being exactly the right size & distance from the Earth to exactly cover the face of the Sun, even though the Sun is much much larger, but of course it is many more miles away. The Sun is nearly a million miles wide, but 93 million miles away, therefore the Sun looks to us the same size as the Moon because of the Sun’s great distance. How wonderfully the Lord made these two orbs so that they would look exactly the same size to you there on Earth!

44. AN ECLIPSE OF THE MOON OCCURS WHEN THE MOON PASSES THROUGH THE EARTH’S SHADOW & the sunlight cannot reach the Moon because the Earth is between the Sun & the Moon. Therefore the Moon becomes completely dark & is totally blotted out by the shadow of the Earth, which again exactly fits the size of the Moon! So you know these sizes are God-made & this could not have possibly been a coincidence or a mere accident, as the foolish scientists say. (Psa.8:3; 1Cor.3:19)

45. IN FACT‚ THE MOON IS SO REGULAR IN ITS MOVEMENTS THAT YOU CAN KEEP TIME BY THE MOON & our months are measured by the Moon’s rotation around the Earth‚ which is why we call them “months,” named after the Moon. This word “month” comes from an Anglo-Saxon word‚ “mona‚” & from which is also named our day of the week, “Monday‚” or in other words, “Moon Day”! Maybe that’s why so many people on Earth go mooning around on Mondays, which they call “blue Monday” after a heavy weekend! Because after a delightful holiday‚ they have to once more go back to work, mooning & daydreaming about their wonderful weekend which had just passed!

46. SO THE MOON NOT ONLY HAS ALL THESE OTHER EFFECTS ON YOU EARTH PEOPLE, BUT ALSO HAS BEEN A TREMENDOUS INSPIRATION in religion, literature, music, art & romance, with many plays & poems & romantic stories being written about the Moon, as well as much music & many songs about the Moon—like the one I once sang for you, “Shine On, Harvest Moon” (ML#2055), which I got with another revelation from the Lord, meaning us, we are His Moon, reflecting His Light, & we’re to shine on as bright as we can & as long as we can, as the Soul Harvest is ending & the return of our Landlord is coming soon to collect His harvest—you & the souls that we have won for Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen! Thank God for the Moon!—Are you working hard to harvest souls under His last Harvest Moon? (ML#307; Mat.5:16; Jn.8:12; 4:35; Rev.14:14–16)

City of the Future, The

David Berg

—”Heaven’s Children!”—Chapter 14!11/85DO ML#2112

1. WE’RE CERTAINLY MAKING SOME TREMENDOUS DISCOVERIES REGARDING OUR CITY OF THE FUTURE, OUR HEAVENLY CITY IN THE MOON! The one we made today is that the Moon is larger than they say it is! As we know by the Bible, in Revelation Chapter 21‚ our great Heavenly City is 1500 miles square at its base, which means that its diameter from one corner to the opposite corner is about 2121.32 miles, to be exact! (1Cor.2:9-10; Rev.21:16)

2. —AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THIS, I COULD WORK IT OUT FOR YOU MATHEMATICALLY for those of you mathematicians who are sticklers for accuracy‚ & I don’t blame you! Although I get a little bored with innumerable figures‚ which is why I usually try to give you things in round numbers & say “about so-and-so” & “approximately so-and-so,” etc.‚ so it’s in some kind of easy number for you to remember.

3. BUT I’LL WORK THIS ONE OUT FOR YOU RIGHT HERE, if you want to! The way we find out this distance from one corner of our City to the opposite corner at its base is by following one of the rules of Pythagoras‚ the famous great ancient mathematician of Greece, & that is that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides!—And our right triangle is half of the base of this City, & the two sides that we know are each 1500 miles long. So if we square the one side, which means 1500 miles times 1500 miles, then we get 2,250‚000 square miles. Of course we square the other side, which is also 1500 miles long, & we get 1500 miles times 1500, which is again 2,250,000 square miles. Adding those two sides squared together, we get a total of 4,500,000 square miles.

4. THEN BY THE LENGTHY PROCESS OF FINDING THE SQUARE ROOT of 4,500,000 square miles, which I won’t go into detail with here‚ we come up with an exact measurement from one corner to its opposite corner of 2121.32 miles. And I said that would fit nicely into the Moon, whose diameter, science says, is 2163 miles. But someone else brought to our attention that the base might fit nicely inside the Moon’s diameter, but the apex would be sticking way out in Space!

5. SO WE DID SOME MORE FIGURING & FOUND OUT IT WOULD TAKE A MOON WITH A DIAMETER OF ABOUT 2250 MILES to contain our lovely Heavenly City here, all five corners!—Four corners of the base & the corner of the apex above.

6. SO I STUDIED & THOUGHT & FIGURED & PRAYED ABOUT IT & said, “How come, Lord? It doesn’t seem to fit after all!” And it came quite clear to me, “Are you going to believe God or Man?” (Acts 5:29) We know God’s figures are right, straight out of the Bible, & we know these mathematical figures are right because we’ve checked them over several times. So a city the size of ours would require a Moon at least 2250 miles in diameter for our great blue sea crystal globe to be placed inside of it.

7. SO, WHO IS WRONG?—GOD OR SCIENCE? Is the Moon only 2163 miles in diameter, as science says, or is it at least 2250 miles in diameter in order to contain our City, 87 miles wider than science says? An Angel measured our City, & the Bible says that it is 12,000 furlongs square! The dictionary says an English furlong—and we’re using the English King James translation of the Bible, so this is the English furlong—is 660 English feet, or 220 yards, or 1/8 of an English mile, which means there’s 8 furlongs to the mile. So with 8 furlongs to the mile, you simply divide the 12,000 furlongs by 8 & you get 1500 miles exactly, right? So in the terms of English miles, to which we’re accustomed, our City is exactly 1500 miles square.—1500 miles long & 1500 miles wide.

8. SO THAT GIVES IT A DIAMETER DISTANCE BETWEEN OPPOSITE CORNERS OF SLIGHTLY OVER 2121 MILES AT THE BASE, which would take a globe of at least 2250 miles in diameter in order to contain it, along with its apex—both base & apex.

9. SO WHAT’S WRONG HERE? DID WE MIS CALCULATE?—TRY IT AGAIN! But we come up with the same figures every time! So is our City too big to put in the Moon?—Or is the Moon not big enough for our City? Are God’s dimensions correct, or are Man’s dimensions for the Moon accurate?

10. WELL, AN ANGEL MEASURED OUR CITY, & I wouldn’t trust too much how angelic the men were who measured the Moon!—And they certainly didn’t get out there & bore a hole through it & then measure it with a tape measure to be sure it was exact, they reached that figure of 2163 miles in diameter for the Moon by various estimates & calculations from right here on Earth!—Nearly a 1/4 Million miles away! The Moon astronauts didn’t measure it with a yardstick on the spot! But our Angel measured our City with a golden reed on the spot! So we know that’s right! So if our City’s in the Moon, that Moon’s got to be at least 2250 miles wide! (Rev.21:9‚15-16)

11. SO THAT SUITS ME! I’LL TAKE GOD’S FIGURES ANY DAY‚ & simply say you scientists are at least 87 miles off! You miscalculated somehow, somewhere, because I know our figures are right, but I’m not so sure about yours!—Except I’m pretty sure they’re wrong! And again I say, I’ll take God’s Word over Man’s word any day! God’s Word says, “Let every man be found a liar, but God be found true!” (Rom.3:4) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

12. SO THERE IT IS! I’M STICKING TO MY STORY! Our beautiful Heavenly City is inside of our beautiful Moon up Here, Thank God!—And I ought to know, I’m right Here inside of it & I can look up through that beautiful crystal surface out into the sky beyond & see the beautiful stars & the Sun! But I can’t see your Earth‚ because you’re directly beneath the base of our City, which is always turned toward you‚ along with the one side of the Moon which always faces you.

13. I THINK THIS HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH OUR VERY SLIGHT GRAVITY HERE, & perhaps also for our protection from missiles or radiation or what have you, & whatever Man might try to do to pollute or damage the Moon, as he has everything else & has nearly destroyed the Earth! So our City faces away from you right now‚ out into Space. But our base is facing towards you, ready to come down & land on your surface when the New Earth is ready for us‚ over a thousand years from now! (Rev.21:2)

14. BUT MEANWHILE WE’RE RIGHT HERE IN CLOSE COMMUNICATION WITH YOU & by very fast Heavenly space transportation, so we’re keeping in close touch with you & all your activities there. Billions of our inhabitants already have jobs down there, working hard to take care of you. So, many of them are in & out & on duty down there most of the time. (Heb.1:14; 12:1a; 13:2)

15. BUT MANY OF US REMAIN FOR SOME TIME HERE, monitoring things there on Earth & observing things Here & preparing for your coming‚ such as this beautiful group of mansions which we are preparing & reserving for you & our Family & friends & converts.—707 rows of mansions clinging to the sides of this Fair Corner of our City, with 707 mansions in each row, for a total of half-a-million mansions to house our 10,000,000 people! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

16. BUT WE’RE ONLY A VERY SMALL CORNER OF THIS GREAT CITY, even though our corner is 7 miles high & 14 miles wide, running 7 miles in each direction along each wall from this corner‚ & towering 707 floors above us! That’s quite a building in itself! The tallest building on Earth is only a little over 100 floors, whereas ours, our own little corner here itself has 707 floors! And as I’ve said before, we need no elevators because we can fly! But this is almost nothing compared to the enormous size of this entire gigantic, colossal City & how many mansions like ours that it can hold!

17. THE OTHER DAY I WAS CURIOUS AS TO JUST EXACTLY HOW MANY MANSIONS the size of ours that these walls could contain, so I began to figure it! As you know, I designed my mansion 70 feet long, 40 feet wide, & 3 stories high on a 100-foot-square lot, clinging to the wall of this beautiful City, with ours in the very corner.

18. IN FACT, I’VE DECIDED I’D PREFER TO LIVE RIGHT HERE ON THE BOTTOM FLOOR ABOVE THE FAIR, right in the same corner where my Mansion already stands, rather than move clear up to the top floor, as I had once suggested! I think I’d prefer to be closer to the Fair if we’re going to run it, & where I can observe its beauty from a fairly close distance, about 2500 feet above its surface. That’s up about a half-a-mile & we have a beautiful view from here, & can even hear its lovely soft music!

19. SO I’M STILL RIGHT DOWN HERE NEAR WHERE THE ACTION IS & I’ve decided not to move way up yonder! Besides, it would take some time to move this mansion & we’re all nicely settled here now & I just don’t feel like moving again! I’m perfectly comfortable here with my Family around me & we’re very happy as we are. So we’re going to stay here, aren’t we‚ Family? (Family: Yes! Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!) So we’ll keep our other important leadership here nearby & around us on these lower floors, & you other folks can have those highfalutin mansions ‘way up yonder!

20. ANYHOW, WE’RE ONLY A PRAYER AWAY‚ OR A SHORT FLIGHT, OR A QUICK THOUGHT, so whenever necessary it will be very easy to visit each other. But I haven’t decided yet where to have our Fellowship Meetings‚ I haven’t been here long enough to look over the accommodations & what auditorium or banquet hall they have that can seat 10,000‚000! But I’m sure I’ll come up with something‚ or the Lord will, or Abner will‚ so we’ll see about that later‚ okay?

21. MEANWHILE, I WANT TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE IDEA HOW MANY PEOPLE THIS CITY CAN REALLY HOLD, believe it or not, in only these rows of mansions clinging to its sides alone! So figuring that our lots are 100-foot–square & our airspace is about 50 feet above the floor of each row, so that each mansion space only requires about 5,000 square feet on the side of the City to which it clings, I then had to figure how big each triangular side of this City is, & how many mansions each side could hold.