Spirit Helpers!

So much can be said on this topic,  this weapon, this absolutely vital link in these last days when the Enemy is going to come in like a flood—  This is part of the Standard that shall be raised against him!



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Flying Saucers–UFOs–Spiritual Vehicles?

David Berg

—MOSeptember 30, 1973GPNO.623

—Another Revelation on the Spirit World!

(After a strange visit from a big black cat that came to see us sometimes in London, MO shared the following:)

1. WHO KNOWS BUT THAT IN BEING NICE TO THIS CAT I AM ENTERTAINING ANGELS UNAWARES?—And God may judge me accordingly if I am kind or considerate. That cat is really very unusual. (See “The Frog”, No.275.) I’ve thought that from the time I met him on our stairs when he came in that night when the door was locked!—We still don’t know how he got in!—Or out again! There is something to the spirit of animals. I saw animals in Space City. (See “Space City”, No.75A.)

2. MAYBE YOU’RE CONVINCED THAT ANIMALS HAVE NO PLACE IN THE HEREAFTER, especially if you’ve read Ecclesiastes where he talks about beasts with no souls and gone to the dust. But look again!—You’d better read that book again, because he talks about people the same way! (Ecc.3:18-20.)

3. HOW COME THERE WERE ANIMALS IN SPACE CITY? What are they doing up there? How did they get there? Throughout the Bible God speaks of certain kinds and personalities of people as though they were animals, like Herod that “fox”, the Holy Spirit “like a dove”, three unclean spirits “like frogs” out of the mouth of the “Beast”. The Lord called people pigs, foxes, dogs, sheep.—Lycanthropy? (Mat.3:16; 7:6 and 9:36; Lk.13:32; Jn.21:16; 1Pt.2:25; Rev.16:13, etc.)

4. YOU MAY CALL IT AN OLD FANCY, BUT SOME CALL IT A FACT of the supernatural of the past.—And the record throughout history confirms it, at least as far as the Scriptures go—…Wow! (Tongues: ) “Oh the mysteries thou dost show unto David their father are too much for his comprehension!—Help thou mine unbelief!”

5. THAT’S FINE IF YOU WANT TO JUST SAY THEY’RE ALL ILLUSTRATIONS, BUT IT’S AN OLD FACT OF MAGIC and wizardry. People in bygone days, whether you think they’re right or not, firmly believed that certain things like this could happen and certain things existed. For example,

6. DID YOU EVER HEAR OF WEREWOLVES?—People who turned into wolves at night?—And vampires? The tales that are told may not be exactly accurate and somewhat exaggerated, but who knows?

7. NOW HOW MANY ANIMALS HAVE SPIRITS, I DON’T KNOW. I know I was talking to those birds outside my window and they talked to me, and they’ve never been back since I told them to go away. (They got what they came for—a MO Letter about them! See “Bye, Bye Birdie!” No.231.)


9. “AND WITHOUT WERE DOGS,” etc. (Rev.22:15). “Beware of dogs!” (Phil.3:2.) Does that mean, as far as God’s concerned, they are already dogs in spirit, and that’s what they’re going to look like in Eternity? The Orientals believe that if you’re not good in this life you’ll come back as an animal!

10. DEPARTED SPIRITS ARE IN DIFFERENT CLASSES AND CATEGORIES. They have different privileges and spheres of operation and powers, and certain spirits require certain vehicles or bodies. Other more honourable spirits are given more honourable vehicles or bodies.

11. SPIRITS WHO OPERATE IN DIFFERENT REALMS ARE CONFINED TO DIFFERENT VEHICLES—humans, animals or even houses! I believe in haunted houses. I have been in them where there were knockings, whisperings and strange goings on, and I believe in ghosts!—I’ve seen ’em! Sometimes I am one!

12. NOT EVEN THE DEVIL IS OMNIPRESENT. He can only be in one place at one time. But certain spirits can travel with the speed of thought, like the angels—faster than light!

13. THE HIGHER ANGELS CAN GO ANYWHERE UNDER GOD’S ORDERS, through space, the universe , etc. They require no vehicle except the flying saucer. They travel in a circular vehicle of light or energy which the ancients represented as a circle of light around the head, which they called “halos” but which today people call flying saucers!

14. THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANNAN TOLD US HIS ANGEL ALWAYS APPEARED IN A CIRCLE OF LIGHT. Joseph Smith accepted Christ but he didn’t like the church. He had an angel who came and appeared to him in a circle of light and materialised out of this circle of light.—A flying saucer?

15. THERE ARE UFOs! THEY ARE SPIRIT BEINGS and they do appear and people have seen them. Technicians have scientifically tracked them. They have appeared as “signs in the sky” to unbelieving man. (Dan.6:27; Lk.21:11,25; Acts 22:6; Rev.15:1.) That’s the way certain angels travel. Their speed and manoeuvreability are so great that only a spirit could survive such courses!

16. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE LORD TRAVELS? I can describe His vehicle for you and even tell you how it sounds! It’s already in the Bible, the whole thing! (Ezekiel 1.) I think that’s Jesus, of course. God the Father is everywhere and beyond our comprehension.

17. BUT JESUS IS GOD’S MANIFESTATION, HE HAS A BODY. He’s not like the other spirits in Heaven. Jesus already has His resurrected body. It’s like the angels of God, nevertheless it’s different in some ways in that it was once human and it has now been resurrected, but we don’t understand it all. Certain spirits are also confined to different jobs and realms and places.

18. THE LAST TIME I WAS ON A TRIP TO HELL I KNEW IT WAS COMING, and it occurred when this design began to approach me. I knew it was coming to give me a trip to the nether regions.

19. THE LAST TIME I ALMOST MADE THE TRIP I HAD A TEMPORARY SPELL OF EXTREME DIZZINESS, blindness and nausea. I’ve never had that with any trip into Space City nor on the surface of the Earth.—Only going down there. That trip makes me sick! That was probably the worst part of the whole experience. Jesus made that trip for us. (Mat.12:40.)

20. JESUS WENT DOWN THERE AND WAS ONE OF THEM IN HELL‚ and He preached to them, the spirits that were in prison there. He gave them the Gospel of deliverance. What for? Just as a matter of information so they could be all the more miserable for the rest of Eternity in an eternal Hell?—No! (1Pet.3:19.)

21. IF THERE WAS NO HOPE FOR THEM, WHY THEN DID HE PREACH TO THEM? Why should He tell them how to get saved if they couldn’t get saved? How do we know but what maybe they had never heard and He was giving them their first chance? (Prophecy:) “Said I not unto thee that I would show thee the mysteries of the life of the spirit?”

22. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DESIRE TO GIVE UP THE SPIRIT. The fathers and patriarchs “gave up the ghost” allowing their body to release its grip on their spirit, and they were gone! (Gen.25:8,17 and 35:29; Mk.15:37.) But you can fight to keep it. “The spirit of a man sustaineth him.” (Prov.18:14.) But they “become wearied and faint in their minds.” (Heb.12:3.)

23. ARE YOU WEARY OF LIFE? Do you sometimes wish you could leave it all behind and enter the world of the spirit? You can!—In the spirit! I take lots of trips in the spirit!—Nearly every night!—You can too if you’ll believe!

24. I TRAVEL WITH THE SPEED OF THOUGHT TO WORLDS UNKNOWN!—Would you like to go along? You can!—In the spirit!—You don’t have to “end it all”!—It’s only the beginning!—Come with me where moonbeams light Eternal skies!—And the sparkling stardust lingers in your eyes!

25. YOU CAN START BY READING MY LETTERS ON SPIRIT TRIPS! (Listed below.)—You too can be a UFO!—And get away from it all!—And return to help others do the same!—Like I do!

26. JUST RECEIVE A NEW SPIRIT FROM JESUS (John 3) and you’ll be ready to go! Okay?—Okay! Are you ready!—Hang onto Jesus!—Here we go!—Whooooosh!—Woweeeee! Isn’t this great!

27. JESUS IS THE BEST TRIP OF ALL!—Hallelujah!-Become a new UFO tonight! And get your flying saucer now!—The Holy Ghost! He can take you anywhere you want to go!—To worlds of happiness forever! C’mon, UFOs!—Let’s go!



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Merlin’s Hat

David Berg

—MOJuly 20, 1977GP No.627

Another Mysterious Marvel!—More “Pyramid Power!”? (See No.630.)

1. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! AMEN. This is the morning of July 20, 1977, and I just had this little dream during the night.—It seemed to impress me at the time, I don’t know why‚ because there doesn’t seem to be much to it. But I told Maria to please remind me to tell her the dream about the cone, so maybe that’s the name of it:

2. “THE CONE,” because that’s all there was to it—it was about the cone. It was very beautiful, and I have no idea how big or how small it was, because all I did was just see it hanging there in space—revolving.

3. IT WAS SHAPED ABOUT LIKE MERLIN THE MAGICIAN’S HAT, blue and just about those same proportions, and had all those little stars and moons and planets and geometric figures all over it, only each one was a little hole in the hat, and there was light shining from inside of it.

4. AS IT REVOLVED, LIGHT SPARKLED THROUGH EACH LITTLE HOLE like one of those mirror balls in a ballroom, only the light wasn’t being reflected from the outside by mirrors‚ but was coming from the inside through the holes.

5. IT SEEMED TO BE SUSPENDED IN SPACE. I thought maybe there was a string tied to it at the top, but I couldn’t tell for sure, because I don’t remember being able to see anything actually tied to it.—Maybe it was just suspended in space with nothing holding it up.

6. AND IT WAS SLOWLY REVOLVING‚ very slowly, very beautifully—and as it revolved it also fluctuated up and down. It would slowly rise a little way as it revolved and slowly sink back down about the same distance, and slowly rise again, and slowly sink back down again—regularly just like a pulse‚ pulsating, rising, falling‚ as it also very slowly turned, revolving on its axis.

7. IT WAS SO FASCINATING I watched and watched and watched it, it was so beautiful and so fascinating! I don’t know what it was‚ but it was just beautiful! But it was the strangest thing:

8. I JUST HAD THE IMPRESSION THAT IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT in my dream, that this was really really important. I woke up right afterward and I remembered to tell Maria to remind me to tell her about the Cone. But it had something to do with something very important.

9. IT KIND OF REMINDS ME OF MY “SPACE CITY” DREAMS or the “Ultimate Trip” dream or the one about the “Spaceship”. (See Letters Numbers 75A, 80 & 624.) It was really fascinating‚ almost hypnotising, and I had the impression it was supposed to be very very important, I don’t know why. It rose and fell so slowly you could hardly tell it was moving, just really really slowly while it was revolving.

10. IT WAS A CONE IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION POINTING TOWARD THE SKY. It seemed like there was darkness all around‚ everywhere else was darkness, and it was just this cone suspended in the middle of the darkness that was giving light through all these astronomical and geometrical shapes.

11. THE SHAPES WERE LIKE MOONS AND STARS AND PLANETS and circles and squares and diamonds and triangles and many others I’ve forgotten. But each one was a little hole through which the light sparkled as it revolved and shone beams of light all through the darkness.

12. IT WAS REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL, but I still don’t understand what it meant or what it is, unless it’s another one of God’s great mysteries of how He runs the Universe or something. But it was just as stately and silent and beautiful as that great revolving crystal that I saw that time, remember? (No.214.)

13. QUIETLY‚ SLOWLY, CALMLY, STATELY, ALMOST MAGNIFICENTLY slowly slowly revolving, the light shining out through all these little holes, beams of light shining in every direction—it was really beautiful! I just don’t know what it was, but I remember at the time I was just fascinated by it and I had the impression that it was something very very very important.

14. I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO RELATE IT TO and there was nothing else in the picture to compare it to in size, so I haven’t the faintest idea whether it was no bigger than Merlin’s hat or an ice cream cone—or maybe it was as tall as the Empire State Building for all I know! I haven’t any idea how big it was.

15. BUT I HAD A FEELING THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT AND MAGNIFICENT ABOUT IT. If it was just nothing but Merlin’s hat, which is what it looked like because of that shape and all, then it wouldn’t have been very big.

16. MAYBE THE LIGHT INSIDE REPRESENTED THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WISDOM THAT GOD GIVES ME, since I’ve been sometimes represented by the character Merlin. Madame M said I had more power than Merlin the Magician! She didn’t say I was Merlin, but I have his knowledge and wisdom and power available for my use if I want it. The Lord sends me lots of helpers.

17. IF IT WAS HIS HAT, that light would represent the knowledge and the wisdom and the power that God has given me, and it’s manifest through these little holes in all directions in a multitude of different ways—some like stars, planets, moons, suns, geometric shapes and so on—lighting the darkness.

18. IT’S SORT OF LIKE ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF BITS OF KNOWLEDGE, wisdom and prophetic insight and outsight and out-of-sight that God has given me to light the darkness in many different ways, like the Letters. Could that be what it means?

19. ON THE OTHER HAND, IF IT WAS GIGANTIC, like say as tall as some huge building—which I don’t know because I had nothing to compare it with in the same picture—maybe it’s one of God’s pieces of machinery that He has running the Universe and space and so on, again like that crystal.

20. I ALWAYS HAD THE FEELING THAT CRYSTAL WAS REALLY REALLY POWERFUL and had control over a lot of things, like maybe part of the machinery down in the basement of Space City or something, and was controlling the mechanism of the whole thing.

21. HOW CAN YOU DESCRIBE OR HOW CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THESE GREAT MYSTERIES that are so great you don’t even know what you’re talking about? You often don’t have anything to compare it with and you don’t have the faintest idea what it is or anything!

22. I REMEMBER ABOUT THE “SPACESHIP”: At first I thought it was just something like a little toy when I was looking at it. But it began to float closer and closer and closer, until pretty soon I realised it was huge, monstrous‚ and had the whole pyramid of Space City inside of it!—Think of that! I didn’t even dream how big it was, because I had nothing there but space to compare it to until I saw Space City inside!

23. SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS CONE WAS except it seems to me the hat and the type of the holes and the light within seemed very symbolic, very much like Merlin’s hat, and therefore it symbolised the wisdom and knowledge and revelations that God has given me through which His light shines into the outer darkness and illuminates a little bit here and a little bit there‚ a little revelation here and a little revelation there. Some get it and some don’t, but at least it’s some light, it’s better than no light at all, huh?

24. OR MAYBE IT’S SOME GIGANTIC THING‚ a piece of God’s machinery that’s helping run the Universe or His Spirit World or something‚ I don’t know what! So that’s all I know, praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Maybe one of these days He’ll let me know what it was. Yes, Maria says maybe we’re underestimating the power of those little beams of light coming out of the hat when all around is darkness.

25. IT’S SORT OF LIKE THAT REVELATION I HAD ABOUT “THE CANDLE”. (See Letter No.O.) When all around is darkness, any source of light is very powerful and very helpful and very important—when everything else is darkness. So even the little revelations God has given me—well I guess you’d say some of them are pretty big—the light, knowledge and wisdom God has given me to help enlighten you and the rest of the world are pretty important if there’s not much other light anywhere else shining in the darkness.

26. THIS CONE WAS BEAUTIFUL! It was revolving so stately and majestically and gently rising and falling and the light sparkling all around, and all around you could see the beams of light shining in all directions everywhere.

27. IT SEEMED LIKE YOU COULD SEE THE BEAMS OF LIGHT STICKING OUT FROM THE HAT‚ beams of light shining in all directions‚ slowly turning as the hat turned, as the hat revolved—or the cone or whatever it was. It sure looked like Merlin’s hat, though, I must admit.

28. (MARIA: THE LIGHT WAS VERY PENETRATING TOO.) Yes‚ when it’s dark, light’s very penetrating, really penetrates the darkness. You can see a small light better at night when its all dark than you can a big one in the daytime, like “The Candle.” Well, that was “Merlin’s Hat” or “The Cone” or whatever.

29. (MARIA: I THOUGHT IT MIGHT HAVE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION in some way because of what you had last night about Jeane Manson. You listened to her song for about two or three hours over and over and over.) I did? (Yes, and you prayed, you were praying for her in tongues and crying for a long long long long time.)

30. I REMEMBER LISTENING TO HER SONG, but I didn’t know I listened to it that long!—And I remember praying in tongues and crying a little bit, but I didn’t know it was that long—two or three hours? My Lord! (Maria: And you kept turning it on over and over until finally you fell asleep, so I turned it off.) Wow!—Two or three hours? For goodness sake!

31. I REMEMBER PLAYING IT BACK AND FORTH SEVERAL TIMES and it really touched my heart and I was really moved and I was weeping for her and praying for her in the spirit. That song is almost like a cry, really a heartcry of sadness.

32. (MARIA: YOU INTERPRETED HER CRY, her heartcry, what you got in the spirit.) I did? I did? Really? Hallelujah, Honey! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Well, did you get it?—On tape or anywhere? (Maria: Yes—on tape!) Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Well‚ I guess we can give that to you later then, since we’ve got that already recorded. Praise the Lord. (See “Prayer for Jeane Manson”, No.595.)

33. SO MAYBE IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT, her cry was so pitiful in that song: “Adios, Adios!”—something about love that was or could have been. But there are so many people searching for love! So even a little love, a little light, even shining out of Merlin’s hat‚ is better than no light at all, no love at all—I guess, huh? Praise God? Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!—I guess some people think I’m crazy—but I’m happy!—and I make others happy!—Do you? (“Be So Happy!” No.159.)

34. “AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THE LAST DAYS, saith God‚ I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17.)

X-Ray Eyes

David Berg

—MOPortugal, June 15‚ 1977GP NO.628

—Was I in the 5th Dimension?—Or was it a taste of death and I was a ghost!—It was wonderful!

1. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT: I woke up last night sometime in the middle of the night and I was all soaking wet with sweat and the sheet was all sopping wet and I was a little cold and had somehow broken out in a cold sweat! It was almost like I was afraid‚ because I was afraid. I don’t know how to describe it, but somehow I remembered, and then I…

2. IT’S BEEN SUCH A FUNNY STRANGE EXPERIENCE, VERY STRANGE! I was almost afraid to go to sleep again—it was almost like a nightmare, and yet it wasn’t all that bad. But I remembered…I just don’t know how to explain it. I remember this somehow just before I woke up. Lord help me in Jesus’ name.

3. I WAS LIKE A PHOTOGRAPHIC NEGATIVE—I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like I was … It was about the closest thing to “The Green Door.” (See Letter No.262.) I think that I ever experienced or ever had in the way of a dream—if it was a dream! It was like I was—it was something like that metamorphosis in the Green Door when we were coming out, only I remembered I’d just been the opposite.

4. IT WAS LIKE I WAS THE NEGATIVE, negative instead of positive. You know, in a photographic negative you can see through it and everything is reversed. If you look through it one way everything’s either reversed or upside-down or just the opposite of the way it was in real life.

5. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I WAS A THREE-DIMENSIONAL NEGATIVE‚ I was just the opposite of everything‚ I don’t know how to explain it. I could see through me and I could see through the objects in the room, I could see right through the walls and everything! Everything was, it was like it was all there, but I could just see through it all, clear out into the street!

6. I COULD SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE FURNITURE AND THE CHAIRS AND EVERYTHING, I could even see through me‚ you know what I mean? No, of course you don’t know what I mean!—I don’t understand it myself! It was the funniest thing! It was just like everything was sort of the opposite, everything was sort of—not exactly inside-out, but sort of backwards‚ I don’t know how to explain it.

7. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I WAS FLOATING.—And the bed: I was on it, in it, but didn’t really need it—I could have just as easily floated right in the air! So strange! I looked around and I could see through the table, I could see through everything! You were asleep. It was even dark, isn’t that funny?

8. I FELT LIKE MY BODY’D ACTUALLY CHANGED SOMEHOW‚ IT WAS LIKE I WAS TOTALLY CHANGED! I was just the opposite‚ inside-out, left-to-right and top–to–bottom, everything was the opposite direction. I just don’t know how to explain it. Maybe that’s what they call the Fifth Dimension or something, I don’t know.

9. IN SOME WAYS IT WAS SORT OF A WONDERFUL FEELING, EXCITING, THRILLING—REALLY!—But really really strange! It’s like I didn’t really need the bed anymore, I could have just as easily have floated right here.

10. AND THEN THERE WAS SOMEBODY ELSE THERE or something, I don’t know what it was, but it sort of kept pulling on me. I think it was Luigi (our … friend) and he wanted me to go somewhere with him. He kept trying to get me to come with him, but I was afraid to go, I was really afraid to go anywhere.

11. I WAS EVEN AFRAID TO MOVE! It was almost like I felt that if I left this spot in time and space that I might not be able to find it again, I might not be able to get back here again, might not be able to come back and get back through the hole, this place, back into reality.

12. IT WAS SORT OF LIKE I’D FOUND THE PLACE, THE TIME OR SPACE WARP, A PLACE TO SLIP OUT OF REALITY AND OUT OF THE PHYSICAL INTO THE SPIRITUAL.—And although everything was still here, even my body was still here, everything was totally different and unreal, see-through and unlimited—you know what I mean? No, you couldn’t know what I mean! I don’t even hardly understand it myself, I don’t know how to explain it.

13. HOW CAN I EXPLAIN IT IF I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT? I was trying to stay in the spirit and trying to still remember, still trying to explain it, but it’s so weird I couldn’t even figure it out myself! And somebody, he or whoever it was, wanted me to go over that way to the left towards you‚ but not to you but beyond you, he wanted me to leave and go with him someplace.

14. I THINK IT WAS LIKE HE NEEDED MY HELP OR SOMETHING, he wanted me to come with him and he kept being insistent.—Just like the last few nights he’s been so anxious to want to see me, you know?—And now it’s almost like he came to me in the spirit and wanted to pull me away and insist that I come with him, but I was afraid to leave this spot for fear I couldn’t find it again.

15. ISN’T THAT STRANGE? I can’t explain it‚ I felt so completely…I just can’t explain it, it’s just almost impossible!—Inside-out, upside-down, backwards…it’s impossible!—And yet everything was here just like it is. It seemed like if I just gave myself the slightest little shove I could have floated right up off the bed and floated after him or wherever, you know?

16. BUT I WAS AFRAID. It wasn’t as though it was bad or that it was anything evil‚ but it was so strange and so different and I was just like a little child, just like I was afraid of the dark and something unknown or some strange experience I didn’t understand.

17. I WAS JUST LIKE A LITTLE CHILD, I didn’t want to leave, like I didn’t want to leave my mother’s side‚ like I didn’t want to leave you, I wanted to stay right here and I wanted to get back. It was an exciting, thrilling experience, really wonderful in a way, but I was afraid.

18. IT WAS SO DIFFERENT AND SO STRANGE I was afraid to go or leave‚ I was afraid I wouldn’t come back or I wouldn’t know how to get back. I wish I could remember the rest of the things. It was like I was really floating, and I could see all the objects in the room and all the room and everything, but I could see right through everything!

19. IT WAS JUST LIKE EVERYTHING WAS A TRANSPARENT NEGATIVE‚ and I could just see right through it, you know what I mean? I mean, the form was there and the outline was there‚ but I could see right through it! It sort of scared me. I looked down and I could see right through the covers, I could see my body lying under the covers, I mean I could see perfectly every detail!

20. BUT I COULD SEE RIGHT THROUGH ME AND THE BED AND THE FLOOR AND BEYOND! And I felt like it was totally sort of reversed, not just from side-to-side or top–to-bottom, but sort of inside-out too, like it wasn’t part of the material world, and yet there it was—I mean I could still see it!

21. I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND THAT!—And it sort of worried me—I wouldn’t say I was frightened, but I was a little bit worried about what was happening, and I didn’t want to go with Luigi or whoever it was because I was afraid. I didn’t know where we were going and I was real…felt real funny about being so different.

22. WELL, I JUST MUST ADMIT THE WHOLE THING SORT OF SCARED ME, not real frightened but sort of worried and concerned—concerned—that would be the word. I felt like I could do almost anything—I could float, I could fly!—I had the feeling that I could not only see through things but I could go through things!

23. I COULD HAVE GONE RIGHT THROUGH THE WALLS‚ for it seemed like they were only partly there, it’s almost like they were just shadows, you know what I mean? Or like you see a pane of glass‚ it’s there and yet it’s not there, you can see through it, only instead of being stopped by it, I think I could have just gone right through it!

24. IT SEEMED LIKE ONCE OR TWICE I SORT OF FLOATED A LITTLE BIT, JUST LIKE I WAS A GHOST! Things around me were not very stable, because I could just float right through the covers! That was the strangest experience I ever had outside of “The Green Door”, only it was even more strange in a way, because I just lay here studying it, trying to figure it out and thinking of what was happening and what I should do.

25. FINALLY I GOT SO CONCERNED ABOUT IT, AS HE KEPT BECKONING ME TO COME‚ COME, COME,—BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO GO. I got so concerned about it that it was like I made a real real strong effort to get back into reality, almost like you do sometimes when you’re in a nightmare and you’re trying to escape, you’re trying real hard to call or scream or run, and it was like I made a real strong conscious effort to return to reality, real hard, and boom!

26.—I WOKE UP ALL SOAKING WET, JUST RINGING WET WITH SWEAT! The covers were all soaked. Do you remember? I think when I woke up I stirred around so much it sort of woke you up a little. Thank You Lord! And then I was sort of shook up a little by the experience, and I lay here awake for a little while trying to figure it out and trying to go over each detail and remember it so I could be sure and remember to tell you. It was the middle of the night and I didn’t want to wake you up.

27. SO I FELL BACK ASLEEP‚ AND IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Isn’t that strange? I think I remember it all. It was like it was happening again, it was almost like I sort of drifted into it again, and I didn’t want to and I was fighting it, really fighting hard, consciously.

28. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE CONSCIOUSLY FIGHTING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS, or something like you’d fight a fate, almost like fighting sleep or something.—And I was drifting into it again but I didn’t want to go. It was something like, I had the feeling like, I think it’s because I was afraid if I got into that other dimension I’d get stuck there and I couldn’t get back.

29. SO I FOUGHT IT SO HARD I WOKE MYSELF UP AGAIN!—And I was half sitting up in bed with all those severe chest pains like I have sometimes lately.—You know, like I’d wrenched myself so hard, I’d strained so hard to pull myself out of it, that I’d gotten one of those chest cramps‚ and boy, that sure woke me up!

30. SO HERE I WAS BACK AGAIN! But I kept lying there thinking about it and thinking about it and trying to figure it out, wondering what in the world it was. It wasn’t like Luigi was trying to do anything bad or anything, but like he was just desperate about something and he wanted me to go with him and help him or something.

31. AND HE KEPT BECKONING ME: “COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!” He was so insistent! You know how he is, so insistent, he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. But I just didn’t want to go‚ you know? It was so strange! Everything was sort of real and yet unreal.

32. IT’S LIKE YOU’D HOLD UP A NEGATIVE AND LOOK THROUGH IT—that’s the nearest thing I can compare it to…You know what a film negative is? You know how it’s got objects and people and everything, but everything is totally opposite—the blacks are white, the whites are black, the lights are dark and the darks are light—you know?

33. YOU CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH THE NEGATIVE‚ YOU KNOW? If the object’s not too dense or dark, you can see right through it. Different objects seemed to vary in density, in shade, just like it depends on whether a piece of glass is very dark or light how well you can see through it.

34. BECAUSE IT WAS SO DARK, I THOUGHT IT WAS NIGHTTIME‚ it seemed like it was dark and night, and it was a little hard to see through some things because it was so dark. But it must have been morning, it must have been after dawn, because I remember now, although the room was dark, I could see through the walls that it was lighter outdoors, the street was light, the trees. But the room was dark, I guess because we had the shutters down and everything closed.

35. AND I JUST LAY HERE LIKE THIS ON MY BACK JUST MARVELING AT IT ALL WITH SUCH A GREAT WONDER, LIKE, WHAT IS THIS? What’s happening? What’s the matter with me? What kind of a state is this? Is it good or bad? I had the feeling it wasn’t so bad, but it was just strange and I wasn’t used to it, you know? Like a little child going into a dark room, I was just a little scared‚ not real frightened, but a little …

36. NOT THAT IT WAS ALL THAT BAD‚ BUT IT WAS JUST STRANGE, and I was reluctant to move or go or leave this spot for fear I couldn’t get back to it, and I didn’t know where we were going.

37. IT WAS A LOT LIKE THAT TIME WHEN I WAS WITH DR. KOGER’S GHOST‚ and he had come for me to take me to Heaven. I figured I must be dead when I sat up out of my body, and it was like that time I came out of the Green Door—we felt that sort of ripple, and we changed back from something that seemed to be sort of different or immaterial back into the material world.

38. IT WAS REAL REAL STRANGE! I just lay here looking around and I could see through that closet door and the radio and the walls and I could see into the bathroom—even through the outside walls out into the street!

39. I COULD SEE THROUGH THE CHAIRS AND TABLE AND THE FURNITURE AND THE BED AND EVEN ME AND YOU AND THE COVERS! It was just like everything was half real and yet half unreal, you know?—Half in and half out, half in the spirit and half in reality.—Well, it was more in the spirit than it was in reality.

40. BUT I MADE THOSE STRONG STRONG CONSCIOUS EFFORTS TO GET BACK OR WAKE UP. Both times I did, although the first time I came back I was all sweaty, and the next time I was having this real bad cramp. Praise the Lord, thank You Jesus! I need to get some more exercise—it’s not good for me to stay cooped up in this room all the time. I haven’t had enough fresh air‚ sunshine and exercise, we’ve been so busy. But thank God I got that article done!

41. IT WAS REALLY KIND OF A WEIRD EXPERIENCE, but it was really kind of thrilling and exciting, just to lie here and look around and be able to see through everything! Everything was still there just like it is, except that I could just see through it, isn’t that funny?—Even me! I could see right through the covers and me and the bed and the floor and beyond! It’s funny, I don’t remember seeing through the ground though—it just seemed like that was the limit as far as I could see at the moment.

42. IF I’D HAVE GONE WITH LUIGI MAYBE I COULD HAVE SEEN MORE. Do you suppose he’s some kind of psychic or medium or something, that he could visit me in the spirit like that?—Or that it’s just in the spirit, his spirit was seeking my spirit and needing me, calling me, like he needed help. It was like he was right over there on the other side of you standing right over there on the floor‚ although you don’t exactly stand, you just sort of float, but you sort of stand too.

43. IT’S LIKE I COULD STILL FEEL SOME THINGS A LITTLE BIT, SLIGHTLY TANGIBLE, BUT SORT OF LIKE COBWEBS. I don’t know how to explain it‚ like soap suds or smoke or something—but you could just easily be free of it. I could easily have gone right on through the covers! But I didn’t want to go. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen, thank You Lord!

44. BUT BOTH TIMES I HAD TO MAKE A REAL STRONG CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO COME BACK or wake up or whatever it is, and all of a sudden I was here in the natural, material, normal. It is a real real real strange feeling, strange weird feeling! I can’t explain it! It was like I was sort of a negative, just the opposite, everything is just the opposite, inside–out and everything, I don’t know how to explain it.—My whole body!

45. I KNEW WHERE I WAS‚ BUT I COULD SEE JUST LIKE AN X-RAY! That’s a good way to describe it—it was just like I had X-ray eyes! I could partly see what was the material, but I could see right through it! The thing about it was, it was like everything in the room was an X-ray photo, I mean, it was like it was all X-rayed, like an X-ray negative. It was there and yet it wasn’t, you could see it and yet you could see right through it!

46. JUST LIKE I HAD X-RAY EYES! But I didn’t particularly want to go on with it, like I was a little fearful and concerned‚ a little worried, like I just didn’t want to … I don’t know why I didn’t, but I didn’t. So I tried real hard to get back and I did, both times. Isn’t that strange? (Maria: Thank the Lord‚ I’m glad you came back!)

47. I THOUGHT ABOUT THE LORD, I was thinking about the Lord all the time, like I realised He knew what was happening. It was almost like the Lord was observing my reactions and He was just watching me to see how I’d react, almost like it was an experiment, a test or something, like He was some great scientist watching my reaction to the experiment.—But when I didn’t like it or I didn’t want it, why, He just let me come back!

48. ISN’T THAT STRANGE? I didn’t call on the Lord or anything. I didn’t cry out or pray or anything dramatic. But somehow it was just like I knew He was there watching, and that was one thing that reassured me. I just felt like‚ well, it’s all right, the Lord knows, whatever is happening—maybe He’s trying to show me something.

49. BUT I GUESS I WASN’T READY FOR IT, because I didn’t want to be shown, isn’t that funny? I just didn’t want to go, wherever it was I was going, and I didn’t want to leave. But I don’t know whether that was just drifting into another dimension or the other world, or whether that was a little bit like death, like maybe the Lord was testing me to see if I wanted to go.

50. BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO GO YET. Whatever it was, I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to stay there, it was too strange and weird! I was half frightened, but I was half excited; I was half worried, but I was half thrilled at the mysteriousness of it all! I just don’t know how to explain it.

51. I WAS JUST FILLED WITH WONDER AND AMAZEMENT! I looked around and I was enjoying looking through things, how marvellous and how wonderful!—And yet‚ on the other hand, I didn’t want to stay there. I was a little worried. And I certainly didn’t want to leave this spot and go away with somebody! I hope that doesn’t mean Luigi is dead or something! I guess we’ll know by tonight if he shows up or not. (But he didn’t show up for a long time, many days, and when he did he was hurt, like I’d failed him! Lord forgive me! Please pray for him! He really loves us. God bless him! We love him too!)

52. IF IT WAS ONLY A SPIRIT TRIP INTO THE SPIRIT WORLD, it was certainly fascinating and exciting! But I was afraid it might be death and I might not be able to come back, and I wasn’t quite ready to go. I still have too much work to do here. So God gave me my choice.

53. I’D BEEN REAL BURDENED AND WORRIED about all the recent bad publicity and that it might cause our kids persecution and suffering, and I was concerned about our enemies.

54. SO I GUESS GOD WAS GIVING ME A CHANCE TO ESCAPE out of it all if I wanted to, but I wasn’t quite ready to quit the fight when faced with the alternative. It would have been so easy to go—just a breath away!

55. BUT I FELT YOU STILL NEEDED ME, so I decided I’d better not go, or I might not get back! But I hope I didn’t fail Luigi. But I guess I wasn’t quite ready to die.

56. ARE YOU READY TO GO? It’s really not bad if you have Jesus!—Just a little scary, as it’s all so new and different! But there’s so much work to do here yet.

57. ARE YOU WORKING FOR JESUS? Will you be ready when He comes for you? Will you know you’re safe and bound for Heaven?

58. IF NOT, YOU’D BETTER GET READY! He’s coming soon! Write us TODAY and we’ll tell you how to get ready now! May God bless you with Salvation!

Pyramid Power

David Berg

—MO January 9, 1975 GP NO.630

—Have You Got It?—Another Powerful Scientific Revelation!

1. IT WAS LIKE A HUGE WORLD’S FAIR EXHIBIT, and I parked our camper near it. It was some kind of gigantic scientific demonstration of geometric figures in motion, and it had come from a dream I had that a scientist had built into reality. I can’t remember all the details but I’ll give you the general idea.

2. THE BUILDER WAS QUITE A GENIUS since it requires some new inventions and machines that had never been invented before, and a means of pumping boiling water through the exhibit which seemed to make it operate for some reason—very complicated. Anyway‚ the attendant told me to park our camper in the parking lot and wait for the next show. So I got out and stood around in the lot waiting, until people suddenly began to pour up this big broad ramp out of the exhibit from the last show.

3. THE EXHIBIT ITSELF WAS SHAPED LIKE A HUGE SPHERE, a ball, the whole building, you know, like you see at a World’s Fair. They were coming up this big broad ramp out the bottom of this huge spherical-domed building. There were so many of them pouring out I thought, “Wow!” and I looked over at the marquee to see what he was charging and it was two dollars apiece, and I thought, “He’s really making money on my idea!”

4. I HAD DREAMED IT UP‚ BUT THE SMART SCIENTIST HAD BUILT IT AND OPERATED IT. It was built on the bank of this big river like the fair in Montreal. There were so many people I couldn’t count them, and he was sure making money on my idea. It was tremendous! Crazy dream!—But I’m afraid not to tell you ’cause some of it was so clear and seemed important.

5. SO ANYHOW, IT CAME TIME FOR US TO GO IN and it seemed like there were several of us and you were sort of leading the way. But I was escorting this very old lady who couldn’t walk too good and she was leaning heavily on my arm, like she was some rich old dowager who was a patron‚ sponsor or friend, and we had to walk very carefully and watch our footing because of her.

6. WE PASSED THROUGH THIS BEAUTIFUL GARDEN that was the yard of the exhibit, a sunken garden that went way way down, and the paths were rather narrow so you had to watch your step, because some of the paths were wet from the water from the exhibit. The garden was all built by pumping water through it too. It was very pretty, but the water was leaking in places and we had to watch our step.

7. BUT ANYHOW, WE GOT IN and they sat us down on the front row right up near the demonstration‚ like we were guests of honour because it was my idea‚ and I thought it was kind of funny that the inventor didn’t come out and speak to me. But it seemed like he was hiding behind the scenes because he was a little ashamed that he’d stolen my idea‚ although he was honouring us and treating us royally and giving us front seats.

8. BUT THE BUILDER WAS STILL SORT OF ASHAMED TO FACE US BECAUSE HE KNEW HE’D GOTTEN THE WHOLE IDEA FROM ME, but he’d never told me anything about it until I came to see it. But anyhow, he’d had the attendant invite us in and gave us good seats and they were giving us royal treatment.

9. BUT THE INVENTOR WAS ALSO VERY BUSY PREPARING THE DEMONSTRATION WHICH SOMEHOW SEEMED TO BE VERY DANGEROUS for some reason because of this very hot boiling water. There was this big peculiar pump that he’d invented that pushed the water along in these channels by means of a pneumatic dolly or piston of some kind. It was the strangest thing. I studied that thing that operated on wheels on tracks inside this channel like a small canal, and this little thing would push through the canal and push all the water through into the demonstration‚ and somehow it powered the demonstration.

10. I WONDER IF THAT COULD SYMBOLISE MY HOT WORDS, THE SOMETIMES VERY HOT SCALDING BOILING WATER OF THE WORD! You had to be careful you didn’t get it on you or you’d get burned! It had to be carefully controlled and all this machinery was moving. You could hear steam spouting and hot water flowing.

11. THE BUILDING IT WAS IN WAS BUILT LIKE THE DEMONSTRATION ITSELF IN THE FORM OF A BIG GIGANTIC SPHERE. It must have been at least 40 or 50 feet high, powered by this hot water. Anyhow, the demonstration began and this whole gigantic sphere inside this building began to turn. On top of it was sort of a little platform‚ and the sphere was tilted a little like a globe of the world so you could see the top.

12. AND ON TOP OF THIS SPHERE WAS A PYRAMID, a big ball about the size of the pyramid, and other geometric figures. These things on top were only about one-tenth the size of the big sphere itself. There was a cube and all these various geometric figures.

13. THE PYRAMID WAS THE BIGGEST THING ON TOP, about nine or ten feet high‚ and it seemed to dominate the scene.—And when the sphere would revolve, when this big ball as big as this house began to slowly turn with a rumbling sound, all these figures on top were geared to the ball so that they began to revolve too, like the gears and wheels of a clock.

14. IT WAS LIKE SOME SCIENTIFIC TOY—all perfectly synchronised, all very fascinating and complicated—and the guy that built it was a genius! I felt he really deserved a lot of credit for being able to build this according to my dream, inventing and building the machinery and everything.

15. AND EVERYTHING WAS RUNNING JUST LIKE ONE BIG GIGANTIC MACHINE, perfectly synchronised like the geared wheels of a clock. And I thought, “Wow, that really is something!” And different things would happen while it was going around: It would let off puffs of steam or smoke, and flags would fly out and flutter down to the ground.

16. I REMEMBER WORRYING THAT MAYBE SOME OF THOSE THINGS WOULD FALL OFF, because it was so gigantic and everything seemed to be perched rather precariously on the top, and the scientist was running around like he was a little nervous about it too, because it was really dangerous! Because some of these things had never been invented before, especially this peculiar pump that pushed the water through the channel.

17. THE STRANGE PUMP OR PISTON WAS ABOUT AS BIG AS A TABLE, and the channel had walls and was about three feet wide and maybe four or five feet deep—very, very big. And this piston was rectangular-shaped and filled the channel, and the side toward the water was sloped, and it ran on these two rails in the bottom of the channel. It had little wheels running on tracks, and it had to push all this hot water at just the right speed so it wouldn’t overflow, and it would push all the water slowly just enough to keep the channel filled until it pushed it all out, and then it would run all the way back and push the water again.

18. I REMEMBER STUDYING THIS THING THAT HAD NEVER BEEN INVENTED BEFORE, and this guy was getting a lot of credit and praise for inventing this new machine, and this water was being used to power the whole demonstration‚ and you had to be so careful not to splash it on the people. The big ball rumbled as it turned and the figures on top made all kinds of noises too.

19. IT WAS ALL VERY EXCITING AND THRILLING TO WATCH! So I thought, “That’s funny!—All these flags popping out and fluttering to the floor!” So I stepped over and picked one of them up, and it was like a plain silk dark-coloured scarf—this one was purple. And I thought, “That’s strange, I never saw a solid purple flag before!”

20. BUT ANYHOW, THE SHOW WAS APPARENTLY OVER and the demonstration finished, so we started leaving the hall through the exit door that led up through this long hall, this big broad ramp I’d seen the people come out of before. And as we were coming out there was this big burly uniformed doorman like a guard.

21. OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF THE EXIT THERE WAS THIS GUY RUNNING THIS LITTLE CART BACK AND FORTH IN A PROTEST DEMONSTRATION. And his cart was shaped sort of like that dolly or piston of the water pump that pushed the water‚ and he was protesting against this scientist for some reason. He was protesting in my favour, like one our kids protesting for us.

22. HE WAS YELLING AND SPEAKING AGAINST THE EXHIBIT, because he was saying it was all my idea and the scientist had no right to be getting all the benefit from it. Even the pump had come from my dream, even the pump was my idea, and he was running his pump–like cart back and forth to prove it.

23. BUT THIS BIG BURLY GUARD CAME AND GAVE HIS LITTLE CART A KICK that rolled it over several times, and he told the boy to get out of there‚ he was causing a disturbance and worrying the people. And that’s all I can remember, except I felt so sorry for the poor kid‚ getting his cart all banged up!

24. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS AFRAID TO SAY TOO MUCH BECAUSE WE WERE GUESTS of this great scientist and I didn’t want to cause any trouble. But I didn’t like the way the guard banged up the kid’s little cart. He turned it over and banged it up and wrecked it. It seemed like the boy was demonstrating in my favour, but not with very much wisdom.

25. HE WAS CAUSING ME MORE TROUBLE THAN GOOD, so I couldn’t really blame the guard for putting him out of action. Even though it was the truth‚ it was embarrassing to me, because I felt like it didn’t matter that much. This scientist had had to work hard to invent and build all this, even though he was copying my idea, and I felt he deserved the credit and the money. He had brought it into reality‚ so I wasn’t going to make any complaints.

26. EVERYBODY WAS AMAZED AND MARVELLING AT THIS GREAT NEW EXHIBIT, AN ASTONISHING SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION OF THIS GIGANTIC NEW MACHINE! It had something to do with power and fuel and saving fuel or some new method, new cheap method of producing power. He was demonstrating with this new model what could be done to produce all this power so it could turn all these things.

27. I WONDER IF THIS COULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ATOMIC POWER, because I think I’ve seen pictures that these plants are sometimes built in the form of big spheres, and they do transmit the power by means of hot water. But this new machine and especially this pump seemed to be very dangerous, maybe because it was radioactive as well as being so hot, and this piston-like dolly or trolley had to operate as just the right speed to keep it from spilling over.

28. IT WAS AS THOUGH THIS WHOLE GIGANTIC BUILDING AND THE MACHINERY IN IT WERE TO DEMONSTRATE WHAT COULD BE DONE WITH THIS NEW FORM OF ENERGY OR POWER, a way of creating power and turning all these things. But there was something significant about that pyramid. It seemed to dominate the other figures. It turned very slowly and gracefully while the others rolled around faster. It was like the big wheel of a clock.

29. THERE WAS ALMOST SOMETHING A LITTLE WEIRD ABOUT IT! It seemed entirely mechanical, but it had gotten so complicated that the scientist didn’t understand it himself!—But the scientist didn’t want to tell the people that he didn’t understand it himself and he’d just copied my dream and really harnessed some kind of strange supernatural power he didn’t understand.

30. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE POWER WAS PARTLY SPIRITUAL, but he’d just built the machinery to use it. So he was taking a little too much credit for it, and he knew it but was ashamed to admit it. But he was very, very smart to have built it. But in a way it was as though he really didn’t deserve all the credit, because it was my idea from the dream. The power actually came from somewhere else, and that wasn’t his either‚ but he’d stolen the principles and made it work anyway. But I thought as I saw the guard stop this guy’s demonstration out front, I thought,

31. “OH WELL, LET HIM HAVE IT. HE MADE THE DREAM COME TRUE and brought it into reality‚ so he deserves the credit.” So my feeling was that I wasn’t going to protest, and he knew it was my idea and he was recognising me a little, but he was just a little ashamed in front of the people to make it known he’d gotten the whole idea from me. He didn’t want it to be made known publicly.

32. IF THE THING WAS ATOMICPOWERED, THE ATOMIC POWER WAS SORT OF HARNASSING SPIRITUAL POWER and showing how it could run all these things. But if it’s symbolic and the hot water, if that was the Word, it sure can be dangerous and it sure is hot if it isn’t channeled right, and if you get it in the wrong places on the wrong people it can do damage as well as good!

33. BUT WHY WAS I SO INTERESTED IN HOW IT WAS PUMPED? That seemed to be the most important thing of all. If the water was the Word‚ it kept pumping out the Word in big batches, then it would come back and the thing would fill up again and it would pump it out again, and this is what made the figures turn.

34. WHY WAS THAT SO IMPORTANT? WHAT PUMPS OUT THE WORD? The machinery could symbolise the production of getting out the Word, the printing, distribution, etc., because that’s what made this whole big sphere and its figures turn around.

35. IT WAS AS THOUGH IT WAS MY DREAM AND GOD’S POWER, BUT HIS MECHANICS HAD APPLIED IT AND MADE IT WORK. But what do the huge ball and all the figures symbolise? The only thing I could possibly compare it to was something in Space City, almost like a mechanical model of Space City shaped like a world, a sphere.

36. COULD IT REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD, like a little universe of its own? It obviously represents some kind of organisation, like a clock, wheels within wheels and turning figures and everything synchronised together. So I presume, if symbolic‚ that could mean the Kingdom of God.—Or could it be symbolic of our own Jesus Revolution, the Family‚ our own organisation?

37. AND WHO WAS THE OLD LADY I was escorting through the garden path so carefully? She’d come to watch it work. Could she possibly represent the Old Church or the Systemites, or those who are our outside friends and donors? You were leading me by the hand and I was leading the old lady.

38. COME TO THINK OF IT, OUR WHOLE ORGANISATION IS LIKE A SAMPLE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD‚ which may be a little mechanical now, but it’s still run by the power of God and it does come from the dreams God gives me! But it does take a scientific genius to really figure out how to build it and make it run, like all of our technicians and organisational leaders, etc.!

39. IN THAT CASE, I’M THE DREAMER WHO GETS IT FROM GOD, BUT YOU’RE THE SCIENTISTS who are actually doing the complicated practical work of building and running it!—Just don’t take too much credit for it yourselves, but remember to give God all the glory for it, for it’s His great and mysterious supernatural power you’ve actually harnessed to build and run it!—Amen?—Praise God!

40. (P.S.—7/11/77!—SEVEN ELEVEN SEVENTY-SEVEN! 7 X 11 = 77!—I’m sure a numerologist could get some significance out of the date of this P.S. commentary on this first publication of this dream which I had on January 9‚ 1975—9/1/1975!

41. (SINCE I HAD THIS DREAM, SCIENCE HAS RECENTLY DISCOVERED “PYRAMID POWER”! [See our Letter “Pyramid Miracles!“, No.636.] There has been a virtual pyramid craze of late with articles on the power of pyramids appearing in many periodicals—even Playboy!

42. (IF YOU’D LIKE KNOW MORE ABOUT “PYRAMID POWER”, send for our letters on the same:—How model pyramids purify water, preserve foods, make yogurt, sharpen blades, affect the movements of plants and pendulums and heighten ESP [extra-sensory perception]‚ mental telepathy, clairvoyance [psychic powers] and psychokinesis [object-moving mental power]! It’ll blow your mind!—Or improve its powers! You can’t afford to miss science’s new discoveries of the powers of God!

43. (GOD’S SUPERNATURAL POWERS—OR NATURAL SUPERPOWERS—ARE NOW BEING DISCOVERED AND USED BY SCIENCE! Perhaps the above dream was a pre-vision of “Pyramid Power.” Our Letters “Space City!” [No.75A] and “Spaceship!” [No.624] also saw the Heavenly City of Rev.21-22 in the shape of a gigantic pyramid 1500 miles high! “Merlin’s Hat” [No.627] was also a cone, and cones have been found to have similar “Pyramid-Power” qualities! Send for them all! You’ll find them fascinating and informative! WRITE TODAY!—Please enclose a gift to cover costs.—Thanks.)

Pyramid, The

David Berg

By Father DavidJanuary 1978MO—DFO NO.711

© July‚ 1978‚ by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. I DIDN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT. I WAS LYING UNDERNEATH THIS PYRAMID, or inside of it, I don’t know which. It was pretty big, but I don’t really know how big it was because I don’t think there was anything else to compare it with, except myself, but it was rather dark and you can hardly really tell how big a thing like that would be in the semi-darkness—I mean‚ whether it was only fairly large or whether it was just gigantic!

2. I’VE HEARD SO MANY THEORIES AND LECTURES ABOUT WHAT MAKES PYRAMIDS WORK. Science knows what they do,, but they don’t really know how, so, as I was lying there praying in somewhat of a trance like state, I was asking the Lord‚ “Now Lord, what does make these pyramids have such strange effects? what is it?

3. IMAGINE, I WAS LYING FLAT ON MY BACK LOOKING STRAIGHT UP AT THE APEX, inside of the thing. And I no sooner asked that question than all of a sudden, right up at the apex‚ at the point, there was a bright glow that began to move around just like one of those 4th of July firecracker pinwheels! Did you ever see one of those things go?

4. A SHOWER OF SPARKS IN A CIRCULAR SPIRAL PATTERN! It began right up there at the top and began going round and round with these sparks forming a spiral that broadened like a spiral cone and began to envelop the entire pyramid beginning at the apex, just like there was a spiral cone of light! (Maria: Outside the pyramid or inside?) Outside, I think.

5. IT’S ALMOST LIKE I COULDN’T TELL IF IT WAS OUTSIDE OR INSIDE, but it just seemed to envelop the entire pyramid and broaden and broaden and get lighter and lighter in a spiral pathway of light making a cone, coming down lower and lower until it enveloped the entire pyramid just like a shower of sparks or a shower of stars or a fireworks pinwheel!

6. WHAT IT REALLY LOOKED LIKE WAS ONE OF THOSE FIREWORKS PINWHEELS! It appeared at the apex and was as though something up there was emitting this fire‚ like a shower, just like a shower of sparks or fire or stars, all very bright and sort of sparkling, and they went around and around! This thing kept turning up there, just like it was weaving this pattern completely around the whole thing.

7. BUT IT WAS ALL EMANATING FROM THE APEX, until the whole thing was completely surrounded by this cone of light from the apex right down to the base. I couldn’t see it all, but it came down, was coming down, down, down. And then I think I woke up. So, whatever that means‚ I don’t know, but I was asking the Lord,

8. “WHAT MAKES IT WORK?” There was some kind of energy apparently, some kind of energy or something with the focal point at the top that works in a spiral pattern a spiral cone if you know what I mean.

9. IT WAS LIKE A SPRING that is small at one end and very large at the other completely enveloping the whole pyramid, only it was like electrical sparks, showers of sparks‚ a pathway of sparks, or a little bit like when you look at the Milky Way, all those stars and all.

10. IT’S BEAUTIFUL, REALLY BEAUTIFUL! And it wasn’t frightening, I was just awed by it, I was just enthralled by the beauty of it as it started to spin! And it was spinning, moving quite rapidly and it got bigger and bigger.

11. THE SPIRAL CIRCLES GOT BIGGER AND BIGGER as it came down on the outside of the pyramid, So if that means something, I don’t know. Apparently that has something to do with the power of the Pyramid, so I would gather there is apparently some kind of electrical energy or spiritual energy that’s generated from the top at the apex downward somehow.

12. SOME HAVE THEORISED that the energy radiates from the earth upward and that the pyramid acts as sort of a funnel or a cone that gathers this energy and concentrates it on the inside‚ below the apex.

13. BUT ACCORDING TO THIS DREAM or vision, whatever it was I had, the energy began at the apex and travelled downward. What it is‚ I don’t know but it was like an electrical shower of sparks something that begins at the apex and circles downward in a spiral, a broadening spiral that starts right on top of the apex and sort of just fits the pyramid all the way down.

14. MY IMPRESSION WAS THAT IT WAS NOT JUST ON THE INSIDE, BUT ALSO ON THE OUTSIDE. Well, maybe that indicated something, maybe that spiral of light or electrical energy or whatever it was, or spiritual energy, maybe that indicated that it sort of protects the pyramid and somehow deflects the harmful cosmic rays, or whatever it is that causes things to spoil.

15. ALL KINDS OF STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN IN PYRAMIDS, but their effects seem to be generally beneficial. So it must have something to do with how God energises pyramids. (Maria: May be that’s one thing that helped you—you were feeling real sick maybe that helped you, that pyramid coming down on top of you.

16. (YOU WERE TRYING TO SHOW ME WHAT IT WAS, I guess, by all kinds of hand motions, different pyramidical shapes. One was the arms stretched upwards, straight, making like an inverted pyramid standing on its apex. Another was making a pyramid shape by your arms and hands with the finger tips touching the shape of an upright pyramid, and there were other strange motions apparently while praying or something.

17. (I KEPT TRYING TO GUESS WHAT IT WAS and finally gave the right answer when I said “pyramid?”, for you answered me “Yes!”. You were praying in tongues a lot of the time, whispering quite a bit of it‚ not real loud at all, but it got louder once in a while. You said you had seen great things, but you wouldn’t tell me anything more about it.)

18. THAT’S ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT SPIRAL‚ SORT OF LIKE FIREWORKS. If there was something else, don’t know. Well, I went to bed very sick, I think I was even feverish and my throat was sore and as you recall I was coughing and spitting, and really really sick.

19. BUT AFTER THAT HAPPENED IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I GOT WELL ALL OF A SUDDEN! I mean I was just really touched and I was really, really better a whole lot better, suddenly, and I went to sleep soon after that! I must have been really deep in prayer or something.

20. I REMEMBER ONE THING I FORGOT TO TELL YOU was that as that pyramid experience occurred, I felt a feeling almost of levitation, like I was sort of floating. It was a real good feeling! Everything about it felt good‚ and I was really thrilled by the experience!

21. PTL! HAVE YOU HAD ANY PYRAMIDICAL “TEMPLE-TIME” EXPERIENCES LATELY? (See Letters Nos. 191, 214, 630, 636.) Try it! You might like it! Pray more and He may give you one! PTL! GBY! Write us for more pyramid info.!

22. ASK FOR THE LETTERS SHOWN BELOW. Please enclose a gift to help with costs, Thanks! God bless you! We love you! Come see us if you need love! We have lots!

Elixir, The

David Berg

By Father DavidDecember 7, 1975MO—DFO No.713

© July, 1978, by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

(On a TV show in which an alchemist actually turned lead into gold with an elixir!)

1. SCIENTISTS AND ALCHEMISTS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TURN BASER METALS INTO GOLD FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and I presume by exactly the same process that you saw last night. There have been a few who have succeeded, but not by anything now known to man.

2. THE FIRST PART OF THE SHOW THEY HAD THE LEADER ON, GIVING THE BACKGROUND and the name of the man who had first discovered the elixir 200 years ago. I’m quite sure it’s supernatural. His name sounded very much French. I wish you had written that name down.

3. THEY SHOWED A DOCUMENT DATED 1786 TESTIFYING TO THE FACT THAT HE HAD TURNED LEAD INTO GOLD BY THIS LIQUID. They explained how the handsome young male guest had gotten this formula from this man who had now been dead 200 years, apparently from the spirit world. He’s meeting him in the spirit, and it yet to have another meeting with him. Therefore it’s all a spiritual supernatural thing.

4. MARIA AND I WERE DISCUSSING AFTERWARDS THAT THAT YOUNG MAN MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ANGEL. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, because every time I looked at him I got the weirdest feeling. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. What God will do to try to inspire people’s faith in the supernatural and the spiritual today, even to the point of getting it on a TV show!

5. THEY KICKED HIM OFF THE TV IN FRANCE AND FORBADE HIM TO DO IT ANYMORE‚ but they put him on here. Thank God for the faith of the Spaniards in the supernatural and in miracles! Thank God the Catholics at least believe in miracles!

6. HE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL. He looked very much like the angels that I’ve seen before—the few times I’ve ever seen angels. He had that very serious look. I think I told you once that my bodyguard, honour guard, never even smile. It’s very rare that they’re ever amused. They’re very serious and sober, and he had that same look.

7. HE WAS GIVING ALL THE CREDIT TO A DEPARTED SPIRIT, which of course‚ is to inspire faith in the spirit world and the supernatural and the spiritual which, if you do, means you’re inspiring faith in God Who created it all. Even if you convince people there’s a Devil and demonstrate his handywork, you’re also proving there’s a God! You’re proving that God is the One who created him.

8. BOY, THE DEVIL WAS SURE FIGHTING HIM! He couldn’t get the bottle open, but you talk about determination, he broke the neck off the bottle in order to get the liquid out, as precious as that liquid is. Especially if it’s what the Lord told me it was!

9. AFTERWARD‚ I WAS SITTING HERE VERY BURDENED ABOUT IT, I don’t know whether you could tell it or not. It seems like when you guys are watching television it dulls your spiritual sensitivity or something and you didn’t seem to notice that I was in the spirit at all.

10. DIDN’T YOU GUYS HAVE ANY FEELING AT ALL that that was a very important show that we saw, that the Lord had something to tell us from that show? Well, when you saw I was sitting here with my eyes shut, why didn’t you turn it off when over? Didn’t you sense at all that the Lord at that time last night gave us something about that show?

11. WEREN’T YOU CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT THE LORD HAD TO SAY about it? Weren’t you curious to know what that meant? Do you realise what it could mean?

12. THE ONLY THING THAT THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL SYSTEM HAS LEFT TO HANG ONTO IS GOLD! If they destroy the value of gold, the world economy is absolutely sunk! Their whole money system, their whole economy is absolutely shattered.

13. THE INTERVIEWER SHOWED A DOCUMENT THEY RECEIVED JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO about a dog who was brought back to life by the same fluid, but with the recommendation of the Security Forces of France that the news not be released to the public. That guy’s got guts and courage!

14. YOU KNOW WHEN ANGELS TAKE EARTHLY FROM THEY ARE IN BODIES LIKE OURS in which they are just like Jesus was when He was in natural form after His resurrection. He tool on a physical form in which He could eat and drink and feel, which means it is some kind of a form of flesh. Theologians call them theophanies, a word literally meaning “God body”‚ the fleshly physical embodiment of a spirit being.

15. SO HE COULD VERY WELL BE AN ANGEL. He didn’t say anything about being a man except that he was a friend of the man he got it from. Well, how could he get it from him if the guy died 200 years ago, unless he was there 200 years ago or unless the guy came to him in the spirit lately, one or the other.

16. I KNEW THAT WE HAD SEEN A MIRACLE! You saw a miracle on television last night, one of the most outstanding miracles of the age in the physical realm!

17. THE MIRACLE GOD DOES EVERYDAY FOR US IN SAVING SOULS and rescuing kids and delivering them from their habits and all, these are greater miracles, miracles of the Spirit. But to the world, to the natural mind, that was one of the greatest miracles of all history, to turn lead to gold!

18. THEY’VE BEEN TRYING TO DO THIS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and they did it before our eyes, and yet they would not believe! Isn’t that something? “And yet they would not believe!” (LK. 16:31.)

19. IT WAS PROVEN TO BE GOLD, but one guy stood there and argued, “Because it’s a few grains more or less in weight than the lead, so therefore it couldn’t be possible”. It’s like the farmer the first time he saw a giraffe:

20. “THERE JUST AIN’T NO SUCH THING!”—AND YET THERE IT WAS! Even the Scribes and the Pharisees were smarter than that. “Be holding the man, they could not deny that a mighty miracle had taken place, and they took note that the disciples had been with Jesus“! (Acts 4:13,14.)

21. THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENED WAS THAT I NEARLY BLEW UP IN THE SPIRIT! Or I should say Abrahim nearly blew up in the Spirit, because he was very angry! He seems to be my special promotional department.

22. IF THERE’S NOT RESPECT FOR THE LORD OR THE SPIRIT, a real attention to the things of the Spirit or to me when I’m in the Spirit, he gets very very offended. He was going to let you guys have it last night! I don’t know what he was going to say, but I can imagine!

23. I WAS PARTLY GUILTY I GUESS BECAUSE I QUENCHED THE SPIRIT OF ABRAHIM, his spirit‚ because I thought, “Well‚ that wouldn’t be very nice, poor kids, they don’t know any better”.

24. BUT ANYWAY, FIRST OF ALL WHEN I WAS TRYING TO GET THROUGH, ABRAHIM WAS VERY ANGRY and he nearly exploded and told you to shut up and turn off the TV and listen to the Lord, which is probably where I made my mistake‚ I’m sorry. I probably should have let him do it.

25. I DON’T WORK TOO WELL IN GROUPS, I’M SORRY TO SAY. I work better when I, m alone with the Lord and Maria. I just have a real struggle letting go when there are a lot of people around, especially when I’m not too sure about the effects.

26. THE SPIRIT OF THE PROPHET IS SUBJECT UNTO THE PROPHET and sometimes it’s not always wise to let certain things occur. I’ve seen people manifest spiritual gifts when it was not really a good time for it, when they were in the spirit but they were out of tune and out of time.

27. I FAILED YOU LAST NIGHT, BUT YOU ALSO FAILED THE LORD in not sensing that something was going on and that something was about to erupt. But if it had erupted in spite of you, then we would have had the whole story. Anyhow, I got what was most important, which was the answer.

28. I GUESS ABRAHIM THOUGHT I WASN’T GOING TO YIELD AND HE GAVE UP. But I was really getting deep in the spirit and asking the Lord to show me, when, another voice whom I don’t know and I didn’t recognise at all, it wasn’t Abrahim, spoke:

29. THE FIRST THING I SAW AS I WAS IN THE SPIRIT WAS THE BOTTLE, and the spirit‚ whoever he was, said, “It is an elixir”. He said, “The secret is in the elixir”.

30. I WAS ASKING, “WELL WHAT ABOUT IT, WHAT IS IT FOR? What good is it besides turning lead to gold? What meaning does it have? What are we to do about it?”, when, I saw a long dark tunnel. It was light where I was at this end, but there was also light at the other end. Then he said,

31. “THESE THINGS ARE NOT NOW PRESENTLY FOR YOU TO KNOW, for you must first pass through a long dark tunnel before you reach the other side where you will be given light to understand these things.” In other words, it wasn’t necessary for me to understand it all or know all about it or why, now in this life.

32. MARIA KEPT ASKING ME ABOUT THE YOUNG MAN, ABOUT HIS FACE. It’s very weird and mysterious! I forgot exactly what I said do you remember what I said?—Very strong, no foolishness.

33. WHEN THAT FOOL KEPT CHALLENGING HIM HE SAID, “I’M NOT HERE TO ARGUE,I’M HERE JUST TO DEMONSTRATE. That’s the very thing Jesus would have done and did. He manifested, demonstrated the power of God. He didn’t have to explain how He did His miracles‚ he didn’t have to argue about their silly stupid questions‚ whether it was a few grains more or less than the lead. What the hell difference did it make, it was gold!

34. WHY, THAT ANNOUNCER WAS MORE SPIRITUAL THAN THE UNBELIEVERS! I believe that announcer is some kind of a believer. He had better wisdom and he handled it better—he said‚ “Well, it’s gold‚ isn’t it?”

35. THE OTHER CHEMIST PROVED RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM IT WAS GOLD! He went through all those tests using all those chemicals. He even tested the one they were going to use to prove it was lead. Imagine that stupid fool saying, “It’s gold paint!” Isn’t that ridiculous, when the other scientists used acid etc. on it to prove it was real gold!

36. WE NEVER REALLY KNEW THE MEANING OF THAT WORD ELIXIR. I always thought it was some kind of a delicious drink of some kind. My first impression was some kind of a liquor, delicious liquor or something. That might even be where they got the word liquor, elixir. I said to Maria,

37. “GET ME THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OR A DICTIONARY, I WANT TO KNOW THAT DEFINITION!” Because immediately afterward I was thinking about what elixir means‚ and it came to me immediately, “A heavenly liquid which has the power to turn baser metals into gold”—and we looked it up and sure enough, there it was!

38. WE GOT THIS SAME WORD IN A REVELATION ABOUT DAVIDITO‚ but we never even paid any attention to that part about changing baser metals into gold. What did the Lord say in that prophecy about Davidito? (Maria: That he was sweeter that all the Elixirs of Heaven.) (See No.618.)

39. APPARENTLY THERE ARE SUCH HEAVENLY SUBSTANCES WHICH CAN GIVE LIFE. When we looked it up it said that it was a heavenly substance or liquid believed by the ancients to be capable of giving or prolonging life. Now you may say, “Well, that’s a lot of superstition!” But I got to thinking about it:

40. AFTER ALL, THE BIBLE SAYS THAT IF ADAM AND EVE HAD EATEN OF THE TREE OF LIFE THAT THEY WOULD HAVE LIVED FOREVER! Now you can theorise and you can say that the Tree of Life was merely symbolic and blah blah, but I believe Adam and Eve were literal beings who lived in a literal Garden of Eden and there was a literal Tree of Life there just like there was a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

41. IT SAYS SHE WALKED UP AND SHE TOOK OF THE FRUIT AND ATE IT. I BELIEVE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID! I believe the Bible means what it says and that’s what happened. Somehow it gave her knowledge of both good and evil. I think apparently that Tree of Life actually would have given everlasting life—or its elixir!

42. IT ALSO SAYS IN REVELATION THAT THE LEAVES OF THE TREES OF THE CITY WERE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. And why do they bear 12 fruits, a different fruit each month? When we’re living in a supernatural spiritual city‚ why do we have to have trees and fruits and leaves for the healing of the nations? It proves that there are nations still outside the city and nations which still need healing. (Rev.22:2.)

43. SO IF THERE IS A TREE THAT CAN GIVE LIFE AND A TREE THAT CAN GIVE KNOWLEDGE, and leaves that can heal, why can’t there be an elixir that can actually give life or restore life or prolong life? This was an ancient belief.

44. EVEN PONCE DE LEON WANDERED CLEAR ACROSS THE OCEAN AND ACROSS HALF OF AMERICA LOOKING FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. They believed that somewhere there was a fountain of this elixir, this water of life that could actually prolong life. Well, apparently there is! However, it’s evidently in the spirit world, and this fellow had some!

45. THEY ASKED HIM IF HE KNEW THE FORMULA or understood it. He said, no, he didn’t have it. And they said, “Are you afraid somebody will steal it from you?”

46. HE SAID, “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S IN IT. It was given to me by this doctor who lived 200 years ago.” So apparently this vial of liquid was passed on somehow from the spirit world to this young man, who I’m beginning to think maybe is an angel.

47. WHAT’S IN IT FOR HIM? If he was selfishly just wanting fold and riches there’s a lot easier ways of doing it than television! He could turn enough into gold in the length if time it took to turn that lead hairpin into gold to make him rich! By the way, that also came to me,

48. THERE’S SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO GET ABOUT THE SHAPE.—It had to be that certain shape. There’s something spiritual about that and I heard it before but I can’t remember what it is. It has something to do with something like the shepherd’s crook. There is something spiritual about the shape of that pin, of which I have heard before. I’m sure the Lord will bring it back.

49. AS EXPENSIVE AS GOLD IS, IF HE WAS AFTER MONEY AND SELFISH PURPOSES, WHY WOULD HE TELL THE WORLD? Why wouldn’t he be doing it in his backroom and keeping it a secret, especially when he’s already caused trouble in France for doing this demonstration? There’s only one thing I can think of:

50. HE’S A MESSENGER TRYING TO GET ACROSS A MESSAGE! What lengths God will go to to try to inspire people’s faith! And imagine what lengths the authorities will go to to suppress the truth, to save their System!

51. THIS ONE GUY WAS FURIOUS! He was really mad because the guy had changed the lead into gold!—Jealousy, jealousy, because he couldn’t do it! He hadn’t done it, therefore he didn’t want to believe it.—And because it endangers the whole monetary system!

52. IF THAT GUY REALLY GOES TO WORK IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY MAKE GOLD ALMOST VALUELESS! It would not be worth much more than the price of lead, if they could so easily turn lead into gold. There’s no doubt why France gave him so much trouble. And they also said not to publicise that about the dog. Why? Why?

53. WHY WOULD THE AUTHORITIES BE AFRAID THAT SOMEBODY HAD DISCOVERED AN ELIXIR THAT WOULD BRING THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE? Why would they? It could wreck the medical profession! It could wreck the monetary system!

54. IN ONE LITTLE VIAL OF LIQUID HE HAD THE ANSWER TO PRACTICALLY ALL MAN’S PROBLEMS, enough to knock man’s system for a loop‚ his whole system, his whole physiological sciences and all of his physical sciences, the whole works! That’s why the guy didn’t want to believe it. He said,

55. “IT CAN’T BE DONE BECAUSE IT’S CONTRARY TO NATURAL EXPECTATIONS! It’s contrary to the natural laws that I believe in in my experience.” That’s the way people used to act about my mother’s healing. That guy would rather see him dead than turning lead into gold! He was furious, he was absolutely almost possessed the way he acted! He must have been inspired by the Devil!

56. THAT YOUNG MAN MUST REALLY HAVE FAITH. He refused to have anything to do with him. He kept a straight face, he didn’t laugh about anything, just totally sober, very patient. He reminded me so much of an angel!

57. I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT, “I KNOW IT’S SUPERNATURAL‚ BUT IS IT GOOD OR IS IT BAD?” Well, the Lord gave me the answer‚ “The secret is in the elixir. But these things are not for you to know at this present time. After you have passed through a long dark tunnel, at the other side you will have light that you may be able to understand.” The Lord answered that it was good, which then makes me believe even more that the young man was possibly an angel.

58. YOU SAY, “HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE, COULD THERE ACTUALLY BE AN ANGEL APPEARING ON A TV SHOW to do a childish experiment like that? How could this be possible?” Well, the Scripture says‚ “that thereby many have entertained angels unawares” (Heb.13:2). They didn’t even know they were entertaining angels, because they can take on very human form and be very very natural looking like you and me.

59. HIS SPIRIT IS WHAT AMAZED ME, THE WAY HE HANDLED THE SITUATION! He was very calm, sober, nothing perturbed him. He didn’t act foolish or silly‚ and silly questions didn’t phase him. When the fellow started spouting off and almost shaking his fist in his face he just turned his back and walked off. He said,

60. “I’M NOT HERE TO ARGUE, I’M JUST HERE TO DEMONSTRATE.”—Which is just about the same thing that Jesus would have done and would have said and about the way He operated. “I’m not here to argue, I’m just here to show you the power of God. It’s a waste of time to argue about it.”

61. WELL, THE LORD TOLD ME WHAT I WANTED TO KNOW, WHAT IS THE SECRET? “IT’S AN ELIXIR!” If you know what an elixir is, what it’s supposed to be, what the ancients believed it was, then you understand. You know what it’s supposed to be and that there is such a thing.

62. WHEN I GET AN ANSWER FROM THE LORD, THAT’S IT, PERIOD!—I NOW BELIEVE IN ELIXIRS! It was still theoretical when I looked it up when we got that for Davidito. I never used a word like that in my life.

63. I THOUGHT THAT WAS KIND OF A SPIRITUAL MEANING and just meant that if there were such things as elixirs of heaven, heavenly drinks, why he’s even sweeter! My interpretation then was that after all, “He is an immortal eternal spirit, marvelous creation of God—of course he’s better and sweeter than mere theoretical potions‚ even if there were such things!”

64. BUT WHEN THE LORD SPEAKS AND TELLS ME “IT IS AN ELIXIR” THEN I KNOW there is such a thing! The Lord has confirmed it, and that’s it! But the Lord went on to say that it’s not necessary to know all about it and what elixirs are and how they manufacture them in Heaven and what they use them for and how this guy gets them and all the rest.

65. IT WASN’T NECESSARY FOR ME TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS. It’s only necessary for me to know that it’s true. What God was saying literally is: It’s true‚ but you don’t have to know all the how’s and why’s. PTL! It’s wonderful, amen? The spirit world is wonderful! Thank You Lord!

66. THEY’RE EITHER GOING TO GET RID OF THAT GUY OR SOMETHING. I’m sure they would like to get ahold of some of that elixir and they’d like to get ahold of him to find out who to get it from. Of course when he tells them, “I got it from the spirit world and it was handed to me out of Heaven and I brought it down to you from Heaven”, they’re not going to believe him!

67. THEIR WHOLE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS GOING TO COME TO NOUGHT if it’s suddenly proven that lead can be turned into gold!—Boom!—All those billions in gold that these banks have in their reserves and security and all is worth no more than lead! Since most countries hold most of their reserves in gold, that would virtually bankrupt the economy of most countries!

68. THANK GOD OUR ECONOMY IS NOT DEPENDENT ON A LITTLE BIT OF GOLD! It’s dependent on the Lord and the Spirit and you kids, God bless you! Thank God we’re not dependent on one country or one government or one economy!

69. WE HAVE OUR REAL RESERVES IN THE BANK OF HEAVEN! We can fly around anywhere God wants, thank the Lord‚ by His power. Whenever they give us trouble in one place we just flee to another. The Lord must believe in multinational operations, He has that principle in His directions: “When they persecute you in one city, flee ye to another!” (Mt.10:23.) Thank You Lord!

70. SO THERE Are ELIXIRS, THERE IS SUCH A THING! In the definition of elixir they said that the word came from an ancient Greek word which had also to do with a powder that they sprinkled on wounds for healing. So elixirs could also be powders—liquids or powders.

71. DID YOU NOTICE HE WAS VERY EVASIVE ABOUT THE FORMULA? He was very honest, he said he doesn’t know what’s in it and it did nobody else any good, they couldn’t use it the same way. It has something to do with him and his spiritual powers. He knows how to use it. In other words the Lord probably wouldn’t let it do the same thing for anybody else.

72. WELL, IT MUST BE GETTING LATE IF IT’S GETTING TO THE POINT WHERE GOD HAS TO SEND AN ANGEL TO TURN LEAD INTO GOLD ON TV TO INSPIRE PEOPLE’S FAITH! That boy’s face was absolutely beautiful—strong and beautiful! I was really concerned at first because I didn’t know whether it was good or bad. A bad angel can appear like an angel of light, even the Devil. His eyes were almost frightening!

73. HIS EYES LOOKED LIKE HE WAS DEEPLY CONCERNED‚ almost as though he were thinking about other things rather than what he was doing. Almost like he was concerned about something else.

74. HE ALMOST SEEMED LIKE IT WAS ALL SO TRIVIAL AND SO CHILDISH. He was almost disgusted with having to do it. You know? Like, “This is so juvenile! You folks are so ridiculous to have to show you a silly little illustration like this to give you faith!” I just wish we had heard more of the background of that guy.

75. WELL, I’D SURE LIKE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IT AND WHO THIS ANGEL WAS, or who he claimed to be. After the experiment or demonstration he just disappeared! We never heard of him nor his elixir again! He just vanished!

76. AND AS BIG NEWS AS THIS WAS, IT NEVER APPEARED IN ANY OF THE NEWSPAPERS or magazines!—They probably banned it like they did in France! It could have sent the price of gold plummeting to the bottom!

77. EVEN THE WEEKLY TV MAGAZINE that always described this show of the previous week suddenly vanished from the newsstands! The dealers said, “Sorry, but that issue hasn’t come out!” Wow! They really suppressed it!—And we never heard another word about it!

78. BUT I’LL NEVER FORGET IT!: “It is an elixir. The secret is in the elixir. But these things are not now presently for you to know. For you must first pass through a long dark tunnel before you reach the other side where you will be given light to understand these things.”—Amen. Thank God for His elixirs!—Amen?

Lord Byron’s Surrender

David Berg

—MO March 2, 1974 No. 301C—DO

P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or Box 3141‚ San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(Our flirty little fishy had been trying to land a certain big fish for some time, when, after some rather intimate sessions with him, she heard him saying the following through my mouth during the night:)

1. YOU’RE THE LAST AND GREATEST OF ALL MY LOVES, of which all the rest are as nothing! How happy and content art thou in the bosom of thy father! He’s a noble knight who wears your colours and pledges his devotion to you!

2. (THE PICTURE WAS OF A KNIGHT returning from many wars‚ sad and wounded, and he was surrendering to his Queen at last. It was as though he had fought being in her service, but now he was making his final surrender. The King and Queen are seated on thrones in the royal pavillion beside the lists of the jousting tournament. Byron rides up to the grandstand and lowers his lance to the Queen:)

3. HE’S A NOBLE KNIGHT WHO WEARS YOUR COLOURS and pledges his devotion to you! Though he find much love, none can compare with thee, most noble lady, my liege my love!—This he knows. What is this that thou hast done unto me, that thou hast given me thy heart only to break mine own!

4. NOTHING CAN SWERVE ME from the service of my lord and this my father. I shall serve thee till death do us part! Thou knowest these things, O little lady love to whom I am devoted forever!

5. FOR NONE CAN COMPARE WITH THEE! Though many shall vie with thee for honours, none shall ever take thy place. And therefore I am thy bond slave, thy love slave, and I seek not to be loosed but to serve thee forever as thy humble servant and knight of thy realm‚ defender of thy faith, slave of thy love!—And so I am at thy service, at thy beck and call to do unto thee as thou wilt, to satisfy thy heart’s desire till death do us part!

6. I DO DEARLY LOVE THE WORDS OF THY FATHER and they are music to my ears and food to my soul! I hunger and I thirst unto him. For thou hast that which none other can give me, for thou hast the love of thy father, and none can compare with this! There is none like unto thee, neither shall there be any more to compare with thee, nor after thee, for thou hast the love of thy father for which I thirst!

7. (SEES A PICTURE OF BYRON NAKED AND KNEELING over his Queen in the bed of love:) Most noble lady, I bow before thee in thy service to give thee love and perform whatsoever thy heart desireth, even unto the whole of my love and my knighthood! See? For I bow before thee, sword and helmet in hand, I pledge my troth to thee! I give thee my allegiance and unto thy lord the king. my liege, in holy wedlock.

8. FOR BEHOLD I AM MARRIED UNTO THEE, and nothing us twain shall part! Though I seek after love in many lands, I shall never find love like thine! For behold thou hast the words of eternal life, and there are none others to whom I can go for peace!

9. WILT THOU ACCEPT MY LOYAL DEVOTION and service in thy realm? Wilt thou permit me to come in unto thee that I may be of service to thee, that I will perform that which is ordained for thy service to give thee love and my life and my devotion, that I may be wholly thine‚ now and forevermore? Accept this, O my love‚ my liege, my queen, and I shall serve thee and thy colours and thy lord forever!

10. THUS SHALL IT BE, and thus have I spoken, and thus shall it be written. For these are the words that I have given‚ and this is the loyalty that I pledge unto thee. Accept thou this, O queen of my heart, and do what I beg of thee! Receive this my pledge of devotion, as thy colours I bear and am wounded for thee! (I question something too low to hear:)

11. OH FOOLISH MAID!—Knowest not thy right hand from thy left? How canst thou question my love for thy queen, and thou my most noble lord, my liege the king?

12. HIS WORDS ARE MUSIC UNTO MY EARS! Behold, he feedeth my hungry heart and he leadeth me in green pastures and he satisfieth my soul, and my life shall be renewed like the eagles as I listen unto him and receive his love through thee and am satisfied!

13. WOULD THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW THE LOVE OF THY FATHER‚ and would that they would drink of the words of his bosom as I have, that their thirst may be slaked and content! For he is like honey to the taste and meat for the body to satisfy my craving hunger for his food that he gives unto me!

14. THOU HAST THAT WHICH NO OTHER WOMAN CAN GIVE ME! Thou hast that which none other possesseth! Thou shall be forever my lady, my lordship and my liege, my king and my queen, if thou wilt accept this service unto thee and let me bear thy colours in the fray.

15. PLEASE ACCEPT THIS MY HUMBLE DEVOTION, and please receive this my love, and please give me some token of thy love unto me, that I may serve thy bosom and thy father, my lord and king. For behold I kneel and I bow before thee in thy service and my love to meet thy needs. Oh, whatsoever thou requirest of my love I shall give unto thee!

16. OH‚ HOW I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE upon my knees in worship of thee and serve thee with my love, to give thee whatsoever thou desirest and do whatsoever thou requirest of me! I shall serve thee as thou wantest.

17. YOU HEAR YOUR FATHER? OBEY HIM, for he hast the words of eternal life for which I hunger and thirst with all my heart! Is that not enough of the words of thy father, sweet baby? Wilt thou drink of his lips forever and seek after his kisses eternally? Even so is his love like unto mine!

18. FOR BEHOLD I WOULD FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEE in thy service, most noble lady, my lord and liege. Then wilt thou accept this token of my pledge and receive me into thy service as thou hast received me in thy love and shall receive me into thy bosom as I perform whatsoever service thou requirest? For behold how I love thee!

19. BEHOLD HOW I BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE and surrender unto thee the lance of my power that shall enter into thy heart and satisfy thy soul with my love that thou requirest‚ that it may be dedicated unto thee and thee alone in future fray! For behold there is none like unto thee, no love like thine, and none else shall satisfy like thee!

20. THOU HAST FED MY HUNGRY HEART and given drink to my thirsty soul as thou hast enveloped the very passions of my body and ministered unto my flesh and given me thy love and thy satisfaction! Behold, I am in thy debt, and I am thy servant and thy love slave forever, even as thou wilt!

21. O MY MOST NOBLE LADY, my lord and liege, my king, my queen, receive this, I beg of thee, my humble service for thee forever! Thus has it been spoken, and thus it shall be written and done unto thee even as thou dost require, for I am thy servant forever!

22. (WILT THOU STORE UP IN THY BOSOM ALL OF THESE WORDS of thy Father David? Hallelujah, sweet baby! Rest now and take thy sleep, Honey. You understand your father‚ Honey?)

23. BEHOLD HOW I PLEDGE MY LOYALTY, my love to your father, to lay down my life for his kingdom‚ if thou wilt receive this lance of my love, that I may bear thy colours as the knight of thy realm, as thy valorous soldier in thy service!

24. PLEASE ACCEPT ME, O my beloved, my heart, my soul, and my queen on this day!


26. YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR FATHER? Oh behold such love and devotion to the needs of thy father! (David sleeps, then stirs:) it’s just right. The box is just right to hold thy precious things and trust them unto this knight of thy realm, this loyal soldier of thy service.


28. AT LEAST IT IS FOR ME, don’t you think so? Sometimes it’s very exhausting to have too much sex. But I don’t let that get me too involved.

29. I HAVE GIVEN TWICE THE SENSE that it was worth. This I pledge.


Abrahim the Gypsy King

David Berg

—MO April 30‚ 1970 No.296—GP

The True Story of Our Spirit Guide!—As told in his own words!

BP 752‚ 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France or P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England

1. (MARIA:) WE WERE AT TSC (Texas Soul Clinic), on April 29‚ 1970, about one o’clock in the morning and David had gone to bed being very weary after an agonising prayer session that night that had lasted a couple of hours.

2. HE HAD BEEN IN THE SPIRIT and the Lord had told us of his soon departure (for Europe), that the shepherd would be smitten (exiled) and the sheep would be scattered (throughout the world)‚ and that we should appreciate our blessings so much while we have them.

3. WE WERE TALKING QUIETLY and lovingly to one another when David’s spirit helper Abrahim began to tell me of his own country through David’s mouth. David would speak in Abrahim’s tongue, and most of what he said was in that language as Abrahim spoke through him in the language the Lord had given David through him.

4. BUT HE DID TRY TO GIVE SOME WORDS IN ENGLISH so I could understand what he was talking about, and also much of it was done in gesture and by movements of his hands as he described what he was telling me. (Abrahim obviously didn’t know much English, but enough to interpret very simply and almost childlike.)

5. “MY COUNTRY IS BEAUTIFUL,” said he, and he went on to tell me of the fields of flowers that were there, the many, many flowers all over, beautiful, beautiful flowers, and the mountains and the hills and the many trees upon the mountains‚ green leafy trees, and the wagons that rolled over the hills.

6. HE SAID THE COUNTRY WAS BULGARIA and it was in the 1200’s. He told me he was born in Bulgaria and he was a Gypsy, a Gypsy king, and he had a Gypsy band who loved Jesus.

7. HE SAID ONE NIGHT A GROUP OF SOLDIERS came out of the woods on horses yelling and screaming and slaughtered and killed all the men and the women and the children. But he said they went up, they all went to be with Jesus. He said, “They killed me too—they cut off my head and I went up to Jesus.”

8. IT WAS HARD FOR HIM TO TALK ABOUT THAT NIGHT and he didn’t describe it in great detail, it was so horrible. It was so very real to him, just as though he were reliving it. As we talked together in conversational tones he was nevertheless far away, he was back in his homeland.

9. THEN WE TALKED OF HOW HAPPY THE GYPSY PEOPLE WERE BEFORE the Turks came and slaughtered his people. He said the Gypsy men drank much wine and had weddings, wild and carefree and beautiful, where the Gypsy girls danced with tambourines and with music and sang and were very happy.

10. HE DESCRIBED HOW THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO WERE TO BE MARRIED cut their fingers and mixed their blood together; how they lived in wagons, beautiful covered wagons, and they moved and rolled over the hills and camped under the trees in the forests. He didn’t quite remember his name and he thought for a while, then he said, “Abrahim, yes, Abrahim, Abrahim!” I realised then that it was Abrahim, King Abrahim of the Gypsies!

11. WHEN ABRAHIM THROUGH DAVID FIRST STARTED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT HIS LAND I thought that David was Abrahim. It sounded so much like a story he was telling me‚ a beautiful story and almost a fantasy or like a little fairy tale I was hearing. It was so beautiful and we were having such a good time together talking about his country.

12. BUT AS TIME WENT ON I realised that it wasn’t exactly David who was speaking all the time! He was under an anointing, an inspiration that wasn’t of himself. And the longer I listened the more I realised that it was Abrahim himself speaking through David.

13. AFTER ABRAHIM HAD GONE TO BE WITH JESUS, he said Jesus had sent him many places as a ministering spirit, and He had now sent him to be with us, the Children of God! He said, “I like it here with you, but pretty soon he die, pretty soon David go with me, by Holy Spirit from God.”

14. “TAKE GYPSIES IN WAGONS AND YOU GO,” He then told me…”I don’t see where you go.” He shaped his hands like a crystal ball and stared intently into it as though he were seeing the pictures and seeing the story in the ball, as he had done several times throughout that period in which we were talking about his country. As I listened and watched him in awe as he spoke‚ I realised that God had once again opened up some of His secrets and revealed them to us by His Spirit!

15. THE NEXT AFTERNOON I ASKED DAVID about what he had told me about the gypsies and Bulgaria, but he didn’t seem to remember very much. He said, “Well, I remember the dream rather vaguely.” I was surprised when he called it a dream, as it hadn’t seemed that way‚ because he had been talking to me and looking at me and calling me by name in a normal tone of voice.

16. BUT TO DAVID IT SEEMED ONLY A DREAM. As I talked a little about it and asked him about it to see how much he remembered of it, it became clearer. The next night we began talking about it again, and as he closed his eyes and prayed in tongues he could see the pictures over again of the Turks coming out of the forest and slaughtering the Gypsies, his people, and killing him.

17. DAVID TOLD ME HE WAS PUZZLED ABOUT IT, because he had never been to Bulgaria and he didn’t know what Bulgaria was like! When he had studied history and geography he had never really studied the Balkans. They had always been rather confusing to him and he often confused them with the Baltics as he hadn’t spent too much time on them, and he just really don’t know much about these countries at all.

18. SO IN THE ENCYCLOPEDIA WE LOOKED UP BULGARIA, and as we read about it it corresponded exactly to what he had seen in his “dream”!—The mountainous country, the Balkan Mountains that run through Bulgaria, the forest and vast fields of roses—everything corresponded! The Turks had indeed invaded Bulgaria in the 1200’s because its people were Christians and had massacred them and taken many‚ many lives during this period that he had seen in the “dream”!

19. THEN FOR MANY‚ MANY YEARS after they conquered it around the 1300’s the Turks helped Bulgaria. But before this they had waged a “Holy War” against the Christians that were in Bulgaria.

20. AS DAVID RELIVED ALL THIS THROUGH ABRAHIM again this night he told me more of the details: He said that they had been camped around a fire in the forest singing and dancing and having a happy time with music and tambourines and making merry, when all of a sudden the Turks had come out of the dark forest and massacred them all!

21. HE SAID THE TURKS WERE ON HORSES and wore little furry hats with little peaks on the top of the hats and had swords, and they just slaughtered right and left with their swords, both men and women and children! He describes it himself in the following story from his own lips—or rather, through David’s lips!

22. THROUGH THIS AND LATER EXPERIENCES and revelations we began to understand who Abrahim really was and the purpose of his ministrations through David. (See Letters Nos. 61, 268, 271, 273, etc.)

23. ACCORDING TO HIS OWN ACCOUNT, he was living with a Gypsy band we visited in Houston, Texas, in 1970, as the Gypsy king’s counsellor or guiding spirit when he first met us, and decided to leave them and come with us for his own reasons given in “Chinese Spirits” (Letter No. 273: Parag.21.).

24. IT WAS ONLY LATER WE BEGAN TO REALISE it was not David who was Abrahim or had been Abrahim or even with Abrahim in some previous existence, as we thought at first and related in “Gypsies” (Letter No 61:16-20.)

25. BUT ABRAHIM WAS A GENUINE GYPSY KING HIMSELF‚ a departed saint from hundreds of years ago, who had come to live with us in spirit as our spirit guide and counsellor! (See references on “Spirit World”, “Spiritual Counsellors”, “Ministering Spirits”, “Angels”‚ “Abrahim”, etc., in “MO Letter Index” No.267—DFO.)

26. IT WAS ABRAHIM HIMSELF‚ therefore, who was speaking through David to relate his own past and explain his experiences and ministries and why he had now come to live with us, the Children of God, the true modern Gypsies of Jesus!

27. (MO:) WE WERE TRULY LIVING AS A GYPSY CARAVAN FOR JESUS when Abrahim first joined us in Texas. We had more than 30 vehicles and campers containing over 100 young Gypsies for the Lord and were camping in forests, parks and by the wayside even as did the Gypsies of Abrahim’s days of old!

28. APPARENTLY ABRAHIM FELT we had more of the true, wild, free Gypsy spirit and were doing much more for the Lord than the modern materialistically minded American Gypsy band he had been living with in Houston.

29. SO WHEN I SHOOK HANDS with Abrahim’s Houston king that memorable day of that cold wet winter of February 1970 in his Gypsy camp of swanky expensive trailers or sumptuous caravans, Abrahim decided, and was permitted if not actually assigned by the Lord, to join us‚ the poor pitiful tattered band of youthful Children of God camped in the cold, mud and rain of a nearby Texas forest!

30. I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT KNOWING LOOK in that Houston Gypsy king’s deep dark friendly eyes as he warmly gripped my hand that day as I told him we were Gypsies too at heart and camped nearby, and he smiled and said, “Yes, I know!” It was a miracle we met, and it’s been miracles ever since!

31. WE WERE IMMEDIATELY INSPIRED to get the TSC ranch deep in the heart of Texas for our very first colony and the base where we grew strong and numerous and world famous, and from which we have grown to number thousands in hundreds of colonies in scores of nations around the globe—with Abrahim’s help!

32. IT WAS FIRST AT TSC that Abrahim manifested himself in my first gift of tongues—his Romani Gypsy tongue—and began to reveal to us the wonders of God under his guiding hand! From his first childish English learned with those Texas Gypsies to his much improved yet still simple and strongly accented English of today, Abrahim has continued now for years to be our constant companion, guide and helpful spiritual counsellor.

33. FROM HIS RICH EXPERIENCES OF THE PAST and wisdom of ages of Gypsies gone—by, as a veteran Gypsy leader and wise old king, together with his hot line to the Lord as God’s ever-present voice and guide and spiritual helper‚ Abrahim has continued to be our closest spiritual friend amongst the many God has given us now throughout these marvelous years of the exploding Jesus Revolution which we started so long ago in California in 1968!

34. HE IS EVER WITH US as the Lord’s own holy spirit and the messenger of God like an angel from above, only far more human‚ as you will soon see!

35. BUT HERE AND NOW let us let him tell his own story in his own colourful words!: TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT ISSUE OF “ABRAHIM” SERIES!—Don’t fail to get your copy! Send for it now! Write to one of the addresses below today! Order now so you’ll get yours early at next publication. (Please enclose a small donation to help cover costs.) Thank you! God bless you!

Visit your nearest Gypsy Colony and tell them about Abrahim! (—Or visit one of ours!) GYPSIES FOR JESUS!

Abrahim: The Gypsies’ Story

David Berg

MO, April 30, 1970, NO.298—GP

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7 LX, England or Box 3141‚ San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(TSC 2 A.M.)

1. BIG SOLID WHEELS! Pretty colours, long dresses! So beautiful!—Til the Turks got us! Came right out of woods—no warning, screaming and yelling‚ on big horses, cut down everyone in sight! Gypsies drink much, all gypsy men drink today.—Wives stay home, watch television.

2. WE WERE CHRISTIANS, from somewhere East. Just in Bulgaria, like we passed through, but we never get through. We go up. Better to go up. No travel any more, long journey over. We find home with Jesus.

3. MY PEOPLE STILL WANDER—many people wander many places, but we go home. Seem like yesterday when I go home with my people. Finish long Journey. Arrive home. Hallelujah!

4. COME FROM RUSSIA into Bulgaria. Have wine in big barrel. Big wooden spout on back of wagon. Sometimes no water. Water no good. But always wine and many pretty women. Dance wild, skirts fly! Just handkerchief on bosom. Young men fight for beautiful girls.

5. I KING I decide who marry who. It’s best. “Cause I know. Kids don’t know. But I see who loves who. Me and my wives—we know, Five wives. You fifth wife.

6. (MARIA: DID WE LOVE EACH OTHER?) What do you mean, we did love? We do love! You make love good because you love me much. I don’t like to think about that time‚ about that night. Bad night! You and me just married. You and me in wagon. Like to think about happy times.

7. LONG WAY, LONG WAY, ‘CROSS RUSSIA. Long way, We come from big sea. We come from Rumania, Persia, India, Russia‚ Bulgaria. You look on map?—Long ways!

8. TURKS KILL MANY, many Christians. Kill in India, in Persia, Rumania, in Russia, Bulgaria. Bad people. Bad people. My people fall down flat. Turks wicked people. Hate God. Hate Jesus. Kill many. God kill. Turks us. Us kill Turks. God kill Turks.

9. TURKS COME ON MY WEDDING NIGH. He who live by the sword die by the sword! Kill in bed. They took my bride because she so pretty. They like her. I don’t know what happens because I go to heaven.

10. SINCE I GO TO HEAVEN, I GO MANY, MANY PLACES. Help people, many people. Help many people in time of trouble. God help people. Jesus send me many places. Like angel. I travel much.

11. I FLY. NO LONGER WAGON. Hallelujah! With squeaky wheels, stubborn donkey! Plonk, Plonk, Plonk!—They so stubborn! Now I fly. I go anywhere, everywhere, somebody need help. I go. Like angel‚ fellowservant’s prophet like John say (Rev.19:10) Servant, Prophet. I am like servant‚ but like angel.

12. MINISTERING SPIRIT. I come. I go, like Jesus. Jesus send me. I fly so fast! Like right now. No just think. Like angel— I fly. Sometimes I talk. Jesus know my tongue.

13. I SPEAK IN MY TONGUE IN DAVID, King of gypsy band here. Seem like I in Moses, father Children of God. I speak my tongue. I help Moses think good things and speak good things. I help Moses see good things. I come from God. I come to Moses and I help him speak my tongue—his tongue—from India‚ Persia, Rumania, Russia, Slavonia. Many tongues one, five tongues one.

14. MY TONGUE FIVE TONGUES. That’s why it’s a funny language. Many languages all mixed up. My tongue Gypsy tongue.

15. (TO MARIA: ) YOU STAY HERE. LISTEN TO MY STORY. You write. My people made long trip—Rumania, Persia, Armenia, Russia, Bulgaria. Live in Bulgaria. I was with Jesus. It’s life! It’s wonderful life!

16. I HAVE MANY PEOPLE. Got many places in Rumania, Bulgaria, Russia. I help Armenians when Turks come. I help, I comfort, I lead and guide, cross desert to Teheran. I speak my tongue. Encourage, lift, help Armenians from Turks. I help many martyrs killed for Jesus. Because I die for Jesus, help many people die for Jesus.

17. NO NEED WINE IN HEAVEN. Drink the water of life! Better than wine! Make very happy! All dance, see pretty legs, No panties. In my day in 1200’s no have panties. No such thing. Just plenty long skirts. When dance, skirts go out and you see pretty girl. Very pretty! You see all girl. Boys like girl. Boys marry pretty girls.

18. ME KING IN DAVID. HELP DAVID RULE Gypsies. Like my band of gypsies in Bulgaria. Help David rule. I think thoughts for David. Words, talk, see pictures for David and help David make many boys and girls happy, like gypsies‚ like same wagons. I know, I know. Same thing‚ same problems, trouble, wheels broke, wagon, Sometimes mules stubborn, won’t go. Get stuck in mud. But we go. We always go.

19. WE CAMP WITH BIG FIRE. We dance, we sing, we play music and we see visions. Ball nothing!—We see visions from Jesus. Ball make think, make think hard way. We think in one place. One spot. We think hard. So we see picture from Jesus. Ball nothing. We just make think with ball.

20. ARMENIANS MAKE SHISH KEBABS. Gypsy queen, you talk words of King? You play with me?—Make David feel good! David still in the flesh. Not dead. No dead. I live with Jesus. I live. I’m alive. Help many people. Go many places, I travel much, many places. Make people happy. Tell people of God. I tell people of Jesus. So I come here.

21. I COME HERE TO MAKE MOSES HAPPY I was with Gypsy king in Houston. Now I with King David. Many Gypsies he help. So I leave Gypsy king in Houston and I go with new Gypsy King David. His Gypsies need more help. He still Gypsy. Gypsies in Houston no more Gypsies. But king David‚ he still gypsy. Still travel with many children, many children OK? Old king need much love. That’s why so many. He give much love‚ too.

22. (5/1/70 4:00 A.M. Apparently Abrahim again was thinking about the massacre of his tribe:) No like think about. (Maria: But you go to be with Jesus.) She too. She go. She help me now. (Maria: How does she help you?) She help you. She help you with me. She help you now.

23. I’M VERY OLD NOW, but I’m very young. Nobody old with Jesus. Everybody Young. In Heaven. All young and beautiful. You Know? You see. I sleep. Long trip. I very tired. So many years. Very tired. I don’t know why I cry ’cause everybody happy. (Weeps for his people.)

24. BIG FAMILY. We all related. We all marry each other—intermarry. intermarry. One big family. Have many children. My baba marry Gypsy King. My wife just like my last wife. (Maria: Now you have another Gypsy band.) Very sleepy, very sleepy. David sleep.

25. (HIS DREAM OF HEAVEN:)—Big city! Big, big beautiful stone, big beautiful gem! City like big diamond, big gem. Gold and diamond. They like crystal. Buildings are like glass. Like crystal. Can see through. You see everything, nothing hid. Everything beautiful. So beautiful! Even better than forest in Bulgaria! So beautiful! You couldn’t compare. You couldn’t make like same. No same. Heavenly City much‚ much more beautiful than anything in the world. You know?

26. (MARIA: WHAT ELSE IS THERE?) Such trees! Such beautiful trees! So tall! Like they reach way up to the sky. So beautiful! Big river flow right through big city. Like park. Big trees both sides. Many fruit on one tree. Many different kinds of fruit on one tree.

27. (MARIA: WHAT ELSE IN HEAVEN?) Big City in Heaven—Heavenly City. Many things in Heaven, flowers and sun and moon. (Maria: Like here?) You want to know about Heaven or Heavenly City?

28. (MARIA: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?) Heaven big place—much room: Stars and sun and moon, planets. Heavenly City is New Jerusalem. But Heaven is everywhere, everywhere. Heavenly city is here. Come down. Heaven is Big space. Big place. Heaven.

29. (A LATER SESSION: )—King Abrahim study and read Bible to Gypsies. Jesus show him many things in the future when he look in glass ball. Patron saint of Gypsies. Went to Russia as missionary. Language—lived in Bulgaria longest, so more Bulgarian in language than anything else. (To Maria: ) You scribe. You write all these things. Jesus want you to write.

30. WENT TO RUSSIA just before he came to be in King David in funny country. Many Christians live for Jesus there. Russia, India, Rumania not like gypsies, but Bulgarians, they good to Gypsies and we give them Jesus. We stay there a long time.

31. (WEEPS: ) Give rag to wipe tears away. No cans, just bottles. With wine able to speak more in my tongue. Wine separate body from Spirit. Wine free spirit so not care what people think, just what Jesus think.

32. THAT NIGHT IN CALIFORNIA spirit made war on System. Weep for children! Weep for children! Young country, many playthings—cars, houses, etc. All be destroyed. Many children die for Jesus. Women and children only left. You be good shepherdess. All men gone.

33. WE SEND MISSIONARIES TO RUSSIA in a long caravan. My spirit go with them Czar say, “Come come!”. We tell him about Jesus and he cry and ask Jesus come into his heart. Then he make all Russia Christian. Some believe with heart, some believe only with mouth. They build big temples.

34. (5.20.70—ON DIFFERENT DAY:) KARENINA youngest of many children of Czar. Gypsy king go as missionary to Russia and talk to Czar in Moscow about Jesus. Princess seated on throne beside him. See missionary and fall in love with him. Czar love Gypsy and give little princess to him for his wife.

35. THEN GYPSIES RULE BULGARIA, so little Russian princess becomes Queen of Bulgaria. The two countries make an alliance. but Turks kill the Gypsies in Bulgaria. Czar weeps for little daughter and it make him very angry and he makes war on the Turks and drives them out of Bulgaria and out Russia and they never bother Bulgarians again!

36. ALLIANCE MADE GIVES GYPSIES RIGHT to the Throne, and Katrina has little son (great, great, great grandson) who is Ivan the Terrible who then sits on throne of Russia.

37. (ABOUT THIS TIME, without knowing about Abrahim, Tabitha and Esther got the following and now-popular song from the Lord—One of the “Songs that Made the Revolution!”—“MOUNTAIN CHILDREN!”:)

Peaceful night while the moon is bright

Love is in their hearts

Breezes blowin’ by

Through the trees so high

Singing to the Lord!


Mountain children, yes, they’re

Mountain children

I will bless my Colony!

Mountain children,

Mountain children,

Gypsies of the Lord!

Campfire glows while around they go

Dance before the King

Damsels shake the tumbrels,

While the men they sing

Praises to their God.

Mornin’ comes on the road again

Happy Colony!

To another mountain‚ to another land

Bringing peace to man.

Abrahim, watch your children playin’

New Jerusalem!

Babies born anew‚

claim the promise, too,

Manifest in them!


Mountain children, yes, they’re

Mountain children

I will bless my colony!

Mountain children,

Mountain children,

Gypsies of the Lord!

38. (8/4/70)—ON FIRST HEARING Tabitha sing above song for David, Abrahim exclaimed:) All about Jesus, give song about Children! Because Jesus know about Children! He know about Abrahim! He know about David. He know about Israel. He know about where we come from and where we go. He know this song about us. Some day we cross Great Sea to far land to mountain “From this mountain to that mountain” and there we will be free!

39. I SEE WHAT YOU SAY! The Children dance, sing and play so happy, so free, all by the mountain far away!—All children of Abrahim. We come back to our land after many, many year, because we are in India because we have come from Israel. We free in Israel, captives in Babylon. Persia, India—from Israel to India.

40. ISRAEL MANY HUNDRED OF YEARS AGO. Purged out of land. We flee to Persia, India, then we travel many years to try to come back home. Many years we pray to come back home. But we never get back home. Bulgaria. Tried to get across sea to Israel.

41. WE WANDER IN ALL EUROPE until some times we forget who we are. But name Abrahim, after my great, great, great Grandfather.(The impression was that all Gypsies are descendants of Abraham.)

42. MANY, MANY, ENEMIES. We have many enemies. Kill, kill, kill! We go to be with Jesus. But now come back to lead you back home! Angel of God: Abrahim come back like angel. Like Samuel come back, like Moses come back. Spirit of Abrahim in David. We go back to mountains of Israel. We travel so many places for so many years.

43. (PROPHECY BY AARON‚ Summer, 1970, U.S.:) EVEN AS THE JEWS AND THE RECHABITES (forefathers of the Gypsies, descended from the Arab Jethro who helped Moses) and early Christians and Gypsies were strangers and pilgrims and were not Systemites‚ were not in the System, even as the Gypsies today, even so have I called these that thou might be free unto Me, serve Me‚ even I have prepared for thee in the time of trouble that is ahead.

44. KNOW THAT THOU SHALT HAVE A TIME OF PEACE. I have blessed thee. Thou shalt bring peace to many peoples, languages and nations. “Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”—(Luke 6:38)

45. WHAT? THINK YOU THAT THIS IS A STRANGE THING that I should minister to My servants through My servants who have gone before? For even as Moses and Elijah ministered to My Son on the Mount of Transfiguration, are they not as the angels of God sent forth to minister unto thee?

46. EVEN AS MY SERVANT JOHN WAS TOLD THROUGH the one who showed him great glad tidings of God and mysteries, and told him not to fall down‚ “for I am also thy fellowservant‚” so I can use Mine who have gone on before.

47. BE NOT WEARY IN WELL-DOING, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not! Thou art compassed about with a very great cloud of witnesses!

Abrahim: How Arabs Became Gypsies

David Berg

MODecember 20, 1970GP No.301

—A Great Mystery Solved!

P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

(20/12/70: While listening to the “Voice of America” radio broadcast of a Christmas fantasy about‚ “Santa and Imagi-Nation” in the U.S.A., MO exploded:)

1. THEY’RE ALL LIVING IN FANTASY LAND—in the “Imagi-Nation”—a NATION of images and idolatry!—Worship our images with us! We’ll pipe for you and dance for you!” Makes the rest of the world sick to their stomachs!

2. THEY’RE LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD!—“Don’t wake me up—let me dream on! I don’t want to know what the world is really like. You should come over and believe in our Santa Claus. We’re more faithful believers and followers than all of you! You created him‚ but we worship him! We’re true believers! Here’s to the love of Santa Claus—the love of Imagi-Nation!” In other words, Santa Claus is really the big department store!

3. (ABRAHIM OUR GYPSY SPIRIT GUIDE COMMENTS:) IT WAS NOT SO WHEN I WAS YOUNG. We didn’t follow foolish and vain imaginations, because life was hard and dangerous, but we were happy. But we worked hard. Not easy. Real enemies, real problems and troubles. Hard life, hard travels. You don’t deceive the people with evil imaginations and fantasies. You’re happy anyhow.

4. NO REAL HAPPINESS IN IMAGINATION. We dance and play and sing and work and love—have real happiness travelling. We don’t deceive children with evil imaginations about Santa Claus. We don’t have Imagi-Nation—Nation of images! We don’t have any nation. We don’t have anybody but us and Jesus. Even wine is more real than Imagi–Nation.

5. AMERICA IS LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD—an image nation. We had no nation—but we have no images! We have reality, and joy—sing and dance and play and work and travel. Real faith, real love. Real honesty to ourselves.

6. WE ONLY PRETEND TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD—to protect ourselves. We are honest. We either pretend to be Moslems, or Catholics, or even Jews, or anything, but we know what we really are.—We love Jesus. So we survive and we live.

7. IN THE WORLD WE PRETEND to be like they are, but we know we’re different. We pretend to conform to their System—but we know we’re not. We pretend to have one wife, but we have many wives. We pretend to keep their stupid rules, but we keep God’s rules

8. YOU WRITE THEM ALL IN A BOOK FOR JESUS? You going to write story for Jesus? I could tell you stories you wouldn’t even believe—funnier than Santa Claus!

9. KING OF HUNGARY‚ WE MAKE HIM THINK WE ARE HIS RELIGION, and we pretend to be his religion. But we know we are Christians. He believes us. He is like all stupid idiots who live in Fantasy Land! He wants to have sweet dreams that all Gypsies love him. He make peace if we be his religion, and we say O.K.

10. WE CAN BE ANYTHING TO HAVE PEACE and be at peace. So we say, “Salaam, salaam!” (Peace, peace!) I come back from meeting with King. I tell my people we are going now to be his religion because he say so, and everybody laugh and we have big dance, because we know we are Christians.

11. BUT WE ONLY PRETEND TO BE HIS RELIGION. We have to live with the system, so we pretend to love them and like their system and their imaginations. Everyone of them, every nation have big Imagi-Nation!

12. (CLEARS THROAT AND SPITS ON FLOOR:) Makes God sick to stomach! What you scribble? (Maria is writing in shorthand.) You write “Imagi-Nation!” It looks like your imagination!

13. THAT WAS ONLY WAY WE COULD SURVIVE—everywhere we got to pretend we are like them—and say: “Si, Si! Oui‚ Oui! Yah, Yah!” and all that stuff! But we don’t mean it. But we have to say it to live. So they say all Gypsies are liars, cheaters, stealers. How else do they expect us to live? At least we not stupid to deceive ourselves with Imagi-Nation!

14. WE DON’T WORSHIP SILLY IMAGES ourselves.—We may pretend, but we don’t do. We know better.—We let them do it. They’re all stupid!

15. IN HUNGARY WE WERE WITH KING. We don’t like him‚ but we have to live with him. (What’s his name?) Jamal, Grand Expounder of his religion! There are many like him. We live there long time till we move to Bulgaria from Hungary. We have to give him our women as gifts. We have to do it.

16. HE LIKES GYPSY DANCERS. He likes many wives. Gypsy wives play music. One of them kill him. We have to flee to Bulgaria. They kill her. (Why did she kill him?) ‘Cause she didn’t like him. So they very angry and start to kill us, so we have to go to Bulgaria.

17. (HOW MANY WERE THERE OF YOU?) There was about two… What you say? … Two… drachmas. (That’s money!) We count by money. We never had nice room like this. We had our wagons. We never had nice warm like this. We build big fire.

18. WE SLEEP TOGETHER AND KEEP WARM. My wives on both sides keep me warm. Where’s my other wife? (What’s her name?) Akabosta. Have to kill to live sometimes. Nobody takes Gypsy chief’s wife! (She have to take care of poor old Gypsy lady who is sick.) Ah, she always good and sweet girl! She love old Gypsy king, too!

19. (HOW DO YOU KNOW WORDS OF JESUS?) We have our writings like you. We have our own writings. Nobody knows, but we have. We don’t tell anybody, because if we tell, they take away. But we know. We talk and we think and we hear and we tell. We have little bits of writings. Old people know. Mostly we just tell.

20. WE DON’T WRITE MUCH. Cause people find writing and take away. So we just mostly tell. They can’t take this away. We put this in our hearts. Ours is unwritten language, ’cause we don’t dare to write. Somebody find out what we write. What they going to do when they find out what you write?

21. (DO SOME WOMEN HAVE MORE THAN ONE HUSBAND?) Only when we’re short of women and men have to share. All the time they take our women—good singers, players, and dancers. Tell fortunes. (They must have power to tell fortunes?) No, they just read hands and see visions. (Do they come true?) For us they are true—for our enemies‚ lies! (How can that be?) You don’t tell your enemies the truth! They don’t want the truth anyway.—You tell them what they want to hear!

22. (HOW DO YOU WORSHIP GOD?) Mostly we sing about Jesus. We sing about our life. That’s the way we keep it. And we remember. We pass songs on to each one. The Gypsy life is all in song and music. Comes down to us. ‘Cause we cannot put much on paper. We take any name we need—whatever name they want to call us. We know who we are! They don’t know, but we know!

23. (DOES THE CHIEF HAVE MORE WIVES THAN ANY?) Of course! He’s chief! He has any wives he wants—even some not his wives, they love him. (How many wives does chief have?) I have five wives.

24. WHY YOU ASK ME SILLY QUESTION? You are new wife, and you live with Chief and you know all about Chief! You be sure you hide book. We don’t want to have anything to do with books. We don’t like books. We’re afraid of books!

25. (ARE THERE OTHER GYPSIES?) Of course, there are Gypsies everywhere! Always there are Gypsies, because there are always people who don’t like the System! We don’t like Rumania. Rumanians are hotheads! They’re too superstitious! They worship idols and they love the Tzar.

26. (WHO WAS RULER WHEN YOU WERE THERE?) I told you before about Ivan—Ivan of Russia. He ruled Rumania too. (Did you like it in India?) If we like India, we would stay there! We like it, but they don’t like us. (Why?) Because we are Christians.

27. THEY DRIVE US OUT. (Who drives you out?) Kings of India. (Who were they?) The rulers of India! (Were they afraid you would turn the people to Christianity?) They were afraid of everything—afraid of God and demons and idols!

28. WHY YOU ASK SO MANY FUNNY QUESTIONS! (It’s for the children.) Whose children? (Our Children—the Gypsy Children in America.) I have children there? (Yes, many children!) If I have children there, I must have wives there. (Yes.) Why are they not with me? (They care for Children. Someone has to care for Children.)

29. EVERY KING SHOULD HAVE MANY WIVES AND MANY CHILDREN! (Did you wives in Bulgaria get along with each other?) Of course! (Did they love each other?) Of course they love each other!—They love me! (Do you love one best?) I love them all! (No favourites?) Of course I have favourites!—Youngest is always favourite. She is new for awhile till I pick new wife. (Do you get tired of her?) No, not tired. But if she cannot bear more children, I get new wife. I need many children.

30. YOU ASK MANY QUESTIONS, LITTLE GIRL. Who are you going to tell these things? (Gypsy Children in America.) MY children? (Yes.) O.K. Are you sure they’re my children? Why don’t they come to see me? (They want to. You must find them a place.) Um. There are lots of campgrounds.

31. (YOU GYPSIES KNOW JEWS?) Jews? Jews? Who’s Jews? (They come from Israel.) Oh, we know Israel! Our forefathers told us about Israel. (Do they come from there?) Maybe. (You don’t know?) Yes‚ we come from there. I don’t know about Jews though. I don’t know where these Jews come from.

32. LONG TIME AGO my fathers tell me we come from there. We come from there to Persia to India, back to Persia, to Armenia and Russia, and then we move to Rumania‚ Hungary, and Bulgaria. We try to find it (Israel) to go home‚ but it is not possible. We have to go too far, and we find homes other places. Maybe someday.

33. WE COME FROM THERE a long time ago, our fathers say, but I don’t know. We’re free, we’re free! We love Jesus. We can go anywhere. We don’t care. Why should we go back there? (Maybe you help them love Jesus.) If they don’t love Jesus, how can we help them? We meet many people who don’t like Jesus‚ so we just live by ourselves with Jesus.

34. WE TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT JESUS. Didn’t you hear about the Russians and Tzar who love Jesus because we send him missionaries? Turkistan, Armenia. Everywhere we go they hear about Jesus, and about us. Some of them like Jesus and some of them like us.

35. BUT MOST OF THEM HATE US ‘CAUSE THEY HATE JESUS. They kill us and they hate us. So we just move. We have wheels—wagons. We go anywhere we want to. Always moving. We only stay with Jesus. (What do you do?) I don’t work. I’m Chief! Everybody work for me. My wives do the work. I tell them what to do. I tell everybody what to do!

36. (DO YOU TEACH THEM BIBLE?) What is Bible! (Words of God.) You mean tell about Jesus? Yes, of course, we tell everybody about Jesus. I think you ask too many questions! (How can I be youngest wife?) Because you’re not oldest! Because you keep king young! You’re a good wife! You love king. You know just what king likes!

37. (KING GETS WORDS OF GOD to give to the people?) Of course! King is blessed! He’s mouth for God to the people. King is anointed by God or he could not be king! He’s chosen by God to be king. His wives are chosen, to love the king, to minister to the king. Everybody knows that!

38. (HOW DOES GOD PICK THEM?) King pick them, so God pick them, ’cause King’s voice is God’s voice and speaks the words of God! If King chooses you‚ God chooses you. You’re better than wine, Honey, but you’re not as juicy as the bottle! (What did you say in Gypsy language?) Ssh, I’m praying! (I’m going to the bathroom.)

39. KISS GUARDS FOR ME when you go out. Guards have scimitars.-Big sword! Carry on shoulder. Next time you don’t have to give guards such big kiss, or I cut off their heads! Good thing you come back quick, or I cut off more than heads! (Picked up toilet paper and laughed. Felt it, looked at it, and said:) It’s nice, this rag!

40. EARLY ONE MORNING I WAS PRAYING ABOUT THE GYPSIES and Abrahim and wondering who they really are and where they came from and why they always live in tents, wagons and caravans or trailers and are always on the move.

41. I WAS THINKING MAYBE IT WAS THE RESULT OF SOME KIND OF CURSE for past sins like the wandering Jews. But instead, much to my thrilled surprise‚ the Lord immediately spoke to my heart the following passage of Scripture (Jer.35:19).


43. I WAS SHOCKED with exciting amazement, for at once I realised this was God’s answer and meant that the Gypsies were descendants of the famous Bedouin Rechabites of Jeremiah 35! They had promised never to live in houses but in tents or mobile dwellings all their lives forever, so they’re always ready to move to survive!

44. THEREFORE GOD PROMISED TO KEEP AND PROTECT THEM FOREVER KEEP AND PROTECT THEM FOREVER because they’ve kept this vow! Preserving miraculously their culture‚ language, religion, customs and very lives, they have moved from one country to another until now they are now found all over the world by the millions!

45. OUR NEXT SHOCK CAME WHEN WE DISCOVERED THAT THE RECHABITES WERE NOT A JEWISH TRIBE BUT ARABS, descendants of the Midianites who befriended the wandering children of Israel under Moses!

46. SO WE NOW HAVE LEARNED THAT THE GYPSIES ARE ARABS!—They are descendant of Jethro the Midianite, a forefather of the Arabs, and the Kenites, or Canaanite Bedouin smith from Arabah! They were related to the Amalekites and later amalgamated with the Midianites.

47. SOME OF THEM ACTED AS GUIDES FOR THE ISRAELITES on their march from Sinai to Canaan, pitched tents with them at Jericho, and later settled in Judah. They were still friends of the Israelites as late as the times of Saul and David.

48. THEY WERE USUALLY ITINERANT SMITHS OR TINKERS OR MAKERS OF METALWARE, like many Gypsies of today! One of their chiefs, Jonadab, son of Rechab, had made them vow never to live in houses, but to always dwell in tents, to preserve their simple culture‚ mobility and even their very lives! They kept this promise, and therefore God promised them (Jer.35:1-19). that He would preserve them throughout all the ages! And so He has!

49. THEY HAVE KEPT ON THE MOVE EVER SINCE, and have thus always been ready to flee to avoid trouble and annihilation! Through Abrahim we have learned that the Jews later drove them out of Israel into Egypt where they dwelt as Bedouins until captured by the Babylonians as slaves and carried to Babylon with both Jews and Egyptians.

50. IT WAS THEN THEY WERE NICKNAMED “GYPSIES” being from Egypt, even as the Babylonians nicknamed the Israelites “Jews” because they were from Judah! The “Gypsy” Arabs were later released and wandered westward into northern India to which modern historians have traced them as far back as the 700s A.D.!

51. SO OUR BELOVED SPIRIT HELPER, ABRAHIM, IS REALLY AN ARAB!—And that’s how the Gypsies came to be Gypsies and perpetual “Travellers”!

Atlanta–Goddess of Atlantis

David Berg

—MO2-10-74TenerifeGP No. 615

1. WHILE MAKING LOVE THIS MORNING when almost to the point of orgasm I had a very strange experience: A very beautiful woman covered with green scales like a wet suit but no clothes‚ appeared to me to make love to me!

2. MY EXCITEMENT MOUNTED SO THAT I EXPLODED in a tremendous terrific orgasm!—Also while at that point of climax I changed so I was like her! It was so unusual about this woman: She had no tail like a mermaid‚ but she did have two legs. Her hands and her feet were a little like fins‚ but more like webbed fingers. She had big soft round eyes very much like a fish.

3. COULD THIS BE THE GODDESS OR ANGEL OF THE CANARIES? She suddenly gave me such a terrific surge of power that I absolutely exploded! When these goddesses come to me I really want to do it and sock it to ’em! That evening I was thinking about what had happened this morning and I had the question on my heart,

4. “WHO IS SHE?” All of a sudden I saw her swimming in the water out here above what is supposed to be the sunken remains of Atlantis, that she was like the Goddess of Atlantis, and that in a way she is bound to the remains of Atlantis. I even had the question on my heart,

5. “WHY LIKE A FISH?” Is this because Atlantis is sunken and under the water?—And this is the idea I got. Therefore she is also the Goddess of the Canaries, one of the few remaining parts of the Continent still above water!

6. THAT HAS HAPPENED THREE TIMES NOW, just at that real spiritual moment of the orgasm. Just before it happens she has suddenly appeared, made love to me and made me explode in a terrific orgasm of power!

7. THERE WERE FOUR ANGELS THAT WERE BOUND IN THE GREAT RIVER EUPHRATES, according to Revelation 9:24 in the Bible.—Why? It says they were prepared for a certain hour, a certain time, for a certain work. Could this be her hour, her time, to help us with our work? (See Letter No. 614, “The Treasure Ship!”) There must be something to that spiritually‚ because in the Bible spirit beings often took on different forms.

8. SO WHAT MORE SYMBOLIC FORM COULD YOU HAVE FOR A GODDESS OF SUNKEN ATLANTIS AND THE ISLES DEPENDENT ON THE SEA THAN ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A FISH! God’s Spirit fascinates me!—But it also scares me! Now the Orientals believe in a form of metamorphosis, reincarnation, in which your spirit comes back in a different form.

9. SOME GHOSTS AND SPIRITS ARE KNOWN TO BE BOUND TO CERTAIN HOUSES OR PLACES. Maybe certain spirits‚ as a part of their punishments or assignments, are bound to certain places or creatures or animals.

10. DO YOU SUPPOSE THOSE ANIMALS I SAW IN HEAVEN HAD HUMAN SPIRITS OF SOME KIND? (See Letter No.75A, “Space City!”) The only two animals I saw there were the lion and the lamb, nearly always typified as good animals. But swine and dogs are never classified as being very good (Revelation 22:15).

11. ARE SOME PEOPLE GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE HEREAFTER LIKE THE “ANIMALS” THEY WERE WHEN THEY WERE HERE AS HUMAN BEINGS? I remember in the early days of the modern Pentecostal movement that a lot of people who were supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit got down on all fours and barked like dogs—probably with some other kind of evil spirit—temporarily demon-possessed by dog-like spirits! (Revelation 16:13.)

12. “AND I SAW THREE UNCLEAN SPIRITS LIKE FROGS come out of the mouth of the dragon‚ and out of the mouth of the beast‚ and out of the mouth of the false prophet”. Unclean spirits looking like frogs came out of the mouth of the Devil! The propaganda of the Devil was typified by frogs.

13. SO SPIRITS CAN TAKE ON THE FORMS OF OTHER CREATURES. This is true throughout nearly all the fairy tales and legends and religions of the world. Even in the Bible the Devil is shown as a Dragon and the Antichrist is called the Beast and he has horns!

14. SO THERE MUST BE SOMETHING TO METAMORPHOSIS wherein people are actually changed into some other form for some reason, either as a punishment or because that was what they were like. Now those good beasts were in Heaven, they were in Space City, so they couldn’t have been bad. But maybe they were people who just didn’t deserve to be in the same form as the rest of us—or maybe they’re actually animals, I don’t know.

15. COUNTRIES DO HAVE SPIRITS or gods or goddesses.—The Bible says so! (See Dan.10:30.) If she is the Goddess of Atlantis and bound to this remaining area of Atlantis, a sunken country, she was appropriately in the form of a fish!—And a good fish‚ for she has fins and scales!—So she must be good! Praise the Lord! (Lev.11:9.)

16. I WONDER IF THEY COULD HAVE EVER WORSHIPPED FISH AND HAD A FISH GOD—OR GODDESS? (Well, they have now!) I wouldn’t be surprised‚ because they are Islands dependent on the sea. Apparently different countries have different spirits that God has put there to rule them‚ both good and bad, according to what they deserve. That’s in the Bible too. (Dan.7–8; Rev.9-13.) The last part I got when I was asking,

17. “WELL, BUT WHY DOES SHE COME TO ME?” The answer was: “She wants to be loved and wants Me to love her people just like the others”—as though she has come to appeal for her people.

18. WE’VE COME HERE AND IDENTIFIED OURSELVES WITH THE PEOPLE—”BECOME ONE.”—And in making love to her I became the same as she—like her. She was really beautiful! Those big fish eyes, they’re really weird, but beautiful, soft and loving.

19. THAT MUST BE WHY SOME OF THE KIDS SEE SUCH ODD THINGS ON SPIRIT TRIPS. Of course the Devil himself is symbolised as a serpent and a dragon, and in a lot of that old art, devils were depicted as being all kinds of beasts that people don’t like.

20. THE DEVIL WAS TURNED INTO A SNAKE because of what happened in the Garden, part of the curse that was on him. (Genesis 3:14.) We don’t know what form he took before but it was different. He was turned into a serpent—he wasn’t a serpent before.

21. HE WAS CALLED A SERPENT beginning in the Third Chapter, but this was written after the fact. But there was some change that took place, because God said, “From now on you’re going to go on your belly and eat dust!” So God turned the Devil into a snake. Good King Nebuchadnezzar also became like an ox and ate grass seven years! (Dan.4:33.)

22. ALL THROUGH THE FAIRY TALES, LEGENDS, ETC., PEOPLE WERE TURNED INTO DIFFERENT FORMS, some good, some bad. There are four strange beasts who carry the throne of God (Ezekiel 1) and beasts were often used to symbolise heads of state, some good, some bad, etc.

(December 3, 1974, 8:26 in the morning.—David is in the spirit:)

23. I’M IN LOVE WITH A FISH! Such pretty big eyes! Going to have children of a fish! The fishy people. Such big eyes! That’s why she doesn’t have any ears. She just has gills.

24. SHE IS PRETTY! SHE LIKES ME! She looks like a fish, but she’s still pretty. She has such pretty eyes, flirty-fishy eyes! She can stand lots of cold in the water. She’s swimming around out there right now, you know that?

25. SHE LIKES TO STAY CLOSE TO ME when I meet her, because I don’t have any of her children. How come I don’t have any of her children? I’d like to have some of her children.

26. HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SO PRETTY AND LOOK LIKE A FISH?—Such a big mouth! It is for Atlantis, and she wants me to love her little children. Her name is Atlanta—it’s feminine. Atlantis is her land. Jesus bless her, Lord! I love her, Lord! Give me some of her children, Lord!

27. JESUS PRECIOUS JESUS, HELP POOR ATLANTA! Keep her‚ in Jesus’ name. Thank You Lord for making her so strong! She can swim in deep water so cold! She wants me to have her children. Here I plead to You, I appeal to You, I supplicate to You. I ask You for mercy!



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David Berg

—A prophetic Vision of May 2, 1974!—MOGPNO.613

—The Ancient History of the Canaries!

1. WE WERE DISCUSSING THE CANARY ISLANDS, THEIR ORIGIN AND HISTORY‚ wondering how long people had lived here‚ and we remembered that legend had it that the Canaries were the only remaining part of the Lost Continent of Atlantis which was supposed to have sunk beneath the Atlantic Ocean ages ago.—And I was wondering who the people are that live here and how they got here.

2. SUDDENLY I SAW THE SEVEN ISLANDS AS SEVEN MOUNTAINS with many people climbing up the mountains to escape from the sinking continent! Apparently God allowed some to survive and be saved, maybe those who were worthy or believed his warning prophets of Atlantis! Maybe they lived on part of the land that wasn’t as wicked as the rest of it. The Canarians are unusually good people! The Scripture that comes to me is that one about Peleg, the great-great-great grandson of Noah and the great-great-great grandfather of Abraham! (Gen.11.)

3. “IN HIS DAYS WAS THE EARTH DIVIDED”! (Gen.10:25) And I remember hearing the belief before of some Bible scholars, and even today some geologists are claiming that this is true:

4. ONCE NORTH AMERICA WAS JOINED TO EUROPE AND SOUTH AMERICA TO AFRICA. Push North and South America against Europe and Africa and they almost fit! There was at one time some land between them which is now lost in legend as the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

5. SOME BIBLE STUDENTS AND ARCHEOLOGISTS BELIEVE THAT ATLANTIS WAS POSSIBLY THAT LAND-LINK between North and South America and Europe and Africa which sank beneath the Atlantic “in the days when the Earth was divided!”

6. EVEN AS THE LEGENDARY LOST CONTINENT OF MU is said to have once joined North America with Asia on the West‚ but also sank beneath the waves of the Pacific “in the days when the Earth was divided”, so also Atlantis!

7. THIS WAS ONLY 101 YEARS AFTER THE GREAT FLOOD, because Peleg, was one of the descendants of Noah. You’ll find it in Genesis 10:25. He was the great-great-great grandson of Noah‚ and it is said that his name was Peleg, meaning “division”: “For in his days was the Earth divided.”

8. THIS MEANT AN ACTUAL GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISION OF THE EARTH’S SURFACE into separate continents only four generations or exactly 101 years after the Flood! It could be quite possibly due to the flooding and saturation of these continents of Atlantis and Mu during the flood that they sank only 101 years later as a judgement of God because of their wickedness.

9. GOD ALLOWED THEM TO SINK beneath the surface of the Atlantic and Pacific, so that God divided the Earth deliberately into Continents to contain their various peoples to prevent the spread of or to contain this wickedness. The very word “continent” means contained!

10. THIS COULD ALSO EXPLAIN HOW THE AMERICAN INDIANS GOT TO THE AMERICAS easily from Asia, for Alaska would have once been joined to Siberia.—They’re only 60 miles apart now!

11. MADAME M THE GYPSY SAID SHE SAW US GOING TO SOME ISLANDS WHICH WERE ONCE ON THE EDGE OF THE LOST CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS, and the home of a very ancient civilisation. We then had no intention of coming here, but later God so directed by a miraculous vision of the word “Tenerife”! They have a special name here for some of these rare descendants of the original inhabitants, who are still tall‚ blond and noticeably different from their Spanish conquerors: The “Guanches‚” who were here first, long before either Arabs or Spaniards!

12. SO APPARENTLY 101 YEARS AFTER THE FLOOD ATLANTIS DID SINK beneath the waves of the Atlantic‚ and all that remains of it are a few mountains, now small island groups such as Bermuda, the Azores‚ Madeira and the seven mysterious Islands of the Canaries, which are actually seven volcanic mountains now standing on the ocean floor, once part of the ancient Continent of Atlantis! No wonder God sent us to Tenerife to make it the spiritual center of the world!

Treasure Ship

David Berg

—MOFebruary, 1976GP NO.614

—A Dream of Sunken Treasure!—Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.

Your father David loves you very much—I give you seven kisses. Thank You Jesus! Help us, Lord, in Jesus name.

1. IT WAS SUCH A STRANGE DREAM! I keep having it over and over. I know I had it before, but I think this was the first time it’s come to the surface. It’s like it’s been very very deep down in my subconscious and it hasn’t come up to the surface until now.

2. THE STRANGE THING IS THAT IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SOMETHING THAT’S VERY DEEP DOWN. Jesus help me, Jesus help me. I’ll just have to describe it to you as I see it:

3. THERE IS THIS BIG WALL LIKE THE WALL OF AN ANCIENT FORT BY THE SEA on my left, and there is the seashore in front of me and on my right from the foot of the wall.

4. AND OUT AT SOME DISTANCE FROM THE SHORE ON THE BOTTOM THERE IS THIS OLD SHIPWRECK fairly deep down but not too deep, because you can still see light while you’re there, light from above, dim light, while on board‚ but it’s still some light. You know if you go too deep down it’s dark, did you know that?

5. SO WHEN WE’RE DOWN THERE WE MUST NOT BE MORE THAN TWO OR THREE HUNDRED FEET FROM THE SURFACE, maybe one hundred meters down. And the ship has settled upright and fairly level, only a little bit tipped with the bow facing to my right and slightly away from me. The masts and sails all broken and gone long ago.

6. SHE SEEMS TO BE WEDGED BETWEEN SOME ROCKS DOWN THERE. That’s what that was! That’s what that list must have been—that list they’re working on!—It’s a list of the contents of the ship that she and he were working on!—But that’s later—I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

7. THE SHIP ITSELF, MY IMPRESSION IS THAT IT’S NOT MORE THAN TWO OR THREE HUNDRED METERS OFF SHORE, but the water must be fairly deep there. But if I could find that wall of that old fort by the water, I could show you almost the exact angle that it lies offshore on the bottom.—Well, almost the exact angle.

8. I’D SAY IT’S BETWEEN A 30 TO 45 DEGREE ANGLE TO THE RIGHT OF THE WALL or from the wall on my left. The strange thing about this dream is that I have such a strong impression that I’ve had it many times before, but it was so deep down, like it was in some very very deep subconscious part of my being that’s been carrying on this activity for a long time, but it only came to the surface this morning where I can see it and remember it.

9. I’M SOME KIND OF AN OFFICER, A NAVAL OFFICER OF SOME KIND‚ and I’m standing on the shore by the wall, sometimes alone and other times it seems there are other officers there with me. And I can see the wreck out there offshore deep down in the water from where I stand, but I don’t think that’s possible naturally‚ so I must see it in the spirit, or I must be a spirit in the dream.

10. ONLY IT’S A FUNNY THING, IT’S NOT JUST LIKE A DREAM, it’s like something that’s going on continually, because she comes to me every day with her little girl and asks if she can go down and see him. She’s very sweet and very pretty, very intelligent-looking, like she could be British or Spanish, with her long straight brown hair tied in a knot at the back of her neck—very pretty, intelligent face, big eyes, sweet smile.

10a. SHE HAD LITTLE RINGLETS OF CURLS around her forehead and hanging down the sides of her ears, and yet this long brown hair tied in a knot at the back of her neck. She looked like Lord Byron’s mistress, big eyes and brown-blonde, beautiful, sweet mouth smiling!

11. I CAN SEE HER NOW SMILING AND TALKING TO ME, always very polite and courteous asking my permission to go down and see him. She wears a long old-fashioned dress something like the women wore back in the 16th or 17th centuries, very high old-fashioned shoes, bodice very modest, long-sleeved‚ high–necked.—It looks like something the Puritans or the Pilgrims would have worn, but very feminine.

12. AND SHE ALWAYS CARRIES THIS BASKET of some kind of food and things in it for his lunch on her left arm, and is leading the little girl with her right hand, sweet little blonde girl with long blond curls, pretty like her mother, wearing a long old-fashioned dress like her mother, a little girl of about four or five I’d judge, maybe 6.

13. SHE COMES AND SHE CHATS WITH ME A BIT and then gets my permission to go down and see him. I’m wearing a naval uniform of very high rank like a captain or commodore or admiral or something like that—white hat‚ lots of gold braid, blue jacket, gold buttons‚ white trousers—like I’m wearing the tropical uniform of some navy.

14. SHE COMES UP TO ME VERY DEMURELY and speaks to me and shyly asks for my permission to go down to see him. He’s apparently on board the shipwreck with the crew. He is not a very high officer but he’s some kind of like a non-commissioned officer, boatswain or mate or something.

15. HE WEARS A DARK BLUE CAP AND A RATHER ROUGH UNIFORM designed more for work or directing the men, like he’s sort of a foremen of the ship’s crew or something. He’s fairly short and not heavy set but very well built, and I never see him very close up, except like maybe 20 or 30 meters away, when sometimes I follow her down to the ship when it’s getting late, to call to her and tell her her visiting time is up. It’s the strangest thing!

16. IT’S ALMOST AS THOUGH HE AND THE MEN THERE ARE NOW PRISONERS on board the ship, although they’re not actually prisoners, they’re really the crew of the sunken vessel. But for some reason or other they just can’t leave it, I don’t know why. And she has to go down there with her little girl to visit and she’s not allowed to stay‚ only just for a little while, then she has to come back up, almost like the ship is their prison and there are certain visiting hours.

17. I MUST BE A SPIRIT OR IN THE SPIRIT IN THE DREAM, and she, she too must be a spirit‚ because every time she goes down there she walks straight into the water! And when I follow her down to call her to come that her time is up, I go right down into the water too!

18. IT’S AS THOUGH THE UNDERWATER IS NOT MY NATURAL ELEMENT nor my normal sphere of operation and it’s still strange to me and every time I do it I marvel that I’m able to go down there‚ and yet I can actually feel myself breathing‚ as though I can breathe underwater!

19. IT MUST BE THAT MY SPIRIT IS THERE and my consciousness is there when I’m having this experience, and yet my body is here breathing and I can feel it, and yet it is as though I’m amazed that I can breathe underwater! In some way I have some kind of body, I’m in some kind of body, I’m in uniform, yet I have no trouble at all breathing under the water!

20. BUT I DON’T ACTUALLY WALK INTO SEA like on the sand or the rocks and along the bottom, but I just sort of float or drift like a spirit, I’m floating in air or in the sea, but when I’m out of the sea I’m sort of floating too. It’s like when I’m standing on the shore I’m sort of standing on the shore, but when I move I just sort of float whenever I want to go anywhere or any direction.

21. SHE’S BEEN COMING FOR A LONG TIME—the little girl’s grown from a tiny baby when she first came. Where she lives I don’t know, but I’m always either facing the sea or the wall talking to some other officers it seems, and she always comes from behind me on my right from the direction of the shore, the land behind me on the right, and speaking very softly and respectfully from behind she calls my name.

22. SHE CALLS ME “SIR” AND I TURN AND WE SMILE and we talk a few moments and I nod that she can go ahead, and she doesn’t disappear but she goes on into the water and down to the wreck on board the ship. And when I come close to them—sometimes I go down to see what she’s doing—it’s as though I’m a guard watching a visitor visit a prisoner and I’m supposed to keep an eye on them.

23. THEY ALWAYS SEEM VERY HAPPY, laughing and chatting‚ but they’ve been working on something, and this last time—that’s why this particular time must be significant—this last time as I had noticed before, they seemed to be writing or working on something, or I had for some reason thought that they were. The little girl seemed interested too, so I thought maybe they were teaching her how to read and write, ’cause they’re always busy on this paper.

24. IT SHOWS THAT WHEN YOU’RE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU’RE NOT NECESSARILY OMNISCIENT, completely all-wise and knowing everything—you know what I mean? But this time I was rather curious wondering just what were they writing and working on rather excitedly like it was some big project.

25. THEY’RE USUALLY SITTING OUT ON THE DECK like on one of the hatches or along the rail‚ and it’s really pleasant down there, it’s not at all unpleasant. The light’s rather dim, but we all seem to be able to see well down there. And the other men are working around or sitting in groups chatting, some of them even seem to be working on the ship.

26. THEY ALL SEEM TO BE REASONABLY HAPPY like they’re not really suffering or anything, only they’re just confined to the ship, and it’s like they understand it and I understand it and it’s no mystery to anybody, it’s just all taken for granted that this is the way things are and have to be. It’s a little strange to see things floating around and fish swimming around through what normally would be the air, but it doesn’t seem to bother anybody.

27. AND ATLANTA IS OUT THERE BUT IN THE DISTANCE. She just swims slowly around at a distance as though she’s simply observing, making sure everything is as it ought to be, and controlling the sea life in the vicinity as though that’s her realm, she has that authority. But she doesn’t mix or mingle with the people or crew or even come near the ship, she’s just swimming off there at a distance, oh I’d say not ever less than 50 meters away, 100 to 200 feet. (See No.615, “Atlanta”.)

28. BUT THIS TIME WAS VERY SPECIAL and they were all very excited about it and they were sort of laughing and talking loud as though they had really accomplished something. So I was interested in what was going on because there was quite a bit of commotion and excitement on board over this thing they were working on, this list.

29. I REMEMBER THINKING at first, “Well maybe it’s a list of things he wants her to bring him to eat.” (Did you know you can eat in the spirit world?—Jesus did!—Jn.21:12 and Lk.24:41.) But when I came down to look and peered—I guess it was like I was standing there unseen by them from not more than ten feet away—she was the nearest to me and had the list in her hand and was writing very busily. He was just beyond her, and the little girl was playing on the deck‚ but even she seemed to be interested this time.

30. BUT AS I LOOKED AT THE LIST—it was a very long list—I thought, “That’s strange, he couldn’t possibly be making a list that long of things for her to bring him!”—When suddenly it dawned on me that they were working on a long list or inventory of the ship’s cargo! Isn’t that strange? If I close my eyes I can see it yet.

31. THIS TIME THEY SEEMED LIKE THEY WERE SO TRIUMPHANT that they had completed it. And I have the feeling it included the roster of the ship’s crew. They seemed very pleased that they’d finished it.

32. AND JUST THEN THEY SEEMED TO BE CONSCIOUS THAT I WAS WATCHING THEM and she turned to me all smiles and radiant like she had just accomplished a very important task and handed me the list like it was a very important accomplishment and I was supposed to take it to someone to show them‚ like to those other officers on the shore, to report what was on board the ship, who and what, along with the ship’s name, her crew and her cargo!

33. IT MUST HAVE ALSO INCLUDED THE STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED, ’cause they had been working on it for some time. Several times I remember noticing them working on this paper, several sheets of paper like parchment paper. And she handed me this list so radiant and triumphantly, like she’d really accomplished her mission!—And I woke up!

34. BUT I DON’T HAVE THE LIST AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO IT or even why it happened or what for‚ but that’s all.—Just so clear, I can see it yet. Those men looked like British seamen, but you know, it’s hard to tell‚ but they seemed to be speaking English. The couple were—I’m sure they were speaking English—but of course in the spirit you might be able to understand without even knowing the language. A lot of times you get the impression of what’s being said without even knowing or hearing the language or any words‚ so it could have been Spanish.

35. BUT THAT’S ONE OF THE STRANGEST DREAMS I EVER HAD because I have the definite feeling I’ve had it either many times before or I’ve been in the spirit in that situation, that capacity, many times while all this was going on. And it must have taken place over a period of many days‚ over a long time, ’cause the little girl was first just a babe in arms and she used to carry her, sometimes in a little crib like a basket, so it must have been years!

36. BUT THEY COULDN’T HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THAT LIST ALL THAT TIME. Seemed like that was something new, a new idea, a new project that they were going to actually list the ship’s cargo and crew and name and story, ’cause she handed me several sheets of paper, this long list.

37. THE LAST THING I CAN REMEMBER IS LOOKING VERY INTENTLY AT THE TOP SHEET OF PAPER and what was on it. It was very finely inscribed in two columns with a line drawn down the middle of the paper and words written very straight right across the paper. Words were just written in these two columns, two or three words on a line in each column, although the paper wasn’t lined.

38. THE STRANGE IMPRESSION I HAD as I looked at it, for every word or two or three words there was a column, and to the right of that was another word or two or three words, as though it was written in two different languages! In other words, like they wanted to make sure whoever was to get the list understood it.

39. VERY FINE FINE WRITING, the words not more than a quarter-of-an-inch high‚ less than a centimeter, artistically written in script. And I looked at that still wondering what it was when they handed me the list, and it’s funny‚ it still didn’t dawn on me what the list was until I started telling you the dream or the experience or whatever it was. (See paragraph No. 6.)

40. NOW WHY WOULD THEY BE HANDING ME A LIST OF THE SHIP’S CARGO AND CREW AND ALL THAT INFORMATION? I know I had the definite impression that they were very joyful and triumphant about it, like they felt it was going to accomplish something to give me the list to pass on to the authorities, whoever they were—unless that’s some kind of hint or definite revelation to all that there is such a ship out there sunken off shore.

41. BUT I HAVE OR HAD THE FEELING—I don’t know whether I had it then or not, but I think I did—that the reason they were all so happy about it was that somehow this was going to result in the salvation of the ship or its cargo, and somehow or another this would mean the release of its men and its crew!

42. LIKE THEY’D BEEN STAYING THERE GUARDING IT ALL THESE YEARS, but if someone could come and salvage the ship, raise it or its cargo, they’d be released, but that it was their duty to stay there by the ship and take care of it and its cargo until someone found it‚ and then they could go.

43. THAT’S WHY THEY WERE SO HAPPY to have finished this list and to present it to me, because they seemed to think that was going to be the thing that would turn the tide and result in their release, and this is why they’d been working so hard on it‚ as though if we could get somebody interested in the ship’s cargo they would want to come and salvage it and then the crew could leave.

44. NOW YOU DON’T SUPPOSE THINGS LIKE THAT ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, DO YOU? But it was just as real to me as I’m lying here living and breathing!—In fact I was breathing, because I remember taking deep breaths and thinking how wonderful, how amazing this is, I can breathe so well under water!—And she could breathe and they could breathe, we could all breathe so well under water! I even wondered for a little bit if our lungs were particularly adapted to the water.

45. BUT NOW I REALISE WE MUST HAVE ALL BEEN SPIRITS, because she had no trouble getting to the ship, neither did I. We didn’t stumble over rocks and stones and try to tear our way through the seaweed or anything, we just sort of glided down to its level through the water, so it had to be in the spirit.

46. AND YET I COULD FEEL MYSELF BREATHING, and I think that’s what woke me up. I took such a deep breath‚ thinking that’s wonderful to be able to breathe like that, and I heaved a big sigh and it woke me up! Now you don’t suppose that there are some spirits trying to tell us…. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!—She loves your father so much, she gives him seven kisses!

47. IT’S ALL ATLANTA’S DOING! Oh Lord Jesus! Such mysterious things your father doesn’t understand! Jesus, Jesus, help us Lord to understand.

48. IF I COULD FIND THAT WALL, THAT SPOT‚ I KNOW I’D RECOGNIZE IT. I had the definite impression it was right here‚ like out here somewhere on the bay. Must be awfully deep out there. Well‚ why would they have never found it before? It’s awfully rocky too, the shore here is like mountains sticking out of the sea, and down beneath are deep deep valleys.

49. IT WAS JUST LIKE THIS SHIP MUST HAVE BEEN A VERY OLD SHIP because it was a sailing vessel. I told you the masts were broken and sails gone and the uniforms and dresses were very old-fashioned. Now you don’t suppose they let the officers stand on the shore like guards, their spirits, while the crew have to stay on the ship?

50. BUT IF SHE HAD VISITING PRIVILEGES there must have been others who had visiting privileges, so it couldn’t have been all that bad. I even remember thinking, “I wonder if sometimes they make love?” Because I’m not—well, I’m an officer in a way, but I was never an officer of that ship‚ not that I know of.

51. BUT THE WHOLE FEELING WAS that if people just knew what was on that ship they’d come down here and rescue us, then we could be released from our guard duty and we wouldn’t have to stay down here anymore.

52. TIME MUST BE NOTHING IN THAT WORLD. It’s as though a long time really doesn’t bother them, time doesn’t mean anything, it really doesn’t exist. If I ever told anybody this dream they’d think I was mad! But I’m sure it’s right out there, because this is where I always see Atlanta swimming.

53. THE WALL ON THE LEFT and the little indentation on the right look like something maybe down near Punta Brave or somewhere. Any kind of a castle or fort like that would be big enough or important enough that there would be some kind of a road to it so we could find it.

54. YOU KNOW THERE’S SOME KIND OF AN OLD CASTLE OR FORT DOWN ON THE SEASHORE HERE WEST OF TOWN. I think I’ve seen it from one of our taxis, but I don’t think we ever stopped to look at it. But I don’t know whether that’s it‚ ’cause I’d have to see the other side of it the sea side, and we’ve never been that close.

55. BUT THE FUNNY THING ABOUT THE WHOLE THING WAS, I seemed to be more interested in the fact that I could breathe underwater than I was in all these other things that were going on—they just seemed to be in the common course of events.

56. THEY WEREN’T PARTICULARLY UNHAPPY DOWN THERE, but they seemed all excited about this great new plan to interest people in what was down there. It must have been pretty valuable to have survived the sea water this long, and the only thing I can think of that could have, would be some precious metal, gold or silver.

57. YOU KNOW A LOT OF THOSE TREASURE SHIPS FROM LATIN AMERICA USED TO COME THIS WAY. A good name for this would be “Treasure Ship”! If that ship hadn’t been facing away from me I bet I could have told you the name of it. It was just like the ship’s crew was on board and the top officers on the shore.



David Berg

The Guanche Chieftain!—MOGP NO.616October 5, 19774:00 A.M.

—A Tenerife Revelation!

1. (DAVID SINGS IN THE SPIRIT IN A STRANGE TONGUE:) O ta va, O ta va! (And then says: ) I need some music please, Honey. Will you please give me some music? (Maria: What song is that?) (He sings again:)

O ta va, O ta va.

O ta la cas ca ca va.

O ta va, O ta va,

O ta va ca va ca va.

O ca va, O ta va,

O ta va ta la ca va.

O ta va, O ta va,

O ta va la ca ca va.

O ta la‚ O ta va,

O ta ta la va ca va.

O ta va, O ta va,

O ta va a ba la ca va.

2. I SING IT FOR HIM. I sang it for him. I tell you, I sang it for him. (Sings it again:) I sang it for him. I sang it for him. Because he needs it. (Maria: For whom? What’s his name?)

3. IT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED IN THE CAVES IN TENERIFE‚ YOU KNOW? (Maria: But who are you singing it for?) For the Tenerifans. (Maria: You said you are singing it for him.) Yes. (Maria: Who is “him”?) That, that, what‚ uh‚ what did they call’em?

4. (MARIA:THE GUANCHES?) Yes! (Maria: You said, “I sing it for him because he needs it.”) Yes, I do! (Weeps:) I sing it for him‚ I prayed for his soul, you know? (Maria: Who is he? Who is he?)

5. THAT‚ THAT FATHER GUANCHE that I prayed for his soul, and he has so many children now! (Maria: You mean the first Guanche?) Well, one, one of the first Guanches, that Jesus loved so much!

6. (MARIA: AND HE LOVED JESUS?) He never heard about Jesus until I told him. (Maria: But now he knows?) Yes, because he saw us, he saw us. (Maria: And now he receives?) Yes. (Maria: And now he tells his children?) Yes‚ yes.

7. (MARIA: DOES HE TELL THEM ABOUT LOVE AND ABOUT JESUS?) Yes, yes, yes!—And I prayed for him. I’ve been praying him out of hell so he can go to Heaven.—Isn’t that beautiful? (Maria: Yes. Did he go to hell?) Well‚ for a little while he had to go, because he didn’t know Jesus, but now I’ve prayed him out. You know? (Maria: And he’s out now?) Yes, I prayed him out.

8. (MARIA: WHERE IS HE NOW?) With Jesus. (Maria: Is he in Heaven with Jesus?) Yes, he’s praying for all his children in Tenerife, you know? (Maria: Oh, that’s beautiful!)

9. HE’S PRAYING FOR ALL HIS CHILDREN IN TENERIFE. I told you that before. (Weeps.) (Maria: Thank you, Honey!) I told you that, before. I told you that, remember? When I was up in that Cafe and I was so sad. (Maria: Yes.) Don’t you remember? (Yes, I do, in Orotava.) Yes, in that Orotava Bar. That was so sad. (Weeping: ) And I prayed for them, remember? Remember? (Yes.)

10. DO YOU REMEMBER HOW THEIR VOICES CRIED OUT TO ME and said to please help their children? And so I did all I could possibly do to help their children. (Yes, you did.) I’m trying to do all I can to help their children. (You’re still doing it. So now he loves you?) Yes, of course. (Does he know about Davidito too?) Of course! Davidito is one of his children!

11. HE IS SO WONDERFUL! HE’S BEAUTIFUL, HONEY! I wish I could show you a picture of him! (I wish you could too!) He looks a lot like Papa Marcos. (Really?) Yes. (‘Cause Papa Marcos is one of his children?) Yes, of course he’s one of his children! He looks so much like Papa Marcos! (Really?) Yes, only he’s younger looking. Did you know where they come from? (No.)

12. THEY COME FROM THE SCANDINAVIANS. (The Guanches?—That’s why so many of them are blond?) Yes, they come from the Scandinavians. They sailed down to Tenerife in their boats, and then they landed in Tenerife and they loved it! They loved it! And they married the people that were in Tenerife, you know?

13. (THE PEOPLE THAT WERE ALREADY IN TENERIFE FROM ATLANTIS?) Yes. (The ones who had escaped and gone up to the top of the mountains?) Yes. I told you that before.—And they loved the Atlantans. They loved ’em, and they made love to ’em, and they got their children.

14. ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL? (Yes!—But is this man the one who sailed from Scandinavia—or one of the first Guanches?) No, he was a descendant of them. (Oh, where did he come in?)

15. HE WAS A DESCENDANT OF THE SCANDINAVIANS AND THE ATLANTAN GIRLS. He was a descendant. (What made him so special to Jesus?) Because he really tried to be good. (Weeps:) He really really tried to be good (weeps) and Jesus loved him so much!

16. HE SENT ME TO LOVE TAURUG’S CHILDREN IN TENERIFE. He sent me to help save his children in Tenerife. You know? (Yes.) You know, when I was in that bar in Orotava, do you remember? (Yes, I remember.) (Weeps.)

17. THEY CRIED TO ME‚ ASKED ME TO PLEASE SAVE THEIR CHILDREN. (Weeps!) (You have.) Yes, yes, I did, I did‚ I did my best.—Did you read it in the papers? (They’re still being saved, every day, so many of them.) Oh‚ that’s wonderful! I want to go back there, Honey!

18. (WHAT’S HIS NAME‚ HONEY?) I don’t know what his name is. Jesus, Jesus, if You want to give me it, You could give me his name!… Taurug! His name is Taurug! (Thank You Jesus!) Taurug‚ he said his name is T-a-u-r-u-g‚ Taurug. That is his name, Taurug.—Isn’t that good! (Beautiful, thank You Jesus!)

19. TAURUG‚ HE WAS SO HANDSOME, HE LOOKED ALMOST LIKE PAPA MARCOS, but he was younger, and his name was Taurug. (Did he have a whole tribe?) He was a chief! He was a captain, and that’s why he’s so concerned about his children, because he was a chief. And now he wants them to know Jesus. His name is Taurug, did you know that? (Where did he live?)

20. HE LIVED THERE IN THE MOUNTAIN OUT NEAR OROTAVA, and he had a lot of wives and a whole lot of children. And his name was Taurug. You understand me? He lived up there near where they said the dragon lived. The dragon that has fire, you know? (Yes.) His name was Taurug, and he had a lot of wives and a whole lot of children. Isn’t that wonderful?

21. AND HE PRAYED FOR HIS CHILDREN WHEN I WAS IN OROTAVA. They moaned and they moaned and they moaned, they moaned for their children, Taurug and all his wives moaned for their children. You understand me? Taurug, O Taurug‚ I love you!

22. JESUS LOVES THEM SO MUCH! (WEEPS.) HE SENT ME TO TENERIFE TO SAVE THEM. (How many years ago did he live there?) Oh, my God, that was a long long time ago! Don’t you know? (Do you have any idea when?) It was hundreds and hundreds of years ago, because he married the what-do-you-call–thems, the Atlantans.

23. IT WAS HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO!—It’s in the Bible. (It is?) It was in the days of Peleg, when the Earth was divided, and when Atlantis sank into the sea. (Gen. 9:25—101 years after the Great Flood—over 2000 years B.C. See Letter No.613: “Atlantis”.) It was hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.—That’s when Taurug lived. I told you‚ Taurug lived hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

24. BUT HE STILL LOVES HIS CHILDREN. HE WAS A GREAT CHIEF, he was the most important chief on the Island, you know? He was the head of the whole government of the Island of Tenerife. They didn’t call it Tenerife then. (What did they call it?) I’m trying to get it…Oh yes!—They called it after the Mountain, they called it Teide, you know?

25. THEY CALLED IT TEIDE THEN. And Taurug was the ruler, he was the chief of the whole Island‚ you know? For all the people, and that’s (weeps), and that’s why he’s so concerned about his children, you know? Because

26. TAURUG WAS THE HEAD CHIEF OF THE WHOLE ISLAND and he lived in those hills up above Orotava, and they called the whole Island Teide then. (Did they worship the mountain?) No, they didn’t worship the mountain, that’s ridiculous, Honey‚ that’s stupid! (What did they worship?)

27. THEY DIDN’T WORSHIP THE MOUNTAIN, THEY PRAYED TO THE ANGEL THAT LIVES ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN. Don’t you understand? There’s an angel that governs Tenerife, that lives on top of Teide.

28. EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD HAS AN ANGEL, don’t you understand that? That’s in the Bible! There’s a King of Persia, and there’s a King of Media‚ and there’s a King of America and there’s a King of Teide, there are angels who rule everywhere in the whole world.

29. AND THERE WAS A KING OF TEIDE, and Taurug and his people, they didn’t worship him, they just honoured him and respected him, because he is a messenger of God, don’t you understand? But they didn’t know Jesus yet, you know? Oh, you’re so sweet! Are you gonna cry? I want to see you cry for Taurug!

30. BECAUSE TAURUG’S PEOPLE DIDN’T HEAR ABOUT JESUS, AND THEY HAD TO WAIT A LONG TIME TO HEAR ABOUT JESUS. They had to wait until Candelaria came, in order to hear about Jesus, you know? She was black and she was beautiful!

31. AND WHEN CANDELARIA CAME THEY HEARD ABOUT JESUS for the first time. (Did she come from Africa?) Yes. (How did she know about Jesus?) She floated over there. She floated on the water, you know? (She was alive, an actual person, floating?) No, no, no‚ no, no! She was that wooden image, and when she came to Tenerife they found out about Jesus.

32. (HOW DID THEY FIND OUT ABOUT JESUS?) Because there were some priests there then that told them about Jesus. And when this beautiful, beautiful‚ beautiful, beautiful wooden image, all black and all naked, Candelaria—you know, they don’t show her like she really was, because she was black and naked, all black and naked.(So when she came, how did the people hear about Jesus?) Then they believed.

33. (OH, THE PRIESTS CAME AND TOLD THEM, BUT SHE WAS THE SIGN, THE MIRACLE?) Yes, they could not believe, but when they saw her, the Virgin Candelaria‚ then they believed, because, you know they were really Africans. (Who?) The people.

34. (THE ATLANTANS WERE REALLY AFRICANS?) Yes, they were really Africans, you understand what I mean? Because Atlantis joined America and Africa, and so in a way they were really Africans, you understand me?

35. (BECAUSE IT WAS THE PART NEAREST AFRICA THAT FORMED THE SEVEN ISLANDS‚ it was a part of Africa?) Yes! How did you know that? (You told me.) I did? (Uh, huh.)

36. OH‚ TAURUG LOVES YOU! (I love him.) (Weeps: ) He loves you because you brought salvation to his children.—And they put it in the papers, in two papers, you know? So, he loves you so much!

37. YOU’RE THE MOST WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! And Taurug loves you because you’re saving his children. And they’re a long ways down. Great-great-great-great–great-great-great-great–grandchildren! But he loves you because you saved them. (Now maybe the others can be saved, too, like Taurug was.) Yes.

38. (“THE PEOPLE THAT SIT IN DARKNESS HAVE SEEN A GREAT LIGHT.”) (Isa.9:2.) Yes, because I’m going to go to their prison like Jesus did, and preach in the spirit to them in prison when I’m dead. (I Pt.3:19.) When I’m gone, I’m gonna go down there and preach to all those sweet, precious Tenerifans! (Weeps!) Isn’t that wonderful? Because Jesus loves them so much!

39. (WHEN DID CANDELARIA COME?) Oh, that was a long time after Atlantis sank, a long time after the priests came there. Then the missionaries from the church came to Tenerife and tried to convert the people, but they didn’t believe until they saw Candelaria.—And that’s why she’s so important. She’s very black, did you know she’s very black? (Uh, huh.Yes.)

40. (AND WAS ATLANTA THEIR GODDESS?) Yes, Atlanta and Mocumba. (Both of them?) Yes, because they’re angels?) Yes‚ they’re angels, don’t you understand? (One angel that lives in the water off the coast of Tenerife—and one angel that lives on top of Teide, the mountain!

41. DOES MOCUMBA LIVE ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN?) Yes! That’s why she came down and made love to me, Honey, because she’s from Africa. You remember, she’s really black? (Yes, but she lives in Tenerife?) Yes, of course! She lives up on top of Teide, don’t you understand? (See “Mocumba”.)

42. ATLANTA IS THE GODDESS OF THE SEA‚ and she lives in the water, and she’s the Fish Goddess. But Mocumba is the goddess that lives on top of Teide, and the reason they call her the goddess of the sea too is because she came from Africa. Do you understand? (Uh-huh.)

43. DID YOU KNOW THEY WORSHIP HER IN BRASIL? (Yes.) Did you know they have fire dances to her? (Uh-huh, but she actually lives in Tenerife, she doesn’t actually live over in Brasil?) No, they just worship her there. But she lives on top of Teide, and she governs the Island. That’s why it’s so important.

44. IT’S GOING TO BE THE RELIGIOUS CENTER OF THE WHOLE WORLD! (It’s going to be? In the last days?) The Greek prophets said. It already is the religious center of the world.

45. (IS IT GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE THE RELIGIOUS CENTER OF THE WORLD?) Of course‚ until Jesus comes! (Well, what makes it the religious center of the world?) Because God chose it, that’s why!

46. (BUT IS ANYTHING MORE OF SIGNIFICANCE GOING TO HAPPEN IN TENERIFE?) What more can happen? (Well, if it’s going to be the religious center of the world until Jesus comes, there must be something else that’s going to happen.)

47. BECAUSE I’M GOING TO LIVE THERE! (Are you going to go back? Yes, of course, I have to go back there and stand on the mountain, remember?—And tell the people to come and love God and not be afraid, remember? (See NO. 610: “Moses on the Mountain”.)

48. (TAURUG MUST HAVE BEEN VERY STRONG.) Oh, he was beautiful, Honey! He fought with a spear‚ he fought with the people that came from the other countries, he fought all naked, did you know that? (And he defeated them?) Yes. He’s great and young‚ and fought them and defeated them.

49. UNTIL FINALLY (WEEPS) THOSE HORRIBLE BAD PEOPLE CAME AND KILLED HIM, did you know that? (No.—The Northern Africans?) Yes, they finally came and killed him. But he still had a lot of children left in Tenerife.

50. HELP ME TO HELP HIS CHILDREN OF TENERIFE! (Weeps: ) He’s so sweet and he’s so beautiful, big and strong and blond, with curly wavy blond hair and beard.

51. THERE’S NOBODY IN THE WORLD THAT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL AS TAURUG, THE CHIEFTAIN OF HIS PEOPLE! (The most pure of the Guanches are in Orotava?) Well, he lived up there before. (That’s where the spirits cried to you.) That’s why they are so strong.

52. HE LIVED, YOU KNOW ON THAT HILL, THAT BIG HILL THAT GOES UP ABOVE OROTAVA, where your dressmaker was? He lived on the top of that hill, and he ruled the people from there. (How did he rule them?) With the wisdom of God. (Did God speak directly to him?) Of course!

53. HE DIDN’T KNOW JESUS YET, BUT GOD HELPED HIM TO BE A GOOD RULER OVER HIS PEOPLE, do you understand me? Oh, Honey! (Sighs.) (Did he have the people divided into tribes?) He ruled the whole Island with lots of power. (The people loved him?) Oh, they loved him so much! He had so many wives and so many children, and they all loved him so much.

54. (HIS SPIRIT IS STILL THERE?) Oh, yes of course. I already told you—they were all moaning and groaning for their children‚ he and his wives were all moaning and groaning for their children—and their spirit is so strong!

55. THE ENEMIES THINK THEY’VE GOT TO PERSECUTE US TO STOP US, for we’ve really been capturing the whole Island and the whole world, because it’s in the newspapers and in the magazines all over the whole world!

56. THEY’RE JUST A LITTLE SMALL MINORITY‚ YOU KNOW, LIKE THE SCRIBES AND THE PHARISEES THAT KILLED JESUS. But they can’t stop it. You read it in the Bible, didn’t you? (Yes.) They didn’t stop it did they? (No!)

57. AND THEN THOSE PEOPLE THERE ARE GOING TO BE LIKE THE DISCIPLES, BECAUSE THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL AND SO STRONG! (Avant-garde?) Yes. They’re gonna be like the disciples, like Paul and like Matthew, and Mark, and Luke, and John, and Peter and all the other disciples.

58. (THEY’RE GOING TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD?) Yes! They’re already going into all the world!—In the newspapers and the magazines, didn’t you hear about it? (Yes.)

59. (THEY’RE GONNA BE LIKE DAVIDITO SINGS: “STAND UP, STAND UP FOR JESUS, YE SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS! Lift high His royal banner‚ it must not suffer loss! From victory unto victory His Army shall He lead, ‘Til every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed!” That’s his favorite song.)

60. YES, HE’S GONNA BE A LEADER OF HIS PEOPLE, BECAUSE HE’S A TENERIFAN, you know? ‘Cause he was born there, and they’re gonna love him and he’s going to lead them. (Because he’s your son, too.) Yes. You gave birth to the most wonderful little boy in the whole world!—You gave birth to him! You’re going to cry?

61. (AND THEY’LL LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE’S YOUR SON.) Yes, and they’re going to love him because he’s your son too. Because they all love you there, all those to whom you showed love, they all love you.—For some, you were their very first love! (I loved them, I loved them!)

62. AND WHEN THE BIG VOLCANO EXPLODES AND THERE’S A BIG WAR, I’M GONNA STAND ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN and raise my staff, you know that olive-wood cane? I’m gonna raise that up and tell them to come and not be afraid—if they’ll just pray‚ Jesus will save them. Isn’t that wonderful?

63. (THE VOLCANO IN TENERIFE AND THE WAR IN EUROPE?) Yes. (Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!) Do you remember when I saw three streams of lava? (Yes.) Probably because of those big atomic bomb explosions. That’s probably what’s gonna set it off, you know? (Oh, in Europe.) Yes, probably that’s what’s gonna make it go.

64. (SO ANYBODY THAT CALLS OUT AND PRAYS TO JESUS TO SAVE THEM WILL BE SAVED FROM THE VOLCANO?) Of course! All Jesus’ people are gonna be saved, of course. He’s not gonna let them perish. Jesus’ people are gonna be saved. He just blew up the volcano to destroy our wicked enemies! Our wicked, wicked, wicked enemies, like that________ in Orotava!

65. ONE OF THE STREAMS CAME THROUGH OROTAVA, REMEMBER? Came right down through Orotava! There must be gonna be a fissure open up above Orotava.

66. DID YOU KNOW THAT TAURUG IS UP THERE? And he’s gonna open up the earth and blast them! Because he loves me and he hates our enemies! He’s living up there in that mountain, you know? He’s gonna go BOOM!—like that‚ and open up the mountain and let the fire out, to come down and devour them!

67. BECAUSE HE LOVES ME AND HE KNOWS I’M SAVING HIS CHILDREN, and he hates all of our enemies. He’s gonna split the top, he’s gonna blow his top! That’s the truth, that’s gonna happen. You wait and see! (I believe you!) You wait and see, it’s gonna happen!

68. TAURUG IS FINALLY GONNA BLOW HIS TOP! ‘Cause he’s still living up there. That’s why I could hear him, you know! When I was up there in the bar, that’s why I could hear him. Isn’t that wonderful? (Yes!) Taurug is gonna blow his top, and with a whole river of fire down there destroy all the enemies of love!

69. BUT GOD IS GONNA SAVE HIS OWN‚ our friends there, the friends of God’s love and the Family of Love!—So they don’t have to worry. God always takes care of His own!

70. BUT OUR ENEMIES HAD BETTER WORRY‚ ’cause God is gonna get’em! Taurug’s gonna blow his top and destroy ’em! So they’d better repent and love God and His Family of Love or they’re gonna be sorry!—Do you love us?

Elixir of Love, The

David Berg

—By Father David20-1-76MO—GP—NO.677

—A Dream or Vision of Heavenly Things!

1. PLEASE DON’T LET ME FORGET TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ELIXIR! (Maria: Oh, please tell me now!) It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful! So beautiful! So wonderful! Came down from Heaven. (Maria, when David says nothing more: What?) Came down like rain.

2. I CAUGHT SOME IN MY HANDS AND THEN THEY COULD HEAL ANYTHING! (Who?) My hands.—Hearts or minds or bodies or anything! They could even create gold and stop accidents and stop arguments or conflicts.

3. NOTHING COULD RESIST THE ELIXIR OF GOD! So beautiful! Whatever it touched it changed. But I can’t remember it all, I tried and tried but I can’t remember. The Elixir hit my stomach. I had a big stomach-ache and it hit it and soothed it all away. (Do you collect it?)

4. I CAUGHT IT, IN THE PALMS OF MY HANDS and I could do almost anything with it. It did everything—it could even stop wars and bring peace!—Marvelous! Nothing like it! So wonderful! It brings life when there’s death.

5. I WAS DYING AND IT REVIVED ME. My throat was rattling and it healed me. Just kept pushing. I just kept pushing. Pushing it against them. (Maria: Against whom?) And it stopped them. They couldn’t resist the Elixir!

6. NOTHING COULD RESIST THE ELIXIR, the most powerful thing in the whole world! (Who did you push it against?) The little people of the village. The little people of the village. They didn’t know it. They didn’t understand it. (Maria: But did they like it?)

7. THEY THINK IT’S US. Some of them like it and some of them it frightens. They’re afraid. (Why are they afraid?) ‘Cause it’s so powerful! (What else?) I tried, but I can’t remember. Oh‚ I put it in a cup! (Maria: And what happened to it then?) Sssh! Honey Baby, I need to go to sleep.

8. IT COULD EVEN STOP THE WIND!—Big cyclone it even stopped. So powerful! I just bathed my hands in it and my hands could do anything—heal people, anything! Even stop the wind! (Maria: Did you use it then?) Of course! (But when it was all used up, how did you get more?) It didn’t.

9. ONCE MY HANDS WERE ALL BATHED IN IT, IT DIDN’T WEAR OFF, I don’t think. I can’t remember. (What did you do with what you put in the cup?) Saved it to bathe their hands so they could do it too. Honey Baby, I’m so tired. I can’t remember. I’ll tell you tomorrow. There were all kinds of things, but I can’t remember. (Maria: Did it do anything for the old man?)

10. THE ELIXIR CAN DO ANYTHING! It’s like love—the power of love! Like nothing can resist it. It’s wonderful! So beautiful, so wonderful! Whatever it touched it changed. It changed everything. Oh, it’s so beautiful! Never saw anything like it!

11. (MARIA: AND YOU CAN GIVE IT TO WHOMEVER YOU WANT TO?) Uh huh!—Whoever wants it. Whoever receives it. But it doesn’t do anything for people who don’t want it. So beautiful! Never saw anything like it! Thank You Jesus! Oh, thank you Jesus! Makes me feel so good! It’s just wonderful! (David sleeps again, but Maria asks: What else does it do?)

12. TURNED EVERYTHING, CHANGED EVERYTHING. Only you woke me up. I was asleep. Healed every disease, cleansed every stain. It’s all-powerful! In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank You Jesus! I love you, Sweetheart.

13. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CATCH IT AND WASH YOUR HANDS IN IT AND IT’LL DO ANYTHING.—Anything! Can push anything. It even stops accidents! You pour it on the front of vehicles and they can’t run into anything.

14. IT’S MARVELOUS! IT’S WONDERFUL! You don’t know how wonderful it is! Don’t make me cry. I want to go to sleep. (Why are you crying?) ‘Cause it’s so wonderful‚ so beautiful! Thank you Jesus!

15. (HOW CAN YOU GET IT?) Just catch it, receive it. Why won’t they listen? (Listen for what?)

16. WHY DON’T THEY WANT ANY WHEN IT CAN DO SO MUCH FOR THEM? (Who?) Those people. Those people who don’t want it. Those bad people. (Did you offer it to them?) Of course. But they just pound on it and pound on it. So it goes away. (I thought it was on your hands.)

17. IT’S EVERYWHERE. All kinds of places—on lots of people’s hands that love Jesus. The others don’t like it. Wherever they see it they pound on it. It flows. You know, Honey. You’ve seen it. It flows.

18. DON’T YOU REMEMBER? Oh, I was asleep again and you woke me up. They don’t like it. They pound on it. It heals anything‚ mends anything, creates anything—it’s all-powerful.

19. IT EVEN CREATES LIFE! (How does it do that?) The power of God‚ of course. The power of God and His Love. (Can it bring the dead back to life?) It can even fix watches that stop.

20. URI (GELLAR) CAN STOP WATCHES, BUT I CAN MAKE THEM GOOD! He breaks and bends things, but I make them right. ‘Cause that’s not right. That’s bad to break and bend things. It’s much better to make them good.

21. (WHEN DO YOU USE IT?) Oh, Sweetheart!—I was asleep. I’m so tired and sleepy. Why can’t you let me sleep? All the time, whenever somebody needs it. Why don’t you just look and see? Oh, it’s so wonderful! Can’t you see it rolling along?

22. IT JUST ROLLS OVER EVERYTHING LIKE A FLOOD! (And some people push it and it goes away?) If they don’t want it. So tired‚ Honey. You can even shorten time! It can shorten time and space. (Do you use it to shorten time?) Of course. Whatever you need.

23. (HAVE YOU USED IT TO STOP ACCIDENTS?) Yes. We poured it on the bumpers and it didn’t bump anymore. (Did you use it to create life?) I don’t know, but some people did.

24. I TRIED SO HARD TO POUR IT OVER HIM‚ BUT HE DIDN’T WANT IT. (Who?) You know. (Carlos?) Sssh! I don’t remember. If you’d just be quiet I could go to sleep but you keep making all those noises. I love you. I love you anyway.

25. IT CAN TRANSPORT YOU THROUGH TIME AND SPACE. Once you have it‚ you can go anywhere in the spirit. It’s wonderful! You know that? I’ve got it. You have it. (Do you use it a lot?) I use it as much as I can.

26. I’VE CHANGED A LOT OF PEOPLE—LOTS OF THINGS. Don’t you remember? And I’ve taken lots of trips. And it’s created lots of money‚ lots of new life and lots of new people and healed lots of minds and hearts and bodies and hands and heads and everything! You know, Baby, you know that.

27. (HAVE YOU STOPPED THE WIND?) Of course. (When?) You can stop it any time. Just put up your hand. So wonderful. Good night, Honey Baby. I love You‚ Jesus. (David sleeps, then awakens:)

28. THAT’S RIGHT! WHAT HE’S TELLING ALL THE GIRLS at the children’s school. He’s right ’cause he’s saying the right things. Anyone that has the Elixir can give them all the net. (What’s the net?) The Elixir net. (What’s an Elixir net?) Oh, Honey, you’re so dumb! I’m so tired.

29. (WHAT’S AN ELIXIR NET?) The one you catch with, with your hands! What’s the matter with us that we don’t do more? Didn’t you hear me rattling? (When?) When I’m dying. But the Elixir saves me every time. (Sleeps again, then awakens:)

30. I’M LIKE A CONDUCTOR. I’m like a big heavy cable. (And what do you do?) (David has dozed off again, but Maria asks: And what do you do?—And David stirs in his sleep and says:) I do my log. (He sleeps again but wakes minutes later:) What are your eyes doing open. Honey? You can see more with them shut, so much more! (He sleeps.) (Later David comments.)

31. SEEMS LIKE I SAW IT MORE LIKE A GENTLE MIST ROLLING ALONG—LIKE A CLOUD. It’s gentle, but nothing can stop it. Just like a mist or cloud does—you can’t resist it. I saw all these things happening, putting pieces back together and mending things.

32. IT MUST MEAN YOU CAN POUR THE SPIRIT OF GOD ON THE BUMPERS BY PRAYER. People used to pray: Cover us with Thy blood, Lord. But I never could see how they could pray that. But this makes more sense—being covered by His Spirit.

33. I’M SURE THE LORD HAS PREVENTED A LOT OF ACCIDENTS. That coming down like rain is like an outpouring of His Spirit. That’s all the things that His Spirit does or can do. The Spirit is Love! It’s God, and God is Love! Do you have His Elixir of Love?!—It can do miracles! Would you like some?—There’s lots more where this came from!—Write to us!:

(Please enclose a gift to cover costs. Thanks!)

Another Holy Ghost Story

David Berg

—Father David9-11-77MO—DFO—No.679

(c) By The Family of Love, March, 1978, C.P. 748,00100 Rome, Italia.

1. (MARIA: DID YOU EVER HEAR OF THE TIME DAD DIED AND SAT UP HALFWAY OUT OF HIS BODY and half way in his body and Dr. Koger came?) I’ve told that story so many times! You know‚ I didn’t realise we never put that in a Letter. Well, I really should tell the background of the story and why it happened.

2. DR. KOGER WAS A VERY PROMINENT MAN, A MIAMI PHYSICIAN, very wealthy as well. He had a gorgeous home in Coral Gables and I think he was very much in love with my mother, certainly a great admirer of hers at least. She won him to the Lord and he became Chairman of the Board of her big church.

3. HE’S THE ONE I’VE TOLD YOU ABOUT SO MANY TIMES HOW AFTER HE GOT SAVED HE VIRTUALLY ABANDONED MEDICINE, although he was a graduate M.D., and he went to naturopathy and more healthful diet‚ herbs and stuff like that. That’s who I learned so much from along that line. He was a great health fiend and an authority on all kinds of herbs and natural health foods and so on.

4. AFTER HE GOT SAVED, INSTEAD OF WRITING PRESCRIPTIONS FOR MEDICINES, HE WOULD WRITE SCRIPTURE VERSES on the prescription blanks. He knew good and well the medicines weren’t going to do them any good anyway.

5. SO THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH THREATENED TO FIRE HIM and take away his credentials. They said he was not practicing proper medicine. Some of his patients complained, can you imagine, because instead of giving them a prescription he gave them a Scripture verse!

6. HE SAID, “WELL‚ THE MEDICINE WON’T DO YOU ANY GOOD and this verse will do you a lot more good!” So they had him up before the Health Board and were going to retire him. But when he came for the hearing, the foyer and the steps and the lobby of the courthouse were packed with thousand of people protesting his being fired!

7. THEY GAVE UP THE WHOLE CASE BECAUSE THE PEOPLE LOVED HIM SO MUCH. The people really loved him‚ especially the poor. He had his private practice amongst the rich in Miami Beach and the Islands and environs, but he devoted part of his time to practicing right down in coloured town with poor people, which he did for free.

8. HE WAS ABOUT AS NEAR TO BEING A SAINT AS ANY PERSON I THINK I EVER KNEW: What I’d call a real saint‚ a very good man, always unselfish, sacrificial, thinking of others, always witnessing, always winning souls.

9. HE’D HARDLY EVER COME TO SEE US ANY DAY THAT HE HADN’T ALREADY WITNESSED TO SOMEBODY or won a soul to the Lord, personal evangelism. This was before that sort of thing was even very well known, or very well pushed by the churches.—Personal evangelism was almost unheard of‚ that’s what you paid the preacher for! So anyway, he was a great man, a wonderful man‚ he just served others all the time and just burned himself out for love.

10. THE FUNNY THING ABOUT DR. KOGER, HE DIDN’T HAVE TO BE IN HEAVEN TO BE ALL DRESSED IN WHITE—HE ALWAYS WAS!—Everything! Never wore a hat, but he always wore a white Palm Beach suit, white stockings, white shoes, white shirt—the only colour he had was this flowery tropical tie, he always wore these beautiful ties. Immaculate dresser, handsome‚ black wavy hair and the most gorgeous black mustache, really a fine-looking fellow as well as a fine fellow, and I really loved him.

11. AFTER MY FATHER LEFT MY MOTHER AND WENT TO CALIFORNIA TO LIVE WITH HIS SISTER, HE WAS PRACTICALLY A FATHER TO ME‚ and a good father. I was a young teenager, 9th grade, and he was very good in his handling of a difficult young teenager. I wasn’t too difficult I guess.

12. ANYWAY‚ SOMETIMES HE DIDN’T THINK I TREATED MY MOTHER LIKE I SHOULD‚ because he was so respectful of her, and I would argue or disagree with her. And the worst thing he would do—

13. HE NEVER LAID A FINGER ON ME, BUT HE WOULD JUST CRY, and oh me, that would break my heart! If I’d say something sharp to my mother or do something wrong, I’d look over at him and there would be the tears. He was so tenderhearted!

14. I THINK MY MOTHER REALLY LOVED HIM TOO. But of course they weren’t as free in those days as we are today, although he used to come see her everyday. He used to give her massages every night.

15. SO THEN WE LEFT MIAMI TO GO TO CALIFORNIA so I could continue my education. I don’t know what for, but people seemed to think you needed an education in those days and Miami didn’t have much to offer then.

16. AND HE DIED OF A BROKEN HEART ABOUT A YEAR AFTER WE LEFT—that’s what my uncle said anyway. He had coronary thrombosis, and died of a heart attack. I’m giving you the whole background.—Why he was so important and why he was so dear to us and why he should be the one who came for me.

17. SO I FINISHED MY HIGH SCHOOL AND THEN TRAVELLED WITH MY MOTHER for several years in evangelistic work, got married, and started having children. When the third one was coming, my mother said, “No more evangelistic work for you! You can’t haul a whole bunch of little kids around on the road!”

18. SO I WENT BACK TO COLLEGE, AND SOON GOT MY FIRST LITTLE MISSIONARY PASTORATE out in the middle of the Arizona desert and built that church from which they threw me out. Then I went to schoolteaching for about 3 years and finally we got into the Soul Clinic with Fred Jordan.

19. BY THIS TIME EVE HAD GOTTEN THE KIDS ORGANISED AND SINGING and playing their little ukuleles and all. They were really performing and were quite a hit on the streets and in restaurants or wherever they went.

20. MY MOTHER WAS JUST ASTONISHED, after she’d thrown us out for having so many kids! But now she saw what an attraction they would be in some of her meetings. So she promptly invited us to join her for her next meeting in New Kensington‚ Pennsylvania.

21. AT THE END OF THE MEETING IN OCTOBER‚ 1953, I WAS PRAYING WHETHER WE SHOULD GO WITH MOTHER TO MIAMI. She said, “Come on, we’ll take a month off, a vacation, and we’ll have a meeting in December. We’ll take a month off down there and renew old friends.”

22. IT SOUNDED GOOD. I always loved Miami and the beach and swimming, and the kids were crazy about it and were raring and ready to go. But I always wanted to make sure I was in the Lord’s will. So I had been praying for the Lord’s will and went to sleep.

23. IT WAS THE CLOSING NIGHT OF THE MEETING AND NOW WE REALLY HAD TO MAKE OUR DECISION, whether we were going to go with my mother for another meeting in Florida or not. And going back to church for just this one meeting got me so sick of the churches that I really didn’t feel like it!—And to go to Miami‚ that’s one of the hardest fields in the whole world!

24. BUT THAT NIGHT, DURING THE NIGHT‚ I HAD THIS DREAM. I realise now that I apparently was getting revelations then but I didn’t really understand it. But I had this dream and I knew it was from the Lord.

25. THE LORD SHOWED ME THAT WE SHOULD GO WITH MY MOTHER and hold the meeting, but then He wanted me to establish a Soul Clinic Missionary School there, to send missionaries to the Caribbean and the Latin American countries from there. It just all unfolded beautifully!

26. MIAMI WAS AN IDEAL PLACE FOR A MISSIONARY BASE FOR THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA. It was the gateway to Latin America. The Lord showed me that it would be the ideal place to have a Soul Clinic School to train missionaries. It was a beautiful dream, just like a picture!

27. BUT THEN I WOKE UP AND GOT TO THINKING ABOUT IT. If you’re really in tune with the Lord and you love the Lord and you’re filled with the Spirit, and you’re really seeking His will‚ usually your first reaction is the right one. God speaks first, then He lets the Devil talk to you to test your faith. And the minute I woke I got to thinking:

28. “LORD, THAT’S A GREAT IDEA! SOMEBODY REALLY OUGHT TO DO THAT, BUT YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG GUY! I don’t know a thing about running a Soul Clinic School. I taught school but I never had the responsibility of promoting anything like that!

29. “IT TAKES MONEY‚ YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE BUILDINGS and you’ve got to have advertising. You’ve got to have a radio or TV show like Fred Jordan, or something, you know!” Jordan had the only Soul Clinic School there was then. So I said:

30. “LORD, TO GET THAT JOB DONE YOU OUGHT TO GET SOME REAL FLASHY KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT PERSONALITY. You need somebody like that to go down there and push it and promote it and maybe get the churches to support it!”—Which shows you how far behind the times I was then! When we finally went at it with nobody but God behind us and strictly by faith, the Lord never failed us. But I said,

31. “LORD, I DON’T KNOW A THING ABOUT THAT, I’M NOT THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB! I’m too shy and timid and I don’t think I could ever run anything that big. Lord, I’m living in this 18-foot trailer, a family of six with four kids, how in the world could I ever have a school?

32. “WHERE AM I GOING TO GET THAT MUCH FAITH for enough money to run a school that would cost probably several thousand dollars a month? I’m doing well now if I make $100 a month or even get just my food!”

33. THE LORD TRIED TO ENCOURAGE ME, BUT I SAID, “NO, NO‚ I’LL TELL YOU WHAT I’LL DO LORD, I’LL WRITE FRED JORDAN to send his right hand man down there, he’s just the man for the job. It’s a great idea, I’ll sell Fred on the idea‚ and I’ll get them to do it. Fred can do it, he’s got money, he can finance it, he can support it‚ and can promote it and he can advertise it and he can go down and rent the buildings and he can send the students and they can do the job.

34. “NOT ME, LORD, NOT ME! I KNOW MIAMI‚ I know what a tough town that is! I love it, it’s a beautiful wonderful climate, my favourite place to live, I love the beaches and swimming” (I even loved the Jews in those days!), “but I don’t want to get involved in that kind of thing down there.

35. “NO LORD, YOU GET SOMEBODY ELSE, NOT ME! I don’t mind going down with my Mother for a meeting but I’m not going to try any big project like that, I am not the man for the job!” It was like that old Negro poem:

“De Lawd had a job fo’ me

But I had so much to do

I said, ‘You get somebody else,

Or wait till I get through!’

I don’ know how de Lawd come out,

But He seemed to get along

But I felt kinda sneakin’ like

‘Cause I knowed I’d done Him wrong.

One day I needed de Lawd‚

And I needed Him right away!

But ‘way down in my accusin’ heart

I could hear Him say:

‘I’m sorry‚ Boy, I’s got too much to do!

You get somebody else

Or wait till I gets through!’

Now when de Lawd has a job fo’ me

Ah never tries to shirk,

Ah lays down what I has on hand

An’ I does de good Lawd’s work!”

36. SO I ROLLED OVER AFTER I SAID NO TO GOD AND WENT TO SLEEP. Now I really don’t know whether I dreamed it or whether it actually happened, but it was just as real to me as you sitting right there right this minute! I think maybe it really happened!

37. THE NEXT THING I KNEW I WAS SITTING UP IN BED, BUT MY BODY WAS LYING IN THE BED behind me! I was sitting half in it and half out of it, and my first feeling was “Ah‚ this is great! I feel light as a feather, I never felt so good! I don’t feel heavy anymore!” I felt like I could just give a little shove and I’d just float right off! At first I felt great, then all of a sudden I thought!:

38. “IF I’M DEAD, THAT MEANS NOW I’VE GOT TO GO FACE THE LORD, AND I JUST SAID NO TO THE LORD!” And I mean that really scared me, thinking about facing the Lord, having just refused to do what He told me to do!

39. THAT ROOM WAS ONLY ABOUT 8 FEET LONG and I was sleeping in the corner of the room on a couch that you folded down to make a bed at night.

40. AND JUST THAT MINUTE IN THE OTHER CORNER OF THE ROOM STOOD DR. KOGER!—Just as plain as day! He still had his white suit on, not a white robe, and he looked just like he always looked, exactly! He was standing there in the room just as plain as day‚ just as plain as I can see you right now!

41. DR. KOGER LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HE DID WHEN HE WAS IN HIS PRIME in the early days in Miami when I was a kid, when he was his most magnificent. He looked in his 40s, in his prime, not as I knew him at the time of his death when he had grown old and was in his 70s.Oh, he was handsome, so handsome!

42. AND HE WAS LOOKING AT ME WITH THAT LOOK, AND I JUST KNEW HE WAS GOING TO START TO CRY, like he was ashamed of me! He never had to say a word, he never said one word, but

43. I KNEW HAD COME TO GET ME! And he was taking me where I figured I was going to have to face the Lord and give an account of things! And right after saying no to the Lord I was really scared. He loved me‚ but I knew he was ashamed of me. He’d come for me to take me, but he was ashamed to!

44. AND I’LL TELL YOU‚ I THINK I NEVER FELT SO CHEAP IN MY WHOLE LIFE! I never felt so little and so mean and so horrible to think that I’d refused the Lord and now I had died and I had to go face the Lord!

45. IT WAS BAD ENOUGH TO FACE DR. KOGER, to me he was just like the next thing to God Himself, and to see him with that kind of reproachful sad expression on his face‚ like I’d really failed God. I never said words out loud but I was thinking‚

46. “OH MY GOD, LORD, I’M SORRY! LORD, IF ONLY THERE WAS SOME WAY I COULD GET BACK! If only I had another chance!”—Right away, just like that, I woke up instantly and I was lying in the bed just like I’d gone to sleep! I said, “Okay Lord, I’m on my way!”—And we left for Miami the next day!

47. OF ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE I KNEW‚ DR. KOGER WAS THE NEAREST AND DEAREST and closest relative, you might say, of anybody I knew, and that’s who came for me! God couldn’t have chosen anybody I knew better or loved more or would have felt more at ease with. Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you!:

48. AT FIRST I WAS SO SCARED‚ I thought, “Oh my God I’m dead and I’ve got to go face the Lord after telling Him no!”

49. THEN I SAW DR.KOGER!, My first feeling was, “Oh thank God, what a relief! Dr. Koger’s come for me‚ so at least I know I’m headed for the right place!”

50. BUT WHEN I SAW THE EXPRESSION ON HIS FACE I thought, “Oh my! I think I’d almost rather go to Hell, I really do, than to have to go face the Lord now!”

51. I WAS SO ASHAMED! I understand now what that Scripture means: “And some shall awake to shame everlasting contempt!” (Dan.12:2.)

52. I’LL TELL YOU, I WOULD HAVE BEEN CERTAINLY ASHAMED AND FELT DESERVING CONTEMPT if I’d had to go face whoever the judge was right then‚ to give an account of myself right after I’d just said a flat no to the Lord! “No, I will not do it, it’s too hard a job, I don’t think I could do it.”

53. WE TOOK OFF FOR MIAMI THE NEXT DAY!—Just living and travelling by faith and trusting the Lord. I think I left with $30 in my pocket, but by the time we got to Miami we had $300!

54. AND WE HAD OUR SCHOOL, THANK YOU LORD! We built it up to where we had a staff of ten, and forty students. And we sent 38 missionaries to seven different countries and helped all kinds of other missionaries coming through there, some of whose works are still going! Everything the Lord had showed me in that dream that night came true‚ the whole thing!

55. THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS AMAZING SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES I EVER HAD! I DIED! So there it is! That’s what happened and that’s what Dr. Koger had to do with it. Dr. Koger practically scared me into it! The first time I ever met a real ghost‚ a genuine spook!—PTL!

56. HAVE YOU EVER MET A REAL GHOST? It’s quite an experience! Tell us about it and we’ll tell you more, God willing. God bless you!—Love,—Dad.

Imperial Princess, The

David Berg

DO 12613/5/82

—The Royal Goddess of China!

1. (LOVEMAKING & THEN TONGUES:) (MARIA: CAN YOU THINK OF WHAT THAT WAS?) Yes! TYJ! Amen, TYL! Amen‚ TYJ! He went on & on about it: “They’ll be Chinese, give me Chinese children‚ I want Chinese children! Come! Come meet with me & give me Chinese children! Give me strength, give me children, work in me!” He kept saying, “Work with me, you gotta work harder, come, come! Give me children!” PYJ! TYL! “Come! Come! Work! Work! Harder! Harder!” He kept eggin’ her on to work harder!

2. ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU WERE CHINESE, HONEY! I had to open my eyes again to make sure you were still there!—A beautiful Chinese goddess! Hallelujah! TYL! Wow! She was really after it, Honey! (Maria: TYL!) She really inspired you, Honey, did you feel it? (Maria: Yes!) Mmmmm! “Come! Come! Give me children! Give me Chinese children! Come! Work! Meet with me!”

3. ISN’T THAT STRANGE?—”MEET WITH ME!” I wonder if that’s their expression for sex or fucking? (Maria: I don’t know.) “Meet with me! Meet me!” You were sure meetin’‚ Honey! You were meetin’ my meat! Hmmm! That was quite a meetin’! Hmmm! We had a hallelujah time! It was a holy roller, rock’n’roll! I’m gonna rock & roll till I fill your soul!

4. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS SAYING, “I AM, I AM! I’M TRYING HARD, I’M DOING MY BEST! I’m working hard.—You come to me!”—& I did! She really worked hard there at the last, Honey! Could you feel her? Did you feel any inspiration? She was a beautiful Chinese goddess with long earrings & a beautiful Chinese hairdo. I didn’t know they ever wore those big fancy combs, I thought just the Spanish & the Japanese wore those, but she was really working hard, working my hard!—XXXX!—& it worked!

5. I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT AT ALL, I WASN’T EVEN ASKING FOR IT! I never dreamed we were going to get a Goddess today, but I guess it was her turn! Abrahim sort of growls & goes, brrum, brrum! He trills, he trilled like a motor! Sort of sounds like somebody revvin’ a motor. You were sure revvin’ my motor! Mmm! Did it rev your motor? (Maria: Yes!) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Maria: Amen! Sure did!) Well, it sure revved her motor anyway, she really exploded, & that’s when I exploded!

6. WASN’T THAT AMAZING? THOSE ARE THE MOST AMAZING KINDS OF EXPERIENCES!—YOU TURNED INTO A BEAUTIFUL CHINESE GODDESS! She was all made-up like an Imperial Princess out of the Royal Court with all these beautiful head decorations & make-up. Do the Chinese wear make-up? I know the Japanese do. It’s funny, I can remember seeing lots of Japanese girls, Geisha girls, & all made up in movies, but you hardly ever see anything about the ancient Chinese in the American movies. Maybe just Chinese movies, huh? I’ll have to go to that Cultural Show & see what they look like. Chinese girls are made up for dancing, you know?

7. SHE HAD ON A BEAUTIFUL HEADDRESS, NOT TOO BIG, SMALL, MORE LIKE A CROWN, a little crown like a tiara, a comb‚ & beautiful black silky shiny hair, gorgeous! And it was kind of braided in loops around over each ear almost like a bun, with these long earrings dangling down that were floppin’ around‚ & if they’d been bells they would have been goin’ ring-a-ding-ding! She was really goin’ after it!

8. ISN’T THAT FUNNY? IF I SHUT MY EYES I CAN SEE HER FACE YET! She had her eyes shut & sort of squinted them‚ you know how you do when you’re really working hard? Your mouth sort of mmm like that. Lips sort of pursed tight over to one side like that. Sort of squintin’ her eyes & her face & her mouth‚ you know, mmm, like she was really tryin’ hard, workin’ hard! She really wanted it! And I wanted to give it to her too! (Maria: Hallelujah!)

9. ESPECIALLY ABRAHIM WANTED ME TO GIVE IT TO HER‚ SOCK IT TO HER! He was eggin’ me on! Eggin’ her on. I guess you’d say he was sayin’ the equivalent of, “Sock it to her!” We’ve got a song about that, don’t we?—”Sock it to her! Sock it to her! Sock it to her!” (Maria: Yes!)

10. WE’VE GOT ANOTHER SONG ABOUT ROCK’N’ ROLL, DON’T WE? It’s a song, or is it part of one of the poems? Rock & roll! (Maria: Give enough to fill their souls.) Give them enough to fill their souls, rock’n’roll, & you’ll be a holy hole! Is that in “Holy Holes”, something about rock’n’ roll? (Maria: I don’t think so.)

11. MMMM, SHE’S BEAUTIFUL! TYJ! PYL! HALLELUJAH! SHE WAS REALLY WORKIN’! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an expression. She was really tryin’ hard! Now what did that mean? Some of them just calmly look deep into my eyes & just practically hypnotise me & make me go. (Maria: Maybe it takes a lot more for her.) It seemed like she was just really workin’ hard, her face sort of screwed up, you know‚ with hard effort. (Maria: Yes.) And she was really goin’ at it!

12. AND ABRAHIM KEPT SAYIN’: “SOCK IT TO HER, SOCK IT TO HER!” And, “Sock it to him, sock it to him!” or words to that effect. It’s all in his language of course‚ I guess you heard it. You ought to get a recording of that sometime, Honey! (Maria: Sorry, I wasn’t quick enough.) You really ought to get a recording, I don’t think the kids have ever heard that. (Maria: Yes, I know.) That would be a priceless gem, one of those explosions! (Maria: I know. You have some recordings but nothing that we published. That would be good!) Really somethin’!

13. HE WAS EGGIN’ HER ON & EGGIN’ ME ON, BUT ISN’T THAT FUNNY? IT WAS LIKE HE WAS TALKING MOSTLY TO HER. It seems like we’re the ones that have to put forth & should be putting forth the most effort, but it was almost like she was being held responsible. She had to put forth more effort to receive it. Isn’t that strange? (Maria: Yes!)

14. MOST OF WHAT HE WAS SAYING WAS TO HER: “YOU’VE GOT TO WORK HARDER, YOU’VE GOTTA GO FASTER, YOU’VE GOTTA REALLY SOCK IT TO HIM!” Yes, that was the general gist of what he was saying. He was more eggin’ her on, & boy‚ she really went at it! Of course, I guess it was you too. You must have felt some inspiration or something. (Maria: Yes! Of course I did!) Didn’t you feel a charge? (Maria: Yes!) Didn’t she give you strength or something? (Maria: Amen!) Like he gives me strength. (Maria: Yes.)

15. SHE WAS REALLY WORKIN’ HARD, SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL! That dark black glossy hair, so beautiful! I don’t know if I’d ever seen a hairdo like that, if I’d recognise it, those big sort of like buns or loops down over each ear. I can imagine, sort of, what it was probably like on her head, because there was a comb there in this tiara just above her forehead.

16. SO SHE MUST HAVE BEEN A ROYAL PRINCESS, THAT’S WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE! A royal princess. What did I say? (Maria: Imperial.) Imperial Princess! They had Emperors, didn’t they? Imperial Princess, that’s what Abrahim called her. Hmm! Amen, PTL! TYL! Oh Honey, you’re tired! I’m so sorry. Forgive me for keeping you so long. I’m so so sorry, Honey, you worked so hard. That was terrific! Whoo! You really worked for a really long time! (Maria: Oh, really?)

17. WELL, HONEY, IF IT RESULTS IN THE SALVATION OF SOULS IT’S WORTH IT ALL, HUH? (Maria: Amen!) If it results in the salvation of China! (Maria: Yes!) Well, we’ve had an Indian Princess & other Princesses, it’s about time we had a Chinese Princess, right? I guess the Lord knows, it was His time. (Maria: Amen! TYJ!) PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! Beautiful body! You’re so cute & petite, so feminine & agile! Small & feminine, so beautiful, Honey!

18. I THINK THE ORIENTALS ARE ALMOST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD! But how can you say one girl is more beautiful than another when they’re all so beautiful! Whether they’re Chinese or Thai or Malay or Indonesian or Japanese! (Maria: That’s right, or Indian.) Or Indian. Yes, oh boy, those gorgeous Indian girls! Those saris! I was sorry to have to leave’m! Ha! (Maria: Well, you’ve got some right here!) Hmm, they’re a beautiful mixture here, sort of Eurasian.

19. BUT I MUST SAY, I THINK MAYBE I MUST HAVE GOTTEN THE ASIAN BUG OR SOMETHING, I’M ABOUT CONVINCED THAT THE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE WESTERNERS! (Maria: Oh yes‚ of course.) All are sexy & appealing, even Western girls, you’re all beautiful! You’re beautiful! (Maria: I don’t know though, I wonder if it’s all in our heads‚ because the people here like the white girls better, & the brown people here try to be white like Westerners, getting some kind of pearl lotion.) Isn’t that ridiculous! (Maria: And the white people try to be brown—suntan!)

20. YES, I THINK IT’S ALL IN THEIR HEADS! I think it’s all in their heads because the Whites have been the superior culture. After all, they’ve been the rulers & conquerors of the Earth‚ & the conquered people always try to imitate their conquerors because they have the impression that they’re greater‚ better, or they wouldn’t have conquered them. So they try to become like them.

21. WHEREAS I THINK THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE SO MUCH SWEETER! I think that’s one reason for it‚ they’re so much sweeter. I mean, you look at’m & they look full right into your eyes, just unashamed, unabashed‚ open, frank & wide-eyed like they really want you to look at’m. And they right away look sweet & smile, flash a beautiful smile, always smiling, beautiful!—So demure‚ shy & charming!

22. WHEREAS THE WESTERN GIRLS ARE SO SOUR! I’m not talking about our girls, now! Girls, please accept my apologies, I’m talking about Worldly Western girls. Just look through one of those girlie magazines, they all have such sour expressions. Nearly all of them look sour & bitter & fed-up or sophisticated or haughty or proud or resentful or just like they’re sick of life, soured. Sort of challenging, almost like: “I dare you!” Or, “Don’t you dare touch me!”.

23. BUT THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS, THEY LOOK AT YOU—EVEN AN OLD MAN LIKE ME—& SAY WITH THEIR EYES: “I’D LOVE TO HAVE YOU TOUCH ME!”—And when you do they like it! I mean, dear little Oriental Maria holds up her cheek for my little fatherly kiss if I let her, both in the taxi & when we get out. When I was kissin’ her good-night at first she tried to kiss me smack on the mouth‚ little rascal! (Maria: You should’ve let her!)

24. SHE WAS WANTIN’ A NICE BIG HOT SEXY KISS, but I didn’t think that was very fatherly. (Maria: Honey, who said you were supposed to be fatherly? Ha, ha!) I guess sometimes I’m supposed to be husbandly or loverly, hmm? I’m their bridegroom, in a way, & they’re my brides! (Maria: Amen.) That’s what the Lord spoke of you, as being the Bride.

25. WELL, I’VE GOT A NEW BRIDE, HONEY, SHE’S ORIENTAL!—Beautiful Chinese daughter of the Imperial House, Imperial Princess! Isn’t that amazing? It was sort of like she wasn’t used to hard work, working that hard! Ha! She wasn’t used to having to go after it so hard. (Maria: Wow!) But Abrahim was eggin’ her on telling her: “Go after it! Sock it to him!” Sort of like: “Work for it, work for it!” Using the word “work”! It was hard work & she finally made me come. Amazing!

26. YOU KNOW, WE’D BEEN FUCKIN’ QUITE A LOT BEFORE SHE CAME & I WASN’T EVEN SURE I WAS GONNA GO! I’d sort of just relaxed & given up trying. I thought I’d just enjoy it, then all of a sudden she came! I guess I just sort of got in the Spirit when I relaxed, huh? (Maria: Yes, I think so. It’s better when you relax.) I just sort of relaxed & was sort of letting you do it, & all of a sudden you turned into that Chinese girl! Isn’t that amazing? I mean, I was never expecting that at all! I wasn’t askin’ for it, nothing! I hadn’t even thought about it.

27. I DON’T THINK I’VE HAD A CHINESE GODDESS! I had an Oriental Pearl Goddess, but she was more like Southeast Asia, you know?—The Southeast Asians or the Indo-Chinese, that sort of mixture of Indian & Chinese. (Maria: Yes.) Even a little Western mixed in quite a bit. It makes a beautiful combination. I always did think Indo-Chinese girls were French-Indo-Chinese. I think a lot of the Thai girls have some British in them too. XXX!

28. HONEY, YOU WORKED HARD BABY, WANT ME TO DO YOU? (Maria: No, I’m satisfied.) Are you sure? (Maria: Uh huh!) She was beautiful! And from that crown I saw these little dangly strings of pearls, loops of pearls over her forehead. Did you ever see anything like that? I’ve got to look up some pictures of the Chinese Empresses or Princesses! I bet those Chinese dancers are decorated something like that.

29. BUT SHE DIDN’T HAVE A STITCH OF CLOTHES ON, SHE WAS STARK NAKED! Just her cute little body was workin’ away‚ just like you. I don’t mean she had one of those big fancy headdresses like those Geisha girls have, nothin’ like that. It was sort of soft & moderate. It just sort of looped around her ears & I had the impression it was maybe sort of knotted behind her head or on top of her head with that comb & that little tiara & those loops of pearls.

30. I THINK THE THING THAT I REMEMBER THE MOST WERE THOSE LONG DANGLING EARRINGS because I watched them jump up & down‚ up & down! They kept jumpin’ up & down! I mean, they were really bangin’ around because she sort of got wild. But it made me go! (Maria: Amen!) Isn’t that amazing? You can have a spiritual experience at the same time you’re having a physical experience & it’s like it becomes one & the same. (Maria: TYL!) PYL! TYL!

31. IT’S JUST LIKE THE SPIRITUAL ORGASM & THE PHYSICAL ORGASM ARE ONE & THE SAME! You’re united in that one tremendous orgasm! And boy, I’ll tell ya, Abrahim was really workin’ for it! Apparently his job is to try to inspire us in the Spirit. PTL! TYL! When he started talkin’, you started really workin’ too! And then it turned out it was her!—The Imperial Princess!

32. IT WAS SO CUTE HOW SHE HAD HER FACE SORT OF SCREWED UP, eyes squinted & brows knitted & mouth pursed like she was going “ugh,” like that‚ workin’ so hard, you know? You know how people do sometimes when they’re workin’ so hard? They’ll sort of screw their face up. I remember my Daddy used to kid me when I was tryin’ to do somethin’ real hard—you know how you sort of screw your mouth & tongue around?—He said, “Maybe you ought to hold your tongue right!” Ha‚ ha! Did you ever have your daddy or mama say that to you because you were making such facial grimaces & so many tense expressions on your face? (Maria: I imagine so!)

33. I REMEMBER ONE OL’ DUFFER, HE WAS ALWAYS SAYING THAT!—Ol’ Brother Brown. We used to work together on the church & I’d get real strained about trying to get something in place & he’d say, “Maybe you’re not holding your mouth right!” Ha‚ ha! (Maria: Cute!) She had her face all kind of screwed up‚ but you could tell she was pretty anyway! Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL!

34. ANYWAY‚ IT MUST BE A GOOD SIGN!—THE CHINESE GODDESS IS AFTER ME! (Maria: Amen!) She wants it & she’s workin’ hard to get it! She was really hungerin’ for it, really wants it! And I was eggin’ her on! I don’t know if it was me or Abrahim, I get confused! I can’t tell which is which when I get in the Spirit like that!

35. IT’S ALMOST LIKE I’M ABRAHIM OR HE’S ME, & I WAS SAYIN’: “GIVE ME CHILDREN! GIVE ME CHINESE CHILDREN!”—Or Abrahim was. Well, he was inspiring me to say it anyhow: “Give me children, give me Chinese children!” It was almost like he was challenging her: “You’re Chinese, then give me Chinese children!” Like, “You’re supposed to be Chinese‚ you look Chinese, give me Chinese children!” Sort of like, “Come on, you’re Chinese, now give me Chinese children!”

36. IT’S ALMOST LIKE SOMETIMES YOU SENSE WHAT HE MEANS MORE THAN YOU ACTUALLY GET THE ACTUAL WORDS, because it’s Abrahim’s own language. You just sort of get the meaning. It’s almost like she belonged to me & like she was my Chinese wife: “You owe it to me! Now give me Chinese children! I want Chinese children!” Hallelujah! TYL! She was beautiful!

37. THESE ORIENTAL GIRLS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! They’re so sweet & pretty & charming & smiley & seem like they’re lots happier than the Western girls, at least the girls of the World. I guess it’s because they haven’t really been spoiled yet & ruined with too much of everything. They’re not soured on life yet, they still have hopes of love & happiness.

38. WHEREAS THE WESTERN WOMEN SEEM ALMOST LIKE THEY’VE GIVEN UP HOPE! They’re soured on life. What’s the word I’m searching for? They’ve become embittered. (Maria: Disillusioned?) Disillusioned! They really have got sort of a fed-up attitude: “We’ve had it all, we’ve done it all, we’ve got it all, what else is there?” (Maria: Yes.) Nothing else. And it doesn’t satisfy. So they’re sceptical, cynical.

39. WHEREAS THESE PRECIOUS LITTLE ORIENTAL GIRLS, MOST OF THEM, AT LEAST, LOOK LIKE THEY STILL HAVE SOME HOPE! Some of the older women look a little sad & dejected & worn-out & sort of a little down & sad. But even that older woman who collects the dishes at the restaurant, every time we come now she brightens up & smiles so sweet. I remember when we first saw her she was so tired & so sad. Now every time we come in & look at her she almost even looks younger! (Maria: Yes, she really really does!) She looks happier & sweeter. (Maria: Yes.)

40. IT’S WONDERFUL WHAT A LITTLE SMILE WILL DO, WHAT A LITTLE LOVE WILL DO, EVEN WITHOUT A WORD! (Maria: Yes.) Isn’t that amazing? I mean, it’s the Spirit! (Maria: Yes.) It’s definitely the Spirit. I mean, we haven’t said all that much to all those girls, & yet they smile & just fawn all over us when we walk in there. Everybody cheers up & smiles & is happy!—And why?—It isn’t because our tips are all that big, because they have to share them.

41. I GUESS THEY JUST FEEL THE SPIRIT! (MARIA: THE LOVE!) THEY FEEL THE LOVE! They see & feel it when they see you holding my hand & looking sweetly & smiling, it makes them want to do the same! (Maria: Hold your hand?) Uh huh! You were holding more than my hand that time! (Maria laughs!) Isn’t that amazing? TYL! PYJ!

42. THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT INSPIRATION! TYL! TYJ! Thank You, Lord, for that leading & guidance‚ that we need to put more into it & work harder, but she needs to too. To really reach each other we’ve got to really work hard! TYL! PYL! TYL!

43. WELL, IF WE GET ON THE RADIO THERE THAT’LL BE KIND OF LIKE AN ERECTION! She’ll just have to respond to it, you know? And it’s going to be like we’ve got it, there it is‚ look at it, now do you want it or don’t ya? (Maria: Amen! Hallelujah!) And she was sure busy workin’ at it! (Maria: TYL!) TYJ! PTL!

44. DAUGHTER OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSE, IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF THE COURT! The Lord must look at those countries in His way‚ you know? In the grand & glorious way that they used to be with Great Kings & Emperors & Mandarins & Japanese Mikados. (Maria: He likes the old, the traditional‚ you know?) Well, that’s when they were really in their glory & their grandeur! Their really greatest, grandest beauty & power.

45. JUST LIKE GOD’S COURT, REALLY! GOD IS HIGH & LIFTED UP & HOLDS A VERY GREAT COURT ON A GRAND & GLORIOUS THRONE! There’s a lot of grandeur about God’s Court! After all, He’s the greatest of all Kings‚ Jesus is Kings of Kings & His Throne is terrific! (Maria: He likes the Kings & Courts.) Of course, because He’s a King! That’s the way things were supposed to be: Kings appointed & anointed by the Lord to lead the people. Dictatorships are far more efficient & effective & even more fair—the good ones, benign ones, God–inspired ones—whereas man’s selections & choices are so ridiculous! (Maria: Yes‚ that’s for sure.) To show you they always make the wrong choices, look at the democratic disasters like the U.S. & Britain!

46. SO THAT MUST BE THE LORD’S IDEAL, REALLY, OF A RULER: A MAN WHO CAN BE HUMBLE, humble himself & go down & infiltrate amongst the people like Jesus did, you know? Be one of the common men & feel & know their lives & sufferings & problems & sympathise, yet have the great power & authority & grandeur of a King & His Court as a Ruler over all! PTL! TYL!

47. ARE YOU GETTING HUNGRY, HONEY?—Ha!—I’m gettin’ hungry! Amen‚ TYL! Let’s finish with this subject before we go to something more mundane like eating, or shopping! Hallelujah! PYL!

48. THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE, THAT BEAUTIFUL GIRL OF CHINA! Maybe that’s also to differentiate from all these different little Chinese groups. They have the Republic of China & those Chinese democracies & all that. You talk about the Real China, the Big China, the China that had Emperors & Great Kings & Courts, the Real Dynasty, the grand Mandarins, Mighty Mandarins & Rulers, Emperors. She is the Daughter of a King!

49. ABRAHIM CALLED HER A PRINCESS, IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF THE ROYAL HOUSE! In other words, no little bitty split-off or splinter or off-shoot or Colony or anything but China!—The Great China! The real China!—The China God intended & meant for it to be! A great country with a Royal House, mighty Emperor, Imperial Palaces & Princesses! XXX! ILY! I can almost see her again when I look at you, Honey, your eyes! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah!

50. AMEN, LORD, HELP US TO BE FAITHFUL & TO WORK HARD TO GET THROUGH TO HER & REACH HER, BUT HELP HER TO WORK HARD TO REACH US TO GIVE US CHILDREN! Thank You for the Chinese Princesses we already have, Thy children that You’ve already given us. Bless them, Lord‚ keep them. Keep those who work so hard on the translations & the Letters, Lord, & the typing & the printing in Chinese. Bless them, Lord! And those that are working on the Chinese MWM, so beautiful‚ Lord! Bless them, Lord! Help them & make them a blessing!

51. HELP THEM TO REALLY ERECT MY PENIS & PLOUGH THE WORD, LORD‚ TO PLANT IT FIRMLY IN HER HEART THAT SHE’LL CONCEIVE & BRING FORTH CHILDREN FOR THY GLORY!—Chinese children, Lord, for me & You! Lots of’m, Lord! Not just a handful or a few, but hundreds of’m, thousands of’m! Could even be millions, Lord, with Thy help, Thy wisdom‚ Thy guidance‚ Thy inspiration, Thy provision, Thy strength‚ Thy power & Thy Spirit!

52. YOU CAN QUICKEN US, LORD, JUST LIKE YOU DID ME IN THAT EXPERIENCE. Help us to go & sock it to her!—And help her to sock it to us, Lord, to really want it & want our children, Thy children, in Jesus’ name. Thank You Lord for this beautiful experience with Thy Chinese Goddess‚ Chinese Princess! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus’ name.

53. LORD, WE KNOW EVERY TIME WE’VE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE IT’S ALWAYS JUST BEFORE WE’RE GOING TO MAKE A MAJOR PUSH INTO THAT COUNTRY, LIKE WE WERE PUSHED INTO HER! Help’m to push in, Lord, press in, & really go in unto her, reach her, Lord, with Thy seed, Thy Gospel of Love & Good News! To thrill her heart, thrill her body, excite her with the orgasms of Thy Spirit & cause her to conceive & bear fruit from the seed of Thy Spirit, Lord, Thy Word, & give us children!

54. GIVE ME CHINESE CHILDREN!—GIVE YOU CHINESE CHILDREN, LORD, IN JESUS’ NAME! Lots of them, Lord! Multitudes of them! You promised a long time ago, Lord, & it’s already partly come to pass but there should be many many more, multitudes of’m‚ Lord. You can do it! If we work hard & she works hard, Lord. We can make it & make’m with Thy help, Lord, in Jesus’ name. TYL! (See “Chinese Spirits!” No.273, paragraph 20!)

55. THANK YOU FOR THIS ENCOURAGEMENT, THIS VISION! Without a vision Thy people perish, Lord. (Pr.29:18) You give the vision & by that we have the faith to know it’s Thy will, so we’re willing to work hard & try & have the courage to see it through because we know it’s Thy will & that You’re going to help us to do it & give us Chinese children, in Jesus’ name, TYL!

56. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE IMPERIAL PRINCESS OF CHINA, THE GODDESS OF CHINA! TYJ! The Spirit of China! Thank You Lord that she really wants to yield, needs us, wants us, & will work hard to get us & bear our children.—Humbles herself, Lord. TYJ! PTL! Beautiful! Thank You Jesus for her! Bless her & make her a blessing, Lord, with many children in Jesus’ name. Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen. Show us how to reach her, Lord! PYJ! TYL! XXXXXXX!

57. I LOVE YOU, HONEY! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO GET THROUGH TO HER! I didn’t know I was going to do it, but the Lord did it, she did it, Abrahim did it! I wasn’t even expecting it, but I have been expecting Chinese children!—And I have wanted China & have been trying to put all & everything we can into it right now, amen? (Maria: Amen! TYL!)

58. PRAISE THE LORD‚ FOLKS! LET’S GO TO CHINA! LET’S REACH CHINA SOMEHOW!—Radio, lit, wit, visits, FFing, whatever we can do to get through the Bamboo Curtain! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Through the Great Bronze Gates of the Imperial Palace into the Chamber of the Queen! PTL! Hallelujah! The Lord knows how to get into those holy gardens & right into her bed! Hallelujah! TYJ! The Lord gave us pictures! Isn’t that amazing? PTL! TYL!

59. MAYBE CLIMBING THROUGH THE WINDOW REPRESENTS COMING IN BY RADIO‚ HUH? (Maria: It could.) What’s the window into China?—Radio, right? Windows open to the air! Radio can go through the window.—The open-air window to China! They can send in love notes too by messengers, lit by mail‚ right? Wow! You can send mail into China, write letters‚ send lit‚ follow up people who write into the Radio Program. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

60. I GUESS THEY ALLOW THEM TO WRITE TO THE OUTSIDE‚ HUH?—TO THE SHOW? Has anybody given us any report yet on radio there‚ isn’t that something? Is anybody workin’ on it, huh? Trying to find radio time? (Maria: Oh yes, the letter was sent to them, I’m sure they’ll work on it!) PTL, amen. There must be some radio station that reaches into China for their own people. Surely somebody will take advantage of that marvellous opportunity to reach into China! They sell or trade with China, so why wouldn’t they want to advertise?—They can advertise the Gospel! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

61. WELL, I’M GLAD WE GOT THAT & JUST IN TIME, IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK! It’s time to go. I’ve already gone, but it’s time to go eat. PTL! TYJ! Lord, have Thy way in Jesus’ name‚ amen. I guess we should call this “The Imperial Princess!”—That’s what Abrahim called her!—”The Royal Goddess of China!” PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen!—Love her NOW!—Tomorrow may be too late! GBY! Thanks! ILY! Let’s make love!

(See also 208:14; 272:63-86; 273; 316A:33-36; 391:23-24,27; 645:42; 694:117 and 1038.)

Houris of Heaven

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO 1237Tripoli, 30/5/75

—They Are Heavenly Ecstasy!—Try’m!

(Dictionary definition of “houris”: “Beautiful Virgins provided in Paradise for all faithful Muslims!” PTL! Got one?)

1. SOMETHING VERY VERY STRANGE HAPPENED THIS MORNING, one of those spiritual things! That’s why I’m still somewhat in a state of shock & a little dazed today. Oh me, I just can’t explain all the things of the Spirit! I don’t understand them & I don’t even sometimes know if they’re right or not, but I just throw myself in the arms of the Lord & trust Him that everything is all right. I mean they’re wonderful, they’re beautiful, & they’re ecstatic, thrilling & beyond the physical experience!

2. WHEN YOU GET INTO THE SPIRITUAL ECSTASIES THEY FAR SURPASS THE PHYSICAL, & frequently when Maria & I are at the end of our sexual ropes, you might say, as far as physical ecstasy is concerned, we frequently have outstanding experiences in the Spirit where the Spirit takes over & goes beyond anything we could possibly have had in the physical or have even known in the physical.—Not just a physical explosion but a spiritual explosion!

3. IN MY CASE IT SEEMS ALMOST ALWAYS ABRAHIM COMES TO THE FORE‚ sometimes to my rescue. It comes back to me now what Abrahim said the other night. He said, “Your father never gets too much love!” I hope that’s true, sometimes I feel like it. I’m quite relaxed today & still feel a little dreamy. I wasn’t expecting things like this to happen on the Muslim Holy Day celebration of Friday!

4. I HOPE YOU ALL DON’T MIND MY BEING FRANK ABOUT OUR SEXUAL LIFE, Does this offend anybody? I think we’re all family & quite used to my frankness. I think that’s one thing the kids like about the way the Lord deals with them through me, that I try to be perfectly honest with them‚ totally frank & tell them everything. I don’t know if I always agree with Abrahim. Sometimes I think I get a little too much. I hardly get enough exercise, so I’ve been getting quite a bit of my exercise in bed lately!

5. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON HERE, BUT I’VE HAD MORE SEX IN TWO WEEKS THAN IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS! Maybe it’s the heat! I asked Maria this morning, “What is it? Is it the climate, the exotic atmosphere, the spirits of this place, or the running around nude all the time?” Of course that always turns me on when I see Maria running around looking so cute & I have a hard time keeping my hands off her, or any of you for that matter!—Especially if you’re as nude as she usually is in our room where it’s hot!

6. I DON’T SEE THE NEED FOR PUTTING ON CLOTHES UNLESS YOU’RE COLD & need them or have to come out in public. I’m always apologizing, “Excuse me, I’m hot!”—But she always says, “I love it! You’re beautiful, I like it!” When I look in the mirror I don’t think so, but as long as that’s her opinion why she has a right to it! As long as it doesn’t offend her & makes her happy.

7. I’M CONVINCED THAT GOD MADE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF HIS CREATIONS LAST—HIS CROWING CREATION, THE WOMAN! I always admire & wonder at the beauty of the lines, the curves, the forms of His Hands, His handiwork, the packaging! It is amazing when you think how gorgeous God had made the human body. As far as I’m concerned, the body of a woman is a work of art! For all the artists of all history, that is their grand finale, the thing they paint the most of, is women! Why not? They are the prettiest thing the Lord ever made! So naturally I’m quite interested‚ & since we’ve been here in this nice warm clime we’ve been running around naked & getting into bed so often, I hope it doesn’t wear me out!

8. AFTER A GREAT DEAL OF LOVEMAKING SESSIONS‚ OF COURSE, IT GETS A LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT EACH TIME. If you’ve had quite a few in a row & you’ve pretty well already discharged your battery & you’re fairly exhausted, it’s not always easy to make it that last time around! Do you guys know what I’m talking about? I’ve made love for three & four hours at a time! You can have a lot of fun in three or four hours, but you have to have the time. I don’t thing I’ve neglected the work to do it, & here we’ve sort of let our hair down a little bit & relaxed & had a little vacation.

9. I DON’T KNOW IF I SHOULD TELL YOU ABOUT THIS MORNING OR NOT, should I? I hope this isn’t too strong for you! But anyway, that may have something to do with it—the weather, the nudity, the exotic land, the spirit of the place‚ the time‚ the vacation‚ a little bit of everything! Why should I tell you all this about my sex life? Well I don’t know except that I’m leading up to what happened this morning! I always have to begin at Genesis—& Genesis by the way has something to do with the beginnings, generations, genetics—& all the way through to Revelation. Revelations for sure! If you start off that way you’re bound to get a revelation at the end!

10. THE SPIRIT WORLD IS A VERY STRANGE & WONDERFUL PLACE! We have found that when things are impossible in the physical, all things are possible in the spiritual! We have had this experience a number of times when for some reason or another I was pretty well exhausted & not up to par.

11. IN THAT LAST EXCITING MOMENT OF CRISIS JUST BEFORE THE EXPLOSION, when it seemed that the explosion just wasn’t going to come‚ couldn’t come, wouldn’t come & was a physical impossibility, Maria or I frequently cried out to the Lord for our helpers, sometimes to Abrahim for help. And sometimes these were the times I had those amazing experiences with the various Goddesses! (See No.224.) Frequently at such times, they came, & boom!—The moment they came, no sweat, no effort, nothing, I just exploded! It was purely spiritual, no physical exertion whatsoever. I could have laid back & relaxed & done nothing, they just took over!

12. WHEN I FIRST HAD SOME OF THOSE EXPERIENCES, I WAS A LITTLE WORRIED ABOUT IT & I didn’t tell Maria about it for a long time. In fact, I had two or three of them happen & I just didn’t understand them or why. Later, going back over the chronology of the events‚ I can definitely link them to certain historic events we were having as a movement. A particular goddess of a certain country came at that time & sought my help & my love. I was desperate & seeking help myself in a way‚ & she would come, & I would come, it worked both ways! PTL! It’s a very remarkable, amazing spiritual experience!

13. WHEN IT HAPPENS SPIRITUALLY THAT WAY THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT & it’s such an explosion that nothing in the physical could ever compare to it! I am just catapulted into the spirit world in a real terrific explosion of ecstasy, as Maria knows. I don’t know whether you heard what happened this morning, these walls are pretty thick here, thank the Lord! That’s why we’ve been able to sleep so well here, much more than we have been able to for months, TTL! So I’m not as tired as I have been, or at least not for the same reasons.—I’m tired for other reasons, very enjoyable reasons, TTL! You want me to go on? You’re not getting bored?

14. I EVEN HAD A VERY AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH THE GODDESS OF THE PLACE WE JUST LEFT (TENERIFE). Some of those goddesses are pretty strange, & Atlanta was one of the strangest of all, & yet beautiful! I call her the Fish Goddess because she was completely covered with scales just like a fish! Beautiful as a mermaid‚ but not as mermaids are usually pictured. Mermaids usually just have one flipper tail & they’re only scaled from the waist down & the rest quite womanly. Well, she was quite womanly, but totally covered with scales. (See No. 615!)

15. ALL I KNOW IS I SAW HER & SHE CAME IN ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS OF AGONY & ECSTASY!—Totally to my surprise & totally unexpected! I wasn’t even thinking about goddesses‚ I was just making love to Maria, & boom!—All of a sudden as we hit the point of no return, why there she was instead of Maria!—Beautiful! I mean it’s just unbelievable that somebody could be all covered with scales like that & still be beautiful, but she was!

16. SHE WAS THE GODDESS OF ATLANTIS & STILL GREATLY CONCERNED ABOUT HER CHILDREN. To show you it is spiritual & why I believe it is of God, every time they come—& they come all right, & make me come too—they come with an impassioned appeal for their people! (Tongues & Weeping:) “They know the compassion of David, the heart of their father!” Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! They come begging me to have compassion on their people with great love & light & life for the people that they represent. They are the goddesses of those people, & I believe it, & I have now received it & accepted it as an experience from the Lord!

17. ALL I KNOW IS IT HAPPENS & IT’S WONDERFUL & IT’S THRILLING! It not merely gives me physical ecstasy, but spiritual ecstasy such as I’ve never known. Except in the realm of the Spirit! They always come with a plea‚ an appeal & a great burden & compassion for the people of their land. I hardly think I ever think of that land & those people but I think of her & her love for them‚ & what great‚ you might say‚ almost agony of spirit she has for them, & he desire for me to help to reach them!

18. THERE ARE, CERTAIN LIMITATION BOUNDARIES IN THE OPERATION OF THE SPIRIT WORLD that we don’t understand. Why doesn’t she help them herself? Why can’t she tell them? Why can’t she give them the message? Why can’t she go to them in the spirit like she does to me? Well, of course I presume if she would appear to them like she has to me, especially to all those good Catholics, they would probably be freaked out & scared half out of their wits!

19. THEY WOULD THINK IT WAS SOMETHING OF THE DEVIL & demonic‚ especially if they would see her as I have seen her!—Although beautiful, very very strange with large strange eyes like fish eyes.—Beautiful, strange & mysterious! If the camel trader told you your eyes were as beautiful as a camel’s‚ I might say to you your eyes are as beautiful as a fish!

20. I’VE ONLY SEEN EYES LIKE THAT IN TWO OTHER PLACES: One was on that baby in the “Registration” Dream (No.333C), which shows there’s something spiritual about it. And one was on a horrible demonic monster in “Demonography” (No.275A), but they were horrible & gave a terrible feeling! They were weird eyes but they were evil, like the “evil eye” the Muslims are always afraid of. But there can be a good spiritual eye too which is very mysterious!

21. THERE WAS SUCH POWER IN THE EYES OF THAT ANGEL when she suddenly metamorphosised into a little baby sitting on the step of the bus & looked at that officer! It was almost like he was no longer under his own control. He didn’t realise it but he was immediately totally automatically under her control & only did what she wanted him to do & said what she wanted him to say, & thought what she wanted him to think!

22. I DON’T KNOW WHY I ALWAYS HAVE SO MUCH EXPERIENCE WITH SO MANY FEMALE SPIRITS, female angels, but who knows? Maybe the Lord knows I like them better because I’m a man! I’m sure there are many fine handsome male spirits at your disposal, girls, so if you’d like to meet some of them just pray, & I’m sure the Lord can bring a few along!—Meet the gods while I meet the goddesses!

23. WE MIGHT ENTITLE THIS LITTLE CHAT, “ARE THERE HOURIS IN HEAVEN”? Well‚ of course I’m already convinced that there are houris in Heaven because there were houris on Earth, & you’re sitting right here in front of me! So what more could I ask than what I already have? As Maria was saying this morning, we’re giving these fellows a little sample of what it’s like to have Heaven here & now!

24. YOU’RE ALREADY ANGELS! You’re just as good as angels. You don’t have your spiritual bodies, but spiritual bodies might not appeal to them! They like a little something they can feel.—And perhaps that’s another reason why those goddesses don’t appear to their people, although sometimes they do. Things like Madonnas have appeared to some people, Fatima & whatnot; however those appearances have been very misunderstood.

25. WHY DOES GOD GIVE US THE GOSPEL TO PREACH? Why doesn’t He tell the angels or spirits to do it? Well, most people are so carnal & so much in the flesh & so pragmatic & phlegmatic & down to earth that they can’t even understand anything spiritual. If they had such a spiritual experience they’d probably freak out like Mohammed did & run home & hide in the closet! So it’s not too easy for a ghost to help human beings, because people are scared of ghosts. So God had to use us.

26. NOW THOSE OF US WHO ARE DEEP ENOUGH INTO SPIRITUAL THINGS & of sufficient understanding of these things, God can begin to trust us with greater knowledge of the spiritual things & spirits & the spirit world & spiritual experiences. But even I get a little scared sometimes!—It’s so unusual & weird & strange & different & contrary to what a lot of people seem to think is right, especially the Orthodox Fundamentalists & the narrow-minded straight–laced religionists!

27. I MIGHT ENTITLE THIS “YOU CAN HAVE YOUR HOURIS NOW”! You, my fleshy houris of the present, love me as much as you possibly can, with all the love I can possibly stand & maybe more! What more could I ask in this life as far as fleshy gratification & pleasure, satisfaction, joy, happiness, excitement, ecstasies! I have everything God could possibly give, & so should you!

28. GOD INTENDED FOR US TO ENJOY THESE BODIES & OUR LIVES IN THEM TO THE VERY FULL with every fiber & every nerve of our body! He put them there for a purpose. If it was a nerve to make you feel good‚ then He did it to have you enjoy it & to make you feel good, amen? Just don’t be excessive & intemperate & abuse your body & overdo! Maybe the Lord did that to save me this morning. If it had been physical I would have been really exhausted, but it was spiritual.

29. THE SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES BRING GREATER ECSTASY, a greater explosion‚ & sometimes almost more violent! I actually get loud & prophesy, speak in tongues at the top of my voice, & some of you have been with me for some of those experiences. I explode in a climax speaking in tongues & with a message. I don’t know if they’d ever accept that in the average Pentecostal church, that you would get messages & tongues & interpretation at a time like that, but I do! And I’ve had some amazing visions at such times! That’s how I got the “Rape of England” vision (No.204), & quite a few others, especially all those Goddesses visions.

30. THAT’S THE ONLY TIME I EVER HAD A VISION OF CHRIST, the only time I ever saw Him that I ever recall. I can remember that little roadside park & the Cruiser where Maria & I were making love. I exploded in the Spirit speaking loudly in tongues with a message that would shock most of the world about Jesus & Mary & Martha, with whom I saw Him in that moment of being catapulted into the spirit world with my eyes wide open! You say, “But He was sinless!” Well, since when is sex a sin? He had to eat, is eating a sin? Well, for some people it may be, it depends on how you eat. Is sleeping a sin? It all depends on whether you oversleep, sleep too much.

31. IS SEX A SIN? Well, if there’s anything I’ve tried to preach & tried to show the World‚ we’re one of the few, if not the only major religion of the World—major in God’s eyes—which doesn’t teach that sex is sinful! Think of that! Isn’t that horrible to think that nearly every other religion—even if they don’t actually directly teach so—they give the impression by their practice that sex is sinful & somehow wicked.

32. CATHOLIC CHURCH DOCTRINE ALMOST DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT SEX DID NOT OCCUR TILL AFTER THE FALL OF MAN, & that Adam had nothing to do with Eve until after they had fallen into sin & then they began to enjoy sex. So the Catholics & the Christian World is general have come to even depict the idea of the original sex beginning with Eve biting the apple: “Ah‚ how great that was! Thank God she ate the apple so we can enjoy sex!”—That’s their idea, giving the Devil credit for sex! Isn’t that horrible? Giving the Fall credit for sex, giving original sin the credit for sex.—How horrible!

33. GOD IN THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER SAID HE MADE THEM MALE & FEMALE SO BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY!—Long before the Fall! How do they think He made our bodies to begin with?—Sexless?—And suddenly the organs just sprouted after Eve ate the apple? Suddenly she sprouted bosoms & he sprouted & penis? How ridiculous! You were made to begin with just like you are today. You were made to have sex & enjoy sex & to enjoy fellowship, pleasure & ecstasy in sexual union!—And we do!—With absolutely no feeling of guilt or sin whatsoever!

34. IT’S TERRIBLE HOW THE DEVIL HAS CONTORTED & TWISTED THE TRUTH in doctrine & religion to make sex a sinful thing & wicked & almost taboo, like sort of a necessary evil. It’s condoned & tolerated evil for the sake of the procreation of the race, a sort of necessary evil & part of the curse like thorns, thistles, briars, bugs, snakes & things like that!

35. SEX WAS ABSOLUTELY NO PART OF THE CURSE WHATSOEVER! The only place where sex entered into the curse at all was when God told Eve that because she was the one who led the way to the Fall, therefore she could no longer be trusted with equality with man, but from then on the man was going to have to be the boss! “Thy desire shall be unto thy husband!” (Ge.3:16) “From now on you’re going to be the weaker vessel, you’re going to be the servant of your husband, in a sense, & he’s going to have to be the boss, because look what a mess you made out of things!”—And what else?

36. “I WILL GREATLY MULTIPLY THY CONCEPTION.” Well how about that! If it hadn’t been for the Fall they could have enjoyed all that sex without having to worry that much about having babies, they’d have fewer children. Well they could afford to have fewer children if they lived to be 1000 years old! If they had one every 100 years they’d only have ten! But when life was shortened, the multiplicity of children was increased because of the multiplication of evil which would destroy man & bodies & children & with disease & so on. Therefore people had to have more children in order for the human race to survive & to make up for the amount of children the Devil was going to destroy!

37. DID YOU KNOW THAT JUST BEFORE EVERY MAJOR WAR & DURING EVERY MAJOR WORLD WAR, THERE ARE MORE BOY BABIES BORN than girl babies? And did you know that right now there are being born more boys than girls? God knows what’s coming & wars kill off mostly the men, so there have to be more men. So God’s making them now before the war begins so there’ll be enough when the war is over.—Although the time’s coming when they’ll be pretty scarce‚ according to the Bible.

38. GOD MUST GET FED UP WITH HAVING TO CREATE SO MANY MEN FOR CANNON FODDER & to feed men’s war machines! There’ll be a time when a man’s going to be as rare & scare & precious as the gold of Ophir! “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man‚ saying, We will eat our own bread & wear our own apparel, only let us be called by thy name!” (Is.4:1.)—They’re going to be pretty desperate for a man! “We’ll hold our own jobs & support ourselves, just let us sleep with you, please, & let us count you as our husband!”—Seven to one man!

39. WE KNOW OF A LOT OF CASES LIKE THAT ALREADY in the so-called permissive societies like America & Britain, where women are very happy to have their own job & make their own living & their own money & even support men, believe it or not! Lots of cases you’ve probably heard about like that where the man was practically a good-for–nothing bum‚ loafing around all day & being supported by some woman just in order to have a bed-mate at night, a partner or somebody so she wouldn’t have to be alone.—Somebody to call her husband, somebody to call her boyfriend, somebody to love & be loved by, even willing to be the breadwinner, the supporter & make the money. Well, in that day, seven of them are going to be willing to do it just to get ahold of one man!

40. SO BEFORE THE FALL THEY COULD HAVE ENJOYED A WHOLE LOT MORE SEX & HAD A LOT FEWER CHILDREN. But now remember, the so-called curse was in a sense not really a curse‚ it was a necessity of additional hardships in which God really turned cursing into blessing, such as the hard work to keep man out of mischief! If he didn’t have to work so hard‚ with all that evil in his heart he would have done more evil, right? Like my Mother used to say, “Idleness is the Devil’s workshop!”

41. SO GOD HAD TO GIVE THE SO-CALLED CURSE OF WORK TO KEEP MAN SO BUSY he wouldn’t have much time to do evil. He probably had to multiply the conception of woman for the same reason.—To give her so many children to keep her so busy taking care of them she wouldn’t have time to get into too many scrapes! And also to replenish the Earth from all the slaughter of the babies & children & mankind & whatever was going to occur because of sin.

42. YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE MORE BABIES TO KEEP UP THE HUMAN RACE because of the increased mortality rate & the reduced life-expectancy. When suddenly life was shortened from around 1000 years to only 70 years, that was quite a drop! Some of them didn’t have children till after they were 100 in those early Biblical days, & quite often you read they didn’t have their first child till after they were 65‚ 75, 85 or 95! You can read it & see! They didn’t start having children till very late in life, & I presume they’d count themselves as mere youngsters even then!

43. BUT IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FLOOD EVERYTHING CHANGED! Gone was the 1000 years longevity! Gone was having children very late in life! About the age they started having children before the Flood‚ they began dying after the Flood!—At 65, 70 & 75! So they would have had to have started having children a lot sooner & a lot more of them because so many of them were going to get killed by disease & war & the sins of man. So God had to increase conception, & that was a part of the price woman paid for the Fall.

44. PERHAPS SOME OF THE PAIN OF CHILD-BEARING WAS DUE TO SIN, THE FALL. We know that it must be. Certainly a lot of it is fear & lack of faith, & therefore the tension that results, & therefore the problems that result in some childbirths. But our own girls, thank God, with real faith in God & trust & real relaxation & resting in the Lord, have their babies quicker & with less agony & with less pain & easier than the world could even think about! So childbirth doesn’t have to be a drag & so horrible.

45. SO BEFORE THE FALL THERE WAS NOT AS MUCH CONCEPTION, not as much birth. You could enjoy an awful lot of sex in that 100 years before you had your first child—or 65, 75‚ 85 years according to the genealogies! Well‚ I sometimes feel I’ve had most of mine already, & by their standards I’m pretty young yet! We have to sort of hurry things along nowadays because “Ve ist too soon olt und too late shmart!”—I don’t know whether you understood that German accent or not, did you?

46. WE GROW OLD TOO SOON NOWADAYS & SMART TOO LATE, so we have to rush our sex life along & get it while we can because we don’t live that long! All that to say this, that sex is no sin! So why should Jesus have been considered sinful to have enjoyed sex with Mary & Martha?—Which He did according to what I saw in my vision that time & I’ve believed it ever since! He was in their company a great deal of the time, He stayed in their home a lot, they loved Him & He loved them, so why not?

47. HE WAS IN A BODY & HE WAS HUMAN, He was physical, He had needs, He had to eat & sleep & go to the bathroom just like you & I do, & I’m sure He needed sex!—So why shouldn’t He have had it? I’m not the only person that ever came to that conclusion, of course, I must give the Mormons a little credit. They believe that the Lord had sex because they also believe that sex is not sinful. Mormonism is one of the few major religions who does not believe that sex is sinful! (Mother: They also believe they’ll have sex in Heaven!) Yes, & they practice it too!

48. WELL, I’VE HAD SEX IN HEAVEN—I HAD IT IN HEAVEN THIS MORNING! I was immediately in the spirit‚ in the heavenlies, & boom! If sex is pleasant here, if we have such desires on Earth, why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy sex is Heaven too if we want to? We are going to have bodies like Jesus’ body‚ God’s Word says so! Jesus didn’t have to eat, but He could eat if He wanted to. He ate & drank after His resurrection & even cooked a nice fish fry for the boys out on the beach one morning when they were hungry!

49. SO WE WON’T NECESSARILY HAVE TO HAVE SEX, it won’t be a necessity of procreation for the human race, a biological necessity, but why not be able to enjoy it simply for fellowship, for pleasure & for enjoyment? I love you, you love me, let’s get together & enjoy love in every form! We will have spiritual explosions more than anything we could possibly imagine! Well, I can imagine it, I’ve been through it & I had one this morning!

50. THERE MUST BE SEX IN HEAVEN BECAUSE THESE HEAVENLY CREATURES ARE CERTAINLY HEAVENLY & CERTAINLY SPIRITUAL! They were not physical, they’re nobody I know, but they were just as beautiful as I saw Martha & some of the girls in the famous Throne Room scene I’ve always seen in those lovely filmy gowns! I wish our artists could learn how to draw those! They’re kind of like that picture of the houris you got down on the corner!

51. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS TODAY?—I was going to read you from the Koran! But I don’t know whether the Koran is quite this exciting! I suffered the services on TV this morning for about an hour till I had about all I could take! That music was beginning to get me down. It wasn’t too bad till they brought on that all-male choir sitting on the floor cross-legged with their sad instruments & their sad old men’s faces & voices singing their awful chants of death. It certainly wasn’t glee club‚ I’ll tell you that!—It was a mourn club! So maybe this will give you a little more kick!

52. BUT ANYWAY, MARIA & I SLEPT IN THIS MORNING‚ had our coffee & slept a little more & had a little more coffee. I was still feeling kind of sexy & we were lying there embraced. And dear Maria, sometimes it’s just force of habit, she’s always playing around! Of course I like it & want it & she knows it, even if I don’t expect anything to happen—but it did‚ & to my surprise!—Because we just had some yesterday afternoon & the day before & the night before & a few other times!

53. I THOUGHT, “FOR GOODNESS SAKE, CERTAINLY NOT ANYTHING’S GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME! No matter what happens I couldn’t possibly go again‚ not at my age—I’m not all that husky!” But I was enjoying the lovemaking anyway. You want me to tell you all these juicy details? Well, I’m leading up to something & I have to explain it to give you the point. So we finally got to near the climax but I couldn’t quite make it!

54. TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT, WELL, WE WERE IN ECSTASY! I certainly was & I think she was too! And of course when you get that far you want to even if you can’t! I don’t know where the prayer came from, I wasn’t even thinking about such things, I don’t know why I was suddenly inspired to pray so, but suddenly just as clear as anything from my own heart came this prayer, & it was a cry, an outcry! I didn’t say it out loud though, did I? I wasn’t sure‚ because I cried out so definitely with my own heart:

55.”OH, HOURIS OF HEAVEN, HELP ME!” I meant it with all my heart! It must have been inspired of the Spirit! I was inspired to cry out for help & I cried out, “Oh, Houris of Heaven‚ help me!”—And instantly just like he was trying to help a dying man or something, calling them,

56. “COME, COME! HELP YOUR FATHER, COME‚ HURRY, COME!”—And they came! They came just floating through the air‚ not rushed, no hasty concern or anxiety, but just beautifully! Like, “Oh, well, this is nice, this is a little surprise we weren’t expecting!” It was almost like they were sort of amused like if I started yelling in there for you all to come, “Come quick‚ help me, I need you!” You probably would have been a little bit amused & a little bit pleasantly surprised & pleased & come in to see what was going on!

57. AND THIS ONE WITH BEAUTIFUL LONG DARK FLOWING HAIR GOT THERE FIRST! I can’t explain it, I have never had this kind of experience exactly this way before, The other times it seemed like I could actually feel them in the flesh, just as though Maria’s flesh became their flesh.

58. SUDDENLY SHE JUST SETTLED DOWN ON TOP OF ME & I couldn’t feel her at all! It was just like a mist or a smoke or a spirit or a ghost, whatever you want to call it! She just came from about that direction right there, & they were coming from over here & here & here, maybe from here too‚ but I wasn’t looking that way. She came from almost directly in front of me.

59. ABRAHIM WAS OVER HERE WITH HIS ARM AROUND ME‚ his right arm underneath me & beckoning with his left arm, “Come, come, come help your father!” And she just came & floated right over & sort of sank right down on top of me! I never felt a touch, nothing, believe it or not. But the moment I felt her becoming one with me I just exploded like that!—Instantly‚ effortlessly, just beautiful, just a real explosion!

60. WITH THE OTHER GODDESSES IT WAS LIKE A METAMORPHOSIS, like Maria suddenly turned into the goddess, but not this time. Now that’s strange because in a way you were almost exactly in the same position that Abrahim was, so he must be in you too sometimes! But the moment that happened, she just gently settled down right on top of me, & as she did, it was all over, & Abrahim was still yelling! He said,

61. “NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR THY FATHER! Come on, come on, help him!” He was trying to get all the help he could get! You talk about a strange experience, well, that’s a strange experience to say the least, it leaves you breathless! I’m glad it didn’t leave me totally breathless or I wouldn’t have enough left to tell you about it! Heavenly things & heavenly places & heavenly spirits—the Heavenly Houris!

62. “HOURIS OF HEAVEN, HELP ME” WAS MY PRAYER! I had no idea of praying such a prayer. I had never thought of such a thing‚ but it just came up just as strong as any heartcry of my heart! “Oh, Houris of Heaven, help me!”—And instantly Abrahim began to bid them to come. The one with the long dark beautiful tresses got there first, & she sure looked Arabic. I don’t doubt that’s probably why we had the experience.

63. SHE’S PROBABLY THE GODDESS OF THE ARABS & SYMBOLISES THEM. They didn’t all look Arabic any more than they do in that picture, but she did. She looked a lot like Ruthie‚ although she was a bigger girl, they seem to run kind of big here, & a huge big head of hair! She just floated down on top of me & I exploded just like that, instantly!—No physical effort whatsoever, we’d tried about everything & it was strictly spiritual. So praise God!

64. MAYBE ALL THIS SINGING THE WOMEN DO HERE IS SUPPOSED TO RESEMBLE THE HOURIS or the Sirens of Heaven. I guess Mohammed must have had a glimpse of them, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen them like that aside from the girls that I already know that I saw in the throne scene that I’ve seen several times. So such was my experience with the Houris of Heaven. “Houris of Heaven, help me”—& they were heavenly houris, & I’m sure they still are, thank the Lord!

65. BUT WHAT MORE COULD I WANT THAN THE HOURIS THAT I HAVE HERE ON EARTH ALREADY—except that even my own little houris beside me in the flesh couldn’t have done what that heavenly spirit did for me! So there are some things the spirits can do for you in the spirit that you can’t do for yourself in the flesh, that’s for sure, & that’s what they’re for!—Not only for sex, but that has been largely my experience with some of them & I thank the Lord for it! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! It was a beautiful experience & I’m sure she must have been waiting.

66. SHE MUST HAVE BEEN WAITING—SHE WAS THE FIRST TO GET THERE! She must have really been waiting & really wanted our love. So she’s waiting, thank the Lord, she wants our love. So what is she waiting for? Well‚ the Arab women don’t come unless they’re called. Your picture of the usual harem of an Oriental court is like Esther’s where you don’t barge in unless you’re summoned. She came because she was summoned, as though she were waiting. Just waiting for what? Waiting to be called.

67. SO WHAT LESSON CAN ME GET OUT OF THAT SPIRITUALLY if this is a spiritual symbolism of spiritual truths? She’s the Arab Goddess, the Goddess of the Arabian World symbolizing Arabia & all the Arab World. Maybe if we’d look when these women are singing, & you think about that, that each one of them symbolizes Arabia. They sound like they’re singing‚ pleading for love, don’t they? Boy, I tell you, they put emotion into that singing & it really turns you on! They really act like they really want it bad. Well, why aren’t they getting it?—They’re waiting to be summoned, waiting to be called.

68. IT’S JUST NOT PROPER PROTOCOL in any Arab court or harem to barge in without being called, right? You don’t come to me unless I ask you to come, do you? I send for you. So it wouldn’t do you much good to barge in‚ because I might not be ready for you. But you come when you’re called. So she came when she was called.

69. SHE’S WAITING FOR US TO CALL HER. She is hungry for love, starved for love, dying for love‚ yearning for love, agonizing for love, pleading for love, singing for love, begging for love, wants our love, & is just waiting to be called! Now if God through this is trying to give us a picture of what the situation really is, if that’s the truth, the hungry houris will come when called. They’re not all hungry, I looked at some of those faces on TV this morning & they looked awful sad & darkened, like in the deepest night. Some of them, especially the leadership, looked self–satisfied & self-righteous, they didn’t look like they were very hungry.

70. BUT YOU COULD SEE SOME FACES WHICH REALLY SEEMED TO BE SEARCHING, they were really yearning, hungry, troubled I think they were really seekers, maybe like some of your officers, particularly on the faces of the young I saw that expression. The older looked too late, they looked hard & in a brittle mold, in darkness. The children are so young they don’t know quite what the score is, they just looked a little fearful & frightened.

71. BUT THE YOUNG MEN OF‚ YOU MIGHT SAY, THE AGE OF LOVE, THEY LOOK HUNGRY. They looked trouble, they look like they’re really searching & seeking, wanting love, wanting to know, wanting the truth, hungry to find the answers of happiness, & we have it! We’re ready! You might say, if I was a symbolism, we’re up & ready to go! But we need to call so we’ll have a place to sow the seed.

72. WE NEED TO CALL THEM, WE HAVE TO BID THEM TO COME. If this is a symbolism at all, it’s a type, of course, of Christ bidding them to come. The Bridegroom calling His bride. You & I, in a sense, although we’re His bride‚ we’re also a type of the Bridegroom calling them to come.—Wooing them by His Spirit‚ so we have to call them to come. As long as I was willing to call, they came, & the explosion which resulted was purely of the Spirit.

73. OUR CALLING IS OUR WITNESSING.—That’s the only thing God asks us to do is to call. When you go over to the house there, in a sense you’re calling, even when you dance with them, you’re calling them, you’re showing them His love, you’re calling them with love, right? If they are ready & want that love, the Lord will cause it to explode in them by the power of His Spirit, not through any effort of yours.

74. ALL YOUR JOB IS, IS TO SHOW THEM LOVE, HIS LOVE! Point them to Him & make sure they know it’s His love & constantly glorify Him, Jesus & His love, that this is His love. And if they are ripe & ready & hungry &, you might say, horny for the Lord, He will take care of the rest by His Spirit.

75. IF THEY REALLY WANT HIM‚ THEY’LL COME, & HIS SPIRIT WILL EXPLODE IN THEIR HEARTS just as He has exploded in yours, amen? They may not even understand what’s happened. I hardly understand what happened this morning. This spiritual experience, how can you explain it? How can you understand it? All I know is it happened‚ it did the trick & such a spiritual experience can do the trick with them too. They may not understand your love, they may not know just why you love them & say, “Well how can this be?”

76. WELL, GOD JUST LOVES US SO MUCH, HE WANTED TO SHOW US HOW MUCH HE LOVED US. He’s so great & so high, so mighty, so beyond our comprehension, He had to make Somebody who could show us His love, Somebody who was within our realm & our experience, Somebody who could show us what God’s like.—One Man who was like Him whom He called His Son to show us His Love, to be like Him—Jesus!

77. SOMEONE WE COULD SEE, SOMEONE WE COULD FEEL, Someone we could experience‚ Someone who brings God down to our comprehension & our experience—just like that Houri landed on me this morning! I still don’t understand it all‚ but that instant spiritual experience I had when she landed on top of me was all I needed to know‚ it did the trick! I didn’t have to understand how it happened or why or how she did it or who she was or anything else. I just felt her love.

78. SO THEY ARE BOUND TO FEEL THE LOVE OF HIS SPIRIT whether they understand who or what or why or not. You simply have to make it clear that it’s the love of God through the One Person that He created to show us His love so we could understand it: They’re supposed to believe in Jesus, which is not a far step from real saving faith. They don’t believe in Him like we do, but they believe enough & at least are receptive & He’s acceptable enough to them that God could show them who Jesus really is, what He really is, why He is.

79. I WOULDN’T SPEND MY TIME ARGUING DOCTRINE OVER JESUS OR ANYTHING. Faithy is famous for her classic simplicity, like the simple answer she gave the little Jewish boy she’d witnessed to when she was 8 years old in Miami Beach. He went home & told his folks all about it apparently‚ good Orthodox Jews who were quite upset & wanted to know what Bible she was quoting to him. So he phoned her up & asked,

80. “HEY FAITHY, MY FOLKS WANT TO KNOW WHAT BIBLE YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!” She looked down at the Bible there, saw the cover, & without a moment’s hesitation said, “The Holy Bible‚ of course!” What better answer could she give? “The Holy Bible? OK!”—I suppose that’s what he told his folks. That’s as cute as the answer she gave that guy the other day who said that God didn’t have any children. “Well, He has now!” You can just follow that up now & say, “He adopted us!”

81. THERE’S NO REASON WHY HE COULDN’T HAVE SOME ADOPTED CHILDREN, that’s Scriptural, that’s true! We’re not His children in the flesh, that’s what they can’t understand. In their carnal-minded reasoning, they can’t understand that it’s spiritual. But they can understand how God could have adopted some children, why not? That’s what I explain in my letter to Godahfi; “We think of ourselves as being God’s Children because we are His creation, we’re His handiwork & He’s concerned about us. But if you don’t like to call us that, why‚ say we’re His adopted children.” “We are now, He adopted us!” (No. 394.)

82. THAT MAY NOT BE VERY DEEP THEOLOGY, & you may not be able to have great doctrinal controversies over it, but that’s just a simple child-like answer. If they can’t receive it in a child-like way, forget it! If they want to split hairs over doctrine & start figuring things out in their head, forget it!

83. THIS IS THE LOVE WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING! It goes right down into your heart. It they’re going to try to understand it all with their heads‚ forget it! You can never understand the love of God, it’s too great, it passeth all understanding! We just have to feel it with our hearts. Praise the Lord? (Eph.3:19.)

84. WELL, WE’RE JUST FINISHING A LITTLE LESSON IN LOVE, as all of our lessons are. We always seem to get around to love somehow, sex or love or both, they can be both, one & the same. So the Houri of Arabia is just waiting for your call! They’re hungry for love, obviously, & they’re just waiting for your call to show them the love. “Come‚ come & love me because I have the love of the Lord, I have the love of God. In loving me you’re loving God!” Don’t forget to remind them of that.

85. “YOU THINK YOU LOVE ME, BUT IT’S GOD IN ME THAT YOU LOVE! It’s His love that I have, it’s His love that you’re loving.” Many times Maria’s had to try to explain that to them & try to impress that on them. “I love you because He loves you, & you love me because I love you & because He loves you.” I don’t know if there are any more ways I can say it to try to help you understand how to do lovemaking in the Spirit, & really that’s what it is with the right spirit & for the glory of the Spirit. If you do it in real love, because of the Lord, they’ll know it!

86. LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE THAT THEY’LL KNOW IT’S THE FATHER & glorify Him* & it accomplishes its purpose. PTL? Whether it looks like it succeeded or not, love never fails. If it’s real love & you’re doing it in love, against such there is no law!* Praise God? So I guess that’s a lesson we’ve learned from today’s lesson, which is more or less a personal testimony, that all love succeeds it it’s real love—which is God & His Spirit!—For God is Love, & Love never fails! PTL! Amen?* (Mt.5:16; 1Co.13:8; Ga.5:22‚23.)

87. (P.S. 1982: PRAISE GOD FOR THE HEAVENLY HOURIS OF ARABIA! We’ve had a real reaping amongst the Arabs ever since!—She didn’t fail her people! God help you not to fail them! Love her today! Have a Heavenly Houri experience & give your love & seed to the Goddess of Arabia & you’ll be glad you did!—She’s worth it! She’s thrilling & her love is exciting & will make you explode with ecstasy! GBY! ILY! Have a Heavenly Houri!—Forever!)

Prophecies of the Great Queen

David Berg

MOJuly 27, 1971NO.331A—LTO

—Dedicated to Rachel on Her 21st Birthday!

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

1. (EXCERPTS FROM A 36-HOUR SESSION IN THE SPIRIT ON THE DEPARTURE OF MO AND MARIA TO CONTINUE THEIR WRITING MINISTRY:) “HENCEFORTH THERE IS LAID UP FOR US A CROWN OF RIGHTEOUS WRITING! We will give ourselves to the ministry of the Word and Prayer, so that we may feed Thy sheep to strengthen and encourage them. We came not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” (We never dreamed at this time how much we would write!)

2. (PROPHECY:) EVEN AS I HAVE SAID UNTO THEE, BY ONE MAN’S OBEDIENCE MANY HAVE BEEN MADE RIGHTEOUS. (This has surely been fulfilled!) For I am the Lord and I Love thee, for I will make thee to know the degree of My love to thee. I will speak to every heart, I will set every captive free.

3. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM THAT BELIEVETH, for He that hath begun a good work in thee will complete it, that thou shouldst glorify Me in thy body and spirit that all the word may know that thou art My disciples and radiate My love, that thou mayest strengthen the younger by thy fellowship and intercourse with Me.

4. (TO RACHEL: ) FOR I WOULD LOVE THEE AS I HAVE LOVED DAVID‚ anoint thee as I have anointed David. I would bring thee close to Me that I may love thee that they may love Me, for they are many and they hunger for Me. Thou shalt show them and convey to them My love.

5. (RACHEL:) AND DAVID, I HAVE SHOWED THEE THESE THINGS TO FURTHER MY KINGDOM. Be not afraid, but thou must warn My little ones and let them not be hasty with My words, and yea I have entrusted thee with these words which are sacred unto Me. Therefore share them only with the ones that I have appointed thee and I shall strengthen the for My service and I shall do a work in thee.

6. FOR I HAVE FILLED DAVID’S HEART WITH MY LOVE. David doth love each one‚ for I have done it and I spoke through him, and his seed is My Word which hath delivered, which doth deliver and which shall yet deliver.

7. HE SHALL DELIVER MANY, AND HIS SEED SHALL BE AS THE MULTITUDE OF THE SAND OF THE SEA, for he hath known Me and doth know Me and he hath this fellowship with Me day by day and I do speak though him and anoint him and I have filled him with My love that he may give forth.

8. I DESIRE HIM AND HE HATH DESIRED TO BE HERE WITH ME, YET I LEAVE HIM HERE FOR ALL OF THEE, all thy brothers and sisters, thou hast so many thou knowest not and doth not conceive that which shall be, and yet I have shown it into David. David doth know, and he shall tell thee and guide thee by My Spirit and thou shalt endure and be with Me and shalt lead many to righteousness.

9. FOR MY CHILDREN ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO ONE PLACE, AND THOU HAST FELLOWSHIP WITH THEM BY MY SPIRIT AND THEY WAIT THY COMING TO BRING THEM THE WORD OF THE LORD. They are bound‚ but they know not‚ they have not heard. They must know, and I will anoint David’s children and his children’s children, and the world shall receive My Gospel by his hand and by his mouth.

10. KNOW THIS DAY THAT THIS IS A SACRIFICE DAVID DOTH PERFORM UNTO ME and at My pleasure and none other. Yea, for it is My will and I have given him the words to speak‚ anointed him this day to preach the gospel to the weak, and he shall strengthen thee and ye shall strengthen him.

11. (RACHEL:) THIS DAY I HAVE BLESSED MY HANDMAIDEN MARIA, YEA, SHE SHALL BE GREAT AMONG MANY, for she hath sacrificed and given to Me what is Mine and I shall bless her, for she hath done a great work and she hath confirmed My word and strengthened My prophet and I shall bless her, with a multitude of seed shall I bless her.

12. SHE SHALL MINISTER UNTO MY CHILDREN AND SHALL BE GREAT IN MY KINGDOM. For I have blessed her and she is obedient unto Me and worketh My works which I have given her. She is truly My daughter‚ My handmaiden, and she hath truly ministered unto me to My servant. She is My pen and My right hand and she hath been obedient unto Me and faithful and she loves Me.

13. FOR SURELY I HAVE CHOSEN HER AND PUT HER WITH MY DAVID, yea, I have made them one flesh‚ one spirit. I have put them together and she truly is the other half. They are joined together in My love and My unity, for she hath been faithful unto Me.

14. OH, HOW I LOVE HER, FOR SHE IS OBEDIENT AND DRAWS OUT THE WORDS OF DAVID AS WATER FROM THE WELL and encourages and holds up his arms and makes him look unto Me. And I have blessed her with many blessings and I shall continue to bless her for she has sacrificed unto Me many sacrifices and she hath loved Me this day.

15. (TO RACHEL:) AND SO SHALL SHE BE AS ONE OF DAVID’S MIGHTY MEN, as an army of mighty men, and so shall supply that which is needed unto David, and I shall reward her, and even I shall be her comforter and I shall give her that honor and I shall give her that reward, and even I shall give her that crown which long awaiteth her for I am the Lord thy God which exalteth thee!

16. THOU SHALT CONTINUALLY KISS THE MOUTH OF DAVID AND THOU SHALT REIGN FOREVER over My children because thou hast been faithful. For this purpose have I made thee that thou shalt be Queen over Israel and thy son shall inherit the throne. Ye shall call these things to remembrance and not forget that thou art the Queen. Thou art born to be a Queen and thou hast come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

17. THOU SHALT BE QUEEN OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD, THOU SHALT PASS ON THE WORDS OF MY SON MOSES, THOU SHALT HELP TO FEED MY SHEEP. Thou shalt be a mother unto Israel. Thou art born to be a Queen to rule over My children Israel, for this one hath become a Queen in Israel this day, a mother in Israel and she shall reign over all and be a mother unto them all for she hath been found worthy, for she hath been a princess among princesses, but now she hath been made a Queen by the voice of the Lord.

18. THOU ART THE QUEEN GOD HATH ORDAINED FOR ISRAEL, I have made thee a mother unto Israel, a Queen unto Israel. This is the one of which I spake and prophesied and said unto thee, “She shall be Queen and reign over all Israel.” For this reason was she born and for this cause came she into the world and for this cause have I created her.

19. THIS DAY SHALL BE A DAY TO BE REMEMBERED THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, for this purpose did I create her and for this cause was she born‚ and for this reason did she sit behind David in the place of the public gate. (Where first we met in Huntington Beach, California!) She hath served My princess and steward and therefore have I in due time highly exalted her that she might be Queen.

20. FOR THIS CAUSE HAVE I CREATED HER AND MADE HER and for this she hath been brought unto the Kingdom of God‚ and God shall ordain that all Israel may know I am the Lord God and I put up whom I will. This was the cause for which she came, and this was the faith she had, and this she knew she was created for and this was the cause for which she was born.

21. DOTH THE LORD THY GOD WORK IN GREAT MYSTERIES, in perplexities in that which thou dost not understand? Oh, that thou didst understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God! And now hath come the day that she hath been crowned Queen of all Israel, for she hath been found worthy and she was born to be a Queen and a Queen of all Israel!

22. HAST THOU HEARD SUCH A THING THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, SEEMETH IT STRANGE? Behold, I am the Lord thy God and I put up and put down according to My will. Thou must not question the ways of the Lord, thou shalt not say unto Him‚ “Why hast Thou made me thus?” For the Lord loveth thee and shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

23. JESUS NEVER FAILS!—HE HATH WISDOM BEYOND THE WISDOM OF MAN and His ways are higher than the heavens above the earth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but God looketh on the heart. And this is a strange thing which I shall do throughout all Israel, that they may know I am the Lord Thy God that calleth thee and calleth the times and seasons and days and months and years that thou mayest know I am He that ruleth over all.

24. THIS WAS CREATED THAT SHE MIGHT HAVE DOMINION THROUGHOUT ALL THE CHILDREN OF MY SPIRIT. She hath been gone from thee but for a little season, but for a time that she might learn the ways of being a Queen from that one which is from thine own loins of thine own flesh.

25. SHE HATH LEARNED THE WAYS OF A QUEEN AND THE RULE OF MY PEOPLE and been found worthy in My sight and therefore highly exalted that it may be known throughout all Israel that she is now Queen of the children of God and that she is the mother of all the children of God.

26. FOR THIS IS THE CAUSE FOR WHICH I HAVE CONCEIVED HER AND FOR THIS PURPOSE HAVE I BROUGHT HER INTO THE WORLD. This is that for which I have reserved her who hath been anointed and appointed this day to be Queen. She shall be forever known as the Queen of Israel. She knew she was born to be Queen and sovereign.

27. OH, IS IT STRANGE UNTO THEE THAT GOD SHOULD DO THIS? This she hath known and acknowledged and this she hath realised and this she hath received all the time. For this cause was she born. For this cause I conceived her that she may minister and rule over all my children Israel.

28. SHE HATH BEEN FOUND WORTHY AND FAITHFUL IN ALL HER HOUSE. This I have known and this thou hast known from the beginning, but thou hast been of little faith. For she knoweth that she hath come to the kingdom for such a time as this. And all the people said, “Amen!”

29. SO SHALL IT BE SAID AND SO PROCLAIMED THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL THAT THIS IS THE QUEEN, and all Israel shall rejoice and shall make merry and celebrate because they know that this one was chosen from the very beginning. Even all this shall be proclaimed in the book by My servant David, and even shall it be written that all Israel may know.

30. SHALL IT BECOME STRANGE THROUGHOUT ISRAEL THAT THE LORD HATH DONE A GREAT THING? Oh ye of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt? Thou shalt see that City which thou dost call “space”, and thou shalt bring in many, many children unto that City‚ not thousands but tens of thousands‚ for thy seed shall be innumerable as the sand of the sea without number, and as the stars of the heavens!

31. FOR SHE SHALL REIGN WITH THEE AND MINISTER INTO THY PEOPLE and she shall know that I am her God and have prepared for her a place and have come to make it ready as I have shown into her king, thy prophet David. Then shout it from the housetops and proclaim that thou hast been chosen to be Queen! See, I have made thee this day over all Israel and it shall be proclaimed of thee that thou art the Queen and the Mother of the children of God.

32. FOR THOU HAST BEEN FOUND WORTHY IN MY SIGHT and in all thy ways and in the house of my princess Deborah and worthy in the house of My steward Jethro, and thou hast been found faithful in all thy ways and in all things lowly in thine own eyes and little in thine own sight. And in due time I have exalted thee unto the very utmost to the very throne that thou shouldst be Queen over all the Children of God.

33. DOST THOU RECEIVE THIS INAUGURATION OF GOD,—THIS APPOINTMENT OF THE LORD? Dost thou receive this responsibility to be Queen of Israel? Dost thou this day receive thy coronation? Dost thou receive and thank God for thy administration? Dost thou receive that which I have given unto thee? Dost thou acknowledge My appointment?

34. DOST THOU RECEIVE THOUSANDS, YEA‚ THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS FOR THY CHILDREN? Dost thou this day acknowledge God’s appointment of thy Queendom? Dost all Israel acknowledge thee as their Queen and as their sovereign? Do all the children of God acknowledge thee as their Mother in Israel? Doth all Israel acknowledge thee as their Queen?

35. HERE WHAT THY CHILDREN SAY UNTO THEE, OH LITTLE ONE who thinketh thou art nothing, for thou hast truly abased thyself, and in due time I have highly exalted thee. Even this little one that loveth thee with all her heart and enscribeth My words, even she was not spoken of as Queen of Israel. Even she was not spoken of as that one which should have power over all My children, but only thou hast been reserved unto this day that thou mightiest be Queen of all My children.

36. SPEAK UNTO THY CHILDREN THAT THEY MAY HEAR THEE! Dost thou accept the Queendom of Israel? Separate thyself unto Me only, that thou mayest be sovereign over all Israel! (The Queen replies affirmatively to all questions.) So shall the Lord not cease to give thee honour and great faithfulness, that all Israel may know I have honoured thee and exalted thee to be Queen over all Israel. For indeed thou art worthy, indeed thou hast ruled My children well, for indeed thou hast been accepted in the Beloved.

37. (TO MARIA:) THE RECORDER DOTH RECORD! THE ROBOT DOTH ROBOT! FOR SHE IS BUT THE VERY HAND OF GOD that seeketh to give the words of the Lord unto the Children of God.

38. THIS DAY SHALL BE REMEMBERED AS A MEMORIAL THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, for this day is very unusual in the Kingdom of our God! This day have I acknowledged thee. This day have I appointed thee, this day hast thou become Queen over all Israel.

39. THOU SHALT RULE AND THOU SHALT REIGN, BUT THIS LITTLE ONE SHALL TAKE DOWN THE WORDS OF MY SPIRIT. For this day hath there been made a Queen in Israel‚ and she shall give birth to Solomon and he shall be given a crown of gold upon his head. Dost thou recognise the sovereignty of the Queen? Art thou willing to become the Queen of all Israel?

40. THOU SHALT BE RESERVED UNTO THE TIME OF THE END. God save the Queen! Thank You, Lord, for a Queen, for one who is of the stature and ability of a queen and who is of that fibre that is queenly and stately and shall rule over Thy people! Not in all chivalry nor ever before has there ever been such a beautiful Queen! Never has a greater Queen existed!

41. JESUS SHOULD HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUEEN IN THE WORLD!—QUEEN OF THE JESUS REVOLUTION! Therefore thou shalt nourish the Body of Christ and the Body of His Church and feed all of those little sheep that where lost.

42. FOR THOU ART THE QUEEN OF THE ONLY NATION UPON EARTH THAT GOD HATH RECOGNISED! All other nations are impostors!—And thou art the Queen of the only people that God doth love! Thou the Queen of the Children of God! Lovest thou Me?—Feed My sheep.

43. THIS BIG QUEEN SHALL TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN OF DAVID as one of the mighty men‚ for she is as great a queen as the world hath never known a queen to be before! And so shall it be done unto her and so shall God do unto her and more also for her faithfulness to the King!

44. (TO MARIA:) AND THIS LITTLE QUEEN SHALL CARE FOR THE WORDS OF DAVID. She shall care for the words and tongue and words that feed the little lambs and the words to all of the Children of God. The little Queen shall be custodian of the oracles of David. But as thou dost do so, thou shalt be a Queen unto the Lord and thou shalt feed many, many, many sheep, thousands of sheep!

45. LET US FLEE INTO THE RIVERS AND THE WOODS THAT WE MAY PARTAKE OF THE LIVING WATERS AND FEED MANY THOUSANDS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD! (We did not plan to, but later did this very thing!) Knowest not thou these things? Thou art called and thou art chosen. The Words of thy King shall go out to all of the Children of God because thou dost minister unto his people. Thou shalt be great above all the queens on the Earth because he is My King and the Kingdom of God’s Spirit over all the Earth.

46. AND THESE CHILDREN OF GOD SHALL BE UPON EVERY LAND that is in the realm of human existence, spread about on every continent of every nationality, no line and no barrier, because the Children of God belong to the Kingdom of God of which this is thy Queen and thou art the King! (At this time we were only in 3 countries!)

47. FOR SHE WAS CREATED BY GOD TO BE THE QUEEN OF ALL THE CHILDREN OF GOD SCATTERED ABOUT THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARTH, the most beautiful and greatest and most wonderful of all queens who have ever lived, that she might be known as the Queen of all the Children of God, for she shall be Queen of all the queens of all the Earth and Queen of the Children of God and Queen of the Kingdom of God!

48. SO THOU SHALT BE GREAT AND REMEMBERED AMONGST ALL WOMEN! Great art thou amongst women and great is the fruit of thy womb! Thou shall be honoured among all women. Thy children shall be without number and like the waves of the sea and stars of the heavens because thou hast ministered unto these lowly things. (At this time we only numbered about 500!)

49. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF TEN THOUSANDS SHALL LOOK UNTO THEE BECAUSE THOU HAST BEEN FAITHFUL! I have highly exalted thee and thou hast been chosen among all women to minister, so shall I kiss thee for thou art honoured above all women. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb and blessed art thou! Therefore shalt thou lead the 120–thousand that stand upon Mount Zion! Therefore shalt thou lead those that minister.

50. THOU ART THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, THE QUEEN THAT HATH TWELVE STARS UPON THY CROWN and whose foot is placed upon the moon because thou hast been willing to minister to the lowest! And a ring shall be given unto thee that shall signify that which thou art. For this one hath been appointed to rule over all things until I come. Thou shalt be Queen of all queens!

51. (TONGUES IN SINGING WITH INTERPRETATION SUNG:) KNOWEST THOU NOT THAT THOU ART EXALTED ABOVE ALL WOMEN, that thou be lifted high above all the queens of the Earth that hath ever lived, for thou art My Queen of queens because thou hast given thyself to minister unto the Children of God! Therefore it shall always be remembered of thee throughout all ages that thou hast been the Queen of all queens!

52. THAT WHICH I WHISPER IN THINE EAR SHALL BE SHOUTED UPON THE HOUSETOPS! (We have kept this prophecy a secret for years!) Thou shalt bring forth fruit that shall reign forever in the Kingdom of God! She that tarrieth at home shall divide the spoil. Thou shalt care for that which is the greatest of all riches (souls!)‚ thou shalt experience joys which thou hast never known. This shall be a compensation unto thee and a recompense, and in this thou shalt be rewarded.

53. FOR I SHALL DO A NEW THING, FOR I SHALL GIVE SUCH LOVE THAT IT SHALL EXPLODE THROUGHOUT ALL NATIONS AND DISRUPT ALL KINGDOMS (this we are now doing!), and I shall give such great love that it shall overthrow the kingdoms of this Earth! And thou shalt be remembered as the Queen of queens and the Queen of Love, the most beautiful of all queens that have ever graced the face of the Earth, the most gracious of all queens!

54. THOU SHALT SPEAK THE WORDS OF THE KING AND PASS ON THE AUTHORITY OF THE KING. Thou dost represent the King before others and share unto them the meaning.

55. FOR DAVID SHALL CARRY THEE INTO A FAR COUNTRY AND HE SHALL CARRY THEE TO MANY LANDS which thou knowest not, and that which is blue—the sea is blue, the sea is clear, the skies are blue‚ the sun is shining and there are many sweet spirits that are there on the isles of the sea, therefore he shall carry thee to many far places if thou shalt be faithful. (At this time Rachel had not even left the U.S.!)

56. BECAUSE THOU ART FAITHFUL THOU SHALT ALSO BE GIVEN SPIRITUAL POWER THAT THOU DOST NOT EVEN KNOW EXISTED! The Lord thy God shall give thee power to rule over the ten thousands of David! That great Queen which shall be forever until the end of David, brought much food to minister to David and his mighty men.(—How true!)

57. THOU SHALT STAND BETWEEN HIM AND THOSE WHO ARE HIS ENEMIES and shall face them that seek to destroy him. They shall build an hedge about thee with their own hands and protect and keep thee and strengthen thee and hold up thy hands. For she that would be greatest among you must be servant of all, and she that would be a queen must first be an handmaiden that she may train others.(How true this has been of her!)

58. (FEBRUARY 11, 1972—ON THE OCCASION OF RACHEL’S HOMECOMING after being absent from us for four months‚ the Lord gave the following:) Great are the things that this one shall do for My King‚ great shall she be in the Kingdom of David!

59. (DAVID:) YOU KNOW THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, THE WOMAN HOLDING UP THE BIG TORCH?—IT WAS JUST LIKE RACHEL! The look on her face was fierce like fire coming out of her eyes and she was talking so authoritatively! It reminds me of that women leader of the French Revolution‚ like she was leading. You, Maria, were standing right behind her with your tablet, like you were urging her on.

60. (MARIA: WHERE WERE YOU?) I WAS GONE. IT REMINDS ME OF HOW RACHEL GETS WHEN SHE GETS REALLY STIRRED UP, and she was really socking it to them, this big throng of people! (David to Rachel:) You’re just a little Queen in training now. You’re going to be Queen of the whole Earth!

61. IT’S JUST LIKE YOU AND MARIA WERE GOING TO CARRY ON TOGETHER. (They get along great together!) I’ve only seen Rachel look like that once before—when she was talking about the babies! She was dressed in a filmy gown with her torch in hand and you were standing at her right hand just to the rear, and you had your tablet and your pen and it was like you were coaching her, reminding her of the Words of David.

62. (MARIA: ASK THE LORD WHERE YOU WERE.) (DAVID TO MARIA—TONGUES AND INTERPRETATION:) EVEN AS IT IS NOW, so it shall also be, for even as thou dost now, so shalt thou perform unto the end. Even as thou dost now stand by his side ministering his words to the people, and as even now thou dost rule, so shalt thou rule to the end, and so it is appointed unto thee to rule in the Kingdom of David as I have spoken unto thee.

63. SO WHEREFORE DOST THOU QUESTION? WHY DOST THOU WONDER AT THY PLACE BY DAVID’S SIDE? Have I not given it unto thee and have I not said none shall take it from thee? Thou shalt stand by him forever even in the Kingdom that is to come, and thou shalt sit upon thrones ruling My people.

64. (DAVID:) I ALWAYS WONDER WHO WAXES THE FLOOR! The picture was the Throne room where you always sit. You and Rachel are always there, and Martha and Mom and others of course. Children are playing all around the place, playing hide–and–seek around the thrones. Lydia was there and Rebecca and Mini-Max.—I laid on her once and brought her back to life and got her warm. She always loved me, even in that little chapel.

65. “MANY ARE THE WOMEN WHO WOULD SUCK THE PAPS OF DAVID AND RECEIVE NOURISHMENT FROM HIM. But these are the ones I love the most.” (David to Rachel:) When Deborah is gone you’re going to take her place. She is now training you and instructing you. You must learn many things first. You, Maria, have to minister to her my words, and she passes them on the people. You have to work together to lead the people.

66. (PROPHECY:) HE IS A GREAT KING WHO SHALL HAVE PEOPLES IN ALL THE NATIONS OF ALL THE WORLD, and thou shalt lead them and minister them the Words of David and instruct them and guide them in the way they shall go, for they have need of shepherdesses to care for them.

67. THOU SHALT BOTH BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF DAVID‚ FOR HE SHALL BE NIGH UNTO THEE AND HIS WORDS SHALL EVEN BE IN THY MOUTH, and thou shalt treasure more the seeds of his mouth than the seed of his flesh in that day! (Tongues: ) Jesus speaks the Words of David and Moses speaks the Words of David, but these three are one and of one mouth. Take heed into the words of My David!

68. (TO RACHEL:) THY NAME SHALL BE GREAT AND THOU SHALT BE CALLED GREAT IN THE KINGDOM OF DAVID. Many shall look unto thee. (Hallelujah!) Hear thou the words of My Servant David! Many prophets would have that which I have given unto thee. (Strong tongues:) Heed thou and listen! Look thou and observe! Do thou that which hath been spoken of thee. The number of the books shall not be sufficient to contain all the Words of David. Thou must remember.

69. (DAVID TO RACHEL:) WHOSO LOVETH HER HATH HONOUR IN THE HOUSE OF DAVID‚ BUT LET HIM BEWARE, FOR DAVID LOVETH THEE! (You’re going to be a mighty Queen‚ honey!) There hath not ever been a greater Queen than thou shalt be! Even the left hand of the King is mightier than other men, even at the King’s left hand there are pleasures forevermore! Does your King thrill you? Does he thrill you above all others? That’s because the Spirit of the Lord is with King David and he has blessed thee above many women!

70. WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE, THE SEED OF HIS FLESH OR THE SEED OF HIS MOUTH? (Rachel: The seed of your mouth!) (David:) God gave you what you wanted‚ He gave you your choice‚ for the Spirit is greater than the flesh. For the flesh profiteth nothing, but the Spirit is life eternal! For it is the Spirit that quickeneth, the Spirit brings life!

71. ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A GREAT QUEEN FOR ME AND JESUS? The first time I set eyes on you I knew you were going to be great, but I didn’t realise how great! (David to Maria: What are you writing?) (Maria: All the Words of David.) (David:) She treasures them just like pearls! That’s why the Lord has exalted her.

72. SHE SHALL BE NEXT INTO THEE IN THE KINGDOM OF DAVID. For it is the City of the Great King. She shall be thy Shepherdess of many, many people, the Deliverer of many little lambs, the greatest Queen that ever lived! He will give you words to speak, and little Maria will help you and feed you many Words of David.

73. KISS THE PAPS OF DAVID! HOW BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT DWELL IN HIS ARMS AND LIE BY HIS SIDE and those that enjoy the peace of his love that I given unto them!

74. MANY SHALL FLOCK UNTO THEE, FOR THEY SHALL LOOK UNTO THEE FROM AFAR AND BEHOLD THY GREAT LIGHT, and thou shalt lift up the light I have given thee and feed them with the milk of thy breasts and satisfy them with the honey of thy mouth and lift up thy torch on high that they may be fed and nourished that thou mayest care for them that ye may be shepherdesses unto them, the Bride of Christ, His Chosen Queen, His Bride, His Beloved One!

75. (YOU’RE A TYPE OF HIS CHURCH, SWEETHEART, AS I AM A TYPE OF CHRIST, YOU ARE A TYPE OF HIS CHURCH. As I am a representative of the King of all kings, so are you a representation of the Church of all churches!)

76. SHE IS AS THE BROW OF HERMON‚ WITH EYEBROWS AS THE CEDARS OF LEBANON! The eyes are as the pools of Pharphar! The cheeks of the Rose of Sharon! Her nose is like Olympus and her teeth as the ivory of the elephants! Her lips are like rubies and the chin is firm as the Rock of Gibraltar! Her neck is like a column no man can displace!

77. HER HAIR IS LIKE THE RAVENS OF ELIJAH! Her shoulders are like Mount Moriah, and her beauty the like that I have given to no other woman upon the face of the Earth, and she shall be the greatest of all queens!

78. SHE SHALL BEAR FRUIT AND HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED SOLOMON‚ for he shall live forever before Me. This is the one of whom I spake, this is she of whom I did foretell. For she shall be Queen of all the Earth, and all nations shall bow down unto her, and all kindreds and all tongues shall speak of her beauty and the glory I have given her for the sake of My Servant David!

79. FOR INDEED SHE SHALL LEAD MANY, SHE SHALL BRING MANY INTO MY FOLD, SHE SHALL GUIDE MANY THROUGH THE STEEP PLACES. She shall count the sheep with her staff as they pass through My Door. She shall lead many into My Fold.

80. THERE SHALL BE NO LOVE LIKE THE LOVE OF MY SERVANT DAVID, for though many shall pass through his arms and many receive his kisses, thou shalt be beloved of all and thou shalt honour him as thy sire, if thou art faithful to heed the words of My Mouth. For I have loved thee with an everlasting love. Therefore I have given thee a love that many would have had. I have given thee the love that many women would seek.

81. FOR THOU ART BELOVED OF THE KING ABOVE MANY WOMEN, and thou hast found a place of honour in My House, a place of eminence in My Palace, a place of great love in the arms of My Servant David, and I shall raise thee up above all women and thou shalt rule over all my Children if thou art faithful in thy house and in the House of My Servant David.

82. HOW MANY ARE THE WORDS THOU WOULDST HEAR FROM THE MOUTH OF DAVID? Art thou not satisfied with that which thou hast heard? Must I speak over and over and over unto thee? And must I give unto thee all the words of the mouth of My Servant? Must thou forever open thy mouth unto My Servant David? When shall thy thirst be slaked? When shalt thou be satisfied with the words of My Servants David? Close the book and put up thy pen and put out the lamp that thou mayest rest.

83. THOU SHALT HAVE MANY LOVES, BUT THOU SHALT NEVER BE LOVED LIKE THOU ART LOVED BY MY SERVANT DAVID! For she is chiseled like the work of an artist‚ for she hath been formed by the work of My Hands and made by the artistry of My Fingers and created by the King of all kings that she may reign unto Me and glorify Me! Thou hast not thought of nor hast thou heard‚ neither hath thine eyes seen the like of the house thou shalt have and the rooms thou shalt see(already she has mansions and villas and castles!) and the throne thou shalt have if thou shalt be faithful unto Me and unto My Servant David!

84. (ONCE IN VISION LONG AGO I WALKED THROUGH THE PALACE WITH THE LITTLE PRINCESS WITH THE LONG GOLDEN HAIR and I saw the crown placed upon her head and I marvelled!—I saw Lydia so beautiful!) She was but a princess, but thou art Queen not only over all Israel but of all the world!

85. FOR SHE SHALL BE HATED OF ALL NATIONS FOR MY NAME’S SAKE, BUT SHE SHALL BE FAITHFUL UNTO THEE and be a witness unto thee and guide My people Israel and feed My flock and give suck unto My children and give them the words of My King. She shall be Queen of queens! Many princes shall come unto her.

86. AND THOU (MARIA) SHALL GIVE POWER UNTO HER FROM THE WORDS OF DAVID AND BE A PROPHETESS UNTO HER and give her the Words of My Mouth and speak the Words of David unto her. And thou shalt be as the Voice of God unto her that she may guide My people Israel and be a Queen and a guide unto My sheep, that she shall be the Queen of all queens!

87. FOR UPON HER HEAD SHALL BE TWELVE STARS AND SHE SHALL BEAR MANY CROWNS, and the Moon and the Earth shall be beneath her feet, for she shall rule and reign with Me over all the Earth, even as thou dost give power unto her with the words of the King!

88. FOR THOU SHALT RULE OVER MANY NATIONS, MANY PEOPLE AND MANY LANGUAGES, ALREADY THEY LOOK UNTO THY KING AND GIVE HEED UNTO HIS WORDS. And thou shalt be great and thou shalt be called great, a great Queen in the Kingdom of David. They shall heed thy words.

89. THOU SHALT SPEAK THEM FAITHFULLY ACCORDING TO THE PROPHETESS MARIA WHO SHALL GIVE THEM TO THEE FROM DAVID, and they shall know that I have sent thee. And thou shalt be had in honour before all the princes and all the kings, for thou shalt be had in honour above all the women and thou shalt be a Queen of all queens!

90. SHE IS THE POWER OF LOVE, SHE IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, THE QUEEN OF THE STARS AND THE SUN AND THE MOON! This is truly the Queen of Heaven! For thou art the City of the Great King, thou art the likeness of His Bride and the image of His Wife! Thou art beloved of all the loves of David!

91. MAKEST THOU PRECIOUS THE WORDS OF DAVID? Holdest thou them close to thy heart for David? Where is she that is to be the Great Queen? Many shall look unto her and many nations shall lift up their eyes unto her!—And all generations shall call her blessed!

Ahntahkahmon Revelation, The

David Berg

DO 1411France 21/3/81

—Even Pharaohs Need Deliverance!

1. (While watching a TV program about the deities of Egypt & the gods of the Nile:)

2. (TONGUES & KISSES & IN A DEEP SEPULCHRAL CHANT!:) GREATER IS THE MAGIC OF THY FATHER‚ & greater is the magic that God has given unto him, & greater is the power that he hath, over all the kings of the Earth, & greater is he than all these past ones, gone–by ones of Ahntakhahmon, & greater is he than these kings of Egypt, & greater is he than these gods of Egypt, & greater is he than all of these of which they speak! (Tongues:) They have not the power nor the grace nor the words that I have given unto thy father! (Seven kisses.) PTL! TYJ! Amen! PTL! TYL!

3. MY GOD, IT WAS LIKE TEMPLE CHANTING! They were the most powerful in all the Earth in their day, but we are more powerful than all of them! I can lift my little finger‚ sshhtt, & they all vanish away! But it is interesting to learn of the gods that we have power over, in Jesus’ name, amen.

4. LISTEN! LOOK! I’LL SHOW YOU! “AHNTAHKAHMON,” HE SAYS. (PRONOUNCED: AHN-TAHK-AHMON.) HE MUST SAY IT WITH GREATER REVERENCE & RESPECT, even to the king of Egypt! (Jude 9) Ahntahkahmon! This is the god Ahntahkahmon! (Seven kisses & tongues:) Ahntahkahmon, Ahntahkahmon. (Tongues & kisses.) Poor Ahntahkahmon! Ssshh! I told you, I told you about poor Ahntahkahmon! They don’t know how to say it. Ssshh! Listen!

5. I PITY THE SPIRIT OF AHNTAHKAHMON! He tried to make the World worship God. He tried to get the World to worship the God of the Spirit! Poor Ahntahkahmon! They don’t even know how to pronounce his name. There’s Ahntahkahmon! (Seven kisses.) I know more of these than they. We give credit to whom credit is due & honour to whom honour. Ahntahkahmon!

6. I WAS OBVIOUSLY CALLING UP HIS SPIRIT TO BLESS HIM. Goodness, I didn’t know I had to help spirits from the past! That’s not the first time, there was the thing about Al Capone, & also about the soldiers who died in Flanders’ Field. (See Nos.1421 & 368.) And what else? Abrahim is a spirit from the past. Who else have I had to do with in the past? I have a lot of helpers from the past!

7. OH! APHRODITE & ALL THOSE SPIRITS IN TENERIFE! (Maria: All those spirits in that bar who called you to help them!) Yes, & Atlanta & Taurug, the god of the mountain. (Maria: The Treasure Ship men that wanted you to help them.) (See Nos.614, 615 & 616.) Yes! So there have been a lot of spirits from the past that have called on me for help. How about that? The Lord must have wanted me to see that picture & hear his story, because I never really knew about him, & then to bless him. It was obviously a blessing. I was calling him. (Ahntahkahmon.)

8. DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THE KISSES & ALL? I was grieving over that guy, Ahntahk or Ahntahkahmon or whatever his name is, & kissing him‚ did you get that? And calling him‚ calling him to come. That’s almost as plain as anything! (Maria: You said‚ “Come & receive the blessing of your father!”) Wait, you’ll hear it. I want to go back again & let you hear that. (Plays tape: ) Did you hear that? “This is the god Ahntahkahmon!” I was first calling him, & then it’s almost as though he were answering through the same mouth. This often happens that way, Honey, they speak through the same mouth.

9. YOU MUST HAVE TRIED TO INTERRUPT ME & I SAID “SSSH” & I KEPT THROWING HIM KISSES, GIVING HIM KISSES! (Plays tape of tongues & kisses:) I’m calling him, “Come unto David‚ come unto David‚ come unto your father David that he may give you the blessings of God!” It’s beautiful, really! I’ve got to go back, I can’t get it in the Spirit enough. (Plays tape: “I told you, I told you.”) See, you’re asking the interpretation & I’m telling you that I told you. I thought you understood because of what had already been said, see?

10. (PLAYS TAPE: ) “I PITY THE SPIRIT OF AHNTAHKAHMON!” I’m pitying the spirit of Ahntahkahmon, I said, & I was calling him, very plainly calling: “Come unto David thy father!” That’s just like a name of respect for me, that’s all. “That he may give thee the blessings of God, the kisses, the Words of David!” (Maria: You said, “Come & receive the blessing of your father.”) I’m calling him to bless him.

11. I BELIEVE THIS IS PART OF THE INTERPRETATION THERE: “HE TRIED TO GET THE WORLD TO WORSHIP GOD.”—The God of the Spirit, the true God & not all those idols. “Poor Ahntahkahmon”—I’m trying to comfort him, calling him, blessing him. “They don’t even know how to pronounce his name!” I suppose I must have the right pronunciation then!—Ha! PTL! At least he obviously came! “There’s Ahntahkahmon.”—I must have been seeing him! “I know more of these than they.” That was a part of the interpretation. “Credit to whom credit is due‚ honour to whom honour!”

12. QUITE A FEW TIMES I’VE BEEN ASKED TO HELP SPIRITS FROM THE PAST WHO ARE APPARENTLY IN BONDAGE. (ML Nos. 1262, 1263, 368, 614, 615, 616) Well, Jesus went & preached to the spirits in prison, He was helping spirits of the past. (1Pe.3:19; 4:6; Ep.4:9) It’s quite obvious he’s mentioning “David” & “your father” & I was giving him kisses, pitying him & calling him, blessing him. That first experience—I never had one like that before, it sounded like the chanting of a priest in the temple or something! Let me hear that again. (Listens to prophecy & tongues:) “Come & receive the blessing of your father David!”

13. TUTANKHAHMEN WAS THE SON-IN-LAW OF AHNTAHKAHMON, ABOUT A HUNDRED YEARS AFTER THE EXODUS, so this man may have heard stories passed down from his father & grandfather about Moses & the children of Israel & their one true God, & may have gotten the idea from them.—From 1375 to 1358, 18th dynasty, son of Amenhotep III. This Ahntahkahmon is the one that had the beautiful wife Nefertiti whose statue is very popular today. As I recall, one of the Amenhoteps, the first or second one, was the Pharaoh of the enslavement of the Jews, because the first one was 1557 B.C., Amenhotep II was 1448 & Amenhotep III was 1411, after the Exodus.

14. I SAID OR HE SAID OR WHOEVER WAS SPEAKING IN THE PROPHECY SAID: “THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE HIS NAME!”—so that may account for the difference in pronunciation between what I was calling him & what they call him. (The TV show.) They call him “Inknaton” or “Akhenaton”. He kept calling him Akhenaton. As far as I can gather from this, I called him Ahntahkahmon. You know, they don’t really know, they only read it in hieroglyphics!—I heard it!

15. IT’S AGREED THAT 1450 B.C. WAS THE YEAR OF THE EXODUS IN WHICH THUTMOSE DIED, accordingly he would be the Pharaoh of the oppression, & Amenhotep II his successor, the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Inknaton or whatever his name is, was his grandson. So Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh that Moses knew, the grandfather of Inknaton, or as I got it: “Ahntahkahmon!”—his grandson.

16. THAT WOULD HAVE ONLY BEEN ABOUT 75 YEARS AFTER THE EXODUS, so I’m sure it was quite vivid in the memory of all the Egyptians, all the miracles of God through Moses! So who knows but maybe he was a convert of Moses, really! He could have been a little child at that time, or at least he was certainly not too far away from it, that’s for sure. He wasn’t born then, but his actual reign began 75 years after the Exodus. He was probably at least 25 years old or more, so he was probably born only 50 years after the Exodus, which means he could have easily heard about it through his grandfather!

17. THAT PROPHECY IS TRUE OF ANY CHRISTIAN: ANYONE WITH JESUS IS GREATER THAN ALL THE KINGS OF EGYPT! A better transliteration would be “Ahntakamon” or “Anhtahkahmon”. Tutankhahmen tried to erase all that his father-in-law Ahntahkahmon had done.

18. AHNTAHKAHMON WAS A GREAT EGYPTIAN REFORMER WHO TRIED TO ABOLISH THE IDOLATROUS POLYTHEISM OF THE EGYPTIANS & GET THEM TO WORSHIP ONE TRUE GOD‚ whom he thought was represented by the Sun. He destroyed their idols & inscriptions, forbade their worship & infuriated their priests, who determined to get rid of him! As he had no sons, only daughters, they deposed him & put his son-in-law on the throne, Tutankhamen‚ whom they used to restore their pantheism. He’s commonly known today as “King Tut” of Egypt.

19. SO AHNTAHKAHMON WAS A REVOLUTIONARY WHO TRIED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM RELIGION, BUT THEY REFUSED & MARTYRED HIM INSTEAD! Poor Antahkamon!—And poor Tutankhamen! Both were sad cases needing sympathy & deliverance!—I wonder if this did it?—It has before! PTL! TYJ!—IJNA! “With God nothing shall be impossible” & “All things are possible to him that believeth!” (Lk.1:37 & Mk.9:23)—Amen?

Dream Queen The Holy Spirit – Queen of Heaven –

David Berg

DFO1301Comp. 10/82


Dear Dad,

THIS IS WHAT I’VE FOUND ON THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING LIKE A MOTHER. Perhaps there is more in these two RDs but this is what I’ve found on this particular subject:

IN GENESIS THE LORD SAID, “LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE‚ & MALE & FEMALE made He them.” (Ge.1:26.) So what was God’s image?—Male & feamle! There was a female in there somewhere. And it certainly wasn’t the Father, He’s not female! It wasn’t Jesus the Son, He’s obviously masculine. The only One left it could possibly be would be the Holy Spirit. Well‚ you don’t have to believe that if you don’t want to, I’m not going to argue with you about it, but that’s just my own personal opinion. (RD103:14)

WHAT BETTER IMAGE, YOU MIGHT SAY, CAN HE USE TO DEPICT OR PICTURISE GOD’S LOVE, HIS COMFORTER, HIS MOTHERING HOLY SPIRIT, THAN A WOMAN? A woman to the World today means love, a mother means lovemother-love is supposed to the greatest love in the world! So why not? (RD163:2)

SO‚ IF YOU DEPICT THE HOLY SPIRIT AS THE FEMALE MOTHER OF THE GODHEAD, THEN, IF GOD IS LOVE, IS SHE NOT THE GODDESS OF LOVE? Maybe you think that’s a little shocking at first, but think about it. Why not? You can take your choice. You have a right to your own opinion, but that just happens to be how I like to think of the Holy Spirit. (RD163:3)

I’VE GOT AS MUCH RIGHT TO CHARACTERISE THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A WOMAN AS SOMEBODY ELSE HAS A RIGHT TO CHARACTERISE HER AS A PIGEON! When the disciples say they saw the Holy Spirit descending on the Lord like a dove, it does not say it was a dove. (Lu.3:22.) How do you know it wasn’t our Heavenly Queen, the Goddess of Love? From a distance She could have looked like a dove.(RD163:4)

SOLOMON DEFINITELY TALKS ABOUT HER (SoS.6:10; Pr.8:1-32; 3:13-18.) I mean he could not possibly be talking about anybody but the Spirit of God, because he says “She.” Solomon says that She says, “I was with God in the beginning & I helped to create the Worlds!” Now who was there besides God & Jesus but the Holy Spirit! (RD163:5)

IT’S NOT JESUS TALKING, BECAUSE HE DEFINITELY SAYS “SHE”, “HER.” JESUS WAS THERE‚ OF COURSE. John makes that very clear‚ the Bible makes that very clear, Jesus was there too. (Jn.1:1-3.) But so was She! And I’ve got a right to call the Holy Spirit She as much as you’ve got a right to call Her a pigeon if you want to! (RD163:6)

I THOUGHT EVEN THE CHILDREN CAN UNDERSTAND THAT BETTER. How are they going to understand a Holy Spirit that looks like a pigeon? That’s a pretty weak characterisation considering how powerful the Holy Spirit is, & how all–comprehending She is, omniscient, omnipresent & omnipotent! There is so much more meaning in picturing the Spirit of God’s love as a Mother! So I think the female Motherly conception of the Holy Spirit is a good one. (RD163:12) We love you!

Dear Dad, (From one of our secretaries:) 10/82

GBY! ILY! Your study on the Holy Spirit is so interesting! You’ve talked about the Holy Spirit being a She for a long time! I think the first reference I can remember was in “Prayer for Love & Mercy” (1971) (No.75:13-16) “… the picture of tenderness, gently wooing like the dove‚ cooing like a dove—easily frightened away if met with hardness & resistance. You don’t try to force anybody, Lord! Your Holy Spirit gently descends, & can be easily shooed away. It doesn’t land where its not wanted. Thy Holy Spirit is like a Mother—tender & gentle with the little baby. Not even the father has so much patience. But Thou art like a Mother, hovering over, waiting, comforting, nursing, nurturing!” It’s such a beautiful picture of the H.S. as a tender, gentle, wooing, loving, patient Mother! (Amen!) Since I read that, I always thought of the Holy Spirit as being a Mother, & lots of times I would ask the Lord to help me be “more like the Holy Spirit‚” whereas before that I had always prayed, “help me be like You, Lord.” But the Holy Spirit, being like a Mother, I guess us girls can relate to Her more, & try to have the qualities She has—a good Model for us to follow! She’s everything we’d like to be! TYJ! (—Amen! GBY!) When making love in the spirit l’ve always thought of myself making love to Jesus‚ & I guess the boys could make love to the Holy Spirit, the Queen of Heaven!—I love you!

—Pearl (Amen! GBY! ILY!)

(Compiled by Hope & Joseph Reader)Oct. ’82

Dear Dad,

Here are a few more ML references! Wow! TYJ!

IT’S A LOT LIKE THE RELATIONSHIP OF GOD TO US: In some ways the Holy Spirit is like a Mother, sweet, loving, gentle, the Spirit that conceives a spiritual babe, brings it to the birth & bears it & gives birth to a newborn babe in the Kingdom of God, a child of God. But as we grow older & become aware of what’s going on we’re more apt to need a father image of God Himself & be more afraid of Him than we are of the Holy Spirit‚ a gentle wooing dove—afraid of His rod of correction & His judgments & His very heavy hand that enforces His strict rules. So that’s the way I see it. (“Sex Problems,” ML #332C:67)

BUT YOU WOMEN HAVE MUCH MORE MERCY. You’re probably more like the Holy Spirit because you are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. God is the Father & the Holy Spirit is like the Mother—like you women.

YOU’RE SORT OF LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE MOTHER. Well, that’s true even with the children. The mothers always have more mercy & patience with the children than the fathers.

YOU WOMEN ARE MORE LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT or Moses or Jesus. The mother is always the intercessor in the family.

NO WONDER THAT POET CALLED THE HOLY SPIRIT THE HOUND OF HEAVEN—the Spirit runs after us! See? (“Women with More Mercy than God‚” ML #583:14,51,65,69,97.)

THE PICTURES HE SAW were as the slow, beautiful flowing motion of an underwater ballet, with the Wild Wind represented in dream like fashion as a beautiful girl whose long flowing gossamer gown was like visible currents of filmy air which followed after her in lovely waves, as she playfully, yet enticingly, sought to elude David’s grasp as he determinedly pursues her in merry chase to final fond embrace in ardent love!) (“My Love Is the Wild Wind,” ML #154B:Intro.)

OUR ARTISTS HAVE PORTRAYED GOD’S SPIRIT AS HIS QUEEN OF LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous!—God’s Spirit-Queen of Heaven! What a beautiful representation of the Holy Spirit! His Queen of Love!—How true! For God is Love!

I ALWAYS DID THINK OF GOD AS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER & HIS SPIRIT OF LOVE AS OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER—making Her His Spirit—Queen of Love!—Even the Catholics have this concept of Mary. It meets a human need of visualising the loving Motherhood of God in His Motherly Holy Spirit.

THIS MAKES THE TRINITY MORE COMPREHENSIBLE, the Third Person of His Spirit more understandable, complete as Father, Mother & Son! This is vividly picturing His abstract Spirit of Love in a more concrete way by personifying Her as she should be—a Motherly conception of His Holy Spirit of Love!—His Spirit-Queen of Love!—the God-Mother! Queen of Heaven!—Goddess of the Trinity!

WHAT DO WE THINK OF WHEN WE SEE HEARTS & FLOWERS & A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN?—LOVE! So why not picture God’s Love‚ His Spirit, Third Person of the Trinity, as a real Person?—Which She is!—His Holy Queen of Love! God the Mother! God the Holy Spirit!

WHAT BETTER SYMBOL OF GOD’S LOVE COULD YOU HAVE than this beautiful characterisation of a gorgeous lovable Woman‚ the Mother of the Trinity, God’s Holy Spirit of Love, personified as a lovely exciting Woman! I love Her! (“The Goddess of Love,” ML #723:1,3,4,9,12.)

Jewels on the Holy Spirit

David Berg

DFO 130210/82

1. I GOT REALLY INSPIRED ON THIS! I WENT THROUGH TEN VOLUMES OF OUR KOMIX—5032 PAGES!—AND I FOUND 176 PICTURES OF HER! It’s unbelievable how many pictures there are! The point is, I wanted to pick those where She already had been mentioned or shown, or the artist under inspiration had been picturing Somebody & he probably didn’t even know Who it was! Time & time again I think the Lord has inspired them to picture Her & they didn’t even know Who it was! They just figured it was an angel or something‚ like a lot of people saw Mary, or thought they saw Mary, & they were probably seeing the Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Trinity!

2. I THINK THIS IS GOING TO BE QUITE A THEME! It’s quite a doctrine & it’s one of our pet doctrines, our shibboleths! PTL! And I believe it! I really do! I mean, it’s there undeniably, right in the Scriptures! There’re one or two places in the New Testament that some of them claim are contradictory where an indefinite pronoun was translated “He” or “Him” instead of “She” or “Her”, but I think it was strictly those Jewish translators who couldn’t bear the thought of a Female Holy Spirit! (Jn.14:16‚26; 16:13)

3. I BELIEVE THEY HAD A BUNCH OF JEWS WORKING ON IT THERE UNDER KING JAMES TOO, INCLUDING DEAR SHAKESPEARE, that just couldn’t quite stomach a “She” for a pronoun which could be translated either way, so they just went ahead with the “He.” I’m talking about the King James translation. For example‚ the King & the Archbishop had to make the decision between using an English word for a church building‚ “church” which came from “kirk,” for the Greek word “ecclesia‚” which actually meant “the called out ones” or “the group” or “the assembly of the Saints,” the people, & not the building at all!

4. THE ARCHBISHOP ADVISED THE KING THAT THAT WOULD BE A DANGEROUS DOCTRINE to make a distinction between the body of the people & the building, & that that would take them out from under the power of the Church. It was quite a raging controversy amongst the King James translators in 1611, & of course the Church & King won! So every place where “ecclesia” is translated it uses the word “church” which came from “kirk” or “the building,” even though the original Greek meant “the body of the believers”, “the called out ones”—the people! Think of that!

5. AND LOOK WHAT IT HAS DONE TO GENERATIONS! That one little compromise they made with the Devil just about wrecked the church for generations & kept them under the power of the ecclesiastical system & the denominations & the buildings! That has become their major sin‚ those buildings! They spent more money on them than anything! Just because they didn’t want to have to translate it to mean what it really meant for fear it would destroy the grip of the religious hierarchy! But it destroyed the power of the people & their witness to the World by emphasizing buildings & meetings instead of Missions!—So they failed to evangelise the World, & so those buildings damned millions!

6. AND I THINK THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE ONE OR TWO VERSES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT where it says “He” & “Him”! I think it may even be “She” or “Her”! Because they just couldn’t stomach translating it as Female! Those Jews, after all, they couldn’t stomach it that it should be a “She”!—Those male chauvinists!

7. I MEAN, WHEN ONE LITTLE TRANSLATION OF ONE LITTLE PRONOUN CONTRADICTS ALL THE REST OF THE MASS OF SCRIPTURES—INCLUDING BOTH NEW TESTAMENT‚ OLD TESTAMENT, PROVERBS & GENESIS AS WELL AS THE REVELATIONS OF GOD, YOU KNOW SOMETHING’S HAYWIRE! I’ll stick to my revelations! If one little tiny controversial contradictory translation of one single pronoun in the New Testament contradicts what I’ve seen with my own eyes, then I’ll stick to what I’ve seen!—If it contradicts not only that but all the other Scriptures as well! Amen?—So I’ll stick to my guns & I’m gunnin’ for Her! HAL!—You too?—GBY! ILY!—And I love Her!—Do YOU?



KEYWORDS: lord, queen, heaven, spirit, she, eyes

Queen of Heaven, The

David Berg

DFO 130320/4/82

(After a lovemaking session with Hope:)

1. ALL OF A SUDDEN I LOOKED UP & THERE WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN SITTING ON HER THRONE LOOKING DOWN AT ME with those big, gorgeous‚ beautiful, hypnotic, entrancing‚ enchanting eyes & a big smile! All she had to do was look at me! TYJ! It was beautiful! It’s so amazing how those things come! I wasn’t even asking or expecting anything, but you were asking. You & Maria are always getting me into things by praying!

2. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!—A little bit like that beautiful picture Eman drew of Her sitting beside Jesus & God on the Throne. (See “The Goddess of Love!” TK, No.723.) She looked a little bit like Rachel, only much more beautiful! She had a big beautiful smile—gracious, condescending‚ sympathetic & merciful!

3. SHE NODDED HER HEAD & SMILED—& BOOM!—ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS THINK IT & SHE GAVE ME THE POWER TO GO! You were working on the physical & she gave the extra uumph, the spiritual boost! Sometimes you can only get so far with the physical—just like it took Abrahim to get you over the hump, or your hump over! Wow!

4. I’VE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN BEFORE! TYJ! You were expecting something & praying, & I was expecting some thing & feelin’ it, but I didn’t expect that! You know how you sometimes pray without realising it?—Or some times you feel the need, an unspoken cry of your heart, & you lift up your heart to the Lord? You don’t always actually say, “Lord help me”—not in so many words—but you feel it.

5. YOU GOT ME AS FAR AS WAS HUMANLY POSSIBLE‚ BUT SHE HAD TO PULL ME OVER THE TOP! I’ve never pictured Her before‚ although I’ve sort of imagined Her while reading Proverbs. Eman’s pictures of her are the best. He is the King when it comes to the artists! God bless them all! We have other very good artists, but Eman just has some kind of a touch that is really beyond the usual, & he often will get things really by inspiration, almost as I saw them in the dream! Jacob is getting that way, too.—And Phillipe la Plume is next!

6. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I DON’T THINK I’VE HAD ANY VISION OR PICTURE OF HER BEFORE. No, I’ll take that back!—She was in “My Love Is the Wild Wind!” (No.154B). I didn’t know who it was then, but it was obviously the Spirit. Maybe the Lord made Her resemble that picture by Eman just so I’d recognise who it was! She was sitting on the Throne in the same position!

7. JUST LIKE IN LOVEMAKING, WE DO ALL WE CAN, but He is the Vine, we are the branches, She is the sap. We witness & we preach the Gospel & distribute the literature & the Word‚ sow the seed‚ but it’s God that gives the increase. The Holy Spirit has to quicken it. (Jn.15:5; 1Co.3:6.9)—The woman must conceive.

8. WHEN WE WERE WORKIN’ HARD & you were workin’ on me in the physical—like we do when we witness & litness—it takes a lot of physical effort, right? Lovemaking is a lot of physical hard work, but it’s really the Spirit that takes you over the top!

9. ORGASMS ARE DEFINITELY A SPIRITUAL THING! The flesh can only get you so far & then the Spirit has to take over! Don’t you feel like orgasms are really spiritual? (Hope: Yes!) The flesh sort of pumps you up to a certain point, but then the Spirit has to sort of do the spoutin’! It’s sort of like an Artesian well, you have to prime it up to a certain point & then it spouts!—Ha! And when She looked down at me like that, it just suddenly made me spout! PTL! TYL! ILY! You girls work so hard to get the Words! GBY!

10. I’VE CAPTURED A WHOLE GENERATION FOR THE LORD! 10,000 tithing Family members right now‚ our children‚ & we’ve had thousands & thousands of souls that have been saved‚ TTL!—Maybe 10‚000 times 10,000, thousands of thousands! Only the Lord could do that, you know? We had to put quite a bit of physical effort into it, just like lovemaking, but it is She that quickeneth! (Jn.5:21; 6:63; 1Ti.6:13) I felt the “quickening” & I went quick! (Hope: That was exciting!) Uh huh! In this case you could say, “She that quickeneth!” TTL! She’s a part of Him!

11. I’VE SEEN OTHER GODDESSES IN VISION LOTS OF TIMES, BUT THAT’S THE FIRST TIME I THINK I’VE EVER SEEN HER, except for the “Wild Wind,” & at the time I didn’t really realise who it was! The Lord was picturing Her there as a woman, & it was obviously about the Spirit, right? But we missed it, isn’t that funny? We never got the point! We just thought the Lord was likening it to a beautiful woman‚ flying & swimming through the air. Oh‚ that was a beautiful sight! Gorgeous! Like those underwater dancers!

12. BUT THIS TIME SHE SAT THERE MAJESTICALLY ON HER THRONE & JUST LOOKED DOWN & SMILED—& BOOM!—I JUST WENT LIKE THAT! There’s power in a smile!—At least in Her smile, that’s for sure! (Hope: And you said she nodded?) Yes, like she was sort of granting me Her favour. I mean, the orgasm is so spiritual! It takes a definite spiritual push—at least it does at my age! I don’t know about other people.

13. WHEN I WAS YOUNG IT DIDN’T TAKE MUCH PUSH!—HA!—JUST A LITTLE VIBRATION! Even riding on the bus or looking at a pretty girl or a pretty picture, I would sprout right up! But as you grow older, sometimes you need a little extra help. You were giving me all the extra help you could, but that only goes so far some times. TYL! Hallelujah! That was just beautiful!

14. YOU SEEMED TO ENJOY IT, YOU WENT ABOUT FOUR TIMES! You kept reaching a little higher platform each time, & finally you really hit the jackpot! TYL! Thank You Jesus for all Thy ministering Spirits, Lord, & Thy angels & saints, especially Thy Holy Spirit, Lord!

15. AND WHEN I SAW HER, THE WORDS CAME TO ME JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING: “THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!” You know, in the Old Testament there’s an admonition against worshipping the Queen of Heaven because the old pagans had a goddess called the queen of heaven. (Jer.7:18) That of course, was against the rules.

16. BUT AFTER ALL‚ THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!—And She & us are going to be Jesus’ Queen, think of that!—His Bride, His Wife! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! The Spirit’s sort of like God’s Bride & we’re sort of like Jesus’ Bride. Of course, we’re all God’s Bride, in a way, when the Spirit’s in us. My goodness, it’s almost a little incestuous, isn’t it?—Ha! TYL! ILY!

17. THANK YOU, SWEETHEART‚ THAT WAS REALLY AN EXCITING EXPERIENCE! Thank You, Lord, for that beautiful experience! PYL! TYJ! Lord, You’re so good to us & so merciful, so patient. We’re so dull & slow to perceive & it takes us so long to catch on to things that You’ve tried to show us for a long time.

18. OH, THAT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! TYJ! THAT BEAUTIFUL GLIMPSE OF THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, the Holy Spirit on Her Throne looking down at me, smiling at me! And it made me come instantly, isn’t that amazing? Such power! When the Holy Spirit smiles on you, I’ll tell you, “ye shall be endued with power from on High!” How about that! That’s a good Scripture for it, huh? “The Holy Ghost shall come upon you & ye shall be endued with power from on High!” TYJ! (Ac.1:8; Lk.24:49)

19. THE HOLY GHOST CAME ON MARY & SHE HAD JESUS! Think of that! That was quite a bit of power! The Holy Ghost came on me, & you had me!—Ha! PYL! Hallelujah! That was beautiful! TYJ! PYL! Wow! We really got some thin’ out of this one, huh? TYL! She’s beautiful! Wow!

20. I MEAN‚ HOW WOULD THE LORD PICTURE HER IN A WAY THAT I WOULD RECOGNISE HER?—That would be one of the simplest ways, in a way that we were accustomed to thinking of Her. And that’s always been my favourite picture of Her, that one that Eman drew of Her sitting on the Throne with the Lord, the Trinity, the Three of Them. So I guess He knew I’d recognise Her by that‚ & then naming Her: “Queen of Heaven!” TYJ! PYL!

21. SHE’S THY QUEEN, LORD‚ NOT THE OLD PAGAN GODDESS, BUT THY HOLY SPIRIT! TYJ! PYL! She really is Queen of Heaven! When the Lord admonished them against worshipping the “queen of heaven” in the Old Testament, it was like: “I shall have no other gods before Me!” In other words, He didn’t want them worshipping any other gods instead of the true Queen‚ right? TYL! TYJ! That would be like worshipping other gods before the Lord.

22. I THINK THE ASSYRIANS HAD AN OLD PAGAN GOD NAMED ASHTAROTH or something like that, & they called her the Queen of Heaven. It’s no wonder He didn’t like them worshipping her, because the Holy Spirit is the Queen of Heaven!—And She sure was beautiful!

23. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT SONG THAT BLACK SIMON SINGS: “I SAW THE SUN SMILING DOWN ON ME!” Hallelujah! TYL! PYJ! All I needed was just one look & smile from Her to boost me over the top! It was more like a pull from above rather than a boost from behind! Just like whoosh & there it was! TYJ! PTL! Amen! Amen! Well, that certainly was an interesting experience. TYJ!

24. MAY WE ALWAYS BEHOLD THY FACE, MAY WE ALWAYS BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF THY SPIRIT, LORD, & LIFT OUR HEARTS UP TO THEE! May we always be conscious of Thy presence, Lord, & Her, Thy precious Holy Spirit. She is You, & You are Her‚ & You’re all One! You said You & the Father & the Spirit are One. TYL! (1Jn.5:7)

25. MAY WE ALWAYS BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR PRESENCE, & ALWAYS LOOK TO THEE FOR HELP‚ LORD, OUR EVER-PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLE! (Ps.46:1) In this case, Lord, even in the time of pleasure! Well, I did have a little trouble gettin’ there!—Ha! Sweet trouble! It’s nice trouble! TYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, Lord, bless & keep us close to You & always mindful of Thy presence & Thy beauty in Her, Thyself, Thy Queen of Heaven! PYL!

26. WELL, I FEEL BETTER, ALMOST LIKE I GOT A SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS TOUCH FROM THE LORD! I’ve been sick for about the last two days, I don’t know with what. I hardly ever have headaches, not even when I’ve had a hangover!—Ha!—And I know it wasn’t a hangover because I haven’t been drinking! But I had sort of a little sick headache & I was sick in my stomach a little bit, nothing major, just a slight feeling of congestion.

27. BUT THAT SORT OF PULLED ME OVER THE TOP OF THAT TOO‚ ISN’T THAT SOMETHING? When you get a touch from the Lord, it sort of touches you all over! Oh, it was wonderful! That was one of the most terrific ones I’ve had in a long time! I don’t know whether you noticed it or not, but I just went & went & went! It was pumpin’ away! You must have had a mouthful! PTL!

28. WELL‚ THAT WAS A REAL TOUCH FROM ABOVE! PTL! In fact, it didn’t even have to be seemingly a touch, just a smile! The power of Her smile! Not the shadow of Her smile, but the sunshine of Her smile! TYL!

29. I FEEL BETTER NOW THAN WHEN I WENT TO BED BEFORE WE HAD SEX! I wasn’t even sure I was even going to have any. (Hope: Yes, you didn’t look so well when you were upstairs.) I was feeling tired & sick & I was trying to entertain Techi, bless her little heart. I’m afraid I wasn’t very good entertainment this morning, I was so tired. I wasn’t a very live wire‚ kind of a dead duck! (Hope: She looked like she had fun!) All those questions! “Why? Well‚ why?” If you ask a lot of questions‚ you get a lot of answers!

30. THANK YOU‚ HONEY! PTL! TYJ! Well, I think I’m going to roll over in the clover & maybe take a little catnap, would you mind? (Hope: Not at all! ILY!)

31. THESE ARE SOME ADDED NOTES TO THE “QUEEN OF HEAVEN” AFTERWARD WHEN I WAS TELLING MARIA ABOUT IT: In fact, I was praying about it before I got up & there were several things I thought of that I should add to it. And one was, when I was thinking about the experience of how I looked up & I saw the Throne, it reminded me of a Scripture in Revelation, in fact, I believe it’s several times in the Bible:

32. “AND I LOOKED UP & I SAW HEAVEN OPENED & I BEHELD A THRONE!” (Rev.4:1-3) I can understand now what the prophets meant by they “looked up & they saw Heaven opened & they beheld a Throne.” I beheld a Throne & She that sat upon it was like the Queen of Light, beautiful! And She sat there so relaxed!—Not formal or dignified, but just sort of relaxed.

33. SHE WAS SITTING OVER IN ONE CORNER OF THE THRONE WITH ONE ARM UP ACROSS THE BACK & the other arm along one of the arms of the Throne, just sort of relaxed like she was sitting there with Her knees crossed, & they’re always clad in those filmy sort of see-through gowns.

34. SHE WASN’T DRESSED REAL FANCY OR ANYTHING, BUT SHE HAD ON SOME KIND OF A SMALL CROWN LIKE A TIARA. And she looked so much like the Holy Spirit that Eman drew! Honey, you’re gorgeous! You look just like the Queen of Heaven right now! You’ve got those same magnetic, hypnotic, entrancing, enchanting eyes! XXX!

35. SHE JUST LOOKED DOWN GRACIOUSLY AT ME‚ SORT OF SWEET & FRIENDLY‚ not formal or anything, & she smiled & nodded & boom!—I went just like that! It only took one look! I think it was her eyes that did it! There’s something about the power of the eyes! It was the power of the Spirit, that’s what it was, but it was looking into Her eyes that did it!

36. THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT THE EYES THAT REALLY HAS TO DO WITH THE SPIRIT! I know now what the Prophet meant by saying Jesus’ eyes looked like coals of fire! (Rev.1:14) It’s almost like they were burning, just like they were sort of flowing or fluctuating or scintillating!—Glowing like fire!

37. I THINK THE LORD GIVES YOU SPECIAL GRACE IN THOSE EXPERIENCES, & if it hadn’t been so beautiful & sweet I might have been really scared! It looked kind of weird, you know? She just looked at me & Her eyes were pulsating, sort of like some of these light shows they have!—Ha! I can’t describe it, but they were burning like coals of fire!—A little bit like that bum’s eyes I met on the street, that angel in San Francisco, only his were burning with anger!

38. HER EYES WERE JUST SORT OF BURNING WITH LOVE!—And she gave that gracious smile, nodded Her head, & boom!—I immediately exploded in a terrific orgasm‚ & I just went & went & went! It was really quite an experience! TYL! Then that language of the Scripture came to me: “I looked up & I saw Heaven opened & beheld a Throne,” & She that sat upon it was like the Queen of Light! (Rev.4:1-3)

39. I THINK IF I’D GOTTEN INSPIRED ENOUGH IT WOULD HAVE COME OUT JUST LIKE A PROPHECY! Her eyes burned like coals of fire & she smiled & nodded & I exploded! I wasn’t even really expecting anything at all, I wasn’t even asking for anything!—Except I do remember now that while Hope was working so hard to make me go, I did pray: “Lord help me go for her sake so she won’t have to work so long & hard.”

40. AND HOPE WAS PRAYING TOO‚ NOT JUST THAT I’D HAVE AN ORGASM, BUT THAT I’D HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE OR MESSAGE! She wanted something in the Spirit, not just the flesh alone. So it was beautiful! Outside of “Wild Wind,” I’ve never had any other dream or vision about Her that I can remember, can you? So now it’s actually two visions, one in “Wild Wind” & then this one, “The Queen of Heaven!”

41. YOU DON’T HEAR THOSE WORDS WITH YOUR EARS, IT’S LIKE IT’S IN YOUR HEAD! Just as clear as anything, like some herald was giving an announcement I heard: “The Queen of Heaven!”—And She smiled & looked down at me & nodded & boom!—I just went like that! I’ve had a lot of experiences with those goddesses, but that’s the first one I’ve had with Her! It was beautiful!

42. AND IT’S STRANGE, IT WAS JUST LIKE THE OTHERS WERE THERE, like there could have been a whole host there, but my eyes were just glued on Her! I couldn’t see anything but Her! It was just like I was hypnotised! My eyes were just riveted on Her, those big mysterious weird eyes that glowed like coals of fire! It was really a thrilling experience & I really exploded! TYL!

43. AND HOPE REALLY EXPLODED TOO, SHE WENT ABOUT FOUR TIMES! In her final explosion, Abrahim started praying & he was really eggin’ her on, like sayin’ sic’m to a dog! You know how he does sometimes! I wish I knew what all that was he was saying, but I don’t seem to get the interpretation of that. I guess I don’t need to because it’s obvious what it is, but I’m curious to know what some of those words mean!-

44. THEN HE TRILLS, OF COURSE, JUST LIKE THE ARABS DO WHEN THEY’RE EXCITED!—And my hand just gets almost like it’s absolutely possessed with supernatural strength, & it just goes so fast! I don’t think I could do that naturally, I really don’t think I could!—Especially for such a prolonged time! It just starts going like a pneumatic drill, so fast & so violently‚ with such strength & it’s no effort at all!

45. THE EFFORT IS GONE, IT’S JUST LIKE SOMEBODY’S TAKEN IT OVER & MY HAND IS JUST VIBRATING! It’s trilling like his tongue! He takes over my hand just like he takes over my tongue, you know? He does the same thing when I’m goosing you a lot of times, sometimes when you have a hard time going, & that always does it! Every single time he starts praying for you in tongues, then he just takes over my hand & I just go brrrrrr!—Like that, & you go! I don’t think you’ve ever failed to go with Abrahim praying & possessing my hand like that!

46. AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT I WAS MUCH BETTER, I DIDN’T FEEL SICK ANY MORE & THE PAIN WAS GONE! The relief was so great! In fact, I felt so good‚ I told Hope I was going to get up & go to work! I got up & went in & washed, came back & laid down with her a few more minutes while I described what happened. She wrote a lot of it down in shorthand at first because she couldn’t find a tape recorder, poor girl!

47. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I WAS INSTANTLY HEALED‚ JUST LIKE THAT!—LIFE IN A LOOK! You know, in the Old Testament the Lord told Moses to put a brazen serpent on a pole & if they would look at it they would live. (Nu.21:8,9) It was a type of Christ, of all things‚ & yet it was a serpent! I never could understand that! We would have wondered about that to this day if the Lord Himself hadn’t confirmed it by saying:

48. “AS MOSES LIFTED UP THE SERPENT IN THE WILDERNESS, EVEN SO MUST THE SON OF MAN BE LIFTED UP…. And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!” (Jn.3:14; 12:32) You’d think it would be a type of the Enemy, that old Serpent the Devil (Rev.12:9), but the Lord used the serpent, & ever since then a serpent twined around a pole has been a medical symbol for doctors! (Maria: That’s funny, that it’s a symbol of both!)

49. WELL, A SCRIPTURE COMES TO ME: “HE WAS MADE SIN FOR US.” (2Co.5:21) He took the sins of the whole World on the cross, like the scapegoat in the Old Testament. (Lev.16:8-10,26) The scapegoat was usually thought of as a type of the Devil‚ you know, & the sins of the people were laid on his head & he was driven out of the camp. And yet the scapegoat is also mentioned as being a type of Christ.

50. IT’S AS THOUGH THE LORD WAS MADE AS SIN TO TAKE OUR SINS FOR US‚ almost like the Serpent, almost as wicked as the Devil, in a sense. He was cursed! “Cursed is He that is hung on a tree!” (Gal.3:13; Deut.21:23) He was cursed for our sake, just almost like the Devil!

51. IN OTHER WORDS, WHEN HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, IN ONE WAY HE WAS LIKE A TYPE OF THE SERPENT & TOOK OUR SINS FOR US. He confirmed that Scripture Himself when He said: “Even as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must also the Son of man be lifted up.” And He said, “And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.” What does that have to do with what I was telling you? (Maria: That you were healed. Yes!)

52. I WAS INSTANTLY HEALED WHEN I LOOKED UP & SAW HER! I saw Heaven opened & Her sitting on the Throne looking down at me. She looked straight into my eyes &, oooh, it almost gives me the shivers! It’s so kind of weird, but exciting! I wasn’t a bit afraid, it was just like I was riveted‚ hypnotised, & I instantly had an orgasm! And right afterwards I noticed that the pain was gone & I felt much better & not sick like I’d been feeling.

53. I’VE HEARD PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW THEY’VE FELT A WHOLE WAVE OF WARMTH WHEN THEY WERE HEALED that started at the top of their head & went down to their toes or feet, or vice versa‚ & it was just like I had suddenly been healed & I felt a lot better, much better. (Maria: And you went to sleep for two hours!) I told Hope, “I feel a little bit drowsy, I’m just going to turn over a minute & take a little catnap”—& I went sound to sleep for two solid hours! I never woke up when she left, never woke up when you came, never woke up when you got in bed, never woke up with all the noise, nothing! So, PTL!

54. ISN’T THAT SOMETHING HOW THAT CAME BACK TO ME about Jesus being lifted up like a serpent in the wilderness? See‚ He was made a curse for us, for our sins‚ almost like the Devil. The Devil, in a sense, is like the embodiment of evil or symbolic of sin, like the Serpent. The Serpent has been made to symbolise evil, almost embody evil.

55. BUT ANYHOW‚ THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! I lifted up my eyes & saw Her, & She just nodded Her head & smiled. And with those gorgeous eyes—whew!—I instantly exploded! WOW! What a Dream Queen!—Are you baptised in His Spirit? Does She thrill you to heights of ecstasy this World has never known?

56. SHE CAN SATISFY YOU LIKE NO WOMAN ON EARTH!—Thrill you into worlds unknown!—Excite you beyond the limits of mortal ken! She’ll sweep you in Her arms to seventh Heaven‚ enchant you with her charms into realms of ecstasy beyond this World! She’s out of this World! She can speak through you, sing through & empower you with miraculous, supernatural gifts beyond the powers of Earth!

57. SHE CAN ENTRANCE YOU WITH THE OVERPOWERING SPELLBINDING LOVE OF GOD!—FOR SHE IS HIS LOVE!—Like no love you’ve ever known before! Be filled with Her love right now! Just open your heart & let Her in & explode with the orgasm of God’s Love! You’ll never be the same again after being filled with the Love of the Dream Queen! Queen of Heaven! God’s Love! HAL! TYJ! IJNA!

Goddess of Love, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidJune 27‚ 1978MO—DFO 723

—Notes on the Female Representation of the Holy Spirit in the Bible, as portrayed in “Elixir of Love” (No.667)

—A New Revelation!

© June 1978 by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. OUR ARTISTS HAVE PORTRAYED GOD’S SPIRIT AS HIS QUEEN OF LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous!—God’s spirit-Queen of Heaven! What a beautiful representation of the Holy Spirit! His Queen of Love! How true! For God is Love!

2. I THINK OUR ARTISTS COULD MAKE HER MORE POPULAR THAN SUPERMAN!—Ha! She’s certainly prettier!—Like a Fairy Queen! Everybody loves Fairy Queens! She really personifies God’s Spirit of Love!—His Superwoman!

3. I ALWAYS DID THINK OF GOD AS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND HIS SPIRIT OF LOVE AS OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER—making Her His Spirit Queen of Love!—Even the Catholics have this concept of Mary. It meets a human need of visualising the loving Motherhood of God in His Motherly Holy Spirit.

4. THIS MAKES THE TRINITY MORE COMPREHENSIBLE‚ the Third Person of His Spirit more understandable, complete as Father, Mother and Son! This is vividly picturing His abstract Spirit of Love in a more concrete way by personifying Her as She should be—a Motherly conception of His Holy Spirit of Love!—His Spirit-Queen of Love!—The God-Mother! Queen of Heaven!

5. GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, JESUS, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT MOTHER! I think we’ve really hit on something that brings it out more clearly than ever before!—Thanks to our original inspiration and our artists’ genius!

6. I BELIEVE GOD HAS HELPED US reveal a more vivid and characteristic illustration than even before of the “Mother of God,” His beautiful Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit-Queen of Love!

7. HERE’S A PICTURE OF GOD’S LOVE this sexy generation can understand and relate to! Long ago He showed me His Spirit was like a woman!—In my prophetic poem Wild Wind!” (Letter 154B!)

8. SHE IS THE LOVE OF GOD! What better way could you represent His Holy Spirit of Love? This representation and visualisation of Her‚ God’s Motherly Spirit of Love, is perfect!

9. WHAT DO WE THINK OF WHEN WE SEE HEARTS AND FLOWERS AND A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN?—LOVE! So why not picture God’s Love‚ His Spirit‚ Third Person of the Trinity, as a real Person?—Which She is!—His Holy Queen of Love! God the Mother! God the Holy Spirit!

10. IS THIS IDEA TOO SHOCKING FOR YOU?—Why not? God has showed us a lot of other new things and new concepts of old Truths in His new Family of Love!—Why not His Holy Spirit as the God–Mother, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Love! I love Her! I think we’ve got a revelation here! Hallelujah!

11. AT LAST WE CAN SEE HIS LOVE, His Spirit, the Heavenly Lover, and Mother-God, the Queen of Love! What a realisation!—We’ve really struck something! How beautiful! How wonderful!

12. WHAT BETTER SYMBOL OF GOD’S LOVE COULD YOU HAVE than this beautiful characterisation of a gorgeous lovable Woman, the Mother of the Trinity, God’s Holy Spirit of Love, personified as a lovely exciting Woman! I love Her!

13. SHE’S MARVELLOUS!—The very figure visualisation of God’s loving, motherly Spirit of Love. His Queen of Hearts! Hallelujah! I want to see more of Her!

14. AND SHE’S DRESSED SO APPROPRIATELY!—Pearls for purity, hearts for Love—and nudity for Truth!—Amen?—She’s BEAUTIFUL!

15. THE HOLY SPIRIT—GOD’S LOVE QUEEN! What a personification What a characterisation! Let’s see more of Her!—God’s LOVE QUEEN!

16. SHE SAYS, “MAKE LOVE!—NOT WAR! STOP! (—To an impending accident!) STOP! (—To a storm!) (WOW! God’s Spirit, the Queen of Love, can do anything! LIVE!—LOVE!—LOVE, Love, Love!—Everybody LOVE! Be Ye Clean!

17. ‘COME WITH ME!—I’M OUT OF THIS WORLD! RECEIVE ME! I am GOD’S LOVE!—His loving Holy Spirit!—His Queen of Love! You need Me! Take Me!—I’m YOURS! TAKE ME! I’m your Love Gift from God!—His Holy Spirit of LOVE!—I’m all yours for the asking!” (Luke 11:13 and Letter No. 677.)

18. HOW BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely lovable loving exciting and thrilling picture of God’s Holy Spirit of Love! Amen? Do you like Her? Isn’t She gorgeous? Would you like to see more of Her?—Then pray our wonderful artists will be inspired to do more comix of Her based on our Letters and His Words!—Amen?

19. I ALWAYS LIKE TO CHECK A NEW REVELATION WITH THE SCRIPTURES. So I was asking the Lord if there was any Scripture against this concept of His Spirit as female, when He suddenly gave me whole passages for Her!

20. THESE SCRIPTURE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT USING “SHE” AND “HER” referring to His spirit of Wisdom in Prov.3:13–18; 4:5-9; 7:4; 8:1-36 and 9:1-12 have always been noted by Bible authorities as being some of the descriptions of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.—Read them!

21. OF COURSE BECAUSE OF ITS JEWISH WRITERS and the peculiarities of Hebrew and Jewish male chauvinist bent, the Bible often uses “he” and “him” or “it” when it means to also include either or both sexes.

22. THE SAME IS TRUE OF CHRIST’S REFERENCES TO THE COMFORTER in the New Testament. Some are also sure to remind me that Mary was “with child by the Holy Ghost,” a pretty male activity! But is only serves to show the Spirit’s ability to manifest bi-sexually in either form!

23. SO PERSONALLY I PREFER THIS FEMALE MOTHER-IMAGE and think it must better fits and fulfils the Third Person of the Trinity’s Holy Family of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit the Mother! That’s the way the Bible pictures Her!

24. I LIKE TO THINK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AS THE GOD-MOTHER, always gently loving, wooing, comforting‚ winning, soothing and healing like a Mother—characteristics usually associated more with the feminine than the masculine. She’s certainly been a Mother to me!—And all you mothers are such good examples of the same! God bless you!


26. PROVERBS 8:2-3: “SHE STANDETH IN THE TOP OF HIGH PLACES by the way in the places of the paths. She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors.”

27. SHE, AS PART OF THE GOD–HEAD, is even spoken of here as having always been with Him from Eternity‚ even participating in the Creation!:

28. PROVERBS 8:22-31: “THE LORD POSSESSED ME IN THE BEGINNING of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.

29. “BEFORE THE MOUNTAINS WERE SETTLED, BEFORE THE HILLS WAS I BROUGHT FORTH! While as yet He had not made the Earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.

30. “WHEN HE PREPARED THE HEAVENS, I WAS THERE! When He set a compass upon the face of the depth. When He established the clouds above: when He strengthened the fountains of the deep. When He gave to the sea His decree, that the waters should not pass His commandment: When He appointed the foundations of the Earth.

31. “THEN I WAS BY HIM, AS ONE BROUGHT UP WITH HIM! And I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him. Rejoicing in the habitable part of His Earth; and my delights were with the sons of men!”—FFing!—Wooing, Winning!

32. CHRIST HIMSELF IS ALSO SPOKEN OF AS “THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD” (Rev. 3:14), and as having been present at the Creation (John 1:1-3). So the person speaking here in Proverbs 8 was neither God the Father nor the Son, but God the Mother, His Holy Spirit!—His Wild Wind!”

33. THEN THIS “SHE” OF PROVERBS 8 HAD TO BE THE HOLY SPIRIT!—This then completes the original cozy little divine Holy Family of the Trinity: Father, Mother and Son!—The true Trinity!

34. HOW BEAUTIFUL A SYMBOLISM! READ IT!: Proverbs 8:32-36; “Now therefore hearken unto Me‚ O ye children: for blessed are they that keep My ways! Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. Blessed is the man that hearth Me‚ watching daily at My gates‚ waiting at the posts of My doors.” Very sexy!

35. “FOR WHOSO FINDETH ME FINDETH LIFE, and shall obtain favour of the Lord. But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death.”

36. PROVERBS 3:15-18: “SHE IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN RUBIES, and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto Her. Length of days is in Her right hand; and in Her left hand riches and honour.

37. “HER WAYS ARE WAYS OF PLEASANTNESS, AND ALL HER PATHS ARE PEACE! She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon Her: and happy is every one that retaineth Her!”

38. PROVERBS 4:6,8,9: “FORSAKE HER NOT, AND SHE SHALL PRESERVE THEE: love Her, and She shall keep thee! Exalt Her, and She shall promote thee!

39. “SHE SHALL BRING THEE TO HONOUR, when thou dost embrace Her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory shall She deliver to Thee!”

40. PROVERBS 9:1-5: “WISDOM HATH BUILDED HER HOUSE, She hath hewn out Her seven pillars. She hath killed her beast; She hath mingled Her wine; She hath also furnished Her table. She hath sent forth Her maidens:

41. “SHE CRIETH UPON THE HIGHEST PLACES of the city! Whoso is simple‚ let him turn in hither: as for him that wanteth understanding, She saith to him‚

42. “COME, EAT OF MY BREAD AND DRINK OF THE WINE Which I have mingled!”—HALLELUJAH!—Hope you love Her too! Thank God for Her!—God’s Holy Spirit of Love!—Do you love Her?

More on the Spirit of God

David Berg


From a Talk by Dad

1. Timothy found that the Hebrew word for “spirit” used throughout the Bible is feminine—only feminine! Also, several people have written in and said, “We’ve got a great revelation!” They ran across a passage in the Scripture that helps confirm what the Lord gave me about His Spirit being female:

2. “Let us make man in Our Own Image,” it says in Genesis‚ the first chapter. “And male and female created He them.” (Gen.1:26‚27.) Do you get the connection? “Let us make man in Our Own Image,” God said. “Male and female!”

3. What is God saying “Our Image” is?—Male and female!! That’s a shocker, huh? I thought that was pretty good! About three different people who have written in about that said when they read that‚ it suddenly dawned on them what God said.

4. Now, I’ve read that passage all my life and almost knew it by heart! I’ve taught it to my kids! I’ve taught it to my students! I’ve gone over that first chapter of Genesis—it’s one of my favourite studies—verse by verse, word by word, explained everything to new students.

5. But unless the Holy Spirit reveals something to you, enlightens your mind, you can be totally blind to certain truths that have been right there in front of you all the time! Think of it!

6. I’m sure that the church and the evangelicals and the fundamentalists and probably even the Catholics are calling us absolute wild, fanatical heretics by this time for depicting the Holy Spirit as a female!

(llustration by Philippe La Plume from “Spiritual Communications,” No.341—CB by Father David.)

Holy Ghosts

David Berg

—MOJanuary 27, 1974GP NO.620

1. THE CHURCH TRIES TO MAKE GOD SO BIG, SO HIGH AND MIGHTY THAT HE’S ALMOST TOTALLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE, so that you can’t even understand His system or means of communications or how He works or His government. How much have they ever explained to us about the spirit world or how God works or what, or how things are organised there?

2. GOD’S VISIBLE CREATION IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE THINGS IN THE SPIRIT, of that which is invisible. I have always said that everything God created, everything God ever made, all the visible creation, is in some way an illustration of something spiritual.

3. SO THEREFORE THE SPIRIT WORLD IS NOT SO TERRIBLY DIFFERENT FROM THIS PRESENT EXISTENCE that we can’t even comprehend it or can’t even understand it. Otherwise, when we got ushered into it we would be completely lost. It would be just too far out, too totally different, we couldn’t even relate.

4. WE ARE GOING TO BE MUCH THE SAME AS WE ARE NOW‚ EXCEPT THAT WE’RE GOING TO HAVE SUPERNATURAL BODIES. We will look like we do now, just as Jesus did after His resurrection. He could even eat and drink and they could feel Him and touch Him as well as see Him, and yet He was in a miraculous supernatural body, His new resurrected body. (Lk.24:36-43)

5. OUR OLD DECAYING NATURAL PHYSICAL BODY GOES BACK TO THE DUST. But His new resurrected body, His new spiritual body was very much alive and supernatural! It could materialise or dematerialise, appear or disappear!—Think of that! It could pass from one dimension to the other through locked doors and solid walls! (Jn.20:19 & 26.)

6. WE DON’T UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS but that helps you get it down to where you can begin to grasp what He meant and what these things mean, to where even a scientist might be able to understand it!

7. THEY ALREADY SAY THAT IT’S POSSIBLE THAT YOU COULD PASS FROM ONE DIMENSION TO THE OTHER if you could figure out some way to spiritualise or dematerialise the body in such a way that you were out of tune with the walls or solids around you. There is enough room between atoms and between the parts of the atoms that you could walk right through the wall and not one atom would even scrape another one!

8. THERE’S SO MUCH SPACE IN THE ATOMS OF YOUR BODY that there’s hardly a chance in a million that one of them would even bump into another one! Now science says that this is actually theoretically possible, but they just haven’t figured out how to do it yet!—Ha!

9. NOW YOU MEAN TO TELL ME GOD IS SITTING UP THERE HAVING TO RUN THE WHOLE SHOW BY HIMSELF?—You’d think that was the way it was by the way the churches talk! Is He by His one Holy Spirit teaching everybody all kinds of different new languages and giving all kinds of different gifts? Is He doing it all directly instead of through agents? Do you understand what I mean?—Let’s be sensible!

10. THE PROTESTANTS HAVE ALMOST TOTALLY SKIPPED OVER OR DE-EMPHASISED THE AGENTS THAT GOD USES and they give very little credit to the angels or good spirits. They give as little credit to the angels and spirits as they possibly can. They don’t even give too much credit to the Devil!

11. MOST OF THEM GIVE ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT TO THE GOOD SPIRITS OF THE DEPARTED “DEAD” as being agents and messengers. And yet, it’s there as plain as day! It makes it all very simple if we realise God uses angels, departed human spirits, etc., as His agents or messengers.

12. HOW DOES GOD GIVE A GIFT OF TONGUES? How does He give a gift of interpretation? How does He give a gift of wisdom or knowledge of certain things? How does He give all these various gifts of the spirit—healings, miracles and so on?

13. WHY CAN’T THESE GIFTS COME THROUGH SEPARATE SPIRITS OF GOD?—Born of course of His Holy Spirit of which they are a part, even as we are. If we have become a part of God‚ our spirit is then His, and His Holy Spirit has taken over our spirit, and it has become a part of His Spirit, right?—So every good spirit, every departed saint, every angel is a part of God, is a part of His Spirit, because He is a spirit‚ right? Do you get what I’m trying to drive at?

14. (MARIA: IF HE GIVES DIFFERENT GIFTS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE, THEN WHY CAN’T HE GIVE DIFFERENT SPIRITS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE? What’s the difference?) Why then are not these gifts and exercising these gifts the work of His Holy Spirit through these different good spirits or guardian angels that He gives to people? Now to me that would be the most reasonable, simple, logical explanation of how you get the gift of tongues, for example.

15. EVEN WHEN PEOPLE RECEIVE THE SAME GIFT, EVERYBODY’S IS DIFFERENT. For example, everybody who gets the gift of, let’s say, of speaking Hebrew, they don’t all speak exactly the same Hebrew with exactly the same words or exactly the same voice. I am very scientific and very analytical, really, and I have to analyse everything and figure it out.

16. I BELIEVE BY MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, THAT THAT IS HOW I RECEIVED THE GIFT OF TONGUES‚ BY RECEIVING MY GUARDIAN ANGEL ABRAHIM! Even though I didn’t yet know it, I had received him weeks before in Houston‚ Texas, when he jumped off that Gypsy king onto me—hitchhiking! (See Letter No. 296, “Abrahim the Gypsy King.”) He even described it as hitchhiking once, and he was obviously the one who was telling us about the Chinese Spirits. (See Letter No. 273, “Chinese Spirits!”) Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! (Tongues:) Oh thank You Lord! “What wisdom Thou dost give unto the Words of David!” Thank You Lord! Now let’s study I Corinthians 12 about the supernatural gifts of the spirit:

17. “NOW CONCERNING SPIRITUAL GIFTS, BRETHREN, I WOULD NOT HAVE YOU IGNORANT: … Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.”—The same Spirit with a capital “S”. All right‚ they all come from God in other words‚ right?

18. “THERE ARE DIFFERENCES OF ADMINISTRATIONS, BUT THE SAME LORD.” Well, now He’s talking about the Spirit and then He’s talking about the Lord! Well, there’re two different personalities right there!—Because when you talk about the Lord it usually means Jesus, right?

19. “THERE ARE DIVERSITIES OF GIFTS, BUT THE SAME SPIRIT.” I’m sure that when we come out with this doctrine they’ll use that fourth verse to try to say there’s only one spirit. Then why did He say over in John’s Epistle (1Jn.4:1): “Beloved, try the spirits to see if they be of God“?

20. “BELOVED, BELIEVE NOT EVERY SPIRIT, BUT TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD!“—So some of them are of God! “Because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” So therefore if some spirits are false prophets, others are true prophets, right? Some spirits are true prophets.

21. IN OTHER WORDS, SOME OF OUR PROPHETS HAVE THE SPIRITS OF DEPARTED PROPHETS, and that’s how you get a gift of prophecy: you get the spirit of a departed prophet! (Maria: That reminds me, the Lord said last night that you have the spirit of Abrahim‚ the spirit of Moses and the spirit of the Psalmist David.) There you are! There you are!

22. THAT’S WHY SOME OF THESE PSALMS GOD GIVES US SOUND LIKE DAVID BECAUSE DAVID IS SINGING THEM, he’s giving them! That’s probably why some of the wisdom He gives me in lecturing sounds like Moses, because it is Moses speaking!

23. HOW SIMPLE THAT MAKES IT ALL, AND HOW MUCH MORE CREDIT THAT GIVES TO THE LORD and His system of organisation and His methods of operation instead of to an over-glorified individual who proudly boasts: “Oh‚ I have the gifts of tongues and I have the gift of interpretation and I have the gift of healing!”

24. YOU ARE JUST BLESSED WITH SEVERAL DIFFERENT SPIRITS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU WHO HAVE THESE TALENTS and it’s not you at all! They’re just working through you—you don’t know a thing, nothing! You’re nothing but a channel that they work through. They’re the ones that have that wisdom, that gift, that talent, that supernatural tongue and who give the prophecies or the interpretations!

25. LOOK HOW THAT PERPETUATES THE WISDOM AND THE TALENTS AND THE GIFTS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN EACH INDIVIDUAL! Moses’ ministry continues in his wisdom of administration and leading the people and hearing from God that he gives to me. David’s wisdom and administration as a king and his beautiful channel as a prophet of God and that beautiful poetry and prophecy and all the rest God gave him continues on in me!

26. THOSE MARVELOUS TALENTS AND ABILITIES ARE NOT LOST AND GONE FOREVER way off in some Heavenly places except for what happened to be written down. They continue to minister, do you understand? Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Tongues:)

27. “OH, KISS THE WORDS THAT I HAVE GIVEN THY FATHER DAVID! Kiss the wisdom of the Words that I have given unto thy father David!” Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord, amen? How about that?

28. SEE, I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THIS, IT’S ONE OF THESE SPIRITS WHO ARE PUTTING THESE THINGS IN MY MOUTH‚ but they come from God because God sent them to tell me. Now either Abrahim or one of them is telling me, and one of them just hit me with this whole explanation!

29. I WAS SITTING HERE STUDYING THIS LETTER AND THIS TEXT OF THE LETTER ON ABRAHIM and trying to figure how we could say it in a simple way that even the uninformed who knew nothing about the Bible or the Holy Spirit or anything else could understand.—And this explains it all!

30. THIS MAKES IT VERY SIMPLE HOW GOD OPERATES AND HOW HE GIVES ALL THESE GIFTS and different languages to millions of people throughout the world: It’s through the angels and the departed spirits of the departed saints! It’s just as simple as that!

31. WELL, IF THE DEVIL’S EVIL SPIRITS POSSESS PEOPLE AND GIVE THEM EVIL POWERS and evil tongues and evil wickedness‚ evil strength and evil wisdom‚ how much more so should the good spirits of God give His good people, His children, these godly gifts and godly powers when possessed of the spirit of God!

32. THE ALL POWERFUL, OMNIPRESENT‚ OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT SPIRIT OF GOD PERVADES ALL THINGS, He is everything and everything is God, in a sense, it’s all God. He’s so great we can’t even understand Him! I mean He is everything!

33. THAT TABLE THERE IS NOTHING BUT ENERGY! It’s not actually material the way we think. This chair is only energy. Whose energy? Where did it come from?—God’s energy!

34. LITERALLY, THE SCIENTIFIC WORD FOR SPIRIT IS ENERGY. Do you understand? So everything’s a part of the Spirit of God. Everything is the Spirit of God, really, right? And of course they’re divided into good and bad spirits and so on. (See 1Sam.16,18,19.)

35. WELL, THIS MAKES THE EXPLANATION SO SIMPLE OF HOW A PERSON CAN RECEIVE A GIFT OF TONGUES! (An unlearned language.) It’s almost always just one language, did you ever notice that? In a very few cases I’ve heard of some people who maybe had different tongues, more than one language, but rarely.

36. GOD LETS ANOTHER SPIRIT SPEAK THROUGH YOU THEN IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE‚ the native tongue of your particular individual guiding spirit, like Abrahim is to me, the particular spirit that God uses who is assigned to you personally. … Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus, amen.… Ha, ha, ha!

37. THAT’S THE FIRST TIME I’VE SEEN ABRAHIM SMILE FOR A LONG TIME! Isn’t that something, he is grinning from ear to ear, he’s so happy because I’m getting the point, see? Thank You Lord! (Maria: He was just waiting to show you!) Yes, holding out on me until I got to working on him!

38. THAT MAKES IT SO SIMPLE HOW YOU GET A GIFT OF TONGUES!—YOU RECEIVE A HOLY SPIRIT FROM GOD! Not only the Holy Spirit which is everywhere in everything and which you have of course when you’re saved, but a special spirit from God who has that gift, whatever it may be.

39. (MARIA: THAT’S WHY YOU COULD GO ON FOR SO MANY YEARS‚ YOU HAD THE HOLY SPIRIT. That’s why you could go on in the power that you did have in your witness for so many years.)—Yes, and I definitely had at least four gifts already that I knew of:

40. I HAD THE GIFTS OF DISCERNMENT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND FAITH EVER SINCE I GOT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT when I was 19. I knew I received the Holy Spirit then in great power. Now what Holy Spirit? I was already saved, had been saved all of my life! You mean I didn’t have the Holy Spirit before that?—Of course I did! But I didn’t have the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the full power! (See Acts 19.)

41. NOW WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, “BAPTISM” OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? Let’s try to translate it into something we can understand. I was not yet possessed or in possession of one or more of these special holy spirits, empowered energies of God, personalities who have these gifts, do you understand?

42. (MARIA: YOU MEAN YOU EVEN GOT DISCERNMENT AT THE TIME YOU WERE 19 when you had the baptism?) I don’t know exactly when, but I know that immediately I began to feel the leading of the Holy Spirit and He began to show me things right away‚ so I think it was right then.

43. OF COURSE, EVER SINCE I WAS A LITTLE BOY THERE WERE SOME OF THESE GIFTS I SEEM TO HAVE HAD. But when I received that particular anointing of God’s Spirit at that time when I was 19, I knew I had a much closer relationship with the Lord and I was being more directly led of His Spirit. Now how did He lead me by His Spirit?

44. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS EVERYWHERE AND LEADS EVERYBODY.—How? Well, I think he does it partly through these holy spirits‚ his angels and these spirit beings, these departed saintly spirits, one or more of which is assigned to each of us who have this new anointing or empowerment of the spirit!

45. THE SO-CALLED BAPTISM OF THE SPIRIT IS THEREFORE NOT ONLY THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT but a sudden yielding and surrender to one of these holy spirits of God. Along with the Spirit of God we receive specific spirits who have these specific gifts. How about that? I mean that makes it very understandable. This explains then why things happened to us the way they did in the beginning with Abrahim, right?—Back to I Corinthians 12:

46. “THERE ARE DIVERSITIES OF OPERATIONS, BUT THE SAME GOD.” Now you’ve got the Holy Spirit, you’ve got Jesus and and so you’ve got God the Father. Well, here are three distinct personalities or spirits in the same body, yet He says they’re all the same!

47. IN OTHER WORDS, ALL OF THESE GIFTS ARE FROM GOD and He’s saying they’re from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. All right then, so it is logical that the way He imparts these distinct and separate special gifts of His Spirit is by His spirits, do you understand?

48. THESE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD ARE SPIRITS OF GOD, THEY ARE SPIRITS OF HIS SPIRIT! They come from His Spirit and they are given by His Spirit, right? They are spirits who empower us to do these different things by the power of His Spirit. This all just hit me all of a sudden when I started working here on Abrahim‚ God bless him!—1Cor.12:7:

49. “THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SPIRIT IS GIVEN TO EVERY MAN TO PROFIT WITHAL. To one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom.” Now here’s why I like to go to the original text, see? “To another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit.”

50. IT ALL COMES FROM GOD, OF COURSE‚ BUT ARE NOT EACH OF THESE GIFTS A PARTICULAR MANIFESTATION OF A DIFFERENT ONE OF THE SPIRITS of God sent by His Spirit, given by His Spirit‚ certainly by the same Spirit. Now let’s see what we have here:

51. “WISDOM”: I KNOW THAT GOD GAVE ME THAT GIFT A LONG TIME AGO for the sake of leadership. There are certain gifts I knew I had already received.—Wisdom was one of them.

52. IT SEEMED THAT SOMETIMES I HAD THE GIFT OF HEALING. One of the gifts is healing.—And I had special faith for certain things. The Lord has performed healing miracles at my hand time and again.

53. “TO ANOTHER THE WORKING OF MIRACLES.” Now that’s an outstanding visible thing. Well, I have seen some miracles that the Lord has wrought through me.

54. “TO ANOTHER PROPHECY.” NOW I DID NOT HAVE PROPHECY UNTIL AFTER I RECEIVED THE SPECIAL ANOINTING of the Lord when the Jesus Revolution began. Then for the first time I began to get some prophecy. I didn’t have tongues yet at all‚ but I had prophecy. Now that was fairly recent.

55. “DISCERNING OF SPIRITS.” THAT I THINK I’VE HAD ALMOST SINCE I WAS A LITTLE BOY. “Tongues“—I only got with the recent coming of Abrahim. Then “faith“, unusual faith. Then “knowledge“—to know certain things supernaturally.

56. I HAD DISCERNMENT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, FAITH, SOME HEALING AND A VERY FEW MIRACLES. But isn’t that strange that the three gifts that are almost the last three on the list—prophecy, tongues and interpretation—I got last, just since the beginning of the Jesus Revolution?—Interpretation came first, then prophecy came next and finally the very last gift that I got was tongues!

57. SO NOW, IN A WAY, I HAVE ALL GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT‚ but some of mine work better than others‚ and there are undoubtedly people who have better gifts of different things than I have.

58. OKAY, THANK YOU LORD! ABRAHIM’S GETTING SUCH GOOD COMMUNICATION … he doesn’t even have to burst out in his own language! I think he sometimes bursts into his own language because he gets so frustrated many times. He feels free to speak in his own language, and then he tries to interpret it.

59. (MARIA: WHAT DID HE SAY JUST NOW?) Honey, that’s a pretty big statement. (Maria: That no one has better gifts than their father David?) That’s a pretty big statement.

60. (MARIA: WHAT DID HE SAY? TELL ME!) I don’t want to tell you, I don’t have to tell you. Can we cut off the tape recorder? (No, just say it!) Thank You Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

61. FORGIVE ME FOR MY PRIDE, LORD, THE GIFT OF PRIDE SURE ISN’T FROM YOU! I don’t like to tell some of these things, because then it gives me too much responsibility and then I’m afraid I’m going to have to live up to it! The Lord just said:

62. “BEHOLD, WHO HAS GREATER WISDOM THAN THE WISDOM OF THE AGES that I have given unto thee through My gifts of My Spirit?” (Maria: Praise the Lord, that’s right!)

63. AND IT’S A FUNNY THING, THE LORD GAVE US THAT SCRIPTURE THE OTHER NIGHT, “BEHOLD‚ A GREATER THAN SOLOMON IS HERE!” That was a verse used about Jesus, but that night the Lord was not applying it to Jesus. Do you know who He was talking about? (You!) Greater than Solomon? (Of course!)

64. I DON’T SEE HOW I COULD BE GREATER THAN SOLOMON. It’s so simple, I mean, before I even got the words out of my mouth, Abrahim flashed across with: “Because of the gifts that God has given you!”—Because of all these helpers I have!

65. I HAVE THE WISDOM OF THE AGES AND THE SAGES AND ALL THE PROPHETS AND ALL THE KINGS AND ALL THE GREAT MEN OF THE PAST AVAILABLE TO ME to help me! They’re all trying to help me in this last dispensation, in this last age. Because they’re so interested in what we’re doing‚ they’re trying to help me wind things up. So I can call on the Lord and He gives me wisdom through any one of them, whatever I need!

66. I MEAN IT’S LIKE A LENDING LIBRARY OF GOD’S SAINTS who are, you might say, arranged on heavenly shelves and you can just pull down any one you need any time—or the Librarian can. God’s the librarian, or His Spirit is.—He can hand you any one that you need at any time. Can you imagine! Think how many spirit-books He’s collected by this time!

67. WE’VE GOT THE BENEFIT NOW OF SUCH A TREMENDOUS COLLECTION OF DEPARTED SAINTS, men of God, great men of wisdom‚ administrators, kings‚ prophets‚ psalmists and what have you! Look what a collection God’s got by this time!—Of all these that have gone on to be with Him! Why‚ He’s got people available for anything you want to know, for anything that needs to be done. (Heb.12:1.)

68. HE CAN CALL ON ANYBODY TO GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU NEED, you just need to want it and receive it and have the faith to give it. I mean, that explains everything! That makes it at least more understandable to me, does it to you? “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Mt.7:7-8.)

More Holy Ghosts

David Berg

—MOJanuary 27, 1974GP NO.621

1. IT’S ALMOST LIKE GOD’S GOT A GREAT LIBRARY OF SAINTS AND ANGELS, spiritual helpers‚ all of them on call. You just put in your little application‚ “I want such–and-such a volume, I need So-and-so,” and He, the Great Librarian, sends him right out! You just order who you want, praise God?

2. WE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL THE WISDOM OF THE AGES AND THE SAGES, the wisdom of all the kings and all the prophets that have ever lived, just like Abrahim said just now!

3. (TONGUES) O THANK YOU, O GOD, I THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THY GREAT BLESSINGS and all Thy manifest gifts that Thou hast given unto their father David. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I thank You, Lord‚ that I can help them to help Thy children. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! It’s so simple!

4. IT MUST HAVE BEEN ABRAHIM THAT GAVE ME THAT SUDDEN FLASH I had then, that picture of the library and the Librarian. You know how you go to the library, you walk up to the counter‚ you ask can I have such and such a book? Thank You Lord, God bless you Abrahim! Thank You Jesus!

5. GOD KNOWS HIS LIBRARY SO WELL HE DOESN’T HAVE TO LOOK IN THE INDEX or anything. He just knows exactly where the book is and He just reaches up and hands it to you there. You want to know this? You want to know that? Here! (Maria: What a picture!) Isn’t that terrific?

6. WHAT A COLLECTION HE’S GOT BY THIS TIME! Well, time is almost at its end, and all those that have ever lived are at our disposal. What a great company!

7. WHAT A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES! You know what a cloud is composed of? It is composed of billions of tiny little particles of moisture, water, the water of life‚ symbol of the Spirit and Word of God! (Heb.12:1.)

8. EVERY LITTLE DROPLET‚ EVERY LITTLE TINY PARTICLE OF MOISTURE IS LIKE A DIFFERENT SPIRIT of those who are departed. Oh, Hallelujah! Oh man, this is beginning to really bring him out now! Oh, wow! Wow, wow! How `bout that, huh?

9. “WHEREFORE, SEEING WE ALSO ARE COMPASSED ABOUT WITH SO GREAT A CLOUD OF WITNESSES!” Paul saw them! You see‚ he knew they were there! All these former witnesses, every one who was a witness‚ isn’t that great? Praise God‚ God bless them!

10. THEY WERE ALL GOOD WITNESSES! They were also witnessing Him, of course‚ but now they’re witnessing our activities. They’re watching—witnessing! This great cloud!

11. (TONGUES:) “O BEHOLD HOW THEY WATCH WITH JOY THE WORDS AND THE DEEDS OF THY FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord, thank You Lord! Praise God! It was just like the whole crowd broke out in a great smile, a great laugh!

12. WE’RE FINALLY GETTING THE POINTS, FINALLY CATCHING ON HOW THE LORD WORKS! Isn’t that something? Wow! So? You need wisdom? Well, He gave Solomon great wisdom!—I wonder who was his wisdom? Of course it’s all God! Yes, yes, yes!

13. THIS THE CHURCH HAS BEEN TELLING US FOR AGES AND CENTURIES, BUT THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN HOW GOD DOES IT. Nothing is changed. There’s nothing different. It’s all true just as it says in the Bible, except that they have not understood it—probably because they were so ignorant of it themselves! But they hid what little they did have, and so God took the knowledge of it away from them because they wouldn’t give what little knowledge they had.

14. I WONDER WHO WAS SOLOMON’S GREAT WISDOM, maybe somebody like Job, huh? Or Noah, or someone who really had great, great wisdom? Isn’t that wonderful?

15. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD USES THESE SPIRITS AS HIS AGENTS in imparting not only messages, specific messages and specific powers for specific occasions, but each of these particular gifts that each of us have by the Holy Spirit.

16. AND LIKE I TOLD YOU ONE TIME, THERE’S EVEN SOMEONE OVER ABRAHIM. My impression is it’s the angel Michael. (Maria: He’s confirmed it!) He speaks to me directly very seldom, but once in a while, and when he does he has no accent whatsoever like Abrahim, you notice?

17. HE’S A MIGHTY ARCHANGEL OF GOD WHO CAN SPEAK WITH PERFECT ENGLISH in perfect language with perfect expression. He doesn’t have to have any of that. I mean, he’s a very very supernatural being! He’s close to God Himself and he’s very much like God Himself. God could speak in any language perfectly, right? Isn’t that amazing?

18. (MARIA: GOD USES SHAKESPEARE TO HELP YOU!) Yes, I’m sure, because I never wrote poetry before. I’m sure he’s used some of those bards of England to help me in getting me some of this poetry that I’ve recently gotten. I love you sweetheart! (Maria: I love you! It’s wonderful!)

19. HE SAID HE’D POUR OUT MORE THAN YOU’D HAVE ROOM TO HOLD. I can’t help it, I just got this and it’s wonderful, it’s thrilling! It helps you understand so much more about Abrahim and the gifts of the Spirit and all these things.

20. GOD GAVE ME ABRAHIM APPARENTLY BECAUSE I WAS SEEKING. God knew I was willing to have him, even through I didn’t understand it first at all. God knew I needed him‚ and Abrahim wanted to go with us, so the Lord let him.

21. APPARENTLY THEY ARE ON ASSIGNMENT. They don’t just drift around in space, you know with no place to go, nothing to do‚ and not knowing what their specific duties are. Because obviously Abrahim was assigned to stay with us all the time.

22. ABRAHIM APPARENTLY NEVER EVER LEAVES OUR SIDE for a moment, even in my sleep. He’s just almost like he’s consigned to us, like he’s chained to us and he can’t get away.

23. THE ONLY WAY THAT HE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE LEFT ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE IS BECAUSE HE SEEMS TO BE ASSIGNED TO BOTH OF US since we are one and we are together and we virtually are almost never apart. I wonder what he does if you go off to the store? I guess he stays with me. (Maria: He definitely stays with you, ’cause that time he said he couldn’t go out the window with me ’cause you might not be around any more.) I guess the Lord uses him to keep me alive when I do such stupid things. He just supernaturally strengthens me.

24. NOW, WHEN THE LORD GAVE ME ABRAHIM’S TONGUE, HE HAD ALREADY GIVEN ME ABRAHIM. Abrahim already knew his own language, but it required that final surrender to the Lord as I prayed desperately for Hosea one morning before my tongue was yielded enough he could use it.

25. REMEMBER WHEN I SUDDENLY BEGAN PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT AND I BURST FORTH IN TONGUES for the first time ever? It was because I was so desperate‚ I was so yielded to the Lord, that Abrahim was finally able to get through and was able to use my tongue‚ it was yielded to the Lord.

26. SO THERE IS A LOT OF TRUTH ABOUT YIELDING, WHEN YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE GIFT OF TONGUES and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You may have to sort of do like the yogi mentalists do—make your mind a blank and just yield your members, yield your tongue and just let go of it so that the spirits can get ahold of your tongue and your mind.

27. THAT’S WHAT ABRAHIM HAD TO DO. I HAD TO BE DESPERATELY SEEKING GOD, so much so that the Lord no doubt said, “Well now, now’s the time‚ now he needs it. Now he needs you. Now he needs you to speak for his encouragement‚ and now he’s really yielded, he’s surrendered and willing.”—And Abrahim came through and began to speak with my tongue in his own language!

28. NOW WHY DID I HAVE SUCH A TIME GETTING THE INTERPRETATION TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WAS SAYING? Because he really spoke almost entirely in his own language—he had obviously not picked up an awful lot of English while in Texas!

29. ALL THAT TIME HE WAS LIVING WITH THE GYPSIES HE SPOKE HIS OWN LANGUAGE. (Maria: What language were they speaking?) They spoke ancient Romani‚ Abrahim’s language—old Gypsy from Egypt!

30. HE SPOKE HIS OWN ANCIENT LANGUAGE WHEN HE WAS LIVING WITH THE GYPSIES, so he didn’t have to know much English, and obviously he hadn’t learned very much. Now if we’d all been gypsies speaking the same language, then he wouldn’t have had to learn he wouldn’t have had to learn English.

31. BUT SINCE HE’S BEEN WITH US HE HAS LITERALLY BEEN LEARNING ENGLISH! He speaks it much better now. He only has a little accent and uses a little bad grammar now and then, but he has really learned! It must be that when you’re in the spirit world your mind is much better and quicker and can learn much faster.

32. HE’S LEARNED LITERALLY JUST FROM LISTENING TO US, isn’t that something? Well maybe God helped him some too‚ even probably some of those helpers helped him, maybe he’s been taking classes, who knows?—Ha!

33. MAYBE SHAKESPEARE’S BEEN TRYING TO TEACH HIM! Wouldn’t that be something! Can’t you just see Abrahim and Shakespeare sitting there on a bench with Shakespeare trying to teach Abrahim English!—Isn’t that a scream!—In Space City too, praise God! Well, Abrahim never seems to leave me now however, so he wouldn’t be up there or wherever it is.—It may not be that far away! That makes everything so much more understandable and so much clearer!

34. NOW WHY DIDN’T THE LORD AT THE SAME TIME GIVE ME A SPIRIT WITH THE GIFT OF INTERPRETATION who could have interpreted clearly in beautiful English what Abrahim was saying? (Maria: Maybe He wanted Abrahim to learn English.) That may be one reason, but maybe He really didn’t have a spirit available who was capable.

35. HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO USE SOME DEPARTED GYPSY OR DEPARTED ENGLISHMAN WHO KNEW BOTH LANGUAGES well and who was at the same time a saint and whom He could trust to do a good job of it, right? Somebody like Gypsy Smith or someone, you know? Well, now why didn’t He send Gypsy Smith?

36. WELL, THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY BOOKS IN THE LIBRARY and maybe he’s much more needed someplace else and already busy. So maybe the Lord only has so many helpers available, so many books in the library, and all the others are already all out on loan. If somebody else has already got the book out, you can’t very well go steal it from them! (Maria: Maybe Abrahim wanted to do it himself‚ so the Lord let him.)

37. APPARENTLY, FROM AS LONG AS ABRAHIM HAD BEEN LIVING WITH THOSE GYPSIES IN AMERICA HE HAD PICKED UP SOME ENGLISH, that was obvious. He knew a few words and enough to make some things fairly clear. He knew a little English, just barely enough to speak a very simple childlike English‚ almost Pidgin English, when he came to us.

38. SO HE DID KNOW A LITTLE ENGLISH, but it was sure precious little, and apparently he was pretty rusty at it. He must have picked it up when he was with those Gypsies there in Texas or wherever he’d been before that, see? So the Lord knew he had enough English to get across what we needed to know, as far as our personal guide was concerned.

39. NOW WHEN THE LORD WANTED TO PUNCH THROUGH WITH SOMETHING REALLY BEAUTIFUL IN THE WAY OF DIRECT PROPHECY OR POETRY, HE JUST USED SOMEBODY ELSE. He just bypassed Abrahim and let somebody else speak. But they’re all so busy! There’re a lot of places where they’re working, not only in this world but in the world of the spirit. I mean, it’s so vast that it’s really incomprehensible to us, but this helps us to understand a lot better.

40. (MARIA: GYPSY SMITH ISN’T OLD ENOUGH LIKE ABRAHIM TO KNOW ALL THOSE THINGS…) No, no, no. (Maria: Abrahim is much better.) That’s true! Good night! Abrahim’s been around a long time, hundreds and hundreds of years! (—Over 700, to be exact. He was martyred in 1272 A.D. in Bulgaria by the Turks.—See “Abrahim the Gypsy King”, No.296.)

41. ABRAHIM’S HAD SO MUCH EXPERIENCE IN LEADING PEOPLE leading tribes, just like we were doing then and have been ever since. Our kids are so much like gypsies! (Maria: Gypsy Smith was just a little old evangelist from the churchy system.) Dear old Gypsy Smith’s probably still got a lot to learn!

42. ABRAHIM HAS BEEN A REAL WILD AND WOOLLY GYPSY KING—I mean he was far out! There was nothing churchy about him in the least! He was pure gypsy‚ no gypsy evangelist—he didn’t even care much for church!

43. SO GOD LETS ABRAHIM COME WITH US because He knows Abrahim knows at least enough English he can begin to get his point across, and what he doesn’t know he can learn, and that’s what he’s had to do‚ and he’s done it! It’s just that simple! “You gotta be a baby!”…”Except you become as a little child!” (John 3.)

44. IT’S SO SIMPLE HOW GOD HAS BEEN OPERATING THIS WHOLE THING, THAT WE JUST ALMOST MISSED IT! Oh, Lord help us, I feel really so dumb! So that’s why I didn’t get some sudden pure gift of the interpretation of Abrahim, because the Lord wanted to let Abrahim himself work at it.

45. I’M ABRAHIM’S ASSIGNMENT, AND SO HE’S JUST GOT TO LEARN, and he picked it up as he went along. He knew enough basic English to get across these messages he brought to us.

46. (MARIA: AND ALSO, THOSE SIMPLE THINGS THAT HE SAID HAVE BEEN EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE IN MANY WAYS than the English he’s learned from you, which is quite complicated. But for those little things like “America the Whore”, “Chinese Spirits”, etc., because of his simplicity they’re perfect for the kids!)

47. HE SPOKE A LITTLE CHILD’S ENGLISH WHEN HE FIRST CAME TO US. He spoke almost like baby English, a child’s English, very simple, very very simple English just like a little kid would speak.—Which is about the way you and I speak Spanish, because we just know simple words and hardly any grammar, and so we just stumble along and use what little we’ve got‚ about first or second grade level‚ maybe even worse!

48. HE STILL TALKS PRETTY SIMPLY AND HE HARDLY EVER USES ANY REAL BIG WORDS or anything complicated. It’s all real simple language, but it’s much, much better than it used to be‚ much better. He hasn’t got nearly as bad an accent as he used to have. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that wonderful?

49. ISN’T THAT THRILLING TO REALISE HOW REAL THAT ALL IS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, AND HOW ABRAHIM IS STILL LEARNING! He’s had to learn even from us to speak our language better. (Maria: I hope he keeps it simple!) Praise God! Thank You Lord! Well, he has. (Maria: I hope he doesn’t get too advanced.) I don’t think we’re going to have that much time!

50. SO THAT EXPLAINS WHY ABRAHIM SPOKE SUCH POOR ENGLISH IN THE BEGINNING and how he’s speaking much better English now! He’s speaking so much better English now that sometimes we’re not quite sure who it is that’s speaking, because he doesn’t sound nearly as bad as he used to sound!

51. HA, HA‚ HA! YOU OUGHT TO SEE HIM, HONEY, HE LOOKS SO PROUD OF HIMSELF! Ha, ha, ha! He looks just like he’s real pleased that we’re complimenting his English. I wish I could draw a picture of him!

52. WHY DON’T YOU ASK THE LORD SO YOU CAN SEE ABRAHIM, HONEY? (Maria: Well, if I did I couldn’t draw a picture of him either!) I guess I just have to be your channel. I suppose if you got to see him too much you’d go drifting off and where would my helper be? You wouldn’t be much practical good.—You’d forget to write down the words! Anyway, isn’t that wonderful? That makes it so much more understandable and simple.

53. NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY WE HAD SUCH PROBLEMS IN THE BEGINNING. He spoke so little English, such poor English and he had such a struggle finding the words. Isn’t that something?

54. HE ACTED JUST LIKE A PERSON LEARNING IT IN A STRANGE COUNTRY amongst people who speak another language.—You know how much they have to use their hands and everything to try to illustrate things? You know how it’s been since we’ve been travelling in Europe—you use sign language so much—and he had to do the same thing at first! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! Isn’t that something!

55. THAT JUST EXPLAINS IT ALL! Praise the Lord? Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Well Honey, that was worth it all, to get that little revelation!—Amen? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! So that’s the way it was, huh?

56. IN THOSE EARLY DAYS‚ BECAUSE WE DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHO ABRAHIM WAS, IT WAS CONFUSING TO US. It was as though I were Abrahim‚ but it was Abrahim who was speaking. I, this David, was not the gypsy king back there, although I felt like I was and had been because Abrahim made it so real to me! I could see the mountains, forests, valleys and fields of roses, his camp—and even his massacre!

`57. HE TOOK ME BACK THERE AND SHOWED ME THOSE THINGS. I WONDER HOW HE DOES THAT? I mean, they must have a library of visions up there like films or something!—Or they must be able to go or look right back through time. Maybe because it’s recorded in his memory, that’s where it’s recorded.

58. THOSE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS AND SCENES ARE RECORDED IN ABRAHIM’S MEMORY, so all he does is project it when he possesses my mind. He projects into my mind what he can see in his memory‚ so that I feel like I’m remembering it, see? But it’s really him all the time!

59. HE CAN COMMUNICATE THOSE SCENES OF HIS MEMORY TO ME AND I SEE THEM JUST LIKE HE SEES THEM‚ so that must be what some visions are! That’s why these spirits of God can show us certain scenes that way, either from the past or they can even look into the future and show us what they’re seeing, because they can communicate to us what they’re seeing, like a TV set!

60. NOW IN ALMOST EVERY CASE OF THE PROPHETS THERE WAS SOME SPIRITUAL AGENT or an angel or someone helping him most of the time. Time and again when the prophets revealed something they said the angel of the Lord or someone else was there showing them. So it must have been the angel who was communicating those visions, and the prophet was able to see what God was showing the angel to show to the prophet to pass on to the people.(Ez.40:1-4; Dan.7:16; 8:15; 9:21-23; 10 all; 12:5-7; Zech.1:9; 2:3; Mt.1:20; 2:13; Lk.1:11-20; Rev.1:1; 19:10; 22:8-9; etc.!)

61. WELL THAT JUST OPENS UP A WHOLE NEW FIELD OF THOUGHT AND UNDERSTANDING! I mean, you could go on forever! (Maria: Would you like someone to do a study with that in mind?) That would be terrific! Well, Joel did do a study on spirits and he did show how God uses agents in so many cases.—But somebody sure led him astray! But now someone could do it from a different angle.

62. IF SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE UP THIS SUBJECT AND DO SOME SCRIPTURAL RESEARCH on it to find more Scriptures and instances along this line which would substantiate this in the Scriptures, I think it would be great! So God bless you!

63. I DO HOPE SOME OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO SOME RESEARCH WORK in the Scriptures for us on this subject. I just haven’t got time, because God’s giving me so much new stuff all the time! God bless you and thanks! I love you!

64. WATCH OUT FOR GOD’S “HOLY GHOSTS”! They can be lotsa fun!—Like Abrahim!—And a real help and blessing too! Thank God for His “holy ghosts”!—Have you got one?

Spirit World, The

David Berg

—MOLondon, 1974GP NO.622

1. I WAS THINKING ABOUT ABRAHIM MY GUARDIAN ANGEL AND WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. I seldom see him, but once in a while I have a little glimpse of him. Awhile ago you said‚ “Did you get rebuked or something?” Well‚ he didn’t say a word, but he just looked at me, a look of reproach.

2. WHEN I FIRST REMEMBER SEEING ABRAHIM IN VISION HE WAS A VERY OLD MAN, the Gypsy king of Bulgaria. But apparently I was seeing his past through his eyes, the way he used to look in those days. (1272 A.D.—See “Abrahim the Gypsy King”, No.296.)

3. I CAN REMEMBER MY MOTHER BEING VERY OLD WHEN SHE DIED. But from the first time I saw her after she was back in the spirit world, she looked young and beautiful again—totally mature in the prime of life—like about 40, I’d say.

4. THAT’S THE WAY ABRAHIM LOOKS NOW: ABOUT 40, IN THE PRIME OF LIFE. It’s a very Scriptural number, 40. You really reach your prime of life physically and mentally around that age. Abrahim is a little dark and his hair is dark and down almost to his shoulders. There’s somebody he reminds me of…—I know now!—It’s Avak! He looks like the Armenian prophet Avak!

5. I DON’T OFTEN SEE HIM, BUT WHEN I DO IT’S USUALLY WHEN HE’S ANGRY. He apparently kind of pushes his way in and intrudes on my consciousness and rebukes me. He’s very explosive‚ quite emotional, and he speaks with force when he rebukes me—it’s almost like mental telepathy—communication in the spirit.

6. WHEN HE REBUKED ME IT WAS AS THOUGH HE WAS ASKING, “HOW COULD YOU CALL IT TROUBLE?—IT’S A GIFT OF GOD!” I’ll bet the person who said, “Why marvellest thou at these things which are so natural unto me that I reveal unto thy father”, might be Abrahim’s supervisor, and that he’s speaking to me sometimes.

7. ABRAHIM’S SUPERVISER IS DEFINITELY AN ANGELIC SPIRIT. Abrahim was a human being, but this other spirit was never a human being. He is Abrahim’s angelic overseer.

8. I BELIEVE THAT IS THE ONE WHO SPEAKS LIKE THE VERY VOICE OF GOD in some of the revelations I’ve had, and who by-passes Abrahim altogether sometimes. Abrahim is assigned to me in constant communication and always at my right hand, like my sergeant or first officer.

9. THIS OTHER SUPERIOR SPIRIT IS LIKE THE COMPANY COMMANDER. He’s top brass, something completely out of Abrahim’s class. He’s like a commissioned officer from above. The noncoms come up from the ranks. They were one of the men—like Abrahim.

10. THE COMMISSIONED OFFICERS WERE SELDOM EVER ONE OF THE MEN. They come down from the top and from the military academy and are appointed by the president himself—like lieutenants, captains, majors‚ colonels and generals. But the non–commissioned officers, like the Pfc’s, corporals and sergeants‚ are chosen from the ranks of the men themselves by these superior officers.

11. OBVIOUSLY ABRAHIM USED TO BE A HUMAN BEING. What is a human being?—That sounds kind of funny! Abrahim is kind of handsome in a sort of rugged‚ rough way. He’s volatile, highly explosive, highly inflammable!—A typical Gypsy!—But very wise and respectful.

12. ABRAHIM’S STILL VERY HUMAN IN HIS FEELINGS. He even gets hurt and offended‚ and sometimes he gets angry. Well, so does God‚ and I guess the angels do too! But this one above him is definitely an angelic spirit of some kind. I have the definite impression that that spirit is one of the created angels—one of the superior officers‚ powerful!

13. (MARIA: I WONDER IF ABRAHIM’S SUPERIOR COULD POSSIBLY BE THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL?) It just might be Michael. My mother prophesied he was our archangel. That’s probably who it is! Well, of course, that’s probably who he is! Forgive me, Lord! We’re such stupid and ignorant and foolish children!

14. BOY HE IS BEAUTIFUL REALLY BEAUTIFUL! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of Michael before! All of a sudden I just saw his head, like he was looking back at me over his shoulder, almost an amused reproachful look: “O you foolish man, foolish child trying to understand these things!”

15. HE’S AS FAIR AS FAIR CAN BE! HIS HAIR IS ALMOST LIKE WHITE GOLD, like platinum, and long, way down to his shoulders, much longer than Abrahim’s. He’s almost like some of those pictures you see of Jesus, beautiful wavy gold hair, and he was looking back over his shoulder at me.

16. HE WAS LOOKING AT ME ALMOST LIKE I WAS A HOPELESS CASE: “You don’t even understand the simplest things. Here I’ve been your angel all this time and told you my name and talked about me, and you can’t even figure out who I am! You don’t even recognise who I am!” They must get awfully fed up with us sometimes. He’s just beautiful! Wow! (See: “Saul and Michael”, No.115.)

17. IT’S JUST LIKE MICHAEL ONLY SPEAKS DIRECTLY TO ME ON THE MOST IMPORTANT OF OCCASIONS. When I get those pure beautiful prophecies in beautiful language that are obviously not Abrahim, it’s like I’ve been summoned before the superior officer and he speaks to me in person, not just working through the sergeant.

18. SO THEREFORE THESE BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT PROPHECIES MUST COME STRAIGHT THROUGH MICHAEL without passing through Abrahim’s poor tongue. Now Abrahim is like a close human friend and talks about things of not too great importance sometimes, but with Michael it’s different.

19. COULD “YOUR FATHER” BE SOME KIND OF AN EXPRESSION LIKE AN HONORARY TITLE, like “your lordship”?—”that I reveal unto your father”. Something like “your grace”, “your lordship”, “your highness”?—And so I’m called “your father”—”The things that I have revealed unto your father.”—That would fit then.

20. FATHER IS LIKE A TERM OF GREAT RESPECT. Like an honorary title. It’s like that’s my title,—like “Your grace” or “Your excellency”. If you’d add the word “ship” to “father” you’d get the idea better. Like if you’d say “your fathership”. It’s like that’s my position and my title: “Your fathership”, “your lordship”.

21. SO THAT’S OFTEN USED LIKE A TITLE AND TERM OF RESPECT, referring more to my position and title than to me personally, like the position I hold:—A Fathership to my people.” The things I reveal to thy fathership.” Words!—Words are such strange things!

22. I FINALLY REMEMBER ONE GUY THAT I WAS THINKING LOOKS LIKE ABRAHIM.—That must have been why I had that funny feeling when I saw him. He was to an officer in a movie just like Abrahim is to me—a constant conscience, rebuking the other officer and telling him what he should do. But Abrahim has bolder and heavier features and a full head of hair. Abrahim is like my conscience‚ and rebukes and reproaches me as well as counsels with me and all the rest.

23. WHY SHOULD THE LORD WANT US TO GET INTO ALL THESE SPIRITS AND HOW THEY OPERATE? Is it to prepare the kids for what is coming? These are things they even need to know here and now.

24. THE CHURCH SELDOM REVEALS ANY OF THIS TO YOU—it doesn’t bring spirits down to Earth and make them realistic. It doesn’t reveal to you how everything is under absolute control, and some of these things are even under our control!

25. “WE SHALL JUDGE ANGELS” BY WHAT WE DO AND THE DECISIONS WE MAKE. (1Cor.6:3.) They try to counsel, guide and influence us, but they don’t make us do things. Only in the most extreme cases does God really step in and intervene. He usually leaves things up to our choice, but He tries to guide, counsel, lead, instruct and warn us, just like Abrahim does. We still have almost totally free choice, even to rebel in a way.

26. APPARENTLY THE SPIRITS AND ANGELS MUST HAVE SOME CHOICE TOO, some freedom of action also, or Satan and his angels couldn’t have rebelled. (Rev.12:7.) But on the other hand they seem to be under God’s more direct control and within certain boundaries. (Job.1:6-7.) They really have to do what they’re told to do. (Eph.4:27 and 6:11; Jas.2:19 and 4:7; Mk.16:17; Lk.9:1 and 10:17.)

27. EVEN THE DEVIL AND HIS ANGELS HAVE TO OBEY! They can only do what God allows them to do within His permissive will, or even what God directs them to do. They have a certain amount of leeway and freedom, but it’s not absolute like we have.

28. GOD HAS CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, A TOTALLY FREE MORAL AGENT to do exactly as he pleases, good or evil—but just to a point. God will interfere if it’s too bad. The spirits still have a certain freedom of operation too, but they are apparently under much stricter tighter control than man. They operate under more direct orders than the average human being.

29. OF COURSE‚ THE MORE SPIRITUAL YOU GET, LIKE A PROPHET OR A PSYCHIC OR SEER‚ THE MORE YOU COME INTO THAT REALM OF THE SPIRIT and the more you are under its rules‚ where you too operate under more direct orders and are more directly led and controlled. Your will is more under total submission to the authority of the spirit. It’s like the way it will be and the way it should be. As a psychic, seer or prophet, you’re already becoming one of them in the spirit world!

30. SO OFTEN IN MY DREAMS OR VISIONS IT’S LIKE I’M THERE AND ONE OF THEM‚ just like John was caught up into Heaven and the “fellow servant” with him was one of the spirits‚ and John was like one of them himself at the time in the spirit.

31. HIS SPIRIT GUIDE WAS LIKE HIM, but while in the spirit‚ John was like his spirit guide too. (Rev.19:10.) They were sort of operating on the same plane in the same dimension while they were both in the spirit like that.

32. THE SPIRIT WORLD IS ALL SO REAL AND DOWN TO EARTH, more realistic than some would have you believe. The churches have got this thing put so far away that it doesn’t bother them anymore. They have kept God and Heaven and the Spirit World way out there somewhere, banished them as far away as they could get them so they don’t bother them too much.

33. HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY TEACH YOU THAT THE SPIRITS ARE HERE AND ALL AROUND us and you can communicate right this minute, hear from God through His ministers, ministering spirits now? I’ll never forget one time when I was a little worried about my mother. She said the Lord told her to thank Him for His angels, His ministering spirits.

34. ONE TIME WHEN WE WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE MY MOTHER HEARD THESE ANGELS DISCUSSING DIFFERENT IDEAS and suggesting different plans. I thought‚ “Mom is getting into stuff I never thought we were supposed to delve into, that this was none of our business!” All those years she must have had a spirit guide, a guardian angel.

35. THE CHURCH HAS BEEN COMPLETELY SCARED AWAY FROM ANYTHING SUPERNATURALLY SPIRITUAL, so they’ll have nothing to do with spirits whatsoever because of the counterfeits and because of the evil spirits and the witches and wizards and familiar spirits and the ones that are evil, against which the Lord warns.

36. IT’S THE SAME OLD THING MY MOTHER USED TO SAY: THE CHURCH IS SO SCARED OF EVERYTHING THEY AIN’T GOT NOTHING! Even the Pentecostals are supposed to believe in the supernatural and the gifts of the Spirit and the miracles and they always talk about the Lord and the Holy Spirit. But when did you ever hear them talking about any other spirits or even angels? When did you hear them say, “Now this angel came to me and told me so and so”?

37. THE PROPHET WILLIAM BRANNAN WAS ABOUT THE ONLY ONE I EVER HEARD COME OUT AND FLATLY DECLARE THAT HIS GUIDING SPIRIT WAS AN ANGEL through which he got his messages and all of his information, and a lot of people thought he was a heretic because he kept seeing this angel. He said his angel was very dark-skinned and looked like an Oriental Indian!

38. MAYBE SOME OF THOSE SPIRITUALISTIC CHURCHES ARE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL! They sing hymns and talk about Jesus and preach the Gospel. When I was at that spiritualist church in Miami they sang beautiful hymns. It seemed very sweet, but I was scared to death because I thought it was all of the Devil!—That’s what I’d always been taught.

39. A LITTLE WOMAN GOT UP AND ST. THERESA SPOKE THROUGH HER in a woman’s voice—and St. Theresa was a human being, a departed spirit! Then this big heavy booming man’s voice would come through: “I’m Ponderosa!” I nearly freaked out! It was apparently a big angelic spirit that St. Theresa would bring to her, and he was obviously the superior.

40. ST. THERESA WOULD TAKE THIS MEDIUM TO PONDEROSA and then Ponderosa would begin to speak. I would presume he was to her like the Archangel Michael is to Abrahim and me. This woman in Miami said she had had that spirit guide ever since she was a little girl.

41. THERE ARE DEFINITE DIFFERENCES AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS AND CLASSES AND GRADES OF AUTHORITY IN THE SPIRIT WORLD‚ just like in the Army. There are different kinds of spirits, not only good and evil spirits, but amongst both the good and the evil there are various grades and levels of command and authority. That guy Coosa was absolutely in charge in “The Green Door”. (See Letter No.262.) He was the bigshot in that particular place, and everybody seemed to tremble at his authority.

42. EVERY CHURCH I WAS EVER IN HAD BOTH GOOD AND BAD SPIRITS. So the same could be true with the spiritualist churches. We can’t just write it all off as bad. But the Church doesn’t teach you very much about the spirit world at all!—Much less the kinds or grades of spirits.

43. IN FACT, THE CHURCHES DON’T EVEN TEACH YOU THAT THERE ARE NOT ONLY BAD SPIRITS BUT ALSO GOOD SPIRITS. They just shy away from spirits entirely except the Holy Spirit, and yet there it is in the Bible just as plain as day, time and time again—all kinds of different spirits, good and bad, angels and devils.

44. THAT DIVINING SPIRIT THE GIRL HAD THAT FOLLOWED THE APOSTLES around kept saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God which show unto us the way of salvation.” (Acts 16:16.) Apparently the only reason Paul rebuked the spirit was because it got to be a nuisance, a bother to them, a distraction.

45. NOW DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THOSE HUMAN SPIRITS THAT HAVE LIVED IN THIS LIFE AND DEPARTED CAN STILL MAKE MISTAKES and are still learning? After all, if it is a mistake, can they still do things that are wrong? Then it’s obvious that they can still be wrong sometimes.

46. THE FIRST THING THAT POPS INTO MY HEAD ARE THE SPIRITS THAT APPEARED BEFORE THE LORD AND GAVE HIM DIFFERENT SUGGESTIONS, and He chose the advice of a particular one, which must have meant the others were wrong.—Well, at least their advice wasn’t as good, let’s put it that way. (1Kgs.22:19-23.) Just like Abrahim told me to go somewhere one time that wasn’t very good advice.

47. THE SPIRITS STILL HAVE PERSONAL CHOICE AND DESIRES. Look how the angels desired the daughters of men. They literally lusted after them because they were so beautiful, made love to them and had gigantic children. (Gen.6:1-4.) So apparently the spirits are still learning.

48. PEOPLE JUST DON’T REALISE THAT THE SPIRITS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD ARE STILL VERY MUCH LIKE US in their feelings and their emotions and their desires and their choices and opinions and preferences and all these things. For example, the goddesses I make love to are jealous of Maria. (See “The Goddesses”, No.224.)

49. IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU MAY HAVE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS and some of the same problems you have now, but you’ll be better off and in more direct communication and obey better because you’ll be under more direct control.

50. “TO BE ABSENT FROM THE BODY IS TO BE PRESENT WITH THE LORD.” (2Cor.5:8.)—You’ll be like in the presence of the Lord all the time! When you’re almost able to see God all the time, you’ll be afraid not to obey the Lord!

51. ARE YOU UNDER GOD’S CONTROL NOW? If so, the spirit world will not be too strange for you‚ and the transition from this life to the next will not be too great a change. You’ll still be God’s child in His care and accustomed to doing His will, which is absolute and unquestioned in that world.—And you’ll enjoy it, as now.

52. BUT IF YOU ARE STUBBORN AND DISOBEDIENT AND SELFISH and used to having your own way and doing as you please instead of pleasing God and others, the spirit world is going to be rather difficult for you, as there everyone does as God pleases, whether they like it or not!

53. OF COURSE‚ THE MOST REBELLIOUS SPIRITS ARE IN PRISON THERE, just like here, the criminals of the spirit world! (I Pet.3:19–20.) Some are still bound right here on Earth in certain places like haunted houses and compelled to observe the sad results and progressive damage that continues to be reaped from the sowing of their former sins!—And of their punishment!

54. I HEARD THE ANCIENT GUANCHES MOANING FOR THEIR MODERN CHILDREN in that old bar in Orotava, Tenerife!—But I saw some of Davidito’s Tenerifan ancestors’ spirits standing out in the bananas around his ancestral home praising God that he is being reared a good Christian!—A part of their Christian reward!

55. SO “BELOVED,…TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD”! (1Jn.4)—Particularly your own spirit! “Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh (your flesh!) is of God!… We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit of error.” We hope you are of God, have Jesus and hear His truth. If so, you are one of us!


David Berg

—MODecember 17, 1976GPNO.624

1. PRISSY AND I WERE LYING HERE IN BED TOGETHER just after we made love and were dozing off to go to sleep when all of a sudden I saw something!—

2. THIS HUGE STRANGE TUBULAR WHEEL was revolving counter-clockwise as I looked at it‚ not edge-on but just a little above the plane of the wheel‚ and it was surrounded by all these crystal silver balls all the way around the rim revolving my direction, revolving toward me.

3. AS THE GIANT WHEEL REVOLVED, these big silver balls were flung one by one toward the Earth in my direction. They were like returning bowling balls coming down a runway my direction toward the Earth.

4. AND WITHIN THIS WHEEL THERE WAS ANOTHER WHEEL revolving at a perpendicular right angle to the main wheel itself. The second wheel is sort of flat, I mean the rim is flat, and it’s got these round silver tubes going around this way, just at this angle exactly—I feel like I could put my finger on it as it goes around, I mean I can show you where it…—It reminds me of a gyroscope.

5. (PRISSY: “A WHEEL WITHIN A WHEEL,” LIKE EZEKIEL’S?) (Ezek.1) Yes, but this doesn’t sound anything like Ezekiel’s Wheel—maybe it’s another kind of space craft, who knows? And then in the middle of the whole thing filling up the entire center of the second inner wheel is this beautiful crystal-blue globe full of little sparkly pinpoints of light like stars in the starry sky at night! It’s like I’m looking at the outside of the universe and the stars are inside‚ instead of like we’re here inside looking out.

6. THIS BEAUTIFUL BLUE-CRYSTAL GLOBE, like a crystal ball‚ is just full of these beautiful little pinpoints of sparkling light like stars. And these silver balls keep dropping off. It seems like every time the outer wheel makes a complete revolution, another ball drops off and rolls down this way. The whole picture is of absolute perfection and perfect beauty!—And the Lord said:

7. “BEHOLD I HAVE MADE ALL THESE THINGS IN PERFECTION FOR THY PLEASURE!” Oh yes, and at the bottom of it hung this huge red heart—that must be like it’s a symbol or something‚ like they have a flag on a ship. Yes, a heart is always the symbol of love.—And “His banner over us is love!” (Song of Solomon 2:4.)

8. THE CRYSTAL BLUE GLOBE WAS LIKE THE HEAVENLY SEA OF GLASS! (Rev.4:6.) It’s hard for me to judge what size it could be, because I don’t have anything to relate it to. But all of a sudden it came to me, “That’s the Sea of Glass!” If that is the Sea of Glass‚ then it has to be so big that when you’re standing on it, it looks almost flat! Think of that! (2‚000 miles in diameter!)

9. WE WEREN’T STANDING ON THE EARTH, because on account of the Earth’s curvature you can only see 20 miles away, the horizon is 20 miles away. But this curved upward like we were inside the globe!—But so gently it was almost imperceptible. That was really something! (P: You thought it must be something that’s really in Outer Space?) Well, to be that big it would have to be!

10. IT DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY MUST BE OUT IN SPACE‚ or even Heaven, because outside surrounding all is blackness, out beyond the wheels is darkness and stars—it must be outer space. But then there was this huge big … good night! … If those wheels were that big, it was monstrous too!

11. THIS HUGE BIG WHITE GLOBE WAS LIKE THE MOON with this big silvery disc around it, like it was attached to it‚ like a moon inside of this revolving silver disc.—But that wasn’t a moon because it was sort of glowing with white light from inside.—But that’s where all the light was coming from, real bright white light from over on the left side, or in front of the wheels.

12. AND A FAN OPENED UP ON THE RIGHT SIDE TO THE REAR‚ this beautiful gold fan, ornate, beautiful beautiful gold fan standing up like this at this angle like this. The globe wheel was like this, the one went around like this with the tubes on the inner edge, and the other with some silvery globes inside of it revolved in this direction.

13. I’M FOLLOWING THE EXACT PATTERN where I see the picture, like I’m pointing into a three-dimensional picture. And over here on the left is this big white ball of light with this big silvery disc and the disc is almost as wide, like Saturn’s rings. It’s sort of curved though—it must have another side.

14. IT’S SORT OF CURVED LIKE A DONUT—sort of like a donut only flatter—around this big ball of light. Do you suppose that could be another kind of a space ship or something? It’s a light source, a power source! Amen, Lord, I like mysteries! Keep me guessing! Amen. Thank You Lord!

15. WHAT THE FAN MEANS, I DON’T KNOW. In “The Fan” vision (see No.626) there was a fan, but that fan was an evil fan. This is good fan, a beautiful bright gold ornate carved fan, and when I watched it, it just opened up so beautifully and spread out just like a peacock’s tail into a perfect half circle! There’s a Bible Scripture that says:

16. “WHOSE FAN IS IN HIS HAND” (Mat.3:12; Jer.15:7; Isa.41:16; Jer.51:2) about the powerful judgements of God. So the fan must symbolise power—it’s propellant power!

17. THAT WHOLE PICTURE HAS A BEAUTIFUL BALANCE, with this central figure, the two big wheels revolving around within each other, and the blue-crystal ball and its sparkling lights, and this light over here with a silver ring like a donut, and then a fan over there, a perfect balance!

18. THE WHOLE THING IS IN THE SHAPE OF A GIANT BIRD! Maybe that’s what He meant by the great “speckled bird” of Jer.12:9!—Maybe He meant “sparkled bird”! It was sure sparkling! It was beautiful!—All floating out there so quietly, noiselessly, serenely in space!—How different from man’s noisy ugly creations!

19. AND IN THE CENTER OF THE PICTURE WAS THAT BIG WHEEL which makes a revolution, and each time drops off another silvery sphere rolling our way! We were talking about sex, weren’t we?

20. WELL, SEX HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE CREATION, THROUGH IT WE CREATE LIFE. Some of those things that Ezekiel said he saw were almost indescribable! Why would God be making things like that for? But after all‚ if He’s going to create—I mean some of the prophets saw things like it that were almost unbelievable and incomprehensible!

21. THEN AFTER I BEGAN SEEING THE WHEELS, GOD SAID: “The people imagine vain things, but behold, I have created all these things in perfection for your good!” Both of the messages said something about perfection. Because those things I was seeing were so perfect‚ they were just absolutely perfect, in geometrical symmetry, design‚ perfect circles, spheres‚ globes, rings, etc.

22. THE WHOLE SURROUNDING SKY IS BLACK EXCEPT FOR BRIGHT STARS, BRILLIANT STARS! I’ve never seen the sky that black‚ not even at night. So it’s got to be out in space somewhere, it’s got to be in space. But when I was wondering what that great crystal-blue ball was, it came to me instantly: (Rev.4:6.)

23. “IT’S THE CRYSTAL SEA OF GLASS!” I never dreamed that it was spherical! Maybe we’re going to be inside the ball and the sea is the inner surface, like walking around inside of a globe. That was it! You know, everytime I had a vision of the Crystal Sea—it’s been several times‚ and also in Space City—remember, I said I saw that row of thrones, a long curved row of thrones that disappeared off into the distance. (See “Space City”‚ 75A.)

24. I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG ROOM, remember? I said it was so gigantic, but how could a room ever be that big? There were thrones as far as you could see! That could have been inside of that ball! That’s what that was!—And if that ball is that big—I mean miles big, miles big!

25. IT MUST TAKE UP AN AWFUL LOT OF ROOM if that crystal-blue spherical Sea of Glass is part of Space City or Space City is inside of it! Well, if it’s going to come down from Heaven to the Earth (Rev.21) it’s got to be able to travel, so how’s it going to travel?

26. SO SPACE CITY MUST BE INSIDE OF THAT BLUE BALL, THE WHOLE THING! Could you possibly put anything pyramidical in shape inside of a sphere? Yes, if it was an equilateral-triangular pyramid you could put the base of the pyramid at a plane of the sphere so the four basic corners would touch the globe and the apex touch it above.

27. THEN I SAW IT, INSIDE THE SEA OF GLASS, THIS BIG GOLDEN PYRAMID, the four corners touching the sides of the crystal–blue sphere below the equator of the Sea, and then the top right at the vertical axis of the Sea!

28. IT’S LIKE I’M SEEING IT and that’s where I got the idea, the first thing that flashed into my mind! The four corners rest on the inside of the globe and then the peak touches the globe above.—Isn’t that amazing? Whew! Ah, thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! The Pyramid fits exactly inside the Globe with all five corners touching the inner surface—suspended there!

29. YOU KNOW, MAN HAS INVENTED A LOT OF THINGS which apparently are imitations of God’s creations. Probably the Devil’s inspired a lot of them, imitations of the things of God, you know? Like for example‚ the invention of the wheel was one of the biggest things of all history, and about next to it the invention of the ball bearing has made all these vehicles and machinery possible, did you know that?

30. BUT MOST OF MAN’S MACHINERY IS NOT REALLY GOOD FOR US, it’s bad for us‚ like automobiles—they do more harm than good, really. So the Devil has inspired man to create things which resemble God’s creations, including vehicles.

31. THESE WHEELS MUST BE THE VEHICLE FOR SPACE CITY! But why would God show that to me right now? And what are these silver globes that keep dropping out heading toward me? (P: They’re like visions of Space City coming down to you.) They’re in perfect rhythm, at every revolution of that wheel one drops off, just like something being created at each complete turn of the wheel! Oh, creation—produced!

32. IT’S LIKE LIFE IS BEING CONSTANTLY CREATED. Haven’t I read someplace that one’s born every minute—babies are born every minute? Well now‚ maybe every one of those globes represents a new life, just like a whole new universe, a new life—a new baby is like a whole new universe!…

33. AND I GOT TWO MESSAGES: The first one said, “Behold, I have created all these things in perfection for thy pleasure!” (P: Pleasure!—The three key words are perfection, pleasure and good!) Yes, right, right!—And the next was the Lord‚ like in contempt for man, saying,

34. “THE PEOPLE IMAGINE VAIN THINGS, BUT I HAVE MADE ALL THESE THINGS FOR YOUR GOOD.” That’s it! I mean, the Lord is always saying something about the relationship between God and man and God’s creation. But man makes things in vain‚ while God makes His creations for our good.

35. MAN MAKES THINGS IN VAIN FOR OUR DESTRUCTION, BUT GOD MAKES THINGS FOR OUR GOOD, right? Praise the Lord! So then I was trying to figure out what were the bright silver balls, these perfect globes dropping off, just like off an assembly line, continually dropping off.

36. EVERY TIME THIS BIG WHEEL that had the globes on the rim made a revolution, slowly and majestically one silvery sphere would drop off and roll down this way right toward the Earth, in fact right toward me, but a little bit to the left side like this.

37. PRISSY, I THINK YOU GAVE ME THE KEY ON THAT: We were talking about Creation, the creation of life, sex and the creative process. Could that mean that every one of these spheres are like a human soul, God’s prefect creation from the hand of God, dropping off His creating wheels?

38. EVERY TIME A BABY IS BORN HE CREATES A NEW SOUL, A WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE, A NEW SILVERY GLOBE! How could the Lord picture anything more beautifully than as a perfect sphere, a perfect silvery globe‚ absolute perfection! A globe is the most perfect of all geometrical figures, a sphere, perfect in every way, total perfection‚ complete, simple, endless, eternal!

39. NEARLY ALL GOD’S CREATIONS ARE ROUND, even the atoms are round, molecules are round, you know, and in pyramids.—Molecules are in pyramids of spheres, the atoms are the spheres and the molecules are pyramidical structures made of these spheres which make these crystals.

40. A CIRCLE IS LIKE ETERNITY—THERE’S NO END AND NO BEGINNING TO A CIRCLE, IT’S ETERNAL! Only a flat circle alone is like a ring and has only two sides, it has its limitations. But a globe is like Eternity, no limit in any direction! You can go around any way forever, you know what I mean?—In any direction on any plane!

41. AND THERE WAS THIS BLUE GLOBE INSIDE OF THE TWO WHEELS. Prissy thought about that right away, that Ezekiel saw “a wheel within a wheel” (Eze.1). But we have always imagined those two wheels as turning on the same plane. But these two wheels I saw were turning on exact opposite axes perpendicular to each other.

42. YOU’VE SEEN A GYROSCOPE‚ you know what a gyroscope is like: There’s this one wheel and then there’s a wheel inside of it that turns within this outside wheel.

43. THEN THERE WAS THIS FAN, A GIANT GOLDEN FAN! Now the moonlike light globe, it came to me that that’s the power source, with this big donut-shaped silver thing around it, the white light on the left, and balanced on this other side with the big fan‚ the gold fan. And while I was watching it, it just opened out like that‚ all ornate and intricate and beautiful‚ all spread out like this.

44. THEN HANGING BELOW THIS WHOLE THING WAS THE RED HEART! The Lord has given us the right symbol. Maybe the Lord originally made that symbol of the heart? It was just like a pendant hanging down underneath but attached right to it, right below it, rightside up, this beautiful red heart hanging right on the bottom!

45. THAT ALSO MEANS THAT WHEN SPACE CITY LANDS ON EARTH that heart would be buried like a spade in the heart of the Earth, like an anchor to hold it there! A heart is shaped like an anchor!—The heart and anchor of it all!—Love!—The very foundation stone of all, God Himself and His love!—The Cornerstone! The Foundation! (Eph.2:20; Ps.118:22; Isa.28:16; 1Cor.3:11 and 1Pet.2:6.) Hallelujah! What a picture!

46. WOULDN’T THAT MAKE A GORGEOUS PIECE OF JEWELRY if we could ever get it right? We kind of thought up that other symbol ourselves, but this one the Lord gave! The other one we took from standard symbols that God’s Word uses for these different things and stuck them all together‚ and it’s pretty symbolic. But this is something the Lord gave.

47. SO IF THAT’S THE SEA OF GLASS, that means that Space City is suspended within that Sea of Glass, that blue crystal sphere—inside—isn’t that amazing? And then I thought,

48. “WELL‚ BUT WHY WOULD IT BE TRAVELLING?” Then we remembered it’s got to come down from Heaven to us somehow, “descending out of Heaven from God”—Rev.21. It must be materialised in some way, it’s got to be some kind of material. Well the Lord described what it was made of, so it is a materialisation.

49. WELL, HOW’S HE GOING TO TRANSPORT ANYTHING THAT BIG—1500 miles wide, 1500 miles long and 1500 miles high—huh? A golden crystal pyramid hundreds of miles big! The whole ship must’ve been 3,000 miles high and 5,000 miles long! You say, well, God can just wave His magic wand and whsssht! But John said, “I saw the Heavenly City descending”—it didn’t sound like it was in a hurry—the Lord didn’t just say, “Presto Chango, here’s the Heavenly City!” In fact it must take time and work, because the Lord said to His disciples He was going back to prepare a place‚ a City, for us. (Jn.14:1; Heb.11:6.) It must take time and work, like the Creation.

50. AND ALL BECAUSE WE WERE TALKING ABOUT SEX, isn’t that something? The Lord can relate sex to almost everything. And those silver balls, each one dropping off continually, is like the creation of a new life or some kind of new creation moment by moment, like a new human soul, creation’s perfection!

51. I’VE ALWAYS MARVELLED AT SPHERES, they’re like the symbol of absolute perfection‚ perfect perfection. Amen Lord, thank You Jesus! Amazing! Thank You Lord! I mean, we didn’t get the significance of the message until after we thought about it and Pris mentioned what God said just now:

52. “THE PEOPLE IMAGINE VAIN THINGS, BUT I HAVE CREATED ALL THESE THINGS FOR THY GOOD.” Man dreams up and creates vain things which are not part of God’s Creation, but God’s Creation is perfect and for our good. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Well, Ezekiel saw the Lord on His throne riding on this vehicle which was a wheel within a wheel, but the only times I’ve ever seen anybody picture that thing they’ve showed the two wheels revolving inside of each other on the same plane, see?

53. BUT THIS WHOLE THING WAS ITSELF ALMOST SHAPED LIKE A BALL, one wheel going around this way‚ the other wheel on the inside and then this big blue crystal ball inside of that, and the golden pyramid inside of that, and then this big moon-like globe over here like this, and this big golden fan over here like this, and right below the whole thing was a red heart hanging and all these silvery balls dropping off!

54. (P: AND IT’S ALL FOR OUR PLEASURE, OUR GOOD, AND MADE IN PERFECTION, JUST LIKE SEX AND THE HEAVENLY CITY!) Everything God has created is perfect and both for our pleasure and for our good. Pleasure is good for us! This is exactly what we were discussing: (Ps.16:11; 36:8; 111:2 and Rev.4:11.)

55. HOW COULD JESUS ENJOY SEX WITHOUT SIN?—In other words, enjoy sexual pleasure.—Well of course, why not? Pleasure’s God–created for our good! Why does the church try to make it such a sin, something sinful? God created pleasure, He created the very nerves that give these pleasurable sensations we enjoy. He created all this pleasure.

56. EVEN WHEN WE EAT IT’S A PLEASURE‚ we enjoy it, so it’s for our good. Even the doctors tell you that you’ve got to feel good to have good digestion, and that it’s got to be pleasant, in a pleasant atmosphere.

57. I LIKE PLEASANT MUSIC WITH MY MEALS. We talked about the music the other day, that if the music was bad it could ruin your digestion. So pleasure, anything pleasurable and pleasant‚ is good for you!

58. IF IT FEELS GOOD, IT IS GOOD! Right? That’s how the whole discussion began. Then as I was dropping off to sleep I saw these perfectly beautiful things, and I really tripped out! I don’t have to have to have drugs or anything! I wasn’t even drinking!—It’s all in the spirit!

59. I WASN’T GOING TO DO ANYTHING BUT GO TO SLEEP. I had the best of intentions. (Maria: Honey, I know you so well!) But then Prissy needed some love, so we were curled up together, and I said something was missing—put your hand down there and lift me up. (P: He kept saying, “I’m so tired!”)

60. BUT THAT SEX ABSOLUTELY REVIVED ME! There must be something about that shock of electricity, that powerful orgasm, that brings life! (P: And that’s when you started talking about life.) Yes, we were talking about life and Jesus and sex and all those things.

61. THEN WHEN I STARTED DROPPING OFF TO SLEEP I SAW THE FIRST WHEEL! And it was so clear and so plain I thought, “What in the world, Lord! I’m trying to go to sleep! We just had a little time to sleep, how come?—And besides, Prissy doesn’t write shorthand!”—So we taped it!

62. REV. 21:24 SAYS THAT ONLY THE SAVED ARE GOING TO ENTER THE HEAVENLY CITY.—Are you saved? Do you know Heaven’s coming for you?—If not‚ write us today for God’s plan of salvation and make sure there’s a mansion there reserved for you! (Jn.14:1-3.) God save you!


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75ASpace City!

80The Ultimate Trip!

194Spirit Tree!

224The Goddesses!

262The Green Door

273Chinese Spirits

296Abrahim the Gypsy King!

341Spiritual Communications

614Treasure Ship!



620Holy Ghosts!

621More Holy Ghosts!

622The Spirit World!

623Flying Saucers!—UFOs!

More on Help from the Spirit World

Karen Zerby

Maria #404CM/FM 31478/97

By Maria

1. After reading the wonderful revelation from the Lord on “Releasing Our Spirit Helpers‚” besides the excitement of knowing that you’ll have more help from beyond to fulfill the Lord’s commission, it may have also left you with some questions. I had a couple myself, and because I thought others might wonder the same, I brought them before the Lord so that He could give His answers, which I could then share with you all!

What About Our Present Spirit Helpers?

2. One question I had was: What about the spirit helpers from these countries that we already have, like Catherine the Great and others from other countries? How were they released? And how come they’ve been released while others haven’t? Why do we have to pray to release these spirit helpers when we didn’t have to pray to release the others? Here’s the answer the Lord gave‚ which I believe you’ll find very interesting!

3. (Jesus speaking: ) Oh‚ the mysteries of the spirit world! So much that cannot be comprehended with the carnal mind—the mind of man. I have created you this way, that there are many things that you cannot understand or comprehend. This I do so that you must come to Me, and I will reveal My mysteries to you little by little, revelation by revelation. I do not give you the full picture all at once, for that is not the way I like to do things. I like to uncover it for you one step at a time.

4. You will not see all the steps nor understand all until you pass over to this side, and even then not all at once. For if you could know everything about the spirit world, then what would there be left to learn? I wish to keep you asking and learning, so I reveal My mysteries to you bit by bit. Yet, I will answer your question, so that there be no wondering in your minds.

5. Those who are waiting to be released now are a great army of helpers, strong and mighty, who have waited for a long time to come to your aid—to the aid of those who would truly lay down their lives for their people. They have waited for centuries for those who would truly love their people. They have found others through the centuries who have had the love that you have had—the early missionary pioneers who truly became one with and gave their lives for these people. And in answer to those missionaries’ prayers, I was able to release some of these forces to assist them, but not all. I only released as many as were needed for their assistance.

6. But in these Last Days, you have need of greater assistance than the missionaries of the past did. You have need of stronger hordes of angels and spirit helpers‚ for the days are worse and the Enemy attacks more and more. His forces on Earth wax stronger, so you must also double and triple and multiply your spiritual forces! For this reason I reveal to you this army of helpers that is at your disposal, if you will but release them through your prayers.

7. As for those spirits who have been helping you already‚ these individuals have been released in answer to specific prayers that have been prayed for them. Though not all were prayed for by name, specific prayers were sent up to Me for spirit helpers from these countries, and as a result of those prayers, I was able to release specific helpers to come to you. But now I wish to release them all at once, so that you may have greater help and greater power!

8. Before, you would pray for a spirit helper‚ and I would give one. But now I wish to give them all to you at once, so that you may have the grace, wisdom, love, anointing and strength that you need to fight for the lost souls of these countries and bring them to Me. You must work while it is day, for the night comes, when no man can work.

9. Do you now understand the mystery that I have opened up to you? I have many mysteries of the spirit. Some I will show to you and others I will leave sealed until the time appointed. But if you desire to know about the mysteries of My spirit world, you can ask. If it is My time and My will, I will reveal it to you, or reveal part of it to you. If it is not yet My time, then I will instruct you to wait until the time appointed. (End of message from Jesus.)

10. (Mama:) What a privilege it is to be able to come before the Lord and present Him with these requests to know and understand the marvels of the spirit, which He is willing to reveal to us! We are certainly blessed!

Why Help from the Spirit World?

11. The other question that I asked the Lord is if He could tell us more about why we need spirit helpers. After all‚ if the Lord is omnipresent, all-powerful and all-knowing, why can’t He just give us all the help that we need Himself? Why does He have to have any spiritual agents to help answer our prayers and give us the strength, leading and wisdom that we need, when I’m sure He’s quite capable of giving us everything Himself!

12. Of course, it all comes from Him, but why does He have to work through spirit helpers? Why do we need their help when we already have Him? Maybe it’s one that you wondered about even before reading the “Releasing Our Spirit Helpers” Letter. Actually, the Lord touched on this question in the prophecy about Russia that I included in that Letter‚ but I wondered if He could give us a fuller explanation with more details.

13. Thank God for being able to hear from the Lord about these things! Because while I may have an idea of what the answer is or can think of some good reasons, or the Lord may even inspire me with the answer, He explains it so much better and more clearly and with more detail than I could ever think of! So even if you think you know the answer to something—and I had a pretty good idea of what the answer might be in this case—it still pays to ask the Lord! Because even if He confirms what you already thought, He’ll usually give you a lot more that you didn’t think of, like He did in this case!

14. (Jesus speaking: ) If you combined the minds and the intellect of all the people who ever lived—past, present and future—you would still not be able to comprehend the ways of the spirit world, because it cannot be understood with your carnal understanding. The natural man cannot receive the things of the spirit. They are understood and received only by faith—not through reasoning or logic.

15. Why do you need spirit helpers when I am all-knowing? How can I explain to My little kindergarten children something that includes the past, the present‚ and the future in a way that your natural mind can receive it? How can I explain to you a spiritual reality to satisfy your analytical mind?

16. You ponder, “Why would God need help? If God is all-knowing‚ all-powerful and Supreme Ruler over all kingdoms and people‚ then why would God need good spirits to help His people and whisper His thoughts to their minds? Why does God need spirits to lead and guide and instruct His people? Even if there are billions of people in the world, it should be nothing to God to know the thoughts and intents of each one. If God can heal, then why would He need spiritual healers? Why would God even want to share His great power with mere little spirit helpers? Can He even trust them to do the job right? Isn’t God enough in Himself?”

17. Such small children are My children of David, but with such hunger for answers and with such a thirst for My Spirit! You are not yet My spirit beings or My spirit helpers who live in the fifth dimension, but you long for a peek! You long to understand more and more so that you can tap into My spirit world and receive all the power from My Spirit. My baby children, My tiny children who desire to understand the realm of the spirit world and coax Me with questions and ply Me with your thirst for more! Such wonderful, insatiable children of David, so full of faith and trust that I will answer and reveal My mysteries.

18. I love you! I love your love for Me! You excite My desire to tell you more and give you My secret treasures! But I will not give you all My treasures yet—just some. I will give you enough to satisfy your longing and your curiosity‚ but I cannot give you all, for no one is able to know all but My Father in Heaven.

19. Just as the physical world has people, the spirit world has spirits. Just as the physical world has good people and bad people, the spirit world has good spirits and bad spirits. The physical world is in part an illustration of the workings of the spirit world. Just as man has a system of organization to run all the details of his personal life, his cities and his countries, so it is an illustration of how the spirit world operates.

20. I choose to work through a system of spirit helpers, spirit beings, and departed saints to run the spirit world and to help Me to help you. I choose to use departed saints who are touched with the feeling of your infirmities to help you. Just as you see in the physical world before you a major system of organization to keep everything running and operating smoothly, so I have a major system of organization to keep everything running smoothly. It is realistic. It is something that even you can understand.

21. Why can’t I do it Myself? Why do you need spirit helpers?—Because I choose to operate this way, and I have created it so. It’s the same as asking, “Why man?” Because God chose it to be so before the foundation of the Earth, and it is His will. It is part of His creation and part of His divine plan.

22. Man was created so that God would not be alone. Spirit beings and angels‚ spirit helpers and departed spirits are also His companions and helpers. They are His family in the spirit world, just as you are His family in the physical world before you enter the spirit world. He needs and uses His spirit helpers, just as He needs and uses you because He loves you.

23. He gives you their help because He delights to use them. He delights to teach and train them to help you, and to instruct you to receive their help. He is using it to fulfill His greater plan as a direct means of communication with you, His children, in the Endtime. You are beginning to realize more fully the power of spiritual communication, and it is because God has chosen to reveal it to you now in fuller detail. He’s preparing you for your future roles in the Endtime when you will work hand in hand with His spirit helpers.

24. He chooses to speak through certain of His spirit helpers in order to instruct you, to increase your faith, to familiarize you with their presence and their ability to help you. It’s an awesome thing that the great God of the universe would work through you and speak through you, but He does! It is a great mystery that God would choose to work through you and through spirit helpers, but He does! It is a miracle that God reveals His will to you and answers your questions, but He does! It is supernatural that God needs you, loves you, and desires you, but He does!

25. So, My dear little children, just receive and accept and believe so that His power might flow through you and through His spirit helpers. (End of message from Jesus.)

26. (Mama:) That’s a pretty simple answer to a difficult question, isn’t it? The Lord is so sweet in putting the cookies on a low shelf for us who are still bound by our carnal minds and cannot yet fully comprehend the things of the spirit. So He explains things in simple terms that we can understand and relate to, and bit by bit, He reveals more to us. As long as we keep accepting and receiving and obeying what He’s already given‚ then He continues to pour out and show us more. But if we stop believing and don’t have the faith to take in what He shows us, then He doesn’t feel much like giving us any more. So Lord help us to keep having faith‚ so that He can keep pouring it on! Praise the Lord! I love you!

Communicating with Heavenly Messengers

April 3, 2003

(Edited and compiled by Apollos from the writings of David Brandt Berg.)

© May 1996, by The Family, Zurich‚ Switzerland — ML #3048‚ GN 678 — GP

[Caption of cover picture:] Jesus conferring with Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration, as described in the Gospels (Matthew 17:1-9; Mark 9:2-10; Luke 9:28-36).

The Spirit World3

The “Veil”4

The Great “Cloud of Witnesses”6

“Ministering Spirits” — God’s Holy Ghosts8

God’s Great “Lending Library” of Departed Saints9

The Gift of Prophecy10

Channels for God’s Communications13

“Adding to the Book”?13

God’s Agents in Prophecy14

Biblical Appearances of Holy Ghosts15

Saint John’s Revelations15

Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration18

The John the Baptist / Elijah Connection19

Saul and the Witch at Endor21

What about the Bible’s Warnings against “Familiar Spirits”?24

Rejection of the Concept of Holy Ghosts by Many Churches26

“Try the Spirits”29


Item twelve of the Family’s official “Statement of Faith” says,

We believe that in addition to angelic ministering spirits, God on occasion also uses the spirits of departed saints to minister and deliver messages to His people. [1]

This belief was advanced by David Berg‚ the founder of The Family, as a truth revealed in the Bible, and as a reality he believed God wanted His people to know more about and benefit from. Basing his views on instances recorded in Scripture where departed saints ministered to God’s children, David taught that the good spirits of Godly people who have passed on are sometimes allowed to assist, influence, and communicate with their loved ones and other Christians left behind.

Some preachers and teachers of various persuasions and denominations have expressed alarm at such a notion. Some have gone so far as to decry any form of “communicating with the dead” (as they term it) as heretical. We believe our stance on this issue is confirmed by the authority of Scripture. In this article we will examine numerous excerpts from David Berg’s writings (commonly known as the “Mo Letters”), as well as passages from the Bible related to this matter. [2]

Before delving into the specifics of communicating with those who have passed from this life to the next, an understanding of the Family’s beliefs regarding the more general themes of death‚ the afterlife and the spiritual realm is essential. As you will see in the following quotations from David’s Letters, he not only taught that life goes on for those who depart from this current earthly existence, but that those who have accepted Christ as their Savior continue to learn, grow and actively serve God in the heavenly or spiritual realm.

If you think just because people have gone on to be with the Lord that their job is over, we can prove from the Bible that their job is far from complete! … According to all we read in the Bible and we’ve experienced, we have a long way to go, and the spirit world is a heaven-of-a-lot busier than this hell on earth!

Heaven is not the end: it’s only the beginning! … My idea of Heaven is not floating around on a cloud strumming a harp by some gift of God! That would be my idea of death! Total inactivity, cessation of movement, total rest is total death! And it doesn’t seem to be God’s idea of Heaven either! His universe is full of movement, and He’ll never stop!

All these people who look forward to death as the end are going to get a big surprise! Death from this life is just graduation from this grade. … In the spirit you’re no longer weighted with the flesh and burdened with the problems of the physical life. You’ve graduated from this grade of this earthly life.

You’ll be given the power to do a lot more than you’re doing now. And you’re going to do it — even more! “Their works do follow them!” (Revelation 14:13b). They haven’t finished them: They’re still going to be working at them! You got good grades in the last grade and have arrived in the next grade.

That’s my idea and I believe it’s God’s and His Bible’s idea, and we’re a long way from the end! In fact, according to the Bible, for us there isn’t going to be an End! — Eternity has no end! [3]

The Spirit World

The spiritual realm is an eternal‚ invisible dimension which exists concurrently with the physical world.

The next world is already here‚ you know, we’re in it! We just can’t see it! The other world, the spirit world is surrounding us! [4]

The world of the spirit is also here, and is coexistent with this present world. It’s here, not just there! It’s also there, but it’s also here!

When the Bible talks about Heaven and the heavenly it’s usually talking about the world of the spirit; it doesn’t necessarily mean some place a thousand miles high or way off somewhere in space.* … There’s another heaven in the world of the spirit that’s right here‚ and you’re living and moving in it without even realizing it. [Speaking of God, the Bible says‚] “In whom we live and move and have our being,” meaning in the Spirit, in God (Acts 17:28). So we live and move in the spirit world as well as in the temporal world. [5] *[However, there are numerous references throughout the Bible to the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem, the 1,500-mile-high supernatural city of God that He has prepared for His people‚ which will come down from God to settle on the earth‚ as described in Revelation chapters 21 and 22.]

Right here you’re surrounded with the realm of the spirit and “cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1). This room is full of them — isn’t that wonderful? They’re observing what we do and enjoying our fellowship, although there’s a gulf fixed between, in a sense, and we can’t rend that veil except in the spirit, [which is when] the Lord can show us things and we can take a little peek in. [6]

The “Veil”

Under normal circumstances, a veil or gulf exists between the spirit world and the earthly plane in which we presently exist. However, God, on occasion, opens or lifts this veil in order to reveal things or give special assistance to His children.

Just think of all the angels and the holy spirits that are interested in us‚ that are all around [us]. … But they have to operate under certain rules and they can’t put in too many personal appearances or speak out loud unless on some very rare occasions they are allowed to. … Most of the time we just have to believe without seeing anything — except we certainly can see how the Lord has worked. [7]

God has laid down certain restrictions and limitations on what [those] in the spirit world can do for those who are yet in the material, physical world and earthly life. He wants you to believe in things unseen because of His Word and to have faith in Him and Heaven and salvation purely through faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7; Romans 10:17). For if you could see all that is around you in the spirit world, it would be too easy to believe. — And it also might frighten you as you see how the Enemy [the Devil] is operating, as well as the angels of God and the holy spirits of God!

You are usually spared these scenes and the sights and sounds of the spirit world unless you particularly need them for some reason on some particular or special occasion, when you desperately need to see or to hear something to encourage your faith or to guide you or counsel you or direct you or warn you.

Normally ghosts are not allowed to appear. … Those are the rules of the game, unless it’s some kind of an emergency. They’re restricted from appearing or speaking audibly or touching or making any kind of physical manifestation unless it is some kind of extreme emergency. You’ll find in most cases, ghosts, angels or spirits have not appeared to people unless it was really something very drastic. In other words, when nothing else could stop them, when nothing else could get through to them but an audible voice or a personal appearance or touch or feeling. [8]

So [the spirits] are to remain unseen and unheard and even unfelt, except in spiritual manifestations, such as dreams and visions and the still small voices with which [they] speak within your mind and heart, so you will continue to depend entirely on His Word and faith in Him without any other proofs except His constant, faithful, never-ending care, provision and protection. [9]

William Branham [a well–known American Christian faith healer and prophet of God, 1906-1965] used to symbolize it by saying, “These spiritual experiences that I have, these visions and revelations, they’re sort of like when I was a little boy. I wanted to see what was going on at the ball game and I couldn’t afford to pay my way in, so I used to climb the fence and cling to the top of the fence and peek in.

“That’s sort of how the Lord does with me‚ only I don’t do it in my own energy anymore. Now it’s like when my big brother used to lift me up and hold me so I could peek over — the Lord sort of lifts me up and lets me peek in. Then once in awhile I’d find a knothole in the fence where I could see through a little hole, see what was going on with just one eye, but not very clearly.” [10]

Regarding the barrier the Lord has placed between the physical realm and the spiritual, the Apostle Paul wrote that our perception of the unseen world is presently somewhat obscured. Paul wrote,

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then [when we leave this life] face to face: now I know in part; then shall I know even as also I am known (1 Corinthians 13:12).

Commenting on this Scripture, David wrote,

These spiritual revelations … the things that I get and you get and the Lord gives to all of His children in some way at some time — dreams, visions or some revelation — you’ve probably all had something at some time‚ some spiritual experience or something, but even then you only “see as through a glass darkly.”

They didn’t have very good glass in Paul’s day. You know, it was pretty murky. We don’t really know what he’s talking about nowadays because the glass we have is so good, so clear. But have you ever seen those real old-fashioned windows with the big globs in them and wavy wrinkles‚ and everything you see through it is sort of distorted? That’s what Paul was talking about, “seeing through a glass darkly‚” somewhat distorted. [11]

These [gifts of the Spirit] are all going to be in complete, full, total operation in the next world without any hindrances or “seeing through a glass darkly” (1 Corinthians 13:12). … We’re going to be full-grown and mature and we’ll have all these gifts — all of’m! — and the wisdom how to use’m! In full power! — Not just partially, not just seeing through a knothole, or a piece of dark glass, like Paul suggests.

He didn’t say that your sight’s going to be changed; He didn’t say that you’re not going to see some of the same things; He just said you’re going to see it clearer. You’re going to see things as they really are, not kind of like I have dreams and visions now in which I don’t get everything perfectly clear and I feel like I’m almost looking through a fog sometimes and not everything is always exactly in focus. Sometimes they’re extremely vivid and clear‚ but everything is going to be perfectly clear then and we’ll see and know “even as also we are known.” [12]

The Great “Cloud of Witnesses”

The eleventh chapter of the New Testament Book of Hebrews is an inspiring account of the faith and exploits of many of the most outstanding men and women of God who appear in the Old Testament. Immediately following this listing of heroes and heroines of faith, we are told in the first verse of the next chapter,

Seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses‚ let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1).

Regarding this passage of Scripture, David wrote,

The original [manuscript of the New Testament] was not divided into chapters, so you’ve got to keep in mind the chapter before this in order to know what “great cloud of witnesses” he’s talking about. — All the saints [13] who have already gone on to be with the Lord! And they’re not only watching us, they’re praying for us! [14]

Immediately after having listed [those in] God’s great Hall of Fame and many of the great saints already gone to be with the Lord, he [St. Paul] says: “Seeing therefore we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses!” That ought to thrill your hearts to know that they’re watching and they’re cheering for you and rootin’ for and prayin’ for you! [15]

They’re all praying for us and they’re all watching us, and every now and then God sends one of them down to give us a hand if we need some extra help! They are like our cheering section on the heavenly bleachers cheering for the team, and when you win a battle they really cheer and rejoice! When you win a soul, all the angels in Heaven rejoice, praise God! [16]

Think how wonderful it is that there are millions up there, all watching and praying for you, and lots of them coming down to help you! This is really where the action is! This is where the big test is going on. Once you get over There‚ well, there is more in store for you, but this is the primary test. — This is what the whole universe is watching, the big game! [17]

They’re all watching! They’re all rootin’ for you! … Imagine how much they must jump up and down and shout when you do the right thing! Every time you win‚ every time you make a goal, every time you win a soul. I imagine they yell and holler as much as the football crowd does! Why not? They’re still human! [18]

A striking example of this “cloud” of spiritual helpers that encompasses God’s children is found in the Old Testament story of when the prophet Elisha awoke one morning to find that the king of Syria had sent “a great army” to capture him. Upon seeing thousands of enemy soldiers surrounding the city in which they dwelt, Elisha’s servant panicked, until the Lord removed the veil between the spiritual and physical realms and opened his eyes to behold the far more powerful heavenly host that was at that same moment surrounding them:

And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do? And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord‚ I pray Thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold‚ the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha (2 Kings 6:15-17).

In one of his recorded prayers, David made reference to this biblical example:

The Lord told us one time to thank Him for His angels that guarded and protected us! … Thank You, Lord‚ for Thy many counselors and the multitudes Thou hast given us at our disposal and our command. Open their eyes as You did the young man to see the multitudes of Thy host! … Thank You for these who work with us within the veil and the Fifth Dimension! [19] [David often referred to the unseen spiritual realm as the “fifth dimension,” as compared with the four dimensions of our present earthly world: height‚ breadth, depth and time.]

Another reference to many of these heavenly “witnesses” can be found in the following Scripture passage, where a roll is called of the inhabitants of God’s great Heavenly City, New Jerusalem:

But ye are come unto Mount Sion, and unto the City of the living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in Heaven, and to God the Judge of all‚ and to the spirits of just men made perfect‚ And to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant (Hebrews 12:22-24a).

“Ministering Spirits” — God’s Holy Ghosts

The good spirits or “holy ghosts” who compose the “cloud of witnesses” around God’s children are not merely witnessing or observing our activities, but they are assigned by the Lord to actively assist and minister to those of us who are still alive here on earth.

“What do you mean? — You believe in ghosts?” Yes, I believe in ghosts! I especially believe in the Holy Ghost and all [God’s] holy ghosts‚ and all His departed saints and the good spirits of the Lord, that we are “encompassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses!” [20]

He’s got millions of angels and billions of good, saved spirits, holy spirits, holy ghosts! Every departed saint that’s gone to be with the Lord — including those still working down here — is a holy ghost! [21]

The good spirits not only go to Heaven to be with the Lord, but are also operating in the spirit world here, helping us! That we know through personal experience. [22]

Apparently they are on assignment. They don’t just drift around in space with no place to go, nothing to do, and not knowing what their specific duties are. … They’re all so busy! There are a lot of places where they’re working, not only in this world but in the world of the spirit. [23]

Look how that perpetuates the wisdom and the talents and the gifts that God has given each individual! Those marvelous talents and abilities are not lost and gone forever way off in some heavenly places. … They [are used to] continue to minister. [24]

Oh, we go up to Heaven for a little while if we die now; we go up to be with the Lord in heavenly places … [but afterwards] an awful lot of us stay right here in a heavenly sphere in another dimension right here on this earth, only in the spirit world, and stay here and help others, as many helpers are helping us right now.

These departed saints are obviously still extremely active agents or angels of God, messengers. [25]

God’s Great “Lending Library” of Departed Saints

David envisioned these spirits as a vast array of gifted personalities from all ages whom the Lord calls on and assigns to assist His children as special needs arise.

It’s like a lending library of God’s saints who are, you might say, arranged on heavenly shelves, and you can just pull down any one you need any time — or the Librarian can. God’s the Librarian, or His Spirit is. He can hand you any one that you need at any time. Can you imagine! Think how many spirit-books He’s collected by this time!

We’ve got the benefit now of such a tremendous collection of departed saints, men of God, great men of wisdom‚ administrators, kings, prophets‚ psalmists and what have you! Look what a collection God’s got by this time! — Of all these that have gone on to be with Him! Why‚ He’s got people available for anything you want to know, for anything that needs to be done.

He [the Lord] can call on anybody to give you whatever you need; you just need to want it and receive it and have the faith to give it. … “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8). [26]

We have at our disposal the wisdom of the ages and the sages‚ the wisdom of all the kings and all the prophets that have ever lived. … What a collection He’s got by this time! … All those that have ever lived are at our disposal. What a great company!

What a great cloud of witnesses! You know what a cloud is composed of? It is composed of billions of tiny little particles of moisture, water, the water of life, symbol of the Spirit and Word of God! [27]

The Gift of Prophecy

When the Lord speaks and gives a message through one of His children, either directly or by means of one of His agents (such as an angel or a departed saint)‚ we refer to such inspired utterances as prophecy. Throughout the Bible the Lord spoke to His people this way, inspiring His prophets to give His words and messages to those for whom they were intended. However, before going further, it’s important to understand how the biblical usage of the word “prophecy” (and its derivatives) differs from its most commonly associated modern meaning.

In its article on the role played by the biblical prophets, The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia says,

The prophets were first of all forthtellers and spokesmen for God. … All who act in the capacity of proclaiming the Word of God are His spokesmen. It is in this sense that the New Testament believer may prophesy when directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. [28]

The Expository Dictionary of Bible Words adds,

The basic word for “prophet” in the Old Testament is “nabi,” which means “spokesman” or “speaker.” Essentially a prophet is a person authorized to speak for another, as Moses and the Old Testament prophets were authorized to speak for God. … God called individuals from every walk of life to bring His message to His people. Nor was the message of the prophets primarily predictive. God’s messengers spoke whatever word was needed by the Lord’s people at their moment in history. [29]

David also made it clear in his teachings that “to prophesy” did not necessarily mean to predict the future‚ although this was not ruled out. But “to prophesy” meant simply to receive and then deliver a message inspired directly by the Lord, or given indirectly through a spiritual messenger.

Most people think of “prophecy” as predicting the future, but the word “prophecy” is taken from a Greek word which actually means forthtelling. Not foretelling, but forthtelling. [30]

You don’t have to be a fore-teller, all you have to be is a forthteller to be a prophet of God! That’s what the word really means‚ you’re forth-telling the Word of God. [31]

The literal word [for “prophesy”] in the Greek means “to forthtell,” not always foretell. Prophets do a lot of foretelling, a lot of forecasting, a lot of predicting, that’s true under the inspiration of God’s Spirit. But the literal meaning … means “to forthtell the Words of God,” to simply give God’s Word, whatever it may be, whenever it may be‚ at any time, at any place, to any people, whenever it is God’s will. [32]

In both the Old and New Testaments, God tells us that in the days prior to Jesus’ Second Coming‚ a period known in Scripture as the Time of the End, or the Last Days, that He is going to pour out His Spirit in a special way, anointing many of His servants to prophesy. He says,

And it shall come to pass in the Last Days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on My servants and on My handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit; and they shall prophesy (Acts 2:17-18; see also Joel 2:28-29).

When we ask the Lord to fill us with His Holy Spirit, we can then receive what the Bible calls the “gifts of the Spirit.” These are special spiritual gifts from our heavenly Father to strengthen and assist us in many different ways. The gift of prophecy is included among the nine gifts listed in the New Testament book of First Corinthians:

For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; To another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues (1 Corinthians 12:8-10).

The Bible also tells us that the gift of prophecy in particular should be desired and sought after by God’s people. In other Bible passages we are encouraged to desire this spiritual gift, and to let God speak to us and through us via prophecy.

Follow after charity [love], and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. … I would that ye all spake with tongues [another spiritual gift, usually manifested during prayer, when someone speaks in a language he or she does not know], but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the Church may receive edifying. … Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues (1 Corinthians 14:1,5,39).

Despise not prophesyings (1 Thessalonians 5:20).

David embraced this scriptural advice and frequently stressed to the Family the importance of hearing from the Lord via prophecy and direct revelation:

Prophecy‚ of course‚ is a very important gift. … In fact, Paul practically puts it at the top of the list in the 14th chapter [of 1 Corinthians]. He said, “I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied.” [33]

His Word tells us, “covet earnestly the best gifts” (1 Corinthians 12:31). The most common gifts are listed in I Corinthians chapter 12: wisdom, knowledge‚ faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits‚ other tongues and interpretation. These are all gifts from a loving heavenly Father to His simple little children to help communicate understanding of Himself and His will, a mere sample of glorious realities to come! [34]

Prophecy is a special gift of the Spirit, one of the nine gifts of the Spirit. [35] … It’s the Word of God coming right through your mouth! [36]

Many of David’s inspirational Letters dwelt on this subject, as he encouraged Family members to make personal contact with God in order to receive messages of instruction, guidance or encouragement directly from Him fresh every day:

The Lord wants you to draw on the Word — not only the recorded [written] Word, but the living Word.

Hearing from the Lord is our spiritual nourishment — and you’ve got to be able to hear from the Lord! … The power is always on, the message is always there. God’s Spirit is like a broadcasting station, broadcasting all the time. All you have to do is throw the switch and tune in. You have to have the vacuum and sincerely open your mouth and He’ll fill it! [37]

The hand of faith turns the knob which makes the contact and throws the switch and turns on what little power you have, and the hand of hope turns with expectancy, feeling for the frequency upon which God is broadcasting, and suddenly His great broadcasting station booms in with tremendous positive volume and power and certainty — and the messages come through loud and clear. [38]

Channels for God’s Communications

Realizing that those who receive spiritual messages, visions and revelations are commonly viewed not as “prophets” but “channels” or “mediums” by much of the world, David once told a group of Family members who were about to pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy,

You’re all mediums (channels) and you’re all now going to talk to the spirits, including the one Great Spirit! So you’re mediums, you talk to ghosts and spirits! You hear voices, still small voices. — Maybe not out loud, but in your heart and your mind, right? In the world’s way of describing things, you’re all mystics because you believe in the mystical, the supernatural‚ the spiritual. [So in that sense] we’re all mystics, we’re all mediums! [39]

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a medium is “A person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension.” So in a sense, anyone who communicates with “agents of another dimension‚” which would include anyone with the gift of prophecy, could be considered a “medium.” David took this a step further when he wrote,

Everyone who has Jesus in his heart is a medium — someone whom a [good] spiritual power can possess and use to communicate things which normally under their own power they could not do! [40]

“Adding to the Book”?

Due to a misinterpretation of a verse in the last chapter of the Bible’s final book, The Revelation of Saint John, a number of churches believe that God stopped speaking directly to His people almost 2‚000 years ago when this last book of the New Testament was completed. The verse in question says,

For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book (Revelation 22:18).

We in The Family do not take this to mean that God was never going to speak to His people again! We believe that this verse simply states that the Lord didn’t want people adding things to the prophecies given in the Book of Revelation. Many other passages in the New Testament, including a number of those quoted above, make it clear that the gift of prophecy was encouraged and utilized by the early Christians. In fact, Jesus Himself told His religious enemies,

Wherefore, behold‚ I [will] send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city (Matthew 23:34).

On numerous occasions David addressed the incongruity between this popular misinterpretation and what the Bible actually says:

The Church was to continue beyond this book [the Bible] which closed its doors about 90 A.D. with the final natural death of dear old John the Apostle, the Revelator. … But he was not the last prophet of God! Because God’s Word says that in the Church there are to be prophets and there are to be those who have the gift of prophecy. [41]

God has spoken since then! God has added words since then to tell us things! And down through the ages, after this book was written, after John, God still had many prophets and prophetesses who continued to prophesy and speak with tongues and interpretation and prophecies throughout the whole 2,000 years of Church history since the days of John and since this book was finished! God’s prophets and prophetesses have been continuing to prophesy in these Last Days according to the Word of God, throughout the Church of Jesus Christ, throughout the Family of God, throughout all Christendom, all those that love Jesus, all Christians everywhere, millions of them! [42]

A God who can’t talk and can’t do anything anymore would be a dead God — which may explain why so many people’s religion seems to be so dead today! But thank God, our God is a live God and He still loves His children and He is still working and still speaking to us today!

Just as He spoke to His prophets thousands of years ago‚ giving them revelations and information that God’s people then needed for their day, so He is still alive and speaking today, giving His Words and revelations to guide His children now! He says‚ “I am the Lord, I change not!” (Malachi 3:6). [43]

God’s Agents in Prophecy

David found through his study of the Bible as well as his personal experience that when the Lord gives messages to His prophets or prophetesses, He frequently does so via a spiritual agent, either an angel or departed saint.

I know from personal experience that some of these revelations do come in this fashion. And why not? They did in the Bible in several cases where angelic messengers were sent to convey a message to some prophet of God, or a man or woman of God, even occasionally the angel or spirit of some former man of God‚ such as Samuel, Moses, Elijah, etc. Search the Scriptures and see if these things be so! [44]

In almost every case of the [biblical] prophets there was some spiritual agent or an angel or someone helping him most of the time. Time and again when the prophets revealed something, they said the angel of the Lord or someone else was there showing them. So it must have been the angel who was communicating those visions, and the prophet was able to see what God was showing the angel to show to the prophet to pass on to the people. (See Ezekiel 40:1-4; Daniel 7:16; 8:15; 9:21-23; 10:all; 12:5-7; Zechariah 1:9; 2:3; Matthew 1:20; 2:13; Luke 1:11-20; Revelation 1:1; 19:10; 22:8-9‚ etc.!) [45]

Most of [the religious teachers] give absolutely no credit to the good spirits of the departed “dead” as being agents and messengers. And yet, it’s there [in the Bible] as plain as day! It makes it all very simple if we realize God uses angels, departed human spirits, etc., as His agents or messengers. [46]

Biblical Appearances of Holy Ghosts

There are numerous instances recorded in Scripture where spiritual encounters and communications with angels or departed saints clearly took place. The Family’s official “Statement of Faith” says,

Scriptural evidence of this [God using the spirits of departed saints to communicate with those still living on earth] is found in the account of the spirits of the departed prophets, Moses and Elijah, appearing and conferring with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration; the appearance of the departed prophet Samuel’s spirit to King Saul; and Saint John’s account in the Book of Revelation of his conversation with a heavenly messenger sent by God to reveal to him mysteries of the future. [47]

We will now examine these and other examples from the Scriptures.

Saint John’s Revelations

One of the most striking examples in the New Testament of departed saints or “holy ghosts” ministering to a living Christian can be found in the mysterious Book of Revelation‚ written by the Apostle John, often referred to as John the Revelator. In chapter 19, after receiving a glorious revelation of the future from a heavenly being‚ John writes,

And he saith unto me, “Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he saith unto me, “These are the true sayings of God.” And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, “See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant‚ and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:9-10).

A similar passage from chapter 22 says,

And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel [48] which shewed me these things. Then saith he unto me, “See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God” (Revelation 22:8-9).

Regarding this passage‚ David commented:

Who was revealing a lot of things to John when he was [taken in spirit to] Heaven? He thought it was an angel, he fell down and worshipped him, and what did the guy say? “I’m one of your fellowservants the prophets! I’m just another prophet, don’t worship me! I’m just explaining it to you, that’s all‚ because you don’t understand yet. But I’ve already been told and I know and I understand and I’m telling you about it!” [49]

He was another Christian, and it sounds like maybe he was a prophet‚ one of the prophets like John. And John thought it was so wonderful and he was so wonderful telling him all these things, he fell down to worship him and thought it was some kind of an angel. But he said, “Don’t worship me, I’m just a guy like you!” — Which goes again to show you there are lots of people like that up there, all the good spirits. [50]

The Book of Revelation contains a number of other passages where Saint John records messages he heard from departed saints. For example, in chapter six, John writes‚

I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled (Revelation 6:9-11).

It is interesting that in this passage John sees and hears the so-called “dead,” and identifies these “souls” as “fellowservants” and “brethren” — the same terms applied to the messenger that he fell down to worship in the previously quoted text. It’s also noteworthy that these spirits who had already left this life still expressed concern about “them that dwell on the earth.”

In chapter seven, John describes more astounding sights and sounds he partook of during a spiritual trip to Heaven:

After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds‚ and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; And cried with a loud voice, saying, “Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.” And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts‚ and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God‚ Saying, “Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor‚ and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.” And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, “What are these which are arrayed in white robes? And whence came they?” And I [John] said unto him, “Sir, thou knowest.” And he said to me‚ “These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Revelation 7:9-14).

Here John beholds an innumerable multitude of people in Heaven, and he then carries on a two-way conversation with one of them, an “elder,” [51] who clearly appears to be a departed saint. In chapter five, verse nine, these same “elders” proclaim to Jesus, “Thou hast redeemed us to God by Thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people and nation,” showing that indeed these elders are departed brethren, or saints.

Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration

Another outstanding appearance of two very renowned departed saints is recounted in three of the four Gospels‚ in the description of Moses’ and Elijah’s meeting with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. These two prophets had left this life hundreds of years earlier, but held what was no doubt an important conference with the Lord shortly before He died for the sins of the world.

[Jesus] took Peter and John and James‚ and went up into a mountain to pray. And as He prayed, the fashion of His countenance was altered, and His raiment was white and glistering. And, behold, there talked with Him two men, which were Moses and Elias [52]: Who appeared in glory, and spake of His decease which He should accomplish at Jerusalem. But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw His glory, and the two men that stood with Him. And it came to pass‚ as they departed from Him, Peter said unto Jesus‚ “Master, it is good for us to be here: and let us make three tabernacles; one for Thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias:” not knowing what he said (Luke 9:28-33).

These two former prophets, Moses and Elijah, had departed from this life many centuries previously‚ yet God sent them to counsel and confer with His Son! So God can and does use His human servants who have already passed on from this life to minister to and help those of us who are still here! [53]

In a prophecy received by David’s son, Aaron Berg, in 1970, the Lord said,

Think you that this is a strange thing that I should minister to My servants through My servants who have gone before? For even as Moses and Elijah ministered to My Son on the Mount of Transfiguration‚ are they not as the angels of God sent forth to minister unto thee?

Even as My servant John was told through the one who showed him great glad tidings of God and mysteries, and told him not to fall down‚ “for I am also thy fellowservant,” so I can use Mine who have gone on before. Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not! Thou art compassed about with a very great cloud of witnesses! [54]

The John the Baptist / Elijah Connection

Another mysterious but revealing example of behind-the-scenes spiritual assistance from former prophets and ministers of God concerns the herald and forerunner of Jesus, John the Baptist. Before John was even conceived, an angel appeared to his aged father, a Jewish priest named Zachariah‚ startling him with the announcement that he and his barren wife would have a son named John, who would prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah:

But the angel said unto him, “Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John. And thou shalt have joy and gladness; and many shall rejoice at his birth. For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother’s womb. And many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God. And he [John] shall go before Him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord” (Luke 1:13-17). [55]

Some 30 years after John’s birth, Jesus told a large crowd something even more astounding about John the Baptist:

And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John, … “But what went ye out for to see? A prophet? Yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophet. For this is he, of whom it is written, ‘Behold, I send My messenger before Thy face, which shall prepare Thy way before Thee.’ Verily I say unto you‚ Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he. … And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:7-15).

Later, in the same Gospel, Jesus sheds more light on this mystery:

And His disciples asked Him‚ saying, “Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?” And Jesus answered and said unto them, “Elias truly shall first come‚ and restore all things. But I say unto you, that Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of Man suffer of them.” Then the disciples understood that He spake unto them of John the Baptist (Matthew 17:10-13).

We now read that the angel Gabriel said that John would accomplish all these predicted things “in the spirit and power of Elijah,” and we also have Jesus saying that John was Elijah. How can this be? How could a prophet in the first century be operating in the spirit and power of a prophet from the ninth century B.C.? And what did Jesus mean when He said “if you are willing to receive it, this is Elijah?” Is this a case of reincarnation, where John literally was Elijah? Clearly not. For when the Jewish religious leaders specifically asked John if he was Elijah the prophet, notice how he replied:

And they [priests sent by the Jewish elders in Jerusalem] asked him [John], “What then? Art thou Elias?” And he saith, “I am not.” “Art thou that prophet?” And he answered, “No” (John 1:21).

So what is going on here? David explained it like this:

John the Baptist was predicted as “Elijah which was for to come” (Matthew 11:14), that he would have the spirit and power of Elijah‚ and now we understand that he actually had the spirit and power of Elijah himself! [56]

So what do you begin to fathom from this business about Jesus saying that John the Baptist came in the spirit and the power of Elijah? (Family member: Maybe Elijah was an actual spirit helper of John, but it doesn’t mean that he was necessarily Elijah.) John himself denied being Elijah, personally (John 1:19-21). But Jesus is trying to show people the operations of the Spirit, and that is‚ John was operating under the influence, obviously, in the spirit and the power of Elijah, in doing what he did in preparing their hearts in those days before Jesus’ first coming. [57]

John came in the spirit and the power of Elijah! I believe Elijah was with him, and he was anointed with Elijah’s spirit and power. [58]

Saul and the Witch at Endor — Calling Up the Departed Prophet Samuel

In the Bible’s book of First Samuel, we find an account of the disgraced king of Israel, Saul, seeking posthumous counsel from the prophet Samuel, who had died some years earlier. Saul sought after Samuel via the forbidden means of a necromancer, a medium who dealt with familiar spirits. [59] Although Saul had lost God’s blessing due to his disobedience, the Lord allowed Samuel to actually appear from the dead and deliver His somber final message to the backslidden king, who was to meet his death the following day.

Then said Saul unto his servants‚ “Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and inquire of her.”

And his servants said to him, “Behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor.”

And Saul disguised himself, and put on other raiment‚ and he went, and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night: and he said, “I pray thee, divine unto me by the familiar spirit, and bring me him up, whom I shall name unto thee.”

And the woman said unto him‚ “Behold, thou knowest what Saul hath done‚ how he hath cut off those that have familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land: wherefore then layest thou a snare for my life, to cause me to die?”

And Saul sware to her by the Lord, saying, “As the Lord liveth, there shall no punishment happen to thee for this thing.”

Then said the woman, “Whom shall I bring up unto thee?”

And he said, “Bring me up Samuel.”

And when the woman saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice: and the woman spake to Saul, saying‚ “Why hast thou deceived me? For thou art Saul.”

And the king said unto her, “Be not afraid: for what sawest thou?”

And the woman said unto Saul, “I saw gods ascending out of the earth.”

And he said unto her, “What form is he of?”

And she said, “An old man cometh up; and he is covered with a mantle.”

And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground, and bowed himself.

And Samuel said to Saul, “Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up?”

And Saul answered, “I am sore distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God is departed from me, and answereth me no more, neither by prophets, nor by dreams: therefore I have called thee, that thou mayest make known unto me what I shall do.”

Then said Samuel, “Wherefore then dost thou ask of me‚ seeing the Lord is departed from thee, and is become thine enemy? … Moreover the Lord will also deliver Israel with thee into the hand of the Philistines: and tomorrow shalt thou and thy sons be with me: the Lord also shall deliver the host of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.”

Then Saul fell straightway all along on the earth, and was sore afraid, because of the words of Samuel: and there was no strength in him; for he had eaten no bread all the day, nor all the night (1 Samuel 28:7–20).

This strange account of a disobedient king using a medium to hear from a deceased prophet has generated a good deal of debate among Bible scholars and theologians, particularly those who claim that the spirits of the departed have no dealings with those who are still alive. However‚ it is clear from the above passage that the prophet Samuel did indeed speak to Saul from beyond the grave.

The Wycliffe Bible Commentary says,

Modern orthodox commentators are almost unanimous in the opinion that the departed prophet did really appear and announce the coming destruction of Saul and his army. They hold, however, that Samuel was brought up not by the magical arts of the witch, but through a miracle wrought by the omnipotence of God. [60]

The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia adds,

In this instance God sovereignly permitted the actual spirit of Samuel to speak in order to deliver a solemn rebuke to the apostate king. Normally the alleged [familiar] spirit would speak somewhat favorably; in this unique case the inquirer [Saul] was condemned to die on the morrow. [61]

David had the following to say about this strange story:

There was a witch in Endor, a fortune-teller‚ or a spiritualistic medium. … Saul sought this witch for information regarding the results of the impending battle. He came to her late one night. He wanted to know whether he was going to win the battle or not.

Why did he have to go to the witch at Endor? He was out of touch with God! He couldn’t get through to the Lord anymore, and dear old Samuel, the prophet that he used to go to for advice, was dead. Too often [Saul] failed to seek advice, and when he failed to seek advice from God, God eventually left him! Now when he wanted advice, he had to get it from the Devil instead! — A very sad, sad picture of poor Saul!

Saul requested that she bring forth the spirit of Samuel, which according to God’s Word, she is said to have done. Maybe she didn’t have too much to do with it! The Lord had something to do with it! According to the Bible story, she seemed to be almost as surprised as Saul was that Samuel actually showed up!

The spirits of the departed ones are anything but dead or sleeping! This was actually Samuel’s spirit, and he was voicing the Words of God when he told Saul these things. This is no fairy tale: This is the spirit of a departed dead person being called back to talk!

Samuel had to return from Paradise to revisit the earth here and give Saul this message. He didn’t particularly like the idea either, from what he said: “Why disquietest thou me?” (1 Samuel 28:15). “I’ve been in this beautiful place of Paradise and I have to come back to this awful world of yours, and have to talk to you one more time! After all the times that you wouldn’t listen to me before; now after I’m dead, you want to listen to me!” He had compassion on him‚ though, and he came back! [62]

What about the Bible’s Warnings against “Familiar Spirits”?

Being an avid reader and student of the Bible all his life, David was well aware of the scriptural injunction against communicating with evil “familiar spirits.” He firmly agreed with all such biblical admonitions. Indeed, the Bible texts against dealing with evil spirits are somber‚ and not to be dismissed lightly. Here are the most commonly quoted passages where God Himself warns against this practice:

Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God (Leviticus 19:31)

When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee‚ thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one … that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer‚ or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee (Deuteronomy 18:9–12).

And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:19-20).

God clearly wants His people to seek and follow Him and His divine guidance, not the mutterings and utterings of anyone whose spiritual powers, gifts or message are at variance with the teachings of His Word. To commune with evil familiar spirits such as those invoked by witches, wizards, sorcerers, etc., is extremely hazardous to one’s spiritual well-being. The arch–deceiver Satan can appear as “an angel of light‚” which is why God’s Word exhorts us to “try [test] the spirits.” Any spirit which is not of God is to be resisted and rebuked in Jesus’ name. As God’s Word says, “Neither give place to the Devil” (Ephesians 4:27) and “Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

So we respectfully believe and heed the Bible’s warnings against dealings with evil familiar spirits, witchcraft and sorcery. However, we do not subscribe to the belief that these passages mean that any communication with the spirits of those who have left this life is strictly forbidden by God and is therefore of the Devil. Such an interpretation makes no allowance for good spirits, the spirits of those who loved the Lord in this life and have gone on to be with Him in the next.

This narrow approach was summed up by the well-known American televangelist Pat Robertson:

The Bible is clear in its teaching that we should not attempt to communicate with the dead. Leviticus 19:31 says, “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.” Isaiah 8:19 adds this: “And when they say to you, ‘Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,’ should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living?”

When we die‚ we either go to Heaven or Hell. We will join those loved ones who have gone to the same place we have. Until then, the living are forbidden to attempt contact with the dead. So-called ghosts, or spirits who speak through mediums, are really demons masquerading as the spirits of dead human beings. [63]

To proponents of this hard-line interpretation, we ask, if the living are forbidden any and all contact with the “dead,” then what about the examples in the Bible where living saints encountered and communicated with saints who had left this life? Similarly, if one believes that God’s rule is “no contact” between those in the physical realm and those in the spiritual, then what about the innumerable individuals who sincerely claim to have seen, heard or otherwise sensed the presence of a loved one who has passed on from this life? To dismiss all such encounters as either fraudulent or demonic goes against reason and the nature of God and the operations of His spiritual world as revealed in the Bible.

In January 1996‚ David’s wife Maria prayed and asked the Lord for clarification on the above Old Testament verses. She also asked Him for wisdom in knowing how to respond to those who might even accuse The Family of being heretics for what they term “communing with the dead.” The following prophecy, which was received at that time, shed considerable light on the issue:

The word that I [Jesus] spoke in old times was true, for I did not wish for My children to seek out those with familiar spirits, because they were not of Me. … Even today I do not wish for My children to seek out those who have familiar spirits, for they are not of Me; they are a counterfeit of the Truth.

Just because I warned My people not to go to those who had a familiar spirit does not mean that I will not allow those that have passed over to This Side to speak to My children‚ to speak of Me. For did I not stand on the mount and confer with the “dead”? Was I not transfigured? Did I not speak with those [Moses and Elijah] who had gone on before? But I say to you, I did not commune with the dead, for these were alive, alive in the Spirit!

When I walked the earth, did I not say that I had many things to say unto you but you were not able to bear them yet? … The time now is right for you to speak of these things. For there is so much counterfeit in the world today that I wish to reveal the true.

Whether your brethren, those of the churches, believe and receive or not, means nothing, for they have not believed nor received much of the message that I have poured forth through you. … But that does not make the message that I have given to you any less the truth. Therefore receive My Truth and use My Truth to preach the Gospel. Use it to stand against the tide of the counterfeit. [64]

In this prophecy the Lord makes it clear that His admonitions against seeking out those with familiar spirits hold as true today as ever. But He adds that those who have passed into the next life to be with Him are not barred from ministering to and communicating with His children who remain on earth‚ just as Moses and Elijah spoke with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Those who are now with the Lord are anything but “dead,” but are enjoying a far better life than they did in their previous earthly life: As the Apostle Paul said, “to depart [from this life] and be with Christ is far better” (Philippians 1:23). When speaking of saints who had passed on from this life, Jesus said of His Father, “He is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto Him” (Luke 20:38).

Also‚ the Lord is encouraging us to proclaim this message, to speak these things to the world. Despite the fact that the Devil’s counterfeit messages are becoming increasingly heard and known in the world, Jesus wants us to receive and publish His message about how He is allowing His people who have passed on to speak to His children on earth. Despite the rejection of this message by many churches, He encourages us to use this as a means to fulfill our main calling and commission of preaching the good news of the Gospel to all who will receive it.

Rejection of the Concept of Holy Ghosts by Many Churches

Throughout his writings David explained that after much study‚ prayer and personal experience, he was convinced that the Old Testament warnings against communing with evil spirits did not mean that we are to shun and utterly reject spiritual communication with all spiritual personages. In fact, he concluded that many Christians were taking these admonitions from the Bible to an extreme, beyond what God intended, and that in so doing, they were forfeiting a means of communicating with God Himself through the “ministering spirits” He had ordained to help and benefit His people.

In years gone by, I found that many Christians, pastors and Bible teachers were afraid of the subject because they felt it bordered on spiritualism or spiritism, and that talking about the personal appearances of angels or of saints long dead sounded to them too much like having to do with familiar spirits, dealing with evil spirits and devils, which God’s Word condemns, along with witchcraft and wizardry. But may God forgive us for condemning the entire spirit world and being afraid of the knowledge of it, just because the Devil uses it, along with his demons. That would be like some narrow–minded churches which refuse to use music just because the Devil uses it! If we stopped using everything the Devil uses‚ there wouldn’t be much left!

True, witchcraft, wizardry, and dealing with evil familiar spirits, demons and devils are condemned by God; but this does not mean that we are supposed to blind ourselves, ignore, and shut ourselves off completely in ignorance to God’s own marvelous spiritual world in which He Himself dwells with His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit‚ all His ministering spirits, the angels — two thirds of the spirit world (see Revelation 12:4) — and all the millions of the spirits of the departed saints! … His glorious universe of good spirits in which God Himself and all these others operate, and who constitute by far the vast majority! [65]

The churches are afraid of the familiar evil spirits, against which we are warned, but they seem to have forgotten that there are many good spirits, including the Holy Spirit, the seven spirits of God of Revelation 4:5, and the seven stars or angels or spirits of the seven churches of Revelation 1:20, the four spirits of the heavens of Zechariah 6:5, and the many other celestial messengers, angels or spirits of God mentioned in the Bible, which are obviously all good spirits. “Are they not all ministering spirits‚ sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14).

Indeed they are! — And to deny that they are good spirits is to deny all the angels and the spirits of God, including the Holy Spirit, as well as all the spirits of the dear departed saints of God, including those who appeared or spoke to men of God throughout the Bible, like the souls under the altar in Heaven in Revelation 6:9-11, and even your own personal spirit, saved by the grace of God, which shall join a Heaven-full of millions of the saved spirits of all the saints of God when you die or go to be with Jesus when He comes!

These are they of whom Paul speaks in Hebrews 12:1 as a “great cloud of witnesses” which compass us about — here and now! … And in Hebrews 12:22-23, He speaks of an innumerable company of angels and “the spirits of just men made perfect.” [66]

While it is clear that communing with evil spirits is forbidden by God and is to be shunned by His people, it is also clear that the Godly spirits of departed saints are an entirely different “kettle of fish!” We consider the spirits of the departed saints to be our heavenly “teammates,” who are striving together with us to spread God’s light and Love in this spiritually darkened world. So yes, beware of and shun the Enemy’s evil spirits, but don’t fear or reject the Lord’s heavenly hosts who seek to assist and minister to you.

The Old Testament was pretty hard on familiar spirits, maybe because in those days people didn’t have the Holy Spirit to be able to discern the difference between the good [spirits] and the bad ones. But now that we have the Holy Spirit, God’s Word exhorts us to discern the difference and try [test] the spirits (1 John 4:1). [67]

Spiritualists are those who have contact with familiar spirits, and although the Bible does warn against familiar spirits, it means, of course, evil spirits. That’s why the Apostle says be sure you can tell the difference‚ “discerning of spirits” [see 1 Corinthians 12:10]‚ because there are some good and some bad. Thank God for the good ones we’ve got who help us. [68]

[Some religious detractors] call us spiritists! They say that we dabble in spiritism and that we commune with “familiar spirits.” They use that term particularly because the Bible forbids you to commune with familiar spirits. Of course, it all depends on your discernment of spirits and what kind of spirits they are! Just like there are all kinds of people, there are all kinds of spirits! All of the departed saints are spirits — good spirits! If you’re going to condemn all spirits‚ then you’d even have to condemn the spirit of Samuel who was called back from the dead by, of all things, a medium! — To give poor Saul advice. [69]

If you talk about holy spirits [some religious people] will curse you right on the spot! “Don’t you know you shouldn’t have anything to do with familiar spirits!” Well, of course the Lord [in the biblical passages condemning witchcraft and necromancy] is talking there about evil spirits. But you know good and well there are both! [70]

I don’t know what they think ever happened to all the angels of God and all of the departed spirits of the saints! What in the world do they think happened to them anyhow? They say, “Oh well, of course they’re not allowed to have contact, blah, blah!” Well, there’re plenty of examples right in the Bible where people who were not angels of God but were former prophets and men of God had contact with saints of God. [71]

They accuse us of being spiritists‚ they accuse us of having familiar spirits and dealing with demons and devils, because [they say] we shouldn’t have to have anybody to talk to us, anybody between us and God except Jesus. Well, there’s only one Mediator between God and Man. One Mediator, [meaning] an advocate‚ like a lawyer or a defense lawyer, a defense attorney, someone who can mediate between God and us, and who can settle the problem between us, which was sin‚ and that was only Jesus. But there are oodles of communicators, not mediators, but communicators, beginning with the angels, and … many of the saints of God. … It’s right here in the Bible! [72]

“Try the Spirits”

If we, God’s children, are going to be communicating and interacting with spirits, the question arises, how can we be sure that the spiritual entities we are in touch with are good spirits? After all, we know that Satan is an arch-deceiver, sometimes appearing as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14,15). So is there a sound means by which we can ascertain if a spirit is of God or not? Thankfully, the answer is a definite yes. God has not left us without a means of discerning spirits. Saint John tells us,

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world (1 John 4:1).

On this subject David wrote,

Thank God for the spiritual, but pray to God it is the right spirit! [73]

“Beloved, believe not every spirit‚ but try the spirits whether they are of God!” — So some of them are of God! “Because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” So therefore if some spirits are false prophets, others are true prophets, right? [74]

Beloved, try the spirits to see whether they be of God or not, because there are spirits which are of God who are ministering spirits to help us, and then others who are just to annoy and trouble us, and we need to know the difference! [75]

If we’re not supposed to have anything to do with spirits at all, how are we going to “try” them? And yet that’s what [many of] the churches teach today: “Oh, spiritism! — That’s of the Devil! It’s all of the Devil and it’s all demonic and it’s all devils and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!” Well‚ then why did John caution us to “Try the spirits, whether they are of God.” [76]

This passage from First John chapter four continues:

Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world (1 John 4:2-3).

These verses make it clear that there are many spirits that are “of God.” And it gives us a criterion with which to gauge whether a spirit is of God or not: “Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.”

In January 1996, when David’s wife, Maria, sought the Lord for understanding and clarification regarding this rather mysterious passage, He answered, saying‚

(Prophecy:) The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life. They must be discerned by My Spirit, that you may have full understanding. For there are many false prophets which have gone out into the world‚ and you must first try the spirit of these prophets to first see if their spirit believes and has received Me. For he that has not received Me will not speak the Truth.

Those that claim to receive messages from the Spirit, but who do not believe in Me, do not speak by the Spirit of God. For them to be true prophets … they must first believe on Me and have received Me as their Savior. … Those who do not confess Me and who speak words of prophecy receive these things not from the Spirit of God.

For those that know Me and confess Me and receive Me, those that are My children, when they come before Me and become silent, and listen, and wish to hear My voice and wish to receive those things that I have to say unto them, they too must try the spirits. … If I send one [a ministering spirit] to speak through them, if I send My message via a messenger, then this messenger will be one who believes and who has received Me.

Hereby know you the spirit of truth and the spirit of error‚ for when you come before Me in prayer and you seek to hear My voice, and you seek to hear the whispers of those from This Side, know that those that speak unto you must confess and believe that I am the Son of God, and thus must have received Me, received this Truth. [77]

Another means to test a message received from a spiritual source is whether it is in accordance with God’s written Word‚ which is the standard by which we measure truth and error.

To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:20).

Remember that not all voices are of God and you must “try the spirits” to make sure that what you’re hearing is of the Lord. If it is not according to His Word … these things are not of the Lord. [78]

Be sure that direct revelation does not counteract nor contradict, but is in line with the Word of God! You have to measure it! Try the spirits! Make sure it is according to His Word, direct revelation from God Himself. [79]

True prophecy won’t teach anything contrary, but it sure can fill in a lot of gaps! The Bible is still going to be the standard of measurement. [80]

Another excellent means of “trying the spirits” has to do with the “fruit” or effect that results from the message received by the prophet who is communicating with the spirit. If it has come from God, it will bear good fruit, good results. When teaching His followers about how to discern between true and false prophets, Jesus said,

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. … Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. … Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:15-20).

If it [a spiritual voice or message] causes you to be discontent or bitter, dissatisfied or unhappy or critical of others — these things are not of the Lord and you must rebuke the Enemy in Jesus’ name when he tempts you with these negative thoughts. [81]


We hope that this discourse on spiritual communication with the Lord and His heavenly hosts has given you a better understanding of our beliefs on this subject. We also hope it has encouraged your faith that God and His agents are still delivering their messages to His people today! As David said,

Thank God, He’s not a silent God who shut up when the Bible was finished 2,000 years ago! He’s a living God, a talking God, and He still speaks and has been speaking ever since then — talking to His people and His prophets and His children down through the ages, ever since the days of Jesus and His Apostles and the Early Church. [82]

The age-old means of God’s heavenly communication with all of His people has always been by oral and mental messages and dreams and visions and heavenly pictures and messages and thoughts, projected directly by His spirits and His angelic messengers in moods of meditation and prayer and trance, that wonderful borderline of the spirit where the soul has one foot in Heaven! So that we [God’s prophets] are God’s lightning rods to ground His heavenly bolts to earthly man and shock them into the realization of heavenly things! [83]

He still has prophets today, His messenger boys‚ who relay to the people what the Lord has said and shown to them. And just as the Bible prophets received dreams and visions, revelations and thrilling messages from the Lord and His angels and ministering spirits‚ so His prophets today do the same! [84]

If you have not yet personally experienced God’s power and heavenly touch in your own life, you can receive Him and His free gift of eternal life by simply asking His Son, Jesus, into your life. He loves you and says, “Behold, I stand at the door [of your heart] and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to you” (Revelation 3:20).

And if you would like more information on prayer, the spirit world, Heaven, the Endtime, or a multitude of other subjects, please write us today at the address below. God bless you!


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Spirit Stories–Heavenly Ghostwriting

Karen Zerby

Maria #380DO/TS 31193/97

—By Maria

For your convenience, this GN has been divided into five sections, so you can easily read it in several sittings without interrupting the train of thought too much.

Section 1: Mama’s Letter to the WS Pubs Units2

The Need for More Reading Material for Our Kids3

How This Project Began4

The Reservoir of God!4

Tap In to the Power!6

It’s Time to Take Off with This New Project!7

“Let the Opportunity Be Given to All!”8

“The WS Units Can Help Too”8

Section 2: Confirming Prophecies11

“Many Are the Cries of Them That Are Hungry!”11

Be a Receiver!12

Dad Still Loves Stories!13

Be Like John the Revelator13

Volumes of Stories Are Waiting14

“Let Me Pour Through You Freely!”15

Do It for the Children15

Section 3: Messages from Storytellers in the Heavenlies16

Message from Louisa May Alcott16

Messages from Martin and Jesus17

Message from Mike20

Message from Christian21

Messages from Helga23

Message from Edgar Rice Burroughs25

Section 4: More How-to’s and Counsel

from the Lord27

A New Pub Is Born!28

The Lord’s Leading with Each Story’s Placement30

Your Help Is Needed!31

Don’t Get Discouraged!32

Stories May Need Some Editing35

The Difference Between These Stories and Other Prophecies35

Are These True Stories?39

Section 5: Encouragement from Those

Who Have Tried It!40

Juggles the Clown!40

Confirmations of a Supernatural Story!41

Story Battles and Sheherezade the Storyteller!43

Another Inside Look at Receiving Stories45

A Vision of Heaven!46

Article: Are Stories Important?47

My dearest and most precious Family,

1. I love you! I have some very exciting news for you! The Lord is full of new and unexpected ideas, and I think this one is really going to turn you on and flip you out like it did Peter and me! It’s wild, different, cool, far-out—a real trip into the fascinating world of the spirit! As you may have guessed, the Lord has led us to another new project, which I believe will be an answer to the prayers of all of you—both young and old. This will fill a very desperate need in the Family, one which I’m sure you’re all aware of and have possibly even experienced personally to varying degrees.

2. Has this little introduction whet your appetite? I’ll bet it has! I hope you don’t mind if I tell you about this new project by sharing with you a letter I recently sent to our WS pubs units in which I not only explained this new adventure but also solicited their help. As you read this letter, if the Lord burdens your heart with the need and you feel that you, too, would like to participate, then please do! You can be a part of this new project, too! You’ll understand this better after you read the following letter.

SECTION ONE: Mama’s Letter to the WS Pubs Units

To my dear loved ones!

3. God bless you, precious ones! Each of you is so close to us and often in our thoughts and prayers. Each of you is so needed and plays such an important part in this great Family. Don’t ever minimize your job. If you’re tempted to do that‚ just think of what happens when one of your members leaves to go elsewhere, and how difficult it is to find someone to fill his or her shoes. Thanks for being faithful to your job‚ and so willing, yielded and obedient!

4. By the way, we just love the Zine, and you can be sure I listen to every word of it! It’s just great! We’ve heard some of the tremendous reactions from the Family, too! I’ll bet those have been a wonderful encouragement to you! As you can see‚ even the adults love you, because of what a great service you’re doing for the young people in giving them a strong message, but packaged in a way that they can relate to, and one which they find fun, refreshing and different! So keep up the good work!

5. Now that we’ve got the Zine and the Grapevine rolling‚ and the young people are benefiting from them both, the Lord has yet more fun things up His sleeve!—Not only for the teens, but for the younger ones as well! And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about now. Don’t worry‚ this isn’t going to replace the wonderful Zine or Grapevine. It’s just going to be an additional pub that will fill a different slot and need in our young people’s lives.

6. Well, there’s one pub I didn’t mention that you work on and publish periodically‚ that also falls into this category—the Power and Protection stories. In some ways this is similar to the new project that I’m going to tell you about now. These Power and Protection stories are always received with great eagerness by young and old—a fun family time affair! Everybody loves stories! So our hats are off to you who compile and produce that pub as well!

7. Also, we don’t want to leave out all the other children’s and young people’s pubs that are keeping our kids well–fed and happy, like the Kidz mags, the Hope TKs, the MLKs, as well as all the Hope mags that were produced in the past, and all the other pubs that you all are faithfully working on now. (God bless the brethren at Family Care [FC] who have now taken up the challenge of carrying on some of these kids’ pubs, such as the Hope TKs, the MLKs and the Kidz mags.) Of course, there are other pubs that you work on or have worked on in the past that are not especially for the children or young people‚ but I’m sure there are many kids who enjoy them and get fed from them—such as the FSMs, the WNDs, the FARs, the Prayer List, Family in Action, the Christian Digest, and the HomeARC.

The Need for More Reading Material for Our Kids

8. It would seem that we have more than anybody could possibly read! I’m sure you sometimes think so, when the pubs keep rolling in and you can hardly keep up with them. However, for our younger ones, sometimes some of the pubs aren’t so interesting, and they have a hard time being faithful to read them. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a voracious appetite for exciting reading material, though. And if given the kind that appeals to them, they’ll most likely find plenty of time to absorb and digest it.

9. You all, as well as those at FC, have been trying to give our children and younger ones the kind of material that will capture their interest, and you’ve been doing a good job at it. However, the need continues to be great. The quality is tremendous, but we continue to need quantity. Many of our children and young people are avid readers, and although we’ve been able to supply them with some very good reading material, it hasn’t been enough to meet their tremendous needs.

10. I remember when I was a kid, I read everything I could get my hands on—book after book of whatever my parents could supply in the way of children’s Christian material, as well as books from our small family library, which‚ thank the Lord‚ were mostly Christian also‚ although much of it was a little beyond my years. Of course‚ I had the school library, which I made good use of to supplement my reading interests. I was always asking my parents to buy me books for Christmas or birthday presents. When I think of how much reading material I needed to keep me satisfied‚ I can understand why our kids might be bored and kind of wishing for something new to read and do. They’ve read the Hope mags‚ Hope TKs, Power and Protection mags and other reading material designated for them over and over, as well as the Good Thots‚ and they probably know it all by heart.

11. By saying this, I don’t in any way want to minimize the great importance of the Hope TKs and MLKs in the lives of our children. These pubs are the GNs in picture form, or illustrated excerpts of the GNs, and thus they’re in a class of their own and are extremely important, even above any of the other children’s pubs. These pubs present the Word to our kids, which is desperately needed; it’s the ballast that Dad talked about in “Builders Beware” (ML #309B).

12. When I talk about our children needing other pubs, I am referring to additional pubs that are fun and beneficial, but which certainly don’t take the place of GNs in any form—such as the Hope TKs and the MLKs, etc., which are extremely valuable and the most important thing that our kids read. Thank the Lord, FC is doing a great job of producing the GN-based children’s pubs, but as I mentioned earlier, what we need is a quantity of good, edifying reading material.

13. As you know, some of our JETTs and junior teens in particular are hanging in the balances, and a number of them are in quite sad shape. We must do whatever we can do to reach them now. No one thing can turn them around, but each new idea that the Lord gives us can play an important part in helping them to make it through this turbulent time in their lives.

How This Project Began

14. Okay, is this little introduction stimulating your interest? Can you guess what “new idea” I’m going to tell you about here? I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am—and that’s a lot of excitement! I’m just jumping up and down with joy about this! I think this is going to have a tremendous impact, along with all our other pubs.

15. I’ll tell you how it all came about. About nine months ago the baby was conceived! And now, nine months later, it’s just about to be born. Way before the Grapevine or the Zine ever came into being‚ I was thinking about how much our young people needed good story material, in addition to the GNs and FSMs and Hope TKs and other pubs they have.

16. I was thinking of how disappointed I’d been several years ago when one of our few writers of good children’s stories left his plow and went back to the System. We had several others who were able to do some pretty good stories too, like Happy (Simon Peter) and others, including some of you, but you were all so desperately needed for other jobs that we couldn’t request that any of you work full-time on children’s material, or hardly even part-time.

17. Stories have such a great influence on children and young people. They read them over and over, and in some cases almost memorize them. Look at the effect that Heaven’s Girl had, as well as Heaven’s Children. Look at the raves we got about Victory in Babylon. Stories are tremendously effective!

18. So again, at this time, I was thinking about how much we needed children’s stories and what a disappointment it was that we had no one to help. I’d spent several days racking my brain to try to see what we could do to fill this vacuum for material to feed our children and teens, because we have so many ages to accommodate, and such a large quantity of material is needed by each age group. The task looked impossible. But as always, God is the God of the impossible, and He finally got through to me! When we get desperate enough and cry with our whole heart, He’s promised to answer us.

19. So the Lord finally broke through with the following thought that He put in my mind, “Why, of course! Lord, You could give them to us! You could dictate them to us! It’s an emergency, Lord, a last resort! There’s no other way to do it! Why can’t You just give them from Heaven? We’ve gotten so many messages from beyond. We’ve gotten the praise prophecies for the adults and for the kids. You can do anything, Lord, so You could give us stories for our kids straight from Heaven. There are a lot of people up There who could be helping us. We only have a few people here—not enough to do much at all. But there are so many up There, and if they’re as interested as they’ve said they are in furthering Your work in this Endtime, then they should be helping us. So what about it, Lord?”

20. I thought about it for a while, and about the authors that are in Heaven. Think of the thousands upon thousands of authors that must be up There! If we could get songs from Heaven, and the Lord said that all these musicians were waiting to cascade the music down upon us, then why couldn’t He do the same with the authors? Why couldn’t they also cascade their stories down upon us, too? Why not? What better thing do they have to do than to help the Lord’s Endtime children?

The Reservoir of God!

21. A couple of days later I asked Peter if we could pray about this new project. The Lord always answers, and He answered us abundantly and clearly and beautifully. This time, to begin with, He sent a Heavenly being‚ which we assumed was one of His angels, to herald the news. Here’s what he said:

22. (Angel speaking:) I am the keeper of the reservoir, the Word of God. I have received the instructions to open the gateways and to let the Words flow freely so that the water of His Word will flood upon the face of the Earth! He wishes it to go forth in many forms so that it can reach many people—diverse people with diverse interests.

23. You are the receivers‚ the channelers of this water. I open the floodgates and I send it through the conduits, through the pipes, to the people. For if it goes not through the conduits‚ it is wasted. The pipelines have been prepared and are ready and tested‚ and there are no leaks. The water system is in place and ready, and I have received the order to open the gateways so that I can allow the waters to flow.

24. These waters shall feed and nourish many! Some will be for the feeding of His children, and some will be for the feeding of the lost. It will be diverse, to reach many. For there is much, much water in the reservoir of God! I know, for I keep the waters. I am the steward and I have received my instructions. (End of message from angel)

25. This spirit being has given us an awesome announcement that relates to more than just the stories. He explained that he had received instructions “to open the gateways and to let the Words flow freely” so that the water of the Word will flood upon the face of the Earth. He referred to the Word going forth in many forms so that it can reach many people—diverse people with diverse interests. We are sensing more and more how the windows of Heaven are open‚ and how eager the Lord is to pour forth His Words in many ways—direct messages from Him, messages from Dad and our spirit helpers‚ and also messages from departed spirits and these Heavenly storywriters. These many different types of messages are coming abundantly, as quickly as we have channels available to receive them.

26. We were intrigued by the above message, wondering, “Who is this mysterious messenger, the keeper of the reservoir?” This spirit being seemed to be someone very important, so we asked the Lord if He would please clarify to us who spoke and give any other information about him. Following is the message we received:

27. (Archangel Gabriel speaking:) Behold, I am the Angel Gabriel, the keeper of the reservoir‚ the Word of God! Great power and privilege is given unto me in the Heavenly Kingdom, as I do keep and preserve and protect that which is most powerful and most precious. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Is it not fitting that it was I who was sent to speak with the Virgin Mary, to proclaim unto her the message from God, the Creator, that the Word would soon be made flesh and that she was the chosen vessel?

28. The roaring of the rushing waves beat upon the Earth with great power and magnificence! So shall this flood of the Word of God be, now that the gateways to the reservoir have been opened. You shall see a mighty flood of the Word of God that shall sweep the Earth in great power!

29. As the Almighty One did choose a humble handmaiden to bring forth His Son, the manifestation of His Word and His love, into the world in days gone by, so has He seen fit to once again choose humble ones to be the vessels, the channels, the carriers, that He might once again make His Word manifest.

30. I have stood in the presence of the Almighty One, the Alpha and the Omega, the God of all creation. He has said that now is the time. He has placed in my hand the golden key of fortune and knowledge and wisdom and revelation, and He has commanded me to open the reservoir without limit, that a flood of His Word might pour forth without measure. For the time is short and the last season is come upon His children. And now in great mercy He has raised His hand and proclaimed: “Let the Words of truth and love and mercy pour forth as never before. For the time is now; it is the Last Days. Let My Word be fulfilled!”

31. And so it is that I‚ the Angel Gabriel, have opened the reservoir unto the children of David, and unto all those who hunger after the heart of God. For these shall be days of great plenty and great famine; these shall be days of great light and great darkness. Therefore prepare the way to receive this mighty flood. Work while it is day‚ for the night comes when no man can work. Redeem the time as His humble channels and processors‚ and so shall you fulfill your destiny as His waterbearers of the End.

32. Unto you is the reservoir opened! Upon you has been bestowed the greatest blessing of all time! At your fingertips are the secrets of the universe! Within your reach is the heart and mind of God. Ask and you shall receive. According to your faith it will be given unto you.

33. I am greatly privileged in all the Kingdom‚ for I am the keeper of the Words. And you are greatly privileged in all the world, for you are the channels and carriers of the Words. I have received my instruction‚ my call, my command from the mouth of God, and I have obeyed. And now it is given unto you, the children with the hungry hearts‚ to obey—you who are the living temple of God; you who are the love of God on Earth; you who are His voice, His hands, His eyes, His Words. Now it is given unto you to obey and to fulfill your destiny‚ and to take your place amongst the great ones who went before you.

34. You shall receive great honor, great glory and great reward, now and for all eternity, because you are willing to be His channels, to channel the water from the reservoir of the Mighty One. Fear not, for it is given unto those of low estate to be mightily used by the hand of God. Great shall be the flood which will cover the Earth with the truth of God! The gateways are opened. I have heard the command and I have obeyed. (End of message from Archangel Gabriel.)

Tap In to the Power!

35. Then Jesus spoke and said:

36. (Jesus speaking:) My darling queen, I have heard your prayer. I know the desires of your heart. I know how you wish to pour forth My Words. I know how you wish to feed My children. I know how you wish to reach the lost. I know your frustration that there are not enough who can help, who can write, who can imagine, who can put pen to paper and who can feed My children‚ My little ones, in the volume that they need to be fed. For they hunger and they thirst and they desire and they need. It is a job that is so much bigger than any one person.

37. But you do not have to be limited to just one person, one writer, one imagination. Instead you can tune in, you can tap in, and you can receive from the multitudes that I have available for you! It’s so simple, so easy, much easier than working it up or trying to imagine it.

38. For I have given the order, and those who are gifted, those who wish to participate, have gathered and discussed and are ready. And now you, too, are ready. We will work together to feed My children and to feed the lost, and we will pour out words in abundance! Did I not promise to pour forth words and music to My young ones, and have I not done this?—Even much more than you expected! Did I not say that you would receive these messages from beyond, and have you not received them in great abundance? Did I not show you that you could receive the praises of God from beyond, and did you not do this?

39. All of these came so easily in comparison to the struggles of man, to the work‚ the thought and the energy that has to be put into producing it without direct help from the spirit world. But I caused it to flow upon you‚ and I will cause this to flow upon you‚ and it shall be a blessing to many.

40. Oh, how I love to feed My children! Oh, how I love to pour forth My Words! Do not be afraid to move forward in this. Have faith. Present the vision, and the channels—those who receive—will be ready‚ will be excited, and will have the vision and the desire; and you shall see that it will bring forth great fruit.

41. So tap in! Tap in to the power! Tap in to the Spirit! Let these Here who wish so much to help, pour forth‚ and you will be amazed at all that will be poured down and all that will come through the pipes. You just have to channel it to the right place, and it will feed and strengthen and water and cause to grow.

42. I say to you who will receive these messages, these stories, these words: Have faith! Receive! Give! Fear not! The water awaits the open channels‚ so open your channels and it will pour forth through you like never before! You will find great joy in knowing that you are feeding My children‚ that you are filling a need, and that I have used you as the conduits of My Spirit and of My Words.

43. Don’t be afraid to venture out and to receive whatever it is that is sent forth. For it is not you—it is the Spirit that sends it. It may be wild! It may sound crazy! It may sound exciting! It may be completely different than anything you’ve received before! But don’t let this shake you or rattle you—just give. Your job is just to give, to be the channel, to be the receiver, to be the pipe.

44. Don’t worry about the water—just open up! Open up and receive, and we will pour forth through you so that you may water the thirsty ground of your children. Allow My Spirit and the Words of My Spirit and the words of these Here to flow through you. This will bring great joy, great feeding, great abundance. The young ones will be strengthened and become more attached to Me. They will feel closer to Me, they will be fed of My Spirit, and they will become stronger.

45. So give! Give what you receive! Give in faith. Speak the Words and do not be afraid. Together, the multitudes Here and you there, we will accomplish a great thing—the feeding of My children directly from Heaven! (End of message from Jesus.)

46. Isn’t this absolutely terrific? The Lord gave such a wonderful confirmation that it is possible to feed the children and young people directly from Heaven, and He promised that it would be so much easier than trying to do it the conventional way of imagining the plot‚ writing the rough draft, editing it, polishing it, etc. Just think, there are multitudes of gifted people in Heaven, talented, experienced authors, available to help us! And the Lord says they’ve already gotten together and discussed the project and are now ready. They’re rarin’ to go! They just need channels who are willing to open their mouths and receive. They just need conduits to receive the message, and the Lord promised they’ll pour forth abundantly not only for our own kids and young people in the Family, but for the GP as well! The Lord said we’d be amazed at all that would come through “the pipes.” Wow, that’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Thrilling!

47. But don’t get scared. I know you probably realize who “the pipes” are and that I’m going to ask you to help in this wonderful project of receiving stories in prophecy. Some of you are probably shaking in your boots, feeling that you can’t possibly take part in something like this, that you just don’t have the faith for it. But like Jesus said in the above message, don’t be afraid; if He wants you to do it, He’ll give you the faith for it. And as you continue to read this message, I believe your faith will grow, because you’ll hear the many tremendous promises the Lord and various other spirit helpers give. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, don’t worry about it. For those of you who want to do it, like the Lord said, you don’t have to be afraid. You can try it and see if it works. You can experiment.

It’s Time to Take Off with This New Project!

48. Well, back to nine months ago. After we had heard from the Lord with the above messages, we were just absolutely thrilled and wanted to start right away. So with our first willing volunteer, we got our first story, which turned out to be aimed at the GP‚ from Louisa May Alcott. Then in the next couple of days‚ we got another one‚ from Hans Christian Andersen‚ that was suitable for both our Family and the GP alike. It seemed like some of the literary greats were wanting to get in on the beginnings of this great project.

49. You’re probably wondering what has happened since then. Well, quite a few people here were excited about participating, but were a little unsure of themselves. Over the following weeks, several people here prayed and got encouragement from the Heavenly writers who were to help them. These helpers encouraged our folks to team up with them to help produce stories. Several people did get stories at that time. However, as things got very busy and we got involved in the praise projects, as well as other pubs‚ this project sort of got shelved.

50. Lately‚ however‚ the Lord has been laying the burden on our hearts that now is the time to take it off the shelf and dust it off and start again, in earnest. Or, going back to the analogy of the baby, now is the time to give birth. Our folks here are now more exercised in their gifts of prophecy, and have more faith to launch out in this new direction, and just in the last couple of weeks they’ve had some exciting results.

“Let the Opportunity Be Given to All!”

51. When we asked the Lord if everybody in our Home should participate, He and Dad gave the following counsel, which should make you feel more comfortable:

52. (Jesus speaking: ) Ask! Ask of everyone. Ask who will. Ask freely, letting everyone know there are no obligations. For some are willing and excited and used to being channels, used to letting the Spirit and My spirit helpers speak through them; they are comfortable with it. Then there are others who are new at it, just learning. Encourage them that they can try and grow and learn to be better, more yielded channels. Then there are those who are shy and feel incapable, inferior, and have no faith in themselves. Encourage these to step out too, for some of these will be raised up as good, sturdy pipes. Then there are others who won’t have the faith and who don’t need to have the faith, because there will be plenty of people—both in your Home and elsewhere—who can help fulfill this mission.

53. Ask and let the opportunity be given to all. There will be some who will be regulars, regularly connected to the pipeline. Then there will be others who will receive by sheer inspiration sporadically, not methodically, which is fine. Then there will be others who could accompany and help others by praying with them, alongside them, but they can decide if they want to and have the time. Not everyone will need to be involved, because there is much other business of the Kingdom to tend to, including you, My queen, and My king. So ask everyone and encourage everyone that they are welcome to try. Also encourage them not to worry if they don’t feel led to be used in this way.

54. Let everyone partake of My confirming Words regarding these stories, to help encourage them, to help them to just cut loose in My Spirit, to yield to Me and expect the unexpected, and not to worry or fear in any way. It will be as a set of guidelines for them to follow and to encourage their faith.

55. There are many who want to help from Heaven. They’ve got a lot of plans laid and story lines ready to give—now they’re just waiting on the receivers!

56. I’m happy to see how excited you are, Maria, and how excited your children are, too! This is the beginning of a new project and it’s always exciting!

57. There will be lessons to learn. Each writer has a different technique of presenting his thoughts. Some will need a little editing and changes here and there, but many of the stories will just flow effortlessly. Then there will be all the typing and processing which will need to be set up as well, so that nothing gets bottlenecked anywhere and things can keep flowing. But ask everybody! Invite everyone to participate, letting them know that there are no obligations, and that everyone can be involved through prayer. (End of message from Jesus)

“The WS Units Can Help Too”

58. (Dad speaking: ) Honey, I just couldn’t resist adding a little note at the end here. The Lord is so sweet to let me speak about this project. You always did have more ideas than a dog has fleas—ideas and more ideas. It’s exciting to see that so many projects are happening now. In this new day with people receiving new anointing of the Spirit and finding renewed faith in the Word and in the Lord and in His supernatural miracles, more is getting done—more and more! And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

59. This is another big project you’re embarking on, Honey, but you’ve got lots of help! Just like with the Who Said They’re Dead book‚ you’ve got lots of help from the Spirit. You’ve also got quite a crew there now‚ Honey!

60. You’ve got the other WS units‚ too! You know they can help on some of these projects‚ and of course they can help with the finalization of these stories. Don’t forget to ask those who work on the children’s pubs; let them in on this, too, because they’ve been praying for a long time for more stories to be able to get out to the kids. So they’re going to be flipped‚ Honey. Share the news and everyone will rejoice with you and help you.

61. Ahh, it’s a dream come true having more children’s stories coming out in little booklets! This is so exciting, Honey! And a lot of these stories will be great for the GP as well.

62. This is an exciting project, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and concentration on everyone’s part. Keep everyone tuned in and turned on and inspired and strongly connected to Jesus! Like the Lord said, there’s going to be a lot of excitement and a lot of good stories. Some things are going to seem wild and different, and people’s faith will get tested. That’s fine and good and wonderful, but you just have to make sure that everybody is okay and is staying strong in the Word, and healthy and happy spiritually, too.

63. Everyone will do fine. This is just a little reminder. You know me, I like to always make sure that no one is overdoing. Especially when you’re working on something you’re so excited about, it’s hard to pull back sometimes and take a needed rest.

64. Remember when I was working on Heaven’s Girl with Apollos and on the Heaven’s Children series? Sometimes I was totally absorbed, totally engrossed, and it was like I was in another world. I was flipped out in the Spirit and sometimes it was hard to come down. That’s going to happen to some of these folks, too. It’ll be hard to come down because they’ll be so flipped out, so turned on and tuned in to the Lord’s channel! There’s nothing wrong with that, but they’ll just need help to make sure they have a good balance of everything that they need‚ so that they can be happy and healthy.

65. I love you, sweet baby! You’re so sweet! You sure are full of surprises sometimes! You’re so wonderful, so spontaneous! You’re just terrific, Honey, and you’re doing great! I love you, Peter! Thank you for taking such good care of Mama! You guys make such a good team! Praise God! Hallelujah! I love you, Honey! Bye for now! (End of message from Dad.)

66. That’s very encouraging, isn’t it! When we asked the Lord if we could enlist your help, too, He had Dad say the following:

67. (Dad speaking:) Honey, the WS pubs units are an extension of our house, an extension of you, so include them in on this project. But they also have a diversity of gifts‚ and they’re working on other projects, and they help get things to the finish line and out the door. So it would be wise not to involve every single person. Write the letter‚ present the vision‚ present the need, present the offer that anyone is invited to participate in this project; but‚ as you explained to the staff here, it is not obligatory and not everyone needs to participate.

68. People can try it, and see how it goes. Some will have a more personal burden for it, for they have a personal interest in children’s projects. But not everyone will be able to be involved, for it’s a time-consuming affair. You might end up with only three or four people who do it on a regular basis, which is just fine. Just keep the chow line going, with people dishing out the Word in the form of these stories. Keep it going and flowing.

69. As far as inviting anyone else in the Family to participate, why don’t you give it a little while and see how it goes. Get some stories done‚ and then you can send out some of the stories to the Family—similar to the Who Said They’re Dead project. When you share these stories and the vision, you can then extend the invitation to the Family, encouraging them to take part if they feel the burden.

70. Our Family is so talented, Honey! They’re oozing with talent—God’s wonderful talents. You’re going to end up with some real good variety. However, as with any other project, be realistic and let them know that you may not be able to accept each and every story, and that they may not get published right away. But definitely encourage the Family.

71. There are a lot of wonderful writers out there, a lot of wonderful witnessers, and a lot of wonderfully unusual characters in this big zany Family of ours, so they’re going to produce some interesting variety! The Lord promised He’d give out in all kinds of ways, and said not to be surprised or worried.

72. We need those stories! We need to get them out! We need to work the works of Him that sent us while it is day. Go ahead and get the units involved and rolling now, because they’re a real help. They’re a wonderful bunch of people and they’ve got some wonderful channels.

73. I love you, Honey! You’re doing great! You’re my wonderful honey, and I love you! (End of message from Dad)

74. Wow, isn’t that tremendous? Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Isn’t that sweet? So what do you think? Are you game to try? Please don’t feel obligated, as I said, but if you have a burden to step out by faith‚ that’s great! But if you don’t feel this particular project is for you, then don’t worry!

75. The Lord just wants you to do what you feel most comfortable with, because He says that everything is important! All our jobs are important, so if you don’t feel you’re equipped for one job, just do what you think you can do best. But do seek the Lord about it and ask Him if He wants you to try it. Like it says, maybe you’ll just do it sporadically. Maybe you’ll only want to do it once, or every once in a while. Maybe you’ll want to do it regularly. But please know that whatever you do‚ it will be a wonderful blessing to our young people and will help to feed them in a way they will readily accept.

76. So, dear ones, I’m inviting any of you to participate that have the burden and hear the Lord’s call. We can use all the stories we can get, so we’ll be very thankful if you want to try. If you do try, afterwards you might think your story is crummy. I think I’ve heard everybody here who has gotten a story tell me afterwards that they felt that maybe it didn’t come out very good, or that maybe it didn’t make sense, or that it wasn’t as good as so-and-so’s; but when I heard it, I just loved it and knew that the kids would love it too!

77. Just be open to whatever the Lord gives you, no matter how different or strange or wild it may sound. Remember, the Lord said in the previous prophecy, “Don’t be afraid to venture out and to receive whatever it is that is sent forth. For it is not you—it is the Spirit that sends it. It may be wild! It may sound crazy! It may sound exciting! It may be completely different than anything you’ve received before! But don’t let this shake you or rattle you—just give. Your job is just to give, to be the channel, to be the receiver, to be the pipe. Don’t worry about the water.” Even if you don’t like your story or don’t think it makes sense, or whatever you think about it, please send it to me and let me be the judge. The Lord has got every kind of story imaginable—and unimaginable—up There! There are animal stories, adventure stories, nature stories, power and protection stories, relationship stories, witnessing stories, traumatic testimonies, stories of Heaven, NWO stories, ghost stories, spy stories, missionary stories, history stories‚ space stories, every kind of story!

78. So will you help us get this started and rolling? As I mentioned before, we are going to need quantity, not just quality. As our young people see the stories begin to roll out and gather momentum and become more plentiful‚ it’s going to thrill them. I really believe that this is going to be a major move of the Lord in helping to turn them around. It’s going to have a major impact on their lives. The positive input is going to affect their lives in a very big way, and reading these stories will be another step in drawing them closer to the Lord and His Godly principles. They will see that what He has to offer from the spirit world is exciting and adventurous‚ and as we continue to give them more and more, there will be no reason for them to go to the System for reading material. They’ll have more than they can read of God’s good gold, in the form of His wonderful spirit stories.

79. So‚ as you can see, there’s a great need for anyone who can help us pioneer this project. After we get it rolling, I believe that the worldwide Family will help to carry this load by sending in the things that they get. I think we’ll have a tremendous response once we show them what the Lord is doing. In fact, the other day we received in the mail‚ unsolicited‚ a terrific spirit–prophecy story from a brother in Thailand. It’s almost perfect, requiring very little editing. Of course, not all the stories that we’ve received are so polished; some need a little work, but that is nothing compared to the work that would be required if we were to try to write them from scratch.

80. I’m sure we’ll get more help with this as time goes on, but right now we really need your help. If you have a burden and feel the call, if you ask the Lord for a story, please don’t think, “Oh, this is too strange,” or “This isn’t very good,” or “This doesn’t make sense,” or “The stories from Mama’s house were so much better!” Almost every person in our Home who has gotten a story has said similar things, but then I’ve heard their stories and have just been elated! Each one has been just wonderful! Please send them to me and let me decide, okay?

81. Now that you’ve read this little introduction from me, you have an idea of what this project is all about. Below I’ve included more confirming prophecies, and along with this message I’m sending some of the stories that have been received‚ which will give you the full explanation of this new idea. Afterwards, if you would like to take some time to pray and receive a story, if you feel the Lord is leading you to do so, that would be great.

82. Thank you so very much! I love you and am so thankful for such a wonderful team to work with. We need you and depend on you. God bless you!

Love always, Mama

SECTION TWO: Confirming Prophecies

83. PS: For your further encouragement, here are the prophecies of confirmation which were received at the meeting in which we presented this vision to our folks here.

“Many Are the Cries of Them That Are Hungry!”

84. (Jesus speaking): Behold, how many are the cries that have come to My ears! How many are the cries of them that are hungry, of them that are athirst. These cries come from your own children, from your young teenagers. Even though these cries are not audible, they are the cries of their heart—to be fed, to be instructed, to learn; to learn in new ways, to be instructed with new words. They long to be challenged, to be encouraged, to be given direction, but they also seek new ways and new inspirations. They seek something to fill their hearts with, something to fill their time with, something fresh that will challenge them!

85. And behold, how many are the cries that have come to Me from them who are without, them who are lost, who are seeking a reason for their lives. Though they are young, yet they are asking many questions. They see so much around them. So much has gone wrong. They’ve had to grow up so quickly. Their childhoods are being spent so quickly. They’re rushed forward into an adult world, so ill-prepared, lost, having to cope with so many difficulties, yet not knowing who to turn to; knowing that they themselves do not have the answers, they themselves are too young, too ill-prepared. Their hearts are crying out to Me.

86. I have heard your cries also—the cries of your hearts to feed them and fill this vacuum. I know this has been the cry of your hearts. I know that you long to fill the cups that are empty, and that you work for this day and night. I know this is your hearts’ desire. You do not shut your ears to these cries, but they have entered into your ears and they have broken your hearts. I will pour forth My Word through these broken hearts.

87. I have heard your cries and I will help you. I will instruct you in a new way. I will pour forth through you. I will make it easy for you. All this is intended to make it easier for you to pour forth‚ to fill the empty cups, to mend the broken hearts who know Me not; to lead and guide those of your own fold who need strengthening, who need direction, who need challenge. This is My gift to you‚ My blessing, My answer to your prayers. Your prayers have come up before Me and they have pleased Me.

88. Your broken hearts have pleased Me, because now that your hearts are broken I am able to pour forth more easily. My water can flow smoothly and quickly through the heart that is broken. The water can only seep through the heart that is hard‚ the heart that is closed, and it is more difficult; but through the broken heart My water can flow quickly, swiftly and freely.

89. So reach out to Me with your broken hearts and I shall fill them, and they shall overflow and fill the cups of them that are empty. Reach out with your hand of faith and I shall fill it. I shall not turn you away. Have I not promised that if you ask for bread I would not give you a stone? And that if you ask for a fish I would not give you a serpent? These are My promises to you.

90. Ask for bread‚ and bread shall you be given. Ask for My Words, and My Words you shall receive. Ask for the stories of these that wish to pour out, and you shall receive them. They shall be your teachers and your instructors. You shall be their students—learning and receiving from the teachers, putting it on paper, helping to put it together, polishing it and sending it on its way. You are My beloved team that I have assembled, My faithful chosen ones, those with the broken hearts, those whom I love. (End of message from Jesus)

Be a Receiver!

91. (Jesus speaking: ) Behold the receivers, those who receive the seed of My Word. How do you become a receiver? You open yourself to Me and you receive. You lie before Me‚ waiting, quiet, wanting‚ desiring, and so I fill you with the Words that I wish to pour forth through you. Why can you receive these Words that I have for you now? Because you have been faithful and true; you have become My brides, My lovers, and you have learned to receive My seeds.

92. You have given unto Me that which I have asked, and now I pour forth unto you in great measure, as I have promised, the treasures of Heaven, the mysteries of My Kingdom! For you are they who have humbled themselves, who have stripped themselves, who have lain bare before Me, calling unto Me; and I have come in unto you and given you My seeds. As I have said, this seed will bring forth fruit; and yes, this is some of that fruit.

93. I have poured forth upon you the fruit of God. I have poured forth unto you the music of the Spirit. I have poured unto you the words from beyond. I have poured unto you precious praises. And now I pour unto you the seeds of these stories that will feed many—seeds that will multiply, seeds that will strengthen, seeds that will feed, seeds that will water, seeds that will quench thirst. All of this is because you are faithful, because you are true, because you love Me and you show Me your love and you cry out to Me.

94. I said that I would open Heaven and pour blessings upon you that you would not be able to contain, and I do this now! And I do this in the future! You shall see blessings pour forth that you never imagined, because you are willing to love Me, to humble yourself and to come unto Me in the bed of love.

95. For you are the receivers—the receivers of the seed of God, the receivers of My blessing, and now the receivers of My Word and the words of these who have been commissioned to pour unto you. You shall receive the seeds of God that will bring forth fruit, that will change lives, that will change hearts, that will feed souls, and that will draw them unto Me.

96. So be a receiver! Lie down in the bed of love and receive Me. Receive My love. Receive My seeds, that they may bring forth fruit in your life. Love Me, make love to Me, rest in My arms, and you shall hear the stories of Heaven! (End of message from Jesus.)

Dad Still Loves Stories!

97. (Dad speaking:) Stories, I always loved stories! I loved to tell stories and I loved to hear stories, and there are fascinating stories that I’ve heard up Here that you’ll love, and that our children will love—beautiful stories, illustrations and parables that will teach them good lessons and that’ll help them to love and to be happy. So many stories! I’ve got some I want to tell myself—some new ones that have happened, new experiences that I’ve had. I’m so excited about this! You know how much I love to tell stories, so get ready, ’cause there are lots of stories—new ones, exciting ones—and you’ll love them!

98. Oh, how I love story time! You know how I could go on for hours telling different funny experiences that I had in the past. I’ll probably go on for hours telling more stories of new things that have happened. There are so many exciting stories to be told and that our kids really need, that they want to hear‚ and that they will be so happy about. It’s going to be so much fun, and you’ll really enjoy it! You’ll be amazed at the wonderful fruit it’s going to bear. So just enjoy yourself! Have fun! This is a project that I’m really excited about.

99. God bless dear Mama for her faith to pioneer, to go on, to believe and to obey and to keep you guys moving! You always need someone to keep you pushing! Don’t worry about what people say or what people think. We were never much for being man–pleasers. We just obeyed the Lord. God bless dear Mama for her faith to believe and to receive, and for helping you to have faith.

100. Have fun! Enjoy this project! It’s a good one. It’s an exciting one, and you’re all really going to like it and have fun doing it. Praise God! I’m really excited about a new project. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (End of message from Dad)

101. The above prophecies were given during the meeting in which Peter and I shared the story vision with the members of our Home, but the following prophecies were given privately after the meeting was concluded and in the days that followed:

Be Like John the Revelator

102. (Jesus speaking: ) Open your heart and the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in, the Spirit will flow in‚ in all its power. Open your heart, open your mind, open your ears, open your eyes, open your soul. Open your channels to Heaven and receive the flow! Receive the steady stream of My Words that I will pour down upon you.

103. My Words will give life and power and will be as refreshing waters to those that thirst—not only to your children, to the children of David, but to My lost children in the world. They are all My children, and I love them the same, and I wish to feed all My children. I will give in different styles—one for My children of David‚ and another for My children of the world. Nevertheless, all are My children, and My Words will speak powerfully to those for whom they are intended.

104. Therefore hold not back the flow of My Words. Be not of little faith. Doubt not yourselves. Doubt not your channel or your ability to receive these words from Me—these new words in a new form, in the form of stories. You just need to be My little receivers and hear the words that I give, and open your mouth and let them pour forth.

105. Be as John the Revelator who sat still, quietly, and communed with Me; who lifted up his eyes to Heaven, who saw My visions, who heard My Words, and who wrote them down, who recorded them. And lo, they have been published for the world! The Words which he did hear, the visions which he did see, write and record, have spoken to millions and millions around the world. So will these stories be‚ for they are mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven—words from above, stories from beyond—and they will inspire great interest.

106. They will touch hearts and lives, and they will draw My sheep closer to My fold. And for the children of David, for your young ones, they will be an inspiration and a joy and rejoicing to their hearts! They will be that which they have longed for, that which they have searched for, that which they have desired, that which they have hoped and prayed for—the secret desire of their hearts. For I wish to fulfill all their longings.

107. So remember the children! Think about the children! Their needs and their desires and their longing for these special words in story form from Me will compel you to take time to hear from Me and to receive these words in prayer. For the children will be so thankful! It will enrich their lives and satisfy their souls, and I wish for them to have this special treasure. (End of message from Jesus.)

Volumes of Stories Are Waiting

108. (One of the Austin girls speaking:) This is going to be so exciting! This is just so thrilling! You just can’t imagine how much is up Here!—How many stories‚ how many words, how many volumes are just waiting to be poured down on you! There is just so much that the folks up Here have ready to give! As much as you can receive, that’s how much they’ll give.

109. So open your channels and receive these words. They’re going to be just what the young people need, just what the children need, just what they’ve been waiting for. I know, because I’m a young person myself, and I know how thrilling it is for me to hear these stories! There are so many—so, so many! They’re so exciting, so interesting, so thrilling!

110. There are so many neat people up Here who have so much to tell all of you! They’re all busy discussing and talking and planning and preparing, and they just can’t wait to have their turn to talk and tell their story. They’re preparing so many things for you all.

111. Everybody is so into stories. Everybody loves a story! All the kids do, that’s for sure! I loved to read the stories in the Letters when I was young. Those were always the things that were the most interesting for me.

112. Even the world loves stories. They make such a big deal out of these fairy tale, Disney-like stories that people write. But let me tell you what—Heaven is the ultimate fairy tale story land! This is where all these ideas come from! People try to imagine the perfect place‚ a fantasy-like world, and this is where it’s at! So now you’re finally going to get it from the source of these stories, and that’s going to be so exciting and so thrilling!

113. I’m just having so much fun listening to these stories myself. And I know all the kids, all my brothers and sisters down there, are going to love them. I know my friends, the young people there, are going to love them.

114. And the ones that the folks up Here have for the young people in the world are so powerful!—They’re just right, and they’re going to speak to them so much! They’re going to be such a powerful tool and such a witness! It’s just so thrilling! I’m so excited about it. We’re doing all we can to help get them to you, so please‚ please take time to get them. I know it takes a lot of faith, but they’ll come, and they’ll be so worth it! The young people and the kids will just appreciate it so‚ so much. (End of message from one of the Austin girls.)

“Let Me Pour Through You Freely!”

115. (Jesus speaking: ) How beautiful are the kisses of love, the Words that pour forth from the lips of your Lover‚ to encourage and strengthen the faith of His Bride! Fear not the flood, the volume of water which shall pour forth from your lips from My Spirit, and shall flow into the ears of the multitudes of parched and dry spirits longing for the water of life. My Words of instruction‚ comfort, light and hope shall flow into the midst of their gross darkness. For there be many that cry day and night unto Me. There are many who agonize in spirit, whose minds and hearts are tormented by fear‚ oppression, hatred and a lack of love and understanding. Daily they die, parched and dry, without the life and light of My Spirit.

116. These Words of life, this water of life that shall flow forth from your lips‚ that I shall pour through you, shall first be a trickle, and shall soon turn into a mighty stream, and then a mighty flood that shall flow out to refresh and bring life and light to many! My water of life will seek the lowest places of the earth, those places which are impoverished and destitute in spirit. It shall flow to those who are crying out in agony of spirit for their thirst to be quenched, for the longing of their hearts to be satisfied, for hope for their future, for a reason for their lives, and the light of truth to guide them in the midst of the darkness that surrounds them.

117. So fear not, My precious ones, to open your vessels, and to let Me pour forth through you freely. Do not measure the waters, but open yourself wide before Me in yieldedness and humility, and I will pour forth through you in great abundance, more than you could ask or think! For I long to meet the needs of the hungry and destitute‚ and to answer the cry of those that cry day and night unto Me. My heart is broken for these, My unborn children. My heart weeps great tears of sorrow and compassion, that flow and flow from My heart. They will pour forth from My heart through you‚ My channels‚ and out to those for whom My heart is broken.

118. My children of David are strong and healthy and well-fed‚ for they have been blessed abundantly through feeding on My Words. They are strong to bear the burden of the weak, to bear the burden of this great task of being the channels, the receptacles‚ the receivers of My Words, that they may pour forth the water of life to the many multitudes who are in desperate need of My Words‚ My message, and My love.

119. They are waiting to be kissed by My Words‚ and you are My lips to kiss them with these Words which I will pour forth through you in an abundant flow. So suck and suck, My children! Suck and receive My seeds. Kiss and kiss, My children! Kiss them with My Words—the Words which I will pour forth through you, My yielded vessels, My open channels. Open wide unto Me, and let it flow and flow and flow in a mighty river of the life and Spirit and Words of God! (End of message from Jesus.)

Do It for the Children

120. (Jesus speaking:) Young one, you who feel you have less experience‚ stretch forth your hand. Open it and accept this gift that I have for you, this gift of faith, this gift of relaying the Word, the stories. Yes, I know you can’t see it there in your hand, but that’s what faith is all about! Otherwise it wouldn’t take any effort on your part.

121. Take each droplet of My seeds that I give you as they come. When I see that you want them, and that you not only accept them but also give them out, I’ll give you more and more! Soon you’ll be swimming in them and you’ll have even more to give!

122. If you love the children, and I know you do, do it for them. Weren’t you thankful that someone had the faith to receive and give, write down and publish the Word for you? You think your gift of prophecy is still at fetus stage; yes, maybe, but fetuses grow into infants, toddlers, children, and continue to mature. Exercise this gift that is but a seed in you, and you will see it grow and become useful. What else would I have given it for, and why did you ask for it—to keep it to yourself? (End of message from Jesus.)

123. (Mama:) After the meeting, several people, when praying about receiving stories‚ received messages of encouragement from those in the spirit world who were going to work with them on producing the stories. These messages explain how the stories come and how to receive them. They’re fascinating!

SECTION THREE: Messages from Storytellers in the Heavenlies

Message from Louisa May Alcott

Alcott, Louisa May. 1832–1888. American writer and reformer best known for her largely autobiographical novel Little Women.

124. (Note: Louisa May Alcott gave the first story that was received. It was obviously for the GP, for teenagers, as she used very contemporary language and dealt with subjects that they would be especially interested in and would be able to relate to.)

125. (Louisa May Alcott speaking:) Ha‚ ha! Isn’t this grand? Isn’t this thrilling? Isn’t this such a treat? I don’t know if it is for you, but it certainly is for me! I’m so excited about being able to write for the children of David and for the world. I’ve always loved to write stories about people and their feelings and their hearts and their relationships and needs. Maybe you know me; my name is Louisa May Alcott. You may know me from one of the recent movies you saw, Little Women, the story of sisters.

126. Well, this story that I gave from Here in the spirit world was a story of brothers, slightly different, and certainly in a different setting and in a different time. I’m trying to make my stories relatable. I tried to observe and learn some of that modern lingo that the kids like to use, but I don’t think I have it down very well yet. Their vocabulary is always changing and they say a lot of things I don’t understand, so if you want to change a few words here and there‚ please be my guest! You’re not going to hurt my feelings. I just had to give you kind of the idea, and at least I was able to give you the main plot and describe the characters, so I hope that was a help.

127. There’s so much that today’s young people need to learn about love and forgiveness. They’re so empty. They really need Jesus. But they have so little faith‚ so little hope. They don’t even have enough hope to cry out to God. Isn’t that sad? You just have to take them where they’re at and try to reach them where they’re at. So I thought maybe I could talk about some of the issues that they’re interested in and that they see every day, such as violence‚ gangs, pregnancy‚ drugs, hopelessness.

128. I like to write about people—their feelings, their inner thoughts, their heartaches, their heartbreaks, their love relationships, falling in love. It’s all so very interesting. Everybody is interested in a love story, and it’s so nice when they can live happily ever after by knowing Jesus and finding love. That’s truly the happy ending.

129. Thank you for being a channel. Thank you for helping me write what needs to be written. Or maybe I should say, thank you for letting me help you write what needs to be written. I’m helping you and you’re helping me. We’re helping each other and we need each other, just like in the story. It’s so important to be needed.

130. Well, I’ll be punching through! Is that the expression they use now—”punching through”? Whatever it is, I’ll be getting through with more stories. Believe me, there are lots of us up Here, and there are so many stories in the works. They’re so exciting!

131. Your children will be so pleased! They’ll be so thankful that you’re yielded channels. Don’t worry, because it’ll be easy once you get the hang of it—once you learn to just give what you’re getting and not to worry about the plot or the turns that the story is going to take, and not to worry about whether you’ll have the right words or not. Just speak. Just be a vessel. Just give what you hear, and you’ll be a channel to pour the words of life to the children.

132. We’ll try to make it as easy for you as possible, but sometimes it might be a little struggle. That’s just the way it is with writing. It’s not always easy‚ but it’s always worth it! So don’t worry if you have to fight in the spirit sometimes to get the stories—they’ll come. Because they’re Here—many, many, many of them!

133. I’m so honored to be the first one to give my story! Maybe this is a new twist on ghostwriting, do you think?* The Lord let me be the first one because He felt many of the children would recognize my name—or at least they would recognize the title of my book, Little Women, because many of them will have seen the movie. (Note: A ghostwriter is defined as “a person who writes something for another person who pretends to be the author or who takes credit for it.” But the reason Louisa says it’s a “new twist” is that our “ghostwriters” are actual “ghosts”—departed spirits in the Heavenlies!—Ha!)

134. Just think, they took my book and made a movie out of it! Maybe they’ll take some of these stories and make movies out of them. You never know what the Lord has in store for you. Never a dull moment, that’s what I say!

135. Please excuse me, I need to go now. We’re having another subcommittee meeting and pow-wowing another story! See, we’re working for you and you’re working for us and we’re all working for Jesus and the children, and I’m so happy about it! Thank you! Bye-bye! Until we meet again. (End of message from Louisa May Alcott.)

Messages from Martin and Jesus

136. (Martin speaking:) This is so much fun! This is so exciting! I’m so happy that the kids there on Earth are going to get such wonderful stories from Here. They’re so interesting! I listen to them all the time! We have books up Here, too, and there are some really neat stories. If you let me, I’d even like to give you some! After all, I am a child, and I can tell you some of my favorite stories that I’ve read up Here.

137. There are lots of children Here and this is such an exciting project that we want to get in on it, too! I want to get in on it. I’m pretty young, but up Here that doesn’t matter. There’re a lot of people, storywriters that you guys know, and you’d probably be more interested to get stories from them. But I think the children would like to hear stories from us kids, too! I know we’d have lots of fun! We were talking about it.

138. I’ve never done anything like this before and this is kind of fun! Wait till the other kids hear about this! Thank you for asking. I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve always wanted to tell stories. I’ve sometimes even seen some kids on Earth just like me, and I know that they would love to hear some of the things I have to tell them, the things I’ve heard—funny things, interesting things, and even some scary things. But they all have a good ending, and that’s why I like them. I like fun stories!

139. They call me Martin, and my mommy calls me Marty. Of course, up Here there isn’t any time, but down there I would be like seven years old.

140. This is super fun! And now that I know you’re going to ask for stories and I told you that I have some to tell, I’d better go think of some! I have a little book. They have books Here, too, and libraries. I like to read. So next time you ask and next time you call, if you ask for me I’ll read you one. I’ve gotta go ’cause all the other kids are waiting for me. That was super fun! Thank you! Bye-bye. (End of message from Martin.)

141. (Note: Two weeks after the above message from Martin, the young woman who received it spent some time in prayer, asking to receive a story from him, but she didn’t get a story. She received a prophecy from the Lord on a different subject, but no story. When she asked the Lord why she didn’t get a story, He gave the following explanation:)

142. (Jesus speaking: ) You must remember that I have limited myself to your capacity to receive, your timing. There is no clogging of the channels. The channels are clear, without any leaks, direct from My throne to you. But just as you are not always there listening at the time that I want to get something through to you, so then Martin, being a young one, was not there when you called. You must persist. You must keep trying and he will come.

143. It gives him joy to be able to be a joy and a help and a blessing to you, but there is much for him to learn. He’s still young and has not learned to fine-tune his method of getting messages to you, as many of the other departed have learned. There are varying degrees of communication, and thus it is more difficult for some to get through, for the young ones, for those who are not as experienced.

144. But you must not give up! You must continue to sit at My feet‚ to come before My throne‚ and I will bless this channel. I will unite you in heart and in spirit, for I have given you a love for him and him for you. You must work together to bring this to pass. He will not fail you, if you do not fail him. I will bless it.

145. But you must be vigilant. You must continue to stay close to Me and to My Word and have a fighting spirit. For these are the days when the Enemy seeks to clog the channels as best he can‚ to create static‚ to make it as difficult as he can for each new project and each new revelation that I give you. For he knows, as we do, the extent of good that this will bring—not only for My saved children, but also for My children who do not know Me.

146. Have patience with this child, for it is his desire and his joy to be able to communicate with you. This is a big step of faith for him, for these are muscles that have not been fully developed. He must exercise them and he must practice before they become toned. The more you use them and the more he uses them, the easier it will be for you to receive these messages, these stories for My children there.

147. So stay in prayer‚ look to Me, and I will bless your friendship. He sees your mother’s heart and he desires to become close to you‚ as you desire to become close to him. But he also knows what a struggle it will be. Therefore you must both count the cost, whether or not you will commit yourselves to this new ministry. He, too, must count the cost and see if he is willing. If you should both choose to continue on with what you have started, I will bless it and bring it to prosper.

148. Think not of what you shall say‚ or whether it will make sense. Think not of the vessel, of your lack of ability, of your lack of clarity of thought. It is within My power to make it clear and to get through with the message that I have ordained. Choose when you will come before Me and request an audience with Martin. And once you commit yourself, don’t give up no matter how difficult it may seem at first. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! If you will persevere, you will see this come to fruition and you will rejoice at the outcome of this relationship and this bond.

149. You must also encourage him, for it will not be easy for him at first. It will be a fight. It is within his capability and he has the know-how, but you must both have faith. Come with a willing, open and receptive heart and I will bless it. I will speak to you and through you, to him and through him.

150. What you receive is only limited by what you choose to receive in this situation. If you have more faith to receive of Me, you will receive more of Me. Whatever you have the faith for, that I will do. He will be able to get through to you only what you have chosen to accept. He can only go as far as your faith, the extent of your receptivity, your desire to get in on this new project.

151. Make your decision, then come before Me. O you of little faith, did I not tell you that if you have the faith, you can remove mountains, and you can do greater works than I did? So why then do you lack the faith to receive simple stories for these young ones? It is no more difficult than asking for My Words of encouragement, My direction, My counsel‚ My answers to questions. As daunting as it may seem, it only takes the same amount of faith—and the same desperation as well. You have not because you ask not. Ask, and know that you shall receive. Do not doubt, and I will give it to you. I will call this one, Martin, into My chambers and will give you a clear connection.

152. But first your faith must be strengthened through My Word. You must know in your own heart that I will do it. Do not come to Me with a wondering or a questioning or a faithless heart and mind, without full faith that I am able to do this thing. This is a thing of the Spirit, and you must give yourself to Me in soul, in body, in spirit, in heart, and in mind‚ so that I may take full control and link your heart and mind and soul to the Spirit, and take control of your thoughts and put My thoughts in them. But if you have reservations, if you do not desire it with all your heart and soul‚ or if you do not believe that I can do this, I am not able to do it fully.

153. I count this as greatness, that you have taken that step of faith and accepted My Words. You have come before My feet and have laid prostrate before Me. You have given yourself to Me and asked for Me and My seeds, My Words, My leadings, My thoughts, and the Words of your prophet David. But with this that you lack faith for, I say unto you, do not come until you can do the same, in full faith, in receptivity, with an open mind, an open spirit, and an open heart. Then I will bless it and I will pour forth and I will anoint the words of this child, and your communications. I will cause it to pour forth so abundantly that you will not have to wonder. You will see the answer to your prayers and the reward for your faith.

154. This young one has been through school and has learned many things. Communicating with those on Earth is a new step in his growth‚ a new step in his learning. So do not fail him by your lack of faith, for his ability to communicate in this manner is contingent on your receptivity and your faith.

155. I know that you love this one, and I have put in your heart a love for him. So you can be of help to him by coming before Me, giving yourself to Me, and asking for a connection with him. Through him you will also get to know many others, for this is only the beginning! There are others who desire to do the same, and he will lead you to them. They also will struggle at the beginning‚ for they will be learning.

156. With each new step you must once again get over the initial hump. But don’t give up when the going gets tough, when it’s a fight, when the communication channel seems to be blocked. There may be times when you do not “get” anything, when you hear nothing, but I say unto you‚ come back. I will bless your coming back and I will allow them to be able to get through to you with no obstructions.

157. You think you are asking for something that is very difficult when you ask for stories, but I am a God of surprises! I will give you above and beyond what you ask or think. I like variety! As there are varied channels of communication, varied messages to get through‚ and many with whom to communicate, so shall be the diversity of what they give. Be not taken aback and do not wonder if you receive something other than what you expected, or if you come to talk to one and you receive from another. For there is great excitement in Heaven and many who wish to get in on communicating with My Endtime prophets in these Last Days!

158. You will need to have a strong connection not only with My Word and your Father David and Queen Maria and your shepherds‚ but also with many from Here who will be able to help you as situations arise—with new projects, new ministries, with feeding the flock, with the young people, with a renewed emphasis on childcare, with preparing My children for the difficult days ahead—the days in which I ask everyone to have a close connection with Me, to walk close by My side, and to stay immersed in My Word, drinking deeply of My Word! Thus, they shall stand strong against the fiery darts of the Evil One and against those who wish to smother and put out their faith.

159. I place great importance on your connection with Me and your communication and closeness with those who have gone on before you, and those who have been Here always. There is so much they wish to say, so many experiences to speak of! There is so much they wish to pass on, and they are lining up in preparation for it.

160. As everyone’s connection with Me grows, so will I pour forth more abundantly than you ever thought possible—for individuals, for the worldwide Family, for personal edification, for counsel, for guidance, for teaching, for learning, for giving to others‚ for giving to the lost, those who do not know Me, and for those others who lack that close connection. The key to receiving all of this is faith. That is all I ask for: faith without any reservations, faith to receive, and faith to give what I give you.

161. As your channel with Me grows clearer, I will put others in that channel to speak to you and to lead you and give you counsel as well. For I say unto you, I love you with an everlasting love‚ and this is a manifestation of My love for you and My desire to strengthen that connection, that link with Me, My desire to see you grow in faith, to grow in love, to grow in spirit. For I wish to use you mightily, and you will have need of all that I have to teach you. I will bind your heart to Mine and I will give you of My love, My thoughts, My strength, My comfort‚ My rest, My love for others.

162. I will use all that I have given you, and all that I will give you in the days which are ahead. Grasp My strong hand and I will never let you go. I will hold you in the straight paths‚ in the uneven paths, through the green pastures, through the still brooks, through the orchards, and into the bright‚ beautiful sunshine of My love and of My Spirit. I will never let you go. I will give you this faith. I will give you all that you ask as you continue to delight yourself in Me. (End of message from Jesus)

163. (Note: You’ll be happy to know that Martin was eventually able to punch through and give a story that will be published soon!)

Message from Mike

164. (Mike speaking): Welcome to the spirit world, Honey! My name is Mike. I love you. I know that you can see me and hear me‚ and I’m happy that we have this chance to sit and talk together, to get to know each other and become acquainted, because I’m going to be your storyteller.

165. I know you didn’t expect me. I know you weren’t expecting someone so young. And I know you’re thinking, “Wow, look at him! He’s so young and tall and dark and handsome. What’s someone like him doing giving me a story?” Well, don’t worry about that. I know it’s not what you expected, but it will all go to show you and to prove to you the miracle of our storytelling prophecies—that not only are the messages and the stories miraculous, but so are our connections with each other! The most unexpected people will be able to receive some astounding, moving and inspiring stories! Just as I am unexpected as your messenger, so the ability we give you to receive may be equally as unexpected.

166. I know that you’re nervous and you feel very incapable, and that you have no natural writing ability. You feel you have no gifts or talents in this area. Plus, you have to fight to receive messages in prophecy. You’re nervous‚ a little fearful of where the prophecies will go each time you sit down. But because of your desire to do the Lord’s will and to obey Mama’s request, because you just want to do what the Lord has asked of you and you’re desperate, unsure of yourself, feeling weak and incapable, you are in the very best position possible! Your lack of confidence and your lack of writing experience or former training leaves you wide open for the Lord to pour through!

167. He knows and I know that you’re clinging and holding on by pure faith and pure desire to please and obey, and you’re stepping out by faith to do the impossible. You’re walking by faith and not by sight. You have no training to lean on. You don’t have the arm of the flesh to lean on. You don’t have natural talents to polish up. All you have is the Lord, the word of prophecy and all of us in the spirit world to help you, and that is the best possible talent that any channel could want!

168. So don’t worry or look at the natural. Keep your eyes on the goal and remember that all you have to do is stop and pray, open your heart and your mind, and surrender completely to the Lord. Put your will on His side, just as you do with everything in life, and He will not fail you.

169. He has promised to send you His Heavenly stories, and His plan and purpose will be fulfilled! But they can only be fulfilled through those channels that are willing to step out by faith and try.

170. As you take the first step and turn on your tape recorder, yield yourself as an open channel and make the commitment to come quietly before the Lord and receive whatever He has for you, then the ball is rolling and the Lord will meet you and help you and strengthen you and give you faith to carry on!

171. It will take strong faith to set aside your thoughts and your mind and to block out your carnal mind. It will take real faith to keep speaking one word after the other. But as you start out by faith, your faith will quickly grow and be strengthened. Don’t worry how the words come out or how the story seems to progress. Don’t worry if some thoughts in the story or the story line may even seem disjointed or may not flow so well—just continue by faith. Don’t retrace your steps. Don’t backtrack or backspace.

172. Keep going by faith, as different sections or chapters or paragraphs of the story can be prayed over a second time, and can be reviewed or edited from the spirit. The point is to get the main theme and the gist—and keep going! Don’t get bogged down with too many details. If you run into a difficult spot or a snag and you feel you can’t receive any more concerning that particular subject or story line, then you can always ask me to make a note of that part and we can come back to it later.

173. Don’t try to do too much at once. Do things in short, small sittings at first until you become more used to tuning in your channel to me. We’ll start off with some short and easy stories. The main thing is just to give it. Just pray desperately, open your heart and mind, and turn on your tape recorder by faith. Be ready, willing and yielded, and everything will go just beautifully and just the way we want.

174. Don’t worry! Don’t let your mind make you nervous or worried. Do as your David had to do many times—he just had to obey and say what the Lord gave him, and it was all recorded. The things that were priorities were published first, and there are still some things that have not been published. Don’t worry if the stories that we work on get published first or last. What’s important is that you do your part, receive them as best you can‚ and don’t worry. Just give it out. Give it out just like you do in witnessing. You give out the Words, you give out the love, you give out His seeds, and you trust God for the results and the outcome.

175. Do your part and give out the story as I give it to you. I’ll send it to you, and you receive it and let it flow out of your mouth into the tape recorder, and trust the Lord. Trust that the Lord will inspire, will open your channel, will help you‚ and will do the impossible! (End of message from Mike.)

Message from Christian

176. (Christian speaking:) Hi there! It’s me! Well, who’s “me”? You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are! I’m just a Heavenly kid! I’ve never been down there on Earth before, but I am a good observer, and I’ve been watching and studying what you all do, how you do things, and it’s really fun for me. Now I’m getting to talk to you ’cause you asked for stories.

177. I’ve been watching the kids down there recently and what they’re doing—peeking into their lives and their activities, and the things they’re experiencing. Some folks up Here thought it would be neat to send you a real life story. I’m not talking about a real life story that happened to me when I was on Earth. I couldn’t give one of those stories because, like I said, I’ve never been on Earth before. But I can still give you a real life story that you’ve never heard before; it’ll just be someone else’s. It’ll be a real life story that I’ve been watching, like a movie for me‚ that talks about some real life things that have happened to some of your kids—your children in the Family.

178. I like to watch them and see what they do. They’ve got such exciting, fun lives! What’s that saying? “All the prophets have dreamed of your day!” Well, for me‚ it’s kind of like all the kids in Heaven have dreamed of your day‚ too! All of us kids watch all the kids down there and all they’re getting to experience and do, and it’s such an exciting time! It’s such a great thing to be down there right now! Of course‚ it’s great up Here too! And they’ll get their chance up Here‚ so they don’t have to worry about that. Besides, they’ll have an eternity up Here!

179. I hope all the kids down there really live their lives to the full. I hope they don’t think, “Well, I don’t have to do too much or put too much into today, because Jesus is coming soon anyway‚ and soon we’ll just be in Heaven.” They need to make sure they live their lives now and really make them mean something! After all, that’s what they’re there for!

180. Jesus didn’t put you all down there just so He’d have someone there to take up when He comes back! He put you there for a reason, for a specific purpose, to do a job. Remember that. So I hope the kids don’t just sluff off and slack off sometimes from day to day, thinking, “Oh well, it might just be a couple more months or a couple more years,” or something like that. Anyway, that’s just a sideline. Those are just some thoughts from a Heavenly kid.

181. I could tell you stories about different ones who have gone through some pretty big battles or trials, and have come through to victory; or about kids who had to learn to have faith and trust, but then got a big blessing afterwards. I could tell you about some little guys who got pretty sick, and through it, learned to claim the Lord’s healing and were healed! I could tell you stories about children who are learning to talk to Jesus. There’s just so much!

182. I think the ones that would be really neat—well, I think it would interest the kids—are stories explaining how we kids in Heaven sometimes get sent on special little kid assignments to help the kids down there who are going through trials or tough times, or who just need to make an important choice in their lives. That’s one of my favorite things to do, and sometimes I get to go, so I could tell some stories about that. We try to talk to them and get them to listen. We try to influence the kids and show them different things, protect them—stuff like that! It’s pretty new for us, ’cause we’re just kids up Here, too!

183. Of course it’s different, because even though we’re pretty young, time in Heaven is a whole different thing. Well, there’s no time up Here, but if I were to try to relate it to your time there, I’ve been Here a long time! But I’m still young, I’m still a kid, like I said. If you saw me, you’d probably figure I was about 11 or 12 years old, I guess what you call JETT age down there. Oh, and I should tell you my name. I’m Christian.

184. Well, I guess I’d better sign off here and get together with some of my other friends, some of my buddies who have been on some of these little Heavenly kid missions on Earth, and talk with them about what story we’re gonna tell you. Actually, there are several, so you can let everybody know that whoever would like to get some of these real life “Family” stories, they can just ask for them and we’ll be working on figuring out which ones to give you. Of course, it doesn’t take us much time at all, so you can ask whenever you want, as soon as you’re ready.

185. There’ll probably be four or five of us working together. We’ll figure out who will give them and how to give them. But I guess it’s kind of like my project. I’m going to have to coordinate all this, so I’d better get on with it. Well, it was good getting to know you a little bit—or you getting to know me! You’ll be hearing from me soon! Bye now! (End of message from Christian.)

Messages from Helga

186. (Note: Helga explained that she is a spirit helper who has previously helped another author write stories for her daughter.)

187. (Helga speaking): Hello! Well, before we get started on our story, how about if I introduce myself a little and explain a little something that might be of interest to you and your dear mother Maria. She’ll be interested, because she loves to hear anything she can about God’s Heavenly Kingdom and His ways of working and giving His Words. She’s such a lover of God’s Words.

188. This whole project of feeding others through stories is a new ministry for many of you—in fact, for most of you. And as Louisa May Alcott said, this is the pure essence of ghostwriting, ha! Oh, we’re excited to help you. It’s different for you all because it’s new for you, but throughout all ages, most poets, writers, musicians and composers have had helpers—good ones or bad ones, as was evidenced by the fruit of their works.

189. Dear, you need faith. I’m speaking to you as an individual, but also as a sample to some of the others who will be receiving stories. You need faith to believe that what you are receiving is not just from any of us, but it’s from the Lord. This is the Lord’s doing, and He is allowing us to share our God-given talents with you all, as a result of Maria’s and many other people’s request for feeding, edifying stories.

190. Just have faith! Don’t let your mind get in the way. I think one of the reasons I was allowed to speak through you is because I used to try to figure things out in my mind a lot, and I had a fertile imagination as well. So because of that‚ I used to really wonder if it was my own mind that was thinking thoughts‚ or if it was God—not so much when I was writing stories, but when I would be praying and thinking of others, or doing things for others. That’s what you’re doing now, the same thing; you’re praying and doing things for others. But you’ve just got to quit battling with your mind. Just turn it off and set it aside. Close the door and focus your thoughts on the Lord. Just kind of blank everything else out.

191. It’s so interesting how all of us Here have different burdens, just like all of you have different burdens and can relate to different experiences and stories. There’s some more beautiful children’s poetry coming as well‚ and ideas for pictures. And, yes, adventure stories for the boys and for the girls!

192. So let’s all have fun and enjoy one another, and thank the Lord together for how He’s going to use us all. This is very exciting! I’ll try to speak slowly enough so that you get everything‚ yet I’ll try to keep up the pace so that you won’t get bored and wonder what’s coming around the corner and start letting your mind wander.

193. We’ll work as a team, okay?—As a body fitly joined together‚ a good team for Jesus. We’re all a storywriting team, isn’t that exciting? It’s also an honor for us to be able to partake of helping you all to get to know the real world better, so that it’s not so strange or awkward for you, but that it comes as natural as can be. There are many people who do this kind of work for a living—ghostwriters who get inspiration to help publish books and stories. So why not have real ghostwriters writing Heavenly stories with Heavenly themes?

194. There are many avenues of getting out these stories, and the Lord has promised to supply you all with ideas‚ and people to help you produce them, and the money that will be needed to get these things printed and sent out. The Lord Himself will show you how to handle this aspect of the project.

195. So have fun! Enjoy! And remember, no one has to figure these stories out or plan them out. Just turn on the tape recorders by faith, and let us help you. Let’s flow together with the Lord’s Spirit and get this show on the road, shall we? God bless you! Thanks for listening! I hope some of these points are a help to some people, to encourage you. We’re in this together‚ and it’s such a blessing to be a storywriting team. Bye for now! (End of first message from Helga.)

196. (Helga speaking:) Hello, it’s Helga here! Yes, dear, pull your mind in. Use some self–control. Focus your attention. Concentrate on the job at hand. I understand what it’s like to be a daydreamer and to have to fight those straying thoughts having full sway. So concentrate. Pray and let Jesus help you, and I’ll help you now, too.

197. It’s time to give a story upon your queen’s request. I don’t mind waiting. You’re right, I have been waiting, but I have a different concept of time now from the Heavenlies. But I have been praying for you, that you’d take time to tune in, in spite of being busy with other things.

198. When the inspiration hits you, it’s a good time to try to stop and not do anything else but pray and receive. Of course, it’s not always possible to stop whatever you’re doing, but when it is, I’d suggest you stop. Jesus has made all of you receivers different, because you’re different personalities, your minds work differently, and your work habits are different. It’s wonderful that you’re getting all set up. That inspires all of us, because we have lots lined up for all of your children to receive, for the Lord’s children.

199. When the inspiration hits you and you can, I’d suggest you stop and receive it right then. Then it won’t be so difficult. But also stick to a schedule, because you can’t always run by pure inspiration at your will; you have to be able to run by the inspiration of God, at His will.

200. When you stop and get quiet and pray, He’ll never fail to answer. As I mentioned before, stories will come in different ways to different people. In your situation, I give an idea of what the story will be about, because I know that this helps encourage you. But don’t worry about how the story will begin, or even how it will end. Your part is having faith, and my part is giving. That’s why I said we’ll all work in teamwork, and it’s so exciting.

201. It’s a blessing and privilege for us to get to know you all—you who are so blessed to live in such an exciting and important time of history, and also blessed with the freedom to enjoy God’s liberties of His Spirit‚ and to have known and lived and worked with David. He’s an amazing man, and very much loved Here, as he is by you all there! He pops by to see how we’re doing and how you all are doing, and he’s so excited.

202. Okay, well, we’d better get down to work here and get a story out. Remember‚ don’t worry! It’s all the Lord’s work, His doing‚ so He’s going to help you all. Thanks for listening‚ and thanks for having faith to receive. Thank you for loving the dear children and sacrificing your time. We all love you, and we’re praying for your strength and encouragement and all that you need to do your big, important job of leading and guiding God’s Kingdom‚ God’s people. We think you’re just wonderful! You’re so sweet and full of charm and pizzazz of the Lord! Okay‚ on to business! Here we go! (End of second message from Helga.)

203. (Helga speaking: ) I love you, my dear funny girl, my teamworker. Well, like Jesus already let you know, the stories won’t always come effortlessly or easily. But don’t worry, just have faith. As you’re getting a story, don’t think, don’t stop. Don’t pause to think, just receive.

204. I can understand that in this case with this type of story you may feel a little hesitant at times‚ because some of the facts or happenings in the story resemble things that happened to you in your life. But you can’t let that trip you up! Just let it flow. Just let Jesus in me flow in you! All you have to be is a receiver.

205. If there’s anything any of you need or want to know, there’s quite a large group of us at your beck and call. Though we are busy with many other things, still we have been given the blessing and privilege and responsibility of assisting any of you at any time with any request. So just call on us. After all, we’re in this together, and we love to help you! We’re so happy that you all are already plugging away on these stories. There are some more just waiting! We’re waiting in the wings ready to rush in and fill your hearts and minds and ears with stories! So don’t be shy!

206. I think that’s all I have for now, and I think that’s all you had to ask, right? I love you! Thank you for listening, thank you for receiving, and thank you for believing. God bless you! Helga signing off here with lots of love! (End of message from Helga.)

Message from Edgar Rice Burroughs

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. 1875-1950. American writer best known for creating the character Tarzan, one of the most famous characters in fiction. In Burroughs’ books, Tarzan is the son of Lord Greystoke, an English nobleman. He is abandoned in Africa while a baby and is raised by a family of apes. He grows up in the jungle, learning the language and habits of the animals. Tarzan has many adventures and saves many lives. Burroughs published the first Tarzan book in 1914.

207. (Edgar Rice Burroughs speaking:) Stop worrying! Don’t fret, don’t be a worrywart! I know this might seem a trifle new and different, but look up! It’s okay, just give what you get and let it roll. Stick to it. What’s that word David used to use? You’ve got to have some stick-to-itiveness! That’s a good word! I like that. I believe one of my colleagues, Louisa, already told you that sometimes it might be a fight and you might come up against some difficulties from time to time. Take it from me as a writer, sometimes that’s just the way it is with this kind of inspirational work. You might have to fight for it.

208. Mostly‚ you have to fight in spirit—especially right now, because the Ol’ Boy is mad, that’s for sure! Ha‚ ha! I love to see him shaking in his boots! He’s shaking something fierce right now‚ because we’re all getting ready for this, and most of all, you all are getting ready! We’re getting through and you all are getting the point, so the Devil is scared! But don’t worry. As long as everyone just keeps their eyes and hearts fixed right straight on, and you keep listening intently to our whispers, everything is going to be all right, and it’ll come out just fine.

209. Remember, we all had to fight for the words from time to time. If it wasn’t a fight to get it, it was a fight to publish it; but you can’t let that stop you. Don’t let that worry you, either, because once you get the hang of it and get into it, it will flow. It will come, but you’ve gotta stick to it.

210. Maybe you don’t feel too comfortable with me. Why don’t we get acquainted—would you like that? I know what you’re thinking‚ “Tarzan? This guy wrote Tarzan? Oh boy, what has that got to do with anything spiritual?!” Well, you know, Tarzan was very loved—by millions, in fact! Take a minute and think of it.

211. Please don’t mind if I say this myself, and please know that I am not trying to speak out of pride, but in my humble opinion‚ as you all put it, I have to say that Tarzan was a little like Jesus, if you think about it! Look at the story. He was a stranger in a strange land. He wasn’t of the jungle; he was actually the son of a wealthy Englishman. He was sent right to the middle of the jungle, he appeared out of nowhere‚ and he was raised by the apes.

212. Did you ever think that maybe that is a little like Jesus when He came to Earth? Jesus was from Heaven, the perfect society, where everything works and flows in synchronization and harmony. He came down from the halls of Heaven‚ from love, from the Father of perfect love, and landed in the midst of the jungle of Earth. He came from perfection and had to learn how to live and survive and function in the jungle of Earth. He was raised by humans, which could be compared somewhat to the apes that raised and nurtured and took care of Tarzan!

213. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not preaching any evolution here. I am only trying to help you relate a little bit, to help you see there can be a lesson in everything. For Jesus to be raised by humans and have to take on the cloak of the flesh was so different and quite foreign to Him, much like it was for Tarzan. Jesus’ Heavenly instincts came to the fore as He grew up, just like Tarzan’s human instincts did.

214. Of course‚ Tarzan didn’t know any better. He didn’t realize while he was growing up—at least not for quite a while—that he was really of another world or another society. But, you know, Jesus didn’t either! Oh, is that a shock to you? Jesus came to Earth as a human being. He was human, and He came as a baby. It was not as if from the instant He was born He had total, complete recollection of His former life in Heaven. Human babies don’t really have that ability.

215. I know you might be thinking, “Well, He was the Son of God, though, so it was different.” Yes, but just think: If He’d had complete, total recollection from the time He popped out of His mother’s womb, He might have had a hard time being so patient. He might have been tempted to go too fast with things. He had to learn the ways of man.

216. Jesus took on the cloak of human flesh, and He had to grow and develop just like everyone else. Yes, He was the Son of God, but taking on the cloak of the flesh, He had to grow and learn. As He did, He was nurtured and He grew strong in spirit. The Father was leading Jesus and guiding Him all along, but Jesus had to listen, just like we all do. He had to make the right choices, and He grew into His role. He learned how to pray because His parents taught Him‚ and through His prayer life the Father led Him and taught Him and revealed to Him who He was, and what His mission was on Earth.

217. Jesus had to pray and learn and grow and get His answers a step at a time. This was all a part of taking on the cloak of human flesh. Jesus came with a mission, of course‚ and in taking on the cloak of human flesh He was able to fulfill that mission. The Father knew, and He had a plan. And Jesus fulfilled that plan‚ because He made the right choices.

218. Well‚ well, I am getting off into some deep truths here. I hope this is okay. I think you all are going to find as we continue with this project that more and more truths of the spirit world and how things are on this side will be revealed to you! Oh, how blessed are the children of David! And how blessed are we‚ your helpers, who are privileged to be a part of this mighty move of the Spirit! I’m thrilled! We are all thrilled! Do you realize that all the prophets of all time have longed to see this day?!

219. So‚ back to Tarzan: He had to learn the ways of the jungle to survive there. And if you remember, Tarzan did make the right choices. He had a sense of right and wrong and he tried to defend the right. He made some good choices, so there was a good amount of lessons in those stories. Think about it for a while. I don’t want to get too far off on this right now, but I only want to help you see, to inspire your faith.

220. You know‚ Jesus will use anything He can to teach a lesson! And with this project, with this new vision, you are going to find that there are some amazing things that we have in store for you. The main thing I want to encourage you about is to be open. Be prayerful and be open. Don’t put yourself in a box.

221. There is quite a line-up waiting for you! We have stacks of things stored up, ready to give out—something for everybody! Yes, we sure have something for everybody. Think about all the people in the world today and all the things they’re into! If we’re going to give something for everybody, you will see it’s going to be quite a variety! So don’t be afraid to give what you get, even if it sounds wild, or completely new and far-out.

222. There are lots of people out there who are into far-out things, and it’s going to take some far-out measures to reach them! So don’t worry, Honey. Just pray, like you are, and take it a step at a time. Or better yet, just take it a word at a time if you have to. Simply keep giving and we’ll pour it on. Maybe it will encourage you to know that when I first got the story of Tarzan, it was new and far–out in that day [1914]. So I had to have a lot of faith, too. Then I got into sci-fi. Let me tell you, in that day, sci-fi was new and wild!

223. But you know, one reason so many of us up Here are so thrilled with this vision and this project is that now we can see so much clearer. For us it is a chance to really rock out and give the truth of Jesus and let it roll in full measure! We have so much more purpose now, and complete truths. Not that all our works while there on Earth didn’t have some good, and like I told you, there were even lots of lessons and parallels in my Tarzan stories. But now that we’re on the other side of the veil, now that we see face to face, we’re really ready to roll out the truth!

224. I realize it takes a good measure of faith‚ but you have all of us at your disposal! Just ask, and don’t worry, because we are all right here ready to give. You really have the easy part; all you’ve got to do is get it down. Don’t worry about the polish‚ or who it’s going to appeal to‚ or who is going to like what. Just let it roll, and we’ll take care of the consequences and the details. Don’t worry your pretty little head about a thing. Just tune in, and I’ll be whispering in your ear‚ and many others will be too. You’re going to see, it’s going to be lots of fun! Okay, now let’s get busy!

225. PS: Why don’t you call me Ed? That’s what most everyone up Here calls me! I’d like that, if you like it. It’s less formal, and maybe it will help you relate more and remember just how close we really are. We’re all just pretty normal down–home folk like all of you there. Or you might say we’re “up-home” folk‚ because we are up Here! Remember‚ though, “up Here” is closer than you think! (End of message from Edgar Rice Burroughs. This ended Mama’s first message to our WS pubs units about “Spirit Stories.” Following is a second message, which was sent a few days later.)

SECTION FOUR: More How-to’s and Counsel from the Lord

(Mama’s second message to one of our WS pubs units regarding “Spirit Stories”:)

My dear sweethearts,

226. Happy Family Birthday! I love you so much and pray you had a wonderful Feast celebration! Sounds like your commission ceremony was really anointed and not only a very meaningful illustration, but lots of fun as well. Praise the Lord!

227. Hey, do you want to hear something neat! While I was with our Home having a little talk the other night‚ giving them the vision about getting Christmas stories from the Lord, guess what Peter did! He got … a Christmas story! It was such a surprise, and I was so proud of him! He said it was a present for me, because he loves me! Isn’t that sweet! He also said he can’t be going around asking people to do things that he hasn’t been willing to do! Isn’t our king a good sample! The Lord really blessed me for having that little talk with our Home members! If I hadn’t done that, I don’t think Peter would have gotten a story, and if I’d insisted that he come with me to the meeting, he wouldn’t have gotten it either! So the Lord really blessed us both for doing what we were supposed to do.

228. Peter was a little discouraged with his story because he thought it was a little boring. However, I thought it was a wonderful story; it just needs a little dialogue added to spice it up a bit. The Lord probably allowed Peter to get a story that was not completely “finalized” and still needed a bit of work in order to encourage the rest of you. So just remember that Peter led the way and you can follow. Just give what comes, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect. It’ll be a lot further along than if you had to struggle to write it yourself, that’s for sure!

229. Thanks for being willing to help pull down the stories from Heaven. I know it takes faith, but the Lord will give it to you. I’m praying for you! It’s so exciting to see that some of you are already getting stories. It’s wonderful! Please keep’m coming! I love you!

Much love always, Mama (End of second message from Mama to one of our WS pubs units.)

230. (Mama:) So what do you think, dear Family? This vision from the Lord for receiving stories via His spirit writers is a pretty terrific answer to prayer, isn’t it! With this GN you’re receiving the first booklet of spirit stories in this series, which is entitled “Heaven’s Library.” The Lord is doing it! Both the adults and the young people in our Home and another WS pubs unit have been involved in receiving stories and testimonies from the spirit world. In fact, several of the stories in our first story booklets were received by our young people. So it’s happening‚ folks, and I hope that encourages the rest of you young people that you can do it‚ too! Praise the Lord!

231. We are beginning by rolling these stories in 24–page booklets, like the one you’re receiving with this GN. We may be able to send you more as time goes by, God willing.

232. We’d like to continue to include art with the stories, but in order to do that we’ll need to pray for our artists. It’s a lot of work, and we don’t have many people who can do it as well and as quickly as we need it done, although we do have some promising new artists.

233. If we can’t get the art quickly enough, then we’ll have to go ahead and send out the stories without art, to keep from holding them up. I know artwork adds to the presentation, and makes it a little more interesting, but I also know that the Lord has given most people a pretty good imagination. So if there’s no art, you can simply picture the stories in your mind, which I don’t think will be that difficult‚ since most of them are brimming with fascinating word pictures!

A New Pub Is Born!

234. When we asked the Lord about publishing most of these stories and testimonies from the spirit world in their own pub, rather than including them in the GNs or other existing pubs‚ Dad answered us. He confirmed the idea of their being in a separate pub, for the most part, when he gave the following message:

235. (Dad speaking: ) These stories are a vehicle to feed our young people, whet their appetite and strengthen them in their faith, conviction and service for the Lord. They’re going to be feeding and strengthening, and will give the kids the vision for reading the GNs and the stronger meat of the Lord’s Spirit. These story booklets will make it very easy for parents, teachers and kids to have them at their fingertips and be able to read them. They’ll make an easy teaching tool or a tool for parent time.

236. It’s like God’s own project for our young people of all ages‚ from children to JETTs and teens. It seems like He wants to give them something special, a touch of His love and food from His Spirit to inspire them, encourage them, teach and train them. So just like the Hope TKs or the MLKs or the Zine or the Grapevine, it’s a brand-new creation. It’s God’s creation, His wonderful tool, and it has a lot of Heavenly authors behind it, contributors who are probably going to feel appreciated to see their contributions in a special pub.

237. It’s big news up Here, it’s making news in Heaven! This project is sending shock waves of excitement up Here and it’s going to make big news in the Family, big news on Earth! What a project! What a vision! What a God! What a Mama! God bless you, Honey, for hearing the Lord’s whispers and doing what He said. God bless you for believing in what seems like the impossible to the world. Crazy faith—that’s what started the Family and that’s what keeps it going. That’s my Mama! I love you, Honey! (End of message from Dad.)

238. (Mama:) Thanks, dear Dad‚ for your help with this wonderful new project! I’m so happy to be working together with you on it! You’re such a good storyteller! You showed us the value of stories when teaching not just young children, but all of us! I love you!

239. It just came to me that some of you parents and teachers may be concerned that if the children get too interested in reading these stories, then they might not invest the time they need in reading the MLKs and Hope TKs, and therefore they might miss out on getting the meat of the Word, because it’s generally easier and more attractive to children to read stories. We asked the Lord about this, and He assured us that this will not be a problem. We hope to publish this message in full at a later date, so I’ll just give you a brief summary here. He explained that these stories will not take away from the Hope TKs and MLKs, but they will draw the children to them. And though they might spend more time with the stories than they do with the meat of the Word, they will absorb more out of the Word when they do read it.

240. He also, however, reminded you parents and teachers of the importance of your own relationship with Him and hunger for the Word. He said, “If the children do not see you, their parents, sucking in the Word, they will not go to the Word, not even the stories. If you are feeding off of secular magazines, periodicals or television, and not the pure stream of Word that I give forth‚ then neither will they. For your children cannot be stronger than you, their parents. They must see the sample in order to be able to fully partake of My Words.” Both the stories and the Hope TKs and MLKs need your backing. Your children need to see your enthusiasm. The way you present the Word to them will make a big difference in their reaction to it and the attention they pay it. (More on this in a later GN‚ D.V.)

The Lord’s Leading with Each Story’s Placement

241. Along with deciding where to put these exciting spirit stories, we also needed to decide whether to organize and categorize them according to the various ages that they target. Of course, some of the stories are geared more toward the younger children, whereas others are more advanced, being more for JETTs, teens and even adults. We had the option of publishing the stories that seem to target the younger audience separately, in the Kidz mag‚ for example. I thought and prayed about this, and discussed it with those involved in the production of these booklets.

242. I realize that some of the stories may not be super exciting for you JETTs and teens. They may seem elementary to you, or a little beneath you. For example‚ one or two of the stories in the first booklets are simple and rather childlike‚ something a younger audience can easily read, understand and enjoy. But I felt that it wouldn’t hurt you older ones to read them too. In fact, I figured you’d probably enjoy them. Even the simpler stories contain sweet lessons for all ages, young and old.

243. Maybe you sometimes don’t want to read the things you think are for younger ones because you feel you’re far above that level, and therefore you feel they’d be boring and wouldn’t hold your attention at all. But when you think of the very simple little stories and examples Jesus gave in the New Testament, which millions of people of all ages have benefited from down through the centuries‚ you can see that things don’t have to be complicated or sophisticated in order to be interesting, appealing and attractive. In fact, the adults that have read this first issue of “Heaven’s Library” and many of the other stories that you might consider for young children have enjoyed them a lot‚ and even though the stories themselves might be geared to those younger, a principle or lesson that was brought out was something that really helped them.

244. Even though the vehicle for conveying the lesson and the illustration might seem a little childish to you, you may someday look back on that lesson as it comes to mind and it’ll be a wonderful help to you. Also, in some of the stories that you might consider for younger children‚ there are some real surprises about Heaven. They reveal some hitherto unknown, very exciting, amazing activities that go on There, and if you miss them, you could be really sad that you did!

245. We don’t have to feel there’s a big age differentiation in these stories from the spirit world. They’re a bit like some of the lessons and anecdotes in the Good Thots. Some of those are quite elementary, too. They could be deemed children’s reading material, if you were to categorize them. But when you read the Good Thots, you don’t think to yourself, “I don’t like this. It’s for kids.” There’s something for everyone in the Good Thots, and I felt the “Heaven’s Library” story booklets could be the same.

246. If you older ones are not interested in every single story, you can just read the ones that do interest you. Or you can read the stories for the younger set just for easy reading, for relaxation, even though you may feel they’re “not your thing.” One big advantage to you JETTs, teens and adults reading all the stories is that then you can use the lessons in the simpler stories when you’re with your children or younger brothers and sisters. These stories could also be very helpful even for new disciples who are just learning spiritual principles, as the lessons brought out in them could be used as illustrations. Also, people who are learning to read English would like these simpler stories.

247. I asked the Lord to confirm whether we should have a definite age differentiation in the story booklets, or generally make them for all ages. The Lord indicated that He is in favor of variety, and that some booklets will have stories for several age groups, and other booklets will be made up of stories for one particular age group. The Lord gave the following message, instructing us to acknowledge Him with every story and He’d lead in where to publish it.

248. (Jesus speaking:) You must come to Me for each story, desperately seeking to know My will as to where each story goes. For each story and each chapter has its own place, and they all need to be placed according to My will. If you’ll take the time to stop, to look and to listen to Me about where these stories go, I will be able to show you.

249. I have given you many gifts and it is easy for you to rely solely on these gifts, to just use your natural carnal mind and reasoning. But beware, for the pubs will not bear as much fruit unless you come to Me, desperately seeking My will for each individual story. You must come to Me, you must seek Me, and I will whisper in your heart with My still small voice what I wish for you to do with each story. For these are My stories, sent from My hand through My messengers‚ and each story is sent with a special mission, with a special plan to bear fruit‚ as special seeds sent out to the hearts of the children of the Family.

250. Each story has a purpose‚ and each story will play an important part in many lives. So be careful and make sure that you do not go a step in any direction without hearing from Me, for I am the Author and Publisher of these books, and all the rights belong to Me. Therefore, seek Me earnestly before you make any changes or before you make any decisions‚ and I will show you exactly what I want you to do. Together we will make this project a success. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

251. (Mama: ) What a good lesson and confirmation about our need to seek the Lord with every move. He keeps telling us over and over that He really does want to be involved in the details of our lives. He’s not only our personal loving Shepherd and Husband, but He’s also our Work–mate, our Teamworker. If we’re willing to take the time to ask Him and hear from Him in prophecy‚ He’ll give us specific direction in even what seem to be simple, straightforward, business or detail-type decisions. Seeking the Lord’s direction in prophecy in smaller decisions that we’ve been used to just deciding on our own, or through prayer and counsel with others, is a pretty big change of modus operandi which takes some getting used to. But not only has the Lord promised that this will make our work easier, but He said if we’re willing to do this, He will make our efforts more fruitful.

Your Help Is Needed!

252. It’s tremendous how the Lord is doing everything He possibly can to make our jobs easier and to get out His Word faster and more abundantly! Judging from what the Lord and the spirit helpers said in the messages I included earlier in this GN, there’s a whole lot they want to pour out; in fact‚ much more than our few channels in WS can ever possibly receive. So after reading this GN, if you feel inspired about helping with this exciting new project, please don’t hesitate to ask the Lord for a story and send it in! We’ll try our best to publish it if possible, Lord willing. We need your help very much and would appreciate it!

253. This would be a challenging ministry for you young people, especially since some of you seem to have quite a bit of time on your hands. If you want excitement and something different, this is for you! Or for those of you who are handicapped or bedridden or who have a long-term illness which makes it difficult for you to participate in more active ministries, this could be a very fulfilling outlet for your energies. Maybe you could team up with a JETT or teen in your Home who wants to learn to be a secretary. You could have a ministry of being a channel, receiving stories, and the other person could help to type them! What great teamwork! I think it would be a very satisfying ministry for both of you! (On foreign fields where the national language is difficult to translate, you who are national disciples could ask the Lord to give you stories, poems, anecdotes, etc., in the language of the land, which could be used to feed your national children, disciples, friends, contacts, etc.)

254. You don’t have to be a writer or have any talent with words whatsoever to receive stories from these spirit writers. You don’t have to be exercised in getting prophecy. In fact, you don’t even have to have gotten a prophecy from the Lord or from any spirit helper before. The promises the Lord and His spirit writers gave are for you, and those promises are free of any conditions of writing talent or experience in prophesying! If you have faith and you claim those promises, all you have to do is pray desperately, create a vacuum with your faith, open your mouth wide and give what you receive. You can start being a channel for the Lord right now by receiving stories, which may be even easier for you than trying to begin to exercise your gift by receiving directional messages in prophecy.

255. The reason I say it may seem easier is because you may feel that receiving stories carries with it less responsibility than receiving messages of instruction, direction or even encouragement from the Lord or Dad. I would like to explain, however, that many of those who have experimented with receiving stories have found that it is quite a fight in the spirit, and sometimes it requires a lot of work and even takes a fairly long time. So don’t be discouraged or disillusioned if you find that it takes you quite a bit of work or time, and don’t feel like something is wrong with you or that you did something wrong, or were lacking faith‚ or that your story isn’t as good because it didn’t come so easily. In fact‚ the Lord explained that sometimes it takes a lot of work and more time, and the words don’t necessarily come easily or quickly. It’s because some of those on the other end, in the Heavenly realm, are not as exercised as others at getting through the veil, and they’re not as practiced. Therefore, their messages oftentimes do not come through and cannot be heard as clearly as those who have more power and more experience in the spirit.

256. If and when you send in stories, please try to type them on computer, and send the files via modem or on a disk to your CROs, who will forward them to me. Or you can send them directly to WS via e–mail. The e-mail address to send your stories to is the same one that you use for the Grapevine, which is: grape@ibm.net. Sending your stories in these two ways will greatly facilitate our being able to receive and process them much more quickly! Of course‚ if for whatever reason you can’t possibly modem your stories to your CRO office or send a file on disk or via e-mail, then you can send a paper copy to the Grapevine mailing address‚ which is: The Grapevine, PO Box 4938, Orange, CA 92863, USA. In all situations, regardless of how you send your story, please be sure to keep a copy of it‚ just in case something happens along the way and it gets lost. Thanks!

257. Since I trust that many of you will want to participate in this exciting ghostwriting project, I have more counsel to share with you that I think will be a blessing.

Don’t Get Discouraged!

258. To begin with, here are excerpts of a message the Lord gave when a few of the brethren in my Home were a little discouraged with their stories. Not only was it a fight in the spirit to receive the stories, but on top of that, they felt their stories hadn’t come out so well. I prayed and asked the Lord for some encouragement for these dear ones, and this is what the Lord said. Remember, this counsel is for you, too!

259. (Jesus speaking: ) I know that it is a step and stretch of your faith to come before Me and open up your channels and receive a spirit story. I know that it is a real test of belief and trust in Me and My promises, for you must simply trust Me completely even though you don’t know the ending. Many times you don’t know the middle, and many times you don’t even know the next sentence or the next line!

260. It’s all by faith, and it’s a real spirit trip. It’s a real trip into the unknown, into the Heavenlies. That’s exactly what it is! All you have to do is close your eyes, and just like your Father David taught you, allow Me to take you away in the spirit! I will take you away and I will connect you with your spiritual helper, your storyteller, who will make a link with you. All you have to do is open up your channel and trust, and you will receive.

261. I know that it is discouraging and you are tempted to feel that you have not done a good job as a channel, that you have not received fully or completely. You are tempted to feel that you have missed the mark, that you did not relay the message the right way or clearly, or that somehow you have missed something. But do not worry about all those things, or fret about all those worries. I will be faithful to My promise to use you mightily to receive spirit stories. I will not fail‚ but I will give. I will send them and you will receive them.

262. You will receive far beyond your expectation—stories which you never thought possible! For you are not an author, writer or poet. You know that it is beyond your capabilities or your talents, and that you are not gifted. Some may be more gifted in the area of writing or editing, and some may have more experience in this field, but their experience or their gifts and talents in the physical and in the natural do not make them more gifted or qualified to receive stories in the spirit.

263. For that which qualifies you the most and gives you the greatest qualifications for the job is your faith and your yieldedness to open up and receive. Unto those will be given much and in greater abundance than they ever imagined. It is a reality and it is going to happen in the spirit.

264. But the Enemy also knows that a great thing is about to happen. The Enemy is also aware of this wonderful new tool which will reach the hearts and minds of Family children and children in the world. He knows that they will devour it and love it; that it will spark their faith; it will kindle a flame of hope and belief in their hearts; it will provide them with answers, comfort and encouragement! So he fights the project getting off the ground right here in your Home.

265. Your Father David also spoke about the battles he had when he attempted a new project or undertook to carry out the vision that I gave him. The Enemy would fight him with spiritual battles, nightmares, afflictions, problems, persecution—you name it! It is a spiritual warfare, and that is why you have felt some discouragement, but do not give up and do not give in, for the stories are there. They will come just as I have promised.

266. But the spiritual warfare is also great, for such beautiful, wonderful, encouraging, exciting, thrilling words from Heaven cannot be received without some sacrifice and spiritual fight. Just like a diamond in the rough must be polished in order to release and reveal its beauty, so are these stories. The harder you pull and suck, the more you release and reveal their beauty. As you continue to fight and suck and pull and hang on like the importunate woman, until you get the next words, the next line, the next part of the story, your very desperation and pull in the spirit breaks the spiritual barrier or distraction or hindrance which the Enemy is trying to place in the way.

267. So do not give up and do not fear. Do not resist the urge to click on your dictaphones and let My Spirit flow through you. Let Me use you to the fullest. When you hear those little whispers and you think you are receiving something, be faithful to grab your dictaphones and give what I give you—and it will be beautiful! You will not be disappointed.

268. Do not worry if it does not seem perfect to you, if you think this part or that part did not go well, or you wonder if it had a good enough ending‚ middle or beginning. Just trust Me, for I know what I am doing. There are people and spirits and saints and angels Here who have been selected and chosen and ordained and are being trained to work hand in hand with you to pump out the stories. Some have even been called away from other assignments in order to assist you and write through you. They, too, are learning. They, too, are perfecting their skills to give.

269. They are also instrumental in instructing you and teaching you how to receive as they work personally with you. So all you have to do is obey those whispers and checks and leadings that you feel in the spirit, for that may be their voice trying to direct you which way to go, what to say and how to say it. Do not worry if it does not come out the way you think is best, for many times‚ after it has been transcribed and you hear it later or read it again‚ you will be surprised at how wonderful it is. So just give it as you get it! Feel free, open your channels, burst out and let all Heaven pour through you! Don’t let anything stop you! What have you got to lose?!

270. Even if you receive a story with some funny parts or what may seem like something which is not quite right, do not let it stop you. Let nothing stop you or dissuade you from being free and yielded and open to receive! Just continue to suck and suck and suck, and the stories will come, for I have promised. The parts which may not seem quite right to you can be brought before Me again in prayer and given the polish that they may need, so you have nothing to lose, nothing to worry about.

271. You cannot fail, for the story that you receive will either be word perfect and can be used right away, or it can be polished and given the final touches and be used a little later. So in either case, you have nothing to lose and you cannot fail.

272. Now you see the beauty and the importance and the wonder of simple childlike faith. You see the beauty of the children of David. Oh, how much you have learned from your Father David, from his simplicity and humility and childlike faith. You have a heritage of wealth in the Spirit which has been given to you through your Father David. You have his crazy Don Quixote faith which was willing to step out and sing those simple songs of the Spirit and repeat those beautiful Spirit poems.

273. You have been taught so much at the hand of My Spirit, more than you even realize. It is all inside of you, whether young or old. If you are young, you have been born into it and raised with My Spirit and the spirit of your Father David. And if you are old‚ you have learned it and absorbed it from the Word and firsthand from your experience with My Spirit. You have so much which I can use. That is why I have chosen you to be My channels, because you have the simple childlike faith which is needed to step out by faith and believe. And once you do, My sweet children‚ My beautiful ones, as you step out by faith and turn on your dictaphones, the anointing will be upon you. So fear not to receive the anointing and fear not to grow into the anointing. Do not worry whether you understand how it works or not, for it is a supernatural working of the Spirit.

274. Each of these spirit stories is a miracle and a marvel of My Spirit, one which you cannot understand with your natural mind; you just have to open up and let it go. Release your natural mind and let My Spirit take over.

275. It is not for you to discern or judge the stories and decide if they are good or not good or anything about them. These are not your stories, nor do they come from you; they are gifts from Heaven‚ from the individual in Heaven who accepted his assignment to connect with you and give it to you. So much of the responsibility lies on those Here in Heaven to be able to send them through the pipeline in the best way possible. So just suck and pull and do your best to receive them. That’s all I ask of you.

276. Oh, what a mission‚ what a challenge, what a task! But you can do it! For I want to use you as My vessels and channels, and I will help you. I will make it easier. As the days go by and as you learn to tune in, the stories will come more quickly, easily, completely, and with more detail, needing less work, editing or polishing. So do not give up at the beginning, for it will get easier as you learn how to tune in and fine–tune to that particular frequency, the story book channel.

277. The more you tune in, the more you do it, the more you open up to receive, the easier it will become and the more your faith will grow. The more you get used to working with your particular spirit helper or helpers—you may have more than one assigned to help you—the more you will get to know the working of the Spirit. You will soon know when to pause and wait and listen intently for the next whisper. You will feel the moving of My Spirit. It will draw you and pull you and show you which way to go; it will instruct you and guide you. You will hear the words whispered in your ears more quickly, more easily, more clearly, and your mouth will repeat them with more confidence.

278. But you must be willing to endure the initial test and fight and battle in order to get over the hump and into smoother sailing. As you continue to suck and fight and endure and stick, the hindrances which the Enemy is trying to put in your pathway and on your spiritual frequency will soon be washed away. The dam will soon burst and the waters will rush forth! (End of message from Jesus.)

279. (Mama:) Thank You, Jesus, our dear, sweet Lover, for those precious words of encouragement. Please help each one of Your channels to keep fighting and sucking until the reward is given. Thank You for the promises that this will get easier, and that the departed spirits who give the stories will grow in experience and be able to get through more clearly, and that our connections with them will become more fine-tuned!

Stories May Need Some Editing

280. On the subject of the stories not necessarily coming to you in perfect condition, as I mentioned above, Peter was a little discouraged with the story he received. He felt it was rather boring and needed quite a bit of work. When we prayed about why Peter’s story came the way it did, the Lord gave the following counsel:

281. (Jesus speaking:) The whole process of receiving a story from the spirit world, or receiving any message from the spirit world, is miraculous and supernatural. It is a supernatural working of the Spirit. I have promised that if My channels are faithful to open‚ yield, trust, obey and exercise their faith, I will bless and send down the stories. I have promised to do so‚ and I will. I will be faithful to My promise and I will fulfill it.

282. Any time My channels sit down and get quiet and lift up their antennas and their arms to Me and open their channels wide to receive‚ it is a step of faith, of real yieldedness‚ humility, submission and trust that I will not fail, that I will send the message, that I will fill their channels so they may be used to carry My message.

283. But there is also a great fight in the spirit world to stop the messages, whatever they be, whether they are answers‚ counsel‚ direction, encouragement, revelations, food for My children—whether it is food in the form of stories or testimonies or booklets or whatever. My messages are Here, but there is a fight in the spirit world to get them to you.

284. But I will be true and faithful to My Word and to My promise, and My channels must not lose hope or feel discouraged, disappointed or worried if they do not receive the story word perfect, requiring very little editing or work. Just trust Me and know that the stories will come. It is a test of your faith and a trying of your patience, but do not give up or feel that you are unable or incapable, for it is all a work of My Spirit. It is supernatural and miraculous and spiritual. The channels are being fine-tuned‚ cleaned, polished and exercised, so that the stories may be conveyed to you more clearly, more word perfect, more detailed and needing very little work.

285. So do not let this discourage you and do not consider it a setback, for it is just the opposite. It was a step of faith by My precious king, who has many great responsibilities of the kingdom and important work to take care of. Although it was not his personal responsibility to receive a story from the spirit world‚ he did so out of love for you and for My children and for your channels there, so that they would be encouraged by his sample of taking his time and being willing to obey the vision.

286. The fact that his story was not word perfect but will require some work and additional dialogue will encourage the other channels whose stories may also need a little polishing or editing. Do not worry if some stories will need a little polishing or editing or additions or whatever, for compared to the number of those that will require very little work, it will be well worth it to continue to ask for and receive spirit stories.

287. So do not let the Enemy distract or discourage or dissuade you from carrying on, for the stories are being prepared. The spirit writers are ready; they just wait for the channels to be still and quiet and open and reach up by faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Difference Between These Stories and Other Prophecies

288. (Mama:) The idea of making additions and changes in these spirit stories may seem a little odd to you, as you may wonder why we feel at liberty to change them if they’re received in prophecy. That’s a good question!

289. To begin with, as you read in the above message from Jesus and in the messages from the spirit writers themselves, we have received permission to change or edit the stories as the Lord leads us. The spirit writers were very open about confessing that they’re learning, too, and that the stories they send our way may not be perfect. We’re working in teamwork with the story writers from beyond, and as they brought out in some of their messages, they don’t mind if we make changes in the stories to update things or add a few extra details or a little more drama, etc.

290. Our folks up There on the storywriting teams are learning, too. They don’t know everything about what they’re writing about. Remember, Louisa May Alcott mentioned she was trying to learn modern lingo, today’s slang, to use it in her story about teenagers and gangs. But she said she’s not sure she really understands today’s language very well, so she mentioned it’s fine for us to change whatever we feel is necessary. Also, Hans Christian Andersen gave a story about basketball, but basketball wasn’t played in his day. It hadn’t even been invented yet, so it’s perfectly understandable that he got a few of the details of the game wrong. Others of the spirit story writers have never lived on Earth, so naturally they may not understand some little details in the setting, characters or events of the story that they’re writing about. So we have been given the green light to edit the stories, with much prayer, of course.

291. It’s important to realize that there’s a big difference between the stories we receive from these spirit writers, our storywriting teamworkers, and the directional or encouragement type messages we receive from Jesus, Dad or our spirit helpers. I am very cautious when making any changes whatsoever, other than minor grammar changes‚ in the messages we get from the Lord, Dad or our spirit helpers. If something in those messages seems to need to be changed slightly to make it clearer‚ I often have someone hear from the Lord about it to make sure the change I am suggesting is correct and that the Lord is in agreement with making it. As I explained in “Crisis of Faith!—Part 2,” usually the Lord has a very good reason why He chooses particular words or word pictures. So more often than not, He indicates that He wants the message left as is, but with an explanation given. There are times when He indicates that it’s okay with Him to change a word or words to something that would be more easily understood‚ and in such cases‚ if we ask Him, He often suggests an alternative wording. (See ML #3089:120‚ GN 714.)

292. Not long ago Dad spoke about prophecy‚ helping us to see the difference between the various kinds of messages that we receive. Hopefully, this full message from Dad will be published in the future‚ but I want to give you this excerpt of his counsel now, as it can be applied to the spirit writing of stories:

293. (Dad speaking:) I’m thankful the Lord is pouring forth through prophecy, because I know how much He has to say. I know how much needs to be said, not only to the Family but to the lost. And that’s why the Lord Himself is speaking through open channels, and He is allowing me to speak, as well as multitudes of Heavenly helpers. He’s even allowing the departed spirits to speak for the Celestial Interviews, because there is so much to be said. There is so much that people need to hear! He is pouring forth through as many channels as He can find, those who are available and willing and worthy to pour forth His message.

294. Of course, those who speak for the Celestial Interviews are not your Heavenly helpers. They are not the ones who are called and chosen and trained to help you, Honey, and our Family in their spiritual warfare for the Lord. Those who speak in the Celestial Interviews are only allowed a special dispensation of grace in order to get a message across, a unique, specific message that they have to give to the lost. So they have their unique place in communicating messages from this side. They have a special calling, and limited influence and access to the channels. They are mostly witnessing to the lost and giving their personal testimonies to the lost; that’s their ministry. They’re on a different level from me and the Heavenly helpers who speak to you and lead and guide you in spiritual matters and the affairs of the Kingdom.

295. All of this massive outpouring of the message is part of the Lord’s plan. He is the One Who controls the flow. He is the One Who gives permission to different ones to speak. He is the One Who is in control. He is the One Who orchestrates the great symphony, Who manages the troops, Who organizes and approves the pouring forth of the message. It’s all in His hands, it’s under His direction and control. (End of excerpts of message from Dad.)

296. (Mama:) Dad’s explanation about the role of the Celestial Interviews messengers in the Who Said They’re Dead book can also be applied in some ways to the departed spirits who are doing the spirit storywriting. They are certainly not on the same level as Jesus‚ nor are they on the same level as Dad or our spirit helpers, those who direct Peter and me and the Family. These ghostwriters have a special calling, which, though very important, is rather limited.

297. In another message, which we hope to print for you in full shortly, the Lord explained the difference between the stories and other prophecies, and the changes or edits that can be made in them. I’ll include excerpts of that message for you here:

(Note: We have boxed in this portion of the GN for your easy reference, as well as to highlight the importance of this message.)

298. (Jesus speaking:) There are different qualities of messages from Heaven, and there is varying flexibility in the changes that can be made in these messages from Heaven. I have expressly given permission that the stories and songs that are given from Heaven to the children of David might be changed or embellished or polished according to how you feel led of Me, according to the need. For even this process of polishing and editing is part of your training. It causes you to seek Me. It causes you to be prayerful as you go over the stories that you receive and as you continue to prayerfully seek Me and continue to hone your skills at hearing My whispers and receiving My checks.

299. The difference between the stories and other messages that you receive directly from Me, your Father David or your spirit helpers is that stories will have a different impact on the reader. They are given for inspiration, edification, and for putting forth general spiritual principles. These stories are not the meat of the Word; they are not revelatory as far as direction or instruction for the reader or for the Family as a whole. The stories are designed and written and serve as part of the building blocks of your children’s education, but they are not part of the foundation of faith of your children and young people, which comes from the Word of God and the Words of David.

300. These Heavenly stories are like bait to draw your children and young people to the meat of the Word and the deeper, stronger spiritual principles that are put forth in the Letters and the messages from Me and from Father David and from the spirit beings who have been chosen to lead and guide Queen Maria and King Peter and the children of David. Because the stories have less influence, less impact, less ability to change the course of the Family or the individuals in it, I have allowed flexibility in the preparation of the stories, so that it is a teamwork, with those of you on Earth working hand in hand with those chosen in Heaven. It is both a give and a take: They’re giving the story, and you’re taking what you receive and are adding as you see fit and as you are led by Me.

301. But I must be very clear that there is a great difference between the stories you receive in the spirit world and the messages you receive from Me or from your Father David or from your spirit helpers—those who have been chosen and ordained to lead you in spiritual matters, to give you answers to questions, revelations, direction, correction, instruction and guidance in your decision-making.

302. When you seek Me and come before Me in prayer to hear from Me in these serious matters, then you must know that I do not delegate the giving of such messages to storytellers or to departed spirits who are inexperienced, immature, and even in some cases, less educated in the ways of the spirit world than you are. When it comes to serious instruction or guidance or the answer to your questions, I either come to you Myself, or your Father David speaks, or those spirit beings who have been assigned to your care and protection speak. And such messages are of a completely different quality‚ for these messages are divinely inspired. They are the Word of the Lord that you can count on and trust.

303. When you receive such messages that have great potential to change your life, the direction you’re going‚ the decisions you’re making; when you’re seeking Me desperately for the answers to your questions; when you need to know My will; when you need to know what to do and how and when and where, or even when you’re seeking Me for words of encouragement in your time of need, then in all of these instances you must trust Me that the Words that you receive are for the most part exactly as I would have you hear them. If you’re desperately crying out to Me, if you come before Me with a yielded heart‚ and you make of your mind a blank sheet and ask Me to write on it the Words that I choose, then you must trust that when you open your mouth, I will fill it. Trust that if you ask bread of Me, I will not give you a stone, but I will give you that which you need. And I will give it to you and present it to you in a format that is safe and secure and in which you can put your full trust. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

304. Unlike other messages that we receive in prophecy‚ which we take at face value as the inspired Word of the Lord, in the case of the stories we have been given the job or the responsibility of prayerfully clarifying‚ amplifying, adding to or editing them, when necessary. Such improvements can be done through standard editing, or sometimes if there are parts of the story that are weak or that need clarification, those particular points can be brought before the Lord in prayer, and you can ask the spirit writer to clarify them by giving more from the spirit world through your channel. (For more information on a similar subject‚ please review the explanation about why it is okay to change some of the words received from Heaven for the Loving Jesus songs, or other songs, in FSM 298, “Songs Cascading Down!” Please see the section entitled “Further Explanation from the Lord and Mama about Prophecy and Song-writing!”)

305. These ghostwriters are telling wonderful, thrilling true stories and parables, which we’re privileged to receive, but we must understand that they’re not all experienced storytellers. Some are authors, and others are accomplished speakers‚ so their stories come much more polished. On the other hand, some aren’t gifted or experienced at telling stories at all, though they have a story to tell. It may be a very good story, but they’re not used to telling it.

306. In a way, what happens in the spirit world with spirit writing is very much like what would happen if we here on Earth were all going to tell some story. In such a case, some people would be very good storytellers who would keep you on the edge of your seat practically the whole time, while others would have a much more difficult time making their points clearly and developing the story line.

307. We have found that there is great variety in the way these spirit stories are given. Sometimes the stories flow beautifully, needing very little polishing. Other times, there are inconsistencies in the plot or the order of events. Any weaknesses in the story are not the fault of you, the channel, and they may not necessarily be due to anything you did or did not do when receiving the story from the departed spirit. It could be that the person chosen to give that particular story is still learning to tell stories, or to communicate with this world.

308. We here on Earth are working in teamwork with the Heavenly storytellers. So as you feel led of the Lord, you can prayerfully polish the stories you receive before sending them to us, making any changes or edits that you feel are needed. That will save us a lot of time and help us to get these story booklets out faster! Thanks!

Are These True Stories?

309. You may have noticed that I mentioned a few paragraphs earlier that these stories are true stories. I asked the Lord about this. With all the departed spirits in Heaven who are clamoring to speak to us‚ and with so many true stories that they could give, I wondered why they would have to make up any. I knew it would be much more exciting for you all if you realized that these stories in the “Heaven’s Library” series are true stories, but of course I couldn’t say that without being sure. Most of the stories seemed realistic to me and seemed like they could have happened, but I wanted to know for sure if they really did happen. So I asked the Lord if the spirit stories—not the allegories or parables, but the ones where people are the main characters—are true stories.

310. He explained that the stories involving people are true stories. Some happened exactly as they’re told, and others are based on true events, with some added details. Concerning stories in which the characters are not people, but are, for example, animals or lilies or raindrops, the Lord explained that such stories are parables or fables, and they tell of true lessons. These parables or fables are not the same as the stories from Heavenly writers who are telling of their own lives and experiences, or the lives and experiences of other people. But still, these parables or fables contain true lessons and are for the purpose of bringing a certain lesson or point to life. (This type of story will be identified as a parable, or by a subtitle such as “A Heavenly Tale,” or by a credit such as “As told by Hans Christian Andersen.”)

311. The Lord encouraged us to believe, and not to hesitate to enjoy all the stories—the true stories and the parables. They are all coming from His hand—from the great reservoir—and each one has a purpose.

312. Here is a message the Lord gave about the true stories:

313. (Jesus speaking:) The reason some of these stories seem so realistic and seem like they really could have happened is because they are realistic, they are true, and they really did happen to someone at some time in some place. These which have people as their main characters—children, teens or adults or whatever age group is represented in these stories—are actually the people themselves to whom the story happened, or they represent the people to whom the story happened. These are true, real life experiences. These events and stories really happened to someone. The reason these particular stories are being given to you is because we know that they are so relatable to you and they will help to convey the message or lesson or spirit that we want them to.

314. That does not mean that every single story is true word for word or fact for fact, for the authors and writers and spirit helpers up Here are given poetic license to change some events within the experience according to their free choice. They can change things and send the story to you the way they want to‚ but they are based on real life, or spirit life experiences. For example‚ the story of Glenda was based on a true experience, although many of the names and facts were embellished or added to‚ as the author chose to do so. But nonetheless, many of the facts are true. Thus is the story of Jamie and his friend, or the gang story by Louisa May Alcott. Although you may not personally know the people to whom the events happened‚ the author knows‚ or someone up Here knows, and they just decide to give it to you or relate it to you the way they do so that you can receive the story and all the experiences and lessons contained in it.

315. For you are right, My queen; there is such a wealth and storehouse of stories Here amongst all the spirit beings and ghosts and angels and supernatural beings, things that they really experienced or know of from someone else who experienced it, that they have an endless source of story power to tap in to! And they love to do it‚ and they will do it‚ and they will continue to send them to you fast and freely. (End of message from Jesus.)

SECTION FIVE: Encouragement from Those Who Have Tried It

316. (Mama:) You may feel quite incapable, thinking your channel is not exercised enough to be able to receive spirit stories. For your encouragement‚ I’m including a couple of testimonies from some of the dear ones in WS who stepped out by faith to receive a story. I hope these testimonies will help give you the faith that you can do it, too!

Juggles the Clown!

317. (Testimony from member of a WS pubs unit:) The other day when I read your message about the “Stories from Heaven” project, I got inspired to try it, even though I’m still very much a novice at prophecy and feel very unsure of myself when getting prophecies. But all the prophecies from the Lord and Dad and the others which you included in your message about just stepping out by faith were so encouraging that it gave me the faith and the determination to try! One prophecy from the Lord that you included in your message to us was especially sweet and encouraging, and I felt like He was speaking directly to me because it fits me so perfectly. (See paragraphs 120-122.)

318. It took me a while to actually get down to it and determine I was going to go do it, and then find a time and place alone and quiet. It was kind of scary, because I knew the Lord had promised if I really wanted to, I would get a story. Now I was going to prove Him, but I was kind of scared of being disappointed—that it wouldn’t happen for me for some reason. But the Lord came through and I got something, though I wouldn’t call it an actual story like the ones you sent. It’s more like a testimony from someone in Heaven, and it’s very short. I felt like it wasn’t very good, just like you said most of those in your Home felt about theirs at first. I finally shared it with one of the girls here, as I knew she’d been getting things for this project, and she encouraged me about it. So here it is, for whatever it’s worth!

319. I really prayed and asked the Lord to send me a storyteller who would be simple and patient and go slow with me. And I prayed for lots of faith that I could be a channel for one of these stories, that I could actually receive one, as I felt so incapable and am still such a babe at getting prophecies.

320. When I asked about my storyteller, he said, “My name is Mark and I’m 9 years old. I’m just learning, and Jesus told me you’re just learning‚ too‚ so He said we could practice together!” It was so neat because then the story came, told by a clown in Heaven called Juggles. I won’t go into the plot of the little story, as I don’t to steal the thunder of it. But suffice it to say that he reveals some things about Heaven which I think not only the kids but the adults also will find really interesting.

321. I was so amazed at getting new information about Heaven, as I never ever had any idea about this before! I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing we’d print, but at least it’s given me practice and more faith that I can get something. Also, it didn’t come exactly like this, although most of the sentences were basically there. But when I typed it up‚ it came to me to add some of the details and rearrange some of the sentences. In other words‚ I did a little editing on it, but it flowed and was quite easy to do, as if Juggles or Mark were helping me with it.

322. After the first sitting I wasn’t sure if that was the end of it or if there was more to come, but the day before yesterday I sat down again and prayed and asked if that was the end of this story. I got, “Hi! It’s me again, Juggles! I want to tell you that that’s it for now. I’ll hand you over to someone else who’s dying to tell you another story from Heaven! Bye now! I love you!” Then I started getting something else, but I won’t go into that here, because I haven’t gotten very far with it yet, and I just wanted to get Juggles off to you now.

323. Anyway, Mama, I’m very excited about this project, and so glad we’re doing it! For some reason I have more faith to try to participate in it than in other types of prophecy projects. I do have some other personal encouragement type of prophecies I’ve gotten privately for myself over the last six months or so. I’m encouraged that I’ve actually been able to get some things from the Lord in prophecy personally, which is a big step forward for me‚ as previously I’ve had such a hard time having the faith that I have the gift and can hear from the Lord that way. The prophecy at the end of “Jesus, Our Good Shepherd” (GN 724) with the heading “You Have the Gift” (paragraphs 148-161) was such an encouragement to me about having the faith for getting prophecies myself! Thank You Jesus! (End of testimony.)

324. (Mama:) God bless you for stepping out to receive this precious story/testimony from Juggles! We sure would have missed something special had you not had the faith and yieldedness to try! This is a good example of a story that is rather elementary, which will be great for the younger children, but which also has fascinating information for us older folks, too. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to miss these neat little tidbits of news about Heaven. (Since when you read this GN you won’t have yet read the story from Juggles, I’ll give you a little hint: It’s my idea of a pretty amazing light show!)

325. This next testimony is a good example of the supernatural nature of these spirit stories.

Confirmations of a Supernatural Story!

326. (Testimony from Bethy, SGA:) I love you so much, Mama. I wanted to jot a little note to accompany the prophecy story I’m sending you. The whole story project has really inspired me!

327. I was really nervous going into it. I prayed specifically for a storyteller that was used to communicating in this way, as I’m not all that used to being a channel and I knew I was going to need someone real clear. It was interesting how I received the story, as the whole thing came in pictures‚ and then the words would describe the pictures.

328. You’ll notice that at the beginning there is a poem. I started getting poetic verse at the beginning. I got about four lines, but I kind of chickened out and thought, “Lord, I don’t know if I have faith for a poem.” So then I just started getting the story. Later on, though, I went back and got the rest of the poem. I had the feeling he was sort of introducing the story with the poem.

329. It was real interesting, as I was hearing a voice with an Asian accent‚ but very refined English, almost British sounding. At the beginning, I started getting the name of the place, but I couldn’t quite get it. All I knew was that it started with an M. Later on, however‚ I got the name “Myanmar.” The name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. I knew from the pictures I was seeing and what was being described that the story was taking place somewhere in the Far East.

330. I got the story in three sessions. After the first session I tried to find out where Myanmar was—if indeed it was any place at all. I looked it up and found out that Myanmar is the new name for Burma. I was so flipped out, and so happy that it looked like I was on the right track, whew! The next day I got more of the story, and also a feel for what was going to happen next. However, after the second session I was feeling a little shaky and wondering if it truly was Burma this story was happening in, or if I was getting things way off, especially when the war started and I started getting pictures of the fight with the tiger.

331. I had never been particularly interested in Burma before and had never studied it or known much about it. So I was totally flipped, and it really encouraged my faith when I looked Burma up in the encyclopedia and it seemed like everything I was getting in the story was right on; in fact, so much so, that from the description of the land, I could have been reading it straight from the encyclopedia. It just blew my mind! Super encouraging!—Especially since, when I was getting the story, I wondered about a lot of things, if that’s how it was in Burma, and if this was indeed a true story. I felt pretty sure that it was, but I was stunned by what I read in the encyclopedia.

332. For example, when the poem said that it’s a land of many trees, I wondered about that. Turns out that forests and woodlands cover half of Burma. I wondered if the terrain was how I saw it, with the big river, the large plain and the mountains in the distance, and yes, the Irrawaddy is the principal river of the country and the terrain is “central lowlands ringed by steep, rugged highlands.” Again, this is from the encyclopedia: “The majority of people live in farm villages, and most villages consist of 50-100 bamboo houses with thatched roofs. The houses are built on poles above the ground for protection against floods and wild animals.” That is exactly like I saw it! This just flips me out.

333. Buddhism is the principal religion, and 85% of the people are Buddhist. One thing I wondered about was where he was explaining how he could read. I was thinking, “I wonder if it’s realistic that a virtual peasant in the 1930s sometime would be literate like that.” Well, the encyclopedia said that right before colonial rule, Burma had a higher rate of male literacy than England in their day! I thought that was interesting. It could have easily been that way. And yes, the Japanese invaded Burma in 1942 and occupied it! And last of all, it said that jungle animals like the tiger and leopard are common. Praise God! Right on!

334. It took faith to step out and give what I was getting, and it was so amazing to find everything confirmed—especially since I knew beans about Burma before I got this story.

335. Another amazing thing to me is the way that it’s written. I could never in my wildest dreams or imaginations have written anything like that, especially not anything so long and intricate or in that style. So I have no doubt in my mind that it was definitely a spirit helper giving it to me.

336. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and that it’s not draggy or real slow-moving. The beginning is a little slow. I think he was setting the scene, and also I was getting used to his style. It seemed to flow better later on in the story. It’s rather long, too—almost ten pages—so when I went over it after getting it, I divided it into eight chapters and titled them. I edited it a bit, so it flowed easily. Even while editing, I would hear different things, and get other words to put in certain places, like you said in your Letter—”spirit editing.” It was neat. Editing was never so easy! Ha!

337. Well, this certainly has been an inspiring experience. God bless Sung Yi for his patience with me, as I’m not the greatest channel. (Note: Sung Yi is the name of the departed spirit who helped Bethy to write the story.) I was often impatient, wanting the story to end—not because I wasn’t interested, but it took a lot of time. However, looking at the end result, it sure is beautiful. I guess I can say that without worrying about being proud, as I didn’t write it! I was just the channel. It sure was fun to do this story, and I am very happy to have been a part of this! Praise the Lord! (End of testimony from Bethy.)

Story Battles and Sheherezade the Storyteller!

338. (Testimony from Jasmine, SGA:) I am receiving a longer story. I’ve gotten the first chapter, and part of the second, but I wanted to share a prophecy which I received somewhere in the middle. What happened is that I received the first part of the story, and then I started to get real discouraged about it. It hadn’t mentioned the Lord yet and I didn’t know where it was headed, and I thought maybe it was from the Devil or something. So I asked the Lord about it. Here’s my prayer and what He said in reply:

339. (Prayer:) Dear Jesus, please help me. I am a bit doubtful about this story prophecy I’m getting. Maybe it’s because I usually get the basic concept with my prophecies before I get the words, whereas with this one I don’t know where it’s going. And I feel sort of pressured, wondering what if the story isn’t in line with doctrine or good lessons, or what if it doesn’t tie together, what if it’s not the Lord but just me, etc. It’s been a battle, and I haven’t gotten very far, though the times I have sat down to do it, it seems to come through clearly, though not very quickly.

340. What I’d like to do now, Jesus‚ is to ask You if You could please speak to me about this story. Please either show me that it’s of You‚ and if so‚ give me something solid that I can stand on and throw back in the Enemy’s face, or else show me if perhaps I got off on the wrong channel and it’s not of You, and then I can just start again and not waste my time on it. It doesn’t seem like a very spiritual story, compared to some others I’ve read‚ so I’m sort of having battles about that. Please speak to me clearly, Jesus. I want my mind to be free of my own thoughts and just hear Yours, in Your precious name. Amen.

341. (Jesus speaking:) I love you, My precious one. Would I lie to you? Would I deceive you? Would you ask Me for bread and get a stone? Would I lead you on a wild goose chase and take up your time receiving something that was not from Me? If you are seeking Me, doing your best to get Words from Heaven for the children of the Family, would I trip you off into something that’s not of Me? Of course not. Therefore you must trust that what you’re getting is of Me.

342. In a way you’re making the battle worse by procrastinating, for as the story comes along‚ you will understand and see that it is of Me. It will bear witness of Me by its fruits. But by delaying‚ you go so slowly that nothing has a chance to materialize, and therefore you question and doubt, and your heart is heavy.

343. Bring your heart to Me, My child. Cast all your cares upon Me, and just trust. I lead you and guide you, and this story is of Me. Tell that to the Ol’ Boy when he comes around, all right? Tell him, “My Lord told me this story is of Him. Therefore how shall I doubt‚ though it seems that my ships have broken sails, and though I see not what direction this story is taking?” As with so many other things in your life, I am teaching you faith and trust and patience in waiting to find out what will happen. I could have given you the overall picture all at once, but I chose not to. I chose to reveal it to you as the words come forth. For in this way I keep you closer and more desperate. And plus, then you won’t daydream about what is ahead and get tripped off with your own mind. That way I keep the story more pure, don’t you understand?

344. And yes‚ this feeling that I have just been giving you is also of Me. There is one behind your story, and I know it will be a big encouragement to you to know that you have a helper—Sheherezade, your friend from long ago. She is a great teller of stories, and why should it surprise you that her stories are set in her homeland, those mystical and mythical lands of the East?

345. (Note: Sheherezade is from The Arabian Nights, also called The Thousand and One Nights. The book begins with the story of King Shahriyar, who has learned that his wife has been unfaithful. He orders her killed and vows to marry a new maiden each night and have her beheaded the next morning. One of the king’s officials has a beautiful and talented daughter, named Sheherezade, who insists on being the ruler’s bride. She asks her sister to come to the bedchamber on the wedding night and request permission for Sheherezade to tell one last story. The king agrees, and she tells a tale so entertaining that he allows her to live another day to finish it. One story leads to another, and Sheherezade tells tales for 1,001 nights. By then the king has fallen in love with her.)

346. Don’t worry if your story doesn’t have all the specifics and historical backgrounds just right. Those details can be clarified later. Don’t compare and don’t worry about those things. I am leading you in My Own way and I will bring your story to completion and fruition if you will only make time and continue to seek Me about it.

347. Stay close to your spirit helper and speak with her and listen to her, for she shows you a great mystery in this story, which will be of help and interest and encouragement to many. It is a great treasure which I am trusting you to mine carefully, and which will be revealed unto you slowly but surely. It is a particular favorite of Mine, and I am trusting you with its delivery unto My children. So take care and despise it not, for you are dealing with one of My delights.

348. There, does that encourage you? Sheherezade told this story the first time sitting on My lap, as I inspired her with it, and she delivered it into My ear to give praise unto Me. And therefore I have commissioned her, personally, to deliver this story unto you, that you may in turn pass it on to those who need and desire to hear it. It has excitement, it has thrills, it has mystery, it has love. It shall be a great source of inspiration.

349. So get on with it! What are you waiting for? The muscle of faith in this area will grow stronger with exercise. It’s natural that it’s a little rough getting started; it’s a new thing. Don’t worry and don’t fear. Well, you’d better go now. Your little one is awake and wants you. Isn’t she precious? She too will love this story one day. Do it for her‚ and for all the little ones like her all over the world. I love you, My dearest. Love Me and love others by tuning in to Me and My helpers. I love you! (End of message from Jesus)

350. So that’s what He said‚ and it was so super duper encouraging for me. Praise His Name! It was also neat to hear who was behind it! Many years ago, when I asked the Lord who my spirit helper was, He told me it was Sheherezade. So it’s neat to see that she’s still around.

351. When I had originally heard from the Lord that Sheherezade was my spirit helper, I was kind of surprised, because as far as I knew she was a fictional character‚ and never really lived. This was back in 1992! I asked the Lord about this, and I kept a note of what He said in reply, and it was: “Believe, only believe! Reason not in your carnal mind. How do you know that she never lived? What if I say she did? Would you believe Me over your own mind? I say she lived and still lives—the more now in you!” So that was neat!

352. Anyway, it’s still a bit of a test of faith to keep going, because I have no idea where the story is heading‚ or what the central theme of it is going to be, this “big secret mission” that the girl who is the character of the story is supposed to go on. Oh well‚ I guess they’ll let me in on it eventually! Ha!

353. (Added later, after having received more of the story:) Another neat thing is that while I was so very nebulous about the historical specifics at the time that I received my story‚ it’s neat to see how the Lord is starting to give me a bit more confirmation. I didn’t know anything about the specifics of the country, customs or anything, but at one point the story mentions the “hanging gardens.” I asked someone where those are, and they said they were in ancient Persia. And when researching about Sheherezade and the book, The 1001 Arabian Nights, it says that the tale comes from the kingdoms of India, Arabia and Persia. So it seems like the place is actually right-on, which is very encouraging. Praise the Lord! (End of testimony from Jasmine.)

Another Inside Look at Receiving Stories

354. During Peter’s recent travels, he shared the vision of “Spirit Stories” with the members of one of the CRO offices, and encouraged them to step out by faith to receive stories. Soon afterwards we received stories from two of the SGAs there. Here are excerpts of a reaction one of them wrote, explaining what it was like when she received her first story:

355. It’s real neat to feel the excitement that you have for this project, Mama, and I’m so happy that I was able to contribute! I read over the story that I got several times. It was mind-boggling to think that it came in prophecy. Although I like to write and I’m a creative kind of person, I guess, I’ve certainly never written a story or poem to speak of, which is the wonderful thing about it. Now that I think about it, it must be similar to gifted writers when they get “under inspiration.” The only difference is that in this case, you know the inspiration’s gotta come from somewhere else if you’re not even a writer!

356. Peter mentioned you’d be happy to hear if we had any observations about our experience, so I wanted to jot some down here. Peter gave quite a sales pitch—actually several—throughout the day that he told us about the story project, so I finally decided to give it a try on my next free day. The main work for me when I get any kind of prophecy is getting my mind out of the way, as I’m kind of analytical and a thinker, which doesn’t help any with prophecy! I knew that I couldn’t in any way think “I have to write a story” because then I’d just mentally freeze for sure!

357. At first I just prayed and asked the Lord to give me a story for just about any age group He wanted, as I could picture in my mind some little kids at the HCS who I’m close to. I also have brothers and sisters in the OC, JETT and junior teen bracket, so I figured I’d be happy to get just about anything‚ and I was sure that the Lord had heaps of stories for each age group. But as I received the first few lines, I found myself being a little disappointed that the story was about some OC-aged girl getting ready to go to some school event. (I wasn’t even sure if she was in the Family.)

358. That’s when I stopped and realized that the kind of story that I really wanted to get was for JETTs and junior teens. So I stopped and apologized to the Lord and was more specific. (I figured somebody else could get that other story about the OC girl. Ha!) I told the Lord that I wanted something along the lines of a Heaven’s Girl type story, and something about the Lord using them in the Endtime, and along the lines of them using the “new weapons.”

359. I guess I wasn’t so specific at first because I figured it might be a little more difficult to get a story for JETTs or junior teens than for kids, which is why I had left it open. But then I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well ask for a story that I’d personally prefer to get. Besides, I have two 14-year-old sisters who had just written me about how bored they are these days, and I really wanted to get some kind of exciting story for them; and I know when I was their age I loved Heaven’s Girl.

360. So, that’s basically how I got it. It was really slow, and took a deliberate effort for me not to panic when I wondered if I’d go blank at some point. It also took real effort not to try to project how the story might end, as I guess I was just curious—like reading a book, sometimes you read the last page just to see how it ends, ha! But it just came real slowly and clearly.

361. So that’s a bit of what it was like. Oh, when I went back over it again I put some more details. For example, I had the distinct impression that Tom, one of the characters, was 16 years old‚ but that didn’t come out in the story for some reason, so I added it in at the beginning. And there were a few other little things. I hope that was all right! I remembered Peter had mentioned that the Lord allowed a little leeway to edit story prophecies, so I figured I could add a few details. (For your reference, the small additions are in brackets.) But if you feel it would be better to just leave them out, that’s fine.

362. Anyway, this was fun, especially seeing the results and knowing what a miracle it was that the Lord punched through. I think the kids will just eat up the stories! (End of testimony from an SGA in one of our CRO offices.)

A Vision of Heaven!

363. (Mama: ) So whaddaya say‚ folks? Are you game to try? As I said‚ we really need your help! So if the Lord is speaking to your heart‚ please take the time when you can to receive a story from Heaven! Dad said in the message that I included earlier in this GN that there are a lot of Heavenly authors behind this project‚ and one of the members of a WS unit I wrote to had a vision which certainly confirms that! He wrote the following testimony:

364. I had the most amazing vision this morning regarding the stories from the spirit world. I was super inspired after reading your request about the stories‚ but it’s been hard to get the quiet time to be able to get something, as it’s been pretty busy, and when I heard others had already gotten some stories I started getting a bit discouraged. But this morning when I was taking some quiet time before I got up, I felt led to pray for the gift of flowing prophecy. Then I started having this vision:

365. I was in a large open carriage and Jesus was riding beside me. We were going down a Heavenly drive and the sides of the drive were lined with all these people waving and cheering, a real throng. Many were dressed in beautiful costumes and waving hats in the air, almost like a parade. I asked the Lord what it was all about and He said, “These are all the ones waiting to get to tell their stories!”

366. Just then we pulled up at the bottom of a long staircase, and at the top was the most incredible building. It was like a fairy-tale castle with turrets and towers everywhere, and it stretched out far into the distance in both directions. It shimmered with every imaginable color, almost like it was made of opal. Jesus said, “This is My Story Palace!” It wasn’t like Jesus was just happy, but He was absolutely bursting with excitement! He said, “You can go into any room and experience a story! This was one of My favorite places when I was a boy! Where do you think I got all those parables that I told on Earth?”

367. There was a huge fountain in the entry hall with a small lake around it that He said I could dive into to go under the sea. Or I could fly up to the birds perched here and there on ledges under the high dome to hear their stories. Or I could touch anything and it would come to life with a story for me. He said that here are kept the stories of His children and their lives and lessons, and that He was opening it up for us to choose what we wanted. He also said that the books would even sometimes jump off the walls, they are so eager to be heard and to be of service in these Last Days!

368. I pray I can get to try out some of these. Jesus is so amazing! I never thought of Him in the sense of being a boy, but now I can’t wait to go exploring there. (End of testimony from member of WS pubs unit.)

369. (Mama: ) Thank you so much for your prayers and contributions toward this new project. We’ll be counting on you to help receive some of these amazing stories by being a channel for these wonderful gifts from the spirit world! Please step out by faith! The Lord won’t fail you! You don’t have to be a writer or have any talent with words whatsoever! All you need is to be willing to open your heart and mouth by faith, and give what you receive. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!

Love, Mama

370. PS: As a final bit of encouragement, I want to share with you a message Dad gave, urging us all not to give up!

371. (Dad speaking:) Honey, just as we experienced many times before whenever I would start out on a new project or a new vision which the Lord had given me, the Enemy would often attack the hardest to try to discourage me from even starting. That’s how it was when I started the posters. You remember that. I’d often get sick or have some spiritual battle or spiritual attack of the Enemy, whether it was attacks in the night or discouragement or an affliction or whatever. So he is still using some of his same old tactics. This particular project is very important to the Lord, not only for the Family children, but for the children of the world.

372. The Lord is going to use this project and bless it more than you have imagined. So naturally the Enemy wants to do all he can to try to discourage you or persuade you that God is not helping and that He is not answering prayer. But the Lord will help and He will answer prayer in a greater way than you’ve ever imagined. So keep asking, keep seeking Him and keep fighting, and you won’t be disappointed! He’s not only going to answer and fulfill His promises and see you through, but I think He’s going to do above and beyond what you have asked or thought. Praise God! It’s going to be beautiful! (End of message from Dad) q

Are stories important? Here’s what one well-known author, a professor of moral education, has to say on the value of stories:

(From Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong‚ by William K. Kilpatrick, condensed in Christian Digest No.16:)

What can parents do to encourage character development? They can, of course, do a great many things—from setting good examples to involving children in helping the hungry. But one of the most important things is also one of the simplest. Parents can spend time reading to their children. It may come as a surprise that a book on moral education places so much emphasis on stories. We have grown accustomed to thinking of stories as no more than entertainment. But they are‚ or can be‚ a lot more than that. Of course, no reading method, however good‚ will bring the child very far unless he is given something meaningful to read.

Those who become accomplished readers are those who have learned to love reading. And they learn to love it because it helps to make sense out of their lives. The same principle applies to moral education.

Stories help to make sense of our lives. They also create a desire to be good. Plato, who thought long and hard about the subject of moral education‚ believed that children should be brought up in such a way that they would fall in love with virtue. And he thought that stories and histories were the key to sparking this desire. No amount of discussion or dialogue could compensate if that spark was missing.

Stories have always been an important way of transmitting values and wisdom. They become all the more important in a society that, like ours‚ has experienced so much disruption in the family and in the community.

How did the Greeks—and for that matter, all other civilized societies—go about teaching good habits of behavior? The best way for a young person to learn them was by identifying with and imitating someone who already practiced them.

But the Greeks, and the Romans, did not rely entirely on the power of good personal example. Worthy models, after all, are not always evenly distributed among the population; and some people have the bad luck to be born among thieves. In addition, even the best people are on occasion weak, fallible, and inconsistent. Traditional societies recognized this, and they compensated for it with a generous supply of models drawn from history and legend. A child might be surrounded by crass and uncaring adults, but he could always catch a glimpse of another vision from the storyteller in the marketplace or in the pages of a book.

This idea of molding or forming one’s character according to the example of outstanding men and women—whether from history or legend—prevailed until fairly recent times.

It was a simple but profound concept: a life based not on principle or precept but on other lives.

It was also an indispensable concept for those living in a democracy. John Adams wrote that our form of government was only meant for a virtuous people, and Jefferson, Madison, and Washington concurred. A government of the people would work only as long as the people were good people. Schools did their part by explicit instruction in the importance of honesty, hard work, altruism, and patriotism‚ but also by presenting stories of virtue to children. The McGuffey Reader, which by 1919 had the largest circulation of any book except the Bible, contained readings from Aesop, Shakespeare, and the Bible as well as stories about Lafayette, Washington, and Wilberforce (the Englishman who almost single-handedly brought an end to the slave trade).

There now appears to be a decline in shared moral content. On the elementary and high school level the stock of knowledge about right and wrong has dwindled drastically. In 1985 Professor Paul Vitz of New York University reported the results of a comprehensive study of ninety widely used elementary social studies texts, high school history texts, and elementary readers. What Vitz discovered was a “censorship by omission” in which basic themes and facts of the American and Western experience had been left out. Of the 670 stories from the readers used in grades three through six, “there are no stories that feature helping others or being concerned for others as intrinsically meaningful and valuable.” “For the most part,” writes Vitz, “these are stories for the ‘me generation.'” More seriously, religion and marriage—institutions that have traditionally provided a context for learning morality—are neglected: None of the social studies books dealing with modern American social life mentioned the word “marriage,” “wedding,” “husband” or “wife.”

In one story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a boy prays “to God” and later says “thank God,” but in the sixth-grade version, the words “to God” are omitted and the expression “thank God” is changed to “thank goodness.” Although many Americans pray and go to church, hardly anyone does in these ninety books which are supposedly representative of American life.

Spirit Stories–Part 2

Karen Zerby

Maria #389DO/TS 31294/97

More on Heavenly Ghostwriting!—By Maria

My Wonderful Family,

1. I love you! By now you’ve probably read the GN about “Spirit Stories” and the first issue of “Heaven’s Library.” Isn’t it exciting to see how much the Lord has to give us, how freely and abundantly He wants to pour it out‚ and what thrilling messages He has from the storytellers beyond the veil?

2. While we were preparing the “Spirit Stories” GN‚ a few questions came up that we brought before the Lord in prayer to get His counsel on‚ and He and Dad responded with some fascinating answers. I didn’t feel led to add all these new messages to the first GN, as it was already very long. Plus, I wanted to tell you the exciting news about this story project and let you see the first story booklet as soon as possible, and if we had included all these new messages, it would have taken longer to get it all off to you. So in this GN I want to share with you some additional insight and information about this new spirit story project. I’m sure you’ll find these messages interesting and enlightening, as I did, and I believe they’ll answer questions some of you might have.

Editing Stories vs. Editing Other Prophecies

3. In the first “Spirit Stories” GN, I talked about the difference between the stories we receive in prophecy and the messages of counsel or direction that we receive from the Lord or Dad or our spirit helpers. As I explained previously, we have been given permission to change, add to‚ or edit the stories as we’re working in teamwork with the Heavenly storytellers, many of whom are new at communicating in this way; whereas even small wording changes in messages from the Lord or Dad are made very cautiously and prayerfully. In the following message, the Lord clarifies and explains the difference between the stories and other prophecies, and the changes or edits that can be made in them. (Excerpts of this prophecy were included in the first “Spirit Stories” GN. This is the message in full🙂

4. (Jesus speaking:) I have anointed and ordained this storytelling project. It is I Who put this idea in the heart and mind of Queen Maria. It is I Who gave her and her channels the faith to step out and receive stories, that the children might be fed. It is I Who have commissioned these on this side to speak, to tell their stories, to relate experiences, spiritual principles‚ lessons, and even entertainment and adventure.

5. There are many reasons why I put forth this project, the primary one being so that the children would have an abundance of reading material, and you would have a means to access and receive that reading material quickly. If you had the personnel available, then the experienced, well-trained and deeply spiritual children of David could, using their own mind and talents‚ write stories that would be equally as edifying for the children. They could be led of My Spirit, they could hear My whispers and they could receive plots, characters, and all that would be needed to develop, write and produce the stories that would feed‚ encourage and keep the interest of the children and young people.

6. But the problem with that plan, the flaw in that approach, is that the children of David have so much to do. Their attention is spread out over so many important responsibilities and projects that they cannot be spared to invest the time, attention, and painstaking labor that would be involved in writing these stories. So for this reason I have commissioned these departed spirits, these on this side, to use their talents, skills and burdens so that you might be able to receive these stories and this edifying reading material much more quickly and efficiently.

7. But a story is a story is a story; and you must realize that there are different qualities of messages from Heaven‚ and there is varying flexibility in the changes that can be made in these messages from Heaven. I have expressly given permission that the stories and songs that are given from Heaven to the children of David might be changed or embellished or polished according to how you feel led of Me, according to the need. For even this process of polishing and editing is part of your training. It causes you to seek Me‚ it causes you to be prayerful as you go over the stories that you receive, and as you continue to prayerfully seek Me and continue to hone your skills at hearing My whispers and receiving My checks.

8. The way you go about doing the editing is up to your personal preference. You can prayerfully seek Me as you rework something or make deletions‚ additions, clarifications and add a polishing touch—possibly to add more adventure, more intrigue, more detail‚ or to make the story line or characters more consistent. Or, if you find it’s easier, if you feel there is something missing in the story or something that needs to be clarified, you can simply call back up to Heaven and ask that same departed spirit to help you by giving you the words, edits or clarifications.

9. The difference between the stories and the other messages that you receive directly from Me, your Father David or your spirit helpers, is that stories will have a different impact on the reader. They are given for inspiration, edification, and for putting forth general spiritual principles. These stories are not the meat of the Word; they are not revelatory as far as direction or instruction for the reader or for the Family as a whole. The stories are designed and written and serve as part of the building blocks of your children’s education, but they are not part of the foundation of faith of your children and young people, which comes from the Word of God and the Words of David.

10. These Heavenly stories are like bait to draw your children and young people to the meat of the Word and the deeper, stronger spiritual principles that are put forth in the Letters and the messages from Me and from Father David and from the spirit beings who have been chosen to lead and guide Queen Maria and King Peter and the children of David. Because the stories have less influence, less impact, less ability to change the course of the Family or the individuals in it, I have allowed flexibility in the preparation of the stories, so that it is a teamwork, with those of you on Earth working hand in hand with those chosen in Heaven. It is both a give and a take: They’re giving the story, and you’re taking what you receive and are adding as you see fit and as you are led by Me.

11. I have commissioned your Heavenly storytellers, but as your Queen Maria has spoken, many of these are immature and inexperienced‚ not only in the ways of the spirit world and in communicating with those on the other side, but even in storytelling. Some of their own weaknesses or lacks are reflected in the stories they tell. They are not yet perfect beings, and they are not strong‚ time-tested, experienced, mature warriors of the faith, like your Father David is. Sometimes their stories reflect these weaknesses, as they are unable to punch through the veil clearly, or sometimes they even get mixed up and get a few things wrong.

12. I knew that this would be a possibility before I ordained this project, and before I revealed this unto your queen. But I knew that in spite of the fact that the stories would not be poured forth letter–perfect, but would require some edits‚ it would still be a great time-saver and it would be an opportunity to pour forth much inspiration, education and spiritual feeding to your young ones.

13. Because of your many years of feeding on My pure Word and the Words of David, I knew that I could trust you, My channels, My story–receivers, to be led of Me and to be deeply spiritual and prayerful when making any needed changes or adaptations. I knew that this would be a successful teamworking venture, that it would bring much satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment and challenge to your Heavenly storytellers, and it would also help supply the very great need that your children have for edifying reading material. I knew it would also be a thrill and a spiritual charge to you channels who would step out to receive these stories‚ and that this experience would serve to help you exercise your gifts and grow in faith.

14. But I must be very clear that there is a great difference between the stories you receive from the spirit world‚ and the messages you receive from Me or from your Father David or from your spirit helpers—those who have been chosen and ordained to lead you in spiritual matters‚ to give you answers to questions, revelations, direction, correction, instruction and guidance in your decision-making.

15. When you seek Me and come before Me in prayer to hear from Me in these serious matters, then you must know that I do not delegate the giving of such messages to storytellers or to departed spirits who are inexperienced, immature, and even in some cases, less educated in the ways of the spirit world than you are. When it comes to serious instruction or guidance or the answer to your questions, I either come to you Myself, or your Father David speaks‚ or those spirit beings who have been assigned to your care and protection speak. And such messages are of a completely different quality‚ for these messages are divinely inspired. They are the Word of the Lord that you can count on and trust. They are without weakness or inconsistency.

16. If the channel who comes before Me has full faith and is well exercised and well practiced, then the message will be full and complete. Or if a number of channels come before Me with a question, or are in need of instruction or direction, then through the messages received by all the various channels you will receive a well-balanced, multi-faceted message, with many sides‚ many angles, complete in itself.

17. When you receive such messages that have great potential to change your life, the direction you’re going, the decisions you’re making; when you’re seeking Me desperately for the answers to your questions; when you need to know My will; when you need to know what to do and how and when and where; or even when you’re seeking Me for words of encouragement in your time of need‚ then in all of these instances you must trust Me that the Words that you receive are for the most part exactly as I would have you hear them. If you’re desperately crying out to Me, if you come before Me with a yielded heart, and you make of your mind a blank sheet and ask Me to write on it the Words that I choose, then you must trust that when you open your mouth, I will fill it. Trust that if you ask bread of Me‚ I will not give you a stone, but I will give you that which you need. And I will give it to you and present it to you in a format that is safe and secure and in which you can put your full trust.

18. Of course, the Evil One and those of the dark forces are always trying to distract the channels. They fight every word, every phrase, every sentence that is given from the Heavenlies. If the channel’s concentration is broken or distracted‚ or if the spiritual warfare causes some static on the line‚ then it is possible that the channel—even a good, reliable channel—may get a word or some words wrong from time to time.

19. Often during the actual receiving of a message, the channel may get a check that a word that was said was wrong‚ and in that case he or she can correct it right on the spot. Or even afterwards, when going over the message, the channel may get a check, or someone else may get a check, that something doesn’t sound quite right. In this case, you can bring such possible “mistakes” or “errors” in the message to Me and ask Me specifically if that is the right word or the wrong word and if some change needs to be made, and I will be more than willing to make it clear, so that you can proceed in full faith.

20. The safest and surest route to take when going over your messages from Me or from Father David or from other spirit beings is to refrain from making any changes or edits or “improvements” unless you are absolutely sure that the word was either misunderstood or mistyped, or you have a confirmation from Me that it was indeed the wrong word and that it should be changed. For I would not have you putting words in My mouth or changing and editing My messages according to your carnal mind.

21. Take care to know that My ways are not your ways, but My ways are higher. And so it is that often a message that I give may be entirely accurate, and yet it is still mysterious, and sometimes difficult to understand, and may seem to you to be unclear or even “wrong.” But in such cases, I have either veiled the message until some time in the future when I will reveal the full meaning‚ or I have allowed such ambiguity so that you would come before Me again to receive yet further information, counsel‚ and direction. Sometimes I even allow things in messages to appear to be wrong as a test, to see if you will lean to your own understanding, or if you will come to Me and seek My guidance.

22. Be strong in the fear of the Lord and lean not to your own understanding when judging and drinking in the messages from Heaven. Have faith and know that I am He Who gives the sign, Who gives the go-ahead, Who delegates to the Heavenly storywriters, even knowing that the stories will not be poured forth letter-perfect, but will require some small edits. But I trust you, My children. I trust your faith and your deep spirituality and your knowledge of My Word. I trust that the end product will be what I want it to be, as I know that you will bathe it in prayer and seek Me in your editing, polishing, and preparation of the stories from these departed spirits.

23. I also trust that you will be wise and mature and will not jump to conclusions, but will know that there is a vast difference between the messages from the storytellers and the messages that I would give‚ or that I would allow your Father David or your divine spirit guides to give. Have faith‚ be wise, and rightly divide the Word that I give. (End of message from Jesus.)

24. (Mama:) The Lord has commissioned us and the spirit helper storytellers to work together on this spirit story project, because He wants to feed our children—and to do it quickly. As He said, He could have helped Family members who have writing skills to write the stories themselves, using their own minds and talents; but since we’re all so busy and have so much to do‚ He is asking spirit helpers in Heaven to write the stories for us and pass them on. Since some of these spirit helpers aren’t very experienced in communicating with those of us on this side, or perhaps aren’t even experienced in telling stories, sometimes we’ll need to help them out by editing and embellishing the stories they give.

25. I wondered about the sentences in the above prophecy that said that some of the storytellers’ “weaknesses or lacks are reflected in the stories they tell.” Also, the Lord said that “sometimes they even get mixed up and get a few things wrong.” I thought you might wonder how this jibed with what the Lord had already brought out about how the stories involving people are true stories‚ told exactly as they happened, or they are based on true events, with some details embellished. If they are true stories, then what things are the storytellers getting wrong? When I asked the Lord about this, this is the answer He gave:

26. (Jesus speaking: ) Sometimes the Heavenly storytellers get little details wrong or miss some of the historical or geographical details‚ either because they lacked that education when they were on Earth, or because the subject of the story has something to do with a matter or a problem or a scenario that was not yet invented or not popular at the time when they lived. Or else they failed to do enough research, even in the Heavenly realm, before giving their story.

27. As with people on Earth, some of the storytellers are more thorough than others. Some are naturally more studious than others. Some put more into their preparation, doing more study in the Heavenly library, making a more detailed outline, and having more notes available for the time when they give their story. But others rely less on research and outlines and note-taking and preparation, and they speak more spontaneously. They speak from inspiration. They speak from memory. But in such cases, there is greater opportunity for some of the little details to be somewhat amiss.

28. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the truth of the story and the power of the story are weakened at all‚ or that the story can’t be relied upon‚ or that there’s anything seriously wrong with the story or the lesson contained therein. I’m just talking about little tiny details, like possibly dates or historical points or the geographical details of some of the countries in which the stories are set.

29. But I knew that even such missing details or mistaken details would not be a problem, because of the faithful proofreaders of the children of David. I have gifted the proofreaders, each in a different way. Each sees things differently. So these proofreaders are good safeguards to help the storytellers to present their stories and to ensure their accuracy.

30. The weaknesses or lacks that I spoke of are weaknesses in their preparation, lack of study, lack of thoroughness, lack of taking the time to ensure that the story is as complete and as accurate as possible. Some storytellers don’t have the patience necessary for thorough preparation; but they are good storytellers nonetheless, because sometimes what they lack in patience, they make up for in enthusiasm or speaking ability or willingness and availability. (End of message from Jesus.)

31. (Mama: ) The main difference between the stories and other messages that we receive in prophecy is that stories have a different impact and influence on the readers. The stories are for our young people’s edification, enjoyment and education, but they aren’t the meat of the Word, the Lord’s explicit direction or revelation. When we come before the Lord in prayer to seek His will, His guidance or His mind on a matter, He speaks to us Himself‚ or sends Dad or one of His trusted spirit helpers to give us the counsel we need. He doesn’t entrust a job like that to departed spirits who are not mature, wise or well-acquainted with the dynamics of the spirit world.

32. When we come before the Lord in full faith, asking Jesus Himself to speak through us, we can trust that the message He gives says what He wants it to say. It is possible, though, that the Enemy might cause static on the line, and even a reliable channel may get a few words wrong in the message. So if someone gets a check when reading over a prophecy that something should be adjusted, the Lord wants us to check with Him on whether He wants to change the wording. Sometimes the Lord intentionally lets His messages be mysterious because He only wants to reveal the full meaning sometime in the future; other times He simply wants us to come back to Him again for further information and clarification. Sometimes He tests us with things that appear “wrong” to see if we’ll jump to criticize or doubt, or if we’ll trust Him and come back to Him for clarifications or more information.

33. To emphasize the importance of asking the Lord about even making seemingly logical changes in prophecies, I want to share with you the answer the Lord gave when we asked Him about changing a word in one of the messages from the Archangel Gabriel, which was included in the “Spirit Stories” GN. The Archangel Gabriel spoke twice, and in both of the messages He used the word “gateways.” He said, “I am the keeper of the reservoir, the Word of God. I have received the instructions to open the gateways and to let the Words flow freely so that the water of His Word will flood upon the face of the Earth!” He used the word “gateways” in this context four times. He also said, “The roaring of the rushing waves beat upon the Earth with great power and magnificence! So shall this flood of the Word of God be, now that the gateways to the reservoir have been opened. You shall see a mighty flood of the Word of God that shall sweep the Earth in great power!”

34. One of our GN proofreaders suggested changing the word “gateways” to “spillways,” because spillway is the word that is usually used in relation to the release channels on a dam. That sounded logical, but since the word “gateways” was used several times in the prophecy‚ I thought the Archangel Gabriel probably knew what he was talking about, or had a reason for using that word. But we wanted to make sure we had gotten it right‚ so we asked the Lord to confirm one way or the other. He again sent the Angel Gabriel to answer our question, and here is what he had to say:

35. (Archangel Gabriel speaking:) What I have said, I have said. I have indeed opened the gateways, a great passageway, a great opening, a great door for the children of David. I have not simply opened the spillways to allow a little excess to flow out of the reservoir, to let it trickle out in meager portions; but I have indeed opened the floodgates, the gateways, that it might pour forth abundantly, richly—that the children of David might pass from one room to another‚ to a place of great abundance of the Word of God.

36. Have I not spoken of the Word of God flooding the Earth, pouring forth as never before? Have I not spoken that the key to open the gateways and the floodgates was given into my hand‚ that I might give the Word of God unto the children of David as no others have received it? What I have said, I have said, and so let it be: that I have opened the gateways so that the children and all might know that I have made a way to pour forth the water abundantly, richly, and in massive amounts—a veritable flood that will cover the Earth! I am not just opening the spillways to pour forth a little excess, to let a little run off the top, or run out the bottom, just to give a little release of excess water. No, the water from the reservoir of God is pouring forth with great power and force!

37. The gateways signify an opening, a passage—the movement of the children of David from one place to another, from one realm to another. It is truly a magnificent movement of the Spirit of God! It is great! It is awesome! You have yet to behold the magnitude and magnificence of what you are to receive! Therefore, let it be said what I have said, for I speak the truth which cannot be altered. For I am the Archangel Gabriel, the keeper of the reservoir of God. I give unto whom I give, according to the power that is given to me through Jesus‚ and I have given unto the children of David. So let it be said and so let it be written that I have opened the gateways of the reservoir of God. (End of message from the Archangel Gabriel.)

38. (Mama: ) How privileged we are to pass through these gateways into a new realm, overflowing with God’s Words! What a good example of how each word that the Lord or His spirit helpers and angelic beings speak can have great significance! So it’s important that we’re very prayerful in judging the Words of God, and don’t lean to our own understanding.

Stories Will Draw the Children to the Meat of the Word!

39. In the first “Spirit Stories” GN (GN 733), I briefly summarized the message the Lord gave when we asked Him whether our children would get too interested in reading the stories, to the neglect of reading the meat of the Word that is provided for them in the MLKs and Hope TKs. Since the stories are so fun and easy to read, you might wonder if the kids might spend all of their time reading stories, and either lose interest in reading the MLKs and Hope TKs, or perhaps only read them once.

40. The Hope TKs and the MLKs are the most important pubs for the feeding of our kids, as they contain the meat of the Word, key excerpts from the New Wine, and the Lord’s direct Words in prophecy, which will help our kids grow in strength and conviction. So we asked the Lord to explain how these stories fit into our children’s “meal plan” and what part they play in their Word diet.

41. (Jesus speaking:) With these stories, I am preparing the fertile ground to receive My seeds. Though they spend more time with the stories than they do with the meat of the Word, they will absorb more out of the Word when they do read it. The MLKs and Hope TKs become part of them; they are absorbed into their being. These are the seeds which will bring forth fruit. These stories will not take away from the Hope TKs and MLKs, but they will draw the children to them. The stories will serve their purpose of bringing the children closer to Me, giving them a greater joy of spending time with Me.

42. Are you concerned over the shallowness of your children today? You say, “Where is the depth of spirit that the older ones had at the same ages? How do we stir our children up to read and love the Word as their older brothers and sisters did?” Here I am with the answer: the wooing of their young hearts through these stories.

43. Oh parents, please be involved with your children. I know you have little ones, and you have rents and sickness and weary bodies, but please tune in to your children’s time with Me. For if they do not see you interested in their time with Me, they also will not feel it is important.

44. If the children do not see you, their parents and caregivers, sucking in the Word, they will not go to the Word, not even the stories. If you are feeding off of secular magazines, periodicals or television, and not the pure stream of Word that I give forth, then neither will they. For your children cannot be stronger than you, their parents and caregivers. They must see the sample in order to be able to fully partake of My Words.

45. If you read the GNs only as a newspaper, then so will they. They will pick up the TKs to see the art and then set them aside, because it is only to satisfy their curiosity. You must hunger for the Word, for the truth, so that they will also hunger for the meat of the Word. It is up to you; you are the ones who must put forth the effort to challenge your children to read the TKs. Don’t leave them to their own devices. Give them the Word! Bring the Word to life by using these tools that I give to you.

46. I have not only given these Hope TKs and MLKs to the children‚ but I am first giving them to you. You parents, caregivers, shepherds, teens‚ YAs and SGAs are the ones who must receive this Word and give it to the children. Give them these TKs as the priceless jewels of My love that they are, and the children will receive them as such. But if you give these to them with the lackadaisical ho-hum attitude of, “Oh, here’s something new that you can look at,” and then walk off, the message that you will impart to your children is that the Word is not very important. In so doing, you will undermine My Spirit, and your children will be weakened.

47. You must show a hunger for My Word, or your children will drift afar. For even the stories cannot save your children. It is still up to you; the burden is still yours.

48. You say, “But I don’t have time to feed my children the Word!” I understand. I see the burdens you carry and the financial and physical struggles that weigh you down, and I am sending you the answer. These stories and these TKs are My answer to help lift this burden. But you must still administrate it! If you have a baby in arms, or a toddler on the toilet, or a preschooler running out the door, then you have difficulties in giving your older children the meat of the Word. But you still can‚ for I have given you the tools.

49. Give them these TKs; pass them on as you would a new ring with a precious stone in the setting, and they will also receive them as precious stones. If you give them to your children as just another “nice thing,” that’s all they will be received as—just another nice thing. The responsibility lies with you. You must care for the child‚ and care for the Word, and then your children will also care for My Words. Stories and TKs [Hope TKs and MLKs] alike must have your backing. (End of message from Jesus.)

50. (Mama: ) The Lord reassured us that the stories will not distract the children from reading the other pubs that provide their solid Word foundation. They might spend more time reading the stories, but then when they read the more meaty pubs, they will better absorb and understand them. The stories are like “appetizers” that will increase their hunger for the Word.

51. The Lord also highlighted the importance of parents‚ teachers, shepherds and older young people getting involved in feeding our children. He emphasized the need for you to be a sample to them of desiring to spend time with Jesus and in the Word yourself, and being interested and concerned that they take that time as well. If you older Family members look at the Word as simply one more “newsy” thing to read, that’s how the children will look at it, too. But if you value and treasure the Words as the priceless jewels that they are, and you impart that spirit to the children, then they will partake of that attitude as well, and will greatly benefit from the abundance of Word that is available to them.

What About the Books the Heavenly Storytellers Wrote When on Earth?

52. Since some of our Heavenly storytellers were authors in this life, w asked the Lord for some counsel on how we should view the books and stories that they wrote while they were here. If any of their works while on Earth were not edifying, or were questionable‚ then why can we trust their stories now? What’s the difference between what these authors wrote while on Earth and what they write now that they’re in Heaven? And is it recommended that our Family members also read the books these authors wrote while on Earth?

53. (Jesus speaking: ) These authors in question were very gifted writers while on Earth. These gifts were given to them by Me, and they learned to develop them. They learned to develop their writing skills. They studied, they worked hard, and they used the gifts and talents that I had given them. That’s why I allowed them to become famous, to become well-known, because they didn’t bury their talents; they didn’t hide their talent under a bushel. They didn’t keep these things hidden in a corner, but they stepped out by faith. They used their talents and they worked on them, so I blessed them and the work that they did because they were faithful to use that which I had given them.

54. But you must remember that these were people of the world. Even those who loved Me and read My Word, who knew of Me, prayed to Me, and believed in Me, were still very much people of the world. They were influenced by the world around them, by their worldly surroundings. They didn’t have the strong, spiritual, Bible teaching and Word-based education that you in the Family have. They had some religious education. They had some understanding of the Bible and My Word. They did have true belief, but they were far behind you in the realm of real spiritual enlightenment and understanding. Even the young ones in your Family have more training and more understanding of the world of the spirit than these writers did when on Earth. So these writers’ stories and writings were very much colored by the things of the world.

55. They wrote through the filter of their own mind, which was filled with the concepts, ideas, philosophies and the mindset of the world. Oh, some had a glimpse of Heaven and the supernatural. They understood at different times in their lives that their writing and their skills were a gift, but they really had no idea of how great a gift, or the full meaning of the Giver of the gift. So you see, their works, their writings, their books, their stories were all colored by the world around them, and were not the pure Words from Heaven. I blessed them nevertheless, because what they wrote was basically good and had some redeeming qualities. And I also blessed them because of their willingness to use the gifts that they had been given.

56. There’s very little need to go back and read the things that they wrote. They were like their rough drafts; it was like their time of training. Although their stories were highly prized in the eyes of those in the world, and although these writers seemed to have great accomplishments, in My eyes they were just rough drafts. They were just exercises in learning—learning to use their writing skills. Those books were really their first attempts. They spent many, many years writing those books‚ so when I say “first attempts,” I’m thinking in the long term. I’m thinking in terms of the Millennium, or all eternity. So what is 10, 15‚ 20, 30 years or more of writing, compared to all eternity? It’s just the beginning.

57. They were just learning to use their skills; they were just learning how to use the language, which words to choose. And although they didn’t realize it, they were also learning to listen to the whispers; learning to look for the inspiration; learning to hear the voice or get the picture, or receive the idea, and to translate that into written words. That’s what they were doing, though they didn’t always understand it or think of it in those terms. Sometimes they had a little inkling of what was going on‚ but really, they were pretty much in the dark about these workings of the Spirit. But they did it, and they learned‚ and they grew, and it helped to develop their skills.

58. So why would you want to go back and read a lot of rough drafts? Those are like the initial blueprints of the building. Wouldn’t you rather have a look at the finished product? Why would you want to go back and pore over and try to study and squeeze out lessons and some bits of goodness from somebody’s early writings—things that do not reflect their full gift‚ but are only like practice sessions or exercises in learning?

59. Now they’re in Heaven! They’ve been Here for a while now, and they’re being influenced by their Heavenly surroundings. Their mindset is changing. Their perception of life is changing, and their spiritual perception is growing and increasing. You might say they’re becoming enlightened to the ways of the Spirit. Their skills and their talents and the writing ability that they learned on Earth were a great benefit, and they brought those skills with them.

60. Now they’re beginning to understand what was going on when they had a little thought, or when they had an urge to write a certain paragraph, or when they had a little mental picture of the rest of the story. Now they understand what that is and they can tune in better. They have better channels. The scales that partly blinded their eyes have been removed, and now they see things as they really are and the way they should be. So now their stories are reflecting their Heavenly viewpoint, their Heavenly mindset.

61. Their philosophies and viewpoints on life have changed. They’re no longer the thoughts of man‚ the traditions of man, mingled with a little good and a little bad, but they’re pure now. They don’t understand everything, of course; they’re still learning.

62. They’ve had to go back to school. There’s much they’ve needed to read and study. My Heavenly storytellers are always learning, learning, learning! Even the ones who arrived in the Heavenly City educated and well-prepared and well-versed in the area of writing are still learning. Many of them had to unlearn a lot of the things they knew while on Earth, and they had to learn the ways of the Spirit, the ways of Heaven and the ways of love.

63. They do this by spending long hours in the Heavenly library. They study the Bible, they study the biographies of great Christians and missionaries, they study the MO Letters and other publications of the Family. They study the writings of other great Christian revolutionaries, evangelists, missionaries and reformers. And they even study the writings of Heavenly beings—those who have written volumes and volumes to explain the workings of the universe and the Heavenly City and the ways of the Kingdom.

64. There is much‚ much for the Heavenly storytellers to study. They are not studying and reading and wasting their time with writings of worldly things or worldly values, for there is much to learn from the Heavenly realm, and they have much to learn about the ways of the Lord and the truth of His Words.

65. They’ve needed to set aside their writing professions, just to go through a retraining course, to get purged out and washed clean of all that System input, System thinking and philosophies and viewpoints. But they’re doing much better now. They’ve come a long, long way, and I’m entrusting them with their writing skills again. Oh‚ they’re happy! They’re thrilled! Because, really, that’s what they love to do most—they love to write. And now they’re going to be writing from their Heavenly vantage point, and the stories are going to be more Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.

66. Some of the stories they’re going to give will be for our Family, because they understand the things of our Family more clearly. They’re going to relate to the children and the young people and the adults, too, and they’re all going to enjoy reading these Heavenly stories.

67. You have to realize, though, that they didn’t grow up in the Family. Even though they’ve been through a time of retraining up Here and they’ve learned a lot‚ still, there are certain aspects of Family life and training and input that you’ve received that are just taking them a little longer to grasp. So it doesn’t mean that every single thing they write is going to be so Family-oriented or spoken just like you would in the Family.

68. I’m giving them this opportunity to use their gifts, and they’re really excited and they want to do their best. They’re being prayerful and they’re being on guard and they’re being very direct in their prayers in asking that these messages, these stories, be as edifying, Spirit-filled‚ and on-the-mark as they can possibly be.

69. Now, another thing that I’d like to share is that some stories they give could be for the general public. They’re going to be able to draw upon their experience in the world. They’re going to be able to utilize a little bit of what they lived and experienced while on Earth to help package more truth, more Heavenly viewpoints, more Heavenly concepts that will be palatable to the general public. So some of their stories will be along those lines and more geared for the general public than they are for the Family. Still, as all good things come from above, all the things that I will be allowing them to pour down are going to be good and helpful and edifying.

70. So let those messages flow! Let those stories come cascading down! Just open up your channels and let them flow through. These folks up Here have learned a lot‚ they’ve come a long way, and they’re really eager to pour these things out! So open up and let them flow! Let them pour through you! (End of message from Jesus.)

71. (Dad speaking: ) Praise the Lord! Isn’t this storybook project exciting? Wasn’t that exciting news and a helpful explanation? I hope that will help to clarify things and give you the right picture and the right perspective on how to look at these authors.

72. You know, I read a lot of those books myself—I told you that, I explained that in the Letters—and I got a little something out of them. But you have to realize that I was just a child myself when I read them. And although I had the spiritual background and training and heritage, as I grew older I began to see that the Lord had so much more for me in His written inspired Words in the Bible. I began to see that I could draw so much more strength, wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the Bible than I ever could from those books I read earlier.

73. Remember, I read those books as a child, in my younger years. But when the Lord’s hand came upon me, after I got filled with the Holy Ghost‚ I just wanted the pure Word from Heaven. I didn’t want to look back at those old books any more. I remember them still, and sure, I gained a few spiritual principles from reading them, and I could see there was some good in there. But once I got ahold of the real thing, once I got filled with the Holy Spirit and I started reading the Bible and seeing those Words through the eyes of the Spirit and letting God’s Spirit interpret those Words to me, I knew I had finally tapped in to the pure Heavenly stream—the unadulterated Word of God! Then I turned my back on all that old worldly stuff. It just didn’t satisfy. It just didn’t give me the same charge in the spirit. With those other books you had to read for hours and hours searching for one little crumb or nibble of spiritual food. It just wasn’t worth it, when I could turn to the Bible and be fed moment by moment through everything I laid my eyes on!

74. So that’s my testimony. That’s the way I looked at it. After I got filled with the Spirit and started reading God’s Word, I really had no more appetite for those things.

75. And now our young kids, our adults‚ all of our Family members have oodles of things to read, oodles of Words from On High! Sure, they have their Bibles, and that’s great, but look at the Letters they’ve got! Look at the volumes and volumes of God’s Word in the form of those Letters that they’ve got—counsel, instruction, stories, anecdotes, it’s all there! And now the Lord’s pouring down even more with these new stories from Heaven. So I just don’t see why anybody would want to go back and read any of those worldly books.

76. My goodness! We’ve just got so much in the Family! We’ve got such a wealth of material, such a storehouse, I don’t think there’s anybody in the Family that could have possibly read everything that’s come out—except for maybe some of our editors and those who spend all their time on the Words. But even if they had read every single thing that’s ever been published by the Family, there’s been so much that they could go back and start all over again and much of it would be fresh and new, just as if they were reading it for the first time!

77. I think it’s good for the Family to know a little bit about who these authors are—maybe just enough so that they realize they were famous authors. I don’t think that we need to promote their books by any means, when these authors are so changed now and they’re producing new things. They themselves aren’t really so interested in anybody reading their old stuff; they’re almost kind of ashamed of it. It’s like when you write a letter: You start with your rough draft, but when you finally have the polished version, the good version, you don’t want anybody going back to your original rough draft! You’d rather throw that away or set it aside, because it isn’t representative of your best work. That’s the way those folks feel. They’d rather you didn’t go back and read those things. They’d rather you read the new stuff.

78. It’s like I said in some of my other Letters, it’s good for people to know a little bit about the things of the world—at least to know the difference between who was a famous painter and who was a famous architect. They should have enough knowledge to know the difference between who did what. But they don’t need to dig into their works or try to understand them all, and certainly not get into reading all these old stories or books that are from an era long past.

79. Tell the Family a little bit about who these people are—a little bit about their life and why they’re famous, why the world recognized them. But then point them toward the new stuff, the good stuff‚ the inspired stuff, the writings that are coming down from Heaven. Praise the Lord! (End of message from Dad)

80. (Mama:) During their time on Earth, the Lord inspired and anointed these writers to some extent, probably some more than others, depending on their yieldedness. He was training them and showing them how to use and develop their God-given talents. But since graduating to the next life they have been able to grow spiritually, by learning more about the Lord and His truth, and now their writings are so vibrant and inspired that the things they wrote while on Earth—although some are considered great literary works—are like rough drafts by comparison.

81. It’s good to know a little about these famous men and women of times past, to know a little about their lives, where they were from, and what they wrote. But why would you want to spend hours and hours reading through their old material when you can instead turn to the new masterpieces they’ll be creating and sending us straight from Heaven? You might get some enjoyment and entertainment from reading the books that some of these folks wrote long ago‚ but by feeding on the new stories they’ll be writing‚ together with the other wonderful Word treasures the Lord has and will continue to rain down upon us, you can be enlightened and empowered by God’s good gold!

A Question About “The Uneager Beaver!”

82. Another question that came up was in regards to the MO Letter “The Uneager Beaver” (ML #352, printed in 1975). You might recall that in that Letter Dad got very upset about a story that a Family member wrote. So we asked the Lord if He could have Dad explain to us how the counsel in that Letter applies today, and what the difference is between that story and the stories that were printed recently in the Zine, for example, that were not exactly spirit stories.

83. (Dad speaking:) Okay, how does that counsel in “The Uneager Beaver” relate to the things that the Lord’s pouring out to the Family today? Well, dear Family, that Letter was good and helpful, and it was very good counsel. You might not recall the details of that Letter very well, but there were a lot of reasons why I was upset and disappointed with that story. For one‚ they had titled the story “Moses David’s Squeeze Don’t Jerk Color book,” when in reality the story didn’t contain one word of the MO Letter. It was supposed to be a parable based on the message of “Squeeze‚ Don’t Jerk‚” but the overall message of the story was moderation. It was lukewarm, a horrible compromise, and nothing at all like the message of “Squeeze‚ Don’t Jerk.” In the Letter “Squeeze, Don’t Jerk,” I’m telling you to go slow, so even the whole theme of the story was off, and they had missed the whole point of “Squeeze, Don’t Jerk.”

84. Then not only that, the story itself was stupid, ridiculous, silly, unscriptural, frothy, insipid and a total waste of time! It was about a lazy beaver wandering around in the forest wondering what name he should call himself. Just the setting in itself is completely ridiculous and couldn’t be further from the truth. When have you ever seen a lazy beaver? They just don’t exist! And why would a beaver be wandering around in the forest wondering what to call himself when he’d already been named by Adam?! So the whole foundation, the starting point of that so-called parable, was false; it was a lie. That story was not inspired by the Lord, it was inspired by the Enemy!

85. The children’s pub team at that time had spent hours and hours and hours preparing that ridiculous story and illustrating it to the hilt. But when I saw it, when it was sent to me for final approval, it was clear that all their time and effort and energy had been wasted. It was a total loss! And then, to try to pass that stupid story off as a MO Letter, as the Word of God, was an insult, a slap in the face to me and the Lord! We wanted to feed our children the Words of the Lord, the MO Letters, the dreams and visions and stories that the Lord had given me in the Letters—the true Words from the Lord. So for that pubs team to waste their time and energy and effort on something so shallow and false exposed their lack of spirituality and depth in the Lord.

86. Yes, I was furious at that time, but it was not because somebody took the time to write a story. It was because somebody took so much time to write, edit and illustrate a story that was a lie, that wasn’t even based on good, sound, spiritual principles and the truth and the Word of God. And then they had the gall and the nerve to put a MO Letter title on it and credit it to me, calling it “Moses David’s Squeeze Don’t Jerk,” so that all the children would have read that silly story and put it on par and given it as much credibility as the stories that they read in the MO Letters! It was ridiculous, and it was a trick of the Enemy to lead the children astray and to weaken their faith in the Word of the Lord and the parables of Jesus and the MO Letters.

87. We’ve printed stories for the children and the young people in recent years that weren’t necessarily spirit stories, they weren’t received in prophecy, but they were still good stories. They were inspired by the Lord and based on sound spiritual principles‚ based on the Word. They weren’t a figment of somebody’s crazy imagination‚ or worse yet, inspired by the Devil.

88. Just because we’re now receiving spirit stories—stories from our Heavenly helpers, dictated from the Heavenly realm—doesn’t mean that the stories printed earlier that were written by Family members or others are not good, or that there’s anything wrong with them. The Lord is allowing you to receive stories now from the spirit world via prophecy because there’s such a great need, and that method is so much faster. You also don’t have to be gifted with writing ability, and you don’t even have to be in WS. Anybody in the Family who has the faith and the burden can now receive stories and help to feed our children.

89. So I hope that helps to answer your question and bring things into proper perspective, so you don’t criticize the stories that have been printed in the past—even the not-so-distant past, in the Zine, for example—just because they aren’t exactly spirit stories. They’re still good stories based on the truth with a lot of good, sound, Scriptural lessons. But now one of the Zine editors, Jasmine, has become one of our spirit story writers, and I’m sure she would testify that receiving stories from beyond via prophecy is faster, more efficient, and a much better method.

90. It’s a new day! The Lord is doing new things. There’s a greater need today. We need these stories. We need that extra news from Heaven, and we need these things that the Lord is pouring out. We weren’t quite ready for Heavenly stories back in 1975. Timing is important. Now it’s a new day, and the Lord’s doing all kinds of new things. And the key in that statement is the Lord! The Lord’s doing new things! He’s the One that’s inspiring these stories! He’s the One that’s pouring them down. He wasn’t the one pouring down or inspiring “The Uneager Beaver” story. So that’s the difference. (End of message from Dad.)

91. (Mama:) So there you have it! The Lord is doing a new thing! This project is ordained and designed by Him‚ and it’s going to accomplish His purpose of feeding and inspiring our children—and all of us! If the Lord is calling you and putting the burden in your heart to become a channel and let the Heavenly storytellers beam down their messages through you, then please take the time to stop and listen, and open your mind and heart and receive what they have to give you. And all of you can pray and ask the Lord to help and anoint those who are receiving and working on preparing and publishing the stories! There’s so much coming down the Heavenly pipeline‚ and we’ll be trying our best to get it to you as quickly as we can! Thanks for your prayers and your participation! I love you!

Love, Mama

92. P.S. When we were in the process of finalizing this GN, we received a message from an SGA who works in a CRO office. She was sending in her second story, and along with it she sent the following prophecy. I thought it was such a good reminder of the need to take time with the Lord if we want to receive His wonderful Words in the form of stories or other messages, that I want to include it here for your benefit as well.

93. (Jesus speaking:) Trying to receive a story from Me without first spending time with Me is just like trying to make love without any foreplay. You must first kiss and caress, look into your lover’s eyes and concentrate wholly on him, until you become excited‚ desiring his seeds, and all other thoughts fade from your mind.

94. This is the key to getting the most seeds from Me, to getting your stories in the clearest manner, and with the least effort. Humbling yourself before Me, admitting that you are nothing, that you need Me, is just as a lover who removes her garments in humility‚ showing that she needs the touch and the kisses and the caresses of her lover.

95. This has been the key to your success, so continue to spend that time in foreplay with Me. For it is not time wasted, and it makes the receiving of My seeds more enjoyable for you, as you are ready, you are sucking, you want them. And you are in the best position possible to receive them as you lie naked, adoring‚ before Me. It also draws the seeds out of Me, and we become one; and the union produces fruit, stories that will feed and thrill My children. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prophecies Received by the Family in Russia After “Releasing Our Spirit Helpers”

April 24, 2003

CM/FM 314610/97

1. (Mama:) On September 5, after receiving the Letter published earlier in this GN, the Russian Homes united to ask the Lord to release the help from the spirit world that He had promised. We later received many wonderful testimonies from the Homes of how the Lord answered this prayer in such an outstanding way by providing them with more help from the spirit world! The Homes also sent us many prophecies received on that prayer day, including a number of messages from the departed spirits themselves who had come to help. We can’t print them all for lack of space, but we would like to share excerpts of some of them with you. We’re sure they will thrill you and encourage your faith that the Lord can do the same for you! Praise the Lord!

From Patience B. (Russian, 20:)

2. I’m really thankful for all your sacrifices to help us here on the field, and for paying attention to each little thing that is happening with us. It feels so wonderful when I know that you are interested in everything we do and are going through. I must admit I was surprised and touched to tears when we received your message about the sad spirits of Russia.

3. I was born in St. Petersburg and lived there for the first 14 years of my life. The first few years of school I spent in a Soviet boarding school. It was in a very cute town‚ about an hour by bus from Petersburg. It was named after the famous Russian poet, A.S. Pushkin. There is a little house/museum, and some more nice places which tell you about his life.

4. The whole town still carries a spirit of sadness and pain of his life and those days. I grew up in those surroundings and I know they affected me. Usually the first signs of autumn would bring those memories to me, and this continued every year. I was sure it was only my problem and that I just had to overcome it somehow, but nothing could help me. What a relief came to my heart when I heard that the Lord was giving answers about this to Mama!

5. I don’t know why, but for the past week I’ve being thinking about Pushkin. (I always liked his writings.) At the same time I received a letter from my mom saying that while on vacation, she went with my little brother to this place to show him where I grew up, and that she felt very sad and mournful there.

6. This morning we started praying, and I suddenly felt that something was going on in the spirit. My tears couldn’t stop falling and I knew it was him (Pushkin). I started receiving something in beautiful, gorgeous Russian. But I thought I would never be able to translate it properly, so I tried to get it in English. I was disappointed how poor my vocabulary was. (Sometimes the spell checker on the computer doesn’t even have suggestions, ha!) So I’m sorry if this prophecy doesn’t do the subject justice. The accent that was in English wasn’t mine at all; maybe it was his knowledge of English?

7. (Pushkin speaking: ) Finally I can get through to you! I’ve been around for a long time, since you were just a little girl. All this sadness was around you because these spirits spoke straight to your heart, and it really affected you. It affected your childhood, too. You were living right there, and my spirit was still there. You were looking in the places where I spent my life, and each time you came into my house, you became more and more sad.

8. I saw how people were suffering. I saw their pain. I couldn’t rejoice and be happy‚ because this pain was in my heart too. I was weeping together with them. I was crying out for help, and the pain of my heart was coming out in my poems. You loved them [the poems] because they spoke to your heart. You understood them because you were going through the same things.

9. But I want to tell you that since I came up Here, I’ve finally seen real joy, real happiness, and how we could be happy! Now I feel so sad when people look at my life and my history, and they cry. When they look at the way we were living‚ they feel sadness in their hearts. Oh‚ how I wish to tell them that I was wrong. I would give so much now just to tell them that it wasn’t right.

10. Now‚ up Here, I understand so much, and I really wish to pass it to you. The Lord wants to send us down to you to help you to understand that [my way] wasn’t the right way. He is a happy God Who can change people by bringing them happiness and joy. Please open their eyes and tell them that I wanted to be happy, and I was happy at certain times, but the society around me was getting me down. And the feeling of condemnation for my own people was getting me more down.

11. When you start thinking that things depend on you and everything is in your hands, you eventually lose strength, and you understand that your own strength is not coming from anywhere. Only then will you know that your strength is coming from above, and only then is it real strength and real power which can do mighty things.

12. Please don’t look any more at the past with sad feelings. You don’t have to throw away your past, but can keep the best of it and bring out all these lessons which you have learned for your future.

13. Come up to me again sometime. This is the time for me. I do love you and I want you to be in happy spirit.


Pushkin‚ Aleksandr Sergeyevich (1799-1837). Russian poet, novelist‚ dramatist, and short-story writer; he has often been considered his country’s greatest poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.


14. (Jesus speaking:) Do you want to set [the Russian people] free and show them a sample of My joy, My happiness? Their lives are very dull, very plain, as you well know by now. There are many times throughout your day when you could show much more love and joy. When you are riding on a bus, smile at people. Give them a little bit of My love. When you’re doing shopping, when you’re taking care of business, when you’re standing on a corner—smile! Wave at people. Go out of your way to show love. When someone’s being pushy or gives you a nasty remark, be cheerful and polite. These are little things, but they’ll make a big difference.

15. Many times you might feel frustrated and ready to give up on people. But you must understand what they’ve been through. Put yourselves in their shoes. Don’t jump to conclusions and be harsh in your judgment, for if you had lived through what they have, think what your attitude toward others might be.

16. If you accept people as they are and love them the same, it will start to change them slowly over time. This is what I would ask of you. Be My light; be My love to these people. If you do this, you will please Me.

17. (Spirit helper speaking: ) We come to help our people, to give them joy, to give them love from above. We are the people from beyond the veil and time. We love our children and we’ve been waiting for our chance to help them, to reach them, to touch them. So many of them—many more than in our day. Feed them with the Words of David. We will guide you and we will quicken their hearts. They will recognize us, for they are our children, and we will speak to their hearts and tell them to follow.

18. (Jesus speaking: ) If you will just pray and open your eyes like Elisha’s servant, you will see all these spirits around you, all the helpers that are leaping for joy! They leap for joy every time you pull out a tract, every time you open your mouth to witness, every time you show your love to others and bring happiness to the Russian people. They will be there empowering you, strengthening you, strengthening your mind, putting electricity in your words, in your touches, in your looks‚ and in everything you do for the people of Russia.

19. (Anastasia, daughter of Czar Nicholas II [the last Russian Czar] speaking:) I love my country. Such a beautiful country! So big! Strong people! I love the old babushkas, the strong young men, the sweet children, the young girls. Such deep souls! Such deep understanding of life! So many questions! So much confusion! You have the answers. Please, help me to reach them. They’ve been through so much! So much heartache, so much hard work! You can’t even fathom the depths of despair they feel. And this is not just now; it’s been happening for many hundreds of years. It’s been such a hard life. So much war! So many leaders trying to lead this great nation. They’ve been so wrong and they’ve caused so many to suffer.

20. But now is the time. Now we have all been set free. We will help you. Just call on us throughout the day. Any chance you have to witness, call on us! We’re right there to help you. We’ll help you with the language. We’ll help you to understand them. We’ll give you the answers. Just be in tune. Raise your antennas and we’ll be there to help you. These people need Jesus. He’s the only way out of this big mess. And they will receive Him! So many will receive Him!

21. (Spirit helper speaking: ) So long we have to wait to come and fight. So pray, and keep praying, so we can be here with you, fighting alongside you for the souls of many in all the battles still ahead. Stand still so we can be with you and fight with you. Many [spirits] are waiting. Many want to come. They are waiting to be free‚ to fight with you and help those that are needing love and light.

22. So many [people on Earth] are desperate, searching, looking, wanting‚ without knowing what it is they are searching for. So many are empty. They try to fill themselves with so many things. We will go with you. We will love them and feed them. We will fight with you. The light won’t be here for long, freedom won’t be here for long, but we will still be here with you finding new ways.

23. Loose the horses for battle and charge over the enemy! Fear not; attack and win‚ and many will receive you.

24. (Jesus speaking:) As I gave you the gift of prophecy, so do I now give you this new gift of listening to all these spirit helpers, people who know the country, people who have lived there, the Russian departed saints. So even if you’re new, you’re a foreigner and you don’t know what to do or say, you can tap into the power and they will lead and guide you. They will show you what to do so that every word you say, every poster you give out‚ every tract you give out, will have the effect that I desire it to have. It will change their lives and bring happiness and joy, and the love that I want to give them through you.

25. (Spirit helper speaking:) Hi! My name is Isabella Bioncole and I am one of the good spirits you have just released. Thank you! I can’t thank you enough, for my people need the Words of David and I am now able to help you to give them to them. All Heaven rejoices, for they know of the great marvels the Lord has done this day! We are so happy‚ so thankful! Do you know what it’s like to want something so bad and then finally get it? It’s marvelous! There aren’t enough words in all the world to express the joy that I and all who have been released today feel!

26. Thank you! Now my people can receive the Words of David like never before, for we will help you. Even though you don’t speak their language, we will speak through you. We will speak to their hearts and they will see‚ feel and know that it is not you, but it is something greater, more wonderful than mere words. We can see their hearts and hear their thoughts and know who is worthy, and we can lead you to His sheep. Just be faithful to give without partiality. Give to everyone and be willing to witness to those we show you.

27. (Spirit helper speaking, an older Russian man, in a very thick accent:) Yes, we are free! Yes‚ I am happy! Much kisses, many kisses to children of David. I have been so wanting to help my people of Russia, and now I can. Thank you! Oh, I am so happy! So much joy, so much love, so much power! I can speak Russian through you, you little dyevushka (girl). You so small, yet through you I can win souls.

28. My name is Grigori Chimtov. I lived many, many years before, and now I live again! Now I help my people. Now I am free. You can get it. You can hear me. I can speak and help you. Oh‚ such joy, so marvelous! My people need you! They need you to bring them Words of David, Words of love. You tell them about Jesus and the great love you know about.

29. Jesus gives you so much. Please give to my people, for they have nothing but sadness and despair. Give them love. Give them the joy you have. Give it to them, okay? They want, they need, and I will help you. Help them, for there is not much time. They need you to bring them Words of life!

(A few people actually saw Rasputin in the spirit on the spot where the person giving this prophecy was. This was the first time this person had given a prophecy in public. Rasputin spoke very loud and with a strong accent. It was a breathtaking experience for us as it was so real!)

30. (Rasputin speaking:) I love you! I love my people of Russia! I talk so many times with my friends. My friends come to me. They ask me to intercede to God for them. I am Rasputin‚ and I love my people, but I tell them so many times, “Wait, I must not do this, for this is for children of David to do. They must come to God for me‚ for they are powerful people.”

31. My people say, “We have never had a chance to know God.” They have not known Jesus the way they need to know Jesus. Now you come and you pray for them. Now they come to me and they say, “Ah! The children of David are here and they are praying for us. Now they can show us a sample of Jesus. We can work with them and they can help us. They can teach us about Jesus. We can help them by teaching them about Russia, and they can teach us about Jesus.” Then when they learn about Jesus, when they learn about His love, they can accept Him into their life and they can go to Heaven. They can know God.

32. Now they can know Jesus! Now they can know love. I am so happy! I love my people, I love them so much! But I have been so sad for them‚ too, for I see their pain and I feel their hurt. I love you. Thank you for praying for my people.

33. (Spirit helper speaking:) This is a time of exceeding great joy and happiness, not only for the children of David, but also for the people of Russia. I’m no one in particular, just a teacher, but I’ve always wanted my children in Russia to be free. Since the time that I died, this is what I’ve always wished. But we were bound, and we had to watch the children of Russia suffer. It was hard for us, but there was nothing we could do. And all these old priests, their chants and their prayers never worked because they never had the faith that what they did was going to work. But I know that the children of David have faith, and I know that if they cry out to the Lord‚ He will answer, because He has promised.

34. Thank you for taking the step of faith. Thank you for freeing us. Now we can flood into your Homes and teach you about our land, teach you about our people, teach you how to love them, how to understand them. I know you have the desire, and I will help you. The people of this land need your help. They may seem complicated on the outside‚ but on the inside they are really simple people who long to know more about Jesus, who long to know the love that you have. Even though they put up barriers at first, deep down inside they really want to know. All you have to do is persist with love—not with great understanding, not with great words.

35. Remember what your Lord said, that your speech and preaching is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of spirit and of power. I will work with you and we will work together to win this land—not only me, but many other spirits that you were able to free today through your prayers.

36. (Spirit helper speaking:) My people are shouting freedom! I am Knyaginya Dashkova. I came to tell you how it looks in the spirit. It’s like an explosion, a wave, and it goes all around Russia! All the free spirits are ready to help you. They are standing right here. You just need to ask them and they are always ready to help. I was a helper and a friend of Queen Catherine. I am so happy to come and talk with you and to thank you that you were praying for us. Thank you!


[Princess] Knyaginya Dashkova (1743-1810); associate of Empress Catherine II [the Great] and a prominent patroness of the literary arts in 18th-century Russia.


37. (Spirit helper speaking: ) Don’t go away just when things are getting better. Don’t give up. We came to help you. Now is the time of happiness. Your burdens will get lighter. Please, we need you. Don’t give up. We too have seen your sadness and your times of struggling. We have seen your days of darkness, your times of loneliness, as you fought for this field.

38. Please hold on for Russia, for it will be worth it. Know that we are all here beside you and you’re not alone. Even when you lie upon your bed, or any place that you find that is private‚ and you cry out for fear that you have no more strength, remember that we are all here to help you. Call for us! Call our names! Cling to us!

39. (Departed spirit speaking:) We want to be part of this battle and to fight it with you till the end. Always remember to include us. Always remember to work with us. For without you including us, we will feel left out and we won’t be able to do what we are meant to do.

40. Open your hearts and your minds. Open your spirits and make space for us, that we may be able to enter in and work with you and help you, for there is so much that we long to do. We see the need and we see the hearts of the people. For we are in another realm and we can read people’s minds and see people’s hearts—things that you cannot do, for you are in the physical. So work with us!

41. Open your hearts and your minds and receive from what the Lord has let us show you. Don’t bind us. Don’t bind the power that God has given us‚ just because you will not receive, just because you will not open up your hearts. If you are going to succeed in this land‚ if you’re going to save the sheep, if you’re going to make any progress at all, you must use the power that God has given us all through His Spirit in letting us speak and work with you to help you.

42. Just as you learned that you need the older and younger generations to work together in teamwork‚ and that there is power in unity, so you need the spirit world to work together with you. Especially now in the Endtime, the battles will rage strong and the evil spirits will rise. We want to fight alongside you in the spirit, but we need your help and we need you to tune in. So make room. Please‚ open up your hearts.

43. (Spirit helper speaking:) This is my sword that I have fought with in battles of old. I have killed many an enemy with it. I have been bound in the spirit since my death in fighting for my country. I am one who has wept long and hard. I have seen these evil spirits destroying my people. I have reached for my sword to try to fight them off, but I could not reach it. I want to fight for them! I want to free them! But all this time I could not‚ for I could not reach my sword. It was of no use to me, for I was bound, and it was tied far away.

44. But on this day there is great rejoicing! Can you imagine the great rejoicing I feel when I can run for my sword and pick it up and fight for my people? Great joy is in me now, for I will fight! I will fight long and hard with all that is in me. I will fight with you. I will never leave. I will never go on vacation. I will stay here always, fighting and fighting and fighting!

45. (Spirit helper speaking: ) My name is Anna Pavlovna. I am not any special person. I lived all my life in this area of Kuban. My husband and son were Cossacks. They were killed in fights, and I became bitter against God and what He was doing in my life. But I did believe in Jesus, so I came to Heaven, and afterward I saw my husband and my son. I’ve seen how happy they are, and I’ve seen the forgiveness and love of God. He forgave all my sins, and even my bitterness.

46. For a long time, I was longing to be able to reach my people. I know that the love and the simplicity of Christ that you have is what my people need. They are a tough people. They are a proud people. You will have to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But if you listen, we will tell you where to go and where not to go; who to talk to and who not to talk to. We are preparing the people’s hearts for the message that you have to tell them.

47. No one else has the Gospel as purely as you do. No one else has the pure, simple message of God’s love that you have—the Words of David, the pure Words of Jesus. There are other churches‚ and we help them and we will try to work through them, but they’re not as open as you are. They’re not as open to spiritual things as you are. So that’s why I came to you, so I can help my people through you.

(I’m getting a picture of a writer, and it’s Chekhov. I was wondering if I should let him speak or not, because I’m a girl and it’s kind of funny that he should speak through me‚ but I just feel that I’m getting such a strong picture of him. I used to read a lot of his books, so it’s almost like he’s saying, “Hey, I have a link with you because you know my writings and you know me.” So I would just like to give a little message from him.)

48. (Chekhov speaking:) Thank you, my dear, for letting me speak and use your mouth to be able to talk to you all. I would like to talk to all of you—not only you in this room, but all these wonderful people of yours who came to Russia to save my people. I was trying, in my pieces of literature and art, to describe my people and to tell the world about them, and to help them. But my intentions were puny and fake and nothing compared to the Bible and to the simplicity and love of Christ that they need.

49. I would love to give stories. I would like to write again and talk to people! If anybody among you in Russia would like to listen to me and would like to get stories from me, I would love to talk, and I would like to tell stories. So please, get your pen and paper, so I would be able to write through you. I would like to get to the heart of the Russian people again and tell all the wonderful things that are happening up in Heaven. My good friend and colleague Sir Walter Scott can do that because someone is willing to let him speak, and I would love to do that too.

50. And I would like to ask you to please reach the teachers and the intellectuals of Russia, because when you do that, you reach an incredibly powerful group of people who could really help you afterwards. Many things come out from Russia‚ from the intellectuals, from the people who think, and from the students and teachers. They will listen to you, for I will be at your side‚ and I will whisper in your ear.


Chekhov, Anton (1860–1904), major Russian playwright and master of the modern short story. In his writings, Chekhov described the Russian life of his time. He is regarded as the greatest Russian writer of his day.


51. (Spirit helper speaking:) I was a criminal, but someone told me of a new way, and I was saved in jail. And I’m a musician! I love music! It’s deep down in my soul, and I want to keep singing. I have a new song‚ and I’m composing new songs. I’m with other Russian friends here, and we’d love to give you songs. In fact, they’re already composed—we just want to pipe them down.

52. We have a special burden for the prisoners. They love singing. They have a special type of singing, but it’s all so depressing because they are depressed. We know how to reach them. If you will just receive these songs, we’ll sing their style, but with new words. We’ll reach their heart, but with the solution.

53. We have new songs for you—just receive them! If you want to receive them, just call me. I’m Nicolai. Just ask the Lord if Nicolai can give a new song, and I’ll be so happy to go for it.

54. (Spirit helper speaking:) Multitudes are coming together! Multitudes are coming! They’re all praising and all coming! There’re so many of us from so many different walks of life, so each of us can help in a specific area where we’re needed. For every situation that comes there can be someone who’s been through exactly the same thing and knows exactly what to do. For every situation there is a person, and I’m so happy to be one of them!

55. So call us and work together with us. Ask us, and we’ll tell you. There will be individual helpers for each of you—helpers for works, helpers for cities, helpers for Russia, some special teams that will go here and there when help is needed. There are so many different missions.

56. (Jesus speaking: ) How can someone tell you love them unless you learn their language? And how can you tell them unless you learn the language? You need to learn the language of these people; that’s the first step to marrying them and to becoming one with them. I will send My spirit helpers for you to be able to learn it. Ask of Me talent for the Russian language and I will give it to you. I will be more than happy to send spirit helpers to you, who will be more than happy to help you in it.

57. Many come and many go. Many missionaries come and give out lit, but few learn the language. Few stick around and become one with the Russian people. Do you want to love these people? Do you want to reach them? Do you want to talk to them? Learn their language. Go to the level they are at, and you will see the lives of many that you’re going to touch when you do that.

58. (Jesus speaking:) Many Russian soldiers and warriors are added to My army this day! My army is made up of many different nationalities, from many different places, and this day many Russians are added to My army. Many forces of Russia are added to My great Endtime army to go and fight the battle and to win. With the reinforcements come added strength, more power, new abilities, more maneuvers that I am able to make with this added help, this extra regiment.

59. It’s a great blessing, and now I am able to do more, especially in Russia‚ for this is the place these people have the burden for. Many new things of My Spirit will come, for I can win more battles now with more soldiers in My army. There is a great strengthening, more than words can tell, more than you can understand with your carnal mind. This is a great day in the spirit!

60. (Spirit helper speaking: ) My name is Denise Brunhaf and I was the servant of Ivan the Terrible. I was his courier, his messenger, and I was helping him with his transportation. I took his messages to different ends of this country, so I know this country well. I’ve been around for quite some time now, so I know these people pretty well. Now I want to give you this knowledge. I want to pass on my wisdom to you. I want to tell you all about this people. I want to let you know what they think, and what is happening in their hearts. I want you to be able to relate to them better.

61. You can work together with them‚ and I want to work together with you, for I know this country. I know different roads. I know different people. I know how difficult it is to get the message to its destination safely, for there are a lot of dangers along the way—many dark spirits that are fighting. But I could help you with that, for I was a messenger.

62. I was just a humble servant, but I gained years of experience and understanding. And now Here in Heaven I’ve learned a lot about Heavenly communications, so I can make your job easier. I can carry your messages for you. I can make sure that they get safely to their destinations and that the Family all around Russia get their messages on time.

63. Actually, I’ve been helping you for quite some time already, but it was kind of on and off‚ as I was dependent on your prayers. Whenever you were asking me for help, I was helping you. But now I can be with you all the time, all day long. I can help you even more‚ for I have a great capacity! I am given a lot of power and a lot of anointing for this job. So whenever you have a problem, whenever it looks like the messages are stuck, just call me‚ and know that I will be right there to carry your messages for you. Remember my name, I am Denise, so call to me and I will help you.

64. (Spirit helper speaking:) You don’t always have to know what we’re doing—just believe that we are by your side and are helping you. It’s like a story that’s been told about a daddy and son who were driving. They prayed before leaving home‚ and they still got in an accident, but only had a few bumps here and there. But the son said, “Daddy, why did we pray? It didn’t help any!” And his dad said, “Well, son, if we hadn’t prayed‚ we would probably be dead by now!”

65. It is the same thing with you. You don’t have to know all that we are doing, but believe this, that many things that could happen, won’t happen to you, for we will protect and guide and help you. So fill your hearts with thankfulness and praise and rejoice‚ for this is Jesus’ love for you and His mercy on you. He wants so much to make your work easier, to help it to go smoother, and this is His great love for you.

66. (Jesus speaking:) Oh, the wonder of the spirit world! The magic of the faith of the children of David! It is done. Your prayers have been answered. The good spirits have been released and are now in My presence. They are receiving orders. They are receiving instructions. They are zooming out of Heaven, on their way to help these mighty people. They are coming to My mighty children of David to help them set the captives free. They are coming to bring relief, to bring help. They are coming to help the brokenhearted. They are coming to bring joy and happiness to this country which has suffered so much‚ which has been oppressed by the power of the Enemy.

67. (Spirit helper speaking:) Yes, we are many. Many of us are simple people‚ small people, people that no one knows about but Jesus. We died for Him because we loved Him. And we want to help you! We want to help you reach the simple people, the people who have simple faith, who are waiting.

68. (Spirit helper speaking loudly with a strong accent:) Oh, oh! Are you ready? I have something to tell you and I am glad that you can hear. I was trying to get through before‚ but you didn’t have faith to speak. Jesus has such great love and compassion upon my people. You know my name, Ermak‚ because I was trying to say it before. Oh‚ it feels so good to be free.

69. I love my people! I want to help my people! I want to win Siberia. I want to help win Russia, my part of Russia. Siberia is hard, and used to be harder. I want to help my people. I want to do everything I can for them. I can talk to hearts and change people’s hearts with Jesus’ power and love. I can whisper to them‚ and if they will listen, they can be influenced and changed, and they in turn can help my people. I try to influence them to help my people, for I love my people. I weep for my people. Sometimes I get mad at my people! Sometimes I get mad that the rich are robbing the poor. With Jesus’ help I’ll try to help. I’ll try to do all I can, for I love my people, I love my people‚ I love my people!

70. I was bloody. I was fighting. I had to fight a lot. Some people hated me. I was wrong in hating them. I learned to love. Jesus has so much love. He weeps and cries for His children. He wept and cried for me, and I changed. I’m a different man now. I love my people with Jesus’ love.

71. I came to help you, to fight for you, for I am a mighty warrior and I can fight this evil spirit! I want to fight him and rebuke him. I don’t like him, and Jesus doesn’t like him. We can fight together and win many wars and many battles, for Jesus is with us. You tell me to go and fight‚ and I’ll go and fight! I want to help, I want to fight.


Yermak, also spelled Ermak (died 1585), Cossack leader of an expeditionary force during the initial Russian attempts to annex western Siberia, who became a hero of Russian folklore.


72. (Spirit helper speaking:) I am a teacher respected by many generations of teachers—Makarenko, the friend of the street children. I want to help all my children that cannot find their best friend Jesus. They are wandering in the streets not knowing that they have the best, the kindest, the most loving Father on Earth—Jesus. I want them to come to Him and forget all their problems forever. I want them to forget their tears and their sorrows that follow them wherever they go. I want them to come to the open arms of my Teacher Who taught me real truth and love.

73. I want you, the children of David‚ to bring this love to my children—the children of my land. I am so thankful to you for bringing many to Jesus. But there are many more children wandering here and there. I want you to find them and lead them to Jesus.


Makarenko, Anton Semyonovich (1888-1939), teacher and social worker who was the most influential educational theorist in the Soviet Union. In the 1920s he organized a rehabilitation settlement for children made homeless by the Russian Revolution and who roamed throughout the countryside in criminal gangs. Makarenko was the author of several books on education. He regarded work as basic to intellectual and moral development. He taught that all children should be assigned tasks requiring labor and should be given positions of responsibility in order to learn the limitations of their individual rights and privileges. Thus, his first principle of socialist upbringing was: “The maximum possible demands with the maximum possible respect.”


(I saw a vision of a simple little family. They looked like typical Russian farmers—a young couple with a little girl who looked like she was 5 or 6. The little girl’s name was Olia, the mama was Z’enia, and the daddy’s name was Ivan.)

74. (Spirit helper speaking:) Thank you for releasing us from the bondage of sadness and depression. We were waiting long moments to become one with you and be able to go around to help the lost children of God in this land. But even more so, we wish to help the children of David themselves.

75. As you released us through prayers you prayed, we received new assignments from our wonderful Savior, Lover and Friend. He asked if we would like to help all the newlyweds, new mothers and children in this land. We will help the marriages to blossom with new joys and love and faith in each other. We will supply mates and daddies for single mommies among your people‚ and Olia can bring new joy and peace from Heaven to the hearts of the little ones in this land.

76. So pray, pray, and pray again, for your prayers will draw a map for us and will direct us to the places of greatest need.

77. (Jesus speaking:) I will not only set the good spirits free to serve you, but according to the prayers of My children I can and I will also set many other spirits free that were bound and did not know Me in this life and have been waiting to be released. There were many that suffered unfairly‚ unjustly, or in the purges during the difficult days of communism in this country; people who suffered for having one too many horses or cows; people who were arrested for no just cause or purpose, who were just trying to live in peace and take care of their families.

78. I can and I will also set many of these spirits free according to your prayers, and we will teach them Here. We also will release them at times to help you, because your need is great. Some of them will just receive a crash course and then be set free to help you. How honored they will be that after so short a time of training they will still be able to help and be part of this mighty cloud of witnesses that will help the children of David during these Last Days. It is like the parable of those that went to work in the field and who all received a penny—both those who worked through the heat of the day and those who just came at the very end. Likewise will I use them all in order to help, as the need is great.

79. The Enemy will be pulling out all his stops, but I will restrain them while I pull out all My stops in order to help you with this final great sowing and reaping before that dark and stormy day.

80. (Jesus speaking: ) Truly this is the answer to your prayers for freedom, for whom the Son has set free is free indeed! The laws of man must come to pass, for they are part of My plan. This world has been given over to the Evil One‚ the Wicked One, to the Son of Perdition, and his plan must come to pass that My Kingdom may come. But I am answering your prayers by setting all these spirits free. Even if only a few of you are able to stay in the land, they will be like ten thousands of people, and will have the strength of ten thousands of people!

81. This battle cannot be fought in the flesh, but only in the spirit. For the Evil One cannot touch Me, and he cannot touch My spiritual helpers. So rejoice, for this is the answer to your prayers! This is the answer to the heartcry of the people of this land‚ and all the departed Christians who have been crying day and night before My throne for the salvation of the souls of this land.

82. (Jesus speaking:) How beautiful are the prayers of those who intercede for these bound spirits—for My dear souls whom I wish to release, whom I wish to free.

83. This is a great day of rejoicing in Heaven! From henceforth‚ many miracles will happen—many more miracles than you have seen, many more outpourings of My Spirit, and many more ministering spirits helping you. For many plead at My throne and beg to help you. Many Russians beg to help their people, for they wish for their people to come to know Me and to know My love, that they may be freed from the despair that they have been under.

84. All Heaven rejoices and sings! For they are rising up into the sky with their arms raised, and they are no longer in bondage! The Evil One is confounded and shakes and stomps and is furious! Your prayers are mightier than he is!

85. This day is a great day! This day shall be recorded in Heaven’s annals of history as a great day for the lands of Russia!

Mama’s Visit to Central America

Karen Zerby

Table of Contents

Post-it GN #14

By MariaFD/MM/FM 3509 10/04

My precious Family,

1. How I praise our dear Husband for each one of you, and how I thank Him for the faith and love that you manifest each day in your service to Him. I’m so proud of you and the way you’re each yielding to the Lord’s will in your life during this renewal, and, as a result, being changed in wonderful ways. I know the ride may feel pretty bumpy at times and you may wonder how you can hang on one more day, but if you were able to see things from the Lord’s perspective, it would be so much easier.

2. Here’s something that He gave us the other day to share with you that I think will help you to see things the way our dearest Love sees them.

Use the Lord’s Vehicles and Weapons to Obliterate the Enemy!

3. (Jesus:) My dear, beloved brides of all ages, I am so happy to have this special time of renewal with you, this time away from the world. It’s like our secret place where we can run and hide out together. We get to have special times together‚ and this makes Me so happy.

4. But some of you are wondering why you’re facing some of the most intense battles of your life at this time. Well‚ the answer is really very simple: You’ve gone over the top. You’ve hit the Enemy head-on, and he’s furious. That’s the simple truth of the situation. The more you attack him, the more he freaks out and runs and tries something bigger to stop your onslaught.

5. You’ve made a major drive into his territory, and he’s running and grasping at everything he’s got to try to overcome this huge attack. He can’t stop you, and it just terrifies him. He’s trying so hard to stop you, but because you’ve got Me on your side, it’s like trying to stop a tidal wave! We’re going to wash right over him and capture so much territory back from his clutches.

6. I know you may see his trebuchets and his catapults, his spearmen and axe men and his mounted hordes‚ but don’t let that scare you! It may look to you like he’s never had such a gathering of his forces against you. But what you’ve got to realize is that all of his weaponry is obsolete. You’re looking at it all wrong. You’re looking at the Enemy’s forces rather than at your own. Let Me open your eyes in the spirit. Close your eyes and come with Me and let Me show you exactly how I see it.

7. (Vision:) I see a dark, cloudy sky; the sun’s light can’t penetrate it. Where I’m standing‚ it’s bright, but I can see the clouds and storms in the distance. The Lord gives an order to start walking forward, and as I begin to walk‚ it’s as if my steps are empowered by an outside power. The ground begins to move rapidly beneath me and I’m running at an incredible speed.

8. The picture zooms out and I see that this isn’t just me running, but rather there’s a huge army running in a wedge–shaped formation headlong into this darkness. There are shouts of victory and banners waving as we run. It’s a victorious charge into the Enemy’s territory.

9. Now I’m seeing it from the other side. I see myself in the ranks of the Enemy. I can see the Devil’s forces nervously fingering their weapons, their swords, their shields, their spears and axes. I see them shaking, looking around at each other, completely terrified.

10. It’s amazing the difference of feeling I experience. When I’m in the Lord’s army I feel an incredible sense of victory, as if the victory is already won and we’re celebrating. In the Enemy’s camp there is a very oppressive fear and panic.

11. I’m watching now as the forces around me begin to drop their weapons and run. I can hear an evil commander shrieking out orders to stand their ground and hold the ranks, but his forces are deserting their lines in panic.

12. The scene continues to unfold, and I see the Enemy hovering above his forces. On his face is a panicky expression. He’s waving his arms, and over the hill I see the catapults and trebuchets begin to fire. I can see the fireballs coming. They fall on his own ranks and cause further panic. The Devil then, in a fury, orders a fresh volley, which seems like it’s going to hit the oncoming army of light.

13. The scene changes to the onrushing “good guys,” and I see that they’re all rushing toward squadrons of powerful and heavily armored vehicles. These are their vehicles, not the Enemy’s. They’re all diving into their tanks and armored vehicles—and these vehicles look huge. The troops are climbing up ladders to get into them. The shouts of victory continue as I hear the incredible roar of the engines of these massive machines. The only way I can describe them is that they’re like the massive earthmovers that often stand about two to three stories tall that are used in mining operations.

14. These vehicles are so big that the sound of their engines is deafening. Mounted on them are these cannon-like weapons, which look absolutely overpowering. They fire a volley of light at the Enemy and it hits his first line of defense, which disintegrates into ashes. I hear the shouts again, the cries of victory, as the vehicles rush forward at amazing speed. I see the scene from above again, the same wedge formation‚ and it’s now completely washing over the Enemy, crushing him without mercy.

15. It’s like these monster machines don’t even notice anything is there beneath them. There are no obstructions. The power of the engines of these huge vehicles is so powerful that nothing stops them. Their size is overwhelming the midget–like catapults and artillery.

16. I hear a continuous roar of the engines and the thunder of the cannons firing. Then I see a host of heavenly air power swooping down and bombing in front of them. The clouds are being driven back as if by a forceful wind, and the light is shining everywhere.

17. The Enemy’s forces turn to dust or ashes as they are destroyed, and I see the wind blowing their remains away before the force of the attack. The Devil is turning and running. It’s such a funny picture because he’s waving his arms and screaming, “Stop them! Stop them! Aaaaaaaa!” as he is driven back. Then I see something grab him and begin to suck him in. He’s grasping at anything to try to get out of its grip; it’s sucking him in, almost like a cartoon. He’s stretching, and suddenly—pop!—is gone into this huge vacuum-cleaner-like scoop.

18. Now the monstrous vehicles are thundering over the mountains and chasing down the enemy. The scene is of total obliteration, complete annihilation of the enemy; they never stood a chance. Their attempts at stopping the oncoming forces of the Lord were almost pitiful. Before the whole scene unfolded, there was definitely a massive enemy force standing against the attack, but now there’s nothing left—nothing, not even the remains of the enemy. It doesn’t even look like a battle took place. The destruction of the enemy is so complete that their ashes are just blown away in the wind!

19. I see the ash being blown away and the grass appearing beneath. The grass is bright and green and obviously strong and healthy. It was completely covered before. Now the scene is bright and I see the heavenly aircraft sweeping overhead with a deafening roar as they spiral and twist in a display of power. The enemy is routed and the victory is won! I just want to glorify our invincible Lord and proclaim His magnificence!

20. (Jesus continues:) So do you see how I see it now? The victory is ours! The day is ours! We haven’t been defeated! We’re so powerful that I don’t really care if the Enemy pulls out some “big guns”—they’re harmless and ancient compared to My superior firepower. They’re going to be blown away in front of you.

21. The problem you’re having is simply one of your perception. You’re looking at it like Elisha’s servant in the Bible. He was looking at the armies of Syria round about them, completely cutting them off from any help, when suddenly his eyes were opened to the firepower that was on their side‚ and then he was really scared! Ha!

22. The armies of Heaven are at your side, aiding you, rushing alongside you‚ overwhelming the Enemy for you. You’ve just got to keep pace with them. Don’t lag behind. The fight is right up here at the front of the charge—don’t hang around in the background or you’ll miss all the fun and see no action.

23. It’s time to launch that offensive, rally the fighters, and launch the attack squadrons! Get on board the latest of My monster Satan-crushers! Get up to date with your key-empowered attack vehicles and completely overwhelm the attacks of the Enemy!

24. Sure, he’d like you to think that he’s got a massive army at his disposal. And, yes, it may look like that if you’re thinking that you’re standing alone against it. But you’re not. You just need to ask Me to open your eyes to the overwhelming force of spiritual power that you have around you. It’s basically a non–contest. What more can I say? If you want to quiver and shake in fright, I pity you‚ because the power you have available to you is so invincible that you shouldn’t even consider this a battle.

25. You want an easy victory? Then for goodness’ sake, mount up, get moving, and take it! This is as easy a victory as you’re ever going to have over the Enemy. He’s practically defeated already. He’ll be wiped out before you get to him. All you have to do is claim the day, claim the victory over him‚ and it’s yours!

26. I don’t know what more I can say. Get up, get moving, and win the victory! Quit hanging around in the service depots! Use the vehicles I’ve given you! Get out there and take it, please! Stop quivering and shaking in fright at the attacks of the Enemy—use the power you have and take the victory from him. Take it, please! It’s just pathetic that you’d be so frightened, considering the power that is available to aid you.

27. I’ve sounded the charge. The battle is one you will win if you simply will get on board the vehicles I have made available to you and take the victory. You’re a born winner. You can’t lose with Me on your side; you can’t help but defeat the Enemy—you’re destined to! You’ve seen movies where the good guy is destined to take control of some power and defeat the forces of darkness? Well, you’re just like that. I ordained it so that you would be destined to win.

28. The Devil sees that you are his doom, his defeat, his downfall‚ and that’s why he’s trying to convince you that you can’t take ahold of your weapons of death to his power. He knows that the moment you start using your weapons to the full, you’ll be possessed and filled by all the power of My magnificence, and he will be defeated.

29. He’s there desperately telling you not to use your weapons, begging you not to get in touch with the power, because he knows his evil empire is doomed the moment you do. So what are you going to do? Heed that sniveling weasel?—Or use your weapons of the Spirit and destroy the Enemy’s power, ending his reign forever?

30. You are at a crucial point in your history. You are about to inherit the Kingdom, and the only thing that stands between you and your rightful place is the Enemy—this impostor, this shadow of darkness and his fabrications. He’s all that stands between you and the throne. What are you waiting for? Why quit now? Having come so far, why cop out now?

31. Can’t you see that it’s the Enemy lying to you and telling you that you can’t beat him? All the while he’s nervously eyeing your weapons. He knows that the instant you begin using your weapons, he’s defeated. All he can do is try to convince you not to attack him. Grab your weapons of the spirit with all the fury of My power within you, cut the Devil to the heart, and take what is rightfully yours. Let his screams of horror spur you onward as you defeat him.

32. Overcome him by the power you have available to you! Why can’t you see that you are an overcomer? Will you abandon your heritage? Will you deny your place at My side? Will you deny yourself the satisfaction of having defeated the Devil? Will you quiver and run in fright at his words? That’s all they are—words—empty nothingness, lies, half-truths, deceptions, poisonous pills that you have to decide to swallow.

33. Stand up for your calling! Stand up for what you are destined to own and govern. You are destined to win—you cannot be defeated, because you have Me on your side. For goodness’ sake, stop quivering and start fighting! Start attacking away at the Enemy! Start destroying his power, start vaporizing his garments of darkness‚ start ripping away his cover–ups, and let the light of My Word utterly destroy him!

34. Let today be the day you decided to claim your throne. Let the courts of Heaven rejoice as they see you making full use of your spiritual weapons and challenging the Devil with such fury that he cannot withstand you. Are you a warrior or a wimp? What is your heart made of? Are you a power-wielding overcomer or a sniveling coward?

35. You must grab ahold of that weapon and defeat the Enemy—it is your destiny! You are predestined to defeat Satan and all his wiles—why doubt it? All you have to do is take hold of My power and use it!

36. Don’t let the annals of Heaven say, “Here is the record of a warrior who could have been, who could have defeated Satan, but he or she ran in fright when faced with the opportunity.” What a horrible testament that would be. Instead, let this be the inscription next to your name: “Here is recorded the tale of the undefeated warrior of David. Within this record is an example for all time of an overcomer. The halls of Heaven proudly salute [your name here].”

37. Wouldn’t that be so much better? Wouldn’t you rather go down in heavenly history as an overcomer? If you would, then take hold of the keys‚ take hold of the weapons of the Spirit‚ start the engines of your massive war machine and move out to crush the Enemy, and claim your place beside the greats of all time.

38. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.” They were overcomers! Take your rightful place among the greatest overcomers of all time. Now is the time to act! Today is the day of salvation—all history awaits your decision. (End of message.)

39. (Mama: ) Now that’s reality! That’s the way things really are! When His Word lights our path, things look a lot different, don’t they? It’s the difference between the darkness of night and the brightness of day. All the depression and gloom and discouragement that sometimes accompanies the night is gone, and joy and gladness comes with the light of day. Seeing things the way our Husband sees them is always a positive experience‚ and we can’t help but feel better—and do better, and take action—when we see things through His eyes.

40. I love to give you the Lord’s Words because I know that they strengthen and encourage you and motivate you to continue fighting our Adversary. I have some other fascinating messages that I want to share with you, but I need to preface them with news of some trips that Peter and I recently made.

Mama’s Mission in Mexico, Trip to Guatemala, and Message to Costa Rica

41. During the second half of July and the entire month of August, the International VS Board meetings were held in Mexico. The Lord showed us that both Peter and I should attend. This was an important time‚ during which much was accomplished. Peter was able to video hours of classes for the COs worldwide, and discussions were held on how to raise up and train new leadership. The weeks that we spent there were an essential step in the restructuring process of the Family, and preparation for the strengthening.

42. These meetings were hosted by one of our dear Homes. While we were there we were able to have some interaction here and there with the Home members. I was able to meet each one, including the children, and I got to know them all by name. Peter and I were also able to have a fellowship time with just the Home members one evening. It was tremendously gratifying for us to see such a beautiful Home where the older ones and the younger ones alike were all committed to serving Jesus and doing their best for Him.

43. During our time at the Home, I was also able to read on video some very special promises that the Lord gave for our brethren in Mexico. I’m so happy to say that I will now be able to share them with each of you worldwide in this GN, so that you can pray for Mexico, and pray that our Family members there will fulfill the Lord’s commission to them so that He can pour out the abundant blessings that He has promised.

44. On the last day of our stay at our host Home we had the privilege of attending a witnessing performance by Margie and Jerry’s Home. This was only my third time ever seeing our Family children and young people outside WS perform live, the first time being at the office in Thailand several years ago at the end of Summit 2000, the second time being in Mexico after Summit 2003. Our children and young people are dynamic and so full of the Spirit, and it’s a wonderful experience to watch them share Jesus through their smiles and songs and dances!

45. At that same event I was able to meet about 45 or 50 Family members from several Homes who I had not met before‚ all in one afternoon. This was a thrilling—and very touching—experience for me.

46. After this very intense time of meetings, Peter and I began our planned rest time in a hotel in another part of Mexico. During the second day of our break, the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me if I would be willing to go to Guatemala to visit the Homes there. I had heard from Sara (VS) about the young people in Guatemala and had seen some of their pictures, and, because we were just “next door,” the Lord said that this would be the best time. Peter and I were both very tired, but he was especially exhausted because of the many days and hours of videoing and other classes that he had given. Although he greatly desired to go with me, his exhaustion and the fact that he had pressing engagements at home prevented him from accompanying me.

47. The Lord provided a team, however. James‚ one of our WS shepherds, who had been at the meetings was still there and was able to join me for this trip, as was one of our WS secretaries, Julie, who had not yet returned to WS.

48. Peter returned home and I traveled with James and Julie to Guatemala, on my first mission with the purpose of actually visiting field Homes. When the Lord had first called me to visit Guatemala I had told Him‚ “Yes, Lord, I’ll go, but I’m just Your messenger girl, and I can’t go without a message.” Whereupon the Lord gave beautiful messages through our WS folks for me to share with them. Some of these messages I will also share in this GN with all of you.

49. My mission to Guatemala was twofold: to encourage the precious young people there who had gone through many difficulties, but who had drawn close to the Lord and were now being greatly used in His service, and to strengthen the older ones as well. The second purpose was to deliver the Lord’s message to them that “this is Guatemala’s hour‚” and that Guatemala is just as important to the Lord as any other place in the world.

50. We spent a week in Guatemala meeting the folks there and being inspired with the wonderful work the Lord is doing and our beautiful Family members who are being used so greatly.

51. There are four FD Homes, one FM Home, and no MM Homes in Guatemala. The FM Home consists of an FGA single mom living with a daughter, a son, and a five-year–old granddaughter. I would have invited the members of this Home to our meetings except that they spoke very little English and would have had to have a running translation. Instead, I arranged to meet them one afternoon and fill them in via a translator on what I had shared with the FD Homes. These folks are wonderful, so loyal and faithful, daily going out witnessing and getting out the tools in spite of the fact that they live on their own and quite far away from the other Homes. I love them so much and am so proud of them.

52. At the end of our stay‚ I dictated a message to the brethren in Costa Rica, to be delivered by Sara (VS), who was about to make a trip there. I want to also share this message with you below.

53. In sharing all these messages I am soliciting your prayer power for the lost sheep in these wonderful countries, and for our Family members there who have been given the commission to reach them.

Wherever Your Field of Service, It’s Important

54. As you can see, each of these countries is very precious to our dear Love, as are all the countries worldwide in which you, our Family‚ labor in service to Him. There are lost sheep in every country, and even though some of the countries in which you labor are more stubborn and hardhearted as a whole, there are many lost sheep that Jesus has there waiting for you to reach. Although not all countries will be as blessed by the Lord, nor havens in the Endtime, that doesn’t mean that they’re not each very important to Jesus. This doesn’t mean that the work on your field is not important. You must not compare, but you must be certain that Jesus wants you where you are and that you’re in the center of His will, because that’s where you can do the most for Him.

55. Just because the Lord led me to be in Mexico and to visit Guatemala and to make a personal tape to Costa Rica‚ this doesn’t mean that these countries are more important than your country. Nor does this mean that the Family members in these countries are more important than you are. This just happened to be the Lord’s time for some special attention to be given to these folks. If you go through the Letters you will see that different countries were given special attention at different times‚ and different areas of the world were highlighted when the Lord knew the time was right.

56. Please, dear ones, go to Jesus and make the place of your calling sure, and ask Him to confirm to you that you should be on your particular field. When you know for a certainty where the Lord wants you, then pour your whole heart and soul into it. Give it all you’ve got. Ask the Lord to show you how important your field is and how much He loves His dear lost sheep there, and then do not waver.

57. Wherever your field of service, whatever it is, it is important to Jesus—and to us! You are important to Jesus!—And to us! So find out where He wants you. Get it in writing—from Him!—And as Dad said, “Work as though everything depended on work—for it does!—And pray as though everything depends on prayer—for it does!”—And I might add, “Claim the keys as though everything depended on claiming the keys—for it does!”

58. Don’t look back. Don’t compare your field with another’s—for the Lord can do great things right there, right where you are! He can do great things for any man or woman who is greatly yielded to Him, and how much more can He do through several men and women who are greatly yielded and working together unitedly!

59. So‚ dear ones, keep praising, keep loving‚ keep giving, keep praying, keep claiming the keys, keep making the right choices!—And you can’t fail, for He can’t fail! Hallelujah! You’re each wonderful—and Peter and I love you very‚ very much‚ and pray for you and are so proud of you!—And we send you much love in the power of our wonderful Key Giver, our Lord and Husband, our dear Jesus.

60. P.S. I also want to say a special thank-you to each of you for the birthday love you sent my way. I was touched and encouraged by the letters, prophecies, and gifts you sent me. And most of all‚ I was so thankful for your birthday prayers for me‚ as well as the prayers you pray for me all throughout the year. I consider your prayers the very best gift of love you could give me. Like our Husband says‚ “Calling on the keys for someone is not the least you can do, but the most.”

61. This recent trip I made to Mexico and Guatemala came right around the time of my birthday‚ and I consider it a very special blessing. It’s not every day that I get to meet some of you, my precious Family, so this trip was certainly a first in many ways—a wonderful first. The precious Family members I met reminded me of each of you dear ones all around the world who are serving Jesus with all of your hearts. It made me so happy and proud of you for your faithfulness. Our Husband said that I can probably expect to see more of you, my dear Family, in the days to come. I’m looking forward to it, in His perfect time!

Transcript of My Taped Talk to the Family in Costa Rica

62. (Mama:) Saludos‚ mi Familia preciosa! Hola, mis queridos amigos! Mando mucho amor a todos. Mis amores, estoy orgullosa de ustedes. (Greetings, my precious Family, my dear friends, and lots of love to you all! I am proud of you, my loves.) To you who have labored faithfully‚ to you who have sacrificed tirelessly. To you who have laid down your lives daily for Jesus’ lost sheep. To you who are true missionaries, I say, gracias por tu fidelidad! Gracias por hacer tu parte. (Thank you for your faithfulness! Thank you for doing your part.)

63. It means so much to Peter and me when we hear that you have put aside the weights that so easily beset you; that you are fighting with all your might against the disunity that threatens you; that you are claiming the keys to rise above the cares of this life that would drag you down; and that you are setting your face like a flint to do the job that He has for you.—The job of winning Costa Rica for His Kingdom, winning souls, winning Active members, winning disciples, winning labor leaders to help you in the huge job that Jesus has given you to do.

64. As you have probably heard, I was able to come to Guatemala to visit your brethren here, to number one, encourage them for the wonderful job they’re doing, and number two, to ask them to increase their faith, expand their borders, and press forward like never before to do even more—to win more souls, get out more Activated magazines, follow up even more faithfully, win even more kings and supporters, and to bring in full–time labor leaders to help to reap the great harvest‚ for now is Guatemala’s hour.

65. Our Husband has also given a very important message for you, My loves, in Costa Rica, and I want to share it with you on this little tape. It was my desire to visit you in person, but after seeking the Lord earnestly and repeatedly, He showed us that for several reasons now is not the time. I don’t want you to feel bad about this or compare, because our Husband’s love for you is just as great as for your brethren in Guatemala. But, as you so well know, He has His times and His purposes and He works in all of our lives in different ways.

66. I was in Mexico before coming to Guatemala. Peter and I were involved in international board meetings and CO meetings there. These meetings lasted several weeks, but we were only able to visit the one Home where the meetings were being held. We know that all of the Homes in Mexico would have been very appreciative of a visit, but it was not possible at that time.

67. The great miracle is that I was able to travel at all to attend the meetings in Mexico, and then to travel to Guatemala. Your prayers for me over the years and the months have been bearing great fruit, and the Lord is strengthening me little by little as time goes on. My eyes are becoming stronger, and indeed, in general‚ I am becoming strengthened and more able to take on new jobs for our wonderful Husband.

68. So please continue in your prayers for me‚ which are certainly availing much‚ and continue to pray for our dear king, who during this year of restructuring‚ and the next year of strengthening, has a tremendously heavy load and heavy responsibility. He sends much love to each of you and wants you to know that you are very dear to him.

69. Now I’m going to share with you the very important message that our dear Jesus gave specifically for your field, for each one of you. This is a commission to each of you from our King of kings and Lord of lords, the One Who has all power in Heaven and in Earth, yet He needs our hands and our feet and our mouths to do the job for Him. He has sent the Goddess of Costa Rica to plead for her children, to ask that you, His precious Family, take up this commission, this mandate; to lay aside everything else that would hinder you from rescuing His dear young people‚ and do everything you can to reach them before it is too late.

70. This message is for each of you—each of you who love Jesus and are in the Family to serve Him‚ whether you be FD, MM, or FM. You are all our Family, you are all His disciples, you are all His hands and His feet, His lips, His voice, and He wants to use each of you to reach His dear children of Costa Rica. All of you are His disciples. All of you have the Word. All of you have the wonderful riches that He has poured out so abundantly to the Family‚ and all of you are capable of doing your part to reach Costa Rica with His light and life.

71. Now, the channel describes the vision:

72. (Vision: ) I’m seeing this beautiful, beautiful land. Very green, very lush, very beautiful—quite a breathtaking scene. Now it appears that part of the scene before me is beginning to move—the land and the hills and the mountains are moving. Now there’s this form and shape that is rising right up out of the earth and the greenery. It appears to be a human form—someone wearing a huge, beautiful green cape that blends perfectly with the vegetation. Now this form is rising into a standing position, and I’m seeing the face of a beautiful woman. She’s pulling back the hooded cape from her face. She’s striking in every way, but she has these most hypnotic eyes‚ very deep and very penetrating.

73. In comparison to the scene around her and the height of the trees, she’s very, very tall—she must be at least 20 to 30 stories high. I’m guessing that she must be an angel, she’s so big.

74. But now, all of a sudden, she’s the same size as me, though she’s dressed exactly the same way in this beautiful cape. Her spirit seems to have changed and she’s laughing and running ahead of me, calling me to follow her. But it’s almost like she’s playing this teasing “catch me if you can” game. She’s running here and there, hiding behind trees and bushes‚ zigzagging this way and that way. While I watch her running here and there‚ her cape is sometimes visible, other times it sort of morphs into the surroundings. All the while she’s giggling and calling out to me, because she wants me to play this game with her and try to catch her. She has this very fun, almost mischievous, and quite definitely sexy, playful spirit.

75. In visions like this, I sort of follow along the best I can‚ because I’m trying to understand what’s happening, and I’m usually just an observer, because while it’s happening I’m thinking that of course I can’t really follow along and run after her; although on the other hand, it seems I am able to. It’s one of those mysteries of the spirit that I don’t understand or comprehend, but it does appear as though I’m following her or chasing her.

76. She’s definitely very fascinating. She’s playing this teasing type game, but I get the feeling like it’s a good game. Even though it has a sexy, playful spirit to it, it doesn’t seem to even matter that I’m a woman. I just feel the urge to run after her and try to catch her and play this game with her.

77. Now she’s gone again. And all of a sudden she’s appearing in front of me again in her original very big size, and she’s bending over and making a very deep and ceremonious bow before me. Her arms are outstretched full length beside her. She lifts herself again and looks at me directly and she’s starting to speak, but not with audible words. I just somehow understand what she’s saying to me:

78. “My conquerors, I submit myself to you—to you who hold True Love—to you who have conquered my soul and being with the love, words‚ and freedom of Jesus and David! I love and desire your conquering power—your chasing and seeking after and possessing what is yours. I love the thrill of the chase, and you have played my game! I want wild possession. I want indomitable faith that I am yours. I want to be madly possessed‚ and wildly loved by you. But I fear for my little ones. Will you come and rescue them?”

79. Then she gives me this look like she’s about to reveal something very special, almost like a prized secret. With one of her outstretched hands, she literally lifts a piece of earth below her hand, almost like you’d lift the corner of a carpet or mat to see what’s under it. She lifts this piece of earth to reveal all these people—it must be hundreds. Then she turns and does the same thing with her other hand, revealing even more people under this piece of earth she seems to have the ability to lift.

80. Now she starts speaking to me again:

81. “I am the goddess of the lost children of Costa Rica. Will you, my conquerors, those whom I desire with a great desire‚ come and aid me? I watch over these while I wait. I watch over them and shelter them and hide them in the folds of the earth under my cape, but I cannot shelter them indefinitely. They need Jesus. They need you. They need the love and the words and the kisses of David. They need you—the children and fire and passion of David—for in you is their true resting place and haven.

82. “They long to be chased and caught and enraptured by Him! Their spirits long to be one with Him! But they must be wooed‚ they must be won, they must be chased, and they must be earnestly desired and sought after.

83. “But they are many, and I cannot hide them under my cape forever. I am their guardian spirit, but even my cape and my arms cannot extend and keep them forever. My arms grow weary, and I fear that the weight of the earth and what is to come will devour these children completely.

84. “Please, will you come? We are ready for you. In the meantime, I wait, and I wait, and I watch over these that are mine. But I cannot wait forever. We must have the love of David and Jesus or we will perish. The weight of the downward pull of the earth will swallow up my children, and no longer will I be able to reveal them unto you as I have. [The goddess weeps through Mama.]

85.Do you not know that we are there? We long for you, David’s children. We groan for you; we groan for deliverance. We need your love‚ we need your embrace, we need your passion‚ we need your fire, we need your ardent and possessing love! Come, seek us! Come‚ find us! Come‚ love us! Come, possess us!”

86. (Mama:) My dear Family in Costa Rica, how can you not heed this desperate cry? How can you turn away from this impassioned plea of one who calls out for her young people? How can you not put aside all the sins that are besetting you, and all the interests that call for your attention, and run with great desire to the rescue of these young ones before it is too late?

87. I am not only speaking to the FD Family. I’m not only speaking to the MM Family. I’m speaking to the FM Family. I’m speaking to the Active members. I’m speaking to all of you, because it’s going to take each one of you pulling together to win these young ones for Jesus, to bring them into the folds of David, to help them to see and feel the light of Jesus.

88. Isn’t it worth any sacrifice that you must make? You have everything you need for the job. You have the new weapons. You have the power of the keys. You have the undefeatable, all–encompassing‚ world-changing, marvelous and invincible power of the keys. Con las llaves, nada es imposible! Las llaves son lo maximo! (With the keys, nothing is impossible! The keys rule!) You can do it! You can make it! You can go the distance! You can lift the load. You can uphold the standard! You can accept and use your anointing, for it is not you, but it is the all-encompassing, all-powerful, marvelous, miraculous, invincible power of the keys!

89. You have no excuse. This is the Lord’s message to you. It’s a desperate situation. You must heed His call. You must come to the rescue of these little ones. Whatever it takes, you must do, so that when the time comes you can face your Savior, your Husband, your King of kings, and not be ashamed. You will come to Him with many souls, many disciples, many labor leaders. You will be bursting with abundant fruit! And He will say to you‚ “Well done, My good and faithful servant, enter into the joys that I have prepared for you!”

90. You know, I’ve been away from home for almost seven weeks now, and today was supposed to be one of my few rest days that I needed before making the trip home. But the Lord spoke to my heart and asked me to share this message with you. We could have sent it in the mail. We could have had our dear VS, Sara, bring it. But He said‚ “I want you to do it. Are you willing to sacrifice part of this rest day I’ve given you to plead for My children, My lost children in Costa Rica?” He said, “Even if I ask you to take all day doing it, and all night too, that would be nothing to the great fruit that will be reaped as a result. Are you willing to do this for Me?”

91. And because I love my Husband, and I love you, dear Family in Costa Rica, and I love all those dear, sweet young people who need Jesus so much and who are so lost and desperate without Him, I said, “Yes‚ Lord‚ I’m willing. It’s not really a sacrifice. I know You’ll make it up to me.”

92. I’m wondering if I can count on each of you to say the same thing to Jesus: “Yes‚ Lord‚ I’ll make whatever sacrifice You ask of me. I’ll do whatever You ask me to win Your children to the fold, to bring them to know the Words of David and the love of Jesus. No matter what the cost, I’ll do it, because I know that it’s worth it, and I know that whatever I spend, You will more than repay. I’ll give my all for You because I know that You will give Your all for me. How can I lose when what I give You is nothing compared to the great rewards that You will give me?”

93. Please, my dear loves, my wonderful Family in Costa Rica, please hear the Lord’s call, hear the goddess’ plea for her children, hear my request, and Peter’s request, and dear Dad’s request. Won’t you please fulfill our desires? No lo podemos lograr sin ustedes. (We can’t do it without you!) We’re counting on you. We’re depending on you. We need you desperately! You’re the team that Jesus has put there to do the job. Ustedes son el equipo para el trabajo. (You’re the team for this job!) Please don’t fail us. Please win these victories for Jesus.

94. Do you know what my wish is? Well, my greatest wish is that you fulfill this commission that He is giving you. But I have another desire, another dream. I want to be able to come back to Central America‚ with Peter next time, and to visit Costa Rica and to be able to meet not only you, but all the wonderful disciples and labor leaders that you have brought to David’s fold, all the new soldiers of the End that are going to be able to fight the battles with us because you did your job.

95. I’m going to ask Jesus to fulfill this request and this desire, that when the work has begun in earnest, and the fruit is being gathered in, when there are new disciples being won in your Homes, and labor leaders being trained daily‚ and kings and supporters being raised up, when the vision is being fulfilled and the goddess of the young people of Costa Rica is crying tears of joy, that then we will be able to return to Central America to come to see you in Costa Rica and to celebrate with joyful hearts the conquest of Costa Rica.

96. Will you help our dream come true? Can we depend on you? Can we see you soon? El Seòor, Peter y yo les amamos muchisimo. Ha sido un privilegio hablar con ustedes. Ustedes estan en mi corazon siempre. (The Lord, Peter and I love you so much! It’s been a privilege to talk with you. You’re in my heart forever.)

Messages for the Family in Guatemala

Being in My Highest Will

97. (Jesus:) I look only on the heart. I’ve been digging in each one of your hearts lately too. If things have been feeling a little tough for you, if you’ve been battling with your place of service, if you’ve been feeling left out, or looked down on for being in a small and simple field, if you’ve been hurting with personal matters of the heart, don’t worry or feel tempted to give up. I’m simply mining in the deepest crevices of your heart, culling out the jewels of the greatest worth.

98. Each one of you is right where I need you to be. Each one of you is on this field because I’ve called you here. Each one of you is fulfilling‚ or will yet fulfill‚ the calling and purpose I have for you in this needy mission field. Each of you is an arrow in the bull’s-eye of My will, and I’m proud of you for accepting My call.

99. I know that often you can be tempted to look on other fields that seem more exciting, more enticing, more overloaded with young people and fellowship, that you can tend to feel that you’re missing out on a lot and really out of the loop in your small area. You can be tempted to look at your physical surroundings and compare with your peers in the States or Mexico‚ or other more “first class” fields, and feel inferior and simple in comparison.

100. While they say the grass always looks greener on the other side‚ I want to encourage you to look more closely at the “grass” on your side of the fence, because you’ll find that it is even greener and richer and lusher than the grass you hope to find anywhere else!

101. If you’re in My highest will, then the “grass” right where you are will always be greener and richer than anywhere else you could be. Other places may look better or more colorful in comparison, but in reality, the absolute very best and most colorful place you could ever be is in the center of My will—and that’s where you are each at right now.

102. So what if your field isn’t deemed as “cool” in other young people’s eyes, or in the world’s eyes? I’ve told you to be not conformed to this world‚ but to be transformed! I’ve called you to come out from among them and be separate. So though you’re on a poorer field and may not have all the gadgets and trinkets and opportunities as those in some other countries, see it the way I do, that because of this you have a greater opportunity to be even better missionaries for Me.

103. You almost have a head start on some of your peers. You don’t have so many physical things around you to hold you back and keep you from progressing like I desire. You don’t have so many pulls of the world in your field. You don’t have the intense spirit of materialism and mammon in your field as do those in richer fields. You don’t have as many distractions of the world vying for your attention. In some ways you can be almost purer in spirit, as these things of the world are not so easily accessible to you. You can have an easier time keeping your heart and mind clean from the enticements of the flesh.

104. In not having some of those other “cool” things, or even desirable things in your field or area, I am able to trade these in for things of greater worth. Because you’re each giving up so much to serve Me‚ your sacrifice merits reward and honor and blessing. Because you’ve willingly sacrificed some of the pleasures of this life for a season to be where I’ve called you, I’m able to give you the treasures of Heaven for eternity! The treasures that I have to give you are not only spiritual gifts and blessings, but very real, tangible, noteworthy, physical, can-see-with-your-own–eyes kind of blessings.

105. Some of the blessings that I have for you are spiritual blessings, that when manifested in the flesh only serve to make your life happier and more fulfilled. These blessings are the gifts of greater unity, greater oneness, and love one with another. You will grow in friendships, in loving relationships, in togetherness with your Home‚ in closeness with your families, in oneness with each other. You may not have all the fellowship that you would like to have, or that you see other areas have, but the fellowship that you do have will be spiced with a greater infilling of My Spirit, and you will find that through Me you lack for nothing.

106. I want to give you the gift of supply, of more miraculous answers to prayer. Whatever your need, whatever your desire, whatever your request—state it in full faith, claim the keys, and let Me show you My power. I want to love you in this way. I want to give you the gift of fuller happiness, increased fulfillment, heightened inspiration, joy without measure. I want to give you the gift of change. Anything that you’ve wanted to be or do or grow in, you now have enhanced power at your side to help you change in this way. I want to give you the gift of dedication so that you can be even more fiery witnesses for Me, emboldened with the fervor of My Spirit!

107. I also want to give you each personal gifts of My love from My heart to yours, special expressions of My gratitude to you personally for giving your life to Me. I want to give you new experiences, new thrills, new enjoyments, new pleasures and wonders. I want to show you that life for Me is more exciting than you ever dreamed possible, and not only in a “spiritual” sort of way, but in physical ways you can experience with all five senses!

108. So please don’t look down on your place of service‚ or your ministry, or your field‚ or yourself personally. Know that each one of you holds a high rank in My army—that of elite troopers, the avant-garde, My frontline soldiers. I look up to you and salute you and honor you. I hold out My hand to give you the badges and medals of honor you deserve because of your faithfulness. So what if man looks on you as simple or belittles your place of service? I and My Father and all the hosts of Heaven look at you with great respect and admiration. You’ve each been dispatched to the most privileged place of service of all—My highest will. Treasure it. I have found in your hearts the jewels of greatest value—loyalty, faithfulness, dedication, devotion and love. This is what I will honor. This is what I will bless.

109. My friends, My loves‚ My brides‚ because you have been found faithful, you will never be found wanting. I call you to enter into My joy, that you might be filled! I need each one of you, and this Family needs you. Yes, you! Don’t shake your head or question why. You are essential to this Family because I’ve drawn you into My plan for the future. I need you. I’m counting on you. I’m hoping in you. (End of message.)

Reap the Harvest

110. (Jesus:) To My brides in Guatemala I want to say: Continue to cast off the garments of lethargy, of pride, and of worldliness. Stay separate from the materialism of the System. You have the advantage of living a distance away from the slime pits of the Whore, so use that advantage and continue to take not the unclean thing unto you‚ into your Homes, or into your hearts.

111. Stay My revolutionary, dropped-out ones, with the focus on reaching My lost there. There are so many who are hungering, so many who are dying to receive My love. Please don’t fail them and make the mistake of getting focused on the carnal, earthly plane. Keep your eyes on the heavenly vision, and on the eternal fruits that are only borne through My love being poured out like water over the thirst-quenched lands.

112. Soon there will come a time when Satan’s darkness will cover every land, even creeping into the remotest countries and towns throughout the world. But use the hours of daylight now while it is still light to reap the harvest. Take the time needed to sharpen your sickles daily by spending time in the bed of love with Me, but then go out and reap the fruits that I have promised. There are so many that I have waiting and ready to hear My voice through you. Work while it is yet day‚ for the night is coming that will be so dark, that no one will be able to work.

113. You, My loves, are My bright and shining brides to the people of Guatemala. Shine out, shine out, and don’t let pride or lethargy hold you back from giving them your all. Now’s the time to give it all you’ve got. I know you have it in you, because I’m in you and My key power is in you ready to boost you to new levels of fruitfulness, joy, and excitement.

114. I love you, My dear and faithful ones. There is nothing that stands between My heart and yours when you are faithful to throw off your garments and cover-ups, and put on My cloak of humility. Thank you for being My wild, naked Bride‚ ready to do whatever I have for you. I’ve made you all a great team, and with Me and the keys we’re an unstoppable force that will prevail even against Hell, and win many lost souls into My Kingdom. (End of message.)

Give Me the Glory

115. (Jesus: ) I am pleased with the young people in Guatemala, and I want to commend them for their decisions and the right choices they have made, and for dedicating their lives to Me. I have allowed them to go through a lot already. They have tasted of the System and drunk of that poison, and they no longer want to taste of it again. They’ve been disgusted with what the System offers, and are fed up with it, and they only want the pure, sweet wine of My Spirit.

116. Because of their dedication and commitment and wholeheartedness, I have been able to use them to be a blessing to each other and to the work. They’ve seen the good effects of positive peer pressure, and have experienced the negative effects of peer pressure as well. They’ve seen that when some of their friends have experienced or tried drugs, or have read certain novels that talk about the dark side, that they have been influenced by this, and they’ve had to fight that negative influence and peer pressure. But they’ve also seen that when their friends decide to make changes in their lives and leave behind the ways of the System, and decide to give their all to Me, then that has had a positive effect on them.

117. So you, My young warriors of Guatemala, must strive to have that positive effect on one another. You must be careful about what you say and the things you do, for I have made you a close-knit team, and each one of you has influence and an effect on each other. And not only do you influence each other, but you have an even greater influence on the younger ones who follow your sample. So you must make sure that you’re following closely and not afar off. You must make sure that you’re living in My Word and using the new weapons I give you, and being the right kind of sample you need to be.

118. You must not lean to your own understanding and try to do things in your own strength or in the arm of the flesh. Your flesh will surely fail, so you must not go there. This work in Guatemala is a work of My Spirit, and in order for it to thrive and grow and bear the fruit that I wish for it to bear, it must continue to be a work of My Spirit, and you must work in My Spirit as well.

119. You must look to Me and ask Me everything—where I want you to witness‚ what kind of outreach I want you to go on, what activities I want you to do, what areas you need to improve in‚ what to feed your sheep, etc. You cannot try to do these things in your own spirit; you must let Me do the work through you.

120. You have done well, and there is yet much in store for you. But I caution you to strive to do the humble thing, and never for a second think that this work is of you, or of your own doing, or due to your own good works. You must continually give Me the glory and realize that I am the One Who is doing the work through you.

121. If you allow anything to go to your head or if you allow it to minister to your pride, then I will have to take away My blessings, and I will not be able to accomplish the work that I wish to do through you. Even the fact that your queen came to visit you should not in any way minister to your pride, but it should humble you and lay upon your heart the seriousness of the responsibility that I am giving you, that more is expected from you.

122. For not only do I want you to get out My message to the lost here, and win souls and disciples for Me‚ but I also wish to use the work as an encouragement and a sample to My Family as well. I wish for them to see your unity, and the good fruits of working together and positive peer pressure, and how much fun and excitement you have in serving Me and being on-fire witnesses. I wish to bring others into your fold, so that you as a team can be a strength and blessing to other young people.

123. There is yet much in store for you‚ beloved; this is just the beginning. But again‚ you must be careful not to pat yourselves on the back and give yourself the glory and think this is of you. For if this work be of man, it will come to naught; but if it be of Me and My Spirit, it will flourish and bring forth much fruit!

124. So remember to give Me the glory for anything good that happens, and to ask Me everything, and to lean completely and wholly on Me and My Spirit. Do not make a move without hearing from Me first, and continue to be in prayer and to look to Me each minute of the day. Pray against pride and against leaning on the arm of the flesh, and let this be a work of My Spirit.

125. I’m pleased with you, My loves—you’ve done well and made much progress. I’m proud of you for the right choices you’ve made and for your love and dedication. But this is a godly pride that I have for you, and it is not meant to minister to your pride; it is meant to humble you and to make you even more desperate to stay close to Me and in My Spirit.

126. It is as if you are coming before Me in the spirit and kneeling before Me‚ and I am giving you My commendation and blessing; and I am also giving you a commission to go out and continue to fight My battles as My Endtime soldiers and prophets! But these are spiritual battles that have to be fought and won through My Spirit.

127. So keep going, My loves! Keep going to the light of a brighter day, and be all that you can be for Me. (End of message.)

The Potential of Guatemala

128. (Jesus:) The potential of this field is immense. It’s a smaller country, unheard of by many people, yet it’s brimming with possibilities. There’s so much more to this field than meets the eye.

129. The Family in this land can expect that all of their toiling in the fields, all of their labors of love in reaching out to the sheep and in sowing the seeds, will pay off. There will be a great reaping in this land if the seeds continue to be sown, if the message continues to be preached, and if the Family there remains strong and united.

130. They, as a Family, have all of the makings and gifts and talents for the future ministries I have in mind. And it’s not like their future ministries will be so different from their present ministries. They will be more like a continuation, an expansion, and an amplification of what they’re already doing. The Family in this country is already winning disciples, but in the days to come it is My plan to win many more disciples—a huge crop of new blood for the Family.

131. This land, this country of Guatemala, is a land filled with potential labor leaders. It is a land filled with hungry sheep! And not just sheep who want to be involved with the Family or who want to know the Family‚ but those who have the potential to give their lives to Me in full-time service, as My full-time disciples. The harvest of disciples in this land is huge‚ and as My Family obeys and follows Me and seeks out these disciples, great will be the results.

132. Many of the potential disciples that I speak of are young people—the youth of this land. That is why I have allowed this field to be so rich in dedicated young people within the Family, so that they can be a part of the harvesting team. But I say that the new disciples will not only be young people. There are those who are no longer considered youth who will join, so My Family must not limit Me. The people of this land are young at heart and free in spirit, so even some of those who are older are not deeply steeped in the world and its ways; many have the potential to be disciples, not just the young.

133. This is My commission to the Family in Guatemala: to continue to feed the sheep, and to focus on winning disciples. They have already won disciples, but that is just the beginning. There is so much more to come if My children will have more faith to challenge those they meet with the call of discipleship.

134. As I said, this land will also be a haven of some kind in the days to come. As such, the Family should minister to as many people as they can in their local communities who are influential, who hold responsibilities within their communities, who are merchants, or a part of the infrastructure of the country. The more contacts, friends‚ and supporters the Family there feeds and pours into and strengthens‚ the safer this country will be in the days to come. It will be a haven from the storm if the conditions are right, and if the Family begins now to build strong support on every side from those who are without, from those within the System.

135. The Family in Guatemala has been fruitful and is prospering, but this is only the beginning. I will not stop with the fruit that has already been harvested. I see not only what has been accomplished, but what has yet to be accomplished. I see not only the present fruit, but I see the future potential. I see not only the present unity, but the potential of even greater and more powerful unity.

136. This land, though small and poor in the eyes of the world, is rich in many ways—it’s rich in labor leaders, it’s rich in potential disciples‚ it’s rich in spirit. My Guatemalan Family must realize what I’m saying clearly and have faith to believe that the potential of their country is so much more than they presently see. I commend the Family for their faithfulness, yet I urge them to look forward with even more faith for what I wish to do through them in the future. (End of message.)

137. (Dad: ) The Family is going to have to ask the Lord for an anointing of greater faith. In order to fulfill the Lord’s commission for this land, the Family needs more faith. They can’t worry about how they’re going to be able to care for the new disciples, or how they’re going to feed them, or how they’re going to house them‚ or anything else. They can’t worry about the repercussions of their obedience. They must simply obey.

138. Like the early days of the Family‚ when we were winning disciples practically every day, that’s a bit of a sample of what the Lord wants to do. But He never would have been able to help us reach so many people if He hadn’t given us the faith to open our doors to the multitudes. Sometimes we didn’t know where that new disciple was going to sleep, or how we were going to feed them and take care of them, but for every additional mouth, the Lord provided.

139. Where the Lord guides, He always provides. If He’s telling the Family that He wants them to win more new disciples, to have a disciple-winning revolution, then He’ll take care of the details. Worry about the details only squelches faith. The Family must simply move forward and obey‚ stretch their faith, and trust that the Lord will take care of what they can’t.

140. Guatemala is bursting with fruit, and there are disciples out there just waiting to be found and challenged. Let the young people take up this torch. They have the fire and the energy and the gifts. The Lord’s challenging them to not just be disciples themselves, but to make disciples of their nation. If they’re willing, God’s more than willing. If they will ask for the gift of faith and an infilling of the Holy Spirit‚ God will pour it out in great abundance, just like He did on the day of Pentecost. (End of message.)

Olé: Mama’s Spirit Helper

141. (Olé:) Olé! Olé! I am Olé!—I am the true spirit of Olé—of conquest, and of victory! And I am your queen’s Olé!—Your queen’s fighter who goes forth with her and before her into the ring of battle for the conquest of Guatemala!

142. I represent those who fight for her Guatemalan children. I love to enter the ring of battle, for I love to boldly face the Enemy, to take charge in the spirit right from the very beginning, and to enter the ring in positive declaration of victory and conquest, all the while shouting the cry of victory, the shout of conquest, the shout of “Olé!”

143. And so you hear the shout of “Olé!” for “olé!’ it is! “Olé” now as this battle begins, and “Olé” it shall be as each day passes until the conquest and victory cry is uttered! Great shall be the victor’s cry as the legions of Heaven do enter the ring with your queen.—For we enter the ring not just for the children of David within Guatemala, but we enter the ring for the lost children of Guatemala!

144. For the cry of the lost children of Guatemala has entered the courts of Heaven, and great has been the love of our Savior and Redeemer for the souls and spirits of His Guatemalan children. For many Guatemalan believers‚ followers, and disciples are predestined and predetermined to enter His gates, and yet much swings in the balances, and much swings in the balances of the choices of the youth of the children of David.

145. For your youth—the children of the children of David—have been preordained to reach the youth of Guatemala, these whose spirits cry to be released and freed to fulfill their destiny and calling as being part of the fold of David. Only your youth can reach them, for none other than Jesus and the Words of David can satisfy the longing and desire of the spirits of His Guatemalan children. But haste is required, and pressed in spirit, I deliver this message from the throne of my Savior‚ Who knows all and sees all.

146. So enter the ring, we must!! But we must enter as one!—One in heart, one in unity, one in spirit, and one in purpose! And that purpose is to win His Guatemalan children and claim them as ours!

147. So now you release me. You release me to fulfill my commission beside your queen. And “Olé” it shall be through your unfailing prayers! “Olé” it shall be through your faithful calling upon the unconquerable keys! And “Olé” it shall be through your indomitable faith! (End of message.)

Guatemala Is a Ripe Field

148. (Dad:) Guatemala is a ripe field waiting for labor leaders to go in and reap. There are many places around the world that seem like small fields where not much could happen. But look at Tenerife and the mighty explosion that the Lord brought about as a result of our obeying what He showed us to do.

149. There is no field, situation‚ or ministry that is “too small” for the Lord to work in. If He has called you to be there, then you need to get down to business and find out what He wants you to do. Even if you never see any mighty results from your labors‚ even if you’re just winning souls and getting out the tools, following up on the sheep and starting an active following‚ you are doing great and mighty things.

150. The Lord will go to any length to reach one of His children‚ to save a soul that needs Him and that is crying out to be reached. The hearts of the youth here in Guatemala are crying out to be liberated from the stranglehold of materialism. So many young people in the System in Guatemala think that they must leave in order to accomplish anything great; they feel that they live in a backwards country that no one even knows exists, or at least couldn’t find on a map. Some ignorant people think that Guatemala is a part of Mexico, and this causes many in the country to feel overshadowed by their richer, more well-known neighbor.

151. This attitude has crept into some of you Family young people too; you feel you must accomplish “great things” or make a big splash in order to feel fulfilled or to be doing the Lord’s highest will. But there is so much that can be done here. There are so many that could be saved, activated, set on fire, and turned loose to win their fellow Guatemalans. I tell you that each country, each generation has their time for the Lord to woo and win them, when their hearts are ripe and in need of His truth, and, beloved, now is His time for Guatemala!

152. The Family is where it’s at! In the Family you have people from all nations, all backgrounds, and all religions, who, because of their love for the Lord, are united in body, heart, and soul to accomplish one purpose—to win the world for Jesus! The Family is it, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will go out and win others and ignite their fire too! All it takes is one person who is on fire to set many others ablaze for Jesus.

153. It will take time for some, but the more they see your fire, the more they see your dedication and burning desire to serve Him, the more they will want to give their lives to Jesus. This is the day to reap the harvest, to activate and change the country of Guatemala so that it will never be the same again.

154. This will be an explosion that will be heard around the world, and this will draw many more to come and help you reap the harvest. So don’t look at the size of your field or the small force that you have to reap with; just look at the Lord and the mighty hosts of angelic forces that wait to aid you. Great will be your harvest, and great will be your reward as you obey and reap the harvest that He has prepared! (End of message.)

155. (Jesus:) Many here need to see the field as I see it, to hear the heartcries of those around them and know that they can do something about it. Many of My brides feel that they cannot change things or the way that they are, and they are content to just do a little here, a little there, and feel that they’re doing some good. But they must wake out of this lethargy, this spirit of complacency, and see that revolution is possible and that they can be the ones to start it! All it takes for a revolution to start is for one person to believe that it can happen, and to spread that same idea and desire to another.

156. The Enemy will fight My brides from stepping out and starting this revolution here with all sorts of things—from opportunities to make money‚ to long-awaited hearts’ desires, such as a loved one in another field finally “coming around” and encouraging them to come join them. There will also be hard times in the beginning. As with all new moves of the spirit, it will require great effort and determining not to give up. Those who stick it out‚ who decide, come hell or high water, they will make this revolution happen, will reap the rewards and the blessings, and those blessings will be great.

157. You will see the active Family grow like never before. You will see miracles of supply, protection, and healing. You will see fruit borne from the witness that you have been giving to your friends and contacts—all this as a result of your obedience and determination not to give up. (End of message.)

Keep Moving Forward and Doing More

158. (Mama:) Although Dad gave the following message originally for the Family in Guatemala, the Lord made it clear that the message it contains is not just for this country—it’s for every single Home worldwide. So please don’t read this thinking about how it applies to the Family in Guatemala; apply it to your situation and ask the Lord what more you can do for Him in order to reach the lost and needy who are longing for His truth and love and salvation, how you can do your part to reap the mighty harvest in your land.

159. (Dad:) There are those who are in high places who are waiting to be won. Don’t hold back your message‚ but give the meat of the Word in love and wisdom. Don’t pull your punches or compromise your conviction. We are a radical, revolutionary Family, and there are those who are waiting for our radical, revolutionary message—those who are not cold, nor lukewarm, but hot! They’re waiting to hear about the fire of David’s flame that the Lord is sending to lead His people out of the darkness of the world and into His light. You are my fire‚ beloved!

160. You have been doing a lot in your witnessing ministries and I’m very proud of you—each of you—for doing your part. Yet there are still oceans awaiting you that are crying out for you to come and swim and find the lost treasures of the Lord. There are many waiting, creatures of beauty and splendor and uniqueness. There are seahorses, and dolphins, and starfish and whales. There are a variety of fish of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are waiting for you.

161. The Lord is calling you to go out and catch them, beloved. It will be a fight to bring some of them in, for there are also the predators of the ocean who prey on them for their food. There are the sharks and barracudas and poisonous fish and the dark creatures of the deep that stalk about to use them as food for themselves.

162. Don’t be afraid to go in and catch them. The Lord has given you the keys of the Kingdom that will defy and destroy any who would try to prevent you from bringing them in. You will be clothed with wet suits that will keep you warm as you dive deep where His treasured fish live and swim about. Through the keys you will be protected and be impervious to any attacks made upon you.

163. How do you bring in this harvest? To get your foot in the door you will need to sow the seed‚ the Word, through the tools the Lord has provided. Then follow up immediately. Feed your sheep faithfully, not holding back the meat of the Word. The Lord is seeking faithful men and women who are strong and ready to follow. You must look for the worthy, wait for the witness‚ and “catch” them for His Kingdom.

164. There are those who will not be shocked by our doctrines. There are those who have been waiting for this message all of their lives. Finally, they will meet those who will share the truth of God’s Word without the cover-ups of the church, without lukewarmness or watering down the power of the Spirit. Keep on sowing, keep on following up, and reap!

165. Don’t be intimidated by the Devil’s obstacles that tell you that it can’t be done. Those sharks and killer whales and creatures of darkness are not to be ignored, for they are there and they are real. But they are subject unto the power of the keys. Take the spiritual weapons that you have been given and start honing them. Use them. It’s through use that you become proficient. It’s through using these weapons that you will destroy the power of darkness and the evil foes that threaten you. You cannot destroy them‚ but the power of God in you can. The keys can. All power is given to you in Heaven and over Hell through the keys of the Kingdom. Do you believe it? Then use this power, beloved!

166. You have the potential to be amongst the forerunners of God’s advance to begin the final reaping. Don’t put it off. Don’t delay. Do it today! Obey today! Yield today! Put aside all the sin and weaknesses that so easily beset you and run with patience (with prayer and asking the Lord everything) the race which the Lord is setting before you, looking unto Jesus, Who is the Author and Finisher of your faith. He will give you the faith if you will follow and obey Him. Now is the hour. Tomorrow will be too late.

167. I love you‚ my children. I am calling you to take up the challenge the Lord is presenting you with. I am calling you to be my mighty men. Will you heed this call and take up the challenge? There are masses awaiting the message. I, your Moses, am on the mountain calling you to bring them in! Bring in the sheaves! (Channel: I hear music in the background of people singing “David’s Mighty Men!”)

168. (Dad continues:) Those are the voices of your brethren here in Heaven singing. They are encouraging you that it’s time to march forward and claim the land, the lost for Jesus! They are many who have been trained to help you in your witnessing, those who have fought the fight of faith and come Home and received training to help you to witness!

169. Call on them and they will come. Call on your Cathar helpers and they will come. Call on those the Lord has given you in the spirit to fight for you. Call on Tola and Tor. Call on Natalia. Call on the spirits who were created to defeat the demons of darkness.

170. Take up the white–hot sword of the Spirit of God and cut the Devil to the heart! Free his captives. Proclaim the truth! Break the bonds from amongst yourselves that are holding you back from uniting, and then unite and fight! Go in and claim the land, claim the lost‚ and bring in the sheaves. I love you! (End of message.)

Prepare for Persecution

171. (Jesus:) My darling brides of Guatemala, I look out into the fields of your country and I see a mighty harvest. You have been faithful to sow My seeds. You have been faithful to water My crops. Now is the time to thrust in your sickles and reap.

172. I look upon your Homes and I see the Spirit moving upon each heart—changing, melting, molding each of you. There have been great forsakings in order to fulfill your commitments to Me. I have seen the tears. I have heard your prayers. Now I will answer your longings to be set free from your former bondage and to bring in the harvest.

173. I say to you, My brides of Guatemala, lift up your eyes, for the fields are white and ready to harvest. Pray to Me that I will send you laborers, new disciples, to help you reap the souls that are waiting.

174. Do not doubt. Pull out your keys. Command them to be turned to swords, and reap this field for Me. Establish the national churches. Secure the faith. Let go of the old, conventional ways of the past and embrace the new and radical ways of today. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.

175. Unite and fight, My loves. Let not your good be evil spoken of. Let all men know you are of Me because of your love for one another. Come together in love. Commit to yourselves and to each other that you will not allow the Deactivation Demons of bitterness, division, pride and disobedience to break your cords of unity and love. Call on the Activation Angels. Command Me concerning the works of My hands, and see if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour down all that you need, that there will not be room enough to hold it.

176. Become known for putting My Word into action. Become known for being obedient to Me. Become known for your love for one another. Forsake your worldly garments and do not seek to wear them again. Rather seek My Kingdom and righteousness first and foremost, with all of your hearts, all of your souls, and all of your minds, and I will supply all of your needs. I know what you have need of before you ask. I know what is good for you spiritually and physically. I know how to care for you better than you know yourselves, for I am He Who created you.

177. Prepare, My loves. As you gather in the harvest‚ prepare for the coming persecution. This persecution will not be because of disobedience, but will be the persecution that is coming to those of My children who preach My message and who love Me. It will be persecution for righteousness’ sake. Be ready. Fortify your Homes, that you are strong in My Word. Be vigilant. Know that your adversary is seeking to devour you, so prepare practically and spiritually. Don’t think it’s a time far off in the future and allow Lethargy to trick you. Call on Styrian to keep you stirred up. Pray‚ discuss, and set practical goals. Fear not, neither be afraid, for I will help you prepare. Be sober in spirit. Take heed to My Words. If you obey, I will bless and protect and deliver.

178. Do not hold back My Words for fear of persecution, but preach My Word. Be instant, in season, out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine. Be My frontline fighters. I am with you‚ to lead you in this fight. Don’t be weary, My loves, for you will reap if you faint not.

179. Take unto you all the new weapons and study to show yourselves approved unto Me, workmen that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing My Word. Use the keys! Call on them! Claim them! Memorize them! Embrace the weapon of praise and use it, not just once in a while, but every day, at every opportunity. Focus on the power. Seek to be fully possessed by Me. Think My thoughts. Let My ways be your ways.

180. Lay aside the sins and weights that so easily beset you, and run this race before you with patience, looking unto Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. And in all these things‚ My brides‚ let patience have her perfect work that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. May all men know you for your love, as My people of the keys of the Kingdom. (End of message.)

Goddess of Latin America

181. (Goddess:) My lovers of David, the lost are waiting to be found. They need you. It is time to push forward to reap the harvest. Don’t be weary in well doing—you who have sown, you who have watered—thrust in your sickles and reap! Strengthen and stablish the work. Use the music of David to woo them! Use Conéctate to feed them! Use your sample to win them! Witness like everything depended on witnessing—because it does. Feed the sheep like everything depended on feeding them—because it does. Follow up like everything depended on following up—because it does. Bring in the sheaves!

182. Cleanse your hands, my loves. Purify your minds, those of you who are double-minded, and unite in this fight for the lost of Guatemala! Many are waiting for you. They will provide your needs. They will provide your protection. They will stand strong for David if you will obey. Reach the lost. Secure the church. Prepare for persecution. Viva la Revoluciôn! (Long live the revolution!) (End of message.)

Messages for the Family in Mexico

A Commission for Mexico

183. (Jesus:) Mexico is ripe! I have spread My people abroad in over 100 countries, with nearly 10 percent of the Family in Mexico, with more soon to come. I have prepared the ground. I have set Mexico next to the epitome of the Great Whore, where she has been forced to live in her shadow and smell her stench in the spirit. Many have seen the evils next door‚ and they have made a conscious decision not to partake of them.

184. Her ground is now ready, but it is parched and dry, for no one has poured My waters into her. There are many people with pots and containers waiting for My fresh, clean, pure waters. Everywhere you go you see receptive people. Everywhere you go you see empty pots and dry wells. Or you encounter other pots and wells filled with polluted waters—the old, dead, stale waters that do not satisfy nor quench the thirst‚ the old leaven that crumbles and does not give the sustenance that is needed for strength and growth.

185. But I have given you, My children, the new‚ fresh living water. I have given you meat and the bread of Heaven! You eat from My table every day, absorbing My food into your spirits, and you grow stronger daily. You drink fresh water straight from the springs of God and your thirst is slaked, and yet there is more for you day after day after day. You stand under the waterfall of My eternal Word and you are washed and cleansed daily! You live in the abundance of My strength and sustenance. I ask now that you burst forth into your neighborhoods, throughout Mexico’s highways and byways, and bring those who are hungry to the feast!

186. I have nurtured you and grown you up, and even purged you to make you into the men and women of God that you are today. Do you realize that there are hardly any of your stature and spirit in the world? You are amongst the few in the world who are in the army of David, who have the strength of the mighty men of David of old, who are able to shoot arrows with both the right hand and the left, and who hurl stones with both arms—skilled marksmen whom I’ve raised up and trained with the weapons and skill of fighting in the spirit.

187. The weapons I have equipped you with are unstoppable. I have given you the strength and sinew of spirit to be able to overcome all the power of the Enemy. I have cultivated within you the faith of Abraham, and have nurtured it into the perseverance of Jacob, who would not let go until he received the blessing.

188. I tell you now to grab on to Mexico and refuse to let her go till she blesses you, until she recompenses you for the blessings that you have poured into her. I have put it in her heart to do so. She is there, waiting for you to come, so pour out your waters without restraint; let them gush forth now! Go to the highways and byways where the outcasts are; to the palaces and mansions where the kings and queens are; to the airwaves and broadcast centers where the media moguls are; to the events and forums where the rich are. Go to all of these places and fling out My message to all who will hear, and into the air where it will take on a life of its own!

189. I tell you, My loves, that he that has the faith to cast My message into the sky will see it grow wings‚ take off, and fly. For in the spirit world this day‚ massive contingents of spiritual warriors are lined up ready and able to grab all that you send them and take it where no man can go. I have opened up the passageways to the heart of Mexico, and they will take your message there. The kings and administrators will see and understand that it is good food, that it is solid nourishment, and that it will slake their thirst too.

190. I wish to make Mexico Mine. I wish to steal her away from the Great Whore that she has sat next to, and I can only do it through you. So rise up, fill her with My seeds, and she will be faithful to give you of her fruits. I have given you the keys to the kingdom of Mexico, and this land will be My land. I have claimed it!

191. Don’t say that you can’t do it. Don’t say that there aren’t enough of you. I have given you the spiritual power to take over the land! The land is full of milk and honey‚ but you have not gone in and taken it! What stops you? Why do you fear an