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X Factor!, The: Prophecy [HIM]

By Karen Zerby

AM; ML#3728; August 2008

Table of Contents

Using the Spiritual Weapon of Prophecy Professionally in Our Witnessing and Winning!

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).


1. The weapon of prophecy, aka hearing from the Lord, is one of the main ways in which He communicates with us, and is a very important means of knowing His will. Through prophecy we can receive direction, instruction, encouragement, counsel, battle plans for fighting the Enemy, revelations, predictions, and much more. Prophecy is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled user.


2. The battlefield of the witnesser is a fluid place. Circumstances and conditions are complex and constantly changing, and that’s why you have to be tuned in to Headquarters, to get your instructions and orders. Witnessing and winning isn’t a simple 1-2-3-step plan that always works out as you intend. There are a lot of variables and things are regularly changing. So you need to be flexible and adaptable. But in order to know how to proceed at every turn, you need prophecy—to be able to get clear, specific direction whenever you need it.

3. Prophecy is an asset when it comes to witnessing and winning. By using prophecy, you’re going about things the easy way instead of the hard way. Your percentage of success will be higher, because you’ll have secret intelligence. You’ll be open to the Lord’s checks, you’ll be asking Him everything, you’ll be communicating with Him about where to go, who to talk to, what to talk about, how to present yourself, what the key to someone’s heart will be, and all kinds of other specifics, and He will guide you wisely.

4. Using prophecy is smart and it’s efficient. You’re all busy people, so you don’t want to spend the limited time you have on outreach just knocking on closed doors or talking with people who don’t want what you have to offer. Of course, there’s always some element of that—there will always be some closed doors and some people who aren’t interested, and it’s not even good for everything to come to you so easily. But your aim is to spend as much time as possible going through the open doors and talking with the interested and potential people—the ones who are worth the investment of your time—and as little time as possible with those who are not worth your while.

5. So if you want your outreach to be more targeted and effective, and if you want to avoid timewasters, then use prophecy. The Lord can do all kinds of favors for you as you use this weapon. He’ll guide you. He might speak to you in specifics—about someone you’re going to meet, or something that’s going to happen that day. He’ll let you know if your plans for the day are spot on. He’ll show you where to go, or tell you if you’re going to the wrong place. He’ll set up miraculous meetings and open doors for you, if He knows He’ll be able to guide you to them when you check in with Him.

6. Prophecy is a versatile spiritual weapon, and can be used anywhere and anytime in the process of building a flock or reaching the rich. You can use it when you go out to meet new potential sheep or kings, and you can continue using it throughout the whole process—as you feed and teach and train them, and as you draw them closer to the Family and challenge them to become supporters or disciples. You can and should use prophecy each step of the way as you bring those you’re ministering to along; it’s a valuable disciple-winning tool, and will also give you enhanced wisdom, discernment, insight, and direction when reaching the rich.

7. You can use prophecy as a mind-reading tool by asking the Lord what’s going on in people’s hearts and minds, so that you can better help them and train them and be an effective teacher. Prophecy is also a great tool for planning classes, seminars, and mapping out the plan for moving your sheep along in their spiritual progress. It can be used as a means of encouraging and feeding your sheep, when you receive messages for them through your channel, or when you teach them how to receive and use their own gifts.

8. Prophecy can also be used proactively. It’s not just a weapon to use to guide you through your immediate witnessing urgencies and emergencies. The Lord’s counsel through the gift of prophecy can keep you a step ahead of the present, giving you a tremendous edge in the spirit. The Lord can save you time and trouble by informing you of new factors and surprises in advance. He can prepare you for what’s to come. He can give you valuable overall direction, insight, information, and revelations on the big picture of your witnessing and winning, which will help you to keep your goals in focus and ensure that you’re always moving in the right direction.

9. Another great benefit to using prophecy in your witnessing, winning, and building your flock, is that it helps to keep you a new bottle—flexible and not stuck in a rut.It’s impossible to be stuck in a rut if you’re asking the Lord for up-to-the-minute instruction and you’re obeying it.Using prophecy helps you to “follow God” and to continue to flow with His nudges throughout the day, through every witnessing and training experience.

10. (Jesus:) Prophecy is the guidance mechanism in the spiritual attack weapon that will zero in on the needy souls and potential disciples, and guide you directly to them. It will make your outreach more effective, more directed, more conclusive, and more fruitful.

11. (Jesus:) I’ve asked you to do some pretty amazing and challenging things for Me, and I’ve said that you must succeed. So of course I intend to give you My full support, backing, and help. If I didn’t, what kind of manager or commander would I be? I am more interested in seeing the job get done effectively, efficiently, and right than you ever could be. After all, this is My plan, these are My orders, and I’m the One Who wants to see them carried out.

12. I don’t want you going out there in the war zone haphazardly feeling for mines in the spirit. Instead, I want to give you a roadmap and a three-dimensional view of the battlefield, as well as X-ray vision to see through obstacles, so that you can avoid the dangers that the Enemy has set up to derail you—and so that you can find what you’re looking for.

13. You’re in urban warfare, the most deadly and difficult form of warfare there is. You won’t know what window a sniper is hiding behind, what houses are booby-trapped, or where the Enemy is waiting in ambush—unless you hook up with My advanced warrior systems, which can watch over you and help you to plan and attack with pinpoint accuracy, and survive to fight another day.

14. Going into any witnessing endeavor with your channel switched off is like walking down the center of a battlefield with a neon target on your head. You cannot—and I repeat, cannot—be fully successful in the Offensive and do all that I want you to do, nor will you see all of the supernatural answers to prayer and lives changed, without using the weapon of prophecy. There’s no way around it, and no way to win without it.

15. I have made you into the most elite and effective strike force ever known to mankind. Every one of you can do more damage to the Enemy than 10,000 untrained recruits in the regular army. You are the sort of whom it is said, “one can chase a thousand,” and “two can put ten thousand to flight.” But in order to do that, you must use your training; you must use your specialized communications equipment, including prophecy.

16. Decisive victory is all about precision attacks at the points that do the most damage to the Enemy. It’s not about brute force; it’s about doing the most damage in the shortest amount of time, which causes the opposing force to be overwhelmed and collapse on itself. If you want to win decisive victories, you must avail yourself of prophecy, because it’s through prophecy that I will tell you when to strike, what to strike, and how to strike.

17. (Jesus:) Prophecy is a heavenly communicator implanted in your mind that acts as a two-way communications device between you and all of the answers that you’ll ever need. It is the link between you and scoring 100% on your test. It makes a vital difference in your service for Me.


18. * When you’re out witnessing, don’t try to reason out who to talk to next or what shop to go to next, etc. Ask the Lord. If you’re with a partner, take turns asking the Lord who to approach next, or where to go next, and how to get there.

19. * Watch for a change of circumstances; be flexible, and pray as you go. A wise warrior not only prays and plans before the battle, but during it too. Although the general plan should be implemented, through prayer, stay open to the checks of the Lord’s Spirit and how to adapt to battlefield conditions. Radio in every so often and check with the Lord and determine if any on-the-spot changes in the plan need to be made, and then follow through accordingly.

20. * Before talking to someone—whether it’s someone that you’ve never met before, or someone that you are already acquainted with and are following up on—ask the Lord if there’s something specific He wants you to say to them, or if He has something to tell you that will help you to reach them better. Ask the Lord for the key to their heart. Ideally it would be best to hear from the Lord before you leave home, but if you didn’t get a chance, doing so on the spot is better than not at all.

21. * Don’t limit yourself to communicating with the Lord only before speaking to people. During any witnessing opportunity, make a point of asking the Lord about it in your mind—where to steer the conversation; if the current topic or direction is effective; if the person is worth your time; if you should move on, etc.

22. (Jesus:) I didn’t just create the weapon of prophecy so that we could chat on your day off and feel good and happy. That’s a pleasant use of it, but the primary purpose of the weapon of prophecy is to make it possible for you to defeat the Devil on this Earth in the battles you face. If you don’t use it, you’re giving him an advantage over you in the spiritual warfare.

23. * Every so often, at the end of a witnessing day, ask the Lord to talk to you about your use of prophecy—to assess your performance, and to show you ways that you can improve in your use of it. It doesn’t have to be a serious, sit-down prophecy session. You can communicate with the Lord in your mind as you ride home, when you’re in the shower, or before bed. Ask Him, “How am I doing with my gift of prophecy in my outreach? Am I using it enough? How can I improve in my use of it?”

24. You can do the same thing with your witnessing, asking the Lord to speak to you, assess your performance, and to show you ways you can improve.

25. * Strike out and try something new. Instead of answering a sheep’s question with your own words, offer to hear from the Lord on it right then and there with the sheep or the person you’re ministering to. This can be a short prophecy or a longer one, depending on the situation and circumstances.

26. * Before you go out witnessing, ask the Lord if your choice of clothing is appropriate for the plans He has for you that day. It could be very important to be dressed a certain way on a given day, in order to be able to walk through an open door that the Lord may present to you.

27. * Ask the Lord about specific details before you go out witnessing, such as what Family products or tracts to take with you, what transportation you should take to your witnessing location, if and when you should take a break during the day, where you should stop for lunch, and other such specifics.

28. * Use prophecy before each witnessing or follow-up appointment or class. Ask the Lord specifically what you should talk about, what topic would be feeding for the sheep, and how to make the appointment or class as feeding as possible. If you are going to be presenting a need or an appeal, ask Him how to best present it.

29. * Ask the Lord regularly about your sheep and what to feed them next, what their current needs are, what challenges they need for their growth, what battles they’re facing, and how to motivate them to go further in their relationship and walk with the Lord.

Follow-up meetings and prophecy [box]

30. (From a witnesser:) In our Home we have a scheduled weekly “Building a Flock” follow-up meeting with a follow-up team of three people who meet about our church growth and Active members. We also have another team that meets about the “Reach the Rich” follow-up. We focus on two or three of our sheep each week, and ask the Lord for some counsel and direction for their next couple of months of growth. Then in our next weekly meeting, we hear from the Lord about three other sheep. With this plan, we are able to hear from the Lord specifically about 12 sheep in a month. So if you have 24 sheep on the line, you can hear from the Lord regarding them at least once during a two-month period. We have more counsel from the Lord than we are able to implement, and are never short on His direction. Of course, when a particular sheep is going through something, we are open to giving them more time, and they get extra shepherding and focus. But the other sheep also need attention and focus, and having this plan has worked well for us. (Note: This testimony was written before the publication of LNF 300, which asks each FD Home to form a witnessing committee. Some or all of the suggestions above could probably be handled by the witnessing committee.)

31. * Develop a habit of receiving prophecies for those you minister to, such as prophecies of encouragement or instruction. Many witnessers have testified that most people love to receive a personal message from the Lord, and it has proven to spark an interest in the spirit and a hunger to learn and experience more. Some sheep who have a very traditional and distant concept of God have immediately grown to recognize Him as a friend and have developed a personal relationship with Him, through being influenced by the prophecies that were received for them. Prophecy can be used as early as a second meeting with a sheep, or at times even the first.

32. * Use your gift of prophecy to help your sheep and supporters when they are making important decisions—such as medical, financial, or business decisions. They may often ask you to ask the Lord for His counsel to them on these matters, and it’s an important part of using the weapon of prophecy in your witnessing and winning. However, it’s good to include them in the prophecy session, if possible, and it’s important to explain that the final decision rests in their hands and is according to their faith. If you are the one hearing from the Lord for them, often the Lord might not tell them through that prophecy exactly what to do, but He can give them important input or factors for them to consider, as well as promises and counsel once they make a final decision. (Note: For more on this, please see Link #1, an excerpt of a PMA class, on page 8.)

33. * Practice asking the Lord specifics in other realms of your life and work, so that when your sheep ask you to hear from the Lord about something specific, you’re practiced in doing so, and you have the faith to receive an answer. One sheep, right off the bat, brought out three pens and three pieces of paper and asked an outreach team to hear from the Lord with him about some important business decision. Thank the Lord, He came through with His counsel, and that man has been drawn very close as a result of it.

34. * Use prophecy to help you to remain flexible and to “follow God” while you’re on outreach. There will be days when you have everything well planned, and then everything falls through, or your appointments get cancelled, or the Lord wants to change plans as you go. So remain flexible and constantly ask the Lord at each step.

35. * Be faithful not just to receive prophecies, but to follow through on what the Lord tells you to do in those prophecies.

36. * Give prophecies to the members of your flock during special times in their lives, such as when someone has a new baby, or on their birthday, or on their wedding day, or on other special occasions.

37. * Receive prophecies to share with your flock during your meetings, retreats, or classes with them, either as a keynote or closing message, or as a supplement to other material you’ll be sharing with them.

38. * Teach your sheep to hear from the Lord themselves. Helpful aids: “Hearing from Heaven” (Get Activated book); the Letters on prayer and prophecy in God Online; 12FS classes 4A and 4B on prophecy.

39. * Once the members of your flock have received the gift of prophecy, work on helping them to receive things from the Lord as regularly as possible via their own channels, and encourage consistent use of this gift in their lives—such as by asking them to share with you the things that the Lord has spoken to them about, etc.

40. * When someone you’re ministering to asks you a question, decide whether it’s something you’d need to research in the Word or to ask the Lord about. If it’s something the Lord can answer in prophecy, tell them that you’ll get back to them. Then ask Him about it as soon as you get a chance, and pass on the message or counsel to your sheep. When it comes to something major that could have big consequences in the other person’s life, ask a fellow witnesser or shepherd to get a confirmation from the Lord. Make sure that the counsel you pass on is accurate and complete, and seek the Lord about how to present it.

41. * Hear from the Lord together with the members of your flock, as a group, whenever possible.

42. * If there’s a problem or issue that one of your sheep faces, help them to research the Word on the topic, and encourage them to ask the Lord about it and receive an “official” prophecy (one that they actually write down or record somehow). You could start by offering to receive something for them through your channel, but the goal should be to get them to receive answers through their own channel, to become comfortable with personally receiving counsel directly from the Lord.

43. * Encourage and promote the use of prophecy with your flock by sharing one or more messages that you personally received from the Lord regarding an area of your life that you’re progressing in, or a decision that you prayed about, etc. This can help to encourage those you’re ministering to to want to try to exercise their gift more, so that they can likewise receive practical counsel from the Lord for their everyday lives.

44. * If one of the members of your flock shares a message with you that they received from the Lord, be as enthusiastic and commending as possible. Even if their gift is at the “baby” stage, encourage them for their faith to exercise it, to take steps to use it, and this will help to build their confidence in their channel.

45. * Your sheep should see you suggest, “Let’s ask the Lord,” whenever you or they need to make a decision.

46. * Setting an example is the best way to teach others the value of the gift of prophecy. Make an effort to strengthen this weapon in your life to the point that using it becomes very natural for you, a part of your everyday life and actions. Form a habit of receiving daily prophecies and using this weapon faithfully in order to become more skilled in using it, and you will be better prepared to teach others.

47. * Study the CGO Handbook for more information and helps on the use of prophecy in your witnessing and winning. (See CGO Handbook 4.b.v: Hearing from the Lord for or with those you minister to. For you who are PMA students, you’ll find more on this topic in class 7.7 of the “Cultivating Supporters” course and class 7.1 of the “Building a Flock” course.”) (Note: For more on this, please see Link #2, an excerpt of a PMA class, on page 11.)

The Treasure Hunt [box]

48. (From a witnesser:) Our Home has a music ministry where we play weekly for a cross section of the top class in our city and business people from abroad. Some months ago we met the family and relatives of the leadership of another country. We got quite close to them, and this gentleman came to our Home for a visit with some ambassadors from his country and gave us a large donation. This happened only after hearing from the Lord and following each step He showed us. It wasn’t easy and took quite a bit of time, prayer, and planning. The Lord had even shown us in prophecy not to ask him for anything but to let him offer a donation, and He had also shown us the exact amount this man would give. Amazing! Since then we have been in touch with him through e-mail and the phone, and our communication with him has been very fruitful.

49. When praying about what to approach this gentleman with at this time, as well as how to prepare for his next visit, the Lord chided us a bit. He reminded us that He had already shown us six months ago that He would bring Mr. M. back for a visit as soon as we were ready, and had shown us to get the children’s performing team prepared, as well as have our band learn some local language songs. (Every time we would call Mr. M., he would say that he would visit, but that he wasn’t sure when.) The Lord showed us again that Mr. M. would come when we fulfilled what He had already shown us—sort of an “if you build it, he will come” or “Noah’s ark phenomenon.” Needless to say, we have begun the preparations needed and this man has promised to help us with some of our projects this year. Praise the Lord!

50. We are learning that in reaching the rich, we can very quickly lose opportunities the Lord sends our way if we are not sharp in the spirit and desperate to obey what He says instantly. It is sobering to realize that many important sheep may have come and gone and golden opportunities may have flown by without our even realizing it. The Lord’s timing is everything, as only He really knows what He is doing, and we are just playing along in the “treasure hunt”—hunting for clues, obeying where they tell us to go, and searching for the prize.

51. (Jesus:) Once you get hooked on hearing from Me specifically about your outreach, and as you are open to My checks, asking Me frequently what to do, where to go, or what to tell those that you meet and minister to, you’ll never go back to doing things without the on-the-go assistance of such a powerful weapon.

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* Verses: Num.11:25; Acts 2:4,18; Acts 19:6; Rom.12:6; 1Cor.12:10; 1Cor.14:3,39; 2Tim.3:16; 2Pet.1:21

Thought Power

Karen Zerby

Maria #410CM/FM 315510/97

1. Since this GN has been about uniting and fighting in prayer for our young folks‚ I thought you would find this next message very helpful and would be excited by its possibilities. It talks about how you can turn your thoughts into prayers which have potent creative power—Heavenly thought power!

2. The Bible talks a lot about our thoughts, and it makes an interesting study. The Word says we can hardly count the Lord’s thoughts toward us, and we’re to hate vain thoughts but love His law, which is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart! (Psa.40:5; 119:113; Heb.4:12).

3. Dad also talked about the power of thoughts throughout his Letters. “Forbidden Planet” talks about watching your thoughts and the intents of your heart. “The Operator” talks about praying for others when you think about them. Here’s more on how you can put your thoughts to good use in prayer!

4. (Jesus speaking: ) Turn every thought into a prayer. If you want to know how to pray more and how to get more things done, transform every thought into a prayer. Think of all the things you do throughout the day‚ all the things you think about, all the thoughts that run through your head! So many thoughts—sometimes running wild! Now ask yourself, where are your thoughts running?

5. Watch your thoughts. Consider all your thoughts. Size them up, take stock, analyze, weigh them up, and ask yourself, what are your thoughts accomplishing? Where are they going? Are they headed in the right direction or in the wrong direction? Are they finely tuned to My intricate circuitry? Or are they lost in space, trapped in the gulf of nonsense? Or hot-wired to the switchboard of static and confusion?

6. How do your thoughts fare? Are they accomplishing good? Or are they sitting idle, destined to end up in the wasteland of nothingness? Are you transforming your thoughts into power that will bring about changed lives and improved conditions for loved ones in their hour of need? Or are they engrossed in trifles, sitting fruitless and lifeless in a dead-end pool of self-interest?

7. If you want to do more in prayer, consider your thoughts. Thoughts are real things. They can bless or they can curse; they can help or they can hinder; they can provide comfort and peace, or they can emit emptiness; they can give protection and security, or they can lead the way to accident and misfortune—all according to how you turn them.

8. By turning your thoughts into prayer, you turn them into creative power. By allowing them to sit idle, you turn them into an empty, hollow shell‚ with no purpose‚ no worth, no profit. If you turn your thoughts into prayers, they will accomplish that which is good. If you turn them toward vanity, they will come to no avail.

9. Burden or blessing—to which do your thoughts attain? Are they helping to sustain a soul in need? Or are they silently turning a blind eye to the one who cries for help? Where are your thoughts running? Are they reaching out to answer a call? Or are they lingering, tinkering around in frivolous play, hanging out in empty hallways?

10. If you want to know how to accomplish more, how to meet the need in prayer‚ and how it is possible to continue on when the need is so great, how to answer the call of so many in need, I say to you, watch your thoughts. Take a look at your thoughts. Evaluate your thoughts. Organize your thoughts. Ask yourself, “What are my thoughts accomplishing?” Are you tapping into Heavenly thought power? Are you directing your thoughts to where they can do some good and really make a positive difference?

11. Thoughts are real things! Thoughts are powerful, for thoughts can be turned into prayers‚ and prayer is powerful! If you want to know how to pray more, consider your thought power! Take stock, My loves. Take care and watch your thoughts. Tap into Heaven’s thought power!

12. I have equipped each of you with this great gift, therefore learn to use it. Learn to wield it. Learn to convert your thoughts into powerful prayer. Thought power turned into prayer will materialize into My blessings, My intervention, My protection‚ power and strength, My healing balm poured out on those for whom you care.

13. Thoughts turned into prayers will accomplish great feats, make the impossible possible, and change the course of history! On the other hand, thought power left running idle has little worth and will only float off to oblivion and fade away to rust and ruin. Thought power aimed in the wrong direction—that which runs wild on dangerous highways of negativity, doubt and besetting sin—will end in destruction.

14. Watch your thought power and take care, lest thoughts left unattended catch you unaware. For thoughts left idle can slip away into the gray mass of nowhere land, into the cracks and crevices of complacency, where they will rot and ruin and go to waste.

15. If you want to do more in prayer, consider your thoughts. Are your thoughts burdens or blessings‚ useful or wasteful? Will they get hung up in a mass of clutter, or be turned into powerful prayers? Oh, the great things that fail to be achieved for failure to direct all your thoughts on a clear course of prayer! Idle thoughts shooting into thin air only add to the clutter of the atmosphere, causing confusion and disorder.

16. And I tell you this, My children‚ that if you will learn how to direct your thoughts in the way of powerful prayer, in this lies the secret to great strength, great victory, and great accomplishment.

17. You ask how you can pray more, when you can pray more? Every time you think a thought‚ just turn it into a mighty prayer—all the time, anywhere, with anybody, even when you’re all alone. When you’re doing physical chores or routine duties, turn your thoughts into prayers throughout the day. Don’t let them pass you by, and you will accomplish so much more. Capture your thoughts, beam them up, right on target, and see miracles come to pass before your very eyes!

18. Thoughts are always running through your head, but it’s how you direct them that makes a difference. Catch each thought, bring it before Me on the spot, and I will lead you in how to direct it. Take care not to let those thoughts sit idle, lest they turn to daydreaming and vain illusion.

19. All day long, no matter what else you’re doing, you’re thinking thoughts, but it’s how you direct them and filter them that can make a difference. What you decide to do with those thoughts and where you direct them is what counts. I tell you this to make your job easier. For as you learn to direct your thoughts in prayer, filtering them through the sieve of My Word, balancing them and directing them to Me, sending them on to where they can genuinely accomplish something‚ you will be able to fulfill this mission of prayer.

20. In the solitude of your thoughts you can turn them to prayers and change the course of history! Even in the busyness of your schedule‚ what you do withyour thoughts can make a difference. Even in the course of your busy day, you can take the thoughts that come to you as a result of the input you see and receive all around you, and you can turn those thoughts into prayers. Therefore you should not just reserve this habit for your quiet times or prayer times, but you should try to get in the habit of capturing your thoughts and turning them into prayers at every opportunity. You should learn to discipline your mind and not let your thoughts wander, even during times when you’re relaxing.

21. You can take the thoughts that come to you as a result of watching the news, watching a movie, listening to music, talking with others, or having get-out, and you can direct those thoughts to Me, turn them to Me in prayer. You should be vigilantly trying to capture your thoughts and make them work for you and others for good through prayer. All throughout the day as you are taking in the sights and sounds of all that goes on around you‚ in the midst of all this you can make choices as to how you want to direct and filter the thoughts that pop into your head.

22. If you let the sights and sounds around you trigger your thought patterns for the positive, turning them into prayers to Me, you’ll be able to intercede for those in need. But if you let the sights and sounds around you grab your thoughts and lock them into thoughts of vanity, these have little worth, and you will have missed the opportunity to tap into Heavenly thought power turned to prayer.

23. Vain thoughts are thoughts of self. Vain thoughts are thoughts that are not filtered through Me. They’re thoughts without a purpose, thoughts that are not directed. They have no goal. They’re not based on true, lasting values. They’re thoughts of nonsense. They’re not brought before Me and measured with the yardstick of My Word. Vain thoughts puff up; they have no purpose‚ no rhyme, no reason, no destination to help another or to meet a need.

24. You can choose throughout the day, in the midst of all the sights and sounds around you‚ how you want these outside variables to influence your thoughts. You can catch the sights and sounds around you and allow them to run wild in your head, or you can catch the sights and sounds and bring them to Me. Shoot up an instant prayer. Seek Me, ask Me, get My mind on the matter. This is how you can guard your thoughts and bring them into captivity to My Spirit‚ and then turn them into prayers, turn them into good‚ turn them into something that will last‚ that will live on and accomplish a great work.

25. Keep your thoughts clean and pure by bringing them to Me, by transforming them into prayers. In this way you can accomplish much more than if you let your thoughts slip away.

26. The sights and sounds around you motivate the thoughts in your head, and you can choose what to do with those thoughts according to how you turn them. Learn the art of filtering your thoughts through Me, turning your every thought toward Me by turning it into a prayer, and this will facilitate your ministry of prayer and enhance your prayer power.

27. This method, this technique, this practice of turning every thought into a prayer will make your burdens lighter! For thoughts are always entering your head; they’re constant. Therefore this art of turning every thought into a prayer will greatly enhance your prayer life and your prayer power. For as you pour out in this way, turning every thought into a prayer, I will pour into you great blessing and fill you with great satisfaction and great fulfillment.

28. Thoughts are real things—they can be a burden or a blessing. Your thoughts can control you or you can control them. You can employ them and turn them to your good and to the good of others by turning them into prayers. But if you allow your thoughts to run wild, they will employ you. They’ll make you flounder and slip, render you useless, hinder your power, and eventually bring about your downfall. Will you turn your thoughts into power prayers‚ or allow them to be tied up in shallow froth? Will you send your thoughts to great heights, or allow them to loiter in emptiness?

29. There’s great power in a thought, and I give to you, My children who know Me‚ a great key—that of turning every thought into a prayer, that of bringing every thought into the captivity of My Spirit. In this lies power, and I give this power to you so that in these Last Days you can accomplish great feats by directing your thoughts in prayer.

30. Be not as foolish children who do not appreciate the greatness of this power I make available to you, but instead choose to let their thoughts wander, or lie inactive, or waste away on empty vanities and that which will not last. But rather take hold, tap in to this great power that I put into your hands, and the great opportunity to turn every thought into a prayer.

31. I do this for your benefit. Don’t think that to turn your thoughts into prayer is merely to keep them occupied, to fill up your time and corral your thoughts for lack of something better to do. For this fine art—practicing this Heavenly technique of turning every thought into prayer—is a great privilege, a great gift, a great power I make available to you—the privilege to tap into Heavenly thought power! Use it, and it will serve you well. It will make your life easier and bring about miracles on your behalf.

32. Thoughts are real things—they can be a burden or a blessing. Turn them into good by turning them into prayer. Which will you choose? (End of message from Jesus.)

33. (Jesus speaking:) Now don’t get scared, My children, and don’t worry and wonder how you’re ever going to turn every single one of your thoughts into a prayer. Don’t think that you have to become some kind of a saint. Remember that I know your frame and I understand that you’re human. So that means that I also know your limitations‚ your weaknesses and faults and everything.

34. The most important thing to remember is that I look at your heart more than your mind or your actions. I look at the desire of your heart to please Me, and when the heart is right, then everything else is right. So if you have trouble along the way and you know you won’t possibly be able to turn all your thoughts into prayers, does that mean you’re a failure and might as well give up and quit trying and just go out in the garden and eat worms? No, it just means you’re human like everybody else! And you know what? All the other people around you aren’t going to be able to turn every single thought into a prayer either! So you might as well relax right now and not get condemned because you can’t do it one hundred percent.

35. You might be wondering why I suggested you do it in the first place if I knew you couldn’t! It’s for the same reason that a father encourages his child to start walking and taking his first steps even though he knows he can’t at first and he’s going to fall over sometimes. Eventually he learns to walk well‚ and even though here and there along the way he might slip and fall down, it’s still much better for him to walk. He can go places and get there faster by walking rather than crawling.

36. And although I know you’re going to slip and fall sometimes in your prayer life and you won’t always achieve the goal of turning every thought into a prayer, I knew if I gave you the challenge to try and reach the goal, even if only partway, it’s worth it!—Because it’s progress, and you’ll be doing much better and accomplishing more by activating the power of Heaven than if you don’t ever try. Some people will do better at it than others, some people will be more faithful than others, and I’ll raise up many mighty prayer warriors from the ranks.

37. So try it! You’ll like it! And it will certainly do you and others a lot of good. But don’t worry or get under condemnation if all of a sudden you realize you haven’t been praying. Don’t criticize or condemn yourself or others, because I won’t be criticizing or condemning you. I’m happy and thankful for each prayer that you do pray. So don’t worry about all the prayers that you forget to pray or don’t pray. Don’t let the Enemy point out your lack and criticize you for what you haven’t done, but look on the bright side and remind him of the prayers you did pray and the good that you have done!

38. Just stay positive and upbeat and happy about it, thankful for the idea and the challenge and the blessing to pray when you do remember, to turn your thoughts into prayers when you can.

39. Remember the anecdote about the man who told the Devil to stop criticizing his small potatoes. The Devil was hanging around being negative and murmuring to the farmer‚ trying to get the farmer to murmur against God for his small potato crop that year‚ and to forsake his plow and follow the Devil. But the farmer just told the Devil that he was thankful for his Father’s small potatoes, because when the Devil was in control he didn’t have any potatoes! (See GT 2, page 1609‚ #172.) So when the Enemy comes around to criticize and condemn you for not praying enough, just tell him you’re thankful‚ and I’m thankful for your prayers, because if he were in control you wouldn’t be praying any prayers! (End of message from Jesus.)

Seekman and the Treasures

April 22, 2003

A parable, told by Jesus4/97DO/TS 3131

(Please also see the illustrated version coming soon in a Hope TK.)

1. In the Kingdom of Love there was once a fine youth with a good heritage and heart. He was happy and content, and had many friends. He was fulfilled, as were his brothers and sisters, in carrying out the affairs of the kingdom at the bidding of the king and queen.

2. Wherever this lad would go about taking care of the business of the kingdom, he had on his arm a basket full of precious treasures, gold and jewels, which he had received from the king and queen. The king and the queen were the caretakers of the gold mine of the kingdom, and every day they would go deep into the mine, where they would spend long hours in quietness and prayer.

3. There they would commune with the great God of the Universe‚ the One Who ruled not only their kingdom, but all the kingdoms of the world. They would talk with Him and ask Him questions, and they would listen carefully to His answers. As they communed together in quietness and faith with the Creator, He would place Heavenly treasures in their hands, more precious than earthly gold or silver‚ more precious than all the gems of the world. He would load the queen and the king with so many Heavenly treasures!

4. Every day the king and queen would come out of their gold mine heavily laden with treasures, which they would distribute to the children of the realm. They explained to the children that these were very special treasures, and that if they would always carry them with them‚ value them greatly and hold them close to their hearts and minds, they would be a source of great wisdom, guidance and supply. They would have the answers to all their questions and would never get lost as long as they held these treasures close to their hearts.

5. These were very special gifts from the king and queen that no one else had. It was a very great privilege and honor to receive these treasures from the Creator’s hand, and it gave the king and queen great joy to pass them on to their children.

6. Many youths rejoiced at receiving these treasures, and they held them close to their hearts continually, never letting them out of their sight. They didn’t always understand the promises or the instruction clearly, and they didn’t always see the value of the treasures immediately, as it was sometimes hidden from their eyes. Nevertheless, they guarded their treasures and didn’t let one fall to the ground or get lost, because they believed the words of their king and queen—that these were gifts from the Creator, the most precious things on Earth.

7. But the Kingdom of Love had a vicious enemy, an evil sorcerer who was always lurking around‚ watching the young people‚ trying to find a way to trick and deceive them, seeking to rob them of their riches. He was the enemy of the precious treasures they loved!

8. This evil sorcerer would not steal away the treasures himself, because that would be too obvious and blatant an attack. It would have immediately alarmed the young people, and they would have been able to recognize that something was amiss right away. They would have then gone on an all-out attack to find their treasures and recover them.

9. Instead, the evil sorcerer would try to enter their fellowship and cleverly lie to them about the value of their treasures. He was an expert at causing them to doubt and analyze and be skeptical. He knew that if he could plant even tiny doubts‚ that they would grow and grow‚ and his job was done! Eventually he wouldn’t even have to steal the treasures; the young people would just throw them away of their own accord!

10. But the really smart ones would guard their baskets and fight the sorcerer. They’d sock him and hit him and push him back and resist him and stand up to him whenever he would come around to try to convince them that their treasures were not valuable.

11. One day a young man—Seekman was his name—looked inquisitively at his basket of treasures. They were of all different shapes, colors and sizes. Some of them were very beautiful, but others seemed strange and uncomely to his eyes. Some were shiny and brilliant and gem-studded; others were plain, and still others seemed rather ugly to him.

12. As he was in an analytical frame of mind, questioning and wondering about the value of these treasures‚ the evil sorcerer sauntered over and said‚ “What do you think people are going to think of you if they see you walking around with that strange basket? Look at that gem on top—it’s so different from what all the other Christians have. It’s so radical, instructing you that you need to be completely apart from the System, apart from the ways of the world‚ that you need to be dropped out in order to be part of God’s elite army. What will people think when they see that you live communally‚ that you don’t go to a secular school, that you devote all your time to Godly education, that you don’t listen to System music or plan to pursue what the System considers a reputable and profitable career? Don’t you think people are going to look at you as being rather extreme?

13. “Do you really think it’s necessary to be completely dropped out—to be that different?” the evil sorcerer queried. “Don’t you think this treasure that’s instructing you to be such an iconoclast and such a testimony against the System is a little extreme? What will all the kids of the world think? Aren’t you worried about the opinions of man? Maybe you should just get rid of that one. I mean, you still have a lot more, and that one’s not really necessary. After all, there are a lot of Christians who don’t have that particular treasure or follow those particular beliefs. Yes, I know they are Scriptural‚ and Jesus did say ‘Come out from among them and be ye separate‚’ but wasn’t that a long time ago? Why don’t you just get rid of that one?”

14. Seekman looked at the treasures in his basket and thought, Yeah, that’s right. I don’t think I like this one. After all, it’s kind of ugly. As he pondered the lies and doubts of the evil sorcerer, he thought to himself, This doesn’t look like a treasure to me. It doesn’t seem to have any value or be worth anything. In fact, I think it makes my basket look too strange; it makes me look too different. What will people think? I’d better get rid of this one.

15. So he went straight to the king and queen and gave them the treasure, saying he didn’t want it marring the beauty of his basket. The king and queen tried to explain to him the value of this treasure that he was returning‚ and repeated what the great Creator had said when He had placed it in their hands. But Seekman was not interested‚ he already had his mind made up. And besides, he was so rich and he had so many treasures, he didn’t feel he needed this rather ugly one.

16. A while later, as he was looking at his basket again, he saw another treasure that seemed rather ugly, too. He thought to himself, Hmm, do I really need this one, too? It’s marring the beauty of my basket like the other one did. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if I even like it, as carrying it around requires a lot of love and a lot of sacrifice. It makes me have to think about other people and their needs. So I don’t know about this one. Besides, nobody else in the world does it.

17. Lurking in the shadows, the evil sorcerer again saw an opportunity to have another conversation with the young man, since his last visit had been so successful in getting him to throw away the first treasure.

18. “I don’t know about this Law of Love idea of loving and caring for one another,” the sorcerer sneered, “or even how your older brothers and sisters try to ‘go for the gold’ and enjoy the freedom of the Spirit. Come on, isn’t that a bit much? Don’t you think that’s asking a lot of them—so much sacrifice‚ so much trust and faith? Look around you. You don’t see other people living like that. Surely it wouldn’t do you much harm to get rid of that little jewel, that little treasure. After all, everybody else seems to be doing fine without it. Why don’t you just forget about this Law of Love which says to ‘love your neighbor like yourself and lay down your life for your brethren.’ It’s too much work! You got rid of that other treasure‚ and it doesn’t seem to have hurt you‚ so why not get rid of this one too?”

19. This time, the young man listened attentively to all the evil sorcerer had to say. Because he had believed him earlier, it was becoming easier to accept his reasons and logic. It made sense to his natural mind. Seekman wasn’t particularly interested in doing and living the instruction of that particular treasure anyway, because going out of his way to give love to others was pretty difficult and often made him uncomfortable; it cost him so much of his own pride and selfishness. So he was susceptible and receptive to the lies of the evil sorcerer and his way, which seemed so much easier than the way of sacrifice‚ faith and trust.

20. So he again returned to the king and queen what to him was an uncomfortable, unnecessary jewel. And though they once again tried to explain to him the words of wisdom and love that were passed on to them from the Creator when they received the jewel, Seekman would not listen. He would not believe it, for he already had his mind made up that the jewel was ugly, useless and unnecessary, and that it marred the appearance of the basket he carried.

21. Before he had started listening to the sorcerer and returning the first jewel, he had looked at his jewels with faith and admiration, prayerfully asking the Creator to help him understand their full value. But now he looked at them skeptically. He would analyze them and try to find fault with them, and the more he did, the easier it was for the evil sorcerer to come by for another chat.

22. In the beginning, the boy had been very leery of the evil sorcerer. He knew in his heart that what the evil one was saying was wrong and dangerous. He knew he should fight it and resist it and refuse to talk to him. But instead of walking away and telling the dark figure that he didn’t want to hear what he had to say‚ each time he’d listen to him a bit longer. Each time he’d pay a little more attention, and take his words and counsel to heart a little bit more. The more he did this, the weaker he got‚ and the less he was able to resist the evil sorcerer. The more he listened, the more sense the evil sorcerer’s words seemed to make.

23. At first he had been able to easily recognize that what the evil sorcerer said was wrong, wicked and divisive. But the more he talked with him and listened to what he had to say, the harder it was for him to discern between right and wrong, the truth and the lie. Pretty soon he got so used to the evil sorcerer’s doubts and lies that he wasn’t feeling much conviction at all. His heart was becoming harder and harder, and colder and colder toward the king and the queen.

24. He finally got to the point that he couldn’t even recognize when it was the sorcerer talking or when it was his own thoughts. He thought that it was just him thinking and analyzing things on his own. He didn’t even realize he was entertaining doubts and lies that had been planted in his mind by the enemy of the realm. He didn’t realize that the whole goal of the evil sorcerer was to get him to doubt the value of the treasures and all the information they contained. That was the sorcerer’s entire purpose.

25. By and by, Seekman continued to examine his treasures and ponder the beauty of them, when he noticed yet another one. It wasn’t really ugly, but it was a little strange, a little misshapen. This particular treasure smelled richly of roses, and it was warm and glowing. Each time anyone held this treasure‚ it left a sweet substance on their hands, like honey, which would make them strong if they ate it. This particular treasure contained the secrets of how to have a very close relationship with the Creator Himself.

26. The king and queen had told Seekman that this jewel was very rare and precious; that few people had ever discovered it‚ and that if someone received this jewel by faith, they could receive many precious promises. But this wasn’t really his idea of anything very beautiful. It was odd and different, and it took a lot of faith. They had told him this treasure was of great value, and that it promised him protection and supply and guidance; but he couldn’t possibly see the value of it. I don’t really need this one either, he thought to himself. It’s very odd, and pretty worthless if you ask me. I’ll just toss it aside. And so he did.

27. He then picked up another large and complicated treasure from his basket. He had to really study it to see all of its different angles and facets. If he could receive it with faith, this treasure instructed him how he could hear from the spirit world, from the great Creator and His helpers. He had at his disposal the answers to all of his questions. But oh, it was so heavy! It was weighty and cumbersome. He said to himself, Oh, surely I don’t need this big old heavy thing! It doesn’t look so valuable. It’s just taking up a lot of space and weighing me down. I don’t see how it’s going to bring me any wisdom or riches or guidance. I’ll just toss it aside! And so he did.

28. He picked up another treasure with mirrors on its many sides. As he looked in the mirrors, he’d see his own reflection. This particular treasure was to help him see himself as he really was. It was especially designed to help him grow in his weak areas, to help him examine his own heart. But as he looked at this piece with its many mirrors and reflections, he thought‚ Ugh, I don’t need that! I don’t want that. I’m fine! Everything is fine. I don’t need to have this thing exposing my weaknesses. I’m okay as I am! It’s getting in the way and it’s making me feel uncomfortable and I don’t like it! I don’t want to think about those things, so I’ll just toss this one aside‚ too! And so he did.

29. Then he picked up another treasure that was a glorious, sparkling crystal lens. It was a bit heavy, but through this lens he could see way into the distant future. He saw all kinds of sights and sounds, pictures and revelations. But he thought to himself, Why do I need to bother carrying around this heavy lens? Why do I need to concern myself with these pictures of the future? What has that got to do with me? I don’t need to see that far ahead. I don’t need that. I’ll just toss it aside! And so he did.

30. Again he looked in his basket of treasures and there was a beautiful, golden, sparkling book! He opened the book and the pages were of shimmering gold. Each time he turned the page there would be new instruction. Each page was on a different subject—one on music‚ one on witnessing, one on childcare, one on home care and business, and many pages on love, prayer and praise. There were many pages on unity, patience and perseverance, and on healing‚ endurance and mercy. But he grew weary with so many pages, and after a little chat with the sorcerer about it, he thought, This is such a weariness. This is such a bother. So many pages, so much instruction! I’ve read lots of it before. I’ll just toss this one aside. And so he did.

31. By now his basket was getting much, much lighter, for he had done away with many of the treasures. Left in the bottom of his basket were various treasures of different sizes and shapes. There were many precious metals and jewels: gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other very rare gems that most people had never seen before.

32. But as he looked at these treasures he thought to himself, These don’t look so valuable to me. I don’t think they’re even real gems or real gold. I think it’s all just fake! I think they’re just trying to trick me by getting me to carry around all this junk. They say it’s so valuable and so needed and so priceless, but I got rid of those other ones and it didn’t hurt me any. So I don’t think I need these either. I don’t believe these are going to bring me any riches or power or instruction or supply my needs. I think they’re just fake, phony imitations‚ so I’m going to get rid of them! I’m going to toss these aside‚ too! And so he did.

33. Now Seekman had a good friend named Lytical. He and Lytical talked together a lot, and whatever Seekman did, he told Lytical about. So when Seekman had thrown away his first treasure, he told his friend about it, and explained to him the reasoning that the sorcerer had given him. Lytical, as his name implies, was very analytical. He liked to think and analyze things a lot, and what Seekman told him sounded reasonable and seemed to make sense. So he threw away his treasure too.

34. From then on, each time Seekman would throw away one of his treasures, he would tell Lytical about it, who, being of the same mind, would likewise throw away his treasure. He too began to look at them as rather ugly, meaningless and cumbersome, and thought that life would be so much easier without them. They so often seemed to get in the way of what he wanted to do or the way he wanted to be, and he agreed with Seekman that he was better off with a lighter load.

35. Soon Lytical was following closely in Seekman’s footsteps‚ and they had begun discarding their treasures together, and having lengthy conversations about the treasures and their lack of usefulness or reasoning. The sorcerer would often join them for such chats, but they were unaware of his presence‚ as the words that he spoke seemed to them to simply be their own thoughts. Eventually, their baskets were empty.

36. Seekman started to have a sinking feeling inside of him. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it seemed to be a sort of emptiness that wouldn’t go away. He tried to brush it aside and keep his mind busy with entertaining activities, but he still could not shake it. So he decided to talk about it with another good friend of his named Faithful. Faithful was very devoted to his treasures, and worked hard at keeping each one polished and shiny through constant use and reference. When he saw that Seekman’s basket was empty, he was deeply concerned, and told Seekman that his empty basket was no doubt the source of the empty feeling that he felt inside.

37. Seekman became more and more anxious about this sinking feeling inside, and finally took Faithful’s advice to go ask his Creator what the problem was. It was then, as he humbly and desperately came before his Creator to find help‚ that Seekman’s eyes were opened to what was really happening. All along he had thought that he was being smart and reasonable‚ and doing things the logical way, what seemed right to his own reasoning. But when he came before his Creator with an open heart‚ it was as if the scales fell from his eyes‚ and he was able to see that those thoughts were actually lies of the sorcerer. He could see the deception with which the evil one had entangled him and deceived him into throwing away his treasures.

38. In despair, Seekman cried out to his Creator, asking Him if there was a way back, if he could somehow undo the thoughts in his mind and regain the treasures that he had lost. He worried that all was lost, and that since his basket was now empty, he was beyond the point of no return. But the Creator lovingly and patiently spoke to him, and showed him how he could regain that which was lost by returning to where he had rejected each treasure, and again gathering it into his basket. Finally aware of his sorry state and repentant of the error of his ways, Seekman set out to gather the treasures he had discarded.

39. This was not an easy task for Seekman, and it seemed that each step he took required much faith and perseverance, and much help from his Creator. His good friend Faithful accompanied him, and tried to assist him when he could. But many steps Seekman had to take alone, and they were difficult steps indeed. The sorcerer would often come around in a desperate attempt to dissuade Seekman from going back on him, but though he was sometimes tempted to waver, Seekman remained resolute in his mission. This time he was determined not to be deceived by the sorcerer again. When the fiend would come by, Seekman would rebuke him, stop his ears and cry out to the Creator for assistance. Whenever he did so, the Creator supernaturally shut the mouth of the evil one.

40. Still, the treasures were not easy to gather again. The first one was especially difficult and heavy to lift. Yet, once he had done so, he began to feel a small measure of peace in his heart. The emptiness that he had felt so strongly before had now lessened. The next treasure that he came upon was also heavy, but a bit lighter than the first. As he spent much time studying each treasure that he took into his basket again and gazing upon it, he began to gather strength with each one, until collecting the treasures became easier and easier. Each one seemed lighter than the one before, until his basket was again full, and he carried it with ease.

41. It had been a long and sometimes difficult road, but thanks to the Creator’s strength and help, and the encouragement of his good friend Faithful‚ that which Seekman had thrown away was restored. His joy and the happiness that had eluded him when his basket was empty were also restored to him‚ and he was able to once again enjoy the pleasure of the treasures along with his companions of the kingdom.

42. Eager to share the good news of his new experience, Seekman sought out his friend Lytical, with whom he had discarded his treasures. He was very sorry to have led his friend astray, and was eager to help him, too, to see the error of his way and once again gather the precious gifts he had despised.

43. But by this time Lytical was getting used to an empty basket, and had no desire for the treasures any more. He had felt the same empty feeling that Seekman had felt, but had brushed it aside and listened to the voice of the sorcerer, who advised him that if he ignored it, it would soon go away. It hadn’t yet gone away completely‚ but he hoped that it would in time.

44. When Seekman joyfully told him the truth of the matter and pleaded with him to also begin the task of gathering his lost treasures, Lytical refused. “It’s too much hard work‚” he responded. “Besides, I’m feeling quite comfortable with the way I am and the way I think. I don’t believe what you or anyone else has to say about the treasures anymore. It’s all a myth, only believed by ignorant people who believe with their hearts instead of reasoning with their minds.”

45. Seekman tried in vain to convince his friend, but Lytical was too far gone and refused to change. It was a sad day for Seekman, for though he had regained his treasures, yet his friend Lytical seemed set against the path of repentance, forgiveness and restoration.

46. Finally, Lytical, with his basket of treasures empty‚ went to see the king and queen of the Kingdom of Love. When they saw his empty basket of treasures they said, “Son, what have you done with the treasures of the kingdom?”

47. “Oh‚ I don’t need all that junk!” Lytical replied confidently. “It’s not really necessary. It’s not really valuable. It was just weighing me down and holding me back. That stuff’s not true treasure and it doesn’t really have any value, so I just got rid of it.”

48. The king and the queen tried to explain to him again about the value of the treasures, but he would not receive it. They again told him how they had been given to them from the hand of the Creator, but he would not believe it. They pleaded with him! They wept! They implored him to reconsider and to gather the treasures into his basket again. But no, he would not listen, because he had come to the conclusion that what they had told him was a lie.

49. “I didn’t see the things you said come to pass. I didn’t feel any special power. I didn’t see any great riches or supply of my needs. I didn’t see that the treasures were leading me and giving me guidance. Besides, I got rid of one and it didn’t hurt me any, so I figured if I could get rid of that one, then why not all of them? If one was a counterfeit, then they all must be counterfeit!”

50. The king and the queen patiently tried to reason with the young man‚ explaining again and again about the gold mine where they had received the treasures‚ and all that the Creator had told them about their value and importance. But Lytical had made his decision. He argued, “I have not seen the promises. I have not seen the power. I have not seen them lighten my way. I have not seen them lightening my load. I have not seen the supply of my needs.”

51. So Lytical, disbelieving and full of doubt, left his empty basket at the feet of the king and queen and walked away into darkness. There was nothing the king and queen could do, for he refused to pick up his basket. He refused to gather the treasures. He refused to see their value. He refused to believe that the king and queen spoke the truth. He refused to believe in the existence of the royal gold mine and that these treasures were received from the hand of the Creator.

52. Tossing out one treasure that seemed strange and odd and useless and unneeded had seemed harmless enough to Lytical. But then he figured that if he could do without one, he could do without another, and another, and another. And if one was counterfeit and false and useless and of no value‚ then who was to say the others weren’t as well? Where could he draw the line? He had tossed away all the riches‚ power and promises, and the only thing left was to doubt not only the value of the riches, but the word of the king and queen, the existence of the gold mine, and the Word of the Creator.

53. Both Lytical and Seekman thought they were making wise decisions. They thought they were being smart and thinking for themselves. They thought they were being wise to analyze, but they were wrong. They were not wise, but foolish, and their first and greatest mistake was to listen to the evil sorcerer. Though the king and queen had tried to tell them that the intent of the evil one was to get them to doubt and forsake all their riches, they weren’t on guard, they weren’t watchful. They didn’t take the warning seriously enough. Instead, they thought it wouldn’t hurt if they just listened to the evil sorcerer a little bit. They were curious. And besides‚ they wanted to be independent, and they didn’t like the king and queen telling them what to do. They thought they were pretty mature and grown up now‚ and they could make their own decisions about what they wanted to believe or not believe. They thought they ought to give the evil sorcerer a fair shot, and at least listen to his reasoning and what he had to say.

54. But what they didn’t realize was that giving the evil one any place by listening was their first great mistake. When they listened to the lies of the evil one, and didn’t resist them or rebuke them, then the lies took hold in their hearts and minds. One lie led to another and then another; one doubt led to another, and so on. If they had rebuked the evil sorcerer and sent him away right in the beginning, instead of listening to him, they would have been much better off and much stronger. Even if they had questions about the treasures, they could have asked the king and queen or wise men of the kingdom, or they could have communicated with the Creator Himself. They could have continued to grow strong and been very fulfilled in the Kingdom of Love.

55. Instead of recognizing that the evil sorcerer was lying, they eventually thought the king and queen were lying. They became completely confused and deceived. As soon as they received the lies as truth‚ they began to believe the truth was a lie. Before they began listening to the evil sorcerer‚ they would never have even imagined telling the king and queen that they were lying. They would never have even conceived of doubting the existence of the great Creator. That was completely out of the question. But the more they entertained the doubts of the evil one, the further away from the truth they got. Eventually, they couldn’t even recognize that the evil sorcerer was making them doubt the truth.

56. But what the king and queen told them was true. They had not lied. The king and queen did indeed communicate with the Creator, and what they received from Him were indeed treasures of great value that very few people had been privileged to receive. All the instruction they received and passed on to their children was the truth about how to live in love, how to win the world‚ how to sacrifice and care for others, how to know the Creator and be close to Him, how to receive His answers‚ instruction and guidance from the spirit world, how to live apart from the System, and how to spread the message of the Kingdom of Love.

57. While Seekman found his way back by calling out to the Creator for help and the truth, and was able to regain his treasures, unfortunately Lytical did not, and remained tricked by the evil sorcerer. He did not resist and rebuke him as he should have. He listened to his lies and doubts until he eventually received them and accepted them as his own. They became his own thoughts, and he didn’t even know he was parroting the evil one’s thoughts anymore.

58. In the end, Lytical was not the testimony that he could have been. He no longer had the strength and anointing and power that he could have had. He was weak and sickly and could no longer do the work or job that the Creator had intended for him to do‚ because he wasn’t receiving the power‚ promises and benefits that had once been at his fingertips through the many jewels in his basket. He could have grown up to be a strong teacher and wonderful sample of the truth, but instead he had become contaminated and weakened by the lies and doubts of the evil one.

59. There were other youths of the kingdom, like Faithful, who faithfully guarded and tended their baskets of treasures. They spent every opportunity looking at their treasures and examining them and marveling at them. They constantly talked about their treasures with one another and showed them to each other. They were overwhelmed with their beauty—even though some of them were a little strange, and some were cumbersome and large and weighty and had many angles, and some reflected and exposed their own weaknesses and shortcomings, and some were heavy with much instruction, and some were puzzling with their insight into the future.

60. Still, these youths treasured every piece and guarded them and took care that nothing dropped to the ground. They believed the words of the king and queen, that each treasure was from the hand of the Creator, each one was the truth. They could not say that one was more true than another, that one was true and one was false, that one was of value and one was worthless, because they knew that they all came from the same source, the hand of the Creator, given to the king and queen in the deep places of the royal mine.

61. These young people knew that there were many promises attached to the treasures—promises of supply, power, anointing and understanding. Little by little, as time passed, the young people saw these promises fulfilled in their lives. Some were fulfilled sooner than others, because some promises took more patience and faith. But as they faithfully studied and guarded their jewels, more and more they started to see the promises fulfilled! Some were fulfilled immediately, and others took much, much longer. But they knew and had faith that each promise was from the hand and the mouth of the Creator, and that He could not lie.

62. They knew that the king and queen were simply passing on, as channels‚ the words and instruction and promises from the Creator. So whether they saw the promises fulfilled immediately or not‚ they still continued on in faith. For they had seen some of the promises come to pass, and they knew that it was just a matter of time before they saw them all come to pass!

63. With time, their baskets of treasures grew bigger and bigger and bigger! But as the baskets grew bigger, the young people grew stronger, so they were able to carry the baskets with relative ease. The treasures led them in pleasant paths of abundance and supply. They lay beside still waters‚ where they drank deeply of the cool waters and were refreshed. They went from strength to strength. They were victorious over the attacks of their enemies, and they militantly fought back when the evil sorcerer tried to deceive them into belittling and forsaking their treasures.

64. They were blessed with great love‚ power and unity. Their voice of testimony was heard not only throughout all the kingdom, but throughout all the world! They had anointing upon anointing, and power upon power, as they walked bravely into the Last Days‚ always guarding their treasures and keeping them close to their hearts.

65. With time, they proved that what the Creator said was true! At first they believed by faith‚ but with time they had evidence and proof that the king and queen were the channels, the mouthpieces, the prophet and prophetess passing on the very Words of God. What they said to do worked; what the Creator promised came to pass!

66. Before long, the young people found themselves in the midst of a dark, stormy night. It was cold and rainy and the wind was howling. It was a time of great confusion and persecution. It was the Great Tribulation. There was great darkness and noise and the sound of many waters. The earth rumbled under their feet.

67. Though there was danger on all sides, they clearly heard the voice of the Creator say, “Don’t worry, My children, for I will protect and keep you. Though you feel weak in yourselves, I will make you leaders of My people. Many will flock to you, for they will see your strength‚ power and faith. They will know that your connection with Me is strong, that you know My Word and My ways‚ and that you hear My voice. So fear not for the evil you see and the danger which shall surround you. You have nothing to fear, for I will keep you in the hollow of My hand. Many will come to you to be enriched and strengthened, to draw from the truth of the treasures of My Word that you have loved and valued all your lives. It shall become known that you, My little ones, the children of David, are the leaders of the Endtime, the avant-garde, the officers, the commanders. You shall lead My people in times of trouble, and you shall bring them through to great victory, because of your great faith and your deep knowledge of Me and your intimate relationship with Me.”

68. “But how shall we find our way, Lord?” said the young people. “How shall we lead Your people? How shall we have the strength and wisdom and the power and vision, when we ourselves are so weak and so small? How can You entrust us with such a great privilege and honor as that of being Your Endtime leaders?”

69. Then it was that the enormous baskets of treasures that they had been carrying and guarding and protecting for so long were moved by the hand of the Creator. Before their eyes the treasures lay one upon another, until they built a glorious golden halo which hung right above each of their heads. Out from this halo came golden beams of light that encircled each of them. They were surrounded by a golden glow, a protective shield that gently, brilliantly pulsated. That which they had cherished, pondered upon, marveled at, studied, loved and valued with all their hearts‚ the treasures that they had received from the king and queen, became the foundation‚ the building blocks, the material from which their supernatural anointing for the Endtime was built.

70. Because they had believed and received by faith the Words of God found in these treasures, because they had been faithful and diligent; because they had been loyal and obedient to the message of the Kingdom of Love, they had proved themselves worthy to receive the mighty anointing from the hand of the Creator. It was set above their heads in the form of a golden halo, and enveloped them as a golden hue representing His supernatural protection, strength, wisdom and power.

71. It was their years of faithfulness to the kingdom and the truth that prepared them for this final challenge. It was during their years of study, when they strengthened their faith and learned to know the Creator intimately, that they were tried and tested and prepared for their special place of honor. It was their years of dedication, of loving the Creator, the king and queen, each other, and loving the treasures‚ that brought them together in such unity that their testimony went throughout all the Earth. Those of many faiths came to sit at their feet‚ to be fed and to have their wounds tended.

72. These young people became the leaders‚ shepherds and prophets of the end, because they refused to listen to the lies of the evil sorcerer. They fought him and rebuked him. They kept their eyes on their loving Creator. They kept the basket of treasures‚ the Words from their queen and king, close to their hearts constantly.

73. All their years of faithful study and accepting the Word by faith, of putting it into practice the best they could, and helping others to do the same, paid off in the end. It was the days and years of preparation that provided these young people with the training they needed for the awesome role that they would fill in the Endtime. The more they cherished the Words of life, the more they believed and received these riches, the stronger they became, until they were a mighty army going forth to conquer. They were majestic and beautiful, and they were proud to be children of the Kingdom of Love.

74. Will you be as the wise young people—or as Lytical, the foolish young man? Will you be as those who wisely guard and love the treasures? Or will you be as those who foolishly doubt, reject and discard them piece by piece, point by point, until you doubt the channels, the existence of the gold mine, and the Word of the Creator Himself? The choice is yours! One road leads to the way of victory and triumph, and the other road leads to the way of obscurity and darkness. The choice is yours.

Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask


DO/TS 30351/96

—With the Lord’s Answers Summarized for Your Benefit—Part 2—Judging and Interpreting Prophecy!—Compiled by Peter A.

1. (Introduction:) This is the second in a series of prophecy question and answer GNs. In this GN we will answer questions which pertain to judging and interpreting prophecy—answers which we pray will help you in the judgment and interpretation of prophecies given to you or your Home.

2. As with the first of this series, Mama asked our WS prophets to bring a number of questions regarding prophecy before the Lord. They did so, and He answered wonderfully, as usual. Rather than publishing the full prophecies, we have again chosen to condense them in order to make the answers shorter and more concise.

3. Judging prophecy is the act of discerning if a prophecy was given by the Spirit of God. Interpreting prophecy is the act of coming to an understanding of what a prophecy means.

4. Judging Prophecies: The Bible clearly states that prophecies should be judged. 1Cor.14:29 says, “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.” Dad has also given counsel about the judgment of prophecy, most specifically in “Despise Not Prophesying” (ML #244). In the first five questions of this GN we will see what further insight the Lord has given to help us better judge prophecies.

5. Interpreting Prophecy: There are many reasons to ask the Lord to speak to us in prophecy. Some of these include a need for: encouragement, direction and instruction, help in decision-making, insight into problems, finding the Lord’s will in a matter, etc. Once the Lord has spoken on a matter, we must prayerfully look at what He has said and determine what instruction or answer He is giving us. To do this, we must interpret the prophecy, we must find the meaning of what He has said to us.

6. In order to fully benefit from the gift of prophecy, we must learn to properly interpret the prophecy, as it doesn’t help much to get a message from the Lord if you don’t understand the meaning of what He’s telling you! So in questions 6 through 11 we share some of what the Lord has said on this subject.

7. In order to properly judge and interpret a prophecy, it is necessary to carefully study the prophecy. The best means of doing so is to record the prophecies and transcribe them. This way you will have an exact record of what the Lord has said and you can prayerfully study the meaning. It would be wise to keep some record of all the prophecies your Home receives, such as a notebook or computer file, so that you can periodically go back and reread them to see all the Lord has shown you and how it has come to pass.

(Note: When reading this GN publicly with others, please indicate where the Lord starts speaking by saying something like “prophecy begins,” and then at the end of the prophecy, “prophecy ends”—or simply read the opening and closing quote marks. This will help the hearer to be able to better distinguish between what is commentary and what is prophecy. Thanks!)

Judging Prophecy

Question 1

8. How do you determine whether a prophecy is of the Lord or whether it’s a false prophecy?

9. Answer: To determine if a prophecy is a true prophecy or a false one, it must be prayerfully judged. A true prophecy will be scripturally and doctrinally sound, and it will engender the fruits of the Spirit. False prophecies are unscriptural or unsound doctrinally. They engender fear, doubt‚ worry, confusion and criticism of others.

10. The Lord gave some specific counsel about how to determine if a prophecy is from Him or not: “Beware when what is received engenders fear and doubt and confusion‚ for it is not My Spirit embodied in the form of a dove—gentle‚ soft and loving. … Even so will I give you good things and that which engenders faith and trust. Even in My correction of you, do I not give you hope for a brighter future and hope for repentance and hope for another day? … Beware when that which comes makes you afraid and fearful or doubtful and critical. I will give you that which is for your profit.”

11. True prophecy will not be harsh or cruel, causing ungodly fear. Instead it will be loving, will encourage and bring about faith and trust, even if there is an element of correction. If a prophecy causes you to be fearful, doubtful or critical of others, then it most likely isn’t of the Lord.

12. “You must learn to discern the Spirit. … If the message ministers condemnation or anger or fear or hatred or disgust or doubt, these things are not of Me, and the message is not of Me. For the wisdom that comes from above is first pure‚ then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, like dew falling upon the grass. Therefore, taste and see that the Lord is good, for by the taste you shall know. Does it minister fear? Does it minister condemnation? My voice is the still and gentle voice, full of mercy and good fruits, patient, without partiality‚ without hypocrisy‚ loving. … If it ministers condemnation, negative thinking or fear, these thoughts are not of Me.”

13. Of course there are times when the Lord may want to correct someone who is deliberately disobedient, defiant or rebellious, and certain portions of a prophecy may not sound so loving or gentle because the Lord has to show them how serious their condition is. But such prophecies would normally be given to the shepherds in private when they are praying for or about a person. In such a case, if the correction is confirmed by more than one prophecy and the leadership teamwork prayerfully study the prophecies and know that they are of the Lord, they can give them to the person. They should do so with a lot of love and understanding, remembering that the Lord is trying to help the person by correcting them, not to discourage them and make them feel like giving up.

14. The Lord said we need to “be tasters to know that which is good and that which is not. If something comes which does not sound right to you … take time to seek it out. Let it be balanced in the balances, weighed with the scales of My Word.” So if a prophecy just doesn’t seem to be right‚ then pray more about it, weigh it against the Word, take time to counsel about it.

15. Please remember, though, that just because a prophecy comes out differently than what you are used to hearing‚ it doesn’t mean that it’s a false prophecy or that the prophet is out of the Spirit. “Fear not to pour forth, to sing the sounds of My waters and to hear them. For there are many varieties, there are many songs, there are many motions. They are of many speeds, they flow through many channels, they each make individual sounds. Let the waters cool and refresh you, all of them. … Fear not for My variety.”

16. Beware of pride. In answering this question, the Lord also spoke to those of you who prophesy, giving you valuable counsel about steps to take to make sure you receive true prophecy: “I ask that you fear Me, and that you be desperate, and that you be prayerful, … that you desire to please Me most. … Your best protection is to abide in Me. If you don’t keep your eyes upon Me, and if you desire to be praised or desire the glory or the adulation of man rather than My will, you may be distracted and deceived. For pride comes before a fall, and pride is the greatest enemy to the use of this gift. For this gift is powerful, and some would want to be acclaimed and praised for it, thinking that they are particularly gifted or anointed or wonderful when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit. Beware, for this is spiritual pride.”

17. As you can see, it is very important for the one receiving the prophecy to be in the fear of the Lord, prayerful, desperate, and above all humble‚ fighting against spiritual pride. As the Lord said, “Pride is the greatest enemy to the use of this gift.”—So be humble!

18. Stay close to the Lord. In addition to those things listed above, the Lord also pointed out the importance of those who prophesy being close to Him: “This is why your queen has so impressed upon you the importance of getting closer to Me in this day‚ to love Me more, to know Me more, to praise Me‚ that we may have a close relationship, so that there will be no interference‚ no static. We will walk closer than ever before and you will be able to hear the whispers without the distractions that are all about you. Therefore stay close to Me‚ and understand the importance of loving Me more and more.”

19. Pray against preconceived ideas. Besides loving Him, you need to also make sure you “pray against any preconceived ideas, against your own will.” You must set aside your personal feelings about a matter and pray for the Lord to reveal His will. Along with this‚ you must set aside the business of the day and fully tune in to the Lord.

20. “Before you come in from the wings‚ in beneath the dome of My temple, to gather and to hear from Me, you must learn to take off the garment of your works, so you are not cumbered with much serving and busyness of your day. For it is important that when you come in from your business that you take time to praise Me, to love Me, to let My Words and the beauty of My music and song cleanse your mind and set your hearts at peace, that you might be in neutral gear and at peace‚ sitting in the stillness. Take time to be holy, whole in mind and body and spirit.” Singing, praising, praying, speaking in tongues and taking time to enter into the Spirit are important factors in a prophecy session, as they help you to focus your mind on the Lord and put aside the business of the day.

21. What about mistakes? The Lord said that in our learning to use this gift, mistakes will be made. There will probably be some false prophecies, but we will learn from them, so we shouldn’t be afraid of them. “Be not afraid, for I will not let you be deceived if you will come unto Me wholly and in desperation, with respect, with great fear of God, as you seek to know My will. I will give you the gift of discernment. … Are you not My sheep? Are you not born of Me and of My Spirit? Do you not hear My voice and recognize My voice, and the voice of a stranger you will not follow? Even so will I place within you a greater anointing. If you will follow closely, I will protect you from the voices of strangers.” The Lord gave a further promise of discernment when He said, “If you seek Me with all your heart, will you not recognize the voices of the Enemy, will you not recognize that which is not sound … by the witness of the Spirit?”

22. In another prophecy the Lord again spoke about this time being a learning time. He said, “I have ordained this time for you to practice. You need to practice, you need to learn to hear clearly and specifically from Me so that in the future you can hear Me and you will know that it is My voice and not another. You need to learn to be able to hear My voice and to discern between My voice and the voice of the Enemy. So fear not to practice and fear not to make mistakes. … I will not let you go astray. There are safeguards.” The Lord definitely wants you to step out by faith and use this wonderful gift of prophecy and not to be held back by fear that someone will lead you astray through it.

23. Safeguards. Besides the prophet staying in tune with the Lord, one of the main safeguards against false prophecy is good shepherding by the teamwork as they prayerfully and wisely judge the prophecies. Another safeguard is if the prophecy is confirmed by other prophets. “Out of the mouth of two or three prophets let every word be established.” A further safeguard is the counsel of others in the Home: “Open up the safeguard of many voices about you, whom shall seek to confirm. … Not only the pastors among you shall judge … there are humble ones among your congregation who will be a help and strength unto you. Give respect and honor and due deference unto every voice from among you, that you might have the confirmation.”

24. Another safeguard against getting led astray by a false prophecy is the Love Charter. “Do not fear that these among you shall lead you astray, for their words will be measured against the Charter. If they lead you in the wrong direction, the guidelines in the Charter shall push you back into the straight and narrow. Those of you who have been offended and led astray in the past due to false prophecy, do not fear‚ for I set up the Charter to protect and to keep you and to give you security.”

25. Some people have expressed hesitancy about prophecy and they are afraid that someone in their Home will prophesy something that instructs them personally to do something that they don’t wish to do or which they don’t have the faith for. The Charter gives you a great deal of protection against having to do things you do not choose to do. You are not obligated to follow a prophecy that someone gives you. You have the choice to do so or not.

26. Those of you who are shepherds must be very careful when prophesying, judging or interpreting prophecy, that you don’t do so under the influence of your own preconceived ideas or personal burdens. You must guard against any temptation to misuse the giving‚ judging or interpreting of prophecy to push your own program on your teamworkers or Home. All judging and interpretation should be a matter of prayerful counsel with others and should not be left to just one person.

27. One other important point the Lord addressed was that in the past some may have given false prophecies, or gotten very lifted up about their gift, and therefore haven’t used it for a long time. To you the Lord said, “I speak unto you who have been bruised in the past‚ I speak unto you who have been stopped from exercising these gifts, and ask you to step forth again that I may mightily anoint the gifts of prophecy that I have given in this day. You shall be protected, do not fear.”

28. To add a few more specific points on this subject, we are including some quotes from “Despise Not Prophesying” (ML #244):

29. To effectively pass judgment on a prophecy‚ check these points:

1. Does it contradict the Word?

(a) Isa.8:20—If it’s not according to the Word, it’s in darkness.

(b) Gal.1:8—If it’s against the Word, it is accursed.

2. Does it contradict the apostles’ doctrine which God has given us through His shepherd?

(a) Acts 2:42—Continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine.

(b) 1Tim.6:3-5—If someone goes against the God-given doctrines, he is a proud, envious disputer from whom you should withdraw yourself.

3. What are its fruits?—Mat.7:20.

(a) Gal.5:22,23—”Love, joy, peace, longsuffering‚ gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”

(b) 1Cor.14:33—A Godly prophecy usually flows with and confirms what God has already said. It brings unity and peace, never confusion.

(c) 1Cor.1:29—Does it lift you up in pride?

(d) Rev.12:10b—Does it condemn you and the flock?

(e) 2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:18—Does it bring fear in your hearts?

4. Consider the source or the prophet.

(a) 1Cor.1:10—Is he of one mind with his leaders?

(b) Mat.7:15–20—What are his fruits?

(c) 1Cor.10:31—What are his motives?

Question 2

30. How should the leader of a prayer and prophecy session judge prophecy during the actual session? Are there times when a leader should stop a prophecy before it is done? Are there times when he should wait until afterwards and pray about the situation and talk privately with the individual?

31. Answer: The person leading the prophecy meeting is responsible to judge the prophecies given. If someone is giving a prophecy which is unscriptural or false doctrinally, or which contains personal, deliberate, vindictive attacks on someone, they should be stopped immediately. If someone gives a prophecy that is somewhat tainted or is in the flesh‚ but it is not harmful, it is not necessary to stop the prophecy.

32. When you lead a prophecy meeting, it is your responsibility to stay very attuned to the Spirit, listening carefully to the prophecies that are being given, discerning any that seem to be a bit off, or any that are not of the Lord.

33. There are times when a person will give a somewhat “tainted” prophecy, most of which will be of the Lord, but for various reasons, some of their own spirit will get mixed in. This can happen for various reasons, including not setting aside personal feelings on the matter, being unwilling or fearful to give what the Lord is giving‚ or because of spiritual problems which affect your channel with the Lord. Such prophecies don’t generally cause harm, and usually the person does not need to be stopped when he is delivering such a prophecy, though it might be wise for the shepherds to prayerfully and lovingly speak with the person about it later in private.

34. There are also times when someone will give a false prophecy, one that is not of the Lord at all. These can often be very harsh and condemning, speak ill of someone in a cruel or unloving manner, or lead others astray in false doctrine. When such prophecies are given, they should be stopped immediately. The Lord said, “If it is the voice of the Enemy coming in and harming My sheep, I say unto you, stop that prophet in his tracks, rebuke him before all, and if necessary, forbid him from prophesying for a time until he has learned to hear the voice of the Lord. … Beware of pride and of self-glory and of wrath that is not of Me, and of bitterness which the Evil One would use to point the finger and to accuse and to condemn.”

35. There is a big difference between a prophecy that is a bit “flavored” by the prophet and one that is not at all of the Lord. If somebody is a bit off track in their prophecy, but it’s a minor matter and it’s not doing any damage, you generally do not have to stop them in the middle of the prophecy. But if it’s a case where someone is speaking false doctrine or is railing against others in the name of the Lord, they need to be stopped.

36. As Dad said in “Despise Not Prophesying”: “If it was just a harmless prophecy that never said much, even if it was in the flesh, I’d just kind of pass it off and go right on. They knew when I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. If I wasn’t sure, I’d just keep quiet. If I liked it I’d `amen’! The only prophecies I judged harshly were those unscriptural or false doctrinally, or containing personal, deliberate, vindictive false attacks on someone in the name of the Lord! But only with those which I considered false doctrinally, anti-Scriptural and really harmful and that would be apt to lead people astray would I have to say: `Now I don’t think this is according to the Bible.—I think this person is misled, or they’ve been deceived or confused, or maybe I didn’t understand it.’ I tried to let them down in love as easy as I could” (ML #244:2).

37. To the shepherds who must judge prophecies, the Lord says, “To judge a prophecy is a gift of My Spirit, even as it is a gift to give the prophecy. Therefore he that judges exercises a gift also.” So if you are in a position to judge prophecy, you should ask the Lord for the gift of being able to do so wisely and prayerfully.

38. He also adds a caution to you shepherds: “Be not hasty to judge a matter before you hear it. Be sensitive to My Spirit, for I am not a condemning God, I do not wish to openly rebuke‚ … I am not waiting with My finger on the trigger. I would rather there be a little wild fire, so that the true fire may burn brightly.” This is important counsel, as the Lord is stating that we shouldn’t be too hasty in judging a prophecy to be false. Remember, just because something is strange doesn’t mean that it’s false. And even if it is a little off‚ if it’s not doing any harm it doesn’t need to be dealt with publicly. “If you see that a matter should be stopped, then stop it. But if it’s not harming My sheep and if it is obvious to all that the person is a little tripped off, then let him speak and let him dwindle out, and let his own fire go out by itself.”

39. Mama says about judging prophecy: “When our Home has a united prophecy session I usually refrain from immediately judging the prophecy by saying an `amen’ between the prophecies‚ since I personally prefer not to `amen’ some and be silent about others. If there’s ever anything that is at all `tainted,’ I can be more certain of it after the prophecies are transcribed and after I have had time to prayerfully study them. Then I can pray about how to best present this to the person who gave the prophecy. However, thankfully, I have almost never had to do this in our Home.

40. “There have been some times when we have had questions‚ wondering what a prophecy meant, and we have gone to the Lord about it‚ and each time He has explained the `mystery.’ The fact that we were unable to understand the prophecy was not the fault of the prophet; it was our own lack of understanding‚ and the fact that the Lord wanted us to learn something from the way He does things by having us ask Him for further details. Certainly, however‚ if someone were to give a false prophecy that was accusing others or obviously false doctrinally, I would stop it immediately.”

41. If there is someone in the Home who has given an obviously tainted prophecy, you shepherds should talk to them and pray with them about it. Please do so with a great deal of love and understanding. Do not be condemning. If you are, the person may lose their faith to ever prophesy again. “If a brother or sister be overtaken in a fault, you which are spiritual restore such an one in a spirit of meekness” (Gal.6:1).

42. If someone in the Home has given an obviously false and harmful prophecy, you shepherds should speak and pray with them as well. That person should repent and apologize publicly to the Home, and should refrain from prophesying for a period of time.

43. As the Lord has said throughout this series, we are learning how to use this gift of prophecy and we should not be overly concerned about the possibilities of mistakes happening. “You must ask for wisdom and discernment that I may help you to know what is right and what is not right. Take it not lightly, for I say unto you, there will be voices that are not of Me that will try to enter in. But be not in panic or fear, for I have allowed this as part of your training. For there will be mistakes, pitfalls and failings‚ as a child must fall when he first learns to walk. But it is for your good, and your growth and your learning.”

Question 3

44. While most people give their prophecies in a straightforward manner, some have an odd or strange style of delivery. Does this matter? Do we need to be concerned about them? Do we need to judge their prophecy in a different way?

45. Answer: The message of the prophecy is what’s important. If the message is right, then the delivery doesn’t make any difference.

46. The Lord said that we should not worry about what kind of vessel delivers the water of His Words to us, whether it’s a fancy goblet, a plain glass, a crystal glass, a faucet or a bucket. What counts is that the water “quenches your thirst.” The message of the prophecy is more important than the style or the delivery of the prophecy.

47. The main criteria for judging prophecy is not the manner in which it is given, but the truth and the fruit of the prophecy. “If their words bring forth good fruit, if their lips bring forth praise, if their words be sweet and seasoned with salt, gracious, loving, compassionate, kind and understanding, if they speak truth, if they bring peace, if it ministers righteousness unto the hearers, these are the ways to judge.”

48. Even though some prophets may have a different style of delivery, or some may be less gifted than others, it doesn’t mean that what they give is wrong or distorted. “Some of the vessels may be marred, so that when the water is poured out, it does not come out smoothly; nonetheless it comes. Have mercy upon those who are the vessels for My voice and pray for them as they speak My Words, for in their heart they may struggle to deliver and have a difficult time. Pray for them to have a clear channel.” This is such an important point! As people are prophesying, you should pray for them to have a clear channel.

49. The Bible says, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2Cor.3:17). God’s Spirit is not bound, so if He wishes to give a prophecy through someone in song‚ or in poetry, or in whispers, or a loud voice, or with weeping or laughter‚ it doesn’t matter; it can all be from the Lord. The Lord has designed it so that some people have a different style of delivery. “Others have a different delivery because I have made them different; nevertheless they are to be esteemed no less important. They are different, as the thumb is different from the fingers, for I give them a different perspective. Some have special talents made for special situations.”

50. The Lord gave an interesting illustration of a handicapped painter who had to hold the paint brush in his mouth or his foot. To the onlooker it looked a little strange, but when you looked at the painting, it was a beautiful picture. So you should not be looking at the person who delivers the prophecy, but at what the Lord has to say. You shouldn’t let your feelings about the person giving the prophecy interfere with how you receive the prophecy. The Lord can speak through anyone He chooses in any way He chooses‚ and you should not let your familiarity with that person affect your acceptance of the Word the Lord pours through him.

Question 4

51. Sometimes you notice a pattern, or a certain style of wording in people’s prophecies that is rather unique to them. It is like their personality comes through when they give prophecies. Is that because their personality gets in the way? If so, does it lessen the value of the prophecy?

52. Also‚ when some people prophesy they make the same grammatical inaccuracies or repeat the same incorrect usage of words as they do in their normal everyday speech. Is this because the way we express what the Lord gives us is affected by the way we normally express ourselves or speak? Do our human frailties and weaknesses affect what the Lord gives through us? And if so‚ does that lessen the value of the prophecy?

53. Answer: The Lord made each of us as individuals and He uses our individual gifts and talents for His glory in the way He chooses. Though He can‚ and sometimes does‚ override our personality, vocabulary or grammatical skills, He usually doesn’t. Besides generally limiting Himself to our personality and vocabulary, the personality and vocabulary of those who help deliver the message from the spirit world also affect the prophecy. None of this lessens the Words the Lord gives.

54. Each person is a unique creation of God, and the Lord speaks through us and uses us differently. “As you hit the different rods of a set of chimes, each one gives forth its own tone. As My Spirit hits upon each of your hearts, each heart brings forth a different tone. I may at times override your individual personalities … but I also … flow through you and use you in the manner in which I have created you. … I bestow upon each individual their own particular gift of prophecy. I am the one that perfects that gift within them as they yield step by step, as they practice, as they pour forth. So be not afraid, neither be condemned if you find your prophecies come forth in one manner while another’s prophecies come forth in another manner. … Do not compare, for it is still My Spirit that speaks through you. It is just your vessel that shapes the way I speak, but it is still My Words and My Spirit flowing through you.”

55. Comparing is so often a source of real discouragement, so the Lord is cautioning you not to compare the way He speaks through you with the way He speaks through someone else. Regardless of how it comes—flowing or halting, eloquently or simply—it’s the Lord using your particular gift. The Lord says He can override our personalities when giving prophecies through us, but He says that He more often prefers to use us the way that He created us, frailties and all. So we can expect that the prophecies we give will often reflect our personality and our vocabulary.

56. In regards to the language and the grammar that we use, the Lord said, “You do not speak all the languages, you are not able to put My Words into the perfect words, but you only use those that are within your repertoire.” So it seems that generally‚ though not always, the Lord limits Himself to our frail vessels, our knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

57. He cautions us to “Be not offended at the personality of the prophet. Be not offended at the inaccuracies of his speech, but rather … look upon the message, whether it be true. Look upon the goal, look upon what I am saying. Look upon the point that I am trying to get across.” Clearly the message is more important than the eloquence of the delivery. “Though at times I can burst through and take further control through My Holy Spirit, and give you … supernatural things, … this also depends upon your yieldedness and upon the importance of the message. But I usually prefer to work through you the way you are. … I do something supernatural when it is necessary and when the circumstances and the importance and the imminent necessity calls for this.” Generally the Lord uses us as we are, even with our poor language skills. However, if we’re yielded, He can push through with something out of the ordinary when He feels it’s important enough to do so.

58. The Lord pointed out that He generally gives the message through more than one prophet so that the full picture will be precise and clear and you’ll have a clearer understanding of what He’s talking about. He said, “There are many interpretations to words, but in order to make My message clear, I speak through many, in many different ways with different talents, and many different spirit helpers and many personalities, all to bring forth the same message.”

59. He allowed one of the Heavenly helpers to speak, and this spirit helper said, “We all are different. We have our different personalities. Sometimes we volunteer for what message we want to bring you. Sometimes within our group, we, your counselors, will choose one among us who can speak in a well-rounded manner to bring a weighty message or communicate a point that is hard to get across. … So we counsel, we have our eyes on each other and we communicate with each other and choose among us who to send a specific message to when you are gathered together.

60. “Some of us are assigned to you individually; we stay with you all the time. We are always available to speak to you. Sometimes others come in and out while we are with you and give counsel to you. Sometimes they will step in and speak to you in prophecy, in your heart‚ or in a vision or in an impression. But usually we, the ones who stick with you‚ direct you. … So there is lots of variety when you are together. Don’t worry if you get a little variety once in a while when you are on your own.” So besides our own personalities playing a role in the receiving of prophecy, the variety of those in the spirit world, both our own personal spirit helpers and those who sometimes deliver messages to us, plays a part as well.

Question 5

61. If a member in a Home gives a directional prophecy which the teamwork of the Home is doubtful about or doesn’t feel is of the Lord, how do they decide whether or not to implement it?

62. Answer: If you are unsure whether to implement something given in prophecy‚ seek the Lord for further confirmation. Pray and hear from Him about the matter a number of times if necessary.

63. The Lord gives a simple answer to this question. He says: “If you are not sure of the thing which has been spoken … seek Me further for these things. … You shall have peace in the things on which you shall decide if you have faith that that which I have given you is good‚ and that which has been received is sound. But if you do not have this peace‚ seek Me further.” He goes on to say, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let My purposes be established. Seek confirmation; let there be no divisions amongst you.” So in a case where you are not sure‚ you would want to receive confirming prophecies on the matter. If the prophecies are unclear to us‚ but we need to act upon them, we should take time to hear more about it from Him before deciding. “I am not leading you to be hasty in your decisions, I am leading you to take time with Me and to savor these things.”

64. We must remember that prophecy is only one of the ways to know God’s will. Another is in Godly counsel together. The Lord said, “In the multitude of counselors there is safety. … You must do things through the multitude of counsel. … I speak through this gift of prophecy … but this must be balanced with the multitude of counsel.” So when the Lord gives a directional prophecy, it should be counseled about with the Home before being implemented.

65. If such a matter has brought about some confusion or conflict within the Home and it can’t be sorted out by further prayer and discussion together, you can pass it on to your VSs or CROs and ask for their help, as they might be able to give more objective counsel.

66. Please remember that just because something the Lord gives in prophecy does not go along with what you initially thought should be done, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. The Lord might be trying to give you new direction, so be open and prayerful. “Leave yourself open for My Spirit‚ for the new things that I will say to you, the new directions that I will give to you. However, you must be fully persuaded in your own heart that this is the way, and it may take time. But I am patient and I will confirm it over and over. Therefore ask for confirmation and I will give it.”

67. To the shepherds the Lord added, “I say unto you shepherds and overseers that this is a new day. I am eager to do new things, therefore be open to all that I have for you. … I have many new directions, new things to lead you into. For it is the time to exercise your faith and to put your hand into My hand.”

(For further questions and answers regarding judging prophecy, please refer to the first GN in this series, entitled “Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask!—With the Lord’s Answers Summarized for Your Benefit—Part 1—The Use of Prophecy!”, GN 655, ML #3019, questions 7 and 8.)

Interpreting Prophecy

68. Now we will turn from judging prophecy to interpreting prophecy. The following question, number six‚ was given to three separate groups to pray about. This was done to seek further confirmation‚ to see how the Lord would answer each group on this important question‚ that not only in the mouth of two or three witnesses, but in the mouths of three different groups of prophets‚ these answers would be established. The Lord answered clearly! Each group received very similar answers, which in some cases were almost exactly the same, while in other instances the answers complemented one another. Because there were three sessions for this particular question, the answers to this question are lengthier than the answers to the other questions.

Question 6

69. What are the guidelines for interpreting prophecies?

70. Answer: To properly interpret prophecy, you should pray and counsel with others who have prayed for and are gifted with wisdom, discernment and understanding. Those interpreting must have pure intentions, be open and receptive to God’s will, and put aside their preconceived ideas. Prophecy is not to be carnally or analytically interpreted, but rather interpreted in simplicity and faith, guided by the written Word. The interpretation should be a united one and should not minister pride or bring division. If there is something in the prophecy that is not understood‚ it should not cause doubt or fear, as the Lord may not wish to reveal the full meaning of the prophecy at the time, but may do so in the future.

71. The Lord gave a number of factors for properly interpreting prophecy. He started by saying that‚ “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom‚ and with all thy getting, get understanding and discernment, for without these three there can be great confusion.” These are spiritual gifts which can be prayed for. Daniel prayed for understanding when he had seen a vision and “sought for the meaning.” The Hebrew word translated in that verse as “meaning” is generally translated throughout the Old Testament as “understanding,” so he sought for understanding of the vision, which we must often do with prophecy as well.

72. Some people have specific gifts for interpreting prophecy. The Lord said, “For as I make some apostles‚ some prophets, some evangelists, so I have given some the gift of discernment and of wisdom, the gift of knowledge. Some have greater understanding of My Words than others.” If we are going to be seeking the Lord for answers in prophecy, we must also pray for the gift of understanding His Words. “This is of great importance. You must pray, … look unto Me for answers from the Heavens and I will give them to you.” It is a very special gift, “to be treasured as greatly as prophecy, for it is a precious gift to rightly divide God’s Word.”

73. Another major point which was brought out was the need for prayerful counsel together in determining exactly what the Lord has told you in prophecy. “Assemble yourselves together in the spirit of prayer.” The Lord doesn’t necessarily give any one person the full interpretation to every prophecy. He said, “My light shines through each person with a slightly different color, with a slightly different hue, but all together you can get the complete picture. It is My will to give understanding of some things to some, and other things to others, so that you will be dependent on one another and you will seek one another for confirmation, for understanding; else could one say, `I am the oracle of God. I have the direct line.'” What wisdom the Lord uses in keeping us humble!

74. Counsel in these matters is so important, because sometimes what may be very unclear to you might be very clear to someone else, through the discernment the Lord has given them. As a further confirmation of the need to counsel, the Lord went on to say that we are “in the training period, and you have need of more confirmation and greater consultation. Discuss and pray over and consider what the words that I give mean, for at times they are not easy to discern. … Therefore, be not hasty in deriving the meaning, but study and pray, and ask Me to open up their meaning. Without counsel … many will run off with the wrong interpretation.”

75. It is important that those seeking the interpretation are in unity and in agreement. “You need to be unified by My Spirit, anointed by My Spirit, directed by My Spirit, and led by My Spirit. … I will guide you, and lead, and confirm in each of your hearts that this is the proper interpretation.”

76. Besides being in unity, those interpreting must also be guided by the Word. “You must guide your thoughts with My Word. … If My Word is strong in your heart‚ it shall guide you in the interpretations thereof.”

77. The next major factor in interpreting prophecy is the need to be open to all the Lord may be saying. Prophecy cannot be interpreted just by using carnal reasoning‚ logic or analytical study. It requires the wisdom of God and the leading and the discernment of God’s Spirit. We cannot just assume in our own pride that we know what the Lord is saying. The Lord said, “Be open to change. Be open and receptive. … Rebuke the spirit of pride and cast off your own interpretation. Seek for My interpretation by yielding to one another, and My Spirit shall bear witness in your hearts as to what is true.”

78. We shouldn’t interpret prophecy according to what we want it to say. “You must be yielded to whatever I have to say‚ and not be pulled away by your desires, lusts or preconceived ideas. You need to be open to whatever I give … without the door of pride slamming shut the gate that will lead to My highest will.” In order to understand and accept the Words the Lord gives‚ we must be of a “believing heart and an open mind and of pure intentions.” If you already have your mind made up about the matter, it will be difficult to be open to what the Lord may be trying to show you through the prophecy.

79. The Lord gave some very clear signs to guard against in interpreting prophecy (and these same ones apply to those giving prophecy): “Does it minister to your pride? Does it minister divisiveness? Does it minister self-righteousness? These things are not of Me. I lead in the way of righteousness, in the way of humility, in the way of love, in the way of submissiveness. … The Enemy desires to lead you astray into the paths that divide one from another.” So if a prophecy is given and someone interprets it in an unloving, critical, self-righteous or divisive manner, then that interpretation is ungodly and should not be followed. One way to not let this happen is through prayerful counsel together.

80. Another list of guidelines the Lord gave was: “Does it do good to others? Does it minister love? Does it minister encouragement? Does it bear good fruit? This is the way I lead.” As in all things‚ we must be led by love and humility when we interpret, for as 1Corinthians 13:2 says‚ “Though I have the gift of prophecy‚ and understand all mysteries … and have not love, I am nothing.”

81. In Isaiah 55:9 the Lord says, “For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” God’s ways and thoughts are so far beyond us that it’s understandable that we wouldn’t always understand everything that He might say to us. Some of what He says might be very clear, some might be shrouded in mystery. Sometimes what He tells us might be for now, sometimes it might be for later. Sometimes part of a prophecy is for the present, while another part is for the future. Sometimes part of the prophecy is for one person while part of the prophecy is for another; or part may be for an individual, while part may be for the group as a whole. So it takes prayerfulness‚ wisdom, discernment, understanding, faith, and sometimes patience, to understand all the Lord is saying.

82. Generally, though not always, when we are seeking Him through prophecy for guidance in our decision-making, He gives clear instructions, so it’s not necessary to constantly be looking for mysterious hidden meanings. He said, “I speak plainly unto you, as children. Read it, and understand it for what it says. I do speak the deep things and the mysterious things of the Spirit, but I speak unto you plainly. If I say this or that or the other thing to you, that is what I mean.”

83. He went on to say, “The word of prophecy that comes to you is not like the prophecies of old, or predictions of the future, or scoldings to a rebellious nation. I speak unto you … directly. Why do you seek … to make complicated that which I have tried to make simple? … Be not puffed up in your minds nor seek to interpret intellectually, for you will not prosper. And woe unto those who seek to fabricate their own interpretations.” We must be simple and prayerful when interpreting prophecy.

84. Of course, at times some parts of a prophecy might not be completely understood, as sometimes the Lord doesn’t give us the full interpretation, but that is not a reason for us to doubt the prophecy or say it is untrue or inaccurate. The Lord said‚ “That which you don’t understand‚ let it rest in your heart and I will unfold it to you in My time. For even your Father David did not always understand the Words of the prophecies that I gave to him, yet he still treasured every Word and had great respect unto Me for the Words I gave to him. … You must not feel discouraged or distraught if you cannot understand every Word that I speak unto you. … My Words are hidden jewels that are opened up to you in My time. Therefore do not fear if there are things in My Word or My prophecies that you do not understand.”

85. It is very important to understand that the Lord doesn’t limit Himself to our finite minds. He lives in eternity, while we live in time, thus He may make a statement in prophecy which He intends for the future‚ which if we interpret as being for now, may look like it’s wrong, whereas He knows that it is right. As time goes on we will see that He was right, even though it seemed wrong to us at the time.

86. It’s a bit like when the Lord told His disciples that Lazarus’ sickness was “not unto death.” He later said that Lazarus was sleeping, and eventually He told them “Lazarus is dead.” This might have seemed a bit contradictory to them. His disciples could have asked how Jesus could say the sickness was not unto death‚ yet Lazarus was dead; in fact, he was in the grave for four days! Yet Jesus eventually raised him from the dead, so even though the disciples didn’t understand it at the time, they eventually did, after Lazarus was raised up. They could have accused Jesus of giving false or inaccurate statements at the time He made them, but because they had faith in the Words that He had said, they could trust what He said even though they didn’t understand it.

87. The Lord pointed out that prophets like Daniel‚ Jeremiah and Ezekiel did not always understand what He gave to them. “For many things that I spoke unto them were for their day, yet other things that I gave unto them were for the years to come‚ ages to come, which they knew little of. … Therefore if it comes, it comes, and if it doesn’t, let it lay until the day that I open it unto you. … In that day when you need it, it shall be opened unto you if you will pray. … With the help of your brethren and the confirmation of other prophets and wise men around you, you will know the mystery‚ step by step, stone by stone.” So don’t be worried or fearful if you cannot always interpret everything that the Lord gives. Some things may be for later, and the Lord may reveal them to you at that time.

88. One helpful tip is that if those interpreting and/or judging a prophecy don’t understand something in the prophecy, one of the first things to do is to ask the person who gave the prophecy, because sometimes they understand what the Lord meant. Also‚ that person might know things like who is speaking in the prophecy or who is being spoken to, whereas others may not know it.

Question 7

89. Who is qualified to interpret prophecy?

90. Answer: Those who interpret prophecy should be men and women of faith who are listening to and full of the Holy Spirit. They should have the gifts of wisdom, discernment and understanding, and should prayerfully counsel together about the meaning of a prophecy. Teamworks and others in the Home should pray for wisdom, discernment and understanding.

91. One of the most important gifts one must have to be qualified to interpret and understand prophecy is faith. The Lord said, “You need the gift of faith. … For if you see things through the eyes of faith, then I can reveal things to you. But if you’re doubtful and scrutinizing, you will not see things clearly.” Besides faith, those who interpret prophecy must be those “who have the Spirit of God and are in the Spirit of God and are listening to the Spirit of God.”

92. So if someone has a great deal of battles or doubts about prophecy or if they are critically inspecting every little word and not looking at it with the eyes of faith, or if they are not full of the Spirit or generally do not listen to the counsel of the Lord through the Word or others, they probably won’t be able to properly interpret the meaning of the prophecies.

93. The Lord confirmed that “in the multitude of counselors there is safety,” and that you should seek among you “elders, men and women full of the Holy Ghost, who are able to rightly divide the word of truth.” In most cases your teamwork are your elected elders and should be prayerful men and women who are full of the Spirit, whom you love and trust, thus together they are probably qualified to interpret prophecies. But there may be others who are especially gifted in interpreting who could assist the teamwork in praying about the meaning of the prophecies. Those of you on the teamwork and others should pray for the needed gifts. The Lord said, “I shall supply all your need, even this gift of interpretation, whenever you need it.” So we can rest assured that when we need to interpret a prophecy, the Lord will supply the gift to do so.

94. The Lord called discernment and understanding “gifts,” and said that these “gifts and callings of God are without repentance, so respect the gifts that I give.” Just as everyone doesn’t have the gift of prophecy, everyone does not have the gift of interpreting prophecy, but you can certainly ask for it. He said, “I will bestow upon you the gifts that you need to fulfill My will, to hear from Me clearly, to see My will and to be led by Me.” So we are to pray for the gift of properly interpreting the Words He gives.

95. The Lord said that sometimes we will make mistakes with interpreting prophecy. “Some could interpret wrongly, but you will grow and learn as you practice and exercise these gifts.” As with all gifts, we must learn to exercise them in order to become more familiar with them. So don’t be condemned or discouraged if you make a mistake. Learn from it, accept humbly that you made a mistake, explain honestly what it was, say you’re sorry, and carry on.

Question 8

96. When a prophecy is given, how much of what is said can be taken literally and how much needs to be interpreted?

97. Answer: Some things given in prophecy can be taken literally, other things cannot. To understand the proper meaning, a prophecy should be prayed about and counseled about with those who are gifted in wisdom, discernment and understanding. At times the meaning of a prophecy may not be clear because the Lord wants you to seek Him more in prayer about the matter. Other times it’s not clear because what He has said has a future application that He wants to reveal to you at a later date. If you can’t fully understand a prophecy, don’t be discouraged, just trust that He will reveal its meaning in His time.

98. Determining which prophecies or parts of prophecies can be taken literally and which can’t depends on the prophecy itself. Quite often the Lord speaks very clearly in prophecy, while other times He speaks in a more hidden or mysterious manner. Sometimes He wants us to take things at face value‚ other times it requires more interpretation to understand what He means. Sometimes part of the prophecy is clear but another part isn’t. Sometimes what the Lord says in prophecy doesn’t require a great deal of interpretation, sometimes it does.

99. When a prophecy isn’t easy to understand, the Lord wants us to stir ourselves up, to come before Him in prayer for the meaning. He said‚ “For do I not speak to you in mysteries and in riddles and in conundrums to help you to stir up the gift that is within you‚ to seek Me … to see the way before you? For I don’t want you to be lazy; I want you to stir up the gift, to exercise your faith, to strengthen your spiritual muscles.”

100. There are a number of other reasons why the Lord doesn’t make a prophecy clear. One reason He gave was: “When I give prophecies, sometimes they are for different purposes‚ for different questions than those that you asked. If you take time to ponder it in your heart, to prayerfully consider it, to pray for My application, My interpretation, you shall see … the purpose of it.” So there are times when you ask the Lord a certain question and He gives you a wider scope of an answer than you expected‚ sometimes even answering other questions or talking about matters you weren’t asking about. Since He’s got you on the line‚ He may have extra things to talk to you about! In such a case you must pray for the Lord’s application so you can learn from what He has told you.

101. Another reason the Lord gave for prophecy not being clear was that it wasn’t yet time for us to understand it. “I speak … yet it is not for you to know. … Further on, you shall see the application of My Word. You shall see the fulfillment of My Word. Be not dismayed if you do not understand every word … every passage, every phrase that I utter. If you will have faith and receive My Words, even though you do not understand, accepting them as from Me‚ then you shall see the glory of the Lord.” So at those times when, even after prayer and counsel together, you don’t understand what the Lord has said‚ in whole or part, don’t be discouraged about it and don’t feel that it must be wrong, nor that you are “out of it” because you can’t understand it. The Lord simply may not want to reveal it to you now, but He may later on.

102. The Lord added to this point when He said, “My Spirit will lead you into all truth, but it is a continuing process.” He also added, “There are intermediate interpretations and there are complete fulfillments.” Sometimes prophecy has a short-term fulfillment, but also a more complete or long-term fulfillment. For example, if a couple who hadn’t had any children after a number of years of marriage were praying for the wife to become pregnant, the Lord might say something like, “You shall be a fruitful vine.” They might interpret that to mean the Lord was going to give them a child. Once the child was born they might feel the prophecy was fulfilled, and indeed it was. However, over the years she may have other children. So the prophecy had an immediate interpretation, but also, in time, a complete fulfillment. It’s very important to remember that not all the words given in prophecy will be fulfilled in the order they are given, nor necessarily in a specific time frame.

103. In one prophecy the Apostle Peter spoke about the problems he had when Jesus said some very mysterious things. Peter said, “I was the one that wanted to do everything just the way the Lord said it. … I wanted to get out there and take it at face value. When He said, `If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out,’ I couldn’t make sense of this. When He said, `Eat My flesh and drink My blood,’ many left. They took it at face value.” These were sayings that the Lord didn’t intend to be taken literally. He wasn’t promoting that people pluck out their eyes, nor that they should eat His flesh and drink His blood right then, in a cannibalistic manner. So there are times when the Lord may say something a bit mysterious, and in such cases we must prayerfully interpret what He is saying. To reinforce this point, the Lord said, “Look beyond the letter of the law. Don’t be so technical. Try to understand My point of view.”

104. In order to rightly determine if something the Lord has said should be taken at face value or needs further interpretation, it helps to counsel together with others who are gifted with wisdom, discernment and understanding. “There are … Godly counselors who are like farmers of the seed, who are well-versed in the Word and doctrine, who have been separated unto this task and who have the anointing of the discernment of My Word.” So when prophecies are given about a Home matter, those who have the gift of interpretation and discernment, the elders and shepherds of your Home‚ need to prayerfully read, study and counsel about what is given, to determine what the Lord is saying. If you have received a personal prophecy and you don’t understand it, you can ask help of those gifted in this area.

105. The Lord also said‚ “The Word must be wielded with skill and accuracy and dexterity by those whose occupation and calling it is to discern the Word. … Anyone can have My Spirit flow through them to speak the Words, but there are some who are called to handle the Word and to know how to use the Word properly. … Therefore, strive to be Word men and women. Strive to be learned in My Word. Strive to take them deep into your hearts, to understand their meaning, to ask Me for wisdom, for I give wisdom to all that ask Me.” What a call from the Lord for us to steep ourselves in His Word‚ to learn to use it‚ to understand it!

Question 9

106. What do you do when there are conflicting prophecies, when two prophecies received on the subject seem not to be saying the same thing?

107. Answer: Sometimes prophecies do seem to contradict one another. When this happens, you should not automatically assume that one is right and the other is wrong. They may both be right, one having an immediate fulfillment, the other a future fulfillment. In such a case the prophecies should be prayed over and counseled about, and if necessary, brought before the Lord, asking Him for further explanations.

108. There are times when a number of people are praying together for the Lord’s will‚ and two prophecies will seem to contradict one another. This does not necessarily mean that one prophecy is wrong‚ and the other right. They both may actually be correct, though perhaps not to be fulfilled in the same time frame.

109. The Lord said, “Some of these prophecies are fulfilled in different ways than you imagine. Some are fulfilled in part now and some later. You can ask Me one question and receive different answers because there are different answers for different times. One person may come here now and go somewhere else later. Or one person may have two burdens in their heart. You may ask Me about a person and I will speak through two different people to explain the different burdens of that person’s heart. All these are a mosaic which fits together.” Another prophecy said, “From the spirit world we see things differently from how you see things. We are in a place where there is no time.”

110. When there is a seeming contradiction, the prophecy should be counseled and prayed about with those who have the gifts of discernment and understanding. The Lord said, “Take it to those learned among you, for does not even My Word … seem to contradict itself? But you must learn to apply it. If you seek My face I will make all things clear. I will make the crooked paths straight. … If one thing seems to contradict, then weigh it in the balances with the other prophecies. If you still cannot make up your mind, then seek Me again. For sometimes God lays up mysteries, but it is the honor of kings to seek those mysteries out.” So those who are learned and have the gifts to interpret prophecy should look at the prophecies that seem to contradict each other and pray over them and try to get the Lord’s mind on the matter, balancing one prophecy against another. But if you cannot find out what the Lord means‚ you should go back to Him in prayer and ask Him to speak again to clarify.

111. Prayer is the key to solving the mystery of seemingly contradictory prophecies. “For I, the Lord, do reveal secrets unto man, but sometimes it takes desperation and seeking Me, and the knowledge of My ways, and a deep desire to understand My truths that are even contrary to your own thinking and your own ways of being. At times I make it plain to you, other times I would make it veiled so that you must seek Me and find Me.”

112. When two prophecies appear to contradict one another, it is not wise to immediately judge one or the other as being wrong, as you may not have a full understanding of all that the Lord meant. There are some things in the Bible which seem on the surface to contradict themselves, but upon closer examination they fit perfectly and are accurate pieces of the puzzle. Micah said that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Isaiah said that His Light would shine out of Galilee of the Gentiles (Isaiah 9:1-2). Hosea predicted that Jesus would come out of Egypt (Hosea 11:1). When read before their fulfillment, these all could have seemed very contradictory to each other, yet in time they all proved to be true. So it takes patience and faith to trust that those things that the Lord has given are truly of Him. Though we may not fully understand the interpretation, it doesn’t make the prophecies false or wrong, just because we, with our finite minds, can’t figure them out.

Question 10

113. How much should be left up to the individual when interpreting prophecies that are given for him personally, such as regarding medical decisions, changes of location, marital matters‚ etc.?

114. Answer: If a prophecy is given for an individual, the decision to implement or not implement the prophecy is completely up to that person. He or she should seek the counsel of others who are gifted in interpreting prophecy when trying to find the meaning of the prophecy. Both the person and those helping with the interpretation should set aside their own opinions, desires and plans and be open to what the Lord has said.

115. Using the gift of prophecy to help find the Lord’s will in a personal matter is a great blessing. As with all prophecies, what the Lord tells us in these personal matters should be prayerfully interpreted, but whether or not to implement what the Lord has shown is completely up to the individual they were given for.

116. The Lord said, “According to the individual’s faith be it unto him. But I caution you, the receiver of the prophecy, to seek counsel. For in the multitude of counselors there is safety. My prophecies are often a mystery‚ and you do err if you look to your own interpretation. You do err if you look not for the counsel of those about you, if you look not to the elders for their counsel and their interpretation.”

117. If you have asked others to pray and hear from the Lord for you‚ or you have received directional prophecy for yourself, it is wise to share it with your elders, either your teamwork or someone you know who is gifted in prayerfully interpreting prophecy.

118. He went on to say why it is wise that such a prophecy should be counseled about instead of interpreted only by the individual. “Perhaps you are so close to the forest that all you can see is this one individual tree. You cannot see the overall picture because this matter is so personal and weighs so heavily upon your heart. I chide you to seek the counsel of those who are withdrawn; who are able to step back and see the overall; who are not so personally involved; who are able to more clearly hear from Me and decipher the Words that I have given.”

119. Although you should ask for counsel regarding the interpretation, this does not give the shepherds or those helping to interpret the prophecy any authority over your decision in these personal matters. You have to operate according to your own faith. If you don’t agree with their interpretation or you choose to not follow what was received in prophecy‚ that’s up to you. “I counsel you shepherds and elders that for the individual‚ according to their faith be it done unto them. The final decision must rest upon their shoulders. … They cannot operate on your faith. It must be their faith.” The Lord further confirmed this by saying, “Every man must stand before God and give account of himself. Every man must have faith for himself. So in prophecy, every man must be fully persuaded in his own heart as to what I have said, and as to what they will receive and believe.”

120. The Lord pointed out that He has been teaching us to teamwork and to counsel for years‚ and that teamworking together applies to interpreting prophecies as well. However, if prophecies are directed to an individual, some things said may only be understood by that one person. “I have put specific things in the prophecy that you, and only you‚ can understand; things that are in your heart, that an outside observer may not get the right interpretation of. For I have put them in your heart and you will understand them, and they will ring true in your heart.”

121. Though you, to whom the prophecy is directed, may be the only one to understand parts of the prophecy, the Lord still expects you to seek counsel in the interpretation. “Shall you be the bearer of all the gifts, and all the wisdom, and all the understanding? Or shall you seek those which have gifts which you lack? For although you have the responsibility for the last and final decision, according to your faith‚ you also have responsibility to understand what My will is. … Therefore in all your getting, get understanding, and seek for those who might help you in getting this understanding.”

122. The Lord warned those who help in the interpretation of personal prophecy not to let their own needs or plans for this person, or their own desires, play any role in the interpretation. “For great is the awesome power and responsibility that rests upon you as you counsel, as you interpret. Let it be by My Spirit. Let it be according to My wisdom, and not the wisdom that is from below; not according to your own will; not according to your own understanding; not according to what is best for you, even what is best for those about you in your Homes. … What a great responsibility, even what a great condemnation rests upon you if you discern unwisely, if you interpret in your own understanding or according to your will, or what seems good to you. … You must have a giving and truly sacrificial spirit of love, desiring My will above all else. You, My counselors, must be devoid of any will of your own as you counsel and advise, as you interpret. You also bear equal responsibility to be completely yielded, to have no will of your own, so that you may rightly divide the Word of Truth.”

123. The Lord also gave words of comfort that even though mistakes in interpretation will be made, He will keep you through them. “To make mistakes and to repent of them … is part of your training and of your learning. … I have used this word `to practice.’ Does it not signify trial and error? Yet I will not let you harm yourselves and those that hear you if you will cling unto Me, and live close by Me. Your errors shall be small compared to the great glories which I shall reveal to you and help you with in your decision-making, in your encouragement, and in your joy.”

124. Remember, if a prophecy isn’t clear or if you aren’t sure of the interpretation, you can and should come to Him again in prayer. “Ask Me, and seek Me again if you do not understand what I am saying, and if you are not fully persuaded in your heart. For I am not the author of confusion, but of peace and love and joy.”

125. That was the last question on the subject of interpretation of prophecy. This next question has to do with the interpretation of tongues:

Interpretation of Tongues

Question 11

126. The Bible speaks about the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Is this a spiritual gift that we should know more about and be using more?

127. Answer: The gifts of tongues and interpretation of tongues are gifts of the Spirit which can be used in receiving and interpreting messages given by the Lord. (This interpretation of tongues is different than the interpretation of prophecy which we have been discussing in detail above.) Speaking in tongues is a great asset when used in prayer and praise, as it helps to clear your mind as you focus your attention on the Lord. Many people, knowingly and unknowingly, use the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

128. There is a difference between tongues of praise (Psa.35:28; 51:14) which do not have to be interpreted‚ and messages in tongues (Acts 19:6; 1Cor.14:5) which should be interpreted. Many people speak in tongues and use it as a tool of praise and personal edification. This is somewhat different than receiving a message in tongues. Generally‚ but not always, a message in tongues comes with real force‚ and if the person receiving this message has the gift of interpretation‚ it will often be followed by the interpretation‚ which generally comes as a prophecy. Sometimes the person who receives the message in tongues doesn’t have the gift of interpretation‚ so someone else who does receives the interpretation.

129. Dad had the gift of tongues and interpretation. His mother did as well. Often when Dad was teaching he would burst out in tongues and then give the interpretation. You can find examples of it throughout the Letters. You can also find examples of when he would speak in tongues and then receive the interpretation, like in “Be So Happy.” He would receive poetry this way as well. (See “My Love Is the Wild Wind,” ML #154B.)

130. In answering this question, the Lord explained some of the different facets of the gift of tongues. He talked about praying and praising in tongues as a way of clearing ourselves of the multitude of thoughts that crowd our minds. “Enjoy My fluid of the Spirit, enjoy the lubricants of God, the tongues of the angels of God‚ the tongues of the movement and the utterances of the Spirit, as they rustle through your soul and free your mind from your day-to-day tasks when you come before Me in prayer. It’s like the wind of God that blows through and clears your mind of its present thoughts. The sweet lubricants of the presence of God wash out, flush out your thinking, fill you with thoughts of God, the presence of the Lord‚ and help you focus on the Spirit and what I am speaking to your heart. So enjoy these things. If there be an interpretation that is useful for all and you know it, then give it; otherwise, just enjoy it. Enjoy the freedom of the Spirit as I loosen your bound spirit and help you be free enough to speak.” As the Lord says here, not all tongues are meant to be interpreted.

131. However, the Lord also showed that many times when we are praying and praising in tongues He is actually giving us a message and its interpretation, though it may not be so obvious to us. “Many times, unbeknownst to you, you are getting the interpretation of tongues. My Spirit is pouring through your heart in tongues as you praise and seek Me, and as you stir yourselves up. As you call unto Me and pray unto Me, and pour out your heart to me in tongues, I begin to speak to you. As you have been pouring out your heart to Me, I have begun speaking through you, in tongues, and then the words have come to you in your language.”

132. There is also the more traditional style of receiving messages in tongues, where the tongues are given, usually in a louder or more forceful manner than when one is normally praising or praying in tongues, and it is then followed by the interpretation, either by the person who was speaking in tongues or by someone else. The Lord spoke about this method as well. “In the early days, you would speak in tongues and then pause, and give interpretation. This is a style. If you would go for this style, I would use it. … For some have a special gift of tongues that edifies, that stirs up, that excites and ignites the Spirit, and ignites another prophet of God who can then give that interpretation. This I will do and this I have done and this I will continue to do.”

133. When explaining the gift of interpretation, Dad said, “An interpreter is like a prophet because he is able to get the interpretation, which is virtually the same as prophecy—to be able to get the words in your own language of a message that comes in another language. The only difference between that and direct prophecy is that there’s no intermediary message in tongues, you just get it straight from the Lord without the secondary step of having to get it in tongues first and then interpret” (ML #1436:34).

134. Some may want to receive this gift of tongues and interpretation and should therefore ask for it, as it will encourage them to see the Lord manifest Himself in this way. “For I can give the gift of tongues in a special way. I can give the gift of interpretation in a special way, and this will be a great encouragement to many, as they step out by faith and they are able to participate and partake by faith. As I rapture them in My arms and carry them in the Spirit, they will know that I have answered their prayers as they have stepped out. They have asked, they have longed to participate in this move of the Spirit, and they will see new things happen.”

135. The Lord pointed out that He also bypasses the step of giving the message in tongues, followed by the interpretation, by just giving straight prophecy. “I shall give unto you My Words, direct and pure. If you need interpretation of tongues I will give it‚ but … I give My direct Words unto you in authority and in power.”

136. So as you can see, there are a number of facets to the use of the gift of tongues and of interpretation. The Lord is able to use it in its more traditional form‚ He can use it even when we don’t realize He is‚ and He can bypass it altogether. Everyone who has the gift of tongues can and should use it for prayer and praise, especially when coming before the Lord to hear from Him, as it clears away any clutter in our minds and helps us tune in to Heaven. But remember‚ “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity‚ it profiteth me nothing. So be not concerned about how your gifts are manifested, but be concerned about My Love pouring through your heart.”

137. The Lord wants us to have freedom in the Spirit, to be able to pray and praise in many ways. Worshipping the Lord in tongues is a wonderful way to bypass the mind. When doing so, let yourself go, praise Him with all your heart, let the Spirit of God overtake you—especially you younger ones who perhaps haven’t experienced this freedom of the Spirit. “Quench not the Spirit, and don’t be surprised‚ but let it flow, let it flow! Crank it up, cook it up‚ stir it up! Encourage new and mighty moves of My Spirit, and you all will partake of thrills and ecstasies! Your young people and everyone will be thrilled and enraptured by My Spirit and the beautiful things I can do. Singing in tongues and praising in tongues will burst forth and bloom forth into interpretations and messages and revelations. I have gifts of miracles to give! I have gifts of healing to give.—More and more things to come, as the days unfold and as you exercise your muscles of faith and your muscles of giving and listening and pouring out.”

Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask


9/95DO 3019

—With the Lord’s Answers Summarized for Your Benefit—Part 1—The Use of Prophecy!

—Compiled by Peter A.

1. (Intro from Mama:) Have you had any of the following questions: “Why does the Lord seem to be putting so much emphasis on prophecy? How much weight should we place upon prophecy in determining the Lord’s will? What is the balance we are expected to have between prophecy and the rest of the ‘Seven Ways to Know God’s Will’?”

2. Although we have discussed these questions and others to some extent in recent GNs, because we did not cover them extensively, you may still have questions.

3. When the Lord does a new thing, such as He is doing in promoting prophecy, it can often make us a little shaky or uneasy spiritually. Human nature is such that we tend to want to cling to the old, while at the same time struggling to flow with the new way the Lord is moving. So questions often arise.

4. We have compiled a number of questions that people have asked on the subject of prophecy. We knew that you might have some of the same questions, so I recently suggested that one of our WS units take a few days off to pray and hear from the Lord about these in the course of several prophecy sessions. Not only did the Lord speak wonderfully and abundantly, giving us answers to all the questions we asked, but He poured it forth in such a volume that I had concerns that you would not even be able to read it all! So rather than give you all of the prophecies that were given for each question we asked the Lord, we’ve chosen to summarize them. First we give you the question, then a short answer, followed by a more lengthy one in which we quote parts of the prophecies.

5. There are too many questions to cover in only one GN, so this is the first in a series of “prophecy question and answer” GNs. I pray that these pubs will help answer the main questions that you may have about prophecy and direct revelation, and thus give you greater faith to use this wonderful tool and marvelous gift that the Lord has given us. We are so richly blessed with the privilege of having Jesus speak from Heaven‚ His direct Words to us personally. It is an awesome sign of His power and His Love in our midst. However, with great blessings come great responsibilities, and we must work at learning to use it wisely. Even this He has made easy for us by giving us specific instructions and guidelines. So do your best to prayerfully study so that you will be “a workman that needeth not to be ashamed‚” and as a result, His approval will rest upon you.

Yours in Jesus, Mama

6. (Note: Questions 1 and 3 were given to three separate groups of people praying at the same time. This was done to seek confirmation, to see how the Lord would answer each group on these important questions, that not only in the mouth of two or three witnesses, but in the mouths of three different groups of prophets, these answers would be established. The Lord answered beautifully! Each group received very similar answers, which in some cases were almost exactly the same, while in other instances the answers complemented one another. Because there were three sessions for these particular questions, their answers are lengthier than the others.)

Question 1

7. Why is the Lord putting so much emphasis on the use of prophecy in decision-making and finding God’s will?

8. Answer: The Lord is trying to train us in the use of prophecy, as we must learn to use it so that we can have closer‚ more intimate communication with Him. We need to learn how to properly use prophecy in order to find out the answers to today’s questions and as a preparation for the Endtime.

9. The Lord gave many reasons why He is abundantly pouring forth the gift of prophecy upon the Family, and why He is expecting us to use it more than we have in the past. He said, “It is a time to tune in to the still, small voice of God.” That “the time will come when you will be cut off from communications one with another. So you must learn to be led of Me, but you cannot learn that in the troublous times; it is something you must practice now.”

10. He said, “It will be more difficult to walk by sight, or to lean to your own understanding in these days which are coming. You must have the guidance of the Spirit to proceed in safety.”

11. He added, “These gifts are your weapons by which you may fight the good fight in these darkening days.” He also said, “It is preparation for the Endtime. It is time now to practice and to exercise these gifts. … It is to strengthen you, to inspire you, to unite My Family in My Spirit. It is preparation for the future.” That, “in desiring and exercising it, the Family will also have an extra desire for My Word. … This is a new thing for your young people, to see the Word come alive in the Spirit!”

12. In one of the other simultaneous sessions the Lord said, “It is My will that you be set free from legalism or from conventions which have held you too bound, too restricted. And one way that you will be set free is through this gift of prophecy, because it will bring you close to Me. … These Words that I give you are again My Love embodied and personifiedgifts of love for you to enjoy and revel in. This is one of the main uses … for you to enjoy Me and to love Me and to know Me better.”

13. He said, “They [prophecies] are for your encouragement, to strengthen your faith to know that I am in the midst of you. … You need this personal touch to know that I am there at every step. … As My children everywhere seek to do My will, they will need to have this close communication to know My will.”

14. In another prophecy He said, “You have need of this close, intimate, personal communication and hearing from Me, that I may lead and guide you to the End.” Again He said, “For as you do go into the Endtime, it is necessary … that each of you have a close link with Me.” Also, “It is My way to love you‚ to put My Spirit in your tongues‚ to feel you move with what I have to say to you. It is My Love for you‚ and it is My way to give you the instruction that you need.”

15. In another prophecy He said, “I want to breathe in your ear My Spirit, My Words‚ My instructions, that you might have the power to fulfill that which I have commanded.”

16. In the third prophecy group the Lord said, “I give you the sure words of prophecy … which do supply that which you need for the day. For you walk in a strange and different time.” Also‚ “I give you words of wisdom to know how you shall apply these things … which were not written in My Book‚ which concern you for this time, the time of great trouble and confusion.” In another prophecy He said‚ “For you must know what I have to say to you for this situation, for this day, for this time, for this moment, for this minute.”

17. Another prophecy said, “Now that we are approaching the End, He wants to bestow upon you yet another vehicle, a faster way to know His will, a better way to know Him personally. … This is growing you up into a new sphere‚ into a new maturity, so that you will know Him and follow Him even closer than ever before. It’s a reward … and a gift of love for your faithfulness. … He’s giving you, in these Last Days, an opportunity to hear better, to get even closer.”

18. So as you can see, the Lord is clearly stating why He wants us to exercise the gift of prophecy:

  1. To prepare us for the Endtime.
  2. As a reward for our faithfulness.
  3. To give us answers for the difficult and complex days in which we live.
  4. To draw us closer to Him.
  5. To keep us from leaning to our own understanding, which is dangerous.
  6. To provide us with weapons of war.
  7. To strengthen our faith.
  8. To inspire us and encourage us.
  9. To unify the Family.
  10. To give us more desire for the Word.
  11. To help our young people see the Word come alive.
  12. To set us free from legalism.
  13. To help us enjoy life.
  14. To help us know and understand Him better.
  15. To help us be more thankful to Him.
  16. To help us to know how much He loves us, how He is right there to help us when we need it.
  17. To help us find His will.
  18. To give us power.
  19. To give us additional instruction above what is already in His Word.
  20. To give us a faster way of knowing His will.
  21. To help us become more mature so that we can follow Him closer than ever.
  22. As a sign to outsiders of Jesus’ Love and power.

19. Many people seem to be somewhat worried or fearful of using the gift of prophecy, or fearful of the fact that it is being given more prominence now than it has in the past. The Lord said throughout many of these prophecies not to fear, not to doubt. He said, “Now have I challenged you and called you … that I may speak through you. You say it is a fearful and awesome thing, and yes, it is, but I trust you. I have faith in you because I know you fear Me.”

20. In one prophecy He said, “I would not that you be fearful, but that you rejoice and exult, that you be in ecstasy over My Words, that you be so happy for how I am pouring out. … It is of utmost importance that you hold not back, but that you pour forth My Words in a stream—a bubbly, joyful, happy, sparkling stream of My Words, to refresh and enlighten My children.” In another He said, “Do not fear. Do not tremble. For I am with you to help you‚ and I will guide you through all the slippery places.”

21. So the Lord is encouraging us to use the gift of prophecy, and He obviously doesn’t want us to be fearful about it, but to trust Him‚ as we have for many other changes in the Family.

Question 2

22. Does the Lord want everyone to have the gift of prophecy? If someone doesn’t have it, are they handicapped?

23. Answer: The Lord encourages us to have the faith to ask for the gift of prophecy, though He won’t necessarily give it to all, as it isn’t His will for everyone to receive it. If you do not have the gift of prophecy, you are not handicapped‚ because you have other gifts of the Spirit which He’s given you to use in your service for Him. The vital thing is to use His most important gift, which is love.

24. The Lord said that not everyone in the Family will have the gift of prophecy, but that everyone does have spiritual gifts and that we should not compare ourselves one to another. He said that the greatest gift of all is love. “For I have among you some who are prophets, some who are teachers, some who tend tables, some who are shepherds, and all of these I lead in love. And some of those who are prophets are not teachers or shepherds, just as some who are among you are teachers, but are not prophets. But all are Mine, and none is above another‚ for I look on the heart‚ and if the heart contains love and joy and compassion, then this is the greatest gift. Do not compare among yourselves the gifts that I have given.”

25. In another prophecy He said, “Love is the greatest thing. For when you stand before Me‚ it is not the gifts that I shall be looking at, it is how much love and kindness you have shown to others, how much of Me you have given to others. Do not look at these gifts as something you absolutely have to obtain to be closer to Me. … Above all‚ strive to give Me to others. This is the greatest gift, the gift of love.” Just as Dad always said, it’s the witnessers who are giving His greatest gift of love, salvation, who are doing the most important job.

26. Prophecy is a gift just like many other gifts of the Spirit, which the Lord gives. He said, “The gifts are given to different ones … to augment each other, to help the members of My Family to be one body, fitly joined together.”

27. In another precious prophecy the Lord showed that we are not handicapped by not having the gift of prophecy, that Heaven is full of people who were simply faithful to use the gifts that He gave them. He said, “All that I ask of you is that you deal your bread to the hungry—whatever gifts you have, that you deal to the hungry, that you give to those that are around you. … You will be surprised how many little people I have without ‘great’ callings. But they had great callings ministering to their children, ministering to their husbands, ministering to their neighbors. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of little people make up My Kingdom. That is what My Kingdom is made of—those who deal their bread to the hungry.

28. “For the gift of prophecy is a gift of faith. All of My gifts are gifts of faith. Therefore, you are not handicapped if you have not received the gift of prophecy. Whatever you have the faith for, that is what My gift to you is. If you have the gift of faith for prophecy, then reach out and exercise it, for it is a gift to you. If you do not have the gift of faith for prophecy, then give out the gifts that you do have.”

29. The Lord also said, “There are many who have not exercised this gift, and who will exercise this gift, and who are sitting on the fence wondering if they should reach out or not.” He went on to say, “For many of you the time will come. When the circumstances are right and when you are forced to give out‚ when you see that that is what you have to do, then it will come to you.”

30. Some may, of course, wonder why they don’t receive the gift of prophecy even if they want it. In regards to that the Lord said, “It is one of My mysteries that I withhold certain gifts from certain ones. It is not because I could not, or that they would not receive, but it is My will, which is sometimes mysterious.”

31. But the Lord does encourage us to reach out and try to get the gift, to at least ask Him for it. He said, “If you have the faith, you can reach out and receive this gift, if it is My will to give it to you.” So if you do not have the gift, you can ask the Lord for it, and if it’s His will He will give it to you.

32. One of the main reasons that the Lord has been putting such an emphasis on prophecy is so that you will want to hear from Him this way, and that you will reach out to find out if it is His will for you to receive this gift. He will probably give it to you, but perhaps He will withhold it. In any case, He knows best. But if He doesn’t give you the gift of prophecy, He has given you other gifts that He wants you to use.

33. The important thing to remember is to be thankful for and use the gifts He’s given you. Prophecy is not a more exalted gift than the other gifts or anointings. He gives us all different gifts because different jobs need to be done. It’s not that a person’s gifts make them any more special or important to the Lord; in fact, they don’t count at all if we don’t have love, because love is the thing that the Lord is looking for in our lives. “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels … and though I have the gift of prophecy … but have not love, I am nothing” (1Cor.13:1,2).

Question 3

34. Is there a danger that with so much emphasis on prophecy, Family members will default to only using this way of hearing from the Lord, rather than using the other ways to know the Lord’s will?

35. Answer: There is a danger that some people may go a bit overboard in the use of prophecy. However, in order to learn to properly use the gift, we have to face this possibility as a challenge and not be fearful of it. The Lord cautions us to have a proper balance between using prophecy and the other ways to know God’s will in our decision-making.

36. The Lord acknowledges that there is some danger that people may go overboard, and He very clearly tells us to find the balance. However, He does not want the potential problems to hold us back from using prophecy. He said, “You speak of the danger, but I say to you‚ the danger … looks greater to you than it does to Me. … I would that you would have faith to meet this challenge‚ that you would have faith to take on the garment of prophecy in spite of the dangers and the pitfalls … without being fearful of the danger.

37. “If you are afraid of going overboard, present this problem to Me and ask Me to strengthen your faith. I would have you to be aware of the problem, but not held back by the problem. For this is a new day, and the garment of prophecy is a part of the new day.” So though we face some potential problems, just as we do in any new pioneering push‚ we should not let them hold us back. We should take each problem as a challenge and overcome it.

38. The Lord confirmed what Dad has always taught us, that prophecy is not the only method of hearing from Him‚ and that we should find a balance. In one prophecy He said‚ “There are many controls to manipulate the vehicle—the gear shift, the wheels‚ the brake, the clutch. … But the vehicle will not stay on course or be able to operate if you only pay attention to one of these controls.” The Lord is expecting us to have a proper balance in the use of all the tools that He has given us to find His will.

39. In another prophecy He again used an example to show that there needs to be a balance. He said, “Listen to all the notes that make up the melody of My work. For if one drones on and on, on one note, his monotony shall be made known clearly … and such a melody … shall not minister grace to the hearers.” So He expects us to use more than just the gift of prophecy, as we need to use the other ways to know God’s will as well.

40. A number of times He said, “Let your moderation be known to all men,” and that we should be faithful to judge the prophecies according to the written Word—the Bible and the Letters, both old and new. He said, “For he that giveth a prophecy‚ let him compare one with another and weigh the words against My Word to see if these things be so. But do not forbid them from availing themselves of the wonderful gift of prophecy. Fear not the wildfire so much that you have no fire at all.” We should not fear using prophecy, but we should use it in conjunction with the other ways of finding His will, including the written Word.

41. He comforts us with the fact that because we have so much Word and we are exercising the other gifts, we don’t have to worry about getting off track. He said, “With all the Word that I have given you, there is great safety, great ballast to keep you in balance. Therefore worry not or fret not, for I have given you these things.”

42. Besides stating that there is a balance between using the various ways to find the will of God, the Lord stressed the need to abide in the Word. He said, “Stand upon the Word which I have given you, the old Word and the new Word. … Make sure that you are standing on the foundation, the rock of My Words, My new Words, My old Words. … It’s all My Word—all there to help you follow Me closely.”

43. The Lord has given us more than one way to find His will, but He’s putting an emphasis now on prophecy so that we can learn to use it. He said, “I have given you many ways in which you shall determine My direction, My leading, My guidance. Yet I have placed an emphasis upon these prophecies at this time to exercise your gift, to bring the garment of prophecy out of the closet that you might learn to wear it and then use it at the appropriate time.”

44. The Lord even pointed out that as we are learning to use the gift of prophecy more, we do not need to be overly concerned about using it too much. He said, “When I place an emphasis upon something … fear not that you are being extreme when you learn and practice. … Your moderation shall come.”

45. The Lord gave another word picture of how we are to practice using the gift of prophecy. The picture was of a piano player learning to play a piece of music called “The Gift of Prophecy.” At first he made a few mistakes in his playing, but eventually he could play it beautifully. The Lord said, “Fear not the danger, for at the beginning it takes more time. Once the piece is learned, it doesn’t have to be practiced so often.” So though we may be putting more of an emphasis on using prophecy now, in time we will use it in a more balanced fashion, along with the other ways to know His will.

46. In the same word picture, the song book from which the pianist was playing had other pages with different pieces of music, each entitled something different. One was entitled “The Word,” another “The Voice of the Word,” yet another “Godly Counsel,” etc. The name of the book was “The Seven Ways to Know God’s Will‚” indicating that prophecy was just one of the “seven ways,” but the one we are practicing now.

47. The Lord again clearly stated that He wants us to use more than one method for finding His will. He said, “I have given you these gifts, these seven ways, these seven senses to understand and to know, to be able to locate beyond the shadow of any doubt the precise pinpoint of My will. Do not neglect to hear the Godly counsel, to taste the written Word, to feel the burdens, and to smell My dreams and My revelations. Do not neglect the other ways, for they all work together to give you the proper balance, to understand exactly where I am leading. … Use them in the proper proportion and at the proper times in order to accomplish the proper purpose.”

48. As you can see, the Lord does want us to use the gift of prophecy and not to be afraid of using it, or fearful that there may be some wildfire. We must realize that we will grow in its usage and become more wise and mature as we practice it. In order to get us to practice it, the Lord, for a time, is more strongly emphasizing it than the other ways to find His will, which we are more used to using. However‚ we’re not to completely set aside those other ways‚ as they are all necessary in order to balance one another so that we can find the exact will of God.

Question 4

49. How much should we rely on prophecy?

50. Answer: Prophecy is one of the ways that we should use to find God’s will. It is not the only way and should not be relied on exclusively. The Word, Godly counsel and the other ways of finding God’s will should still be used. The main thing to remember is that in decision-making you must pray and desperately seek the Lord and use all the available means, including prophecy, to find His will.

51. The Lord wants us to use the gift of prophecy much more than we have been in the past, in order to grow in the use of this precious gift. On the other hand, He does not want us to rely solely on prophecy for all of our direction. But when we come before Him seeking His will, we can use prophecy in conjunction with the other ways to find the Lord’s will.

52. He said, “I, the Lord‚ am not only the Spirit of Prophecy. I am also the Word, the Voice of the Word‚ the Comforter, the Spirit of Love‚ the Mighty Counselor‚ the Spirit of Counsel. I manifest My will in many varied ways, and I seek to teach you a good and Godly balance. As My Family seeks Me in prayer, I will manifest Myself in various ways. I will make My Words known to them. I will pour out My Spirit to them through various means. You cannot rely solely on any one means.”

53. The Lord repeated this point by saying, “This (gift of prophecy) is only one of the pillars to know My will. Do not rely on it exclusively‚ but weigh word against word, and be sure that it is laid precept upon precept, and then it shall go well with you.”

54. He went on to say, “Let the prophet be judged by the fruits of his prophecy. … If he speaks according to My Word, if he speaks words of edification, if he speaks words of love, if he speaks words of encouragement and inspiration to My children, this is a good indication that the prophecy is of Me. Then you can have faith to implement what he speaks and the guidance which he gives.” So if the prophecies are according to the Word and they minister love, encouragement and inspiration, you can be reasonably sure that the prophecy is of the Lord. The Lord will sometimes give correction in prophecy, but when He does, it will be very loving and encouraging. Sometimes the Lord has to tell us things clearly and give us specific instruction, but whenever He does‚ it is not done in a harsh or condemning manner. It is usually accompanied by much understanding and compassion for our weaknesses, but encouragement to take Him at His Word that He can help us overcome.

55. The Lord also said that He wants us to seek Him for His will, using those means He’s made available to us. “I expect you to always seek Me for what I would reveal to you, and to go to the riches of the Word, the riches of the Spirit, the riches of prophecy, the riches of wisdom, the riches of counseling together, the riches of the common sense that I have blessed you with. Use all the treasures of God. Use all the means to find the will of God. Then in comparing and in aligning them, you cannot be far wrong. If your heart is fixed upon Me by faith, seeking My face, I will see that you are not deceived, and I will direct you aright.”

56. What the Lord wants us to do is to seek Him for answers, to realize that we don’t know what to do, but only He does. He wants us to use the gift of prophecy in finding His will, but He also wants us to use the other ways that He has provided.

Question 5

57. Is it necessary to seal every decision with a prophecy? Should we ask the Lord for a confirmation on everything we decide?

58. Answer: It is not necessary to seal every decision with prophecy, nor to ask the Lord for a confirmation in prophecy for every decision. However, all decisions should be made with prayer and counsel. Important and/or major decisions should be brought before the Lord for prophecy.

59. In decision-making, our goal is to find the Lord’s will, so we should bring the Lord into every phase of our decision-making. But this does not mean that we have to hear from the Lord in prophecy about every decision.

60. The Lord said, however, that “When you come together to discuss a matter and to make a decision which is of importance or that will have more far-reaching effects, you should also let Me have My vote.” He said, “I also want to speak and confirm your choices, and I want you to seek My confirmation.” In the smaller‚ more routine matters, though, He said, “I don’t want you to take halting steps‚ and with every little step stop and ask Me [to speak in prophecy] which way to go. But I want you to give Me times to speak and open up the channel so that I may have the opportunity to speak.”

61. So apparently He wishes for us to seek His guidance and counsel through prophecy when there are important decisions to be made so that we can see His point of view and that He can confirm the choices we are making. But He does not expect us to ask Him for prophecies about every little thing‚ as He has also given us other ways to find His will. He said, “You also have need of wisdom and discernment and faith and other gifts of the Spirit. One shall complement another‚ and each should be given their place.” However‚ we should make sure we are giving the Lord enough opportunity to speak to us in prophecy when it is warranted.

62. In our Homes we do a great deal through counseling together, which is good, “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in a multitude of counselors there is safety” (Pro. 24:6). The Lord said, “Through prayer and supplication and prayerful deliberations … I can speak through you … to establish My will. There will be times when I will speak to you and through you in Godly counsel … but if a matter is serious, then I beseech you to call upon Me.” So if it’s a major or important decision that needs to be made, you should take the time to stop and listen to Him speak in prophecy. However, at other times He will speak through your own words and thoughts as you engage in prayerful Godly counsel, etc.

63. The most important aspect of decision-making is prayer. Whether there is prophecy or not, there definitely needs to be prayer and giving the Lord the opportunity to lead and guide by His Spirit. He said that when you take the time to listen‚ “I may show you other factors which in your own reasoning have not been able to come to the surface.” He also said that “in order to receive the counseling of those in the Spirit World, you must take time to hear from Me. You must take time to listen to the whispers.”

64. He pointed out that when there’s a conflict of opinion on a matter, it is best to bring the matter before the Lord for prophecy. “When a matter brings about great dispute, and even disunity or conflict, then stop and look and listen to My voice.”

65. As brought out above, though it is not necessary to ask the Lord to speak in prophecy about every matter, it is wise to do so on important ones. However‚ it is vital to pray over each decision if we want God’s counsel and guidance. “Pray without ceasing, for prayer is your link to My throne. Therefore, keep this connection strong, and as you deliberate and counsel, I will be with you.”

Question 6

66. How much do people need to follow the prophecies that they get in their Home? What can they do if they do not agree with a prophecy received in the Home that was about them personally and they don’t have the faith to follow it? (For example, the Charter grants the right to a disciple to operate according to his own faith on certain matters. But what if a prophecy is given in the Home that tells him to do something contrary to what he feels he should do? Will the prophecy overrule the person’s own faith which he has the right to exercise?)

67. Answer: If a prophecy is received in a Home for someone, it is up to that person to decide whether they wish to follow it or not. The prophecy does not override their freedom of choice. They should prayerfully consider what the prophecy says, but also consider the other ways to find God’s will, and act prayerfully according to their faith. In answer to this question, the Lord also gave cautions about the seriousness of receiving prophecies for others.

68. The Lord has given each of us the majesty of choice and we must make our choices before God according to our own faith. The Lord said, “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. … According to your own faith be it done unto you.” He said that we should act in “full assurance of faith, not with eye service as manpleasers, but as My servants doing the will of God from the heart.” He expects each one to make the final choice as to what His will is for themselves.

69. The “Seven Ways to Know God’s Will” are the tools for finding the will of God. As prophecy is only one of the seven ways to know God’s will, the others should act as a check and balance system. The Lord said, “There are many ways to find My will and you must balance one with another.”

70. He went on to say that, “If you receive a message from others that you have trouble receiving, be open, share your heart about it. Counsel together.” This may happen from time to time‚ so you should feel free to talk about it with your shepherds. (You shepherds should listen with love and understanding to those who are having trouble with a prophecy. Remember, the final choice belongs to the person involved.) So if you are seeking the Lord about a matter and those in the Home pray for you and what they receive from the Lord is not something that you feel led to follow, you do not have to follow it. The decision is yours.

71. It would, however, be wise to take it into prayerful consideration and to weigh it up with the other ways to know God’s will. Just because it may be something that you don’t like to hear doesn’t necessarily mean it is not the Lord.

72. The Lord gave the example of the Apostle Paul. “Many true prophets of God spoke to him, and yet according to his faith he was determined to go (to Jerusalem) in spite of the consequences predicted. And yet, I never left him nor forsook him in any way.” Although the prophets prophesied truly, Paul didn’t follow what was given and the Lord still kept him, even though he did suffer some consequences.

73. There are seven ways to know God’s will, so you should look to the Word, to counsel, to revelations, burdens, open and closed doors, etc. If you do, you can find the peace of God and the will of God in your decision-making.

74. The Lord also gave a number of cautions to those who prophesy for or about their brothers and sisters. He said, “It is a serious thing to seek Me for the life of a brother or sister concerning My guidance, to speak in the Name of the Lord, to speak on My behalf. It is a serious matter, not to be taken lightly. … Every word must be according to faith and given from a pure heart. … See that you prophesy with a pure heart. See that you prophesy in love. See that you consider your brother above yourself. … Be sure that if you are going to be giving a prophecy for someone, you are doing so in love and in humility. It is a great responsibility, but it brings with it great rewards in that you will have the joy of knowing that you have helped to guide someone in the way that he should go.”

75. He gave further counsel when He said, “Those of you who speak on the matters of faith, take off your preconceived ideas, take off your garments of pride‚ for the ground which you stand upon is holy ground, for it must be of faith, which is spoken in love.” So those of you who are asked to prophesy about a matter must realize the seriousness of doing so. You must lay aside your own preconceived ideas and come before the Lord with an open heart and open mind‚ desperately seeking Him and giving only what He gives. Remember, what you speak are His Words and you must be careful not to add any of your own words or thoughts to them.

Question 7

76. In the Bible and also in Dad’s experiences the Lord has given some rather far–out “zany” prophecies. Now, with Mama and Peter‚ He seems to be doing somewhat the same. In “Mama’s Love Story!—Part 5,” He even said to them, “Be not fearful‚ do not stand in the way. The Words that I give may even seem naughty or dirty‚ but it is not for you to judge‚ it is only for you to give and for you to be an open channel of My voice to My children” (ML# 2996:30, GN 639). The question that arises is: Could some of our folks take this prophecy as a precedent for their getting wild prophecies and not feeling a need to judge or evaluate them?

77. Answer: There is nothing wrong with a wild or “zany” prophecy as long as it is according to the Word, is edifying, engenders love, draws the listeners close to the Lord and bears good fruit. If the prophet is in the proper spirit and is humble and desperate with the Lord, he should speak what the Lord gives him in prophecy. All prophecy should be judged. Those who judge prophecies should do so very prayerfully, desperately seeking the Lord for proper judgment.

78. In order to shed light on this quote from Mama’s Love Story, the Lord said, “When I say to ‘judge not,’ I mean that once I am speaking, do not hold back‚ but give forth.” Here, He is using the word “judge” in a different way than we normally use it, which is in evaluating the accuracy of prophecies. In this case, He was not implying that prophecy should not be judged, or evaluated, but rather that once you start giving a prophecy, He does not want you to hold it back even if it seems “zany.”

79. He said, “If the prophecy, no matter how wild or how different, edifies the body and brings them closer to Me and causes love to flow amongst you, then this is good fruit.”

80. He said that if you’re in the proper spirit you should “trust whatever I give you, whether it is zany or normal, whether it is unusual and different, or whether it is what you are accustomed to. After you have desperately cried out to Me, then you may trust and give forth and pour out.” The key is that you must be in the proper spirit.

81. The Lord showed how someone can get off on a tangent. He said, “If your heart is not desperate with Me, if your heart is just speaking things that will edify your pride, if you are not desperate with Me every moment, then there is danger of going off on a tangent, great danger. … You must desperately cry out to Me and ask Me to be the One Who speaks the words, or you will fall.”

82. However, if you do this, the Lord encourages you that if you are desperate and praying and humble, you shouldn’t be fearful about what He gives you in prophecy, as He will give you His Words. He said, “For often the carnal mind is enmity and fights against what I have to say. Your carnal mind is saying, ‘Don’t say this. Don’t say that.’ But I am trying to say this, I am trying to say that. I am saying that once I am speaking, let Me burn.”

83. The Lord said earlier, and says again in these prophecies, that we should not be fearful of wildfire as we embark on using the gift of prophecy more. As we learn to use the gift of prophecy properly, to judge it wisely, to balance it with the other ways to know God’s will, and to cultivate its use, we will benefit greatly from it. He said‚ “There will be wildfire. But you cannot hold back the Spirit of God because of wildfire. … You must learn. It will take time, and there will be stumbling and falling. There will be going by the wayside, and there will be going off on the wrong tangent. … This shall happen.”

84. So undoubtedly some people will get prophecies that may be somewhat off the track. When this happens‚ the Lord said you must go to that person and say, “I believe you are off on a tangent. I believe you must pull in and seek the Lord and ask the Lord to clarify things, and ask the Lord to keep you on the right track. I believe this is what is happening in your life. I believe this not only because of the prophecy that you have given‚ but because of the fruit that it is bearing in your life and the lives of others.” So the Lord clearly states that we need to judge prophecy and correct those whose prophecies are off and do not bear good fruit in their lives nor in the lives of others.

85. He went on to say‚ “The judging of your prophecies must be done‚ to give you the training and the guidance and the leading that you need to perfect this gift.” So we must be sure to study over the prophecies that are given‚ and to judge them, so as to help teach and train any who may be a bit off track. However, you must do it in love, also remembering that sometimes it may be your judgment that is wrong.

86. The Lord gave this caution to you who judge the prophecies: “I speak to you that judge, that you put not your own clamps and your own fences about those who are giving these prophecies. Judge not according to your own whims and your own heart‚ but judge according to My Word and according to the fruit of the prophecy. Judge according to the fruit of the prophet, and judge according to the fruit within the prophet. For if the prophecy ministers pride and sets this one apart from the flock, and sets them off on their own tangent, this very well may not be of Me.”

87. If the prophet starts getting lifted up in pride about the fact that he is prophesying, or in his personal life he is bearing bad fruit or his prophecies bear bad fruit in others, such as the giving of hurtful prophecies, then you should look at the situation with a careful eye, as there is a good chance this person is a bit tripped off, and if he is, he should be corrected. But always correct in much love, putting yourself in that person’s place and realizing that if you were corrected about one of your prophecies, it might make you feel so bad that you would not want to prophesy again. If this is the result of your correction of someone, you should examine the fruit of it. The object of your correction is not to put a stop to his prophecy; it is to help him to correct whatever it is in his life that got him sidetracked, and to be able once again to hear clearly and accurately from the Lord.

88. The Lord went on to say to those who are judging prophecy‚ “As you judge a prophecy you must seek Me. You must be desperate with Me, just as those who give the prophecy must be desperate with Me.—Desperately seeking My voice and My face, and My leading and My guidance.” Both the prophet and the judge must be desperate and humble.

89. Some further counsel the Lord gave regarding judging prophecies was, “I have safeguarded My voice of prophecy with the many other ways to know God’s will, and with the gift of learning to judge and interpret prophecy. I have established many ways to know the confirmed will of God, so that prophecy does not stand alone, and so that prophecies can be judged by the other ways to know God’s will. I have promised also to pour out more gifts of My Spirit, the gifts of discernment, and the gifts of knowledge and interpretation.”

90. Because we are having more prophecies and are encouraging more prophecy on the Home level, we should also be asking the Lord to pour upon us the gifts of discernment, of knowledge and interpretation. If you are on a Home teamwork or in a situation where you may have to help judge prophecies, then you should definitely ask the Lord for those gifts.

91. The Lord quite clearly stated, as He has through Dad in the past and through other prophecies recently, that He will give the new direction for the entire Family or new revelations through Mama and me, His confirmed leadership. He said, “New ways and new direction and new revelations, the major source of new news from Me‚ is established through My Word and through leadership.”

92. In conclusion, the Lord clearly states that He wants us to give what He gives us in prophecy‚ no matter how “zany.” However‚ we must be sure we are desperate with Him and humble and in the right spirit. We should give what He gives us‚ and it should then be judged. When we judge prophecy, we should do so prayerfully and with Godly wisdom.

Question 8

93. Is there a great difference between the prophecies the Lord has given to Dad, and now to Mama and Peter as His top leaders, compared to what He might give to those who receive prophecies on the field? Would exceptional prophecies received from the field have to be judged to see if they were in line with the leading of God’s leadership?

94. Answer: The Lord wants to speak to us all in prophecy to give us the guidance and instruction we need. He gives Mama His Words in prophecy through His chosen channels, and she judges these. He gives local prophets His Word for their situation. They should be judged according to the written Word, the Bible and the Letters, both old and new. Prophecy that goes beyond these should be submitted to your leadership and/ or Mama before it is acted upon.

95. The Lord started answering this question by confirming that Dad is still helping to lead the Family. “He (Dad) whispers in the ear of his Maria and I speak through King Peter‚ and I have led and guided and instructed them in the way that they should go. … For these are set apart for Me. Great has been the price that they have paid for the closeness to Me which they do experience. The anointing that they bear has not been without cost. … I want you to look to their Words as those who are leading.”

96. The Lord gives us guidance for the situations we are in. He says that He gives the leading and guidance that you need for your part of the battle. “I give you the instruction that you need for your part‚ and I give David‚ Maria, and Peter the instruction that they need for their part, which is leading and guiding My great Family. For each has his part, and you all contribute to the whole.”

97. As the Lord states, He gives Mama and me the Words that we need for the part that we play in leading and guiding the Family, and what He gives and we publish is for everyone in the Family. But He says that He gives you the instructions that you need for the job that you are doing, for the situation that you are in. The Lord wants you to seek Him for your situation so that you will know where He’s leading you and your Home.

98. The Lord confirmed, as Dad always said, that He would show major new direction or revelation to His chosen leadership first. He said, “I do not want this gift of prophecy to cause you to break ranks, and to run ahead of My leadership.” This does not mean that He cannot give you outstanding prophecies! In fact‚ any time the Lord speaks, it is outstanding! He may even give you a prophecy which your Home feels is important for the overall Family. Any such prophecies should be sent to your CROs and/or Mama and me.

99. Teamworks of Homes and of areas should also realize that the Lord may use someone in your Home or area to give a prophecy to help open your eyes to something, or warn you. He said, “There are times when the sheep bleat to warn the shepherd of impending doom, and if the shepherd does not take this warning and take heed, there is great loss. Therefore the sheep and the shepherds work together, for this is My plan.” So shepherds should pay attention to the prophecies that are given in their Homes and should prayerfully study them and see if the Lord is trying to show them something specific.

100. The Lord added a very interesting point in this prophecy session which would be very useful and helpful guidance if you or someone in your Home were to receive something strange or odd in prophecy. He said, “If you receive something very strange, very odd, very unusual, it is better to submit it to your leaders. Submit it even to Maria if it is to affect a lot of people. Submit it to someone who can give you good counsel before you act upon it. Submit it to those who will judge it wisely, before you act upon things in haste.”

101. This is a very key point. Prophecy can sometimes be very mysterious, and certainly sometimes very unusual. But if you ever receive a prophecy that you and your Home teamwork do not understand at all, or that the Home and its leadership are very uncomfortable about enacting, it’s best to submit it to others for help and counsel before you go ahead with it. So if you are unsure, then pass the prophecy on to leadership for counsel before implementing it.

102. The Lord expects you to receive prophecies that will be guidance for your local situations or your personal needs. He has set Mama and me in the position of receiving the main direction He has to give, and what we publish in the GNs is that which Mama has judged to be the Word for the Family. Though the Lord will speak to many of you, He’s made it clear that He does not expect that you will be receiving prophecies that go beyond the written Word.

Question 9

103. The Lord has said this is a new day and that many things are new. He’s pouring out a lot of new wine, and even some “strange truths.” Does this change our basic beliefs?

104. The Word the Lord has given in the past, the Bible and the MO Letters, are definitely not “out the door.” They are what the Family and our beliefs are built on. This will not change. The Lord is, however, continuing to give new wine and new direction and new revelations, just as He always has. We should expect it and receive it.

105. Our foundation principles of the Lord, His Salvation, our standard basic Christian beliefs and the basic principles that the Lord gave Dad do not change, they remain solid and forever! The Lord said, “The solid rock principles and pillars of your faith remain, the foundations of your faith shall not change.” But this does not mean that there will be no changes‚ or that the Lord will not reveal new things. He said that the “changes of God are from the Spirit of God,” and “things have to change in order for you to survive.” He said, “Much is new. Nevertheless‚ the foundations of God stand sure.”

106. We should expect the Lord to give us new direction, new wine, new weapons to fight today’s battles. The Lord said, “Have I not said of old that there would be many things that I have yet to say to you but you cannot bear them yet? I am saying them to you now, bit by bit, precept upon precept, line upon line, new revelation by new revelation.” So the Lord is giving us new things, but this doesn’t mean that our past beliefs are obsolete.

107. The Lord said that although the “foundations of your faith shall not change … the things that have no bearing upon eternal lifecan change. Old things pass away. In each new age I have changed things. Do you sacrifice in temples? Do you follow all the laws of Moses?” Even though temple sacrifice and the law are in the Word, their time passed as the Lord ushered in new Word. The Lord said that even some of what Paul and Dad said were “written for a time, for a season, and some of these have passed away.” Even so, this does not change our basic, solid foundation of the Truth.

108. The Lord asks, “Is it a strange thing that I should add a new thought, a new perspective, a new goal, a new challenge? … I ask you to be open-minded, to have a new attitude and a new heart and a new state of yieldedness.” He wants us to be open and receptive to the new thoughts, goals, perspectives and challenges that He’s giving—in short, to be “new bottles.” He also added a word of comfort that, “You can be assured that any major changes that I bring will be confirmed through My leadership and through the continued written Word that I give to you.”

109. This is a very important point. The Lord is saying that any major changes that come about in the Family will be given and confirmed in the GNs by Mama, our “Wine Taster.” (See “Three Gifts of the Lord’s Love!” ML# 3005:106–129‚ GN 647.)

110. The Lord will be bringing about changes, giving new revelations, showing us new direction and guidance, but the basic tenets of our faith, as outlined in “Our Statement of Faith” and the “Love Charter,” the principles upon which the Lord and Dad built the Family, the principles of faith, love‚ witnessing and Salvation‚ will not change‚ for they are the solid rock foundation of the Word.

Prophecy Questions You May Have Always Wanted to Ask


DO/TS 30361/96

—With the Lord’s Answers Summarized for Your Benefit!—Part 3

—Compiled by Peter A.

1. (Introduction: ) As Mama explained in the first GN of this prophecy questions and answers series, she asked one of our WS units to take a few days to pray and hear from the Lord about a number of questions which had been brought up about prophecy. The Lord spoke wonderfully and abundantly, giving us answers to all the questions we asked. He poured out such a volume that it would be difficult to print it all! Therefore we have summarized the prophecies in order to make it easier for you to read them. We pray that this third GN of the series will be a blessing for you as you continue to step out by faith and use the precious gift of prophecy the Lord has given.

(Note: When reading this GN publicly to others, please indicate where the Lord starts speaking by saying something like, “prophecy begins,” and then at the end of the prophecy, “prophecy ends”—or simply read the opening and closing quote marks. This will help the hearer to be able to better distinguish between what is commentary and what is prophecy. Thanks!)

Question 1

2. What conditions have to be present in order for someone to be a good channel and to receive the Lord’s Message clearly and purely? What is required of the prophet in order for him or her to be a good channel?

3. Answer: Those who exercise the gift of prophecy should have a deep love for the Lord, be dedicated to His service, be humble, yielded, submitted, obedient and in tune with Him. They should be desperate to hear from Him, creating a vacuum in their heart to receive His Message. They need faith to believe they can hear from the Lord, and faith to give what He gives. They should keep their hearts from those things which distract them from the Lord and His service. In short‚ they need to be real disciples. But even when we fall short of these goals, the Lord sees our hearts, and in His mercy, will overlook our failings and will speak His Words to us.

4. The Lord spoke about a number of things which those who prophesy need to be aware of and to work towards. The primary requirement for being a good channel for the Lord’s Words is to love the Lord. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

5. Another requirement is humility. “I shall give My Words to the lowly, to the meek, to the humble and pure in heart, to the seemingly insignificant to the world. My Words are precious, and you are precious in My sight. Therefore I give you this responsibility, to be givers of My Words in all humility, in all submissiveness, which brings receptivity. Think not that you are great, for he that thinks that he is shall be humbled and abased, and My Words shall not be given unto him. But a humble and a contrite spirit I will not despise.”

6. In order to have the needed humility, you must be willing to be made humble. “If you hold back and you try to stand upright‚ and try to look good, you will not be useful to Me. Like Bamboo, you have to be willing to be cut down, to be slit open, to be laid down for My waters to run through. … The bottle with a tight neck has such a hard time pouring out, so let such be broken. … Out of broken vessels shall flow the water that will refresh My people, for a broken and a contrite heart, I will not despise.” (See Good Thots, pg.561, No. 432.)

7. Along with humility you need to be yielded and submitted to the Lord. “If you have yielded your hearts and minds, your lives and your bodies unto Me, I can use you to pour out My Words unto others. … I require that you come before My presence in submission and yieldedness, desperately seeking My face. … If you will just be yielded to Me and My Words, and listen and hearken to what I have to say and be willing to receive it, … then I will speak through you.”

8. Being obedient to the Lord and His Word is also very important. If you are used to recognizing and obeying what the Lord tells you, it will be easier for you to recognize His voice when He gives you a prophecy. “Be a sheep. Be a follower, and trust the Shepherd that He knows the way. … Be obedient, and you will recognize My voice, because My sheep hear My voice and they will follow. So if you are obedient and obedience is in your heart, you will hear My voice.” This, of course, doesn’t mean that if someone is obedient they will automatically have the gift of prophecy, nor does it mean that if you don’t have this gift that you are disobedient. It does mean that if you do have the gift, you need to be obedient if you wish to be a clear channel for His voice.

9. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” It is important that you keep your heart pure and clean through the Word, and by trying to resist sin. You need to fight against anything that distracts you from the Lord and His service, anything that would clog up the channel of His voice. “When I choose to speak My Words, I do not look at the appearance of the one who is receiving My Words, but I look upon the heart. If their heart is right with Me, and if they desire to hear My Words, and they desire to receive these things, and most of all believe, … then I will come to them and speak My Words. … Therefore, each of you should look to yourselves‚ that you remain a clean vessel‚ fit for the Master’s use; that you be not distracted nor hindered, so that you can be used of Me. Because you have given your life to Me‚ in service and dedication, I will pour through you.”

10. Another very important requirement is that your heart be open to the Lord’s will and to whatever He has to say to you. “Lift up a heart empty of your own inclinations. … Create a vacuum, an empty mouth, an empty heart‚ one in which you don’t care what the answer is, … a heart that is yielded and pointed to Me. … You must seek with no conditions, with no strings attached. … You must open your heart to My point of view.”

11. You must also be desperate and hungry to receive the Lord’s answer, and then have faith to give out what He gives to you. “I look for desperation in the heart, for the desire to know My will and to know My Truth, for the fervency‚ for those hearts that are longing for Me‚ that create a vacuum in their spirits that I may fill. For these are as the flowers that long for the dew. They are as the streams that long to be filled after a great drought. … Therefore‚ seek this desperation, seek this desire. If you do not feel this desire, ask Me for it and I will give it to you. … If you will search for Me with all your heart, you will find Me. You must believe that I am, and that I am a rewarder and a giver unto those who diligently seek. … You must have the faith to believe that I am speaking through you, and the faith to give what I give you. If you desperately pray and fervently desire and ask for My Words, would I refuse you?”

12. Another key is to learn how to tune in to the Lord’s voice without distraction, so that you can clearly receive His Message. “You must learn to turn the knob to My frequency, so that My voice can boom through loud and clear.”

13. The Lord has given us a lot of counsel as to the qualities needed for those who are going to prophesy, which undoubtedly apply to being able to fully use the other gifts of the Spirit as well. However, the Lord does not require perfection. If He did‚ He wouldn’t have anyone to speak through! “I am not looking at your sins or at your shortcomings. When I choose to speak through you, I choose to speak because the Words that I have to say must be given, and I will give them through any vessel who is yielded and willing to receive them at the time. I am not seeking for perfection. All you have to do is be open at the time.”

Question 2

14. If a person is very fluent in their prophesying, does that mean they’re hearing more clearly from the Lord than someone who is slower or more halting in his or her delivery?

15. Answer: No, it does not. The message given in prophecy is the important thing; the fluency or eloquence of the delivery makes no difference. The Lord chooses who to deliver a prophecy through, and if that person is yielded and gives the prophecy, even though haltingly, he is delivering God’s Message as much as someone who is more fluent.

16. When a prophecy is given, the Lord is giving His Message. He has chosen the vessel through which to give it, knowing full well the capabilities of that vessel. The important thing is the Message, not the vessel through which it comes. “It is not you which speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh through you. If I choose to speak through this vessel or that vessel, if I choose for My water to be blue or yellow or red, being colored by the vessel through which I pour it‚ nevertheless, it is My water. … Though you speak haltingly, you still speak My Words‚ and it is the Word of Life that I give unto you that matters.” If you took water and poured some into different colored glasses‚ the water would seem to be different colors, but when drunk by a thirsty person, the water would be equally refreshing no matter what color the glass was.

17. The Lord doesn’t seem to be too concerned about your delivery of His Message, He doesn’t judge you by how fluently you are able to speak. “You say, `But‚ Lord, I speak with a stammering tongue, with halting speech. I am imperfect, a poor prophet!’—But I look upon your heart. I look upon your desire to please Me. Have I not said that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings I have perfected praise? … Though you say that you are an imperfect vessel and that you cannot translate the words as well as another‚ I look at your heart and I desire to use you, to encourage and enlighten others with My Words through you.”

18. If you don’t seem to be so fluent when giving prophecy, if your delivery is slow and halting‚ don’t worry, you’re in good company. Dad didn’t even feel that he was a great channel, but he faithfully gave what the Lord gave him anyway. (See ML #980:94; #1403:28; #1703:29.) So just be faithful to give the Message the Lord is giving through you, and the Lord will bless you and others through the Words He pours through you.

19. “For even your Father David said many times what an unclear channel he was for My Words to pour through. Even though I poured through him many prophecies, and thousands upon thousands of words, poems, prophecies of the future, yet he esteemed himself a poor channel. Therefore, it matters not what you think of yourself or another. The main thing is to give My Words. … It matters not if it comes out haltingly‚ what matters is that it comes out.—Not that you are any poorer or any better of a vessel, but that you are a vessel is the most important thing, and that you are pouring out.”

20. Remember, even some of the Bible greats didn’t feel they were capable. Look at Moses. He said, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent‚ neither heretofore, nor since Thou hast spoken unto Thy servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.” And the Lord said unto him, “Who hath made man’s mouth? Or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind? Have not I the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say” (Exo.4:10-12).

21. When the Lord told Jeremiah that he was chosen to be a prophet, he objected. “Then said I, Ah, Lord God! Behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. But the Lord said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak. Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Then the Lord put forth His hand, and touched my mouth. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put My Words in thy mouth” (Jer.1:6-9).

22. In both cases, Moses and Jeremiah, the Lord told them that He was the One Who was giving the Message and that it didn’t matter how eloquent they were.

23. When listening to or judging prophecy, “Look not on the outward appearance. Look not at how it is poured forth. Look not at the vessel, but rather look at what it is being filled with. For it matters not if one vessel is smooth and refined, and the other has a chip or is not so pretty; what matters is what is poured forth.” Always remember, the Message is the important matter.

Question 3

24. In some cases people don’t give their prophecies during the public prayer sessions; they give them privately in their rooms. Does it matter if they do this? Should they try to exercise their gift more openly, so they can give public prophecies?

25. Answer: For some people it is very difficult to give prophecies in public, and they feel more comfortable giving them when alone in the privacy of their room, which is preferable to not giving them at all. The most important thing is to receive the Message the Lord is giving, and if someone feels they can only do so in private, then they should. However, one of the main reasons for having the gift of prophecy is to allow the Lord to speak to the whole Home during public prayer times. So those who have the gift and find it difficult to prophesy publicly should ask for prayer to be able to be the Lord’s channel in public.

26. Hearing from the Lord in prophecy, whether in private or public, takes faith. Sometimes during a public prayer and prophecy session the Lord may be trying to give someone a prophecy, but because they have a difficult time giving their prophecies in public, they don’t give it, choosing rather to deliver it later in private. One reason that people hesitate to give their prophecies in public is fear—fear that they will give the first line and nothing else will come; fear that they won’t get everything right or that their prophecy will be unsound in some way; fear that their delivery will be slow and halting; fear of what others will think of them; and fear that they can’t do as well as others.

27. The Lord said‚ “Fear not to speak what I give unto you. But if you cannot give at the time when asked, but can receive from Me better in the privacy of your room where you feel at ease and you have more faith‚ then give. The most important thing is that you give what I give you. For My people must hear the Words that I have for them‚ and I would have them receive it any way I can get it out. So do not feel condemned, but have faith and pour forth My Words.”

28. The Lord is most concerned with getting out His Message, so He encourages you to listen to Him and give what He gives, whether you get it in public or in private. There were a few members of Mama’s Home who did not have the gift of prophecy, but after prayer, received it. They couldn’t bring themselves to prophesy in public at first, so instead they recorded prophecies the Lord gave them in the privacy of their rooms. Later‚ after a period of private “practice,” they gained the faith to prophesy publicly.

29. If you have the gift of prophecy but haven’t exercised it much, perhaps you could “practice” receiving things from the Lord in private. “Try it and see what a blessing it will be. These things, when given, are such a blessing to the hearer. … So do not hesitate to stir yourself up. … Try it in your time with Me alone. Try it in your time with Me on your bed. … See what it can do. See what the little extra effort to draw close to Me will bring you in treasures.”

30. The Lord wants us to learn to use the gift of prophecy‚ if we have it. He said‚ “For it is a growing process, it is a learning process—the School of My Prophets in this Latter Day. … Learning to get it, first of all, is the most important thing. Then, secondly, having the faith to give it is the next most important thing, whether you give privately, or whether you give together. Thirdly, it is important that you give to the Body, that you join with the Body and give together, for in unity there is strength.” The goal of this learning process is to eventually be able to use this precious gift to be a channel for the Lord to speak to the Church.

31. One of the main reasons for the gift of prophecy is for the edification of the Church. In 1 Corinthians 14 Paul said, “He that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.” He also said, “He that prophesieth edifieth the Church.” At times the Lord wants to speak in prophecy to the whole Home together, and for Him to do this‚ it requires that prophecies be given in public.

32. “There is a time that I will pour forth unto you and expect you to give for the edification of the Church. For I wish that as you have united with Me in the privacy of your prayers … that you will likewise blend with the Body in Spirit and unify heart to heart, spirit with spirit. I would that the prophets should speak two or three, and every word be established for the edification of the Body, for instruction, for encouragement, and for the great importance of more unity, and thus more strength.” So if you have the gift of prophecy, it should be used for both public and private edification, though it may take some time for you to have the faith to give them publicly.

33. To those who have a hard time giving prophecy in public‚ the Lord says, “Ask for prayer if you need extra strength and grace and faith to step out. One of My purposes in teaching you to hear from Me is to help you to be more desperate, more humble, and more united. Ask of Me, and I will do it through you.”

34. To those who do give prophecies in public, the Lord warns you not to look down on those who are still learning to do so. “You that are strong in the faith ought not to condemn those that are weak. If you have the faith to step forth and give My Words in public, so be it. But beware lest you look down upon your brother who gives My Words in the privacy of his temple. For what is that to you? It is his walk with Me, not yours. I find great beauty as he seeks Me within his bedroom. I find great beauty as you seek Me publicly.”

35. The Lord wants us to pour out what He gives us and He’s pleased when we do, whether it’s in private or public. He just wants us to give His Message no matter what. “I am well pleased that My prophets are yielding unto Me, and they are growing and becoming stronger and exercising their gifts. I would have you give what you get, wherever you get it. Pour it out! Pour it out to your mate! Pour it out to those around you! Pour it out to your shepherds! Give, and it shall be given unto you. It shall flow out of you. Therefore, bottle not up My Spirit. For this is the time that My Spirit is being poured out upon all flesh. You are the leaders. You are the cutting edge. You are getting the Word fresh, freshly baked from Heaven, specific counsel for today and for tomorrow. Therefore, give! Give, I say! Give unto them, and more shall be given unto you.”

Question 4

36. Is it all right for individuals to receive private prophecies for themselves? Is it okay to get encouragement or comforting words from the Lord privately? Does this include receiving prophecy about important things like major moves or other events in their life? Or in these matters should they pray with others and not rely only on their own channel with the Lord?

37. Answer: It is perfectly acceptable for individuals to pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy on their own. If they receive a prophecy about an important personal matter, they should seek for confirmation by using the other ways to find God’s will, and if they choose, by asking others to pray and hear from the Lord on the matter as well.

38. The Lord most definitely wants to speak personally with us as we spend time alone in communion with Him. He wants us to take advantage of the opportunity He’s given to hear His voice. As Dad taught us, it’s imperative that we learn to hear from God. “The greatest thing we can teach our new disciples and children—and each new generation has to learn it for itself—is to follow God and hear from Him fresh every day” (ML #251:39).

39. If you spend quiet time with Jesus‚ He will speak to you, mostly through His written Word, of course‚ but also through His voice in prophecy. Dad explained in “Stop, Look and Listen” how to get quiet and hear from the Lord: “I love to be alone with the Lord‚ because you can hear God so clearly when you’re alone and quiet. The Lord speaks in a still, small, but very definite‚ very firm, very loving voice—but if you’re too noisy, you’re not going to hear it! … You have to wait awhile and see if He’s going to answer your prayer: stop and be quiet and wait for the answer. … If you really want to hear Him‚ He’ll talk to you. … I get most of my information from the Lord‚ alone in the quiet of the night when everything is absolutely still and it’s completely without distraction. …You can’t just depend on united prayer sessions—sometimes they don’t have’m! You’re going to have to get quiet by yourself somewhere, somehow, sometime, if you’re going to hear from the Lord!” (ML #74:10-12‚ 16).

40. The Lord makes it very clear that He does want us to learn to take this time listening to His voice. “This is something that I would amplify and would broaden, … how much deeper I want My relationship with you to be, and how much I revel in speaking with you, and having you sing to Me, how much I want you to pour out your heart to Me, and likewise let Me edify you and share encouragement with you. … Have I not said to commune with God upon your bed?—To come away with Me into the secret place and into the bedchamber, and whisper the words, as lovers whisper in each other’s ears. For I wish you to be My Bride, and I wish for these intimate times and times of talking with you, and you with Me, to deepen and broaden.”

41. One reason the Lord gave for His wanting us to take this time to hear from Him is so we can learn to hear and recognize His voice, which we will need to be able to do in the future. “There will be times also that there is no one else, and you must learn to rely on hearing from Me. It is a muscle to be exercised. When you are used to exercising it, then at times in the future, when you have no others to confirm My Word with, you will know what it is that I say unto you‚ and that it is I Who say it unto you, and you will have confidence in Me.”

42. One of the seven ways to know God’s will is through direct revelation, so in the seeking of His will for our lives we can use prophecy as well as visions or verses the Lord may give. He is able to be quite specific about matters we pray about and can give very explicit counsel. He gave some Biblical examples: “It is in My power to speak at any time to any one of you. Consider My servant Paul, who prayed, `Whither shall I go?’ And in a vision I said, `Come to Macedonia.’—And he came. Peter prayed upon a rooftop, and as he thought and prayed, I visited him with visions and showed him My will, and he went to Cornelius’ house.” (See Acts Chapters 16 and 10.)

43. When praying about specific matters and asking the Lord to speak to you about them, it is important to remember that before making a final decision you should seek a confirmation through the other ways to find God’s will. If the Lord speaks to you about a matter that concerns others, you should definitely seek further confirmation. “But as for those things that concern more than yourselves, seek counsel; for in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. … Remember that you are not your own. You are all members of the Body, and what affects one, affects all. So if what you ask would affect all‚ then bring the matter to the Body, that My prophets may all hear from Me, that I might confirm the Word.”

44. If the Lord speaks to you about a personal matter which will cause a big change in your life, it is very wise to confirm it through the other ways to know God’s will. Go to the Word, seek the counsel of others and even ask others to pray and hear from the Lord as well. “If the prophecy is true‚ it will bear witness, for Godly counsel has always been one of the ways to find My will. If you still wonder, look to My Word; and if you still wonder, call the elders and let them pray together, and thus I shall confirm what is My will. I will make it clear. I will make it plain.

45. “Prophecy can be matched with prophecy‚ and further counsel sought through further prophecies and further confirmations. For I am trying to show you the good balance of seeking My will through all means to know My will. Yes, there is an emphasis on prophecy, but prophecy is not the all in all. It walks hand in hand as a mate with the other ways to know My will—through My Word, through Godly counselors, through other means, including the faith of the individual. So seek a good, Godly balance, and seek not to make decisions quickly, for time is the great tester as well. My Word shall be confirmed in the mouth of two or more witnesses, and established through other ways to know My will.”

46. Besides seeking confirmation on important matters that the Lord speaks to you about‚ such as changing Homes or ministries, you must also remember to work out the details of such a change in a loving manner. Sometimes the fulfillment of such a prophecy may take some time. Just because the Lord shows you something doesn’t mean that He necessarily means for it to happen today. Be patient, be yielded, and work in harmony with others to bring about what the Lord has shown you.

47. “Whatever is My will, trust with your heart in Me, and I will bring it to pass. I will bless your obedience‚ your yieldedness, your willingness to keep the unity of the Spirit‚ your unity with the brethren.” The Lord gave the example of Abraham and others who had received promises from God in prophecy. “How many years they had to patiently wait for the fulfillment of those promises! How many times they had to face daily disappointments in not seeing the things that I told them immediately fulfilled! But in your patience possess ye your souls.”

48. If the Lord shows you something in a personal prophecy or through some other revelation‚ and you feel led to share it with others, it is important to do so in love and humility. “I expect you to convey that Message in My Spirit, and in the Spirit of My Love, and in the Spirit of My humility, trusting and being yielded, waiting upon Me to perform it.”

49. Also remember that the Lord doesn’t only speak about specific matters. If in your communion with the Lord you will stop and let Him speak to you, He will often speak words of personal encouragement‚ comfort and love. He doesn’t only speak through prophecy, either. He may just speak to your heart. He may give a needed verse or a vision. He may speak through the voice of His Word as you read a Letter or a Bible chapter that He’s led you to. He may speak through the voice of another, such as your shepherds, mate or friend. But to hear Him, and to really get what He’s saying to you, you must stop, look and listen.

Question 5

50. If we freely open the door to everyone prophesying, aren’t there going to be a lot of people getting tripped off?

51. Answer: Some people probably will get a bit tripped off in their use of prophecy, but that is no reason to restrict its usage. Instead, we each need to do all we can to follow the guidelines closely, and also learn how to judge our own and others’ prophecies. We should be on guard against potential problems and use the safeguards the Lord has given, and in doing so, be free to use this wonderful gift to its fullest.

52. The Lord has given us, His children, a great and wonderful gift that He wants us to use to find answers to our questions, and for direction, encouragement, comfort and edification. He wants us to use this gift freely and without fear. “Oh My foolish children, why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith for that which I do give unto you so freely? Have I not written in My Book, covet to prophesy and desire spiritual gifts? Forbid not prophesying. Despise it not. Quench not the Spirit. Let it flow! Rejoice and be exceeding glad!” (1Cor.12:31,14:39; 1Thes.5:19,20).

53. Although it is possible that some people may get a bit tripped off in their use of prophecy‚ there are a lot of other things that Family members partake of that are much more dangerous. “You are tripped off in many things! You watch television and lust after things of the world. You get tripped off in many other ways which are more dangerous for you and for your spirit. … There is much less danger in your seeking Me!”

54. The Lord wants us to use His gift and not to hold back. “Have I not encouraged you and poured this gift upon you freely‚ that all might benefit? … Freely you have received, so freely give that which you receive. Freely I have given unto you, and as good delivery boys and girls, you must deliver that which has been delivered unto you. … Break that box and let it roll! Rolled Gold!—My Word that I long to give unto My children, that I want them to partake of! Fear not, for this is a good gift! This is a beautiful gift! This is a valuable gift, and I am happy to give it unto you. So revel in it! Delight in it! Dig your hands through the piles of coins‚ and giggle and laugh and be so happy‚ for it is for you that I have done this, to show My Love unto you.”

55. As with all freedom of the Spirit, there will be some who won’t always use it wisely or lovingly, but that’s not a good enough reason to withhold it. We simply need to learn how to use it properly. “Yes, there will be accidents. Yes‚ there will be running when there should be walking. Yes‚ there will be tumbles and falls and bonks‚ but these are part of the learning process. I am thankful for this gift being set free. I am thankful, and I will rejoice as I watch each of you practice and take part in this new gift, this free gift that I am giving unto you.”

56. Of course, the Enemy will be looking for those whom he can get off the track‚ so the Lord gave some things to be on guard against: “Be not unaware of the Devil’s devices, for he knows that I have given unto you a great and wonderful gift. He will try to hinder and hurt and get you tripped off. Therefore beware of pride, particularly spiritual pride. Try the spirits. Take time to observe and interpret the different things that are given unto you, to see if these things be so. Beware of the Enemy, for he walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Therefore be not shallow, but prayerful, and avail yourselves of all these safeguards of the Spirit which I have given unto you, and you shall be blessed.” If we are prayerful in the use of prophecy, if we wisely judge and interpret our prophecies, it will act as a safeguard against any misuse of the gift.

57. Although there may be some potential problems with the use of prophecy, the Lord doesn’t want the fear of those problems to stop us from using it. He wants us to use it abundantly, but also to learn to use it properly. “I would have them learn to love, to laugh, to play, to splash about, to enjoy My deep and abiding waters to swim in. Is not the danger the fear? Is not the danger the inexperience? In teaching your own children to swim, is not the main thing to overcome their fear of the water, their lack of experience with it? Yet you still teach them to swim. Teach them not to fear. Give them the tools to handle it safely, and exercise great diligence and great care and great watchfulness over them. Teach them the rules, teach them and train them and discipline them diligently‚ that they do not break the rules, and that they do not hurt themselves through disobedience. This is My gift of Love! Bring them all to the swimming pool and let them all enjoy it, according to their faith‚ according to their experience. There is danger, yes‚ but only in this inexperience‚ in this fear, and in this lack of watchfulness.”

58. As you can see, it is important to learn to use the gift of prophecy correctly‚ so that we won’t have to fear that we or others are going to be led astray or get tripped off. Besides thoroughly studying this series of questions and answers, there are a number of wonderful Letters on the subject, such as: “Faith” (ML #73), “Stop! Look! Listen!” (ML #74)‚ “The Key of David” (ML #78), “Despise Not Prophesying” (ML #244), “Temple Prophecy” (ML #9)‚ “God’s Gifts” (ML #1741, GN Book 20), “Prophecies!—How They Come” (ML #1742), “Prophecy Lessons” (ML #1743), “False Prophecies!” (ML #1744), and “Mama’s Love Story, Part 4” (ML #2995, GN 638). For a full and feeding study on this subject, we recommend you read the full Letters instead of the Daily Bread condensations.

59. Another point which the Lord brought out when we asked Him this question is that as people learn to prophesy, there will be those that enjoy using the gift more than others. People enjoy different things and people have different gifts and talents, so if someone is eager to use their gift to hear from the Lord in prophecy, it doesn’t mean that they are tripped off. If their prophecies are judged to be of the Lord and they bear good fruit, and if the person doesn’t get lifted up in pride, then they should not be discouraged from using their gift.

Question 6

60. Are visions less important than direct prophecy? People generally give their visions at the end of the prophecy session. Is that right to do? And if so, does that give less weight to visions than to the actual prophecies?

61. Answer: Like prophecy, visions are a way in which the Lord chooses to give messages to some people. The message is what’s important, not the manner in which it is delivered. Therefore, visions are no less important than prophecy. In public prophecy meetings, visions are generally, though not always‚ given after all the prophecies in order to allow those who are giving prophecy to receive their prophecies with the least amount of distraction.

62. The Lord speaks to us in many ways, and each way He speaks is important, because He is conveying His Message to us. God sometimes speaks through visions—still or moving pictures that He places in our mind’s eye as we pray. These pictures help to visualize the Message the Lord is giving, which can shed additional light on the topic He is speaking about, and make it easier to understand and remember. Because of this, visions play a very important role in hearing from the Lord, especially in group prayer and prophecy sessions.

63. “For consider how an artist works. He has many different mediums to work in. This is how I work. I have many mediums by which to portray My Message. The Message is the same; the medium varies. The Message is the important thing. The medium depicts and portrays the Message in a different way to attract the attention of the onlooker. … Has it not been said that a picture is worth a thousand words? Often, after the words are long forgotten, the picture lingers on. … Each has its place—the words to describe the picture, the picture to describe the words.”

64. The Lord used many different mediums in giving His Message through Dad—prophecy, dreams, spiritual experiences, His still small voice, etc. Dad accepted whatever means the Lord used to deliver the message, including visions. “Did I not give many visions and pictures and dreams unto your prophet David? When he spoke through the gift which I gave unto him, did he not describe many things with word pictures which permanently fixed themselves in your mind? Were they not all tools to describe the Heavenly, or to get across My Message?”

65. In order to further clarify the importance of visions, the Lord added, “Behold the creation of God that is all about you in the world in which you live, and how it is a manifestation of so many spiritual truths. You are living in a vision‚ a vision of My Love and My Love for you. Is that not enough to answer your question on the importance of visions and how they speak of spiritual truths?”

66. Although there is no set form as to when one should describe a vision that they have been given in a public prophecy session, people generally give visions after the Lord is finished speaking in prophecy, even though they may have received the vision during the time when people are prophesying. The telling of the visions at the end of the meeting does not lessen their importance. The main reason for giving them later is to allow those who are prophesying to receive their prophecies with as little distraction as possible. When people describe their visions and then add their interpretation of that vision, it can sometimes distract those the Lord wants to speak through in prophecy‚ and keep them from receiving the prophecy.

67. The Lord described the receiving of visions as capturing His water in a cup. “For My Words are like a babbling brook of clear waters, and some capture it in a cup and keep it till later. The water that is captured in a cup can wait. It can wait because it is captured in a moment, but the water that is poured forth has to keep pouring or you will lose it.” Usually when one receives a vision, they can easily remember it until the end of the prophecy session. However‚ giving a prophecy is different in that generally you only receive the first part of it and must then speak it out in order to get more‚ so it is like the water that you have to “keep pouring or you will lose it.” For this reason, people generally wait until the prophecies are finished before describing their vision.

68. The Lord confirmed that this was a good way to do it, though it doesn’t always have to be done this way. Sometimes He may want you to do it in a different manner‚ as there are times when someone gives a vision which then leads into a prophecy. Each situation is different and He wants us to operate in a way that is comfortable for us, providing it doesn’t cause confusion during a prophecy session. “Let Me speak through the prophets. Let My Words flow through those that are speaking, then afterwards give your words … to describe those things that you see I have given you. Then all things shall be done decently and in order. … I would that you be comfortable. Only seek not that the Spirit be quenched through disorganization‚ through confusion; but as you are comfortable, let these things be done. For I refuse to be poured into a mold. Though you have a form in which you are comfortable today, fear not to change your mode of operation. For as time goes on and as you gain experience, you shall have more confidence to do things in other ways.”

69. We are just learning how to use these methods of hearing from the Lord more abundantly in our daily lives. In the past we have used these gifts sparingly‚ but the Lord is beginning to change that. From the sound of things, there is much more to come! “There are so many things that you will yet do through the gifts of prophecy and visions and tongues and interpretation and knowledge and miracles—things which you know not of yet, but I will loose them in you as you gain experience and grow up into Me in all things. … Therefore, be open for My leadings. Do not establish such a fixed order of things that you cannot change things when My leadings would say to do otherwise.”

Question 7

70. In prayer, either privately or publicly, some people receive Bible verses or MO quotes instead of prophecies. Are these verses as important as receiving prophecies?

71. Answer: No matter how the Lord speaks to you, it is important, because He’s giving His Message through you. The Lord can use verses either to give His full Message, or as an addition to prophecy, or as a confirmation of His will. If you receive verses but not prophecies, you should not look down on it, thinking that what He’s telling you isn’t as important. You should instead rejoice that the Lord is speaking to you.

72. As with the receiving of prophecies or visions‚ receiving verses is a manner in which the Lord speaks. The most important thing is the Message, not the way in which it is received. The Lord said that often He will give a verse that will be the key to unlock His treasures. “For My verses are often the key that unlocks the door to the treasure chest, to the big vault of My Word. … So be not afraid to give it, for it is often the key that unlocks the door.” He also said that verses are a needed and important addition to prophecy. “It is the beautiful adornment on the garment of prophecy. It is not to be despised. Each part of the garment has a purpose in making the full garment beautiful and radiant, so despise not the day of small things. It may look small to you, but it is great in My eyes.”

73. Besides sometimes being a key or an addition, verses also can be a confirmation of what the Lord has said. We should not think that receiving verses is unimportant, as all the Word, old and new, can be used for whatever purpose the Lord chooses. “My Word which I have given of old through My prophets and men who have followed Me, was it not new in their day? And yet it has been proven and tried through the test of time. Even so now, as I give it, at times it shall be a key to unlock the door. At times it shall be a garnish to embellish and to beautify that which others have given. At other times it shall be an echo and a confirmation to fulfill that which I have spoken in My Word. … Therefore, despise not these things, nor consider them to be little, paltry, humble things. All these things will work together. My Word, new and old, shall be for your profiting and for your benefit and for your use. … Therefore, if any man has a verse or a psalm, let him speak it in the power which I would give, for the Word which I speak unto you, it is Spirit and it is life, whether it be new and fresh, or old and vintage. Each has its place.”

74. The Lord gave a word picture about cooking a meal and how even one ingredient can make such a difference. Even so, one verse can add a special dimension that completes the Message the Lord is giving. “Behold the recipe that calls for but one bay leaf. If I did not feel that it was needed, I would not have put it in the recipe. But that one bay leaf must be added, and then it is complete. Despise not the day of small things, for all elements are important to the recipe—the great chunks of meat‚ and even the one bay leaf. Therefore despise not My Word in whatever form I may give it‚ for I have exalted My Word above My Name.”

75. No matter how the Lord gives His Message—whether through prophecy‚ visions, verses, or reading His written Word—the important thing is to receive it and believe it by faith. We need to be open to His voice in all of its forms and ready to believe what He gives. “It is the Word, mixed with faith, that brings forth the fruit whereunto I have sent it. Therefore think not in what shape, fashion or form My Word is given. … Receive My Spirit. Receive My Word. Receive all that I have to give you through My Word—My written Word, My spoken Word, My Word pictures, My pictures in words. … Rejoice and be glad that I give My Word to you!”

Question 8

76. Is it okay to ask the Lord for specific names and places in prayer? For example‚ can you ask the Lord for the name of a city that you should witness in, or the name of someone you are supposed to witness to?

77. Answer: Yes, you can ask the Lord for specifics. You should be specific in your prayers so that He can be specific in His answers. The Lord spoke specifically to His children all throughout the Bible, and there is no reason why He can’t do so today as well. Sometimes when we ask for specifics He may not answer, but we should not feel bad about it nor let it keep us from asking other specific questions.

78. The Lord wants us to be specific in our prayers to Him so that He can be specific in His answers. If we need a specific answer, He is more than able to give one. “When you pray unto Me and you seek specifically for an answer‚ I will not fail you, I will answer you. … I delight to give you all that you need. If you need it‚ call unto Me, and I will show you great and mighty things. It shall be a wellspring springing forth with great water, causing you to bear much fruit for My Kingdom.”

79. He reminded us that He was quite specific with His children in the past. “For consider Adam in the garden. Did I not teach him general guidelines for the care of My creation? Yet each individual plant‚ each individual animal had specific needs that needed individual care which was diverse from the others. I taught him and I led him in great detail that he might know all he had need of. … Consider how great an outpouring of My specifics I did give My children from the very beginning, to teach and instruct them.”

80. The Lord was very specific with Noah when He revealed how to make the ark and how many of each kind of animal to take on board. He was quite specific with Moses when He gave the Ten Commandments and the rest of the Law, as well as when He told Moses what to say to Pharaoh. He told Joshua, David and others exactly how to fight certain battles. So it is not strange for the Lord to give specific answers. In fact, He wants to give us explicit instructions just like He did for His children in the Old and New Testaments.

81. “Be very definite with Me, and I will give you what you ask for. I led My children through the wilderness. I instructed them, and I kept them as the apple of My eye. I love it when you are specific with Me, and I love to be specific with you. It is not My desire to be unclear, but to clearly lead and guide My children in love and in diligence and in an orderly fashion. … Call unto Me, and I have promised that I will answer. Just as I have led many saints of old by specific direction, that they should be led to go to this battle, or led to go this way in the wilderness, or led to climb this mountain, and go through this path, or to this city, or to speak to this man as I led Paul, so I can lead you. For I speak to you in a vision, or in a dream, or by the voice of My Word. I have many ways to speak unto you and to confirm My will with signs following. So be not afraid to ask, for I love to answer and I love to lead you about with My comforting Holy Spirit that promises to lead and guide you into all truth.”

82. It takes faith to ask the Lord specific questions and to speak the answers He gives. But if you do‚ He will answer and bless you. “According to your faith let it be done unto you. For as you ask specifically, I am able to answer specifically. As for names, dates and places, did I not tell the centurion the name of the person to seek, the place and the date? (Cornelius in Acts 10.) Did I not tell Paul the name of the man who would heal him? (Acts 9). And I took Philip to the right place at the specific, precise time (Acts 8). … I am not only capable, but more than willing to answer your questions—even more specifically than you expect. For I am able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think, to give names, dates and places. Only be prepared to hear My voice.”

83. The Lord wants us to ask Him specifics rather than leaning to our own understanding. “It is your part to be on My little dog trail, to be following Me closely, to be following Me step by step, so that I may give you these specifics. For if you are leaning to your own understanding, or following your own desires, and not seeking Me to confirm and to perfect, and therefore off on the wrong tangent, your antenna will not be turned towards Me; you will not be able to hear the specifics. So I ask you to stay close to Me, and to follow Me closely step by step.”

84. Of course, sometimes the Lord may choose not to be as specific as you might wish. When this happens He has His reasons for doing so, and you should not feel bad about it. “There will be times when you ask Me for specifics, though, and I will hold back and lead you through another path. This does not mean that you are on the wrong track. This means that I have something to show you that you are not yet able to bear‚ that I must lead you step by step to bring you unto this final destination in My way. Whereas if I had told you the specifics in the beginning‚ you would have arrived there in the wrong manner. So do not feel frustrated nor condemned if you ask for specifics and I give them not. Do not condemn your brother if you ask for specifics and receive them‚ and he asks for specifics and receives them not. For I am working in your hearts‚ in your different situations, in different manners, for different results.”

Question 9

85. It’s pretty hard to contradict a prophecy. What do I do if someone gives me a prophecy which directs me to do something that I don’t want to do or I’m not yet convinced is God’s will?

86. Answer: Before implementing the directions of a prophecy received by you or given to you through someone else, you must be convinced that it is the Lord’s will for you to do so. The way to find this out is to test the prophecy against the other ways to know God’s will. You should not let someone pressure you or coerce you through prophecy, or any other means, into doing something which you are not convinced is the Lord’s will.

87. The Lord has set up a check and balance system in regards to knowing His will. He has given more than one way to find His will‚ and when He shows His will‚ He confirms it through the other ways. If the Lord speaks about a matter, He will confirm it through other means‚ such as through the mouths of other prophets, through open doors, burdens, Godly counsel, etc. “As silver in the refining fire, test the Words of God. The Word of God can stand the test. The Word of God can take the heat. The Word of God will stand. If it be a true prophecy, it will stand and nothing can stand against it. But if it be a false prophecy, it will come to naught.”

88. If someone gives a prophecy that affects you personally, you are not under obligation to obey it. You should be convinced in your own heart that it is of the Lord before following it. You should have peace and assurance that it is the Lord; if you don’t, don’t implement it until you do.

89. “When one is confronted with a prophecy and they say, `Thus saith the Lord,’ test it. If it is of Me, there will be signs following. It will be confirmed. It will be confirmed in your own heart, and you will feel the full assurance of God. But if it be not of Me, it shall not come with My blessing. It will not come with the full reassurance of God. It will not fill your life with the gifts of the Spirit, the peace, the love, the understanding, the tranquillity that comes in knowing that this is My will. You will not have that blessing, that comfort, that assurance. You will have confusion and doubt. You will have uncertainty, you will feel intimidated, you will feel pressured, you will feel made to do something against your will. If this exists, then keep testing the prophecy. Be as Gideon. He did not accept My first sign. Test the Word of God! I can take it! Test Me, and it will come to pass, I assure you, if it is My Word. If it is real‚ it will come with signs following and assurances from My Spirit. And if it be not of Me, it will come to naught.”

90. In situations where you are praying about important matters that seriously affect your life or the lives of others, it’s best to either pray with others initially or at least have others hear from the Lord on the matter as well. “Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. In the multitude of counselors there is safety, and purposes are established. Seek counsel in prophecy, seek Me as a team, for it is safer in a team than as individuals, and My Word will be confirmed in the mouth of two or three witnesses.”

91. It’s also very important to strongly guard against prophesying in your own spirit the things that are in your heart. For example, maybe you have a real burden to do a certain thing and you ask the Lord to speak to you about it. He may speak and tell you it is His will, and it may very well be; however, in some cases it’s possible for your own spirit to muddy the waters through your strong desires. This is why it’s so important to receive further confirmations rather than just go on the one prophecy you personally receive. “Be not filled with false confidence, for the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. If you have received something that you believe is from Me, do you not want to test it and to know whether these things be so?” Be sure to test the prophecy through other prophets or the other ways to know God’s will.

92. It’s especially important that you don’t use prophecies that you have received to try to convince or coerce others to do something that they do not wish to do. “See that you use it not to impose your will upon another. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

93. You should pray about important matters, especially such things as if you should marry a certain person that you have a burden for. However, you should not use these prophecies to convince the person to marry you. If it’s truly the Lord’s will, then He will usually speak to the other person in such a way as to give him or her the burden or the faith for it as well. In such a case, you would probably want to ask if he or she wants to marry you without mentioning the prophecy, as if you do, it might cause them to feel pressured. The Lord may have used the prophecy to give you the faith to ask, but He may want to show the other person that it is His will in some other way. If they agree to marry you, you would probably want to share the prophecy with them as a confirmation.

Question 10

94. If prophecies conflict with the burden that I feel in my heart, or Godly counsel, or fleeces, or open doors, which should I follow?

95. Answer: When a prophecy, or any of the ways to know God’s will, conflicts with the other ways to find God’s will, you should further seek the Lord about the matter. A prophecy may conflict because the Lord is trying to show you something completely new, something you may have never thought about before; in which case, after He shows you, He will probably confirm it through other prophecies and through the other ways to find His will. The most important factor in trying to find the Lord’s will is to fully desire His will above your own.

96. Generally the various ways to know the will of God will confirm one another‚ so that a prophecy would be confirmed by burdens‚ open doors‚ Godly counsel‚ etc. There are times, however, when a prophecy might be given which leads in a direction that is different than your burdens or the doors that are open‚ etc. In such a case‚ it is very important to seek the Lord further about the matter. “When there is a contradiction between your burdens, between appearances, between counsel, … you should take this as a red light. You should take this as a time to stop, to pray further, to counsel, to seek Me more diligently, to go deeper into the question.”

97. When this happens, it could be that the Lord is trying to show you something that is brand new, something you haven’t thought of before, and might not have thought of unless He had revealed it to you in prophecy. You may not have had a prior burden for what the Lord has just shown you through prophecy because you never thought of it before. Your Godly counselors may not have thought of it either. So if the Lord reveals such a matter in prophecy, you should definitely pray more about it and seek further confirmation.

98. “If your word of prophecy brings forth a different answer‚ a different path, a new direction, then seek Me diligently, for I may be revealing unto you a whole new situation, a whole new set of circumstances that you may have overlooked in your zeal and your passion, in your desire, and even in your burdens. Therefore consider diligently and prayerfully all the steps that I have laid down in knowing My will. Cast not aside these steps, for they truly are still important in My eyes. But if My word of prophecy reveals a new direction, seek Me diligently and be renewed, and be yielded‚ and seek further confirmation. Bring your petitions to other prophets to confirm, to establish and cement My will and My answers to your questions.”

99. Throughout the years we have tended to lean more on burdens, open and closed doors, and Godly counsel for decision-making. The Lord, however, is now trying to get us to use direct revelation more, through prophecy. This does not take away from the other means to find the Lord’s will, but it does put more of an emphasis on using prophecy. “You have sought Me in times past in many different ways. I do not want you to forsake these ways, but I do say that I hold out to you the gift … of My Words that will pour through you. Though I do not want you to forsake these other means, I would rather that you become more dependent on the gift of prophecy, because I can speak clearly, so easily. I can address so many issues, I can cover so many topics. As you grow and exercise this gift, you will see how I can use it, first as a supplement to the many other ways to know My will, and then as a very important one, without which you would not proceed on major undertakings. For I, the good Shepherd‚ will not lead you astray, and you can trust Me to speak through My prophets, through those who are tried and proven, and those whose prophecy you test and discern amongst yourselves.”

100. The Lord is saying that as we grow in its use, we will have more faith to use prophecy in finding His will. He wants us to exercise this gift‚ to become more proficient in its use, so He can make matters clear to us when He speaks in prophecy. If used properly, it can help to bypass some of our own thoughts and feelings which might tend to color our burdens or our counsel together‚ especially if it’s something we feel strongly about.

101. “For behold, when the Apostle Paul had his overriding burden to go to Jerusalem. My prophet warned him with true prophecy of the consequences‚ and yet he went ahead and the prophecy was fulfilled. (See Acts 21:10-14.) I give this as an example of one who followed his own burdens in spite of My warnings, to show where it leads. If the prophecy is a true prophecy, if it is truly Me speaking, and through Godly counsel you judge rightly the interpretation‚ and you weigh the spirits, and you find out that it is Me speaking‚ then why would you not obey My voice? It is often hard for those enveloped in a situation to distinguish their own burdens and counsel from My ways.”

102. Of course, one can be so full of their own desires that it can color their prophecy as well, which is why we need to come before the Lord in yieldedness, seeking His will and not our own. “Yieldedness is what I require. For have I not said that the first requirement in finding My will is having none of your own?—Having no will of your own‚ having surrendered it upon the altar of My will. Then you shall truly find My way. You shall truly find My will.”

Question 11

103. We have confidence that the prophecies that come out in the GNs are the voice of the Lord. But as Home members on the field, it is harder to be sure that the things that we get in our Homes are really the Lord’s voice. Should we place the same weight on these prophecies as we do on those in the GNs?

104. Answer: The Lord has given Mama and me the job of feeding the Family, and for that reason He speaks to us in prophecy about “deep and weighty matters” of the Spirit. Your job is different, therefore it isn’t necessary for the Lord to speak to you about the same things. However, He speaks to the prophets in your Home and tells you the things you need to know for your Home. When He does, it’s His voice just as much as when He speaks to us.

105. The Lord speaks to us and tells us things according to the need. Those whose job it is to feed the Family, like Mama and I, have a greater need to hear from the Lord in greater detail and depth than a member of a Home. But this doesn’t mean that what you receive is any less from the Lord. Even though the Lord may not show you the same type of things He will show Mama and me or others in top leadership, He still tells you the things that you need to know for your situation.

106. “If it is a daily matter that you need an answer to, you must pray and have faith. But I will answer you as clearly and with as much intensity and as much heart and as much love and as much direction as I would for other matters which to you may appear greater. Consider this: Will you answer your younger child with less love and less concern and less intensity and care than you would your 18-year-old? Their concerns and their questions may be different, but your love, your care and your desire to please them is the same.”

107. Even though the Lord may speak to those of us whose job it is to lead the Family in a somewhat different manner, it doesn’t detract from the fact that there are many in the Family who have the gift of prophecy, through whom the Lord speaks. We are all needed and we are all part of the Body of Christ.

108. “Have I not called some babes and others novices and others elders and presbyters? And yet‚ have I not likened all of you unto My Body? You are one. You are members, one of another. Therefore the head cannot say unto the foot, I have no need of you. Yet, I have in My wisdom placed certain members of the Body in prominence. … For behold, there are babes among you, those who lack experience, and yet if they have My gifts within them, are they not also prophets? Yea, they are prophets, … for each one ministers of the grace which I would supply. … To one I measure out grace for a specific need, and to another I measure out abundant grace for a greater need.”

109. Even though the Lord feeds the Family His Word through Mama and me, you are very precious to the Lord and He speaks to you as well. “Consider your queen and your king: Have they not been exercised with much experience and knowledge, and have they not been brought up by the very David of My Love, My dear Beloved One‚ who has taught them, day in and day out? Has time not been a greater tester for these?

110. “Consider your queen: Behold how she has suffered for you. The great sacrifice which she has laid upon My altar, has that not been a proof of her anointing, of her dedication‚ her loyalty unto Me and to My very voice? For it has been all in all unto her, to hear Me clearly and distinctly. And has not this one whom I have raised up to be her king and lover passed through many trials and afflictions? Yet I speak through him with great clarity and beauty, and it is a thing of awe unto you. Therefore rejoice that I have given you these who have hazarded their lives for you‚ and laid down their very lives and security for your benefit. But you are not little in My sight. You are not less unto Me. For in the very littlest things of your day I would seek to speak unto you.

111. “You shall be blessed for that which you receive not only personally‚ individually before Me, but you shall be blessed in your obedience unto your queen and My king and their consorts, by that which they do pass unto you. In great fear and trembling and in weakness do they give unto you the great and wonderful, marvelous and precious jewels which I bequeath unto you. For they tremble at My Word and they revere My Spirit with great awe and wonderment. For they know that they are nothing, and yet I have chosen them.—And you are nothing, yet I choose you. Therefore rejoice and be content with what I give you, and you shall grow up unto Me, even unto maturity and to fullness and to great fruitfulness, if you will live close beside Me and receive and reverence that which I do give unto you.”

112. The Lord gives us His anointing according to the need and according to how He chooses to do so. We should be thankful that He speaks to us, no matter what method He uses, and no matter how much or how little He speaks. “Have I not warned you that it is not wise to compare one to another? Therefore compare not and worry not that that which I would give unto you is not of importance. For it shall apply unto your daily need. It is of great importance unto you. But it will not supersede nor circumvent nor demean that which I give through the mouths of My precious ones whom I have raised up to give unto you nourishment and health and life and strength and direction and brightness.”

113. Each person has their job and the Lord gives them His anointing for it. The Lord may gift Mama and me in our ministry of hearing from Him in order to feed you, but He mightily anoints you in your ministry of reaching the lost. “Behold, I send you forth to preach the Gospel and to heal the sick. This is a high calling that I have given unto you—to preach the Gospel and to shed forth My Love and My light and My Words to the hungry ones. This is My high calling for you, … this great calling of being My witnesses, of being My front-line soldiers. In this ministry I have highly exalted you.

114. “I have given the Worders—My queen and My king and their consorts—the ministry of the Word, and this is their calling.—Their holy calling of looking unto Me and humbling themselves before Me, seeking Me for the Words to feed you. This is their calling and the calling that I have worked in their lives to prepare them for. Seek not to be loosed from the calling which I have given unto you‚ but go forth with glory and great exuberance for the calling whereunto I have called you.

115. “And yes‚ you shall prophesy and you shall hear My Word and you shall hear My voice speaking in your heart and speaking through the Words that I give unto you. These prophecies are to guide you and to encourage you and to uplift you. I seek not only to instruct you for your daily business and your daily walk with Me, but to guide you and encourage you and uplift you with My Love. This is of great importance‚ that you take time to praise and to look and to stop, and to listen to My Words. But your main calling and the preparation that I have given you is to spread forth My Word to the sheep, to be witnessers, to be front-line soldiers, to keep your feet upon the pavement, to spread My Word. This is a very, very high calling for which I am proud of each one of you.”

Hearing from the Lord Step by Step


By PeterCM/FM 31497/97

1. One of the main things that the Lord is trying to teach us in the Family—and it’s perhaps the most important thing that we need to learn today—is to personally hear from the Lord‚ as well as to enact what the Lord shows us to do, not only in the big matters, but also in the little everyday matters. He wants us to involve Him in our daily lives and daily decisions as much as possible. This is a lesson He’s been teaching me and others in WS, a lesson that all of us need.

2. We need to understand very clearly that the Lord wants to speak to us in prophecy, and that He wants to answer our questions—even our everyday questions. He wants us to bring specific questions to Him so we can get specific answers from Him, much more so than most of us have been doing.

3. I usually have prayer and prophecy six mornings a week with Mama‚ so in that sense I’m “forced” to stop and hear from the Lord and to get prophecy every day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m operating in the way the Lord is trying to teach us to operate. I’ve come to recognize that in my personal work, in the letter writing I do‚ the financial decisions, the business matters, and even in the inspirational side of things, I need to bring questions to the Lord and get answers in prophecy much more than I have been. In hearing what the Lord has had to say on this subject, I’m convicted that I haven’t gotten the point before this.

4. The way I’ve operated in my daily work for most of my time in the Family has been to pray desperately and fervently for the Lord to lead and guide and direct me in whatever project is before me. Then I have started to work, knowing that the Lord was answering as I got inspired and things fell into place. I have desperately prayed to begin with and asked the Lord to help me and to lead and guide me. I then went ahead doing what I believed the Lord wanted me to, or I followed the general direction which He showed me, the way He was leading and guiding me.

5. Though this may have been an okay way to operate before, the Lord is now trying to get us to go further by having us bring Him our specific questions and receive His specific answers and counsel in prophecy. He’s trying to get us to bring Him much more into our decision-making process. It doesn’t seem that He’s satisfied any longer with us spending a great deal of time in prayer asking for His help and guidance, but then not taking sufficient time to listen to the specific guidance that He wants to give us in prophecy. I know I’ve been guilty of not listening enough.

6. I would venture to say that very few of us are stopping and actually pulling out our dictaphones and praying and asking the Lord to give us answers on specific questions anywhere near the amount that the Lord seems to want us to. (By the way, when I say “dictaphone” in this Letter, that’s not the only method. You can also write or type your prophecies as they come. The point is simply to record what the Lord says.) I don’t believe that the Lord wants us to go to the extreme and ask Him for a prophecy about every infinitesimal thing, but there are a lot of times when questions come up that we need answers to, or when we’re not sure about what to do, that He wants us to ask Him for His answers.

7. What the Lord is trying to tell us now is that it’s not enough to pray at the beginning, “Lord, help me with this project, I really need Your help‚” and then just go and do it. Even asking people to lay hands on you and pray over you isn’t enough, although it might be a good beginning step. We need to not only hear from Him directly in prophecy at the beginning, but regularly check back with Him as the work progresses. Unless you stop from time to time and ask Him, “Is this the right way, or is there anything You want to tell me particularly about this today?” you can miss so much.

8. In the past, after having initial prayer for the project‚ I would generally carry out the directions the Lord had given without going back to Him in prayer for further directions. Since I knew the general direction He was leading‚ I just went that direction without going back to Him for further confirmations that I was staying on track with the way He wanted things done. I didn’t ask Him specifically what to do about the more minor aspects of the project; I didn’t ask Him if He had a particular way He wanted it done. I basically just found out what the goal was and then went ahead and tried to accomplish that to the best of my ability. I didn’t involve Him in the details of carrying out His will.

9. I have since learned that even after the Lord has initially shown us the way to go on something, He wants us to continue to specifically ask Him if we’re proceeding in the right direction. He wants us to keep the channel open so that He can speak to us in case He has some new information or new direction for us.

10. There are times when the Lord shows you to move in a certain direction toward something, and you begin to do so, but you also need to keep checking back with Him, because sometimes He may want to adjust the course. It’s like being on a ship: You get out to sea, and you know you’re supposed to go west, so you start going west. But then after a while the captain may fine-tune the course so you’re headed a little northwest or a little southwest. But if you don’t go back to the Lord, if you don’t open the channel for Him to speak to you and tell you the course modifications‚ you might miss exactly where He wants you to go. The point that the Lord has kept bringing out is the need for us to not only pray but also to listen.—And to listen to Him on the subject more than once, if we want to get things right. Here’s something He said that clearly makes this point:

A New Kind of Prayerfulness

11. (Jesus speaking: ) A pillar in the principle of hearing from Me and following Me day by day is that you must frequently come back to ask Me and make sure that what you are doing is exactly what I want you to do. This is a principle of the Spirit.

12. You can’t just get the general instruction in the beginning and then go from there without coming back to ask Me again and again if you’re getting it right, to make sure you’re not missing anything. You must realize that I’m not just talking about the spirit of prayerfulness and acknowledging Me, but I’m talking about hearing from Me, My direct Words of instruction in prophecy. That’s the prayerfulness I’m looking for. That’s the kind of seeking Me and following Me step by step that I desire.

13. I want you to not only acknowledge Me and look to Me and read My written Word and pray before you start your work, or before you start your meetings, or as you counsel and make your decisions, but I want you to actually hear from Me and get a confirmation on the direction you’re taking and the decisions you’re making. This is a new kind of prayerfulness, a new kind of seeking Me and following Me step by step. It is much more effective, much safer and much more dependable. (End of message from Jesus.)

14. (Peter: ) The Lord wants us to have this new spirit of prayerfulness and He wants us to listen for His answers. He wants us to come back to Him again and again. He wants to be included not just at the beginning of a project‚ but constantly throughout. That is the kind of prayerfulness He’s looking for today. He wants to be part of our daily lives, our daily decisions. He wants us to look to Him in all of our decision-making.

Leaning on the Lord’s Directions Today, Not Past Experiences

15. I haven’t utilized this new type of prayerfulness, of listening, nearly enough in my life. I’ve had a tendency to lean on my anointing and on my past experiences with Dad. But I’m seeing that even the good ways that Dad taught me in business or in financial management aren’t always the way the Lord wants it done today. I was recently faced with some major questions about some needed changes in our financial giving. My mindset was to base this decision on the way I had always done it when Dad was here. He taught me well, and the way he showed me to handle these financial matters has always worked, so I naturally felt led to continue on in this manner. However, when praying about it and taking time to hear from the Lord, He showed me a different way to do it. After that‚ Dad added a message, part of which I’ll include here for your interest.

16. (Dad speaking:) Well, folks, you know me—I was never afraid to make changes. I was never afraid to do new things in new ways, because I knew the Lord was leading me to do them in that way. That’s how it is with you too; you’ve gotta be willing to change and do things the way the Lord shows you today. You can’t just do them the way I did them, because it’s now a new day, and if I were there I’d be doing them differently too. I’ve always told you that you have to seek the Lord every day and do what the Lord shows you to do today. Don’t go by yesterday’s battle plans, because if you do, all you can fight is yesterday’s battles, and that means you’ll lose today’s battles.

17. So don’t be afraid to move and change. Don’t be afraid to do new things, even things that seem contrary to the way I did them. And even if they are contrary to the way I did them in the past, don’t think that I would’ve stuck to my guns and done’m the past way today and in the future‚ because I was willing to change and to do new things in new situations and new times according to the direction of the Lord.

18. So don’t get too hung up on the way I did things, especially if the Lord’s showing you a new way to do something today. If I were there and He was showing me a new way to do it, then I’d do it the new way and I wouldn’t give a hoot about the way I did it before. You’ve just got to follow the Lord, step by step, day by day.

19. Don’t be hung up on things of the past, because you’re moving on to the future, and you’re heading there at a fairly rapid pace. There’s lots in store for you up ahead; there’s lots comin’ and you’ve got to be ready and prepared for it. So don’t look back—look forward. That doesn’t mean to throw away all the past and forget it completely, because there’s a lot there that’s good for you—good principles, good guidance, the strength of the Word, and all the rest.

20. But you’ve gotta move forward with the Spirit of God. You’ve gotta move forward listening to His voice and following His plan, because He’s the One Who knows where He’s going. He’s the One Who knows what needs to be done. So as you follow along faithfully‚ as you listen, as you cry out to Him, as you do what He says to do, you will be accomplishing His will and you will be swept along in His wake and you’ll move faster and faster toward the goal that He has for you—the goal of His will‚ of reaching the world, of preparing all things so that He can return one day to rescue you all and rapture you into His arms!

21. So don’t be afraid to move ahead. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Don’t be afraid to do new and radical things.—And you are! You are moving ahead, far beyond where I was willing to go when I was with you. You’re willing to do it because the Lord is showing you to do it and He gives you the faith. He gives you the message and the vision‚ and it gives you the faith and the courage to do the job, to consider things like the GPU and going legal in that arena. Boy, I don’t think I would’ve gone for that when I was there! But see, when I was there, it wasn’t the time. But now it is the time.

22. Now’s the time for other changes and other ways to move forward, and the Lord will reveal these to you step by step. You do your part, like He said‚ and He will do His part. And don’t worry about it; go forth in faith. You can do that now because you came to the Lord and He gave you the message, which gives you the vision, which gives you the faith and the courage to do it. So do it! Just do it and you know the Lord will bless. As you do one thing He shows you to do, then He’ll show you the next thing‚ and the next and the next, and on and on as you just keep moving forward, keep progressing, keep marching forward—forward into the future‚ forward into the Millennium, forward into His arms, forward to forever! (End of message from Dad)

23. (Peter:) Now, what Dad said in this message doesn’t mean we should throw away everything that Dad ever taught us, which he confirmed above. It’s just that we have to do like Dad has always said to do: Follow the Spirit of God today, in the same manner that Dad always followed the Spirit of God, no matter where God led. If the Lord showed Dad to change the way he had been doing something before, even if he had been doing it that way for years‚ he didn’t hesitate to go the new direction the Lord was leading him. If Dad had been in the same situation that I was in when faced with these particular financial questions, I believe that Dad probably would have done the same thing that we’re going to do in regards to them, because the Lord would have showed him to do something different than the norm.

24. That’s the whole point the Lord is trying to make: Sometimes He wants to do things different than the way we’ve always done them. And the way He can let us know that He wants us to do something different is if we include Him more in our decision-making.

25. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s quite different when I pray about something and sort of get a leading from the Lord or a word or a verse or a feeling, versus when I do it “officially”—coming before the Lord in prayer, with tape recorder in hand, waiting for the Lord to speak and recording it. When I take the time to pray and ask the Lord to “officially” speak in prophecy, there’s a lot more to the answer—more explanation, more lessons‚ more teaching, and much more spiritual insight that I wouldn’t get if I just prayed in my heart and asked the Lord, “Am I going the right way, am I doing the right thing?” and getting a “Yes, this is the right way,” or something along that line.

26. There’s a big difference. It seems that the Lord is trying to teach us to go to Him more fully on some of these matters in order to get fuller answers, even though we are capable, in many cases, of just getting a simple answer. Even if our feelings or our leadings are right because of the anointing the Lord has given us‚ He may have more to say.

Leaning on the Lord’s Leadings, Not Just Our Anointing

27. We all have our talents and past experience, along with the gifts of the Spirit, which help us to do our particular jobs. We also have our anointing for the work the Lord has given us, which gives us the right leadings in matters. But we can’t lean only on that anointing, nor on our gifts and talents. The Lord is making it clear that He wants us to hear from Him directly and personally so that we can be more certain of things, so that He can give us an even fuller anointing. The following is a very significant prophecy about our anointing:

28. (Jesus speaking: ) I give each person gifts and talents—gifts of My Spirit, gifts of My anointing, talents in the natural. It all comes from Me, for these are the gifts and talents which I have poured upon each one.

29. With each position that people are in, I pour forth My anointing‚ and this allows them to do the job, helps them and gives them the necessary gifts. For without My anointing—the gifts of My Spirit and the spirit helpers that I give to each one—they could not do the job, for they would not have the wisdom nor the understanding nor the depth in spirit that they need. It is My anointing that gives them these things so that they may accomplish the task, so that they may do the job, and so that they may have confidence in doing it, knowing that I have gifted them by My anointing.

30. Though this gift of My anointing and the talents that I have given are from Me, still, you must not depend solely upon them, but you must also look unto My face to receive My direct guidance, so that you know for sure that the ways which you naturally feel about things—natural through My gifts and My anointing—are right. For you cannot depend solely upon these gifts, these anointings, these feelings‚ these natural leadings‚ because there are some things that are much greater than these, which require more than just leaning upon your anointing, gifts and talents. In those times, you must come before Me and seek My wisdom and voice directly.

31. I want you to use the gifts, the talents‚ the anointing that I have poured forth upon you. But you must also come to Me in prayer, listening to My voice and hearing My answers, so that I can confirm that which you feel, or show you new directions in which you may go, or give you answers that you could not have known otherwise.

32. For the anointings that I pour forth are not full and complete in themselves. If I poured full anointings on people, if I gave them all the wisdom that they needed, and all the understanding and all the answers, would they need to look to Me any longer? No. They would lean upon this anointing.

33. For many, their anointing is not that clearly seen in their own hearts and in their own minds because they have become so used to their anointing. They have become used to hearing answers through the anointing, through having the correct feelings and leadings. The anointing becomes one with them, becomes part of them, and it is part of them. So I do not pour the anointing forth in full measure, lest the one who is anointed forget Me.

34. The anointing that I give you is through those spirit helpers who have wisdom and intelligence, and they are there with you constantly, helping you to see things properly. But these spirit helpers are not Me. They are not all-knowing, and thus you must look unto My face and hear My voice. I give you these helpers—this anointing—to make the job easier for you. I have given you these helpers to commune with you, to put thoughts in your mind and in your heart‚ to give you the leanings and the leadings of the Spirit. That’s My anointing.

35. But I do not give you full measure because these that help you are not God, and thus they cannot know everything. They are there to make your job easier—to make it more efficient, and to keep you moving in the right direction, but this does not negate the need to cry out to Me and to hear My voice for those things that you need to know.

36. I give each person gifts and talents, and they can use these, for it makes their work, their life and all that they do easier. But they cannot solely depend upon this anointing. They must look up to Me and receive My Words, My direction and My guidance, so that they may know that what they do is right. Thus they may go forth in full faith‚ for they have sought Me and have heard My voice.

37. They must come before Me in humility, in openness and receptivity, so that if I do have something to say to them‚ or guidance to give them, or a new direction for them to move in, they will be ready and open to receive it. For if they go only by their anointing, they cannot clearly get the new directions that I am leading in‚ and neither can they have full faith for the new directions unless it is confirmed by Me.

38. So you must use it all. You must use the anointing‚ the gifts and the talents. You must also use your direct link with Me and hearing My voice. And you must use your past experience as well—all of this put together.

39. But do not forget that I am the Lord your God. I am the only One Who knows all things. Therefore you must come to Me in faith and in openness, with a receptive heart, to hear what I have to say, so that you are not leaning only upon the gifts and the talents and the anointing, because these are not enough. It requires Me. I round it out and make it full‚ complete and whole.

40. So if you wish to be full and complete and whole in the work that I have given you to do, then you must use all of it—your gifts‚ your talents, your anointing, and My voice. Then will you have great success, then will you operate in the full anointing of God, and then will you accomplish My will in greater ways with greater ease. For you will be operating in the full power and anointing of God. (End of message from Jesus.)

41. (Peter:)So if we want the full anointing, we need to take time to hear from the Lord, to commune with Him, spend time with Him, and check back with Him regularly‚ to make sure that we’re not going by yesterday’s instructions or what “feels” right according to our anointing, but rather by what we know is right according to what the Lord has specifically told us.

42. After listening to the above prophecy, Mama thought it would be helpful to ask the Lord to clarify the difference between the gifts, the talents and the anointing, and the “full anointing.” When we asked the Lord for further insight, He said:

43. (Jesus speaking: ) I give talents to each person that is born, inborn talents, passed on from generation to generation through the genes of their parents. Each man needs these talents in his life as they help to make him what he is. These are natural talents given to all men. There are some to whom I give special gifts, those whom I have chosen for special tasks, special discoveries, special uses, great things that they need to do. I give unto these special gifts.

44. To those that are My children of faith do I pour forth the gifts of My Spirit. And when I give My children a job to do, I also give them a gift of My anointing.

45. The talents are those things that are passed on in the natural, by the miracle-working power of My creation. The gifts of My Spirit are those gifts that I give to My children who call out to Me and claim these gifts—gifts of wisdom and knowledge, of discernment, of miracles, of healing, of tongues, of prophecy; gifts of love, of soothing hands and comforting hearts, of sacrificial love. These are gifts of My Spirit that I give to My children.

46. The gift of My anointing is the gift of those spirit helpers who have gone on before you, who have done these jobs, and thus can give you wise counsel. The gifts of My Spirit are also spirit helpers that help you in the exercising of the gifts that I have poured forth unto you.

47. The gift of My anointing changes depending on the work that you do. If you are doing one job, then I can pour forth this anointing through the spirit helpers who help you in this job. But when you change from this job to the next job—a different job, a different ministry—then you lose those that anointed you for the first job and you take on new spirit helpers that anoint you in the next job. These helpers are designated and designed to help you do your work‚ your ministry. They are not on permanent assignment to you, but are on temporary assignment to help you in the specific ministry that you work on at this time. Whereas those spirit helpers that are assigned to you as gifts of My Spirit are generally on permanent assignment‚ for these gifts of the Spirit remain with you.

48. When I say that you cannot lean only upon your anointing, I mean that you cannot only listen to these spirit helpers that I have given you, that give you wisdom and counsel in your work. You must also come before Me to hear My voice. These spirit helpers that help you in your work are very gifted and they have a great depth of understanding. If you are attuned to them‚ they become so one with you that they are easily able to put thoughts in your heart and in your mind, so it becomes very natural for you to know what you must do in your work. For you are given the right feelings and good ideas through these spirit helpers, through this anointing.

49. It is easy to become familiar with this anointing, with the receiving of these thoughts and ideas through your spirit helpers‚ and thus it is easy to lean heavily upon this. But it is not enough, for these spirit helpers, these of your anointing, do not know everything. Nor do they always know the direction that I am leading, for they are not privy to all that I know. Thus I put forth the call for you to come unto Me and to seek My voice. Then all of this together—the hearing of My voice, the gift of your anointing, the gifts of the Spirit, and the natural talents—will help you to accomplish My will in new and greater ways.

50. In this manner you will be able to operate in the fullness of God, using all of the gifts I have given you—the natural talents, the gifts of the Spirit, and the gifts of My anointing. All of these together, along with hearing from Me and My voice, allow you to operate in the fullness of God, in full measure, and this I have called the “full anointing.”

51. The fullness of the anointing is being able to use all that I have bestowed upon you, all of the gifts that I have given you, to be able to use them fully. This allows you to operate in the fullness of God, the full anointing of God. So use it all and do not neglect any part. Especially do not neglect hearing My voice, for it is through My voice and through My Word that you get the leading, that you find the direction in which you must go.

52. Without that direction, without that knowledge that you are moving according to My will, you cannot operate in full faith, nor use all of the gifts to their fullest. But when it all works together, when all the gifts and My voice are working together as one, it is as a powerful vehicle in which all parts—the engine‚ the transmission, the drive shaft, the tires, the fuel and the fuel mixture—work in unison. When all of this is finely tuned‚ working in full harmony, the vehicle can move forward with great speed, great power, in great unison‚ going farther and faster than ever before.

53. So use them all, but do not neglect My voice. Do not neglect coming to Me to hear clearly what I say to you. Do not lean solely upon your anointing, your gifts of the Spirit or your talents—for no one of these is enough. You need the full measure, all parts working together, along with My voice, that you may work within the fullness of God. (End of message from Jesus.)

54. (Peter:)To give an example of what the Lord is saying, my work is very different when I’m at home as compared to when I’m out visiting. I have certain gifts of the Spirit and spirit helpers that the Lord has given me which are permanent, like the gift of wisdom. I need it whether I am at home, counseling with Mama and attending to the needs and affairs of the Kingdom, or whether I am out holding meetings and talking with people. Then I have an anointing—other spirit helpers—that help me with my work at home‚ working on the GNs, writing letters, making decisions, etc. When I go out on visitation my anointing changes, and the Lord has told me that He gives me special spirit helpers for that time, which go with me on my trips but are not helping me at home.

55. So the point the Lord is bringing out here is that although He has given us many spirit helpers—both permanent ones, which help us exercisethe gifts of His Spirit, like wisdom‚ knowledge and faith, as well as temporary ones which give us the anointing we need for our present ministries, and which change with our ministries—we cannot depend solely upon this anointing, as it is not enough. We must seek His voice and hear directly from Him in order to receive the full anointing which He wants to give us. When we do this‚ then both our natural talents, the gifts of His Spirit and our anointing for our ministries all work together to complete the full anointing that He has promised and has told us that we need.

56. Dad talks a bit about the anointing in the following prophecy:

57. (Dad speaking: ) Honey, the main thing is that our folks need to get the point that they need to listen to the Lord a lot more. They need to stop and take time with Him. They’re very used to operating in the anointing that He’s given them, and in the past that was okay. Things might not have been done quite as well or as efficiently as they could have been, but the Lord has accomplished His plan in spite of us sometimes messing it up a bit by running ahead or lagging behind, just due to our not seeking Him enough. But so far things have gone well‚ the message has gotten out, and to a certain extent He’s winked at our neglect to ask Him, and has just pulled us through time and again.

58. But now what the Lord is saying is that time is short. It’s not going to be enough anymore for people to lean on what they’ve been used to operating with—the natural talents they have, or even the help and anointing from the spirit world. They’re going to need to get a direct connection with the Lord and be in the habit of going to Him daily, if they’re going to get their signals clear and be able to function and actually make progress in the days ahead. That’s the goal.

59. The Lord has a plan laid out for us‚ His chosen Endtime Church, but the only way we’re going to be able to accomplish it is if each one gets directly connected. And when I say that it’s “the only way,” that’s not just a figure of speech. It is the only way—we literally won’t make it through without it. So that’s the point that needs to come across. The point isn’t just that it will make it easier for you, or that the Lord would enjoy having more fellowship and time with us—although that’s all true too. The point is that it’s going to be imperative to your survival very soon, so you’d better start now! (End of message from Dad)

Peter’s Lessons on Prophecy

60. (Peter:) I’m certainly learning something about prophecy through all of this: I’ve learned how much more I need to stop and pull out the old tape recorder and do what the Lord said above. I need to ask Him things more, as well as confirm the things that I’m doing that He showed me to do.

61. Even if He’s shown me to do something through prophecy, but then the circumstances change or something comes up that serves as a check—like someone raises an objection or another important point of view that we hadn’t considered before—then before I finalize whatever I’m doing‚ before I put into action what He showed me, it’s important that I double-check and confirm that what I plan to do is still His will. (This is especially important in long-term projects where it’s much more likely that circumstances can change considerably between the time you start the project and finish it. That’s why it’s good to hear from the Lord regularly on long-term projects.)

62. Sometimes when Mama and I go back to the Lord in prayer He will give further information‚ instruction or clarification that radically alters the first course of action He had instructed us to take. When this happens, He also usually gives a good explanation as to why the change is needed and why He didn’t or couldn’t show us earlier. At other times when we ask for a confirmation on what He’s previously given us in prophecy, He simply okays our present plans, or slightly adjusts them, or gives us more detail that helps us to fine–tune our plans and make our actions more secure‚ fruitful and prosperous.

63. This does not mean, of course, that you need to pray to confirm everything the Lord gives you in prophecy. For example, if you pray about whether you should go out witnessing or stay home and work on your mail ministry and the Lord indicates that you should go witnessing‚ you wouldn’t usually need to pray again for a confirmation on that decision. But if something comes up that really changes the circumstances—like a huge unexpected storm, or you learn some new information that you couldn’t take into account earlier, like perhaps one of your supporters is coming over to visit—then you might want to pray and ask the Lord again, just as a double–check to see if He wants to adjust your direction a little, or maybe He will lead you in a new path. The point is that we need to stay prayerful and open to the Lord’s checks, and be ready to hear from Him in prophecy not only to receive His initial instruction and leading, but also, if necessary, to get a confirmation on the instruction we received previously.

64. I can think of one time recently when I didn’t go to the Lord to hear from Him in prophecy regarding a course of action I planned to take‚ and I’m afraid it’s going to cost me. I prayed about a matter using my normal mode of operation that I’ve used for as long as I’ve been in the Family—that of praying and getting a leading of the Spirit or a feeling or a verse and then putting it into action without actually hearing clearly in prophecy about the matter. There were some business decisions I had to make, and after praying I felt led to do a certain thing. But I didn’t really stop and ask the Lord for a prophecy about it. After I did it, things didn’t seem to work out so well‚ and I still don’t know if they are going to work out favorably.

65. A few days after I did this, I got some further information in the mail that would have led me to do things differently if I’d had this information earlier. I believe that if I would have stopped to confirm my decision with the Lord, if I would have gotten into “official” mode with my tape recorder, formally asking, “Lord, how do You want me to handle this matter. Is now the time You want me to do it?” I believe the Lord would have told me to wait a while. Had I waited, then things would have worked out much better. I’m still praying that they will work out, but if they don’t‚ then it’s not going to be so good. I feel pretty bad about that, but if it teaches me this lesson, then I would have to say it’s worth it. (Note: Things worked out just fine. Thank the Lord for His mercy!)

66. The Lord is teaching us all something new. He’s taking us to the next step. He’s gotten most of us to be at least fairly comfortable with the basic principle of using prophecy and knowing that He wants to speak to us fresh every day. Now it seems that He is trying to show us that He wants to be even more involved, that He wants us to be even more dependent on Him.

Being More Dependent on the Lord

67. It seems that for us men this point is a bit more difficult to grasp than it is for our women. Women seem to be more naturally inclined to want to ask the Lord and get answers from Him. They are naturally more dependent. It’s more natural for them to feel like they don’t have the answers, or that they have to search for the answers. Whereas we men aren’t that way so much. When something needs to be done, we usually want to do it ourselves rather than lean on others or confess we might need help. We’re used to making decisions, to leaning on our past experience, and God help us, sometimes leaning to our own understanding. It’s just natural for us to be that way. But the Lord is trying to teach us to move out of that and to get more dependent, to get more in the spirit of prayer and “officially” asking Him what to do. The Lord makes this quite clear in the following prophecy:

68. (Jesus speaking:) It is difficult for My great men of valor‚ My mighty men of David, to learn to depend on Me and lean on Me, for they are strong. They are men of faith and strength. They are men of power, men of action. They are used to being strong and steady and courageous. They are used to being the ones who lift up the weaker vessels and provide for them, encouraging and comforting them. They are used to being the father, the shepherd‚ the husband. It is difficult for these, My strong men of faith, to lean wholly and heavily upon Me.

69. It is much easier for the women, the weaker vessels, for they are already weak in the flesh. It is easier for them to feel their need. But My mighty men can more easily learn to depend on Me if they come to Me frequently as My bride and love Me intimately. If they regularly humble themselves by loving Me intimately, showing their passion for Me as My bride, this yieldedness and this lovemaking will create in them humility‚ brokenness and dependence upon Me.

70. This will help their spirits to be more sensitive to Me and it will make it easier for them to humble themselves before Me in their day-to-day lives, in their work‚ in their relations with others and their decisions. This is especially important for those who are strong in themselves, who have many talents, gifts and strengths. If they will come to Me frequently and love Me passionately as My bride, if they will see Me as their husband, as their provider and protector, the intimacy that will develop between us, the womanly qualities of tenderness and weakness‚ will create a greater dependence on Me. The womanly qualities of the bride, those of submission, humility, weakness and dependence, will be more easily manifested in their lives. (End of message from Jesus.)

71. (Peter: ) Lord help us stronger types to learn the lesson of depending more on the Lord, because that is true strength.

Letting Jesus Guide and Shepherd Us

72. Hearing from the Lord and including Him intimately in our daily lives is something we desperately need to learn and to teach others. As Dad said, “The most important thing that we can teach our disciples is to hear from God fresh every day.” You see‚ if we can truly learn to stop, look and listen‚ to bring our questions to the Lord, we will find that it will solve so many problems, because we will then find all the answers that we need for the problems that face us, every time they come up.

73. I’ll give you a practical example: There was a married couple in one of our WS Homes who have a good and loving relationship. They also have rather strong personalities, so sometimes they do not agree on certain matters, which can cause things to be a bit rocky at times. The shepherds of the Home frequently had to mediate between them, which was sometimes difficult and time-consuming. One time the shepherds didn’t have the time to help them, so they suggested that since both partners had the gift of prophecy, they could simply bring the matter to the Lord and let Him solve the problem. They did, and the Lord spoke and gave them counsel which solved this problem! Praise the Lord! Now this couple brings all their differences to the Lord, as it’s proven to be such a wonderful strength to their marriage. This was a practical benefit of coming to the Lord. It benefited both the couple and the shepherds.

74. If you open your channel for the Lord to speak to you, if you ask Him specific questions, or simply ask Him if He has any guidance or direction or even correction, He can shepherd you. And believe me, it’s usually easier to have the Lord speak personally to you about some matter you may need to improve in than it is to have to hear from other people about it.

75. If you make time to “officially” come before the Lord for business or personal matters, He can give you the answers you need. You’ve just got to give Him the opportunity to speak.

Starting with Small Steps in Receiving Prophecy

76. Some of you who either don’t have the gift of prophecy or are not so exercised in your use of prophecy may feel that it will be difficult for you to apply the counsel that the Lord is giving about this. One of our most faithful pubs workers felt this way to some extent‚ and the Lord said the following about him, which should be an encouragement to you as well.

77.(Jesus speaking:) I want to give this one the gift of prophecy and I will give it to him, but I know that he feels very unsure and insecure about stepping out and receiving My messages. He sees the messages that I have given through other channels, and he feels that he isn’t capable of receiving such long, flowing‚ detailed, intricate answers and messages, and is therefore hindered in starting. He is hindered in taking the first step because of fear that he will not receive the rest. But I will fulfill and I will answer and I will use his channel to pour out My answers regarding his work if he will step out by faith and open his channel to Me.

78. He is very used to making prayerful decisions by thinking, praying‚ reasoning, weighing up the pros and cons and balancing the effects, looking for the possible problems or misinterpretations, and basing his decisions on My Word and the wisdom, experience and knowledge I have given him. These things are good, and I use him and lead him to make wise‚ prayerful decisions and come up with good answers.

79. But these same answers that he reasons out with his mind‚ he can bring to Me for final approval and receive My answer in prophecy. It does not have to be a long, flowing, detailed answer, but he can start by simply receiving My approval or disapproval. If he wishes to have a message in prophecy to know My direction, answer and leading, he only needs to ask specifically that I speak to him in prophecy, and then step out by faith to give and record or write down that which I give him. If he starts with small steps, it will give him faith to expect more, and then I will be able to give him more and it will slowly grow into fuller messages.

80. I do want to pour My answers through him. I want him to be able to avail himself of My full power and answers, wisdom and direction through prophecy. It will make his work so much easier, faster, clearer, more efficient, and richer, more satisfying, challenging and exciting if he can come to Me with each question and hear My voice directly through his own channel. And he can, because I will pour it through. If he asks, I will not deny him. I will speak and he will hear and know that it is My voice. (End of message from Jesus)

81.(Peter: ) After this message was given for this person, he got really desperate with the Lord to receive the gift of prophecy, which the Lord has since given him, and which he has been using daily. It has been of great benefit to him and his work, and he says he wonders how he ever did it any other way. Upon receiving this gift of prophecy, our co-worker asked the Lord why he had not been able to have the gift before, since he had repeatedly prayed for it. The Lord answered: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every purpose under Heaven. You were not yet ready for the gift. There was not such a vacuum. Now the ground has been prepared and the seed can be sown.”

82. Those of you who don’t have the gift of prophecy should be encouraged by the prophecy given above. As you can see, the Lord commended our dear pubs worker for the way he made decisions even without the gift of prophecy. The Lord said he made prayerful decisions “by thinking‚ praying, reasoning, weighing up the pros and cons and balancing the effects, looking for the possible problems or misinterpretations, and basing his decisions on My Word and the wisdom, experience and knowledge that I have given him. These things are good, and I use him and lead him to make wise, prayerful decisions and come up with good answers.” Obviously, if you don’t have the gift of prophecy you can still make wise and prayerful decisions.

83. If you don’t have the gift of prophecy, you should, of course‚ pray for it and give the Lord the opportunity to manifest the gift within you, even as the Lord said above, by giving Him the chance to even just give a simple yes or no in confirmation to what you feel you should do. However, if He’s not ready to give it to you yet, please know that you can still start to apply the lessons and counsel in this Letter by praying over all of your decisions, making sure they are Word-based, and by keeping yourself open to the Lord’s checks in the spirit. In other words‚ give Him the opportunity to get through to you in some way. You can also ask others to exercise their gifts and hear from the Lord for you.

“Listening Is Good—But Asking Questions Is Better!”

84. When one of our pubs team was praying about the first Heaven’s Library booklet‚ the Lord gave a very significant prophecy in which He points out how important it is to stop, look, listen and ask.

85. (Jesus speaking:) It’s good to watch and pray. It’s good to seek and listen. Listening for My still, small voice is good, but asking Me questions is better. I can whisper to you all day, but sometimes the noise and confusion of the many activities of the day drowns out My voice. It’s not that you’re not making an effort to listen, and it’s not that you don’t want to hear Me, or that you’re purposely trying to ignore My voice and proceed in your own strength and wisdom; it’s just that you don’t yet dwell in the fifth dimension.

86. So listening is good‚ but asking is better. As you go along and listen and check in with Me, this is good, and I can encourage and confirm. But when you stop all things and ask Me questions, yielding and opening your heart to Me for My direct Words of guidance which could greatly alter your mode of operation‚ then this is better.

87. If you do this at every step, then I can keep you from having to redo your work. I will instruct you step by step. I will not lead you along the path in one direction and then suddenly alter the course, if you have been following Me closely—not only listening, but asking Me.

88. I know that you may think this is hard and is asking a great deal of you, so I will give you an easier way. I say unto you that it is sufficient that you stop and ask Me one simple question: “How am I doing? How are things going with my work, with this project? Is there something I need to stop and check in with You about? Do I need to pause and ask You specific questions concerning the direction of this project‚ my work for You?” Then I can answer, because not only are you stopping to listen, but you are also asking.

89. Sometimes you do not know what to ask, and you groan within yourself when you think of having to set aside priceless hours of work time to seek Me on every little point. You wonder if you will even be able to come up with the right questions to ask Me, or if you will miss or forget or overlook the very question that I wish to speak to you about. So I make it easy.

90. If you stop at regular intervals to ask Me this question‚ then I will gently speak to your heart and say unto you, “Yes‚ I wish to speak to you concerning your work. I wish to instruct you. It is now time to come before Me and to lay your works before My feet and to inquire for My divine instruction.” Or I will encourage your heart that all is going well, and that you may proceed onward. This is not so difficult.

91. The more difficult thing is if you do not stop, and if you then proceed onwards in your tasks without stopping to listen and ask. Then when you are finally brought to a halt, you may have to retrace your former steps, wasting many more priceless hours of work in order to correct and to perform My will just as I would have it performed.

92. So do this, and I will show you how easy it can be. I love you and delight to make things easy for you. You will see that it is not so hard after all, and it will be a lifesaver to you in the long run. Try it! (End of message from Jesus)

An Example of Getting Specific Answers

93. (Peter:) Here are some very helpful tips on how to apply this lesson. We’ve included another prophecy as an example of the type of prophecy the Lord can give when you ask specific questions about your work. Although those who received this prophecy were asking about the Heaven’s Library mags, the principles apply just as much as if you were asking how to proceed in any ministry. Whether it’s baby care, shepherding, provisioning, ministering to a sheep, outreach‚ follow-up, prayer letters, etc., the Lord wants to be involved in everything.

94. (Jesus speaking:) I take you along step by step. Now that you have learned more about how to handle these stories, I can introduce some changes. I couldn’t tell you about these before, or you would have had a hard time with it. But now that you are a little more familiar with the workings and the pipelines I have set up for My Word to flow through, and now that you feel more comfortable coming before Me with your questions, the time has come to open up My plan for the first book more fully.

95. It will be important to hook the kids, all of them, with this first book. You must include stories that will appeal to all the age groups: the young children, the MCs and OCs‚ the JETTs and teens, and yes, even the YAs and SGAs. Everyone will enjoy this book, and all will wait expectantly for the next one. So these are the stories I wish for you to include: For the younger children, you can use “Jet the Puppy.” For the MCs and OCs, you can put in “Peril on Fisherman’s Creek” and “Jamie’s Friends,” and for the JETTs and teens you can include the story of Amaris.

96. Then for book two you will have the parable of the king’s children for the older ones. You can put in “The Adventures of Little White Hawk” for the OCs and MCs. You can put in the stories about the young people in the Tribulation for the JETTs‚ and you can put in the seabed story for the young ones.

97. Once you have finished book one and two, I will show you what to do about book three, for this book is also important‚ and you must start work on it soon. But finish book one first, and you’d better get started on it, for time is ticking. Keep looking to Me now, and I will lead and guide you. Fear not, for I will not lead you astray. (End of message from Jesus.)

98. (Peter:) Isn’t it amazing how the Lord can give such specific answers and such clear explanation? If they hadn’t been able to ask the Lord so specifically in prophecy‚ they might have come pretty close to hitting the mark. But by “officially” asking the Lord and opening the channel for Him to speak‚ He showed them much more specifically and they learned new things in the process. You can do the same if you will stop, look, listen and ask. Try it‚ won’t you?

Spiritual Lovemaking: Burden or Blessing?

99. In this next message from the Lord, He acknowledges that it takes an effort in the spirit, a stirring up on our part, to hear from Him in prophecy. But He then encourages us that it doesn’t have to be a big, long drawn-out deal to receive His messages. We don’t have to “work it up” or exert a lot of effort. We simply have to come to Him in faith, yielded and open to what He has for us, and then He is more than happy to give us His seeds and precious Words.

100. (Jesus speaking: ) It is a spiritual fight, an outpouring of your strength and spirit, to hear from Me in prophecy. I know it is hard because it means that you have to stir yourself up. You have to be desperate in spirit. You have to open up and create a vacuum for My Spirit to flow through. You have to be open and yielded and have a clean channel so that My messages can flow through. All of this takes a stirring up of yourself and your spirit to want to be desperate and connect with Me. That is a fight; that is hard. It is a spiritual battle each time to really cry out to Me, to be desperate and yielded. It takes mental, spiritual and even physical effort on your part. You have to put yourself in a position to receive. You have to be willing to be used. Like Bamboo, you have to be willing to be slit open and lay down so that My waters can rush through to refresh My people.

101. But My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Although it does take effort for you and it is work, it is not as hard as the Enemy wants you to think. He knows it takes effort and that it is a fight in the spirit, so he plays on that and tries to blow it up into a bigger mountain and make you think it’s too hard‚ that it takes too much work. Therefore he tries to persuade you to not hear My voice and not even begin.

102. It’s sort of like the before–battle-blues that any soldier experiences. He wants to fight the battle because he knows it’s necessary, and he’s not lazy or irresponsible, but he still experiences some thoughts of the cost. But the Enemy exaggerates the difficulties and blows things out of proportion in order to stop you and cause you trials. But I have said that My yoke is easy and My burden is light, and so it is.

103. Each time you come to Me with a prayer request and you put yourself in that position to hear from Me, I always speak and I always answer and give you what is needed. All you have to do is come. Just come and open up to Me and ask Me once again to give, and it shall be given. It doesn’t always have to be a big, long drawn–out deal that makes you tired.

104. You don’t always have to feel that you need to spend half an hour priming the pump and praising Me. It can just be a short prayer‚ a sincere prayer, a sincere reaching out to Me. I know the need, I know your heart, and I know that your heart is right with Me, so I do not require a big song and dance each time, where you need to bow and show Me how yielded and desperate you are. I know the state of your heart. Sometimes it takes greater faith on your part to ask Me for an answer on the spot, not having done anything yourself to prepare, except to ask and receive.

105. It’s like lovemaking. Lovers who have been lovers for a long time know each other well, and it’s not always necessary to have a long foreplay each time. Sometimes they just go at it, and it’s still satisfying and fulfilling and the man gives the woman his seeds. So am I with you. We don’t always have to have a long foreplay where you feel you must spend a lot of time praising Me and praying desperately for My answer. I hear and I know your heart and your desire to be desperate and do My will. I know you desperately want My will and not your own.

106. So just come to Me, naked in spirit, with no barriers between us. Ask Me to fuck you with My seeds and fill you with My answers, and I will. I won’t fail. I’m not limited, and I will pour the needed waters of life through your pipe to refresh My people, to supply, to encourage, to direct, to guide, to answer.

107. All is in My hands to give. All is in My power to send. All is within My will to answer according to the need. So ask and receive quickly and fully! You need not struggle and strive and work it up; just open up on the spot, be hungry, excited and desperate, and I will give and give and give again! Just trust and receive, open and believe, and many waters will rush forth. Many waters will pour down abundantly, beyond what you ever imagined! I am ready and willing and waiting to send torrents of living waters through My open, receptive channels.

108. I keep you open, receptive and hungry throughout the day. The things that happen in your daily life—the events, experiences, lessons, tests and trials—are all part of My plan to keep you very close to Me, desperate and needing Me. So you need not feel that it must happen all at once in those few moments before you pray and beseech Me for My voice. It is an ongoing process, a living process, one which you live daily in all that happens in your life.

109. I am constantly keeping you desperate and close to Me. I constantly keep you under the faucet so that My waters can pour into you and overflow the scum and dregs that are not good for you. I keep you refined in the fires of My purgings. I tend to your garden and pull out the weeds. I carefully mold you and guide you and keep you on the right path, walking the way that is needed so that I can continue to use you and pour My messages through you. So do not worry that you must do something in your own strength to work up your desperation or yieldedness right before you pray, because I’m always working in your life to keep you just what I need you to be.

110. Just stay yielded, moldable and willing in your daily life, in your interactions with others, in your Word and prayer time, in everything. This will keep you soft and supple and yielded and desperate in spirit to receive My messages at any time. You do not even have to work at this or try to engineer it, because I take care of it all. All you have to do is yield and be open.

111. Your job is easy. Just like your Father David said: He felt he had the easiest job in the world; all he had to do was listen and hear from Me. It is easy if you let Me pour it through‚ and if you yield your all to Me and receive.

112. Don’t worry! If you worry about it and think about the message and analyze it‚ then it is hard. It becomes very hard because you’re not letting Me do it. You’re trying to do it in your own understanding and looking at it through your own eyes. You must just trust that what I’ve said is true and right and what I know is best. You must not analyze after the message has been received. You must simply praise and rejoice and pass it on. You’re just a pipe, a conduit, a channel, a little duct through which the water flows. When you worry about it, then you block up the flow. You slow down the flow and it gets backed up, and it takes more effort to suck the seeds through the blockage.

113. You have to determine each time you sit down to hear My voice that you’re going to open up wide, very wide, and be full of faith and trust and let Me do whatever I want with you and praise Me for it all. Each time you do this and let Me pour through effortlessly, it cleans your pipe. It washes you cleaner every time. The more you open up and receive in full faith, the cleaner and clearer your channel becomes, because the waters can rush through so fast that they carry everything with it. So keep open, keep clean and keep yielding and praising.

114. It’s not hard to yield; it’s very easy. It’s not hard to be open and desperate; it’s very easy. It just takes faith. And faith is not something you work up and muster up by trying very hard. Faith is very easy too; you just trust. You simply ask and trust and receive what comes with praise and thankfulness, and this keeps your channel open and clear for the next message.

115. Praise is very important and very needed to keep your channel well lubricated and free-flowing. Praise lifts your spirit and fills you with faith. It helps to pull down My seeds, because I love to rush through an open, thankful channel, one who is loving My seeds‚ rejoicing over their entrance and happy for them. So the more you praise and thank Me for it all, the more I pump them into you and the more effortless it becomes.

116. Having a praiseful spirit is what counts. It’s not that you must spend X number of minutes praising Me before a prophecy, but that you are genuinely thankful and express your thanks before, during and after the message is given. It’s not the length of time you spend praising Me that I look at during a prayer and prophecy session, it’s the sincerity of heart. Praise counteracts the fears and worries of the Enemy. That’s why it’s important to praise when receiving a prophecy. And since many people are tempted to worry about what they received from Me after they’re done, praise is important afterwards, too. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prerequisites to Hearing from the Lord

117. (Peter: ) It’s encouraging to see how simply the Lord looks at it, that hearing from Him is not a complicated “works trip” that we’re supposed to get into. As He said, He doesn’t require a big “song and dance” from us. He just wants us to come to Him open and eager to receive, and He will gladly answer our prayer and fill us with His precious Words.

118. All we have to do is be open and desperate with Him. I’m reminded of the points brought out in the FSM (“Tips on Prophecy Meetings—Part 1”) on the spiritual prerequisites that are needed if we want to hear clearly from the Lord. I’ll repeat those here:

119. The most important requirements for hearing from the Lord are simply as follows: receiving the Word with praise and thanksgiving and putting it into practice, both the New Wine and the older vintages; asking the Lord to erase your own thoughts; being desperate with the Lord for His will; being yielded; believing that what you receive is from Him; and having the faith to give it! So if all you can remember are those main points, you’ll do fine!

120. —If you are yielded and desperate to hear His Word, and call out sincerely and ask Him to not let any of your own thoughts get in the way, the Lord will do it. Faith, yieldedness and humility are the keys.

121. —When discussing the matter before prayer to decide exactly what issue you need to hear from Him on, or when formulating the question to ask the Lord, it’s important to keep an open mind and heart. Like Dad has said, “The first requirement for finding God’s will is having no will of your own” (MOP 114:12). One of the most important prerequisites to being a clear channel of the Lord’s Words is to be yielded to whatever He may have to say. He may confirm the burden that He has put in your heart or what He has shown you previously through the other ways to know God’s will. On the other hand, He may show you something completely different than what you previously thought or felt. But either way, you have to be open and yielded in order to get what He has to say (FSM 317, pg.2, 15,16).

122. Even if you have a strong opinion on the subject, if you’ll be desperate to hear the Lord’s answer and opinion‚ resolving to put your own aside‚ then I’m convinced that you can get a pure prophecy. We often have opinions or thoughts on subjects, and you might fear this will color your prophecy. But the Lord has made it so that we can always hear clearly from Him if we’re simply willing to put our own thoughts and opinions aside and only want His will and His opinion. (For more on this point, you might want to read question #11 in “Tips on Prophecy Meetings—Part 1” [FSM 317, pg.15], which covers very good points on how to clear your mind of your own thoughts or opinions.)

123. Another place where the Lord clearly brought out these spiritual prerequisites for hearing from Him can be found in “Mama’s Surprise, Part 2,” where He said, “For one to be able to hear My Words clearly and purely, one must be yielded, desperate‚ and hungry. One must be willing to give what they receive without fear of the consequences. One must have faith to trust Me when they hear My still, small voice speaking in their heart and mind. One must be following close after Me‚ eagerly taking in the hot New Wine of My Spirit. One must be doing his best to leave the old behind and to become a new creature in My hand” (ML #3134:106, GN 743).

Having the Right Mindset About Hearing from the Lord

124. In closing, I want to share an encouraging prophecy in which the Lord makes it clear that He is not asking us to regularly hear from Him this way to complicate our lives, but to simplify things and make our lives and work for Him easier.

125. (Jesus speaking:) Come to Me regularly and I’ll give you all that you need. You can sail along almost effortlessly by comparison and make real good solid progress. And then as you make progress you will be encouraged‚ because nothing succeeds like success. So take the time to hear from Me, because time hearing from Me is like time spent sharpening the scythe. It’s not wasted, it’s invested, and it’s a good investment with good returns. You’ll really strike it rich if you come to Me and invest your time, strength and energy in seeking Me and hearing My voice.

126. And always remember that My purpose in this is to make it easier for you. People need to get over their wrong mindset or their preconceived ideas that hearing from Me is difficult or that it’s a burden, because actually by hearing from Me, I want to and will make your work easier, and things will go more quickly. Plus you’ll have a wonderful peace of mind in knowing that you are doing exactly what I want.

127. Hearing from Me for your work‚ for your priorities and regarding any questions you have is a habit, and you have to develop this good habit just as you have to develop any other good habit. It takes work, it takes reminders, it takes putting forth the effort, but pretty soon it becomes second nature—a whole lot easier. Then you hardly have to think about it anymore.

128. Remember, it takes so little time for such great returns. Even in just five or ten minutes you can get the answers you need and be refreshed, and in the long run you’ll be saving a lot of time.

129. So change your mindset. Instead of thinking that hearing from Me in prophecy takes time, tell yourself continually that hearing from Me in prophecy saves time. You’re making real progress as you’re getting My Words‚ and the more you practice, the easier it will be, at a moment’s notice, to come out of the wings, pick up the dictaphone, and hear My direct Words of encouragement and instruction.

130. To hear from Me in prophecy doesn’t take a lot of preparation; that is‚ not if you’ve been staying close to Me on a regular basis—having your Word time daily, your prayer time, your prayer vigil time, your praise times, your times of loving Me intimately. As long as you’re staying close to Me on a day-to-day basis, then you don’t need a big rigmarole and a lot of preparation for most of your prayer and prophecy sessions. You just need to pick up the dictaphone‚ get quiet‚ pray, and ask Me your questions. It’s just that simple.

131. When you hear from Me each day you’ll find that it renews your spirit‚ strengthens your resolve, and clarifies your vision. It helps you to know what your priorities are‚ and then you don’t have to worry or wonder if you are doing the right thing. You’ll know that you are doing the right thing, because you’ve asked and you’ve received by faith, and you’re just obeying.

132. So take time every day to hear from Me, to get the general counsel and the specific answers I have. Make it a habit to have daily counseling time with Me, daily conversations, daily teamwork meetings—and things will go a lot more smoothly, but especially a lot more quickly.

133. Sometimes the Enemy would try to get you to think that your work is a lot more complicated and time-consuming now that you have to have prayer and prophecy about so many things. But that’s the wrong way to look at it, and when he tempts you to think like that, you need to rebuke it and remind yourself of what I told you—that it’s not more difficult and time–consuming‚ but it’s easier and time-saving. The more you practice it, the more you’ll see it, and the more convinced you will become.

134. You can hear from Me anytime, day or night. Be constantly ready, constantly available. Always keep your channel open and clean and strong by having your faithful Word time, prayer time, praise time‚ and time spent with Me in intimate lovemaking. Then you’ll always be ready, like an athlete or a soldier is always ready because he or she has trained and toned and practiced each day. (End of message from Jesus.)

135. (Peter: ) Folks, the Lord is trying to get us to involve Him much more in our daily decisions. As He says, it will save time, things will go smoother and faster, more will get done, and less mistakes will be made. If we will apply the points the Lord is giving us in this GN‚ we will be able to operate more effectively and efficiently under the “full anointing” of God. With all we need to do to reach the world with His love in the time that remains‚ it would behoove us all to take this to heart and to apply it in our lives starting now. Don’t you agree?

136. Let’s help each other to put these important principles into practice and make hearing from the Lord in prophecy more of a habit in our lives! I want to continue to progress in this area, and I know you do, too! The Lord will help us as we continue to step out by faith and take time to hear from Him as often as we need to. God bless you and keep you in touch with the Lord’s wonderful help from Heaven.

Love, Peter

Endtime Series, The–Part 1

Karen Zerby

By Maria

Maria #508 CM/FM 3263 8/99

Dear Family,

1. I know you’re all interested in the topic of this GN—the Endtime! You’ll be happy to know that in recent months we’ve compiled a long list of Endtime questions, both from you on the field and those in WS, and have brought them before the Lord. He’s poured out such abundant answers that we’re planning to put out a number of GNs on this topic. I’m sure you’ll find this new series featuring Endtime questions answered by the only One Who knows the ­answers—the Lord—to be fascinating.

2. I pray that these answers from the Lord and Dad are a blessing to you, and that they motivate you to keep up the good work of preach­ing the Gospel to every creature and “working the works of Him that sent us while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work” (John 9:4).

Receiving the Word by Faith

3. As we were preparing this GN series, the Lord spoke to us about the need to receive the treasures He gives by faith. He knows that we won’t understand some of them now, but He promises that, “In the days to come, when you need them, then they will be clear—if you have received them in faith and hidden them in your heart.”

4. (Jesus speaking:) My dear children, you have been given much from your Father David. You have received many jewels from the coffers of Heaven since he passed on, through your Queen Maria and her channels. You are above all people on the face of the Earth most richly blessed with the pure truth.

5. This is now a new day. I have many truths which I wish to pour down, many of which you will have to take by faith, because you will not be able to understand them fully. In the days to come, you will understand if you hide them in your heart in faith now. But if you reject anything which you cannot fully understand or com­prehend, you will miss out on much of that which I have to give you—for many things cannot be understood with the mind of man, especially when they are things having to do with the future.

6. Think of My prophets of old who received My Words regarding the days you are living in now. They most certainly did not understand all that they saw or all that I told them. Yet they received it in faith and recorded it for you, knowing that these words were My Words‚ and that it was not their place to understand them, much less judge them.

7. I have many new truths and new revelations to pour out. Many of them will be mysterious now, because you are not yet in the future; you do not yet need them. In the days to come, when you need them, then they will be clear—if you have received them in faith and hidden them in your heart. If you have passed over them‚ or questioned their source‚ or dismissed them because they are not in line with the way you think things should be, then you will miss a lot, and in the days to come, you will not understand nor be aware of what I have told you before.

8. Take heed‚ My loves. This is a new day. I am pouring out many truths of My Spirit, many heavy sayings, and they are not going to be received by all. But you are My Endtime children. I must give them to you so that you can be prepared. I must give them so that you are able to make the choice to receive and believe and be strengthened.

9. I have prepared you for this change. “The Shakeup” and the entering of a new era during the time of the Feast marks a change in the Spirit. My Words will pour forth much more strongly, for they will be aimed at those who desire to receive and believe, not those who push aside what they cannot understand or decide not to agree with. I am now feeding a hungry and busy army preparing for great battle‚ not a cafeteria of weaklings who want to pick and choose. I will feed the Family what I know they need.

10. I ask you now to each personally seek Me and My help to adjust your mindsets‚ to change your attitudes‚ to prepare your hearts to be more accepting and less questioning and skeptical. Put aside the old thoughts and ways you have looked at things, and be prepared for My new revelations, which will thrill you and strengthen you! (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Some Endtime Events and

Timetables Still Remain a Mystery!

11. (Mama:) As the Lord has told us through­out the years, some aspects of the future He has chosen to keep a veil over‚ and has not revealed certain specifics to us, in particular about the Endtime. This is still the case with some of the questions that we brought before Him, which He continues to ask us to trust Him about. He’s promised that He will “reveal His secrets to His servants the prophets” when we need to know, when it’s important. In the meantime, we can be thankful to have received a great deal more insight into the Endtime and what it will be like, what our roles will be, and other clarifications and details about that time period.

12. Regarding the questions that the Lord didn’t answer specifically or definitely, He gave the following messages:

13. (Jesus speaking:) My children, all things are not given you to know now. I lead you along step by step, and I tell you that which is good for you to know. You often would like to know more than is good for you, or you think that it would help you to do a better job or to be more effective. But I know best, and that is not the case. I tell you what you need to know when you need to know it. I know best how to motivate you and to help you to get the job done that I have called you to. So you must simply trust and believe that both what I give and what I withhold is good for you.

14. You may freely ask your questions, and I will speak to you and answer that which you need to know, what you will find useful. As the Time of the End approaches, then I will open up the stores of information and will reveal more to you, as you seek Me, as you ask, as you see the Endtime events unfolding around you. But at this time, there are too many unknown factors‚ and even if I were to tell you in detail how things would unfold or happen, it would be difficult for you to understand it or to comprehend it‚ for many great changes will yet happen in the world‚ all of which will change the world environment and climate, paving the way for the Last Days.

15. Both the physical and moral or spiritual climate will change in these Last Days. At the same time as there is a global warming‚ causing drought, famine, pestilence and plague to spread more widely, there is also a global cooling, as the hearts of many wax cold, and iniquity and godless­ness abound. But fret not yourselves because of these changes. Surely I will reveal My secrets unto My servants the proph­ets—at the time when they need to know them. (End of message from Jesus.)

16. (Jesus speaking: ) My dear brides‚ upon whom I have poured so much truth and so many treasures and secrets of the Kingdom of My Spirit! You are most richly blessed above all on the face of the Earth because of the spiritual wealth you’ve been given. When I see you treasure it and receive it, it inspires Me to give you more and more and more, and so the cycle will continue, as long as you are receiving and drinking it in! I love to give you My seeds, My beauti­ful Bride!

17. I’ve poured out much to you over the last few years, and yet I say that I’m preparing to pour out even more—mysteries of My Spirit, revelations, great quantities of My Words, and the unvarnished “heavy” truth! All of this I long to give you‚ and will begin to give you more and more.

18. I want to prepare your hearts now by telling you that there will be some things that I will pour out that you won’t understand, or that you’ll still have questions about. Some of the truths that I give you will be for you to keep and treasure and hide away for the future, when they will become clear to you. Some will be mysterious, or partly veiled. I tell you this now so that when you come upon questions as you read, you can trust Me, and simply pray and ask Me to speak to you about it. I will either explain it and make it clearer to you, or else I will tell you that it is not yet time for you to know or understand.

19. You must remember that your under­standing of the events of the future, your perception of My Kingdom, your knowledge of truth is very small, very limited, very veiled, compared to the way I see things! Even those things which you think you see and understand clearly have many more aspects, many more angles, many more facets‚ which you have yet to learn and discover. So you have much to learn about the days to come, and learning the truths of Heaven itself will take you all eternity, for there is so much!

20. Your understanding of future events will become clearer as you get closer to them. Even if I were to tell you more details of things to come now—which I don’t, because it’s not My will—you would still have to wait and see how these things come to pass, and then you would see how perfect My Words are. But hearing them now, even in greater detail, would not give you the complete picture, even as it did not give the full picture to My prophets of old. For I told them many details of things to come, things which have not come to pass even in your day, and you do not understand them despite the wealth of detail.

21. So you must learn to trust. You must learn once again to receive My Words in faith, to choose to believe, and to put in My hands that which you don’t understand. I know that you might have questions as you read through this series about the Endtime. I have not chosen to give you the full picture in response to every question. I have given you more insight, little details here and there, and exactly what I know you need, but you might still have questions. Bring those questions to Me and let Me answer them—either with further explanation, or by telling you that you don’t need to know now.

22. All your questions don’t have to be answered now. There are some that I purposely keep a mystery, to keep you guessing, to keep you close to Me, to keep you watchful and aware, to protect you from those who would use the truth to their own ends. I am wise and loving, and I give you exactly what I know you need. So trust Me, My loves.

23. I will reveal the times to you, and to the world, to those who will listen and hear, when it is time. I can’t tell you exact times and dates of events prematurely, because some of the events and times depend on the decisions of people, of powers‚ of nations. The exact times of some events depend on the actions of those involved. They are given the choice, and in some cases it won’t be until the last minute before all can be revealed‚ for even they are being tested as to what they will choose to do and which way they will go.

24. So you must watch and wait and be on guard. As you watch and wait, I will speak to your heart. I will help you to be in tune and monitor the signs of the End so that you’ll be prepared and ready to flow with the moves of My Spirit. I will not withhold the truth from My children, but I will reveal all to you in My time. I will open the exact details, the times, the plans; the future will be unfolded to you as you watch and wait.

25. So wait with Me, watch with Me, and be patient for Me to reveal the times. And receive with great joy this further insight and instruction I give you about the Endtime—the days you are approaching! (End of message from Jesus)

Is It Really the Endtime?

Q: Is it really the Endtime? The Bible says that the generation that sees the particular signs of the End listed in the Bible will also see the Lord’s return, but some of those signs are pretty vague—wars, ­rumors of wars, etc., and those things have been going on for thousands of years! There’s been a great increase in wars and the other signs‚ but they could just keep increasing for another indefinite amount of years, couldn’t they?

27. (Jesus speaking: ) As I have told you many times through My confirming voice of prophecy, yes, this is indeed the Time of the End. These are the Last Days, the final days, and the generation that now lives shall not pass before all the signs of the End‚ including the Great Tribulation and My return to the Earth, are fulfilled.

28. These signs that I gave in My Word, which are being fulfilled today, have been moving in this direction for thousands of years. But there has never been a generation like yours, in which it is technologically and politically possible for each and every one of these signs to be fulfilled within one generation. The technological ability to issue the Mark of the Beast‚ for example, has only been made even remotely possible within the last decade. Now the campaign to sell the world on the idea is in full swing, but the political ability to enforce such a Mark is still some time away. Therefore, while some of the signs have seemingly been fulfilled for a long time, such as earthquakes, pestilences, wars, love growing cold, the Gospel being preached, etc., there has never before been a time when each and every one of the signs I have given has either been fulfilled or clearly has the potential and ability to be fulfilled soon.

29. Contrary to what you may think‚ I am not the one who decides the exact moment of events such as the rise of the Antichrist. [See the text box, “The Endtime Timetable.”] I am more than willing to delay this event for as long as possible so that you, My children, might have more time to reach the Earth with My message and save as many souls from the Enemy’s grasp as you can; so that you might forewarn and prepare as many as possible for this reign of the Antichrist’s terror, so that when he arises, they will be armed and ready to reject him and refuse his Mark.

(Text box)

The Endtime Timetable

(Mama:) Here’s what the Lord had to say earlier this year in “Y2K Calamities?” about the exact timing of Endtime events:

(Jesus speaking:) I cannot reveal to you, My children, the precise timetable of the events to come, although I have given you the general outline in My Word already. As one who lives by a train track knows that there will be a certain number of trains in a day and may have a general idea of their destinations, so do you. You who live by the train track in this Last Day know that there will be a train passing which signifies the confirming of the Covenant. You know that midway through the day there will be another train, equally momentous, which signifies the breaking of the Covenant and the full revelation of the Antichrist to the world, and the beginning of a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world. And you know that there will be an evening train signifying the time in which I return to gather My children unto Me, bringing the light of a new day in the midst of the darkest night.

You know of the existence of these trains. They are on the timetable which you have been given. But the precise times have not been filled in yet. I will reveal more of the details, more of the schedule, to you as the trains draw closer, so that you may be prepared for their passing. I reveal deep secrets unto My servants the prophets, but I do not do so now, at this moment. For now, the hidden things belong to God.

Though I have My plan‚ and things will happen as I have said they will, even the Enemy has a degree of choice with which to make his plans. So he is setting the stage, and if the conditions are right‚ if the world is in enough chaos‚ if things get bad enough that they need a savior, then he will arise. He is behind the scenes, creating confusion, so that he will be able to step forth and assume power, to save the world for a time. Even this is within My will, for he but sets the stage for My return‚ as I foretold in My Word.

The Devil has a measure of choice‚ with­in certain bounds, much like the illustration your Father David gave of the tunnel of My will. There is a set time ­period for the End, and it will come within the time that I have determined and set. For I have set these times, and no man nor spirit may gainsay or change these things. But within this time frame, within this tunnel, the Evil One is permitted a certain amount of leeway, for I have allowed him this choice. He has the power of choice, even as you have the power of choice.

He may choose to work his evil works now, or may withhold a little, until later, just as you may move from one side to the other within the tunnel of My will. The Enemy of your souls has much less choice than you do, however, for I have set much greater bounds upon him. He may only move slightly from one way to the other. He cannot turn around and escape My will and that which I have planned and predicted in My Word. That which is to be shall be, whether it be soon or a little less soon. In either case, the time is nigh.

I have set the boundaries of the End­time—the last seven years, the two three–and-a–half-year periods, and have numbered the days within them. I have also set them within the general boundaries of time itself, and they will occur within that time frame, whether they be soon or they be delayed a little. But I give the Evil One a certain amount of leeway in when he may begin this period.

He knows that once these days are begun, then the day of his end is determined, the day of My return is determined, and his choice has ended. So he seeks to maximize his chance to defeat My plan by beginning it at the time when he imagines it will be most opportune for him.

I allow this to show both him and the world that My plan will not be defeated. Though the Enemy goes to great lengths to defeat Me in these days, I will not be defeated, nor will My plan be altered. (ML #3227:18–25, GN 829).

(End of text box)

30. As the scripture says, “He Who letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way.” I hold back the flood of iniquity for as long as ­poss­ible, and I even delay and throw monkey wrenches in the Enemy’s technology to increase this delay, so that you might get the job done. But it’s Satan’s destiny to fulfill his place as leader on the world’s stage, in the person of the Antichrist, and his day will come. The time will come when all the pieces are in place, when their preparations and plans are consolidated, and the world falls within their grasp. When I see that this time has come, I will cease to hold back the flood of iniquity, and it will be let loose on the world. In that day you will have no further doubts as to whether this is the Time of the End.

31. The time is at hand. It is even at the doors, for I spoke these Words during My days on Earth for the days which you now live in—the Endtime, the last days of man’s rule on Earth. They were not meant for My time but for your time. This book was not opened nor revealed until your generation, for those who went before did not see these signs fulfilled in the way that you do now. Some thought that their day was the darkest day ever, the day of tribulation, but if they would have studied and read the book, they would have seen that it was not possible, for so many signs had yet to be fulfilled.

32. The signs of the End shall continue to increase throughout your generation, until the End itself comes. This generation which lives to see these things shall not pass until all be fulfilled, although some of them may indeed pass on to their reward. Even now some of your first generation are passing on to their Heavenly reward, and more will yet; some through sickness, and some through old age. This will be but a portion‚ for the majority will be there to greet Me and be received by Me upon My return.

33. I make the days longer now, in the time when you have freedom to reach the world. But once evil floods the world, then shall the days be shortened, as I have promised. They are counted and numbered‚ and they will not last one more moment than you’re able to bear. I will even make them seem shorter by shortening them in your minds and hearts, by filling you with the visions of things to come, and with great power of My Spirit to work wonders. (End of message from Jesus.)

34. (Dad speaking:) It’s later than you think, folks! I’ve been telling you that; it’s all over the END‚ and in Letter after Letter. You see the signs all around you, every day—on the news, on the TV, in the papers. You can feel it all around you, everywhere you go. From country to country, things are tightening up—things in government, things in the economy.

35. There’s war all around, disasters all around, pestilences, scourges and famines. There are killer viruses that will eat your body, and viruses and bugs that can get into your com­puters and machines and fritz up the whole world—throwing the whole shebang into mass confusion and chaos! All it takes is one little hacker‚ one little bug, a few little keystrokes at the hand of some demon-possessed maniac, and the lights go out! They’ve got computer chips embedded in animals and even in people now! Folks, what more do you want? What more do people need to wake’m up? All around, ­every single day‚ there are signs of the End, signs of the AC‚ signs of the Mark of the Beast, signs of the One World Order.

36. The year 2000 is gonna come in with a big bang! All the soothsayers and the psychics and astrologers and seers are saying it’s gonna be significant‚ that big things are gonna happen. Big things are gonna happen, all right! Big things are happening now, and it’s all significant! This is it, folks! The Lord has been telling you over and over and over again; this is the final act, the curtain has gone up. All the players are in place and the final act has begun. That’s a fact, and it won’t be long now! (End of message from Dad.)

The Signs of 1998 and 1999!

Q: Could the Lord give a summary or recap of the major signs of the End that have happened in the world during 1998 and 1999?

38. (Jesus speaking: ) Many are the signs of the End that have come to pass during the last two years, My children. As I have predicted in My Word, so it has come to pass, and will yet come to pass. The End draws ever nearer, and as it does, the signs accelerate, grow more numerous, and are more visible to all, so that those with eyes will see, and those with ears will hear, and know that it is My doing. Now I give you an overview of the recent signs of the times, a peek into the looming shadow of the darkness ahead.

39. During this past year you have seen wars, such as the one in Yugoslavia, and ­rumors of wars, such as you have not seen nor heard for a long time. The specter of nuclear war has come again to haunt the hearts of men. Russia has openly threatened to use its nuclear weapons, either in self-defense or in offense, and China also brandishes its weapons. North ­Korea is another nation that breathes out nuclear fire and brimstone, speaking great things. India and Pakistan, volatile and angry nations, also wave their warheads. While there have been many rumors of war in recent years and decades, the threat of a nuclear war had receded into the shadows. But now it has returned and multiplied, striking fear into the hearts of men.

40. The kings of Europe have also joined their crowns and currencies in the European Union and the euro. This is the first time they have had the same currency since the Roman Empire. These toes of the image are still separ­ate, still individual nations and peoples at the tip of the foot, but they are joined in the foot itself and have become one. They now act more as one, share the same purse, and are beginning to be united in opposition to the U.S. As they have grown more united, preparing for the day in which they will give their power to the Beast, they have become more anti-U.S. and at the same time more anti-Christ and anti-Christian, against Me and My children.

41. As Europe has become more united, so has the rest of the world. It has not yet been a political uniting, but rather a technological one. Distances have dissolved with the growth of tele­­communications, the spread of the Internet, the ease‚ rapidity and cheapness of travel. Barriers have also been broken down financially with the linking of many economies‚ so that what happens in one corner of the world has a great effect on other parts, as you have seen in the last few years.

42. When the economy of Thailand crashed, it dragged down the rest of Asia. Then Asia dragged down Russia and South Africa and other nations. Then the financial wave hit South America, dragging down Brazil and other Latin nations. There it stopped for now‚ because those who control the ebb and flow of monetary currents were not ready for the chaos of a full crash. They still conduct test runs here and there, probing the limits of the powers that their evil master has allowed them to have‚ the influence they wield in the business affairs of men.

43. Nations now know and have seen that they can be lifted up or they can be put down‚ they can be bought or they can be sold, according to the whims of those who pull the financial strings and lead the masses in their investments. This has created more of an openness for the new financial system that is in the works even now‚ and for some international body or leader who can guarantee stability.

44. The world has also united in its life­style as never before. The same movies‚ music, magazines, fads and trends now link many nations in ways unknown in the past. The ­Chinese are fans of Michael Jordan and American basket­ball. Russians and Europeans dance to American techno music. Africans and Asians await the latest Hollywood release with great enthusiasm. The same culture has crisscrossed the globe, making it one. At the moment it is an American or Western culture and lifestyle, but it nevertheless serves to unite the peoples of the planet. And as easily as they can be united to adore such things American‚ they can also be united to adore the coming world regime, saying, “Who is like unto the Beast?” and to wonder after him.

45. Among the other signs predicted in My Word, you do also see an increase in famine and drought in diverse places. North Korea suffers great famine, and drought ravages many parts of the East and of Africa. I have also turned up the heat on the Mideast so that My Word may be fulfilled, and the passions of many may reach the boiling point. Be not deceived by the talk of “Peace, peace,” for the preparations for war continue in hidden corners.

46. Brazil suffers drought, as does Mexico and parts of the U.S., and I use drought and disaster as a double-edged sword in these days of the End. I allow drought to dry up the soil, and then send storms of rain which wash away the top soil, relieving the drought at times, but leaving famine in its wake, for the ground which bore seed and brought forth fruit has been washed away.

47. Man’s knowledge has also increased in these last two years, as it has in other recent years, but it now heads in more dangerous directions than in the past. The Evil One has led many scientists to experiment with life itself—attempting to clone human beings, attempting to grow body parts and organs, attempting to fuse man and beast in the embryo, attempting to genetically modify man, either directly or through the foods he eats, which work on him from the inside. They walk a perilous path, one that they do not understand, for the Devil is not the creator of life, but the destroyer. The things that they create will not unlock the doors to more and abundant life, but will instead unleash unprecedented plagues and pestilences that they do not foresee.

48. As men seek to unravel the secrets of life in their carnal, scientific way, they also seek to combine it with machine. They seek new and improved robots to serve man, giving them artificial intelligence and mobility such as they’ve not had before. They seek to make man himself more of a machine‚ implanting chips‚ sensors‚ and electrodes to enhance man’s powers and intelligence.

49. These chips and implants come with many benign purposes: They increase security for children and protect them from abduction; they monitor criminals; they check the health of their subjects and release medicine into the body; they make identification quick and easy; they prevent fraud; they monitor and increase productivity; they make life more convenient in many ways. In the last two years you’ve seen a great increase in the knowledge that has made such things possible, and public acceptance of the devices themselves.

50. Men’s hearts also fail them for fear‚ looking upon these things which are coming to pass, resulting in anxiety‚ stress, depression, sickness and suicide in unprecedented numbers. As men see the threats of war, they fear. As they see that technology has not solved their problems, they worry and wonder. As their workload increases and they’re bombarded with constant, ever-increasing information and knowledge, they feel great stress. As they see the shape that their society has taken, they become depressed. As they see how their children turn out, shaped by the influences around them, they become discouraged. Despite the promises of technology, modern comforts and conveniences, and affluence unknown in the past‚ the problems are not only the same, but grow worse. Poverty persists. War threatens. Disease stalks and kills many. And with no faith or hope for the future and no joy in the present‚ the heart of man fails him.

51. But don’t despair, My children. As these things come to pass now and increase in the days to come, look up, not down. Rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh! I tarry but a little while longer, while My Word is fulfilled and events of the End come to pass, and soon I will return to draw My children unto Me. The dark night will be followed by the brightest day you’ve ever experienced, and the joy and the shining and the glory will last forevermore, as we are one.

52. I love you and will care for you tenderly, as a mother does her newborn child, in the days to come. My hands are under you to uphold you, and My angels are ever near to bear you up lest you should dash your foot upon a rock. I will protect and provide and care for My Own, for I love you with an everlasting love. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Does the Lord Keep the Timing

Of the Endtime so Secret?

Q: Why is it so important to the Lord to keep from us when the seven years is going to start? Is it possible the Lord is pulling the wool over our eyes, because for some reason we still have 20 more years, despite the obvious signs of the times? Sometimes I wonder if the great test of the second generation (like the FGAs went through the RNR, FFing‚ etc.) is going to be discovering that we have 20 more years to go. Since the Lord said “this generation shall not pass,” and Dad has applied that to the first generation, it’s possible that we have 15 or 20 more years left, since the average dying age is around 70 for most people.

54. (Jesus speaking:) I have bound Myself by certain rules, and this is one of them. As I’ve said before, the exact day and hour will be known by no man, only Me. Though I cannot tell you the exact time—the exact month, the exact day, the exact hour—this doesn’t mean that I’m pulling the wool over your eyes. To the contrary‚ I’m trying with all of My power and truth and messages to pull the wool off of the eyes of some of you who’ve been so blinded by the Enemy, so lulled to sleep.

55. I wish to rip the wool off of your eyes and show you the truth. No, I can’t tell you the exact details, because I’m bound by the rules I have established, but I have been doing all that I possibly can to prepare you, to warn you, and to make sure that you won’t be caught by surprise when the time comes. For woe unto them that are caught unawares! Woe unto them who have not an inkling‚ who have not the faintest idea.

56. Those who are close to Me‚ who are attuned to My voice, will hear the thunder and will see the lightning‚ and they’ll know that the final storm is approaching, and to these is great honor and power given. These are the ones who know Me, who will be strong‚ and who will do great and mighty exploits on My behalf.

57. But woe unto those who discern not the signs of the time and heed not My Words of truth. These have been dull of hearing and their eyes have been blinded for so long that when the storm clouds come‚ when the thunder rolls and when the lightning strikes, they will be shocked and amazed, and even scared. They’ll suddenly find themselves in the midst of a ­raging storm, not knowing where to turn.

58. So be wise and know that I tell you all that I can, in hopes that you’ll be prepared physically and spiritually. Be wise and absorb all that you can from the messages that I give. Be wise and be prepared so that you’ll not be caught un­aware, with your pants down. If you feel as if you can’t see clearly, let Me pull the wool off of your eyes so that you can see things in the spirit‚ so that you can see the signs of the times that surround you. Open your ears so that you can hear the urgency and truth in the Words that I speak. (End of message from Jesus.)

59. (Dad speaking:) Do you realize that even the Lord‚ when He was on Earth, didn’t know the day or hour of the second coming! It says so right there in your Bible! Look it up and read it in Matthew 24:36. It says, “that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but My Father only.” Jesus Himself, as a man, had to grow in faith! Don’t you think that was a great test of faith for Jesus? When He became flesh and walked on Earth as a man, His faith was tested, just as yours is by not ­knowing!

60. Here He was preaching and prophesying all about the Endtime—read it! Many of you should know this chapter by memory—Matthew 24, the Endtime chapter. Here was Jesus telling His disciples all about the End, and the signs of the second coming of the Son of Man, and He told the people all about it too. Yet while He was a man on Earth, even He didn’t know the day or the hour! Don’t you think He would have liked to know what He was talking about? Don’t you think maybe He had the same question?

61. But it was not given to Him to know at that time. He didn’t need to know at that time, and you can bet that tested His faith. Don’t you think He was curious just like you are? Sure He was! He was a man. He felt everything you feel. He was tempted in all points just like you. And just the fact that He was preaching and prophesying about all this and folks were looking to Him for the answers, you can bet He would have liked to know that detail. Nevertheless, He took it by faith that the Father knew best, and that the Father would reveal it in His good time. (End of message from Dad.)

Who’s to Say the Endtime

Isn’t 20 or 30 Years Away?

Q: What’s the primary reason that we should believe that the Antichrist is on the verge of rising to power and that the signing of the Covenant could take place in the next few years? One could say that it’s because the Lord has said in recent prophecy that it’s about to happen. But you can find prophecies from 20 or 30 years ago that say the same thing. Based on that logic, you could say it’ll be another 20 or 30 years! The signs of the times as described in Matthew 24 and elsewhere are definitely being fulfilled, but they were also being fulfilled 10 years ago, and they’ll still be in the process of being fulfilled 10 years from now if the Endtime doesn’t begin in earnest. In other words, while it’s an indicator that the End is near, it could still be another 10, 20, or even 50 years.

63. (Jesus speaking:) If you were to go back and really study the prophecies that I gave 20 or 30 years ago‚ you would discover that I was never as specific about My coming and the End­time as I have been in the last couple of years. It was necessary for Me to emphasize the end of the world‚ as that stirred the first Family disciples into action. That was the catalyst that started the wildfire of your worldwide witnessing.

64. Though I said that the End was near 20 or 30 years ago, and you wonder how I could say such a thing, because it has not yet fully come to pass‚ I say that I spoke My Word in truth. It was indeed the Time of the End, for the beginning of My Family marked the beginning of that time period. But now you are coming to the end of the Last Days.

65. The departure of your Father David from this life and his entrance into the spirit world marked the beginning of the days of preparation. The Homegoing of your Father David was one of the biggest signs of the End. But the beginning of the very end, the last days of man’s rule on Earth, began when the Family began. I set up My shepherd, My servant David, My prophet of the End, as a leader and teacher. He taught you and trained you in My ways, and his passing from this life to the next was the end of this era and the beginning of another.

66. With Queen Maria as your prophetess and your Father David as your advocate in Heaven, I have bestowed upon you My new ­weapons. This has been your training period, your days of preparation, and the Endtime is nearer than ever. What purpose would I have in making you wait around on this wicked Earth for longer than is necessary?

67. The Enemy seeks to dull your minds to what’s really happening in the world and in the realm of the spirit. Through your seeing the signs of the times frequently and for quite a few years now‚ he seeks to dissuade you or get you to doubt that the End is near. But I say that you must look deeper. You must look to the milestone signs that I have given you—the Home­going of your Father David, the mantle that I have given Maria, the new weapons that I have given each of you.

68. Did not David say that Maria shall shine? And how can one shine brightly unless it be in the midst of gross darkness? Did not I give him a vision of your queen during the Great Tribulation? Have I not also promised that she will speak and prophesy before the nations? So it is that your queen will not leave this Earth before these things come to pass. That in itself is My proof to you that the end of life on Earth as you know it is not very far away.

69. Therefore, open your eyes and behold the truth. You are indeed living in the Time of the End, and not only are you living in the Time of the End, as you have been for some time, but you are on the brink of major economic and political signs, those that mark the Great Tribulation. (End of message from Jesus)

Five Years‚ Seven Years,

Or Ten Years Left?

Q: The New Wine keeps telling us that the Lord is coming back soon. But what does “soon” really mean? “Time is short,” everyone keeps saying‚ but how short is it? It would be nice to have some figure or idea of the time frame—even just five years, seven years, ten years, etc.

71. (Jesus speaking:) It is not given into My hand to tell you the figure. It is not for you to know of this day and hour. You will not benefit by knowing this; you will benefit more by watching and waiting and praying, and being closely connected to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Why Has the “Time Is Short”

Mentality Been Emphasized

So Strongly?

Q: Throughout the Letters Dad ­often said that the AC was just about to rise to power. In many cases he was not only saying that this could be the year, but he was fairly certain that it was the year‚ when in fact nearly 20 years have gone by and it still hasn’t happened! This is not only brought up in Dad’s Letters, but also in the GNs since he’s graduated.

73. I’m so used to hearing, “It’s coming soon! It could be this year!” that now I don’t pay much attention to it anymore. It’s been said that the Lord inspired Dad to say those things about how short time is to spur us to press in and reach the world, and perhaps it’s done that. But the downside is that the Family has gotten so used to hearing it that many don’t believe it anymore.

74. It’s also been used so much in shep­­herding that in some ways it’s backfired. As teens, it was very much drilled into us that, “You’ve got to learn this right now and take all this correction now because time is so short and you’ve only got a couple of years left!” Now it’s 10 or 15 years later and you can’t help but think that if we’d known Jesus wasn’t going to come back for at least another 15 or 20 years, we could have lightened up a lot more. Plus you start to feel a little resentful against the shepherds who used the Endtime as a motivator to get you to obey, when it didn’t even turn out to be true. It’s been highlighted in recent GNs also: “If you don’t shape up and get the victory, you’ll be sorry during the dark days which are just about to begin.” But if those dark days keep getting pushed back, it loses its power or meaning.

75. Why did Dad, and Mama since Dad graduated, take that approach, when it seems to have weakened a lot of our young people’s faith in the Endtime and prophecy, rather than strengthening it?

76. (Jesus speaking:) Through Habakkuk I said, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. But behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith” (Hab.2:3,4).

77. Even in the days of My Early Church, men were saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2Pet.3:4).

78. Through John I conveyed to you, “Little children, it is the Last Time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the Last Time. For many deceivers are entered into the world‚ who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist” (1Jn.2:18; 2Jn.1:7).

79. As you can see, the Devil has used this ploy throughout history to try to deceive My sheep into not following closely and staying desperate to open My Kingdom to My lost sheep. The spirit of antichrist has been increasing for thousands of years, and there are many antichrists walking the Earth today.

80. But be not deceived, for a man of fierce countenance shall arise and shall deceive many. This is the man you call the Antichrist. He will come in My time, for he is bound to fulfill My time frame—he can only rise in the time when I give him permission. So while I may not have set that time yet, because I am waiting on de­cisions and conditions and circum­stances, and I am waiting on you, My children‚ to get out the Word, he will not make a move without My permission, and it will be within My time frame.

81. When it’s the time for you to know who this man is‚ I’ll reveal it to you. But it’s My will that My children walk by faith and not by sight‚ because this is one of the ways I purge My fighting ranks of unbelievers and the halfhearted. I must continually purge My army of those who no longer wish to walk by faith but desire to walk by sight, which makes them too weak to be in the battle on the front lines.

82. I admonish My children that “time is short” to keep them desperate to find My lost sheep before the Devil can deceive and destroy them. Time is very short for millions of people who will die today or tomorrow or this week. Time is short for them‚ and time is short for you to reach them. When you arrive Here with Me, you’ll realize how important one soul is and why I did all I could to keep you desperate to reach them. You’ll be so thankful that you stayed desperate and worked hard to find My sheep.

83. Throughout history My children have warned that time is short, and it was I who inspired such warnings. Paul told you to “redeem the time, for the days are evil.” Peter told you that the end of all things was at hand‚ and that you should be sober and watch unto prayer. And I Myself said that I must work the works of Him that sent Me while it was day‚ for the night comes, when no man can work. And with this vision of the shortness of time and burning love for the lost in their hearts, My Early Church exploded around the world and won millions to Me! I would have you, My latter–day Church, do the same.

84. Your prophets have warned you of the imminent rise of the Antichrist because that is what I put in their hearts and minds to do. The time was now for them because I put a sense of urgency upon them and showed them the incredible amount of evil that has fallen upon the Earth. So to them it seemed it had to be soon, even that month or that year. And it could have been.

85. I have great love for My creation, and so I tarry that you might bring Me more fruit of precious souls, that they might be with us forever in our Kingdom. So do not be weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. I will come and will not tarry one moment longer than necessary.

86. Fill your time with searching for and seeking out My lost sheep and bringing them to our Kingdom. If I come in a day or a year or many years, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me. Simply trust. And be thankful that your prophets and shepherds have kept you desperate, not knowing the hour the Antichrist would rise or when I will return.

87. I will repeat for you here what is in My Gospel concerning this, for it is as true for you today as it was for those in the day it was written, nearly two thousand years ago:

88. “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his Lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, that he shall make him ruler over all his goods. But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, ‘My lord delayeth his coming,’ and shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mat.24:42–51).

89. So continue, My children‚ to search out My sheep and bring them My salvation. Witness to the wicked antichrists of this world of My soon return‚ that they might repent, or be held accountable for all their wickedness against My sheep in the Day of Judgment. If it should be one day or 50 years before I return, it doesn’t matter to you. My call to you remains the same: Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep. And warn the wicked of his wicked ways‚ lest his blood be upon your hands.

90. Be not resentful of your shepherds who helped to keep you desperate in your youth, for they have in many cases saved your usefulness to Me. Otherwise many would have wandered off seeking fanciful and lustful pleasures and vain pursuits—a life with no meaning. These shepherds loved My lost sheep and loved you enough to try to keep your heart desperate and broken for them. Bless them and curse them not, for they have salvaged your ministry in the King­dom. (End of message from Jesus.)

91. (Mama: ) Thank the Lord for the pushes and shoves that we’ve been given as a Family to keep us on the move and preaching the Gospel, or else we might have settled down and lost our fire and fervor!

92. Dad gave the message below about one of our most valuable commodities—time. It’s a temptation for all of us to get lax in our jobs for the Lord when we’re not exactly sure when the Lord is coming back and how much time we actually have left. But the Lord and Dad both continue to tell us that time is short, and we’d better believe it and obey or else we’re going to be sorry when it comes upon us unawares!

93. Here’s how we should look at the time that the Lord has given us. Rather than trying to figure out exactly how much time we have left and gauging our work for the Lord accordingly‚ we should live each day with our whole heart, realizing that regardless of when the actual Endtime period begins, our time of fruitfulness and open witnessing may be up any day! Burn free while you can!

94. (Dad speaking:) It’s later than you think, folks! What if I told you that you only had three months till the Lord returns? Would that change the way you do things? Would you wake up tomorrow morning and change your mode of operation? Would you be frantically scurrying around, trying to tie up loose ends‚ or would you just chuck all your projects out the window and hit the streets with the lit, trying to get as many souls saved as you could right up to the End? Would you want to get right with the Lord or with your brethren and make amends?

95. What if I told you that you had three years left? How would that affect the way you operate? Would you heave a sigh of relief on one hand, that at least you could finish up this, that and the other? Three years isn’t much time—but it could be just enough to make it to one of the needier far-flung foreign mission fields that have yet to hear the true Gospel, places like Russia and China and others, and accomplish a lot. In three years, if you really burn the candle at both ends, you just might be able to make a big difference and save those souls and help get’m prepared for the coming of the Lord.

96. Now, what if I told you that you had ten years left? What kind of mindset would you take on if you knew for certain you had ten years left before Jesus returns? Would you heave a little longer sigh of relief, thinking since you have a little more time left, you might as well do this, that or the other? Ten years isn’t very long either—at least not in mainstream society terms. But to most of us, it sounds like a long time. So if I told you there was another ten years before the Lord returns, how would that affect your life and your service for the Lord?

97. But now, what if I told you that you had 30 years left? Wowee! Would you say, “Oh‚ Dad, what a relief, we have lots of time left! Maybe we can afford to take it easy, take on an extra this or that, maybe go to night school and learn such-and-such, even though it really doesn’t have much to do with our service for the Lord, or isn’t going to be too much help in us getting out the Gospel or reaching the lost. Maybe we can afford it anyhow, because after all, we do have the time.” Would you be tempted to think that way?

98. Well, I’ve got news for you—it’s later than you think and your time could be up tomorrow! Your time could be up this moment, in the next hour, the next day or week or month! Your time could be up any time now, any day now!

99. The question you should be asking yourselves is this: “Have I lived this day as if it were my last? Have I done all I could do today for Jesus, for my brethren‚ for my Family‚ and for the world? What did I do today that I won’t have to repeat tomorrow? What progress did I make? What did I do today to win a soul?”

100. Beloved‚ time is our most precious commodity—and that’s why the apostle said to redeem the time, for the days are evil. Your time could be up any time! The Lord doesn’t have to take you Home to Heaven for your time to be up. Things are tightening up—your time of open witnessing, your time of freedom to move around, your time to go here or there and do this or that project, could be drawing to an end. Your time could be up tomorrow! (End of mess­age from Dad.)

What Would Dad Say Now that

The Endtime Hasn’t Come Yet?

Q: While Dad was with us on Earth, he was always talking about the End­time, how it was coming so soon, often predicting and giving his theories on when it might begin, such as in the “What If?” series. But the Endtime hasn’t come yet, and now that Dad is in Heaven and has more of the overall view, what would he tell us if he were to give the Family another talk on the Endtime and its approach?

102. (Dad speaking:) That’s a good one! What would I say if I were to give you another talk on the Endtime and its approach? I’m always happy to talk to the Family, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t stopped talking just because I’ve passed on to Heaven. So if you want a talk on the Endtime, I’ve got one for you.

103. Lord help us as we set the stage. You know me, I always like to make the presentation dramatic and special. I’ve come to realize that the Lord likes a little drama too. He likes to make things special. When He talks, it’s always ­special. The Words He shares with us, His Bride, His Body, are never to be taken lightly. His Words are spirit and they are truth. They’re life, and without them, we’d just die. We wouldn’t be able to live without His Words‚ and life wouldn’t even be worth living, would it?

104. We’re setting the stage here. Let’s paint this picture the way it looks from up Here. I’ll describe it to you, and you can just try to imagine what it looks like from my viewpoint.

105. There you are down on Earth, and things don’t really look that bad to you. I mean, it’s a day, just like any other day. The sun’s shining and you’ve got your normal work to do there on the farm. Did I forget to tell you that you were on a farm? Well‚ there you are on the farm, and you’ve been working pretty hard. You’ve done just about everything you could do. You’ve plowed‚ you’ve planted, you’ve fertilized and sprayed for bugs, you’ve watered, you’ve waited, you’ve watered and waited‚ and you’re still watering and waiting. Of course, you’re not just sitting around waiting. Farm work is never finished; there’s always plenty to do. In fact, you hardly even have time to stop and look around you, you’re always so busy.

106. But you’ve done just about everything that you can do, and the crops are growing, especially those crops which have received the greatest care and protection from the pests and plagues of the Enemy. They’ve been watered and cared for; the weeds have been plucked up and cast out. Everything’s coming along very nicely.

107. Well, what has all this work and labor and sacrifice and pain and enduring been good for anyway? What’s the goal? What have you been shooting for? What’s it all about?

108. It’s about the harvest; that’s what you’ve been aiming for. That’s what you’ve been working for and looking forward to this whole time—bringing in the sheaves. And because the Good Farmer’s Almanac says so, you know that it’s now time to start bringing it in. Every­thing’s been heading in that direction, and now the signs all point to it. It’s time.

109. But uh-oh! What’s that?! Oh, my! Look … there in the distance! Do you see that?! It looks like there’s a big storm coming. Look at those big black clouds. They’re closing in fast! It looks like you’re going to have to fight like the dickens to get the harvest in before the storm hits. Boy, does it look like a big one! I’ve never seen a storm that big before! And believe me, from up Here, you can see the whole panorama‚ the whole picture.

110. Suddenly everything shifts into another gear. You realize that if you’re going to be able to beat the storm and gather the harvest, you’ve got to work as if everything depended on it. You realize that there’s no way that you’ll be able to do it without help, so you quickly run to the house and start calling the whole family out. You start shouting and waving your arms and pointing off in the distance, trying to get everybody’s attention and get them in motion and out to the fields as quickly as possible. You know there’s not a minute to lose.

111. Do you get the point? Have I been able to paint the picture for you? That’s the overall view the way I see it. That’s the way things look from up Here. And if you want my advice, I’d say you’d better get busy reaping the harvest while you can, because the storm is coming.

112. Oh, I know that some of you might be thinking that I’ve given this little talk plenty of times before, and I have. I’ve been seeing this storm coming for years, just like many others have. And you’ve been wise to take heed to the warnings. But now I’m seeing those same clouds from a different viewpoint, and you can believe me when I say, “Get ready, because the storm’s coming!” The clouds have been building for quite some time. They’ve been accumulating and growing, gathering and getting blacker and meaner. They’re not just going to go away. They’re not just going to dissipate and disappear. That storm is going to hit, and it’s going to hit hard!

113. Am I gonna tell you what day the storm’s gonna hit? Am I gonna tell you exactly how much time you have left to reap the harvest? No, I’m not! But I will tell you that you don’t have a minute to lose. Every minute you waste, you’ll be sorry for, believe me. I’m not saying that to get you scared, and neither do I mean that you can’t take time to enjoy life, because reaping this harvest is something that you can’t do in your own strength anyway. It’s gotta be God, and it’s gotta be done by His strength and power. But He’s gotta have people who are awake and willing to work, people who are yielded and desperate and willing to let Him work through them. So please don’t sit around wasting time, thinking that you’ve got all the time in the world, because you don’t.

114. Open your eyes to the clouds that are gathering, and ask the Lord of the harvest to help you bring in the harvest before it gets wasted by the storm. When you meet Him, will He say to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”? Or will you be found wanting? On that day, you won’t be able to use the excuse that the storm snuck up on you before you re­alized that it was coming‚ and you didn’t have time to reap. The clouds are there for everyone to see. If you can discern the face of the sky, then you can discern the signs of the times. (End of message from Dad)

Is the “Warning Prophecy”

Still Right On?

Q: Does the Lord have any added insight to the “Warning Prophecy” and what it means for us today? “Turn your eyes towards Memphis”—will the Antichrist actually come out of Egypt, even though that’s not exactly the “North” (the Bible often refers to him as “the man of the North”) geographically speaking?

116.(Jesus speaking: ) Search the Scriptures; forget not the ancient landmarks. Your Father David had the anointing of Jeremiah and Daniel when he was with you. You now have Jeremiah, Daniel, John‚ and all My other counselors‚ as well as Me, to guide you into Endtime truths. The “Warning Prophecy” is as valid now as when it was given via Grandmother, and it’s an even more intense warning now, for these things will shortly come to pass. Although many years have passed, this prophecy is still the cornerstone of what lies ahead from your perspective.

117. Your Father David’s writings were honest and unrefined. He shared his heart and thoughts with you without regard for his reputation‚ without putting on the false fronts of appearing to know everything or being infallible. He was a pioneer, a prophet who feared not to speak what and how I wanted him to. He explored many possibilities‚ interpretations, and theories in his hunt to put all the pieces of the puzzle into place, in order to see the whole picture. Like Edison, he learned from what others may call mistakes, but he was not afraid to knock on many doors, launch out on many paths. He was not too proud to change direction or backtrack, and share these steps and missteps openly with you, depending on how I led him.

118. I’m aware that Bible prophecy is a difficult subject on which to search the Scriptures and Letters. David provoked you to question, search, research‚ and finally, to seek Me for these truths. He showed you how to do these things by his honest sample.

119. In all his exploring, pioneering and theorizing, your father sought Me and searched the Scriptures. He loved conundrums, puzzles and riddles. He loved the challenge, the investigation, the experimentation. He was faithful to glorify Me whenever he discovered more truth, and even when he was confused or bewildered or stumped. His faith was such that knowing Me was having access to all the answers, and he accepted that it was up to Me as to when, and how, and if I chose to reveal to him these answers.

120. Your queen has beseeched Me to bestow the anointing of David more freely upon all his children, and this I have done. These are the Last Days, and I am pouring out My Spirit more liberally, and the manifestations of My Spirit through you are becoming more apparent. I am amplifying My power in you.

121. I will show you more truth, more details concerning the future and how it affects you. It is in My interest to prepare and protect you, for what other people are like My David, who will go anywhere, do anything, accept My more radical doctrines and forsake all to share My Words with the lost sheep? I have many followers, but you are My staff.

122. The Antichrist is soon to be revealed. Look how many signs of the times are appearing and being fulfilled—the uniting of Europe; the use of technology for financial, political, and thought control; the voluntary forfeiting of nations’ sovereignty to the idea of a one-world gov­ern­ment; the desensitizing and dumbing down of the masses through “education” and the mass media; the secularization of religion, etc.

123. The Great Confusion is the emergency the Antichrist needs to have his regime put into power. The Y2K “emergency” is the beginning of sorrows. It is being engineered to begin the chain of events needed to cause a massive crash of the present world order, so that people will accept this messiah and his new world reorder. According to the way people react to Y2K and the extent of the damage that it does, and the resultant choices the people make because of it, the Antichrist will proceed from there to complete the groundwork needed to bring about his evil empire.

124. Not only must the world’s microchip-based infrastructure be restored, but the Antichrist must solve the Middle East crisis. In ­order to do that‚ he must be a man of the Middle East—one who understands and is accepted initially by all parties. He must know the Jews and the Arabs, and must have their blood in his veins. In addition, he must be the perfect vessel for the Devil. He also must have the sponsorship of a superpower. Since the superpower that backs him will not be the U.S.‚ and the U.S. is the only superpower at present‚ then it’s obvious that Russia must be revived. He will help bring this about, so that they will be beholden to him—so beholden that he eventually becomes their leader too.

125. What’s important is that you know the basic outline. What’s most important is that you use the remaining time of peace to get prepared physically and spiritually for the Great Confusion, the Antichrist regime, and the Great Tribulation. (End of message from Jesus)

When Will the

“Days of Preparation” Be Over?

Q: In several prophecies the Lord has said that we’re in the “days of preparation.” This seems to be His designation for the time period that we’re now in before we actually begin to experience more serious Endtime events, such as heavy persecution, breakdown of communication, more wars and famines‚ etc. Could the Lord tell us how long this period will last? When should we expect more serious events to start occurring that will touch our lives more directly? Will the Y2K situation be a signal for more times of disorder or problems that will make it difficult for us to get the Word out, or to raise our provision and support? How long will the “days of preparation” last?

127. (Jesus speaking:) The “days of prep­aration” are coming to an end. The curtain will soon be drawn to a close on this portion of the play, and the next scene will be laid before you. The “days of preparation” were only for a time‚ and the end of this time is almost upon you. The show must go on, and those who have heeded My warnings and admonitions will be key players in the next scene of the Endtime play. Those who have resisted My instructions, or simply pushed aside My Words of caution and proddings to use the new weapons and prepare in spirit‚ shall find themselves wanting.

128. Through this time of relative peace, it was My will and My desire for each one to invest their energies and their initiative in prepar­ations for the future. It was My desire that each one would get ahold of Me and receive My strengthening. Each had the opportunity, ample resources, and the where­withal to prepare in spirit, and such was the purpose of these days of peace, these “days of preparation.” I put forth the new weapons, I clearly showed the way, but the choice was left in the laps of each person as to whether or not they would take full advantage of these “days of preparation.”

129. Many took the stand and began honing their fighting skills, learning how to hear from Me in prophecy, praising Me and being strengthened through their times in the bed of love with Me, implementing the New Wine and all that I’ve been pouring forth. They have been strengthened and are prepared for the days that are just around the corner.

130. But then there were some that thought the “days of preparation” was just a figure of speech, or a time period that would last for a long time, and that there would always be more time for them to prepare once they’d finished doing their own thing. Some even felt that when the time came for them to use the new weapons, the anointing would fall, and there was no real purpose in practicing ahead of time or using valuable time to hone their skills. These will not be prepared for the days that are to come, yea, just around the corner.

131. As quickly and unexpectedly as the “days of preparation” came‚ so abruptly will they come to an end. There will not be much advance warning, but I do tell you that these days of peace will not last much longer. At the turn of the century, many things will change in the spirit and in the physical, though perhaps not seen by your mortal eyes. With this, I warn those of you who have neglected your new weapons to pick them up, polish them, and start using them. Now! Make it your top priority, over and above anything else in your life, to become proficient in your use of them—not next month, not next year, but right now! Today!

132. You’re living in the Time of the End already, but the times of Great Tribulation and the major signs of the End will come quickly, without much warning. Those who have prepared will be ready, and their automatic reaction will be to pick up their new spiritual weapons and use them, for they’ve been practicing and perfecting their skills and tactics of war. But those who haven’t prepared will have a hard time picking up their weapons, much less shooting, and there will be casualties.

133. The “days of preparation” are not over yet, but the clock is ticking. When the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December 1999, a new era will begin. For those of you who haven’t yet taken up the challenge, there’s still time to prepare in spirit, but for you it will be more difficult. You’re going to have to take a crash course, and it’s not going to be easy. But it is My will for all of My brides to be well armed and well trained, so if you have the determination and the will to complete your training, though it will be a fight, I will see to it that you make the grade. All I need is your willingness and yieldedness. I need you to drop everything else and make this your top priority; it’s the only way you’re going to make it. (End of message from Jesus)

How Should We Practically

Prepare for the Great Confusion?

Q: Is there any further insight regarding the Great Confusion that is to come? How will this “confusion” or “crash”—or what­ever it will be—affect the world? How do we prepare for it in this day and age? Are we prepared enough knowing how to start fires and build lean-tos (the old TK “Survival Sam” approach), or are there other things we need to learn and be prepared for‚ such as finding housing in secure locations‚ buying vehicles‚ or even experi­ment­ing with modes of communication independent from the System’s telephone and postal systems? How prepared are we supposed to be to do without these things—and for how long? Is the vision just to wait until the Antichrist restores the world’s peace and utilities, and then just continue “using it” as we have until now? Or should we prepare to live more clandestinely and independently from the System on a long-term basis, bypassing such easily monitored services even after they’ve been restored, by using means of our own?

135. (Mama: ) Many aspects of this multi-faceted question have been answered in the recent “Y2K Preparation!” Letter (ML #3252‚ GN 855). “Latest News Flashes No.278” (ML #3256) adds some further counsel and actions for the Family. Please reread these Letters, which contain a great deal of practical counsel and advice in regards to both physical and spiritual preparation. The following message from the Lord adds to the counsel already given in the Letters I mentioned.

136. (Jesus speaking: ) It is not a time for business as usual. The Family has weathered a time of severe worldwide persecution, which has been followed by several years of peace. Now it’s time to prepare for another onslaught—not of persecution, but of famine, plagues, civil disorder, and the breakdown of community services, which will affect the whole world. My promises stand as strong as ever for My children: I will protect and provide and deliver you. You will have great opportunity to testify of Me and lead many to Me—and you will not just win many souls, but many disciples. Make diligent use of this time to raise the standard, both in your personal lives and in your Home. Raise the level of your obedience, the level of your hunger for the Word, the level of your love for the lost, the level of your faithfulness.

137. Look with excitement upon these signs of the times! The end of all things is at hand. The time of My return draws near. The events leading up to My return are truly happening! The scoffers who say that the Endtime warnings of the doomsayers are the same now as they have been since the beginning, and that all things will continue as they were, will have a mighty widening of their eyes!

138. In addition to studying what I and your shepherds have said regarding these times‚ seek Me diligently for specifics for your situation, your Home, your country, your sheep. By staying close to Me, I will be able to lead and guide you not only into all truth, but also into green pastures, and feed you bountifully in the presence of your enemies.

139. The System exists to serve you; use it until the System makes it mandatory to deny your faith in order to use its services. The Mark is not yet fully in place, the Antichrist regime is not in power, so until then, use the System. But keep in mind that you must progressively prepare to reduce your depen­dence on its services as things move towards the one-world regime. The maxims “use the System, but don’t let it use you” and “use it but don’t abuse it,” keep things in perspective.

140. Are you living by faith? Are you exercising the gifts of the Spirit that enable you to trust Me to supply your needs? Are you learning to walk on the water? Are you building up your faith muscles? The just shall live by faith. The just shall survive by faith! (End of message from Jesus.) n

Endtime Series, The–Part 2

Karen Zerby

By Maria

Maria #521 CM/FM 3279 8/99

Dear Family‚

1. I hope you enjoyed the first GN of this series. There’s more to come—lots of exciting counsel and information from the Lord about the timetables and happenings of the End and the part we will play in it! Praise the Lord!

Is the Order of the 16 Points

Of the Endtime Still Accurate?

2. Q: Are the 16 points of the Endtime in the Memory Book still valid? Is that the way we still believe the order of events will happen?

3. (Jesus speaking:) These 16 points of the Endtime which I gave to your Father David are as pillars, and they remain the same. Although they might change in outward appearance, or the conditions and furnishings around them in the building might change, yet they are set in place and remain pillars which you can depend on. The time frame changes according to men’s decisions, but each of these are events that are now happening or will happen. The way in which they come to pass may be different than you expected, but they will come to pass.

4. My Word is sure. Even though at times you interpret it differently, yet My Word never changes. Being versed in My Word and familiar with what I have said is the best preparation, for then no matter how different things are from what you anticipated, you can go back to the foundation of My Word and find that it has not changed‚ and that through it you are able to be steadied and firmly set upon the rock, sure of My promises, sure of the things which will come to pass. (End of message from Jesus.)

What the Times and Years

Mentioned in “The Watch” Meant!

5. Q: Dad received several very specific prophecies regarding the Endtime. At least one specific time-related one, namely “The Watch” (ML #186A), made mention of years and times. At the time it was given, it seemed to make a lot of sense, but now the years it spoke of have all passed. Can the Lord give us any further explanation of what that vision was about and whether this “clock” is still ticking, and if so, what the years mean? What will they bring for us, the Family, and for the world?

6. (Jesus speaking:) This message and ­vision that your Father David received was in relation to his life and the years that he had yet to live in service to Me on this Earth. The times were not exact in this case because much depended on the decisions that your David would make as the time drew near. I had set the general time when he would be gathered unto Me, but the specific time was up to him. Your Father David thought that midnight would be in the year 1980 or 1981, but then he clearly heard My voice in his heart saying, “That will not be your midnight but your noon. Your midnight will be 12 hours later.” The date he then got was 1993, which was 12 years after 1981.

7. Your Father David nearly came Home to be with Me in 1993, and had even given you his farewell talk then. But in answer to your ­fervent prayers and pleas, and David’s own choice to re­main with you a little longer, his life was extended another year. So David finally returned to Me in 1994. The passing of your David from this life to the next was a significant sign of the End.

8. The clock is still ticking for you, and your midnight hour has not yet come. Midnight will come! The clock will strike 12‚ and then you will be with Me forever. (End of message from Jesus)

Any News About Smaller Events

Preceding the Endtime?

9. Q: What should we be telling the GP at this time regarding the Endtime? So many events that Dad predicted came true, and this was a testimony to people who knew about them. Can the Lord tell us more upcoming events that precede the major End­time events, which we can share with our friends and those we witness to, as a testimony that will support the fact that we are in the Endtime, and we need to be spiritually and physically prepared?

10. (Jesus speaking:) All of the major events and signs of the Endtime have been laid out in the Bible. Some of them you see now and understand clearly; others are a little hazy or blurry, maybe even totally hidden. But as these things come to pass, you will understand in full and will be amazed. Many events of the future are hidden within the pages of the Bible—some that I have revealed the meanings of, others that you will yet understand.

11. Some events of the Endtime are not fully set in stone. Satan is still perfecting his plan, thus many of the smaller events preceding the Great Tribulation‚ those that are not clearly spelled out in the Bible, are not yet concrete, because the Enemy has not sealed the issues. I am bound by My Own laws, and thus I can only tell you those future events that will not change. The major Endtime events, signs of the times‚ and road signs of the End are unchangeable, but there are smaller things that are fluid and could change. The Enemy has the freedom of choice, and since he has not yet made all of his final decisions, My lips are sealed until such a time as he has.

12. But just because I can’t tell you any new things at this time, this should not dampen your fire or hinder you from giving out the End­time message as never before. Though you’ve heard about all of the coming events that precede the End for many years now, it’s all fresh and new for those who are ignorant and clueless. So share it with them by the inspiration of My Spirit‚ that they may be moved to know Me and draw close to Me, so that they may have the power and strength for the dark days ahead.

13. As for your friends and sheep that are close to you, those that you have been ministering to for some time, or even for a short time‚ share with them the things that you are learning, the things that you’re doing in preparation for the days ahead. I gave you the new weapons, and especially the gift of prophecy, that you may teach others. I gave it not to you to hoard for yourself, but as something that you can give to others and instruct them in the use of, so that they may also be prepared for the days ahead. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Is the Antichrist Doing

To Prepare for His Takeover?

14. Q: What is the AC’s current plan? What preparations is he making? Is he already moving into his upcoming role in world domination? Is he clued in on what’s going on and already gaining control behind the scenes? Is there any update on him or when we might see a little more of his direct influence coming out?

15. (Jesus speaking: ) The signs of the times pave the way for the revelation of the Antichrist. Even now are there many Antichrists in the world, and you must be aware of them also. But do not be deceived by the great global cooperation. There is one Antichrist to come, and he will use this global cooperation and the schemes that have already been planned as his platform. He will spring up as a little horn, but with his smooth words and cunning mind will deceive many, even the very elect, if you do not watch and pray.

16. Even now he prepares, but his preparation is largely in the spirit. Satan also has to wait until the time is right, until I have approved the opening and the time when the Antichrist can emerge. What I have spoken of and foretold will come to pass, but it will not overstep My boundaries or My rulings.

17. The major preparations for the takeover of the world by the Antichrist are being carried out by those who are ignorant and unaware. The masterminds are behind the scenes‚ and these will not show their faces. They use pawns and puppets—figures of the world’s leader­ship, politicians and powerful men—to do their dirty work, which they disguise in good and helpful packages. But there is an end to all the good means which they promote‚ and this end is not good. The unification of countries and currencies, and the spread of communications and Internet resources are a major part of the Antichrist’s design and plans. Remember that while these things appear good now, the Antichrist and Satan that dwells within him will twist the good and turn it to evil. So watch and pray. (End of message from Jesus)

When Will the Antichrist

Rise to Power?

18. Q: When will we see the Antichrist rise to power? Is it going to be soon? How much longer do we have to wait before we are actually in the days of his power?

19. (Jesus speaking:) You will see the Anti­christ rise to power in this generation. I tell you plainly because you need to prepare. I tell you plainly because the spiritual warfare intensifies‚ and will continue to intensify. I am now preparing the hearts of My children around the world for greater things. Many will see his rise, but not all of this generation. (End of message from Jesus.)

20. Lord, when You say “in this generation‚” could You possibly make this a little more specific or clarify this in any way?

21. (Jesus speaking:) Some things must remain a mystery for now. I give you the seasons now, not the times. I give you generalities now, for the most part, and the specifics will come later. For now My children must study the Word, rightly dividing what I have given, that they may understand. As time goes on, I shall provide more specifics. The glass through which you peer will not be so dark and you shall see more clearly. But for now, in this mess­age, I would not go beyond what I have said. (End of message from Jesus.)

Will the First Generation Be Around

During the Great Tribulation?

22. Q: Will the FGAs still be around when the world enters into the Great Tribulation?

23. (Jesus speaking: ) Many will still be around, but some will not. Some will be taken, some will have already departed, and some will remain. (End of message from Jesus.)

24. (Mama:) I asked the Lord for further insight and clarification into His answer about how not all of the first generation will still be around during the Great Tribulation, and He gave the following beautiful message, explaining that while He will take a number of FGAs Home to Heaven before that time to be mighty spirit helpers for those of us who remain, many more FGAs will stay on Earth during the Great Tribulation period. And He promises special power and anointing to those of the first generation who have fought long and hard for Him!

25. (Jesus speaking:) I’m already calling some FGAs Home to work with Me in the spirit, for those days will not be for all to fight the battle on Earth‚ in the flesh. Some will work with Me from the Heavenly realm, as your spirit helpers, as your spirit warriors, and they will fight the battle from the spirit. They will be with you in the time of the Great Tribulation and will be able to help you in those days.

26. I’m already preparing the way for those days, and though I say that some FGAs will not be around, this shouldn’t alarm you, because I have many more who will be around, ready and armed to be My vessels‚ who will be ready to do great exploits. But I need warriors in the spirit, those of My Family fighters who are experienced in the use of the new weapons, who have been trained on Earth and understand the spiritual battles and the physical battles that the Family faces; who have compassion and a vision to help the Family and fight alongside them like no others, and who I will be able to use mightily as strong spirit helpers in those days.

27. This is part of My reward and blessing to the FGAs who have served Me faithfully for most of their lives. This is part of the vision and mission of the future that I’ve promised to the older generation. This is what I’ve been preparing some of them for; this is what they’ve been hanging on for, having faith for. They’ve remained faithful and loyal and dedicated to Me and the Family, waiting for the fulfillment of My promise. And some shall receive this reward early while others will receive their reward later, for they will still be there upon My return.

28. Some will be taken to the spirit world, but many will remain on Earth. But let not your heart be troubled, for I know exactly how to use each of My children. I have a plan and purpose for each one, and I do all things well. I will not give you more than you can bear, or call you to do something that you cannot do. Trust Me‚ for I am a loving God and I will do that which is best for you. I’m preparing you now, and even though you might not feel you have what it takes today, trust Me that in those days you will have exactly what it takes, because I will empower you to do great exploits, whether you’re Here in the spirit world with Me or on Earth with your brethren.

29. In those days I will introduce new spiritual weapons to you. In those days you will have great power and do great wonders, for this is part of your testimony, part of your witness that you are the children of the great God of the universe. (End of message from Jesus.)

What About Prophecies that

Give Us Times and Seasons?

30. Q: Dad said that he didn’t like to put precise times on things concerning the End­time. But, based on one or two prophecies, we’re saying that the Lord will come back within this generation. And we also seem to be narrowing down the time frame for other Endtime events. Is it okay to base such great predictions on a prophecy or two?

31. (Jesus speaking: ) Heaven and Earth may pass away, but My Word will not pass away. Not one word shall fail, but every jot and tittle shall be fulfilled. It is an anchor to hold you‚ a light to illumine your path, a strong tower in which you may take refuge, a weapon to cut the Enemy to the heart, and a very present help and comfort in time of trouble. You may depend upon it‚ My children, for what I have said, I will perform. What I have predicted, I will fulfill, and many of you of this generation shall see this fulfillment‚ for this is the time of the End.

32. I understand your hesitancy to say this is it—the end of all things, and the time of the Last Days, before My return. But I Myself have made this prediction in the Bible, that the generation which sees the signs you have seen will not pass before all these things are fulfilled. So you may trust My Word.

33. It is good that you come back to Me again and again to confirm these things, to make sure that they are so, searching the Scriptures and seeking My face for certainty. I commend you for this‚ for I know you wish to pass on My Words exactly as they are, with no error and no shade of self, or words or thoughts of your own. Blessed are you for your love of the truth and your desire for the pure Words from My lips.

34. Again I confirm to you that these are the Last Days, and that many of you shall see these things come to pass, for the fig tree has put forth her buds and the time is nigh, even at the doors.

35. As for whether you should trust such a prophecy based on just one channel, I am not limited by many or by few, or by one. I can speak My Words through any little one, for they are My Words, and the channel is but a means of delivering them. But if you wish a confirmation so that you may be more certain in your heart and your mind‚ then come to Me again, or again and again. I love to commune with you and speak with you, for you are My children, My beloved, My brides. You are those who love Me intimately and actively seek to share My love with others, so I will share many things with you and speak clearly to you of things to come. (End of message from Jesus.)

Has the Covenant Already Been

Signed in Secret?

36. Q: Dad has sometimes speculated that the Covenant could have already been signed secretly. If so, we may already be in the first half of the last seven years. Is there any way we can know whether we are or not?

37. (Jesus speaking:) The signing of the Covenant will be open; it will not be a secret to the believers. You will see the writing on the wall, for I will make it plain to you. You will not wonder or be mistaken. You will know because My Spirit will bear witness‚ and the signing of the Covenant will bear witness. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Shouldn’t We Be Getting Out

More of the Endtime Message?

38. Q: If the End is so soon, how come we’re not preaching more about it? The material that we’re getting out to the public is not pre­dominantly about the Endtime. Shouldn’t our main job be to warn the world about the coming Endtime days?

39. (Jesus speaking: ) Fear not, for I have the Master plan, and My plan includes the events which the Devil and the Antichrist will attempt to bring forth. Only when I permit it will their plans be allowed.

40. For the past few years I have allowed the Family to concentrate on their personal lives and spiritual state. I have used this as a time of training, of preparation, for I know that in the days to come‚ this will be needed. It’s better for you to practice and learn how to use the new weapons now than if I revealed them to you just days or months before you would need to be using them daily‚ at every turn.

41. This is why I have concentrated on the Family’s spiritual lives and strengthening. I know that it would be too much to ask of you to both work on your internal spiritual matters at the same time as you put a great focus or emphasis on spreading the Endtime message.

42. There are posters and other tools which do have the Endtime message and you have been getting these out all along, but not in a concen­trated push, and certainly not as the Family’s main warning message to the world. But this will come. It will come after these days of training are over. I wait on you in part, for I do not wish for you to be ill prepared in the days to come. But the times and seasons will not wait forever, so you must press in now. The time of waiting and the season of prep­aration have ended‚ and time marches towards its finale. I will allow the events to come to begin to fall into place. I will not hinder nor hold them back.

43. I have given you sufficient time to prepare. I’ve given years of peace and provision, and now you’ve been given the means wherewith to protect and guard yourself in the spirit with the new weapons. Now the focus must shift back to your main job of warning the world and of spreading My message. You’ve had a time of internal improvement and focus‚ but your main job is and has always been to the world, to the lost. You are saved; they are lost.

44. You must be prepared for the days ahead, or you will not be ready. Those who are not ready will find themselves at a disadvantage, so prepare, while it is still day. For in the night, I will call you to be My whisperers and bringers of truth to those who would listen. I would have each of you be one of My candles, rebelling against the darkness and standing up for the truth. Even though it’s dark and the Evil One has tried to cover the truth with his lies and deceits, you will shine brightly and expose his plans and evil devices. So prepare your hearts and spirits. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Will Our Calling Be

During the Last Days?

45. Q: What will our main calling be in the Last Days? And are we doing the right thing now and getting out the right message, or does the Lord want us to do something else? Right now the Family is being a good sample‚ showing love, doing CTP ministries, winning souls, etc., but we don’t seem to be doing as much to warn people about the Endtime.

46. (Jesus speaking:) I have made the children of David to be all things to all men that they might win some and lead My lost sheep into My Kingdom; that they might free men from the snares of the Enemy and from the lure of the System. One of the roles that I have ordained the children of David to perform is that of warning the lost, of warning the world and exposing the spirit of antichrist.

47. As the End grows nearer, as the Enemy puts his devices in place and the spirit of antichrist becomes more open‚ I wish for My children to also take steps to warn the world and counteract the lies with My Words and the truth. The lost sheep will not know unless you tell them; they won’t recognize the spirit of antichrist unless they’re warned and given the truth. So you must be prepared to tell them.

48. The Family must not only be a sample of love and compassion, of reaching out to ­others with My Spirit of love, which they do very well, but they must also be My mouth to warn the world—to warn them of the signs of the times and what to look for, how to recognize the spirit of antichrist and how to stay close to Me. The lost must be able to recognize the signs of the Endtime so that they can make their de­cision, so they can follow Me and be saved.

49. This is part of the job of the children of David, to be a warning beacon as well as a sample of love. And even though they will not be popular for their voice of warning‚ and some will suffer persecution, this is part of your calling and what I’ve been preparing you for. All that I’ve spoken and poured into the Family through the new weapons of the new day, all the New Wine, and the new moves of My Spirit, has been part of your preparation for the days to come.

50. I will use the Family to stand apart, to stand strong and warn the world, to raise a voice for the truth and against the spirit of antichrist. I will use them to lead many to salvation, to save many from the horrors of the Enemy. But the Family must be prepared to be strong, to stand strong and to warn the world in the days to come. For as those days grow closer you will not have the same freedom and peace that you know now, for those will be days of battle, days of persecution, and only those who have been preparing themselves through My Spirit and the weapons of the new day will be able to understand and do exploits.

51. This will be your calling in the Last Days, this will be your ministry—to warn the world‚ to expose the Enemy, to fight for My lost sheep. The Family does that now, but as the days grow darker they will be called upon to warn more, to speak more, to stand up more and let others see the light so that they can come to Me. (End of message from Jesus)

What Pace Do We Go at Now?

52. Q: When I read New Wine that talks about the Endtime’s imminent approach and the need for us to give our all now, I feel very convicted to do more for the Lord. Though the world around us is war-filled and things are going wrong right and left‚ still, I guess because we’re in such a bubble of protection‚ I find it hard to believe that we’re just going to wake up one day and hear about the Antichrist having risen to power. I want to have more vision in my life in light of time being short, but it’s hard to find the balance between pressing in and living each day as if it’s our last, and going slow and having a longer-term ­vision.

53. (Jesus speaking:) You believe the Endtime is going to come, but it’s hard for you to think that you will wake up one day and hear that the Antichrist has risen. In order to help you understand how things will happen, look at some of the other prophecies that have been fulfilled.

54. For example, one amazing vision I gave your Father David was of the great and import­ant role that your young people would play in the Endtime. Flaming evangelists, he called them. I gave him this vision and he saw how they would be in the vanguard, carrying the banner of My Words and speaking loudly and boldly of My truth for all to hear. This is being fulfilled and will be even more fulfilled as time goes on.

55. Also, look at all the prophecies about My birth, about My coming to Earth. Some seemed contradictory, because I was supposed to be born in Bethlehem, yet I was supposed to be a Nazarene. I was also to come out of Egypt. These were all prophesied and seemed contradictory, yet all came true. How did this happen? It simply happened because each prophet sees a little portion of the tapestry, a few threads or a seam here and there. He sees a part of the puzzle, like seeing a section of the glorious stars in the night sky.

56. When you look at the stars‚ you only see a portion—that which is visible from your spot on Earth at that time of year. But I see all the stars. I see them shine in majesty, and so I know the overall picture. But that doesn’t mean that what you see is not accurate; it only means that it’s just part of the puzzle.

57. So it is with this great Endtime mystery play that is unfolding. The players are acting out their roles, but you don’t yet know the plot and what part each character will play. And some of the main characters have not even been introduced. Although you know the ending of the play and some of the highlights, you do not know how the play will reach that point and exactly how long each act will take.

58. Whatever the case, it’s good to continue to work as though you have little time, for in reality you do not have much time. As you have grown older and the promise of My coming has seemed to drag on, you may now feel like, “I thought it was all going to be over before this!” You feel a little cheated, like maybe you pressed in too much at an earlier date, when you could have taken it easier.

59. But don’t you see that the times you pressed in were to your advantage? I used the sense of urgency to get you to accomplish more. Now many of you have learned to relax more and to go at a more moderate pace, and to be sure to check in with Me and to act according to My Spirit and My guidelines. This necessitates going slower. Maria has written the lessons she has learned on going slow so that you can partake of My Spirit and be led of Me‚ by taking the time to hear from Me and to get My instructions.

60. If, because you think the Antichrist is going to arise tomorrow, you go in haste, this could result in what you in the Family call “a jerk.” You could be going too fast, moving too hastily, and not seeking Me enough to be sure that you’re in tune with Me.

61. So in that sense, I’m happy when My children are not in a rush-rush, push-push mode of operation, in a frantic, frenzied, tense‚ anxious, and even fretful mode. “Oh my! The End is coming! We have to quick do all we can RIGHT NOW!” I would rather that you move in an attitude of faith, which takes calmness and trust, knowing that I will lead and guide you in each moment.

62. In the past some of you moved with frenzied activity. You were full of energy and did things very fast. But some of these same people who moved so fast are now going much more slowly and are more full of My Spirit! They’re more led of Me. They’re more in tune with Me instead of with their own flesh. The flesh wants to go fast, accomplish things, finish things, and give itself the credit. I want you to go slow enough to hear from Me, to follow My instructions, and to do what I want you to do.

63. This doesn’t mean you have to slow down to a snail’s pace. But it does mean that I don’t want you to become frantic and too hurried by the news that the Endtime is upon you. I just want you to move at My speed. And this speed may not be as fast as it was in years past‚ okay?

64. The key is to keep checking in with Me. Let Me direct your steps, and I will lead and guide and help you. Prepare for the Endtime by being in tune with Me every day, every hour, every minute, and I will see you through all that is to come. (End of message from Jesus)

How to Ensure that You Can Hear

From Heaven During the Last Days!

65. Q: During times of persecution in the Last Days, we’re going to want to be in extra close touch with our spirit helpers and those trying to guide us. What can we do now in practice to make it easier for us to hear their voices and instructions then?

66. (Dad speaking:) You’d probably like it if I gave you some shocking revelation, some real fast‚ work-free way to link with us‚ sidestepping the age-old rule of just tuning in. But practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

67. But besides simply being faithful to take that time to practice listening to Heaven on a daily basis, there is something you can do—take some time alone with the Lord to ask Him for a tailor-made preparation strategy just for you. There isone up His sleeve that’s just for you. Are you gonna take the time to hear it?

68. There are a variety of things that the Lord would like to tell you that would help strengthen your link with Him, His angels and messengers, and His readily available Heavenly host of ministering spirits and beings. These are the days set aside for schooling.

69. Oh, I’m telling you‚ you’ve only just begun to tap in to your Heavenly resources. You’ve barely scratched Heaven’s charmed surface. The Lord is going to teach you new ways for these new days of how to communicate with us. He’ll teach you a great variety of new ways to be more Heavenly-minded and tuned in to our frequency, hearing as clearly as clear gets. There are whole new discovery channels that the Lord’s about to open to you.

70. The Lord has a special, fresh approach for each of you to get you to be more aware of the world of the spirit than you’ve ever been before, so it will be easier for you to link with us and receive our messages.

71. Have you ever tried developing a special friendship with your spirit helpers? Ask the Lord to reveal to you the names of some of your personal helpers. Get to know some of them. It’s such fun; they’re such fun. You know how it is when you’ve developed a special relationship, or you have a kinship, a bond, or a real special friendship with someone there on Earth‚ how it usually becomes easier to work well with that dear one you know intimately? Why not try working on your working relationships and friend­ships with some of your spirit helpers too? You’ll want to talk with them and pay them heed more and more if you do, just the way it is the more you talk with the Lord.

72. Your spirit helpers are eager to talk with you. They’ll even tell you about themselves if you’ve got the time and wanna hear it. In time, you could even get to know their unique person­alities and voices as they’re helping to lead and guide you in the ways the Lord has asked them to be a help to you. That’ll help you tune in some.

73. For the most part, though, you simply need to tune in. Sit still so you hear the still, small voices, and practice that again and again and again. But on top of that, there is a unique way that the Lord wants you to take steps forward in this. Ask Him about it! (End of message from Dad.)

Do Our Young People and Kids

Need More Endtime Input?

74. Q: Should we be teaching and training our young people and children more about the Endtime? That used to be more of a focus, but it seems that it’s now on the back burner. Also, are the rest of us adults keeping up to date and prepared for the End­time?

75. (Jesus speaking:) If your children and young people are reading the New Wine that I’m pouring out in abundance, then they are being prepared for the End according to My Word. I am a faithful Father and Teacher‚ and I know what they have need of in the way of spiritual feeding and preparation for their futures. I know the need and I know the future. I have carefully planned the New Wine so that each child, young person and adult in My Family is being fed what good, essential and proper nourishment they need. If you’re faithful to read the Word that I pour forth with your young ones, you can be assured that they’re getting the essentials for both now and the future.

76. A faithful teacher and parent will also supplement this Endtime diet with other pubs and Word, to complete their training. You have many ways of doing so, especially through reading the compilations of material that your ­Father David poured out over the years. Read the Book of the Future for the whole vision of the Endtime according to the Letters and scriptures. Familiar­ize your hearts with the Endtime memory verses so that your heart is filled with the basic Bible verses on the subject of Endtime events. As you feed your children the Word, you’ll see what they do not know yet or have need of learn­ing, and one study will lead to another. Ask them questions, help them to grow in faith and peace about the Endtime days ahead. I am always available to answer any need you have!

77. There is also Endtime material in the new pubs that I have inspired or poured out over the years. There is much in the Letters, in the Currents, in the ENDs, in “The Future Foretold,” in the tracts, posters, songs and videos I have given you. So you have a wealth of Word‚ both old and new, which you may use to instruct your little ones. I ordained these publications both for the world and for your own youth, that they might benefit from them.

78. I continue to pour out insight into ­major Endtime events through the new Letters‚ through the END, and in teaching you to use the new spiritual weapons that will give you strength and power and help in the Last Days. The onus is now on you to study these Words.

79. If you’re reading and studying what I’ve already prepared for you, there’s no need to worry that you’re not getting what you need to be fed spiritually about the Endtime. But it’s up to you parents and youth who can feed yourselves to use your time wisely and to put due priority on reading and studying these Words of life so that you might get full benefit from them. How else can you teach others, including your children?

80. I put the delicious plates of good Word food in front of you, but I cannot make you eat it. Nor can I make you maintain a good diet. Some do not desire this type of meal, but prefer to snack or even partake of worldly input and diets that do not help‚ but only weaken them. The re­sponsibility is yours, personally, to feed yourselves and to help feed your children this essen­tial diet of the meat of My Word on the End­time. This is My protein of the Spirit! If you will be faithful to eat, to feed, to nourish yourselves in the New Wine, the Endtime Word for today, and if you will pray for vision, faith, and understanding of these Words as you read, I prom­ise to do My part to see that you’re strengthened‚ empowered‚ and even anointed by these Words, and thus sufficiently prepared for the Endtime days ahead.

81. I ask that all My Family be faithful to feed My lambs these Words of life. I have ordained that the parents and teachers and even siblings of My children feel the responsibility to help feed them these essential Words. The chil­dren’s versions of the New Wine are wonderful and just what these children need, yet I have also ordained that it is the parents’ and others’ responsibility to feed the children more of the Word‚ both new and old. What better way to feed yourself and be strengthened in faith and trust about the Endtime than to feed ­others?

82. Please do feed My lambs! Learn with the children. Memorize with them. Review with them. Research with them. Make it a family or Home project to feed on and study the Words of life that I’ve given on the Endtime. I’ve done My part to provide these helpful pubs for you; your part is to feed it and more to them, according to their need. Don’t let the Enemy intimidate you that you don’t know enough about the Endtime to teach others. Even if you simply read the compiled Endtime pubs with them (see list below), you have covered the essentials, along with reading the children’s New Wine. You will see that this is not a lot to ask or expect, and that you too will be greatly fed and encouraged by the wonderful vision I have for you through these Words!

83. I want to see faithful students feasting on My Word! I love to see the diligent soul made fat and prosperous and wise through faithful study of My Words (Pro.13:4; Josh.1:8; 2Tim. 2:15). This is how I raise up strong leaders for the Endtime, faithful workmen who are eager to labor in My Word and doctrine. I bless and empower those who feed diligently on My Words.

84. I understand that you parents feel you have so much to do and cannot take care of all that is needed. That’s why I’ve already prepared the Endtime pubs for you, so that you don’t have to feel you must cover every MO Letter or pub with your children. I’ve done the hard work for you. Just read what is already compiled with your kids‚ or see that they read it, and that they have a basic understanding of these Words.

85. My Word is full of My promises of protection, supply, and miracles! Your faith will increase as you read and study these Words of life, and thus you and your children will be prepared. I would not have you go through these dark days ahead if I had not done My best to prepare you for them! But a lot is up to your faithfully feeding on these Words that will give you what I know you need! (End of message from Jesus.)

Some Endtime Pubs for Children

mKidz MOP 2: The Future, pg. 159: 63 pages summarizing the Book of the Future for young children

mBook of the Future (For older MCs and up) Part 1: A complete summary of the End­time events, compiled from over 20 years of Dad’s many Letters. Part 2: Topically arranged Endtime scriptures which accompany the categories covered in Part 1.

m”The Revelation of the End” TK, pg. ii in the BOF: A complete picture study through End­time events with Bible verses.

mKiddy Cat Book, pg.33: Endtime listings of pubs, TKs‚ New Heaven’s Children, posters, Bible passages, etc., for children.

mChildcare Reference Handbook, LNF 199 (1994), pg.669: “The Endtime”–reading lists for JETTs and teens on interpreting pro­phecy, Bible Proph­ecy‚ Current Events, and Endtime up­dates from Dad.

mWord Basics, The Endtime, pg. 259. Scriptures on each of the 16 major points of the Endtime.

How Will the Family Operate

As a Group in the Endtime?

86. Q: Will the Family still be able to operate in a somewhat united manner, with Mama and Peter still leading directly through the Letters and commu­nicating with the Family at large by some means? Or will we be forced to be much more scattered and fragmented, needing to get our direction and counsel on an individual ­basis, mostly straight from the Lord and poss­ibly some local leadership?

87. (Jesus speaking:) There are still several years ahead in which you will be able to operate as you have to some degree, with Maria and Peter continuing to communicate with you through the mail, or at least through personal couriers and various forms of written or recorded communications.

88. There will come a time, however, in which such direct earthly communications will not be possible, at least not for everyone. You never know whether you’ll be one of the ones who will be able to stay in communication, or whether your field or country or continent will be an area of the world where the Antichrist’s control will become strong‚ making it difficult or even impossible to have a continued link with your earthly king and queen via mail. Once the Evil One arises, this could happen quickly in some countries.

89. Therefore I have given you the gift of prophecy‚ a direct channel with Me, so that with this secret weapon, this ultimate weapon, you’ll be able to overcome and defeat the Enemy, to the very end of your days. You’ll be able to get My specific guidance and direction, as well as My general overall vision and counsel and plan through your own personal channels with Me.

90. The need for unity and counsel among the small groups of My children who will band together will be essential as well. For some of you, the time will come sooner. But the time will come for everyone at some point, where you will be cut off from communications with ­others, whether for a short time or indefinitely. You will then be more grateful than ever if you have cultivated the habit of communication with Me via prophecy. If you have not, you will discover that you are found lacking, and that you’ll not have the faith and confidence to face what’s ahead of you.

91. Fellowship and counsel of the brethren will be a much more highly valued commodity than it is now. In the darkest days to come, when you have opportunity to meet with a local leader in your area‚ or any other Family members‚ you will consider this a precious privilege. You will be grateful for the strength of spirit, the power of unity, and the increased wisdom and perspective through counsel­ing and comparing notes, that this will bring.

92. Most of you will not have to ever be totally on your own, though there will be times when many will get down to groups of two or three or four, some interacting with other small groups from time to time, and others going for long periods of time without such interaction. Yet you need not fear, for in the absence of earthly leadership, I will still be your Good Shepherd, your Leader, and your Counselor.

93. I will guide you towards My highest will and away from the traps of the Enemy, so that you will not be removed before your time‚ but will either last until the end, or depart as a martyr in the way that will be most effective and the greatest witness possible. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Reason Behind Recent

Failed or Suicidal “Raptures”!

94. Q: How come there are so many religious groups and sects nowadays proclaiming that their messiah or savior is coming‚ selling all their possessions and going up to a mountain or other remote location, only to be discovered missing, dead, or disappointed? It must be one of the Enemy’s ploys or decoys to distract people and keep them from believing that the Lord really is going to return soon. Has the Lord or Dad said anything about this in relation to the Endtime?

95. (Jesus speaking:) In My Words, both old and new, I told you many times that false prophets would arise. I explained and made it very clear that this would happen, and that the Enemy would even send emissaries into My Own Church with flatteries and lies‚ dressed in sheep’s clothing, trying to deceive, if it were possible, even My very elect.

96. What are some of the flatteries that many of the false prophets have used to entice men’s souls?—The flattery and false teachings of those who would deny the sound instruction written in My Word. Many have allowed themselves to become deceived, because they’ve had itching ears, itching to hear and believe what they wanted to hear—doctrines and philos­ophies that were not founded upon the truth in My Word. Instead, they have received into their midst false teachers and false prophets who have twisted My Word and convinced themselves and other weak ones that they would not have to endure to the End.

97. Many have taught that they were going to be taken away in the clouds before the time of Great Tribulation which has been promised to come upon the whole Earth. Others have even taken it upon themselves to take their own lives and the lives of their followers, promising that they would become as gods upon leaving their physical bodies behind.

98. Did I not give ample warning in My Word that there would be false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, My Church, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies‚ even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction, and that many shall follow their pernicious ways? (See 2Peter 2:1.)

99. Because I knew that there would be false prophets and false teachers, even from the very beginning—those who would spurn the love of the truth and bring upon themselves strong delusion, that they might believe lies—I gave you specific warnings about them, that you should beware of them. I also made it plain in My Word what kinds of prophets you should believe and follow.

100. I told you in My Word that you would know the true prophets by their fruits. If their fruits are according to My Word, then they are also according to My Word and are led by My Spirit. “Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them” (Mat.7:20). Also, if they are truly of God, they will acknowledge that I came in the flesh to save them from their sins; they will teach this openly.

101. Another way to know whether a pro­phet is of God, and not of that Evil One, is whether he speaks of the world, the things of the world, or from the viewpoint of the world rather than My Word. He that is of the world, the world hears, such as those who preach materialism rather than the Gospel, and the false peace prophets who promise that there will be peace and safety. These are preparing the way for the New World Order‚ which will be led by that man of sin. The world at large will believe and follow them, because that is what they want to hear. For wide is the gate that leads to destruction, and many there be who go in thereat.

102. Another way to know whether or not a prophet is true and if the words that he speaks are of My Spirit is by judging what he says against the guidepost of My Words. If a prophet promises a quicker way of escape in the Endtime from the troubles and tribulations that I have promised will come upon all the world, then he speaks not the truth, but is deceived or seeks to deceive others. For I have clearly said in My Word, immediately after the tribulation of those days will I return to gather My elect unto Me. I want you to stick it out there on Earth, so that you may be a blessing and a witness for Me right up until the very End. Then, when it becomes impossible to go on and there’s no other way out but up, then and only then will I call the rest of you Home to be with Me at our wedding supper celebration.

103. I have explained in My Word, both through My Own Words and through the Words of My mouth spoken by My prophets, that you should not expect My coming before the fulfillment of the predictions that have been made, for all must be fulfilled, and then the End will come. When some say, “Lo, He is here,” or “Lo, He is coming there,” then you will know not to believe them‚ for when I come, you will know it without a doubt—for where I am, there you will be also. When I come, you will know.

104. It is the Enemy who has flooded the face of the Earth with his lies, making some believe one thing and others believe another. He knows exactly which lie will work with which people, and he feeds them his false teachings as frogs from the mouth of the dragon and the beast.

105. Many who have been deceived were simply unskilled in My Word. They were too lazy to find the truth of My Word for themselves, and instead accepted what was easiest and most convenient to believe. This has played right into the hand of the Enemy, and he loves to publicize to the world every time a group has been misled to believe that I was coming at a certain time or place.

106. The Enemy has also worked on the pride of some who have allowed themselves to become puffed up with the Devil’s vainglory into believing that they themselves were the saviors of the world, and that when they and their followers died, they would become as gods. This has been inspired of the Devil himself, who told them that they would be as gods, just as he told Eve in the garden. Once they swallowed his lies, he led them down the path of ultimate destruction, for that is always his goal—to destroy. Just as with those who have waited in vain for My supposed arrival‚ the Enemy also loves to publicize the death and destruction of these ones who he was able to dupe and to deceive, as it causes the rest of the world to feel that they should beware of anyone who believes in anything other than the struggle for material survival and gain.

107. Although the Enemy, through his puppets‚ is always warning the world to beware of fanatical believers and false prophets, he is the instigator of all false doctrines, both within the Church and without. And ultimately he will possess his own false prophet and world dictator to do signs and wonders in order to deceive many. Therefore I say unto you, be not deceived‚ but be prepared. Be not conformed to the false prophets of the world and what they’re teaching and promoting. Prepare yourself by yielding wholly and completely to Me, which is your reasonable service. Learn now to hear from Me so that you might be able to confirm what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Rom. 12:1-2). (End of message from Jesus.)

Endtime Series, The–Part 3

Karen Zerby

Table of Contents

By Maria #522 CM/FM 3280 8/99

Dear Family,

1. Here’s part three of our Endtime series—full of information and invaluable counsel on what to expect and how to prepare for the Endtime. Thank the Lord for the additional insight He’s given into this important

Are There Any Physical Preparations to Make or Skills We Should Learn for the Endtime?

2. Q: What else besides the spiritual new weapons do we need in order to be prepared for the Endtime? Is there something we need to be praying for or learning how to do, or will the Lord just use whatever we end up learning now in whatever Endtime scenario arises?

3. (Jesus speaking:) Your present jobs and ministries are preparing you in the best poss­ible way for the Endtime. I will continue to call you to be shepherds and teachers of My flock. I will call you to be a light in the midst of great darkness. You will stand up as My torches of light to light up the darkness around you.

4. The spiritual weapons that you’re now becoming practiced in the use of are the weapons that will be of most use to you in the coming dark days. The training you receive now in feeding My sheep, in being shepherds, teachers and pastors to the flock, the skills of people hand­ling‚ of understanding and feeding the sheep, are the things that I will use in the Endtime.

5. Compared to the great masses, there will be so few who will have this knowledge, who will have the light that you have, who will have such a connection to Me and to the spirit world. This is the most important thing you can do to prepare, for in those days you will be called on to be My witnesses, My pastors, My shepherds of the sheep. You will not always be in your big loving family groups; some will have to operate on their own, so each individual’s connection with Me is vital.

6. There will be those in your flock, those of your contacts, those you minister to, who will have the practical and technical knowledge that you will need but may not possess. So you don’t need to fear that the time you spend preparing for the spiritual will leave you ill-equipped for dealing with the practical things. I will not leave you comfortless.

7. Whatever situation I engineer your life and ministry into in the Last Days, I will have those by you with the practical knowledge you need in order to effect that ministry. Whatever it may be, whatever the need may be, I will raise up within your flock or from your sheep and contacts those who will have the knowledge to back you up and support you. They will be ones whom you have led to Me‚ but they have not the same calling as you. They have not from their youth devoted their lives to My service‚ learning and committing themselves to be in My Endtime army, possessing the spiritual weapons which will be in much demand in those days. But I will have gifted them with the necessary practical or technical knowledge, or whatever the need may be.

8. So the answer to your question is: Continue to strengthen yourselves in the spirit‚ in hearing from Me, in loving Me and becoming My bride, in trust and in faith in the Word. This is the knowledge that you will need the most. In your ministries and in your life of feeding your sheep, continue to progress to be the shepherds and teachers that I’m making you into. Continue to raise up a broad base of support through your contacts and those to whom you minister.

9. Everything you come across, each thing that you’re learning now‚ I will use for My glory, either now, or in the Endtime, or in the Millennium. So if you have learned some practical or technical skill, then I will make use of it. But if you have the chance to gain some knowledge you didn’t have before, you must ask Me if this opportunity is My will for you. For some people, it will be My will that they seek to increase their knowledge on a certain subject, because it will be of help to them in the Endtime. For others, it will not be necessary, or will be a distraction or a hindrance.

10. But knowledge puffeth up, and it is important to realize that in the dark days ahead, knowledge will profit nothing without My Spirit, without My leading and direction. So seek not after worldly knowledge or instruction‚ but seek after My Spirit. Seek to prepare and arm yourselves with My Word. This is what will be in demand; this is what you will need the most. This is the ministry to which I will call the great majority of My children in the Last Days—that of being shepherds and teachers, leaders of the flock.

11. Don’t spend your time in futile pursuits of worldly knowledge, for I will supply you with the knowledge you need in the day you need it. Spend your time now in preparation of the spirit, for this is what you and others will profit by the most. You will be able to profit from their technical knowledge, but they will profit by your spiritual link with Me, and that will be what is needed the most. (End of message from Jesus)

What Is Vital to My Endtime Prep?

12. Q: With the Endtime approaching fast, I’d like to know what things I’m supposed to do and how to best prepare. I know that I’m supposed to be using and practicing the new weapons, but is there anything else in my personal life that is vital to End­time prep?

13. (Jesus speaking:) Stop. Think. Does news of things to come cause you to stir yourselves up and get desperate with Me as to what you should do personally, and as a Home and family unit? Or do you just wait for your king and queen to hear from Me for you? Think about it.

14. Now consider this: What if for some reason WS was not able to communicate with you to prepare you for such things? What would you do?

15. Don’t be as those who sleep, who have eyes but see not and have ears but hear not. It’s high time to awake, to stir yourselves from slumber, and put on your armor of light. Do you stir yourselves up daily? Do you ask questions?

16. What am I trying to say to you—individually, and as a Home? If you’re concerned about where you’re going, how your Home is doing‚ how the Family is progressing, and the impact you’re having on the world, what are you doing about it? You can’t change the world without changing yourselves first!

17. Your queen is like Joshua‚ your king, Gideon. They’ll declare war on the enemy. They’ll organize you, lead you, and command you. They’ll help feed you My Words. But first they’ll lead you down to the river. What you do then is up to you. Will you sip the water from your hand vigilantly, ready for imminent danger? Or lap like a dog, all caution thrown to the wind?

18. Your queen and king lead the way. You must follow. But a soldier who follows without any personal conviction and determination for the war he’s fighting is no soldier. He may think he is, say he is‚ look like one, act like one, talk like one, and even be called one. But he still isn’t a soldier. He’s a deserter waiting to happen, a mobile casualty of sorts—very hazardous.

19. The time to be mature is now. You should be able to decrypt the signs that are popping up all around you and figure out what I’m trying to say to you and to the world. The point is and has always been: Seek and you’ll find. The ­answers will not find you; you must find them. They’re all around if you’ll just look, and keeping the world out of your hearts facilitates this.

20. For those of you who think that My warning of the coming End is exaggerated or will not come to pass, think again. Remember Noah and his ark. It was ages before the floods came, but the flood did eventually come. Calamity will come, there’s no question about that. Don’t worry about trying to set a date upon it or analyze exactly how these things will come to pass. Have faith.

21. The world isn’t what it used to be. Things aren’t what they were. Times have changed and they change still. Keeping up with high-tech industry takes a lot of effort, but keeping up with the spirit world takes even more effort. It’s not difficult, but it’s in continual motion. Unless you log on every day for updates, you’ll be stuck in the present while your counter­parts have moved toward the future.

22. You must prepare spiritually and physically. These are the days when both the spiritual and the physical realms collide. Activity between these dimensions is tremendous, and continually increasing. Being physically and spiritually prepared goes hand in hand. He who tries to explain these as separate is like one trying to define the beginning and end of a circular object.

23. If you’re prepared physically but not spiritually, then you may be ready to weather the coming storms of calamity, but you won’t know just when they’ll hit, or how hard, nor will you know what’s really happening behind the scenes and why. You won’t be able to comfort others, or yourselves. You’ll have no notion as to what your next move should be, or if you should even move at all. You’ll have zero spiritual stamina and strength for anything. The difficult days ahead will drain you of all your strength and even your reserves. There is no guarantee of survival without spiritual readiness.

24. But if all you do is read your Bible, GNs‚ and pray, and that’s it, you won’t be of much use to anyone. The Word was made flesh, remember. Your faith and beliefs must be seen and heard. They have to be put into action.

25. If all you do is hear My voice, but fail to act on it when I tell you to go, come, stay, hush‚ speak, witness, pray, praise, follow‚ write‚ sing, wake, sleep, nap, rest, love‚ make love, buy this‚ sell that, hang on to this, discard that, give a hug, take the bus today instead of your car, start a new ministry‚ start a mailing list, start busking, stop busking, get a job, quit your job—and on and on the list goes—then you’re not going to make it.

26. If you can’t do what I tell you personally to do, then you aren’t ready. If you doubt My instructions or My voice, then you’re not prepared. I give you counsel in the GNs, but there is so much more that I have just waiting to be poured out to you, even more specific and personal counsel, if you’ll only tap in.

27. Your king and queen are great and mighty in My eyes because they’ve learned to log on daily. They keep checking in with Me, keep tapping in to My Words and power, and keep seeking Me for My updates and counsel. They’re shining examples of how to hear from Me and be used of Me. And you can also learn to seek My face so diligently and be greatly used of Me if you’ll only do what your king and queen have been telling you for so long now.

28. To be prepared, you must keep your eyes wide open. Are you now, at this very moment, concerned and prepared? Think about it. (End of message from Jesus)

Any More New Moves of the Spirit Coming for Our “Endtime Prep”?

29. Q: Will the Family undergo any other new moves of the Spirit in preparation for the Tribulation and the Last Days? We’ve received the gift of prophecy, Loving Jesus, and the Law of Love. Are there other things the Family needs to know and areas to grow in before the Tribulation begins? If so, what are they?

30. (Jesus speaking:) I am a moving God. My Spirit moves, it stirs, it thrives. My Spirit never stagnates, for My Spirit is alive, vibrant‚ on the move. So I keep you, My children‚ ever changing‚ ever growing, and ever moving. I keep you stirred up; I keep you pressing onward‚ going forward, and never settling down.

31. I have moved you into a new day. I have poured out New Wine on you. I have given you these new moves of My Spirit that you might stay fresh and alive, moving, changing, and pressing onward so that I can use you mightily in this Time of the End.

32. Before the great and terrible day of Tribulation is poured out upon the Earth, I will continue to prepare you and keep you pro­gressing and moving forward. All these new moves that I’ve given you add to the sum of a great move of My Spirit, as I move you now into the days of greater faith.

33. I will blow the winds of My Spirit upon you‚ that those who follow closely might flow along, propelled by great faith. In the days ahead your faith will grow and blossom; it will flourish as the grass of the earth. Through these moves—through loving Me intimately, through honing your gift of prophecy, through learning to live and abide by My Law of Love, through your great bonds of unity, through learning to hear from Me on all things—I am working to cultivate within you great faith, mighty faith such as the world has never known.

34. In the days to come, there will be a great move of My Spirit as I lead you into the way of greater faith. Those who will listen to My Words, and who will receive and obey them, will receive a great anointing of faith such as the world has never seen. I have endowed My servants with faith from the beginning of time, yet as My Spirit moves in these Last Days, I will pour out greater faith such as has not been seen since the beginning of time.

35. These days that are soon to come upon you will be the days of great miracles! These will be the days of greater things, and this is a great move of My Spirit. This will be the fruit of your faith—the great miracles I will work on behalf of My children who follow closely. Those who hear My Word and obey will put their faith into action and call down mighty miracles from the Heavens! This will be the mighty moving of My Spirit.

36. I am a moving God. My Spirit moves; it never stagnates. So will I keep My children on the move, always growing, always changing, and always moving in tune with My Spirit in these Last Days. I speak to you of these things for this moment, and I do not reveal all to you at once, for I am also the Lord of surprise, the Lord of wonder, the Lord of mystery. I do not guard portions of the future behind a veil to tease or taunt you, My children‚ but in My wisdom I do these things in perfect love.

37. I take you a step at a time. I do not reveal to you every new move of My Spirit that is to come, for I reserve a portion for the appointed time. The time to tell all is not yet. I do not reveal to you every detail from the beginning, for in this way I keep you coming back for more, I keep you excited, intrigued and challenged, and I keep you growing and moving forward at a steady pace.

38. Yes‚ My loves, I have sufficient new moves of My Spirit in store for these exciting days of the End. I have just enough—not too much, nor too little. At this moment I reveal only what you need to know now and no further. I have many‚ many things to say to you, My children, which, if I told you at this moment, you would not be able to bear them, for the thrills and wonders of the days ahead would overwhelm you, as would the dangers and foes you will face in some cases. And it would also be too much to contain, for you would be bursting with excitement, with wonder‚ and in some cases with worry about the future‚ hindering your present ministry and outreach. So I do not burden you with such things now.

39. But fear not. Let this encourage your hearts, for the days ahead will be great and mighty for those who follow closely. You’ll flow along with the new moves of My Spirit and flourish as the grass of the field as righteousness covers the Earth. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Kind of Troubles Will We Face in the Endtime?

40. Q: The Lord has been trying to prepare us for the very difficult times we’re heading for in the Endtime and Great Tribulation, warning us how bad it’s going to get and teaching us to use the new weapons. What kind of troubles will we face? Will it be mainly a test of our faith‚ remaining strong in our convictions, standing up for and witnessing to others about the Lord, or will it be mainly physical suffering and hardship, or both?

41. (Jesus speaking:) The last seven years, and especially the last three-and-a-half years, the Great Tribulation, will be a very dark time for the world. There will be much persecution of My children, as well as those who don’t know Me but believe in freedom‚ and choose not to fall at the feet of the son of perdition. Many will suffer, and some will die during this time, for it is a time of tribulation such as the world has never seen before.

42. But all of My children can be assured that I will never leave them nor forsake them for even one moment—even during what may appear to be their darkest hour. I will not let any of you suffer more than you are able to bear. In fact, I will compensate you by performing outstanding miracles, giving tremendous harvests of souls, and a greater closeness to Me.

43. The degree of suffering experienced during the Tribulation will have a lot to do with the individual. Those who have grown in their relationship with Me and have learned to come to Me with their problems and questions, who have learned to be connected to the spirit world, will suffer much less, because I will be able to lead and guide them down the path of safety. Those who have learned to ask Me for guidance in prophecy will be the most sought after during that time, because so many Christians and AACs will be confused, not knowing what to do next.

44. There will be a chosen few of you, My leaders of the End‚ who will suffer and die for My sake‚ for a testimony against the Evil One and his wicked regime. Through this, many un­believers will see and know that a prophet has been among them. They will see the light shining on the faces of My Endtime martyrs and will know that I am real. But these will be few in number, and I will give them the faith and courage they need for that time. Because of their closeness to Me, I will prepare them well in advance, and their love for Me will make it worth it all.

45. But sad to say, some of My children will suffer and die in those days simply because of wrong decisions and a lack of preparedness. In those days I will speak even more clearly to My children, and when they ask, “Lord‚ shall I go left or right?” I will tell them which way to go and they will be safe. But those who have not heeded My Endtime call to take up the mighty spiritual weapons will not know, or will simply not remember to ask Me; they’ll lean to their own understanding and go the wrong way, falling into the hands of the Evil One. Yet even those who are not prepared and do suffer more I will give great grace in their time of suffering. I will be by them and cover them and bring them yet closer to My bosom.

46. You must see the importance of drawing close to Me now and getting into the habit of hearing from Me at every turn. While it’s true that I will give you grace for your suffering, suffering is not the reason I’m bringing My children through the Tribulation. It will be a time of suffering for many; especially those who will need to wake up and turn towards Me. But for you who have heeded My present call to arms, the Great Tribulation will be the greatest time of harvesting souls you’ve ever known!

47. There will be a degree of suffering for My children, and many of the conveniences that you’re accustomed to today will no longer be available, but these will seem like nothing when you see the souls and disciples being harvested by the hundreds and thousands. This is the purpose of the Tribulation for you!

48. Many in the world will suffer during this time, and I will use this to open the hearts of many. Even now I allow disaster and trouble to cause people to make a decision. In some cases they will become soft and moldable and will look to Me, but in other cases they will become hardened and bitter against Me. What is now happening on a small scale in the way of natural disasters‚ wars, and times of suffering, will then happen on a global scale. It will be a time of decision for both those who know Me and those who do not.

49. This is where you come in. I will need strong soldiers, those who have a close connec­tion with Me, who will be able to lead My weaker children through these times of testing. You’ll be able to stick together in some cases, but for the most part it will not be My will for you to bunch up in large groups, for you’ll be needed all over the world to lead the thousands of Christians and AACs who were never given the privilege of learning to use the new weapons.

50. So sharpen your swords and learn to use them now. Prepare for the Great Tribulation in earnest as a soldier prepares for a soon–coming battle. If you learn to use these weapons now, in the days of Tribulation you’ll find yourself spending much more time witnessing and bravely standing up for the truth than suffering and dying. For you it will be the most exciting time of your life—a time of great fulfillment and supernatural strength.

51. Though I will at times allow you to call down fire from Heaven to smite your enemies‚ much of the time it will be your close connection with Me that will keep you from your ­enemies in the first place. This will allow you to concentrate your time and energies on feeding the flocks I have given you, winning new souls, and defying the Antichrist regime.

52. Hold fast to these promises and know that I will empower you greatly. The more you use the new weapons now, the more effective you’ll be during the Great Tribulation and the less you’ll suffer.

53. Be prepared. Don’t let the Great Tribulation catch you as a thief in the night. It saddens Me even now to know that there will be so many millions who will be caught unprepared because they have lived only a mediocre Christian life, and in many cases were not warned of the troubles to come. There will be a sudden widening of the eyes for many‚ who will find themselves wide open to the persecution the Antichrist will bring.

54. In a few cases it will be because you have failed to warn them, but in the great majority of cases it is because their own shepherds have been blind leaders of the blind, and both have fallen into the ditch. Their shepherds rejected the warnings in My Word, refused to heed My checks and counsel and the voice of My Spirit speaking in their hearts, and they have led their flocks astray. Such is the sad state of many in the church system.

55. But many of their flocks would have it so, for they do not wish to be stirred up about such things and reject those of their shepherds who would try to do so. So both shepherds and sheep have settled into a drowsiness, a sleepiness, a spiritual blindness, and know not that the ditch is fast approaching.

56. Please take up the challenge now‚ My dear ones, both to warn the world of the evil to come and to learn to be soldiers for the new day, so you can help to relieve their pain and guide them down the right path. It will be a time of great confusion for many, and I will need leaders with a direct connection to the realm of the spirit. (End of message from Jesus.)

57. (Mama:) The Lord is really trying to stir us up! He’s really making an effort to get us to use the spiritual weapons that He’s given us. He’s even spelling out the difficulties and troubles that we may stumble into unawares if we’re not closely connected to Him, well practiced in our gift of prophecy, and using the weapons He’s outfitted us with for the Last Days. Please use them, folks!

58. As the Lord’s children, we can rest assured of His protection and care—that is, if we’re doing all that we can to stay under the shadow of His wings, and using the new weapons is part of the deal. We don’t need to be fearful. As we do our part, the Lord will do His, and we’ll be right in the center of His hand, feeling His care and protection like never before.

59. Following is an encouraging excerpt of prophecy about the powerful force and testimony we’ll be as we let His light shine through us during that time.

60. (Jesus speaking:) The days of tribulation need not be feared. In that day your light will shine brighter than it ever has before. In that day all the training, all the breakings, all the battles you’ve fought, will show visible fruits. Then you’ll know it has been worth it all‚ for you’ll see how through it I have strengthened you and made you a powerful force upon the Earth, a force strong enough to withstand the flood of evil and rise above it‚ shining as a beacon of light across the dark waters, calling all those who will to come and place their feet upon a solid Rock and be saved from the doom of hell on earth. (End of message from Jesus.)

What if You’re Dreading the Endtime?

61. Q: I’ve been in the Family for a long time and have been waiting for the Endtime for most of my life. But now that the Last Days are closer at hand, I feel differently. I feel tired. I’m not as eager to go through that period of time. I’d rather remain in this time of relative peace and calm, doing our job like we’re now able to‚ without all the upheaval the Endtime will bring. I know the Endtime is going to come, regardless of how I feel, and I’ll be glad for Jesus’ return. But how can I strengthen myself in this area and prepare my heart and strengthen my spirit for the inevitable?

62. (Jesus speaking:) My love, you and many of My children get tired and weary in well doing. You become dull in spirit because it’s hard to continue with afflictions of the flesh, persecution that arises in some way year after year, and with the day-to-day problems that constantly beset you. I understand your desire for peace and calm to be able to do your work of leading people to Me‚ for this is very important. But there are other even more important things that I will have for you to do in the Endtime, that you can only do in a time of trouble.

63. Do you remember the verse that says, “Greater things than these will ye do”? Some of the “greater things” will come about because you’ll be in a situation that I was not in. You’ll be in a situation of chaos, confusion, and in­stability‚ where men’s hearts will fail because of fear. Yet you will be an island of calm and peace and refuge from the storm for these people, because they’ll be able to draw My Words from you, and thus My strength and My peace.

64. I know you feel differently now than when you were young and you looked forward to this time. Now you may even say that you dread the instability and difficulty of the Endtime that is soon to be upon you. But I say that your present attitude is in some ways a more mature one than you had in your youth. At that time you were ready for anything! You saw no dangers; there were no Alps—nothing too difficult‚ nothing that could not be overcome, no obstacle too great for you. Now you are wiser‚ more seasoned, and you are, in that sense, stronger. You look at a battle not as the untried soldier who yearns to jump into the fray, but as the seasoned and wiser veteran who sighs as he looks to the battle, knowing that it will cost, that there will be sacrifices and setbacks.

65. But do you know what? You also know that you’ll have the victory. For through your many battles and the years that you’ve served Me, you’ve seen how in spite of the setbacks or obstacles, I gave the victory, and this victory was won by My mighty arm. So though you do not joy in the battle as you did before, at the same time you have more wisdom‚ more assurance of My peace, My victory, and My ability to see you through.

66. And I will see you through, My loves. I will keep you through every battle you face in the Endtime. Indeed, you will be My shining lights of freedom and victory. Although the young ones will be the stalwart, rugged fighters, you who have more experience will have the blessing of being the wise counselors, the fountains of Word, the counselors of peace in the time to come. Together you will see mighty miracles. You’ll feel the rush of youth as My Spirit courses through your veins, and you’ll be astounded at all I will do for you.

67. I could not do these miracles unless you were in the time of crisis and trouble and difficulty that is coming. But in the midst of it, you’ll be victorious, and you’ll carry your own bubble of peace and calm and love and joy with you, for all to enjoy. So do not fear that you’ll not have the peace and calm you need to do My work—for you will. You’ll have it in a greater measure, because it will be a spirit that will be given to you supernaturally in the time of great crisis‚ when you need it, and when you’re giving your life for others. (End of message from Jesus.)

What Investments Are Safe to Make in Light of the Coming Crash?

68. Q: In the past, Dad made very specific suggestions about investments, which we could share with wealthy friends. At one time I believe he said to split your funds in thirds and invest them in different things. Many people invest in stocks, as they will gain interest. Others buy properties, which will increase in value as time goes by. Of course, the best investment is in the Lord’s work. But if someone is already investing in the Lord’s work, what would we advise them to do with their money in view of the banks crashing and the chaos that will happen when the bottom falls out and the economic system fails worldwide?

69. (Dad speaking:) I’ve always said the best investment is investing in the Lord’s work. You can never go wrong by giving to the Lord, whether you give your heart, your time‚ or your money; whatever you give to the Lord He will bless you mightily for it in return. This is something that our friends and kings have seen and learned and can testify to, that the more they give to the Lord, the more they get in return. Not only does the Lord reward them by blessing their business and giving them more financially, but they receive more in other ways as well; the Lord blesses their health, happiness, relationship with their family and loved ones, etc. That’s just how things work in the spirit world: Give and it shall be given unto you.

70. Now is a better time than ever to invest even more heavily in the Lord’s work. Now with the Activated! vision and all the funding it requires, you really need more funds to get the job done. I feel you should plan ahead, and just as you plan on having a stock of survival food, water, and other essentials for the future, you should also plan on stockpiling tools! This is what people will be hungering after—to be fed spiritually—so be sure to have plenty of mags and books on hand so you can feed the hungry. Now’s a good time to instill in our friends and kings the vision of giving even more to the Lord’s work. As they do, they’ll play a great part in reach­ing and feeding the lost through their ­giving.

71. As to what to do with their other funds, I would suggest that they steer clear of investing too much in stocks, or buying properties, or keeping too much in banks. It’s okay for right now as the economy is still growing, but it won’t be long till things start to change. When the bottom falls out, those that are holding stocks are going to lose. If the economy crashes, then people aren’t going to have money to buy properties. And when the banks crash, then the money you’re holding in them will crash too.

72. Every situation is different and each country is different‚ and that’s why they need to pray. If they come to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to lead and guide them in their business and investments, He’ll do so. If they’ll continue to put Him and His work first‚ then He’s going to take care of them and bless them for it. They should pray with those Family members who they’re close to and who they love and respect, and the Lord will speak to them and open doors for them. If they ask Him to lead and guide‚ He will. But they have to do the asking, and do some seeking and knocking too. If they put the Lord and His work first, I can guarantee you that He’ll keep them and bless and prosper them and show them exactly what to do. (End of message from Dad.)

Why Activated! If the End Is so Close?

73. Q: Many people in the Family now seem to have a rather long-term vision. That’s a good quality, especially since in the past we’ve often had shorter-term ­visions, and by planning ahead and being willing to shtick, we can get a lot more done. However, with the Endtime closer than ever, I wonder if now is the time to get more settled down like some people are, preparing to be somewhere for so long or making big investments, if things are going to change suddenly. We’re putting a lot of time and resources into the Activated! ministry. While I love the project and its goal, are we going to have enough time to complete it and make it worth our while?

74. (Dad speaking:) It’s funny how the ­Enemy works. I don’t like to talk about his dirty work too much, but the Lord also says we’re not to be ignorant of his devices, so let’s expose a couple of them here so that you folks can be better aware of them.

75. As I’ve said before, one of the Enemy’s favorite wiles is wait awhile! He’s happy when you’re lethargic, when you procrastinate, when you don’t redeem the time, when you pass up opportunities to preach the Gospel, and when you don’t feel the need and the burden to pray without ceasing and to love Him and others with all your heart and mind and soul. While we all have our bad days or moments‚ the Enemy is positively thrilled when such bad moments turn into bad weeks, months, and eventually a bad lifestyle.

76. Another of his favorite devices, and the one we’re focusing on right now, is that you have to rush, rush, rush‚ because you have no time. It’s the exact opposite of his “wait awhile” strategy. He’ll say, “You don’t have time to read, to reflect, to pray, to commune with the Lord, because you’ve got to be busy doing the Lord’s work. You don’t even have time to think about any long-term aspects of the Lord’s work, because the End is too near!” And, as we all know, haste makes waste. You get hurried and flurried, stressed and strained, and then you suffer burnout and breakdowns. And you not only suffer, but the Lord’s work suffers and lost souls ­suffer.

77. So the Enemy will try to cool you down if he can. If he can’t do that, he’ll try to speed you up so fast that you can’t do the Lord’s work as effectively as you want to and need to. If he can’t stop you, he’ll try to hinder you in any way he can‚ even if it seems like a good cause. Yes, we’re to burn up fast and bright for Jesus, but if we burn out completely, we’re no good to Him. If we burn in the wrong ways or in the wrong places because we’re not taking the time to be in tune with Him, then we won’t provide as much light to the lost as He’d have us provide—or we may even start a destructive fire.

78. Of course‚ there’s a time for resting and communing with the Lord, relaxing with others, and enjoying sweet fellowship with them and Him. And there are times when you’re in the heat of some battle or project or push and you have to work like crazy, when your goals are sure and definite and defined by the Lord and they require quick work to meet them. What I’m talking about here is when either the rest or the rush becomes a lifestyle.

79. You have to seek the Lord to know when to do what—whether it’s a time to rush about, getting out the tools, running here and there preaching the Gospel, reaching many people in many different places, or whether it’s a time to build and to plant a more lasting work, to work on more long-term projects that will reach even more people in the end. There’s a time for both. In fact, sometimes it’s time for both at the same time! At the moment we need to be getting the message out like never before‚ and we also need to be following up on those who get the mess­age like never before‚ like we should have been in years past.

80. As far as I’m concerned, no matter how long the Activated! program lasts, it will be a valuable tool and great help to the Family. It’s forced us to focus on follow-up like never before. It’s helped us produce the greatest variety of in-depth GP tools we’ve ever had. It’s led us to new and different ways to get out the Lord’s message. And you ain’t seen nothing yet, let me tell you! The fruits will be spectacular and long–lasting—eternal, in fact. Praise the Lord!

81. The Lord led us to start this Activated! ministry and He’s led us each step of the way, confirming His will again and again. That’s how you know a long-term project is of the Lord—He tells you so! And when you wonder if it’s still His will, you confirm it with Him and check and double-check. That’s why we’re tackling this long-term project—because it’s the Lord’s will.

82. Even if something unforeseen were to happen tomorrow‚ even if the End were to come suddenly, you simply need to have the faith to obey what the Lord has told you to do. Again, be like Martin Luther, who said that even if he knew the world would fall to pieces tomorrow, he’d go on paying his debts and planting his little apple tree. [See GT 1, pg.514, #56.] In other words, he’d go on doing what he knew the Lord expected of him, long-term or short-term, no matter what comes. None of the circumstances and conditions around him moved him, because he was so sure of the Lord’s will. He checked and double–checked with the Lord.

83. That’s how the Lord has led us over the years too—first me and Mama, and now me and Mama and Peter. We’ve always checked with the Lord and followed His leadings, whether He said to think long-term or short-term, to rush or go slow, to sow the seeds or reap the harvest. We’ve just obeyed what He said to do.

84. We’d be in a real mess if we hadn’t had the long-term vision right from the start. When we first started having kids way back in the early seventies, what if we’d argued with the Lord or tried to take matters into our own hands, saying, “But, Lord, we don’t have time for kids. The End is coming soon, and these kids won’t have time to grow up and become what they need to be. And at the moment, they slow us down from preaching the Gospel the way we need to and want to.”

85. Well, you can see what happened! Those kids of yesteryear have become the Revolution of today‚ along with their parents, and are having kids of their own. And this new batch of kids will be the Revolution of tomorrow—at least for as many tomorrows as you have left here, and on into the Millennium and eternity! So thank God for our kids, and thank God we had them, each and every one of them!

86. Thank God we’ve had the long-term ­vision in reaching some nations around the world. That’s the only way we’ve been able to stay in places like Japan and other places in the East and Mideast and go on reaching their people. If we’d gone into them with only a short-term vision to get out a few tapes and posters and videos, that’s about all we would have done before we got kicked out. But we’re still there, still ministering to people whether openly or clandestinely, and getting out our tools to boot.

87. Of course, there’s a time and a place for everything. In Russia in the early days we were completely undercover, nurturing a long-term work. Then when the Berlin Wall fell, we flooded into Russia and Eastern Europe and spread the message to the multitudes like crazy! Now that things are clamping down and tightening up, we’ve settled down for the long haul again, as we follow the Lord and His leadings.

88. You just have to follow the Lord and do what He tells you to do. And if you’re not sure, keep checking in with Him until you are sure. Then do whatever He tells you to do, whether it’s a long-term project or a short-term push or both. Let Him lead, and for God’s sake‚ follow God. He knows best. Even if the world seems to be falling to pieces around you, if He’s told you to plant that apple tree and pay your bills, or do that CTP project, establish that Home‚ minister to that contact‚ or produce or distribute those tracts and tools—then go ahead and do it in full faith, trusting that He knows best. Amen? I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

How a Long-term Vision and Shortness of Time Jibe!

89. Q: If we’re going to invest so much in Activated! it seems the Lord should give us at least a ballpark figure of how much time we have left, so that we’re able to put our all into this project without having to worry that any day, just as this project is about to get off the ground, it’ll grind to a halt due to the Endtime being upon us. How can we set our hearts and minds to these long-term projects and still prepare for the End?

90. (Dad speaking:) You say, “Mass marketing sounds great. Publishing all these books sounds fantastic. Organized, long-term follow-up is also a dream come true. But it takes time, it takes planning, it takes a good deal of organization, not to mention personnel and finances to boot! We want to do it, we want to obey, but we just don’t see how we can, Dad. It just doesn’t seem feasible. It’s hard to have the faith to invest the time and finances to get these projects going if there’s not gonna be time to see them completed. We’d love to get on the stick and live as if the End is coming tomorrow, but what about all these projects? Why is the Lord leading us into these areas that look like long-term projects if the time is so short?”

91. Are you wondering how on earth you’re supposed to get turned on to what seem like long–term projects when there’s not much time left? Well‚ for one‚ the Lord said He wanted us to witness right up to the very time of the End! The Lord promised there would never be a time when we wouldn’t be able to get out the Word and our tools, right up to the very End!

92. Right in the middle of all the chaos and mass confusion is when the world is gonna need our message the most. Our materials are gonna go far and wide and get into places that our people would never dream of going. The ­Enemy knows this, so he’s tryin’ to scare our folks out with a few little minor details and facts and figures about how long everything takes and what an investment of time it’s gonna be.

93. But don’t limit God! Don’t put God in a box! All you have to do is follow where He’s leading—and if He’s leading you into a more organized follow-up program, then you’d better follow. If He’s leading you into mass marketing and into a more structured plan to distribute the tools, you’d better follow—and trust Him for all the details!

94. But this doesn’t contradict the shortness of time, folks, not in God’s eyes. It doesn’t contradict the Endtime vision at all. On the contrary, it complements it; it’s all working together, even though you can’t see how right now.

95. If the Lord let you in on some of these things before the right time, it would greatly hinder your faith. Your faith wouldn’t necess­arily get tested, so it wouldn’t be able to grow and flourish like the Lord wants it to. It’s so important that your faith grows and flourishes. Your great faith is a very special gift from the Lord. Anything that increases your faith and causes it to grow is important as well. And this is helping your faith to get tested and helping it to grow!

96. Another reason why the Lord can’t reveal some of these things to you in exact detail is for security reasons! The Bible says that the Lord will do nothing unless He reveals it to His servants the prophets, and that holds true. But it never says how much notice He has to give you. There are some things that the Lord Himself has a certain time frame for‚ and He doesn’t reveal to you until a certain time, simply for reasons of security! The Lord runs a pretty tight security system. And on this one thing, it’s not that He doesn’t trust you; it’s just that He’s all-wise and all-knowing and He knows what kind of repercussions it could have if He let you in on this particular truth too soon! Not even the angels know! Selah!

97. Here’s another thing to remember, and something that oughtta encourage your hearts when you think about these long-term projects. Everything in the world is revving up. Technology is revving up and things are moving faster and faster all the time. What took a long time to produce yesterday, you’re gonna find might go a lot quicker tomorrow. Things are taking less and less time, simply because of modern technology booming. The Lord is able to open the doors for the Family in the blink of an eye, and as you stay faithful, as you keep at it and stay importunate‚ He will do it for you‚ precisely when the time is right!

98. He’s taking you a step at a time for many reasons—to sharpen your faith, to keep you humble in some cases, and to cast your lines in places where He wants you to be at the moment.

99. Remember, by the time Jesus started His public ministry, He didn’t have much time left—so once these projects do take off, your time will be nigh! By the time the Lord really had full exposure and He went up to Jerusalem and delivered His soul, His time was about up. Those were His days of final publicity, and then His days were numbered.

100. The Lord is going to fulfill all that He promised. He’s gonna get the message out through our publications, our books and tools, the videos and so on. As long as you keep following closely, He will open the doors wide and lead you to places you never thought possible. All of a sudden it’ll take off, and you’re gonna fly! But you’ll burn up fast and bright for Jesus‚ because these are the days of fast living. These are the days of the End, and it’s later than you think! In this day of fast living, everything is going to go faster than you think. (End of mess­age from Dad.)

Endtime Series, The–Part 4

Karen Zerby

By MariaMaria #542 CM/FM 3305 6/00

Dear Family,

1. Here’s another part of the Endtime Series, which I hope you’re enjoying. Isn’t it wonderful to have the Lord’s counsel on the future?

2. While the Endtime will be a climactic and turbulent time in world history, the Lord has given many promises of safekeeping and glorious victory for us to claim during this ­period. It’s our responsibility to utilize to the full the counsel, tips, and advice that the Lord is giving throughout this series if we expect to be in tiptop shape before the Endtime is upon us.

3. So, “study to be a workman that needeth not to be ashamed” by reading, understanding, and applying the lessons in this GN. I love you!



Endtime Living and

Working Conditions

4. Q: Could we ask the Lord for a few more details on our living conditions in the Tribulation? Should we expect privation and poor living conditions, or is the Lord going to supply more abundantly than ever? What should we expect, and what can we claim?

5. When left to my imagination, I begin to picture ministries like spying‚ infiltrating the gov­ern­ment, and human cou­riers traveling around in order to stay in touch with the Word source. But does the Lord perhaps have a simpler lifestyle in mind for us‚ where we’ll be hiding out in the wilder­ness and the sheep will come to us?

6. (Jesus speaking:) Every situation will be different, for there are many factors and variables that will affect the life and work of My children. Much will depend on the country that I’ve called you to be in. Some so-called “advanced” countries will heartily embrace the one-world government, and because of their abundant technology will be able to implement the Antichrist’s plan relatively quickly and easily. Most of the people in these lands have been steadily indoctrinated for many years in prep­aration to accept the Antichrist and to worship him, and ultimately even the Devil, so conditions for My children will be a lot harder.

7. You will find yourselves quickly adopting an “underground” mentality. Progress will be slower. You will have to be very careful and prayerful about who you share My message with, as one wrong move could mean the end of your ministry and even your life. Some of My Family already experience these conditions to a lesser degree in some countries with anti-Christ gov­ern­ments.

8. But you whom I call to stay in these lands must realize that yours is a special calling‚ and will be an exciting one. You should not compare with others in lands where it is not as dangerous to preach My Word, where the fruit and results come more quickly. For it is in these anti-Christ lands that I will be able to perform many of the biggest miracles of protection.

9. I will provide for My children through re­ceptive and hungry hearts that I will bring along your path. If you seek Me diligently, you will not lack any good thing. For the most part, I will not want My children to stay in complete seclusion in these lands, cut off from all others, because if you were to do that, then you would be hiding your light under a bushel. There may be times when it is necessary to hide out in a cave or an abandoned building for a while, but this would only be for a short time. If circumstances necessi­tate this, I will provide for you even if I have to send ravens to deliver your meals just like I did for My prophet of old, or have manna fall from Heaven onto your floor.

10. For the most part, I wish for those who I have called to remain in these cold, dark lands to stay where they can reach selected ones with My message. For these faithful children of Mine, I will supply mostly through friends and contacts who are still part of the System physically, but not spiritually. Although they are dropped out in heart, they remain in the System to help you survive and preach My Word. Even so‚ there will still be many miracles needed for your protection. Believe Me when I say that I am well able to provide them, and I will, as long as you stay desperate and close to Me.

11. As for the majority of My Family that I will call to the more underdeveloped countries, there will be more freedom and variety in the ministries that they can pursue. They will still have to be very careful—a lot more so than they are now—depending on the country.

12. Many of these countries will not give themselves over completely to the Antichrist, and the progress of his control over them will be slow. Some countries are so backward that any kind of control is out of the question, and those he will mostly ignore.

13. Others will be directly opposed to his leadership and wishes. These will be few but powerful, as they band together to war against the Antichrist. They will give him much trouble and will provide a safe haven for you, My children. In these countries you will be able to have an outward, showy ministry that will serve to lift Me up and call the people to Me. In some cases I will even make a way for you to win over those of great power in those countries and teach them to hear My voice and respect it, so that I can help them in their fight against the great evil.

14. Every country and situation will be different. Most of all, you must trust that I am in control and that I am specifically preparing My children now for the ministries that I will call them to in the Great Tribulation. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

Safe Havens or Endtime Witnessing

For the Children?

15. Q: Will our children be a part of End­time witnessing, or will they more or less be hiding out in safe havens while all available adults and young people focus on witnessing?

16. (Jesus speaking: ) I will always care for My Own. I am able to protect the families with lots of children just as easily as couples with none. However, for the most part I will call the larger families to leave the hard and dark anti–Christ lands‚ to go where people are relatively receptive and hungry for My truth, as this will be easier on the children and parents alike.

17. I have a plan for each of you in the End­time, old or young. I will call those who are of full age to tasks that are for men and women‚ and I will call My little ones to tasks where their faith and testimony will shine‚ according to their age and their ability. Your children will not be left in a corner; they will have a testimony, but it will be age appropriate. When the time comes, you must ask Me, and I will lead and guide you clearly. (End of message from Jesus)

Larger Groups or

Single-Family Setups?

18. Q: In the Endtime, will we still live in Family Homes with larger groups of people, or will most of us be forced to live in single-family setups?

19. (Jesus speaking: ) The Endtime is already here, and much of what you’re doing now is the same pattern you will follow in the near future.

20. Every Home will be different; there will not be a set plan. Sometimes you will be able to work in groups. Other times you’ll have to split up. The important thing in whichever situation is for you to tune in to Heaven and hear from Me about which way I want you to go, and when.

21. If I want several of you to group together, then go ahead by faith, trusting Me. But be prepared that things might change. Don’t assume, “We’re going to be all together, because the Lord told us so once upon a time.” Be prepared and listen, because things may change. My will for you may change. Depending on what ­others do, what the Antichrist does, and what the Devil’s up to, things can change for you from day to day.

22. Your unity and closeness to one another—no matter how big or small your group—is going to be the key. Even if you’re only two people, as you draw from Me and as you’re close to each other, united and reaching together to Me, I will lead and guide. I will show you which way to go. Whether you are two people, five people, or ten people, the unity of the Spirit is the secret! (End of message from Jesus.)

Key to Downsizing Successfully

23. Q: Knowing that in the Endtime we may not have the fellowship and company of many other Family members, or that we may end up working in very small teams or even with just one other person, can be a worrisome thought. I’ll miss the fellowship, but even more, I think we now rely on the safety of counsel from a number of people. During the Endtime when things will be hot and heavy and every decision is vital to our lives, it’s a scary prospect to think of being teamed up with only one other person—and what if that person is someone you don’t care for or get along with? Is this a realistic picture‚ and if so, how do we prepare for it?

24. (Jesus speaking: ) Do not fear that you will be cut off from your Family in the Time of the End. There will be times when you’ll be trimmed down in numbers, but if you’re faithful to do your part and to be yielded‚ humble‚ moldable vessels in My hands‚ I will continue to bring you together.

25. Do not fear being alone, for you may continue to live communally, together with the help, strength‚ and support of your Family. I have stressed unity as such a great need among you, because in the not-so-distant future you will be called upon to go places and do things which will at times require you to be with only one or with a very small number of others‚ in order to accomplish My will with the greatest ease and security. This will not be forever, nor will it always be this way, but from time to time you will need to trim down, break apart, then join together again, and your partner will not always be the one you feel most drawn to. Your team will be determined by the need, by your talents, by the direct leading of My voice, and through the counsel of others.

26. So you must strive to be united with one another, to get to know one another by increased fellowship, by working on projects together, by making joint decisions. This is not just for today; it is preparation for the near future when you may have to perform important tasks with the help of one whom you’ve gotten to know through this time of preparation.

27. Picture yourselves having to operate in a survival situation with great need for unity, loyalty, secrecy, and good communication. Such oneness comes from having endeavored to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Such unity comes from having worked at it. You’ve seen the differences, glitches, and problems you’ve had working with different ones in your Homes or areas. But these things can be overcome, and I have taken great pains to speak to you about overcoming these things through humble and loving interaction. Don’t take such admonitions for granted, because if you do, you will become familiar and eventually the Enemy, through the fiery darts of disunity, will break you apart, having divided and conquered.

28. Work to bridge the gaps in your unity and fellowship. If there are breaches, strive to close them and to seek for healing, so you can be called one of the “repairers of the breaches‚ the restorer of paths to dwell in” (Isa.58:12). You can become a vital link in the chain of cooperation which I am now forging through increased closeness, love, and unity.

29. Greater unity is an essential element to the success of My Endtime army. Unite in heart, spirit, body, love, cooperation, loyalty, and in fervor for the cause of love and salvation. This is your day! Let your hearts rejoice in that you are counted worthy to live in this time, which all the prophets and godly wise men have desired to see. You are the children of the last generation.

30. Strive to unite and put away anything from your midst that brings dissension and div­ision. Strive to love without partiality, without hypocrisy. If you lean hard upon Me, I will help you to do these things. I have called you to this task and I will empower you, provide for you, and help you succeed, as long as you depend entirely upon Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Tribulation: Busy and Exciting!

31. Q: In the Great Tribulation, is the Family going to be hiding in caves and underground, like in “The Whispering Vision” (ML #334), or is there more of an update on what it will be like for us?

32. (Dad speaking:) Yes, there is an update—or maybe I should say a broader picture and look at the times to come. The Word says, “Now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face” (1Cor.13:12). So right now it’s often hard to understand everything that’s ahead. You’re looking at an event through the eyes of the spirit, but you’ve got to remember that a lot of the stuff the Lord showed us was 10 or 20 years ago or more. So we couldn’t always get everything 100% clear or straight. I’m sure you know that the Lord doesn’t make mistakes, so the main reason they were described that way is because that’s how the Lord wanted them to be described. He only wanted to show us part of what’s to come, just a portion of the events ahead of us, and even that was often veiled in mystery and uncertainty.

33. Does that surprise you? Well, that’s how it is sometimes. How would you like it if the Lord revealed everything about your future to you? How would you like it if you could know every single thing that would ever happen to you‚ good or bad? You might think that would be great, but on the other hand‚ wouldn’t it be kind of boring? Wouldn’t it take some of the excitement out of life, the thrill and challenge of discovering what’s going to happen? That’s why the Lord loves mysteries, because He knows how vital they are to keeping our curiosity aroused‚ our intellect challenged‚ and our senses finely tuned to His Spirit so we keep following His “little dog line‚” trying to see where His will is leading us and what the future has in store for us.

34. Many of those early revelations about the Endtime I saw through a glass darkly. I was peeking into the future through a tiny hole in the fence, and I only saw that little portion of events that I could see through my peephole. But you can’t take that little bit that the Lord showed me and say that’s all there’s going to be, or think there isn’t going to be anything more.

35. The Lord’s revealing more and more of the future as time goes on. When I was on Earth‚ He showed me some things, and now that time has passed, the Family has grown more, and the world has gotten more and more wicked‚ closer and closer to the actual End, He’s pulling the veil off a lot of Endtime events that have been veiled or unclear till now. He’s revealing more and more of His truths to us. It’s not that those earlier revelations, visions, dreams or classes that didn’t go quite this far were wrong—not at all. It’s just that we only saw part of the picture, because that’s all that it was the Lord’s time for.

36. You ask if we’re going to be hiding in caves and going underground during the Great Tribulation—you bet! There’s going to be more excitement and more thrills happening during that cataclysmic time in world history than you could possibly imagine! But don’t for one minute think that that’s all that’s going to be happening.

37. It’s like when the Letters about getting refuge farms came out; a lot of people went gung ho over those Letters, bought a house up in the mountains, and some of them just retired there! They retired from their jobs for the Lord, and just sat there, waiting for the End. And guess what? Some of them are still there—while the rest of the Family who kept their ears open to the mouth of God heard the Lord telling them more clearly what to do, giving them further instruction‚ current instruction, and they kept going with God.

38. The Devil loves to take a little bit of Word, something that is true and right and of the Lord, and get you to latch on to it so dogmatically that you can’t see anything else. He tries to get you to throw out the preponderance of Word and latch on to one little thing so blindly that you reject everything else. You can justify it in your own self-righteousness because it’s in the Word, but you’ve got to balance Scripture with Scripture, Letter with Letter, prophecy with prophecy. The key to surviving in this new day is practicing with the new weapons, and most of all, getting your instructions fresh from the Lord every day. You’ll never make it if you don’t.

39. So yes, some people are going to be up in the mountains—but they’re not going to be holed up and hidden away, cowering and fearful! No sirree! They’re going to be in the mountains because that’s what the Lord specifically told them to do. And if He told them to do it, you can bet that it’s because there’s one Heaven of a good reason for them to be up there—ministering, teaching, training, feeding, and you name it!

40. The Tribulation is going to be a busy time, beloved! Don’t think you’re going to be sitting around in some cellar starving or crossing days off on a calendar. You’re hardly going to have time to look at a calendar! You’re going to be going for God every day like it was your last, and you’re going to love it! It’s going to be a thrilling time!

41. You will each play a different role in the Tribulation, just as you are each different now. Look around you at everyone in your Home. Are you all the same? Are any of you the same? You’ve got boys and girls, men and women, children and babies. You’ve got cooks, childcare people, business people, witnessers, musicians, handymen, shepherds and others. You’ve got dynamic speakers‚ outrageous, upfront personalities, bold, do-or-die martyr types. You’ve got quiet, faithful heart-winners. These people are each going to find their own unique mission, their own way to infiltrate the Devil’s kingdom and usurp the power and authority of the one-world government.

42. The Family has tremendous strength and power in its diversity and its ability to adapt and change. Come what may, whatever the Devil can throw at us, we can adapt and we can survive. We’ve been through all different climates, regimes, nations and more, and we’ve delivered the Lord’s love and message to them all. So what will stop us then? I’ll tell you what, nothing will! Nothing will stop us. Nothing will stop you‚ because you have the power of God!

43. So, yes‚ we’ll be in the mountains—and we’ll be in the cities! We’ll be underground and above ground and up and down and all around! You won’t be able to blink without seeing one of us or one of those who know us or are helping us. We’ll be all throughout the Devil’s kingdom and he won’t be able to stop us, because God’s ordained it that way.

44. So hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause the exciting stuff is just ahead! It won’t be long now, so continue building on your foundation of the Word, strengthening yourself in the use of the new weapons‚ laying down a firm, solid base to build on, and then stocking up with all that you’ll need in the future. You can’t wait till it hits, because then it’ll be too late. Be prepared now, and I guarantee you won’t regret it. (End of message from Dad)

Shakeup 2000—Tribulation Prep?

45. (Mama: ) The Lord gave the following message when the S2K GNs were going out to the Family. Though the Shakeup has been difficult for the Family as a whole and many people have had to make difficult choices‚ it’s encouraging to know that it’s part of our Endtime prep. This is the purging before the Endtime begins in earnest. Once we’ve come through the purging, then the Lord promises that the time of Great Tribulation will be a time of many great vic­tories for us.

46. (Jesus speaking:) This time is the beginning of the Church being purged and purified and made white—preparations for the Great Tribulation. Even as the world must endure the Great Tribulation, so My called-out Church must endure the purifying fires of My purging and chastisements.

47. The time of Great Tribulation, on the other hand, will be a time of great victory and overcoming for you, My loves‚ because you will have already come through the purging and will be victorious and prepared, My beautiful, radiant Bride! This is the time of preparation. This is the time of purging. (End of message from Jesus.)

Will the Antichrist

Arise out of the U.S.?

48. Q: Could the Antichrist arise out of the U.S., which seems to be the world power of this day, rather than Russia? It seems the ten kings of NATO have given their power to the U.S. for now, and it’s going about waging war with various other kings and kingdoms.

49. (Jesus speaking:) Look not upon the circumstances, wondering how My Word and the Words of David can be true, but rather look at My Word and the Words of David with faith, expecting to see their fulfillment. All that I have spoken will come to pass, and every jot and tittle of My Word will be fulfilled.

50. In the days to come, all will be made clear. When that Wicked One shall be revealed, then will you know him, and then will you see how all these matters fit together. For the time being‚ you see only the shadows and shapes of things to come, and you cannot tell clearly what they will be. But when they fully come to pass, then you will know fully, and there will be no more need of theories.

51. Those who study My Word would do well to study it as My servant David did—going through each Scripture and seeing how it fits, and asking Me for My counsel and leading at the same time. Many of the children of David seek to interpret the Bible as David did and try to weigh Scripture against Scripture, but they neglect to come to Me as David did‚ fervently seeking Me in prayer and supplication. Those who would study matters of the spirit must be led by Me and by My Spirit rather than their minds‚ for it is the counsel of the Lord that shall stand rather than the theories of man.

52. As I have often told you, these are the days of the whispers‚ of seeking the will and voice of God, of My direct leading and guiding. These are not the days of carnal reasoning and interpretation. There is a place for interpretation in under­standing My voice and My will, but My voice and My will are to be first and foremost, not your reasoning.

53. When one has a theory of the Endtime, he should come to Me with an open heart and mind‚ seeking Me as to whether these things be so. How can one know My will and My ways without asking Me? And as you ask‚ you must not ask how your theory is true, but whether your theory is true. For the questions you ask determine the answers you receive. If one comes to Me with bias‚ asking Me to confirm his theory, then he will not be open to the full truth of the matter that I would give him.

54. Now, regarding this theory, I know you seek a plain and simple answer, so I will speak plainly and simply: The Antichrist does not arise from this land that you call America. There are many antichrists there, but that Wicked One whom I will destroy at My coming arises elsewhere, as I have spoken throughout My Word and throughout the Words of David. There you will find the answers that you seek, and I have repeated it often‚ that you might know the truth of these matters.

55. Be not easily shaken by circumstances and conditions, nor wonder how My Word can be fulfilled when it seems contrary to the natural. In due time you will see, if you continue to trust and believe and obey. Seeing is the reward of faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

The King of the North

56. Q: It seems unrealistic that the Antichrist will arise out of Russia, since Russia doesn’t command much world respect at the moment. While that may change, any suggestion for a one-world government proceeding from that quarter will almost automatically be taken as a move toward totalitarian communism, which has been heavily bashed in recent years. Will the Antichrist—the “King of the North”—arise out of Russia? Or does the “North” denote some other geopolitical region north of ­Israel today?

57.(Jesus speaking:) The King of the North will receive power and backing from Russia. He will come from the North with power, using its manpower and its wealth of people, scientists, and the military structure that is in place. He will be a hero that is welcomed by the military. He will appeal to the military to put him in power, and this is his muscle. He will use the military to crack down on crime, and will reorganize and restructure. He will bring peace to his people and therefore be hailed as a savior. Although he is not completely Russian, it will not matter, because the people will be so desperate after deprivation and hunger and a cold winter and crumbling economy. They will see fast results from his reforms‚ which will boost his ­favor with the military and with the masses, and they will back him.

58. It will be considered a miracle and turnaround never seen before, because of the rapid improvements‚ the organization‚ the cleaning up in favor of the common person, but without the cruelty of communism on the innocent. There will be programs to wipe out the criminal elements that have taken over the country, and with the success of this plan he will be heralded as the savior of the people. With such popularity behind him, he will be able to do what he pleases with the support and backing of millions.

59. Because of his success in Russia, in a country on the verge of ruin and disaster, his counsel will then be welcomed worldwide. He will have the gift of diplomacy‚ and because he is not completely Russian he will not be considered a threat to the West and other countries that are still influenced by a negative mindset or stigma toward Russian communism. Russia will be his test case‚ and he will reside there and establish headquarters. Although Russia is in a deplorable and very weakened state‚ it still rests on the laurels of being a world power, and he will use that to his advantage.

60. Russia is, after all‚ the biggest country in the world, and is a sleeping giant. The only other contenders in the world as far as size, masses of people, and being powerful at the same time, are China and the USA. With the new strength Russia will attain, as if being resurrected from the dead, she will become a center of activity and symbol of power and authority. (End of message from Jesus.)

How Is the Antichrist

Going to Rise?

61. Q: Every day there’s some new advance publicized that brings us that much closer to either the Mark or a one-world government, but exactly how is the AC going to rise?

62. (Jesus speaking:) He shall enter peaceably upon the fattest places and take the kingdom by flatteries. Do you not see how he even now plans and schemes and twists the world around his finger? Do you not see the hand of the Antichrist working behind the scenes to bring about a one-world power? Globalization? Ha! Globalization is nothing without the strong hand of the ACs driving and pushing for it. The world is fatalistic now; they see it as a natural course of events. But it’s not happening nat­urally; there’s a definite plan behind it. The ACs want all the markets linked so they can pull the plug on them all in one shot.

63. They don’t want to have to destabilize country by country; they want to do it all in one shot. That’s why all the financial markets and exchanges are getting more and more linked and dependent on each other. They’ll be able to crash the entire market economy of the globe with one phone call, one flick of their wrist. They’ll be able to pull the world down to poverty in an instant.

64. You can see that they’re not quite ready for this yet. They’ve been testing things out‚ trying the waters to see if things are going to work or not. It’s a slow process, because they tamper with this market here and see what effect it has on the other markets, then they turn around and fix this little glitch that caused this market not to rise or fall at their behest. And on the game goes, until every market will be so entwined that there will be no escape. The global exchange will rise and fall at whim. They will take the entire stock market, bonds, securities, commodities, and other financial markets down with them in one shot to ensure that the entire civilized world falls into chaos at the same time.

65. They’re going to want it to happen quickly so that the whole world will be open at the same time for a ruler. It’ll happen in a blink of an eye. They’re just not quite ready yet. They’ve got a bit more fine-tuning to do before they’re ready, and they’re waiting on something else.

66. They need faster technology to help their plans work, so they’re pushing the computer and Internet scene. They’re behind much of the research into cloning, biotechnology, and chip advancement. They’re funding and fueling its current drive, because they need results. They need the biggest brains out there working on solutions that are going to benefit their system. That’s one reason they’re continuing to let the economy prosper, because it makes it simpler and easier for them to achieve their aims and to fund all this technology.

67. They’re the ones pouring big bucks into the research and development of chips that can be implanted under your skin. They’re the ones funding bionics and chip research. They’re pushing ahead at breakneck speed because they need all the technology they can get to make their plan work without major glitches.

68. They’re building the networks now. They’re working furiously behind the scenes to ensure that their system will be undisputed and that it will work. What you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg. What you see now is only the aftereffect of what’s really happening out there on the front lines of tech­nology.

69. You can bet that the U.S. military and the British, Russian and American agencies are all working together behind the scenes to set this program up. They’re training the executives. They’re creating the technology needed to fund and to power their new programs. They’re the ones pushing behind the scenes.

70. All the big players are involved in this plan. While they make it appear as if each one has their own agenda and plan, and they strive to keep up the façade of independence and of making these advancements for the good of their respective nations, behind closed doors they’re getting their orders straight from the top. They don’t do a thing without being told what to do by the ACs who are in charge and running the show.

71. They’re financing more and more globalization and global projects, buying out or crushing competition. They’re behind these mergers too. They are consolidating the markets, making sure the big money boys are even bigger and have control. They want to make sure that all their assets are shored up and in safe industries when they pull the plug. They want to make sure that they have a corner on the market of all the major industries—media, cars, electronics, software. You name it and they’ve got a finger in that pie! They didn’t stop with oil; when they saw how much success they had in that market, they moved into other markets, just like any good businessman would. They’re very crafty and they know how to use the System; they created it to their own ends. They know how to weave a dastardly web of deception that’s going to draw the world in, and they won’t even know they’re caught. That’s how good they are.

72. It’s going to happen very suddenly. One day you’ll wake up and the global markets will have plunged, and that money you’re holding will be worthless. That’s not a myth or a theory—that’s the truth. It’s going to get sucked down to the bottom of the pool, and they’ll take as many people down as they can.

73. Those who are heavily investing in Internet-based companies and in the stock market are going to be some of the hardest hit. Their money will plunge through the floor because it wasn’t invested in hard, evidence-based enterprises. The whole stock market is a matter of faith‚ as David has told you. It’s paper money, fake‚ false. It provides a false sense of security because it can all be gone in a moment, and it will be very soon.

74. Once they’ve got the world groveling at their feet, they’ll start bailing them out one by one, by offering them new and improved methods of marketing, new and improved economic plans. They’ll “offer,” but what they’re not saying is that they’re going to implement this plan “or else”—or else they’ll crush you and starve you and bring you down till you accept their plan. It’s such a farce, a fake, this phony front they put up of wanting to help and being so charitable and philanthropic. They’re only philanthropic when it suits their purpose and when they can get control of or access to something they want. They don’t give away “help” without very tight strings attached. And they pull the strings as they wish.

75. All this is going to come about very suddenly. There’ll be a “mighty widening of the eyes,” because things will be going great till suddenly the bottom will fall out of it, and people will be left with nothing but paper—worthless paper.

76. Be prepared by sticking close and ­tuning in. I’ll help your losses not be too great. I’ll provide for you, because you’ll be right in the forefront of My will. You’ll be the tip of My Endtime blade with which I will reap the final harvest. You as the Family will be My harvesting tool‚ gathering many into My Kingdom. I’ll use you mightily if you’ll stay close to Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Discovering Who

The Antichrist Is

77. Q: When the Antichrist starts becoming a well-known figure, as he must at some point to become the world leader, will the Lord show us in the Family that this is definitely him and will we all be made aware of it?

78. (Jesus speaking:) I have told you to look toward Memphis and toward the land of Magog, so that you might know when that Man of Sin arises. Keep watch over these hot spots of the world‚ these areas I have signified that these great Endtime events will be associated with. By doing so you will learn much, see many signs and signals, and be made aware of many pieces of the puzzle as they fit together.

79. Exactly how and when and where these various signs and details that you know of will come together, or how each location that I have highlighted fits into the picture‚ or the details of the ascent of the Antichrist‚ I will not reveal to you at this time. But when the time comes that this man whom I have called the Antichrist is firmly establishing his throne and gaining a grip on the kingdoms of the Earth, I will make it plain to you that it is him.

80. You may not know for sure within the first days, weeks or months of the Antichrist’s seven-year rule that he is the one. But before the period of three-and-a-half years that I have called the Great Tribulation begins‚ I will have made it known to you, My special, elite Endtime children, who this man of sin is, that you may beware and be forewarned, and prepare and arm yourselves against the Tribulation which shall come upon all the world.

81. When I reveal him to you, it will be your job to reveal him to the world. This will be one of the first great tests of your faith and conviction during the Tribulation and in the time immediately preceding it; some of you may be tempted to doubt, and others may even see signs that lead you to think that the truths I have revealed to you are false or incomplete. But as time goes on and the Tribulation is in full swing‚ it will be confirmed with definite signs and signals that no man can doubt, that the man who I have revealed to you as the Antichrist, the Man of Sin, the Beast of Tribulation, has taken his place as the last earthly ruler of this planet, filling his cup of iniquity.

82. He will be the one by whom you can count the days until My return as rightful King and Ruler of the Earth. Therefore dread not his appearance and revelation, fearing those things which shall come to pass because of it, but rejoice, because your redemption draws nigh! (End of message from Jesus.)

Actively Warring

Against the AC?

83. Q: Are we going to have any part in the wars fought against the AC? Will we perhaps, through prophecy, be advisers or counselors to military heads, directing them as to the logistics of the battle, giving counsel or having some involvement?

84. (Jesus speaking:) When I allow the Anti­christ to reveal himself and I make that stage of the Endtime known to you, then I will also reveal to you your specific role.

85. You will play a key role in the wars against the Antichrist. You will play a key role in informing others, in comforting My children, in ministering to other Christians, in giving faith to those of other religions, and in announcing the truth.

86. I will show you how you will do this. I will lead and guide My queen and king and give them My plan as to how I will use My Family in these Last Days. It will be different and your faith will be stretched, but I will give you new faith to do the humanly impossible. You will see war and hear of war, and be face to face with the evil spirit of the Antichrist. By this I mean that you will know him, you will recognize his power, you will understand what it means‚ and you will know what to do as My tools‚ because I will show you.

87. I will speak to My queen and king clearly‚ and will reveal My battle plan to them‚ and they will pass it down to the Family. Some of the messages that I will give to you will be for your direction as My commanding officers in those days. Other messages will be given to direct other armies concerning how to fight these wars. You will be as counselors, interpreters of events, visionaries, and the world will recognize the power that I have given you. They will call upon you and they will listen‚ for they will not be able to fight these wars only with the strength of their physical armies. They will also need spiritual guidance through prophecy.

88. It will be a time of great confusion, and they will listen to the words of prophecy that you will give abundantly. Your faith will be stretched; it will be blind faith that trusts completely in My promises to use you‚ to speak through you‚ to not fail you. And I will not fail you in one word that I speak unto you; I will speak My truth through you. I will give battle plans through your channels, directions as to how to fight these wars, and My Spirit will prevail through you.

89. You will sit with the mighty men of war, the generals, the rulers, the kings, and you will help them to make war according to My plan. The world rulers will hear of the prophets of the Family because I will make you known. I will make My powers known.

90. I’m preparing you now to hear My voice clearly in prophecy, but it is not just for you now; it is for the time when I will call you to step forward and prophesy in the midst of the mighty, to raise forces against the Antichrist, and to make war against him. At that time you will see and you will know what to do, because I will reveal it through your mouth. I will speak through your lips and give the directions.

91. You ask‚ “Who will speak? Who will be chosen to do this thing? Will it be one or many?” Wait and I will reveal all. Know that you’re being prepared now, as I am working in the life of each Family member to prepare them in spirit for the days soon to come. It will not be long! (End of message from Jesus.)

Are There Only

144,000 Seals Available?

92. Q: In Revelation 7, only 144,000 saints get the seal of God in their foreheads, from the tribes of Israel. According to the rest of Revelation, terrible things happen to those who don’t have the seal of God in their forehead. Why do so few get this protection when it seems like there are millions of Christians in the world?

93. (John the Revelator speaking:) As the book of Revelation was being revealed to me in visions and experiences, I received specific instructions on what to write down. Some things were shown to me in full and I was given permission to write down the visions as I saw them. Other things were also shown to me, and I was instructed to write them down in the cryptic fashion in which I saw them, knowing that the under­standing would come when the time was at hand.

94. Yet other visions I was instructed to write down only in part, so as not to reveal all of what was shown to me. The one hundred and forty-four thousand was one of those things written only in part. Indeed, I did hear the number of them which were sealed‚ and of those sealed there were one hundred and forty-four thousand of the tribes of Israel. There was more to this vision, the symbolism of the tribes and divisions, but I was instructed to hold back my pen and not write the interpretation of the numbers and tribes which I had heard, for it was not yet to be revealed. (End of message from John the Revelator.)

95. (Jesus speaking: ) Just as I have marked My children throughout history to protect them from calamity, I again will mark My children to save them from the terrible things which shall befall the Earth in the Last Days. As the angel of death passed over the children of ­Israel‚ so shall the seven Tribulation trumpets pass over those who are sealed with My Name. Every­one who has accepted My salvation will be spared from these trumpets. They will be tried and tested‚ but will not drink of the cup of pestilence which I have reserved for those who have not My seal.

96. Fear not, for I will protect all of My saved children, and the mystery will be revealed to you at the time appointed. (End of message from Jesus)

Tribulation, Persecution,

And Torture Prep?

97. Q: The Bible says that the Great Tribulation will be “a time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the world.” When you see movies or read books or articles about the persecution that the Early Church suffered, those times were pretty bad! It’s very likely that some of us who live during the Great Tribulation will have to face interrogation, torture, and even martyrdom like they did. It seems we try not to think about it too much, or maybe some of us just hope we’ll be spared from that. But it will un­doubted­ly happen to some, if not many of us, so shouldn’t we be preparing mentally for what’s ahead?

98. (Jesus speaking:) Your times are in My hands. To be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. For the carnal mind is enmity against God.

99. If you were fending for yourselves, then I would say that, yes‚ perhaps you should practice with thumbscrews and condition yourselves mentally for the possible hardships that lie ahead. But My ways are not your ways, and I’m preparing you in every way for what’s coming. I’m training you with spiritual weapons. I’m training you to understand that you and I are wed.

100. In the times to come‚ this knowledge and this experience with the new weapons is what will keep you—not any conditioning of the mind or strengthening of the body. There will be people who are physically strong or who seem full of strength and determination, yet even they will fall. It is only in Me that you can find true peace of mind and strength for the difficulties ahead.

101. The Enemy’s greatest power lies in fear—fear of the future, fear of facing death, or witnessing the death of your loved ones. Or much, much worse for some, the fear of torture and of being forced to give information about precious loved ones. But I want to give you peace. As you come to My arms, as My Bride, I will hold you close and you’ll pass through the Tribulation without even the smell of smoke on you. You’ll be more than conquerors!

102. I don’t ask you to think about the logis­tics or the reality of how you’re going to cope in the Tribulation. I only ask you to work My works while it is day, for the night will come when no man can work. I only ask you to serve Me one day at a time‚ to love Me one day at a time, to practice with the new weapons one day at a time. It’s like the preacher who was asked by the two little old ladies if he had dying grace. He said, “No, I’m not dying yet!” So I tell you not to worry whether you’ll have dying grace or the grace for any other even­tuality. Leave the future in My hands, and your heart in My safekeeping.

103. Yes, there were times of old that tested the limits of human endurance to the utmost. But I gave those dear ones great grace. I did many miracles for those who were willing to give their lives for My Name’s sake, and in these impossible situations, I rewarded their faith with peace, comfort, relief, and all that they needed. And when it was My will that My saints came into My Kingdom, I gave them dying grace.

104. Many of My saints of old even went to their deaths singing, whether they faced lions in an arena or evil men in cramped dungeons. The blood of the martyrs was the seed of the church. Why do you think that was so? Was it because they died in fear and trembling, crying out, recanting their faith? No! It was because they died singing. It was because they, My Brides, looked forward to meeting Me, their Husband. So they died with joy, with My super­natural spirit of peace enfolding them, giving them relief from the torment and the torture that so many others feel when they face death.

105. Trust Me that I’m preparing you. I’m fitting you for this battle with the finest weapons of war and the most impenetrable armor. Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Don’t give any place to the Enemy through fear of the future. Remember, it is he that trembles, for he knows that his time is nigh! (End of message from Jesus)

How to Overcome

Fear of Torture

106. Q: Many people are afraid of being tortured or other difficult things like that. Does the Lord have any words of encouragement for us to help relieve such fears?

107. (Jesus speaking: ) The way to keep such fears from stealing your joy and causing you to worry is to soak yourself in My Word. Through My Words you will gain faith, and that faith will overcome your fear. As you read My Words, I will comfort your heart and give you peace. I have given many promises in the Bible and through your Father David, and now I am pouring out abundantly through My sure Word of prophecy.

108. I know the future. I know what you will be called upon to endure—and I know your frame, your heartaches, your fears, your strengths and weak­nesses. I know exactly how much you are able to withstand, and I know how to best comfort your heart and prepare you for what lies ahead. Even more than all that, I have the power to overrule whatever circum­stances might come your way and help you to have perfect peace and comfort despite the circum­stances.

109. Even if your worst fear is that of being tortured, and in the future you find yourself in that situation as a witness and testimony to Me, know that in your time of great need I am more than able to comfort you, to overrule the pain and give you peace, and to make it not too difficult for you. I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you, and I will make a way of ­escape.

110. There were cases throughout history where My martyrs who suffered torture felt feelings of ecstasy rather than pain, as I held them in My arms to shield them from the circum­stances. Other times they felt twinges of pain‚ but I made it not too difficult or unbearable. Other times I transported their spirit out of their body, so that even though it appeared that their body was reacting to the pain, they did not feel it, but rather were observers in the situation‚ until the time that they were made to speak and witness their faith. Even then I held their hand and did not let it affect them.

111. My darling ones, the preparation I can give you now is faith‚ and that faith comes from My Word. So comfort yourselves through reading My Word. The more you read, the more you will see that I will not let anything happen to you that is not a part of My perfect plan. I love you and care for you, and if you fear that you will not be able to withstand torture, then rest in My promise that I will either not allow you to be in those circumstances, or I will be with you in those circumstances and will protect and shield you and will not allow you to fail.

112. You are My brides. You are My lovers. You are My faithful ones who have chosen to serve Me above the physical comforts you might have had in the world. I will not leave you in your hour of need, but will be near and dear to you, and together we will make it through whatever lies ahead.

113. In the meantime‚ don’t let this weigh on your heart. Don’t feel that you have to mentally prepare yourself for it, or live it again and again in your thoughts in order to make it more bearable when it happens. Leave that in My hands‚ and arm yourself with faith through reading My Word and believing My promises. I will be with you through whatever lies ahead, and as I have promised, I will not allow you to face anything that is too much for you. Rest in My love. (End of message from Jesus.)

How to Cultivate

Miracle Power

114. Q: We know from the Bible that the Lord will do miracles through us. Are there realistic examples of what we may be called upon to do? Also, what is it that enables us to have the power to do these miracles? Does it depend on our yielded­ness and usefulness to the Lord, or merely on our faith in His power and the need at hand?

115. (Jesus speaking:) I have promised great miracles to My children, and I was not speaking symbolically. Indeed‚ My power is limit­less, and according to your need and the situation, I will do wondrous things for you and through you!

116. The requirement for these manifestations of power is faith—your faith to ask Me, to expect, to believe and receive. When you ask Me in faith, I am bound by My Word to give you what you need. It might not always be what you think you need, but I will always supply, protect, deliver, heal, or resolve the situation in the way that I know is best. Sometimes it will be a quiet miracle that you will know is the answer, but it won’t be obvious to others. At other times, for the sake of the witness, I will do wondrous supernatural things as a display of My power to give those who are undecided a chance to believe in and receive Me.

117. Of course, I will give My power more freely to those who are yielded to Me, who I know will obey My whispers in an instant, who I know I can count on to be My witnesses and follow My lead. So yes, yieldedness plays a part. But any of My children who call out to Me—even those who do not yet know Me personally, but only believe that I am there, that there is a greater power than themselves, who know that I am good and who throw themselves on Me for salvation—I will answer and will give them what they need.

118. So do not wonder if you see others—Muslims‚ Jews, and even the unsaved—receive miracles from Me when they call on Me as their Lord and Savior. The time of Tribulation will be a time of great witness, great harvest, of many coming unto Me, and you must be ready to help feed them the truth.

119. I will not promise that every one of you will perform miracles, because not all will have the need. But I do promise that all those who ask in faith will receive according to My perfect will. Those who are yielded to Me and obedient to My voice will receive the greatest manifestations of My power‚ because I know that they will use it as a witness for Me‚ because they are humble before Me and seek only to do My will. (End of message from Jesus)

Endtime Prep and

Sample for Kids

120. Q: My eldest children, who are now SGAs and older teens, are pretty well versed concerning the Endtime. They’ve got a good foundation and seem ready to handle it, with the Lord’s help. But my youngest ones don’t seem as prepared. When Endtime topics come up‚ they seem almost frightened or fearful. Is it important to prepare them now‚ or will the Lord give them the grace then? How can I go about teaching them what the Bible has to say about the Endtime and our beliefs without instilling fear or worry in them?

121. (Jesus speaking: ) A good preparation for the Endtime starts with a good understanding of the facts and events concerning these coming days. There is an abundance of My Word and instruction and direction in the writings of your Father David, and many jewels are waiting there to be found.

122. Read and study what has already been written and published in the children’s publica­tions. (See the list in “The Endtime Series, Part 2,” ML #3279, GN 887, page 10.) Study, review, and memorize My Word. Apply yourself with all diligence to the study of My Word, and your faith will grow and your understanding will become clearer‚ and you will then be able to impart this to your children.

123. Read the children’s material together with your children. Study it, talk about it, take notes, memorize key portions, review and drill. Make it a fun study. Play games to help you review. Practice giving answers to sharpen your sword. As you do your part now to prepare your little ones, when the time comes, I will endue you and your children with power from on High. Nevertheless, you must rehearse your lines so that when the final play is on, you will stand boldly in front of your adversary and be a witness to many.

124. Yes, you need to prepare. You and your little ones need to absorb My Word, little by little, one thing at a time. It sounds overwhelming to grasp and understand all the events of the Endtime, but if you apply yourself and study and review step by step, doing the best you can, then in the appropriate time I will mightily use you and your little ones, but you must prepare now.

125. Here’s a good tip: Stay simple. Don’t try to understand everything or all the many details. My words are simple. Read Matthew 24. That’s a good beginning, a good foundation—My Endtime class to My disciples. They were simple men‚ most of them unlearned and ignor­ant‚ that their wisdom and power and boldness might come from Me. Give your children the foundation, the overall picture, the principles. Hide the Word in their hearts, and the promises of protection, miracles and safekeeping that I have given you in the Bible and in My recent living words to you‚ and you will be preparing them in the best possible way. When they are in need, I will bring these words to their mind and hearts to comfort, encourage and inspire them.

126. Focus on the positive. Focus on the purpose for the Endtime, the reasons behind it. It is to bring to fulfillment the plan that I began over 6,000 years ago. It is the final chance for mankind to choose whom they will serve—Me or the Devil. It is a great time of witnessing. It is a time of signs and wonders. It is a time to be on guard and watchful‚ to search the Scriptures in the Bible and to match them up—like a game—with the events that are going on in the world. It’s a very special time, but also a serious time, and that’s why it’s so important to learn to use the new weapons properly.

127. Challenge your children to be ready for the Endtime by soaking in My Word and learning about it. Don’t dwell on the fears or worries that some have, or that you might even have. Let My Words wash away your fears, and do not worry about your children, for I will protect them and keep them cradled safely in My arms. (End of message from Jesus)

128. (Mama: ) The Lord gave the following warning to parents, young people, and those who care for our children about the importance of not only teaching the kids but of your personal sample, which the Lord says will be reflected in their attitudes and habits. Lord help us to manifest the right attitude toward the End­time, and to obey the Lord in spiritually preparing ourselves through soaking in the Word and using the new weapons to the full!

129. (Jesus speaking: ) I charge you to teach and train your youth, so that they can perform the many tasks and mighty wonders which I will do through them. I have promised to do these things, yet you are part of My promise. They need teachers to feed and nourish them, like David your good shepherd has fed you.

130. Be not as those who have allowed tele­vision and video to become the principal teachers of their children, which has resulted in a violent generation which is an embarrassment to their forebears. Do you want such a generation? If you don’t, then you must feed, discipline, admonish and lead by example, so that your young ones can overcome the strong and poisonous influence of the false prophets of this day.

131. Remember, out of the abundance of your hearts as parents, your mouths do speak. What conversations do your young ones hear around the dinner table? What conversations do they hear during breakfast times, or your times of relaxation? They will observe and see if you really believe that you live in the Endtime. They will also see if you are soaking in the Word and imbibing the fresh‚ living Word. They see your sample in these important areas, and they will in turn reflect your attitudes and habits. So be faithful to do what you preach, so that they also may be strength­en­ed. (End of message from Jesus.)

Believing Prophecy

Karen Zerby

Maria #3904/97DO/TS 3130

By Maria

Believing Prophecy1

Mama’s Letter to Someone Struggling with Doubts About Prophecy3

Believe and Trust—Even If You Don’t Understand!4

Why the Enemy Attacks Our Faith in Prophecy6

Continue to Choose to Accept and Believe!8

Why the Lord Pours Out Through Prophecy8

The Dangers of Doubting Prophecy10

It Comes Down to a Matter of Faith!13

The Difference Between Applying Prophecy and Rejecting Prophecy16

More Counsel from Dad on Overcoming Doubts!18

It’s the Same Message, the Same Source, but a Different Method!21

The Lord’s Word Hasn’t Failed!24

Faith Is the Key!25

Strange Truths!26

Too Much “Control” Through Prophecy?27

The Choice Is Yours!31

Seekman and the Treasures!32

Dear Family‚

1. I love you and am so proud of you and your love and dedication to the Lord! I greatly admire each of you for following the Lord wherever He leads. We may not always be able to see the pathway that lies ahead, but He does. And while there are some difficulties along the way‚ He is continually bringing us into green pastures and leading us beside the still waters.

2. It’s been very encouraging to hear from many of you through your personal letters to me, or via your TRFs, in reaction to the New Wine that the Lord has been pouring forth recently. Many of you have commented how drinking in the New Wine has brought about big changes in your life and walk with the Lord, and has encouraged and strengthened you at times when you needed it very much. Praise the Lord! I’m so thankful that I can rejoice with you in receiving these life-giving Words from our loving Husband and Lover. Isn’t He wonderful to speak to us so abundantly, even above and beyond what we ask or think? He never fails to give us what we need, and like the Good Shepherd, His hand is always outstretched with more nourishing food for His little sheep—you and me!

3. While many of you have been thoroughly enjoying yourselves as you feast on the Lord’s Words, there are some of you who continue to struggle and battle with them. You’ve been hit with doubts and disbelief‚ and the Enemy is fighting you hard and trying to get you to stop believing‚ stop receiving, and stop drinking in the Word.

4. Some prophecies published in the GNs you’ve been okay with, since they went along with what you already thought or what seemed like “common sense” to you. But you have had a harder time with other prophecies which ran contrary to your natural reasoning, and you find yourself resisting them or wondering whether they’re really the Lord’s Words, or maybe someone got it wrong, or worse yet, even made it up or just put their own thoughts into words.

5. As a result, some folks have even wondered whether there is something wrong with the direction the Lord is leading the Family, or have thought that maybe it’s not really the Lord Who’s in control‚ but “Mama and Peter directing things” and just saying that it’s the Lord. When you get that far afield and the doubts grow that deep, you start wondering what really is the truth. You find it harder to accept and believe what the Lord gives, especially when it’s a “strange truth” that doesn’t quite fit with what you think the Lord ought to be saying or the way He ought to be saying it.

6. In the “Crisis of Faith” series, I wrote at length on the subject of doubts, and included a number of messages from the Lord and Dad‚ including Jesus’ personal testimony. In this GN I’d like to share some more of what the Lord and Dad have had to say on this subject in recent months, more specifically in regards to doubting the prophecies that are published in the GNs. The Lord and Dad explain the dangers of doubting the Words that they give from the spirit world, and outline the dangers this can lead to step by step‚ how it’s a tool of the Enemy to derail you and seriously hinder or even destroy your service for the Lord.

7. The Enemy knows how important our connection with the Lord is, and how vital it is if we are to complete the mission the Lord has given us of winning the world for Him and preaching His Endtime message, as well as being leaders and bellwethers in the very Last Days when so many people will be looking for the truth and a way to escape the Antichrist’s control. He knows that without good, strong communication with Headquarters and our Commander in Chief, we won’t be able to fight the battles that are ahead of us very effectively, and we will thus become easy prey for him.

8. The Devil knows that if he can cut us off from receiving the instructions of our Heavenly Guide, we’ll be much more likely to stumble and fall, instead of fulfilling our commission to “be strong and do exploits.” The Enemy also knows that if he can get us to doubt the Lord’s Words and instructions now, and keep us from receiving the New Wine, not only will it hinder us greatly in the future dark days, but it will also prevent us from accomplishing the Lord’s will now in our individual lives, in our Homes‚ and in our ministry to the lost.

9. So that is why the Devil is launching his forces to attack each of you in one of your most vital spots—your faith in the Word. Maybe you don’t see it as an attack on your faith in the Word, because you feel like you still have faith in the Word; it’s just some of this New Wine in prophecy that you’re a little unsure of. But as the Lord and Dad explain in this GN, doubting the New Wine given through prophecy is just the first step toward doubting all of God’s Word.

10. When you doubt the messages that the Lord gives now through prophecy‚ you are doubting the Word, because they are His Words. They are Him. He is the Word. So doubt and disbelief in the New Wine is a very serious inroad of the Enemy that can strike a deadly blow to your foundation of faith and your service for the Lord unless you stand up and actively resist it.

11. As the Lord explained in the messages included in the “Crisis of Faith” series, He has promised that if we put our will on His side when we’re battling with doubts and take the first step of calling out to Him for deliverance, He will raise a standard against the Enemy. In this GN, the Lord has further encouragement for you who are battling such attacks. He tells you not to be discouraged, and promises that as you call out to Him in prayer‚ soak yourselves in His Word, and avail yourselves of the prayers of others, the Enemy will be defeated and you will be strengthened and delivered!

12. So if you’re struggling, please don’t be condemned or discouraged. Simply reach out and take the Lord’s outstretched hand and let Him pull you up out of the pit into which the Enemy is trying to cast you through his subtle attacks of doubt and disbelief!

13. I’d like to start off this GN with a letter I recently wrote someone who was battling heavily with doubts about some of the prophecies in the GNs, as well as prophecies she or others had received personally. Her struggles were probably similar to those others of you have faced. She was also quite discouraged and disheartened, to the point that she had even thought of giving up and leaving the Family. She wrote me a precious letter in which she poured out her heart about these battles, sharing her doubts and fears with me.

14. I was very proud of her for writing me, as I know that sharing such intimate doubts and fears is very difficult for anyone to do. Not only do you feel embarrassed and ashamed that you’re going through such battles in the first place, but you’re also worried about what your shepherds’ reaction is going to be, and whether they’re going to think you’re a “doubter” and administer some heavy correction or rebuke.

15. The Enemy plays on that because he wants to prevent you from communicating and opening up. He knows that if you share your heart with your shepherds or other brethren who are strong in the faith, you’ll be able to get prayer and counsel, which could defeat his plans. So he tries very hard to tell you that if you confess your doubts and battles, especially when it’s something as serious as doubting the Word in the GNs, that your shepherds won’t understand and you’ll be labeled a “doubter” or a “weak brother or sister‚” and be harshly judged or looked down on.

16. Well, I certainly hope that no shepherd —or anyone in the Family, for that matter—would have that type of reaction toward someone who is trying to honestly share their heart and seek help. I know some folks have been the brunt of such immature and unloving reactions in the past, but I hope that we’ve all turned over a new leaf in this respect and learned to handle people’s hearts with a much greater measure of love and understanding. When someone shares their heart with you, your reaction as their shepherd or Godly counselor could have a great deal to do with whether or not they win the victory. You can either lift them up through your prayers, encouragement‚ and willingness to lay down your life to help them through, or you can knock them further down by your insensitivity, self–righteousness, and lack of understanding and patience.

17. Following is my response to this dear one, followed by a message the Lord gave when we prayed for her. I pray that it will be a blessing to any of you who are likewise struggling to some degree or another with questions and doubts about the prophecies in the GNs or the new revelations and directions the Lord has been pouring out.

Mama’s Letter to Someone Struggling with Doubts About Prophecy

18. Dear one, I love you! Thank you so much for writing to Peter and me to share your heart. It’s a beautiful heart‚ and we love you even more for sharing it with us. It makes us feel even closer to you.

19. I admire your forthrightness in opening up and being so honest with us about your trials and battles. It gives me faith that you will make it through these struggles, and in turn be a strength to others from what you’ve learned. You see, being honest about your weaknesses, fears‚ doubts, and outright attacks of the Devil is so important. It means you are being honest with yourself about your need for help, guidance, and encouragement. It means you can also then get the help and prayer you so desperately need to ward off these vicious attacks of the Enemy. You just have to be sure you share these things with the right people—your shepherds—which you have done faithfully over these past years, God bless you.

20. Dad said, “Battles never cease, and we will have to fight them till the day we die.” I’m so glad you shared yours with us‚ as I was able to pray for you and ask the Lord if He could give you answers and comfort in your time of need. He gave a beautiful message, which I know will be of great help and comfort to you.

21. As you’ll see in this prophecy, the Lord made it evident that the Devil is outright attacking you. He’s trying to dissuade and discourage you so your testimony will not have the powerful effect it has had and is continuing to have on many who know of your fight and your convictions to follow the Lord no matter how rough the going may be.

22. I’m sorry that you’re having some battles and doubts about prophecy. You’re not alone. Others are being attacked on this front as well. We’re all learning so much about prophecy. We’re finding that it can be mysterious at times, and it takes faith on our part to believe and receive. But when we don’t understand something that He reveals in prophecy, or something seems contradictory‚ the Lord continues to tell us to just ask Him again. I do this often when I’m not exactly sure what the Lord is saying or indicating that we should do. “For now we see through a glass darkly,” and we just cannot understand all of God’s mysteries with our finite minds. The answers and clarifications that the Lord then gives often amaze me and are so faith–building. Praise the Lord!

23. But in spite of the mystery surrounding prophecy, we are finding it to be one of the most beautiful and powerful gifts the Lord has put at our disposal to hear from Him and find His will. “Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. He that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort” (1Cor.14:1,3). Peter and I feel we would be greatly hindered in our spiritual oversight of this big Family without it.

24. We love you as a dear daughter, and pray for you often. Don’t give up prematurely, Honey. You fought through to victory in the face of other fierce onslaughts of the Enemy, so don’t let a few doubts and battles knock you off your course now. There is so much you do understand and fully comprehend that continues to draw you closer to the Lord and make you a strong missionary for His Kingdom. So ask the Lord to help you wrap in a bundle of faith the few things you don’t yet understand‚ and keep forging ahead to win the world for Jesus.

25. The Lord, the Family and we need you! “The harvest is plenteous but the laborers so few.” I believe you’ve got what it takes‚ as you have proven over and over again.

26. Peter and I and our Home will be continuing to pray for you. See how it helps to open up and share your need? You’ve now got our whole team on your side fighting with you. Thanks again for having the faith and humility to write and open your heart to reveal your battles and needs. We love you!

Love and prayers‚ Mama

Believe and Trust—Even If You Don’t Understand!

27.(Jesus speaking:) Not one thing that I have spoken will fail. All will be fulfilled and all will be answered according to My will, and according to My purpose. That which you do not understand today may be because it is not My time to fully reveal to you My complete plan and purpose. Only believe and trust‚ even though you do not understand. For My ways are not your ways, and you can never know the mind of God by trying to understand and analyze with your own fleshly mind. But I will reveal My thoughts and My ways by the power of My Spirit to those whom I choose, to those who are receptive and yielded and believing, who will receive My voice with faith and love and appreciation.

28. My Words are precious‚ they are priceless, they are eternal, and they are true! I give them freely to My children, to the children of David and to My Family who are willing to receive the treasures of Heaven with mouths and hearts wide open. There are few in the world today who are like unto the children of David, who have inherited the spirit of faith of their Father David, and the desire to do whatsoever pleases Me. They are truly pilgrims and strangers in this land‚ knowing that they are not accepted by the status quo and by the organized religious system. They remain strangers to the world, but followers of Me.

29. The children of David are true believers and they remain followers of My voice, which beckons and calls them supernaturally. They desire to follow My voice and My leading no matter what the cost, no matter where I lead‚ rather than adhere to the restrictions of the System. They yearn for My Spirit and long for My Words! They always look upward and tune in to My Spirit and My voice, which feeds and strengthens them.

30. They shun the ways of the world and worldly knowledge. They walk not with those who are puffed up with their own intellect, and those who spout off their own carnal reasoning. They eschew it, for they know where it leads—that it is the way of death, the way of bondage to System ideas. The children of David have rebelled against the hypocrisy of the System and its organized religion, and have chosen to follow their shepherd and to follow My voice. And so must each one continue to choose.

31. There will be tests and hurdles to overcome—not only for you‚ My dear one, but for each one in the Family. The tests and trials and difficulties do not come to you alone, but they come to each person. Each one faces times of great testing, difficult decisions, and strong trials. You are not alone, My love; this is simply one of your testing times. I know it’s difficult, and the tests and trials run deep. You feel your faith shaken and that you may not be able to stand. But you are not alone, My love. The others around you, whom you feel are doing so much better than you‚ will also face tests and difficulties. For I love each of My children‚ and I care for each one, and train each one, and teach each one the lessons that are needed.

32. So worry not about the lessons that you are learning, and look not upon your brother or sister. Fear not, for I promise that if you hold on by faith—not even knowing if you have the strength to hold on—you shall not fail and you shall not fall, but you shall come out finer gold! For those who pass through the fire and through the Jordan and continue to keep their eye on the shore, those who have been through the deep waters and the hot flames of testing‚ are those who come out on the other side as finer gold. I test you now, My love, that all the dross and impurities may be melted away. Fear not the testing, for I purify you out of love, and I cleanse you in answer to your prayers.

33. You are not alone in your battle with doubts‚ for many face the same battle. The Enemy goes about seeking whom he may devour and defile and destroy, for his ultimate goal is to get you away from Me. His goal is to destroy your faith in Me and your love for Me, and to harm your childlike faith in any way he can. Thus he abuses you with his lies and doubts. He feeds you with his worries and fears in an attempt to make you run from Me and into the arms of the System. He torments you and causes confusion and pain! He tries to upset you in any way he can, for he is the Destroyer, the Tormentor, the Evil One. He is the source of all fear, worry, doubt‚ confusion, strife, and anguish of heart, mind and spirit.

34. He goes about amongst My children, seeking those whom he may devour and pollute, seeking to destroy their link with Me and to destroy My gift of prophecy unto My children. He seeks to destroy our connection one with another‚ for he knows that in the days to come, in the darker days ahead, My gift of prophecy will provide the strength, encouragement‚ and direction that My children need. For now I am teaching and training My children to hear My voice and to listen for My whispers, to practice in these days of peace and quiet, that they may learn to hear My voice and My guidance, and to discern My voice. Thus the Enemy attacks with great force to pull you away from Me, and to sow doubt and confusion!

35. But you must only believe, have faith, and do not look at the waves. You must only believe with simple, childlike faith, and continue to trust. Listen not to the voice of the Enemy! Reject his doubts and refuse to hear his lies! You must simply believe that what you hear is My voice—a supernatural working of My hand—and that it is My Spirit which speaks unto you. It is a gift of My Spirit, and I am teaching and training My Family in the use of this gift.

36. Do not fear if you do not understand it all‚ and if some of My Words are not clear to you. Do not doubt if things do not work out the way you thought they would. Do not doubt or worry if you feel you do not understand My full meaning, or if you wonder why I said something, or you feel you did not hear My voice but that it was your own. The things that are not clear to you, you can bring to Me again. Petition Me in prayer again, that I may speak to you and help you to understand. For not all situations can be made clear or be fully answered in one message, but in My love and wisdom I give unto you that which you need and that which you can receive.

37. I told Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh, but I repented of destroying them because of their repentance and Jonah’s obedience. Jonah learned the value of obeying My voice through a difficult time of testing, and was closer to Me because of it.

38. You must saturate yourself with My Word, that it may fight for you and wash away the seeds of doubt that the Enemy has planted. You must soak in My Word and absorb it and live in it. The Enemy seeks to hold you down, but you can be free of all confusion‚ all darkness, and all doubt‚ for I have promised that the entrance of My Word gives light and understanding.

39. So prove Me now herewith! Take My Word into your bosom—absorb it‚ live on it, drink it in. Let it cleanse you and wash you and free you from the pain of the Enemy. Turn not into his hands and go not his way, but keep your face toward your shepherds, and toward Me. Set My Words before you. Post them on your walls. Set them by your bed. Carry them in your pocket. My Words are life and truth. Absorb them, listen to them‚ talk of them, think of them.

40. Have those in your Home pray for you and uphold you with their prayers, and fight for your healing. Fight to be freed from the pollution of the Enemy! It is not something that you have to do in your own strength; you simply must look to My Word. Read it prayerfully and carefully. Continue to ask Me for the strength and the help that you need, and I will not fail you.

41. My Word is powerful and is able! I am able to do that which none other can do. I am able to restore you and to give you peace of mind. I am more than able. You must just continue to trust and hold on to Me. Do not analyze; do not worry or fear. Just hold My hand, rest in My bosom, and I will sustain you. Rest on My Word and it will keep you. Think on My Words and they will cleanse you from all fears and doubts and afflictions of the Enemy.

42. Dig into My Word, old and new. Dig into the treasures and do not let the Enemy rob you of the truth. Do not let him steal your place in My Family, and do not let him steal you from My arms. Let not the Enemy take away your connection with Me and rob you of the blessings and strength and faith that only I can give. I am able to give you the peace, comfort and strength that you need, and freedom from fear, worry and doubt. Only I am the source of peace, for I am Peace, and I am Love.

43. You must simply come to Me and rest completely upon My Spirit and upon My Words. I simply ask that you come; that you call upon Me and let Me work within you. Let My Words work within you, and let My Words give you strength and faith. For no one else and none other can give faith—it is in My Word and My Word only. In My Word lies everything! My Word is the source and supply of all your needs. (End of message from Jesus)

Why the Enemy Attacks Our Faith in Prophecy

44. (Mama:) The Lord clearly exposes the real reason and ultimate goal behind the Enemy’s attacks of doubts regarding the prophecies in the GNs: It is to destroy your faith in the Lord! And once your faith in the Lord is gone, there’s not that much that you can do for Him, since it all takes faith. Our whole life is a life of faith, and when the Enemy gets you to doubt, he is striking at the foundation of your life as a Christian. So it’s serious business, and not something to be taken lightly!

45. But the Lord also has a lot of encouraging words for you who are battling with doubts. He tells you that you shouldn’t be discouraged, but that He often allows these attacks to test you and to try your faith, and that as you continue fighting and praying and yielding to Him, He will bring you through to victory. We have to learn to ward off these attacks of the Enemy now, because he’s going to be fighting us even harder in the darker days ahead, so the Lord uses these battles to strengthen our faith and conviction.

46. So don’t despair! Don’t feel like you’re a failure and washed up because you’re battling with doubts, but cry out to the Lord and ask Him and others for help—and He will! He promises, “My Word is powerful and is able! I am able to do that which none other can do. I am able to restore you and to give you peace of mind.”

47. The Lord does‚ however, give a few conditions to victory: One of these is soaking in His Word, both new and old. Faith is the antidote to doubt, and faith comes by hearing the Word. So let the Word wash away the doubts and replace them with faith and trust. Think on the Word continually. The Lord says‚ “Set My Words before you. Post them on your walls. Set them by your bed. Carry them in your pocket.” As I mentioned in “Crisis of Faith,” when you’re battling with doubts, you need to take extra time in the Word and use every available moment to read, think and ponder on it.

48. Of course, reading the Word won’t do you any good if you don’t receive it. In the above prophecy, the Lord says, “I simply ask that you come; that you call upon Me and let Me work within you. Let My Words work within you, and let My Words give you strength and faith.” But for them to work in you, you have to have an open heart. Just tell yourself that you’re going to believe His Words no matter what, and tell the Lord, just like the man in the Bible, “I believe; help Thou mine unbelief!” (Mk.9:24). If you take that one step, the Lord can blow upon the embers of your faith that have almost gone out‚ and bring them back to life again as a fire that the Enemy cannot quench!

49. The Lord also says that you need the prayers of others. So confess your need and battles to others, and ask them to pray for you. During the times when you’re really battling, ask those in the Home to pray for you daily during their prayer vigils or private prayer times. Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer, thinking that you’ll be looked down on by the others in your Home for having such problems. “There has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man,” and as the Lord indicated in the above message, there are many others who have faced or are facing similar battles, or will yet. So you’re not the only one, and you don’t need to feel like you’re worse off or more unspiritual than others. The Enemy will fight you asking for prayer, because the prayers of those in your Home will be very effective in breaking the hold that doubts have on you, so that your heart can open and the Word that you’re drinking in can take root in your life and bear fruit—faith!

50. In saying that you should believe and receive the New Wine, I don’t mean that you have to understand everything that the Lord gives. If you don’t understand something‚ maybe you don’t need to understand it right then. Dad didn’t understand some of the things that the Lord gave him, and I don’t always understand everything the Lord gives me. But what I don’t understand, I either ask the Lord for further clarification on, if necessary‚ or I wrap it up in a bundle of faith and put it on the shelf, trusting that He’ll make it clear in His time.

51. So if you have a hard time accepting something and it just seems to go down sideways, or you just don’t understand what the Lord is saying or why He’s saying it, then ask Him to speak to you and make it clear. Or, if you don’t need to know now, then just wrap it up in a bundle of faith and trust that the Lord will reveal it to you in His time‚ when you’ll need it.

52. There’s a difference between setting something aside in faith, trusting that the Lord will make it clear to you in His time, at which time you can fully embrace and accept it, and outright rejecting it and refusing to believe it, or doubting that what is being given is of the Lord. The Lord doesn’t condemn us if we have difficulties understanding or receiving something, as long as we’re not rejecting it, but we want to believe and receive. When we have a hard time understanding something, He encourages us to come to Him for clarification or answers that will make it easier for us to receive and accept what He is saying.

53. In the above prophecy, the Lord says, “The things that are not clear to you, you can bring to Me again, and petition Me in prayer again, that I may speak to you and help you to understand.” Sometimes the Lord purposely doesn’t give us the full picture the first time around, so that we’ll continue to seek Him for more answers. If He gave us everything in one shot, we might not stop to pray and hear from Him further. But if He just gives us a little bit, only enough for the next step, then we have to keep going back to Him for more answers, and this keeps us close to Him and less likely to go astray or to lean to our own understanding.

Continue to Choose to Accept and Believe!

54. One other point in the above message from Jesus which I would like to highlight is where He says, “The children of David have rebelled against the hypocrisy of the System and its organized religion, and have chosen to follow their shepherd and to follow My voice. And so must each one continue to choose.”

55. You can’t just choose to believe once and for all and that’s it. You have to continue choosing to believe and receive each new prophecy, each new Letter, each new revelation, each new direction the Lord leads. The Lord keeps testing our faith to see if we’ll keep choosing Him no matter what. He loves it when we make the right choice and keep following Him, even when it’s a little tough or we don’t exactly understand it all with our minds.

56. You can’t get lethargic in the Spirit and think, “I’ve chosen once to believe the Lord’s Words as given through Dad and Mama and the Letters, so I can just relax now.” With each new Letter, each new message from the Lord, you’ve got to again make a conscious decision that you’re going to receive what the Lord has to say‚ and open your heart to it so that it can take root in your life. The Lord loves it when you continue to choose to believe Him and His Words, as it’s a demonstration of your faith in Him.

57. As long as we continue choosing to believe and receive, He’ll keep pouring it out. He says, “I give them [My Words] freely to My children, to the children of David and to My Family who are willing to receive the treasures of Heaven with mouths and hearts wide open. There are few in the world today who are like unto the children of David, who have inherited the spirit of faith of their Father David‚ and the desire to do whatsoever pleases Me.” What a beautiful statement here, that the Lord says we have inherited the spirit of faith of our Father David! Isn’t that encouraging? Dad sure had a lot of faith, so if the Lord says that you’ve inherited that spirit of faith, that means you have a lot of faith, too—you just need to keep exercising it by continuing to choose to accept and believe what the Lord pours out, especially what He or Dad give us directly through prophecy!

Why the Lord Pours Out Through Prophecy

58. I recently asked the Lord to shed more light on the subject of doubting the messages that He gives through prophecy which are published in the GNs. I knew that such doubts have dire consequences for one’s spiritual life and connection with the Lord, as He had already indicated in the “Crisis of Faith” GNs. However, I asked if He could explain specifically the process by which someone who begins to doubt prophecy eventually loses faith entirely. Both the Lord and Dad spoke, and besides reaffirming that what is being given in prophecy in the GNs is of the Lord and not of ourselves, they also clearly spelled out the dangers of doubting the Words that the Lord pours out from the spirit world, and how much it hurts Him when we don’t believe that what He has to tell us is from Him.

59.(Jesus speaking:) I am the God of the Universe, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End! I am Truth and Life! I have in My power to give My Words to whom I will. I have chosen and anointed My servants, Maria and Peter‚ to be My mouthpieces and My voices of the Endtime. They are My Servant King and Queen, the King and Queen of Prophecy who hunger and suck and receive as none have before!

60. Because of their great vacuum, I am able to pour forth in enormous abundance unto the children of David. That which they pour forth is not of themselves, but it is of Me. I know the needs of My children and the grave circumstances and enormous challenges that they will face in the future as My Endtime army and My voice for the truth, so I have chosen to speak to My children directly, personally, and in great abundance.

61. As rushing waters I pour forth My Words—My heart and mind and soul—unto My children, the children of David. I have anointed Queen Maria and King Peter to channel these Words, to direct these Words‚ to manage the flow of these Words. And so they pour out and pour out and pour out in great abundance as I pour forth unto them.

62. These are My Words. The king and queen speak not of themselves, but they speak as they hear My voice. They are faithful deliverers of My Word. They have cast themselves upon Me in great desperation and they lean wholly upon Me. They do not look to their own understanding. They do not look to the ways of man, nor do they seek the approval of man, nor care for his opinions, but they seek only to please Me and obey Me. Therefore are they true, pure vessels to pour forth and manage the flow of My Words.

63. They are the anointed caretakers of My Words. They speak as I speak unto them, and they pour forth that which I give unto them to pour forth. I will keep them from mistakes‚ from their own thoughts, from wrong decisions. I will keep them from misleading My children, because I keep their hearts and minds in My hand. I know the desire of their hearts is to please Me. Their yieldedness and their desperation is their protection against mistakes and wrong decisions. Their wholehearted dedication to Me, their being married to Me and devoted to Me above all others, is their guarantee that I will lead them in the right paths.

64. They are merely human, merely a man and a woman, and they are not without faults. They are not perfect; they have their shortcomings and their weaknesses. But when I put My Words in their mouths and in their hands for My children‚ they become My vessels, My mouthpieces, and their hands become My hands. Their mouths and tongues become Mine, and their thoughts are as My thoughts. They are mere puppets in My hands, tools that I use to speak forth My Words.

65. Think not that their giving forth of much direct prophecy is a thought and idea that has come from themselves. Think not that this is merely for convenience or only so that they might more easily or more quickly pour forth the Words. These Words are My Words. They are My voice. They are Me speaking to you, just as I spoke to My early disciples.

66. I have chosen to speak to you directly because I know what you need. I know what you will face in the days that are to come. And so in great mercy and patience and understanding I have chosen to put My lips to yours, My mouth to yours, My tongue to yours‚ and to feed you directly and personally.

67. (Mama:) The prophecies that we publish for the Family are not Peter’s and my own words, thoughts or ideas! Sometimes we’re just as surprised as you are at what the Lord gives, but we just pour it out anyway, because we know it’s from Him! He’s confirmed time and again that these Words are He Himself speaking to us; or when Dad speaks‚ it is Dad himself speaking to us—just like he said he would while he was still with us in the flesh!

68. The Lord has encouraged Peter and me and those in our Home whom the Lord speaks through that there are “no leaks,” that our channels are clean and are pouring forth His Words unobstructed. Why? Is it because Peter or the others that I have asked or appointed to receive the Lord’s Words in prophecy are better than anybody else? No, it’s because we’re desperate and yielded. The Lord explained it above when He said, “They have cast themselves upon Me in great desperation and they lean wholly upon Me. They do not look to their own understanding. They do not look to the ways of man, nor do they seek the approval of man, nor care for his opinions, but they seek only to please Me and obey Me. Therefore are they true, pure vessels to pour forth and manage the flow of My Words.”

69. You can receive the Lord’s direct Words just as easily and purely when you’re desperate and yielded—and many of you have been receiving them! I’ve been thrilled to hear how many of you are exercising your personal gift of prophecy and getting your instructions from the Lord that way, and what a difference it’s made in your lives. Praise the Lord!

70. Of course, Peter and I aren’t perfect—the Lord even says so Himself—and neither are our staff members whom the Lord also speaks through. Nevertheless, when it comes to delivering the Lord’s Words to the Family, the Lord says that He keeps us from making any major mistakes and wrong decisions because of our yieldedness and desperation. And let me tell you, Peter and I are desperate! We want to make sure that what we are feeding you is what you need and what the Lord wants to tell you, and the way He wants it to be delivered. We seek Him over and over for more instructions and confirmations and explanations to make sure that we’re doing it just the way He wants us to. We know that it’s imperative that we, as your shepherds, stay right behind our Good Shepherd, so that the rest of you can follow where He leads and be fed and strengthened at His hand.

The Dangers of Doubting Prophecy

71. (Message from Jesus continues:) Take it not lightly when you mock My Words, when you are skeptical and bored, when you think that they are mere figments of somebody’s imagination, and you broadcast to others your opinion that they are only the thoughts of man‚ and that they are not necessary or crucial to the running of the Kingdom or to your own well-being.

72. Take heed and beware if you think such thoughts, for it is as if I were knocking at the door of your bedroom asking to come in‚ to love you and speak with you and answer your questions and provide your every need and give you the love, joy and satisfaction that you so desperately desire, and yet you shut the door in My face. You laugh and mock and say, “Oh, it’s not really Jesus. He’s not really here. He has not come to love us and speak to us and help us. It is merely an impostor. Let us shut and lock the door.”

73. My heart breaks when I have so much to give and you are in need of so much, yet you cannot receive it because you doubt the channel, the presentation. You resist and refuse to accept anything new. You prefer the old, and therefore I am not able to get through to you. You shut the door in My face when My mouth is watering to kiss you, and I am overcome with desire to be intimate with you, to speak to your heart one on one as your Lover‚ your most intimate Friend and Companion, your eternal Soul-mate and Husband. And yet you will not receive Me. You cannot see that it is I.

74. When you refuse to hear this or that or the other because you doubt it for some reason, you are only hurting yourself. I will continue to pour out My truth in the manner which I have chosen. I will speak through My chosen channels. I will give My Words through your Father David and through your spirit helpers. Nothing will stop the flow of My Words. If you doubt the channel, or the message, or the delivery, or the presentation, or the abundance of the Words that I pour forth, you will only hurt yourself. For each time you doubt and resist, you close off your own personal channel to receiving My Words and hearing from Me. Each time you doubt and resist, your own receptivity is lessened and you become more and more limited in hearing My Words, either through My chosen channel‚ the king and queen, or through My Own still, small voice speaking to your heart.

75. If you doubt in one area, if you doubt that I can speak through the faucet or through the king and queen’s chosen channels, if you doubt that Queen Maria is the winetaster and anointed of Me to judge the Words that are given unto her, or if you doubt that your Father David is able to speak from beyond the veil, or if you doubt that there is a host of Heavenly helpers ready and willing and able to speak and instruct and give messages from the other side‚ any of these doubts will weaken your receptivity.

76. These doubts will start off as tiny seeds, but they will grow and grow until the roots thereof will hinder your hearing from Me. They will bring confusion, and where once you doubted just one little thing, you will soon find that then you also doubt this, that, and the other. You will find that there is no place to draw the line. Once you have resigned yourself to doubting in one thing, you will soon begin to doubt in another, and yet another, and another. Then you will tell yourself, “If this thing be wrong, then why isn’t this thing and that thing and the other also wrong?”

77. You think you are doubting one point of information, one angle of revelation, one tiny part of the whole, but you must understand that the message that the queen, My chosen winetaster, and her appointed prophets‚ give‚ is not separate from Me Who gives the message. This is one and the same. So if you feel that the message given is wrong‚ that it is a lie, then you are also saying the queen, My chosen winetaster, and I, the One Who gives the message, are wrong.

78. The Enemy of your soul seeks to weaken and ultimately destroy you. His greatest weapon, his secret weapon, his most hidden weapon of today is his outright attack on prophecy. He has at last found a way that he can subtly attack My Word and get you to doubt it and even doubt Me, without your even realizing it.

79. There are those who have put My Word in categories. There are those Words that they would never think to criticize or doubt or scrutinize, but they accept them readily and quickly by faith, such as My Words in the Bible and the Words that I gave unto Father David. My people also respect and receive and honor the Words of Queen Maria, those that come from her heart and her understanding. But these same people put My Words of prophecy in a category by itself‚ and they feel that such Words of prophecy can afford to be criticized and scrutinized and weighed in the balances. They feel that they can choose to believe and receive them or not, and that disbelief and rejection are not such big offenses because they are “merely the words of prophecy.” But to doubt them is to doubt Me and My heart and My voice and My way.

80. It is the Enemy who seeks to sow these seeds of doubt, for he knows that if he can do so, he can succeed in robbing you of great treasures—the instruction‚ guidance and Word from My mouth that you need for these Last Days. Therefore, take heed to the Enemy’s attacks and be not ignorant of his devices.

81. (Mama:) Wow, this is a heavy message, isn’t it? Into what mighty oaks do tiny acorns grow, as the saying goes, and so it is with these so-called tiny seeds of doubt about prophecy. It’s dangerous business and can end up destroying your faith in the Lord and all of His Word. If you don’t believe that the prophecies which I put in the GNs are from the Lord, then pretty soon you won’t believe that the words I tell you in the GNs are from the Lord either, since I believe in the prophecies. After all, how could I be so wrong about the prophecies and yet right about other things?

82. Then if you don’t believe in what I say, you’ll end up not believing in what Dad said, because he said that I would have his mantle and anointing, and would carry on as the Lord’s anointed prophetess. So if you believe he was wrong about that, then how could he be right about everything else he said? Then if you don’t believe what Dad wrote, how can you believe what the Bible says‚ since Dad’s writings and life were all based on the Bible? So it’s a chain reaction that is at first subtle and slow, but can eventually destroy your faith and convictions, or water them down so much that you no longer pose a threat of any kind to the Enemy.

83. When you doubt the Lord’s Words in prophecy, the Lord says it’s as if you’re shutting the door in His face when He’s trying to come in and talk to you and spend time with you and make love to you. What a convicting word picture! Imagine if Jesus came to your Home and said that He wanted to spend some intimate talk time with you, and that He had some very special and precious things to tell you personally. But then when the time came, you shut the door in His face, saying that it wasn’t really Him, but just an impostor who looked like Him! Imagine how sad that would make the Lord—and how sad you would be in the long run, because you’d have missed out on the beautiful Words of love and instruction the Lord wanted to give you!

84. Beloved, these messages the Lord gives that are published in the Letters are not just general messages for the world or even the whole Family—they are for you personally, individually. It’s as if the Lord were sitting there with you speaking to you personally, looking into your eyes and giving you these messages Himself, one on one. It’s a personal message from Him to you! And if you feel the messages from Jesus and Dad in the Letters aren’t personal enough for you and your situation, then you can hear from the Lord or from Dad directly. How much more personal can you get than that?

85. I’m reminded of the humorous comment Dad made in one of the early Letters when some people complained that he wasn’t answering them personally, but just through the Letters. He wrote: “How personal is personal? And how personal can I get? I love you! Is that personal enough? What do you want me to do?—Climb in the envelope with it‚ and come home and read it to you personally, before you’ll believe it is personal? Now I hope you don’t get offended at this, or take it too personally, but I want to assure you that this is not an impersonation, but that I am the person who is personally personalizing and personifying the personification of the personality of these personals to you—in person! ‘Be not afraid; it is I'” (ML #24:26,27). Maybe that’s how the Lord feels when you doubt the Words that He gives through the prophecies published in the GNs. What do you want Him to do—appear in the flesh and read it to you Himself before you’ll believe it’s Him?

86. Of course‚ you can hear from the Lord and Dad personally yourself, in addition to the messages that they give for the entire Family in the Letters. But if you’re doubting the messages that the Lord gives in prophecy for the Family as published in the Letters, then you’ll eventually lose faith in the messages that the Lord gives you personally, and you’ll lose your individual connection with Him.

87. The Lord warns that each time you doubt and resist, you close off your own personal channel to the Lord’s Words, and your own receptivity and ability to hear clearly from Him in prophecy is lessened. You become more and more limited in hearing the Lord’s Words—both those in the Letters and those He speaks to you personally, either in prophecy or His still, small voice in your heart. And that, folks, is serious, because you’re cutting yourself off from Him!

88. The Lord says that you can’t separate the message from the messenger. You can’t say that you believe in the messenger, but then reject and doubt His message. So in getting you to doubt prophecy and reject the way in which the Lord is pouring out the New Wine, the Enemy is trying to ultimately destroy your faith in the Lord’s voice, and cut off contact with Him altogether.

89. Dad said in “Old Bottles” that if you lose your personal connection with the Lord, at least you still have the prophet and the messages he’s passing on. Your individual receiver may be turned off, but the Lord is still broadcasting and pouring out His messages through His prophet. But if you lose contact with both the prophet (through doubt and rejection) and with the Lord (through your own personal channel being clogged because of your rejection of the Word of prophecy from the prophet), then there’s nothing left! You’re not getting anything from the Lord’s channels‚ so all you have is the Enemy’s messages, and your own carnal understanding—which isn’t any better! The Bible tells us that we should not lean to our own understanding, and that “to be carnally minded is death” (Rom.8:6). So what started out as a little doubt and feeling like, “I don’t have to believe this; it’s just a prophecy someone got, and it’s not really the Lord‚” can eventually cost you your spiritual life!

90. Some people feel that it’s okay to just doubt a little; to just disbelieve this particular prophecy in this particular GN that they’re having a hard time with; to just reject this particular bottle of New Wine‚ while still believing the rest of what the Lord has to say. In answer to that, I’m reminded of something Dad had to say regarding negative thinking. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll paraphrase the first part a bit to apply to doubts instead, as the principle is the same:

91. “That’s what the Devil will try to tell you: It doesn’t hurt to just doubt a little, to just disregard that particular Letter or prophecy! After all, you deserve to be able to reason it out in your carnal mind just a little rather than just having to follow completely by faith! Why not? … Listen, brother, the minute you start listening to the Devil, you’re done for, because there’s no end to it, no stopping place! He’ll never quit! He’ll never quit until he’s got you completely down at the bottom‚ totally and utterly out of the victory, a terrible reproach to the cause and a curse to others and everybody else around you!” (ML #33:12,13).

92. You may think that doubting one prophecy isn’t that big a deal, but it’s an open door for the Enemy to get in and sow his seeds. Once you’ve opened it just a crack‚ it’s much more difficult to get him out than if you had never opened it in the first place. It’s like having a thief or robber outside the door of your apartment who’s trying to get in. If you keep the door closed, there’s not much he can do but break it down. But if you open it just a crack, he can get his hand or foot in, and then it’s a real struggle to get it shut again. If you’re not careful, he can overpower you, push the door wide open and come right in.

93. Little doubts lead to bigger doubts, so attack them when they’re still small! Call out to the Lord, ask for prayer, soak in the Word and stand your ground! Don’t let the Enemy rob you of your connection with the Lord. That’s his ultimate goal! In closing yourself off to the Lord’s voice in the Letters, you’ll also be closing yourself off little by little to the Lord’s voice in your own heart and hearing from Him yourself in prophecy or by the checks of His Spirit, until pretty soon you’ve lost the connection entirely and become a brittle old bottle!

94. When we received the above message from the Lord about the dangers of doubting prophecy, Dad also gave a talk on the subject, which I’ll include below. It’s wonderful to have Dad still speaking to us and leading us from up There, and in fact, pouring out even more now than he did in his last years with us on Earth!

It Comes Down to a Matter of Faith!

95. (Dad speaking:) Honey‚ I think the way the Lord is working through you and Peter and your channels is absolutely marvelous! My, if you didn’t have prophecy, if you didn’t stop to get quiet and hear from the Lord, how would I ever be able to punch through and continue to lead and guide you and give the messages that I need to give to the Family? It’s sad that some people don’t believe it’s really me speaking when you receive prophecies and messages from me from beyond. Maybe they think people are just making it up. Maybe they just think it’s people’s thoughts or what they think I’d say.

96. I’m sad for the people who feel that way, because they miss out on everything I’d like to tell them. They miss out on all these exciting MO Letters, these exciting talks that I get to give from the Heavenly realm. And they miss out on how you and I are still working together, Honey! —How I’m still leading and guiding the Revolution from over Here.

97. I promised that I would do that, didn’t I?—That I would still be speaking to your heart. Didn’t I say time and time again in the Letters when I was with you there on Earth that I wouldn’t leave you, Honey, but that I would continue to speak to you and to lead and guide you? Well, of course at that time you didn’t realize that the way this would be accomplished would be through prophecy and through my being able to speak directly through open channels.

98. When I was still with you, we probably felt that I would be speaking to your heart and you would be speaking my words, and that’s probably what the Family imagined would happen also. But it’s just one of those situations where we saw through a glass darkly‚ but now we know! And isn’t this so much better, so much more effective? I can give exactly the message I want to give, and I can give it abundantly and frequently. I can speak not only to you, but I can speak to many Family members and Homes. As they sit still before the Lord and come before Him for instruction, not only do they hear from Him and from their spirit helpers, but I get a chance to instruct them as well.

99. It’s obvious how much better it is that I can speak to you and to the Family directly through open channels, through prophecy. And for those who don’t believe it’s me, well, I’m sorry. That’s their loss. But I’m going to keep speaking and I’m going to keep writing MO Letters from this side, and I’m going to keep leading the Family through prophecy. So they’d better get used to it, because I’m here to stay! And I’m happy about that! And I know you and Peter are too‚ Honey!

100. It’s a sad thing, but some people just aren’t walking much in the fear of the Lord when it comes to prophecy. They’re not respecting it and reverencing it like they should. They’re not looking at it as the pure Word of God like they should. I know in the early days of the Family, a lot of the Letters we published were prophecy from the Lord and messages from Abrahim, and people looked upon those Words very respectfully. They were in awe, and they honored the Words. They saw them as something miraculous, something great, something supernatural.

101. Well, I don’t know what happened to people and why they started looking at it so in the flesh, and why they started doubting. Maybe it’s just because they’re old bottles and they’re resistant to change and they like it the way it was. They don’t like the new way the Lord is moving and speaking. But that’s just too bad, because that’s the way the Lord is doing it, and that’s the way the Lord is going to continue to do it—at least for now, and probably for a long while. Because look how effective it is, how efficient, how much you’re able to publish and how much you’re able to get from the Lord.

102. No wonder He has chosen to speak to His children this way! And instead of it being more difficult for them to receive the message, it should be easier for them to receive the message, because it’s the clear, pure waters from God. But I guess some people just have a mental block. They have their minds made up that they’re not going to like it, that they’re not going to believe it, that they want things the way they were, so they just can’t receive it. They’re closed. They’re like hard, dry ground that won’t receive the water. They’re like corked bottles that won’t receive the New Wine.

103. So what can I say‚ Honey?—Except that I’m thankful the Lord is pouring forth through prophecy‚ because I know how much He has to say. I know how much needs to be said, not only to the Family but to the lost. That’s why the Lord Himself is speaking through open channels, and He is allowing me to speak‚ as well as multitudes of Heavenly helpers. He’s even allowing the departed spirits to speak for the Celestial Interviews, because there’s so much to be said! There is so much that people need to hear! He’s pouring forth through as many channels as He can find, those who are available and willing and worthy to pour forth His message.

104. Of course, those who speak for the Celestial Interviews are not your Heavenly helpers. They’re not the ones who are called and chosen and trained to help you, Honey, and our Family in their spiritual warfare for the Lord. Those who speak in the Celestial Interviews are only allowed a special dispensation of grace in order to get a message across, a unique, specific message that they have to give to the lost. So they have their unique place in communicating messages from this side. They have a special calling‚ and limited influence and access to the channels. They are mostly witnessing to the lost and giving their personal testimonies to the lost; that’s their ministry. They’re on a different level from me and the Heavenly helpers who speak to you and lead and guide you in spiritual matters and the affairs of the Kingdom.

105. All of this massive outpouring of the message is part of the Lord’s plan. He is the One Who controls the flow. He is the One Who gives permission to different ones to speak. He is the One Who is in control. He is the One Who orchestrates the great symphony, Who manages the troops, Who organizes and approves the pouring forth of the message. It’s all in His hands; it’s under His direction and control.

106. It just comes down to a matter of faith, Honey! The kids have got to have faith. They’ve got to have faith that I prepared you and Peter, and trained you to run the Family after I was gone. They have to have faith that you are wearing my mantle. They have to have faith that you and Peter are His anointed shepherds and leaders of the Family. They have to have faith that you are the Endtime Prophetess, that Peter is the Lord’s faucet, and that you are the winetaster. They have to have faith that since you, Mama, have faith in your channels and you believe that they hear from the Lord and that they’re good, reliable, clear, pure channels, then they are just that.

107. They have to have faith if the Lord leads you to hear from departed spirits, to get messages from beyond‚ either counsel for the Family from Heavenly helpers, or a message for outsiders from the departed spirits. It’s all a matter of faith. How can they believe in you on one side and doubt you on the other?

108. The Lord has promised to lead and guide and anoint you. He has promised to direct your decisions and establish your thoughts. He has promised that He would not lie to you, but that He would lead you in the path that you should go, as a faithful true shepherdess and prophetess.

109. So if the Family is going to believe in these promises concerning you, Honey, they’re going to have to believe across the board. Because once you start doubting one point, it’s just the beginning, and pretty soon you’ll be doubting another and another and another. And when they doubt your words, Honey, or the words of Peter or your channels, they’re doubting you. And when they doubt you, they’re doubting me and the promises I made and that I’m still making concerning the Lord’s anointing on you. And when they doubt me, they’re also doubting the promises that the Lord gave to me when He called me to lead the Family as your prophet‚ king, and father.

110. And in all of these doubts, Honey, they’re ultimately doubting the Lord, because He’s the One Who ordained this whole plan and set it in motion. So while they think they’re just doubting a little prophecy here and there, and it’s not very important and it won’t amount to much, what the Enemy is trying to get them to do in the end is to doubt you and me and the Lord. Because when they doubt the Lord’s Words in one area, it won’t be long until they’re doubting in another and another. It’s a chain reaction, because where do they draw the line?

111. They’re just as good as saying that God is a liar, that His promises are not true, and that His plan has failed. If that’s the way they feel, then they might as well just quit‚ because they’ve got to have faith. Without faith, they’re lost! Without faith, the Words are empty and meaningless—whether they be the Words of the Bible, my Words in the MO Letters, your Words‚ Honey, or the Words of the prophecies. Without faith they’re all meaningless.

112. This attack of the Enemy on prophecy is a vicious, serious attack. He is trying to weaken the Family by shaking the very foundations of their faith, and he is going about it very subtly, very slyly. So it’s good and needful and urgent that you expose this attack of the Enemy. Those who are sincere and who have great love for me and you and the Lord will see and receive these Words, and it will set them free and set them on the path to be strengthened. So expose these attacks of the Enemy, Honey, while there’s still time.

113. (Mama: ) Praise the Lord! That’s what I’m trying to do with this Letter—expose this attack of the Enemy for what it is‚ and sound the alarm as to what dangerous depths doubting the messages the Lord and Dad give through prophecy can lead to! Don’t let the Enemy shake the foundation of your faith! Resist him, cling to the Lord and His Word‚ and call out to Him for the faith you need! And again, the way to get that faith is by soaking in the Word. As Dad said in one of his very first Letters, “Faith is something that is built by faithful study of God’s Word. Faith comes—it grows by hearing the Word of God. It’s not a sudden boom” (ML #M:9).

The Difference Between Applying Prophecy and Rejecting Prophecy

114. (Message from Dad continues:) Of course, they need to understand that there are different types of prophecy, Honey. Some prophecy is divine revelation concerning spiritual matters or direction [for the Family] or Endtime events. Those messages the Lord expects His children to receive by faith, wholeheartedly, whether they understand them or not, trusting that with time they will become clearer.

115. But there are other kinds of prophecy, for encouragement and instruction in practical matters and in personal matters, where the Lord gives people a little leeway, and they can apply or not apply the prophecies as they fit their situation. But there is a big difference between not applying a prophecy and not believing a prophecy. There is a big difference between trying to see how the Words from the Lord fit your situation and how you can live them and use them and put them into practice, and downright rejecting, denying and doubting the Words from the Lord.

116. When it comes to such prophecies, people do need and should be given flexibility. They don’t need to get bound by the letter of the law and restricted, thinking they have to apply every single prophecy in the GN directly and rigidly to their situation. There must be some flexibility, some openness for them to be led of the Spirit according to their faith.

117. There is nothing wrong with this; this is being Spirit-led. This is applying prophecy. This is not doubting or being skeptical or mocking or criticizing prophecy. There’s a big difference‚ and the Family needs to understand and know that difference so they can learn to rightly divide the Word and apply it and make it work in their situation without being bound and locked into the letter of the law, trying to apply God’s Word in a black-and–white, inflexible, unloving manner.

118. That’s where there’s room for personal preference, personal choice, and being led of the Spirit according to your situation and circumstances. And there is nothing wrong with that. But when you reject prophecy, doubt it, speak against it, mock it, and doubt the channels‚ and spread your doubts and thoughts to others, trying to get them to think the same way, this is wrong and this is dangerous.

119. So‚ Honey, you need to help people and teach people and show them the difference, and do all you can to defeat this attack of the Enemy. Don’t worry, Honey. Many of our children believe the prophecies and love them, and they’re starting to get used to reading prophecy and getting fed from it. But there are also quite a few who are still confused and who are being attacked by the Enemy‚ and they need to be strengthened. (End of message from Dad.)

120. (Mama:) Sometimes the Lord gives general counsel or guidelines on a subject, and expects us to seek Him personally for the details on how to implement and apply it to our own individual situations. This is the way Dad worked, too. He would pass on the general counsel from the Lord, and expected us to “rightly divide the Word of truth” and seek the Lord on how He wanted us to apply it. But as Dad points out, there’s a difference between questioning the Lord about how to apply what He’s given in the Letters for you personally, and rejecting it altogether.

121. Consider the following example: A few months ago we published some prophecies in a GN where the Lord said that many Family members in the U.S. should leave and go to other fields (GN 708). If you pray about whether you should go and the Lord tells you to stay because He has an important mission for you in the U.S., that doesn’t mean that you’re doubting and disobeying the Lord’s counsel; rather you’re applying it to what the Lord wants you to do personally by seeking Him about how to follow the counsel in the Letter, and following what He shows you.

122. However‚ if you were to just disregard the counsel in the prophecy altogether and not even consider or pray about leaving the U.S. because you figure “it’s just a prophecy,” then you would be doubting and disobeying the Lord. Worse yet, if you were to discourage others from leaving the U.S. by telling them that you don’t think the prophecies in the GN are really from the Lord, then you would not only be yielding to the Enemy yourself‚ but would be causing others to stumble as well!

123. So don’t be too rigid about following the prophecies in the GNs in a legalistic, letter-of–the-law manner. But if you do feel that the Lord wants you to apply something He says in the GNs somewhat differently in your situation‚ you’d better first check with Him and make sure that that’s really what He wants you to do! It may be, but you won’t know for sure unless you ask Him. Get a confirmation through prophecy from others, too, if you can!

124. Another situation where the Lord would expect you to prayerfully apply the prophecies in the GNs would be in cases where He presents various options for you to choose from. Such prophecies often affect the practical matters of our lives, such as “Our Children’s Education” (GN 694) and “Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance,” parts 1 and 2 (GNs 735 and 736). Many times Peter and I ask the Lord to cover many different situations or scenarios in the GNs in order to give you the most well-rounded counsel possible. But after reading that counsel, it’s up to you to go to the Lord and ask Him how it applies to your lives.

125. There’s also a difference between outright doubting and rejecting what the Lord has to say‚ or demeaning it by thinking or saying that, “It’s not really the Lord, it’s just a prophecy someone got,” and having a battle implementing what the Lord tells you to do. Dad sometimes had a hard time doing what the Lord told him to do. I have sometimes battled with doing what the Lord has asked Peter and me to do, but we’ve gone ahead and tried to do it anyway.

126. Just because we battled doesn’t mean that we were doubting that it was the Lord speaking. When Moses had a trial about going to Egypt and facing Pharaoh‚ it wasn’t because he didn’t believe that the voice speaking to him from the burning bush was the Lord, but because he knew how difficult it would be and he felt very incapable of performing the task.

127. So if you’re having a battle about believing or doing what the Lord is saying, don’t let the Enemy condemn you and tell you that you’re just full of doubts and you might as well quit because you’ll never make it! If you have your will on the Lord’s side and you want to believe and obey‚ then the Lord will give you the strength to do so. The important thing is to surrender your will to the Lord and yield to Him.

128. I’m not saying that it will be easy for you to accept every single message that the Lord or Dad gives through prophecy, because sometimes the wine is pretty strong and pretty new! Have you ever tasted new wine before? The taste is pretty strong and even a bit bitter compared to the aged wine. Sometimes the Lord’s New Wine is a bit strong and difficult to swallow. The important thing is that you want to believe it and get it down, and you keep trying to drink it‚ until you finally get used to the taste, and pretty soon you start enjoying it! You don’t just spit it out and throw away the bottle and swallow the Enemy’s lie when he tells you, “This isn’t really wine, it’s just vinegar with a wine label on it.”

129. The Lord doesn’t condemn us if we have an initial battle receiving or obeying what He has to say, as long as we’re trying and facing the right direction. He’s very patient with us, and if He sees that we want to follow‚ He’ll keep gentling us along. It’s the rejection and doubting the source or the veracity of His Word that He despises.

130. When you doubt and reject, then you are in a sense tying the Lord’s hands, and He can no longer help you. You’re turning your back on Him by doubting that His Words are truly from Him, and since you won’t listen to what He has already said, how can He give you any further counsel or instructions? Thus begins a downward spiral of more and more doubt‚ leading you further and further away from the Lord. It can only be reversed if you call out to the Lord and ask Him to deliver you, and put your will on His side so that He can help pull you back up!

131. While reading over an advance copy of this GN, one of our proofreaders had a question about Dad’s comments in the preceding prophecy that the Family should wholeheartedly believe the prophecies that the Lord pours forth in the GNs, whether they understand them completely or not. They wondered how this would apply to prophecies that are not fundamental Family beliefs. For example, if someone doesn’t personally accept or practice the “Loving Jesus” revelation, which is not a fundamental Family belief or a requirement for DO status under the Charter, are they then doubting the Word?

132. I touched on this in the above paragraphs‚ but I thought that you might appreciate a fuller explanation from Dad himself. So I asked Dad to clarify this point and explain whether not implementing certain prophecies in the GNs constitutes doubting the Word. Here’s what he said:

133. (Dad speaking:) In the case of prophecies like the “Loving Jesus” revelation‚ or other direction that the Lord gives which is not a fundamental Family belief that He requires all those in the Family to believe and follow, if you don’t have the faith to follow and implement it in your own life‚ you’re not necessarily doubting the Lord’s Words.

134. What determines whether it is a doubt or not is whether you believe it’s really the Lord that is speaking. If you don’t believe that it was the Lord speaking in those prophecies, and you go around telling others that you don’t think that that particular revelation is from the Lord, then you’re saying that Mama and Peter must have gotten it from a source other than the Lord, and that would be doubting. But if you acknowledge that, yes, they are the Lord’s Words‚ and that direction or revelation is from the Lord, but yet you don’t have the faith to personally accept it and implement it in your own life, then the Lord gives some leeway for this. He knows some of these things are difficult to take‚ and He wants to leave it up to your own individual faith. He’s a God of love, and He wants to make it as easy as possible for you. He’s very patient and He doesn’t condemn you. He just waits until you’re strong enough to be able to fully receive, accept and follow what He says.

135. But if you’re doubting that these things are really from the Lord‚ that leaves you no other alternative than to believe that Mama and Peter are either being inspired by the Enemy, or that they’re just making up these things. Either way, that’s a pretty serious doubt and a dangerous position to be in. It’s a road that will lead you downwards until you completely reject and forsake everything that the Lord is pouring through Mama and Peter in the Letters.

136. So yes, people do need to accept and believe these things by faith, whether they understand them or not. But the Lord gives allowance for them not to have to implement them personally if they don’t have the faith for it, or if they’re not yet ready or they’re not strong enough.

137. The Lord will reward you according to how closely you follow, how much you receive and implement or act upon what He gives—not only believing it and accepting it as the Lord’s Words, but actually receiving it into your heart and your life and letting it change you, and doing something about it. There’s a big difference between a mental acceptance that something is of the Lord‚ and really receiving it into your life. It’s similar to the way some people believe that Jesus existed, but they don’t receive Him as their personal Savior and invite Him to become a part of their lives. It’s like that with prophecy, too. You can believe that a prophecy is the Lord’s Words‚ but still not be receiving it into your heart and life and living it. So that’s the difference.

138. There are certain things which the Lord requires you to fully accept and embrace and follow and implement, and those are outlined in the Love Charter. But there are other areas in which the Lord gives much more leeway according to the individual’s spiritual strength and faith, in which He doesn’t condemn you if you have a bit of a hard time catching on, or if it takes you a while to come around to it. (End of message from Dad.)

More Counsel from Dad on Overcoming Doubts!

139. Recently Dad gave a very helpful message for a dear Family member who has been struggling with a lot of doubts. This brother was having a hard time receiving the New Wine, which was causing him to doubt and question Peter’s and my anointing and the “source” of the prophecies in the Letters. He said that he had faith in Dad and his Letters, which is what was keeping him going, but he just couldn’t accept some of the New Wine.

140. He also had a hard time reconciling the fact that today Peter and other channels hear from the Lord so much in prophecy, whereas Dad didn’t seem to as much. If Dad was the Endtime Prophet‚ then why do we seem to be getting so much more through prophecy today than he did? Dad also heard a lot from the Lord via Abrahim, his spirit helper, whereas now we seem to be able to get it straight from the Lord Himself. Of course, Dad did get many prophecies straight from the Lord, such as those published in Letters like “Old Church, New Church,” “Birthday Warning‚” “They Can’t Stop Our Rain,” etc., but not in the volume in which the Lord is pouring them out today. So it made him wonder if we shouldn’t stick with the way Dad did things rather than being led so much through direct prophecy.

141. This brother was also discouraged‚ wondering why the promises that the Lord had made through Dad over the last 25 years about the “great and mighty works” that the Family would do—for him at least—had not been fulfilled. He was quite disheartened that after being in the Family for so many years, he still didn’t feel he had accomplished much for the Lord. He had been a faithful pioneer and witness in the past, but now felt like he was just supporting his family and trying to survive while getting a little witnessing in here and there. This caused him to have doubts about the Word, particularly the Lord’s promises in the New Wine about the great things that He wants to do through each of us during the Endtime.

142. Probably some of you have had some of the same questions or been hit with the same or similar doubts, so I thought that it would be helpful to share with you the wonderful answers that Dad gave, so that you could benefit from his counsel, too. Following is what Dad had to say. (Some more specific personal words for this brother for whom the prophecy was given are not included in this GN.)

143. (Dad speaking:) God bless you‚ Son! I love you! I really do. I love you like one of my children, because you are. You’ve been one of mine for more than half your life now, and I’m so thankful for you and for your faithfulness to the Lord and to me. I know it hasn’t been easy and there have been a lot of rough spots, especially lately. But you’ve stayed faithful and true, and that says a lot!

144. The Lord has really done a lot through you over the years. You may not feel like it; you may feel like a nothing and nobody and that you wound up a failure, accomplishing nothing except trying to support your family and get in a little witness here or there, but the Lord has worked through you all through the years—to help people, to encourage them‚ to strengthen them. He’s worked through you and your wife and your precious kids.

145. Isn’t your wife lovely? What a sweetheart! I really love her, too! The Lord has really blessed you with her, and with wonderful children. They’re a real special blessing from the Lord in your life. If you don’t feel blessed from the Lord in any other way, if you feel like everything else has gone wrong and you’ve wound up with nothing‚ at least you can know that the Lord has blessed you with a wonderful wife and some beautiful children! So there’s a blessing from the Lord right there—one that most people in the world don’t have!

146. I’m sorry, Son, that times have been so rough and that you’ve been hit with so much frustration, and doubts and questions. They seem to be tearing you apart. God bless you for sharing your heart and for taking the time to write it all down—sending it on to your shepherds, who passed it on to Mama, who then asked me if I could help and speak to you, and maybe give you a few words of encouragement or advice, something that might help you.

147. Well, first I’d like to say that I’m real proud of you for being honest and sharing your heart. I’m sorry that you were so afraid to do so before. I know you’ve had experiences, or seen others who’ve had experiences in sharing their heart with some of their shepherds, and then they got the ax as a result. I know that’s happened a few times with different people, and I’m really sorry about that! Sometimes leaders don’t always handle things the right way, and they react too suddenly.

148. One thing I know about Mama is that she’s got a lot of love and a lot of patience. She doesn’t just cut people off because they share their heart about the difficulties they’re going through‚ or even really serious doubts or problems. So you don’t need to fear‚ Son. You don’t need to worry about it. Mama’s happy that you shared your heart, and I am, too. It really helps just to be able to get those things off your chest‚ if for no other reason than that at least you got it out.

149. I’d like to share a few things with you that I hope are going to help you, but a lot of it is contingent on your being open and receptive and having an open mind to what I’m going to share. I’m glad that you’ve had faith in my Words, Son, that you’ve believed in them and that you’ve followed them. The Lord is really going to reward you for that.

150. You may feel like a failure and like you’re doing nothing now, but I’ll tell you, the Lord has a big reward for you up in Heaven for all that you have done—for all the years that you have been faithful, for all the times that you got out and did His will, for all the souls that you won, and those that you witnessed to‚ for all the people that you helped. Sure, you’ve had your problems, but for goodness’ sake, who hasn’t? I had my problems too, but the Lord still used me‚ as much as I would let Him.

151. You see, so much of how the Lord uses us depends on how much we let Him use us. And sometimes when we feel like we’re not being used of the Lord, it’s because we’re not letting Him. He wants to! He’s more eager to use us than we are to be used of Him! But sometimes we get in the way because we’re not yielded, or not ready, or not listening to His still, small voice in our hearts telling us what to do and where to go and how to do it. We want to do things our way. Or maybe we’re just so busy looking at the waves and the circumstances, the problems and the difficulties, that we can’t even see the Lord’s call.

152. Other times the Lord just has to put us through some difficulties and trials and tests in order to strengthen us and mature us. When you’re going through the fire, it seems like everything’s so hot that you’re going to get burned up for sure! You do get burned, but as the Bible says, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those that are exercised thereby. Of course‚ you have to be exercised by it—you have to yield to it. You have to yield to what the Lord is doing, and you have to let Him work.

153. I had my times in the desert too—years when I felt like I wasn’t doing much for the Lord, when I was trying my best, trying to follow‚ but I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. But I held on, and the Lord did it! The Lord pulled me through, and the Lord worked through me—doing things that I never imagined were possible. I know the Lord can do the same through you, Son. He’s used you before and He can use you again! You’ve just got to let Him; you’ve just got to let go. You have to let go of the weights that are pulling you down.

154. Go back and read some of my old Letters that talk about just letting go and letting God, following God where He leads, and listening to His still, small voice. If you have a hard time with the New Wine, just go back and read some of the Old Wine! It’s the same message. The message hasn’t changed, the Lord hasn’t changed‚ I haven’t changed. It’s still the same thing today as it was 25 years ago! Of course, today the Lord is giving a fuller picture on some issues and expounding on the things that He showed me back then.—Just like when I was on Earth and the Lord expanded and expounded on what was written in the Bible through what He gave me. The message was the same; He just made it clearer and broadened the application.

155. Way back in “For God’s Sake, Follow God” I was talking about getting in touch with the Lord, hearing from Him fresh every day, and following His direction. That’s what I’m saying today through Peter and the other channels, and through Mama. That’s what the Lord is saying. So the message is really no different; it’s just a different way of getting it, that’s all.

156. If you’re having a hard time with the taste of the New Wine, then soak yourself in the Old Wine. Drink it in, let it fill you up! Immerse yourself in it! Then go back and read the New Wine, and maybe you’ll see it in a different light. I think you will! Because, after all, it’s all the same, from the same Source, from the same Bottler! Praise the Lord!

157. The Lord’s the Bottler‚ and He’s got great big wine vats, pouring out the wine! Some of it has different tastes and comes in different bottles of different shapes, but thank God‚ it’s all from the same grapes‚ all from the same Man, all from the same Source! It’s all from Jesus, praise the Lord!

158. The Lord really loves you, and I love you‚ too, and I’d really like to be able to help you. The Lord’s got spirit helpers who are trying to help you, too, who are trying to whisper in your ear, point you in the right direction, and encourage you when you get angry or frustrated. They’re trying hard because the Lord loves you and you’re very special to Him.

159. I love you, too, and it hurts me to see you discouraged, confused, doubting, unhappy and frustrated. I wish that I could just pull you up, pull you out, supernaturally, miraculously. But it’s not quite that easy‚ Son. See, I can point you in the right direction, I can get you going, I can show you the way to go, but you’ve gotta take the steps. You’ve gotta do the “wenting.”

160. The secret is really the Word—both new and old! Like I said, soak yourself in the old Letters! Immerse yourself in the Word! Revel in it! Drink it in! As you read it, ask the Lord to show you His truth. Ask the Lord to speak to you, to confirm what He’s giving in the New Wine. I know He will, because He always answers when we call out to Him with a hungry heart. When you call out to the Lord and you say, “I believe; help Thou my unbelief,” the Lord answers! His hand is moved by your faith in asking Him for help.

161. I know you’ve done that before, and you feel like, “What’s the point? I’ve already asked the Lord so many times‚ and it’s just not happening. I don’t feel different. I’m not getting the victory. I’m not feeling more inspired.” Well, again, it’s the Word! Faith comes by hearing the Word. If you seek the Lord, He’ll help you, He’ll speak to you, and He will answer—but He’s going to use the Word to do it, because that’s just the way He works. So you’ve just got to get it in‚ okay?

It’s the Same Message, the Same Source, but a Different Method!

162.(Message from Dad continues:) Okay, now let’s go on to answer some of the specific questions that you asked. That was a little sideline, but a very important point about the Word. I know you read it and you feel like you’re not getting anything from it. But as you continue doing so in faith, asking the Lord to open your eyes so that you can behold wondrous things out of His law, He won’t fail you. He won’t let you down! He’s so full of treasures, both new and old!

163. The Lord wants to give you these treasures that can help wash away your fears, and wash away the hurt, the anger‚ and the frustration that you feel. Go back and read “Morning Prayer,” “Stop, Look, Listen,” “Faith‚” “Dumps,” and some of these other Letters that I wrote. And don’t just read them once, but read them over and over and over again! Feed on them! Feast on them! I know the Lord will use them to help you to look at the New Wine in a new light. Like I said, it’s all from the same Source. Praise the Lord!

164. You were wondering how come when I was on Earth, I said that it wasn’t so easy to hear from the spirit world‚ that the Enemy fights it and there’s static‚ and it takes a lot of faith and a real clear channel to be able to get the Lord’s Words. I gave the example of how it was even rare that I heard directly from such Heavenly beings as the Archangel Michael. That was like a special occasion, a real big deal, whereas mostly I just heard from Abrahim, God bless him. He and I have a lot of fun nowadays! We get to talk together and communicate more than we did before while I was on Earth. It’s been really fun getting to know him better. He often pops by to see how things are going. He doesn’t have to take care of me so much now—he’s got other assignments—but he’s a real good friend, God bless him.

165. I also said in some other Letters that you may have read that the Enemy fights our communication with the spirit world. Even Daniel was delayed in receiving the message of the Lord through the hand of the Archangel; it was such an important message that the Enemy hindered it. So you may wonder how come I said all this, yet nowadays prophecy seems to be pouring out almost effortlessly—no obstacles, no problems, people just getting tons of fluent prophecies! Peter and others are getting all these prophecies that are going out in the GNs! Doesn’t that conflict a little bit? You thought I was the Endtime prophet, but now it looks like Peter’s getting more prophecies than I did!—And hearing them directly from Jesus, not just from a spirit helper! Does that mean that Peter has a closer personal relationship with the Lord than I did?

166. I can understand why you would have those questions, Son. When you look at it in the logical sense and analyze it, it does seem kind of funny and strange that now that I’m gone‚ there’s so much more coming out in prophecy to the Family than when I was there! If I was the Endtime prophet, then why wasn’t I getting it? I can see why you would ask that kind of question, and there are probably other people who wonder the same thing!

167. Well, it’s true that there are different strokes for different folks. The Lord works in different ways with each of us. I’ve said in the Letters that my main job and calling and anointing was as a teacher—to teach you the ways of the Lord and to instruct you in how to serve Him. I was the Endtime prophet, and I still am the Endtime prophet—even from up Here! I was the one chosen to help lead the Family‚ to get us started, to lead you on, to give you the faith to obey and believe the Lord‚ and to go into all the world and preach the Gospel!—And that hasn’t changed one bit!

168. Peter hasn’t taken the place that I had. Peter has his place and Mama has hers. They’re the leaders now; I’ve passed the torch on to them. They’re the ones who are carrying the baton. But it doesn’t mean that I’m no longer the Endtime prophet and a prophet of God, or that they’re greater prophets than I was. We’re all in this together!

169. Who’s to say who is greater or not greater, or who is closer to the Lord or not closer to the Lord? You might recall what Jesus said when the disciples started arguing about the same thing. They wanted to know who was closest to the Lord, and who would be the greatest. The Lord told them that he that was greatest was he that was servant of all. So that’s what really counts in the Lord’s eyes!

170. But don’t worry, I haven’t lost my anointing as the Endtime prophet, and I’m still speaking plenty! Except now‚ instead of speaking into a tape recorder, I just speak it in the spirit into somebody’s ear, and they speak it into a tape recorder! What difference does it make? They’re just a channel. When the Lord speaks, instead of Him turning into a man and writing it down on a piece of paper, or typing it on a computer or dictating it, He just speaks through somebody’s ear and they write it down. What difference does it make? They’re just the channel.

171. Well, back to the question: If I’m the Endtime prophet‚ then how come I didn’t give as many prophecies as Peter does, or as other people in Mama’s Home do? Well, like I was explaining, the Lord called me to be a teacher. If you’ll go back and read my Letters, that’s what I said was my greatest calling, my greatest anointing, my greatest talent. The Lord spoke to me just as much as He speaks to Mama and Peter. But the difference was that rather than me giving it in direct prophecy, He would just speak to my heart and I would give it in my own words.

172. I don’t think you folks were ready to be led primarily through direct prophecy. You had to be broken into it. It would have been too much; you wouldn’t have had the faith for it. So the Lord instead spoke through me, because you could relate to my words more easily. You could relate to them coming from a man who you knew‚ who you understood—sort of a mediator between you and the Lord. But it was all the Lord—it certainly wasn’t me! Well, I’m sure there were times when I spoke when it was just me. But when I got the anointing, when the Lord’s Spirit fell on me, it was the Lord! It was His Words and His message‚ and that’s what turned you on—not me!

173. I was just the channel. It was kind of like giving a prophecy, except in a little bit of a different way in that it wasn’t direct, word for word, but I was just assimilating all that the Lord was showing me and then giving it to you. Do you think I made up all those things myself, all those different ideas? No, the Lord was the One Who put them there! The Lord was the One Who filled up my heart, then I opened my mouth and out it came!

174. With Mama and Peter, it’s a little bit different. It’s the same message, but the method is different. They don’t have the same calling‚ the same anointing as teachers as I had. Plus, there’s so much more to pour out nowadays. If they were to try to write it down and formulate it and put it into their own words like I did, it would take them forever, just because they work in a different style. I would just open my mouth and let it rip! But everyone’s different, and the Lord takes those differences into account; and therefore He works differently.

175. For goodness sake, we’d never be able to get out as much as we do if Mama had to write it all herself! So the Lord in His mercy and foresight began pouring it out through direct prophecy—using Peter as His channel, and using others close to Mama as His channels as well. But can’t you see? It’s still the same Source! It’s still the same message. It’s just a different method. It doesn’t have anything to do with being closer to the Lord than someone else‚ or being more or less of a prophet than someone else.

176. It’s just the method that the Lord has chosen for today, for several reasons. Number one‚ so that He could get out His Words in the abundance that He needs to. Number two, in order to make it easier for Mama to be able to lead the Family by the Lord giving so much of it direct from Him or from me, rather than just speaking to her heart and her formulating it all in her own words. And number three, because the Lord knows that now is the time for you to be led more by prophecy, because you can receive it better. You’ve had the training under me and my Words for so many years, and I’ve spoken so much about hearing from the Lord and getting things from the Lord, that now you’re ready to go to stage two, in a sense—that of hearing directly from the Lord yourselves, in your own lives, in your own day–to-day affairs that come up.

177. You need to hear from God! You need to get ahold of the Lord! Each Family member needs to hear from the Lord as to what He wants him or her to do when problems and situations come up. The fact that I’m pouring out so much through prophecy, and that the Lord is pouring out so much through prophecy, encourages the Family to do the same, to hear from the Lord in prophecy, and even from me! If they weren’t seeing that sample in the GNs, they wouldn’t be doing it themselves. And God knows how important it is, especially in these Last Days!

178. If you’ll go back over my Letters, you’ll see that I’ve always said that as the times get worse and worse, we’re going to need to have a stronger connection with the Lord and be more in tune with the Lord, and be getting His instructions. That’s what this time is—the time of preparing people for that, getting them more used to it and in the habit of hearing from the Lord. Seeing their shepherds‚ Mama and Peter, hearing from the Lord and getting His messages, the sheep will follow the sample of the shepherd. And they’re setting the sample.

179. I know it’s a big change, and it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy for you to receive these things. It wasn’t easy for a lot of people, because they were used to just hearing it from me. But I know the Lord can give you the faith. As you cry out to Him and say‚ “I believe; help Thou my unbelief,” He’ll help your unbelief, and He’ll strengthen you. He’ll show you that it’s the same message, the same Source. Just the method is different. Just the channel is different. But the channel is not what is important. And the method is not the most important. What’s most important is the message!

180. Is the message true? Is the message confirmed by everything else that’s in the Word? Is it confirmed by the Scriptures? If so, then who cares about the method? Who cares what channel it came from? Whether it came direct from the sky, or through prophecy, or through someone teaching it, or writing it down in a Letter, what counts is the message, not the method! Of course, the method is also important‚ in that the Lord is trying to get you to hear more from Him in direct prophecy. But what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter whether it came through someone teaching it‚ or someone’s own words that the Lord inspired them to speak, or whether it came directly from the Lord Himself. Either way is fine, because what counts is what the Lord is saying.

181. Someone who prophesies and hears from the Lord doesn’t necessarily have a closer relationship with the Lord than someone who doesn’t. It’s just that the Lord uses different methods with different people. Mama doesn’t get many prophecies herself yet‚ but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a close relationship with the Lord, or that Peter is a lot closer to the Lord than she is because he gets prophecies and she doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that Peter is closer to the Lord than I was because he gets more prophecies than I did. The Lord just uses different methods with different folks.

182. Now is the time to hear more from Him directly, and He’s trying to encourage you to do that. But the Lord speaks to other people in other ways, and they’re just as close to Him. So it’s not a gauge of closeness to the Lord. Although if the Lord wants to speak to you through prophecy, and you’re not yielding, well, that can drive you away from Him—not because He wants to be away from you, but because your unyieldedness causes you to doubt‚ which then causes you to be separate from the Lord. But you can get back to Him real quick and real easy by just yielding and being willing to do what He says and follow where He leads.

183. I know it’s going to take faith to believe all this, but you’ve just got to have the faith! There’s nothing I can really do or say that’s going to be able to convince you logically in your mind of all these things. You’re going to have to believe them by faith and just take them because I said so—and because the Lord said so, and because Mama said so.

184. That’s what faith is all about! If you could understand it all with your mind and you could reason it all out and understand it all perfectly logically, if you could test it like a scientific experiment‚ then you wouldn’t need any faith to believe. But the Lord often requires us to believe by faith. He says that it pleases Him when we come to Him in faith, when we believe with faith—not seeing, but just believing.

The Lord’s Word Hasn’t Failed!

185. (Message from Dad continues:) That kind of ties in with the next thing that I was going to talk to you about. That is regarding your questions and doubts about how can you possibly believe the promises that the Lord is giving now, through Mama and the Letters, when you feel that so many of the promises that were made over the past 25 years haven’t come true in your life. Well, I know you’re going through a real tough time right now and you’ve pretty much hit bottom in your life, in your marriage, and in your accomplishments for the Lord, but that doesn’t mean that the Lord’s promises haven’t been fulfilled.

186. If you look back through what the Lord has said over the years, you’ll see that the Lord has fulfilled His promises! He has fulfilled those things through the Family all over the world.—And what He has not yet fulfilled, He will in the years to come! He’s even accomplished a lot of it through you! You may not feel that way now, but the Lord has done a lot through you over the years. But you’ve just gotta keep being faithful; you’ve just gotta keep going.

187. The Lord has times when He tests us, when we go through the valley of Baca, and we just have to hold on. It can last a while sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not accomplishing anything for the Lord, because what He’s accomplishing may be even more important than our physical accomplishments. What really matters to Him is our faithfulness.

188. You look at so many characters in the Bible and you see how they were faithful, even at those times when they didn’t seem to be doing that much. When David was young he had all these great accomplishments. He went off and killed Goliath‚ became a great hero, and was doing all these great things for the Lord and for his people. But then just a few years later he had to flee the country and was not really accomplishing anything, so to speak—living with the Philistines in the land of the Systemites, just trying to get by, just trying to survive, hiding out in the cave of Adullam. So was he a failure? Had the Lord’s promises not come true? Had they failed? No! He was just being faithful, following what the Lord showed him to do. And the Lord did change the situation and brought him back and fulfilled all that He had promised He would do.

189. Or Moses, look at all his great accomplishments—calling down plagues on Egypt‚ crossing the Red Sea, calling down manna from Heaven, calling out water from the rock, leading his people to the Promised Land‚ all these great accomplishments! And yet just before getting to the Promised Land, he wandered around with the Israelites for 40 years. Was Moses a failure? Had the Lord failed? Had His promises failed? No. He was just being faithful to do what the Lord showed him to do, even though it was a rough time—a real desert.

190. I’m sure Moses must have gone through a lot of trials and discouragement, feeling like he failed, and like the Lord hadn’t come through. But like David, he encouraged himself in the Lord. The Lord brought him through, and he saw the Promised Land. Maybe Moses felt just like you do, that he gave all these years to the Lord in preparation, following His Word, and yet look where he ended up—in the Sinai Desert, wandering around with a bunch of murmuring Jews! He sometimes must have felt that the Lord had deserted him or that the Lord’s promises hadn’t worked‚ that the Word hadn’t worked.

191. But it was all part of God’s plan. Despite whatever doubts or discouragement Moses may have felt‚ he just kept going. So you see‚ you can’t measure everything by your successes now. You have to look at all that the Lord has done through you over the years, and all that the Lord can do through you if you’ll follow Him.

192. Follow where He leads! Follow His call! Ask Him where He wants you to go, what He wants you to do. If you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything for Him and you’re just getting along and barely surviving, ask Him what you can do to change the situation. Ask Him where you should go. Ask Him what ministry He wants you to do. The Lord can speak to you, I know, and He can give you the faith, the vision, the burden, and the inspiration.

193. You’ve got a beautiful family, God bless them‚ and you’re a beautiful son! I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful that you’ve stuck it out through the rough times, and through the doubts and discouragement and questions. God bless you for sticking it out and for keeping on. That shows that you have a lot of faith, even if you don’t feel like you have any.

Faith Is the Key!

194.(Message from Dad continues: ) Faith is the key—the key to believing what the Lord has said about what He’s going to do. It’s the key to believing the New Wine. It’s the key to believing the Word. It’s the key to believing Mama and Peter, and that I speak from beyond, and that the Lord speaks through them. Faith is the key. Like I said earlier, faith comes by hearing the Word. As you drink it in, the Lord will give you faith! I know it, Son.

195. As you open your heart and you cry out for deliverance from carnal reasoning, from always having to figure everything out and analyze everything, if you ask the Lord to deliver you from that, He will‚ and He’ll give you faith instead! Because you’ll never be able to figure it all out. You’ll never be able to make it all jibe and all be logical and fit just right. The Lord just doesn’t work that way. He doesn’t even allow us to, because He wants us to have to believe some things by faith.

196. He does things on purpose sometimes, just so that it won’t be logical, so that we in our carnal minds can’t understand it and can’t figure it out. This is so that we’ll just have to say, “Lord, I don’t understand it, whatever it is. But I believe in You, and therefore I believe it!” The Lord wants us to get to that point, because it’s our faith that pleases Him.

197. Well, God bless you, Son. I think I’ve said enough in this little talk. But if you need more‚ if you have more questions, things you don’t understand that you think I could help you with, then ask me. I can speak to you. I’m glad that you wrote these things up so that Mama could read over them and she could ask me to give you some counsel and advice, and I hope this has been a help.

198. But you can also get it direct! You can get it from the Lord, or you can get it from me‚ or you can get it from your spirit helpers who are there trying to help you. Give them a chance! Give me a chance! When you feel like you don’t understand, or you’re confused, or you need some help, just call and we’ll answer, okay?

199. God bless you! I love you, Mama loves you, and Peter loves you! They’re real thankful for you, and for your faithfulness as a missionary for the Lord. Keep forsaking! Keep forsaking those doubts and fears, and just go into the light. Leave it all behind! Just make a conscious decision that you’re going to leave it behind. It will work wonders in your life!

200. The Lord wants to bless you in so many ways, He loves you so much. You’re one of His children, and He loves you very, very much. If you can’t understand something, don’t worry about it. Just put it on the shelf! You’ll never be able to understand everything! Just keep going for God! Keep serving Him! Keep following Him.

201. Find out what He wants you to do today! Get together with your wife and pray. Hear from the Lord together, and ask Him what He wants you to do personally. I could just tell you right now, but I think it’s important that you ask the Lord yourself—that you hear it directly from Him‚ so that you’ll have more faith to believe it and follow it. The Lord wants to use you and your wife and your children, so let Him, okay? God bless you, Son! Keep going for God! I love you! Love‚ Dad. (End of message from Dad)

202. (Mama:) Don’t you just love the way Dad explains things? Each of these messages from Dad is really a new MO Letter, and it’s just thrilling to be able to continue receiving his counsel and advice to us, his children in the Lord. I’m so thankful, because he can explain things much better than I can. Plus, I know that you like to hear from him, as well as from me, and from the Lord Himself.

203. I pray that this message from Dad helped to strengthen your faith and answer the questions some of you may have had about these things. Like Dad said‚ if you have further questions, ask him or the Lord to speak to you and help you understand—and they will! The Lord promises, “Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not!” (Jer.33:3).

Strange Truths!

204. In listening to what Dad had to say about how messages that come from the Lord and him in prophecy are from the same Source, Jesus—like the messages that he gave in the Letters when he was on Earth, or the Letters that the Lord inspires me to write—it reminded me of what Dad said years ago in the Letter “Strange Truths” (ML #360). The following paragraphs from that Letter seem to apply very much to what the Lord is doing now in the New Wine that He is pouring out through prophecy, and the new revelations that He is giving. I’ve added a few comments in brackets:

205. (Dad: ) All of a sudden some of the kids came yelling excitedly from the streams and the spring and said, “There are all kinds of funny little creatures in the water!” They said, “Look! Look at all these funny little things in the water!” They showed me a cup of water and there were two tiny cute little seahorses in it…. There was a whole variety of interesting little new creatures in the water that we had never seen there before! Some of the kids were all excited about it and thought they were interesting and funny and really fascinating! But some of the kids seemed to be a little bit worried about them, thinking maybe they were contaminating our water. [Sounds like some people’s reaction to the “Loving Jesus” revelation and other New Wine, doesn’t it?]

206. Some of the visitors [This could apply to Family members, too.] got real upset and began to leave, saying that the water was foul and wasn’t good any more because it was full of these little animals. They sort of turned against us because of the change in the water. The water itself hadn’t really changed, though. It was still crystal clear and pure and delicious, but it just had all these funny little strange things in it now that were new. [That’s right! The Word hasn’t changed. The message hasn’t changed. The Lord is just showing us new things in a new way that we didn’t see so clearly before!]

207. So I got a little concerned about it myself and I said, “Where are they coming from?” And the kids said‚ “Well, we don’t know. They just seem to be everywhere, in the streams and in the spring.” But I said‚ “Where are they coming from?—They’ve got to be coming from somewhere! Are they getting into the water from the outside, or are they actually coming up in the Spring from within the Spring itself? I’m going to swim out into the Spring and see!”

208. So I dove in and swam out to the middle of the Spring where the water was bubbling up from deep down below, the Source of the water where it was actually gushing out of the Rock, and here were all these little living things tumbling right out with the water‚ right out of the Source, coming from the same place where the water was coming from!… For some reason that seemed to satisfy me that they were all right, that they were clean creatures because they came from the same Source as our water.

209. So I remember thinking, “Well, our water is from God. He gave us this water, so the little creatures must be from God, too‚ and good for us!” So I swam back and told the kids‚ “It’s all right. They’re all coming from the same Source from which we get our water, so they must be all right. They must be clean and good for us, so don’t worry about them; they won’t hurt you.”

210. I said, “The new creatures are all right: Like the waters quench our thirst, the new creatures are for our nourishment and food. So don’t worry about them.—They’re good for us!”

211. But by this time most of the visitors had left, the crowd of Systemites, and only a few friends stayed. The Systemites [or even some of our own brothers and sisters] seemed to think our water wasn’t any good, and somehow that made us no good‚ too. So they didn’t want to have anything more to do with us and they left (ML #360:23-32).

Too Much “Control” Through Prophecy?

212. (Mama:)On another topic, following is a message from Dad that answers a question or doubt that some of you may have had regarding the New Wine, and specifically the prophecies published in the GNs. Some of you have wondered whether in publishing so much prophecy in the Letters we’re “controlling” the Family too much. Some folks have argued that by giving all these messages from the Lord, we make it difficult for people to disagree with what is in the Letters, because in doing so they would be disagreeing with the Lord Himself! We’ve heard from a few folks who have even said that we shouldn’t publish so much in prophecy, but rather go back to doing the Letters the way that Dad used to.

213. So we brought this question before the Lord‚ and He sent Dad with a very interesting answer about who really has control. You might be surprised! I pray that this message from Dad will be a help and a blessing to you in clearing up any questions in your mind about this, and dispelling this doubt and attack of the Enemy on the Word!

214. (Dad speaking): God has always had His man, His voice, His mouthpiece, and His channel through which He gave His Words. God raised me up to be the man with a message for the Revolution for Jesus. I was His voice‚ His mouthpiece, His messenger. My job was simple: I just heard from the Lord and I passed it on. I gave His Words to His children. That was my job, my calling, my destiny.

215. And now, Honey, you’re His voice, His mouthpiece, His woman with a message. You were created by God to give His message to His children and to the world. All your years of training were to prepare you for this time, to be His prophetess of the End, the one with a message—the message of love, of revolution, of warning, of repentance, of mercy, of Heaven‚ of the wonders of the spirit world.

216. Honey, the message the Lord gives you will be more varied and even more radical than the message He gave me to give to His children and to the world. There is much, much more to be discovered and to be revealed, and you will be called upon by the Lord to carry a message to the people that will not always be popular and well received, but it is a message that must be given nonetheless. For you are a prophetess, and your job is not to please the people but to please the Lord. God will put His Words in your mouth and in your hand‚ and it is your obligation, your duty, your responsibility to give those Words, come what may, no matter what the cost.

217. You must give His message and be a faithful messenger, a faithful voice‚ and let the chips fall where they may. Spare not the message due to the cries of the children and their doubts and their balking and their wonderment, but just give what the Lord gives you. Be faithful to give whatever He gives you, because only in your giving and your pouring forth will He be able to continue to give to you and to Peter, the faucet, and to your channels‚ the many Words that He has yet to give. You are His mouthpiece, His voice, His messenger, and whether He puts His Words in your mouth and you speak them yourself, or whether He puts His Words in your hands through your channels‚ it is the same; it is still His message‚ His Words, and it is still your responsibility to pass them on.

218. Each Family member has a choice as to whether they will believe not only the Words that the Lord puts in your mouth, but also the Words that the Lord puts in your hands through your channels. They have a choice to believe the counsel that you give directly and the counsel that you pass on that the Lord gives directly through prophecy‚ through His living Word, the messages that He has for the Family for today. Each person must make a choice and a decision to believe and receive, and the Lord will bless each one individually according to their faith.

219. Some see it as control, too much power in the hands of the top, WS, or Mama and Peter. But what they don’t understand, Honey, is that really you have very little “control,” because each person makes their own choices and their own decisions. You can’t really exercise any power over the individual. Even God Himself has limited His control over His children, because He has given each one the majesty of choice. Even He cannot make them do His will or force them. All He can do is make His will known and put before His children a choice. But then each one must determine in his own heart and mind what he will do, how much he will yield, how much he will accept and surrender to the will of God.

220. And so it is with you, Honey. All you can do is give the Lord’s message. Show the Family how to live, how to love, how to hear from Him, how to be fruitful in their service for Him. Show them the narrow path of God’s perfect will. Explain to them the options‚ the possibilities, and the benefits of following the Lord closely. Show them how to be faithful and happy and loving. Having done all that, Honey, then you can rest assured, knowing that you have done your part. You have passed on the message, you have given them the Word, you have been God’s voice and His channel. Then it’s up to each one to choose, to make their own decision as to whether they will believe and receive and accept the message.

221. A lot of what you give, Honey, is principle, general counsel, and it’s up to the individual to pray and hear from the Lord and see how to apply that counsel and those principles to their specific situation. The Family is learning to be Spirit-led, and that means learning to apply the Word wisely and lovingly to their specific situation. So really, Honey, they are the ones who have control, because they make their own choices and they decide how to apply the Word to their specific situation.

222. Our children have been given freedom to follow the Lord according to their own faith. They need this freedom so that they can mature and learn responsibility and learn to make wise decisions and learn to hear from the Lord personally on a day-by-day basis. Our children are learning and growing and progressing. They’re making some mistakes, but they’re also doing a lot of things right. As they continue to learn to follow the Lord and seek Him and wisely apply the Word, they will make fewer and fewer mistakes‚ and more and more good, solid, Spirit-led decisions.

223. As the Family becomes wiser and they learn to make the Word work for them‚ applying the counsel and the principles that are given to them in the GNs, then they’ll realize how much responsibility they must take for their actions and their decisions, and they will learn to be more in the fear of the Lord. They’ll begin to see how responsible they are for their own situation and circumstances and happiness. And the more they learn all these lessons, the more it will dawn on them that the control is really not in your hands, but in theirs.

224. And to those people who think that because you put prophecy in the GNs, that it weights the Words and gives them too much power and people don’t have a choice‚ and therefore it gives you too much control, I say this: What difference does it make whether the Words are from the prophetess or whether they are direct messages from the Lord? They are still the Lord’s Words. You, Honey, are the Lord’s earthly representative, and whether He chooses to give His message through you‚ as you explain and exhort and share the thoughts and ideas that He puts on your heart and mind‚ or whether you are the winetaster, the one who produces and bottles His direct messages, they’re still the Lord’s Words one way or the other.

225. The Lord is giving His message through you, Honey, by means of the GNs. That is the vehicle by which you pass on the Lord’s Words, His message, and His counsel to the Family. And whether you do that through your own voice or through the voice of your channels, it is the same; you are passing on the Lord’s message and His Words. The Family should respect and reverence the message and see it as the voice of the Lord, regardless of the means by which it is passed on.

226. Of course‚ Honey, some of the things that you share in the GNs are your personal feelings or experiences, how you do things or how things are done in your Home. Not everything in the GNs is counsel that would apply across the board to every situation or every other Home. Some things you share just because people want to know you; they want to see the personal side, the human side. So some of what you share are your personal feelings, personal opinions, or personal experiences.

227. I shared a lot of that too in the MO Letters, and the Family was never obligated to accept or practice or even agree with my personal opinions and preferences and the way I did things. But when it came to counsel about the Lord’s work and His will and the direction He’s moving, that was a completely different subject! In that case, I spoke as the voice of the Lord—my words were His Words—and if the Family wanted to follow me as God’s voice‚ then they needed to follow those Words. And it’s the same with you, Honey. You are His voice and His anointed mouthpiece. When He speaks to you concerning the state of the flock and His will and His direction, His revelation, then it is up to each individual in the Family to believe and receive and act upon that counsel.

228. That is a fundamental belief of the Family‚ Honey: that I am David of the End, God’s Endtime prophet, and you are my successor, Maria of the End, His Endtime prophetess, and you now wear my mantle. You have a double-anointing—the anointing of Maria and the anointing of David. And just as I spoke His Words, now you speak His Words. We’re different channels and God speaks to us in different ways. Nevertheless, Honey, you follow in my footsteps and you are His prophetess and His voice and mouthpiece. That is the foundation of the Family‚ and those who cannot believe that shouldn’t be in the Family. People are going to believe in you, Honey, like they believed in me, and they’re going to have to be willing to take strong meat, strange truths from your mouth, just as they did from mine.

229. There’s only so much you can explain. There’s only so much reasoning you can do with people‚ and eventually it comes down to their faith. Do they believe that you speak the Words of God? Do they believe that you’re the winetaster? Do they believe that it’s God’s plan, in order to get out the message more quickly, that He speaks to you in prophecy through your channels? Do they believe that just as the Lord said He wouldn’t lie to me, He also won’t lie to you and lead you astray?

230. These are all questions each of our people will have to ask themselves‚ because they are the ones who control their lives through the choices and the decisions they make. They choose to believe. They choose to follow. They choose to yield. They choose to serve the Lord in the Family or they choose to leave. So much power is given into the hands of each individual Family member because of the choices he or she makes. So, Honey, you don’t have to worry about having too much “control” in your hands. And you don’t have to worry about all those who scream about, “Where’s the democratic process?” “Where’s the voice of the people?” Because I’ll tell you, they have plenty of voice because they have plenty of choice!

231. Those who are completely yielded to the Lord will want to be under His control. They will want to be His love slaves, led by His voice. They will want His desires to be their desires, His plan to be their plan, His will to be their will. For aren’t we all controlled by the Lord? Aren’t we all His little robots, His puppets‚ created to please Him and to obey Him and to yield to His slightest bidding? But He won’t force that yieldedness and that obedience and that submission; He won’t take it against our will. He wants it to be given willingly and lovingly by our own choice.

232. So‚ Honey, when people say they don’t want so much “control” in your hands, or the hands of WS, or through the GNs because of the prophecies, maybe the real problem is they don’t want to be controlled by God! They don’t want to be in submission to Him. They don’t even want Him telling them what to do!

233. I saw that a lot in the churches. People were okay being Christians and serving the Lord up to a point, but they didn’t want the Lord meddling in their personal affairs or their private life. They didn’t want Him getting too much into the nitty–gritty of what they did or didn’t do. It was okay to know the Lord and love the Lord and serve Him, but from a distance. They didn’t want Him getting too close or getting too involved, because they knew in that case they might have to give up some of their bad habits and their time-wasting pastimes. They’d get nervous because they knew if the Lord got too close and His Word got too real, they’d be confronted about some of their sins and they’d have to forsake their backbiting and their jealousy and their materialism and their independence.

234. I know this well. I saw it in every church I visited or was involved with—people being willing to call themselves Christians‚ to be church members, to give their tithe and even listen to the sermons, as long as those sermons didn’t get too personal, and as long as the preacher didn’t go to meddling. It’s too bad, Honey, that some people feel that way in the Family. But don’t let that stop you, because we’re not a church—we’re a revolution!

235. The Letters have always not only preached a good sermon, but gone to meddling! The Letters have always made people feel uncomfortable and made them squirm‚ because they exposed their shortcomings and they challenged them to do more for the Lord and be more for the Lord. The Letters put forth the goal, the ideal, and gave people something to fight for! They gave the vision. And that’s your job, too, Honey —to give the vision, to sock it to them with the truth, to give the message and let the chips fall where they may. What the Family does with that message is up to them. It’s their choice. Once you have given the message‚ Honey, then you have discharged your responsibility and the rest is up to them. (End of message from Dad.)

The Choice Is Yours!

236.(Mama:) Besides answering the question about whether the prophecies in the GNs exercise too much control over the Family‚ Dad also makes a very good point regarding the overall topic of this GN—doubts about the prophecies that are published in the GNs. Maybe you feel like you would rather hear from me, the way Dad wrote the MO Letters, instead of reading prophecies‚ as you feel you would have more faith in that. But consider what Dad says:

237. “What difference does it make whether the Words are from the prophetess or whether they are direct messages from the Lord? They are still the Lord’s Words. You, Honey, are the Lord’s earthly representative, and whether He chooses to give His message through you, as you explain and exhort and share the thoughts and ideas that He puts on your heart and mind, or whether you are the winetaster, the one who produces and bottles His direct messages, they’re still the Lord’s Words one way or the other.”

238. If you can believe that the words that I speak to you are from the Lord and inspired by Him, then why can’t you believe that the words that He gives through prophecy‚ which I taste and bottle for you, are also from the Lord? They’re both from the same Source—the Lord—and you can’t have one without the other. Both are needed, and they complement each other; you can’t have faith in one and not have faith in the other. If you doubt one‚ you’ll soon doubt the other; and then you’ll soon doubt Dad’s words‚ and pretty soon you’ll doubt the Lord!

239. I’m sorry if some of you have a hard time with so much prophecy in the GNs, or don’t like it or believe it. But it’s here to stay, and as long as the Lord keeps giving it, I’m going to stay true to Him and keep pouring it out to you! That’s my job, that’s my responsibility‚ and if I don’t live up to that responsibility which the Lord and Dad have placed on me, I’ll be accountable before the Lord for withholding His message from you—and that’s serious!

240. I’m thankful that the majority of you are very thankful and appreciative of the prophecies in the GNs‚ and are getting fed and inspired from them, because you have the faith to believe that they are from the Lord—His direct and personal Words for you! As a result of your faith and obedience, you’re reaping the Lord’s blessings in your lives and in your Homes.

241. For those of you who are lacking in faith, I pray that you will make the decision to yield to Him. Even if you feel very weak and incapable of fighting the doubts yourself, just yield to Him and He will strengthen you. Make a firm decision that you’re going to believe that it is the Lord speaking to you through those prophecies in the GNs, no matter what the Devil tries to tell you otherwise, or whether your carnal mind can figure it out or not! After all, if you could figure it out, you wouldn’t need faith, right? Use the weapons of the Word, prayer, praise and hearing from the Lord to fight off the Enemy’s attacks of doubts! As you do, the Lord will give the victory, as He has promised!

242. As for me, I’m going to keep pouring it out and letting the chips fall where they may, just like Dad did! The choice is yours whether you want to believe and follow, but I know that if you make the right choice, the Lord will honor your faith and bless you as a result. Once He has you on His side and listening to Him, receptive to His voice, as manifested both through the messages He gives for the Family as well as those He gives to you personally, then He can answer your questions, erase your doubts, calm your fears, ease your mind, and show you more truth! “His Spirit will lead you into all truth” (John 16:13). But first you have to stop, look‚ listen, believe and have faith! Believe and follow God today! I love you!

7 Ways to Know God’s Will, The

David Berg

At the birth of the Family!—Huntington Beach, Calif., USA.GP829Summer 1968!

  1. The Word
  2. The Voice of the Word
  3. Direct Revelation
  4. Godly Counsel
  5. Open & Closed Doors
  6. Burdens
  7. Fleeces

1. EVERY TIME OF TESTING & TRIAL & SIFTING IS A TIME OF DECISION! Now how do you make a decision? For a Christian, what is a decision? What are you trying to find? The will of God! So the question is: How do you find the will of God? Can you think of a good verse on it—any good Scriptures on the will of God? The first one that comes to my mind is:

2. “I BESEECH YE THEREFORE, BRETHREN‚ THAT YE PRESENT YOUR BODIES A LIVING SACRIFICE, holy & acceptable unto God‚ which is your reasonable service. Be not conformed to this world: But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind‚ that ye may know what is that good & acceptable & perfect will of God.” (Ro.12:1 & 2.)

3. SO WHAT IS THE FIRST REQUIREMENT IN FINDING GOD’S WILL?: HAVING NO WILL OF YOUR OWN! Surrender your will, your body, your mind to the Lord. I thought you said that everybody has free will, free choice? Well, sure, up to the point of decision. But as Christians you’re supposed to have already made that major decision. What is that? I choose Jesus! Amen?


“He knows, He loves, He cares‚

Nothing His Truth can dim!

He gives His very best to those

Who leave the choice with Him!”

That may not be a Scripture, but it’s Scriptural—one of my favourite little poems. “He knows, He loves, He cares”—do you believe that? “Nothing His Truth can dim”—is that true?

5. “HE GIVES HIS VERY BEST TO THOSE WHO LEAVE THE CHOICE WITH HIM!” If you’re His child & you’re letting Him do the choosing‚ what’s He going to choose for you? He’s going to choose that which is the best for you, which will make you happy, amen?

6. BUT YOU SAY, “YES, BUT MY WILL IS SURRENDERED TO GOD. I have yielded my life to the Lord, I am trusting the Lord‚ but I still haven’t been able to find His will. I’m still confused. I can’t even understand the problem, much less the answer!” It’s a problem that some of you are having now. Some of you are wrestling with it now!

7. YOU EITHER HAVE SO MUCH FAITH THAT YOU CAN GO OUT & SERVE GOD & WORK HARDER FOR HIM FULL-TIME THAN YOU WOULD FOR A SECULAR EMPLOYER, & have the faith that God in some miraculous way will pay off those bills. Or get to work & earn it & pay’m!

8. DON’T SIT AROUND ON YOUR FAT FANNY EXPECTING GOD TO DO IT FOR YOU—when you’re not willing to get out & work for Him! Some people think that living by faith is not working—is doing nothing, just sitting around….”I’m waiting on the Lord to tell me what to do.”

9. GOD ALREADY TOLD YOU WHAT TO DO! “Go ye into all the world, & preach the Gospel to every creature!” (Mark 16:15.)

10. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO GO OR HOW TO DO IT, JUST GET OUT & START‚ & HE’LL LEAD YOU! The boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect. Don’t sit around on your southwest hemisphere & tell me that you’re working for God & God’s going to take care of the bills, when all you’re doing is mooching off of somebody else!

11. I’M THINKING ABOUT SOMEBODY RIGHT NOW: THEY’RE SUPPOSEDLY CALLED TO THE MISSION FIELD—they’ve been sitting around, doing little or nothing for many months, “waiting on the Lord.” They’re not waiting on God! God’s waiting on them to get busy!

12. HOW DO YOU FIND THE WILL OF GOD! What’s the first requirement, according to that Scripture? That Scripture includes three things: Surrender your body‚ surrender your mind, & obviously, your will. When these are all utterly surrendered to God, God may make you wait a little while sometimes, to find out. But you’ll keep busy while you’re waiting!

13. I NEVER IN MY LIFE, GOD HELP ME, JUST SAT AROUND WAITING ON GOD—not for long, that’s for sure! We may stand around here for a few minutes waiting for God to speak, but I never sat around for weeks & months on end. God isn’t that slow! He doesn’t have that hard a time telling me what to do.

14. THANK GOD, I’M NOT THAT DEAF THAT I DON’T KNOW WHEN HE SPEAKS, & have that hard a time to hear Him & find out what He wants me to do. There have been little times in between jobs that we’ve so-called rested on the Ranch, but we were busy every day—having classes, studying God’s Word & praying—working hard!


16. IF GOD FINDS YOU WILL OBEY WHEN HE TELLS YOU TO WASH THE DISHES or wash the clothes or vacuum the floor, & you keep busy doing something, then He knows He can trust you to tell you what’s next. But if you’re not willing to keep busy just picking up papers in the yard or whatever else it might be, He’s not going to tell you anything else!

17. “WHATSOEVER THY HAND FINDETH TO DO, DO IT WITH THY MIGHT.” (Ecc.9:10.) The trouble with some people is: They don’t find anything to do because they’re not even looking! In fact they’ve got their eyes shut & they’re sound asleep & they don’t want to see anything to do!

18. HOW TO FIND THE WILL OF GOD! UTTER ABANDONMENT, utter yieldedness to God—utter yieldedness of the mind, utter yieldedness of the body‚ utter yieldedness of your own will! Then you’ll know! You won’t have long to wait, when you really have no desires of your own!

19. I ASKED SOME FOLKS LAST NIGHT, I said‚ “Honestly now, if friends & family & church & money & position & health & nothing else were a problem, if you could do anything you wanted to do, anything, what would you do? Think it over!

20. “IF YOU HAD YOUR CHOICE TO DO ANYTHING you want to do for God, or even not for God, what would you do?” “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Mt.6:21.) What do you want to do? What really is your choice?

21. WELL, I’M DOING EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO, what I love to do, & what I know is God’s will! I’m right where I belong. I can’t think of anything I would like to do better. Hallelujah!

22. THE FIRST PLACE WE LOOK FOR THE WILL OF GOD IS WHERE?: THE WORD! Right here! This is the known, sure, absolute, revealed will of God! This you don’t have to doubt about at all! This is it! If God never tells you another thing, if you just work according to this Bible, you’ll get along great! TG!

23. IF YOU NEVER GET A REVELATION‚ if you never hear a voice, if you never hear a tongue, if you never get a prophecy, if you never have knowledge‚ if you never have wisdom, if you never have discernment, if you never have healing, if you never have miracles, if you’ll just operate according to this Word of God, you’ll accomplish a whole lot! And you’ll probably get all the rest in the bargain‚ while you’re at it!

24. BUT THE PEOPLE SITTING AROUND on their fat fannies waiting for the rest of it, before they go out & do what they already know—”the full He hath sent empty away,” & they “lose even that which they think that they had.” That’s God’s Word! The translation here is: “That which he hath,” but the literal translation from the original Greek is: “That which he thinketh that he hath.” (Lk.1:53 & Mt.25:29.)

25. SOMETIMES PEOPLE THINK THEY’VE GOT A LOT, WHEN THEY HAVEN’T! God will soon show’m up if they haven’t got it! We’re soon going to know whether you’ve got it or not!

26. GOD OFTEN PULLS US THROUGH A KNOTHOLE—JUST TO SQUEEZE OUT THE CHAFF, TO SEE WHO’S GOT WHAT IT TAKES! He never leaves us in the knothole very long, but it’s a pretty painful process going through from one side to the other! Amen? God loves to chastise you! He loves to chasten you! He enjoys spanking you, in a way. Why? Because He watches it bring out the best in you!

27. GOD’S INTOLERABLE COMPLIMENT:—Chastisement, scourging. God’s almost unbearable compliment! When God swats you in the rear, it’s a compliment! When God beats you down & puts you through the ringer & through a test & trial, it’s a compliment!

28. HE’LL NOT GIVE YOU ANYTHING MORE THAN YOU’RE ABLE TO BEAR. If He gives you a tough test & a tough trial, as a tough soldier of Jesus Christ, He knows you can take it! He just wants to show me & show you & show the rest of the world you can! It’s a part of your witness. As dear old Brother Mitchell, a great saint of God, said, after his house burned down‚

29. “GOD DOES SOME THINGS TO MAKE YOU HUMBLE, other things to keep you humble & yet others to make sure you’re still humble.”

30. SOMETIMES HE DOES THINGS TO YOU TO PERSUADE YOU TO SERVE HIM, & then He may drag you through the knothole to see if you’re still willing to serve Him! Oh, I thought I’d passed the test. I had graduated when I forsook all & followed Jesus.

31. MAN, YOU JUST ENTERED SCHOOL! You just got accepted by the Lord, that’s all! You just filled out the registration blank & received your notice of acceptance from God—because you were willing to leave home & come. You haven’t even passed the first grade yet, some of you! And nobody here’s graduated yet‚ or you wouldn’t be here!

32. WITH EVERY GRADE IT GETS TOUGHER & the tests get harder & the examinations are more complicated & the choices are more difficult! The more God can trust you with, the more He can trust you to stand the test‚ the tougher it’s going to be—just to show the rest of the world what you’re made of! It’s a part of your witness for God. It’s a part of your witness to your wife, to your husband, to your children, to your loved ones at home.

33. THE 7 WAYS TO KNOW THE WILL OF GOD, 7 ways to find the will of God: Number 1, by the Word of God. Next, by the Voice of His Word. Now what is the Voice of His Word? He speaks not only in His Word, but He speaks about the Voice of His Word.

34. HAVE YOU EVER HAD HIM SPEAK DIRECTLY TO YOU WITH THE VOICE OF HIS WORD? You’re reading a passage & all of a sudden some verse or Scripture or word just—pow!—Hits you like that between the eyes! “Wow! That’s for me! Wow, that’s the answer!” It was so loud that God couldn’t have spoken any more emphatically if He’d yelled it out or screamed it in your ear!

35. THE VOICE OF HIS WORD SPEAKING THROUGH THE WORD. It may have been written for somebody 6000 years ago, & yet, all of a sudden, it hits you personally, between the eyes.

36. THE HOLY SPIRIT GRABBED AHOLD OF THAT ARROW & PULLED BACK HIS BOW & WHANG!—IT CUT YOU TO THE HEART! The Voice of His Word! PG! (“Bless the Lord, ye His angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments‚ hearkening unto the Voice of His Word.”—Ps.103:20.) Amen! PG!

37. FIRST THE BIBLE‚ THEN A SPECIFIC VERSE OUT OF THE BIBLE. What do you think would be next, as an indication of the will of God? A Direct Revelation—dream, vision, voice, message, prophecy‚ interpretation.

38. SOMETIMES HE SPEAKS THROUGH ONE PARTICULAR VERSE HERE, JUST TO YOU PERSONALLY, by His Spirit. Sometimes He speaks to you directly, even outside of this Book. I found out He usually uses Scripture. Whenever I ask God for an answer to a problem,

39. I SELDOM EVER HAVE GOD FAIL TO GIVE ME A SCRIPTURE that He’s already got in here some place. “What more can He say‚ than to you He hath said? You who unto Jesus, for refuge have fled? How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, is laid for your faith, in His excellent Word!”

40. SOME OF YOU DON’T APPRECIATE THE BIBLE LIKE YOU SHOULD. You’ve got to have it all spoon–fed. You don’t know how to dig it out for yourself—the strong meat of the word. Some things you’ve got to work for! “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth. (2Tim.2:15.)

41. BE SURE THAT DIRECT REVELATION DOES NOT COUNTERACT NOR CONTRADICT, BUT IS IN LINE WITH THE WORD OF GOD! You have to measure it! Try the spirits! Make sure it is according to His Word, direct revelation from God Himself.

42. HIS WORD‚ THE VOICE OF HIS WORD, DIRECT REVELATION, what next? “In a multitude of counsellors there lacketh not wisdom.” Godly Counsellors‚ Number 4.

43. I DON’T MEAN NECESSARILY SOME PREACHER OF THE OLD RUT THAT YOU WERE IN—some Christian or a member of your family of the former association—because they don’t know where it’s at! They don’t even know where you’re going, but they sure seem to know how to stop some of you!

44. HOW CAN YOU GO TO PEOPLE WHO DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM! They don’t know what the goal is! They don’t even know what the will of God is!

45. HIS WORD THROUGH GODLY COUNSELLORS. Those who not only claim to believe the Bible, but you see are really practising it the way you know it ought to be done. Those who not only are hearers of the Word, but doers also!

46. SOMEBODY WHO’S WITNESSING & WINNING SOULS & DOING THE JOB & trying to get it done. Somebody that’s got the fruit to prove it! If I want to know how to play the piano, I wouldn’t go to Business College—I’d go to a pianist who knows how to play, amen? If I want to know how to cook, I don’t go to a stenographer—I’d go to somebody that knows how to cook, & I’ve enjoyed one of their meals. Godly counsellors that bear fruit & produce the goods & you know they mean business.

47. I DON’T SAY THAT THESE HAVE TO ALL BE IN THIS EXACT ORDER, God may speak to you out loud first, & then you may confirm it with the Word. You may hear the Voice of His Word next, & then search the rest of the Scripture & see what generally He has to say about the subject.

48. WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE NUMBER 5? CIRCUMSTANCES!—A very poor judge of the will of God, but sometimes an indication. Some people have called this Open & Closed Doors.

49. WHAT ARE THE CIRCUMSTANCES? When they told me that I couldn’t go, at that particular time, to Israel with my family, during World War II, the country had shut the doors to any new missionaries, no milk for the babies‚ & God didn’t provide the money for a family passage, I looked at all those closed doors & I finally decided that wasn’t the place for me to go. And right then God threw open the door real wide to Miami Beach, with a million Jews, waiting for the Gospel!

50. OPEN & SHUT DOORS—WHICH WAY DOES GOD SEEM TO BE LEADING? Where do you have open doors of service? Where have you got a possibility of a job? Which direction does it seem that God is providing the way & the means? That’s one way to find out—the circumstances & the conditions, the open & shut doors. What would you take next?

51. TO KNOW WHAT GOD’S WILL ISN’T? That’s a pretty good point, but a hard way to find out. I’d make that Number 8, I’ve just boiled this down to 7. But if you can’t find the will of God, go ahead & do something. You will soon find out whether it is or is not! Like that old lady says, “I may not know what unction am, but I sure knows when it ain’t!” (See 1Jn.2:20.)

52. THE HORRIBLE THING IS THAT SOME PEOPLE DON’T EVER SEEM TO WAKE UP! One couple that I was counselling—it’s been six to eight months since he’s quit his job & everything’s going to pot, can’t pay their debts, & not getting to the mission field. He still hasn’t waked up! He still hasn’t found out when it ain’t! My God help us not to be deaf, dumb & blind! Help us to wake up when we find out it’s not God’s will!

53. WELL, THAT LEADS US TO NUMBER 6—THE WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT, BURDENS some people call it. It’s kind of a feeling; I don’t like to go by feeling, but that may be one of the indications. Sometimes it can be wrong! It can be the wrong feeling from the wrong spirit!

54. BUT IF IT’S OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD YOU’LL HAVE AN INNER CONVICTION—the Witness of the Spirit! In your heart you feel you just have faith. You’ll just know that’s the will of God! You have conviction that that’s what you are supposed to do! That still small Voice in your heart—maybe not out loud, not an audible, visible sign of some kind‚ but that still small Voice in your heart!—That inner conviction!

55. THE WARNING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT or the checking of the Holy Spirit: “Stop‚ don’t do it! Watch out!” Sometimes the Holy Spirit screams so loud in your heart, you don’t hear a thing with these ears, but you know what He means!

56. FINALLY WHAT? SOMETIMES YOU CAN SPECIFY THE KIND OF REVELATION YOU WANT & THIS WE CALL A FLEECE. Like who?—Gideon! He laid it out & said, “Now Lord‚ if the fleece is dry & all the ground’s wet, then I know it’s You talking to me.” But then he wasn’t too sure, he wanted to make double sure. (Judges 6:36-40.)

57. CHECK & DOUBLE CHECK! He said, “Now Lord, if the fleece is wet & the ground is dry, I’ll believe it.” And it came that way every time! You say “Now Lord, if You’ll do so-&-so”—like I did when I walked in here: I said, “Now Lord‚ if I open up right to that passage, then I know that’s what they need & that’s what I’m going to give’m.”

58. I LIKE TO GET A SIGN FROM THE LORD. I LIKE TO GET THAT LITTLE FLEECE, that I’m on the right track. That’s one way to find the will of God—ask for a sign, for a Fleece, some indication.

59. HOW TO FIND THE WILL OF GOD? SURRENDER YOUR BODIES AS A LIVING SACRIFICE, that ye may know what is that good & acceptable will of God. Be not conformed to this world & its systems & its usual way of doing things, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind—not the old way, if you’re going to accomplish anything! (Ro.12:1 & 2.)

60. “THAT YE MAY KNOW”—YOU’LL KNOW! THERE’LL BE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! If you do something without knowing it’s God’s will, it’s sin! “For whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” (Ro.14:23.)

61. GRANDMOTHER USED TO SAY, “WHEN IN DOUBT, DON’T!” That’s Scriptural! “For he that doubteth is damned if he eat!” (Ro.14:23.) That means he’s judged—doesn’t mean he’s lost. He’s punished because he went ahead & did something he wasn’t sure was the will of God.—Without knowing he was right!

62. KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT, THEN GO AHEAD! Nothing short of right is right! “He that doubteth is damned if he eat”; for “the double-minded man is unstable is all his ways, like the waves of the sea when they cannot rest. Think not that that man shall receive anything from the Lord!” (Ro.14:23 & James 1:6-8.)

63. CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE SHALL SERVE: If God be God, then serve Him; if Baal be God, then serve him! For how long go ye halting between two opinions? As for me & my house, we’re going to serve the Lord! Amen?—TYJ! (1Kg.18:21; Josh.24:15.) HALLELUJAH!

(We were only a couple dozen then, but with this kind of faith and conviction that we were right because God said so, we went out from one little home there & conquered the World—Now there are thousands of us in hundreds of Homes winning millions to Jesus around the world!—Did it work?

Yes, it worked!—Because we worked the works & will of God!—Are you?—If not‚ find His will TODAY!!—Don’t wait!—Tomorrow may be too late!—You got this lesson today because someone did God’s will & found this old tape & transcribed it for you!—Beth & Beriah of Wild Wind! God bless’m! PTL!—& somebody thought to tape it!—Because I obeyed & said it!—Will you obey God’s will?!—And a lot of other somebodies found God’s will for their lives & obeyed to make it all possible!: The typists, photographers, printers, mailers, receivers, givers‚ cooks, handymen, drivers, shoppers, mothers, businessmen, servants, shepherds, shepherdesses‚ teachers, writers, recorders & hosts of others!—YOU!!)

Ask Me Everything, Part 1!

Karen Zerby

How to Stop, Look, Listen and Receive!Maria #512 CM/FM 3270 7/99

Required reading for all members 16 and up.

This GN does not have to be read straight through in one sitting. Although all the messages are related‚ each one stands on its own as a precious jewel, and, as the Lord put it, “When strung together they make up the beautiful adornment I am giving you, My beautiful bride!”

My dear Family,

1. Over the years the Lord has been trying to teach us more and more how to hear from Him, how to acknowledge Him, and how to bring Him more into our daily lives. He’s repeatedly emphasized that in the days to come, the days of Great Tribulation, our very lives and survival will be dependent upon hearing from Him in prophecy. And even now if we want to be fruitful and in His highest will, we have to ask Him about things and follow His leading, even when it looks so contrary to what we would have thought.

2. The Lord has often emphasized hearing from Him in prophecy in the last few years because He knows that the time is drawing near when we literally won’t be able to do without it, and He’s trying to prepare us and help us to be ready.

3. Many of you have written us, sharing your personal testimonies of how you’ve grown in the area of hearing from the Lord in prophecy and what a wonderful addition to your lives it has been. Those of you who’ve made it a habit to ask Him about things regularly can testify that not only does it draw you closer to the Lord and give you more strength in the spirit, but in the physical things go so much better as well. When you’re asking the Lord and getting His directions and obeying them, you don’t miss the mark out of human error, and even when things seem to go “wrong” you’re within His perfect will‚ and thus can have full faith that He’s taking care of things and working them out to His glory.

4. When Peter and I were praying about this year’s Feast, asking the Lord what He wanted to emphasize or what He wanted to speak to us about as a Family, the Lord said that He wanted to pour out an abundance of material along the lines of learning to hear from Him in prophecy about everything. He instructed us to ask our channels to come before Him with that simple question: “Lord, what do You want to tell us about learning to hear from You in prophecy about everything?” So we at our Home, as well as the other WS Homes, dedicated two of our prayer mornings to that topic, and our wonderful Husband poured out an abundance of counsel, which we are sharing with you in this series of GNs.

5. When you first hear the words “hearing from the Lord about everything,” you might be tempted to cringe, feeling that you’re already so busy you couldn’t possibly fit in any more time for prayer and prophecy. Or maybe you haven’t yet received the gift of prophecy and you’re wondering how you’re possibly going to get someone available to pray for you about everything. Or maybe you struggle with feeling that prophecy and having to ask the Lord about things takes away from your “individuality” or freedom of choice, or your decision-making power. Maybe you even feel like asking the Lord about everything turns you into some kind of a mindless robot who doesn’t think any longer. Maybe you don’t really see the need for so much prophecy, or feel that it’s a waste of time. Some of you may wonder how you would go about implementing or presenting to others what the Lord speaks to you about in prophecy. You may worry that others might not be in agreement with what you receive. There could be other reasons as well.

6. If one of those feelings describes a question or difficulty you’ve had, then read on! The Lord addresses those concerns, as well as many others, in the following messages He poured out on the subject. He’s such a caring, compassionate Husband. He doesn’t want our burdens to be heavy, and He doesn’t even want us to have to do things “just because He said so”—although He does appreciate our obedience even if we don’t fully understand. But He tries to explain things to us as much as possible, answer our questions and put our hearts at peace. In order for His Words to do that‚ we have to read them with an attitude of faith. So if you’re battling in the spirit, wondering if you’re going to be able to do this, please stop right now and ask the Lord to give you faith, to help you read with a receptive attitude‚ so that the Word can have full effect in your life!

7. Before we get into the messages that the Lord gave‚ I want to clear up one question which might enter your minds. You might be thinking: “What about the other ways to hear from the Lord; don’t they still work? Do we really have to hear from Him about everything specifically in prophecy? Isn’t it sometimes good enough to simply demonstrate greater prayerful­ness and openness to the checks of His Spirit, as we commit our ways to Him?” Both are goals the Lord has been trying to get us to move towards for a long time‚ but there’s a difference between the two.

8. So I asked the Lord, “Can You please explain the differences between these ways of hearing from You and when and where it’s okay to use them? When do You want us to hear from You ‘in prophecy,’ and when is it okay to be checking in with You more frequently and being more prayerful‚ generally committing our actions more to You? If You do want us to hear from You ‘in prophecy,’ then what about when we’re on the go and we need an answer from You right away? What’s the difference, and how can we differentiate between hearing from You ‘in prophecy’—which will probably be pretty short sometimes—and the other ways You speak to us, like through checks of Your Spirit, or our knowledge of the Word which You’re using to bring something to our remembrance, for example?

9. “We thank You, our wonderful Husband‚ for the way You’re patiently teaching us and bringing us along, helping us draw closer and closer to You. Thank You for speaking to us now. We want to follow and be Your intimate brides. We want to hear from You about everything.”

10. (Jesus speaking: ) I am asking you, My children, to hear My voice directly. I’m asking you to hear from Me about everything in prophecy. Prophecy is not the same as receiving a check or remembering something. Though this is often the voice of My Spirit in your heart‚ some people hesitate to obey these checks as readily as they would a prophecy, wondering if it’s their own mind or desires getting in the way. By asking you to hear from Me about everything in prophecy, I am relieving you of the burden of having to wonder if a check is from Me or not‚ for through My voice of prophecy, I will speak to you plainly. The definition of prophecy is when you specifically ask Me to speak to you in prophecy and you receive an answer.

11. So in order to be sure of what you need to do, when you receive a check, when you have a feeling‚ a hunch, a premonition, a suspicion that something is not quite right or that you should be going a different direction, or you get a “witness” to go in a certain direction‚ you should just shoot up a question to Me, ask Me to speak to you in prophecy and expect an ­answer, and that answer that you will receive is prophecy. That’s what I am asking of you in hearing from Me about everything—that you ask Me your questions and receive My direct answers.

12. I do not expect you to entirely lay aside other ways to know My will. Particularly in ­major matters of importance, it is good to seek out the many ways to know My will, through going to My Word, through seeking Godly counsel, through considering the circumstances and conditions, open and closed doors, and so forth. The other ways to know My will are also good and I also use them to speak to you. But in these days of new and more advanced spiritual warfare, they are not enough on their own. So when you feel in your heart that I am leading you through one of the other ways to know My will‚ stop for a double check. Turn your thoughts Heavenward, call My name, give Me your will and ask Me what I would have you do. Ask Me to confirm My will through prophecy‚ and I will. Then you can be sure, without a doubt, that you are doing My highest will.

13. I am making it as simple as possible. I am setting up safeguards in the spirit to guard your channels to Me. I am pouring out My New Wine in abundance, with all the counsel you need about how to become a clearer channel and how to keep your heart right with Me, and following this counsel ensures that your channel will be fully protected and guarded by Me. I am doing that to make it easy for you, so that when you need an answer, you can ask for one and get one quickly, and can rest assured that it’s My voice speaking to you.

14. People sometimes tend to cringe when they think of prophecy, feeling that it takes so much time‚ that they have to stop and get in the spirit, that they have to record it, etc. But now I am telling you that when you are on the go and need an immediate answer, all you have to do is tell Me that you’re willing to do whatever I want, and then ask Me what I would have you do. And you will receive an immediate answer through My voice of prophecy; that’s My promise to you! (End of message from Jesus)

15. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus, our sweet Husband, for doing all You can to make it easy for us. The Lord has given us the gift of prophecy to make our lives easier and our burdens lighter, to help us conserve our time and energy and limited resources by guiding us so specifically that we can always hit the mark when we’re asking Him. He’s trying to relieve us of the struggle that it is sometimes in knowing what to do‚ by telling us that we can simply ask Him. It’s the Enemy who would try to convince us that it’s more complicated, more difficult and more work to ask the Lord.

16. One of the Enemy’s favorite attacks on prophecy is trying to get you to think that it takes so much time to stop and ask the Lord about something. Since we’re such busy people, if the Enemy can convince you of that, there’s a good chance you’ll want to put off hearing from the Lord, or not do it at all. The reality is that in the long run it’s much more time–efficient to hear from the Lord, because you won’t have to spend time trying to figure out what to do, or fooling around with trial-and-error methods or risk making mistakes. If you’ll stop and ask the Lord, He’ll lead you directly to the solution and what needs to be done the first time around, and this will save you lots of time.

17. Following are the messages the Lord poured out when we asked Him to give whatever He wanted to say on the topic of our hearing from Him about everything. I haven’t added a lot of commentary, as the messages are pretty clear and straightforward and speak for themselves. I pray they’re a blessing to you, dear Family. This is a major milestone in our history as a Family. It’s something very important that the Lord is asking of us, and a great gift of His love for us, to help prepare us for the days ahead. Lord, as we read it, please give us faith—faith to obey and to move forward with this exciting new move of Your Spirit!

The More You Practice,

The Easier It Becomes!

18. (Jesus speaking:) My beloved children, I am your truest Friend! I’m the One that sticks closer than a brother. I’m always with you, always there for you. So it’s to your advantage to use every opportunity you can to counsel with Me, to bring Me into every decision that needs to be made. That’s one reason I’m there, so close to you, a part of your very thoughts—so you can ask Me about all aspects of your life and hear from Me in prophecy.

19. It can be the same as asking anyone else who’s near you at the time if they have any ideas or any advice. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal or a long‚ drawn–out thing. It doesn’t have to be something where you go into your closet every time to hear from Me in prophecy. There are times when it’s good to set aside special times and ask Me for My counsel at length. But this isn’t practical all the time, and it would be impossible to do this for every aspect of every situation that you want My help with.

20. Hearing from Me in prophecy can become a natural and easy thing for you to do by simply asking Me on the spot. Simply speak to Me as you would anyone else. Ask Me whatever you want to ask, whatever you have to make a decision about. I’m there, and I’ll know what the decision is about. You can just ask Me for the answer, the solution‚ for the help that you need, the decision that needs to be made. You’ll then just have to pause and wait for Me to answer you, let Me have time to speak to your heart in prophecy.

21. The wait which you undergo is determined by many things—by your receptivity to My voice, by the conditions or confusion around you, which create static, by the Enemy’s attacks on My important messages, by your own yieldedness to the answer I would give‚ and how practiced you are at recognizing My voice. For those who are accustomed to hearing from Me in this way, the wait will normally be brief. This is why I spoke of it as a pause. I’ll be there for you if you expect it of Me and you give Me the chance.

22. As you’re working on something or contemplating something, always be aware that I’m there with you—there to help you, there to counsel with you, there to give the answers, to help you with the decisions you need to make, giving you the answers that you need. This can become a very natural part of your way of being. Know that I’m always there. Expect My help‚ and I will not fail you. When you ask, the ­answers will come. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

23. Hearing from Me in prophecy doesn’t have to be something that you dread doing because it takes so long‚ because it doesn’t have to take long. It should be something that you’re comfortable with, and actually something that you are very uncomfortable without! You need to become dependent upon it. As things wax worse and worse in the future, as I have told you, you’ll need to be able to hear My direct Words in prophecy in an instant, and now is the time to practice.

24. Always be asking Me what you should do, how you should do it, when you should do it, where you should be, what you should be doing. Always ask Me everything, and as you receive My answers and obey them, you’ll be able to walk down the center of My will, pleasing Me‚ being at peace with yourself, knowing you’re doing your best and that you’re doing what I want you to do.

25. The Enemy will fight your hearing from Me in prophecy. He’ll fight it viciously. He’ll bring up every excuse in the book why you shouldn’t do it, why you can’t, why you don’t have the time to do it. But there really is no excuse for not doing it, and there’s every reason in the world for doing it! If I am the Creator of the universe, and if I am the One Who ordained it all and keeps it all moving, I am the One Who can give you the instructions that you need to do your part to keep your little universe in tune and in line with Mine‚ to keep you going the direction that you need to go.

26. Make it easy on yourself and let Me do the guiding, let Me do the driving, let Me take over the controls as you sit back and relax. Let Me take the strain and the pressure off the situation. Let Me smooth out the rough spots. Let Me make the ride smooth, relaxing, comfortable, and easy for you.

27. Of course, not all things in life will be perfect and without difficulties, but use these things to let Me draw close to you, to put Me to the test, to see what I can do for you and how I can help you through. There will be times when things are more difficult. But if you do your part and seek Me, as you acknowledge Me in all your ways and hear from Me in prophecy‚ then I can direct your paths. I can give you specific direction and counsel to help you through the difficult situations, as I have promised in My Word. After you’ve done your part and heard from Me in prophecy, then you need to learn to relax and let Me take over. You must trust that I will perform what I have promised, even during those times when I may tell you that you must simply hold on to Me, have patience, and wait for Me to smooth out the difficulties and resolve the situation. This takes faith‚ and in some situations it takes great faith. But that’s what I expect of you, My dear children who walk closely by Me, who know Me intimately, who desperately seek to do My will.

28. My main point here is to let you know that hearing from Me in prophecy is something that can be done easily. It doesn’t have to be something that you work up or take a great deal of time doing. Just be open to what the situation indicates and needs. Think of Me, your Counselor, right there ready to answer your question if you will but ask.

29. Let your channel be always on and always open‚ and when the need arises I can come through for you. You can hear Me clearly and get My direction and My leading in the spur of the moment, in the twinkling of an eye. So expect it of Me and I will do it for you.

Your loving Counselor and Best Friend, Jesus (End of message from Jesus.)

Just Like a Conversation …

30. (Jesus speaking: ) In the days to come, many of you will be in situations that will demand a close link with Me. Therefore, the importance of hearing from Me in prophecy step by step will be paramount. I give you this warning not to frighten you, but to motivate you and to help you to see the need, and to give you the will to want to practice while you have the chance, while things are relatively peaceful. I’ll teach you how to use this new tool by trial and error—when you try it, you will see that it works, and when you don’t, you will face error—which will help to show you the importance of hearing from Me in prophecy and the consequences of not doing so.

31. Talking to Me is like talking to anyone else—you just talk. When you have a conversation with someone, you don’t always make it so flowery; sometimes you just get to the point. Sometimes you build up to it, but sometimes you don’t. So it is in asking Me about everything.

32. For example, when you’re in the kitchen and you ask someone a question, they just ­reply—maybe even in only one or two sentences. They don’t usually tell you how much they love and appreciate you and thank you for asking them that question; they simply give you the information. But if you ask someone their opinion or the reason for something, then they go into detail about the whys and wherefores of it.

33. Sometimes people do come in and tell you how much they love and appreciate you, just like I sometimes tell you how much I love you. Or sometimes someone will ask you to do something. When this happens, maybe they give you all the reasons and maybe they don’t. But if you ask them, they usually do. This is the same for Me. I’m willing to give you as much or as little information as you want. I don’t always have to give you long prophecies, especially about whether you should serve rice or noodles, for example. But if you want Me to, I can explain why one would be better, and who’s not feeling so well, or who really likes which one and needs extra encouragement today, so it would be better to serve such-and-such.

34. There’s an invisible person standing right there with you all the time Who can see the future and the past and knows the outcome of things and the full scope of how it will affect everyone else. This invisible person is just as real as someone who’s visible, and can talk to you in the same way‚ and that invisible person is Me. I’m there to guide you and to talk to you at all times. It’s just as if someone was right with you whispering in your ear. If there’s a lot of noise going on, you won’t hear them so well, or if you’re thinking of other things you won’t hear them.

35. Asking Me to speak to you in prophecy about everything is hard for the flesh to do‚ for the flesh is so self-confident. But there’s going to come a time when your life or the lives of others will depend on hearing from Me in prophecy and not making a move without asking. So now is the time to start fine-tuning your gift.

36. I’ve already been helping you to see the need and accept the gift of prophecy in your lives in general. But it’s time to move on and go a step further in asking Me about everything. Here’s how it works.

37. Let’s take one little example. I remind you of one of your loved ones, and instead of just praying for them and leaving it at that, you shoot up a question to Me: “Lord, is there anything You want me to do for them?” I can give you an answer in prophecy and show you that I want to give them a message of encouragement, or that they need a hug‚ or that they could really use some help, or maybe I’ll even tell you something special that they need your specific prayers for. Maybe you’re busy right then and wonder if I want you to stop and get the prophecy of encouragement for them at that very moment, so just ask Me, “Lord, do You want me to do that right now, or later?” and again, I’ll show you what’s best. And it goes on and on all day long with every little thing, because I know all things.

38. Now here’s where the battle comes in. Not all these things seem so important, and the consequences don’t seem like they will be so grave if you don’t take the time to ask Me. ­Often you may be right in your assumption; maybe that particular time it’s not a life-or-death difference whether you ask Me or not. But the day is coming when it will be, and this is your time to learn to use this weapon and hone your channel of hearing from Me in prophecy on the spot. I am preparing you for the days ahead.

39. Time is short, so don’t dawdle and take your time debating in your mind if hearing from Me in prophecy is necessary. It is! It’ll be hard enough learning this with your full cooperation and your will on My side, because it’s not something that comes naturally. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’ll take work, determination, and helping each other, because the flesh is lazy and it doesn’t want to make the effort it will take.

40. You can help each other in a number of ways: by provoking each other to Godly jealousy, through your example‚ and through your faithfulness to stick to it, even when you don’t feel like it. Here are a few tips on how you can accomplish this, but do not be bound to these alone:

  1. Verbally remind each other; check each other. Ask each other, “Did you ask the Lord?”
  2. Talk about when you do hear from Me. This not only gives Me the credit, but it also provokes those around you, reminding them to do the same.
  3. When and where appropriate, share the things I give you in prophecy as often as you can. It will not always be possible to share an entire prophecy‚ but try to read an excerpt when you can—share it with ­others, in devotions, at dinner‚ sometime during a united activity. This will work as positive peer pressure and provoke others to want to do the same. When others hear the beauti­ful things you’re receiving, they will want some too!
  4. When others see how smoothly your life and work is going, and you can attribute it to hearing from Me more in prophecy, ­others will want to do the same. So testify ­often as to what I show you in prophecy and how it’s making your life so much easier.
  5. Set guidelines and standards as a Home. For example, rather than saying “you can do it if you want,” make it a rule that trips do not go out unless they have heard from Me in prophecy and received My confir­mation. Set these standards as a Home for as many things as you can‚ and do not depend on the individual to do it only when they “feel like it.”
  6. Keep talking about it and doing it and tes­tifying of the results‚ and this will provoke others to want to do the same.

41. It does take effort to ask Me about every­thing, so you’d better get started! But in the end you will see that it paid off, and every bit of effort was well worth it! I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

Hear From Me First Thing in the

Morning, and Throughout the Day!

42. (Jesus speaking:) My dear love, you’re already accustomed to seeking Me in the morning and taking some time to hear My voice, and that’s good and very pleasing in My sight. But now I will take it a step further and ask you not only to hear from Me first thing, but all throughout the day.

43. Oh, My child‚ you labor and you struggle, you desire to love Me and serve Me and do what is right. But there’s one thing in all of this that you’re forgetting, and that is that you can’t do any of this. You don’t need to keep struggling in your own self to figure it out; what you need to do is give it to Me. You need to stop and realize right here and now that your work is My work. You’re only a steward in My Kingdom‚ so you don’t have to carry the weight of the job on your shoulders. I’m your King, and all you have to do is carry out My instructions; let Me worry about all the rest.

44. The problem that you’re having with finding it difficult to remember to stop and take that time to get your instructions from Me is because you’re taking on yourself what should only be on My shoulders! You think, “There’s so much to get done, and if I don’t do it‚ it won’t get done. So I’d better hurry and start right away before it becomes too much to handle.” That’s where you’re getting it wrong. You may be the only one in the physical who is there to do the job, but there are so many over Here in this dimension that are ready to help do what you consider the impossible, if you would only ask.

45. Your thoughts should be, “Lord, I’m Your servant. I come before You and ask You what You would have me to do. I don’t presume to think that I know Your mind by running off and doing what I think You’d have me do, or even what I see needs to get done. I wait to hear Your bidding, and will do whatever it may be.” In doing this‚ you’ll prove yourself a faithful and wise servant in whom I am well pleased.

46. Now, there are different ways that you can receive My instructions for you, and they don’t all have to necessarily come in the same manner. Does not the king pass out his instructions to his subjects in different ways? Some he will give from his own mouth, others he will do in writing and dispatch his commands to his subjects in that manner. So in like manner, you don’t have to write down My Words in order to hear from Me and get My instruction; you just have to get quiet and ask Me to speak. If you’re in a situation where you don’t have the opportunity to write down, type out, or record My instruc­tions to you, that shouldn’t stop you from getting them. Just get quiet and receive them.

47. We’re in a war, and when you can write out or otherwise record My instructions to you‚ you should. And in anything important that you’ll need to refer to in the future, it’s necess­ary to do so. But if you can’t write down or re­­cord the message, don’t let that stop you from hearing from Me before everything you do. There will be times throughout the day that you won’t be able to record My Words to you, so in those times just ask Me to help you to remember My instructions and proceed to get them from Me. Under no circumstances should you proceed without hearing from Me.

48. But at least once in your day try to sit down and record My Words to you. They may not always be words of instruction, or work-related. Sometimes I’ll just tell you how much I love you and how thankful I am for your faithful service to Me. Other times I’ll tell you how much I appreciate your love, your kisses, and your desire for My seeds. Other times I’ll put My arm around you and give you encouragement when you’re down. Yet other times I’ll speak to you and give you the instruction and guidance that you need and ask for. That will be your special time with Me‚ and it needs to be daily, for that’s what will give you the power to do My work and the joy to walk that path of life.

49. The things you must remember are, first of all‚ start your day off right by hearing from Me in prophecy first thing. The first chance you get at the beginning of the day, hear from Me and allow Me to set the order of your day. Remember‚ how you do it isn’t what matters as much as actually doing it. It’s doing it that counts. Next, you can’t just hear from Me once at the beginning of the day and then forget about Me the rest of the time; you’ve got to keep coming to Me every time something new comes up. And lastly, don’t forget to spend some special personal time loving Me and communing with Me sometime during your day. I’m always here waiting for you; it’s up to you to make the move. So please don’t forget Me or be too busy for Me. I’m waiting for you!

Your Eternal Love (End of message from Jesus.)

What If You Feel You

Haven’t Exercised Your

Gift of Prophecy Enough?

50. (Dad speaking:) The Lord will give you answers to everything and make things go so much smoother if you ask Him about everything and hear from Him in prophecy. If you haven’t been doing that as much as you know you should, or if you don’t even realize how important it is and how wonderfully it will transform your life‚ then you need to start today and ask the Lord about everything you do.

51. Even if at first you’re sort of fumbling and stumbling along, just keep acknowledging the Lord and asking Him for His input, and He’ll give you the checks you need to remember to stop and hear from Him. He’s not upset at you because you haven’t been hearing from Him enough, but He really does want you to make it a habit in your life. He knows that if you do, everything will become much easier for you and He’ll be able to direct your path more clearly.

52. We all need to be more prayerful‚ ready to acknowledge the Lord, ready to pray and hear from Him in prophecy. It’s human nature to be lazy, and because of that you tend to justify it and tell yourself that you’ve made it this far without all this prayer and prophecy business, so it’s not really that important and you’ll be okay. And up until now, maybe you have been okay. But the reason the Lord is asking you to hear from Him more is because He knows in the days to come you’re not going to be okay without it. Even now, before the days of Great Tribulation, you’ll be so much more fruitful, happy, productive and fulfilled if you learn to ask Him about everything‚ because you’ll be in His perfect will. The Lord loves you and He wants to make your service for Him as easy as possible. That’s the whole point and the reason why hearing from Him in prophecy is such an important habit to form, because the more you hear from Him about things, the easier things will be. You might be tempted to think it’s going to be too difficult, but it’s really going to make things much easier.

53. At first when you heard about the new weapon of prayer and prophecy, some of you thought this was way beyond your reach, that you could never pray about things and get proph­ecies. But now most people are hearing from the Lord and getting prophecies. People are listening to Heaven more and more, because they’ve learned that prophecies provide wonder­fully liberating answers to their questions and needs. It’s just become a way of life for most people.

54. So when you’re tempted to think that you could never possibly hear from the Lord about everything, just remember you already have the gift and have already made it an import­ant part of your life, and this is just one more step. First the Lord introduced you to prophecy, and now He’s saying, “Now you know how good prophecy is and that you can do it, so let’s take it one step further and get messages about everything!”

55. You’re thinking, “What? I can’t do that! What does the Lord mean ‘about everything’? Like when I should go to the store or when I should have a date? Things like that?” Yes! The Lord wants to talk to you‚ He wants you to be connected to Him, and He wants to give His input about things. It’s not as hard, as time-consuming or as complicated as you might be tempted to think; it’s actually very easy. You just pray, “Lord, I’m thinking of driving the car to the other Home to pick up the provisioning. Is this okay with You? I just want Your confirmation on this; or if it’s not a good idea, please show me.” And He’ll show you. He’ll speak to you in prophecy on the spot and give you ­either His confirmation or whatever He wants to tell you.

56. The beautiful thing about it is that once you’ve heard from the Lord, you’ll know what His will is and won’t be swayed by circumstances. For example, say He tells you to go ahead and drive to the other Home, and along the way you have a flat tire or something; you’ll know that this is somehow part of His will because He told you to go. You won’t be tempted to feel condemned or that the Lord is punishing you‚ but you’ll have peace of mind that this was part of His plan too. You won’t have to worry that somehow you’re off track and out of His will. Of course, you’ll probably want to ask Him why He allowed you to have the flat tire, and He’ll tell you that too.

57. So you see, there are a lot of good reasons to pray and hear from the Lord before you do things, no matter how big or how small. He’ll be able to direct your paths and confirm His will and tell you exactly what He wants you to do. You’ll avoid problems and mistakes along the way that were caused because you weren’t in His perfect will at that time. You’ll have more peace of mind. You’ll have more faith for what you’re doing. You’ll form the habit of hearing from Him so that you’ll be able to hear from Him anytime, anywhere, and it won’t be a big deal. You’ll strengthen your connection with Jesus so that in times of tests and trials it’ll be much easier for you to get your encouragement and comfort directly from Him.

58. There are so many benefits to forming the good habit of hearing from Jesus in prophecy about everything you do! I could go on and on about it. It’s really going to make a tremendous change in your life and the way you operate‚ because you’ll be operating in His Spirit, under His anointing and power.

59. So all that to say, you can do it. You just have to start today! Don’t worry if you forget sometimes; just keep working on it and the Lord will bless you for it and reward you with good fruits. (End of message from Dad)

60. (Mama: ) Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord is preparing us now so that we’ll be ready in the days to come? We should be so thankful that He’s not just going to let the days of Tribulation hit us out of the blue, but He’s been preparing us and arming us with exactly what we’ll need for those times, not only to survive, but to come through victorious! Thank You Jesus!

61. In that last message from Dad and the previous one from Jesus, they say that this new revelation of learning to hear from the Lord about everything is just the next step, after practicing with the gift of prophecy. If you don’t yet have the gift of prophecy or if you haven’t been as faithful to use it as you should, you’re probably feeling a bit concerned, wondering if you missed the boat or what you’re supposed to do. Please don’t worry, because the Lord gave a couple of messages just for you, which we’ve included later in this series of prophecies. I think they’ll be very encouraging for you, and very motivating to keep moving forward! Praise the Lord! I love you!

More Promises from Jesus

That It Can Be Done!

62. Here are some more beautiful promises from Jesus which I pray help to encourage you and give you the faith to believe and ask. This message was originally given for one of our young people who was going through a difficult time in her life, but the Lord showed us that it applies to all‚ and that each of us can claim the promises in this message for our very own. This message from the Lord shoots holes in the lie that the Enemy often tries to tell us—that when we’re feeling out of it or battling or know we need to do better in some area‚ that the Lord can’t speak to us. He says that’s the time He wants to talk to us the most, and knows that we need it the most! Isn’t our precious Husband wonderful? He’s so forgiving, loves us so unconditionally, and at every moment, any time, wants us to have the faith to reach up and receive exactly what we need from Him.

63. If you’re still battling or wondering how you’re going to be able to hear from the Lord in prophecy so clearly and quickly in order to hear from Him about everything, please don’t just wonder about it—go to the Lord and ask Him to speak to you. Immerse yourself in His Words on the subject, and as you drink in His Word, He’ll increase your faith and receptivity.

64. (Jesus speaking:) The Enemy really fights receiving prophecy‚ and that’s the ­reason why it’s difficult for you to receive prophecy. It’s not because you can’t, or I won’t speak to you, or you won’t receive the right things. I promise that I will speak and you’ll receive something, even if it’s just a few sentences. The ­Enemy is really fighting you and trying to make you think that prophecy is not for you. “It’s for every­body else, but you’re not spiritual enough. You’ve been too bad and you’ve got too many wrong attitudes to be able to hear from the Lord.”

65. You might think that you’re so messed up that you can’t be sure that what you hear is My voice and the right thing, but that’s exactly the time when I’ll come through for you and show you things that you never knew before. It takes faith. I know you don’t feel you have the faith to receive prophecies, but remember that faith is a gift of My Spirit. You don’t have to work up the faith, you just have to open your channel and give whatever you receive.

66. It’s a step of faith, but it’s not too big or too hard for you to do; otherwise I wouldn’t ask it of you. I know you think that’s easy for Me to say‚ when you feel like you sit there and try to get something in prophecy, but nothing comes. Or if you get something you’re not sure it’s right, or what’s going to come next. These are all natural thoughts of your carnal mind. Plus the ­Enemy is right there trying to dis­courage you from getting anything, from getting even one word in prophecy. The Enemy hates prophecy. That’s the biggest reason people have a battle about receiving prophecy, doubting that what they hear is really My voice—because the Enemy fights it.

67. I know it’s difficult for you to step out by faith and receive something, but this will be your lifesaver if you can just get over the hump and take that step. You already feel inferior, you compare with others, you feel less gifted and talented, you battle with negative thoughts and wrong attitudes, and all of these things make you feel less qualified to receive prophecy. You think, “Why would the Lord want to speak to me? I’ve made so many mistakes, I’m a mess! I’ve been pretty bad. I can’t receive prophecy.”

68. But this is not true, and I don’t look at you this way! I love you and I don’t look down on you, and I’m not mad at you for any mistakes you’ve made. I want to encourage you and help you through My voice of prophecy. I don’t care about all these things. I don’t care how bad you’ve been, how many mistakes you’ve made—I will speak to you in a personal way, between you and Me.

69. Often when people go through intense battles and are feeling really confused or emotional, they think they can’t possibly hear from Me, but that’s not true. That’s the very time when hearing from Me will be the biggest encouragement. So you really have to fight to hear My voice in prophecy, especially when you’re battling and feeling down, or when you’re ­facing a big, life-changing decision. Even a few words from Heaven will be a huge encouragement to you and can lift the confusion and doubts of the Enemy.

70. Never belittle yourself and your channel, because I know what to say to you and how much to say, and all you have to do is have a little faith to open up and listen and receive. It only seems difficult at first, because you’re not used to doing it, but the more you exercise your channel the easier it gets. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

71. I promise I will speak to you. You just have to open up and receive, even if you think you can’t. I’ll help you and I’ll do it through you. I never think you’re too bad, or that your battles or weak­nesses are such a big problem that I don’t want to talk to you. You’re My child, and I love you and want to speak to you more than anything. I want you to know My love, to know how much I care about you and want to be a part of your life. It’ll really change your life and give you a whole new perspective on My love for you if you’ll just receive My Words.

72. Remember, you don’t have to feel like you should be receiving long, flowing mess­ages. Don’t worry about the length; just get the one or two sentences that you have the faith for. That’s all you need to do‚ and it’ll be a victory and a step of progress. Just do it and you’ll see the good fruits of it. You’ll start to see that life will seem easier. Things won’t be so overwhelming‚ because you’ll be receiving encouragement and counsel from Me. I’ll bless it and make it easy for you as you step out by faith. (End of message from Jesus.)

If You Love Me‚

Keep My Commandments!

73. (Jesus speaking: ) If you love Me, keep My commandments, and one of My commandments is to listen to My voice, to hear from Me, to stop‚ look‚ and listen. I know it’s always a trial and a temptation to worry that you don’t have the time. That’s just the Enemy trying to stop you from hearing those little jewels that I’d like to pour out to you in prophecy. You do have the time. It only takes a moment. It doesn’t take long at all for you to release your hold on what you’re doing and stop and hear from Me—and go on, if that’s what I want you to do; or turn and make a change, if that’s what I want you to do. But unless you take that moment, those few seconds, the time of looking to Me‚ you won’t know which way to go—whether you should turn, or whether you should keep going ahead.

74. So stop and listen to Me. It’ll make a difference in your work, in your life, in your love, in your time, in everything you do. You’ll have faith and confidence that what I’m instructing you to do will work out. But when you get going on a certain road, and you head off full steam and you don’t check with Me if you should take any turns in the road, then you’re left to your own devices. And that may not always work out for the best. I may have another plan for you, another way, a slight change, a slight variation; or I may want to encourage you that you’re going the right way, to give you more faith for what you are doing. But I want to talk to you in prophecy; I want to be there with you, to accompany you. I want to be your Guide. I want to be your Mentor‚ your Counselor, the One Who helps you in each decision you make.

75. Yes, I want you to check with Me about every move you make. But sometimes it’s not only the moves and changes that I want you to check with Me on. I want you to check with Me on whether you move or not, whether you turn or not, whether you don’t make any changes, whether you keep going. I want you to check with Me on that‚ and hearing from Me in prophecy is simple. It won’t usually take long at all. Sometimes more complicated things will take a little longer, but in the long run, the answers you receive from Me will always work out and will be well worth the time you took to receive them. I’ll bless your yielding to listen to Me, your yielding to stop and ask Me to tell you in prophecy what’s best instead of going on in your own wisdom and understanding, your yielding to My love, knowing that I have the master plan. Your yielding is what I will bless—your yielding to go the way that I want you to go.

76. If you ask Me for help, if you ask Me for guidance, if you ask Me to lead you, I will. Please‚ please, please give Me time to lead you. Set aside your plans. Set aside what you’re doing for just a few moments to let Me lead you.

77. As always, love is the key. If you love Me, keep My commandments. Your loving Me, your wanting Me, your needing Me, is the key. Commit yourself to Me in the way the bride commits herself to her husband. Give yourself to Me. Let Me pour into you, pour through you, and lead you. Yield to Me moment by moment‚ step by step. Things will be far easier when you learn this special trick, this way of doing things: stopping and yielding and loving Me‚ praising Me, letting Me guide you and letting Me show you through prophecy.

Take Advantage of Those Little

Moments Throughout the Day

78. (Message from Jesus continues:) “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest Name I know! Fills my every longing, keeps me singing as I go.” How can I do that? How can I keep you singing as you go if you don’t stop to hear My voice, and let Me give you My directions, My counsel, My songs in your heart? Please look to Me. Please listen to Me. Please wait for the word, the counsel, the instruction that I have to give you.

79. My voice can speak to you in many ways. If you feel Me checking you about something, or you have a burden or leading‚ stop and ask Me to speak to you about it. It might be My voice trying to give you a signal that I have some­thing to tell you in prophecy—something which will save you a lot of time and difficulty if you’ll just stop and listen to Me. It doesn’t have to take a long time; simply stop and check in with Me.

80. The secret is to stop and ask Me. Wait and get those words in prophecy from Me. Trust that I’m going to give you those words. Know that it’s not in your strength that this work will be accomplished. Know that I am doing it. As you give your work over to Me, as you give your life over to Me‚ I’ll lead and guide you. As you ask and listen to Me, I’ll be there for you. Take a moment to hear My voice of prophecy, and again and again through the day as you reach a turn in the road, look to Me.

81. Ask Me even about the slightest little thing, like hopping in the car and going to the store to buy some milk. It seems a pretty normal thing to do. You need milk for the kids‚ the car’s right there, the store’s right there, you just go and get it. Seems very normal, doesn’t it? No problem. But please stop and ask Me, get My confirmation in prophecy that, “Yes, that’s a good idea”—that I want you to go‚ that it’s fine to go.

82. Lots of times you like to try to override this need for My counsel, for My confirmation, because you think, “Well, of course this is what we need to do. This is normal. This is what needs to happen next.” But does it? Does it really need to happen that way? Will it work out best that way? Are there any other factors involved that you don’t know about? There’s so much that you don’t know, but I know it all, and I will lead you and show you how it can affect you, what changes may need to be made. So just ask. There are lots of little things every day that you can just ask Me about, and I’ll confirm or help you through prophecy.

83. There are lots of things during the day that you just do as a matter of course. Perhaps in the morning you get up and wake up the kids and others to be on time for breakfast. That seems pretty normal, doesn’t it? That’s a pretty standard thing you do. The kids need their break­fast. They need to get dressed. They need to eat and then move along to devotions on time. It’s all pretty standard and looks pretty normal. But again, it will only take a moment for you to tune in and ask Me to help you and to show you anything you may need to know that will make a difference on how you wake up the kids. Stop and ask Me. Say, “Jesus‚ I’m going to get the kids up now. Is there anything You want to show me about how to go about this today? Please show me.”

84. Lift up your heart, your eyes, your mind, your hands to Me, and give Me a moment to show you, to speak to you in prophecy. If you forget to ask Me beforehand, you can even stop for a moment and seek My confirmation while you’re doing it. Who knows? I may show you the smallest things that may make a big difference in one of the children’s lives. Maybe I’ll say‚ “Be sure to get this one up last, because he’s very tired.” Or, “When you get this one up, be sure to give him an extra hug and kiss, because he’s had a bad dream and he needs some encouragement and cuddles.” Maybe there’s something I’ll show you that will make life different for one of the kids, but you don’t even think about it yourself, because you’re into your standard operation of what you’re going to do today and how you’re going to do it. So in those little ways I can show you something. I can give you guidance if you take that moment to stop and ask Me.

85. Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down‚ and shaken together. If you give Me your time, I will give unto you. I will give you much. I’ll give you the confidence, the encouragement, and the love that you need.

86. Another area you can improve in is hearing My specific guidance as you follow your daily schedule. Don’t just take things for granted, but ask Me about everything because I may have further details to show you that will make things run more smoothly. For example, say you know that you’re scheduled to go out witnessing this morning after devotions. Those responsible for organizing the teams have already prayed and counseled and assigned different people to be on the teams. But you personally can still take a moment to stop and check in with Me before leaving‚ asking Me if I have anything else to show you before you go for the day. Is there anything special you need to know about when you go or your mission?

87. These thoughts and this guidance I give you in prophecy can change your whole day. When you stop to ask Me about your witnessing team, maybe I’ll remind you, “You forgot the tracts; be sure to get those.” Or maybe I’ll remind you, “Don’t forget that you need to call so-and-so and stop in to see him if you can today.” These little things will change your day, and may change the days of many other people. Maybe you forgot to pack some tracts; you only brought posters, tapes‚ CDs and videos. But perhaps I know that while you’re out today, you’ll meet a whole crowd of people for some reason. You’ll be there with a crowd, this will be your opportunity to pass something out to those people‚ and you’ll have the tracts handy. Those little reminders only take a short while, so ask and then wait for them.

88. If you’re going out to take care of business, you’re getting in the car and preparing to go—stop, confirm‚ and wait for a moment for My guidance. “Stop, look, and listen” doesn’t just apply to times of getting long prophecies of detailed counsel. Compare it to a train. Sometimes a train going by is very short. You stop, look and listen, and, zoom, the train goes by and you can cross. Or sometimes you stop‚ look, and listen and the train’s approaching, and you sit and you wait and you wait and you wait for the train to go by.

89. Just stop, look, and listen at every corner, at every move. You’ll be continually tuning in to Me, looking to Me, acknowledging Me, yielding to My way, and this pleases Me greatly. I delight, I joy‚ I’m thrilled when this is happening, because then I can truly work through you! Your work will be My work every step of the way.

90. As you work on developing the habit of hearing from Me on everything, there will be times when you’ll catch yourself already in full gear—having gone ahead with some activity without My confirmation. When this happens‚ the moment you catch yourself, stop right then and acknowledge Me. Ask Me right then and there for a confirmation and whether you should continue. If you do this, as time goes on, you will get more into the habit of checking in with Me and getting My confirmation before embarking on a new activity.

91. Sometimes it’s hard to find the privacy or the opportunity to take the time to hear from Me in prophecy. Many times you’re in the middle of a jumble, of a confusion, of lots of things hap­pening. You’re getting the kids ready to take them to the park. Or your team is getting ready to go out the door, and everybody’s talking, getting their bags, and planning.

92. But if you don’t have any other time to pray about these things, then take advantage of the natural times that I create: the times when you’re in the bathroom for a few moments before you go out. That’s a time to say‚ “Jesus, please show me. Please help me. Please confirm in prophecy that this is what I should be doing.” Take those few moments to seek Me, if you haven’t already done so. That’s a good time. It’s a natural time. Or maybe you’re going to go get a drink of water before you go out the door. As you’re getting the drink of water, take those few moments to say, “Jesus, please confirm and speak to me about this project today.”

93. Or say you’re working in hot weather and you really need a drink. You want to keep going until you finish‚ but maybe I’m letting you need that drink so you’ll stop, go to the water, fill your cup and drink. And in those moments, you can be drinking from My fountain, My well of inspiration, My Words, My counsel.

94. Or perhaps you feel very tired. Your natural instinct might be to push on and continue with whatever it is you’re doing. But maybe I know that you need a few minutes in the temple with Me, hearing My voice as you lie down to rest.

95. Can you think of other times during the day when you’re doing things that are just pretty standard, and there’s not a question of how or what you’re doing? Perhaps you’re nursing the baby. That’s a perfect time to lift up your heart to Me with any burdens you may be carry­ing or questions you want to ask, and let Me speak to you. Or maybe you’re with one of the kids, putting her down for a nap. You’re sitting there, rubbing her back, waiting for her to go to sleep—a perfect time for you to ask Me if I have anything to tell you.

96. Perhaps you’re cooking dinner, which sometimes requires a lot of thought and complicated planning and getting things ready. Your mind is usually pretty busy with actually getting it ready. But watch for times when you know there’s a little break—when the potatoes are on, the meat’s in the oven, and you just need to set the table—to take a moment with Me. It’s quiet‚ nothing’s happening, and you can take a moment to ask Me to whisper in your ear and give you any counsel I might have for you. You never know what I’ll remind you of. Maybe I’ll remind you that you forgot to make the gravy. Or maybe I’ll just thank you and love you for doing such a good job of caring for My Family. Take a moment.

97. There are many times of the day when you’re doing little things when you’re on your own‚ or doing things that don’t require a lot of thought and concentration about what to do—things that come naturally—and in the meantime you can be asking Me to speak to you about your next move. Take those moments during those things you do throughout the day, like going to the bathroom, taking out the trash, nursing the baby, getting a drink of water, straighten­ing up the living room‚ walking, exercising or waiting for someone, to stop and hear from Me. It could be that I’ve even let that simple thing need to be done right then so that you would be alone for a moment and you could hear from Me in prophecy. You could look to Me and ask Me your questions. You could lift up your eyes and look on the hills and have that moment of peace with Me. Take advantage of those times with Me, even at night, as you lie upon your bed.

98. Take moments throughout the day, those moments when you yield to Me, when you give yourself to Me, when you admit that it’s not your work, it’s not your plan, and you must avail yourself of My wisdom in order to carry it out. Take those moments with Me, and I’ll be happy and thrilled to see you through. (End of message from Jesus.)

To be continued

Ask Me Everything, Part 2!

Karen Zerby

How to Stop, Look, Listen and Receive!Maria #513 CM/FM 3271 7/99

Required reading for all members 16 and up.

This GN does not have to be read straight through in one sitting.

My dear Family,

1. I pray the last GN full of messages from our sweet Husband about hearing from Him in prophecy about everything was a blessing to you. In this GN we’re including more of what He poured out along those lines. I pray that as you read these words, the Lord will give you more and more faith to take these steps yourself, to begin to put this instruction into practice. He’s promised us that the future is bright for us, and that as we let Him lead us each step, our lives will only become more beautiful, more fulfilled, more fruitful and blessed in every way. We sure have a lot to look forward to! Praise the Lord!

Another Secret to Success:

Go Slow!

2. (Spirit helper speaking:) Everything up Here revolves around prayer, being in communi­cation with the Lord, being in tune with where His Spirit is moving, with what He’s doing, with where He’s leading. It’s a two-way street, where you have to ask, and the Lord will give you a specific answer. It may not always be specific in details; it could be a general answer, but it’s specifically tailor-made to your particular situation. For you on Earth, it should be much the same.

3. As you know, little things are often big things in the Lord’s eyes, and He likes to test our faithfulness in big things by seeing how we do with the little things. It’s no different with learning to ask the Lord and wait for His ­answers. “Yes,” you may say to yourself, “when I begin praying about bigger matters, like deciding on a mate or a move, then I’ll ask the Lord.” But how can you trust yourself to hear clearly from Him on the big things if you haven’t been looking to Him and practicing your channel by asking about the little things?

4. They may not seem important to you, but besides the point of using them to practice your gift of prophecy, you never know what could hinge on a seemingly small decision. But if you put it off, or constantly think, “Well, this is too small to ask the Lord about,” you not only risk missing something important that He may have to tell you—some factor you haven’t thought about, some angle or consequence you haven’t considered—but you lose out on the sweet communication the Lord, as your Husband, would like to have with you.

5. He may not have anything to say about whether to eat a banana or an orange for snack, but He may want to tell you to bring that busy single mom a nice glass of juice like she enjoys, so that He can show His love to her through you. That’s what learning to receive the Lord’s answers on the spot is all about. It’s not always about what you can or need to do for yourself, but often it’s seeing what you can do for others around you. Remember, inasmuch as you do it unto the least of His brethren‚ you are doing it unto Him.

6. But if you don’t ask and listen, you won’t hear. The Lord’s Spirit is always on‚ and it’s always broadcasting. There’s always something He could tell you. He’s not the strong‚ silent type. Oh‚ He’s strong‚ but He’s not silent. He loves to talk‚ and it’s so wonderful to listen to Him, because He’s always full of surprises. You never quite know what He’s going to talk about next, but you can be sure that it’s something fascinating, uplifting‚ inspiring, encour­aging, challenging, and loving.

7. He’s quite the conversationalist, you know—although you don’t fully realize how much He has to say till you get up Here. Then you see how much He loves to talk, how much He loves to share with you. (Can’t you tell? It’s even begun to rub off on me, ha!) I mean, He’s got more wisdom than the whole world—in fact‚ He’s got all the wisdom of the Spirit, all the wisdom in the universe—and He loves to share it with anybody who’s interested in it. Sometimes you can get Him going on certain topics and He just doesn’t stop, ha! Of course, you may have to wait until you get up Here to experience the kind of conversations we spirit beings can have with Him as easily. But that doesn’t mean that He can’t or won’t talk to you if you take the time to ask Him and listen.

8. Okay, so what about asking about all sorts of little things that it seems you could just go ahead and do without asking? Let’s see if we can boil it down to some concrete examples. You’re on your way somewhere, and you pass by the kitchen and see someone struggling to finish doing the dishes. It’s their job. They’re on the schedule to do it. You did it yesterday. You don’t have to help. You could walk right on by and go have your quiet time, or go about your business.

9. But if you stopped to ask the Lord what to do, He could tell you in prophecy that the person would really appreciate the extra help. It’s not a life-and-death matter‚ and maybe not even a big deal in some cases, but it could make their day a brighter‚ happier one, and the spark of help and encourage­ment you give them may get passed on to others as well. Or He may tell you that the person prefers to be alone for the moment, and that it’s more important for you to enter into your closet for that private time with Him, and that that would bring Him greater happiness.

10. But if you don’t stop to ask‚ you might end up doing the wrong thing. Even though perhaps not much hinges on that small de­cision, you will have lost an opportunity to find out what the Lord would have preferred for you to do.

11. You say‚ “Okay, I want to ask and see what the Lord has to say in prophecy. Now how am I supposed to do that? I don’t walk around with a dictaphone. I’m not going to stop and give a public prophecy in the middle of the hallway. So what am I going to do?”

12. Well, the first thing to do is be open to the checks of the Spirit, to the voice of the Lord. In other words, be prayerful, go slow, acknowledge the Lord in all your ways so that He can direct your paths—the same thing the Word has been telling us all this time.

13. So back to our example; how does that help us? Okay, well‚ first of all, you don’t just hurry by, trying to pretend you didn’t notice that person doing dishes on their own. (You shouldn’t be hurrying anyway‚ remember?) So you stop for a moment while you check in with the Lord. “What do I do now, Lord?”

14. Then listen for the answer and take the first thing that comes. If you hear from the Lord, you’ll have perfect peace about it—whether it’s passing by and leaving the person to finish the dishes on their own‚ or whether it’s popping in to offer your help. If you miss that opportunity to ask the Lord and simply follow your own impulse, the Lord may talk to you about it later when you check in with Him, and explain why it wasn’t the best thing to do, and what He would have wanted you to do differently had you been tuning in to Him, and at least if you ask Him later you’re able to benefit from the lesson.

15. The moral of the story is, when you ask, the Lord will always answer! And that ­answer that you get, when you ask a specific ques­tion of the Lord, is prophecy. Sometimes the Lord’s voice of prophecy might include a verse or a quote that you know. If you ask Him a specific question and He answers you in this way, this is prophecy. Sometimes He might give you a short explanation or a bit of counsel to go along with it. What you get in reply to your specific questions is prophecy. When you ask, the Lord answers.

16. If you receive a verse or a quote at some other time‚ when you haven’t been specifically asking the Lord a question and expecting to hear from Him, then it’s good to ask Him for a confirmation on that verse or quote. Even though you weren’t specifically asking Him a question, He may be trying to get through to you and speak to your heart about a certain subject or situation. And if you get something from the Lord and you’re not sure exactly what to do, don’t be afraid to ask a second question, “Lord, does that mean I should do such-and-such?” Again, the Lord’s voice will be right there to direct and guide and answer you.

17. Let’s go back to our example of the dishes. Maybe before you pass by the kitchen, you’ve overheard someone wondering where so-and-so is because they’re needed to do such-and-such in five minutes. Then you see them in the kitchen (with a little more than five minutes worth of dishes to wash), and you’ve just heard that they need to go out on business afterwards. Now‚ maybe the Lord wants you to help that person finish early so they can leave early and meet someone special He’s been trying to bring across their path. On the other hand, maybe He doesn’t want you to help so that their departure can be slightly delayed in order to avoid an accident that could have serious repercussions on the work.

18. This example is just to show you that you never know what it is that the Lord might want to tell you, or which way He would lead you, so you’ve got to ask Him! Even when something looks like a “common sense” decision, He’s still telling you that you’ve got to get into the habit of asking Him. The Lord may not tell you the details of the consequences of your decision, as then it wouldturn into a longer, drawn–out prophecy session right in the hallway! In fact, you may never know the effects of your decision at all‚ except when it’s been the wrong one and something drastic has happened, and everybody starts adding up all the little “what if’s” that could have helped to avoid that situation.

19. But if you don’t go slow, you’ll miss all those little things—those little situations and little tests that the Lord and your spirit helpers are engineering all around you. And they may not always be little ones. You never know what sort of life-changing effects a little decision can have.

20. The point is, if you don’t slow down and take that time to ask the Lord questions and wait for His answers now, if you don’t heed the checks of the Spirit and the voice of the Lord when He’s checking you to ask Him about the little things‚ you never know when it might be a big thing. But if you get in the habit of asking Him and waiting for His answers‚ as well as exercising all the other new spiritual weapons He’s given you, then it’ll be much easier for Him to punch through, no matter how drastic or ordinary the question or situation.

21. That’s really the goal of all this getting closer to the Lord and working on our spiritual lives and walk with Him—so that He can live and move and act and love through us. And if you’re not making the effort to learn these things now‚ don’t think you’ll suddenly be endowed with all this amazing insight and earth­shaking power the moment the Antichrist breaks the Covenant and starts hounding you.

22. These are the days of preparation! These are the days of arming yourselves, of practicing with your new weapons. These are the days of training. Even now the Enemy lurks about‚ seeking to do harm where he can. But by staying on your toes and using every situation that you can as an opportunity to test your spiritual reactions, to discover your weaknesses and work on strengthening them, you’re learning to be the crack shots and ­elite troops that the Lord will need you to be when the final decisive battle for the hearts and souls and lives of men begins.

23. But if you’re like the soldier on the battlefield who decides he doesn’t need to listen to the commands from headquarters, and who switches off his radio receiver because he thinks it’s obvious what he needs to do, you may find yourself in more trouble than you bargained for. So all you have to do is turn on and tune in; stop, look, and listen to the King. Put your headsets back on, and don’t think for a moment that you can make it without looking to the Lord.

24. The Lord wants to do all He can to make it easy for you. He’s your Coach. He’s your Trainer. He’s your Battle Instructor. He’s placing you in these situations daily to test your skills, to see how you’re progressing, to see how much you’ll look to Him instead of following your own impulses, to see how seriously you’re employing the new weapons of loving and praising and listening to Him. If you want to pass His tests, make real progress and get the right ­answers to your questions‚ then you know the way to go: Take your questions to the Lord! Take your questions right back to the Lord and ask Him what the answer is, what the solution is, what the best course of action for that situation is. He knows, and you don’t—it’s that simple.

25. He’s more than eager to share the ­answer with you so that you can start looking at things more through His eyes and seeing things the way He sees them, getting the hang of the fact that His ways are above our ways, and His thoughts above our thoughts, so that we get the idea down pat that in order to get His answers, we’re gonna have to go to Him to get’m, and not try to figure things out for ourselves, no matter how menial or insignificant they may seem to us.

26. The Lord’s the only One with the big picture. He knows what’s going on everywhere at the same time, and He’s the only One Who’s got enough wisdom and insight to know the answers to EVERYTHING. So the wisest thing you can say, and the best answer YOU can have to every question is simply, “I don’t know—I’ll have to ask the Lord!” So why don’t we all just get smart and say, “I don’t know—let’s ask Jesus!” (End of message from spirit helper.)

Take a Hint! Stop and Ask!

27. (Jesus speaking:) Whenever you ask Me to speak to you, you must receive the first thing that comes as from Me. (See also “Mama’s Surprise, Part 2,” ML #3134:117-138, Lifelines 24, for more on this subject.) When you ask Me to speak in prophecy, I will respond—either with a verse which I bring back to your remembrance, or with a sentence or two‚ or with even just a few words. All that is My voice of prophecy. Yes, there are other ways to know My will, but those you should see as prompts, as reminders that you’re supposed to ask Me to speak in prophecy. That way you can know for sure that you’re getting it right. So when you receive a check, you have an impression, or you feel that I’m wanting to whisper in your ear‚ stop and ask Me to speak to you in prophecy, and then whatever I give you will be My voice of prophecy answering you. When you ask for bread‚ I will not give you a stone. (End of message from Jesus.)

Tips from a Heavenly

Communications Specialist!

28. (Spirit helper speaking:) Hi! My name’s Amahl‚ and I’m one of the communications instructors Here in Heaven. First of all, you’ve got to realize that you have a hotline to Heaven, a direct link to Jesus. This isn’t just theory we’re talking about here or some far-out language I’m using—it’s the truth! You, as the Lord’s child, living in the Time of the End‚ have a direct link to Him. The Enemy tries to throw in static and hinder you in any way that he can, but when it really comes down to it, he has no power. He can’t break the flow or sever your hotline to Jesus.

29. Think of it this way: Let’s say you’re walking through a minefield. Take one wrong step and you’ll be blown away! But you have a little headset that you can put over your ears that will be your salvation. The person talking to you through the headset has a bird’s-eye view of the whole minefield. He can see beneath the ground; he can see where the bombs are. If you put on your headset and listen to him, he’ll tell you when to walk straight‚ when to veer over to the left or right‚ when to jump and when to stop, in order to avoid stepping on one of those deadly bombs.

30. What would you do? Would you pick up the headphones and wear them—or would you risk walking through the minefield alone, taking the chance that your instincts will tell you which pieces of ground to put your feet on? Well, your instincts might be fine for a while, but one wrong move could mean your life! So why take the risk when you could be walking the field without fear, with perfect guidance and instruction from someone who can see the whole picture, can see everything that you can’t?

31. That’s much like your connection with Jesus. He’s given you a direct link to Him, and all you have to do is pick up the headphones and wear them. He’ll be whispering in your ear, “Turn to the right. Now turn to the left. Now jump here. Stop now.” But if you don’t tune in to Him, if you don’t wear your communication headset, you’re risking your life and the lives of ­others. I know this sounds rather drastic, and maybe the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis don’t seem like life-and-death decisions. But don’t discard this warning. Don’t push this aside.

32. Though the decisions you make in your life and in your Home today may not cost you your life, in the soon-coming future your de­cisions may mean life or death for you or someone else. That’s why you’ve gotta listen today and learn how to tune in to the right frequencies, so that you’ll be able to receive clear instruction at the time when your life is going to depend on it.

You Need His Instructions Today!

33. (Message from spirit helper continues: )Putting the whole future scenario aside, you need the Lord’s instruction today. The success of your ministry, of your fruitfulness, of your happiness, and of your life for the Lord hinges on the decisions you make. All of life is made up of little decisions—many, many de­cisions, each and every day. If your life is to be what the Lord wants it to be, if you want to get things right, if you want to be in the center of His will, then you’re going to have to put on your spiritual headset and tune in.

34. It’s not enough to simply go by your instincts or your gut feelings. It’s not even enough to go by how you did things before, or what you think is the logical way to do them. It’s imperative, vitally important that you get things right, and the only way to do that is to ask the Lord. He’s the only One Who has the answers. He’s the only One Who knows all of the reasons for everything. He’s the only One Who has a bird’s-eye view of your life. He’s the only One Who can see all the hidden factors in the equation.

35. The secret to hearing from the Lord in prophecy every step of the way, for every de­cision, for every little thing, is to make it a habit. You’re going to have to will yourself to do it at first and really make a conscious effort. I’m not talking about stopping before everything you do for a big, long prophecy session. I’m talking about on-the-spot direction, quick instruction. I’m talking about being so in tune with the Lord that you’ll always be listening to what He has to say.

36. Okay, let’s talk about some real-life examples. You’re going out witnessing, but you don’t know where to go. You have a few ­options that you could choose from. What do you do? Instead of just making a quick decision on your own, why not ask the Lord? Just stop for a minute and ask Him if He has anything to say. I guarantee He’ll direct you and show you what to do, and He may even give you other interesting tips to help you in your day.

37. You were planning on using the car to go out witnessing, but you just found out that it has engine trouble and isn’t safe enough to drive. What do you do? You have a choice to take the van, even though there are only two of you going out, or take public transportation. Well, maybe your logical decision would be to take the van, because it’s a whole lot easier than trekking through town on public transport. But let’s say when you stop to pray, the Lord tells you to take public transport. You don’t know why, but you soon find out His reasoning: He wanted you to meet a special sheep who got saved on the bus.

38. Anytime, anywhere, you can get an ­answer from the Lord. It only takes a minute, and He’ll shoot back the answer you need that moment. Whether you’re out witnessing, ­doing follow-up‚ or on an outing for fun, whether you’re home with the children‚ cooking and taking care of house duties, or tending to other ministries, you can ask the Lord about everything and He’ll always give you important advice, tips‚ counsel, or fill you in on amazing details that will make your life so much easier!

39. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time‚ just a second‚ but then you have the peace of knowing you have the Lord’s word on it, that you’re doing the right thing, what He wants you to do. And to top it off‚ you won’t miss out on a lot of surprises the Lord may have in store for you! The Lord is able to show you so many import­ant things, both big and small, if you’ll ask Him.

40. For example, if you’ll stop and ask Him which route to walk while you’re in town, He’ll speak to you and direct you so that you don’t end up in danger zones that could cause you trouble. If you stop and check in with Him‚ He may direct you to a needy soul who will get saved, or to an interested person who will give you a big donation. He may tell you to avoid a certain part of town, telling you that crowds are gathered there in protest and it may be unsafe. He may steer you away from a robbery where a thief was waiting to steal your wallet. He might warn you to take a few extra minutes on your break so as to avoid getting caught in the rain.

41. He might give you a tip while you’re preparing the food that will help you avoid food poisoning, or He might want to give you a fun idea for a special touch you can add to the meal that would inspire everyone at dinner! There are so many things the Lord can speak to you about that will make your day-to-day lives not only more safe, but fruitful, fun, and exciting!

42. There’s nothing that’s too small to ask the Lord about. If you’re driving and there are two routes that you can take, instead of making the decision on your own‚ why not ask the Lord? He’ll give you a sentence or two right on the spot. He’ll give you quick direction and tell you which way is best. He may not always tell you the reasons why, but you can be sure that He knows best. Perhaps taking the other route would have made you arrive late to your appoint­ment, or perhaps the traffic would have been worse, or maybe there would have been an accident.

43. You don’t always have to know all of the reasons why, but you can be sure that if you’re following the Lord’s leading and you officially take the time to hear what He has to say, even if it’s just a few words or a couple of sentences, you’ll be doing the right thing. Sometimes the Lord has reasons for asking you to do things that you aren’t aware of—often, in fact. And what you’ve got to realize is that it doesn’t take any longer to say a little prayer and ask the Lord than it does to take the time to reason it out in your mind, and it’s a whole lot more reliable and dependable. It’s that simple.

44. You’ve got to get in the habit of hearing from the Lord in prophecy about everything, and the first step in making it a habit is ridding yourself of the false notion that it takes so long to hear from the Lord. The truth is that you can have quick, on-the-spot direction all throughout your day, and it needn’t take hours of precious time. The Lord can give you His answers and solutions in a couple of sentences. You’ve just got to make the effort to tune in. You’ve just got to make the effort to ask Him instead of reasoning things out in your own mind.

45. Of course, there are times when it will be necessary to stop and ask the Lord for extensive, detailed instruction. There will be times when you’ll have to set aside more time to let the Lord speak to you. When you’re making a big decision you’ll want to hear the Lord’s full counsel‚ and this is good and necessary. But what I’m talking about here is following the Lord’s leadings in every little decision that you make throughout the day. Most of you have gotten used to hearing from the Lord in prophecy on big matters‚ but it’s imperative that we learn to follow the Lord’s leading each step of the way, with every decision and every move that we make.

46. I could go on and on about how import­ant hearing from the Lord in prophecy is, because it’s a subject that’s very close to my heart and which I’m directly involved in. But suffice it to say that you can’t afford to live without taking the time to hear the Lord’s instructions. Some folks think they can’t afford to take the time‚ but I’m telling you that you can’t afford not to! It’s as simple as that! It’s a simple solution, but in order for it to be effective it has to be put into practice in your life; it has to be made a habit. Try it, and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the results. Keep your hotline to Jesus active every day, every hour, every minute‚ every second, and you can’t go wrong! (End of message from spirit helper.)

Your Great Physician

Is Offering You a Miracle Pill!

47. (Jesus speaking: ) I am the universe’s Ultimate Doctor. There is no one like Me; only I know the prescription to heal your each and every personal ache and pain. I know how to cure all your ailments. I not only know how to cure you of distress, but I also know how to give you renewed strength, vitality and health whenever you need them—or even if you don’t know you need them.

48. I wish for you to learn to heed My whispers, My still, small voice of prophecy‚ so that in the perilous days to come I need but whisper in your ear and you’ll come to Me at that very moment to find comfort in My Words, to receive Words of warning‚ insight, or whatever you need for the day, the hour, the moment.

49. Come to Me as often as you remember to, and I will open for you My secret medicine cabinets that I may bestow upon you and pour upon you great balms‚ elixirs, and wonders that as of yet you know not of. Only I hold the key to this magical cabinet.

50. If you would know My will at all times, if you would receive blessings, if you crave to be in full health, come to Me that I may open the cabinet for you. Hearing from Me in prophecy before every move you make, to see where I will lead you with every step you will take, in every aspect through every day, is a miracle pill that I offer to you. Will you reach out and take it?

51. If you can learn the habit of coming to Me for My approvals, for My leadings, to hear My opinions about what you’re about to do, I promise you that your life will be so much fuller, so much richer, so much happier, so much more abundant and com­plete, so much more fulfilled.

52. Obedience comes before the blessings, so you must take those first steps of obedient faith to come to My doctor office just because I’ve said that your trips will be beneficial. Check with Me about the smallest thing that you’re going to do or say.

How to Form the Habit

53. (Message from Jesus continues:) I can help you make the best out of your day if you’ll only include Me in each decision. I can help you form this good habit; I really can. It’s not as difficult as you think, and it really is a great habit to have. It will be so pleasurable for you once the habit is in place. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

54. You can start now and be obedient now by coming to Me to find a personalized solution of how to remember to do this and how to form this habit. I long to help you form this habit of hearing from Me in prophecy at every step, for it will be for your good, and I want what’s best for you.

55. It may take you a little time to become sharp in this habit‚ so don’t be discouraged with yourself when you slip and fall. Don’t listen to the Enemy when he tries to tell you that it’s impossible and too tough. That would just be the ol’ boy at work trying to get you to feel condemned and wanting you to give up the fight for greater victories than ever. If you fall, just get up and try again.

56. I don’t ask that you make hearing from Me a complicated‚ involved procedure where you feel that before you do anything you must pull out a notebook or dictaphone or sit down at a computer and work long and hard to receive. All I ask of you is that you make it a habit to pause, even if just for a moment, to hear My Words in your heart before you proceed with things as usual, so that I may lead and guide you in every path that you should take, so that your steps will not slide but be more pleasant and within My highest will.

57. The more you make that effort to come to Me to hear My voice in prophecy for each and every thing you do throughout each and every day, the more I will bless you with a greater habit of doing this, and even a great desire to do so. I will never fail to give you checks to stop and listen to what I have to tell you, even if it’s just to encourage you that I’m with you in what you’re doing. It’s vital that you learn to tune in to those whispers I’ll give you.

58. I move in mysterious ways My wonders to perform. If you’re not constantly checking in with Me to get My mind on what you’re doing, there’s so much that you will surely miss.

59. I understand that so often the reason you don’t hear from Me in prophecy for every little thing is because you think what you’re doing at the time is so insignificant‚ so unimportant, so routine. Or maybe you feel there would be no reason that I would want to show you anything different on the subject‚ for that’s the way it’s always been done and what seems to be My highest will anyway. But although something may have been the way I was leading in times past, because I am a moving God, because times are changing, because the End is drawing near‚ leaning on yesterday’s Word is not always sufficient for today or tomorrow.

60. It’s crucial that you learn to hear from Me direct, every day, for even the most minor details, for this is the way I’m now moving and leading. Like your Father David has said‚ the little things really do count! Oftentimes it’s the very smallest details of things in life that you do and the most routine things that are the very things I wish to speak most to you about. On a daily basis, it is often the seemingly predictable and expected things that I want to teach you to revolutionize in your lives, even if it’s just for Me to teach you simple ways to do things to bring about different fruits.

61. If there’s one habit I plead with you to make, this is it: Learn to hear from Me in prophecy about every move you make, to include Me in all that you do. I long for better communication. I long to tell you so many things. (End of message from Jesus.)

When Is It Necessary to Record

The Lord’s Answer, and What to Do

If You’re “Asking on the Go.”

62. (Jesus speaking: ) I understand that My children are not going to be able to take lots of time to sit down with pen and paper and write down every single confirmation I give them in prophecy about their daily routine activities. I know that you’re busy and have much to do, and just the thought of having to sit down even for a short prayer and prophecy session to hear from Me about something routine, like whether it’s okay to go for a walk right now or not, makes hearing from Me seem too difficult and complicated. I don’t require that you always write down these simple confirmations from Me. The important thing is that you ask Me and wait for My answer, even if you don’t record what I tell you.

63. If it’s a simple, “Yes, it’s fine for you to go for a walk right now,” or “No‚ don’t go right now; go after dinner” answer, then it’s not necessary for you to write it down, because you’ll remember what I’ve told you. Most of the ­replies I give in answer to simple questions will be easy and simple for you to understand and remember, so you don’t need to have a record of them. But sometimes when I speak to you with more details, or give you some instructions that you weren’t expecting, then this would be good to have a written record of, either so you can refer back to it later for some reason, or for your en­courage­ment.

64. You can even ask Me to repeat the mess­age I gave so that you can record it and have it on record. Usually it will be words of encouragement that I know you need, or words of instruction that I know you will need. For example, if I tell you, “Yes, it’s fine for you to go for a walk right now, but don’t walk down the street with all the dogs today because there are some dogs there who are not tied up and could be dangerous,” then you would want to pass this counsel on to others in your Home. So in this case you would want to write it down.

65. But normally you don’t have to spend a lot of time asking Me for My approval. It should just be a simple conversation where you pray and ask Me, and I give My answer on the spot. You can tell Me about your plan to go for a walk and ask if this is okay with Me, and I’ll tell you. This just takes a minute, and you can do this at any time of the day. The important thing is that you ask Me and get My confirmation about your activities before you do them.

66. I want to make it easy for you. You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees and agonize in prayer; you just have to ask Me. Just think of Me as your mate in the same room with you, who you turn to and ask a question and hear their answer. That’s how easy it will be once you form the habit. The important thing is that you pray and acknowledge Me and don’t brush things off; otherwise you can miss out on My blessings and protection. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)

To Record or Not to Record?

67. (Jesus speaking:) As you establish this habit of hearing from Me on everything, at first you may not know the balance between when to record or write down My Words and when it is okay to just hear them without keeping a record.

68. As I have said, I will not require you to keep a written record of every word that I speak to you. I will speak to you many times throughout the day, in answer to your questions as you seek Me for counsel and guidance, and I will sometimes have to speak to you while you are on the go and it is not possible for you to write or record My Words to you.

69. My love, I wish to make it as easy as possible for you, and I will give you a simple solution to keep track of the Words that I speak to you: When you bring your questions to Me, simply ask Me first whether I want you to keep a record of the Words I’m giving you at that moment. Simply say, “Lord, do I need to write this down or record it?”

70. I will tell you whether I want you to take dictation or not‚ whether you need to write them down or record them on tape. Sometimes I will tell you to record it on tape, for it is good to speak out loud and gain this practice. But even when I lead you to record My Words, you must come to Me again and ask Me what to do, for sometimes I will tell you it won’t be necessary to transcribe it, as that would take too much time and it will not be necessary to keep a record, for you will not need to keep it to refer to it later. Other times I will tell you that you do need to transcribe the tape in order to keep a record of My Words to study them. There will be other times when you’re hearing from Me that I will tell you it’s okay to simply listen and receive My Words without having to keep a written record.

71. I know you’re busy. I know it’s not always possible to stop and write or record My Words, so I offer you this simple plan—ask Me each time and I will tell you plainly whether it’s necessary to keep a record or not.

72. Sometimes I will speak to you in sound bites, which will eliminate the need to record My Words. I’m able to give you the answer in short, quick, catchy answers that are easy for you to remember and that will stick with you throughout the day or week, or even months and years!

73. I’m not limited‚ My darling love. There­fore, ask Me every time and I will make it clear what you should do. I’ll tell you, “Yes, get this down‚ or no, it’s not necessary to take dictation. Just listen and I’ll help you remember what you need to retain.” Or, I will give you a sound bite—a short and easy line to remember that will make your day! (End of message from Jesus)

How to Live Each Day to the Full!

74. (Jesus speaking:) You can be shooting up silent prayers to Me even when in the midst of a conversation, and I can give you quick ­answers to whatever questions you have.

75. There are times when you need to come before Me and get quiet and listen to My instruc­tion in full, but there are other times when you can pray as you go. Not just a “Lord bless and keep us as we do such-and-such,” but “Lord, what do You want us to do?” “Is this what You want us to do?” I can give specific answers to you right there and then if you’ll only turn on and tune in. Didn’t your Father David tell you that the position of your body doesn’t matter, but it’s your heart? You can focus on Me and get My specific, direct answer in prophecy to whatever it is, right then and there.

76. It doesn’t have to take a long time if you’re in the habit of praying and constantly communing with Me in your thoughts. If you’re on My wavelength, then you just have to listen for My signal. Talk to Me; I’m right here. All you have to do is focus and ask, and I can ­answer clearly and directly.

77. If you’re not so full of your own thoughts and plans and ideas, then I have an easier time. But even if you are‚ if you’re confused and frustrated and things just aren’t going right‚ then simply stop a moment. Ask your mate, co–worker, witnessing partner or friend if he or she wouldn’t mind stopping for a moment, and then ask Me. State your frus­trations and your problem and let Me give you My answers in prophecy.

78. If you’re out on the street, then just find a bench or stand on the side. If you’re traveling in the car, while on the road, acknowledge Me‚ stop your conversation and pray together. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, the key is to stop and ask Me.

79. If you need immediate, on-the-spot direction, then tune in and ask Me, and watch Me punch through with what you need. In that case you might not have time to stop everything while you ask Me, but you can always focus your heart and mind on Me, even in the midst of what you’re doing, and still ask and clearly receive My answer. When you’re out witnessing and are faced with a tough question or aren’t sure which way to lead the conversation or which approach would work best with the person, just shoot up a question to Me, and I will respond on the spot. It doesn’t take long to receive an answer from Me, and even in the midst of things I’m able to speak to you clearly if you ask in faith and really desire to hear from Me. There are so many times and so many instances when you could save so much time and energy by just asking, listening, and getting My answers.

80. As you’re walking down the street and you’re going shop to shop or door to door, ask Me which one to go to and who to talk to. Instead of fellowshipping with your partner, you could be checking in with Me and asking Me what to do.

81. Perhaps I show you a certain shop. You walk in and automatically switch into robot gear and do it “as you’ve always done it,” and ask to speak to the manager—when maybe I know that that little person behind the counter or on the side is the one you should talk to. That’s where it might not be good to stop everything and have prayer and prophecy right in the doorway, but rather just individually ask Me and receive My answers as you’re going.

82. You really can’t be so stuck on your preplanned agenda if you want to follow where I lead and talk to whomever I wish. You have to leave yourself open to My checks which call you to bring a question before Me and receive My answers. Whenever you face a decision, a crossroads, that’s the time to ask Me. Whenever you receive a check in your heart, that’s the time to ask Me. Whenever things start to go differently than you thought they would‚ that’s the time to ask Me. Even when things are going just as planned, if you face a decision‚ ask Me!

83. Practice hearing from Me in prophecy throughout the day for little things as they come up‚ and then you’ll be well-practiced and in the habit when I have to tell you something. That’s one way you can be sure you’re living every day to the full and really making it count. If you’re following Me, then you know that you’re doing just what I want you to and when. (End of message from Jesus)

84. (Mama:) The Lord is trying to make it as easy as possible for us to hear from Him about everything, telling us that we don’t have to record His answers about the smaller, more simple questions. He knows that it would probably be too much for us if we had to record ­every answer He gave, and there are some situations where it wouldn’t be practical or even possible—when you’re out and couldn’t stop to record the answer for one reason or another, or when you’re with the little kids and they’re not going to stop while you find your dicta­phone‚ etc.

85. We asked the Lord when it’s necess­ary to record His answers. From using prophecy extensively over the last three years, we’ve learned and the Lord has shown us that having His Words as a record to go back and read over later is a major part of learning to use prophecy correctly. Especially if you’re asking for counsel about something which is more complex, there’s often much more in the prophecy than you’ll be able to remember or fully grasp from just hearing it one time‚ as you’re receiving it.

86. Many times the channels in our Home can’t recall all the main points of a prophecy they’ve just received, because they’re con­cen­trating on being a clear channel, sucking in spirit, and aren’t fully tuning in to absorbing the message—and it’s probably the same for you. Later, it’s easy to see that if we hadn’t recorded it and been able to go back over it, we would have missed a great deal of what the Lord was trying to say.

87. When you’re asking the Lord for counsel on how to shepherd someone‚ for example, the fine points are very important and can make the difference in how your counsel to them is presented and thus in how they receive it and are strengthened by it. Or say you’re asking Him what your plans for a certain project should be. If you don’t record it and you don’t remember one of the conditions that He put forth in His message to you, you might go ahead with a certain plan and later find that it didn’t turn out so well, and you wonder what went wrong or if it was a tainted prophecy. In reality, the prophecy was just fine, but the Lord had put forth conditions for success in His message to you, some of which were lost because it wasn’t recorded. Thus you weren’t able to go over it again and have a more complete picture of what the Lord had told you.

88. With the Lord asking us to use prophecy now for everything, literally, we wanted to know what things He considers important to record‚ and which things don’t need to be recorded, or, for the sake of practicality, which He will overlook if we don’t record them. In the preceding messages, He has already given us some tips along these lines, but here He gives us more good counsel.

89. (Jesus speaking:) My Words are spirit and they are life! They are your spiritual food, a treasure, a valuable commodity, something to be valued and preserved, not wasted. I understand that it would be too difficult for you to record My answers every time I speak to you—because many times it will be “on the go” or in a situation when you wouldn’t be able to stop and record it. But the more often you can stop and record it, when it is possible, the better it is. When I see that you are creating a vacuum for Me—through having a receptacle to receive and preserve My Words in—then I am moved to pour out in greater abundance, more specific counsel, more that I know would help you along the way. So it is to your benefit to have a dicta­phone or pen and paper handy whenever poss­ible when asking Me a question, as I may lead you to record My Words so that I can give you a fuller and more complete message, whatever I have for you.

90. There will be times when I pour out a more lengthy message when you don’t have anything on hand to record it. In those cases it would be good for you to come back to Me later when you are able to record it and ask Me to repeat the message, or at least a summary of the main points that you will need to keep and remember. I know it seems that this would take twice as much time, but you will see in the long run that it will save you time, because the counsel that I give will keep you from going down the wrong road and having to retrace your steps‚ or falling into some other kind of time-consuming trouble.

91. Whenever you’re asking Me for counsel about anything that’s more major—for example, if you’re having trouble getting along with someone in the Home and you want to know how to best interact with them‚ or you’re asking Me about an upcoming meeting with your landlord, or what to do about the problem one of your children is having, or whether or not to start on a new project—in such cases you can be pretty sure that I’m going to pour out more than just one or two sentences of counsel, and you’re going to need it to refer to it later. Even something as simple as where to go for witnessing that day could be good to record‚ because it’s likely that I’ll also instruct you about something to be prepared for that day, or will give you some counsel about the day which, when the day is over and you look back on it later, you’ll be amazed to see how I’ve fulfilled it and this will boost your faith. So it’s always a good idea to be ready to record or write down My Words when and where poss­ible as I lead you. I long to bless you with full and complete messages, with counsel and instruction that will save you time in the long run.

92. So don’t take My Words for granted by letting them be wasted when I have intended for them to be kept. I don’t mind when there’s no way that you can stop and record them—I under­stand‚ and will give it to you again later if it’s an important message. I would much rather that you hear from Me, even if you can’t record it, than to not hear from Me because you can’t record it. But when you can record it and you don’t, because you’re too busy or you’re not valuing My Words for what they are, then it saddens Me and I’m not able to bless you as I would like.

93. So treasure My Words! Even though I give them to you in great abundance, each one is valuable, a precious gift of love from Me to you! I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

What If You Don’t Have the Gift

Of Prophecy? Promise from Jesus

And a Challenge from Dad!

94. (Mama:) Our wonderful Husband is trying to make it as easy as possible for us by teaching us to hear from Him in prophecy about every­thing. He knows that it will be a struggle at first, that the Enemy will fight it‚ that our flesh will get in the way, and that at times we’ll feel like it’s more work than it’s worth. But that’s why He keeps encouraging us in all these messages that the more we practice, the easier it becomes, and that eventually it will not only make our lives so much easier and more fruitful, but it will save our lives and ensure our survival.

95. If you don’t have the gift of prophecy‚ you might feel left out or like this revelation is not for you, or that you’re pretty far behind. I knew the Lord wouldn’t want you to feel like that, so we brought the question before Him, “What about those who don’t yet have the gift of prophecy? What should they do, or how can they implement this revelation?”

96. In the following message the Lord lists “having a clean heart” as one of the requirements for receiving the gift of prophecy. I was interested in exactly what He sees as a “clean heart,” because I knew that none of us can be perfect—and actually‚ some of the times when we need to hear His voice the most are the times when we’re really out of it or feeling like a big mess. The Lord’s answer was very interesting!

97. (Jesus speaking:) My loves, I do not require perfection! If that was the case, none of you would stand—no, not one! A clean heart in My eyes is a heart that loves Me and desires Me, one which desires to do My will. If there are things in your heart which hinder you from having the faith to receive My gift of prophecy—for example, if you have disunity with someone and I’ve been convicting you to make it right, but you haven’t had the humility to do so—that will stand in the way. Or if you’ve been disobedient in some area and you’re not willing to give it up, that will stand in the way.

98. I don’t ask you to be perfect, but I ask you to make right those areas which I convict you about, and then you can have full faith to stand before Me and ask Me to please speak to you. I love you and greatly desire to whisper My Words in your ear. I know you need them and they will help you to grow and progress. But if I see you’re not willing to do the things which you already know to do‚ how am I going to give you more of My Words?

99. So do that which you know you’re supposed to do, and then come to Me in faith, and I will give you the gift of hearing My Words. I do not promise that it will be a fluent or eloquent gift right from the beginning, but it will be enough to hear Me clearly, and after that it’s up to you to practice! Don’t let these requirements stand in the way. This gift is priceless and will greatly enrich your life, so give it all you’ve got! You won’t be disappointed! (End of message from Jesus.)

100. (Mama:) Here’s a very encouraging message for all those of you who don’t yet have the gift of prophecy—a special promise from Jesus!

101. (Jesus speaking:) My precious ones, you are all My children, My brides, My lovers‚ those for whom I care deeply and dearly—those for whom I died. You of the children of David have been given great truths and wine of the Spirit, above all those on the face of the Earth, because of your vacuum that you’ve created for Me. You’ve proven that you love My Words and My truths, and that you want more and more and more of them. You have proven this through your willingness to live them. Because of your obedience and your faith, I have made you My bride, My darling one, and have taken you into My house, into My bed, and have given you a place of great honor.

102. I have also given each of you the gift of knowing that you can hear from Me personally‚ directly. At any time‚ day or night, I have placed a channel between us which will never be broken, through which I can pour My love‚ My Words, My kisses, My seeds, to each of you. Some of you have tapped into this channel and others of you are still waiting, not having yet taken the plunge to prove that this channel really does exist for you personally. But I promise you again that it does‚ My loves. Each of you who are serving Me have the honor of being able to hear from Me whenever you like. It is a very special honor.

103. Some of you hesitate because you feel you’re not good enough, that you couldn’t be a pure enough channel. Others of you don’t yet have the faith to take the plunge. Others are hesitant because you don’t want the responsibility that accompanies hearing from Me—not only the responsibility of being desperate and humble and yielded before Me so that you might receive My Words purely, but also the responsibility that accompanies the privilege—that of being faithful to use your gift of prophecy, to seek My counsel, to encourage others‚ to depend more fully upon Me and My Words. ­Others of you hesitate because you feel you’re not yet ready to jump so fully into the world of the spirit or letting your life be dictated by another.

104. Others of you already have the gift—I have promised it to you, you have asked for it, and I have given it to you. But it lies dormant, waiting for you to have the faith to exercise it and let it burst forth! This is the case with many of you—you have asked Me for it and I have given it to you, but you have not yet started to use it.

105. I do not judge you for these reasons, My loves; I see your hearts‚ and I love you dearly! But I also know what a great strength it would be to you to hear My voice. I know how hard the Enemy is fighting it, because he knows of the great victories which will be won through your personal connection with Me, so he fights it viciously.

106. But you can overcome, My darling ones! No matter how bad or unworthy you think you are, no matter how little faith you feel you have, if you really desire the gift of hearing My Words, I am here to give it to you! Here are steps that you can take, if you do not yet hear My voice in prophecy but you desire to:

  1. Read up on it in My Word—not just “when you have the time,” but right now, today. Dedicate your Word time over the next days to reading what I have put forth on the subject to increase your faith. [See Letters such as “Faith,” ML #73; “Mama’s Surprise,” ML #3133-34, 3139, Lifelines 24; “Endtime Prophecy Power,” ML #3140‚ Lifelines 24, etc.]
  2. Make your heart right with Me—not because I require perfection, or because the gift of prophecy is a works trip, but because unconfessed sin, unyieldedness, or oughts against your brothers and sisters will hinder you from having full faith. Once your heart is right with Me, you can rest completely on My promises.
  3. Ask for prayer from the body, with laying on of hands, and claim My promises—that the gift is there for you, that I want to give it to each Family member, and that I will give it to you!
  4. Now believe it! I have given it to you!
  5. Go into your closet (a quiet place) and spend some time loving Me, telling Me of your love and thanking Me for the gift by faith, priming the pump and entering My courts through your praise and thanksgiving. Then get quiet before Me, relax your mind, ask Me to speak to you, and take the first thing that comes as from Me. Record it or write it down, and praise Me for My Words to you! It doesn’t have to be long in order to be a prophecy. Even a verse, or two or three sentences, is just as much a prophecy as if it’s three pages long.
  6. Practice daily without fail! Any time when you’re alone, lift up your thoughts and your heart to Me, praising Me and asking Me to speak to you, and I will!
  7. Stay full of My Words and don’t let the Enemy steal your joy in this wonderful gift that I’ve given you. The Enemy will fight you hard. If he can’t hinder your faith to ask for it and receive it, he’ll try to hinder you from using it‚ and he’ll try to convince you that you don’t really have it‚ that it’s just your own mind, and a bunch of other old tricks. Recognize them for what they are; don’t give them any place, and instead praise Me that I’ve given you the gift.

107. It’s as simple as that, My darling ones. I have promised it to you and I will give it to you. I love you! (End of message from Jesus)

108. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Isn’t that a wonderful promise? Take Him at His word, dear ones! Prove Him true by following those steps and receiving the gift He’s promised. ­After we received that encouraging message‚ we went back to the Lord and asked Him another question along those lines: “What if someone doesn’t have the faith to receive the gift of prophecy right now? How can they still implement this revelation and move ahead with the Spirit?” The Lord sent Dad with a motivating message which I pray will be a blessing to you.

109. (Dad speaking: ) If some people don’t have the faith to receive the gift of prophecy right now‚ or don’t feel ready for it but still want to be moving ahead with the way the Lord is leading, they’re going to need to put this revelation into practice the best they can with the help of others who do have the gift of prophecy. The Lord’s not going to say‚ “Okay, if you don’t have the gift of prophecy, then you don’t have to do this. Just wait until you do.” No siree, the time is now‚ the Spirit is moving forward, and the Lord is calling the Family to follow.

110. Granted, you’re not going to be able to ask Him about all the little details like you would if you have the gift yourself. So that should be good incentive for you to fulfill the requirements and get it! But in the meantime, just do the best you can by asking others to pray for you as often as possible. It’s going to seem a bit inconvenient, and you’ll have to rely on others’ help, but the Lord will bless your sacrifices in doing so, and it will probably make you very des­perate to get the gift of prophecy yourself. Re­member, it’s nothing you have to work up to or be “good enough” for. It’s a gift, pure and simple, and the Lord has promised it to each of you!

111. In the meantime, you’ll get a lot of good exercise in “doing the humble thing” as you share your personal thoughts and feelings, checks of the spirit and questions with those around you—your mates of your greater marriage—and ask them to ask the Lord and hear from Him in prophecy. Remember too that it doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be very simple answers, but the Lord expects you to do it! Praise God! He’s expecting it of you! He loves you and wants to be able to bless and keep, prosper and protect you, and this is what He’s asking of you so that He’s able to do that.

112. And you dear ones who do have the gift of prophecy and who will be asked to help get messages from the Lord for others, thank you for being willing to go the extra mile for them. Even if you’re not real confident in your gift of prophecy and would prefer that others not base their decisions on what you get, please don’t worry or fear. Obey by faith and the Lord will never fail you, amen? It’s a revolution! Are you with it?

113. If you feel tempted to wonder if this is really where it’s at or whether it’s really worth it—because it will take some work and some getting used to—just remember that the Lord is doing it out of His love for you, because He knows you’re going to need it in the days ahead. These are the days of preparation, like boot camp. The commanders in boot camp are pretty tough on the cadets and make them do things that seem difficult and even beyond their capabilities, but the commanders do it because they know that the cadets will need it on the battlefield. They’ll need those reflexes, those skills, those areas of physical strength, and these things will save their lives. So it is with the Lord, except that He’s loving and merciful, unlike the worldly war commanders who are merciless and cruel and at times even purposely mean. The Lord is your wonderful Husband Who cares for you infinitely, but He too knows that you need this preparation and He knows you can do it—otherwise He wouldn’t have asked it of you.

114. These are the Last Days, folks. We’re getting ready for the Great Tribulation—the period of time that has been foretold through the ages as being the worst time in history, the most evil, the greatest tribulation. On top of that, you’re the Devil’s number one enemy because you’re actively serving the Lord and freeing prisoners from his kingdom, so he hates you with a vengeance! When you put it all together like that, it’s not hard to see why the Lord is trying to prepare you, arming you with heavy–duty spiritual weaponry‚ and even asking things of you that seem very difficult and beyond your capabilities. It’s because He knows you’re going to need them to survive. But survive we will‚ because the Lord is with us! We just have to do our part to prepare, amen? I love you. Love, Dad. (End of message from Dad)

115. (Mama: ) Thank you, Dad, for that very challenging message. The Lord is expecting it of us, dear Family, and we’re in this together. I’m so thankful that the Lord is preparing us now for what He knows is ahead. Can you im­agine if we were trying to go this alone, without the clear communication from the One Who sees the future? It would be much more difficult, and we’d suffer a lot more and have greater casualties! But our wonderful Husband is up ahead and is giving us exactly what He knows we’ll need. Thank You, wonderful Jesus!

116. If you don’t yet have the gift of prophecy, please don’t feel bad or condemned. Just follow the steps the Lord gave and trust Him to come through for you. He will. He never fails! Or‚ if you don’t feel quite ready yet, then go with “plan B”—which is asking others to pray for you as much as possible. The Lord will bless and honor you for it, and will strengthen you day by day as you obey. Praise the Lord!

To be continued

Ask Me Everything, Part 3!

Karen Zerby

How to Stop, Look, Listen and Receive!Maria #514 CM/FM 3272 7/99

Required reading for all members 16 and up.

This GN does not have to be read straight through in one sitting.

Dear Family,

1. Here is another beautiful string of pearls from our precious Husband—jewels, tips, in­struc­tion, counsel‚ admonition, and encouragement along the lines of learning to hear from Him about everything! He’s so good to us! He ­gently leads us along, brings out the different angles, and tries to explain the need so that we’ll really get sold on it and want to do it! Please pray as you read through these that the Lord will give you faith—faith to obey, to make these changes in your life personally. It’s a big change, but we need it! It’s a revolution! Amen? I love you!

The Beautiful Place of

Resting in Him!

2. (Jesus speaking:) Step by step as you follow Me, I will, and do, and continually want to show you more and more.

3. Leave the past behind now, My loves. From this point on, hear from Me on everything; learn to use the gift of prophecy as one of your strong staffs to lean on, and you’ll find great strengthening from this. Let Me be your Counselor. Let Me be the One Who thoroughly ­applies the Word in your life. Let Me take your hand from the moment the day begins and lead you through each day.

4. As a mother takes the hand of her child and leads him, so do I wish to take your hand and guide you throughout the day, in every path you take. I will lead you continually to green pastures where you may rest in safety under the protection of My love and perfect will. To get to these green pastures in the surest and simplest way, you must merely hold My hand. The means for this close connection is so simple—the gift of prophecy.

5. Eye has not seen, neither ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the magnitude of the joy that I wish to pour out upon the children of David! These great jewels of life have been preserved for you who have given your all to Me each step of your lives. You’ve made the choices that have led you to this path of fuller obedience. Now let Me take your hand and lead you into the most peaceful and beautiful of places, because I love you!

6. As you journey through the day‚ you must stop at each point of choice and request My guidance. At times it’s a simple asking if it’s yes or no, turn right or left, go up or down. At other times it’s asking Me for instruction and guidance. But you’ll always find further joys, fruitfulness and satisfaction once you’ve learned to lean on Me totally, listening to My voice at every turn and at every step.

7. It may seem odd and burdensome to My children to hear from Me about every little detail of their lives‚ but this is what I request. Why do I ask this of you? It’s because I wish to offer you My gift of prophecy in its most complete form. It may be hard for you to see it like this at first, but do not be as little children who refuse a new food because they’ve never had it before. This gift will not be a burden that will weigh you down, but a gift that will set you free!

8. Once you try it, like trying out a new food, you’ll be amazed and discover that you like it. And if you keep on eating it, before long you’ll see you’ve really acquired quite a taste for it and you’ll want more and more; you won’t be able to get enough!

9. As you acquire this habit of hearing from Me every step of the way throughout your day‚ you’ll see that everything will go better and run smoother. Your burdens will melt away and you’ll be happier, because I will be guiding you throughout every moment of your day.

10. Just like when you add a nutritious and healthy food to your diet, with time you begin to see the benefits: You feel better‚ have more ­energy, feel more invigorated and become ­stronger, and your overall health greatly improves. So the overall condition of your daily life will greatly improve when you’ve learned to check in with Me, get My answers and follow My instructions at every step and every turn throughout the day.

11. This is My plan. I have designed it this way, so that I can carry your burdens. I long to carry your load and make life easier for you because I love you. It’s for your benefit—to improve your overall quality of life! When you don’t stop and check in with Me and don’t get My instructions at every step, you miss out on so many things I have waiting for you. You miss out on many blessings and invaluable instruction I long to give you. It’s like living life halfway, instead of living life to the full!

12. Following Me step by step, hearing from Me for every move and every decision, does not mean sitting down with recorder or paper in hand at every turn, but simply tuning in to Me, much as you would tune in to your companion on any venture. You can tune in to Me anywhere‚ anytime. Ask Me about any detail, big or small, and I will speak to you on the spot.

13. Let Me give you a simple illustration to help you understand: When you’re walking down the hallway in your Home—perhaps you’re taking a break from your work for a minute, going to the kitchen or the bathroom—you can ask Me, “Am I going the right way.” I may reply with a simple, “Yes, beloved; continue.” Or I might say‚ “Before you go to the kitchen, stop off and see Jewel (the young new mother you live with), because she has a request that you could help her with.” Do you see? If you didn’t stop and check in with Me, you might have missed helping Jewel with her need.

14. Let Me continue with this example to help you understand how you can keep checking in with Me. After you’ve followed the first step I sent you on—which is to go to see Jewel—ask Me how to best fulfill her request as you leave her room. She’s asked for something from the laundry room. It’s a simple errand, but as you go to the laundry room, you can use this time to ask Me if I have anything to tell you through My voice of prophecy.

15. You’ll find My encouraging, uplifting voice instructing you as you go. I may want to tell you something extra you can do for Jewel that would surprise her and make her day. I may tell you something special just for you; give you some words of encouragement that will inspire you throughout the day, or I may want to give you the answer to another question you had on your mind‚ or I may want to give you a clue to a problem you’ve been trying to solve. There are all kinds of things I may want to speak to you about, but if you don’t redeem this time to listen to Me while you’re running this errand, you may miss out altogether!

16. There are times to record My Words, such as when you’re seeking Me about major events, major questions and burdens on your heart. But these little steps throughout the day are times to simply tune in as you go. It’s so simple!

17. Why not try it? Try tuning in to Me as you go throughout your day! See if I will not give you tailor–made counsel exactly fitted to your needs. I promise I will, because I love you so very much and find great joy in carrying your load every step and in every way. I love you!

18. I honor you now with this beautiful place of resting in Me, My beautiful brides, My lovely ones. (End of message from Jesus)

Ask Me First

19. (Jesus speaking:) Little children, you should come to Me about everything. Even the wisest among you is only a child in My sight. I don’t mean to be condescending, but this is the way I’ve created you: I’m your Father, you’re My children, and you need Me for everything.

20. Your first reaction, your natural reaction, should be to look to Me before anything and everything. How do you know what to do, what to discuss, or what direction to take unless you ask Me?

21. Man has become so independent that he thinks he should discuss first‚ then ask Me. Whereas it should be the other way around—he should ask Me first, then discuss. I’ll tell you My point of view first. Once you have My mind on the matter, you can discuss further while drawing on the experience‚ wisdom, insight and the anointing of the other gifts I have given you; after which you can come to Me again to confirm what’s been discussed and to get My stamp of approval and blessing on it.

22. You can never go wrong by asking Me first! Even the tiniest thing will be blessed if you ask Me first. Even if the answer is logical‚ even if it’s common sense and obvious, if you ask Me first, then I’ll add a blessing and anointing to it.

23. Man sometimes gets so confident that he thinks he can do things on his own, but I want to be part of everything! As I’ve said, “Without Me you can do nothing.” That includes your times of discussion, when it’s so easy to be led by your emotions, or to get into the habit of idle talking—leaning to your own understanding and your own ideas, pouring out your feelings and frustrations from your own spirit rather than seeking Me first so that I can direct your thoughts and words. Meetings are especially a time when you need to come to Me first and receive My ideas, My agenda‚ My feelings before your own, so that you can stay on track and hit the bull’s-eye of the target.

24. You need My blessing before you even start. You need My agenda before you have a meeting, if you want the most successful meeting. It’s vitally important to seek Me first if you want to know where you’re going, or where I want you to go. It’s better to have foresight than hindsight. You must do both—seek My advice first, and then ask Me for a confirmation afterwards. Both are needed and both are important.

25. I want to be first in everything, including your meetings. If I’m truly first in your heart and mind, then you’ll seek Me first before you do anything. (End of message from Jesus.)

Learning to Work

In Teamwork with Him!

26. (Spirit helper speaking:) One thing that hinders people from asking the Lord about every­thing is that they wonder what common sense is for if they have to get a prophecy about every situation that comes up. “What about the gifts of the Spirit? What about wisdom, discernment‚ and all the rest? What about the rest of the ways to know God’s will? Do we just dump all of those things now because we’re supposed to ask the Lord about our every move? And if so, what’s all our training for, if in the end we just ask the Lord about everything anyway?”

27. These are common questions and can make people feel like they’re reduced to the status of mindless robots if all they do is ask the Lord about everything. Maybe you even feel like it takes some of the challenge out of life—because instead of having the challenge of trying to figure things out and come to the right con­clusion, you just ask the teacher for the ­answer. It almost seems contrary to what your David has taught about how the Lord wants you to study the Word and learn to dig out the ­jewels yourself rather than taking the easy way out and asking the teacher every time. So what’s the ­answer?

28. The answer is that hearing from the Lord isn’t a replacement for all those other things, but is an additional tool to help you make sure that you got things right. The Lord still expects you to do your part and to exercise wisdom, discernment, understanding, and all the rest. He still expects you to study the Word He’s already given for the answers, as well as to use common sense and discuss things together, exploring the different ways to know His will. If you do all that, you’re likely to come up with the correct answer most of the time. That’s what you’ve been doing for years‚ and it’s been working pretty well.

29. But now the Lord is taking things to a higher level. The questions are going to get more difficult in the future, and it’ll be more imperative that you get them right. You may have had a 90% success rate so far using common sense‚ prayer, and the other gifts of the Spirit, but a 10% or even a 5% margin of error could cost you your life or the lives of others during the Great Tribulation, for example. Or it could cost you your ministry. The stakes are higher, therefore the Lord is introducing new measures to get your success rate in decision-making as close as possible to 100%!

30. He’s not asking you to throw out everything that you’ve been doing so far, nor is He discounting all that’s been said before, or all that David has taught. He’s just adding another step—what you could call the ultimate accuracy test—to make sure that your decisions are right on.

31. So when you’re faced with a decision, you should still use common sense, teamwork­ing, counseling together, wisdom, and all the rest—but you should also ask the Lord. You should ask the Lord before you start discussing, to make sure that you’re doing the right thing in trying to come to this decision now‚ that you’re counseling with the right people, and to see if the Lord wants to add any factors that you haven’t thought of. Then you prayerfully discuss, and in some cases you’ll need to bring specific aspects before the Lord to make sure you’re analyzing them correctly. And then you ask the Lord about the decision that seems to you to be right, being open that maybe it isn’t and that He possibly still has something else to show you or He might want you to go in a different direction. In most cases, you’ve probably reached the right decision, and He’ll just confirm that. But even if that’s the case, at least you’ll know you’re right and it will give you more faith, especially if circumstances are such that you wonder about your decision later on.

32. But even in cases when the Lord just confirms the conclusion you’d already reached, He can often show you certain aspects of it that you hadn’t thought of before‚ enlarging on the answer. He can use your open channel with Him to bring to your remembrance important details that could affect the outcome, or little adjustments that could be made, or additions to the plan. They might not be critical in every case, and things could probably go okay without them, but they’ll go better with them. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time, but it can give you a real boost when it does.

33. Then there are times—and this may be more of an exception, but it does happen—when the decision you’ve reached is completely off course, and thankfully, because you asked the Lord, He’s able to punch through and help you to turn around. That happens to everyone. It even happened to David when he was set on going one direction‚ and then the Lord punched through and showed him to go a completely different direction.

34. Just because the Lord showed you to do something completely different than what you were expecting, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you were out of the spirit‚ listening to the Enemy, or completely off track. It could be that the Lord allowed you to reach the wrong conclusion so that He could show you the import­ance of hearing from Him in order to get the right answer. Or maybe you were too swayed by circumstances or the counsel of others, and the Lord wants to show you that He’s above all of that. There are lots of reasons why such things happen.

35. The bottom line of what I’m trying to say is don’t be scared of asking the Lord about everything, as if it’s some big deal and upheaval and dismissal of everything you’ve learned before. It’s just an additional step, a check and balance to make sure you’re on the right track, and a way for the Lord to establish a stronger link with you. Every time you hear from Him‚ your link with Him gets a little bit stronger. And the more you do it, the easier it gets, until He can punch through at any time because you get so sensitive in the Spirit.

36. That’s how David was—so sensitive in the Spirit and so used to hearing from the Lord and communicating with Him that the Lord could punch through in prophecy no matter what else he was doing. He didn’t even have to be having prayer and prophecy time and specifically asking the Lord anything. But it takes time and experience to develop a link like that. That’s another reason why the Lord wants you to use prophecy as much as possible.

37. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, either. That’s another thing that scares people away from it or makes them feel like, “Why do we have to take all this time to hear from the Lord about everything?” Granted‚ for some things you’ll need to take a lot of time to pray and hear from the Lord, or even have several people pray. But for most decisions that you encounter on a daily basis, it’s more just a matter of checking in with the Lord.

38. Here’s a simple way you can relate to it: Just imagine that the Lord is your Boss‚ and you have a cell phone with you at all times. Before you go ahead with something, you simply dial His number and say, “Boss‚ we were thinking of going ahead with this. Is that okay?” The Boss might say, “Sure, that’s fine.” Or maybe He’ll say, “Yes, but don’t forget about such-and-such.” Either way, He won’t usually go on and on about it—you just get the answer and go on your way. Of course, at times when He says no, He might give a longer explanation so that you’ll understand why; but in cases where He’s just agreeing with the reasoning and conclusion you’ve already come to, He doesn’t need to repeat it all again. All that to say, it doesn’t have to be a big deal—just like a short phone call to your earthly boss wouldn’t be either.

39. So don’t worry about it and blow it up into some big deal that you worry will take all your time, take the challenge out of your life and work‚ etc. But rather look at it like now you’ve got the answer book! You may still have to figure out the questions in your workbook, but now you have the answer pages in the back so you can check your answers and make sure that they’re right! What a relief! Praise the Lord! (End of message from spirit helper.)

The Secret to Success of

The Days to Come!

40. (Jesus speaking: ) When you have a decision before you, turn the options you have into a prayer and say, “Lord, which of these options is Your highest will for me?” It doesn’t have to be a big long prayer with your eyes closed or getting down on your knees begging to receive My answers. No, you can just shoot up a little prayer: “Jesus, should I go out for get-out now or after quiet time?” Or, another example, “Lord, today I’ve been invited to go on an outing with the team that’s going. Should I go? I would really like to, but I want and need Your confirmation. Please tell me.” I will give you My answer and I will give you a reason to help you understand. It could be, “Yes, go on the outing; it will be fun and inspiring and will strengthen your unity with these who have invited you.” Or, “No, don’t go. Stay home and spend extra time with Me and My Word, for I desire to be close to you all day. This is what will strengthen you and is what you need today.” All of this could take just a minute of your time. Then you can go on in your day, knowing that I’m blessing you.

41. The Devil fights this because it will lead to your success in the dark days to come. In the Time of the End, you may be going down the street, and if you’re well used to this practice, you’ll say, “Which way now‚ Lord?” I will be able to show you in an instant and lead you out of harm’s way, or into the path of some needy person or situation. You won’t be able to do things like this then if you don’t practice now. You won’t remember to ask Me in prophecy if you don’t make a habit of it now.

42. Observe the cadets in military training. At West Point, the cadets must learn by heart the headlines of the daily newspaper, the menu for the day, and other seemingly insignificant facts and figures that they must report to their officers. And they do this daily! This trains them to observe and remember details, so that in warfare they’ll have that training and it will serve them well on the field of battle. So it is with you.

43. If you seek to hear My voice of prophecy in these seemingly insignificant decisions in your days, not only does it ensure that your days go smoother because you’re making wise decisions with My help, but you’re also making a rock-solid habit of hearing from Me in prophecy. This will serve you well in the dark days to come. (End of message from Jesus)

Learning to Let the Lord

Shepherd You!

44. (Dad speaking:) You’re going to save yourself a lot of problems and wondering about things if you just ask the Lord what you should do, and you’re going to save your shepherds a lot of time. Of course, you still need your shepherds and you need each other‚ your mate and your friends. It’s not like you can do without the help, counsel and prayers of your co-workers and family—but most of all, you need to hear from the Lord.

45. I’ll grant you, there may be times when you’re having a big battle and you feel like you’re in such a muddle you can hardly make it, and your immediate reaction will be to run to your shepherd or a mate or a co-worker and ask for prayer right away. There may be times when the Devil is hittin’ you full force and you feel like you need an initial prayer to be able to make it through—and if that’s the case‚ you’d better get it. You might shoot up a prayer and ask the Lord for a confirmation whether you should get prayer on the spot, and He’ll tell you to go quick and get prayer so that you can get a grip on things.

46. In this case, the initial prayer you have with your shepherd will bring sweet relief and calm to your spirit, and can help to clear away the clouds so that you can then continue to pray and seek the Lord for His instruction.

47. But this scenario I’ve just painted for you is only one small facet of the big picture, folks. Most of the time, when you need prayer, counsel, instruction or direction, instead of running to your mate or shepherd first and asking them what you should do, ask the Lord and get His counsel. Some things you probably don’t even need to ask your shepherds about, and they probably wish you’d just pray and ask the Lord yourself. That’s what they have to do with your questions—they have to go to the Lord and ask Him.

48. You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to know when to go to your shepherds for help and when not to. How are you supposed to know what things to counsel with ­others about and what things you’re supposed to ask the Lord about yourself? Well, you can always go to your shepherds for counsel and help; that’s what they’re there for, to guide and support and help you do the Lord’s will. But before you go to your shepherds you should be asking the Lord what you’re going to talk about‚ how you’re going to present it, when to go to them, and for any other direction He might want to give you.

49. That’s an important key—asking the Lord and hearing from Him before you go to someone for counsel, prayer, instruction or direction. For example, say you’re having a battle about something and you’re wondering if you should go and ask someone to pray for you. First of all, it’s difficult and humbling to ask someone to pray for you when you’re in the midst of a battle‚ but you know you need the help, and the Lord has told you that there’s power in praying together with others. So it’s not so much a question of whether you should ask someone to pray for you—you know you should when you need it. But if you stop and hear from the Lord, He’ll show you who to go to, when to go to them, and what to say.

50. What the Lord tells you will be very helpful and encouraging not only to you, but to the person who you go to for prayerbecause the Lord will show you what to say. He’ll clarify things in your mind enough so that you can present your prayer request. He’ll give you the encouragement you need to ask for prayer and help to dispel the Enemy’s lies and doubts.

51. You can give your shepherd the mess­age the Lord gave you about the battle you’re having, and it’ll make it so much easier for your shepherd to understand what you’re going through, how the Lord sees it at the moment, and what counsel the Lord gave you. It will help your shepherd to know how to pray for you, how to seek the Lord for you, how to encourage you and guide you. Even if you don’t know what you need, even if you’re in such a muddle that you don’t know what’s wrong or where to ­begin, if you hear from the Lord about it‚ He’ll tell you something, even if it’s simply encouraging you in the first step of going and asking for prayer.

52. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, but you can ask the Lord about it and He’ll tell you. He’ll lead you step by step. He might not tell you everything all at once. He might just give you the first step‚ and then expect you to come back to Him for the next step. It will help so much to relieve your battles if you go to the Lord and ask Him about things. Of course, you can go to your shepherds and you need to do that; you need their help, encouragement and prayers. But you also need to know how the Lord sees things and what He has to say. That’s what will give you real strength and faith to go through the battle and come out finer gold.

53. It’s really a teamwork—the Lord, you‚ and your shepherds. You need to be hearing from the Lord together about battles and trials. You can’t expect your shepherds to have all the answers, and you also can’t make it on your own without their help and support. You all need the Lord’s help, and if you seek Him, He’ll speak to you and give you clear counsel and direction.

54. When you’re having a battle, you need to seek the Lord for yourself and ask Him your questions and hear directly from Him for yourself—but you also need to seek the help and counsel of your shepherds or others who are spiritually strong. The Lord will speak to you and to your shepherds, sometimes showing different sides to the question, different angles of the situation, and when you put it all together‚ you’ll have good, well-rounded counsel which will be a great strength and help to you. (End of message from Dad.)

Encouragement for Those on

Sensitive Fields, or Places Where

You’re Removed From Much

Outside Counsel or Fellowship

55. (Mama: ) This next message was received when we were asking for specific counsel for one of our sensitive fields, which is also a very poor, remote field. The Lord gave us this very encouraging little message, commending all you faithful missionaries who are in those types of situations and are faithful to hear from Him. He says you have a head start in preparing for the days to come! God bless you! Keep it up!

56. (Jesus speaking:) One thing that can never be emphasized enough is the use of the new weapons and taking time to seek Me about everything and to look to Me for answers. Especially for those who are working in such a field‚ remote from other outposts and without good communications, with much static around them, it’s vital that they get their instructions straight from Me and follow very closely.

57. These, My children, are way up front because of their situation. They live in small Homes in an Endtime type of situation with many difficulties and obstacles and little provision, yet they’ve survived‚ and I have brought many sheep into their fold. The witness is going out because of their faithfulness laboring in the fields and sowing and preparing the ground. By following what I show them and practicing with the new weapons and becoming sharpshooters, they will make tremendous progress and be well prepared for the days ahead. (End of message from Jesus.)

Closer Connection

Equals Greater Blessings!

58. (Jesus speaking: ) I love you very much, My dearest ones, and it breaks My heart when one of you gets hurt, or when you make the wrong decision and have to pay the price for it. I know that man in his carnal mind thinks that he can do everything by himself. I know that it feels good when you accomplish something by yourself, and when you’re the hero. But the fact of the matter is that you can’t do anything by yourself. (John 15:4,5). And you shouldn’t ask Me to help you and then just go along with your own plan.

59. Even though you may think that your plan is correct‚ and maybe it is, what if it isn’t? What if your plan is the complete opposite of My plan; then what would happen? You’d end up in a lot of trouble!

60. All I’m asking is one little thing. I re­alize the change involved for everyone. I realize this “little” thing may be a great thing for My children. But it is a simple step, uncomplicated‚ and a key for what I need them to do. It will help you a lot. All you have to do is ask Me before you do anything. Ask Me which road to take, which sheep to follow up on, which place to go witnessing, etc. Ask Me before you do anything! Just take a few minutes with Me, and it will save you a few hours of trouble.

61. When you start asking Me before you do anything‚ I’ll be able to guide you better, and you’ll form a closer connection with Me. And once you form a closer connection with Me, then I can pour down My blessings. You’re My children and I want to bless you, I want to protect you, and I want to lead you in the right path. But in order for Me to do that as effectively as I and you would like, you have to ask Me before you do anything.

62. I really love you! So please just do this one little thing! XXX! (End of message from Jesus.)

What About Those Decisions

That Are Pretty Obvious?

63. (Jesus speaking:) How many times in a day do you make decisions, big or small, without involving Me? There are some things that I know you think you’re capable of deciding‚ and you ask, “Lord, do we really have to ask You about that? Shouldn’t we be able to think for ourselves at all?” Well, yes, you can and should be able to think, ponder, evaluate, and counsel about matters. Yet still, with every decision, both big and small‚ you should first of all pray and ask Me for guidance as you deliberate, and second, ask for My confirmation before proceeding.

64. Depending on the decision or plan, the amount of time that you spend receiving My counsel may vary. Of course, there are some decisions that you must make when you don’t even have a clue of what to do! In these cases, you’ll benefit most greatly from not only asking My confirmation on your plan, but from just stopping, getting quiet, pouring out your heart and question before Me, and letting Me make your plans! I always have a good plan, a way out, around, over or through whatever seems to be clogging your way. This matter of praying and asking Me for counsel when you don’t know what to do is something that you’re more well versed in. So now I’ll focus on the other aspect, that of hearing from Me about decisions that seem simple or obvious, or that don’t seem like they would matter much.

65. For a few examples: When you’re choosing your witnessing spot for the day; deciding what form of transport to take there; what person or office or shop to approach first, next, and last; where to stop for your lunch break; what time to go home, you can and should involve Me in each of these decisions. While you’re out and about, you may not have time or opportunity to pull out your dictaphone or notepad and get a recorded answer about every one of these decisions, but you should seek My confirmation in prophecy nonetheless.

Quick and Simple

When on the Move!

66. (Message from Jesus continues: )When you’re on the go, on the move, I’ll work according to the need by giving you short‚ concise, and to-the-point answers. When you’re in need of more descriptive‚ detailed, or feeding mess­ages from Me, I speak flowingly, abundantly, generously. When you need a quick answer, I speak generously and willingly, but also concisely.

67. There will be times when you should record what I say‚ but the most important thing is that you check in with Me and hear from Me. If the thought of having to record it is what keeps you from hearing from Me while out and on the go, then don’t worry about recording it. Please don’t let this stop you from getting the direction and confirmations you need. This is on-the-spot direction, such as I have spoken of providing My children in the Endtime days of tribulation. Even now you must practice this‚ for you have need of this gift, and there’s much I can lead you to if you use it.

68. Some of you have somewhat of a mental block against praying about each of these “littler” decisions‚ because you think of “pro­ph­­ecy” or “hearing from the Lord” as something that must take a lot of time. You think, “If I really prayed about every little thing, that’s all I’d be doing all day!” That’s why I’m helping you see how that’s not the case. The goal, the vision‚ is to be asking Me about everything—whether it seems big or small to you—and I can speak to you on the spot, on the go!

69. For another example: Say you’re a teacher, and day after day, week after week, month after month, you’re with the children nearly every day, sometimes all day, and you kind of have your routine down. You might wonder exactly how you can be asking Me to ­confirm your plans throughout the day. Well, the clearest answer I can give is: Just do it! Even if you take the children to the park at three every afternoon, stop for a minute and pray before you go—even involving the children whenever you can—and get a confirmation from Me on it. Maybe one day I want you to go earlier, or later, either to avoid an accident or a robbery, or so you’ll meet someone special that I want you to witness to!

Our Frequent Moments of

Love Together Will Make

Your Life So Much Happier!

70. (Message from Jesus continues:) When you’re hearing from Me about everything, there’s no such thing as “just another day.” Life will not be boring, dull, or routine when you’re checking every plan and decision with Me—even those that seem routine. I always have special things to show you, special things to arrange for you‚ special people to bring across your path. Yet only by checking in with Me step by step and making sure you’re doing what I want you to be doing at that moment can you en­sure that every piece of My plan and all the things I want to use you for that day will be fulfilled.

71. You might wonder, “Well, if I stop at the beginning of the day to take time to hear from You, couldn’t You show me all those details in one shot? Couldn’t You show me, or con­firm, my general overall plan‚ as well as adding in all those details about decisions that might come up?” Well, yes, I could, and sometimes I do so when it’s necessary. But for the most part, I choose to speak to you on a step–by-step ­basis about these little daily decisions.

72. One of the main reasons is that this keeps us in close touch. I love to talk to you and to hear from you, to interact with you whenever possible. By asking you to bring Me into these little decisions, to get My confirmations at every turn, even on the go, I’m opening countless opportunities for us to touch, to kiss, to communicate throughout the day. This not only pleases Me, but I know it will make your life so much richer‚ so much happier.

Bringing You Closer to

The Spiritual Realm

73. (Message from Jesus continues:) Even if you don’t ask Me about every single thing, I often work behind the scenes to fulfill My purpose—such as, for example, getting you to bump into a particular person who needs your witness that day. However, when you’re asking Me about things and getting My leadings and confirmations, you’ll not only be fulfilling My plan and purpose‚ but you yourself will see and know how I’m working. You’ll see more miracles every day‚ and you’ll better understand the workings of My Spirit.

74. When you pray about a potential plan and then I adjust it somewhat, and you go with what I show you—and because of it you meet a special sheep, or have a real breakthrough with one of your children, or discover a great new idea or method for something—then you’ll be able to fully rejoice in the miracle I did by speaking to you and guiding you; you’ll see the blessing for your faithfulness to obey.

75. It will bring the whole spiritual realm closer to you, and help you be more firmly connected to Me. This will keep developing and developing, until hearing from Me and communicating with Me will be as natural as breathing. It’ll be something that you do constantly, automatically, without having to remind yourself and prod yourself into doing it.

76. It takes time to form these good habits, but once you do, you’ll never regret it. You’ll see its fruits‚ and you’ll realize that My way is the best way. You might be able to muddle through, or even do fairly well in some de­cisions, by using your common sense. If you’re prayerful and pray at each step, you’ll do even better. But by tuning in to Me and getting My guidance or confirmation in prophecy on every plan or decision, little or big, you’re bringing the full power of My Spirit into your life, and it will change you and others around you. (End of message from Jesus.)

Your Full Insurance Policy

Of the Spirit!

77. (Jesus speaking:) Let Me show you what happens in the spirit when you stop to take time to hear from Me. When you do‚ you’re not only opening the door for My blessings to flow down upon you in greater measure because of your obedience, but you also tap into a very import­ant principle of the spirit—one of the immutable laws of the spirit, just as the law of gravity is an immutable law in the physical realm.

78. When you stop to hear My Words and My voice, I’m bound by My Word to go with you, to surround you, to control the situation. Unlike when you go in your own strength or with your own ideas—in which case I try to protect you, but am not able to fully surround you with My protection—when you listen to My voice and go forth to obey it, you’re automatically fully covered under My insurance. That’s not to say that nothing will ever happen to you—accidents or troubles of any kind—but when they do happen, you don’t have to worry in the slightest, because I’ve gone before and am working out My perfect will.

79. That’s the beauty of hearing from Me at every step. You not only save yourself a lot of time and trouble in missing the mark and having to go back and do things again, but you also auto­matically are fully insured with My Heavenly power and protection‚ and are assured that any loss would be fully covered. Even if something happens to you that you think is bad, you can know that I’ll work it out for good—for the best.

80. Even when you don’t stop at every step to hear from Me, I have the ability to always work things together for good to those who know and love Me. But that doesn’t mean that there will be no loss to you. I can teach you a lesson through it, I can use it as a testimony or a witness, but at times there is a loss. Things could have worked out better if you’d not made the mistake, if you’d been more prayerful, and most importantly, if you’d checked in with Me.

81. But how different it is when you’re asking Me about each move‚ each step! You can be assured that you’ll suffer no loss—that anything that happens is what I’ve allowed to happen within the boundaries of My perfect will.

82. What seems to you as a loss is great gain in the Spirit. For in the Spirit no matter what tangible loss you experience—whether it is a lost battle, the loss of a loved one, even that which you would call a defeat—it is actually a victory and great gain in the Spirit. Though you may experience what you would consider actual loss, when you hear from Me and receive My Word and act on it, you can have full faith that what­ever has taken place has been allowed by Me and been part of My will in your life. You could call it Godly loss—which is great gain. For the end result that I will bring about will be greater than any loss you have experienced. Though on Earth some of these things may have seemed a loss to you, when you join with Me in Heaven you will see that you did not lose but gained.

83. So, My children, enter into My full cover­age by learning to check with Me about every­thing. In so doing you commit your ways to Me and allow Me perfect control over the situ­ation. Why go into danger zones with minimum liability insurance when you can have full coverage? Once you make the switch‚ you’ll see how great the dividends are in comparison to the small cost to you! (End of message from Jesus.)

84. (Mama:) Thank You‚ our sweet Husband, wonderful Lover, faithful protector‚ for Your Words of love and Your promises of limitless help. We really do want to be in Your perfect will. We want to be “fully insured” as the most fruitful we can possibly be for You. You’ve shown us clearly through these messages that the only way for us to do that is to begin learning to hear from You in prophecy at every step—so that’s what we want. Even if right now it seems to us that it will be a whole lot more work, and we’re not even sure if our channels are clear enough or exercised enough to get answers on the spot like that, we’re going to step out to obey You, and we’re going to trust that You’ll do the rest, as You’ve promised.

85. Help us to start right away. Please do give us checks in the spirit, and help us to heed those checks and stop and listen to You, ask for Your counsel and direction. Help us to do our part throughout the day to praise You, to obey You, to be yielded and keep our hearts right with You‚ knowing that as we do our part, You’re right there to answer us and always will! Amen.

86. I love you‚ dear Family, and even if you’re not sure if you can take these next steps that the Lord is asking, I know you can—because I know Jesus is going to give you all the help you need, once you take even one step for Him! God bless and help us all to keep moving forward, ever closer to Him! Amen?

Love‚ Mama

Endtime Prophecy Power

Karen Zerby

Maria #398CM/FM 31404/97

By Maria

My dear ones,

1. We have a very special message from the Lord to share with you! I wanted to know more about this gift of prophecy that the Lord is just flooding down upon us and how He would use it in the Endtime. There’s simply no better way to get the answers we need and desire than to ask the Lord, and that’s exactly what I did! I asked one of our channels to pray and request that the Lord speak about the gift of prophecy in the Endtime and how He was going to use it.

2. As you will see, the answer is truly amazing! The Lord talks about prophecy and its use now, but also specifically how it’s going to be used in the Endtime. The Lord says we are in a time of peace and prosperity, but the days are coming when we will need to follow His leading explicitly—that our very lives, and the lives of those around us, will depend upon it! I don’t think He could make it more clear than He does in this prophecy as to why we need to hear from Him in prophecy, and how He is going to use it to lead, guide‚ protect, provide, and be a witness to others in the Endtime.

3. I hope you will really tune in and see how vital this gift of prophecy is going to be to our survival and ability to witness in the Last Days. I also hope that seeing how the Lord is planning on communicating with us so wonderfully during that time—giving us specific orders daily and even hourly—will inspire you to use and practice your gift even more regularly now‚ so when those days come, you will be well-skilled in the use of this gift.

4. Please read this prophecy slowly and prayerfully, and let the Words sink deep into your hearts and minds. These are wonderful truths that the Lord is unfolding for us, His children of David, in preparation for our Endtime ministry. I’m reminded of that verse from Daniel, “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever” (Dan.12:3). As you read these Words, please ask the Lord to reveal the wisdom of His plan to you, that you may be wise in the days to come.

Days of Peace and Plenty—and Preparation!

5. (Jesus speaking:) Hearing My voice is the key to success, the key to fruitfulness, the key to happiness! So much depends on being able to discern My will by hearing My voice, specifically‚ so that you can know in which direction to walk, which decision to make, and which way to go in your unique situation that will bring about the desired results.

6. You are even now beginning to learn the power of hearing My voice. You are beginning to see its effects in your lives, your Homes and your work. You are beginning to see how much easier life can be when you bring your questions before Me and hear My Words, receive My answers, and put them into practice.

7. These are days of peace and plenty, and life is relatively simple. On all sides you see blessings, provision, opportunities, open doors. There is so much to be done, and the means to do it is clearly at your disposal. These are days of opportunity when you can move forward, make progress‚ gain converts and new disciples. These are days of pioneering, with new cities and countries being opened up‚ kings being won, city fathers and rulers being influenced by the Words of truth that I have placed in the hands of My children.

8. These are also the days when your names are in the headlines and controversy surrounds you. Nevertheless, the Gospel is preached, and I give you the grace‚ the wisdom, and the fighting spirit necessary to rise above the attacks and to go forth to victory!

9. These are days of learning, of honing your skills, of preparing for battle!—Just as soldiers, who before the days of war, condition themselves, exercise and work out to strengthen their bodies, and study and drill and review to prepare their minds. They go on maneuvers and even practice living and fighting under the worst circumstances, so that when they are thrown before the face of their enemies, they will be well prepared. They will not be caught by surprise‚ but their bodies will be able to stand the physical strain. Their minds will be able to endure the testing, the fear, and the uncertainty. Their natural reaction will be to listen to their commander–in-chief and their officers, and to obey, fighting fearlessly in the face of death.

10. Even worldly governments are wise enough to know that soldiers need preparation, and that it would be foolish, futile and hopeless to simply throw unprepared, untrained, and unconditioned soldiers into the battle.

The Elite Troops!

11. Those who go into the most dangerous battles, the most challenging circumstances, are the few choice, qualified, gifted ones who are willing to go over and above the call of duty. They are the elite troops, the strongest, the most unified, who receive the most intense, personal‚ specialized training. Often these specialized troops lead the way into the most dangerous battles—those which are often the most crucial to winning the war. Many turning points hang on the actions, abilities and courage of these few chosen, and often unseen, elite troops.

12. The success of their missions depends on their preparation and their unity. They are trained to obey at a moment’s notice, and they are so tightly bound together that they work as one body. They can practically read each other’s minds and anticipate each other’s actions. They are completely confident in each other’s loyalty. They know that the other will not hesitate for a moment to do his job‚ obey, and even give his life, if necessary. It is this oneness of heart and mind, this invisible bond of courage—and the preparation and conditioning of not just days or months, but years—that enable this small band of men to move in, unseen, unheard‚ in a stealth attack that inflicts a mortal blow on the enemy.

13. The moment of victory is as a flash of glory, but what is unseen are the days‚ months and years of preparation. That is the secret of success of the avant–garde‚ the elite troops, the courageous ones who dare to face death and take upon themselves the impossible missions.

14. Few people see what it takes to make these ones what they are today. Few people realize the sacrifice, the commitment, the dedication, the personal loss, the loneliness, the deprivation and pain that they endure to become what they are—a type of saviors for their fellow man.

15. You, My men and women of faith, are like these elite troops, the avant-garde, the few chosen soldiers who lead the way, who do the impossible missions, who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat through your sheer determination, courage, and faith! The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God‚ to the tearing down of strongholds. Your power is greater than that of earthly armies and soldiers because you wield My power, and offer men the chance to live forever.

16. You‚ too, are in days of desperate preparation! Therefore arm yourselves and know that the days of battle approach! The war of the worlds is on the horizon! There is no discharge. There is no escaping this battle. You must simply choose what role you will play, what position you will have, and what effect you will bring forth.

17. I, your King, your Leader and Commander-in-Chief, am preparing you, My elite troops, in many ways. Those who are sensitive and wise discern the preparation and give themselves wholly to it. Those who are wise realize that their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, will some day be at stake. So they put their focus and concentration on the preparation and conditioning and exercise that will prepare them to be well-fitted for the battle.

The Bond of Unity!

18. I say unto you, My elite troops‚ that unity is a prime requirement. I am even now working in your hearts and lives to bring you together as one, to foster greater understanding, patience and acceptance. I am opening your eyes to your need for one another.

19. Don’t you feel the fire that I have lit in your heart? At this moment it may be just a spark or a tiny, flickering flame. But if you will only fan it with gestures of love and kindness, if you will only blow on it through outgoing concern for others, and reach out as you see your brother or sister in need, then this little tiny ember will grow until it becomes more and more brilliant‚ and finally bursts into a beautiful, dazzling flame—the heat of My love in all its majesty and power! I want to put in your hearts the drawing power of My love, the bond of My unity. This is the foundation of your preparation.

Read, Study, and Memorize My Word!

20. I have also given these days of peace, that you might sit at My feet and study the Words which I have poured forth in such abundance. This is the time to sit in the classroom and hear the teachers and lecturers, and to take your books to a quiet place and study and ponder and review. These are the days that I have allowed and supplied so you might read, study, and memorize My Word, so you may come to understand My marvelous spirit world, and come to know Me better—My nature, the way I work‚ the way I think‚ what I desire‚ how I move!—So that My thoughts can become your thoughts, and it will become your second nature‚ your automatic reaction to do what I would do, or say what I would say, or feel as I would feel.

21. As you study the abundance of Word, the lessons that I have put before you, as you partake of the feast that I have laid before you in the presence of your enemies, you will be strengthened. All that I’m pouring forth, all that I’m giving, the abundance of Word, is for a reason. It’s not just for your entertainment, or for your reading pleasure, and it’s not just for information. The purpose of the Word that I have placed in your hands is to prepare you, to teach you, and to open your eyes to the spirit world. You have so much at your fingertips, but it will come to naught or be wasted unless you avail yourselves of it through diligent study.

Your Secret Weapon!

22. And then there is the secret weapon that I have placed in the hands of every man, woman and child—those of My elite troops. This secret weapon is the ability to hear My voice—My specific, direct instruction, guidance and encouragement. You have the power to receive answers to any question. This is your keenest weapon‚ for it allows you to see in the dark and to anticipate your enemy’s moves. It will be your source of supply and provision. It is your camouflage. It is your refuge.

23. This secret weapon is more powerful than the atom bomb, more accurate and dependable than smart bombs and computer–guided missiles! And this is a weapon that can be in the hands of every soldier! It is constantly fully operational; no one can ever take it from you, and it can’t be lost. It’s as light as a feather to carry around, and it’s invisible to your enemies. They can’t steal your technology and copy the making of this weapon. It’s the most powerful, effective, reliable weapon ever used and ever known to man!

24. Very few have ever beheld this weapon in use, much less been entrusted with its care. It is unique, precious, invaluable. It is a weapon of war. It is a lifesaver. It is a comforter in time of need. This is the weapon of all weapons that I am entrusting into the hands of the children of David for the Endtime.

Practically Speaking, What Does This Mean?

25. Now you may ask yourselves, “I understand the analogy of the battlefield and war and soldiers and weapons, and it is an effective word picture. But practically speaking‚ what does this mean? How is this new weapon, this gift of prophecy‚ going to be used in the Endtime? Exactly how is it going to be all these things? And what is it going to do for me?”

26. Now, My children, let Me speak plainly—not in parables, not in analogies. Let Me speak clearly to each of you about the gift of prophecy. To begin with, this gift is available for each and every one of you‚ according to your faith. I have it in My hand even now‚ and I am eager to give it to you. All you have to do is ask, and you will receive. Step out by faith‚ take the tiniest first step, and I will meet you, I will honor you, and you will have that which you ask for. When you seek Me desperately, and you desire to hear My Words, to speak My Words, and to have this gift‚ I will give it to you—freely, willingly, without restraint!

27. It is My pleasure to give it to you, for I know your need. I know that these are the days of preparation, and I would that each one of you be prepared and be able to use these days of peace and plenty to practice and exercise your gift, so you will be ready when war is declared.

Receiving Instruction and Finding My Will!

28. As you can probably imagine, the gift of prophecy will be of utmost importance for you to be able to get your daily instructions, sometimes even hourly instructions, from Me. You will find yourself in situations where it will be impossible to know what to do unless you can hear My specific, divine Words of guidance. For you will be in unfamiliar terrain. You will be as a stranger in a foreign land, seeing things you’ve never seen before. You will sense the danger and you will know that one misstep or mishap could cost you your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

29. You will have such desperation that your channel will be acutely attuned to Me. You will not only hear My whispers and feel the nudges of My Spirit, but you will hear My Words clearly and specifically. And because you will have spent much time in practice and exercising your gift, you will have the faith to obey these Words and to know that it is I Who speak.

30. You need this time of practice, not only to hone your skills in being able to hear My voice, but also to build and strengthen your faith, so that you will be willing to obey the instructions that I give you. For I will lead you through My Words to do the unexpected, the unconventional, and if you have not had experience at trusting Me and trusting My voice of prophecy‚ then you will stumble, you will waver, you will lack confidence and be insecure, asking yourself‚ “Is this the Lord? How can I be sure?”

31. So these are the days of preparation in which you listen and obey, so that your faith may grow, so that in the days to come you will have confidence, and you will know that you have heard My voice. You will have peace to know that in obeying My voice, you will find safety and provision, and My will will be accomplished.

32. So of course one of the primary uses and reasons for the gift of prophecy in the days to come is to receive instruction, and to be able to find My will and know what to do. Whether you are alone or in small groups, or whether you are the leader of a multitude of followers, regardless of your situation or circumstances, each of you will have great need of hearing My voice and receiving My instruction. And I mean specific, exact, personal instruction, day by day. These Words of instruction will lead you to the people you need to witness to. They will lead you to the source of supply of your needs. They will lead you to protection. They will help you to avoid mishaps, danger‚ even death.

Prophets of Warning and Mercy!

33. This magical gift‚ this Heavenly connection, this supernatural power that you possess will not be a hidden thing. It will not be something that you do in the corner or only behind closed doors. The speaking of My Words, and peering into the future, and discerning the thoughts and intents of people’s hearts and minds will be part of your public testimony.

34. As I have said before‚ you will be the prophets of the End—not only in that you will give a message of warning and doom and impending judgment‚ but also prophets in that you will see the future, you will give supernatural messages, you will hear from the departed‚ you will see and feel things that cannot be seen or felt by mortal man. This will be part of your testimony, as news will travel far and wide of the children of David—the prophets, the ones who can hear from beyond, from the other side, from the spirit world, the Heavenly realm.

35. Few people will understand this gift. Many will mock, and many will not believe—but all will be intrigued! For even the scoffers, even the shallow, carnal city dwellers, even those who seek only after success, power, money and the things of this world‚ even those who claim to be atheists, even those who say they hate God and despise His children, will be amazed at this gift, and this unseen, inexplicable power!

36. You can already see that people are drawn to that which they don’t understand. They love to see magic or be told of miracles and supernatural wonders. They love to think that someone could actually see the future or discern the thoughts of another’s mind. They would like to believe that it is possible to communicate with the dead, and they’re especially intrigued by the thought that there is a God Who could actually speak to His children.

37. The interest in the things of the spirit world will grow and mount as the darkness deepens. Those who are hungry today will be hungrier still. Those who are the enemies of the spirit world, those who are devils, who prefer darkness and silence, will fight all the harder to discredit the miracles of God and to drown out His voice and to kill His messengers and those who speak His Words.

38. Because there are so many counterfeits, and because people’s minds are so occupied with the miracles of technology and the computer age and the mind of man, so the miracles of My Spirit must also be greater, more flamboyant, more obviously miraculous!

39. There will be other miracles as well—miracles of healing, miracles of protection, and even miracles of destruction. But the greatest miracle, and that which will catch the attention of the most people, that which will draw followers like no other miracle, will be your power to hear My voice and to see the future!

40. So you will not use this weapon, this treasure, this precious gift only for yourself‚ for your own edification or for the supply of your own needs and protection‚ but you will also use it for others. You will use this gift to answer their questions, and to be a testimony to them that I am the living God, that I love and I care and I speak today, and that I have a personal interest in each of My children.

41. As you practice speaking My Words and hearing My voice, so you will grow in faith in being able to give more specific messages. And the more specific the message, the greater the testimony will be to those who hear. For they will see that you have been shown things by the hand of God that you could not possibly have known otherwise. They will know that a prophet of God has spoken. They will know that you have power that is not of yourself, and they will fall down in great fear and wonder. The news of this miracle-working power will be spread abroad, and many shall hear and many shall believe.

42. Oh, My children, if you could only see as I see, the great power that this gift will bring you, and the great witness and testimony that it will be. Then you would not hesitate to ask and to reach out and receive this gift! Then you would not hesitate to practice and exercise this gift to prepare for the future, so that you will be all that you can be, as My witness and My testimony and My voice for the people.

43. You are My prophets of the End; My prophets of warning, yes, but also My prophets of mercy. Because as you speak My Words and receive the messages that I will give you from this side, it will be a testimony of My love. It will be a testimony of My existence to those who want to believe. Many will come to you with their heartcries and their questions. They will beg you to hear from the God of Heaven for them, on their behalf. Or they will come to you to hear from their loved one who has departed.

44. They will come seeking solace, answers, freedom and hope, and they will find this in you.—Not only in the words that you can speak from your vast knowledge of My Word and many years of loving Me and serving Me‚ but also in the words you speak to give them the greatest gift possible—My personalized, specialized, unique message for them.

45. They will see it as something so precious, they will be in your debt! They will be willing to give you anything they have, anything you need‚ for what you have given them will be so great by comparison. They will say, “Take my whole kingdom! Take my house, my car, my money. Take anything you need! For before I was hopeless and destitute. Round about me was total darkness and emptiness. I was confused and without a reason to live. But you have shown me through these miracle Words that you have spoken—not your words, but the Words of the God of Love—that there is something more than this life! There is something more than this treachery, this hopeless, this worthless existence. There is Heaven, there is life after death, there is love!”

46. Through this gift you will have many unseen, secret believers. You will minister to those in high places, and they in turn will give you the protection and provision that you need. They will help you to move unseen about the city or country. They will help you to pass from one country to another, or from one land to another. They will help you to communicate with one another. They will let you know of the plans of the rulers that be‚ and they will even influence those rulers for your benefit and your good.

47. In some cases, your ministry of giving My Word‚ your ministry of prophecy, will be a public one. Some of you will be called upon to speak My Words with great power to warn the people of things to come. You will warn of impending doom, disasters, catastrophes‚ calamities—so that when these things come to pass, people will know that a prophet has been among them. Many of you will also speak My Words of prophecy on the airwaves and through the means of mass communication, so that these Words will be a witness to millions.

48. These Words of prophecy will be one of your greatest witnesses‚ for it will draw the attention of the stony, cold people, those who are so dead in the spirit that they need something spectacular, something unusual, something supernatural, strange, weird or far-out to even get them to listen. For they will be completely dulled to the conventional means of witnessing and preaching the message. The televangelists, the churches, and the missionaries of the traditional denominations will be of practically no effect‚ for peoples’ hearts will be so hardened and their eyes blinded through indifference, apathy and coldness.

49. I have always kept the children of David in the news, in the public eye and attention, by making you different‚ radical, controversial! You have been famous and infamous, and you will continue to be so. People will love you or people will hate you, but no one will ignore you.

Arm Yourself Now for the War of the Worlds!

50. So reach out, My precious ones, and receive this gift, this weapon, this treasure, today! I have it to give to you, and I want to give it to you. All you have to do is open your hands and ask. And then have the tiniest little bit of faith to believe that I have heard your prayer and your request‚ and I have given that which you have asked for. Just as I promised, if you ask Me for bread, I won’t give you a stone. So if you ask Me for the gift of prophecy‚ I won’t give you lies or misguidance or confusion. I will give you My Words in abundance, according to your faith.

51. Please ask and receive today, so that you can begin your days of training and preparation. You will be so thankful you did! For in the dark days to come, in the days of the Antichrist’s reign, I would that all My children be prophets—those who hear My voice and speak forth My Words of revelation, of healing, of specific direction, and love.

52. Not only will I use this gift to lead you and your loved ones personally, to help you to know My will, to find your way in the darkness, to help you to avoid danger, and to avoid being seen or discovered by the Antichrist forces, but I will also use this gift as a mighty witness—both a one-on-one witness‚ and a vast mass witness. For as I have said‚ I am even now working in the hearts of the people, of the multitudes, and putting a desire within them to know about the unknown.

53. They want to go where no man has gone before! They want to know what is impossible to know with the human mind. They want to see what is impossible to see with the human eye. People will be cold and indifferent to religion, but their quest for knowledge and their interest in the unseen spirit world, and even their tolerance for that which is strange and weird and inexplicable‚ will work for My good and your good, because it will make them hungry and open to this gift of prophecy. And so you will be able to minister to individuals by answering their questions or communicating with their dead loved ones, or discerning the mysteries of their problems and heartaches. And you will minister to the multitudes with Words of revelation or Words of warning.

54. I will use this gift in each of you as a witness, according to your faith, and according to how much you have exercised and prepared. For your faith will grow the more you use this gift. The more you step out by faith and see that I will answer your petitions and I will speak to you and I will give you what you need‚ the more faith you’ll have to call down miracles from Heaven. The greater your faith, the greater the miracles, the greater the testimony. But all of this depends on your preparation.

55. You have often wondered how I will supply your needs, how you will eat, how you will be housed‚ how you will be protected in the days when no man will buy or sell unless he has a mark in his right hand or in his forehead. But I say unto you that this precious gift—the telling of fortunes, the seeing of the future‚ the communication with beyond—will be greater than money! People will be willing to do anything for you just to have you in their midst, just to protect your gift, for they will see you as a link with the divine. They will feel that to bring you protection or provision will be to bring the blessing of God on their lives. Even though they won’t understand it, they won’t be able to deny it.

56. So reach out, My precious ones, and begin today, in the days of preparation, to be My prophets—prophets of warning and prophets of mercy. You will be prophets of doom to the Antichrist and his people, but you will be prophets of love and revelation to those who are worthy. My prophets of the End, the children of David—what a great people I have made you! And you will be greater still as you grow in unity and love, as you read and study My Word, and as you learn to hear My voice and speak My truth.

57. You will be a people such as none has ever seen, and in the End, those who know Me not will marvel! Great multitudes will follow after you, giving up all they have just for the opportunity to hear the Words that you speak, the Words that I will put in your mouth, which will be miracle-working Words‚ awesome Words of wonder and revelation‚ powerful Words of destruction and warning. Your greatest weapon, one which cannot be destroyed or counterfeited, will be the weapon of prophecy, the weapon of the gift of My Words in your mouth.

58. You will become Me to the people as you yield yourselves to be My tongue, My heart and My love. Those who are unworthy will reject you. But those who are worthy will receive you, and in receiving you, they will receive Me, and great will be their reward in Heaven. And you will be raised up as heroes! War heroes! You will be decorated with many medals—medals of honor and glory for your faithful, courageous service.

59. You are My avant-garde‚ the elite troops of the End! So prepare yourselves! Arm yourselves now for the war of the worlds! You shall be the victors‚ for I am the great Overcomer! I am the Victor, and I will never leave you nor forsake you. And when you open your mouth wide, I will never fail to fill it with My Words, My truth, and My message. (End of message from Jesus)

60. (Mama: ) Didn’t I tell you this was a truly amazing message from the Lord? Can you see how important it is that we start using this gift of prophecy now so we will be very comfortable with it in the future? I think you can understand, too, that the Lord is wanting us to not just use the gift, but really come to depend upon it. The more we get into the habit of taking our questions to Jesus and letting Him answer us, the easier it will be as the days go by.

61. The Lord has given us so much in the way of the Word to lead, guide and feed us and others, and we are very dependent upon it. Now we are learning to go to Him for His fresh Words of prophecy, too, just as Dad told us we would need to do—to “hear fresh from Him daily.” What the Lord wants us to do is really lean on these Words of direction that He gives through prophecy, to practice using the gift for our guidance now, so that in the days of the End it will just be a part of our normal routine, our daily habit of getting our directions straight from Him! Let’s practice now while we have a time of relative peace‚ so we will be “expert marksmen” in the days to come! Your life and ministry will depend upon it!

Hearing from God

David Berg

—By Father David12–2–78MO—DFO No.712.

1. WE GET SO MANY LETTERS FROM PEOPLE: “I JUST CAN’T SEEM TO HEAR FROM GOD. I can’t seem to get anything from God!” My God, what happened to their Bibles? What happened to their MO Letters? They have been given more than they could possibly ever get personally from God!

2. DOES EVERYONE EXPECT TO BE PROPHETS? Do they all expect to have direct hotlines of some kind where they’re going to get miraculous visions and revelations and messages and prophecies?

3. “ARE ALL PROPHETS?”—NO! THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR, and that’s what some others of you are here for.—Some are, but not all. Some have to get their word from the Lord and hear from the Lord through me. His Word or the Letters.

4. WHY SHOULD THEY BE WORRYING ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO HEAR FROM GOD? What do they all want to be, little Moseses or something? My God, the world’s almost had too much of one Moses already!

5. I’VE ALREADY WRITTEN FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS IS IN THE BIBLE! I feel sorry for the poor people who have to read it! But it’s there if you need it. You don’t have to read it all—that’s why we got out the Index. We spent years working on an Index to try to help you out so you didn’t have to go through the whole thing.

6. IF YOU WANT TO FIND SOMETHING ON A SUBJECT‚ GO TO THE INDEX and read up on it‚ save your time. Not everybody’s got time to read all four books. I doubt if there’s very many people that have read every single MO Letter ever written. Green Shirt! If you have read all four BOOKS, well God bless you‚ you really are crammed full of all kinds of things!

7. I’LL TELL YOU, IT’S ALL THERE, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. I am just repeating over and over again the things I’ve said before, expect for a few new revelations from God, and He’s just repeating again the things that He said before. Sometimes He gives a little more light on a subject to help us understand something better, but it’s already there in the Bible or the MO Books!

8. HOW CAN YOU SAY “I CAN’T HEAR FROM GOD”? HE’S GOT IT ALL WRITTEN DOWN!—Why can’t you hear! If you can’t hear, for God’s sake‚ read it! Amen? I mean it!

9. IN THE BIBLE OR THE MO LETTERS THERE’S AN ANSWER TO PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING you need to know and every answer on every subject. The MO Letters are a supplement to the Bible. They were never intended to take the place of the Bible. The Bible is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Book, the original recorded Word!

10. THE MO LETTERS ARE SIMPLY TO HELP EXPLAIN THE BIBLE to you or to supplement the Bible. They’re there to give you some later information, because a lot of things have changed since those days.

11. GOD̵