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Art of War, The–Part 1

Karen Zerby

Table of Contents

GN 1123 FD/MM/FM

MAR. 2005

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3532 12/04

Dearest Family,

1. This is the first in a series of GNs about the spiritual warfare and how to become proficient in fighting it—not just deal with it‚ or barely survive‚ but actually defeat and rout the Enemy to the point that we are winning the war!

2. As Peter explains in the Year-end GN “Wartime,” we are now at the point of strengthening our forces. An essential part of that is for each individual to become trained, proficient, and expert in the art of spiritual warfare. No matter what restructuring the Family goes through, no matter how organized or efficient we become, the fact has not changed that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph.6:12).

3. Restructuring and strengthening the Family overall is very necessary‚ and it is being accomplished with the Lord’s step-by-step direction, your obedience and sacrifices‚ and a lot of hard work on everyone’s part. But in order to fulfill our mission on this Earth, each one of you is going to have to become an expert fighter—as an individual and as a team. We are going to go through the darkest time in the world’s history. We are going to see the day when the spiritual and physical realms merge or collide.

4. The Lord has given us the instruction that we need. He has revealed many spiritual weapons that we can use, any one of which is devastating to the Enemy. But we haven’t become experts.

5. It’s time to focus on becoming offensive fighters. Right now most of you are defensive fighters. When you face a heavy battle, your first reaction is to wonder what went wrong. You wonder‚ “What did I do wrong?” rather than having the attitude, “Okay, you damned Devil, you asked for it!”

6. The Lord wants you to take it even further than that. He wants you to ask Him what the Devil’s next move is, and preempt it! He wants you to learn how to use your spiritual weapons offensively, not just to defend yourself and your Homes and loved ones when attacked‚ but to storm Satan’s strongholds.

7. What we need is a change of mentality. The battles aren’t going to go away. They are progressively heating up, and the grand climax will be the Battle of Armageddon, when we will be so proficient in the use of our spiritual weapons that we will actually use them to defeat and destroy our Enemy’s hordes in the flesh before our very eyes.

8. But everything between now and then is going to be getting progressively more intense and demanding of your attention.

9. The battles are tough, yes—and they’re getting tougher all the time! But your weapons are stronger, if you will only use them! “The Enemy’s attacks grow stronger by the day, but the key power I give you grows even faster and will cause you to triumph.” The battles don’t have to be that difficult if you will learn how—and then choose repeatedly‚ every time you’re faced with a battle—to fight effectively. Rather than being intimidated or discouraged by the battles‚ see them as opportunities to defeat the Enemy. Learn to love the fight, to relish the opportunity to hit the Devil where it hurts!

10. I know the battles are tough. We’re faced with them too! I know that when you get hit with a battle, the absolute last thing you feel like doing is fighting! So what the Lord is asking of us in telling us we need to change our mentality is a pretty big switch, because we don’t usually think that way now. But, you know‚ you’re going to face the battles one way or the other. Do you want to be beat by the Enemy or do you want to beat him and win? That’s the difference!

11. Your mentality must become one of a fighter—where you go to bed and wake up with your weapons in your hand, where you are constantly looking for the next way you can defeat the Enemy, surprise him, devastate him‚ instead of waiting for him to do those things to you. Your first reaction to any hint of attack should be to reach for your weapons of the spirit and use them! You need to learn to guard your hearts and minds and children and Homes and spiritual territory with vigilance.

12. That’s what this series of GNs is going to be about. It’s about how to use your spiritual weapons offensively. It’s about how to persevere, endure, and win. It’s about how to learn to love the fight. It’s about how to anticipate the Enemy’s moves and preempt them.

13. The Lord also gives us lots of encouragement about the battles, explaining why He allows them, what’s happening in the spiritual realm, how to look at them, and what the future will be like if we persevere and win. I think this series of GNs will be very encouraging for you, because we are soldiers and constantly in battle, so it’s natural to need encouragement and an outside perspective regularly.

14. But the main purpose for sharing these Words from the Lord for you is to help you to learn to be a fighter—and not just any old fighter, but an expert, an offensive fighter‚ one who is a real threat to the Enemy!

15. I expect that you’ll need to reread some of these Words from the Lord often. Study them, ask Him about them‚ and apply them to your life! He’s making this counsel as practical as possible, but you still have to learn how to do what it says, and you have to do it repeatedly if you want it to become a habit. So start today!

Get tough on the Enemy!

16. We asked the Lord to give us a class on how we can practically learn to love the fight and make fighting and using the new weapons more a part of our everyday lives‚ instead of taking a more passive approach to the battles. You have to ask the Lord to help you take a more offensive position spiritually, and instead of being intimidated or discouraged by the battles, pray that you will be challenged by them and fighting and overcoming on a daily basis!

17. (Jesus:) To gain any victory, to fight through any battle, or to win any kind of war, you have to really want and desire the end result. You have to picture that result in your mind, and hold it out in front of you like a goal that you’re shooting for. With every battle there is a victory, with every struggle there is a resolution—and you need to determine what that victory and that resolution means to you and really decide and know in your heart that you want it.

18. There are a lot of battles to fight these days, and you’ll probably always be fighting one thing or another. But it’s important that you don’t resign yourself to simply enduring the battles. Battle weariness is something the Enemy is tempting many of you with. The concept of “Greater Victories” can often seem like “Greater Miseries”—that if you win this battle, well, you just get a bigger one, and there’s not much to look forward to in that. Don’t lose your desire to relish the fight, as your Father David taught you. Don’t face your battles figuring that you’ll just scrape by without fighting hard to move forward. It’s unacceptable to just hold your ground. You’ve got to advance, gain ground‚ overcome, and go on to greater victories.

19. That’s why you need to understand why you’re fighting. What you there on Earth call “battles,” half the time aren’t even battles, they’re just attacks—with the Enemy doing all the attacking. It’s not truly a battle until both sides have engaged each other. If one side is doing all the attacking and the other is just sitting there, it’s more like an ambush, a rout, or even a massacre and a slaughter.

20. If you don’t have the vision of‚ “Look, I’m getting hit with this‚ this particular aspect of my life is making me continually miserable, but I am going to fight and overcome!” and then actually follow through and fight, then it’s no battle. It’s just you getting hit again and again and again, and there won’t really ever be a resolution in sight. You have to make it a battle; you have to decide to engage the Enemy. But to do that, you must have a goal. It’s all about sitting down and counting the cost.

21. Sometimes in the heat of a trial it can be hard to do that, and you don’t feel like it. Sometimes it takes a little while, or a long while of really going through the fires of testing till you get to the point that you realize that you’re going nowhere fast and that you really need to get your act together and get some victories. That’s when you need to focus on the victory so that you can truly be the fighter that you need to be.

22. It’s a question of morale in many cases. Look at all the examples throughout history of armies and nations that were defeated because their soldiers were confused, demoralized‚ and fighting for dubious causes. It’s no different with you. You need to look at the attack and envision your life without it, or with the victory in hand. Imagine how it would be if these things were no longer a trial for you, or if you could overcome this or that weakness‚ or if you could just learn to do this or that better, or give more, or yield more, or get healed, or come through the persecution, or have a breakthrough with your children, or whatever the positive outcome would be of the battle you’re engaged in.

23. When you think about it like that, you have something worth fighting for. You’re not just doing it because you know that you should, or because you know others think you should, but because you’re really looking at the benefits and you personally want and desire them. You’d love to be free from the attack and you’d love to have peace and victory and progress in a certain area. And even if it means that eventually if you win this fight there will be another one somewhere else, that’s okay too, because you want the victory now and you’ll trust Me for tomorrow.

24. That’s when you can claim the power of the keys in full faith, knowing that I have promised you spiritual victories. You can paint for yourself a picture of a glorious, triumphant future where the battles and attacks of today do not hinder or discourage the “you” of tomorrow. You’ll have risen above them, and even if there are new battles to fight in the future, today’s battles have been won and you’ve emerged victorious.

25. It can always be done—but you have to want it. Proper planning cannot be overemphasized in any venture, and your spiritual battles are no different. It’s like when I spoke of counting the cost before building a tower (Luke 14:28-30). You think about it, you add it up, and you get a vision in your head and heart of what you want. And beyond just counting up whether you can do this or whether you can afford it, you need to count the reasons why you want to do this and how your life will be better without this or that weakness, because that will give you the motivation to see it through the tough times!

26. Believe Me, when you have that vision, it makes all the difference. Once you’re pushing forward to a personal future that you personally truly desire to attain, there’s no stopping you. I don’t have to be pushing you and prodding you to attack and to make progress, because you’re stirred up enough yourself. Once you’ve decided to halt the massacre and launch your own counterattack, then the battle is on and you’ve got yourself a fight!

27. That’s a good thing, too, and nothing to be worried about or discouraged about. There are no positives in a one–sided rout when the Devil is walking all over you. But once you’ve fully joined the fray‚ you have a fighting chance—and actually much more than that, because you have Me and I’m greater than any battle‚ enemy, weakness, mistake, or besetting sin. The game is practically over at that point, because once you really decide to get in there and hit the Enemy back harder than he’s hitting you, you have the power to overcome him, and you’re going to win!

28. This doesn’t just apply to big battles, either. This can even make a difference in the small bad habits that you’d like to overcome, or small things that tend to bug and bother you all the time. The same principle applies—imagine a future where you are free from the influence of that habit, or imagine a future where you are impervious to the irritations that used to bother you so much‚ and then fight for it!

29. Do I really have to sell you on using the new weapons again? Do I really have to tell you again that they are the best and surest way to gain victory? Do you know a better way? Have you had success in your battles and spiritual struggles without them? For your own sake, I highly recommend that you pull out those new weapons and use them with all your heart, mind, and strength. That’s what they’re there for.

30. You don’t have to save them for the big things, either. The new weapons are always with you, and it’s never considered an “inappropriate use of force” to pull out your biggest, “baddest” weapons to blow the smallest, weakest punks away. You can use them anytime you like. If it brings you victory, just do it. You should really know by now what weapons to use when, and which ones can help you in certain tight spots. Things like praise, claiming the keys, and focusing on the power, on the victory, should be ones that you can pull out in the hottest heat of any battle, or in the throes of any temptation.

31. Sometimes you have to clear your mind a little with those weapons before you feel you can hear clearly from Me and use your other weapons of prophecy, united prayer, etc. Sometimes you have to just get the Enemy off your back, and your praises to Me‚ your love words to Me, and the Word of God manifested via good songs, scriptures, key promises, etc., will always give you some breathing room and keep the Enemy at bay so that you can plan his full demise using all your other weapons.

32. Another interesting but little remembered fact about battles is that like anything else, you become “better” or more experienced in dealing with them through repeated exposure‚ if you choose to fight. So that’s certainly a silver lining if you feel like you’re constantly under one attack after another. Of course, the Enemy will try to make you feel that you’re only getting weaker with each successive attack and that you’re less able to cope with each new one he brings, but that’s a total lie that even contradicts commonsense knowledge of human nature.

33. There’s virtually nothing that human beings don’t improve in through practice. That’s the way you’re made. The more you do something, the better you get at it, and fighting battles is no exception. The more battles you fight and win, the more prepared you are for the next ones. Of course, if you’re hit by attack after attack from the Enemy and you’re not using your weapons or fighting back, well, yes, you are going to be weakened and wounded and probably eventually “killed” spiritually. But all you have to do to stop that cycle of weakening is choose to fight! And if you’re going to fight, you might as well learn to fight effectively!

34. You should think about that more‚ and take note of the ways you’re hit with battles, the ways you fight back‚ your progress in using the spiritual weapons, what works for you, and it will help in preparing your personal battle strategies.

35. Every battle begins with an attack. Either you’re attacking the Enemy by resolving to make progress, in which case you’re the aggressor and you can expect his counterattacks, or he’s the aggressor bringing all sorts of tests and trials and difficulties into your life, in which case you probably rock and reel for a little bit, or at least feel the initial blow. But when you’re hit, the quicker you get ahold of Me and the keys and determine to fight back and plan your counterattack, the quicker you are stabilized and are again making forward progress into the Enemy’s territory by defeating him.

36. And the more times you go through that process—attack, defend, counterattack‚ victory—the better you’ll get at it. You won’t “think it so strange concerning the fiery trial” quite as often (1Pet.4:12). You’ll realize that these things go in cycles‚ and that when you want to halt the Enemy’s advance and break the cycle from his hitting you to you hitting him, you have certain things that always work for you in doing so.

37. Much of the victory, and even strength to keep fighting, lies in praise, positive thinking and positive action, even when you don’t feel like it. If you’re one who feels you’re battling heavily almost all the time, you probably don’t feel like an experienced, seasoned fighter with a bag full of awesome magical tricks to use on the Enemy. You probably see yourself as a weakling, a real spiritual dodo who’s only getting hit because you must be the weakest prey. That is, of course, the Enemy’s spin on things, which is why you’re going to have to ask Me for faith to believe what you don’t feel.

38. Use My words to you here and quote them to yourself until you believe it, or at least act on it even if you don’t believe it. Pump yourself up and tell the Enemy: “I’m a seasoned veteran of many battles. I’ve fought you time and again, you dirty Devil‚ and I’ve won all those times, and I’m going to win this time too. You can’t surprise me, you can’t shock me, you can’t overwhelm me, and you most certainly can’t defeat me. I’ve felt your nasty attacks before and Jesus helped me through. I have a definite plan of attack and I’m going to engage you and your forces now, and you’ll lose just as you did before.”

39. Many of you are probably thinking, “Whoa, that just does not sound like me! I don’t think I’ve won all that often, and I don’t know if I could say that with conviction.” Well, just take it by faith and start to say it and believe it even if you don’t feel it. Because here you are‚ living proof that, although you’ve been through many battles, you’re not dead, you’re not useless‚ you’re not out of the Family, you’re not full of the Devil and his works, but you’re still here fighting the good fight for Me! If you had lost as many battles as you sometimes think you have, don’t you think you’d be someplace else? If the Enemy was truly walking all over you the way he says he is, don’t you think you’d be in a lot worse shape? Yes‚ you can do better, and that’s why I’m giving you this combat training. But nothing is ever as bad as the Enemy says it is, and you all need to realize that as soldiers, no matter how you feel, you are extremely dangerous to the Enemy, and you have the power to defeat him every time! He is afraid of you!

40. It’s a classic propaganda maneuver for him to be saying, “I’m winning‚ I’m winning! I’ve won; you’ve lost. My forces are getting stronger all the time and you’re getting weaker”—when the reality is that there are very few of him left. He’s won very little and lost a whole lot, and the little of him that’s left is just hiding out with a real big megaphone, trying to bluff his way into a better position.

41. So whether you feel it or not, know that you’ve won more often than you’ve lost, you have weapons that far outgun him, and as such, can call yourself a seasoned‚ veteran fighter—a dangerous man or woman of God who fights and “kills” Satan’s minions wherever you find them! You’re a hardcore threat to Satan’s realm, you’re on his most-wanted list, and he’s offering big rewards for your spiritual capture, dead or alive. There’s no way you’re just a weak, sick sheep that’s easy prey, or why would he expend so much effort time and again to bring you down? You’re tough, you’re mighty in the spirit, because you have Me, and because you’ve yielded and you’ve given and you’ve done your best to fight time and again.

42. And this isn’t just for a few of you. All of you‚ My children‚ look this way to the Enemy. In the spirit, that is truly how he sees you—as dangerous men and women who are true threats‚ not little weaklings. Let that encourage you, motivate you, and help you to walk more boldly and hold your heads high in the spirit! “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!” (Eph.6:10). And why can you be strong in the spirit? Because, as the passage goes on to say, you’ve got all this strong armor on!

43. You’ve got the helmet of salvation, which means that you’ll always be more than a conqueror. Even if the Enemy kills your body, he can’t kill your spirit. The helmet protects your head, denoting that you can never really get fully “cut off.” You’re always Mine.

44. And you have this shield that can quench every—read it again, EVERY—fiery dart of the Enemy! (Eph.6:16). That shows that he’s practically impotent against you. If your faith can withstand EVERYTHING he’s got, then what can he really do to you?

45. You’ve also got a sword that cuts him to the heart. And you’ve got these keys that obliterate his schemes and attacks every time. And you’ve got your weapons of praise and loving Me, and everything else in your arsenal. Even your feet are shod with the Gospel, so he can’t even stub your toe (Eph.6:13–17).

46. That kind of armament should give you confidence! That’s why you can be strong in Me and the power of My might. That’s why you can stride into the battles with some swagger and some bravado—not in the flesh, but in the spirit.

47. Physically you are weak. Carnally you are fragile. You may feel like a wimp emotionally. But spiritually you’re really, really tough! So when you’re fighting in the spirit, act tough, be tough, and show the Enemy that you’re not going to fall for a bluff or an ambush‚ because you know his devices, you’ve dealt with “his kind” before, and you know that you can win.

48. Some of you guys go into each battle like a little novice with a wooden sword—fearing for each step into the Enemy’s territory, almost politely asking, “Um, Mr. Devil, I’d like to, um‚ resist you. So, er, if it’s not too much trouble, could you leave … please?” Come on! The Enemy laughs, because he only has to respect your convictions and power as much as you’re willing to use them on him. It’s pathetic, really, to see you so decked out in this awesome armor, with these fearsome weapons at your side‚ meekly asking the Enemy to take a hike.

49. You act like little kids talking meekly to an adult, asking him only to move on “if it’s not too much trouble.” You’ve gotta allow yourselves to be the spiritual warriors that you are. You guys are tough! I’ve said that before, but I want to make that point. You’re really tough warriors in the spirit, and if you’d just realize how strong your armor is and how powerful your weapons are, there’d be no more of that weak and meek act. You’d stride up to him like the weakling that he is‚ tower over him, point your biggest gun right in his face and say, “Beat it, Punk!” I guarantee he’s going to be the one running off with a “sorry, sir, I didn’t realize this was your territory” kind of expression on his face!

50. So get tough on crime! Get tough on the Enemy! Be strong in the spirit like you have the potential to be. Be strong in My might. And you’ll just have to deal with the fact that there are going to be battles and there are going to be rough spots. But when you visualize that victory and can almost taste the sweetness of triumph‚ you’re not going to mind. You’re going to push your way through as many enemies as dare step in your path so that you can have a better, richer life, more free of the Enemy’s attacks, more full of Me and less of Satan. That’s something worth fighting for!

If you choose to fight, you will make it!

51. (Mama: ) With all the changes taking place in the Family, the certainty of more to come, and the increased spiritual battles on top of it, many of you have been tempted to feel that if you’re struggling this much already, how are you going to make it in the future. I think the answer is found in these motivating messages from the Lord. One big reason you’ve been struggling so much is that you haven’t been fighting effectively and using all the firepower that is at your disposal.

52. The Lord’s promise is as true as ever, “My grace is sufficient for thee” (2Cor.12:9). He has given us what we need to be victorious. We have the Word in great abundance, and we know that the Word, combined with obedience and humility, is the secret to remaining strong in the spirit. We have spiritual weapons which are more powerful than we can imagine, and are capable of keeping us through any attack—and if you use them right, they’ll not just keep you, but they will defeat the Enemy, that is certain.

53. But our spiritual weapons do require effort and sacrifice to wield them effectively. You do have to fight. You have to make that choice repeatedly. That’s where it gets personal, because it’s a question of whether or not you will choose to use them. But if you do, if you choose to harness the spiritual power that’s available to you, it doesn’t matter how you feel or don’t feel—the Enemy cannot win, and you will not be defeated! Listen to these promises from our Husband for today, and be encouraged!

54. (Jesus:) Many feel that they do not have what it takes, that they might not make it in My Family of the future, but they are still fighting and holding on and trusting Me for the changes I am asking of them and trying their best to keep in step with Me. These are the ones who will make it, because they have the faith to keep going no matter what I ask of them. They have the faith that I can help them to make the changes needed, that I will anoint them to grow and learn and move forward, no matter how impossible it might seem. They trust in the spirit world, in the new weapons‚ not just in theory, but in a personal way.


55. (Question:) This seems a little contradictory, Lord, that some people feel they might not make it, but at the same time they have the faith to keep going and that You’ll help them make it. Can You please explain more?

56. (Jesus: ) The key to knowing whether or not you have faith is not in the “feeling” but in the “doing.” If someone feels like they don’t have what it takes, and they’re not doing anything about it—they’re not fighting in the spirit, they’re not really trusting Me, and they’re not moving forward—then they may not make it. If they’re just holding on for the sake of holding on but not really fighting, of course they’re not going to make it. But those who feel like they can’t make it, but who are doing what they can—fighting, obeying, overcoming, trusting, and doing their part—then they will make it. There’s no doubt about that.

57. Faith is not something felt. Most people who have strong faith don’t feel like they do. So not feeling as if you have faith doesn’t mean your faith is shaky. You don’t go by your feelings. You go by the facts. You are not strong because you feel strong. You are strong because you obey, because you fight, because you overcome, because you are willing to keep moving forward for Me. So this is not contradictory. (End of message.)

[End of box]


58. (Jesus: ) Few people feel they can make it or have what it takes. Most people feel like a mess on a daily basis. But your connection with Me and your desperation with Me is what will give you the faith to keep going, and therefore, you will make it.

59. You might think the Family is great, but that because I have upped the standard, you’re too weak to make it. You’re right in this thinking in one sense—you are weak. But it’s not right that you can’t make it if you choose to fight and yield and forsake and do whatever it takes.

60. You‚ My brides, need to continue to shed the weights, to take on the new garments of My Spirit, and as you do, you will continue to move forward. Neither your age nor your past nor your weaknesses will hinder you or hold you back if you’re willing to let go of them and take on My new anointing.

61. Some of you, both My FGA and SGA brides, think that maybe you too will fall by the wayside. The Enemy’s voice is always telling you that maybe with the next move of My Spirit, or with the next requirement which you find difficult, or with that thing that you have a hard time yielding to, or that new change I am asking of you—that maybe this will be the last straw that will cause you to faint. You know you’re weak. This is something that experience has taught you, that you truly are weak and can’t do anything without Me. So the Enemy’s temptation to fear failure is not easy to brush off. But you also know that the wise disciple keeps his connection with Me strong, and that this is the only safeguard and guarantee of success.

62. You have to put your trust in Me and My promises, and be convinced that what I say, I am able to perform—even through weak vessels such as you. The wise will fight to keep their link with Me no matter what, because they know that I will keep them through everything, and give them the faith and anointing to do My will.

63. The power of our personal connection one with another is still as great as ever. It doesn’t matter what I say, or what new moves I ask of you, or how radical or drastic My will may be at any given time—your faith to believe and act on My will is not affected by what I ask of you. You can still do whatever I ask of you, regardless of age, personality, experience, sex‚ natural talent or lack of it‚ etc. Regardless of what new moves of the spirit I see fit to bring your way—you can be a part of it all.

64. I will never ask you to do something that you can’t do. I know your frame, your mind, your weaknesses—everything—and I know what you can do through My power and anointing.

65. The key is still the same, My loves. It has to be you leaning completely on Me for the strength, the faith, the vision, and all that you need to do My will. And that faith comes from a very close and personal connection with Me. Without that connection, you will falter and possibly fail. But if you’re wise and faithful to guard your connection, there is nothing that I will ask of you that you cannot do.

With great honor come great tests!

66. (Jesus: ) In this time of restructuring and strengthening, I’m bringing things into each person’s life. But only those who truly open up to Me will be strengthened. Only those who make a conscious decision to forsake all—and keep forsaking all in spirit every day—will receive the great renewing that I want to give. For some it will be relationships, for others it will be their reputation, for others it will be attitudes and whole mindsets. For everyone there is something.

67. In order to receive great honor‚ you must pass through great tests. And you, the children of David, are destined to receive the greatest honor ever bestowed on anyone. You will be My shining lights in the deepest darkness. You will endure to the End and receive the crown of life. You will live the fulfillment of the prophecies given throughout time. You will be My men and women of faith who will do exploits. You will help the Gospel be preached in every nation, and before kings and governors, before hungry crowds and before raging mobs. You will bring many to Me‚ and your witness will be greater than any who have gone before you.

68. Because of this, My loves, you must face great tests of preparation. I must purge the world from your hearts and spirits. I must humble you and teach you what it means to be fully dependent on Me. The truth has not changed that I can only use broken men and women.

69. The days are coming when you will rejoice, when you will look back with praise and thankfulness that I saw fit to humble you that I might use you. The days are coming when you will have the desires of your heart fulfilled. The days are coming when you will be able to relax in the spirit and enjoy your reward. But those days aren’t here yet, so think it not strange concerning the fiery trials that will purge and purify you. They are all a part of My love for you, and they will make you white.

Welcome the battles‚ for they are your teachers

70. (Jesus:) This year has been a year of battles on all fronts. As I’ve told you, attacks of the Enemy and battles will become an increased part of your life the more you go into the Endtime. The Enemy is fighting My will for the future of the Family, and that is the bottom line why there are so many battles in the spirit and why many of you are feeling the heat.

71. If you think you’re going through battles—and you are—you should see the warfare in the spirit world right now! Many of you are fighting intense battles—whether ministry related, health related, in your personal life, concerning your family, or concerning your spiritual walk with Me—and some of you are fighting on more than one front.

72. I want to tell you right now, My loves‚ it’s not because you don’t have what it takes and you’re failing. That is not the reason for the spiritual warfare that you’re in and for the battles on your doorstep.

73. It’s because you’re in training for the future. I can hear some of you thinking, “Right, I’ve heard this before. I think I’ve heard this since I was a JETT. Exactly how long is this training going to go on?”

74. You do not have that much time left for training, My loves, and these days of peace are numbered. The things I’m asking of you might look like business as usual to you—a few more new GNs to study‚ more P&Ps, a number of changes in the Home—but believe Me, in the not too distant future you will be very thankful for these days of training and feeding at the hand of your queen and king.

75. Yes, there are battles. Many of you are struggling and fighting with everything you’ve got, and you might be tempted to wonder what the point is while you’re in hand-to-hand combat with the Enemy. You might wonder if it’s really getting you anywhere and making a difference. Believe Me that it is making a huge difference‚ because with every battle fought and every victory won, you’re a stronger, wiser‚ more fearsome adversary.

76. One day, every single battle you’ve fought, every tear you’ve shed, and every hour of midnight oil you’ve burned is going to help someone else to make it. Your battle wounds really will glow and will encourage others to keep fighting to the victory. Right now you have your ministry, you work hard, you help to reach the lost, and I’m proud of each one of you for your faithfulness and dedication. But this is not the end, My loves. The Family of the future is just unfolding; the new Family is just beginning to emerge. The Family is going through its stage of metamorphosis. It’s struggling to shed the old weights and take on the new and beautiful wings of the future.

77. Each one of you will be part of that future. Today’s battles are preparing you, they are helping you to mature and become the yielded‚ open, and ready vessels that I will need to do My will.

78. So don’t fear today’s lessons and trials‚ but welcome them, because they are your teachers. Drink in the counsel that I share with you‚ absorb and learn all you can, and know that all of it will benefit you. You will be better equipped for the near future and your work, as well as for the days ahead. This is My love for you, to help you, to encourage you, to give you the spiritual and practical input that you need, to give you answers and the help you desire.

79. I have ordained the battles you are facing, but I have also provided the answers, the help, and the training that you need to overcome. As you are strengthened, you will be able to strengthen others. As you win victories, you will have faith to help others win the victories they need and point them to Me for the answers.

80. Imagine a future world of darkness where so many are fearful to even step outside the boundaries of the System, and imagine what light you will carry to lead them to the truth. I have plans for each one of you, and right now the plan is to train you, to equip you for your future roles. Study well, train well‚ so that you are prepared to do warfare for Me and help to usher in My Kingdom on Earth.

The key of determination!

81. (Jesus:) I have given you many tools at your disposal: the keys, heavenly thought power, the power of praise that defeats the Enemy in any battle. The battle rages hot and heavy, and will continue to increase in severity. However, as you employ these weapons, you will continue to stand strong against the Enemy. You will not be overcome. You will not be defeated.

82. Many of My brides look at fighting the Enemy in the wrong way. When they are attacked and besieged by him, they brandish their weapons, and if they don’t see instant or immediate results, they grow weary and begin to cower. This is not how a war is fought and won. You have the weapons in your hand that have the power to totally destroy the Enemy’s power. The only thing lacking is the determination and willpower to use them.

83. I hold the key of determination in My hand, and I wish to give it to the children of David. This key will be instrumental in fighting the Enemy, and overcoming, and being successful. This key enables you to fight on when you don’t feel like it. It keeps you from giving up and surrendering to defeat. This key of determination gives you the strength to persevere—not to give up, but to continue fighting till you see victory.

84. The key of determination is what was given Jacob when he wrestled with the angel. He would not rest until he was blessed. You must fight the Enemy with the same passion and fervor! Do not rest, do not give in‚ do not let up in the fight until you have seen your enemy slaughtered, until you have beaten him back so severely he will not dare to show his face again for a good long while. This is the resolution and constitution you must have when you fight!

85. Fighting the Enemy in full faith and in patience is something that the Family has become weakened in overall. It is partly because people stopped fighting in certain areas; they stopped fighting to keep up the discipleship standard in their lives and Homes, and yielded to compromise, and this weakened each individual’s fighting skills.

86. To defeat the Enemy in these Last Days‚ each of you, My brides, must pray for and claim the keys for a fighting spirit—one that refuses to give up, and fights on to full and final victory! This, along with wielding the spiritual weapons that I have given you, is what will successfully defeat the Enemy’s attacks in every area of your lives.

87. Often when faced with a battle, instead of looking on it as an attack of the Enemy, you are too quick to write it off as My will, or as how things happen, or something that you can pray about sometime in the future, but that will only change provided it is My will.

88. It is My will that the Enemy does not exact upon you! It is always My will that you fight him—heart‚ soul, mind, body and strength. It is never My will for My brides to be overrun by Satan and his imps. My will is that My brides fight the Enemy with all the determination that they possess! Even if they do not possess much, they can claim the key of determination and be filled with staying power to continue to fight.

89. This desire in the hearts of My brides to want to defeat the Enemy is lacking in many cases. However, I have it, and I want to give this fighting spirit to any of My children who so desire. Those who ask in faith, believing, will receive.

90. Through the keys of determination you can do it‚ make it, lift the load, go the distance, uphold the standard, and accept and use your anointing. For the power is not yours, but rather the awesome, world–changing, never-ending‚ all-encompassing power of the keys.

Go proactive

91. (Question:) How can we stay a step ahead of the Enemy in the battles we face?

92. (Jesus:) The first step to take to stay a step ahead of the Enemy is to praise! It seems so simple, and almost “too easy,” but in reality it’s one of the most advanced spiritual weapons you can use.

93. When you’re praising, the Enemy simply can’t come near you. When you’re praising‚ he can’t get you down—no matter what. Even if I allow him to attack, which I sometimes do, you’ll be on My wavelength, and I will easily be able to show you what to do in an instant.

94. When you’re praising, your spiritual and physical bubble of protection is fortified; you’re under the shelter of My wings, and can have perfect peace and freedom, knowing that you’re doing your part and I’m in control.

95. When you’re praising, you’re automatically one step ahead of the Enemy, because you’re invading his spiritual territory and he has to flee from you, rather than the other way around.

96. Another proactive step you can take is for each person and Home to ask Me to show you personally how to stay a step ahead of the Enemy. I can show each Home and individual how the Enemy specifically plans to attack you—whether it’s through persecution, accidents, emergencies, spiritual attacks, sickness, etc.

97. That way‚ you and your Home can then pray specifically against the particular attacks the Enemy is planning to use against you, and destroy and nullify his plans before they are able to take shape and turn into full-scale attacks. You will be able to prepare accordingly and take steps to strengthen yourselves, your children, your sheep, friends and contacts, your Home and possessions, etc.

98. There are some things that are relevant to the whole Family, such as what I’ve told you about needing to be prepared for persecution‚ and it’s important for you to heed and prepare accordingly. But there are also specifics that relate to your personal situations‚ and a lot depends on you as individuals and how desperate you are.

99. Those who ask Me specifically how to go on the attack and keep the Enemy on the defensive, as well as how to strengthen themselves and preempt the Enemy’s attacks, will be stronger. I will make you “moving targets” and it will be very difficult for the Enemy’s attacks to succeed in hindering or hurting your works, spiritual lives, or you, in any way, shape, or form.

100. But when My children are complacent‚ lazy, and feel that “all things continue as they were,” they stop seeking Me with the same desperation and start moving slower‚ making them easier targets for the Enemy.

101. With the cleansing, restructuring, and strengthening of the Family, I am expecting the Family to move more in the direction of taking the lead in attacking the Enemy, as opposed to mostly counterattacking. You should start moving in this direction as soon as possible. It’s the principle your Father David taught in the Letter “Attack!” about the gates of Hell not being able to withstand the attacks of God’s children.

102. As you, My children of David, grow and mature and become the shepherds I need you to be, you will learn to be more like your king and queen, and look ahead, and get ahold of Me for direction. You need to learn how to look beyond the immediate needs of today, to plan and prepare and be strengthened for the future.

103. As you grow into the mentality of looking outward, reaching forward, and seeking to progress, asking Me about the future and how to best prepare and attack, what to put your efforts and energies into now in order to be prepared for where I’m taking you and what battles you’ll face, huge leaps of forward progress will be made!

104. Learning and applying this principle of looking ahead and asking Me to forewarn you and help you to be prepared and preempt the Enemy’s attacks, will tremendously strengthen you as a body and help to turn the tide of the war, putting you in charge, in front, and sending the Enemy reeling away in fear to regroup, re-plan, and recover from the ferocious assaults he will be receiving on all fronts.

Wimp or warrior?

105. (Mama:) The Lord brings out a point in this next message that is crucial for you to understand. We are a Family, a marriage, and we stand by one another in the battles. We should be and are willing to fight to the death for one of our mates and loved ones. That’s good‚ and that’s the way it should be. But each of you also has to learn to be a fighter yourself.

106. When you can fight, you must! Other-wise, no matter how much your loved ones come to your rescue, you’re not going to grow stronger in the battle against the Enemy. I think some of you have been so cared for and prayed over and protected that you’ve become a bit spoiled‚ to the point that now you’re surprised when the Lord expects you to go into hand-to-hand combat yourself. But that’s often what the Lord requires, and the better you get at it, the quicker the victories come. So buckle up and fight, folks!

107. (Jesus: ) I have asked you to learn to use the new weapons with greater skill and frequency. I have given you all the information you need through the weapon manual of My Word. These weapons are capable of mass destruction of the Enemy, and this is exactly what you need, because during these Last Days the Enemy will come at My children in greater numbers and with greater firepower than the world has ever known!

108. Sometimes it’s easy for you, My brides, to forget that these weapons of the spirit are just that: Weapons! They are to be used in combat to devastate the Enemy.

109. So when I say you should use the weapon of praise, I mean you’ll want to use it to actually fight and wound the Enemy. Refuse to take any more punishment‚ and instead take the battle to the Enemy.

110. When I say you should use the weapon of loving Me intimately, then I want you to use it to specifically counter the Enemy’s attacks. If loving Me intimately is the last thing you feel like doing, then that’s all the more reason to do it, and the victory will actually be greater and more damaging to the Enemy in the end.

111. When I ask you to use the weapon of prayer, I don’t just mean praying more often, but that you should be asking for prayer from others and getting down on your prayer bones when you are besieged. I want you to rebuke the Devil and his specific demons and imps by name. Get loud and angry at the Enemy if you need to.

112. When I ask you to use the keys, I mean that you should go on the offensive and hit the Enemy with the keys even before he has a chance to strike at you. Intersperse barrages of keys and key promises at the Enemy in your prayer and praise, and he will be overwhelmed.

113. When you use your weapons I want you to flaunt them in the face of the Enemy! Tell him you recognize you’re being attacked and that you are about to hit him hard with a specific weapon. For example‚ “Satan, I know these discouraging thoughts are attacks from you and your imps, and I will have nothing of it. I rebuke you right now in the power of the keys, and I want you to know that I’m going to keep sending key–power missiles your way to defeat you. I’m also going to go right now and ask for prayer, at which time I will rebuke you by name in the presence of others. Then, when I’m done, I’m going to fill my mind and mouth with so much praise you’ll run screaming!”

114. The Enemy has upped his offensive against My children‚ and so the only way to win is to do the same to him. A counterattack with My new weapons is the only way to get a quick and complete victory. And it has to be your own decision to use these weapons or they simply won’t be effective enough. In other words, you can’t just sit there in the depths of despair wondering why your shepherd or your mate isn’t noticing you and fighting your battles for you.

115. Yes, you need the help and support of your shepherds and your brethren, but you have to choose to fight yourself. It’s not enough to say you’re discouraged and then wallow in it until someone comes and encourages you. That may give you a temporary victory, but you can be sure the Enemy will be back and will pummel you further, unless you yourself have enough courage, humility, and faith to get up and fight the battle of your mind and heart.

116. You might benefit from the supporting fire of your brethren and shepherds, but you’re the one who has to charge into the ranks of the Enemy in a violent craze‚ swinging your weapon at any imp stupid enough to get in your way! Are you a wimp or a warrior?

Tips for becoming a conqueror!

117. (Jesus:) When you’re a soldier fighting a war, which you, My disciples, are in spirit, there are always going to be battles. It’s a fact of life, and a very prominent one. When faced with it‚ as you are now, you can do one of three things: You can truly embrace it as your calling, become a professional and proficient fighter‚ train with your weapons, become the best you can possibly be, and even learn to love the fight. Or you can be a mediocre soldier and “get by” and stay alive for a while, using your weapons, perhaps some fully and perhaps some only to their minimal use, fighting battles, winning some, and losing some. Or you can decide that a soldier’s life is not for you, and quit, leave the army, and do something else with your life.

118. If the Family is going to make the advances it needs to make on the Enemy’s territory in this year of strengthening, and if you’re going to fight to win, and truly defeat him, then you’ve got to be the best type of soldier, what I would call an “A+” soldier—a professional‚ a skilled new weapons wielder, and a warrior who enters wholeheartedly and unreservedly into the fight, giving it all they’ve got, fighting for all they’re worth! To be an “A+” type soldier, here are the main attitudes, actions, and training courses you need to embrace:

119. —You need to be fully persuaded that that’s your calling, and you need to think of your calling as a soldier, proactively and aggressively, rather than defensively. You’ve got to understand that as a Family disciple you’re not part of a defense force, but an aggressive invading force. There is a time and place to be part of the defense force, and that level of skill and that mentality may have served you in the past, but it’s no longer enough. You can’t just defend your territory; you have to aggressively conquer your Enemy’s territory. That is what lies before you. That is the challenge you face. That is the commitment that you are making as a soldier.

120. —You need to actively train in the use of the new weapons I’ve given you. To actively train doesn’t mean to only use them when you are in a bind‚ or when you get around to them, or to use a few of them, or to only use the ones you like best. It means that you take a good, hard look at each weapon, one by one, and determine whether or not you truly know how to use it and are well practiced in using it. If you’re not, then you’ve got to work‚ train, and practice, until you can say that, yes, you know this weapon and you can use it the way it was meant to be used.

121. These weapons are spiritual and not fleshly, but to effectively use them‚ your flesh has to get very involved! You have to take positive physical action. You may be weak in your use of a number of the new weapons, and if you are, it may seem overwhelming to become proficient in all of them at once; so if you find yourself in that position, then take one at a time and focus on it, making a weak point into a strong point. Pray about specific positive and proactive steps that you can take to develop your use of that new weapon—to understand its importance, to study the Word about it, to integrate it into your daily life until it becomes a part of you.

122. I have reiterated this principle over and over in the Word‚ but some people have still not mastered the use of a few or many of the new weapons, because you have lacked the aggressiveness of spirit to do so. You have thought that when you really “needed” that particular weapon‚ you’d use it then. Or you dabbled in it, trying it out and seeing if you could do it, so to speak, but either didn’t really make it a part of you or discover its full use and potential.

123. Granted, you may not discover the “full use” of these new weapons for some time to come, because it takes time, training‚ and strengthening your faith. And even if you’re doing all the right things and aren’t being negligent, learning about the new weapons is a step–by-step process, and as you go along, I will always be showing you new things, giving you new tips and tricks, etc. But if you aren’t at least trying and fighting to discover the potential of the weapon, if you’re content to just use one or two of its features, you’re not going to get very far.

124. —When you’re faced with a spiritual battle, learn to take the offensive and aggressive approach of bombarding your spiritual Enemy with as many of the weapons at your disposal as you can! Blast the hell out of him by giving him no escape and leaving nothing to chance! Don’t be content to just use one or two weapons and wistfully hope it “does the trick,” or resign yourself to a long, drawn-out and protracted struggle. Each of the spiritual weapons that I’ve given you are powerful enough that they can do serious damage to the Enemy. But you don’t want to just inflict damage; you want to obliterate him and his presence and put down his forces completely! So use all the weapons you can, each time. For example, when you’re fighting in prayer for needed changes‚ supply, victories, or progress, use all the weapons available. Use not only prayer, but use the keys, use praise‚ use the Word, use our intimate loving relationship, use the spirit helpers I’ve given you.

125. —Don’t wait for the Enemy to attack you—attack him! This means different things for different people in different situations, but it’s an overall change of mindset and approach that many of you need to have. Sometimes you can see a battle “looming” in the distance or sense it’s coming; it could be anything from a battle in the form of persecution to a battle in the form of jealousy.

126. You’ve been in the fighting business a long time, and many of you are attuned enough to sense when a battle is coming before it actually hits. When you get that feeling, what do you do about it? Unfortunately, many of you wait until it hits full force‚ until the Enemy is right there in your face whapping and walloping you‚ and then you fight back. Well, stop fighting back and fight first! Be the one to deliver the initial blows! Get on top of your battle from the start.

127. You may not completely forestall his attack, although in some cases if you head him off at the pass, he won’t even bother to fight you because it’s not worth the struggle—and you’ve already won! In other cases, you’ll still have to fight the battle, and it may even be a very tough battle, but because you were the aggressor, because you gained the upper hand, you will be surer to win, and win more quickly. It feels great to be the one on top, the one with the advantage on your side—and the aggressor always has that advantage. You’ll come to love this feeling more and more, and you’ll get better and better at sensing where the need is‚ where the next battle will be, and taking the lead and taking charge in starting the attack.

128. I want you, the children of David, to learn to be the aggressors, not merely defenders. That’s your calling and that’s My commission to you. I don’t want you to just protect yourselves and fight back when the Enemy and his imps and those he influences on Earth attack you. I want you to lead the way, to be the attackers‚ the conquerors, the overcomers!

129. If you really study and meditate on the truths in this message, and go back to the Word for more study on these principles of fighting; if you take the challenge seriously to get intimate with your new weapons and learn their ins and outs and wield them proficiently; if you can take on the mindset of an aggressor and conqueror rather than a counterattacker or defender, then you, the children of David, will win the battles that lie ahead of you, and you will conquer, defeat, set back, and completely rout your adversary and all that he will send your way. He will really bring it on, but you will be ready, prepared, fighting, and victorious!

130. You’re at war‚ and even though you’re on the attack and learning to be the aggressors, your Enemy also knows that, and he’s not going to make it easy. He’s upping his guard as well so as not to be caught sleeping by your attacks. Taking the initiative and getting the upper hand is not going to be as straightforward or smooth as you might think, or as you might like.

131. Basically, there’s nothing easy about being a soldier and fighting battles and winning wars. But it’s your calling, your destiny, as the children of David, and if you’re going to have to do it anyway, don’t you think you might as well make the best of it‚ learn to do it as well as it can be done, and even learn to enjoy it?

132. That should be your goal, your focus, and what you live and breathe and fight for every day. Be a soldier! Be a conqueror! Be an aggressor who scares the Enemy to death at the mere thought of you!—Not because you’re so great in yourself, but because you are a channel of the full power of God through your use of the powerful and undefeatable weapons He has entrusted to your hands.

Weapon focus: Love, Unity, Trust, and Selflessness = Weapon of Brotherhood

133. (Mama:) Throughout this series of GNs, I’ll share with you counsel from the Lord about each of the spiritual weapons and how we can be using them more offensively. The Lord showed us that the first weapon He wanted to focus on was the weapon of love‚ unity, trust, and selflessness (a four–in-one weapon which He has sometimes called the weapon of love and unity, or the weapon of trust, love, and unity), because it is crucial to be using it effectively as you’re building your winning teams.

134. (Jesus: ) Striving for unity, trust, and selflessness between so many people can at times seem like a tremendous amount of work‚ or worse yet, something you’d just rather not have to deal with at all. It takes time‚ effort, humility, hearing from Me and putting into practice the things I show you‚ sacrifice, yieldedness, and more. Many of you are content to “keep the peace” and consider that you have good unity if there aren’t disagreements, arguments, or misunderstandings. You don’t usually think of a weapon when you think of love, unity, trust, and selflessness.

135. The fact of the matter is that it is a weapon—one of the prime weapons that will help you to make disciples of all nations! Everyone is looking for love—true, genuine‚ selfless‚ caring, divine love. It is the ingredient most lacking in the world today, and yet one of the greatest needs of mankind. Not everyone is searching for “truth” or for Me, but no one can deny that they are yearning for true love. Many have given up hope of ever finding it, or no longer even believe it exists, but when they see it, they have to sit up and take notice.

136. No one can deny the power of love! When My sheep come over to your Homes and find themselves surrounded by real, genuine love, manifested in unity‚ trust, and selflessness, it will stand out to them and cause them to be irresistibly drawn to you. It will help steady them as they grow closer to you and learn about your meatier doctrines. They will see the good fruit of these doctrines in your love and unity, and they won’t be able to deny that what you have works, even if some of your beliefs seem crazy or strange. They will be able to clearly see the good fruit in the love, and know that you must be right.

137. But because it’s one of the most important aspects of your sample, the Enemy fights it viciously, relentlessly, and makes it seem like a difficulty and a drag to have to maintain, instead of the gift‚ weapon, and wonderful miracle it really is. Because of that, it’s something you have to fight for with all your might, and an area you have to commit to making regular progress in.

138. Building strong bonds of love‚ unity, trust, and selflessness takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s also an area that you have to keep growing and moving forward in on a permanent basis in order to remain a cutting-edge disciple. It has to be high on your list of priorities, and something you make specific time for on a regular basis.

139. Making time to work on your love for and unity with your brethren on a regular basis is the first step. It should be a part of your life as a disciple just like other spiritual things you take time for, like prayer vigil and praise time. It’s that important.

140. As a Home, making time for regular communication is something you will have to schedule or make a priority; it won’t just happen. And when I say “communication” in this case, I don’t mean communicating about the work, or the children, or the finances, or the scheduling—I mean communicating deeply, taking time to listen to others, getting to know each person in your Home‚ and taking time to love each other.

141. There are so many ways to do it; some are simple and require little in the way of time, effort, and preparation. Others take a little more prayer, planning, and thought, but are certainly worth it just the same. I’ll give you a list of questions you can ask yourself that will give you ideas of how you can reach out, move toward greater unity, and hone your skills with this weapon.

142. Don’t feel bad if you’re not fulfilling all of these. This is the ideal and it’s something to strive for, but not something to let the Enemy condemn you over! These are tips you can apply as you make a push to use this weapon more expertly‚ but don’t feel overwhelmed and discouraged if you fall short of this‚ because all men do. This is something to help you know how to do better! Just take them one at a time, and ask Me about them, and I’ll help you!

Personal level:

¨ Do I take time on a regular basis to ask the Lord what steps I should be taking to reach out, love without partiality, build unity, etc.? Do I follow through with what the Lord shows me?

¨ Do I know each person in my Home well?—Their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, desires, dreams, etc.?

¨ Do I have good habits of hugging people and taking time for them throughout the day as our paths cross, even when I’m very busy?

¨ Do I try to make others’ birthdays special, fun, and meaningful, no matter who they are?

¨ Do I go out of my way to lighten others’ loads on a regular basis by praying for them, encouraging them, helping them with their work when they need it, and doing my very best to make it easy for them to be good in every way?

¨ If I hear that someone in my Home is unwell or afflicted, do I take the time to check on them, to make sure they have what they need, to pray earnestly and regularly for them?

¨ If someone doesn’t show up for a meal or doesn’t come to a united activity, do I notice and see if they might need something?

¨ If someone looks sad or needs encouragement, what do I do about it?

¨ Do I give others the benefit of the doubt and assume the best when misunderstandings or difficulties arise?

¨ Do I specifically make a point of praying extra for and going way out of my way to be helpful and encouraging to others in my Home who are bothering me or in some way seem to not be doing so well‚ or having a bad day?

¨ Do I take personal responsibility when I know someone has a need—to pray for them, to help fill the need in any way I can?

¨ Do I feel personally responsible and burdened when those around me are going through rough times, suffering afflictions, etc.? Do I then actively do something to help?

¨ Do I strive to think positively about and work extra hard on learning to get along and work well with those I don’t naturally click with?

¨ Do I open my life and heart to my teammates by sharing my heart, being open and honest, and asking for prayer or help when I need it?

¨ Do I handle others’ hearts carefully, lovingly, wisely‚ and prayerfully when they take the step to share them with me?

¨ Do I refrain from gossip in all forms?

¨ Do I consider love, unity, unselfishness, and reaching out to others in need an essential part of my duty as a disciple?

¨ When misunderstandings, difficulties in communication, or personality clashes arise‚ do I make it my first priority to hear from the Lord about it and do whatever it takes to restore unity?

¨ Am I quick to both apologize and forgive?

¨ Do I regularly look for ways to give more, help more, and reach out more to my Family?

Home level:

¨ Is our Home schedule organized in such a way that we get to spend quality fellowship time together on a regular basis, such as during united meals, times of communion and spiritual fellowship other than devotions/required meetings, etc.?

¨ Do we make time to relax together and enjoy each other’s company on a regular basis? Of course, it’s understandable that there’s a lot of work to be done. But when we can relax or when we’re done with our work, do we automatically default to our own rooms and spaces or do we take time with each other?

¨ Does everyone in our Home participate in some way with the children’s care and training on a regular basis?

¨ Do we as a Home look forward to united activities and gatherings? Do we put enough prayer, hearing from the Lord, and planning into our fellowship times so that they are all that they can be as far as being inspiring, fun, uniting‚ and meaningful?

¨ When there is a need for extra help in the Home (such as filling in a dish slot for someone who is sick or out), do we all jump in to fill it?

¨ Does each individual in our Home feel loved, happy, secure, wanted, cared about personally, and like an integral part of our team?

Inter-Home level:

¨ Do we spend quality time fellowshipping with the other Homes in our area on a regular basis?

¨ Do we as a Home make the effort to reach out to lend a hand to other Homes in our area when we know they need it?

¨ How often do we take the time to do something nice for the other Homes in our area just because we love them and they’re part of our greater Family?

¨ Are we as supportive and helpful as we possibly can be, even giving to our own hurt when we work on projects with other Homes? Do we try to do everything within our power to lighten their load, and offer to help with everything we possibly can?

¨ Do we reach out to the children from other Homes, inviting them over to do fun, meaningful activities with our children?

¨ Do we think of the other Homes in the area as part of our greater “team,” and take advantage of opportunities to bond, work together, get to know each other better, and reach our city/country together?

¨ Do we share our provisioning, and make an effort to be considerate and unselfish when sorting out issues that come up with witnessing areas‚ contacts‚ sheep, friends, supporters, etc.?

143. If you’re doing these things, you’re working toward sharpening your “love and unity” weapon. If you’re doing these things, chances are you’re making many other good choices in life as well, so you’re receiving My blessings and protection.

144. When you’re doing these things, you release the power of Heaven to empower your team to fulfill My will. I am then able to pour down My blessings, ideas, solutions‚ supply, and miracles. To effectively win the battles for the souls of men to turn them into disciples for Me, you need this “love and unity” weapon.

145. So whenever things start to get difficult on this score‚ remind yourself that this weapon is vital to winning the world and making disciples of all nations for Me! It’s a weapon you’ve got to use if you want to fulfill that vision.

146. This weapon of love and unity, when used effectively, also shields you as a Home and individuals from so many of the Enemy’s attacks. They’re absolutely harmless to you, because you’re protected and shielded through the power of love and unity and trust and selflessness. It’s more than worth the cost, and you will see immediate blessings as you put it to use. As you form these good habits, you’ll be hooked on the “love” lifestyle that is an integral part of the Family of the future.

147. (Jesus:) The beauty of the weapon of love‚ unity, trust, and selflessness is that its power is cumulative. The more you use it, the more others around you are apt to use it; and the more they use it‚ the more powerful your attack on the Enemy’s territory becomes.

148. Love, unity, trust‚ and selflessness have been around for a long, long time, and they are not “new weapons” per se. However, when combined into a single assault, love, unity, trust, and selflessness form a weapon that can do massive damage to Enemy lines. It is truly a weapon of mass destruction that has potential to decimate the Enemy and utterly thwart his plans‚ especially when used offensively.

149. It would probably help many of you to use a single term for this weapon, and if you want to shorten the name from “love, unity, trust, and selflessness,” I suggest you call it the “weapon of brotherhood.” It is a multi-weapon. You can liken it to a tank or a heavily armored combat vehicle, one that carries cannons and guns and is capable of shooting several weapons at a time. This combat vehicle is multifaceted, just as the weapon of brotherhood is multifaceted and is mounted with love, unity, trust, and selflessness. You can call it whatever you want, though, because what matters is that when you, My brides, are actively working to enhance unity and going out of your way to live unselfishly‚ you are taking the battle to the Enemy and wiping out his ability to attack.

150. The Enemy just loves to attack your unity. He loves to throw a monkey wrench into your Home, causing dissension, hurt feelings, mistrust and selfishness. He has legions of demons, including the Selvegion and the demons of division, working full–time to find a crack in the wall of unity. They whisper thoughts of mistrust about other brethren and try their best to blow problems and personality differences way, way out of proportion. This is one of the Enemy’s primary tactics, and he has devoted much manpower—or rather demon power—to these attacks.

151. Once disunity‚ mistrust, and selfishness have set in‚ the battle to restore unity, trust, and selflessness can be long and hard. But a lot of that can be avoided if you as an individual and as a Home are launching surprise attacks against Satan’s minions by actively striving toward greater brotherhood through love, unity, trust and selflessness.

152. What I’m saying is that rather than striving toward greater brotherhood only when the cords of brotherhood have been loosened or broken, you should be constantly looking for ways to strengthen your unity, avoid mistrust, live unselfishly, and manifest love for one another.

153. It would help for you to understand what “brotherhood” means. Think of a group of soldiers who’ve fought a long, hard campaign together, for example. They’ve lost friends, been wounded, saved one another’s lives, laughed together‚ cried together, and felt fear together. At the end of this intense military campaign‚ the little personality quirks and annoyances seem so insignificant when compared to the unity and love they now have for one another. Many of these soldiers became friends for life—something that may have never happened under normal, more comfortable circumstances where the little personality issues‚ pride, and a class-based society are so much more prominent.

154. So the best way for you to enhance your brotherhood is to fight side by side in the trenches. When I ask you to be your brother’s keeper, I don’t just mean you should be chiding them when they are in the wrong, but you should be actively seeking out ways to help one another through your spiritual and physical battles, and to be comforting and praying for one another regularly.

155. There are lots of other practical ways to enhance unity, such as having united meetings, loving times of fellowship and laughter and singing and praise to Me. You can gain trust through loving honesty. You can live unselfishly and show your love in practical ways, and all of the above will help you to use the weapon of brotherhood offensively. But there is no greater way to utilize the power than to learn to fight together. There is just no better way, because supporting one another in battle brings out a very special depth of love, unity, trust and selflessness that seriously impedes the military abilities of the Enemy.

156. So learn to fight together by praying‚ comforting, and loving each other through the battles, whatever they may be, and you can be sure you’ll win one decisive victory after another.

Experts you can call on!

157. (Mama: ) Another feature of these “Art of War” GNs is that with each new weapon we focus on, we’re going to ask the Lord which spirit helpers we can call on to help us in this area. Then you can be practicing using the various types of firepower the Lord has made available to us in conjunction with each other: calling on the keys, asking for the help of the appropriate spirit helpers‚ and taking the practical steps of using your spiritual weapons at the same time. We know we have the Salvay to call on against the Selvegion. In addition to the Salvay, the Lord revealed another powerful band of spirit beings who are at our service in this area.

158. (Jesus:) The spirit helpers ordained to help you use the weapon of brotherhood are the Cathars. It’s true that, because love is such an integral part of My spirit world and the basis for so many things in Heaven, many spirit helpers are available to help you in this respect. But if you want those who are the guardians of this weapon of brotherhood, they are the Cathars.

159. The Cathars of the spirit realm are a spiritual entity. There is a link between them and the religious group, the Cathars, who lived in Europe in the 1200s, but that doesn’t mean that every person who belonged to the Cathars on Earth was a mighty spirit being inhabiting a human body‚ because this is not the case. But all the Cathars of the spiritual realm took time to come to Earth and live a human life in order to be better trained to fulfill their mission.

160. Before their mission to Earth‚ each Cathar was ordained as a protector of the weapon of brotherhood. From the foundations of Creation they guarded it, and it was necessary to send them to this world to give them the added experience they needed in order to return to their posts in Heaven and do an even better job in the future.

161. Because of their experiences on Earth, they obtained knowledge and experience that would help them in this day when love has waxed so cold that the hearts of many barely know love. Families are torn, relationships are divided, divorce is at an all-time high, wars rage, and poverty and cruelty plague the world. The lack of love in the world today is a true fulfillment of that prophecy.

162. To them I have given great power. But their power is not violent or aggressive; they instead inspire and invoke love in the hearts of those who call on their help. They are like farmers in spirit. They plant the seeds of love and unity, they water them, and they cause it to grow in your heart till it blossoms and spreads outward to others.

163. The ones to call on when you need more love are the Cathars of the spiritual realm—guardians of love. They will cause your spirits to be filled to overflowing with love, which will repel the Selvegion and all the spirits of disunity. Pan cannot withstand this power, for though it is a soothing balm of love and forgiveness to you‚ to him it is an acid that burns‚ and he cannot endure it, so he leaves you alone.

164. These Cathars are the caretakers of the weapon of love, unity, trust and selflessness, or as I have called it, the weapon of brotherhood. They are assigned to aid as many as they can in its use in the purity of the Spirit. They are able to work through the children of David far more than most in these times because of your desire to make full use of this weapon. The spiritual Cathars have been with Me from Creation.

165. The earthly Cathars who followed Me and love were messengers of My love. Some have graduated to becoming guardians in the capacity of My spiritual Cathars. In a sense, the earthly Cathars who followed Me were guardians of love, for they proclaimed the truth and lived the truth of My love. But as far as the official ministry and title of being guardians of My love, this was given to the spiritual Cathars.

166. A guardian of love is one whose task is to nurture, promote, support‚ and spread love. The Cathars are guardians of love. Love is the essence of My Own mother, the Holy Spirit. They do not control love, nor are they the only ones responsible for its flow in the sense you might think when you hear the word guardian, for the presence of the Spirit Queen of Love pervades the universe and beyond, and fills eternity itself.

167. These spiritual beings, the Cathars, work with you in these last times, as do many others. They help to guide the Salvay in coordinating and fine-tuning the counterattacks against the Selvegion. They came to Earth that they might better understand the battles and needs of men, that they might be of greater help to the Salvay in these times. This is nothing new. I too came to Earth that I might better aid My Father in presenting your needs and pleading your case before Him. I came to save you, but I also came to learn, that I might better serve the Father.

168. The Cathars were given a life in the realm of time and man and were given certain places within the ranks of those who came to be called the Cathars on Earth. Not all were leaders‚ nor was every earthly Cathar a spiritual Cathar.

169. Just as each one who leaves the realm of the spirit to enter the realm of time and the flesh must make their choices, learn the things the Father ordained them to learn and gain a wealth of understanding that they could not have found otherwise, the Cathars were called to do likewise: to be humbled, to learn a deep understanding of and compassion for those they would be called to help in these last times, and to understand the weapon of brotherhood in a special way that now enables them to help you and to help guide and counsel the Salvay as they strive to employ this weapon to destroy their enemy, the evil Selvegion.

170. Their time on Earth enabled the Cathars to become wise guardians of this power-ful weapon. If you’ll listen to their whispers they’ll gladly train you in its use too.

171. (Mama:) You might wonder, as I did, what the difference is between the weapon of brotherhood, which includes love, unity‚ trust, and selflessness—and the weapon of the Law of Love. They seem very interrelated, and they are! When we asked the Lord about it‚ He basically explained that they are two ways that we can harness the greatest power in the universe—love! He explained that it’s not really necessary to completely separate them in our minds, because they are very related and overlap at times.

172. Here is a bit more counsel from Him about these two weapons and how we can be using them more offensively. In an upcoming GN, we’ll focus on the weapon of the Law of Love and share more counsel from our dear Lover on how to use it offensively to defeat the Enemy!

173. (Jesus:) I have used the term “weapon” to describe these gifts because they are powerful against the Enemy and his inroads and attacks. They could also be called “tools,” because they serve to shield you from the Enemy’s poisons‚ to heal, to transform hearts, to create new life, and to strengthen and empower you and others to do mighty exploits.

174. So while they are very destructive to the Enemy, they are also very positive, strengthening‚ and regenerative to you and your spirit when you use them. The word “weapons” sometimes conjures up a negative connotation of pain and suffering. And while that is the case for the Enemy whenever you use this spiritual firepower, they also have great positive transformation power for you and those around you who are touched by them.

175. The weapons of the spirit can only be used skillfully as you make them a part of you. They can never become a truly useful and effective tool if you are trying to use them without fully integrating them into your very being. But many do just this. They try to use love, unity, trust, and selflessness as they would a sword or a gun, picking it up only when it suits their purpose and operating it to fulfill their plans and satisfy their wants and needs.

176. What you must understand is that I am calling you to something far greater, something which will require the sacrifice of your own selfish ways and desires, to make these weapons so much a part of you that they are integrated into every thought‚ every feeling, every fiber of your being.

177. They must become so much a part of you that they become your motivation and your desire, so that every action is based on and motivated by My Spirit through these tools. These weapons of the Law of Love and the weapon of brotherhood are each unique‚ yet they are one. When you make them a part of you, they blend together to become one weapon of unlimited power.

178. The Enemy’s cheap, counterfeit images of bionic men are his twisted versions of what you, My powerful ones, will become in the spirit. Your power is for good, but you too must become so integrated into these spiritual weapons that they become a part of you in every way.

179. In this sense, these weapons blend together in you to create a power and force that nothing can stop or resist. In order to use the weapon of the Law of Love and the weapon of brotherhood, you must abandon the selfishness, pride, and laziness of your own human nature. Then these weapons are activated and you are able to use them in all their power for My glory.

180. You will be able to go far beyond anything man has ever accomplished before, because it will not be the nature of man doing it‚ but My nature in you through these weapons that will destroy evil, defeat Satan, and bring light, life, love and power to one another, to yourself‚ and to all those you touch.

In summary

181. (Mama:) Before you read the following summary points, stop and think about the Letter, and try to remember as many of the important points as you can. Then read the list and see how many you retained.

Ø Understand why you’re fighting. Have a goal in mind for your problems.

Ø Bring the battle to the Enemy when he attacks you!

Ø Focus on becoming offensive fighters and use your spiritual weapons offensively. You must take on the mindset of an aggressor and conqueror rather than a counterattacker or defender. Much of the victory lies in praise, positive thinking, and positive action.

Ø You’re an uncompromising threat to Satan’s realm. He sees you as dangerous men and women who are true threats. Let that encourage you and motivate you to get tough on the Enemy! Be strong in the spirit like you have the potential to be.

Ø You are destined to receive the greatest honor ever bestowed on anyone! Because of this, you must face great tests of preparation to purge the world from your hearts and spirits.

Ø Attacks of the Enemy and battles will become an increased part of your life as you go into the Endtime.

Ø The Enemy is fighting God’s will for the future of the Family, and that’s why there are so many battles in the spirit and why many of you are feeling the heat.

Ø You’re in training for the future, but you don’t have that much time left for training; these days of peace are numbered.

Ø The key of determination will be instrumental in fighting the Enemy, overcoming, and being successful. It will give you the strength to persevere‚ to not give up, but to fight through to victory.

Ø The first step to take to stay a step ahead of the Enemy is to praise! Praise is one of the most advanced spiritual weapons you can use.

Ø Ask the Lord to show you (and your Home) how to stay a step ahead of the Enemy. Learn how to look beyond the immediate needs of today‚ to plan and prepare and be strengthened for the future.

Ø Take one weapon at a time and focus on it. Pray about specific positive and proactive steps that you can take to develop your use of that weapon.

Ø Bombard the Enemy with as many of the weapons at your disposal as you can! Use all your weapons! Don’t just inflict damage, but obliterate him and put down his forces completely.

Ø We can call the spiritual weapon of love, unity, trust and selflessness the weapon of brotherhood. This weapon is the key to winning the world and making disciples of all nations!

Ø We can call on the Cathars for help in learning to use the weapon of brotherhood. They are the guardians of love.

Ø In order to really be proficient and expert fighters, our spiritual weapons must become a part of us, not just something we take up and use when it suits our purpose.

Remembering to fight when you least feel like it!

182. As I was going over these messages from the Lord and preparing this GN for you, I started pulling out the key points. The Lord showed me to put some of them together in a “statement of intent” or “creed of battle‚” what we believe as fighters, children of David, and will by faith become with the Lord’s help.

183. The Lord said that He wanted to put it all together for you like this so that you would have it in one place to go back to and refer to easily when you’re in the heat of battle. He said:

184. (Jesus:) This “fighter’s creed of the children of David” is something that I want My brides to be able to take with them and use whenever they need it. It’s something that I want them to read and review when they least feel like it, because that’s how you become a fighter—by fighting when you least feel like it. Reminding themselves of what their reactions should be is crucial‚ and will help them to make more right decisions when they’re on the spot and need to remember to take up their weapons and fight! That’s the true test of a fighter, and that’s what I expect from the children of David—that they will learn to pick up their weapons and fire them no matter how they feel.

185. So, we’re including the “fighter’s creed of the children of David” here at the end of this first “Art of War” GN, and we’ll also post it as a separate file on the MO site that you can print out and carry around with you as the Lord instructed. As I work on compiling more of these messages for you on how to fight, we’ll add to it as needed, and will update the separate file.

186. There’s more to come! We have not yet begun to fight! Don’t let that thought overwhelm you! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and pray for a change of mind‚ and then read the following statements‚ and say them out loud—to yourself, to our Husband and Commander in Chief, and to the Devil! Say them as often as you need to, until you start to feel the fire of hatred for the Devil, the challenge to defeat him‚ and the desire to live these words!

187. As you wield the weapons of war in your hands, you will grow in strength and faith and grace, and will learn to love engaging the Devil and defeating him! Praise and honor to our Husband, Who teaches our hands to war and our fingers to fight!

With love and honor as a fellow soldier,


The Fighter’s Creed of the Children of David

We are soldiers. We are conquerors. To fight in our Lord’s wars is our calling. This is our destiny: to set back‚ to defeat, to conquer, and to completely rout our adversary.

We are aggressors. We are attackers. We are overcomers. This is our calling and our commission.

We will take the initiative and get the upper hand.

We will fight this war to the best of our ability. We will give it all we’ve got. We will fight with heart, mind, body, and soul. We will win the war.

We will learn to enjoy stamping out the Enemy and rescuing ourselves, our brethren, and the lost from his clutches!

We will take over the world for our King and Husband and Commander in Chief! This is our goal and our focus‚ what we vow to live and breathe and fight for each day.

We will scare the Enemy back to Hell, because we are channels of the full power of God through our use of the undefeatable and invincible weapons of the spirit that He has entrusted to our hands.

Our attitude toward the Devil will be one of a seasoned veteran fighter who is not shocked or surprised or overwhelmed by the Enemy’s tactics, who has been through the worst and has won‚ and knows that with the power of the spiritual weapons, any attack will end in defeat for our adversary!

We will take active steps to grow in wielding our weapons of love and unity, which are some of the prime weapons that will help us to win disciples of all nations and win the world for Jesus.

We are an uncompromising threat to Satan’s realm.

We are an aggressive, invading force‚ conquering the Enemy’s territory.

We are tough and mighty in spirit because we have a tough and mighty God. We are strong in Him and in the power of His might.

We are the children of David and are destined to be shining lights in the deepest darkness, to endure to the End and receive the crown of life, to be men and women of faith who will do exploits‚ to help the Gospel be preached in every nation, before kings and governors, before hungry crowds and raging mobs, to bring many to our Husband, and our witness will be greater than any who have gone before.

In order to fulfill our mission on Earth:

• We commit ourselves to becoming proficient and expert in the art of spiritual warfare.

• We resolve to focus on becoming offensive fighters.

• We will anticipate the Devil’s next move and preempt it.

• We resolve to storm the gates of Satan’s strongholds.

• We dedicate ourselves to learn to fight effectively.

• We resolve not to be intimidated, or discouraged by the battles.

• We choose to love the fight and to relish the opportunity of hitting the Enemy where it hurts.

• We determine to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with our weapons in our hands.

• We resolve to constantly look for the next way we can defeat, surprise‚ and devastate the Enemy.

• We will not waver in our knowledge that we are seasoned‚ veteran fighters, dangerous to the Enemy, and that we have the power to defeat him every time.

• We commit ourselves to engaging the Enemy.

• We resolve to focus on the victory.

• We determine to ambush, rout, massacre, obliterate, and slaughter the Devil.

• We determine to learn to anticipate the Enemy’s moves and preempt them.

• We commit ourselves to fighting and killing Satan’s minions wherever we find them.

• We resolve to use all the spiritual power available to us.

• We resolve to welcome the battles because they are our teachers and make us stronger, wiser‚ and more fearsome adversaries, more equipped to be effective soldiers.

• We commit ourselves to persevering with the key of determination.

• We resolve not to give up until we see victory, and not to rest until we have seen our Enemy slaughtered.

• We determine to fight him, heart, soul‚ body and strength.

• We determine that we will be moving targets.

• We commit ourselves to advancing on the Enemy’s territory, attacking him first, and not waiting for him to attack us.

• We will fight the Enemy with passion and fervor, and will not give up until we see victory.

• We will not rest until we have seen our Enemy defeated.

• We determine to wallop him, assault him, bombard him, combat him, blast him‚ confuse him‚ and finally obliterate him.

• We resolve to use all of our firepower and put down his forces completely.

• We will take up the undefeatable weapon of praise and use it in every situation, no matter how we feel.

• We will brandish our weapon of prophecy, and through it have foreknowledge of the Enemy’s attacks and chart the course to victory.

• We will skillfully use the weapon of loving our Husband intimately‚ till we are known as His intimate brides who are victorious in every battle!

• We will wield the weapon of humility, even at the times we least feel like it.

• We will diligently use the weapon of focusing on the power, and will put down all attempts by our adversary to distract and confuse us.

• We will charge with the weapon of the keys‚ knowing that their power is unequaled and victory is guaranteed.

• We will wield the weapon of love and unity, knowing that Satan is defeated by it.

• We will rely on the weapon of prayer, exercising and stretching our faith in this area as we claim the miracles promised to us.

• We will rely on full possession by our Husband, for though we are weak, He is strong in us.

• We will depend on the weapon of working with our spirit helpers, and through them be all that our Husband needs us to be.

• We will unleash the weapon of the Word on our adversary, and not rest until he is defeated.

• We choose to lead the way and be the attackers, the aggressors, the conquerors!

• We will persevere, endure, and triumph!

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(End of File)

Art of War, The–Part 1–Letter Links 2: The Weapon of Brotherhood

February 26, 2005

Table of Contents

(ML #3532, GN 1123)

FD/MM/FM January 2005

Goals for 1998

ML #3160:77-84, 113-118, 124-126, 134-139‚ 141–147, 197–202, Vol.24

Goal Number 6

77. (Peter:) The two greatest commandments are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength‚ and to love our neighbor as ourselves. (See Mark 12:30,31.) … He said‚ “By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another” (Jn.13:35).

78. Love is the lifeblood of the Family. Love is the foundation‚ the cornerstone. Love is what the Family should be known for. Our love for one another should be like a soft, warm, cozy blanket that wraps gently around each one of us, in which we find comfort and security, peace and understanding.

79. Unfortunately, and I’m sorry to have to say this, one of the areas that the Family generally has fallen sadly short in is that simple, unconditional, brotherly love that “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things,” the type that “never fails” and that “puts away any childish things” that divide you from others (1Cor.13). I’m talking about the kind of love that understands‚ forgives, and reaches out a helping hand to love without partiality. The kind of love that loves the unlovely, looks past one another’s faults and shortcomings, sees the Lord in others, and sees each individual as someone who’s given their heart and life to Jesus and the Family, someone who deserves to be accepted, nurtured, cared for, and loved.

80. As the Lord has told us before, we can be Jesus for one another. (See ML #3032:76-95, GN 664.) We can be the manifestation of His love. The concern, sympathy, affection, patience, faith, understanding and love that we show for another may be the very thing that will give that person the faith, courage and strength to keep going, to fight on, and to win the victory.

81. Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me” (Mat.25:40). So Mama and I ask each of you—have you been Jesus for your brethren? Have you treated the least of these as you would treat Jesus? Have you been the example of the Lord’s love that He wants you to be?

82. How about if we set as a general overall goal to love one another more—to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to be Jesus for our brethren, to let the Lord’s love shine through us more, and be manifested in more forgiveness, understanding, communication, sharing, support, sympathy, affection‚ and practical, loving, caring action!

83. Let’s give of our time‚ be a listening ear, and open our hearts, our beds and our lives to others. Let’s be swift to forgive and forget. Let’s do our best to share our worldly possessions, love others’ children as if they were our own, and be our brother’s keeper. Let’s not hold back the simple affection that so wonderfully communicates the Lord’s love. Let’s try with all our hearts to set a good example, be a strong shoulder to lean on or cry on‚ and be a sample of the Lord’s unconditional love. Let’s not jump to conclusions or judge unfairly‚ but instead give the benefit of the doubt to those who are struggling. Let’s bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Love!

84. We‚ the Family‚ beginning way back in the early days‚ used to be known for our love. In fact, many people joined the Family simply because of love. For the first time in their lives they felt real, tangible, forgiving, unconditional love. Can this still be said of you and your Home? Are you known for your love? If not, then for the future of the Family and your Home and your own personal service for the Lord, Mama and I ask you to please open your heart and see the need to learn to love again, to be Jesus for others. Let this be one of your personal goals for 1998.

Goal Number 9

113. One of our greatest testimonies to outsiders is our unity. They recognize that it’s a miracle that we can live together in harmony. We’re from different walks of life, different nationalities, different backgrounds; we’re even two generations living together under the same roof‚ and in some cases three generations. And yet comparatively speaking, things go remarkably well, flow smoothly, and we’re happy together.

114. Many families in the System, just the husband and wife with their children, have a hard time communicating on the shallowest level. Barely getting along and managing the day-to-day affairs of their lives as a small family unit is a near impossibility for many. So when they see us living together, working together and loving together, they know it’s something very special. It helps them to believe that God does exist, that His love is real today, and it makes them want to have that love as well. “By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).

115. But I’m sorry to say that in recent years the Enemy has greatly attacked our unity. We’re not as united as we should be, and this is a very serious breach of our spiritual security, as well as a strong hindrance to our fruitfulness and even our personal happiness. Being unified is extremely important, because it brings down the Spirit of the Lord and His blessings. To be in unity means we walk hand in hand, we’re of the same mind, we fight together, pray together, reach for the same goals, have the same standards and convictions.

116. To be truly unified is like being arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, standing in a circle around the same Center. And that Center is Jesus and the Word and our common goals of reaching the world for Him, preparing for the Endtime, caring for each other, and helping each other to be the strongest soldier we each can possibly be.

117. From the beginning of the Family, Dad and the Lord laid down key foundation principles and beliefs that set the Family apart, and unfortunately, in many Homes and your personal lives you have strayed from these foundation principles. This has caused a great weakening of the Family overall‚ and our unity in particular.

118. Mama and I would like to set as goal number nine to create stronger unity. But in order to achieve that goal, we’ll have to work on overcoming what we call roadblocks to unity.

124. (Jesus: ) Unity is one of the prime requisites for pulling down My blessings. If the Family is lacking unity, it’s because they are disobedient in one or several areas. For to disregard or to pull away from the foundation principles of the children of David is disobedience, and this affects My being able to pour down My blessings as abundantly and richly as I would like to. One of the blessings that I long to give to My children is unity, because unity is one of the greatest testimonies to outsiders. It’s also a source of happiness and contentment for My children.

125. Where unity is lacking there is heaviness of spirit, contention‚ unhappiness, and the freedom of My Spirit is not allowed to flow as I would wish or as My children desire. So many of the blessings of the Spirit, the things that really make the lives of My children happier and more fulfilled, depend upon obedience, unity and faith.

126. At this point in time there are many roadblocks to unity, for many have become selfish, self-centered and distant regarding the pillar beliefs or the foundation of the Word—the “old landmarks.” (End of excerpt of message.)

Goal Number 10

134. (Jesus:) Instead of living communally and sacrificing to be more efficient and more economical and a testimony of the principle of “all that believed were together and had all things common,” a growing number have now chosen to live on their own. They feel it’s easier, simpler‚ less complicated, and in their eyes it certainly requires less sacrifice and less yielding. But what these have forgotten is that living together and having all things in common and truly sharing not only your material possessions, but your time and talent and skills and love, is one of the most important testimonies setting the Family apart from other churches.

135. The lack of living Acts 2:44 and 45 is obviously a very big hindrance to unity. It’s taking the easy way out and not being willing to make the sacrifices necessary to keep yielding and growing in love and preferring your brethren. Therefore, not only does it hinder the flow of My Spirit and the giving of My blessings and provision and protection‚ but it also hinders the personal growth of those who choose to remove themselves from the body and to live separately, on their own.

136. It also takes away many opportunities that the children would have to grow and progress by being around Family children of their own age that they can interact with, witness with, perform with, and learn with. It also takes the children away from their other aunts and uncles who could pour into them and be a good example to them. A lack of desire to live Acts 2:44 and 45 strikes at the very foundation of the “One Wife” vision. For how can people live the “One Wife” vision if they don’t even live under the same roof?

137. Not being willing to live together communally also takes away one of the avenues of great inspiration for My children. For when you live together in harmony, unity and love, you’re able to partake of one of the greatest blessings and riches of the Family, which is available to so few Christians today. Most Christians live on their own and have so little fellowship with others who believe the same. They have so little time for heart-sharing, communication and united prayer; so little time for working together, ministering and witnessing together.

138. But those in the Family who live communally can avail themselves of these things every day, every night. And when there is great unity and love‚ mutual respect and support, then this becomes a source of great strength. For as I have said, “One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!” And how much more when there are many of one mind and heart and spirit, united together, fighting for the same goals, bearing one another’s burdens, rejoicing together at the victories, and seeking Me together for the battles.

139. Lack of living communally and sharing all things may look to some to be just a small deviance from My plan, part of their “personal choice” in this new day—something that doesn’t make much difference and isn’t really that important. But they don’t understand the great blessings that they’re sacrificing and the powerful testimony that they’re losing in not being willing to make the sacrifices necessary to live together in love and have all things in common‚ as My early disciples did, and as the children of David have from the beginning and through the years. (End of excerpt of message.)

141. (Peter:) This question of living the “One Wife” vision and Acts 2:44 and 45 is broader than just whether you live in a single-family Home or not. Unfortunately, you can be living together with others and still be operating independently—keeping your finances separate, setting different standards for your children, not sharing the load in educating and caring for your children, and not reading the Word, praying or hearing from the Lord together. Even though you live communally, you might have a hard time saying you have many things in common, much less “all things” (Acts 2:44–45).

142. There are numerous examples of cases where there could be much more sharing of goods, finances, or personnel, whether you live together in the same Home or not, but pure selfishness stands in the way. It’s terribly sad to see that there are many double standards now within the Family. For example, there are Homes in the same area, especially in poorer fields, where some have plenty due to home support or fundraising in home fields, while other Homes nearby, often where there are more nationals, are in great need.

143. In Homes where nationals and foreigners live together, what happens in some cases is that the foreigners leave the field periodically to raise funds, but when they return to their Home, instead of making those funds available to the Home teamwork to be used by all as Home finances, those who raised the funds hold on to them and then dole them out little by little, according to their own preferences or judgment. To make matters even worse, the foreigners who leave the field to raise funds also return with all the things they and their children need but with little or nothing for those who stayed behind, which makes for a very serious double standard when it comes to possessions as well. Needless to say, this causes a lot of resentment and division, and is a very poor sample of love and having all things in common. Brethren, these things ought not so to be!

144. It’s this selfishness, this watching out for yourself and your own, that the Lord is unhappy about. This is not only a terrible testimony to outsiders but it greatly disheartens and even stumbles some of the brethren. God help us!

145. Not only is communal living a powerful testimony to outsiders, but it also helps you to stay obedient to the Word and the Charter when you live together with others, as you can help and uphold one another. You can be your brother’s keeper. Of course, it’s naturally much easier to have the conviction to obey and not compromise when you’re working closely with others, rather than off on your own where you don’t have as much incentive to try to be a good sample, and you’re not accountable to others.

146. Mama and I ask that you seek the Lord regarding your personal attitudes and see if you’ve strayed from the Family’s foundation beliefs regarding having all things in common, and loving deeply and without partiality those of your greater marriage—those in your Home and the whole Family. Please check your heart and see where you stand in spirit.

147. Are you still striving to live the Letters, to give your brethren as much as possible of your time, talents, and material goods? Are you willing to share what you have with those who have need, so all will have enough? Are you loving others’ children and doing all you can to help to train them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? Are you following closely the principles of the “One Wife” vision and Acts 2:44 and 45 that the Family was founded on? Or have you cooled off in spirit and decided that the Family lifestyle and the sacrificial love it requires is just not for you anymore? Let’s commit ourselves to a personal goal of more fully living Acts 2:44 and 45 and the “One Wife” vision.

Goal Number 15

197. (Jesus:) Many of the problems with lack of unity are rooted in selfishness. Many of the roadblocks to unity are rooted in selfishness—whether it be an unwillingness to live together with others communally, or a lack of care for the single mothers, or a lack of sexual sharing and caring for those in need.

198. To live together in unity, to love others, to live the “One Wife” vision, to care for the single mothers, their children‚ and your peers, requires great, great unselfish love. It’s a sacrifice. It’s giving. Oftentimes it hurts. It’s death to self. But this is the very heart and soul of a missionary. For if you’re not willing to love and care for and give of yourself for your own brethren‚ those who are by your side who love Me, those who have chosen to serve Me and who are in need‚ then how can you say you love the lost? In fact‚ if you cannot love your brethren in need whom you have seen, how can you love Me whom you have not seen? Or how can you love those who you seek to save and minister to, those who are full of so many more weaknesses, problems, sins‚ and evil ways?

199. Loving your brethren and caring for those in need is an exercise in humility and love. It’s the way that I have provided to keep your hearts soft, to keep you malleable, moldable, and fresh in the spirit. If you’re pouring out day by day‚ caring for those in need in your own Home, your own brethren‚ then you’ll be much more willing and ready to care for those in need who are lost—the unsaved, the unlovely, the ungodly children of the world.

200. Though your brethren have many weaknesses or NWOs that bother you, get on your nerves, or test your patience, they love Me and have given themselves to Me. Many have served many long, difficult years as faithful missionaries, faithful voices for the truth, and it is the least you can do to love and care for and do all you can to understand and sympathize with and meet the needs of these who are heroes and heroines in My eyes.

201. But little by little, through selfishness, you’ve hardened your heart to the ways of love that are the foundation of living the Law of Love and the “One Wife” vision. Little by little, day by day‚ you’ve stepped ever so slowly, but ever so gradually, away from the essence of My truth and the purity of caring for your brethren. Slowly, selfishness has seeped into your thoughts and your lifestyle. Even many of your decisions have been based on selfish goals, concerns or desires.

202. Selfishness is the way of the world. The people of the world are experts at living selfish lives—putting themselves first. But if you are to be the testimony I want you to be, then you must not only seek to put Me first, but you must also put the needs of others first, and this requires unselfishness that is borne of My Spirit. It’s a miracle of My Spirit. For when you’re selfish, you’re full of self; but when you’re unselfish, you’re full of Me and My truth and light and Spirit. (End of excerpt of message.)

Loving Kindness

ML #3237:14-35, GN 840

Affection Releases Spiritual Power!

14. (Jesus:) I have so much love to give to My children! I have so much love to show you! I have so much love which I wait to give to you in many ways! My love is very great and it will never run out; it will never run dry. My love for My children is always fresh and new and alive. It is always there for you no matter what happens, for My love is true and divine.

15. I know My children have great need of My love; they thirst and desire and want Me. They have great need of My affection, My tenderness and kindness. They need My love in all forms. They need My spiritual love to be manifest. They need the love of My Spirit. As you show one another simple, natural affection, you unleash the power of My love in a greater way.

16. Each touch of the hand, each pat on the back, each time you put your arm around another’s shoulder, each time you give an affectionate hug, you are releasing spiritual power. You are releasing love power. You are giving the love of My Spirit.

17. Each kiss on the cheek, each hand on the knee, each display of true, genuine affection makes it possible for the spirit of encouragement to flow.

18. The Enemy fights this, for the Enemy hates love, and it is his goal to destroy and tear down any form of true, genuine, spiritual, Godly love. He is the enemy of love. He promotes aggression, hate, false love, shallowness, worldliness—all that is opposite of the true spirit of love.

19. So the Enemy blocks and hinders and tries to persuade you to withhold displays of affection. He tries to make pride stand in the way. He tries to raise up walls and make jealousy stand in the way, because he knows that there is great, great power that will be released through your giving and receiving of affection.

20. As you give sweet, simple, natural affection to each other, you strengthen your bond of unity with each other. You create strong bonds of unity that grow and grow stronger with each continued deed of affection. The Enemy is aware of this and he is aware of the tremendous spiritual power of unity that will be created‚ so he fights it and tries to discourage it and stop it from happening.

21. He knows that your lives will be richer in love, and that your unity will be tighter and stronger. He knows that your Home will be more fruitful because of this, and that the spiritual channels to My love will be unblocked so that My love can flow through each heart with greater freedom and power.

22. Oh, the power of affection is very great, for the power of love is very great! I am Love, and through Me and My love I can give you great spiritual power of unity, love, and encouragement. The Enemy knows the good fruits of affection, and that those fruits are a strong weapon against his inroads into your lives.

23. As you show one another true affection, you bring down the spirit of encouragement and a spirit of acceptance‚ a spirit of tolerance and caring‚ which uplifts each of you and gives each of you faith and a desire to return love.

24. By doing this, My spirit of love is born again and again and is recreated every day in your lives. It generates in you a greater desire to love each other, to help each other, to encourage and uplift each other, and it binds you tightly together in sweet unity and fellowship.

25. Everyone needs affection. Everyone needs to receive affection and to see affection being shown, because it’s a great encouragement and it shows others that you care about them personally—you care about their lives and you care that they are there. It makes them feel loved, important and worthy.

26. Through feeling loved and cared about and important to others, you feel a new zest for life‚ a new desire to do your best, a new thrill in waking up in the morning, a new spirit of courage, a new inspiration to give love to others—all because you are releasing the power of My Spirit and the power of My love! These things come not of yourselves, but it’s My Spirit working within your lives and within your Homes.

27. As you step out by faith to show affection, to let humility be shown‚ and to act in humility, you will bear the good fruits of humility and love. Your lives and your Homes will be so much richer and fuller and more thrilling—for you will feel the thrills of My spirit of love moving. You will feel the blessings of a sweet united spirit of love‚ and that spirit of love will give you great encouragement, joy, and satisfaction. Because of that, you in turn will have My strength to give others encouragement, joy‚ and satisfaction. The more you give, the more you personally will receive, and the more you personally will feel motivated to give again to others.

28. Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep. You can feed My sheep not only by feeding them My written Word, but you can feed My sheep by feeding them My affection. Your display of affection to others—to your brothers and sisters, your co-workers and to those you live with, to the older generation or the younger generation—is My love for them. They need it; they need to feel My love in a physical form, for it’s the physical touches of affection and love which are real to My children. It’s the proof of My great love for them.

29. So show them that I care about them by putting your arm around their shoulder. Feed My sheep. Show them that you’re concerned about them by stroking their hair. Feed My sheep. Show them that you believe in Me and are willing to obey My Words and My will.

30. Love them and feed them, that My sheep and My children may be happy and fulfilled and fruitful. The more you give your physical touch of affection and love, the more My spirit of love can flow through you and satisfy and encourage and inspire My children.

31. It doesn’t have to be big deeds. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be a big spiritual workout. You don’t have to feel like you can’t do it‚ you can’t make it, you don’t have what it takes. Because all it takes is a couple of seconds when you walk by someone to pat them on the back, or touch them on the arm and say, “I love you.”

32. The Enemy fights it because he hates it. He hates your physical contact and displays of affection, because each time you do it, you’re strengthening your spiritual bond and unity. You’re strengthening the power of My Spirit in your lives and in your Homes.

33. Each time you obey, I will bless and reward and give the fruits of My Spirit. So don’t be afraid to give of My beautiful spirit of affection. I’m affectionate, I’m loving, I’m kind, I’m sincere, and each time you do these things you bring more of Me and My Spirit into your life and into your Homes. You create a vacuum for My Spirit to enter and bless and love the one who you are touching. And I not only bless them, but I bless you! I not only love them through your touch, but I love you, because you had the faith to step out and love them.

34. You open the channels to Heaven through which My Spirit and My blessing can flow and touch your lives. It’s real! It’s true! It’s a reality! It’s not just a fantasy, a dream, or a good thought, but these things of the Spirit are true. I do bless you and touch you with My Spirit. I do give you the spirit of encouragement. I bless you with the spirit of unity. I do touch you and give you satisfaction and fulfillment. I bless your life with a greater desire to love. I really and truly pour great spiritual blessings through the channel that you have opened up. (End of message.)

35. (Mama:) Wow! Thank You Jesus for those beautiful, beautiful promises! Help us to be more like You, Jesus—more loving, more giving! Help us to open up the channel for Your blessings and Your encouragement through giving to others. Thank You for the gift of affection—another precious manifestation of Your unconditional love for us! We love You, Jesus!

Do the Humble Thing

ML #3251:16–25, GN 853

Unity and Trust—New Weapons for the Endtime

16. (Jesus: ) One weapon you need to strengthen is the love of the brethren. My children, you each need to know without a shadow of a doubt that you would lay down your life for each other. The time is coming when all My Family will need to have that assurance in their hearts, that the other will be there for them.

17. You’ve made progress and have learned and grown in some areas of living the Law of Love and the “One Wife” vision, and I know you have it as one of your goals to work on more. But I must impress upon you the need and how important this weapon really is.

18. Some of you fight against this new move of the Spirit in your hearts. You struggle with selfishness‚ making ends meet yourselves‚ or wondering what battles the future would hold if you were to fully obey My Words. But the love I am talking about that I wish to give you will override all those things; it will overcome them, and it is the most important thing you could strive for right now. There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when material things and ministries will no longer be so important. The time is coming when you all will need to trust in each other’s love just to survive.

19. It’s like the story of the two brothers on the battlefield, when one brother was trapped in no man’s land, mortally wounded. When the other brother found out about it, he came to try and rescue him, in spite of the certainty that he would be shot. Thus he sacrificed his own life trying to save his brother’s. When asked why he did it, he replied with his dying breath, “Because he expected it of me.” That’s the kind of love and trust I’m talking about—knowing that you can count on each other.

20. This kind of love and trust and bond of unity is going to take a little while to nurture back to full health, as some of you have been hurt by others’ selfishness. Selfishness is something that is common to all and is on both sides of the fence—you who have hurt others, and you who feel like you’ve been hurt. Some of you want more than your share, and you hurt others by not giving. Others of you feel like you deserve more, and so you’re hurt when you’re not given as much as you think you deserve. Then there are those of you who are giving, but have been taken advantage of. There are many hurts and wounds from selfishness. But now is the time to know that all have sinned and all have their selfishness. Now is the time to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

21. Now is the time to work on building more trust and unity in the Family, for this is one of the new weapons. Love, unity, trust, and selflessness are not just nice Christian virtues to strive for‚ but they are part of the new weapons that will protect and help you through the dark days ahead. All these work together with the other new weapons—loving Me intimately and so passionately that you know that I would never do anything to hurt you; knowing that I do all things for your good no matter what the outward circumstances look like; praising Me and hearing My voice to lead and guide and direct you; and trusting your brethren that they will be there for you, that they also hear from Me and will do the right thing. Such love, unity, trust, and selflessness will be a help and a comfort in the dark days to come. Now is the time to work on these weapons.

22. Just like with the other new weapons of My Spirit—praising Me, loving Me intimately, hearing from Me in prophecy—the way you will become skilled in using the weapon of love, unity, selflessness, and trust in your brothers and sisters is through using it. You might feel that you don’t want to be the first one to step out, for you don’t want to be hurt or taken advantage of. But those feelings are from the Enemy‚ as he tries to hold you back from using this very important tool that I’ve given you.

23. My loves, the days are coming when this love and strong trust and brotherhood between you will save your lives, if you have cultivated these things. And if you have not, you will be left wounded and vulnerable. The only way to become practiced and skilled in how to defend yourself with this weapon of love against the Enemy is to begin using it now. Ask Me how you can be more loving. Ask Me to show you the areas in your personal life where selfishness is manifested. Ask Me to speak to you about how you personally can go on the attack to break down the walls that have risen between you and your brethren‚ how you can manifest more trust, more faith, how you can share more and be a greater support to others.

24. This will not come easily, for the Enemy will fight you hard. But I tell you that it is a battle worth winning, for it will be your strength in the days to come. And along with hearing from Me directly, knowing of My intimate love for you, and being strong in the area of praising Me, this love and trust and unselfishness that will be built between you will be your defense, your strength, your salvation, your victory! (End of message.)

25. (Mama:) The Lord makes it very clear in that message that the unity He’s asking us to have is not only so that we can be more fruitful or a better sample, happier, and receive more of His blessings, but because in the days to come our very lives and survival will depend on it! He said that it’s one of the new weapons He’s given us with which to defend ourselves against the Enemy and survive in the days to come. If we’re going to continue to be His witnesses and be able to do the job He has for us right up until the End‚ then we’d better start preparing now in the ways that He shows us!

Show Appreciation

ML #3254:40-41, 43-65, 105-114, GN 859

Love and Appreciate the Dear Ones by Your Side!

40. (Mama:) We live such busy lives in reaching the world and we feel the responsibility to get out the message to the lost, but sometimes we fail to appreciate our own brothers and sisters. It’s very sad that some of our own loved ones and mates of our greater marriage feel discouraged or useless and unloved, when the Lord has so much love that He wants to pour out!

41. Our whole ministry is giving the Lord’s love to the world. How much more should we be faithful to give it to those beside us who have also given their lives to accomplishing that goal! As the Lord brings out, that’s a very important part of our ministry—to be ministers of love and encouragement to our brethren.

43. (Jesus:) It’s good that you tell others of Me, that you spread My love and My message abroad in the hearts of all men, that they may be drawn to Me and find life‚ peace, and true love. But neglect not to love those who are by your side, to love and appreciate your neighbor as yourself. This you ought to have done‚ and not to have left the other undone.

44. This is My commandment, that you love others as yourself, that you appreciate others as you yourself wish to be appreciated, that you give to others as you wish to be given unto yourself. Look not every man on his own things, his own works and concerns, but look every man on the things and works of others and see how he may be a blessing to them.

45. Your ministry is not only to the world, but also to the dear ones by your side‚ your brothers and sisters in Me, your co-workers, friends and companions who also lay down their lives for Me daily, who have also taken up their cross to follow Me.

46. Appreciation begins with loving‚ appreciative thoughts. As a man or woman thinks in their heart, so are they. As they think positive and uplifting thoughts about their neighbors, this results in positive and uplifting attitudes and actions towards their neighbors.

47. Don’t dwell on your brother or sister’s lacks and failings, their faults and idiosyncrasies; think instead on their good points—how much they love Me, how hard they work, the sacrifices they make, their cheerfulness in the face of affliction, their faith in the midst of adversity‚ their love for the lost and their dedication to My cause.

48. This is why I counseled you in My Word to dwell on the things that are true, honest, just‚ pure, lovely, and of good report, to think of the virtues of others and the things for which they deserve praise. As you see others in this way, your attitudes towards them change, and they begin to feel the change in your spirit.

49. They begin to feel needed, appreciated, valued—not just another child who’s learning lessons and growing up, not just another young person who does outreach or watches children‚ not just another SGA struggling to find their place in the Family and the one with whom they would like to spend the rest of their life, not just another older adult with afflictions or marital problems or difficulties with their young people.

50. As I have loved you, so should you love one another. Appreciate one another. Express your appreciation for each other every day in many little ways. When the women in the Home look beautiful‚ tell them so. And by beautiful, I don’t mean just when they’re dolled up with makeup or a fancy dress. You’ll find so much beauty to appreciate once you start looking for it! When the men in the Home look neat, clean and handsome, or do something kind and courteous, tell them so. When the children are especially obedient or are making progress in some little way, tell them so. When the handyman has repaired something or done something worthy of praise, express your praise. When the cook has prepared a nice meal, tell her so.

51. Show your appreciation even if things don’t turn out as people hoped they would. Maybe the child made a few mistakes in her drawing, or the cook burned the potatoes, or the handyman bent a few nails, or someone completed a project but forgot a few little details. Praise the love and effort that went into it and overlook the faults, if you can, like I do. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and be loving and sincere in your approval, appreciation and praise.

52. During your praise times, think of something to praise Me for about your mate, your children, your brothers and sisters and co-workers. Don’t merely say that they’re wonderful or are a blessing, but be specific:

53. “Thank You Lord for Marie and what a terrific mother she is and how much she loves her children and is so sacrificial in caring for them, willing to give up what little free time she has so that they can be happy and fulfilled.”

54. “Thank You Lord for Pete and how he works so hard to pay our bills and keep our Home running smoothly each month, taking care of a multitude of business.”

55. “Thank You Jesus for Phillip and what a good sample he is of prayerfulness and including You in his conversations and thoughts. It’s so uplifting to be around him because he’s praising You and voicing his love for You, and it makes me want to do the same.”

56. “Thank You Lord for Jeanie and how cheerful she is. Even when she gets asked to do things that she probably doesn’t really feel like doing, she never makes anyone feel bad for asking for her help, and is so cheerful and willing.”

57. “Jesus, thank You for John, and for what a good handyman You’ve made him. Thank You that we don’t have to pay lots of money to get the little things fixed and repaired and even built around the house, because You’ve gifted him with the know-how to take care of those things. He fills such a big need in our Home.”

58. “Lord, thank You for Sherry and what a good sample she is of getting in your Word and sharing it with others. It’s always so encouraging when she shares with me one of her recent favorite quotes‚ and makes me want to go read that Letter too. Her enthusiasm is contagious‚ and I’m so thankful for how she’s helped me to be more faithful in my Word time!”

59. You could do this even if you’re not having praise time—go around the circle and express appreciation for each other‚ or express your appreciation for one person or child who is in need of encouragement and praise.

60. For someone’s birthday, you could even prepare a list of all the things they do and the ways they are which you appreciate about them—their kindness and gentleness with the children, their courtesy and concern for others‚ their sweet and cheerful spirit‚ their attitude of praise, their liveliness and uplifting attitude, their diligence in business, their ability in the kitchen‚ their love for the lost and the way they know how to get out the tools, their talent in follow–up or the mail ministry, and many other such things.

61. It’s also good that you express more interest in your brothers and sisters. Though you live close together, often you don’t know each other in a deep way. Share testimonies of your life before or after joining the Family, or growing up in the Family, over dinner or during fellowship. As you come to know each other more deeply, you’ll learn to appreciate each other more.

62. Love and appreciate your neighbors—the brethren by your side—in the same way you love the lost. You wouldn’t think of being grouchy, irritable, or angry with the lost, or rushing off when they’re in need and wish to talk. Try to have the same love and appreciation for those who live with you and are close by you. Smile, even though you may not feel like it. Hug them, even if you’re not feeling affectionate. Talk to them, even though you’re short on time.

63. When you’re with your mate, your children, or your brothers and sisters, give them your full attention. Don’t be distracted by other thoughts‚ other jobs, other people, but give them your loving look, your listening ears, your concentration and prayerful attention, your sympathetic heart, your affectionate touch, your caring and concerned words.

64. Another way to effectively give appreciation is by telling a person an encouraging thing someone else has told you about them. Of course, you must be prayerful and wise when you pass on another’s words, but when someone compliments someone else in your presence and you prayerfully pass it on, it can be doubly encouraging to know that someone appreciates them enough to tell others about it, and that you also appreciate them enough to pass on the compliment.

65. As you give to others, it will be given to you. As you care for and appreciate others, so will they care for and appreciate you. Then your Home will truly be a Home of hearts, with hearts full of love overflowing on each other and the lost. (End of message.)

The Love Game!

105. Following is a message with more from the Lord on the value of love, appreciation, kindness, courtesy and encouragement here and now as well as hereafter. These things are very important to the Lord, and they carry on forever. Why not strive to set new personal records in loving and appreciating others today? I love you!

106. (Jesus:) Everybody is in the love game and all Heaven is watching you play, because this is Heaven’s favorite sport! I’m the author of the game, and I’ve designed it to have no limits. This is one game you can never get enough of. The time to play is right now. The time to stop is never. You can go as far in the game as you want. New records are being broken every day. Will you be next?

107. The love game will always keep your interest! It will always challenge you, stimulate you, satisfy you. It’s the best active pastime you can ever take part in. And to top it off, it has the best payoff! It’s the highest-paid sport of all time! The prizes you win for playing the game are off the charts, out of the world imagined by earthlings!

108. The rules of the game are this: The object is to be the most loving person you can—to show love and appreciation to as many people as you can‚ as often as you can.

109. The goal of the game is to be on the top of the list of the most loving. You can take as many turns as you like. A turn consists of doing something loving. Reach out and give someone a hug, a kiss, an encouraging word. Do a kind deed, tell someone how much you appreciate them‚ make a little sacrifice to help someone‚ lend a listening ear, say a kind word—take your pick from any one of a limitless number of things you can do to brighten someone’s life‚ make their job easier or give them a little love.

110. Any deed you do to show love and appreciation to those around you gains points in the love game. The more turns you take, the more points you score. As long as you take a turn, you never lose. I have assigned each of you a Heavenly scorekeeper whose job is keeping track of your score. Every time you gain a point, it’s recorded on your official love scorecard. You’ll always win something for each point, but naturally those with the highest scores win the most prizes! When you arrive up Here, the scores will be displayed for all to see. You’ll get to see who was the most loving‚ who showed others the most appreciation and who won the most prizes. It’s all on exhibition up Here!

111. This is the most exciting game going on in the universe! Love is the name of the game! All Heaven is watching you play the game‚ rooting for you and cheering you on, watching to see how skilled you become, watching to see if you discover new moves and ways to score points. It’s to your advantage to become skilled at the game right now‚ because when you get Here, the game goes on! Love—that’s the name of the game in Heaven. It’s the in thing in Heaven, and everyone plays it.

112. You might have a tennis match or a soccer match, but the hottest thing going in Heaven is watching you down there in the love match! My Heavenly helpers are all watching to see how you fare, to see how they might help coach you and help you develop your love skills. Take it from Me, it pays to learn the love game well. It pays to work out and stretch those love muscles, listen to your coaches, keep taking turns and stay in shape for the love game—because that’s what’s Heaven is all about!

113. If you want to get ahead in the game, train with Me. I’m the Champ. If you pay close attention, I’ll teach you the winning strategies and techniques that will guarantee your success. The key to getting ahead in the love game is to give it all you’ve got. Be hard-core for love. Go all the way! Let the game of love occupy your mind and dictate your actions all the time. Remember, your game improves with practice. Never pass—always take that turn to show love and appreciation. Perform great feats of love when you can, but never underestimate the simple moves. You’ll be surprised what the simple maneuvers will do. Simple little turns taken regularly and consistently add up the points!

114. I love this game! It’s really My thing. The love game is the best recreation you will ever know. Stick with Me if you want to become skilled in the sport of love. I’ll give you your game plan each morning geared to your playing field of that day. I’ll keep giving you the right calls throughout the day so you can gain points. Be a love devotee, and you’ll join the all-time greats—My all-star cast‚ those who are tops in the field of love, experts at the love game! Now, want to play? I challenge you to a love match! (End of message.)

Choices and Consequences, Part 2

ML #3485:26-27, 29-74, GN 1070

What Does It Mean to Be Your “Brother’s Keeper”?

26. (Mama:) Being your “brother’s keeper” has a bit of a bad connotation with some of you, I think. You automatically think of self-righteousness, correction, shattered friendships, someone reporting on you unfairly, etc.

27. But that’s not at all what the Lord means when He challenges you to be your brother’s keeper.

29. I asked the Lord to give us a list of what He means when He calls each of us to be our brother’s keeper. When you read this list, you’ll see that the Lord is asking you to be a better friend than ever—the right kind of friend. Yes, it will take humility, conviction, and a strength of spirit that many of you are not used to fighting for. But it can be done‚ and done in a way that will make you—and your friends and loved ones—happier than ever.

30. (Jesus: ) Being your brother’s keeper is to love another more than yourself.

31. Being your brother’s keeper will make you do whatever is necessary to make sure that no physical, emotional‚ or spiritual harm comes to that person.

32. Being your brother’s keeper means being supportive.

33. Being your brother’s keeper means that you will always have a good word to say behind their back.

34. Being your brother’s keeper means that you would never gossip about that person‚ or in any way hinder their fellowship with others through spreading untruths, or even facts that are none of your business to know or repeat.

35. Being your brother’s keeper means pointing one another to the Word.

36. Being your brother’s keeper means being the right kind of friend.

37. Being your brother’s keeper means being there for one another.

38. Being your brother’s keeper means that there will be times that you will have to put each other’s spiritual well–being above your personal friendship—even if it will mean the end of your friendship.

39. Being your brother’s keeper will allow you to share one another’s joys, and will eliminate comparing.

40. Being your brother’s keeper means doing no harm to one another.

41. Being your brother’s keeper means helping each other stand strong against compromise and temptation.

42. Being your brother’s keeper is responsibility. It means you realize that I hold you accountable for your influence on your friends and your influence on their choices that determine how they turn out‚ what they accomplish, and how well they serve Me. Of course, each person’s choice is ultimately between Me and them. But how much have you contributed to those choices, whether for good or bad? That is what I hold you accountable for.

43. Being your brother’s keeper is opening your life to another so that they can help you, correct you, safeguard you‚ and likewise help others in turn.

44. Being your brother’s keeper is the ultimate bond of friendship, brotherhood, and unity.

45. Being your brother’s keeper means wanting the best for one another.

46. Being your brother’s keeper will strengthen the Family at all levels.

47. Being your brother’s keeper requires humility, but the rewards are worth it.

48. Being your brother’s keeper requires a close connection with Me; in fact‚ it requires that I’m the most important One in your life. If you’re not tied in tight with your biggest Brother of all, you won’t be the kind of brother or sister that your friends and loved ones need.

49. Being your brother’s keeper means speaking the truth in love, even if you know it will hurt.

50. Being your brother’s keeper is your duty.

51. Being your brother’s keeper never means unprayerful criticism of one another, holding grudges, or placing labels.

52. Being your brother’s keeper means that you are clued in to the fact that there are dangers in this world to your service for Me, to your mental health, to your emotional well-being, and even to your bodies and lives. And because of this, it means doing all that you can to guard one another from those dangers. You can’t be your brother’s keeper if your head is buried in the sand and you pretend that nothing ever goes wrong and that there are never consequences for your actions.

53. Being your brother’s keeper means that sometimes you will have to forgo something that you personally have the faith for, for the sake of another. “If eating meat causeth my brother to stumble, I will eat no meat.”

54. Being your brother’s keeper is bearing one another’s burdens.

55. Being your brother’s keeper means giving till it hurts. It means being willing to share what’s most precious to you—your time, your loved one, yourself—if it will help someone else.

56. Being your brother’s keeper requires you to have a desire to not just want to personally be the best disciple you can be, but to also have a passion to help as many others as possible reach that goal.

57. Being your brother’s keeper means caring more about someone’s long-term future than their short-term happiness.

58. Being your brother’s keeper means lending prayerful words of advice.

59. Being your brother’s keeper also means knowing when to just be silent and pray.

60. Being your brother’s keeper means never giving up on someone.

61. Being your brother’s keeper means encouraging others in the decisions they make to live My Word, and making it as easy as possible for them to make the changes they need to make.

62. Being your brother’s keeper requires you to live around those who have similar goals. It requires teamwork—a shared objective.

63. Being your brother’s keeper will help you to be twice the disciple that you would be on your own, and likewise you will help others reach twice their potential as well.

64. Being your brother’s keeper means being Spirit-led, so that you do the right thing, at the right time, for the right person.

65. Being your brother’s keeper requires a lack of self-righteousness. It won’t work if you’re esteeming yourself as somehow better than the others around you.

66. Being your brother’s keeper means knowing that you’re all in this together, and that the tighter you stick together and the more you can watch out for each other, the easier it will be and the more you’ll get done along the way.

67. Being your brother’s keeper means a willingness to consider any sacrifice, if it will help someone else.

68. Being your brother’s keeper means treating others the way you would want to be treated‚ and approaching their needs, problems, and also successes with the same courtesy, love, admiration, and sensitivity that you would want in those same situations.

69. Being your brother’s keeper is not a work of the flesh. It is allowing yourself to be a physical extension of My Spirit, so that I can touch another through you.

70. Being your brother’s keeper means not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, but taking the time to understand one another and know each other on a deep level.

71. Being your brother’s keeper is a two–way street—you give some, and you get some.

72. Being your brother’s keeper means sticking up for one another in the face of negativity, unloving hurt, or attacks of the Enemy.

73. Being your brother’s keeper requires an understanding that actions speak louder than words, and that a sample is greater than a sermon.

74. Being your brother’s keeper is My will for all of you. (End of message.)

Shooting Straight, Part 4

ML #3502:3–11‚ GN 1090

Free Time Investments That Count!

The issue:

3. (Mama:) It seems a selfish “me first” attitude has crept into the Family regarding free time and free days. (I’m mainly addressing those of you who have more free time—such as some of you singles and young people. This probably isn’t a problem for those of you who have very little free time‚ as if your free time is minimal you probably need to spend much of that time in personal relaxation and time with our Husband.) Apparently, some people seem to feel that reaching out and doing sacrificial deeds for others takes too much work and effort during “off time.” The attitude for some is: “Free time is a pool of time for me‚ for entertainment‚ for personal fun and pleasure. I work hard and sacrifice so much, so when it’s time off I just want to chill.”

God’s mind on the matter:

4. (Jesus:) It’s perfectly fine to spend some time enjoying simple entertainment just for the sake of entertainment, or just relaxing and doing something on your own. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s kept in perspective and your motives and attitudes are right. Keep in mind, though, that if all or even most of your free time is spent in the pursuit of “me first” activities, then you’re missing the mark.

5. Unity is a big part of what makes the Family what it is, and selfishness is the perfect tool of the Enemy to destroy your sample of communal living‚ which is the most successful application of Acts 2:44-45 the world has seen for thousands of years. No matter how much Word is published by WS or how hard your shepherds may work to encourage unity, it’s ultimately the responsibility of each person to make communal living work. This means that without exception, every single Family member must sacrifice some of their personal time to promote fellowship and unity.

6. It’s important that you take regular time to fellowship with others, even if you’re not doing exactly what you want to do, or even if it means occasionally doing something you really don’t want to do, or that seems like nothing but hard work. It’s a sacrifice well worth it, because it’s this sort of selflessness that keeps your Home and the Family alive. You don’t build unity by only doing what you want to do; unity is often built by doing things out of simple love and kindness with or for others that you don’t personally care for.

7. Of course, everyone needs some time alone. It’s actually important that you take time to relax regularly and do something you personally enjoy. If you find yourself spending all of your free time reaching out to or serving others, then believe it or not, that may be wrong too. Be careful that you don’t get so into a works trip that your free time is nearly as stressful as your work time—or even more stressful. This is not what I have in mind; the worker is more important than the work.

8. Having personal time off is not wrong; it definitely has its place. But do get rid of the selfish mindset that your free time is your own precious right, and that you should dedicate most of it to bringing yourself pleasure and happiness. The ideal is that you actually spend more of your free time doing something that benefits others in some way. The best way to accomplish this is to try to find some uplifting activities you can enjoy with others, because as you relax together in the presence of My Spirit‚ you will strengthen your bonds of unity.

In summary:

9. (Mama:) There’s a time and a place for everything. All of us need personal free time and relaxation—and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we also need to claim the keys of selflessness and love and make the effort to reach out to others. That’s how we do our part to build unity and preserve the sample to the world of communal living and Acts 2:44–45, which the Enemy hates and is trying to destroy.

Key promise:

10. The keys of selflessness will give you the desire to focus on the needs of others before your own, the supernatural eyesight to look outward instead of inward, and love enough to give even to your own hurt.

Challenging Thot:

11. (Dad: ) The Devil is the king of the “me first” mindset‚ and I don’t have to remind you about what happened when he began looking out for himself, wanting the best for himself, and thinking about himself! Pride is all about “self‚” and it was his downfall. So to remain in the safe zone‚ in a spiritually healthy state, abide by this simple rule for a happy life—JOY: Jesus, Others, then You. If you include others in your free time, the blessings of unity and love will enrich your life.

Shooting Straight‚ Part 5

ML #3503:103-118, GN 1091

Accomplishments and Work Are Not How the Lord Judges Success

103. (Jesus:) At the end of your life when you come Home to see Me, what do you think I’m going to care about the most? Do you think that I’ll say, “Well done, you sure got a lot done; enter into the joy of your Lord,” if those successes came at the price of neglecting loving interaction with your brothers and sisters?

104. I’m talking to those of you who get so focused on the work and all that you think you need to do that you start to see your brothers and sisters as hindrances to your progress. I’m talking to those of you who push aside the most important aspect of all—love—in preference to getting “one more thing” done on your to-do list. I’m talking to those of you who are so accomplishment-oriented that you’ve forgotten that you’re on Earth to be love-oriented, and that without love, nothing else you do will profit you anything.

105. I know you all remember 1 Corinthians 13, right? Those aren’t just Paul’s words; that wasn’t just his personal standard‚ or just true in his personal life. Those words came from Me. They are too beautiful and true and everlasting to just be Paul’s own idea. They were directly inspired by Me, because they show how I feel; they expose My heart and how I judge when it comes to accomplishments vs. love. It says that if you do all those things, but don’t have love, it profits you nothing. No profit = no good. Do you understand? That means that things done without love, or things accomplished at the cost of showing love and compassion and care for others, are unprofitable work—a waste of time, idle work, useless work, work no better in My eyes than the idle words you’ll have to give account for.

106. No profit means that it didn’t help you any. You might think that your haste and hurry and the lacks in your kindness and consideration of others will be justified in the end, but they won’t be. The end will not justify the means. You can rush through life “getting stuff done,” but you will have failed if you don’t take time to care for others, to love them, to be Me for them, and to even delay the more important things you have to do in order to show those immediately around you that you care about them and their needs and that they matter to you.

107. I know that many of you have important jobs for Me, important duties for the Kingdom, and I thank you for being such faithful servants. But being a faithful servant, as important as that is, is not a higher priority than obeying the first two commandments. Those are your highest priorities of all: to love Me and love others. No matter what your to-do list says, you should always imagine that written above your top priority are two extra items: Love Me and love others. Getting your first priority done without doing those extra two means you really only did third best, which isn’t good enough. That’s failing in My books.

108. There’s nothing that can compensate for a lack of love. There are no works that you can do which will make it okay that you didn’t care for those around you. There’s no task that is so great that I’ll say it was okay that you treated others rudely or roughly or like hindrances to your plans in order that you could accomplish it. And since you cannot make up for a lack of love, the only solution, if you want your life to amount to anything in the next world‚ is to show that love. Love is life. Love is the only way to live. The greatest of these is love.

109. Some of you might think that what you’re doing is manifesting love for Me via your hard work, or love for the lost via the works that you are doing to bring them to salvation. That is true in many cases. Yet even those works cannot supersede the personal love that I want to show to those immediately around you through your personal acts and words of kindness to them. It’s like John said about not being able to love Me whom you haven’t seen, if you can’t love your brothers whom you do see (1John 4:20).

110. So don’t let the Enemy trick you into thinking that whatever you’re doing is more important than love. Being too hasty or rude‚ or being short-tempered with people‚ making people feel unimportant, being impatient‚ being too busy to smile at someone or show My love in other ways, all these things will render your task meaningless in the end. I will not look at it and say, “Well, you weren’t kind, you weren’t loving, you didn’t have charity, but boy oh boy‚ you sure got some stuff done‚ so it’s okay.” That’s a deception of the Enemy when you think that way; it’s not how I work or judge things.

111. I want you to stop for others, to make people feel important, to make people feel that you care about them, and that regardless of how busy you are, they matter too; they matter even more than whatever project it is that you’re working on.

112. I’ll close this message to you with some other words, perhaps less known than those of Paul, but also inspired by Me. They are found in Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Christmas Carol.” I helped to get this message into that story, because it is so vitally important, just as much now as when it was written, and even more so because the world is getting so much faster, and people’s hearts are growing so much colder.

113. In the story, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley‚ his old business partner, who expresses to Scrooge how much regret he has in the afterlife that he didn’t show more charity, that he wasn’t a better man, or in so many words, wasn’t more loving. Scrooge tries to comfort him by pointing out his good points and saying, “Well‚ you were always a good man of business.” Or as you might put it today, “You always got a lot of stuff done.” But Jacob Marley replies, “Mankind should have been my business.”

114. How about you? Is mankind your business? Is your top priority to love others? —Even above the press of your daily work? It’d better be, or you too will be filled with regret that your works have turned to ashes, and without love, you have nothing to show for all that other stuff you did.

115. Start today to make a change! Learn to love others! Make that your top priority, your business. Go full-time into the business of love. Love is what the Kingdom of God is made out of. Therefore if you’re loving, you’re seeking first the Kingdom of God! And then the promise will hold true that everything else—all the success you need—will be added unto you. (End of message.)

In summary:

116. (Mama:) To be successful, fruitful, accomplished, blessed, rewarded, and wind up with fruit that remains: Love!

Key promise:

117. When you call on the keys of prioritizing, I will help you see in the spirit, and will remind you of the true priorities in life.

Challenging Thot:

118. (Dad:) Always remember, no matter how busy you are, how important the work is, or how great your calling may be, love is the most important thing! Without love, all your good works are worth nothing to the Lord. Without love‚ all your accomplishments are empty ashes. Love is the only thing that’s going to endure beyond this life. Love is the only thing that lasts. Love is what you’re on Earth to learn above all. So love!


A Plea from the Cathars

ML #3259:34-38‚ 46-48‚ 51‚ 64-77, 81-87, 113–117‚ GN 860

34. (Cathar:) We lived such peaceful, happy lives! That’s what we wanted—peace and quiet and happiness and solitude and freedom to live our lives, freedom to love our Jesus, and freedom to love one another. We wanted to live away from the crowds, away from the pressure and the law that sought to bind us and control us. So we sought refuge in the quietness and the beauty of the hills of France, the far distant hills away from the crowds, so we could be free to love one another and raise our children.

35. We had beautiful, simple villages. We sang many happy songs and we danced at night. We praised the Lord and we loved the Lord and we loved one another. We cared for each other and we cared for each other’s children. We gave to each other and we served each other, and our lives were simple and beautiful.

36. We loved freely, but we also cared greatly. We gave to one another freely, but we also shared the responsibility to love the unlovely, to care for the weak, to care for the sick, to care for the mothers and the children.

37. Love was our creed‚ and this love was expressed in so many ways: in our happy praises to Jesus, in our daily prayer time when we would unite and pray for one another and thank the Lord for His mercy and His supply and His protection, for the peace that He had blessed us with and the simple life that we were blessed to live.

38. Our love was manifested as we would care for one another, as we would share each other’s burdens, as we would serve one another and as we would love. We had such beautiful love, so free, so warm, so tender. We had hot, passionate love for Jesus and for each other!

46. The powerful ones were not happy about this. The powerful ones hated us. They hated our love and they hated our message. They despised what we stood for, because we exposed them and their lack of love, their spiritless religion. We exposed their hypocrisy and their riches without righteousness. We exposed them, and they hated us for it, and they hated us for taking their children, the youth of that day. They hated our message of love, and they hated our freedom, and they hated the way we cared for one another. They hated the way we raised our children to believe in Jesus and to love Him more than anything else. They hated the way we didn’t raise our children according to their plan, according to their mores and codes, and according to what they expected, but we raised our children in love and in freedom.

47. They were so afraid of our love and our freedom. And it was because of this fear and this hate that they sought us out and they sought to destroy us. They sought to destroy us because they were the enemies of love and the enemies of God. They said they loved Jesus, but they didn’t. They hated Jesus, and they hated us because we represented Jesus. They hated us because we exposed them, because our light and our love exposed their darkness and their hatred.

48. So they sought us out and they killed us all. They thought that by killing us‚ they would stop the message of Jesus. They thought that by destroying us, our voice would be heard no more, and that our love would die with us. But they were wrong. They were such fools! They didn’t realize that in killing us they only released our spirits to live forever! And our message of love would never be stopped or silenced!

51. These fools who tried to stop us and defeat us and destroy our voice are the ones who were disappointed! They tried to put an end to our voice, but the words were not ours, but those of the Lord Who gave them to us. Their works perished, while we live on! Our works do follow us, and they have been born again in the children of David! (End of message.)

64. (Cathar:) Thank you for asking us to speak. We have so much to say. We have spoken with your father many times. He listened to us, to our guidance, to our words of love when he was there with you on Earth. He was attuned to our instruction and to our guidance.

65. We helped him to stay dropped out. We helped him in his battles against the church system. We helped him in his discovery of the truth. We helped him in his interpretation of Jesus’ Law of Love. We helped to give him the grace for the many sacrifices that he made when pioneering what you call Flirty Fishing, leading your great Family into such freedom and such light.

66. We were with your Father David from the beginning, instructing him and helping him and giving him courage and strength to stand strong against the status quo; to stay dropped out and revolutionary and radical and extreme; to be the iconoclast that he was!

67. We were helping and observing and supporting and directing and encouraging him, because we knew how important it was that he received the revelation of the Law of Love, and that he stayed strong in his conviction, and that he’d be faithful to pass it on to his children, who he knew would receive it, believe it, act on it and live it.

68. We knew that David’s children would live it as we lived it. We knew that your parents were searching for a life of happiness, freedom and love just as we were. We knew their hearts were soft and tender to Jesus’ voice, and they were willing to give anything that He would require of them so that they could be closer to Him and have more of His love, more of His Spirit, and more of His freedom; so that they could please Him and obey Him. We knew their hearts had this receptive soil to receive these precious seeds of the truth of God.

69. We knew that your Father David would be a faithful caretaker, that he would receive the Words, and that your Queen Maria would faithfully care for them and guard them and protect them and pass them on to the hungry hearts that would cherish them. We knew this precious truth would not be lost with your Father David and with his faithful, loving handmaiden, Maria.

70. So we have been amongst those Heavenly counselors round about you—helping, instructing, encouraging and strengthening. And so do we continue even now in your hour of need. We are at your beck and call, and it is our desire to continue to strengthen the hearts and minds of the children of David—to strengthen you through our words, through our presence, through our testimony. To encourage you to keep fighting and to keep trusting, to not compromise, to not let down the banner of love, to not let go of the freedom that you have been blessed with from the hand of Jesus. To not lose sight of the precious riches that have been entrusted into your care in the Words of David.

71. For these are the Last Days, and this is the greatest battle! And you, the children of David, must be stronger than ever! You must be purer than ever, in your thoughts and in your hearts and in your desire. You must be more dropped out than ever, hating the System more than ever and loving Jesus more than ever!

72. It is not a time to compromise. It is not a time to take into your hearts and minds and souls the thoughts and ways of the people of the world. It is a time to reject them more than ever—to separate yourselves so that you may stay strong and clean and close to Jesus, because the battles are great and they will be yet greater! There will be demands placed upon you that will be so great and so fierce, that only by staying close to Jesus and strong in the power of David and mighty in the ways of the Word, will you be able to withstand and conquer in the battles that are ahead.

73. So we say to you young people that it is a time to awake out of sleep! To awake out of compromise! To awake out of the lethargy and laziness of spirit, and to take your place among the ranks with your parents, with the faithful ones‚ with those who have proven themselves and who have been willing, as we were‚ to lay down their lives for the truth.

74. Don’t you see that your parents have already given their lives for Jesus? They’ve already stood strong against the System. They’ve already been willing to be made of no reputation and to be mocked and scorned because of their great love and their great freedom. Their hearts and their minds are one with us. Though they may weaken in the face of the Enemy’s vicious attacks, still they hold to the commission Jesus has given them, and they have faith and conviction that the calling they have been given is right and pure. Though they become weak, they do not poop out, but hold on to the Lord. When He sees His children weak and still holding on through their weaknesses, He sees soldiers who are becoming strong, waxing valiant in fight, and He is proud of them.

75. And now we proclaim the day of challenge to you young people. Are your hearts and minds one with us? Are you, too, willing to live and die for love? Is love that important to you—freedom to love one another and freedom to love Jesus? Does it mean enough to you that you are willing to die for it? Or are you willing to let the System steal it away little by little until you become blind and numb and you don’t even notice that you have lost the love and freedom that you once had‚ and the love and freedom that your parents and those who have gone before you were willing to give their lives for?

76. We have helped your Father David and your Queen‚ Mother Maria. And we have helped your parents in their hour of need. We strengthened them because we knew their hearts’ desire was to believe and to follow and obey and live a life of love, no matter what the cost.

77. And now we are willing to help you. We will help any who call upon us, who need our help, and desire our help. No matter how weak you feel. No matter how incapable and lacking in love, and selfish and tainted and polluted by the System of the world. No matter how bad and sinful you feel. If you will call out to Jesus for strength, if you will forsake your ungodly and wicked ways‚ you will find strength. We will be amongst your Heavenly counselors who will help you and give you strength that you know not of.

81. Some of you may see this Law of Love, this freedom of love as a small thing‚ insignificant in your eyes‚ but we know how important it is! We know that it is a key in the Endtime events. Therefore this truth and this light must be preserved in all of its purity.

82. It is better that there be a few children of David who are willing to live this truth completely and wholly than many children of David who live it only halfheartedly or not at all. For it is not in the numbers that there is strength, but it is in how each one lives the truth of the Words of Jesus and the Words of David.

83. Your key place in the Endtime is dependent upon your faithfulness and loyalty to the truth. You have been given so much truth, and it is your responsibility to stand strong for that truth—to protect it, to speak it, to live it and to let it be a testimony, even if it costs you your life. For when you receive the truth wholeheartedly you will grow to love it, and then you will know that it is worth it to give your life for the truth, for this precious, precious freedom of love that Jesus has given you in these words of the Law of Love, in these words of your teachers and your faithful shepherd David.

84. As you receive it and as you live it, you will grow to love it, and then you will see how important this is, that this very freedom, this very Law of Love is what makes the children of David what they are. For there are many, yea, multitudes who are willing to love Jesus. There are many who are willing to praise Him and worship Him and even tell others about Him‚ but there are so few who are willing to live His love to the full and be a testimony of His love and an example of His Law of Love—living love to the full, loving even when it hurts.

85. This is the truth that the Enemy hates the most, and for this reason he is doing everything in his power to destroy it. So take up this truth and eat it and receive it and cherish it in your heart. Do not let the Enemy steal this treasure that has been given unto you from the hand of David and the hand of Maria. For you have been more blessed than any people on the face of the Earth because of this abundant truth. So take it, receive it, cherish it and love it!

86. There will come the day when you will die for this truth, just as we did. But there will also come the day when you will rise again in victory and you will go on to your reward, just as we did! And then you will know that it was worth it, that you made the right choice in living your lives in love.

87. So live in love! Love and live! Love and serve Jesus! And eventually you will die for love, but you will rise again to love forever in His Kingdom of love! (End of message.)

113. (Jesus:) Have you felt their spirits helping you? Have you felt the touch of their spirits in your lives? They are so excited, they are rejoicing and applauding and jumping up and down, for now is the chance that they have been waiting for!

114. They have waited so long to have their chance to come back and take over the world. They have found their opportunity in the children of David. The children of David have manifested their faith and belief and yieldedness to Me and My Spirit and to the Loving Jesus revelation, so now the Cathars have finally found the willing and yielded vessels through which they can work. They’re so excited to be able to help you! They’re so thankful and thrilled that the children of David are going to carry on some of the things that they started.

115. They believed in sexual freedom in the same sense as you. Many of them loved Me intimately and loved each other intimately and would have loved many more intimately if the world would have accepted them. But the world scorned them and mocked them and massacred them, for fear that their religious beliefs would set others free from the bondage of the System—free to know Me personally and intimately, and therefore have no need of the religious system.

116. They did not have time to experience or pass on the Loving Jesus message or revelation in the same way that the children of David have been able to. It was just beginning in their lives. The seed was there‚ the dream and the vision and the desire‚ but they did not have time to fulfill it completely in the way that they wanted to. That is why they are so thrilled and happy and excited that the children of David will be able to carry on what they started and will be able to fulfill the Loving Jesus revelation.

117. Now the Cathars of the spirit and the children of David in this world join forces, to be a mighty fighting army of the Endtime—one which will accomplish My will in the End. (End of message.)

End of File

DM1:52 — February 21

Help us to stay close to You, and to each other, Lord.

God always seems to bless harmony, people living at peace with each other and loving each other and helping each other and showing a large measure of love. — His dynamics of the spirit really operate amazingly. The Lord says, “When one can only chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight!” (Deut.32:30). In other words it doesn’t just double your power, but quintuples it! — So there is tremendous strength in unity. — This was Jesus’ last prayer: “That they may be one, even as We are one” (Jn.17:21-23).
We all love the Lord and we’re trying to work together for the best of His Kingdom. — Not in competition with each other, but yoked together in love, pulling the load together. — “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love! The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.”
“l, Jesus, am thy King and I have come that I might bring peace to your hearts and a sword unto others; but within, thou shalt have unity and thou shalt have peace rather than confusion.” Thank You Jesus! — “We are not divided! — All one body we! — One in hope, in doctrine, one in charity (love!).” — Lord help us to have Thy peace — peace with each other, peace with Thee and peace of mind! — Amen.

(February 21 [#052])

DM1:279 — October 5

We are all Soul Brothers — a nation all of one blood, the Blood of Jesus! Hallelujah!

We are all God’s children and members of His Kingdom, citizens of His New Nation, where “there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus!” (Gal.3:28). — God doesn’t see your color, nationality, sex or any other fleshly characteristic! That’s downright damnable devilish discrimination! — “For God looketh on the heart, not on the outward appearance!” (1Sam.16:7).
In the realm of the spirit, you’re only a Christian! It doesn’t matter what color you are, or what sex you are, or what social status you are, or what father you had! — He’s your Father and you’re His son, and that’s all that matters — because of Jesus! So to Hell with all the rest of the differences, discriminations and prejudices! — The worldly, fleshly, Satanic, nationalistic, divisive spirit which has nearly destroyed the Earth with its division and wars!
Thank God we have been liberated from the narrow confines of carnal human boundaries and limitations — into the glorious light and love of His Salvation, and the wonderful fellowship of the Kingdom of God. — “We are not divided! — All one body we! — One in hope, one in doctrine, one in charity!” Hallelujah! — Thank God for the One True Brotherhood! — All glory be to Jesus!

(October 5 [#279])


We are all married together by His Love into one Family to one Lord, one wife, one Bride, and we’re working together for the Bridegroom, in sacrificial service for others.–Not merely frozen together in formality and organization but melted together in the white-hot love of His Spirit and becoming one with each other.–Completely united!–One body, the Bride of Christ!
God will have no other gods before Him, not even the sanctity of the marriage god! God is the God of marriage, too, but the main thing is to be married to Him and His work. We do not minimize the marriage ties, as such; we just consider our ties to the Lord and the larger Family greater and more important.
Lord, Thou hast joined us together as Your one wife. We thank You for this precious union joining us all together with You, every one of us having sweet companionship, love, help, work and play, and accomplishing much for Your Kingdom. Help us to give as well as to receive, to be united together as one and to live together as one and to work together and pray together as one.–In Jesus’ name we ask, amen!

(January 14 [#014])


There are times when we need to unite and fellowship and share each other’s problems and joys and victories and projects and plans and needs. That’s a law of the church, that is a part of the Law of Love to have fellowship together, to cooperate together, to get our heads and hearts together in one place with one spirit, one mind, one heart and one meeting.
The Lord often gives us answers while we’re together in unity. He has to give the answers and He loves to give the answers when He sees we’re united in love and in worship of Him and prayer and purpose, mind, heart and spirit, in one place. This is the marvel and the secret of the Day of Pentecost. It was with the tremendous impetus of this terrific united prayer and praise and fellowship meeting that the Holy Ghost empowered them to really strike out and attack the Enemy and attack the job of spreading the Gospel and their missionary network throughout the world.
Are you ready for another Pentecost? Are you ready for another outpouring of the power on a united church, a strong unified organized cooperative fellowshipping, working-together, fighting-together Family? Lord help us to get it together and go to work for Jesus unitedly!

(March 9 [#069])

DM2:103        April 12


There’s such a strength, such a bond, such a wonderful fellowship when you’re all really one in the Lord, one in His service, and one in His Word! “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psa.133:1). When you live together you’re stronger in everything, all watching over and taking care of each other, and supporting and encouraging each other in the faith.
God likes cooperation! He likes you to work together! “Let brotherly love continue. … Above all have fervent love one toward another” (Heb.13:1; 1Pet.4:8). Some people just want to serve God and forget about the rest of the Christians. But people who can’t work with anybody else usually can’t work with God either!
So share with others, share everything and withhold nothing. Take them in with you in your home, and share your all with them. Work together and not against each other, not interfering with each other, but in cooperation with each other. Amen?
Lord, thank You for melting our hearts together! We feel a wonderful spirit of unity, of love and of oneness and fellowship and agreement, Lord, that we can work together in one spirit and one mind, to accomplish Thy purpose, the evangelization of the whole world!

(April 12 [#103])

DM2:179        June 27


God’s people are called out of every nation and religion on the face of the Earth to become one nation, one people under God.–Not just under Him, but in Him! All the millions of Saints throughout this Earth who know and believe in and love Jesus are part of the Kingdom of God.–Regardless of their race or color or creed or language or nation!
But that business about the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all men is just not so! God is not the Father of all men!–He’s only the Father of those who love Him and receive His Son Jesus! The others are of their father the Devil! (Jn.8:44)–And we are not the brothers of the sons and daughters of the Devil! We are only the brothers of the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, the children of God!
We, who have received Christ, are nothing but Christians in the realm of the Spirit! God doesn’t see any fleshly characteristic! In spiritual things there’s no longer any Jew nor Gentile, no male nor female, no Black nor White, no bond nor free! (Gal.3:28). “Man looketh upon the outward appearance, but God looketh upon the heart!” (1Sam.16:7). It’s the color of the heart that counts!
Are you one of His?–And one with His?

(June 27 [#179])

DM2:253        September 9


The Lord said, “But one thing is needful”: to sit at His feet and learn of Him, like Mary in the Scripture. She sat down at His feet and looked up in His face and learned of Jesus! “Those who have chosen this good part,” Jesus promised, “it shall never be taken away from them!” (Luk.10:38-42).
We can meet right here at Jesus’ feet! “Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them” (Mat.18:20). Jesus is here every time, so we always meet at His feet and He teaches us through His Word!
The Lord always rewards unity in His love and giving of our time and attention to Him and His Word. The Lord loves to give the answers and He has to give the answers when He sees we’re united in love and prayer and purpose and mind and heart and spirit, of one mind, one heart, in one place. This is the marvel and the secret of the Day of Pentecost.–And there was Jesus in the midst of them and He poured out His Spirit upon them!
As we read His Words, study them, share them, pray over them, and follow the light of their truth, we are melted together in His Love, blended together in His truth, joined together as one body, fitly joined together according to His Word! Thank You, Lord!

(September 9 [#253])


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