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Just. . . rest in Him, and listen to this song, and look at this picture and see if He doesn’t say something deep inside of your heart.

Request Free Prophecy. . . Abandoned Mantles Taken Up!


I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the gifts the Lord has given you!

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That really challenges me, and if you are a Christian who believes in and/or has this gift, it should challenge you too.  Why not put yourself out there and offer to answer people’s need for personal prophecy?  Maybe its a gift you take for granted, and I have for sure, to a selfish extent.

The strategy of this show is simple: just put out an offer to people to get words from the Lord. . . free!  Of course this was the Family’s initial vision back in the 90′s, if I remember correctly from reading books like Blood and Freedom and other Endtimes novels.  But alas, that mantle has been taken up by another!  However, will YOU take it up again?

Another thing you can do is go on forums and find places where people are looking and requesting free prophecy, but this takes a bit of searching around.  I am going to put up an offer here on this website for free prophecy and if you have the gift or would like a free prophecy, simply state your request!



Do you feel burdened by this life’s cares?  Simply need a Word from God FOR YOU to give you relief?  Then please feel welcome to jot down your request, or even just a simple “I’m listening, Lord” will do.  That’s what Samuel used to do!  And God spoke to him.  I used to do that, when I was a kid.  I’d sit in bed, saying “talk to me Lord” and I half expected to hear a voice.


But then I learned later on that Prophecy is something very deep inside of you that the Lord draws out like pure water from a deep well, and as long as you are open to Him and allow Him to talk through you, He will.  Try also to keep your life clean and free from unconfessed sin, etc., but anyway He’ll talk to you!

key craft grandpa

I like Ian Clayton’s strategy – – – don’t’ wait till your life is cleaned up, just COME TO HEAVEN AND HEAR FROM GOD and HE’LL clean you up!  Life’s so dirty down here on Earth anyway!  He’ll send a Word from His Courts, regardless!

I’d like to put prophecies up here for people so that it is obvious how easy it is to do, and honestly I know myriads of other people who have this gift but just haven’t had much time or energy to promote the fact that they had it.


Jesus is inviting us:  “I’m excited to see what you will do with this gift!”  He says!  Let’s BOLDLY GO FORTH INTO UNCHARTED TERRITORY AND SEE WHAT HE HAS TO GIVE!  It could be anything.  I am a spiritual “meat” eater, and I like it when he shows out-there stuff, but maybe this is a chance to get more into the milk, to share verses or simple encouragement.  Anyway, let us venture forth!!!


God is actually calling to you, for a more intimate relationship with Him.  He has Israel, His people (although they don’t recognise Him yet) but He also wants a Bride.  Is that going to be you?   Don’t worry, we are all going to be His Sons and we are all going to be His Bride, so don’t get caught up in the terminology. . .   the point is, He wants to intimately be close to YOU.  He says, “boldly come to My Throne of Grace!”

flying in heaven


Very simple.  Just know that His Word, the Bible is true, and that nothing that is ever spoken in Prophecy will ever contradict the Bible, and whatever else He has said.  It’s true, and it’s truth, and it’s a rock you can stand on.  But you do need faith!


The goal here is not to draw people to us.  YOU get the gift of prophecy too, that’s the goal.   The Lord is the goal.   Teach a man to fish, rather than give out fish for free.  But the first step is to share of the abundance of what we have so far.  Maybe you have more faith than I do!  Maybe you can start a show!  But for now, regardless of whether I know you or not, if you place a request for a prophecy I will ask the Lord for an answer and post it underneath, unless it’s something private you don’t want here in public.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hello there-

    I was reading your thread on the Roswell alien talking about the Prison Planet and how you posted many verses from the Bible. Are you saying that if we accept Jesus Christ as lord and savior, we can escape from the prison planet and enter Heaven? Or are you saying Jesus was the only one who was able to do so? You never quite clarified there.

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    1. Oh sorry about that I think I posted that during my class and I was a bit distracted. Indeed Jesus went there as a forerunner for us, if you study the Bible, and He made it so we can all go to Heaven through Him. I would recommend looking at the Chronicle Project’s interpretation of the Bible since you have already seen the Alien Interview, and find how this view of Jesus bringing us salvation actually fits very nicely and beautifully into such a worldview of aliens taking over and this being a quarantined prison planet.


      1. Anonymous

        Thank you very much for your response. I’m just wondering: what do you make of the alien saying the white light and bliss is part of the soul catcher to attract the soul to it? Do you think it was lying to deceive people so that they would avoid the light when in fact, the light brings us to salvation? What do you make of that?

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    2. Angela Michele Beavers

      I am a prayer warrior and Christian filled with The Holy Spirit I have said some things and truthfully I will be in church and the pastor is talking about what I told someone it’s awesome

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  2. Anonymous

    lol hey there! I was just wondering if you had a response to my follow-up question from February 17th where I said: “Thank you very much for your response. I’m just wondering: what do you make of the alien saying the white light and bliss is part of the soul catcher to attract the soul to it? Do you think it was lying to deceive people so that they would avoid the light when in fact, the light brings us to salvation? What do you make of that?”

    Thanks 🙂 I try hard to stand strong with God but doubt always creeps into my mind, and this thought was bothering me. I really think it’s the enemy at work (or that the book in general was a scam). But I was interested in your thoughts on that (this is talking about the Roswell alien interview with I think Ariel?)

    God bless you!


  3. Howdy there, Sir! (Or Ma’am?)

    I apologize, for some reason I didn’t get the reply until now, I must have been so busy I overlooked the WordPress notification! Better late than never though! I’m so happy to meet someone likeminded and interested in this topic. Usually I’m alone researching this stuff, except with the Lord! I often feel the fight to just keep your faith amidst all this stuff, and indeed an overwhelming amount of it must be fabricated and a distraction, but there is just enough truth to lure people out to it. And like reading the Newspaper, we’re kind of obligated to at least be aware of what is going on in the World. Those of us who are more openminded are more inclined to take some of the more “Fringe” news as a Newspaper, too, and that’s why I spent a few days and not a few hours delving into the whole Alien Interviews Book. I really felt the Holy Spirit though, quite strongly when, after listening to the interviews on MP3 for hours and hours, I opened to the Book of John.

    Sometimes all this out there Alien stuff can make the Bible feel even more fresh and, well, Alien. . . which indeed it is! It’s just that all our years of religious indoctrination makes it seem so familiar. But really a lot of the things in the Gospels are truly “out there” and very fringe, if you actually believe it. A Christian recently said “Faith is insane by definition” and that was a comfort to me, because I’ve been tempted to try and rationalize faith, when it is something that is crazy to the core.

    And I’m a crazy person! I want to be crazy in love for the Lord, and be His bride, and give Him the crazy love in return for the crazy things He’s done for me, dying on the Cross and giving me His life. . . nothing I could ever do could repay Him. I can’t do enough for Him, so I’ll just give Him myself!

    Anyway back to the topic, “The Light” or Bliss or whatever (reminds me of the Bliss from V the Series!) sounds like nothing more than moths drawn to a flame. Illuminati people always like to use this “Light” as the source of all truth, when really it is nothing more than the fallen Light Bearer Lucifer. So I always get a little wary of people saying that “The Light is the Way” Or whatnot. It better be the Lord, or it’s not light in its core! Satan appears as the angel of light, and deceives the nations. The Greys like to show up in bright light, too. Nothing loving about them! That’s why it’s so integral to be intimately connected to the Lord, and I believe that the Word is the key here. People who aren’t in love with the Word are spiritually sick. Unfortunately many people are in this condition, and I myself combat this feeling of laziness towards the Word, but I know it is the only thing between me and a thousand snarling demons! And oh how they hate the Word!

    Bless you, sir! I will pray for you!



  4. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for your answer, Michael, and God bless you. It is clear you are filled with the Spirit, and I feel blessed to have come across your site. I will admit, the alien interview makes me question some days, and I know it was a scheme of the devil to bring me upon that site because he uses it frequently to tear me down during spiritual attack. I praise God that I come out the other end and I do believe the “alien” is nothing more than a demonic manifestation in the third dimension, perhaps spreading lies to confuse people. What do you think about that idea? But the alien apparently told the people not to tell anyone what they were told..perhaps that was reverse psychology to get the person to spread what it said (obviously it’s hard for humans to contain information like that without slipping)? I also must admit that many of the NDE reports with the white light and what people say occurred during their near death experiences do fill me with comfort, but I don’t know what to think about those stories, considering what you were saying above. I mean, I was watching a recent interview of a woman who said she saw God as an immense light that illuminated her being and made her feel as if she had 500 senses, and that she was given the option to go back or stay with Him. She chose to stay, but was sent back to Earth anyway. I recall the alien saying that the light would say the souls could stay or go back but that it would always send the souls back to the prison planet.(at least I think it said that). I don’t know, I don’t understand it or what to think about that. I would hate to think it’s true, and I feel horrible that I even have doubts. I mean, I have had supernatural experiences on Earth with dark entities, so clearly there is something! And they go away with Jesus! I hope the alien was just a demon trying to mess with our heads. But I do have faith in God and I am again, blessed to have come upon you who is clearly filled with the Holy Spirit and I hope that you can shed some continued insight if you receive it and that you stay firm in faith. Maybe the Spirit can give you a clear conviction about this interview whether it is true, whether the author made it up completely, whether the light was God or not. Thanks again for all that you do and God bless you!


    1. It’s remarkable you got back to me just today, because I had this dream last night about that very site, where it kept popping up and had these disgusting pictures and would kind of take over your browser, it was very annoying and always had this strange music playing… anyway maybe it’s a sign I’m supposed to reply to right away, as I haven’t even thought about that site in a while.

      You can go to this site:

      It’s a collection of podcasts from the past few years from Christians who are facing this whole Alien Agenda thing, and using the Bible to clearly show what it’s most likely really all about!

      Anyway gotta go to work, hope to reply more in detail later when I have time, Praying for you brother, fight the good fight!!


  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for your continued responses and your outpouring of kindness to me, particularly for your prayers. You are a blessed individual and one who is certainly a child of God. I will continue fighting the good fight, even when it becomes overwhelming, and I will stand strong with God because I am confident Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me, no matter how hard the tempter tries to convince me otherwise. Thanks again for all of your help and I may stop by again sometime if I need clarity or am having a bad day. You make sense and I get a good feeling about what you have to say. God strengthen you in all ways through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


  6. Anonymous

    I also must ask, and I will admit I feel horribly selfish, but I do ask for your continued prayers as I have been feeling bouts of mild depression and anxiety, particularly after a recent attack that has me worrying. I will pray for you as well that Jesus continues to strengthen you and your faith and reveals to you all that is necessary for your growth and salvation. I hope and pray that I am secure in my salvation and do not fall short. I know I am horrendously flawed and can only hope that God has mercy on me. We are all sinners in need of repentance, no doubt. God bless you in all ways, and may you impact others positively with your site.


  7. Dear Sir,
    Bless you for requesting prayer, and never feel bad doing so here, because that’s the whole point of this site! This morning I got the whole reminder about “There is no condemnation for those who are in Jesus” and that the Enemy is out to accuse us day and night! I often get hit with this, out of nowhere, and have been very blessed to be reminded so many times by the Lord how He has covered us in His Blood. I will pray for you though, brother! Pray we can reach more people for the Kingdom! I was honored to pray with a girl to get saved yesterday. let’s get disciples!

    Here’s an excerpt from the prophecy I mentioned, which I think really must have been for you, as I was awoken early this morning and found myself reading this, although it hasn’t been my biggest battle this past few days or anything, but it’s still a constant struggle!

    I also recommend reading through Psalm 119 a couple times, there are some beautiful recordings on youtube with a soothing woman’s voice reading it! “Great peace have they who love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.”
    From “Refuse Condemnation:”

    (oops, I couldn’t find a text copy of it so I just recorded the part I liked and posted it to Youtube! Here:


  8. Anonymous

    Hello brother and thank you for all of your responses and kindness. Is it possible to ever email you in private instead of posting in public? I do want to get your opinion on some matters if you don’t mind.


    1. to akridne–

      Do you know the sound of My Voice? I am talking to you all the time, and sometimes you hear Me, but you think it’s you. Sometimes you will hear Me putting in your heart a quiet assurance that I have put you here to complete a specific mission, and within that are many seperate quests that I have you on. You are never to traverse this Earth with a feeling that it’s a waste of time or that you should feel apathetic and bored with life. As soon as you lift up your eyes to Me and call on Me, I will show you a bigger picture than the one you are preoccupied with at that moment.

      Learn from Me for I am lowly and meek of heart though I Am the Son of God, and I will teach you to be like Me. You are going through some things right now that are trying your faith, and causing you to waver in your stance on issues you were very strong in before, but I want you to know that this is ok. I’m doing this because I want to make you stronger in Me, and not in some doctrinal stuff. There is a deeper link to Me than just whatever the church system and the seminaries and theologians have put out. I Am Real, and I Am Here Now with you and I want you to be with Me, too. Abide in Me, and I in you, and you will produce much fruit!


  9. Sharon Scott

    Please pray for me

    1) I have been falsely accused
    2) I have been lied on regarding my job

    3) My husband and I divorced after being separated for 14 years. I used to pray for GOD to restore my marriage and it didn’t happen. I was seeing someone who I thought would be my husband and he lied to me and is now engaged to another woman.

    4) I have been home for the past 2 months recovering from knee surgery.

    5) I would love to change jobs

    6) my daughter is proclaiming to be gay.

    It’s just so much, I am tired.

    Please pray for my strength.


    1. Dear Sharon,
      I am so blessed to have this opportunity to pray for you and over you, about these issues you brought forth. I will seek the Lord for each one, and although I am just another weak and desperate vessel, I know that He is so powerful compared to all that we face, and “His Power is made perfect in weakness” . . . so let’s see what He has to say!

      Lord I present this dear one to You, Who have all the power in the universe. I thank you for Sharon and I praise You ahead of time for answering all her problems and prayers, and I claim your absolute strength to come through for her and to give her courage and everything she needs!


      HIS BRIDE IS CLOSE TO HIM, AT HIS SIDE, MINISTERING TO HIM, AND BRINGING LOTS OF REQUESTS BEFORE THE THRONE. It’s so convenient for her because she’s always by His side, even at times seated on the throne with Him. She’s also bearing His children and feeding them, nursing them. There is so much closeness and intimacy between them it’s like they’re one person. He talks to her:

      Tell my little ones not to fear, because I am treasuring them in My bosom, and I do not let any one of my precious ones to face anything that they are not able to. The fear, and the sense of worry is only from not being close to Me. I say: Abide in Me, and I in you, and do not forget that apart from Me you can accomplish nothing, but in Me there is nothing you can not do! Your family is Mine, as you present them to Me and your total restoration of health and body is My will. By My stripes you are healed! Do not accept being sick and tired, but get sick and tired of being sick and tired! Stand up and claim My perfect health, because I have already suffered for you to be perfectly healthy. This is My will for you and I will heal you. Reach out and take your healing, and if you fight for it and you do not accept otherwise, you will be healed. According to your faith be it unto you. Maximize your Word intake, and flood your day with My Words of life, for this is the power that you need to face the darkness in this world. Take heart, because I have overcome the world!

      Remember how I was falsely accused before Pilate, and all throughout my ministry. The very people I was saving accused me, abandoned me, and left me for dead. In this you are truly blessed, because so did they to all the prophets who were before you. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in Heaven! If you want to be my disciple, you must face these kinds of things, but I promise to restore to you 100 fold both in this life and in the life to come.

      My promises to you are rock solid, and you can stand on them. Write them on the tablet of your heart, and fasten yourself to them, for they will get you through the storms. Again, hold fast to My Word! My Promises are for you, not for some kind of holy righteous people by the church’s standards.

      The Enemy hates you and wants to overwhelm you with the sheer number of bad things that are pummeling you at this time, and he wants you to think there is no hope and no chance of ever being happy again. This is his ploy and his strategy, and it works on most people, because they seldom come to listen to what I have to say. I promise you I will bring you through this and you will come out as pure gold, having been tried by the flame. In this you will have a testimony of victory that will bless many others, and they will be strengthened too by your hope and your courage. Look into My eyes, and see the peace that I possess and the happiness that is there. That is a peace and happiness that I now wish to impart to you, and the only way you are also going to maintain that is if you abide in Me, and come to Me in the midst of all of this.

      HE IS SO UNPERTURBED, unmoved by the millions of problems that are coming before Him, that people are presenting Him with. He keeps pointing and redirecting them to a pure beautiful flowing river, and I see many people go inside that river and even though some of them looked ready to die, they come out so full of life and gladness that I almost don’t recognize them anymore! The river is connected to the Throne, and the people washing in it are not always those that have died – many of them are still on the Earth, and have come here in the Spirit.

      He continues to speak:

      My River of Life is here for you, and if you will wash in this river, I will take away all the filth, the evil, and the putrid stains of the Earth that you have had to trudge through. I will bless you with new life – My life in place of your own. All the promises of Ephesians and Colossians are going to be woven into your life if you will enter here, and soak in My waters of life. This is not a one time thing, but something you must daily do – come into My presence, and ask Me to show you a vision of My perfection, and a hint of why I am allowing some of these things to take place. It is never because I have forsaken you or that My love has failed you. The fact is, I am building an overcomer out of you and one of my precious brides who will rule and reign with Me throughout the universe. I will not allow you to suffer beyond what you are able and I will provide the grace that you need to face this, and like Job, to inherit multiple times what was lost. I will restore health unto you, and I will provide for you. It is My will that you find a job that you enjoy, and I will prepare a ministry for you to help others. I will not leave you comfortless. My Spirit will console you and guide you, and give you peace and wisdom as you talk to your daughter and deal with your family. Praise Me ahead of time, and fix yourself on Me and My Goodness, for I cannot fail. It is impossible for Me to fail! I have allowed you to face many “impossible” situations, but these are so easy for Me to fix. Watch how I perform, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord!


  10. Sharon Scott

    Thank you so much for your word and for allowing GOD to use you. I trust and believe the Lord and I know he will see me through. Praise the Lord!!


  11. Charles

    i need a word of God concerning my life. i had so many dreams in my heart, but i did so many mistakes . i need God instructions concerning my life . i want to be restore and serve God.


  12. indy

    hello please send me any words you get for me from the lord for the future and for now-any guidance concerning jobs and where to live and also any words concerning my family members and any reason why the baptism of the holy spirit has not yet manifested in my life.also does God think i should marry and if so does he have anyone for me and if so how would i know him?id also like to be able to hear Gods voice better what to do?please email me


  13. cestmoi

    hello please send me any words from God any guidance advice rebuke discipline encouragement.i need more help from god to make it i keep failing and i feel to give up please i need more help from god even help to pray.i need to know god better and jesus and the holy spirit why wouldnt he speak to me as he speaks to you and so many others?i need more of god and of the holy spirit,the last friend i had rejected me after i tried to share the gospel with him i dont know if i did it all wrong i have also been rejected by family i feel abandoned by god perhaps cause of my own sins and failures….i dont blame him but i need help what does he have to say to me?any words of hope?my life has had a number of tough circumstances i lack the power and gifts of the holy spirit ive asked for the baptism and people prayed for me and twice laid hands on me but nothing happened why?hope god gives you some answers to my questions or well just any words thanks


  14. cestmoi

    hello i posted a request yesterday and just wanted to add a matter of urgent concern its ok if you dont get answers to the other issues i mentioned but i really really need to know what god has to say about my fathers use of profanity and obscene it part demonic or just from the sinful human nature or from brain dsyfunctions?will it ever stop?i am getting very frustrated i dont know what to do.i lose my temper sometimes and its embarassing to take him out in is very difficult for me to care for him and to tolerate such filthy language and the evil things and insults that he sometimes tells is also difficult for any caregiver.please i hope you can get an answer to this issue.i know i mentioned a lot of other stuff yesterday you can ignore all that if its too much.i hope God lets you know something i just want to know how much longer i must endure this will it be years?i need god to help me to cope i cant handle the filthy language i am losing my patience i try to tolerate a lot but its like i never even get a break either will god bring about any change?what should i do?are there also demonic spirits of insanity and profanity affecting my father?hope you can help me.hope god will give me an answer


  15. trevor pilgrim

    please pray me at and my family deliver us from oppression and possession and to find a good church home that I get a great permanent job


    1. trevor pilgrim

      please pray me at and my family deliver us from oppression and possession and to find a good church home that I get a great permanent job


  16. Gilliam

    My name is Gilliam and would like to know from the LORD what I should do under my present circumstances? Living wise and financially. Also if I should keep my injured dog or not? Thank You!


  17. Janny
    Father God in Jesus name I want to hear from you concerning my life more especially the marital life, promotional life at work and you plans for me in Jesus name Amen


  18. Leanne

    im sick and ired of this life im holding on because i have fear of taking my life and what it would do to my family .If im honest im up and down with God ,there are times when i believe im so strong in faith then something happens to turn it all around.My family is scattered everywhere-sisters in foster homes,brother in a hostel,mum’s in a hostel,my dad with his sister.I dont see things getting better.Im in church but i just havent stopped going since i feel its just to “stay” there (i feel judged even there and i question it) im suicidal,depressed,hurt and worst still i dont know who i am in God’s presence .Whats going o? I have no sense of direction everything i think im good at i dont stick to for example i thought i li=oved music till i found out about what the music industry really is about im just a mess right now and for how long will i be like this? Youll probaly send a word from God that it will have a momentarily “joyful” effect on me then fade.Im not being rude but this is whats happening and i dont like it .I wanna ask God why me and my family ?why this curse ?why wont it stop?


    1. Hey Leanne, I just got your message and just want to let you know I’m praying for you. I thought until I can get back to you I’d send you this link to an amazing talk by Andre Rabe. I don’t go to church, either, anymore, but I have found some really solid Christian friends who I fellowship with and pray with, which I think is a better setting than “church” … Talk again soon!


    2. Hi, Leanne!

      I am praying for you and your family, I sense God has great things for you, but first come and know who you are in Him, how important you are! i can see you are someone who has already “stepped outside the matrix” and as such you are of infinite worth to Him and His plan.

      I sent a prophecy to your email box today, sorry for the lateness!


      1. Have you seen the movie the Matrix? It’s about leaving this world’s systems behind, and learning about the real world … So this is kind of a term we use now among discipleship circles to say someone has left this world’s way of thinking and ways behind to follow the Lord.


      2. Leanne

        sorry,can i also get a prophecy for my 2014 ahead what to look out for and oppurtunities . Can i get it sent to my email thanks.


      3. At last I’m making an effort to get back to you! Prophecies are piling up (or rather the requests are!) and I have gotten in touch with a few channels who can help me to respond. So, Leanne, hope to get a prophecy sent for you for this year – I don’t know if you’d like to update this request or not seeing as that it is now almost June! How is your year going so far? God bless you!


  19. vana

    hi there can you please email me any words that God may have for guidance for me concerning circumstances in my life for this new year and also any words about family members especially my father.thanks a lot and may God bless you for your ministry


  20. Hello can you please see what the Lord has to say to me about my current life situation regarding finances. Also, if he is willing to speak on how my moving and getting married is tied together. I appreciate you using your gifts to assist me. Thank you.


  21. Hello my name is Lakecia. I am unsure what happened,but I posted a request here for prophecy on February 4, 2014 now my post has been somehow deleted. So, I am requesting again any words that the Lord would have to say to me regarding my life circumstances at this time. I appreciate your using your gift to assist me. God Bless You.


  22. Dimu



  23. Dillon Ringo

    Hello my name is Dillon Ringo, and I am in deep need of personal prophecy. I am a Soldier in the Ohio Army National Guard, and I tried changing my job from Infantry to Truck Driver. I prayed to God to get it approved, and it was but right when I got to Meps to sign a new contract the Pentagon called saying it was denied. My recruiter said that there is a chance the policy could change, and I can still reclass, but I don’t know. What is happening? Does God want me to go to Infantry school when Its not even the job for me? Can I pass? Or Does God want me to still reclass before AIT, and I’ve hit a roadblock? I’m so confused please send an email with a personal prophecy pertaining to this situation thank you so much.


  24. joe

    Hi Michael,

    I stumbled upon your website and was instantly impressed!
    Love the warrior bride, cosmic themes running through the site.

    I sent a private email to you about our School that may be of
    interest to you.



  25. Michael

    Hey Michael, is this where we request free prophecy? This may get a bit personal for a public forum, but I’ll take my chances. I must be honest, faith has evaded me lately, and I feel dirty even being a part of it or praying. I suspect there has been weeks of covert spiritual attack leading me to this point, but the fact is, I’m still in this place. This may sound dark and morbid, but I am truly tired of life on this Earth. I know what is going on with the food supply and how blind everyone is, how dark the future will be, and I know the damage that has been inflicted upon my own brain and body, and I see clearly what has been done to others. The thing is, I’ve wanted to get OUT of here for years, well before I ever became born again, if I can even call myself that after the last few weeks, and seeing these realities enhances my desire to simply escape this terrible planet. I’ve been cursing God for a long time now for many reasons, and at this point I feel like my old self again, and the part that is troublesome is that I couldn’t care less. I feel barren and spiritually lifeless.

    In the past, I’ve received a great deal of prophecy, and I’ve had two people say that I have a calling on my life to help many others in the future. When I first read this, I was a bit somber because A) In my mind I always hope I will die soon, and this obviously goes against that hope and B) How much time is even left to do such a mission before the Tribulation? I am nowhere near being close to such a calling and would be many years away with the way my stagnant life is going. That makes me think there is a bit of time, which I subconsciously dread. Well, my question is: How do I deal with what is done, what is, and what will be without spiraling into distressed reactions? Can I ever get out of this calling placed on my life and pass it on to another more worthy person and lastly, is my demise within sight? I mean truly, I wish I could just die some days, and I don’t see that as sad. I feel anyone with some sense of self dignity would want the same thing in these circumstances, perceived or real. On the days I feel good, I want to die just because I know I am momentarily ignorant of what is or could be in the days to come. In truth, I wouldn’t even be surprised if my name is blotted out after the evil I’ve done, and the fact that I don’t really care is again, troublesome. What do I do? How do I get out of this place (figuratively and quite literally)?

    Thank you! I appreciate your time!


  26. Michael

    Hello again- I am following up on my prophecy request from yesterday if you don’t mind. If God even answers as I am neither holy nor much of a Christian lately and therefore may not even be known, can you also ask when I am going to die? Is that even allowed? I feel knowing this will give me a sense of peace instead of feeling trapped. I want to die and stop being mentally terrorized and poisoned by this wicked society. I want an escape!!!! When I think of dying I don’t think of being with Jesus, I simply see it as the only exit from this revolting world. It’s a real Twilight Zone nightmare. Why does He allow these disturbing things to happen to people and watch by idly? It’s sickening to see what is happening to people. They are literally being poisoned! What a terror! What more is going to be taken away? Life could’ve been so easy! It’s hard enough being a Christian, let alone having these evils to worry about all over our environment? It makes me insane with anger!! Is there any real help instead of inspiring words? Are words going to keep my mind and physiological features from being altered by xenoestrogens, phthalates, BPS, fluoride, etc, for example? How are males supposed to do anything in this society when their basic foundation is assaulted every second of the day! What a nightmare!!! Why can’t He just take people out of this toxic cesspool?


  27. Michael

    Please tell God to put me out of my socially awkward, dysphoric, toxic and lonely life and that I don’t want any blessings in this life.


  28. katey

    firstly thank you for your site and the blessings it is to children of God.. i would be so grateful for a prophetic word over my life at present with loved one, family and orther circumstances … thank you kindly.. God Bless


  29. Bùi Văn Thùy

    please help me pray
    1 I need to hear from the Lord’s guidance in situations at this time, and the subsequent positions in marriage guidance.
    2.I have things happen to me that night that spiritual ascended on high, soar high and then I still think normally. This happens not in dreams .. . again I do not know I do not know where this came from: from God or the devil


  30. Mariah Bacile

    I’m going through a hard and uncertain time in my life and am struggling to trust God. I currently am in a place of feeling lost, not secure, scared, alone.


  31. lusanders

    I would really like a word from God, please; and also a prayer. I thank you for being willing to give yourself to Jesus and to me/us in this way. I know you will be blessed as you share your gift, which is your relationship with Jesus!


  32. Cam

    Lord when will I be set free? u know I live in a cage of rejection,emptiness,powerless,darkness,poverty. I’ve searched my own heart and I find no impurity,when will the walking in circles end I ask in Jesus name.


  33. Melanie

    When will I see good in the land of the living? You are about to return. There is so much to do? I just discovered a massive lump on my neck and I have no insurance. I’m in a custody battle over my son and my daughter is in drug rehab. Promises Your Word speaks of. Help me to be strong. I need to hear from You. Most of the time I do but it’s like being in hurricane Andrew Im all over the place!! Help


    1. To Melanie Jesus speaking: Concerning your feelings on this ‘hurricane time ‘ My Dear Beloved child in whom I am well pleased ,this time does seem to be a bit of a hurricane time but know that this too will pass. Sometimes when all you can fall back and lean on is me and in Me you will find your strength to keep on now is the time to increase your faith not to see things as a monster wall but to take it one day at a time , just to take one step at a time and then to take another just keep taking these baby steps and I will come through for you . Even if you feel that there is so much ahead that you just don’t know, I do and I see the big picture the past, this present time and your bright future. Although you may feel like in a wringer of a time you will come out as gold. Now is not the time to take on too much but to take the time to rest in me, my Words and just trust that is your part now to lay as a baby in My arms as I carry you.


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  35. kellentia

    Hello! Please pray for me. A super rare condition called stiff person syndrome has been attacking me for the past 2 years plus and even tried to kill me earlier this year. I can work and function, just that I can’t walk on my own so am dependent on people, which is so inconvenient. I can’t do alot of things that I want to, and I’m getting bored with everything.

    The medicines the doctors are giving me are dulling everything….my mind, my passion, my emotions…..i feel like I’m living like a robot now….just following what I have to do at work, and i just waste my time away in the evenings when I come home. I even find it difficult to watch my favourite tv shows, let alone listen to sermons or read His Word. I used to be super interested in aliens and all the stuff your site is talking about, but even now I cannot sustain my interest because of the medications I think.

    I need excitement back in my life. I have the gift of prophecy and do prophecy, but I’m too tired at the moment to use it. So would really appreciate it if you could send me a word from God to encourage me and re-ignite my passion for life again. Thank you very much


    1. Just want to let you know I got your mesage this morning and I am praying for you, your words really touched me and I resonate a lot with what you said, I feel that way sometimes, but I can’t imagine also having medication to deal with too… I am in the middle of exams now but I will hopefully get caught up soon and be able to send you a prophecy, or at least have a friend, faithful prophetess hear from the Lord for you. Keep fighting, know you’re under attack and the spiritual weapons do max damage to the Enemy no matter how you feel or how inspired you are physically/mentally. He really fears praise – that’s one thing I always forget to use and then later remember and am like “duh! should have been praising!!” it’s like nukes going off in the midst of his camp – constant praise!

      God bless you, precious sister!! I’m honored to be fighting alongside such soldiers as you.

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      1. kellentia

        Thank you so much for your prayers! They are really powerful! I feel better today, like i don’t feel so ‘dead’ inside, if you know what I mean. I feel more alive and energetic during work. But, I’m still dealing with the question that probably God has posed to me: What do you want to do with you life? I believe life is a gift from God, and He has given us the power to do what we want with it……like He has a destiny planned out for us, but He is not obligated to make sure we fulfill that…….He has given us free will. But for now, I feel like I’m in a transition period… floating around, being visionless. Probably change is coming, but I have no clue what it is. I need to figure out what I really want to do with my life………..and yes, I will remember praise! Thank you!


    2. Anonymous

      Romans 10:9 “confess that Jesus is Lord, and believe that he rose from the dead, and thou shalt be saved.”
      After that, Jesus will most likely eventually help you. He likes it when you give testimonies about him.


  36. Wesley Fraser

    Hi, My name is Wesley Fraser. I have been walking with the LORD for the last 10 years or so. I am in place right now where i need to hear from the LORD in all areas of my life. specially direction. Please if you could hear from the LORD on my behalf. I am confused as to if i am hearing from GOD or its just me.. Please please please… looking forward to hearing from you soon… GOD Bless.


  37. Personal prophecy for Brandon
    “Be Still and Know that I am God. You have nothing to fear. Do not look anxiously about you for I am with you. I will help you and I will uphold you. I hold you by your right hand.”
    I see a small/young boy with short brown hair. His back is to me and Jesus is holding this child’s right hand as they walk along together. The boy is looking up at Jesus and Jesus is looking (down) tenderly at the boy while speaking to him.
    I asked Jesus, “What is the truth that you want Brandon to know?”
    I heard, “Listen with your heart and not your head. Trust in Me and the desires that I have created in you. You will be led forth with peace. All My ways are righteous. All My ways are truth.”


    * Was this word helpful? Accurate or way off base? Any feedback would be appreciated as I practice my skill to hear and see what the Lord is saying. Thanks!!

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  38. Personal prophecy for Maria:
    The first thing I heard after typing your name: “I will make her bitter waters sweet.”
    I asked Jesus, “Who is Maria?”
    “Maria is my child; My chosen one and I love her dearly. Her heart is tender toward Me. She sits at My feet daily to learn of Me.”
    Jesus, what truth do you want Maria to know and understand?
    She is My beloved and I take great delight in her. I have anointed her to love others with the same love she has received from Me. I am increasing her capacity to receive more of My love and as a result, a greater measure to give it away.”
    What season of life is Maria currently experiencing?
    She is in the spring time of My love. The winter is over and the time of singing is here.
    I see (you?) sitting or kneeling. You are looking down and all I can see is the top of your head. You have black or almost black hair parted in the middle. (?) I realize you are looking at a small group of children; speaking or teaching them.
    You have influence with these children now or perhaps in the future…
    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


      1. Hey! Thanks for your note. I’m interested to hear if what I ‘saw” is accurate…. the hair details, etc. I’m a neophyte/newbie to “seeing”. 🙂


      2. Don’t put down your crown! I got an immediate resonance in specific details, then I realized you were replying to another prophecy request. Let me just thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that – I am way behind in replying to some of these very heartfelt prophecy requests. You’re being a big blessing to many

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    1. @lusanders- Praise the Lord!
      This is amazing!
      Honestly I had forgotten about this website and about my prayer request!
      I was here weeping for Jesus (as usual) feeling that in the past I used to be more blessed (spiritually) than now!
      Then out of my desperation I went to Google seeking a site where I could ask for personal prophecy.
      After I found this one I left a prayer request.
      Then it came to me that I had been here before.
      So I came back here and I started scrolling down and I found my petition and your answer.
      I didn’t get any email alert but you gave me that word Yesterday.
      Yes, I have my hair like you described!-I also got a similar word many years ago (about ministering to children).
      I love the Lord dearly and I enjoy ministering to God the Father as well.
      I also have a very loving relationship with the Holy Ghost!
      My desire is to let people know how much God loves them and that He desires to have a personal relationship with each one of us!-He loves us all the same!
      No one can take our place (individually) in His heart!
      My call is for intercession for the nations (the Lord started giving me names of people, cities and nations in 1996) At the time I had never heard about intercession for the nations!
      Then later the Lord called me to minister more to Him and he diminished my assignments for intercession.
      I love when the Lord gives me a word to build up someone who is discouraged!
      One of the things the Lord gave me to minister to others that I will never forget was about Jonathan’s son (Mephibosheth) crawling to the King’s table (King David).
      The Bible says that Mephibosheth was lame on his feet due to a fall as a child.
      The Lord used that “picture” to let me know that many of us feel that we are always crawling while others are walking and running (all goes well in their lives).
      When we crawl, we are facing the ground (earthly things) but the Lord wants for us to look up to Him and to His promises and to trust Him!
      In the Song of Solomon it says;”Show me your face”.
      The Lord wants for us to show Him our face and to come to Him and trust Him and accept His invitation to come to His banqueting table.
      Let those who are running stop and pick up their brothers and sisters who are crawling!
      He also said that the King will not sit at His table until all His children are home!
      I hope that this word will encourage someone Today and that it will also cause us to look around and to help those who are hurting and help them and carry them to the Lord like those 4 men brought the paralytic to Jesus through the roof of the house where Jesus was!
      That’s what you are doing here in this site!
      You are carrying to the Lord in prayer those who feel too weak to walk you are seeking a prophetic word to lift them up!
      You certainly have done that for me!
      May the Lord bless you!
      P.S :@ starsword: I appreciate your thoughts about me.
      I will pray for everyone who left a prayer request here.
      My husband and I are planning to move to another country (he is retiring)and I would appreciate your prayers for guidance.

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  39. Thank you, Maria, for your wonderful feedback! I will certainly pray for you and your husband as you enter into this new phase and adventure with God.
    Just a thought: the children I saw could represent actual children and/or those who are young in the Lord.


    1. I too thought the same thing about the children!
      Thanks again and may the Lord bless you!
      If you don’t mind I would like to ask you to pray about something: after looking for real estate in many different tropical places and believing that the Lord closed at least one door, we proceeded to send a down payment to a certain place. Now I’m having doubts due to some crime in that place!
      I know there is crime everywhere and the most important thing is to be in God’s will!
      I truly believed I had chosen the right place and now I’m having some doubts!
      I would appreciate so much if you would pray about this!-God bless you!


    1. For PJ Jacob: what I hear the Father say to you:
      I see your heart and your desire to be of use for the purposes of My Kingdom. With this I am well pleased for I am the One who has placed this desire in you. The gifts that you desire will be revealed in you; indeed they are already in your possession. Do not fear, my son, for it is My pleasure to give you the kingdom.

      Fix the eyes of your heart on Me and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me as the good thing within you and I will direct your paths. Delight yourself in getting to know Me and My desires will become yours. Enjoy Me Who enjoys you; for you are My delight and the apple of My eye. I will withhold no good thing from you.”


  40. christine solomon

    Hello sister, I would like a prophetic word. What is my calling? I
    God bless you and thank you for servingthe body of Christ.


    1. Christine, this is what I hear Jesus say to you: “Christine, I have called you by name and you are Mine. When you pass through the waters you will not drown. When you go through the fire you will not be burned. You are My secret weapon and I have hidden you in My quiver for the day of battle.

      I am training your arms for battle and your hands for war. Strengthen yourself in Me and I will show you my ways. Because you love Me, I will share with you the secrets of my covenants.

      Continue to come to Me and learn of Me. Let Me become for you your true spiritual food and your true spiritual drink. Out of you will flow rivers of living waters that will bring life and healing to all that it touches.”


    1. Got it bro, I’ve been traveling the past few weeks and haven’t had time to sit down and answer all the requests, but I’ll send you one now privately. Also, if anyone out there has the gift of prophecy and would have it in their heart to answer some of the other requests here, please feel free to do so! It seems these days everybody and their brother has the gift of prophecy, and that’s a good thing! My vision is that all are able to be able to get a word from the Lord themselves “coming boldly to the throne of grace in their time of need” and as Moses said “I would that all were prophets” . . . meanwhile, thank you for dropping by and posting a request!


  41. lisa

    Hello, I have many things going on in my life right now, would you please pray for me seek the lord to see if you have a word from him for me.
    Thank you


  42. Lisa,
    This is what I hear the Lord Jesus say to you: “come to Me and I will give you rest. Lay your burdens at My feet and cast your cares upon Me. Be Still and Know that I am God. Put your head upon my chest and listen to My heartbeat. Let my heartbeat become yours.

    You have nothing to fear. I am with you and will never leave you. I am here for you even now. Shut out the noise and voices that keep you from enjoying My peace and My presence. Quiet yourself and listen; For My voice you do hear.

    Come away with Me and learn of Me. I will catch the little foxes that spoil the vine.”


  43. Mike

    Hi there,

    I noticed you uploaded a torrent for infostore. I’ve tried to download it, but there aren’t any seeds.

    I actually have a copy of the program, but I can’t load the libraries into it because it’s password protected.

    Think you could help me?



  44. Grace

    I want to request personal prophecy. I’ve been fighting and fighting all my life. And I don’t know why my life has to be so painful.
    Does God still love me?
    Does he have a plan?

    I’ve been fighting so long I’m tired.
    I can’t hear God. Please help me.


  45. Alice Nichols

    Is this where I request a free prophecy? If so, I am needing very much to know what direction to go in. What are my gifts and calling, what mantle am I given by God? I need confirmation. Speak Lord, your daughter is listening.

    Thank you and God bless you!


  46. Anquinette Gadson

    I am requesting a personal prophetic word from the Lord. I would like to know what is on the Lord’s heart for my life. God Bless.


  47. Lydia

    Hi there

    My name is Lydia and I’m going through Avery difficult situation and I humbly ask you to pls prophesy over.. I’m seeking God for what seems like a crazy miracle, I know He hears me but I don’t know if I should even continue having faith for this miracle. Pls I’m desperate.

    Thank you and God bless you


  48. Seeba


    I am going through so much stress concerning a lot of issues. I need some breakthrough -have been waiting for it so long but it seems to not come- I still have faith that God is going to come through but right now things seem to get out of hand concerning people in my life. Please also pray for my husband Kiran- please pray for his salvation-he is a good man-please pray that he will be blessed by the Lord and he will go to great heights in life- we have so much debt and don’t have a place of our own-we need a breakthrough financially and also have a good family life with our 2 kids-a house of our own-a life where we dont depend on other people or family -my family judges my husband on his looks and his money…i am so sad by this-i hope you reply to me …i need answers and God judging us-that he will raise my husband above all-yet bring down my husband’s heart in submission to Christ


  49. wendy

    Hi. This is an amazing thing that you are doing here ! God bless you for your willingness to. go to the lord for answers for anyone ! I would like to know the will of the lord in my life and family we have gone through some tough situations in my family !I just don’t know which way to turn ! Would you seek the lord on my behalf .I try to hear for me but doesn’t seem to work !I am a christiian ! Thank you


  50. spurgeon

    i need a word from the lord regarding my life as of now. please pray for me. I cannot write here everything. please reply to my mail.


      1. Maria Elena

        Much Blessings to Everyone,
        I’m in much NEED of a Word from God. Please anyone
        If God puts it in your heart I’d love to hear from you. May God bless you and ALL of your loved ones.
        My FAITH IS in Jesus


  51. Hi,
    First of all, just let me say I am grateful for your ministry, for your willingness to help the body of Christ through the gift you received. Thank you!

    Second, I kind of have a lot on my mind.I have been praying to God A LOT(and when I mean a lot I mean almost 200 hours-NO EXAGGERATING!) for my financial independence.Right now, I depend upon my father financially and he is not a christian and does not allow me to go to church or read the Bible, so I have to read the Bible in secret. I feel it in my heart that God called me to help advance His kingdom, to preach the gospel, heal the sick etc.But I have no money.I tried several times getting a job. most of them refused my CV because I lack experience (I am 23- just finished college). I am struggling and would really like to achieve my independence from my father, because he forbids me to go to Church.

    Also, I ask you to go before God in prayer regarding my marriage.I am not married, do not have a boyfriend, but I would like to get married.I was wondering what does God feel about this; is THE ONE going to appear in my life anytime soon?

    Please consult God on my behalf regarding this matters (marriage and money).
    Thank you so much.I am looking forward to your replying!


    1. Hi, Monica! Just got done with school myself and hoping to spend more time with regards to this website. . . thanks for reaching out, and I’ll hope to get in touch with you again more in detail, but definitely will be praying for you on these matters, I’m in a similar position but there is nowhere better to be than just having nothing but Jesus to depend and rely on!! God bless you, and talk to you again soon – my email is


  52. Tayisha Sharell Gibson

    I need confirmation .. Im also listening for a word from God , i just wanna know that im doing the right thing and making the right decisions .. And I plead the blood of Jesus over me and my daughters health the devil has had my mind everywhere lately I just want relief .. Im listening lord


      1. To JOnathan:

        Have My Root within yourself, for the Sower went out to sow and some seed fell by the wayside, some on good ground, etc. What kind of ground are you going to be? Many fell away when persecution came. Persecution will come to the whole church and already is. The time to be a man and stand before Me is now, for I need soldiers, I need warriors who will not be swayed by the opinions of others. For many this is the most difficult mountain to pass: ridicule. I was also mocked for my faith. If you will cling to Me and not deny your faith and share My gospel with others, you will find the mission I have for you. As you serve Me, I will take care of all your needs and you have no need to fear! My perfect peace surrounds you which is not of this world. Why not give in to it? Be comforted in My comfort and then you will also become a mountain and a beacon to others to comfort them in the same way you yourself have been comforted. Yes dark times are coming but you don’t need to worry about that, and the opinions of others is a pressure but that’s also not a big deal when you compare with the opinion of My Father and I, and all of Heaven being with you. Are you ready for what I am about to do in your life? I will change things and shake them up a bit, but it will be good. This will lead to so many opportunities you would have never otherwise had. Look not to the right nor to the left but only at Me, and make your focus recieving whatever I have for you in each and every situation.


    1. Dear Tayisha, though this is super late, I’m in Nepal at the moment, let me get a word for you:

      My precious daughter, every tear you shed and every prayer you pray on your knees for your future and your family’s are seen by My Father in Heaven. I am the comforter of the comfortless and I will keep you as you commit all to Me. Let me hold you through this storm but also realize who you are in Me, that I have created you to be a part of Me and My Family, which will rule all of Heaven and Earth. Now is the battle, but you are a warrior and you have made me proud!


  53. Jonathan

    Father you know my heart and you know my fight with the devil but you also know how i never give up fighting for you my king two female s have come in to my life and they both want me and they are both amazing but onley you know the one i should choose that can fit what i need as my wife and mother of my kids you promised id have my soulmate this year so i beg you father with all my heart tell me who should i choose and please a clear answer to the heart of my soul


  54. Starlight

    Please may I have a word from the Lord. I’m about to be cheated of something that rightfully belongs to me by someone more influential than I am. I’m an orphan, helpless against this assault until God steps in


    1. I feel led to share with you now, that you are now in the place where the Lord is going to show you He is enough, and you have been brought to the place where all the great women and men of God all throughout the Bible were before the Lord did a miracle to carry them through.


  55. Hi,
    I am seeking guidance with regard to how promotions are administered within the body of Jesus Christ. I am oriented towards bilious ministrations, with an occasional over-lapse—in the spirit, of course—into pure hyper-sanguinity. Thus, as far as becoming eternally situated in the extended body of Jesus Christ, I was wondering if there are still liver-positions available? Furthermore, when the transubstantiation of the spiritual body occurs (in the form of planetary embodiments), will there be one planet per organ, or will the organs of the body of Jesus Christ be distributed as planetary cells?

    Either way, my primary concern is placement. Although I understand that dibs have been called for seating arrangements “at the right hand of Christ,” I would still like some choice in the matter. Is it possible that I might have some choice (‘free will’) in relation to where I will be stationed in the cosmos? I would like a planet with sufficient amounts of gravitas to challenge me in my walk-n-talk with the Lord of Hosts.

    For the greater glory,


  56. Peggy

    I NEED to hear a word from the Lord. My grief and trauma. My pain and agony and too much. I want to know what he has for me. I want some direction. That one thing I need an answer for. Walk close with me Lord. I am yours.


  57. johnkid

    I am asking personal prophesy about my marriage. is there anything wrong between my wife and I?
    I want to know about my finances, businesses, career, spiritual life & my ministry also what God is doing about spells & curses against me.


  58. jonathan

    I’m fighting for my wife doing everything I can please tell me what to do to get my wife back father I’m all ears and willing to do as you say my king


  59. charity

    Im requesting for prayer and a word concerning my life.
    I have been praying and speaking into other people’s lives and their lives change, i see God doing mighty things in other people’s lives.
    I got a very good job last year, but the moment i got it, all hell broke loose, i was working for the President’s doctor and i believe i have so many people that do not want to see me prosper.
    My mum also went to be with the Lord during that season, my brother who lives abroad got arrested, my mume had been sick ,hospitalized and therefore incurred a huge bill, which the Lord cleared in a day (it was a miracle). After i lost my job early this year, was invited in March ,by a prestigious insurance firm to to sell insurance, since then i have not made a single dime. I have prayed words have been spoken, i have come across people who want to buy, but at the time of signing up, no one appears, its like they disappear without trace. Im discouraged, i have reached a point where im feeling so depressed, even though im still trusting God…..i need this to come to an end.

    I need a word from the Lord, pray for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Charity,

      I haven’t been very faithful with this page recently but I have a moment to pray for you here, so I hope this catches you well…

      “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

      I will be standing with you in your battle, charity, as a person who is human and full of faults but who has seen the Lord be faithful to come through time and time again through a multitude of situations. I will also be requesting my brothers and sisters help for you, both on Youtube (channel KEYBLADES or search BASHAMREPORT) and among my missionary friends out here in Asia.

      My chosen disciple I tell you now to look Me in the eye. See how I am in the midst of the storm, and how much peace I have. Sometimes I’ll let it rage for a while. . . . longer than my disciples would prefer. But now I’m also telling you to come and join Me out on the water. Soon there will be no more boats of this world for My Endtime church to take refuge in. Faith is going to be your boat, and you are going to walk on the water. Do not look at yourself as though some strange thing is happening, or as though you made some horrible mistake. I have promised to always care for My own, and I will never go against My Word.

      You have seen Me do it before, and you will see Me do it again. Great days of darkness and trouble are coming upon this earth such as the world has never seen, but I promise to always care for the ones who are under My Wing. Identifying yourself as the bride will be one of the strongest weapons you can wield for this battle, and also using the power of praise and speaking in tongues, as through this ability My Spirit can freely pray through you even if you don’t feel faith in yourself.

      I am doing a new thing now and so the Enemy is afraid. Both because of what I am accomplishing through you and your relationships, and the things I am doing nationwide.

      Seek first the Kingdom and all the other things will be added to you. The necessities of life are in My hand, you do not need to worry about this. But speak victory, for you have victory already through My blood! The Enemy can only try to scare you, but he has lost all his power.


  60. Elen

    Dear beloved in Christ, Today in my Birth-Day and I really need a word from the Lord for the coming year. I am desperate for direction from God. Please share with me what you hear from the Lord. God Bless You.


  61. Michael

    Hey Mr. Basham. Before I ask my question, I beg that you please do not say anything that will be too heavy or cause me to have to come to terms with certain burdens and please be a legitimate prophet because people with serious needs are coming to you hoping for serious responses. I have been told I have a high call on my life (apostle) and I know we are living in the end times with the coming AntiChrist. I keep thinking of Peter and Paul. Can Jesus in His goodness and mercy because I asked in His name, making my requests known with thanksgiving, keep me from bondage (arrest, imprisonment, kidnapping, etc) and martyrdom? I had one prophet tell me I will endure much suffering for the people and many lonely nights of why me, but I believe this is a lie because Jesus said He wants to give us joy and peace and prophecy is for encouragement, and that isn’t encouraging. I don’t ask for much, but I’ve asked for God to keep me from bondage and martyrdom because bondage is a very painful sexual root that torments me and martyrdom because it often includes bondage. What Father gives their child stone when I’ve asked for bread? God said nothing is impossible for Him and whatever we ask in the name of the Son He would do for us so His Father would be glorified. Psalm 91 says we are protected and Jesus came to set the captives free and give us dignity. Why, then, if I ask years and perhaps decades in advance, can’t the God who says He can do all things and exceeding and abundantly more than we ask and who says He is the God of all mankind and that nothing too hard for Him, not make a way to keep me from bondage and martyrdom when He made a way by parting the Red Sea for crying out loud? Did He not say to Peter what does if concern you if John is still here when I return and did He not reason with Abraham and Moses? Please don’t say anything heavy or anything that leaves the door open to bondage and martyrdom being a part of my future because it will drive me to insanity and has already put me in the hospital twice. I understand that persecution is a part of the Christian journey, but not necessarily THAT kind of persecution. If the call on my life leads to those things, can Jesus give me something else?? Please speak things such as The Lord can use me in ways that don’t lead to bondage and martyrdom despite potentially having a high call or being alive during the AntiChrist regime. Thank you. Please heal the expectations. I just want to work with kids or something. This apostle stuff is too much and something I never had peace with.


    1. Michael

      Please seriously don’t say anything vague or ambiguous that leaves the door open to these things because my heart cannot bear it. If God is a very specific God who wants us to bring our concerns to Him and can supply all our needs and gives good gifts to His kids and do exceedingly and abundantly more than we ask or think, why is my request somehow too much for Him? I don’t ask for a job, wife, money, ministry, clothes, school, or even a long life. I simply ask to be kept from bondage so I can have some semblance of peace and dignity within my self and my future.


    2. Michael

      Please- I want my prayers, cries, anger to be heard, respected, and answered by Jesus. Please tell me I am NOT an apostle to suffer like Peter and Paul. Please heal the expectations


      1. Hey there — I’ll ask the Lord!

        Some are called to be apostles, some to various ministries in the Kingdom, but what is that to thee? Just follow Me. I can even make apostles out of stones if I wish. All My gifts to you are in love, and not meant to be a burden. When you feel a sense of disquiet or anarchy in your soul after hearing a “spiritual message” consider this: My Spirit comes in peace. My peace is not of this world, and will descend on you like a dove. Do not give heed to spirits that try and wrest My Words and make you think of dark possibilities in the future. You have only need to come to Me and be Mine. I will possess you each moment and every step as you do this. Leave all questions of possible martyrdom scenarios in My hands, meanwhile go and do the work of an evangelist – win souls! Be a servant of all, therefore you will be the greatest of all in the Kingdom! Even if it did get to the point of martyrdom, I would give you the strength in that hour. That is not something I am asking you to have strength for right now, and it is unwise of my children to throw around prophecies like that and lay upon my other children such heavy burdens. What’s the point of that? Come to Me, be Mine, and be a martyr every day who lives out Galatians 2:20. For it is no longer you that live, but I am living through you.

        I will fill you with my joy unspeakable as you focus on Me and whatever I have for you in this moment, not yesterday, not in the future, but right now. The time to pray and change the universe through your obedience is right now!


  62. Michael Basham,

    Would you be willing to ask the Lord what He is saying to me in this season? I’ve been in a very dry spiritual season though my circumstances have been truly blessed. I’ve been cut off from the fellowship and community of other believers and feel so lost! I seem to be able to hear from the Lord for others, but not so much for myself. What is God saying to me? I’m scared!

    All I want is to feel God’s love for me again.



  63. Michael

    Hey again Mr. Basham 🙂 Want to thank you again for all that you do and let you know that you help out greatly. I am just wondering, whenever you get a chance, if you can shed some insight into some questions I have through prophetic revelation from The Lord. I want to preface with the reason why I’m asking, if you don’t mind. I’m trying to come to terms with the idea of God as a good and loving Father who protects His children and finds no joy in their persecution. He tells us to count it all as joy and that our reward in Heaven is great. To look to the reward as Moses did, who considered being persecuted with God’s people for a season to be better than the riches in Egypt because He looked to the eternal reward. Persecution is a part of the Christian life, and we can do ALL things through Christ who infuses us with inner strength, no matter how big or small, but I feel it is very heart-breaking and confusing to think of our Abba Father as the One who destines us to certain persecutions like prison or martyrdom, which I feel Revelation 13:7 implies.

    The Word also says The Lord releases prisoners into prosperity, our God is a God of salvation and with the Sovereign Lord there are escapes from death, Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly and it is the thief that kills, steals, destroys. So how does this image of God line up with Revelation 13:7 which says in the NLT that “Anyone who is destined for prison will be taken to prison. Anyone destined to die by the sword will die by the sword. This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful.” The NKJV says it a little differently: “He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” NIV says, “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.”

    Persecution is a part of Christian life, but what is this verse saying? For a time I found peace with it because I thought it was saying that those who lead into captivity will reap what they sow and be brought into captivity in the end when God exacts justice and those who kill with the sword must reap what they sow and be killed with the sword when God exacts justice. But when I read it yesterday in the NLT, it made me think that God is the one destining people for prison and death by sword. What is this verse saying?

    Also, Revelation 13:7 says, “And the beast was allowed to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them.” Who is giving the beast this authority- God or the powers of the world? We know the saints do not fear death and will overcome the beast by the blood of The Lamb and the word of their testimony because Revelation says this, but who is giving the beast the authority to take the lives of God’s people? Is it God?

    Thank you so much. Please forgive me for these tough questions. I am just trying to figure out how this relates to a loving Abba Father. Persecution is a part of the Christian life, but it is hard to think that our Father could be destining us to prison or martyrdom as opposed to being the One to aid His children through the evils of man into His Kingdom. What is the truth?

    Thank you,


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  64. Adrian Strmic

    From Adrian:

    I’m a Christian. Or I thought I was. I got involved in some serious sinning. I have tried to repent and confess my sins. But I feel very far from God. I’m worried that God has forsaken me. Many things are not going right in my life, now. I don’t really feel love from God. Am I doomed? Or is this from Satan? I’m also experiencing trouble with my prayer life. Can you help me? Is there a prophecy from God for me with direction? Help! I’ve been experiencing the darkness for many years.

    Please email me back too:


  65. Maria Elena

    Much Blessings to Everyone
    I’d love to hear from God please. If anyone has a word for me from God I’d love to hear it.

    My FAITH IS in Jesus
    Maria Elena


  66. Linda

    Im struggling to come up in life .My career seem not moving anywhere .My personal life im 28 but still not married due to I and my partner are waiting for his religion matters resolve(Converting from Moslem to Christianity we are living in moslem country ).He have file the case but the authority seem delaying it .It have been 5 years we are waiting and praying but nothing seem moving .What are god try t do seem like he punishing us .We have decide to held our wedding next year but if my partner case seems not resolving it wont happen.It seem my life is falling apart .I would appreciate any word from GOD do he cursed me that much .


  67. Elana

    I need to hear from God. We need a revelation. Humongous career trouble for my husband. Racial discrimination manifested through lying has him dismissed from medical training (Australia). Hardly a way out. We need to hear from God. It’s pretty much like Daniel being falsely accused by his coworkers only that David was seniormost (my husband is junior).


  68. Adrian

    From Adrian:

    I’m a Christian. Or I think I was. I sinned on purpose. I have tried to repent and confess my sins. But I feel very far from God. I’m worried that God has forsaken me. Many things are not going right in my life, now. I don’t really feel love from God. Am I doomed? Or is this from Satan? I’m also experiencing trouble with my prayer life. Can you help me? Is there a prophecy from God for me with direction? Help! I’ve been experiencing the fear of the unpardonable/willful sin that can’t be forgiven for many years. It may even be called the sin unto death. I don’t know for sure although I have many condemning thought patterns. I could really use some guidance from God now. I keep praying to God for answers and a way back to experiencing God’s Grace again, but to no avail that I’m aware of. Please help me. I’m reposting again to reclarify what I had posted weeks ago because I haven’t got a response in some time.

    Please email me back too:


  69. Adrian

    From Adrian:

    I’m a Christian. Or I think I was. I sinned on purpose. I have tried to repent and confess my sins. But I feel very far from God. I’m worried that God has forsaken me. Many things are not going right in my life, now. I don’t really feel love from God. Am I doomed? Or is this from Satan? I’m also experiencing trouble with my prayer life. Can you help me? Is there a prophecy from God for me with direction? Help! I’ve been experiencing the fear of the unpardonable/willful sin that can’t be forgiven for many years. It may even be called the sin unto death. I don’t know for sure although I have many condemning thought patterns. I could really use some guidance from God now. I keep praying to God for answers and a way back to experiencing God’s Grace again, but to no avail that I’m aware of. Please help me. I am posting again because my last attempt a minute ago failed to appear on this website.


  70. mrs kiran

    please pray for brother. my faith s low and sometimes i question myself… come huge family of e knows the Lord but inspite of all this my life is not smooth…I am questioned and we are in shame…debts…family life is not smooth…my husband is deep into politics that keep his from enjoying his family….we prayed forvyears for him to get a job as inspector which he was selected but he didnot get the appointment parents dont respect my husband….I have failed them…I would like them to be proud of us…I need word…feeling lonely in my faith and fight…marriage seems dull…debts…jobs…husbands salvation…family acceting and loving us…sorry have a lot on my mind

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  71. mrs kiran

    Sir I am looking for a job myself and would like to know if I will get one …also we are struggling financially we need to earn,pay debts and save something but this is impossible with our current jobs,we would like to go abroad but there seems to be no way out either where we can make money and save and go ..also my husband has got a transfer currently but there are isues regarding that -toomuch going on that increases our stress.please sir pray for us


  72. Adrian

    Still knocking, still seeking, still asking for prophecy for my above troubles. It’s been more than a month since I last wrote you my request for prophecy (and it seems like others also never got their answers here either). Are you going to write back to this forum anytime soon? I know I’m still waiting.


  73. I am Ronny Romano from Palm Beach Gardens Florida USA. I Need a free Prophetic Word in my Life Regarding my Music Career Playing the Viola and my Emotional Life and my Job Situation and my desire to get a Wife from God and I Need a Word of Prophesy for Gods Wisdom and Will and Understanding in my Life . Thank you . Ronny Romano.

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  74. Adrian

    Are you there?I’m a Christian. Or I think I was. I sinned on purpose. I have tried to repent and confess my sins. But I feel very far from God. I’m worried that God has forsaken me. Many things are not going right in my life, now. I don’t really feel love from God. Am I doomed? Or is this from Satan? I’m also experiencing trouble with my prayer life. Can you help me? Is there a prophecy from God for me with direction? Help! I’ve been experiencing the fear of the unpardonable/willful sin that can’t be forgiven for many years. It may even be called the sin unto death. I don’t know for sure although I have many condemning thought patterns. I could really use some guidance from God now. I keep praying to God for answers and a way back to experiencing God’s Grace again, but to no avail that I’m aware of. Please help me. I am posting again because it has been since early October since you last replied to me (or others), and I’m hoping you won’t forget about us for way too much longer.


    1. Hey there! Sorry for being so late, I’ve been working full time and yet always hope others might help with this page – your message really touches me and I’d like to pray with you if possible. Do you skype? I’m “Seerfax” — maybe we can fellowship by email as well and I can pass on your message to some of my brethren who are really faithful with getting prophecy and reaching out (unlike me!)

      Briefly, let me just say that there is always hope, and God never forsakes anyone… check out my sister’s movie “Realm” which is about this. I know He has a plan for you and all of us, no matter what. Keep holding on! my email is message me there and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

      This morning I got Psalm 121, hope that will bless you!



  75. Kuceli

    Please give me a word. Anything the father reveals to you. I’m just desperate to hear Him. So many issues and requests but I will just listen. Thank you. Happy new year and God bless you

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    1. GBY Kuceli, I’m in the same boat with you! Why don’t we hear from Him together. . .

      First usually I like to reread old prophecies and scriptures as they give me faith and “Prime the Pump” so to speak. Then I’ll be in a better position to get a word either for myself or others on the spot. To be perfectly honest with you I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t spent much time in the temple and that’s my fault. There are so many issues in my life as well and I’m feeling just the same as you: I want just to hear from the Lord! Hallelujah that He understands us perfectly and takes us right where we are at.

      If you don’t mind I’m just going to paste what I read right here and maybe even make it into a longer file or post later on.

      Verse of the day from KJV site:

      “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.”
      Jeremiah 17:7 (KJV)

      The Devil wants you to think that you’re facing so many battles because you’re extra weak, or you don’t have the spiritual strength that you need, or that you’re easy prey for him somehow. But it’s usually just the opposite!—He’s fighting you because he’s mad at you for what you’re ripping off from his kingdom, or he’s scared of you and what you’re about to do!

      25. So we can take comfort in the fact that pretty much everyone faces big battles and tests, and we all just have to learn to fight them. That’s why asking for united prayer and being willing to share your lessons and your heart is so helpful and such a good thing. It’s good for your humility, and united prayer is a powerful force for good and change. The power that we have when we pray unitedly is tremendous—much greater than one of us just praying on our own, no matter how desperately.

      (that was the good quote I found. . . )

      Lord I open my channel to you now, I know we are seated in Heavenly Places with You, and I want to hear from you both for myself and for Kuceli.

      You have come as my faithful bride and for this I am so happy. As long as you decide to be Mine no matter what, then I can do all things for you. The Enemy will fight you and try to get you to look at yourself rather than Me. Know that he is such a loser and he is only digging his own grave deeper and deeper whenever he comes at you in this myriad of ways. Also know that as you come close to Me, you are giving Me the right to smash Him, as you are Mine. If you are not Mine, I cannot protect you as I would like to. Be Mine, only Mine, and give your heart to no other. As long as you have become completely My Own, then I can do anything with you. I want to take you further, farther, deeper, more inside the chambers of the realms of My Kingdom. There are untold mysteries and beauties to be found in the quiet waters of My Word. If you would only come and abide in My Word and let go of your own way and your own struggles in life, you would see so much beauty. Stop looking at yourself and your own situation. Start to look up, and start to see Me act. Did you know that I am God’s Son, and I can do anything for you? Aren’t you proud that you can be My Wife? Then take that responsibly and seriously, and stop worrying about what others think about you. Then I can truly use you and whats more, I can show you My treasures. I will not give my treasures to just anyone. I will give them to those who are searching for Me, and who sit daily at My gates, waiting. Sit at My feet, and let Me pour into your lap. Do not live for this world, which is passing away (with its lusts) but live for Me and My Kingdom, which is a place that cannot be destroyed. There is nothing in My Kingdom that can rust or be stolen. Of course the gifts I give you in the Spirit from My kingdom are often stolen because you exist in the fallen realm of Earth, and there you do battle. Merely let Me take the helm and be your protector, instead of trying constantly to do it all on your own. In this way you will be approved unto God, able to manifest My Kingdom wherever you go, no matter how dark or drastic or ugly.


  76. christine merrill name is Christine. I am in need of a word from the father as the Holy Spirit leads.. I have not been able to hear Him lately and have been in an environment where I m constantly feeling oppressed in my spirit. I have gotten prophetic words and just barely found out that I have to war against the enemy for them to come to pass. I feel as if I have taken for granted time as it passes. I am in need of guidance. I can see and feel in the spirit.Thank you


  77. hello please send me any words you get for me from the lord for the future and for now-any guidance concerning jobs and where to live and also any words concerning my family members.


  78. Elton

    Hi Michael,

    How are you? I want to know what the Father has to say concerning the issues in my soul and what is the best way to be heal and being delivered of schizophrenia and demonic control.

    Thank you and shalom!

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  79. Amit

    Please Ask Lord about me I am going through tough times..I need encouragement from the Lord..if Lord gives You any word Please share with…Thanks For Your Prophetic Service..God Bless You…

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    1. In Jesus Name right now I lift up Amit to you, and I thank you for his life and ministry to you. Now he has come to ask for a word and I know that you never give your children a stone when they ask for bread. I thank You Lord and claim Your Word over his life.

      Never fear for the future or anything that is outside of your hand. Into your hand I have put great things already and you know that I have a great call on your life. As My child you have need only to trust in Me and to take My hand. Every day put what is on your heart into My hand and you will see it flourish even more. The road ahead is unclear but to Me it is totally abundantly clear. I will do what you cannot do, and what only I can do. If it were of man it would be impossible, but since it is in My control it will play out in the perfect and most miraculous way. This is My work and not man’s work. Focus on Me and watch what I will do in your life!

      . . . AMEN!!!


  80. Phillip c

    I come in the name of the lord God of Abram isacc and Jacob seeking a word
    The word says that iron sharpens iron
    I believe the word God speaks thru your ministry will greatly enhance my life.can in box me the word of prophecy

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    1. As the God of the Patriarchs I invite you to come to My side and to learn from Me. I am patient, peaceable and easily entreated. I would that all men come to me, even those who are most lost in their sins. . . there is so much I Wish to do for this world, and if the peoples of this world would lay aside their own ways and come to me, oh the revelations that would happen! The Heavens are brimming and full of treasures waiting to be ecscavated, will you come and join in the fun? Many are coming and taking from the storehouses and finding great use of these in their ministry. Heaven is opened to you. What would you like to have in your life from My Kingdom?


    1. Bless you Jerald, I’ll pray for your family!

      In Jesus Name I ask for and release blessing and favor over this family, for their daughter and for the destiny you have placed over them. Families ar eYour idea and I know You have made them for a specific purpose and to serve You, Lord!

      Walk before Me, priest of the home I have given you and remember that it is I who am over your family, not even so much you. I have brought you your wife and daughter and I will keep them. I will give you the wisdom on how to be a good protector and representation of My Father in Heaven. In the end it is always I who will bring everything you need and really desire. I have yoru deepest desires at heart and I will richly reward those who seek Me first.


  81. mandy

    Please pray for me and let me know if God has a word for me, everything in my life has been destroyed, and beyond but I continue to pray and worship even though I feel like giving up and feel like I have nothing to look forward to. thank you so much

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    1. Right at the point of total loss and desperation, when you feel there’s nothing left to fight for, that’s when you’re strongest! It’s my honor to get this message and to pray for you. I’ll share a few words here:

      AMEN, Lord YOU are in control, I yield my tongue to You. I am Yours.

      Mandy know that you are engaged, betrothed to One Husband, and so the ENemy will fight you. We have forces working against us that are unprecedented, but they all fail and utterly lose their way as the Lord takes precedence over anything else that could ever distract us from Him. Now in the darkest moments you get to see how powerful He is, and how fulfilling He is, more than any other “fix” …

      I see a woman going to a pure glistening pool of water and dipping her hand into it. She takes some of the water and drinks it… man the colors are so vivid and amazing. She’s beautiful, too. I see on the microscopic level that the tiniest part of her being is being ignigted by the flame of God’s Words and love and truth. I’m guessing you’re the woman and the water must be the truth of the Word?

      “My Bride as you come to Me and just receive My words of love for you it will not only cleanse you but give you so much strength for the battle! Even when you don’t feel me close, know that I am there. I am waiting for you to come to Me. Stop looking at all the multitudes of confusing thoughts and guilty voices. Don’t even pay attention to them, they’re not worth it! THey’re always going to be there and that’s the way the world is right now, but the truth is when you invite Me into your life I crowd out all of that stuff. Choose Me every time.”


    1. Muriel where are you from? I haven’t met a Muriel in a long time. Praise the Lord!

      “As you lay aside your own thoguths and your own way, I will take you up into heavenly places to know Me and to find out who I am. In knowing Me you will truly know who you are meant to be also.”

      I get a vision of a ladder … or is it a railroad? Going through a tunnel of clouds. It’s churning but at the same time the light through this tunnel is so bright and glorious.

      Next I see an angel fighting against hordes of demons. Could this be you or like your angel protecting you? The name Muriel is definitely really angelic. Maybe that’s why I saw that. Now I see keys hanging from a belt, but they’re not normal keys. THey look like flutes. It reminds me of the scene in prometheus (Yeah I know that’s meant to be from the enemy but here I see it in a Heavely light) that these are able to emit sound that open or unlock or activate different gates and programs. . . maybe gifts?

      I get that as you praise the Lord and you open your mouth and read the Word outloud in faith and share your faith your faith will also grow. Your destiny is obviously really cool and spectacular to look at in the Spirit! There is so much stuff going on here. I Wish I could stay here longer and see more.

      . . . OK I’m totally going to!

      There are many houses. You may not only abide in one house, but there are so many communities you are going to have an influence on. Simple people you meet and share God’s love with are going to end up changing whole cities.

      I get the words “I surender all” … we get all from the Lord as we surrender to Him! Look to Him and recieve whatever He’s got for you!

      Drunk on the glory! I’m feeling a sense of need to just get totally wasted on Him. Enjoying Him deep into the night, rising up early to partake of His Spirit even more. Dreams, visions, prophecies, and secrets in the Word, to you who seek Him and ask!


      1. Muriel

        Hi Michael. I’m from canada 🙂 Thank you for your prophetic word. Can you see if I have a husband coming into the picture soon? It has been my desire for a long time and I have asked the Father for that, and am waiting.


  82. Sophia

    Prophetic word and prayer for the Lord to grace and give me Sophia, my husband Jerald, and my 2 children Jessica and Alexander a 100 times more of his divine strength in our of spirit, mind , and whole body



    Prophetic word and prayer for the Lord to give and grace me Jessica, my dad Jerald and my mom Sophia with healthy , rejuvenating, restful, and peaceful sleep according to Psalms 127: 2 so he giveth his beloved sleep. Thanks


  84. marie

    can you please give me a prophetic word for my life especially this year? Do you see any man coming into my life?, do you see any demonic bondage?


  85. Kuceli

    Dear Michael,
    May I please request a prophetic word. I’m praying for financial blessings and a new job, healing and to find love according to Gods will. Thank you



  86. Adrian Strmic

    Is God with me or am I living against Him even though I want to be a true Chistian? Please email me your answer from God and only don’t just leave your response on your website(s) because I would have an easier time reading from your email, instead of trying to hunt for your answer for me through all your websites. Also, you said you wanted to help me the last time you gave your message to me with what’s going on in my life. How would you help me? Do you have a better way we can talk, because I’ve been going through hard times and trying to fix my eyes on Jesus only, and resolve once and for all with my salvation for a great many years?

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  87. Peter Hansen

    Hello, I would like to have a personal prophecy about the calling of God on my life in the present and giftings! God bless you, Peter





    1. Charlotte, join the mile – low club, with me and my pals! We have no way out except Jesus, time and time again there is no other hope and He is put on the spot — watch Him come through for you! He cannot fail, He has never failed and He won’t allow you to be tempted above that which you are able!


  89. Hello my name is Christina and I was browsing around researching different prophets seeking help and guidence. I wish I was part of something bigger that is of God and wants to change the world for him. I would like to be in touch with people who have like interests as I do and also help me grow in my walk with God. so I was hoping you could help me decipher on what I need to do. thanks so much hope to hear from you soon.

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  90. Peter Hansen

    Hello, my name is Peter. Could you please pray and hear from Jesus in which way he wants to use me now, in which gifts, talents shall I serve him in these times for the church and for the world? Greetings. Peter . God bless you and your ministry!

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  91. Tosha Angelle

    Just wanting to know my direction to go in. Me and my husband lost our jobs and just recently got married. Financially it has been a drain. On top of that. I lost my mother in 2012 and my dad just over a month ago. I’m tired of losing everything I love. I just want God to remove this mountain and let his blessings pour out to me and my husband. I know I am the foundation of my family and I am asking God to bless me financially so I can help my family out of their rut but yet do for others. I want to help people and that’s my true passion. I love to help and I get true satisfaction from that. I just need Gods direction.


    1. Ntombi, I will pray for you! I know it’s a dark time and many of us are facing challenges beyond the usual. We are all not alone even if we feel like it – I claim the Lord’s peace in the midst of your storm! Have you heard this album of scriptures yet? I often listen to this when in battle:


  92. Peter Hansen

    Hello michael, it´s me Peter again. Do you have heard something from the Lord Jesus for me. I asked for a prophecy in December ´16. Greetings. Peter. If you have much work, sorry, I don´t want to be impatient. God bless you. Peter

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  93. Bahy

    I don’t know from where I can start but I really need your help to tell me a prophecy on my life, why I don’t find work easily like many people why I don’t find a good woman to get married? Why when I deal with some people I find them very bad and also for work when I get a job after a short time I find that wasn’t good for me … I’m about to give up and I’m keep reading in the Bible and taking with God but now I don’t understand what God wants from me? Is it a curse? I feel like I killed a prophet that’s why God is punishing me … so if you can help me to pray and tell me what will happen in my future I would be thankful for you becaus really need that help, many thanks!

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  94. Monique

    Please I need a word from the Lord regarding my daughter Mikyla. Please I need guidance. My heart is paining so badly. I need a miracle


  95. Prophetess Ronah Kasujja

    Hello I’m Prophetess Ronah’s kasujja from Boston, I want to know what the lord has in store for my future ministry and where he will take me Ect Hod bless you

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  96. Peter Sören Hansen

    Hello, please pray for me. I really would like to know sure, if God will and wants to use me as an apostle. Please pray for me! Thanks and God bless you! Peter from Germany !


  97. Hi I am asking for prayer for myself a and my husband. He is unemployed looking for work. I have m.s and would love more energy in my legs and physical body. I would also like to move to a bungalow or apartment. I want to work also. Please send me a prophecy. Many, many thanks. xjenny

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  98. Carissa

    Feeling so lost. Stuck. Alone. I spend one on one time in my faith journal with God nearly every night. I have never been one to have discernment, and I have so much going on in my mind with my traumas, and mental illnesses, and self-medicating that I can’t seem to even think clearly anymore. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve been prophesied over throughout my life and have been told many times over that God has a “mighty call” on my life. I know that the trauma He has kept me through is going to help someone someday, and my heart is constantly heavy thinking about all the souls that need to be saved by His grace and filled with the Holy Spirit – but I am filled with so much rage at the same time, and I have anger and resentments that I confess each night in my faith journal, but I always seem to harbor new ones. The traumatic incidents I’ve endured have not exactly been easy for me to forgive and forget about. I need a word. I need to know where I stand with Him lately. I’ve been angry with Him too because things are constantly going wrong. Something, daily, is lost, damaged, stolen, whatever. It gets tiring. I’m exhausted. I try to surrender little by little, but I always fall back into the same messed up place I’ve always been. I never seem to move forward. I was just in a bad situation two nights ago, and have been abused physically and emotionally and mentally the past 2 months due to someone’s reaction to my bad attitude. He says I have an ugly soul because I’m so mean, but I know I don’t have an ugly soul really. I’m just in a bad place right now. I need guidance. I pray for it every night. I pray for God to make me over and become the woman HE needs me to be, so that He can use me for His greater purpose. I just never seem to make progress. I always keep a list of gratitude along with my confessions of sin and praising Him and prayer requests. I don’t know what I’m not doing right. What’s wrong with me? I need to hear from Him. Please. God, I’m crying out. I need to hear from You.

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  99. Shalee Hopper

    Hi! This is an awesome site and ministry that you have here! It’s so awesome that you encourage others to be still and listen too! I myself would appreciate it very much if you would listen for me. Thank you so much and God bless you! Hope you are having a blessed day 🙂
    – Shalee

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  100. Hi
    I am really in a very difficult situation and need direction on whether I’ll make a right decision or not.please give me direction through prophecy. I really need help


  101. Aroha

    Hi I was wanting a word of encouragement. The devils been intensely attacking me. And people have been gossiping about me, slandering me behind my back at church. Making me feel bad about receiving gods promise . I can’t be happy or excited when I know people are doing that to me. Trying to take my moment away from me. My happiness. I have been crying and feel alone.

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      1. Garth Cartwright

        Thank you Michael Basham. Your word sat well with my Spirit and has correlated with others I have received in the past. Might I add that your approach in this video is different and sticks out. Something this world needs, such as, The Star Wars references. That is coming from a fan lol. The music is very tantalizing, to say the least. Out of curiosity is the music emitted and 444 megahertz because I could feel the cellular growth in my body. I would love to share two words I received recently more for the corporate body of Christ. I personally don’t have a platform to share but perhaps you would like to. Bring to throne room in prayer and ask our father.


        As the bride travails in birth pains the church eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. The Spirit of God says the time is now. Rise up and walk my children. For I have put my chosen through trials and tribulation for such a time as this. The testing of faith for the fruit of my spirit to manifest. Shall I not do what I have said? Shall I not make every knee bow and every tongue confess that I am Lord of Lords and King of Kings? Where shall my hand not reach? To touch the souls of every creature in my creation. Worship the Lord your God for they walk among you. Walk with precision my chosen. And I will bless thee with the measure of my spirit. For I walked, so many more could. Blessed is he who comes in my name. Put on your armor. Walk with me in faith. Stand on the cornerstone. And you will see the glory of my tree. Stand before your throne and cast it into the lots.


        The Spirit of God says my church is morphing. The church is going to begin to move by my Spirit. This transformation is not something you will find in the past. This transformation will be what I intended from the start. You will begin to See Me in every corner of the globe. In every sphere you will See Me. Age or experience will not be a deciding factor in what I am going to do. I am going to change the young and the old to be like me. What all of you have been yearning for, you will begin to see. The wave will reach the shore. You will see Eden once more. A paradise portrayed from the beginning. A reestablishment through my Spirit. They will be called the many. For before there was only me. In every direction my Kingdom shall rise. For through me they shall walk. Stand with me for the time has come. For all of you to see My Son.

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      2. Garth Cartwright

        I would love to be a guest. I have never done anything like that before. I don’t know when you air either but we could definitely set something up.


  102. Garth Cartwright

    I would love to be a guest. I have never done anything like that before. I don’t know when you air either but we could definitely set something up. Reposted because I forgot to click notify me via email

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Garth Cartwright

        Hello Michael just touching base again. I am looking forward to being a guest on your show. Is there anyway you can contact me outside the forum so we can schedule a time? Via email would work for me.

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  103. Garth Cartwright

    Corporate word


    The Spirit of God says My body must be united. A Kingdom divided against itself can not stand. My body is the start of My Kingdom on Earth. The brain can not function without the heart and vise versa. My church has been divided too long. It is no longer about who is right and who is wrong. I am the way, the truth, and the life. Do you all believe in me? Unite under Me! Just as my disciples fought amongst themselves about who is my favorite, this is my church today. Do you not see that I need you all, just as I needed them. Stand together and rise my children. Remove your labels and be My Church.


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