A Radical Gospel Tract to Save Mind-f*cked Liberatis?

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

Have you always wanted to have some spicy tract to give to your atheist friends and non-friends? Or to help that poor transhumanist who is hoping that the Elite’s scientists will discover IMMORTALITY before he dies? Because he hasn’t got enough money to pay for the freezing of his poor corps when it is dead? Or before he can at least upload his soul onto some eternal hard disk?

it may help that politically correct “leftie” or “rightie” who spouts what he learns from the Huffington Post — yes that AOL controlled Mainstream Media outfit that trains the Liberatis? Well here is one that may look like it jokes about the Seed, until they get to the end and then perhaps realise that the analogy is on them, unless they believe! ONLY for the radicals, OK? Don’t give it to your churchy friends. They wouldn’t understand it anyway.



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Elite Wants Immigration, Division, break Up, Destruction, Chaos of the “Old Order” to get their New Order

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

This video is from Paris where the polices is powerless against the ISIS type immigrants and violent Leftists that are tearing up the social fabric on France, while the Media refuse to cover it! The Luciferians motto is “Ordo ab Chao!” (Order out of Chaos) And that is what is happening now; They are creating chaos with everything they have and with every mean trick in the book that they can find. Not just in the USA, but also in Europe, in France now, to destroy the power of the nations that stand in the way of their One World Government. That’s why they import these millions of immigrants and mostly take the strong ISIS related men, because then they can destroy Christians through them without getting the blame.

And most people? They are too propagandised to even make sense of things and get run down in their emotions, their…

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Operation Gotham Shield Nuclear False Flag Coming?

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

That is going to be the litmus test of many Americans. that when the Elite pulls the nuclear trigger on themselves or lets Mossad pull it, whether or not they are going to see through the mass media campaign to blame it on Iran, ISIS, North Korea, or the Russians, in order to get World War III fully going. And also people in the alternative media. Will Alex Jones, the Blaze, and other doubtful alternatives blame it on the wrong flag and support the war? time will tell. Because unless the American People rise up in massive protests against such a false flag — which they didn’t at 9-11 when they obediently went along with the false media OBL show — they will be held accountable for the millions of casualties they allowed to happen. The same things happened at the outbreak of World War 2, when Charles Lindbergh blamed…

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Australia Now Refuses to Treat Unvaccinated Children – Totalitarianism!

The Paradise Post - REAL World News From Taiwan

Originally Posted at Vaxxter.com

Australian children who are not up-to-date with their vaccines are being refused treatment.

Remember, a hospital would treat someone wounded from a gunshot after being caught murdering another human being. However, they will not treat a child whose parent chose not to vaccinate them. Australia is becoming authoritarian madness and putting its own dogma ahead of the people it is supposed to treat.

This, in essence, is medical practitioners deciding the fate of the people. What would we be saying right now if these same medical personnel decided to refuse treatment to those who voted a specific way or belonged to a certain political party? What if parental tax returns were considered as well? If a child’s parents didn’t pay taxes, the child can’t be treated. The Government would be looking to collect the tax. In this case, pharma is looking to collect its own taxation.

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Don’t Get Caught in the Web!


175048-telaraa(Spoken from the spiritual dimension in 1998) by Father David

The Internet is like a magnet, and it’s got an almost hypnotic drawing power. It sucks in and draws in everything that comes close to it. It’s like a magnet that pulls those who aren’t strong in the Word or the Lord into its centre of knowledge. Even those who are strong in the Lord need to watch out, because the pull is so strong. It’s like trying to pull apart two heavy-duty magnets that are drawn to each other!

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