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Trump has bombed Assad.  Mystic Christians are becoming aware of the Info War.  How can we balance “negative” news with our duty as Christians to step into authority in the Spirit?

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After the Ian Clayton interview the other day, it has become clear that the Church is arising into positions of authority based out of the Kingdom and Government of God and is invading the Earth from the sky!








We are all facing increased enemy attacks in the spirit during these final days of human history. The SpiritWars podcast available to listen on the Fringe Radio App for your phone (or go to is devoted to assisting in stretching your faith and developing your usage of the New Weapons. In addition my youtube channel, KeyBlades is loaded with intel on this note. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We’re all in this fight together, and YOU are needed!
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Spirit Visualization of the Flat Earth Phenomenomenonandon we go!

Praise God!   I will praise Him skillfully on the harp (even the electric one)

Let’s take a look at some of this flat earth phenomenon.  This picture means a lot to me.  I have listened to some Rob Skiba recently and had a sad time looking at some of his studies where he starts getting more and more into this fantasy. . . this . . . (cue the Captain Kirk voice) . . . insanity. . .   I . . .  do not . . . think. . .  this is very wise!

I do believe that things are going to change A LOT on the Earth soon.  Check out this quote from Freedom Arc the other day:

We are going to see heaven and earth come back into agreement and alignment. There is going to be a major shift. That is not to say things are necessarily going to be easier: there is a shaking coming, but with a harvest in the midst of it. We need to mentor, teach, disciple that harvest, to see them bring the fullness of heaven to earth. There will be great darkness, but also great light that draws people in, because it demonstrates what the kingdom is. The mountain of the house of the Lord will be lifted up above all the other mountains. All nations will stream to it, saying ‘Teach us! You guys are living in health and wholeness and privilege and blessing and favour and protection, when all around everything is falling apart’.

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
That He may teach us concerning His ways
And that we may walk in His paths”
(Isa 2:3).

Everything of this earthly dimension will be shaken, but what is of God and His government will stand firm.

REFUGE CITIES!  . . . God’s Government is literally going to manifest on the Earth!  Wow!

With that in mind, I’d like to take a step outside the carnal realm for a second.  Let’s use Ian’s gate system, shall we?  Praise God!  Worship Him forever!   Have faith in His Word!  Love His beautiful palace, and count the towers of the New Jerusalem!  God is about to start something new, something completely totally absolutely fantastically new.   Ahhh.  Here:
Psalm 119:

Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from thy commandments.
PSA.119:22 Remove from me reproach and contempt; for I have kept thy testimonies.
PSA.119:23 Princes also did sit and speak against me: but thy servant did meditate in thy statutes.
PSA.119:24 Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors.

Praise God for His Word!  Now come as the Bride, come to the “seat of Rest” and begin to see things from the Lord’s persepective.   Does it look like this?

Ahh, well I see stuff like this all the time – but it’s not the Earth, or at least not entirely.  See, when we get out of the physical dimension, things start to look a little weird.

I’m willing to look at the Skibarrium and even get excited by this picture, but not because it’s the flat earth.  I see something else. . .

The stuff described in the Bible is Out There.   It’s so far outside our normal day to day thinking. I just get so excited opening it!   I want to live as though the Bible can be taken literally.  I don’t like just taking one chunk of it and forgetting the rest.

Some people look at the Bible and try and dissect it.  I look at every verse as an important code and a sword. . . The Word of God Weapon!  Also I see it as a phone book.  We can talk to many of the characters in the Bible, especially Jesus!  They are not dead.  He is the God of the living!

So now here is where I do have my beef with the New Agers and also Christian fundamentalists who try in their smarts to explain away mystical things (which are actually not that unknowable, but they are in another dimension).   The New Jerusalem has exact specific dimensions.  But it’s definitely coming from a higher plane of existence.  I like to operate in that dimension as well, and sometimes it gets intense.  You feel like you’ve gotten in over your head, and you call out to Jesus, and He really does lift you up and even has work for you to do!  Man I’m getting lost in even writing about this.  I’M TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT AS I GO ALONG, OKAY?  Welcome to my gigantic online notebook.

Now back to Rob Skiba:  If he and other big names out there want to dabble with this fantasy of flat earth, then let’s take it to the next level.  Let’s go to the Space City and see how God and even we can operate with these Heavenly majestic ships!  More and more people have been contacting me about engaging in spiritual warfare with this kind of stuff.  New agers always claim to be able to contact “reptilians” or “Arctursians” or whatever.   Why not contact our own Space King Jesus and His Armies rather than doubting the very sky above your head!

Once I took a few days to do this and checked the news and found there were ufos appearing above the Temple Mount!  I know there are people who hate to look at this stuff, and that’s ok.  I like it, and I enjoy exploring it in my free time.  I believe that the spiritual warfare is going to show up on our doorstep in this form of ‘occult phenomena’ and some of this stuff is going to look extremely bizarre and yet is always with us and even within us.  “The Kingdom of God is within you.” and perhaps Christians will even learn how to control and direct God’s Heavenly Host into battle through their prayers rather than constantly begging God to do stuff from afar.   It says in the Bible that we “are seated in Heavenly places” with Him.  It also says our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers “in high places” which could be space. . . or whatever space is!   I know that NASA lied. I know that we don’t have to trust them.  But I would take the route of actually looking at Space with a spiritual eye instead of the purely carnal mental note of the Flat-Earthists. won’t pretend to know all of this stuff or how it all works, but I do know that it DOES work.  I’ve experienced stuff I can’t properly express in words, but the two times I’ve tried I did get some attention.  The first was describing my own experience with the Court System.  The other was going and meeting David Flynn.  Man that one almost got me in trouble.  It also put me in contact with some really cool Christians out there who are on the same page with some of this stuff.

Okay I’ve gone on long enough on this post.   If anyone is able to navigate it, hats off to you!   Oh and let me end with my dear brother‘s prophetic admonition:

Thanks for your continued interest and encouragement. It is always good to be encouraged and to be taken seriously. It appears best that we all first and foremost exist and live as a child of God. Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God. When you go straight to the words of Jesus as written in the Bible, you then get a real fresh feeling about these words. There really is nothing wrong with being a child of God. These words were spoken by Jesus Himself and they really do mean – Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God. This is the naked truth and the naked Love and the naked word of God. There is so much Love in these words and so much truth in these words, and they are as true today as they were yesterday. One day the whole world will become peace makers and the whole world will not be ashamed when they are all called children of God. It is best that we just throw it all off and go to bed with the unadulterated word of God.
Praise Jesus and stay strong.

And now to go to the Spirit and check out the Flat Earth for myself. . .  I’ll tell you what I see later!

Spirit Trippy Tripping with StarLion and Ian Clayton

P and P 2016

Let’s explore the Spirit Realm, shall we?

Praying through this

. . . . Lord I got this. . .

The Gate System of Ian Clayton.   Lord I totally get it.  I’m praying on a housetop here, in private but in public, and looking at this gate system with all of the teaching that goes with it not to mention all the teaching you have given me before, I just get it.  I know that it’s me that’s standing in the way of totally experiencing You and Your Kingdom.  I’m going to let go of the self concious and all its stuff and just go all the way into the Glory.

The First Love:   Loving Jesus Weapon unleashed!  It’s not about following a strange prophecy about becoming the Bride, loving Jesus intimately in a carnal way. . . no, not at all —  it’s about being made ONE with Jesus on a personal level and that is how we truly access the Father!

Prayer is the major central point to all the other stuff.  It doesn’t really belong on a list here, because without prayer — communing with You, it doesn’t make any sense.  Revelation comes through prayer, and to me so does worship and even reverence.  Walking in the fear of God keeps me from a whole host of evils, so praise God for that.  I know that intimacy is deeper than fear, though, so I want to go through that gate to the more inner chamber of intimacy with Jesus.  Hope I get, but I don’t understand why not Grace or Love or a bunch of the other Fruits of the Spirit!  Let’s spend time with all the Fruits of the Spirit individually and make sure all of these gates are freely open in operation under the Holy Spirit’s control!

The outer gates and then senses are all subject to the Cross – Galatians 2:20 which I claim right now before going any further.  This stuff is all inner-centered.  I want to think about the weapons now.

New Weapons of the Spirit

To me the weapons are all external.  Although some of these interlap with the inner part (the weapons are also a part of us) stuff like the Word is something I imbibe into my spirit.  I praise the Lord out loud.  I love the Lord in some way physically as well, even if it employs my imagination and faith.  So by no means is this a perfect chart, or even a complete picture of the “New Weapons” outside Ian’s Gate System.  However this is just the easiest way for me to organize it and make it practical.  I can spend time loving Jesus in a Spirit trip while calling on the keys and reading the Word and praising God, prophecising, thus covering all these different weapons, or I can choose to focus on just one.  Note that I place Ian’s system within this and do consider it valuable teaching that gets more personal in a sense, touching on one’s conscience and whatnot…  however I see a difference here and that’s why I scrawl out my own little chart right here.

Oh and I almost forgot the Spirit Helpers!  That’s a big one.  Because after I have adequetley connected with God depending on however much time I invest, it may bet that He wants to introduce me to someone.  There are so many in His Kingdom, it goes without saying that there are more family members and angels of the Spirit Realm He wants to have me work with!  This takes time though.  It takes time out of your day to get a prophecy.  It takes time to not only open your Bible but to study and meditate on it.  And it takes time to meet the angels He’s got assigned to you.

I’ve spent the last decade living literally (as my friend would say “lirrlly”) on the fringe of society both governmentally and religiously.  It’s exhausting at times, and I’ve seen a lot of people give up the fight.  I’ve also see a plethora of miracles on a personal level and corporally among my family and friends.

The angel thing I’ve tried and proven, and I know they are all real and exist.  It somehow makes perfect sense to me that they would operate in some kind of craft, and for that I have employed “Key Craft” or the ships of the Kingdom which minister Keys of the Kingdom power into our lives.  I know a lot of this is just filler for prayer time and visuals for me to operate in a spiritual warfare militaristic fashion.  It’s easier to envision angel tanks being dropped off in whatever spiritual warfare zone I’m currently in than just to utter the old fashioned religious “lord send your angels from afar. . . hope they stay. . . etc.” sort of prayers.  I enjoy the feeling of a more permanent presence.   Here is where I started calling on the StarLion.

I’m not saying anyone else has to do this, I’m just saying you can pray outside the box.   Imagine if you will God living up to His Promise of granting us anything.   Well then it follows that we ought to start envisioning anything, no?  So I asked Him to send me a chunk of the New Jerusalem ahead of time (whatever His schedule is, I don’t know and neither does anyone but the Father) to the Earth to assist in the Spiritual Warfare operations down here TODAY.   Well that was back in 2007, and ever since then I’ve been on a wild personal journey beyond the fringe.   And I’ve somehow had this community of people that are connected to the New Jerusalem in my life, except they aren’t off in Heaven somewhere.  They’re here, right with me, right now, whether they believe it or not.  And I have also seen weird manifestations with this flying city – this interdimensional starship – in my own life.  It’s something out there, but it’s also something I can call on when doing out there things.  For instance, we have this Planet X thing coming up soon.  Anyone game to pray over that thing?  Well I am.  I like to send Starlion into just such situations and see what happens.

But this is just one example.  There are tons of ships in the Lord’s fleet and I’m sure you’ve got your own too, sitting in a parking lot in Heaven somewhere if you’d only call on it.  However all these gifts are for the benefit of the Kingdom and not ourselves, so it’s better to look at it in an external way as an offensive weapon to conquer the Enemy’s territory and to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, however the Kingdom wishes to operate.  I don’t have time to even get into details here, but let’s just put it this way:  Starlion’s dome on top is the cut out city of Heaven I call Eleneth which I met through a spirit helper named Sapphire back in China, and the bulk of the ship is more of a carrier or mysterious Heavenly battle station dubbed Starlion that does all sorts of things.

New Weapons of the Spirit plus Starlion

. . . think I’m making this up?  So do I sometimes, until I see the miracles God does in my life personally.  I know He’s capable of doing anything, even fulfilling our wildest dreams.  Well this is one of my wildest dreams, so I dare God to just go ahead and fulfill it!  If he’s just humoring me, then so be it.  I think god wants to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think, for you and for me!  Meanwhile it does make things a bit simpler to just put these wild revelations in a novel format, and for that I spent some time enjoying the art of fiction in my own amateur way.  I think this is where I freaked out the most and almost gave up completely.  As I wrote blatantly according to my own imagination, I started to see weird parallels to the roads my life was taking with the book.  Sure, the book was based on a prophecy, so what.  But does that mean we can sketch out our own life also based on the whimsical and fleeting imagination we might be operating in?  O.K. that sounds too sketchy, even for me.  Let’s push the limit, though!  I want to engage this stuff!  Ian Clayton takes so many liberties, it’s insane.  Why should we let him have all the fun?

I feel challenged.  here’s this guy named Ian Clayton who comes out boldly professing stuff that we would all consider totally insane years ago.  And what happens. . .  does he get scooted off to an insane asylum?  No!  In fact, he’s hailed as a leader and a teacher in the End Time Church.   I look at my brethren and myself most of all and wonder, ‘what are we doing?’ and then I look at scores and scores of revelation and bible study and prophetic insight we’ve engaged in just going to waste.  Billions in the Spirit thrown in the trash!

I’m going to make a covenant with anyone that’s still reading.   You share your stuff, and I’ll share my stuff.  I’ll put it here in notebook sketch format for future reference.  Send me what things you have coming from the Heavens!  I’d love to see them- in fact I need to see them to encourage my own faith.

Faith can be a fragile thing when it goes out there this deep.  That’s why we need to stay grounded on the Word, and the Gospel, and remember we’re in a war for souls and disciples.  Practically I just see us setting up “Mother Bases” on Earth and in Heaven until at last Jesus comes back.

See you in the Spirit!  Bring your Key Craft if you have one, we need to pray for a whole host of issues.  So, what am I going to do tonight?   Same thing as last night:  I’m going to target the Taiwan Straits again!  The last 3 nights I’ve had dreams with either side’s militaries.   Please do assist in spirit!  However, we just make the deal with God to send us wherever we will, and pretty soon you’ll be on an interdimensional mission just about ANYWHERE!  But the key is the gate system:  Everything starts with Intimacy with God.  So be the Bride, love the Lord, and let’s go to infinity and beyond where no man has gone before a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away!  The spirit wars await us, my friend.

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Let’s Go To Heaven In Starships!

Image converted using ImgCvt

The Lord has spaceships, plain and simple.  Sources?   Prophecies from the Bible, teachings of Jerry Lee, books like “Angels and Starships,” and prophecies and visions received by Family International members back in the day.  Not to mention Ian Clayton and other outspoken spiritual people.  And this doesn’t even include the New Age community who are not always wrong about everything – hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

Now why not ask Jesus yourself about this, and get into outer space and Heaven along with the other Trippers?  Enoch was one, Elijah was another, and I want to be too!   Don’t you find Earth to be a drag?  Well did you know you’re invited to go to Heaven at any time you wish, if you just have the faith and give God a chance?   You have the power to visit Heaven yourself, even before you die.  You need the faith of a child, not of a giant.


I’m writing a series of space stories based off of notes and adventures in the Spirit I’ve been having for the past decade, dubbed “The Kingdom Romance.”   Welcome to join in on these sketches of what the spirits may engage in, when they leave this terrestrial plane and go into the limitless realms of God!

Warning:  with God, nothing shall be impossible.