In the name of all Gospel Gypsy Pirates. . .

This is the software and updates for the entire TFI publications database including all MO Letters and XN’s as well as Life With Grandpas, Including the entire Bible and much much more.

install program, enter passkey, then open the “updates” and let those install.  If you open one, they should all automatically install.


(this is the old pirate bay link, it may eventually work again someday, if anyone ever chooses to continue seeding:)
Click this link, and you’ll need a bit torrent program like uTorrent to download.


24 thoughts on “INFOSTORE

    1. I know and I apologize, I am going to repost it soon, but if you need it now I can send it to you over SKYPE. Do you have a skype account? My name on skype is “SEERFAX” and it’ll probobly just take a few hours to send you the zip file.
      Thanks for your interest in getting INFOSTORE again though!


  1. chrisschmidt85

    I can’t open the INFOSTORE when I get it into UTorrent because I get an It says Invalid URL when I open UTorrent and try to download the INFOSTORE torrent.


  2. chrisschmidt85

    Ok now it has been roughly 5 months and I still get that INVALID URL message because when I click the link to go and download the INFOSTORE torrent I can’t find the webpage, so I would like to suggest that you could post zip files of the various publications such as the Link Ups, XNs, etc. and only post those that are not available elsewhere unless the other copies have been changed in ways that defeat the purpose of those publications or cause errors to occur that prevent people from accessing them. One thing that you should feel free to leave out though is the T.F.I. version of the Bible because there are already enough versions of the Bible available as well as Bible study resources. Basically there are 2 reasons why I made this request/suggestion #1. There is still that one problem even after almost 5 months and #2. The Pirate Bay has commercials that I would reasonably say are objectionable to Christians because they are just plain disgusting rotten filth, although I am aware that T.F.I. materials DO refer to Sex in Heaven and other VERY controversial subjects yet from what I have read over the internet they attempted to be tasteful or at least tactful when they did so, which is to say that I find viewing the commercials on The Pirate Bay to be counter intuitive and rather stupid when you want to access information about Heaven, Heavenly beings, and the Spirit realm in general. I guess that the third reason why I made this suggestion or request is that I don’t have a Skype account and I would not use it frequently enough to make it worth paying for and whenever I look for a free Premium Skype code one of 2 things happens; either the offer expired or I would have to take some kind of survey which would involve a smart phone which I don’t currently have.


  3. chrisschmidt85

    I did NOT mean for my previous post to offend you when I suggested that you post zip files of the various T.F.I. publications, I only meant that is what I would do if I had posted a torrent file that had them in it and yet no one could access the torrent file. I was also attempting to explain that I would not post the stuff that people could find elsewhere instead I would tell them how to find the other files. I hope that this comment clears up any misunderstanding about my intent with the previous comment that I made. (By the way I was presuming that you have each publication on your computer or a U.S.B. Drive or something incase the torrent file became inaccessible for whatever reason.)


    1. don’t worry brother! I’m excited to hear from someone passionate about getting the files out there — I have the entire thing, if you want I can skype you any specific files, or just the entire thing too would be fine. I haven’t had a chance to upload the thing to piratebay again recently, but will do so soon
      my skype is “seerfax” and I’m on almost all the time if you want I can skype it directly to you! It’s a relatively small file, only about 1 gb


  4. chrisschmidt85

    Ok so I just got a skype account and they temporarily removed their premium skype service to give it an update so although I found some codes to get a free account (by cheating I guess) it seems as though I might have to wait a little while anyways yet I’m not sure since I did not do enough research to kinow all of the features that skype has with either the free account or the premium account. By the way my skype is ChristopherSchmidt.


  5. chrisschmidt85

    I just thought that I would also suggest that you upload the INFOSTORE to Dropbox because then it would be available for anyone to get it at any time and Dropbox does NOT use ANY of those dirty commercials that muck up Pirate Bay with filthy images. (That said I know that some of The Family International’s posters, documents, magazines, etc. contain references to sex, nudity, etc. yet they are tactful and decent when contrasted with the ads. on The Pirate Bay.


  6. chrisschmidt85

    Now Norton 360 Auto-Protect detects security threats such as Suspicious MH690.A and prevents me from accessing the infostore library and I have even attempted to reinstall that whole program and re-download it, yet I still got that message.

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    1. Seriously! I think there should be a way to bypass that, at least there is with my anti virus software. Check the settings in the virus protector and see if you can’t unblock this specific program.


  7. chrisschmidt85

    I know and I was able to bypass that for a while and then that message started coming up again. So now what should I do?


  8. chrisschmidt85

    I even attempted to change the settings for SONAR detection and I still can’t get access to the INFOSTORE library, because I still get the same message about the same MH690.A error or whatever.


  9. chrisschmidt85

    Norton even calls it a heuristic virus and will NOT allow me to do anything with it. It simply names the file and states that it was blocked. Auto Protect has blocked this heuristic virus no further action is needed. Isetup.dll Threat Name Suspicious MH690.A Details Unknown Community Usage, Unknown Age, Risk High. basically I can’t even restore the file from there or anything.

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  10. chrisschmidt85

    Ok. Now I solved that problem and yet I can’t access the INFOSTORE libraries from the INFOSTORE program even though I even tried downloading the whole thing from GoogleDrive again in case something was missing. Now what in the world do I do?


  11. chrisschmidt85

    I know I could have thought about saying this a few moments ago but now the problem is that when I open the INFOSTORE program I get a message that tells me that I don’t have any libraries and that I can either make one or download them and I keep trying to download them and yet that does not seem to be working at the moment.

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