So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt?

Gitardood's Weblog

The theme of this admonition in song by Keith is the problem that seems to continually afflict mankind, even believers. The non believers prefer their captivity in satan’s kingdom because they think their lives are more “fun” and that GOD would make their lives boring, religious,  and meaningless (as they define meaning, which of course to GOD and believers is actually meaningless). Christians are guilty of “looking back” and at times thinking / longing for “more fun” , and “easier life” or some such imagining of theirs – of course forgetting Yeshua’s admonition “remember Lot’s wife” referring to Lot and family being shepherded out of Sodom and Gomorrah by an angel, being told not to look back. Lots wife looked back one last time in sorrow likely at having to leave a comfortable life and venture to wherever GOD leads not knowing what that life would be but she likely…

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