The Journey Continues!

Recently many things have crashed upon the end-time church which makes one do quite a bit of introspection.   It’s only a matter of time until things come to a thunderous conclusion. With the announcement of the Mark of the Beast in Sweden, blatant satanism being celebrated around the world with Planned Parenthood teaming up with Satanists to promote abortion, and North Korea launching a nuke at Japan, plus an overall report of a great many multitude of personal battles coming in to my mail box almost every day, one is at a loss as to what to do.

One thing becomes clear!   Satan is after the children.  He wants to destroy family on all levels and especially innocence.  We may only have a short time before things get really bad, but in the mean time protecting the women and the children becomes the foremost reality among all the endless spiritual warfare we are up against.


Kaja Basham Thinking about shoes at an early age


Investigating the dragon breath in a volcanic opening


4 thoughts on “The Journey Continues!

  1. Yes ole Heylel ben Shachar (Satan) is after children, I saw on stevequayle’s news yesterday that 11 mayors in USA have had to resign over pedophilia type offences in less than a year! Couple that news with all the stuff coming out re Clinton Crime syndicate and their fascination with pedo stuff (remember pizzagate) and “spirit cooking” as well as the fact that about 300 000 children “disappear” every year and you have ample proof ole HbS is trying to destroy the family, and children. That doesn’t even take into accoutn the tranny agenda , gender bending agenda, etc.

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