Founding Israel, War on Mt. Moriah, Global Power Grab, ALL Point to the Coming Antichrist!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

This is what it was all for…….the imminent arrival of the legendary Antichrist, long foretold in the Holy Scriptures of the Old & New testaments of the Bible. Not all Jews and Christians support the 1948 founding of political Israel, nor the construction of this temple, and contrary to what Chris says at the end of the video, NOT all Christians are looking forward to these days, even though they are inevitable. Sure, we Christians, ARE looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ, and that is how we should probably understand Chris’s remark at the end, as a yearning of the Bride of Christ for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ! (For a deeper explanation of the “Day of the Lord” read below after watching this video)


Even God himself chides people for desiring the “Day of the Lord.” He…

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