Michael Basham's Mother Ship

(Exodus 17)
Once when the Amalekites swooped down on the wandering Tribes of Israel in a violent attempt to wipe them out, Moses summoned Joshua to his side.
“Choose some men and go out and fight with Amalek”, instructed Moses. “Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hands.”
So Joshua did as Moses commanded, and while the fierce battle raged below, Moses, Aaron and Hur went and stood on the brow of the hill, which overlooked the battlefield.
As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the advantage became Amalek’s.
Now when Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a large stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held his hands up-one on the one side, and one on the other-“so that his hands…

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  1. Mike – haven’t heard much from you lately. We would appreciate all prayers and spritual warfare for my wife who has been diagnosed with alarming low platelet count and low white blood cell count. They’re going to do more tests but we proactively searched for info on bone marrow abnormalities which cause the above. Results all point to MDS which conventional med has no cure for – if it accelerates to AML they have no hope to offer. We found a site naturalhealth365 which did have alt med solutions to arresting MDS and we’ve been getting further additional good advice from a friend who’s a master herbalist who beat cancer twice (prostate and bone) by natural means, also from a friend who’s an expert on EFAs and the role they play in health / treating diseases (he’s helped dozens over the last 25 yr with everything from CVD, Diabetes, to infertility or also to cancer.
    Another friend is well versed in Ayurvedic natural treatments adn MOST OF ALL, we look to Papa YHWH, our blessed King of Kings . Lord of Lords, Messiah Yeshua, to stretch forth the arm that’s not shortened that it cannot heal / deliver for intervention in her life. Thanks.

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    • Amen and I’m praying, sorry for being off the blog recently, major warfare going on across the board and it’s definitely heating up. I’m claiming absolute healing for your wife. Have you checked out MMS yet? It’s done wonders for so many people including myself. In the end we are dependant on God for everything and if you have a chance, let’s talk on the phone and pray together.

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      • I’ve known of MMS for about 10 yr. I forgot to add since non disease likes an alkaline environment, she’s taking a tsp of baking soda in water also. So the master herbalist also made us some colloidal sllver and he makes his own turmeric with black pepper (for abosrbecny) and ashwaganda. We had some good news from haematologist Friday – in 3 days of this protocol which he was sceptical of, her platelet count went up 20% so I’m sure Papa YHWH is honouring all the prayers for her as well as us doing what we can. He did say in His word that He’s provided everything we need for health and well being on the earth. 🙂


    • Hi Paul—

      I’m so sorry to hear about this and would like to post this to a bigger place to get more attention — can we make a prayer request for your wife as a post and share it? A video would be good too. Let’s get people praying! Sorry again for the late reply here, I don’t know why WordPress never notifies me of replies


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