Don’t blame the Muslims! W-Europe Committed Infanticide & Suicide

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

They have lent their ears to their Zionist media for decades and longer, taking in the daily programming of selfish living, degradation of marriage and parenthood, the infanticide of murdering babies in the womb by the millions, and accepting all kinds of vices and filth, as well as hardness of hearts and insensitivity to the suffering of their Arabian and African neighbours caused by their financiers, bankers, generals, and politicians, most of whom were enslaved via blackmail and pedophilia into serfdom to the secret societies that rule from behind the scenes.

Many European young people don’t want to marry anymore, nor want any or many children, and so they are committing national and cultural suicide! So don’t go blaming in on the Arabs and the Africans coming in. Besides their immigration is channeled, financed and organised by the Zionist Left and Zionist financiers like Soros and others and their henchmen…

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