“Wonderful Things Can Happen in Those Moments of Time when you ‘Hold On’ and Don’t Let Go!”

Whew, amen to that! Thank you for reminding me, it is a true weapon to stay in the Spirit and be praiseful no matter what!


One thought on ““Wonderful Things Can Happen in Those Moments of Time when you ‘Hold On’ and Don’t Let Go!”

  1. Mike I reblogged this and added some commentary I hope will benefit. It reminds me of some posts I made recently, wherein I shared the story from Yashar re the rape of Diynah (Jacob’s / Ya’acov’s daughter) and the recompense Simon and Levy doled out. Jake allowed himself to get all fearful, anxious, whining, etc because of what his sons had meted out on behalf of the family fearing retribution from the surrounding Canaanite kings. His sons reminded him that they were following YHWH’s guidelines to Noah, and if He could with only 2 of the 12 brothers, lay waste to a whole city, then what did they have to fear from anyone else.Bottomline: even the counsellors of the 7 nephilim kings who were going to come against Jacob et al, told their masters “what are you nuts? do you not know that going up against them you’re not only going up against YHWH their ELOHIYM, and who is like unto Him? who can do the things He’s done for the Hebrews? certainly none of our gods.”. I told a sister in private who’s going thru some heavy warfare, to remind ha satan that it”s not just you he’s attacking but rather YHWH also, and has he forgotten what happened when he first rebelled,, and what his ultimate destiny is?. With that positivity, she emailed back saying it had really picked up her spirits and determination.

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