Face it! Merkel, NWO operative & puppeteer, was sent & instructed to destroy Germans, Germany, & Europe!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Poor Germans! Angela Merkel is not a German, but a Polish ghetto survivor that hates Germany and loves the Internationale of her Globalist Masters. She is an active participant in finalising the destruction begun with the Banksters’ WW1 and WW2 of the German nation and her German tribes. She didn’t only snatch away the German flag during a political campaign from the hands of one of her political lackeys on stage, she is fully busy and engaged to mongrelise Germans with Africans, Arabs, and others, in order to destroy Western culture and the power of Christianity by dousing it with millions of Mohammedan immigrants.

Lets face it. She is a Christ-hating Marxist who hates German and Christian culture, and wants to fully take away the very last vestiges of the left-over post-Modernist campaigns by all her Cultural Marxist buddies, and founders, and financial billionaire bully sponsors, like George Soros!


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