God is the Only One Who can give REAL Meaning to Living!



So many people today don’t know what to believe; they don’t know where they’re from, who they are or where they’re  going. – They’re in absolute confusion! – Because they’ve lost touch with the only concrete frame of reference, & that’s God so therefore they lose faith in Love, & therefore they lose faith in Life, in people, in everything!

But we have found Love that lasts forever & God that cannot fail! – For we “know Him, Whom to know is Life Eternal”! (Jn.17:3) We’re born again & we now have an utterly different outlook on life & a new way of looking at the World, thank God!

And besides the wonderful happiness, life & love that living for Jesus gives us, we’ve also been given a real purpose in living & Someone to live for! We now like to face life, & find fellowship of our new-found tasks…

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