Must Watch: Former High Level Illuminati Satanist Testifies that she was Saved by attending Benny Hinn Meeting

Warriors Without Borders

A very powerful testimony of a former high level Illuminati satanist who was delivered from the Illuminati after visiting a Benny Hinn meeting. This woman was originally sent to a Benny Hinn meeting with two other witches to place curses on Benny Hinn. After Benny discovered what they were doing, he removed them from the meeting but said he would be praying for them. Benny also addressed the satanist before evicting her from the building and said she would eventually repent and be saved. Later on, this woman satanist actually got saved and became a believer in Jesus. In a recent interview, this former member of the Illuminati gave her testimony about how she left Satanism to follow Jesus Christ.

Check out this amazing testimony of Gods grace in the below video.

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