US State Sponsored Terrorism: The Nazi-fication of America. What role will Trump play?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

A very interesting viewpoint that is well thought through. State sponsored terror like 9-11, WTC bombing, Murray building, and all the false flag attacks, will lead to an important change, namely that the American people will clamour for safety and security, a crackdown on freedom, strong state control, in other words; America will turn into a Nazi state, just as Germany did under Hitler! Now you can perhaps answer the question: What role will Trump play in such a scenario? MUST WATCH

People who blindly trust in Trump to set all things right, are not very astute or smart. Why? Because they haven’t learned from history! And therefore history always repeats itself, precisely because of the greenhorns who think they know it all and haven’t studied history. That is the problem nowadays! The world is ruled by women and children, as the Word says. What does that mean? Let me…

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