The Book of The Future – PDF

An Absolute Must-Have. . . outlines Revelation incredibly well!


3 thoughts on “The Book of The Future – PDF

  1. For the benefit of anyone who reads this, we put this out there because we happen to believe David Berg’s endtime stuff was quite on track, this DOES NOT mean that we are promoting the Family International/COG or have any affiliation with them as of today or associate with any of the crazy warped and way out weirdness that the group eventually got into, none of which has any resemblance whatsoever to the original COG in its origins who were definitely on the right track back then – but as the saying goes – The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

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      • It took him a good part of a year all in all as it involved hours and hours of study and reading through thousands of pages of David’s writings and comparing them all and selecting his most recent and up to date opinions. What was interesting was that some of the original Daniel classes that were put together by Samson Warner, although extremely accurate, there was a broader view that developed since then via David’s writings, one in particular that stands out was the deadly wound (of the Beast) that was healed and of how it was Rome and therefore how Rome is coming back in spirit and so forth. So a new form of basic compiled readings was needed and so seeing as our son Dan had the vision to re-compile a more up to date basic book, he did just that and he also put it into actual book format and made the book himself of which I have one copy and he has the other so quite an achievement. So Thank You Jesus and Thank God that He brought all of this out through him and we’re really pleased to hear that people are benefitting from it! These are the last days and the prophecies of Daniel and the book of Revelation and the words of Jesus is where all of this talk of the Antichrist is coming from so it makes every sense to have a firm foundation and a firm understanding and interpretation of what Daniel and John were talking about in their writings and Father David of course has the best and the most spirit led and accurate interpretation of these so Praise Jesus for him and in this respect he is indeed the end-time prophet!


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