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I had brunch with a brother in Messiah today. We discussed many things. We discussed, for instance, a sense he’s been having in his spirit that something is going to happen wherein the power of the Holy Spirit is going to “break loose” and many are going to come to Messiah, be healed, be delivered,  be born again of His Spirit thereby becoming sons / daughters adopted by the Father YAHWEH, into the kingdom of the Son of His love, as one author in scripture puts it, the kingdom of light.  He expressed to me that he was looking forward to that, because as far as he ascertains, there hasn’t been much evidence in the “church” ie believers, of it.  We don’t see, he said, healing or deliverance or miracles or demonstrations of the Spirit of YHWH’s power, because people go away unhealed after prayer, not many are being led…

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