Manifester  Yada  Jerry Lee Miracle Just Now!

I was JUST thinking about this very teaching concerning the 10 Commandments and that the second time they were Thou Shalt Not  just 30 minutes ago and then he posted this within the very hour!

I get the feeling that the readers of the post just below do not grasp the significance of it.  The Scholars say that Moses did not write any of the 

10  Commandments.  They also say that the   rewritten commandments said the same Words in the same way the first commandment did. The majority of most church doctrine teach this also. I have given scripture to show that Moses did write a great deal of the Mount Sinai Revelation. I am about to show that God also wrote  the deepest and most significant part of the Sinai Word which was put on the tablets in seals making it only comprehensible to the prophets and their followers of the Seven Thunders secrets. 
If the readers don’t get the message of the “glass darkly” part of the 10 Commandments, the Light of the  the Finger of God 10 Commandments will not be comprehended to them. The lack of responding leaves me pondering if this is the right time or place to reveal such a significant insight.
Based on your responding to this writ I will decide whether to finish this revelation now or to wait.  Not a criticism just a check to see if the healing waters have been troubled by the angels or not.  
Jerry O. Lee


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