Dreams, Visions, Revelations, and Crazy King Nebuchadnezzar!

Great blog! I’m sure this is why we are to really take every word of the book of Daniel as pure straight Word of God, as it’s coming true even today. To answer your comment on my last youtube about imagination, I also agree not all imaginations or dream sharing is necessary or always good. I found that in following our prophet David we have also partaken of some of his sins and mistakes to teh extent we looked to him more than to Jesus (although he always said to look to the Lord, sometimes it was slipped in either by him or other shepherds to pay more attention to the MO Letters rather than the Bible). Years later now in retrospect, we only have a few letters and dreams of Daniel. What if he’d had a stenographer like Maria to write every little vision and trip he’d ever had? There may be things to be edited out, although he was a righteous man. One interesting point you had, about MeToob being full of prophets saying this and that — it’s interesting that the new agers have their channels too and are leading people into the darkness. When a Christian shares a dream it’s usually a good thing, at least if they are being honest and not lying… so I hope more people will do this or else the New Age people might just take over the whole internet! Anyway sorry for rambling here, just loved your post. . . oh and the cover art is fantastic!


e85c56c5-cde0-4ad6-b2a4-7f06d9114b8cSimple Truth

Back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, governments were run with psychic phenomenon at the top so a king would ask his psychics for advise. Why? Because they were fully aware of spiritual phenomenon and clearly understood that there was reality and decisions to be made as coming from that realm. This was true of Egypt, it was also true of Assyria because they listened to Jonah, one of God’s prophets, and it was also true of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom.

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