Brain Surgery

Mystic Mama Storm

child-1439468_640I grew up in a home that was deeply impacted by the brokenness and trauma of mental illness, depression, suicide, and addiction that attacked my mother. As a child fear, anxiety, and depression haunted me. I often struggled with demonic torment at night which at times left me paralyzed or frozen in my bed. My only source of freedom was singing “JesusLoves Me.” which would immediately remove the fear if I could speak.These attacks were often passed off as my own imagination by my parents, psychologist, and even the hypnotists who took me through a battery of questions and tests to determine what was wrong with me.

As I grew, the heaviness of life and the weight of being labeled BROKEN hung like a weight around me that everyone could see. This affected the way I functioned in school and at home. Depression, Anger, and Hopelessness caused thoughts…

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