Psychographics to Mold Your Minds & voting Behaviour

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Psychographics are more than demographics as it analyses your psychological behaviour in buying, voting, behaviour, and other stuff. They already influence 3rd world elections with massive programs that ar similar to military psy ops of changing the hearts and minds of nations. Does this bother you? It should! It should make you change your behaviour on line and more.

What do you get when you combine behavioural science with big data and use the new Frankenstein hybrid to better influence people’s thoughts, opinions and desires? Why, psychographics of course! Join James today as he delves into the murky world of billionaire hedge fund owners, creepy thought manipulators and the Trump campaign.

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).


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