Dear America, Your warship just got turned into the worlds biggest “Rubber Duck”

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Posted by bananaman

Well, who could have seen this coming?. While the US has been bombing goats and rocks in Afghanistan and Syria with the odd misplaced precision guided bomb on Syrian soldiers someone has been developing the technology to shut down the Byte.

We problem is we have no idea who did it this time i expect? So what did happen?

A fully armed operating and manned US warship in a scenario where they could expect to be attacked by a number of threats including, Israeli planes accidentally attacking the ship (think) or a small Iranian gunboat, perhaps even a pissed Yemeni in a fishing boat of the sort that hit the Saudi ship. Obviously there are also Russian and Chinese threats in the area if we are to believe they would directly threaten US military “might”.  It…

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