Helpers and Hinderers 2: Prophecies on Set and Healing Angels


92. (Mama:) We know that there are many reasons the Lord allows us to go through afflictions–and He has given very good answers and counsel in the “Comfort in Affliction” GNs, as well as the FJWL books, that explain many of the benefits of affliction and how He uses it in our lives.

93. However, the Lord also wants to expose the archdemon behind sickness and death, Set, so that we have the spiritual ammunition we need to rebuke and resist him and be free of his attacks. This is not to give the Devil undue credit, for while there is a tremendous amount of sickness and death in the world, the Lord always brings good out of it in the lives of His children–even if the Devil did bring it.

94. We also have to remember that the Enemy is working for the Lord, as Dad always taught us. Even when he tries to attack us and hurt us, the Lord is right there to turn it around for good in our lives, and sometimes He deliberately allows the Enemy to attack us for a specific purpose. Sometimes He allows us to be afflicted to teach us something special, to help us reach for and receive some of the most precious gifts of the spirit, or to break us and draw us close to Him. And in those cases, He doesn’t allow us to be healed until the affliction has accomplished His purpose.

95. It’s hard sometimes to resolve the issue in our minds of whether sickness and affliction are a blessing or a burden. It certainly feels like a burden, but usually through it we gain great blessings. And again, that brings us back to the Devil working for the Lord. The Devil tries to hurt us through causing sickness, but the Lord is always able to bring great good out of it, if we let Him.

96. There are times when the Lord allows sickness as a gift from His hand to teach us something very precious, and there are other times when it’s not His will that we endure the affliction, and through resisting the Enemy and claiming the Lord’s promises‚ we can be delivered. Either way, the Lord wants to strengthen our faith, while the Enemy wants to destroy and tear down our faith. The Enemy tries to prove the Lord wrong–he tries to make us feel that sickness is inevitable and something we have to just endure and live with–when that isn’t the case! The Lord either has something very special for us in it, or He wants us to be delivered from it.

97. So the most important thing to remember is that, because you are the Lord’s child‚ you have power over any attack of the Enemy–either to rise above it and gain the special treasures the Lord has for you in the situation, or else to be completely physically delivered from it.

98. So as you read this counsel, keep an attitude of praise toward our Husband for His mighty power to bring good out of everything, and don’t let the Enemy claim too much credit in your mind as you read these messages. Keep reminding yourself that even if the Enemy is behind sickness and death–which we know he is, because he is the destroyer–the Lord has promised and proved again and again that “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all!” And when it’s the Lord’s will for you to be afflicted for a time, it’s because there’s something more valuable than your physical health that He wants to give you. So look for it, seek it out, and don’t just put up with any affliction‚ big or small! Gain the treasures the Lord wants to give you, and then seek deliverance. It’s yours‚ through our Savior’s sacrifice and His body broken for us.

99. The afflictions of Set can work for good in your life if you will look to Me and wield your weapons of praise, prayer‚ and the keys of faith, healing, victory and life. Set is out to challenge the power of the keys, but he cannot win if you will wave those keys in his face and call his bluff.

100. (Jesus:) Set is the archdemon of sickness and death. He presides over plagues, epidemics, disease, and all manner of sickness and affliction. His jurisdiction spans the globe, and in these Last Days his power to afflict, cause pain, and bring death to the children of men is increased. There are many under his command, starting with his specially trained top officers, down to lesser demons and pests.

101. In the world you see an increase in health problems‚ even among the children of David, and this is why it is important that you are well informed of Set’s works, and that you strengthen your faith in My promises, and then set about to exercise your faith. For it is My will that you stand up in the power of the keys of the Kingdom and defy his attempts to afflict and bring death where I give life. It is Set who is commissioned by Satan to bring sickness, disease, affliction and pain into the world‚ but it is you, the children of David, whom I commission to work miracles, to wield the keys of faith and healing, to be an example of overcoming, and to blast Set and his demons of pain and affliction back to Hell where they belong!

102. Set’s power is founded in fear and disobedience‚ but I give you the key of faith that overcomes all fear‚ and the key of obedience that brings down My blessings. His power is to afflict the flesh, but he has no real power in spirit to win victory. Through calling on Me‚ the Master of the keys, you have power enough to defy Set and his evil ones.

103. Set’s main goal in attacking the children of David is to cast a shadow over My promises of healing and overcoming‚ over the truth of My sacrifice and the price I already paid on the cross for the healing of all your afflictions. He wants to blot out My promise that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I deliver you out of them all ( Psa.34:19 ). He wants to cast a shadow over the fact that if you will heed My voice and do that which is right in My sight, if you will obey My commandments, and keep My statutes, I will heal you, and I will cause all things to work for good in your lives. He wants to erase from your minds and hearts the truth that I am the Lord your God, Who heals your wounds and all–A-L-L–your afflictions, for there is not one affliction or illness that I did not pay for with My blood.

104. Set’s mission is to get you to think like the world. He wants you to adopt a fatalistic mindset, an acceptance that illness is only in the physical and carnal plane, that your afflictions are something that are par for the course, part of life–something to be put up with or tolerated, but not overcome.

105. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but I deliver you out of them all. You do not need to be bound to any illness, My loves, whether seemingly small and nagging or a more long-term disease. Small or great, there is nothing too hard for Me‚ the Greatest Doctor in the Universe, to heal! You do not have to accept Set’s afflictions. I want you to stand up and fight, be militant in spirit against his attacks, and claim what is rightfully yours! Power to heal, power to claim complete and total healing and deliverance is from Me, and is yours for the asking.

106. I do allow affliction in your lives for a time for many different reasons, among them to teach you lessons, to help you to grow in faith, to soften your soul, to bring out qualities of love, humility, patience‚ understanding, and so forth. But when My purpose is accomplished‚ it is My will to heal, and one way or another, as you do your part, I promise to deliver you from the affliction.

107. So when Set sends affliction knocking on your door, don’t accept it. Do something about it–take action by:

108. 1) Going on the offensive through faith to drive away fear and worry. Fill your mind and heart with positive, faith-building promises from My written Word, as well as receiving My fresh words in personal prophecy.

109. 2) Launch an offensive against the source of the sickness or affliction:

–Believe that I have a purpose in allowing this physical hindrance; then ask Me what that purpose is.

–Call on the angels and spirit beings of health and healing to fight for you. Wield your demon-defeating weapon of praise. Call on the keys and your helpers and rebuke Set’s power. Find out the names of any of his underlings who are specifically fighting you, and rebuke and resist them by name.

–Ask others to pray for you and with you. Call for the laying on of hands and anointing of oil.

–Ask Me to show you if an affliction is due to physical neglect or disobedience to My laws. Close the gap through which Set and his ilk can enter by correcting the problem. You may need to change something in the physical, get more rest or exercise, eat better‚ or eliminate stress and pressure in your life. Or you may need to have more quiet time with Me, take care of any unconfessed sin in your life, etc.

–I may show you that some combination of the above is necessary.

110. 3) Ask Me what spiritual qualities I want to strengthen through this sickness‚ or what lessons I want you to learn–such as greater compassion, humility, understanding, sympathy, faithfulness to keep Me first, obedience, etc.

111. 4) Testify of My healing.

112. Although sickness and afflictions are manifested in the physical realm, they must also be fought in the spiritual. Set wants you to believe illness is totally in the physical realm‚ when in reality it is manifested in the physical, yet often it is born in the spiritual realm, and therefore must be fought in spirit. Set is the spiritual force you must rebuke and bind, along with whatever underling of his he is commanding to fight you, each time he reaches out to afflict you or your loved ones.

113. Set’s purpose is two-fold. While he perpetrates physical illness in order to hinder, delay, or stop you altogether‚ he ultimately wants to prevent you from fulfilling your destiny as My key bearers and miracle workers of the Last Days. Set does not want you to enter into the days of greater miracles. He knows if he can get you to disobey My guidelines for living‚ if he can get you to accept your afflictions and deal with them as the world does, if he can cause you to lose faith in My healing power and lose sight of My promise to deliver you out of all your afflictions, and neglect your rise-above power–then he knows you will not have faith enough to exercise your gift and power of healing through the keys‚ and to claim My power of healing for yourselves and others.

114. But I want you to know that although Set may challenge you, he cannot prevail if you’ll stand on the power of Heaven. Set’s power is founded in fear, which is no match for the keys of faith in the hands of the children of David. So stand up and defy Set and his underlings in the power of the keys‚ and fulfill your destiny as My miracle workers of the End. (End of message.)

In summary:

115. Set is the archdemon of sickness and death. He presides over plagues, epidemics, disease, and every sickness and affliction. He has many underlings in his command, and in these Last Days their power to afflict, cause pain, and bring death is increased. Although our afflictions are manifested in the physical, sickness and illness must also be fought in the spirit. (Note: Please see ” The How-tos of Healing ,” ML #3153:34-37, Vol.24, regarding medical emergencies.) We must go to the Lord and find out what spiritual forces are at work behind every affliction, then launch an offensive both in spirit and in the physical as the Lord leads us.

116. Set’s attacks on us are two-fold.

1) He wants to hinder, delay, and stop us altogether in the physical if he can.

2) Ultimately he wants to prevent us from fulfilling our destiny as key bearers and miracle workers of the End through breaking down our faith in the Lord’s promise to deliver us out of all our afflictions.

Helpers of Healing and Relief

117. (Mama:) We asked the Lord who we can call on for more help in the area of healing‚ including who specifically defeats Set. In addition to Almathor, Elixor, and the Activation Angel of Miracles, who we already know we can call on, the Lord has revealed a couple of new ones, and He reminds us of some we might have forgotten.

118. (Jesus:) Healing is something that My brides need often throughout their earthly lives. Your earthly bodies are temporary, made to last until I give you your new supernatural bodies that will never need to be healed again. Until that time, you need My healing power.

119. This is one reason that I went through the breaking and death of My physical body, so that I could arise with healing in My wings. And now during this time on Earth when Satan has released more sickness into the world, I have given the Family several spirit helpers who will help you through any sickness and give you the victory.

120. The Archangel Raphael ministers My Word, which has healing power. Through taking in My Word, you gain faith, and it is through faith that I am able to do supernatural miracles for you. I’ve also made it so that your physical body is soothed‚ healed, comforted, and afflictions are much less difficult‚ when you have a spirit of faith and an attitude of faith. It makes a physical difference.

121. You have Almathor, who is the spirit of tranquility and carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom‚ which comforts My children and drives the demons back to Hell. You have Elixor, who is the bearer of the elixir of healing from Heaven. And you have the Activation Angel of Miracles.

122. Under the Angel of Miracles is another powerful angel who you can call the Angel of Healing. As her name implies, she carries special healing powers, and works together with the Angel of Miracles when the miracles involve healing.

123. And now I give you new spirit helpers who you can call on in times of affliction–the HELP Force. They brought Me comfort and healing during My life on Earth and were by My side in the Garden of Gethsemane. They have now been assigned to help the children of David.

124. The HELP Force consists of four spirit beings, each one of whom plays a different role, thus their name: HELP. H–healing, E–encouraging, L–life-giving (as in bringing back to life when someone is almost dead‚ or dead, according to My will), and P–protecting. They are a special operations force of Heaven, and together they raise a force field of protection against Set and his demons and will defeat his attacks. They not only carry the balm of My healing power, but the comfort and encouragement you need; the breath of life for your physical body; a shield of protection–protection from the initial attacks of Set through affliction, as well as protection during sickness. Call on them and they will come to your side and bring the healing, protection, and encouragement that you need.

125. Of course, there are also a multitude of personal helpers which I will send to anyone who asks–your own personal helper for any time of sickness. For example, if someone is battling with cancer of the stomach‚ I know exactly what that person needs right then, and I will send them a personal helper who will nurse them and counsel them and encourage them through to the victory. I may not send the same helper to another person‚ even if they are battling with the same affliction‚ because each of My brides is different and I send them the spirit helpers who will mean the most to them at that time. In other words, the personal helpers that I send, that I have not revealed to the entire Family, are very precious, because they have been designed to meet your personal needs and to work together with you according to your faith.

126. The major spirit helpers that I reveal to the Family help everyone in the Family to fight the spiritual warfare, which often includes physical battles, as is the case with afflictions. When everyone in the Family is calling on the same spirit helpers regularly, they become very active; their powers are always being exercised on your behalf, and that makes them even more capable of helping you. Their force field of protection around you is always raised because so many people are constantly calling on them.

127. It’s important for you to know about the Family’s major spirit helpers so that you know who to call on and who to counsel with. But this doesn’t mean that the “minor” personal spirit helpers that I reveal to individuals in the Family are less powerful or less important to you. The emphasis here is on you and what you need at the time, and if I know you need a “minor” personal spirit helper to help you through a difficult time, then their help will become a very important thing in your life! Maybe you call on one of the major spirit helpers when you are sick, such as the Archangel Raphael, but you also feel close to one of your personal spirit helpers and you love to call on their help too. All the more spirit power to you!

128. For example, if you are fighting a serious affliction, you can call on the Archangel Raphael, or Almathor, Elixor‚ the Angel of Healing, or the HELP Force. But you can also ask Me to send you a personal helper for you alone–someone who will help you through that particular battle with affliction.

129. I know exactly what you need‚ how you need it, who you need as far as a spirit helper, and I will send you the best possible helper for you. This doesn’t mean that the Archangel Raphael, Almathor‚ Elixor, the Angel of Healing, or the HELP Force can’t do the job, because they can and will. And it’s not that you have to have more spirit helpers. But if you feel that you need some extra personal encouragement and strengthening and anointing for the battle, ask Me for your very own personal spirit helper for whatever specific affliction you are battling. I have many personal helpers just waiting to come to your side‚ to nurse you to health, to encourage you and comfort you and to give you the counsel that you need.

130. A lot has to do with your faith, My brides. If you need a boost of faith and if a personal spirit helper will help you to have more faith for the battle, then ask for one and I will send you one.

131. King David needed Abishag to nurse him while he was sick. Her presence helped to comfort him, to calm his fears, and give him the faith he needed to come to the end of his natural life. He already had his family and friends, and My Father, but I knew he needed some extra comfort. She didn’t heal him, but she played an important role in his healing process ( 1Kings 1:1-4 ). Even though Abishag wasn’t a spirit helper, the point is that I will provide the physical helpers and the spirit helpers that you need.

132. I will provide the personal angel you need in your time of affliction. So ask freely and you will receive the most precious personal helper you could ever want. Or I will show you which one of the main spirit helpers to call on, and that one will be your strong right arm all the way to full victory.

133. Affliction is a difficult battle for My brides to go through, but I allow the many afflictions of the righteous because it is also one of the battles with the greatest rewards in the spirit. It often brings about the most spiritual growth, plus it is a powerful testimony and witness when I manifest My powers through healing.

134. During sickness you may be so weak that you can barely concentrate on prayer or hearing from Me. Maybe all you can say is, “Jesus, help me,” or “Send ___ , my spirit helper,” or “I call on the Angel of Healing,” or “Elixor, please come.”

135. I hear your prayer, My loves, and I send the help that you need. I understand your frame perfectly and I do not require more of you than you are able to give. So when you ask for help from the spirit world, trust that I will always answer and send the help you need. Even if you can only whisper a few words of prayer, they are precious words to Me and to your spirit helpers. My ear is not heavy that it cannot hear the slightest whisper from one of My brides.

136. My loves, trust in your all-powerful, all-knowing Husband and Lover during times of sickness, and know that I will take care of you in the way that I know is best for you. The Archangel Raphael‚ Almathor, Elixor, the HELP Force, and the Angel of Healing will come to your side immediately–all you have to do is call on them and they will be there doing the things that only they can do. Ask them to help you whenever you need help. Not that you have to ask all of them to help you at the same time, but you can if you want to. Each one is anointed and trained and empowered to help My brides during times of sickness‚ and this includes all sickness known to man. They will bring healing, comfort, peace of mind‚ counsel, encouragement, and rest of body, mind, and spirit.

137. You can call on any one of these helpers. Pick the one that you are the most interested in, or the one that comes to your mind the most often, and that is the one for you personally. Don’t worry that you should be calling on a different one‚ or that maybe you got the wrong spirit helper, because each one is supernatural and is spiritually empowered to help you. These main spirit helpers who help the Family during times of affliction have each been trained by Me. Each one is powerful and gifted, and no one is better than the other. So call freely on the one that you like, and they will not fail to help you.

138. There are many ways that they will help you. For example, if you are calling on the Angel of Healing and she is the main one who you are asking to help you through this sickness, you can take advantage of her help in various ways.

139. You can ask her to speak to you in prophecy. If you are well enough to record the message, this is fine; but if not‚ then simply listen to the counsel she will give you. Or you can speak the message out loud and ask someone else to record it for you. Or have someone else hear from her for you if you can’t do it yourself.

140. Ask for her counsel each day, or as often as you can, either for your encouragement, or for specific instruction about what you should or shouldn’t eat, about any medication, doctor’s counsel, exercise, etc. She will answer your questions through prophecy regarding what steps you should take in order to recover. Ask her what you need to do step by step, what victory you should be aiming for that day or that week‚ and she will counsel you.

141. Or you may prefer to ask Me to speak to you in prophecy concerning these questions, and mainly call on the Angel of Healing for encouragement, for patience to endure to the victory‚ and for the presence of her comforting spirit. You can use your spirit helpers in whatever way you feel the need to‚ in whatever way is the most helpful to you.

142. Some people may want more encouragement in times of sickness‚ and to know that, for example, the Angel of Healing is working behind the scenes with Me toward your full healing. This may be the most important thing that the Angel of Healing can do for you, while others might want more specific instruction and counsel from her regarding their physical care.

143. Each of these spirit helpers will help you in these ways. It’s up to you to find out what you need their help with the most, and then ask them to fill your needs.

144. You don’t always have to ask them to speak to you in prophecy. Although that is a good way to communicate with them, it’s not the only way. You can simply let them speak to your spirit and listen to their words of encouragement and counsel. Or you can simply pray and talk to them and trust in their ability and power to do the things that you need.

More on the HELP force

145. (One of the HELP force:) Our missions and battles on Earth have been numerous throughout the ages, for we were created at the foundation of the Earth. When God created the Earth‚ in His great foresight He knew the choices that Adam and Eve would make in choosing to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He knew that the eternal world of beauty and perfection that He had created would not last in such a pristine state, but that through the disobedience of mankind, sin, sickness‚ disease‚ and destruction would soon result. That’s when He created us, the band of four–or, as they call us in Heaven, the force of four–whose commission is to carry the encouraging‚ soothing, life-giving touch of His power of healing.

146. He knew this would be very needed in the world as a testimony of His love and care to mankind. Through the healing of your bodies, the encouragement and strengthening of your spirits‚ the breath of His life-giving energy flowing into your veins and into your souls, and His miraculous protection surrounding you, He has manifested His love in manifold ways.

147. We stood by the prophets of old in their miracles of healing, and stood in the gap against the forces of Set in all his attacks upon them. But our greatest mission was that of helping to save the souls of mankind, to personally assist our Lord and Mighty King when He came to this Earth to show His love in all of its fullness.

148. It was our great honor to be beside our King and assist Him as He went out to heal the sick and comfort the brokenhearted. We not only assisted in His ministry of healing, but through it all we also learned from His sample of patience, humility, and endless love. We saw the struggles He faced, the agony of spirit He suffered, and the pain He felt when faced with the great needs of the people and the suffering of the world.

149. He was tender‚ gentle‚ and loving despite the rejection of many. He endured hardness and went through all the same afflictions that many of you are afflicted with. Earthly life wasn’t easy for Him in the physical, but He was willing to go through it all for your sakes.

150. We watched Him endure‚ and although we wanted to rescue Him and relieve Him of all pain, we had to let things take their course so that He might fully understand mankind.

151. There were times, however, when we were given permission to comfort, soothe, and heal His body and spirit, such as after He was tempted with all the kingdoms of the world by the Devil on top of a mountain. We ministered unto Him then, bringing sweet relief from the battle ( Mat.4:8-11 ). Until the day He willingly laid down His life for the world, we were near Him, helping and healing.

152. That was the greatest mission we had ever been on since our creation. And although there was a thrill and rejoicing in Heaven at the completion of salvation for mankind, we felt a tinge of sadness that this particular mission with our King had ended. That’s when we were informed of another commission to come in the future that would involve even mightier miracles and greater power of healing.

153. Our loving King explained to us how His mission on Earth was only the beginning, and that through the power of His Name, many more miracles and wonders of healing and life-giving power would be manifested in the millenniums to come. Our mission had only just begun.

154. He showed us the future and how we would play a great part in the lives of the Family of the Endtime; that we would be specially assigned to the children of David to help you in your mission of saving the world and preparing mankind for His second coming.

155. We are thrilled that this day in time has finally come, and we eagerly wait to assist and participate in your missions on Earth. All we need is for you to call on us, and we are there to help in any way that is needed. That’s why we are called the HELP force, for we are a rapid response force sent to respond immediately to any needy situation and bring instant help and relief.

156. There are four of us, each one attuned to helping in a particular way. One carries the touch of healing power; another brings comfort and encouragement in times of affliction or desperation; another gives life and energy to both body and spirit; and yet another protects and guards you from all evil or harm.

157. So don’t hesitate to call on us any time of the day or night. Our signal for distress is H.E.L.P.–that’s the heavenly emergency number. Just call for HELP. Say our name, and we’ll be right there. You don’t have to wait for minutes‚ as you would for earthly medical services to come, for we’ll be by your side instantly. Our heavenly ambulances and relief transporters are not bound by time, traffic, or distance. There are no obstacles in our way and our response is direct and instantaneous. Just call and it is done.

158. So avail yourselves of this heavenly emergency team and let us come to the rescue at any time, any hour, any place, or under any circumstances. Our rapid relief force will do all in our power to help you and to bring you all the support you need for any emergency, any need for healing, for protection, for encouragement, and any need for strength or courage. We can HELP you, we want to HELP you‚ we wait to HELP you‚ and we will HELP you if you just call.

In summary:

159. The main Family-wide spirit helpers for healing as we know them now are: The Archangel Raphael‚ who ministers God’s Word; Almathor, who is the spirit of tranquility and carries the full light of the Holy Spirit in her bosom; Elixor, who is the bearer of the elixir of healing from Heaven; the Angel of Healing, who works under the Activation Angel of Miracles and specializes in healing; and the HELP Force, a group of four beings–H–healing, E–encouraging, L–life-giving (as in bring back to life when someone is almost dead‚ or dead‚ according to the Lord’s will), and P–protecting.

160. You can also ask for a personal spirit helper, and the Lord will send you exactly who you need.

Copyright © 2006 by The Family International. Art by Tamar.


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