Airhead Megan Kelly Typical Example of Endemic American Ignorance

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

The girl probably has a university “education”, and is respected in her own media circles, but the ignorance she spouts in the interview with Putin is staggering. The thing that strikes me most is that she appears to actually believe the US standard propaganda and her own interpretation of it. In this respect she is not any different than the average American TV and media adept. You would expect that if she was intelligent enough that she would see through her own propaganda, but she appears to be naively innocent in that. Watch and be amazed.

This is so symptomatic of average Americans. If they are so easily influenced and manipulable as this simple-minded TV-bimbo appears to be, then there is very little hope for any correction in the course of the US ship of state, which is being directed towards the iceberg of civil war. But of course, –…

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