Underground Whitehouse Redemption

Mystic Mama Storm

My backyard is my favorite place to spend time with the Lord. The sunset is like a glorious symphony most nights at my house, and this one is exceptionally beautiful. Feeling the cool grass and earth between my toes and the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air I breathed deep and prayed in the spirit as I had been experiencing headaches again and knew something was stirring in the spirit that needed intercession.

As I prayed and breathed deeply, I began seeing glimpses of angelic activity in the sky. Suddenly, I saw a large angel come face to face with me. I exchanged revelation and intercession with him. As he released the names of people who had been experiencing similar pain, I began decreeing healing over them and continued just praying in tongues. Next thing I know, he handed me a scroll, and I immediately was in the strategy…

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