Podcast#31: Understanding Prayer & Fasting

"Zeal for your House..."

What are we truly engaging in spiritually when we enter into a fast?

This broadcast will help us: 

  • Understand what fasting really does and does not do
  • Understand how fasting works in regard to intercession (Matt 17:21 explained)
  • Break down some mis-applications and inaccurate teachings regarding fasting

Much confusion and disappointment abound on the topic of fasting and prayer, and application is often met with scattered and mixed results because the true scriptural and kingdom practice of fasting is often skewed. 

When properly understood, however,  fasting becomes a wonderful spiritual tool meant to aid in engaging the kingdom of our citizenship, as well as deepen our spiritual walk. 

I hope to simplify and clarify this often overlooked and wonderful practice.

God bless you all, my dear family.


PLEASE NOTE: all broadcasts may also be found on iTunes Podcasts under:

 “DorothyCrothers  Zeal ”

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