The Truth About London Bridge & All Other Terror Attacks – MUST WATCH

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

But they don’t want to stop their cultural mixing program of “diversity” for Europeans & Americans & Christians with Africans and Muslims. No cultural mixing for Israel is OK! But not for Europeans and Americans! Why? Because….you are the un-chosen people! Ha! Destined to be ruled! And why isn’t a lot of this terror not caused by blow back from unjust lying wars for “weapons of mass destruction??” Eh?

And what reason did your octopus government have to go into all those Muslim countries to kill, maim, and bereave children, women, and men, and destroy infrastructure, water, electricity, government, and people’s homes!? What would you do? What are you doing right now after only a few deaths? Aren’t you mad? Well, it happened to them by the millions!! Forget ISIS! I am talking about normal Iraqis and normal Syrians!!! Dead by America, UK, France, Germany, NATO!!!

Remember Killary Clinton?…

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