Coincidence or Not?

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Lately just to relax a bit, I decided seeing as we have kodi, to watch some tv shows I didn’t have time for back in the day so to speak, So for comic relief I watched most of the Night Court seasons shows, and even further back, I watched most of Barney Miller seasons (over the last few months of course not all in a week LOL), I recalled last year when they brought out 6 new episodes of X Files, watching them, especially the first 2 and last one, and thinking WOW! they’re really shoving it in our faces!

I happened to go back also, and watch Fringe. Now that’s a show, like the movie They Live, that was telling everyone years ahead of time, what the agenda of the elite Powers That Be, aka Illuminati and all the other associated groups we can put under the NWO umbrella…

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