Manchester? At least ’68 children among dead’ in Syria Terrorist bomb attack

This does put things into perspective and offers a glimpse of what’s going to be the norm in Europe if people don’t wake up!

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London Independent
May 24, 2017

At least 68 children died in a blast that hit buses carry evacuees from besieged towns in Syria, according to a monitoring group.

The death toll from the bomb attack on a crowded bus convoy outside Aleppo has reached at least 126 – including the dozens of children – in the deadliest such incident in Syria in almost a year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said.

Syrian rescue workers of the Civil Defence said that they had taken away at least 100 bodies from the site of Saturday’s blast, which hit buses carrying Shia residents as they waited to cross from rebel into government territory in an evacuation deal between the warring sides.

The British-based Observatory said the number was expected to rise.

The United Nations is not overseeing the transfer deal, which involves residents of al-Foua and Kfarya, as well as the opposition-held…

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4 thoughts on “Manchester? At least ’68 children among dead’ in Syria Terrorist bomb attack

  1. thanks for making more people aware of this. Whether 1 man/ woman / boy/girl is murdered or hundreds, each loss is a tragic one. Sad to say that this is “par for the course” for the satanic ideology of islam which has deceived / enslaved so many. It also continues to exemplify the “religion of pieces” (NOT PEACE) – because too many people end up in pieces from its adherents.
    As we look around, and continually hear of wars, rumours of wars, killings in the name of allah, civil unrest being orchestrated as part of the Illuminati / PTB elite’s Hegelian dialectic in order to bring in their NWO aka One World Government by elite (an idea they borrowed from Plato’s Republic), does it not seem that scripture is being fulfilled ie “peace was taken from the earth” and of course Matthew 24 referred to above?


  2. well another day another massacre, this time in Egypt. what perspective do you have on that one? and the continuing murders in the name of allah the moon god? like I said before, all murder is reprehensible and without excuse, but it seems the followers of a certain ideology are doing it on a scale not seen by an other at present


  3. I saw an interesting article about Trump yesterday, wherein the author outlines Trump’s Sun Tzu strategy. It seemed plausible – you know the saying “crazy like a fox”.


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