Ancient Patriarchs

This first video is by Klaus Dona who gives a presentation about giant fossil bones from South America checked and researched by an Austrian pathologist, who confirmed that they were indeed human, yet said that it was “impossible” because the bones were 5 times to big, and would have belonged to a giant standing 7 meters tall!

Below, is the second part of the Lost World of giants BY JONATHAN GRAY 


“Bones of an alligator which was as long as a house and as tall as its ceilings have been found on the banks of the Amazon River in South America. Scientists estimate from the alligator’s 1.5 metre skull that it was about 2.5 metres tall, and about 12 metres long. Professor Carl Frailey, from Overland Park, Kansas, said the creature probably weighed about 120 tonnes. ‘This would make it heavier than Tyrannosaurus rex……

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2 thoughts on “THE LOST WORLD OF GIANTS – Part 2

  1. Hey Mike
    how goes it? sorry to be sorta MIA for a bit. I’ve been quite busy, dealing with affairs in the Revelation 18:1-13 end times Babylon of commerce / matrix. Been receiving lots of new info from others that I’ve not had time to read yet. At any rate, I’d just watched this video over the last few days, before coming across your blog post on it. Goos stuff Mike, the GMTA principle is at work I think. LOL. (Great Minds Think Alike). Remember my awakening story? Here’s one that resonated deeply with me


    1. Dude what a find! I mean, DOOOOOD!!! I’m adding her right away. Tell me if you find any more awesome blogs like this, and don’t stop blogging yourself too brother! I’m always swiming in too much info, but that’s ok because if it smells good and the Holy Spirit says “hit the gas” then it’s GAS GAS GAS and we’re racing to the victory!

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