Seeing Weed and alcohol in the Spirit

Interesting! If you can drink responsibly, though, I still think its one of Gods love gifts to us!


Sometimes I see stuff that I don’t think as something to tell people about until it hits me. Like weed for example, when people smoke it, I can see the spirit of it. I started driving for Uber 3 weeks ago and I have picked up some interesting people. Last night two girls got in and right when they came in, I saw a dark green presence about a foot and a half swirling around each of them. It felt kinda heavy and like it blocks your thinking. I also smelt the weed as soon as they came in too.

Quickly one of the girls asked me if I do weed and politely declined.

I was at work once and I looked at a man and saw the spiritual color of alcohol flowing through him and like he was addicted, I also smelt it. Sometimes I could smell the color…

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