The Basques Mystery

Ancient Patriarchs

Who are the Basques? The Basques are a people who live in a small region (about the size of Rhode Island) that straddles the border of Spain and France from the sea in the west into the Pyrenees in the east. This area is called Euskal Herria (comprising seven provinces, historically: Araba, Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, and Navarra on the Spanish side; Laburdi, Zuberoa, and Behe-Nafarroa on the French side). Basques speak a language called euskara, but today only about 25% of the population is fluent in that tongue. Even so, the word for a Basque person, euskaldun, means “possessor of the Basque language.” The Basque population is distinguished physically by a high incidence of Rh Negative factor in the blood.

There are strong reasons to believe that the Basques living between France and Spain in and around the Pyrenees mountain range that divides them, were some of the survivors of the…

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2 thoughts on “The Basques Mystery

  1. Simple Truth

    How odd, I was only reading about this today and I also watched one of these vids earlier today also. My family on my mother’s side originally came from the Basque region and then moved to Ireland and eventually to the UK. My mother has the Rhesus Negative rare blood type and her father and grandmother both have black hair and blue eyes which is quite unusual so I’ve been researching this quite a bit as I was called a miracle baby in that I should have been born blue and in need of a blood transfusion at birth due to mine and my mother’s blood not mixing at birth, I was born quite normal though so God must have intervened! Some people say they are the original Hebrews and there are all kinds of theories going around the Internet about the RH blood, some of them are quite bizarre so it’s hard to get to the real truth as always. This is very interesting anyway!


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