Trafficking Massive Amounts of African Migrants into Europe – Goodbye to Once Good Old Europe!

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

No doubt Soros’ pais NGO-s are trafficking hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of migrants into Europe via Sicily and Greece and Spain. This video recorded the movements of these NGO-s ships going back and forth between Libya and The Italian island of Sicily. Europe’s Gentiles have to be mixed with as many Africans as possible  in order to bring them down in their own sight and equalised with Africa’s poor, because Africa’s rich and middle classes are not on these boats.

We can safely conclude that Europe is at its last legs as the free enlightened Christian civilisation it once was. And for good reasons. The Europeans decided that they would be happier if they listened to the lies of the Mainstream Media to abort their children so they lost their numbers, to the real supremacist Cultural Marxists who told them that their Christian civilisation was racist…

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