Heart/Mind as a Holographic Projector

Ginny Brooks

I was just thinking about how the fear of man distorts perception and and how that all begins when we are first able to open our eyes  and start assimilating information as it comes, usually under the instruction of our parents and that framework that begins to be laid from there.  What is considered good behavior and bad behavior.  Next stage in life:  we go to a school that has decided what it is you need to store as useful knowledge.  Also, giving a grade of good or bad, and where self expression is a good thing or a bad thing depending on how many friends or supporters you have.  Whether or not the curriculum itself is based on what is actually true or what is a fabrication takes a back seat until we graduate from the school of correction.  Passing or not-passing, initiated or not.  By the time we…

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2 thoughts on “Heart/Mind as a Holographic Projector

    • Thanks man, she’s got so much to share everytime we talk it’s like a major download. Praying she comes out full force with everything she’s researching more and more! and you too, for that matter brah!


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