UFO Sightings Triple! And I Think I Know Why….

The Fringe Christians are behind it!


2 thoughts on “UFO Sightings Triple! And I Think I Know Why….

  1. Hey Mike, I’ve been busy so not doing much online lately. My8 wife follows secureteam10 (I don’t as I’m not quite as “obsessed” with UFO stuff as guys like L A Marzulli seem to be. I do keep tabs tho. My wife has been following the NIbiru stuff too – mainly from Steve Olsen on wso Youtube chan. Again, we have different interests but we inform each other about stuff we consider important. Some very good ones I’ve watched lately include Rob Skiba @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ8z860DZAI & a minute to midnight interview with Nathan Leal (excellent part 2 just uploaded) Part 1 @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGq7fgVytGw. I also watched the interview with Henry Gruyver called Powerful Testimonies @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4ccdSipAlg and I guarantee most (the vast majority) of people even believers, will find that one incredibly awesome. I liked the one about his visit to Taiwan and the miracles that happened. The one that really got my attention was the one where YHWH woke him up @ 0430 hr told him to get on his knees to pray, and then translated him as well as 5 of his intercessor spirit commandos in various locations around the world to Rome and what happened there. I recall hearing Henry share about a visit deep under the sea to a cave that housed ancient demonic idols l/ entities and how their power over the area was broken. Even my wife says he leads an amazing life ! The story of his conversation with an orthodox rabbi in Israel wherein the rabbi was amazed at what Henry asked him to explain (he did explain tho) and the meaning underscores how important it is to study / research more about the Hebraic background to the scriptures.

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    • WHEWWWW!!!! that’s a treasure trove, I’m definitley going to have to check into more of Henry Gruver’s latest. It’s amazing how when we just make oursevles available to the Lord and His realm he takes us on these trips and missions. . . we’ve gotta make every day count and also keep sending out the message into the next generation. Perhaps we don’t even have that much time but the info we are accumulating today will become a major archive for the next wave of truth which will be even bigger than this one!! I am going to contact the midnite minute people and see if they want to join fringe.


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