Pharmakeia vs Life

Ginny Brooks

If we put our trust, hope, faith and love in a system it will fail us.  And yet many still place all of their stock into a system set-up to keep us yoked to corruption. I hear a lot of cries and disappointment arising out of the talk of Trumpcare right now.  That this will lead to death and a cut-off for those on expensive pharmaceuticals and treatments.  This is a blood thirsty empire that is directly linked to the business of death.  Directly to agriculture chemicals, petroleum related chemicals, and pharmakeia/sorcery.   This was never meant to lead anyone to life but to pull us away from the real Physician and His Power and ours.  This was also produced to bring us under the government of a hopeless cycle and downward spiral of degeneration.  If we don’t choose to see it this way then we are exercising and allowing…

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