Huge US Military Transports to CIA-Duped Poland Prepare for Bankers’ Next World War III

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

PP Editor: These dumb young American G.I’s that signed up for death as Cannon Fodder in the last coming huge World War 3 are having “great fun” parking tanks and personal carriers and worse to their places in Poland. The humanity! All these people have no convictions to be peacemakers instead of warmongers. They willingly sign up for another Intl. Bankers World War that is going to kill again many millions of soldiers, and millions more of innocent earthlings, creatures that have no other desire to live in peace and to be left alone by the American warmongers and their Bankers. Hell must be a big place to accommodate all these vile wicked warmongers who just love to kill, maim, destroy and hurt the Earth as well. Stupid dumb people!!! Why did they ever sing up for the Military, is for me a mystery. I can understand the Taiwanese doing…

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