A View From An Ex Flight Attendant – Rebekah Roth on 9-11, 3 Books Later

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Rebekah says she remains the only one who has actually studied a terabyte of FOI files in regard to 9/11… not Richard Gage nor any 9/11 other truther as far as she knows. She is a Christian and hanks Jesus on this video. She once died, and she came back to tell the truth about 9-11. SHe was helped to expose this fake terror attack with the help of other conscientious Americans.
In this video commentary she talks about the guy who as dragged off a plane the other week and went viral on social media. She has a different take. has her own webste http://www.rebekahroth.com/ and a new website Behind The Galley Curtain: www.behindthegalleycurtain.com… but, so what – listen or don’t. This woman makes damn good points and is utterly ignored and dismissed by the likes of Richie Allen to Mike Adams to Jim Fetzer.

My feeling is…

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