Let’s Get Spiritual!


56ce9-jesus2bpuerta2bde2blas2bovejasSimple Truth

The only way anyone on this earth will ever get truly spiritual is to enter in through the strait gate, bear in mind the word “strait” – most people quote it as “straight” and they also think it’s a narrow path as in once you’re on that path you just go down this long long long endless boring narrow motorway instead of a nice winding, adventurous narrow path. But the word strait can actually mean a kinda restricted way in that for instance, if you are a rich man (or rich in your own ways) you might feel like you’re a camel trying to get through the eye of a needle, the eye of a needle being a kinda narrow way in, and it’s so narrow that you might even have to strip off to get in! So the best way in is to be free of the…

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