A Radical Gospel Tract to Save Mind-f*cked Liberatis?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

Have you always wanted to have some spicy tract to give to your atheist friends and non-friends? Or to help that poor transhumanist who is hoping that the Elite’s scientists will discover IMMORTALITY before he dies? Because he hasn’t got enough money to pay for the freezing of his poor corps when it is dead? Or before he can at least upload his soul onto some eternal hard disk?

it may help that politically correct “leftie” or “rightie” who spouts what he learns from the Huffington Post — yes that AOL controlled Mainstream Media outfit that trains the Liberatis? Well here is one that may look like it jokes about the Seed, until they get to the end and then perhaps realise that the analogy is on them, unless they believe! ONLY for the radicals, OK? Don’t give it to your churchy friends. They wouldn’t understand it anyway.



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