Operation Gotham Shield Nuclear False Flag Coming?

Starry News Taiwan - Paradise Post

That is going to be the litmus test of many Americans. that when the Elite pulls the nuclear trigger on themselves or lets Mossad pull it, whether or not they are going to see through the mass media campaign to blame it on Iran, ISIS, North Korea, or the Russians, in order to get World War III fully going. And also people in the alternative media. Will Alex Jones, the Blaze, and other doubtful alternatives blame it on the wrong flag and support the war? time will tell. Because unless the American People rise up in massive protests against such a false flag — which they didn’t at 9-11 when they obediently went along with the false media OBL show — they will be held accountable for the millions of casualties they allowed to happen. The same things happened at the outbreak of World War 2, when Charles Lindbergh blamed…

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