Creating Heavenly Symphonies of Color

Mystic Mama Storm

Yesterday my 5-year-old daughter Ellie was so excited to get out her new paints she got in her Easter Basket. I went to the basement and pulled out the paint supplies and discovered a painting my daughter had done a few days before that I hadn’t seen. It was beautiful but had a big empty white space in the middle as she hadn’t finished it. I asked her if she would finish it. She said, No Mommy, you can finish it.

As she started another project with her coloring pages, I took some of the new blue and finished the sky with my fingers and then added a tree. Quickly my daughter looked at what I did and became very upset. “No, Mommy! You ruined it! I already added the sky.” she yelled at me as big tears welled in eyes. My heart broke realizing I ruined her picture and…

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