Russia’s secret electronic weapons (What we’ve been saying for years)

The Sauron pic at the end of this post is pure gold!

Starry News - Paradise Post From Taiwan

Here at the Paradise Post (before we were sunk by DOD attacks) we have said that Russia has “secret”electronic weapons to paralyse American weapons, and they will use them in the next World War III and thus stay largely out of the conflict. They have an electronic dome for their protection and the US will have nothing to counter it. Thus the US will knock itself out in the Middle east and other theaters of war. World War 3 is designed as a Religious war between Islam, Judaism, and reluctantly American Christendom that is already being profiled by the media to become more and more against Arabs and Muslims.

Jesus told us to be PEACEMAKERS, but US Evangelicals say “Never mind what Jesus says. Long Live Trump, Long Live the Military industrial Complex, and Long Live the Merchants and the Bankers, and Long Live “Israel” that hates Christians! It is…

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