The Goddess and High Priestess Meet

From my friend Michelle Saldana at


   She just was without a home. She was a beautiful Egyptian woman. She hadn’t eaten in eight days and was four months pregnant. She was living in her car, yet trying to obtain shelter services, if not housing. Facing deportation and had all her ID stolen. She was so in the mood of defending herself from anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, she had to. The slightest comment set her off, but people were being rude, vicious, vulgar and trying to run her off just because her dress (her gothic styled wedding dress) and demeanor (the demeanor of a priestess) made them uncomfortable.  Some of the women at the shelter she was in, called security. As a result she was promptly removed from the building. Michelle Carmela went and found her vegan food and gave her a list of places where she can get free vegan and vegetarian meals. She ate two plates and told Carmela her life story with a beautiful smile and magical laughter. She was confused and bothered that a Christian was helping her. You see,  the beautiful Egyptian woman was a high priestess with the Cleopatra Church of Satan. (1)

The dark skinned blue eyed soon to be mother who called herself the High Priestess of the Cleopatra Church of Satan” and the former satanic priestess now goddess/street preacher/child of the Most High Creator Father bonded over vegan food, Herbalism and European ice cream made from breast milk. Confused that Michelle Carmela knew of these things but happy that she had someone to talk to who knew about some of the same things as she, the Priestess and Carmela commiserated over the drudgery of serving satan; and the Priestess listened with interest the journey Carmela took from priestess to child of the Most High Creator Father. Some days later, the Priestess and  Michelle Carmela caught up with each other again. They talked some more. Carmela explaining to the priestess that as a follower of Jesus, she (Carmela) was not a Christian but was actually a goddess (2) who was to care for others while on Earth and Skid Row was /is her domain. Carmela was able to convince the young soon to be mother to receive prenatal care for her growing baby via the clinic in one of the local shelters and replace her ID and start the process for her legal paperwork to remain in the country legally via the same shelter’s legal facility. The young Priestess was not prepared to give up allegiance to Cleopatra or Satan right away, but instead, decided to give Carmela and her Father Creator a time of trial or probation before switching gods (the priestess confided this to Carmela -Carmela had no intention of converting the young woman. Overtly converting is not Carmela’s way. She speaks her experiences and lets Holy Spirit and the person to whom she is addressing have their continuous conversation.)They then said their good-byes. Both acted like little girls who bonded over summer camp hoping to see each other again one day, which they did several times more before the baby was born and once again right after the  baby was born. 

When Carmela had seen the young mother last, she was surprised to see the young woman without the baby*. The young woman with sadden eyes and a sweet smile, explained to Carmela that she had given the baby up for adoption and was indeed moving back to Egypt. She felt that it was best the baby grow worshipping the Creator, the God of all Gods, but she herself was dedicated to Cleopatra and Satan. Yet she heard this call from deep within, deeper than she had known and she was listening, it gave her peace to listen so she would wait for it to grow clearer then test it on whether to follow or not. 

Carmela encouraged the young courageous woman by sharing her stories of notable spiritual and world leaders who were dedicated to Creator at a young age and kept their characters strong and noble. Afterwards, the priestess asked the goddess for prayer and blessing, but Carmela did not pray as a goddess over a priestess. She prayed as one mother understanding the loss of the other mother for she too was estranged from her children and knew the loss that this mother had felt at that moment and would feel later on as  the years progressed. Afterwards, Carmela never saw the young woman again and the reports of her from the others on the streets had ceased. Rumor has it that she returned to Egypt. 

(2.) John 10:34

*One form of worshiping Satan known around the world is child sacrifice. It is considered most sacred when one sacrifices their own child. (It is murder of course however. ) In case, no one has been able to discern the young priestess mother’s intent on what she had originally perceived as the destiny of her baby, let it be clear now. Likewise, to intend sacrifice to one’s god then to withhold that sacrifice especially a blood offering of one’s own child to satan is a major sacrilege. One that would be considered punishable by death. However, this young woman had testified that she had heard calling from deep within her peace. It is Carmela’s view and opinion that this was the Holy Spirit building relationship with the young woman. And the fruit of that budding relationship building was the young woman not sacrificing her child but giving the baby up for adoption instead.  And therefore, Holy Spirit’s very protection was also upon the young mother who spared her child and dedicated her child not to satan but yet instead to Creator. 


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